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Ensuring the analysis comparing variances to plan are accurate and easily available. MoneyKey is an innovative Fintech Company that provides and services...
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Mobile, cross-border and inter-regional online transactions gain ground as advanced fintech systems are rolled out on the continent. Online and mobile payments are taking off in Africa as a combination of improved internet access, advanced financial systems and widespread mobile penetration help spur demand for services. However, the ability to pay and accept payments on [&hellip
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Ecobank, independent pan-African banking group, has announced the finalists for the 2nd edition of the annual Ecobank Fintech Challenge, a competition for Africa-focused technology start-ups. The list includes eleven (11) fintech start-ups from across the continent and beyond. An Innovation Fair & Awards ceremony will honour the start-ups on August 30, 2018 at the global headquarters [&hellip
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Builds strong internal and external networks; In addition, we partner with internal resources to develop potential innovative technology solutions to enhance SF...
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Lucrative commission plan with full company benefits. SaaS Sales Executive – FinTech.... $90,000 - $100,000 a year
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Sebuah pusat cryptocurrency dan fintech akan naik di dalam Otoritas Zona Ekonomi Cagayan (CEZA) – zona ekonomi pemerintah di bagian utara Filipina yang terlihat menantang Crypto Valley Swiss, kantor berita [...]
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TradeIX yang berbasis di Inggris, startup blockchain yang memanfaatkan teknologi untuk platform perdagangan keuangan, mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah membuka kantor di Singapura, pusat keuangan global dan pusat fintech. Juga, perusahaan [...]
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En 2017, trois ans après sa création, Qudian, la société chinoise de microcrédit, fait une entrée mouvementée à Wall Street.
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The commercial, state-run Bank of China, not to be confused with the People’s Bank of China, announced its plans to invest further in fintech innovation, according to local news outlet The Paper August 9. Citing comments at a press conference on the banking industry, The Paper reports that the Bank of China’s Chief Information Officer […]

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En la edición de hoy de Bitcoin en Resumen cubriremos noticias acerca de Shapeshift, la cual ha adquirido Bitfract, Bitmain invierte en Tribeos, una docena de reguladores de todo el mundo instalan un sandbox global de fintech y un magnate de las ICOs compra un equipo de fútbol. Shapeshift Adquiere Bitfract Shapeshift AG ha anunciado […]

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The bank's $7 million over four years toward the initiative is its largest overseas philanthropic commitment.
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U.S. Bank is reportedly looking to sell Elan, its card processing business, reported Fintech Futures. According to the report, Finastra, FIS and Fiserv are in the running to acquire the unit from U.S. Bank. Elan processes credit cards for 1,800 banks in the U.S., providing payment services, credit card issuing, prepaid card and ATM services […]
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Grasshopper, a new bank challenger in New York, is gearing up to go after the banking industry, reported FinTech Futures. According to the report, the bank formerly went by the name New York Ventures Bank and is in the process of getting a banking license. The report noted that it chose the Temenos T24 banking […]
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Canadian fintech company Mogo Finance Technology (TSX, NASDAQ:MOGO) is making solid progress on its platform strategy, says Mackie Research analyst Nikhil Thadani, who thinks the company could be ready for a partnership with an established financial institution. In an update to clients on Thursday, the analyst reiterated his “Speculative Buy” recommendation and 12-month target price […]

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Wie angekündigt Podcastet der #GeekTalk im August 2018 im zweier Team. Heute haben sich der Achim und ich über die vereinzelten Themen aus den Technik-News unterhalten. In der aktuellen Folge sind wir relativ stark von den Themen abgewichen und haben auch ein bisschen aus dem Nähkistchen geplaudert. 
Dazu kommt am Schluss noch ein kurzer Ausblick auf unseren kommenden IFA-Besuch in Berlin. 

Der Beitrag gt3818 – NEWS – Heute sprechen wir etwas über Fintech erschien zuerst auf #GeekTalk Podcast.

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Cargo: Assistente de Suporte ao Cliente Regime de Contratação: CLT – Efetivo Número de Vagas: 2 Descrição do Cargo / Responsabilidades: O Assistente de Atendimento a Clientes é o profissional responsável por trabalhar com atendimento a cliente, tirando dúvidas Leia mais...
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Cargo: Backoffice Regime de Contratação: CLT – Efetivo Número de Vagas: 4 Descrição do Cargo / Responsabilidades: Na área de informática, BackOffice denomina o núcleo do sistema, as instruções que o próprio sistema gerencia e que não são atributos Leia mais...
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Customer experience is the focus for two fintech accelerators, one run by Commerzbank, the other by FIS. FIS Global, a financial services software provider that works with 20,000 banks and corporate treasury clients, is looking at improving the customer experience by offering natural language processing (NLP) solutions, meaning customers can be understood speaking in a natural way. “Whether […]
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The India Portugal Startup Hub announced yesterday the first call for applications for Indian tech startups who want to expand into Portugal, marking a new milestone in the strengthening of ties between both entrepreneurial sectors. Startups in the field of Fintech, Urbantech, […]

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See the original story in Japanese. Our readers may recall that we have covered Takuma Terakubo, formerly working for Tokyo-based startup incubator Samurai Incubate, has established Leapfrog Ventures for the purpose to invest in seed-stage startups in East Africa. We have just got an update from them regarding their first investment. The firm unveiled that
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One of the leading companies in the FinTech sector internationally to launch its online financial services marketplace in two additional countries
          One-to-One at Scale: The Confluence of Behavioral Science and Technology and How It’s ...      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Consumer and business customers have increasing expectations that businesses provide products and services customized for their unique needs. Adaptive intelligence and machine learning technology, combined with insights into behavior, make this customization possible. The financial services industry is moving aggressively to take advantage of these new capabilities. In March 2018, Bank of America launched Erica, a virtual personal assistant—a chatbot—powered by AI. In just three months, Erica surpassed one million users.

But to achieve personalization at scale requires an IT infrastructure that can handle huge amounts of data and process it in real time. Engineered systems purpose-built for these cognitive workloads provide the foundation that helps make this one-to-one personalization possible.

Bradley Leimer, Managing Director and Head of Fintech Strategy at Explorer Advisory & Capital, provides consulting and investment advisory services to start-ups, accelerators, and established financial services companies. As the former Head of Innovation and Fintech Strategy at Santander U.S., his team connected the bank to the fintech ecosystem. Bradley spoke with us recently about how behavioral science is evolving in the financial services industry and how new technological capabilities, when tied to human behavior, are changing the way organizations respond to customer needs.

I know you’re fascinated by behavioral science. How does it frame what you do in the financial sector?

Behavioral science is fascinating because the study of human behavior itself is so intriguing. One of the many books I was influenced by early in my career was Paco Underhill’s 1999 book Why We Buy. The science around purchase behavior and how companies leverage our behavior to create buying decisions that fall in their favor—down to where products are placed and the colors that are used to attract the eye—these are techniques that have been used since before the Mad Men era of advertising.

I’m intrigued by the psychology behind the decisions we make. People are a massive puzzle to solve at scale. Humans are known to be irrational, but they are irrational in predictable ways. Leveraging behavioral science, along with things like design thinking and human-computer interaction, have been a part of building products and customer experiences in financial services for some time. To nudge customers to sign up for a service or take an additional product or to perform behaviors that are sometimes painful like budgeting, saving more, investing, consolidating, or optimizing the use of credit all involve deeply understanding human behavior.

Student debt reached $1.5 trillion in Q1 2018. Can behavioral analytics be used to help students better manage their personal finances?

What’s driving this intersection between behavioral science and fintech?

Companies have been using the ideas of behavioral science in strategic planning and marketing for some time, but it’s only been in the last decade that the technology to act upon the massive amount of new data we collect has been available. The type of data we used to struggle to plug into a mainframe through data reels now flies freely within a cloud of shared service layers. So beyond new analytic tools and AI, there are few other things that are important.

People interact with brands differently now. To become a customer now in financial services, it most often means that you’re interacting through an app, or a website, not in any physical form. It’s not necessarily how a branch is laid out anymore; it’s how the navigation works in your application, and what you can do in how few steps, how quickly you can onboard. This is what is really driving the future of revenue opportunity in the financial space.

At the same time, the competition for customers is increasing. Investments in the behavioral science area are a must-have now because the competition gets smarter every day and the applications to understand human behavior are simultaneously getting more accessible. We use behavioral science to understand and refine our precious opportunities to build empathy and relationships. 

You’ve mentioned the evolution of behavioral science in the financial services industry. How is it evolving and what’s the impact?

Behavioral science is nothing without the right type of pertinent, clean data. We have entered the era of engagement banking: a marketing, sales, and service model that deploys technology to achieve customer intimacy at scale. But humans are not just 1’s and 0’s. You need a variety of teams within banks and fintechs to leverage data in the right way, to make sure it addresses real human needs.

The real impact of these new tools has only started to be really felt. We have an opportunity to broaden the global use of financial services to reduce the number of the underbanked, to open new markets for payments and credit, to optimize every unit of currency for our customers more fully and lift up a generation by ending poverty and reducing wealth inequality.

40% of Americans could not come up with $400 for an emergency expense. Behavioral science can help move people move out of poverty and reduce wealth inequality.

How does artificial intelligence facilitate this evolution?

Financial institutions are challenged with innovating a century-old service model, and the addition of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence tools and how they can be used within the enterprise is still a work in progress. Our metamorphosis has been slowed by the dual weight of digital transformation and the broader implications of ever-evolving customers.

Banks have vast amounts of unstructured and disparate data throughout their complicated, mostly legacy, systems. We used to see static data modeling efforts based on hundreds of inputs. That’s transitioned to an infinitely more complex set of thousands of variables. In response, we are developing and deploying applications that make use of machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, and natural language processing among other functionalities.

Using AI applications, we have seen efficiency gains in customer onboarding/know-your-customer (KYC), automation of credit decisioning and fraud detection, personalized and contextual messaging, supply-chain improvements, infinitely tailored product development, and more effective communication strategies based on real-time, multivariate data. AI is critical to improving the entire lifecycle of the customer experience.

What’s the role of behavioral analytics in this trend?

Behavioral analytics combines specific user data: transaction histories, where people shop, how they manage their spending and savings habits, the use of credit, historical trends in balances, how they use digital applications, how often they use different channels like ATMs and branches, along with technology usage data like navigation path, clicks, social media interactions, and responsiveness to marketing. It takes a more holistic and human view of data, connecting individual data points to tell us not only what is happening, but also how and why it is happening.

You’ve built out these customization and personalization capabilities in banks and fintechs. Tell us about the basic steps any enterprise can take to build these capabilities.

As an organization, you need to clearly define your business goals. What are the metrics you want to improve? Is it faster onboarding, lower cost of acquisition, quicker turn toward profitable products, etc.? And how can a more customer-centric, personalized experience assist those goals?

As you develop these, make sure you understand who needs to be in the room. Many banks don’t have a true data science team, or they are a sort of hybrid analytical marketing team that has many masters. That’s a mistake. You need deep understanding of advanced analytics to derive the most efficiencies out of these projects. Then you need a strong collaborative team that includes marketing, digital banking, customer experience, and representation from those teams that interacts with clients. Truly user-centric teams leverage data to create a complete understanding of their users’ challenges. They develop insight into what features their customers use and what they don’t and build knowledge of how customers get the most value out of their products. And then they continually iterate and adjust.

You also need to look at your partnerships, including those with fintechs. There are several lessons derived from fintech platforms such as attention to growth through business model flexibility, devotion to speed-to-market, and a focus on creating new forms of customer value through leveraging these tools to customize everything from onboarding to the new user experience as well as how they communicate and customize the relationship over time.

What would be the optimum technology stack to support real-time contextual messages, products, or services?

Choosing the right technology stack for behavioral analytics is not that different than for any other type of application. You have to find the solution that maps most economically and efficiently to your particular problem set. This means implementing a technology that can solve the core business problems, can be maintained and supported efficiently, and minimizes your total cost of ownership.

In banking, it has to reduce risk while maximizing your opportunities for success. The legacy systems that many banks still deploy were built on relational databases and not designed for real-time processing, providing access via Restful APIs and the cloud-based data lakes we see today. Nor did they have the ability to connect and analyze any form of data. The types of data we now have to consider is just breathtaking and growing daily. In choosing technology partners, you want to make sure what you’re buying is built for this new world from the beginning, that the platform is flexible. You have to be able to migrate between on-premises solutions to the cloud, along with a variety of virtual machines being used today.

If I can paraphrase what you’re saying, it’s that financial services companies need a big data solution to manage all these streams of structured and unstructured data coming in from AI/ML, and other advanced applications. Additionally, a big data solution that simplifies deployment by offering identical functionality on-premises, in the cloud, and in the Oracle public Cloud behind your firewall would also be a big plus.

Are there any other must-haves in terms of performance, analytics, etc., to build an effective AI-based solution?

Must-haves include flexibility to consume all types of data, especially that which is gathered from the web and from digital applications. It needs to be very good at data aggregation—that is, reducing large data sets down to more manageable proportions that are still representative. It must be good at transitioning from aggregation to the detail level and back to optimize different analytical tools. It should be strong in quickly identifying cardinality—how many types of variables can there be within a given field.

Some other things to look for in a supporting infrastructure are direct access through query tools (SQL), support for data transformation within the platform (ETL and ELT tools), flexible data model or unstructured access to all data, algorithmic data transformation, ability to add and access one-off data sets simply (like through ODBC), flexible ways to use APIs to load and extract information, that kind of thing. A good system needs to be real time to help customers in taking the most optimized journey within digital applications. 

To wrap up our discussion, what three tips would you give the enterprise IT chief about how to incorporate these new AI capabilities to help the organization reach its goals around delivering a better customer experience?

First, realize that this isn’t just a technology problem—it will require engineers, data scientists, system architects and data specialists sure, but you also need a collaborative team that involves many parts of the business and builds tools that are accessible.

Start with simple KPIs to improve. Reducing the cost of acquisition or improving onboarding workflows, improving release time for customer-facing applications, reducing particular types of unnecessary customer churn—these are good places to start. They improve efficiencies and impact the bottom line. They help build the case around necessary new technology spend and create momentum.

Understand that the future of the financial services model is all about the customer—understanding their needs and helping the business meet them. Our greatest source of innovation is, in the end, our empathy.

You’ve given us a lot to think about, Bradley. Based on our discussion, it seems that the world of financial services is changing and banks today will require an effective AI-based solution that leverages behavioral science and personalization capabilities.

Additionally, in order for banks to sustain a competitive advantage and lead in the market, they need to invest an effective big data warehousing strategy. Therefore, business and IT leaders need a solution that can store, acquire, process large data workloads at scale, and has cognitive workload capabilities to give you the advanced insights needed to run your business most effectively. It is also important that the technology is tailor-made for advancing businesses’ analytical capabilities that leverage familiar big data and analytics open source tools. And Oracle Big Data Appliance provides that high-performance, cloud-ready secure platform for running diverse workloads using Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL systems. 

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          Le trublion de la fintech chinoise      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
En 2017, trois ans après sa création, Qudian, la société chinoise de microcrédit, fait une entrée mouvementée à Wall Street.
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Development Trends: FinTech Investment Market By Key Vendors: ZhongAn, Oscar, Wealthfront, Qufenqi Qyresearchreports include new market research report FinTech Investment to its huge collection of research reports. This report studies the global FinTech Investment market size, industry status and forecast, competition landscape and growth opportunity. This research report categorizes the global FinTech Investment

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SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire//-- LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. ("Lexin" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: LX), a leading online consumer finance platform for educated young adults in China, today announced that it will report its unaudited financial results for the second quarter...

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On July 31, the OCC announced that the agency will begin accepting national bank charter applications from fintech companies—nondepository financial technology companies engaged in any of the enumerated core banking functions. This decision follows...
By: Weiner Brodsky Kider PC
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El Banco de España publicará una circular sobre el reporte de incidentes graves Fintech, operadoras, grandes marcas de moda... entrarán en medios de pago
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Riskkapitalbolaget Nordic Capital har gjort en ny miljardinvestering. Denna gång går bolaget in i den Malmöbaserade analysplattformen Macrobond. Målet är att avancera på den globala marknaden..
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I need  1-2 weekly articles about (fin)tech and crypto/ico/blockchain.

Budget: $35
Posted On: August 10, 2018 08:53 UTC
ID: 213914120
Category: Writing > Article & Blog Writing
Skills: Article Writing, Financial Reporting, Investment Research, Journalism Writing, Writing
Country: Netherlands
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Les nouvelles stars de la fintech. Luo Min, le trublion de la fintech chinoise. CARNET
          8/10/2018: FINANCE & MARCHES: Le trublion de la fintech chinoise      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Ce mercredi 18 octobre 2017, Luo Min affiche un large sourire devant la nuée de photographes qui lui fait face. Au moment de faire sonner la cloche, le jeune homme semble presque dépassé par l’ampleur de l’événement. Qudian, la société chinoise de...
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A Sziget mindig élenjárt fintech fizetési megoldásokban, most Ambrus Zoltánnal megnéztük, hogyan működik gyakorlatban.

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          Frank Thelen: „Ich hasse ‚kurz rein, raus, Gewinne mitnehmen‘. Das bin ich nicht, das hasse ich“      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Zwischen dem bekannten Startup-Investor Frank Thelen und dem VC-Investor Sven Schmidt ist eine öffentliche Schlammschlacht entbrannt. Schmidt warf Thelen vor, sein Krypto-Projekt Neufund sei ein Schneeball-System. Nun äußert sich Frank Thelen erstmals dazu im Eigentlich ist Frank Thelen gute Presse gewohnt. Der bekannte Startup-Investor und „Die Höhle der Löwen“-Juror ist unter Journalisten ein gefragter Gesprächspartner. Kürzlich jedoch warf ihm der Wagnikapital-Investor Sven Schmidt in einem Podcast des Fintech-Portals Finance-FWD vor, Werbung für ein Schneeballsystem zu betreiben. Gemeint war das von Thelen erheblich mitfinanzierte Blockchain-Krypto-Startup Neufund. Schmidt berief sich auf vertrauliche E-Mails von Thelen, wonach dieser bei anderen Investoren um eine Kapitalspritze geworben und im Gegenzug ein „sicheres Investment“ garantiert haben soll. Wer sich früh bei Neufund einkaufe, könne die so günstig erhaltene Kryptowährung der Firma bei einem späteren ICO gewinnbringend verkaufen. Laut Schmidt handele Thelen allein aus der Gier heraus. Schnell machten die zweifellos harten Anschuldigungen auch bei Twitter die Runde. Nachdem sich Thelen über den Podcast sowie einen entsprechenden Artikel auf Finance-FWD beschwerte, wurden die Inhalte kurze Zeit später gelöscht. Auch Gründerszene berichtete über den Streit. Nun äußert sich erstmals Frank Thelen dazu im Interview mit Sven Schmidt war ja im Podcast von Finance-FWD und daraus hat sich eine Art öffentliche Schlammschlacht entsponnen. Der Podcast ist inzwischen gelöscht. Was ist da genau passiert? Frank Thelen: Sven Schmidt hat in dem OMR-Podcast Finance-FWD Anschuldigungen gegenüber Neufund gemacht, die zu weit gingen. Eigentlich ging es um eine allgemeine Kritik an Crowd-Investing. Bei manchen Problemen gebe ich ihm auch Recht. Er hat Neufund aber nur als Crowd-Investing-Plattform gesehen – es ist aber viel mehr, ein Technologieanbieter. Mit Blockchain, in unserem Fall die Ethereum-Plattform, und Smart Contracts ist es die bessere Plattform für den Erwerb von Unternehmensanteilen. Er hat diese zwei Dinge ein bisschen vermischt und dabei etwas viel Gas gegeben, das haben Sven und ich mittlerweile aber persönlich geklärt. t3n.deSven Schmidt hat ja aus einer E-Mail zitiert. Ist diese E-Mail echt, steht das, was er zitiert hat, wirklich darin? Dazu will ich erstmal sagen: Ich find es schlecht, dass E-Mails, die vertraulich geschickt werden, einfach so veröffentlicht werden. Das ist generell kein guter Stil in der Szene. Jedes Pitch-Deck, das man schickt, auf dem „vertraulich“ steht, und jede Finanzierungrunde wird vorher geleaked, weil die Leute die Sachen einfach weiterreichen. Konkret zu dieser E-Mail: Ich habe den Podcast ehrlich gesagt nur überflogen, weil ich gerade so viele Themen habe. Ich kann dazu sagen, dass ich niemals E-Mails geschickt habe, in denen ich irgendeinen Return garantiere. Was ich gemacht habe, war, im Bereich Neufund große Familienunternehmen und auch andere Investoren für die Plattform zu gewinnen, weil ich da langfristig dran glaube.  Das Anreizsystem funktioniert so, dass du einen gewissen Anteil der Kryptowährung Neumark durch das Investment zugewiesen bekommst. Und diese Tokens waren dann mehr wert als das eigentliche Investment, das ist verrückt. Aber das gibt es in der Krypto-Welt – was mit dem Bitcoin-Kurs passiert, ist auch verrückt. Das hat allerdings nichts damit zu tun, dass wir das schnelle Geld machen wollen. Es ist alles öffentlich in der Blockchain: Weder die Investoren noch ich haben bisher auch nur einen Cent aus der Plattform rausgenommen – obwohl wir es könnten. Wir investieren langfristig darin, um ein Technologieunternehmen aufzubauen. Das hat mich so wahnsinnig geärgert, dass dann dieses Geschmäckle rüberkam. „Wir bauen ein Schneeball-System“, hat sogar einer geschrieben. Ein „Ponzi-Scheme“, das ist wirklich falsch. Sven Schmidt hatte sich dann sieben dieser Firmen angeschaut und seiner Meinung nach ist davon nur eine einzige seriös, nämlich Brille24. Teilweise gäbe es nicht mal ein Impressum auf den Websites. Kannst du dazu was sagen? Auch das haben wir dann länger diskutiert. Ich glaube, Sven wird immer noch nicht sagen, dass das richtige A-Player sind. Er hat aber die Systeme inzwischen teilweise besser verstanden. Und ich glaube, er zieht das Wort „Bullshit-Bingo-Generator“ zurück. Brille24 übertrifft die Zahlen aktuell. Ein anderes Unternehmen macht bereits Gewinne und Umsätze, von dem er gesagt hatte, das ist nichts. Bei den sieben Unternehmen hat das Equity-Token-Offering (ETO) noch nicht stattgefunden. Keines der Unternehmen hat Neufund bisher Equity angeboten, das kommt erst noch. Dann wird es dazu auch noch Prospekte und mehr Informationen geben. Da hat Sven absolut recht: Eine gute Informationslage ist wichtig für Investoren. Und diese Unternehmen werden sich noch im Detail vorstellen. Und dann kann sich jeder ein eigenes Urteil darüber bilden. t3n.deUnd dann werden sie auch alle ein Impressum haben? Das war auch ein Missverständnis. Er hatte gedacht, Founders Bank dürfte sich nicht Bank nennen. Dürfen sie aber, weil sie in Malta ansässig sind. Die Bankenaufsicht von Malta hat offiziell die Erlaubnis gegeben. Sobald sie die Bankgeschäfte aktiv angehen, brauchen sie eine Banklizenz – und bis dahin werden sie sie auch haben. Heute machen sie noch kein aktives Banking, deswegen ist Founders Bank hochoffiziell als Name abgesegnet. t3n.deDer Finance-FWD-Podcast ist gelöscht worden. Gab es da eine Klageandrohung von dir oder was ist der Hintergrund? Ich habe Philipp Westermeyer angerufen und er hat gesagt: „Pass auf, Frank, ich bin im Urlaub, aber ich nehme mir die Zeit. Wir machen eine Diskussion zwischen Sven und dir daraus.“ Sven hat auch zugestimmt. Am nächsten Tag haben wir dann darüber gesprochen, und Philipp war dabei. Wir haben einen längeren Podcast aufgenommen. Der Deal war: Wir ersetzten die einseitigen Aussagen der ersten Aufnahme durch einen Dialog. Und als Sven sich diesen Podcast nochmal angehört hat, hat er sich entschieden, dass er nicht will, dass der so online geht – was sein Recht ist. t3n.deEs war also Svens klarer Wunsch? Du wolltest, dass der neue Podcast veröffentlicht wird? [pullquote]„Ich kann ganz klar sagen: Ich habe keinen Anwalt beauftragt, irgendwelche Maßnahmen zu einzuleiten.“[/pullquote]Ja, absolut. Soweit ich informiert bin, wird Sven Gründerszene auch noch wissen lassen, dass das sein Wunsch war. Ich habe dann gesagt, dass es nicht sein kann, dass ein einseitiges Bashing dem Dialog vorgezogen wird. Und dann hat Philipp gesagt: „Dann löschen wir das.“ Daraufhin ist im Internet die Diskussion entstanden: „Frank Thelen löscht irgendwelche Podcasts.“ Aber es ist das Gegenteil: Ich nehme mir Zeit für den Dialog. Aber wenn der Dialog nicht von dem anderen gewünscht wird, kann es ja nicht sein, dass das einseitige Thema bestehen bleibt, oder? t3n.deIst der neue Podcast in Streit ausgeartet? Nein. Der Podcast war sehr sachlich. Wir haben die Themen ausgetauscht, haben diskutiert. Sven ist ja auch gut informiert. Laut geworden ist dabei niemand. Es wurde hart diskutiert, aber – wie ich glaube – in korrektem Ton. Und am Ende des Tages hat Sven entschieden, dass das so nicht gut ist. t3n.deWie bist du jetzt mit Sven Schmidt verblieben? Das kann ich nur von meiner Seite aus sagen. Ich hoffe, dass Sven das so bestätigen würde: Wir beide haben heute nochmal persönlich – vertraulich, hoffe ich – in einem längeren Telefonat gesprochen. Sven sieht Neufund immer noch im Bereich Crowd-Investing. Ich aber sage, dass es das nicht ist. Aber das ist okay, weil wir da einfach eine sachlich unterschiedliche Meinung haben. Ich gehe davon aus, dass er sich für das Wort „Schneeballsystem“ entschuldigen wird. Und wir haben gesagt, dass für uns beide das Thema jetzt gegessen ist, dass wir das sauber und korrekt untereinander besprochen haben. Und ich habe mich bei Sven für meine unpassenden Worte zu seiner Person entschuldigt. t3n.deGab es davor einen Austausch mit Anwälten? Oder habt ihr das wirklich rein im privaten Gespräch geklärt? Ich kann ganz klar sagen: Ich habe keinen Anwalt beauftragt, irgendwelche Maßnahmen einzuleiten. Laut Sven gab es wohl eine Abmahnung oder so etwas – aber die ist wirklich nicht von mir. Ich habe überhaupt nichts in dieser Richtung veranlasst. Ich danke ihm und Philipp Westermeyer, dass es den Dialog gab und ich habe überhaupt kein Interesse an einer rechtlichen Auseinandersetzung – daran verdienen nur wieder die Anwälte. Ich finde es auch superschade, dass mir jetzt vorgeworfen wird, ich würde irgendwelche Inhalte löschen lassen. t3n.deKannst du sagen, von wem die Abmahnung kam? War das eine beteiligte Firma? [pullquote]„Ich hasse auch, dass Tesla von der Börse geht, weil da so short gegangen wird. Ich bin ein langfristiger Technologieinvestor.“[/pullquote] Ich habe keine Ahnung, gar keine. Du hast natürlich eine Menge Gesellschafter bei Neufund. Klar, Sven hat Neufund in die Nähe von Straftaten gerückt – da kann ich das schon verstehen. Aber ich habe keine Anwälte beauftragt. t3n.deDu sagst, weder du noch die Investoren haben jemals eine Neumark liquidiert. Kannst du sagen, für welchen Zeitraum ihr euch verpflichtet habt, das nicht zu tun? Da hat sich gar keiner verpflichtet. Aber ich weiß, weil ich mit den Leuten in Kontakt bin, dass es niemand getan hat. Weil ich genau solche Leute als Investoren hole. Ich hasse auch, dass Tesla von der Börse geht, weil da so short gegangen wird. Ich bin ein langfristiger Technologieinvestor. Ich hasse „kurz rein, raus, Gewinne mitnehmen, traden“. Das bin ich nicht, das hasse ich. Danke für das Gespräch. Mehr zu Frank Thelen:
          Bitcoin Daily: Four In 10 Americans Won’t Invest In Crypto, Philippines Plans FinTech And Crypto Hub      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Pascal Boyart, an artist in France, has come up with a new way to accept tips: He has added a QR code leading to his bitcoin wallet on a piece of artwork, Cryptovest reported. Boyart has already received about 0.11 of a bitcoin in tips, but the artist has reportedly been warned that someone could […]
          Chinese Fintech professionals expect up to 30% pay rise      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The EY-DBS report, The Rise of FinTech in China, attributes the growth of the Fintech sector in the mainland as driven by multiple factors – “the scale of unmet needs being addressed by dominant technology leaders, combined with regulatory facilitation and easy access to capital. Underserved by China’s incumbent banking system, consumers and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly turning to alternative providers for access to payments, credit, investments, insurance, and even other non-financial service offerings.”

As a consequence of this growth is a rising shortage of Fintech skills.

The China Fintech Employment 2018 Report by specialist recruitment firm, Michael Page China, revealed that 92% of Fintech companies surveyed agreed that China is facing an acute shortage of professional Fintech talent right now. Also, 38% of respondents view the quality of talent as a critical factor to the sustained success in the industry.

Rupert Forster, Managing Director of Michael Page North and East China, says, “Within Fintech, we are observing a growing demand for talent with skills relating to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. These skills are also sought after in sectors outside of Fintech, such as other Chinese Internet companies, creating a wider talent gap in the market.”

For those looking to hire Fintech talent, 85% of surveyed employers expressed difficulty in finding the right people.

Forty-five percent cited shortage of necessary skills as the biggest hurdle. Fintech professionals know they are in demand with 47% stating they had changed jobs in the last 12 months.

What attracts Fintech professionals to switch? Top motivations include strong career path (29%), right company culture fit (24%) and salary (17%). Forty-four percent of those in it for the money say they expect salary increments ranging from 21 – 30% when securing a new job.

Figure 1: What Fintech employees want

What Fintech employees want

Source: Michael Page China Fintech Employment 2018

“The gap between employer demand for skills and the available talent is not a problem exclusive to Fintech. We see this across many sectors which is purely a reflection of the fast-growing, innovative nature of modern China. The most successful companies are those who are able to implement in-house talent development programs,” Forster explained.

Image from iStockPhoto/baona

          Malaysian FSIs lead digital transformation in EY survey      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Financial services institutions in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong continue to push forward their digitalization transformation initiatives with 87% of those surveyed claiming to have adopted some form of digital initiatives.

More than a quarter (26%) of those surveyed shared that digital infrastructure is comprehensively implemented across their organizations, another 13% are still assessing the need for digital adoption.

Among FSIs, banks lead with 91% indicating that they have initiated some levels of digital adoption in their organization. Insurers come next at 83%, followed by credit and payments sector (75%). Interestingly, the wealth, fund and asset management sector revealed a decisive split between digital progressives and digital laggards: 33% of wealth, fund and asset management companies have fully embraced digital, while 50% are still assessing the need for digital adoption.

EY report, Driving digital into the heart of Asia’s financial services industry, revealed that financial institutions in Malaysia are leading the pack in digital adoption as 36% of them have fully embraced digital. This is followed by Vietnam (33%), Singapore (29%), Indonesia (25%), Philippines (20%), Hong Kong (19%) and Thailand (17%).

Brian Thung, EY Asean Financial Services Leader noted that with digital transformation being the heart of next-generation innovation for financial services industry to enhance customer service, operational and resource efficiencies, and cost-savings, it is heartening to note that a significant majority of financial institutions have already embarked on their digital journey.

“Given the diverse levels of maturity in the digital and business landscape, it is not surprising to see the differing speeds at which financial institutions in the various countries approach digital transformation. However, with the expected boom in digital economy across Southeast Asia, financial institutions that seek to tap on this digital economic spur need to accelerate their transformation accordingly,” added Thung.

Opportunities from digital partnerships

Digital partnerships, ranging from cross-vertical with technology vendors to collaborations with FinTech rivals or even established incumbents, offer considerable value for financial institutions. Digital partnerships offer the opportunity to pool their collective skills to shape product development, enhance customer service, and maximize the efficiency and productivity of internal processes.

Yet, only 21% of those surveyed believed that their businesses were yielding maximum value from their digital partnerships, with a significant majority either partially meeting their objectives (35%) or still assessing their viability (43%).

Wealth, fund and asset management companies appear to lag behind their industry counterparts – none believe they are yielding maximum value, and only 17% are partially meeting their partnership objectives. On the other hand, a quarter (26%) of banks shared that their digital partnerships are generating maximum value. Just 13% of insurers as well as credit and payments companies shared similar sentiments. 

Singapore executives appear to be most buoyant over the benefits of these partnerships, with 32% of all respondents believing they add value to their organization.

Thung commented that working together with regulators and like-minded industry players, financial institutions can transform more seamlessly by optimizing digital partnerships that are aligned with the interests of the organization and their customers. “They can leverage the strengths of these partnerships to complement existing capabilities to achieve greater economies of scale, cross-sell into each other’s customer bases to expand market share and distribution network. This allows customers more choices and better engagement – creating a win-win outcome for all parties.”

Barriers to success

Digital disruption has presented challenges and opportunities to financial institutions. While the digital revolution has inspired a greater focus on customer demands and capacity to deliver these service innovations, it has also put pressure on existing technology infrastructure.

The survey revealed that legacy infrastructure appears to be the most significant hurdle for banking (34%) and insurance (33%) institutions as well as credit and payments companies (38%). Notably, the challenges of integrating legacy infrastructure with digital are felt most acutely among respondents from the Philippines (50%), Hong Kong (41%) and Singapore (36%).

For the wealth, fund and asset management sector, the lack of suitable talent to drive technology transformation projects (33%) was a top concern.

Liew Nam Soon, EY Asean Markets leader believed that overhauling legacy systems or adopting interoperable technologies can be a resource-intensive project for financial institutions.

“Yet, to truly drive digital into the heart of the financial services industry and achieve digital economic integration, localized digital strategies that are fit-for-purpose for each market is needed. Financial institutions that are cognizant of this and understand how and where to look for the right industry partnerships to gain access to opportunities to grow their customer base will be the ones that are well-placed for success,” concluded Liew.

Image from iStockPhoto/Kritchanut

          做裝修做到200幾億(二)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Greensky的借款人FICO平均分數達到了760,是絕對的Super Prime。銀行朝思暮想拿到這些人的貸款,卻苦於沒有渠道。

Greensky正好提供了這樣一個渠道。以SunTrustFifth Third為代表的14家銀行都和Greensky達成了戰略合作協議,為Greensky提供低息貸款,用於放數或是直接購買Greensky的貸款
SunTrustGreenskycredit line利率低到了什麼程度?3%


David Zalik說,我們並不想和銀行競爭,我們並不想成為一個大耳窿公司,我們是一家Fintech公司。


 和銀行的聯姻是有束縛的,這尤其體現在Greensky的信貸模型上。雖然已經有十年歷史,百萬客戶,海量數據,但Greensky的風控模型只使用徵信數據和FICO。不是沒有alternative data,只是為了滿足銀行的合規要求,他們必須嚴格控制數據使用,用最傳統的,簡潔易懂的,被銀行界廣泛接受的方法,以免銀行的監管機構產生異議。

簡單並不意味著最終效果差。也許Greensky的信貸模型如果採用了更多創新的數據和方法可以使風險降低20%,但是和銀行的合作可以保持業內最低的資金成本,從而把利率降到業內最低,吸引到信用最良好的,也是對利率最敏感的借款人。這種正向選擇(positive seleciton)也許可以把風險降低30%。所以,FinTech公司在風控方面務須一味追求大數據,另類數據,Machine LearningAI,要因地制宜,選取對公司整體經營最有利的模式。

David Zalik說,我們的市場不是十億級的,是萬億級的。家裝市場本身自然沒有萬億規模。在家裝市場金融坐穩了行業老大地位的Greensky,開始劍指更多的細分領域。最新的大動作在醫療市場。和判頭一樣,很多醫生,尤其是在整形,不孕不育IVF等醫療保險不涵蓋的科目,都面臨著患者無法一次性支付醫療費用的問題。雖然醫療貸款市場有著更多的競爭對手,Greensky所積累的十年B2B2C銷售經驗,和銀行的深度密切合作,應當會讓它有巨大優勢。



          HighRadius to Host a Credit and A/R Leaders’ Guide to Integrated...      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

HighRadius, a fintech enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company specializing in integrated receivables, today announced it will host a user group at the Credit Research Foundation’s (CRF) August...

(PRWeb August 10, 2018)

Read the full story at

          Hedetang was Recognized as One of China's Top 10 Assured Food Brands      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
XI'AN, China, Aug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Future FinTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FTFT), a financial technology company and integrated producer of fruit-related products company, today announced the Company's fruit juice brand, Hedetang, was recognized as one of China's Top 10 Assured Food Brands at 2018 China Food Industry Development Forum in Beijing.
          Offer - foreign exchange and risk management - INDIA      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
With foreign exchange the first word strike to most of people is Risk. For risk management of foreign exchange importer & exporter require an forex risk services or advisor which you will get at Myforexeye.Visit: fintech Pvt. Ltd.Address:Plot-135,Pocket-1Jasola Vihar,New delhi,IndiaPhone No: +91-11-41460000-40
          Hedetang was Recognized as One of China's Top 10 Assured Food Brands      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

XI'AN, China, Aug. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Future FinTech Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FTFT), a financial technology company and integrated producer of fruit-related products company, today announced the Company's fruit juice brand, Hedetang, was recognized as one of China's Top 10 Assured Food...

          LPS Belum Sentuh Fintech      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
JABARTODAY.COM – BANDUNG — Perkembangan teknologi memberi dampak yang luar biasa bagi berbagai sektor, tidak terkecuali jasa keuangan. Tidak sedikit perbankan yang memanfaatkan perkembangan teknologi untuk memompa performa dan kinerja bisnisnya. Bahkan, dalam beberapa waktu terakhir, berkembang pula sistem pengajuan dana berskema financial technology. Bagi Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS), pemanfaatan teknologi oleh perbankan merupakan hal ...
          Maybank Philippines launches MOVE to simplify mobile banking      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Maybank Philippines just launched MOVE (Mobile Optimized Virtual Experiences). According to the bank, it is the first integrated digital offering to simply and enhance its financial services.
Maybank2U PH

Maybank's MOVE has a new "straight-through" banking processes. With the use of the Maybank2U PH App, their customers can open an online-only savings account called iSave.
Maybank Philippines launches MOVE to simplify mobile banking
Maybank Philippines

All you need to do is submit all forms and documentary requirements through the app.

At iSave, users can acccess their accounts and even enjoy FREE Interbank withdrawals via any ATMs in the country.

It even has a new straight through processing capabilities (STP) which can make its customers to apply for credit cards and automobile financing anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

This initiative and service was introduced to support Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’s goal of making banking easier and more accessible to more Filipinos.

For Maybank, MOVE is about enriching our offerings through digital banking which is in line with our commitment to leverage on cutting edge technology as well as our strategic objective of being the digital bank of choice in the region, said Choong Wai Hong, Maybank Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer.

Our digital approach is centered on four key areas: enriching our customer offerings, investing in strategic capabilities, exploring broadly and understanding deeply the landscape, and building and participating in the digital ecosystem, which includes engaging with regulators, Fintech companies and global leaders to build truly differentiated digital offerings for our customers. 

Head of Virtual Banking Maybank Philippines, Dexter Go added, In 2019, we envision the Bank to continue enhancing our services for existing and prospective clients. Rest assured that we will revolutionize our customers' banking experience to keep abreast of the constantly evolving trends in the market which are all inclined to digital adaptability.

Aside from the app, Maybank will also introduce the MOVE store soon. It is a mobile pop-up store that will travel across the Philippines to introduce the bank's STP products and processes, promotions, and activities.

According to Maybank, the store will feature an array of digital conveniences which Maybank can offer to Filipinos.

To download the app, just go to Google Play or App Store now.

For more info, visit the Maybank official online page.

What do you think guys?

          The Linux Foundation Announces Keynote Speakers For All New Open FinTech Forum To Explore The Intersection Of Financial Services And Open Source      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the keynote speakers for Open FinTech Forum, taking placeOctober 10-11 inNew York.
          Actor Busted For Massive Fintech Scam Targeting Foreigners: Cops      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

BANGKOK — An actor was filming a scene at a Bangkok shopping mall when police

The post Actor Busted For Massive Fintech Scam Targeting Foreigners: Cops appeared first on Thailand News.

          Uulala, The LatinX Blockchain Company, Wins The M2Banking LATAM FinTech Challenge In Silicon Valley      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The M2Banking LATAM FinTech Challenge in Silicon Valley gathered top FinTech companies with the purpose of identifying cross-border disruptive financial products and services and establishing future commercial benefits. Uulala, the
          Elitenforscher warnt vor einem gefährlichen Riss, der durch Deutschland geht      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Wohnungen Immobilien

Der Elitenforscher und Soziologe Michael Hartmann warnt davor, dass sich die Eliten des Landes immer weiter vom Rest der Bevölkerung entfernen. „Die Eliten in Deutschland, aber auch in anderen Ländern, haben kaum noch eine Vorstellung vom Leben der breiten Bevölkerung“, sagte der emeritierte Professor der Wochenzeitung „Zeit“. „Sie leben in einer völlig anderen Welt: Viele wohnen in sozial homogenen Wohnvierteln. Sie haben einen anderen Alltag, andere Hobbys, andere Möglichkeiten.“

Als Elite definiert Hartmann Personen, die ihr vieles Geld dazu nutzen, Einfluss zu nehmen. Streitbar sei allerdings, wie mächtig man sein muss, um zur Elite dazuzugehören. Je nachdem wie man den Zirkel versteht, umfasse die Elite in Deutschland im Kern etwa 1000 und breiter gefasst bis zu 4000 Personen.

Elitenforscher: Spaltung durch hohe Immobilienpreise

Die wirtschaftliche Elite sei schon immer etwas entfernter von den normalen Bürgern gewesen, so Hartmann gegenüber der „Zeit“. „Zunehmend sieht man es aber auch in der wissenschaftlichen, der medialen und der politischen Elite. Die haben sich in den letzten zwei, drei Jahrzehnten weiter von der Masse entfernt.“

Lest auch: Eine Karte zeigt, wie ungleich Aktien und Reichtum in Deutschland verteilt sind

Der Soziologe macht dafür mehrere Faktoren fest. Die Spaltung durch die hohen Immobilienpreise, die dazu führt, dass die Menschen mit unterschiedlichem Einkommen heute viel getrennter leben. Hinzu komme, dass es vielen Menschen gar nicht möglich ist, sich an der Vermögensbildung der oberen Schichten zu beteiligen: über Aktien und Fonds. Darauf wies Hartmann bereits im Juni im Gespräch mit Business Insider hin. Vor allem die Finanzkrise habe weiter dazu beigetragen: „In der Folge hat sich etwas verschärft, das es vorher schon gab — nämlich die Möglichkeit, Vermögen zu bilden durch verschiedene Anlageklassen.“

Sozialer Aufstieg auch in Parteien immer schwieriger

Das geht auch aus einer aktuellen Studie der Bank Comdirect hervor. Demnach gibt es eine recht hohe Überschneidung zwischen Jahresnettovermögen und dem Anlegerverhalten in Deutschland. Der Armutsvorscher Christoph Butterwegge von der Universität Köln bezeichnete dies jüngst im Gespräch mit Business Insider als einen Faktor für „sozialräumliche Segregation“. Heißt vereinfacht: Die Reichen — darunter die Elite — bleiben unter sich, die Armen ebenso.

Hartmann setzt aber noch früher an: beim Elternhaus. „Das größte Problem ist, wie die Eliten heute rekrutiert werden (…). Heute ist es beinahe unmöglich, von unten in die obersten Positionen aufzusteigen“, so der Elitenforscher gegenüber der „Zeit“. Das zeige sich im Übrigen auch im Bundestag: Heute hätten mit Peter Altmaier und Horst Seehofer nur noch zwei Personen im Kabinett einen Arbeiterhintergrund. „Der soziale Aufstieg ist in den Parteien schwieriger geworden. Ohne ein Studium läuft nicht mehr viel“, so Hartmann. Der Soziologe verlangt deshalb, dass sich die Parteien wieder öffnen. „Auch in ihren Top-Positionen.“


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 Trotz 100.000 Euro Gehalt kündigte diese Investmentbankerin und wählte einen ungewöhnlichen Beruf

 Die Silicon-Valley-Elite schmeißt geheimnisvolle Drogen- & Sex-Parties, auf denen junge Frauen unter Druck gesetzt werden

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          Fintech Analyst - Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - San Francisco, CA      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Builds strong internal and external networks; In addition, we partner with internal resources to develop potential innovative technology solutions to enhance SF...
From Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - Sat, 16 Jun 2018 04:39:01 GMT - View all San Francisco, CA jobs
          Ennél okosabb kártya nincs a piacon. Bonyolultabb sem!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Csak a versenycsíkok és a metálfényezés hiányzik a GMO Aozora bankkártyájáról. De amúgy telerakták menőnek tűnő extrákkal. Vajon használható?

Ennél okosabb kártya nincs a piacon. Bonyolultabb sem! | FinTechRadar.

          Arizona’s Fintech Sandbox Now Open for Business      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
          Can The UK Remain A Hotbed For Fintech Innovation?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The UK has long been at the forefront of the fintech (r)evolution, and Philip Hammond’s statement in March put even more emphasis on helping the sector to “grow and flourish”.
          Head of Mobile Engineering - Growing FinTech Startup - Michael Page - Bangalore Urban, Karnataka      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Leading multiple self-forming mobile engineering teams that span native iOS & Android platforms as well as hybrid applications....
From Michael Page IN - Sat, 12 May 2018 08:42:17 GMT - View all Bangalore Urban, Karnataka jobs
          Customer Service Officer - Fintech and trading software - Manpower      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Salary: Salary provided, N/A yr of exp, posted on 10 Aug 2018 11:35:00
          Windows System Administrator/Engineer      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
VA-Culpeper, Our client, a high-visibility Fintech company, is looking for a seasoned Windows Systems Engineer/Administrator with 5-10 years of experience to perform a myriad of systems activities as well as to assist with deployments, migrations and implementations, etc at their data center in Culpeper, VA. Title: Windows Systems Engineer/Administrator Location: Culpeper, VA Assignment: 2yrs plus (right to hi
          Invoice Payment Solutions Provider POM Raises €830K      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

POM, an Antwerp, Belgium-based fintech startup advancing invoice payment solutions, raised €830k in funding. Backers included Be Angels and BAN Vlaanderen, B2BOOST, business angels Jean-Marc Toussaint and Steve Vantorre, and management members of the company. The company, which has raised a total of €1.9m to date, intends to use the funds to accelerate growth in […]

The post Invoice Payment Solutions Provider POM Raises €830K appeared first on FinSMEs.

          How to Lose $3 Billion of Bitcoin - Bloomberg      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
@MOstwald1, @Alea_, @SpirosMargaris, @JohnLothian
          Niiio finance group AG - Fintech      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hallo Forumgemeinde, habe mal die Suche benutzt aber nichts zu Niiio gefunden, bin jetzt seit ein paar Monaten dabei und wollte wissen, ob es hier wen gibt, der auch bei Niiio investiert. Hoffe, Niiio passt in dieses Thema "Hot Stocks", falls nicht bitte verschieben. Zum Unternehmen: "Die...
          В Центробанке Литвы рассказали, как сделать Украину FinTech-раем      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Эксперт поделилась наработками в рамках панельной дискуссии Екатерина Говина, координатор финтех-стратегии Банка Литвы, представила основные шаги Литвы в процессе развития FinTech-среды. Эксперт поделилась опытом своей страны в рамках панельной дискуссии «Точки роста экономики: возможности финтеха», которую организовала Украинская ассоциация финтех и инновационных компаний. Некоторые из этих советов могли бы пригодиться и в Украине. возможность удаленной […]

Запись В Центробанке Литвы рассказали, как сделать Украину FinTech-раем впервые появилась PaySpace Magazine.

          Technical Implementation Analyst - Trading FinTech      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Technical Implementation Analyst - Trading FinTech Salary up to £70,000 plus benefits. Technical Implementation Analyst - We are seeking a Technical Implementation Analyst to join our growing team working with our world leading algo-trading platform. You will be bringing on board and implementing our suite of software with our new clients. Our clients are high profile banks and hedge funds who use our platform for billions of dollars worth of trading. Our Technical Implementation Analyst will liaise with clients to define and understand their business and workflow requirements. You will then formulate these requirements into solutions using technical design and development skills. Our Technical Implementation Analyst will on board new clients to our FIX network and will implement new FX liquidity providers. We can offer our Technical Implementation Analyst Interesting and varied work where you can hone your technical skills Unrivalled exposure to high profile clients i.e. banks and hedge funds A relaxed and informal environment in the heart of the City of London Our Technical Implementation Analyst will be entitled to an extensive range of benefits including private medical and dental and a generous pension. Apply now for immediately consideration for such an excellent Technical Implementation Analyst opportunity! Understanding Recruitment is acting as an employment agency for this vacancy
          Application Support Lead - FX Trading FinTech      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Application Support Lead - FX Trading FinTech Salary up to £80000 plus bens. Application Support Lead - We are seeking an Application Support Lead to join us to join our team working on a brand new trading application within our FinTech. You will work on our application from inception alongside our developers to ensure it is efficient and easily supportable. The Application Support Lead will then grow his worldwide support team for the application. This is a unique opportunity for an Application Support Lead to be involved from a very early stage in a start-up environment within a well-established financial institution. You'll also get a huge opportunity to really leave your mark in the way this application moves forward. We can offer our Application Support Lead An entire team approach where you can have an equal impact alongside the development and operations. 10% of your time to work on your own projects Autonomy to be able to play your role in the team your way You'll join a relaxed and friendly FinTech who are all incredibly passionate about tech and what they do. Apply now for immediately consideration for an excellent Application Support Lead opportunity Understanding Recruitment is acting as an employment agency for this vacancy
          Global regulators team to address blockchain, fintech      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A group of financial regulators from around the world have formed the Global Financial Innovation Network initiative to discu -More

          Vue CLI 3.0, Babel 7 RC, and a playground for Electron coding      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

#398 — August 10, 2018

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JavaScript Weekly

Electron Fiddle: A Playground for Electron Experiments — Want to quickly experiment with Electron (a cross-platform JS desktop app environment) development? Electron Fiddle is a downloadable cross-platform app that makes it easy. Downloads here.

Felix Rieseberg

Pts: A Library for Visualization and Creative Coding — An impressive, lightweight and modular library, written in TypeScript and compiled to ES6. Plenty of demos to play around with.

William Ngan

🔨 JavaScript: The 'New' Hard Parts — In this new course, you'll develop an intuitive understanding of the new features of JavaScript in ES6+: iterators, generators, promises, and async/await. Go under the hood of async JS and learn to solve complex async challenges with ease.

Frontend Masters sponsor

How to Deal with Dirty Side Effects in Your Pure Functional JavaScript“A pure function is a function that has no side effects. But if you know anything about programming, you know that side effects are the whole point.”

James Sinclair

Getting Alexa to Respond to Sign Language Using a Webcam and TensorFlow.js — A look at the underlying tech behind a proof of concept to get an Amazon Echo to respond to sign language, plus how the system was built using TensorFlow.js. Live demo here.

Abhishek Singh

First Babel 7.0 Release Candidates AvailablePlanning for 7.0 and Nearing the 7.0 Release will bring you up to date with what’s new in this long awaited released.


Vue CLI 3.0 Released — Vue CLI provides the standard build toolchain for Vue applications and this new version is a rewrite that uses pre-configured webpack features, ES2017 transpilation, and PostCSS out of the box.

Evan You

V8 Version 6.9: An Efficiency and Performance Release — Features reduced memory usage through embedded built-ins, faster WebAssembly startup through the new Liftoff compiler, better DataView and WeakMap performance, and more.

Mathias Bynens

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer (NYC) — Learn from the best and lead by example. Do your finest work, with purpose, freedom, and a great community.


Frontend Engineer in Fast-Growing FinTech Start-up in Munich — Help building, running & deploying our SSR React, GraphQL, D3 frontend stack.

Scalable Capital

Find A JavaScript Job Through Vettery — Create a profile to connect with 4,000+ companies seeking top tech talent.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Hello WebAssembly — An introductory yet low-level introduction to WebAssembly.

Casper Beyer

Building a Long Press Directive in Vue

Obaseki Nosa

Full Stack Essentials with React: Bootcamp — It’s immersive. It’s Intense. It’s Oct 15-19. Few seats remain.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

Turning an Angular 6 App Into a Progressive Web App — How to add PWA capabilities to your Angular 6 app.

Yassine Benabbas

Variable Scope in Modern JavaScript — Examples to show how global, local and block scopes work.

Andy Carter

Tips for Creating a 13KB JavaScript Game in 30 Days — We linked to the contest last week, but GitHub has shared some tips and techniques to make the most of the 13KB limitation. It starts on Monday.

Lee Reilly (GitHub)

A Quick Guide to Mocha Testing — Want to write and run tests for your JavaScript code with Mocha? Start here.

Glad Chinda

The PRPL Pattern for Progressive Web Apps using Angular 6+ — A primer on PRPL (which stands for Push, Render, Pre-cache, and Lazy-load) — this pattern is a relatively new technique used for building PWAs.

Vlado Tesanovic

Write Complex Languages. Online & Evening M.S. Software Engineering Program

Regis University sponsor

▶  Five Ways to Be A Happier JavaScript Developer — How to deal with the language and its ecosystem now without repeating the mistakes of the past.

Christian Heilmann

Why Ember? — A quick look at where Ember can provide value to your workflow.

Melanie Sumner

🔧 Code and Tools

Angular Console: A UI for the Angular CLI — There’s also a blog post with the rationale.

Narwhal Technologies

Angular 7 Beta 0 Released: What's To Come for Angular 7?

Valentyn Yakymenko

Catch JavaScript Errors Before Users Do — Detect JavaScript errors in real-time, then debug them in minutes. Works with Node, React, Angular, and more.

ROLLBAR sponsor

Azure CosmosDB JavaScript SDK 2.0 Now in Public Preview — Features a new object model and introduces support for promises for working with Azure’s multi-model database service. Here’s the repo.

Deborah Chen (Microsoft)

Dumper.js: A Pretty Variable Inspector for Node — Ideal for ‘print-style’ debugging.

Zeeshan Ahmed

Franc: Detect a Text's Natural Language from JavaScript — Even in the browser. Demo here (keep refreshing the page). Supports up to 402 languages.

Titus Wormer

SuperSlide.js: A Smooth, GPU Accelerated Sliding Menu for Your Next PWA

OSREC Technologies

Xterm.js: A Terminal Component for the Front End — Now used in lots of projects like VS Code, cPanel and Azure Cloud Shell.


          Neues Berliner Fintech Start-Up Forexfix sichert Mittelstand gegen Währungsrisiken ab      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Neues Berliner Fintech Start-Up Forexfix sichert Mittelstand gegen Währungsrisiken ab bietet einfache & schnelle Onlinelösung zur Absicherung von Wechselkursschwankungen weltweit und differenziert sich so von der Konkurrenz Die innovative Plattform bietet dem Mittelstand bis zu 4x günstigere Lösungen für Zahlungen in Fremdwährungen als traditionelle Banken Über Forexfix kann man tausende

          Head of Mobile Engineering - Growing FinTech Startup - Michael Page - Bangalore Urban, Karnataka      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Leading multiple self-forming mobile engineering teams that span native iOS & Android platforms as well as hybrid applications....
From Michael Page IN - Sat, 12 May 2018 08:42:17 GMT - View all Bangalore Urban, Karnataka jobs
          OSS Leftovers      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
  • Open source Kaa IoT middleware to take on enterprise IoT

    To benefit from IoT, businesses need a way to network, manage and secure all of their connected devices. While there are proprietary IoT middleware platforms available to do this for the home and heavy industries like manufacturing, the Kaa IoT platform is one of the few open source options on the market today that is business-ready.

  • changes hands

    The bzip2 compression algorithm has been slowly falling out of favor, but is still used heavily across the net. A search for "bzip2 source" returns as the first three results. But it would seem that the owner of this domain has let it go, and it is now parked and running ads. So we no longer have an official home for bzip2.

  • Three Capabilities Banks Need to Work On While Adopting Open Source

    As banks are now willing to experiment and adopt new age technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the next big step of its digital disruption has to do with open source banking.

    With the adoption of open source, banks are likely to open their APIs and share customer data with third-party players to develop innovative products and offer customized real-time bespoke services to customers.

    Industry experts consider it to be the best time to embrace open banking as customer buying patterns are changing.

    In a previous interaction with Entrepreneur India, Rajeev Ahuja, Executive Director, RBL Bank accredited this change to “the emergence of nontraditional competition such as fintech startups, growing domination of technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligences, machine learning, etc and lastly, the initiatives taken by the Reserve Bank Of India to regulated the payments banks, peer to peer lending platforms, linking of Aadhar, and e-kyc.”

  • Free and open-source software con returns to International House

    FOSSCon, a free and open-source software conference, will be held Aug. 25 at the International House Philadelphia. Lectures and workshops will teach participants about free software and new ways to use it.

    Unlike most software, which is only available under restrictive licensing, free and open-source software is available under licenses that let people distribute, run and modify the software for their own purposes. It includes well-known projects like the Firefox browser or the Linux kernel. Those who talk about “free software” emphasize the way copyright law restricts users’ freedom, while those who talk about “open source” emphasize the economic and technical benefits of shared development.

    However, most of the scheduled events are far from philosophical, focusing on technical subjects like the use of domain name systems or the filesystem ZFS. The speakers range from professional programmers to enthusiasts. Most famous on the list is Eric S. Raymond, one of the thinkers behind “open source,” who will speak about the history of the C programming language and what might replace it. Of particular local interest is a talk by Eric O’Callaghan, a systems administrator at Thomas Jefferson University, on how to use public data from Indego Bike Share.

          Auto Innovation Stands to Benefit from CFPB’s Newly Launched Regulatory Sandbox      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is trying to “nudge” auto finance innovation, too. The regulator earlier this week unveiled a new “regulatory sandbox,” known as the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN), that is intended to help fintech startups develop new products and services for the financial services — and the initiative has import to auto finance. CFPB hired […]
          With rent surging, these startups offer to pay the security deposit      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Now a new wave of start-ups is trying to apply fintech principles to helping ease some of the angst of getting into a rental agreement

          Mines raises $13m      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mines, a fintech startup re-inventing credit in emerging markets, has closed a Series A round of $13...
          How Fintech Is Making Insurance More Affordable      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Fintech is one of the most rapidly growing fields at the moment, not just in the technological secto...
          Incite Insight: SQL DBA      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Incite Insight: SQL DBA Location: Nottingham Brief Description Our client is looking for an experienced SQL DBA Lead. This will involve managing a small team and ideally you will have FinTech experience or similar, as you will be required to manage and potentially comme Nottingham
          Le nomine della settimana (09/08)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Valentina Lener segretario generale di Assaeroporti Valentina Lener è il nuovo segretario generale di Assaeroporti, l’associazione confindustriale che rappresenta gli aeroporti italiani. Avvocato cassazionista, già responsabile affari legali di Assaeroporti dall’aprile 2018, Lener ha esercitato la libera professione nel settore del diritto civile ed amministrativo, trattando in particolare, questioni attinenti al trasporto aereo. Cappiello nel Cda di Mediaset Raffaele Cappiello è stato nominato quale consigliere di amministrazione indipendente di Mediaset su designazione degli investitori istituzionali, nonché presidente del comitato governance e nomine dell’azienda. Gattai e Loconte per la blockchain di San Marino Su invito di San Marino Innovation, Emanuela Campari Bernacchi, Licia Garotti e Valentina Lattanzi, partner e fondatrici della taskforce fintech di Gattai Minoli Agostinelli, sono entrate a fare parte del gruppo tecnico del comitato scientifico dedicato alla blockchain della Repubblica di San Marino. A far parte del comitato anche Stefano Loconte, managing partner di Loconte.
          The boring tech-stock trend that is rising as social media stocks fall      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The financial industry is boring, but also one of the most threatened sectors of the market when it comes to Silicon Valley disruption. That's forcing Wall Street to go digital and resulting in strong performance for fintech stocks.
          Cómo puede ayudar la tecnología a planificar el retiro      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
En la era digital, las fintech se transformaron en un aliado para el manejo de las inversiones. Los brokers online y las apps que permiten armar planes de ahorro a medida desde el celular. Qué recomiendan los expertos.
          Linux Foundation: Academy, Wall Street and Surveillance Giants      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
  • The Academy teams up with the Linux Foundation for open source tech
  • Academy Software Foundation will let filmmakers use open source creative software

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Linux Foundation today launched the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) to provide a neutral forum for open source software developers in the motion picture and broader media industries to share resources and collaborate on technologies for image creation, visual effects, animation, and sound.

  • Hollywood Goes Open Source: Academy Teams Up With Linux Foundation to Launch Academy Software Foundation

    Hollywood now has its very own open source organization: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has teamed up with the Linux Foundation to launch the Academy Software Foundation, which is dedicated to advance the use of open source in film making and beyond.

    The association’s founding members include Animal Logic, Autodesk, Blue Sky Studios, Cisco, DNEG, DreamWorks, Epic Games, Foundry, Google Cloud, Intel, SideFX, Walt Disney Studios and Weta Digital. Together, they want to promote open source, help studios and others in Hollywood with open source licensing issues and manage open source projects under the helm of the Software Foundation.

    The cooperation between the Academy and the Linux Foundation began a little over two years ago, when the Academy’s Science and Technology Council began to look into Hollywood’s use of open source software. “It’s the culmination of a couple of years of work,” said Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) head Rob Bredow in an interview with Variety this week.

  • Hollywood gets its own open-source foundation

    Open source is everywhere now, so maybe it’s no surprise that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (yes, the organization behind the Oscars) today announced that it has partnered with the Linux Foundation to launch the Academy Software Foundation, a new open-source foundation for developers in the motion picture and media space.

    The founding members include a number of high-powered media and tech companies, including Animal Logic, Blue Sky Studios, Cisco, DreamWorks, Epic Games, Google, Intel, SideFX, Walt Disney Studios and Weta Digital.

  • The Linux Foundation Announces Keynote Speakers for All New Open FinTech Forum to Explore the Intersection of Financial Services and Open Source
  • The Linux Foundation Announces Keynote Speakers for All New Open FinTech Forum to Explore the Intersection of Financial Services and Open Source

    The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the keynote speakers for Open FinTech Forum, taking place October 10-11 in New York.

  • LF Deep Learning signs up 5 more members, names AT&T's Gilbert as governing board chair

    The Linux Foundation's LF Deep Learning Foundation announced it has added Ciena, DiDi, Intel, Orange and Red Hat to its membership roster.

    Open source communities truly thrive when there's an array of vendors and service providers adding to the collective brain trust. With the recent additions, Deep Learning now has 15 members since it was first formed earlier this year.

    The addition of Orange was notable, but Deep Learning is still missing some key service provider players, such as Verizon, BT, CenturyLink, Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica, which seem content to pursue machine learning and artificial intelligence on their own.

read more

          An unsexy tech-stock trend is rising as Facebook, social media stocks fall out of favor – CNBC      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
CNBCIf nothing else, fintech offers a more defined way to pursue tech gains at a time when some technology darlings, specifically the social media sector, have been hit hard, and the biggest technology companies, such as Apple, Alphabet and Amazon, have … and more …read more Source:: Social Media News By Google News

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