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ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
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Tigran Balayan said the Armenian side prefers to disclose the details in accordance with an agreed procedure.
          Kim Kardashian West Signs Deal With Top Israeli Sunglasses Chain      Cache   Translate Page      
Kardashian West has visited Israel in the past, most notably in 2015, when she and her husband brought their daughter to be baptized in an Armenian Church in Jerusalem.
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ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
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ارمنستان کشوری در محدوده ی قفقاز و بین اروپا و آسیا است. این کشور قبلا جزیی از جماهیر شوروی بود و پیش تر از آن نیز یکی از ایالت های ایران به شمار می رفت. ارمنستان پذیرای اولین مسیحیان دنیا بوده است و به همین دلیل اولین کلیساهای دنیا را ارمنی ها ساخته اند. ارمنی های ایرانی قومی به قدمت بیش از 4 هزار سال، تمدنی ویژه با المان های خاص خود را به جهانیان ارائه داده اند. نام بومی...

نوشته اطلاعات سفر به ارمنستان اولین بار در میثم رودکی پدیدار شد.

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The Armenian National Academic Theatre Opera and Orchestra brings the production by celebrated composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to Dubai Opera. The tale tells the story of Tamino, a young hero, sent on a quest by the queen of night to rescue her...
          Рязанские предприятия пригласили поучаствовать в международной выставке в Армении      Cache   Translate Page      
«Expo-Russia Armenia 2018» пройдет в Ереване с 17 по 10 октября.
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Note "Stratigraphy: This genus is characteristic of the Early Midian (= Early Capitanian) and is limited to Armenia, Abadeh area in Iran, east-Oman, Darvaz and central Thailand. Vachard (2018) pers. com." for taxon Orientoschwagerina A.D. Miklukho-Maklay, 1955 † has been added by François Le Coze via the webinterface on 2018-09-12T09:07:07+00:00
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ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
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Madonna. Beyoncé. Rihanna. In the history of mononymous entertainers, perhaps one of the most legendary is, of course, Cher. We've always known her as, well, Cher, so it's no surprise that one would find themself curious about her real name. While "Cher" has been the iconic singer's stage name since she hit the scene back in the early '60s, the outspoken 72-year-old - who recently shared her impressive exercise routine in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres - was actually born Cherilyn Sarkisian. Her father, John Sarkisian, was an Armenian-American truck driver and her mother, Georgia Holt (born Jackie Jean Crouch), was a model and bit-part actress with claimed Irish, English, German, and Cherokee ancestry.

At the start of her career, Cher recorded songs under the names Bonnie Jo Mason and Cherilyn. When she hooked up with Sonny Bono (both personally and professionally), they originally adopted the band name Caesar & Cleo. But in early 1965, they began calling themselves Sonny & Cher. "I Got You Babe" was released that same year . . . and the rest is pretty much history. Keep reading for some glamorous photos of Cher throughout her career, then see more celebrities whose real names might surprise you.

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“If the Lord should give you power to raise the dead, He would give much less than He does when he bestows suffering. By miracles you would make yourself debtor to Him, while by suffering He may become debtor to you. And even if sufferings had no other reward than being able to bear something for that God who loves you, is not this a great reward and a sufficient remuneration? Whoever loves, understands what I say.� -St. John ChrysostomBorn in Antioch, c. 347, Saint John Chrysostom (Golden-mouthed) was perhaps the greatest preacher in the history of the Church, thus the name given him, and the most prominent Greek father of the Church.He grew up in Antioch, received an excellent classical Greek education, and upon meeting the holy bishop Meletus, he decided to devote his time to the study of religious works and the Sacred Scriptures. He received Baptism after three years of study and set out for the desert to live the ascetic life of a hermit.His extreme mortifications left him in fragile health, and he thus returned to Antioch after two years of recovery, and devoted himself to studying for the priesthood. He was ordained in 386 and served in the Cathedral of Antioch for 12 years, winning widespread fame for his sublime preaching.In 398 he was forcefully appointed Patriarch of Constantinople, and fast became very popular with his flock through his example of preaching and courage in front of the imperial power, whose corruption and decadence he never shirked from criticizing in public.This attitude naturally made an enemy of the empress, Eudoxia as well as Theophilus, bishop of Alexandria, who had him condemned on false charges in 403. He was exiled to Armenia where he continued to be a great presence in the Church of the East through his many letters. He was exiled from Armenia to an isolated place along the Black Sea. He died during the journey in 407 in Pontus, his ill health unable to endure its rigors. In 438 the Emperor Theodosius II of Constantinople had John’s body returned to Constantinople, and did penance for the sins of his mother Eudoxia.Chrysostom's many writings, especially homilies and commentaries on the Gospels, are still extant and have exerted great influence over the centuries.“When you are before the altar where Christ reposes, you ought no longer to think that you are amongst men; but believe that there are troops of angels and archangels standing by you, and trembling with respect before the sovereign Master of Heaven and earth. Therefore, when you are in church, be there in silence, fear, and veneration.� - St. John Chrysostom
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ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
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          Armenia analyzing gas price for Russia: First Deputy PM      Cache   Translate Page      
The Armenian government is analyzing the pricing of gas, First Deputy Prime Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said.
          VivaCell-MTS continues championing family well-being in rural Armenia      Cache   Translate Page      
VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia are building yet another house as part of a long-running program.
          iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max coming to Armenia September 28      Cache   Translate Page      
Apple announced iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, which will be available in Armenia beginning September 28.
          Putin to visit Armenia; dates still unknown      Cache   Translate Page      
Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to Armenia, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed.
          Finding a way out of the war against Syria      Cache   Translate Page      

Image result for war against syria
The White House is unable to extricate itself from the war in Syria. President Trump is hindered both by the self-proclaimed « stable state » (according to the anonymous op ed in the New York Times), which continues to pursue the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski strategy, and by the reactivated ambitions of his Israëli, French, British and Turkish allies. The logic of these interests could displace the war instead of resolving it.
Although the White House and Russia have agreed to end the proxy war fought by jihadists in Syria, peace is a long time coming. Why?

Why is there a war against Syria?

Contrary to the idea carefully sown by seven years of propaganda, the war against Syria is not a « revolution which went wrong ». It was decided by the Pentagon in September 2001, then prepared for many years, admittedly with a few difficulties.
A war in preparation for a decade
JPEG - 38.6 kb
The preparation of the war is explained in depth in Thierry Meyssan’s latest book. It is already available in French, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. It will be published in September in English, Arab and Italian.
A reminder of the main stages of the planning of the war:
- In September 2001, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld adopted the strategy of Admiral Arthur Cebrowski, which specified that the state structures of half of the world had to be destroyed. For those states whose economy is globalised, the United States would control the access to the natural resources of those regions not connected to the global economy. The Pentagon commenced its work by « remodelling » the « Greater Middle East » [1].
- On 12 December 2003, George Bush Jr. signed the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act. From that moment on, the President of the United States enjoyed the right to go to war with Syria without having to ask Congress for approval [2].
- The Lebanese civil war (1978-90) ended with the Taif Agreement. At the request of the Arab League, and with the approbation of the UN Security Council, the Syrian Arab Army came to the assistance of the Lebanese army in disarming the militias, then, acting as a Peace Force, stabilised the country. Thereafter, Israël accused Syria of having occupied Lebanon, which makes no sense at all. [3]
- In 2004, during the summit of the Arab League in Tunis, President Ben Ali attempted to push through a motion authorising the League to legitimise the use of force against member states who refused to respect the League’s brand new Human Rights Charter.
- In 2005, the CIA organised the Cedar revolution in Lebanon. By assassinating Sunni leader Rafic Hariri and blaming the Christian President of Lebanon and the Alaouite President of Syria, they hoped to trigger a Sunni uprising against the Syrian Peace Forces. With the Marines ready to disembark in Beïrut, Syria withdrew on its own initiative, and the tension was dissipated [4].
- In 2006, Dick Cheney tasked his daughter Liz with creating the « Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group ». They organised the Israeli attack against Hezbollah, thinking that they would be unable to resist for long. US Marines were then intended to disembark in Beïrut and continue their march of « liberation » on Damascus. However, the operation failed, and after 33 days of combat, Israël had to retreat [5].
- In 2008, Washington once again tried to create conflict with Lebanon as its flash point. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora decided to cut the internal communications of the Resistance and to interrupt air transport with Teheran. Within a few hours, Hezbollah had inverted the Western military system and replaced all of its infrastructures.
- In 2010, Washington adopted the strategy of « leading from behind ». The Obama administration handed the attacks on Libya and Syria to France and the United Kingdom respectively (Lancaster House agreements).
- In 2011, beginning of military operations in Syria.
It is therefore absurd to speak of the war against Syria as a spontaneous event sui generis [6].
Indirect war
The original feature of the war against Syria is that although it was declared by states (the « Friends of Syria »), it was in reality fought almost exclusively by non-state armies, the jihadists.
During the seven years of this war, more than 250,000 combatants arrived from overseas to fight against the Syrian Arab Republic. They were without doubt little more than cannon fodder, and insufficiently trained, but during the first four years of the conflict, these soldiers were better armed than the Syrian Arab Army. The most important arms traffic in History was organised in order to keep the jihadists supplied with war materials [7].
The Western powers had not used mercenaries on this scale since the European Renaissance [8].
It is therefore absurd to speak of a « revolution that went wrong ».
JPEG - 27.4 kb

A war supervised by allies who have their own objectives

By asking Israël to attack Lebanon on their behalf, then by handing over the wars on Libya and Syria to France and the United Kingdom, and finally by using the NATO installations in Turkey, the Pentagon allowed its plan to be confounded by its allies.
Just as in all wars, the leading country has to promise its obedient allies that they will be awarded a return on their investment. However, with the entry of Russia into the war, Western victory became impossible. Every one of the United States allies turned progressively back towards its own strategy in the region. With time, the war objectives of the allies gained the upper hand over those of the United States, who refused to invest as much as they should have done, militarily speaking.
Pursuing the colonial ideology of some of its founding fathers, Israël implemented a policy of division intended to split its larger neighbours into a collection of small countries which were to be ethnically or religiously homogeneous. It therefore supported – in vain – the division of Lebanon into two states, one Muslim and one Christian, or again the creation of a Kurdistan in Iraq, then later in Syria. We do not have the Israëli strategic documents, but retrospectively, the line followed by Tel-Aviv corresponds to the « Yinon plan » of 1982 [9] or that of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies of 1996 [10].
The Israëli strategy stayed within the limits of the « remodelling of the Greater Middle East » designed by Rumsfeld and Cebrowski. However, it did not have anything like the same objective – the Pentagon wanted to control the access to the region’s riches by the developed countries, while Israël wanted to ensure that none of its neighbours could become strong enough to challenge it.
The United Kingdom and France
The United Kingdom and France fell back on their colonial policy, as it was defined at the moment of the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the division of the Middle East (the Sykes-Picot agreements).
The British used a replay of the « Great Arab Revolt of 1915 » that Lawrence of Arabia had set up against the Ottomans. At that time, they had promised freedom to all Arabs if they would throw off the shackles of the Ottoman Empire and place the Wahhabites in power, This time they promised freedom if they would overthrow all their national governments and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood. But neither in 1915, when the British Empire replaced the Ottoman Empire, nor in 2011, did the Arabs find their liberty. That was the « Arab Spring » plan of 2011 [11].
The French were seeking to re-establish the mandate on Syria which had been handed to them by the League of Nations. This was explained by Picot’s great-nephew (as in the Sykes-Picot agreements), ex- President Giscard d’Estaing [12]. And that is what President Hollande demanded during his visit to the United Nations, in September 2015. Just as in 1921, when France stood for the ethnic separation of the Kurds from the Arabs, it therefore defended the creation of a Kurdistan, not on its historic territory in Turkey, but anywhere, so long as it was on Arab land in Syria.
As for Turkey, it dreamed of realising the promise of its founder, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the « National Pact » (Misak-ı Millî) [13], adopted by the Ottoman Parliament on 12 February 1920. Its intention was to annex Northern Syria, including Aleppo, and also to eliminate the Christians, including the Catholics in Maaloula and the Armenians in Kessab.
Turkey entered into conflict with the other allies – with the Israëlis because they sought to annex Northern Syria rather than making it autonomous – with the British because they wanted to re-establish the Ottoman Caliphate – and with the French because they sought to create an independent Kurdistan in Syria. Above all, it entered into conflict with the United States themselves because they made no secret of wanting to destroy Syria after having dismantled it [14].

How to escape from this war?

After seven years of combat, the Syrian state is still standing. The Syrian Arab Republic and its allies, Russia, Iran and the Hezbollah, are victorious. The foreign armies (the jihadists) have suffered a crushing defeat, but not their commanders – the United States, Israël, the United Kingdom, France and Turkey.
Not only has the war re-awoken the ambitions of the beginning of the 20th century, but none of the protagonists who have not paid for their defeat in blood are ready to abandon the fight.
It may seem stupid to want to start over with a war which has already been lost by the jihadists. The presence of the Russian army makes impossible any direct confrontation. Far from being eliminated, the Syrian population is now battle-hardened, ready to suffer even more hardship, and is much better armed than before. Above all, it has given the situation some serious thought, and is less manipulable than it was in 2011. However, just as before, Western political rhetoric has once again taken up its refrain « Bachar must go ».
Logically, therefore, the conflict will have to start again on another battle-field. While in the past, Admiral Cebrowski had planned to take the next stage of the war to Central Asia and the South-East, his successors will first have to finish the job in the Greater Middle East. They are currently studying the possibility of relighting the fire in Iraq, as we see with the spectacular about-face of the Rohani administration and the riots in Bassorah.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

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Scott Morrison deserves a chance as PM. His work is cut out for him, as he negotiates chaff thrown up by Turnbull and mates. Turnbull is still attacking Dutton, running a commentary from NYC but declining to be interviewed by 3AW. A 9 y/o child grandstands over the Australian National anthem, taking the knee because she feels that the anthem should not say Australians are young and free. She feels Australians are not young. She also does not like Australia being described as fair. She feels that a fair go refers to colour, not appropriate odds. Such an opinion is not normally newsworthy, but the child has academic parents who 'inform' her bias. For the record, the anthem is fine. Australians should proudly recite it. 

Recently I've spoken to some young people on touchy subjects. One sixteen year old boy felt Turnbull was a good PM and did not have to be rolled. Another twelve year old girl feels that Serena was hard done by, by Mark Knight's cartoon. It is ok to have opinions, but they should be backed up by more than feelings. Turnbull betrayed his constituents and backers by outsourcing policy for power. He has cost Australia $billions in lost opportunity and his continued presence was going to place Bill Shorten in the PM's position. Further  to secure the PM's position, Turnbull lied about Tony Abbott. Serena was wrong to receive coaching during her match, and the code violation penalties were appropriate. She was wrong to blame sexism, or to threaten the umpire's future in the code. What young people see in either is probably related to appalling low standards of reporting. 

Serena Williams whispered to Osaka that the boos Osaka received after winning the grand slam event of the US Open were not for her. It was the most gracious thing Serena has said since the start of that match, and hints at her greatness as a player. But why was it whispered? And why were her ridiculous complaints spoken? 
From my article on Quora
What are the effects of the lack of education?
A research grant on gender neutral surf boards

= =
A daily column on what the ALP have as a policy, supported by a local member, and how it has 'helped' the local community. I'll stop if I cannot identify a policy. Feel free to make suggestions. Contact me on FB, not twitter. I have twitter, but never look at it.

Gabrielle Williams was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers, working with the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing and the Minister for Families and Children. Williams was given those titles when elected in 2014. It is difficult to find what value she has been to Dandenong, but clearly the ALP see her as the future. The Andrews government is spending $2.8 million on biodiversity. As part of the project, students in Dandenong are being given $4500 to provide seating for them while they grow a garden preserving biodiversity. The garden includes flora sourced locally. It is nice students can sit while they garden together. One imagines the seats will have appropriately placed plaques with the minister's name. Do you approve of the lessons learned by your child as they sit on the minister's name and replant local flora for biodiversity? What does this teach children about biodiversity? How might it be viewed in terms of immigration? Does multiculturalism promote cultural diversity? What about gender diversity being locally sourced? Should the word 'biodiversity' appear in the national anthem? 

As part of the November 24th Vic election campaign I have a petition I want to bring before the Opposition Leader Matthew Guy. I believe Matthew will be the next premier of Victoria and so I am petitioning him as I raise the issues of Employment, Crime and Education in Dandenong. I am also seeking money for my campaign. I don't have party resources, and so my campaign is on foot, and on the internet. Any money I receive that is not spent on the campaign will go to Grow 4 Life. I am asking questions like "What do you love about Dandenong?" and "If you could change something in Dandenong to make it better, what would it be?" I'm not limiting the questions to state issues. I'm happy to discuss anything, and get things done.
I am a decent man and don't care for the abuse given me. I created a video raising awareness of anti police feeling among western communities. I chose the senseless killing of Nicola Cotton, a Louisiana policewoman who joined post Katrina, to highlight the issue. I did this in order to get an income after having been illegally blacklisted from work in NSW for being a whistleblower. I have not done anything wrong. Local council appointees refused to endorse my work, so I did it for free. Youtube's Adsence refused to allow me to profit from their marketing it. Meanwhile, I am hostage to abysmal political leadership and hopeless journalists. My shopfront has opened on Facebook.

Here is a video I made Love by Nat King Cole

"L-O-V-E" is a jazz song written by Bert Kaempfert and Milt Gabler for American singer-pianist Nat King Cole's 1965 album L-O-V-E (the last album released before Cole's death on February 15, 1965). The song had already been an instrumental track on Kaempfert's Blue Midnight album in 1964. Nat King Cole also recorded L-O-V-E in Italian, French, German and Japanese. I wanted to make a love offering for Valentine's Day. This seems a goody

=== from 2017 ===
Some things should not happen, but they do. Iran is backing terror around the world, including NK. NK have not developed nuclear weapons by accident. But to be fair, Iran did not give NK the technology to pin a flag on the sun. That was entirely home grown. 

Proposed citizenship reform is revealed to be a fad which does not address issues. The so called reform is to have new citizens competent in English. But the issue is law breaking among new immigrants, not bad grammar. 

A Californian writer, Richard Stockton, posts a series of lies about Australia's history regarding Aboriginals. Among his claims is one that the "stolen generations" began in 1830's. In fact, ten people have not been identified as 'stolen' since 1788. Everyone born in  1830 is now dead. Europeans are not to blame for that. Diseases that vectored from Europe were terrible. But settlers often tried to care for and help Aboriginals and the reason why any Aboriginal culture is known today is because some early settlers and missionaries tried to help, not murder. But sadly, the Aboriginal industry of today exploits Aboriginal peoples for political ends, victimising Aboriginal peoples, even as that industry claims to help. 

A 19 yo Chicago teen is found dead in a freezer. Apparently too intoxicated to have gotten in without help. Searchers were prevented from looking while she was alive. 

US state department still seems gripped with anti semitic positions. What will the ground look like when Trump has drained the swamp? 

Dan Andrews spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on his personal Facebook Page, boosting posts. What else is he spending big on? 

Special laws are being touted to prevent debate on Same sex marriage ahead of the postal vote. NSW Liberal government working through fair trading move to prevent elderly people from being exploited with retirement home contracts. 

I am a decent man and don't care for the abuse given me. I created a video raising awareness of anti police feeling among western communities. I chose the senseless killing of Nicola Cotton, a Louisiana policewoman who joined post Katrina, to highlight the issue. I did this in order to get an income after having been illegally blacklisted from work in NSW for being a whistleblower. I have not done anything wrong. Local council appointees refused to endorse my work, so I did it for free. Youtube's Adsence refused to allow me to profit from their marketing it. Meanwhile, I am hostage to abysmal political leadership and hopeless journalists. My shopfront has opened on Facebook.

=== from 2016 === 
We must vote for Hillary now, before she collapses completely. Don't worry about today's mishap. What happened was Harambe needed to talk to her about the direction her campaign is taking. Everything is good now. She won't need to stay with Harambe until after she is elected.
Abbott's brilliance is in stark contrast to Turnbull's much-vaunted intelligence
David Morrison seems to represent the finest values of the Turnbull administration. He doesn't seem agile, or smart. He doesn't seem to be the same one invited to the party. But he stands for something. 'Be all you can be' applies to him, except competent or responsible.
Is this pre plebiscite stance of Bill the same he will adopt at Plebiscite, or, as with last election, is he saying something different now, to what he will do then?
vote for Clinton is a vote for hatred, for class envy, for division. Clinton wants to divide USA. Trump wants to unite USA. Trump wants to make America great again. If you vote, let that inform your decision.
If I had superannuation, I'd be angry on my behalf. Instead, I shake my head at the injustice a conservative Liberal Government is inflicting on her supporters.
Tim Flannery is often misquoted about rain. He meant money. If you support AGW, you'll never have money again.
And they say Dan Andrews is not a community organiser?

If Dan Andrews was not involved, how come the juvenile prisons are so bad?
Michael Kroger was asked about this on Sky this morning. His answer was loyal and masterful. "I think the Turnbull government has been good. I have heard others talk about achievement, but the Abbott government followed from an ALP administration and they needed to make more changes. Turnbull followed a Liberal government and change wasn't needed."

Change wasn't needed. Except the Liberal Party were desperate to end Turnbull's undermining.

I posted on that and was told by one person that Turnbull was more popular now than Abbott ever was. I asked the person about their view. Turns out they don't like the Liberal Party. Turnbull is the leader for the Liberals if you don't like that party.
Don't call it aid. It is Turnbull dollars. Aid is used to prop up corrupt governments. Turnbull dollars go straight to the source. Aid money is diverted by terrorists. Turnbull dollars will never be diverted from terrorists. Turnbull dollars are the smart, agile currency that literally slips through fingers.
For some, at the moment, the Sex Party has more credibility. 
=== from 2015 ===
 None for 2015 .. because of Melbourne promotional trip
From 2014
Oscar Pistorius acquitted of murder. A grave injustice has happened with this verdict, as yet incomplete. Pistorius murdered his girlfriend. He just wasn't convicted of it. Shades of OJ Simpson's unfair acquittal. Today is the anniversary of Steve Biko's death from an evil apartheid regime. Injustice is injustice for all time. One feels for Reeva's loved ones. A cohabiting couple must be assumed to be aware of each other's presence. A gun owner has a greater responsibility for the safe operation of the weapon. The argument that the prosecution could not prove so beyond a reasonable doubt is wrong. Had Oscar had less support, as with a normal person, he would not have been able to argue as he has. The evidence would have been deemed conclusive. It will be a complete disgrace if Pistorius ever participates in elite sport again, or gets less than a maximum sentence for manslaughter. 

A reminder of the importance of saying 'no' to constitutionalised racism. Australia is culturally diverse and thrives from that diversity. Should Australia decide to separate Australians by race it won't address the needs of people in need, but will instead become a tool of division. There are no admirable apartheid regimes anywhere in the world or in history. Israel doesn't divide by race, but Palestine does. South Africa did. The Conservative Voice will similarly oppose any reintroduction of slavery. Even if the US Democrats, or ALP really want it. A reminder of what a 'Yes' vote in Scotland might mean .. The Queen could abdicate the Scottish throne in favour of Charles, while keeping the English Throne for William .. think about that. But more seriously, those who favour a 'yes' vote claim that the disadvantages are overstated. Precisely which disadvantages are acceptable? 

Gillard faces a royal commission and lies about her memory of activity. One hopes that she is taken to task for lying. She corruptly created a slush fund from misappropriated money involving a Union employing stand over tactics to extort money from business. Some of that money was used to build her home. Yet there is no one ever who forgot getting caught for theft when they were young and naive. It becomes foundational to their character. And so it is with Gillard. A thief and liar. By way of contrast Arthur Sinodinos is fronting the corrupt body of the ICAC again. Sinodinos has not been accused of doing anything wrong, but is believed to be thought guilty by the ICAC of being a Liberal member. Mr Sinodinos, are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Liberal Party? 

Meanwhile incompetent State ALP Member Nick Lalich has posed next to a street named after him. A car park might have been more appropriate. Although the only reason why there are now some more car parks in his electorate is thanks to a campaign initiated by Dai Le. ALP leadership in NSW deny their constituents to force a PUP candidate into a campaign as an ALP member. That there is true colours that is. Meanwhile RACV in Victoria argues "And studies show that as soon as you increase capacity, that capacity is taken up by people driving more cars on those roads. Congestion does not ease." The argument is a furphy, people only drive one car at a time and they need sensible road management to make their experience better. 

Obama's secret service is keen to catch them all as they tackle a Pikachu on the White House lawn. Gay activists complain after a straight couple agree to get married to win a prize of Rugby seats at a test. The activists argue that the wedding will trivialise gay marriage. The friends agree not to divorce for two years. Big Macs are the same size now as they were in 1970. However, a large number of products have become smaller so as to retain their supermarket price. 
From 2013
The Australian PM elect has not yet announced a ministry. Partly because a campaign against prospective industry Minister Sophie Mirabella has been successful, and her actual seat is in doubt. This is a tragedy because unlike Gillard or Wong, Mirabella has talent. The person who might defeat her is supported by a so called conservative independent who supported the left wing minority government and helped trash the political career of Nick Greiner. So naturally the press, in the interim,  are asking who or what will be the next ALP leader. Will it be from the corrupt ALP right in the form of Shorten, or from the corrupt ALP left in the form of Albanesi. It is in fact of no consequence, as both have the same policy of the other. Shorten will follow Gillard's lead regardless of what it is. Albo, as leader,will do what his mandate tells him. It is yet to be revealed what sweet nothings the mandate whispers. Some say it is Carbon Tax. Some say it is Gay marriage. Gillard opposed Gay marriage, but Shorten can be his own man, as soon as he works out what she really meant. Apparently the mandate isn't Tim Matherson and so the press have many questions they want answered, and are increasingly irritated Abbott hasn't told them yet. 

Also, there is leadership speculation in the US. Some say Obama is President. Obama is taking the lead from Putin. At first the press had thought Obama was dithering as over a hundred thousand people have died and millions have been made refugees in Syria. Clinton, who had a similar experience in Rwanda before he learned bombing could be ineffective in former Yugoslavia has given a lead to Obama. In order to be assertive, Obama wants to bomb something. So, in a masterclass display of dithering, Obama asked for permission to bomb Syria. But time passes, people die, a Christian village with the world's oldest Christian church has fallen to rebels (the CIA labels them Al-Qaeda, but the press know they are sensitive to leaks, so they call them rebels) and Obama is agreeable to a brokered position by Putin. This puts Russia in the box seat of negotiations between Iran and the US on nuclear issues. So the US President has abrogated US policy to Russia. Which is just as well, as it turns out that the weapons available to the Rebels include the high tech weapons stolen by Al-Qaeda at Benghazi last year. Confused? Think of it as a cancelled episode of Glee. 
Historical perspective on this day
490 BC – Battle of Marathon: The conventionally accepted date for the Battle of Marathon. The Athenians and their Plataean allies, defeat the first Persian invasion force of Greece.
372 – Sixteen KingdomsJin Xiaowudi, age 10, succeeds his father Jin Jianwendi as Emperor of the Eastern Jin dynasty.
1185 – Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos brutally put to death in Constantinople.
1213 – Albigensian CrusadeSimon de Montfort, 5th Earl of Leicester, defeats Peter IIof Aragon at the Battle of Muret.
1229 – Battle of Portopí: The Aragonese army under the command of James I of Aragon disembarks at Santa PonçaMajorca, with the purpose of conquering the island.
1309 – The First Siege of Gibraltar takes place in the context of the Spanish Reconquista pitting the forces of the Kingdom of Castile against the Emirate of Granada resulting in a Castilian victory.

1609 – Henry Hudson begins his exploration of the Hudson River while aboard the Halve Maen.
1634 – A gunpowder factory explodes in Valletta, Malta, killing 22 people and damaging several buildings.
1683 – Austro-Ottoman WarBattle of Vienna: Several European armies join forces to defeat the Ottoman Empire.
1814 – Battle of North Point: an American detachment halts the British land advance to Baltimore in the War of 1812.
1846 – Elizabeth Barrett elopes with Robert Browning.
1847 – Mexican–American War: the Battle of Chapultepec begins.
1848 – Switzerland approves its 1st Constitution and becomes a Federal state.

1857 – The SS Central America sinks about 160 miles east of Cape HatterasNorth Carolina, drowning a total of 426 passengers and crew, including Captain William Lewis Herndon. The ship was carrying 13–15 tons of gold from the California Gold Rush.
1885 – Arbroath 36–0 Bon Accord, a world record scoreline in professional Association football.
1890 – SalisburyRhodesia, is founded.
1897 – Tirah CampaignBattle of Saragarhi.

1906 – The Newport Transporter Bridge is opened in Newport, South Wales by Viscount Tredegar.
1910 – Premiere performance of Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 8 in Munich (with a chorus of 852 singers and an orchestra of 171 players. Mahler's rehearsal assistant conductor was Bruno Walter)
1915 – French soldiers rescue over 4,000 Armenian Genocide survivors stranded on Musa Dagh.
1919 – Adolf Hitler joins the German Workers' Party (later the Nazi Party).
1923 – Southern Rhodesia, today called Zimbabwe, is annexed by the United Kingdom.
1933 – Leó Szilárd, waiting for a red light on Southampton Row in Bloomsbury, conceives the idea of the nuclear chain reaction.
1938 – Adolf Hitler demands autonomy and self-determination for the Germansof the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.

1940 – Cave paintings are discovered in Lascaux, France.
1940 – An explosion at the Hercules Powder Company plant in Kenvil, New Jersey kills 51 people and injures over 200.
1942 – World War IIRMS Laconia, carrying civilians, Allied soldiers and Italian POWs is torpedoed off the coast of West Africa and sinks with a heavy loss of life.
1942 – World War II: First day of the Battle of Edson's Ridge during the empleos en Armenia, Quindío
          Comment on Burma's Crimes Go Unpunished, by Eric Margolis      Cache   Translate Page      
Christians ( Christuuu) came to liberate land - Chrstiuuu from Italy France and from Armenian holy city built and lost by pagan , and god knows where else from - but they came hundred years after to take revenge grab land and turn the place into rivers of blood Christuuu love this part ' that land was our It now belonged to me I read bible It's in Pauls letter to Pauls step sister.. ... blah blah blah " Taking that cue Jewish came back on the back of Bible thumper , Paul loving crusade loving stupid Christuuu . Then came bearded real authentic stupid to America but not to take land but just make America stop Iraq's and Palestini's woes . --- rest of your argument about Muslim converting Christuuuuu by force do not deserve a reply It is BS.
          Armenia faces lack of younger generation      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - AzerNews) By Rashid Shirinov The rapid depopulation of Armenia, especially of the periphery, continues. Despite the ‘velvet revolution,' the populism of the gover...
          Armenia, Switzerland will cooperate on return of illegal assets      Cache   Translate Page      
Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan and his Swiss counterpart Michael Lauber have agreed to cooperate on the return of illegal assets.
          Electoral reforms, security in focus of OSCE PA President’s Armenia visit      Cache   Translate Page      
George Tsereteli and Roberto Montella met with President Armen Sarkissian, Parliament President Ara Babloyan, FM Zohrab Mnatsakanyan.
          Agentes Bilinguies - NGN CONTACT CENTER SAS - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
Call Center de Armenia requiere Agentes Bilingües, con un nivel de inglés Avanzado, nivel C1, o inglés nativo, con perfil comercial, para manejo de diferentes...
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          Total War: Attila "Legatum Aquilarum | Strategikon - GRAND CAMPAIGN"      Cache   Translate Page      
Модификация от автора - "Taullis" добавляет в компанию Атиллы, а именно для Восточной Римской Империи 14 новых юнитов, таких как : -Athanatoi -Scholarii/Klibanophoroi -Hikanatoi -Optimatoi -Excubitoi -Numeroi -Arithmoi -Varangoi -Varangoi Axes  -Cataphractoi -Cataphractoi Archers -Koursorses -Defensores -Armenian Tasinarioi  Русификатор :Установка: Папку data скопировать в папку с игрой, затем через ModManager подключить модификацию.
          Bank Hilariously Prints Man’s Whole Face Onto His Entire Credit Card Front      Cache   Translate Page      

Image via Shutterstock

A bank that allows its customers to print their faces on their personal credit cards has evoked laughter from the internet.

Twitter user @roasted_weenie uploaded photos of her father’s credit card from the company in the tweet below.

It had apparently asked her father if he wanted to add a photo of himself on the card, which he assumed would be placed at a tiny box in its corner for identification purposes.

Little did he expect that the company would have his image blown up to fit the entire card face. The caption reads, “So my dad got a new credit card and they asked him if he wanted a picture on it so he thought it was gonna be a tiny picture of him like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then... HE PLAYED HIMSELF BRUH!”

Apparently, her dad isn’t the only one who has received the unexpected facial upsize. Other Twitter users started sharing images of their credit cards with close-ups of their own faces on them.

Take a look at the comical aftermath below.

So my dad got a new credit card and they asked him if he wanted a picture on it so he thought it was gonna be a tiny picture of him like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then...😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

— Bby cakes 🍑 (@roasted_weenie) September 10, 2018

😂😂 bruh me and my mom were cracking up my dad was just like alright alright

— Bby cakes 🍑 (@roasted_weenie) September 11, 2018


— You (@JonhsonVideaux) September 11, 2018

Same here asked my friends to do it for me and this what happened fml @Simounn_

— GOOSE (@clareermino) September 11, 2018 need to show I.D....

— Shayna Grissom (@ShaynaGrissom) September 11, 2018

The ultimate security code.

“Sir, this isn’t your face”

— Brawn Hextall (@NotTheRealGoose) September 11, 2018

At least they won’t ask him, hey is this YOUR card? He can be like take a fuckin guess you bozo

— Grigor (@ArmenianBulldog) September 11, 2018

"Yep, we take cards! Will that be debit or cred-- SWEET JESUS!"

— Robbie D (@Instant_Awesome) September 11, 2018

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          Azerbaijan`s Defense Ministry: Armenian armed units violated ceasefire 87 times      Cache   Translate Page      
Azerbaijan`s Defense Ministry has said the Armenian armed forces continue to violate the ceasefire regime. "The Azerbaijani armed forces came under fire from large-caliber machine guns 87 times throughout the day," the ministry said in a statement.
          Armenia again confirms it being occupant state - Foreign Ministry      Cache   Translate Page      
(MENAFN - Trend News Agency ) Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 13 Trend: The scenario of Armenia's declaration of war against Azerbaijan is yet another confirmation that Armenia is an o...
          EJECUTIVO COMERCIAL INTERNO - Seguros Bolivar S.A - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
De Full Empleo - Thu, 06 Sep 2018 10:02:37 GMT - Ver todos: empleos en Armenia, Quindío
          Agentes Bilinguies - NGN CONTACT CENTER SAS - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
Call Center de Armenia requiere Agentes Bilingües, con un nivel de inglés Avanzado, nivel C1, o inglés nativo, con perfil comercial, para manejo de diferentes...
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          Chinese store in Armenia robbed of over $6,000      Cache   Translate Page      
Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2018. 2:30 p.m. CST. By BBN Staff: Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred on September 10, 2018, in Armenia Village, […]
          Bryza: Armenia unwilling to return occupied territories to Azerbaijan      Cache   Translate Page      
          Armenia again confirms it being occupant state - Foreign Ministry      Cache   Translate Page      
          Armenia faces lack of younger generation      Cache   Translate Page      
          Washington Times: Peace with Azerbaijan is precondition for democratization in Armenia      Cache   Translate Page      
          Allowing access to Armenia’s government labs is Armenian government’s decision – U.S. Embassy      Cache   Translate Page      
The U.S. government provides assistance to the Government of Armenia to enhance Armenia’s disease response and reporting capabilities.
          USA understands Armenia’s desire to help the Armenian population in Syria – U.S. Embassy      Cache   Translate Page      
We, too, are concerned about the humanitarian consequences of the war in Syria.
          Newly appointed Ukraine’s Ambassador hands over his credentials to Armenia’s President      Cache   Translate Page      
The sides noted that the two peoples are in friendly relations which is a good basis for further development of partnership.
          Nagorno Karabakh joins UN human rights basic documents, ratifies and implements them – Armenia’s FM      Cache   Translate Page      
​The commissioner expressed readiness to support Armenia in implementation of democratic reforms.
          Armenian PM receives Adjutant General of Kansas, the Military Commander of the Kansas National Guard      Cache   Translate Page      
Lee Tafanelli highly rated the partnership level between the Armenian Armed Forces and Kansas National Guard and reiterated their readiness for the further deepening and expansion of relations.
          Armenia’s NA sets up Investigative Committee to study violation of privacy of phone conversations in Armenia      Cache   Translate Page      
The committee will have 5 members from Republican faction, 3 from Tsarukyan faction, 2 from Yelk, and one from ARF-D.
          Our goal is to imprison all those who committed crimes on March 1 – Armenia’s PM      Cache   Translate Page      
As to disarming bodyguards of oligarchs, Pashinyan said necessary measures have already been undertaken.
          Armenia’s PM receives France-Armenia Friendship Group delegation      Cache   Translate Page      
The Armenian PM also stressed that Armenia is intensively preparing for the upcoming 17th Francophone summit and assured that it will be conducted on a high level.
          Privacy of phone conversations of each person endangered in Armenia – Gevorg Kostanyan      Cache   Translate Page      
The MP said they must get convinced that in Armenia all the opportunities for guaranteeing privacy of phone conversations of people are ensured.
          NSS-SIS chiefs’ wiretapping plan belongs to Armenia’s second president – Alen Simonyan      Cache   Translate Page      
“My opinion is that it has been done by the second president and his attorneys,” he said.
          VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia build another house      Cache   Translate Page      
Building homes has become a beautiful tradition for the partnering sides.
          Armenia’s vice speaker calls Pashinyan “very skilled figure”      Cache   Translate Page      
“As a state official I officially state that this is sabotage against our statehood. In this case there is no opposition-authority for me,” Sharmazanov said.
          Democracy dynamically develops in Armenia – NA Chairman      Cache   Translate Page      
Armenia has registered a dynamic progress in democracy.
          Armenia’s PM, Kyrgyz President discuss cooperation issues in phone conversation      Cache   Translate Page      
The interlocutors discussed a number of issues on bilateral cooperation, its development and expansion.
          NA to set Investigative Committee to study wiretapping case of NSS and SIS chiefs      Cache   Translate Page      
According to the Armenian legislation, the NA Investigative Committee is being created with rule of law. The NA decides the number of members.
          Armenia’s Constitutional Court has new judge      Cache   Translate Page      
The CC new judge assumed his office after an oath ceremony at the NA session.
          Russia’s President to pay official visit to Armenia      Cache   Translate Page      
On September 8 Armenia’s PM met with Putin in Moscow after which he stated that Russian president accepted his invitation to visit Armenia.
          Vigilante - Servagro - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
De Servagro - Sun, 10 Jun 2018 06:34:09 GMT - Ver todos: empleos en Armenia, Quindío
          Agentes Bilinguies - NGN CONTACT CENTER SAS - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
Call Center de Armenia requiere Agentes Bilingües, con un nivel de inglés Avanzado, nivel C1, o inglés nativo, con perfil comercial, para manejo de diferentes...
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          Ordenan desembargar las cuentas del departamento      Cache   Translate Page      

El Juzgado Cuarto Administrativo Oral del Circuito de Armenia ordenó levantar la medida de embargo que pesa contra la cuentas de la gobernación del Quindío. La comunicación del juzgado se hizo en cumplimiento de una decisión del Consejo de Estado, que el pasado 2 de agosto ordenó suspender los efectos de dicha medida cautelar, atendiendo […]

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          Acusan formalmente a exalcalde de Armenia por hechos de corrupción      Cache   Translate Page      

Ante un juez Penal del Circuito, el pasado martes la Fiscalía acusó formalmente a Carlos Mario Álvarez Morales, ex alcalde de Armenia, por su presunta participación en la apropiación de recursos provenientes de los contratos de construcción de vías y puentes financiados con recursos obtenidos por concepto de valorización. De acuerdo con la exposición del […]

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          Terna a alcaldía de Armenia será entrevistada este jueves      Cache   Translate Page      

El gobernador del Quindío Carlos Eduardo Osorio Buriticá notificó que las entrevistas a la terna que aspira a la alcaldía de Armenia conformada por Gloria Cecilia García García, Luisa Fernanda León Betancourt y Óscar Castellanos, se realizarán este jueves 13 de septiembre a partir de las 4:00 p.m., en el salón Simón Bolívar del Centro Administrativo Departamental. De esta […]

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          Juez declara ilegal captura de profesor señalado de abusar de una estudiante en Armenia      Cache   Translate Page      

La captura del profesor del colegio Nuestra Señora de Fátima de la Policía Quindío, señalado de presuntamente haber abusado sexualmente de una estudiante de 11 años de edad, fue declarada ilegal este miércoles por el Juzgado Primero Penal Municipal con funciones de control de garantías de Armenia, por lo que fue dejado en libertad.  El Juez […]

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          Vigilante - Servagro - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
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          Saint Laurent Women’s Winter 18 – Part II #YSL18      Cache   Translate Page      
Saint Laurent bring glamour and grunge for AW18...

Anthony Vaccarello’s latest Saint Laurent campaign for Winter 2018 has an unforgettable afterhours club vibe. Runway favourite for the brand and industry it girl Mica Arganaraz mixes glamour and grunge in the short but sweet campaign video.

Dressed in an all black mini dresses and platform leather boots, Arganaraz languidly touches up her makeup while the Armenia Symphony Orchestra’s hauntingly beautiful rendition of Sarabanda plays in the background.

The campaign film and images are captured by none other than dynamic fashion photography duo Inez and Vinoodh. The pair expertly captures the raw sexiness and coolness of the AW18 collection with Arganaraz in sequins, studs and feathers.

Check out the video below and the gallery for the rest of the campaign.


Shop the collection at



Director: Inez & Vinoodh

Talent: Mica Arganaraz

Music: Sarabanda by Armenia Symphony Orchestra


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          Two Students from Jerusalem Enjoy Summer High School Conference at St. Nersess Seminary      Cache   Translate Page      

By Florence Avakian ARMONK, N.Y. — Sevag Boyadjian, 15, and Marina Gejekoushian, 17, two gifted students from Jerusalem’s Sts. Tarkmanchatz School, were chosen to participate in this year’s Summer High School Conference at St. Nersess Armenian Seminary. This program was initiated and organized by seminary Dean Rev. Mardiros Chevian, and funded by several donors. This […]

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          Mirror-Spectator Increases Coverage of Golden State      Cache   Translate Page      

LOS ANGELES — The Armenian Mirror-Spectator is expanding its coverage of the community in the Greater Los Angeles area, home to the largest concentration of Armenians in the world. Helping the Mirror-Spectator in this endeavor are a trio of writers, Taleen Babayan, Monique Svazlian Tallon and Michael Melkonian. (Kevork Keushkerian, a Tekeyan member, covers many […]

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          CYSCA Receives Grant from Congress to Host Young Activists from Armenia      Cache   Translate Page      

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Cambridge-Yerevan Sister City Association (CYSCA) has again been awarded a grant from the United States Library of Congress to take part in the Open World (OW) program. For many years, CYSCA has hosted young professionals from Armenia to help promote various facets of democracy and diplomacy. Five individuals, along with a […]

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          Armenian-Russian Relations on Track Despite Pessimism in Media      Cache   Translate Page      

Armenian political circles and the news media in Yerevan put on their magnifying glasses to observe the Nikol Pashinyan-Vladimir Putin meeting on September 8 and draw conclusions from it. Of course, for a country of Armenia’s size, such a meeting is crucial. But viewed from the Russian perspective, it could mean a miniscule political agenda […]

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          Foreign Minister visits Armenian Genocide memorial alley in Geneva      Cache   Translate Page      
Lanterns of Memory was inaugurated in Switzerland in April, 10 years after the project was first approved.
          Armenian National Security head nommed for football federation chief      Cache   Translate Page      
The Director of the National Security Service of Armenia is nominated for the post of the head of the country’s Football Federation.
          Armenia prioritizing early prevention of genocides: Foreign Minister      Cache   Translate Page      
Armenia has been consistently promoting the recognition of the importance and priority of early prevention of genocides
          Pagan temple of Garni is a symbol of pre-Christian Armenia: Czech radio      Cache   Translate Page      
Czech radio station Radiojournal (Český rozhlas Radiožurnál) has published an article about the Armenian Pagan Temple of Garni.
          Film about devastating earthquake in Armenia coming out Sept. 20      Cache   Translate Page      
Kott has intentionally left scenes of horror behind the camera, focusing on the experiences of the characters instead.
          Vigilante - Servagro - Armenia, Quindío      Cache   Translate Page      
ARMENIA, Colombia Prevenir y reducir los riesgos en cuanto a seguridad que puedan presentarse en las instalaciones donde estén prestando el servicio...
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          World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 8      Cache   Translate Page      


World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 8

Can anyone stop Parham Maghsoodloo? The way he plays, he’s simply irresistible. His performance is reminiscent of Mamedyarov’s - as the most recent example which comes to mind - totally dominating performances at youth and junior events. Only time will if he match or even surpass his achievements but we can safely predict that we’ll soon see the young Iranian enter the elite 2700+ club.

In girls section not much has changed with the games of leaders, top two boards, being drawn and Khomeriki, Dordzhieva and Maltsevskaya continue to share the lead entering the last three rounds. Who will emerge victorious from this trio or their close followers is probably a question we’ll only be able to answer after the last round.

Open Round 8 Results

Maghsoodloo’s win and his amazing 7,5/8 score is definitely the most important news of the day. The Iranian chose the Classical Sicilian against IM Venkataraman of India and in Richter-Rauzer Maghsoodloo played 9…Bd7, a pet line of the famous Croatian grandmaster Zdenko Kozul. The Indian master - probably wisely after his choice of a3 - decided to lead the game to a complex Sicilian ending. In the beginning it looked like white might get a slight advantage but Maghsoodloo played it better than his opponent and when his opponent went completely wrong trading e-pawn with black b-pawn and thus opening up the position to blacks advantage the Iranian grandmaster played almost flawlessly till the end. Just three more rounds to go and we might see Iran getting the gold!

IMG 7193

On second board things didn’t go as smoothly as on first board however for Iran. Alireza Firouzja misplayed the Delayed Exchange Ruy Lopez against the American Awonder Liang and found himself already seriously worse around 15th move. There didn’t seem to be much counterplay and the way Firouzja tried to create it only led to more weaknesses and material deficit which Liang exploited very efficiently. Great game for the American grandmaster and a surprisingly easy win.

In 9th round we’ll see the sole leader Maghsoodloo (7,5 pts) playing white against Liang (6,5 pts), and a win for the Iranian will mean that he will practically clinch the title. If Liang wins though everything will be up for grabs and even some of the ten players with 6 points might begin dreaming of becoming champion! The most important matchup of the open section for sure!

Girls Round 8 Results

In girls section Khomeriki – Maltsevskaya and Potapova – Dordzhieva on top two boards ended in draws and since the only other player except Potapova with 5,5 points, Gorti lost an equal ending in zeitnot to Tokhirjonova no one could reach them which means Khomeriki and the two Russians, Maltsevskaya and Dordzhieva are still in the lead before the last three rounds.

Potapova – Dordzhieva game always revolved around equality but on first board Khomeriki seemed to get a significant lasting advantage. However against Maltsevskaya’s positionally dubious but active play the Georgian star couldn’t play precisely and the game ended in a repetition.

The rook endgame with pawn races in Zhu – Paramzina game - which should probably have never occurred had Paramzina played more positionally sound - made our commentators sweat in the live commentary room and it can definitely serve the purpose of a training material for calculation. Although there was one very important mistake on 40th move Paramzina generally played the ending superbly and got a necessary win crucial for her chances in the championship.

IMG 7074

The highly dramatic Assaubayeva – Sliwicka game was definitely a miracle for the Russian player. Since some very important Russian writers came up with it, there has been always a talk of a characteristic Russian soul. One of its features is a belief in miracles and it seems sometimes this approach too works. The clearest win for Sliwicka was 54…Nc6, a terribly easy move to make but sometimes Caissa can cloud your mind totally and the Polish player completely lost the thread of the game afterwards, managing first to turn a totally winning position to a draw and then finally to a loss! A really lucky moment for Bibisara Assaubayeva, whose play in this championship failed to impress but she’s still in contention for the first place.

In 9th round there are very important matchups: Maltsevskaya – Dordzhieva, Assaubayeva – Khomeriki, Paramzina – Tokhirjonova and Hojjatova – Potapova. The winners - if any - will be in a very good position to fight for the title in the last two rounds!

9th round will start on September 13, 15.00 local time. As we are getting closer to the end the games too are getting more and more exciting! Don’t forget to watch the live broadcast & commentary by IM Arduman & FM Selbes with surprise guests.

World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 7

2018 World Junior Championship continues with full pace! All games were rich in terms of pure chess content as always and the round turned out to be a crucial one in both sections. The only player with full score, Nino Khomeriki from Georgia was finally beaten by WIM Dordzhieva and together with Maltsevskaya there are now three players with 6 points in girls section. In open section the game of leaders Maghsoodloo and Sindarov ended in Iranian stars favor, in which a theoretical debate resulted in a very sharp position where Maghsoodloo managed to outplay his young opponent. This leeaves Maghsoodloo alone at the top with 6,5 points and he’s followed by his compatriot GM Firouzja and Indian IM Venkataraman from a half a point distance.

Open Round 7 Results

The most awaited game of the day was obviously Maghsoodloo – Sindarov. A win by any player would have meant to be sole leader, a feat which was accomplished by the more experienced Iranian grandmaster. Players entered into some wild complications already seen a few times in grandmaster play, most notably in Dubov – Kovalev, Aeroflot 2017. It was Sindarov who went off the beaten path with his 16…Bg4!? instead of Kovalev’s more logical choice 16…exd4 which appears to be more solid and objectively better. However Sindarov’s choice gave black a dangerous initiative and active play as well. Parham Maghsoodloo is a calculating beast who is not afraid of complications and risks however and when he found the great maneuver Bc1-Ba3, followed by Bb3 it was obvious that only white can play for a win. Although there were few slips and a missed drawing opportunity for Sindarov with 37…Rh4! the Iranian grandmaster showed a high level of play in general and gained deservedly the full point.

IMG 6973

On second board the game which started as Italian turned out to be a King’s Indian after all, in terms of pawn structure. It was GM Firouzja who played better and he beat Vavulin in a fine game with the theme of absolute positional dominance. If Tabatabaei could have won on third board too it would have been a perfect day for Iran but things are rarely so perfect in life and it was the Indian IM Venkataraman who got the full point, thanks to a sudden switch to a kingside attack for which Tabatabaei was completely unprepared. A very instructive game!

Other winners of the round on top boards were Hakobyan, Liang, Christiansen and Bai Jinshi. Of these games the most dramatic one was definitely Christiansen – Narayanan. The strong Indian grandmaster was two pawns up in a queens ending but somehow found a way to löse! This could’ve been a nice entry for Dvoretsky’s “Tragicomedies” collection, had Mark Dvoretsky still lived.

In 8th round we’ll have Venkataraman – Maghsoodloo, Liang – Firouzja, Bai Jinshi – Christiansen, Sindarov – Hakobyan on top boards, all pretty difficult and even matchups promising great entertainment for chess fans already!

Girls Round 7 Results

If Khomeriki had won today she could have left a big step behind towards the title but things went wrong for the Georgian and she lost her first point here. To be fair her opponent Dordzhieva from Russia played a good game after she gained the advantage so this loss was definitely not a surprise in the actual sense of the word. A bad result for Georgia but nothing is lost, she’s still at the top and a few wins in the coming rounds will easily settle the score for Nino Khomeriki.

IMG 7001

On second board it was a Russian duel between Maltsevskaya and Paramzina which was won by Maltsevskaya in the end. In fact she showed a great level of play, probably on par with Khomeriki in terms of quality, so it wasn’t a surprise. Potapova’s win on fifth board against Sieber of Germany meant a great day for Russian girls actually and as of this round in top 5 we see three Russians!

Pre-championship favorites Assaubayeva and Tsolakidou didn’t have a great day. Bibisara Assaubayeva couldn’t turn her tangible advantage into a win and Tsolakidou probably mixed up something in her preparation as she got a worse position right out of the opening. A major setback for the top seeded Tsolakidou.

In 8th round there are very interesting games on top two boards: Khomeriki – Maltsevskaya and Potapova - Dordzhieva.

The 8th round will start on September 12, 15:00. Don’t miss IM Arduman & FM Selbes’ live commentary and broadcast with surprise guests!

World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 6

Georgia has been a superpower in women chess for quite some time and it seems soon a new name will be added to the list of countless elite players they produced: Nino Khomeriki. She has an unbeliavable perfect score with 6/6 and already has already managed to put - a quite significant- gap of 1 point between herself and the three Russian musketeers: Maltsevskaya, Dordzhieva and Paramzina. If anyone will be able to stop WIM Khomeriki in the next rounds remains to be seen, but if other players have dreams of becoming champion they better hurry before Khomeriki escapes with the title!

In the open section Parham Maghsoodloo could also keep his perfect score if he beat his compatriot Firouzja but as the game reached a friendly outcome he has 5,5 points and shares the lead with the Uzbek prodigy IM Javokhir Sindarov who has won a fine game against IM Christiansen of Norway. For sure a lot will be on stake in the game between the two leaders next round. The future of Uzbek chess definitely looks to be bright with shining young stars such as IM Sindarov and GM Abdusattorov. Of course Iran is also on course to become a great force in chess world with such young talents like Maghsoodloo, Firouzja, Tabatabaei.

Open Round 6 Results

The game on first board between two Iranian players have seen points split quite friendly in an uneventful manner as already mentioned. Sindarov-Christiansen on second board however provided great entertainment, unless you’re a Norwegian obviously. It seemed that Christiansen wasn’t ready for Sindarov’s idea. Although he drifted into a type of position where he had an unpleasant defence in front of him, there was certainly no need to allow the obvious 19. Rxf6 exchange sacrifice, destroying the black kingside completely after which Sindarov easily rounded up the full point. A great result for Sindarov, a win tomorrow against Maghsoodloo and who knows; we might have the second youngest grandmaster in history!

In the all German game Donchenko – Kollars, Black misplayed in the opening and ended up being pawn down with only slight compensation. But inaccuracies of Donchenko led to the escape of Kollars and the game was drawn. On fourth board Santos Ruiz – Esipenko, the Russian player held perhaps a slight advantage most of the game but it never turned into anything tangible and players agreed to a draw just before it fizzled out to a drawn rook endgame.

IMG 6853

Possibly the game of the round was played on fifth board between two Indian players: Aravindh-Venkataraman. Scheveningen is a very complex system in Sicilian with lots of nuances and it seemed IM Venkataraman had a better understanding of the position. It was a near perfect effort by Black, combining defense with destruction of white center after which black rooks infiltrated white ranks with decisive effect. Truly in the style of Garry Kasparov, the greatest expert of Scheveningen; probably even now.

Other players with 5 points are GM Tabatabei of Iran who managed to beat Indian IM Bharathakoti after the latter made a great mistake on 45th move in a totally equal position and IM Vavulin of Russia who won a game of twists and turns according to Tartakower’s maxim: The game is won by the player who made the next-to-last mistake.

Besides Maghsoodloo-Sindarov the other most important matchups of 7th round are Firouzja – Vavulin and Venkataraman – Tabatabei in the open section.

Girls Round 6 Results

It’s becoming more and more a one man show or in this case a one girl show rather. Khomeriki played another high-class game, this time in the ultra-theoretical and sharp Meran against Bulgarian FM Antova, and scored another nice win to keep her perfect score. The accuracy of Georgian so far has really been above the others and that shows itself in the standings as well. Very impressive!

On second board Maltsevskaya played another fine game against Assaubayeva but being in mutual zeitnot she couldn’t calculate a win and opted for a draw. A good result for FM Assaubayeva who couldn’t show her strength in this particular game.

On third and fourth boards Russian girls WIM Dordzhieva and WGM Paramzina win with white pieces against Haussernot and Sliwicka respectively. Dordzhieva – Haussernot was pretty fun to watch with mutual mistakes in a very complex position which finally ended in favor of the Russian. Paramzina – Sliwicka was a more one-sided and correct effort but it had another interesting feature. Sliwicka played the same idea Khomeriki used to beat her yesterday with black pieces but the Polish player lost again! Losing two games in a row in almost the same position both as white and black must feel upsetting. Still Sliwicka showed her strength in the rounds before and best of luck to her in the rest of the championship!

IMG 0272

Finally the story of the round! On fifth board IM Tsolakidou was playing with white against WFM Hilario of Peru. Although she missed an opportunity for getting a big advantage by playing 8.a3 - instead she chose 8. Qc2 - according to her trainer Ioannis Papaioannou, she still managed to get a playable position. However no one could expect that the game would end on 12th move! Tsolakidou took the black knight with 12. Nxd5 and after 12…Nxd5 or 12…exd5 the game would have continued. Instead of taking back the knight however the Peruvian player touched her c-pawn, after which she had no choice but resign! A very unfortunate event for Hilario and a very precious gift for Tsolakidou.

In 7th round Dordzhieva – Khomeriki and Maltsevskaya – Paramzina will definitely be the games to follow as well as Gorti – Tsolakidou and Antova – Assaubayeva.

The 7th round will start on September 11, 15:00 local time. Don’t forget to follow the games and live commentary of IM Arduman & FM Selbes with the always entertaining and instructive GM Papaioannou as the guest commentator.

World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 5

As we leave the fifth round behind, we have in both categories a sole leader with full points. In the open section Parham Maghsoodlo from Iran had been overpowering his opponents so far with his brilliant calculation ability and today was no exception either so he keeps his perfect score as of now. In the women section it was Nino Khomeriki from Georgia who emerged as the winner in the game between two leaders so she’s leading with 5 points. A great achievement for both but there’s no time to relax as there are six more difficult games to play!

Open Round 5 Results

All eyes were set on the first two boards in the open section as the players with perfect scores were paired against each other. GM Maghsoodloo was black against IM Bharathakoti and his compatriot GM Firouzja had white pieces against Uzbek IM Sindarov. At one point it seemed like Firouzja will win and Maghsoodloo is going to make a draw but when the round has ended it was the opposite! Still a great day for Iran with the other Iranian grandmaster Tabatabaei also winning!

IMG 6703

Harsha Bharathakoti actually put up a good fight against Maghsoodloo and it seemed like he gained the upper hand in a 5. Bd2!? Nimzo-Indian, a popular sideline recently used by many players to avoid the theory. As Maghsoodloo himself admitted in the postmortem analysis black hasn’t played in the best fashion but still managed to get a good position. Things really began to look scary when the Iranian superstar lost two tempi playing the f6-knight to e4 via e8-d6 route instead of immediately playing 16…Ne4. According to GM Maghsoodloo 22. f5! push would have been much more dangerous than 22.d5 - a very accurate assessment according to our silicon friend. The move in the game also seemed very scary but Maghsoodloo managed to find all the best moves to neutralize white’s attack. To give Bharathakoti his due, the Indian IM attacked vigorously, with a rook sacrifice and so on, and a lesser player could easily lose with black. The resilient defense of Maghsoodloo paid off in the end and in a position, which could have been drawn, Indian IM missed 37…Bh3! which basically forces mate. Another very entertaining game by the young Iranian!

Firouzja too didn’t disappoint in terms of entertainment. Sindarov who has played Zaitsev, an opening line which was featured in Kasparov-Karpov matches very frequently as Igor Zaitsev himself was seconding Karpov, wasn’t probably familiar with the Ree3-b3 idea of white, attacking the black pawns and at the same time trying to put the dark squared bishop in the long diagonal with deadly threats. The exchange of dark squared bishops was positionally very undesirable for black and it also cost him a pawn. Firouzja seemed to be winning easily but the young Uzbek didn’t lose any heart in defense and complicated the matters as much as he could. To pull the hippopotamus out of the marsh of complications wasn’t an easy task for anyone and Firouzja trying to play safely missed the win. All he could get was a rook+knight vs rook endgame in the end and players agreed to a draw. A near miss for the Iranian star but Sindarov also fought in a very exemplary fashion once he found himself in a lost position.

IM Christiansen from Norway played a very good game in Fianchetto Grünfeld and didn’t give his opponent any chance at all. A tour de force from the first move! The same can also be said of Esipenko-Tang game. Russian young talent GM Andrey Esipenko played a great positional game in the style of Karpov, very pleasing to the eyes of fans of positional play for sure. After the free day on Monday we’ll see an Iranian derby between Maghsoodloo and Firouzja on first board. On second board Sindarov will play against Christiansen with white pieces. With other matchups such as Donchenko-Kollars and Santos Ruiz-Esipenko the sixth round is going to be very interesting for sure.

Girls Round 5 Results

In girls section today was another bloodfest with top six games being decisive. On the first board Nino Khomeriki answered the Italian Game with Two Knights Defense with Be7; usually a line which resembles Ruy Lopez. However Khomeriki had a different take on it and she opted for an aggressive plan with Nh7-f5-f4. It proved to be a very wise decision as Sliwicka found the aggressive threats of black on the kingside very difficult to deal with. A great result for the young Georgian who is now with 5/5 the sole leader.

IMG 6695

On second board we had Maltsevskaya-Tsolakidiou matchup and it provided some very instructive lessons on play with/against isolani. If you wonder what kind of lessons these are please watch comments of GM Ioannis Papaioannou in the live commentary room about positions with isolated pawns and this game in particular. Although initially it seemed like Tsolakidou equalized easily when she embarked on a faulty knight maneuver with 19…Ne7?! White gained the upper hand. There followed a very purposeful play by Maltsevskaya and she simply outplayed her opponent. A nice win for the Russian player who finds herself just half a point behind Khomeriki together with the Bulgarian FM Antova who won against Chinese WIM Chu in an epic game which lasted 97 moves!

Assaubayeva won today and reached 4 points, something which the sixth seed Azeri Hojjatova couldn’t do as she lost in a not so good fashion against Peruvian WFM Hilario. Other players with 4 points are Haussernot from France and Dordzhieva and Paramzina from Russian Federation.

There are also tough games awaiting us in the next round such as Khomeriki-Antova, Assaubayeva-Maltsevskaya, Dordzhieva- Haussernot and Paramzina – Sliwicka. Don’t miss the always entertaining and hard-fought games of the girls section. When it comes to willpower and energy girls can teach a thing or two to boys!

Tomorrow is free day in the championship. The sixth round will start on September 10, Monday 15:00 local time. See you in the live broadcast & commentary on Monday but let’s all have a one day rest first!

World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Rounds 3-4

With double rounds today was very exhausting for players. Even though they are all under 20 and at the peak of their energy playing high-level chess from 10 am to 10 pm in such a difficult championship takes its toll even on the fittest of all. But anyway we witnessed many great battles today and in terms of sheer chess content it was an amazingly rich day.

Open Round 3 Results

Open Round 4 Results

After the two rounds played today in the open section we have four players left with perfect score. Two Iranians, top seed GM Parham Maghsoodloo and eight seed GM Alireza Firouzja as well as the 12 years old Uzbek sensation IM Javokhir Sindarov and the 40th seed (!) Indian IM Bharathakoti Harsha. However as Greek GM Ioannis Papaioannou wisely said on the live commentary: “First three rounds mean nothing at such a long championship and the last three rounds everything!” So everything is pretty much on.

IMG 6389

The top seed Maghsoodloo played two extremely difficult and interesting games today. In the morning round Polish IM Lukasz Jarmula have played very well up to a point against the Iranian star and have got a very promising position. Fortunately for Maghsoodloo his opponent went wrong with 42. Ng7?, putting the knight on a wrong square which turned the tables completely. Perhaps not in a very accurate fashion but still the Iranian managed to punish his opponent for his mistake in the end. In the afternoon the game was again very difficult. This time, against the strong Armenian GM Hakobyan, it was always Maghsoodloo who held the advantage but the resulting queen and bishop ending with an extra pawn was terribly difficult to calculate; especially the advanced h-pawn was always a source of worry for white. Hakobyan’s tenacious play was almost rewarded at the end as his opponent played 73. e7??, thinking that after 73…Qxe7 the h-pawn is won by a series of checks; missing the Kh8-Qh7 idea which protects the h-pawn and forces Maghsoodloo to a draw. Still an impressive performance by Parham Maghsoodloo overall. One has to give credit to players who have played so many hours today and were probably extremely tired.

Firouzja has also played two very entertaining games, against Vugar Asadli in the morning round and then in the afternoon against Andrew Tang, a familiar name to online chess community. Both games were well played, even though Firouzja gave his opponents few chances to save both games it always seemed like he was the side pushing for a win.

The Uzbek prodigy Javokhir Sindarov made good use of two whites today and beat two very strong grandmasters in a row: Tabatabaei and Aravindh! Just an advice for Sindarov’s future opponents: Don’t play the Sicilian or even if you do, don’t let him play Nxc6 followed by e5 because he will beat you! Keep this boys name in your mind because it seems that you will hear it a lot in maybe 5-6 years from now on. If he wins this championship he will automatically become GM and thus become the second youngest grandmaster ever after Karjakin!

Top boards on 5th round will be Harsha Barathkoti - Maghsoodloo and Firouzja – Sindarov. Let’s see which players can keep their perfect score, if any!

Girls Round 3 Results

Girls Round 4 Results

In girls section we have only two players left with perfect score: WFM Alicja Sliwicka from Poland and WIM Nino Khomeriki from Georgia. As both countries are known for their strength in women chess it seems that they also have fresh talents coming up! Both players made a good impression with their play today, especially in the last round.

Sliwicka’s win against Gorti from USA was brilliant where the young Polish talent managed to keep control of the game until the very end. Khomeriki also played a brilliancy and punished some not so precise opening play by Kazakh Nurgali very efficiently. It seems that both players are in a great form and play at a higher level than their ratings suggest.

IMG 6280

Bibisara Assaubayeva, the third seed of the championship, had a 2/2 start but today achieved only two draws although having acquired great winning chances in both games. Top seeded IM Tsolakidou fared much better however as she won two good games and enter the fifth round just half a point behind the leaders.

Fourth round saw two very important surprise results too, 4th seed WGM Tokhirjonova losing to Maltsevskaya and 2nd seed IM Nomin-Erdene getting a second loss, this time against Chinese Yuxin Song who is having a great championship. The fifth seed WIM Zhu Jiner also didn’t have a great day, with one draw against Ece Özbay and a loss against her compatriot WIM Ruotong Chu she has only 2 points as of now and will try to make a comeback.

The 5th round will start on September 8, 14:00 local time. Stay tuned for very entertaining games tomorrow and also don’t miss the live commentary of IM Arduman & FM Selbes!

Daily results at

World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 2

Although first round was by no means a one-sided battle for favorites, the second round was destined to be even tougher as the rating differences between paired opponents got less. All the games were hard-fought and contained interesting and bold play from young stars.

Open Round 2 Results

In the open section it was a good day for 2600+ players as Maghsoodloo, Donchenko and Karthikeyan - despite the draw in the first round you can count Jorden van Foreest as well - all won fine games against their lesser rated opponents, thus entering the third round unharmed with 2 points.

One of the greatest upsets of the round was the defeat of the 16 years old Russian star Andrey Esipenko, at the hands of 18 years old Kazakh player Denis Makhnev. IM Makhnev played the opening phase of a Semi-Tarrasch game not too well and allowed Esipenko to equalize easily. At one point it looked like Black could even take the initiative but things have changed with Esipenko’s very quickly played move 18…Rd8? Makhnev found the best way of playing, namely with the idea of trapping the awkwardly placed black queen; a problem which Esipenko found very hard to deal with. By move 25 Makhnev won the f7-pawn and then went on to calculate a brilliant sequence of tactics to reach a double rooks ending with an extra bishop vs two pawns; which he converted perfectly. A great performance by the Kazakh player!

IMG 6178

The fifth board also saw a brilliant win by the Chinese grandmaster Xu. The intermediate move 20. Rxf6! was a beautiful exchange sacrifice after which the passivity of black pieces and mate threats led to a material down and totally lost ending for Janik from Poland.

Two other notable games in both of which underdogs have won against their opponents need to be mentioned. IM Percivaldi from Denmark won what seemed to be a very well played game against GM Bai from China, punishing his opponent for his reckless play. The 13 years old Işık Can of Turkey, one of the brightest stars of Turkish chess, managed to win against IM Lobanov from Russia; thanks to a very dangerous passed pawn on c-file. A very well played ending by the young FM! At 2 points Işık Can is also leading the race between the local players as of now.

By the end of the second round only 25 players remain with full score in the open category and with the exception of Işık Can -against GM Martirosyan (1.5 pts)- they will play against each other. We are still nowhere near the climax of the tournament and the best is yet to come!

Girls Round 2 Results

It was a day of missed opportunities and twists in girls section. There were four draws in the first five boards but it could easily have been five decisive games as well.

IM Tsolakidou of Greece, the top seed of the championship, had a significant advantage in a queenless middlegame position against Chinese WIM Chu but when she missed a couple of nuances at critical moments her advantage dissipated and the game ended in a draw. Bibisara Assaubayeva won on second board against Indian WIM Varshini, a game which went equal for a long time but when the Indian WIM finally faltered FM Assaubayeva didn’t give a second chance to her opponent.

IMG 6167

Perhaps the most incredible game of the round was played on third board, between German FM Schneider and the Uzbek WGM Tokhirjonova. Schneider opted for a wrong setup in Giuoco Pianissimo and handed down a very dangerous kingside attack to her opponent which was probably winning at a few moments of the game. However WGM Tokhirjonova lost her way and somehow a winning ending for white emerged on the board! FM Schneider played very well, all the way until the promotion after which she was an exchange up with a very easily winning position. Just pushing her passed pawn or mopping up the a-pawn of black was enough to win the game easily but instead miracles began to happen and in the end one can even say that it was white who had to make the draw! If someone speaks of the merits of resigning in completely lost positions show him/her this game!

The wins of Egyptian WGM Wafa and Polish WFM Dwilewicz against WIM Unuk and WIM Haussernot were also very impressive in different ways, the former being a slow grind whereas the latter a 27 move mate after some power play by White!

Third round of 2018 World Junior Chess Championship will start on September 7, 10:00 local time as the next one will be played in the afternoon at 17:00! A tiring day for sure, both for players and our commentators IM Arduman & FM Selbes! See you tomorrow at the live broadcast!

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World Junior U20 Chess Championship 2018: Round 1

2018 World Junior Chess Championship and World U-20 Girls Championship have started today. A very important championship historically – just mentioning the fact that world champions Spassky (1955), Karpov(1969), Kasparov (1980) and Anand (1987) have all started as world junior champions is enough - it is definitely the event to follow these days, especially if you want to discover the elite players of future.

This years edition sees a record-breaking number of participation, players from 65 different countries have come to Gebze/Turkey to compete for the most important title U-20. But it’s not just about quantity. In the open section there are 30 players who have an ELO rating higher than 2500, which shows the strength of the competition. As for girls, it might seem to be not as strong as the open category but still in a very evenly matched field anything might happen, so lots of surprises and difficult battles should be expected in this category as well. Let’s have a short look at first round in both sections.


Open Round 1 Results

The first round usually brings heavy favorites against weak players but not here. For example on the first board GM Maghsoodloo (2649) from Iran found himself matched up against FM Wadsworth (2351) of England. Certainly not a championship to be taken lightly, even the very start is quite difficult in this marathon.

That being said still the first round saw few surprises. 12 years old Russian talent Volodar Murzin held against the second seed Jorden van Foreest and thus managed to begin the championship with a draw, usually not a bad result if you are playing with black against a 2624 ELO player! One of the local hopes, FM Tuna Tuncer of Turkey has played a very clean game against GM Martirosyan (2597) of Armenia and in a position with a material imbalance accepted the draw offer of his opponent. Probably a wise decision by the Armenian grandmaster, as black knight and bishop had trouble finding good squares for themselves whereas the same cannot be said of white rook and pawns.

In the second round we’ll see closer matchups than today and we can certainly expect a great amount of hard-fought games! Stay tuned for the live broadcast!

IMG 9863

Girls Round 1 Results

Women chess in general is a lot more exciting than men and this first round was also another occasion proving it. On board number one, the rating favorite Stavroula Tsolakidou from Greece seemed to be cruising to victory but then somehow found herself completely lost! This was not the end of the drama though as her opponent Malatsilava returned the favor and thus lost her chance to inflict a very upsetting defeat on IM Tsolakidou at the start of the championship.

The second board also saw the underdog getting winning chances, this time actually capitalizing on it. The second seed IM Nomin-Erdene from Mongolia found out that her Chilean opponent is not to be underestimated and lost in an uncomfortable position despite opposite-colored bishops to WIM Gomez Barrera. An early setback after which the Mongolian star will have a hard time climbing up the ranks again, but in an 11-rounds event everything’s possible!

R1 1

There are tough pairings in the second round as Tsolakidou and Assaubayeva will find themselves matched up against Chinese WIM Ruotong and Indian WIM Varshini respectively. If you think about how underrated players from China and India actually are these matches will be quite interesting to follow!

See you all at the second round starting on September 6, 15:00 local time! Don’t miss the live broadcast and commentary by IM Arduman & FM Selbes!

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          the Protocol, amending the Convention between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Republic of Armenia for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income which was signed at New Delhi on the 31st October      Cache   Translate Page      
MINISTRY OF FINANCE (DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE) NOTIFICATION New Delhi, the 5th July, 2018    S.O. 3266(E).— Whereas, the Protocol, amending the Convention between the Government of the Republic of India […]


          the Protocol, amending the Convention between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Republic of Armenia for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income which was signed at New Delhi on the 31st October      Cache   Translate Page      
MINISTRY OF FINANCE (DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE) NOTIFICATION New Delhi, the 5th July, 2018   S.O. 3266(E).— Whereas, the Protocol, amending the Convention between the Government of the Republic of India […]


          Geen strafrechtelijk onderzoek naar kortstondige verdwijning Howick en Lili      Cache   Translate Page      

Het Openbaar Ministerie stelt geen strafrechtelijk onderzoek in naar de verdwijning van Howick en Lili, afgelopen weekend. De nacht voordat ze zouden worden uitgezet naar Armenië, liepen de kinderen weg en verdwenen ze spoorloos.

Er zijn geen aanwijzingen dat de kinderen slachtoffer zijn geworden van een misdrijf, zegt een woordvoerder van het OM. "Omdat ze maar kort zijn weggeweest en in goede gezondheid weer zijn teruggekomen, doen we ook geen onderzoek naar eventuele onttrekking aan het gezag."


Dat de kinderen inmiddels een verblijfsvergunning hebben gekregen van staatssecretaris Harbers, speelt volgens het OM geen rol bij de beslissing om geen nader onderzoek te doen naar de vraag of iemand de kinderen heeft geholpen bij hun tijdelijke verdwijning. "We behandelen deze vermissingszaak als iedere andere."

Lili en Howick waren in de loop van zaterdag weer terecht, kort nadat bekend was geworden dat ze in Nederland mochten blijven. Waar ze in de tussenliggende periode zijn geweest, is niet bekend.

          Partnership to Secure Wellbeing. VivaCell-MTS      Cache   Translate Page      
VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia are building yet another house. The tangible result of the discussions and the agreement signed earlier in spring are the safe roofs over their...
          The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is pleased to announce that it will launch a workshop series in partnership with the International Contemporary Art Exhibition      Cache   Translate Page      
The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is pleased to announce that it will launch a workshop series in partnership with the International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia, organized by Shaula...
          Results of Shant-2018 military drills summed up      Cache   Translate Page      
Major general Tiran Khachatryan, deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces and head of the tactical […]
          Opening remarks by Zohrab Mnatsakanyan: Yet genocides have not been fenced off.      Cache   Translate Page      
Opening remarks by Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, at High Level Panel on the 70th Anniversary of […]
          Ukrainian Ambassador to Armenia presents his credentials to President Sarkissian      Cache   Translate Page      
Ukraine’s new ambassador Petro Lytvyn has presented his credentials to Armenian President Armen Sarkissian today, the president’s office said. Sarkissian […]
          Nikol Pashinyan’s answer to Robert Kocharyan      Cache   Translate Page      
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has responded to former President Robert Kocharyan’s statement in a September 11 interview when the […]
          Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s mother nominated for FFA Executive Committee member      Cache   Translate Page      
As we have already informed, the 17th Extraordinary Meeting of the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) and the FFA Founder Assembly […]
          PM holds meeting with France-Armenia Senate friendship group      Cache   Translate Page      
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has held a meeting today with the delegation of Gilbert-Luc Devinaz, chairman of the France-Armenia […]
          Shant-2018: NA informs about current situation after declaring war      Cache   Translate Page      
As reported earlier, as part of the ongoing Shant-2018 military exercises, the Armenian parliament played a scenario of declaring war. […]
          Sant'Antioco. Scuola Civica di Musica “Don Tore Armeni”, aperte le iscrizioni      Cache   Translate Page      

Riparte la Scuola Civica di Musica “Don Tore Armeni”, sostenuta dai Comuni di Sant’Antioco e San Giovanni Suergiu. Per iscriversi ai corsi c’è tempo fino al 25 settembre 2018. Direttore è il Maestro Claudio Corrias.

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