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A poco más de un mes del cumplimiento de los primeros 5 años de la salida del PlayStation 4, el presidente y CEO de Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida lanzó una frase bastante intrigante durante una entrevista con Financial Times: “En este momento, lo que puedo decir es que es necesario que aparezca hardware de nueva generación” Esto obviamente apunta a la necesidad de parte de Sony de crear una sucesora a su exitosa consola actual aun si no se dieron mayores detalles, ni mucho menos un nombre o fecha para la nueva máquina. John Kodera, CEO de Sony Interactive Entertainment (la división de juegos de Sony) sugirió el pasado Mayo que la próxima PlayStation llegaría en al menos 3 años más. “Usaremos los siguientes 3 años para preparar el siguiente paso, para agacharnos antes de saltar más alto en el futuro.” Tiene sentido que Sony piense en traer un sucesor a su PlayStation 4, considerando que 5 años de vida es, en cierta manera, el estandar para las consolas de sobremesa. Sin embargo, me extrañaría un poco la aparición de una nueva consola este o el próximo año, considerando que Sony ha impulsado bastante su PlayStation 4 Pro con lanzamientos especiales como los paquetes con God of War y Marvel’s Spider-Man, dos de sus títulos más exitosos, sin mencionar la edición de celebración de 500 millones de sistemas PlayStation vendidos. El PlayStation 2 sigue siendo la consola más exitosa de todos los tiempos con más de 155 millones de unidades vendidas. Sony ha vendido más de 81.2 millones de PlayStations 4 globalmente, superando a las ventas totales de toda la vida del PlayStation 3. Por otro lado, la división PlayStation ha sido el segmento de negocios de Sony con mejor rendimiento en cada año fiscal desde que la compañía lanzó el PS4 en noviembre del 2013. Al 31 de marzo del 2018, las ganancias de Sony en el sector de videojuegos suman 1.94 trillones de yenes o $17.53 billones de dólares, casi 23% de los $75 billones ganados por toda la compañía. A pesar de que muchos expertos de la industria han pronosticado la gradual desaparición de las consolas del mercado en favor de los videojuegos a través de streaming en la “nube”, Sony parece seguir interesado en su mercado actual y en mantener su negocio corriendo por unos años más con máquinas que no solo tendrán acceso a la mencionada nube, sino también a títulos en formatos tradicionales. Si quieres leer más acerca de la noticia, mira el artículo original en inglés en

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Yes up and about last dose of the antibiotics This morning, Wednesday as it stands here in New Zealand is again uncommonly cold. I have slept an ungodly number of hours yet for someone like me that i
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@Mike Yes, we know that progressives do not want to believe there is a God. After all, the government and all your progressive leaders provide everything you need. Mob rule rather than laws would be total dysfunction of the whole country. You mention the religious leaders covering up rape. Those people are humans and they have the same defects we all have, but maybe to a higher degree. (I would not even think of abusing a child). I am really sorry that you are stumbling through this life and do not believe there is a creator and a savior.
          Comment on Two Dissimilar Visions For America ~ VIDEO – Part 2 by David M Naughton      Cache   Translate Page      
Contrary to what "Mike" says, you are NOT a moron. Your analysis is spot on. As for "Mike's" comment, I believe scripture also says something to the effect, "The fool has said 'there is no GOD.'"
          Assistant Store Manager - Piercing Pagoda - Jefferson Valley Mall - Signet Jewelers - Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Training - Associate Training System, Management Training System, District Manager in Training, Career Development and more. Shine with Signet!...
From Signet Jewelers - Wed, 19 Sep 2018 14:34:36 GMT - View all Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, NY jobs
          Sales Associate / Key Sales - Piercing Pagoda - Jefferson Valley Mall - Yorktown Heights, NY - Signet Jewelers - Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, NY      Cache   Translate Page      
Key Sales Associate. Our Key Sales Associates are responsible for engaging customers in conversation to understand their needs and objections;...
From Signet Jewelers - Fri, 31 Aug 2018 08:38:16 GMT - View all Jefferson Valley-Yorktown, NY jobs
          Sérgio Godinho com Orquestra Clássica do Sul      Cache   Translate Page      
           Lazio, Luis Alberto e Leiva turisti per un giorno nella Capitale       Cache   Translate Page      
Gettano le monetine come i turisti nella Fontana di Trevi, Lucas Leiva e Luis Alberto. I giocatori della Lazio si godono le ultime ore di riposo prima della ripresa degli allenamenti. Simone Inzaghi...
          Komentar na Armenija, Crna Gora i Italija pridružuju se Eurosongu 2019., komentirao/la wecouldbethesame      Cache   Translate Page      
Kazaška tv je objavila krajem prošle godine da će nastupat na Dječjem Eurosongu 2018. i Eurosongu 2019. Kasnije se pokazalo da su bili u pravu za Dječji, što znači...
          INTERVIEW: Tord Gustavsen (new trio album The Other Side and UK tour 26 Oct to 16 Nov)      Cache   Translate Page      

It is over a decade since the Norwegian pianist TORD GUSTAVSEN first made gentle yet very distinctive waves with his piano trio. Now, after quartet albums and his vocal/piano/drums project What Was Said, he returns to the classic jazz piano trio format for a new ECM album, The Other Side, and an extensive UK tour which begins later his month and culminates in an EFG London Jazz Festival concert. Peter Bacon interviewed him by email.

LondonJazz News: It’s been 11 years since your last piano/bass/drums trio album, and in the interim period you have included saxophone and vocals in your group recordings. Why the return to the trio format for The Other Side, and why now?

Tord Gustavsen: It has not felt right until now. After the tragically early passing of bass player Harald Johnsen from my first trio, it did not feel right to just do a new trio with the same instruments. Also, the quartet with Tore Brunborg on saxophone, and the project with vocalist Simin Tander, were both formations that demanded full attention as bands and musical organisms, and that developed strongly over time. And then, when I started thinking that it could be time to do trio again – with the piano more in the main melodic foreground, it all had to mature into a situation where I could avoid thinking about how to "follow up’ the old trio, and instead just play, here and now, un-forced.

LJN: Most of your albums – and certainly all the piano trio ones – have been recorded in the depths of a Norwegian winter. Accident or design? And if by design, does the season play a vital part in affecting the mood of the music?

TG: This has happened mostly by accident, I think. January is a good month to record, though, because there is often not so much touring going on then. I really don’t know how much the season affects the music – but it’s fair to assume that there are some links…

LJN: Drummer Jarle Vespestad has been the constant in all your recordings. What makes him special?

TG: His extreme ability to combine attentive interplay and melodic focus with stable foundations and subtle groove. And his skills in dynamics – the ability to play extremely quietly over time when needed. And his sound – you can immediately hear that he is playing. And the fact that he actually likes my music enough to stick with it…

LJN: And tell us about Sigurd Hole, the double bassist on The Other Side. How did you meet and what does he bring to the trio?

TG: I met Sigurd a few years ago when he played with me in a project with choir and poetry recital in Norway, and I liked his playing a lot. Sigurd then joined my quartet when Mats Eilertsen left around 2014-15, and did some concerts with us, a tour of Australia and New Zealand, plus concerts in Norway, Poland, Turkey, Romania and the UK. After this, the focus shifted to the project with Simin Tander and the album What Was Said with world-wide touring in 2016 and 2017, with synth-bass and drones instead of traditional double bass.

Still, what we had started with Sigurd kept maturing under the surface, and when we took up trio playing in 2017 the interplay was already there, and has developed further into a musical relationship that I really cherish. Sigurd brings the right kind of musical patience and wisdom – and stable, yet inventive playing. And he has very special arco skills – that is, playing with the bow on the double bass with various techniques. And this adds new textures and also percussive elements to the soundscape.

LJN: Your own playing on The Other Side sounds to me not only like a further honing of your style, but also – in seeming contradiction – a broadening of it. Is that a fair hearing? Are there new influences that you feel you are bringing to your compositions and improvisations?

TG: I really appreciate you seeing it like this. In a way, there is nothing ‘new’ on The Other Side from my side as compared to what I have been doing with the quartet, with Simin Tander, and in my solo concerts the last couple of years. But then, if you compare it to the earlier trio albums, there is a substantial development.

I like the term "broadening" – it is not so much about linear development and leaving something behind, it is about including new ideas, stretching out, and returning to your main "themes" or musical "message" in ever new ways. I play more "orchestrally" on some tunes now, I play more abstractly on some tunes, I play even more reduced on some tunes, but there is also more dynamics. And still a basic contemplative approach. And I use some electronics and deep-end sounds (the album deserves to be listened to on good speakers and with the volume turned up to really hear the deep-end qualities and the textures produced by electronics on some tunes).

All this has been gradually growing in my playing during the 11 years since the last trio album, especially during the last five years. The influences come from many sources – for example from listening to electronic music, from playing Bach with a choir and a Norwegian fiddle player (!), from playing with Iranian musicians – and fundamentally from listening closely to classical piano players and being inspired by their touch and the way they shape timbre-colours.

LJN: You have included in the album your arrangements of other composers. Tell me about them and why you chose them.

TG: Hymns and chorals have always been an important part of my musical "self" – as a listener, as a non-dogmatic liberal church-goer, and as a performer. But they did not make their way into the albums under my name until What Was Said in 2016 (except for the one track Eg veit i himmerik ei borg on Extended Circle from 2014). It feels very natural now to combine original compositions and folk tunes and even the Bach chorals – it did not before… I guess we had to arrive at a point where we just played with it, and did not try too hard… and, concerning Bach, to a point where the respect for the great master turned into gratitude and freedom rather than anxiety and doubts as to what is "allowed". Of course, one can not "improve" Bach – his compositions are so complete and perfect. So, we had to arrive at a point where we could steal and borrow in the most unforced way and simply treat these amazingly good songs as just that; good songs to approach with a here-and-now attitude as jazz musicians approach their "standards".

Then, the hymns and chorals we play are also really important to me as texts, although we do instrumental versions. I often think of the lyrics when performing them – in a way we indirectly interpret or comment on the message of the texts. The Bach chorals are important in this way: O, Traurigkeit is a lament – expressing deep sorrow and longing for release. Jesu, meine Freude is about deep joy, the joy that lies under our ups and downs and embraces both suffering and celebration. And Schlafes Bruder is actually a song about welcoming death – but here our interpretation is more paradoxical. Jarle started playing a really uplifting groove during a rehearsal, and I just felt that this theme could perhaps fit, although quite far from how it’s usually played… and all of a sudden we were indirectly interpreting the choral as being about release in resurrection – about new life on The Other Side (sic.) of suffering, or moving towards the light…

LJN: You have described in a previous interview with me the idea that “a concert is a meditation”. Can you expand on that idea? And also, how does a recording differ from a concert – how does a listening audience in the room, or the absence of one, affect your performance?

TG: Both an album and a concert to me can have a structure almost like Prelude (opening up, purifying our minds and getting rid of distractions etc.); Kyrie (confession / openness / transparency / willingness to surrender); Gloria (celebration / deep joy); Agnus Dei (contemplation on the divine presence or the "sacred" incarnated in us here and now, whether or not one uses a word like God); Communion (companionship, shared presence); Sanctus (release and gratitude); Interludes (small spaces to take a breath); and Postlude (ending and re-affirmation). This parallell between mass and concert means a lot to me, although I don’t follow it in any strict way in normal concerts. Furthermore, playing itself equals meditating or praying to me – opening up, being vulnerable, stretching your mind outwards and observing the innermost vibrations at the same time, sometimes receiving gifts of insight, breathing deeply.

As for the audience, the most beautiful thing is when you can feel that they take part in all this – that we are on the journey together. But I can never be an entertainer – I will never be able to play for the audience first and foremost. I have to play for myself first and try to make the music I would have liked to listen to myself, and then expand the circle to include the audience and experience them. The other way round would not have worked for me. (pp)

The Tord Gustavsen Trio's The Other Side is now out on ECM.

Tour dates

26 October: The Tower Digital Arts Centre, Helensburgh
27 October: Howard Assembly Room, Leeds
28 October: Triskel ECM Weekend, Guinness Cork Jazz Festival
29 October: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds
30 October: St. George’s, Bristol Keyboard Festival
31 October: Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
1 November: Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff
2 November: Turner Sims, Southampton
3 November: Lakeside Arts, Nottingham
16 November: Cadogan Hall, EFG London Jazz Festival

LINK: Tord Gustavsen Trio's website

ECM website

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Dragi prijatelji Ovaj gospodin je sinoć izbacio svoju prvu pjesmu. Poslušajte, ostavite lajk ako vam se dopada i napišite svoje mišljenje Hvala vam
          Vintage Cast Metal Indian Dancer / Goddess by 5and10vintage      Cache   Translate Page      

14.00 USD

Cast Metal Indian Dancer / Goddess.

Feels like aluminum. Painted silver.

Measures 11 inches high.

Marked "SK" on the back.

Tarnish and patina of age.

          UZNEMIRUJUĆE: VATROGASCI POKUŠAVAJU DA IZVUKU ZAROBLJENE LJUDE: Vidio sam mrtvu ženu sa dvoje djece u kolima pored mojih (VIDEO)       Cache   Translate Page      
Na auto-putu Beograd-Niš kod Jagodine jutros u 7.20 časova dogodila su se dva lančana sudara u kojem je najmanje 6 osoba poginulo, potvrđeno je iz MUP. Jbt ;( — Stonexman™ (@stonexman) October 9, 2018 "Kretao sam se iz pravca Niša nekom normalnom brzinom. Bila je neka sumaglica, a kada sam prošao Moravu – zid. …
          250 miliona eura ulaganja za četiri godine      Cache   Translate Page      
Odbor udruženja poljoprivrede i prehrambene industrije Privredne komore Crne Gore, na sjednici 8. oktobra 2018, razmotrio je privredna kretanja u agraru zabilježena od januara do septembra, ovogodišnje investicije iz Agrobudžeta, Ipard i Ipard Like 2 programa, te realizaciju projekta „Kupujmo domaće”. Sjednicu je vodio predsjednik Odbora Milutin Đuranović, a u radu su, pored članova, učestvovali potpredsjednica …
          MARKOVIĆ: Počinioce i nalogodavce napada na novinare gonićemo do sudnjeg dana      Cache   Translate Page      
Vlada na čijem sam čelu opredijeljena je da u Crnoj Gori osigura ličnu bezbjednost za novinare. Kompletan bezbjednosni sektor ima jasan nalog da istraži do kraja svako ugrožavanje bezbjednosti novinara da traga za počiniocima 24 sata svakog dana, i da nijedan takav slučaj ne smije biti arhiviran bez konkretnog policijskog, tužilačkog i sudskog razrješenja. Jednostavno – …
          115 ljekara dobilo saglasnost za dopunski rad      Cache   Translate Page      
Dozvolu od Kliničkog centra Crne Gore (KCCG) za dopunski rad kod privatnika i u drugim javnim ustanovama od početka godine podnijelo je 139 ljekara, a saglasnost je dobilo njih 115. Prema posljednjim podacima iz Kliničkog centra, od ukupno 101 ljekara, koji trenutno dopunski rade van te ustanove, njih 87 je angažovano u privatnim amulantama i …
          Shift Happens: A Homiletical Meditation on the Book of Job      Cache   Translate Page      
“Shift Happens: Finding God in Suffering” Job 1:1, 2:1-10, Job 23:1-9, 16-17 John 9:1-12 In my home state California, after an earthquake, the old-timers often say “shift happens” to comfort – or tease – frightened newcomers to the state. Everything seems stable until the tectonic plates shift, and your life is turned upside down. “Shift […]
          Nowy kanał Polsat Games. Kiedy start? Co w ramówce? (wideo)      Cache   Translate Page      
W przyszłym tygodniu portfolio tematycznych kanałów Grupy Polsat powiększy się o Polsat Games. W ramówce kanału dla graczy znajdą się transmisje z rozgrywek esportowych,
programy publicystyczne z udziałem twórców gier, show z gwiazdami internetu oraz recenzje najnowszych tytułów i sprzętu.
          God Friended Me S01E02 Sub ITA (1×02)      Cache   Translate Page      
  ..:: Episodio 02 “The Good Samaritan” ::.. Download Sub ITA] Streaming Sub ITA]
          #queens - corshalebeurre      Cache   Translate Page      
😄 . 💫DM @corshalebeurre or Email for inquiries and placing orders💫. . #handmade #getthatglow #smallbusiness #goldengoddess #harlem #corshalebeurrebodybutter #Melanin #bronx #bodyscrub #westindian #queens #international #hustle #brooklyn #womenempowerment #carnival #maslover #socalover #panama #jourvetlover #bodyglow #statenisland #forthegrownandsexy #beardgang #beardbutter #smellgood #sheabutter #crueltyfree #biodegradable #panama
          Adidas piros fiú dzseki - Jelenlegi ára: 4 500 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Piros fiú dzseki, elöl cipzáros és tépőzáras, kapucnija elcsomagolható, Liverpool emblémával ellátott, zsebes, belül hálós béléssel
Cikkszám: 2734017403
Anyaga: 100% poliészter
Márka: Adidas
Szélesség: 50 cm
Hosszúság: 59 cm
Ujj nyaktól: 61 cm
Terméken rögzített méret: 9-10 év, 140
Minden gyerekruhánk egyedi (modellenként csak 1 db van belőlük). Ha megtetszett, ne habozz a rendeléssel, mert hamar elvihetik előled.
A rendelésed leadása után visszaigazoló e-mailben kapod a csomagod érkezésének pontos idejét és helyét. Majd a csomag kézhezvételekor tudsz fizetni a futárnak. Ebben az esetben a szállítási költség mellett a kezelési költség további 300 Ft. Előre utalással
A rendelést visszaigazoló e-mailben megtalálható minden adat, ami az utaláshoz szükséges. A számlán szereplő összeg megérkezése után adjuk fel a csomagod. Ha a vásárlás összege adott nap 14 óráig megérkezik bankszámlánkra, még aznap elindítjuk a csomagküldést. Így akár 1-2 munkanap múlva már át is veheted a futártól.
Személyes átvételre nincs lehetőség. A csomagokat a Magyar Posta MPL futárszolgálata szállítja ki, a megrendelést követő 1-3 munkanapon belül 8. 00-16. 00 között, ezért akár munkahelyi címed is megadhatod szállítási címként. Amikor a csomagodat elkészítettük és postára adtuk, e-mailt küldünk a csomag várható érkezésének napjáról. Csomagodat kérheted saját címedre, Posta Pontra, postán maradó csomagként, illetve Foxpost csomagpontra. Utánvétes rendelés esetén a szállítás mellett a kezelési költség további 300 Ft/csomag. INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS
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Adidas piros fiú dzseki
Jelenlegi ára: 4 500 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-18 16:32
          gyerek,baba,elegáns,átmeneti,téli kabát,dzseki,lány,virágos - Jelenlegi ára: 3 990 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      

A termékek rendelésre érkeznek külföldről a saját címedre, illetve arra amire kéred. Ha nem Magyarországon tartózkodsz, kérheted a kézbesítést külföldi címre is. A postaköltség nem változik!
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A szállítási idő 95%-ban 3– 4 hét, de a maradék 5%-ban előfordul, hogy 50-60 nap is eltelik a kézbesítésig.
Kisebb csomagok esetében legtöbbször (matricák, kiscipők stb. ) 2 hetet vesz igénybe a szállítás.
A szállítási idő minden esetben a postán múlik, ami sajnos nem befolyásolható!
A szállítási időt, a pénz beérkezésétől számítjuk!
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Köszönjük, hogy benéztél hozzánk!
              mellbőség 2x    hosszúság    ujj hosszúság  vállszélesség
méret           (cm)                 (cm)                 (cm)              (cm)
S                   35                 39                    32                    0
M                   36                 42                    34                    0
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Kisebb vagy nagyobb méret felöl érdeklődj!

gyerek,baba,elegáns,átmeneti,téli kabát,dzseki,lány,virágos
Jelenlegi ára: 3 990 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-20 23:08
          Strunk, Esther M. (Gorges)      Cache   Translate Page      
GODDARD-Strunk, Esther M. (Gorges) 99, farmwife and retired school cook, passed away on Oct. 6, 2018. She was born on Dec. 3, 1918 to Albert and...
          The Man Who Met God: A Moving Near Death Experience (Video)      Cache   Translate Page      

A second video in German, with English subtitles, has been added as an afterthought for our German readers. VIDEO 1  :  10.34 mins VIDEO  2  : 12.04 (In German with English subtitles)

The post The Man Who Met God: A Moving Near Death Experience (Video) appeared first on Darkmoon.

          Metaphors of the Goddess      Cache   Translate Page      
It is a mystery for many why Hindus, for whom divinity is both male and female, treat women so badly.
          Enigmatica: В 2018 году стилисты предлагают женщинам за 40 сделать именно эти стрижки. Срочно узнай какие!      Cache   Translate Page      

В 2018 году стилисты предлагают женщинам за 40 сделать именно эти стрижки. Срочно узнай какие!


Женщинам часто хочется чего-то нового, чтобы развеять рутину и освежить свой образ. А что может подойти для этого лучше, чем новая стрижка? И новый стильный образ, и хорошее настроение, и, если правильно подобрать прическу, минус пару лишних лет.


Редакция «Так Просто!» собрала для тебя самые лучшие варианты стрижек для женщин за 40, с ними ты будешь выглядеть стильно и модно.


          Winterreifen-Test: 235/60 R 18 SUV-Winterreifen im Test       Cache   Translate Page      

Winterreifen geben in der kalten Jahreszeit lebenswichtigen Halt auf Schnee, Eis und Glätte. Aber ist teuer hier immer besser? AUTO BILD ALLRAD hat zehn Reifen für SUVs getestet.

          Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? (Hebrews 6)      Cache   Translate Page      
We must respond to the terrifying possibility of irreversible apostasy and the comforting evidence of God’s heart-transforming, love-producing grace
          Viagem romântica de Lucas Lucco com namorada deixou fãs encantados: veja fotos      Cache   Translate Page      

O cantor Lucas Lucco fez uma viagem romântica com a namorada, Lorena Carvalho, e deixou os fãs encantados com o local que visitaram: Pirenópolis, município de Goiás.

O casal postou fotos e vídeos em suas redes sociais que mostravam um pouquinho da cachoeira do Rosário e natureza intocável que conheceram.

Lucas Lucco e namorada: viagem romântica

“Preciso compartilhar esse dia abençoado em Pirenópolis - GO com vocês. Reenergizado, fortalecido e agradecido. Que Deus abençoe a nossa semana! Muito grato. Tenho muito a explorar ainda no Goiás, lugar que amo!”, escreveu na legenda de uma postagem no Instagram.

Nos comentários, os fãs elogiaram não só a beleza do casal, como do lugar que escolheram para visitar.

Pirenópolis (GO): destino romântico

A cidade, tombada como Patrimônio Nacional, fica no interior do estado e conta com morros, cachoeiras e vegetação deslumbrantes.

A cachoeira do Rosário, que o casal visitou, tem 40 metros de queda e é um espetáculo a céu aberto. O destino é procurado por quem gosta de fazer trilhas e também para a prática de rapel.

Veja mais imagens do casal na viagem romântica:

          Fleisz János - Város, kinek nem láni mását - Nagyvárad a Dualizmus korában - DEDIKÁLT (V28) - Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      

A kép(ek)en látható állapotban van.
Az aukciókat összevárom, a postaköltség miatt érdemes böngészgetni a termékeim között:
http: //www. vatera. hu/listings/index. php? us=szgone
A tranzakció lebonyolítása átutalással oldható meg, vagy piroscsekkes megoldással.
Utánvéttel nem postázom.
Ha valami nem világos, akkor kérem kérdezzen nyugodtan, így elkerülhetjük a félreértéseket.
Kérem figyelmesen olvassa el a termék leírását, ha az ott megadott lehetőségek, elképzelések nem felelnek meg, akkor kérem ne licitáljon.
Fleisz János - Város, kinek nem láni mását - Nagyvárad a Dualizmus korában - DEDIKÁLT (V28)
Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-10 15:27
          Newman      Cache   Translate Page      
Today is the memorial for Bl. John Henry Newman, and the anniversary of his conversion from Anglicanism. A few brief passages from An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent to celebrate:

(Chapter 5)

Religion has to do with the real, and the real is the particular; theology has to do with what is notional, and the notional is the general and systematic. Hence theology has to do with the Dogma of the Holy Trinity as a whole made up of many propositions; but Religion has to do with each of those separate propositions which compose it, and lives and thrives in the contemplation of them. In them it finds the motives for devotion and faithful obedience; while theology on the other hand forms and protects them by virtue of its function of regarding them, not merely one by one, but as a system of truth.

(Chapter 9)

There are those, who, arguing à priori, maintain, that, since experience leads by syllogism only to probabilities, certitude is ever a mistake. There are others, who, while they deny this conclusion, grant the à priori principle assumed in the argument, and in consequence are obliged, in order to vindicate the certainty of our knowledge, to have recourse to the hypothesis of intuitions, intellectual forms, and the like, which belong to us by nature, and may be considered to elevate our experience into something more than it is in itself. Earnestly maintaining, as I would, with this latter school of philosophers, the certainty of knowledge, I think it enough to appeal to the common voice of mankind in proof of it. That is to be accounted a normal operation of our nature, which men in general do actually instance. That is a law of our minds, which is exemplified in action on a large scale, whether à priori it ought to be a law or no. Our hoping is a proof that hope, as such, is not an extravagance; and our possession of certitude is a proof that it is not a weakness or an absurdity to be certain.

(Chapter 10, Section 1)

Conscience is a personal guide, and I use it because I must use myself; I am as little able to think by any mind but my own as to breathe with another's lungs. Conscience is nearer to me than any other means of knowledge. And as it is given to me, so also is it given to others; and being carried about by every individual in his own breast, and requiring nothing besides itself, it is thus adapted for the communication to each separately of that knowledge which is most momentous to him individually,—adapted for the use of all classes and conditions of men, for high and low, young and old, men and women, independently of books, of educated reasoning, of physical knowledge, or of philosophy. Conscience, too, teaches us, not only that God is, but what He is; it provides for the mind a real image of Him, as a medium of worship; it gives us a rule of right and wrong, as being His rule, and a code of moral duties. Moreover, it is so constituted that, if obeyed, it becomes clearer in its injunctions, and wider in their range, and corrects and completes the accidental feebleness of its initial teachings. Conscience, then, considered as our guide, is fully furnished for its office. I say all this without entering into the question how far external assistances are in all cases necessary to the action of the mind, because in fact man does not live in isolation, but is everywhere found as a member of society; I am not concerned here with abstract questions.

          Constantine: City of Demons - "Mictlantecuhtli" Clip      Cache   Translate Page      
Constantine and Chas discuss the recruitment of Aztec God Mictlantecuhtli (try saying that three times fast) to help in their quest to save Chas's daughter, Trish.
          Skomentuj If you wanna be a real warrior #19, którego autorem jest Asiabyk      Cache   Translate Page      
Możesz mi pomóc? 😂 Nie. To nie wykonalne . 😑 Dostałam weny. Napisałam w ciągu 2 godzin10 długich części opowiadania, którego i tak nieopublikukę. Najgorsze jest to, że pomysły na pisanie tego opowiadania mi się nie skończyły. Co ja mam zrobić? Przecież nie będę pisać całą noc opowiadań. Weź od mnie tą wenę, aby się nie zmarnowała. Bierz szybko, póki jest!
          Mother Teresa's 'The Joy In Loving' Oct 4      Cache   Translate Page      
‘Riches and money do not make us rich – what makes us rich is our attachment to them. God give
          Fra Høffding til Høybye: Musikalsk kulturradikalisme i 1930ernes og 1980ernes Danmark      Cache   Translate Page      

Fra Høffding til Høybye: Musikalsk kulturradikalisme i 1930ernes og 1980ernes Danmark

Bonde, L. O., 15 okt. 2018, (Accepteret/In press) I : PubliMus. 47, 28 s.

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskning

Antal sider28
StatusAccepteret/In press - 15 okt. 2018
Peer reviewNej

Bibliografisk note

Redigeret og udvidet udgave af kapitel i bogen "John Høybye - Det skal lyde godt"

          Greek Goddess Ticket Sale      Cache   Translate Page      
          10 minutes of Penn Jillette vs. evangelist may never be seen      Cache   Translate Page      
Christian evangelist Ray Comfort, whose Living Waters ministry projects include “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists,” “Nothing Created Everything” and “Einstein, God and the Bible,” as well as many man-in-the-street interview movies, has decided to let comedian and atheist Penn Jillette have his way. Comfort announced on Tuesday he will cut from his new movie, “The […]
           Comment on Final Thoughts on Nikki Haley… by Elizabeth Carter       Cache   Translate Page      
Nikki Haley did better than I expected at the UN. To think that would qualify her as President is a bridge too far. President Trump has spent his whole life preparing for this time. Planning and working every day. Pence is too weak. Pompeo is a good guy but he is not nearly as versatile. I giggle when I see how many people think that President Trump could easily be replaced. He is like the Olympics World Gold Medal winner who has practiced so long that when he does his routine it looks easy. Thinking Nikki could be President is like the Democrats thinking Obama was the Messiah. My belief is that by 2024 when President Trump must be replaced, he will have made it clear what a competent President who believes in God and loves America can do and what to look for in his successor. He will have trained "We the People" to pay attention, stand up, speak up and do our part so that we never get ourselves into this mess again. We barely got out alive this time. I sincerely believe that God sent us President Trump to act as His leader for us at this time and in this place. People keep saying that we were weak or asleep or stupid to allow this to happen. The fact is that as a Christian it is just very difficult to believe that there are people who will do anything to destroy us. It is just not who we are, it is not how we think and it is sickening when we realize who our enemies are and the lengths they will go to in order to destroy us. Jesus actually told us they were evil. They killed Him. He rose again. Right now, I believe we have been given this opportunity to rise up and restore America. We are One Nation Under God and as far as I know we are the only nation in the world who even makes that claim. We must always trust God, pray unceasingly, walk in the Spirit, be vigilant and teach our history so that we do not fall into their trap again. God Bless President Trump God Bless America MAGA
           Comment on Final Thoughts on Nikki Haley… by KimmyK       Cache   Translate Page      
From your keyboard to God's ears!
          Teach Us to Pray: Leaning on God Together      Cache   Translate Page      
          ‘Possum’ in Theaters + Digital 11/2 From Dark Sky Films      Cache   Translate Page      
A disgraced children’s puppeteer must confront his sinister stepfather and a hideous puppet he keeps hidden in a brown leather bag in order to escape the dark horrors of his past. Written and Directed by Matthew Holness Producers: James Harris, Mark Lane, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Robert Jones  Cast:Sean Harris, Alun Armstrong TRT: 85 min Country: United […]
          Keeping God's Gospel Pure      Cache   Translate Page      
          Distrust in Science and Expertise Can Be Deadly — Here's How We Can Overcome It       Cache   Translate Page      
Over time, groups of experts become embedded within our societies. They become our trusted institutions.

Hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires have tested our resolve as individuals, communities and societies. Along with social crises such as political- and war-induced migration, these events provide stark illustrations of our ability to adapt, help and trust one another through informal social networks and formal social institutions.

Trust in our institutions is declining. While some of this distrust might result from direct experience of failing or faltering social systems, cynics and pundits can promote mistrust for financial and social capital through votes and public opinion.

Trust is often woven into our society like an invisible thread, stitching together disparate individuals and distant communities. Effective societies are grounded in a reliance and dependency on others to provide everything from mobile networks, water and sewer services, electricity, education and justice.

In order to mend it where it is broken and reinforce it where it is fraying, we must examine our social tapestry and ask how we can promote trust.

Trustingneighbours, leaders institutions

Trust isn’t an all-or-nothing phenomenon. It can develop between peers and leaders as well as towards institutions and their symbols.

We share a common fate with our peers. Their actions matter to us. When we can, we monitor and regulate their behaviour through direct observation and action. When we can’t, we rely on gossip and other indirect means to learn about others and their values. If we think we have fallen short of their standards, we might increase our efforts. If we think we have exceeded their expectations, we might reduce our efforts.

Not all members of a group have equal status. Experts and leaders occupy central, elevated positions in their social networks — even if only on a temporary basis. Ideally, they have knowledge, competencies and social capital at their disposal that can help the group.

Legitimate expertise is hard won; it takes years to develop. Even if we have competency in one area, expertise is inelastic. It can narrow our focus, leading us to fail to see atypical patterns. That means leaders and experts need to be modest in their claims of expertise.

While credit might be claimed by one leader or the next for the functioning of economic and social systems, ultimately our societies are the end product of generations of cultural evolution supported by co-operation and collaboration.

Over time, groups of experts become embedded within our societies. They become our trusted institutions. Symbols like police badges, military insignia, judges’ robes, stethoscopes and lab coats take on a new significance, conveying and conferring this status.

Symbols become important

Even complex scientific instruments and technology can take on a symbolic meaning beyond their practical utility. These symbols can be used to persuade those inside and outside our group. They can also be used to manipulate our trust.

Like everyone, experts rely on their peers to keep them in check through formal standards and professional organizations. Professions like science, the law and medicine are self-reflective. The debunking of many of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s claims, for example, provides a crucial illustration of this internal regulation.

At their best, these mechanisms ensure that a profession retains its credibility and its access to financial and social resources.

The dangers of failures of trust

The recent hurricane in the United States speaks to concerns about the credibility of professions. Distrust in science played an important role in how people responded to the approach of hurricane Florence. Some residents stayed for practical reasons, including the protection of family, pets and property. Others simply discounted the information or placed their faith in a higher power to protect them.

While this could be seen as an unwavering individualism, it also likely represents a lack of trust in their community and in scientific institutions.

This refusal to defer to the authority of experts and institutions reflects the real cost that breakdowns in social cohesion can have on our lives and our communities. It represents a shift from facts to opinion and rumour.

This isn’t to say institutional flaws should be discounted. While there have been scientific hoaxes, fields like climate science are based on consensus. When choosing to trust others, we must weigh the good and bad. While we cannot ignore misconduct, we must not mistake the actions of a minority for the majority.

Discounting information for temporary reassurance or social gains and supplanting it with bravado and confidence will not make us better decision-makers. We live in the age of data. Only accurate information and successful application will improve our lives and protect us in the future. We need experts and institutions to help us put it to use.

Restructuring our institutions

The vain efforts of China and Rome show us that, despite their symbolism, walls will not keep us safe. They are antiquated solutions to contemporary problems. If we want to avoid a Hobbesian nightmare of all against all, we must regain trust in each other and reverence for our institutions.

We need transparency. Legitimate impediments to rebuilding trust must be identified and acknowledged. Structural inequalities still exist that are associated with race and gender. Although these persistent concerns might be the result of explicit biases, they might also reflect institutional inertia. Rather than attempting to justify them, we must understand these dynamics in order to effectively redress these differences.

Our actions and those of our institutions must be open to question. Questions are a healthy and necessary response to a world filled with uncertainty.

The best decisions are not made by conforming to what we believe are the opinions of our group. We must learn the delicate art of civil discourse and practise authentic dissent.

If we do not question ourselves first, others gladly will.

From the inside, this might appear wasteful and inefficient. From the outside, it might have the appearance of widespread dissent and indecision. That’s democracy.

But when viewed in terms of historical time lines, questioning our own beliefs and those of our group can help us make better decisions. Forecasting the future must be done in terms of decades and centuries, not just election cycles. Whenever possible, we must reason by analogy from the past, compare across cultures and buffer ourselves against the inevitability of unknowns.

Casting a vote for a leader is insufficient. We must hold our leaders to account, regardless of whether we voted for them or against them. We must get involved in our communities, because we are inseparable from them.The Conversation

Jordan Richard Schoenherr, Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Psychology, Carleton University


This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.


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          Here's Why I Love Iran — Even When My Country Sees It as an Enemy      Cache   Translate Page      
Wondering about American indifference about the war we're ramping up for has had me thinking about why I love Iran.

I was living in Harlem.

It was a few weeks after 9/11 and when Mahsa rang and let me know that she would be in New York, I was happy and excited.

Her brother and I had been friends for over ten years.

We always said our meeting was destined.

As the only two kids of color—I am Black American and he is Persian—in an otherwise all-white Women in Religion class at DePaul University, something in my heart knew he would be my friend for life. I’ll never forget the look of agony in his big blue eyes when after opening the door to that crammed classroom he encountered a sea a white faces looking back at him, no one budging to indicate they would make room as he courageously closed the door behind him, turned and bared the stark gaze of the tall, lanky, pasty professor with the thick Eastern European accent, intensifying the mood with “Why don’t we wait to continue since some of us don’t know how to get to here on time.”

Somehow in that moment, our eyes locked and I hurriedly moved my bag and beckoned him to come sit next to me. Shaun made his way through the sea of kids, barely letting him through the tight aisles. By the time he sat down, sweat trickling from his brow, he was relieved and I was relieved for him and we both laughed under our breath. When he rifled through his bag looking for a pen and couldn’t find one—another long pause from our professor—we both laughed again as I handed him one of mine.

We become one in that moment, representing a warm cocoon of support to protect us through the white supremacist death by a thousand cuts that can choke and kill with its vicious silences and pauses that wither you from the inside out and have no balm but the knowing, empathetic understanding that laughter and friendship can heal.

Even though he was born in Iran, I here in America, we had many things in common. He was organized into his understanding of Whiteness in Wilmette and I got my credentials in Fairfield, Connecticut. Different places, same stuff. Our families were the only people of color in extremely affluent communities and the day to day experiences, that remind you every day of how alien and unlovable you are, would leave their mark on our psyches, well after we’d graduated high school and found one another in that classroom at DePaul University.

Getting together was healing. He and his cousins became fixtures at my house whenever there were barbeques, family get-togethers and parties. When I met Shaun I didn’t know much about Persian history and culture, just what I remembered from what became known as the “hostage crisis,” and the Shah of Iran, years before.

I was eight years old when a group of Iranian college students shut down a building in a place called Tehran. They were holding fifty or so Americans inside the embassy and wouldn’t release them until their demands were met. My mother said the students were standing up for themselves because America was “doing them like they do us” and “they know how it is.” My mom and the Iranian kids seemed to be on the same page because at some point, soon after the “crisis” began, the students released the women and the Black Americans, let them walk right out of the embassy. It made so much sense and I was so impressed with the reasonableness of their actions. “Women hold a special place in our society and Blacks live under American oppression and tyranny.”

Even though the white broadcasters tried to reduce the gesture to a publicity stunt, watching those people march out of the building, the women coming home to their children and the Black Brothers with their afros, coming home to their families, after that the students had my vote. And I got the message, for the first time in my life, that Black people in America had something in common with Black people and other people of color, all over the world.

We were one.

The students knew it. They said it for everyone to hear and now I knew it too.

Hanging out with Shaun reminded me of that. We had good times together and my mom and dad adored him, treated him like he was one of their own. We danced, partied, ate as much barbeque as we could hold, had great cocktails and just enjoyed life together. My parents taught him how to play Bid Whist, Black folk’s version of Bridge. Going to Shaun’s place, either his parents' house out in Wilmette or his apartment down the street from our place in Lincoln Park, was just the same. Just good times. When he cooked, my gosh, the food was magnificent! Well-seasoned meats with fresh, delicious herbs, perfectly cooked fluffy rice with these gorgeous, aromatic dips and sauces. The art on his walls was impeccable and the energy in his apartment was always flowing. Like my family, Shaun was hospitable, caring, a lovely conversationalist and knew how to have a good time, and he cared about people.

Photo Credit: CODEPINK

We had so many things in common.

So of course, years later when his baby sister Mahsa came to New York, I was excited to host.

She arrived, smartly dressed like a low-key, genius poet in her well-tailored men’s sports jacket, a black turtleneck, jeans and expensive but understated loafers. Mahsa had always been elegant and gorgeous. We walked down to People’s Choice, the most delicious homemade Jamaican food in New York City. I think we got oxtails with peas and rice and cabbage. Neither one of us could get over how extraordinarily delicious the food was. We ate and we talked about her work and mine. We’d all since left Chicago, years ago. Shaun to Los Angeles, me to New York City and Mahsa to Tehran. She’d done a women’s magazine, Bad Jens, and had become a serious organizer of community over there. On this trip she was working at the UN with Shirin Ebadi, doing translation work for her papers, books and speeches. Even though Mahsa was really humble about it, which was her way, I knew from her proud brother that her work with Shirin Ebadi was a really big deal.

Since 9/11 had just gone down, and Bush was pushing us to go to war with Iraq, I took the opportunity to make sense of all that had happened in that part of the world. “Why are we always fighting and complaining about Iraq and Iran?” I asked as we chomped away. “And what’s the deal with Afghanistan?” I admitted to her something that I had hidden from myself, that even though I was pretty active in international situations that impacted Black people and people of color globally, Haiti, South Africa, Venezuela, that I knew very little about the Middle East. It just became something that was always already happening… so ongoing that I just tuned out. Mahsa was one of those people, that even though she was crazy smart, brilliant really, you didn’t have to pretend that you knew something that you did not.

She explained about the oil. She explained about the pipelines. She explained the grip of American imperialism, the destruction of the cities of Middle Eastern antiquity and the pillaging of museums and libraries by American armed forces throughout the years and the slow, steady march to Iraq that the U.S. was directing to Iran. That seemed outlandish to me, that Iran would ever be treated in that fashion. When she started talking about the incessant bombing, the destruction of Beirut came up and I informed her that back in the early '80s, Black folks likened the most cracked-out, left behind areas of our own communities to this city, “South Side of Chicago lookin’ like Beirut,” I’d hear brothers and sisters say.

Mahsa shook her head and smiled slightly and then gave me a glimpse of the history of the beauty and majesty of this gorgeous Lebanese city. She was clearly disturbed by the information, but her gentle, non-judgmental telling of these things, in a tone demonstrative of patience and inner peace, her deep intellect and elegance, amplified a sense of what Americans did not know or like to think about, that ours was a young, foolish country… a big, ignorant, bully baby and that we had lost our way. Completely. Most of us unaware of what was really happening in our names, and for oil, imperialism and what Bush kept calling “our way of life,” around the world, especially in the Middle East, with people, who like my mother’d said all those years ago “know how it is.”

We do not like to even consider what we have destroyed and in that destruction what has been lost, forever, to the world. What we have lost is friendship, culture, love, peace, endless possibilities and all of the wonderful things that come from life when you are trying to crush, kill, and control. Somewhere along the way, in a quest for assimilation, peace and acceptance, and just probably worn downness, Black Americans forgot too, that we have something in common with our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. The greatest blow from the War Economy is that it separates us. Eventually, it separated Shaun and I… understandably. After all, it is difficult to maintain friendships with folks when your country makes habit of lying, stealing, cheating, murdering and spreading hate, making their lives here and back home, a misery.

America was and still is running around, destructively taking… snatching things... from people, with whom Black folks, Native people, LatinX in the land known as the United States have something in common.

As I look at the bombed-out streets of the countries that the United States has attacked, and ripped apart, dusty, dirt heaps where gardens used to grow, I have to look at my own communities, here in the United States. Areas with no green spaces or parks and the prisons swollen with human energy relegated to slavery. Flint, Michigan, with no drinkable water source, Deep East Oakland with nowhere to buy living foods and soil so destroyed by pollution that you can’t grow any… children climbing out of tents in homeless encampments in downtown Oakland, while tech millionaires look down on them from their sprawling condo apartment windows. The United States is waging the same war on the people of the Middle East, that it is waging here on Black folks, LatinX, Indigenous people and poor Whites, here in our local communities.

This truth takes me back to that look on Mahsa’s face when she told me of the beauty of precious Beirut and the pure glory of what stood there before the dust and the rubble.

I have always had the sense that being reminded of what we have in common, (in addition to being targeted by the most destructive force on the planet… the American government…) would create a solidarity that could truly organize peace on its own, between the people most heavily enslaved, marginalized and victimized by the virus of War Economy which spreads by keeping us fearful of one another and separates us. I have always had the sense that if the Black and LatinX children on the South Side of Chicago understood that the bullets flying by and through their heads and the food deserts in which they reside are a construction of the engineers of the War Economy, which inflict death upon all that they cannot control, as they do today to the children of Yemen and Afghanistan, and God forbid, Iran, that they would have a different sense of their possibilities and self-worth in the world. I have always had the sense that if we remembered what the Iranian students were really saying and doing when they released the folks who “suffered under American oppression and tyranny,” just like they did… that we would all be unstoppable… together… because knowing that we all have something in common is the first step towards growing and sustaining a local peace economy.

The good news is that we get a chance to start again, everytime we open our eyes and begin a new day.

When I tell people that our government is ramping up to a war with Iran, a glaze comes over their eyes. It’s like yelling fire in a crowded theater but nobody moves because they’re too busy enjoying their buttered popcorn and watching the movie… so you have to start explaining that fire not only burns… but it can kill you.

Get up and run!

Are we that used to waging war in America that no one even bats an eye?

Photo Credit: CODEPINK

Or is it because Iran is this faraway place where they’re not like us... and practice a different religion… have different values… a place where the people have nothing in common with us? This glaze over the eyes thing has happened so much that I have to wonder what has happened in my life that makes me understand that loving the Iranian people is as natural as loving my own people... as natural as knowing that they are my people.

Wondering why my fellow countrymen and women do not connect in the same way has shaken me up a little… a lot... and had me thinking about why I love Iran.

I want to dedicate this piece to Mahsa Shekarloo, who left our world on September 5, 2014. May all the girls and women, around the world and especially Iran… Persia, know that she organized, loved and sacrificed so that they could be free. And to her dear brother, Arash, aka Shaun, who is my friend… for life.

Learn more and join CODEPINK's We Love Iranians campaign here.

This article was produced by Local Peace Economy, a project of the Independent Media Institute.


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Her anthem, "A Scary Time," brilliantly points out the logical fallacies in Trump's tone-death claim.

In the midst of the controversial Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh ($%^&#@!), Donald Trump stood on the lawn of the White House and said, “It's a scary time for young men in America.” For the millions of women who’ve been sexually assaulted, it was rage-inducing to hear Donald Trump complain that men are the ones truly in danger.

Lynzy Lab decided to channel her anger into a song called It’s A Scary Time, and its is fan-freaking-tastic.

Take a listen (you can watch the video and read the full lyrics below) and share with those who need a lift today. And like Lynzy Lab says, “let’s make some noise” on Nov. 6.





































          An Archeologist Explains How 'Narcissist' Christopher Columbus Became a National Symbol      Cache   Translate Page      
Christopher Columbus likely would have slipped back into obscurity if not for American hubris.

Christopher Columbus was a narcissist.

He believed he was personally chosen by God for a mission that no one else could achieve. After 1493, he signed his name “xpo ferens” – “the Christbearer.” His stated goal was to accumulate enough wealth to recapture Jerusalem. His arrogance led to his downfall, that of millions of Native Americans – and eventually fostered his resurrection as the most enduring icon of the Americas.

Columbus in chains

In 1496, Columbus was the governor of a colony based at Santo Domingo, in what is now the modern Dominican Republic – a job he hated. He could not convince the other “colonists,” especially those with noble titles, to follow his leadership.

They were not colonists in the traditional sense of the word. They had gone to the Indies to get rich quick. Because Columbus was unable to temper their lust, the Crown viewed him as an incompetent administrator. The colony was largely a social and economic failure. The wealth that Columbus promised the Spanish monarchs failed to materialize, and he made continuous requests for additional financial support, which the monarchs reluctantly provided.

By 1500, conditions in Hispaniola were so dire that the Crown sent Francisco de Bobadilla to investigate. Bobadilla’s first sight, at the mouth of the Ozama River, was four Spanish “mutineers” hanging from gallows. Under authority from the king, Bobadilla arrested Columbus and his brothers for malfeasance and sent them to Spain in chains. Columbus waited seven months for an audience at the court. He refused to have his chains removed until the meeting, and even asked in his will to be buried with the chains.

Although the Spanish rulers wanted Columbus to disappear, he was allowed one final voyage from 1502 to 1504. He died in 1506, and went virtually unmentioned by historians until he was resurrected as a symbol of the United States.

Inventing Columbus

In the mid-18th century, scholars brought to light long-forgotten documents about Columbus and the early history of the New World.

One of the most important was Bartolome de las Casas’ three-volume “Historia de las Indias.” This book was suppressed in Spain because it documented Spain’s harsh treatment of the native peoples. His depiction of Spanish mistreatment of the Indians provided the foundation for the “Black Legend.” His account “blackened” Spanish character by depicting it as repressive, brutal, intolerant and intellectually and artistically backward. Whatever Spain’s motives, the conquest of the Americas destroyed native cultures and ushered in centuries of African enslavement.

Another was the personal journal of Christopher Columbus from his first voyage, published in 1880. The journal captured the attention of Gustavus Fox, Abraham Lincoln’s assistant secretary of the Navy, who made the first attempt to reconstruct the route of Columbus’s first voyage.

Renewed scholarly interest in Columbus coincided with political motives to deny Spain any remaining claims in the Americas. Spain’s American colonies declared independence, one by one, from the beginning of the 19th century. Simón Bolivar, and other Creole revolutionary leaders, embraced a classical philosophy that highlighted their Roman ancestry to a degree that “Spanish America” was converted to Latin America. The final assault came with the U.S. invasion of Cuba and the six-month Spanish-American War in 1898. Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory, and this year marks the 100th anniversary of the purchase of the U.S. Virgin Islands from Denmark.

Columbus likely would have slipped back into obscurity if not for American hubris.

The Columbian Exposition

In 1889, France put on what reviewers described as the most spectacular World’s Fair possible. Held on the Champs de Mars in Paris, its crowning achievement was the Eiffel Tower.

After Paris, the United States set out to prove to the world it was the equal of Europe by staging its own World’s Fair. No one has claimed credit for the theme of the Exposition, but the stage was set when American writer and author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” Washington Irving, attempted to revive his flagging career by writing the first biography of Christopher Columbus in English, published in 1828.

His embellishments created the great hero whose legend the fair celebrated: “He was one of those men of strong natural genius, who appear to form themselves; who, from having to contend at their very outset with privations and impediments, acquire an intrepidity in braving and a facility in vanquishing difficulties.”

The Columbian Exposition and World’s Fair was timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the New World. President Benjamin Harrison presided over opening ceremonies on Oct. 12, 1892. That same day, the Pledge of Allegiance was introduced in American schools.

Chicago created the “White City” – a collection of nine “palaces” designed by America’s greatest architects, conceived and constructed in only 26 months. Outside the White City was the grittier Midway, which is now a common feature of carnivals and fairs. The fair gave visitors their first taste of carbonated soda, Cracker Jacks and Juicy Fruit chewing gum. An enormous 264-foot-tall Ferris wheel transported 36 cars each carrying up to 60 people on a 20-minute ride. More than 28 million tickets were sold during the six months the Columbian Exposition was open. Columbus was the darling of 19th-century mass media.

Seventy-one portraits of Columbus, all posthumous, hung in a Grand Gallery. Following Irving’s descriptions, Columbus became the embodiment of the American Dream. The son of simple wool weavers and someone who had a great dream challenged the greatest scholars of his day, and boldly went where no man had gone before. Better yet, he was Italian. America could deny that Spain had any part in the discovery of the New World.

President Harrison declared a national holiday to coincide with opening of the Columbian Exposition – Columbus Day. It was officially recognized by Congress in 1937.

In 1992, as the United States prepared for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Americas, the pendulum swung again. The devastating impact of his “discovery” on native peoples throughout the Americas led protesters to decry Columbus as a “terrorist.”

Columbus the man died more than 500 years ago. Columbus the legend is still being dismantled. His story illustrates the blurred borders between myth and history – how an architect of destruction was turned into a national symbol.

This is an updated version of an article originally published on Oct. 10, 2016.

This article has been updated to correct the name of the president who presided over the Columbian Exposition’s opening ceremonies.

William Francis Keegan, Curator of Caribbean Archaeology, University of Florida

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

          Порошенко поблагодарил Хейли за поддержку Украины      Cache   Translate Page      
Preview Президент Украины Пётр Порошенко поблагодарил постоянного представителя США при ООН Никки Хейли за поддержку Киева.
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Xorcist - God (2018)

Исполнитель: Xorcist
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Качество: 320 kbps
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Размер файла: 129,27 МБ
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If you study the Book of Revelation, you discover that in many ways it’s a book about judgments. It begins with judgments or commendations upon God’s own people. This is appropriate since we read in 1 Peter 4:17 that God intends for judgment to begin with His people. As you read through Revelations, you discover […]
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Portal Duhovnost - Portal za nove čase

Retrogradna Venera nam pomaga osvetliti čustveno življenje

Venera, planet sreče, ljubezni in harmonije, vladarica tehtnice, se je 6.10. obranila navidezno nazaj, torej bo retrogradna do 16.11. Venerina retrogradnost vpliva na odnose, znotraj delavne ekipe se ne priporoča ustvarjanja novih poslovnih povezav, novega sodelovanja, v tem času ni varno sklepati pogodb, si sposojati denarja, najemati kreditov, kupovati dragocenih stvari in nakita ali se […]

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Udało się po pięciu latach dyskusji i niespełna rocznych staraniach. Od 1 kwietnia, pięć razy w tygodniu, samoloty skandynawskich linii SAS będą latać na trasie Szczecin - Kopenhaga.
          Первые шаги в науку. Всероссийская детская конференция «Первые шаги в науку», г. Ростов-на-Дону, 2 декабря 2017 года      Cache   Translate Page      
Название: Первые шаги в науку. Всероссийская детская конференция «Первые шаги в науку», г. Ростов-на-Дону, 2 декабря 2017 года
Автор: Анна Виневская
Формат: FB2, RTF, TXT, ePub
Качество: Отличное
Язык: Русский

Описание: В книге опубликованы работы победителей Всероссийской конференции для школьников «Первые шаги в науку», которая прошла 2 декабря в г. Ростов-на-Дону.
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Pričakujemo: izkušnje na primerljivem delovnem mestu predstavljajo prednost, osnovno računalniško znanje (Word, Excel), aktivno znanje angleškega jezika, usmerjenost k strankam in profesionalen pristop, komunikativnost, odgovornost in prilagodljivost.
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Vse, ki se prepoznate v zgornjem opisu, vabimo, da nam pošljete svoj življenjepis s kratkim spremnim pismom na naslov Afit d.o.o., Miren 129, 5291 Miren ali na elektronski naslov Pogoj za sklenitev pogodbe o zaposlitvi je tudi potrdilo o nekaznovanosti, ki ga morate dostaviti do podpisa pogodbe.
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Glavne naloge in odgovornosti: komunikacija s strankami osebno in po telefonu, svetovanje in podpora obstoječim in novim kupcem, obveščanje kupcev o ugodnostih in novostih v prodajni ponudbi...
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Ariana Grande may not be the biggest fan of "Bang Bang." 

The singer let fans know how she really feels about the song during a Twitter exchange with her fans on Monday.

The artist had been teasing new music when a follower asked if she'd be going on tour to promote her fourth studio album, Sweetener, or a possible fifth. 

"I think that sounds really nice," Grande replied. "Lots of new materiaaaaal + oldies (the oldies we like). I mean unless y'all wanna hear bang bang again."

Clearly not a fan of the hit, another follower added, "Girl, I never wanna hear that s--t agan." 

Grande then tweeted, "Thank God. Can't wait to show this to my team."

However, this wasn't the only one of Grande's hits to receive a little bit of shade. After another follower said she would "much rather have a R.E.M. video" than a video for "Breathin", Grande replied, "me too but the ppl spoke :/."

Ariana Grande Makes Subtle Dig at Kanye West While Supporting Pete Davidson on SNL

Grande released "Bang Bang" in 2014. The song also features Nicki Minaj and Jessie J. Even if Grande is over the hit, many fans still love the tune . The corresponding music video has 1.2 billion views on YouTube. The song was also on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 31 weeks and secured the third highest spot on the list on Oct. 4, 2014.

Watch the video to listen to the hit.


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Я работаю автомобильным журналистом и часто езжу на новых машинах. На самых разных: от самых дешевых до самых дорогих. На свой Мерседес пересел с тестового Volkswagen Touareg третьего поколения, его только-только презентовали. Думал, что спускаюсь с небес на землю, покупаю какого-то "корча", а вот и нет!

Сообщение Mercedes 190E от бабушки 1929 года – крутая покупка за $2200 появились сначала на Автоцентр.ua.

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Glavne naloge: priprava podlag za knjiženje in knjiženje poslovnih dogodkov, zagotavljanje skladnosti računovodskih listin s slovensko zakonodajo, lokalnimi in mednarodnimi računovodskimi standardi ter davčnimi predpisi..
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U Rafineriji u Bosanskom Brodu večeras je izbio požar i čula se jaka eksplozija, preneli su mediji u Bosni i Hercegovini i Hrvatskoj. Načelnik opštine Brod Ilija Jovičić rekao je za RTRS da se eksplozija odgodila oko 21.30, da ima nekoliko povređenih radnika i da su sve vatrogasne jedinice [...]
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Zahvaljujemo pripadnicima sedme sile koji su nam dali značajnu medijsku pažnju i podršku u trenucima kada smo bili žrtve perfidne cenzure od strane Jutjuba – navodi se u saopštenju grupe Beogradski sindikat. Njihova numera „Dogodine u Prizrenu“ trenutno prva u trendingu na Jutjubu, iako [...]
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U Negotinu i navodna žrtva i osumnjičeni traže poligrafsko ispitivanje DA bi dokazao svoju nevinost, D. Š. (63), iz okoline Negotina, osumnjičen da je krajem septembra u svojoj kući silovao S. V. (23), iz okoline Jagodine, zatražio je poligrafsko ispitivanje. Međutim, i žena koja ga je [...]
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NOVI SAD - Na današnji dan 1918. godine Prva srpska armija počela je operacije oslobađanja Niša u Prvom svetskom ratu, uprkos upozorenju vrhovnog komandanta savezničkih snaga na Balkanu francuskog generala Luja Franše Deperea da je to srljanje u avanturu. Goneći austrijsku i nemačku vojsku [...]
          Moody Bible Picks Multisite Pastor as Its New President      Cache   Translate Page      

Mark Jobe of Chicago’s New Life Community Church will take over a year after Bible college’s leadership shake-up.

Moody Bible Institute has named Mark Jobe, lead pastor of a multisite Chicago megachurch, as its next president.

Today’s announcement comes several months after the historic school’s top leaders resigned amid concerns over its financial and theological direction.

Jobe, the founding pastor of New Life Community Church, will serve as Moody’s tenth president.

His tenure begins in January, a year after Moody’s previous president J. Paul Nyquist and chief operating officer Steve Mogck resigned as the school’s board declared it was “time for a new season of leadership” following layoffs and mounting tensions between the faculty and administration.

“We have had a vision for Chicago and beyond and seen God do some amazing things … and we continue with that passion and that vision. Recently, God has opened up a great door of opportunity,” Jobe, who holds a diploma and master’s degree from Moody, said in a video announcement to the New Life community.

Under his leadership, the church has expanded to 27 locations with about 7,000 attendees. Jobe said he plans to continue to serve as pastor and preacher after assuming the new position at Moody.

The Chicago pastor and ministry leader succeeds interim president Greg Thornton, a former Moody vice president. Jobe has continued to work with his alma mater over the years, writing a book through Moody Publishers (Unstuck: Out of Your Cave into Your Call) and hosting a show on Moody Radio Chicago (Straight Talk).

“With the appointment of Mark, the search committee and board of trustees firmly believe the Lord answered our prayers and those of everyone who have faithfully stood with us these last six months,” said Randy ...

Continue reading...

Re-goddamn-diculous! Who do you have to sleep with to get recognized by the Hall? sad, sad...
I like Def Leppard but influential? Like Fleetwood Mac, but Stevie Nicks No. Pat Benetar and The Metal God should be in if anything Judas Priest and Pat benatar are more sited as influences than Steive Blah blah blah Nicks rRhF still no damn clue just picking bands and people to fill the attendance at their silly museum. Who keeps on nominating Chaka Kahn?
Please forgive me, Doug R., I know you are a fan, but I am just super frustrated. Stevie "machine gun, or it is a bah-ing lamb vocals?" Nicks will be inducted before the Metal God? Oh puhleeze! To each their own, but I can't stand Fleetwood Mac, either, even though Priest covered one of their songs. Don't even get me started on some of the other possible inductees. I <strong>LOVE</strong> Def Leppard, but the Rock Hall is a <strong>JOKE</strong>.
          Atramentowe serce / Inkheart (2008) MULTi.1080p.BluRay.x264.TrueHD.AC3-DENDA / LEKTOR i NAPISY PL      Cache   Translate Page      
Atramentowe serce / Inkheart (2008) MULTi.1080p.BluRay.x264.TrueHD.AC3-DENDA / LEKTOR i NAPISY PL

Atramentowe serce / Inkheart (2008) MULTi.1080p.BluRay.x264.TrueHD.AC3-DENDA / LEKTOR i NAPISY PL

Gatunek...: Familijny, Fantasy, Przygodowy

Inkheart opowiada o dziewczynce, której ojciec (Mo) posiada szczególną moc: czytając książkę na głos, potrafi powołać do życia jej bohaterów. Kiedy nikczemny władca i banda opryszków z dziecięcej bajki porywają Mo, jego córka wraz ze swymi przyjaciółmi – prawdziwymi i zmyślonymi – rusza na ratunek.

          Atramentowe serce / Inkheart (2008) MULTi.720p.BluRay.x264.TrueHD.AC3-DENDA / LEKTOR i NAPISY PL      Cache   Translate Page      
Atramentowe serce / Inkheart (2008) MULTi.720p.BluRay.x264.TrueHD.AC3-DENDA / LEKTOR i NAPISY PL

Atramentowe serce / Inkheart (2008) MULTi.720p.BluRay.x264.TrueHD.AC3-DENDA / LEKTOR i NAPISY PL

Gatunek...: Familijny, Fantasy, Przygodowy

Inkheart opowiada o dziewczynce, której ojciec (Mo) posiada szczególną moc: czytając książkę na głos, potrafi powołać do życia jej bohaterów. Kiedy nikczemny władca i banda opryszków z dziecięcej bajki porywają Mo, jego córka wraz ze swymi przyjaciółmi – prawdziwymi i zmyślonymi – rusza na ratunek.

          Seria niefortunnych zdarzeń / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2018) [Kompletny Sezon 2] PL.720p.WEB.x264.AC3-KiT / Lektor PL      Cache   Translate Page      
Seria niefortunnych zdarzeń / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2018) [Kompletny Sezon 2] PL.720p.WEB.x264.AC3-KiT / Lektor PL

Seria niefortunnych zdarzeń / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2018) [Kompletny Sezon 2] PL.720p.WEB.x264.AC3-KiT /  Lektor PL

Gatunek...: Familijny, Przygodowy

Po śmierci rodziców, trójka rodzeństwa trafia pod opiekę ekscentrycznego aktora hrabiego Olafa, który nie cofnie się przed niczym, aby zdobyć odziedziczony przez dzieci majątek.

          Bella i Sebastian 3 / Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre (2017) PLDUB.720p.BluRay.x264.AC3-KiT / Dubbing PL      Cache   Translate Page      
Bella i Sebastian 3 / Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre (2017)
PLDUB.720p.BluRay.x264.AC3-KiT / Dubbing PL

Bella i Sebastian 3 / Belle et Sébastien 3, le dernier chapitre (2017) PLDUB.720p.BluRay.x264.AC3-KiT / Dubbing PL

reżyseria: Clovis Cornillac
scenariusz: Juliette Sales, Fabien Suarez
gatunek: Familijny, Przygodowy
produkcja: Francja
premiera: 31 maja 2018 (Polska) 26 kwietnia 2018 (świat)

Odkąd Bella urodziła piękne i zdrowe szczenięta, Sebastian jest wniebowzięty. Psiaki o imionach Atos, Portos i Aramis rosną jak na drożdżach i kudłata rodzinka co dzień przynosi całej okolicy mnóstwo radości. Niestety to szczęście wkrótce zburzy pewien nieznajomy, który pojawi się w wiosce żądając oddania Belli i jej dzieci. Twierdzi on, że jest jej prawowitym właścicielem i choć źle mu z oczu patrzy, sąd musi przyznać mu rację. Sebastian jest załamany, ale nie zamierza się poddać. Pod osłoną nocy ucieka w góry w towarzystwie swych ukochanych psiaków. Ich tropem rusza tajemniczy nieznajomy, a co gorsza zbliża się załamanie pogody…

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Ring Of Honor...congratulations to Tim Tebow on his induction to the University of Florida’s Ring Of Honor. I took this photo at his last game in the Swamp. #photooftheday #seniors #florida #gainesvilleflorida #heisman #football #collegefootball #college #collegelife #urbanmeyer #god #religion #helmet #helmets #jersey
          3 Things the Church Must Do to Survive in This Culture      Cache   Translate Page      

In November, I will celebrate 50 years of being given the joy and privilege of ministering. It is and always will be the best thing that God could ever have called me to do with my life.

Over the years I've witnessed incredible miracles and walked through challenging wilderness seasons. These mountaintop and valley seasons have taught me a great deal about myself, my God and His kingdom, and they have caused me to grow and stretch in ways I never could have foreseen at the outset of my ministry career. As I look back, it's clear that my most significant lessons could be summed up in these six words of advice:

1. Be bold.

2. Be broken.

3. Be bright.

While studying the life of David and his desire for the presence of God in his life and in the lives of His people, I realized that throughout every battle and conflict, you can find the evidence of boldness, brokenness and brightness in him. These characteristics in David are what I believe made him a man after God's own heart, and they are why God was able to use him to impact the world around him, including his government. They are what will allow you and me to make an impact on our churches, our communities and our nation too.

As I was watching the Senate hearing in Washington this week, my heart was broken for where we are as a country. We are broken, divided and hostile toward each other. The enemy is saying the church is bigoted, racist, and condescending and that we doubt the Word of God. The devil wants people to believe the church is a thing of the past, so he whispers lies that cause people to question why we would pay attention to something written thousands of years ago. As for believers, even among our ranks there is little evidence of brokenness before the living, mighty, and holy God. There are very few who are willing to humble themselves and repent, or embrace God's love. Each side is flush with boldness but woefully lacking in the other two characteristics that made David so successful.

I am not at all saying the church should step back, stifling its voice in an attempt to find this balance. On the contrary. We cannot take responsibility for the actions and reactions of those with whom we are at odds, but we have a mandate to serve God obediently—and that service requires our boldness and brokenness before Him, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Although most people who know me today wouldn't easily believe it, I was painfully shy as a child. Because of that shyness, when I was called upon to do bold things, I would cry. But here's the thing: Crying never stopped me. Even when I felt embarrassed of the spotlight or longed to disappear into the background, I knew I couldn't walk away from what I had been called to do, even if stepping out and being boldly obedient would bring painful tears that might make me the subject of ridicule. Before long I realized an important lesson, one I want you to consider today: Through my tears came the greatest breakthroughs of my life.

When our boldness comes out of brokenness before our God, the light of His presence breaks through, allowing the lost world around us to see the brightness of His glory.

The world wants to see Jesus, and right now they are more ready for Him than the church is ready for the world. But God is bringing balance to this area. I believe God is breaking the times of leanness of Spirit, and we get to witness it firsthand. He is clearing the air of a lot of junk in America. Don't be surprised but rather rejoice when you hear of outpourings of the Holy Spirit. God is birthing Holy Spirit boldness in the church, but it will only come out brokenness and humility. Watch, see, and move by faith as He releases the brightness of His glory.

The church in our nation must step up and show the world who God truly is and what the power of His love can do in our broken world. We must show them who we really are—bold, broken and bright with the love and light of Christ, the morning star.

Here's another way to put it: "You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don't think I'm going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I'm putting you on a light stand. Now that I've put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you'll prompt people to open up with God, this generous Father in heaven" (Matt. 5:16, MSG). {eoa}

Mikel French has challenged spiritual awakening all across America, where many celebrations extended into multiple weeks, and has conducted celebrations in France, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Germany, South Africa, Malawi, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Haiti, Japan, Singapore, India and Thailand. He conducted an outreach celebration in Manila, Philippines, reaching 200,000 teenagers with the Book of Hope. Through the generous support of partners, he has presented the message of Jesus Christ to millions of people in the nation of Russia through televised citywide soul-winning celebrations. Mikel considers it an honor to assist in conducting the annual pastor's conference, where thousands of pastors from Russia's 11 time zones come for training, teaching and equipping. Mikel and his wife, Marsha, reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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          Spirit-Filled Evangelist: How to Share the Undiluted Gospel With an LGBT Person      Cache   Translate Page      

It is very important to know how to properly share the gospel with those who would consider themselves LGBT. As Christians living in our current culture, we have a responsibility to share the gospel with everyone, regardless of how they define their sexual identity. This article will be part one of a two-part teaching on how to share the gospel with people who consider themselves LGBT.

Many Christians feel intimidated about sharing with someone that is dealing with gender and sexual identity issues. This is often because of the prominent mindset pushed within the culture and media, which says that those who disagree with gay marriage and believe in a biblical view of sexuality and gender are haters.

Just because the culture has embraced an unbiblical mindset about sexuality does not mean we can forsake our responsibility as Christians to share the gospel with those who are LGBT. More than ever, we need to know how to share the gospel with everyone. In the following paragraphs, I will be sharing the method and strategy that has best worked for me in ministry.

I run an outreach and evangelism ministry where I, and those who work with me, do a large amount of street ministry and evangelistic outreaches. I have ministered to more LGBT people than the "average" Christian. The way the Holy Spirit has led me to minister in these situations has been to deal with the individual's total identity rather than dealing only with the specific sexual sin.

If you have trouble knowing how to share the gospel with someone who considers themselves LGBT, what I am about to share below will greatly help you.

It is important to understand that many people who are LGBT have automatic defenses up against Christians. Some of this is because they may have come across harshly condemning Christians throughout their lives. It can also be because they have a root of rebellion against God and heavy demonic bondage. And at still other times it is because the media often demonizes Christian morality and beliefs in a way that is inflated and inaccurate. It is also possible that there are various mixtures of all three of these things inside each individual.

When I am sharing the gospel with someone who is LGBT, they will often throw their sexuality to the forefront of the conversation. Rather than arguing with them specifically about the topic of homosexuality, I will begin to talk with them about identity. When ministering, it is easy to get caught in mental back-and-forths and get lost arguing. The gospel primarily deals with the heart. It is good to avoid fruitless arguments of the mind.

The first question I will ask the person I am sharing with is how long they have identified themselves the way they currently do. It is an important question to understand where they are coming from. Is it a recent decision? Is it a decision that has been embraced for decades? The answer enables me to better know how to approach the situation.

From there, I will ask him or her if there have been any events in their life that were very wounding. Sometimes they will share that they experienced sexual abuse as a child; other times they will share about a horrible relationship with a parent or even a former spouse. Sometimes, they will not want to answer, or they will say that they have not experienced any trauma. It is important to not be timid when asking questions. Many times, people are willing to talk about their hurt and wounding, especially if they sense the love of God when being talked to.

This is not always the case, but based on my many experiences, there is normally deep wounding in the lives of those who are LGBT. Surprisingly, they are also normally willing to share about it. They often don't believe that the wounding led to their choice to adopt a different sexual identity, but nevertheless, I have seen people share transparently about their lives with me even though they only met me minutes earlier.

Past wounding, however, does not give anyone a justifiable excuse before God for their sin. God in no way gives anyone a "free pass" for sin. Romans 1:20 is clear that all mankind is "without excuse."

The information that is shared in conversation does help me better know how to share the gospel with them. I was once sharing the gospel with a young teenage girl who recently decided to become a lesbian. She was with her girlfriend as I shared with the two of them about Christ. She opened up to me and told me that she had been raped two years earlier, and she hinted at there having been other issues of sexual abuse from men throughout her life. She said she no longer trusted men. Knowing about the wounding in her life helped me better understand the root cause of the problem and minister to her.

All people need forgiveness for all their sins, regardless of what their primary sinful bondage might be. After dealing with the wounding the person may have experienced that has led them to make their current choices, it is important to deal with the truth that each person in the world has a sinful identity.

By dealing with their identity as a sinner in need of a savior, rather than just the specific sexual sin, I bypass the confusion that can be raised to their minds. For example, if I only deal with the one issue of their sexual sin, it is easy for them to think, "Oh, he is only telling me about Jesus because I am LGBT." No, the truth is that even if they did not struggle with sexual identity issues, they would be just as in need of salvation and forgiveness through Jesus Christ as any other person. In conversation, I will share this, and it normally results in the person's defenses and walls being lowered enough to continue the conversation further.

From there, I will discuss with them about other sins like lying, stealing, cheating, hating, lusting and then explain to them the way in which all of these sins violate God's perfect standard of morality. I will tell them how we are accountable to God for all of our sin, that our sin separates us from God, and that our sin places us under His judgment.

This helps me further explain to them that each human in this world has an identity issue. This issue is that we are all sinners. We have fallen and rebelled against God and it leads to horrible consequences in our lives and the lives of others. And one of the worst effects of sin is its ability to blind perceptions. I will explain that Jesus came to set us free from our sins and set us free from an identity He never intended for us, and that He did this by taking our sin and the penalty for our sin on the cross. All of this lays a strong foundation for what will be discussed in Part 2.

In Part 2, I will further explain specific examples that better help us as believers convey the truth that each person has an identity issue that only repenting and believing the gospel can resolve. {eoa}

David Hoffman is an evangelist and the director of Kingdom Enterprises, an outreach and evangelism ministry in Tucson, Arizona. His passions are to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, ignite a passion for evangelism within the lives of believers and help equip them to live Spirit-filled and Spirit-empowered lives. For more information or to contact him, please go to or

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Pakistan (MNN) -- Three Pakistani Supreme Court judges decided the fate of Asia Bibi yesterday, but they’re keeping that verdict under lock and key for now. More details here. Nehemiah* is a Pakistani pastor helped by FMI. He says the judges might be waiting for a more opportune moment to release their decision. “Maybe…they don’t want to give a special verdict at this time because of the situation in Pakistan,” he says, describing the pressure and tension surrounding this high-profile case.

Who’s Asia Bibi?


Asia Bibi is still imprisoned in Pakistan on blasphemy charges. (Photo courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs, Canada)

Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five, has spent the last nine years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Her case made her the “poster child” of Christian persecution as a result of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. As such, the judges’ verdict in this case carries serious repercussions. In 2009, Bibi’s Muslim co-workers accused her of blasphemy. She was convicted and sentenced to death the following year. As described here, Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws are often used explicitly to persecute Christians. “The people who falsely charged her, there is no evidence, no evidence at all,” notes Nehemiah. Salman Taseer, a former governor of the central Punjab province, spoke out on behalf of Asia Bibi and wanted to repeal Pakistan's blasphemy laws. However, in 2011, the politician’s bodyguard Mumtaz Qadri shot Taseer 28 times in Islamabad’s Kohsar Market. Qadri was hailed as a hero, according to DW, but eventually met his demise:

"Qadri was sent to the gallows in 2016, and his supporters believe that Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's government executed him under international pressure. So if the Supreme Court reverses the death sentence now, the right-wing parties and groups are likely to take to the streets. They fear that any concession to Bibi, or any other blasphemy victim, might lead to amendments in the Islamic laws and open a door to the secularization of Pakistan."

Asia Bibi has ping-ponged between courtrooms and a prison cell for more than nine years. There’s mounting international pressure on Pakistan to free her. At the same time, militant Islamists are threatening violence if the judges don’t carry out her death sentence. "If there is any attempt to hand her [Bibi] over to a foreign country, there will be terrible consequences," one group said in a statement.

What will happen next?

The Supreme Court judges aren’t saying when they will release their verdict. While there is no clear “next step” for Bibi’s case, Nehemiah says there are a few directions the verdict could go. If the judges uphold Bibi’s conviction, her only option would be a direct appeal to Pakistan’s president for mercy. Asia Bibi would become the first person executed for blasphemy in Pakistan if the president rejects her cry for help. Or, the judges could overturn Bibi’s conviction and she would be released from prison – but she still wouldn’t be safe. Bibi and her family would become “high priority targets” for radical Islamic groups scattered throughout Pakistan, Nehemiah says. There’s also a third option on the table. The judges might suspend the death penalty, Nehemiah explains, and change it to life imprisonment. “In Pakistan, life imprisonment is 14 years total,” he says. The start date would be the only thing in question. “They will either start the 14 years from scratch, or they will subtract what she’s already served from the total sentence,” says Nehemiah.

“The most probable thing is they will execute her, so please pray [about] this.”

Please ask the Lord to embolden the Supreme Court judges and remove their fear. Pray they will not succumb to the threats of radicals, but that instead their verdict will be rooted in justice. Pray for God’s supernatural comfort and peace to surround Asia Bibi and her family. We’ll be watching this case closely. Sign up for our email updates to watch the headlines with us.       *Name changed for security purposes.
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International (MNN) -- Social media is transforming how some ministry organizations connect. SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, uses social media to build relationships with viewers. “We [are on] Facebook. So you’re watching a program and you have a question, you have a comment, a viewer can get on Facebook [and] ask questions. People interact with them and it’s in real time. It’s not like you have to wait weeks and weeks for your answer," SAT-7’s Vice President for Ministry Partnerships Dennis Wiens explains. “I think the value of Facebook is just incredible for a ministry like SAT-7. I think we have 1.9 million Facebook [users] that are friends with SAT-7. You think of the networks that those 1.9 million people represent.”

Social Media Benefits

(Photo Courtesy of SAT-7 USA)

Millions of people across the globe have access to social media. To help engage viewers, SAT-7 has specific social media initiatives regarding the content it delivers through uncensored satellite TV. By answering viewers’ questions through social media, SAT-7 is helping people process what they learn. “For example, we broadcast live church services from Turkey or [the] Middle East or North Africa. As people watch that, probably over half of our viewership are not necessarily Christian. But, they’re curious,” Wiens shares.

“They’re drawn to what they see in the Christians. They’re drawn to these positive values. They’re drawn to the hope of the Gospel that they see in a Christian’s lifestyle.”

These curious people directly connect through social media, text, email, and other platforms to get a response while building a relationship with SAT-7. However, social media is not only useful in the MENA region. In the West, SAT-7 uses social media for development. Through social media, SAT-7 boosts awareness, prayer support, and can even raise resources. SAT-7 currently has developmental social media platforms in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, and even Brazil.

Encouraging the MENA Church

Still, social media does not always get a good rep, but people across the world have access to social media and texting. In places where Bibles cannot be purchased at a local store, social media may be the only Christian resource available.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

“As you look around the world, many people may never meet another Christian. Many do not have a church to go to. We are their church. We can broadcast, we can deliver church through social media platforms,” Wiens says. “I think if you want to be critical of a certain methodology, keep it in the context that you understand it, but don’t limit that to somebody across the world who has no other Christian resources. Don’t take their only resource away from them, which might be Facebook or WhatsApp or Telegram or SAT-7 broadcasts.” Would you help SAT-7 continue to reach people? Wiens asks that you would join in on what God is doing in the MENA region by praying. Pray for this area and the Christians, churches, and pastors there. Learn about the MENA Church and then advocate for it. Share your findings with friends. Finally, consider financially supporting SAT-7, hosting a SAT-7 event, and more. Financially support SAT-7 here! Click here to find more ways to get involved with SAT-7!

“In church, we hear a lot of times about closed countries. There’s no such thing because there are no boundaries anymore. Social media has taken away historic obstacles...of sharing messaging.”

    (Header photo courtesy of Jason Howie via Flickr)
          Ministry addresses leadership challenges in the Middle Eastern Church      Cache   Translate Page      
Lebanon (MNN) – The Church in the Middle East is faced with constant challenges: arrests, attacks, blasphemy accusations, and other forms of religious persecution. Yet, according to Jane* with CryOut, “I think there [are] a lot of churches in the non-Western world that would say one of the biggest challenges they often face is a lack of leadership and that whenever you see a great move of God, you need to be intentional about developing leaders that can be faithful in growing the movement the way God wants to grow it." CryOut focuses their efforts on mobilizing believers in the Near East and around the world to pray for people in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. “CryOut is very intentional about the people groups in this region and events that are happening here to enable people to pray for what is actually happening on the ground.”

Leadership Training Courses

Recently, at the end of August, CryOut mobilized their networks to pray for two back-to-back leader development training courses that were held in Jordan and Lebanon. Jane shares the goal of the trainings was to identify key leaders, future leaders, and those who were helping develop leaders. The courses were aimed at how to train and develop these groups of people and how they could better disciple others. There was also a twist. Church leaders selected other leaders or emerging leaders to attend the trainings so they could develop their skills and influence in the Christian community. About 80 to 90 percent of the people in attendance were from Lebanon and Jordan. There were also leaders from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and several other nations. While Lebanon has religious freedom, Jane says there are more pressures on believers who were visiting from the other countries. But persecution is a struggle Jesus warned Christians they would face. “I think that’s one of the reasons why we felt this training was really a blessing.... It was very focused on Scripture, on the realities that Jesus warned us about, on the realities of persecution, [and] on the realities of the importance of still being faithful,” Jane shares.

(Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash)

“The whole training was basically focused on the way Jesus trained His disciples, what the core principles, concepts, [and] dynamics are from the way Jesus discipled His disciples, and how we can actually duplicate that in our lives and in the people we disciple.” Jane says the trainings were successful and encouraging. People came with a thirst to know more about the Bible and how to better follow the cross and lead others. “The season we’re living in is the reality that people are coming to faith in Jesus.... What was encouraging for us was to give this training to not just pastors of churches, but normal, day-to-day people who are intentional about discipling others and building other leaders.” Partner with CryOut by signing up for their prayer updates and reading their stories on Facebook and Twitter. Also, pray that the Lord will raise up leaders in the Middle East and for ministries in the region.       *name changed for security purposes
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Blomstrende syrener, af Martha Hall Kelly, udgivet i 2018 af forlaget Hr. Ferdinand, 5/6 stjerner (anmeldereksemplar fra forlaget Hr. Ferdinand / Politikens Forlag)

Blomstrende Syrener er fortællingen om en række kvindeskæbner i tiden under og efter Anden Verdenskrig. Caroline Ferriday, en tidligere skuespillerinde på Broadway, arbejder i 1939 frivilligt på det franske konsulat i New York, hvor hun hjælper nødstedte franskmænd og børn, da hun møder den flotte Paul og forelsker sig. Den 16-årige Kasia Kuzmericks liv ændres markant, da Polen bliver besat af Tyskland, forelskelsen i Pietrik får hende snart involveret i den polske modstandsbevægelse, men det vil vise sig at få uhyggelige konsekvenser for den unge pige og hendes familie. Herta Oberheuser læser medicin i Düsseldorf, men i det nazistiske Tyskland er det svært at være kvindelig læge, også selvom både en selv og ens familie er nazister. Da Herta ser, at de annoncerer efter læger til genopdragelseslejeren Ravensbrück tager hun afsted. Snart krydser de tre kvinders skæbner hinanden - på godt og ondt.

Martha Hall Kellys roman er baseret på virkelige begivenheder før, under og efter Anden Verdenskrig. I Blomstrende Syrener følger læseren på skift Caroline, Kasia og Herta, hvilket giver et nuanceret indblik i, hvad man vel kan kalde, begge sider af historien. Både Caroline Ferriday og Herta Oberheuser er virkelige personer, mens Kasia og hendes søster Zuzanna er baseret på nogle af de kvinder, der endte i Ravensbrück. Romanen er baseret på dybdegående research, og det skinner helt klart igennem.

Blomstrende Syrener er en barsk historie om, hvad der skete i de såkaldte genopdragelseslejre i bl.a. det nazistiske Tyskland. Ravensbrück var en lejr udelukkende for kvinder, hvor lægerne i lejren ikke kun stod for udryddelse af de "indsatte" men også eksperimenterede på dem - det er uhyggelig læsning, for Martha Hall Kelly lægger bestemt ikke fingrene imellem, og man skal altså ikke lade sig narre af bogens smukke ydre! Til tider havde jeg mest lyst til at tage en pause fra de grufulde scener.

MEN - Det er svært at lægge denne bog fra sig, når man først er begyndt. Da man skifter synsvinkel for hvert kapitel, sluttes der ofte med en cliffhanger, så man er tvunget til at læse videre (og jeg skal da indrømme, at jeg et par gange lige måtte bladre lidt frem for lige at se, hvad der var på færde - det er ellers noget, jeg aldrig gør!). De skiftende synsvinkler giver samtidig nogle gevaldige sceneskift fra hverdagen i den uhyggelige lejr til high society fester i Carolines New York. Sceneskiftene er dog mesterligt udført, og hver fortæller har sin egen stemme.
Blomstrende Syrener er en spændende og rørende læseoplevelse, og den tager læseren helt tæt på de grusomheder, der skete under Anden Verdenskrig. Romanen formår at holde fokus på kvindernes historie, og mænd er kun med som bifigurer, hvilket egentlig er meget interessant i en krigsfortælling. Det er tre stærke kvinder, som man her møder, og det er svært ikke at blive stærkt involveret i deres historie. Martha Hall Kelly har i hvert fald givet mig lyst til at læse meget mere om Caroline Ferriday og Ravensbrück.

          Godinho Lopes pede apoio para actual direcção do Sporting      Cache   Translate Page      
Antigo presidente lamenta que elenco de Bruno de Carvalho não tenha prestado "um bom serviço ao clube".
          Zbrojarz - praca w Finlandii - SILVERHAND - Finlandia, zagranica      Cache   Translate Page      
Praca przy budownie obiektów przemysłowych (np. SILVERHAND jest firmą godną zaufania z wieloletnim stażem na rynku, mającą zasięg międzynarodowy....
Od SILVERHAND - Wed, 12 Sep 2018 08:50:23 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Finlandia, zagranica oferty pracy
          2 bedroom house semi detached Cilmaengwyn Road, Godregraig      Cache   Translate Page      
Entrance Hall Enter via double glazed door to front, single panel radiator, stairs to first floor, under stairs cupboard, door to;Front Room 113 x 99 (3.43m x 2.97m)Double glazed window to front, double panel radiator, alcoves, coving to ceiling,...
2 rooms fireplace
Mon, 08 Oct 2018 17:29:47 +0200
          Беларусь. 20 Рублей образца 2000 года, UNC. Серия Чб      Cache   Translate Page      
0,90 бел. руб.
До завершения осталось 29 дней (Окончание торгов 9 ноября в 01:31:15)
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          Беларусь. 10 рублей образца 2000 года. Серия НА. UNC      Cache   Translate Page      
0,80 бел. руб.
До завершения осталось 29 дней (Окончание торгов 9 ноября в 01:27:46)
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          Pagan Community Notes: Indigenous Peoples Day, New Age beliefs, 1000 Goddesses and more.      Cache   Translate Page      
TWH – Throughout the U.S., more and more cities and regions are electing to forgo the celebration of Columbus Day for Indigenous People’s Day. In 1994, the United Nations declared Aug. 9 to be Interna ... - Source:
          Afdelingsleder til Sydbanks nye kvalitetssikringsafdeling for persondata og hvidvask - Sydbank - Privat, QC      Cache   Translate Page      
Et spændende og udviklende job i en afdeling med et team af kolleger med et højt ambitionsniveau. Gode muligheder for faglig og personlig udvikling i et job,...
From Sydbank - Fri, 28 Sep 2018 09:57:46 GMT - View all Privat, QC jobs
          Svensk godteriaktør: Reversert sukkeravgift påvirker oss ikke      Cache   Translate Page      
Maxgodis selger tonnevis med godteri til Norge, og takker norske politikere for at det fortsatt er mulig å selge momsfri sjokolade og brus – også med nytt statsbudsjett.
          REPORT – Gods At War: Check Out New ‘American Gods’ Season 2 Trailer And The Cast Talks About Behind The Scenes Shake-Ups      Cache   Translate Page      
          F&F állatkás kislány rugdalózó - Jelenlegi ára: 1 290 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Á llatká s kislá ny rugdaló zó, bőví tett nyakú, alul patentos
Cikkszám: 3222021309
Anyaga: 100% pamut
Márka: F&F
Szélesség: 24 cm
Hosszúság: 45 cm
Terméken rögzített méret: 6-9 hó, 74 cm, 9 kg
Minden gyerekruhánk egyedi (modellenként csak 1 db van belőlük). Ha megtetszett, ne habozz a rendeléssel, mert hamar elvihetik előled.
A rendelésed leadása után visszaigazoló e-mailben kapod a csomagod érkezésének pontos idejét és helyét. Majd a csomag kézhezvételekor tudsz fizetni a futárnak. Ebben az esetben a szállítási költség mellett a kezelési költség további 300 Ft. Előre utalással
A rendelést visszaigazoló e-mailben megtalálható minden adat, ami az utaláshoz szükséges. A számlán szereplő összeg megérkezése után adjuk fel a csomagod. Ha a vásárlás összege adott nap 14 óráig megérkezik bankszámlánkra, még aznap elindítjuk a csomagküldést. Így akár 1-2 munkanap múlva már át is veheted a futártól.
Személyes átvételre nincs lehetőség. A csomagokat a Magyar Posta MPL futárszolgálata szállítja ki, a megrendelést követő 1-3 munkanapon belül 8. 00-16. 00 között, ezért akár munkahelyi címed is megadhatod szállítási címként. Amikor a csomagodat elkészítettük és postára adtuk, e-mailt küldünk a csomag várható érkezésének napjáról. Csomagodat kérheted saját címedre, Posta Pontra, postán maradó csomagként, illetve Foxpost csomagpontra. Utánvétes rendelés esetén a szállítás mellett a kezelési költség további 300 Ft/csomag. INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS
Ha termékeink közül többet is vásárolsz egy időben és azok együttes értéke meghaladja a 15. 000 Ft-ot, úgy a szállításod INGYENES. Használd ki és a szállítási költség helyett inkább legyen egy ruhával több a kosaradban! A fenti árak kizárólag Magyarország területén belüli szállítás esetén érvényesek. Hétvégén és ünnepnapokon a szállítás szünetel.
A vásárolt termékeket 14 munkanapon belül visszaküldheted címünkre a számlával együtt, de kérlek ez esetben előre jelezd e-mailben a visszaküldés szándékát és okát). A vételárat szállítási költséggel együtt 1 héten belül visszautaljuk az e-mailben megadott bankszámlaszámra. A termékeket csakis és kizárólag eredeti állapotában vesszük vissza! Higéniai okok miatt kivételt képeznek a fehérneműk (bugyi, alsónadrág, fürdőruha).
Minden vásárlásnál ÁFA-s számlát adunk, amit a rendeléskor leadott számlázási címre állítunk ki.
Várjuk kérdéseidet, írj nekünk! Segítünk!

F&F állatkás kislány rugdalózó
Jelenlegi ára: 1 290 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-18 17:59
          MOLETTI BASLER EXCLUSIVE ÁLOMSZÉP BLÉZER KABÁT FELSŐ 46 ÚJSZERŰ - Jelenlegi ára: 4 890 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      

A  postai illetve foxpost postázási díjak állandó változása miatt nem tudom a termékeimnél állandóan egyesével módosítani az  árakat. Ezért ha pontos árat szeretnél akkor leütés előtt kérdezzél!
Köszönöm szépen!
DERÉK 57CM*2   
Remélem nem fogsz csalódni termékeimben. Mivel nem vagyok tévedhetetlen, ezért, ha a megnyert termékkel valami gondod támad, kérlek először nekem írj, mindenre van megoldás! Nem szeretnék csalódást okozni!
A pontos postai árat csomagolás után tudom megmondani, ATTÓL FÜGGőEN HOGY ajánlott küldeményként, a mindenkori postai díjszabásnak megfelelő összegért. PAPÍRBA VAGY DOBOZBA/+MIN. 200G/ CSOMAGOLOK!.
A termékeim  általában használtak, ezért megpróbálom a legjobb fotókat készíteni. Az általam felfedezett hibákat a termékleírásban közlöm. Ettől
eltekintve apró hibák előfordulhatnak.
Az új termékeket mindig jelzem már a címben is!!!!
Nézz körül a többi termékem között is, ha találsz valamit  postaköltséget spórolhatsz! Sima levélként csak a vevő felelősségére postázok!

Jelenlegi ára: 4 890 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-10 00:44
          [blackheartgirl @ blackheartgirl] "Chcesz zrozumieć, czym jest rok życia? Zapytaj o to studenta, który oblał r..."      Cache   Translate Page      

"Chcesz zrozumieć, czym jest rok życia? Zapytaj o to studenta, który oblał roczny egzamin. Czym jest miesiąc życia, powie ci matka, która wydała na świat wcześniaka, i czeka, by wyjęto go z inkubatora, bo dopiero wówczas będzie mogła przytulić swoje maleństwo. Zapytaj, co znaczy tydzień, robotnika pracującego na utrzymanie rodziny w fabryce albo kopalni. Czym jest dzień, powiedzą ci rozdzieleni kochankowie, czekający na kolejne spotkanie. Co znaczy godzina, wie człowiek cierpiący na klaustrofobię, kiedy utknie w zepsutej windzie. Wagę sekundy poznasz, patrząc w oczy człowieka, który uniknął wypadku samochodowego, o ułamek sekundy pytaj biegacza, który zdobył na igrzyskach olimpijskich srebrny medal, a nie ten złoty, o którym marzył przez całe życie. Życie to magia"

–Marc Levy

[Reposted from teaholic via alliwantisyou]

          Senior Content Strategist - GoDaddy - Kirkland, WA      Cache   Translate Page      
And are an experienced writer with strong instructional design and copywriting chops. Excellent writer and overall communicator....
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          #queens - momdukesondeck      Cache   Translate Page      
"Draped in Desinger"... ********FACTS******** *********************** @jerzjam @jerzofficial “KETCH YU SLEEPING”....... 😴😴🤡 #supportblackbusiness #blackgirlsrock #blackunity #blackgirls #blackfamily #blackart #melanated #unapologeticallyblack #woke #dope #african #blackownedbusiness #funny #blackknowledge #blackowned #blackqueens #naturalhair #blackcommunity #makeup #c #blackentrepreneurs #lmao #knowthyself #blackbeauty #blackconsciousness #dankmemes #whitepeople #art #blackgoddess #queens
          #queens - nkechiblessingsunday_nbs      Cache   Translate Page      
That smile and pose when u know God always gat ur back all the time.... 💪💪💪 The very best energy💥💥 @nkechiblessingsunday Team NBS 😍😍 . . #queensonlyy #beautiful #fashion #cute #selfie #fashionista #melanin #fashionstyle #blackwoman #blogger #darkskin #fashionshoot #Actress#lookbook #paris #nollywood#teen#lagos #queens #fashionblogger #abuja #fitfemale #blackisbeautiful #nigeria
          A e dini çfarë i ndodh trupit të njeriut kur goditet nga rrufeja? Ja disa shembuj…(FOTO)      Cache   Translate Page      

Goditjet nga rrufeja lënë shenja të kuqe shpesh në formën e një luleje në trupin e njerëzve që i kanë

The post A e dini çfarë i ndodh trupit të njeriut kur goditet nga rrufeja? Ja disa shembuj…(FOTO) appeared first on KOHA.

          INNOVOS startet neues Projekt:      Cache   Translate Page      
INNOVOS startet neues Projekt: Alle reden von der Digitalisierung – wir gestalten sie. Zusammen mit unseren Partnern bringt INNOVOS aus Dresden die neue Website an den Start. Gemeinsam sind wir Sachsens Expertennetzwerk für die Digitalisierung des Geschäftsalltags kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen. Auf unseren

          World needs to make near-revolutionary change to avoid imminent climate disaster. Is there hope?      Cache   Translate Page      
Unless we immediately reduce the burning of coal and oil and gas that drive up global temperatures, a new UN report warns the world will suffer tremendous consequences as early as 2040. William Brangham talks with Rafe Pomerance of the Woods Hole Research Center and Gavin Schmidt from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
          Why God is Late      Cache   Translate Page      
          13 FOR HALLOWEEN #4: The Devil and Father Amorth      Cache   Translate Page      

‘Exorcist’ director William Friedkin, best known for the modern classic ‘The Exorcist’, returns to the subject of exorcism in this Netflix documentary because who better to make a documentary about exorcism than ‘Exorcist’ director William Friedkin, the man who made the classic horror film ‘The Exorcist’.

And if you think that’s overstating Friedkin’s credentials in thuddingly repetitive style, believe me it’s an exercise in subtlety compared to how egotistically Friedkin bangs his own drum in the opening minutes of ‘The Devil and Father Amorth’.

And if you think Friedkin’s presenting style in the opening minutes of ‘The Devil and Father Amorth’ is a hectoring cavalcade of verbal showboating and po-faced self-importance, then brother you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

The documentary’s not-quite-an-hour-an-a-quarter running time has as its centerpiece 13 minutes of skuzzy footage on a home video camera that Friedkin shot of an actual honest-to-God exorcism. At least that’s what Friedkin wants to browbeat us into believing. Personally, I’d say that the phrase “an alleged exorcism” probably gives it more credence than it deserves. “A cheap shitty am-dram performance” is how I’d describe it. And since I’s running this here blog, that’s what we’re going with.

‘The Devil and Father Amorth’ consists of a 13-minute cheap shitty am-dram performance, around which Friedkin assembles some visually dull ‘talking heads’ interview footage, some travel-board-approved vistas of Italy, and endless, agonizing, excruciating footage of his own self yammering away at the camera, taking every opportunity to remind you that he’s William Friedkin, director of ‘The Exorcist’, y’all.

Even the ‘talking heads’ stuff isn’t free of Friedkin. Time and again he deals out a leading question, obviously pushing for his subject – be they a Catholic priest or medical consultant – to state on camera, categorically, that demons exist, evil is real and exorcism works, because he’s ‘Exorcist’ director William Friedkin, goddamnit it, and he directed ‘The Exorcist’.

The whole thing is exhausting to watch. Listening to Friedkin orate for longer than, say, thirty seconds is like unto 24-hours of forced wakefulness while a Dalek screams Donald Trump’s entire archived Twitter stream at you without factoring in the punctuation. Watching the 13 interminable minutes of the cheap shitty am-dram performance that’s supposed to be an exorcism is like watching a particularly unpleasant shade of paint dry. In slo-mo.

It’s so exhausting to watch – so debilitating to engage with – that I staggered it over three evenings. I’m still struggling to come up with a sensible rationale for actually going the distance, for not switching the thing off and picking lint out of my navel instead. Maybe it was misplaced nostalgia. The director, after all, did make a few good movies, albeit a while ago now. Including that horror film. You know, the really influential one.

What was it called again?
          Pedro: Umpire Angel Hernandez Is "Horrible ... As Bad As There Is". The World Agrees.      Cache   Translate Page      
Pedro Martinez said umpire Angel Hernandez is "as bad as there is" during TBS's post-game show after the Red Sox crushed the Yankees 16-1 in ALDS Game 3.
"Angel was horrible. Don't get me going on Angel now. Major League Baseball needs to do something about Angel. It doesn't matter how many times he sues Major League Baseball. He's as bad as there is."
Hernandez is in the process of suing MLB for racial discrimination  (he filed in July 2017) and you have to wonder if Hernandez has received undeserved postseason assignments because MLB is scared that not rewarding Hernandez's incompetence might help his lawsuit.

Peter Gammons tweeted: "Thankfully Angel Hernandez wasn't in on Brown v. Board of Education. It would have been overturned."

(In 2013, Gammons believed Hernandez blew a call on purpose in 2013 to protest the implementation of instant replay.)

Three former players agreed on how horrible Hernandez was last night.

Paul Lo Duca: "How Angel Hernandez is still umpiring let alone the playoffs is unreal to me. He is [by] far the worst umpire in the league. Every year."

Chipper Jones, in addition to replying to Lo Duca's tweet, retweeted it with this comment: "Can I retweet this 100 times so it gets the point across!!!"

Lou Merloni: "MLB has instant replay because of Angel Hernandez."

Former Mets GM Steve Phillips, before last night's game: "What are the odds there will be a controversial call at first base in the #RedSox #Yankees game tonight with Angel Hernandez as the first base umpire?"

Phillips had fun during the game, too.
"Oh wait. Did Angel Hernandez get that call wrong? #ToldYouSo"

"Hahahahah. Hahahahah. Angel Hernandez going for the trifecta. One overturned call in Game 2. Two tonight. Stay hot! He has more overturned calls tonight than the #Yankees have hits."

"Come on man! Now I feel badly for Angel Hernandez. He is going to have cauliflower ear from the headset. #Yankees #RedSox #ThankGodForReplay."

"What time is tomorrow night's game? Will someone please let CC know? #Yankees"
Atlanta pitcher Brandon McCarthy: "Yanks can score 10 more and win in an all time come back and this will still forever be the "Angel Hernandez game" for me."

Yahoo's Jeff Passan: "Angel Hernandez is suing MLB for discrimination. MLB should be countersuing for malpractice."

Mike Vaccaro, New York Post: "Angel Hernandez will call balls and strikes tomorrow night. Surely that will be uneventful."

Britni de la Cretaz: "can we talk about how there are no female umpires deemed good enough to work at the MLB level, but Angel Hernandez has had like five calls challenged in the first four innings of this playoff game?"

Cespedes Family BBQ: "To be fair, Angel Hernandez is 1-4 tonight, better than most of the Yankees"

St. Louis radio personality Dan Buffa: "Angel Hernandez gives hope to all the people in the world who suck at their job yet manage to not be fired."

Former Yankees catcher and YES analyst John Flaherty:
I think back to the replay of the Luke Voit play at first base, that Angel Hernandez actually got right. And when he came back, next to Voit, he made a little comment to him and smiled a little bit, almost like, you know, "I got one right." It's not that funny, Angel. These are playoff games. These are big deals. And replay bails him out - the play eventually is going to be right. But you got to be thinking at first base, maybe take a little more pride in what you're doing.
Every baseball fan knows (as does MLB) that Hernandez has been shitty for a long, long, long time.

Ian Kinlser, in 2017:
He needs to find another job, he really does. I'm just saying it's pretty obvious that he needs to stop ruining baseball games. ... [L]eave the game. No one wants you behind the plate anymore. No one in this game wants you behind the plate any more, none of the players. ... [Kinsler had been ejected by Hernandez] I didn't even cuss at him. I said, "You need to re-evaluate your life, man. Just go home right now. Get out of the game. Just leave the game alone. Please." ... He just needs to go away.
Giants announcer Duane Kuiper, in 2014:
Angel Hernandez is not a good umpire and, in my opinion, he does not belong in the big leagues. And I think Major League Baseball knows this, they just don't know how to get rid of him.
Chipper Jones, 2013: "Didn't take Angel long to screw up the strike zone, did it???"

Chipper Jones, 2013: "His incompetence amazes me and I'm tired of MLB doing squat about it!"

Listen to White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson react to a blown call by Hernandez in 2013.

April 2014: "Angel Hernandez Was Hit By A Line Drive And Fans Cheered (Video)"

Last Night: Angel Hernandez did not speak to reporters.

MLB issued a statement: "There were several very close calls at first base tonight, and we are glad that instant replay allowed the umpiring crew to achieve the proper result on all of them."

Video: Angel Hernandez Doing Angel Hernandez Things

          Pastor - Sheridan First Assembly of God Christian Center - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
We are about 2 hours from Billings MT and 2 hours from Casper WY. We have a great school district, a very successful Community College, a wonderful YMCA and too...
From Indeed - Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:35:08 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Stanowisko Mięsne - MADAS SP Z.O.O. - Poraj, śląskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Zapewnienie profesjonalnej obsługi klienta zgodnie ze standardami firmy, obsługę kasy fiskalnej, rozładunek dostaw towarów, dbanie o estetyczny wygląd i...
Od Indeed - Fri, 24 Aug 2018 13:21:00 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Poraj, śląskie oferty pracy
          Kasjer-sprzedawca - MADAS SP Z.O.O. - Poraj, śląskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Zapewnienie profesjonalnej obsługi klienta zgodnie ze standardami firmy, obsługę kasy fiskalnej, rozładunek dostaw towarów, dbanie o estetyczny wygląd i...
Od Indeed - Fri, 24 Aug 2018 13:19:32 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Poraj, śląskie oferty pracy
          Який напій пригнічує розвиток раку      Cache   Translate Page      
Вчені з Університету Селфорда у Великій Британії розповіли про натуральний продукт, дуже корисний для здоров'я.

Низькі концентрації екстракту зеленого чаю матча припиняють поширення стовбурових клітин раку грудей, передає "Сегодня".

Під час досліджень вони з'ясували, що цей чай може замінювати хімічні речовини, які застосовуються у імуносупресорах на кшталт рапаміціна для припинення метастазування певних ракових клітин.

Зелений чай матчу – це натуральний продукт, який використовується у дієтичних харчових добавках з величезним потенціалом для цілої низки терапій. Але його молекулярний механізм залишався для науки в достатній мірі маловивченим,
– пояснюють науковці.

Цей чай пригнічує окислювальний мітохондріальний метаболізм, тобто не дає раковим клітинам повторно отримувати "пальне", тим самим роблячи їх неактивними і мертвими.

Більше новин, що стосуються лікування різноманітних захворювань, медицини в Україні, здорового способу життя та харчування, вагітності та пологів, відкриттів у сфері медицини та багато іншого – читайте у розділі Здоров'я.

          SPAWACZ TIG; MIG/MAG; 111 - Konrem - Jastrząb, śląskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Umiejętność pracy w zespole. Kontakt telefoniczny od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. Realizacja zadań związanych z projektami prowadzonymi przez KONREM MET....
Od Konrem - Thu, 26 Jul 2018 10:04:51 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Jastrząb, śląskie oferty pracy
          da serie "o sol quando nasce é pra todozz"       Cache   Translate Page      

Possivelmente o ministro mais castiço dessa fundaçõem deste pagode estrumeira e manicómio a céu aberto ... 

tudo lhe aconteççe ...  é um pátó implausível .... 

          Experiencing God's Love and Grace (October 07, 2018)      Cache   Translate Page      

          Consumers advised on MRP of food items in cine theatres      Cache   Translate Page      
East Godavari district consumers forum Judge A. Radhakrishna has advised the consumers to report to the enforcing authorities for strict implementation of MRP on the food items and other beverages. Addressing a media conference organised under the aegis of the Advocates association for social responsibility and awareness (AASRAA) here on Tuesday, he said the Krishna district consumers forum Judge Madhavarao basing on a complaint lodged by the consumers on sale of food items, ice creams and cool drinks at an exorbitant rates almost five times higher than the MRP in Inox and other cine theatres gave a directive . The time given to the theatres for its implementation has ended on Tuesday and it is high time for its strict enforcement. The consumers should aware their rights and complain to the enforcement authorities for initiating action. At the same time the consumers can approach the consumers court with evidence obtaining due receipts from the seller for initiating action against the enforcement authorities and also those not complied with the court order. M Vijay convenor, R V Rajendra Prasad President and J Surya general secretary respectively of the AASRAA who also spoke said that their organization would provide the free legal assistance to the consumers to approach the district consumers forum for remedial measures.UNI XC VV RHK 2220
          Comment on At least Americans choose top judges in public by Nico      Cache   Translate Page      
@Snorri Godhi, the irony is that this was Trump's most dignified fight so far, I think. He stayed above the fray for quite some time, and only at the very end did he get dirty (by mocking Ford). The ones who fought like bulls, like Lindsey Graham or Kavanaugh, did not look as dignified as Trump did up to that point.
          Deset let pozneje      Cache   Translate Page      
Ob deseti obletnici bo jutri s svojevrstnim spravnim dogodkom vsaj simbolično znova vzpostavljena kontinuiteta. Heinz-Christian Strache, avstrijski podkancler in predsednik svobodnjakov, bo dobil najvišje odlikovanje za razvoj in uveljavitev...
          Klimatski maraton v Novi Gorici      Cache   Translate Page      
V Goriški knjižnici Franceta Bevka bo v petek, 26. oktobra, Climathon, 24-urni hekaton, na katerem bodo udeleženci reševali vprašanja, povezana s podnebjem. Dogodek, ki je del globalnega Climathona, ta pa bo potekal v več kot 4000 mestih po vsem...
          Zaradi pomora čebel v zapor      Cache   Translate Page      
V Avstriji se je prvič zgodilo, da so izrekli zaporno kazen za uporabo insekticida, ki je povzročil pomor čebel. 47-letni sadjar iz Lavantalla na avstrijskem Koroškem je uporabil nelegalni insekticid klorpirifos v času cvetenja sadnega drevja,...
          The Spotlight is On...God Alone.2      Cache   Translate Page      
          The Spotlight is On...God Alone.1      Cache   Translate Page      
          Cook, Roger      Cache   Translate Page      
ROGER COOK GODFREY — Roger Deneen Cook, 65, passed away at 10:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8, 2018 at his home. Born July 31, 1953 in...
          1909-ből 1VHS katonai tiszti fénykép - Jelenlegi ára: 1 200 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Dicsértessék a kótyavetye folyvást kedvező hangulatban, e mondással köszöntök mindenkit, mert tudom szivesen rámondjátok MINDÖRÖKKÉ AMEN. Igaz nagyon hogy jólelkű okos ember csak sajnálni tudja az ily bolondságot, de nem elég ám atyámfiai csak ölbe rakott kezekkel sopánkodni, nehogy felebarátitok poczkot vegyen rajtunk, mert  késő lészen saját kárunkon siránkoznunk. Adjon hát kegyes asszonyitok bort-búzát-békességet  s bótomban sokájig megmaradást, meg osztén hiját jó sok vesződségnek veletek nekem. Midőn mint jó vérű ember országdolgok rostálása helyett e munkának serényen fogtam, tettem ezt biztos reményében annak hogy a tisztelt közönség szépen szögre akasztva a takarékosságot nem vonatja meg meleg részvételit és pártolását, hogy mezitelen lábimra fuszeklit vehessek.
-mint a képen.... 16, 5 X 10, 50 cm méretben vastag karton papiron, fincsi  állapotban, tartalma mégfincsibb, ha valaki megveszi no az lesz a legfincsibb. A megnyert portékát postai úton tudom eljuttatni ajánlott küldeményként.
565 jó piz fejibe a póstáskisasszony tésuram vagy asszonyom nyikorgós kiskapujáig cipeli.

1909-ből 1VHS  katonai tiszti fénykép
Jelenlegi ára: 1 200 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-10 00:42
          LAMB OF GOD: la medaglia di Randy Blythe per la nomination ai Grammy Awards all’asta per le cure della cognata      Cache   Translate Page      

La  prima medaglia ricevuta dal cantante dei LAMB OF GOD, Randy Blythe, per la nomination ai Grammy Awards del 2006 nella categoria “Best Metal Performance” è stata nuovamente messa...
          Griffin, Billy      Cache   Translate Page      
BILLY GRIFFIN GODFREY — Billy D. Griffin, 78, of Godfrey, passed away at 3:19 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 8, 2018 at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis...
          Hokenson, Carl      Cache   Translate Page      
CARL HOKENSON GODFREY — Carl R. Hokenson, 80, passed away at 11:55 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St....
          Sanders, Richard      Cache   Translate Page      
SANDERS GODFREY — Richard R. Sanders, 80, passed away at 8:08 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 20, 2018 at his home with his family by his side....
          Danskere ‘går ikke over for rødt, selv om de kan se, at der ingen biler kommer. … det gør indvandrere”      Cache   Translate Page      
Forleden spurgte jeg en yngre kollega, om han skulle i byen i weekenden. Han sagde at vennerne normalt tog til Århus eller København, da Middelfart var for lille, og Fredericia, ja “… der er for mange af de sorte”. Sidste tur i Fredericia endte med et større slagsmål med godt 10 unge arabere, der startede […]
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#jesuscristo #jesus #deus #deusnocomando #fe #fé #pai #amigo #jesuscristo #amém #amem #cristão #jesusvive #god #yeshua #br #jesusfreak #jesuschrist #sol #luz #amor #paz #goodmorning #bomdia #boanoite #deusnocontrole #good #goodmorning #buenosdias #buenasnoches #bom #boanoitee
          Vicious Femdom Empire – Chastity Boy-Toy – Alina Lopez [Teasing, Chastity, Bondage]      Cache   Translate Page      

Goddess Alina Lopez loves a man completely tied down and helpless especially with their dick locked tightly away. She firmly believes all men’s cocks should be locked in chastity permanently 24/7/365. Of course, this doesn’t mean a Mistress can’t still have her fun teasing n tormenting their caged up cocks making them beg to be […]

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Na hora de mudar. #jesuscristo #jesus #deus #deusnocomando #fe #fé #pai #amigo #jesuscristo #amém #amem #cristão #jesusvive #god #yeshua #br #jesusfreak #jesuschrist #sol #luz #amor #paz #goodmorning #bomdia #boanoite #deusnocontrole #good #goodmorning #buenosdias #buenasnoches #bom #boanoitee
          Maan Ystävät: Tuki fossiilisille polttoaineille lopetettava      Cache   Translate Page      
EU:n pitäisi Maan ystävien mukaan nopeuttaa uusiutuvaan energiaan siirtymisvauhtia. Euroopan Maan ystävien johtajan Jagoda Munićin mukaan IPCC:n maanantaisen ilmastoraportin viesti on se, että fossiilisten polttoaineiden aikakauden on päätyttävä. – Jotta olisi mitään mahdollisuuksia välttää 1,5 asteen tai sitä suuremman ilmaston lämpenemisen aiheuttama kaaos, tulvat ja merenpinnan nousu, on suurimittaisesti ja nopeasti muutettava yhteiskuntiamme niin, että päästään […]
          Joel Sweeney's Grave in Appomattox, Virginia      Cache   Translate Page      

Joel Walker Sweeney gravemarker.

Although today the banjo is a mainstay of American country music, the prototype originated in West Africa and was brought to the New World as a result of the slave trade in the 1600s. Variants were widely known in the Caribbean and rural America, but Appomattox, Virginia, native Joel Walker Sweeney is credited with popularizing the modern version.

As the story goes, Sweeney was born in a log cabin in 1810 and learned to play a gourd banjo at age 13 from the slaves who worked on his father’s farm. A natural Virginia ham, he developed as an entertainer on the five-string banjo and performed around the state, at one point becoming a star in a regional circus. Success took him to New York and then overseas to Europe, where he is said to have performed for Queen Victoria.

In the 1840s, with his brothers and African-American performers, he formed one of the early minstrel shows, which became an international success. As the frailer member of the group, Joel died in 1860 from dropsy, but his younger brother Sam flourished as one of the United States’ most famous banjo players. Eventually discovered by Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart, Sam was attached to Stuart’s staff and rode behind the cavalryman (a la Monty Python’s Brave Sir Robin) playing his favorite tunes including “Jine the Cavalry.”

In the years since the Civil War, Joel Sweeney’s legend has grown, with him having been credited as the inventor of the banjo, the originator of the five-string banjo, the first white man to play the banjo, and the originator of the “clawhammer” style of playing the instrument. But these claims aren't exactly true. The more disturbing truth is that such stories were created to distance the banjo from its African roots to make it acceptable to white middle-class Americans.

Despite the unsavory elements of Sweeney’s legend, he was indisputably influential in the deliverance of the banjo from anonymity, and today, Appomattox hosts the annual Joel Sweeney Banjo & Old-Time Music Festival celebrating the “strum und drang” of America’s cultural heritage.

          AMERICAN GODS TRAILER      Cache   Translate Page      
¡Wotan revelado en toda su gloria...!

          Igor Bišćan svjestan što je napravio, Cipranima je poslao iskrenu poruku      Cache   Translate Page      
Bivši hrvatski reprezentativac, te igrač Dinama, Liverpoola i Panathinaikosa, a nakon igračke karijere i trener, Igor Bišćan, našao se u nezgodonoj situaciji. Jer imao je potpisan ugovor s ciparskim Anothosiom, ali na kraju je pristao na ponudu s Rujevice i u nastavku sezone vodit će Rijeku
          Francuska: Veliki sindikalni prosvjedi protiv Macronove socijalne politike      Cache   Translate Page      
Više desetak tisuća srednjoškolaca, studenata, radnika, dužnosnika i umirovljenika prosvjedovalo je u utorak diljem Francuske, prvi puta od početka školske godine, tražeći od predsjednika Emmanuela Macrona 'manje liberalnu' politiku
          Livaković otkrio na kakav ga je 'grijeh' tjerao Domagoj Vida      Cache   Translate Page      
Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija pobijedila je u revijalnoj utakmici momčad NK Bjelovara, koja obilježava 110 godina postojanja kluba. Dalićeva vrsta slavila je 15:1
          Izbornik Dalić otkrio što mu je bilo najvažnije u uvjerljivoj pobjedi      Cache   Translate Page      
Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija došla je u čestitare 110 godišnjem slavljeniku NK Bjelovaru. I 'počastila' ljubazne domaćine s 15 golova. Naravno, bila je to dobra prigoda Dalićevim igračima da se raspucaju uoči dvoboja s Engleskom, koji ih čeka ovog petka na praznoj Rujevici
          Black Metallers Automb Unleash New Music Video, “Horned God”      Cache   Translate Page      

Hail Satan.

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          Menschen im Hotel      Cache   Translate Page      
Drew Goddards Thriller "Bad Times at the El Royale" erinnert an die Werke von Quentin Tarantino. Ist Goddard ein billiger Kopist? Nein, meint unser Filmkritiker, denn er lädt seine verschachtelte, auf ein Showdown drängende Geschichte mit eigenen Ideen auf und gibt ihr einen politischen Hintergrund.
          Cubebrush - Pagoda V01 - V02      Cache   Translate Page      
Cubebrush - Pagoda V01 - V02
Cubebrush – Pagoda V01 – V02

          Mongodb轻量级聚合框架+分布式部署实战课程+Mongodb基础课程 Mongodb视频教程      Cache   Translate Page      
          Uncabaret Creatrix Beth Lapides: "I'm Not Good with Hate"      Cache   Translate Page      

Dennis visits the Hollywood home of comedienne Beth Lapides, the host and creatrix of the alternative comedy show The Uncabaret, which celebrates its 25th anniversary with a star-studded show November 18th at the Theater at the Ace Hotel in L.A. She talks about the origins of the show, starting out in comedy in LA in the early 90's and dealing with the Andrew Dice Clay-ness of it all and how her role as host keeps her from sharing too much about what's going on with her. She also discusses how social media has changed the show, the Father's Day show that got really dark, her first time performing in a comedy club, embracing the terms "performo-tainment" and "god-shot," and the goof she made the first time she did stand-up. Other topics include: why she cherishes her key collection, the celebrity death that hit her the hardest, why she loves comedy, apologizing to Betsy Johnson for stealing a skirt, and that time she ran for First Lady of the United States.

          Kalasha Sthapana time in Navratri 2018 | Best muhurat for Navratri Ghatasthapana 2018 – 10 October      Cache   Translate Page      

Kalasha Sthapana time in Navratri 2018, 10 October, Best muhurat for Navratri Ghatasthapana 2018. Navratri Ghatasthapana Muhurat on 10 October 2018. Chogadiya, Gulikai Kalam, Amrit Kalam, Abhijit Lagnam, etc. Kalasha Sthapana or Ghatasthapana is invoking Goddess Durga for Navratri puja. For this, devotees should follow the best muhurat or auspicious time. Sharad Navratri begins on October […]

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          Sharan Navaratri 2018 in Sringeri Sharada Mata Temple, Karnataka      Cache   Translate Page      

Sharan Navaratri in Sringeri Sharadamba Temple is a spectacular celebration during Ashwina masa every year. In 2018, Sharada Navaratri Utsava begins on October 9 and ends on October 20 with Dasara (Vijaya Dashami) in Sringeri Temple. Sharan navaratri at Sharadamba Temple, Sringeri, Karnataka, is the most auspicious festival when the Supreme Goddess, Sri Sharada Mata, […]

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          Murder, Memory, and How People Learn      Cache   Translate Page      

I’ve been steeling myself all week for the articles that will be published on Friday, noting the twentieth anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard. I knew Matt, although he was much younger than me. We grew up in the same church, where I remember watching him and his brother during services, teaching them in Sunday School. Matt was small then, and I moved away (and I believe his family moved away), so I never knew him as a grown man.

When Father Brown spoke at my father’s funeral a couple of years ago, he said it was one of the hardest services he’d ever led. Father Brown led the services for Matt’s funeral, and I felt sick to my stomach thinking of the comparison. I’ve strayed from the faith, I guess. My dad did too. But I think of Judy Shepard, Matt’s mom, so often, as she represents the epitome of Christian love and forgiveness. I think about what we do with loss and with trauma – what we do for ourselves and our communities.

Maybe I’ll write more about Matt. Maybe I won’t. I have been thinking this week about how he is remembered – by the LGBTQ community, by the residents of his home town, his home state. I have been thinking too about James Byrd Jr, who was murdered the same year. I don’t recall seeing any twentieth anniversary remembrances of his death this summer, even though both of their names are on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act that was signed into law by President Obama in 2009.

I have been thinking about erasure.

I didn’t expect to be jarred into thinking of another family member this morning, but I saw a friend note that a new edition of How People Learn has been released.

My dad’s cousin, Dr. Rodney Cocking, was one of the editors of the 2000 version. (I think that made Rod, who was one of my father’s best friends, my first cousin, once removed.) He was murdered in 2002 – it was no hate crime, but it was a grisly, violent death, one that shook everyone in my family (and I’d say as well in Rod’s professional circles).

I’ve long thought of How People Learn as his legacy of sorts, and I was a little sad, I confess, to see a new version without his name on the cover.

“Since HPL I was published, there has been a growing appreciation for the fundamental role that culture plays for every individual learner in every learning context, for every learning purpose,” the introduction to the new report reads. My god, I wish that there was some mention of Rod somewhere in this document. Maybe that’s selfish and unrealistic. Maybe the people at the National Research Council have forgotten; maybe they don’t want to remember.

What we know about learning, if we recognize it is bound up in culture, is that it must reflect both tradition and change. The “science of learning” wants to focus on the latter, to be sure – what’s new, what’s progressed. But the past matters.

          The Herd      Cache   Translate Page      

I got my flu shot today.

It’s only the second time I’ve got one. I did last year because I was taking classes at Columbia, and as teachers know, students are pretty damn germ-y. I was worried that I’d pick something up at school and bring it home to Kin, who seems to get sick from every virus he comes in contact with.

I’m not out-and-about much now that I’m back in Hermosa Beach. Indeed, Kin is one of the only people I’m in regular contact with. But I decided to get the needle jab today nonetheless – partly as I’m doing a little bit of traveling this fall, but mostly because I feel compelled to do something for the good of the herd.

Herd immunity. In this wealthy little beach town, folks don’t seem to care much of the herd. Affluent communities in California have some of the lowest rates of immunization in the US. When I asked the pharmacist today if a lot of people had been getting their flu shots, she laughed in my face.

The main street here is dotted with stores that sell all sorts of pseudo-scientific “health” aids: you can get botox injected into various body parts, and you can get IV drips to help you overcome a hangover; you can even get a variety of vitamin booster shots. Clearly it’s not the needle that’s scary. But god forbid you vaccinate yourself or your children against measles, whooping cough, or the flu.

Obviously, this is all deeply caught up with misinformation and disinformation campaigns that have part of the population fearful about the supposed dangers of immunizations. But there’s something to be said here too, I think, for the ways in which too many people – too many people in my neighborhood – believe that whiteness and affluence will shield their families from disaster, believe that they can somehow protect the individuals near them without any consideration for the rest of society.

          Peak Performance Greyhawk Pant Junior      Cache   Translate Page      
Peak Performance Greyhawk Pant är ett par fodrade skidbyxor med skön komfort och rak passform för barn tillverkad i polyesterblandning och Hipe® Core som medför ett vind- och vattenavvisande material med god andningsförmåga. Dessa byxor har ventilationsdragkedja i sidorna och justerbar midja med kardborre med borstad trikå på insidan. Greyhawk Pant har ledade knän för ökad rörelseförmåga samt fler detaljer som två framfickor med dragkedja, en bakficka med dragkedja, snap-in system, snölås och förstärkning vid benslut.   Hipe® Core, 40% polyester, 40% återvunnen polyester & 20% PET Normal passform Vattenpelare: 15.000 mm Vindtät God andningsförmåga Ventilationsdragkedja i sidorna Justerbar midja med kardborre  Ledade knän Snap-in system Snölås Två framfickor med dragkedja En bakficka med dragkedja Förstärkning i benslut
          Vanessa Willneff posted a blog post      Cache   Translate Page      
Vanessa Willneff posted a blog post

Giraffe Gifts For Adults

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          Prodaja gradjevinskog placa-Jagodina      Cache   Translate Page      
Gradjevinski plac , izlazi na dve ulice, dozvoljena gradnja ,stambeno-poslovnog objekta ,ili fabrike, 2.500 EUR/ar…063/746-7928
          Food for the soul      Cache   Translate Page      
Everyday I realize that I have a sickness in my soul. I do not trust God to comfort me during times of stress. I admit to being weak when binging. For food has become my comfortor. I have damaged the temple that the Holy spirit dwells within me. It doesn't matter that I eat out of stress, bordum...
           Skomentuj Jeszcze o odchudzaniu, którego autorem jest Issa       Cache   Translate Page      
Korpo: a dzieki:) bylam u znajomych pod wieliczka 3 lata temu na mini-urlopie... specyficzny region. Z jednej strony mialam wrazenie, ze oaza polskiej tradycji i kultury (czego w stolycy nie ma), a z drugiej strony dosc scisle relacje miedzyludzkie i pewnie sporo zawisci tez przy okazji. Nie wiedzialam wczesniej, ze na poludniu Pl jest az tak tradycyjnie. Te cholerne "smieciowki" wszystkim daja do wiwatu. Jak pisalam - w stolycy nie lepiej. Moze wiecej jest miejsc pracy, ale sensownej pracy, za godziwe pieniadze i na umowe o prace - nie ma tak wiele, a tlum mlodych i niemlodych ludzi wali tu regularnie zewszad, w oczekiwaniu na bog-wie-co. Marku: w sklepie za gorsze mozna kupic najtansze zywieniowe badziewie... dzemy gdzie plywa 1 wisnia na sloik, a reszta to cukrzana galaretka;) chleb, ktory chlebem trudno nazwac, wedliny, gdzie konserwantow jest wiecej niz miesa itd. No i pyszne mleko-niemleko, ktore nie zsiada sie naturalnie, ale za to zasmierduje :P Mam takie mini-hobby i zagladam ludziom do koszykow, przy kasie;) o laboga! Patrzysz na kogos, kto na pierwszy rzut oka robi dobre wrazenie, zadbana osoba, K/M bez roznicy, no nieco powyzej sredniej krajowej, a tu w koszyku sam plastik! Sztucznosci, konserwanty, fastfudy itd. I w druga strone - stoi niepozorny, szczuplutki chlopaczek, rudzielec:) i wyklada na tasme same zdrowe i wege produkty:D Moznaby sie na randki umawiac, tylko na podstawie zawartosci koszyka zakupowego:D Przynajmniej gwarancja bylaby, ze chlopina zdrowy i o zdrowie dba:)))
          1 Peter 3:18      Cache   Translate Page      
For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit....
           Skomentuj Bajka o tym, jak polska patriotyczna prawica nienawidzi kobiet., którego autorem jest futrzak       Cache   Translate Page      
@korposzczur: To myslenie nadal jest normą, niestety. Myslenie, ktore dopuszcza obrażanie i deprecjonowanie kobiet, które padly ofiarą gwałtu. Bo polska kultura en mass jest nadal kulturą gwałtu. Zeby to dostrzec nawet niekoniecznie trzeba jezdzic za granice i patrzec, ze inaczej sie da (chociaz to oczywiscie optymalne byloby...). Czasami wystarcza zwykle odwrocenie ról. Na przyklad: facet twierdzi, ze nie potrafi rozróżnić, co to consent? Ależ potrafi, wystarczy tylko, ze to nie on będzie pchal łapy pod spódnicę kobiecie bez jej zgody; wystarczy, ze to jemu gej będzie usilowal wsadzić łapy do rozporka bez jego zgody. Od razu inaczej, nie? W takim wypadku najczesciej reakcją jest agresja slowna i fizyczna, i nikt tego nie kwestionuje, prawda? A jak kobieta na to sie skarzy, to co slyszy? "Widocznie sama sie prosila", "ale o co chodzi", "o wielka rzecz" etc. Ktos kiedys slyszal takie teksty pod adresem poszkodowanego faceta? Albo: Jakis publicysta twierdzi, ze kobiety walczące o prawa kobiet (feministki) nienawidzą mężczyzn i są niedoruchane. Pytanie: kiedy ten sam publicysta powiedzial o męzczyznach, walczących o prawa kobiet, że nienawidzą mężczyzn i są niedoruchani? Zabieg odwrócenia ról jest prosty i pozwala bardzo szybko dostrzec, jak bardzo kobiety w polskiej przestrzeni publicznej są poniżane, lekceważone i pogardzane.
          Autoengaño, vieja adicción de ciertos políticos      Cache   Translate Page      

La Piedra en el Zapato Por Abraham García Ibarra Si un joven loco enamorado se pone de novio solo y no es correspondido, diez años después en que ve a su pretendida doncella, casada y con tres hijos, exclama aliviado: ¡De la que me escapé! No ocurre lo mismo con los políticos y burócratas que asumen responsabilidades de Estado: Su autoengaño deja profundos e irreparables traumas en el cuerpo de la República y en la sociedad. Por autoengaño entendemos aquella autocomplaciente actitud ante problemas de grueso calibre al que se responde con monstruosas falacias para taparle el ojo al macho o, peor aún, para satisfacer perversos designios propios o de los intereses creados. Cuando padecimos “sólo un problema de caja” Hagamos el recorrido de rigor: En    1982, en que la Tesorería de la Federación se quedó sin una josefita, el secretario de Hacienda, Jesús Silva Herzog Flores, exclamó paladinamente: Es sólo un  problema de caja. La crisis financiera nacional se profundizó y se prolongó, acelerada por el saqueo de dólares: El 1 de septiembre se decretó la Expropiación bancaria. Al arrancar el sexenio 1988-1994 se propuso la Reforma del Estado con estos objetivos y metas: 1) La defensa de la soberanía nacional y la promoción de los intereses de México en el mundo; 2) La ampliación de la vida democrática) 3) El crecimiento económico con estabilidad de precios; y 4) El mejoramiento productivo del nivel de vida de la población; es decir, la promoción del bienestar social. En mayo de 1990, como imperativo de la Reforma del Estado, el secretario de Hacienda, Pedro Aspe Armella se presentó ante la Cámara de Diputados a defender la reforma al artículo 28 de la Constitución, para revertir la expropiación bancaria y disponer la reprivatización del sistema de banca y crédito. La banca, controlada por mexicanos y para beneficio de los mexicanos Aspe dijo que los bancos mexicanos quedarían controlados por los mexicanos y para beneficio de los mexicanos. Fue la inauguración del proceso de desnacionalización de la columna vertebral de la economía mexicana. Días después de concluido el sexenio de Carlos Salinas de Gortari estalló el maquinado error de diciembre de 1994. El bienestar para la familia que prometió Zedillo El ex secretario de Programación y Presupuesto, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, como candidato presidencial suplente, se abanderó con la oferta bienestar para la familia. Zedillo aceptó el salvataje de su presidencia por Washington. A cambio, como garantía de pago, embargó la factura petrolera. Durante su mandato, convirtió en deuda pública la deuda contingente del Fondo Bancario de Protección al Ahorro, donde estaban depositados papeles chatarra de banqueros y otros empresarios rescatados de la quiebra de bienes públicos que fueron puestos bajo su gestión. Zedillo liquidó el viejo Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro para entregarlo a las administradoras privadas. Ahora, el más alto porcentaje de los recursos acumulados para asegurar a los trabajadores una vejez digna (tres y medio billones de pesos), están expuestos al mercado especulativo en el que medran el propio gobierno y las empresas privadas; no pocas, corporativos extranjeros. El bienestar para la familia es hoy privilegio exclusivo de unos cuantos plutócratas, nominados por Forbes entre las más ricas del mundo. El legado del “humanismo político” de Calderón Vicente Fox blasonó que el suyo sería el primer gobierno democrático de la historia de México. Lo patentó como el de los empresarios, por los empresarios y para los empresarios. En su campaña electoral, Felipe Calderón postuló su gobierno como el del humanismo político. Dejó el tejido social desgarrado y, al terminar su mandato, hizo alarde de que entregaba a su sucesor, en materia económica, un barco de gran calado a salvo de la tempestad. Enrique Peña Nieto, exultante, prometió el 1 de diciembre de 2012 un México en paz y un modelo de desarrollo incluyente. El país naufraga en un podrido  pantano de sangre y las finanzas del Estado cargan el fardo de una deuda pública de casi once billones de pesos con cargo a los contribuyentes cautivos. Contra el autoengaño de los hombres públicos,  pues, no hay vacuna patentada. El síndrome es problema de la siquiatría. México rendido gratuitamente a los corporativos trasnacionales En el otoño de 2016, escribimos algunas notas de alerta. Transcribimos una advertencia conjunta del  Premio Nobel de Economía, Joseph E. Stiglitz y Adam S. Hersh, economista e investigador visitante en la Iniciativa para el Diálogo Político de la Universidad de Columbia (USA), a saber: “El señor Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, secretario de Economía del presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, se está apresurando a viajar a Atlanta con la esperanza de finalizar un nuevo acuerdo (el ATP), que ampliará el Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN) a otras nueve economías de Asia y Pacífico. “A partir de la experiencia pasada con acuerdos comerciales liderados por los Estados Unidos y lo que hemos podido deducir de documentos filtrados de debates de carácter confidencial, es claro que las esperanzas del presidente Peña Nieto se encuentran fuera de lugar. Los negociadores de México parecen estar a punto de rendirse ante las demandas de empresas de los países avanzados, sin beneficios para su país”. Sostenían entonces esas autorizadas voces que la crisis financiera (el error de diciembre) ocurrida un año después de la firma del trilateral Tratado de Libre Comercio, se debió a este acuerdo: Los agricultores mexicanos de maíz pobres debieron competir con agricultores estadunidenses que recibían altos subsidios. Era vergonzoso incluso llamarlo de libre comercio”. Proclama el inquilino de la Casa Blanca: ¡Yo gané! El peñismo siguió montado en su macho aún después de que Donald Trump retiró a los Estados Unidos del Acuerdo Transpacífico de Asociación Económica y empezó la demolición del TLCAN. Ha pasado el verano ardiente. México, representado por el salinista Guajardo Villarreal, fue empinado a firmar un arreglo comercial bilateral con Washington. Con la rendición de Canadá a fines de septiembre, aquí se le dieron ensordecedores decibles a las fanfarrias, a pesar de que Trump se regodeó: ¡Yo gané! Hoy, el especializado diario...

The post Autoengaño, vieja adicción de ciertos políticos appeared first on Voces del Periodista Diario.

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  Alexander, Brian şi Louis Stuart-Houston sunt ultimele rude în viaţă ale lui Hitler,
          My Journey Day 4      Cache   Translate Page      
Day 4 of my Journey. I am really liking yoga! I am also enjoying my time with God! Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 reminded me that everything has a time & its not up to me, its in His time. Jonah 2:8 "Those who cling to worthless idols turn away from God's love for them." That was the scripture for weight l...
          Another hot day      Cache   Translate Page      
I don't get it, I fix a nice meal and not even 1 hour later my DH is snacking. I don't eat anything after 7:00pm. Then he eats ice cream every night. He stays the same weight no matter what he eats, it's just not fair. God give me the strength to get thru each day.
          Components of Christian Faith      Cache   Translate Page      

Adoration: We love God because He first loved us.
Revelation: Witness of the Spirit with our spirit: Romans 8: 16 The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are ...
          Pray And Praise Will Bring You Out Of Your Pit (10/9/18)      Cache   Translate Page      
"Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray? Is any merry? Let him sing psalms." ( James 5:13)
In life suffering, affliction, and hardship will touch our lives. It is what we do in these moments of real hardship that mater. It is easy to get angry, want to curse, even blame God or someone for...
          Spoiler...Marriage      Cache   Translate Page      
Russell M. Nelson
Marriage has been divinely designated as an eternal and everlasting covenant. Marriage is sanctified when it is cherished and honored in holiness. That union is not merely between husband and wife; it embraces a partnership with God.
          The Reward of Diligence - Joel and Victoria      Cache   Translate Page      
The Reward of Diligence

"The soul of the sluggard craves, and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied." (Proverbs 13:4, RSV)

God longs to pour out His favor and blessing on you. He has rewards, victory and promotion for you, but these things don’t ha...
          Day one...      Cache   Translate Page      
Today was another day one in the gym. Curcuit training, 3 rounds of 10 machines. With additional sit-ups thrown in for fun. Tomorrow will be cardio....god I hate cardio lol
          Good God Lemon, There Are 324 Classic '30 Rock' Items Up For Auction      Cache   Translate Page      
Good God Lemon, There Are 324 Classic '30 Rock' Items Up For Auction Our favorite TV shows may go off the air, but we'll always have overpriced souvenirs to remember them by: as with Mad Men and The Americans, there is an online auction happening right now for pieces from one of the all-time great NYC shows, 30 Rock. Don't even try to pretend that you don't want a "Dr. Spaceman's Masters of Abnormal Brain Studies" medical certificate. [ more › ]
          Mercy, Peace and Love – Day 8      Cache   Translate Page      
Called, sanctified by God the Father and preserved in Christ Jesus

Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction” (Mark 5:34). Jesus was speaking to the woman who had done everything possible in her own strength to be healed. She ha...
          ニューヨーカーが大熱狂!映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』ニューヨーク・コミコンオフィシャルレポート      Cache   Translate Page      

 2018年12月14日より公開される映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』。日本時間の10月6日(※現地時間10月5日)に、アメリカニューヨークで開催された“ニューヨーク・コミコン”にて、本作のパネルディスカッションが実施された。


 そして今回映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』のパネルディスカッションが行われたのは、「世界でもっとも有名なアリーナ」“マディソン・スクエア・ガーデン”。フランク・シナトラ、エルヴィス・プレスリー、マイケル・ジャクソンなど、名だたるアーティストしか公演をすることが許されておらず、数々の有名アーティストがここでのライブを夢に見る場所として知られている。


 パネルディスカッションでは、開場するやいなや『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』の最新情報をいまかいまかとファンが詰めかけた。そんな中、MCとして英語版ブルマを務めるモニカ・ライアルが登場。この日が誕生日だったことから、ファンからハッピーバースデーの大熱唱が行われ、MC登場時点で会場は大盛り上がり。


 さらに英語版の声優で悟空役のショーン・シュメルが野沢への花束を持って登場し日米2大悟空が揃った。続いてベジータ役のクリストファー・サバト、ブロリー 役のヴィック・ミニョーニャ、破壊神ビルス役のジェイソン・ダグラス、ウィス役のイアン・シンクレアが登場し会場のボルテージは超MAX状態に。




 またブロリー への言及があると野沢より「バトルシーンがとにかくすごいです!」断言。続いて野沢からは「オッス、オラ悟空。オラうれしいぞ。すっごくうれしいぞ。みんな楽しみにしていてくれよな」と悟空の声で会場のファンたちへ呼びかけさらに会場を盛り上げた。


 ブロリー 役のヴィック・ミニョーニャは日米悟空の野沢雅子とショーン・シュメルの前に立ちどっちを攻撃していいのか?迷いつつ、とりあえず「カカロットォォォォ」と叫ぶパフォーマンスを行い会場を沸かせ、またブロリー について聞かれると「彼は悪人ではなく勘違いしちゃったキャラだよね」野沢からは「(ブロリー について)憎たらしいんだけど愛すべきところがある」とコメントもあり、笑いとともに今作で登場したブロリー の存在感を会場へアピールした。



 『DRAGON BALL NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2018』と銘打った北米を回るドラゴンボールツアーは当然“ニューヨーク・コミコン”でもブースを構え、ニューヨーク最大の展示場“ジャビッツ・センター”でも大盛況となった。



 周りからは「OH MY GOD!LIVING LEGEND(生ける伝説)!」と言ったコメントや、突然の登場に開いた口が塞がらないファンまで。野沢雅子の人気が伺える。






(c)バードスタジオ/集英社 (c)「2018 ドラゴンボール超」製作委員会

ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー
『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』12月14日(金)ロードショー 最大の敵、サイヤ人。
「ドラゴンボール超」TV・映画公式 (@DB_super2015) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from 「ドラゴンボール超」TV・映画公式 (@DB_super2015). TV&映画「ドラゴンボール超」公式Twitter!TVアニメの次の物語が映画で描かれる!映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』は12月14日公開!新たに始まる、“最強”への冒険をお楽しみに!ハッシュタグは #ドラゴンボール超
悟空・ベジータ・ブロリーの過去に迫る!映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』最新映像解禁
 12月14日(金)より公開、映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』(配給:東映)より、第2弾予告編映像が解禁となった。
水樹奈々&杉田智和、激闘に参戦!映画『ドラゴンボール超 ブロリー』追加声優解禁
 12月14日(金)より公開、映画『ドラゴンボール超(スーパー) ブロリー』(配給:東映)の映画オリジナルキャラクター、チライの声優に水樹奈々、レモの声優に杉田智和が決定した。

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[Jesus]{LORD [Adonay] TH...
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R$26 - Zattini
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Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych przez Usługodawcę Serwisu i Administratora danych osobowych firmę Grupa Doradcza Profesja S.C.w celu...
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je recommande aussi les immenses Gorky's Zygotic Mynci ou bien les fabuleux ME
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The Star Online

Swimming against the tide
The Star Online
IF there's one thing the Umno leadership needs to accept – no matter how painful – is that it's now in the opposition. They got kicked out, and that's life. So, for God's sake, please start acting and thinking like an opposition party. It may be hard ...

           W środę powołanie kolejnych sędziów Sądu Najwyższego. Wbrew zabezpieczeniu NSA ( k1fl0w )       Cache   Translate Page      
Czy SN ma kompetencje oceniać zgodność prawa krajowego z prawem unijnym? CO jest napisane w traktatach europejskich i Konstytucji?
Na jakiej podstawie SN zawiesił obowiązujące prawo? Może to zrobić TK i dopiero po wyroku.
W Uzasadnieniu piszą, że nie mają podstawy prawnej.
Jaki związek ze sprawą cywilnoprawną emeryt-ZUS ma sprawa ustojowa w SN? Jakim cudem stocoswano KPC w kwestiach ustrojowych?
Strony nie występowały o zabezpieczenie a dzięki sędziom walczącym o swoje racje będą musiały dłużej czekać na wyrok.

No to jak było?
Emeryt sądzi się z ZUS.
sprawa trafia do SN.
SN ma rozstrzygać w składzie trzy osobowym.
SN zwiększa skład do 7 i sztucznie tworzy" problem" z 2 sędziami 65+(wtopa)
Sędziowie zamiast wyłączyć się ze sprawy kręcą dym(wtopa)
Występują z zabezpieczeniem w sprawie nie będącym przedmiotem postępowania(wtopa)
Ale według obowiązującego prawa SN nie może udzielić zabezpieczenia bo musi to zrobić sąd pierwszej instancji(wtopa)
Aby SN mógł udzielić zabezpieczenia stwierdza sam, nie TSUE, Nie TK a SN, że art 734 KPC jest niezgodny z prawem Unijnym( Wtopa jak...)
Na podstawie KPC zawiesza przepisy o charakterze ustrojowym bez związku z rozpatrywaną sprawą, bez wyroku(wtopa jak...)
Zabezpieczenie udziela z urzędu(wtopa)
Pyta się TSUE czy przepisy są zgodne z prawem unijnym chociaż sam już sobie stwierdził że inne przepisy są niezgodne z prawem unijnym(wtopa)
Zabezpieczenie nie dotyczy stron sprawy(wtopa jak...)
Zabezpieczenie dotyczy prawa globalnie(wtopa...)
Emeryt poczeka 1-3 lata dłuzej na wyrok. Super interes.

Tego szamba nie da się obronić. Nie ważne jak nie znosisz PiS-u. SN dał duuuuupy.
           Skandal! TVP zamierza wyrzucić 140 mln zł na 2 sezony polskiej ekstraklasy ( tomasztomasz1234 )       Cache   Translate Page      
70 milionów to grosze przy budżetach takiego Ameryka Express czy programu z Rozenek Majdan co Miszczak mówił, że budżet każdego odcinka wynosił ponad 10 milionów.

@kwmaster: Bzdury piszesz. 10 milionów złotych to budżet całego sezonu Iron Majdan, czyli wychodziło milion za odcinek. I zobacz, ten milion był tak szokującą kwotą w świecie mediów, że bardzo wiele portali o tym pisało, a co dopiero mówić o dwóch milionach za mecz.

Wyobraź sobie sytuację, że mistrzostwa świata trwają 3 tygodnie, a ekstraklasa 10 miesięcy, jest to 10 miesięcy pokazywania logo sponsorów

@tomekwykopuje: Po pierwsze, to Ekstraklasa nie gra przez 10 miesięcy. A po drugie to kluczowa jest oglądalność, a ta przy MŚ była zdecydowanie wyższa, a i samych spotkań było znacznie więcej. Firmy wolą jak obejrzy ich reklamę 5 milionów osób niż 2 miliony, to chyba oczywiste. Poza tym pamiętaj, że jak leci mecz to nie poleci jakiś inny program, który także mógłby zgromadzić jakąś tam sensowną widownię w tym najlepszym czasie antenowym.

Kwota za MŚ jest wzięta chociażby z tego, że TVP pochwaliła się zarobkiem na MŚ rzędu właśnie 70 milionów, więc skoro wyszli na lekki plus, to prawa musiały kosztować nieco mniej ;)
          Comment on Taylor Swift Votes The GOP by George      Cache   Translate Page      
Marriage. Marry. Mary. Mary and Joseph, Mary Magdalene. Matrimony. Mater. Mater Dei. Mother of God. Marriage is irrefutably singularly and solely about motherhood and generating children. Marriage has nothing to do with sexual perversion or perversions of nature. Contractual agreements having nothing to do with procreation do not constitute marriage. The inmates have taken over the asylum. Stop the incoherence and hysteria. Call security.
          Comment on The horrors of the lib dem agenda presaged in the horrors of the past by Bellarmino Vianney      Cache   Translate Page      
Unrepentant lib dems - including their voters - cannot get to heaven. That is plain and simple Gospel teaching. Jesus says, "but he who denies me before men will be denied before the angels of God". (Luke 12:9) A vote in favor of a liberal/Leftist politician is an explicit denial of Jesus Christ.
          Comment on The Negative Power of Silence by Hugh      Cache   Translate Page      
Years ago, I was startled to read in Paul Johnson's great "Modern Times" that the much ridiculed and vastly underestimated U.S. President Calvin Coolidge translated the "Inferno", and gave it as a wedding gift to his bride! Whenever I, who haven't so much as read through the Inferno beyond the first dozen cantos, ponder that, I'm yet again humbled. Yes, to be learned in history - even a tiny scrap - is (pace J H Newman) to be rightly reminded of my insignificance. There's despicable me, in awe of Johnson, who's in awe of Coolidge, who's in awe of Dante, who's in awe of Our Lady and the saints and angels, who are in awe of God. How aweful this place is!
          The "New" God Knew He Would Do for You      Cache   Translate Page      
          From 'Titans' to 'Good Omens': Your NYCC 2018 TV Trailer Roundup (VIDEOS)      Cache   Translate Page      
Get excited for the upcoming seasons of 'America Gods,' 'Star Trek: Discovery,' and 'Titans,' just to name a few.

          Comment on Professor’s Tweets Prompt Tepid University Response by John      Cache   Translate Page      
I, too, was shocked and dismayed by Professor Fair’s comments as reported in the national media. They seem to go against the spirit of what I took away from the school. I was at Georgetown in the 1980s. It was during the Reagan years and conservatives ruled DC. One of the great things at GU was that I had both conservative and liberal professors. Debate and the understanding of points of view that sometimes differed dramatically were encouraged. Much like the required course, Problem of God, which studied different religions, my government courses explored the two party system thoroughly. Even as a conservative, I remember Professor Elaine Kamarck, a DNC member, being one of my more outstanding professors. Similarly, I remember a liberal professor talking about how out outrageous it was that Steve Jobs was worth $200 million at age 25, only to be debated by a 19-year-old student in the business school about why the innovation his company brought to the world was easily worth that much, if not much more. 30 years later, it appears the student was right! One great gift of Georgetown was it opened me up to learning and understanding disparate views. However, violence was never encouraged condoned, particularly in such a crude manner. I am stunned and embarrassed for my alma mater.
          Identifikacija žrtava u stravičnom sudaru na auto-putu poginula i sudija Apelacionog suda!      Cache   Translate Page      
Suzana Vidanović, sudija Apelacionog suda u Kragujevcu i njen suprug advokat Mile Vidanović su dve od sedam žrtava stravičnih saobraćajnih nesreća koje su se dogodile rano jutros na autoputu Beograd - Niš U današnjoj stravičnoj saobraćajnoj nesreći na auto-putu nastradao je i ugledni [...]
          Maloletnici (16) uhapšeni zbog ubistva u pokušaju      Cache   Translate Page      
Pripadnici Ministarstva unutrašnjih poslova u Kragujevcu uhapsili su trojicu šesnaestogodišnjaka iz Kragujevca, zbog postojanja osnova sumnje da su izvršili krivično delo ubistvo u pokušaju. Kako se sumnja oni su juče, oko 14,30 sati, u jednom napuštenom objektu u Kragujevcu učestvovali u [...]
          Uzgoj maslina      Cache   Translate Page      
Maslina je stablo koje posebnu vrijednost ima u mediteranskim krajevima, ne samo kao stablo čiji se plodovi koriste za preradu i konzumaciju, nego i veliku povijesnu i kulturološku važnost. Stablo maslina je izuzetno dugovječno. U Hrvatskoj postoji stablo staro 1600 godina, nalazi se na Brijunima i zbog toga je vrlo poznato, ipak, ono čak i […]
          Light in Darkness by David Palumbo-Liu       Cache   Translate Page      

Light in Darkness
by David Palumbo-Liu | @palumboliu | special to NewBlackMan (in Exile)

It’s actually a very small gesture, but it was one that I thought made a lot of sense and that would carry me through the days, and years to come.  I decided to get a tattoo a few days before the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Kavanaugh, as I saw hopes of justice fade.  So now, on my left forearm, there is a tattoo that reads “Fiat Lux,” which means, “Let There Be Light.”  It comes from the Bible, Genesis 1:3—“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.  And God seeing that light was good, God separated the light from the darkness.”  It is also the motto of the University of California, where I was educated.  In that context it refers to something like an Enlightenment principle—that education can illuminate the world for us and lend us understanding.  It is also an expression that supporters of victims of sexual violence have used.  
Kavanaugh’s confirmation—despite credible testimony of his sexual violence and numerous cases of perjury—ushers in an extremely dark period in US history.  The FBI investigation—that was supposed to shed light on the accusations and rebuttals of two individuals with diametrically opposed versions of the truth--was rushed, constrained, and made extremely narrow by the White House.  Key people who said they had close knowledge of the candidate and evidence to prove it were not interviewed by the FBI.  In an effort to reach the eyes and ears of the senators who would decide on Kavanaugh’s fitness for office, thousands of lawyers, the American Law Association, church groups, survivors’ rights groups, Yale graduates, the Dean of the Yale Law School, and even a former Supreme Court Justice nominated by a Republican president advised against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.  Their reasons went far beyond the alleged sexual violence—they focused on Kavanaugh’s behavior and his evasions upon even being questioned.  This evidence was plain to see for anyone who had access to the Internet or a television.  His partisan bias, his contempt for due process, and his antagonism toward women were all patently clear, as was his inability to control his temper, even to save his own cause.  Yet all that was plain to see was buried under a deeply flawed process and spun into lies.  Darkness, darkness, darkness.  Not light.  And the darkness is spreading.
Donald Trump has adopted Ronald Reagan’s tactic of infusing our core institutions with people who bear animus toward those very institutions. Trump seeks to destroy from within.  Regulatory agencies are now led by people who despise regulation.  The protection of the environment has been given over to someone who hates the environment—he sees it simply as something else to be monetized. The Secretary of the Department of Education is a for-profit “educator” who likewise sees students as customers and teachers as workers to be bullied and intimidated into teaching the lesson plans she decrees to be “useful.”   And now the scales of justice will be balanced by an intemperate perjurer and an alleged sexual harasser. The rot starts at the core and works its way out.
Any attempt to shine a light into those depths—to cut through the obfuscation and sophistry--is met with violence and contempt.  When confronted by protesters who screamed to be heard, demanded to remind senators that Kavanaugh had lied to them and to the world sequentially, they were told to “grow up” by Senator Orin Hatch.
What he means of course is that they, and we, accept the bitter and cynical and dark version of the world that this administration has produced and maintained.  To give up “youthful” idealism.  But in his famous essay, “What is Enlightenment,” Immanuel Kant had a very different notion of youth and maturity.  He told people to stop being children, youths, in following the marching orders of authority—the church and the state.  Kant believed that “adulthood” meant exerting one’s own critical and rational capacities to ascertain for oneself what was true.  In this case, Enlightenment means standing up for oneself and not bowing to power.  Not accepting the idea that darkness is light, that there are “alternate facts,” and that, according to the President’s lawyer, there is no such thing as the truth.
My greatest fear is that children growing up today will accept the horrible dark, un-Enlightened frame that is now in place as the norm. This norm says that mendacity from the mouths of some people is excusable, that cruelty at the expense of others is comic, that critical thinking itself is inconsequential.
The fact that thousands protested, agitated, and led the way in civil disobedience, and lent their voices of rage and indignation to each other gives me hope.  But the most important kind of hope lies not in sporadic marches and protests.  It comes back to the idea that we carry goodness and the hunger for justice inside us, and that in so doing--in acting as if decency, goodness, empathy, mattered to us--we give support to those who feel the same.  We need to embody, especially in times of crisis but also and importantly in every day encounters and instances, those things that are part of the world we wish to retain and nurture, and not let be submerged in darkness. In that we repudiate the inevitability of darkness and carry light with us.
Aidan Hill writes in UC Berkeley’s student newspaper, The Daily Cal, a passage worth quoting at length: 
…now more than ever we must take to the streets and demand justice for all survivors regardless of how they identify. As the founder of the #MeToo movement Tarana Burke states, it’s time for us to show up “in person with our feet to the streets to say we won’t be treated this way and we won’t stand for another survivor to be treated this way.” The time is now to declare that we, especially students, are not put on this earth for anyone’s consumption, entertainment or impregnation; we are here to learn how to love ourselves.
Fellow students of UC Berkeley, please do not forget that while they have guns, we have flowers — and through the concrete, we will bloom. Our greatest strength is our community. From People’s Park to the Lawrence Hall of Science, for 150 years Berkeley has pioneered a way forward, bringing the hard light of knowledge and resistance to our world. Citizens of Berkeley, the time is now to remember our history and resistance. We must remember that the fight for free speech was a fight for silence breakers demanding to be heard. And we are not going back into the silence. Fiat Lux.

 David Palumbo-Liu is the Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor at Stanford University

          Living Arcanis 5E Introductory Season Packet      Cache   Translate Page      
Living Arcanis 5E Introductory Season PacketPublisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

The World of the Shattered Empires Awaits!

Written for mature players that desire to explore a setting of varying shades of grey rather than stark black and white, Arcanis seeks to add a layer of intrigue and moral ambiguity to your gaming table. and nbsp;The adventures presented are part of a rich tapestry that tells the story of the people of Arcanis. While some of these adventures may be played independently of one another, they all weave a story and help unlock the multiple mysteries of the world.

This introductory packet contains the following:

A and nbsp;READ ME FIRST document

Pre-Gens (8): 1st level characters

Campaign Rules (Living Arcanis 5E Campaign Guide)

Character Sheet

The following Adventures and associated Character Records and Certs as appropriate:

LA-Intro-1-1 Taboo

LA-Intro-1-2 A Thousand Words

LA-Intro-1-3 Unbated and Envenomed

LA-Intro-1-4 Whispers of the Gods

LA-Intro-1-5 To Die Alone

LA-Intro-1-6 In Plain Sight

LA-Intro-1-7 Espionage

LA-Intro-1-8 The Gleam of Fires, the Throb of Drums

Ad Sheet with the current Arcanis product line as of 10-01-2018

Thank you for giving the Living Arcanis 5E campaign a try and get ready to Leave Your Mark Upon the Shattered Empires!

and nbsp;

and nbsp;

and nbsp;

          True love's first slap      Cache   Translate Page      
It's a very special moment.

A lot of people don't like the way St*rb*cks barristas ask for your name, now.  But I have a lot of fun with it. When it's a young goddess, like this one, I get to be called "maggot" and "small-dick loser" for a fraction of the cost of even online humiliatrices, let alone a live session.  I don't do it when it's a man of course - except this one time, when they changed after taking my order and this 20 year-old guy called me "cumfaced pervert"?  That was kind of edgy, for me.

Not after having written them all out two hundred times, no.
This is Goddess Sophia, yet another lovely lady who has has the extreme misfortune to step into the puddle of slime that is Servitor in person and have to scrape him off the soles of her shoes.

It's best to mark your possessions - or better yet, tag them with an RFID chip.

I wouldn't have got myself into this mess, if playing cards made some kind of sense. Queens are lower than kings and aces?? How is anyone supposed to remember that?

Actually, it was the lipstick.

          Ninguém nos pode parar. ["Seria incapaz de amar um filho homossexual" - palavras de Jair Bolsonaro, o preferido de muitos milhões de Brasileiros]      Cache   Translate Page      

No outro dia recebi, via YouTube, notícia de um novo vídeo da União das Tribos. Fui vê-lo. Curioso: justamente no dia em que pessoa amiga me disse que tinha estado a almoçar com um conhecido nosso que eu pensava que ainda estaria a viver em Berlim.

Vendo o filme perceberão melhor a relação com o que vou escrever a seguir.

Como ontem referi, vou escrever com pinças. Não quero que alguém consiga saber de quem vou falar.
Lembro-me sempre de que uma vez escrevi aqui um texto violento, insurgindo-me contra uma situação que muito me abalou. Pelo tema que era, não disse o nome da pessoa envolvida nem, em meu entender, disse fosse o que fosse que a pudesse identificar. Mas penso que deixei transparecer o meu asco por quem tinha praticado tais actos. Pois bem: no dia seguinte recebi um mail da dita pessoa. Fiquei estupefacta. Era uma carta sentida. Dizia que se tinha reconhecido no que eu tinha escrito. Negava o seu envolvimento no caso e dizia que, de tudo aquilo pelo que tinha passado (e era muito), nunca nada o tinha feito sofrer tanto como as minhas palavras. Quando acabei de ler o mail, eu estava petrificada. Poderia ser que ele estivesse inocente? Seria possível que estivessem todos enganados, acusando-o injustamente, e que eu também estivesse a cometer uma tremenda injustiça? Li e reli. Eram palavras toldadas pela mágoa e nelas reconheci a verdade.
E, no entanto, relendo as minhas palavras, ninguém poderia adivinhar que era ele. Só ele. Escusado será dizer que fui alterar o meu texto e lhe pedi mil desculpas. E nunca mais deixei de me lembrar: toda agente é inocente até prova em contrário. E à Justiça o que é da Justiça. De facto, foi ilibado. De facto, eu e meio mundo estávamos enganados. Nunca me arrependerei o suficiente: como fui capaz de fazer sofrer tanto uma pessoa, ainda por cima uma pessoa inocente?

E nunca mais me esqueci de outra coisa: tem que se ter cuidado com o que se escreve aqui.
Outra vez falei aqui de uma pessoa com quem trabalhei, a pessoa com quem, até hoje, mais aprendi a todos os níveis. Um senhor. Um grande amigo. Aprendi o que é a confiança absoluta. Nunca ninguém confiou tanto em mim. Tinha defeitos e algumas pessoas odiavam-no. Eu reconhecia os seus defeitos mas gostava dele a ponto de tudo lhe desculpar. Nunca conheci ninguém tão inteligente, tão descarado, com tanto sentido de humor. Um sedutor. Um estratega. Um desafiador.
Não referi nome, traços fisionómicos, dados pessoais. Nada. No dia seguinte tinha um mail de uma Leitora que me dizia: conheci a pessoa de que falou, era exactamente assim. E dizia o nome e qual a empresa onde o tinha conhecido. Era verdade. Era ele e de facto, antes de ter trabalhado na empresa onde eu trabalhava, ele tinha trabalhado nessa empresa.
Mas isto para dizer que tenho que ter cuidado quando falo de alguém pois pode essa pessoa reconhecer-se e não gostar que eu esteja a fazer revelações sobre ela.
É o caso.

Conheci esse jovem de que falo lá em cima há uns anos. Discreto, afável, inteligente. Começou a progredir. Toda a gente lhe reconhecia valor. Passou a viajar bastante, em serviço. Era muito eficaz e alguém em quem se podia confiar para levar a cabo missões mais difíceis. Falava inglês fluente, tinha à vontade a falar em público. Low profile mas seguro, tranquilo. Almocei várias vezes com ele. Boa conversa, simpático. Os outros homens contavam viagens comuns, relatavam feitos. Sempre discreto, ele era um bom parceiro. Nada exibicionista mas também não excessivamente reservado. Lembro-me de um jantar no Porto, num restaurante escolhido por ele, o vinho escolhido por ele. Tudo irrepreensível.

Até que, um dia, um outro com quem tenho uma relação de uma certa cumplicidade, me disse: 'Cá para mim ele é gay'. Achei um disparate. Protestei: que disparate. Nem sinal disso. Nem um trejeito, nem um maneirismo, nada, nada, nada. Ele disse-me: 'Fui a um bar na sexta à noite e vi-o, numa mesa ao canto, estava com outro e tinham a mão em cima da mesa, como se estivessem prestes a dar a mão. Não me viu'. Achei uma conclusão despropositada. Às tantas tinha calhado porem o braço na mesa e ele ali, logo, a lançar tal suspeita. É que nunca, nunca, nada, nem uma forma de rir, nem um olhar suspeito, nada. 

De quando em quando, voltava à carga: 'Nunca se lhe ouve uma palavra de uma namorada, nada. Nunca nem uma palavra da vida privada. Não acha esquisito?'. Respondia: 'Não. Não acho nada. É discreto. E faz ele bem'

Pois bem. Continuou a sua justa progressão profissional, sem ninguém saber o que quer que fosse da sua vida. Sabia-se apenas que vivia num belo e caro apartamento numa das melhores zonas de Lisboa.

Até que um dia, do nada, a novidade estalou: demitiu-se. Pasmei. Toda a gente pasmou. Perguntei: Mas porquê? O que aconteceu? Faz aquilo de que gosta, parece sempre tão motivado, ganha tão bem. Disseram-me: 'Diz que vai viver para Berlim, diz que vai ter com a namorada. Diz que lá ia de vez em quando, ao fim de semana, mas que quer ir viver para junto dela'. Perguntei: Mas tem lá trabalho? Que não, que ia sem nada, simplesmente queria fazer lá a sua vida, e que arranjaria qualquer coisa. Fiquei admirada. Eu e toda a gente. Se houve ascensão meteórica, foi a dele. Toda a gente reconhecia o seu valor e era recompensado principescamente.

Mas foi.

Há uns anos. Esqueci-me dele. Pois bem, para minha surpresa, disse-me agora o meu amigo: 'Sabe com quem almocei?' E contou: 'Regressou. Telefonou-me. Fomos almoçar'. Perguntei: Mas então? O que aconteceu? Ele explicou-me: 'Parece que não conseguiu arranjar trabalho que lhe agradasse. E parece que o namoro também não correu bem. O não ter trabalho fez com que as coisas se degradassem. Voltou sozinho. Está a tentar montar a sua própria empresa'. Pensei logo que, se quisesse voltar, teria as portas abertas. O meu amigo disse: 'Também lhe disse isso mas ele disse categoricamente que não'.

Fiquei calada, sem perceber.

O meu amigo disse-me, então: 'Eu tinha razão. Ele é gay. Ele não diz nada e eu também não falo nada. Uma amiga contou-me. Contou-me que não era uma namorada coisa nenhuma em Berlim, era um namorado. Contou-me que ele saíu de cá porque vivia apavorado com medo que descobrissem'. Respondi: Mas que mal teria? Ele disse-me: 'Reconheça: é um meio conservador, machista. A minha amiga disse-me que ele não conseguia imaginar o que pensariam quando descobrissem. Tornou-se insuportável para ele manter a capa, esconder. Não conseguia mais. Ele diz que nunca ninguém desconfiou mas ele tinha horror de que um dia percebesse uma piada, de que desconfiasse de que os outros sabiam e falavam pelas costas'

E eu fiquei a pensar como deve ser horrível a vida das pessoas que se sentem obrigadas a esconder a sua natureza com medo da rejeição.


A afirmação completa de Jair Bolsonaro, o candidato mais votado nas eleições do Brasil, é a seguinte:
"Seria incapaz de amar um filho homossexual. Não vou dar uma de hipócrita aqui. Prefiro que um filho meu morra num acidente do que apareça com um bigodudo por aí" 
Bolsonaro, a par de Trump e de outros, é mais um caso extremo entre os políticos civilizados do nosso tempo --  mas a verdade é que a maioria dos votantes brasileiros escolheu-o a ele. E, para angústia dos democratas e das pessoas que prezam a liberdade e a tolerância humanista, pode acontecer que seja o próximo presidente do Brasil. 

Terá, com ele, milhões de pessoas que apoiam as suas ideias cavernícolas e assassinas. Parece mentira, parece uma loucura -- mas é o mundo perverso em que vivemos, um mundo a ser devorado pelo populismo.

Qual a vida das pessoas como aquele meu conhecido que, apesar de viver num meio civilizado e tolerante, teve medo que descobrissem a sua orientação sexual e fugiu? Como será para um homossexual viver num país presidido por um perigoso troglodita como Bolsonaro?

Quantos se esconderão atrás de máscaras --  em segredo sussurrando as palavras do refrão de 'Ninguém nos pode parar'?

Vamos fugir
Vamos deixar que as estrelas nos guiem
Vamos tentar
E começar noutro lugar
E vamos fugir
Vamos deixar que as estrelas nos guiem
Vamos lutar
E encontrar outro lugar 


Não levem a mal que hoje não responda aos vossos comentários (e que bons eles eram...). O meu dia não foi fácil e, ainda por cima, foi longo. Cheguei a casa muito tarde e muito cansada. E ainda quero forçosamente tratar de um assunto profissional antes de me ir deitar; e, como um mal nunca vem só, amanhã tenho que madrugar. Por isso, desculpem-me mas não consigo. Se amanhã tiver a cabeça mais fresca, tentarei responder.


          BEKs at Youth Correctional Facility      Cache   Translate Page      

MacLaren Youth Correctional is located in Woodburn, Oregon:

“Yeah, I just got out of McLaren. I don't know if you know the history of McLaren. It's a youth correctional facility for the Oregon Youth Authority. There's some...I'm not able to say names just because where it is but there was some kids that just had black eyes. They were really creepy to be around, quiet. It was eerie just because how they would act.

They're dark, they're cold. A lot of them, I don't want to say that they were Wicca but you could tell they performed something Satanic or not normal. (Clyde Lewis asks how did he know about this) There were some words, some stuff being spread around, you know how hearsay is. There's a lot of drama over there. They would act like, they would act totally different. They'd spend a lot of time to themselves and not talk to anybody. They wouldn't be near anybody. They'd go to church and just stare off into space or they'd just be out there. (Lewis asks if the eyes were completely black, no whites) Yeah, well, like sometimes. Like we'd be at the school. I worked at...there's a metal shop out there and you'd be working and a kid would have a torch or something and he'd be just, he'd be watching a flame and his eyes would just go black. It was scary. You just didn't know what to expect. You know, like, Oh my god, is he gonna kill me or am I gonna be okay? (Lewis asks if it was drug related) No, no, no! They are pretty strict over there on drugs so I really don't think it would be drug related. I would think it would be possession of some sort. That would be my thing, I think that there are a lot of kids that would go in there that were possessed by something.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis – October 24, 2011

Beyond Creepy


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Templar Sanctuaries in North America: Sacred Bloodlines and Secret Treasures

The Knights Templar in the New World: How Henry Sinclair Brought the Grail to Acadia

Judgment Of The Nephilim

America: Nation of the Goddess: The Venus Families and the Founding of the United States

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          To the US Churches: Be Moved With Compassion Like Christ by Shawn S. Grandstaff      Cache   Translate Page      
by Shawn S. Grandstaff Writer, Dandelion Salad October 9, 2018 This is me on my soap box to people who want to Christianize government. I’m all about calling down the darkness and rolling over it with the kingdom of God. How did Christ defeat the kingdoms of this world? It’s very powerful and deep when […]
          The Kalimba Is The Most Soothing And Relaxing Instrument We Have Ever Heard      Cache   Translate Page      
The Kalimba Is The Most Soothing And Relaxing Instrument We Have Ever Heard

The kalimba is a musical instrument from Africa, which belongs to the family of lamellophones. Based on its appearance it seems to date back from 1000 BC. That would involve models with bamboo reeds.

Kalimba's most common names are sanza, likembé, thumb piano. Its cradle is basically the central and southern Africa, but it's also seen in the south of the continent. A kalimba is also discovered in South America and the Caribbean, where slaves imported it (see marimbula of Cuba).

The instrument, called likembé in this case, used to be the basis to support the Zairian rumba in the 1950s. See Antoine Moundanda, Papa Kourand and more recently the brothers Makouaya. *In Zimbabwe, the traditional M’bira is an instrument of mystic trance, used to contact the dead ancestors (see Shona Music *).

That's also the instrument of night watchmen and storytellers and used for walking from village to village.

It's said in Bantu mythology that God created the minerals, plants, and animals, playing the thumb piano, and all living beings lived together in perfect harmony. Then one day, His instrument being detuned, unluckily, when He played, sprang a false note which gave birth to man.

Then, the man multiplied and perpetuated the disharmony which was his origin. It seems that perhaps we have to bring some harmony to this troubled world, and the kalimba can help us!

          20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country      Cache   Translate Page      
20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

Japan, a country created from an archipelago off the coast of East Asia, is famous for its extraordinary and proud culture. The Japanese have a special way of doing things that may seem quirky to some, but this vibrant and prosperous nation can undoubtedly teach others a thing or two about innovation, imagination, family values, and respect for others.

Here is a list of the weird and wonderful cultural practices which make Japan so Japanese. Scroll down to check out the list for yourself, and share your thoughts in the comments!

Japanese Team Leaves A Spotless Locker Room With A "Thank You" Note In Russian Despite Their Heartbreaking 2-3 Defeat To Belgium

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Hand-Written Letter I Received From A Mail Order Off Amazon

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Most Organized Luggage Pickup You’ll Ever See. All Upright With Handle Facing Outward For Easy Pickup

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Rice Paddy Art Is An Art Form Originating In Japan Where People Plant Rice Of Various Types And Colors To Create Images In A Paddy Field

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Fountain In Kanazawa, Japan Displays The Time

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


A Hotel In Tokyo Has A Reception Desk That Is Run By Robot Dinosaurs

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Went In To A Police Booth In Tokyo To Get Directions To A Place 3 Blocks Away, The Officer Made Me A Detailed Handdrawn Map To Make Sure I Find It... Just Wow!

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Sign In Japan Shows The Proper Seating Etiquette

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


In Japan, Beginner Drivers Use A Shoshinsha Mark - Green And Yellow V-Shaped Symbol That New Drivers In Japan Must Display On Their Cars For One Year After They Obtain A Standard Driver's License. There Is Also A Fukushi Mark Used To Denote Elderly Drivers

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

Tokumeigakarinoaoshima, chezfrankoi

Unattended Grocery Store. Just Pick What You Want And Leave The Money In The Jar

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Flight Delayed In Japan. Airline Employees Bow To The Passengers To Apologise

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Sticker That Was On My Package From Japan

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


This Tank Style Stairs Dolly In Japan

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


The Fire Escape For This Building Is A Slide

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


A Tiny Pocket In The Back Of Train Seat To Put Your Train Ticket In So When The Conductor Comes Round He Just Checks It Without Waking You Up

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


The Japanese Ebay Seller I Bought This PS3 Game From Also Sent Me A Japanese Tea Bag With It

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Japan’s Highest Bridge’s Height Is Compared To Godzilla

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


The Seat Pattern On The Train In Japan Tells You Where Priority Seating Is

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


Real-Life Mario Kart Racing In Tokyo Traffic

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

kisses_joy, writeoverwhite

Bus Driver Holding An Umbrella So That You Don’t Get Wet While Opening Yours

20 Pictures That Prove That Japan Is Different From Any Other Country


          Skomentuj Śmiertelnie potrącenie, Staroprzygodzka-Janków Przygodzki, którego autorem jest XYZ      Cache   Translate Page      
Kolego, jeśli faktycznie było tak jak mówisz i facet szedł środkiem drogi, a dodatkowo czuć było alkohol i używał słów wulgarnych, to zgłoś się na policję i złóż zeznania. Możesz pomóc ustalić fakty. Pozdro
          Skomentuj Śmiertelnie potrącenie, Staroprzygodzka-Janków Przygodzki, którego autorem jest nie praktyczny      Cache   Translate Page      
Napisz jeszcze raz, ale tym razem po Polsku ... Brak ładu i składu.
          Skomentuj Śmiertelnie potrącenie, Staroprzygodzka-Janków Przygodzki, którego autorem jest 123      Cache   Translate Page      
Dzwoniąc po Policję prawdopodobnie uratowałbyś mu życie !!!
          Non-malleable Digital Lockers, by Peter Fenteany and Benjamin Fuller      Cache   Translate Page      
An obfuscated program reveals nothing about its design other than its input/output behavior. A digital locker is an obfuscated program that outputs a stored cryptographic key if and only if a user enters a previously stored password. A digital locker is private if it provides an adversary with no information with high probability. An ideal digital locker would also prevent an adversary from mauling an obfuscation on one password and key into a new program that obfuscates a related password or key. There are no known constructions of non-malleable digital lockers (in the standard model). Komargodski and Yogev (Eurocrypt, 2018) constructed a simpler primitive: a non-malleable keyless digital locker. For this functionality, a user can only confirm if their point is correct. This primitive is known as non-malleable point obfuscation. Their construction prevents an adversary from transforming an obfuscation into an obfuscation on a related password. This work proposes two new composable and nonmalleable digital lockers for short keys, one for a single bit key and a second for a logarithmic length keys. Using these construction we construct the first two non-malleable digital lockers. Our full design combines a digital locker for short keys, non-malleable codes, and universal hashing. Our constructions require a common reference string.
          Statens vagthund godkender milliardregning til fjernvarmekunder      Cache   Translate Page      
En stribe fjernvarmeselskaber har netop fået grønt lys til at opkræve 1,6 mia. kr. hos kunderne. En endnu større milliardopkrævning venter kunderne forude.
          Самая сексуальная ведущая прогноза погоды рассказала о предпочтениях в сексе      Cache   Translate Page      

Самая сексуальная ведущая погоды, работающая на аргентинском телеканале, Сол Перез  рассказала о своих предпочтениях в интимной сфере. Во время интервью девушка призналась, что очень любит…

Сообщение Самая сексуальная ведущая прогноза погоды рассказала о предпочтениях в сексе появились сначала на Ink.

          Стоп, ты сдохнешь: Лолита рассказала о своей наркозависимости      Cache   Translate Page      

Популярная российская певица, уроженка Украины Лолита Милявская рассказала о своей наркотической зависимости. На откровения артистка решилась во время интервью российскому ведущему и шоумену Вячеславу Манучарову…

Сообщение Стоп, ты сдохнешь: Лолита рассказала о своей наркозависимости появились сначала на Ink.

          В Японии мужчину поймали на измене благодаря землетрясению: забавная история      Cache   Translate Page      

Японца уличили в неверности из-за сообщения, пришедшего на его второй телефон. О наличии еще одного мобильного возлюбленная мужчины не подозревала, но звук оповещения открыл ей…

Сообщение В Японии мужчину поймали на измене благодаря землетрясению: забавная история появились сначала на Ink.

          Zastępca Kierownika Sklepu Ostrów Lub. - Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Ostrów, lubelskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Gotowość do pracy w różnych porach dnia oraz w różne dni tygodnia (także w soboty i niedziele) oraz do pracy fizycznej,....
Od Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Mon, 24 Sep 2018 17:33:30 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Ostrów, lubelskie oferty pracy
          Sprzedawca – Kasjer Terespol - Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Terespol, lubelskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Gotowość do pracy fizycznej,. Gotowość do pracy w różnych porach dnia oraz w różne dni tygodnia (także w soboty i niedziele),....
Od Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Fri, 21 Sep 2018 11:33:35 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Terespol, lubelskie oferty pracy
          Pracownik sklepu Biała Podlaska - Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Biała Podlaska, lubelskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Gotowość do pracy fizycznej,. Gotowość do pracy w różnych porach dnia oraz w różne dni tygodnia (także w soboty i niedziele),....
Od Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Thu, 27 Sep 2018 17:33:43 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Biała Podlaska, lubelskie oferty pracy
          "Swami nos está empujando hacia ese futuro donde habría Prema Sai y no habrá palabras".      Cache   Translate Page      
Sri Madhusudan Naidu en 'Tattva Sameeksha' (1 de octubre de 2018), Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli.

('Tattva Sameeksha' es una sesión de charla de eminentes oradores para los residentes del Ashram de Sathya Sai Grama en Muddenahalli)

"Swami nos está empujando hacia ese futuro, donde habrá Prema Sai y no habrá palabras". '

Swami siguió hablando de cosas y luego habló de Prema Sai. Ahora que Prema Sai es el tema más candente, porque, donde quiera que vayamos, Swami está hablando de Prema Sai. Y creo que es por una razón, porque Él nos está orientando lentamente hacia lo que viene a continuación. Él es un profesor muy inteligente. Swami prepara a los estudiantes para lo que vendrá en la próxima clase. 

Por lo tanto, Él no siguió con lo que sucede ahora, pero dejó caer algunas pistas, nos dio algunas pistas y nos permitió entender que hay más cosas que se aproximan, a nuestra manera. 

Y, por lo tanto, habló sobre Prema Sai en Argentina y habló sobre cómo Prema Sai vendrá a Muddenahalli, cómo será preparado aquí porque vendrá como un niño pequeño, probablemente, no como un adolescente. 
Y luego Él tendrá que ser educado, tendrá que ser cuidado, y luego Él crecerá hasta cierta edad. 

Swami dijo que, en el decimonoveno año de su vida, Él se hará cargo de la misión. 
Y él viajará oficialmente a todas partes del mundo. Se quedará en estos Ashrams que se están estableciendo ahora. 
Él guiará a las personas espiritualmente. Y así serían los primeros 25 años de Su vida, principalmente en la India, pero también algunas partes en otros países.

Y los próximos 25 años de su vida, lo pasará en su mayoría en el extranjero. Él tendrá estos Ashrams, y en su mayor parte, pasará su tiempo en el extranjero y volverá sólo de vez en cuando para ciertas ocasiones, o festividades a la India. Pero el resto, la segunda mitad de su vida sería sobre todo en el extranjero, y la última parte de su vida, los últimos cuatro años, volvería, de nuevo en la India. 
Para, finalmente, descansar en la India(54 años).  Así es como swami dijo a sus devotos en Argentina, muy claramente, cómo va a suceder, lo que va a pasar.

Entonces también dijo algo muy interesante. Dijo que Prema Sai no va a hablar como Él todo el tiempo. 
" Yo hablo demasiado. Hablo demasiado. Él no va a hablar. Será un maestro silencioso. Él se sentará y tú tendrás que venir y en el silencio de tu corazón, tendrás que escuchar su voz, y tendrás que entender lo que está tratando de decirte.
 Y sólo al sentarse, allí les dará cien mensajes a cien personas, que vienen con cien temas diferentes, sin decir una palabra. Y así es como se va a comunicar con los demás. Ese es el futuro ", reveló.

Sucedió que en Dubai estábamos en la casa de un devoto. Y Swami estaba a punto de hablar, pero antes de eso permitió que otro Guruji, el Gurú de la familia, dijera algunas palabras que provenían de la parte norte de la India. Nos contó una historia sobre un Santo en particular cerca de Brindavan (ese era el lugar de Krishna, y este Santo no salía de su meditación. Solo salia cada luna azul, y cada vez que eso sucedía, los devotos se reunirían a su alrededor, entonces se sentaba en un lugar alto y hablaba solo durante tres minutos. 
En ese corto período de tiempo, él hablaba y también hacía un pequeño Nama Sankirtana, un Bhajan- Hare Rama Hare Krishna, y luego cerraría el Satsang. En tres minutos el Satsang había terminado. 

En el mundo de hoy quieren todo rápido, la edad de los T20 (un partido de Cricket de formato corto, compacto). Nadie quiere partidos de prueba ( partidos de Cricket que duran cinco días). 

Del mismo modo, Dios también está entrando en modo compacto. Dijo tres minutos.
A Swami le gustó mucho y dijo: "Esa es una idea fantástica. Habla durante tres minutos. No hables más que eso". 

Y dijo que así es como debería ser. Todos nos sorprendimos y estábamos bastante impactados al escuchar que Swami reduciría el habla. Pero estoy viendo que esto es más frecuente ahora que antes. Solo de vez en cuando, da largos discursos. 

Cuando yo era estudiante, el discurso duraba dos horas y media a veces. Y Él cubriría todos los temas posibles. Iría desde lo más puro del Advaita hasta lo más simple, sobre los idlis(alimento) en el albergue. Cubría todos los temas en un discurso de dos horas y media. 

Pero hoy, Él está continuamente acortandolos. Y estoy viendo esto, observando esta tendencia porque siempre ha sido mi interés, ver a Swami, cómo Él hace las cosas. Ahora puedo verlo desde cerca. Yo siempre lo observo. Así que según mi observación, Swami está reduciendo continuamente sus discursos, las entrevistas, las interacciones físicas y personales con las personas, y lentamente, nos empuja a todos, incluso sin nuestro conocimiento, a entrar en el reino del silencio, a conectarnos internamente, con Él, desde un nivel interno más profundo, para encontrar nuestras respuestas dentro de nosotros mismos. Y esto está sucediendo. 

Alguien puede decir: "Oh, Madhu se quedará sin trabajo muy pronto", bueno, yo también estaré feliz, porque ese es el verdadero trabajo, llevar a todos a esa etapa en la que todos se conectan con todos dentro. 
Este es el momento, ese es el lugar al que Swami nos está llevando a todos, pero en silencio y gradualmente sin hacer ningún ruido al respecto. Él está reduciendo estos discursos, está reduciendo las interacciones. Él no quiere conocer gente tan a menudo como solía hacerlo en los primeros años. 
Bueno, he tenido momentos difíciles en los primeros años. Seguir concediendo entrevistas una tras otra durante todo el día, pero hoy, cuando vengan y le digan a Él, tal o cual persona está solicitando una entrevista, piensen por un momento, y decidan si es realmente necesario cumplir con la entrevista personal. Y si Él siente que no necesita conocer a la persona, no se reunirá. Él simplemente negará la entrevista. Y estoy viendo esta tendencia suceder.

Hay algo muy profundo en ello. Él nos está empujando a ese futuro donde habrá Prema Sai y no habrá palabras. Imaginen que todos los niños, todos los devotos, estarán en silencio contemplando. Estará ese Maestro sentado justo frente a nosotros, y todos estaremos sentados alrededor de Él. Y no habrá palabras habladas. Simplemente estaremos conectados a un nivel muy profundo de corazón a corazón y entenderemos todo lo que Él necesita decirnos y necesitamos saber. 

Imaginen un Ashram, un Ashram como Muddenahalli, donde apenas haya palabras que se escuchen. ¡Todo lo que podrán escuchar será tal vez a los pájaros y los monos chillando! Pero, no habrá palabras pronunciadas por nadie, todo el mundo estará en silencio, solo caminando en silencio, meditando y contemplando todo el tiempo. Solo imaginen la vida del Ashram así. En este punto del tiempo es difícil de imaginar. Pero definitivamente ese es el futuro de todos los Ashrams de Swami, donde la gente se reunirá solo para disfrutar de la energía silenciosa del maestro.


Fuente: Sai Vrinda
Traduc_Centro Sai Hispano


'Swami is pushing us to that future where there would be Prema Sai and there won't be any words.'

Swami kept on talking about things and then He talked about Prema Sai. Now that Prema Sai is the hottest topic, because, where ever we go, Swami is talking about Prema Sai. And I think it's for a reason, because He is slowly orienting all of us towards what's coming next. He is a very smart teacher. Swami prepares the students for what is going to come in the next class. So He doesn't go with what happens now but He also drops a few hints, gives us a few cues and allows us to understand there is more coming, our way. And therefore He spoke about Prema Sai in Argentina and He talked about how Prema Sai would come to Muddenahalli, how He would be groomed here because He would come as a small boy probably, not even a teenager. And then He has to be educated, has to be looked after and then He will grow to a certain age. Swami said, at the nineteenth year of His life He will take charge of the mission. And He will officially travel to all parts of the world. He will stay in these ashrams which are being established now. He will guide people spiritually. And that's how the first 25 years of His life would be, mostly in India but also some parts of it in other countries.

And the next 25 years of his life, He will spend mostly abroad. He will have these ashrams and He will mostly spend His time abroad and come back only once in a while for certain occasions, or festivities to India. But the rest, second half of His life would be mostly abroad and the last part of His life, the last four years, He would come back, again in India. And finally He will rest in India. That is how Swami told His devotees in Argentina, very clearly, how it's going to happen, what's going to happen.

Then He also told a very interesting thing. He said that Prema Sai is not going to speak like Him all the time. "I speak too much. I talk too much. He is not going to speak. He will be a silent master. He will sit and you have to come and in the silence of your Heart, you have to hear His voice, you have to understand what He is trying to tell you. And just by sitting there He would convey a hundred messages to a hundred people who come with a hundred different things without speaking a word. And that's how He is going to be communicating with others. That is the future", He revealed.

It so happened that in Dubai we were in the house of a devotee. And Swami was about to speak but before that He allowed another Guruji, their family Guru, to speak a few words who hailed from the northern part of India. He told us a story about one particular saint near Brindavan (that is Krishna's place who would not come out at all from his meditation. Only once in a blue moon he will come out, and whenever that happened, devotees would gather around him as he would sit on a high place and speak only for three minutes. In that short period of time, he would speak and also do a small Nama Sankirtana, one Bhajan- Hare Rama Hare Krishna, and then he would close the Satsang. In three minutes the Satsang is over. Today world wants everything fast and quick, the age of T20's (a short format Cricket match). Nobody wants Test matches (Cricket match which goes on for five days). Likewise, God also is going into compact mode. He said three minutes. Swami liked it so much and said, "That's a fantastic idea. Speak for three minutes. Don't speak more than that'." And He said that's how it should be. We all were surprised. We all were rather shocked to hear that Swami would reduce speaking. But I'm seeing this more often now than before. Only once in a while, He gives long discourses. When I was a student the discourse would go on for two and a half hours at times. And He would cover all possible topics. He would go from the purest of Advaita to the simplest of the idli in the hostel. He would cover all topics in one discourse of two and a half hours. But today, He is continuously cutting it short. And I'm watching this, observing this trend because always it has been my interest to watch Swami, how He does things. Now I can watch Him from close quarters. I always watch. So it's an observation that I've made that Swami is continuously cutting down talks, interviews, physical, personal interactions with people and slowly He is pushing every one of us, even without our knowledge, to get into the realm of silence, to connect to Him at a deeper inner level and to find our answers within ourselves. And this is happening. Somebody may say, "Oh, Madhu will be out of job very soon", well, I'll be happy too because, that is the real job, to lead everyone to that stage where everyone connects to everyone within. That is the time, that is the place that Swami is taking all of us but very silently and gradually without making any noise about it. He is cutting down on these talks, He is cutting on interactions. He doesn't want to meet people as often as He used to in the initial years. Well, I have had a difficult time in the initial years. He would keep on granting interviews one after the other for the whole day but today when I go and tell Him- such and such a person is asking for an interview, He thinks for a moment and He decides whether it is really necessary to meet the person. And if He feels even a little that He does not need to to meet the person, He wouldn't meet. He will simply deny the interview. And I'm seeing this trend happening.

There is something very deep in it. He is pushing us to that future where there would be Prema Sai and there won't be any words. Imagine all the children, all the devotees, will be in silent contemplation then. There will be that Master sitting right in front of us and we all will be sitting around Him. And there will be no words spoken. We would just be connected at a very deep heart to heart level and we would understand everything that He needs to tell us and we need to know. Imagine an ashram, an ashram like Muddenahalli. There are hardly any words that you would hear. All that you could hear is perhaps the birds chirping and monkeys screeching! But, no other words spoken by anybody, everybody is silent, just walking in silence, meditating, and contemplation all the time. Just imagine the ashram life like that. At this point of time it is difficult to imagine. But definitely that is the future of all the ashrams of Swami where people will gather just to bask in the silent energy of the master.

- Sri Madhusudan Naidu at 'Tattva Sameeksha' (Oct 1, 2018), Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli

('Tattva Sameeksha' is a Talk session by eminent speakers to the Ashram residents of Sathya Sai Grama in Muddenahalli)

          Kierownik Sklepu Biała Podlaska - Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Biała Podlaska, lubelskie      Cache   Translate Page      
Gotowość do pracy w różnych porach dnia oraz w różne dni tygodnia (także w soboty i niedziele) oraz do pracy fizycznej,....
Od Jeronimo Martins Dystrybucja - Tue, 25 Sep 2018 17:33:26 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Biała Podlaska, lubelskie oferty pracy
          Hvordan fjerne blod      Cache   Translate Page      
Har noen et skikkelig godt råd for å få vekk en blodflekk fra overmadrassen? Trekket kan vel tas av og hives i maskinen, men håper å slippe det . Hun blødde veldig mye, slik at det ble en veldig stor flekk i . Hvordan får man lettest bort blod fra klær. VASKE TØY – Fått blodflekker eller … Continue reading Hvordan fjerne blod
          Re: Debunking Christianity: Deconstructing the Walls of Jericho      Cache   Translate Page      

Yes, in all probability it was an earthquake. The miracle part of it was that it happened at just the right time when the Israelites were there to conquer the city. There is also the part about how the walls fell. They fell outward providing a ramp of debris for the Israelite army to enter the city. Now, https://uploads.disquscdn.c... all that and more that archaeology confirms of the Jericho story may be considered providential rather than miraculous. Call it what you will, it accomplished what God said he would do. And it is well confirmed in archaeology. http://www.biblearchaeology...

          Wind Turbine Technician - Canada - Sky Climber - Goderich, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Wind Turbine Technician. We deliver product and service solutions to the worlds largest wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm owners....
From Sky Climber - Wed, 19 Sep 2018 23:49:42 GMT - View all Goderich, ON jobs
          James Gunn ficha por DC: escribirá la secuela de 'Escuadrón Suicida' y posiblemente la dirija      Cache   Translate Page      

James Gunn ficha por DC: escribirá la secuela de 'Escuadrón Suicida' y posiblemente la dirija#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Era cuestión de tiempo y ya ha ocurrido. Meses después de ser despedido por Disney a causa de unos viejos tuits, James Gunn ha sido contratado por Warner para ayude a levantar el tambaleante Universo DC. Concretamente, el guionista y director de 'Guardianes de la Galaxia' (vol. 1 y 2) va a ocuparse de 'Escuadrón Suicida 2', un proyecto que no terminaba de arrancar.

Gunn va a escribir la secuela y se reserva la opción de dirigirla, si se pone de acuerdo con Warner en todo. Lo cual parece probable pero no olvidemos la torpe gestión del estudio con la primera 'Escuadrón Suicida' (no respetó la visión de David Ayer) o con 'Liga de la Justicia', donde por cierto trabajó Joss Whedon (otro cineasta que llegaba de Marvel por la puerta de atrás y no tuvo suerte con Warner).

Desde que la primera 'Escuadrón Suicida' fue un inesperado éxito de taquilla, en 2016, Warner anunció la puesta en marcha de una segunda parte con la mayoría del reparto de nuevo a bordo. Sin embargo, David Ayer prefirió embarcarse en otros proyectos y Warner tardó en encontrar sustituto. Se mencionaron nombres como los de Jaume Collet-Serra y Mel Gibson; tras muchos rumores el estudio acabó contratando a Gavin O'Connor.

Pasaron los meses y el realizador de 'Warrior' y 'El contable' tampoco tuvo suerte con el proyecto. Ahora Warner lo intenta con James Gunn, que a priori es una elección ideal para el proyecto: en 'Guardianes de la Galaxia' ya demostró que se le da genial narrar historias de grupos o familias peculiares.

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La noticia James Gunn ficha por DC: escribirá la secuela de 'Escuadrón Suicida' y posiblemente la dirija fue publicada originalmente en Espinof por Juan Luis Caviaro .

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Obaj panowie K.K.i G.K nie zasłużyli się miastu zmarnowali kadencję na gryzieniu się miast współpracy dla rozwoju miasta.Niech sąd wyda wyrok a ludzie wybiorą godnego urzędu, uczciwego i oddanego sprawom miasta pana W.Zycha
          Godspeed You! Black Emperor Released “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven” 18 Years Ago Today      Cache   Translate Page      

18 years ago today, Godspeed You! Black Emperor released double album Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven. Read our Sound Check column on double LPs by GYBE, Wilco, LCD Soundsystem, Liz Phair and more: Sound Check: Double Albums

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          David Frizzell      Cache   Translate Page      

The legendary name of Frizzell with its traditional country music base and your venue will make one great combination! The show includes CMT Top 40 Drinking song “I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home,” CMT’s Top 10 Duet Song of All Time “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma.” David is one of the […]

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          Personal Experience with God = Evidence for God | Luke – St. Louis, MO | Atheist Experience 22.40      Cache   Translate Page      
The Atheist Experience 22.40 October 7, 2018 with Matt Dillahunty and Phil Session. Call the show on Sundays 4:00-6:00pm CDT: 1-512-686-0279 Don’t like commercials? Become a Patron and enjoy ad-free content: We welcome your comments on the open blog thread for this show. ► YouTube comments are at present disabled in our channel, […]
          Niezidentyfikowany obiekt widziany na dwóch fotografiach okolic Słońca      Cache   Translate Page      

Obserwacje Słońca w dzisiejszych czasach nie są jedynie domeną krajowych agencji kosmicznych.  Oczywiście, zdecydowana większość ze światowych obserwatoriów faktycznie należy do organizacji naukowych, niemniej jednak, istnieje szerokie grono amatorskich obserwatorów nieba, którzy korzystając z zasobów agencji kosmicznych takich jak między innymi NASA czy ESA a wielokrotnie nawet i własnych podręcznych teleskopów, dokonują równie interesujących obserwacji.


Zdarzenie tego typu miało miejsce 30 września, kiedy to należący do NASA satelita oraz amatorski astronom zaobserwowali niezidentyfikowany obiekt w okolicy Słońca. Satelita amerykańskiej agencji kosmicznej zarejestrował ogromny świetlisty obiekt 30 września 2018 roku w okolicach 1 rano. Zdjęcia przedstawiają coś w rodzaju kuli plazmy odlatującej z powierzchni naszej dziennej gwiazdy. Najpewniej, uznano by to jedynie za błąd kamery, gdyby nie wykonanie bardzo podobnej fotografii przez włoskiego obserwatora nieba niejakiego Stefano Farigu. Mężczyzna wykonał swoje zdjęcie podczas zachodu słońca, wieczorem 29 września.

Niemalże natychmiast, rozmaici teoretycy spiskowi zaproponowali szereg teorii mających wyjaśnić to dość niepokojące zdarzenie. Wielu z nich, uważa że może to stanowić dowód istnienia mitycznej planety Nibiru, która nagle ujawniła swoje istnienie. Inni chylą się ku twierdzeniu, że najprawdopodobniej mamy tu doczynienia z pojazdem obcej cywilizacji zdolnej nawet do pobierania energii ze Słońca. Bardzo podobne teorie pojawiały się już w przeszłości, kiedy to przy bardzo podobnych okolicznościach miało dochodzić do takich "tankowań". Zgodnie z tą teorią, nasze Słońce miałoby stanowić część intergalaktycznej sieci komunikacyjnej, a obce statki miałyby czerpać z niego energię. Odpowiedź na tego typu teorie ze strony światowych agencji kosmicznych była taka sama. Zbiorczo uznawano takie doniesienia za zwyczajne błędy matrycy CCD aparatów zamontowanych w satelitach.

Czy zatem wykonanie niezależnej obserwacji takiego niezidentyfikowanego obiektu stanowi ostateczny dowód na istnienie jakiejś obcej siły w pobliżu Słońca? Najprawdopodobniej nie wystarczy ono aby przekonać kogokolwiek do prawdziwości tego typu doniesień. Mimo iż trudno spierać się, że obydwa zdjęcia zdają się przedstawiać ten sam obiekt, dość słaba jakość fotografii poczynionej we Włoszech zdecydowanie świadczy na jego niekorzyść. Z drugiej strony, jeśli dwa zdjęcia wykonane w krótkim odstępie czasu od siebie zdają się przedstawiać ten sam obiekt we w miare tym samym miejscu w odniesieniu do Słońca, to co jeżeli faktycznie coś się tam znajdowało?



          Skomentuj Trump zgodził się na rezygnację Haley, którego autorem jest krzych      Cache   Translate Page      
Hmmm dlaczego? Czyzby jej miejsce zajmnie Ivanka lub Kushner? Cos tu smierdzi :) Nikki Haley jest 389 osoba ktora odchodzi z administracji Trumpa od poczatku prezydentury.
          Zbrojarz - praca w Finlandii - SILVERHAND - Finlandia, zagranica      Cache   Translate Page      
Praca przy budownie obiektów przemysłowych (np. SILVERHAND jest firmą godną zaufania z wieloletnim stażem na rynku, mającą zasięg międzynarodowy....
Od SILVERHAND - Wed, 12 Sep 2018 08:50:23 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Finlandia, zagranica oferty pracy
          Benefits of Being a Child of God      Cache   Translate Page      
          Hierarchical Sheets - waste of time      Cache   Translate Page      

That’s OK isn’t it? Isn’t that like saying, you have to use the track command to draw a track? It won’t stop the file from displaying properly…no functionality will be lost. You just won’t see it unless “hierarchical=true”.
This is like General Settings->Options box - Show Ratsnest. I mean my god where has the ratsnest gone…oh tick the box.
OK fine default it to use hierarchical on loading, and the user can always set the preference for that session.

          Legendary and AfterShock! Adapting Image’s God Country      Cache   Translate Page      

Image Comics' hit fantasy series will be getting the film treatment courtesy of Legendary Entertainment, with Donny Cates adapting his own comic.

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          God's Fellow Workers      Cache   Translate Page      
          Faith Fun Sports Miracle Man Football Central      Cache   Translate Page      
Miracle Man    (215) 383-3810   Let's change the World by faith and radio Miracle Man’s  The Miracle Man God First God Always We are not Bible Thumping Bullies just BELIEVERS!!! We believe that there is a real God who has real answers for people with real problems! Blessed Are Those Who Believe  John 20:29 Jesus said to him, "Thomas because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." We are believers Pledge Allegiance and Prayer for America Todays Topic Faith in Genesis Coke or Dr Pepper!!! Sports Updates GO LIONS!!! CALL IN FOR PRAYER 215.383.3810 CALL IN TO TALK SPORTS 215.383.3810    
          Pray14Another      Cache   Translate Page      
   Our mission is to pray as well as bring spiritual guidance to anyone who is in a crisis.  Tune in and Witness the power of prayer with Host Evangelist Hilda, she is truly a prayer warrior.  Weather it’s a prayer of Thanks Giving, Petition, Intercession, Healing, Confession or Corporate prayer.   You will be blessed by this truly anointed women of God.  Glory Hallelujah deliverance is just a phone call away and here is the best news, there’s no charge.   Just call our hotline (626) 213-5681 every Monday Through Friday Evangelist Hilda will be taking prayer requests and at 4:30pm  you can share your thoughts on our Topic of The Day with Co - Host Sister Barbara,  There's more At 5pm. Est. Monday’s through Wedensday Join our bible study with Prophet Wiggins.  Thirsty for the Word! listen every Thursday at  5pm. The Holy Ghost Fire of Reverend Dubois,  every Friday at 5pm.  The dynamic preaching  of Apostle Jackson, every Saturday at 10am  Est. Here Apostle Mother Wiggins of HMC Ministries, and every Sunday at 8pm. Est. Join our Partnership Worship Service and enjoy the Round table of the Five Fold Ministry.   All for the edification of the Body of Christ.    H.M.C. Ministries Pastor Prophet R.D.Wiggins  
          Google Event      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted by YodaIsGod2:

          AA Luck or Bad luck      Cache   Translate Page      
*Luck or Bad luck* Hi everyone, losing AA is very bad, but it happens a lot, but in poker calculator or flooding will not give you this perspective, because opponents can always count on asorte and then you lose. Fortunately, we can all count on it. "God save the poker players" love. Good luck...
          what do you believe happens when we die?      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted by YodaIsGod2:

          Comment on Why we can be hopeful on Palestine by CHUCKMAN      Cache   Translate Page      
The single state solution is an idea that has been around a long time. If I'm not mistaken, the late Edward Said embraced it many years ago. It's perfectly rational, but that is part of the reason that the bitter, brutal men running Israel will never accept it. They are ideologues, embracing a dark fantasy, the re-creation of an ancient land based on religious texts 2500 years, or more, old. They do not even come from the same people as the Biblical Hebrews, but they do practice the same religion. It's a preposterous and meaningless idea because Jews in fact flourish in a number of places in far better situations than they do in Israel. And if Zionists had taken Einstein’s advice, embracing the native people and living among them without iron walls, there could have been something harmonious and peaceful and constructive for everyone over the last 70 years. But they did not embrace that vision. They embraced a bitter and hostile vision of iron walls and racial segregation. And militarism and police and security forces everywhere. Israel is the most heavily subsidized entity on earth, counting both government and private subsidies. It sustains an embattled situation, making life far more difficult for most there than in Canada or the US or France or many other places. Their abuse causes them to be greatly disliked in the world, too, and I don't really think most people enjoy being disliked. The place is an armed camp, a crusader fortress. The level of military and security services make it in many ways like the old USSR. The cost of living is very high, houses are hard to buy, and career opportunities are limited. People only voluntarily live that way when a fantasy dominates rational thinking. I wouldn't care if they wanted to indulge their fantasies, but only if it meant they weren't hurting and abusing millions. But they are hurting and abusing millions. You know, it is impossible to look at images of Gaza and not immediately think of a giant concentration camp. It is Israel’s doing alone. And when peaceful, desperate people protest for rights, Israel can only think of lining up firing squads to shoot into the crowd. Where in God’s name does such behavior take you? It is a one-way ride to nowhere. The idea of a mixed state is abhorrent to a great many. It violates the confused dream that dominates their thinking. And since in general Arab birth rates are higher than Israeli ones, how long would it be before Jews became a minority? I know their leadership is keenly aware of this reality and fear it. Also, Israel has little prospect for healthy future migration of Jews. It's a relatively small group in the world, and not many would trade their prosperity and opportunity for the unpleasant realities of Israel. The Russians were the last remaining source for a big immigration, and now that's used up. Prospects are for population decline and only more of the same grief and violence. It's a bleak long-term outlook. But accept Palestinians? Whew, that's like telling devout, old-fashioned Catholics they should accept abortion and married priests and stop reciting the Rosary. Modern Israel, by all objective evidence, is in fact a pretty racist society, too. I just do not see it. But I don't see anything else either. It really was a hopeless enterprise from the beginning, creating a nation based on ancient myths and mumbo-jumbo texts. There can be no repeat of the Holocaust. It was a unique event, not to be repeated. Living your whole life as though it might be itself represents a mindset that is not completely rational.
          Praying with Purpose (Part 4) - Ephesians 1:18-23      Cache   Translate Page      
In the final message of this series, Pastor Vance teaches from verses 18-23 of Ephesians 1. We learn that as we pursue knowing God more, the Holy Spirit shines the light upon the truth of God so that we may grow to experience Him in new and deeper ways!
          FREE Kindle eBook: 101 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes      Cache   Translate Page      

Amazon is offering a FREE Kindle download of 101 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes right now. About the book: This quick and easy collection of chicken recipes contains 101 recipes ranging from simple chicken nuggets that are perfect for toddlers to dinner entrees that will impress and delight guests at any special event. Don’t have a […]

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Neo-Nazi’s lost it when Pop star Taylor Swift announced on Instagram that she’s endorsing Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredsen and then went on to denounce racism, sexism and homophobia. For the past several years, Swift has been seen as an “Aryan Goddess” by white supremacists, and when she decided to reveal her political views, she smashed […]

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W rankingu sprzedaży ogółem wśród tygodników motoryzacyjnych w lipcu br. pierwszy był „Motor”. Z kolei w zestawieniu miesięczników pozycję lidera zajął magazyn „Auto-Moto” - wynika z raportu
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Isle of Wight County Press

Hinduism comes to Gurnard Primary School
Isle of Wight County Press
GURNARD schoolchildren learnt about Hindu gods, traditional Indian dancing and devotional music at a Hinduism workshop. 1 comment. It was led by members of Krishna temple in Watford — Tulsee, Kayleigh and Yoga — who visited the village primary ...

          Govori kako bi nam trebalo biti, a ne zašto tako nije      Cache   Translate Page      
Ako nemate ideju te ako godinama niste učinkoviti u realiziranju deklariranog, što je vaša uloga u zajednici i društvu, ako nije prosipanje demagoških floskula na alibi sastancima i međusobno fotografiranja na politikantskim performansima (hrv. photo session).
          Osvajaju postolja u borilačkim sportovima      Cache   Translate Page      
Brođani Lucia i Ivan na ovogodišnjim su brojnim natjecanjima pokazali kako stasaju u uspješne predstavnike slavonskobrodskog kickboxing kluba.
          VÀI Ý NGHĨ VỚ VẨN VỀ ĐẠI TANG, QUỐC TÁNG      Cache   Translate Page      

Từ Thức

Trong vài ngày, hai đại tang, quốc táng. Đại tang đối với Đảng, bởi vì đối với dân, đó là những tin mừng. Chỉ cần vào mạng xã hội sẽ thấy cái vui mừng ấy nổ như pháo, như champagne.

Trong một xứ có một ngày vui, có vạn ngày buồn, người ta tìm mọi cách để vui. Vui không được với trái banh, vì tranh giải túc cầu bị loại, người ta tìm cái vui trong việc lãnh tụ chầu trời. Trăm hoa khôi hài đua nở, và, trong chính trị cũng như ở ngoài đời, khôi hài là võ khí lợi hại nhất, hữu hiệu nhất. 

Một quốc gia dân chúng vui mừng nghe tin lãnh tụ chết, người ta dễ tưởng tượng thực trạng cũng như tương lai của đất nước đó thế nào.

Đó là những tiếng cười tuyệt vọng, bởi vì với một chế độ độc tài, tập đoàn cầm quyền được đào tạo như nhau, được huấn luyện như nhau, suy nghĩ như nhau, canh chừng nhau, chia chác với nhau, anh này chết, anh khác sẽ lên. Sẽ làm cùng một trò hề độc ác, man rợ, tai hại. Anh nào nghĩ khác, làm khác sẽ bị nghiền nát.

Vấn đề là thay cả cuốn sách, không phải thay vài trang.

                                 NÊN VUI HAY BUỒN ?

Biết vậy, nhưng vui được thì cứ vui. Hay, mượn chữ của Phan Khôi, ‘’ nắng được thì cứ nắng ‘’ . Diễu cợt được thì cứ diễu cợt.  Khôi hài là một hình thức lễ phép của sự tuyệt vọng ( L’humour est la politesse du désespoir ) (1)

Nghĩ đi, thấy lãnh tụ chết cũng vui. Nghĩ lại, chưa chắc đã là tin mừng. Vì một anh lãnh tụ chết, sẽ xây nghĩa trang bao la , dân hết đất trồng trọt, cắm dùi, sẽ nhăn răng chết theo. Và mỗi lần một anh anh chết, giá xăng lại tăng vọt

Tuy vậy, không phải cả nước vui mừng. Đám tang ông Quang đã có nhiều người khóc.

Ngoài gia đình, hay những lâu la đã hưởng ơn mưa móc, hay các đồng chí phải đóng kịch buồn rầu, người ta không hiểu khóc vì lý do gì. Ông Quang khi là bộ trưởng Công An đã hành hạ, tra tấn, giết hại bao nhiêu người, đã nâng cao phong trào dân đến tự tử tại đồn Công an. Có cảm tình với đương sự, bởi vì nghe nói ông chống Trung Quốc, bị đầu độc vì muốn thoát Trung ? Nếu chuyện đó có thật, cái chống Tàu của ông nó cũng không đến nỗi hung hăng lắm, vì ông vẫn ngậm miệng ăn tiền cho tới chết.

Ông Đỗ Mười, xuất thân từ người hoạn lợn, đã thiến cả nước, miền Bắc, trước, miền Nam sau. Trong mười năm làm Thủ tướng, Tổng Bí Thư, với những chiến dịch đánh tư sản tàn khốc, dã man, đần độn, ông ta đã làm tiêu tan tiềm lực quốc gia, tan nát hàng triệu gia đình, đưa hàng trăm ngàn người đến vùng kinh tế mới để hoặc bỏ mạng, hoặc trốn về thân tàn ma dại, đã đẩy hàng triệu người xuống thuyền vượt biển tìm đường sống, một phần ba bỏ mình trên biển cả

Ngày đưa tang ông Quang, có người khóc. Đưa ông ĐM, học sinh bị lùa ra đứng hai bên đường, không khóc, nhưng cũng phải đóng vai buồn rầu cho đúng quy trình, mặc dù chẳng biết ông ta là ai

Những hung thần đó, vẫn có những người khóc, mặc dù ngày nay, thời đại Internet, dân không ngoan hơn, hay bớt ngu hơn. Không còn cảnh vật vã than khóc hơn cả khi cha chết, như trong những đám tang Staline, Mao, HCM, Kim Nhật Thành..

 Người ta, nhất là người Tây Phương, thường ngạc nhiên, đúng ra là ngỡ ngàng, trước cảnh than khóc lãnh tụ ở những xứ CS .

Phải đọc một tác giả Bắc Hàn, mới hiểu được hiện tượng đó.

‘’ Truyện La Scène ( Màn Kịch ) , trong tuyển tập truyện ngắn Tố Cáo ( La dénonciation ), của Bandi, mô tả không khí xã hội những ngày dân Bắc Hàn để tang Kim lãnh tụ. Trong buổi họp phường khóm, công an phường cảnh cáo : ‘’Ngay trong hàng ngũ cán bộ cũng có những tên đáng bắn bỏ ( vì không bày tỏ đủ lòng thương tiếc Đại lãnh tụ kính yêu )…Chúng ta phải khuyến cáo cán bộ cảnh giác hơn nữa : hàng ngàn con mắt, hàng ngàn lỗ tai, hàng ngàn nắm tay vũ bão phải tích cực canh chừng hơn nữa, phải như vậy mới bảo đảm sẽ không có tên nào dám lầm lỗi ‘’.

 Mọi người thi đua tới bàn thờ tưởng niệm lãnh tụ . Người ta biết công an đứng ghi tên từng người. ‘’ Dân chúng tới than khóc ít nhất một lần mỗi ngày. Dần dần trở thành một thông lệ được mọi người tuân theo, và con số những người tới sáng, trưa, chiều, tối càng ngày càng đông. ‘’ Cả nước vật vã khóc, kể cả những người bị chế độ hành hạ thân tài ma dại. Tác giả viết mỗi người đóng một vai kịch, sống trong da thịt vai kịch ( se glisser dans la peau du personnage ) đến nỗi trở thành nhân vật , những giọt nước mắt trào ra, tự nhiên. Mỗi người mang tới bàn thờ lãnh tụ một bông hoa. Hậu quả là hoa trong vườn, trong công viên bị hái sạch, thiên hạ, kể cả học sinh nhỏ tuổi phải leo lên núi kiếm hoa, nhiều người rơi xuống hang núi chết, nhiều người bị rắn độc cắn bỏ mạng. Cán bộ phường : ‘’Các người tưởng rằng như vậy là đủ trung thành à ? Tưởng rằng hái tất cả hoa trong thành phố để kính dâng hương hồn Đại Lãnh Tụ, tưởng rằng leo lên núi hái hoa có thể rớt xuống hang hay bị rắn độc cắn là đủ à ? Trong giai đoạn bi thảm này, dù chúng ta có than khóc đến chết , vẫn không đủ để bày tỏ nỗi đau buồn đã mất người cha chung của dân tộc.’’ ( 2 )

Trong số những người vật vã than khóc, có những người khóc thật, vì được nhồi sọ từ nhỏ, tin rằng mình sống, ăn, ngủ, hít thở khí trời là nhờ lãnh tụ. Cũng có, rất nhiều người, than khóc vì bị lây. Giữa một đám đông, cá nhân không còn nữa, người ta suy nghĩ, phản ứng như đám đông. Y khoa gọi đó là hiện tượng ‘’ mimétisme ‘’.

Mimétisme, nơi súc vật : thay lông, đổi mầu để lẫn vào cảnh vật chung quanh ; nơi con người : lập lại một cách máy móc, vô thức những hành động, thái độ của những người chung quanh. Trong cả hai trường hợp, đó là một phản ứng để sống còn.

                                   TỪ VÔ THẦN TỚI NIẾT BÀN

Như tất cả những người Cộng Sản, các ông Trần Đại Quang, Đỗ Mười đều hãnh diện khoe trong lý lịch là vô thần, nhưng khi chết, đột nhiên thấy cần Phật hơn là Marx.

Nơi chín suối, Phật hình như có thẩm quyền hơn Đảng, Phật là Tổng Bí Thư. Hối lộ, phải hối lộ đúng chỗ. Bèn vội vàng, khẩn cấp quy y . Bèn vội vàng triệu tập hàng ngàn sư sãi quốc doanh tụng kinh, gõ mõ. Vẫn cái chiến lược lấy thịt đè người. Trước cửa Phật, cũng dàn quân  như công an chống biểu tình, nghĩ nếu tương quan lực lượng càng ngả về phe ta, Phật càng phải nhượng bộ sớm, vội vàng mở cửa Niết Bàn. Tội càng nặng, lực lượng sư sãi càng đông, tụng kinh, gõ mõ càng lớn để áp đảo tinh thần đối phương

Vẫn cái chiến thuật nói láo, theo đúng lời dạy của Lénine : một sự dối trá nhắc đi nhắc lại trăm ngàn lần sẽ trở thành sự thực. Các Dư luận viên đã áp dụng chiến thuật đó với dân. Các sư quốc doanh áp dụng chiến thuật đó với Phật. Một thượng toạ Thích Cầu Siêu hớn hở loan tin, cũng đáng tin cậy như tin trên báo Đảng : Chủ tịch Trần Đại Quang đã về tới Niết Bàn.

Sau giai thoại đồng chí Chủ Tịch thuở nhỏ bắt đom đóm bỏ vào vỏ trứng để học bài, người ta tưởng nghệ thuật điếu đóm đã tới tột đỉnh. Nhưng không, vẫn có những thằng cha muốn đi xa hơn nữa. Thích Minh Hiển, một thượng tọa quốc doanh khác, làm lobby cho cựu Tổng Bí Thư nơi cửa Phật, tuyên bố ngon lành : ‘’ Cụ Đỗ Mười có đủ đức tính của một Bồ Tát thị hiện ‘’. Nói chắc nịch, như phát ngôn viên chính thức của Đức Phật, sau khi đã xét hồ sơ .

Hai ông trùm một đảng cướp lăn ra chết, cả nước phải để tang . Hiện tượng quái dị đó phải trách ai ? Đảng cướp lộng hành hay một dân tộc thụ động, cam chịu ?

                                     LÒNG DÂN, Ý TRỜI

Bộ Ngoại Giao kiêu hãnh loan tin : nhiều nưóc gởi điện chia buồn với nhân dân VN và gia đình cựu TBT Đỗ Mười.

Tò mò, muốn biết ‘’ nhiều nước ‘’ là những nước nào ? Trả lời : Trung Quốc, Lào và Campuchia. Thấy thiêu thiếu. Nếu có thêm Bắc Hàn và Cu Ba, có thể khẳng định ít nhất 100% nhân dân thế giới đã tiếc thương Bồ tát.

Nước nào tiếc thương nhiều nhất ? Tàu. Trung Quốc vô cùng thương tiếc ‘’ một đồng chí, và một người bạn thân thiết nhất của Đảng và nhân dân Trung Hoa. ‘’.

Trung Quốc có thể an tâm. Đồng chí này chết, đồng chí  khác lên thay. Cái chức ‘’ bạn thân thiết nhất của Đảng và nhân dân Trung Hoa ‘’, nhiều đứa sẵn sàng giết nhau để tranh dành cho kỳ được. Chưa bao giờ, phong trào khoe khoang những hành động và thành quả của tình hữu nghị Hoa Việt lên cao hơn như những ngày gần đây.

Nhìn cảnh vua quan mặt mũi rầu rĩ tiễn đưa các đồng chí ra đi, viết ( hay chép lại)  những lời ai điếu thống thiết trên sổ vàng, người ta không thể không nghĩ tới đám tang của những godfathers trong cuốn phim về mafia của Coppola. Và một câu nói của một nhà văn Pháp : những con cá sấu chưa dự đám tang lãnh tụ, sẽ không biết khóc.

Bây giờ đang là mùa lãnh tụ băng hà, các godfathers khi xếp hàng thắp hương phúng điếu cũng nên thận trọng, nhìn trước nhìn sau. Ngày xưa, trong truyện Tàu, mỗi lần các quan chức tiếp nhau, bao giờ cũng mời khách ngồi dựa lưng vào tường. Ra cái điều là mình không có ý xấu, không tính chuyện thích khách, đâm vào lưng khi khách ngồi nhậu.

Ông Quang ngỏm, bác Trọng lên thay thế, kiêm nhiệm. 100 % bộ chính trị đã đề cử bác. Ít nhất 100% dân biểu sẽ bỏ phiếu cho bác, theo ý nguyện của ít nhất 100% nhân dân. Con số 100% hơi khả nghi, vì trong số gần 100 triệu người Việt, có hai người không đồng ý.

Người thứ nhất là tác giả bài này, từ đầu vẫn ủng hộ ông Quang Lùn thuộc nhóm Cờ Đỏ.

Người thứ hai là chính bác Trọng. Bác không hề hay biết chuyện đề cử này, rất ngạc nhiên, rất bức xúc, rất ngần ngại. Bác đã từng tuyên bố ‘’ Vừa là Tổng Bí Thư, vừa là Chủ tịch nước, ai sẽ là người kiểm soát ? ‘’. Rất ngần ngại, nhưng cuối cùng, đành phải nhận lời, ý dân không thể từ chối. ‘’ Dân vi quý, xã tắc thứ chi, quân vi khinh ‘’ , như lời Mạnh Tử

Như vậy, phải nói rõ là không phải hoàn toàn ‘’một chăm phần chăm’’. Nhưng không sao. Thiếu một , hai người, nhưng có thêm một phiếu, quan trọng không kém : Trời. Thủ tướng Phúc, người ban chức ‘’ top ‘’ thế giới cho cả nước, khám phá ra chuyện đề cử bác Trọng ‘’ trên thuận ý trời, dưới hợp lòng người ‘’.

Vô thần, nhưng khi cần vào Niết Bàn sớm để chiếm chỗ tốt, vồ nhà mặt tiền, không ngần ngại ra lệnh cho sư sãi quốc doanh tụng kinh loạn cào cào, khi cần thắng cử, không ngần ngại lôi Trời đi bỏ phiếu.

                                     MỒ CAO, MẢ ĐẸP

Mồ mả ông Quang xây hoành tráng, rực rỡ trên 2000 thước vuông, gấp hàng trăm, hàng ngàn lần nơi an nghỉ của De Gaulle, Kennedy, Kohn là quốc trưởng, thủ tướng của những nước nhược tiểu, nghèo đói.

Mồ ông ĐM nhỏ hơn, trên 1000 thước vuông, bởi vì ông  được báo Đảng ca tụng là người sống giản dị, gần dân, tiết kiệm từng xu cho công quỹ. Giai thoại : khi đi thăm dân, ông từ chối không uống bia, vì ‘’ uống bia là uống dollars ‘’.

Mỗi người có một cái thú . Cái thú nho nhỏ của các đầy tớ dân là khi sống, mặc dù rất thanh liêm,  thích cất những cái lều thật lớn , khi chết, xây mả to tổ bố. Muốn đời đời thiên hạ chiêm ngưỡng, nhớ ơn công đức của mình. Mặc dù là những người kiến thức bao la, nhờ vỏ trứng, đom đóm, các đỉnh cao trí tuệ loài người chắc chưa đọc những câu danh ngôn về cái sống, cái chết. Mark Twain : hãy ăn ở làm sao để ngày đưa tang, ngay cả nhân viên nhà đòn cũng nhỏ lệ. André Malraux : Ngôi mộ đẹp nhất là những kỷ niệm tốt đẹp để lại cho thiên hạ. Ngạn ngữ Tàu : Đám tang người quyền thế khôngthiếu gì cả, chỉ thiếu người thực sự tiếc thương.

Từ Thức, Paris 07/10/18

( )

( 1 ) L’humour est la politesse du désespoir. Câu này, người ta gán cho Hugo, Wilde, Valéry, Vian, Churchill… , thực ra là của Chris Marher

( 2 ) Trích từ ‘’ Văn Chương Phản Kháng Bắc Hàn’’ trên

          K-Solo – Feel Ok      Cache   Translate Page      
Hailed as one of Africa’s best kept Producer & music Guru, now back as critically acclaimed for his previous singles like ‘Your Way’ Feat. Klever Jay and ‘Leave am for God’ featuring Timaya fast forward to the Latest Wish Me. Eclectic Nigerian Producer, songwriter and musician K-Solo is finally emerging from anonymity and ready to […]
          Grad osigurao četrdeset novih studentskih stipendija      Cache   Translate Page      
Studenti koji se žele prijaviti za gradsku stipendiju moraju imati minimalno 50 ostvarenih ECTS bodova u prethodnoj akademskoj godini, s najmanjim dopuštenim prosjekom od 3,5 odnosno 3,0 ako su profesionalni sportaši.
          Neuobičajena prometna nesreća      Cache   Translate Page      
Prometnu nesreću, nepromišljenim postupkom, izazvao je 45-godišnjak, protiv kojeg će policija podnijeti prekršajni nalog.
          MALEŠNICA - Appartamento - 97,000 EUR (Prodavatelj: Atlas nekretnine d.o.o.)      Cache   Translate Page      
ID CODE: 1KK-6749 Godina izgradnje: 2006 Godina zadnje adaptacije: 2014 Struja: Da Gradski vodovod: Da Namješteno: Da Parking u vlasništvu: Da Grij
          It is not only Four Mothers who can change government policy, is it? - by Sheri Oz      Cache   Translate Page      
...Just having to reflect on this pains me and weighs heavy on my heart. My whole body trembles. But God-forbid my contemplation be mistaken for weakness. I will struggle with these conflicting values — we will struggle with these conflicting values — and I feel caught up in the undertow in a raging sea. We will come up to the surface for air, our will to survive against all odds not the least bit impaired.The point is coming near when we will say: Enough! And we will make a din so loud that our leaders will come to their senses. 

Sheri Oz..
Israel Diaries..
08 October '18..

Jew: You want to do what is right and what is humane. You want to live up to your own cherished values and you want the values of your nation to be true to those you were brought up to see as the values of your tradition and the sages, whether you are religious or not. And then these values come into a collision course with the equally important values of self-respect and survival.

We were taught that THIS life (this incarnation, perhaps) is not of lesser significance than after-death, no less significant than the rewards or punishments we can expect upon moving on to the next realm of existence. THIS LIFE must be protected. And we are our brothers’ keepers.

We did not do well with keeping Ari Fuld and Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi and countless others who were stabbed, shot, hit with rocks, run over. Who is next? Has it already been written? We did not do well (and still are not) with the wildlife and plant-life, natural and sown, on the other side of our Land. For how long? Has that also been written?

I guess what I am wondering about is how we make sure our boundaries are clear, how we protect ourselves, how we weigh the actions we must take in order to be our brothers’ keepers, truly, while not betraying our other values.

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          Salgs- og logistikkonsulent – salg af transportløsninger, 3x34 Transport A.m.b.A.      Cache   Translate Page      
3x34 Transport A.m.b.A.Salgs- og logistikkonsulent – salg af transportløsninger

3x34 Transport A.m.b.A., Taastrup

Vil du være med til at sikre mere kørsel til vognene i 3x34 Transport? Har du dokumenteret succes med salg?

Med reference til selskabets administrationschef får du ansvaret for salg af transportløsninger til virksomheder med et frekvent behov. Dit ansvarsområde vil primært være at:

  • Identificere relevante kunder/emner.
  • Drive den enkelte tilbudsproces fra start til slut.
  • Selv booke og afholde møder med potentielle kunder.
  • Udarbejde færdige tilbud, herunder sikre den rette kombination af løsning, økonomi og jura.

Du tilbydes en fast løn efter kvalifikationer, pensionsordning, sundhedsforsikring samt øvrige personalegoder.

          Skarp planlægger til Arrivas busplanlægning (vikar ca. 12 mdr.), Arriva Danmark A/S      Cache   Translate Page      
Arriva Danmark A/S
Skarp planlægger til Arrivas busplanlægning (vikar ca. 12 mdr.)

Arriva Danmark A/S, Skanderborg

Kan du lægge et puslespil med brikker, der løbende skifter plads?

Drømmer du om et selvstændigt job, hvor du skal lave avanceret planlægning med mange variable? Vil du være med til at optimere og planlægge driften af ca. 400 busser og planlægge arbejdet for de over 1000 chauffører, som dagligt gør deres yderste for at servicere vore passagerer i Jylland og på Fyn? Så er du måske Arrivas nye planlægger.

Det er et job som kræver gode matematiske evner og samtidig god fornemmelse for mennesker. Dine primære arbejdsopgaver vil være:

  • Løbende planlægning og optimering af vognløb, vagter og turnus for et eller flere geografiske områder
  • Analyse af udviklings- og forbedringspotentialer, samt bidrage til den generelle tuning og regelopsætning i vores algoritmebaserede planlægningssystem
Arriva Danmark A/S

          UMAG - Kuća - 250,000 EUR (Prodavatelj: Casa Vita Nekretnine)      Cache   Translate Page      
Prodaje se kuća u centru Umaga , udaljena 500 m od mora. Kuća se nalazi u lijepoj rezidencijalnoj zoni. Sagrađena je 80-ih godina i potrebna je komple
          Comment on Our Sentiments Exactly by Jonathan      Cache   Translate Page      
You said: <blockquote>Is Jonathan claiming to be an expert on period KJV english, and whether “unicorn” was simply the translators’ intent to reference rhinoceros unicornis following the example of the Vulgate? Notice that Wilson’s argument was not that “unicorn” was specifically a horned horse, but that it was not a mere “wild ox”. So maybe Jonathan should cool his jets about pseudoscience, and stop heckling Wilson.</blockquote> Pastor Wilson never mentioned King James English, he was writing in modern English when he made the reference to a unicorn (within his own sentence, not within a quote). Neither Pastor Wilson nor I referred to the rhinoceros, you added that out of nowhere. And I wasn't critiquing the Bible or claiming it to be wrong, I was critiquing Pastor Wilson. And you were the one who chose to engage with me, so you can't accuse me of not following your agenda properly, it was you who tried to distort my statement about Pastor Wilson's error. Pastor Wilson's argument was clearly not that the passage was referring to a rhinoceros, that's why he used the term "unicorn", never used the term "rhinoceros", mocked the 'feckless translators' who translate it "ox", and followed up with comparisons to Nephilim and a girl with the spirit of a python, demonstrating that it was obvious he was talking about something far more unusual than a mere rhinoceros. This was the exact phrase: <blockquote>Christians who revolt against this massive etiolation do well, in that they are wanting to return to a full-orbed biblical cosmology. The star of Bethlehem was a star, and showed the magi the way to a house. The rhetorical question in Job about taming the unicorn—what feckless translators have called a wild ox—is, when taken this latter way, seen to be a stupid question. ““Is the wild ox willing to serve you? Will he spend the night at your manger? Can you bind him in the furrow with ropes, or will he harrow the valleys after you?” (Job 39:9–10, ESVOpen in Logos Bible Software (if available)). “Well, yes. That’s how I run my farm.” Who among you, oh sons of men, can tame the ox? Ummm . . . is this a trick question? The sons of God (bene elohim) took beautiful women from among men, and had Nephilim by them. The apostle Paul cast the spirit of a python out of the fortune telling girl at Philippi, thereby indicating that the existence of Apollo was not mere superstition. In short, the ancient scriptural cosmology is not what many Christians assume it to be.</blockquote> You can play your internet word games all you want, but any observer with decent reading comprehension can see that the work of that paragraph is to speak of the unicorn reference as indicating a Biblical cosmology beyond the natural world, not to merely say, "Oh, some translator got it wrong, it's a rhino, a different perfectly natural animal." <blockquote> Since Jonathan was apparently so desperate to get Wilson on something, he didn’t interact very much with the evidence supporting the historical identification as the rhinoceros.</blockquote> Anyone who has ever seen me post on here knows that someone claiming that I didn't interact very much with something is unlikely to be telling the truth. Especially since in the very conversation in question you accused me of "not knowing when to give up" after I explained in detail why anoch (wild ox) was a better translation than rhinocerus. Once again, the particular argument you wish to use shifts like the wind with the conclusion you wish to reach. Neither Pastor Wilson nor I were identifying the passage with a rhinoceros (and if it were a rhinoceros, Pastor Wilson would still be wrong to think it was a unicorn), so your attempts there to divert the conversation were unhelpful to everyone. This is what I had written: <blockquote>The idea that the Hebrew “re’em” refers to the auroch, a huge, powerful species of wild ox that lived in Israel during Old Testament times but is now extinct, is rooted in Johann Ulrich Duerst’s linguistic work of the late 1800s, who found that the word was based on the Akkadian cognate “rimu”, which was show to refer to the auroch via actual depictions found in Assyrian artifacts, which clearly show an ox, not a unicorn or a rhinoceros. Now, is such linguistic work infallible? Of course not. While the idea that “rimu” is the root of “re’em” is highly suggestive, while the frequent depiction of the bulls with one horn as they appeared for the side (due to the profound symmetry of their horns) and their references to “one-horn” in that context is highly suggestive, and while the fact that the depictions in the Bible work quite well for an enormous wild ox, it isn’t something that I’d bet my life or my faith on. As you may have seen, I already clicked “like” on your comments regarding the rhinoceros yesterday. While I think it more likely that the text referred to an animal actually known from Israel, like an auroch or an oryx, you are correct in pointing out that while rhinoceros were never known from any Hebrew-speaking region, their range was not so far away, and the idea that Hebrews knew of rhinoceroses is not ridiculous. Thus, of course, I would not view a good well-rooted argument for “wild ox” or “rhinoceros” as pseudo-science. However, in the English language, “unicorn” does NOT refer to either of those, it clearly refers to a mythical horned horse, and the comments show that many people agree with me in getting the impression that that’s exactly what Pastor Wilson intended it to refer to. To then argue that the text must mean “unicorn” and not “wild ox” by making an argument that shows the inability to distinguish between a domestic ox and a wild ox IS pseudoscience. Pastor Wilson’s entire argument mocking those who translate “wild ox” is based on false assumptions.</blockquote> <blockquote>First off, no, I am not an expert in period KJV, but that’s irrelevant because Pastor Wilson never mentioned the KJV. We’re talking about modern English right now, where I have never in my entire life heard an English speaker in a serious conversation call a rhinoceros a unicorn. And it is obvious that that’s not what Pastor Wilson is intending to do. You ignore that it would make no sense at all for Pastor Wilson to be saying, “dumb translators call it an ox, but it’s actually a rhinoceros, and therefore ancient scriptural cosmology is far more amazing than you think.” Unless you think that a rhinoceros is an especially mythical or spiritual being. His other examples were a star traveling across the sky to lead the magi to a house, the sons of God sleeping with women and producing the Nephilim, and Paul casting a spirit-python out of the fortune telling girl…and you want to add to that, “Plus rhinoceroses actually exist, which most Christians just wouldn’t believe!” I think you’re bright enough to know that Pastor Wilson is obviously saying no such thing, which makes it feel like you’re being malicious in trying to play with words or “plausible deniability” in order to gain not the truth, but the upper hand in an argument. And no, a wild ox is NOT a domesticated ox, no more than a wolf is a collie. Domestication is a process that takes hundreds of years, and as you point out, had been completed thousands of years before this passage was written. The auroch of the Middle East was NOT the same as their domestic cattle, it was its ancestor, and no Middle Eastern man reading that passage would say, “Oh, no, but I have a pasture full of tamed auroch’s right now.” It’s possible the text doesn’t mean auroch – I’ve already given you the evidence that it does, and I already pointed out that you could be right and it could mean rhinoceros too. But it certainly doesn’t mean domesticated cattle in any translation.</blockquote>
          Logistikkoordinator, Loomis Danmark      Cache   Translate Page      
Loomis DanmarkLogistikkoordinator

Loomis Danmark, Taastrup

Som Logistikkoordinator har du det daglige ansvar for koordinering af logistikopgaver mellem kundeservice, salg, produktion og samarbejdspartner, samt bidrage til optimering af performance og effektivitet i distributionen.

Som Koordinator indgår du i vores 10 mand store logistikteam og arbejder desuden tæt sammen med vores 80 chauffører og den øvrige del af organisationen herunder Salg, Service samt Produktion.

Primære arbejdsopgaver/ansvarsområde:

  • Koordinering af opgaver på tværs af forsyningskæden fra ordreafgivelse til servicering af kunden
  • Sikre at vores 80 chauffører hver dag kommer godt afsted og sikkert hjem igen
  • Opfølgning på performance samt afvigelser fra den planlagte kørsel/opgaver

          Parts Advisor, Tesla Motors      Cache   Translate Page      
Parts Advisor

Tesla, Aarhus

Kan du lide at have mange bolde i luften og har lyst til at være en del af en af verdens mest innovative virksomheder?

Tesla i Aarhus leder efter en ivrig og erfaren Parts Advisor, som kunne tænke sig at arbejde med et af verdens mest progressive bilmærker. Som Parts Advisor vil du konstant være i kontakt med kunder, hvilket kræver, at du har en grundlæggende forståelse for teknisk support. Logistik er også en vigtig del af jobbet, så vi forventer at du har gode organiseringsevner og er detaljeorienteret.


  • Modtage varer – udvælge, sende og styre varer på lageret med henblik på at støtte værkstedet.
  • Skabe system i reservedelene, mærke de forskellige materialer med referencenumre så de kan identificeres.

          Ordrebehandler til GEA Danmark – Spare Part Teamet i Skanderborg, GEA Process Engineering A/S      Cache   Translate Page      
GEA Process Engineering A/SOrdrebehandler til GEA Danmark – Spare Part Teamet i Skanderborg

GEA Process Engineering A/S

Hos GEA Danmark har vi altid haft et højt fokus på serviceområdet, så vores kunder fortsat ser os som deres foretrukne valg. Vi søger nu en ny kollega til vores dynamiske Sparepart Team på 7 medarbejdere.

Dine primære opgaver bliver at:

  • Modtage og behandle kundeordrer per e-mail og telefon
  • Indkøbe reservedele og komponenter
  • Opfølgning på leverandører

Vi tilbyder

  • Godt arbejdsmiljø, hvor vi respekterer hinanden gensidigt og holder det, vi lover.
  • Karrieremuligheder i en stor, international koncern med faglig stolthed
  • Konkurrencedygtige ansættelsesvilkår og attraktive medarbejderforhold

          Taylor Swift breaks her political silence, and America erupts      Cache   Translate Page      

  • Taylor Swift breaks her political silence by endorsing Tennessee Democratic candidates.
  • Mistakenly believing her to be one of theirs, the Alt-Right is furious.
  • New voter registrations have spiked since her announcement

In their heyday, The Beatles never told anyone how to vote, fearful as they were of their own power over their fan base. As one of their promoters put it, "Only Hitler ever duplicated their power over crowds." Such were the times that they felt safe keeping their views mostly to themselves, only occasionally implying them in song lyrics.

These are not those times, though, and The Beatles of today, Taylor Swift, this week stepped into the political fray by endorsing Democratic candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives candidates in her home state of Tennessee. She also strongly criticized the voting record of Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn.

That Swift has spoken up in these troubled times confirms her image as an "All-American girl." The tweet in which she made her endorsement speaks eloquently in support of traditional American ideals.

I'm writing this post about the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th, in which I'll be voting in the state of Tennessee. In the past I've been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions, but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now. I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights, and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.
I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love. Running for Senate in the state of Tennessee is a woman named Marsha Blackburn. As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn. Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women. She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which attempts to protect women from domestic violence, stalking, and date rape. She believes businesses have a right to refuse service to gay couples. She also believes they should not have the right to marry. These are not MY Tennessee values. I will be voting for Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for House of Representatives. Please, please educate yourself on the candidates running in your state and vote based on who most closely represents your values. For a lot of us, we may never find a candidate or party with whom we agree 100% on every issue, but we have to vote anyway.
So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count. But first you need to register, which is quick and easy to do. October 9th is the LAST DAY to register to vote in the state of TN. Go to and you can find all the info. Happy Voting!

Photo that accompanied Swift's tweet.

True to the times in which we live, the faction so out-of-step with traditional American ideals, the Alt-Right, exploded in rage. On the other hand, according to, new voter registrations since Swift's tweet have also exploded, with 65,000 signups in just the first 24 hours after her tweet, demonstrating the powerful and emotional bond Swift maintains with her audience.

The fallout is a stunning collision of the power of hate and celebrity that so characterize today's U.S.A.

Nobody's Aryan princess

The Alt-Right movement has for several years believed the blonde, blue-eyed, Southern Swift to be their "Aryan Princess." In the absence of a full-throated rejection from the pop star, their faith in Swift's presumed agreement with their radical views has become more and more entrenched over time.

Never mind that it began as a joke when a November 2011 4chan kitten-naming contest decided on a name Swift herself had chosen for her own feline. Additional "clues" supporting Swift's alleged All-Right leanings appeared over time, culminating in a ne-Nazi's article reposting a mashup of Hitler quotes over an image of Swift. His post was titled, "Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift: Nazi Avatar of the White European People."

In tweets, such as one describing Swift's endoresment as a "betrayal beyond words. On Reddit, things grew even darker, with one poster claiming, "Nobody pisses off 4chan. She will regret this move for that reason alone." Another informs her, "you just lost over half of your fanbase, including me." One Alt-Right commenter with a user name containing "taytay4ever" wondered, "Son of a do I change usernames???"

Donald Trump defended Blackburn as a "tremendous woman," and shared his unique conception of math by telling supporters, "Let's say that I like Taylor's music about 25% less now."

There are performers and then there’s Taylor

No other artist has remotely as emotionally resonant relationship with her fans as Taylor Swift does these days. Many, though by no means all, of her adorers are teenage girls who look to Swift for guidance in matters big and small during this charged time of life. From song lyrics to one-on-one fan surprises, Swift clearly works hard and reciprocate the adulation she receives. As she noted in her tweet, a sizable portion of her base has just come of voting age, and she clearly wanted to use her influence with them for positive change. That her reasons involved standing up for human rights and making clear that this includes various groups whose rights are in question these days fits in perfectly with her long-time message to fans. As Mary Mancini of tells Buzzfeed, "Having her come out and say this so publicly will make people sit up and say, ya know what, I'm not alone here."

According to Mancini, of the 5,183 new registrations in Tennessee so far this month, 2,144 were from the period following Swift's tweet. itself saw 155,940 unique visitors in the first post-tweet day, the largest group of visitors since National Voter Registration Day in September.

A gamble worth taking

Swift has really stepped up as a young American here, taking a real risk with her career and her personal safety to simply help her generation do what she feels is obviously right. That thousands are willingly following her guidance at the same time as others are demonizing her fits this American moment, sadly. To provide some light in this wilderness is why she spoke up.

          Living Arcanis 5E Introductory Season Packet      Cache   Translate Page      
Living Arcanis 5E Introductory Season PacketPublisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.

The World of the Shattered Empires Awaits!

Written for mature players that desire to explore a setting of varying shades of grey rather than stark black and white, Arcanis seeks to add a layer of intrigue and moral ambiguity to your gaming table. and nbsp;The adventures presented are part of a rich tapestry that tells the story of the people of Arcanis. While some of these adventures may be played independently of one another, they all weave a story and help unlock the multiple mysteries of the world.

This introductory packet contains the following:

A and nbsp;READ ME FIRST document

Pre-Gens (8): 1st level characters

Campaign Rules (Living Arcanis 5E Campaign Guide)

Character Sheet

The following Adventures and associated Character Records and Certs as appropriate:

LA-Intro-1-1 Taboo

LA-Intro-1-2 A Thousand Words

LA-Intro-1-3 Unbated and Envenomed

LA-Intro-1-4 Whispers of the Gods

LA-Intro-1-5 To Die Alone

LA-Intro-1-6 In Plain Sight

LA-Intro-1-7 Espionage

LA-Intro-1-8 The Gleam of Fires, the Throb of Drums

Ad Sheet with the current Arcanis product line as of 10-01-2018

Thank you for giving the Living Arcanis 5E campaign a try and get ready to Leave Your Mark Upon the Shattered Empires!

and nbsp;

and nbsp;

and nbsp;

          This Woman’s Life Was Changed Forever At Praise In The Park 2018 [Exclusive Video]      Cache   Translate Page      
Sometimes God gives his blessings when you least expect it. At Praise In The Park 2018 he did just that when Nissan South of Morrow picked their Nissan South Big Blessing winner in front of thousands of people. RELATED: Koryn Hawthorne Live Will Make You Wanna Go To Church [Exclusive Video] Check out the video below […]
          Aniversariante do dia, usgodoy      Cache   Translate Page      
Oi amigos, mais festa no forum, o aniversariante do dia, é o usgodoy.
Godoy, muitos anos de vida, muita saúde e claro, muitas felicidades para você, todos os dias de sua vida, com as bênçãos de Deus.
Um abraço, do Cesar.
          Recensione Liquidi VGod      Cache   Translate Page      
“VGOD è il grande marchio produttore di diverse Sigarette Elettroniche dedicate al Cloud Chasing che...
          Kim Jong Un invites Pope Francis to meet in Pyongyang      Cache   Translate Page      

Seoul, South Korea, Oct 9, 2018 / 05:40 am (CNA/EWTN News).- North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has invited Pope Francis to meet in Pyongyang, a South Korean spokesman said Tuesday.

Pope Francis is already set to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in Oct. 18 for an audience at the Vatican Apostolic Palace, where Moon will personally deliver the invitation from Kim Jong Un.

President Moon, a Catholic, will also participate in a Mass for peace on the Korean peninsula in St. Peter’s Basilica on Oct. 17 celebrated by the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin. 

During the most recent summit between Korean leaders in September, Kim told Moon that he would “greatly welcome” the pope Pyongyang, according to South Korea’s presidential office. 

On Oct. 7, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea to discuss details for a second summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim to continue negotiation of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, according to the State Department.

“One of the key pillars of the statement between Chairman Kim and President Trump was that we would have better relationships, confidence-building measures. We would fundamentally change the nature of North Korea’s relationship with the rest of the world,” Secretary Pompeo told press in South Korea on Oct. 8 after the meeting with Kim.

Vatican Secretary for Relations with States Paul Gallagher visited the Joint Security Area on the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea on July 5, where he said, “it is a very historic period, a period of hope and the Holy Father is supporting that movement.”

“I am sure with the prayers and support of Christians and other men and women in good faith around the world that many good things will be achieved in the coming months. We pray for that,” Archbishop Gallagher said during the visit.

Diplomatic negotiations continued at the third inter-Korean summit between Kim and Moon, which took place on Sept. 18 in Pyongyang during a week in which Catholics in South Korea celebrated the peninsula's martyr saints.

The First Lady of South Korea, Kim Jung-sook, participated in the Mass with Korean bishops as a part of the festivities. She asked for prayers for the diplomatic negotiations at Seoul’s Myeongdong Cathedral days prior to heading to Pyongyang for the summit.

Twenty-five million people live in North Korea, which has one of the worst human rights records in the world. A United Nations investigation in 2014 produced a 372-page report that documented crimes against humanity, including execution, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, forced abortions, and knowingly causing prolonged starvation.

There are currently an estimated 80,000 to 120,000 people in North Korea’s six political prison camps, in which the U.S. State Department has found evidence of starvation, forced labor, and torture.

South Korean bishops have been leading Catholics in prayer for the reconciliation and unity of the divided Korean peninsula for decades. 

“Since 1965, the Korean Catholic Church has been praying for the true peace of the two Koreas and the reconciliation of the nation,” Archbishop Kim Hee-Jung of Gwangju wrote in April following the first meeting between the Korean leaders. chairman of the Korean bishops’ conference in April.

“Through these prayers, something miraculous is happening in this land by the help of God for whom nothing will be impossible,” Archbishop Kim continued.

“Until the day when complete peace is established on the Korean peninsula and divided peoples are united, the Catholic Church of Korea will accompany the journey for reconciliation of the people in unity.”

          Colbert neighbors express concerns about intersection following crash      Cache   Translate Page      
A three-car collision that sent one driver the hospital with serious injuries is the second crash to happen at Newport Highway and Colbert Road in a week, investigators told KXLY crews.

According to Washington State Police Troopers, the injured driver was hit while trying to cross Newport Highway westbound on Colbert Road. She then hit a third car that was waiting at the intersection.

WSP ruled the cause of the crash to be a failure to yield the right of way.

KXLY viewers responded to coverage of the accident with questions about the safety of the intersection, expressing special concern for students and parents who use Colbert Road to access Northwest Christian school.

Emily Proffit is one of those parents. She crosses Colbert Road two to three times day to drop off and pick up her sons, Daniel and Caleb, who are in preschool and kindergarten at Northwest Christian.

"I say a prayer every time I cross it," she said.

Proffit said she has spoken to other parents about the intersection, and that many of them share her concerns.

"It's pretty scary every time we cross so I was just asking their teacher today, who at the county or I don't know who it would be that I could write a letter to because I'm just waiting for the day that something terrible happens," she said.

Something like this morning's crash which Proffit and her sons had to navigate on their way in to school this morning.

Other members of the community expressed similar worries.

"My first thought was 'Oh my God, I hope it's not a fatality," said Lori Anderson.

Anderson manages and lives above Secure Self Storage, which is located on the corner of Colbert Road. She said she's only lived there for about three years, but her husband's family has lived on nearby Berhill Road for a long time and this intersection has been a concern, to them, for years.

"Just the last week we've had two serious accidents and it's not even winter yet," she said.

Anderson, like Proffit and like the several others who reached out to KXLY with concerns, expressed an interest in change.

"Our question is just that. 'What's it going to take?' How many people are going to get injured or how many people are going to have to die before they put a stupid light in," she said.

The Eastern Region of the Washington State Department of Transportation told KXLY on the phone today that people can call and leave comments of questions about roads issues and safety. Call 509-324-6000.

KXLY is requesting crash data for the intersection of Newport Highway and Colbert Road. This story will be updated when that information becomes available.

          Comment on The Counterpart to the Aryan by Janus      Cache   Translate Page      
As it turns out, the most healthiest elements in a community are philosemitic and flock over to the socialist camp. They usually lack the toxicity found in antisemites and are utterly naive about the Jewish question. That speaks volumes about Hitler's character. First of all, compassion towards animals is fundamental to good character. It hardly needs to be mentioned that Hitler was benevolent towards nature. Second, the Jew Edgar Fweuchtwanger recalls Hitler smiling at him benevolently when he was young, but quickly downplays it by suggesting that Hitler didn't know who he was. His brother, Lion, was a famous Jew who took pride in the collapse of Rome and was singled out in attacks by antisemites, there's no way Hitler at that time wouldn't have known that his neighbors were Jewish. Hitler's childhood doctor Eduard Bloch, who was also Jewish, testifies to his profound love and grief for his mother. Hitler's philosemitic origin adds weight to his antisemitic pronunciations, it was one of his greatest advantages. Philosemites often let slip an unconscious indictment of Jewry, as seen in Nietzsche's writings, Churchill's 1920 publication (although he overlooked the Zionists), and James Grover McDonald (the first U.S. ambassador to Israel). Nietzsche identifies the religious obsession/fanaticism/delusion of the Christians, not as a product of the individual, but explicitly states "the thing responsible is race" and indicts the Christians as 3x the Jew. McDonald admitted that the Jews had occupied more positions than their numbers or their talents entitled them to, also acknowledging that America had a similar problem, but explains how they basically resorted to half-measures to deal with it. I was raised a Zionist Christian, but then I was inculcated with "prophecies" from the Old Testament reassuring me of a glorious personal future. I waited for years, doing nothing about my situation. Then it finally occurred to me, due to the timely intervention of Luther and Julian, that a "god" who demands his followers to wait and hope, without giving any indication of further contact, is not one which could be loved or appreciated in any way. According to the Christians, "god" first neglected almost the entire world for Jews. Then he has been neglecting his own people, the Jews, all this time. It all leads to atheism. By being personally exposed to this kind of promise, I, a former philosemite, have become a severely aggressive antisemite, just like Hitler.
          Taeyong z NCT 127 kilkukrotnie upadał na scenę podczas eventu Apple Music w LA      Cache   Translate Page      
9 października, NCT 127 wystąpili podczas specjalnego eventu w LA. Niestety, zgodnie z relacjami z tych, którzy wzięli udział w wydarzeniu, Taeyong ucierpiał ponad 6 razy podczas występów NCT 127 z piosenkami „Touch”, „Cherry Bomb”, upadając na scenę, która była zbyt śliska. Według relacji fanów, idol próbował nawet zmienić buty pomiędzy występami, ale pod koniec […]
          SUBMISSION IS A "SURE THING" - One Bread, One Body, Oct 10, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Galatians 2:1-2, 7-14 | Psalm 117:1-2 | Luke 11:1-4

"I went prompted by a revelation, and I laid out for their scrutiny the gospel as I present it." —Galatians 2:2

The Lord commands every Christian to be submissive to God-given authority (Eph 5:21). Wives are to be prime examples of this submission. They are to teach all Christians the peace, joy, freedom, and disciplines of submission (see Eph ... More

          HEARING AID - One Bread, One Body, Oct 9, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
St. Denis & Companions, St. John Leonardi
Galatians 1:13-24 | Psalm 139:1-3, 13-15 | Luke 10:38-42

"Mary has chosen the better portion and she shall not be deprived of it." —Luke 10:42

Right now, you are reading this booklet, One Bread, One Body, which focuses on listening to the Lord as He speaks through the Church's daily eucharistic Scripture readings. Thank God for you! You are like Mary of Bethany. She chose to ... More

          Vatican's Meeting Of Bishops Is Overshadowed By Abuse Allegations       Cache   Translate Page      
As clerical sex abuse scandals buffet the Catholic Church, a three-week assembly of bishops is under way in Rome on how to make the Church relevant for young people. But the assembly, known as a synod, will likely be dominated by what many analysts call Catholicism's worst crisis since the reformation. Roughly 250 priests, bishops, cardinals and some younger laypersons are participating in the synod. In the opening mass, pope Francis urged them "to dream and to hope." And he prayed for God's help to ensure the Church does not let itself "be extinguished or crushed by the prophets of doom and misfortune, by our own shortcomings, mistakes and sins." Spiraling sex abuse scandals have hurt the pope. A new Pew Research Center poll found Francis' favorability rating in the United States is 51 percent — down 19 points since January 2017. As the synod opened, one block from St. Peter's Square, some 20 abuse survivors — members of the international group Ending Clergy Abuse — voiced their anger
          ‘God Country’ Graphic Novel in the Works as Movie at Legendary      Cache   Translate Page      
Legendary Entertainment has acquired worldwide film rights to the fantasy-action graphic novel “God Country” and will team up with AfterShock Media on the project. Legendary announced the deal Tuesday. “God Country” is written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Geoff Shaw, with Cates set to adapt the screenplay. Jon Silk brought the project in and […]

          Hrvatska 'počastila' slavljenika s 15 golova, ali zbog toga u Bjelovaru nitko nije tužan      Cache   Translate Page      
Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija s uvjerljivih 15:1 svladala je Bjelovar, trećeligaša koji slavi 110 godina.
          Joshua J. F. Coutts, “The Divine Name in the Gospel of John” (Mohr Siebeck, 2017)      Cache   Translate Page      
Unlike many of the other early Christian texts, the Gospel of John emphasizes the name of the Father alongside the name of Jesus—why? One reason, says Joshua Coutts, is because of the significance of God’s name in the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Join us as we talk with Joshua...
          CEEPUS stipendije za ljetni semestar ak. god. 2018./2019.      Cache   Translate Page      
Studenti diplomskog i poslijediplomskog studija Agronomskog fakulteta mogu se prijaviti za stipendije u okviru mreža sveučilišta CEEPUS programa :: rok za prijavu mrežne mobilnosti: 31. listopada 2018. :: rok za prijavu Freemover mobilnosti: 30. studenoga 2018. ...
          10/10/2018: SPORT: Not giving up yet      Cache   Translate Page      
GODOLPHIN is clinging to hopes of a Caulfield Cup miracle for Emotionless, with stable staff refusing to abandon the injured raider’s campaign. Trainer Charlie Appleby on Monday night all but ruled Emotionless out of Saturday week’s $5 million Group...
          Gutgeschnittene 4 Zimmerwohnung in Königswinter-Oberdollendorf!      Cache   Translate Page      
Preisinformation: 1 Carportplatz, Miete: 40,00 EUR Lage: Königswinter ist eine Stadt im Rhein-Sieg-Kreis in Nordrhein-Westfalen mit rund 40.000 Einwohnern, auf der östlichen Rheinseite gegenüber dem Bonner Stadtbezirk Bad Godesberg. Die Stadt...
4 Zimmer 85 m² 8 EUR/m² Badewanne Terrasse Balkon Kachelofen Garage möbliert
Tue, 09 Oct 2018 18:30:25 +0200
          Westminster Larger (Q&A63) Catechism, What Are the Privileges of the Visible Church?      Cache   Translate Page      
A new MP3 sermon from Still Waters Revival Books is now available on with the following details:

Title: Westminster Larger (Q&A63) Catechism, What Are the Privileges of the Visible Church?
Subtitle: Jim Dodson Messages
Speaker: Jim Dodson
Broadcaster: Still Waters Revival Books
Event: Teaching
Date: 10/9/2018
Bible: Isaiah 4:5-6; 1 Timothy 4:10
Length: 89 min.

Overview: See for many free Reformation resources.----Puritan Hard Drive at you love the Bible, then you may well be Reformed. If you think of yourself as Reformed, but you have seldom or have never read older Reformed literature, prepare to be challenged. The Puritan Hard Drive provides primary sources and depth of theological and spiritual insight which is lacking in much of what is passed off as genuine Reformed theology. If you think of yourself as conservative, the older Puritan and Reformed authors will help you sort reality from myth in your quest to be truly Reformed. There are more solid resources for less money here than anywhere else. I highly recommend you take responsibility for your soul and spend a few shekels for this cup of cold water in the midst of the modern religious desert.----- Jim Dodson, Reformed Presbyterian Scholar, you want to understand Reformed theology -i.e., the whole counsel of God- the Puritan Hard Drive is unsurpassed, outside the Bible itself. The First and Second Reformations gave us the most faithful Scriptural teaching and preaching since the time of the Apostles, and there is no other resource, outside Scripture itself, where you can find so much of God's truth as in the Puritan Hard Drive the Lord continue to use this most profitable tool to promote a Third Reformation that encompasses the whole world -Isaiah 2-2-4------- Pastor Greg Price -Covenanted Presbyterian Pastor, Author, Theologian, etc.- Free resources by Greg Price at Free Reformed Resources
          Rohstoffe im Check: Öl hui, Gold & Silber pfui! (GodmodeTrader)      Cache   Translate Page      
Während die Tendenz bei Energierohstoffen klar aufwärts gerichtet ist, geht es mit Gold und Silber weiter abwärts. Die wichtigsten Rohstoffe im systematischen technischen Check....
          EUR/USD-Fahrplan und GOLD im Schlepptau (GodmodeTrader)      Cache   Translate Page      
Der tägliche Blick auf den Devisenmarkt von Christian Kämmerer. Heute mit folgendem Inhalt: Die bereits unlängst thematisierte US-Dollarstärke wirkt sich bisweilen noch nicht wirklich auf den Goldprei.....
          PALLADIUM - Ziel diese Woche noch 1.100 USD- (GodmodeTrader)      Cache   Translate Page      
Tagesausblick für Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018: Die Rally-Bewegung sollte sich in dieser Woche noch fortsetzen. Allerdings dürfte die Luft dann bei rund 1.100 USD dünn werden....
          BRENT ÖL-Tagesausblick - Tief getroffen (GodmodeTrader)      Cache   Translate Page      
Tagesausblick für Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018: Der Ölpreis konnte gestern an der anvisierten Umkehrzone nach oben drehen. Heute dürfte die 85,00 USD-Marke in den Mittelpunkt der Anleger rücken....
          GOLD - ist das jetzt der Ausverkauf der "Krisenwährung"- (GodmodeTrader)      Cache   Translate Page      
Der Goldpreis wird regelrecht nach unten geprügelt. Das verleitet vermehrt zu Überlegungen, dass man jetzt antizyklisch einsteigen sollte. Wirklich?...
          Podcast Radio      Cache   Translate Page      

The week is underway again. Monday's gone and Tuesday is upon us. Let's see what we can do in order to speed it back up to the weekend. I like to employ podcasts to help the time go by.

Today on the dial we have: Geeks of the North Episode 48: 40k Kill Team first impression; Chance of Gaming Episode 116; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 172: Mark Streed; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 132: SubTerra & Nyctophobia; 40K Radio Episode 32: Talkin’ Titanicus; and The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 48: Keyforge, Trapwords and Monumental.

Geeks of the North Episode 48: 40k Kill Team first impression

This week, we once again pretend to be entertaining, while chatting about our recent painting projects and games. Antoine also gives his initial impression of 40k Kill Team, after playing his first game over the last weekend. On the News side, we talk about the Cutlass rulebook being now free to download (Black Scorpion miniatures), and the new pre-orders from Black Sun Miniatures.

Chance of Gaming Episode 116

We talk about Star Wars, Certifiable Studios, making it in the industry and what we are playing plus news.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 172: Mark Streed

Roy and Mark talk games!

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 132: SubTerra & Nyctophobia

During this weeks episode:

1) The Pegs discuss their recent gameplays including Western Legends, Fireworks, and Rise of Queensdale, and more;

2) All the Pegs review two horror themed games SubTerra and Nyctophobia; and

3) Look back at Fate of the Elder Gods.

40K Radio Episode 32: Talkin’ Titanicus

In this episode we are joined by the Head Geek from Geek Nation Tours, Teras Cassidy, to talk about Adeptus Titanicus. We discuss how well the game simulates commanding a huge robot of death as well as what we hope to see from the game in the future.

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 48: Keyforge, Trapwords and Monumental

Steve goes to Tabletop Gaming Live and tells us about the games he played there, including Keyforge and Monumental. Jon takes on the role of new ferret and Andy just distracts us all with his usual nonsense.


          Пропавшего саудовского журналиста начали искать по останкам в фургоне      Cache   Translate Page      
Власти Турции объявили в розыск черный фургон, в котором предположительно могут находиться останки журналиста из Саудовской Аравии Джамала Хашогги. Они уверены, что мужчину убили в здании генерального консульства, а затем его тело вывезли на одном из автомобилей, которые в тот день неоднократно заезжали на территорию.
          LJUDI U PANICI NAKON SILOVITE EKSPLOZIJE RAFINERIJE U BOSANSKOM BRODU: ‘Kao da je rat opet počeo’      Cache   Translate Page      
Još nema informacija što je prouzročilo eksploziju, niti kakve je to posljedice ostavilo na okoliš Požar koji je izbio u rafineriji nafte u Bosanskom Brodu nakon eksplozije koja se dogodila u utorak oko 21 sat i 30 minuta je lokaliziran, a u dom zdravlja u tom gradu primljeno je osam radnika koji su ozljeđeni u […]
          [VIDEO] POGLEDAJTE FENOMENALAN UDARAC KOJI JE POČISTIO PAUČINU: Ovog dalekometnog gola ne bi se ni Messi posramio      Cache   Translate Page      
Imamo kandidata za pogodak sezone Vusimuzi Mngomezulu je ime koje nije pretjerano poznato europskim ljubiteljima nogometa. Riječ je o 24-godišnjem desnom krilu koje trenutno igra za Polokwane City u Južnoj Africi i u dosadašnjem dijelu prvenstva je odigrao četiri utakmice i postigao jedan pogodak. Ali o kakvom je samo pogotku riječ. Polokwane je igrao protiv […]
          Commissioner David Hudson - "Doing the Most Good" - (Mon. 10-01-18)      Cache   Translate Page      

Commissioner David Hudson speaks about how God gives us significance, and allows us to assist in making the world great by providing hope. 

          Moore, Valerie Bonner      Cache   Translate Page      
Viewing, 1–8pm, 10/12/18 at Small's, Mobile. Visitation, 10/13/18, 9-11am funeral, Knollwood Assembly of God.
          Kongl. rådets, general guvernörens och fält-marskalkens, gref Rutger von Aschebergs lefwerne, efter trowärdiga och tillförlåteliga handlingar, uppsatt och utgifwit af Swen Lagerbring …       Cache   Translate Page      
Under Karl X Gustavs polska och danska krig var han regementschef, och deltog i slaget vid Konitz 1656 och tåget över Stora bält 1658. Efter sina insatser i slaget vid Konitz belönades han av Karl X med kungens egen värja, ett präktigt skärp, en värdefull guldkedja och ett gods i Preussen. 1678 utnämndes Aschenberg till fältmarskalk över hela den svenska hären.
          Playing to the gods : Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, and the rivalry that changed acting forever by Rader, Peter, author.      Cache   Translate Page      
Traces the infamous rivalry between two renowned nineteenth-century actresses, sharing insights into their personalities, ambitions, and relationships with each others' lovers.
          Comentario en Podcast: Episodio 321, Borrando la Memoria por Werok93      Cache   Translate Page      
Hola gorditos buenas tardes tengan ustedes, aqui mi comentario: Uno de esos juegos que quisiera borrar por completo seria el resistance 3, veran soy muy fan de la serie, incluso el 2 se me hace muy buen juego, lo que quisiera volver a experimentar con resistance 3 es ese hype que me mantuvo expectante ante su salida, me gusto mucho ver visto a personas dando su propia version de los hechos de la invasion quimera en youtube como si deverdad fuera pasado, en ese entonces tenia 17 años y mi emocion por ese tipo de cosas era real incluso se me ponia la piel de gallina., al momento de jugar no solo me emocione por las graficas de ese momenteo si no por la historia con la que venia. El otro juego seria God of War 1, veran antes de jugar god of war, tenia en mi mente experiencias como Ratchet and Clank (creo que asi se escribe), crash bandicoot (uno de tantos spinn off que salieron), mario kart, mario party, KOF 2002, Metal slug, etc, etc, pero en mi vida habia escuchado god of war. Un dia en la tarde fui a la casa de mi amigo Marcos (saludos a ese perro) y me dijo pasale estoy jugando un juego nuevo y yo de mmm O_o vamos a verlo, entre e hiba en la parte cuando ataca a la primera cabeza de la hydra (spoiler supongo) mi mente de mosalvete no sabia procesar lo que miraba, graficas chingonas, como el maldito kratos se movia, sangre pordoquier fueron los que me causaron impresion por primera ves en un videojuego, y sinceramente me gustaria volver a sentir esa emocion de niño (creo que ahi es cuando me comenzo mi etapa de "quiero que mis juegos solo tengan sangre y desmembramientos jeje) Hoy en dia me emociono mucho por los videojuegos nuevos que me gustan, pero esa chispa que hizo en mi para hacer de esta indutria mi hobby, me gustaria volver a sentirla, como lo hice en aquellos lejanos 2006 cuando lo vi por primera vez. Muchas gracias gorditos por leerme y por todo su contenido. saludos y que el gordeo nunca acabe. Francisco Isiordia.
          Hear Psalm 50 As Jesus Heard It!      Cache   Translate Page      

The stunning voice in this great video is singing in Aramaic - the language spoken by Jesus Himself! Psalm 50 King James Version (KJV) 50 The mighty God, even the Lord, hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof. 2 Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined. [...]

The post Hear Psalm 50 As Jesus Heard It! appeared first on Knights Templar International.

          Czytania na środę, 10 października 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Środa XXVII tygodnia okresu zwykłego - wspomnienie dowolne świętego Paulina z Yorku, biskupa

(Ga 2, 1-2. 7-14)

Bracia: Po czternastu latach udałem się ponownie do Jerozolimy wraz z Barnabą, zabierając z sobą także Tytusa. Udałem się zaś w tę stronę na skutek otrzymanego objawienia. I przedstawiłem im Ewangelię, którą głoszę wśród pogan, osobno zaś tym, którzy cieszą się poważaniem, by stwierdzili, czy nie biegnę lub nie biegłem na próżno. Wręcz przeciwnie, stwierdziwszy, że mnie zostało powierzone głoszenie Ewangelii wśród nieobrzezanych, podobnie jak Piotrowi wśród obrzezanych – Ten bowiem, który współdziałał z Piotrem w apostołowaniu obrzezanych, współdziałał i ze mną wśród pogan – i uznawszy daną mi łaskę, Jakub, Kefas i Jan, uważani za filary, podali mnie i Barnabie prawicę na znak wspólnoty, byśmy szli do pogan, oni zaś do obrzezanych, ale żebyśmy pamiętali o ubogich, co też gorliwie starałem się czynić. Gdy następnie Kefas przybył do Antiochii, otwarcie mu się sprzeciwiłem, bo na to zasłużył. Zanim jeszcze nadeszli niektórzy z otoczenia Jakuba, brał udział w posiłkach z tymi, którzy pochodzili z pogaństwa. Kiedy jednak oni się zjawili, począł się odsuwać i trzymać z dala, bojąc się tych, którzy pochodzili z obrzezania. To jego nieszczere postępowanie podjęli też inni pochodzenia żydowskiego, tak że wciągnięto w to udawanie nawet Barnabę. Gdy więc spostrzegłem, że nie idą słuszną drogą, zgodną z prawdą Ewangelii, powiedziałem Kefasowi wobec wszystkich: "Jeżeli ty, choć jesteś Żydem, żyjesz według obyczajów przyjętych wśród pogan, a nie wśród Żydów, to jak możesz zmuszać pogan do przyjmowania zwyczajów żydowskich?"

(Ps 117 (116), 1b-2)

REFREN: Całemu światu głoście Ewangelię

Chwalcie Pana, wszystkie narody,
wysławiajcie Go, wszystkie ludy,
bo potężna nad nami Jego łaska,
a wierność Pana trwa na wieki.

(Rz 8, 15bc)

Otrzymaliście Ducha przybrania za synów, w którym wołamy: "Abba, Ojcze".

(Łk 11, 1-4)

Jezus, przebywając w jakimś miejscu, modlił się, a kiedy skończył, rzekł jeden z uczniów do Niego: "Panie, naucz nas modlić się, tak jak i Jan nauczył swoich uczniów". A On rzekł do nich: "Kiedy będziecie się modlić, mówcie: Ojcze, niech się święci Twoje imię; niech przyjdzie Twoje królestwo! Naszego chleba powszedniego dawaj nam na każdy dzień i przebacz nam nasze grzechy, bo i my przebaczamy każdemu, kto przeciw nam zawini; i nie dopuść, byśmy ulegli pokusie".

(Ga 2, 1-2. 7-14)

Bracia: Po czternastu latach udałem się ponownie do Jerozolimy wraz z Barnabą, zabierając z sobą także Tytusa. Udałem się zaś w tę stronę na skutek otrzymanego objawienia. I przedstawiłem im Ewangelię, którą głoszę wśród pogan, osobno zaś tym, którzy cieszą się poważaniem, by stwierdzili, czy nie biegnę lub nie biegłem na próżno. Wręcz przeciwnie, stwierdziwszy, że mnie zostało powierzone głoszenie Ewangelii wśród nieobrzezanych, podobnie jak Piotrowi wśród obrzezanych – Ten bowiem, który współdziałał z Piotrem w apostołowaniu obrzezanych, współdziałał i ze mną wśród pogan – i uznawszy daną mi łaskę, Jakub, Kefas i Jan, uważani za filary, podali mnie i Barnabie prawicę na znak wspólnoty, byśmy szli do pogan, oni zaś do obrzezanych, ale żebyśmy pamiętali o ubogich, co też gorliwie starałem się czynić. Gdy następnie Kefas przybył do Antiochii, otwarcie mu się sprzeciwiłem, bo na to zasłużył. Zanim jeszcze nadeszli niektórzy z otoczenia Jakuba, brał udział w posiłkach z tymi, którzy pochodzili z pogaństwa. Kiedy jednak oni się zjawili, począł się odsuwać i trzymać z dala, bojąc się tych, którzy pochodzili z obrzezania. To jego nieszczere postępowanie podjęli też inni pochodzenia żydowskiego, tak że wciągnięto w to udawanie nawet Barnabę. Gdy więc spostrzegłem, że nie idą słuszną drogą, zgodną z prawdą Ewangelii, powiedziałem Kefasowi wobec wszystkich: "Jeżeli ty, choć jesteś Żydem, żyjesz według obyczajów przyjętych wśród pogan, a nie wśród Żydów, to jak możesz zmuszać pogan do przyjmowania zwyczajów żydowskich?"

(Ps 117 (116), 1b-2)

REFREN: Całemu światu głoście Ewangelię

Chwalcie Pana, wszystkie narody,
wysławiajcie Go, wszystkie ludy,
bo potężna nad nami Jego łaska,
a wierność Pana trwa na wieki.

(Rz 8, 15bc)

Otrzymaliście Ducha przybrania za synów, w którym wołamy: "Abba, Ojcze".

(Łk 11, 1-4)

Jezus, przebywając w jakimś miejscu, modlił się, a kiedy skończył, rzekł jeden z uczniów do Niego: "Panie, naucz nas modlić się, tak jak i Jan nauczył swoich uczniów". A On rzekł do nich: "Kiedy będziecie się modlić, mówcie: Ojcze, niech się święci Twoje imię; niech przyjdzie Twoje królestwo! Naszego chleba powszedniego dawaj nam na każdy dzień i przebacz nam nasze grzechy, bo i my przebaczamy każdemu, kto przeciw nam zawini; i nie dopuść, byśmy ulegli pokusie".

          Enigmatica: Вспомним о магии своего дома!      Cache   Translate Page      

Вспомним о магии своего дома!

Таисия Воскресенская
Вспомним о магии своего дома!

Вспомним о магии своего дома!


          Comment on NL Notes: Correa, Arenado, Suzuki, Mattingly by AllOurGodsHaveAbandonedUs      Cache   Translate Page      
Teheran is gone and Newcomb needs to be gone. If they want to compete for a title, running a bunch of rookies and inexperienced pitchers will mean another quick exit for them. It still baffles me when people think they are ready to compete just because they got their artificial "playoff experience" out of the way. The Braves have proven all year they can't beat good teams and there is no reason to believe that would be different with the current construction of the team.
          Goddess Alexandra Snow - On Your Face      Cache   Translate Page      
          Clubstiletto - Goddess Mahina - Nothing But Asslicking      Cache   Translate Page      
          Female Worship - Goddess Kyaa - Drink Up Slut      Cache   Translate Page      
          Bejelentette nyolcmagos mainstream Core i9 processzorát az Intel      Cache   Translate Page      
Bemutatta első nyolcmagos mainstream i9 processzorát (illetve processzorait) az Intel. A tavaly leleplezett fejlesztéshez hasonlóan Coffee Lake kódnévvel érkező központi egységek további kettővel toldják meg a magszámot, amivel a gyártó behozta az AMD Ryzenekhez viszonyított kvázi egyetlen lemaradását. Ennek ellenére a vállalat vezetése nem aludhat nyugodtan, hisz az elmúlt hetekben szűkössé vált gyártókapacitás mellett továbbra is nagy kérdőjel a következő generációkhoz szánt 10 nanométeres technológia, ami döntő fontosságú lesz a jövőre várhatóan tovább élesedő AMD-Intel párharcban.

          #gtafiveonline - talibanmafiagodz      Cache   Translate Page      
I’m not going back to jail 🧟‍♂️💣☠️ #MillionaireMindset 🥚🦅 #TalibanMafiaGodz 🎮 #gta5 #Gta5online #gta5cars #gta5carmeets #Gta5moddedoutfits #gta5crews #gtav #gtapics #gtafiveonline #gtaphotography #gtamccommunity #gtacrew #gta5outfits #gta5mods 💣💰💣 #GTA5TryHard 🔪 #BadSport 🔥 🔥🔥📆 🔥🔥🔥
          Pastor - Sheridan First Assembly of God Christian Center - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Prefer Ordained Assembly of God minister, but willing to work with a Licensed Assembly of God Minister who is pursuing Ordination....
From Indeed - Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:35:08 GMT - View all Sheridan, WY jobs
          Epix’s Godfather of Harlem Adds Rafi Gavron to Cast      Cache   Translate Page      

The series stars Forest Whitaker

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          Riverdale Roundup: NYCC, Premiere Promo, Teen Vogue, and More      Cache   Translate Page      

Coming to a deleted scene near you is a Choni kiss! RAS is wrapping up his ABCs of Riverdale as the show returns tomorrow. The biggest mystery will be whether this scene actually happens in the show as there is a tendency for Choni content to be cut from episodes but used to incentivize purchases for the DVD set. Or it might end up in the background/"blink and you miss it"

In other "pairings most likely to not got much spotlight" news, guess which Northsider is being cozied up to by one particular tall Southsider


Luke Perry and KJ Apa were on the Today show to talk about the upcoming season. A clip was also shown.

Lili, Madchen, Luke, and KJ attended NYCC to talk about the upcoming season.

-FP starts to get the itch to rejoin the Serpents in episode 9 (the premiere for the second half of the season) since he feels adrift not being part of them
-Speculation of Betty being trapped in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy seem to have some more credence as Lili talks about getting slammed into walls without her ponytail in episode 3x07.
-The parents will have a mystery of their own
-Lili says that both Cole and KJ thought she was a "bitch" upon first meeting her
-RAS claims that Archie and his guitar will be reunited
-Supposedly Archie will atone for turning into a fascist last season
-Despite Falice getting hot and steamy, Alice might also hook up with her cult leader, Edgar EverNever (casting still hasn't been announced)
-The Gargoyle King from the evil D&D G&G game of the parent's past will be targeting the kids so get ready for another unsatisfying WhoDunIt
-RAS teases a possible episode about SAT prep but with a murder
-Claims that they use fan theories as red herrings but otherwise they are very much in control and stick to the course in the writers room

Camila Mendes covers Shape magazine for November

Vanessa posted this on her IG stories, and the naive OP needs someone to fill me in because my mind jumped one place, but I'm often wrong about these things


Lili covers Teen Vogue

She also gets quizzed about Teen Dramas which for some reason includes Twin Peaks

The capitalist god answered my prayers, and I can finally get a Kevin Keller Funko Pop. Also in this second series are the "vintage" era versions of the core four and Reggie. Josie remains a SDCC exclusive

The cast of Riverdale guesses who's kissing who based on clips from the show.

-Apparently they're not allowed to use tongue.
-Kevin and Cheryl made out (WHAT THE FUCK!?!?) during the episode where they all take jingle jangle, but it got cut since it was more a fun thing to do rather than something that made sense for the characters

Casey Cott performed at Elsie Fest this past weekend. He performed a Greatest Showman medley and a cover of Pink's What About Us


You could possibly have a meal with the cast of Riverdale by supporting the Trevor Project

this post brought to you by Choni

          The horrors of the lib dem agenda presaged in the horrors of the past      Cache   Translate Page      
The horrors of the goals of liberal dems are presaged in the horrors of the past. You should read this and remind yourself of the graciousness of God and the intervention of Our Lady in the New World. HERE Feeding the gods: Hundreds … Continue reading
          PSW Overnight Respite Program - One Care Home & Community Support Services - Wingham, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
This job requires working at our Wingham, Goderich and Clinton locations.*. One Care Home &amp; Community Support Services is a respected non profit community...
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          Financial Planner, Investment & Retirement Planning - RBC - Goderich, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
Successful incumbent must be mobile to work within the Goderich, Exeter, and Clinton Markets. What is the opportunity?...
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          PSW Overnight Respite Program - One Care Home & Community Support Services - Goderich, ON      Cache   Translate Page      
This job requires working at our Wingham, Goderich and Clinton locations*. One Care Home &amp; Community Support Services is a respected non profit community agency...
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          4 db-os lepedő rögzítő kapocs - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft      Cache   Translate Page      
Praktikus lepedő rögzítő kapocs, hogy az éjszakák nyugodtan teljenek.
Nincs többé felgyűrődött lepedő!
Nagyon egyszerű használat, alkalmazható mindenféle lepdő típusnál
A termék színe fehér
A csomagolás 4 db kapcsot tartalmaz
A termék külföldről érkezik, a szállítási idő 15-30 munkanap. Kérem, csak ennek ismeretében licitáljon!

4 db-os lepedő rögzítő kapocs
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-10-10 01:42
  1. Ty Dolla $ign – Stand For 2. Niia – Body 3. Calvin Harris feat. Haim – Pray to God 4. Satchmode – Hall and Oats 5. The Kickdrums – Breathe Again 6. Still Flyin’ – Spirits 7. Walk the Moon – Different Colors … Continue reading
          Pastor - Sheridan First Assembly of God Christian Center - Sheridan, WY      Cache   Translate Page      
Our need is to reach young families, children and youth in this community. First Assembly of God Christian Center....
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          London off-the map: Neobične atrakcije      Cache   Translate Page      

Okej, sa preko 1000 godina istorije, i izuzetno uzbudljivom i brzom sadašnjicom, sasvim je izvesno da ti u Londonu neće biti dosadno bilo da se opredeliš da ga obilaziš uobičajeno ili malo alternativnije. Ponuda svega je ogromna, i da, vrlo su velike šanse da koliko god da ostaješ nećeš moći da obiđeš sve sa svoje must... Read more »

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          God Help Us, the Clintons Are Getting the Band Back Together      Cache   Translate Page      
Hillary and Bill may be persona non grata in certain corners of the Democratic Party, but that’s not stopping them from embarking on a big-ticket speaking tour across 13 cities after the midterms.
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Eleições 2018

Para Nature, eleição de Bolsonaro é ameaça à Ciência

por Redação — publicado 09/10/2018 13h01
Conceituada revista científica mostra preocupação com cortes nos orçamentos de um eventual governo do ex-capitão. Haddad, porém, enfatiza a ciência, avalia a publicação