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          Desert has Surrealistic and Futuristic Shapes      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Canadian photographer Chiara Zonca realizes minimalist cliches of the sand dunes of the Oman Desert. The pictures are shot in a few seconds of light just before the Sun dips below the horizon. Entitled “Tread softly”, the series showcases the abstract nature of sand and its intricate patterns, creating surrealist and architectural forms that seem futuristic in […]
          Woman misses chance to see husband before he dies as she battles for UK visa      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A woman desperate to see her husband for one final time before he died arrived in the country too late after she was unable to get a visa in time. Luchy Lopez-Hammann, 52, from Hamburg, Germany, just wanted to be at her husband Andreas Hammann’s bedside with her son John after he suffered a heart […]
          4 Laundry Basket Holder with Doors Laundry Room Decor Laundry Organizer Laundry Sorter Laundry Furniture Clothes Basket Organizer Cabinet by DesignsByDomandMel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

359.00 USD

This if for the rustic lovers! I personally love this option the best. These are made with cedar. This 4 basket unit comes with 2 rustic doors. They are sanded and clear coated.

Working with real wood will come with real wood's unique awesome grain and knots.

Approximately dimensions are 18" deep 27.5" wide and 44” tall. This unit is oversized which is why shipping is so much for this. We do offer this without doors and shipping is considerably less.

This accommodates and includes 4 - 1.5 bushel hip hold laundry baskets. Smooth top for folding clothes.

These do have a back as we feel it is important to balance the weight of the piece of furniture.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

          License Plate Sign License Plate letter Art Picture Home Deco Free Spirit License Plate Letter Sign by DesignsByDomandMel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

60.00 USD

License Plate Sign License Plate letter Art Picture Home Deco Free Spirit License Plate Letter Sign

What name or phrase would you like to have? Send me a conversation to discuss.

The SHIPPING charge is for ONE sign only.If you want more than one sign please contact me.
I will do custom listing to save on shipping.

If you have any questions please call 913-980-6690 or feel free to send me a message

We put a beginning & end piece on your custom sign at no charge. If spaces are needed between words we use a piece of the license plate without letters. License plate letters are nailed to wood. using nails. It is ready to hang on back.

The photos are samples of license plate letter signs other customers have bought.

If you have a special request for a certain State(s) on your sign please message me to see if I have. There would be extra charge for special orders for letters. There are a lot of states that are just too hard to find and especially with the letters needed.

Thanks so much for checking us out.

This will be a sign similar to the one in photo, slight differences in actual letters

          Be The Change, framed Sign, bathroom sign, bathroom decor, Change the toilet paper, Funny Sign, Change the World Sign, Rustic bathroom by DesignsByDomandMel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

64.00 USD

This listing is for 14x24 rustic pallet sign with Everyone Wants To Change the World But Nobody Wants to Change the Toilet Paper, Be The Change. Black distressed board with white distressed font.

If you are looking for something and just not seeing it feel free to send us a conversation and let us see if we can help.

Board will vary on look but the photos in this listing are a great representation of the variances they can be.

The approximate sign size is 14 x 24.

          MacKenzie Name Cutouts, Baby Name Sign, Nursery Sign, Name Art, Word Art, Wood cutout sign, silver glitter sign, Name Sign, Cut out word by DesignsByDomandMel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

18.00 USD

This is an adorable name cutout of the name MacKenzie. The color on this is silver glitter. This is sold but was put above the crib in baby's room. We can do any name, any size. Cost is based on size not letter count although the count does decide the size to a degree. When you checkout, select the size you are needing. If you don't see a size, send us a conversation with the name you are spelling and we can get you a quote. The sign in the photo measures approximately 11" x 36".

If you would like a different sign, please send us a conversation and we will give you a quote based and size and setup.

Thanks so much for checking my items out!

          Home of the Free Because of the Brave License Plate Letter Sign, License Plate Art, Marine Corp Decor, Proud Marine by DesignsByDomandMel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

180.00 USD

Home of the Free Because of the Brave License Plate Letter Sign Unique and fun Wood Art Craft Any Word Saying or Phrase

The SHIPPING charge is for ONE sign only.If you want more than one sign please contact me.
I will do custom listing to save on shipping.

If you have any questions please call 913-980-6690 or feel free to send me a message

We put beginning & end piece on your custom sign at no charge. If spaces are needed between words we use a piece of the license plate without letters. License plate letters are nailed to wood. using nails. There is a hanger on back.

The photos are samples of signs other customers have bought.

If you have a special request for a certain State(s) on your sign please message me to see if I have. There would be extra charge for special orders for letters. There are a lot of states that are just too hard to find and especially with the letters needed.

Thanks so much for checking us out.

This sign is just an example of the possibilities.

          Deaths in LR surgery center featured in report on mixed regulation of centers      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
USA Today and Kaiser Health News have combined for an investigation of the patchwork regulation of surgery centers around the country, a story that begins with accounts of deaths in a Little Rock center.

Arkansas is one of 17 states, the article says, with no requirement to report deaths at  surgery centers. So there's no followup when deaths occur to see if they were an anomaly or a cause for alarm, the article notes. This followed anecdotes about two deaths and one emergency case over 15 weeks in 2014 when people stopped breathing after routine colonoscopies at the Kanis Endoscopy Center. The article recounts:

When Faye Watkins, 63, walked into Kanis Endoscopy in Arkansas, she said she was unaware there had been two deaths after care there within the previous three months. She was in the fog of anesthesia when it struck her that something was amiss. She said she heard men say her blood pressure was falling.

“I said (to myself), 'Lord, if it’s time for me to go, take me. But I’m not ready,’ ” Watkins recalled. Her next memory was waking up in a hospital with her chest sore from CPR.

The KHN/USA TODAY examination raises questions about the need for more robust oversight of surgery centers, where public access to important information, such as surgical outcome data, tends to be more limited than what’s available about hospitals. The gap persists even as the nation’s 5,600 surgery centers have surpassed hospitals in number and taken on increasingly complex procedures.
The article indicates the episodes in Arkansas resulted in lawsuits that ultimately were settled and all those involved defended the quality of care.

Medicare spokesman Bob Moos said state recertification inspectors come in every four to seven years and review all cases in the previous year in which a surgery center patient was transferred to a hospital. When the state inspector visited Kanis, “nothing on the hospital transfer log raised a red flag for her to investigate,” the spokesman said.

Officials would not describe what was on the transfer log or which cases were on it or confirm that Smith’s name had been included on it.

A Kanis spokesperson said it would violate patient confidentiality to comment on what the staff showed the inspector. Arkansas Department of Health spokeswoman Meg Mirivel provided no details, saying state law prohibits releasing information about hospital or surgery center investigations.

The state official’s inspection report does not mention any patient transfers. It does say the center was operating outside of industry norms by performing colonoscopies without an additional nurse in the room. The center pledged to health officials that it would add a nurse to the endoscopy suites.

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Back day on deck...counting on the good juju from my @the_iron_legion_84 shirt to provide thee assist on some heavy AF rack pulls. #staytuned #summerlovin #rayban #gymlife #legday #ididntdie #stillkickin #slowly #causeDOMS #summer #makingmoves #theironlegion #glamoroustraining #massbuilding #biggerandbetter #ladieslifthere #chickswholift #strongman #strongwoman #strength #strong #woman #selfie #unicornstrong #smile #choosehappy #lovethelifeyoulive #livethelifeyoulove #iamthequeen #builtbyiron
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Prova a vincere l’intera collezione di cosmetici della linea Essential FX. Partecipa gratuitamente con Perricone MD. Perricone MD promuove un nuovo concorso gratuito. Per partecipare vai a questa pagina, compila il modulo con i tuoi dati e clicca su “Iscriviti“. Tra tutti i partecipanti sarà estratto il vincitore dell’intera collezione di cosmetici Essential FX. Hai ...

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Prova a vincere un’amaca Headdemock di Fatboy grigia, del valore di oltre 300€. Partecipa gratuitamente. Dopo la lampada Secto Design, arriva una nuova possibilità di vincere gratuitamente con Finnish Design Shop. Questa volta potresti aggiudicarti un’amaca Headdemock di Fatboy del valore di 339,95€. Per partecipare vai a questa pagina, inserisci la tua email e registrati gratis alla ...

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Sono in arrivo i campioni omaggio dei cosmetici Soffice Natura a base di latte di capra. Ecco la foto. Avevi richiesto i campioni omaggio Soffice Natura? Avevi fatto in tempo? Ti segnaliamo che sono in arrivo in questi giorni. Marina del gruppo facebook di OmaggioMania, che ringraziamo, ci mostra quanto ricevuto gratis a casa propria. Nella ...

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Prova a vincere una pratica borsa da viaggio. Partecipa gratuitamente in pochi passi. Ecco con un nuovo contest gratuito promosso da Songmics. In pochi passi puoi provare a vincere una pratica borsa da viaggio appendibile con 9 Scomparti, Pochette da Bagno, Beauty Case da viaggio. Per partecipare vai a questa pagina e segui le indicazioni riportate nello specifico nel ...

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Con Limoncè ricevi subito un magnete da collezione in omaggio. Ecco i dettagli. Ti segnaliamo che con la bottiglia di Limoncè potresti trovare un simpatico magnete da collezione allegato. Ecco la foto di Nadia, che ringraziamo. Lo hai trovato anche tu?

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Scopri subito se hai vinto un buono acquisto Marina Rinaldi da 100 euro e partecipa all’estrazione di un incontro con Ashley Graham. Partecipa gratuitamente al nuovo concorso a premi. Ti segnaliamo il nuovo concorso a premi “Meet Ashley Graham”. Vai a questa pagina e compila il form (effettua prima la registrazione nel caso non fossi ancora iscritto). Potrai ...

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Nuovissimo contest che ti permette di provare a vincere gratis una T-Shirt. Partecipa gratuitamente. Ti segnaliamo la possibilità di partecipare ad un nuovo contest gratuito per provare a vincere una T-Shirt by CM Advisor. Per partecipare vai a questa pagina e segui le istruzioni del post. Hai tempo fino al 10 agosto 2018. Ringraziamo Sole ...

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Da MD e LD Market puoi avere a 2€ un vassoio in legno di faggio in vari colori. Ne hai già approfittato? Ecco la foto. Ti abbiamo segnalato che da oggi parte una nuova iniziativa promossa da MD e LD Market. Con una spesa di almeno 20€ puoi avere a 2€ un vassoio in legno di faggio ...

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Con Heineken scopri subito se hai vinto un buono da 100 euro spendibile sul loro store. Ecco i dettagli del concorso a premi. Ti segnaliamo il nuovo concorso a premi di Heineken “Heineken premia gli appassionati di F1″. Acquista almeno € 7,00 di prodotti Heineken e/o Heineken 0.0.  L’importo di almeno 7,00 Euro richiesto per ...

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Ecco un nuovo rapido modo per provare ad aggiudicarti un kit di bellezza. Partecipa gratuitamente al contest. Ti segnaliamo un nuovo contest gratuito per vincere un kit di bellezza. Per partecipare vai a questa pagina e segui le istruzioni del post. Hai tempo fino al 14 agosto 2018. Ringraziamo Eleonora, moderatrice del nostro gruppo Facebook ...

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          Romance en medio de la nada      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Un destino para bodas

          Comment on Punish Officer Filmed Beating Naked ‘Mentally Ill’ Woman at Hospital by Gini      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Simply the reason people no longer trust police. Until the Police clean up their act they are not to be trusted. The officers restraining the woman are equally complicit in my book.
          Don't ask 'BlacKkKlansman' actress Laura Harrier about being a black woman in Hollywood      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In preparation for her role as Patrice Dumas, a ’70s-era student activist who catches the eye of detective Ron Stallworth in Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman,” it was crucial for actress Laura Harrier to understand the soul of her character.

“I watched a ton of ‘Soul Train,’” she said with a laugh....

          Border Patrol's first female chief, Carla Provost, on border-crossers, a wall and women in law enforcement      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Carla Provost, who served as acting chief of the Border Patrol for more than a year, on Thursday was named the first woman to lead the agency as chief in its 94-year history.

Provost, a former police officer in Kansas, joined the agency 23 years ago as an agent in Douglas, Ariz., rising through...

          Review: Netflix's ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ is a pleasant throwback romance with a sparkling Lily James      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" is an old-school, old-fashioned entertainment, a romantic drama bursting with scenic vistas and earnest charm that contains just enough mystery to keep us involved.

In fact, as efficiently directed by the veteran Mike Newell ("Four Weddings and...

          Nervozni Đoković izgubio od Cicipasa      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Novak Đoković je zaustavljen već u trećem kolu Rodžers kupa. Zaustavio ga je jedan od najboljih predstavnika novog teniskog talasa – 19-godišnji Grk Stefanos Cicipas, pobjedom 2:1 u setovima (6:3, 6:7, 6:3). Cicipas je iskoristio lošu noć srpskog tenisera, ali i pokazao ogroman potencijal i mentalnu snagu. Dobio je prvi set, u drugom nekoliko puta ...
          Finish This Puzzle, And You'll Be Just Like Overachievers: You Both Exceed      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
On-air challenge: Every answer today is a familiar two-word phrase or name in which the first word ends in "X" and the second starts with "C" (as in XC, the Roman numeral for 90). A friend of mine recently turned 90, and I made this as a birthday gift. For example: Tailless feline -- MANX CAT. Last week's challenge, from Sandy Weisz of Chicago: Take the name of a famous musical. Write it in upper- and lowercase letters, as you usually would. Now, turn one of the characters upside-down and move it to another place in the title. The result will be the last name of a well-known stage performer. What is the musical, and who is the performer? Answer: Oliver! -- Olivier. Winner: Ernie Scheuer of Los Angeles, Calif. Next week's Name a famous singer — first and last names. The last four letters of the first name spelled backward plus the first four letters of the last name spelled forward ... read together, in order, name a section of products in a drugstore. What is it? Submit Your Answer If
          Dog Days Movie Review and Premiere      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

If your family loves dogs, romantic comedies and Los Angeles, you should see Dog Days, which is in theaters now.

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          Christine posted a blog post      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Christine posted a blog post

They were there . . .

They were there...all of them.                       Welcome Gokhan, from Turkey, to Morning Briefings! podcast link: How to grasp the eternal nature of God . . . how to understand the infinitewith a finitemind.  For instance, Jesus was the only person who was alive before he was born - wait, how could that be?  Where was the Holy Spirit before he came to the believers in the early church?  Logical questions I have heard with reasoned, divine answers, known from what God has told us about himself . . . in.the.Word. [If you do not have a Bible, consider the Bible app for your phone or www.biblegateway.comfor the entire Bible in various translations.] I return to Genesis chapter One, (following, considering once again the miracle of Creation.  GOD was fully engaged as himself, as a triune God, God in three persons. They were all there - Father, Son and Spirit, from the start of life as we are aware of it because they are One, eternal.  Hang with me now.   Look with me at John's revelation of this truth:  In the beginning the Word already existed.  John used the word 'logos'/Word to describe JesusIn the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, (Jesus)and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.1 I love how John ties the start of his gospel to the Genesis 1 account, In the beginning... God created the heaven and the earth.  How?  How did God create?  Jesus did it. We look to Paul to explain:  "The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him."2    Just how did Jesus create the heavens, the earth, Sun, Moon, stars, plants, animals?  Did he take some clay and fashion them in his hands?  Did he have a chemistry set and wear a lab coat?  Did he first make a planetarium and then fling the stars out of the top?  Interestingly enough, the answer comes from the Psalms. By the word of the Lord the heavens were made,    their starry host by the breath of his mouth.For he spoke, and it came to be;    he commanded, and it stood firm.3 And as John already told us (above-John 1, verse 3),  "God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him."  Jesus was, Jesus is, Jesus always will be; so too the Holy Spirit, who hovered over the waters at the time of creation.4 Coming to know God-all the mysterious facets of him in the three persons of the trinity-is such a fascinating journey, is it not? And in this example of the Creation, we see so clearly how the Bible interprets itself-how it all holds together in truth, why it is absolutely trustworthy.  Nothing like it. Thank you, God,      for giving us the written Word         through which we can know you,            your ways,               your will for our lives.                  Give us a passionate love for it!                   Amen. Christine PastorWoman.com1 - John 1.1-5, NASB2 - Colossians 1.15-16, NIV3 - Psalm 33.6,9, NIV4 - Genesis 1.1,2See More

          Wspieramy Piromanx'a!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Szukamy dawcy szpiku dla @Piromanx Może akurat trafimy na dobrą duszyczkę, która będzie chciała zostać dawcą szpiku i jej stan zdrowia na to pozwala. Tutaj można się zarejestrować jako dawca szpiku i poczytać o tym: Udowodnijmy siłę wykopu! Ja już się...
          Comment on What We Believe by areyno166      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
This is a great read and I have loved the ministry of ODBM for years. However, I do wish the ministry would look further into the Rapture theory. This is more of an in-house debate than a set in concrete fact. I use to be a proponent of the theory, but after much prayer and study, I've come to the conclusion that it is inconclusive. The use of this theory from the pulpit comes across more as a scare tactic, the proverbial "Turn or Burn". I prefer to use the approach from Romans 2:4 ..."God's kindness leads you to repentance?..." Now, please don't misunderstand, just because I don't agree with the Rapture theory doesn't mean I do not have fellowship with those who do, in fact my wife leans in that direction. At the end of the day, we must realize the topic is of no eternal value. The issue of utter importance is whether or not you have come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life. Thank for all you do, huge blessings to everyone at Discovery.
          First Muslim woman to be elected to US Congress after winning primary      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

WASHINGTON (Web Desk) Former Michigan legislator Rashida Tlaib on Wednesday won the Democratic nomination to run unopposed for a House seat, setting her up to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress.According to The Guardian, no Republicans or third-party candidates ran in district 13 primary race, which means that Tlaib is set to win …

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          Taylor Dayne Erotic      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Taylor Dayne erotic pictures. We won’t call them sexy, because, hey, that woman is 56 years old. Take a look at the latest pics right here, she was seen laying on a recliner on a beach in Sardinia, 08/05/2018.
          It Ends with Us Pdf      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
It Ends with Us Pdf About the book: It Ends with Us Book Author: Colleen Hoover Publisher: Atria Books Publish date: (August 2, 2016) ISBN-10: 1501110365 ISBN-13: 978-1501110368 Pages: 384 eBook pages can be different Language: English Genres: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance Review The newest, highly anticipated novel from beloved #1 New York Times […]
          Woman (19) presents at hospital with apparent gunshot wounds following suspected shooting      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A 19-year-old woman has presented herself to hospital with an apparent gunshot to her leg on Thursday night.
          Without Merit Pdf      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Without Merit Pdf About the book: Without Merit Book Author: Colleen Hoover Publisher: Atria Books Publish date: (October 3, 2017) ISBN-10: 1501170627 ISBN-13: 978-1501170621 Pages: 348 eBook pages can be different Language: English Genres: Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Contemporary romance Review The Voss family is anything but normal. They live in a repurposed church, newly baptized […]
          Warrior’s Woman Pdf      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Warrior’s Woman Pdf About the book: Warrior’s Woman Book Author: Johanna Lindsey Series: Ly-San-Ter Family (Book 1) Publisher: Avon; Reissue edition Publish date: (October 26, 2010) ISBN-10: 0380753014 ISBN-13: 978-0380753017 Pages: 448 eBook pages can be different Language: English Genres: Erotic literature, Fiction, Romance novel Review “If you’re looking for sensuality, you won’t be disappointed […]
          Tender Rebel Pdf      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Tender Rebel Pdf About the book: Tender Rebel Book Author: Johanna Lindsey Series: Malory-Anderson Family (Book 2) Publisher: Avon; Reissue edition Publish date: (March 29, 2005) ISBN-10: 0380750864 ISBN-13: 978-0380750863 Pages: 400 eBook pages can be different Language: English Genres: Fiction, Romance novel, Historical Fiction Review Scottish beauty Roslynn Chadwick needs the safety of marriage […]
          Silver Angel Pdf      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Silver Angel Pdf About the book: Silver Angel Book Author: Johanna Lindsey Publisher: Avon; Reprint, Reissue edition Publish date: (April 6, 1999) ISBN-10: 0470452641 ISBN-13: 978-0470452646 Pages: 448 eBook pages can be different Language: English Genres: Erotic literature, Fiction, Romance novel Review Abducted and sold into slavery, Chantelle Burke has been brought to the palace […]
          novelas romanticas cortas      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

he encontrado este interesante sitio web. Va sobre novelas de fantasia y además sobre leyendas populares españolas. leyendas populares españolas , novelas de fantasia ...Uno de los principales temas es: novelas romanticas cortas , pero realmente trata también sobre leyendas populares españolas y novelas de fantasia…

  Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akitoa heshima za mwisho katika jeneza lenye mwili wa Msanii mkongwe wa Vichekesho na Maigizo nchini Mzee Amri Athuman “King Majuto katika ukumbi wa Karimjee jijini Dar es Salaam.
 Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akimfariji Hamza Amri Athuman mtoto wa marehemu Msanii mkongwe wa Vichekesho na Maigizo nchini Mzee Amri Athuman “King Majuto wakati wa kuaga mwili wa marehemu katika ukumbi wa Karimjee jijini Dar es Salaam.
Mufti Mkuu wa Tanzania Sheikh Abubakary Zubeiry Bin Ally akisoma dua kumuombea Marehemu Mzee Amri Athuman “King Majuto katika ukumbi wa Karimjee jijini Dar es Salaam. Mara baada ya dua hiyo Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli aliongoza mamia ya wananchi kutoa heshima za mwisho katika msiba huo,anaefuta kushoto kwa Rais ni Rais Mstaafu awamu ya nne Dkt Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete. 

 Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akimshukuru Rais wa Uganda Yoweri Museveni mara baada ya kuzungumza na wanahabari Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam.
 Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akizungumza jambo na mgeni wake Rais wa Uganda Yoweri Museveni mara baada ya kutoka kwenye chumba cha mkutano wa Wanahabari Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam. 

 Rais wa Uganda Yoweri Museveni akizungumza na wanahabari hawapo pichani mara baada ya kikao chake na Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam. 
 Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akizungumza na wanahabari hawapo pichani mara baada ya kikao chake na Rais wa Uganda Yoweri Museveni Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam. 
 Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dkt. John Pombe Magufuli akiagana na Rais wa Uganda Yoweri Museveni mara baada ya mazungumzo yao Ikulu jijini Dar es Salaam. PICHA NA IKULU

           SPIKA NDUGAI KUTEMBELEA VIJIJI 12 NDANI YA JIMBO LAKE       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Spika wa Bunge Mheshimiwa Job Ndugai ambaye pia ni Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kongwa akilisikiliza kwa makini kikundi cha ngoma ambacho kilitoa buruduni katika Kjiji cha Njoge wilaya ya Kongwa. Spika anatarajia kutembelea vijiji kumi na mbili katika ziara yake wilayani humo.
Wananchi mbalimbali wa Kijiji cha Gomaye wakimsikiliza kwa makini Mheshimiwa Spika Job Ndugai ambaye alifanya ziara katika Kijiji hicho mapema leo.
Wananchi mbalimbali wa Kijiji cha Gomaye wakimsikiliza kwa makini Mheshimiwa Spika Job Ndugai ambaye alifanya ziara katika Kijiji hicho mapema leo.

           MEYA MWITA ATEMBELEA HOSPITAL YA AGA KHAN JIJINI HAPA LEO      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

MSTAHIKI Meya wa Jiji la Dar es Salaam Isaya Mwita leo amefanya ziara katika hospitali ya Aga Khan ya jijini hapa na kuwaona wagaonjwa sambamba na kupata nafasi ya kuona maendeleo ya mradi wa upanuzi wa hospitali hiyo ulio mbioni kukamilika .

Katika ziara hiyo , Meya Mwita amekutana na uongozi wa juu wa Hospitali hiyo ikiongozwa na Mtendaji Mkuu wa Taasisi ya Utoaji Huduma za Afya Aga Khan Kanda ya Afrika Mashariki, Sulaiman Shahabuddin ambapo walipata nafasi ya kuzungzumza mambo mbalimbali.

Meya Mwita ameipongeza Taasisi ya Huduma za Afya Aga Khan Tanzania kwa kuamua kuwekeza katika Mkoa wa Dar es Salaam hususani sekta ya Afya ambapo bado changamoto ni nyingi jijini hapa pamoja na nchi nzima.

Aidha Meya Mwita amefarijika kuona hosipitali hiyo imewekeza katika vifaa tiba vya kisasa zaidi kuwemo nchini pamoja na uwepo wa Watanzania wengi katika eneo la utoaji huduma za viwango vya juu kabisa Tanzania.

Kwaupande wake Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Taasisi za Huduma za Afya Aga Khan Kanda ya Afrika Mashariki Sulaiman Shahabuddin amemshukuru Meya Mwita kwa kutenga muda wake na kutembelea hospitali hiyo.

Amefafanua kuwa "ni faraja kwetu sana kukuona mahali hapa Mstahiki Meya ,Hospitali hii ni kwa ajili ya Wana Dar es Salaam na Watanzania wote, Ninacho mshukuru Mungu ni kuona hospitali hii sasa ikianza kuhudumia hata mataifa ya jirani kama Comoro, Zambia, Malawi, Msumbiji " amesema.



Naibu Waziri wa Nishati, Subira Mgalu amemuagiza Mkuu wa wilaya ya Sumbawanga, Dk. Halfan Haule kutumia mamlaka yake kuwatupa ndani saa 48 wasimamizi wa utekelezaji wa mradi wa usambazaji umeme vijijini (REA) awamu ya tatu wa Kampuni ya Nakuroi Investment iwapo watasuasua katika ujenzi wa miundombinu ya umeme wilayani humo.

Naibu Waziri huyo, ametoa agizo hilo leo akiwa katika kijiji cha Kilyamatundu kilichopo mpakani mwa mikoa ya Mbeya na Songwe tarafa ya Kipeta wilayani Sumbawanga mkoani Rukwa, ikiwa ni sehemu ya ziara yake ya kikazi inayolenga kukagua utekelezaji wa miradi ya REA awamu ya tatu mkoani humo.

Kabla ya kutoa agizo hilo, Naibu Waziri huyo alionyeshwa miundombinu inayowezesha upatikanaji wa umeme katika kijiji jirani cha Kamsamba iliyopo umbali wa mita 100 na kuonyesha kushangazwa kwanini Kijiji cha Kilyamatundu kinashindwa kunufaika na huduma ya umeme kwa kuwa miundombinu ipo jirani kiasi hicho.

"Mkandarasi nataka nguzo na vifaa vingine vifike hapa Alhamisi ijayo kama ulivyoahadi na ujenzi wa miundombinu ya umeme ianze mara moja,mkuu wa wilaya hakikisha inatumia mamlaka yako kuwatupa ndani saa 48 hawa jamaa kama watasuasua kutekeleza mradi huu, sisi lengo letu umeme upatikane hapa kijijini haraka iwezekanavyo" alisema
 Naibu Waziri wa Nishati, Subira Mgalu akihutubia wananchi wa kata ya Mtowisa wilayani Sumbawanga mkoani Rukwa, leo akiwa katika ziara yake ya kikazi ya kukagua utekelezaji wa miradi ya REA awamu ya tatu. (0163 -205, 207)
 Naibu Waziri wa Nishati, Subira Mgalu akiwahoji maswali wasimamizi kutoka kampuni ya kampuni ya Nakuroi Investment inayosuasua katika utekelezaji wa ujenzi wa mradi wa REA awamu ya tatu katika vijiji vya mkoa wa Rukwa, leo mbele ya wananchi wa kata Mtowisa, Sumbawanga mkoani Rukwa. (0179 - 80)
 Naibu Waziri wa Nishati, Subira Mgalu akitoa ufafanuzi wa jambo kwa msimamizi wa kampuni ya Nakuroi Investment kuhusu ujenzi wa miundombinu ya usambazaji wa umeme katika kijiji cha Kilyamatundu wilayani Sumbawanga mkoani Rukwa, ambapo yupo katika ziara ya kikazi mkoani humo. (417)
Baadhi ya watumishi wa Shirika la umeme nchini, Tanesco mkoawa Rukwa wakifuatilia hotuba ya Naibu Waziri Subira Mgalu wakati aliwahutubia wananchi wa kata ya Mtowisa mkoani Rukwa leo, ambapo yupo katika ziara ya kikazi ya kukaguautekelezaji wa miradi ya REA awamu ya tatu.(0150).

          Makamu Mwenyekiti NEC atembelea Kata ya Mlowa Bwawani kukagua maandalizi Uchaguzi Mdogo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hussein Makame, NEC aliyekuwa Dodoma.

Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi Jaji wa Mahakama ya Rufaa, Mbarouk Salim Mbarouk ametembelea kata ya Mlowa Bwawani katika Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Chamwino mkoani Dodoma kuangalia maandalizi ya Uchaguzi mdogo wa diwani wa kata hiyo.

Akizungumza na Wasimamizi wa Uchaguzi wa kata hiyo na Afisa Uchaguzi wa Jimbo la Mtera Elizabenth Gumbo kwa niaba ya Msimamizi wa Uchaguzi Jimbo la Mtera, Jaji Mbarouk ameridhishwa na maandalizi ya Uchaguzi wa kata hiyo.

Jaji Mbarouk amewasisitiza wasimamizi wa Uchaguzi wa kata hiyo kutumia vipaza sauti kufikisha ujumbe kwa wananchi kwani njia hiyo itarahisisha kufikisha ujumbe wa uchaguzi kwa wananchi wengi zaidi wakiwemo wasiojua  kusoma na kuandika badala ya kutegemea zaidi taarifa za mabango.

Akitoa taarifa ya maandalizi ya Uchaguzi wa kata hiyo kwa niaba ya, Afisa Uchaguzi wa Jimbo hilo Elizabenth Gumbo alisema maandalizi ya Uchaguzi huo yanakwenda vizuri.Alisema wameshapokea vifaa vya awali vya Uchaguzi ikiwemo mfano wa karatasi ya kupigia, mabango ya Uchaguzi, fomu za Uchaguzi, bahasha za karatasi za kura na fedha za bajeti ya Uchaguzi wa kata hiyo.

Gumbo alisema ameshavitaarifu vyama vya siasa kuwasilisha orodha ya majina ya mawakala wa vyama vyao na kwamba wamewaomba wawsilishe na picha za mawakala hao na ratiba ya kuwaapisha inasubiri muda ambao watakapowasilisha orodha hiyo.
Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC Jaji Mbarouk Salim Mbarouk (kulia) akimueleza jambo  Afisa Uchaguzi wa Jimbo la Mtera mkoani Dodoma, Elizabenth Gumbo (kushoto) wakati alipotembelea kata ya Mlowa Bwawani. Kulia ni Mwanasheria wa NEC, Hamidu Mwanga.
2 (7)
Afisa Uchaguzi wa Jimbo la Mtera, Elizabenth Gumbo (kushoto) akieleza maandalizi ya Uchaguzi Mdogo wa Udiwani kata ya Mlowa Bwawani kwa Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC) Jaji Mbarouk Salim Mbarouk (katikati).Kulia ni Mwanasheria wa NEC Hamidu Mwanga.
5 (2)
Mwanasheria wa Tume ya Taifa ya Uchaguzi (NEC), Hamidu Mwanga (katikati) akizungumza jambo na Afisa Uchaguzi wa Jimbo la Mtera mkoani Dodoma, Elizabenth Gumbo nje ya jengo la Halmashauri ya Manispaa ya Chamwino mkaoni Dodoma.Kushoto ni Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Jaji Mbarouk Salim Mbarouk.


          MFUMUKO WA BEI WA TAIFA UMEPUNGUA KUFIKIA ASILIMIA 3.3      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Na: Lilian Lundo – MAELEZO, Dodoma.

Mfumuko wa Bei wa Taifa kwa mwezi Julai, 2018 umepungua hadi kufikia asilimia 3.3 ikilinganishwa na asilimia 3.4 mwezi Juni, 2018.

Hayo yameelezwa leo na Jijini Dodoma na Mkurugenzi wa sensa na Takwimu za Jamii, Ofisi ya Taifa ya Takwimu Ephraim Kwesigabo alipokuwa akitoa taarifa ya mfumuko wa bei kwa mwezi Julai mwaka huu.Kwesigabo amesema, kasi ya mabadiliko ya bei za bidhaa na huduma kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Julai, 2018 imepungua ikilinganishwa na kasi ilivyokuwa kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Juni, 2018.

“Kupungua kwa mfumuko wa bei kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Julai, 2018 kumechangiwa hasa na kupungua kwa mfumuko wa bei wa baadhi ya bidhaa za vyakula, ambapo bidhaa za vyakula zilizochangia kupungua kwa mfumuko wa bei kati ya Julai, 2017 na Julai 2018 ni pamoja na unga wa mahindi kwa asilimia 9.5, mtama kwa asilimia 17.8, unga wa mihogo kwa asilimia 14.1, matunda jamii ya machungwa kwa asilimia 22.2, maharagwe kwa asilimia 5.8 na mihogo mibichi kwa asilimia 12.5,” amefafanua Kwesigabo.

Ameendelea kusema kuwa ni zaidi ya miaka 15 tangu itokee tarakimu kama hiyo ya mfumuko wa bei ambayo iko vizuri kwa uchumi wa nchi.

Aidha ametaja hali ya mfumuko wa bei kwa baadhi ya nchi za Afrika Mashariki kama ifuatavyo; Uganda mfumuko wa bei kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Julai, 2018 umeongezeka hadi asilimia 3.1 kutoka asilimia 2.2 kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Julai, 2018. Kwa upande wa Kenya mfumuko wa bei kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Julai, 2018 umeongezeka hadi asilimia 4.35 kutoka asilimia kutoka asilimia 4.28 kwa mwaka ulioishia mwezi Juni, 2018.

Mfumuko wa bei wa Taifa unapima kiwango cha kasi ya mabadiliko ya bei za bidhaa na huduma zote zinazotumiwa na kaya binafsi nchini.

Mkurugenzi wa Sensa ya Watu na Jamii Bw. Ephraim Kwesigabo akitoa taarifa ya hali ya mfumuko wa bei kwa mwezi Julai 2018 leo Jijini Dodoma ambapo mfumuko huo umeshuka kwa asilimia 3.3 kwa mwezi Julai 2018 ikilinganishwa na asilimia 3.4 kwa mwezi June 2018.
Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Mawasiliano Serikalini wa Ofisi ya Taifa ya Takwimu (NBS) Bw. Said Ameir akisisitiza jambo wakati wa hafla ya kutoa taarifa ya hali ya mfumuko wa bei kwa mwezi Julai 2018 Jijini Dodoma.

Meneja wa Takwimu za mazingira na uchambuzi Bibi Ruth Minja akisisitiza kuhusu umuhimu wa takwimu katika kuchochea maendeleo .

 Na Said Mwishehe, Globu ya jamii 

WAZIRI wa Elimu, Sayansi na Teknolojia Profesa Joyce Ndalichako ametoa maagizo kwa Baraza la Elimu ya Ufundi(Nacte)kutosita kuchukua hatua ikiwamo ya kuvifuta vyuo ambavyo vitabainika kutoa elimu kwa ubabaishaji.

Pia amelishauri Baraza hilo kuhakikisha linasimamia na kutoa muongozo kuhusu program mbalimbali za utoaji elimu ya ufundi ambayo ametaka iwe inaendana na soko la ajira nchini ili kuhakikisha Watanzania wanapata fursa ya kuajiriwa kwa ajili ya kufanya kazi katika miradi mikubwa inayoendelea nchini.

Profesa Ndalichako ameyasema hayo leo jijini Dar es Salaam wakati anazindua rasmi Baraza la Uongozi la Baraza la Taifa la Elimu ya Ufundi nchini ambalo Mwenyekiti wake ni Profesa John Kandoro.

Kuhusu vyuo ambavyo vinashindwa kutoa elimu bora, Profesa Ndalichako amesema baraza hilo lisisite kuchukua hatua ikiwamo ya kuvifutia usajili vyuo ambavyo vitabainika kushindwa kukidhi vigezo vilivyowekwa.

Amefafanua haiwezekani vijana wawe wanalipa fedha kwenye vyuo ambavyo elimu wanayotoa ni ya ubabaishaji na kwamba hilo halikubaliki na lazima hatua zichukuliwe.

“Kuna vyuo ambavyo vipo kwa ajili ya kuunga mkono jitihada za Serikali za kutoa elimu bora lakini pia kuna vyuo ambavyo vimeanzishwa kwa ajili ya biashara na hivyo ndivyo vyenye matatizo.“Kama kuna mtu aliamua kuwekeza kwenye kunzisha chuo kwa ajili ya kufanyabiashara basi atambue ni bora atafute kazi nyingine ya kufanya na sio hiyo tena,”amesema Profesa Ndalichako.
 Waziri wa Elimu,Sayansi na Teknolojia Profesa Joyce Ndalichako akizungunza leo jijini Dar es Salaam wakati anazindua rasmi Baraza la Uongozi la Baraza la Taifa la Elimu ya Ufundi
 Baadhi ya washiriki kwenye uzinduzi wa Baraza la Uongozi la Baraza la Taifa la Elimu ya Ufundi wakimsikiliza mgeni rasmi Waziri wa Elimu,Sayansi na Teknolojia Profesa Joyce Ndalichako(hayupo pichani).
 Mkurugenzi wa Nacte akizungumza leo jijini Dar es Salaam wakati wa uzinduzi wa Baraza la Uongozi la Baraza la Taifa la Elimu ya Ufundi.
Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Uongozi wa Baraza la Taifa la Elimu ya Ufundi Profesa John Kandoro akizungumza leo jijini Dar es Salaam wakati wa uzinduzi wa Baraza hilo.KUSOMA ZAIDI BOFYA HAPA>>>>>

Mgeni rasmi katika kilele cha Maadhimisho ya Nane nane na Rais Mstaaafu wa awamu ya tatu,Benjamini Mkapa akikabidhi cheti kwa Mkurugenzi wa Biashara wa Taasisi ya kusaidia sekta binafsi ya Kilimo nchini (PASS) Killo Lusewa baada ya taasisi hiyo kuibuka kinara wa maonesho hayo kwa taasisi zisizo za Kiserikali,maonesho yaliyofanyika kitaifa mkoani Simiyu.
  Mkurugenzi wa Biashara wa taasisi ya kusaidia Sekta Binafsi katika Kilimo (PASS) akionesha cheti cha ushindi baada ya taasisi hiyo kushika nafasi ya kwanza kwa taasisi zisizo za kiserikali na kukabidhiwa na Rais Mstaafu,Benjamini Mkapa.
Wafanyakazi wa Taasisi ya kusaidia sekta Binafsi katika Kilimo(PASS) wakifurahia mara baada ya kutangazwa washindi wa kwanza  kwa taasisi zisizo za Kiserikali katika maonesho ua nane nane ambayo yamefanyika kitaifa mkoani Simiyu.

          Halmashauri Zatakiwa Kutenga Maeneo ya Kilimo kwa Vijana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Na. Georgina Misama - MAELEZO

Halmashauri zote nchini zimetakiwa kutenga maeneo maalumu kwa ajili ya Vijana kuyatumia katika shughuli za kilimo.

Wito huo umetolewa leo Jijini Dodoma na Naibu Waziri, Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu, Kazi, Vijana na Ajira Mhe. Antony Mavunde wakati akiongea na waandishi wa habari kuhusu maadhisho ya siku ya Vijana Duniani.

Mavunde alisema hadi hivi sasa Serikali imetenga takribani hekta laki mbili katika maeneo mbalimbali nchini ili kuwapa vijana fursa ya kuyatumia katika shughuli za kilimo."Nazitaka Halmashauri zote nchini ambazo bado hazijatenga maeneo hayo, kufanya hivyo ili kuendana na kauli mbiu ya mwaka 2018 inayosema 'Mazingira salama kwa Vijana' ambapo serikali ina wajibu wa kuandaa mazingira hayo kwa vijana." alisema Mavunde.

Akiongelea kuhusu mwitikio wa vijana kwenye shughuli za kilimo, Mavunde alisema kuwa vijana wengi wameanza kujishughulisha katika kilimo na ipo mifano mingi hai ya vijana walioamua kujiajiri kwenye kilimo biashara kama SUGEKO na wanafanya vizuri.

Wakati huo huo Mhe. Mavunde amesema kuwa, Agosti 11 litafanyika kongamano kubwa la Vijana na Wadau wa Maendeleo ya Vijana katika Ukumbi Wa Mikutano wa Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki. Mgeni rasmi katika kongamano hilo anatarajiwa kuwa Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Arusha Mhe. Mrisho Gambo.KUSOMA ZAIDI  BOFYA HAPA>>>>>>


HOSPITAL ya wilaya ya Chalinze ,Msoga mkoani Pwani ,inakabiliana na changamoto za uzazi ambapo baadhi ya akinamama wamekuwa wakitumia dawa za mitishamba ili kujifungua haraka hali inayosababisha wakati wa kujifungua kuwa na uchungu mkali ,mtoto kuchoka na kutokwa damu nyingi. 

Mganga mfawidhi katika hospital hiyo Patricia Kihula ,alisema wapo akinamama wajamzito wanaoshikwa uchungu kisha kunywa mizizi ama dawa za kienyeji jambo ambalo ni hatari kwa mama na mtoto. Alisema kwasasa wanaendelea kutoa elimu katika klinik . 

Patricia alisema ,hali hiyo inasababisha mama akiwa tayari kanywa mizizi mchungu unakuwa mkali kabla ya njia kufunguka na mtoto kuchoka toka akiwa tumboni . “Tunatoa elimu kwa jamii wasiwe na tabia hiyo ,”na sisi tumeanza kupambana na tabia hiyo kwa kuwapa chai kabla ya kujifungua kwani tumegundua wanapewa dawa hizo ndani ya chai “. 

” Tumetoa maagizo chai inapaswa kutolewa kituoni hapa hapa ,na chai ikitoka nyumbani tunamwelekeza aliyeleta chai aanze kuionja ili kujiridhisha isiwe na dawa za kienyeji”alifafanua Patricia. Patricia alieleza kuwa , hakuna kesi ya kifo cha mtoto ama mama na badala yake zipo kesi mbili kila mwezi, za mama kuwa na uchungu mkali ,kutokwa damu nyingi au mtoto kutokwa kachoka sana . 

“Endapo inatokea mama kutokwa damu nyingi tunawapelekea hospital ya rufaa ya Tumbi kwa ajili ya upasuaji ili kuokoa maisha ya mama na mtoto na akitokwa damu nyingi pia huwa tukimchunguza kujua chanzo na hupatiwa matibabu” Patricia aliiomba akinamama wajawazito waache kutumia vitu,ama madawa ya majani,mitishamba ,dawa za kienyeji kwa kuweka kwenye njia ya uke ama kunywa bali wakisikia uchungu wakimbilie hospital kupata matibabu ya uhakika. 

Nae mganga mkuu wa halmashauri ya Chalinze, Rahim Hangai ,alisema wamepokea kesi za aina hiyo ambapo wameanza kutoa elimu ili kupunguza tatizo hilo . Alielezea ,wakitumia dawa hizo husababisha kupata uchungu wa kasi na kupasua kizazi ama mtoto akafa kabla ya kuzaliwa . Dk.Hangai alisema, dawa za kienyeji haziongezi uchungu ,waepuke madhara ambayo yataleta athari kwao. Mamamjamzito Hamisa Kheri alisema wengi wao wanajidanganya kutumia dawa hizo ili kuzaa haraka bila ya kuwa na uchungu kwa muda mrefu.

Mganga Mfawidhi hospital ya wilaya ya Chalinze Msoga,Patricia Kihula akitoa ufafanuzi wa jambo ,wakati mbunge wa Chalinze Ridhiwani alipokwenda kutembelea hospital hiyo .(picha na Mwamvua Mwinyi) 

          Comment on Your Say: Does it bother you when you realise you have to go up a dress size? by Kit      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I've not been reading blogs but when I visited yours, I clicked on this and enjoyed it (and your travel photos) a lot . Thanks for this honest sharing that you've been sizing up too because I am a 40+ woman and mother and I thought it's due to the "motherly" shape I've been having. I hope you don't take offence and I am stumbling all over my words but I do feel a bit relieved to see that the single ladies are also getting back fat etc. I've turned up the yoga and weight training frequency too (well, as much as a working Mum with kids can) but the focus on fat was stressful and self-defeating so I am now doing it because I enjoy it. Plus, it's cheap entertainment for my kids :D I have a ton of much loved clothes in my wardrobe too but I think that it is TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE to them. Thanks again, dear, for this heartfelt post and hope that you're having as happy a time as you are in these photos.
           KIJIJI CHA CHIMBILA B KUSAMBAZIWA MAJI-MAJALIWA      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

WAZIRI MKUU Kassim Majaliwa amesema Serikali imetenga sh. milioni 250 kwa ajili ya usambazaji wa huduma ya maji safi katika kijiji cha Chimbila ‘B’ kichopo kata ya Mnacho.

Ameyasema hayo leo (Alhamisi, Agosti 9, 2018) wakati akizungumza na wakazi wa kata ya Mnacho wilayani Ruangwa akiwa katika siku ya pili ya ziara yake ya kikazi wilayani hapa.Waziri Mkuu amesemaSerikali imedhamiria kumaliza tatizo la maji, ambapo itahakikisha wananchi wanapata huduma hiyo katika umbali usiozidi mita 400 kutoka kwenye makazi yao.

Amesema mbali ya maji kusambazwa kwa wananchi, pia yatasambazwa kwenye taasisi zote za umma zikiwemo shule za msingi na sekondari pamoja na vituo vya kutolea huduma za afya.

Awali, Waziri Mkuu alitembelea shule ya Sekondari ya Mnacho na kuzungumza na wanafunzi, ambapo amesema Serikali inatarajia kujenga mabweni mawili katika shule hiyo ili wanafunzi waweze kuishi shuleni na kupata fursa nzuri ya kujisomea.Waziri Mkuu ameyasema hayo baada ya wanafunzi wa kike shuleni hapo kuiomba Serikali iwajengee mabweni ili waweze kuishi shuleni na kupata muda mwingi wa kujisomea.

Wanafunzi hao wamemueleza Waziri Mkuu kwamba kitendo cha kuishi nyumba kinawakosesha muda wa kujisomea kwa sababu ya hupangiwa kazi nyingi wanapofika nyumbani, hivyo kukosa muda wa kujisomea.

Waziri Mkuu Kassim Majaliwa, akizungumza na wanafunzi wa Shule ya Sekondari Mnacho iliyopo katika Kijiji cha Chimbila B, Kata ya Mnacho Wilayani Ruangwa, akiwa kwenye ziara yake ya kikazi ya siku nne, Agosti 9 2018 .
Waziri Mkuu Kassim Majaliwa, akifurahia jambo na wanafunzi wa Shule ya Sekondari Mnacho iliyopo kwenye Kata ya Mnacho Wilayani Ruangwa, Agosti 9 2018. (Picha na Ofisi ya Naziri Mkuu).
Waziri Mkuu Kassim Majaliwa, akizungumza na Kaimu Mkuu wa Shule Muhsin Ibrahim, baada ya kukagua darasa la kompyuta katika Shule ya Sekondari Mnacho iliyopo kwenye Kata ya Mnacho Wilayani Ruangwa Agosti 9 2018. 
Waziri Mkuu Kassim Majaliwa, akiwahutubia wananchi wa Kijiji cha Chimbila B, kwenye viwanja vya Shule ya Sekondari Mnacho iliyopo kwenye Kata ya Mnacho, Agosti 9 2018. (Picha na Ofisi ya Naziri Mkuu).

          SPIKA NDUGAI AFANYA ZIARA KATIKA WILAYA YA KONGWA      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
 Spika wa Bunge Mheshimiwa Job Ndugai ambaye pia ni Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kongwa avalishwa rasmi vazi la jadi la uchifu na kupewa mbuzi na wazee wa jadi kama ishara ya heshima na kukubalika katika Kijiji cha Nghumbi kiliopo wilaya ya Kongwa.
 Wananchi mbalimbali wa Kijiji cha Gomaye wakimsikiliza kwa makini Mheshimiwa Spika Job Ndugai ambaye alifanya ziara katika Kijiji hicho mapema leo.
Spika wa Bunge Mheshimiwa Job Ndugai ambaye pia ni Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kongwa akilisikiliza kwa makini kikundi cha ngoma ambacho kilitoa buruduni katika Kjiji cha Njoge wilaya ya Kongwa. Spika anatarajia kutembelea vijiji kumi na mbili katika ziara yake wilayani humo.

          Pregnant Woman and Child Killed as Israel and Gaza Exchange Fire      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The flare-up comes as Egypt is trying to broker a cease-fire between the two

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          Ford: con la nuova Focus niente più contromano      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Il sistema riconosce l’errore e avvisa il conducente in modo visivo e acustico dell’elevato pericolo.
          Woman’s Phone Explodes In Car After The Battery Was Replaced At Unofficial Repair Shop      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
ipone-fbIf you’re the kind of person not to be cowed into getting your iPhone fixed at an official Apple store by an official Genius at the possibility of your device being bricked by an update then maybe this footage will change your mind. It’s a tough decision – admittedly I’ve had phones fixed by street ...
          Manheim Township Police searching for suspected purse snatcher      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Police are asking for help from the public in identifying a woman they say stole three purses from shoppers inside the GIANT food store on Lititz Pike. They say it happened in a span of a half hour from 12:30-1 p.m. Wednesday. One purse was found discarded in the parking lot but was missing $500 in cash. The other two purses, combining for a total of $450, remain missing. Sgt. Michael Piacentino with the […]
          8/10/2018: News: Fraud in wine exports      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An Auckland woman has admitted falsifying wine export applications in the first prosecution of its kind. The five wineries involved were granted interim suppression but this is opposed by Joyce Mary Frances Austin, 55, of Kohimarama. Suppression will...
          8/10/2018: News: Flasher yet to be found      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A man who exposed himself to two teenage girls in Christchurch has yet to be found. The man exposed himself to two schoolgirls in separate instances within about three hours of each other on Monday. Yesterday, a police spokeswoman said the man had not...
          Learmonth missed out on back-to-back European triathlon gold medals      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Jess Learmonth was forced to concede that she lost to the better woman as the legendary Nicola Spirig pipped her to European gold in the women’s triathlon in Glasgow on Thursday.
          Zlatko Dalic segue no comando da Croácia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
           «MAZI markets»: Ασυναγώνιστα και τον Δεκαπενταύγουστο!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Από Παρασκευή 10/08
O 15Αύγουστος πλησιάζει! Το νέο φυλλάδιο των «MAZI markets» έχει όλα όσα χρειάζονται για την μεγάλη γιορτή σε απίστευτες προσφορές! Το φυλλάδιο ισχύει μέχρι το Σάββατο 25 Αυγούστου και σ΄ αυτό θα βρείτε τεράστια ποικιλία σε νηστίσιμα, αλλά και
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          Στην Α1 γυναικών η Βέροια 2017      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Η Βέροια 2017 θα είναι η μια ομάδα που θα καλύψει την μια από τις δυο κενές θέσεις που δημιουργήθηκαν στην Α1 γυναικών, ύστερα από την αποχώρηση του Άρη Θεσσαλονίκης και του Άρη Νίκαιας. Η διοίκηση της ομάδας της Ημαθίας, που πριν τεθεί το θέμα της ανόδου, είχε προχωρήσει σε μεταγραφές
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          Πόσοι θερινοί κινηματογράφοι λειτούργησαν στη Βέροια;       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Κινηματογράφος ή αλλιώς σινεμά. Η έβδομη τέχνη… Πότε ιδρύθηκε ο πρώτος κινηματογράφος στην πόλη; Πόσοι θερινοί κινηματογράφοι λειτούργησαν στη Βέροια; Ποια η ανταπόκριση των Βεροιωτών απέναντι τους; Ο πρώτος χειμερινός κινηματογράφος στην πόλη ιδρύθηκε το 1928 από τους
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          Κλήρωση Super League: Όλο το πρόγραμμα του πρωταθλήματος       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Με τους τρεις πρώτους του περσινού πρωταθλήματος να παίζουν εντός έδρας, θα ξεκινήσει το πρωτάθλημα της Super League για την περίοδο 2018-19. Από την κλήρωση που έγινε, η πρωταθλήτρια ΑΕΚ θα φιλοξενήσει τον ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα, ο ΠΑΟΚ θα υποδεχθεί τον «ευρωπαίο» Αστέρα Τρίπολης και ο
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          Εκπτώσεις έως και 50% στη «Spot Team»      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Summer sales στη «Spot Team» και οι τιμές πέφτουν έως και 50%! Ελάτε στο κατάστημα «Spot Team» Βέροιας, στην οδό Μ. Αλεξάνδρου 28 και αποκτήστε αγαπημένα αθλητικά και casual κομμάτια ένδυσης, υπόδησης και αξεσουάρ, από τις κορυφαίες εταιρείες του είδους, σε ακόμα καλύτερες
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          How to Recover from Romantic Heartbreak?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Marriage, divorce and the Bible      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I can remember, in my first Parish, standing before the congregation as a divorced man having married a divorced woman to preach.
          Irak/législatives: La liste du nationaliste Moqtada Sadr en tête après le recomptage (resultats définitifs) (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bagdad - L'alliance du nationaliste Moqtada Sadr et des communistes a confirmé sa première place avec 54 sièges aux élections législatives irakiennes du 12 mai après le recomptage manuel décidé en juin par la Cour suprême en raison de...
          ALERTE - Yémen: l'ONU appelle à une enquête sur l'attaque contre un bus d'enfants (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 09 août 2018 21h45)
          Le Canada sollicite des alliés pour résoudre la crise avec Ryad (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Ottawa - Le Canada a discrètement cherché conseil et soutien auprès de certains de ses alliés, dont l'Allemagne et la Suède, pour tenter de résoudre la crise sans précédent dans ses relations avec l'Arabie saoudite, a indiqué jeudi à l'AFP...
          La grève de Ryanair prend de l'ampleur, les Néerlandais s'y joignent (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
La grève européenne des pilotes de la compagnie irlandaise à bas coût Ryanair s'est encore amplifiée jeudi, un tribunal des Pays-Bas ayant autorisé les pilotes néerlandais à participer au mouvement prévu vendredi, qui devrait affecter des...
          Orages et fortes pluies dans le Gard: un Allemand porté disparu, 750 personnes évacuées (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Des orages et des fortes pluies se sont abattus jeudi sur le Centre-Est et le Sud-Est de l'Hexagone, nécessitant l'évacuation de 750 personnes dans le Gard dont au moins 184 campeurs dans le nord du département où un septuagénaire allemand, est...
          ALERTE - Irak/législatives: La liste du nationaliste Moqtada Sadr en tête après le recomptage (resultats définitifs) (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 09 août 2018 21h04)
          Wall Street, au terme d'une séance calme, termine en ordre dispersé (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Wall Street a clôturé en ordre dispersé jeudi au terme d'une séance calme marquée par des chiffres favorables sur les allocations chômage et une chute de l'action Tesla dans un contexte de potentiel retrait de l'entreprise de la cote. Selon...
          Le pétrole rattrapé par le conflit entre Pékin et Washington (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
New York (awp/afp) - Les cours du pétrole ont terminé en légère baisse jeudi, rattrapés une nouvelle fois par la crainte des conséquences des tensions entre Pékin et Washington sur la demande chinoise de brut. A Londres, le baril de Brent de...
          Gaza: nouvelles frappes israéliennes après un tir de roquette loin en Israël (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
L'armée israélienne a anéanti un bâtiment en plein centre de la ville de Gaza jeudi, signalant sa force de frappe au mouvement islamiste Hamas si ce dernier rouvre les hostilités après un accès de tension ayant à nouveau rapproché les deux...
          Midge Is Still the Queen of Stand-Up in Colorful Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 Teaser      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Rejoice, because The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - or should we say "the Mad Divorcée of the Upper West Side" - is back! In the first look at the highly anticipated second season from creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, Midge (Golden Globe winner Rachel Brosnahan) is still slaying the stand-up comedy game while balancing the ups and downs of family life, her many day jobs, and a few potential new romances. Although an official release date is still TBD, the series (which has already scored a season three pick-up) looks just as colorful as ever. "Forget your troubles and just get happy" as you watch the brief teaser above.

          ALERTE - Foot: Le Marseillais André-Frank Zambo Anguissa transféré à Fulham (club) (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 09 août 2018 19h37)
          Le pétrole rattrapé par le conflit entre Pékin et Washington (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
New York (awp/afp) - Les cours du pétrole ont terminé en légère baisse jeudi, rattrapés une nouvelle fois par la crainte des conséquences des tensions entre Pékin et Washington sur la demande chinoise de brut. A Londres, le baril de Brent de...
          Intempéries en France: un septuagénaire Allemand porté disparu (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Marseille - Les "opérations de reconnaissance" pour tenter de retrouver un Allemand âgé de 75 ans "sont restées vaines", après de violents orages jeudi dans la commune de Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas (sud de la France), ont indiqué les...
          Charmed Reboot Haters: Make Like the Power of 3 and Set That Negativity Free      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Image Source: The CW

When I was growing up, all I did was watch TV. My family had cable, and whenever my sister and I were being "babysat," it was really just us babies being propped in front of the TV while our cousins did whatever teenagers did back in the '90s. I would imagine it was the same things the crew in Beverly Hills, 90210 got up to, because, as I was saying, TV is my native tongue.

One of my favorite shows to watch was The WB's Charmed. To my mother's distress, I loved everything about magic, witches, and the supernatural. My sister and I would spend hours debating which powers would suit us best and what spells we would want to use if it were possible. We devoted every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday night to our favorite trio of sisters and their messy, complicated lives. We mourned Prue's (Shannen Doherty) death, celebrated Piper's (Holly Marie Combs) babies, and wished Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) would just find a man already. We welcomed Paige (Rose McGowan) like she was our own and everyone else that came after. I doubt there was ever a more devoted pair of adolescent fans. So when I heard there was a reboot in development of my favorite series, I was excited - the power of three was rising again.

Of course, the internet quickly reminded me that it's never that simple. Now, don't get me wrong, I can totally understand where upset fans are coming from; having an entirely different family and story attached to the original show's name can seem off-putting. Some, like first series star Holly Marie Combs, may see this as "capitalizing on [their] hard work." But it's easy to look at the decision to keep the show's name as something negative rather than admitting that there is logic to it.

Maintaining the original name keeps the reboot relevant to the fandom. It shows that the series is in line with the original, even though it has a different cast and different stories. The big picture is still the same: Charmed will still be about three sisters working together to fight for their family and the greater good. It's just that the details making up that big picture - such as casting new witches Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, and Sarah Jeffery and bringing the story into the current year - are different. If this reboot had come under a different name, the only thing tethering it to the original series would be the concept and some key elements. It would seem more like a ripoff than a reboot.

Obviously it isn't all Charmed fans who are vehemently opposed to this reboot, but the haters are very vocal about their feelings. If it isn't the name of the reboot that they take umbrage with, it's the idea that the new series seems to be trying "too hard" to champion diversity or that it's ageist to recast the reboot with younger actresses, which are ridiculous notions, to be frank. As someone who grew up during what people often romanticize as "the best era of TV," a lot of shows I watched as a kid are seen as sacred. Shows like Charmed are forever viewed with rose-colored glasses because they were so formative and empowering for people. And that's beautiful! But it's also close-minded.

Image Source: Everett Collection

Charmed premiered in 1998 and ran until 2006. That was 12 years ago - basically another lifetime in terms of what society looks like. The series was very much of its times while also being ahead of its time. The core themes of sisterhood and girl power could sometimes get lost in the torrid romances and absurdly complicated storylines. And when compared to shows from the last five years, the original Charmed proves to be lacking in a number of ways. One such factor, which also addresses that "championing diversity" gripe, is the predominantly white cast of the show. I can genuinely only think of about six people of color that had any significant presence in the entire series. (And by significant presence, I mean they were at least familiar faces during one season.) Only four of those actors were featured in more than one season, and only two were in more than two. If anything, the show needed to work harder to bring some diversity on the screen. It's 2018, and viewers want - and deserve - more from their shows.

As for being ageist, there are several reasons that could explain why the original cast wasn't asked back. The first would be that all those actors are busy and their schedules wouldn't allow for an appearance in the reboot. (Alyssa Milano is starring in Netflix's controversial new show Insatiable, for instance.) Another reason could be that the story of the Halliwell sisters ended pretty definitively in 2006. The finale features the sisters defeating the Big Bad and flashing forward to their future families, which is everything they wanted from the beginning of the series. The decision to move on to a new family with a different story isn't ageist; it's respecting the legacy that Charmed built to begin with.

Image Source: Everett Collection

We watched the Halliwell sisters go through their trials and tribulations and saw them battle the greatest evils and win. Not to mention, they were so powerful by the end of the series, we wouldn't even believe anyone would give them enough trouble for a whole new series of manufactured ups and downs. The introduction of new sisters (Macy, Mel, and Maggie) allows us to watch as another trio of women grow into that kind of power, the same way we watched Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige do the same.

It's deeply unfair to write off a reboot just because you want the original stars of your favorite show back on the screen. If you want to see the Halliwell sisters up to their usual hijinks, you can still stream the original series whenever you want. But this retelling isn't just for people who watched the series live on The WB. This show is also for a new generation of viewers who are looking to relate to these characters. It's for women who never thought they'd see someone like them, someone different, have a place in such a huge fandom. It's for people to discover that there isn't just one face to this kind of world and that there are so many different traditions, cultures, and ways to explore it. It's a new story that promises to be as exciting as our original favorite, but in different ways.

There's nothing wrong with still loving Charmed and wanting to hold on to the good memories that it brought you. There is something wrong with bashing the desire to take the foundations of that greatness and using it to bring something new to people. This reboot doesn't take anything away from the original. That still exists online and in your memories. This reboot is just an opportunity to fall in love with three new magical sisters who are finding themselves, and each other, in the craziness that is their world and ours. It's all the wonderfully Wiccan aspects we discovered 20 years ago, with a twist of new practices mixed in (like brujeria, for instance, the Spanish practice of witchcraft). That's a change to be celebrated.

When Charmed premieres on Oct. 14, I know I'll be tuning in. I would never want to miss a chance to dive into the showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman's reimagining of the world, and I'm looking forward to meeting Macy, Mel, and Maggie. We'll hopefully get to watch as they evolve into the powerful witches capable of invoking the Power of Three, and fans who enjoyed Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige should join me. Why would you want to miss out?

          ALERTE - Athlétisme/Euro-2018: 5e titre européen pour Mekhissi, sacré sur 3000 m steeple (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 09 août 2018 19h29)
          Alexis Sánchez, el niño maravilla del fútbol chileno, llevará su vida al cine - El Nuevo Diario      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Alexis Sánchez, el "niño maravilla" del fútbol chileno que brilla en el Mánchester United, tendrá una película biográfica que se estrenará en 2019, según anunció el propio jugador en su cuenta de Instagram.

Con un pequeño vídeo que muestra extractos de su vida y paisajes de la polvorienta localidad de Tocopilla, en el norte de Chile, donde creció, el jugador anunció su próximo desafío: "Alexis, la película".

Es "la historia de un niño que hará todo por cumplir su sueño", reza el breve vídeo difundido por Sánchez.

La película será producida por la productora Fabula, la más exitosa del cine chileno, detrás del filme ganador del Óscar "Una mujer fantástica" -protagonizado por la actriz transexual Daniela Vega- y de "Neruda", entre otras.

Dirigida por Alejandro Fernández Almendras ("Aquí no ha pasado nada"), será producida por Juan de Dios Larraín y Pablo Larraín, sobre un guion de Josefina Fernández.

La cinta "estará basada en momentos inéditos de la vida de Alexis y será protagonizada por un niño, el que será buscado mediante un casting en el que podrán participar todos los niños del país", dijo la productora en un comunicado de prensa.

El futbolista también actuará en el largometraje, y hará de él mismo. El rodaje del filme se realizará este año, para ser estrenado en salas de cine durante la próxima Copa América de Brasil, a la que la selección chilena -comandada por Alexis Sánchez, su máximo goleador histórico- llegará a defender los títulos obtenidos en Chile, en 2015, y Estados Unidos, en 2016.

"No queremos que sea una película publicitaria. No queremos hacer una película que saque emociones de manera fácil o simple, queremos construir un relato a partir del cual podemos ver muchas vidas", relató a radio Cooperativa de Santiago, el productor de la cita Juan de Dios Larraín.

El filme no se filmará en Tocopilla, un empobrecido puerto ubicado en medio del desierto de Atacama, en el norte de Chile, donde nació Alexis y dio sus primeros pasos en el fútbol.La película se grabará en Santiago y el vecino puerto de Valparaíso.

Cada año, Alexis regresa hasta su ciudad natal, que le rinde culto en vida, para regalar obsequios a los niños que sueñan con alcanzar el éxito igual que él.

"No quisimos representar a este niño como si fuera Alexis en Tocopilla en ese lugar. Quisimos alejarnos de ese mundo y él estuvo de acuerdo", dijo Larraín.

La película se grabará en Santiago y el vecino puerto de Valparaíso. Alexis Sánchez jugó además en River Plate de Argentina, Barcelona y Arsenal.

          Salt Lake County councilwoman worried about discrimination against white men      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

On Tuesday, Salt Lake County voted to institute a measure that will help boost women and people of color starting businesses. The measure passed 5-3, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. “We’re going to allow that opportunity for them to get that contract just because of our belief that those are the type...

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          Style File: Issa Rae Takes Some Risks in NYC      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Miss Issa served up a little bit of red-white-and blue action making the promo rounds this week, although that’s not of as much interest to us as the admirably broad range she manages to display while working within a somewhat restrict professional/promotional mode of dress. Every look has some little twist or something to keep …

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          Pom Pom Clutch Blowout – $8.99 from $32      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Pom poms are trending right now, and this fun, colorful clutch is a must-have for every woman. Shop this Pom Pom Clutch Blowout to get this clutch for just $8.99 (reg. $32). This clutch is the perfect accessory for any outfit from your favorite jeans and tee combo to dressy black pants or your favorite dress. […]

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          “Orange is the New Black” Star Taylor Schilling on the “Late Night with Seth Meyers”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Kittens, with this ensemble, we feel SEEN and HEARD. You see, for as long as Miss Taylor’s been making the promo rounds, we’ve implored her and beseeched her and harangued her on one point, over and over again: Miss Lady, you need to stop all this silly nonsense you’ve been wearing and get yourself into …

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          Yara Shahidi in Prada at the “BlacKkKlansman” Los Angeles Premiere: IN or OUT?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Kittens! Do not be distracted by the deployment of a fabulous hairstyle! Do not be seduced by the sparkle! We need you to HARDEN YOURSELVES. Because we think we kind of hate this look and that upsets us so much we’re going to make you hate it for us. Or maybe you can talk us …

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          Tiffany Haddish on the Set of “The Last O. G.”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Miss Tiffany is out there doing the work of shooting the second season of this TBS series with co-star Tracey Morgan. We, for our parts, are more concerned with the total parade of notable costume design she sports. This is fun, strong, character-building work, presumably from costume designer Emily Gunshor, who worked on the first …

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          “Grown-ish” Star Yara Shahidi for “The Hollywood Reporter”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

“Black-ish” and “Grown-ish” star Yara Shahidi covers the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine photographed by Sami Drasin.       On her generation: “The thing people don’t fully understand about my generation is just how multifaceted we are. Oftentimes, people like to oversimplify what we believe in or do, whether that’s, ‘Oh, you’re …

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          “Game of Thrones” Star Maisie Williams at BBC Radio One Studios      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Judging by the pleased-as-punch facial expression, Miss Maisie is really feeling this look. And girl? We’re right there with you – up to a certain point. See if you can spot the certain point, kittens! Yeah, no. At first, when we recoiled at the sight of those boots, we convinced ourselves that the offending aspects …

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          Marie Curie Has Been Declared the Most Influential Woman in History      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The two-time Nobel Prize winner tops the BBC's list of 100.
          Judge threatens to hold AG Jeff Sessions in CONTEMPT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
We haven’t heard the DOJ’s side of this, but it sounds like they may have been trying to deport a woman and her daughter while their case was in litigation before a . . .
          THE POINT IS TO DENY JUSTICE:      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
'Turn the Plane Around': Judge Threatens Sessions After Woman, Child Deported Mid-Court Hearing (Ronn Blitzer, August 9th, 2018, Law & Order)

The woman, identified only as Carmen, and her daughter had been scheduled to be deported, but the government agreed to postpone their removal until Thursday night so an appeal of the decision could be heard in court, the Washington Post reported. When court was in recess in the middle of the hearing, however, an attorney with the ACLU-which is representing them in a lawsuit-received an email notification that Carmen and her child had been taken from the detention center where they had been kept, and were being deported.

Judge Sullivan had strong words for Sessions when he found out about this, and even threatened to hold him in contempt of court.

"This is pretty outrageous," the judge said. "That someone seeking justice in U.S. court is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her?"

"I'm not happy about this at all," Sullivan said. He ruled in favor of the ACLU's request to put the deportation on hold, and ordered the Trump administration to "turn the plane around."

          ALL COMEDY IS CONSERVATIVE:      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
There Are Better Ways to Mock Trump Than Joking That He's Putin's Gay Lover (ROWAN WALRATH, AUG. 9, 2018, Mother Jones)
It's not just the New York Times. Since 2016, a flood of editorial cartoons, magazine covers, late-night skits, and memes have depicted Trump as being romantically involved or sexually attracted to strongmen and right-wing political leaders. Although intended to mock Trump's strange--and noteworthy--political attraction to authoritarian leaders, these illustrations invoke old sexist and homophobic tropes. As they've become increasingly visible, some LGBTQ advocates and journalists have asked what message they really send.

Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, chair of gender studies at the University of Southern California's Dornsife College, says it all comes down to old-school gender dynamics. "We live in a culture where there is this casual homophobia that still persists," she says. "It becomes our default way of thinking about the world. Thinking about who has greater power and who has lesser power, we think about dominance and submissiveness."

          Type locality: Pomancillo, 23 km de la ciudad de C... for taxon Cyclodontina (Scalarinella) nattkemperi Parodiz, 1944      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Note "Type locality: Pomancillo, 23 km de la ciudad de Catamarca, Republica Argentina" for taxon Cyclodontina (Scalarinella) nattkemperi Parodiz, 1944 has been added by Eike Neubert via the webinterface on 2018-08-08T12:39:15+00:00
          Woman planned 'attack' at park to fulfill 'rape fantasy'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Fox News) An Indiana woman was arrested Tuesday after she reportedly met with a teen at a state park to fulfill a “rape fantasy,” and falsely told police she was attacked. Maggie Wallace, 19, of Pendleton, was arrested for false informing, Fox 59 reported. She reported to police that she was attacked at Mounds State […]
          Greek Civil Protection Minister resigns after killer wildfire      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Greek Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas resigned on Friday in the wake of a wildfire last month that killed 88 people and led to widespread criticism of the government for its handling of the disaster. Toskas had previously offered to quit after the July 23 blaze in the small seaside town of Mati east of Athens, but Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras refused to accept his resignation. The minister reiterated his desire to step aside again on Friday during a meeting with Tsipras, in a move that the main political opposition said came too late to appease the public. “This natural disaster, and the loss of so many people in Mati, overwhelms my desire to continue. This is something I had stated publicly from the first moment,” Toskas, a retired army general, said in a statement. Pressure has been growing on the government, which is trailing the conservative opposition in opinion polls, at a time when it had hoped to extricate Greece from years of bailouts prompted by its debt crisis and reap the political benefits. There have been recriminations over what went wrong and led to the deaths of dozens in Mati, where hundreds of people were trapped by towering walls of flames when they tried to flee. Many jumped into the sea to survive but others died, either in their cars or when they were cornered on the edge of steep cliffs by the rapidly advancing inferno. Last Friday Tsipras said he took political responsibility for the deadly wildfire amid accusations that his government had failed to protect lives and to apologize for the disaster. Seeking to deflect public anger, he told his ministers he was conflicted over whether the authorities had done everything right in response to the disaster. “Responsibilities have a name: Alexis Tsipras. He and his government do not have the courage to assume them 11 days after the tragedy,” the conservative New Democracy party said after the minister’s resignation. Tsipras’s office quickly responded, accusing the conservative party of trying to score political gains from a national tragedy. The death toll rose to 88 on Friday when a 35-year-old woman died from her injuries. Her six-month old baby, the youngest victim, had died in her arms from smoke inhalation as they tried to escape the flames. Greek authorities say they suspect the fire was set deliberately. Arson is thought to be a frequent cause of forest fires in Greece, a crude method to clear the way for potential development. Toskas’s duties have been assigned to Panos Skourletis, the country’s interior minister.
          Comment on Over 150 rockets launched into Israel, woman seriously injured by Clyde McDonald      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
America's major media , won't cover this.
          ID:137101 - Friday Funnies      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An old Marine Pilot sat down at the Starbucks, still wearing his old USMC flight jacket and ordered a cup of coffee.

As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the pilot and asked,

Are you a real pilot?

He replied, 'Well, I've spent my whole life flying planes, first Stearmans, then the early Grummans... flew a Wildcat and Corsair in WWII, and later in the Korean conflict, Banshees and Cougars. I've taught more than 260 people to fly and given rides to hundreds, so I guess I am a pilot, and you, what are you?

She said, 'I'm a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about naked women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about naked women. When I shower, I think about naked women. When I watch TV, I think about naked women. It seems everything makes me think of naked women.'

The two sat sipping in silence.

A little while later, a young man sat down on the other side of the old pilot and asked:

"Are you a real pilot?"

He replied, 'I always thought I was, but I just found out I'm a lesbian.
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          #hangover -      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
If you do antivalentine's day, do it right! ,,Leitmotivem bude ,Klišé pod vlivem.'" A jak řekl, tak bylo...♥ #valentinesday #antivalentinesday #romantic #friendstime #bestday #partyhard #zivotjeulet #bozkov #rum #drink #drinks #fancy #fancyaf #luxus #luxury #flowers #karafiat #cliche #cliché #klise #podvlivem #50shadesofgrey #plachetnicezbozkova #hangover #brno #instagood #picture #photography #picoftheday #instapic
          House-Villa For sell in Cala De San Vicente Ibiza in Baleares      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Villa in a very quiet and sheltered location above the romantic town of Cala San Vicente on Ibiza. From almost all rooms and terraces you have a breathtaking view of the sea and the coast. The quality of the house is excellent with many lovely...
2 rooms 2 bathrooms fireplace sauna heating tv terrace
Thu, 09 Aug 2018 17:54:02 +0200
          Giulia Bevilacqua è incinta: l'annuncio con la foto del pancione sui social      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Primo figlio in arrivo per l'attrice romana che ha annunciato la gravidanza su Instagram
          DECOR/FURNITURE: SOFA SETS, CHAIRS, FIREPLACE, BED, SINK, OTTOMANS, BENCHES, TABLES (South Columbus) - Grove City OH - Monday July 16th, 2018 - Auction Ohio      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Seeking revenge for Alex Jones, far-right trolls unleash harassment on verified Twitter users      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Sarah Wasko/Media Matters

On Wednesday, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey reiterated the importance of journalists’ presence on the platform when he tweeted, “We can’t be a useful service without the integrity journalists bring.” Some journalists, many of whom have faced relentless harassment on the platform, met Dorsey’s proclamation with jaded skepticism, and for good reason. Following President Donald Trump’s frequent attacks against the press, journalists have become a target for online harassment by the far-right favorites, egged on by prominent figures like Fox’s Sean Hannity, whom Dorsey gave a rare interview to this week. And when the consequences of the anti-press sentiment on the right have turned deadly, far-right message boards users have reacted in celebration.

In fact, at the time Dorsey was underscoring the vital role of the press on Twitter, a coordinated harassment campaign -- seemingly originating from the anonymous message board 4chan and the white supremacist-friendly  Twitter alternative -- was targeting users, including dozens of journalists, who have been verified by Twitter.

The campaign, organized under the hashtag #VerifiedHate, can be traced back to multiple internet spats that have unfolded in recent days. The first was a determined, bad-faith campaign to force The New York Times to fire newly hired editorial board member Sarah Jeong who had written a number of tweets appearing to denigrate white people. The manufactured outrage over Jeong was dominated by right-wing figures and championed by Fox’s Tucker Carlson, who insisted on taking her flippant tweets as deadly earnest “reverse racism.” However, the campaign culminated in frustration as the Times retained Jeong, despite issuing a somewhat equivocal statement. The second episode was Alex Jones getting banned from several tech platforms including Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Stitcher, and MailChimp, which was viewed by right-wing media as evidence of double standards and anti-conservative bias among tech companies.

Faced with the combination of their failure to get a woman of color fired and their ire at tech companies, anonymous social-media users started a campaign to harass verified Twitter users who have in the past sent tweets containing jokes about white people.

The campaign -- targeting particularly those of Jewish descent -- can be traced back to Gab, which harbors infamous white supremacist trolls like Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin. Four days ago, a Gab user posted a collage of verified Twitter users who the person claimed were showing their “white hatred”:

The #VerifiedHate hashtag was also promoted by Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba, a defender of white supremacist rhetoric who has appeared on Infowars to attack tech platforms:

The idea spread to 4chan, where users called the push to harass journalists and activists “Twittercaust” or the “Night of the Blue Checkmarks,” saying it was an effort “to prove … once and for all that the Journalists, media personalities and celebrities are all a part of a massive anti white (sic) conspiracy!!!”

The trolls also revealed it was a coordinated action, with some 4chan members claiming they were using multiple accounts to push the hashtag:


4chan users posted examples of their coordinated Twitter harassment on the message board, demonstrating ways in which individual tweets could circumvent the platform’s hateful conduct policy that prohibits the usage of slurs:


The trolls particularly singled out individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish descent who had referenced their own whiteness and Jewishness on Twitter:

One locus of the #VerifiedHate campaign was BuzzFeed journalist Joe Bernstein, who received significant volumes of harassment, including one user who sent him an image of a gun:

On Twitter, the account @meme_america began to promote lists of users  whom trolls could harass in the #VerifiedHate campaign and focused on specific journalists like VICE’s Justin Ling, who was subjected to vile comments:

Multiple 4chan users expressed affinity for Alex Jones, and one claimed that, though Twitter hasn't banned Jones yet, the platform has removed other conservative voices and “probably will remove more”:



#VerifiedHate is an example of an open campaign cooked up by right-wing trolls to harass and intimidate verified Twitter users, specifically journalists. If Dorsey really needs journalists to maintain the integrity of his platform, perhaps he should work to suppress campaigns that subject them to threats, intimidation, and harassment and make the social media platform safer to use for everyone.

          3 Fabulous stories of women changing the rules      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Service women national treasures!

MJ Hegar Sued the Pentagon and Won. Now She's Running for Congress
MJ Hegar served in the Air Force for 12 years, first as an aircraft maintenance mechanic and later as a pilot. She deployed three times to Afghanistan, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross on her final tour. Courtesy MJ Hegar’s campaign

Carla Provost Becomes the First Woman to Lead the Border Patrol
Ms. Provost, who was appointed acting chief of the Border Patrol last year, will become the first woman to lead the Border Patrol in its 94-year history.
Carla Provost, who has been serving as acting chief of the Border Patrol, is being promoted to lead the agency. Credit:Lexey Swall for The New York Times

This all-female flight crew just made history
"While we are very proud to have made history yesterday by being the first all-female flight crew, we are more proud of the mission we are doing and the safety we are providing for people," said Waddington, who has been a pilot with the NOAA Corps for eight years.
Pilots Rebecca Waddington and Kristie Twining made history on their flight to Hurricane Hector.

Add those women to these!

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          Comment on Announcing: Discover Data by Bangla Love Sms      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
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Working as a Female Personal Assistant will entail helping with daily living. Support Worker required to work with a woman, to enable her to lead an independent... £7.83 - £8.00 an hour
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          Personal Assistant - AKC Home Support Services - Llandudno      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Working as a Female Personal Assistant will entail helping with daily living. Female Personal Assistant to support and work with a woman, to enable her to lead... £7.83 - £8.00 an hour
From Indeed - Fri, 25 May 2018 13:20:34 GMT - View all Llandudno jobs
          V-Rally 4 - Hillclimb Romania Gameplay by Team VVV      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
V-Rally 4 - Hillclimb Romania Gameplay by Team VVV
          Dono de construtora é preso por furto de energia em Parnaíba      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
O empresário foi encaminhado para a Central de Flagrantes de Parnaíba, onde foi arbitrado o pagamento de fiança correspondente a 40 salários mínimos, que dá o total de R$ 38.160,00.
Um empresário identificado como João Batista Pereira Neto foi preso, na manhã desta quinta-feira (09), por furto de energia, na cidade de Parnaíba. A prisão foi realizada pela Polícia Civil, através do GRECO (Grupo de Repressão ao Crime Organizado), durante operação comandada pelo delegado Laércio Evangelista.

João Batista, que também é funcionário da Caixa Econômica Federal, tem uma empresa de construção de casas residenciais e foi preso em uma das obras.

De acordo com informações do delegado Laércio Evangelista, a prisão aconteceu em uma obra: “Ele foi preso no bairro Frei Higino, em Parnaíba, na obra de construção de um condomínio de casas, que estava ligado direto na rede pública de energia, ligação totalmente clandestina. Ele foi preso por furto de energia”, afirmou.

O empresário foi encaminhado para a Central de Flagrantes de Parnaíba onde foi arbitrado o pagamento de fiança correspondente a 40 salários mínimos, que dá o total de R$ 38.160,00, e caso ele pague, o empresário vai responder ao processo em liberdade.

Uma equipe do GRECO está realizando uma operação no litoral do Estado que visa combater o furto de energia elétrica. A ação está sendo realizada nas cidades de Parnaíba e Luís Correia.

Fonte: Wanessa Gommes/GP1 | Edição: Jornal da Parnaíba

          Non-Binary Lawyering: What’s Courtroom Attire?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I’m non-binary, which means I’m not a man or a woman. You may not realize how much of everyday life is focused on, or divided by, the idea that there are only two genders. Think of bathrooms, garments, watches, hairstyles, hygiene products and so on. This makes my life complicated. My professional wardrobe comes from the men’s, women’s and boy’s departments. When I meet with clients, I’m equally likely to wear a shirt and tie (with a chest binder) or a dress and heels. (When I don’t have meetings, I usually wear a plain men’s T-shirt and men’s or women’s jeans.) So far, the other lawyers at the firm and my clients don’t care about my gender or what I wear. But what do I wear to court? When I go to court (which isn’t often, thank goodness), I’d like to wear whatever professional attire I want that day, whether it’s a skirt or pants, a feminine blouse or a shirt and tie, including mixing and…
          Dublin: Transient man convicted of sexually assaulting woman he met on BART      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A transient man from San Francisco was convicted July 20 of two counts of forced oral copulation and one count of rape for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman in San Leandro who he met at the Dublin-Pleasanton BART station.

          Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty For Keeping 125 Cats, 3 Rabbits In 2 Houses      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A Maryland woman has been charged with more than 100 counts of animal cruelty after authorities say they found 128 animals living in unsanitary conditions.
          Freezing Egg....Not Career But Lack of a Stable Partner      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Olivia Petter, Independent, UK, July 2 2018:
“Women are freezing their eggs due to a “lack of stable partners”, new research suggests.
Despite claims that egg-freezing derives from a desire to delay childbirth and prioritise careers, the study found that not being in a secure relationship is the primary motivation for women freezing their eggs today...
... The findings go against the idea that social egg freezing primarily appeals to women wanting to prioritise their careers”

“I’m thinking about freezing my eggs.” 

Artist: Charlie Hanki, The New Yorker, January 2016

          General Maintenance & Cleaning Operative - Evadx - kinmel bay      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Clean internal & external glazing to keep substantially free from dirt, marks and deposits. We are looking for an experienced handyman/woman and cleaner to join...
From Evadx - Sun, 10 Jun 2018 05:55:11 GMT - View all kinmel bay jobs
          Daniel Román expondrá ange Gavin McDonnell el 6 de octubre      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Francisco Pimentel AMB El campeón Supergallo de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo, Daniel Román, hará la próxima defensa de su título el próximo 6 de octubre en la Wintrust Arena de Chicago, en contra del británico Gavin McDonnell, en una cartelera de Matchroom Boxing que fue presentada este martes en la ciudad de los vientos. [...]

La entrada Daniel Román expondrá ange Gavin McDonnell el 6 de octubre se publicó primero en Solo Boxeo.

          In Siria il Reggimento Ranger Navali viene trasformato nel 1. Reggimento Forze Speciali!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
La foto che vi presentiamo è stata scattata alla cerimonia di consegna delle insegne che ha sancito la creazione del Primo Reggimento Forze Speciali.

Il Reggimento é stato creato per trasformazione del precedente Reggimento Ranger Navali.

Come molte volte capita in conflitti in cui la componente marittima é praticamente inesistente la Marina Siriana ha fornito migliaia di uomini ad unità di terra.

Per mantenere coerenza e cameratismo, spesso gli ex-marinai sono stati inseriti nelle stesse unità, spesso creandone di nuove come, appunto, nel Reggimento Ranger Navali.

In riconoscimento del livello di addestramento ed efficienza raggiunto, il Comando Supremo siriano ha deciso di assegnare all'unità un nuovo titolo che rifletta ancora meglio il carattere d'elite raggiunto dalla formazione.
          Centinaia di miliziani di Abyan e Lahj al servizio degli invasori si ritirano dal fronte dopo un "bombardamento amico"!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Torniamo in Yemen, questa volta con una notizia prettamente "bellica".

Come se non fossero bastate le defezioni dei separatisti del Sud, che hanno abbandonato il fronte dopo l'invito del loro leader Hassan Baoum, anche diverse centinaia di combattenti tribali delle regioni di Lahj e Abyan, corrotti dai petrodollari sauditi ed emiratini a farsi mercenari degli invasori avrebbero abbandonato la costa Ovest dello Yemen.

Cagione della ritirata (sciopero militare?) sarebbe stato un episodio di 'fuoco amico' quando jet della coalizione saudi-emiratina avrebbero bombardato un convoglio di combattenti tribali scambiandoli per Houthi.

Evidentemente quando diciamo che gli aviatori sauditi sono i più incompetenti del Medio Oriente, parliamo a ragion veduta, e non solo per antipatia politica!

L'attacco aereo avrebbe causato dalle 15 alle 20 vittime, ma la sua eco ha portato al punto di rottura molti comandanti mercenari, che evidentemente già da prima non dovevano avere rapporti idilliaci coi loro pagatori.
          Robot Chicken – DC Comics Special #1-#3      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Robot Chicken – DC Comics Special #1-#3 von Seth Green und Matthew Senreich ist eine Animationsserie, welche seit 2005 gesendet wird. In diesen vorliegenden Specials nimmt man die Superhelden und -schurken von DC Comics, wie Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman oder Lex Luthor, sowie Bizarro aufs Korn. Die Justice League of America kämpft dabei gegen die Legion […]
          No end in sight for current Gaza attacks, 140 bombs dropped overnight      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Despite the killing of a pregnant woman and her baby by an Israeli airstrike on their home Wednesday night, Israeli officials issued a statement later that night saying that they planned to continue the current escalation in Gaza with no end in sight.
Submitted by Gienia Cesia to World  |   Note-it!  |   Add a Comment

          [Cine] Imágenes del set de Wonder Woman 1984 en Londres y las Islas Canarias      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
El rodaje de “Wonder Woman 1984” transcurre actualmente en Londres, ciudad en la que se situó parte de la primera entrega y que volveremos a ver en esta secuela de la Mujer Maravilla. Si ayer tuvimos unas imágenes de Gal Gadot en el papel de Diana Prince vestida de gala, hoy se han filtrado varias imágenes de la producción. En la primera imagen se muestra el camión del equipo de producción delante del Royal College of Physicians de Londres, por lo que es muy probable que se estén grabando escenas dentro de este emblemático edificio. En la segunda imagen tenemos un vistazo a la construcción de un “poblado egipcio” en la isla de Fuerteventura, por lo que pronto iniciaran el rodaje en la isla. (PHOTO) An ‘Egyptian village’ set currently under construction on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. #WW84 — Wonder Woman 1984 (@WonderWomanHQ) 9 de agosto de 2018 Con un reparto en el que ya tenemos las incorporaciones de Kristen Wiig como la villana Cheetah; y las de Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell […]

La entrada [Cine] Imágenes del set de Wonder Woman 1984 en Londres y las Islas Canarias apareció primero en BdS - Blog de Superhéroes.

          Happy Birthday Meagan!!!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Sending a Happy Birthday shout to the lady Meagan Good! We’ve seen this woman pretty much ‘grow up’ on film, every since her break through role in “Biker Boyz”. Since then she’s starred in many films (“Deliver Us From Eva”, “Jumping The Broom”, “Think Like A Man”, “Think Like A Man Too”) & has hit […]
          Querido Comandante. #Cuba #FidelEntreNosotros      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Por: Adriana Roman * Cuánto te extraño!!! Aunque no siguieras al frente del país yo sabía que estabas a nuestro lado, orientando, sugiriendo, aconsejando, regalando tu sabiduría y experiencias a tu Patria y al mundo. Pero ya no estás … en … Seguir leyendo
          Que es para mi el Comandante? #FidelCastro      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Por Adriana Roman* Qué es para mi el Comandante? Mil veces me he preguntado Y jamás he vacilado En responder al instante. Es la expresión más constante de firmeza, convicción, de entrega al pueblo, razón por la que ha dirigido … Seguir leyendo
          Team VG : les activités geek de votre été      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Team VG : quelles sont vos activités geek de l’été ?   Chez Vonguru, nous sommes des passionnés, aux goûts différents. Cependant, si nous avons bien une chose en commun (parmi tant d’autres), c’est notre amour pour l’univers Geek au sens très large du terme. Jeux vidéo, films, séries, romans, comics, mangas, la technologie et j’en passe. C’est […]

Team VG : les activités geek de votre été a lire sur Vonguru.

          Migliorano le condizioni di Quagliarella e Sala. Domani pomeridiano      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A tre giorni di distanza dalla prima partita ufficiale della stagione, i blucerchiati si sono ritrovati questo pomeriggio a Bogliasco per riprendere la preparazione in vista della sfida alla Viterbese.
          Beyond the Door (1974) Ovidio G. Assonitis & Robert Barrett      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Beyond the Door (1974) 
aka Chi sei?
Genre: Horror
Country: Italy | USA | Directors: Ovidio G. Assonitis & Robert Barrett
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 107mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv - 1280x720 - 23.976fps - 2.36gb

Audio 2: Commentary with Director Ovidio G. Assonitis

Audio 3: Commentary with Actress Juliet Mills,
Producer Scott Spiegel & Film Historian Darren Gross

Juliet Mills plays a pregnant woman who becomes possessed by a demon and begins puking split pea soup all over the place. Ex-boyfriend Richard Johnson shows up to save the day.

BEYOND THE DOOR definitely riffs on THE EXORCISTS, but has an entirely different feel. While THE EXORCIST took normal, banal moments or settings and injected them with a sense of dis-ease, BEYOND THE DOOR has a disturbed, dream-like feel to it. There isn't a single normal thing about this movie to lull viewers into safety or complacency. Juliet Mills' erratic, violent behavior, the montage-like exteriors as Mills shops in San Francisco and her husband visits the psychic are weirdly unsettling with no pretensions. Ditto for the sequences with the children and the glowing-eyed dolls. The scene in which Mills is trussed up in bed with electrodes attached to her scalp is almost unbearable to look at for Mills' creepy facial expression. I first viewed this when I was a sophomore in high school, watching it on an independent TV station late at night. The movie weirded me out like no film before it(until I saw ALICE SWEET ALICE)and was truly unsettling. Very symbolic, with attempts to convey concepts of evil through cinematic language. Interesting, if only for seeing a different interpretation of the demonic possession genre.

          Chabelita Pantoja: 'Quiero dejar muy claro que a día de hoy estoy soltera'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

La joven ha hablado con 'El programa del verano' y ha desmentido su romance con Omar Montes, así como otros aspectos.

Chabelita Pantoja: 'Quiero dejar muy claro que a día de hoy estoy soltera'
          Risky Romance E05 [ ] FHD      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Watch this video
Risky Romance E05 [ ] FHD
Risky Romance E05 [ ] FHD
Rating /10
Views 0
Duration 1:00:02

          Activar y desactivar el Javascript rápido      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Scripts, plugins y animaciones son las principales cosas que una web está hecha. Sin esto, la mayoría de las páginas acabarían de texto plano, pero los cookies se aprovechan y hacen uso de secuencias de comandos para acceder a su PC o usar los temas de seguridad en los plugins. En general, a veces es necesario desactivar esto pero es molesto para ir a la configuración y hacerlo manualmente, con QuickJava se convierte en un solo clic.QuickJava es un extensión de Firefox que hace el trabajo de [...]
          Concerns about Roanhorse's TRAIL OF LIGHTNING       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I want Native children to have books that respect who they are, as Native children. I want Native writers to experience success in the publishing world, because that translates to opportunities for more Native writers. And I want Native writers to be successful in every genre--including science fiction and fantasy!

But, there are things that don't belong in books. Let me explain.

I was raised with a deep respect for our ceremonies and our religious ways of being. Wrapped up in that respect is a commitment to protect that knowledge. I can easily see and hear elders telling us, as children, “don’t tell your teacher or your friends ...” Their instructions are based on hundreds of years of experience with exploitation and misrepresentation that were--are--harmful to us as individuals, as people of a community, and as a tribal nation.

Our elders, in essence, drew a curtain. A curtain between what can be disclosed, and what cannot be disclosed. It protects us. That instruction is a guiding principal that I bring to my study of children's and young adult literature. I lost sight of it, recently, and am addressing that failure with this blog post. And I am apologizing to friends and colleagues who are Navajo. 

Whenever I pick up a book, the first thing I do is look at the author. If the author is Native, I relax because I assume that the author is knowledgeable about their nation and that they will only disclose what can be disclosed. If the author is not Native or not of the nation the book is about, I look to see if there’s an indication that the book was looked at by someone with the expertise necessary to spot factual errors--and problems of disclosure, too.

Back in February of 2018, I read and reviewed Legends of the Lost Causes by Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester (they are not Native writers). I questioned their use of religious aspects of Osage and Abenaki people. So, I did not recommend the book. I noted that the book was blurbed by someone from the Osage Nation but that I had concerns and questions, nonetheless. Then in May, 2018, Elizabeth Bird at School Library Journal, published Sensitivity Readers, Cultural Considerations, and Legends of the Lost Causes. In it, she posed some of my questions to Jessilyn Hudgins of the Osage Nation's Cultural Center. Hudgins replied that McLelland was willing to change or take out anything that she wasn't comfortable with. Because Hudgins is of that nation, her feedback is important. It gives the authors and the publisher a green light to continue with the Osage content in the other books in that series. 

I still have questions, though, because I know that Indigenous people fall on a continuum of what is or is not ok to share. Where any one of us falls is based on the teachings we were given, and where we were raised. Many of us do not grow up on our reservations, and even if we do, some of us make different choices about how we will speak (or not) about our religious ways. In other words, within our nations, we don't all come out at the same place with respect to what we think can be shared. In that continuum, I'm over on the end that says 'do not talk about this at all.' 

I started talking with Rebecca Roanhorse on Twitter about three years ago. In those conversations and on her website, I learned that she is Ohkay Owingeh (San Juan Pueblo) and Black, and married to a Navajo man. I also learned that she is a writer, working primarily in science fiction and fantasy. 

Somewhere along there I learned that she was working on a book with a Navajo protagonist. I learned the book was meant for the adult market, but because of the age of the protagonist, I wanted to see it. Tim Tingle's House of Purple Cedar wasn't marketed for teens. Neither was Louise Erdrich's The Round House or Marcie Rendon's Murder on the Red River. But--I'd hand those books to an older teen in an instant. So, I wanted to see Roanhorse's Trail of Lightning. I also learned that Navajo people were working with her on the Navajo content. Because of that, I assumed that she did not have anything in the book that should not be disclosed. When I got the book, I liked what I read and said so, on Facebook and on Twitter. When invited to do so, I wrote a review of it for Barnes and Noble's website.

For that review, I began with the work of Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop. I find her metaphor -- that books can be windows, mirrors, or sliding glass doors -- tremendously useful. White children have many mirrors. Native children have very few, and some of them are cracked and more like those fun house mirrors at carnivals. This graphic makes the point quite well:

See how many mirrors the White child has? Over seventy percent of the books received at CCBC in 2015 featured White characters, and only .9% featured Native characters. Even worse--the books included in that .9% are ones with stereotypes and otherwise bad representations! So--not only is the mirror the Native child holds small, it is one that distorts who Native people are.

In recent writings, I've begun adding a curtain to Dr. Bishop's metaphor. It is similar to the line of disclosure. For some things, we draw a curtain on our windows. There are things we do not share and do not wish to share. (See, for example, an excerpt of an article I wrote for Language Arts in 2018).

As I read Trail of Lightning, I recognized the places Roanhorse was writing about. The way she wrote about the setting struck me as a mirror. A splendid one, in fact. That's what I titled my article at Barnes and Noble: "A Splendid Mirror for Indigenous Readers."

Roanhorse's book is published by Saga Press--an imprint of Simon & Schuster--which is significant. Simon & Schuster is one of the "Big Five" publishers in the United States. Most Native writers are published by smaller publishing houses. Getting published by one of the Big Five means way more visibility than is otherwise possible. 

So, I was happy on several counts. It looked like what I--as a Native woman and scholar--want to see! As evident on Twitter, there are Navajo readers who are taken with it, too. In some ways, the representations Roanhorse offers to readers of this genre are terrific. In most books set in the future, Indigenous people are completely missing. Roanhorse centers this story in Native spaces and features Native people. 

But, I started to hear directly from Navajo friends and colleagues. They are not at all happy with Trail of Lightning. From what I understand, Roanhorse crossed their lines of disclosure. If she had done this book using Pueblo religion, they said, she'd be called out for doing that. They're right. In fact, I'd be one of the people saying no to that book. And I'm grateful to them for, in essence, calling me out about my recommendation of Trail of Lightning.

This situation is uncomfortable for them, for me, and I am sure it will be uncomfortable for Roanhorse, too, when she reads this post. From her interviews online, she said that she knows that there are things within Ohkay Owingeh that she would not share. This is a concept she understands. It'd be easier to just ignore this whole thing and keep disagreements amongst Native scholars, critics, and readers behind that curtain, too, but that kind of silence does not help writers, editors, and readers grow in their understanding of who Indigenous people are and how some of us feel about the ways our stories are used--even if the person using our ways is Native.

There are many conversations taking place within Navajo circles. Some may write a letter (or letters) about Trail of Lightning. When those letters appear, I will add links to them. In the meantime, I invite you to submit comments or write to me directly with your thoughts or questions about what I've written above.

A quick note on some of the conversations I've had, that I'll summarize here as a Q&A. If they don't make sense, let me know.

Question 1: "What about other writers who have done this, like Tony Hillerman? Are people upset with him, too? And will they talk about his books?"
My answer: Yes, I've talked with Navajo people before about Hillerman's books, and yes, they object to what he did, but I don't know if there are plans to talk about his books within the context of Trail of Lightning. 

Question 2: "Are some of these people jealous of Roanhorse's success?"
My answer: That's possible, but the concerns are from a wide range of Navajo people, and I think that attributing the objections to jealousy rather than as serious concerns about the content is not fair. 

Question 3: "Are people being racist because she's Black?"
My answer: That's possible, but attributing objections to racism is also asking us to ignore the serious concerns about the content. 

Question 4: "What about the Navajo people who are really liking the book? Are they wrong for liking it?"
My answer: No, I don't think they're wrong for liking it. They may not know that traditionalists within the Navajo Nation do not think this content should be shared. They may change their minds later--or they may reject the idea of keeping some kinds of information private. 

Question 5: "What exactly is the problematic content?"
My answer: I would not point out the specific problematic content if the book had violated Pueblo lines of disclosure, because doing that would do precisely what the author has done. I do not know how Navajo people will describe their concerns with it. When I see them, I will link to them. 

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USA Today and Kaiser Health News have combined for an investigation of the patchwork regulation of surgery centers around the country, a story that begins with accounts of deaths in a Little Rock center.

Arkansas is one of 17 states, the article says, with no requirement to report deaths at  surgery centers. So there's no followup when deaths occur to see if they were an anomaly or a cause for alarm, the article notes. This followed anecdotes about two deaths and one emergency case over 15 weeks in 2014 when people stopped breathing after routine colonoscopies at the Kanis Endoscopy Center. The article recounts:

When Faye Watkins, 63, walked into Kanis Endoscopy in Arkansas, she said she was unaware there had been two deaths after care there within the previous three months. She was in the fog of anesthesia when it struck her that something was amiss. She said she heard men say her blood pressure was falling.

“I said (to myself), 'Lord, if it’s time for me to go, take me. But I’m not ready,’ ” Watkins recalled. Her next memory was waking up in a hospital with her chest sore from CPR.

The KHN/USA TODAY examination raises questions about the need for more robust oversight of surgery centers, where public access to important information, such as surgical outcome data, tends to be more limited than what’s available about hospitals. The gap persists even as the nation’s 5,600 surgery centers have surpassed hospitals in number and taken on increasingly complex procedures.
The article indicates the episodes in Arkansas resulted in lawsuits that ultimately were settled and all those involved defended the quality of care.

Medicare spokesman Bob Moos said state recertification inspectors come in every four to seven years and review all cases in the previous year in which a surgery center patient was transferred to a hospital. When the state inspector visited Kanis, “nothing on the hospital transfer log raised a red flag for her to investigate,” the spokesman said.

Officials would not describe what was on the transfer log or which cases were on it or confirm that Smith’s name had been included on it.

A Kanis spokesperson said it would violate patient confidentiality to comment on what the staff showed the inspector. Arkansas Department of Health spokeswoman Meg Mirivel provided no details, saying state law prohibits releasing information about hospital or surgery center investigations.

The state official’s inspection report does not mention any patient transfers. It does say the center was operating outside of industry norms by performing colonoscopies without an additional nurse in the room. The center pledged to health officials that it would add a nurse to the endoscopy suites.

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Can't wait to go see Gaga slay the stage in Vegas? This ranking of her best songs will hype you up in the meantime!

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casey affleck

  • Casey Affleck gave an interview to the Associated Press in which he publicly addressed for the first time the allegations of sexual misconduct raised against him by two women in a 2010 civil lawsuit, regarding his alleged behavior on the set of his 2010 film, "I'm Still Here."
  • Affleck settled the suits for an undisclosed amount in 2010, and the allegations resurfaced when he was nominated for (and subsequently won) the Oscar for best actor in 2017 for his performance in "Manchester by the Sea."
  • In the interview, Affleck said that the fact that he had been "involved in a conflict that resulted in a lawsuit is something that I really regret," before giving an indirect admission about how he had conducted an "unprofessional environment" on the set of the film.

Casey Affleck gave an uncomfortable interview to the Associated Press in which he addressed the #MeToo movement in relation to the civil lawsuit he settled in 2010 that included allegations of sexual misconduct.

Affleck apologized and said he had some culpability in the situation, but stopped short of admitting to the sexual harassment he was accused of.

The interviewer, Lindsay Barr, asked Affleck pointedly about whether the rise of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements had changed his perspective of his alleged misconduct on the set of his 2010 film "I'm Still Here," where two women accused Affleck of sexual harassment. 

According to the complaints filed in 2010, one woman alleged that Affleck crawled into bed with her without her consent while she was sleeping, while another woman alleged that Affleck pressured her to stay in his hotel room and "violently grabbed [her] arm in an effort to intimidate her into staying" when she refused. The women also said that Affleck was verbally abusive and instructed a male crew member to expose himself to one of them. 

Affleck settled the suits for an undisclosed amount in 2010, and the allegations resurfaced when he was nominated  for (and subsequently won) the Oscar for best actor in 2017 for his performance in "Manchester by the Sea."

In the interview, Affleck said that the fact that he had been "involved in a conflict that resulted in a lawsuit is something that I really regret," and that he wished he "had found a way to resolve things in a different way," before giving an indirect admission about how he had conducted an "unprofessional environment" on the set:

"I was a boss. I was one of the producers on the set. This movie was (shot in 2008, 2009) and I was one of the producers. And it was a crazy mockumentary, (a) very unconventional movie. The cast was the crew and the crew was kind of the cast and it was an unprofessional environment and, you know, the buck had to stop with me being one of the producers and I have to accept responsibility for that and that was a mistake. And I contributed to that unprofessional environment and I tolerated that kind of behavior from other people and I wish that I hadn’t. And I regret a lot of that. I really did not know what I was responsible for as the boss. I don’t even know if I thought of myself as the boss. But I behaved in a way and allowed others to behave in a way that was really unprofessional. And I’m sorry."

Watch the interview below: 

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Jess Learmonth was forced to concede that she lost to the better woman as the legendary Nicola Spirig pipped her to European gold in the women’s triathlon in Glasgow on Thursday.
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Si alguna vez has tenido que tomar varios analgésicos o medicamentos, seguro que el médico te ha recomendado tomar un protector gástrico como el omeoprazol..

La entrada Protectores gástricos como el omeoprazol: qué son y cuándo se toman se publicó primero en

          The First Year of Herod the Great’s Reign      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A Quick Review

We will begin this article with a brief review of the major points laid out in the previous one (“John 2:12–21 and Herodian Chronology,”, and then go into a detailed analysis of some arguments offered against its conclusion that the reign of Herod the Great should be dated to 37 BC, per the reasons laid out by Emil Schürer in A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ.

Josephus Started the Year from Nisan

In the linked article we saw how Josephus’ own words demonstrated that he regarded the month of Nisan as the first month of the Jewish year, hence in Antiquities he followed the ecclesiastical calendar rather than the civil calendar starting in Tishri (emphasis and bracketed comments added; except where noted, the Whiston translation of Antiquities is used throughout this article):

Antiquities 1.3.3 – “But Moses appointed that Nisanshould be the first month…although he preserved the original order of the months [where Nisan, as counted from Rosh Hashanah in Tishri, was taken as the seventh month] as to selling and buying, and other ordinary affairs.”

Antiquities 3.10.5 – “Nisanis the beginning of our year.”

Antiquities 11.4.8 – “the first month; which according to the Macedonians is called Xanthicus; but according to us, Nisan.

It could perhaps be argued that calling Nisan "the first month" is purely a label, and does not entail actually counting years from it. But the fact remains that during the Second Temple period after the Babylonian exile, the Jews themselves, as reflected in both Antiquities 3.10.5 and the Mishnah, regarded Nisan rather than Tishri as "the beginning of our year," and counted their rulers' reigns from it. For our purposes, with a focus on the reign of Herod as a Jewish ruler, that is what matters.

Josephus Used Inclusive Reckoning

In addition it was established, from several examples, that the uncomplicated, plain sense of Antiquities indicates Josephus mainly followed inclusive reckoning. We know that inclusive reckoning was a normal convention in the Bible and in the Roman and Jewish worlds generally, this is not in dispute. The story of Cornelius in Acts 10 was given as a biblical example, while we observed that a straightforward reading of Josephus indicates he followed this convention in the way he handled the time spanned by several pairs of independent, unrelated events: the 27 years from Pompey’s taking of Jerusalem in 63 BC to the start of Herod’s de facto (“in fact”) reign in 37 BC following the siege of Jerusalem, the 107 years from the start of Herod’s reign in 37 BC until the Temple fell to Titus in AD 70, and the seventh year of Herod’s reign matching up with the year of the Battle of Actium on September 2, 31 BC, thus requiring his first year to have been in 37 BC. Since these three examples are obviously discussed in Antiquities—in 14.16.4, 20.10.1, and 15.5.2 respectively, with the last one also addressed in Wars 1.19.3—what Andrew E. Steinmann (“When Did Herod the Great Reign?” Novum Testamentum 51 [2009]: 1–29) states in his note 8 (p. 2) is not borne out by the evidence:

Schürer claimed that Josephus used inclusive reckoning (1896 edition 1.200–201, Vermes and Millar edition, Schürer, History 326–327). If Josephus used inclusive reckoning to arrive at thirty-seven and thirty-four years [the first giving the time from Herod’s Roman appointment to his death, the second from his siege victory to his death, Ant. 17.8.1] (i.e., the years 40–4 BCE inclusive totals thirty-seven), such inclusive reckoning is not indicated elsewhere in Josephus (emphasis and bracketed comment added).

The cited instances do indicate Josephus used inclusive reckoning elsewhere. They should predispose us to view the 37 and 34-year time spans the same way. With one small, but as we shall see, significant correction: Josephus does does not refer to the "siege victory" in Antiquities 17.8.1, but to the death of Antigonus: "When he had done these things, he died...having reigned since he had procured Antigonus to be slain thirty four years." It is an important difference.

Josephus Sometimes Gave Time Durations

The few exceptions to inclusive reckoning in Josephus’ writings were seen to reflect elapsed time, or rather, time durations of single events that covered a period of time from start to completion. Such was the case where Herod's 18th year was said to mark the start of the 46 years the Temple was “a-building,” and with the 126 years that had elapsed since the Hasmonean dynasty was first set up until its last king died. Whereas time spans between two different events were reckoned inclusively as expected, the duration of what were essentially single events having a defined start and end point were dealt with differently. They were treated like birthdays; the first example looked at when the Temple became 46 years old, the second at when the Hasmonean dynasty became 126 years old. Since it is self-evident that one would never say a month-old infant was reckoned as being one year of age, exceptions like these to the normal inclusive reckoning approach are to be expected. But in saying this, we must insist that such exceptions to accommodate the duration of an event do not set aside the general principle of inclusive reckoning, nor reckoning specifically from Nisan in the case of the post-exilic (Second Temple) Judean kings.

I initially thought it would be sufficient to press these three simple, positive evidences upon the reader, deeming them adequate in themselves to powerfully call into question the validity of any chronological approaches that began the de facto reign of Herod in 36 rather than 37 BC. But the more I reflected on the matter, the more I realized that it was the very complexity of the arguments put forth by W.E. Filmer (“The Chronology of the Reign of Herod the Great,” Journal of Theological Studies 17.2 [1966], pp. 283–298) and Steinmann that might cause some readers to be swayed by them. Some people are impressed by cleverness, while for others it is far easier to simply accept these scholars’ judgments on authority than to analyze their arguments. Still others may feel a certain loyalty to particular scholars for other reasons, such as Steinmann’s reputation as a conservative scholar with a significant book on biblical chronology to his credit.

But in the end, none of those factors should influence our evaluation of their arguments, only the strength of the logic and data they present to make their cases. Therefore, before turning to consider the death date of Herod, it is necessary to offer some specific rebuttals to the Filmer/Steinmann contention that Herod’s reign must be dated from his appointment by the Romans, supposedly in 39 BC.

The Attacks on the “Schürer Consensus”

The approaches of Filmer and Steinmann involve attacking what Steinmann dubs the “Schürer consensus.” Their arguments primarily involve seeking ways to get around the manifest appearance of non-accession (inclusive) dating of reigns from Nisan seen in Josephus. But when we closely examine the evidence, we see this effort is built on a framework of assumptions, questionable interpretations, and outright accusations of error leveled against Josephus. In what follows we will attempt to demonstrate the existence of this shaky framework, and call for a return to a solid structure based on accepting the fundamental reliability of Josephus as an historian, with his work interpreted in a straightforward manner.

An Insistence on Non-Inclusive Dating

The fundamental way the Filmerians reinterpret Josephus is by insisting that he consistently used non-inclusive dating in Antiquities, with the month of Tishri (September/October) viewed as the first month of the year. In this approach, the year an event occurred in is not included in the counting. This means that in the case of reign lengths of rulers, where this approach is known as accession-year reckoning, counting began with the first of Tishri after the start of a king’s reign, while with other matters actual reckoning (as we count things today) was used, with the first year counted on the first anniversary after the event.

The problem is, the records of the Jews themselves indicate non-inclusive, accession-year, Tishri-based dating was not followed after the return from the Babylonian exile. The Mishnah, the third century AD rabbinic compilation of Jewish oral tradition, clearly supports inclusive, non-accession reckoning from Nisan during the Second Temple era that included Herod’s reign:

On the first of Nissan is the [cut off date for the] New Year regarding [the count of the reigns of the Jewish] kings [which was used to date legal documents. If a king began his reign in Adar even if was only for one day that is considered his first year, and from the first of Nissan is considered his second year…] On the first of Tishrei is the New Year for [the counting of] years [of non-Jewish kings], for the Shemittah and the Yoveil count...” (; brackets with summarized Gemara commentary original, emphasis added).

This tells us there were two main calendars (there were minor ones as well, but they can be ignored for our purposes). One began in Tishri and applied to counting years dealing with civil affairs, specifically in regard to kings of foreign nations, sabbatical (shemittah) years, and jubilee (yoveil) counts; the other began in Nisan and applied to Jewish kings and religious festivals. In emphasizing the primacy of Nisan dating for Josephus and for Herodian chronology in particular, we do not deny that Tishri accession-year dating applied to kings’ reigns during the First Temple period, as well as to the reigns of the Babylonian and Persian rulers over the Jews during the Babylonian captivity. But we must insist, on the basis of the Mishnah and the testimony of Josephus, that such reckoning did not apply to Second Temple, post-exilic kings of the Jews like Herod. The evidence clearly indicates that the Jews reckoned Nisan as the first month of their year as far back as the Babylonian exile. We see this unambiguously stated in Esther 3:7 (NASB):

In the first month, which is the month Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Ahasuerus, Pur, that is the lot, was cast before Haman from day to day and from month to month, until the twelfth month, that is the month Adar.

If the first month was Nisan and the twelfth was Adar for Queen Esther, a loyal Jew, the ecclesiastical calendar’s ordering of the months was obviously normative in Jewish minds by that time. There is no clear biblical evidence that the Jews thereafter ever viewed Tishri as the first month of the year for reckoning the reigns of their own rulers.

Preoccupation with Herod’s Roman Appointment

This brings up an important point about Steinmann’s approach to Herod’s reign. He consistently refuses to treat it as beginning with the deposing of Antigonus (Ant. 17.8.1) following the siege of Jerusalem, but insists it began with the Roman appointment. But why must we suppose that, just because the Romans had something to do with his getting the position, their involvement somehow made Herod a non-Jewish, foreign king to whom Tishri dating applied? Antigonus was likewise made king of Judea by the intervention of a foreign power, in his case the Parthians, yet no one tries to represent him as a foreign king. What makes one a foreign king with his reign reckoned from Tishri is ruling over a country other than Judea. This was not the case with Herod. It has to do with a uniform approach to record keeping in affairs of state.

Moreover, Steinmann’s proposal that Herod dated his reign from when the Romans granted him the throne of Judea is beside the point. For our purposes it ultimately does not matter how Herod may have viewed the start of his reign, but how Josephus did and recorded it in his histories. For argument’s sake, the strongest indicator that Herod may have personally placed priority on his Roman appointment could be seen in his coins. Steinmann cites numismatic evidence in support of Herod using Rome-based dating of his reign on page 27:

Herod’s first coins, issued to replace Hasmonean currency, are also the first dated Jewish coins. They are dated to “year three.”

Pictures of these coins, derived from David Hendin’s authoritative Guide to Biblical Coins, can be found at Then he continues:

Clearly, Herod counted the year he first reigned in Jerusalem as the third year of his reign. This means that he counted his first regnal year as beginning no later than Tishri 38 BCE and issued his first coinage shortly after conquering Jerusalem in 36 BCE (emphasis added).

We may regard the supposition that “Herod counted the year he first reigned in Jerusalem as the third year of his reign” as likely, since there are no known Herodian coins bearing year one or two (or any) dates. But the emphasized statement following it depends on first assuming the Filmerian view that Herod was named king by the Romans in 39 BC with non-inclusive accession-year dating applied (39 BC up to the end of Elul being his accession year), followed by the taking of Jerusalem in the fall of 36 BC. The website disagrees, saying the coin’s date refers to Herod’s capture of Judea in 37 BC. Steinmann has obviously allowed his assumptions to lead his arguments here.

It should also be observed that Steinmann deals with coin matters very carefully, pointing to the “year three” notation as evidence Herod dated his reign from his Roman appointment, yet in the case of Herod’s son Antipas going to great pains to argue against the numismatic evidence:

Antipas lost the tetrarchy of Galilee and Perea in the second year of Gaius (38/39 CE) and the latest coins minted under his authority are dated to his forty-third year. This means that he claimed to have begun his reign in 5/4 BCE. Why would Archelaus and Antipas claim to have reigned from 4 BCE if Herod did not die in that year? Is this not proof that Herod must have died in 4 BCE and not 1 BCE? (p. 20).

It would seem so on the surface, but Steinmann then goes on to argue at length (devoting five pages to this), on a conjectural basis with considerable reading between the lines, that Herod actually did not die in 4 BC, and the evidence of the coins is misleading in this case. This is a discussion that must be tabled for now. My only point in bringing it up is to show that Steinmann is willing to reinterpret the apparent sense of the evidence when doing so will further his argument.

Let us return to our main point, that Herod’s possible view of the start of his reign is less important than how Josephus viewed it. As we saw earlier when discussing the evidence for inclusive reckoning in Josephus, the examples of Pompey’s 27 years, the Temple’s fall after 107 years, and the Battle of Actium assigned to Herod’s seventh year, all rely on dating from 37 BC. So, too, does the rebuilding of the Temple in Herod’s eighteenth year. None of these figures work with Josephus’ own time spans if they are counted from the Roman appointment three years previously. In presenting the synchronisms as he did, it is clear that, so far as Josephus was concerned, the taking of the city and deposing of Antigonus took priority over the Roman appointment for dating purposes. So, if our goal is to understand Josephus rather than read our own preferences onto his records, that is the basis we likewise should prefer for dating.

At this juncture I wish to mention an insight Ed Rickard shared on his The Moorings website, He proposes that the more detailed information in Antiquities was due to Josephus uncovering additional sources of authoritative, reliable information for dating the reign of Herod after Wars was written. Filmer had pointed out (pp. 286–287) that Josephus included nothing in Wars about the consular year and Olympiad synchronizations Antiquities gives for the 40 and 37 BC regnal start dates. Filmer, filtering this observation through his presuppositions, concludes that Josephus devised his own date synchronizations and introduced dating errors into Antiquities in the process.

There is another way of looking at it, however, that does not require demeaning Josephus: to posit that the additional information sources were official Roman records not known to him until after Wars was written, plus what might be called, as Ralph Marcus and Allen Wikgren translate it in the Loeb version of Antiquities 15.6.3, “Herod’s Memoirs.” This idea is attractive. It is highly probable that official records would have reflected consular dating, while information written by Herod himself would also likely have been from a Roman perspective, given how much he owed them for his exalted position. But even if it was, the question remains: did Josephus himself embrace that perspective in the way he wrote Antiquities? For most Herodian events it makes no substantive difference whether Josephus’ records reflect a January or Nisan first month, but it does matter when we consider exactly when Herod died. That is a matter for future consideration.

It is also worth noting that, notwithstanding the evidence of the coins which, as legal tender of the realm, would naturally have reflected Roman preferences, Herod expended great effort to have the Jews regard him as one of their own rather than a Roman pawn. This is particularly clearly illustrated in the remarks he made in Antiquities 15.11.1 before undertaking the building of the Temple:

I think I need not speak to you, my countreymenOur Fathers indeed, when they were returned from Babylon, built this temple to God Almighty… And it hath been by reason of the subjection of those fathers of ours… I will do my endeavour to correct that imperfection, which hath arisen from the necessity of our affairs, and the slavery we have been under formerly…(emphasis added).

Such self-evident intent to foster an identification of himself with the Jews and gain their loyalty is inconsistent with Steinmann’s insistence that only Roman views mattered to Herod:

Since Herod was appointed by a Gentile power, he probably [assuming a 39 BC appointment as king] began to count his official regnal years as beginning on the following Tishri (September/October) of 38 BCE (since the Jewish civil year began on Tishri). He may have counted his years as beginning in Nisan (March/April) of 38, but this is less likely, since this was the beginning of the religious year, and it would have been unwise to count a Gentile appointment from a sacred Jewish date….This also implies, however, that in Antiquities Josephus numbered Herod’s regnal years from his appointment by the Romans (p. 27, emphasis and bracketed comments added).

All of that is pure conjecture; notice the words “probably,” and “may have.” Consider as well, that apart from being the start of a month—sharing certain prescribed rites with other first days of months (Num. 10:10, 28:11–15), including the first of Tishri—there was nothing especially “sacred” about the first day of Nisan. It was primarily a starting reference point, the first month of the year, from which the Jewish feasts and fasts mandated by the Torah were ordered. It carried with it none of the special “sacredness” that characterized those dates and the weekly Sabbath (Lev. 23).

To wrap up this phase of the discussion, the Mishnah’s stipulations regarding the Tishri dating of kings were for record keeping purposes relative to other countries, not how kings reigning over the Jews from Jerusalem started their rule. Tishri dating therefore does not apply to Herod as a king of Judea. Yet, despite the united testimony of Scripture, Josephus and the Mishnah in favor of inclusive reckoning from Nisan from the time of Esther onwards for Judean kings, Filmer and Steinmann argue against that evidence, asserting that Josephus used accession-year, non-inclusive reckoning from Tishri. They then use this conjecture as the basis for a frontal attack on the plain sense of Josephus’ records. Filmer was the first modern scholar to take this tack, citing Edwin Thiele to claim that the reigns from Solomon to Zedekiah (pre-exilic rulers of the united monarchy, it should be noted) were reckoned from Tishri (p. 294), and then extrapolating from that to Herod. But surely the knowledgeable rabbis who put the Mishnah together had their own post-exilic history and the dating norms that arose from it down pat, which Josephus’ focus on Nisan dating indicates he likewise followed. Arguing against it appears to be flouting the evidence.

An Insistence on Factual Reckoning: The Actium Issue

Nevertheless, Steinmann chose to align himself closely with Filmer on this and many other matters. One is the Actium issue. He deals with it briefly on pages 5–6 in the context of critiquing the work of P.M. Bernegger, “Affirmation of Herod’s Death in 4 BCE,” Journal of Theological Studies 34 (1983), 526–531. What his objections boil down to is an insistence on looking at Josephus’ data through the lens of factual (date-specific), non-inclusive reckoning from September 2, 31 BC. For example, Bernegger (p. 529) cites Josephus’ discussion about the Roman tax registration in Syria during AD 6:

Josephus stated that the registration was completed in the thirty-seventh year after Actium. The battle of Actium took place in 31 B.C., thirty-six factual years before the completion of the Syrian registration. In this instance, Josephus counted inclusively, and without any ambiguity.

Steinmann protests, “However, Bernegger’s reasoning only works if one forgets about the date of the Battle of Actium, September 2, 31 BCE.” This reveals his Filmerian assumptions. Shelve the idea that factual, to-the-day dating matters, together with the presumption of non-inclusive year counts, and the problem vanishes. Steinmann also projects his own bias onto Bernegger when he writes, “Years after Actium commenced on September 3, not on the following January 1, as Bernegger’s calculations assume.” But as a follower of Schürer’s approach that adhered to Jewish and Roman inclusive dating conventions, Bernegger’s year count would have been inclusive, making the first year “after Actium” begin in 31 BC, not the following January. This makes 30 BC the second year after Actium, and so on until the 37th year in AD 6. Whether Bernegger used a January-to-December Julian calendar or Nisan to Adar, the inclusive approach still makes September 2 part of 31 BC rather than 30 BC. Thus, we see that Steinmann has here criticized a misrepresentation of Bernegger’s position. His so-called “Schürer consensus” increasingly resembles a convenient straw man for him to attack. It bears only passing resemblance to the actual positions of Emile Schürer and those who followed him.

The problems posed by the Battle of Actium against Filmer and Steinmann’s interpretation get worse. For example, Steinmann claimed in note 83 of his article:

The Battle of Actium [September 2, 31 BC] would have taken place at the very end of Herod’s seventh year, since Tishri can begin no earlier than September 20 and no later than October 19. In 31 BCE the Babylonians counted September 21 as the first day of Tishri (Richard A. Parker and Waldo H. Dubberstein, Babylonian Chronology 626 BCE–AD 75 [Brown University Studies 19, Providence: Brown University, 1956] 43). This confirms that Herod started his regnal years in Tishri, not Nisan (emphasis and bracketed comment added).

But this is circular reasoning. All this statement proves is that the Battle of Actium took place in the sixth month, Elul, just before Tishri started. It does not indicate that Actium was at the very end of Herod’s seventh year, or of any year. To claim that means first assuming a Tishri-based year—the very thing Filmer and Steinmann must prove—as well as factual dating. If Nisan-based inclusive dating was used instead, Actium would still have occurred just before Tishri, but would have fallen in the middle of Herod’s seventh year. Not only does this logic fail, the claim again flies in the face of Josephus’ testimony in Antiquities that his historical records for the Jews revolved around the Nisan-based ecclesiastical calendar, not the civil calendar using a Tishri New Year. We should place priority on the source material’s own interpretation of itself, not on a modern scholar’s reinterpretation of it. If it makes good sense as written, there is no real reason to reject it.

Further to this, at, Kenneth Frank Doig observed:

Andrew E. that the Battle of Actium in Herod’s 7th year on September 2, 31 BCE establishes Josephus “confirms that Herod started his regnal years in Tishri, not Nisan.” However, the dating is such that it was Herod’s 7th year reckoned from either Nisan or Tishri. Because of using dating from Tishri Steinmann elsewhere says Josephus “contradicts” himself.

My own independent analysis, put into a spreadsheet long before I read Steinmann’s article, agrees with Doig’s conclusions. Whether Nisan (March/April) or Tishri (September/October) reckoning is used for the start of the year, both of these possible New Year’s dates fall squarely into the January-to-December year of 31 BC.

In the end, what “Alexander” wrote (, quoted in my last article, still applies:

Despite any counting methods that may be employed by various authors, whether Nisan to Nisan, Tishri to Tishri, or even January to January, it holds true nonetheless that if the spring of 31 BCE is his seventh year, then the spring of 32 BCE is his sixth year, the spring of 33 BCE is his fifth year, and so on, making the spring of 37 BCE his first year (emphasis added; the argument would remain true if all instances of “spring” read “fall” instead).

The Filmerian Reinterpretation of Josephus

We will now undertake a point-by-point analysis of Steinmann’s case against the “Schürer consensus.” As observed above, he repeatedly emphasizes the significance of the de jure (in law) date of Herod’s Roman appointment over the de facto (in fact) date of taking Jerusalem. This is intimated as early as page 2, right after summarizing the main points favoring the 37 BC consensus for the start of Herod’s reign:

Despite this widely held opinion that Herod reigned from 40 (37) to 4 BCE, this was neither the consensus before Schürer nor has it gone unchallenged in the last half century. Most disturbingly, the Schürer consensus assigns only thirty-six years to Herod’s reign, thirty-three of them in Jerusalem, whereas Josephus reports the figures as thirty-seven and thirty-four respectively. All early Christian sources place the birth of Jesus after Passover in 4 BCE, with most of them placing it in sometime in late 3 or early 2 BCE (emphasis added).

Concerning these comments, three observations can be made:

First, we need to be clear: Herod did not in fact reign over the Jews from 40 BC on (or 39 BC, if one follows the Filmerian reinterpretation of Josephus), but from 37 BC (36 BC per Filmer and Steinmann). The “widely held opinion”—the “Schürer consensus”—views him in 40 BC merely as king-designate, and in Roman eyes only, until the city was actually taken and placed under his control. Antigonus, as we shall see, was the king of the Jews in every measure of the word—title (including on his coins, which bore the inscription BACILE?C ANTIΓONOY (of King Antigonus), see, government control, residence in Jerusalem, and acceptance as king by those he ruled—from 40 BC until Herod’s siege removed him and led to his death in 37 BC. This is surely a common sense observation, but it must unfortunately be specifically pointed out, lest the complex arguments put forth by Filmer and Steinmann obscure it.

Second, Steinmann asserts that the “disturbing” Schürer consensus contradicts the figures given by Josephus for the 37 and 34 years of his reign as measured from the Roman appointment and the taking of the city respectively. Actually, what is disturbing is this misrepresentation, for no conflict with Josephus can be found. Schürer himself wrote, in his note 165:

Herod died shortly before a Passover (Antiq. xvii.9.3; Wars of the Jews, ii.1.3), therefore in March or April. Since Josephus says that he reigned thirty-seven years from the date of his appointment, thirty-four years from his conquest of Jerusalem (Antiq. xvii.8.1; Wars of the Jews, i.33.8), it would seem as if, counting thirty-seven years from the year B.C. 40, he must have died in B.C. 3. But we know that Josephus elsewhere counts a year too much, according to our reckoning…The reason of this is that he counts portions of a year as a year [i.e., he counts inclusively]; and, indeed, he probably, according to the example of the Mishna, reckons the years of the king’s reign from Nisan to Nisan. If this be so, the thirty-fourth year of Herod would begin on the 1st Nisan of the year B.C. 4, and Herod must in that case have died between 1st and 14th Nisan, since his death occurred before the Passover. That this is indeed the correct reckoning is confirmed by astronomical date, and by the chronology of the successors of Herod (bracketed comment added).

Since at this time we will not discuss the death of Herod, we will skip over the last two lines (although we agree with them), and just note that there is nothing in what Schürer wrote to conclude that he disagreed with Josephus’ 37 and 34-year figures. His reasoning is actually predicated around accepting them as written. Neither did he accuse Josephus of error, as Steinmann does (“ Thus, Josephus is in error,” p. 7) in reference to his matchup of consular and Olympiad dates. (See also page 28, “Josephus made mistakes in Antiquities 14.389, 487 when reporting the consular and Olympian dating of the beginning of Herod’s reign.” The supposition that there was a direct conflict between Josephus’ equating the consular year of Calvinus and Pollio with the 184th Olympiad is addressed under “A Closer Look at the Consular Years,” below.) On the contrary, Schürer fully accepted those numbers and sought to understand them as Josephus and the Jews did, rather than imposing modern non-inclusive dating conventions upon them. The only contradiction is not with Josephus, but with the ultimately unsupported insistence of Filmer and Steinmann on using non-inclusive rather than inclusive reckoning, and that from Tishri rather than Nisan.

Third, he states that early Christian sources place the birth of Christ after 4 BC, generally in late 3 or early 2 BC. It should be pointed out, however, that those sources are not unanimous about a specific year, which indicates they reflect not accurate records but tradition (i.e., early Church hearsay). Jack Finegan’s Handbook of Biblical Chronology (p. 291) gives several dates suggested by early sources. Although it is true that a majority are listed as 3/2 BC, it should not escape our notice that these give a date range, and there are a number of outliers. To take these reports as authoritative is to depend on unproven tradition rather than a single well-attested year. If Luke, arguably the most historically picky of the New Testament writers, did not pinpoint the year for us, nor did any of the other inspired apostles who knew Him (and His mother Mary) best, we have no objective criterion for dating Christ’s birth, only old theologians’ tales. We must conclude, therefore, that early Church tradition gives us no clear year for the Savior’s birth, and therefore no conclusive help in pinpointing the year of Herod’s death.

Reinterpreting Three Incontestable Points

Beginning on page 8 of his article, Steinmann raises several critiques against 37 BC as the start of Herod’s de facto reign. He begins by presenting three incontestable points from Antiquities 14:

- Herod’s siege of Jerusalem ended during the consular year of Agrippa and Gallus, which coincided with the 185th Olympiad, “on the third month, on the solemnity of the fast”

- The city fell 27 years after it had under Pompey, on the same day

- The last Hasmonean, Antigonus, was put to death by Antony 126 years after the Hasmonean dynasty was first set up

Steinmann first admits (p. 9) that “the consular year and Olympiad given by Josephus indicates that Herod took Jerusalem in 37 BCE.” This is objective fact. But then he immediately makes two assertions with no such firm basis: “It was the Day of Atonement (“the fast”) on 10 Tishri in the Jewish calendar, but the third month (September) in the Greek calendar” (parentheses original, emphasis added). In what Josephus wrote there is no discernible indication that Greek months entered into the picture at all, nor reason to pivot from Greek months to Jewish days: “This destruction befel the city of Jerusalem when Marcus Agrippa and Caninius Gallus were consuls of Rome; on the hundred eighty and fifth olympiad; on the third month; on the solemnity of the fast” (Ant. 14.16.4). In the post-exilic era several Jewish months, including the third, were routinely designated by their order in the calendar rather than their Jewish names. Scripture itself demonstrates this in Esther 8:9, “in the third month (that is, the month Sivan),” where the parenthetical clarification is part of the verse, and in Ezekiel 31:1, “in the third month.” We can confidently expect Josephus followed that post-exilic convention. The parenthetical explanation in Esther 8:9 also demonstrates the standardized inclusive counting the Filmer camp denies, for Tammuz, not Sivan, would have been specified as the third month if the Jews had used actual, non-inclusive reckoning.

Steinmann’s assertions about the day and month of Jerusalem’s fall appear to arise not from what Josephus wrote, but from the Filmerian preoccupation with Tishri dating. There is no reason to suppose that Josephus, a Romanized Jew whom we already know—from his own words, no less—viewed Nisan as the first month of the year, would refer to a Greek month out of the blue, particularly without also naming it for his readers unfamiliar with Greek conventions (recall how he explained Xanthicus earlier). It also makes little sense that Josephus would flip-flop with his calendars, giving the month in Greek terms, but the day in Jewish terms. The odds are overwhelmingly against it. A straightforward understanding of the passage indicates the Jewish month of Sivan, the third month of the ecclesiastical calendar, was meant. This means “the fast” is impossible to assign to the Day of Atonement in Tishri, the seventh month. “The fast” has another more likely meaning, to be discussed later.

Steinmann then (p. 9) presents two other considerations which, he claims, “contradict” the 37 BC date indicated by both consular year and Olympiad reckoning. First, he says, the 27 years that passed after Pompey takes one to 36 BC, not 37 BC. Two problems exist here: first, he again assumes without supporting evidence that it was the Day of Atonement in Tishri, and second, he makes the further undemonstrated assumption that non-inclusive, actual dating was used. In short, he is using his (and Filmer’s) assumptions as the basis for claiming Josephus was in error, instead of trying to understand the data as Josephus understood it.

As for the second “contradiction,” Steinmann says that there is no evidence of any government by the Hasmoneans until 162 BC, therefore the 126 years had to be reckoned from 36 BC, not 37 BC. But as discussed in the previous article of this series, this overlooks the detail that Antiochus IV Epiphanes died in 163 BC, vacating the Syrian kingship over the Jews and defaulting to leaving the Hasmoneans in power. By recognizing this we can say that the Hasmonean dynasty endured for 126 years.

Three Considerations Favoring Actual, Non-Inclusive Years?

At this point in his article, it is apparent that Steinmann feels the pressure of the “Schürer consensus” against the Filmerian position he has staked out: “Nonetheless, the Schürer consensus could hold that the data given by Josephus here were reckoned by inclusive reckoning, making no conflict” (p. 10). Indeed, it not only could, but it does. But then he adds, “However, that Josephus was not using inclusive reckoning and that these data should be seen as reporting actual years is demonstrated by three more considerations” (p. 10). What are these considerations?

Supposed Conflict of the High Priest Chronology with the Consular Years

The first he owes directly to Filmer (p. 287): “Josephus also contradicts his own consular year for Herod’s conquest of Jerusalem by his chronology of the high priests.” The main assumption behind this is that Josephus used factual, to-the-day dating for the reigns of high priests, similar to the way the Romans reckoned the reigns of their emperors. But another assumption is less obvious: that Josephus’ account of Hyrcanus II and Antigonus views their “reigns” only as those of high priests, not kings. We will discuss this matter in detail below.

The Alleged Passivity of Sosius

The second consideration arises from a conflict Steinmann, again following Filmer (p. 286), sees in Dio’s Roman History, which he claims “casts doubt on the Schürer consensus that the conquest of Jerusalem occurred in 37 BCE.” Here I quote his argument in full (p. 11):

Concerning 37 BCE Dio states (49.23.1–2):

…during the following year [37 BCE] the Romans accomplished nothing worthy of note in Syria. For Antony spent the entire year reaching Italy and returning again to the province, and Sossius [sic], because anything he did would be advancing Antony’s interests rather than his own, and he therefore dreaded his jealousy and anger, spent the time in devising means, not for achieving some success and incurring his enmity, but for pleasing him without engaging in any activity (emphasis and brackets added).

Thus, Sossius would not have helped Herod—a man favored by Antony—capture Jerusalem in 37.

Rather than teaching that Sosius was entirely passive during 37 BC, the Dio passage merely tells us, and quite specifically, that the Romans accomplished nothing of note in Syria. The sense is that, lest personal successes in Syria might inadvertently offend the uninvolved Antony, Sosius likewise did nothing there. This text does not address activities Sosius might have pursued in Judea at Antony’s specific behest, however. Making the assumption that Sosius’ fear of affronting Antony paralyzed him into inactivity everywhere is entirely unwarranted. Since Dio emphasizes Sosius’ desire to please Antony, if Antony wanted him to help Herod with the siege of Jerusalem, of course he would! That is exactly what the text says in Antiquities 14.16.1: “Sosius [was] sent by Antony, to assist Herod.” The supposed problem Filmer and Steinmann see is nonexistent. Consistent with this, in Wars 1.17.2 Josephus elaborates a little further:

For after the taking of Samosata [in 38 BC], and when Antony had set Sosius over the affairs of Syria, and had given him orders to assist Herod against Antigonus, he [Herod] departed into Egypt; but Sosius sent two legions before him into Judea, to assist Herod, and followed himself soon after with the rest of his army (emphasis and brackets added).

This information is in direct conflict with the idea that Sosius “would not have helped Herod” to capture Jerusalem in 37 BC. Therefore, we can dismiss the Dio “problem” as being nothing of the sort for the “Schürer consensus.”

The Sabbatical Years

The third consideration adduced by Steinmann against a 37 BC fall of Jerusalem is tied to the Jewish sabbatical years. The sabbatical years are brought up in two places in Antiquities in conjunction with the start of Herod’s reign. Describing the siege undertaken by Sosius and Herod, Josephus records:

Now the Jews that were inclosed within the walls of the city, fought against Herod with great alacrity and zeal...and making use of brutish courage, rather than of prudent valour, they persisted in this war to the very last. And this they did while a mighty army lay round about them; and while they were distressed by famine, and the want of necessaries: for this happened to be a sabbatick year (14.16.2, emphasis added)

He continues the story in the next chapter, observing:

Nor was there any end of the miseries he [Herod] brought upon them [the defeated Jews]: and this distress was in part occasioned by the covetousness of the prince regnant [Herod was confiscating silver and gold wherever he could find them]; who was still in want of more; and in part by the sabbatick year, which was still going on, and forced the countrey to lie still uncultivated: since we are forbidden to sow our land in that year (15.1.2, emphasis and bracketed comments added).

These details give us a way to determine the year that Herod took Jerusalem, but only if we can identify with confidence at least one other post-exilic sabbatical year to synchronize with it. Once again following Filmer’s lead (pp. 289–291), Steinmann presents this argument (p. 11):

Finally, it should be noted that Herod besieged Jerusalem at the end of a Sabbatical year when food supplies were running low. This was the same situation in mid-162 BCE near the end of a sabbatical year. Thus, Tishri 163–Elul 162 was a Sabbatical year. Since the summer of 162 BCE fell during a Sabbatical year, the summer of 37 BCE could not have been a Sabbatical year. Instead, Tishri 37 BCE–Elul 36 BCE was also a Sabbatical year. Since food supplies would have been adequate at the beginning of the Sabbatical year, Jerusalem could not have fallen to Herod in Tishri 37 BCE as the Schürer consensus holds. Instead, Jerusalem fell at the beginning of the following year (Tishri 36), with the siege taking place during the summer of the Sabbatical year (summer of 36 BCE).

To begin with, I have no idea how Steinmann concluded that his “Schürer consensus” holds that Jerusalem fell to Herod in Tishri. None of the references I looked at that accept a 37 BC de facto start for the reign of Herod place the taking of Jerusalem in Tishri, but in early summer, generally the month of Sivan (June of 37 BC, cf. This conclusion follows the logic that the “siege of five months” (Wars 1.18.2) began “after the rigor of winter was over” (Ant. 14.15.14) around February, and concluded in the “summer time” (Ant. 14.16.2), “in the third month” (Ant. 14.16.4) of the Nisan-based ecclesiastical calendar Josephus favors. No, those who follow Schürer do not think Jerusalem fell in Tishri.

Now, the validity of all of Steinmann’s sabbatical year reasoning, including the assertion that 163–162 BC was a sabbatical year, depends on first accepting the foundational premise of a Tishri-based, actual/accession-year/non-inclusive dating scheme, and then presuming on the accuracy of the sabbatical year determinations made by Ben Zion Wacholder (“The Calendar of Sabbatical Cycles During the Second Temple and the Early Rabbinic Period,” Hebrew Union College Annual 44 [1973], 153–193). Quite possibly under the influence of Filmer’s 1966 article, Wacholder decided to revisit the careful earlier study done by Benedict Zuckermann (Treatise on the Sabbatical Cycle and the Jubilee, translated by A. Löwy from the German original of 1856), and concluded Zuckermann’s dates for the sabbatical years were a year too early. Of particular note is that he concluded that 37-36 BC, Tishri through Elul, was a sabbatical year, aligning it with Filmer’s date for Herod taking Jerusalem.

So, which is more accurate for the post-exilic period, the sabbatical year determination of Wacholder, or the one by Zuckermann? A detailed discussion of the issues involved is given in a Wikipedia entry ( that references the work of many acknowledged authorities, such as Parker and Dubberstein, Edwin Thiele, and Jack Finegan. It also draws on the work of ABR's Dr. Bryant Wood and several ABR Associates, including biblical chronologist Rodger Young and Dr. Douglas Petrovich. After acknowledging that the geonim (medieval Jewish scholars) and the modern state of Israel follow Zuckermann’s approach, this significant admission seems to be depreciated in favor of a sympathetic focus on Steinmann’s views favoring Wacholder. Arguments are also presented there based on the Seder Olam in support of Wacholder’s dates, but they are ultimately rendered indecisive by translation uncertainties. Their uncertainty is compounded by the fact that the Talmud demonstrates that even the leading rabbis could not agree on when the sabbatical years after the Second Temple should be observed (for example, see the convoluted discussion given in Mas Arachin 12a–12b, Without a solid, objective basis for translating its problem passages bearing on the sabbatical years, the Seder Olam provides no conclusive help in choosing between the approaches of Zuckermann and Wacholder. We must look elsewhere for a basis to make the choice.

I believe we find this basis in the detailed analysis of sabbatical year evidences of Wacholder and Zuckermann presented by Bob Pickle. The above-cited Wikipedia article is incomplete without considering the balanced treatment Pickle sets forth (as well as Blosser’s study, see below), which would help readers better appreciate why, as the Wikipedia article admits, “there are many prominent scholars who still maintain a cycle consistent with Zuckermann’s conclusion of a 38/37 BCE Sabbatical year.” Pickle’s two online articles, “When Were the Sabbatical Years?” ( and “Which Years Were the Sabbatical Years?” (, are of such high quality, they should have been published in a scholarly journal. Here we merely summarize some of their key points.

Wacholder had presented ten lines of evidence for his sabbatical year determinations, and Pickle bases his study on them. They are:

The Pledge of Nehemiah 10:31
Alexander’s Grant of Tax Exemption
Judah Maccabee’s Defeat at Beth-Zur
Simon’s Murder
Herod’s Conquest of Jerusalem
Herod Agrippa’s Reading of the Law
Note of Indebtedness from Nero’s Reign
Destruction of Second Temple
Land Contracts of Bar Kochba
Tombstones from Zoar

For each of these topics Pickle examines the data, contrasts how the Zuckermann and Wacholder approaches deal with it, and draws conclusions about which does a better job at explaining the data. In his Introduction he asks, “So which proposal is correct? First of all, why does it matter? It matters because this question is pertinent to a study of the 70 w

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According to a report by Punch Metro, the gift of a brand new motorcycle has allegedly led to the death of a 21-year-old man, Toheeb Awolesi who, until his death, was a resident of Agboyi-Ketu area of Lagos State.
Toheeb’s uncle had reportedly bought him a motorcycle for commercial use. However, during a test-run on Sunday, two of his alleged friends offered to also test-run it, which he agreed to.
But, he reportedly refused to allow a third person to use it, allegedly because he did not recognise him in the community.
This led to a fight which soon degenerated into communal fight between so-called Ila Boys and Agboyi Boys.
Toheeb soon became the scapegoat, losing his life. His corpse was reportedly fished out of the Agboyi river on Tuesday after the family had declared him missing since Sunday.
When contacted, Police PRO, Lagos State Command, Chike Oti, said investigations had commenced into the issue.
Watch a video clip explaining the incident below: 

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Anywhere in the world, 100 years is usually marked with fanfare but not so for Nigeria’s oldest prisoner, Pa Celestine Egbunuche, who clocked 100 last Saturday; August 4, within the confines of Enugu Maximum Prison. The centenarian, who hails from Akokwa in Ideato North area of Imo State, was condemned to death along with his son, Paul and another relation, now 87.

How did this happen?

They were said to have been engaged in a fight over a piece of land and in the process, somebody died. With such fate, Pa Egbunuche has for over 17 years lived in desolation and hopelessness.

But all hope is not lost as a non-governmental organisation, Global Society for Anti-corruption (GSAC) is pushing for his release. GSAC has appealed to the Federal Government and Governor Rochas Okorocha to use their board of mercy and release Egbunuche, his 78 years old relation and son from prison.

Zonal Resource Executive of GSAC, Amaka Nweke commended Chief Judge of Enugu State, Justice Priscilla Emehelu for her recent prison visit where many inmates were granted freedom pleaded with her to look into the case of Pa Egbunuche whom she said their investigation showed might be Africa’s oldest inmate.

According to the NGO, Egbunuche has suffered from diabetes over the years, adding that with his age and failing health, it will be proper to release him to go and possibly die peacefully at home. If eventually released, the organisation would also want the Federal and State Governments to take care of Pa Egbunuche’s rehabilitation.

Experts said that in other jurisdictions, inmates above 65 years are eligible for either parole or state pardon.

Meanwhile, Daily Sun gathered that inmates of Enugu Maximum Prison have not had the luck of receiving Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to perform the usual granting of amnesty during ceremonial occasions like the Independence Day, Democracy Day and yuletide.

During a recent visit by our reporter, some of them claimed that they had turned a new leaf and appealed to the governor to emulate his counterparts in Anambra, Ebonyi, and Abia by granting them amnesty.

Their cries seemed to have attracted the attention of the chief judge, Emehelu, who during the 2018 jail delivery sessions in the three prisons in the state pardoned about 130 inmates.

Breathe of fresh air 
A breakdown of the beneficiaries showed that 90 inmates were granted pardon at the Enugu Maximum Prison while 22 benefitted at the Nsukka prison. At the conclusion of the exercise in Oji-River Minimum Security Prison, where about 17 inmates were granted pardon, the chief judge urged the released prisoners to, henceforth, desist from crime and lead a reformed life.

She said the exercise was in accordance with Section 1 (a,b) of the Criminal Justice (Release from Custody) Special Provisions Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2007 and Sections 34 (1), 35 (1) and 36 (5) of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (as amended).

Emehelu lamented the congestion in various prisons in the state and called for immediate measures to address deviant behaviour in the society.

“We, judges are mindful of the onerous challenge of prison congestion and have consistently worked with stakeholders in the justice sector to ensure speedy and sustained case flow management.

“It is part of the commitment to effective justice delivery that necessitates our periodic visit to prisons, to provide bail and the release of inmates who have exceeded required prison term,” she said.

The chief judge pledged commitment of the judiciary to ensuring speedy dispensation of justice and expressed optimism that modern prisons would soon be built across the country, as promised by the Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Danbazau (retd).

She applauded the Controller of Prisons in Enugu State, Mr. Ndubuisi Ogbodo, for ensuring that Enugu prisons became a reference point for others while assuring that another session of the exercise would be conducted in December, to further decongest the prisons.

Ogbodo who stated that prison was not punishment but for reformation, appealed to the chief judge for clemency to sick, old and juvenile inmates.
He said inmates recommended for pardon were now reformed and had pledged to desist from any crime that could land them in prison again.

He thanked the chief judge for her cooperation and described as ‘unprecedented’ the number of inmates pardoned during the exercise.

One of the inmates granted amnesty, Ndubuisi Nwabueze, expressed happiness that he would go home after serving two years. He was sentenced in 2016 after being found guilty of attempted murder.

As the lucky ones breathe air of freedom, others like Chukwunonso Nomeh, 38, a condemned inmate who recently made history as the first prisoner in West Africa to bag Master’s Degree and some others urged the authorities to look into their case.

          Why I Dumped PDP For APC - Akpabio Speaks As He Officially Defects With Top Politicians      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Former Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio gave reasons why he joined the ruling APC as "the need to put all hands on the deck to salvage the situation in the country and not to aggravate it,” adding that “the country is at war… and everyone should put heads together.

I decided to join to emancipate the people and provide succour for the people.

“I decided to join the APC at this time because I am a nationalist. In times like this, everybody should support to bring peace to our dear nation; to stop the killings and ensure employment for our teeming youths.

“With my declaration, uncommon change has come to Akwa Ibom. We believe that Southsouth cannot stand alone on its own.

“We need to collaborate with others. I consulted. What I have done today is to take the people of the Southsouth to the centre.

“Whatever I do is in the interest of of Akwa Ibom. I want to leave a legacy in the national interest."

He also urged his former party to have what he called a reward system.

“With my exit, this is the end of PDP in Niger Delta’’.

He also urged Nigerians to believe in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Do not be afraid of President Muhammadu Buhari. If your hands are clean. Nigerians have not seen the best of Buhari; so give him the chance.’’

He spoke at a rally at the Ikot Ekpene Township Stadium that joining the APC would enable him have the opportunity to work with others to sweep away poverty and impunity.

He said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of today had no vision and the leadership is arrogant.

Akpabio said all hands must be on deck to salvage the situation.

“I will like to be a conspirator to conspire to bring peace to Nigeria; I will like to be a conspirator who joins hands to bring food to the table of Nigerians. I will like to be a conspirator who conspires to stop the killings in our country. I will like to be a conspirator who conspires to join hands to bring good employment to our children. I will like to be a conspirator who brings uncommon transformation to the people of Nigeria. I will like to be a conspirator who dualised road from here (Ikot Ekpene) to Aba.

“I do not want to be a conspirator who joins hands to topple government. I do not want to talk about Akwa Ibom State, because I am here on a national platform, but I will like to tell you something today. This is the moment of uncommon change. Uncommon change has come to Akwa Ibom State. Uncommon change has come to Southsouth. Uncommon change has come to Niger Delta.

“Some people are saying that they put a gun on my head. I have a young man here who wrote a lot of petitions against me to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Those petitions were sorted out and as I stand before you, I have never been charged to court, because nothing was found wanting in my covenant to Akwa Ibom people.

“The Southsouth as a minority zone cannot stand on its own. The Southsouth as the largest producer of the resources of this country should also partake in the sharing of the resources. What I have done today (yesterday) is to link the Southsouth to the centre. What I have done today (yesterday) is to link Akwa Ibom to the centre."
Akpabio also apologised to all the people he had offended, who were in the APC before he arrived, asking them to kindly forgive him, stressing that whatever he did was in the interest of the good people of Akwa Ibom state.

          [Korean Drama Spoiler] 'Risky Romance' Episodes 11 and 12 Screenshots Added (2018/08/09)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Added episodes 11 and 12 screenshots for the Korean drama 'Risky Romance'.
           Police: Mom sets herself on fire, kills herself and twins       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) - Northern California police say a woman set herself on fire inside her home last weekend, killing herself and her twin 14-year-old...
          Movies and dramas added today 2018/08/09      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Gwang-hae, The Man Who Became King (Korean Drama, 2018)

My Love, My Cure (Korean Drama, 2018)

Booing: Super Secret Transformation (Korean Movie, 2018)

Woman of Fire (Korean Movie, 1971)

          Movies and dramas updated today 2018/08/09      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Exit - Movie (Korean Movie, 2018)
Updated cast, New pictures

Unalterable (Korean Movie, 2017)
New pictures

After My Death (Korean Movie, 2017)
New pictures

Time - Drama (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

Life (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

Thirty But Seventeen (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

Risky Romance (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

Let's Eat - Season 3 (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

Your House Helper (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

Are You Human Too (Korean Drama, 2018)
New pictures

          Fuchsia Fish Bones ... Peyote Bracelet . Wide Cuff . Whimsical . Skeleton . Silly . Purple . Raspberry . Fun . Cute . Bright by time2cre8      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

75.00 USD

Bright fuchsia fish bones set against a snow white background - almost looks like someone ate the fish and left the bones behind, right? The inspiration for this design was a drawing I did a few years back called Trophy Fish. I've always been kind of puzzled by those people who catch a fish and then have it mounted on a plaque so they can display it. Fish Bones is a design full of whimsy, sure to make you smile whenever you look at your wrist.

Pair this with your favorite white t-shirt and jeans, or show support for the fisherman (or fisherwoman) in your life. You could even wear it when you go fishing. Or when you visit your favorite seafood restaurant. Pure fun!

♦ Width: 1-3/4" (44mm)
♦ Length: 7" (18cm), when clasped
♦ Closure: Beadwoven loop and toggle
♦ Technique: three drop peyote
♦ Materials: Japanese delica beads (size 11), Fireline

♦♦ Custom sizes and colors available upon request.

Packaged in a beautiful gift box, perfect to give as a present to someone special or to yourself!


Item #3348

          Indie Comics Spotlight: Jen Bartel talks Blackbird, Sailor Moon, and why Wonder Woman is everything      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The first time I saw Jen Bartel’s work, it was for a variant cover for Image Comics' Wicked + Divine #24. That day I fell down the neon-rainbow-bright rabbit hole of Bartel’s Tumblr page (her cats are epic) and have followed her ever since.

           Wife gets decade in prison for running over husband       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
WALHALLA, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina woman has been sentenced to more than a decade in prison for intentionally running over her husband.Solicitor David...
          Israeli air forces pummel Gaza, killing pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old daughter      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Three Palestinians were killed during pre dawn Israeli airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip Thursday. Among the dead were a woman, who was nine months pregnant, and her 18-month-old daughter. Thursday’s events are the latest in a series of severe flare ups over the past few months in Gaza, leading many local and international officials to speculate that another large-scale Israeli offensive on the Palestinian territory could be imminent.
           KFC incident with deaf woman leads to sensitivity training       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The management company of 270 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell franchises nationwide has agreed to provide sensitivity training at those...
           Missing Iowa woman reward fund at nearly $316,000       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
BROOKLYN, Iowa (AP) - The reward fund offered for the safe return of a missing University of Iowa student has grown to nearly $316,000.A spokesman for Crime...
          19 Fantasies (018619428207)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Video: 19 Fantasies (018619428207)
Watch This Video!
Studio: MVD Entertainment - VOD
So what exact is it that women want? They don't all want the same things. There are different tastes, desires and lusts and this film takes its time in revealing a wide array of just that. 19 Fantasies is a reality-based, independent film project which documents the sexual fantasies of nineteen different women. Each woman shares, in interview fashion, their most intimate sexual fantasy in a frank and often explicit manner. The participants represent a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds and personality types. These are real women speaking from the heart, not hired actresses speaking from a script. While there is no nudity in the interview sections, there is very explicit talk of a highly sexual nature and an audio track with explicit sexual sounds. Each of the nineteen fantasy sessions includes a beautifully rendered piece of original artwork that depicts the fantasy and original music composed especially for each fantasy. This film is intended for a mature, adult audience.

          Mom's Photo Captures the Full 'Aftermath of Birth' and Every Woman Needs to See It      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Post by Lauren Levy.

Days after Autumn Benjamin gave birth to her first baby, Layla, her partner snapped a photo of the new mom before they left the hospital. This was by no means a glamorous newborn photo, but nearly seven months later, it's one that Autumn feels needed to be shared.

          Dear Stranger, This Is What You Didn't Know When I Was Flying Alone With Twins      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Post by CafeMom Contributor.

To the woman on Delta flight 1227 on March 3, 2016, from Minneapolis to Detroit:

You knew I needed you when I was too afraid to ask. I was flying back to the city I grew up in to say goodbye to my dying father and I had no idea when I would return home. This was a one-way flight for me for an unknown amount of time. You didn’t know I left behind two young daughters (aged 3 and 2) as I sat with my 7-month-old twins. You didn’t know I was leaving behind half of my family to say goodbye to another.

          Kate Bush: A Life Of Surprises (Disc 1) (823564525792)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Video: Kate Bush: A Life Of Surprises (Disc 1) (823564525792)
Watch This Video!
Studio: MVD Entertainment - VOD
A singer, songwriter, musician and performer of rare talent, Kate Bush is arguably England's finest ever female artist. And despite, these days, fairly long gaps between new albums, she has yet to release any work which does not stand up against the music she made in her heyday. This two DVD documentary set is a fitting tribute to Kate's extraordinary career as it tells the story of her life and work from her beginnings, through her glory years of the 1970s and 1980s, and onto her more recent albums and less visible lifestyle. Featuring rare footage, archive interviews, contributions from those who have known her best and some of the finest music ever made, as we;l as a host of other features, this set will prove a delight for anyone with even a hint of interest in this quite astonishing woman.

          Kate Bush: A Life Of Surprises (Disc 2) (823564525792)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Video: Kate Bush: A Life Of Surprises (Disc 2) (823564525792)
Watch This Video!
Studio: MVD Entertainment - VOD
A singer, songwriter, musician and performer of rare talent, Kate Bush is arguably England's finest ever female artist. And despite, these days, fairly long gaps between new albums, she has yet to release any work which does not stand up against the music she made in her heyday. This two DVD documentary set is a fitting tribute to Kate's extraordinary career as it tells the story of her life and work from her beginnings, through her glory years of the 1970s and 1980s, and onto her more recent albums and less visible lifestyle. Featuring rare footage, archive interviews, contributions from those who have known her best and some of the finest music ever made, as we;l as a host of other features, this set will prove a delight for anyone with even a hint of interest in this quite astonishing woman.

          Insider Dishes on Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's Future      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Post by Madison Breaux.

Well, it seems like the reunion we've all been rooting for might not happen after all. After news of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima's breakup, speculation of whether or not Kourt and Scott Disick would get back together quickly came about. And we'd be lying if we said we weren't all a little hopeful this would happen. But, sadly, a Kardashian insider says that a romantic reunion between these two is not likely at all.

           Woman had inmate uniforms made for kids       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
FARMINGTON, Mo. (AP) - Investigators say a Missouri woman accused of barricading four children in tiny rooms with no access to water or toilets had...
          Cuma 20 Menit, Prabowo Hanya Jemput AHY dari Kediaman SBY?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Berdasarkan informasi yang dihimpun, Prabowo datang ke rumah SBY hanya untuk menjemput Komandan Kogasma Partai Demokrat, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY).
          Peppa Pig helper allegedly assaulted after children’s show      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Police are appealing for witnesses after the woman was reportedly shoved with a heavy door several times.
                Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Strage in Yemen, attacco allo scuolabus dei bimbi: 43 morti
Il Messaggero
Un'altra pagina tragica nella guerra in Yemen che dura da oltre tre anni è stata scritta oggi con un bombardamento della Coalizione araba a guida saudita che ha ucciso e ferito decine di bambini. E come al solito divergono le versioni fornite dai protagonisti del conflitto su fronti opposti. (...)

                Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
L'Espagne accueille un nouveau bateau chargé de migrants
Près de deux mois après avoir reçu en fanfare l'Aquarius, l'Espagne a de nouveau ouvert jeudi un de ses ports à un navire d'ONG chargé de migrants secourus au large de la Libye, mais beaucoup plus discrètement. Le Open Arms, affrété par l'ONG espagnole Proactiva, a accosté sur un quai de San Roque, dans la baie d'Algésiras, à l'extrême sud de l'Espagne. Puis 87 migrants secourus le 2 août en Méditerranée centrale ont débarqué. (...)

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Embajadora de EE.UU ante la ONU visita Casa ‘Divina Providencia’ en Cúcuta
Conferencia Episcopal Colombiana
La embajadora de EE.UU. ante la ONU, Nikki Haley, la mañana del miércoles 8 de agosto arribó a Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, para acercarse a la frontera colombo-venezolana y percibir la realidad de los efectos causados por la crisis humanitaria derivada del vecino país. (...)

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Comunicado de la Diócesis de Talca
Con dolor y preocupación informamos que hemos recibido una denuncia en contra del Pbro. Luciano Arriagada Vergara, por actos de connotación sexual contra un menor de edad. -- De acuerdo a las Líneas Guía de la Conferencia Episcopal de Chile para tratar los casos de abusos sexuales a menores de edad, el Administrador Apostólico de Talca ha dispuesto el inicio de una Investigación Previa, para determinar la verosimilitud de la denuncia. (...)

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La sfida della pastorale urbana. Dall’America latina all’Europa
L'Osservatore Romano
Come trasmettere la fede. Come trasmettere oggi la fede? È l’interrogativo di fondo trattato in un articolo uscito su «Teologia», trimestrale della Facoltà teologica dell’Italia settentrionale, che analizza alcuni modelli di pastorale. Pubblichiamo ampi stralci del passaggio riguardante la pastorale urbana.
(Paolo Carrara) Il confronto con l’urbanesimo ha comportato da sempre una sfida per la Chiesa. Talvolta essa è stata percepita come problematica; altre come affascinante, nonché necessaria. L’attenzione alla città deriva dalla constatazione di come sia in essa che si generano i nuovi paradigmi culturali.
E poiché il binomio cultura-fede è costituivo del processo di evangelizzazione, una Chiesa che vuole annunciare il Vangelo in modo adeguato al tempo non può sottrarsi a tale confronto. È di questo avviso anche la linea della “pastorale urbana” che si innesta nel solco della “teologia del popolo” di matrice latinoamericana. Attraverso il pontificato di Francesco la sua diffusione ha superato i confini del Sud America per imporsi anche nel dibattito europeo. Si tratta di comprendere se questo modello pastorale con forti implicazioni di carattere teologico ed ecclesiologico sia in grado di rivitalizzare anche la Chiesa del vecchio continente. Se il problema dell’Europa occidentale è costituito dall’indifferenza religiosa e dall’ateismo, il contesto latinoamericano, pur presentando alcuni aspetti negativi tipici del tempo presente, sembra ancora custodire un orizzonte complessivamente religioso, dentro cui la questione di Dio viene data per presupposta.
Il progetto della “pastorale urbana” è l’esito di un cammino che la Chiesa latinoamericana compie nei decenni successivi al Vaticano II e risponde al dato di fatto di una regione che è la più urbanizzata del mondo. Essa trova il suo trampolino di lancio nel documento con cui si chiude la quinta Conferenza generale dell’episcopato latinoamericano e dei Caraibi, tenutasi ad Aparecida nel 2007. Nell’orizzonte di una generale rottura della trasmissione, la Chiesa latinoamericana riconosce la sua fatica in ordine alla trasmissione della fede soprattutto ai giovani a causa di una non conoscenza/comprensione dei nuovi codici esistenziali che le mutazioni culturali hanno determinato. La risposta di una Chiesa che non vuole chiudersi nella paura, ma che vuole mantenere il proprio slancio missionario impone il confronto con quei grandi laboratori di cultura che sono le città, dentro cui si elaborano i nuovi linguaggi e i nuovi simboli. Mosso dall’istanza teologica secondo cui il progetto di Dio è una città, la città santa, il documento suggerisce alla Chiesa di assumere uno sguardo contemplativo, capace di riconoscere che Dio è presente in città. Seguono alcune prospettive pastorali e la proposta di un progetto comune di pastorale urbana, i cui cardini sono: la costruzione di una rete tra le diverse istituzioni ecclesiali, il tentativo di una presenza della Chiesa nei nodi in cui si elabora la cultura, l’opera di decentramento dei servizi ecclesiali.
Le affermazioni del documento di Aparecida tracciano un cammino dentro cui si innestano i diversi contributi che, in questo decennio, hanno favorito lo sviluppo del modello della “pastorale urbana”. A procedere da una condivisione delle premesse, essi tentano di lavorare attorno alle azioni che la Chiesa è chiamata a incentivare con l’obiettivo di passare da una pastorale di conservazione a una pastorale missionaria, dall’essere «arca di Noé» al divenire «barca di Pietro». In continuità con il documento stesso, si suggerisce di «migliorare la mediazione umana nell’esperienza religiosa» — dando quest’ultima per presupposta — attraverso alcune attenzioni così sintetizzabili: la valorizzazione di uno stile kérygmatico che favorisca l’incontro personale con Dio; la tensione tra il movimento centripeto della comunione tra i discepoli di Gesù e quello centrifugo della missione verso le periferie dei più poveri; le nuove forme della pietà popolare con cui si esprime il rapporto con Dio mediato dal sacro. Queste azioni non vanno viste come fine a se stesse, ma sono in funzione dell’attivazione di alcuni dinamismi in diversi ambiti dell’esperienza ecclesiale: nel campo delle attitudini, occorre passare dal timore conservatore all’audacia missionaria; nel campo dei processi, da una pastorale autoreferenziale a una aperta; nel campo degli operatori, dall’individualismo e clericalismo a una mentalità ecclesiale di comunione; nel campo dei linguaggi, dal monologo fatto da termini ermetici a un dialogo che assume un’andatura narrativa che possa rendere ragione della speranza.
Che Bergoglio, ancor prima di accedere al soglio pontificio, si assestasse nella linea della “pastorale urbana” è attestato, oltre che dalla sua partecipazione alla segreteria della Conferenza di Aparecida e alla stesura del documento conclusivo, da un discorso che tenne a Buenos Aires in occasione del primo congresso regionale di “pastorale urbana” (2011) in qualità di arcivescovo della megalopoli argentina. In quel discorso, tornano i temi classici del modello: la Chiesa si trova immersa nello «shaker dell’ibridazione culturale»; essa deve combattere la paura e lasciarsi coinvolgere nei processi, secondo la logica del «fermento». Emergono tuttavia alcune accentuazioni particolari: la convinzione che non si tratta di elaborare progetti dotti e astratti «al fine di “pensare” come si dovrebbe fare affinché Dio viva in una città senza Dio», ma di affinare uno sguardo contemplativo che riconosce che «Dio già vive nella nostra città e ci costringe — mentre riflettiamo — a uscire ad andargli incontro per scoprirlo». Di conseguenza, Bergoglio precisa che la riforma della pastorale non deve essere troppo preoccupata di elaborare progetti e itinerari: «Le mediazioni vanno elaborandosi mentre viviamo e conviviamo».
Sotto il profilo delle azioni ecclesiali, vengono rafforzate due convinzioni: la valorizzazione della pietà popolare intesa come espressione di quell’autentico substrato religioso dei popoli, che sono soprattutto i poveri e gli esclusi a custodire; la preoccupazione della Chiesa di annunciare il kérygma, ovvero il nucleo essenziale della fede, con la scommessa che l’incontro diretto tra l’effettività del singolo e il Vangelo consenta il prodursi dell’atto di fede e vada a beneficio della qualità ecclesiale della fede stessa. In conformità alla sua identità, il kérygma esige che l’annuncio che di esso viene proposto soddisfi alcune qualità: deve esprimere che l’amore di Dio sta prima di ogni obbligazione morale e religiosa; non è riducibile a una formazione dottrinale; non deve imporre la libertà, ma appellarsi a essa; deve infondere gioia e forza; pur essendo centrato sulla Parola, deve esibire gli adeguati rimandi ai segni liturgici e alle esigenze della vita di carità; deve sfruttare le possibilità che la via della bellezza offre; deve essere azione ecclesiale e non avventura in solitaria. Vicinanza, apertura al dialogo, pazienza, accoglienza cordiale che non condanna sono, in continuità con il contenuto, le qualità dell’evangelizzatore. Il primato evangelico della persona ne è la condizione di possibilità. Va forse intesa in questa prospettiva la reticenza di Francesco a insistere sulla dottrina, con un’evidente opzione in favore della rivitalizzazione del “cuore” del cristianesimo (e della stessa dottrina), il kérygma appunto (la gioia, l’amore di Dio che sta prima e ci precede — primerea, la misericordia e il perdono, l’amore verso i poveri, l’istanza di conversione).
In questi ultimi anni, grazie soprattutto alla provocazione di Papa Francesco, anche le Chiese europee stanno tentando di confrontarsi con le prospettive offerte dalla “pastorale urbana”. Sulla scia degli autori latinoamericani, l’obiettivo consiste in un ripensamento dell’istituzione che, lungi dall’indulgere a un abbandono della stessa, la conduca ad assumere una forma plurale, accogliente, solidale e umile. Soltanto così — si ritiene — è possibile per la Chiesa trasformare un incontro temuto, quello con la città, in una opportunità. Quanto al processo di edificazione della Chiesa, secondo l’istanza della soggettività del “popolo di Dio evangelizzatore”, si riconosce il ruolo attivo del credente, con la necessità di un processo evangelizzatore che ne assuma l’esperienza effettiva. Proprio per questo motivo, ci si spinge a parlare di “comunicazione” del Vangelo più che di annuncio. Appare significativo, sotto questo profilo, il superamento di un appiattimento del kérygmatico sull’antropologico e il riconoscimento che il kérygma, che è più della dottrina, interpella l’uomo nella sua singolarità effettiva.

L'Osservatore Romano, 9-10 agosto 2018.

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"Digiuno di Maria": copti pregano per Patriarca e monasteri dopo l'omicidio del vescovo Epiphanios
I cristiani copti ortodossi in tutto il mondo stanno vivendo i quindi giorni del “digiuno della Santa Vergine Maria” pregando con particolari intenzioni per il lro Patriarca Tawadros II e per i monasteri del Paese, nel difficile momento attraversato dall'intera compagine ecclesiale dopo l'assassinio di Anba Epiphanios, (...)

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Stati Uniti
Priest arrested during anti-nuke protest to mark Hiroshima anniversary
NC Reporter
(Peter Feuerherd) Pope Francis inspired him to do it. Fr. James Murphy, a Wisconsin pastor, was arrested Aug. 6 for trespassing at the Offutt Air Force Base outside Omaha, Nebraska, as part of an anti-nuclear weapons protest timed to mark the 73rd anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. He was released pending a further hearing. Murphy could face up to six months in prison. (...)

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Il presidente Kovind in Kerala elogia la comunità cristiana, fonte di ‘immenso orgoglio’
(Nirmala Carvalho) Kovind ha presenziato alle celebrazioni per il centenario del St. Thomas College. Il valore dell’istruzione impartita dalle scuole cristiane. Nel Paese continuano le discriminazione contro i cristiani e le critiche dei nazionalisti indù. La comunità cristiana del Kerala è un simbolo dell’impegno non-negoziabile dell’India per la diversità e il pluralismo. Lo ha detto ieri il presidente indiano Ram Nath Kovind, affermando il proprio apprezzamento per il ruolo delle scuole cristiane nell’istruzione indiana. (...)

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Cardinal shares message of 'Laudato Si'' at Ghana World Youth Day event
CNS - NC Reporter
(Damian Avevor) A top Vatican official urged young people at a local World Youth Day gathering to protect the planet and actively live the teachings of Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment. Expressing concern for the accelerating degradation of Earth, Cardinal Peter Turkson, prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, told 3,000 Ghanaians Aug. 5 (...)

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Stati Uniti
Officials hold release of report on clergy sex abuse in Pennsylvania
CNS - NCReporter
(Rhina Guidos) A last-minute round of legal maneuvering to keep some names from appearing in a grand jury report detailing a months-long investigation of clergy sex abuse claims in six Pennsylvania dioceses may have kept the document from being made public Aug. 8 -- the earliest date given for its possible release. (...)

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Chaouqui: «Consegno al Vaticano tutti i dossier che avevo custodito»
«Ho dato mandato al notaio Pasquale Landi di consegnare tutti i dossier che erano custoditi alle autorità vaticane affinché siano messi a disposizione del Papa. Si tratta di fascicoli e dossier che mi sono stati consegnati in virtù del mio ruolo e che ho conservato». Lo dichiara Francesca Chaouqui a dieci giorni dalla decisione del gip di Roma che ha archiviato l’inchiesta nei suoi confronti per concussione e induzione. (...)

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Violenze nell'Est, il Vicario Apostolico: “Abbiamo sentito il Signore davvero vicino; è stato Lui a salvarci”
Si sta placando il clima di tensione che negli ultimi giorni ha causato atti di vandalismo contro diverse comunità etniche nella Regione somali nell’est dell’Etiopia. Le violenze hanno interessato il capoluogo Jijiga e altre città della regione. “Sabato 4 agosto mi trovavo a Jijiga per la benedizione di una cappella su un terreno periferico distante dal capoluogo circa 5 km. Con me erano venuti 300 cattolici, tra questi una sessantina da Dire Dawa e Harar”, ha raccontato a Fides mons. Angelo Pagano, Vicario Apostolico di Harar trovatosi coinvolto in quello che si è trasformato in un tragico evento (...)

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Giovedì 9 agosto: la giornata del Papa
(a cura Redazione "Il sismografo")
11 e 12 agosto - Papa Francesco 
incontra i giovani: festa e preghiera
Circo Massimo San Pietro
L’incontro si aprirà con un saluto al Santo Padre, a nome dei giovani italiani, da parte di Elena (30 anni), nel quale sarà descritto anche il dono - a sorpresa - che essi intendono consegnargli al termine del saluto.
Poi è in programma il dialogo tra Francesco e i giovani, che sarà intessuto di tre domande da parte dei ragazzi e tre risposte del Santo Padre.
La prima domanda sarà fatta da due giovani (Letizia, 23 anni, e Lucamatteo, 21 anni) che esprimeranno due aspetti della stessa ricerca: la costruzione della propria identità personale e dei propri sogni.
La seconda domanda sarà posta da Martina (24 anni) sul tema del discernimento nella vita e sull’idea di impegno e responsabilità nei confronti del mondo.

La terza domanda sarà fatta da Dario, un infermiere di 27 anni che si occupa di cure palliative, e riguarderà il tema della fede e della ricerca di senso.
Dopo il terzo intervento del Papa, verrà introdotta una giovane donna che ha perso l’uso delle gambe, Nicoletta Tinti. Con l’aiuto di Silvia Bertoluzza (inizialmente invisibile agli occhi del pubblico) farà una breve danza dando l’impressione di stare seduta. Al termine verrà aiutata ad alzarsi e a sedersi sulla sedia a rotelle. Le verrà portato un microfono e lascerà un breve messaggio di speranza. Il Papa la saluterà e a questo punto avrà inizio la Veglia di preghiera.
I numeri
‐ Le Diocesi in cammino: 195 su 226
‐ I giovani: 40.000 in cammino; 70.000 a Roma
‐ I vescovi presenti a Roma: 120
(A cura dell’Ufficio per le Comunicazioni Sociali della CEI)
- "Il Regno di Dio cresce nel mondo in modo misterioso, sorprendente, con la potenza del piccolo seme."

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Il Cardinale Coutts: “Una chiamata a pregare e servire il mio popolo e la Chiesa universale”
"Non sono scelto perché sono il più capace. Questo è il piano di Dio per me: servirlo vicino al Santo Padre. E' una responsabilità e una chiamata a pregare e servire di più. La gente mi dice che la mia elevazione a Cardinale è un onore per la Chiesa e per il Pakistan. Pertanto, esorto tutti i fedeli a sostenermi (...)

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Catholic Archbishop calls for unity among Nigerians
The Oracle
Catholic Archbishop of Jos, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, has urged Nigerians to unite with one another in order to attract even growth and development in the country. Kaigama gave the advice, Tuesday at the opening mass of the 16th General Assembly of the archdiocese in Jos. The assembly was tagged:  “Revival of the Catholic Traditions and Etiquettes in Contemporary Nigerian Church: Catholic Archdiocese of Jos in Focus.’’ (...)

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Sud Sudan
War contagious with negative impact on society, says Bishop Hiiboro
War is contagious and has negative impact in the society and the country, says Catholic Bishop of Tombura-Yambio. Bishop Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala says the conflict in Western Equatoria have greatly affected children specially those whose parents were in armed oppositions controlled areas, Anisa Radio reports. (...)

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Costa Rica
Costa Rica: l’impegno della Chiesa nell’accoglienza dei migranti dal Nicaragua
(Bruno Desidera) In tutto il loro numero è stimato in circa 25mila e rischia di aumentare a dismisura, nel caso proseguano le violenze dovute alla repressione governativa delle proteste pacifiche. Nel mese di luglio la repressione delle forze paramilitari ha avuto un’escalation, e così pure il numero di vittime, salite a oltre 400 (...)

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L’Argentina dice “no” all’aborto
Vatican Insider
(Andrés Beltramo Álvarez) Dopo un lungo dibattito nazionale e una seduta-maratona nel Senato, è stata bocciata la proposta di legge che pretendeva di legalizzare l’interruzione volontaria delle gravidanze nel Paese del Papa. Una seduta-maratona, cortei giganteschi per le strade, pressioni politiche di ogni sorta e una battaglia voto a voto. La conclusione delle negoziazioni nel Senato sulla proposta di legge sull’aborto sembrava quasi un riassunto degli ultimi mesi di politica argentina. Giovedì all’alba l’organo legislativo ha bocciato (...)
(es) Argentina dice no al aborto

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Pope must admit Vatican disregard for abused on Irish visit. Saying sorry it happened, sorry you were hurt, does not cut it any more
Irish Times
(Marie Collins) When Pope Francis comes to Ireland in two weeks’ time it will be 39 years since the last visit by a head of the Catholic Church. Since then the status of the church in Ireland has declined dramatically. Those identifying as Catholic are down by 20 per cent, according to the last census. Mass attendance has fallen away, seminaries and religious houses have closed, and parishes are now often run by a single priest. (...)

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Regno Unito
IICSA releases interim report on abuse at two Catholic schools
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) today released a bleak interim report into the historic abuse of pupils at Ampleforth and Downside schools over a 40 year period. Professor Alexis Jay, Chair of the Inquiry, said: "For decades Ampleforth and Downside tried to avoid giving any information about child sexual (...) 

           Cancer-curing Marie Curie voted the most influential...       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
By Brittany O'NeillLONDON, Aug 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nobel prize-winning scientist Marie Curie was the most influential woman in history,...
           Philadelphia rapper, woman killed in drive-by shooting       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Philadelphia police say local rapper General Reezy and a woman were fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting, and four others were...
          The Him – By Your Side ft. Jordan Jay      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

By Your Side – The Him ft. Jordan Jay Lyrics, Letra: When you got what you want If you still don’t have what you need Half the world and what’s slowly healed Then you look back and see everything you have achieved Man you what you needed, you got [?] Talking bout a sweet woman ...

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          apartament 3 camere semidecomandat drobeta tr severin      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Unic proprietar, fara intermediari, vand apartament 3 camere, semidecomandat, str. Petre ...
           UK inquiry: Monks hid sex abuse to protect church...       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
LONDON (AP) - A British inquiry concluded Thursday that sexual abuse at two leading Roman Catholic schools in England was considerably higher than is...
          Anne Marie – Dangerous Woman (Lyrics)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Anne Marie – Dangerous Woman (Lyrics) Confira Lyrics, Letra da musica com Video para Ouvir, Aprenda agora a cantar todas as letras desta musica com a composição original, disponível para todos os países, veja todas as letras da musica oficial abaixo ⦁ A letra desta musica não está disponível, Envie no formulário abaixo! Ajude a ...

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           Romania expatriates arrive home before anti-gov't protest       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) - Romanians who live abroad have begun arriving back home for an anti-government protest where they will call for the left-wing...
          Woman with PTSD says Washington Memorial Library brings her calmness      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Washington Memorial Library is used for many reasons. Whether you're checking out a book, or learning more about the city you live in through archives, the library offers a variety of services.

The post Woman with PTSD says Washington Memorial Library brings her calmness appeared first on 41NBC News | WMGT-DT.

          Balaton felvidék      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A Balaton felvidék központi, mégis nyugodt részén saját részre felújított panorámás kõház patakparti ingatlanon, gyönyörû környezetben eladó. A ház teraszos domboldalban helyezkedik el, diófák között, kilátással a környezõ hegyekre, különösen a Szt. Balázs hegyre. Az ingatlant a domboldal alján egy sík területen a Csorsza patak határolja. A Nemzeti Park területén elhelyezkedõ romantikus kõháznak
          San Marino-RETE-MDSI: fusioni tra banche e uomini soli al comando      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Nel gennaio 2018 abbiamo scoperto che la trattativa per la cessione dei crediti Delta da parte di Cassa di Risparmio (crediti per valori nominali altissimi, che Cassa sta svendendo per pochi spiccioli) era già avviata da tempo e sostenuta internamente,...
          Homem é morto pelo irmão durante discussão por farinha e pedaço de carne       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Um homem identificado como José Reis Godinho, de 52 anos, foi morto pelo próprio irmão com golpes de arma branca durante uma discussão dentro de casa, no povoado Serra Branca, zona rural de Quijingue, região sisaleira da Bahia, na tarde desta terça-feira (7). De acordo com a Polícia Civil, os dois tomaram bebida alcoólica e discutiram por um pouco de farinha e carne seca.

O acusado de cometer o crime, Gilberto Reis Godinho, 54 anos, foi preso em flagrante pela Polícia Militar após ser localizado com as roupas e os pés sujos de sangue, possivelmente da vítima. De acordo com informações da Polícia Civil, Gilberto contou que já tinha uma desavença antiga com José, que a vítima já tinha o esfaqueado há mais de dez anos, e nesta terça-feira os dois discutiram novamente, dessa vez por causa de uma porção de farinha e carne seca, momento em que ele matou o irmão.

Segundo a polícia, José sofreu cortes na cabeça, rosto, pescoço, braços, antebraços, mãos e tórax. Ele não resistiu aos ferimentos e morreu no local. Um facão, uma faca e uma ‘sovela’ [instrumento pontiagudo comumente utilizado para perfurar couro] foram encontrados no local onde o corpo estava. Gilberto foi encaminhado à delegacia da cidade, onde o caso foi registrado. Já o corpo da vítima foi levado para o Departamento de Polícia Técnica de Euclides da Cunha.

Reproduzido por MassapeCeara.Com|Créditos: Notícias de Santaluz

          Homem é flagrado abusando de criança em banheiro de igreja; Assista       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Uma criança foi vítima de um pedófilo durante a missa das 11 horas na Igreja Bom Despacho no último domingo (05/08), em Cuiabá. O vídeo que mostra um homem seguindo o menino foi divulgado pela igreja.

Segundo matéria do O Livre, o menino acabou sendo salvo por um acólito -um sacerdote da Igreja católica- que ouviu os gritos de socorro. Ele ficou cerca de cinco minutos no banheiro junto ao suspeito.

Reproduzido por MassapeCeara.Com|Créditos: 180graus

          Mulher é assassinada na frente da filha de 8 anos em Fortaleza       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Uma mulher identificada como Marciele dos Santos de Lima, de 27 anos, foi assassinada a tiros nesta quarta-feira (8), no bairro Mucuripe, em Fortaleza.

A vítima estava em um ponto de ônibus com a filha de apenas 8 anos, esperando o coletivo para levar a filha ao dentista, quando foi assassinada.

Marciele usava uma tornozeleira eletrônica, porque no passado ela teve um relacionamento com um traficante de drogas que continua preso. Na época, ela também foi presa e quando foi posta em liberdade, terminou o relacionamento com o traficante e começou a trabalhar para cuidar da filha, que hoje foi testemunha da morte da própria mãe.

A vítima já tinha morado no bairro Vicente Pinzon e no ano passado tinha sofrido um atentado, por isso ela se mudou para o bairro Castelo Encantado, onde se sentia mais tranquila.

A família descarta a hipótese, de que o ex-companheiro tenha mandado cometer este crime. Eles têm um suspeito, mas disseram que só vão contar para a polícia, que continua com as investigações para tentar elucidar mais um crime contra uma mulher em Fortaleza.

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          Very Much Pregnant? Here Are 12 Struggles You Can Relate To      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Being a future mom is such a special part of a woman’s life. You are carrying […]

The post Very Much Pregnant? Here Are 12 Struggles You Can Relate To appeared first on MetDaan.

          Learmonth missed out on back-to-back European triathlon gold medals      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Jess Learmonth was forced to concede that she lost to the better woman as the legendary Nicola Spirig pipped her to European gold in the women’s triathlon in Glasgow on Thursday.
          RUBY ROSE Comments on BATWOMAN Casting      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
"Growing up, watching TV, I never saw someone on TV that I could identify with - let alone a superhero.
          ‘Be Like Maxine’ Campaign Launches Tote Bag Line Paying Homage To U.S. Rep. Waters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Liberal tolerance in action. Via Daily Wire: Color of Change, which claims to be the largest online racial justice group in the United States, has launched a limited-edition tote bag line paying homage to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) — the controversial congresswoman who earlier this summer instructed allies to harass members of the Trump […]
          Homenaje a la Fuerza Naval de Nicaragua      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
El Presidente de la República, Comandante Daniel Ortega, encabezará la celebración el 13 de agosto
          Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. Due bandi di Concorso pubblico, per titoli, per l’assegnazione delle borse di studio in favore delle vittime del terrorismo, della criminalità organizzata e del dovere, degli orfani e dei figli delle vittime del terrorismo, della criminalità e del dovere nonché dei loro superstiti      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I due bandi sono pubblicati, sulla G.U. – IV serie speciale – Concorsi ed esami n. 17 del 3 marzo 2017. La scadenza per la presentazione delle domande è il 3 aprile 2017. Per ulteriori informazioni e modulistica sono disponibili sul sito Nota MIUR prot. AOODGSIP n. 1392 del 17-03-2017 Primo Bando – Modello di domanda Secondo [...]
          7 Habits of Highly Successful Women      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

How do you get to the next level in your career? If you are struggling with what's next, you are going to love this episode where my guest walks you step by step through the 7 habits of highly successful women so you can live your calling and your life.


Dr. Lizette Ojeda is an award-winning psychology expert and an authority on career development. As a tenured associate professor, she teaches career counseling, conducts research on career development, and mentors doctoral students. She has been nationally recognized for her work and has published in Journal of Career Development, The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology, and The Handbook of Career Counseling for Women. She is a licensed psychologist and has helped hundreds of people achieve their career & life goals. As a multi-passionate career woman, she helps high-achieving women have their "career cake" and eat it, too. She believes career women should not have to choose between living their calling and living their life.

          En Puerto Plata se duplicó llegada de cruceristas durante julio      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
El puerto Amber Cove de Puerto Plata duplicó el arribo de viajeros al totalizar 56,476 entre tripulantes y pasajeros, con relación al mismo mes de 2017 cuando llegaron 27,489, según el reporte mensual de la Dirección de Cruceros del Ministerio de Turismo (Mitur).

A este impulso se atribuye la dinámica entrada de 12 buques de la empresa naviera Carnival, incluyendo el Carnival Horizon repleto de turistas durante el mes de julio por la terminal puertoplateña.

Mientras por La Romana desembarcaron 14,554 pasajeros y 4,330 tripulantes para un total de 18,884 visitantes y un crecimiento interanual de 49.53% en el mismo período.

Al igual que en junio, donde el incremento interanual se situó en 74.56%, dichos aumentos vuelven a superar la meta proyectada por la Dirección de Cruceros del Mitur para este lapso que es de un 10%.

En tanto, el Puerto Don Diego de Santo Domingo que registró igual número de tocadas del Ferrys del Caribe con 13 en el mismo período, llegaron unos 2,641 visitantes adicionales entre tripulantes y turistas situándose en tercera posición por detrás de Puerto Plata y La Romana.

El país se  consolida como en el principal destino de cruceros del Caribe y Latinoamérica al alcanzar durante el pasado mes un total de 83,744 visitantes extranjeros con un crecimiento interanual de un 82.84% por las principales terminales turísticas.

          Commenti su #SaveRafinha di Tiziano      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Este al 200%! VERO! E ancora per quest'anno qualche lacciuolo purtroppo lo abbiamo. Infatti giornali di merda tipo repubblica, che fa da reggicoda alle romane, e al nord il giornale per ovvia vicinanza al socio occulto del fondo, che hanno mangiato la foglia e temono che noi si diventi (come avverrà) l'altro polo della diarchia che è in fieri, cominciano a cercare di farci terra bruciata intorno. Per fortuna al Capo importa una sega e da 6000 km i tagli d'asino arrivano più flebili che in cielo
          BOGO FREE!Marvel Cross Stitch Pattern/SuperHero funny/Captain America/Batman/Wonder Woman/Flash/Superman/Gift/baby/Instant download pdf/A30 by Embroidery4kidsArt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

4.50 USD

Marvel Super Heroes for fans and lovers of comic books and tv series about Super Heroes.

Add 1 pattern to your cart and write to me # from the title of 2 pattern into the "Note to StitchLine" box upon checkout.
The 2 pattern I'll send to your email during 24 hours after purchase.
*Patterns that apply must be of equal or lesser value only.
This PDF counted cross stitch pattern available for instant download.
Floss: DMC

342w X 193h Stitches
Size(s): 14 Count, 62.05w X 35.02h cm(24,4 w X 13.8h inch)
16 Count, 54.29w X 30.64h cm (21,4w X 12.1h inch)
20 Count, 43.43w X 24.51h cm(17,1 w X 9.6h inch)

I recommend using 14 count Aida fabric of DMC floss. If you want the project to be smaller, use 16 count fabric and 2 strand of DMC floss.

With purchase, you'll receive a DOWNLOAD LINK to a PDF pattern that includes:
- Cover page with image and pattern size
- Full color chart with symbols
- Chart with symbols
- DMC and Anchor floss legend and number of skeins needed

Are you looking for a specific patterns/design that I don't have listed? Just ask me and I may be able to create it.

******BUY ANY 5 PATTERNS FOR 10 $ ONLY! ******

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All my patterns are not for commercial using. Resale of my patterns is prohibited.

All patterns will be sent by email within a few minutes of payment.
After make payment you"ll receive a link to a page where you can download your pattern. This PDF file you can print later.
All emails send to email address you gave Etsy.
Refunds and Exchanges
Remember you buy a digital product. So, refunds are not available on emailed PDF patterns.

          Set of 2 Cupboard Door Knobs , Turquoise, White & Orange Kitchen Cabinet Knobs , Round Drawer Pulls , Coloured Dresser Handles by CreativeBrickRo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

15.00 EUR

* Set of 2 Cupboard Door Knobs , Turquoise, White & Orange Kitchen Cabinet Knobs , Round Drawer Pulls , Coloured Dresser Handles *

Our Building Bricks Handles are surprising, simple and modern cupboard handles, perfect for kitchen drawers, cupboards or cabinets. They will be perfect as a housewarming gift, or for the furniture in your kids playroom.

These funky knobs will complement a variety of furniture.

They come in many different colours. Please check out our shop to see them all!

The Round Knobs are made entirely with original, brand new authentic Bricks. All pieces are glued together for a better resistance, with great attention to details.

Our objects made of authentic Bricks, with a surprising functionality, will become real design objects, that will give color to any interior.


3,1 cm x 3,0 cm x 6 cm
(1,22'' x 1,18'' x 2,36'' )

All packages are sent by registered mail from Romania and you will receive a tracking number.
The delivery time is estimated at 1 week delivery to Europe, 2 weeks to US, Canada,Asia and Australia. Please, keep in mind that sometimes the shipping may stretch due to holidays and external delays.


See all my round knobs here :§ion_id=22988656

Enter my shop here :

Thank you for visitting my store and please let me know if you have any questions or you would like a custom model .

Have a creative day !
Mr. C

All images & designs © CreativeBrick 2014. All rights reserved.
LEGO® is a trademark of the Lego Group which does not support, endorse, or authorize this product. Small LEGO® elements are not supposed to be used by children under the age of 3.3.

          Large Tibetan Meteorite Dzi Bead~ Nine Eyes Bead Highly Coveted Wealth Talisman~Deep Green Almost Black Sacred Dzi Bead Sourced from Tibet by TemplesTreasureTrove      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

189.95 USD

Large Tibetan Meteorite Dzi Bead~ Nine Eyes Bead Highly Coveted Wealth Talisman~Deep Green Almost Black Sacred Dzi Bead Sourced from Tibet

I acquired this bead and numerous others (still waiting to be listed) directly from Tibet where Dzi beads are highly revered and steeped in mystery to the "outside world". They are believed to have magical healing and protective amulet powers in Asian cultures going back thousands of years.

I've provided you with extreme macro photos showing all the signs of wear to this bead. I have no doubt the bead is truly old and because I bought it at an amazing price I'm passing on the low price to interested buyers. I've searched high and low for values on the beads I have and I'm absolutely AMAZED at how much these beads are selling for, Far more than my selling price. There is no way for me to know or assess the true age of this bead other than visually unless I had access to an expert here in the desert. Experts on the subject of dzi beads are few, and far and wide and hard to find.

I've sold numerous dzi beads and gotten excellent feedback, seems they sell just about as fast as I can acquire and list them due to the quality and price of beads I make available. So...First Come First Served.

Please refer to the photos as they are an important part of the description. All weights and measures are approximate. Colors may vary from one monitor to another. Due to the use of a macro lens you may see details not visible to the naked eye. Color balance may differ from one computer monitor to another.


Length: 72mm ( 2 3/4" )
Shape: Bicone
Diameter: 25mm ( 1" ) at center and tapering down to 15mm ( 3/16" ) at each end
Hole size: 5mm ( 1/16" )
Weight: 62.34gms
Stone: acquired as "black jade"
Color: Dark green on the verge of black. With a strong focused light you can see translucent areas in the stone that show as green

-------------------> A brass gauge is included in photo #3 for scale. What in INVALUABLE TOOL!!! If you're interested in acquiring this "All Important Brass Gauge For Measuring In Both Metric And English Measure To Take The Guess Work Out Of It!" click on the link below and hopefully there will still be one available, a VERY inexpensive yet Priceless investment !! Tell my sister Kathryne "Serene sent me" :)

-------------> หินทิเบต(ดี ซี ไอ) TIBET DZI BEADS -9 eye : Builds up a lenient and caring heart for you, helps you gain fame and benefits. Increases the owner’s wealth. 9 Eye is one of the most sought after, believed to represent the 9 planetary systems and its essence. This Dzi is touted as a window to wisdom. The 9-Eyed Dzi bead endows the wearer to expand his intelligence and wisdom. This type of Dzi bead is also well documented in modern Asian circles for its "mysticism" and "power" by several people who wore them and survived near death experiences. This bead is often considered the unofficial wealth bead. The 9 eye Dzi bead may assist the owner of this bead to become rolling in wealth. The wealth will be gained through one’s own work. This bead attracts attention and assists in causing fame to increase. The nine eyed Dzi assists the entrepreneur in finding their ideas and strengths.
The nine eyed Dzi bead assists its owner to Gather Wealth, Achieve Good Health, Success, Gain Power, Compassion, Glory, and Expelling Evil & Acts as a Protector. It is believed that the 9 eye Dzi bead is able assist its owner in achieving the Nine-fold Merits. The Nine-fold merits are compassion, glory, everlasting brightness, fame, dignity, authority, control, reputation and the removal of obstacles. Accumulation of meritorious virtue, increases compassionate, separates from suffering and gains advantage. Gathering the Nine-fold Merits, ensuring the growth in compassion, power and glory thus bringing about immense benefits.

----------->Meteorite Dzi Beads Info

According to ancient manuscripts many million years ago a giant meteorite fell on the lands of Tibet. As a result of its collision with the earth there was a powerful explosion. High temperature and a great pressure caused the merger of meteorite substance and the rocks which had melt and formed such kind of stone which is now called “sibin pumice”. Sometimes it is called Byanshi stone (after the name of deposits or the meteorite fallen later than million years ago in Tibet). The belief is that the meteorites created a "spray" of meteoric material across wide areas and permeated the existing minerals making them not only magnetic but powerful healing stones as well as materials used to create ritual implements such as phurbas,khartikas,and all manner of ritual swords,tingshas, and singing bowls.

Shaolin monks state that as the result of space stone interference the rock got new properties and became a medical mineral. These black stones were widely used in Shaolin Monastery. Using them people eliminated pain, massaged, eliminated edemas and relaxed.

Since then the acupunctural stone has become very popular. It is still used for rejuvenating Guasha massage. The magnetic properties of "meteoric dzi beads" are rather weak. They can be seen in deflection of the compass needle. If you bring the compass needle to the bead it will deflect. The more the needle deflects the stronger the magnetic properties are.

It is believed that due to the powerful “celestial” properties the meteorite beads have they are not recommended to wear continuously. They can allegedly cause indisposition as their energy is rather strong. However, the temporary contact with such beads can promote recovery, and normalization of energy balance in the human body. The East Asians use the talismans to relax and to eliminate headaches. It is not known if the meteorite dzi beads effect each person in such a manner or not. Nevertheless, many people are pleased to have such mystic talisman with the energy of Heaven in their collection.

--------->Some Information and History About Dzi Beads

A DZI Bead is an ancient agate bead etched with mystical eyes, heavenly patterns and auspicious symbols.
The Dzi originated from the land of mythical Buddhist Lamas and is endorsed by all to possess protective, enhancing, curative powers.

Originated from Tibet and the Himalayan Mountains,...It has healing powers. It often brings fantastic good fortune, prosperity,
wealth and good health to the owner. Tibetans believe that bad spirits in the environment cause negativities in life. Wearing the powerful talismanic Dzi is believed to dissipate such negativities depending on their patterns and usage.

Dzi beads have eyes and motifs which have special meanings and Dzi beads are worn as protective amulets since ancient times in Tibet.

Dzi beads are described to heal illnesses, protect a person from ill-willed enemies and evil curses. Dzi beads are worn for health purposes. Being of natural agate material it is a very strong negative dispeller and a grounding stone your body thus creating a
positive auric field which in turn creates .

We all have a magnetic aura around us which at different times are positive and negative. The Dzi bead having a magnetic field of 13 Volts is able to clear any negative auric field surrounding good karma and positive energies for the person bringing good luck,
good fortune, good karma, long life and protection to the wearer.

Dzi beads help promote the balance of YIN and YANG of a person's body, increasing blood circulation thereby giving good health.

Using a magnifying glass to see the Dzi bead, you will be able to see the " weathering marks" on the Dzi bead which are called
" DRAGON SKIN " which shows the estimate age of a Dzi bead. Dzi beads are never perfect and are always blemished in some way.

The older a Dzi bead, the more powerful it is and the more expensive it is. Ultimately it is the preference of the buyer to decide to wear a few, antique or old Dzi bead. They serve the same purposes irregardless.

Dzi bead (Tib. གཟི།; pronounced "zee"; alternative spelling: gzi) is a type of stone bead of uncertain origin worn as part of a necklace and sometimes as a bracelet. In several Asian cultures, including that of Tibet, the bead is considered to provide positive spiritual benefit. These beads are generally prized as protective amulets and are sometimes ground into a powder to be used in traditional Tibetan medicine. Beads subject to this process have small "dig marks" where a portion of the bead has been scraped or ground away to be included in the medicine. Some dzi exhibit grinding and polishing of one or both ends, again the result of reduction for use in traditional Tibetan medicine or, in some cases, due to the bead's use as a burnishing tool in the application of gold leaf to thanka paintings or gilt bronze statuary.

The most highly prized dzi beads are those of ancient age, made of natural agate. The original source of these beads is a mystery. While the traditional, ancient-style beads are greatly preferred, new modern-made dzi are gaining popularity amongst Tibetans.

Dzi stones are made from agate, and may have decorative symbols composed of circles, ovals, squares, waves or zig zags, stripes, lines, diamonds, dots, and various other archetypal and symbolic patterns. Colors mainly range from brown to black, with the pattern usually in ivory white. Dzi beads can appear in different colours, shapes, and sizes; the surface is usually smooth and waxy, presumably from wear over a long period of time.

The number of "eyes," circular designs on the stone, is considered significant. The symbolic meaning of these beads is based on the number and arrangement of the dots. Dzi beads with more than twelve eyes are considered non-traditional.

Dzi stones made their first appearance between 2000 and 1000 BC, in ancient India: a few hundred thousand were supposedly brought back by Tibetan soldiers from Persia or ancient Tajikistan during a raid. The malicious effect of the “evil eye” was taken very seriously by these people. Dzi were considered to counteract the evil eye. The artisans who made the dzi created amulets with “eyes” on them as a “fight fire with fire” form of protection. Artisans used agate as the base stone, and then embellished the beads lines and shapes using ancient methods that remain mysterious. Treatments may have included darkening with plant sugars and heat, bleaching and white line etching with natron, and protecting certain areas with grease, clay, wax or a similar substance. A hole was drilled before the bead was decorated as drilling caused most breakage during the production process, and holes were also useful for stringing and dipping numerous beads as a step in coloration. The earliest holes were conical and done with solid drill bits drilling from both ends and, hopefully, meeting near the center of the bead. Very small drill tips of chipped flint were used without abrasives and numerous other materials, regardless of hardness, when used with abrasives. Neolithic era beads were also drilled with hollow, tubular abrasion driven bits of reed and, later, during the Chalcolithic, copper. These drilled a hole with a core of agate inside the tubular drill. Tubular bit holes were parallel walled rather than conical, but also done from both ends. Both methods required arduous work done with a bow drill, with time and effort being determined by hardness of abrasive, from ground sand (quartz) to corundum.

Although the geographic origin of dzi beads is uncertain, it is accepted that they are now called "Tibetan beads," just like "Tibetan coral," which also came to Tibet from elsewhere. Tibetans cherish these beads and consider them hereditary gems. In this way they have survived thousands of years, being worn by hundreds of individual people. Dzi are found primarily in Tibet, but also in neighbouring Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh and Sikkim.[citation needed]Although Dzi type agate beads were made in the Indus Valley during the Harappan period and at various locations rich in agate deposits in India, such as in Khambhat, since their Neolithic periods, the earliest archaeologically controlled find of an agate bead with Dzi style decoration of straight and curved lines and circular eye we have found has been from a Saka culture excavation (Uigarak) in Kazakhstan, dated 7th - 5th C. BCE. These were said to be imports from India, reflecting long distance trade with the more nomadic Saka or Scythian tribes.

Since knowledge of the bead is derived from several differing oral traditions, the beads have provoked controversy regarding their source, their method of manufacture and even their precise definition.[citation needed] In Tibetan culture these beads are believed to attract local protectors, dharmapalas or deities or maybe beneficial ghosts, ancestors or even bodhisattvas. Because of this, dzi beads are always treated with respect.

It has been reported that modern era dzi style beads were made in Idar Oberstein, Germany at least as early as the 19th C. The German agate-cutters at Idar-Oberstein plied their trade since the Roman Period. They brought the coloring of agates to a science and the cutting and drilling to the mechanical level of perfection for which Germans are known.

There is an absolutely overwhelming amount of information on the internet regarding the history and beliefs surrounding these mysterious stone beads. Above is a VERY small sampling of the abundant information I've found. I hope you enjoy the read!

If you need a good excuse to purchase these go to the link below ;)

For more world wide treasures:

Thanks for taking the time to view my Large Tibetan Meteorite Dzi Bead~ Nine Eyes Bead Highly Coveted Wealth Talisman~Deep Green Almost Black Sacred Dzi Bead Sourced from Tibet

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The management company of 270 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell franchises nationwide has agreed to provide sensitivity training at those outlets following a May incident at a KFC in Mississippi in which a deaf woman felt she was being mocked. The Clarion Ledger reports Disabi...
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beckys134 / 6 pages
Gabe Austin is promoted to Police Detective in search of a young child who was kidnapped. In his Search he doesn't find a child at all he finds a Young woman Nicki Reynolds she strives to make peace with her past only to find Handsome Gabe Aust...
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• Muir back to her best after altitude training in Switzerland
• No British woman has won European gold at 1500m

Laura Muir has declared herself fit, confident and ready to make history after recovering from an achilles niggle that stopped her doubling up at the European Championships.

No British woman has won a European 1500m gold medal, although Kelly Holmes snatched a silver in 1994 and Laura Weightman a bronze in 2014, but Muir enters the heats on Friday as an overwhelming favourite for the final on Sunday.

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Police are appealing for witnesses after the woman was reportedly shoved with a heavy door several times.
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La Prensa

          KAREN BLIXEN, LE SONGE D’UNE NUIT AFRICAINE – Film en plein air dans le jardin du musée Karen Blixen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Karen Blixen, le songe d’une nuit africaine

Film en plein air dans le jardin du Musée Karen Blixen

Vendredi 17 août à 20:30

Introduction par la réalisatrice du film, Elisabeth Kapnist.

Pour connaître Karen Blixen (1885-1962), il ne faut pas la chercher dans La Ferme africaine, mais dans ses contes, explique sa biographe Judith Thurman devant la caméra d’Elisabeth Kapnist, auteure de ce très beau documentaire qui, dans un même geste, retrace la vie de l’écrivaine danoise et sonde le mystère de son inspiration, les tréfonds secrets et opulents du creuset mental où ont infusé les histoires fantastiques, poétiques, gothiques ou mélancoliques de la « Shéhérazade scandinave ».

« Il était une fois, au royaume du Danemark, une petite fille prénommée Karen… » Le film lui-même commence comme un conte, dans le décor doux et figé de la maison familiale de Rungstedlund – où Blixen est née, où elle mourut, où elle est enterrée –, pour se déployer ensuite comme un roman d’aventures en territoire africain (1914-1931), avant de renouer avec l’intimité danoise pour dérouler les années proprement créatives de l’écrivaine.

La qualité du choix des extraits lus, puisés au corpus de ses fictions et dans sa correspondance, est soulignée et exhaussée par la somptuosité discrète des images : paysages africains en majesté, vastes et pâles ciels scandinaves, intérieurs danois silencieux et profonds comme des toiles de Vilhelm Hammershøj…

Immergé dans ces tableaux, on croit souvent toucher du doigt la matière poétique et grave dont étaient faits les songes de Blixen – « Rêver, c’est le suicide que se permettent les gens bien élevés », disait-elle.

Les places sont en vente dans le magsin du musée ou sur


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Eugene Hynes and Jason Brushett

Eugene Hynes and Jason Brushett want to do something good for the environment. Last week, they did something good for a Paradise woman, too.

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Bruhn Bridge

RCMP say the incident happened at around 2 a.m. Wednesday when four people leaped from the bridge and the woman didn't resurface.

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The Real Housewives: 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Jacqueline Laurita's daughter Ashlee Holmes marries Pete Malleo. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" alum Ashlee Holmes is a married woman.
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It's not saying "your hot" what changes her feeling. It's how you truly love her at her worst. When you're honest it will be more natural and acceptable for her and obviousely meaningfull.
          Power of Walking Away: Tamron Hall Talks Life after ‘Today’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

When Tamron Hall walked away from the Today show early last year, fans were shocked, appalled, and disappointed that the first black woman to hold an anchor seat on the show would be leaving.

The post Power of Walking Away: Tamron Hall Talks Life after ‘Today’ appeared first on Black Enterprise.

          ALERTE - Irak/législatives: La liste du nationaliste Moqtada Sadr en tête après le recomptage (resultats définitifs) (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 09 août 2018 21h04)
          Le British Museum va rendre à l'Irak des antiquités pillées (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Londres - Des antiquités, parfois vieilles de 5000 ans, pillées en Irak en 2003 après la chute de Saddam Hussein, vont revenir dans leur pays après avoir été identifiées par des experts du British Museum, a annoncé jeudi l'institution.Huit...
          Le British Museum va rendre à l'Irak des antiquités pillées (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Des antiquités, parfois vieilles de 5000 ans, pillées en Irak en 2003 après la chute de Saddam Hussein, vont revenir dans leur pays après avoir été identifiées par des experts du British Museum, a annoncé jeudi l'institution. Huit petits...
          Irak: face à la colère, le Premier ministre fait le ménage au ministère de l'Electricité (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bagdad - Pour calmer la colère d'une population en Irak victime de coupures endémiques de courant alors que la température atteint les 50 degrés, le Premier ministre a procédé jeudi à un grand ménage au ministère de l'Electricité, après...
          'Not From Around Here': GOP Rep Dog-Whistles Sharice Davids Right Before She Wins Primary      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
'Not From Around Here': GOP Rep Dog-Whistles Sharice Davids Right Before She Wins Primary

Just in case Kansas Republican Kevin Yoder was going to have to run against an Indigenous, LGBQT woman, he wanted to make sure everyone knew how low he'd be willing to sink to defeat her. Before all the votes were even tallied in Tuesday night's primary for Kansas' 3rd Congressional District, Rep. Yoder lobbed this claim against Davids (and one of his other potential opponents, Brent Welder):

“[N]either of them are from around here, and both want to force their radical ideas on those of use who have dedicated our entire lives to this community and this state....[They] don’t know Kansas. They don’t know our values.”

Um...Sharice Davids is an Indiginous woman who is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation. She is soooooooo "from around here." Way more "from around here" than Yoder's Irish, German, English ass is.

She doesn't know "our values?" Is that because she is LGBQT? Or because she knows how to work her way up from community college to Cornell Law School? I don't know, Congressman. Which one of you took a taxpayer-funded trip to Israel to "learn more about the Holy Land" with 30 of your colleagues only to get drunk and skinny dip in the Sea of Galilee with 20 of them?

read more

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The Block NZ's Em Blanchett has denied that there's any romantic entanglements with the boys' team on this year's edition.
          Comment on Got a post or a link? Stick it here 8. by whiskeyriver      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
That young lady hit the welfare nail on the head right away. Why do people think so many black and Hispanic babies are born out of wedlock? A woman can spread her legs, have 4 or 5 rugrats from 4 or 5 different men, never marry, get to keep a live in boy toy, and get lots more welfare! One example I know is a woman here in town who has 2 boys and two girls. She is "entitled" to a three bedroom apartment for $80 per month rent. Her all electric apartment should have an electric bill that would scare most people, hers is $20 per month. All her brats have Obama phones. She drives a nicer car than a lot of hard working people can afford. Her kids wear designer clothes and $200 dollar sneakers. She get almost $700 per month in food stamps. And she bitches because her life is so hard!
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"Growing up....I never saw someone on TV that I could identify with," says Ruby Rose.
          Midday open thread: Another billion bucks added to Georgia nukes costs; Smokey Bear turns 74      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

88 days remain until the November midterms

Today’s comic by Ruben Bolling is A Calvinesque and Hobbesian look at Russian collusion:

Cartoon by Ruben Bolling

Trump regime eager to open up hundreds of thousands of Calif. acres to fracking:

Ending a five-year moratorium, the Trump administration Wednesday took a first step toward opening 1.6 million acres of California public land to fracking and conventional oil drilling, triggering alarm bells among environmentalists.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management said it’s considering new oil and natural gas leases on BLM-managed lands in Fresno, San Luis Obispo and six other San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast counties. Meanwhile, activists in San Luis Obispo are pushing a ballot measure this fall to ban fracking and new oil exploration in the county.

Rapist Brock Turner loses his ridiculous “outercourse” appeal. So he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Another $1.1 billion added to cost of Georgia nukes: Four Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear reactors were going to usher in a nuclear power renaissance we were told a decade ago. They were supposed to be cheaper, safer, and quicker to get up and running once their permits were approved. But, a year ago, the owners shut down the two nukes they were building South Carolina, with the project less than 40 percent complete. Owners South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper estimated that the $11.5 billion they had originally said the pair of reactors would cost when completed had ballooned to $25 billion. And they would not be finished until 2021-22, more than three years after their originally slated completion date. Now, Southern Co. and its utility subsidiary Georgia Power, who are building the other two nukes in Georgia, have added another $1.1 billion to the cost of the pair after having taken over the project when Westinghouse went bankrupt. Total cost for that project is now set at $27 billion. Even though the reactors won’t switch on for years, ratepayers are already coughing up more than $100 a year to pay for this “construction work in progress.”



Report says American elders are declaring bankruptcy three times as much as they used to: The Consumer Bankruptcy Project released its “Graying of U.S. Bankruptcy: Fallout from Life in a Risk Society,” which puts the blame on the ravaged societal safety net and policy changes that have left large numbers of older Americans with inadequate retirement savings and huge medical expenses. More than a third told researchers their bankruptcies were caused at least in part because they supported family members attending college by co-signing loans they now can’t pay back. Marc Stern, a lawyer in Seattle, told reporters: d“I never saw parents with student loans 20 or 30 years ago. When you are living on $2,000 a month and that includes Social Security—and you have rent and savings are minuscule—it is extremely difficult to recover from something like that.”

This is the first of many Smokey posters.

Today is Smokey Bear’s 74th birthday: 

Today marks the 74th birthday of America’s wildfire prevention symbol: Smokey Bear. On Aug. 9, 1944, Smokey was officially created to be the face of what would become the longest running public service advertisement campaign in the United States. At the time, our country’s forestlands were facing an epidemic of raging wildfires caused by the carelessness of people. Ironically, these were often the same people who came to those natural areas to admire the wild beauty of the landscape, and the wildlife that lived there. The first Smokey Bear poster was released In October of 1944, and it featured a warm and friendly looking black bear urging people that “Care will prevent 9 out of 10 woods fires!”

Cherokee engineer finally gets some public recognition decades after her death: Mary Golda Ross, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and great-great-granddaughter of Chief John Ross who led the tribe during the forced removal of the “Trail of Tears” in the 1830s, is considered to be the first Native woman to work as an aerospace engineer. She is featured in the Google Doodle Thursday. Her niece told Oklahoma Today Magazine: “She was six feet tall but very quiet and unassuming. She did not demand anything. She just went in and did it in her very quiet way.” She first went to work after graduation for what is now called Lockheed Martin, not just as the first American Indian women aerospace engineer, but the only woman on the design team of cutting-edge aircraft and spacecraft. After retiring in 1983, she promoted organizations like the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. In 1992, the Society of Women Engineers set up a scholarship in Ross’s name, which supports women who want to become engineers. 

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin has more analysis of Tuesday's elections, Laura Ingraham's defection from the United States, and the ongoing Battle of the Suburbs. Nunes caught on tape. Todd Kincannon goes off the deep end. And just how new is this "new" kind of Dem?

RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube|Patreon|Square Cash (Share code: Send $5, get $5!)

          Virginia Republican who complained about women all up 'in my grill' poised for defeat by a woman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

What goes around often comes around in politics, as Rep. David Brat (R-VA) is learning. Brat is the tea party turned Freedom Caucus guy who stunned the Republican establishment in 2014 when he topped then-majority leader Eric Cantor in a primary—arguably the tipping point for the Republican Party, when the maniacs took over and they ended up selling their souls to the likes of Trump. Now a new wave is coming, led by women, and they're preparing to bring Brat down.

He brought this on himself, whining last year about how he couldn't hold town meetings because "Since Obamacare and these issues have come up, the women are in my grill no matter where I go. … They come up—'When is your next town hall?' And believe me, it's not to give positive input."

So now a candidate who isn't afraid of her future constituents, Abigail Spanberger, a well-credentialed former C.I.A. officer, is up in his grill electorally. She's got the backing of the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County, all those women who were making Brat's congressional life such hell by doing things like asking him to protect their families' health care. They're mobilizing women in the district to do to Brat what he did to Cantor, and they're making the race viable for Spanberger. "Republicans are now feeling like me when the Tea Party emerged," Becky Stuart Conner, a member of the Chesterfield County group, told The New York Times. "I think it is ironic, humorous," says Ms. Spanberger. "I read it as a cautionary tale of coming into the scene saying you want to do things differently, and not really doing it differently."

Virginian's 7th congressional district is one of those, like Ohio's 12th, that has traditionally been rock-solid red but is changing—a mix of conservative rural and increasingly progressive suburbs around Richmond. A lot of that has to do with population growth and that population having many college-educated women. Both Henrico and Chesterfield counties have had population surges in the last two decades—65,000 residents in Henrico, and 82,000 in Chesterfield since 2000. That's changed the face of the district, and Trump's election has made that face much more female. For example, the Liberal Women of Chesterfield County started as a Facebook post by resident Kim Wright Drew looking for like-minded women who shared her pain. Her first meeting had 100 people, and now the Facebook group has 3,000. They don't just hang out in social media, either, meeting to write postcards for candidates and to organize get out the vote efforts locally.

Those are the women who helped now-Gov. Ralph Northam win Chesterfield County by 700 votes last year, keeping the governorship blue. So they are definitely getting up in Brat's grill these days.

Let's keep them scared. Please give $1 House funds to take it back.

          Stateside 8.9.2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Today on Stateside , Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib will soon be the first Muslim-American woman to serve in Congress. Plus, how wild turkeys became the "poster child" for conservation success stories in Michigan. To listen to individual segments, click here or see below:
          Ruby Rose to star as Batwoman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Gay Batwoman character coming to Arrow universe, set to have her own series in 2019.
          Rashida Tlaib will push for “new era” of Democratic leadership in Congress       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
She made history in Michigan as the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan Legislature. Now, Rashida Tlaib will become the first Muslim woman in Congress. On Tuesday, August 7, Tlaib won the primary race to fill the 13th District seat, formerly held by U.S. Congressman John Conyers. Tlaib joined Stateside to talk about her historic win and what she wants to accomplish.
          ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Risky Romance ซับไทย Ep.1-4      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Risky Romance ซับไทย ชื่อเรื่อง : 사생결단 […]
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Inserimento contrattuale come agente di commercio monomandatario; Ti piacerebbe misurarti nella vendita di servizi web e digitali pensati per piccole e medie...
Da webidoo S.p.A. - Mon, 18 Jun 2018 15:00:20 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Belluno, Veneto
          DELEGATO TECNICO AGENTE MONOMANDATARIO - Intra Risorse Umane - Provincia di Treviso, Veneto      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
1 Agente Monomandatario – Delegato Tecnico per le province di Treviso e Belluno. Selezioniamo per importante azienda S.p.A....
Da Intra Risorse Umane - Fri, 25 May 2018 10:21:40 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Provincia di Treviso, Veneto
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La risorsa si occuperà di clienti e di agenti, anche direzionali. Si ricerca un'impiegata/o back office commerciale Italia/Estero....
Da Manpower Italia - Wed, 11 Jul 2018 16:03:17 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Romano d'Ezzelino, Veneto
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Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda were treated to some alone time as they celebrated their...
          Vicente Fernández - Más Romántico Que Nunca (2018)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vicente Fernández - Más Romántico Que Nunca (2018)

          Модный трикотаж осень-зима 2018-2019      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Холодная пора настойчиво требует создания сложносочиненных луков, в которых главную роль исполняет модный женский трикотаж. Какими же вязаными и трикотажными вещами рекомендуют обзавестись к новому сезону дизайнеры?
          Áudios mostram frieza de quadrilha envolvida com tráfico e assassinatos na Região de Curitiba      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Quadrilha foi alvo de uma operação realizada nesta quinta-feira (9); de 14 pessoas presas, seis já estavam detidas no sistema prisional do Paraná. Operação foi realizada na manhã desta quinta-feira (9), em São José dos Pinhais Polícia Civil/Divulgação A RPC teve acesso exclusivo a conversas telefônicas feitas entre integrantes da quadrilha que foi alvo da "Operação Benção Tio", deflagrada em um conjunto habitacional em São José dos Pinhais, na Região Metropolitana de Curitiba, na manhã desta quinta-feira (9). Catorze pessoas foram presas durante a operação. Destas, seis já estavam detidas no sistema prisional do Paraná. De acordo com a Polícia Civil, a organização é envolvida com o tráfico de drogas e assassinatos. Desde 2012, segundo as investigações, 41 casos de homicídios foram registrados na região do conjunto habitacional. Desse total, 15 foram dentro do condomínio. Em uma das gravações, um dos criminosos, que está preso e foi identificado como Mateus, conversa com outro integrante da quadrilha - Gustavo - suspeito de cometer crimes dentro do condomínio. Os dois comentam detalhes sobre como teria acontecido um dos crimes. Ouça o áudio: Em áudio, criminosos falam com frieza sobre crime Mateus: Mas foi com o que que vocês pegou? Gustavo: Com um oitão Mateus: Hm Gustavo: Aham, aí eu dei primeiro e o pastor três Mateus: (risada) Mateus: E pegou na onde? Gustavo: Na cabeça, (inaudível) Ainda de acordo com as investigações, a organização criminosa comandava o conjunto habitacional, expulsando moradores inadimplentes com o pagamento de taxas condominiais e de luz e água. Se um morador fosse contrário aos interesses da quadrilha, ele geralmente era morto, segundo a polícia. A suspeita da polícia é de que parte do recurso, captado no condomínio, era usado para as atividades criminosas da quadrilha. Operação em conjunto habitacional na Região de Curitiba mira quadrilha envolvida com tráfico de drogas e assassinatos Em outro trecho das conversas telefônicas, Paulo Monteiro, identificado pela polícia como o chefe da quadrilha, fala com uma mulher que não foi identificada pela polícia. Os dois conversam sobre moradores que não pagam o condomínio. Líder de quadrilha fala sobre dívidas no condomínio Monteiro está preso na Penitenciária Estadual de Piraquara, e é conhecido como "Tio". Segundo a polícia, era ele quem autorizava a venda de drogas e os assassinatos no condomínio, ainda conforme a polícia. Ouça o áudio acima. Paulo Monteiro: dispensa todo mundo dos apartamentos, Maria, não paga (palavrão) nenhuma, não vai pagar nem água e luz. Mulher (não identificada pela polícia): Verdade, não pagam condomínio, ó, eu não sei como que tá a situação né, porque eu não to me metendo né! Paulo Monteiro: Quem não tiver pagando vai sair fora, não tem o que faça mano. Paulo Monteiro responde a mais de 10 homicídios, foi condenado a mais de 80 anos de prisão em regime fechado, ainda conforme a Polícia Civil. Além das 14 pessoas presas, a operação também apreendeu drogas (cocaína e maconha), três balanças de precisão, cinco armas, 170 cápsulas de munição de diferentes calibres, além de documentos, celulares, computadores e três rádios HTs com frequência da polícia. Veja mais notícias da região no G1 Paraná.
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  Buzarnescu si-a rasucit glezna in setul decisiv. Romanca a plans si a strigat de durere, iar primii
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Veja os principais shows e atrações culturais do estado. Veja os principais shows e atrações culturais de Curitiba e no interior neste fim de semana. CURITIBA Preto (teatro) Data: quinta-feira (9) a domingo (12); Horário: 20h; Local: Teatro Zé Maria; Endereço: Rua Treze de Maio, 655 - São Francisco; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 20; compre aqui. 'Preto' começa às 20h no Teatro Zé Maria, em Curitiba DiskIngressos/Divulgação Memórias do Subterrâneo (teatro) Data: quinta-feira (9) a domingo (12); Horário: 20h; Local: Guaíra - Miniauditório; Endereço: Rua XV de Novembro, 971 - Centro; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 15; compre aqui. 'Memórias do Subterrâneo' está em cartaz no Guairinha, em Curitiba DiskIngressos/Divulgação Espetáculo “Cinepiano Tony Berchmans” Data: sábado (11); Horário: 21h; Local: Guairinha; Endereço: Rua XV de Novembro, 971 - Centro; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 25; compre aqui. Assista ao convite de Tony Berchmans para o espetáculo musical 'Cinepiano', em Curitiba Daniel Migliavacca (show) Data: sexta-feira (10) e sábado (11); Horário: 20h; Local: Teatro do Paiol ; Endereço: Praça Guido Viaro, s/nº; Ingressos: R$ 5 e R$ 10; na bilheteria do teatro. Daniel Migliavacca lança CD 'Alma Lúdica' e faz show com quarteto no Teatro do Paiol, em Curitiba Elis Ribeirete/Divulgação A Casa do Terror - Parte 1 (teatro) Data: a partir de sexta-feira (10) até 20/10; Horário: 21h; Local: Teatro Lala Schneider ; Endereço: Rua Treze de Maio, 629 - Centro; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 10; compre aqui. 'A Casa do Terror' pode ser assistida no Teatro Lala Schneider até 20 de outubro DiskIngressos/Divulgação A Casa do Terror - Parte 2 (teatro) Data: a partir de sexta-feira (10) até 29/09; Horário: 23h59; Local: Teatro Lala Schneider ; Endereço: Rua Treze de Maio, 629 - Centro; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 10; compre aqui. Ingressos para a 'Casa do Terror - Parte 2' custam a partir de R$ 10 DiskIngressos/Divulgação Denorex 80 (show) Data: sábado (11); Horário: 23h59; Local: Live Curitiba; Endereço: Rua Itajubá, 143 - Novo Mundo; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 30; compre aqui. Nando Reis (show) Data: sábado (11); Horário: 21h15; Local: Teatro Positivo; Endereço: Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 5300 - Campo Comprido,; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 70; compre aqui. Nando Reis se apresenta em Curitiba neste sábado (11) Divulgação A Arca de Noé (teatro) Data: sábado (11) e domingo (12); Horário: 16h; Local: Teatro EBANX Regina Vogue; Endereço: Shopping Estação - Avenida Sete de Setembro, 2775 - Rebouças; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 33; compre aqui. RIO NEGRO A Animalesca Fortunada Aventura de Reconto de Amor e Morte (musical) Data: quinta-feira (9); Horário: 20h; Local: Cine Teatro Antônio Cândido do Amaral; Endereço: Rua Juvenal Ferreira Pinto, 2070, Seminário; Ingressos: gratuito. Musical 'Animalesca' chega a Rio Negro, com única apresentação nesta quinta-feira (9) Vitor Dias/Divulgação MATINHOS 1º Tattoo Moto Fest de Matinhos (evento) Data: sexta-feira (10), sábado (11) e domingo (12); Horário: confira a programação; Local: Arena Vicente Gurski; Endereço: Rua Projetada, 24; Ingressos: a partir de R$ 10; compre aqui. CASCAVEL 19ª Festa do Morango (evento) Data: até domingo (12); Horário: sexta (10) das 17h às 23h e sábado (11) e domingo das 9h às 23h; Local: Centro de Convenções e Eventos; Endereço: Rocha Pombo, 651, Pacaembu; Afonso Padilha - Espalhando a Palavra (stand up comedy show) Data: sexta (10); Horário: 21h; Local: Teatro Municipal; Endereço: R. Rio de Janeiro, 905 - Centro; Ingresso: R$ 60; compre aqui. Elvis Las Vegas Show Data: sábado (11); Horário: 21h; Local: Teatro Municipal; Endereço: R. Rio de Janeiro, 905 - Centro; Ingresso: R$ 45; compre aqui. Rogério Cordoni faz show neste sábado (11), em Cascavel Giuliano Gomes/ PR Press MARINGÁ Convite ao Cinema - filme: "Não amarás" (1988) Data: sábado (11); Horário: 20h; Local: Auditório Hélio Moreira; Endereço: Av. XV de Novembro, 701 (anexo à Prefeitura); Classificação 18 anos Ingressos: gratuito Convite ao Teatro - Show dos bichos Data: sexta (10); Horário: 20h30; Local: Teatro Barracão; Endereço: Praça Professora Nadir Cancian, S/n - Zona 7; Ingressos: gratuito. LONDRINA A dupla Chitãozinho e Xororó se apresentam em Londrina no sábado (11) Júlio César Costa/G1 Show Chitãozinho e Xororó Data: sábado (11) Horário: Abertura dos portões às 20h Local: Ginásio de Esports Moringão Endereço: Rua Gomes Carneiro, 315 - Boa Vista Ingressos: De R$ 90 a R$ 565; compre aqui Adam Roman - Elvis Acústico (Show) Data: sexta-feira (10) Horário: 21h Local: Teatro Mãe de Deus Endereço: Av enida Rio de Janeiro, 670 - Centro Ingressos: De R$ 54 a R$ 120; compre aqui Gusttavo Lima se apresenta no Centro de Eventos de Londrina nesta sexta-feira (10) Divulgação Boteco do Gusttavo Lima Data: sexta-feira (10) Horário: 21h Local: Centro de Eventos de Londrina Endereço: Rodovia Mário Gonçalves Palhano, s/n - Gleba Fazenda Palhano Ingressos: De R$ 45,50 a R$ 184; compre aqui VII Mostra de Música de Câmara - Clarice Assad Data: Quinta-feira (9) Horário: 20h30 Local: Cine Teatro Ouro Verde Endereço: Rua Maranhão, 85 Ingressos: R$ 30 e R$ 15 (meia-entrada) Clarice Assad se apresenta ao lado da Orquestra Solistas de Londrina Amara Photos/Divulgação Sarau: prosa, poesia e outras delícias Data: Sexta-feira (10) Horário: 14h Local: Distrito Guaravera Endereço: Rua Tiradentes, 202 Evento gratuito PRUDENTÓPOLIS Festa Nacional do Feijão Preto Show Grupo Marcação Data: quinta-feira (9) Horário: 20h Local: Centro de Eventos Terra das Cachoeiras Endereço: BR-373 Entrada franca Show Tchê Garotos e Talagaço Data: sexta-feira (10) Horário: 20h Local: Centro de Eventos Terra das Cachoeiras Endereço: BR-373 Entrada: de R$ 16 a R$ 26; compre aqui Simone e Simaria Data: sábado (11) Local: Centro de Eventos Terra das Cachoeiras Endereço: BR-373 Entrada: De R$ 48 a R$ 96; compre aqui Simone e Simaria apresentam no palco do Fantástico sua nova música, 'Um em um Milhão' João Cotta/Globo Raça Negra Data: Domingo (12) Local: Centro de Eventos Terra das Cachoeiras Endereço: BR-373 Entrada: De R$ 31 a R$ 60; compre aqui Luiz Carlos cantou sucessos do Raça Negra Jamile Alves/G1 AM Veja mais notícias do estado no G1 Paraná.
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Job Description: - Who we are We are a global mobility provider with headquarters in Europe and the United States. Since 2013, we have changed the way millions of people have traveled, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable and eco-friendly travel. Thanks to a unique business model and innovative technology, we ..
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Looking for a very responsible, reliable, patient, kind, energetic and trustworthy person with a good sense of humour to assist an older woman and man in...
From - Thu, 19 Jul 2018 15:44:01 GMT - View all Wheatley, ON jobs
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Dez pessoas foram presas; ação foi deflagrada na manhã desta quinta-feira (9). Polícia realiza operação de combate ao tráfico de drogas em São José dos Pinhais As polícias Civil e Militar deflagraram, na manhã desta quinta-feira (9), uma operação que mirou uma quadrillha que atua dentro e fora de um conjunto habitacional em São José dos Pinhais, na Região Metropolitana de Curitiba. Dez pessoas foram presas. De acordo com a Polícia Civil, a organização é envolvida com o tráfico de drogas e assassinatos. Ao todo, havia 14 mandados de prisão temporária (com validade de 30 dias), mas seis pessoas já se encontravam detidas. Também foram cumpridos seis mandados de busca e apreensão. Das 10 prisões realizadas nesta quinta, duas foram em flagrante. Houve ainda a apreensão de dois adolescentes. Condomínio fica em São José dos Pinhais Polícia Civil/Divulgação 'Benção do Tio' Batizada de "Operação Benção Tio", a ação foi realizada no Condomínio Serra do Mar I e II, do programa "Minha Casa Minha Vida". Há 594 moradias no local. Desde 2012, 41 casos de homicídios foram registrados na região do conjunto habitacional. Desse total, 15 foram dentro do condomínio. A maioria dos casos já foi solucionado. A investigação começou há dois anos e, conforme a Polícia Civil, a organização criminosa comandava o conjunto habitacional, expulsando moradores inadimplentes com o pagamento de taxas condominiais e de luz e água. Há seis mandados de busca e apreensão Polícia Civil/Divulgação Se um morador fosse contrário aos interesses da quadrilha, ele geralmente era morto, segundo a polícia. A suspeita da polícia é de que parte do recurso, captado no condomínio, era usado para as atividades criminosas da quadrilha. Mais de 100 policiais civis e militares participaram da operação Polícia Civil/Divulgação O chefe O chefe da organização criminosa, de acordo com a Polícia Civil, é Paulo Monteiro – conhecido como "Tio". Ele responde a mais de 10 homicídios, foi condenado a mais de 80 anos de prisão em regime fechado e está preso na Penitenciária Estadual de Piraquara II, na Região Metropolitana da capital paranaense. O G1 tenta localizar o advogado de Paulo Monteiro. Operação ocorreu em condomínio do 'Minha Casa, Minha Vida' Divulgação/Polícia Civil "Tio" era quem autorizava a venda de drogas e os assassinatos no condomínio, ainda conforme a polícia. A polícia informou que, no dia 27 de agosto, foi cumprido um mandado de busca e apreensão na cela do "Tio". Lá, foram encontrados um aparelho celular e dois chips usados para falar com os integrantes da quadrilha. 'Operação Benção Tio' foi deflagrada nesta quinta-feira (9) em condomínio de São José dos Pinhais Polícia Civil/Divulgação O que foi apreendido Drogas (cocaína e maconha) Três balanças de precisão Cinco armas Um par de algemas 170 munições de diferentes calibres Três rádios HTs com frequência da polícia Documentos Celulares Computadores Veja mais notícias do estado no G1 Paraná.
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Ganhador do concurso 1890 retirou o prêmio nesta quarta-feira (8), segundo a Caixa Econômica Federal; confira os números sorteados. Aposta de Ponta Grossa, nos Campos Gerais do Paraná, ganhou mais de R$ 6 milhões em sorteio da Lotomania Stephanie Fonseca/G1 Uma aposta feita em uma lotérica de Ponta Grossa, nos Campos Gerais do Paraná, ganhou R$ 6.637.492,54 ao acertar as dezenas sorteadas no concurso 1890 da Lotomania. Segundo a Caixa Econômica Federal, o ganhador retirou o prêmio nesta quarta-feira (8). O sorteio da Lotomania foi realizado na terça-feira (7), em Ribeirão dos Índios, no estado de São Paulo. Os números sorteados foram: 01, 02, 05, 12, 17, 20, 25, 33, 41, 49, 54, 55, 59, 60, 65, 70, 81, 84, 93, 99. O dono da lotérica onde a aposta foi feita, Luis Poyato, conta que este foi o maior prêmio que já tiveram entre os clientes. "Espero que a pessoa que ganhou seja daqui de Ponta Grossa mesmo", disse. O ganhador do prêmio fez a aposta com a opção "surpresinha", em que o apostador escolhe parte dos números e a máquina preenche o restante do bilhete. Aposta feita em lotérica de Ponta Grossa ganhou mais de R$ 6 milhões em sorteio da Lotomania Luis Poyato No sorteio de terça-feira, oito apostadores acertaram 19, das 20 dezenas sorteadas, e levaram prêmios de R$ 40.235,24. Ainda conforme a Caixa Econômica, 160 apostas acertaram 18 números e ganharam R$ 1.796,21. Próximo sorteio O próximo sorteio da Lotomania, segundo a Caixa Econômica Federal, ocorre nesta sexta-feira (10). O prêmio a ser sorteado é de R$ 600 mil. Veja mais notícias da região no G1 Campos Gerais e Sul.
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Originally posted on:

If you would like to help me out, you can Tweet this story OR email Expedia and ask them to make things right for me and my wife.

This is the story of how Expedia made my new bride cry.

When Expedia followed up their failure with our honeymoon trip with a complete and total lack of acknowledgement of any responsibility for the problem and endless loops of explaining the issue over and over again - I swore that they would make it right. When they brought my new bride to tears, I got an immediate and endless supply of motivation. I hope you will help me make them make it right by posting our story on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, on Expedia itself, and when talking to your friends in person about their own travel plans.   If you are considering using them now for an important trip - reconsider.

Short summary:

We arrived early for our honeymoon flight - but Expedia had made a mistake with the data they supplied to JetBlue and Emirates, which resulted in us not being able to check in (one leg of our trip was missing)!  At the time of this post, three people (myself, my wife, and an exceptionally patient JetBlue employee named Mary) each spent hours on the phone with Expedia.  I myself spent right at 3 hours (according to iPhone records), Lauren spent an hour and a half or so, and poor Mary was probably on the phone for a good 3.5 hours.  This is after 5 hours total at the airport.  If you add up our phone time, that is nearly 8 hours of phone time over a 5 hour period with little or no help, stall tactics (?), run-around, denial, shifting of blame, and holding.

Details below (times are approximate):

First, my wife and I were married on June 18th, the 3 year anniversary of our first date. She is awesome. She is the nicest person I have ever known, a ton of fun, absolutely beautiful in every way. Ok enough mushy - here are the dirty details.

June 19th, 2:30 AM - Early Check-in Attempt - we attempted to check-in for our flight online. Some sort of technology error on website, instructed to checkin at desk.

4:30 AM - Arrive at airport. Try to check-in at kiosk, get the same error. We got to the JetBlue desk at RDU International Airport, where Mary helped us. Mary discovered that the Expedia provided itinerary does not match the Expedia provided tickets. We are informed that when that happens American, JetBlue, and others that use the same software cannot check you in for the flight because. Why? Because the itinerary was missing a leg of our flight! Basically we were not shown in the system as definitely being able to make it home. Mary called Expedia and was put on hold by their automated system.

4:55 AM - Mary, myself, and my brand new bride all waited for about 25 minutes when finally I decided I would make a call myself on my iPhone while Mary was on the airport phone. In their automated system, I chose "make a new reservation", thinking they might answer a little more quickly than "customer service". Not surprisingly I was connected to an Expedia person within 1 minute. They informed me that they would have to forward me to a customer service specialist. I explained to them that we were already on hold for that and had been for nearly half an hour, that we were going on our honeymoon and that our flight would be leaving soon - could they please help us. "Yes, I will help you". I hand the phone to JetBlue Mary who explains the situation 3 or 4 times. Obviously I couldn't hear both ends of the conversation at this point, but the Expedia person explained what the problem was by stating exactly what Mary had just spent 15 minutes explaining. Mary calmly confirms that this is the problem, and asks Expedia to re-issue the itinerary. Expedia tells Mary that they'll have to transfer her to customer service. Mary asks for someone specific so that we get an answer this time, and goes on hold. Mary get's connected, explains the situation, and then Mary's connection gets terminated.

5:10 AM - Mary calls back to the Expedia automated system again, and we wait for about 5 minutes on hold this time before I pick up my iPhone and call Expedia again myself. Again I go to sales, a person picks up the phone in less than a minute. I explain the situation and let them know that we are now very close to missing our flight for our honeymoon, could they please help us. "Yes, I will help you". Again I give the phone to Mary who provides them with a call back number in case we get disconnected again and explains the situation again. More back and forth with Expedia doing nothing but repeating the same questions, Mary answering the questions with the same information she provided in the original explanation, and Expedia simply restating the problem. Mary again asks them to re-issue the itinerary, and explains that doing so will fix the problem. Expedia again repeats the problem instead of fixing it, and Mary's connection gets terminated.

5:20 AM - Mary again calls back to Expedia. My beautiful bride also calls on her own phone. At this point she is struggling to hold back her tears, stumbling through an explanation of all that has happened and that we are about to miss our flight. Please help us. "Yes, I will help". My beautiful bride's connection gets terminated. Ok, maybe this disconnection isn't an accident. We've now been disconnected 3 times on two different phones.

5:45 AM - I walk away and pleadingly beg a person to help me. They "escalate" the issue to "Rosy" (sp?) at Expedia. I go through the whole song and dance again with Rosy, who gives me the same treatment Mary was given. Rosy blames JetBlue for now having the correct data. Meanwhile Mary is on the phone with Emirates Air (the airline for the second leg of our trip), who agrees with JetBlue that Expedia's data isn't up to date. We are informed by two airport employees that issues like this with Expedia are not uncommon, and that the fix is simple. On the phone iwth Rosy, I ask her to re-issue the itinerary because we are about to miss our flight. She again explains the problem to me. At this point, I am standing at the window, pleading with Rosy to help us get to our honeymoon, watching our airplane. Then our airplane leaves without us.

6:03 AM - At this point we have missed our flight. Re-issuing the itinerary is no longer a solution. I ask Rosy to start from the beginning and work us up a new trip. She says that she cannot do that. She says that she needs to talk to JetBlue and Emirates and find out why we cannot check-in for our flight. I remind Rosy that our flight has already left - I just watched it taxi away - it no longer matters why (not to mention the fact that we already knew why, and have known why since 4:30 AM), and have known the solution since 4:30 AM. Rosy, can you please book a new trip? Yes, but it will cost $400. Excuse me? Now you can, but it will cost ME to fix your mistake? Rosy says that she can escalate the situation to her supervisor but that will take 1.5 hours.

6:15 AM - I told Rosy that if they had re-issued the itinerary as JetBlue asked (at 4:30 AM), my new wife and I might be on the airplane now instead of dealing with this on the phone and missing the beginning (and how much more?) of our honeymoon. Rosy said that it was not necessary to re-issue the itinerary. Out of curiosity, i asked Rosy if there was some financial burden on them to re-issue the itinerary. "No", said Rosy. I asked her if it was a large time burden on Expedia to re-issue the itinerary. "No", said Rosy. I directly asked Rosy: Why wouldn't Expedia have re-issued the itinerary when JetBlue asked? No answer. I asked Rosy: If you had re-issued the itinerary at 4:30, isn't it possible that I would be on that flight right now? She actually surprised me by answering "Yes" to that question. So I pointed out that it followed that Expedia was responsible for the fact that we missed out flight, and she immediately went into more about how the problem was with JetBlue - but now it was ALSO an Emirates Air problem as well. I tell Rosy to go ahead and escalate the issue again, and please call me back in that 1.5 hours (which how is about 1 hour and 10 minutes away).

6:30 AM - I start tweeting my frustration with iPhone. It's now pretty much impossible for us to make it to The Maldives by 3pm, which is the time at which we would need to arrive in order to be allowed service to the actual island where we are staying. Expedia has now given me the run-around for 2 hours, caused me to miss my flight, and worst of all caused my amazing new wife Lauren to miss our honeymoon. You think I was mad? No. Furious. Its ok to make mistakes - but to refuse to fix them and to ruin our honeymoon? No, not ok, Expedia. I swore right then that Expedia would make this right.

7:45 AM - JetBlue mary is still talking her tail off to other people in JetBlue and Emirates Air. Mary works it out so that if Expedia simply books a new trip, JetBlue and Emirates will both waive all the fees. Now we just have to convince Expedia to fix their mistake and get us on our way! Around this time Expedia Rosy calls me back! I inform her of the excellent work of JetBlue Mary - that JetBlue and Emirates both will waive the fees so Expedia can fix their mistake and get us going on our way. She says that she sees documentation of this in her system and that she needs to put me on hold "for 1 to 10 minutes" to talk to Emirates Air (why I'm not exactly sure). I say ok.

8:45 AM - After an hour on hold, Rosy comes on the line and asks me to hold more. I ask her to call me back.

9:35 AM - I put down the iPhone Twitter app and picks up the laptop. You think I made some noise with my iPhone? Heh

11:25 AM - Expedia follows me and sends a canned "We're sorry, DM us the details".  If you look at their Twitter feed, 16 out of the most recent 20 tweets are exactly the same canned response.  The other 4?  Ads.  Um - #MultiFAIL?

To Expedia:  You now have had (as explained above) 8 hours of 3 different people explaining our situation, you know the email address of our Expedia account, you know my web blog, you know my Twitter address, you know my phone number.  You also know how upset you have made both me and my new bride by treating us with such a ... non caring, scripted, uncooperative, argumentative, and possibly even deceitful manner.  In the wise words of the great Kenan Thompson of SNL: "FIX IT!".  And no, I'm NOT going away until you make this right. Period.

11:45 AM - Expedia corporate office called.  The woman I spoke to was very nice and apologetic.  She listened to me tell the story again, she says she understands the problem and she is going to work to resolve it.  I don't have any details on what exactly that resolution might me, she said she will call me back in 20 minutes.  She found out about the problem via Twitter.  Thank you Twitter, and all of you who helped.  Hopefully social media will win my wife and I our honeymoon, and hopefully Expedia will encourage their customer service teams treat their customers properly.

12:22 PM - Spoke to Fran again from Expedia corporate office.  She has a flight for us tonight.  She is booking it now.  We will arrive at our honeymoon destination of beautiful Veligandu Island Resort only 1 day late.  She cannot confirm today, but she expects that Expedia will pay for the lost honeymoon night.  Thank you everyone for your help.  I will reflect more on this whole situation and confirm its resolution after our flight is 100% confirmed.  For now, I'm going to take a breather and go kiss my wonderful wife!

1:50 PM - Have not yet received the promised phone call.  We did receive an email with a new itinerary for a flight but the booking is not for specific seats, so there is no guarantee that my wife and I will be able to sit together.  With the original booking I carefully selected our seats for every segment of our trip.  I decided to call into the phone number that Fran from the Expedia corporate office gave me.  Its automated voice system identified itself as "Tier 3 Support".  I am currently still on hold with them, I have not gotten through to a human yet.

1:55 PM - Fran from Expedia called me back.  She confirmed us as booked.  She called the airlines to confirm.  Unfortunately, Expedia was unwilling or unable to allow us any type of seat selection.  It is possible that i won't get to sit next to the woman I married less than a day ago on our 40 total hours of flight time (there and back).  In addition, our seats could be the worst seats on the planes, with no reclining seat back or right next to the restroom.  Despite this fact (which in my opinion is huge), the horrible inconvenience, the hours at the airport, and the negative Internet publicity that Expedia is receiving, Expedia declined to offer us any kind of upgrade or to mark us as SFU (suitable for upgrade).  Since they didn't offer - I asked, and was rejected. 

I am grateful to finally be heading in the right direction, but not only did Expedia horribly botch this job from the very beginning, they followed that botch job with near zero customer service, followed by a verbally apologetic but otherwise half-hearted resolution.  If this works out favorably for us, great.  If not - I'm not done making noise, Expedia.  You owe us, and I expect you to make it right.  You haven't quite done that yet.

Thanks - Thank you to Twitter.  Thanks to all those who sympathize with us and helped us get the attention of Expedia, since three people (one of them an airline employee) using Expedia's normal channels of communication for many hours didn't help.  Thanks especially to my PowerShell and Sharepoint friends, my local friends, and those connectors who encouraged me and spread my story.

5:15 PM - Love Wins - After all this, Lauren and I are exhausted.  We both took a short nap, and when we woke up we talked about the last 24 hours.  It was a big, amazing, story-filled 24 hours.  I said that Expedia won, but Lauren said no.  She pointed out how lucky we are.  We are in love and married.  We have wonderful family and friends.  We are both hard-working successful people who love what they do.  We get to go to an amazing exotic destination for our honeymoon like Veligandu in The Maldives...  That's a lot of good.  Expedia didn't win.  This was (is) a big loss for Expedia.  It is a public blemish for all to see.  But Lauren and I did win, big time.  Expedia may not have made things right - but things are right for us. 

July 8th, 2011 - Expedia Hasn't Gotten The Message - After the Expedia nightmare was over and we made it to our honeymoon destination, we had a great time.  We only lost the one night, but Expedia has not yet refunded us that cost yet.  I am still expecting them to do so, so if you will, please tweet this story OR email Expedia and ask them to make things right for me and my wife.

10:19 am July 13th, 2011 - Fran from Expedia called my wife (I did not get to speak with her) stating that Expedia had been "diligently working on this" (so diligently, in fact, that we haven't heard anything from them in nearly a month) and they could find no fault on Expedia's side.  After contacting Emirates Air and JetBlue, they decided that although JetBlue was showing a missing segment of an Emirates flight, that JetBlue should have allowed us to board and this is a JetBlue error.  Per Fran, Expedia went out of their way and paid $400 per person to rebook our tickets after we missed our flight.  This is interesting since on the nightmare day in question Expedia customer service confirmed to me over the phone that they did see notes in the system from JetBlue and Emirates where both airlines waived the rebooking or issue fees), and they are not refunding our 1st night because it is not their fault our flights were messed up.  Is it their fault that they didn't re-issue the tickets in the first place so that we would NOT miss our flight?  Is it their fault that their customer service personnel did nothing but talk 3 different people in circles for hours?  I am absolutely infuriated yet again at the audacity of Expedia and their apparent complete lack of respect for the customer.  I will continue my social media campaign and get JetBlue and Emirates involved if I can.  Please join me by tweeting this this story OR by emailing Expedia and asking them to make things right for me and my wife.

Post in progress...

I will relay any further comments (or lack of) from Expedia soon, as well as an update on confirmation of their repayment of our lost resort room rates.  I'll also post a picture of us on our honeymoon as soon as I can!

Final update...

A bit late on updating this.  I tried for months to get Expedia to make up for their mistakes and horrible service by refunding us for the resort night that we lost.  No luck.  They continued to deny all responsibility.  I will never use them again.  Period.

          4 Experiencias clave para el desarrollo de una empresa      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Hoy, una empresa podría tener el entorno competitivo más complicado de todos. En un mundo sumamente volátil, incierto, complejo y ambiguo como en el que vivimos, donde lo digital está tomando mayor relevancia para llegar al consumidor, el uso de redes sociales o plataformas digitales, incluso conocer la última tecnología, puede llegar a ser vital […]

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          Perfect 10 Wrestling w/WrestlingShorts - Worst Case Scenarios for WWE SummerSlam      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Your host Matt Maher (a.k.a. The Implications) and his special guest Ash from the WrestlingShorts YouTube channel play Worst Case Scenarios for WWE SummerSlam! Booking the upcoming PPV as creatively awful as possible! Booking the answers to questions such as: Does Corbin's baldness trump Balor's demonless-ness? Will Nakamura kick someone in the dick? And will Roman Reigns actually beat Brock Lesnar and walk out as champion? I mean, like actually win. With the championship in his car and everything. Can YOU book WWE SummerSlam worse than us? LOP Radio's official t-shirts for ALL your favourite shows!
          #sailormoon - almastral_      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Escucha tu voz interior 😋 #astrologia #cartaastral #cartanatal #destino #dia #dinero #dondeestatucorazon #moon #moons #moonlight #moonshine #sailormoon #fullmoon #stars #moonset #romantic #dreamy #bluemoon #photooftoday #light #instamoon #reflection_shotz #goodmorning #early #earlybird #nature #naturelovers
          The Arrowverse Casts Ruby Rose As Batwoman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Arrowverse Casts Ruby Rose As Batwoman
The CW’s Arrowverse has found it’s Batwoman. Ruby Rose has landed the job of Gotham’s female protector for the [...]

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          [英語の落ち穂拾い]infidelity 復習      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

 Emma went through the cycles we see so often in family violence. She tried to talk to Andrew about how difficult it was for her to manage without money. He’d get angry, accuse her of infidelity, tell her she was trying to take advantage of him, that he was just trying to make a good life for them. (Skip the rest)

 今回取り上げる語は、infidelity /ìnfədéləṭi/ です。文脈から「不倫」という意味であると推測しました。以下で意味等を確認していきます。まず意味を Cambridge Dictionary でみると、“the act of having sex with someone who is not your husband or wife” とあり、LDOCE には “when someone has sex with a person who is not their wife, husband, or partner” と定義されていました。

 次に語源を OED でみると、“Late Middle English (in the senses ‘lack of faith’ and ‘disloyalty’): from Old French infidelite or Latin infidelitas, from infidelis ‘not faithful’ (see infidel).” とあります。以上から、infidelity は「不貞行為、浮気、不倫」を指すことがわかりました。(OkaUchi)

          Menores acusados de tráfico de drogas são apreendidos em São João de Meriti       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Quatro menores foram apreendidos por policiais do 21ºBPM (São João de Meriti) acusados de tráfico de drogas. Segundo informações do batalhão, os policiais estavam na comunidade da Igrejinha, que é controlada pela facção Comando Vermelho (CV), e ao entrarem na Rua Marechal Deodoro, conseguiram flagrar os quatro adolescentes, chamados pelos moradores de “sementinhas do mal”. De acordo com o capitão Ortega, comandante da operação, o objetivo maior era prender traficantes que vêm aterrorizando moradores e praticando roubos em toda a área.

Ainda segundo a polícia, as operações nas comunidades de Meriti irão prosseguir por tempo indeterminado. O caso foi encaminhado para a 54ª DP (Belford Roxo)

          Un arheolog amator a descoperit un inel din aur vechi de 1.800 de ani ce ar fi aparţinut romanilor      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Un arheolog amator a descoperit un inel din aur vechi de 1.800 de ani ce ar fi aparţinut romanilor Un istoric amator a descoperit o comoară nepreţuită: un inel din aur ornat ce datează din perioada romanilor.

          Inducing Labor Avoids Cesarean For Some Moms      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
File photo of a pregnant woman holding her stomach. (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)A large study of first-time moms finds that they are less likely to need a cesarean delivery if labor is induced at 39 weeks rather than waiting for it to start on its own.
          Scott Disick's Reported Reaction To Kourtney Kardashian's Breakup Is Actually Mature      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Kourtney Kardashian is a single woman now and lots of fans are wondering if she's going to reunite with her former beau Scott Disick....
          A soy-based diet could help strengthen bones      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A new study has investigated the impact of dietary soy on bone strength in postmenopausal women. The authors conclude that eating more soy might in fact strengthen bones in women of all ages.

Could soy improve bone health in women?
The reduction in bone density and strength that is common in postmenopausal women is of huge concern.
As women age, osteoporosis, reduced activity levels, and weight gain act together to decrease bone health and negatively impact metabolism.
Osteoporosis and bone weakness increases the risk of fractures, which then lead to even more inactivity and weight gain, exacerbating the issue further.
As the population becomes — on average — older and heavier, bone health is an important area of medical science to study.
Recently, researchers from the University of Missouri in Columbia set out to test how alterations to a woman's diet might impact the resilience of her bones. In particular, they were interested in the effects of soy-based proteins.
Soy and bone strength
To investigate, the scientists utilized so-called low-capacity running rats, which have low fitness levels. Study co-author Victoria Vieira-Potter explains why they chose this model.
"Prior research has shown," she says, "that these rats are good models, as average American women are relatively inactive both before, and especially after, menopause."

The researchers surgically removed the ovaries of half of the rats to mimic menopause. They have now published their findings in the journal Bone Reports.
The scientists fed half of the rats a soy-based diet and the remaining animals a corn-based diet. Both diets contained the same amount of calories. They weighed the rats every week for the duration of the 30-week trial.
Then, the team took blood samples, tested bone strength, and assessed body composition using EchoMRI, an imaging technique that can accurately measure levels of body fat and water mass in live animals.
From the blood, they assessed markers for bone formation and bone resorption, a process wherein bones are broken down and minerals released into the blood. Markers of resorption and formation are collectively known as bone turnover markers.
The scientists inspected the microscopic structure of the animals' bones, and they also tested them mechanically to breaking point.
Marked improvements in bone strength
The analysis showed that, although turnover markers were not significantly altered, the leg bones of soy-fed rats were stronger than the bones of the rats that were fed a corn-based diet.
"Bottom line, this study showed that women might improve bone strength by adding some soy-based whole foods to their diet."
Lead study author Prof. Pamela Hinton
Prof. Hinton continues, "Our findings suggest that women don't even need to eat as much soy as is found in typical Asian diets, but adding some tofu or other soy, for example, foods found in vegetarian diets, could help strengthen bones."
The study also showed that the soy-based improvement in bone strength occurred in rats with and without ovaries; the authors write that, in both sets of rats, soy "significantly improved whole-bone strength and stiffness." In other words, even "postmenopausal" rats' bones benefited from the change in diet.
As Prof. Hinton concludes, "The findings suggest that all women might see improved bone strength by adding some soy-based whole foods, such as tofu and soy milk, to their diet. We also believe that soy-based diets can improve metabolic function for postmenopausal women."
The results are interesting and merit further investigation. The next step will be to understand the molecular mechanisms that underly the benefits of increased soy intake.
Once the team understands the process in more detail, it might be possible to harness the reactions involved and find ways to yield even greater benefits to bone strength.

          Comentário sobre Ex-prefeita deverá desistir de candidatura por Elves Alves      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Se o "papa é pop", como diz a letra da canção, a candidatura de Fafá é 'fake'. Tão fake quanto a chapa delirante encabeçada pelo presidiário Lula da Silva. A pantomima petralha ao menos tem um objetivo: comandar a organização criminosa mesmo que do cárcere. Já a candidatura falsa de Fafá, sabe-se lá que propósito teria.
          TTC fare inspector used private info to ask a woman on a date      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

An internal TTC investigation concluded one of the agency’s fare inspectors used personal information he collected from a female passenger to contact her later and ask her on a date, behaviour that caused the woman to “fear for her safety.”

Another investigation found two transit enforcement officers falsified notes to conceal their whereabouts on a day when their patrol car suffered “significant body damage” that neither officer could explain.

A third probe determined a fare inspector “attempted to bully” a man who talked to him about a streetcar running late.

The officers were the four members of the TTC’s transit enforcement unit who the agency concluded engaged in misconduct last year.

All four of the officers were disciplined but remain employed at the transit agency, including the fare inspector who used a passenger’s private information to ask her out. He’s still patrolling streetcars, the TTC confirmed.

Agency spokesperson Stuart Green said he couldn’t say specifically what discipline each unit member received, citing privacy reasons.

But he said three officers were suspended for periods ranging from one to six months, and one received a written warning. Green said some of the suspensions were paid, and some were not.

“The discipline was determined in accordance with the relevant collective bargaining agreement and the grievance process,” Green said in an email.

“The TTC strives to make disciplinary decisions, in conjunction with advice from (human resources) and legal counsel, that are sustainable if challenged by the union before an arbitrator.”

Members of the enforcement unit are represented by CUPE Local 5089. Asked whether the discipline received by the officers was appropriate, a spokesperson for the union referred the Star to the TTC.

Details of internal investigations into misconduct by members of the TTC enforcement unit had not been previously been made public, but were released by the transit agency to the Star this week.

The agency agreed to release redacted summaries of “substantiated” misconduct investigations after rejecting the Star’s freedom of information request for copies of the full reports.

The TTC said the full reports were related to labour relations proceedings and were therefore exempt from freedom of information requests. But Green said the transit agency “elected to provide as much additional information as we could.”

The TTC’s transit enforcement unit is made up of two types of employees: transit enforcement officers and fare inspectors. Both exercise considerable authority over the transit-riding public.

Enforcement officers are designated special constables by the Toronto Police Services Board. They have powers similar to regular police to enforce laws on TTC property.

Fare inspectors patrol streetcar lines and enforce the TTC’s proof of payment rules. They have the power to issue provincial offences tickets, but aren’t special constables.

Last year the TTC had about 50 enforcement officers, and 69 fare inspectors.

According the TTC’s first ever annual report on misconduct allegations, which went to the agency’s board last month, there were a total of 27 complaints or concerns lodged against enforcement officers last year, and 109 complaints or concerns against fare inspectors.

Most were either withdrawn by the complainant or resolved informally, but the TTC’s complaints co-ordinator ultimately determined four of the allegations were substantiated.

The agency determines a claim is substantiated if its internal investigator has “reasonable grounds to believe that misconduct occurred.”

The summaries of the substantiated investigations released to the Star were redacted to remove details, including the officers’ names.

They show that on Jan. 19, 2017 a woman was investigated by a fare inspector for failing to provide proof of payment on a streetcar.

“During the investigation the female provided her contact particulars as requested,” according to the summary.

“At a later date the (inspector) ... contacted her for social reasons using the information he had garnered in his investigation. Specifically he used his phone to text message the female and asked her to accompany him on a social outing.

“The (inspector’s) actions caused the female to fear for her safety.”

The TTC launched an investigation after the woman complained.

Another investigation initiated independently by the head of the transit enforcement unit concluded two enforcement officers went to one of the pair’s homes on July 22, 2017 while still on the clock.

“They did not enter their trip to the residence in their notebooks and/or entered a misleading entry” implying they were attending a work call when in fact they were at the officer’s house, the summary said.

“They were operating a (TTC enforcement unit) patrol car this same day which incurred significant body damage that neither officer could account for.”

Green said that the damage to the patrol car “was minor and deemed to have occurred near St. George Station while on patrol.”

In a separate investigation, the TTC determined one of the officers involved in the July 22 incident engaged in misconduct on another occasion less than three weeks later, when he posted a video online that “had been provided to him by his sergeant for evidentiary purposes.” The video included footage of an arrest he and his partner had made.

In the fourth substantiated complaint, the TTC determined that on June 3, 2017 a member of the public “became involved in a discussion” with a fare inspector about whether a streetcar was running late.

The inspector “then stood in the complainant’s personal space and attempted to bully him,” and “cursed directly at the complainant.”

          Mario Balotelli, la nuova fiamma è Serena (FOTO)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Il settimanale Chi pubblica in esclusiva, sul numero in edicola da domani, mercoledì 14 giugno 2017, le immagini di Mario Balotelli con la presunta nuova compagna; si tratta di una bella ragazza di...
          Comment on “The Bold Type” Episode 210 Recap: Caught in a Bad Romance by ayoie      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I’ve been loving your reviews all season and I’m going to miss them along with the show even though I’m v grumpy with it right now. Can’t the queer couple get 5 seconds of happiness??
          Comment on You Need Help: Your Girlfriend Makes More Money Than You, Just Wants to Have Fun by K      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
In my defense (it's not actually defense, in some ways I am just a shitty person) I call a lot of people toddlers. My friend is going through his second divorce right now because he married a woman who expects monogamy, which he doesn't believe in and has never practiced. I agree with him ideologically, but sneaking around and lying like you think cause and effect don't exist and people can't learn things is toddler behavior. Like "I broke this lamp and if I hide it behind the couch no one will notice it's gone and nothing bad will happen". And I told him that. But I also really don't like kids, so I guess it's the worst thing I can come up with to call someone? It just makes me so angry when people settle for someone for whatever reason. I told a friend last year to dump his boyfriend because he wanted somebody who was interested in his art and art in general and his boyfriend wasn't. Break up with him! That's never happened to me, but what's wrong with you! There are men out there who like art, date them! And he didn't even feel guilty or pressured, just sort of neglected. I can't stand it. Relationships should make your life better, not be your main cause of stress. Conflict should cause you to ultimately grow together and become stronger, not be a constant and revolving source of stress. And it's okay to be single. It's okay to dump people, even if it will make them sad and even if they spent money or time on you. I feel like we don't say these things enough. Thanks for the well wishes Heather and everyone, that relationship was years ago and money problems aside wasn't all that awful. She wasn't a bad person, she wasn't mean or uncaring or anything, she was overall a nice person, she was just raised with money and always had money and couldn't grasp the concept of it not being a near-infinite resource to a lot of people. You know, like a small child. :) And it was only an issue because of who *I* was. She's with someone now who's able to available for her in the ways she needs them to be and they're doing great together. Finally, I also stopped dating entirely about 18 months ago, and I'm much quicker to jump to "dump them" now than I was then. It was a revelation to start treating myself and not somebody else like the most important person in my life. That's my main point. Don't be with someone who makes you feel less important than they are. I'll shut up now.
          Report of Foreign Issuer (6-k)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

          Review: Netflix's ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ is a pleasant throwback romance with a sparkling Lily James      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" is an old-school, old-fashioned entertainment, a romantic drama bursting with scenic vistas and earnest charm that contains just enough mystery to keep us involved.

In fact, as efficiently directed by the veteran Mike Newell ("Four Weddings and...

          Read E-book A Woman s Way through the Twelve Steps - Stephanie S. Covington [Ready]      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Synopsis : Hazelden Publishing & Educational Services To continue please click on the following link
          Hamilton woman seriously ill in Bali as insurance declines cover       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A holiday in Bali has turned into a nightmare for a Hamilton woman and her family.
          Arrest made in Waikato over Lower Hutt sexual assault of woman in her home      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A man alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman in an early morning attack at her Lower Hutt home has been arrested in Waikato after nearly two weeks on the run.
          How a Solar Bromance Cracked the Code for Commercial Solar | Greentech Media      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
How did Wunder Capital and New Columbia Solar close $7 million in small commercial solar projects in one year?
          Vino: Coldiretti, al via domani vendemmia 2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vino: Coldiretti, al via domani vendemmia 2018

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          The Peacock Summer review: Hannah Richell's well-crafted romance      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
While the main stories here are to do with love and marriage, Hannah Richell makes a sweep of other themes.
          Don't ask 'BlacKkKlansman' actress Laura Harrier about being a black woman in Hollywood      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In preparation for her role as Patrice Dumas, a ’70s-era student activist who catches the eye of detective Ron Stallworth in Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman,” it was crucial for actress Laura Harrier to understand the soul of her character.

“I watched a ton of ‘Soul Train,’” she said with a laugh....

          Review: Netflix's ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ is a pleasant throwback romance with a sparkling Lily James      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" is an old-school, old-fashioned entertainment, a romantic drama bursting with scenic vistas and earnest charm that contains just enough mystery to keep us involved.

In fact, as efficiently directed by the veteran Mike Newell ("Four Weddings and...

          DYREKTOR ROZWOJU KONCERNU PRZEMYSŁOWEGO W AMERYCE POŁUDNIOWEJ - ASTROMAN - Ameryka, śląskie      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Wysokie zdolności menedżerskie, analityczne, negocjacyjne, bardzo dobra komunikatywność, chęć stałego rozwoju zawodowego, lojalność wobec pracodawcy, ambicja i...
Od - Fri, 25 May 2018 10:24:00 GMT - Pokaż wszystkie Ameryka, śląskie oferty pracy
          Commentaires sur ici l’ombre par MiniPhasme Titan      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
► T. R. Aule : <i>(...) et de se livrer, pour connaître leur avenir politique à la sciomantie.</i> En évoquant l'ichtyomancie, l'insecte était à mille lieues d'imaginer ledit Jupiter en "<b><a href=",+poisson+c%C3%A9tac%C3%A9e%22&hl=fr&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-krrk-9_cAhVLyYUKHdKbDIUQ6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q=%22J%20U%20P%20I%20T%20E%20R%2C%20poisson%20c%C3%A9tac%C3%A9e%22&f=false" title="" rel="nofollow">poisson cétacée Ꙭ</a></b>" !... Et c'est assez cocasse pour moult raisons : –– On peut tomber sur un <b><a href="'eau%20douce%20%3A%20lequel%3F%20Je%20ne%20saurais%20le%20dire.&f=false" title="" rel="nofollow">Nonnos</a></b>, –– "Jupiter" s'est formé grâce à certaine "<b><a href="" title="" rel="nofollow">corruption</a></b>", –– Quand il se sent <i>blessé</i>, notre <i>poisson cétacée</i> peut pousser des <i>cris horribles</i> qui ressemblent <i>à ceux d'un Cochon qu'on égorge</i>, –– Il a fraîchement confessé à un <i>passant</i>,* <i>lors d'un bain de foule</i>, « <b><a href="" title="" rel="nofollow">préfère[r] mille fois la mer</a></b>»** ! }}} <b><a href="" title="" rel="nofollow">Plouf Plouf</a></b> {{{ * non, rien... ** à la "piscine flambant neuve"
          Woman From India Talks About Her Time in Valley City      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
VALLEY CITY, N.D. ( – Jashandeep Kaur Walia worked to get her pharmacy license twice, first in her native country of India and again in the U.S. after graduating from the NDSU School of Pharmacy. She recently completed her pharmacy internship at Central Avenue HealthMart Pharmacy in Valley City. She’s been in the U.S. for the past six years and loves this country. She gave a brief history of her …
          Woman, 19, hospitalised following suspected shooting incident in Dublin      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Gardaí are appealing for witnesses and information following a suspected shooting incident in Ballymun.
          Katie Geneva Cannon, groundbreaking womanist theologian and ethicist, dies at age 68      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Teaching was her ministry.
          Una figura del histórico Leicester City reforzaría al Pachuca      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

El Pachuca comandado por el estratega español, Pako Ayestarán, no inició de la mejor manera el Torneo Apertura 2018 de la Liga MX y por ello están a punto de reforzar aún más su plantilla con el atacante argentino, Leonardo Ulloa, quien fue parte de aquél plantel del Leicester City que conquistó la Premier League. […]

La entrada Una figura del histórico Leicester City reforzaría al Pachuca aparece primero en Futbol Sapiens.

          Egalitarian Rights Versus Religious Rights      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
IDF parachuting instructor poses with her father, Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva (TOI
Protecting religious rights or egalitarian rights... What should come first? The answer is not always an ‘either/or’.  Most of the time you can protect both. Unfortunately however sometimes you have to choose.

Israel is both a democracy of which egalitarianism is a prime tenet… and a Jewish state where Halacha should determine army protocol. As I’ve indicated many times. Judaism without Halacha is like a car without an engine. It might look like a car. But it isn’t.

These values have clashed in one of Israel’s most highly valued institutions, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). 

There is not a doubt in my mind that God’s protection of the Jewish people in Israel is being done through the dedicated hard work and sacrifice of the Israeli  army. However, the army is not just Israel’s means of defending itself from its enemies. While that is obviously its main function by far, it is not its only function. The army must also have integrity and honesty in how it presents itself to the world, and to God. It cannot therefore abide illegality or immorality by its soldiers. A Jewish solider must act in ways that will give glory to God and glory to His people.

Giving glory to God means following Halacha. Giving glory to His people is to behave in a manner that will cause the rest of the world to see us as an example for them to follow. In other words to be a light unto the nations

In our world today, these values often clash. That is evident in the constant battle between egalitarianism and religion. One that has caused a lot of conflict between the left wing of Orthodoxy and the right wing. 

The modern world places the highest value on egalitarian ideals. They are considered supreme -  to be honored at the expense of any other value. Judaism does not see it that way. Egalitarianism is a value as long as it does not contradict Halacha. So that in the work place for example, women should be given the same opportunities as men - as well as commensurate compensation for equal work.  

Judaism  also places a high value on Tznius (modesty). The question is , how is modesty defined in Judaism.

As most people know, (or should know) modesty is as much a function of our behavior as it is about how we dress. As the prophet Micah tells us (6:8): ‘Tzne Haleches...’ Walk modesty with God. In our day when promiscuity itself has become a glorified value (as so often depicted in the entertainment industry) the religious focus on Tznius has been in trying to avoid it. 

As such there have been many books written on the subject that have taken a hard line. (Which is OK as long as it is made clear that there are other legitimate views about modesty that are not as stringent as those books make them out to be.) Modesty also entails the idea of men not gazing at women with lascivious thoughts. Something that is clearly forbidden to do. And to avoid situations that are conducive to that. (Something that would in my view – reduce incidences of sexual abuse if adhered to. But I digress.) 

It is against this backdrop that a recent dust up occurred in the IDF. From the Times of Israel
Dozens of religious soldiers from the IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade refused to listen to a female parachuting instructor earlier this week, turning their backs to her when she tried to give them a demonstration. 
That instructor was obviously insulted by seeing recruits turning their back when all she was trying to do was teach them their jobs.  On the other hand, these religious soldiers were just following their consciences - which are driven by religious values.

The army sided with the instructor and has pledged to be loyal to the egalitarian ideal. And ideal that was recently acted upon in a recent promotion of a woman to high rank and responsibility. That was followed by declaring it to the world with pride. The last thing the army wants is for the world to see a bunch of ‘religious fanatics’ undermining that strategy.

What was the right thing to do here? Honestly I’m not sure since I don’t know whether there really are any modesty issues that preclude a woman demonstrating to men - how to use a parachute. 

On the one hand I don’t see how that could possibly be immodest. Especially in that context. On the other hand I wasn’t there and I can’t imagine a group of dedicated religious soldiers turning their back to a female instructor without believing that - what she was about to do violated their religious values.

My thought is that common sense should prevail in situations where egalitarian values clash with religious ones.  In cases of doubt (like this incident) the IDF should make sure that a male instructor be the one demonstrating this technique to religious soldiers. 

Being egalitarian does not mean closing your eyes. There are plenty of soldiers that don’t have a problem at all with female instructors.  It is in those instances that the IDF can close their eyes and send a man or a woman to do the job. 

Why do something that will only generate controversy? Even if you don’t agree with the religious perceptive of those religious soldiers, what is lost by sending  a male instructor to teach these men? Is it impossible to do? I doubt it. I doubt that there are no male instructors available to teach parachuting technique.

Besides - the army now has Charedi units that actually honor these sensitivities. They have gone to great lengths to secure those soldiers religious rights and avoid having any women involved with them at all. That clearly demonstrates that it can be done. In my view it should always be done when religious sensitivities are involved and security issues are not affected.

One may ask why these soldiers didn’t just join a Charedi unit? That is a good question that I’m not sure I can answer. It surely would have solved all problems. 

I suppose that one answer might be that there just aren’t enough Charedi units to go around. They have limited space and cannot accommodate the increasing number of religious recruits. That should change in my view. Hopefully it will. But in the meantime I see no reason to not accommodate soldiers that have religious sensitivities – as long as it does not hamper the army’s mandate of protecting its citizens.

There is also the fact that many religious recruits might join the regular army instead of the Charedi units because they want to be trained in areas that are not yet available to the Charedi units.

That this is happening now and has never been an issue until recently is not really a question. There have been plenty of religious recruits in the army since the very beginning of  the state.  The vast majority of them being religious Zionists, who felt an obligation to defend their country. 

No where is that more evident that in Hesder units that had a reputation for taking the most dangerous assignments as a group. Hesder units are designed for religious Zionist recruits to alternate periods of Torah study and military service over a six year period. Hesder is done in regular army units. Not Charedi ones.

Hesder soldiers are as dedicated to their religious values as they are to the state. I do not recall hearing too many complaints (if at all) about their religious values being subverted. But that’s probably because women were not part of any type of combat units. Situations like the one under discussion would therefore never have happened.

(For the record, I oppose women serving in combat for reasons beyond the scope of this post. But that ship has sailed.)

There are some who might say to these recruits, ‘Stop being excessively Frum’ Just watch your instructor and learn. They will reason that female instructors do not behave in any way that would be considered immodest by just teaching them how to use a parachute. I might tend to agree with them (although – as I indicated – I’ve never seen such a demonstration and can’t know for sure.) 

It might be true that at a very basic level there is nothing immodest about a woman teaching men how to use a parachute. But it shouldn’t matter. If there are dozens of religious soldiers that see it as immodest their sensitivities should be respected. No one should have to concede to an egalitarian ideal that contradicts their religious values – as long as the ultimate goal of the army - protection of the Jewish people - is not undermined.

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OBJECTIVE: To summarize best available prospective data on typical and perfect use effectiveness of fertility awareness–based methods for avoiding pregnancy. DATA SOURCES: We conducted a systematic review of studies published in English, Spanish, French, or German by June 2017 in MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, Web of Science, and METHODS OF STUDY SELECTION: We reviewed 8,755 unique citations and included 53 studies that contained 50 or greater women using a specific fertility awareness–based method to avoid pregnancy, calculated life table pregnancy probabilities or Pearl rates, and prospectively measured pregnancy intentions and outcomes. We systematically evaluated study quality. TABULATION, INTEGRATION, AND RESULTS: Of 53 included studies, we ranked 0 high quality, 21 moderate quality, and 32 low quality for our question of interest. Among moderate-quality studies, first-year typical use pregnancy rates or probabilities per 100 woman-years varied widely: 11.2–14.1 for the Standard Days Method, 13.7 for the TwoDay Method, 10.5–33.6 for the Billings Ovulation Method, 4–18.5 for the Marquette Mucus-only Method, 9.0–9.8 for basal body temperature methods, 13.2 for single-check symptothermal methods, 11.2–33.0 for Thyma double-check symptothermal methods, 1.8 for Sensiplan, 25.6 for Persona, 2–6.8 for the Marquette Monitor-only Method, and 6–7 for the Marquette Monitor and Mucus Method. First-year perfect use pregnancy rates or probabilities among moderate-quality studies were 4.8 for the Standard Days Method, 3.5 for the TwoDay Method, 1.1–3.4 for the Billings Ovulation Method, 2.7 for the Marquette Mucus Method, 0.4 for Sensiplan, 12.1 for Persona, and 0 for the Marquette Monitor. CONCLUSION: Studies on the effectiveness of each fertility awareness–based method are few and of low to moderate quality. Pregnancy rates or probabilities varied widely across different fertility awareness–based methods (and in some cases, within method types), even after excluding low-quality studies. Variability across populations studied precludes comparisons across methods. Corresponding author: Rachel Peragallo Urrutia, MD, MS, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of North Carolina, CB#7570, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7570; email: Funding for the review was provided through a USAID contract. KNDR Healthcare, LLC provided in-kind donation (EK effort). KNDR had no role in the design of the project or review of the data or manuscript. USAID provided funding starting after the design of the project, the literature search, the abstract review, and the full-text review. They had no role in design of the project or data analysis plan. USAID read the manuscript before publication and provided comments that the authors were not obligated to incorporate. Presented at the North American Forum on Family Planning, October 14–16, 2017, Atlanta, Georgia; the National Title X Reproductive Health Conference, July 15–18, 2018, Kansas City, Missouri; and the Annual Scientific Assembly Meeting of the International Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine, July 25, 2018, Ontario, California. Chelsea B. Polis is affiliated with the Guttmacher Institute. Her affiliation is included for informational purposes only; this work was not conducted under the auspices of the Guttmacher Institute. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Guttmacher Institute. The authors thank Ammu Vijay and Nancy DeMaria for their help during the abstract and full-text screening portions of the study; Jennifer Walker, MLS, for her assistance with developing and conducting the literature search; and Eugene Urrutia, PhD, for his help with preparation of Figures 2 and 3. Each author has indicated that he or she has met the journal's requirements for authorship. Financial Disclosure Dr. Peragallo Urrutia's salary to the University of North Carolina is paid in part by KNDR Healthcare, LLC, for her work at Reply Ob/Gyn & Fertility. KNDR's mission is to promote fertility awareness–based methods of family planning. The other authors did not report any potential conflicts of interest. Received March 27, 2018 Received in revised form May 10, 2018 Accepted May 24, 2018 © 2018 by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.
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