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          King Salman receives Gambian officials      Cache   Translate Page      
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Wed, 2018-09-12 23:06

JEDDAH: King Salman received a message from President Adama Barrow of Gambia.

The message was conveyed to the king during his meeting with Gambian Foreign Minister and President’s Special Envoy Mamadou Tangara and his accompanying delegation at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah on Wednesday.

The king sent greetings back to the Gambian president.

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          Re: West Africa      Cache   Translate Page      

I just came from Gambia. I must say I have never had such respect for gay people until I saw a couple of gay Gambians at Romano in Bakau. These guys are openly gay and effeminate and couldn't care who knows inspite of the local anti gay laws and the stupid president's gay death threats. Romano plays host to a live band every Sunday night which goes on til 3.30 am Monday morning. Although the weekly event is not necessarily a gay event/venue, this event does attract some gay Gambians. These guys are good "mbalax" dancers. It is customary to give them a few Dalasis (the local currency) if you appreciate their artistry. You don't have to though. You can simply watch then walk up to them to congratulate them thereby striking a conversation. Ensure any express of interest is done discreetly when they are alone or away from their female friends. Interestingly, some of these guys were arrested few years ago but it still has not stopped them expressing themselves. Some of them are well known homosexuals.
          How safe are gay tourists in the Gambia?      Cache   Translate Page      
I am planning on visiting the Gambia next year.
But: how safe are you as a single white gay male travelling alone?

I am not extremely feminine, but you can see I am gay.
I want to visit the Gambia for the sun and the nice beaches, having dinner in the evening and a few drinks in a bar.
Will be staying at a middle class hotel (2 or 3 stars) in the coastal region.
Will be taking occasional trips but not looking for sex since I have been warned how dangerous that is.

Just for taking a trip like I described above and refusing offers of sex (just because I do not go on vacaction for sex) how dangerous can that be for me?
          Re: Visiting the Gambia      Cache   Translate Page      
Hello !
Yes, I'll be interested in meeting nice/honest local boys.
If you know anyone, I'll be happy to receive your help and experience.
many thanks
          Re: GAMBIA IN THE LIFE      Cache   Translate Page      
Whished i could tell something different.
Have been in The Gambia more then 10 times, and still come there.
All the times i have been there, i never met a real gay. Some boys do act as if they are gay,
but they do so to get something from you, money, a ticket to Europe, education or what else.
As a moslim country with a president that has said that all gays should be killed, you should not expect
sympathy overthere. Ofcourse, like everywhere in the world, there are people who use there brains
and untherstand that gays are also human, and need respect!
But don't tell that The Gambia is a paradise for gays
Absolutly not!!!!!!!!!
          Re: Some recent information from The Gambia      Cache   Translate Page      
Is that you on the picture?
I think i love you!!!!!!!
          Re: Gambians against Government`s anti-gay stance      Cache   Translate Page      
In that case keep your gay sex tourism visits to African countries where gayness is either legal or tolerated... South Africa, Burkina Faso and Togo are the only countries I know where gayness is either legal or tolerated... Please let us know of others
          Re: gambia      Cache   Translate Page      
Agree with you regarding Gambia,you should also include other Islamic countries in Africa such as Senegal,Mali,Mauritania,Sudan. These are places to be avoided at all costs,they are extremely intolerant of gays,and risk your life,just for a few minutes of fun. No amount of money or any other incentive would ever lure me to visit such barbaric countries.
          Re: Sex tourism in Gambia...      Cache   Translate Page      
From www I transfer the fllowing passage.

Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery

The Gambia is a source, transit, and destination country for children and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Within The Gambia, women and girls, and to a lesser extent boys, are trafficked for sexual exploitation, in particular to meet the demand for European sex tourism, and for domestic servitude. Boys are trafficked within the country for forced begging by religious teachers and for street vending. Transnationally, women, girls and boys from neighboring countries are trafficked to The Gambia for the same purposes listed above. Primary source countries are Senegal, Mali, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and Benin. Trafficking of Gambian boys to Senegal for forced begging and Senegalese boys to The Gambia for the same purpose is particularly prevalent. Gambian women and girls are trafficked to Senegal for domestic servitude, and possibly for sexual exploitation. Gambian women and children may be trafficked to Europe through trafficking schemes disguised as migrant smuggling. Reports in the last two years of Gambian, Senegalese, and nationals of other neighboring countries being transported from The Gambia to Spain by boat appear to be predominantly cases of smuggling rather than trafficking. - U.S. State Dept Trafficking in Persons Report, June, 2008 [
          Where to find gay men in Banjul,Gambia?      Cache   Translate Page      
I am going for a holiday to Banjul and it would be nice to meet some gay men first of all as friends, absolutely no prostitutes=no money, exchange ideas and have fun. I speak good english, spanish and some french. Let me know soon. Take care you all.
          look to travel to gambia      Cache   Translate Page      
does any one know anywhere in gambia i could have some fun and not get into trouble with the police. email me at
          España recibe el 43% de los migrantes del Mediterráneo que llegan a las costas europeas      Cache   Translate Page      

La Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM) ha revelado que España recibe el 43% de los migrantes del Mediterráneo y que Italia ha vuelto a las cifras de 2014.

Tabla comparativa de las llegadas y muertes de migrantes de los países europeos costeros.

La OIM da cifras exactas y las compara con las de 2017: 73.696 migrantes y refugiados han ingresado a Europa por vía marítima al 9 de septiembre de 2018. De esos, 32.022 llegaron a España, el destino más elegido este año.

Compara este número con las 128.993 llegadas a toda Europa en el mismo período de 2017, y con las 298.663 en la misma época (13 de septiembre) en 2016. Ha habido un descenso considerable. No así España, que adelanta a Grecia e Italia en recepción de migrantes.

En este gráfico puede verse que julio fue el mes con más llegadas:

Gráfica que compara las llegadas de migrantes por mar en cada mes del año desde 2015.

Ana Dodevska de la OIM España ha informado de que la mayoría de los migrantes irregulares llegan a España por el Mediterráneo. Casi 9.100 llegaron dentro de los 40 días desde que comenzó agosto, unos 227 por día. En lo que va de septiembre, las llegadas diarias se encontraban en casi 300 al día.

Llegadas por tierra y por mar que ha recibido España en 2018.

Dodevska también ha compartido datos sobre las nacionalidades. Casi un 60% son subsaharianos, de muchos de ellos no se consigue precisar más, pero los países de origen más comunes son Marruecos (6.000), Guinea Conakry (4.800), Mali (4.150), Costa de Marfil y Gambia (unos 2.000 cada uno).

          World: Global Weather Hazards Summary: September 14 - 20, 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
Source: Famine Early Warning System Network
Country: Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Panama, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Togo, Uganda, World, Yemen

Flood risk remains high over parts of Nigeria, as heavy rainfall is expected to continue

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Heavy rainfall caused flooding in western and southern Nigeria. The forecast rain during the next week increases the risks for flooding over the region.

  2. Torrential rain has increased the level of the Atbara and Dindir Rivers. Additional rainfall over the region is likely to further raise water levels, including the Nile River and its tributaries.

  3. Irregular rainfall since June has resulted in deteriorated ground conditions across parts of western Uganda, northeastern DRC, and southern South Sudan.

  4. Despite an overall improvement in rainfall over the past four weeks, deficits remain over portions of southwestern Ethiopia and eastern South Sudan.

          [Vídeo] As mulheres e a programação      Cache   Translate Page      

Por que será que a área de T.I. (programação ou demais) tem poucas mulheres? O que afasta as mulheres da T.I.?

Nesse vídeo trago alguns fatos históricos sobre a programação que começou e foi levada por um bom tempo por mulheres.

Mencionados no vídeo:

Grupo no telegram


As programadoras do ENIAC apagadas da história da computação

A nerdinha que salvou a Apollo 11

Documentário: The computers


Baby look

          Deed Anderlecht gouden zaak op de transfermarkt? ''Binnen 3 jaar weg''      Cache   Translate Page      

Anderlecht moest vorige maand flink de portemonnee trekken om de defensie te versterken met Bubacarr Sanneh. Naar verluidt betaalden de Brusselaars liefst 8 miljoen euro, waarmee hij de op één na duurste transfer uit de clubgeschiedenis werd. Volgens een kenner van het Gambiaanse voetbal is hij dit bedrag absoluut waard.

          Edição do 'Playing For Change Day' reúne atrações culturais em Nilópolis      Cache   Translate Page      
Neste sábado (15), acontece o Playing for Change Day. Celebrado sempre no terceiro sábado de setembro, o dia reúne músicos do mundo inteiro tocando em prol de mudanças globais. E Nilópolis não poderia ficar de fora.

No município, o evento será realizado no Galpão 252 e será das 10h às 22h com entrada gratuita. O festival local tem parceria com Prefeitura de Nilópolis, através das secretarias de Turismo e Cultura e apoio da Rádio 94 FM, Baixada Nunca Se Rende, Bioleve e Rede de Hotéis Brisa.

Para animar a festa, estão confirmadas atrações musicais, Capoeira Viva Brasil, performance poética e teatro. O evento é realizado simultaneamente em mais de 40 cidades ao redor do mundo.

Apesar de não haver cobrança de ingressos, quem for ao evento poderá estar doando qualquer quantia para o Instituto Playing For Change, que realiza trabalhos sócio-culturais com crianças em todo o mundo há mais de sete anos.

Além das apresentações musicais, o evento vai oferecer Feira de Moda Vintagechic, Flash Tattoo, exposições e artesanato.

Confira as atrações já confirmadas:

• Marcos Gayoso - Monera (música)
• Capoeira Viva Brasil (esporte)
• Banda XIX (música)
• Ventilador de teto (música)
• Gambiarra profana (performance poética)
• Paschoal Meato (teatro)
• Banda No cautela (música)
• Som Q surge (música)
• Jessica Volpi (música)
• Irmãos Lempé (música)

O Galpão 252 fica na Rua Senador Salgado Filho, 252, Olinda. Maiores informações podem ser obtidas através do telefone (21) 9648-88435. 


          9/13/2018: SPORTREGIO: “Weinig kans op slagen”      Cache   Translate Page      
Mollenaar Tom Saintfiet heeft zijn eerste wedstrijd als bondscoach van Gambia vorig weekend afgesloten met een 1-1 gelijkspel tegen Algerije. Van Saintfiet wordt verwacht dat hij het land naar de Africa Cup leidt, al wordt dat een bijna onmogelijke...
          TGS to Conduct MSGBC Basin 3D Survey      Cache   Translate Page      
TGS has announced Jaan, a fully harmonized 3D multi-client project in the southern portion of the MSGBC Basin from northern Senegal, through The Gambia and the AGC zone, into Guinea-Bissau down to...

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          Flowering Plants Of The Gambia       Cache   Translate Page      
Dcument Of Flowering Plants Of The Gambia
          West African 3D Survey Launched by TGS      Cache   Translate Page      
TGS is launching a large multi-client 3D survey offshore West Africa, just as anticipation mounts ahead of a new Gambian well.

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