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Wall Street JournalA year after introducing the iPhone X, Apple holds its annual event where we expect it to double-down on large-screen phones that drive people’s use of services. Follow our live coverage. SHARE. Email; Facebook; Twitter …Apple Event Live Updates: Taking the Wraps Off the Biggest-Ever iPhoneNew York TimesApple announces Watch Series 4, complete […]
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Gün geçmiyor ki bir yasak daha ülkemizde yaşanmasın. Bir gün bir sosyal medya sitesi bir gün bir başkası yasaklanmaya devam ediyor. Bizde internet canavarları olarak bu yasakları takmayacağımıza göre çözümünü araştırmaya başlayalım. Yasaklanan internet sitelerine girmenin birden fazla yolu var aslında. Erişime Kapatılan Sitelere Sorunsuz Girme Yolları Nelerdir? 1- Dns değiştirme 2- Hotspot Shield, Zenmate […]

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Haim Sabbah - Ecom Dropouts (2018)
Haim Sabbah - Ecom Dropouts (2018)
WEBRip | English | MP4 | 1280 x 720 | AVC ~414 Kbps | 30 fps
AAC | 235 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | ~20 hours | 8.53 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Business, Sales, Marketing

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Walkin’ N Rockin’ A beginning-of-the-year lesson plan by Claudia Mann If my Facebook “teacher” groups are any indication, this is a pretty exciting time of year for most of you who are called to this profession. Photo posts of prepared classrooms almost shout the anticipation of teachers who are ready to get those little ones […]

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          Lifshitz & Miller LLP Announces Investigation of Ampio Pharmaceuticals, CV Sciences, Inc., Facebook, Inc., Farmland Partners Inc., LogMeIn, Inc., Nevro Corporation, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. and Tribune Media Company      Cache   Translate Page      

NEW YORK, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ampio Pharmaceuticals (AMPE) Lifshitz & Miller announces investigation into possible securities laws violations in connection with the effectiveness and adequacy of Ampio's AP-003-A and AP-003-C trials. If you are an Ampio investor, and would like...

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Earlier this morning the EU voted in favor of the Copyright Directive, a controversial update to copyright laws. Publishers are hailing this as a victory, but the rest of the internet has no comment, because it is in the hospice, dying.

The battle lines are drawn on two key provisions: Articles 11 and 13. Called the "link tax" and the "upload filter" by people who don't have their head up their ass, it would force companies like Google and Facebook to pay publishers whenever they link to stories. The upload filter would force Google and Facebook to block people from sharing unlicensed copyrighted news stories, songs, videos, and memes.

Some publishing companies are hailing this as a big win for the little guys, ignoring the fact that IF PEOPLE CAN'T LINK TO YOUR STORIES, NOBODY WILL COME READ YOUR STORIES. According to them, newspapers might finally get paid for journalisming (HARD TO DO WITHOUT PEOPLE READING IT), musicians could move out of their parents' basements (yeah, we don't know, that probably is right), and porn stars wouldn't have to slap politicians on the ass with copies of Forbes to pay the bills. The publishers say that tech companies are just whining because they're finally being held accountable for stealing and sharing content (even if it's already free), and implying that they actually intend to pay artists and journalists.

Since the internet is mostly porn, terrible memes, and bootlegs, nerds are raising their Jolly Rogers and declaring war. They argue that vague provisions in the sweeping new law make it unclear how people can continue to share news articles, blog posts, and bad jokes. There are real fears that the upload filters will cripple the careers of freelance photojournalists, artists, and computer coders who rely on the magic of the internet to share their work and earn beer money.

Where (some) publishing companies see this as a move to finally tamp town on the scourge of internet piracy, actual internet pirates are laughing their caffeinated asses off. When link tax legislation passed in Spain, Google simply pulled their news service. When Germany tried a similar tax on content, people just gave their content to Google for free. And as anyone in China can tell you, content filtering only hurts the general public and encourages people to avoid filters. This often pushes legitimate content deep into the wretched butthole of the Dark Web where it's hard to simply browse the web like you'd channel surf TV late at night.

The effects of the law are broad and prove that people do not have the interest of users in mind. Want to read your favorite snarky news brief? Sorry, the Wonkagenda violates the "link tax." How about listening to classical music and reading old books? Copyrighted, even if it's public domain. Want to download old school Nintendo and Sega games for your kids? Fuck your kids, tell those little shits to come correct! Would you like to browse photos of that big anti-Trump protest? Go have a tough titty pity party, those photos have billboard ads, logos, and branded pink pussy hats -- all copyrighted.

The Copyright Directive isn't up for final approval until January, but it's expected to pass without much resistance. The European Pirate Party has called the law "catastrophic," and is vowing to fight the bill alongside tech giants and internet advocacy groups like the EFF, and the Mozilla Foundation. Americans may scoff at a fight for internet rights in Europe, but they'd be wise to remember that just last week congressional Republicans called for the strict regulation of the internet under the guise of free speech.

Bottom line: the fight isn't about making dick jokes and memes, it's about the freedom to share dick jokes and memes. And since everything is terrible, here's a baby pygmy hippo.

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Hi guys, here's some new images we've done for the studio Andrea Maffei Architects in Milan. This is the proposal for the competition of the new port of Palermo. Check out also our instagram and facebook profiles ;)
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New surveys show users aren't spending as much time on Facebook as they used to.
          Dr Davis To Speak At Facebook Youth Summit      Cache   Translate Page      
Bermudian researcher and educator Dr. Katie Davis, recognized internationally for her work in the field of digital media and young people, recently presented to a gathering of principals and teachers in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Davis delivered her address on August 24, titled The Tech Effect: Understanding and Supporting Today’s Digital Youth, twice in Santiago – […]

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From the Commercial Observer:

City councilman Jimmy Van Bramer presides over one of New York City’s hottest real estate markets: western Queens. And one of its submarkets, Long Island City, is on track to get 6,200 new residential units by next year and sits at the heart of crucial zoning, infrastructure, transportation and urban planning issues that affect much of the city.

The 49-year-old councilman, who represents LIC, part of Astoria, Sunnyside and Woodside, was raised in his district by a printer father and painter mother, both union members. Since taking office in 2009, he has found himself facing down developers and community activists alike, while trying to stay true to both his core principles and his working-class neighborhood roots.

Over the past few years, he’s netted some victories for his district, like a new modern library for Hunters Point South in LIC and protected bike and bus lanes along Queens Boulevard. He’s also run into controversy over development and transit issues, like when he refused to greenlight a 2016 rezoning for a 200-unit affordable apartment building developed by Phipps Houses in Sunnyside. And last year he clashed with neighbors and businesses along Skillman Avenue in Sunnyside for proposing protected bike lanes there and along 43rd Avenue after two cyclists were killed by motorists. (After getting pushback from local merchants and the community board over bike lanes replacing parking spots, he abandoned the plan. Congressman Joe Crowley—recently unseated in a surprise victory by democratic socialist candidate Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez—even weighed in on Twitter to oppose the bike lanes.)

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          8 Personas que fueron arrestadas por cosas que publicaron en Facebook      Cache   Translate Page      

Ten cuidado con lo que escribes o compartes en Facebook, muchas personas se han metido en problemas con la justicia: 1. El rapero con letras terroristas Cameron D’Ambosio fue un aspirante a rapero que decidió llamar la atención, componiendo una canción sobre los ataques terroristas en la maratón de Bostón que decía: “Una bomba en Boston, esperen a verla, me convertiré en un gran rapero y todas las denuncias vendrán a mi”. La policía lo arrestó por esto durante varios meses, hasta que se comprobó que él sólo quería llamar la atención. 2. El hombre que se quejaba mucho en Facebook Mark Byron fue un hombre que durante su divorcio, se quejó muchas veces sobre su ex-esposa, denunciando que ella había manipulado todo y lo único que quería era arruinarle la vida. La mujer presentó estos cientos de estados de Facebook y el juez lo condenó a 2 años de cárcel a menos que se disculpara públicamente. Mark decidió disculparse. 3. La mujer que chocó ebria y lo publicó en Facebook Paula Asher fue una mujer que decidió conducir ebria y chocó a otro auto lleno de adolescentes. Horas después del incidente, ella decidió publicar en Facebook: “Soy una tonta, estuve conduciendo ebria y choqué un auto JAJAJA”. La policía la encontró y la arrestó durante dos días. 4. La mujer que envió muchos toques a su ex-amiga Shannon D. Jackson fue una mujer que tenía una orden de alejamiento por parte de Dana M. Hannah, la misma le prohibía tener cualquier tipo de contacto con la afectada y ella no encontró otra forma de molestarla que enviándole “toques” por Facebook. La policía de Tennessee decidió arrestarla y advertirle que si seguía haciéndolo, podía ir a la cárcel por un año. 5. El gamer que fue arrestado por un comentario Justin Carter fue un gamer que fue arrestado debido a un comentario que hizo en la comunidad de “League of Legends” luego de haber perdido una partida. Carter escribió: “Creo que iré a disparar a un Kindergarten, ver la sangre inocente correr y comerme uno de sus corazones” La justicia pidió 500 mil dólares de fianza para su liberación y su padre tuvo que organizar varias colectas para poder liberar a su hijo. 6. El hombre que envió a la cárcel a su ex que estaba tratando de enviarlo a la cárcel David Voelkert fue un hombre que recibió una extraña solicitud de amistad por parte de una chica llamada Jessica Studebaker. Cuando empezaron a hablar, David se dio cuenta de que se trataba su ex-esposa tratando de incriminarlo para quedarse con la custodia de sus hijos. David empezó a decirle que se había enamorado de ella y que planeaba matar a su ex-esposa y huir con sus hijos. David fue arrestado por unos días, hasta que presentó un documento donde decía que él mentiría para demostrar que su esposa quería arruinarle la vida ante la justicia. David quedó libre de cargos y su ex-esposa fue sentenciada a prisión. 7. El adolescente que se burlaba de las niñas desaparecidas Matthew Woods fue a la cárcel durante 3 meses, debido a que empezó a crear chistes y memes sobre Madeleine McCann y su terrible desaparición. El adolescente enfureció tanto a la gente que terminaron denunciándolo. 8. El hombre que deseó la muerte de los políticos Muhammad Ruhul Amin fue un ciudadano de Bangladesh que empezó a comentar en videos de accidentes automovilísticos: “¿Por qué no le pasa esto al Primer Ministro?” Las leyes en Bangladesh son muy estrictas y no toleran este tipo de amenazas, así que lo sentenciaron a 6 meses de prisión y 1 año de restricción a Internet.  

La entrada 8 Personas que fueron arrestadas por cosas que publicaron en Facebook se publicó primero en Difundir.ORG.

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Chatbot tech is on the rise, and I’m sure you’ve encountered it in your day to day life. Chatbot tech can benefit your startup, so let’s chat about it. Facebook Messenger is the most accessible and well known chatbot tech on the market right now, and it’s well worth implementing. There’s really no reason to […]


          ONGs levam à ONU nova denúncia de violação a direitos políticos e à democracia no Brasil. - Editor- PARA ACABAR COM ESSA SURUBA COM SUPREMO E TUDO, É PT13 PRESIDENTE. 02 VOTOS AO SENADO, VOTO A CAMARA FEDERAL, VOTO A GOVERNADOR E VOTO A DEPUTADOS ESTADUAIS, NOS PARTIDOS - PSOL 50, PCO 29, PT 13, PPL 54, PCdoB 65, PCB 21, PSTU16. NÃO TEM SURUBA QUE AGUENTE. O POVO É MAIS E MAIS SERÁ.      Cache   Translate Page      

ONGs levam à ONU nova denúncia de violação a direitos políticos e à democracia no BrasilAO TEM SURUBA 

Missão brasileira apresenta as denúncias na sexta-feira, durante a 39ª sessão do Conselho de Direitos Humanos

Michele Bachelet, Presidente of Chile speaks during Special Session of the Human Rights Council. 29 March 2017.
Por Gustavo Aranda
Cinco organizações da sociedade civil brasileira apresentarão à ONU (Organização das Nações Unidas) um relatório sobre as recentes violações aos direitos humanos e a ruptura do Estado Democrático e de Direito que vêm acontecendo no Brasil, com destaque para a interferência do Poder Judiciário no processo eleitoral. O documento, ao qual os Jornalistas Livres tiveram acesso, será lido e entregue às autoridades internacionais na próxima sexta-feira (14), durante a 39ª sessão do Conselho de Direitos Humanos da ONU.
Caberá à jurista Valeska Teixeira Martins, que compõe a banca de Defesa do ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, relatar todo o caso de perseguição político-jurídica e impedimento eleitoral praticados contra seu cliente, já denunciado pelo próprio Comitê de Direitos Humanos da ONU.
Já Maria José Fariñas Dulce, catedrática de filosofia do direito na Universidade Carlos III (Madrid, Espanha), abordará a seletividade do sistema criminal, os privilégios e as capturas corporativa e ideológica do Sistema de Justiça. De acordo com a especialista espanhola, o Brasil está passando por uma grave situação de retrocesso em suas políticas sociais e de desconstrução de direitos, o que estaria afetando as próprias estruturas democráticas do Estado de Direito. “O problema mais grave começa quando os mecanismos de controle democrático não funcionam e os limites ao poder se dissolvem. Estamos assistindo à normalização de um poder arbitrário no Brasil que não aceita seus próprios limites.”
Completam a missão brasileira: Rafael Valim, professor de Direito Administrativo da PUC-SP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo), especialista em estudos sobre o autoritarismo e o estado de exceção; Darci Frigo, da ONG Terra de Direitos e Plataforma Dhesca Brasil; Flávio Vicente Machado, do Conselho Indigenista Missionário; e Leila Rocha, liderança indígena Guarani-Ñandeva. O documento ainda leva assinatura da ONG Justiça Global e FIAN Brasil.
Teor do relatório
O relatório das organizações brasileiras aponta o sistema judiciário do país como elemento estrutural da política de retrocessos: “Em tempos de austeridade, onde um quarto da população vive com menos de 387 reais (90 dólares) por mês, a extrema pobreza já atinge mais de 14 milhões de pessoas. Enquanto isso, o Supremo Tribunal Federal aprova um reajuste salarial de 16,38% para magistrados”, apontam os especialistas.
A perseguição aos movimentos sociais e a crescente violência contra defensores dos direitos humanos são outras preocupações da missão brasileira, que deve lembrar ao Alto Comissariado que as investigações sobre a execução de Marielle Franco e Anderson Gomes seguem sem chegar a qualquer resultado prático e nenhuma prestação dos trabalhos até aqui executados.
Alta Comissária Michelle Bachelet
Na segunda-feira (10), quem abriu os trabalhos da 39ª sessão do Conselho de Direitos Humanos da ONU foi Michelle Bachelet, ex-presidente do Chile e presidente do Conselho.
Em seu primeiro discurso à frente do órgão, Bachelet lembrou o aniversário de 70 anos da Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos, afirmando ser “um compromisso com valores e políticas que proporcionaram inúmeros benefícios a milhões de pessoas”.
Lembrou do início da sua trajetória política no Chile: “Eu fui presa política e filha de presos políticos. Esta é a véspera do dia em que nós, os chilenos, marcamos a memória do golpe de Estado, há 45 anos, e os anos seguintes de opressão e derramamento de sangue brutais. Meu país conheceu a dor e o terror da tirania. Mas tenho orgulho de dizer que conseguimos superar as divisões e enfrentar grandes desafios – moldar instituições que possibilitem maior participação e maior liberdade, justiça e dignidade para nosso povo”.
Para Bachelet, o Conselho tem a responsabilidade de denunciar todas as violações de direitos humanos, “independentemente de sexo, identidade de gênero, raça ou etnia, religião, deficiência ou status de migração, ou outras características. Independentemente do tipo de regime político em um determinado país, o Conselho de Direitos Humanos tem o dever de defender e ajudar melhorias transformadoras na defesa de todos os direitos”.
Conselho de Direitos Humanos das Nações Unidas
A 39ª sessão do Conselho de Direitos Humanos das Nações Unidas, que ocorre no Palais des Nations, em Genebra, Suíça, começou no dia 10 e terminará dia 28 deste mês.
O Conselho de Direitos Humanos realiza três sessões regulares por ano, num total de pelo menos dez semanas. Caso um terço dos Estados Membros solicitarem, o Conselho pode decidir a qualquer momento realizar uma sessão especial para abordar violações de direitos humanos e emergências.
Assista a audiência da missão brasileira, sexta-feira, ao vivo, pelos Jornalistas Livres no Youtube ou Facebook.

           JB: CNJ passa a mão na cabeça da casta da Justissa!. - Editor - O ESTEIO DA SOCIEDADE É A FAMÍLIA E TEM QUE SER PROTEGIDA.      Cache   Translate Page      

JB: CNJ passa a mão na cabeça da casta da Justissa!

Órgão de "controle" arquivou 98% dos processos contra juízes
publicado 12/09/2018
Por Edla Lula, no Jornal do Brasil
A ministra Cármen Lúcia, que tem hoje seu último dia na presidência do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), citou ontem, ao despedir-se também do cargo de presidente do Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ), o relatório CNJ em Números como um dos avanços de sua gestão. Publicado recentemente, o documento mostra que nos últimos 10 anos – de 2007 a 2017 –, o Conselho arquivou sumariamente 98,56% do total de 54.077 processos de natureza correicional - onde se incluem as reclamações disciplinares contra juízes.
O relatório joga luz sobre a eficácia do Conselho no cumprimento da missão para a qual foi criado: exercer o controle administrativo da atuação do Poder Judiciário. A justificativa para o baixo número de punições é que “o Regimento Interno do CNJ prevê a determinação do arquivamento sumário de todos os requerimentos que se mostrem prescritos, manifestamente improcedentes ou ininteligíveis”.
Foram instaurados 118 processos administrativos disciplinares (PAD) contra 121 magistrados (em 12 casos há mais de um PAD contra o mesmo magistrado). Foram julgados 115 casos, sendo que 57 juízes receberam a pena máxima: aposentadoria compulsória, com direito a receber vencimentos proporcionais ao tempo de serviço.
Além dessas condenações, em outros 11 casos os juízes receberam pena de censura. Houve ainda sete penas de disponibilidade, cinco de advertência e quatro de remoção compulsória. Estas punições estão previstas na Lei Orgânica da Magistratura Nacional. “Lançamos aplicativos que fazem com que qualquer cidadão possa, no seu celular, ter acesso aos gabinetes de cada ministro”, disse Cármen Lúcia, ao relacionar, em seu discurso, os feitos de sua gestão que, segundo ela, tornaram o órgão mais transparente.
O CNJ em números traz ainda dados sobre a atuação administrativa, financeira e processual dos tribunais brasileiros. “A transparência aumentou até mesmo para que o cidadão soubesse: no que se diz que juízes ganham em excesso, não ganham. E está aí a comprovação pela transparência que foi dada às informações sobre as remunerações de todos nós brasileiros de forma permanente”, disse a ministra, ao comentar a divulgação, pelo CNJ, das planilhas com os vencimentos dos magistrados em todos os tribunais do país.
Cármen Lúcia citou ainda, como avanço da sua gestão, a implantação do Banco Nacional de Monitoramento de Prisões, o BNMP 2.0, com o cadastramento de mais de 600 mil prisioneiros em todo o Brasil. A ministra será substituída por José Antônio Dias Tóffoli, que assume amanhã o cargo de presidente do Supremo e, consequentemente, também a presidência do CNJ.

          A ENTREVISTA DE MARCIA TIBURI À CBN/G1      Cache   Translate Page      


11 de setembro de 2018 : 18h49 

No G1
Marcia Tiburi aposta em articulação das polícias do RJ com a PF; ‘Exército está sendo humilhado’
Candidata do PT ao governo de RJ foi entrevistada por jornalistas da CBN e G1. Professora destacou o machismo na política e disse que “os homens destruíram o Estado do Rio”.
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Marcia Tiburi, candidata do PT ao governo do Rio de Janeiro, afirmou que pretende articular as polícias do estado com a Polícia Federal e fez críticas à Intervenção Federal. “O Exército está sendo humilhado”, disse. Tiburi foi a segunda entrevistada na série de sabatinas do G1 e da CBN, que vai até o dia 25.
Ainda sobre segurança, Tiburi afirmou que pretende transformar as UPPs existentes em “Centros de Defesa da Cidadania”, com policiais e psicólogos. “Temos que usar a inteligência, cancelar essa guerra. Não vamos mais produzir uma polícia que mata. Quem fala que ‘bandido bom é bandido morto’ não entende de segurança”, afirmou.
A petista afirmou que não manteria a intervenção. “As pessoas foram convencidas de que a Intervenção é a única saída. Não podemos manter. Os números não são bons. Mais mortes, mais tiroteios. Vendem uma ideia de que estão resolvendo”, afirmou.
“Se as nossas polícias estiverem organizadas, não precisaremos do Exército. O Exército está sendo humilhado”, continuou.
Tiburi também prometeu melhorar a formação dos policiais. “O PM hoje está tão abandonado e desprotegido quanto o cidadão”, afirmou, criticando o “Estado genocida que manda matar e deixa morrer”.
A professora admitiu que não é muito conhecida. “É uma tentativa de renovar o PT do Rio de Janeiro”, explicou. Na sequência, falou sobre o machismo na política.
“As mulheres nunca fazem parte da política. Os homens usam a violência contra as mulheres, numa sociedade patriarcal como a nossa, para se manter no poder. Tanto que a gente vê essa equação funcionando”, disse.
“O RJ é o estado com a maior população feminina do Brasil e tem a penúltima menor representação parlamentar, perdendo só para o Espírito Santo. Podemos dizer que o Rio de Janeiro é muito machista”, continuou.
“As mulheres sempre ficaram de fora. Os homens destruíram o Estado do Rio.”
A petista afirmou que não apoiaria futuras ações da Lava Jato no estado caso seja eleita. “A Lava Jato não é honesta. Houve muita propaganda. Fizeram o golpe e usaram a Lava Jato de verniz”, disse.
“Qualquer governante honesto precisa enfrentar a corrupção. Não é só o pequeno roubo, o grande roubo, produzido do desvio. A corrupção está no sistema”, disse.
“Não adianta simplesmente combater um Cabral e não combater todo o time que o acompanha há muito tempo. Não adianta o PT lutar contra a corrupção e o próprio PT não fazer uma renovação do seu quadro, o que está se propondo com a minha candidatura”, continuou Tiburi.
Tiburi justificou sua candidatura dizendo que “as viúvas do Cabral têm de se acostumar com novos nomes”. “Estamos num golpe de Estado. O PT ficou muito atrelado ao PMDB e aos donos do Rio de Janeiro”, disse. “As pessoas não sabem que sou candidata. Não sou conhecida. Não faço parte desse grupo. Tem uma certa corja que toma conta do Rio de Janeiro”, emendou.
Tiburi afirmou que, ao contrário do caso do Lula, “as provas de Cabral existem”. Segundo a candidata, ele cometeu “atos delirantes, crimes horríveis”.
É a favor da legalização do aborto? Sim
É a favor da concessão do metrô à iniciativa privada? Não
É a favor das Organizações Sociais na Saúde? Não
Dará continuidade ao projeto das UPPs? Não
É a favor da descriminalização da maconha? Sim
É a favor da concessão do Maracanã à iniciativa privada? Não
É a favor do sistema de cotas nas universidades? Sim
Apoia a redução da maioridade penal? Não
É a favor do acordo do Regime de Recuperação Fiscal? Não
É a favor de expandir o transporte das barcas? Sim
Dialogaria com o MBL, a quem chamou de ‘milícia midiática’? Não

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Tacoma Public Schools, the fourth-biggest district in the state, said Wednesday it’s considering taking its teachers union to court to end a strike that has kept thousands of children out of classes for almost a week. It’s the latest escalation in negotiations that have been deadlocked with the union, the Tacoma Education Association (TEA), over […]
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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico is suing Google, Twitter and several companies that develop and market mobile gaming apps for children, saying the apps violate state law by collecting personal information that could compromise privacy. The lawsuit filed in federal court late Tuesday comes as data-sharing concerns persist among users and as social media […]
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HAMPTON, Ga. (AP) — Pieces of hurricane evacuee Melody Rawson’s South Carolina life are now spread out on a grassy field, a slab of concrete and a picnic table at a campground outside Atlanta Motor Speedway. They include two dogs, a cockatoo in its cage, a couple of coolers with sandwich meat and the mangled […]
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DETROIT (AP) — Tesla apparently is having trouble informing customers about deliveries of the Model 3 mass-market electric car. In a Twitter response to a customer Wednesday, CEO Elon Musk wrote that some “may experience longer response times” because of a large increase in vehicle deliveries in North America. He wrote that resolving the issue […]
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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says Russia will bear responsibility for the resulting humanitarian crisis in Syria if the Moscow-backed Syrian military attacks the northern city of Idlib. Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman, says the U.S. and its allies are concerned about the deadly consequences if Syrian President Bashar Assad, with support from Russia and […]
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — More than 60 adults and at least four juveniles were detained during a raid Wednesday at a vacant building without electricity in Hollywood where some people had been squatting, Los Angeles police said. A search warrant was served before dawn on Hollywood Boulevard and officers went through the building, room by […]
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The proposed improvement to Interstate 405 from Renton to Bellevue is a typical Washington Department of Transportation project — five years for 11 miles. And all to build a few toll lanes with rates reaching $10 and to improve an impossibly inadequate highway that will be over its projected capacity before it is completed. We […]
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Re: “Sound Transit is taking a $300 million gamble on a new I-405 bus station in Kirkland”: The article states, “There’s nowhere for people to catch the bus in a 5-mile gap between Totem Lake and downtown Bellevue.” And, David Baker, mayor of Kenmore, says, “You’ve got to have a stop to serve Kirkland. I […]
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UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States is seeking Security Council approval for a resolution to toughen U.N. action against peacekeepers that fail to protect civilians, including by sending them home and refusing to pay their governments. The United Nations, which deploys 96,000 peacekeepers in 14 missions from the Mideast and Africa to Haiti and […]
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Re: “Hunt is on for writer of piece that rips Trump”: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, referring to the anonymous writer of The New York Times Op-Ed, said, “he is not putting country first, but putting himself and his ego ahead of the will of the American people. This coward should do the […]
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KENNER, La. (AP) — The mayor of a New Orleans suburb says he’s rescinding his order banning his city’s recreation department from purchasing Nike products for use at city recreation facilities. Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn said at a news conference Wednesday that he did so on the advice of the city attorney and because the […]
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MIAMI (AP) — Subtropical Storm Joyce forms in the north Atlantic; expected to strengthen but not currently a threat to land.
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Thousands of pounds of empty beverage containers were intercepted this summer while being smuggled into California from Arizona and Nevada to defraud the state’s recycling program, authorities said Wednesday. The state Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery said agents confiscated 56,000 pounds of material worth an estimated $82,853 in potential California […]
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The state plans to start killing wolves again in the same area where the animals were killed in 2016 and earlier this year.
          Warum die AFD heute geschlossen den Bundestag verlassen hat      Cache   Translate Page      
Durch die Flut an Meldungen im Netz, über Apps und über Dienste wie Twitter und Facebook ist es schwer den Nachrichten ...
          Colombia police hero arrested in spying ring probe      Cache   Translate Page      

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — One of Colombia’s most-decorated police officers has been arrested for his alleged involvement in a criminal ring that illegally intercepted the private communications of prominent politicians and business leaders. Gen. Humberto Guatibonza led an anti-kidnapping police unit and headed Bogota’s police until he retired in 2016. He was arrested Wednesday on […]
          Kalidad      Cache   Translate Page      
Swaksi na sa Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) ang bagyong Ompong. Napakalakas daw nito kaya lubos ang paghahanda ng LGUs sa mga lugar na tatamaan nito. Let's continue to pray na maging ligtas ang lahat at kung pwede lang, matunaw ito bago pa makapaminsala.

Dahil din kay Ompong, postponed ang taunang UPCAT. Unahin muna ang safety ng kabataan tsaka more time ito para sila ay makapag-review pa. Best of luck sa kanila!

Isa pang postponed ay ang kauna-unahang Mister World Philippines competition. Dapat sana ay sa Sabado na itez (September 15) but of course, may umeksenang bagyo. AMP! Kahit siguro itinuloy itez, hindi mapipigilan ang 'sangkabaklaan para manood. Kesehodang lumangoy pa kami sa baha, rarampa kami diyan!

Unang beses pa lang magkakaroon ng MrWP dahil appointed ni Madame Cory Quirino at ng Miss World Philippines Organization sina Andrew Wolff, John Spainhour at Sam Ajdani. OH! Binanggit ko lang sila, nag-water na kayo. P'wes, ihanda niyo pa ang mga sarili niyo dahil labing anim na nagsasarapang otoko ang maglalaban-laban para sa titulo. Wit niyo kakayanin ang kalidad ng mga sumali. Upper echelon compare to other local male pageants. 'Di nga me sanay kasi panay bikini contests ang watch ko. CHAR!

Medyo conservative din ang MrWP dahil walang swimwear round. Walang nagsisikipang trunks. ANO BA! Well, wala rin kasi ganun sa Mister and Miss World kaya hanggang boardshorts na lang ang pinakasexy nilang sinuot. NAKAKABITIN! 'Yung parang puputok na sana pero naunsyami. CHOS! Sherep pa rin naman kaya keri na.

Eto na, ihahanda ko na sa ating karinderya ang 16 contestants. Tanong nga ni makiring Taylor... are you ready for it?

Joshua Banatin (mahal ko talaga siya!)

 Denver Hernandez

 Robin Hanrath (ako yata ang Cinderella niya)

 Mark Comiso (makatunaw-panty po siya tumingin)

 Ameen Sardouk

 Marco Poli (ang gwaps!)

 Emir Abbo (cutie pie much!)

Adbullah Cheng

JB Saliba

Wilfred Placencia

Reymart Regis

Ricardo De Jesus

Karl Louie Aragon

Miguel De Castro

Mark Jero Bagaporo

Joy Jerom Evangelista

So kailan na ang finals night? Abangan natin ang announcement sa kanilang Facebook page.
          9/12/2018: NEWS: Barter network gets cryptocurrency boost      Cache   Translate Page      

The popular Toronto-founded bartering network known as the Bunz Trading Zone is expanding a new cryptocurrency element of the platform to its Vancouver users, the company announced today. Bunz started in 2013 as a Facebook group of likeminded friends...
          Valentina Pelinel a confirmat cununia civilă cu Cristi Borcea. Cei doi vor fi din nou părinţi | FOTO      Cache   Translate Page      
Valentina Pelinel a confirmat cununia civilă cu Cristi Borcea, publicând pe Facebook o fotografie de la ceremonia care a avut loc miercuri. Cei doi urmează să devină din nou părinţi, fostul acţionar al FC Dinamo declarând că îşi doreşte fetiţe.
          Blog Carlos Santos é o convidado do “Diário das Eleições”      Cache   Translate Page      
A convite do jornalista Bruno Barreto (Blog do Barreto, FM 95.7 de Mossoró), a gente participa de seu “Diário das Eleições” nesta quarta-feira (12). Começa às 19h30 no endereço do seu blog no Facebook – veja AQUI. Você também poderá acompanhar compartilhamento no Facebook do Blog Carlos Santos – veja AQUI. É uma “Live” (Ao [...]
          Have you played Baldur's Gate II?      Cache   Translate Page      

Originally posted on:

With only $10, a GOG account and a handful of patches, you too can play one of the greatest computer RPGs ever created. The patches mentioned in this Kotaku writeup go a long way in fixing bugs and also modernizing the UI of the game.

The BGII Enhanced Edition isn't terribly far off, of course, but given the mess they made out of BG1EE, I'm not terribly optimistic. (Yes I realize not all of it was the studio's fault.)

Got any favorite Infinity Engine D&D games? I'd love to hear about them.

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          Facebook lança ferramenta de prevenção ao suicídio no “setembro amarelo”      Cache   Translate Page      
Suicídio é coisa séria. Segundo a porta-voz do CVV (Centro de Valorização da Vida), Adriana Rizzo, 30 pessoas morrem no país, todos os dias, vítimas de suicídio. Por isso, foi criado em 2015 o “setembro-amarelo”, que é uma campanha de prevenção ao suicídio . Por isso, o Twitter lançou no início da semana uma parceria com o CVV (você pode ver sobre a parceria AQUI), e agora o Facebook também se engaja nesta campanha. Chamado de #EuEstou, o projeto tem...

Read More Read More

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This is a unisex fit item, meaning it is meant for dudes and ladies (please refer to Size chart for fit) This tee was designed by me. The design itself features all 4 element symbols with the all elements symbol behind made of branches, intertwining and connecting the 4 elements of fire, earth, air, and water. Printed with eco friendly water based ink. 100% jersey cotton, made in USA Please look at my shop policies prior to ordering. Like SOVRIN on facebook for updates and promotions. and instagram @SOVRIN_
          Captan tierno momento entre dos extraños que se abrazan      Cache   Translate Page      

Star Balloon-Bradley escribió en su página de Facebook una anécdota enternecedora del día que su sobrino y una mujer con la que el chico estuvo platicando se dieron un emotivo abrazo durante un partido de fútbol.

Bradley asistió a un juego de la escuela Lowndes High School, en Valdosta, Georgia, con su sobrino Isaiah. Allí el chico se acercó a una mujer y comenzaron a platicar, hasta que la señora tuvo que irse en el medio tiempo para encontrarse con su hija.

El pasado 8 de septiembre Isaiah volvió a ver a la mujer y fue a saludarla. "Isaiah se acercó a ella sonriendo, se arrastró en su regazo y apoyó la cabeza sobre su hombro. Ella lo recibió con los brazos abiertos", escribió Bradley en Facebook.

"¡Le agradezco a Dios por este momento y la amistad que se ha formado! ¡Isaías tiene un corazón tan puro y tiene un don de discernimiento incluso a su corta edad! ¡Esto realmente me saca lágrimas de los ojos! ", dice la propia madre de Isaiah, Thameka Miller.


Más información en El Siglo de Torreón

          Asegura SEP que este año sí habrá evaluación a maestros - RadioFórmula      Cache   Translate Page      


Asegura SEP que este año sí habrá evaluación a maestros
Los procesos de evaluación magisterial continuarán a pesar de que ayer los diputados aprobaran un exhorto para suspender los exámenes. Nota. Foto: Facebook El Informante. Publicidad Google. La Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), informó que, por ...
Por mandato constitucional seguirá evaluación docente: SEPExcélsior
Continuará evaluación docente por mandato constitucional y legal: SEPEl Occidental

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          EmberFest 2017 参加レポート day 2      Cache   Translate Page      

前回に引き続いて、EmberFest の二日目のまとめです。



The Revolution will Not Be Centralized

  • 話者 : Edward Faulkner - @ef4

アニメーションライブラリのデファクトである liquid-fire の作者である @ef4 による "ambitious"1 なアプリケーション開発のための技術スタックの発表。

  • 前提: アプリケーション開発において、自分が書く必要があるコードは少ない方がよい
    • SPA 開発の文脈だと、まずサーバサイドの実装にはかなりの労力を割く必要がある。
    • 例えば、、、
      • Authentication
      • API endpoint
      • Data serialization
      • ...
    • これらを毎回自分たちで実装するのはほんとうに必要なのだろうか?
  • そこで Cardstack
    • Server Side App + Storage を置き換えることができる
    • これはクライアントサイドの Ember だけでアプリ開発が完結する状況になるということ
    • Cardstack のための Ember Addon があるので、自分が書かないといけないコードというのはほんとうに少なくなるはず
    • Ember の領域でも、これから共通化可能なものは見出されるはずなので、みんなで共有してアプリ開発を加速させていこう

Cardstack 自体は Ember に依存するものではなく、分散型インターネットを実現するためのアーキテクチャプロトコルだそうです。2 Ember コミュニティ発3のプロジェクトということですが、特定の企業に非依存である点4はとても興味深かったです。5

Adopting better Ember patterns

話者は Ember を始めて一年とのこと。 これまでの経験の中での学びを紹介します。

  • いくつかのパターンを紹介する
    • Avoid CHATTY templates
      • 条件分岐が多いようなテンプレートは、ヘルパーやコンポーネントを使って読みやすくしよう
      • 同じような DOM 構造を繰り返すような場合はイテレータを使かおう
    • Don't abuse services
      • ビジネスロジックやストレージに関係するようなものをなんでもサービスにするのはやめよう
    • Use moar ember-data methods
      • 検索クエリのための Ajax のような処理は Ember Data のアーキテクチャにのせよう
      • 例えば、Adapter / Serializer
    • Don't indulge in observer
      • なんでも observer はやめよう
      • よく考えると、computed property / lifecycle メソッドで十分な場合が多い
    • Send data down & actions up
      • 子のコンポーネントの中で親からもらったデータを気軽に更新してしまうと、状態管理が複雑になる

Ember を使ったことがある開発者であれば、誰もが頷けるような内容でした。 経験の浅いメンバーに対してパターンとして紹介するときに参照したい発表内容でした。

Improving the UX is the developers job

SPA でのよい UX と、Ember でのその実現方法についての話。

  • SPA でのよい UX とは?

    • Fast
      • Non blocking data fetching
      • Rendering on server
    • Native
      • homescreen
      • Splash
      • Notification
      • Offline
    • Indicate current state
    • Handle errors
      • Caught and wrapped errors
  • Working on UX with Ember

    • リソースではなく、画面で URL を組み立ましょう
    • 似たような画面であっても、UI/UX の観点から別の画面なのであれば別の URL を割り当てましょう
    • Ember Data のモデルとサーバサイドのモデルは 1:1 で対応するものではないので、それぞれでモデルを考えましょう
      • partial model / full model
    • Fastboot で初期画面の表示を早くしましょう
    • オフラインでも使えるように、Service Worker を検討するものありです
    • エラー発生をユーザーにフィードバックするために、 Promise の catch を忘れないように!

本編では時間の制約もありあまり踏む込んだ具体例はなかったですが、 SPA の開発者であれは常に意識しておきたいポイントがとてもよくまとっまっていました。 SPA 開発の際にはチェックリストとして見返したい資料です。

Writing tests like a speed demon with data builder patterns

Data Builder Pattern を用いて高速でメンテナブルなテストの書き方の話。

  • テストデータの準備をシンプルにしたい
    • 例えば、ツリー型タブのように木構造を形成するデータのセットアップは面倒
    • 参照関係を設定しつつデータを準備すると、どうしても多くのコード行数を必要としてしまい、これはテスト対象の本質ではない部分が増えてしまう
  • そこで Data Builder Pattern6
    • 一連のテストデータの準備をオブジェクト化して、テストコードをシンプルに保てる
    • 木構造のデータについても、参照関係を Data Builer に渡すようにすると、具体的な設定はカプセル化できる
  • テストフィクスチャについて
    • Mirage は HTTP リクエストに対するクライアントサイドのモックなので、データを加工するのがやりづらい場合がある
    • そこで、 FactoryGuys7
    • これは Ember Data の store を直接参照するので、 Mirage の 5~7x 高速に動作する

Data Builer Pattern は今回初めて知ったのですが、古くから確立されているパターンなのですね。 資料では Pattern 適用後の具体的なコードがわかりやすく解説されていたので、公開されたらご参照いただければと思います。

SDK... Ambitious... What about a RAD tool for the web?

サーバサイドとクライアントサイドで似たようなコードを書かなくて済むように、SPA のための RAD tool8 のご提案。

  • Ember でフロントエンドを開発するにあたっては多くの仕事が必要となる
    • DB / ORM にスキーマと定義する
    • そのモデルをフロントに渡すための REST API をサーバサイドに作成する
    • バックエンドのモデル構造を Ember の世界にも複製する
    • そのモデルに対応するフォームを作成する
    • フォームにレイアウトを設定する
  • これらの仕事の大半は重複であり、自動生成することで解決可能になるのでは

動作するアプリケーションをいかに早くリリースするか、という観点でとても興味深い内容でした。 REST API を重複とみるかフロントエンドのためのモデリングとみなすかは議論が分かれる点だとは思いますが、RAD tool としての話者の割り切りは一理あるなと感じました。 またデモがリッチなアプリケーションだったので、資料と合わせてデモ(資料中にリンクがあります)を試してみるとより雰囲気がわかりやすいかと思います。

Hybrid Apps with Ember/Glimmer

Ember.js/Glimmer.js を使ったハイブリッドアプリ(PWA とネイティブどちらとしても配布可能なアプリ)の実装の話。

  • 話者が開発中の corber のご紹介
    • cordova ための CLI
    • 特定の JS ライブラリに依存していない
      • 現在は Ember, Vue, React/Webpack, Glimmer をサポートしている
      • 以前は ember-cordova として開発していたが、現在は corber に移行した
    • PWA とネイティブアプリでの差異をきれいに分離できる
    • ビルド、ライブリロード、アイコンスプラッシュなど、ハイブリッドアプリの開発で毎回必要になるであろう手間な部分をサポートしている

おぉっ、なんだかよさそう!という印象でした。 ドキュメントがしっかりしているのと、積極的に開発が進められていることからも、今後にも期待できそうな感触です。

Testing against Time - Meaningful testing in Ember apps when timing matters

非同期のテストに立ち向かうための Tips の話。

  • 話者について
  • 非同期のテスト
    • Ember には組み込みのacceptance test 用のヘルパがいくつか用意されている
      • 同期・非同期のヘルパが存在するので、記述した順に実行されるとは限らない
      • 非同期のヘルパ Ember の run loop 内で実行される
      • 同期ヘルパは即時実行されるので、非同期ヘルパと組み合わせる場合は andThen 関数でラップする
        • run loop 内だと、実行順序が保証される
  • テストダブル
    • 外部の API を呼び出すような場合は testdouble を使う
    • また、async / await で書けば、ネストが深くなることはなく、可読性を保てる
  • Grand Testing Unification
    • まだ RFC の段階だが、いままでは各レイヤごとに違ったテストでの非同期の扱いを統合していきたいという議論がなされている
    • これが実装されると、Ember 本体が提供する機能でさらにシンプルなテストが書けるようになる
  • 時間のテスト
    • 時間に依存するテストは Date をモックするとよい(ember-cli-timecop)

Ember のテストはちゃんと書いたことがなかったので、なるほどという感じでした。 Grand Testing Unification が入ると、またテストの世界が変わってきそうで楽しみです。




  • High Level Abstructions Assertions
  • DOM のアサーションだと、改行や空白文字を考慮しなくてはいけない場合が多々あるが、これはテストの本質ではない
    • chai / chai-dom を使うと、よく書ける
    • さらに、話者の所属する Simplab 作の qunit-dom を使うともっとよく書ける



コード + トークのみで、上手く聞き取れませんでした 😵


  • ember-content-placeholders のご紹介
    • データ読み込みの間、枠だけ表示してくれる Ember Addon (話者作)
    • Facebook の読み込み中の UI がイメージに近い


  • eslint-plugin-glimmer のご紹介
    • まだ作りたてなので、これからどんどん機能追加していく予定
    • ⭐ してね!

Closing Keynote

  • 話者 : Eric bryan - @ebryn

Ember のコアコミッターである @ebryn によるキーノート。コミュニティの話。

  • みなさん、Ember コミュニティにようこそ
  • 有名のライブラリの多くは特定の企業がホストしているけど、Ember はコミュニティベースの OSS
    • コミュニティベースの OSS は (JS の世界だと) 珍しい
    • 特定の企業が中心にいないということは、民主主義による決断が行われるということ
  • "Ember is for the children"
  • コントリビューションはとても小さなことから始められる
    • 自分の場合は fix typo だった
    • コントリビューションは、フレームワークを学ぶための偉大な一歩だ
  • "Driving standards"
  • 革命は Ember 本体からだけではない、コミュニティからすばらしいライブラリが生まれている
  • また、OSS コミュニティはコードだけというわけではない
    • ミートアップ
    • ドキュメント
    • ニュースサイト
  • みなさん、ぜひぜひもっと参加してね!

今でこそコミュニティをコードでリードしている話者ですら、最初のコントリビューションが fix typo だったというのはなかなか感じ入るところがありました。 たしかにここ数年で、Ember と取り巻くコミュニティは豊かになったように感じます。 これからコミュニティがどんな風に進化していくか(もしくはわたしたちがどんな風に参加していくとよいか)を考えると、とても楽しみだなと思えました。

二日目の記事も、Ember.Sapporo (特に @ursm@tmaeda) から多くのアドバイスをもらった上で作成されました。

わたしの速記の発表メモに対して、詳しく分析と解説をしてくれてとても理解が深まりました。 ほんとうにありがとうございました。

EmberFest の二日間のまとめはこれで終わりです。 参加しそびれて残念だった…、という方に少しでも内容をお届けできていると幸いです。

最後に、EmberFest の雰囲気をもっと感じてもらうために、当日の様子を写真で紹介してこの記事を締めくくりたいと思います。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024024541j:plain 会場の外観です。 オシャレな建物ですが、ふつうの多目的施設だそうです。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024024039j:plain 休憩時間、二階からの風景です。 いい感じに壇上と客席の距離が近いですね。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024024031j:plain 懇親会(?)の様子です。 会場から徒歩一分の場所にあるふつうのビアバーの一画で懇親しました。 各自ビールを買って着席するスタイルだったので、みんな自由に来て自由に帰っていきました。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024025202j:plain お昼ごはんは、会場にハンバーガーを売ってるワゴンショップが来てくれました。 好きなメニューを注文するともらえます。代金は参加費に含まれています。


f:id:tricknotes:20171024025206j:plain 休憩時間には、好きなコーヒーを好きなだけ淹れてもらえます。 これも参加費に含まれています。 ちなみに、この隣にはソフトドリンクが好きなだけもらえるバーカウンターもありました。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024025038j:plain Ember コミッターの ebryn, locks, ef4 と記念写真を取ってもらいました。 以前から GitHub 上では交流があったのですが、オフラインでお会いするのは初めてだったので感無量でした。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024030150j:plain 懇親会への道中の様子です。 滞在中は、毎日こんな感じのいい感じの夕焼けが見られて癒やされました。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024030203j:plain EmberFest 恒例(らしい)のナイトクルーズでの懇親会です。 船の乗り場の周りは本当に真っ暗でちょっと怖い。

f:id:tricknotes:20171024030215j:plain お酒が入ると、まぁふつうの懇親会になりますね。 窓の外の景色がゆるやかに変わるのと、たまに花火が見えたりするのがよい感じでした。

  1. Ember.js のキャッチフレーズである “A framework for creating ambitious web applications.” より

  2. 公式サイトによると、"Cardstack is building an open-source software architecture and protocol, to bring the decentralized Internet to the masses by offering a Cohesive User Experience (CUE) that spans the blockchain and the cloud.“ とのこと

  3. 参照

  4. Closing Keynote でも語られていますが、Ember.js はコミュニティベースの OSS であるため、特定の企業に非依存であることはひとつの価値だ、とみなされることが多いです。

  5. もちろん、メリット・デメリットはあるのですが…


  7. これは Ruby のデータ生成ライブラリである factory_bot (factory_girl からリネームされました) インスパイアのライブラリです

  8. 参考:

          EmberFest 2017 参加レポート day 1      Cache   Translate Page      

EmberFest 一日目のまとめです。 EU 圏では Ember ユーザーが比較的多く、プロダクション投入している企業も多いようです。 今回の EmberFest では地域コミュニティだけでなくコアコミッターも多数参加しているということだったので、実際にお話してみたいなと思って参加してきました。



Opening Keynote — Ember.js in the year 2020

ここ最近、Ember core / CLI からドキュメントまで幅広い守備範囲をカバーしていくれている @locks の発表。 2020年(というよりかは少し先の未来)に向けた Ember のやっていきの話でした。

バージョンアップに伴う API の変更を、ユーザー / ライブラリ開発者にとっても極力影響の小さいものにしつつ、着実に進化しているんだなぁというのがよくわかる発表でした。 ここ最近は目に見えてインパクトのある機能は追加されていないように見えますが、内部構造は大きく改善されているというのがよくわかる内容でした。 Glimmer については、後述の"Compile-time optimizations for you and me"で踏み込んで解説されているのでご参照ください。

Designing Immutable data flows in Ember

例えば React のような不変なデータ構造を Ember に導入するとどういう状態になるか、というパターン実装の話。 Ember のアプリケーションステートは得てして複雑になりがちで、そこに不変データ構造を持ち込むとどれくらいシンプルになるかという思考実験。(と言いつつ、彼はおそらくプロダクションでも使っていると思われる)

  • Ember.Object (Ember Data を含む) は大変ステートフルだよね、という前提がある。
    • Ember は observer パターンで DOM 変更の要・不要を検知しているので、基本的にはオブジェクトのプロパティの変化に興味がある。
  • そこで、immutable data flow を導入してはどうか、というご提案
    • data tracking が簡単になる
    • 状態管理がシンプルになる
    • 2 way binding とか、結構大変…
  • 例えば、this.set('name', newName) する代わりに、this.set('user', newUser) するのだとどうか1
  • Immutable Component のコンセプト
    • 引数のプロパティを更新したくなるような場合、コンポーネント生成時に受け取った引数と同じ型のデータを生成して親のアクションを呼び出す
    • データの生成は Object.assign や Spread object properties を使う
    • このコンセプトは、composition が深い場合もうまくいく
    • "data down actions up"
  • これを徹底すると、データフローがわかりやすくなるだけではなくコードもシンプルになる
    • ネストの下層のものだけ監視したいようなコードを書く場合、とても上手く機能する すべての状態が更新されるので、トップレベルのオブジェクトだけ監視するので十分になる
    • 例: @computed('user.{firstName,lastName}') -> @computed('user')
    • そしてこれは、Ember だけではなく Glimmer の場合も上手く機能する

Ember の CoC から少々逸れているように思われたのが気になりましたが、内容としてはとても理にかなっていると思いました。 原理主義的なアプローチ…というだけでもなく、状態管理+コードが実際にシンプルになる点は興味深かったです。 いまだとコーディング規約と思想で実現するしかないので、もう少し具体的な何か(例えば Lint ?)がライブラリとして提供されるようになる採用しやすくなるのかもしれません。

Treeshaking in Ember CLI

  • 話者 : Alex Navasardyan - @twokul

Ember CLI チームでとてもアクティブなコアメンバーである @twokul の発表。 長年の課題であった Tree-shaking のご提案。(参考:

  • ビルド後の最終成果物に、利用されていないコードを含めないようにするためのアプローチについて。
    • 現状は、すべてのコードがビルド後の JS に含まれている。たとえアプリケーションから使われていないコードがあっても。
    • 実はこれはなかなか根が深い問題で、Ember の本体が DI によって動的にモジュール解決する仕組みを導入することに起因している。
      • Ember 自体は古くから開発されていることもあり、いまとなっては Legacy だと思われる部分のひとつである
    • しかし、これは module API によって解決可能となる2
  • いまは最初の実装を試している、という段階


How to start loving Acceptance Tests in Ember.JS

Acceptance test の重要性と、いかにそれを上手く書くかというテクニックの話。

  • SPA ではユーザーの入力を起点に複数のコンポーネントが状態を変更する。
    • もちろん、Unit test が大事だということを否定はしないが、コンポーネント間のつながりの部分のテストが漏れがちなので、Acceptance test を書きましょう。
  • いくつかのポイントを紹介する
    • Mirage + faker を使って、テストデータの定義を管理する
      • 最近の Mirage は Ember Data のモデルを勝手に見つけてくれて便利(以前は、Mirage と Ember Data のモデルの対応を表現するクラスをいちいち作る必要があった)
    • ページオブジェクト(ember-cli-page-object) を使って、シナリオ中の CSS セレクタへの参照をカプセル化する3
    • CSS セレクタの重複が省けるし、テストシナリオの可読性もよくなる
    • andThen はネストさせる必要はないので、テストがシンプルに保てる
  • メンテナンス可能で可読性の高い Acceptance test を書いていきましょう

Ember の開発でいまどきのスタンダードと考えられているテストの書き方を紹介してくれていたのかなという感じでした。 目新しい話ではなかったけど、introduction としてはたいへんよくできたチュートリアルだと感じました。

そういえば、Acceptance test の抽象度を上げるという観点だと Cucumber を利用するのもアリなのかな…という気がするのですが、その利用例はあまり聞いたことがないですね…。


  • Simplabs
    • Ember.js + Phoenix をメインのツールとして採用している
    • ソフトウェア開発(受託) / コンサル / トレーニングをやっている
    • 興味あれば、あとで話しかけて!

Ember @ Netflix

Ember を積極採用して、これまでに20個程度のアプリをプロダクション投入した Netflix の実例について。 Netflix ならではの技術スタック・パターンをご紹介。

  • Authentication
    • BOLT UI -> Meechum -> JWT
  • Mixin の生成パターン
    • Ember の Mixin 生成をラップした簡単なコードがある
    • これを使うと、動的な Mixin 生成が簡単に書ける4
  • Query params
    • 素の Query params だと controller と route に似たようなコードを書くことになるので、alt 実装を作った
    • これを使うと、ユーザのテキスト入力の変化の度に検索クエリを発行するような UI がきれいに書ける
  • テストデータ
    • 安定の Mirage を使っている
  • Data Table
    • 大量のデータを扱うグリッドレイアウトを実現したかったので、専用のライブラリ(?)を作った
    • "Ember X Table" 5

20 個も Ember アプリを本番リリースすると、いろいろとパターンが見出されてくるんですね…! これも資料の内容がわかりやすかったので、公開されたらもう少し深掘りします。

Building the Progressive Web App for in Ember

https://hackernews.ioProgressive Web App (以下、PWA) として作った話。

  • いくつかのポイントとその実装について
    • Service Workers + Metadata でオフラインでも使える
    • Postcss + BrowserTargets でクロスブラウザ対応してる
    • Ember Route で、任意の画面をエントリポイントにできるように URL をサポートしている
    • モデルの適切なマッピング
    • 初期ロードのパフォーマンスを改善するためにいくつか工夫をした
      • 素の状態だとファイルサイズがめちゃくちゃ大きく表示に時間がかかるので、せめて React と同等程度のパフォーマンスを出したい
        • 特にモバイルで影響が大きい
      • まずは jQeury を dependency から外す
      • つぎは vendor.js + app.js で concat して async でロードする
      • rel=dns-prefetch / rel=preconnect / rel=preload meta link を CSS の読み込みに使うと、ダウンロード開始までの時間を短縮できる
      • とくに初期表示に必要な CSS を inline 化する -> - ember-cli-critical
      • CDN を使う
      • ここまでやって、画面表示に必要な時間が 12s -> 4s (話者の環境で、React と同等)になった

とても実践的な話しでした。 "PWA" とはなにかを話者自身がしっかり定義してその実装を工夫した話で、すぐに使えるテクニック集という観点でも参考になりました。

Promoting Ember's best practices by linting code

Ember アプリへの lint 導入の話。

  • Link の種類と Ember でのアプローチ
  • また、Lint の実行タイミングについても、いろいろあるので各自工夫してほしい
    • CLI
    • text editor
    • Git hooks
    • CI
  • Ember の blueprint には ESLint の設定が含まれているので、テスト実行時に ESLint が一緒に実行される
  • また、もし lint がチームで上手く機能していない(毎回 disable にしたり、修正に使う時間がかかりすぎていたり…)場合には lint をやめるということを考えてもよいかもしれない

いくつかのツールは話者が開発したということもあり、話者の Lint への愛を感じました。 JS は曖昧な書き方ができてしまいそれが混乱の原因になりうることが多いので、Lint を強化するというアプローチには正しいように感じられます。

Deep Dive on Ember Events

Ember での Events の仕組みを理解しよう、という話。

  • 前置き
    • 実は Ember の世界では、DOM Events をフレームワークが受け取ったあと、各 Component にディスパッチするというイベントモデルと採用している
    • DOM Event -> Ember Event の順番で、それぞれ子から親にイベントが伝搬していく
      • どこかで propergation を止めることができるが、そうすると以降にイベントは伝搬しない
  • イベントハンドラの書き方と、DOM / Ember Event の対応について6
  • 続いてパフォーマンスの話
    • DOM Event は要素に対してハンドラが生成されるので、ハンドラの設定数に比例してレンダリング速度が像以下する
    • 一方、Ember Event はバブリングを利用しているのでレンダリング速度は一定
    • 実行速度はどちらもあんまりかわらない7
    • また、アプリの書き方によっては DOM Event でも Ember Event でもハンドルすることができる
  • 次は、条件によってハンドラの内容が変わる場合
    • 書き方によっては意図通りに動いたり動かなかったりする8
  • いろいろなイベントハンドラの定義方法があるけど、仕組みを理解したうえでイベントハンドラ使ってね

たしかに Ember の Event の仕組みは概要を理解していないと難しいと感じることがあります。 資料ではとてもわかりやすくハンドラの違いが説明されていたので、ハマったときには読み返してみたい発表内容でした。

Compile-time optimizations for you and me

Glimmer 最適化のアプローチの話。

  • Glimmer を最適化することによって、ビルド時間・実行時間をもっと高速にできる
  • "Flexibility and Optimizability are oppsites"
    • テンプレーティングの柔軟さと最適化可能度は相対する概念である
    • (Less Power) << Ember / Vue / Angular / React+Webpack >> (More power)
    • Ember のテンプレートである Handlebnars が制約が強いため、コンパイル時に最適化が効かせやすい
  • Glimmer VM でのいくつかのアプローチ9
    • 例えば div とか href といったよく使われる文字列(HTML の文字列だけでなく、アプリケーション固有の文字列も含む)を事前に定数表として組み立てておいて、VM ではその表への参照を使う方法
    • 現在はテキストベースの命令を採用しているが、これをバイナリに圧縮するという方法
      • VM がバイナリのまま実行できるようになると、ファイルサイズを圧縮できる
    • 変数のインライン展開
      • コンポーネントへの引数として固定値が渡されそれをテンプレートで参照しているような場合、コンパイル時に引数を定数として置き換える方法
  • Glimmer 単体だとこれらのアプローチは上手くいくことが期待できるが、実は Ember だとまだ課題がある
    • 例えば、Computed Property にはロジックを置けるので、その部分については Glimmer VM では手が出せない
    • もし Handlebars で表現されていれば Glimmer VM で最適化できるが、これについてはもう少し検討が必要

他のライブラリではあまり聞いたことがないアプローチでとても興味深かったです。 もしこれがよいアイディアだと認知されたらきっと他のライブラリでも実装が進むことになると思うので、Ember だけでなく他のライブラリも良くなることが期待されます。

以上、ざっくりとしたまとめでした。 なお今回のレポートは、日本では数少ない Ember コミュニティである Ember.Sapporo のメンバーの協力の元作成されました。


  1. このあたり、スライドがあるととてもわかりやすいので、公開され次第追記予定

  2. コンセプトと API は見通しが立ったので、あとは実装を頑張ればよい、という状態なはず

  3. Ruby の Capybara でも page object を実装したライブラリがあるので、これがアイディアの起源と思われる。

  4. 資料が公開されたら追記予定

  5. 詳細が不明なので、わかり次第追記予定。資料を見た感じだと、@ebryn(Ember のコアコミッター)も参加しているようだったので、かなり力をいれた何かだと思われる

  6. コードを見るととてもわかりやすいので資料を参照のこと

  7. 発表資料中ではグラフで比較されていてわかりやすかった

  8. 資料中にクイズ形式で例がでてくるので参照のこと

  9. Glimmer はテンプレートの描画に独自実装の VM を導入している

          El adorable momento en que una madre sorprendió a su hija      Cache   Translate Page      

Christi Garvin, una madre estadounidense, captó en video el momento en el que su hija de 4 años pretendía estar dando a luz tras ver el DVD de su nacimiento.

Christi, quien tiene 14 semanas de embarazo con su segundo hijo, se mostró conmovida al ver como su hija tomaba su panza, hecha de playeras, y daba a luz a un pequeño oso de peluche.

A través de Facebook, el video ha sido reproducido y compartido miles de veces.

Más información en El Siglo de Torreón

          CEDAR LAVENDER CRYSTAL LEGGINGS - $36.00      Cache   Translate Page      
These leggings are printed and designed by me. They feature cedar and lavender which are my two favorite herbs, along with a quartz placed at the knees between two crescent moons to create an abstract rendition of the triple moon goddess. Lavender is known for it's lovely relaxing qualities and is great for stress, sleeping, and tranquility. Cedar is known to be great for cleansing the mind and promoting a quality/care free sleep, it can also be burned for cleansing a space, amongst many other things! Quartz is one of the most neutralizing stones. It can cleanse/heal the body and mind, amplify energy, and create a neutral space. As always, the design is fully original and printed/drawn by me. ****SIZING**** *waist sizing is the size of the garment laid flat, not how far it can stretch....the leggings/material is super stretchy, but still holds it's form over long periods of wearing* -SMALL- FITS SIZES 0-2 RISE: 9" WAIST: 22"-23" INSEAM: 24"-25" -MEDIUM- FITS SIZES 4-6 RISE: 9" WAIST: 24"-25" INSEAM: 26"-27" -LARGE- FITS SIZES 8-10 RISE: 10" WAIST: 26"-27" INSEAM: 27"-28" -X LARGE- FITS SIZES 12-14 RISE: 11" WAIST: 28"-29" INSEAM: 28"-29" ****************** FABRIC CONTENT 95% cotton 5% elastane Printed by me with eco friendly white water-based ink. Like SOVRIN on facebook for special updates and promotions
          What Separates the Best Talent Sourcers from the Rest?      Cache   Translate Page      
This question is often asked on many different recruiting groups on Facebook. How do I become better at talent sourcing? Of course, it’s good to highlight the importance of having the latest recruiting tools and also the ability to master...
          La milenaria pintura que se parece a un "hashtag" y que sería la más antigua del mundo - LA NACION (Argentina)      Cache   Translate Page      

LA NACION (Argentina)

La milenaria pintura que se parece a un "hashtag" y que sería la más antigua del mundo
LA NACION (Argentina)
La pintura consiste básicamente de seis líneas rojas cruzadas por otras tres líneas ligeramente curveadas Fuente: Reuters. Comentar (0). Me gusta. Me gusta. Compartir. E-mail. Twitter. Facebook. WhatsApp. Obtener link. Guardar. 12 de septiembre de 2018 ...
Líneas cruzadas como hashtag sería la pintura más antiguaPrimera Hora

los 14 artículos informativos »

          Freewheeling Axle      Cache   Translate Page      
I've come into possession of a trailer made from half a pickup, wondering what sort of maintenance I need to keep it in working shape.

My grandpa's 1949 Studebaker pickup was driven until it literally fell apart, and the back half was made into a trailer, which I have now acquired. The cab was taken off, the drive shaft disconnected, the frame bent and welded and a regular ball coupler added. Oh, there's an ugly 1960s Ford bumper that was added for some reason. But the rest is all Studebaker. Rear view here.

The wheels -- still the original 1949 wheels -- are mounted to the original rear axle. I can tell the differential is still in place and working, because as the trailer rolls, the half of the rear driveshaft u-joint still turns. It rolls smoothly and isn't leaking any oil/grease, so I'm not concerned about fixing anything.

I'm also not planning on taking it on any cross-country trips (especially not until I find new rims and tires), but for around town, with some freeway driving, to move furniture, hardware, etc.

What I want to know is: do I need to do anything to maintain the axle and differential? Having the original truck axle in place seems a bit more complicated than a regular trailer, where each wheel is simple hub-on-a-bearing construction and maybe needs grease once in a while. Or, if I try to change the differential oil or grease something, am I just potentially causing problems?

          9月11日(火)のつぶやき      Cache   Translate Page      

"おはよう♪(o'∀'o)ノ" #ohayo

— とおる帝国 (@coc_tooru) 2018年9月11日 - 07:36

ジャンプの呪文を使ってみた - #クラクラ…

— とおる帝国 (@coc_tooru) 2018年9月11日 - 12:20



— とおる帝国 (@coc_tooru) 2018年9月11日 - 22:33
          RCS Tackle Co. New Weighted # 3 Colorado Blade Spinners      Cache   Translate Page      
City/Town: Metro Region
Area: Avalon Peninsula
#3 Weighted Silver Scale Colorado Blade Spinners

Cost: ($3.75 each or two for $7.00)

Shaft Length: (2 7/8")

Blade Size: (1" L X 3/4" W)

Hook Size: (1)

Weighted: (0.060 ounces)

For more details please visit our RCS Tackle Co. Facebook Page or email us at

          Hershey’s Single Bars 39¢ Each!      Cache   Translate Page      
There’s a Hershey’s Single Bar Clip2Card coupon available to save 79¢ on two bars. This month Hershey’s Single bars are on sale for 79¢. So you’ll pick up each bar for 39¢. Walgreens Deals (thru 9/29) Buy (2) Hershey’s Single bars 1.4-1.85oz, 79¢ Sale Price 79¢/2 Hershey’s Candy 1.4 oz to 1.85 oz, select varieties exp. 9/29 Clip2Card […]

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          Boxed: $15 off $60 + Free Shipping!      Cache   Translate Page      
Do you like the savings and convenience of buying in bulk but hate the experience of warehouse shopping? If you do, then check this out! Right now new Boxed shoppers can get $15 off your first order of $60+ with free shipping, when you create a free account HERE. When it comes to purchasing large items […]

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          Puffs Tissues Just 74¢!      Cache   Translate Page      
This week the 48ct of Puffs facial tissues are on sale this week for 99¢. Grab this Puffs Product coupon to be ready. You’ll pick up a box for just 74¢. Walgreens Deals (Thru 9/15) Buy (1) Puffs Tissues 56ct 99¢ Sale Price (1) 25¢/1 Puffs Product (excludes Puffs To-Go and trial/travel size) Total = 74¢ 

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          People Magazine Just 71¢ an Issue      Cache   Translate Page      
We have a great deal right now on People Magazine! Right now subscribe to People Magazine for only $36.99. That’s about 71¢ an issue. The regular subscription price is over $120 a year, so this is an awesome deal. You can order up to 1 year at this price. Just enter coupon code WILDFORWAGS at checkout. About […]

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          Update: Selwyn School (Education)      Cache   Translate Page      

Selwyn School 1.9.13

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
Price: Free, Version: 1.9.11 -> 1.9.13 (iTunes)


App Features
-Direct dial/email absentee.
-Subscribe to and receive timely alerts from different School groups.
-View and add School events to your phones Calendar.
-Receive Daily Notices to your Phone.
-School Site map
-Easily Share the app to your Friends/Family/Colleagues via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Email.

What's New

- Fix to alert subscriptions storage for existing user
- Moved alert delete to swipe RTL
- Moved alert read toggle to swipe RTL

Selwyn School

          Fuerteventura acoge una reunión preparatoria de la campaña contra el maltrato y el abandono animal Quién hablará por mí      Cache   Translate Page      

Al encuentro asistió el fiscal de Medio Ambiente del Tribunal Supremo, Antonio Vercher
El presidente del Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Marcial Morales, y la gerente de Oasis Park Fuerteventura, Guacimara Cabrera, han presidido hoy, miércoles 12 de septiembre, la primera reunión preparatoria de la campaña contra el maltrato animal '¿Quién hablará por mí?', promovida por Oasis Park Fuerteventura y organizada por el Gobierno de Canarias con la colaboración de las corporaciones insulares del Archipiélago.
Marcial Morales recordó que la campaña nace de la preocupación por el bienestar animal y sus derechos de una ''empresa majorera muy comprometida con el cuidado ambiental y con experticia en la protección de los animales. Esta campaña vincula a todas las administraciones e incorpora la presencia fundamental del Poder Judicial. Su principal objetivo es concienciar colectivamente y avanzar en la responsabilidad de la ciudadanía y de las administraciones en el cuidado animal,  desde el sentido común que sugiere una convivencia sana entre unas y otros y a que sean considerados como patrimonio colectivo que hay que cuidar''.
Al encuentro, que tuvo lugar en el Salón de Plenos de la Institución majorera, asistió el fiscal de sala del Tribunal Supremo, Antonio Vercher, quien dirige desde 2006 la Fiscalía de Medio Ambiente del alto Tribunal. Asimismo, estuvieron presentes consejeros insulares, responsables de esta materia en los distintos municipios de la isla y el capitán jefe de la Guardia Civil.

''En España la protección de los animales es parte indefectible del Medio Ambiente. Incluso desde el punto de vista penal, cuando hablamos de malos tratos en el ámbito doméstico, nos remitimos a un par de artículos del Código Penal incluidos en el contexto de la protección del Medio Ambiente'', explicó Vercher. 'No deja de ser peculiar que esta reunión persiga que se suscriba un compromiso para cumplir la normativa, pero quizá la problemática que tenemos en temas ambientales es que actualmente están vigentes una 20.000 normas, lo que complica mucho la situación. La variedad, la complejidad, la dificultad de la normativa y que ésta pertenezca a varias instancias hacen necesario apoyar este tipo de iniciativas y colaborar con ellas'', afirmó.  
En este sentido, la gerente del centro, Guacimara Cabrera, adelantó que la campaña, de ámbito nacional, pretende 'atacar de raíz el problema tan grande que tenemos actualmente de abandono y maltrato animal, con formación y educación, que son dos herramientas esenciales''. La campaña, en la que también colaboran las fuerzas de seguridad del Estado,  entidades privadas y colectivos sociales, va orientada tanto a un público profesional como a la ciudadanía, cuya concienciación pretende aumentar. En este último aspecto, Cabrera agradeció la participación de empresas como Yelmo Cines, que proyectará gratuitamente durante cinco meses un spot en los períodos, como el navideño el estival, en los que se produce el mayor número de abandonos.
Durante la sesión de hoy se ha recogido el compromiso de todas las autoridades presentes para reforzar los controles para la identificación de animales, exigir que todos tengan un chip de registro, y establecer un protocolo de actuación con perros y gatos potencialmente peligrosos. Asimismo, se han aunado criterios en materia de protección animal y gestión medioambiental.
Además, se acordó reconocer a aquellas personas que voluntariamente se encargan de las colonias felinas y de animales abandonados en Fuerteventura, la puesta en marcha del Plan Colonial Felino y la necesidad de impulsar la formación de agentes en materia de maltrato, a fin de atajar el aumento de denuncias de este tipo en los últimos años.
Por último, se plantearon ideas para reducir las situaciones de abandono de animales y se acordó la importancia de potenciar las campañas de esterilización masiva y de reforzar las campañas de concienciación sobre el abandono como la que ahora se pone en marcha.
 '¿Quién hablará por mí?' se presentará el día 16 del próximo mes de octubre en Puerto del Rosario, y durante nueve meses acogerá conferencias, talleres y actividades gratuitas un sábado al mes en el Auditorio Insular. El programa completo puede consultarse en
En el contexto de esta campaña, expertos de reconocido prestigio en el ámbito jurídico, de seguridad y veterinario visitarán Fuerteventura con el objetivo de sensibilizar, concienciar e informar a la sociedad sobre la protección y el bienestar animal.

          Apple's health-centric Watch Series 4 can call for help if it senses you fall      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple's new Watch Series 4 has a ton of health-centric functions — and It's FDA approved. Read more...

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          Here's how much the Apple Watch Series 4 will cost you      Cache   Translate Page      

It's finally here. Apple announced the Watch Series 4 at its big event in California on Wednesday, and it's just as great as we'd hoped.

Apple says it will start taking pre-orders for the GPS and cellular versions on Sept. 14, most likely around 12 a.m. PT / 3 a.m. ET. The Watch Series 4 will officially be available in stores on Sept. 21. 

An aluminum Series 4 40mm with GPS is $399 and the 44mm is $429. If you want cellular connectivity, you will add $100 to the price point. The higher end Gold Stainless Steel Series 4 is $699 and $749 for the 40mm and 44mm sizes, respectively. There is no ceramic or gold Apple Watch Edition version of the Series 4. Read more...

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          Apple will be releasing 3 new iPhones this year — here's everything you need to know      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple unveiled three of its latest iPhones: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. These phones have edge-to-edge screen display and a powerful A12 chip. You can start preordering as early as September 14. Read more...

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          Alex Foreman (D) from Hull Jets to Hull Jets      Cache   Translate Page      
Status: Extension
Date: 09/12/2018
Player: Alex Foreman (D)
From: Hull Jets
To: Hull Jets
Information: 1 year
Source: Link
          Professor Steve Ostovich Discusses the Value of Philosophy for Business and Life      Cache   Translate Page      
Gordon Marino (L) waits for next question from  Steve Ostovich.
I first me Steve Ostovich in June at the Magnolia Salon in Carlton. The discussion that evening centered around Gordon Marino's book The Existentialist's Survival Guide: How to Live Authentically in an Inauthentic Age. Dr. Ostovich, philosophy chair at St. Scholastica, had prepared a series of questions for Gordon Marino, much like William F. Buckley's Firing Line, though with somewhat different subject matter. Ostovich played the role of interrogator.

A good bracing discussion ensued and afterwards I reached out to suggest we share an hour over coffee sometime. The discussion generated themes for an interview relating to philosophy and life.

EN: Maybe we can begin with a brief outline of your career path. 

At Perk Place, Kenwood 
Steve Ostovich: After finishing a BA with majors in philosophy and theology at Marquette U. (in Milwaukee), I went to seminary in North Carolina at Duke University. I quickly found that my questions were not shared by my classmates, so I came back to MU, did an MA in biblical studies concentrating on the Hebrew Bible, and looked around for someplace to pursue a PhD. Lots of opportunities, but I ended up staying at Marquette where I could do exactly what I wanted combining philosophy of science and political theology. It was during this time I was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and did research for a year at the university in Muenster, Germany. When I returned, changes in the department led me to spend two years as an investigator for the Affirmative Action Unit and the City Attorney’s Office in Milwaukee. Eventually I returned to scholarship and college teaching. I came to CSS in 1982, my first full-time appointment, and have never left.

EN: In what ways would the study of philosophy be of value for business leaders? 

SO: The simplest answer may seem facetious, but I don’t mean it to be: “career advancement.” Businesses often look for particular skills in entry-level hires, but when you pay attention to who ends up leading the firm, very often it’s the person who started with a strong liberal education: nothing is more liberating than philosophy. Philosophy develops critical thinking and communication skills, but this is only part of the story. Philosophy fosters leadership ability in working with others—philosophy is based on discussion, thinking deeply and critically and developing visions, and helping the members of a community—business, academic, or other—identify and move in a common direction. This is why leadership demands more than management or administrative skills. People who have pursued philosophy also typically are ethical leaders, not so much because they have studied ethics but because they have learned to value others in the organization or community and the world.

EN: What are the big issues in philosophy today? 

SO: Philosophers are all over the place in the kinds of issues and problems they address; this goes with the territory inasmuch as we’re interested in the principles and ways of thinking that inform whatever we’re doing and in learning to make a good life from our pursuits. But there is a big problem, a common problem, facing philosophy as a community of professionals: inclusiveness. We know better than most how diversity is a requirement for good thinking and living, but the discipline is rooted in a classical, Euro-American centered (that is, white male) tradition. So we, too, are faced with actively pursuing a more diverse philosophical community inclusive of women, people of color, and, in general, voices from other cultures, classes, and parts of the world. And, I’m happy to say, we are making some progress.

EN: How does the study of philosophy help us to become better thinkers? 

SO: First of all, we’re the discipline most centrally concerned with what it means to think; this is why logic is so important to us. We strive to practice good writing and oral communication, skills essential to good thinking. Philosophy also can lead to an awareness of the different ways people put the world together both critically and culturally while providing the tools to evaluate these differences. But all this requires we learn how to listen. Socrates doesn’t seem to have written anything down, but he engaged in discussions in which he hoped to learn from the way truth revealed itself to others as evident in their opinions. To do this, one has to listen closely and openly and respond honestly. This is what we still try to do.

EN: How has Academia changed over the past 40 years? 

SO: We have lost a common understanding of the role of higher education in our society. This is part of a general trend in which private goods defined in economic terms take precedence over the public good, and deeper values all but disappear from public discourse. The consequence for higher education has been a drastic cut in funding and support generally. Fiscal concerns are taking over the academy: boards of trustees and administrators fixate on the bottom line as institutions struggle to survive; faculty and staff are treated like employees and the professoriate becomes a job rather than a vocation; and students become consumers whom we train to be distracted workers rather than active members of a democratic society. It is still possible—indeed, likely—for students to get a first-rate education, but we are turning education into a service industry. We want to be empowered to achieve our wants and desires, but there doesn’t seem to be a place for us to discuss what these should be. So we lose our freedom even as choices proliferate, and while we become good at shopping, we lose the capacity to act. We need to resurrect public discussion of the role of the academy in a healthy society.

EN: Who would you say are your favorite philosophers? Are there any that you especially align with? 

SO: One of the benefits of teaching at a small liberal arts college is I have to teach a wide range of courses in philosophy. This broadens my experience and reading which is good for me as well as for students. Having stated this, I would say my favorite philosopher to read, teach, and discuss is the eighteenth century Scottish empiricist David Hume. What makes him attractive is not so much that I agree with him but his style of thinking and writing, both of which are characterized by humility regarding the possibility of knowing truth. Other favorites (and philosophers about whom I have written in most cases) are: critical theorists like Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, the still vital Jürgen Habermas, and Hannah Arendt, whose collection of essays Thinking without a Banister, I currently am reading; twentieth century French thinkers like Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, and Maurice Merleau-Ponty whose work I am reading with a post-baccalaureate student; and Charles Sanders Peirce and William James, American pragmatists whose concerns are still important and whose style is delightful. Also, my German Doktorvater, the political theologian Johann Baptist Metz. Finally, I still treat the Hebrew Bible as an important philosophical resource for thinking differently.

EN: How about favorite authors? Who are you currently reading? 

SO: Sherman Alexie broadens my world and W. G. Sebald feeds my melancholy. Among essayists, I will always read a piece by Tariq Ali, for even when I don’t understand him or when I disagree with him, I always learn something from him. Among living poets, my colleague and friend Ryan Vine writes lines that speak. My brother and wife now have me reading the mystery novels of Louise Penny. And I just finished a non-fiction history of the Vienna Circle, Exact Thinking in Demented Times, by Karl Sigmund.

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Meantime life goes on all around you. Engage it. 

          ‘Go F*ck Ur Selfie’: Someone vandalized a popular selfie spot in LA      Cache   Translate Page      

We regret to inform you that Los Angeles' influencer hotspot, the iconic hot pink wall, has been vandalized. 

With its vibrant rosy hue, the Paul Smith Limited building in West Hollywood — better known as just "the pink wall" — is an immensely popular backdrop for photoshoots. Influencers, tourists, and locals alike flock to what LA Mag, Racked, and the LA Times list as one of the the most Instagrammed walls in the city. 

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You've probably seen it will scrolling through your feed. 

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          Apple's gigantic iPhone XS Max has no right to feel this lightweight      Cache   Translate Page      

The iPhone XS Max is shocking in how ordinary it feels. Apple clearly got a little carried away with itself in naming its extra-large iPhone, possibly downing a few too many Red Bulls at the focus group meetings.

The XS Max, for all its screen inches (6.5, the largest iPhone by far) and extreme-lifestyle-inspired branding, feels like an iPhone. It's impressively light; the iPhone has generally gotten heavier the past couple of years as Apple has labored to make it more durable, so this is a thankful change in the opposite direction.

SEE ALSO: Holy hell, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs $1,449

Wielding the phone isn't awkward — well, no more awkward than any other big-size phone — though pocketability is about on par with the iPhone Plus models. As I turned the phone with one hand several times to get a shot of it from all angles, i didn't drop it once, and the glass exterior felt suitably grippy. Read more...

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          Here's how iPhone XS Max stacks up against the competition      Cache   Translate Page      

The iPhone XS Max is the biggest iPhone ever.

SEE ALSO: New iPhones don't come with a headphone dongle — but that doesn't mean you won't need one

It has a 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED with a 2688 X 1242 resolution. Yes, that means it's even bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus. It comes in a stunning new gold color, in addition to silver and space gray. Plus, it has the first 7-nanometer processor, the A12 Bionic chip inside.

The main camera is getting an upgrade with a 12-megapixel wide-angle and 12-megapixel telephoto on the back. 

The iPhone XS Max won't come cheap, though. It starts at $1099 and will be available in 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.  Read more...

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          Watch Hurricane Florence unfold from space      Cache   Translate Page      

Hurricanes are scary, especially if you happen to find yourself in one's path. The International Space Station was able to send us down some footage of Hurricane Florence from space. It might appear more "pretty" than "scary," but it's still a chilling reminder of how powerful nature is.  Read more...

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          How iPhone XS compares to Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and Huawei P20 Pro      Cache   Translate Page      

The new iPhone XS is packed with the latest and greatest, plus it comes in a new gold color.

The XS features 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display with a resolution of 2436 X 1125. It keeps the familiar screen size of 2017's iPhone X, but has more pixels and sharper resolution to make the screen look even clearer.

Inside the iPhone XS is the new A12 Bionic Chip, which is the world's first 7-nanometer chip — an impressive feat. Expect this phone to be speedy, and iOS 12 to run as smooth as butter. 

The iPhone XS will cost you $999 for the 64 GB, $1,149 for the 256 GB, and $1,349 for the 512 GB.

Here's how the iPhone XS stacks up against stiff competition like the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and Huawei P20 Pro. Read more...

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          Dog jealous of other dog's ear medicine is the most wholesome thing we've seen      Cache   Translate Page      

It's never OK to lie, with one exception: It is OK, even noble, to lie to your dog to make them feel included.

To see this ethical rule in practice, please watch this video from @chloecopley_05 on Twitter. Apparently, one of her dogs has to take ear medicine, which makes her other dog jealous. (We assume this is because each dose comes with a complimentary ear rub.)

SEE ALSO: If you wanna live in this dream apartment building, you must own a dog

my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s

— chloe copley (@chloecopley_05) September 12, 2018

More about Twitter, Dogs, Animals, Social Media, and Culture

          Hurricane Florence is growing: 5 things to know about the monster storm      Cache   Translate Page      

The nation's eyes are on Hurricane Florence, which overcame some big odds to target the East Coast this week.

Regardless of where the storm ultimately lands in the Carolinas, the Southeastern U.S. is due for potentially unprecedented rainfall and violent surges of ocean water

SEE ALSO: Hurricane Florence replaced its eyewall. What does that mean?

"This is shaping up to be a very dangerous scenario, as Florence nears our coast and stalls, unprecedented, and life-threatening flooding may unfold," the National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina, wrote Wednesday. 

Here are five telling things to know as Hurricane Florence churns toward land: Read more...

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          Everything you need to know about the big Apple Event announcements      Cache   Translate Page      

A lot went down Wednesday morning at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple headquarters where Apple CEO Tim Cook and his team introduced three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch.

Here are all the major announcements Apple made at its big event in Cupertino, California.

SEE ALSO: Here's all the milestones Tim Cook boasted about at the 2018 Apple Event


Behold the iPhone XS. And the XS Max. And don't forget about the XR

That's right, Apple introduced three new iPhones in under two hours. 

The first of the trio are the two updated versions of last year's notched iPhone X. At today's event Cook said that phone "changed the industry." Now the next iteration of that phone is taking it to "the next level," as he described it. Read more...

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          The iPhone XR feels like a huge hit      Cache   Translate Page      

At Apple's big event on Wednesday, the company rebooted its iPhone lineup with three new devices. There's the more premium 5.8-inch iPhone XS and even larger 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. 

And then there's the 6.1-inch iPhone XR — arguably the most interesting new iPhone announced. Starting at $749, it's $150 cheaper than the iPhone XS, which starts at $999. It also comes in six fun colors. 

SEE ALSO: Holy hell, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs $1,449

I've only had a couple of minutes to play with the iPhone XR and my gut's already telling me it's gonna be a hit.

Many people are going to draw parallels between the iPhone XR and the iPhone 5C. It's the new "cheap" iPhone.  Read more...

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          Here's when Apple's new watchOS and tvOS updates will be available      Cache   Translate Page      

Apple just unveiled its latest lineup of iPhones and Apple Watches and, even if you don't plan on upgrading, you'll soon be able to update your existing gadgets.

With the launch of the new products, Apple will also officially release the latest versions of its software, including watchOS 5 and tvOS 12. Both updates will arrive on September 17, alongside iOS 12. 

SEE ALSO: Apple unveils iPhone XS and massive iPhone XS Max

First unveiled in June at WWDC, watchOS 5 adds a suite of new features, including support for podcasts and improved Siri integration (you no longer need to begin queries with "Hey Siri"). The update also makes some web pages viewable directly on your wrist — a first for the Apple Watch — and adds a new Walkie-Talkie featureRead more...

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          Beats releases headphone colors to match the new iPhones      Cache   Translate Page      

Well this is pretty dang cute. 

Immediately following Wednesday's Apple event, Beats announced that it would release over-ear headphones in two new colors, and three bright new colors for its Lightning Connector headphones. 

The best part? Since Apple owns Beats, all the headphones match the new iPhones.

SEE ALSO: Live from Apple's 2018 iPhone event

Apple debuted the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR on Wednesday. The phones in the impressive lineup all come with Face ID technology, no home buttons, and, obviously most important of all — fancy 'n fun colors. 

The XS models come in Space Gray, silver, and gold finishes. Correspondingly, Beats Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphones will now be available in Satin Gold and Satin Silver. Ooooh. Pretty nice, if you're into matching.  Read more...

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          Tim Cook trolled us with a tweet before the Apple keynote      Cache   Translate Page      

Just moments before the 2018 Apple Keynote event, Tim Cook sent out a tweet, which he later deleted. We were able to get a screenshot, assuming it was a mistaken DM — only to realize it was part of his plan... Read more...

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          New iPhones don't come with a headphone dongle — but that doesn't mean you won't need one      Cache   Translate Page      

Fresh from the "you gotta be kidding me!" department: the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR don't have headphone jacks, and they don't even come with a 3.5mm-to-lightning dongle. 

Yes, that goes even for the nearly-$1,500 512GB iPhone XS Max

That means if you want to use wired headphones or any other gadget that has a 3.5mm plug with your iPhone, you'll have to buy the dongle separately, for $9. 

SEE ALSO: Apple unveils iPhone XS and massive iPhone XS Max

I've lived in dongle hell for a year now, with the iPhone X as my main phone and a 2017 MacBook Pro as my main computer, and I can tell you that dongles are still must-have items. And that's even if you primarily use wireless headphones. I literally used the headphone dongle today, to plug my iPhone X into a music player at the gym — just because your iPhone is up to date doesn't mean the rest of the world is. Read more...

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          Eric Trump said something super anti-Semitic on Fox News and nobody even blinked      Cache   Translate Page      

Is anyone else very tired? 

Eric Trump appeared on Fox and Friends to praise his dad's response to Hurricane Florence (which hasn't even made landfall yet) and rail on Democrats. In between his complaints about straw bans and Maxine Waters, Trump also attacked Bob Woodward's new book about the administration as "sensational nonsense." 

Then he casually dropped an anti-Semitic comment and not a single one of the Fox and Friends hosts even reacted. 

"CNN will have you on there because they love to trash the president," Trump ranted. "You'll mean you sell three extra books, you make three extra shekels, I mean at the behest of the American people ..." Read more...

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          Here's how the iPhone XR stacks up against the competition      Cache   Translate Page      

The more affordable iPhone XR, announced Wednesday at the big Apple Event, is no entry-level device.

It has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD, a TrueDepth sensor on the front, and the A12 Bionic chip inside. The back has a single 12-megapixel camera that can capture the popular Bokeh effect. Its more expensive siblings, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, have dual rear cameras.

SEE ALSO: Tim Cook trolled us all with a fake Twitter DM fail right before the Apple event

The iPhone XR is colorful though – coming in more shades than the other new iPhones, including white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and red. The iPhone XR will start at $749 and will be available in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage sizes. Compare that to a $999 starting price for the XS and $1099 for the XS Max. Read more...

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          Update: Learn Dutch for Kids With Amy (Education)      Cache   Translate Page      

Learn Dutch for Kids With Amy 1.29.0

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Education
Price: Free, Version: 1.28.7 -> 1.29.0 (iTunes)


Learn Dutch With Amy helps young children to improve their vocabulary.

• 13 appealing categories like farm, numbers, transportation, and body.
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Category Zoo is available for free. Remaining categories are available as an in-app purchase or by buying the Pro edition at

How can Learn Dutch With Amy help your kids?
• Learn and play: challenging games (slideshow, concentration game, puzzle, and quiz).
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• High-quality graphics designed by professionals.
• Words are spoken by a voice over professional with a friendly female voice.
• Teaches pronunciation and spelling.
• Helps children learn new words they do not know yet (expanding your child's vocabulary).

Listening and reading skills of children are measured by the app, and can be viewed by parents and supervisors. The results can be viewed for a limited time only. An in-app purchase allows you to view the results of the last two weeks, and allows filtering by category and skill.

Learn Dutch With Amy offers several fun and interactive preschooler games that teach kids in the following areas:

FARM: match cute animals from ducks to cows and learn how these words look, sound, and how to write and pronounce them correctly before kindergarten.

Words: tractor, koe, kip, paard, kat, hond, eend, geit, hooi, and 4 more!

CLOTHING: what do we put on today and how do you pronounce that in Dutch?

Words: muts, laars, want, schoen, broek, jurk, bloes, riem, jas, and 7 more!

COLORS: your child will learn the most common colors as easy as 123.

Words: zwart, bruin, rood, donkergroen, grijs, lichtblauw, lichtgroen, oranje, roze, and 4 more!

TRANSPORTATION: see and learn the different means of transportation on the road, in the water or in the sky!

Words: auto, trein, vrachtwagen, vliegtuig, fiets, bus, helikopter, motor, zeilboot, and 4 more!

NUMBERS: learning the basics of the 123s is vital for toddlers and preschool aged kids and will help later with kindergarten math.

Words: nul, een, twee, drie, vier, vijf, zes, zeven, acht, and 2 more!

SHAPES: your preschooler will get to know the basic shapes by learning cute and colorful rectangles, circles, triangles, etc.

Words: pijl, cirkel, hart, ovaal, rechthoek, ring, spiraal, vierkant, ster, and driehoek.

PLAYGROUND: learn how to pronounce and write the equipment of the playground in Dutch.

Words: draaimolen, rekstok, klimrek, ringen, zandbak, wip, glijbaan, wipkip, schommel, and 3 more!

FOOD & DRINKS: learn how to pronounce and write the names of different food and drink items from around the world and tell everyone about them!

Words: appel, banaan, brood, wortel, kaas, ei, vis, vork, fruit, and 14 more!

ZOO: look at the zoo animals and learn how they are written and pronounced in Dutch.

Words: papegaai, leeuw, giraffe, aap, olifant, kameel, krokodil, nijlpaard, kangoeroe, and 7 more!

HOME: apart from learning the basic shapes of everyday home appliances, your preschooler will hear the names along with their pronunciations.

Words: stoel, deur, telefoon, plant, douche, trap, tafel, toilet, speelgoed, and 2 more!

And 3 more categories!

New games and categories regularly become available.

Kindergartens use this game to decrease language delays for newcomers. is a startup that aims to improve the way young children learn languages.

Do you have questions or feedback? We love to hear from you! Please contact us at

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Learn Dutch for Kids With Amy

          'Destiny 2: Forsaken' works because it makes FOMO a part of the game      Cache   Translate Page      

Most games build their escapist fantasy around the idea of making your hero the center of everything. Destiny does it instead by giving you, the person playing the game, the most intense FOMO.

SEE ALSO: When 'Destiny' was born

Destiny 2: Forsaken is a new expansion of the hit 2017 game that aims to right the ship after a rocky first year. So much of my first week with it has been characterized by excited IM and DM exchanges peppered between lengthy, almost binge-level play sessions.

Destiny fans geek out over these tiny details that read like incomprehensible gobbledygook to people on the outside. For all that it adds to the game in big ways — new story, missions, gear, activities — Forsaken is here to smooth over tons and tons of those tiny details. And that's what makes describing its success to any non-fans out there so challenging. Read more...

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          Cuando había que ser valiente para denunciarlos, Luis Juez lo hacía. Lástima que no le hicieron caso ¡Imperdible video!      Cache   Translate Page      
¡Cuán distinto hubiera sido nuestro presente!

          Here's a list of the best Beatles masturbation puns that no one asked for      Cache   Translate Page      

In GQ's profile of Paul McCartney that published Tuesday, the musician revealed that he and feelow Beatle John Lennon once masturbated with three other people. 

Here's the excerpt from GQ

Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about this, and numerous jokes and puns about The Beatles and masturbating began to circulate.

SEE ALSO: The mystery of who wrote a 50-year-old Beatles song is solved, thanks to math

We put together a round up of the best Beatles masturbation puns, which range from playful and goofy to downright raunchy. 

1. "Beat the Meatles"

I was not ready for the NY Post today

— Kate Hinds (@katehinds) September 12, 2018

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          Looking for a talent Wordpress Designer who has rich experience with Lawyer website      Cache   Translate Page      
I am using Wordpress Brooklyn Theme. So, you have to know well this theme. The content - blog - podcast - videocast - twitter - facebook basic advertorial blog branded around lawyer feel of the site:... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop)
          Holy hell, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs $1,449      Cache   Translate Page      

We knew it wasn't going to be cheap, but just seeing the number makes me shiver and instinctively hug my wallet.


One thousand, four hundred and forty-nine dollars. That's the price for the 512GB variant of the iPhone XS Max. 

SEE ALSO: Apple unveils iPhone XS and massive iPhone XS Max

The 64GB version isn't cheap, either: At $1,099 it's a hundred bucks more than the iPhone X at launch. 

Now choose your capacity, and weep.

Now choose your capacity, and weep.

Image: Apple

But $350 bucks more for 448GB of additional storage? That's...XS-ive. 

For all the details about the phone, check out our overview here. But the short story is that the iPhone XS Max has pretty much the same specs as the regular iPhone XS, except it's bigger.  Read more...

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          How one newspaper is helping kids during a teen suicide epidemic      Cache   Translate Page      

During the past several years, my colleagues at the Deseret News have researched, reported, and highlighted the challenges of America’s growing suicide and opioid epidemic. 

Like many journalists around the country, we discovered that the gut-wrenching stories of promising lives ended in tragedy were all too common. In our state, it was particularly severe: between 2007 and 2015, the youth suicide rate nearly quadrupled, with 44 teens in Utah dying by suicide in 2015. Preliminary data shows that 42 died by suicide in 2017. One high school alone experienced seven suicides in one year.

SEE ALSO: 21 reasons to keep living when you feel suicidal Read more...

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          Here's all the milestones Tim Cook boasted about at the 2018 Apple Event      Cache   Translate Page      

It’s that time of the year again: Apple just held its special media event where it announced a bunch of new iPhones. And this year, we were also treated to a company update of various milestones and records being broken by the company.

At the start of today’s event, after a pre-taped Mission Impossible-themed comedy sketch that preluded the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook stepped onstage. 

SEE ALSO: Apple unveils iPhone XS and massive iPhone XS Max

In his keynote speech, Cook announced that more than 500 million people visit the Apple store each year. While photos of Apple’s physical retail locations appeared on the screen behind him, it’s unclear whether or not this includes visitors to Apple’s online stores as well. Read more...

More about Apple, Iphone, Apple Watch, Apple Event 2018, and Tech

          viral youtube video      Cache   Translate Page      
i want to viral youtube video .. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Twitter, YouTube)
          You're Being Scammed on Instagram      Cache   Translate Page      
Read more...More about Instagram, Mashable Reels, Sn Reels, Tech, and Social Media Companies
          You could watch the next blockbuster on a 3-sided movie screen      Cache   Translate Page      

South Korea's ScreenX combines multi-projection technology with theater screens to create a 270-degree viewing experience. Movies like Black Panther and Ant-Man and the Wasp have been digitally converted for the immersive cinematic experience. Read more...

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          Apple announces release date for iOS 12      Cache   Translate Page      

Get ready for some updates. 

The big annual Apple event is currently underway at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, and while you may have tuned in solely to decide which of the three new iPhones perfectly fits your smartphone needs, there's more to Wednesday's show than just hardware. That's right, we finally got the full skinny on iOS 12. Well, its release date, anyway.

SEE ALSO: Apple is perfecting the iPhone right when we're questioning what it's doing to us

According to Apple's Phil Schiller, iOS 12 will be available for download starting September 17. Of course, some brave souls have already been playing around with the public beta, but we're talking about the official real deal. The fully baked product.  Read more...

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          Looking for a talent Wordpress Designer who has rich experience with Lawyer website      Cache   Translate Page      
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          The adorable villagers of 'Animal Crossing' give the best life advice      Cache   Translate Page      

This post is part of Hard Refresh, a soothing weekly column where we try to cleanse your brain of whatever terrible thing you just witnessed on Twitter.

On days when I need a proper pick-me-up from someone other than my mom, I visit my lovely little town in Animal Crossing, full of adorable virtual animals who show me nothing less than unconditional love. I mean, who wouldn't want to be showered with compliments by a cute beagle named Bones?

Usually after booting up the game, I like to check in with my animal villagers to make sure they're all doing ok, and that all of their needs are met. It's during these short conversations that they'll share a nugget of motivation in the form of a simple, yet insightful quote that makes me feel good and fuzzy feelings. Read more...

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          Tim Cook talks iPhones, Apple Watch, and then quickly gets out of the way at Apple event      Cache   Translate Page      

The Super Bowl of tech is officially underway, and Tim Cook wants you to know that his team is already solidly in the lead. Possibly because they're in such good shape

The Apple CEO addressed a crowd of journalists, fanboys, and Apple employees Wednesday morning at the Steve Jobs Theater, with all the pomp and circumstance we've come to expect from the company that gave us "one more thing." It just so happens, of course, that the one thing turns out to be three things this year. 

SEE ALSO: Is Apple just naming its phones after Doritos flavors now?

But before Cook got to the main event, the new iPhones, he started off with something a little more prosaic: the Apple Watch. He noted that it's not just the number-one selling smartwatch, but "the number one watch, period."  Read more...

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          Apple will release macOS Mojave on September 24. Here’s what's coming.      Cache   Translate Page      

At today’s big event, Apple updated its “coming this fall” release of its latest operating system, macOS Mojave, and announced its official drop date: September 24, 2018.

First announced at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year, the latest Apple operating system will be bringing some cool new features to Mac laptops and desktops. And we know they’re cool because developers have been playing with the beta versions of Mojave, which will officially be macOS version 10.14, since June of this year.

SEE ALSO: Apple unveils iPhone XS and massive iPhone XS Max

Perhaps one of the most anticipated features of macOS Mojave is dark mode. It seems like every application is getting a dark mode these days and the newest macOS is no exception. Dark mode will be able to turn everything from menu bars to app windows, well, darker, which some users find easier on the eyes. Read more...

More about Apple, Mac, Macbook Pro, Macos Mojave, and Apple Event 2018

          (NE)svoboda slova na Facebooku - případ č. 10212384290790160 – „cikánka“      Cache   Translate Page      
Facebook je velmi vlivným celosvětovým komunikačním prostředkem. Spravedlnost a nestrannost na něm, ale nečekejte. Za pár let bude možná existovat jen "svět podle Zuckerberga".
          Apple unveils 6.1-inch iPhone XR      Cache   Translate Page      

The "affordable" iPhone is real. 

Apple has just announced the iPhone XR, a 6.1-inch smartphone with a notch-adorned LCD screen. 

SEE ALSO: The Apple Watch Series 4 finally goes edge-to-edge

Compared to the freshly announced iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR is both similar and very different. 

It has the same A12 Bionic chip and the same TrueDepth camera with Face ID. It runs the same operating system: Apple's iOS 12. 

Apple's new iPhone XR comes in six colors.

Apple's new iPhone XR comes in six colors.

Image: Apple

But many things aren't the same. The iPhone XR has  a "Liquid Retina" screen with a 1,792x828 pixel resolution and 1.4 million pixels — the XS models get "Super Retina" screen with higher resolution. It, too, has a notch on top, making the iPhone XR very similar, visually, to its more expensive brethren.  Read more...

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          viral youtube video      Cache   Translate Page      
i want to viral youtube video .. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Twitter, YouTube)
          9/12/2018: POLITICS: Content law for social media      Cache   Translate Page      
A CRACKDOWN on online hate groups and fake news took a step forward with plans for a new law set out in parliament. Labour MP Lucy Powell wants to see companies like Facebook clamp down on secret groups spreading extremist hatred by making them...
          बड़े दलों से भी हिसाब पूछिए, हुजुर ! | EDITORIAL by Rakesh Dubey      Cache   Translate Page      
देश के सभी राजनीतिक दलों को सचेत हो जाना  चाहिए कि वे भी चुनाव आयोग की नजर में हैं। चुनाव आयोग की आम आदमी पार्टी के विरुद्ध की जा रही कार्रवाई एक बड़ा संकेत है। आयोग ने चंदे में अनियमितताओं को लेकर आम आदमी पार्टी को नोटिस जारी किया है। आयोग ने नोटिस का जवाब देने के लिए बीस दिन का समय दिया है। आयोग का आरोप है कि आप ने चंदे की रकम छिपाई है और आयोग के समक्ष गलत जानकारी पेश की है। गलत जानकारी के कारण  चुनाव चिन्ह रद्द होने के साथ, पार्टी की मान्यता भी रद्द हो सकती है।

चुनाव आयोग ने नोटिस जारी कर आम आदमी पार्टी से स्पष्टीकरण देने को कहा है। आयोग के मुताबिक अगर नोटिस मिलने के बीस दिन के भीतर आम आदमी पार्टी जवाब नहीं देती है, तो उसका चुनाव चिन्ह रद्द कर दिया जाएगा। आयोग के मुताबिक आप ने 2014-15 की चंदे की जानकारी भेजी थी, जो आयोग को 30 सितंबर, 2015 को मिली। वहीं आप ने 20 मार्च 2017  को चंदे की संशोधित रिपोर्ट भेजी।

अपनी पहली रिपोर्ट में आम आदमी पार्टी ने 2696 दानदाताओं की सूची भेजी थी, जिनसे 37  करोड़ 45 लाख रुपए का कुल चंदा मिला। लेकिन अपनी संशोधित रिपोर्ट में आप ने 8262  दानदाताओं से 37 करोड़ 60 लाख रुपए का चंदा मिलना दिखाया। आयोग का कहना है कि उन्हें 5 जनवरी, 2018 को सेंट्रल बोर्ड ऑफ डायरेक्ट टैक्सेज यानी सीबीडीटी से रिपोर्ट मिली, जिसमें आम आदमी पार्टी द्वारा 2014-15 में लिए गये चंदे में कई विसंगतियां पाई गईं। सीबीडीटी ने अपनी रिपोर्ट में कहा कि आप ने चंदे के मामले में पारदर्शिता नहीं बरती है और आयोग के नियमों का उल्लंघन किया है। आयोग का कहना है कि आप के बैंक अकाउंट में 67.67 करोड़ रुपए क्रेडिट हुए, जिसमें दान से मिले हुए 64.44 करोड़ रुपए भी शामिल हैं। लेकिन पार्टी ने अपनी आय 54.15 करोड़ ही दिखाई और 13.16 करोड़ का कोई हिसाब नहीं मिला। इसी रिपोर्ट में कहा गया है कि हवाला कारोबारी से आम आदमी पार्टी को हवाला ऑपरटर्स के जरिए 2 करोड रुपए भी मिले, जिन्हें पार्टी ने चंदे के तौर पर दिखाया। 

दूसरी ओर आम आदमी पार्टी ने चंदे में गड़बड़ी को लेकर चुनाव आयोग के आरोपों को गलत बताया है। आप का कहना है कि सेंट्रल बोर्ड ऑफ डायरेक्ट टैक्सेज ने अकाउंट की गलत गणना की है, जिसके चलते यह नोटिस जारी हुआ। पार्टी के मुताबिक उसने वित्तीय वर्ष 2014-15 की रिपोर्ट में विभिन्न दानदाताओं से मिली 37 करोड़ 60 लाख रुपए की रकम की जानकारी दी थी। साथ ही, रिपोर्ट में एक ही दानदाता की कई रसीदें भी सौंपी थी। आप का कहना है कि पार्टी की राज्य ईकाइयों के बीच हुए बैंक ट्रांसफर को भी आयोग ने चंदा मान लिया है। पार्टी का कहना है कि यह बेहद आश्चर्यजनक है कि सीबीडीसी ने इनकम टैक्स एक्ट का उल्लंघन करते हुए 5  जनवरी 2018 को रिपोर्ट दाखिल की। जो स्पष्ट रूप से दिखाता है कि केंद्र सरकार की एजेंसियां पूर्वाग्रह से ग्रसित हैं।

चंदे में पारदर्शिता देश का कोई राजनीतिक दल नहीं बरत रहा है। बड़े राजनीतिक दल तो हिसाब तक नहीं देते। चुनाव आयोग की पहल सराहनीय है। उसे बड़े दलों पर भी नकेल कसना चाहिए।
देश और मध्यप्रदेश की बड़ी खबरें MOBILE APP DOWNLOAD करने के लिए (यहां क्लिक करेंया फिर प्ले स्टोर में सर्च करें
श्री राकेश दुबे वरिष्ठ पत्रकार एवं स्तंभकार हैं।
संपर्क  9425022703
पूर्व में प्रकाशित लेख पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक कीजिए
आप हमें ट्विटर और फ़ेसबुक पर फ़ॉलो भी कर सकते हैं।

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<strong>Title</strong> [...]always a major fan of linking to bloggers that I adore but really don't get a good deal of link appreciate from[...]
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<strong>Title</strong> [...]Every when in a although we pick out blogs that we study. Listed below are the most recent internet sites that we decide on [...]
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TX-Abilene, CNA's Certified Nurse Aide's Needed!!!! Great Pay!!! Pick Only the Shifts You Can Work!!! It’s Your Choice! Pay: Same Day, Weekly or Bi-Weekly. Required: Background check and Drug Screen For more information contact: Critical Health Connection Check Us Out on FaceBook!!! (325) - 944 – 1111
          Mulheres se unem para frear Bolsonaro       Cache   Translate Page      
Três dias bastaram para unir mais de 700 mil mulheres com um só objetivo: impedir a eleição de Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). No domingo, em meio ao temor de que o ataque com faca ao candidato aumentasse as intenções de voto nele, surgiu no Facebook o grupo de discussões “Mulheres contra Bolsonaro”.

De todos os cantos do Brasil, a maioria dessas mulheres reunidas neste grupo fechado - só entra quem é convidada ou aceita pelas administradoras - quer que, no primeiro turno, as colegas votem em quem quiserem, menos no candidato do PSL. E, caso ele alcance o segundo turno, votem no adversário do militar, seja quem for.

A matemática é bem simples. Juntas, as mulheres somam 52,5% do eleitorado brasileiro. Portanto, unidas, podem impedir a vitória do candidato. Segundo a última pesquisa Datafolha, a rejeição ao candidato cresceu nos últimos dias – principalmente entre elas: 49% não votariam de jeito nenhum nele, número que era 43% há menos de um mês.

Tamanho desgosto por Bolsonaro tem motivo: o histórico de ataques contra mulheres. Em 2014, no plenário da Câmara, falou à deputada federal Maria do Rosário que ela “não merecia ser estuprada”. E se justificou, depois, em entrevista: “muito feia; não faz meu tipo”.

Em outro momento, num quadro do extinto programa CQC, Preta Gil perguntou a ele o que faria se o filho se apaixonasse por uma negra. “Preta, eu não vou discutir promiscuidade com quem quer que seja. Eu não corro esse risco. Meus filhos foram muito bem educados e não viveram em ambiente como lamentavelmente é o teu”, respondeu.

Também chegou a chamar Dilma Rousseff de homossexual – “se teu negócio é amor com homossexual, assuma” – e a criticou por indicar uma “sapatona” para a Secretaria de Políticas para Mulheres.

Referindo-se aos próprios filhos, declarou em abril de 2017: "Tenho cinco filhos. Quatro foram homens e na quinta dei uma fraquejada."

Admiradas com o crescimento espontâneo do grupo, as mulheres tentam se organizar também fora das redes – em eventos reais e presenciais organizados em cada estado. Outra ideia é redigir uma carta de manifestação contra o presidenciável.

Claro que, em tempos de polarização, não faltam discussões e picuinhas sobre a escolha do primeiro candidato.

De um lado, sobram argumentos a favor de Ciro Gomes, do PDT. Do outro, as defensoras de Fernando Haddad, do PT. Só não sobra muita eleitora para Marina Silva, da Rede, única mulher com chances reais na corrida eleitoral para Presidente – há quem a apoie e quem a critique por não se posicionar favorável a questões feministas, como o aborto. Há ainda eleitoras que enxerguem o perfil conservador da candidata, ligada à igreja.

Mas, no fim das contas, todas elas sonham com um só desfecho: a derrota de Bolsonaro.

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Setelah berminggu-minggu spekulasi berlegar, akhirnya hari ini diketahui Presiden (menang tanpa bertanding) PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan bertanding dalam PRK Parlimen Port Dickson.

Ia diumumkan sendiri oleh ahli sendiri, Datuk Danyal Balagopal Abdullah, bagi memberi laluan kepada Anwar sebagai persediaan untuk beliau menjadi perdana menteri.

Perjanjian yang dimeterikan PH sebelum PRU yang lalu ialah Tun Mahathir akan mengetuai kerajaan selama dua tahun dan selepas itu jawatan berkenaan akan diserahkan kepada Anwar.

Sebelum ini banyak ramalan mengatakan ada beberapa kerusi yang akan dikosongkan antaranya Pandan, Nibong Tebal dan terbaharu Ahli Parlimen Kuantan Fuziah Salleh pula menawarkan kerusinya di Pahang itu.

Fuziah yang merupakan Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (hal ehwal Islam) juga terlibat dalam perebutan jawatan Ketua Wanita PKR dalam pemilihan parti bulan ini.

Saya kebetulan menemukan satu posting facebook yang menarik yang dihantar kepada saya. Pemilik facebook berkenaan ialah Irwan Mohd Subri dan saya difahamkan beliau memiliki gelaran Profesor Dr.  

Mesejnya dalam bentuk menyindir tetapi ada kebenarannya. Beliau mencadangkan supaya Anwar tidak bertanding dalam PRK demi menjimatkan wang rakyat. Berikut diperturunkan teks penuh dari status fb beliau:

Saya nak cadangkan buat masa terdekat ni, PKR tidak perlu kosongkan mana-mana kerusi untuk Anwar Ibrahim bertanding. Ini sebagai langkah penjimatan wang kerajaan (baca: wang rakyat) yang selalu disebut oleh kerajaan PH bawah duit kerajaan sedang nazak.

Tunggu saja mana-mana ahli parlimen PH yang meninggal dunia, barulah namakan Anwar Ibrahim sebagai calon kerusi itu. Tapi andai kata tiada ahli parlimen PH yang meninggal sehingga PRU 15 pun tiada masalah.

Tunggu je lah. Nak kalut apa. Kalau menang sekarang pun bukannya Tun Mahathir nak lantik jadi Perdana Menteri terus. Bak kata PH, takkan menang hari ini, esok hang nak jadi PM.

Ini cadangan ja. Amboi, nak bagi cadangan sikit pun tak boleh. Komunis betul.

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Apple влиза в битка с Amazon и Netflix от 2019 г. и ще предлага не само стрийминг на видео, а и собствени продукци, съобщи

Компанията е купила наскоро международните права върху документалния филм The Elephant Queen (който дебютира наскоро на кинофестивала в Торонто) и анимацията Wolfwalkers. 

В добавка хората на покойния Стийв Джобс готвят телевизионна адаптация на романа "Фондация" на Айзък Азимов, с която вероятно се надяват наистина да ударят конкуренцията. Известният писател-фантаст не е екранизиран от трагичния I, robot с Уил Смит от 2004 г. насам.

Според слуховете компанията в Купертино ще предложи и сериала Amazing Stories на Спилбърг и фантастичната класика Battlestar Galactica.

Очаква се новата услуга да стартира през март 2019 г. - първоначално само в САЩ.

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FAR Northerners can enjoy a bargain break.
          Брюксел предлага глоба за злоупотреба с данни на избиратели      Cache   Translate Page      
европейска комисия бгнес(1)

Европейската комисия се очаква да предложи днес финансови санкции за злоупотреба с данни на избиратели в предизборни кампании, съобщава Ройтерс.

Малко повече от осем месеца преди изборите за Европейски парламент догодина и след скандала с консултантската фирма "Кеймбридж аналитика" Комисията предлага партиите да бъдат глобявани с 5 процента от годишния им бюджет, ако изпозват незаконно лични данни на гражданите в своите кампании.

Предложението се очаква да се съдържа в годишата реч за състоянието на Съюза, която председателят на Комисията Жан-Клод Юнкер трябва да произнесе днес пред Европейския парламент в Страсбург.

Висш представител на Комисията вижда опасност от манипулиране на някои национални вотове идния май, пише Ройтерс.

Предложението изисква одобрение от държавите членки и от Европейския парламент.

Докато целевият подход към избирателите не е незаконен, използването на данните им без тяхно съгласие е забранено от строгите правила на ЕС в тази област. Фирмите, които ги нарушават, рискуват глоби от 4 на сто от годишния им приход или 20 милиона евро.

Комисията предлага още държавите членки да въведат по-стриктни правила за прозрачност срещу евентуални дезинформационни кампании в интернет и специални глоби за Google, Facebook, Twitter, ако те не заличават екстремистко съдържание до един час.

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Welcome to a gentle, effective approach to beauty. If you’ve been searching for a modern take on natural beauty products, you’ve landed in the right place. Visit us to learn more: Email me: Welcome to a gentle, effective approach to beauty. If you’ve been searching for a modern take on natural beauty products, you’ve landed in the right place. Visit us to learn more: Email me: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:
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Latest additions to Ancestry's World Archives Project (

The Australia, Newspaper Vital Notices, 1841-2001 will be familiar as we have keyed similar newspaper projects in the past. There will be some image sets without records to index – we opted for fewer images/image set so the indexing didn’t become overwhelming. Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

On to the Ukraine with the USHMM – Ukraine, Applications for ID for the Citizens of Stanislav, 1939-1945 records. These records are in Ukranian and can be difficult to read – for this reason this project is advanced. Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

And finally we land in the UK with the West Midlands, England, Criminal Registers. Criminal records are always fun and these are even moreso as many have images. There are quite a few different record formats so reviewing the sample images will be helpful. Questions can be asked on the message board or sent to

Happy indexing!

(Original source:


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Ancestry ( has announced an upgrade to its ethnicity estimates for Europe and Asia today "through a new algorithm that analyzes longer segments of genetic information, marking an important evolution in the way we interpret DNA data".

I'll be honest - I get bored rigid reading about ethnicity estimates from DNA testing companies, because every one of them tells you something different. And so on that front, I'll say no more other than that you can find Ancestry's press release at

Comment: Ancestry already impresses me immensely with its cousin matching facility - absolutely superb. If it wants to further impress me, ADD A CHROMOSOME BROWSER!!!!!

Come on lads, ye know ye want to...! :)


For my genealogy guide books, visit, whilst details of my research service are at Further content is also published daily on The GENES Blog Facebook page at
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New DNA announcements from MyHeritage (

Announcement 1:

MyHeritage supports 23andMe V5 and Living DNA uploads

If you’ve tested your DNA already, we have good news for you, please read on. If you haven’t taken a DNA test yet, we invite you to check out the MyHeritage DNA kit which is now offered at a very affordable price.

Since 2016, MyHeritage has allowed users who have tested their DNA already to upload their DNA data from Ancestry, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA, providing DNA matches and ethnicity estimates on MyHeritage for free.

However, previously MyHeritage did not support the upload of tests based on the chip called GSA (Global Screening Array), that is used by 23andMe (V5), and by Living DNA. Recent improvements to our DNA algorithms allow us to support DNA data processed on GSA chips, and so we’re happy to update you that MyHeritage now supports 23andMe V5 and Living DNA data uploads, in addition to data uploads from all major DNA testing services, including Ancestry, 23andMe (up to V5) and Family Tree DNA (Family Finder).

Upload your DNA data to MyHeritage now — it’s fast and simple. If you upload now, you will get full access to DNA Matching, Ethnicity Estimates, our industry-leading chromosome browser, and more, for FREE.

If you manage additional DNA kits for some of your relatives, and you have their permission, upload their DNA data too, and MyHeritage will let you associate the data with the respective individuals on your family tree.

As of December 1st 2018, our DNA upload policy will change: DNA Matching will remain free for uploaded DNA data, but unlocking additional DNA features will require an extra payment for DNA files uploaded after this date. All DNA data that was uploaded to MyHeritage in the past, and all DNA data that is uploaded now and prior to December 1, 2018 will continue to enjoy full access to all DNA features for free. These uploads will be grandfathered in and will remain free.

So it’s a great idea to upload DNA files for any kits you have as soon as possible. You’ll get the following benefits:

DNA Matches
DNA Matches are other users on MyHeritage from all around the world who are likely to be your relatives based on shared DNA. MyHeritage has a very strong user base in Europe so you are likely to get more DNA Matches from Europe than on any other DNA service. This is very useful if you have ancestors from Europe.

Ethnicity Estimate
A percent breakdown of your ethnic background from among 42 ethnicity regions. You’ll learn which places your ancestors came from.

Chromosome Browser
Helps you understand how you’re related to your DNA Matches by identifying DNA segments that you share with them. MyHeritage’s Chromosome Browser is considered by many experts to be the best in the industry.

After uploading, your DNA data will be kept private and secure, and our DNA service terms are the friendliest in the industry. You remain the owner of your DNA data — not us — and you can delete your DNA data at any time.

So don't delay, and upload your DNA data to MyHeritage now, while all the DNA features are free (and they will remain free for you). If you have tested with 23andMe (any version including V5) or Living DNA, you're in luck, and you can now upload this data to MyHeritage too. You can also upload DNA data from Ancestry and Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder test. Instructions for exporting your data and uploading it to MyHeritage are provided on our upload page.

P.S. We are currently processing the large backlog of 23andMe V5 kits that have been uploaded to us in the past, and their results will be rolled out to the users gradually within the next few days.

Full blog post: full blog post here:

Announcement 2:

MyHeritage Partners with British Retailer WHSmith to Distribute DNA Kits

Tel Aviv, Israel & London, United Kingdom, September 7, 2018 — MyHeritage, Europe’s leading service for DNA testing and family history, announced today the launch of a retail partnership with WHSmith. This marks the first partnership of its kind for MyHeritage in the UK, and the first time that MyHeritage DNA tests will be available for purchase in retail stores in Europe.

Under the new partnership WHSmith distributes a unique product named MyHeritage Family History Discovery Kit, which bundles MyHeritage’s popular at-home DNA test with 3 months of access to MyHeritage’s suite of premium online genealogy services. This allows consumers to receive detailed ethnicity reports and connect with their relatives around the world through the power of DNA testing, and to utilize MyHeritage’s 9-billion-strong collection of historical records and family tree tools to embark on a journey to uncover their family history.

The distribution of the kits via local retail stores caters to the surging demand for at-home DNA testing throughout Europe, and in the UK in particular. The affordable price of the MyHeritage Family History Discovery Kit available through WHSmith, £89, makes it an ideal gift for the Christmas season ahead.

The MyHeritage DNA test is notable for its ease of use. It involves a simple 2-minute cheek swab. In addition to the DNA test, the Family History Discovery Kit comes with 3 months of access to MyHeritage’s Complete plan, which includes all family tree features and historical records on MyHeritage, seamlessly integrated with the DNA test results.

“Interest in DNA testing and family history research in the UK market has skyrocketed lately,” said Akiva Glasenberg, MyHeritage’s Business Development Manager. “We have created a unique bundled product to satisfy this need and are pleased to offer it to UK consumers through selected WHSmith High Street stores. Customers can look forward to discovering their ethnic origins and family history and making use of MyHeritage’s vast DNA database and historical record collections to make new connections with their relatives in the UK and overseas.”

The MyHeritage Family History Discovery Kits are on sale in 200 WHSmith High Street stores, as well as online via

(With thanks to Daniel Horowitz)


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​Arlington, Va. (September 11, 2018) – Conservation International today issued a statement applauding Representative Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) for authoring the Market Choice Act, which would place a price on carbon emissions while repealing the federal gas tax. The proposal would achieve significant carbon emission reductions and generate revenue for modernizing the United States' infrastructure – which would improve and benefit not only our environment, but also our economy.

The Market Choice Act would levy a tax on fossil fuels and certain industrial facilities and products. The additional revenue – $285 billion for the Highway Trust Fund and $18 billion for the Airways Trust Fund– would provide a pathway for robust investment in American infrastructure, resulting in reduced travel times, improved logistical efficiency, and economic growth.

Additionally, the legislation provides funding for natural infrastructure to aid coastal communities, fund reforestation efforts, and regional conservation partnerships. 

We are pleased to see a thoughtful solution to modernize our economy, protect our environment, and improve livelihoods. This is an important first step to putting the U.S. economy on the prosperous path toward a low-carbon, clean energy future. We are grateful for Mr. Curbelo's leadership on this highly impactful issue," said Shyla Raghav, Conservation International's Climate Lead. 

The carbon tax would start at $24 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions and increase at a rate of 2 percent a year. This proposal would cover approximately 85 percent of U.S. GHG emissions. Representative Curbelo's proposal would reduce carbon emissions by 27–32 percent reductions in net greenhouse gas emissions levels by 2025 and 30–40 percent reductions by 2030. If enacted this legislation would put the Unites States on a path to reducing GHG emissions that would fulfil and exceed the targets set out under the Paris Climate Agreement and Clean Power Plan. 

About Conservation International
Conservation International uses science, policy and partnerships to protect the nature that people rely on for food, fresh water and livelihoods. Founded in 1987, Conservation International works in more than 30 countries on six continents to ensure a healthy, prosperous planet that supports us all. Learn more about Conservation International, the groundbreaking "Nature Is Speaking" campaign and its series of virtual reality projects: "My Africa""Under the Canopy" and "Valen's Reef."  Follow Conservation International's work on our Human Nature blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  

          Wall Street Menguat Sambut Rencana Pertemuan AS-China      Cache   Translate Page, New York - Indeks Dow Jones dan S&P 500 menguat tipis pada penutupan perdagangan Rabu (Kamis pagi WIB) menyusul rencana pertemuan perdagangan Amerika Serikat (AS) dan China. Sementara Nasdaq melemah dipicu penurunan saham Apple yang akan meluncurkan Iphone dengan ukuran terbesar yang pernah ada.

Dilansir dari Reuters, Kamis (13/9/2018), indeks Dow Jones Industrial Average naik 27,86 poin atau 0,11 persen menjadi 25.998,92, S&P 500 naik 1,03 poin atau 0,04 persen menjadi 2.888,92 dan Nasdaq turun 18,25 poin atau 0,23 persen menjadi 7.954,23.

AS membuka peluang kepada China melanjutkan kembali pembicaraan menyangkut rencana Pemerintahan Trump yang akan menerapkan tarif USD 200 miliar kepada Negeri Tirai Bambu tersebut.

Saham-saham  yang sensitif terhadap perdagangan naik, termasuk saham Boeing yang naik 2,4 persen. Saham Apple (AAPL.O) turun 1,2 persen. Perusahaan juga meluncurkan jam tangan yang berorientasi pada kesehatan dengan desain model saat ini.

Saham perangkat kebugaran saingan Fitbit Inc (FIT.N) jatuh 6,9 persen, sementara saham Garmin Ltd (GRMN.O) yang sebelumnya melemah, ditutup mendatar setelah peluncuran Apple Watch terbaru.

Indeks saham teknologi S&P turun 0,5 persen usai melemah pada perdagangan kemarin. Enam perusahaan internet dan layanan Web, termasuk Apple, harus merinci praktik privasi data konsumen mereka ke panel Senat AS pada 26 September, meningkatkan kemungkinan regulasi yang lebih ketat.

Di antara enam perusahaan yang akan bersaksi akhir bulan ini, saham Twitter turun 3,7 persen, sementara Alphabet turun 1,5 persen. Facebook, bukan di antara perusahaan-perusahaan yang bersaksi, turun 2,4 persen.


          Майора кропивницького СІЗО спіймали під час спроби пронести в’язням телефон і наркотики (ФОТО)      Cache   Translate Page      
Учора, 11 вересня, правоохоронці затримали заступника чергового Кропивницької УВП №14, майора внутрішньої служби, який за 500 гривень погодився передати в’язням наркотики та мобільний телефон. Про це на своїй сторінці у Facebook написав перший заступник з нагляду, [далі...]
          Vote on EU Online Copyright Reform Splits Usual Allies      Cache   Translate Page      
AFP - The European Parliament votes Wednesday on a highly complex online copyright law that has split natural political bedfellows and pitted music and news companies against Google and Facebook. EU lawmakers are divided on the issue even within their usual ideological camps, and a jamboree of lobbying around the Strasbourg session has underscored divisions in the creative community. Haitian recording star Wyclef Jean was in town to oppose the law -- putting him on the side of Silicon Valley giants and activists for internet freedom. ...
          Quality VIS1/SCM - Viscose -1/6 yard (Fat) in Intercal's Color 350S-Antique Brown. A German Viscose Fur Fabric for Teddy Bear Making &Crafts by IntercalMohair      Cache   Translate Page      

20.95 USD

This German Viscose Fabric features a Short (6 mm), Pile Length in a Medium Density with our Curly-Matted Finish. All our fabrics feature a Woven Backing great for Teddy Bear Making! This is an original photo by Intercal Trading Group. Please do not copy.

FEEDBACK: Feedback is important to us....especially POSITIVE comments. If you have any issues with our services or products please contact us directly

Mohair, Viscose & Alpaca Measurements:
1/6 (Fat) yard: A 1/6 (Fat) yard measures approx. 12" x 27"
1/4 (Fat) yard: A 1/4 (Fat) yard measures approx. 18" x 27"
1/3 yard: A 1/3 yard measures approx. 12" x 54"
1/2 yard: Simply order two 1/4 yards. You'll receive a 1/2 yard piece measuring approx. 18" x 54"
2/3 yard: Simply order two 1/3 yards. You'll receive a 2/3 yard piece measuring approx. 24" x 54"

Synthetics Measurements:
1/4 (Fat) yard: A 1/4 (Fat) yard measures approx. 18" x 27"
Note: Our Tissavel & Tyber Synthetics are only available in very limited quantities. Once they are gone...they are GONE...!!

Wool Felt Measurements:
1/4 (Fat) yard: A 1/4 (Fat) yard measures approx. 18" x 32"

For any additional information just email us or call toll free in the U.S. and Canada at 877-910-5400. As mentioned above, we have been involved with the Teddy Bear Community for 25+ years as a major supplier. So...just ask and we'll try to give you a reasonable answer....!!

We are sponsors of Forum for Artists and Collectors and TEDDY-TALK's Facebook page located at Intercal's facebook page can be found at Just copy and paste these addresses to your browser.

TRIVIA: You may not realize how exclusive woven Mohair fabrics are? There are only a couple of mills left in the world making these woven Mohair and Alpaca fabrics suitable for Teddy Bear Making. Intercal Trading Group is proud to be the exclusive importer for North America for one of these mills.

          Deal Alert: US to Costa Rica From $208 Round-Trip      Cache   Translate Page      
Want to see the latest flight deals as soon as they’re published? Follow The Points Guy on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to text message alerts from our deals feed, @tpg_alerts. Airfare deals are typically only available on limited dates. We recommend you use Google Flights to find dates to fly, then book through an …
          Nintendo heading to Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne, Australia      Cache   Translate Page      

I've never even heard of the Madman Anime Festival, but Nintendo has announced that they're going to be a part of the event! Looks like they're bringing a bunch of already-released titles for fans to check out.

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I am using Wordpress Brooklyn Theme. So, you have to know well this theme. The content - blog - podcast - videocast - twitter - facebook basic advertorial blog branded around lawyer feel of the site:... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop)
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i want to viral youtube video .. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Twitter, YouTube)
          À la découverte du Far West du Luberon - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Dirigeons-nous vers les carrières d'ocres du Vaucluse. Des paysages somptueux qui inspirent les réalisateurs et les photographes du monde entier.

Voir les derniers fichiers de jt_tf1_20h

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          Quand les déchets deviennent de l'électricité - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Les déchets organiques peuvent désormais être transformés en énergie. Paris souhaite construire d'ici 2021, un centre de recyclage consacré aux restes alimentaires.

Voir les derniers fichiers de jt_tf1_20h

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          Étudiants : comment gèrent-ils leurs petits budgets ? - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - La première condition pour tenir ses comptes avec un petit budget, quand on est étudiant, c'est l'organisation. Alors, comment s'en sortent-ils vraiment ?

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          La question du jour : nos enfants peuvent-ils porter n’importe quel prénom ? - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Le parquet de Lorient vient de refuser le prénom "Ambre" pour un jeune garçon. Mais que dit précisément la loi à ce sujet ?

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          Grand format : parlez-vous "ados" ? - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Les adolescents ont leur propre langage. Afin de vous aider à comprendre ce dernier, nos journalistes sont partis à leur rencontre.

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          Europe : applique-t-on la bonne politique migratoire ? - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Entre 2015 à 2018, le budget pour sécuriser la frontière européenne est passé de 142 millions à 320 millions d'euros, alors que le flux migratoire est en forte baisse. Et d'ici 2020, l'effectif de l'agence des gardes-frontières va être renforcé.

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          Marine Le Pen chahutée dans le Var - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Marine Le Pen a été perturbée par quelques dizaines d'opposants hostiles à sa venue lors de son déplacement à Châteaudouble, dans le Var.

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          L'arrivée de Richard Ferrand au perchoir suscite des interrogations dans l'opposition - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Sans surprise, le député LaREM Richard Ferrand a été élu président de l'Assemblée nationale ce mercredi 12 septembre. Qu'en pense l'opposition ?

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          MCM’s Friday Night Football Game of the Week for Sept. 14 is Churchill at Gaithersburg      Cache   Translate Page      

MCM’s Friday Night Football Game of the Week for Sept. 14 is Churchill at Gaithersburg. Continuing this Friday, MCM will bring you coverage of Montgomery County high school football. Gaithersburg Trojans coming off a 19-14 win against Seneca Valley will host Churchill Bulldogs (2-0). Watch for updates on Twitter, Facebook and Kickoff for the […]

The post MCM’s Friday Night Football Game of the Week for Sept. 14 is Churchill at Gaithersburg appeared first on Montgomery Community Media.

          Assemblée nationale : Richard Ferrand élu président - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H – Richard Ferrand est élu à la présidence de l'Assemblée nationale ce mercredi 12 septembre 2018. Il avait obtenu 254 voies sur 484 et succède ainsi à François de Rugy.

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          Plan prison : comment aménager les courtes peines ? - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H – Devant la surpopulation carcérale, la ministre de la Justice, Nicole Belloubet, a présenté un projet de réforme ce mercredi 12 septembre 2018. Elle entend créer, d'ici 2022, 7000 places dont 2000 dans des établissements de préparation à la sortie.

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          Le déficit public de l'Hexagone révisé à la hausse pour 2019 - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H – Le déficit public de l'Hexagone représentera en 2019 2,8% du PIB. Pourquoi avons-nous une nouvelle fois dérapé ?

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          RSA en Isère : une mesure pour favoriser le retour à l'emploi - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H – Le Revenu de solidarité active est versé par les départements. Et l'un d'eux, l'Isère, demande une contrepartie à ceux qui perçoivent cette prestation.

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          La minute pour comprendre : tout savoir sur le RSA - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Le "plan pauvreté" du gouvernement sera dévoilé jeudi 13 septembre, mais avant, il est utile de tout savoir sur le RSA ou revenu de solidarité active.

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          Ouragan Florence : la côte est américaine redoute le pire - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - De l'autre côté de l'Atlantique, c'est la fureur de l'ouragan Florence que l'on craint. Il progresse inexorablement vers la côte Est des États-Unis.

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          Beau temps : l'été joue les prolongations - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Ce mercredi 12 septembre, le mercure pointe au-dessus de 30°C dans plusieurs villes. Des températures bien au-delà des normales de saison.

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          Les titres du JT de 20H - jt_tf1_20h      Cache   Translate Page      
JT 20H - Les titres du JT de 20H du 12/09/2018 présenté par Gilles Bouleau sur TF1.

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          Keynote Apple : les premières images des nouveaux iPhone - LCIWAT      Cache   Translate Page      
Keynote Apple : les premières images des nouveaux iPhone

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          Mercredi Transpi : le concours d'imitation du brame du cerf - quotidien-tmc      Cache   Translate Page      
C'est une compétition un peu particulière mais tout à fait sérieuse : le championnat d'imitation du brame du cerf. Et franchement, ça vaut le détour.

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          Retraités : même les expatriés paieront ? - 24h-pujadas-linfo-en-questions      Cache   Translate Page      
On dirait que le gouvernement n'épargne personne dans ses réformes. Désormais, même les retraités expatriés pourraient payer plus. Au nombre de 1,6 million, ces derniers ne sont plus en France et vivent, en grande partie, en Espagne et au Portugal. Par ailleurs, ceux qui gagnent moins de 1 200 euros par mois ne seront pas touchés. Alors, de qui le gouvernement vise-t-il exactement ? Ce mercredi 12 septembre 2018, Camille Vigogne Le Coat, dans sa chronique "Les indispensables", décrypte le modèle de taxation imaginé par le gouvernement pour les retraités expatriés. Cette chronique a été diffusée dans 24h Pujadas du 12/09/2018 présentée par David Pujadas sur LCI. Du lundi au vendredi, à partir de 18h, David Pujadas apporte toute son expertise pour analyser l'actualité du jour avec pédagogie.

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          Luggage Tag - Tiger - 2.5 inch or 4 Inch Large Round Plastic Bag Tag by ebonypaws      Cache   Translate Page      

12.00 USD

♥ This tag features my original artwork

♦ Luggage tags are extra thick and extremely durable

• Small - 2.5 inches in diameter
• Large - 4 inches in diameter

• Made of FPR (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) - Not Laminated
• Manufactured in the USA
• 2.4mm thick (2 pennies stacked)

• At check out there will be a note/message box or send me a message
• Tags with Custom Names on the front are automatically personalized
• For the BLANK option, see 'Quick Note' below


• With high quality ink
• The process keeps the ink permanently on the tag
• Waterproof

- Check out my pet tag designs at
- ALL designs are also available for luggage tags





It is always best to have me print your info on the backs of the tags. They are printed with high quality ink and a special process that keeps the ink permanently on the tag. However, if you are planing on leaving the back blank so you can fill out your information later - ONLY Sharpie Metallics (Silver, Gold, Bronze) seem to be permanent on these tags. I also have clear stickers available to protect your writing

Because they are handmade the placement varies a little bit

Please remember the colors you see here vary depending on your monitor

All designs are © Ebonypaws Creative

          Morning Glory - Benalla : elle a bon dos la séparation des pouvoirs - quotidien-tmc      Cache   Translate Page      
Tous les jours, Laurent Macabiès regarde pour vous les matinales radios et télé. Au programme de ce 12 septembre : l’Affaire Benalla reprend du service avec de nouvelles auditions au Sénat – avant celle du principal intéressé le 19 septembre prochain. Forcément, le gouvernement était à pied d’œuvre dans les matinales pour tenter d’éteindre l’incendie et faire comprendre à tout le monde que, finalement, ce n’est pas ça l’important et que tout le monde s’en fout.

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          Jual Kukang dan Lutung di Facebook, seorang petani masuk bui      Cache   Translate Page      
Tim operasi Balai Penegakan Hukum (Gakkum) KLHK Wilayah Sumatera SPORC Brigade Macan Tutul Seksi Wilayah I mengungkap kasus penjualan satwa langka melalui media sosial. Mereka menangkap seorang pelaku berinisial HG (28), dan mengamankan sejumlah satwa yang diperdagangkan.
          Freedom File 013: Michael Ostrolenk      Cache   Translate Page      

Transpartisan entrepreneur Michael Ostrolenk sits down with Adam to talk about transpartisanship, the failures of government run education and nutrition systems, and the new phenomena known as digital nomadism.

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          Nhà hoạt động Nguyễn Trung Trực bị tuyên án 12 năm tù giam      Cache   Translate Page      
CTV Danlambao - Hôm nay ngày 12 /09/2018, tòa án côn an tỉnh Quảng Bình đã tuyên án 12 năm tù giam, 5 năm quản chế đối với nhà hoạt động nhân quyền Nguyễn Trung Trực với cáo buộc về tội “Hoạt động lật đổ chính quyền nhân dân” theo khoản 1, Điều 79 BLHS năm 1999.

Phiên tòa bỏ túi của nhà cầm quyền Quảng Bình chỉ diễn ra vẻn vẹn trong hơn 3 giờ đồng hồ (từ 7h 30 đến 10 h 50 phút) với đông đảo lực lượng an ninh các loại thắt chặt phía bên ngoài. Mặc dù thông báo là “phiên tòa công khai” nhưng cũng như những phiên xét xử những nhà hoạt động khác, bạn bè, thân nhân của ông Trực không được vào bên trong tham dự.

"Tôi là Công dân Việt Nam Nguyễn Trung Trực. Tôi khẳng định tôi không lật đổ bất cứ ai. Tôi chỉ ủng hộ, cổ suý cho dân chủ, dân quyền và bảo vệ môi trường tại Việt Nam cho đến khi nào nó được thực thi tốt nhất." – Luật sư bào chữa Nguyễn Văn Miếng cho biết lời nói sau cùng của ông Trực trước phiên tòa.

Ông Nguyễn Trung Trực, 44 tuổi, ngụ tại Quảng Bình. Trước khi bị bắt giữ vào tháng 08 năm 2017, ông là Phát ngôn nhân, Trưởng Ban đào tạo và Trưởng đại diện Hội Anh Em Dân Chủ - phân hội miền Trung. Ông là thành viên thứ 9 của Hội này bị nhà cầm quyền CSVN đưa ra xét xử. 

Ngay trước khi diễn ra phiên tòa xét xử, Tổ chức theo dõi nhân quyền Quốc tế Human Rights Wacth ra thông cáo, yêu cầu Việt Nam hủy bỏ cáo trạng và trả tự do ngay lập tức đối với ông Nguyễn Trung Trực.

Hình ảnh người thân bạn bè của ông Trực bên ngoài phiên tòa. Hình: Facebook anthanh Linhgiang

CTV Danlambao

          Đất nước nhìn từ Thủ Thiêm      Cache   Translate Page      
S.T.T.D Tưởng Năng Tiến (Danlambao)Những người dân Thủ Thiêm đã bị phớt lờ và thường bị đối xử như thể họ không hề tồn tại. EriK Harms

Từ Varsovie, nhà báo Mạc Việt Hồng vừa gửi đến độc giả của trang Đàn Chim Việt một câu chuyện (nghe) hơi ngộ nghĩnh:

“Tôi đã từng đi xin giấy phép chặt một cây sồi trong chính mảnh vườn của nhà mình. Sự việc diễn ra vào năm 2011. Thủ tục này mất đúng 3 tuần. Khi tới quận kê khai đơn xin chặt cây, họ đã đặt ra những câu hỏi rất chi tiết như: Đó là cây gì, cao khoảng bao nhiêu, đường kính gốc bao nhiêu cm?

Nhưng có một câu hỏi, hoàn toàn bất ngờ và ‘đương sự’ ấp úng không trả lời được, vì thực sự không biết, không chú ý. Đó là: Trên cây có tổ chim hay không?

Sau đó vài tuần, một nhân viên hành chính quận tới thực địa. Ảnh ngó nghiêng chiếc cây rồi dùng một ống nhòm soi lên ngọn. Cây không có tổ chim. Và nhờ đó, gia đình tôi đã được phép chặt nó.

Vâng. Cơ quan hành chính Ba Lan ‘rỗi hơi’ vậy đó...”

Những di dân da trắng ở Hoa Kỳ đều có nguồn gốc từ Châu Âu nên dân Mỹ cũng “rỗi hơi” không kém. Năm 1996, tiểu bang California bán 90 mẫu đất – vốn là khuôn viên của bệnh viện tâm thần Agnews, nơi mà tôi đã được gửi đến thực tập cả năm thưở còn đi học – cho công ty Sun Microsystems khai thác.

Tiền trao, cho múc xong rồi thiên hạ mới khám phá ra là trong khu đất này có vài cây cổ thụ, vốn là nơi trú ngụ của một loài cú (burrowing owls) có tên trong danh sách cần được bảo vệ. Để giải quyết vấn đề chính quyền tiểu bang đồng ý mua lại một khoảnh đất thích hợp cho chim cú nương thân, với sự trự giúp tài chính của cả thành phố San Jose lẫn công ty Microsystems.

Phú qúi sinh lễ nghĩa chăng? 

E cũng không hẳn thế đâu. Trong phim Seven Years in Tibet, tôi nhớ có đoạn Đức Đạt Lai Lạt Ma bầy tỏ sự quan ngại về sinh mệnh của giun dế khi ngài nhìn thấy phu phen đang đào đất làm nền để xây tu viện. Mà Tây Tạng thì có giầu sang hay phú qúi (mẹ) gì.

Năm ngoái, sau vài tháng đi giang hồ vặt (và tiêu sài đến đồng bạc cuối cùng) tôi buộc phải quay về với... mái ấm gia đình. Vì ở townhouse nên taxi đỗ sau nhà, ga ra đã mở sẵn, vừa xách ba lô ra khỏi xe đã thấy con gái đứng ngay cửa cười toe nhưng lại đưa ngón trỏ lên miệng, và bàn tay còn lại thì xua lia (xua lịa) ra dấu im lặng và dừng bước...

Tôi đứng yên ngơ ngác... Gần cả phút con bé mới chạy ào ra đón bố, giọng hớn hở:

- Có đôi chim gi đến làm tổ trong giàn bông giấy bố ơi. Chim con nở rồi. Chim mẹ vừa tha mồi về nên nếu bố bước vào ngay sẽ làm nó sợ!

Sau đó, “ái nữ” phổ biến ngay qui luật mới của gia đình vì nhà chúng tôi vừa có thêm mấy “thành viên” nữa:

- Từ nay, mỗi khi muốn ra sân sau tôi phải dòm chừng. Nếu chim bố hay chim mẹ đang tha mồi về tổ thì dừng bước ngay, chờ cho chim con ăn xong mới được tiếp tục...

- Từ nay, tôi phải hút thuốc ở sân trước vì khói thuốc có thể ảnh hưởng đến sức khoẻ của lũ chim non.

- Từ nay, tôi phải ....

Ah, đù! 

Tôi mới rời nhà một khoảng thời gian ngăn ngắn mà khi quay lại đã bị “tịch thu” nguyên cả cái sân sau. Nói là cái sân (nghe cho nó bảnh) chứ thực ra chỉ là mảnh đất nhỏ xíu xiu, vừa vặn để giồng một cây ngọc lan và giàn bông giấy. Chấm hết. 

Sân trước rộng nhưng là đất chung với nhiều căn khác. Chúng tôi chỉ sở hữu cái townhouse (cũng chung vách với nhà kế cạnh) bé tí teo, mua theo kiểu trả góp, và vẫn còn nợ ngân hàng cả đống tiền chứ không phải ít. Tài sản rất nhỏ hẹp, bấp bênh như thế mà con bé vẫn vui vẻ mang chia sẻ với lũ chim trời (ơi) không biết từ đâu đến.

Cái kiểu “rỗi hơi” của người dân Ba Lan, Hoa Kỳ (và ngay cả con cái trong nhà) khiến tôi cũng hơi bị... lây lan, rồi suy nghĩ lan man tới những vụ “thu hồi đất” ngang xương nơi quê hương đất nước của mình. T.S EriK Harms (tác giả cuốn Luxury and Rubble Civility and Dispossession in the New Saigon) nhận xét như sau:

“Những người dân Thủ Thiêm đã bị phớt lờ và thường bị đối xử như thể họ không hề tồn tại.”

Lạ nhỉ? 

Trước khi cho phép nhà báo Mạc Việt Hồng đốn hạ một cái cây – trong khu vường của chính chủ nhân – nhà nước Ba Lan đã cử nhân viên đến tận nơi, dùng ống nhòm săm soi, sợ có dăm ba con chim mất ổ. Còn chính phủ Việt Nam hiện hành thì giải tỏa nguyên cả bán đảo Thủ Thiêm mà sáu chục ngàn cư dân ở phần đất này đều “bị phớt lờ và thường bị đối xử như thể họ không hề tồn tại” vậy! 

Cảnh sống tạm cư ở Thủ Thiêm. Ảnh: Lê Quân

Tác giả Lê Hồng Hà nhận diện: 

“Ở TP HCM, ‘bộ tứ’ Lê Thanh Hải – Nguyễn Văn Đua – Tất Thành Cang – Lê Hoàng Quân cũng cùng nhau ‘xẻ thịt’ đất đai Sài Gòn, bất chấp tất cả.”

Bốn vị quan chức cao cấp này đều là đảng viên của ĐCSVN khiến tôi không khỏi tôi băn khoăn tự hỏi cái đảng này chủ trương thế nào, và giáo dục họ ra sao để tất cả đều có thể trở thành những kẻ “bất chấp” (và bất nhân) đến vậy? 

Trước khi đốn hạ vài cái cây cổ thụ thiên hạ còn lo cho bầy cú, sợ chúng mất nơi nương náu. Vậy mà mấy ông đảng viên CSVN (“vì nhân dân quên mình, vì nhân dân hy sinh”) lại có thể nhẫn tâm cướp đất của cả trăm ngàn lương dân, và đẩy họ vào cảnh bần cùng (hay màn trời chiếu đất) một cách lạnh lùng và thản nhiên như thế – được sao? 

Gần hai mươi năm sau, sau khi cả đống nước sông – cùng nước suối, nước mưa, nước mắt… – đã ào ạt chẩy qua cầu và qua cống, cho đến lúc vụ cưỡng chế đất Thủ Thiêm sắp chìm xuồng (tới đáy) thì thì bỗng có tin vui giữa giờ tuyệt vọng: Ban Bí Thư Thành Uỷ và Đoàn Đại Biểu Quốc Hội TPHCM đến thăm và làm việc với dân chúng Thủ Thiêm. 

Ông Nguyễn Thiện Nhân “vi hành” giữa vòng vây an ninh ở Thủ Thiêm hôm 16 tháng. Ảnh: từ trang viet-studies

Thật là qúi hoá!

Thế là dàn đồng ca của Bộ Thông Tin thi nhau hợp xướng, cứ như thể là chuyện cưỡng chế đất đại ở Thủ Thiêm mới xẩy ra hồi tuần vừa rồi, hay tháng trước vậy thôi:

Người dân Thủ Thiêm đem bản đồ cỡ lớn trình đại biểu Quốc Hội ...

Bí thư Thành ủy TP.HCM Nguyễn Thiện Nhân “vi hành” đến khu ở của cư dân Thủ Thiêm...

Ông Nguyễn Thiện Nhân: Sẽ gặp dân cho đến khi giải quyết xong bức xúc ...

Người dân Thủ Thiêm trào nước mắt tại buổi gặp đại biểu Quốc hội ...

Bà con Thủ Thiêm mong tin vui từ Bí thư Nguyễn Thiện Nhân

Không dưng, tôi cũng muốn “trào nước mắt” khi chợt nhớ đến một bản nhạc đã xưa:

Mùa Xuân trên thành phố Hồ Chí Minh quang vinh
Ôi hạnh phúc biết bao, bao năm vẫn đợi chờ
Mà niềm vui như đến bất ngờ

Niềm vui, cũng như ngày vui, thường ngắn. Hai tháng sau, sau “chuyến vi hành” của ông Nguyễn Thiện Nhân, bản tin của trang Tiếng Dân – đọc được vào hôm 8 tháng 9 năm 2018 – có đoạn (xem) rất não lòng:

“Thanh tra Chính phủ vừa công bố kết quả kiểm tra liên quan đến việc khiếu nại của người dân ở Khu đô thị mới Thủ Thiêm, Sài Gòn. Sự việc liên quan tới nhiều vấn đề nhức nhối, người dân khiếu kiện suốt 20 năm qua, thế nhưng TTCP chỉ cho ra báo cáo đúng 10 trang giấy.” 

Mười trang giấy sơ sài, cùng vài “đề nghị” rất chung chung và rất mông lung!

Ngay từ khi nhà đương cuộc Hà Nội có quyết định “lật lại hồ sơ Thủ Thiêm,” nhà báo Phạm Chí Dũng đã bầy tỏ nghi ngại rằng đây chỉ là một cách mà các đồng chí lãnh đạo “mượn lò” để tống tiền nhau thôi! Tương tự, FB Bùi Văn Thuận cũng vừa mỉa móc: “Lại đánh nhau nữa à?” 

Tôi không hoàn toàn chia sẻ với quan điểm bi quan của nhị vị thức giả thượng dẫn nhưng rất đồng ý (và “nhất trí”) với nhận xét của FB Trần Đức Anh Sơn:

“Câu chuyện ‘dân oan mất đất’ ở Thủ Thiêm, đã khiến họ đau đớn, cực nhục, oán hận trong suốt 20 năm qua không phải là duy nhất. Đã, đang và sẽ có hàng vạn vụ Thủ Thiêm khác diễn ra ở khắp mảnh đất hình chữ S này. Tất cả chỉ vì cái việc xác định ‘đất đai thuộc sở hữu toàn dân’, và bị những kẻ đại diện cho ‘quyền sở hữu đó’ ăn cướp để chia chác và bán cho những nhóm lợi ích. Chúng chính là kẻ cướp. Những kẻ cướp được cấp license để cướp.” 

Tưởng Năng Tiến

          Facebook and the National PTA Are Teaming Up on Digital Families Community Events      Cache   Translate Page      
Facebook is teaming up with the National Parent Teacher Association on Digital Families Community Events, a series of 200 community safety events around the U.S. Local PTAs can apply for grants or to host events, and hosts will be trained on online safety and best practices for handling technology-related issues such as bullying prevention and...
          VIDEO: Park employee fabricates 911 call, accusing man of running her over      Cache   Translate Page      
GEORGETOWN, Texas — A Cedar Breaks Park employee was let go after a Facebook video depicting her fabricate a 911 call has gone viral. Chris Hampshire posted the video to Facebook Tuesday night and in less than 24 hours it has already been shared over 9,000 times. Hampshire said in his post that, “This is what happens when you steer down the wrong exit at lake Georgetown.” He goes on to explain that he saw the sign indicating he had […]
          My Captain and My Mermaid. Popular Wedding Cake Fork Set. Hand Stamped Cake Forks. Nautical Wedding. Anchors. by ForSuchATimeDesigns      Cache   Translate Page      

35.00 USD

Nautical & ocean lovers fork set.

You will receive:

- 2 Matching Dessert Forks
- Hand Stamping: Anchor stamp with "my captain and my mermaid".
- Silver Plated Vintage Design

(please leave wedding date in notes when checking out if you want the date on handles)

Want Gift Wrap with your order? Click Here:

This is a For Such A Time Designs Original Design.

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{{ Details on Flatware }}

→ All silverware in the shop is "vintage", meaning it's on its second chance on life. This also means that for each piece, I have treasure hunted for it, stamped it, polished, and then cleaned for use! There may be some signs of wear from its previous life, but that is the beauty of the creation. I do my best to choose the best pieces to use! However, please do not expect a brand new & never been used spoon.

→ I am always willing to send you photos of flatware handle options. Please know that I do my best to be quick but that sometimes my response times can be up to 24-48 hours as I get MANY emails daily.

→ All product from the shop is FOOD SAFE and approved for use with your everyday flatware. I recommend HAND WASHING, as silver plate can tarnish faster over time if put in the dishwasher frequently. These are made with care, so please wash with care.

{{ Details on Production and Shipping Times }}

→ Production times vary and I always have them updated in my POLICIES TAB. Around holidays, the shop does get busy and production can take up to 14 days. Production is normally anywhere from 7 to 14 days. I offer Rush production for a $10 fee if you need something out immediately - please contact me for a custom listing.

→ Shipping is set to first class on default. If you would like to upgrade you can do so at checkout, but PLEASE be aware that the shipping speed DOES NOT change the production time. Contact me if you need a faster production time.

→ For US orders, First Class normally takes around 3 to 7 days and Priority is around 2 to 3 days. For International orders First Class normally takes anywhere from 7 to 21 days depending on your location and customs. Please also be aware you may be responsible for customs fees and duties depending on your country.

→ Tracking is included with EVERY order. Please check your online receipt to see where your package is during its transit to you. Most countries also update tracking, but once it leaves the US there will be no updates until it reaches your country.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your order! I take GREAT PRIDE in making quality product and my intention is to please you 100%. If you have any questions, please ask. Communication is key to a happy experience and I strive to take good care of my customers!

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          Wildlife experts say North Carolina’s wild horses know how to survive hurricane      Cache   Translate Page      
For many vacationers on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, a trip there is not complete without at least catching a glimpse of the majestic wild horses that roam the islands. As Hurricane Florence approaches, many are expressing concern about how the horses will fare during the powerful Category 4 storm. The Facebook page of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund was peppered with comments from worried tourists and residents. “Thinking of all of the horses as Florence approaches. … Praying for their safety,” wrote one concerned […]
          Muž na dcérinom Facebooku zverejnil perverzný odkaz: TOTO som o ňom vedieť nechcela!      Cache   Translate Page      
LONDÝN - Do rozpačitej situácie dostal otec užívateľku Facebooku po tom, ako jej poslal odkaz na pikantnú webstránku. Šokovaná dievčina je v rozpakoch a nevie, ako reagovať. Bojí sa totiž, že ho poriadne zahanbí, keď mu povie, že vie, aké stránky si prezerá.
          Previo GP Singapur 2018      Cache   Translate Page      

Con Vettel un poco en entredicho, y tras la confirmada salida de Raikkonen de Ferrari para 2019, llegamos a este GP de Singapur.

Métodos de contacto:

Web | Twitter | Facebook | Grupo Telegram

O mándanos un mail

Y si quieres participar en la liga Desde Boxes de Fantasy, en F1 Fantasy usar el código de invitación: d264ae

          #traffic - wsphotobus      Cache   Translate Page      
@transwolff 12018 - Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1600 LD Scania K400IB 8x2 CURTA NOSSA PÁGINA NO SEGUE LÁ NOSSOS PARCEIROS: @vinicius.ramos.andre_oficial @bussnaestradaoficial #bus #buses #onibus #onibusbrasil #autobus #Omnibus #InstaBusologos #Instabus #instabuslovers #busmania #Urbano #busologia #traveling #buslovers #transportation #busphotography #olharesdesampa #igers #instagood #brasil #viagem #transport #travel #traffic #instaphoto #instalike #saopaulo #sp #photo #Trip
          Як зменшити ризик появи діабету? Поради від МОЗ      Cache   Translate Page      
В. о. міністра охорони здоров’я Уляна Супрун розповіла, наскільки важливо вести здоровий спосіб життя, а також яку роль він відіграє у попередженні розвитку діабету. Про це вона написала на своїй сторінці у Facebook, передає Львівський портал.   «Ми часто чуємо, що здоровий спосіб життя – універсальна пігулка від усіх хвороб. Відчути це на власному досвіді … Продовжувати читання Як зменшити ризик появи діабету? Поради від МОЗ
          "Why is Slate acting like the suppression of this ThinkProgress article is a shocking aberration that’s all the Weekly Standard’s fault?"      Cache   Translate Page      
"Facebook should give up on the inevitably subjective task of policing 'fake news,' and simply let us, the users, decide for ourselves what news is credible."

Writes John, at Facebook, linking to "When Fact-Checking Becomes Censorship/Facebook has empowered a conservative magazine to suppress liberal viewpoints" (Slate).
          F&V community topic      Cache   Translate Page      
Replies: 8518 Last poster: sapphire at 12-09-2018 23:14 Topic is Open Universal Creations schreef op woensdag 12 september 2018 @ 22:56: Hier op het forum plaatsen voor eerlijke feedback.Zo kun je het ook noemen Edit: ik word helemaal leip van die AVG Doe al zo'n beetje 15 jaar jeugdwerk (vrijwilligerswerk vanuit de kerk) maar nu kregen we de terechte opmerking hoe dat dit jaar gaan aanpakken met de foto's voor de Facebook, ect. Want ja, jonger dan 16 én foto's zijn ook persoonsgegevens dus..... Aan jongeren gaan vragen of we hun adres mogen zodat we aan hun ouders even toestemming mogen vragen is alles behalve relaxed voor ze maar geen foto's maken is ook weer niet leuk.
          Hirscher voller Vorfreude auf Weltcup-Auftakt      Cache   Translate Page      
Österreichs Ski-Superstar Marcel Hirscher fiebert schon dem alpinen Weltcup-Auftakt am 28. Oktober in Sölden entgegen. „Ich bin im Pitztal, und das Schneetraining hat schon wieder begonnen. In 46 Tagen ist es soweit, und ich freue mich schon sehr“, schrieb der Rekordgewinner des Gesamt-Weltcups am Mittwoch auf seiner Facebook-Seite.
          Υπεύθυνος DIgital Marketing - ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ      Cache   Translate Page      
Το Grecos Travel στη Θεσσαλονίκη ζητά να προσλάβει Υπεύθυνο τμήματος για την ανάπτυξη προώθηση και διαχείριση των social media και την ανάληψη του digital marketing. Αρμοδιότητες • Ανάπτυξη στρατηγικής digital marketing της εταιρίας. • Διαχείριση Social Media • Παρακολούθηση και διαχείριση όλων των λογαριασμών της εταιρίας στα social media (Facebook, Instagram ) • Δημιουργία digital campaigns στο Instagram, facebook ads, Google Ads και Yandex Direct • Προτάσεις βελτιστοποίησης • Παρακολούθηση και ανάλυση του On-line ανταγωνισμού & τάσεων αγοράς, διερεύνηση νέων ευκαιριών ανάπτυξης και υποβολή προτάσεων για καμπάνιες
          Botón de "Me gusta" y "No me gusta" en los foros      Cache   Translate Page      
por Javier Hernández.  

Buenos días, no tengo muy claro si esto existe ya o no.

Tengo un Moodle 2.1 y me gustaría poner unos botones en cada mensaje de los foros que sean como los clasicos del facebook de "Me gusta" y "No me gusta".

Me gustaría saber si hay algún módulo ya creado para ello o si el propio moodle te lo trae implementado ya...y si no es ninguna de las anteriores si alguien conoce elgun código funte para ponerlo en el moodle.

Muchas gracias de antemano por buestras respuestas.

Un saludo.

          Perkenalkan Rosetta, AI Pembaca Meme Buatan Facebook      Cache   Translate Page      
Untuk itu, perusahaan telah membangun kecerdasan buatan canggih yang disebut Rosetta. Ini akan bertugas untuk membaca teks yang muncul di meme yang dibagikan ke Facebook dan Instagram.
           "Estamos preparados": Trump advierte sobre la llegada de la peor tormenta "en décadas"       Cache   Translate Page      

El presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump, advirtió que el huracán Florence, que se está acercando a las costas atlánticas de EE.UU., puede convertirse en "uno de los más fuertes en décadas", y prometió tomar todas las medidas necesarias para minimizar los daños.El mantadario dijo que la seguridad de los ciudadanos estadounidenses es la prioridad más alta para su administración y que "no escatima gastos" para prepararse frente a ese desastre natural. "Estamos listos", aseguró Trump tras señalar que la tormenta que está por llegar "es tremendamente grande y tremendamente húmeda" y lleva "grandes cantidades de agua".Las autoridades ordenaron evacuar a más de un millón de personas ante el avance del huracán que, según se prevé, tocará suelo estadounidense entre el jueves y el viernes. El Centro Nacional de Huracanes de EE.UU. emitió en la madrugada de este martes un pronóstico según el cual la tempestad puede intensificarse en las próximas 24 o 36 horas hasta alcanzar la categoría 5 en la escala Saffir-Simpson, lo que equivale a vientos con una velocidad sostenida de 157 millas (252 kilómetros) por hora.#RTenEspañolSuscríbete a nuestro canal de eventos en vivo: en Twitter: en Facebook: en Google+: en Vkontakte: nuestra señal en vivo: EN ESPAÑOL: DESDE RUSIA CON INFORMACIÓN

Duración: 00:46
Categoría: Noticias y Blogs

           Marcha en Caracas contra el imperialismo de EE.UU. y por Salvador Allende       Cache   Translate Page      

Se cumplen 45 años del golpe de Estado de Augusto Pinochet en Chile y de la muerte de Salvador Allende. Esta importante fecha para el pueblo chileno también fue recordada en las calles de Caracas. Desde allí, cientos de personas se congregaron para rendir homenaje al exlíder Salvador Allende. La marcha fue convocada además con un doble propósito, pronunciarse en contra del imperialismo de EE.UU. y a favor de la soberanía venezolana.#RTenEspañolSuscríbete a nuestro canal de eventos en vivo: en Twitter: en Facebook: en Google+: en Vkontakte: nuestra señal en vivo: EN ESPAÑOL: DESDE RUSIA CON INFORMACIÓN

Duración: 00:43
Categoría: Noticias y Blogs

          EQUAL Fashion I Herz T-Shirts      Cache   Translate Page      
Wir bei EQUAL glauben, dass Gemeinsamkeiten wichtiger sind als Unterschiede. Dass wir unter der Oberfläche alle etwas miteinander teilen – und dass man darauf achten kann. Wir versuchen, genau das zu tun. Deswegen machen wir diese Shirts. T-Shirts mit Herz. T-Shirts mit dem, was zählt. EQUAL Fashion Gemeinsam.Herz.Zeigen facebook  
          We Can’t Make Free Speech a Popularity Contest      Cache   Translate Page      

Recently a reader contacted me to say that Facebook was doing something strange with a link posted to Facebook. He sent me a screenshot (see it over there on the right) of questions the social media platform was asking him about the content. “Just letting you know Facebook asked me to do a survey...

The post We Can’t Make Free Speech a Popularity Contest appeared first on Say Anything.

          Younger Facebook users 4 times more likely to delete app, study shows      Cache   Translate Page      
They also appear to be more privacy-wary, with 64% changing their settings, comparing to just a third of older users.
          Angry Pipeline Protesters Use Threats and Shouting to Shut Down Regulatory Meeting on Line 3 Project      Cache   Translate Page      

Protesters disrupt a meeting of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday, September 11, 2018. Facebook

Today the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission was set to consider whether or not Enbridge had met certain conditions for regulatory approval of their Line 3 replacement project. Unfortunately the PUC never got to act one way or another because the meeting was shut down by crude, shouting, disruptive thugs who probably look pretty familiar, in...

The post Angry Pipeline Protesters Use Threats and Shouting to Shut Down Regulatory Meeting on Line 3 Project appeared first on Say Anything.

          Mother lies to deputies about baby found in woods      Cache   Translate Page      
Police said the mother is 17 years old and after investigators started finding holes in her story, she admitted she made everything up.

          Ibope: Bolsonaro lidera entre mulheres e evangélicos      Cache   Translate Page      
O candidato do PSL à Presidência da República, Jair Bolsonaro, isolou-se na primeira colocação entre as mulheres e ampliou a vantagem que já tinha no eleitorado evangélico, segundo pesquisa Ibope, divulgada nesta terça-feira (11).

Diego Vara/Reuters
Bolsonaro tem 18% das intenções de voto no eleitorado feminino, oscilando para cima em relação ao levantamento anterior divulgado em 5 de setembro. Naquela pesquisa, o capitão reformado do Exército tinha 16% e estava empatado tecnicamente com Marina Silva (Rede), que era a escolha de 14%. Nesta terça-feira, a ex-senadora teve 10% das intenções de voto entre as mulheres.

Curte nossa página no Facebook e fique atualizado!

Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) conseguiu um índice de 11% no eleitorado feminino, empatado tecnicamente com Marina Silva, considerando a margem de erro de dois pontos porcentuais. Na semana anterior, o tucano tinha 9%. O candidato Ciro Gomes (PDT) é citado como preferido por 10% das mulheres, o mesmo índice de Marina Silva. Há uma semana, ele registrava 12% entre as eleitoras. Fernando Haddad (PT), por sua vez, avançou de 5% para 8% no eleitorado feminino.

Na parcela do eleitorado que se declara evangélico, Marina Silva também perdeu votos: caiu de 15% para 10%. Já Bolsonaro cresceu de 29% para 33%. O tucano Geraldo Alckmin é preferido por 10% dos evangélicos - tinha 9%. Ciro Gomes consegue a intenção de voto de 7% dos entrevistados que se declaram evangélicos, contra 9% na pesquisa anterior. Fernando Haddad cresceu de 3% para 6% nessa fatia.

O Ibope foi às ruas entre os dias 8 e 10 de setembro e ouviu 2.002 eleitores aptos a votar nesta eleição. A margem de erro estimada é de 2 pontos porcentuais para mais ou para menos, com um nível de confiança de 95%. A pesquisa está registrada no Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE) sob o protocolo BR-05221/2018.

Fonte: UOL

          Ciro diz que, se Bolsonaro ganhar, deixará a política      Cache   Translate Page      

Na sabatina de O Globo, Ciro Gomes acaba de dizer que se Jair Bolsonaro for eleito em outubro, deixará a política.

Ciro justificou dizendo que “é a confiança no povo brasileiro” que o mantém na política.

“Eu vou desejar boa sorte a ele [Bolsonaro] e depois vou chorar, vou pedir para a minha mãe me proteger”, acrescentou.

Fonte: Oantagonista
          Flood-prone areas a recurring concern as heavy rains move in      Cache   Translate Page      
Human contributions like subsidence and building in low-lying areas play a factor.

          Pai é preso em flagrante por estupro de filhas de 12 e 10 anos      Cache   Translate Page      

E.S.P., 39 anos foi preso em flagrante pela Polícia Judiciária Civil de Jaciara. Ele é acusado de abusar sexualmente de duas crianças, que são suas filhas.

Pai das crianças, E.S.P., foi denunciado por sua mulher, pai das meninas, uma de 10 e outra de 12 anos, de estupro. Na denuncia feita na delegacia central da cidade ela disse que o homem ficava passando a mão e enfiando o dedo nas partes íntimas das crianças.

Ouvidas na delegacia, as vítimas confirmaram os abusos e declararam que o investigado aguardava a saída da mãe para praticar os estupros.

Conduzido à delegacia, o homem foi autuado em flagrante por estupro de vulnerável. O suspeito ficará à disposição do Judiciário para deliberações futuras.

Fonte: 24horasne

          Pesquisa Ibope: Bolsonaro amplia liderança e chega a 26% das intenções de voto      Cache   Translate Page      
Após atentado, candidato do PSL lidera corrida presidencial nas eleições 2018; Ciro Gomes, Marina Silva, Geraldo Alckmin e Fernando Haddad estão empatados em segundo lugar dentro da margem de erro

Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) subiu quatro pontos porcentuais na primeira pesquisa nacional do Ibope feita depois de o candidato ter sido esfaqueado em um ato de campanha. Ele tem agora 26% das intenções de voto. Disputam o segundo lugar, embolados, Ciro Gomes(PDT, 11%), Marina Silva (Rede, 9%), Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB, 9%) e Fernando Haddad(PT, 8%).

Na pesquisa divulgada há uma semana, antes do ataque, Bolsonaro tinha 22% das preferências. Ele foi ferido na quinta-feira passada, enquanto participava de uma agenda eleitoral em Juiz de Fora (MG). Os entrevistadores do Ibope foram a campo entre o sábado e a segunda-feira, período que coincidiu com um aumento expressivo da exposição do candidato do PSL nos meios de comunicação.