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          Flora U21 vs Levadia Tallinn U21, Sep 14, 2018 – Preview, Watch and Bet, Score      Cache   Translate Page      

Estonian Esiliiga, Flora U21 – Levadia U21, Friday, 10:45 am ET Score, Highlights Short Preview Recent matches Flora U21 is playing changeable (in the last 5 games wins – 3). Levadia U21 is in a first-class shape now (in the last 5 games wins – 4). Flora U21 could have problems with physics compare with…

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          World Clean Up Day 15 September 2018      Cache   Translate Page      
The biggest civic action in the history of our planet, the World Cleanup Day, will take place on 15 September. On this day, millions of people from 150 countries will come together to take a step towards a cleaner world and draw attention to the global waste problem.

The biggest civic action in the world started in Estonia in 2008 and will be overseen from Estonia on 15 September. This means that we have the chance to make Estonia bigger than ever before in just one day.

Come along and join the cleanup action!

Find the nearest pile of rubbish, take some bin bags and gloves with you, and clean it up. Even the smallest contribution helps! You will find the contact details of the teams in your country at

World Clean Up Day 15 September 2018

●    The World Cleanup Day will be held on 15 September 2018.
●    The biggest civic action in the world started in Estonia in 2008 and will be overseen from Estonia on 15 September. Approximately 150 countries will start cleaning up the Earth on the same day under the leadership of Estonia.
●    Let’s Do It World Cleanup Day is part of the Estonia 100 programme and is the biggest gift from Estonians to the world.
●    The World Cleanup Day will follow the Sun around the world – the cleanup will start at 10 am in New Zealand and end 36 hours later in Hawaii. The action will kick off on 14 September at 11 pm Estonian time.
●    The headquarters of the World Cleanup Day will be based in Tallinn and the results of the action, information, TV broadcasts, etc. from all over the world will be gathered there. The global TV broadcast will be hosted from the headquarters in Tallinn and shared all over the planet.
●    Millions of people will come out in support of cleaner nature, with an aim to take a step towards a cleaner world together and draw attention to the global problem of waste and seek possible solutions.
●    In Estonia, the cleanup action will focus on forests, beaches, lake shores and river banks.

Facts about the waste problem

●    According to the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), ca 4 billion tons of waste is generated every year, of which ca 1.6 billion tons  is household waste.
●    3.5 billion people in the world have no access to waste management systems and the waste ends up in nature, incl. in oceans, or it is burnt.
●    According to the Global Waste Management Outlook, hundreds of millions of tons of illegal waste ends up in nature every year and from there makes its way to the oceans. 80% of the waste floating in oceans is of mainland origin.
●    This is why the problem of waste is just as critical for developed countries as it is for developing ones. Although several associations monitor waste in different regions of the world, insufficient information about the quantities and locations of the waste prevents dealing with the problem efficiently.

The story of the World Cleanup Day

●    A group of people, including Rainer Nõlvak, Toomas Trapido, Henri Laupmaa and Kadri Allikmäe, sat down together in August 2007 and came up with the idea to clean Estonia from waste in one day. Ahti Heinla, Tiina Urm, Tatjana Lavrova, Eva Truuverk and Anneli Ohvril joined them later. 620 volunteers and over 500 organisations in Estonia helped make Let’s Do It! a success.
●    More than 50 thousand people cleaned up over 10 thousand tons of waste on 3 May 2008. It would have taken the state years and cost 22.5 million euros. But it got done in one day and only cost half a million euros (mostly the cost of waste handling by waste management companies).
●    The first country to join Estonia’s initiative was Lithuania, which carried out a supporting cleanup day with Estonia (with a couple of thousands of volunteers on 3 May 2008). Latvia carried out a cleanup action in autumn; Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia and many others followed suit.
●    Almost 20 million people from more than a hundred countries of the world have cleaned up their territories at different times based on the Let’s Do It! model.
●    Maximum numbers of cleanup day participants: Latvia (210,000), Lithuania (250,000), Portugal (100,000), Slovenia (270,000), Romania (250,000), Albania (281,000), Hungary (200,000), Bulgaria (375,000), Ukraine (500,000), India (54,000), the Philippines (28,000), etc.

          Approved: Maarja Nuut & Ruum      Cache   Translate Page      
Already successful solo artists in their own right, Estonia musicians Maarja Nuut and Hendrik Kaljujarv, aka Ruum, are set to release their first album together, ‘Muunduja’, next month. Produced by Howie B, the record sees them bring together their individual styles, while also challenging their usual ways of working. Tracks like the currently available ‘Kuud […]
          Report Tracks Progress In Building Digital Economies      Cache   Translate Page      
There are precious few countries on earth that aren’t trying to develop innovative, digital economies, but a recent report from Tufts University highlights the varying progress made towards that goal around the world. For instance, Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, Estonia (more here), Hong Kong, Japan, and Israel are identified ...
          Kosonen Named Managing Director of Turku Repair Yard      Cache   Translate Page      
Oskari Kosonen has been named managing director of Turku Repair Yard, a Finnish ship repair arm of the Estonia-based BLRT Grupp.Kosonen joined Turku Repair Yard in November 2007. Before that, he held positions at a design and engineering company as well as at a shipyard…
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MoneyTO Money Transfer 1.0.0

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MoneyTO uses great technology to help people living and working outside of their home country to send and receive money — securely, conveniently, and at a low cost.

Send money abroad online — it’s way much cheaper than high street banks and many other money transfer companies.
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MoneyTO Money Transfer

          Diego Simeone Ejek Kebijakan Transfer Real Madrid      Cache   Translate Page, Jakarta Manajer Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone telah mengejek tim rival Real Madrid atas dua transfer musim panas ini. Simeone menyinggung soal penjualan Cristiano Ronaldo dan pembelian Thibaut Courtois.

Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan radio Spanyol, pelatih asal Argentina itu menyatakan kondisi timnya sekarang lebih jauh ketimbang Real Madrid setelah penjualan Ronaldo, termasuk kehadiran Courtois.

Seperti diketahui, kiper asal Belgia itu sempat bermain untuk Atletico beberapa tahun lalu ketika dia dipinjamkan dari Chelsea. Setelah itu, dia kembali ke Stamford Bridge untuk membangun dirinya sebagai penjaga gawang nomor satu.

Courtois kemudian bergabung dengan Real Madrid dari Chelsea musim panas ini. Namun, Simeone tetap yakin bahwa kiper pilihan pertamanya saat ini, Jan Oblak, tetap lebih baik.

"Courtois tidak akan menjadi starter di Atletico, karena Oblak lebih baik," katanya seperti dikutip Marca, Rabu (12/9/2018).

Pesaing Utama

Pelatih Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone menggendong putrinya Francesca saat berselebrasi meraih juara Piala Super Eropa setelah mengalahkan Real Madrid 4-2 di Lillekula Stadium di Tallinn, Estonia, (15/8). (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Lebih lanjut Simeone berbicara soal kesenjangan antara mereka dan Real Madrid. Atletico, kata dia, tetap menjadi pesaing utama di antara dominasi Real Madrid dan Barcelona.

Pelatih berusia 48 tahun itu juga, sebelumnya telah sukses membawa Rojiblancos ke dua final Liga Champions. Namun, hasilnya kurang beruntung setelah dikalahkan Real Madrid di final.

Raih Sukses

Banyak pihak menilai Simeone bakal melakukan sesuatu yang besar lagi di musim ini. Terlebih, setelah mereka memenangkan Liga Europa tahun lalu.

Pada bagian lain Simeone juga menyatakan keyakinannya bahwa Antoine Griezmann adalah pemain terbaik dunia saat ini. Pemain asal Prancis ini siap bersaing untuk penghargaan individu.

          Specialişti români şi din străinătate, la o conferinţă despre identitatea culturală a ţărilor care sărbătoresc Centenarul      Cache   Translate Page      
Specialişti români şi din străinătate au participat, miercuri, la Conferinţa Internaţională "Un veac de identitate: teatru şi cultură europeană după 1918" susţinută în cadrul Festivalului Capitalelor Naţiunilor Centenare, la Biblioteca Centrală Universitară "Carol I" din Bucureşti. Evenimentul a avut ca temă centrală identitatea culturală a ţărilor care sărbătoresc Centenarul, în 2018, prezentări fiind susţinute de Tomasz Wisniewski (Polonia), Zuzana Ulicianska şi Milo Jurani (Slovacia), Edite Lescinska-Tisheizere (Letonia), şi Constantin Chiriac, Călin Mocanu, Chris Simion - Mercurian, Ludmila Patlanjoglu, Doina Papp, Ana-Maria Nistor, Cristiana Gavrilă (România). "Am gândit această conferinţă în jurul temei centrale a festivalului, care este identitatea culturală a ţărilor care sărbătoresc în acest an centenarul. Este o temă care ne reflectă pe toţi, pentru că în teatru vedem şi cum se oglindeşte existenţa unei naţiuni, dar vedem şi cum ea poate fi schimbată de gesturile artiştilor. Pentru a păstra o anumită simetrie cu programul festivalului care a început cu un spectacol din Polonia, va continua cu un spectacol remarcabil din Slovacia, şi va culmina cu o producţie lituaniană, am avut la conferinţă o prezentare despre teatrul polonez în zona experimentului, o prezentare despre teatrul Slovaciei şi al Cehoslovaciei, un fel de panoramă istorică a transformărilor care au apărut în structura şi limbajul scenic al teatrului acestei ţări care s-a desprins de Cehoslovacia şi a căpătat o voce autonomă, şi o prezentare legată în modul cel mai direct şi mai explicit de teatrul Ţărilor Baltice care au un univers specific, nu doar pentru că au făcut parte din Uniunea Sovietică, dar pentru că astăzi au generat câteva voci absolut remarcabile", a declarat teatrologul Octavian Saiu, secretar general adjunct al AICT şi preşedinte al Secţiei Române AICT (Teatrologie). Milo Jurani a afirmat că istoria Slovaciei este similară cu cea a României, existând totuşi şi multe aspecte specifice. El a apreciat că teatrul slovac a fost mereu legat de tendinţele noi din teatru. "Deşi cehii şi-au înfiinţat prima scenă în 1881, ca unul dintre punctele de vârf ale activităţii de revigorare naţională, după formarea ţării compuse nu a mai existat un teatru profesionist produs de către slovaci. Crearea Teatrului Naţional Slovac în 1920 nu a reieşit din efortul de a demonstra propria noastră existenţă ca naţiune, ci mai mult ca să completăm registrul de instituţii culturale lipsă şi să confirmăm că avem şi o existenţă proprie culturală în afară celor cehe", a spus Milo Jurani, precizând că una dintre primele probleme pentru teatrul slovac a fost publicul slovac, care în capitala ţării, Bratislava, era în minoritate. Teatrul Naţional Slovac nu a fost fondat din bugetul naţional sau al oraşului, fiind în pericol de insolvenţă în orice moment. Teatrul funcţiona în condiţii de provizorat, neavând propria sa clădire, a mai spus Milo Jurani. "Teatrul trebuia să împartă scenă cu grupuri călătoare din Austria, Germania, Ungaria şi Republica Cehă, nu avea o scenă, nu avea decoruri, costume sau dispozitive tehnice. Următoarea problemă a fost absenţa actorilor slovaci care să-şi părăsească slujbele şi să lucreze ca profesionişti în teatru slovac. (...) Paradoxul noului înfiinţat teatru naţional este demonstrat cel mai bine de faptul că teatrul naţional slovac era slovac doar cu numele", a afirmat reprezentantul Slovaciei. Edite Lescinska-Tisheizere, reprezentanta ţărilor baltice, a spus că, privite din afară, cele trei ţări baltice - Letonia, Lituania şi Estonia - par a fi "un grup de ţări cu o realitate complexă", diferenţele putând fi observate de oricine priveşte puţin mai atent. "Tradiţia teatrală a teatrului lituanian se îndreaptă spre metaforă, spre ritual, spre intuiţie, în timp ce tradiţia din teatrul estonian şi letonian se îndreaptă spre cuvânt, naraţiune, înţelegere intelectuală. Desigur, nu există stiluri pure, nu există tradiţii pure", a apreciat Edite Lescinska-Tisheizere. Ea a afirmat că tradiţia teatrală din Ţările Baltice "este destul de tânără", teatrul din Letonia începând în 1870, în Estonia la începutul secolului XX, în 1906, iar în Lituania teatrul profesionist începând după ce s-a creat statul naţional, în anii 1920. Evenimentul a fost organizat în parteneriat cu Secţia Română (Teatrologie) a Asociaţiei Internaţionale a Criticilor de Teatru (AICT) şi Departamentul de Studii Teatrale al UNATC "I.L. Caragiale. AGERPRES/(AS - autor: Petronius Craiu, editor: Mihai Simionescu, editor online: Ada Vîlceanu)
          Europe Gets a Health Check      Cache   Translate Page      
Europe has had its own health check this week – and the citizens of its 53 countries are living longer. But unhealthy lifestyles fuelled by smoking, drinking and too little exercise are causing a rise in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Cycling helps to keep Danish people healthy – and Estonia is considering following the UK by creating a sugar tax. The World Health Organization hopes more targets will further improve the health of Europeans. If you have drunk too much coffee your hands might shake. But for some people trembling hands make it difficult to eat, drink or write. An engineer from Chile hopes his new invention will help the one in twenty people over the age of 40 whose hands shake because of essential tremor. So-called super-recognisers are people who never forget a face. They can recall people they’ve seen - even briefly - many years ago. It’s been reported that such skills helped police in the UK to identify suspects in the recent Skripal poisoning case. At the British Science Festival a psychologist from Bournemouth University said that the abilities of super recognisers’ might have been over stated – and more testing is needed pinpoint how they remember faces. (Photo: Cigarettes and alcohol. Credit: Getty Images)
          Flora U21 – Levadia U21      Cache   Translate Page      

Live Streaming VideoEstonia – Meistriliiga:Football

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          I'm looking for ebony husband/partner for life      Cache   Translate Page      

cum to Estonia, love me forever... :idea:

          Re: Looking for ebony male models in Estonia      Cache   Translate Page      
I am from Kenya and in Kenya at the moment. Any chance of working with you?
          Looking for models in Sweden, Finland, Estonia or Latvia      Cache   Translate Page      
Looking for male model of African descent in Estonia, North Europe.
          Estonian VC Tera Ventures makes a €21 million close of its upcoming €55 million fund      Cache   Translate Page      

Tera Ventures, an early-stage VC firm based in Tallinn, Estonia, has announced the first close of €21 million in its second seed-stage fund. The firm expects the second close in the coming months, with “a substantial amount” already committed, it stated in a press release. Limited Partners of Tera Ventures second fund include The European […]

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          Montana Art Skyline Print, Montana State Poster, Montana Wall Art, Montana Nursery Art Print, Loose Petals City Art Print - style E8-O-MON by LoosePetals      Cache   Translate Page      

5.00 USD


This is a vertical scene of a barn south of Billings, Montana. It exudes a gentle yet warm day in the countryside. I made a customized textured wood pattern, on the red walls of the barn to give the focal point extra depth. The truck and the windmill complete this country scene. The vibrant palette is made of teal green, reds, oranges, with neutral black and grays.


1) Organic cream colored 80 lb. weight, subtle tooth texture, flecked with recycled speckles, 100% recycled post-consumer waste content. This retro stock was originally sold by Hallmark greeting cards in the 50’s. It is the first recycled paper with flecks showing made in the United States.

2) White paper stock heavy weight, matte smooth finish

3) Canvas wrap


IMAGE SIZE A2 NOTE CARD: approximately 3 7/8" and the height is approximately 4 7/8", the card folded over is 4.5 x 5.5 inches

- blank inside, and comes with an envelope.
- without signature
- 80 lb. stock

IMAGE PRINT SIZE: 8 x 10 inches (21 x 26 cm) the stock size is 8.5 x 11 inch (22 x 28 cm)

IMAGE PRINT SIZE: 11 x 14 inches (28 x 36 cm) /stock size is 12.5 x 15.5 inch (32.75 x 36cm)

IMAGE POSTER SIZE: 16 x 20 inches (40 x 50 cm) /stock size is 17 x 21 (44 x 54 cm)

IMAGE POSTER SIZE: 23.5 x 29.5 inches (60 x 75 cm) / stock size is 24 x 30 (61 x 76 cm)

IMAGE POSTER SIZE: 35.5 x 44.5 inches (90 x 113 cm) /stock size is 36 x 45 inch (91 x 114 cm)

CANVAS WRAP: 8 x 10/.75 depth (21 x 26 cm)

CANVAS WRAP: 11 x 14/.75 depth (28 x 36 cm)

CANVAS WRAP: 16 x 20/.75 depth (40 x 50 cm)


View left nav bar on homepage to select Canvas Wrap Upgrades 24 x 30, and 36 x 45.


USPS Tracking is only available in North America, select European countries ( Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey), and select Asia/Pacific countries (Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore)

Please read our policies and see if you have specific frame requirements before ordering)

Additional shipping charges may apply to hybrid orders

8 x 10 prints are shipped in a flat mailer, 11 x 14 + print and poster sizes are shipped in a sturdy tube mailer

Receipts are not included in orders

The ratio/orientation (horizontal or vertical) of the artwork cannot changed or altered.


Loose Petals, LLC has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, display, and create derivatives of the artwork. Except as expressly provided, no part of our images and Site may be copied, reproduced, published, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any way (including mirroring) to any other computer, server, Web site or other medium for publication or distribution of for any commercial enterprise, without Loose Petals, LLC prior written consent. ©2010-2018 Loose Petals, LLC

          Episode 104: #104: Tamper Evident      Cache   Translate Page      

This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: credit card vulnerabilities, Dell vulnerabilities, and whether programmers are engineers.

Cutting Room Floor

We Give Thanks

  • The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!
          Va ramane Romania o pata alba pe harta lumii in ceea ce priveste casatoriile intre persoane de acelasi sex?      Cache   Translate Page      
La aceasta ora, in Europa sunt autorizate casatoriile intre persoane de acelasi sex in Germania, Austria, Belgia, Danemarca, Spania, Estonia, Finlanda, Franta, Irlanda, Islanda, Luxemburg, Malta, Norvegia, Portugalia, Marea Britanie, Suedia. In lume, casatoriile homosexuale sunt autorizate in Statele Unite, Canada, Brazilia, Columbia, Uruguay, Argentina, Africa de Sud, Noua Zeelanda, Australia. La sfarsitul anului trecut, dupa ce parlamentarii australieni au votat in favoarea casatoriilor gay, prim-ministrul tarii, Malcolm Turnbull, a declarat, fericit: "Ce zi! Ce zi mare pentru iubire, pentru egalitate, pentru respect." La nivel inalt, cel dintai prim-ministru care si-a asumat orientarea homosexuala a fost Johanna Siguroardottir (prim-ministru al Islandei in perioada 2009-2013). I-a urmat Elio Di Rupo, premierul belgian din anii 2011-2014, apoi Xavier Bettel, premier al statului Luxemburg din 2013 pana in prezent. Autorizarea casatoriilor intre persoane de acelasi sex nu pune, insa, capat acestei probleme. Toate tarile unde acest tip de casatorii au fost autorizate au trebuit sa-si modifice legislatia referitoare la adoptii, si sa stabileasca reguli in chestiunea, deloc simpla, a felului in care cuplurilor homosexuale li se va ingadui sa procreeze. Duminica, 7 octombrie, se va desfasura in Romania referendumul pentru modificarea Constitutiei, in sensul in care familia sa fie definita, explicit, ca fiind intemeiata pe casatoria dintre un barbat si o femeie. Organizarea referendumului, pentru care Coalitia pentru Familie a strans 3 milioane de semnaturi, a fost votata marti, 11 septembrie, de Senat, in calitate de for decizional. Prin organizarea referendumului, Coalitia pentru Familie urmareste modificarea articolului 48 din Constitutia Romaniei, care ar urma sa sune astfel: "Familia se intemeiaza pe casatoria liber consimtita intre un barbat si o femeie, pe egalitatea acestora si pe dreptul si indatorirea parintilor de a asigura cresterea, educatia si instruirea copiilor." In prezent, in Constitutie, familia este definita ca fiind intemeiata prin "casatoria consimtita intre soti", fara sa faca referire explicita la sexul celor doi. Pentru ca referendumul sa fie valabil, ar trebui ca la vot sa se prezinte cel putin 30% dintre persoanele inscrise pe listele electorale permanente, iar rezultatul referendumului este validat (este necesara o majoritate simpla) dacă cel puţin 25% dintre cei inscrişi pe listele electorale permanente si-au exprimat opţiuni valabil exprimate. 30% poate parea un procent mic, insa nu strica sa ne amintim ca, in 2016, la alegerile parlamentare, prezenta la vot a fost de doar 39%. Chiar daca rezultatul referendumului va fi in favoarea familiei traditionale, nu exista nicio garantie ca articolul vizat din Constitutie va fi modificat, deoarece aceasta nu precizează cine şi in ce termen trebuie să pună in practică o decizie luată de popor la referendum. Asa s-a intamplat si in anul 2009, cand poporul a hotarat, printr-un referendum validat, trecerea la un Parlament unicameral cu cel mult 300 de locuri, dar decizia nu a fost pusa nici pana acum in aplicare. Sursa foto: citeste in continuare
          Tallinn      Cache   Translate Page      
If you want to go one way to Tallinn from Helsinki buy a round trip ticket anyway. The cost is 2 Euros. To buy a one way ticket is 35 and you can save by buying round trip. The reason is that so many folks from Helsinki make day trips to Tallinn so they can stock up at the duty free store.

Today the journey cost far more than the price as the seas were rough and the voyage nauseating. When the seas are calm the journey can be a delight.

In any case, we are now in the walled city of Tallinn Estonia. It is a lovely place.

We will visit museums, and take a walking tour. There are many walls in this city including the ones that kept invaders out since the 13th century.

Make, fix, and create.
           Creating the context of project innovation: Narrative interactions       Cache   Translate Page      
Sergeeva, N; Winch, G; (2018) Creating the context of project innovation: Narrative interactions. In: Proceedings of the European Group for Organizational Studies, 34th EGOS Colloquium 2018. European Group for Organizational Studies: Tallinn, Estonia. (In press).
          The Patriarchate of Constantinople Started a War That Cannot Be Stopped      Cache   Translate Page      

The Patriarchate of Constantinople Started a War That Cannot Be Stopped
September 11, 2018

The Constantinople Patriarchate appointed two exarchs “for the preparation of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”. The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church responded to this decision with a statement that is unprecedented in its sharpness.
It included words about the deadlock in relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Constantinople Church, and also about the threat to the unity of global Orthodoxy. The arguments given by the Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew in defence of his position were called false.
If not to delve into the essence of the problem, then it is possible to say that such things have happened before. The Russian Orthodox Church in 2000 already expressed deep concern about the actions of the same Bartholomew in Estonia, where he, encroaching on the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church, also promoted a split in the church.
Now, however, it is not about concern, but about a resolute protest and deep indignation. Taking into account that the church always chooses its words much more accurately than diplomats do and always tries to start with small things in order to not immediately bring things to a deep confrontation, we can ascertain that Bartholomew committed a deed that, if we draw an analogy between the church and state relations, could be called direct and barefaced aggression.
In other words, in 2000, the Constantinople Patriarchate was engaged in petty theft in Estonia. But today it is not about theft, not about a robbery, and even not about banditry, but about the beginning of open war. And not against the Russian Orthodox Church, but against all of world Orthodoxy.
If Patriarch Bartholomew simply wrote out Tomos to some abstract Ukrainian Orthodox Christian, then it would be troublesome for his relations with the Russian Orthodox Church, but not a catastrophe for world Orthodoxy. Because, of course, the fight for canonical territory between the actual leading orthodox force (Russian Orthodox Church) and the nominally “first in honor” Constantinople Patriarchate would touch all world Orthodoxy, but it wouldn’t be critical for it. It would just be a conflict between two orthodox chairs, similar to those that often happened in the past. It terms of its scale it would be larger than the Estonian one, because the church and political value of Ukraine is much more, but in general it would keep within this same framework.
The problem is that Bartholomew took not a church decision, but a political one. He laid down claims to “orthodox papacy”. The Patriarch of Fener individually determined himself as being not just “first in honor”, but also the chief of all Orthodox Christians, having the right, in his arbitrariness, to interfere in the affairs of any church, and in reality – of any diocese.
He didn’t just intrude into the canonical territory of others (which in itself is bad). He accused the Russian Orthodox Church of provoking a Ukrainian split, having actually put at the same level the pseudo-Patriarch DenisenkoMetropolitan Onufry, and Patriarch Kirill. He stated that he doubts the fairness of the anathema of Denisenko and that he is going to consider this question personally. I.e., for him the Russian Orthodox Church, the autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the self-proclaimed Patriarch Filaret (Denisenko) are equal parties to the conflict that he is going to judge. In order for this to be understandable for people who are distant from church problems, this is worse than when it is declared in the West that Stalin and Hitler are equal parties to the conflict. It is even worse than if, having reached the limit of “tolerance”, in the West it is declared that Roosevelt, Churchill, and de Gaulle also bear responsibility equal with Hitler for the Holocaust, the genocide of Slavs in occupied territories, the initiation of war, the tens of millions of victims, and even repression in Germany. It is worse because in the case with Hitler’s evaluation there would be talk of a terrestrial political example, of a temporary phenomenon. But in the available case we are dealing with eternity, with the problem of the immortality of the soul. And it’s not even about one soul, but millions of orthodox souls being plunged into split.
If to go straight to the point, Bartholomew suddenly decided to allocate to himself the same (and even vaster) powers than the ones the Pope has in the Catholic world. At the same time it is necessary to understand that the Pope isn’t just the Supreme bishop of the Catholic church, but also a secular sovereign governing the state of Vatican. The Pope is only half (as the head of the church) monk and half (as the head of state) politician. Contrary to the precept of rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s, the Pope tries to combine in himself the divine and the political.
With Bartholomew it is worse. Firstly, he has no territorial state (unlike the Pope, who has the Vatican). He lays claim to political influence within the borders of other states. At the same time, his influence is initially destructive, since he can obtain it only by influencing existing churches. And the mechanism of influence available to him, making him allegedly an “arbitration judge”, is giving support for splits. In the same way that he is unable to pave his way to the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church if he doesn’t support the pseudo-orthodox sectarians of Denisenko, he won’t be able to influence neither Serbian, nor Bulgarian, nor any other orthodox church without the support of such schismatics. Splits are his pillar of support. Only the equation of a bandit with their victim in terms of responsibility (or even the bandit’s justification) allows this Turkish subject working (according to local, Turkish legislation) with a status of nothing more than a tourist attraction to claim to be the supreme all-Orthodox judge and the individual determinant of the canonicity of any heresies. The head of a structure that signed uniatism three times – at a minimum – on the terms of the Holy See, whose “Orthodoxy” was recognised by other churches rather out of charity and the unwillingness to create additional split, suddenly decided to become “holier than the Pope”.
He can’t but understand that he initiates a split in Orthodoxy. At the same time, he understands that he violates not just canons and traditions, but also the decisions of the Ecumenical Councils, which established not only the rules of relations between episcopal chairs, but also the symbol of faith. If today it is possible to ignore one of the decisions of these Councils, then tomorrow it will also be possible to rewrite the symbol of faith. Especially since the Constantinople Patriarchate already three times signed uniatism with the Roman throne, each time recognising its subordinated position towards Rome.
Bartholomew is not a child small. He knows very well that he acts against the canons of world Orthodoxy and that he touches the interests of all orthodox churches, each of which has its own schismatics who, on the basis of the latest statements of the Constantinople Patriarchate, Bartholomew (as he considers) can recognise as being rather canonical.
Bartholomew knows what he risks. He also understands that the US weakened and can’t provide him with comprehensive support, and that Turkey – which he is a citizen of – won’t be delighted by his actions directed not just against the Russian Orthodox Church, but also against political Moscow, being the ally of Istanbul. It’s also not a secret for him that practically all orthodox churches refuse to support him and to recognise the competency of his actions in Ukraine. Everyone understands that it can become the next victim of the Constantinople “peacemaker”.
Constantinople also ought to understand that the influence of the weak and unpopular (the “pro-European”, or to be more exact – pro-American governments of Eastern European countries) on the church situation is minimal. The church in these countries enjoys bigger authority than the government does. Politicians there have no chance of forcing local churches to support Constantinople. Of course, supporters of Bartholomew can be found among local hierarchs, but this will only create additional lines of split, dividing world Orthodoxy in a worse way than the Great Schism of 1054 divided Christianity.
For Ukraine, Bartholomew’s actions unambiguously mean religious war, in which not streams, but rivers of blood will be shed, and already not only the Ukrainian state (which already burst) will be destroyed, but also the people living on territory that is formally subordinated to the current Kiev authorities. And Fener already knows this. They understand very well that they are provoking a horrible civil religious conflict, thus standing on the side of schismatics and sectarians against true Orthodox Christians. The Istanbul bishop isn’t mistaken. He is aware that he acts against his own faith and hundreds of millions of orthodox believers over the entire world. He sacrifices his immortal soul for the sake of momentary political benefits. Such a decision can be made only by someone whose belief is dead and who stopped being a monk, a priest, a bishop, but who became a politician, who stopped being a servant of God, and who started to serve the knight of this world [the devil – ed]. The Constantinople Patriarch lays claim to the laurels of pseudo-teachers and pseudo-prophets that John of Patmos describes as the forerunners of the Antichrist.
Bartholomew’s actions already don’t correspond even to the interests of the US (which always acted as a supporter of the Ukrainian split). This is much more than the US would’ve liked. The situation stops being controlled from Washington. The Constantinople Patriarch starts laying claim to the status of an independent political figure who is no less influential than the leaders of the largest faiths and heads of leading states. But he tries to obtain this status without having the corresponding opportunities in orthodox sobornost, as a teacher of split. Bartholomew builds his political career precisely by plunging millions and even tens of millions of Orthodox Christians into split, sacrificing not only his, but also their souls, standing on the side of world evil.
His actions are much more large-scale than the split initiated by Denisenko, and is thus more dangerous. In comparison with Bartholomew, who strives for the status of a pseudo-patriarch, the pseudo-patriarch Filaret is a mere child.
Bartholomew’s split is caused by Constantinople’s understanding of the simple fact that the US, which before this served as the base of the ambitions of the Istanbul Patriarchate and gave via its support considerably bigger influence to him than what his weight allows, becomes weaker and is no longer a factor of force.
Only split, only destruction, only pitting orthodox believers against each other – both in a global context and within the framework of every church – can create for Constantinople a new pillar of support. Bartholomew is not the first to try to become equal to God by acting against God. And he is not the last to try to exchange influence bought in this world on the back of bloodshed for immortality of the soul. At his age and with his rank, spontaneous decisions are simply not made. He weighed up everything: both the possibilities of countering other orthodox faiths and the probable reaction of an anti-American orientated Erdogan – who is the situational ally of Russia in the Middle East, and the inevitability of the bloodshed initiated by him in Ukraine. He weighed things up and made his choice, and he will see it to the end.
That’s why the Moscow Patriarchate, although it doesn’t opt for an immediate severance of relations, starts responding with statements that are more rigid than what happened in previous such cases. The Russian Orthodox Church reasonably doesn’t want to assume responsibility for inciting a conflict, but shows absolute understanding of the fact that Constantinople won’t cool its passions any more and will go to the very end. Hence the phrase about responsibility falling on the Fener Patriarchate and its leader Bartholomew.
It is a affirmation of fact that the Second Rome, following the First Rome, definitively (not only in a political, but also in a spiritual sense) turned into a stronghold of world evil. Sooner or later this will be said openly. The church isn’t in a hurry since it is obliged to admonish and heal, and only in second place, if the schismatics and heretics remain incorrigible and stagnate in sin, does it punish and denounce. But we, already now, are obliged to live with the realisation of the fact that the unity of world Orthodoxy once again was subjected to a test and that another split became as inevitable as there being hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions, of its future victims.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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Once this is done, further tasks may include:

- Analysis of response (who, where, why etc.)
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All of this is going to be based on a very detailed brief, and where sending out messages is involved, they will be pre-prepared.

The job is for 20-40 hrs/month of this sort of work -- every month of the year.

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          España recibe 34 startups que buscan internacionalizarse con Access2Europe      Cache   Translate Page      
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          España recibe 34 startups que buscan internacionalizarse con Access2Europe      Cache   Translate Page      
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