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13.09.2018 20:15 - 20:25
1. Staffel, Folge 28: Als die jungen Superhelden ihr Sofa mit einem Laufband ersetzen, brauchen Cyborg und Beast Boy dringend Hilfe vom Couch-Geist.
A pesar de los PATALEOS del agente de Cavill -que debe haber hecho perder los nervios a Warner al no poder conseguir del actor ni el cameo para Shazam!- Warner ha lanzado un comunicado con el que le daban con la puerta en el culo a ambos.

Y ahora ya son bastantes webs la que anuncian que, aprovechando que el Pisuerga pasa por Valladolid, Ben Affleck se solidariza con su compañero y cuelga ya por fin la capa.

¡Como si no estuviese bastante "colgada" ya en las condiciones que está el pobre!

O eso, o DC se deshace de el ya de una vez, que no han faltado ocasiones.

Los rumores hablan del propio Harington como un posible sustituto de Affleck, mientras que el eterno Jon Hamm dice que el sabe bastante de cómics pero que nunca lo han contactado oficialmente.

¡Un poco mayor para comenzar una franquicia, me temo, si es que alguna vez arranca!

Hay que agradecer, eso sí, que estos al menos sean BLANCOS.

Ray Fisher confesaba recientemente que es bastante improbable a estas alturas que Cyborg tenga peli propia.

Lo último que se sabía de la peli de Flash era que la producción SE RETRASABA, sin fecha de inicio.

Así que creo Y ESPERO que los fans de todos estos actores se lo tomen muy mal Y BOICOTEEN Aquaman, más de lo que ya lo iban a hacer, vaya.

Yo, si fuera Gal Gadot, me daría prisa con terminar ese rodaje. ¡La veo correr más que Flash por esas calles de Almería!
          Cyborg Ninja statue from Metal Gear Solid      Cache   Translate Page      
Gecco Corp. has announced that Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid is being recreated as a 1/6 scale statue, faithfully capturing both mechanical surface and organic elements of the powered exoskeleton. The lamp in the center of the facemask lights up with a brilliant LED, and the interchangeable head uncovers the mask revealing the face of Frank […] Read more
          Cyborg 95 - Ultratek - Uk12'' - Lt 049 - Lobster Theremin      Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Cris Cyborg Booked Against Former Dominatrix for December Strikeforce Return by 比堅尼脫毛      Cache   Translate Page      
Title... [...]check beneath, are some completely unrelated internet websites to ours, having said that, they are most trustworthy sources that we use[...]...
          B.J. Penn Returns to Face Ryan Hall at UFC 232 in December      Cache   Translate Page      

BJ Penn

Former two-division champion B.J. Penn isn't done yet because he just booked a fight against submission specialist Ryan Hall at UFC 232 on Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

The lightweight showdown was announced by UFC officials on Wednesday night.

Penn will make his first appearance inside the Octagon since last June when he lost a majority decision to Dennis Siver, marking his fifth defeat in a row. Penn hasn't earned a victory in the UFC since 2010 when he beat fell UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes.

While Penn has actually retired once already and then flirted with the same decision following his last fight, the former lightweight and welterweight champion is apparently ready to go again.

As for Hall, the former "Ultimate Fighter" winner has been out of action since 2016 when he earned a unanimous decision over Gray Maynard to move his UFC record to 2-0.

Unfortunately since that time, Hall hasn't seemed all that interested in the opposition being offered to him by the UFC and he's stayed on the sidelines.

Now it appears the chance to face a legend like Penn was the perfect way to draw him back in again as the Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist will now return in December.

Penn vs. Hall will join a growing UFC 232 lineup that also includes a fight between Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes in a champion versus champion clash between two of the best women's fighters on the planet.

          5: Teen Titans: la aventura animada que se burla de todos      Cache   Translate Page      
¿Quieres tener una película sobre ti? Robin también, por eso se embarca en una travesía sorprendente junto a Raven, Beastboy, Starfire y Cyborg. Esta película supera todas las expectativas y, con humor, hace críticas al género de superhéroes que nadie se había atrevido a hacer. Acompáñanos a descubrir referencias, al ritmo de la pegajosa banda sonora de Teen Titans Go. Aquí te contamos nuestra reseña de la cinta. Bienvenidos al mejor toque de su vida, bienvenidos a la Banda del Cómic. Conducen Carlos Mario Ríos y Carlos Londoño.
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This week Dave ( talks with Camille Tuutti ( about government change agents and chip implants! GovernmentCIO Media ( Ashley Mahan, FedRAMP agency evangelist, General Services Administration: Government Cloud-Vetting Program’s Chief Cheerleader Sounds Off ( David Lilley Jr., Former DHS geospatial information officer, now with Department of the Army: Former DHS Leader Says Change Agents Must Lead Revolutions ( March 15: CXO Tech Forum: Uncle Sam Meets Silicon Valley ( Patrick Hamilton Walsh ( Dangerous Things ( Custom gadgetry for the discerning biohacker Epicenter ( Swedish startup hub A Swedish start-up has started implanting microchips into its employees ( My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages ( We Give Thanks * Camille Tuutti ( for being our special guest star! * Stefani Shepherd ( for the photo! Special Guest: Camille Tuutti.
          Episode 119: #119: Who’s your dadada?      Cache   Translate Page      

This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: authentication, password management, and robot lawyers.



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          Episode 110: #110: I’ll Be At The Bar      Cache   Translate Page      

This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: IoT hacks, cyborg insects, and Dave’s local crime report.

HHonors-Digital-Key“Let’s just put crime tape around it until we figure it out.”


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          Episode 108: #108: A Commitment to Your Privacy      Cache   Translate Page      

This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: iPhones, politics, politics with iPhones; glibc, containers, containers with glibc; Azure, Red Hat, Azure with Red Hat.


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          Episode 84: #84: The Kill Chain      Cache   Translate Page      

This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: automated swarms, automated chefs, and automated kill chains.



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          Episode 81: #81: Key Exchange with Robot Vomit      Cache   Translate Page      

This week Dave and Gunnar talk about First round of Thunderdome, product design success and failure, RHEL 7.1, urban dashboards, and the Cumulative Threat.


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          Episode 77: #77: Chilling Effects      Cache   Translate Page      

This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about surveillance on Main Street and China, reader mail about cutting costs in the DOD, and three new additions to the Security Doghouse.

Candid photo of Sparky.Candid photo of Sparky.

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          Episode 38: #38: Penchant for Hyperbole      Cache   Translate Page      

This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: watching your email, hearing your GnuPG key, the smell of fresh-baked OpenStack, a taste of ARM on Fedora, a touch of Skynet.

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This episode’s title is dedicated to Peter Larsen. We heard you, and welcome your feedback!

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This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Gunnar smoking funny cigarettes, OpenShift all over the place, motorcycles, hacking Gunnar’s house (in a bad way), how to ask for help, and how to receive help like a gentleman.

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See if you can find where he installed the Raspberry PiSee if you can find where he installed the Raspberry Pi

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          Throwback Thursday Review: Convergence: Superman #2 (2015)      Cache   Translate Page      

Oh, Baby!

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund and Brad Anderson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 6, 2015

I loved last month's Convergence: Superman and was so looking forward to this month's finale.  Dan Jurgens did such a fine job setting up both parts of the story that even if I wasn't familiar with the character's home worlds and stories, I still could follow every bit of it and become fully invested in what was going on.  The best part?  This was the only book in the entire Event where I actually had feelings of wanting both sides to win.  Sure, Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois were on the top of the list of favorites (Lois is pregnant for Christ's sake), but Flashpoint Thomas Wayne and even Subject One Superman were sentimental favorites as well.  However, the crazy cliffhanger last month had me wanting Superman to kick some serious ass and I was not disappointed.  Was the rest of the issue as good?  Let's find out...

The issue starts off with Flashpoint Batman and it not only fills us in on what happened last month but throws in a little Flashpoint history lesson.  It may have been little, but it made me smile.  That was something I did a lot while reading this issue and I'm even doing while writing this review.  This may be a bit of a spoiler, but I loved this issue.

From there we visit with Superman as he fights Captain Thunder, Cyborg and Abin Sur.  Jimmy Olsen is there (in his rocket car) and I think that Superman forgot that Jimmy pretty much ruined any diplomacy last month by coming in guns a blazing.  Oh well, Jimmy is Superman's pal so forgive and forget, I guess.  The battle is exciting, but when Cyborg attacks Superman and Superman fires back it may be the best couple pages I've seen in a long while.  It also shows Cyborg and the Flashpoint boys that this Kryptonian is a bit more powerful than their Subject One.

Speaking of that scrawny Man of Steel, last month's cliffhanger showed him kidnapping the very pregnant Lois Lane and we see why.  First, he loves her.  Second, he wants Thomas Wayne to deliver the baby.  With all the serious business going on, Thomas Wayne's reaction to Subject One easily finding the Batcave was priceless.

When Superman gets free of his Flashpoint aggressors (thanks to Jimmy) and follows a clever Lois to the Batcave, Thomas Wayne's reaction goes from hilarious to laugh out loud funny.  So much for his secret little cave. 

After quickly taking care of Subject One, Superman helps deliver his son and fans of Lois and Clarke get what they've been waiting for.  The only thing that bothered me at all was when SSupermanrejects the name Jor for his son.  The issue ends with a nice moment with Thomas Wayne asking Superman about his own son and Lois and Clarke looking so happy, holding the newest Kent.

Okay, this book didn't have much of a Convergence ending.  Who won?  What city is going to dissolve into nothingness?  We don't get any answers on that front, but what we do get is a satisfyingly great Superman story.  And Lois story,  And Thomas Wayne story.  Dan Jurgens does such a great job of weaving such a powerful narrative in just two issues.  The bad thing...I want more!

I also want more Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund art.  This is on the top of my list of best looking Convergence books and the part I mentioned of Cyborg and Superman fighting was awesome!  Guess what?  So was everything else.

Bits and Pieces:

Last Month's Superman #1 was my best reviewed issue of the first month and I liked this one even better.  The only thing keeping it from a perfect score is that we don't get much of a Convergence ending.  We do get a hell of a Superman story filled with great characters and superb art.  Highly Recommended.


          Aντίστροφη μέτρηση για το Disrupt Greece      Cache   Translate Page      
Startups, ρομπότ στη σκηνή, o πρώτος «cyborg artist στον κόσμο» και σπουδαίοι ομιλητές από την Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό συνθέτουν το «πάζλ» του φετινού διαγωνισμού Disrupt Greece, που κορυφώνεται με το μεγάλο event στο Μουσείο Μπενάκη στις 25 Σεπτεμβρίου. Ο μεγάλος διαγωνισμός καινοτομίας, που διοργανώνουν για δεύτερη χρονιά Fortune και Industry Disruptors – Game Changers
          'Smackdown' Recap: Becky Lynch Launches a Sneak Attack on Charlotte Flair      Cache   Translate Page      
'Smackdown' Recap: Becky Lynch Attacks Charlotte
Courtesy WWE

It's hard to believe that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were best friends just months ago.

After Summerslam, however, that all changed. Lynch, furious at Charlotte for getting a last-second opportunity for the Smackdown championship, attacked Flair after she won the belt. The two have been at odds ever since.

This week it seemed like there would be a brief respite before Flair and Lynch's match at Hell in a Cell. Flair was slated to take on Sonya Deville to prove that she hasn't lost a step since becoming Smackdown champion.

Ultimately, she proved her point. Deville couldn't deal with Flair's renowned athletic skill, and eventually fell victim to the “Figure Eight” submission hold.

However, the end of the match was where the real fight began.

As Charlotte was leaving the ring, she stopped to pose with a group of fans. Suddenly, she got pulled away from the crowd by none other than Becky Lynch, who was hiding in the audience.

This time, Charlotte took the brunt of the assault, eventually getting trapped in Lynch's Dis-Arm-Her hold.

Will Lynch's mind games prove successful against “The Queen"? We won't have to wait long to find out, as they'll be facing off at Hell in a Cell.

Watch Hell in a Cell live from the AT&T Center in Connecticut on September 16, exclusively on the WWE Network.


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Superhero skins - it's app with minecraft skins. Skins for Minecraft PE it's way to customize your character and be a different from other players. Every boy and girl will find skinseed here!

Play with us and skins for MCPE. Choose your favorite look and in few seconds you will play with a new, really cool skin for Minecraft PE, Pocket Edition. Create new world in sandbox with Superhero skins!

- Catwoman - Harley Quinn
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- Spider Jerusalem - Torch man
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- Spider-man - Green lantern
- Daredevil - Robin
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- Aquamen

Features in our app:

• Big collection of Superhero skins.
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To download skin you need connect to the Internet. Every product requires the original game Minecraft Pocket Edition, so skins app will work correctly.


We are not an official or a subsidiary of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The Minecraft PE name, the MCPE brand and assets are the property of Mojang AB. All rights reserved.

Recent changes:
Superhero skins - version 1.0
          SMYT #28: Spotlight: SFIAAFF: I'm a Cyborg But That's Ok, Planet B-Boy, Wings of Defeat, 881 and shorts.       Cache   Translate Page      
          Comment on Cyborg cockroach controlled using tiny microcircuit by Frank Aquilina      Cache   Translate Page      
I understand these roaches are quite big ,relatively benign and do not suffer the usual bacterial contamination of common roaches. ( though I read they can carry mold spores which can trigger allergies - but can be kept as 'pets'! ) My only concern going fwd is the potential slippery moral slope of using and abusing animals for our own ends ( ok, we do the same to all domesticated animals) I am reminded of a hero in E.E Doc Smiths 'Lensman' series who, finding himself in a bind, exerts mind control over a worm or such like to bring him a tool to escape with, he rewards such worm by placing it in a food rich environment upon his escape - maybe the roaches may be encouraged to continue cooperating by similar suitable reward!
          Youtube.      Cache   Translate Page      
The adage- fire is a good servant but a bad master, depicts the reality that we live in, a cyborg-li
          Así luce Eiza González como una cyborg en Alita: Battle Angel      Cache   Translate Page      

La película live action dirigida por Robert Rodriguez, se estrenará el 21 de diciembre.
          Así luce Eiza González como una cyborg en Alita: Battle Angel      Cache   Translate Page      

La película live action dirigida por Robert Rodriguez, se estrenará el 21 de diciembre.
          Cyborgs im Büro      Cache   Translate Page      
Mitarbeiter eines Technologie-Unternehmens haben sich vor einem Jahr RFID-Chips in die Hand implantieren lassen. Experten äußern Datenschutz-Bedenken, aber die Nutzer sind zufrieden.
          Viitorul va fi al cyborgilor. Omul de stiinta care conecteaza creierul cu AI vine la IMWorld      Cache   Translate Page      
Principalele domenii de cercetare ale prof. dr. Kevin Warwick sunt Inteligenta Artificiala, robotica, cyborgii si sistemele biomedicale, capitol la care trebuie mentionat una dintre marile sale contributii in cercetare, simulatorul inteligent destinat luptei cu boala Parkinson. De altfel, ceea ce pentru noi, neinitiatii, sunt deocamdata doar scenarii SF - omul bionic, Iron Man din filmele Marvel sau roboti umanoizi inteligenti - pentru omul de stiinta Kevin Warwick sunt realitati cotidiene. Dar vor deveni realitati si pentru noi, intr-un viitor nu foarte indepartat, ne asigura cercetatorul. Oamenii au creat deja roboti cu neuroni umani, dar dimensiunea creierului robotic, care aduna 30 de milioane de neuroni, nu ajunge la dimensiunea celui uman, care are sute de miliarde de neuroni. Dar suntem pe acest drum, iar in 10-15 ani, omenirea va fi animata de discutii aprinse pe tema robotilor cu creier de marimea celui uman. Și atunci ne vom intreba ce fel de drepturi ii vom oferi acestui tip de roboti? , povestea Kevin Warwick intr-un interviu. Crearea omului bionic Cercetatorul si prof. Warwick este cunoscut pentru experimentele sale de pionierat care includ implantarea unui dispozitiv in bratul stang pentru conectarea sistemului nervos direct la un computer. De asemenea, un succes rasunator l-a avut cu primul impuls uman extra-senzorial (ultrasonic) si prima comunicare pur electronica intre sistemele nervoase a doua fiinte umane. Dupa ce a devenit cyborg, Kevin Warwick a capatat puteri similare telepatiei. Prezenta sa era recunoscuta de catre computer, iar prin tehnologia implantata putea sa actioneze luminile, sa controleze un scaun cu rotile, chiar si un brat robotic aflat dincolo de Atlantic. Cele doua fete ale aceluiasi viitor: omul si tehnologia Pe Main Stage IMWorld, profesorul Kevin Warwick va prezenta experimentele realizate pe el insusi, aratand cum poate tehnologia electrozilor si a implantului sa fie folosita pentru a crea cyborgi si creiere biologice pentru roboti. Profesorul va explica modalitatile in care pot fi obtinute atat sporirea abilitatilor umane, cat si diminuarea efectelor unor boli neuronale. Dovada a importantei acestei realizari este si numarul mare de domenii in care aceasta tehnologie a avut deja impact major, un element-cheie fiind nevoia unei interfete clare care sa conecteze creierul biologic la tehnologia computerizata. Pe scena principala IMWorld cercetatorul va prezenta cum prin aceasta tehnologie creierul unui om poate fi intr-un loc, iar corpul omului in orice alt loc in care exista si retea. Urmatorul pas in comunicare va fi direct creier-catre-creier. Doua implanturi vor putea conecta doua creiere, dintre care unul sper sa fie al meu, a mai declarat Kevin Warwick. Prin conectarea creierului uman la Inteligenta Artificiala, omul poate dobandi noi simturi, noi mijloace de control si noi modalitati de a comunica. Prezenta lui Kevin Warwick la Bucuresti este sustinuta de Raiffeisen Bank. Principalele takeaways dupa sesiunea cercetatorului Kevin Warwick sunt: 1. Creierul uman poate fi upgradat (la propriu) 2. Creierul si corpul uman pot functiona independent (in spatii diferite) 3. Creierul uman poate fi conectat la Inteligenta Artificiala. Accesul pe Main Stage, la sesiunea profesorului Kevin Warwick, se face doar pe baza biletului de tip Digital Architect sau cu oricare PRO ce poate fi achizitionat de pe In cifre estimative, IMWorld 2018 va avea: ● 7 scene mari carora le corespund tot atatea zone expozitionale cu solutii specifice; ● 25 de industrii si 5000 de companii reprezentate la toate nivelurile; ● 9000 de participanti cu profil de business, dintre care 5500 de nivel CxO; ● 140 de expozanti cu peste 2700 de solutii digitale; ● 147 de speakeri locali si internationali si 127 de sesiuni; ● 22 de start-up-uri autohtone ● 7 zone de networking Partener principal: Telekom Romania Partenerii scenelor de conferinte: Microsoft - Security Stage ALEF - IT Ops Stage Raiffeisen Bank - Digital E-Commerce Stage METRO SYSTEMS / Java Stage UiPath - .Net Stage Ipsos / MarTech Stage VIAVI Solutions / IT Solutions Networking Partner VTEX / Digital Marketing Networking Partner Sponsori: Trencadis, Nuvias, Cegeka, ENGIE, Orange, Maguay, SoftOne, Agentia de SEO DWF, TotalSoft, SYSWIN Solutions, Lidl Digital, certSIGN, bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA, upswing, White Image, E.ON Romania. Digitaljob / Registration Partner VIVA Telecom - Internet Partner Renault - Car Partner Bright Agency - Digital Partner L’OR - Coffee Partner Glovo / Food Delivery Partner IQOS - Experience Partner Pentru informatii suplimentare, urmariti platformele oficiale de comunicare Despre IMWorld Concept propriu al companiei Universum Events, IMWorld a devenit in cei 7 ani, un hub care genereaza new business si in care comunitatea dezvolta digitalizarea in Romania. In fiecare an, in prima saptamana din octombrie, timp de 2 zile, mediul de business activ din Romania se intalneste cu tot ce este mai important in procesul de transformare digitala la Internet Mobile World. Structurata ca o expo-conferinta B2B, IMWorld are misiunea de a sprijini toate industriile din Romania sa adopte digitalizarea pentru a creste eficienta si productivitatea. Prin know-how-ul oferit de agenda evenimentului si prin solutiile marilor jucatori din piata de IT prezenti in eveniment, IMWorld genereaza plusvaloare concreta si contribuie activ la dezvoltarea economiei, punand in relatie directa specialistii cu nevoia de digitalizare. citeste in continuare
          Alita: Battle Angel – Zweiter Trailer      Cache   Translate Page      
„Alita: Battle Angel“ ist die Realverfilmung des gleichnamigen Mangas von Yukito Kishiro. Der Sci-Fi-Endzeitfilm spielt im 26. Jahrhundert – einer Zeit der Verzweiflung, in der die Erde nahezu völlig verwüstet ist und Menschen und Cyborgs fast gleichgestellt miteinander leben. Der Mechaniker Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) findet den Kopf eines weiblichen Cyborgs und rekonstruiert sie. […]
          Author & Punisher makes heavier-than-ever extreme cyborg industrial metal heavier on Beastland      Cache   Translate Page      
Since 2004, San Diego’s Tristan Shone has been transforming himself into an extreme industrial metal cyborg he calls Author & Punisher. A mechanical engineer by trade, Shone built a series of “drone machines” and “dub machines”: heavy-duty steel sliders, levers, and knobs that add a factory-floor swing and tactile human weight to the midi samples and synth drones they control.…
          Author & Punisher makes heavier-than-ever extreme cyborg industrial metal heavier on Beastland      Cache   Translate Page      
Since 2004, San Diego’s Tristan Shone has been transforming himself into an extreme industrial metal cyborg he calls Author & Punisher. A mechanical engineer by trade, Shone built a series of “drone machines” and “dub machines”: heavy-duty steel sliders, levers, and knobs that add a factory-floor swing and tactile human weight to the midi samples and synth drones they control.…
          How Warner Bros. might “reset” the DCEU      Cache   Translate Page      
Paul Bradshaw
Sep 13, 2018

With Superman and Batman both looking for the door, where should the DC Extended Universe go next?

Henry Cavill has probably hung up his Superman cape. Ben Affleck is still fed up playing Batman. Warner Bros has a busy slate of superhero movies lined up for the next few years, with AquamanShazam!Wonder Woman 1984CyborgGreen Lantern CorpsThe FlashBirds Of PreyBlack Adam and about a dozen Joker projects all in the works – but the news that the DCEU might be losing its two biggest headliners has caused some to worry about the direction it seems to be taking. 

“There's a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn't work,” a Warner Bros insider tells The Hollwood Reporter, with another source says Warners are looking to “hit a ‘reset’ button” with the whole DC Extended Universe. 

The DCEU has always been the younger, weaker, angrier, moodier brother of the MCU – with Disney pretty much owning the box-office now for at least a decade – but is it really time for them to give up and start again? 

If Warner Bros are thinking of “hitting the reset” button to reboot the DCEU, what should they keep and what should they lose? 

Get a new Batman

First in 1989, and again in 2005, Batman made superhero movies what they are today. The fact that he doesn't have any powers (and that his suit isn’t usually too silly looking), he’s the one character who can hook in non-comic book fans – and he’s the biggest weapon in DC’s arsenal. 

Part of the reason Zack Snyder’s Batman had so many problems was because Christopher Nolan’s Batman was so much better. Nolan’s trilogy arguably ruined the DCEU before it started – making it impossible for anyone to be Bruce Wayne without making him different and the same. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice had its faults but its take on Batman was probably the only way it could have gone at the time – more muscly for the Marvel-apeing action, more moody for the Nolan comparisons.  

Simply put though, you can’t have a DCEU without Batman. If Affleck does officially jump ship soon, Matt Reeves’ upcoming sequel will have to quickly become a full-on reboot (if it isn’t already). Even if Affleck does decide to stay in the suit, Reeves’ film would do well to ignore the previous versions and give Batman a whole new direction. We don't need another origin story, but we do need a character that seems capable of holding up his own film – and the entire DCEU with it. Whatever you think of Snyder’s fetishised, grunting take on the icon, it’s hard not to care more about the comedy LEGO version (who’s already one stand-alone film up on Affleck).  

Batgirl and Nightwing both have films in the works – but neither is going to succeed entirely on their own. Successful superhero movies need to click with casual fans as well as with die-hard comic-book readers, and the only way most cinema audiences will see either film is as a spin-off character for a more famous hero who hasn't had a good film out for years. 

It’ll be tough, it’ll jar, and it’ll give the Snyder films a cult legacy that they probably don't deserve, but getting a new Batman might be the only way forward for Warner Bros.  

Leave Superman on the shelf for a few years

For some reason, Superman films never work quite as well as they should. Just as important to the future of the DCEU as Batman is – if not more so – Superman is the original superhero who should have been the face of summer blockbusters for the last two decades. Marvel has a great stable, but they haven’t got anyone as mythic and definitive as The Man Of Steel – and no one that more embodies the contribution that comic books have made to modern culture. So why can’t anyone get him quite right? Why does he need rebooting every couple of movies? 

Most likely just a problem of finding the right angle, the bigger problem will come if Warner Bros. decide to bring him back again too soon. If we get a soft reboot with another actor playing the same guy in the same world, no one will care. If we get another origin story, it’ll feel too soon after we saw the last one. The latest rumours put Michael B Jordan in the frame, which sounds like a great idea – but don’t do anything yet.

Give us a new Batman and a new DCEU timeline, and then spend some time building up Superman’s legacy again. When the time feels right, the arrival of Superman will have the weight and worth that it deserves.

Pause the team ups

When Marvel made Avengers Assemble in 2012, they’d already made five separate stand-alone superhero movies. And even then, it felt like a bit of a gamble to have so many under-served characters in the same film. It took plenty more individual chapters before things really started clicking in the MCU, and it wasn’t really until Captain America: Civil War when it felt natural to have so many other A-listers dropping in and out of the same story. 

Warner Bros., on the other hand, went straight from Man Of Steel to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad, trying to fast track a ready-built cinematic universe full of supers. Backstory went out the window, character arcs rose and fell in minutes, and audiences didn't have time to actually care about anyone on screen.  

Again, a successful superhero movie needs to work for the casual filmgoer – which rules out DC’s small screen offerings as a lazy way to crowbar in a bit more script. TV is simply too crowded a place to use as a platform for characters that are getting their best set-pieces at the cinema, and the DCEU felt exclusive, confused and niche long before Justice League made things worse. 

If Warner Bros. are planning a full reboot, they need to slow it down. Give each character at least one full film of their own before sticking them in a super-team – and only start bringing in multiple heroes if they’re in a story that’s better told with them in it. 

Embrace the dark side

The differences between Marvel and DC have been blurring since the early days, but Batman’s last few decades seem to have lent Detective Comics a slightly rougher edge in the cinema. Marvel has its fair share of angst (and you can’t really get darker than the end of Infinity War), but the general view of the MCU is coloured by bright costumes, quipping heroes and a whole lot of Disney merchandise.  

DC has always known that it has to get meaner and moodier if it wants to stand out, and they’ve been experimenting with different looks for years. The trouble is, they also want to compete with Marvel in the lunchbox and sticker stakes – which has led to some confusing mash-ups of grown-up themes and tween-friendly design choices (ie, Suicide Squad). At best, the modern DCEU just looks a bit emo. 

If Warner Bros really want to compete with Disney, they need to do what the Mouse House can’t. The under-twelves already make up a relatively small chunk of the global paying audience and fans are growing up quickly – which gives the DCEU plenty of remit to make films that are pitched more at The Dark Knight crowd. Man Of Steel started off in this direction – and Todd Phillips’ Joker certainly sounds like it’s going to do the same – but Justice League was a perfect example of what happens when you get your messages mixed. And who is Aquaman really being aimed at? What tone is Shazam! going for? 

A reset DCEU could be a great counterpoint to the MCU if Warner Bros are brave enough to stop trying to compete on equal terms. Give us another grown-up superhero franchise and make DC cool again.

But leave Wonder Woman alone

The worrying thing about all this talk of a “reset button” is that it might mean Warner Bros. getting rid of stuff we’d like them to keep. Namely Wonder Woman. 

The best thing in the DCEU by a long shot, Patty Jenkins’ 2017 film felt like the first time the studio had really nailed a character since Nolan’s Batman – a bit campy, a bit Marvel-y, sure, but still fresh enough to feel definitive. What’s more, Warner Bros. beat Disney to the punch in getting the first modern female-led superhero movie on the screen, and scrapping her now would be a big slap in the face to everyone that helped the studio take such an important first step.  

But is it already too late? Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has already shared a film with Superman and Batman. If they both need recasting, what will it mean for the rest of the Justice League? 

Hitting the reset button might be too drastic a decision if it means losing everything at the same time – but the X-Men movies (and about a million comics) have proved that superheroes have a bit more licence with continuity than most other genres. Is it plausible that Warner Bros. might cull everyone except Diana Prince? 

Probably not. The biggest problem facing the studio is money. With so many expensive tent-pole films already in the works – and so many already made that have been instrumental to their world building – hitting any kind of reset button is going to be prohibitively expensive. Warner Bros. have invested far too much in the DCEU to give up on anything, or anyone, and the most likely scenario is that they’ll shelve Batman, shelve Superman and carry on with five-year’s worth of B-list supers, side characters (and Wonder Woman) until they can figure out how to bring either of them back in a different incarnation.     

If anyone in Warner Bros. really does have a finger hovering over a reset button, they'll probably take one look at their upcoming slate and chicken out. Putting a cap on “Phase 1” of the DCEU might be the best thing for everyone – even before Cavill and Affleck started talking about quitting – but it’s definitely, probably, almost certainly not going to happen. Yet...

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Image: Gizmodo US がんばれワラビー、できるぞワラビー。ドアの鍵がインプットされてるマイクロチップを埋め込まれたペットがちゃんと自分で「ピッ」とタッチしてドアを開けて帰って来る ...なんか安っぽいSF映画っぽく聞こえますよね。でも本当にやっちゃったのがオーストラリアの研究者たち。ワラビーが外敵に殺されないように安全なケージの中で食事をするために、ワラビーの身体にマイクロチップを埋め込み、ドアを開けるトレーニングをさ 全文
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