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Dan Norma
Oct 9, 2018

Grab your passport and bring a sidekick. We're hunting for Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest MacGuffins

Spoilers lie ahead for The Trouble With Harry, Psycho, North By Northwest, To Catch A Thief, The Lady Vanishes and Star Wars

The MacGuffin is one of those storytelling inventions that operates by a vague “I know it when I see it” rule. The man who popularised its use, Alfred Hitchcock, didn’t help matters. When asked to define the MacGuffin – as he frequently was – he would repeat the same nonsensical joke.

In Hitchcock’s interview with François Truffaut, Truffaut attempts to establish limits on the phrase (is it “the pretext for the plot”? is it ideally “forgotten” amongst the rush of the action?). Each time, Hitch replies with an answer that amounts to little more than ‘sort of’.

Without any exact definitions being offered by either Hitchcock or the screenwriter credited with the term, Angus MacPhail, most writing about MacGuffins is dedicated to pinning down precisely what it is.

It is easier to provide examples. The treasure map is a classic MacGuffin. The Golden Fleece hunted by the Argonauts another. They can loosely be linked as specific items to be discovered and/or claimed, but this doesn’t give the full picture.

The Holy Grail of Arthurian legend is often cited as a MacGuffin but, though there is overlap, a grail is its own storytelling device. Grails hold some spiritual meaning for the characters. The MacGuffin is a more material gain, less noble and not to be taken as seriously.

What can be gathered from Hitchcock’s words is that a MacGuffin is an excuse for a plot. It is usually the trigger that springs the plot into action. Without it, there would be no story. In some ways it is the inverse of a deus ex machina. Where a deus ex machina arrives from nowhere to wrap the plot up, a MacGuffin starts it off.

One point on which Hitchcock was clear is that the MacGuffin is unimportant. In the Truffaut interview he insists that while it “must seem to be of vital importance to the characters [t]o me, the narrator, they’re of no importance whatever”. All that is important is that it pushes our characters out of the door and into the story. There are multiple variations on the MacGuffin, but those used by Hitchcock fall into three subcategories.

The Secret

As seen in: The 39 Steps; North by Northwest; Foreign Correspondent; The Lady Vanishes; Star Wars: A New Hope; Burn After Reading  

This is the MacGuffin most associated with Hitchcock, with his two most quintessential – the memorised plans in The 39 Steps and the microfilm in North by Northwest – coming under this category. Foreign Correspondent and The Lady Vanishes both revolve around the kidnapping of someone in possession of vital information (a crucial clause in a treaty in FC, a coded message in TLV). Most often found in spy films, this takes the form of secret intelligence which gives one entity – whether a country, an organisation, or a person – power over another.

The Death Star plans in A New Hope also come under this category, though George Lucas himself disagrees. Challenging Hitchcock’s key specification that the MacGuffin be unimportant, Lucas considered R2-D2 to be the MacGuffin of A New Hope, feeling that the audience should care about the MacGuffin as much as the characters do. This carries through to the Indiana Jones films, where the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail end up literally saving the day.

Even the plans for the Death Star, pivotal to the final act, border on being too important. Lucas’ evolution of the MacGuffin creates a grey area between MacGuffin and grail, where objects such as the Ring in Lord of the Rings or Infinity War’s Infinity Stones can also be found.

The Treasure

As seen in: To Catch A Thief; Psycho; The Maltese Falcon; The Ocean’s series; No Country For Old Men; The Pink Panther

The most straightforward MacGuffin. A good rule of thumb for this is to ask whether the item could be swapped out for a priceless rubber duck without any change to the plot. If your answer is yes, then the item is a MacGuffin. Rare art, one-of-a-kind diamonds, and unimaginable fortunes all fall under this classification.  

To Catch A Thief has the same ‘wrongly-accused man looking to clear their name’ plot as The 39 Steps and North by Northwest, with diamonds subbed in for secrets. Ostensibly part of Cary Grant’s plan to clear his name, the real story purpose of the diamonds is to bring him into the orbit of Grace Kelly. Once this has been done, the diamonds are relegated to the background. Even the owner is unconcerned about their potential theft, echoing Hitchcock’s own approach to the MacGuffin when she compares her diamonds to “a train ticket that gets me somewhere”. The diamonds get things going, but they’re really not the point.

Outside of The 39 Steps and North by Northwest, the most celebrated MacGuffin of Hitchcock’s filmography belongs to Psycho. Easily forgotten by the film’s end, the money stolen by Janet Leigh is what leads to her checking in at the Bates Motel. As in To Catch A Thief the treasure brings the two leads together before being cast aside for more important matters. So incidental is the money in Psycho that an oblivious Tony Perkins sinks it in the swamp while cleaning up the crime scene.

Somewhere halfway between The Secret and The Treasure lies another variant, the ‘Magical Treasure’. In this case, the treasure has one powerful ability which gives it value. Think the Philosopher’s Stone from Harry Potter. Although frequently found in fantasy or science-fiction, this MacGuffin doesn’t have to be magical. The transit papers in Casablanca qualify, as an item that gives its holders the freedom to leave Morocco.

The Character

As seen in: Rope; The Trouble With Harry; The Lady Vanishes; Foreign Correspondent; Saving Private Ryan

The trickiest of the three to identify. For a character to be considered a MacGuffin, they must be both integral to the plot and completely replaceable. In Saving Private Ryan, the story is driven by the mission to rescue a soldier. There is no story without him. Yet, up until the end, that story would play out identically if it were any other soldier in Ryan’s place. His actions don’t factor into it. By this measure, Apocalypse Now doesn’t qualify. Kurtz’s own actions and megalomania lead to Willard being sent after him.

A good rule of thumb is to ask

* Is there still a film if this character is removed?
* Do any of this character’s actions affect the plot?

If your answer to both is no, you have a MacGuffin.

Using a person as a MacGuffin is a cold thing, and Hitchcock recognises this in Rope. Rope opens with two men murdering their friend David, before throwing a party in the apartment where the body is hidden to see if they can get away with it. David – and the body that could be discovered at any moment – is the film’s MacGuffin. Chillingly he is treated as a MacGuffin by the killers themselves, deciding he is “as good or as bad as any other” to be the victim of their experiment.

The Trouble With Harry takes a much cheerier approach to its corpse. The discovery of a dead body in the countryside brings the neighbourhood together as they try to solve who he is, how he died, and spend a day alternately burying him and digging him up again to avoid police charges. The characters of The Trouble With Harry treat the body with exasperation, as though it were something much more mundane than a corpse. By the film’s end, it has brought two couples together and everyone (of those still alive) agrees things have worked out pretty nicely.   

Finally there’s The Lady Vanishes and Foreign Correspondent. Though listed under the Secret MacGuffin, each has an argument for belonging to this category too. In both, the person carrying the secret is kidnapped and the search for the secret becomes a search for them. Is the MacGuffin the information, or the person in possession of it? The Lady Vanishes makes the strongest case for being the latter. For most of its runtime, the audience has no idea about the code the kidnapped Miss Froy is carrying and nor do the heroes. She is just a disappeared passenger about whom very little is known. It is only after her reappearance that she comes into focus as a character and, ever the professional, only at the end does she reveal the existence of any code.

Unassuming to the point of anonymity, she is the perfect MacGuffin and the perfect spy...

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Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group is an international investment and holding company with over three decades in building sustainable businesses in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), agriculture, agro-allied, healthcare, chemicals, real estate and oil and gas in 12 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin, Morocco, UAE, India, South Africa, China etc. with an over 9,000 multicultural workforce.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


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Thu, 10/11/2018 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Tribute to the late composer and pianist

Randy Weston, who celebrated the African origins of jazz and the myriad other styles created by Africans in the Americas. Weston passed away Sept. 1 at the age of 92, bringing to a close an illustrious 60+ year career, in which he stressed that Africanness, studied it's roots, even lived in Africa for a period of time,  and helped to bring African music to audiences here in America. From a young age Weston developed an Afrocentric worldview; his father being Panamanian with Jamaican ancestry and a supporter of Marcus Garvey's message of Pan-Africanism.  Citing Ellington and Monk as being his greatest influences as a pianist and composer, Weston took what he learned from those masters, infused it with direct African and Afro-Caribbean influences, and created a new trans-Atlantic fusion, beginning with his 1960 album, Uhuru Afrika. In the years to come, Weston would travel widely in Africa and spent five years living in Morocco, where he ran Tangier's African Rhythms Club. It was there that he also fell under the spell of the music of the Gnawa, which was to have a lasting influence. This week Africa O-Yé presents the music of Randy Weston.



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jhfenton wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:36 pm

I did open a position in VEGBX (Vanguard Emerging Market Bond Admiral Shares), Vanguard's active EM bond fund, when it went live last December.

Despite the fact that emerging market equities have tanked over that period, VEGBX has not. It is actually my best-performing bond fund over that period. (That is not saying much.)

(VEGBX is not connected in any way to VWOB/VGAVX, Vanguard's EM bond index funds. VEGBX is an active mutual fund. It has accumulated about $100 MM in assets.)


VWOB and VEGBX certainly approach Emerging Markets in different ways, and I think cap-weighted indexing may be problematic when it comes to EM bonds. VWOB is of course a "Government" index, but there are govt.-owned corporations issuing bonds which are also included in it. I suppose VWOB would fall under "USD sovereign" in Nisi's graphic above, contrary to VEGBX. Anyhow, here's a look at their holdings as posted in their respective Vanguard profile pages. Of course there's that elephant in the room - maybe call it a panda:

(Market allocations as of 08/31/2018)

CODE: Select all

     VWOB/VGAVX                       VEGBX 

(Vang EM Govt Bond Index) (Vang EM Bond "active")

China 17.40% Mexico 8.30%
Mexico 8.20% Indonesia 8.10%
Brazil 5.70% Argentina 7.50%
Indonesia 5.70% Chile 6.20%
Russia 4.70% Guatemala 3.60%
United Arab Emi 4.60% Ukraine 4.20%
Saudi Arabia 4.20% Colombia 4.10%
Turkey 3.80% Hungary 3.50%
Argentina 3.60% Philippines 3.20%
Qatar 3.50% Russia 3.20%
Colombia 2.40% Brazil 3.10%
Philippines 2.00% Kazakhstan 3.00%
South Africa 1.70% Egypt 2.80%
Chile 1.60% Lithuania 2.50%
Lebanon 1.60% Trinidad & Toba 2.50%
Oman 1.50% India 2.20%
Egypt 1.40% Uruguay 2.10%
India 1.40% Dominican Repub 2.00%
Kazakhstan 1.40% El Salvador 1.90%
Malaysia 1.40% Romania 1.60%
Bahrain 1.20% South Africa 1.60%
Panama 1.20% Ghana 1.50%
Ukraine 1.20% Oman 1.50%
Dominican Repub 1.10% Peru 1.50%
Ecuador 1.10% Turkey 1.50%
Hungary 1.10% United States 1.50%
Peru 1.10% Angola 1.30%
Uruguay 1.00% Honduras 1.30%
Kuwait 0.80% Sri Lanka 1.30%
Poland 0.80% Bermuda 1.10%
Sri Lanka 0.80% Paraguay 1.10%
Croatia 0.70% Mongolia 0.90%
Nigeria 0.70% Senegal 0.90%
Venezuela 0.70% Panama 0.80%
Romania 0.60% United Kingdom 0.80%
Azerbaijan 0.50% Armenia 0.70%
Costa Rica 0.50% Croatia 0.70%
Angola 0.40% Lebanon 0.60%
Ghana 0.40% Saudi Arabia 0.70%
Ivory Coast 0.40% Serbia 0.60%
Jamaica 0.40% Venezuela 0.70%
Morocco 0.40% Qatar 0.50%
Pakistan 0.40% Jordan 0.50%
El Salvador 0.30% Ivory Coast 0.40%
Iraq 0.30% Latvia 0.20%
Kenya 0.30% Costa Rica 0.20%
Mongolia 0.30%
Paraguay 0.30%
Serbia 0.30%
Belarus 0.20%
Bolivia 0.20%
Gabon 0.20%
Guatemala 0.20%
Jordan 0.20%
Senegal 0.20%
Trinidad & Toba 0.20%
United States 0.20%
Vietnam 0.20%
Zambia 0.20%
Armenia 0.10%
Bahamas 0.10%
Bermuda 0.10%
Ethiopia 0.10%
Georgia 0.10%
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Thailand 0.10%
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          UK White Bottom      Cache   Translate Page      
I'm a 32 year old white lad that is looking to meet up with black top guys - this would be easier if you are UK based. Also interested in finding out about the gay scene in Africa as I intend to visit - looking at Nigeria at the moment but Morocco is easy. If anyone knows of a good place to go then let me know
          Planet Coaster gets some international flair in its upcoming World's Fair expansion      Cache   Translate Page      

Frontier has unveiled Planet Coaster's new World's Fair Pack, an internationally flavoured DLC expansion coming to PC next week, on October 16th.

The World's Fair Pack takes Frontier's theme park sim on a globe-hopping tour of ten different countries. The result is a brand-new collection of over 360 building and scenery items - including shops, restaurants, and billboards - inspired by the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, China, and the USA. Ideal if you fancy attempting to build your own version of Disney's Epcot or, you know, the world.

There's the briefest glimpse of the new themes in the teaser trailer below.

Read more…

          Sherco TVS Rally Factory Team Deliver A Stellar Performance In Stage 4 Of The Rally Of Morocco 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Sherco TVS began the Rally Of Morocco on the 4th of October and the four riders from their team have been doing their best stage after stage. The Pan Africa 2018 Winners now make their way to stage 4 of the Rally of Morocco where the racers have traversed a distance of over 300 kilometres […]
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please send me your picture in private message
          An insight into Morocco’s first ever electronic music festival: Oasis Festival 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
This year’s fourth edition of the event brought thousands to the lush gardens of the Fellah Hotel for three days of dancing, art, and immersive cultural experiences.
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Dutch model Imaan Hammam is featured on the latest edition of Vogue Beauty Secrets where she shares tips on the perfect skin oils from Morocco and general tips on how to keep your face looking refreshed even if you have to endure a long week of “No Sleep”. Watch  

The post Watch Imaan Hammam’s “No Sleep” Beauty Routine appeared first on BellaNaija - Nigeria breaking & top news to the World 24/7. Read Today.

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Larry R. Gibson Morocco 69, 04-Oct, Steinke Funeral Home.
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The European Union's planned special purpose vehicle (SPV) to allow users to circumvent U.S. dollar payment systems to continue doing business with Iran is unlikely to insulate banks from determined U.S. enforcement action. "Any EU company serious about doing business in the United States won't want to get involved in potential sanctions violations. A point may come, however, when firms decide not to do business in the United States to avoid sanctions risk," said John Byrne, chief executive at Corlytics. Recent U.S. enforcement action on sanctions illustrates that simply switching currency would not deter U.S. agencies from pursuing banks for sanctions busting. What BNP Paribas' $8.9 billion 2015 fine and one-year dollar clearing ban have shown is that, regardless of where transactions occur, as long as a bank has a U.S. business, it is at risk of a big fine. "BNP Paribas set up a clearing operation in Morocco and it anonymised trades from Middle Eastern and Asian clients. But
          A Beautiful Ride for Lorenzo Santolino - SHERCO TVS Factory Team at Morocco      Cache   Translate Page      

The SHERCO TVS Factory Team riders have found the Morocco rally to be very complicated, with some very complex and dangerous stages. “Sometimes rally racing is very difficult, says David Casteu. And we had the proof of that today.” Lorenzo Santolino finished eighth: “Lorenzo was the last rider to leave this morning because of yesterday’s

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          Brabec holds third place in the Morocco Rally after the first leg of the marathon stage      Cache   Translate Page      
The third stage of the Morocco Rally, the first part of the marathon stage, caused some major changes in the overall standings, although Monster Energy Honda Team’s American rider Ricky Brabec remains in third place in the table.

It was another ...
          Complicated navigation in the Morocco Rally second stage      Cache   Translate Page      
American Ricky Brabec was the best of the Monster Energy Honda Team in the second stage of the Morocco Rally and lies third in the overall race standings. Paulo Gonçalves, sixth on the day, holds fourth spot in the general rankings with Cornejo also...
          Aussie rider Price wins rally world title      Cache   Translate Page      
Australian rider Toby Price has sealed a maiden cross-country rallies world championship after winning the Rally of Morocco. The 31-year-old crossed the line seven minutes and 32 seconds ahead of …
          Wind energy is forecast to grow by 324 GW and reach 839 GW by 2023      Cache   Translate Page      
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is expected to grow 87% (4.3 GW) over the forecast period, 32% more than in 2012?17. China leads at 1.9 GW, followed by 1 GW from Concentrated Solar Power projects receiving multilateral development bank support in Morocco and South Africa, 1 GW in the Middle East, and 300 MW each in Australia and Chile.   Since … Continue reading Wind energy is forecast to grow by 324 GW and reach 839 GW by 2023
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Highlights - 2018 Edition #panafrica #panafricarally #panafricarally2018 #kfoto #kicomoncada #rally #desert #desierto #morocco #marruecos #fim #moto #bike #offroad #sand
          Youth Conflict Resolution Strategies and Skills - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Kuwait,Lebanon,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
Whenever two or more people interact, either as individuals or as part of a group, there is always potential for conflict. It is no different when you interact with young people in a work setting: the potential for conflict is present. It is important that you are aware of that potential so that you are able to identify a conflict situation and intervene appropriately to control it.
Workers dealing with young people are often confronted with difficult situations in which they may be asked to assist in resolving young people's problems and conflicts. These may be internal problems of relationships within a youth group, or relationships between young people and those in authority, or even conflict between yourself and the young people you are working with.
This program has been designed to help you understand the nature of conflict and its effects on people in a range of contexts, both at an individual and at a group level. We will also look at the processes involved in behavior that occurs between different groups, called inter-group behaviour, and its potential impact on group members.

Program Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
identify examples of conflict in the region where you live, understand their origins and describe the course the conflicts have taken.
Recognize the different approaches that have been used in resolving conflict, and the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.
Apply the insights gained from studying conflict situations to the kinds of conflict that are encountered in youth development work.
Recognize the existence of pre-conflict and conflict situations when they are encountered in different youth and development settings.
Employ negotiation and mediation skills in bringing together conflicting groups or individuals.
Consider strategies to resolve conflict when agreement cannot be reached by consensus.

Who Should Attend?

Youth workers in government departments, corporations and NGOs.
Young leaders.
Youth Program coordinators.
School and University teachers.
Professionals responsible for youth policy formulation and strategy development.
Police department officers.

Program Outline

Day 1
Analysing conflict
Conflict in groups
The conflict process model

Day 2
The Five Stages
Resolving Conflict
Dealing with conflict
Ending conflict
Practicing conflict resolution skills
Bargaining strategies
Negotiation skills

Day 3
Conflict Among Groups
Inter-group relations
Impact of conflict on group dynamics
Managing conflict among groups



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Planning an Adventure Holidays to Morocco, Camel Trekking, Canyoning, Climbing the dunes can give you the best fun! Discover the vast Sahara desert and the dunes on a camel Trekking tour in Morocco. Discover the peace and tranquility of life in the desert on this guided, overnight tour and spend the night in a well known Bedouin tent under the twinkling sky during your memorable Sahara trips. Experience the true camel treks a must for every traveler as a way to experience the best mode of transport on the magic of the Sahara Desert. Get in touch with Your Morocco Tour at +212 662 344 816 and plan an itinerary according to your budget and convenience today!
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Your Morocco Tour organizes tailor-made Trekking Through Sahara Desert tour to explore the hidden treasures of the Sahara desert. Trekking in Morocco's Sahara Desert is a unique experience of morocco.Most people do not realize that the Sahara Desert is not just sand and rolling dunes.Contact us on +212 662 344 816 and we can help you plan your Trekking Tour!
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The street food trip list continues with a Spanish inspired dish you can find in northern cities of Morocco. The correct name is "Caliente" which means warm however locals mostly call it "Cariente". The word "Caliente" means warm in Spanish thus this silky and smooth chickpea dish must be enjoyed warm or else the smooth texture is lost. Due to the simple nature of it's ingredients, you can...
          Greek Cycladic marble figure could reach $100K-$150K at Artemis Gallery auction      Cache   Translate Page      

Greek Cycladic Marble Figure of the Spedos Type, Ancient Greece, Cyclades, ca. 2500 to 2400 BCE. 6.5" H (16.5 cm). Estimate $100,000 - $150,000. Image provided by Artemis Gallery.

BOULDER, COLO.- World renowned for their expertly curated ancient and cultural art auctions, Bob and Teresa Dodge of Artemis Gallery will host a Thursday, October 11 sale comprising 417 lots of exceptional antiquities, Asian and ethnographic art. Each item boasts impeccable provenance and is offered with the gallery’s unconditional guarantee that it is authentic and legal to purchase, own, and if desired, resell. 

The highly anticipated auction, which invites absentee, phone and Internet live bidding, is a virtual timeline of the most significant civilizations of the past 4,000 years. As is the case with all of its sales, Artemis Gallery has organized the upcoming auction in a chronological manner, starting with the earliest pieces, from Ancient Egypt, and progressing through the modern era. 

The auction opens with Egyptian marble and pottery vessels, including a huge Pre-dynastic black-top jar, TL tested and estimated at $17,500-$25,000. A visually captivating, larger-than-lifesize Egyptian sarcophagus fragment of carved and painted cedar depicts a male head with bold facial features. Dating to 664-332 BCE, its auction estimate is $6,000-$8,000. Another fascinating relic is a beautifully painted circa-2nd century CE Romano-Egyptian plaster funerary head of a woman with a haunting facial expression. Estimate: $10,000-$15,000.  


Lot 1A. Huge Black-Top Pottery Jar w/ TL, Ancient Egypt, Predynastic period, late Naqada II to Naqada III, ca. 3200 to 3000 BCE. Size: 8.7" W x 18.875" H (22.1 cm x 47.9 cm); 19.4" H (49.3 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $17,500 - $25,000Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

An enormous hand-built marl clay jar with a russet-hued surface made with a thin iron-oxide slip. The burnished vessel has a tapering ovoid form with a petite circular rim and a rounded shoulder leading to a round, everted rim. The upper black-hued portion is comprised of thick carbon deposits formed by administering the top to thick clouds of smoke for extended periods of time in an oxygen-deprived environment. Black-top vessels originally rose in popularity during the early Naqada I, a culture which inhabited ancient Egypt during its predynastic period. The Naqada were first described by famed archaeologist William Flinders Petrie; however, relatively little is known about them except that they were focused around the site of El-Amra in central Egypt, west of the Nile River. Custom metal display stand included.

Note: Predynastic Egyptian black-topped vessels were traditionally made from silt deposits taken from the Nile river due to their abundance in iron and silica. After the pot had dried but before it was fired, it would first be burnished and rubbed smooth with a small stone to create the pinstripe vertical striations still visible today. An iron-rich slip would then be applied just before firing; when placed in an oxygen-rich environment, the elevated temperatures would create the vessels' signature red-orange hue.

After the end of the Naqada III period around 3,000 BCE, the use of Nile silt in pottery creations fell out of favor with the Predynastic Egyptians. This was due to the increase in the popularity of marl clay, a newly-discovered mixture of clay and lime used for creating terracotta objects. Marl vessels like this example were generally easier to form, required higher temperatures when firing which allowed for more controlled kiln environments, and were more receptive to applied decorations than the inferior, highly-porous Nile silt. A few blacktop examples have been found from later Dynastic periods, however they were likely used solely for ritualistic and/or ceremonial purposes.

For a stylistically-similar example from the Naqada II, please see The British Museum, museum number EA58522:


Burnished black-topped redware jar, circa 3300 BC, Predynastic (Naqada IID), Height: 31.5 cm Width: 17.7 cm (max), EA58522. © The Trustees of the British Museum.

Another stylistically-similar example from the Naqada I hammered for GBP 12,500 ($16,181.22) at Christie's, London, South Kensington Antiquities Auction (sale 7207, October 25, 2012, lot 31).


An Egyptian black-topped redware jar, Predynastic, Naqada I, circa 4000-3600 B.C.; 12¾ in. (32 cm.) high. Sold for 12,500 GBP at Christie's, London, October 25, 2012, lot 31. Courtesy Christie's.

This piece has been tested using thermoluminescence (TL) analysis and has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-Norman Blankman collection, New York, USA, acquired 1959.

Lot 6B. Egyptian Wooden Sarcophagus Head Fragment, Ancient Egypt, Late Period, ca. 664 to 332 BCE. Size: 15.25" W x 13.5" H (38.7 cm x 34.3 cm); 16.125" H (41 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $6,000 - $8,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

This mask and others like it were traditionally carved from cedar. Interestingly, cedar wood was not native to Egypt. Egypt did not have verdant forests filled with tall trees, and unfortunately most of its native lumber was of relatively poor quality. Thus, they relied on importing to acquire hardwoods - ebony imported from Africa, cedar and pine from Lebanon. One fabulous obelisk inscription by Thutmose III attests to the luxury of treasured hardwoods. It reads as follows, "They brought to me the choicest products . . . consisting of cedar, juniper and of meru wood . . . all the good sweet woods of God's Land." The rarity of cedar meant that masks like this one were reserved for those who could afford them.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-private Pennsylvania, USA collection, acquired 35 years ago.

Lot 7A. Romano-Egyptian Plaster Head of a Woman, Roman controlled Egypt, ca. 2nd century CE. Size: 9.5" H (24.1 cm); 12" H (30.5 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $10,000 - $15,000Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

A hauntingly lifelike sculpted plaster funerary head of a young female presenting a beautiful face with a dimpled chin, her visage comprised of lined and lashed, large eyes, arched brows, an aquiline nose, closed ruby red lips, and smooth cheeks. Her elaborate, centrally parted coiffure features rolled tresses lining her forehead and running around her head to a braided bun at the back. Her skin is painted in peachy flesh tones, and she wears two necklaces (a green as well as a pink and red painted 'beaded' strand), hoop earrings, and a rose red garment. 

Note: Heads like this one reflect the profound change that the Greco-Roman world brought to Egypt. The naturalistic depiction of a person's face as a plaster mask or even full head replaced the stylized art of dynastic Egypt; hieroglyphs and other symbols painted on elaborate sarcophagi fell out of favor, and this head would have been a memorial alongside a simple wooden coffin. These heads were reserved for the elite, who were buried in small chapels, usually mummified and with other members of their family and/or town.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-Arte Primitivo Gallery, New York, New York, USA; ex-private New York, USA collection; ex-Sotheby's, New York "Antiquities and Islamic Art" Auction (sale 5288, February 8, 1985, lot 275)

Unquestionably the star of the Ancient Greek art and antiquities section, a finely carved marble figure of a reclining female dates to circa 2500-2400 BCE and is typical of the sculpture of the Cyclades (island of Naxos). Its distinctive characteristics are known as the Spedos type, and the figure is stylistically similar to an example in The Getty museum. With a line of provenance that includes Jens Rid, an avid German collector of ancient idols, this important figure is expected to make $100,000-$150,000. A stunning 15.125-inch Greek Early Attic amphora, circa 530-520 BCE, displays captivating images of Athena, Ajax, Achilles and Herakles. Estimate: $50,000-$70,000.


Lot 8A. Greek Cycladic Marble Figure of the Spedos Type, Ancient Greece, Cyclades, ca. 2500 to 2400 BCE. 6.5" H (16.5 cm). Estimate $100,000 - $150,000. Image provided by Artemis Gallery.

Finely carved from marble, a reclining female figure with her arms crossed, typical of the sculpture of the Cyclades in the mid-2000s BCE known as the Spedos variety, this name derived from an Early Cycladic cemetery on the island of Naxos. This canonical type is characterized by an elongated slender body with folded arms, a U-shaped head, and a sharply incised cleft between the legs. The anatomical details are characteristically minimized presenting a ?at, geometric quality. Incisions on the body delineate the arms crossed over the chest, define the abdomen and pubic triangle, and indicate knees. The breasts gently rendered as well. On the face, the protruding nose is pronounced, and it is possible that other details originally may have been delineated with brightly colored pigments. When viewed from the side, the back is straight and continues the line of the neck, while the head is dramatically arched and the knees bent and flexed, another characteristic trait of the Spedos type. 

Note: See a stylistically similar female Late Spedos Type with folded arms in the Getty Museum:

Female Figure of the Late Spedos Type; Attributed to the Steiner Master (Cycladic, active 2500 - 2400 B.C.); Cyclades, Greece; 2500–2400 B.C.; Marble; 59.9 × 12.2 × 4.5 cm (23 9/16 × 4 13/16 × 1 3/4 in.); 88.AA.80; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

No description of this image is available.

No description of this image is available.

Female Figure of the Late Spedos Type, Attributed to the Steiner Master (Cycladic, active 2500 - 2400 B.C.), Cycladic, Cyclades, Greece, 2500–2400 B.C. Marble, 59.9 × 12.2 × 4.5 cm, 88.AA.80 © J. Paul Getty Trust

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection; ex-collection of Mr. Jens Rid of Germany who has owned the idol since the 1980s, and is an avid collector of ancient idols.

Lot 12. Greek Attic Amphora - Athena, Ajax, Achilles, Herakles, Ancient Greece, Athens, Early Attic, ca. 530 to 520 BCE. Size: 9.75" in diameter at widest point x 15.125" H (24.8 cm x 38.4 cm). Estimate $50,000 - $70,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

A very large and incredibly fine black-figure neck amphora of an exceptionally elegant, classic form - both sides expertly painted with mesmerizing mythological scenes. Side A features Herakles wrestling either the sea-god Triton or Nereus, the latter morphing into the former. The figures are engaged in an action-packed struggle involving major physical contortions - with details incised as well as delineated in red and white pigments. Side B presents an elaborately dressed Athena standing in composite profile as an interceder between a pair of fighting warriors - perhaps Ajax and Achilles - both donning helmets and wielding spears and shields (one shield adorned by an image of a roaring lion, an animal associated with Achilles). Athena is positioned between these leading men of the Greek army holding a spear of her own between them and raising her left hand in a gesture of protest. 

Note: Interestingly, other Attic vases depict Athena between a gaming Achilles and Ajax, but these warriors, in contrast, are fighting. In this context, it is more customary to see a bearded herald as the interceder, as on a neck amphora in the Victoria and Albert Museum, which also has Herakles and Triton on the obverse.

Adding to the piece is the rich decorative program: the register of stylized palmettes adorning the neck; bands of tongue motifs just below; symmetrical floral vines below each tripartite handle; and beneath the pictorial imagery a register of fine-line, stylized laurel buds with looping stems followed by rays emerging from the base below.

Ancient Athenian painters, including the painter of this vessel, took advantage of the large size of Attic vases which gave them more room to explore their techniques, overlap figures, present complex interactions between figures, create depth and attempt renderings of perspective, as well as add other colors such as the red and white pigments on the scene of Herakles vs. the Sea God as well as Athena and the fighting soldiers.

An Attic black-figure neck amphora at the J. Paul Getty Museum features a somewhat similar scene attributed to the Leagros Group (active 525 to 500 BCE), though with the warriors sitting rather than standing. The curatorial staff writes, "This scene was very popular in Athenian vase-painting of the late 500s B.C. and was a favorite of the painters in the Leagros Group. Some scholars believe that this mythological scene also served as a contemporary political parable on the value of staying alert, since the tyrant Peisistratos had been able to take control of the city of Athens while the army was distracted."

Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora; Attributed to Leagros Group (Greek (Attic), active 525 - 500 B.C.); Athens, Greece, Europe; about 510 B.C.; Terracotta; 30.4 × 45.3 cm (11 15/16 × 17 13/16 in.); 86.AE.81; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

Attic Black-Figure Neck Amphora. Attributed to Leagros Group (Greek (Attic), active 525 - 500 B.C.), Greek (Attic), Athens, Greece, about 510 B.C. Terracotta, 30.4 × 45.3 cm, 86.AE.81. © J. Paul Getty Trust.

This piece has been tested by Oxford Authentication using thermoluminescence (TL) and has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase.

Provenance: private Keating collection, Mill Valley, California, USA; ex-George T. Keating collection, acquired early 1950s

Moving on to art of the Roman Empire, the auction includes marbles, jewelry, stone mosaics, and coveted glass objects. One of top highlights in this category, a matched pair of hand-carved marble sarcophagus panels, circa 2nd-3rd century CE, depicts two youthful fishermen in relief. The skillfully executed panels could reach $8,000-$12,000 for the pair. 

Near Eastern treasures include an Anatolian marble Kusura-Beycesultan idol, ex Christies, $5,000-$7,000; a massive Phoenician stone vessel from the 1st millennium BCE, $15,000-$25,000; and a published byzantine marble reliquary with a gabled cover, $12,000-$15,000. 

The Asian art realm is culturally deep and geographically wide, as evidenced by the superb selection chosen for Artemis Gallery’s October 11 sale. A monumental TL-tested Chinese Han Dynasty terracotta horse, circa 206 BCE to 220 CE, is entered with a $150,000-$225,000 estimate, while a gorgeous 3rd to 5th-century Gandharan seated Buddha Shakyamuni, carved of stucco, is entered with a $15,000-$20,000 estimate. There are also several lots of precious antique Indian jewelry and a circa-1850 Indian bronze chari bottle with 24K gold lid, $30,000-$45,000. 

Monumental TL-tested terracotta horse, China, Han Dynasty, ca

Lot 53D. Monumental TL-tested terracotta horse, China, Han Dynasty, ca. 206 BCE to 220 CE. Size: 51" H (129.5 cm); 58" H (147.3 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $150,000 - $225,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery

An incredible Han Dynasty Horse, striding forward with his front right hoof lifted, presenting an expressive visage with wide-open eyes, a pronounced snout with flared nostrils and an open mouth revealing his teeth, raised alert ears, a neatly manicured mane, raised and curled tail, and a finely delineated relief bridle. During the Han dynasty, the ancients placed such model figures in tombs to ensure a safe journey to the afterlife. Note how the sculptor skillfully delineated the muscular body of this noble steed. 

Note: During this period of Chinese history, horses came from the Ferghama Valley in Central Asia - present day Afghanistan. When elite individuals passed away, large "walking" terracotta Ferghama horses displaying an immense degree of attention to detail, like this example, were created to carry the deceased into the hereafter. The horse, second only in importance to the dragon, was believed to possess magical powers. The number of horses owned by an individual ensured his high status in the afterlife.

Funerary sculptures like this piece are part of a class of artifacts called mingqi - sometimes known as "spirit utensils" or "vessels for ghosts". They became popular in the Han Dynasty and would persist for several centuries. Alongside figures like this one were musicians, athletes, animals, structures … Even though they were mass produced, mingqi of the Han Dynasty often show a high level of detail and naturalism. These were designed to assist the po, the part of the soul of the deceased that remained underground with the body while the hun, the other part of the soul, ascended. Caring for the po seems to have taken on a new level of meaning in the Han period, with more elaborate rituals and tomb construction arising.

This piece has been tested using thermoluminescence (TL) twice - by QED Laboratoire and Artemis Testing Lab. According to both tests, the piece has been found to be ancient and of the period stated. A full report will accompany purchase. This piece was tested in 5 separate locations, all confirming the piece is authentic and ancient

Provenance: private collection of the late Karming Wong; approximate date of acquisition: late 1970 to early 1980. Horse was purchased by Karming Wong, who after leaving China during the Cultural Revolution became a private collector. Item was purchased from a dealer in Hong Kong and was transferred to Karming Wong's descendants upon his death in 2012.

Lot 47E. Gorgeous Gandharan Stucco Seated Buddha Shakyamuni, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Gandharan Empire, ca. 3rd to mid 5th century CE. Size: 9" L x 20.75" W x 27.5" H (22.9 cm x 52.7 cm x 69.8 cm); 30" H (76.2 cm) on included custom stand. Estimate $15,000 - $20,000Image courtesy Artemis Gallery.

A fantastic stucco portrayal of a youthful Buddha, known as Shakyamuni Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama, the crown prince of the Shakya Kingdom. He sits with his legs crossed, as if he is beneath a tree, meditating - how he would eventually come to enlightenment. He is seated on a low plinth and his hands rest in his lap in the Dhyana Mudra, used for meditation and deep concentration. His ears are long, emphasizing his wealth - they have been stretched from wearing large earrings. Here he is shown after his enlightenment, as evidenced by his large ushnisha, the rounded projection from the top of his head that symbolizes his newfound knowledge. Remains of a pale red pigment is on his hair, with black details on the eyebrows and eyelids. Mahayana Buddhism was very important in this region. Parthian, Greek, Roman, and Bactrian influences combined to create naturalistic human figures like this one. 

Note: Gandharans are famous for schist and stucco carvings, with stucco replacing schist as the dominant material around the 3rd century CE. Vast monastic institutions like those at Takht-i-Bahi, Sahri-Bahlol, Jamal Garhi, Ranigat, and Thareli were decorated by skilled artisans with stucco representations of important figures, religious scenes, and artistic dedications. Stucco allowed artists more freedom in portraying lifelike features, as shown in the gentle curve of the brow here. During this time, Gandhara was exceptionally wealthy, profiting from trade along the Silk Road; patrons had resources to spend on the arts, creating a flowering of stucco artwork.

Provenance: private East Coast, USA collection.

The Pre-Columbian art category features a rare and fine 12-inch Tonosi (Panama, circa 600-800 CE bi-chrome double-tiered olla. This massive vessel is painted with the image of an enormous tarantula on each side and exhibits a form known as the “Metropolitan Vessel,” so named because a similar example is held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s distinguished collection. Formerly owned by private collectors in Hawaii and Florida, this remarkable piece is entered in the auction with a $15,000-$20,000 estimate. 

Lot 90. Rare Tonosi Bi-Chrome Double Tiered Vessel w/ Tarantula, Pre-Columbian, Panama, Tonosi, ca. 600 to 800 CE. Size: 12" H (30.5 cm). Estimate $15,000 - $20,000. Image courtesy Artemis Gallery

A sizeable bi-chrome pottery vessel, its massive form comprised of a double-tiered olla and beautifully painted with an enormous tarantula spider on each side - head, thorax, and outspread legs covering the entire surface! This very large double-tiered, round-bottomed, globular polychrome pottery vessel is a form dubbed the "Metropolitan Vessel" because the Metropolitan Museum of Art has a similar vessel - only with a different iconographic program. The bold depiction of each arachnid is quite expressive with a wide-eyed visage, outspread legs with ridged edges that connote kinetic energy and magical dynamism! Though it was created more than 1000 years ago, the imagery conjures depictions of spiders in modern art such as Louise Bourgeois' striking, nearly 9 meters tall sculpture entitled "Maman" which graces the exterior of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. 

See the Metropolitan Museum of Art's double-tiered Tonosi jar

Double-tiered jar, 3rd–4th century, Panama, Tonosi, Ceramic. H. 8 x W. 8 1/2 in. (20.3 x 21.6 cm). Purchase, Arthur M. Bullowa Bequest, 2007; 2007.297. © 2000–2018 The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For additional examples of tri-color, double-tiered vessels see Armande Labbe's, "Guardians of the Stream: Shamans, Art and Power in Prehispanic Central Panama" (The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art; University of Washington Press, 1995, p. 127).

Provenance: private Hawaii, USA collection; ex-J. Berryman collection, Florida, USA 

Other categories and selected highlights include Viking arms and jewelry; fine art, a fantastic array of fossils, an 18th-century Hebrew Torah scroll from Morocco, a 19th-century Italian giltwood and glass reliquary cabinet, and a framed 19th-century Mexican ex voto on canvas, ex Sotheby’s. 

There are many ways in which to bid in the Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018 auction, including absentee, by phone (please reserve line in advance), or live via the Internet. The sale starts at 10 a.m. Eastern Time and will be conducted simultaneously on three bidding platforms:,, and An Artemis Gallery COA will accompany each and every purchase. Artemis Gallery ships worldwide and has its own in-house packing and shipping department to ensure quality control.

          Morocco navy says 615 migrants saved in weekend ops      Cache   Translate Page      
Rabat (AFP) Oct 8, 2018
Morocco's Royal Navy said Monday its forces rescued 615 migrants from 31 boats that ran into trouble in the Mediterranean at the weekend while trying to reach Spain. The Spanish coastguard announced on Sunday that in 48 hours it had rescued nearly 1,200 migrants bound for its shores - a main entry point for clandestine migration into Europe. All of the would-be migrants rescued by the M
          World's Most Powerful Passport Revealed As Countries' Global Rankings Shift      Cache   Translate Page      
Japan passport holders will find it easier than ever to travel the world, as their travel documents have just moved up in the global Henley Passport Index to take the top spot.

The Henley Passport Index is a ranking of all of the passports in the world based on the number of countries their holders can travel to visa-free.

Until now Japan had been sharing joint first place with Singapore, which gained visa-free access to Uzbekistan earlier this year bringing its total to 189 countries.

However, earlier this month Japan gained visa-free access to Myanmar bringing its total to 190 - once again taking it to the top spot.

It's still a milestone for both Japan and Singapore, as 2018 is the first year in the index's 13-year history that either of them has had the most powerful passport in the world.
Both are way ahead of the UK and US which share fifth place with Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria and Luxembourg - but it's worth noting that the top four spots are shared by 10 countries.

Experts had previously revealed that the UK ranking is unlikely to increase until there is certainty regarding Brexit.
Full Henley Passport Index 2018

    Japan (190 countries)
    Singapore (189 countries)
    Germany, France, South Korea (188 countries)
    Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Spain (187 countries)
    Norway, UK, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, USA (186 countries)
    Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada (185 countries)
    Australia, Greece, Malta (183 countries)
    New Zealand, Czech Republic (182 countries)
    Iceland (181 countries)
    Hungary, Slovenia, Malyasia (180 countries)
    Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania (179 countries)
    Liechtenstein, Estonia (178 countries)
    Poland (175 countries)
    Monaco, Chile (174 countries)
    Cyprus (173 countries)
    Brazil (171 countries)
    Argentina, Hong Kong (170 countries)
    Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania (169 countries)
    Andorra, San Marino (168 countries)
    Brunei (165 countries)
    Israel, Barbados, UAE (161 countries)
    Mexico (158 countries)
    Bahamas (155 countries)
    Uruguay (154 countries)
    Seychelles (152 countries)
    St Kitts & Nevis (151 countries)
    Antigua (150 countries)
    Costa Rica (149 countries)
    Vatican City, Taiwan (148 countries)
    Trinidad and Tobago (147 countries)
    Mauritius, St Lucia (146 countries)
    St Vincent and the Grenadines (145 countries)
    Macao, Grenada (144 countries)
    Paraguay (143 countries)
    Panama (141 countries)
    Venezulea, Honduras (138 countries)
    Dominica, Guatemala, El Savador (137 countries)
    Peru (135 countries)
    Serbia, Solomon Islands (130 countries)
    Samoa, Vanuatu (129 countries)
    Nicaragua, Ukraine (128 countries)
    Colombia, Tuvalu (127 countries)
    Macedonia (125 countries)
    Marshall Islands, Tonga (124 countries)
    Kiribati, Montenegro (123 countries)
    Micronesia, Moldova (122 countries)
    Russia, Palau Islands (119 countries)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina (118 countries)
    Albania (114 countries)
    Georgia (112 countries)
    Turkey (111 countries)
    South Africa (102 countries)
    Belize (101 countries)
    Timor-Leste (98 countries)
    Ecuador, Kuwait (93 countries)
    Fiji (90 countries)
    Guyana (88 countries)
    Maldives (87 countries)
    Nauru (86 countries)
    Qatar (85 countries)
    Jamaica (84 countries)
    Papua New Guinea (83 countries)
    Botswana (82 countries)
    Bahrain (81 countries)
    Suriname (80 countries)
    Bolivia (79 countries)
    Oman (78 countries)
    Belarus, Thailand (77 countries)
    Namibia, Kazakhstan (76 countries)
    Saudi Arabia (75 countries)
    Lesotho, China (74 countries)
    Indonesia (73 countries)
    Swaziland, Kenya, Malawi (71 countries)
    Gambia, Tanzania, Zambia (68 countries)
    Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Philippines, Dominican Republic (66 countries)
    Cape Verde, Cuba (65 countries)
    Uganda, Zimbabwe (64 countries)
    Ghana, Kyrgyzstan (63 countries)
    Sierra Leone (62 countries)
    Armenia, Benin, Morocco, Mongolia (61 countries)
    India (60 countries)
    Uzbekistan (59 countries)
    Sao Tome, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tajikistan (58 countries)
    Burkina Faso (57 countries)
    Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea (56 countries)
    Mali, Gabon, Bhutan (55 countries)
    Togo, Niger, Cambodia, Rwanda (54 countries)
    Chad, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Turkmenistan (53 countries)
    Comores Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Laos (52 countries)
    Vietnam (51 countries)
    Algeria, Jordan (50 countries)
    Central African Republic, Angola, Egypt (49 countries)
    Cameroon, Myanmar (48 countries)
    Liberia, Nigeria, Congo (Republic) (47 countries)
    Burundi (46 countries)
    Djibouti (45 countries)
    Kosovo (44 countries)
    Congo (Democratic Republic), Iran (43 countries)
    Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, North Korea (42 countries)
    South Sudan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Libya (41 countries)
    Nepal (40 countries)
    Sudan, Eritrea, Palestinian Territory (39 countries)
    Yemen (37 countries)
    Pakistan (33 countries)
    Somalia, Syria (32 countries)
    Iraq, Afghanistan (30 countries)

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Distribution "Morocco" for taxon Attheyella (Attheyella) crassa (Sars G.O., 1863) has been added by Santiago Gaviria-Melo via the webinterface on 2018-10-09T08:26:46+00:00
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@Georgiaboy61 I think it was around 1996 that Moors, in Algeria and/or Morocco, sued the Spanish government to recover property they still claim to own. As far as I know, the Spanish courts blew them off. You are quite correct, that once property is owned by a Muslim, anywhere, it's never sold to a non-Muslim ever again. There are over 18 mosques in South Carolina and over 30 in North Carolina, all will never be sold to a non-Muslim unless they are made unusable by sowing the blood or entrails of swine over the property, too thick to be removed. Muslims will fight you in court or with gun fire over this.
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(MENAFN - Morocco World News) #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000">Rabat – Germany has significantly increased its number of deportations to the Maghreb region since 2015. According to a study published by th...
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(MENAFN - Morocco World News) #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000">Washington D.C. – The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres , submitted to the Security Council last week his report on the situa...
          UN Report Addresses Malnutrition in Algeria's Tindouf Camps      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Morocco World News) #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000">Rabat – The UN secretary-general's report on Western Sahara has addressed challenges the Sahrawi population faces in the Tindouf camps . The ...
          Youth Development Work Principles and Practices - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Israel,Kuwait,Lebanon,Malaysia,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
This program is designed to introduce you to a range of different approaches to working with young people. You may already have experience of youth work. If so, then you have been working in a wide-ranging and complex field. However, you may have experience of only one type of youth work practice. We have designed this program so that you can get a clear understanding of several of the key practices in youth work. This will enable you to develop your insight and skill by allowing you to draw on a rich frame of reference.

Program Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
Define Youth Development concept.
Briefly describe, in your own words, the history and position of youth development work in your country.
Delineate the professional role of the youth worker.
Explain the important factors that have affected youth development work and that influence current trends.
Begin working effectively with young people and adults in enabling them to improve the quality of their lives.
Select from a range of different approaches to youth development work those that are most appropriate to specific circumstances.

Who Should Attend?

Youth program coordinators.
Young leaders.
Youth workers in government departments, corporates and NGOs.
School and University teachers.
Professionals responsible for policy formulation and strategy development in youth focused organizations.

Program Outline

Day 1
Youth Development
What is Youth development? and how does it influence youth work?
Youth Development theories and practivcies
Interactionist perspective - Functional Perspective
Youth Development Values
Enabling - Empowering

Day 2
Youth development work: history and traditions
Youth development work in families and communities
Youth work as social and leisure provision
Out of school education
Youth work for national development
Youth welfare work

Day 3
Youth development work: models and approaches
Treatment Model
Reform Model
Advocacy Model
Conscientisation Model
Youth Development Practices

Day 4
Youth Worker roles and methods
Working face to face with young people in a variety of settings
Managing and supporting other paid and volunteer workers
Formulating and developing community policies for governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)



          Positive Youth Development Strategies - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Kuwait,Lebanon,Malaysia,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
Course Overview

Positive Youth Development (PYD) is a theory based on years of research on the best ways to help young people grow into adulthood. This program is designed to help youth workers to understand the Positive Youth Development approaches, such as the individual strength approach that promote young people's social and emotional well-being.

In this program we discuss the outside influences that promote young people's social and emotional well-being. Also the program aims to examine approaches of working with young people to create a growth plan and to create positive places for young people. Creating a step by step action plan for integrating Positive Youth Development into youth organizations is also presented in this program.

Course Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
  • Understand the Positive Youth Development approaches.
  • Identify the developmental needs of young people and adolescents.
  • Work effectively with young people to create a growth plan.
  • Make use of individual strength approach that promote young people's social and emotional well-being.
  • Create positive places for young people.
  • Create an action plan for integrating Positive Youth Development into your organization.
Who Should Attend?
  • Department heads of youth focused institutions.
  • Young Leaders
  • Professionals responsible for youth program development, in government departments, corporations and NGOs.
  • Youth Workers.
  • Student Activities coordinators.
  • Professionals responsible for policy formulation and strategy development in youth focused organizations.
  • School and University teachers.

Course Outline

Day 1
  • What is Positive Youth development?
  • The concept
  • Strength based approaches
  • Individual strengths that promote young people's social and emotional well-being
  • The 5 Cs
  • Outside influences that promote young people's social and emotional well-being
  • Families - Schools - Communities
Day 2
  • The Developmental Assets
  • The five Promises
  • Work with young person to create a growth plan
  • Youth immediate needs
  • Assisting young person to set goals
  • Active listening skills to determine youth's strengths and interests
  • Rewarding youth
Day 3
  • Putting Positive Youth Development into practice
  • Building individual strength in youth
  • Youth involvement
  • Creating positive places for young people
  • What makes a place positive?
  • how to keep youth places positive?
Day 4
  • Creating a step by step action plan for integrating Positive Youth Development into your organization
  • Select PYD framework
  • Train staff and volunteers
  • Preview your mission statement
  • Review your programs
  • Establish a concrete ways to involve youth in your programs
  • Assess your programs



          Managing Youth Economic Development Projects - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Kuwait,Lebanon,Malaysia,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
Course Overview

The purpose of this program is to explore some of the development possibilities of the links between youth work and contemporary economic change. We will describe the skills needed to promote self employment among young women and young men, including the principles of setting up micro enterprises. We will explore how aspects of informal education can help young people to develop enterprise skills and undertake enterprise projects.

In this program, we focuses on the nature of current economic development and its relationship to enterprise activity. Other sessions concentrate on practical guidelines and exercises to develop enterprise skills. While one session of this program takes the form of a training program that you will be able to deliver to enterprising youth in your community.

Course Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
  • Identify the different factors that shape and influence current economic development, particularly at a local level.
  • Use experiential learning strategies to develop youth enterprise skills, with the aim of promoting local economic development.
  • Support young women and young men in setting up small business projects.
  • Contribute entrepreneurial expertise in the development of local economic strategies.
  • Devise and deliver programs of informal education for young people to acquire enterprise skills.
Who Should Attend?
  • Mentors of business incubators and accelerators.
  • Professionals responsible for the development of economic strategies.
  • Youth Program coordinators.
  • Young leaders.
  • Youth workers in government departments, corporations and NGOs.

Course Outline

Day 1
  • Understanding Economic Development
  • Opportunities in the global market
  • Unleashing entrepreneurship
  • Economic development in rural areas
  • Youth enterprise
  • Small and informal enterprises
  • Training entrepreneurs
  • Government policies and support
  • Changing role of government and NGOs
Day 2
  • Youth and enterprise
  • What is youth enterprise?
  • Barriers to enterprise
  • Being creative
  • The enterprise development cycle
  • Setting up a small business
  • Setting up a small business: The training program
  • Starting out
  • Preparing the ground
  • Accounting practice
  • The business model
Day 3
  • Planning a micro-enterprise
  • Planning an enterprise
  • Planning for micro and informal enterprises
  • Informal learning
  • Opportunities for young people



          Integrating Technology into Youth Settings - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Kuwait,Lebanon,Malaysia,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
Course Overview
In this program, you will explore current uses of technology by youth and how that engagement influences their own development and the world around them. You will also identify the opportunities and dangers that are associated with new technologies. Participants will demonstrate how new technologies can be designed and incorporated into youth programming to promote positive youth development.

Course Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
  • Explain how the type and extent of youth usage of technology affects tier development.
  • Identify the risks and benefits of technology to youth programs and create a plan for technology use in their programs.
  • Describe the various models that are used to structure technology-based interventions for youth.
  • Apply one of these models to a practical situation in a youth-relevant setting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to design an activity or intervention that incorporates technology to promote positive youth development.
Who Should Attend?
  • Youth workers in government departments, corporations and NGOs.
  • Young leaders.
  • Student activities coordinators.
  • School and University teachers.
Course Outline

Day 1
  • Overviews of Youth and Technology
  • App generation review
  • Youth and Adolescent Ownership and Use of New Media
  • The Impact of Social Media on Youth, Adolescents, and Families
  • A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Compute!
  • Models of Integrating Technology into Youth Settings
  • The Use of Technology to Promote the Multicultural Development of Youth
  • Internet use and developmental tasks
  • Positive Technology Development
  • The Potential of Games for Learning
Day 2
  • Technology in Youth Programs
  • E Mentoring
  • Digital Media
  • Using Technology to Promote Positive Youth Development
  • Youth-Driven Social Media Campaign to Promote STI and HIV Testing Among Adolescents
  • Adaptive Game for Reducing Aggressive Behavior
  • Text-Messaging Interventions to Promote Healthy Behaviors in Adolescents

Day 3
  • The Dangers and Policies around Technology Use
  • Use of Electronic Devices and Social Media in Youth Camps
  • Understanding the Role of Technology in Adolescent Dating and Dating Violence
  • The Multiple Dimensions of Video Game Effects on Youth
  • Social media use in adult-youth relationships
  • How Clear Missions Guide Electronic Technology Policies



          Youth Program Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Kuwait,Lebanon,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
Course Overview
Much of the work of youth development professionals is organised around specific projects. They may be small projects designed by yourself and relevant stakeholders to solve very specific problems that you and they face. Alternatively, they may be part of much larger projects run by major funding bodies. Either way, project design and development is often expected to use certain techniques to ensure project quality. The aim of this program is to introduce you to the practices that have built up around the design and management of projects in the last few decades.
What is presented here will give you a general overview of project work. It has been written to help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects in your youth in development program.
Course Benefits
When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
  • Identify activities involved in project planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • write a proposal for funding, including logframes.
  • plan projects on the basis of a logical framework.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the Total Quality Program standers.
  • Prepare project risk management plan.
Who Should Attend?
  • Department heads of youth focused institutions.
  • Young Leaders
  • Professionals responsible for youth project planing, in government departments, corporates and NGOs.
  • Volunteers of youth projects and organizations.
  • Youth Workers.
  • Student Activities coordinators.
Course Outline

Day 1
  • Youth Centered Programming Model
  • Preparation for programming
  • (Need Assessment - Youth development Factor - Assessing Organization - Entrepreneurship - Youth involvement)
  • Program Objectives
  • Logical Framework
Day 2
  • Program Development
  • Approaches to program development
  • Selecting program format
  • Selecting program area
  • Program promotion
  • Total Quality Program
Day 3
  • Program Implementation
  • Program leadership
  • Helping Youth feel valued
  • Promoting youth involvement
  • Quality customer service
  • Handling complaints
  • Risk Management
Day 4
  • Program Evaluation
  • Purposes
  • Principles of evaluation
  • Types of evaluation
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Model of evaluation



          Morocco's Atlantic Andalusia Festival to Promote Muslim-Jewish Exchange      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Morocco World News) #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000">By Ouma?ma Fassi Fihri Rabat – The coastal city of Essaouira will host the 15th annual Atlantic Andalusia Festival from October 25-28 to prom...
          Offer - Lottery money jackpot ((How to join the illuminati society drmamasuzzan +27782842465 - FINLAND      Cache   Translate Page      
          #luz - myworld_officiel      Cache   Translate Page      
#streetstyle #oldbeauty #morocco🇲🇦 #momentsbelike #luz #light #oldmonuments #monumentstreet #monumental #lighttheworld
          Find Best Morocco Destination Management Company For a Unique Holiday Experience      Cache   Translate Page      
If you are looking for a holiday that offers you a unique experience then there is no better choice than morocco tours.
          Youth Social Development Methodologies - Matsh Youth Development , Dubai,Bahrain,Egypt,Kuwait,Malaysia,Morocco,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Tunisia       Cache   Translate Page      
This program is designed to help you understand some of the theoretical background of youth development work, so that you can relate what you are doing to the social context in which you are working. You will already be aware that young people have roles and responsibilities. These responsibilities are different in each society, yet particular aspects are common across most societies.
Understanding the social situations of young people is crucial. This program aims to illuminate the situation of young people in your society by exploring what researchers and theorists have said about youth in different social contexts, and relating that to general theories about society. Your role as a youth development worker is to help to improve conditions for young people. In doing this, you will be helping to develop the society in which they live.

Program Benefits

When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:
Understand how young people are seen in various societies, and from different sociological perspectives.
Examine the range of definitions of 'youth', 'adolescence' and 'family'.
Understand the problems and issues facing young people and the societies in which they live.
Work in a way that is sensitive to social and cultural traditions.

Who Should Attend?

Youth workers in government departments, corporations and NGOs.
Young leaders.
Student activities coordinators.
School and University teachers.
Professionals responsible for policy formulation and strategy development in youth focused organizations.

Program Outline

Day 1
Ways of seeing young people
The concepts of society and culture
Defining youth
The nature of youth work
Describing and defining adolescence
Psychoanalytic theories of adolescence
Sociological theories of adolescence

Day 2
Young people and the family
Family types
Approaches to the study of the family
Issues facing families today
The concept of community

Day 3
Young people and social issues
Images of young people
Young people and unemployment
Young people and crime
The implications for youth development workers



          Moroccan goat gets munchies for local cannabis harvest      Cache   Translate Page      
A Moroccan goat has a bit of a bad trip during peak cannabis farming season, becoming quite disoriented after munching on a lot of the herb. In the , a goat in the Moroccan Rif mountains intensely chews down on cannabis plants, even after getting his back leg caught in the brush. Though it seems like the goat might lose balance and fall, that does not deter its appetite. Filmed at the peak of the cannabis farming season, the filmer, on holiday in Morocco, noted that local goats in the area had developed a taste for the herb. This was filmed in August 2013.
          UNESCO: Rachel's Tomb and Cave of Patriarchs part of 'Occupied Palestine'      Cache   Translate Page      
Both resolutions were sponsored by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan, and approved within minutes at the Commission's meeting.
          Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom: I’m going to Morocco without the kids      Cache   Translate Page      
I hope they don't burn the house down while I'm gone
          Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom: I’m going to Morocco without the kids      Cache   Translate Page      
I hope they don't burn the house down while I'm gone
          Morocco Jazz      Cache   Translate Page      
J’ai bien aimé ce récit qui nous parle du Maroc à la fin de la colonisation française au travers du destin de trois jeunes femmes.

Le climat ambiant est bien rendu, tant au niveau de la chaleur des lieux (grâce à une agréable mise en couleurs) qu’au niveau de la tension qui règne entre les deux camps. On sent bien que la situation est arrivée dans une impasse et que plus rien ne peut empêcher le départ des Français.

Et au milieu de ce champ de bataille larvé, trois jeunes femmes aux profils bien différents vont vivre des événements dramatiques. Confrontées à la violence des hommes, elles agiront avec leur cœur… mais n’éviteront pas les séquelles. Ces portraits sensibles portent le récit mais celui-ci est surtout remarquable dans sa progression.

L’introduction sous forme de flash-forward n’est guère originale mais ce procédé demeure accrocheur car intrigant (mais qui est ce fichu Henri ?) Le cœur du récit, totalement linéaire, nous offre un bel enchaînement de faits, d’actions et de réactions qui font que, si la plupart des acteurs de ce récit cherchent à agir avec justice et respect, le drame final ne peut être évité.

La conclusion vient se poser comme une cerise sur le gâteau… mais sans sucre inutile (mémé n’en ayant pas besoin, elle sucre déjà assez les fraises comme ça).

Chaleur du dessin, profils intéressant, bon rendu d’un lieu et d’une époque et enchaînement logique d’événements qui mènent au drame. On n’est pas loin du sans-faute pour un album sans prétention mais d’une grande qualité.

Note : (avis posté par Mac Arthur)

Lire tous les avis sur Morocco Jazz.

Na Saleh Ally
SINGIDA United ni moja ya timu kubwa hapa nchini na unaweza kuona mambo yameenda haraka sana, ni ndani ya kipindi cha muda mfupi sana.

Imekua kwa muda mfupi na Singida United inatambulika namna hiyo, nafikiri inatokana na namna ambavyo viongozi wake wamekuwa makini mara tu baada ya timu hiyo kurejea Ligi Kuu Bara.

Singida United si wageni katika ligi hiyo kwa kuwa wamekuwa ni wale wanaopanda na kuporomoka na kama kuna mtu anaifahamu ile  Singida United ya miaka ile, basi atakuwa anaelewa vizuri tofauti kubwa iliyopo sasa.

Nafikiri viongozi wa Singida United hata kama kuna sehemu watakuwa wanakosea kama wanadamu wanastahili pongezi kubwa kwa kile walichokifanya na kikubwa kwao, wajue wana deni kubwa zaidi la kuifanya klabu yao kubaki katika kiwango kilichopo sasa, halafu waendelee kuongeza.

Nimeanza kuitaja Singida United kwa kuwa nilikuwa nimelenga kumzungumzia mchezaji wao mpya, huyu ni kijana Geofrey Mwashiuya.

Mwashiuya aliamua kuondoka Yanga na kujiunga na Singida United. Huenda aliwashangaza wengi kwamba Yanga ni timu kubwa zaidi na alikuwa bado anahitajika.

Wakati anaondoka Kocha George Lwandamina, Mwashiuya tayari alianza kupoteza mvuto wa kutegemewa kama ilivyokuwa awali. Unakumbuka alivyotua Yanga akitokea timu ya Kimondo FC iliyomkuza?

Kama unakumbuka wakati akitua Yanga, alibatizwa jina la Lunyamila. Hii ilikuwa picha njema kwake, sasa mambo yamebadilika na sivyo ilivyotarajiwa.

Kocha Lwandamina, binafsi namuona mmoja wa makocha bora kabisa waliowahi kuinoa Yanga. Alikitambua kipaji cha Mwashiuya na alimpa nafasi kubwa sana ya kuonyesha alichonacho na hakika alifanya hivyo.

Mwishoni alianza kuonekana anapotea njia. Hata alipopata ukali wake, nafasi ya kufanya kilichoonekana ni kikubwa haikuwepo tena na niwe wazi, akawa ni mchezaji wa kawaida, au tumia neno asiyetisha tena.

Unapokuwa unacheza mbele, halafu hautishi, basi ujue kuna tatizo kubwa. Maana hata walinzi tu hasa wa kati wanatakiwa kutisha ili kupunguza makali ya washambuliaji wabishi au wasumbufu. Sasa vipi wewe unaisaidia timu yako kushambulia, halafu hautishi?

Mwashiuya hatishi tena, hata huko Singida United, hatishi. Si yule ambaye timu itakapokutana na Singida United itakuwa na hofu kwa kuwa wanaye Mwashiuya na hii ni kengele ya upepo mbaya kwake ambao kama ataendelea kuupa nafasi, utamchota.

Sina maana Mwashiuya si mchezaji mzuri, lakini leo nimetaka asome hapa ili ajipime. Singida United wamecheza mechi tisa, yeye amecheza sita na karibu zote amekuwa akishindwa kumaliza muda wote.

Naona mara nyingi kocha Hemed Morocco akimtoa Mwashiuya na kumuingiza kinda Tibar John ambaye ana kipaji kikubwa licha ya upungufu mwingi wa kiufundi kama kutokuwa makini au kucheza mpira wa kikubwa au kutokuwa na nguvu za kutosha, nikimaanisha anahitaji mazoezi zaidi kuwa imara zaidi.

Pamoja na hivyo, Tibar ni mchezaji bora kabisa na Mwashiuya anashindana na kijana mwenye uwezo mkubwa. Hakuna ujanja, lakini afanye kila linalowezekana kurudi na kuwa Mwashiuya anayeisaidia Singida United, tishio Tanzania Bara ili apate nafasi ya kuitumikia timu ya taifa, Taifa Stars.

Umri wa Mwashiuya, hapaswi kuwa anatolewa. Anatakiwa ategemewe kuwa atafanya lolote wakati wowote na kocha awe na hofu ya kumtoa kwamba kumuacha nje ni hasara.

Sina maana Tibar asicheze, mechi ziko nyingi sana. Lakini Mwashiuya anapaswa kuonyesha thamani yake sasa kabla mambo hayajaharibika kabisa.

Uwezo anao lakini anatakiwa afanye zaidi. Mwashiuya bado hajaonyesha alichonacho. Ubora wa kipaji chake unaweza kulindwa na mazoezi zaidi, hasa yale ya ziada lakini pia nidhamu ya juu.

Kipaji bila juhudi na nidhamu, kamwe huwa hakifiki mbali. Mwashiuya uwezo anao lakini kwa umri alionao, ana nafasi ya kujitazama upya tena.

Aina ya uchezaji wa Mwashiuya ni kasi na nguvu. Kuwa imara katika kiwango sahihi lazima ahakikishe anajituma zaidi na kuwa na mwili ulio sahihi kwa kazi anayoifanya.

Nimkumbushe tena, kwa hali inavyokwenda, Singida United inaonekana ni timu yenye nafasi nzuri zaidi kwa wachezaji kutoka, nikiwa na maana ya kufanikiwa. Hivyo aongeze juhudi zaidi na zaidi.


Kikosi cha Taifa Stars kimeondoka alfajiri ya leo kuelekea Cape Verde kwa ajili ya kibarua cha kuwania tiketi ya kufuzu kucheza AFCON.

Katika orodha ya msafara wa wachezaji hao, walioondoka ni hawa wafuatao:-

Aishi Manula (Simba)
Shomari Kapombe (Simba)
John Bocco (Simba)
David Mwantika (Azam)
Salum Kimenya (Prisons)
Abdallah Kheri (Azam)
Yahya Zayd (Azam)

Aggrey Morris (Azam)
Mudathiri Yahya (Azam)
Ally Abdulkarim (Lipuli)
Paul Ngalema (Lipuli)
Feisal Salum (Yanga)
Gadiel Michael (Yanga)
Kelvin Yondani (Yanga)
Beno Kakolanya (Yanga)

Hassan Kessy (Nkana Red Devils, Zambia)
Himid Mao (Petrojet, Misri)
Abdi Banda (Baroka, Afrika Kusini)
Mbwana Samatta (KRC Genk, Ubelgiji)
Rashind Mandawa (BDF XI, Bostwana)
Thomas Ulimwengu (Al Hilal, Sudan)
Farid Mussa (Tenerife, Spain)
Shaban Chilunda (Tenerife Spain)
Saimon Msuva (Al Jadida, Morocco)

          Saharan Dunes      Cache   Translate Page      
Sand dunes in the western Saharan Desert adjacent to the Algerian border, in south eastern Morocco....
          Ahmad Sa’adat calls for all to join actions for Georges Abdallah in letter from Israeli prison      Cache   Translate Page      

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network received the following statement from Ahmad Sa’adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, where he is held in Israeli prison. Sa’adat is encouraging all Palestinians and friends of Palestine to participate in the Week of Action to Free Georges Abdallah, taking place from 17-24 October. See the list of events and ways you can heed Sa’adat’s call and join the week of action below his statement:  On behalf of the prisoners of the Popular Front and the Palestinian prisoners’ movement, I extend our greetings and salutes to all those organizing for freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah as he enters his 35th year inside French colonial jails. In particular, I urge the Palestinian and Arab masses and their liberation movements and all friends of Palestine and our struggle around the world to join in the Week of Action to Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, from October 17-24, organized by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and the international campaign to free Georges Abdallah. We urge all to march in Lannemezan on 20 October in the national march organized by the tireless comrades who struggle, day in and day out, for the freedom of comrade Georges and our freedom in Palestine. For us, inside Israeli prisons, Georges Abdallah is a fellow struggler and a fellow Palestinian prisoner. We call him “the General of the prisoners of the PFLP.” He is part of us – one with us in unity and common struggle. We feel his support and participation in our struggle across seas and through iron bars and prison walls. He returns meals with our hunger strikes, his heart beats for Palestine just as his politics centers its liberation, and he has spent decades imprisoned because of his commitment to the liberation of the Palestinian and Arab people. Indeed, Georges Abdallah is an icon of resistance. With his clear analysis and involvement in all struggles for justice inside France and around the world, he refuses all attempts to isolate and silence him. His case also shows quite clearly just how strongly U.S. and French imperialism are tied to Zionism and the colonization of Palestine. Just as the French state celebrates with the war criminal Netanyahu to inagurate a “France-Israel season” as his troops shoot down our people in Gaza as they march in the Great March of Return, we know that this is the same France that slaughtered 1.5 million Algerians in its colonial wars in the Arab world. And just as the people of Algeria defeated French colonialism after paying the highest price in blood and sacrifice for their freedom, we know that Georges Ibrahim Abdallah will win. And as the United States – itself a colonial settler state built on the genocide of Indigenous peoples and the enslavement of Black people – attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause, erase our fundamental right to return and label our resistance as “terrorist,” it has repeatedly interfered to keep Georges Abdallah behind bars. From Condoleeza Rice to Hillary Clinton, consecutive Secretaries of State have demanded that our beloved freedom fighter be kept behind bars. Of course, this is no surprise. Imperialism and Zionism stand together to construct prisons, walls and war machines. From Greece to the Philippines to Turkey, political prisoners put their bodies on the line to fight back against capitalism and imperialism. In the Arab reactionary regimes that stand hand in hand with the United States, from Saudi Arabia to Morocco, we hear the calls of our fellow political prisoners, demanding justice and liberation. Between October 17 and 24, raise your voice against this injustice. Take to the streets, organize and act to demand freedom for Georges Abdallah and all political prisoners. The Palestinian prisoners are with you – we shout for the freedom of our comrade Georges Abdallah from the depths of the Zionist dungeons. Together, we can win the freedom of this beloved comrade, a leader of the Palestinian, Arab and international struggle for socialism and liberation. To stand with Georges Abdallah is to stand with the resistance, the Palestinian people and all those political prisoners struggling for freedom. Ahmad Sa’adat Ramon Prison 9 October 2018 TAKE ACTION: 1. Organize events, actions and protests at French embassies and consulates around the world. Where there is not a French consulate, protest at U.S. or Israeli embassies and consulates and in public squares. Send us your events! Use this form or email 2. Join the broad national protest in Lannemezan on 20 October. Every year, hundreds arrive to demand George’s freedom, raising a call so loud the prisoners can hear us inside. Don’t miss this year’s action! 3. Distribute this call to action and take media actions, like posting photos with posters calling for freedom for Georges Abdallah and other Palestinian prisoners. 4. Endorse this call! Join in the call for events and actions for the prisoners this October. Use the form or email 5. Share the materials below and use our social media materials, like the poster at the top of this page or our Facebook cover photo, below: Events: Martigues: Speaking About Georges Abdallah Sunday, 7 October 1:30 pm Le Rallumeur d’étoiles – Café associatif Quai Brescon 13500 Martigues, France Facebook: Marseille: A Month for Georges Abdallah October 2018 Marseille, France Facebook: Berlin: Protest to free Raja Eghbarieh, Georges Abdallah and all Palestinian Prisoners Saturday, 13 October 12:00 pm Alexanderplatz Berlin, Germany Toulouse: Information stand for Georges Abdallah Saturday, 13 October 2:00 pm Metro Capitole Toulouse, France Facebook: Gothenburg: Victory to the Palestinian liberation struggle! Friday, 19 October 5:30 pm Brunnsparken Gothenburg, Sweden Facebook: Paris: Bus departing to the national protest in Lannemezan Friday night, 19 October Paris, France Facebook: Lannemezan: National protest for the liberation of Georges Abdallah Saturday, 20 October 2:00 pm Gare de Lannemezan Lannemezan, France Facebook: More buses from Toulouse: leaves 11:30 am from Metro Basso Cambo, email from Paris: email from Montpellier: email from Bordeaux: leaves 9:15 am from place Ravezies, email from Marseille: more info at Brussels: Concert in solidarity with Mustapha Awad Saturday, 20 October 6:30 pm Projection Room 55 rue de Praetere Uccle, France Facebook: Geneva: Letter Writing Evening for Georges Abdallah Wednesday, 24 October 8:00 pm Cafe Gavroche Boulevard James-Fazy 4 Geneva, Switzerland Facebook: Belfast: Irish Solidarity for the Release of Georges Abdallah Wednesday, 24 October 7:00 pm International Wall Belfast, Ireland More info: DOWNLOAD flyers, posters and other materials at our resources site:

The article Ahmad Sa’adat calls for all to join actions for Georges Abdallah in letter from Israeli prison appeared first on Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network.

          China okays massive re-education camps for Muslim minorities after denying the camps exist      Cache   Translate Page      

Uyghur men gather for a holiday meal during the Corban Festival on September 13, 2016 in Turpan County, in the far western Xinjiang province, China.

  • Regional authorities in China revised a local law to encourage the existence of "re-education centers" for its persecuted Uighur ethnic minority.
  • The new law promulgated by the government in Xinjiang, western China, formally encouraged officials to set up "re-education institutions ... to carry out the educational transformation of those affected by extremism."
  • Beijing previously denied that such centers even existed, claiming that it only set up vocational training centers to help those affected by religious extremism.
  • Human Rights Watch said that "without due process," those centers "remain arbitrary and abusive, and no tweaks in national or regional rules can change that."

Chinese regional authorities have legally formalized the existence of re-education centers for the country's persecuted Muslim Uighur ethnic minority after Beijing denied that such camps existed.

Officials in Xinjiang, the western Chinese region where 8 million Uighurs live, revised a local law to encourage "re-education institutions" to help those "affected by extremism."

The new law, which was published on Tuesday, stated: "Officials at or above the county level may set up vocational education and training centers, and other re-education institutions and management departments, to carry out the educational transformation of those affected by extremism."

Beijing justifies its surveillance and crackdown on Uighurs as a measure to counter terrorism and religious extremism. It has also repeatedly insisted that people in Xinjiang — known to Uighurs as East Turkestan — lived in harmony and enjoy religious freedom.

Xinjiang street Chinese flag

China previously denied that such camps existed. Shortly after a United Nations panel said it had received credible reports that 1 million Uighurs were held in internment camps, senior Communist Party official Hu Lianhe claimed that there are "no such things as re-education centers," but had detained people it considers extremists.

Earlier this month Radio Free Asia this week quoted unnamed regional authorities as saying they had to transfer inmates out of Xinjiang to other regions across China because, one said, "we are experiencing an overflow of inmates."

See more: Photos show huge expansion of Chinese facility where Muslim minorities say they are persecuted and forced to sing hymns to Xi Jinping

xinjiang uighur man police

Is this law legitimate?

Rights activists claim that Xinjiang's local government have no right to legalize re-education camps because the process itself is still "arbitrary and abusive."

Maya Wang, the senior researcher on China at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement sent to Business Insider:

“Xinjiang's regional government is not empowered under China's constitution to legalize detention in the political education centers where a million Turkic Muslims are being held.

"Without due process, Xinjiang's political education centers remain arbitrary and abusive, and no tweaks in national or regional rules can change that."

Uighurs who have been inside detention and re-education camps have described witnessing and experiencing physical and psychological torture, including being shackled to a chair and beaten up, deprived of sleep, and forced to sing about President Xi Jinping to get food.

Xinjiang prisoner

China has also justified its method of "training#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000" religious extremists as "the necessary way to deal with Islamic or religious extremism."

Last month a spokesman for China's state council information office, Li Xiaojun, said that detaining Uighurs in such centers was "not mistreatment," but "to establish professional training centers, educational centers."

"If you do not say it's the best way, maybe it's the necessary way to deal with Islamic or religious extremism," Li said, according to Reuters. "Because the West has failed in doing so, in dealing with religious Islamic extremism."

"Look at Belgium, look at Paris, look at some other European countries," he added, referring to terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris carried out by Islamic extremists in 2015 and 2016. "You have failed."

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BENI MELLAL, Morocco (AP) — A 17-year-old Moroccan girl whose alleged gang-rape sparked a public outcry has confronted in court the only underage suspect among the 12 men accused of assaulting and torturing her. The teenager, identified only as Khadija, was brought in through a backdoor for the court hearing Wednesday, for fear that relatives […]
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ESPN's Sam Borden joins Bob Ley to discuss what the 2026 tournament will look like and what kind of an impact it will have on the host nations. Sebi Salazar is joined by Sam Borden and Gab Marcotti to delve deeper into how the 2026 World Cup bid was won by the United bid. USSF president Carlos Cordeiro feels that hosting the 2026 World Cup will have a positive impact that can help the United States team challenge for the World Cup. MLS Commissioner Don Garber talks about the 2026 World Cup coming to North America and what it means for soccer in the United States. A combined North American football league between Canada, Mexico and the United States could be the main legacy of the 2026 World Cup, the president of the Mexican top-flight division Enrique Bonilla said on Wednesday. The "United 2026" bid -- a combination of the three nations -- beat Morocco in the vote at FIFA's Congress in June to host the first 48-team World Cup. Although the majority of venues are proposed to be in the U.S., it is Mexican teams who have dominated on the continent, winning all...
          10/10 Links Pt1: UNESCO: Rachel's Tomb and Cave of Patriarchs part of 'Occupied Palestine'; Global News Erroneously Claims Palestinian Terrorist Killed 2 Israeli Soldiers – Not Civilians      Cache   Translate Page      
From Ian:

UNESCO: Rachel's Tomb and Cave of Patriarchs part of 'Occupied Palestine'
The PX Commission of the Executive Board of UNESCO on Wednesday morning adopted resolutions 28 and 29, titled "Occupied Palestine," which state that the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem are "an integral part of the Occupied Palestinian territory" and condemning the construction of the security fence and "other measures aimed at altering the character, status and demographic composition of the Occupied Palestinian territory."

Both resolutions were sponsored by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan, and were approved within minutes at the commission’s meeting, which includes the 59 members of UNESCO’s Executive Committee. Israel is not a member of the Executive Committee.

The resolutions also refer to Israel as "occupier" and condemn "Israeli army violations against Palestinian universities and schools," criticize the construction of the security fence, deplore the destruction of Palestinian schools, including in the village Khan al-Ahmar and regret Israel’s excavation projects in east Jerusalem.

UNESCO's assistant director-general for external relations, Nicolas Kassianides, said at the meeting that the resolutions were adopted following close consultations between the member states, and welcoming "the spirit of constructive dialogue that enabled to reach a consensus."

Kassianides further said the adoption of the resolution by consensus "confirms the positive momentum that started last year, especially on this subject which is very sensitive," hailing in particularly efforts by the Palestinians, Jordan and Israel to reach agreement.

Over the years, UNESCO included both items in the final text adopted annually by the agency’s Executive Committee. But when Audrey Azoulay took office last year as head of UNESCO, a compromise was achieved, with the resolutions adopted as an annex, and not inside the body of the text. This was the case today as well.

Belgium acknowledges Pisgat Ze’ev as part of Jerusalem
After sending the Tenzer family a letter stating that the parents of the family live in “Jerusalem”, while their two children live in “Palestinian territories,” the Belgian consulate in Jerusalem has announced the error was due to a technical malfunction in its computers that has since been amended.

"We would like to inform you that due to a technical error in our computer, the addresses of your children Talia and Gilad were incorrectly registered, and since then the error has been corrected," the second letter the consulate sent read.

The family reside in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, which is located over the Green Line in eastern Jerusalem that was captured and annexed by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War.

The first letter, which was sent to every Belgian citizen as the Western European country approaches its national elections, was intended to explain to all expats their rights and how to cast their vote.

The family said that all letters addressed to the family from the Belgian consulate have always referred to all its members simply as residents of Jerusalem.
Caroline Glick: Russia Raises the Stakes in Syria with S-300 Missiles
Last week, India signed a deal to purchase Russia’s S-400 surface-to-air missile system. How likely is that deal to come to fruition if the U.S. and Israel expose the failings of the S-300? What about Turkey’s agreement to purchase the S-400?

While these key issues remain unknown, there are low-risk moves the U.S. can take in response to Russia’s adoption of a new, far more aggressive posture towards Israel and the U.S. that could serve to deter Russian adventurism and empower any moderate voices in Moscow that may have been sidelined since Sept. 17.

First, the administration could recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The move would empower Israel diplomatically and weaken the diplomatic position of Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime they control.

Second, the U.S. can launch a campaign to withdraw international recognition of the Assad regime.

Iran and Russia both base the legality of their operations in Syria on the fact that the Assad regime asked them to intervene in Syria. But the Assad regime only exists because of their support.

In truth, they are foreign aggressors asserting control over Syria and using a local Syrian proxy to legitimize their aggression. A U.S.-led campaign internationally to withdraw recognition of the Assad regime and remove regime representatives from international forums, including the UN, could weaken the Russian-Iranian political position in significant ways.

Third, the administration could ask Congress for a new, updated authorization for the use of force in Syria. Current authorization is based on the Obama administration’s strategy in Syria. The Obama administration’s strategy was to deploy U.S. forces to fight ISIS and take no action against Iranian or Russian forces in the country.

JPost Editorial: Behind the plan
President Donald Trump has the world in suspense. Everywhere in the Middle East, and in capitals around the world, everyone awaits the unveiling, the roll out, of America’s so-called “Deal of the Century.” What is the president’s peace plan, all are wondering? What is he going to throw out there that, we’ve been told, is way different than anything that’s ever come before?

It’s got everyone guessing, and there have been hints and unconfirmed reports along the way about this point or that – this neighborhood’s borders, or that country’s direct involvement, etc. – but nobody is sure what’s in it, and if they do know, they’re not talking.

But even while we don’t know the details, we do have an idea about what the US is thinking – from the man who’s helping to craft that peace plan: Jason Greenblatt.

Two weeks ago, Trump’s Special Representative for International Negotiations addressed the semi-annual meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

The AHLC – established on October 1, 1993, less than a month after the signing of the Oslo Accords – is a 15-member committee of countries and organizations that serves as the central body bringing together international efforts to finance aid to the Palestinians. If anything in the Trump peace plan will include money, then what Greenblatt had to say to the committee has extreme importance.

“Let’s stop focusing on tired talking points and throwing more money at the same things we have been doing since 1993,” he said. “It is time to realistically evaluate what works and what does not.”
Moscow rejects notion of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday indicated that his country will not agree to any change of status for the Golan Heights, which Moscow, along with the large majority of the international community, considers occupied Syrian territory.

His comments followed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call on the international community Monday to recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin appreciates how important the strategic plateau is for Israel.

“The status of the Golan Heights is determined by the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” Lavrov told reporters in Moscow. “Changing this status bypassing the Security Council, from my perspective, would be a direct violation of these resolutions.”

Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War, and formally annexed the territory in 1981. UN Security Council Resolution 497 of that year declared that Israel’s annexation of the “occupied Syrian Golan Heights is null and void and without international legal effect.” It passed unanimously.
Israel will continue Syria strikes despite S-300, Netanyahu tells Moscow
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he told Russia’s vice premier in talks on Tuesday that Israel must continue to hit hostile targets in neighboring Syria, despite Moscow’s decision to equip Damascus with advanced air defense missiles.

Netanyahu said at a press conference that he told Maxim Akimov in talks in Jerusalem that Israel would continue to fight what it says are Iranian attempts to entrench itself militarily in Syria and channel advanced weaponry to its Lebanese ally, the Hezbollah terror group.

Despite the delivery of the S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian military, Israel was committed as a matter of self-defense to continue its “legitimate activity in Syria against Iran and its proxies, which state their intention to destroy us,” Netanyahu said.

Israeli planes have carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria against what it says are Iranian and Hezbollah targets, but there have been no reports of suspected Israeli airstrikes since the accidental Syrian downing of a Russian plane during an Israeli air strike in Syria, an incident that raised tensions between Israel and Russia.
Seth Frantzman: Middle East divided on Nikki Haley’s legacy
“Sad news for Israel,” tweeted retired IDF spokesman Peter Lerner. “Nikki Haley’s role in the final destruction of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and her shameful and racist smearing of Palestinian protesters by Israel during the ongoing Grand Return March will always define my opinion of her,” tweeted writer Iyad el-Baghdadi. Across the Middle East, reaction to reports that US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is stepping down were as divided as the region.

Predictably, those supportive of the Palestinians and critical of US policy on Iran were critical of Haley, while those who tend to oppose the Iranian regime or sup- port Israel were shocked at her leaving. Haley was a strong voice against Iran’s policies in her speeches. In December 2017 she unveiled the wreckage of an Iranian Qiam ballistic missile at a speech, showcasing Iran’s involvement in Yemen.

Her departure comes as the US is dealing with a Saudi Arabia-Turkey crisis over missing journalist and former Riyadh insider Jamal Khashoggi that may involve a UN investigation or UN condemnation. The US is also seeking to pressure UNRWA, UNESCO and the UN Human Rights Council, and has withdrawn from various international bodies and treaties, including a treaty of Amity with Iran and a protocol in the Vienna Convention.

“Rest assured, Iran’s regime is terrified about who Trump/Pompeo will appoint next,” noted human rights activist and commentator Heshmat Alavi. He called her a champion supporting the people of Iran and noted her strong words against the Assad regime and Russia regarding their policies in northwest Syria. The Special Monitoring Mission to Syria, which covers the conflict there, tweeted that they hoped the new UN ambassador “will bring [a] more positive agenda to the international community from Washington.”
Five times Nikki Haley delighted the pro-Israel community
When Nikki Haley said on Tuesday that she would be stepping down as UN ambassador by the end of this year, the Israeli and pro-Israel laments poured out swiftly.

Haley didn’t simply defend Israel and its government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as her predecessors had under Democratic and Republican administrations. She led a game change: On her watch, and with the blessing of US President Donald Trump, support for Israel became a “with or against us” proposition. Slam the United States for defending Israel, and count on being slammed back, was the Trump-Haley credo.

A big chunk of Haley’s two years at the world body was about Israel.

“Thank you for your support, which led to a change in Israel’s status in the UN,” Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, said on Twitter.

Netanyahu offered his gratitude as well in a statement.

“I would like to thank Ambassador @nikkihaley, who led the uncompromising struggle against hypocrisy at the UN, and on behalf of the truth and justice of our country,” he said.

Haley’s predecessors had also robustly backed Israel in the body, but there had been hiccups. The latest came in December 2016 when US Ambassador Samantha Power allowed a UN Security Council resolution criticizing Israel’s settlement policy in the waning days of the Obama administration, about a month before Trump was inaugurated.

It was a rare instance of a US official semi-endorsing UN criticism of Israel.

Netanyahu and the centrist to right-wing pro-Israel community sees the United Nations as a snake pit, and any concession is seen as a betrayal. That was the message in the American Israel Public Affair Committee’s farewell to Haley packed into a single word: “consistently.”
US Jewish Groups, Israeli Politicians Hail Outgoing UN Ambassador Haley for Defense of Jewish State
Major American Jewish groups and top Israeli politicians issued effusive praise of US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley following the announcement of her resignation on Tuesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished Haley well, saying she “led the uncompromising struggle against hypocrisy at the UN, and on behalf of the truth and justice of our country.”

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin called Haley an “ambassador of truth” who defended the Jewish state’s “clear right to protect the security of our citizens.”

Israeli UN envoy Danny Danon said Haley would “always be a true friend of Israel.”

HaBayit HaYehudi leader and Education Minister Naftali Bennett tweeted to Haley, who will be leaving her post at the end of the year, “Thank you for what you’ve done for Israel. We will not forget.”
Nikki Haley: A Sheriff in Heels on Israel's Behalf
For Israel’s supporters in America, Nikki Haley was a superstar.

She won them over with a memorable speech at the AIPAC convention in 2017, right after US President Donald Trump was elected and she became ambassador to the UN.

“I wear heels. It’s not for a fashion statement. It’s because if I see something wrong, we’re going to kick them every single time,” she said, to enthusiastic applause. “So for anyone that says you can’t get anything done at the UN, they need to know there’s a new sheriff in town.”

Enough said.

She became the new darling of the pro-Israel crowd, and her appearances at AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups often included media reports that she received a “rock-star” ovation.

That’s for good reason. Unapologetically, calmly and intelligently, Haley passionately called out the UN over its anti-Israel bias; eloquently defended Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem; and firmly called the Palestinians out for the folly of many of their policies – such as insulting her and her boss.

Her uncompromising support for Israel at the UN conjured up memories of former US ambassadors to the UN, Daniel Moynihan and Jeane Kirkpatrick.

Many American Jews, pleased with Trump’s policies on Israel but equally unhappy with Trump’s behavior and governing style, have said – some quietly, while others more openly – that they wished Haley were president. Maybe one day she will run for the Oval Office – and maybe quitting now is part of an overall strategy to do just that.

Amb. Danny Danon: Thank you, Nikki Haley, warrior for justice and truth
Over the years, we grew accustomed to seeing the United Nations as an institution of lies and twisted half-truths the likes of which are disseminated by Arab countries and our enemies around the world, but with Nikki Haley's appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N., a new era was born.

Haley did not mind the criticism. She was not worried about being in the minority. She stood, head held high, with one goal in mind – to expose the truth. The change led by Haley at the U.N. Security Council, which brought an end to the automatic support for the unilateral moves by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to push forward resolutions condemning Israel and saw her voice her clear support for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, is just one example of her energetic activity for the State of Israel.

This was a period of real change, in which the tendency toward lies was replaced with the pursuit of truth, when the terror machines of Iran and Hamas and the lies of the PA were exposed to the world to reveal the true face of our enemies.
Continetti Responds to Haley’s Resignation: There Are People Around the World Who Will Miss Her
Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti said Tuesday that in the wake of Nikki Haley's "shocking" resignation as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, "there are people around the world who will miss [her]."

Continetti responded during an appearance on "America's Newsroom" to Haley's resignation announcement.

"It is very shocking. Haley has been one of the most successful U.N. ambassadors in decades. If she follows in that tradition of Jeanne Kirkpatrick, John Bolton, now national security advisor, as someone who stands up for American values as well as American interests, someone who advocates democracy and human rights at the United Nations, [and is] also a stalwart defender of the state of Israel – there are a lot of people around the world who will miss Nikki Haley."

Continetti's appearance preceded the official press conference between Haley and President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, where Trump said Haley has been "very special" to him and lauded her accomplishments at the U.N. related to the Human Rights Council, Iran, Israel, and North Korea.

Continetti also praised Haley's accomplishments.

"So often the U.N. has kind of been just the institution for dictators and thugs and human rights abusers," Continetti said, "and it requires someone in that ambassadorial role, someone who is willing to stand up to these autocrats. I think Nikki Haley did that in her tenure."

Will Nikki Haley’s replacement be as supportive of Israel?
Whomever US President Donald Trump appoints to replace outgoing Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley will have very large shoes to fill, Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said in response to Haley's surprise resignation on Tuesday.

Haley was a godsend at the UN from Israel's point of view, passionately, eloquently and calmly defending the Jewish State and calling out the world for its hypocrisy and bias towards the country.

It is a safe bet that whomever replaces Haley will reflect those policies as well, considering the Trump administration's staunchly pro-Israel positions. But there is always that matter of style, passion and nuance – and that is where a difference might be felt.

No sooner had Haley announced her departure, then the speculation began as to whom Trump will tap as her successor. One of the first names mentioned was Trump's daughter, Ivanka, whom Trump said would be “incredible “ in the job. She, however, made it clear that this was not going to happen, by tweeting Tuesday evening, "I know that the president will nominate a formidable replacement for Ambassador Haley. That replacement will not be me."

Here is a quick look at three of the leading names to replace Haley, and their involvement on Israel-related issues.

Dina Powell
The Egyptian-born Powell, who is fluent in Arabic, joined the Trump team in March 2017 as deputy national security adviser, after a period of serving as an adviser to Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner during the transition period.

Powell, who was a spokesperson in the US State Department under former president George W. Bush, with a focus on outreach to the Arab world, played a leading role planning Trump's maiden visit as president in 2017 to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and became a part of Trump's Middle East negotiations team that included Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Richard Grenell
Another leading candidate is Richard Grenell, a long-time US spokesman at the UN who has been the US Ambassador to Germany since May. Grenell has a close relationship with National Security Advisor John Bolton, with whom he worked when Bolton was an ambassador to the UN in 2005-2006.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Grenell briefly in Germany in May, shortly after the new ambassador rankled feathers in Europe by saying that he was excited about a “groundswell of conservative policies” in Europe that has resulted from “the failed policies of the left.”

Senator Bob Corker
Corker, the powerful head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has had a roller-coaster relationship with Trump, with the highs being his active consideration by Trump as a running mate in 2016, and the lows being a Twitter war with the president last year. After bearing the brunt of Trump insults, Corker, who has announced his retirement from the Senate at the end of his current term in 2019, had replied: “It's a shame the White House has become an adult daycare center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

Recently, however, Trump offered Corker the ambassadorship to Australia, a sign that the two have patched over differences to a certain degree and that it is at least conceivable that Trump would give the foreign policy maven the nod. Corker turned down the Australian job.
Richard Grenell a 'family favorite' to replace Nikki Haley at UN
U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell is a name to watch as speculation commences on who will replace outgoing United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, a source with knowledge of the administration's thinking told the Washington Examiner.

"He's a family favorite," the source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said of Grenell.

Multiple members of the White House communications team did not respond to immediate requests for comment regarding Grenell being a potential replacement for Haley.

Grenell spent eight years serving as a U.S. spokesman and political appointee to the U.N., making him the longest serving appointee at the U.N. in history. The ambassador served as the U.S. spokesman during many of the most contentious and troublesome periods in recent decades. Grenell ran communications during the war on terrorism, ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and the U.N.'s oil-for-food corruption scandal.

[Also read: Here are the notable Trump aides who have left the administration]

The president was livid with Senate Democrats for what he felt was slow-walking Grenell's confirmation earlier this year. He said in March that his nominees were "being blocked and/or slow walked by the Democrats in the Senate." Roughly one month after his tweet, Grenell made it through the Senate confirmation process.
Israel must stop arrests, 'abuse' of Palestinian minors, European MPs say
Israel should stop administrative detentions of Palestinian minors, members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) said Tuesday in Strasbourg, France.

PACE voted 47-11 to approve a report calling on Israel to work with UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross to "change laws, practice and attitudes so as to fully protect the rights of Palestinian minors in the Israeli justice system."

Among those who voted against the report were representatives of the UK, Switzerland, Estonia and Moldova, who criticized it as not balanced.

Yesh Atid MK Aliza Lavie called the report "one-sided and distorted," because it does not mention the participation of Palestinian minors in terrorism and violence, incitement in Palestinian textbooks, or the payments the Palestinian Authority makes to terrorists and their families.

"While you worked on writing this report in an air-conditioned room, an Israeli was arrested in a shopping center by one of the minors you seek to protect," Lavie stated, referring to the murder of Israeli father of four, Ari Fuld, by Palestinian 17-year-old Khalil Yusef Ali Jabarin last month.

"While you condemn the arrests of potential terrorists, two more Israelis were slaughtered in their place of work," Lavie added.

"How many of the countries represented in this hall use administrative detentions to ensure their security? But when it comes to Israel, our right to defend ourselves is only on paper."
Global News Erroneously Claims Palestinian Terrorist Killed 2 Israeli Soldiers – Not Civilians
On October 7, Global News broadcast an error-ridden report about the horrific terror attack in Barkan that saw a Palestinian terrorist shoot and kill two Israeli civilians and wound a third.

A Palestinian terrorist named Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alowa, is suspected of carrying out the attack that saw 29-year-old Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and 35-year-old Ziv Hajibi murdered. As of this writing, his whereabouts are unknown and a manhunt is being carried out by Israeli and Palestinian forces.

Though it’s a positive that Global devoted coverage to this terror attack, its journalists erroneously claimed that the dead and injured Israelis were all soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. In fact, they were innocent civilians who were murdered.

Global’s Anchor wrongly introduced the report by saying:
Israel is blaming the deaths of two of its soldiers on an attack by a Palestinian gunman, a third soldier was injured when the gunman is alleged to have opened fire in an industrial park in the west bank…”

Global News Erroneously Claims Palestinian Terrorist Killed 2 Israeli Soldiers - Not Civilians from Mike on Vimeo.

Incendiary Balloon Lands in Jerusalem Suburb
A balloon fitted with an explosive device, launched by Palestinian terrorists, landed outside a home in Givat Ze’ev, a suburb of Jerusalem, for the first time Monday.

Police sappers neutralized the device in the private yard of the Samaria home and transferred their findings to a laboratory for further review.

Several similar cases recently suggest that Palestinians ‎in the West Bank may be trying to mimic a wave of recent arson attacks from Gaza and launch incendiary ‎balloons into central Israeli cities.

On Saturday, incendiary balloons launched from Gaza sparked a fire in Shokeda Forest. Firefighters, Jewish National Fund workers and Israel Nature and Parks Authority teams worked together to extinguish the blaze.

Incendiary balloons also landed in Kibbutz Nir Am and Kibbutz Dorot, but fortunately did not cause damage.

Shaar Hanegev Regional Council security officer Tayel Hajbi told Israel Hayom, “Today, fortunately, there were no fires because there was early detection, and when the balloons reached the ground they were immediately extinguished.”
Khaled Abu Toameh: Fatah blasts Qatar over fuel delivery to Gaza
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's ruling Fatah faction on Tuesday accused Qatar of working with Israel to perpetuate the split between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Fatah also accused Qatar of meddling in the internal affairs of the Palestinians.

Qatar has donated $60 million for help provide fuel for the Gaza Power Plant for the next six months.

For the first time, however, the payment process skipped over the Palestinian Authority. Typically, Qatar would have sent the money to the PA, which then would have purchased the fuel from Israel, to transfer to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

This time around it donated the funds to the United Nations, which then purchased the fuel from Israel, thereby leaving the Palestinian Authority out in the cold.

The gestures alleviates the humanitarian suffering of the two million people in the Hamas-ruled Gaza enclave, who have been living on four to five hours of electricity per day, followed by 12 to 16 hours of blackouts.

Fatah and Abbas have reportedly expressed outrage over the move, which they say will help Hamas tighten its grip on the Gaza Strip and sabotage Egyptian efforts to end the rivalry between the two Palestinian parties.

Abbas has imposed severe economic sanctions on Gaza, including refusing to pay for fuel, in hopes of forcing Hamas to relinquish its 11-year hold on Gaza and allow for Fatah to rule the enclave. Funding the fuel harms those efforts.

A senior PA official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post that any aid to the Gaza Strip should be channeled through the Ramallah-based PA government and in coordination with it.
The same old Sinwar
Caving into Hamas pressure, La Repubblica journalist ‎Francesca Borri, which interviewed Sinwar, was quick ‎to post a video in which she states that she ‎interviewed Sinwar on behalf of the Italian daily ‎and a British paper, not Israeli media. ‎

Yedioth's claim that the interview was held on its ‎behalf is false in its entirety. "I am a freelancer ‎and my stories are translated into 24 languages. ‎Sinwar knew it. I do not work for Israeli media," ‎she said. ‎

‎"When Sinwar talked with me, he was addressing the ‎world, including Israel, with aim of removing the ‎siege the international community as a whole is ‎responsible for," she said. ‎

She stressed that she asked him whether this ‎was the first time he was granting an interview to ‎‎"Western media" – not "Israeli media," as Yedioth ‎claimed.‎

Borri further said that Sinwar "wouldn’t hear of ‎‎'normalization,'" cryptically adding that "at the ‎end of the day, we're all pretty smart. What ‎happened is clear to everyone." ‎

Woe the disappointment. As it turns out, Hamas – ‎the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ‎sister-movement of Islamic Jihad, al-Qaida and ‎Islamic State – has no intention of relinquishing ‎its call for Israel's destruction.‎

Sinwar has no intention of laying down his arms and ‎setting aside the desire to murder Israelis. He ‎simply explained that his "weakness" is the source ‎of his "strength" as giant, impatient, nuclear ‎Israel does not wish to eliminate him because it is ‎not in its interest. ‎

The bastard is right.‎

Iran spent $16B to destabilize Middle East, report finds
The U.S. State Department recently published an ‎unprecedented report detailing the financial ‎resources Iran invests in destabilizing the Middle ‎East. ‎

The report estimated that over the past six years, ‎the Islamic republic has spent some $16 billion to ‎prop up Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime and ‎fund Iranian-backed militias across the Arab world.‎

Assad has so far received about $4.6 billion from ‎Tehran, which also gives its largest regional proxy, ‎Lebanon-based Hezbollah, more than $700 million a ‎year, in addition to supporting other militias in ‎Iraq and the Houthi rebels in Yemen.‎

According to the 48-page report, the Gaza Strip-‎based Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups have ‎receives upward of $100 million from Iran in recent ‎years. ‎

‎"We know that Iran uses its economic revenues to ‎finance terrorism. There is no country in the world ‎that sponsors and supports terrorism more than ‎Iran," a State Department ‎official said. ‎

The report also touched on Iran's ballistic missile ‎program, saying that for years, Tehran has been ‎violating the international restrictions imposed on it ‎and has been delivering ballistic missiles to the ‎Houthis.‎
Iran Joins Global Initiative to Combat Terrorism; Loopholes for Hamas and Hezbollah
Looking to avoid further international sanctions, 143 out of 268 Iranian lawmakers voted on Sunday to support a UN Convention to end terrorist financing, but the bill they passed contains loopholes for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Known as the “Combating the Financing of Terrorism,” the international convention “involves investigating, analyzing, deterring and preventing sources of funding for activities intended to achieve political, religious or ideological goals through violence and the threat of violence against civilians,” according to the online site Investopedia.

However, this development is unlikely to cease Iran’s role as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

“Both opponents of the bill and foreign-media reports failed to recognize that the bill carves out exemptions for the specific purpose of facilitating funds to support Hamas, Hezbollah and other groups designated abroad as terrorist organizations,” according to Saeed Ghasseminejad and Toby Dershowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

“To that end, the bill excludes ‘struggles against colonial dominance and foreign occupation’ from its definition of terrorism,” they added. “The bill even acknowledges it will not fully comply with clause 1.b in Article 2 of the CFT, which prohibits any act ‘intended to cause death or serious bodily injury to a civilian, or to any other person not taking an active part in the hostilities in a situation of armed conflict.’”
Turkey's Revolution Looks like Iran's - but in Slow Motion
The SAVAK's infamous Evin prison, which once held as many as 5,000 of the Shah's political enemies, soon held over 15,000 of Khomeini's.

Erdogan once said that "Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off." It appears he has reached his destination.

As Prime Minister and then President of Turkey, Erdogan's policies have become steadily more hostile to U.S. interests. He championed the Gaza flotilla, helped Iran transport weapons into Syria, and fought America's Kurdish allies.

Imagine what the world would be like if the U.S. had stationed nuclear weapons in Iran prior to Khomeini's takeover. Imagine what the world will be like if Erdogan seizes America's nuclear weapons.
Turkish paper publishes photos of Saudi journalist’s ‘assassination squad’
A pro-government Turkish newspaper on Wednesday published the names and photographs of a group of Saudi nationals who allegedly arrived in Istanbul on board two private jets the day journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a contributor to the Washington Post, went missing.

Turkish officials have said they believe the Saudi writer and government critic was killed inside his country’s consulate in Istanbul after he visited the mission to obtain a document required to marry his Turkish fiancee. Saudi Arabia has denied the allegations.

The Sabah newspaper, which is close to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, revealed the identities of what it called a “mysterious” 15-member “assassination squad” it said was involved in Khashoggi’s alleged death.

The paper printed pictures of the Saudi nationals that appeared to have been taken by security cameras during police control at an airport.
MEMRI: The Disappearance Of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi: Before He Disappeared, The Saudi Press Accused Him Of Treason; Now It Is Expressing Concern
The disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, and was never seen leaving it, is a trending topic in the Arabic press, particularly the Saudi press. Khashoggi, whom some Turkish elements surmise was murdered by the Saudis inside the consulate, is a veteran Saudi journalist well known in the Arab world, especially for his criticism of the Saudi regime and his support for the Muslim Brotherhood. In the past year Khashoggi even moved to the U.S. in fear for his life, and began writing a Washington Post column; in it, he was harshly critical of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

Prior to Khashoggi's disappearance, and since his move to the U.S., there were numerous articles in the Saudi press attacking him, particularly in the 'Okaz daily. The articles accused him of betraying his country, ranked him with the leaders of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and described him as being in the service of the enemies of Saudi Arabia, starting with Turkey, Iran and Qatar, out of greed. Three days after his disappearance, a similar article called him "conspirer with reactionary ideas" who is loyal to the enemies of the state and is working "to sway public opinion [against Saudi Arabia] and underme security and stability in the country."

However, about a week after his disappearance, just as the accusations that Saudi Arabia had murdered him at the Istanbul consulate peaked, there was a reversal in the tone of articles in the Saudi press about him. Articles now expressed the country's concern about him, and the hope of hearing that he was alive and well. These articles also denied that Saudi Arabia had had a hand in his alleged murder, arguing that the country had no history of eliminating oppositionists in that way and that such an act would in any event cause more harm than good. They also stated that Turkey, Iran, and Qatar, and the Qatari Al-Jazeera TV, by attempting to accuse Saudi Arabia of involvement in murder, were essentially implicating themselves.

This report will set out the change in tone in the Saudi press with respect to Khashoggi, prior to and immediately after his disappearance and a week later.

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          Fatah effectively accuses UN, Qatar, Egypt, Hamas of supporting Trump's "Deal of the Century"      Cache   Translate Page      

Fatah is very upset at fuel being sent to Gaza.

Yesterday and today, Qatar sent tanker trucks of fuel to Gaza through Egypt to get the power plant going again and ease the electricity crisis there. Israel and the UN cooperated in order to get this to happen, bypassing the Palestinian Authority which is against any ease in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza that it is largely responsible for.

Fatah issued a statement today saying that this deal was a step towards Gaza becoming a separate political entity run by Hamas, and saying that this was all part of the Trump/Kushner "Deal of the Century".

Apparently, Fatah now believes that Hamas, Israel, Egypt, the UN and Qatar are all colluding to push the still-unannounced deal. (Maybe also Morocco, which is sending 2 tons of medical supplies to Gaza today while the PA restricts medicines.)

The truth, of course, is that while Israel restricts goods to Gaza that can be used to create weapons, there are no other restrictions from Israel and no desire to punish Gazans for the actions of Hamas, despite the lies that the Palestinians (and Western haters of Israel) try to push.

The PA, on the other hand, has been explicitly engaging in collective punishment of Gaza for 18 months, deliberately trying to hurt the people of Gaza in order to get them to pressure Hamas to unify with Fatah.

The amount of articles and public statements from the UN blaming the PA for the Gaza crisis is tiny compared the number of articles falsely accusing Israel of doing what the PA is doing.

The cracks are starting to become more visible. When it is obvious that Israel is working harder to bring fuel to Gaza than the Palestinian leadership, conspiracy theories can no longer work. Arab media is quite well aware of what the PA is doing, but that awareness is only starting to be seen in Western media.

This is not the first attack by Fatah against the UN, by the way. Earlier this week a top Fatah official accused Nikolay Mladenov, the United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, of working on behalf of the Trump administration.

When they think that the UN is the enemy then you know that the Palestinian Authority is grasping at straws to remain relevant.

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          Senator Rand Paul requested a national security review of the $19 billion Broadcom-CA merger      Cache   Translate Page      

cRand Paul

  • Senator Rand Paul called for a national security review of the $19 billion Broadcom-CA merger during a Senate homeland security meeting. 
  • Paul cited concerns that 60% of electric companies in the country are serviced by companies using systems from Computer Associates Technologies.
  • In March, President Trump blocked Broadcom from acquiring Qualcomm over national security concerns. 

During a Wednesday Senate hearing on homeland security, Republican senator Rand Paul requested a national security review of the pending $19 billion Broadcom-CA merger. 

Broadcom was already blocked from acquiring Qualcomm by President Trump in March over national security concerns, including Broadcom's relationship with Chinese manufacturers. Now, Paul is citing concerns that 60% of electric companies in the country are serviced by companies using systems from Computer Associates Technologies (CA).

Although Broadcom has moved from Singapore to the United States, Paul believes the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States should look into the acquisition. 

Here is part of Paul's statement: 

"Earlier this year CFIUS intervened to block Broadcom from acquiring Qualcomm on national security concerns. Now Broadcom is about to complete acquisitions of Computer Associates Technologies, also known as CA Technologies, whose network systems are deeply embedded in many of our critical infrastructure facilities and national security agencies. For example, 60% of us electric companies are serviced by companies using CA systems. Similarly their systems are used in 29 nuclear reactors. 
We will send you a letter advocating that CFIUS looks at this... Just because Broadcom has changed its domicile to [the U.S.] doesn't mean we shouldn't look at Broadcom."

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          Disney CEO Bob Iger wakes up at 4:15 every morning and enacts a technology 'firewall' until after his workout (DIS)      Cache   Translate Page      

bob iger disney mickey mouse

  • Disney CEO Bob Iger said he wakes up at 4:15 a.m. most days and avoids using his phone until he's finished his morning exercise routine.
  • Iger said his "firewall with technology" helps him organize his thoughts and set him up for success.
  • He's one of many successful people who say they wake up before the sun rises.

The first thing many people do after they wake up in the morning is check their phones.

Not Disney CEO Bob Iger, who revealed on Tuesday that not only does he get up at 4:15 a.m., he also avoids looking at his phone until after his morning exercise routine. Iger calls it his technology "firewall," and he said it helps him clear his head before he starts his day.

"I create a firewall with technology, by the way, in that I try to exercise and think before I read," Iger said at a summit hosted by Vanity Fair on Tuesday. "Because if I read, it throws me off, it's distracting. I'm immediately thinking about usually someone else's thoughts instead of my own. I like being alone with my own thoughts, and it gives me an opportunity to not just replenish but to organize, and it's important."

Iger said the "quiet time" he spends each morning when he's not on his phone sets him up for success throughout the day.

"I think it's vital, in terms of the ability to run a pretty complicated company in a very, very fast-paced world, to have the energy but also to have spent the time to organize one's thoughts," he said.

Iger is far from the first successful person to extol the virtues of waking up early. Everyone from Apple CEO Tim Cook to former first lady Michelle Obama and former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink have gone on record about their pre-5 a.m. morning routines.

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NOW WATCH: This transforming truck is a hotel on wheels — and it takes customers to the best surf spots in Portugal and Morocco

          Toby Price World Champion in Morocco in pictures      Cache   Translate Page      
Toby Price World Champion in Morocco in pictures

The Rally du Maroc concluded the five-round FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship, and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Toby Price won the event to be crowned the 2018 champion.

The post Toby Price World Champion in Morocco in pictures appeared first on KTM BLOG.

          Court Hearing for Morocco Teen in Alleged Gang-Rape, Torture      Cache   Translate Page      
A 17-year-old Moroccan girl whose alleged gang-rape sparked a public outcry has confronted in court the only underage suspect among the 12 men accused of assaulting and torturing her.   The teenager, identified only as Khadija, was brought in through a backdoor for the court hearing Wednesday, for fear that relatives of the suspects might attempt to attack her.   Recounting her ordeal to the judge, Khadija alleged that the underage suspect, also 17 years old, was among the men who abused her, according to her lawyer, Brahim Hashane.   Hashane said the suspect will face a separate trial on charges of human trafficking, abuse and rape.     His mother claimed her son had never met Khadija. She spoke outside of the court, where dozens of relatives cried for the release of the suspects.    
          Saudi- Interior Minister Arrives in Morocco on Official Visit      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Saudi Press Agency) Rabat, Safar 01, 1440, October 10, 2018, SPA -- Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior, arrived in the Kingdom of Mor...
          Moroccan navy fires on migrant boat, wounding teenager      Cache   Translate Page      

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — A Moroccan military official says a 16-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder by a Royal Navy unit that opened fire on a boat carrying about 50 migrants toward Europe. The official said on Wednesday that the Moroccan boy was taken to a hospital in the northern city of Tangiers with […]
           Moroccan navy fires on migrant boat, wounding teenager       Cache   Translate Page      
RABAT, Morocco (AP) - A Moroccan military official says a 16-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder by a Royal Navy unit that opened fire on a boat carrying...
           Moroccan girl tells judge about alleged gang rape, torture       Cache   Translate Page      
BENI MELLAL, Morocco (AP) - A 17-year-old Moroccan girl whose alleged gang rape and forcible tattooing sparked a public outcry has confronted in court the...
          'Malta has become a crossroad of illegal trafficking' – Italian police       Cache   Translate Page      

Malta has been pinpointed as being at the centre of illicit smuggling across the Mediterranean by an international police investigation led by Italy’s Guardia di Finanza, according to a report by Daphne Project partners La Repubblica. Colonel Giuseppe Campobasso, who heads the anti-drug law enforcement for Italy’s financial police in Palermo, has said “Malta has become a crossroad of illegal trafficking”. Italian journalists from the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) looked into rafts of classified documents and Italian police intelligence, documenting a dozen major smuggling busts in the last decade run by Maltese citizens and transacted just off Malta's shores or supported by Maltese shipyards that service vessels used in international maritime crime. A particular wharf in the far end of the Grand Harbour, Il-Moll tal-Pont, was described as "a thread through the tapestry" of illegal trafficking activities in the Mediterranean, spreading from Morocco to Cyprus. According to the investigations, it was at this wharf that the M/Y Quest – a 42 metre ship – was overhauled last spring and painted in fresh colours. After a few weeks it was impounded by the Italian police...
          Hackers target the Sustainable Development Goals      Cache   Translate Page      
BRUSSELS, 10 October 2018 / PRN Africa / -- In October and November 2018, the Belgian development agency Enabel organizes ‘Hack the Goals', a series of six hackathons in five partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation. Creative teams in Senegal, Niger, Palestine, Morocco, and Uganda will look for new and innovative solutions for development challenges. Alexander De Croo, Minister of Development Cooperation and for the Digital Agenda, is thrilled: “The future is digital, also in terms of development. The digital revolution offers so many new opportunities to solve development challenges in a different and better way.”
           Morocco navy fires on migrant boat, wounding one       Cache   Translate Page      
The Moroccan navy opened fire on a boat transporting migrants from the North African country, wounding one of them, a military source said on...
          Imsouane in Imsouane, Morocco      Cache   Translate Page      

Nestled down the mountain road a mere 90 minutes from both Agadir and Essaouira airports rests the town of Imsouane. Here in this remote and idyllic community, you'll find a gaggle of surfers and fishermen hanging easy by the sea.

When one thinks of Morocco, it is the image of exotic souks, the Sahara Desert, and camel riding that comes to mind. Surfing, eating fresh-caught fish, and finding a California-esq surfer community are a surprise found in Imsouane, a dreamy town by the sea, hidden by the mountains. 

Imsouane is a haven for surfers who come to La Catedrale (a beach-break surf spot) and La Bay (a point break wave) to catch some serious rides. La Bay is known for having the longest waves in Morocco, proving a prime draw for the surfing community. 

Near La Catedrale, there are small fisherman villages where fish arrive by the boat full each morning to be sold at market and grilled for diners. Being one of the cleanest beaches in all of Morocco, Imsouane is draw both for its pristine setting, waves, and local culture. 

          【Morocco GaGa Oil】摩洛哥秀髮油10ml      Cache   Translate Page      

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          ONTD Original: Old Hollywood Love Affairs (Part 1)      Cache   Translate Page      
Old Hollywood stars seem to have the reputation of being classier and more refined than our current batch of celebrities. I'm here to help remind you that these people were probably even messier and more debauched than modern stars in the '00s paparazzi era and the '10s social media age—they just had film studios covering up their dirty little secrets, time (literally over half a century) for their scandals to blow over, and no social media to spread their exploits at the press of a button. Don't let all those black and white headshots featuring strategic lighting and shadows emphasizing bone structures or sepia images of coiffed hairstyles, trench coats, and pointy bras surrounded by the haze of cigarette smoke fool you.

Disclaimer: While some of these affairs are just messy, others are tragic and appalling. This post may contain details that are triggering for some.

Lupe Vélez & Gary Cooper

• Vélez and Cooper began their tumultuous two-year love affair while filming The Wolf Song (1929)
• At the time, Vélez being typecast as hot-tempered "exotic" temptresses in films and her notorious volatile temper and jealous exploits in her personal life helped cultivate her "Mexican Spitfire" image with the media
• Cooper was a Republican thot with a tragic hairline who aged like most conservative white men from Montana do and who made a habit out of sleeping with his costars; while Vélez's contributions to the film industry are often overlooked, Cooper managed to be known as one of the ~Greats of old Hollywood despite his messy personal life and questionable endeavors
During some of their fights, Vélez would chase Cooper around with a knife and she once slashed him severely enough that he required stitches
• Vélez acquired a pet parrot during their affair who would call her future husband Johnny Weissmuller "Gary"
• Weismuller admitted that there were many times when he had to "persuade" Vélez to return home from Cooper's house
• Vélez would inflict scratches, bruises, and love-bites on Cooper during their fights and "passionate lovemaking"
• During their time together, Cooper also had brief flings with Marlene Dietrich and Carole Lombard while filming Morocco (1930) and I Take This Woman (1931) respectively
• Cooper was bisexual and lived on and off with homosexual actor Anderson Lawler; Vélez told gossip columnist Hedda Hopper that during their affair, whenever Cooper would come home after seeing Lawler, she would pull down his pants and sniff for Lawler's cologne
By the time the affair ended in mid-1931, Cooper had lost 45 pounds and was suffering from nervous exhaustion so the studio ordered him to take a vacation; a devastated and angry Vélez showed up at the train station and shot a pistol at him

• This couple is literally the reason why I decided to make this ~series so they deserve the first spot even if this post isn't in any particular order

• After their split, Cooper spent a year abroad where he had an affair with the married Countess Dorothy di Frasso at her Villa in Rome

• Vélez claimed Cooper "has the biggest organ in Hollywood but not the ass to push it in well", however, despite being mediocre in bed, Cooper had affairs with most of his female costars, including: Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, Ingrid Bergman, Patricia Neal, and Grace Kelly

Ingrid Bergman & Roberto Rossellini

• A great admirer of Rossellini's work, Bergman wrote to the Italian director to suggest working on a film together
Despite both being married, Bergman and Rossellini began an affair during the filming of Stromboli (1950), which led to Bergman becoming pregnant with Rossellini's child
After the news broke of their affair, Bergman was denounced by the Roman Catholic Church and the US Senate, and she left her husband and daughter to return to Italy
• Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, upset that her rival, Louella Parsons, got the scoop first, launched a smear campaign against Bergman for carrying a married man's child despite also having her own family
• Due to the negative publicity surrounding their affair, Bergman was forced to work in Europe for years, and although she did have a successful comeback working for a Hollywood studio with Anastasia (1956), a role which garnered her a second Academy Award, she did not film in Hollywood again until 1969
A week after she gave birth to the their son, Roberto Ingmar, Bergman divorced her husband and married Rossellini in Mexico
• While living in Europe, Rossellini and Bergman had twin daughters in June 1952 named Isotta Ingrid and Isabella
• The couple's marriage ended after Rossellini had an affair with Sonali Das Gupta (who was also married) in 1957 while filming in India; Jawaharlal Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister at the time who had invited Rossellini to the country asked him to leave following the scandal

• Rossellini married Sonali Das Gupta in 1957 (he was 51, she was 27) after he and Bergman divorced, and they remained married until his death in 1977, though they did separate in 1973 when Rossellini left Das Gupta for a younger woman

• Five years after Bergman's death, Gregory Peck admitted that they had had an affair during the making of Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound (1945)

Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier

While both were still married, Leigh and Olivier began an affair during the filming of Fire Over England (1937)
• Because their respective spouses refused to grant them divorces, Leigh and Olivier tried to keep their relationship from public view, though they began living together
• In 1940, Olivier's wife Jill Esmond agreed to divorce Olivier, and she was granted custody of their son; Leigh Holman, Leigh's husband, also agreed to a divorce, and he was granted custody of their daughter
• Leigh and Olivier married on August 31, 1940 in a Californian ceremony attended by their hosts, Ronald and Benita Colman, and witnesses, Katharine Hepburn and Garson Kanin
Leigh suffered from bipolar disorder (then known as "manic depression") and Olivier recalled that sometime after the end of World War II, Leigh calmly told him she was no longer in love with him, though she loved him like a brother; Olivier didn't know it at the time but Leigh's abrupt declaration was a signal of her bipolar disorder, and the two began having affairs until the end of their marriage in 1960

• Olivier later recalled, "I couldn't help myself with Vivien. No man could. I hated myself for cheating on Jill, but then I had cheated before, but this was something different. This wasn't just out of lust. This was love that I really didn't ask for but was drawn into"

• In his autobiography, Marlon Brando stated that while he was attracted to Leigh during the filming of A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), he didn't seduce her out of respect for her husband Olivier because Brando found him to be such a "nice guy"

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

• Probably the most well-known affair on this list involves the queen of diamonds Elizabeth Taylor and king of foot-in-mouth syndrome Richard Burton
Taylor and Burton began their affair while filming Cleopatra (1963) while they were both still married
• According to Taylor, her first impression of Burton was that he was "rather full of himself"
• Biographer Hollis Alpert notes that when the two first met while taking publicity photos, Burton said, "Has anyone ever told you that you're a very pretty girl?" with Taylor later recalling, "I said to myself, Oy gevalt, here's the great lover, the great wit, the great intellectual of Wales, and he comes out with a line like that"
• Melvyn Bragg, another biographer, claims Burton didn't like Taylor at first because he saw her as another celebrity with no acting talent and nicknamed her "Miss Tits", though Burton later changed his mind after Taylor soothed him after he forgot his lines during their first scene together
• The Vatican condemned the couple for "erotic vagrancy" after the two were spotted together on a yacht by paparazzi, confirming their extramarital affair
Eleven days after her husband Eddie Fisher granted her a divorce, Taylor and Burton married in Montreal, with Taylor saying, "I'm so happy you can't believe it. This marriage will last forever"
Taylor and Burton divorced in 1974 but married for the second time sixteen months after their divorce; they permanently separated and divorced in 1976

• Taylor was married to Eddie Fisher at the time of her affair with Burton; Fisher was a friend of her previous husband, Mark Todd, and the husband of her then-best friend Debbie Reynolds, and Taylor and Fisher married not long after Todd died in a plane crash

• Fisher allegedly found out about his wife's affair after Burton answered her phone; Fisher demanded to know what Burton was doing at her home and Burton eloquently replied, "What do you think I'm doing?" and "I'm fucking your wife"

• Burton, articulate and sensitive as ever, was quoted as saying: "At thirty-four [Taylor] is an extremely beautiful woman, lavishly endowed by nature with a few flaws in the masterpiece: She has an insipid double chin, her legs are too short and she has a slight potbelly. She has a wonderful bosom, though"

Beverly Aadland & Errol Flynn

• Although Flynn and his third wife, Patrice Wymore, separated due to his alcohol and drug addictions, they remained married until his death
• Flynn was over thirty years older than Aadland when they began their affair in 1957; at the time, Flynn was way past his prime and was facing financial difficulties, and he was also ugly and bloated
• In her memoir, The Big Love (1961), Aadland's mother claims she arranged for her daughter to work for Flynn and eventually become his lover, and that Aadland and Flynn's sexual relationship began when she was 15 and he was 48
• Flynn was 50 when he died in 1959 and Aadland was only 17
According to Aadland, Flynn raped her but she forgave him and, after falling in love with him, they began dating for two years before his death in 1959
• Aadland went public in 1996 and said that prior to Flynn's death, there had been plans to marry (their engagement was announced at her 17th birthday party) and have children (he reversed his vasectomy)
Aadland referred to her relationship with Flynn as a "game"; Flynn arranged to have her arrested on bogus charges in France, and he would pretend to beat Aadland in public and she would put ketchup on herself to simulate blood so they could enjoy the hysterical reaction of the people around them
• Flynn literally said, "I like my whiskey old and my women young"

• The phrase "In Like Flynn" stems from his acquittal of his 1942 trial for the statutory rape of two underage girls

• Flynn met his second wife, who was working at a snack counter in a courthouse, at one of his rape trials

• At one point Flynn had six separate STDs

Clara Bow & Bela Lugosi

• Bow and Lugosi began their turbulent love affair in the late 1920s
• Bow met Lugosi, who didn't speak any English, backstage in Los Angeles after his performance in the stage production of Dracula
In 1929, Lugosi married Beatrice Weeks, a wealthy widow, who filed for divorce four months after their wedding, citing Bow as the "other woman", which became a huge scandal in Hollywood
• At the time, Bow was disliked by many in the film and media industries for not conforming to traditional stereotypes and not being "ladylike"; Bow was notoriously open about her poor upbringing, troubled childhood with her mentally ill mother, and "engagements" (her euphemism for sexual encounters) with leading men and directors
• Lugosi is said to have shown off some scratches on his body in which he bragged were inflicted by Bow during their "engagements" together
After their affair ended, Lugosi commissioned a friend and artist to paint a nude portrait of Bow in 1929 as a memento of their short time together; the painting was displayed in each of his homes until his death, and his next two wives had the privilege of living with the infamous painting for the duration of their marriages
• The painting, which maybe looked like Bow if you squinted hard enough, sold for $30,000 at an auction in 2013

• Bow allegedly interrupted her own pool party to take her friends to see Lugosi in Dracula and was so excited to see the play and meet him that she just put a mink coat over her swimsuit

Katharine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy

Although Tracy remained married to his wife, Louise Treadwill, until his death in 1967, the couple actually became estranged in the 1930s
• During their marriage, Tracy had affairs with Loretta Young in 1933 to 1934, Joan Crawford in 1937, Ingrid Bergman in 1941, and allegedly with Judy Garland in 1936 when she was just 14
Tracy and Hepburn began their lifelong relationship in 1941 while making Woman of the Year, and they remained together until his death twenty-six years later
• Although it was an open secret in Hollywood, MGM helped hide their relationship from the public to avoid a scandal (and because Tracy wanted to keep the secret from his wife)
• The couple were careful not to be seen together in public and maintained separate residencies until shortly before Tracy died
Tracy told Joan Fontaine, "I can get a divorce whenever I want to, but my wife and Kate like things just as they are", while Treadwill said, "I will be Mrs. Spencer Tracy until the day I die"; Hepburn did not interfere and did not fight for marriage
• Hepburn took care of Tracy, who was an alcoholic and suffered from depression; several people described how Hepburn mothered and obeyed him, and Tracy was wholly dependent on her
• Hepburn did not attend Tracy's funeral out of respect for his family, and she only began discussing their relationship after his wife's death in 1983

• Tracy allegedly had an affair with Gene Tierney in 1952 while with Hepburn

• Hepburn never watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) because it was Tracy's last film

• Hepburn and Tracy made nine films together, and together they were an extremely popular and profitable pair in film

Dorothy Dandridge & Otto Preminger

• Dandridge and Preminger began their four-year affair during the production of Carmen Jones (1954)
During their time together, Preminger began advising Dandridge on her career and demanded she only accept starring roles; Dandridge later admitted she regretted following Preminger's advice because she stopped receiving offers for parts after she kept declining them due to Preminger's influence
• Dandridge was pursued for the role of Tuptim in The King and I (1956) but Preminger advised her to reject the offer since she wouldn't be the star and, allegedly, because the character was a slave
Dandridge became pregnant with Preminger's child but was forced to have an abortion by the studio
• After realizing Preminger would not leave his wife to marry her, Dandridge ended their affair

• After successfully landing the title role in Carmen Jones, Dandridge became anxious about her ability to do the role of Carmen justice and when Preminger was told by her agent that Dandridge was backing out of the project, Preminger drove to her apartment to reassure her and assuage her fears; the two began their affair shortly after

Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra

Despite having many affairs during his marriage with his first wife, Nancy Barbato, Sinatra's affair with Gardner was the one that finally led to their divorce
Gossip columnists Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons each wrote scathing pieces about Sinatra, and he was blasted by the Hollywood establishment, the Roman Catholic Church, and his fans for leaving his wife for Gardner, a noted "femme fatale"
• When the couple first got together, Sinatra's career was at its lowest point and Gardner often had to lend him money to buy presents for his children; after Sinatra went broke in 1951, Gardner paid for his plane tickets so he could accompany her to Africa while she filmed Mogambo (1953)
• Gardner used her influence to get Sinatra cast in From Here to Eternity (1953), which helped revitalize his acting and singing careers, and earned him an Academy Award
• Gardner and Sinatra were married in 1951 but their marriage was turbulent with many well-publicized altercations; the couple separated in 1953 and Gardner filed for divorce the following year but the divorce was not settled until 1957
• During their marriage, Gardner became pregnant twice but was forced by the studio to abort both pregnancies because, according to her autobiography, "MGM had all sorts of penalty causes about their stars having babies"
• After their divorce, Sinatra and Gardner remained good friends and, in her autobiography, Gardner named Sinatra as the love of her life

• During their courtship, Sinatra bought Gardner a Corgi puppy for her birthday; for the rest of her life, Gardner always had a Corgi with her

• Sinatra allegedly kept a picture of Gardner on his mirror long after their relationship ended

Joan Bennett & Jennings Lang

Bennett's film producer husband, Walter Wanger, suspected his wife and her agent of twelve years, Jennings Lang, were having an affair so he hired a detective who shadowed Bennett for months and confirmed his suspicions
On December 13, 1951, Wanger followed and waited for his wife while she had a meeting with Lang and when Lang walked Bennett to her convertible and chatted with her, Wanger went up to them and shot Lang twice and wounded him; one bullet hit Lang's right thigh, near the hip, and the other penetrated his groin
• This all conveniently took place right across of a police station so when they heard the shots, the police took Wanger into custody, where he was booked, fingerprinted, and thoroughly questioned
• Bennett denied the affair and blamed the stress of Wanger's financial setbacks involving film productions as the reason why her husband shot Lang
• After briefly going with a "temporary insanity" defense, Wanger was later sentenced to four months in prison by a jury
• Although Wanger was typically able to bounce back and produce more successful films, Bennett's acting career suffered greatly due to the scandal; Bennett once said, "I might as well have pulled the trigger myself"
• Bennett and Wanger remained married until 1965

• The Wangers and Langs often went on double-dates and were close friends

• During this time, Wanger's career was declining and he was still recovering, financially and reputation-wise, from producing Joan of Arc (1948), which starred Ingrid Bergman; the news of Bergman's extramarital affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini offended the definitely not hypocritical American audience, who boycotted the film, and Joan of Arc was a blow to Wanger

• In his biography, David Niven claims Wanger stalked Errol Flynn and threatened to kill him because he believed Flynn was also having an affair with Bennett

SOURCES: Vélez & Cooper 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 | Bergman & Rossellini 1, 2 & 3 | Leigh & Olivier 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Taylor & Burton 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 | Aadland & Flynn 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 | Bow & Lugosi 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Hepburn & Tracy 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Dandridge & Preminger 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Gardner & Sinatra 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Bennett & Lang 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
          Bahrain Wants to Boost Tourism Cooperation with Morocco      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Morocco World News) #source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000">Rabat – Bahrain is interested in boosting cooperation with Morocco in all sectors, including tourism . The executive chairman of the Bahraini...
          MOROCCO : Brett Wallace wants to use Altus copper to reboot Raptor Resources      Cache   Translate Page      
          Moroccan navy fires on migrant boat, wounding teenager      Cache   Translate Page      

RABAT, Morocco (AP) - A Moroccan military official says a 16-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder by a Royal Navy unit that opened fire on a boat carrying about 50 migrants toward Europe.

The official said on Wednesday that the Moroccan boy was taken to a hospital in the ...

          #squad - ktoneofficial      Cache   Translate Page      
Become the legend, you were born to be 💪🏼❤️ #ktone #music #tobecontinued #new #love #song #musique #rnb #pop @trap #black #squad #beauty #fitness #fit #style #work #legend #maroc #morocco #marrakech #africa #europe #asia
          Come hear about a short term study abroad opportunity this summer in Morocco      Cache   Translate Page      

 Oct 10, 2018 at 12 noon in CHS 208. Food provided so please RSVP to or


          CyberSec 2018 Call For Papers      Cache   Translate Page      
The sixth internal conference on cyber security, cyber welfare, and digital forensics (CyberSec2018) has announced its call for papers. It will be held December 19th through the 21st, 2018 at the Institut International de la Recherche Scientifique, Marrakech, Morocco.

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