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          Elon Musk Gives Investors A Chance To Buy Tesla Under $300 - Forbes      Cache   Translate Page      


Elon Musk Gives Investors A Chance To Buy Tesla Under $300
When Tesla was at $215, one of my best managers, Gorden Lam, told us that The Catalyst For Tesla Is Production. It took longer to get here than he expected, but it looks like Tesla may turn profitable either this quarter or next. With the stock now at ...
Here's When You'll See a Tesla Semi Truck on the
Tesla investor spoke with US SEC about 'funding secured' tweetCNBC
Tesla Would Still Be In Trouble If Musk LeftSeeking Alpha
Nasdaq -Investopedia -Smarter Analyst -Bloomberg
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          NASA eyes SpaceX, Boeing for affordable access to space      Cache   Translate Page      

NASA eyes SpaceX, Boeing for affordable access to spaceNASA plans to slap ads on spaceships to lower costs.

          Best Of: Got To Get The Job Done and live SpaceX Launch      Cache   Translate Page      

On today's Best Of: GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE! The story of the bone in the basement, plus the live reaction to the launch of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket as it happened!

          Kommentar zu Elon Musk: Teslas Elektroauto-Produktion wächst beständig – „ignoriert die Medien“ von W. Müller      Cache   Translate Page      
Oh wie nett. Na denn... Irgendwie sind Deine Kommentare für mich in sich nicht authentisch und konsistent. Ich würde nicht in Tesla investieren, wenn ich mir solche Sorgen um die Gesundheit des CEO machen würde, wie Du. So oft wie Du das Thema hier erwähnst. Anderen Ortes bezeichnest Du Dich selbst als ein "potentieller Investor". Also ist Dein letzter Satz rein theoretisch? (edit) OK, ich spekuliere auch nicht auf den möglichen Ausfall des CEO, wie Du das machst... Ich sehe eben dieses Risiko überhaupt nicht. Musk ist fit wie immer oder eben unfit wie immer; je nachdem wie man das sehen will bei einem so exzentrischen CEO wie er es ist. Jedenfalls ist keine Veränderung zu sehen in irgendeiner Richtung ausgenommen die Geschichte mit dem "going private"; aber das wurde schon bis zum St. Nimmerleinstag diskutiert. Was Musk angeht, sehen andere auch keine Veränderung: (Edit und Nachtrag)
          Corporate Sponsors for NASA? Agency to Study Making Space for Brands - New York Times      Cache   Translate Page      

New York Times

Corporate Sponsors for NASA? Agency to Study Making Space for Brands
New York Times
In an era of flat budgets for the agency, Jim Bridenstine has started talking about corporate sponsorships for NASA missions. Image. A self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover in June.CreditCreditAgence France-Presse — Getty Images. Kenneth Chang.
NASA tests foldable heat shield that could help human Mars landingReuters
NASA explores placing ads on rockets, allowing astronaut endorsements: reportFox News
NASA May Sell Naming Rights For Rockets: Here's Why That's A Bad IdeaTech Times
MediaPost Communications -Yahoo News -Space Daily -The Atlantic
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          Electrician - SpaceX - Vandenberg AFB, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Experience with SpaceX electrical systems. SpaceX is an Equal Opportunity Employer; Today SpaceX is actively developing the technologies to make this possible,...
From SpaceX - Fri, 07 Sep 2018 22:08:15 GMT - View all Vandenberg AFB, CA jobs
          SpaceX recovers another Falcon 9 Block 5 booster as reusable rocket fleet grows      Cache   Translate Page      

Following the upgraded rocket family’s fifth successful launch since its May 2018 debut, SpaceX has returned another Falcon 9 Block 5 booster to land after a drone ship recovery. Falcon 9 B1049 is now the fourth flight-proven Block 5 booster in SpaceX’s flightworthy rocket fleet, all of which can be expected to fly numerous orbital-class […]

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          SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare launch to send a commercial lander to the Moon in 2019      Cache   Translate Page      

According to a press release published on September 11 in conjunction with the 2018 World Satellite Business Week conference, satellite rideshare organizer Spaceflight Industries and SpaceX are on track for the first functionally dedicated rideshare mission to a relatively high-energy geostationary transfer orbit. Expected to occur as soon as early 2019, Spaceflight has arranged the addition […]

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          This imaginative drawing liked by Elon Musk reveals just how crazy SpaceX’s first missions to Mars will be      Cache   Translate Page

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          SpaceX Booster Rocket Returns To Port Canaveral Aboard Drone Ship ‘Of Course I Still Love You’      Cache   Translate Page      
SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Telstar 18 VANTAGE from Cape Canaveral early Monday morning at 12:45 a.m.
          SpaceX habría desistido de su modelo de naves reutilizables en vuelos tripulados      Cache   Translate Page      

Caracas.- Cuando el multimillonario Elon Musk comenzó con SpaceX, uno de los puntos centrales de la compañía era llegar a Marte, explorar el Universo. Para eso, el empresario proponía bajar los costos de los viajes espaciales y así aumentar la capacidad económica de estas misiones. Ahora, la ruta parece haber cambiado.  Lea también: ¿Los unicornios realmente existieron? … SpaceX habría desistido de su modelo de naves reutilizables en vuelos tripulados

El artículo SpaceX habría desistido de su modelo de naves reutilizables en vuelos tripulados es el primero en El Cooperante.

          Electrician - SpaceX - Vandenberg AFB, CA      Cache   Translate Page      
Experience with SpaceX electrical systems. SpaceX is an Equal Opportunity Employer; Today SpaceX is actively developing the technologies to make this possible,...
From SpaceX - Fri, 07 Sep 2018 22:08:15 GMT - View all Vandenberg AFB, CA jobs
          Der NASA-Chef will zukünftig Werbung bei Weltraum-Missionen erlauben      Cache   Translate Page      

Die US-Weltraumbehörde erwägt, die Namensgebung von Raumfahrzeugen an Sponsoren zu verkaufen und es ihren Astronauten zu erlauben, als Markenbotschafter zu arbeiten. Der Vorstoß von Direktor Jim Birdenstine, der von Präsident Trump eingesetzt wurde, soll sowohl die öffentliche Sichtbarkeit der NASA erhöhen als auch einen Teil der Kosten für das Raumfahrtprogramm wieder hereinholen.

          美国商业载人竞争白热化,SpaceX公司飞船竟后来居上      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Gallery: Telstar 18v Falcon 9 leaves Canaveral through skies, returns via the sea by SpaceX Booster Rocket Returns To Port Canaveral Aboard Drone Ship ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ – Michael Jackson      Cache   Translate Page      
[…] Gallery: Telstar 18v Falcon 9 leaves Canaveral through skies, returns via the sea  SpaceFlight Insider […]
          Comment on SpaceX failures small in comparison to its successes by czarnajama      Cache   Translate Page      
I suggest you read or listen to Gwynne Shotwell's recent remarks, plus a few other comments. This "pot smoking" has been hugely blown out of proportion, especially when several States and Canada have legalised marijuana and are in the process of setting up orderly marketing channels.
          Numbers In the News: The Physics of a Flying Tesla       Cache   Translate Page      
A few months ago, Elon Musk famously launched his own car into space on top of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. It was an unprecedented stunt, and one that's unlikely ever to be repeated, but last week the world saw another Tesla launched skyward...but this one didn't go nearly as well.

There's been a lot of coverage lately of a 2016 model Tesla that managed an impressive leap on a residential road in the town of Barrie, Ontario. Most news reports explain that the vehicle was traveling at a high speed a when it launched off a steep run-up to a railroad crossing, and ended up airborne for over a hundred feet. The video is impressive, but a little sleuthing can add a lot of precision to the news reports' very rough estimates of the car's speed and flight distance.

Take a look at the video that was posted to YouTube by the residents of a house that caught the incident on security camera:

News reports say the location of the jump was at a railroad crossing on Little Avenue in Barrie, and that the car struck a tree on the property of a public school after losing control following the leap. That's enough information to narrow the event down to a specific stretch of road on Google maps.

If you compare the security camera video to the Google street view, it looks like the Tesla traveled a good deal more than 100 feet. In fact, I'd put the distance at closer to 140 feet (42 meters).

The other bit of info you can get from the video is the duration of the flight. I timed it with my g-shock wristwatch, which has a precision of 0.01 seconds, to about 0.70 seconds total flight time from the moment it leaves the ground at the tracks to the moment it nose-dives into the asphalt.

That's all you need to estimate the Tesla's speed:

Converting that to kilometers per hour:

...which is about 130 mph, for the imperial system fans out there.

A quick trip down Little Avenue on Google street view reveals the speed limit in that area to be 50 kph.

In other words, the car was going 150 kph or so over the legal limit. (Any Mounties reading this post, I'm sure you've already figured this out, but feel free to crib off my math if you still need to calculate the fine.)

Bonus Calculation: How High Did He Fly?

Thanks to Newton, we can also estimate the altitude above the tarmac that the Tesla achieved at the peak of its flight path.

Newton tells us we can calculate the distance an object travels under a constant acceleration (like the acceleration due to gravity) over a certain amount of time. In this case, we know how long it took the Tesla to go from the ground to the peak height of the jump and back to the ground. That's just the 0.70 seconds I measured in the video.

The equation we need to plug the numbers into is one of the kinematic equations—some of the first and most useful tools you'll get under your belt in a physics class! The kinematic equations describe the relationships between time, distance, speed, and acceleration—so they can be rearranged in all sorts of ways to calculate trajectories, velocities, distances, and more! They're also a great intro to the basics of calculus—but that's a whole other can of worms. The equation we need right now is pretty simple; it tells us how far something moves when it's accelerating at a certain rate, for a certain amount of time:
Here, h is the height, g is the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 meters/second2), and t is the time. The asterisks (*) are the multiplication symbol.

Although the whole flight takes about 0.7 seconds, it takes half that to go from from the ground to the maximum height. Similarly, it takes half that time to fall from the maximum height back to the the ground.  Half of 0.70 seconds is 0.35 seconds. Plugging it all in, we find:

...or almost exactly two feet off the ground. If you pause the video midway through the jump, that looks about right.

Thanks to a little algebra and bits of data, we can put some precise numbers to the news. All in all, it was an impressive, and impressively reckless, feat; I can't imagine how horrific it would have been had another vehicle or pedestrian been in the way at the time.

High Performance Red Herring

Many stories about the flying Tesla have noted that it's a high performance electric car that can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. That is indeed a super-car level of acceleration, but it's of no importance to this incident. What mattered was his speed as he launched from the railroad tracks (216 kph, or about 130 mph). My little hatchback could do that, if I were crazy enough to go to Barrie and try it...which I'm not.

—James Riordon (AKA Buzz Skyline)
           [NEWS] Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance Free Acces      Cache   Translate Page      

[BEST BOOKS] [NEWS] Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance Free Acces by Ashlee Vance Unlimited Description : -------- SUMMARY OF THE BOOK : [ By Vance, Ashlee ( Author ) ELON MUSK: TESLA, SPACEX, AND THE QUEST FOR A FANTASTIC FUTURE May-19-2015 Hardcover ] BOOK DETAIL : -Author : Ashlee Vance -Language : English -Grade Level : 1-2 -Product Dimensions : 8.6 x 0.7 x 9.2 inches -Shipping Weight : 14 ounces -Format : PDF -Seller information : Ashlee Vance ( 8* ) -Link Download : -------- Do not hesitate !!! ( Reviewing the best customers, read this book for FREE GET IMMEDIATELY LINKS HERE )
          The Response To Elon Musk's Cannabis Use Shows That We Have A Giant Double Standard To Overcome - Forbes      Cache   Translate Page      


The Response To Elon Musk's Cannabis Use Shows That We Have A Giant Double Standard To Overcome
Last week, when Elon Musk appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, he broke the internet when he took a single puff of cannabis at the two-hour-and-ten minute mark. In just under 15 seconds of a podcast that topped two-and-a-half hours, he seemingly did ...
Tesla: What's Really Going on, on the Plant FloorIndustryWeek
SpaceX president calls Elon Musk 'brilliant' in wake of CEO's behaviorThe Mercury News
Neil deGrasse Tyson on Elon Musk Smoking Weed: 'Let the Man Get High'Newsweek
Fox Business
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          Elon Musk’s Boring Company gets approval for tunnel-linked residential garage concept      Cache   Translate Page      

The Boring Company was recently granted an approval from the city council of Hawthorne to construct a private, prototype garage directly connected to one of its high-speed tunnels. The parcel of land that would house the futuristic garage is located close to SpaceX’s headquarters, on 120th St. near Prairie Avenue. Hawthorne’s city council approved the […]

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          SpaceX公司总裁:马斯克仍像以前那样清醒、能干      Cache   Translate Page      
9月12日消息,据国外媒体报道,特斯拉和美国太空探索技术公司(SpaceX)CEO马斯克近期多次出现反常行为, … 继续阅读SpaceX公司总裁:马斯克仍像以前那样清醒、能干
          CCNT “Maven Invasion & Read me a Meme” - 09.12.2018      Cache   Translate Page      

NASA might start looking more like NASCAR, Snopes verifies Smart Dust, the new Google AI Chief resurrects Project Maven, and Facebook AI can now read memes. If you desire MORE Become a Patron, join the exclusive community, and receive Extended Reports of CCNT every week!


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          Shotwell: Elon’s Fine, Nothing to See Here      Cache   Translate Page      
The kids are all right. So is Elon. That’s the assessment of SpaceX President & COO Gwynne Shotwell, who was asked about her boss
          S7 Space собралась построить первую российскую частную многоразовую ракету за 5-6 лет      Cache   Translate Page      
Похоже, компания всерьёз намерена догнать SpaceX.
          Назван срок создания российской многоразовой ракеты      Cache   Translate Page      
Компания S7 Space планирует создать многоразовую ракету для плавучего космодрома «Морской старт» в рекордно короткие сроки, сообщил заместитель генерального директора компании по средствам выведения Игорь Радугин.

«Сейчас точно назвать сроки трудно, но мы планируем уложиться в пять-шесть лет, может быть, сделаем все быстрее», – приводит его слова РИА «Новости».

Радугин добавил, что более конкретные сроки можно будет назвать после первой проектной стадии.

Он напомнил, что Илон Маск «делал свою многоразовую ракету около 10 лет».

Радугин работает в S7 Space с 10 сентября 2018 года. Он перешел туда из Ракетно-космической корпорации (РКК) «Энергия», где занимался разработкой ракеты «Союз-5».

Ранее главный конструктор России по средствам выведения, заместитель гендиректора головного научного института Роскосмоса ЦНИИмаш Александр Медведев заявлял, что разработки основателя SpaceX Илона Маска в области многоразовых ракет основаны на технологиях советского периода.

Газета ВЗГЛЯД писала о соперничестве SpaceX с советскими ракетами.

          The Problem With Terraforming Mars      Cache   Translate Page      

Mars has loomed large throughout human history, our imaginations filling its red vistas with fantastic detail long before our space missions returned even rudimentary photos. Back when our best observations of the Red Planet showed only a rusty disc mottled with fuzzy dark patches, people debated whether those marks were natural features, or perhaps the engineering projects of technologically advanced Martians, or maybe something wilder: In 1912, the Salt Lake Tribune ran a headline that read “Mars Peopled by One Vast Thinking Vegetable!,” accompanied by an illustration of a mossy-looking Mars, with one enormous eyeball on a stalk protruding out into deep space.

Because we have imagined Mars so long, it’s easy to forget that Mars’ history is its own. Written into the desert are bygone epochs of the Red Planet, hidden beneath plains peppered with cantankerous-looking boulders, their expanse interrupted by shining, silken dunes and towering volcanoes. Modern Mars research tells us this landscape once boasted vast stretches of water, a warmer climate, and thicker atmosphere, but all have since been lost, leaving the cold, dry surface we see today. In some places, tire tracks mark the record of human exploration—at least by our robotic avatars, the Mars rovers. While Mars is a “dead” planet in the sense of having no notable geologic activity and no known forms of life today, it still has weather (including the massive global dust storm now enfolding NASA’s long-lived Mars Opportunity rover). Unlike the moon, where the entire record of humanity’s off-Earth adventures lays written and unperturbed in the lunar dust, Mars’ winds will eventually wipe these rover tracks away.

For would-be explorers of Mars, these barren plains are a tempting destination—but why anyone wants to go to Mars depends on whom you ask. Some look at the pristine landscapes and imagine that they may answer some of our most pressing questions about the origins and evolution of life in the universe: Has life ever existed on another world? Might it still exist under the Martian surface today? If Mars has ever had life, how different (or not) is it from the life we find on Earth? And if life never got started there (or started, but failed to flourish)—why? Mars’ proximity, and the (relative) ease of translating terrestrial exploration tools to its rocky surface, makes it one of the prime places to both ask and answer these questions.

However, others see these Martian vistas as a blank slate, a drawing board upon which to write a new history for both Mars and humanity. Terraforming, or the idea of radically transforming another world’s environment to be more hospitable to life, has been around for a long time in both science fiction and the scientific literature. One of the most influential books about terraforming straddled the line between fiction and fact: Scientist James Lovelock and writer Michael Allaby’s 1984 novel The Greening of Mars used science fiction to lay out possible means of transforming the Red Planet into literal pastures. While ideas for terraforming methods vary wildly, the basic reasoning is that putting greenhouse gases (usually more carbon dioxide) into the planet’s atmosphere might create enough warming and atmospheric pressure for liquid water to exist on the Martian surface again—a toe hold in the uphill climb toward a once-more habitable Mars. Today, visions of a terraformed Mars come from SpaceX’s promo videos: an animated Mars spins into the future, its surface becoming green, clouds wafting in its thickened atmosphere. Presumably, the water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide implied by these images have been “liberated” by the inescapable enfant terrible of technology, Elon Musk, whose terraforming proposal consists of dropping thermonuclear weapons over the polar ice caps.

Despite terraforming’s hold on the popular imagination, it remains solidly in the realm of fiction. For one thing, Mars seems to lack the necessary reserves of carbon dioxide to pump up its atmosphere and warm it in the first place. Just recently, researchers examined all the inventories of carbon dioxide known from the past several decades of Mars research—concluding that even if one could somehow put it all, from every source, into the atmosphere, it would achieve only minuscule changes in the atmosphere’s pressure and warmth. What’s more, raising the temperature and pressure of the atmosphere only means that any available water won’t boil off immediately, but it would still evaporate, and fast, disappearing into the (still) thin air. Because the Martian atmosphere is incredibly dry, that water would never rain out and return to the ground, as our water does on Earth, and would instead remain sequestered in the (still) dry air. While the authors admit that one could always appeal to possibly hidden deposits of carbonate that haven’t been found yet, making any carbon dioxide available from those deposits would require a planetary-scale strip mining operation to harvest and process it out of the rocks.

In short, a planetary environment is not an empty swimming pool that can simply be refilled with a garden hose and brought back to its previous function. That fact should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to climate change, a global disaster composed of both inexorable alterations to the habitability of Earth and the ongoing failure of both governments and industry to act with sufficient urgency to preserve it. While we might debate the possibility of transforming the habitability of Mars, we only have a demonstrated track record of unintentionally changing a planet to be less hospitable to humanity and no practicable idea of how to do the reverse.

In many ways, questions of whether we could technically terraform Mars are beside the point—it’s the way we ask them that reveals so much about how we imagine ourselves in relationship to land and environment, especially those here on Earth. After all, one needn’t go to Mars to find a pristine frontier, or at least the idea of one—the concept of wild, untouched land is a deeply embedded part of the American mythos. Wild landscapes were memorialized by the rapturous paintings and prose of naturalists like Thomas Cole and John Muir, and when national parks were first created in the 19th century, they were (and still are) seen as safeguarding something truly unique, precious, and yes, American, for generations to come. In 2017, when the Trump administration announced its intention to shrink the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bear Ears national monuments, there was widespread public outcry. Around the same time, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, introduced a bill into the House that would allow for the sell-off of public lands in Utah. He was forced to withdraw the bill after immediate, broad-based opposition.

But pure wilderness, much like the invocation that humanity’s destiny is to leave the Earth, is an invention—and a relatively recent creation, at that. Though national parks are now beloved treasures, their preservation as untouched wilderness came as a surprise to the many indigenous nations who were actively living on those lands at the time. Because the settlers’ idea of nature was of a place in which humans did not live, the preservation of these lands fundamentally meant the removal of the people who did live there—and because those settlers could not fathom the humanity of native peoples, the separation of people from their homelands drew the blueprints for forcible relocation and assimilation, as well as the reservation system that persists today.

Advocates of humans living on Mars argue that no such ethical quandary exists for Mars: No life seems to live there, and if it does, it is likely mere microbes. After all, we kill microbes all the time here on Earth—in fact, we kill those microbes that might otherwise hitch a ride on our spacecraft and contaminate the environment of Mars. What’s a few more? Even those who are compelled by studying Mars’ own history sometimes argue that the transformation of the Martian environment is a foregone conclusion, so we may as well get it over with. Within this camp, there are researchers who eschew the word terraforming in favor of ecosynthesis, a term borrowed from restoration ecology here on Earth, meaning an intervention to restore a previous disrupted environment. Where “terraforming” implies that the planet will become more like our Earth (terra), ecosynthesis implies that restoring Mars’ previously thick atmosphere, even if unbreathable by humans, is a moral imperative that humanity bears to any Martian life that might survive today. One wonders whether these would-be saviors of Mars would argue for a return to Earth’s early atmosphere, before cyanobacteria provided the oxygen humanity breathes.

Does an environment’s worth exist only in relationship to humankind, or more broadly, in relationship to life? If so, whose life? Must an environment have a purpose to be worthy of existence? If so, whose purpose? In Harper’s this month, Mort Rosenblum and Samuel James’ depiction of copper mining in the Southwestern United States argues that we behave as though the merit of land is only in its use. James’ photographs show a vast, terraced network of pit mines ripped into the ruddy desert, yawning like the mouth of hell. The open pits drool turquoise rivulets of toxic waste into some of the most stunning spaces on the continent—is this environmental devastation the Silver Bell Mine of Arizona, or a future terraforming operation on Mars?

Terraforming might seem like just a particularly difficult engineering challenge, but in reality, it is an escape hatch from the far more difficult task of confronting our past, present, and future here on Earth. When we invoke worlds like Mars as our new frontier, we are erasing the complex history of what frontiers have meant here on Earth, as well as the legacy of inequity that continues on today. We must recognize that the radical transformation of land—whether on this planet or beyond—is also the erasure of history, and in that erasure we may be giving up something profound on Mars, just as we do here on Earth.

          SkyRyse Launches as First US Technology-Enabled Air Mobility Service      Cache   Translate Page      
SkyRyse has announced its launch as the first technology-enabled air mobility company to operate in the U.S. Built by aerospace experts from Boeing, SpaceX, Tesla, Uber, and the U.S. military, SkyRyse is on a mission to deliver fast, safe and affordable air transportation that is unbound by today’s transportation infrastructure. The company also announced it... Read more »
          马斯克的Boring Company获批在批在私宅车库内建隧道入口      Cache   Translate Page      

PingWest品玩9月13日讯,据TheMercuryNews报道,马斯克的地下隧道公司Boring Company今日获得Hawthorne市议会批准,在其最近买下的一座私宅上建一个通向隧道的新型车库原型,未来会在这个车库上装上一部电梯,可以让汽车在不离开车库的情况下进入隧道。



The boring company 是马斯克为解决地面交通拥堵问题而成立的地下隧道公司,该公司正在洛杉矶建造一个地下隧道网络,在隧道中,系统将自动通过电动滑板来传输汽车,电动滑板的最快速度达到 130 英里 / 小时。



          Reactie op Schiphol ziet wel iets in de Hyperloop door schaep      Cache   Translate Page      
Hyperloop gaat luchtvaart niet volledig vervangen tenzij het nog veel efficiënter wordt. Ergens tussen 2000 en 3000 km vlak land ligt het omslagpunt tussen hyperloop of vliegtuig qua energie efficiëntie. Als er een berg, zee of oceaan tussen ligt dan al veel eerder. Dus hyperloop zal dus van en naar luchthavens vervoeren. Dat is inclusief de aanleg van de buizen en het vliegveld berekent. Nieuwe supersonische vliegtuigen zullen mogelijk voor de lange afstand efficiënter zijn dan huidige vliegtuigen voor afstanden langer dan 2000km. Ook het reizen met een raket zoals SpaceX voorstelt is op lange afstand mogelijk efficiënter. Dat is namelijk 3 - 5 minuten vol gas en daarna maakt het niet uit of je nu 10 rondjes rond de aarde doet of na half rondje al land. Zelfde verbruik. Stel je gaat toch naar nieuw zeeland. Als je dan haast heb ben je daar in drie kwartier. Ga je op vakantie dan boek je voor 10% extra de raket die 1 rondje van anderhalf uur extra doet. Kan je gelijk bij start al mooie foto's maken.
          SpaceX competitor ULA readies for final launch of 30-year-old Delta II rocket      Cache   Translate Page      

Long-time SpaceX competitor United Launch Alliance (ULA) is nearly ready for the final launch of its Boeing subsidiary’s Delta II family of rockets, culminating a nearly 30-year history mostly dominated by routine success. If completed without failure, the launch of NASA’s ICESat-2 satellite – built to track global ice-sheet variation with a huge space-based laser […]

The post SpaceX competitor ULA readies for final launch of 30-year-old Delta II rocket appeared first on

          Hyperloop : la France veut être la première à inaugurer une ligne      Cache   Translate Page      

La France devrait être l’un des premiers pays à accueillir l’Hyperloop d’Elon Musk. Et si un transport en commun permettait de parcourir des distances avec une vitesse allant jusqu’à 1000 km/h? C’est le projet fou imaginé par Elon Musk, le père de Tesla et de SpaceX. Il avait lancé l’idée en 2013 et avait publié […]

L’article Hyperloop : la France veut être la première à inaugurer une ligne est apparu en premier sur Geeko.

          Boring公司希望将车库直接连接地下隧道      Cache   Translate Page      

在由Mercury News挖出并Ars Technica发现的文件中,特斯拉马斯克的 Boring Company获准开挖一个垂直通道,将一个住宅车库直接连接到其一个地下测试隧道。测试将在位于加利福尼亚州霍索恩的SpaceX总部附近的一块土地上进行,该公司计划在未来的地下旅行中部署这个相当激进的概念。

          Après le pétage de plombs d’Elon Musk, un français prend les commandes de Tesla      Cache   Translate Page      
Depuis le mois, d’août, le PDG de Tesla et SpaceX fait le buzz sur les réseaux sociaux, mais pas pour ses qualités d’homme d’affaire : burn-out, joint, déclaration chocs… Une situation critique pour l’entreprise qui a depuis chuté en bourse.
          S7 Space is going to build the first Russian private reusable rocket for 5-6 years      Cache   Translate Page      

It looks like the company is seriously going to catch up with SpaceX. Russian private space company S7 Space expects to build its own reusable missile by 2023-2024. It can also be launched from a floating cosmodrome. This was told by the chief designer of the launch vehicles S7 Space Igor Radugin. According to him, usually a new rocket […]

The post S7 Space is going to build the first Russian private reusable rocket for 5-6 years appeared first on HybridTechCar.

          Уволившийся конструктор «русского Falcon 9» назвал главное достижение SpaceX      Cache   Translate Page      
Главным достижением американской компании SpaceX является практическая реализация экономически эффективной технологии многоразового использования первой ступени ракеты Falcon 9, заявил заместитель генерального директора S7 Space по средствам выведения Игорь Радугин. Он возглавлял разработку ракеты «Союз-5».
          On The Space Show Monday March 19 7 pm PDT      Cache   Translate Page      
Several recent stories regarding Trump’s space policy has prompted David Livingston to quickly schedule a Bob Zimmerman appearance on The Space Show for Monday, March 19, 7 pm (Pacific). The show will last at least ninety minutes. David especially wanted my analysis of Trump’s comments about the Falcon Heavy and SpaceX and how those comments have the big space contractors
          Off caving      Cache   Translate Page      
Because I am off on a caving project this weekend in the mountains where there is no internet service, I will not be able to approve comments or post anything until I return on Sunday. The next few days should be most interesting, as there are SpaceX and ULA launches scheduled. The SpaceX launch tonight will place a secret government
          SpaceX successfully launches communications satellite      Cache   Translate Page      
Capitalism in space: SpaceX last night successfully launched a communications satellite as well as recovered the Falcon 9 first stage. The biggest news here is how routine the landings of the first stage have become, getting its first mention eight paragraphs into the article above, with its landing described almost as an aside. This was a new Block 5 first
          ELONOVINKY: Co všechno zažije první stupeň rakety Falcon 9      Cache   Translate Page      
Největší součástí rakety Falcon 9 je první stupeň. Podívejte se, jak se tento obří kovový válec dostane z továrny SpaceX až do vesmíru a pak zase zpět. Vše o této cestě se dozvíte v dnešním díle pořadu Elonovinky, který připravujeme ve spolupráci s Podívejte se na další díly ...
          Boring Company Gets Approval To Build Tunnel In Residential Garage      Cache   Translate Page      
And The Boring Company’s saga continues. Like any of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s unique, world-changing endeavors, The Boring Company’s plans continue to develop and adapt. Just the other day, we shared a video of one of the boring machines being operated by an Xbox controller. In August, we informed you about the company’s […]
          S7 собирается построить частную многоразовую ракету за пять лет. SpaceX потратила на это десять лет      Cache   Translate Page      
           Thousands of miniature worms will be blasted into space in a matchbox sized capsule       Cache   Translate Page      
The UK Space Agency, which is based in Swindon, Wiltshire, will launch 360,000 worms aboard a SpaceX rocket in November in a bid to study muscular dystrophy.
          Boring Company Gets Approval To Build Tunnel In Residential Garage      Cache   Translate Page      
And The Boring Company’s saga continues. Like any of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s unique, world-changing endeavors, The Boring Company’s plans continue to develop and adapt. Just the other day, we shared a video of one of the boring machines being operated by an Xbox controller. In August, we informed you about the company’s […]
          Elon Musk will einen Tunnelaufzug in einer Garage bauen      Cache   Translate Page      

Auf einem kleinen Grundstück unweit des SpaceX-Hauptquartiers will Elon Musks The Boring Company einen Zugangsschacht ausheben. Von einer Garage aus soll dort ein Aufzug in einen Tunnel führen. Oh, und Elon Musk will auch Ziegelsteine verkaufen.

          Когда Америка откажется от полетов в космос на «Союзах»?      Cache   Translate Page      


На днях СМИ переполошили слова вице-премьера Юрия Борисова, что у NASA в апреле 2019 года завершается контракт на полеты астронавтов российскими кораблями «Союз» на Международную космическую станцию.

Новости приняли неоднозначно. Кто-то ликовал, что наконец-то Россия отключила газ, оставила Америку без доступа в космос. Кто-то пояснял, что США сами отказались, т. к. у них теперь есть собственные модные современные иномарки от SpaceX и Boeing и услуги Роскосмоса уже не требуются.

Реальность немного прозаичнее…

Во-первых, кроме контракта NASA и Роскосмоса, который действительно завершается на апрельском пуске, есть еще контракт NASA и Boeing, на пять мест. Boeing получил билеты в счет погашения долгов за плавучую платформу «Морской старт», которая уже перепродана компании S7 Space. Два астронавта по контракту Boeing уже слетали, осталось еще три места, которые позволят астронавтам NASA летать до конца 2019 года.

Во-вторых, сегодня никто не скажет, когда будут готовы к пилотируемым полетам корабли Dragon 2 от SpaceX и Starliner от Boeing. По нынешнему графику тестовые беспилотные полеты должны пройти до конца 2018 года, а в 2019-м начаться пилотируемые. Но эти графики уже многократно редактировались и откладывались. Starliner вроде бы лидировал в готовности, но недавно у него заело топливный клапан на испытании двигателя системы аварийного спасения, и расписания снова «поплыли». По моим ощущениям, если хоть один пилотируемый полет США состоится в 2019 году, их можно будет поздравлять со значительным успехом и хорошими темпами разработки.

В-третьих, никто в космической отрасли не считает, что последний контракт NASA и Роскосмоса действительно последний. МКС остается совместным проектом, как минимум до 2024 года, и ни одна сторона не заинтересована в прекращении работ, ни одна сторона не хочет отделения, т. к. обе стороны зависят друг от друга. Более того, российская сторона нуждается в новых контрактах, т. к. NASA щедро платит за полеты, а РКК «Энергия», которая строит «Союзы», накопила долги в размере 1 млрд долларов из-за кредитов, коррупции и аварии спутника Angosat.

Наконец, даже когда Dragon и Starliner начнут успешные регулярные рейсы на МКС, американские астронавты не прекратят полеты на российских «Союзах». Только теперь это будет не «покупка кресел», а честный обмен. Такая практика применялась еще во времена Space Shuttle. Это требуется не только с целью сохранения добрососедских отношений в космосе, но и для повышения надежности работы станции и безопасности ее экипажа — каждый пилот должен уметь пилотировать все доступные типы кораблей.

Так что американцы будут летать «Союзами», пока летает Международная космическая станция, а русские станут летать на американских кораблях, и, если повезет, даже на Луну.


          Suomi 100 centennial satellite to be launched into space in November      Cache   Translate Page      

The Suomi 100 satellite, which was built to celebrate Finland’s centennial, will be launched into orbit in mid-November, according to Aalto University.

The satellite was built by the university and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and will research space weather and auroras. It is also fitted with a camera for taking orbital imagery.

Originally, the satellite was scheduled to launch last year when Finland celebrated its centenary. However, problems with the Indian PSLV launcher meant that the launch could not take place during the year of celebrations, Aalto University said in a press release.

The satellite has now been transferred to SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and will share the ride to space with 100 other small satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

“It was a real pity for us and the Finland 100 celebrations that the launch was delayed until this year. But now we get to commemorate the anniversary afterwards,” said Esa Kallio from the university.

Finland's first satellite, the Aalto-1, was launched in the summer of 2017.

          Elon Musk eksperymentuje z futurystycznymi garażami      Cache   Translate Page      
Założona przez Elona Muska firma Boring Company otrzymała zezwolenie na budowę prototypowego szybu garażowego na terenie posesji wykupionej przy siedzibie firmy kosmicznej SpaceX w pobliżu Los Angeles - poinformował dziennik "The Mercury News".
          Two Point Hospital (v1.0.20902) (2018) SpaceX      Cache   Translate Page      

Two Point Hospital (v1.0.20902) (2018) SpaceX
Two Point Hospital (v1.0.20902) (2018) PC | RePack by SpaceX |Size: 1.33 GB
Release date: August 30, 2018
Genre: Managerial , Strategy , Isometric , 3D
Developer: Two Point Studios
Publisher: Sega
Platform: PC
Language: Multi
language: English
Publication Type: Repack
Medicine: sewed (SKIDROW)

          The Boring Company предлагает делать въезд в подземные тоннели прямо из гаража владельца автомобиля      Cache   Translate Page      
The Boring Company недавно приобрела земельный участок недалеко от штаб-квартиры SpaceX. Эта небольшая резиденция в промышленном районе может разместить прототипы частных гаражей. Компания получила разрешение от городского совета Хоторна на строительство шахтного ствола на этой территории. Этот шахтный ствол будет опускаться к тоннелю, который The Boring Company уже построила в качестве своего рода тестовой лаборатории. […]
          The Long Dark [v 1.37.39488] (2017) PC | RePack от SpaceX      Cache   Translate Page      
          For The King [v] (2018) PC | RePack от SpaceX      Cache   Translate Page      
          Company aims to sell its rocket engines to smallsat rocket companies      Cache   Translate Page      
Capitalism in space: The new rocket engine manufacturer Ursa Major is aiming to sell its rocket engines to the new wave of smallsat rocket companies now emerging. Ursa Major has taken up the challenge of trying to convince launch startups to outsource their engines rather than follow the models of SpaceX and Blue Origin. “The first gut response is ‘our
          New commercial proposals for launching almost 15,000 satellites      Cache   Translate Page      
The competition heats up: New applications filed by SpaceX and OneWeb with the FCC propose augmenting both companies’ previously proposed satellite constellations and raising the number of total satellites to be launched to almost 15,000 total. SpaceX has filed a new application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for approval to launch a constellation of 7,518 satellites to provide communications
          SpaceX loses 89 smallsats due to delays      Cache   Translate Page      
Spaceflight, a company that specializing in scheduling secondary payload launches for smallsat companies, this week pulled 89 satellites from SpaceX because of that company’s launch delays. For more than a year, Seattle-based Spaceflight has been waiting to launch an array of 89 miniaturized satellites aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and deploy them in orbit from its innovative SHERPA carrier.
          The Boring Company Just Got Approval to Build a Batcave in a Residential Garage      Cache   Translate Page      
The cars will go from SpaceX HQ nearby, to the private garage, and back again.
          El nuevo LG V40 ThinQ será presentado el 3 de octubre y su invitación lo deja claro: tendremos cinco cámaras      Cache   Translate Page      

El nuevo LG V40 ThinQ será presentado el 3 de octubre y su invitación lo deja claro: tendremos cinco cámaras#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Por si no tuviéramos suficiente con la avalancha de eventos durante esta temporada, ahora es el turno de LG quien no se quiere quedar fuera de la fiesta. LG ha enviado las invitaciones para un evento en Nueva York y Seul, donde ya no hay ninguna sorpresa, ya que se confirma que veremos el nuevo LG V40 ThinQ.

Lo curioso de esto es que el evento se llevará a cabo en Nuevo York el próximo 3 de octubre en punto de 17.00 (hora local), es decir, 23.00 en España y 16.00 en México. Mientras que el evento en Seúl tendrá lugar en el LG Science Park a las 10.00 del 4 de octubre, 03.00 en España y 20.00 del 3 de octubre en México. Aclarado el caos de los horarios y las fechas, veamos que pistas nos trae la invitación.

Triple cámara trasera y doble en el frontal

El LG V40 ThinQ será el nuevo gama alta de la compañía, esto dentro de un año complicado que trajo un reestructura en las ventanas de lanzamiento y enfoque para el mercado móvil. Es así como este año conocimos el LG G7 ThinQ y el LG V35 ThinQ, éste último con muy buenos comentarios tras mejorar lo conseguido con el LG V30S ThinQ, que también llegó este 2018 y fue catalogado como uno de los mejores smartphones de la temporada.

Ahora es momento de conocer al nuevo miembro de la Serie V de LG, el cual ya ha aparecido en una que otra filtración, mostrando unas especificaciones que lo posicionarían como una apuesta interesante para este cierre de año. Los rumores apuntan a una pantalla con un panel P-OLED de 6,4 pulgadas y resolución QuadHD+, así como un Snapdragon 845 con 6 GB de RAM y almacenamiento de 64 GB o 128 GB, mientras que la batería sería de 3.300 mAh.

Pero la parte más atractiva, y que de hecho se confirma en la invitación con ese 'Take 5' y en el vídeo teaser del evento, es que el LG V40 ThinQ será el primero en incorporar cinco cámaras, esto bajo una configuración triple en la trasera y doble en el frontal.

Los rumores apuntan a que la triple cámara sería de 12 MP f/1.5 + 16 MP f/1.9 con gran angular + 12 MP f/2.4 con zoom óptico, mientras que en el frontal tendríamos dos sensores de 8 + 5 MP. Ahora, lo interesante será ver cómo se comportan y qué resultados ofrecen.

Mientras tanto ya podemos ir reservando el próximo 3 de octubre, ya que ese día estaremos cubriendo el evento de LG para conocer todas las novedades del nuevo V40 ThinQ.

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Elon Musk quiere ahorrar aún más con SpaceX: así es "Mr. Steven", el barco que recuperará el carenado de los cohetes con una red

Los terraplanistas no levantan cabeza: Mike Hughes vuelve a fracasar con su cohete artesanal

Un par de chicos listos: smartphones y smart TVs, la revolución del ocio tecnológico mano a mano

La noticia El nuevo LG V40 ThinQ será presentado el 3 de octubre y su invitación lo deja claro: tendremos cinco cámaras fue publicada originalmente en Xataka por Raúl Álvarez .

          SpaceX about to break ground on launchpad and hanger for Falcon Heavy      Cache   Translate Page      
SpaceX is about to break ground on launchpad and hanger for Falcon Heavy.
          MX vs ATV All Out [v 2.1.1 + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX      Cache   Translate Page      

MX vs ATV All Out [v 2.1.1 + DLCs] (2018) SpaceX
MX vs ATV: All Out [v 2.1.1 + DLCs] (2018) PC | RePack by SpaceX |Size:6.12 GB
Released: 2018
Genre: Racing, Simulation, 3D
Developer / Publisher: Rainbow Studios / THQ Nordic
Language: Multi
Language of voice: -
Type of publication: RePack
Tablet: Encore (CODEX)

Next Page: 10000

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