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          Scientist, Endogenous Antibody Discovery Group      Cache   Translate Page      
MA-Cambridge, BioMedicine Design’s Endogenous Antibody Discovery Group is seeking a Scientist to drive VH-VL molecular cloning of antibodies identified in therapeutic antibody discovery campaigns. The candidate will be primarily responsible for implementing established workflows to clone large panels of lead antibody candidates derived from immunizations and generated in hybridomas in a high throughput environm
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Set up one more, but stop at the point where you start getting specific. Then export the database. You can then import that for the next one.
There are plugins for One Click Demo import.
I think there are also some for cloning your setup. (like a site template)

          Cloning 1, 2, 3      Cache   Translate Page      
Video: Cloning 1, 2, 3
Watch This Video!
Studio: Celebrity Video Distribution
Cloning 1,2,3 is a distracting, beguiling way to face our future. The hilarious prospects and zany visions help eliminate the fears and doubts. I believe the future will continue to survive will brilliant and unique discoveries to make the world stronger and more intelligent. There is no turning back. If we do not do it, someone more intelligent will. Let's have some fun and check out this whimsical method.

          Post Doctoral Fellowship, Respiratory molecular pharmacology: Asthma therapeutics - University of Calgary - Calgary, AB      Cache   Translate Page      
Cloning, over-expression, construction of reporter plasmids, RNA silencing, ChIP-PCR, CRISPR. Respiratory molecular pharmacology:.... $45,000 a year
From University of Calgary - Wed, 13 Jun 2018 22:18:15 GMT - View all Calgary, AB jobs
          Post Doctoral Fellowship, Respiratory molecular pharmacology: Asthma therapeutics, Airways Inflammation Research Group - The University of Calgary - Calgary, AB      Cache   Translate Page      
Cloning, over-expression, construction of reporter plasmids, RNA silencing, ChIP-PCR, CRISPR. Respiratory molecular pharmacology:.... $45,000 a year
From The University of Calgary - Wed, 13 Jun 2018 18:01:42 GMT - View all Calgary, AB jobs
          September 11th - Daily Best Deals @ Gearbest      Cache   Translate Page      

Here we will be uploading the fresh coupon codes on a daily basis. Remember, the coupons can be used only for a limited number of times. First come first serve!

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In my 2 weeks holiday, I indeed focused on a really big thing, and got more done that I had hoped for. For C types, nuitka_bool, which is a tri-state boolean with true, false and unassigned, can be used for some variables, and executes some operations without going through objects anymore.


Condition codes are no longer special. They all need a boolean value from the expression used as a condition, and there was a special paths for some popular expressions for conditions, but of course not all. That is now a universal thing, conditional statement/expressions will now simply ask to provide a temp variable of value nuitka_bool and then code generation handles it.

For where it is used, code gets a lot lighter, and of course faster, although I didn't measure it yet. Going to Py_True/Py_False and comparing with it, wasn't that optimal, and it's nice this is now so much cleaner as a side effect of that C bool work.

This seems to be so good, that actually it's the default for this to be used in 0.6.0, and that itself is a major break through. Not so much for actual performance, but for structure. Other C types are going to follow soon and will give massive performance gains.


And what was really good, is that not only did I get bool to work almost perfectly, I also started work on the void C target type and finished that after my return from holiday last weekend, which lead to new optimization that I am putting in the 0.5.33 release that is coming soon, even before the void code generation is out.

The void C type cannot read values back, and unused values should not be used, so this gives errors for cases where that becomes obvious.

a or b

Consider this expression. The or expression, that one is going to producing a value, which is then released, but not used otherwise. New optimzation creates a conditional statement out of it, which takes a as the condition and if not true, then evaluates b but ignores it.

if not a:

The void evaluation of b can then do further optimization for it.

Void code generation can therefore highlight missed opportunities for this kid of optimization, and found a couple of these. That is why I was going for it, and I feel it pays off. Code generation checking optimization here, is a really nice synergy between the two.

Plus I got all the tests to work with it, and solved the missing optimizations it found very easily. And instead of allocating an object now, not assigning is often creating more obvious code. And that too allowed me to find a couple of bugs by C compiler warnings.

Obviously I will want to run a compile all the world test before making it the default, which is why this will probably become part of 0.6.1 to be the default.


Previously variable codes were making a hard distinction for module variables and make them use their own helper codes. Now this is encapsulated in a normal C type class like nuitka_bool, or the one for PyObject * variables, and integrates smoothly, and even got better. A sign things are going smooth.

Goto Generators

Still not released. I delayed it after my holiday, and due to the heap generator change, after stabilizing the C types work, I want to first finish a tests/library/ resume run, which will for a Anaconda3 compile all the code found in there.

Right now it's still doing that, and even found a few bugs. The heap storage can still cause issues, as can changes to cloning nodes, which happens for try nodes and their finally blocks.

This should finish these days. I looked at performance numbers and found that develop is indeed only faster, and factory due to even more optimization will be yet faster, and often noteworthy.


The Speedcenter of Nuitka is what I use right now, but it's only showing the state of 3 branches and compared to CPython, not as much historical information. Also the organization of tests is poor. At least there is tags for what improved.

After release of Nuitka 0.6.0 I will show more numbers, and I will start to focus on making it easier to understand. Therefore no link right now, google if you are so keen. ;-)


During the holiday sprint, and even after, I am going to Tweet a lot about what is going on for Nuitka. So follow me on twitter if you like, I will post important stuff as it happens there:

Follow @kayhayen

And lets not forget, having followers make me happy. So do re-tweets.

Poll on Executable Names

So I put e.g. poll up on Twitter, which is now over. But it made me implement a new scheme, due to popular consensus


Even more hotfixes. I even did 2 during my holiday, however packages built only later.

Threaded imports on 3.4 or higher of modules were not using the locking they should use. Multiprocessing on Windows with Python3 had even more problems, and the --include-package and --include-module were present, but not working.

That last one was actually very strange. I had added a new option group for them, but not added it to the parser. Result: Option works. Just does not show up in help output. Really?

Help Wanted

If you are interested, I am tagging issues help wanted and there is a bunch, and very like one you can help with.

Nuitka definitely needs more people to work on it.


Working down the release backlog. Things should be out. I am already working on what should become 0.6.1, but it's not yet 0.5.33 released. Not a big deal, but 0.6.0 has 2 really important fixes for performance regressions that have happened in the past. One is for loops, making that faster is probably like the most important one. The other for constant indexing, probably also very important. Very much measurable in pystone at least.

In the mean time, I am preparing to get int working as a target C type, so e.g. comparisons of such values could be done in pure C, or relatively pure C.

Also, I noticed that e.g. in-place operations can be way more optimized and did stuff for 0.6.1 already in this domain. That is unrelated to C type work, but kind of follows a similar route maybe. How to compare mixed types we know of, or one type only. That kind of things needs ideas and experiments.

Having int supported should help getting some functions to C speeds, or at least much closer to it. That will make noticable effects in many of the benchmarks. More C types will then follow one by one.


If you want to help, but cannot spend the time, please consider to donate to Nuitka, and go here:

Donate to Nuitka

          How To Limit Network Bandwidth In Linux Using Wondershaper      Cache   Translate Page

Limit Network Bandwidth In Linux Using Wondershaper
This tutorial will help you to easily limit network bandwidth and shape your network traffic in Unix-like operating systems. By limiting the network bandwidth usage, you can save unnecessary bandwidth consumption’s by applications, such as package managers (pacman, yum, apt), web browsers, torrent clients, download managers etc., and prevent the bandwidth abuse by a single or multiple users in the network.  For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using a command line utility named Wondershaper. Trust me, it is not that hard as you may think. It is one of the easiest and quickest way ever I have come across to limit the Internet or local network bandwidth usage in your own Linux system. Read on.
Please be mindful that the aforementioned utility can only limit the incoming and outgoing traffic of your local network interfaces, not the interfaces of your router or modem. In other words, Wondershaper will only limit the network bandwidth in your local system itself, not any other systems in the network. These utility is mainly designed for limiting the bandwidth of one or more network adapters in your local system. Hope you got my point.
Let us see how to use Wondershaper to shape the network traffic.

Limit Network Bandwidth In Linux Using Wondershaper

Wondershaper is simple script used to limit the bandwidth of your system’s network adapter(s). It limits the bandwidth iproute’s tc command, but greatly simplifies its operation.
Installing Wondershaper
To install the latest version, git clone wondershaoer repository:
$ git clone
Go to the wondershaper directory and install it as show below
$ cd wondershaper
$ sudo make install
And, run the following command to start wondershaper service automatically on every reboot.
$ sudo systemctl enable wondershaper.service
$ sudo systemctl start wondershaper.service
You can also install using your distribution’s package manager (official or non-official) if you don’t mind the latest version.
Wondershaper is available in AUR, so you can install it in Arch-based systems using AUR helper programs such as Yay.
$ yay -S wondershaper-git
On Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint:
$ sudo apt-get install wondershaper
On Fedora:
$ sudo dnf install wondershaper
On RHEL, CentOS, enable EPEL repository and install wondershaper as shown below.
$ sudo yum install epel-release
$ sudo yum install wondershaper
Finally, start wondershaper service automatically on every reboot.
$ sudo systemctl enable wondershaper.service
$ sudo systemctl start wondershaper.service
First, find the name of your network interface. Here are some common ways to find the details of a network card.
$ ip addr
$ route
$ ifconfig
Once you find the network card name, you can limit the bandwidth rate as shown below.
$ sudo wondershaper -a  -d  -u 
For instance, if your network card name is enp0s8 and you wanted to limit the bandwidth to 1024 Kbps for downloads and 512 kbps for uploads, the command would be:
$ sudo wondershaper -a enp0s8 -d 1024 -u 512
  • -a : network card name
  • -d : download rate
  • -u : upload rate
To clear the limits from a network adapter, simply run:
$ sudo wondershaper -c -a enp0s8
$ sudo wondershaper -c enp0s8
Just in case, there are more than one network card available in your system, you need to manually set the download/upload rates for each network interface card as described above.
If you have installed Wondershaper by cloning its GitHub repository, there is a configuration named wondershaper.conf exists in /etc/conf.d/ location. Make sure you have set the download or upload rates by modifying the appropriate values(network card name, download/upload rate) in this file.
$ sudo nano /etc/conf.d/wondershaper.conf
# Adapter

# Download rate in Kbps

# Upload rate in Kbps
Here is the sample before Wondershaper:
wondershaper 1
Before enabling Wondershaper
After enabling Wondershaper:
wondershaper 2
After enabling wondershaper
As you can see, the download rate has been tremendously reduced after limiting the bandwidth using WOndershaper in my Ubuntu 18.o4 LTS server.
For more details, view the help section by running the following command:
$ wondershaper -h
Or, refer man pages.
$ man wondershaper
As far as tested, Wondershaper worked just fine as described above. Give it a try and let us know what do you think about this utility.
And, that’s all for now. Hope this was useful. More good stuffs to come. Stay tuned.

          Oracle DBA      Cache   Translate Page      
TN-Franklin, Franklin, Tennessee Skills : General Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: • Strong experience with Oracle 11g and 12c including partitioning, compression, RMAN, RAC, Oracle Database cloning in RAC and Non-RAC Environments. • Desired Experience with SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016 including database administration, database maintenance, replication, AlwaysOn, performance tuning, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS. • Experi
          We are getting closer to human cloning - Do you think it is ethical to clone animals/ humans? What are your      Cache   Translate Page      
Why cloning could Read More
          Oracle DBA      Cache   Translate Page      
TN-Franklin, Franklin, Tennessee Skills : General Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: • Strong experience with Oracle 11g and 12c including partitioning, compression, RMAN, RAC, Oracle Database cloning in RAC and Non-RAC Environments. • Desired Experience with SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016 including database administration, database maintenance, replication, AlwaysOn, performance tuning, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS. • Experi
          わずか数秒でテスラ・モデルSを盗み出せるキーレスエントリーシステムの脆弱性が発覚      Cache   Translate Page      
ベルギーにあるルーヴァン・カトリック大学のCOSIC(コンピューターセキュリティと産業暗号)研究チームが、テスラのモデルSのキーレスエントリーシステムを数秒でハックする方法を発見しました。Onderzoekers kraken contactloze sleutel van Tesla - KU Leuven Nieuws Can Steal a Tesla Model S in Seconds by Cloning Its Key Fob | WIRED 全文
GIGAZINE(ギガジン) 09月13日 13時00分

          LF: Old and new events legit and UNTOUCHED.      Cache   Translate Page      
Hi all,those Events must be LEGIT(cloning it's fine) and UNTOUCHED(no EV/exp, no pokerus, no lvl up, no IV changed ecc.)....
          Genetics 101: From Chromosomes and the Double Helix to Cloning and DNA Tests, Everything You Need to Know about Genes      Cache   Translate Page      
Other / Medicine / 2018
          VirtualBox 5.1.14 Build 112924 Final Portable + Extension Pack 180913      Cache   Translate Page      

VirtualBox 5.1.14 Build 112924 Final Portable + Extension Pack 180913
VirtualBox 5.1.14 Build 112924 Final Portable + Extension Pack | 115 MB

VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, it is now the only professional quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software. VirtualBox is a powerful virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. VirtualBox provides are useful for several scenarios: Running multiple operating systems simultaneously. VirtualBox allows you to run more than one operating system at a time. This way, you can run software written for one operating system on another (for example, ShiChuang software on Linux or a Mac) without having to reboot to use it.

Since you can con?�?gure what kinds of "virtual" hardware should be presented to each such operating system, you can install an old operating system such as DOS or OS/2 even if your real computer's hardware is no longer supported by that operating system.
Software vendors can use virtual machines to ship entire software con?�?gurations. For example, installing a complete mail server solution on a real machine can be a tedious task. With VirtualBox, such a complex setup (then often called an "appliance") can be packed into a virtual machine. Installing and running a mail server becomes as easy as importing such an appliance into VirtualBox.

Testing and disaster recovery. Once installed, a virtual machine and its virtual hard disks can be considered a "container" that can be arbitrarily frozen, woken up, copied, backed up, and transported between hosts. On top of that, with the use of another VirtualBox feature called "snapshots", one can save a particular state of a virtual machine and revert back to that state, if necessary. This way, one can freely experiment with a computing environment. If something goes wrong (e.g. after installing misbehaving software or infecting the guest with a virus), one can easily switch back to a previous snapshot and avoid the need of frequent backups and restores. Any number of snapshots can be created, allowing you to travel back and forward in virtual machine time. You can delete snapshots while a VM is running to reclaim disk space.

Infrastructure consolidation. Virtualization can signi?�?cantly reduce hardware and electricity costs. Most of the time, computers today only use a fraction of their potential power and run with low average system loads. A lot of hardware resources as well as electricity is thereby wasted. So, instead of running many such physical computers that are only partially used, one can pack many virtual machines onto a few powerful hosts and balance the loads between them.

Whats New:
VirtualBox 5.1.14 (released 2017-01-17)
This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: fixed emulation of certain instructions for 64-bit guests on 32-bit hosts
VMM: properly handle certain MSRs for 64-bit guests on ancient CPUs without VT-x support for MSR bitmaps (bug #13886)
GUI: fixed a crash with multimonitor setups under certain conditions
GUI: allow cloning of snapshots when the VM is running
NVMe: fixed compatibility with the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK, bug #16368)
VBoxSVC: fixed a crash under rare circumstances
VBoxManage: added a sanity check to modifymedium --resize to prevent users from resizing their hard disk from 1GB to 1PB (bug #16311)
ShiChuang hosts: another fix for recent ShiChuang 10 hosts
Linux hosts: Linux 4.10 fixes
Linux Additions: fixed protocol error during certain operations on shared folders (bug #8463)

Buy a premium  to download file with fast speed
thanks … e.rar.html … rtable.rar

          Copy Page & Create WordPress Landing Page      Cache   Translate Page      
I can pay $10 to $15 for this job. I need to copy a static landing page but I do not have ftp or cPanel access to the static landing page we are cloning. So you will have to download files using your browser... (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: CSS, HTML, PHP, Website Design, WordPress)
          Scientist, Endogenous Antibody Discovery Group      Cache   Translate Page      
MA-Cambridge, BioMedicine Design’s Endogenous Antibody Discovery Group is seeking a Scientist to drive VH-VL molecular cloning of antibodies identified in therapeutic antibody discovery campaigns. The candidate will be primarily responsible for implementing established workflows to clone large panels of lead antibody candidates derived from immunizations and generated in hybridomas in a high throughput environm
          We are getting closer to human cloning - Do you think it is ethical to clone animals/ humans? What are your      Cache   Translate Page      
Why cloning could Read More
          Cloning 1, 2, 3      Cache   Translate Page      
Video: Cloning 1, 2, 3
Watch This Video!
Studio: Celebrity Video Distribution
Cloning 1,2,3 is a distracting, beguiling way to face our future. The hilarious prospects and zany visions help eliminate the fears and doubts. I believe the future will continue to survive will brilliant and unique discoveries to make the world stronger and more intelligent. There is no turning back. If we do not do it, someone more intelligent will. Let's have some fun and check out this whimsical method.

          Total Commander PowerUser 68 Portable 180913      Cache   Translate Page      

Total Commander PowerUser 68 Portable 180913

Total Commander PowerUser 68 Portable | 282.3 Mb

A powerful tool for system administrators and advanced users, in which well-chosen programs and plug-ins. All this is efficiently integrated into the shell of Total Commander.
Exclusive differences from other assemblies TC:

1. Own repository software - install additional software in TC with a single click
2. System autofix - all reported issues are promptly rectified and you can see the change in you already installed build
3. Automatic software update - don't wait for new build for new versions of software, update programs with one click
4. The main criterion for Assembly - a maximum of functionality for every megabyte

List of portable software
* 7-zip - file archiver with a high compression ratio [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* aBurner - recording discs. Supports multisession, retrieval sessions. Record multiple copies of discs. Burn AudioCD
* Accounts Tuner - setting some additional security settings, user accounts
* Actual Spy - spy program (Trojan), covert surveillance computer + dispatch report. Intercepts buffer keystrokes, make screenshots
* Ad Muncher - block ads, popups, banners and other unwanted objects on web pages. Start with Shift to add program to startup, start with Alt removes
* Advanced IP Scanner - Network Scanner. Getting information about devices on the network
* AIDA64 - all about computer + stress tests and benchmarks. Start with Ctrl update program
* AIMP3 - quality Russian audio player. Start with Ctrl associate player with audio files, start with Shift cancels [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* All-Radio - TV, radio and video. Broadcast his radio. Start with Ctrl update program
* AlReader2 - reading electronic books
* AntiDupl - find similar pictures
* Antirun 2.3 - checking removable drives for malicious files in real-time startup + comfortable izvlekalka removable drives
* AnVir Task Manager - Startup Manager, processes, services and drivers. Replacing Task Manager. Start with Ctrl update program
* AppCrashView - display information about all the applications that have been closed or stopped emergency
* ASPack - packer executable files
* Audacity - multifunctional audio editor
* AutoHideDesktopIcons - auto-hide desktop icons when inactive member
* Autoruns - all that autostart system. You can manage the startup of an autonomous system
* AVSearch - search for text in files
* AVZ - combat SpyWare, AdWare, Dialer, BackDoor, Trojan + very useful system research and repair ShiChuang. Start with Ctrl update program
* Back2Life - a safe, convenient and quick recovery of deleted data
* BadCopyPro - restore data from floppies, HDD, CD, Flash-cards and other carriers
* Beeline Internet Connection - automatic adjustment of the Internet from Beeline
* Beyond Compare - Compare files or directories on the content (Win + F2 or Alt + C)
* BlueScreenView - displays extended information about all the BSOD in the composite table
* BOOTICE - manipulation boot sectors with ample opportunities. Loading various OS, recovery download
* BSOD - a collection of instructions for troubleshooting when a Blue Screen Of Death
* CarotDAV - client for FTP, WebDAV, SkyDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, SugarSync. Requires .NET
* CCleaner + - removal of logs, temporary files, garbage in the registry. Uninstalling, rubbing zeros. Start with Ctrl update program
* CCProxy - powerful and compact proxy
* CD-Player - tiny AudioCD player
* CDSlow - control the drive speed
* Check Flash - test performance and speed. Editing, saving and restoring partition / drive / boot
* ChkDskGui - interface for command-line utility Chkdsk
* CLCL - Clipboard Caching
* ColorConsole - more functional replacement cmd with support for tabs. Start with Ctrl update program
* ColorMania - color codes
* ConvertFN - mass change encoding
* ConvertXtoDVD 4.2 - Convert any video format compatible with DVD Video + recording to disk
* CPU-Z - CPU info
* CrystalDiskInfo - reading SMART Power and acoustic mode
* CurrPorts - shows all the open ports on your computer, closing TCP-connections, killing processes
* DirectGRUB - GUI to create a bootable USB drive with ISO podgruzku
* DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery - search, edit, and recover data on disks
* DomainHostingView - shows detailed information about domains
* DOSBox - emulator MS DOS (FAQ in the program folder)
* Download Master - download manager with automatic search mirrors. Start with Ctrl update program
* Dr.Web 6 Portable Scanner - treating virus scanner. Start with Shift check the file / folder under the cursor. Start with Ctrl update program
* Driver Fusion - the complete removal of driver backup, restoration. Requires .NET
* Driver Genius Professional 11 - Identify unknown devices, search and update your drivers over the Internet. Saving the installed drivers
* DVD Shrink - compression, removal of protection, editing and cutting DVD-movies
* Error Lookup - obtain information about errors in ShiChuang
* ERUNT - registry backup, you can automatically every time you boot
* Everything - instant (!) Search for files and folders on your PC [Shift + F7]
* FileTypesMan - file associations system and change
* FileZilla Server - Configuration, setting and monitoring of an FTP server. Start with Ctrl update program
* FileZilla - FTP server and client
* FileZilla - FTP-manager for uploading and downloading files from FTP-servers. Start with Ctrl update program
* Flash Drive Information Extractor - obtaining information on a flash drive
* FlashCookiesView - Displays a list of files, cookie, created by Flash component in your Web browser
* FLV Extract - run, drag flv window. And in the folder where the flv, mp3 and avi will
* Flying ShiChuang - a set of useful tools. HELP in the folder with the program
* foobar2000 Merak Pack - a compact assembly of the best in convenience audio player. Automatic download from the Internet biography, cover, lyrics
* Foxit PDF Editor - PDF Editor
* FurMark - stress test and benchmark GPU
* Games for ShiChuang - LIVE
* Ghost32 - creating / cloning disks / partitions
* GIGATweaker - Tweaking ShiChuang 7
* GPU-Z - information about GPU, saving BIOS. Start with Ctrl update program
* Greenfish Icon Editor Pro - icon editor with support for layers
* greylink - client DC ++, with the cheat functions. Prohibited by many hubs, but is able to simulate other client
* Hal - fast and convenient search for torrent files on the Internet
* Hardware Monitor Pro - all the sensors of the system, including the remote. Output tray in any parameter
* HD Tune Pro - SMART readings Diagnostics and test HDD, SSD, RAID, Flash. Power and acoustic mode
* HDD Low Level Format Tool - low-level format
* HDD Scanner - shows the distribution of information on the disk / folder under the cursor
* HDHacker - preserve and restore MBR nat. disks, BootSector log. drive or any specified sector drives
* HDI - LED read / write hard disk
* HFS - HTTP-create a file server
* Image Uploader - screenshots, upload images to websites, including those from the Clipboard. You can drag a file to the button
* Imagine [Editor animation] - creation and editing of GIF, ANI-files
* Imagine - view, edit and convert graphic files. Start with Ctrl associates program with graphics files, start with Shift cancels [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* IP-TV Player - IP-TV
* IPNetInfo - shows all available information about IP-address
* iSendSMS - sending sms and mms via internet. Start with Ctrl update program
* KeePass Classic Edition - secure storage of passwords
* KiTTY - modified version of PuTTY
* Kremlin Decrypt - decrypt a file or folder under the cursor
* Kremlin Encrypt - encrypt a file or folder under the cursor
* Kremlin Secdel - delete the file / folder under the cursor can not be recovered (Win + Shift + F8)
* Kremlin Wipe - mashing the empty spaces for the inability to recover deleted data
* LanSpy - a program designed to gather information on the remote host
* LanTalk.NET - does not require a server instant messaging system for LAN
* MACAddressView - information about network adapters by their MAC addresses
* MikroTik WinBox Loader - configurator for RouterOS
* MiniTool Partition Wizard - work with HDD and Flash, partitioning, formatting, resizing
* mInstaller - creating installers
* Miranda IM - instant messaging program. Start with Shift launch master database. Start with Ctrl update program
* MKey - appointment of various actions by any keys and combinations thereof. Manage players, browsers, network connections. Start with Ctrl update program
* MobaLiveCD - simple virtual machine to check the boot images / flash drives
* MoleBox - packaging applications into a single exe-file
* Movavi Video Converter - convert audio / video, cut, watermarks on videos, etc.
* mp3DirectCut - editor of mp3 files without decompressing
* MPC Home Cinema - Video Player. Start with Shift associated with video player, start with Alt resets all settings. Start with Ctrl update program [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* MPR - reveals the passwords of more than 110 popular applications (FTP, E-mail clients, internet pagers, Browsers and so on.) Shows passwords hidden under asterisks. Password generator
* MSI Afterburner - acceleration, configure and monitor GPU. Video recording of the games - Shift + Alt + W
* MultiBoot - boot repair ShiChuang Vista / 7 and create a multi-menu
* MyhomeLib - connect to online collections of e-books. Convenient management of collections of all types of books. Start with Ctrl update program
* NetDrive - Mounts FTP, WebDAV as a local hard drive
* NetLook - alternative network environment, LAN scanner, navigation through shared resources and messaging
* NetRouteView - graphical shell standard ShiChuang utilities to manage routes
* NetSetMan - network setup, creation of profiles with different settings, auto profiles. Start with Ctrl update program
* NetVoice - chat and voice communication in the network, conference. Does not require a server
* NetworkTrafficView - display general statistics about network traffic
* NetWorx - traffic control and speed for all network connections. Start with Ctrl update program
* NonStopCopy - copy from damaged media
* Noscript - on / off ShiChuang Script Host
* Notepad ++ - text editor. Start with Ctrl update program [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* NTFS Links - create hard or symbolic links on NTFS-partitions (HELP in the program folder)
* NVIDIA Inspector - information about their GPU GeForce overclocking and monitoring
* Open Hardware Monitor - all the system's sensors. Output tray in any parameter. Requires .NET
* 3 pro - office suite
* OpenWithView - change the items in the "Open With"
* Opera LE - Multi modification of the browser, a full zip and RSS clients. Start with Ctrl to make Opera the default browser. With Shift - run without the last session
* OperaCacheView - view cache web browser Opera
* OperaPassView - recovery of passwords in the web browser Opera
* OpPleiList - tiny audio player
* Orca - editor msi-installer (ShiChuang Installer Package)
* PageDfrg - defragment registry and swap file at boot ShiChuang XP
* PeToUSB - creation LiveUSB from LiveCD, change the letters stick
* PhotoFiltre Studio X - editing
* PlanMaker - spreadsheet editor [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* Pointofix - random screenshots, drawing on the screen, zoom in with the mouse wheel, etc.
* PowerOff - scheduler, timer, diary
* Process Explorer - process management, system information, end the conversation. Replacing Task Manager
* Process Monitor - monitor file access to the registry, you can filter on a specific program
* Pserv - manage processes, services, ShiChuang, launch drivers, uninstall the application. ShiChuang Event Log
* Punto Switcher - automatic switching keyboard layouts diary (a la keylogger). When clamped Shift launch diary. Start with Ctrl update program
* PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client. Help in your program
* QIP 2012 - communication protocols via ICQ, Jabber, Mail.Ru Agent, SIP, Ya-line. Runs in stand-alone mode. Start with Shift - Normal mode. Start with Ctrl update program
* QTranslate - translate text using online translators, pronunciation, spelling. Translation by mouse selection, as in Lingvo. Start with Ctrl update program
* Quick BFC - convert bat to exe
* R-Studio - restore deleted files and corrupted partitions from HDD, CD, Flash and RAID
* Rapid Environment Editor - information about the system / user variables and editing. Start with Ctrl update program
* RBTray - Window Management
* RedButton - removal of logs, temporary files. Removing components OC + tweaker. Already set up to secure clearance. Start with Shift same as pressing the red button
* RegConvert - convert reg to bat and inf
* RegWorkshop - multifunction replacement regedit
* Remote Administrator - remote control for controlling the computer on it should be run Remote Administrator Server
* Restorator - Resource Editor in the dll, exe, ocx, etc.
* RunAsDate - creates an environment for programs with a specified time. Modifies the program, stopping for them
* S & M - stress test CPU, PSU and memory
* SafeMSI - including temporary ShiChuang Installer in Safe Mode
* Sandboxie - runs the program so that any changes associated with the use of these programs are stored in the "sandbox", which you can later remove
* SAS.Planeta - view and download satellite maps of the services Google, Yandex and others. Viewing downloaded maps without an internet connection. Start with Ctrl update program
* SCapture - recording a video file that is displayed on the monitor, creating screenshots
* ShellMenuView - change the context menu of files / folders in ShiChuang Explorer
* Simple Port Forwarding - management port modems, routers (routers), redirect Internet traffic from one port to another
* SiteShoter - create screenshots of web pages
* Skype - Voice over the Internet between computers (VoIP). Start with Ctrl update program
* SlimDrivers Free - search and update drivers via the Internet. Backup and remove the drivers. Start with Ctrl update program
* SmartSniff - intercept and view TCP / IP-packets transmitted through the network adapters between the client and the server
* SoftPerfect RAM Disk - create a virtual disk in RAM
* SSD Mini Tweaker - setting under ShiChuang 7/8 SSD with useful and questionable optimizations
* Stamp - the creation of seals and stamps
* StreamTransport - web-browser for downloading videos from Rutube,, YouTube, Hulu and other sites. Start with Ctrl update program
* SumatraPDF - view pdf, xps, djvu, mobi files, and comics. Start with Shift associates program pdf. Start with Ctrl update program [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* Super PI mod - CPU benchmark
* SysTracer - create registry snapshots, files and compare them with each other
* TcpView - shows open ports and processes using an internet connection, with the possibility of complete
* TeamViewer - the management of remote PC, presentation, file transfer, video chat (mod by diogen - cut advertising). Start with Ctrl update program
* Teleport VLX - full or partial download sites from the Internet while retaining all the internal structure of directories and files for later viewing offline
* TeraCopy Pro - copy to (Win + F5) file under the cursor to the opposite panel, resume support and other pluses (Win + F6 to move)
* TextMaker - document editor, spell checker, create PDF [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* Tftpd32 - DHCP, TFTP, SNTP and Syslog server + TFTP client
* TinyPiano - piano keyboard
* Tireal TFT Test - Test Monitor
* TrashReg - clean registry + removal from the registry key protection programs Trial. Start with Ctrl update program
* TrueCrypt - that creates an encrypted container (looks like a normal file mp3, avi, etc.), which can then be connected to a disk and store the information
* Tunatic - identification of music
* UFS Explorer - to view file system (can be damaged), including Linux and MacOS, and data recovery
* UltraISO - recording discs.Understands the 35 image formats, mount, Ripping, create AudioCD, boot flash drives, converting image formats [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* UninstallTool - more functional replacement of "Add or Remove Programs"
* Universal Extractor - extracting packed files, supports a huge number of Packers (scroll to the object)
* Universal Virus Sniffer - the fight against unknown viruses. Copes with Winlock. Its recovery OS. Able to work with inactive OS. Start with Ctrl update program
* Unlocker - Unlock, rename, delete, move files and folders, the process employed, or have an incorrect name (scroll to the object)
* UoPilot - emulation of mouse and keyboard actions. Start with Ctrl update program
* UPX Shell - packer executable files
* Upx Unpacker - UPX decompression protected
* USB Disk Eject - to safely remove USB drives
* USB Disk Storage Format Tool - formatting the flash drive, including NTFS, creating boot to DOS flash drives
* USB Vaccine - protection against viruses stick with auto, by writing to non-removable flash files
* USBMaster - control USB-storage devices (for details on the menu "Help")
* USDownloader - easy download manager with popular file servers (iFolder, RapidShare, MegaUpload, DepositFiles, etc.)
* uTorrent - client for network BitTorrent (P2P). Advertising cut. Start with Ctrl update program
* Victoria - the test and analysis of HDD (help for F1)
* VideoCacheView - Extract video files from the cache of web browsers
* Virtual Panel - temporary panel, allows you to store a reference to the files and folders that have to consult frequently, and in fact refer to them as regular files
* VirtualBox - create a virtual computer. You can run on the same computer multiple operating systems [Web-installer, the program is set to TC]
* VirtualDub - video capture and processing. Wanted installed codecs
* Virus Total Upload - to send a file to the site, where he was examined 40 vendors. You can drag a file to the button
* Visual C ++ 2005 - 2012
* VKMusic - allows you to search, listen online and download music and video from FaceBook, YouTube, Rutube and other sites
* VMT - stress test video memory GPU
* Volumouse - Sound Control, and others. using the mouse
* WakeMeOnLan - remote turn on the computer
* WebVideoCap - capture video files from web sites
* WifiInfoView - an overview of active Wi-Fi networks. For each matching network shows extended information
* WinContig - defragmenter HDD and Flash. Able to selectively defragment files and folders. Start with Ctrl update program
* WinDjView - viewing djvu-files [Alt + F3 to open the file under the cursor]
* ShiChuang 8 Firewall Control - protection from unwanted network activity, controls output applications over the Internet. Start with Ctrl update program
* ShiChuang XP WPA-Patch - activation
* WinHex - HEX-editor
* WinRAR - functional archive. Works with locked files
* WinRoll - windowing
* WinSCP - graphical client protocols SFTP and SCP
* WinUpack - packer executable files
* Wireless Network Watcher - shows who connects to your WiFi
* WirelessNetView - an overview of active Wi-Fi networks. For each matching network shows extended information
* Wise InstallTailor - creating an answer file as mst for msi installers
* X-Chat - IRC client. Supports parallel operation with multiple servers
* XP Tweaker - tuning ShiChuang XP + Vista and 7 partially
* XP-AntiSpy - tweaker system with an emphasis on off loopholes in XP / 2003 / Vista / 7. Start with Ctrl update program
* Empty Trash, TEMP directories cache IE. Start with Ctrl - restart conductor with cleaning cache icons (icons recover damaged labels). Start with Shift will turn off the conductor
* Registry tweaks - detailed description of + very useful system restore ShiChuang
* Shtirlits - Decoding Text
... And much more ...
List of plugins
WCX plugins
* btdir.wcx Plugins\wcx\BtDir\btdir.wcx
* CHMDir.wcx Plugins\wcx\chm\CHMDir.wcx
* deb.wcx Plugins\wcx\deb\deb.wcx
* DiskDirExtended.wcx Plugins\wcx\DiskDirExtended\DiskDirExtended.wcx
* sff.wcx Plugins\wcx\Fax files sff\sff.wcx
* gaup_pro.wcx Plugins\wcx\GAUP_PRO\gaup_pro.wcx
* GifWcx.wcx Plugins\wcx\GifUnpack\GifWcx.wcx
* HA.wcx Plugins\wcx\ha\HA.wcx
* hlp.wcx Plugins\wcx\hlp\hlp.wcx
* ICLRead.wcx Plugins\wcx\iclread\ICLRead.wcx
* InstExpl.wcx Plugins\wcx\InstallExplorer\InstExpl.wcx
* IShield.wcx Plugins\wcx\IShield\IShield.wcx
* iso.wcx Plugins\wcx\iso\iso.wcx
* cpio.wcx Plugins\wcx\LinuxSetupFiles\cpio.wcx
* rpm.wcx Plugins\wcx\LinuxSetupFiles\rpm.wcx
* MhtUnPack.wcx Plugins\wcx\MhtUnPack\MhtUnPack.wcx
* mpq.wcx Plugins\wcx\mpq\mpq.wcx
* Puzzle.wcx Plugins\wcx\Puzzle\Puzzle.wcx
* TreeCopyPlus.wcx Plugins\wcx\TreeCopyPlus\TreeCopyPlus.wcx

WDX plugins
* AudioInfo.wdx Plugins\wdx\AudioInfo\AudioInfo.wdx
* autorun.wdx Plugins\wdx\autorun\autorun.wdx
* crc32tag.wdx Plugins\wdx\crc32tag\crc32tag.wdx
* DirSizeCalc.wdx Plugins\wdx\DirSizeCalc\DirSizeCalc.wdx
* EncInfo.wdx Plugins\wdx\EncInfo\EncInfo.wdx
* exif.wdx Plugins\wdx\exif\exif.wdx
* FastFb2Wdx.wdx Plugins\wdx\FastFb2\FastFb2Wdx.wdx
* MediaInfoWDX.wdx Plugins\wdx\MediaInfoWDX\MediaInfoWDX.wdx
* NL_Info.wdx Plugins\wdx\NL_Info\NL_Info.wdx
* wdx_translit.wdx Plugins\wdx\TransLit\wdx_translit.wdx
* wdx4i.wdx Plugins\wdx\wdx4i\wdx4i.wdx
* xPDFSearch.wdx Plugins\wdx\xPDFSearch\xPDFSearch.wdx
* ShellDetails.wdx Plugins\wdx\ShellDetails.wdx
* TCTorrent.wdx Plugins\wdx\TCTorrent.wdx

WFX plugins
* AceHelper.wfx Plugins\wfx\AceHelper\AceHelper.wfx
* ADBPlugin.wfx Plugins\wfx\ADB\ADBPlugin.wfx
* Back2Life.wfx Plugins\wfx\Back2Life\Back2Life.wfx
* BadCopy.wfx Plugins\wfx\BadCopy\BadCopy.wfx
* cloudplugin.wfx Plugins\wfx\cloudplugin\cloudplugin.wfx
* cpl.wfx Plugins\wfx\ControlPanel\cpl.wfx
* decClipboardFS.wfx Plugins\wfx\decClipboardFS\decClipboardFS.wfx
* envvar.wfx Plugins\wfx\Environment Variables\envvar.wfx
* EventNT.wfx Plugins\wfx\EventNT\EventNT.wfx
* FSNetShare.wfx Plugins\wfx\FSNetShare\FSNetShare.wfx
* httpbrowser.wfx Plugins\wfx\httpbrowser\httpbrowser.wfx
* IECache.wfx Plugins\wfx\IECache\IECache.wfx
* wfx_iOS.wfx Plugins\wfx\iOS\wfx_iOS.wfx
* seeker.wfx Plugins\wfx\LanSeeker\seeker.wfx
* wpdplug.wfx Plugins\wfx\MediaAudio2\wpdplug.wfx
* MirandaFS.wfx Plugins\wfx\MirandaFS\MirandaFS.wfx
* NetMon.wfx Plugins\wfx\netmon\NetMon.wfx
* NetworkAlt.wfx Plugins\wfx\networkalt\NetworkAlt.wfx
* RadminPlg.wfx Plugins\wfx\radmin\RadminPlg.wfx
* registry.wfx Plugins\wfx\Registry\registry.wfx
* Services.wfx Plugins\wfx\services\Services.wfx
* plugin_sftp.wfx Plugins\wfx\sftp4tc\plugin_sftp.wfx
* sftpplug.wfx Plugins\wfx\sftpplug\sftpplug.wfx
* StartupGuard.wfx Plugins\wfx\StartupGuard\StartupGuard.wfx
* SymbFS.wfx Plugins\wfx\SYMBFS\SymbFS.wfx
* Uninstaller64.wfx Plugins\wfx\Uninstaller64\Uninstaller64.wfx
* VirtualPanel.wfx\wfx\VirtualPanel\VirtualPanel.wfx
* davplug.wfx Plugins\wfx\webdav\davplug.wfx
* wincefs.wfx Plugins\wfx\wincefs\wincefs.wfx
* wipe.wfx Plugins\wfx\WIPE\wipe.wfx

WLX plugins
* 3dsmax.wlx Plugins\wlx\3dsMax\3dsmax.wlx
* ArchView.wlx Plugins\wlx\ArchView\ArchView.wlx
* BaseView.wlx Plugins\wlx\BaseView\BaseView.wlx
* CADView.wlx Plugins\wlx\CADView\CADView.wlx
* FileInfo.wlx Plugins\wlx\FileInfo\FileInfo.wlx
* Font.wlx Plugins\wlx\Font\Font.wlx
* HTMLView.wlx Plugins\wlx\HTMLView\HTMLView.wlx
* Imagine.wlx Plugins\wlx\Imagine\Imagine.wlx
* IniEd.wlx Plugins\wlx\IniEd\IniEd.wlx
* LinkInfo.wlx Plugins\wlx\LinkInfo\LinkInfo.wlx
* SCRList.wlx Plugins\wlx\SCRList\SCRList.wlx
* slister.wlx Plugins\wlx\slister\slister.wlx
* SWFView.wlx Plugins\wlx\SWFView\SWFView.wlx
* TCTorrent.wlx Plugins\wlx\TCTorrent\TCTorrent.wlx
* ulister.wlx Plugins\wlx\ulister\ulister.wlx
* visualdirsize.wlx Plugins\wlx\VisualDirSize\visualdirsize.wlx
A small FAQ
* A huge number of files (text, multimedia, graphics, etc.) open on F3, F4, alt+F3
* Many programs are in the drop down menu "Run"
* On Ctrl+PageDown can go inside most of Packed files
* The icon "|", the one at the top-right you can click while holding Ctrl
* If you want to update the Assembly and load all the missing software, then run the TC PU - Update and download software
* Assembly can be run through Vypolnenii programs and files - totalcmd or Alt+Ctrl+Shift+T
* Change associations with internal system - Shift+A
* Shift+Enter - run the file system Association with enabled internal
* F11 - fullscreen mode TC

What's New in version 68 (February 06, 2017):
* official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

Author Assembly: NAZARET

Languages: English, Russian

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          Devices disappear, do not appear, or change names unexpectedly.      Cache   Translate Page      

This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base. It is automatically updated when the knowledge article is modified.


BMC Client Management


Client Management


Most versions of BMC Client Management.


In some conditions devices could appear to:

  • Disappeared from the Client Management console
  • Unexpectedly change device names during a display refresh
  • Assignments of actions to unexpected devices
  • Remote Control or Direct Access against a device different than the expected device.



Various Conditions, commonly the result of Capturing an OS for use in future OS Deployments (Cloning)



OS images captured with a Client Management agent installed having an existing Globally Unique ID (GUID) generated and subsequently deployed to two or more devices.


When an agent has been installed and ran at least once on a device that you want to capture as an image for future OS Deployments, you must always ensure to go through these step prior to capturing the image:

  • Stop the Client Management agent service (check that there's no setting that will restart the Client Management service while you'll go through the next steps)
  • Open the BMC Client Management install folder, navigate to ../client/config/identity.ini and while the service is stopped, clean the value of the following entries by removing any data after the equals sign.     
    • [Only for versions < 12.6] GUIDScheme=
    • GUID=

Do NOT allow the Client Management service to restart prior to capturing the disk image!

Do use a sysprepped procedure to capture the OS image.  If the Client Management sysprepped image capture process is implemented using the OSD module's RunSysprep.bat process, duplicate GUIDs will be avoided.

When a sysprepped image is deployed, the HostNameis set prior to the Client Management service starting, which will avoid duplicate GUID values when using the default GUID scheme based on HostName. 




If you have already deployed devices using the same GUID and the quantity of devices deployed is low, you can manually reset the Identity.ini (as described above) for each device deployed using the OS Image known to contain a populated GUID= Value.

If you have already deployed devices using the same GUID on a large or unkown quantity of devices:

  • Set the duplicated GUID in the "List of banned GUIDs" in Global Settings → System Variables → Connection Management. When a device with a GUID that is a member of the banned GUID list, the device will re-generate a new GUID based on the existing GUID scheme.
  • You should still edit your WIM image to clean the GUID from the Identity.ini file.

If you are uncertain if OS Images have been deployed which could cause duplication of GUIDs or if other factors in your network could cause the creation of duplicate GUIDs, execute in a SQL editor the following SQL query appropriate to the database engine to detect if duplicate GUIDs exist in your database:

Microsoft SQL Server:  
 SELECT d.DeviceID   ,d.DeviceName as Current_Name   ,substring (description,2,charindex('}',description)-2) as Prior_Name   ,d.GloballyUniqueID   ,min(elog.IntegrationDate) as min_eventdate   ,max(elog.IntegrationDate) as max_eventdate   ,COUNT(eventlogid) as NumberOfChanges   from bcmdbuser.EvLog_ObjType_710 elog  join bcmdbuser.Devices d on d.DeviceID=elog.DeviceID  where EventType='_DB_EVENTTYPE_DEVICENAME_CHANGE_ENUM_'     and d.DeviceName <> substring (description,2,charindex('}',description)-2)     and d.TopologyType in ('_DB_DEVTYPE_CLIENT_','_DB_DEVTYPE_MASTER_','_DB_DEVTYPE_RELAY_')  group by d.deviceid   ,d.DeviceName   ,d.TopologyType   ,d.GloballyUniqueID   ,substring (description,2,charindex('}',description)-2)  having count(elog.eventlogid) > 1  order by numberofchanges desc;   
select d.DeviceID    ,elog.eventdate as Event_log_date    ,d.devicename As Current_Name    ,substr(elog.description,2,instr(elog.description,'}')-2) as Prior_Name    ,elog.description as Event_log_entry  from EvLog_ObjType_710 elog  join Devices d on d.DeviceID=elog.DeviceID  where elog.EventType='_DB_EVENTTYPE_DEVICENAME_CHANGE_ENUM_'    and d.TopologyType in ('_DB_DEVTYPE_CLIENT_','_DB_DEVTYPE_MASTER_','_DB_DEVTYPE_RELAY_')    and elog.deviceid in       (        select d2.DeviceID        from EvLog_ObjType_710 elog2        join Devices d2 on d2.DeviceID=elog2.DeviceID        where elog2.EventType='_DB_EVENTTYPE_DEVICENAME_CHANGE_ENUM_'          and d2.DeviceName <> substr(elog2.description,2,instr(elog2.description,'}')-2)        group by d2.deviceid        Having Count(elog2.eventlogid)>2      )  order by d.deviceid, eventdate desc;
  PostgresSQL the best db server ever! (jlerch 2016)   
select d.DeviceID,     COUNT(eventlogid) as "#_Name_Changes",    d.devicename As Current_Name,     substring(description from 2 for position('}' in description)-2) as Prior_Name,    d.netbiosname as Current_NetbiosName  from EvLog_ObjType_710 elog  join Devices d on d.DeviceID=elog.DeviceID  where EventType='_DB_EVENTTYPE_DEVICENAME_CHANGE_ENUM_'  and lower(DeviceName) <> lower(substring(description from 2 for position('}' in description)-2))  group by d.deviceid ,d.devicename, d.netbiosname, Prior_Name  having count(eventlogid) > 2  order by d.deviceid,"#_Name_Changes" desc;

DNS Issues while performing network based Asset Discovery:


I frequently come across issues where there's a DNS issue on the network which makes the device appear with another name in the console.


In case of doubt, look for its netbios name, the netbios name should always be correct in this situation.


Note sometimes DNS issues such as this one make it hard to solve as if you don't "Allow Duplicate Device Names" in Global Settings > System Variables  > Connection Management it will not always be possible to update the correct name of the device automatically.


e.g: "Device1" is stored in the DB as "Device2" as its Device Name and "Device1" as its Netbios Name. You fix the DNS issue but "Device1" already exists in the asset discovery scan results with its correct name. In this situation we will not manage to merge the scanned device with the entry of the device with an agent. Therefore "Device1" will keep appearing as "Device2" until you edit its name with a query, delete it from the console or allow duplicate device names.




I would fix the DNS then allow duplicate device names.


Manual Deletion :


Someone actually deleted the device record. This will be logged in the master ../master/log/mtxagent_audit.log*:


2016/06/10 15:28:24 Vision64Database                 A   [24768]  admin1 - - Destroyed object 'Device-03' of type 'Device' and topology type 'Client'


As you can see this log shows who deleted it and from which ip address.

If the record deleted is an active device with a Client Management agent installed, the device record will be re-created when the device uploads its next Identity (Every 12 hours by default) **Note, since the original device record was deleted, Financial Asset Management (FAM) inventory records will also be deleted. When the device is recreated it will also include new FAM inventory data.


Automatic deletion:


Since 12.1 there's a dedicated step to delete (or deprecate) devices from a device group: "Device Clean-up". usually people create a dynamic device groups that will list devices that did not upload an identity for more than 90 days (or so).


This OR is scheduled every week or so and might have deleted the device your are looking for.




Double check if the query populating the device group is correct (or the person that populates it manually).


Article Number:


Article Type:

Solutions to a Product Problem

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          Read What an Old Pro is Saying About Mcb Busbar System      Cache   Translate Page      

Life, Death, and Mcb Busbar System
Interconnected technology became an essential part of our lives. After you have the technology and capabilities to create usable electricity from renewable sources like wind, solar, tidal it is quite desirable in order to store the energy so that it may be used to meet demand on the grid or maybe during a power cut. Automation is essential for manufacturing industry to increase productivity and cost efficiency. What's more, it may enhance the productivity of your company, and you are able to make more profits from your company accordingly.

An IoT system can go through several regions of the IT of an organization. The system has been successfully operating for at least 2 decades now. Both can be used with each other or with other Wohner systems, like the 60Classic or 30Compact busbar system. Cost Benefits Busbar system is extremely cost-efficient in comparison to conventional counterparts. In fact, the thermostat device doesn't fulfill its main function. As an example, complete power distribution subsystems may also act as structural members of a complete system.
What Everybody Dislikes About Mcb Busbar System and Why
Some treadmills have handweights to incorporate into your fitness regimen. A house treadmill may be one of the very best exercise comforts around since you can use it regardless of the weather or time. A treadmill on the opposite hand offers you a LOT of workout versatility!

The very low level has the devices deployed in the specialty. On the positive side it means the capacity to use commodity tools, even should they must be customized or tweaked for the surroundings. What's the benefits of CMSMS solutions. The principal benefits are the higher productivity, the higher lifetime of equipment and machines and, ultimately, the manufacturing cost reduction. Please note store credit doesn't include delivery expenses. High price of capital is an essential market challenge that's faced by market players to grow on the market. With a treadmill, YOU'RE in control of your workout time!

The original program will be necessary as a way to duplicate it's setup on the replacement hardware. If you're just starting a fitness program it's possible to begin with a slow walk and speed it up as your entire body gets into better shape. Moreover, there are a great deal of ways of cloning the entire project or its parts.

Our company use scientific manufacturing procedure and strict excellent management system, products with respect to performance have reached the international expert level in the exact same industry. No matter which treadmill you pick, make certain it fits your requirements and way of life. Lots of us just don't have the opportunity to take 45 minutes to an hour to visit the gym each and every day. If you don't understand where to click, you are going to want a while to figure it out.

At some point though a human should interact with the system, while it's making small adjustments or reprogramming the whole system. To make things worse, two new regions of dispute arose. You're not required to, but remember that it may provide help. Given each of their benefits it's no surprise that treadmill sales have increased by 50% over the previous five decades! If you have almost any queries about exactly where and also tips on how to utilize difference between busbar and bus duct - , it is possible to e-mail us at our own web-page. Let's look at the regular control computer software architecture.
What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Mcb Busbar System
Since you have to possess the machineries' which suit for your professional organization, and you've got to spot the true need of busbar processing machine to your enterprise. Tyre manufacturing is also a complicated practice. It is a highly competitive field and faces volatile changes. Manufacturers of PLCs supply some readymade programs written in Structured Text, which may be modified to suit the use of the user with aid of a network support provider. Network Support for PLC Programming Problems There are many PLC manufacturers on the market nowadays.

Try out working in a workforce where you're told you need to make your normal voice lower in the event that you need everyone to take you seriously. The last reason for being victimized is the absence of communication. A user can then not only be confident that they possess the latest file, but in addition it has not yet been tampered with. If you haven't installed the prior dashboard, you are now able to download the Detecting WannaCry and EternalRocks dashboard. Combining Ladder Diagram with HMI ought to be carried out by a knowledgeable PC support provider. The attack on the solar plants depending on the simple fact that the grid must always stay in the balance. AggreGate can detect this issue.

On the grounds of industry, the current market is classified into discrete and process market. The global market is saturated with these kinds of solutions. Europe HMI market is expected significant growth over the forecast period because of technological innovations in various industries.

British business was woefully uncompetitive in the worldwide marketplace. Companies must plan to fail to be able to succeed. ABB it turns out is a business that makes control systems.

          English Language For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk | 13- 09- 18      Cache   Translate Page      
English Language For IBPS RRB PO/Clerk | 13- 09- 18

Dear Readers,

As IBPS has released the official notification of the Common Recruitment Process for RRBs (CRP RRBs VII) for recruitment of Group “A”-Officers (Scale-I, II And III) and Group “B”-Office Assistant (Multipurpose) and the exam is going to be held in the month of August 2018 and September 2018 for both the posts. Looking at the notification, we have now started subject-wise quizzes for the exam. It will include quizzes of all the subjects- Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning and Computer. All these quizzes will be strictly based on the latest pattern of the IBPS RRB exam and will be beneficial for your preparations. So, keep following the quizzes which will provide you a set of 10 questions daily. 

Here, we are providing you important questions of English Language for IBPS RRB 2018 exam.

Q.1-10. Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q.1. He became quiet and (1)/ endured everything in the (2)/ privacy of his home and making sure (3)/ nobody got to know about it (4)/. No error (5).

Q.2. He wanted eminent jurists and senior lawyers (1)/ to debated and suggest harmony (2)/ and balance between (3)/ independence and accountability (4)/. No error (5).

Q.3. American and Afghan officials have repeated (1)/ complained about (2)/ cross-border attacks from the (3)/ region and often retaliated (4)/. No error (5).

Q.4. India refused to comply, saying (1)/ this was a spiritual (2)/conference and the freedom was an (3)/essentiality part of New Delhi (4)/. No error (5).

Q.5. It’s no surprise that (1)/each radio station (2)/sounds like a cloning (3)/of the other (4)/. No error (5).

Q.6. As long as the boom be continuing (1)/, the top executives and other employees got huge salaries and (2)/bonuses, which they justified (3)/as reward for supposed wisdom (4)/. No error (5)

Q.7. In a true capitalist system (1)/, greedy companies that taken (2)/on too much risk (3)/should go impoverished (4)/. No error (5).

Q.8. India’s influence on Pakistani culture extends (1)/beyond cinema and soaps (2)/, take for example 'Dosa' (3)/ which has travelled a long way from its home (4)/. No error (5).

Q.9. The mehmaan-nawaazi is visible on (1)/the streets of Karachi, where even posh (2)/, branded shops giving (3)/big discounts to Indians (4)/. No error (5).

Q.10. Normalization of trade ties (1)/with Pakistan and instigating a sense of (2)/understanding will be an important (3)/first step in that direction (4)/. No error (5).


Q.1.(3) Use 'made sure' in place of 'making sure'.

Q.2.(2) Use 'Debate' and not 'debated'.

Q.3.(1) Use 'respeatedly' in place of 'repeated'. The sentence requires the use of an adverb and 'repeated' is a verb.

Q.4.(4) 'Essential' should be used instead of 'essentiality'.

Q.5.(3) 'Cloning' is a verb-

A noun is needed in the sentence use 'Clone' instead of 'cloning'.

Q.6.(1) Use 'Continued' in place of 'be continuing'.

Q.7.(2) Use 'takes' instead of 'taken'.


Q.9.(3)Use 'give' in place of 'giving'.


          Compatibility of quantum measurements and inclusion constants for the matrix jewel. (arXiv:1809.04514v1 [quant-ph])      Cache   Translate Page      

Authors: Andreas Bluhm, Ion Nechita

In this work, we establish the connection between the study of free spectrahedra and the compatibility of quantum measurements with an arbitrary number of outcomes. This generalizes previous results by the authors for measurements with two outcomes. Free spectrahedra arise from matricial relaxations of linear matrix inequalities. A particular free spectrahedron which we define in this work is the matrix jewel. We find that compatibility of arbitrary measurements corresponds to inclusion of the matrix jewel into a free spectrahedron defined by the effect operators of the measurements under study. We subsequently use this connection to bound the set of (asymmetric) inclusion constants for the matrix jewel using results from quantum information theory. Among the techniques we employ are approximate quantum cloning and mutually unbiased bases.

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