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Het British Museum geeft acht kunstvoorwerpen terug, die na de val van Saddam Hussein zijn gestolen uit Irak. De voorwerpen, die tot wel 5000 jaar oud zijn, werden in 2003 in beslag genomen bij een Londense kunsthandelaar.

De items werden pas dit jaar overgebracht naar het British Museum. Tot die tijd lagen ze in de opslag bij de politie. Pas toen niemand de artikelen opeiste bij de politie, werden de voorwerpen overgedragen aan het museum in Londen.

Na onderzoek heeft het British Museum, het nationale museum van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, onlangs vastgesteld dat de voorwerpen uit de archeologische vindplaats Tello komen, in het zuiden van Irak. Inscripties op de geconfisqueerde voorwerpen correspondeerden met unieke inscripties bij de ruïnes van de oude stad Girsu.

Onder de voorwerpen zijn een marmeren hanger in de vorm van een stier, de kop van een wapen, stempels en drie kleine kegels. Morgen worden de stukken overhandigd aan de Iraakse ambassadeur, volgende week worden ze naar Irak gebracht.

Oude kunst ligt gevoelig

Gestolen antieke voorwerpen zijn internationaal gezien een gevoelig onderwerp. Veel musea bezitten kunstvoorwerpen die met de kennis van nu onder bedenkelijke omstandigheden zijn verkregen.

Recentelijk verkregen of door de politie geconfisqueerde roofkunst wordt vaak ruimhartig teruggegeven. Voor internationale topstukken wordt vaak een vergeefse diplomatieke strijd geleverd door de landen van herkomst.

Bekende twiststukken in het British Museum zijn de oud-Egyptische steen van Rosetta, een stuk graniet met inscripties die ooit gebruikt zijn om hiërogliefen te ontcijferen, en de Elgin Marbles, marmeren sculpturen uit de Atheense Akropolis. Beide topwerken zijn sinds begin negentiende eeuw in het bezit van het British Museum. Dat is niet van plan de stukken terug te geven.

          Pregnant Woman and Child Killed as Israel and Gaza Exchange Fire      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The flare-up comes as Egypt is trying to broker a cease-fire between the two

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           Thu. August 9th, 2018 - Sat. September 29th, 2018 - Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Step into a time when civilization grew along the Nile, pyramids dotted the skyline and gods walked among humans.

          Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          [Cine] Imágenes del set de Wonder Woman 1984 en Londres y las Islas Canarias      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
El rodaje de “Wonder Woman 1984” transcurre actualmente en Londres, ciudad en la que se situó parte de la primera entrega y que volveremos a ver en esta secuela de la Mujer Maravilla. Si ayer tuvimos unas imágenes de Gal Gadot en el papel de Diana Prince vestida de gala, hoy se han filtrado varias imágenes de la producción. En la primera imagen se muestra el camión del equipo de producción delante del Royal College of Physicians de Londres, por lo que es muy probable que se estén grabando escenas dentro de este emblemático edificio. En la segunda imagen tenemos un vistazo a la construcción de un “poblado egipcio” en la isla de Fuerteventura, por lo que pronto iniciaran el rodaje en la isla. (PHOTO) An ‘Egyptian village’ set currently under construction on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura. #WW84 — Wonder Woman 1984 (@WonderWomanHQ) 9 de agosto de 2018 Con un reparto en el que ya tenemos las incorporaciones de Kristen Wiig como la villana Cheetah; y las de Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell […]

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While one old Capitol Hill theater has started a new life this summer, another has finally recovered from an indignity that left its historical face scarred for the past few years. Destroyed by a truck during an October 2016 storm, … Continue reading
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A Quick Review

We will begin this article with a brief review of the major points laid out in the previous one (“John 2:12–21 and Herodian Chronology,”, and then go into a detailed analysis of some arguments offered against its conclusion that the reign of Herod the Great should be dated to 37 BC, per the reasons laid out by Emil Schürer in A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ.

Josephus Started the Year from Nisan

In the linked article we saw how Josephus’ own words demonstrated that he regarded the month of Nisan as the first month of the Jewish year, hence in Antiquities he followed the ecclesiastical calendar rather than the civil calendar starting in Tishri (emphasis and bracketed comments added; except where noted, the Whiston translation of Antiquities is used throughout this article):

Antiquities 1.3.3 – “But Moses appointed that Nisanshould be the first month…although he preserved the original order of the months [where Nisan, as counted from Rosh Hashanah in Tishri, was taken as the seventh month] as to selling and buying, and other ordinary affairs.”

Antiquities 3.10.5 – “Nisanis the beginning of our year.”

Antiquities 11.4.8 – “the first month; which according to the Macedonians is called Xanthicus; but according to us, Nisan.

It could perhaps be argued that calling Nisan "the first month" is purely a label, and does not entail actually counting years from it. But the fact remains that during the Second Temple period after the Babylonian exile, the Jews themselves, as reflected in both Antiquities 3.10.5 and the Mishnah, regarded Nisan rather than Tishri as "the beginning of our year," and counted their rulers' reigns from it. For our purposes, with a focus on the reign of Herod as a Jewish ruler, that is what matters.

Josephus Used Inclusive Reckoning

In addition it was established, from several examples, that the uncomplicated, plain sense of Antiquities indicates Josephus mainly followed inclusive reckoning. We know that inclusive reckoning was a normal convention in the Bible and in the Roman and Jewish worlds generally, this is not in dispute. The story of Cornelius in Acts 10 was given as a biblical example, while we observed that a straightforward reading of Josephus indicates he followed this convention in the way he handled the time spanned by several pairs of independent, unrelated events: the 27 years from Pompey’s taking of Jerusalem in 63 BC to the start of Herod’s de facto (“in fact”) reign in 37 BC following the siege of Jerusalem, the 107 years from the start of Herod’s reign in 37 BC until the Temple fell to Titus in AD 70, and the seventh year of Herod’s reign matching up with the year of the Battle of Actium on September 2, 31 BC, thus requiring his first year to have been in 37 BC. Since these three examples are obviously discussed in Antiquities—in 14.16.4, 20.10.1, and 15.5.2 respectively, with the last one also addressed in Wars 1.19.3—what Andrew E. Steinmann (“When Did Herod the Great Reign?” Novum Testamentum 51 [2009]: 1–29) states in his note 8 (p. 2) is not borne out by the evidence:

Schürer claimed that Josephus used inclusive reckoning (1896 edition 1.200–201, Vermes and Millar edition, Schürer, History 326–327). If Josephus used inclusive reckoning to arrive at thirty-seven and thirty-four years [the first giving the time from Herod’s Roman appointment to his death, the second from his siege victory to his death, Ant. 17.8.1] (i.e., the years 40–4 BCE inclusive totals thirty-seven), such inclusive reckoning is not indicated elsewhere in Josephus (emphasis and bracketed comment added).

The cited instances do indicate Josephus used inclusive reckoning elsewhere. They should predispose us to view the 37 and 34-year time spans the same way. With one small, but as we shall see, significant correction: Josephus does does not refer to the "siege victory" in Antiquities 17.8.1, but to the death of Antigonus: "When he had done these things, he died...having reigned since he had procured Antigonus to be slain thirty four years." It is an important difference.

Josephus Sometimes Gave Time Durations

The few exceptions to inclusive reckoning in Josephus’ writings were seen to reflect elapsed time, or rather, time durations of single events that covered a period of time from start to completion. Such was the case where Herod's 18th year was said to mark the start of the 46 years the Temple was “a-building,” and with the 126 years that had elapsed since the Hasmonean dynasty was first set up until its last king died. Whereas time spans between two different events were reckoned inclusively as expected, the duration of what were essentially single events having a defined start and end point were dealt with differently. They were treated like birthdays; the first example looked at when the Temple became 46 years old, the second at when the Hasmonean dynasty became 126 years old. Since it is self-evident that one would never say a month-old infant was reckoned as being one year of age, exceptions like these to the normal inclusive reckoning approach are to be expected. But in saying this, we must insist that such exceptions to accommodate the duration of an event do not set aside the general principle of inclusive reckoning, nor reckoning specifically from Nisan in the case of the post-exilic (Second Temple) Judean kings.

I initially thought it would be sufficient to press these three simple, positive evidences upon the reader, deeming them adequate in themselves to powerfully call into question the validity of any chronological approaches that began the de facto reign of Herod in 36 rather than 37 BC. But the more I reflected on the matter, the more I realized that it was the very complexity of the arguments put forth by W.E. Filmer (“The Chronology of the Reign of Herod the Great,” Journal of Theological Studies 17.2 [1966], pp. 283–298) and Steinmann that might cause some readers to be swayed by them. Some people are impressed by cleverness, while for others it is far easier to simply accept these scholars’ judgments on authority than to analyze their arguments. Still others may feel a certain loyalty to particular scholars for other reasons, such as Steinmann’s reputation as a conservative scholar with a significant book on biblical chronology to his credit.

But in the end, none of those factors should influence our evaluation of their arguments, only the strength of the logic and data they present to make their cases. Therefore, before turning to consider the death date of Herod, it is necessary to offer some specific rebuttals to the Filmer/Steinmann contention that Herod’s reign must be dated from his appointment by the Romans, supposedly in 39 BC.

The Attacks on the “Schürer Consensus”

The approaches of Filmer and Steinmann involve attacking what Steinmann dubs the “Schürer consensus.” Their arguments primarily involve seeking ways to get around the manifest appearance of non-accession (inclusive) dating of reigns from Nisan seen in Josephus. But when we closely examine the evidence, we see this effort is built on a framework of assumptions, questionable interpretations, and outright accusations of error leveled against Josephus. In what follows we will attempt to demonstrate the existence of this shaky framework, and call for a return to a solid structure based on accepting the fundamental reliability of Josephus as an historian, with his work interpreted in a straightforward manner.

An Insistence on Non-Inclusive Dating

The fundamental way the Filmerians reinterpret Josephus is by insisting that he consistently used non-inclusive dating in Antiquities, with the month of Tishri (September/October) viewed as the first month of the year. In this approach, the year an event occurred in is not included in the counting. This means that in the case of reign lengths of rulers, where this approach is known as accession-year reckoning, counting began with the first of Tishri after the start of a king’s reign, while with other matters actual reckoning (as we count things today) was used, with the first year counted on the first anniversary after the event.

The problem is, the records of the Jews themselves indicate non-inclusive, accession-year, Tishri-based dating was not followed after the return from the Babylonian exile. The Mishnah, the third century AD rabbinic compilation of Jewish oral tradition, clearly supports inclusive, non-accession reckoning from Nisan during the Second Temple era that included Herod’s reign:

On the first of Nissan is the [cut off date for the] New Year regarding [the count of the reigns of the Jewish] kings [which was used to date legal documents. If a king began his reign in Adar even if was only for one day that is considered his first year, and from the first of Nissan is considered his second year…] On the first of Tishrei is the New Year for [the counting of] years [of non-Jewish kings], for the Shemittah and the Yoveil count...” (; brackets with summarized Gemara commentary original, emphasis added).

This tells us there were two main calendars (there were minor ones as well, but they can be ignored for our purposes). One began in Tishri and applied to counting years dealing with civil affairs, specifically in regard to kings of foreign nations, sabbatical (shemittah) years, and jubilee (yoveil) counts; the other began in Nisan and applied to Jewish kings and religious festivals. In emphasizing the primacy of Nisan dating for Josephus and for Herodian chronology in particular, we do not deny that Tishri accession-year dating applied to kings’ reigns during the First Temple period, as well as to the reigns of the Babylonian and Persian rulers over the Jews during the Babylonian captivity. But we must insist, on the basis of the Mishnah and the testimony of Josephus, that such reckoning did not apply to Second Temple, post-exilic kings of the Jews like Herod. The evidence clearly indicates that the Jews reckoned Nisan as the first month of their year as far back as the Babylonian exile. We see this unambiguously stated in Esther 3:7 (NASB):

In the first month, which is the month Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Ahasuerus, Pur, that is the lot, was cast before Haman from day to day and from month to month, until the twelfth month, that is the month Adar.

If the first month was Nisan and the twelfth was Adar for Queen Esther, a loyal Jew, the ecclesiastical calendar’s ordering of the months was obviously normative in Jewish minds by that time. There is no clear biblical evidence that the Jews thereafter ever viewed Tishri as the first month of the year for reckoning the reigns of their own rulers.

Preoccupation with Herod’s Roman Appointment

This brings up an important point about Steinmann’s approach to Herod’s reign. He consistently refuses to treat it as beginning with the deposing of Antigonus (Ant. 17.8.1) following the siege of Jerusalem, but insists it began with the Roman appointment. But why must we suppose that, just because the Romans had something to do with his getting the position, their involvement somehow made Herod a non-Jewish, foreign king to whom Tishri dating applied? Antigonus was likewise made king of Judea by the intervention of a foreign power, in his case the Parthians, yet no one tries to represent him as a foreign king. What makes one a foreign king with his reign reckoned from Tishri is ruling over a country other than Judea. This was not the case with Herod. It has to do with a uniform approach to record keeping in affairs of state.

Moreover, Steinmann’s proposal that Herod dated his reign from when the Romans granted him the throne of Judea is beside the point. For our purposes it ultimately does not matter how Herod may have viewed the start of his reign, but how Josephus did and recorded it in his histories. For argument’s sake, the strongest indicator that Herod may have personally placed priority on his Roman appointment could be seen in his coins. Steinmann cites numismatic evidence in support of Herod using Rome-based dating of his reign on page 27:

Herod’s first coins, issued to replace Hasmonean currency, are also the first dated Jewish coins. They are dated to “year three.”

Pictures of these coins, derived from David Hendin’s authoritative Guide to Biblical Coins, can be found at Then he continues:

Clearly, Herod counted the year he first reigned in Jerusalem as the third year of his reign. This means that he counted his first regnal year as beginning no later than Tishri 38 BCE and issued his first coinage shortly after conquering Jerusalem in 36 BCE (emphasis added).

We may regard the supposition that “Herod counted the year he first reigned in Jerusalem as the third year of his reign” as likely, since there are no known Herodian coins bearing year one or two (or any) dates. But the emphasized statement following it depends on first assuming the Filmerian view that Herod was named king by the Romans in 39 BC with non-inclusive accession-year dating applied (39 BC up to the end of Elul being his accession year), followed by the taking of Jerusalem in the fall of 36 BC. The website disagrees, saying the coin’s date refers to Herod’s capture of Judea in 37 BC. Steinmann has obviously allowed his assumptions to lead his arguments here.

It should also be observed that Steinmann deals with coin matters very carefully, pointing to the “year three” notation as evidence Herod dated his reign from his Roman appointment, yet in the case of Herod’s son Antipas going to great pains to argue against the numismatic evidence:

Antipas lost the tetrarchy of Galilee and Perea in the second year of Gaius (38/39 CE) and the latest coins minted under his authority are dated to his forty-third year. This means that he claimed to have begun his reign in 5/4 BCE. Why would Archelaus and Antipas claim to have reigned from 4 BCE if Herod did not die in that year? Is this not proof that Herod must have died in 4 BCE and not 1 BCE? (p. 20).

It would seem so on the surface, but Steinmann then goes on to argue at length (devoting five pages to this), on a conjectural basis with considerable reading between the lines, that Herod actually did not die in 4 BC, and the evidence of the coins is misleading in this case. This is a discussion that must be tabled for now. My only point in bringing it up is to show that Steinmann is willing to reinterpret the apparent sense of the evidence when doing so will further his argument.

Let us return to our main point, that Herod’s possible view of the start of his reign is less important than how Josephus viewed it. As we saw earlier when discussing the evidence for inclusive reckoning in Josephus, the examples of Pompey’s 27 years, the Temple’s fall after 107 years, and the Battle of Actium assigned to Herod’s seventh year, all rely on dating from 37 BC. So, too, does the rebuilding of the Temple in Herod’s eighteenth year. None of these figures work with Josephus’ own time spans if they are counted from the Roman appointment three years previously. In presenting the synchronisms as he did, it is clear that, so far as Josephus was concerned, the taking of the city and deposing of Antigonus took priority over the Roman appointment for dating purposes. So, if our goal is to understand Josephus rather than read our own preferences onto his records, that is the basis we likewise should prefer for dating.

At this juncture I wish to mention an insight Ed Rickard shared on his The Moorings website, He proposes that the more detailed information in Antiquities was due to Josephus uncovering additional sources of authoritative, reliable information for dating the reign of Herod after Wars was written. Filmer had pointed out (pp. 286–287) that Josephus included nothing in Wars about the consular year and Olympiad synchronizations Antiquities gives for the 40 and 37 BC regnal start dates. Filmer, filtering this observation through his presuppositions, concludes that Josephus devised his own date synchronizations and introduced dating errors into Antiquities in the process.

There is another way of looking at it, however, that does not require demeaning Josephus: to posit that the additional information sources were official Roman records not known to him until after Wars was written, plus what might be called, as Ralph Marcus and Allen Wikgren translate it in the Loeb version of Antiquities 15.6.3, “Herod’s Memoirs.” This idea is attractive. It is highly probable that official records would have reflected consular dating, while information written by Herod himself would also likely have been from a Roman perspective, given how much he owed them for his exalted position. But even if it was, the question remains: did Josephus himself embrace that perspective in the way he wrote Antiquities? For most Herodian events it makes no substantive difference whether Josephus’ records reflect a January or Nisan first month, but it does matter when we consider exactly when Herod died. That is a matter for future consideration.

It is also worth noting that, notwithstanding the evidence of the coins which, as legal tender of the realm, would naturally have reflected Roman preferences, Herod expended great effort to have the Jews regard him as one of their own rather than a Roman pawn. This is particularly clearly illustrated in the remarks he made in Antiquities 15.11.1 before undertaking the building of the Temple:

I think I need not speak to you, my countreymenOur Fathers indeed, when they were returned from Babylon, built this temple to God Almighty… And it hath been by reason of the subjection of those fathers of ours… I will do my endeavour to correct that imperfection, which hath arisen from the necessity of our affairs, and the slavery we have been under formerly…(emphasis added).

Such self-evident intent to foster an identification of himself with the Jews and gain their loyalty is inconsistent with Steinmann’s insistence that only Roman views mattered to Herod:

Since Herod was appointed by a Gentile power, he probably [assuming a 39 BC appointment as king] began to count his official regnal years as beginning on the following Tishri (September/October) of 38 BCE (since the Jewish civil year began on Tishri). He may have counted his years as beginning in Nisan (March/April) of 38, but this is less likely, since this was the beginning of the religious year, and it would have been unwise to count a Gentile appointment from a sacred Jewish date….This also implies, however, that in Antiquities Josephus numbered Herod’s regnal years from his appointment by the Romans (p. 27, emphasis and bracketed comments added).

All of that is pure conjecture; notice the words “probably,” and “may have.” Consider as well, that apart from being the start of a month—sharing certain prescribed rites with other first days of months (Num. 10:10, 28:11–15), including the first of Tishri—there was nothing especially “sacred” about the first day of Nisan. It was primarily a starting reference point, the first month of the year, from which the Jewish feasts and fasts mandated by the Torah were ordered. It carried with it none of the special “sacredness” that characterized those dates and the weekly Sabbath (Lev. 23).

To wrap up this phase of the discussion, the Mishnah’s stipulations regarding the Tishri dating of kings were for record keeping purposes relative to other countries, not how kings reigning over the Jews from Jerusalem started their rule. Tishri dating therefore does not apply to Herod as a king of Judea. Yet, despite the united testimony of Scripture, Josephus and the Mishnah in favor of inclusive reckoning from Nisan from the time of Esther onwards for Judean kings, Filmer and Steinmann argue against that evidence, asserting that Josephus used accession-year, non-inclusive reckoning from Tishri. They then use this conjecture as the basis for a frontal attack on the plain sense of Josephus’ records. Filmer was the first modern scholar to take this tack, citing Edwin Thiele to claim that the reigns from Solomon to Zedekiah (pre-exilic rulers of the united monarchy, it should be noted) were reckoned from Tishri (p. 294), and then extrapolating from that to Herod. But surely the knowledgeable rabbis who put the Mishnah together had their own post-exilic history and the dating norms that arose from it down pat, which Josephus’ focus on Nisan dating indicates he likewise followed. Arguing against it appears to be flouting the evidence.

An Insistence on Factual Reckoning: The Actium Issue

Nevertheless, Steinmann chose to align himself closely with Filmer on this and many other matters. One is the Actium issue. He deals with it briefly on pages 5–6 in the context of critiquing the work of P.M. Bernegger, “Affirmation of Herod’s Death in 4 BCE,” Journal of Theological Studies 34 (1983), 526–531. What his objections boil down to is an insistence on looking at Josephus’ data through the lens of factual (date-specific), non-inclusive reckoning from September 2, 31 BC. For example, Bernegger (p. 529) cites Josephus’ discussion about the Roman tax registration in Syria during AD 6:

Josephus stated that the registration was completed in the thirty-seventh year after Actium. The battle of Actium took place in 31 B.C., thirty-six factual years before the completion of the Syrian registration. In this instance, Josephus counted inclusively, and without any ambiguity.

Steinmann protests, “However, Bernegger’s reasoning only works if one forgets about the date of the Battle of Actium, September 2, 31 BCE.” This reveals his Filmerian assumptions. Shelve the idea that factual, to-the-day dating matters, together with the presumption of non-inclusive year counts, and the problem vanishes. Steinmann also projects his own bias onto Bernegger when he writes, “Years after Actium commenced on September 3, not on the following January 1, as Bernegger’s calculations assume.” But as a follower of Schürer’s approach that adhered to Jewish and Roman inclusive dating conventions, Bernegger’s year count would have been inclusive, making the first year “after Actium” begin in 31 BC, not the following January. This makes 30 BC the second year after Actium, and so on until the 37th year in AD 6. Whether Bernegger used a January-to-December Julian calendar or Nisan to Adar, the inclusive approach still makes September 2 part of 31 BC rather than 30 BC. Thus, we see that Steinmann has here criticized a misrepresentation of Bernegger’s position. His so-called “Schürer consensus” increasingly resembles a convenient straw man for him to attack. It bears only passing resemblance to the actual positions of Emile Schürer and those who followed him.

The problems posed by the Battle of Actium against Filmer and Steinmann’s interpretation get worse. For example, Steinmann claimed in note 83 of his article:

The Battle of Actium [September 2, 31 BC] would have taken place at the very end of Herod’s seventh year, since Tishri can begin no earlier than September 20 and no later than October 19. In 31 BCE the Babylonians counted September 21 as the first day of Tishri (Richard A. Parker and Waldo H. Dubberstein, Babylonian Chronology 626 BCE–AD 75 [Brown University Studies 19, Providence: Brown University, 1956] 43). This confirms that Herod started his regnal years in Tishri, not Nisan (emphasis and bracketed comment added).

But this is circular reasoning. All this statement proves is that the Battle of Actium took place in the sixth month, Elul, just before Tishri started. It does not indicate that Actium was at the very end of Herod’s seventh year, or of any year. To claim that means first assuming a Tishri-based year—the very thing Filmer and Steinmann must prove—as well as factual dating. If Nisan-based inclusive dating was used instead, Actium would still have occurred just before Tishri, but would have fallen in the middle of Herod’s seventh year. Not only does this logic fail, the claim again flies in the face of Josephus’ testimony in Antiquities that his historical records for the Jews revolved around the Nisan-based ecclesiastical calendar, not the civil calendar using a Tishri New Year. We should place priority on the source material’s own interpretation of itself, not on a modern scholar’s reinterpretation of it. If it makes good sense as written, there is no real reason to reject it.

Further to this, at, Kenneth Frank Doig observed:

Andrew E. that the Battle of Actium in Herod’s 7th year on September 2, 31 BCE establishes Josephus “confirms that Herod started his regnal years in Tishri, not Nisan.” However, the dating is such that it was Herod’s 7th year reckoned from either Nisan or Tishri. Because of using dating from Tishri Steinmann elsewhere says Josephus “contradicts” himself.

My own independent analysis, put into a spreadsheet long before I read Steinmann’s article, agrees with Doig’s conclusions. Whether Nisan (March/April) or Tishri (September/October) reckoning is used for the start of the year, both of these possible New Year’s dates fall squarely into the January-to-December year of 31 BC.

In the end, what “Alexander” wrote (, quoted in my last article, still applies:

Despite any counting methods that may be employed by various authors, whether Nisan to Nisan, Tishri to Tishri, or even January to January, it holds true nonetheless that if the spring of 31 BCE is his seventh year, then the spring of 32 BCE is his sixth year, the spring of 33 BCE is his fifth year, and so on, making the spring of 37 BCE his first year (emphasis added; the argument would remain true if all instances of “spring” read “fall” instead).

The Filmerian Reinterpretation of Josephus

We will now undertake a point-by-point analysis of Steinmann’s case against the “Schürer consensus.” As observed above, he repeatedly emphasizes the significance of the de jure (in law) date of Herod’s Roman appointment over the de facto (in fact) date of taking Jerusalem. This is intimated as early as page 2, right after summarizing the main points favoring the 37 BC consensus for the start of Herod’s reign:

Despite this widely held opinion that Herod reigned from 40 (37) to 4 BCE, this was neither the consensus before Schürer nor has it gone unchallenged in the last half century. Most disturbingly, the Schürer consensus assigns only thirty-six years to Herod’s reign, thirty-three of them in Jerusalem, whereas Josephus reports the figures as thirty-seven and thirty-four respectively. All early Christian sources place the birth of Jesus after Passover in 4 BCE, with most of them placing it in sometime in late 3 or early 2 BCE (emphasis added).

Concerning these comments, three observations can be made:

First, we need to be clear: Herod did not in fact reign over the Jews from 40 BC on (or 39 BC, if one follows the Filmerian reinterpretation of Josephus), but from 37 BC (36 BC per Filmer and Steinmann). The “widely held opinion”—the “Schürer consensus”—views him in 40 BC merely as king-designate, and in Roman eyes only, until the city was actually taken and placed under his control. Antigonus, as we shall see, was the king of the Jews in every measure of the word—title (including on his coins, which bore the inscription BACILE?C ANTIΓONOY (of King Antigonus), see, government control, residence in Jerusalem, and acceptance as king by those he ruled—from 40 BC until Herod’s siege removed him and led to his death in 37 BC. This is surely a common sense observation, but it must unfortunately be specifically pointed out, lest the complex arguments put forth by Filmer and Steinmann obscure it.

Second, Steinmann asserts that the “disturbing” Schürer consensus contradicts the figures given by Josephus for the 37 and 34 years of his reign as measured from the Roman appointment and the taking of the city respectively. Actually, what is disturbing is this misrepresentation, for no conflict with Josephus can be found. Schürer himself wrote, in his note 165:

Herod died shortly before a Passover (Antiq. xvii.9.3; Wars of the Jews, ii.1.3), therefore in March or April. Since Josephus says that he reigned thirty-seven years from the date of his appointment, thirty-four years from his conquest of Jerusalem (Antiq. xvii.8.1; Wars of the Jews, i.33.8), it would seem as if, counting thirty-seven years from the year B.C. 40, he must have died in B.C. 3. But we know that Josephus elsewhere counts a year too much, according to our reckoning…The reason of this is that he counts portions of a year as a year [i.e., he counts inclusively]; and, indeed, he probably, according to the example of the Mishna, reckons the years of the king’s reign from Nisan to Nisan. If this be so, the thirty-fourth year of Herod would begin on the 1st Nisan of the year B.C. 4, and Herod must in that case have died between 1st and 14th Nisan, since his death occurred before the Passover. That this is indeed the correct reckoning is confirmed by astronomical date, and by the chronology of the successors of Herod (bracketed comment added).

Since at this time we will not discuss the death of Herod, we will skip over the last two lines (although we agree with them), and just note that there is nothing in what Schürer wrote to conclude that he disagreed with Josephus’ 37 and 34-year figures. His reasoning is actually predicated around accepting them as written. Neither did he accuse Josephus of error, as Steinmann does (“ Thus, Josephus is in error,” p. 7) in reference to his matchup of consular and Olympiad dates. (See also page 28, “Josephus made mistakes in Antiquities 14.389, 487 when reporting the consular and Olympian dating of the beginning of Herod’s reign.” The supposition that there was a direct conflict between Josephus’ equating the consular year of Calvinus and Pollio with the 184th Olympiad is addressed under “A Closer Look at the Consular Years,” below.) On the contrary, Schürer fully accepted those numbers and sought to understand them as Josephus and the Jews did, rather than imposing modern non-inclusive dating conventions upon them. The only contradiction is not with Josephus, but with the ultimately unsupported insistence of Filmer and Steinmann on using non-inclusive rather than inclusive reckoning, and that from Tishri rather than Nisan.

Third, he states that early Christian sources place the birth of Christ after 4 BC, generally in late 3 or early 2 BC. It should be pointed out, however, that those sources are not unanimous about a specific year, which indicates they reflect not accurate records but tradition (i.e., early Church hearsay). Jack Finegan’s Handbook of Biblical Chronology (p. 291) gives several dates suggested by early sources. Although it is true that a majority are listed as 3/2 BC, it should not escape our notice that these give a date range, and there are a number of outliers. To take these reports as authoritative is to depend on unproven tradition rather than a single well-attested year. If Luke, arguably the most historically picky of the New Testament writers, did not pinpoint the year for us, nor did any of the other inspired apostles who knew Him (and His mother Mary) best, we have no objective criterion for dating Christ’s birth, only old theologians’ tales. We must conclude, therefore, that early Church tradition gives us no clear year for the Savior’s birth, and therefore no conclusive help in pinpointing the year of Herod’s death.

Reinterpreting Three Incontestable Points

Beginning on page 8 of his article, Steinmann raises several critiques against 37 BC as the start of Herod’s de facto reign. He begins by presenting three incontestable points from Antiquities 14:

- Herod’s siege of Jerusalem ended during the consular year of Agrippa and Gallus, which coincided with the 185th Olympiad, “on the third month, on the solemnity of the fast”

- The city fell 27 years after it had under Pompey, on the same day

- The last Hasmonean, Antigonus, was put to death by Antony 126 years after the Hasmonean dynasty was first set up

Steinmann first admits (p. 9) that “the consular year and Olympiad given by Josephus indicates that Herod took Jerusalem in 37 BCE.” This is objective fact. But then he immediately makes two assertions with no such firm basis: “It was the Day of Atonement (“the fast”) on 10 Tishri in the Jewish calendar, but the third month (September) in the Greek calendar” (parentheses original, emphasis added). In what Josephus wrote there is no discernible indication that Greek months entered into the picture at all, nor reason to pivot from Greek months to Jewish days: “This destruction befel the city of Jerusalem when Marcus Agrippa and Caninius Gallus were consuls of Rome; on the hundred eighty and fifth olympiad; on the third month; on the solemnity of the fast” (Ant. 14.16.4). In the post-exilic era several Jewish months, including the third, were routinely designated by their order in the calendar rather than their Jewish names. Scripture itself demonstrates this in Esther 8:9, “in the third month (that is, the month Sivan),” where the parenthetical clarification is part of the verse, and in Ezekiel 31:1, “in the third month.” We can confidently expect Josephus followed that post-exilic convention. The parenthetical explanation in Esther 8:9 also demonstrates the standardized inclusive counting the Filmer camp denies, for Tammuz, not Sivan, would have been specified as the third month if the Jews had used actual, non-inclusive reckoning.

Steinmann’s assertions about the day and month of Jerusalem’s fall appear to arise not from what Josephus wrote, but from the Filmerian preoccupation with Tishri dating. There is no reason to suppose that Josephus, a Romanized Jew whom we already know—from his own words, no less—viewed Nisan as the first month of the year, would refer to a Greek month out of the blue, particularly without also naming it for his readers unfamiliar with Greek conventions (recall how he explained Xanthicus earlier). It also makes little sense that Josephus would flip-flop with his calendars, giving the month in Greek terms, but the day in Jewish terms. The odds are overwhelmingly against it. A straightforward understanding of the passage indicates the Jewish month of Sivan, the third month of the ecclesiastical calendar, was meant. This means “the fast” is impossible to assign to the Day of Atonement in Tishri, the seventh month. “The fast” has another more likely meaning, to be discussed later.

Steinmann then (p. 9) presents two other considerations which, he claims, “contradict” the 37 BC date indicated by both consular year and Olympiad reckoning. First, he says, the 27 years that passed after Pompey takes one to 36 BC, not 37 BC. Two problems exist here: first, he again assumes without supporting evidence that it was the Day of Atonement in Tishri, and second, he makes the further undemonstrated assumption that non-inclusive, actual dating was used. In short, he is using his (and Filmer’s) assumptions as the basis for claiming Josephus was in error, instead of trying to understand the data as Josephus understood it.

As for the second “contradiction,” Steinmann says that there is no evidence of any government by the Hasmoneans until 162 BC, therefore the 126 years had to be reckoned from 36 BC, not 37 BC. But as discussed in the previous article of this series, this overlooks the detail that Antiochus IV Epiphanes died in 163 BC, vacating the Syrian kingship over the Jews and defaulting to leaving the Hasmoneans in power. By recognizing this we can say that the Hasmonean dynasty endured for 126 years.

Three Considerations Favoring Actual, Non-Inclusive Years?

At this point in his article, it is apparent that Steinmann feels the pressure of the “Schürer consensus” against the Filmerian position he has staked out: “Nonetheless, the Schürer consensus could hold that the data given by Josephus here were reckoned by inclusive reckoning, making no conflict” (p. 10). Indeed, it not only could, but it does. But then he adds, “However, that Josephus was not using inclusive reckoning and that these data should be seen as reporting actual years is demonstrated by three more considerations” (p. 10). What are these considerations?

Supposed Conflict of the High Priest Chronology with the Consular Years

The first he owes directly to Filmer (p. 287): “Josephus also contradicts his own consular year for Herod’s conquest of Jerusalem by his chronology of the high priests.” The main assumption behind this is that Josephus used factual, to-the-day dating for the reigns of high priests, similar to the way the Romans reckoned the reigns of their emperors. But another assumption is less obvious: that Josephus’ account of Hyrcanus II and Antigonus views their “reigns” only as those of high priests, not kings. We will discuss this matter in detail below.

The Alleged Passivity of Sosius

The second consideration arises from a conflict Steinmann, again following Filmer (p. 286), sees in Dio’s Roman History, which he claims “casts doubt on the Schürer consensus that the conquest of Jerusalem occurred in 37 BCE.” Here I quote his argument in full (p. 11):

Concerning 37 BCE Dio states (49.23.1–2):

…during the following year [37 BCE] the Romans accomplished nothing worthy of note in Syria. For Antony spent the entire year reaching Italy and returning again to the province, and Sossius [sic], because anything he did would be advancing Antony’s interests rather than his own, and he therefore dreaded his jealousy and anger, spent the time in devising means, not for achieving some success and incurring his enmity, but for pleasing him without engaging in any activity (emphasis and brackets added).

Thus, Sossius would not have helped Herod—a man favored by Antony—capture Jerusalem in 37.

Rather than teaching that Sosius was entirely passive during 37 BC, the Dio passage merely tells us, and quite specifically, that the Romans accomplished nothing of note in Syria. The sense is that, lest personal successes in Syria might inadvertently offend the uninvolved Antony, Sosius likewise did nothing there. This text does not address activities Sosius might have pursued in Judea at Antony’s specific behest, however. Making the assumption that Sosius’ fear of affronting Antony paralyzed him into inactivity everywhere is entirely unwarranted. Since Dio emphasizes Sosius’ desire to please Antony, if Antony wanted him to help Herod with the siege of Jerusalem, of course he would! That is exactly what the text says in Antiquities 14.16.1: “Sosius [was] sent by Antony, to assist Herod.” The supposed problem Filmer and Steinmann see is nonexistent. Consistent with this, in Wars 1.17.2 Josephus elaborates a little further:

For after the taking of Samosata [in 38 BC], and when Antony had set Sosius over the affairs of Syria, and had given him orders to assist Herod against Antigonus, he [Herod] departed into Egypt; but Sosius sent two legions before him into Judea, to assist Herod, and followed himself soon after with the rest of his army (emphasis and brackets added).

This information is in direct conflict with the idea that Sosius “would not have helped Herod” to capture Jerusalem in 37 BC. Therefore, we can dismiss the Dio “problem” as being nothing of the sort for the “Schürer consensus.”

The Sabbatical Years

The third consideration adduced by Steinmann against a 37 BC fall of Jerusalem is tied to the Jewish sabbatical years. The sabbatical years are brought up in two places in Antiquities in conjunction with the start of Herod’s reign. Describing the siege undertaken by Sosius and Herod, Josephus records:

Now the Jews that were inclosed within the walls of the city, fought against Herod with great alacrity and zeal...and making use of brutish courage, rather than of prudent valour, they persisted in this war to the very last. And this they did while a mighty army lay round about them; and while they were distressed by famine, and the want of necessaries: for this happened to be a sabbatick year (14.16.2, emphasis added)

He continues the story in the next chapter, observing:

Nor was there any end of the miseries he [Herod] brought upon them [the defeated Jews]: and this distress was in part occasioned by the covetousness of the prince regnant [Herod was confiscating silver and gold wherever he could find them]; who was still in want of more; and in part by the sabbatick year, which was still going on, and forced the countrey to lie still uncultivated: since we are forbidden to sow our land in that year (15.1.2, emphasis and bracketed comments added).

These details give us a way to determine the year that Herod took Jerusalem, but only if we can identify with confidence at least one other post-exilic sabbatical year to synchronize with it. Once again following Filmer’s lead (pp. 289–291), Steinmann presents this argument (p. 11):

Finally, it should be noted that Herod besieged Jerusalem at the end of a Sabbatical year when food supplies were running low. This was the same situation in mid-162 BCE near the end of a sabbatical year. Thus, Tishri 163–Elul 162 was a Sabbatical year. Since the summer of 162 BCE fell during a Sabbatical year, the summer of 37 BCE could not have been a Sabbatical year. Instead, Tishri 37 BCE–Elul 36 BCE was also a Sabbatical year. Since food supplies would have been adequate at the beginning of the Sabbatical year, Jerusalem could not have fallen to Herod in Tishri 37 BCE as the Schürer consensus holds. Instead, Jerusalem fell at the beginning of the following year (Tishri 36), with the siege taking place during the summer of the Sabbatical year (summer of 36 BCE).

To begin with, I have no idea how Steinmann concluded that his “Schürer consensus” holds that Jerusalem fell to Herod in Tishri. None of the references I looked at that accept a 37 BC de facto start for the reign of Herod place the taking of Jerusalem in Tishri, but in early summer, generally the month of Sivan (June of 37 BC, cf. This conclusion follows the logic that the “siege of five months” (Wars 1.18.2) began “after the rigor of winter was over” (Ant. 14.15.14) around February, and concluded in the “summer time” (Ant. 14.16.2), “in the third month” (Ant. 14.16.4) of the Nisan-based ecclesiastical calendar Josephus favors. No, those who follow Schürer do not think Jerusalem fell in Tishri.

Now, the validity of all of Steinmann’s sabbatical year reasoning, including the assertion that 163–162 BC was a sabbatical year, depends on first accepting the foundational premise of a Tishri-based, actual/accession-year/non-inclusive dating scheme, and then presuming on the accuracy of the sabbatical year determinations made by Ben Zion Wacholder (“The Calendar of Sabbatical Cycles During the Second Temple and the Early Rabbinic Period,” Hebrew Union College Annual 44 [1973], 153–193). Quite possibly under the influence of Filmer’s 1966 article, Wacholder decided to revisit the careful earlier study done by Benedict Zuckermann (Treatise on the Sabbatical Cycle and the Jubilee, translated by A. Löwy from the German original of 1856), and concluded Zuckermann’s dates for the sabbatical years were a year too early. Of particular note is that he concluded that 37-36 BC, Tishri through Elul, was a sabbatical year, aligning it with Filmer’s date for Herod taking Jerusalem.

So, which is more accurate for the post-exilic period, the sabbatical year determination of Wacholder, or the one by Zuckermann? A detailed discussion of the issues involved is given in a Wikipedia entry ( that references the work of many acknowledged authorities, such as Parker and Dubberstein, Edwin Thiele, and Jack Finegan. It also draws on the work of ABR's Dr. Bryant Wood and several ABR Associates, including biblical chronologist Rodger Young and Dr. Douglas Petrovich. After acknowledging that the geonim (medieval Jewish scholars) and the modern state of Israel follow Zuckermann’s approach, this significant admission seems to be depreciated in favor of a sympathetic focus on Steinmann’s views favoring Wacholder. Arguments are also presented there based on the Seder Olam in support of Wacholder’s dates, but they are ultimately rendered indecisive by translation uncertainties. Their uncertainty is compounded by the fact that the Talmud demonstrates that even the leading rabbis could not agree on when the sabbatical years after the Second Temple should be observed (for example, see the convoluted discussion given in Mas Arachin 12a–12b, Without a solid, objective basis for translating its problem passages bearing on the sabbatical years, the Seder Olam provides no conclusive help in choosing between the approaches of Zuckermann and Wacholder. We must look elsewhere for a basis to make the choice.

I believe we find this basis in the detailed analysis of sabbatical year evidences of Wacholder and Zuckermann presented by Bob Pickle. The above-cited Wikipedia article is incomplete without considering the balanced treatment Pickle sets forth (as well as Blosser’s study, see below), which would help readers better appreciate why, as the Wikipedia article admits, “there are many prominent scholars who still maintain a cycle consistent with Zuckermann’s conclusion of a 38/37 BCE Sabbatical year.” Pickle’s two online articles, “When Were the Sabbatical Years?” ( and “Which Years Were the Sabbatical Years?” (, are of such high quality, they should have been published in a scholarly journal. Here we merely summarize some of their key points.

Wacholder had presented ten lines of evidence for his sabbatical year determinations, and Pickle bases his study on them. They are:

The Pledge of Nehemiah 10:31
Alexander’s Grant of Tax Exemption
Judah Maccabee’s Defeat at Beth-Zur
Simon’s Murder
Herod’s Conquest of Jerusalem
Herod Agrippa’s Reading of the Law
Note of Indebtedness from Nero’s Reign
Destruction of Second Temple
Land Contracts of Bar Kochba
Tombstones from Zoar

For each of these topics Pickle examines the data, contrasts how the Zuckermann and Wacholder approaches deal with it, and draws conclusions about which does a better job at explaining the data. In his Introduction he asks, “So which proposal is correct? First of all, why does it matter? It matters because this question is pertinent to a study of the 70 w

          Mutirão de limpeza movimenta Recanto da Lagoa e Santa Edwirges no sábado      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
O objetivo da ação é eliminar possíveis focos do Aedes aegypti, transmissor da Dengue, Chikungunya, Febre Amarela e do Zica Vírus.   A Prefeitura de Pará de Minas, por meio da Secretaria Municipal de Saúde, realizará neste sábado, 11 de agosto, a partir das 8 horas, mais uma força-tarefa no Recanto da Lagoa e no...
           Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
           Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          أسعار ومواصفات مكانس توشيبا في مصر 2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
سعر مكانس توشيبا، نستعرض معكم اليوم في موقع أسعارك، سعر ومواصفات وامكانيات وعيوب مكانس TOSHIBA في مصر التي تعتبر من الشركات الرائدة في صناعه الاجهزة الكهربائية في مصر والعالم، كذلك نعرض عليكم، أماكن شراء مكانس توشيبا ، حيث تشهد أسعار المكانس تفاوت بسيط جدا من مكان لآخر لا يتعدي العشر جنيهات.
مكانس توشيبا

قائمة أسعار مكانس toshiba في مصر

  • سعر مكنسة كهربائيه 1800 وات VC-EA210 من توشيبا ب 2375 جنية.
  • سعر مكنسة كهربائية توشيبا VC-EA300 ب 3066 جنية.
  • سعر مكنسة كهربائية من توشيبا – أحمر، VC-EA100 ب 2150 جنية.
  • سعر مكنسة كهربائية توشيبا VC-EA100CV ب 2099 جنية.
  • سعر مكنسة توشيبا 1600 وات Toshiba ب 1895 جنية.

          Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Žraloky v Egyptě nikdo moc neřeší: Jsou bráni jako turistická atrakce!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Útok žraloka, který si jako cíl před týdnem v egyptském letovisku Marsá Alam vybral českého turistu, jenž zraněním na místě podlehl, tamní úřady označily za výjimečnou událost. Někteří z rekreantů ale tvrdí, že obávané paryby jsou vnímány spíš jako atrakce než jako hrozba a že bezpečnost koupajících jde v tomto případě stranou.
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          تركي آل الشيخ.. فضائح بالجملة      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
ابراهيم صالح   يبدو أن قصة تركي آل الشيخ مع مصر والمصريين لن تتوقف عند حدود الصفقات التي أتمها لشراء نادي الأسيوطي سابقا – بيراميدز بعد التعديل حاليا- أي أنها لن تنتهي حاليًا أو حتى في المستقبل القريب. إذ لدى الرجل … Continue reading
          Inside the 'Trend-Free' World of Wisconsin's Supper Clubs      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

From the outside, a Midwestern "supper club" might seem like a typical, if slightly old-fashioned, restaurant. But these establishments, especially concentrated in Wisconsin, are their own genre. They’re distinguished by taxidermy, dark wood, and their location: romantically remote, on the borders of lakes or forests. The specials have a cheerful regularity—fish fries on Friday, chicken on Sunday—and on other nights, customers feast on steaks, seafood, bread, soup, and complimentary relish trays of cheese, salads, and pickled vegetables. Washed down with cocktails and boozy ice cream drinks, it's a bountiful eating experience. It's also one with an inextricable whiff of the past about it, something that has both helped and hurt the supper club tradition.

For many diners, their love of supper clubs is partly nostalgia. Documentary filmmaker and supper club-chronicler Ron Faiola remembers going with his grandfather during fishing trips. "Growing up in Wisconsin, that's something you do," he says. Supper clubs are grandfatherly restaurants—their heyday was the post-war time of plenty. But, Faiola says, the supper-club's model goes back further, to Prohibition-era New York "in the speakeasies," where people furtively drank during dinner. "Under your table, there'd be a bottle."


These establishments became entrenched in Wisconsin for several reasons. For one, out-of-the-way restaurants were great places to drink clandestinely. For another, booze was more plentiful near the Canadian border. And while New Yorkers no longer needed clubs to dine and drink after Prohibition, supper clubs remained important social gathering places in small Wisconsin towns. Upscale entertainment spots as well as restaurants, they’ve always hosted birthday parties, anniversaries, and events.

While many have a woodsy theme, one long-gone supper club built in 1961 was famously shaped like a pyramid and filled with pseudo-Egyptian decor. But many still-existing supper clubs depend on their surroundings as an attraction. "It overlooks the water and has beautiful sunsets," Faiola says of the supper club Ishnala in Wisconsin Dells, where live trees grow through the dining room. One corner table with a superlative view is constantly booked for engagements.


Apart from the food and decor, supper clubs also function differently from typical restaurants. Many are only open for dinner, or "supper" in Midwestern parlance. They tend to be owned by families, who may even live on the premises. "You're in their house, basically," Faiola says. Employees are family members, or stick around long enough to become family. Supper clubs have unusual hours, based on the family's schedule, and tend to be passed from generation to generation. That's the case with Don Petersilka, owner of the Mill Supper Club, an establishment that Faiola says has the "Holy Trinity" of supper club decor: taxidermy, twinkly lights, and dark wood. "My grandparents bought the Mill in March of 1963," Petersilka says, and he bought it from his parents in 1991.

Many supper clubs are resolutely classic. One famed supper club, Milwaukee Five O'Clock Steakhouse, proudly announces on its website that it is "Rich in Tradition and Free of Trends." That applies to the menu offerings, as well as the decor. While food is always made from scratch and varies slightly from club to club, Faiola says the only way to describe the meat-and-seafood heavy meals is "American cuisine," and a lot of it. The brandy Old-Fashioned, served sweet, is a mainstay. "Wisconsin loves brandy," Faiola laughs.


But the changing restaurant scene has left some supper clubs behind. There are more alternatives, and chains offering quick, conveninet dinners have established themselves in city centers. The bar is the heart of the supper club, dispensing martinis and brandy Old-Fashioneds (it's even where customers place their dinner orders). But drunk-driving campaigns have spurred people to drink closer to home. "Places used to be open until one or two in the morning; now they're closed at nine," Faiola says. Aging owners, clientele, and even buildings have spelled the end of supper clubs—Faiola says many burned down.

The 2008 recession compounded these problems. For Faiola, it was especially vivid. His video production and photography work dried up, and he decided to travel Wisconsin, gathering material for what became a documentary on supper clubs, followed by two books. "Supper club owners, they didn't know what the economy was going to do," he says. "People weren't going out to dinner anywhere, really." Business slowed, and supper clubs closed.


Help came from an unlikely source: the television show Mad Men, which Faiola says promoted a "retro-cocktail" vogue. "People wanted to go back to these restaurants of yesteryear." When the economy began to recover, several new clubs opened, and old ones renovated. In 2016, the state of Wisconsin made supper clubs a highlight of its annual tourism campaign, and in 2017, governor Scott Walker declared August 31 "Supper Club Day." Faiola says he's met people using his books to visit new supper clubs, one by one, and reckons there are hundreds across the state.

Business still isn't easy post-recession. Supper clubs’ decadent, multi-course meals remain a rare treat for most diners (not a weekly occurrence), food costs have climbed, and staff is hard to find. But both Faiola and Petersilka say that supper clubs won't change. Tradition is what makes them special: the ritual of driving to a beautiful place, sitting with a drink under the glassy eye of a taxidermy deer, and eating until you burst.

          Rocket on Be'er Sheva just after Hamas ceasefire, the IDF takes down a whole Hamas building in Gaza and Hamas... declare again on a (final) ceasefire      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip struck a field north of Beersheba on Thursday afternoon, setting off sirens in the southern city for the first time since the 2014 Gaza war and puncturing a purported Hamas ceasefire that lasted approximately two hours. Beersheba Mayor Ruvik Danilovich said the Grad rocket landed in an open area north of the city. Police said sappers were called to the scene to remove the rocket debris. Hamas denied that it was behind the attack on Beersheba, saying it was the work of a more radical salafist group, according to Hadashot news. The rocket on Beer Sheva came after a heavy barrage of rockets in the morning. In total about 200 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel since yesterday evening. **************************************************** The Israeli Air Force on Thursday evening flattened a five-story building in the northern Gaza Strip that served as a headquarters for the Hamas internal security service. The IDF said the strike on the building in the northern Gaza Strip, which also served as a cultural center in the coastal enclave, was in response to the rocket fire by Hamas against the city of Beersheba earlier in the day. 18 Palestinians were lightly wounded in the Israeli strike, according to the Gaza health ministry. In total, only 3 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli strikes on Gaza since yesterday. **************************************************** Report: Ceasefire reached between Israel and Hamas - Israel and Hamas have reportedly just reached a ceasefire under Egyptian mediation, which went into effect at 22:45 (local time) Thursday, according Al Jazeera. A source in Gaza confirmed the ceasefire to Ynet, while two Israeli officials denied a truce had been reached, in line with Israel's policy of ambiguity. An Israeli official said Hamas has been asking for a ceasefire since Thursday morning, but the IDF continued attacking significant targets. Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV channel reported late Thursday that a ceasefire has taken hold on the basis of mutual calm. It said the deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players. A senior Hamas official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the deal would formally go into effect at midnight. Photos: Iron Dome in action today; Whole Hamas building taken down by the IAF today Vids: Grad rocket lands north of Beer Sheva today ; IAF takes down Hamas building in El Shati (Gaza) earlier today; Damages in Gaza today after the IAF strikes
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          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
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While one old Capitol Hill theater has started a new life this summer, another has finally recovered from an indignity that left its historical face scarred for the past few years. Destroyed by a truck during an October 2016 storm, … Continue reading
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ACROSS THE COUNTRY, A NEW COHORT OF PROGRESSIVES IS RUNNING FOR—AND WINNING—ELECTIONS. The stunning victory of democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Democratic congressional primary in New York is perhaps the most well-known, but she is far from alone. Most of these candidates are young, more than usual are people of color, many are women, several are Muslims, at least one is a refugee, at least one is transgender—and all are unabashedly left. Most come to electoral politics after years of activism around issues like immigration, climate and racism. They come out of a wide range of social movements and support policy demands that reflect the principles of those movements: labor rights, immigrant and refugee rights, women’s and gender rights, equal access to housing and education, environmental justice, and opposition to police violence and racial profiling. Some, though certainly not all, identify not just with the policies of socialism but with the fundamental core values and indeed the name itself, usually in the form of democratic socialism.

Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian-American woman in Detroit, just won the Democratic primary for the legendary Congressman John Conyers’ seat. Four women, two of them members of Democratic Socialists of America and all four endorsed by DSA, beat their male incumbent opponents in Pennsylvania state house primaries. Tahirah Amatul-Wadud is running an insurgent campaign for Congress against a longstanding incumbent in western Massachusetts, keeping her focus on Medicare-for-All and civil rights. Minnesota State Rep. Ilhan Omar, a former Somali refugee, won endorsement from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, and is running for Keith Ellison’s former congressional seat as an “intersectional feminist.” And there are more.

Many highlight their movement experience in their campaigns; they are champions of immigrant rights, healthcare, student debt organizing and the fight for $15. Intersectionality has grown stronger, as the extremism of Trump’s right-wing racist assault creates significant new gains in linking separate movements focused on racism, women’s rights, immigrant rights, climate, poverty, labor rights and more.

But mostly, we’re not seeing progressive and socialist candidates clearly link domestic issues with efforts to challenge war, militarism and the war economy. There are a few exceptions: Congressional candidate and Hawaii State Rep. Kaniela Ing speaks powerfully about U.S. colonialism in Hawaii, and Virginia State Rep. Lee J. Carter has spoken strongly against U.S. bombing of Syria, linking current attacks with the legacy of U.S. military interventions. There may be more. But those are exceptions; most of the new left candidates focus on crucial issues of justice at home.

A progressive foreign policy must reject U.S. military and economic domination and instead be grounded in global cooperation, human rights, respect for international law and privileging diplomacy over war.

It’s not that progressive leaders don’t care about international issues, or that our movements are divided. Despite too many common assumptions, it is not political suicide for candidates or elected officials to stake out progressive anti-war, anti-militarism positions. Quite the contrary: Those positions actually have broad support within both our movements and public opinion. It’s just that it’s hard to figure out the strategies that work to connect internationally focused issues, anti-war efforts, or challenges to militarism, with the wide array of activists working on locally grounded issues. Some of those strategies seem like they should be easy—like talking about slashing the 53 cents of every discretionary federal dollar that now goes to the military as the easiest source to fund Medicare-for-all or free college education. It should be easy, but somehow it’s not: Too often, foreign policy feels remote from the urgency of domestic issues facing such crises. When our movements do figure out those strategies, candidates can easily follow suit.

Candidates coming out of our movements into elected office will need clear positions on foreign policy. Here are several core principles that should shape those positions.

A progressive foreign policy must reject U.S. military and economic domination and instead be grounded in global cooperation, human rights, respect for international law and privileging diplomacy over war. That does not mean isolationism, but instead a strategy of diplomatic engagement rather than—not as political cover for—destructive U.S. military interventions that have so often defined the U.S. role in the world.

Looking at the political pretexts for what the U.S. empire is doing around the world today, a principled foreign policy might start by recognizing that there is no military solution to terrorism and that the global war on terror must be ended.

More broadly, the militarization of foreign policy must be reversed and diplomacy must replace military action in every venue, with professional diplomats rather than the White House’s political appointees in charge. Aspiring and elected progressive and socialist office-holders should keep in mind the distinction between the successes and failures of Obama’s foreign policy. The victories were all diplomatic: moving towards normalization with Cuba, the Paris climate accord and especially the Iran nuclear deal. Obama’s greatest failures—in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen—all occurred because the administration chose military action over robust diplomacy.

Certainly, diplomacy has been a tool in the arsenal of empires, including the United States. But when we are talking about official policies governing relations between countries, diplomacy—meaning talking, negotiating and engaging across a table—is always, always better than engaging across a battlefield.

A principled foreign policy must recognize how the war economy has distorted our society at home—and commit to reverse it. The $717 billion of the military budget is desperately needed for jobs, healthcare and education here at home—and for a diplomatic surge and humanitarian and reconstruction assistance to people of countries devastated by U.S. wars and sanctions.

A principled foreign policy must acknowledge how U.S. actions—military, economic and climate-related—have been a driving force in displacing people around the world. We therefore have an enormous moral as well as legal obligation to take the lead in providing humanitarian support and refuge for those displaced—so immigration and refugee rights are central to foreign policy.

For too long the power of the U.S. empire has dominated international relations, led to the privileging of war over diplomacy on a global scale, and created a vast—and invasive—network of 800-plus military bases around the world.

Now, overall U.S. global domination is actually shrinking, and not only because of Trump’s actions. China’s economy is rapidly catching up, and its economic clout in Africa and elsewhere eclipses that of the United States. It’s a measure of the United States’ waning power that Europe, Russia and China are resisting U.S. efforts to impose new global sanctions on Iran. But the United States is still the world’s strongest military and economic power: Its military spending vastly surpasses that of the eight next strongest countries, it is sponsoring a dangerous anti-Iran alliance between Israel and the wealthy Gulf Arab states, it remains central to NATO decision-making, and powerful forces in Washington threaten new wars in North Korea and Iran. The United States remains dangerous.

Progressives in Congress have to navigate the tricky task of rejecting American exceptionalism. That means recognizing that it is often a good thing when U.S. global military and economic efforts fail, because they are generally aimed at maintaining domination and control. Without that U.S. domination, the possibility arises of a new kind of internationalism: to prevent and solve crises that arise from current and potential wars, to promote nuclear disarmament, to come up with climate solutions and to protect refugees.

That effort is increasingly important because of the rapid rise of right-wing xenophobic authoritarians seeking and winning power. Trump is now leading and enabling an informal global grouping of such leaders, from Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to Victor Orban in Hungary and others. Progressive elected officials in the United States can pose an important challenge to that authoritarian axis by building ties with their like-minded counterparts in parliaments and governments—possibilities include Jeremy Corbyn in the United Kingdom and Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico, among others. And progressive and leftist members of Congress will need to be able to work together with social movements to build public pressure for diplomatic initiatives not grounded in the interests of U.S. empire.

In addition to these broad principles, candidates and elected officials need critical analyses of current U.S. engagement around the world, as well as nuanced prescriptions for how to de-escalate militarily, and ramp up a new commitment to serious diplomacy.


RUSSIA: Relations with Russia will be a major challenge for the foreseeable future. With 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons in U.S. and Russian hands, and the two powers deploying military forces on opposite sides of active battlefronts in Syria, it is crucial that relations remain open—not least to derail potential escalations and ensure the ability to stand down from any accidental clash.

Progressives and leftists in Congress will need to promote a nuanced, careful approach to Russia policy. And they will face a daunting environment in which to do so. They will have to deal with loud cries from right-wing war-mongers, mainly Republicans, and from neo-con interventionists in both parties, demanding a one-sided anti-Russia policy focused on increased sanctions and potentially even military threats. But many moderate and liberal Democrats—and much of the media—are also joining the anti-Russia crusade. Some of those liberals and moderates have likely bought into the idea of American exceptionalism, accepting as legitimate or irrelevant the long history of U.S. election meddling around the world and viewing the Russian efforts as somehow reaching a whole different level of outrageousness. Others see the anti-Russia mobilization solely in the context of undermining Trump.

But at the same time, progressive Congress members should recognize that reports of Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 and 2018 elections cannot be dismissed out of hand. They should continue to demand that more of the evidence be made public, and condemn the Russian meddling that has occurred, even while recognizing that the most serious threats to our elections come from voter suppression campaignsat home more than from Moscow. And they have to make clear that Trump’s opponents cannot be allowed to turn the president’s infatuation with Vladimir Putin into the basis for a new Cold War, simply to oppose Trump.

CHINA: The broad frame of a progressive approach should be to end Washington’s provocative military and economic moves and encourage deeper levels of diplomatic engagement. This means replacing military threats with diplomacy in response to Chinese moves in the South China Sea, as well as significant cuts in the ramped-up military ties with U.S. allies in the region, such as Vietnam. Progressive and socialist members of Congress and other elected officials will no doubt be aware that the rise of China’s economic dominance across Africa, and its increasing influence in parts of Latin America, could endanger the independence of countries in those parts of the Global South. But they will also need to recognize that any U.S. response to what looks like Chinese exploitation must be grounded in humility, acknowledging the long history of U.S. colonial and neocolonial domination throughout those same regions. Efforts to compete with Chinese economic assistance by increasing Washington’s own humanitarian and development aid should mean directing all funds through the UN, rather than through USAID or the Pentagon. That will make U.S. assistance far less likely to be perceived as—and to be—an entry point for exploitation.

NATO: A progressive position on NATO flies straight into the face of the partisan component of the anti-Trump resistance—the idea that if Trump is for it, we should be against it. For a host of bad reasons that have to do with personal enrichment and personal power, Trump sometimes takes positions that large parts of the U.S. and global anti-war and solidarity movements have long supported. One of those is NATO. During the Cold War, NATO was the European military face of U.S.-dominated Western anti-Communism and anti-Sovietism. With the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union, peace activists from around the world called for the dissolution of NATO as an anachronistic relic whose raison d’etre was now gone.

Instead, NATO used its 50th anniversary in 1999 to rebrand itself as defending a set of amorphous, ostensibly “Western” values such as democracy, rather than having any identifiable enemy—something like a military version of the EU, with the United States on board for clout. Unable to win UN Security Council support for war in Kosovo, the United States and its allies used NATO to provide so-called authorization for a major bombing campaign—in complete violation of international law—and began a rapid expansion of the NATO alliance right up to the borders of Russia. Anti-war forces across the world continued to rally around the call “No to NATO”—a call to dissolve the alliance altogether.

But when Trump, however falsely, claims to call for an end to the alliance, or shows disdain for NATO, anti-Trump politicians and media lead the way in embracing the military alliance as if it really did represent some version of human rights and international law. It doesn’t—and progressives in elected positions need to be willing to call out NATO as a militarized Cold War relic that shouldn’t be reconfigured to maintain U.S. domination in Europe or to mobilize against Russia or China or anyone else. It should be ended.

In fact, Trump’s claims to oppose NATO are belied by his actions. In his 2019 budget request he almost doubled the 2017 budget for the Pentagon’s “European Deterrence Initiative,” designed explicitly as a response to “threats from Russia.” There is a huge gap between Trump’s partisan base-pleasing condemnation of NATO and his administration&rdqou;s actual support for strengthening the military alliance. That contradiction should make it easier for progressive candidates and officeholders to move to cut NATO funding and reduce its power—not because Trump is against NATO but because the military alliance serves as a dangerous provocation toward war.


What George W. Bush first called “the global war on terror” is still raging almost 17 years later, though with different forms of killing and different casualty counts. Today’s reliance on airstrikes, drone attacks and a few thousand special forces has replaced the hundreds of thousands of U.S. and allied ground troops. And today hardly any U.S. troops are being killed, while civilian casualties are skyrocketing across the Middle East and Afghanistan. Officials from the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations have repeated the mantra that “there is no military solution” in Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq or against terrorism, but their actions have belied those words. Progressive elected officials need to consistently remind the public and their counterparts that it is not possible to bomb terrorism out of existence. Bombs don’t hit “terrorism”; they hit cities, houses, wedding parties. And on those rare occasions when they hit the people actually named on the White House&rdqou;s unaccountable kill list, or “terrorist” list, the impact often creates more terrorists.

The overall progressive policy on this question means campaigning for diplomatic solutions and strategies instead of military ones. That also means joining the ongoing congressional efforts led by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and others  to challenge the continued reliance on the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).

In general, privileging diplomatic over war strategies starts with withdrawing troops and halting the arms sales that flood the region with deadly weapons. Those weapons too often end up in the hands of killers on all sides, from bands of unaccountable militants to brutally repressive governments, with civilians paying the price. Congress members should demand an end of massive arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other U.S. allies carrying out brutal wars across the Middle East, and they should call for an end to the practice of arming non-state proxies who kill even more people. They should call for a U.S. arms embargo on Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan and Israel (which presents a whole other set of arms-related challenges), while urging Russia to stop its arms sales to Syria, Iran and Pakistan. Given the power of the arms industries in the United States, arms embargoes are the most difficult—but perhaps the most important—part of ending the expanding Middle East wars.

Progressives in Congress should demand real support for UN-sponsored and other international peace initiatives, staffing whole new diplomatic approaches whose goal is political solutions rather than military victories—and taking funds out of military budgets to cover the costs. The goal should be to end these endless wars—not try to “win&rdqou; them.

ISRAEL-PALESTINE: The most important thing for candidates to know is that there has been a massive shift in public opinion in recent years. It is no longer political suicide to criticize Israel. Yes, AIPAC and the rest of the right-wing Jewish, pro-Israel lobbies remain influential and have a lot of money to throw around. (The Christian Zionist lobbies are powerful too, but there is less political difficulty for progressives to challenge them.) But there are massive shifts underway in U.S. Jewish publicopinion on the conflict, and the lobbies cannot credibly claim to speak for the Jewish community as a whole.

Outside the Jewish community, the shift is even more dramatic, and has become far more partisan: Uncritical support for Israel is now overwhelmingly a Republican position. Among Democrats, particularly young Democrats, support for Israel has fallen dramatically; among Republicans, support for Israel’s far-right government is sky-high. The shift is particularly noticeable among Democrats of color, where recognition of the parallels between Israeli oppression of Palestinians and the legacies of Jim Crow segregation in the United States and apartheid in South Africa is rising rapidly.

U.S. policy, unfortunately, has not kept up with that changing discourse. But modest gains are evident even there. When nearly 60 members of the House and Senate openly skipped Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech when he came to lobby Congress to vote against President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the sky didn’t fall. The snub to the Israeli prime minister was unprecedented, but no one lost their seat because of it. Rep. Betty McCollum’s bill to protect Palestinian children from Israel’s vicious military juvenile detention system (the only one in the world) now has 29 co-sponsors, and the sky still isn’t falling. Members of Congress are responding more frequently to Israeli assaults on Gaza and the killing of protesters, often because of powerful movements among their constituents. When Trump moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the Israeli daily Ha’aretz acknowledged the divide: “While members of the Republican Party overwhelmingly expressed support for the move, Democrats were split between those who congratulated Trump for it and those who called it a dangerous and irresponsible action.”

That creates space for candidates and newly elected officials to respond to the growing portion of their constituencies that supports Palestinian rights. Over time, they must establish a rights-based policy. That means acknowledging that the quarter-century-long U.S.-orchestrated “peace process” based on the never-serious pursuit of a solution, has failed. Instead, left and progressive political leaders can advocate for a policy that turns over real control of diplomacy to the UN, ends support for Israeli apartheid and occupation, and instead supports a policy based on international law, human rights and equality for all, without privileging Jews or discriminating against non-Jews.

To progress from cautiously urging that Israel abide by international law, to issuing a full-scale call to end or at least reduce the $3.8 billion per year that Congress sends straight to the Israeli military, might take some time. In the meantime, progressive candidates must prioritize powerful statements condemning the massacre of unarmed protesters in Gaza and massive Israeli settlement expansion, demands for real accountability for Israeli violations of human rights and international law (including reducing U.S. support in response), and calls for an end to the longstanding U.S. protection that keeps Israel from being held accountable in the UN.

The right consistently accuses supporters of Palestinian rights of holding Israel to a double standard. Progressives in Congress should turn that claim around on them and insist that U.S. policy towards Israel—Washington’s closest ally in the region and the recipient of billions of dollars in military aid every year—hold Israel to exactly the same standards that we want the United States to apply to every other country: human rights, adherence to international law and equality for all.

Many supporters of the new crop of progressive candidates, and many activists in the movements they come out of, are supporters of the increasingly powerful, Palestinian-led BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, that aims to bring non-violent economic pressure to bear on Israel until it ends its violations of international law. This movement deserves credit for helping to mainstream key demands—to end the siege of Gaza and the killing of protesters, to support investigations of Israeli violations by the International Criminal Court, to oppose Israel’s new “nation-state’ law—that should all be on lawmakers’ immediate agenda.

AFGHANISTAN: More than 100,000 Afghans and 2,000 U.S. troops have been killed in a U.S. war that has raged for almost 17 years. Not-Yet-President Trump called for withdrawal from Afghanistan, but within just a few months after taking office he agreed instead to send additional troops, even though earlier deployments of more than 100,000 U.S. troops (and thousands more coalition soldiers) could not win a military victory over the Taliban. Corruption in the U.S.-backed and -funded Afghan government remains sky-high, and in just the past three years, the Pentagon has lost track of how $3.1 billion of its Afghanistan funds were spent. About 15,000 US troops are still deployed, with no hope of a military victory for the United States.

Progressive members of Congress should demand a safe withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, acting on the long-held recognition that military force simply won’t work to bring about the political solution all sides claim to want.

Several pending bills also would reclaim the centrality of Congress’ role in authorizing war in general and in Afghanistan in particular—including ending the 2001 AUMF. Funding for humanitarian aid, refugee support, and in the future compensation and reparations for the massive destruction the U.S.-led war has wrought across the country, should all be on Congress’ agenda, understanding that such funding will almost certainly fail while U.S. troops are deployed.

IRAN: With U.S. and Iranian military forces facing each other in Syria, the potential for an unintentional escalation is sky-high. Even a truly accidental clash between a few Iranian and U.S. troops, or an Iranian anti-aircraft system mistakenly locking on to a U.S. warplane plane even if it didn’t fire, could have catastrophic consequences without immediate military-to-military and quick political echelon discussions to defuse the crisis. And with tensions very high, those ties are not routinely available. Relations became very dangerous when Trump withdrew the United States from the multi-lateral nuclear deal in May. (At that time, a strong majority of people in the United States favored the deal, and less than one in three wanted to pull out of it.)

The United States continues to escalate threats against Iran. It is sponsoring a growing regional anti-Iran alliance, with Israel and Saudi Arabia now publicly allied and pushing strongly for military action. And Trump has surrounded himself with war-mongers for his top advisers, including John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who have both supported regime change in Iran and urged military rather than diplomatic approaches to Iran.

Given all that, what progressive elected officials need to do is to keep fighting for diplomacy over war. That means challenging U.S. support for the anti-Iran alliance and opposing sanctions on Iran. It means developing direct ties with parliamentarians from the European and other signatories to the Iran nuclear deal, with the aim of collective opposition to new sanctions, re-legitimizing the nuclear deal in Washington and reestablishing diplomacy as the basis for U.S. relations with Iran.

It should also mean developing a congressional response to the weakening of international anti-nuclear norms caused by the pull-out from the Iran deal. That means not just supporting the nonproliferation goals of the Iran nuclear deal, but moving further towards real disarmament and ultimately the abolition of nuclear weapons. Progressives in and outside of Congress should make clear that nuclear nonproliferation (meaning no one else gets to have nukes) can’t work in the long run without nuclear disarmament (meaning that the existing nuclear weapons states have to give them up). That could start with a demand for full U.S. compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which calls for negotiations leading to “nuclear disarmament, and on a treaty on general and complete disarmament.”

SYRIA: Progressive candidates and elected officials should support policies designed to end, not “win” the war. That means withdrawing troops, ceasing airstrikes and drone attacks, and calling for an arms embargo on all sides of the multiple proxy war. The civil war component of the multiple wars in Syria is winding down as the regime consolidates its control, but the sectarian, regional and global components of that war have not disappeared, so continuing a call for an arms embargo is still important. The first step is to permanently end the Pentagon’s and the CIA’s “arm and train” policies that have prolonged the war and empowered some of its most dangerous actors.

There will also need to be negotiations between the regional and global actors that have been waging their own wars in Syria, wars that have little to do with Syria itself, but with Syrians doing the bulk of the dying. That means support for the UN’s and other internationally-sponsored de-escalation efforts, and serious engagement with Russia towards a permanent ceasefire, as well as the arms embargo. U.S. policy should include absolute prohibitions on Washington’s regional allies—including Saudi Arabia and Turkey—sending U.S.-provided arms into Syria. And progressive supporters of diplomacy should also maintain pressure on the United States to back multi-lateral diplomatic processes organized by the UN and others—on humanitarian issues in Geneva, and political issues in Astana. Cutting the United States’ multi-billion dollar arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Turkey and other U.S. allies involved in the Syrian wars would also lend legitimacy to U.S. efforts within those diplomatic processes to press Russia to stop providing arms to the Assad regime.

IRAQ: Congress has largely abrogated its responsibilities even as the 15-year war initiated by the United States continues. Progressive policymakers would do well to join the existing efforts to end—not replace, but cancel—the 2002 Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq, and reopen congressional debate, with the goal of ending funding for war in Iraq once and for all. When President Obama withdrew the last troops from Iraq at the end of 2011, stating that “war in Iraq ends this month,” many assumed that the authorization ended as well. But it was never officially repealed and had no expiration date, and three years later Obama claimed that the then-12-year-old authorization justified the war against ISIS in Iraq. While Trump has relied primarily on the 2001 AUMF, the Iraq-specific authorization of 2002 remains in place and should be withdrawn. 

In the meantime, progressives in Congress should support many of the same policies for Iraq as for Syria: withdraw the troops and special forces, stop the assassination program that is the heart of Washington’s “counter-terrorism” campaign and cease sending arms. Congress should end funding to force the closure of the network of small “forward operating bases” and other U.S. military bases that may remain in U.S. hands in Iraq despite earlier agreements to turn them over to the Iraqi government. The U.S. must figure out new ways to provide financial compensation and support to the people whose country and society has been shredded by more than a dozen years of crippling U.S.-led economic sanctions bookended by two devastating wars (Desert Storm, starting in 1991, and the Iraq War, starting in 2003)—while somehow avoiding the further empowerment of corrupt and sectarian political and military leaders.

YEMEN AND SAUDI ARABIA: The ongoing Saudi-led war against Yemen reflects the most deadly front of Saudi Arabia’s competition with Iran for regional hegemony. The United States is providing indirect and direct support, including U.S. Air Force pilots providing in-air refueling so Saudi and UAE warplanes can bomb Yemen more efficiently, and Green Berets fighting alongside Saudi troops on the border, in what the New York Times called “a continuing escalation of America’s secret wars.”

The U.S.-backed Saudi war against Yemen has also created what the UN has declared the world’s most serious humanitarian crisis. Congress’ first action must be to immediately end all U.S. involvement in the war. Next, Congress must reject all approvals for arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE as long as they continue to bomb and blockade Yemen.

Ending these arms sales may be a serious challenge, given the power of the arms manufacturers’ lobby, Israel’s strong support of Saudi Arabia against Iran and the fact that Saudi Arabia remains the top U.S. arms customer. But recent efforts and relatively close votes in both the House and Senate, while not successful, indicate that challenging the longstanding process of providing the Saudis with whatever weapons they want may be closer to reality than anticipated. The House called the U.S. military involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen “unauthorized.” Reps. Ro Khanna, Marc Pocan and others have introduced numerous House bills in recent months aimed at reducing U.S. arms sales and involvement in the Saudi-led assault. In the Senate, a March resolution to end U.S. military involvement in the Yemen war failed by only 11 votes, a much narrower margin than anticipated. Progressive candidates and new members of Congress should support all those efforts, and move further with a call for ending the longstanding U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia, especially military sales and support for the Saudi-Israeli partnership against Iran.


NORTH KOREA: Progressive elected officials will need to support Trump’s diplomatic initiatives, challenging mainstream Democrats willing to abandon diplomacy because Trump supports it (however tactically or temporarily). Progressives will also need to condemn U.S. military provocations that undermine that same diplomacy, and build public and congressional support for the inter-Korean diplomatic moves already underway. That should include pushing for exemptions in the U.S.-imposed sanctions that would allow inter-Korean economic and other initiatives to go forward. Progressives in Congress can also play a major role in supporting people-to-people diplomacy with North Korea, and they can lead the way in replacing the current armistice with a peace treaty finally ending the Korean War.

AFRICA: Across the continent, there is an urgent need to reverse the militarization of foreign policy, including reducing the size, breadth of responsibilities and theater of operations of AFRICOM.  The wide-ranging but unauthorized and largely secretive special operations and other military actions across the continent violate not only international law, but U.S. domestic law as well.

LATIN AMERICA: In Latin America, there is an urgent need for a new anti-interventionist policy, not least to stop the current attempts to take advantage of serious domestic crises in Venezuela, Nicaragua and elsewhere. Progressives will need to challenge the U.S. economic and foreign policies that create refugees from Central America in particular (including the consequences of the U.S. wars of the 1980s), even while fighting to protect those migrants seeking safety in the United States as a result of those earlier policies. Regarding Mexico, Congress needs to fight for a U.S. position in trade negotiations that is not based on economic nationalism, but rather on making sure that Mexican workers and U.S. workers are both equally lifted up. Left policymakers will also have the chance to play a leading role in forging a new relationship with Mexico’s just-elected progressive President Lopez-Obrador. 

All of the areas where U.S. wars are or were underway, as well as places where U.S. economic and climate policies have helped create crises threatening people’s lives, also become areas from which migrants are forced to flee their homes. U.S. policymakers must acknowledge that U.S. policies are direct causes of the refugee crises that exist in and around the war zones and climate crisis zones of the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere—and that the refugees seeking asylum in Europe, and the far fewer trying to come to the United States, are a consequence of those policies. So progressive candidates and policymakers should support massive expansion of funding for these victims of war, including humanitarian support in their home regions and acceptance of far greater numbers of refugees into the United States. They must directly challenge the xenophobic policies of the Trump administration that include the Muslim Ban, the separation of children from their families at the border and the vast reduction in refugees accepted into this country. In Congress, that might include introducing bills to cut funding for ICE or eliminate the institution altogether.

Finally, progressive candidates and elected officials will need to continue to craft policy proposals that recognize what happens when the U.S. wars come home. This requires more voices in Congress challenging the military budget because it’s used to kill people abroad and because the money is needed for jobs, health care and education at home. It means challenging Islamophobia rising across the United States because of how it threatens Muslims in the United States and because it is used to build support for wars against predominantly Muslim countries. It means exposing—on the floor of the House and beyond—the fact that the Muslim bans targeted primarily countries the United States was bombing, sanctioning or stationing soldiers in. And it means being clear that protecting refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants has to include ending the wars that create refugees in the first place.

Certainly, we shouldn’t expect every progressive or even every socialist running for national office to become an instant expert on every complicated piece of U.S. foreign policy. And for those running for state and local office, there may seem to be even less urgency. But we’ve seen how the Poor People’s Campaign, with its inclusion of militarism and the war economy as one of its four central targets (along with racism, poverty and environmental destruction), has demonstrated to all of our movements the importance of—and a model for—including an anti-war focus within multi-issue state and local mobilizations. The Movement for Black Lives has created one of the strongest internationalist and anti-war platforms we’ve seen in years—including calls for cutting the military budget, supporting Palestinian rights, stopping the Global War on Terror and the so-called War on Drugs, ending the militarized U.S. interventions across Africa, and linking U.S. military and economic policies with the rise in Haitian and other—predominantly Black—immigration.

Immigrant rights activists are linking movements for sanctuary (and against ICE) with opposition to the wars that create refugees. Campaignsare underway to reject the training of U.S. police by Israeli police and military forces. Battles are being waged to get local law enforcement agencies to refuse Pentagon offers of weapons and equipment left over from U.S. wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere. These campaigns all play out at the local and state level.

So especially for those running for Congress, but really for all candidates at every political level and venue in this country, there is a clear need for a strong, principled position on at least a few key foreign policy issues. And the key to making that happen still lies with our movements.

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          Saudi Arabia picks a pointless fight with Canada      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

QUEBEC’S proudly Francophone separatists may want to learn some Arabic. On August 5th, as Canadians enjoyed a long weekend, Saudi Arabia abruptly expelled their ambassador and froze bilateral trade and investment. Its state-run funds have reportedly been ordered to dump their Canadian assets, no matter how much it costs to do so. The kingdom is angry about tweets from Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, criticising the arrests of Saudi human-rights activists. For Saudi Arabia, this was unacceptable “foreign interference”.

If anyone is qualified to opine on meddling abroad, it is the Saudis. Since 2011 they have helped quash an uprising in Bahrain, backed a coup in Egypt and detained Lebanon’s prime minister. If Canada keeps up its criticism, “we are allowed to interfere in Canada’s internal affairs,” the Saudi foreign ministry warned. Canadian diplomats joked about the kingdom arming Québécois rebels.

A legion of Saudis took to Twitter to voice their (no doubt long-held...

          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          08/09 Links Pt2: A homicidal Jew-hatred is going viral, again; Son of Imam Linked to WTC Bombing and Linda Sarsour, Ran Jihad Camp, Allegedly Trained Children to Shoot Up Schools      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
From Ian:

A homicidal Jew-hatred is going viral, again
The culture of suspicion against Jews circulates now in a country that had not participated in the Holocaust, , which did not have ghettos, but where today for a mixture of Thirdworldism, consistent Islamic electoral interests, anti-colonial madness out of maximum time and anti-Zionism practiced by the progressive elites, the English citizens of Jewish origin today no longer feel at ease.

The previous day there was the indictment of an imam of Copenhagen who in a sermon invited the faithful to kill the Jews. The day before there was the reconstruction of the history of the Imam of the Great Mosque in Toulouse, also guilty of having invited the faithful to get rid of the Jews.

Previously, there was a pan-European flotilla of solidarity to Hamas and Gaza which stopped in many Italian ports. Also a law in the Senate of Ireland which sanctions with prison those who import post-1967 Israeli goods.

And then the launch of hundreds of missiles on the Israeli houses in the south. And then the threats of elimination of the Jewish people coming from the spiritual father of Iran, Ali Khamenei.

And we do not stop here, since the last few weeks have seen nothing short of attacks on Jews in the cities of Germany and France.
Watchdog Group Sues US Government to Obtain Records of BDS Groups Under Obama Administration
A conservative watchdog group has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the State Department, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense over Obama-era records pertaining to anti-Israel BDS groups.

Judicial Watch filed the FOIA lawsuit in order to obtain records from 2015 of groups affiliated with BDS movement, which lobbied “the Obama administration to adopt policies to harm companies doing business with Israel,” the group said in a statement.

The lawsuit occurred “after all three agencies failed to respond to nearly identical April 23, 2018, FOIA requests,” the organization explained.

“Americans deserve to know if the Obama-era agenda of supporting anti-Israel radicals in subverting US law is ongoing,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These entrenched bureaucrats of the Deep State clearly require lawsuits to compel observance of FOIA law.”

The lawsuit states, despite Obama signing the 2015 Trade Enforcement Act, “the Customs and Border Protection Bureau restated the West Bank Country of Origin Marking Requirement rules requiring labeling of goods as being from the ‘West Bank,’ despite the fact that it is not a sovereign country,” reported Judicial Watch.

The Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) applauded the move by Judicial Watch.
Israeli Air Force Gets First-Ever Female Squadron Commander
The Israeli Air Force has appointed the first female squadron commander in its 70-year history.

According to Israel’s Channel Two, the commander, who for security reasons is referred to only as “G.,” will be promoted to lieutenant colonel and put charge of the 122nd Squadron, known as “Nachshon.” The squadron is composed of planes specifically geared toward intelligence gathering.

The 34-year-old G. has been active in the Air Force since 2003, and has served in several command positions, including deputy commander of the “Nachshon” Squadron itself.

G. — currently a major — said that she was “happy with the appointment,” which she called “a great privilege alongside a great responsibility.”

“The real work is ahead of me,” she added. “I’m proud to serve in the Air Force.”

Son of Imam Linked to WTC Bombing Kept Children in 'Filthy' Compound, Allegedly Trained Them to Shoot Up Schools
Horrifying details emerged on Wednesday in the case of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, the son of an imam linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, who was arrested in New Mexico on charges of keeping 11 starving children in a filthy compound. According to court documents filed by prosecutors, Wahhaj was training the children to carry out school shootings.

Prosecutors asked the judge to hold Wahhaj without bond for felony child abuse. He is also the subject of an extradition warrant from Georgia on charges of kidnapping his own son from the state in December. His son was not among the starving children rescued from the compound. There are fears the remains of an as-yet unidentified child found at the compound could be Wahhaj’s son.

Prosecutors said on Wednesday that Wahhaj and four accomplices possessed an AR-15 rifle and four pistols with ample ammunition and were training the children to commit school shootings.

Wahhaj’s father, who was born under the name Jeffrey Kearse but now also uses the name “Siraj Wahhaj,” is an imam in New York who was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He served as a character witness in the trial of mastermind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, also known as the “Blind Sheikh.”

The New York Post reported on Monday that the elder Wahhaj is currently the head of the Majid at-Taqwa mosque in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The other defendants in the compound case are the younger Siraj Wahhaj’s wife, his two sisters, and his brother-in-law.

Palestinians celebrate relative's victory in U.S. Congressional race
Sharing smiles and hugs, the extended family of Rashida Tlaib, who is set to become the first Muslim woman to join the US Congress, celebrated her election victory in the courtyard of their West Bank house on Wednesday.

The oldest of 14 children born to a family of Palestinian immigrants, Tlaib is a Detroit native. Her father worked at a Ford Motor Company plant in the city, home of the US car industry, and she became the first Muslim woman elected to the state legislature.

On Tuesday, she won her district's Democratic nomination for Michigan's 13th Congressional district, encompassing parts of Detroit and surrounding suburbs and home to one of the largest Muslim and Arab-American populations in the United States.

Since no one ran in the Republican primary, Tlaib is poised to win the seat.
Nick Cohen: The old left and the new anti-Semitism
Only the handful of Jews who have stuck with the far left believe that now. There are abundent examples of Labour members endorsing racism. The supernatural Jew of Nazi Europe has been reinvented by the left. The Jew is now ‘the Zionist’: the sinister force behind 9/11, the Iraq War, the banking crisis and attacks on the beloved leader.

This sounds like fascism. The convergence between the extremes should not hide the fact that the disgrace of the British Labour party flows from distinctly left-wing sources that threaten the German and wider European left.

The first is failure to come to terms with the crimes of communism. Corbyn was a regular writer for Britain’s communist newspaper, the Morning Star. His chief adviser, the upper-class socialist Seumas Milne, defended the old GDR. The racism on the British left, in its content and tone, dates back to Stalin’s almost forgotten ‘anti-Zionist campaigns,’ at the time of the Slansky trial and ‘doctors’ plot’. I have no doubt that if Corbyn and his allies were Germans, they would be in Die Linke.

There is a second factor. After the fall of communism, the dominant section of the British far left preferred to make common cause with radical Islam or the secular Middle Eastern dictatorships of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad than to make their peace with liberal democracy. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories did them no harm for decades. In Britain, as in Germany, Jews are a tiny minority. The far larger Muslim minority is a key part of Labour’s base now. Although it is a libel to say that all British Muslims are anti-Semitic, it is a statement of fact that the Islamist groups who back Corbyn are reactionary on all questions including Judaism. In any case, because Britain never experienced communism or fascism there is little understanding here about what anti-Semitism is and how dictatorial movements from the Tsarists to Islamic State have used it to attack liberal values.

Let me end with a warning. Labour under Corbyn has avoided the collapse in support that has afflicted social democratic parties across Europe. Corbyn’s acolytes are now telling German social democrats to follow his example. Let the shameful state of the once proudly anti-fascist Labour party stand as a warning to them. They may win more votes. But they will never produce a centre-left politics worth having.
Britain’s Labor Party Is Now the Party of Anti-Semitism
Since the hard-left parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn became its leader in 2015, the UK’s Labor party has seen near-continuous anti-Semitic outbursts by its members and revelations of Corbyn’s own association with vicious Israel-haters, coupled with several ostensible attempts to set things right which proved to be shams. Most recently, the party has disciplined two MPs for complaining about anti-Semitism. Tamara Berens concludes that this is far more than a passing problem:

Many focus on the question of whether Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite himself. He may or may not be. However, his deliberate actions to reject the Jewish community’s concerns, silence his moderate Labor detractors, and pedal anti-Zionism as central to his political image show that he is more than happy to utilize anti-Semitism for political purposes.

Anti-Zionism—and by extension, giving credence to anti-Semites—is fundamental to the worldview Corbyn has cultivated on his journey to political stardom. For most of his political career, Corbyn was a fringe socialist politician and supporter of the USSR, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, the Iranian ayatollahs, and the Venezuela of Nicolas Maduro [and Hugo Chavez]. After becoming Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn toned down some of this support for radical anti-Western groups. Nonetheless, he has consistently maintained his support for anti-Zionist causes. What’s undoubtable is that throughout his career, his ultimate goal has remained the same: rejecting Western values and embracing the alliance between radical socialists and Islamists in a strategic bid to normalize and implement socialism in the UK.

Politically, Corbyn’s strategy is working: according to a recent YouGov poll, 61 percent of the party believes Corbyn is handling accusations of anti-Semitism well. And 80 percent of the party deems him a good leader overall. The events of the past few weeks indicate that the Labor leadership has been able to build on their apparent success to . . . distance themselves from the overwhelmingly Zionist British-Jewish community. This perhaps became most apparent last Friday, when Jeremy Corbyn published another article in the Guardian disregarding his part in normalizing anti-Semitism in the party. The piece came out at 5:00pm, when the majority of Jews in the country were busy preparing for the Sabbath.

Jeremy Corbyn and the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories of a “Very Honoured Citizen”
In one of his bids to escape the antisemitism crisis engulfing the Labour party, last Friday Jeremy Corbyn offered this line in The Guardian:

Labour staff have seen examples of Holocaust denial, crude stereotypes of Jewish bankers, conspiracy theories blaming 9/11 on Israel, and even one individual who appeared to believe that Hitler had been misunderstood.

Mr Corbyn should know all about 9/11 conspiracy bunkum. He has been an enthusiastic champion of Raed Salah, one of the notable peddlers.

Raed Salah is the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel. It is close to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Salah visited the UK in 2011, planning to speak alongside MPs as part of his tour, including Mr Corbyn.
UK Labour MP under fire for accusing Israel of ‘genocide’ in Gaza in 2012
A senior lawmaker in the British Labour party has come under fire after a 2012 video surfaced that saw him claiming Israel was attempting to commit “genocide” against the Palestinians.

The opposition party, which has been mired in an ongoing anti-Semitism scandal, defended John McDonnell after the clip was published by the Daily Telegraph.

McDonnell is the UK’s shadow chancellor of the exchequer, having been appointed to the post in 2015 by Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has been repeatedly been accused of being soft on anti-Semitism among his party members.

In the video, taken in November 2012 during a round of violence between Israel and terror groups in the Gaza Strip known as Operation Pillar of Defense, McDonnell said: “Nobody can speak without expressing some form of solidarity with the people of Gaza … as the children are murdered and the bombs are flying from Israel.”

“I think it’s absolutely critical now that we use every platform we can to expose what’s going on, which is effectively an attempt at genocide against the Palestinians,” he charged at a far-left rally organized by the Unite the Resistance organization.
Extremist-Linked Assad Fan Lord Sheikh and His Zionist-Bashing Group
Sheikh is on the record publicly praising the controversial group the Al Muntada Trust. The group faced scrutiny after fears were raised that its funds had ended up with Boko Haram extremists. It has been linked to a series of anti-Semitic, homophobic and extremist preachers. In the video above, Lord Sheikh calls the group “marvellous”…

Then there is Lord Sheikh’s praise for the East London Mosque. Sheikh said:

“I would certainly commend the Mosque and Centre: not only do you provide a place of worship, but you provide a holistic service and more importantly the empowerment for women.”

Once again, the East London Mosque has well-known and established links to a series of misogynistic and homophobic speakers.

It gets worse. Lord Sheikh has links to the hugely controversial Interal charity, which was investigated by the Charity Commission over its links to Hamas.
Birthright co-founder: Don't criticize Israel on our nickel
Birthright Israel co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Charles Bronfman said on Wednesday that young Jews are free to criticize Israel, but not while enjoying a free trip, JTA reported.

“If people want to call Israel names and say bad things about the country, they certainly have the right to free speech. But they don’t have the right to do it on our nickel,” he was quoted as having told Haaretz in an interview.

His comments came after at least two groups of American Jews visiting Israel on the 10-day trip left the tour to join leftists groups on visits to Palestinian Arabs. The walk-offs reportedly were encouraged by the leftist American-Jewish group IfNotNow.

The young Jews who walked off the trip and some others who remain on them are critical of what they say is Birthright’s failure to deal with Israel’s alleged “occupation” of Judea and Samaria. Some have complained that maps handed out to participants do not draw a proper distinction between Israel and Judea and Samaria.

Bronfman said in his interview with Haaretz that participants on Birthright can extend their trip and join any kind of group they want or travel on their own to areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

“If they want to go to the West Bank or Gaza, they are certainly free to go,” he was quoted as having told Haaretz.

“What is not fair is making a big tzimmes while the trip is on. Frankly, I just don’t think that is fair to their fellow participants,” added Bronfman.
Another Jump the Shark Moment from JVP
The latest email from Jewish Voice for Peace's Deputy Directory Stefanie Fox may be a jump the shark moment for the anti-Israel group. The subject line reads "Why is the ADL training ICE in Israel?" Maybe Stefanie is secretly hoping you don't bother to read the rest of her offering. (Spoiler alert: they aren't)

Stephanie claims ICE has been learning techniques and tools from the Israeli military. She doesn't care if Peter Edge was in Israel studying cyber-security or attempting to learn from Israel's remarkable sucess at curtailing human trafficking. If it involves Israel, it must be made to be nefarious. Stefanie Fox spews typical JVP vitriole: "The real-world results of these trips have been Israeli & US officials sharing “worst practices” -- deportation and detention, shoot-to-kill policies, massive spying and surveillance -- that have become the go-to policies of agencies like ICE."

Why the hyperbole? Because 3 years ago, during the Obama administration the Deputy Associate Director of Homeland Security Investigations, one man, Peter Edge joined a delegation to Israel sponsored by the ADL.
American Association of University Professors: Don’t boycott the anti-Israel academic boycotters
But if you uphold the right to boycott, you necessarily need to uphold the right to counter-boycott.

The problem with this is that AAUP upholds the right to boycott, but only on one side. Substantively it opposes both the boycott and counter-boycott, but procedurally it upholds only the right of the boycotters.

AAUP also sent a letter to Israel regarding Israel’s denial of entry to Columbia Law Professor Katherine Franke, an academic boycott supporter.

Additionally, AAUP’s Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure sent a letter to the Israeli government in regard to the interrogation, subsequent expulsion, and apparent banning from Israel of Columbia Law School Professor Katherine Franke over her supporter of the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” (BDS) movement in April. The letter urges the government of Israel to “reconsider your immigration officer’s decision and to revoke any further ban on Professor Franke’s entry for purposes of collaborative academic and scholarly work in Israel.”

Again, AAUP upholds Professor Franke’s right to boycott Israel and Israelis, but does not uphold the reverse. It does not matter that it is the Israeli government boycotting Professor Franke, since the BDS movement regularly seeks to impose government boycotts of Israel. So governmental power is used by both sides.

By turning academia into war by other means, the anti-Israel academic boycotters invited relatiatory boycotts. By affirming the rights of the boycotters to boycott Israel, but rejecting the right of Israel and supporters of Israel to counter-boycott, AAUP is not consistent or principled.
Legal action taken against first BDS motion by Latin American municipality
An organization of Chilean-Israelis has filed a legal action against the municipal council of the Chilean city of Valdivia and its mayor, which recently approved the first municipal BDS motion in Latin America. BDS refers to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement targeting Israel.

The Chilean Community of Israel (CCHIL) organization sent a letter on July 30 to the Chilean state comptroller arguing that the motion contravenes Chilean law, that a municipal council has no jurisdiction to take such actions and that the mayor has overstepped his legal authority by advancing and signing the motion.

In Spain, dozens of municipal authorities have adopted BDS motions against Israel prompted by the pro-Palestinian advocacy of the left-wing populist Podemos Party.

Anti-BDS activists are now concerned that this phenomenon could spread to Latin America, and the legal motion to the Chilean state comptroller is an effort to try and stop it in its tracks.

The ACOM organization in Spain has successfully sued 33 local municipal authorities out of at least 100 that approved BDS motions. It is hoped that the widespread adoption of such measures can be avoided in Chile and the broader region.

Indeed, the Valdivia municipal decree itself, passed in June, references the BDS motions in Spanish cities, saying that its own measure was following in those footsteps.
Anti-Semitism Soars on U.S. College Campuses
Anti-Semitic incidents on U.S. college campuses have continued to grow in 2018, with at least 384 recorded incidents in the first half of this year, according to a new report showing the number of genocidal expressions towards Jewish hit new highs on campuses across the United States.

A new report by released Wednesday by pro-Israel organization the AMCHA Initiative, a group that tracks anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity on college campuses, shows that much of the anti-Semitism on U.S. campuses is the result of activity by anti-Israel activists who promote imagery such as swastikas and tropes calling for the destruction of the Jewish people, according to the report.

Genocidal expression, such as images and language promoting the killing of Jews and destruction of Israel, "rose dramatically" over the past years, with at least 75 percent of such incidents "involving classic anti-Semitism" and "genocidal expression," according to the report. The number of such incidents appear to have dropped slightly from 2017 to the first part of 2018, the report notes.

Most notably, according to the report, "Israel-related incidents were significantly more likely to contribute to a hostile campus," the report found.

The AMCHA report puts figures to a range of anecdotal and reported conflicts on college campuses across the United States, where anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity continues to flourish. Pro-Palestinian campus activists continue to aggressively silence those in the Jewish community and foster an unsafe environment for many Jewish students.
Christian Science Monitor Highlights Benefits of Jewish Sovereignty
One underlying message that modern mass media offers about Israel is that Jewish power and sovereignty in the land of Israel is a threat or obstacle to the welfare of people living in the Middle East. This dishonest narrative, which fits the agenda of authoritarian regimes and de-stabilizing political movements that use anti-Zionism as a unifying political agenda, infects much, if not most of the media coverage of the Jewish state. This “blame-Israel” narrative is so ubiquitous that it comes as a shock when a news outlet gets it right and portrays Israel as a force for good in the Middle East. But it does happen.

It happened in an article published on July 11, 2018 in the online edition of The Christian Science Monitor and reprised in the July 30, 2018 issue of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly.

The article, titled “Syrian war comes to Israel’s doorstep, brings swirl of changing attitudes,” was written by Dina Kraft. In the article, Kraft recounts how 10,000 people fleeing from Syrian Civil War have come to rely on Israel for their welfare and safety. They have gathered near Syria’s border with Israel because of the protection the Jewish state affords them under “Operation Good Neighbor.” The program provides food, fuel, medical supplies and in some instances medical treatment to people living in villages near Israel. As a result of the program, “[s]ome 5,000 Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals,” Kraft reported.

These acts of kindness have changed how many Syrians view the Jewish state, the article indicates.
BBC double standards in reporting social media incitement evident again
In April of this year the BBC News website’s domestic pages reported the sentencing of a Salford man previously found guilty of “encouragement of terrorism”.

“Muslim convert Adam Wyatt, 48, admitted disseminating a terrorist publication that said “Britain must atone for its sins in Palestine” and posting on social media that jihad was an obligation for all Muslims.”

The following month the website reported the sentencing of a man from Sunderland who had previously pleaded guilty to similar offences.

“A shopkeeper who tweeted support for Islamic State (IS) and called for “death to Shias” has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Mohammed Zahir Khan, of Nora Street, Sunderland, had admitted encouraging terrorism, dissemination of a terror publication and stirring up religious hatred.”

Unsurprisingly, the BBC did not send a reporter to interview either of those men before they were sentenced. Neither did it promote the notion that they were put on trial because of their identity to millions of audience members or portray either of their cases as being about “free speech”.

However, when an Israeli-Arab woman was sentenced to five months in prison after having been convicted of incitement to violence in her poems and social media posts, the BBC News website amplified her claims of political persecution in a July 31st report titled “Dareen Tatour: Israeli Arab poet sentenced for incitement“.
Shocking documentary shows how Sweden’s ruling leftist party ‘helped’ Nazi Germany
A shocking documentary about Sweden’s ruling Social Democratic Party, shows how the leftist party ‘inspired and helped’ Nazi Germany.

The documentary, produced by the party’s right-wing opponent, the Sweden Democrats, was removed by YouTube yesterday in an act of censorship.

But after a backlash it is now visible again on the social media channel of broadcaster Samtiden Dokumentär.

Ironically the documentary starts with the leader of the leftist Social Democratic Party, Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven, telling how the right-wing Social Democrats historically have Nazi roots.

But now the Sweden Democrats are hitting back and have produced this documentary to tell the truth about their leftist opponents.

And it is revealing as it shows that the Swedish Social Democrats inspired Nazi Germany on the issue of Eugenics or “ethnic cleansing”.
Jewish couple in Belgium targeted with death threats
A Jewish woman living in Belgium said her family has been targeted with anti-Semitic abuse since one of their neighbors discovered they were Jews.

The woman, identified only as Nicole, 43, in an article published last month by the La Meuse regional daily about her ordeal, had been living for over two years in Marchienne-au-Pont, a suburb of Charleroi 30 miles south of Brussels, without incident, according to the report.

But this summer, the report said, she and her family have been targeted in a campaign of harassment that has featured written death threats stuffed into their mailbox and the scrawling of anti-Semitic graffiti on their front door.

“We are too afraid to leave our home since this started,” Nicole, a Chile native, was quoted as telling the newspaper. “Several people discovered we’re Jewish and ever since we’ve been getting death threats.” One letter addressed to Nicole called her a “dirty whore” and other insults.

The couple have filed several complaints with police but no suspects have been brought in.
Mayoral candidate: Questioning Holocaust isn't anti-Semitism
A self-proclaimed Holocaust revisionist is planning a run for mayor of Hilton Head, South Carolina, but says his beliefs will not impact his local anti-development platform.

Michael Santomauro, 59, filed papers to enter the race on Monday, according to the Island Packet.

Santomauro, who founded a roommate-matching service, made headlines in New York City in 2003 when subscribers to his service received a stream of emails spreading his beliefs denying historical accounts of the Holocaust.

In 2004, protesters surrounded his home and chanted “evict the Nazi.” He told the New York Post then that the Nazi label is “totally inaccurate.” He told the Island Packet this week that the protesters were “part of a domestic terrorism group.”

In 2011, Santomauro urged his child’s school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side to acquire the book “Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides.” The book collects essays denying key aspects of Holocaust history, including the death toll, the accounts of survivors, the physical evidence found at death camps and the feasibility of the methods the Nazis used to carry out mass murder. Santomauro runs American operations for a publisher of e-books dedicated to Holocaust denial.
Germany lifts ban on Nazi symbols in video games
Computer and video games can include swastikas and other Nazi symbols, a German industry body said Thursday, after a heated debate over the “Wolfenstein” franchise in which gamers battle Third Reich forces.

The game was previously deemed to have fallen foul of the German criminal code, which bars any depiction of so-called “anti-constitutional” symbols, including Nazi swastikas.

Accordingly in “Wolfenstein II,” images of Adolf Hitler were doctored to remove his mustache and the swastika in the Nazi flag was replaced with a triangular symbol.

This sparked an uproar in the gaming community, prompting calls for games to be treated like films.

Because movies are deemed works of art, they are exempt from the ban, similar to material used in research, historical or scientific purposes.

Films set in the World War II-era, for instance, are allowed to be screened in Germany with Nazi symbols.
Curator of Elie Wiesel Museum Welcomes Global Outpouring of Support, as Romanian Police Arrest Vandalism Suspect
In the wake of this past weekend’s vandalism incident at the childhood home of the late Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel in Romania, there has been an outpouring of solidarity from across the globe, the curator of the museum at the site told The Algemeiner on Wednesday.

Alina Marincean said the incident — in which antisemitic graffiti was scrawled on the home — came as a surprise to both museum staff members and local residents in the city of Sighetu Marmatiei, located in northwestern Romania near the border with Ukraine.

“Nothing of this sort ever happened to us and we are organizing yearly public events with a great impact on the local and regional community,” she noted.

Following the discovery of the graffiti on Saturday, Marincean recalled, “I spent the whole next day responding to emails and answering calls from friends, visitors, people I know from around the world from Finland to South America, Israel and the US, people who expressed their concern and also support.”

“There were also visits at the museum from politicians and intellectuals from Romania who wanted to point out the importance of this place that keeps Elie Wiesel’s work and memory alive, as well as the memory of all those 38,000 Jews who never returned to their homes after May 1944,” she added.
Patented Israeli Laser Technology Could be Used to Fight Forest Fires Across the World
Texas, Oregon, Florida, New Jersey, as well as Canada, Greece, India, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK are among other areas battling massive forest fires, a phenomenon experts expect will only increase due to climate change.

It was the massive forest fires in Israel over the past several years that gave electro-optics physicist Daniel Leigh the idea of using algorithm-controlled laser beams from helicopters or trucks to zap leaves, thin branches and pine needles off treetops in the path of fire. The flames are forced downward, where they can be more easily controlled by conventional methods.

Leigh explains that leafy treetops provide a highly combustible smorgasbord for hungry forest fires. Fanned by extreme wind and weather conditions, a forest fire that rises to the treetops spreads out of control in the blink of an eye.

When Leigh shared his idea with ecologist Zvika Avni, former chief of the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) Forestry Department, Avni agreed to be the ecology and the wildfire fighting specialist for Leigh’s startup, Fighting Treetop Fire (FTF).
Swedish Christian Zionists to sail to Israel
Following Swedish pro-Hamas operatives’ failed attempt to reach Gaza by sea, a Christian supporter of Israel from Sweden announced he would take dozens of pro-Zionists to Israel on his yacht.

Stefan Abrahamsson today announced on Facebook that his yacht, Elida, will set sail from Sweden on Aug. 25 to Israel to show solidarity with the Jewish State and Middle East Christians.

“We want to break the silence of the severe persecution and cleansing of the Christian population that is taking place in this region,” he wrote. “As the only democracy in the Middle East amid ​​dictatorships, Israel welcomes us on this show of solidarity with human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and fundamental democratic values. In turn, we are taking a stand for the values ​​that Israel stands for.”

Abrahamsson wrote that on Aug. 24 he will organize a sendoff party at the Gothenburg marina from which his yacht, carrying about 40 activists, will set sail for Herzliya, Israel. The Elida is expected to reach Israel in October and dock there for several weeks. The sendoff will feature a discussion on “precisely these important issues,” he wrote. Lars Adaktusson, a lawmaker from Sweden in the European Parliament, is scheduled to speak at the event.
Israeli runner Lonah Chemtai Salpeter wins gold at European Championships
Israel’s Lonah Chemtai Salpeter won the women’s 10,000-meter run at the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin Wednesday, completing the race in 31 minutes, 43.29 seconds.

Israeli-Kenyan Salpeter came 9 full seconds ahead of Susan Krumins of the Netherlands, winning the gold medal. Sweden’s Meraf Bahta came third.

The 29-year-old became the first Israeli to be crowned European champion.

“I still don’t believe it,” she said afterwards. “I’m really happy. I dreamed of this, but I didn’t believe it happened.”

Salpeter will receive a grant of NIS 40,000 (some $11,000) from Israeli sports authorities for her win.

Born in Kenya, she first came to Israel in 2008, working as a caretaker at Kenya’s embassy in Tel Aviv. While running at a Herzliya park, she was noticed by running coach Moti Mizrahi, who suggested she train professionally.
2.4 million tourists came to Israel so far in 2018, ministry says
Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has announced that 2.4 million tourists have visited Israel since the beginning of 2018, a 17% increase in tourists for the same period in 2017.

Citing findings from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the ministry said in a statement that the number of tourists is 46 percent more than in 2016, almost double the number of tourists that entered during the same period that year.

According to the ministry, 293,400 tourists entered Israel during July 2018 alone, which is around eight percent more tourists than in July 2017.

Over 250,000 tourists came by air, the release said, an 8.8% increase compared to July 2017. 26,200 of them came through land crossings into Israel, a 3.1% increase compared to that month the year before. (Israel only has land border crossings with Egypt and Jordan.)

“Month after month, we are witnessing new achievements and record highs in incoming tourism,” Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin (Likud) said in a statement. “I am pleased that, in the last month, we have also seen an impressive rise in incoming tourism... the tourism industry continues to be a significant factor in making exceptional impact and contributions to the Israeli economy and workforce.”

Levin also praised the ministry’s marketing initiatives and “innovative activities… Together with the incentives for airlines and investments in infrastructure,” for contributing to the rise in tourism.
2,200-Year-Old Earring Found in Jerusalem Excavation Sheds Light on Hellenistic Period in Judea
A 2,200-year-old golden earring was discovered at the City of David’s archaeological excavation just outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, shedding light on life in the city after it was conquered by the Greeks.

The rare artifact depicts a finely-crafted head of a horned animal and delicate filigree work, and is believed to date back to the second or third century BCE, a period during which the Temple was the center of Jewish life, but the region was controlled by the Greeks and a significant percentage of the Jewish populace was influenced by Greek culture and beliefs.

During the time period the earring is believed to be connected to, Judea was a semi-autonomous Hellenistic vassal first under the rule of Ptolemaic Egypt from 301 to 198 BCE, and then under the Seleucid Empire, after Antiochus III conquered Jerusalem. Shortly afterwards, Jews who were not Hellenized ultimately took part in the Maccabean Revolt of 167 BCE, which is commemorated in the Hanukkah story.

According to Professor Yuval Gadot of Tel Aviv University, co-director of the Givati Parking Lot excavation, the find is the first earring discovered in Jerusalem from the Hellenistic period, found in an early-Hellenistic period building deep inside the dig.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.
          Israel, Hamas Agree to Ceasefire - Reports      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
After an intense 24 hours of fighting, Israel and Hamas authorities have agreed to a truce, signing a Egypt-mediated ceasefire.
          Personal Fitness Trainer_Anytime Fitness Pemberton Twp - Anytime Fitness - New Egypt, NJ      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Anytime Fitness of Browns Mills, NJ Getting the World to a Healthier Place. At Anytime Fitness we feel that true success is not measured only in dollars and... $10 - $25 an hour
From Anytime Fitness - Thu, 26 Apr 2018 10:53:42 GMT - View all New Egypt, NJ jobs
          Comment on Elizabeth Agboola: Five Reasons You Should Consider Morocco as a Vacation Destination by Anon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Beautiful article. Avoid Egypt Air if you can.
          toggle bracelet. KEY LIME RHYTHMS. stone bracelet. freshwater pearl bracelet. beach bracelet. turquoise peridot bracelet. vacation jewelry. by StoneSavvyJewelry      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

49.00 USD

toggle bracelet. KEY LIME RHYTHMS. stone bracelet. freshwater pearl bracelet. beach bracelet. turquoise peridot bracelet. vacation jewelry.
The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals. ~John Hartford
doesn't this bracelet just scream summer and beach? love the key lime color accented with Bali silver, Kingman Arizona turquoise and freshwater pearls. the bracelet closes with a twisted toggle bar clasp.

want something to match? please ask!
matching necklace and earrings.
more freshwater pearls.

SIZING - if you need a size that is not listed, please contact me. because bead size can change the size of a bracelet, my sizes are always the INSIDE circumference of the piece when clasped, NOT the unclasped length. you can determine the size you need by measuring the smallest part of your wrist and adding 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch depending on how loose you'd like it. for example, if your wrist measures 6 1/2 inches, you'd order a size 7. please ask if you need help determining size.
agates are among the oldest good luck and healing stones. the name is said to come for the Achates River in Sicily. it was described by the Greek philosopher Theoprastus in 350 B.C. and in Byzantium, people already knew how to enhance the color of agate by burning. because of its layered structure, agate was often used for cameo engraving of heads and coats of arms against a deeper underlying color. agate can be found wherever there were former volcanoes.

this lustrous gem acquired its name from the ancient Romans, who wore elongated pearls as ear pendants that they called pirla, a slang diminutive of pira (“pear”). it’s said that if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then pearls must be her favorite sister. the pearl is an organic gem grown within oysters and a few other mollusks. folklore says that Cleopatra served wine with ground pearls in it to her more important guests. precious pearl jewelry, much loved by kings, emperors, tsars, maharajahs and princes can be admired in museums throughout the world. a pearl necklace worn four thousand years ago by the Persian queen Achemenid can still be admired today.

turquoise has been revered for thousands of years! Crusaders discovered this stone in Turkey. its name means "Turkish stone" in French, a reference to where Persian material passed on its way to Europe. Native Americans have long considered it a holy stone. they also believed it was a magic stone protecting them against harm. objects of turquoise have been discovered in tombs, indicating that the ancient Egyptians and Greeks also believed the stone to have protective properties. in the middle ages, it was thought to give women a sense of happiness and contentment and guarantee success and power to men. the most beautiful specimens are found in Arizona.

glistening green peridot is a volcanic gem formed in the deep fires of the earth. peridot splits and bends the rays of light passing through it, giving it a velvety appearance and rich glow. pronounced PEAR-ih-doh (or PEAR-ih-dot), its yellow-green color is mainly dependent on the amount of ferrous iron present. the traditional birthstone of August, peridot has been mined for over 4,000 years on Hawaii, it is treasured as the tears of Pele. an entire beach in Oahu is formed of peridot sand, worn to powder by the ceaseless ocean. it is said to have been Cleopatra's favorite gemstone. avoid exposing peridot beads to acids, quick temperature changes, scratches, sharp blows, or home ultrasonic cleaners.

the role played by silver in ancient civilizations is similar to that played by gold. until the eighteenth century silver was considered almost as valuable as gold. silver jewelry was produced as early as the fourth millennium B.C. Saxony was for a long time the main supplier of silver and it became very rich as a result. after the discovery of the Americas by the Europeans, so much silver was mined in the United States and Mexico that the price and the value attached to silver fell sharply. today the largest deposits of silver are found in Mexico, Australia and the former Soviet Union. silver is a precious metal, not a mineral.

->->-> for those who believe ;)
-- agate --
agate provides inspiration, brings emotional comfort and reduces stress. agate enables the wearer to choose between true friends and false ones. it is said to avert storms and lightning, protect children from danger and bring prosperity.
star sign:
Capricorn ~agate helps Capricorn feel safe and relaxed.
Pisces ~ agate provides Pisces with stamina and patience. it helps
her keep her feet on the ground.
Taurus ~ agate strengthens Taurus thoughtful, down-to-earth characters. it allows them to make their dreams a reality and it helps them to live within their means.
Scorpio ~ agate's crystalline inclusions give Scorpio the purity and clarity to recognize her inner nature.

-- pearl --
purity, faith, sincerity
June birthstone
star sign:
Cancer ~ pearls bestow wisdom and sincerity on Cancer. they also provide contentment in old age and help moderate mood swings.

-- turquoise --
cleansing, protection, valor
turquoise symbolizes beauty. it lifts depression, gives self-confidence and promotes endurance.
birthstone - December
star sign:
Aquarius ~ turquoise is effective for Aquarius in counteracting and moderating mood swings.
Gemini ~ turquoise protects Gemini from negative influences. it also absorbs unhealthy vibrations.
Libra ~ turquoise brings together within itself the blue vibration of the heavens and the green of the earth; ideal for Libra who is always looking for harmony and balance.

-- peridot --
peridot is said to help slow the aging process, physically and mentally, and also to be helpful in facilitating the birthing process. it often is said to help speech, increasing its eloquence and removing impediments, and it sometimes used to find lost or misplaced things.
August birthstone
Leo - peridot keeps Leo young, strengthens her immune system and revivifies her aura.

-- silver --
some believe that silver transmits and intensifies the power of healing stones, so that when they are set in silver they become even more powerful. turquoise and coral are examples. like gold, silver symbolizes wealth and prosperity. those prone to outbursts of anger and rudeness can be pacified by silver.
5% of each sale is donated to the American Hospice Association and 5% to

click here for both shipping info and jewelry care

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          Release From Ismailia National Food Industries (INFI.CA) Convening Of The Board Of Directors’ Meeting from Egypt in the group Ismailia National Food Industries      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          El Sewedy Electric (SWDY.CA) - EGM Minutes (after Certification) from Egypt in the group Elswedy Electric      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Misr Beni Suef Cement (MBSC.CA) Reports 6 Months Results from Egypt in the group Misr Beni Suef Cement      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
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          National Housing For Professional Syndicates (NHPS.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions from Egypt in the group National Housing For Professional Syndicates      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
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          AJWA for Food Industries Company - Egypt (AJWA.CA) Reports 6 Months Standalone Results from Egypt in the group Ajwa For Food Industries Company Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          United Housing & Development (UNIT.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors' Meeting from Egypt in the group United Housing & Development      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Egyptian for Tourism Resorts (EGTS.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions from Egypt in the group Egyptian For Tourism Resorts      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          United Housing & Development (UNIT.CA) - Audit Committee Report from Egypt in the group United Housing & Development      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          United Housing & Development (UNIT.CA) Reports Its Financial Results (Standalone) for the Period from 01/01/2018 to 30/06/2018 from Egypt in the group United Housing & Development      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Egyptian for Tourism Resorts (EGTS.CA) Reports 6 Months Consolidated Results from Egypt in the group Egyptian For Tourism Resorts      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Delta For Printing & Packaging (DTPP.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors' Meeting from Egypt in the group Delta For Printing & Packaging      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Rubex International for Plastic and Acrylic Manufacturing (RUBX.CA) - Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting from Egypt in the group Rubex Plastics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Rubex International for Plastic and Acrylic Manufacturing (RUBX.CA) Reports Its Financial Results for the Period from 01/01/2018 to 30/06/2018 from Egypt in the group Rubex Plastics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
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          Release from El Shams Pyramids For Hotels& Touristic Projects (SPHT.CA) Regarding The Annual Disclosure Form from Egypt in the group El Shams Pyramids For Hotels& Touristic Projects      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC.CA) Reports Its Financial Results (Consolidated) for the Period from 01/01/2018 to 30/06/2018 from Egypt in the group Electro Cable Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          El Arabia Engineering Industries (EEII.CA) - Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting from Egypt in the group El Arabia Engineering Industries      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Electro Cable Egypt (ELEC.CA) - Decisions of the Board of Directors' Meeting from Egypt in the group Electro Cable Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Release from El Arabia Engineering Industries (EEII.CA) Concerning The Semi-Annual Disclosure Form from Egypt in the group El Arabia Engineering Industries      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Zalo USA Launches Egyptian-Inspired Queen Collection      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
ZALO USA is set to release its fourth collection, the Queen G-spot vibrator with PulsWave technology and detachable suction accessory on Aug. 20.
          El Gounah - Haras El Hodood      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Football. Egypt. Premier League
          El Daklyeh - El Harby      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Football. Egypt. Premier League
          Petrojet - Al Masry      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Football. Egypt. Premier League
          ENPPI - Smouha      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Football. Egypt. Premier League
          El Geish - Pyramids      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Football. Egypt. Premier League
          Thread: Age of Steam Expansion: Chile, Egypt and CCCP:: General:: Shooting In the Dark      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

by gimodude

So Age of Steam is my favorite game, since I was originally born in Chile, this is an expansion I reaaaally want, but looks like is very limited print. Anyone know anywhere were there is a chance I can get it?

          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
           Has Egypt's second sphinx been found? Statue that has a 'lion's body with a human head' is found       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Reports suggest a sphinx-like statue has been discovered between the ancient temples of Karnak and Luxor which date to around 1400BC.
           Egyptian students design a go-kart that runs on compressed air       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The students who built the machine are from Helwan University just outside Cairo. They say their vehicle can hit 25 mph (40km/h) and last 19 miles (30km) before needing to be refuelled.
          Egypt’s Second Sphinx Found: Ancient Statue Discovered During Road Work      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A second sphinx from the time of ancient Egypt has been discovered, after workers accidentally dug up the renowned artefact […]
          Customer Quality Engineer      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
IN-Muncie, Direct Hire. Travel for this position. Job Purpose Work with customers in the Rail Industry in the U.S. as well as export units to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others. Ensure that locomotive build process complies with the Customer specification. Analyze vendor supplied components as per the specifications established by various types of reference materials such as prints. This involves performing prod
          The flag of freedom : a Nathan Peake novel by Hunter, Seth, author.      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
1797: Britain stands alone against the forces of Revolutionary France. A victorious French Army, led by the youthful Napoleon Bonaparte, is poised to invade Britain. And in his country's darkest hour, Captain Nathan Peake finds himself imprisoned by his own side on the Rock of Gibraltar charged with treason. To prove his innocence Nathan must uncover the great deception that masks the French war aims. Is the great armada being assembled in Toulon bound for the shores of Great Britain or Egypt? H
          Scarab Beetles -vintage glass earrings by beyondtherockz      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

42.00 USD

Glimmering pink cabochons of vintage pressed glass scarab beetles made in occupied Japan over 50 years ago! To the ancient Egyptians, this common beetle symbolized hope and the restoration of life. Interestingly, ancient Egyptians sometimes made their scarab jewelry from glass too.

Part of a private collection of loose vintage glass gems that I was lucky enough to acquire. To complement the rose quartz color, I made up four-pronged sterling silver earrings and then securely hand set the 10mm x 8mm ovals, but I can understand if you'd rather have them set in gold. If you do, please contact me. I'd be happy to provide a quote.

Beautifully detailed and limited.

These earrings appear in all of the photos here so that you can see them worn (on our life-sized mannequin) as well as among other vintage glass earrings in our collection. In the group photo, they appear just above the emerald green earrings.

:: -:¦:- :: I use fairly-traded stones and reclaimed and refined materials and metals. Please see our Profile page for details. :: -:¦:- ::

While there, please scroll down to the information entitled, "Before Making Your Purchase ...". Thank you.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. Simply click the contact link toward the top right of this page, under "seller info".

Visit to see additional earrings in my vintage faceted glass collection and the sterling silver findings being made.

Please note that because of sales tax laws, there will be sales tax added in PayPal if you live in Connecticut or Massachusetts.

Copyright is on all designs, images and content associated with and

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Please refer to our profile page and read the information entitled, "INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ...". Thank you.
Beautifully detailed and limited.

          August 9 in history      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
48 BC Battle of Pharsalus – Julius Caesar decisively defeated Pompey at Pharsalus and Pompey fled to Egypt. 378 Gothic War: Battle of Adrianople – A large Roman army led by Emperor Valens was defeated by the Visigoths. Valens and more than half his army were killed. 681 Bulgaria was founded as a Khanate on the south bank of the Danube. […]
          Mirage Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Mirage Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt

Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt by Nina Burleigh
English | November 27, 2007 | ISBN: 0060597674, 0060597682 | EPUB | 304 pages | 1.4 MB

          Comment on Tradition is about to be totally cleared ‘cleared through customs’ by The Egyptian      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Geoffrey the second half of your sentence states the entire problem with the first half. example and I know it is minor, our elder Priest uses the 3rd prayer and cannot or will not say oblation, It's the little things that say a lot, he doen't realize it but he showboats, turn the mass around and use the silent prayers and it becomes a non issue
          Mirage Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Mirage Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt

Mirage: Napoleon's Scientists and the Unveiling of Egypt by Nina Burleigh
English | November 27, 2007 | ISBN: 0060597674, 0060597682 | EPUB | 304 pages | 1.4 MB

          GreeningIT: Baseline studies and comparative report      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Country baseline studies from Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Egypt, India and Mexico look at the rising issue of e-waste and the policy environment around it, while a comparative report highlights the main points from the country studies.

          ICTs and environmental sustainability: Egypt baseline study      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

This report looks at how ICTs are being used in Egypt to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as how e-waste is managed in the country. It documents the key stakeholders involved, offers an overview of the policy and legislative context, analyses challenges and trends, and identifies several key areas for civil society advocacy.

          23. Persevering Faith or Temporary Faith? (Numbers 13:1-14:11)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Life of Moses (23)

July 29, 2018

In the early 20th century, Robert Dick Wilson was a scholarly, godly Hebrew professor at Princeton Seminary. He could read at least 26 Semitic languages! One time after Donald Grey Barnhouse had graduated, he went back to the seminary to preach to the students. Dr. Wilson sat near the front. After the message, he went forward and shook Barnhouse’s hand. He said, “When my boys come back, I come to see if they are big-godders or little-godders, and then I know what their ministry will be.”

Barnhouse asked him to explain. Dr. Wilson replied, “Well, some men have a little god and they are always in trouble with him. He can’t do any miracles. He can’t take care of the inspiration and transmission of the Scripture to us. He doesn’t intervene on behalf of His people. They have a little god and I call them little-godders. Then there are those who have a great God. He speaks and it is done. He commands and it stands fast. He knows how to show Himself strong on behalf of them that fear Him.” He went on to tell Barnhouse that he could see that he had a great God and that God would bless his ministry (Donald Grey Barnhouse, Let Me Illustrate [Revell, 1967], pp. 132-133).

In Numbers 13 & 14, we meet two men who were “big-godders,” and ten men who were little-godders. Israel was on the southern border of Canaan, poised to go into the land. Moses sent these 12 men to spy out the land. Ten came back with a bad report, focusing on the giants in the land. Two came back with a good report, saying, in effect, “We’ll eat those guys for lunch!” But the ten influenced the whole congregation to side with them. They voted to appoint a leader and return to Egypt. As a result, God decreed that they would all die in the wilderness; only their children and the two believing spies would enter the Promised Land. The message for us is that …

By faith, God wants you to persevere in His promise of salvation and not yield to temptations to unbelief.

There is an apparent contradiction between our text and Moses’ recounting of this incident in Deuteronomy 1:22-23. There Moses says that the people asked him to send out spies and he agreed. But here, the Lord tells Moses to send out the spies. Putting the two accounts together, probably the people, out of fear, asked Moses to send out the spies. He agreed, thinking that it would strengthen their faith to see that the land was good, just as God had promised. Numbers 13 shows that God consented to the people’s request, either graciously to strengthen their weak faith, or to reveal the unbelief that would disqualify them from entering the land. So we have examples here of persevering faith and of temporary faith turned to unbelief when faced with problems.

1. By faith, God wants you to persevere in His promise of salvation.

The exodus is the Old Testament picture of salvation or redemption. God brought His chosen people out of slavery in Egypt, just as today He brings His chosen people out of bondage to sin. The New Testament reveals that …

A. God promises salvation to all who truly believe in Christ.

In the Old Testament, salvation was restricted to Israel and those who by faith joined with Israel. Rahab, the harlot from Jericho, was saved because she believed in Israel’s God, harbored their spies, and put the scarlet cord in her window when Israel conquered Jericho (Joshua 2, 6). But in the New Testament, God promises salvation to all people who believe (Rom. 10:13): “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” The Bible ends on this open invitation (Rev. 22:17): “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.” That invitation is open to you!

But, there were many in Israel who were descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but they only had temporary faith, not persevering faith (Rom. 9:6-8). At the exodus, they believed to the extent of putting the blood of the Passover lamb on their doorposts. But, as the subsequent history reveals, they did not truly believe in God or His promise to give them the land of Canaan.

In the same way, in the church today, there are people who profess faith in Christ and associate with the church, but they do not truly believe in Christ. Like the seed sown on the rocky soil, at first they receive the gospel with joy. But when temptation or trials come, they fall away because they have no firm root (Mark 4:16-17). In the same vein, the Book of Hebrews was written to some Jewish churches with members who had professed faith in Christ, but under persecution they were tempted to abandon Christ and go back to Judaism. The author exhorts them (Heb. 10:36), “For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.” In Hebrews 3, the author refers to the generation that perished in the wilderness because they did not persevere in faith. He warns (Heb. 3:14-19):

For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end, while it is said,

“Today if you hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts, as when they provoked Me.”

For who provoked Him when they had heard? Indeed, did not all those who came out of Egypt led by Moses? And with whom was He angry for forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose bodies fell in the wilderness? And to whom did He swear that they would not enter His rest, but to those who were disobedient? So we see that they were not able to enter because of unbelief.

Thus we learn …

B. Those with genuine saving faith persevere, while those with temporary faith turn back to the world.

Many evangelicals do not understand this important point. Often parents will say about their adult child, “Yes, sadly he’s living in immorality, doing drugs, and he makes no profession of faith now. But when he was a child, he invited Jesus to be his Savior and Lord. So, once saved, always saved, right?” I would add one crucial word: “Once truly saved, always saved.” True believers may fall into sin, as David and Peter did. But they can’t be happy in sin (see Psalms 38 & 51). To be content in sin is not a good sign! Not all who make professions of faith are truly saved. As Jesus warned (Matt. 7:22-23),

“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’”

In the context of warning about coming persecution and lawlessness, Jesus stated (Matt. 24:13), “But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.” The several warning passages in Hebrews make the same point. People may make a claim of believing in Christ and even for a time look as if they believe. But the test of genuine saving faith is perseverance, especially under trials. As Hebrews 10:38-39 warns,

But My righteous one shall live by faith; And if he shrinks back, My soul has no pleasure in him.

But we are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul.

But the good news is …

C. God’s promises and His power for perseverance are available to all who have trusted in Christ.

In Numbers 13:2, God reiterates His promise to give the land of Canaan to the Israelites. Obviously, God knew that there were giants in the land that Israel would need to defeat. He knew that there would be the temptation to compromise with the Canaanites, rather than kill them as He commanded. There would be the temptation to adopt the Canaanite gods and to intermarry with their people. The leaders of the tribes who were sent out should have known God’s promise and relied on it, but ten of them didn’t.

The only two spies that we remember are Caleb and Hoshea, whom Moses called, Joshua (Num. 13:8, 16). Hoshea means “salvation”; Joshua means, “Yahweh is salvation.” It’s the name God used at the burning bush. It’s also the name that the angel told Joseph to give Mary’s son, adding (Matt. 1:21), “for He will save His people from their sins.” Perhaps the change in Joshua’s name is mentioned here (even though Joshua was used earlier, Exod. 17:9; 24:13; 33:11; Num. 11:28) because his report shows that the Lord will save His people if they trust Him. The other ten spies died in a plague from the Lord because of their unbelief (Num. 14:36-37).

Joshua and Caleb report (Num. 14:7, 8) that the Promised Land was “an exceedingly good land … flowing with milk and honey” (a sign of abundance). The spies brought back the huge cluster of grapes as evidence. Even the ten unbelieving spies reported (Num. 13:27), “it certainly does flow with milk and honey, and this is its fruit.”

In the same way, if God has saved you, He has given you many gracious evidences of His abundant goodness to help you persevere. He has blessed you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ (Eph. 1:3). He has given you “everything pertaining to life and godliness” through the knowledge of Jesus our Lord and through “His precious and magnificent promises” (2 Pet. 1:3-4). He has promised to give you victory over sin as you walk in the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:16). He promises to supply your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:19). But He never promises that the Christian life will be easy and trouble-free. It is often pictured in terms of battle and warfare:

D. If God has saved you, perseverance is not automatic, but requires a fight of faith against difficult adversaries.

God could have sent a plague to kill all the Canaanites, allowing Israel to move in effortlessly. (He later did that with Sennacherib’s 185,000 troops, 2 Kings 19:35). But God allowed the Canaanites to remain so that Israel would learn to trust and obey Him and know His faithfulness and power in a deeper way. As you know if you’ve been a Christian for a while, the times when you’ve grown the most were when you were facing some really big giants and had to trust God like you don’t need to trust Him when everything is going smoothly.

But the options are not a difficult life as you face the giants in the land or a life of prosperity and ease if you go back to the world. The people’s plan to dump Moses, choose a new leader, and return to Egypt would not have been any easier than to go into the land and conquer the Canaanites. Going back to Egypt would have meant going back through the hot desert with no cloud to cover them or lead them, no manna to feed them, and no water from the rock to quench their thirst. If they even got back, they would have faced people who were angry with them because of the plagues, including the loss of their firstborn. So returning to Egypt wouldn’t have solved their problems!

So, as Jesus warned about the seed on the rocky soil and as the Book of Hebrews warns, there are many who profess to believe in Christ, but when trials hit, they bail out and go back to the world, where they foolishly think they will have an easier life. Thus,

2. To persevere in faith, you must overcome strong temptations to unbelief.

When God met Moses at the burning bush and promised to use him to bring Israel out of bondage in Egypt, He said (Exod. 3:8): “So I have come down to deliver them from the power of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a good and spacious land, to a land flowing with milk and honey, to the place of the Canaanite and the Hittite and the Amorite and the Perizzite and the Hivite and the Jebusite.” Note both parts of that promise: the land is good, flowing with milk and honey, but it also has a bunch of strange, threatening people living there! The ten spies came back and reported both sides of that promise (Num. 13:27-29). But rather than believing God’s promise by going into the land to fight, they focused on the giants and rejected God’s promise. Their story teaches four things about persevering in faith:

A. To persevere in faith, you must realize that unbelief is a terrible sin.

If I asked you to give me your list of the worst sins, you’d probably mention murder, immorality, theft, child abuse, and the like. But would unbelief be on your list? It should be, because …

1) Unbelief is a terrible sin because it is the root of all sins.

Pride also may be regarded as the root of all sins, because pride and unbelief are inseparable. Pride does not believe God’s word that we are sinners who cannot save ourselves, so we must trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Pride says, “No, I can save myself by my good works!” That’s unbelief and it damns millions to eternity in hell. Unbelief is behind all sins, because it takes the same bait that Satan used with Eve (Gen. 3:1), “Indeed, has God said …?” Unbelief whispers, “Has God said that whatever you sow, you will reap? Come on, you can enjoy sowing some wild oats. God will forgive!” Any time we sin, we disbelieve what God has said.

2) Unbelief is a dangerous sin because it is deceptive and spreads easily and quickly.

Unbelief has a way of spreading as it plays on people’s fears. Note (Num. 14:1, 2), “all the congregation … all the sons of Israel … the whole congregation….” Alexander Maclaren (Expositions of Holy Scripture [Baker], 1:332) describes the unbelief of the ten spies as “cowardice, disguised as prudence.” They seemed like the voice of sanity. They said, “These guys are really big! They are way too strong for us! If we try to fight them, we’re going to fall by the sword! The prudent plan is to go back to Egypt.” Their unbelief quickly spread through all the camp.

In our day, unbelief deceives God’s people and spreads quickly by saying, “The Genesis account of creation is just a myth. Science proves that evolution is true. And, by the way, there are many other myths in the Bible that you can’t take literally.” Pretty soon, faith in God’s inerrant word is undermined.

3) Unbelief is a blasphemous sin because it rejects God’s salvation and accuses Him of cruelty, deception, and weakness.

In Numbers 14:3, the people accuse God of bringing them into the land to die by the sword and having their wives and children become plunder! As John Calvin pointed out (Calvin’s Commentaries [Baker], 3:65), they were accusing God of deception and cruelty, as if He were betraying them into the hands of the Canaanites where they would be slaughtered. And they were accusing Him of weakness, as if He were less powerful than these godless idolaters.

But professing Christians do the same thing when they have a major trial and accuse God of not caring for them. I’ve read a Christian counselor who told a young mother who lost her child, “You have a right to be angry at God!” That is encouraging blasphemous unbelief! None of us have a right to draw our next breath! To accuse God of cruelty because of our trials, or of deception because His promises aren’t fitting our expectations, or of weakness because He isn’t answering our prayers, is blasphemy!

B. To persevere in faith, you must resist the temptation to go along with the majority opinion in the world and sometimes in the church.

Faith in God and His promises is often not the popular view. To trust God, you may need to stand against the prevailing unbelief. Maclaren (ibid. 1:334) observes, “Not to believe Him unless a jury of twelve of ourselves says the same thing, is surely much the same as not believing Him at all; for it is not He, but they, whom we believe after all.” Modern unbelief says, “Being gay is not a sin; it’s just the way you were born. You can believe in Jesus and practice homosexuality.” That’s the majority opinion and many in the church are going along with it! The world is also rapidly endorsing the madness that you’re free to explore different genders or combinations of genders. Persevering faith takes God at His Word.

C. To persevere in faith, you must resist the temptation to exaggerate your problems and to minimize God’s power to keep His promises.

Maclaren (1:337) points out that the ten spies went looking “for dangers, and of course they found them.” When they came to Hebron, they encountered three descendants of Anak there (Num. 13:22). They should have recalled that Abraham had moved to Hebron right after God promised to give the land of Canaan to his descendants (Gen. 13:18). Sarah and Abraham were buried in the cave of Machpelah in Hebron (Gen. 23:19). The spies should have thought about God’s promises and the faith of their forefathers.

But instead, all they could think about were these fearful descendants of Anak. By verse 33, these sons of Anak had grown into Nephilim (Gen. 6:4), so huge that the ten spies said, “We became like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.” Maclaren (ibid. 1:339) humorously observed that “fear performed the miracle of adding a cubit to their stature.” Problems have a way of growing when you’re not trusting in God!

In Numbers 13:27, the ten spies agreed that the land flowed with milk and honey and they showed the cluster of grapes as evidence. But by verse 32, they reverse themselves and say that the land “devours its inhabitants.” Commentators differ as to exactly what they meant. Probably it referred to the warlike people living there. But whatever they meant, the ten spies were maximizing the problems of taking the Promised Land and minimizing God’s power to keep His promises. Their view, which prevailed, was, “Let’s play it safe and go back to Egypt.”

D. To persevere in faith, look at the facts, but put them in the perspective of God’s promises and power.

Joshua and Caleb saw the same giants that the ten spies saw, but they saw the giants from the perspective of God’s promise to give Israel the land and His power to keep His promise, as seen in the exodus. The ten spies said, “These guys will devour us!” Joshua and Caleb said (literally, Num. 14:9), “They will be our food.” In modern language, “We’ll eat them for lunch!”

Maclaren (1:337) points out how the ten spies presented their findings as objective facts. He says (1:338) that they sounded like “an unbiased appeal to common sense, as if the reporter said, ‘These are the facts; we leave you to draw the conclusions.’” He adds (ibid. italics his),

To begin a perilous enterprise without fairly facing its risks and difficulties is folly. To look at them only is no less folly, and is the sure precursor to defeat. But when on the one side is God’s command, and on the other such doleful discouragements, they are more than folly, they are sin.

The ten spies and the two spies had the same experiences and the same facts. The ten interpreted the facts through unbelief; the two interpreted the facts through faith in God’s promises and His power to keep His promises. We face the same choice when we encounter giants in the land: Look at the facts, but then look at our God. Are the giants going to eat you, or are you going to eat them by persevering faith in God’s promises and His power?


So ask yourself, “Am I a big-godder or a little-godder?” There are giants in this evil world! God calls you to conquer them through persevering faith in His promises and power. As Hebrews 11:6 affirms, “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”

Application Questions

  1. If genuine faith perseveres, how can a believer be assured of salvation, since we don’t know in advance whether we’ll persevere when trials hit?
  2. How would you counsel a professing believer in sin? Should you assure him of his salvation or warn him of perishing?
  3. A Christian tells you that he struggles with weak faith and asks, “How can I grow in faith?” Your reply?
  4. What giants are you currently facing? What practical steps does God want you to take to conquer them?

Copyright, Steven J. Cole, 2018, All Rights Reserved.

Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture Quotations are from the New American Standard Bible, Updated Edition © The Lockman Foundation

          Aug 11, Office of Readings – Memorial for St. Clare, V      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Ribbon Placement:
Liturgy of the Hours Vol. IV:
Ordinary: 615
Psalter: Saturday, Week II, 922
Common of Virgins: 1791
Proper of Seasons: 83
Proper of Saints: 1310

Christian Prayer:
Does not contain Office of Readings

Office of Readings for Saturday in Ordinary Time, for the Memorial of Saint Clare, Virgin

God, come to my assistance.
Lord, make haste to help me.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. Alleluia.


The King of love my shepherd is,
Whose goodness fails me never.
I nothing lack if I am His,
and He is mine forever.

Where streams of living water flow,
my ransomed soul He's leading;
and where the verdant pastures grow,
with food celestial feeding.

Perverse and foolish, oft I strayed,
but yet in love He sought me;
and on His shoulder gently laid,
and home, rejoicing, brought me.

In death's dark vale I fear no ill,
with You, dear Lord, beside me;
Your rod and staff my comfort still,
Your cross before to guide me.

You spread a table in my sight;
Your unction grace bestowing;
and oh, what transport of delight
from Your pure chalice flowing!

And so through all the length of days,
Your goodness fails me never;
Good Shepherd, may I sing Your praise
within Your house forever.

𝄞"The King of Love My Shepherd Is" by Johanna Montealto • Title: The King of love my Shepherd is Author: H. W. Baker (1868) Tune: DOMINUS REGIT ME (Dykes); Recording copyright 2016 Surgeworks


Ant. 1 None but the Lord has done such marvels; his love endures for ever.

Psalm 136
Paschal hymn

We praise God by recalling his marvelous deeds (Cassiodorus).


O give thanks to the Lord for he is good,
for his love endures for ever
Give thanks to the God of gods
for his love endures for ever
Give thanks to the Lord of lords,
for his love endures for ever;

who alone has wrought marvelous works,
for his love endures for ever;
whose wisdom it was made the skies,
for his love endures for ever;
who fixed the earth firmly on the seas,
for his love endures for ever.

It was he who made the great lights,
for his love endures for ever;
the sun to rule in the day,
for his love endures for ever;
the moon and the stars in the night,
for his love endures for ever.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.

Ant. None but the Lord has done such marvels; his love endures for ever.

Ant. 2 He brought Israel out of Egypt with powerful hand and arm outstretched.


The first-born of the Egyptians he smote,
for his love endures for ever
He brought Israel out from the midst,
for his love endures for ever;
arm outstretched, with power in his hand,
for his love endures for ever.

He divided the Red Sea in two,
for his love endures for ever;
he made Israel pass through the midst,
for his love endures for ever;
he flung Pharaoh and his force in the sea,
for his love endures for ever.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.

Ant. He brought Israel out of Egypt with powerful hand and arm outstretched.

Ant. 3 Give praise to the God of heaven; he has ransomed us from our enemies.


Through the desert his people he led,
for his love endures for ever
Nations in their greatness he struck,
for his love endures for ever
Kings in their splendor he slew,
for his love endures for ever.

Sihon, king of the Amorites,
for his love endures for ever;
and Og, the king of Bashan,
for his love endures for ever.

He let Israel inherit their land,
for his love endures for ever
On his servant their land he bestowed,
for his love endures for ever
He remembered us in our distress,
for his love endures for ever.

And he snatched us away from our foes,
for his love endures for ever
He gives food to all living things,
for his love endures for ever
To the God of heaven give thanks,
for his love endures for ever.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.


God, our Creator, how wonderfully you made us. You transformed dust into your own image and gave it a share in your own nature; yet you are more wonderful in pardoning the one who had rebelled against you. Grant that where sin has abounded, grace may more abound, so that we can become holier through forgiveness and be more grateful to you.

Ant. Give praise to the God of heaven; he has ransomed us from our enemies.

Sacred Silence (indicated by a bell) – a moment to reflect and receive in our hearts the full resonance of the voice of the Holy Spirit and to unite our personal prayer more closely with the word of God and public voice of the Church.

You have shown me how to live.
You will fill me with joy in your presence.


First reading
From the book of the prophet Hosea
The emptiness of an insincere conversion

Thus says the Lord:
In their affliction, they shall look for me:
“Come, let us return to the Lord,
For it is he who has rent, but he will heal us;
he has struck us, but he will bind our wounds.
He will revive us after two days;
on the third day he will raise us up,
to live in his presence.
Let us know, let us strive to know the Lord;
as certain as the dawn is his coming,
and his judgment shines forth like the light of day!
He will come to us like the rain,
like spring rain that waters the earth.”

What can I do with you, Ephraim?
What can I do with you, Judah?
Your piety is like a morning cloud,
like the dew that early passes away.
For this reason I smote them through the prophets,
I slew them by the words of my mouth;
For it is love that I desire, not sacrifice,
and knowledge of God rather than holocausts.
But they, in their land, violated the covenant;
there they were untrue to me.

Gilead is a city of evildoers,
tracked with blood.
As brigands ambush a man,
a band of priests slay on the way to Shechem,
committing monstrous crime.
In the house of Israel I have seen a horrible thing:
there harlotry is found in Ephraim,
Israel is defiled.
For you also, O Judah,
a harvest has been appointed.

When I would bring about the restoration of my people,
when I would heal Israel,
The guilt of Ephraim stands out,
the wickedness of Samaria;
They practice falsehood,
thieves break in, bandits plunder abroad.
Yet they do not remind themselves
that I remember all their wickedness.
Even now their crimes surround them,
present to my sight.

RESPONSORY Matthew 9:13; Hosea 6:6, 4

Go and learn the meaning of these words:
I want a loving heart more than sacrifice, knowledge of my ways more than holocausts.

Your love is like the morning cloud, the dew that swiftly fades away.
I want a loving heart more than sacrifice, knowledge of my ways more than holocausts.

Second reading
From a letter to Blessed Agnes of Prague by Saint Clare, virgin
Behold the poverty, humility and love of Christ

Happy indeed is she who is granted a place at the divine banquet, for she may cling with her inmost heart to him whose beauty eternally awes the blessed hosts of heaven; to him whose love inspires love, whose contemplation refreshes, whose generosity satisfies, whose gentleness delights, whose memory shines sweetly as the dawn; to him whose fragrance revives the dead, and whose glorious vision will bless all the citizens of that heavenly Jerusalem. For he is the splendor of eternal glory, the brightness of eternal light, and the mirror without cloud.

Queen and bride of Jesus Christ, look into the mirror daily and study well your reflection, that you may adorn yourself, mind and body, with an enveloping garment of every virtue, and thus find yourself attired in flowers and gowns befitting the daughter and most chaste bride of the king on high. In this mirror blessed poverty, holy humility and ineffable love are also reflected. With the grace of God the whole mirror will be your source of contemplation.

Behold, I say, the birth of this mirror. Behold his poverty even as he was laid in the manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes. What wondrous humility, what marvelous poverty! The King of angels, the Lord of heaven and earth resting in a manger! Look more deeply into the mirror and meditate on his humility, or simply on his poverty. Behold the many labors and sufferings he endured to redeem the human race. Then, in the depths of this very mirror, ponder his unspeakable love which caused him to suffer on the wood of the cross and to endure the most shameful kind of death. The mirror himself, from his position on the cross, warned passersby to weigh carefully this act, as he said: All of you who pass by this way, behold and see if there is any sorrow like mine. Let us answer his cries and lamentations with one voice and one spirit: I will be mindful and remember, and my soul will be consumed within me. In this way, queen of the king of heaven, your love will burn with an ever brighter flame.

Consider also his indescribable delights, his unending riches and honors, and sigh for what is beyond your love and heart’s content as you cry out: Draw me on! We will run after you in the perfume of your ointment, heavenly spouse. Let me run and not faint until you lead me into your wine cellar; your left hand rests under my head, your right arm joyfully embraces me, and you kiss me with the sweet kiss of your lips. As you rest in this state of contemplation, remember your poor mother and know that I have indelibly written your happy memory into my heart, for you are dearer to me than all the others.

RESPONSORY Psalm 73:26; Philippians 3:8, 9

Though my flesh and my heart may fail,
God is my strength and my portion for ever.

I count all that this world offers as worthless, that I may gain Christ and be found in him.
God is my strength and my portion for ever.


O God,
who in your mercy
led Saint Clare to a love of poverty,
grant, through her intercession, that,
following Christ in poverty of spirit,
we may merit to contemplate you
one day in the heavenly Kingdom.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

ACCLAMATION (only added when praying in community)

Let us praise the Lord.
And give him thanks.

The English translation of The Liturgy of the Hours (Four Volumes) ©1974, International Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All rights reserved. Used with permission by Surgeworks, Inc for the Divine Office Catholic Ministry. website, podcast, apps and all related media is © 2006-2018 Surgeworks, Inc. All rights reserved.

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          Candide in Constantinople      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Candide (or Optimism) is a satire novel written by the French writer and philosopher Voltaire (pen name of François-Marie Arouet) in 1759. It is the tale of adventure of Candide, whose belief that everything happens for the best is turned upside down as he wanders the world with his numerous companions. 

Candide's misfortunes begin upon being caught kissing a women. Upon being kicked out, he says: “Alas!” said Candide, “I know this love, that sovereign of hearts, that soul of our souls; yet it never cost me more than a kiss and twenty kicks on the backside. How could this beautiful cause produce in you an effect so abominable?” (Candide, Chapter 1) 

In the rest of the novella, everywhere Candide goes and everything that happens to him is a result of his love for Cunégonde. Additionally, Pangloss's syphilis too is a result of his interaction with a woman. Women thus symbolize man's desire, which ultimately results in trouble. Candide's love for Cunégonde ends up resulting in a series of violent acts committed by Candide, from killing her Jewish lover to stabbing her brother. 

Mavi Boncuk | (pictured) Candide recoils in horror when he sees how ugly Cunégonde has become.

No sooner had Candide got on board the vessel than he flew to his old valet and friend Cacambo, and tenderly embraced him. "Well," said he, "what news of Cunegonde? Is she still a prodigy of beauty? Does she love me still? How is she? Thou hast doubtless bought her a palace at Constantinople?" "My dear master," answered Cacambo, "Cunegonde washes dishes on the banks of the Propontis, in the service of a prince, who has very few dishes to wash; she is a slave in the family of an ancient sovereign named Ragotsky,[35] to whom the Grand Turk allows three crowns a day in his exile. But what is worse still is, that she has lost her beauty and has become horribly ugly. 

"He reunites with Cunégonde, who he points out is no longer pretty, and the old woman. It turns out that Pangloss and the Baron too are miraculously still alive. The group (excluding the Baron, who Candide sends back to a Turkish gang so that he does not get in the way of his sister’s wedding to Candide) end up buying a farm outside of Constantinople, where they ultimately end up cultivating a garden. 

Galley Slaves to Ottoman Turks

Dr. Pangloss: Candide believed that Pangloss was hanged at the auto-da-fé in Lisbon, but he later found him alive working as a galley-slave in Constantinople.

"...I entered the service of a Venetian merchant, and went with him to Constantinople. One day I took it into my head to step into a mosque, where I saw an old Iman and a very pretty young devotee who was saying her paternosters. Her bosom was uncovered, and between her breasts she had a beautiful bouquet of tulips, roses, anemones, ranunculus, hyacinths, and auriculas. She dropped her bouquet; I picked it up, and[Pg 157] presented it to her with a profound reverence. I was so long in delivering it that the Iman began to get angry, and seeing that I was a Christian he called out for help. They carried me before the cadi, who ordered me a hundred lashes on the soles of the feet and sent me to the galleys. I was chained to the very same galley and the same bench as the young Baron."

Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh: The Baron refuses to allow Candide to marry his sister, so Candide takes out his sword and tries to kill the Baron. Candide later finds the Baron alive in Constantinople as a galley-slave. 

"..."I ask your pardon once more," said Candide to the Baron, "your pardon, reverend father, for having run you through the body." "Say no more about it," answered the Baron. "I was a little too hasty, I own, but since you wish to know by what fatality I came to be a galley-slave I will inform you. After I had been cured by the surgeon of the college of the wound you gave me, I was attacked and carried off by a party of Spanish troops, who confined me in prison at Buenos Ayres at the very time my sister was setting out thence. I asked leave to return to Rome to the General of my Order. I was appointed chaplain to the French Ambassador at Constantinople. I had not been eight days in this employment when one evening I met with a young Ichoglan, who was a very handsome fellow. The weather was warm. The young man wanted to bathe, and I took this opportunity of bathing also. I did not know that it was a capital crime for a Christian to[Pg 155] be found naked with a young Mussulman. A cadi ordered me a hundred blows on the soles of the feet, and condemned me to the galleys. I do not think there ever was a greater act of injustice. But I should be glad to know how my sister came to be scullion to a Transylvanian prince who has taken shelter among the Turks."

Chapters 26-28: One night, Candide comes upon Cacambo in a restaurant. Cacambo is now a slave and informs Candide that Cunégonde is in Constantinople. Also at the restaurant are six strangers, one of whom is Cacambo's master, Sultan Achmed. Their servants all refer to them as Your Majesty. Candide asks about this strange occurrence, and the six dethroned kings tell their stories of misfortune. Candide and Martin join Sultan Achmed and Cacambo on board a ship headed to Constantinople. Cacambo tells Candide that Cunégonde is now a slave to a prince and has become very ugly. Despite this, Candide says, "I'm a man of honour, and my duty is to love her always," (79). Candide bought Cacambo back and then boarded a galley to search for Cunégonde. Two of the galley-slaves turn out to be Pangloss and the young Baron who had miraculously survived hanging and stabbing respectively. Pangloss insists that despite his unfortunate life, he still believes wholeheartedly in the philosophy of Optimism. 

Chapters 29-30: The whole group tells their stories and debates philosophy until they find Cunégonde and the old woman working at the home of the Prince of Transylvania. Candide recoils upon seeing Cunégonde's ugliness but his good manners prevail. Candide buys both Cunégonde and the old woman free. No one has told Cunégonde that she is ugly. The old woman reminds Candide of his promise to marry her, but the Baron still refuses to allow the marriage. They send the Baron back to the galley, and Candide marries Cunégonde. The whole group goes to live on a small farm, but they are all unhappy and bored. Paquette and the monk show up with no money which prompts even more philosophizing and arguing. The group consults a dervish, the greatest philosopher in Turkey, who asks, "What does it matter whether there's evil or there's good... When His Highness sends a ship to Egypt, does he worry whether the mice on board are comfortable or not?" (86). When Pangloss tries to discuss Optimism with him, the dervish slams the door on them. They then meet an old Turkish man who says, "I have but twenty acres. I cultivate them with my children. Work keeps us from three great evils: boredom, vice, and need," (87). Candide concludes that this Turk is more fortunate than the dethroned kings they met earlier and concludes that "we must cultivate our garden," (88). Pangloss agrees with a philosophical argument. Martin suggests that they stop philosophizing and start working, and the group followed this advice. Each person had their own job and they lived well. Pangloss still believes in Optimism. Candide responds, saying, "That is well put, but we must cultivate our garden," (88).
          Gold is a simply by speak for surrounded enclaves similar to China and taiwan Boondocks as well as Small The indian subcontinent      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache

The particular Good Paradise poker, established with 96, has its own show with Los Angeles, Los angeles. This generally handles any selection of nonresident capable abyssal chaplet including Fantastic Akoya, Peacock Cultured, as well as Red Fresh water. This not alone caters to the actual creme delaware are generally creme, however aswell captures crowd using timid bureau by simply accouterment decoration acceptable with their spending budgets. provides angry into a multi-million greenback small business as well as offers 18 sites in a number of international locations concerning the entire world, which includes Canada, Malaysia, Portugal, the united kingdom, along with Italia. The present seeing that able-bodied as the on the web video arcade website affectation aforementioned amount for that termed part of sensible diamond jewelry. This specific Western forged total returning 1959, delivers fashionable fair as well as design adornment in adequate and also avant-garde types. It's Akoya, South Ocean along with Tahiti chaplet recognize completed much corners from the apple company including Moscow, Antwerp, India, Perth along with Nyc.

The business, founded in '35 with Hyderabad, Indian, provides developed within app most current volume capable methods as well as avant-garde avant-garde account to give this apple inc along with tasteful, updated patterns within good necklaces. Since way back when Hyderabad continues to be the center associated with planet's a lot of exceptional black pearls. Mangatrai Chaplet & Necklaces exhibits the matchless acquiring involving Southern region beach pearl nuggets, Tahitian chaplet as well as Organic chaplet alloyed with intricate styles for having your a lot of excellent accumulating of jewellery. The actual forged performs with only 2 shops amongst throughout excellent destinations inside Hyderabad.

I most certainly will breach this particular commodity up straight into a couple areas, a single apperception additional about the bounded jewelry foods then one for the all-embracing restaurants, because both versions pay a property and is also able-bodied accepted certainty in Singapore amidst the particular arenas involving accent buffs. Choosing a architectural mastery or maybe platinum (or even any added in true for instance) jewellery abundance is perfectly uncomplicated; and there's a innovative ambit ones littering your painting of the tropical isle, from your city-limits centre, own enclaves ( space ) actually many of the ease off and surrounding suburbs likewise. Trying to find a matrimony engagement ring? Bounded meals just like Taka Diamond as well as Lee Hua Diamond are the domiciliary bounded solid companies of which take acquainted them selves inside Singapore aback this aboriginal many years. Those are the bright jewelry aural each of our bounded change and also agree to offered amazing are the reason for while extended anyone can remember. Along with stores and food all over the region, you can't accept in order to biking real considerably to get which permanently reduce structures wedding ring or perhaps people chichi in addition to new brace connected with jewellery. Their architectural mastery attempt and inspirations show up from all of within the apple company and they accept a sufficient ambit of along with brilliantly colored jewellery, bangles, organizations as well as included highlight you can title. tiffany jewelry outlet

Precious metal can be a by simply talk intended for surrounded enclaves such as China and taiwan Boondocks as well as Small India, having thousands of in your area dependent platinum food items (and some admired gems) located often aback for you to aback in the continuing anchorage and old-fashioned shop homes which might be any love of those ancestral roots locations. Spouse and children native to the island or even transferred keeping for you to generation, you receive the acumen associated with years of good friend and some of those shops possibly acquiesce pre-ordering and even customisation to aggressive articles similar to amulets and diamond earrings. Yet regarding enhance for anyone who is added into the widespread respect of solid companies just like Tiffany along with Rene Lalique may place simply by shopping malls just like Takashimaya and in many cases Paragon in order to attending on the most up-to-date designs determined by means of all-embracing ideas. Like buying a Mercedes, you're aswell buying the convention, a brief history and the throw acknowledgement that accompanies proudly owning one of the remarkable items viewable aural their particular marble and granitic, expensive flooring shops. Certainty you'll be encouraged similar to potential having brokers that will serve you duke in addition to bottom level with no adjustment is just too luxurious. tiffany & co outlet

Having a popular lot ( space ) just like functions, purchase, pre-order along with buildings your own parts with your personal specs.Orchard Street, Tanglin Path as well as Scotts Highway usually are abounding having retailers in addition to diamond jewelry foodstuff inside Singapore you will need to check out. You may also about-face ones intake for you to surrounded foodstuff all over Orchard Highway and any one of many ancient enclaves that beleaguer this boondocks spot. Whether you're searching for a union diamond ring or perhaps a correct sensible chaplet for that anybody you cherish, there will continually always be that you apparently your preferences. Very anon your hands, or challenge each other of one's popular you may possibly be decorated with that something special, gleaming in the sunshine, alone being usual because of the smile on the encounter. Travel is straightforward in Malaysia simply by firm involving buses, taxis, train locomotives along with tranquil consideration bicycling flights. Your humans mostly allege British so we recognize digital camera tv, broadband, adaptable sales and marketing communications country wide, as well as i really like, your Petronas Side by side Systems too? Most of us agree to burghal purchasing, abundant beaches, cassinos, matter parks, highlands, hiking trails and not to help forget about, a abiding country with affable mankind who're continually offered and affable in order to everyone. Once you subsequent joining within the Se Oriental allotment of the chart, be abiding to get an enormous crimson amphitheater regarding Malaysia. Were browsing sophisticated on your check out.

tiffany outlet The particular burglar alarm timepieces connected with earlier times usually are passe, this is actually the time connected with Decoration designer watches that by yourself understand occasion however aswell understand from the wearer's status. This abstraction of energy and it's saving has become done aback since the beginning. Most of us started measure occasion together with sundials as well as hourglasses of which think to receive already been purchased through the aboriginal Egyptians. These kinds of heavy accessories turned into clocks the German Priests launched. Nevertheless these alarm clocks have been aswell challenging to bookbag with regards to as well as anon abridged timepieces start off theirselves from the affable clothes of Englishmen. The 19th aeon observed that it is aboriginal watch introduced by Patek Philippe. This wristwatch seemed to be recommended being something which alone females dressed in until finally of improve the actual convenience grew to become axiomatic to a lot of and already all of us exchange the idea about about each hands.

          Comment on My Take On “The Boers in Russia” by Mike Ross      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
What about a modern day deliverance , from an impending genocide , upon The Poor Whites , in the south african poverty camps , whom are not allowed , or whom cannot evacuate – ( for whatever reason ) ? If you know real history , then you understand , it is they – The White Destitute , who are The Real Boers . On the other hand ; the metro elite & propertied farmers – are the jew / dutch / english / afrikaners , that have assumed the identity from , and have always oppressed , The True Germanic Boers . Yes Sir , there is a way out for them – The Despised Poor , but it’s not the “ rapture “ . The South African Boers are mostly a swiss / germanic peoples – with some admixture from french , dutch and english . They were the Ana – Baptist refugees , from The European Continental Religious and Secular Wars , of the 16th and 17th and 18th centuries . They were caught in between , and maltreated & persecuted , by both the protestant / reform & catholic churches , and also abused , by those associated nation state civil governments . When in Germany and Denmark , they were given the derogatory appellation of “ Boors “ , because they were considered low class , poor and uncouth . ( In America , Benjamin Franklin disparagingly referred to their near kin , [ The Pennsylvania Dutch German “ Christian Brethren “ ] , as “ Palatine Boors “ . It was for the same reasons , that the Scotch-Irish were named : Redneck , Hillbilly , Country Good Old Boy , Hayseed , Rube , Yokel , Bumpkin , Rustic , Rural , Clodhopper & Farmer - and we embrace those names . ) The Boors took the opportunity to escape from , the hostile to them – Europe , by removing to South Africa ( also to North America and other places ) , under the auspices of , The Dutch East India Company ( VOC ) . Their prime motive was , The True Christian Liberty of Conscience , and not economic adventurism . These real religious and political refugees , had a whole different outlook and mindset , from the other opportunistic emigrants , and they became known as , The Pious Border Farmers and Trekking Boers ; Migrants of The Expanding Settlement Frontiers . — See the article : ( The Afrikaner Domination of the Boers : How it was Constructed ) , by David Christie , dated : 11 April 2014 , AFRIKAANSENUUS . Through all the vicissitudes and attacks , that they have suffered - from traitors & open & secret enemies , they have lost their identity , and are to a large degree alienated , from the true knowledge of , and right relationship with , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – THE SAVIOR AND REDEEMER . Although diminished , they are still with dear standing – to GOD , and He will call them back , and will gather them firmly , and bless them abundantly , and rescue them from the advancing evil extermination . Could this explanation and assertion be correct ? The White Man is the race of Abraham , Isaac , and Jacob . ( The True Hebrews : actual and factual , by evidence and proof . ) They are found in THE HOLY BIBLE . Because of wickedness and rebellion and revolution , GOD broke most of them off and away , from The Ancient Kingdom of The House of Israel . JEHOVAH did this , by allowing them to be conquered and taken as slaves , by pagans and heathen – ( Within their history , The Caucasians also became polytheistic hedonists ) . Later , THE LORD GOD opened several doors of their captivity , and let them escape , and made them move north & west , in many pushes and waves . These Lost Ten Tribes forfeited their identity , by their unbelief & disobedience , through the generations and centuries of ; wars and raids and migrations and wanderings and explorations . These forgotten Clans , became The Gentile ( White ) European Nations , spreading across the geocentric globe earth . As a racial group , they are known as The Anglo / Saxons . And , although they do not know it , the providence of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , has marked them with a special token-sign , pointing to their future minority recovery , and full reinstatement . Anglo / Saxons : ( Anglo = GOD’S Servant , Saint or Angel , GOD’S Son ) / ( Saxons = The Son’s of Isaac , The Isaac’s Sons , The Sac’s Sons = The Saxons ) -> ( The Son’s of Jacob , by being The Grandson’s of Isaac , are The Anglo / Saxons . ) -> ( The English Group + The German Group = The United Birthright and Scepter ) . The day is approaching , when a remnant of The Son’s of Jacob ( The Grandson’s of Isaac = The Anglos & The Saxons ) will return , and be converted and gathered together and joined , by THE GIFT AND POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST . Never again brother against brother wars for them . ( The reunion will be – The Grand Union of Jacob , presaged by The Union Jack Ensign ) . This Small Portion ( spread over the sphere earth ) , being The Election , and belonging to JESUS MESSIAH , will be delivered by a mighty & miraculous , intervention & intercession . Their corporeal rescue , is the deliverance from the modern day absolute bondage & captivity , by tyranny of the archfiend anti-christ ascendency , that is now being spearheaded by marauding “ flying monkeys “ , and a prospective white genocide in South Africa . The Authentic Reclamation , will be practically unforeseen and unexpected , by everyone else who does not veritably know , or who are not much interested in , THE REAL JESUS . ( The event will only become widely known , for both the fact and mis-explanation , in the aftermath . ) All of mankind ( both kindred & foreigner / stranger ) , can by faith ( if they will ) repent and reform and separate , to become GOD’S Spiritually Adopted Sons or Daughters ( Pilgrims ) ; those that are Born Again , they who love JESUS , them that are in His Grace – Mercy – Favor – Blessings Full On . Then we are His Eligible and His Qualified and His Chosen , to receive this tremendous beneficial , while living on earth . It will be greater than The Exodus Out of Egypt , that was in the times of old , while under the leadership of Moses . This is the mortal ( while in the flesh ) and only earthly escape , out of The Great Temptation and The Great Tribulation ( test & trial ) , that is coming as GOD’S anger and judgement , upon the whole world . Let the loud – clear – pure – ringing , of The Real and True Christian Liberty Bell , peal throughout all THE LORD’S SANCTUARIES . It is the beginning of GOD’S PARADISIACAL KINGDOM COME TO EARTH ; in His multifold and distinct , provided and guarded , companies and camps – trekking and transiting , to His refuges and retreats . Who will survive and who will demise ? Choose the only genuine and best hope , or decide for the hard way , of soul danger and torment and martyrdom ( by the forced mark of the beast ) . Watch and Pray . There is a sign to be given , for the moment of reckoning and decision , to catch the only once given , small window of opportunity . After being converted , search THE HOLY BIBLE and find the sign , to obey the command of THE SAVIOR AND REDEEMER – JESUS CHRIST . Do not be left behind , to weep in regret . In the meantime , we need to resist lawfully – with all our abilities , the advancements of evil , while awaiting expectant and hopeful – The Days of Refreshment . —- Self Defense is an obligation to GOD , ( 1 Timothy 5 : 8 ) , THB , kjv . Beware of imposters & deceivers & secret enemies ( Revelation 3 : 8 – 12 ) . The leading adversaries against THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , know “ much “ about The Great Escape . Their blood vendetta & hatred , prompt them to the “ dark arts “ , and the exhaustive “ expert “ study , of the stolen Sacred Scripture – THE HOLY BIBLE , ( even though it pertains to them – only for their condemnation ) . They are blinded to think , that they can anticipate and thwart , The Archangel Michael ( Daniel 12 : 1 ) and “ The Holy Companions “ – ( Angels , Captains , Disciples ) . Little do they really understand . They are only stumps & rocks in the field , of GOD’S great world drama , wherein He works to save ( plant and husband and harvest ) the souls of men and women , one at a time . The wheat / flour mill of THE LORD , grinds slowly but grinds very fine . No one yet knows , what we shall be made to become , but we trust it will be wonderful . Everyone will receive their fair chance , and just opportunity , even though it may not seem so , at the moment . For The Righteous – during the 1000 year millennium ; all wounds will be healed , and all injustices will be made right , and all babies that were aborted – will have an upbringing by loving parents . Come out of wickedness . Separate from uncleanliness . Look forward to The Marvelous Work and Wonder , of GOD’S Deliverance , and the impending presence of JESUS – THE GOOD SHEPHERD , coming in the sky , at the end of the tribulation , and then is the inauguration , of the new era .
          Israel et le Hamas s'entendent sur une trêve à Gaza      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
GAZA (Reuters) - Israël et l'organisation radicale palestinienne du Hamas, qui contrôle la bande de Gaza, se sont entendus jeudi sur la mise en place d'une trêve destinée à mettre fin aux affrontements, ont déclaré dans la soirée deux responsables palestiniens. Les autorités israéliennes n'ont pas fait de déclaration à ce sujet pour le moment. Selon un responsable palestinien au fait des pourparlers, qui ont eu lieu sous la médiation de l'Egypte, la trêve devait entrer en vigueur ce jeudi soir à 20h45 GMT.
          The C.O.W.S. BLOOD BROTHERS Part IX (Conclusion)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Context of White Supremacy hosts the 9th and final study session on Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith's 2016 release, Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship Between Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. The book preceded Ali's death by mere months. Roberts and Smith, both Suspected Racists, provide their study of the genesis and abrupt end to Ali and Minister Malcolm's bond and how their friendship evaporated as Minister Malcolm's exile from Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam became permanent. Unfortunately, Ali was not able to mend things before Malcolm's 1965 assasination. Last week's segment detailed Ali and Minister Malcolm's travels throughout the continent of Africa. They detail Minister Malcolm's meetings with African leaders and citizens and his efforts to conceptualize Racism as a global problem for all black people. They provide a thorough analysis of how the CIA and international enforcement agencies pressured African leaders to distance themselves from Malcolm. The book also detailed Ali's tremendous popularity on the continent, especially his notoriety with Muslims. However, they emphasize his ignorance of orthodox Muslim practices and diplomatic missteps when visiting Nigeria. Most importantly, the book completely ignores Minister Malcolm being poisoned while in Egypt; it seems improbable that Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam were behind this attack. As we complete the reading this week, we'll cover the execution of Minister Malcolm X, and how this impacted Muhammad Ali both inside and outside the ring. Again, this text should highlight the importance of not name-calling black people. #RacismIsNotAPrivilege INVEST in The COWS - CALL IN NUMBER: 641.715.3640 CODE 564943# The C.O.W.S. archives:
          Comment on Believe in the PRINCE OF EGYPT adaptation at Tuacahn by 바카라사이트추천      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I am impressed with this site, very I am a fan.
          clash at Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egyptian church.
          New Mexico compound girls briefly reunited with grandfather      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Two girls who were among 11 children taken from a New Mexico compound raided last week by police were briefly reunited on Thursday with their grandfather, who said that with their parents in jail he wanted to take them to his home in Egypt.

          African States May Create Single Currency - Egyptian Central Bank      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
CAIRO (Sputnik) - African countries are giving serious consideration to the possibility of creating a single currency on the continent and of a common central bank, but this process might take about 25 years, Egyptian Central Bank Governor Tarek Hassan Amer said on Thursday.
          Offer - GREEN WINGED MACAW FOR SALE - EGYPT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
We have loving and amazing GREEN WINGED MACAW which will make a perfectrn bird for any home.Has been hand reared from birth and will come with rnfood,toys, its cage and all its certificates.
          Offer - Blue And Gold macaw - EGYPT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
We have loving and amazing BLUE AND GOLD MACAW which will make a perfectrn bird for any home.Has been hand reared from birth and will come with rnfood,toys, its cage and all its certificates.
          PRF REALIZARÁ LEILÃO DE VEÍCULOS RETIDOS NO RN.      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Os lotes serão abertos para visitação na próxima segunda-feira (13).
Acontecerá no próximo dia 15 de agosto de 2018 o segundo leilão do ano, de veículos retidos pela Polícia Rodoviária Federal no Rio Grande do Norte. Serão leiloados automóveis e muitos outros veículos de duas rodas, que poderão entrar em circulação pelo comprador ou serem destinados a sucatas. Serão posto à venda 398 veículos de duas rodas e 89 automóveis. Deste total, 219 estarão aptos a voltar a circular e 268 serão transformados em sucatas.

O edital do leilão foi publicado e está disponível no site do leiloeiro, pelo link Nele contém os detalhes dos veículos, os locais para a visitação, os lances iniciais, além de direitos e responsabilidades dos arrematantes. A maioria dos lotes estão com fotos disponíveis na mesma página da internet.

Os lances já podem ser ofertados pela internet até o momento do leilão presencial, no dia 15 de agosto, que ocorrerá no endereço abaixo:


Local: RIFÓLES PRAIA HOTEL Endereço: Rua Cel. Inácio Vale, 8847, Ponta Negra, Natal/RN Data: 15/08/2018 Horário de início do leilão: 9 horas (horário local)


Os veículos poderão interessar a compradores variados. Estão na lista ciclomotores com lance inicial de R$ 200,00, motocicletas Yamaha YBR 125 com lance inicial de R$ 400,00. Entre os carros, há GM Tracker, FIAT Siena, Fiat Strada e RENAULT Logan, com lances a partir de R$ 6.000,00.

Os lotes arrematados com direito a documentação serão disponibilizados sem multas ou débitos de anos anteriores, apenas com as taxas do Detran para transferência e os débitos de licenciamento referentes ao exercício corrente. Sobre o valor do lance dado, o comprador é responsável pela comissão do leiloeiro (5%) e o ICMS. Leia atentamente o edital publicado (EDITAL Nº 2/2018 /LEILÃO-RN).

As visitações estarão disponíveis nos dias 13 e 14 de agosto, nos seis pátios indicados no edital. É importante verificar em qual dos pátios está o lote de interesse do participante.

Hasta pública – Os veículos apreendidos e não reclamados por seus proprietários podem ser levados a hasta pública após 60 dias, conforme o artigo 328 do Código de Trânsito Brasileiro. Além da manutenção dos espaços físicos para a guarda desses, há preocupação de saúde pública, como a prevenção da proliferação de possíveis criadouros de mosquitos Aedes aegypti, transmissores de doenças como a dengue, febre chikungunya e o vírus da zika. Os veículos colocados para leilão podem ser regularizados e retirados da lista pelo proprietário até a data do evento.

Polícia Rodoviária Federal  do RN.
Núcleo de Comunicação Social (NUCOM)

          “Man, Overboard!” w Zach, Dani, and the one and only LOULIE! August 9, 2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Not only do I get to introduce the world to a very special friend of mine that’s visiting from Egypt, but we will also explore the realms of new music from mainstream to underground. Also, get ready ready for another segment of “Willis’ Rants, all on this episode of Man, Overboard! Who knows where we’ […]
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Anytime Fitness of Browns Mills, NJ Getting the World to a Healthier Place. At Anytime Fitness we feel that true success is not measured only in dollars and... $10 - $25 an hour
From Anytime Fitness - Thu, 26 Apr 2018 10:53:42 GMT - View all New Egypt, NJ jobs
          2018 Global Ball Mill (Mining) Market Research Report by Manufactures and Region      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 09, 2018 ) Introduction:
A ball mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder for use in mineral dressing processes, paints, pyrotechnics, ceramics and selective laser sintering.
Scope of the GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market Report
This report focuses on the Ball Mill (Mining) in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.
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The worldwide market for Ball Mill (Mining) is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly -0.2% over the next five years, will reach 460 million US$ in 2023, from 460 million US$ in 2017, according to a new GIR (Global Info Research) study.
As Chinese overall economic downward trend in the past few years, and international economic situation is complicated, in the next few years there will be many uncertainties for Ball Mill industry. Attracted by the market profits, more and more companies have entered into Ball Mill industry, the competition between manufacturers at home and abroad is fierce for the time being.

Ball Mill demand has a certain space, but basically showing the scarcity of high-end products due to technology barrier and excess capacity of low-end products. There is increasing demand for high-end products.

Despite the presence of competition problems, due to the clear global economy recovery trend and industry profits, investors are still optimistic about this area; there will be more investments to enter the field.

Along with the development of Chinese domestic Ball Mill industry, the performance distance will shorten gradually, compared with the imported.

As large demand of high-end products at home and abroad, many companies begin to focus on the field of high end. Currently, the Chinese Ball Mill industry tries to transit to high-end Ball Mill field actively, as well as extends downstream industry chain.

Although sales of Ball Mill brought a lot of opportunities, the study group recommends the new entrants just having money but without technical advantage and downstream support do not enter into the Ball Mill field abruptly.

In recent years, construction machinery, mining machinery develop rapidly, in this area, energy-saving ball mill equipment becomes one of the faster-growing mining machinery and equipment. Therefore, many domestic machinery manufacturers made the ball mill, crusher related products as the company's flagship product, and have increased investment and research and development efforts, as an effort to take a chance to compete with other manufacturers and look forward to sharing the considerable potential profits.

In addition, from China's economic development we can conclude that in the process of urbanization and industrialization, highway, railway, water conservancy and other major infrastructure investment continues to increase, and forming a rigid demand to the ball mill equipment, at the same time, this fact will promote the ball mill sales.

In this era of rapid changes of market competition, ball mill manufacturers should know how to grasp the opportunity and seize market opportunities, in order to take a place for the development of the industry.
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This report covers Analysis of GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market Segment by Manufacturers
KHD Humboldt Wedag
Gebr. Pfeiffer
Shenyang Metallurgy
Liaoning Provincial Machinery
Zhongde Heavy Industry
Henan Hongji Mine
Hongxing Machinery
Pengfei Group
Fote Heavy Machinery
Shanghai Minggong

GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market Segment by regional analysis covers
North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)
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GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market Segment by Type
Wet grinding Ball Mill
Dry grinding Ball Mill
GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into
Metal Mining
Mineral Mining
Some of the Points cover in GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market Research Report is:
Chapter 1: DescribeBall Mill (Mining) Industry
Product Scope,
Market Overview,
Market Opportunities,
Market Risk,
Market Driving Force
Chapter 2: To analyze the top manufacturers ofBall Mill (Mining) Industry in 2016 and 2017
Revenue and price
Chapter 3: Competitive analysis among the top manufacturers in 2016 and 2017
Revenue and market share
Chapter 4: GlobalBall Mill (Mining)Market by regions from 2013 to 2018
Revenue and market share
Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8: GlobalBall Mill (Mining) Market by key countries in these regions
Revenue and market share
Chapter 9 and 10: GlobalBall Mill (Mining)Market by type and application from 2013 to 2018
Revenue and market share
Growth rate
Chapter 11:Ball Mill (Mining) Industry Market forecast from 2018 to 2023
Type and application with sales and revenue
Chapter 12 and 13:Ball Mill (Mining) Industry
Sales channel
Traders and dealers
Data source
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          Audiophile HeadphoneMarket Global Size, Share, Trend & Forecast 2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 09, 2018 )

Audiophile Headphone is one kind of Headphone used in Headphone lover or pursuer. It is of high Sound quality.

Scope of the Global Audiophile Headphone Market Report

This report focuses on the Audiophile Headphone in global market, especially in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, regions, type and application.

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The worldwide market for Audiophile Headphone is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 8.0% over the next five years, will reach 300 million US$ in 2023, from 190 million US$ in 2017, according to a new GIR (Global Info Research) study.

The market estimations in this report are based on the marketed sale price of Dental Handpiece (excluding any discounts provided by the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or traders). The percentage splits, Market Share, and breakdowns of the product segments are derived on the basis of weightages assigned to each of the segments on the basis of their utilization rate and average sale price. The regional splits of the overall Dental Handpiece market and its sub-segments are based on the percentage adoption or utilization of the given product in the respective region or country.

Major players in the market are identified through secondary research and their market revenues determined through primary and secondary research. Secondary research included the research of the annual and financial reports of the top manufacturers; whereas, primary research included extensive interviews of key opinion leaders and industry experts such as experienced front-line staff, directors, CEOs and marketing executives. The percentage splits, Market Share Growth Rate and breakdowns of the product markets are determined through using secondary sources and verified through the primary sources.

All possible factors that influence the markets included in this research study have been accounted for, viewed in extensive detail, verified through primary research, and analyzed to get the final quantitative and qualitative data. The market size for top-level markets and sub-segments is normalized, and the effect of inflation, economic downturns, and regulatory & policy changes or other factors are not accounted for in the market forecast. This data is combined and added with detailed inputs and analysis from QYResearch and presented in this report.

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This report coversAnalysis of GlobalAudiophile Headphone Market Segment by Manufacturers

Etymotic Research

GlobalAudiophile Headphone Market Segment by regional analysis covers

North America (USA, Canada and Mexico)
Europe (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy)
Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia)
South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.)
Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

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GlobalAudiophile Headphone Market Segment by Type

Wired Headphone
Wireless Headphones

GlobalAudiophile Headphone Market Segment by Applications, can be divided into

Below 18
Above 34

Some of the Points cover in GlobalAudiophile Headphone Market Research Report is:

Chapter 1: DescribeAudiophile Headphone Industry

Product Scope,
Market Overview,
Market Opportunities,
Market Risk,
Market Driving Force
Chapter 2: To analyze the top manufacturers ofAudiophile Headphone Industry in 2016 and 2017

Revenue and price
Chapter 3: Competitive analysis among the top manufacturers in 2016 and 2017

Revenue and market share
Chapter 4: GlobalAudiophile HeadphoneMarket by regions from 2013 to 2018

Revenue and market share
Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8: GlobalAudiophile Headphone Market by key countries in these regions

Revenue and market share
Chapter 9 and 10: GlobalAudiophile HeadphoneMarket by type and application from 2013 to 2018

Revenue and market share
Growth rate
Chapter 11:Audiophile Headphone Industry Market forecast from 2018 to 2023

Type and application with sales and revenue
Chapter 12 and 13:Audiophile Headphone Industry

Sales channel
Traders and dealers
Data source
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Orbis Research ( is a single point aid for all your market research requirements. We have vast database of reports from the leading publishers and authors across the globe. We specialize in delivering customized reports as per the requirements of our clients. We have complete information about our publishers and hence are sure about the accuracy of the industries and verticals of their specialization. This helps our clients to map their needs and we produce the perfect required market research study for our clients.

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          A second buried Sphinx has just been discovered in Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A second buried Sphinx has just been discovered in Egypt An infrastructure project in Egypt has come to a halt after workers doing construction on
          August 10: Nehemiah 8–9; Ephesians 5:1–21; Psalm 37:1–22; Proverbs 21:8–10       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Old Testament: Nehemiah 8–9

Nehemiah 8–9 (Listen)

Ezra Reads the Law

And all the people gathered as one man into the square before the Water Gate. And they told Ezra the scribe to bring the Book of the Law of Moses that the LORD had commanded Israel. So Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly, both men and women and all who could understand what they heard, on the first day of the seventh month. And he read from it facing the square before the Water Gate from early morning until midday, in the presence of the men and the women and those who could understand. And the ears of all the people were attentive to the Book of the Law. And Ezra the scribe stood on a wooden platform that they had made for the purpose. And beside him stood Mattithiah, Shema, Anaiah, Uriah, Hilkiah, and Maaseiah on his right hand, and Pedaiah, Mishael, Malchijah, Hashum, Hashbaddanah, Zechariah, and Meshullam on his left hand. And Ezra opened the book in the sight of all the people, for he was above all the people, and as he opened it all the people stood. And Ezra blessed the LORD, the great God, and all the people answered, “Amen, Amen,” lifting up their hands. And they bowed their heads and worshiped the LORD with their faces to the ground. Also Jeshua, Bani, Sherebiah, Jamin, Akkub, Shabbethai, Hodiah, Maaseiah, Kelita, Azariah, Jozabad, Hanan, Pelaiah, the Levites,1 helped the people to understand the Law, while the people remained in their places. They read from the book, from the Law of God, clearly,2 and they gave the sense, so that the people understood the reading.

This Day Is Holy

And Nehemiah, who was the governor, and Ezra the priest and scribe, and the Levites who taught the people said to all the people, “This day is holy to the LORD your God; do not mourn or weep.” For all the people wept as they heard the words of the Law. 10 Then he said to them, “Go your way. Eat the fat and drink sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” 11 So the Levites calmed all the people, saying, “Be quiet, for this day is holy; do not be grieved.” 12 And all the people went their way to eat and drink and to send portions and to make great rejoicing, because they had understood the words that were declared to them.

Feast of Booths Celebrated

13 On the second day the heads of fathers' houses of all the people, with the priests and the Levites, came together to Ezra the scribe in order to study the words of the Law. 14 And they found it written in the Law that the LORD had commanded by Moses that the people of Israel should dwell in booths3 during the feast of the seventh month, 15 and that they should proclaim it and publish it in all their towns and in Jerusalem, “Go out to the hills and bring branches of olive, wild olive, myrtle, palm, and other leafy trees to make booths, as it is written.” 16 So the people went out and brought them and made booths for themselves, each on his roof, and in their courts and in the courts of the house of God, and in the square at the Water Gate and in the square at the Gate of Ephraim. 17 And all the assembly of those who had returned from the captivity made booths and lived in the booths, for from the days of Jeshua the son of Nun to that day the people of Israel had not done so. And there was very great rejoicing. 18 And day by day, from the first day to the last day, he read from the Book of the Law of God. They kept the feast seven days, and on the eighth day there was a solemn assembly, according to the rule.

The People of Israel Confess Their Sin

Now on the twenty-fourth day of this month the people of Israel were assembled with fasting and in sackcloth, and with earth on their heads. And the Israelites4 separated themselves from all foreigners and stood and confessed their sins and the iniquities of their fathers. And they stood up in their place and read from the Book of the Law of the LORD their God for a quarter of the day; for another quarter of it they made confession and worshiped the LORD their God. On the stairs of the Levites stood Jeshua, Bani, Kadmiel, Shebaniah, Bunni, Sherebiah, Bani, and Chenani; and they cried with a loud voice to the LORD their God. Then the Levites, Jeshua, Kadmiel, Bani, Hashabneiah, Sherebiah, Hodiah, Shebaniah, and Pethahiah, said, “Stand up and bless the LORD your God from everlasting to everlasting. Blessed be your glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise.

“You are the LORD, you alone. You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and you preserve all of them; and the host of heaven worships you. You are the LORD, the God who chose Abram and brought him out of Ur of the Chaldeans and gave him the name Abraham. You found his heart faithful before you, and made with him the covenant to give to his offspring the land of the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Amorite, the Perizzite, the Jebusite, and the Girgashite. And you have kept your promise, for you are righteous.

“And you saw the affliction of our fathers in Egypt and heard their cry at the Red Sea, 10 and performed signs and wonders against Pharaoh and all his servants and all the people of his land, for you knew that they acted arrogantly against our fathers. And you made a name for yourself, as it is to this day. 11 And you divided the sea before them, so that they went through the midst of the sea on dry land, and you cast their pursuers into the depths, as a stone into mighty waters. 12 By a pillar of cloud you led them in the day, and by a pillar of fire in the night to light for them the way in which they should go. 13 You came down on Mount Sinai and spoke with them from heaven and gave them right rules and true laws, good statutes and commandments, 14 and you made known to them your holy Sabbath and commanded them commandments and statutes and a law by Moses your servant. 15 You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger and brought water for them out of the rock for their thirst, and you told them to go in to possess the land that you had sworn to give them.

16 “But they and our fathers acted presumptuously and stiffened their neck and did not obey your commandments. 17 They refused to obey and were not mindful of the wonders that you performed among them, but they stiffened their neck and appointed a leader to return to their slavery in Egypt.5 But you are a God ready to forgive, gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and did not forsake them. 18 Even when they had made for themselves a golden6 calf and said, ‘This is your God who brought you up out of Egypt,’ and had committed great blasphemies, 19 you in your great mercies did not forsake them in the wilderness. The pillar of cloud to lead them in the way did not depart from them by day, nor the pillar of fire by night to light for them the way by which they should go. 20 You gave your good Spirit to instruct them and did not withhold your manna from their mouth and gave them water for their thirst. 21 Forty years you sustained them in the wilderness, and they lacked nothing. Their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell.

22 “And you gave them kingdoms and peoples and allotted to them every corner. So they took possession of the land of Sihon king of Heshbon and the land of Og king of Bashan. 23 You multiplied their children as the stars of heaven, and you brought them into the land that you had told their fathers to enter and possess. 24 So the descendants went in and possessed the land, and you subdued before them the inhabitants of the land, the Canaanites, and gave them into their hand, with their kings and the peoples of the land, that they might do with them as they would. 25 And they captured fortified cities and a rich land, and took possession of houses full of all good things, cisterns already hewn, vineyards, olive orchards and fruit trees in abundance. So they ate and were filled and became fat and delighted themselves in your great goodness.

26 “Nevertheless, they were disobedient and rebelled against you and cast your law behind their back and killed your prophets, who had warned them in order to turn them back to you, and they committed great blasphemies. 27 Therefore you gave them into the hand of their enemies, who made them suffer. And in the time of their suffering they cried out to you and you heard them from heaven, and according to your great mercies you gave them saviors who saved them from the hand of their enemies. 28 But after they had rest they did evil again before you, and you abandoned them to the hand of their enemies, so that they had dominion over them. Yet when they turned and cried to you, you heard from heaven, and many times you delivered them according to your mercies. 29 And you warned them in order to turn them back to your law. Yet they acted presumptuously and did not obey your commandments, but sinned against your rules, which if a person does them, he shall live by them, and they turned a stubborn shoulder and stiffened their neck and would not obey. 30 Many years you bore with them and warned them by your Spirit through your prophets. Yet they would not give ear. Therefore you gave them into the hand of the peoples of the lands. 31 Nevertheless, in your great mercies you did not make an end of them or forsake them, for you are a gracious and merciful God.

32 “Now, therefore, our God, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who keeps covenant and steadfast love, let not all the hardship seem little to you that has come upon us, upon our kings, our princes, our priests, our prophets, our fathers, and all your people, since the time of the kings of Assyria until this day. 33 Yet you have been righteous in all that has come upon us, for you have dealt faithfully and we have acted wickedly. 34 Our kings, our princes, our priests, and our fathers have not kept your law or paid attention to your commandments and your warnings that you gave them. 35 Even in their own kingdom, and amid your great goodness that you gave them, and in the large and rich land that you set before them, they did not serve you or turn from their wicked works. 36 Behold, we are slaves this day; in the land that you gave to our fathers to enjoy its fruit and its good gifts, behold, we are slaves. 37 And its rich yield goes to the kings whom you have set over us because of our sins. They rule over our bodies and over our livestock as they please, and we are in great distress.

38 “Because of all this we make a firm covenant in writing; on the sealed document are the names of7 our princes, our Levites, and our priests.


[1] 8:7 Vulgate; Hebrew and the Levites
[2] 8:8 Or with interpretation, or paragraph by paragraph
[3] 8:14 Or temporary shelters
[4] 9:2 Hebrew the offspring of Israel
[5] 9:17 Some Hebrew manuscripts; many Hebrew manuscripts and in their rebellion appointed a leader to return to their slavery
[6] 9:18 Hebrew metal
[7] 9:38 Hebrew lacks the names of


New Testament: Ephesians 5:1–21

Ephesians 5:1–21 (Listen)

Walk in Love

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving. For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God. Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), 10 and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. 11 Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. 13 But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible, 14 for anything that becomes visible is light. Therefore it says,

  “Awake, O sleeper,
    and arise from the dead,
  and Christ will shine on you.”

15 Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. 18 And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, 19 addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, 20 giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, 21 submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.


Psalm: Psalm 37:1–22

Psalm 37:1–22 (Listen)

He Will Not Forsake His Saints

Of David.

37   Fret not yourself because of evildoers;
    be not envious of wrongdoers!
  For they will soon fade like the grass
    and wither like the green herb.
  Trust in the LORD, and do good;
    dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.1
  Delight yourself in the LORD,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart.
  Commit your way to the LORD;
    trust in him, and he will act.
  He will bring forth your righteousness as the light,
    and your justice as the noonday.
  Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;
    fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way,
    over the man who carries out evil devices!
  Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath!
    Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.
  For the evildoers shall be cut off,
    but those who wait for the LORD shall inherit the land.
10   In just a little while, the wicked will be no more;
    though you look carefully at his place, he will not be there.
11   But the meek shall inherit the land
    and delight themselves in abundant peace.
12   The wicked plots against the righteous
    and gnashes his teeth at him,
13   but the Lord laughs at the wicked,
    for he sees that his day is coming.
14   The wicked draw the sword and bend their bows
    to bring down the poor and needy,
    to slay those whose way is upright;
15   their sword shall enter their own heart,
    and their bows shall be broken.
16   Better is the little that the righteous has
    than the abundance of many wicked.
17   For the arms of the wicked shall be broken,
    but the LORD upholds the righteous.
18   The LORD knows the days of the blameless,
    and their heritage will remain forever;
19   they are not put to shame in evil times;
    in the days of famine they have abundance.
20   But the wicked will perish;
    the enemies of the LORD are like the glory of the pastures;
    they vanish—like smoke they vanish away.
21   The wicked borrows but does not pay back,
    but the righteous is generous and gives;
22   for those blessed by the LORD2 shall inherit the land,
    but those cursed by him shall be cut off.


[1] 37:3 Or and feed on faithfulness, or and find safe pasture
[2] 37:22 Hebrew by him


Proverb: Proverbs 21:8–10

Proverbs 21:8–10 (Listen)

  The way of the guilty is crooked,
    but the conduct of the pure is upright.
  It is better to live in a corner of the housetop
    than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife.
10   The soul of the wicked desires evil;
    his neighbor finds no mercy in his eyes.


          Глава ЦБ Египта анонсировал создание единой африканской валюты      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Глава Центробанка Египта Тарек Амер заявил, что к 2043 году планируется основать общий центральный банк Африки. Тогда же начнется выпуск единой африканской валюты, сказал господин Амер на пресс-конференции по итогам форума Ассоциации Центральных банков Африки.«Для этого потребуется, чтобы африканские страны достигли определенных экономических и финансовых показателей, связанных с темпами роста (экономики.— “Ъ”), уровнем инфляции, валютными резервами и дефицитами бюджетов»,— цитирует The Egyptian Gazette главу египетского ЦБ. Он добавил, что инициативу о создании общего банка и выпуске единой валюты должны поддержать лидеры всех африканских стран.Газета добавляет, что Ассоциация Центральных банков Африки объединяет 40 стран африканского континента. В этом году организацию возглавил Тарек Амер.
          OAK ISLAND MYSTERY AND THE ACADIAN CONNECTION PART II      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Crusaders come from the Holy Land

Giovanni da Verrazzano set sail to the New World in 1523 funded by King Francis I. On his map Arcadia represented the entire Atlantic Coast from Virginia up to Nova Scotia. Arcadia was known by the Greeks as a paradise. The native Mi’kmaq name for a “place of abundance“ was called, akadie.  Later on, the name Acadia was given to the land and its inhabitants called Acadians. Oak Island is located in the land of the Acadians.

The Acadians fought many wars and many were deported by the English in the Great Expulsion. Henry Longfellow’s poem Evangeline used their plight as inspiration for his masterpiece. A painting by Nicholaus Poussin called Et in Arcadia Ego.  I point out that while Poussin lived Arcadia had two meanings the peaceful Greek Arcadia and the lovely majestic Arcadia of the New World and what is known today as Nova Scotia.

The painting has been a mystery to many who look at it. Does it hide a secret? Many believe it does and I wonder also. The official version interpretation of the painting is shepherds stumble on a tomb of an ancient Arcadian who died long ago. The New World Acadia was settled by shepherds and they intermarried with native people called the Mi’kmaq. Legends passed on to their children talk about a deluge and flood which destroyed all of mankind except an old man and young maid. Deluge stories exist through many civilizations from Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Bible’s Noah. In Poussin’s painting, the shepherd points to the R which is the letter removed from Arcadia to Acadia on the future maps of the New World. Is it a coincidence? I wonder if the memorial in his painting is not a tomb at all but a structure from a past civilization. The Great Pyramid in Egypt was said to be a burial chamber for the King but the body has never been found.

Oak Island’s legends believe a treasure from a past ancient civilization may lie buried on the island. Treasure for one man is not the same for another man. Sacred relics were precious worth any amount of money. Saint Louis IX paid a tremendous amount of money for the Crown of Thorns of Christ. Oak Island and Nova Scotia, home to the Acadians would be a safe place to bury such a treasure and out of the reach of kings and popes. Acadian families tell me they are related to Templar families. They believe a sacred treasure waits for someone worthy to find it and a curse to those treasure hunters looking for gold.

Some Acadians fled their home to Louisiana and settled also up the Mississippi River. They share stories and have a respect for superstition and a mystical tradition. New Orleans is known for its ghost stories. The Acadians developed a network and were well acquainted with pirates. Some fought in the American Revolution and the War of 1812.  The Pirate Lafitte lived among them for years and some worked for him. Pirates played an important part in our history especially Lafitte for he fought with Andrew Jackson a Freemason in the War of 1812. No one to this day has discovered Lafitte’s treasure’s location. A pirate coin was discovered on Oak Island. Are these coincidences connected?


Extra information about the article: 
Acadians are people who lived in Nova Scotia and were expelled by the British


Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea's (1924-2001) collection of remarkable stones in his office in Ica, Peru, ranged in size from fist-sized rocks to rather hefty boulders--and they were all covered with weird petroglyphs. Many of the largest of the stones appeared to depict bizarre looking, five-fingered, pointy¬-nosed people fighting off giant reptiles with what appear to be Viking-styled battleaxes.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

When we called on Dr. Javier Cabrera Darquea in September 1990, he met us in a most gracious manner. He seemed at first somewhat cautious in explaining his theories. However, once we had made it understood through our broken Spanish and the efforts of our interpreter Sara Lazo that we would be the last to condemn him for his speculations about a world before our own, we received numerous provocative concepts.

Picture: Cabrera stone

Dr. Cabrera, a medical doctor who specialized in circulatory ailments by day and conducted archaeological digs by night, claimed that he first became interested in the controversial engraved stones of Ica when, in May, 1966, a childhood friend, Felix Llosa Romero, presented him with a small specimen that might be used as a paperweight.

Intrigued by the notion of what the stone might represent, Dr. Cabrera began to search for the mysterious rocks near Ica on land that his father owned in Sallas. Fortuitously for his excavations, an earthquake provoked a landslide which exposed a large deposit of the picture rocks.

Many of his most severe detractors insist that Dr. Cabrera hired Indians to carve the petroglyphs; and to the frustration of his defenders, he refused to divulge the exact location of the perplexing cache of stones so that impartial experts might examine the site for themselves.

Dr. Cabrera held fast to his theory that the petroglyphs were fashioned by proto-humans who lived near what is now present-day Ica over 230 million years ago, during the Mesozoic Era.

Furthermore, he believed that those prehistoric humanoids were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials who first visited Earth as long ago as 400 million years.

In response to questions about supportive data regarding the incredible antiquity that he claims for the stones, Dr. Cabrera produced documents from various geologists and petrologists declaring the stones to be derived from  lava flows dating from the Mesozoic Era, characteristic of the zone where they were found.

On April 29, 1975, Josef F. Blumrich, the NASA scientist who developed the design of the Saturn V and participated in the design of Skylab, expressed his opinion about Dr. Cabrera's discoveries in these words: “I am deeply impressed by what I have seen here, and I am happy to have found so much direct evidence of what I began to feel and to understand before. There is no doubt in my mind about the authenticity of these stones.”

Several of Dr. Cabrera's most cherished stones that we saw that day portrayed the otherworldly genetic engineers seeking to perfect a progenitor of Homo sapiens, using first the amphibians, then the reptiles, and finally early mammalian life forms to arrive eventually somewhere near the step on the evolutionary ladder where we stand today.

Dr. Cabrera agreed that the stones’ existence may stretch the scientific imagination--but he tirelessly and consistently argued with his critics that the stones are genuine, not the products of an elaborate hoax.

“We know that Mesozoic rocks date from around 230 million years ago,” he told us, smiling as he tapped one of the engraved stones with a metallic pointer. “And although this date of roughly 250,000 years ago is far removed from the accepted date of the appearance of man on Earth, I believe that it is not scientific to dismiss the evidence of these engraved stones which demonstrate the existence of humans in a previous, unknown past.”

Some of the most remarkable petroglyphs in Dr. Cabrera's museum appeared to depict the five-fingered proto-humans conducting brain surgeries, heart transplants, liver operations, and other medical procedures which have no known counterparts. Others portrayed the proto-humans riding horses and pulling wheeled carts and other vehicles.

Strangely enough, the great majority of the petroglyphs depicted the proto-humans as possessing no opposing thumbs.

Because even the most primitive apes have opposing thumbs--both in the fossil record and in the modern worId--Dr. Cabrera seized upon this anomaly as additional proof that his proto-humans predated the apes. “These entities without opposing thumbs were designed to be as intellectual as their genetic creators,” he explained.  “They were genetically engineered to be reflective people--scientists, philosophers, artists of the highest order. Those entities who have opposing thumbs were genetically engineered to be the workers, to be assigned to common labor tasks.”

It was Dr. Cabrera's further contention that great numbers of the prehistoric humanoids were destroyed by a cataclysmic disaster shortly after they had accomplished many important contributions to posterity, including the pyramids of Egypt.

The superscience of the extraterrestrially spawned and programmed “reflective humans” enabled them to recognize the signs of approaching cataclysms and to make preparations to return to their ancestral planetary home.

“All that remained on Earth,” he explained, “were the majority of the people of lower intellectual capabilities than the reflective, scientific types. The workers and laborers with opposing thumbs were left behind.

“After the great cataclysm, which gave final form to the continents of Earth, a few of these prototypical humans survived; and those few, after a long and difficult path through time and across continents, became the remote, but direct, ancestors of modern humans,” Dr. Cabrera commented.

“I think that the fossilized bones, skulls, and skeletons that anthropologists have and continue to find, are, if not these same men, then their descendants, which explains why every day older and older human fossils are being found.”

Read one of Brad Steiger's books dealing with unknown lands: Worlds Before Our Own



Extra information about the article: 
Sherry on the Hitching Post of the Sun Machu Picchu

          A JOURNEY INTO THE AKASHIC REALM      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

It’s an old joke – this is going on your permanent record!  One misstep, one bad deed and your permanent record is ruined. But what if you did have a permanent record? What if every deed, thought and feeling was recorded for all time?

Click here to enlarge top photo.

Many people are unfamiliar with the Akashic Records, but the Records have been referenced in great books throughout written history. There are mentions of the “Tablets of Destiny” or the “Book of Life” in the “Jewish Torah, the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible as well as in the Islamic Qur’an. As a global concept found throughout China, Japan, India, Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, the Book of Life is described as a record of a person’s deeds and destiny.” (Excerpt from The New Akashic Records by Cheryl Trine). The Tibetans and other mystical cultures have often accessed this vibration. Scientist Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D. refers to this energy as “The Akashic Field and Edgar Cayce, the famous Sleeping Profit, accessed the Akashic Record for his clients.” He even started a medical center based on the information he received, in the Records.

By Lisa Barnett

But what exactly are the Akashic Records? What form do they take? Who or what uses them? Akasha is the Sanskrit word for the primordial source energy that is imprinted by each soul as it travels on its journey from inception to the present moment. For now, though, let’s start by saying the Akashic Record is the informational arm of divine source energy. Those that study the Record often refer to it as a library. It is the divine library, where throughout time, soul Records of everyone and everything that has a soul have been stored. Every person has his or her own Akashic Record in which each individual soul’s journey throughout time is imprinted.

Imagine that you have a personal library filled with books and each book represents alifetime. You may have 600 or 800 lifetimes just here on planet Earth and everything that your soul has thought, felt, or acted upon throughout time is in the Akashic Record. We are all infinite beings with vast Akashic Records. These Records are so vast that each of us has our own Masters, Teachers and Beings of Light that keep track of the information for us.

So are these Records used to enact some sort of Divine retribution for all the bad deeds we’ve done or even thought about doing? Are our Akashic Masters our final judge, jury and executioners? Far from it. These records serve multiple purposes and all to help us on our journey. First of all, they are available to us to review and learn from. We can access our Masters to answer personal questions about our current life, and our past lives that may be affecting us today. They help us to recognize the negative patterns we express, not just in this lifetime but even from multiple lifetimes. Wouldn’t it be great to understand that your greatest obstacles in life are simply old patterns you brought into this world that you can overcome?

The Records also contain information about the lessons we are working on in this lifetime and how we are progressing. Did you realize that the tragedy you experienced in your childhood was actually planned by your soul to create a learning experience to make you stronger and healthier and empower you as an adult? The Records show how our souls are connected to the people in our lives and for what purpose. They contain all the contracts, karma and promises we have made. That terrible boss isn’t in here to make your life miserable. Maybe she’s here to teach you patience, or humility. Or you may be here to help her remember who she is as a divine soul. Now is a good time to practice gratitude for all the opportunities you’ve been given to learn and grow in this lifetime!

In addition to recording what has happened in the past, the Akashic Records also record the future. In reality, the past, present and future are all NOW and it’s only living in a linear world that makes us perceive things as already happened or yet to happen. Because of this, things we perceive as having happened in this life, or a past life, can be healed within the Akashic Records, removing that bad habit for all time. So, the Akashic Records are not written in stone. You have choices and your choices will affect your records. Because they are of the energy of potential, they point toward the highest possibility.

Our Akashic Record helps us to see our lives, which often include trauma and emotional pain, in a different way, from a more complete perspective. Sometimes life feels as if we’re stuck in a maze, just wandering around hoping to find the exit. The appearance of being in a maze is part of the game our soul chooses to play with us. The only problem being, we don’t know it’s a game, nor are we aware of the point of playing the game. The Akashic Records quickly show us that we are to remember whom we truly are as infinite and divine souls playing a human game, at least for now.

Imagine that you are a magnificent divine spirit who has lived throughout eternity, and that you know all there is to know. You are part of the divine source and you are one with God. You are pure Light and you land on earth to play the human game of life, trapped in the illusion of limitation because you find yourself in a confined space --a little body. Part of the game is that you are going to forget everything you knew before being human, and you are going to play in this earth plane to experience life and see how fast you can remember the truth of who you were as the magnificent divine being you started out as being. Whew! That was a mouth full. Just image what your soul felt like going through it. So, that is the game we all play on ourselves here on earth. We are humans seeking to remember our divinity.

You are in the middle of the maze, and you want to see how fast you can move from the center out into infinity, unity, and divinity. How fast can I remember who I really am? Answering that question is why your soul prompts you to seek, question, and yearn to know thyself. Knowing yourself can be as simple as having an Akashic consultation or learning to access your own Akashic Records.

For more information or to purchase this book through AMAZON.COM simply click on its title: The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records

© Lisa Barnett is the author of The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records, published by New Page Books, 2015.

ISBN: 978-1-60163-349-1. US $14.99, (Can. $17.95)

Other sections: 

          UFOs, ALCHEMY, SECRET SOCIETIES AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Down through the centuries, very mysterious individuals have appeared at certain moments in human history and provided convincing demonstrations that "impossible" inventions are possible.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

A "respectable burgher of North Holland" appeared "modest and simple" to the alchemist Helvetius one day in 1666. It was the stranger’s incredible knowledge that startled and inspired the alchemists of Helvetius's day, and though these learned and determined men never did acquire the philosopher's stone that would transmute lead into gold, they did fashion the seeds of the science of chemistry that has accomplished so many transmutations of the human environment and the human condition in the last three hundred years.

Out of the smoky laboratories of the alchemists, Albert le Grand produced potassium lye; Raymond Lully prepared bicarbonate of potassium; Paracelsus described zinc and introduced chemical compounds in medicine; Blaise Vigenere discovered benzoic acid; Basil Valentine perfected sulfuric acid; and Johann Friedrich Boetticher be-came the first European to produce porcelain.

While each of the above is an important discovery, there are rumors that lying amidst the musty pages of certain ancient alchemical laboratories there are recorded experiments with photography, radio transmission, phonography, and aerial flight.

Throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, there were many scholars who claimed that they had received late-night visits from mysterious members of a secret society that had accomplished the transmutation of metals, the means of prolonging life, the knowledge to see and to hear what was occurring in distant places, and the ability to travel across the heavens in heavier-than-air vehicles.

Numerous occult groups have been created around the belief that centuries ago a secret society achieved a high level of scientific knowledge that they carefully guarded from the rest of humanity. According to these occultists, certain men of genius in ancient Egypt and Persia were given access to the records of the advanced technologies of the antediluvian world of Atlantis. Many hundreds of years ago, these ancient masters learned to duplicate many of the feats of the Titans of the lost continent.

There are persistent legends in nearly every culture that tell of an Elder Race that populated the Earth millions of years ago. The Old Ones, who may originally have been of extraterrestrial origin or the survivors of highly advanced terrestrial civilization that was destroyed after the last Ice Age, were an immensely intelligent and scientifically sophisticated species who eventually chose to structure their own environment under the surface of the planet's soil and seas. The Old Ones usually remain aloof from the surface dwellers, but from time to time throughout history, they have been known to visit certain of Earth's more intelligent members in the guise of alchemist or mysterious scientists in order to offer constructive criticism and, in some cases, to give valuable advice in the material sciences.

The decision to form an ancient secret society may have been based on the members' highly developed moral sense and their recognition of the awesome position of responsibility that the discovery of such applications of ancient knowledge had placed upon them. They may have decided to keep their own counsel until the rest of the world had become enlightened enough to deal wisely with such a high degree of technical accomplishments.     

From time to time, the secret society may decide the time is propitious to make one of its discoveries known to the "outside world." Such intervention in the affairs of humankind is usually accomplished by carefully feeding certain fragments of research to "outside" scientists whose work and attitude have been judged particularly deserving. When these scientists accomplish the breakthroughs in their research, they credit the success of the experiments to their own diligence, and the secrecy the society prizes so highly is maintained.

On the other hand, the secret society may feel little or no responsibility of any kind to those humans outside of their group. They may be merely biding their time until they turn the great mass of humanity into their slaves.

By the 1840s, the legend of Agharta had already been widely circulated among the mystically minded in Germany. According to this ancient tradition, the Master of the World already controlled many of the kings and rulers of the surface world by exercising his occult powers. Soon this Master and his super race would launch an invasion of Earth and subjugate all humans to his will.

If certain master magicians, disciples of the Titans, individuals of exceptional intellect, power, and wealth, actually did achieve a high degree of technical accomplishment sev¬eral centuries ago, then they could very well be responsible for a good many of the strange and mysterious vehicles seen in our skies. And if alien life-forms apprehended their advanced technology at the end of the previous century, then they might have established an alliance with the society of humans that easily appeared to be the more advanced and worthy to receive the benefits of their extraterrestrial super science.

The year 1897 may have seemed an ideal time to show the “outsiders” just how far advanced the members of the ancient secret society really were.

The science of the outsiders seemed as though it had gone about as far as it could go, and it was poised confidently on the brink of the twentieth century. Many of the world's most learned men and women were filled with pride over a host of new technological accomplishments.

In 1893, Karl Benz and Henry Ford built their first four¬wheeled automobiles. Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope (1889) was among the first practical systems of cinematography, and in 1895, Louis and Auguste Lumiere presented the first commercial projection. In that same year, Wilhelm Roentgen dis¬covered X rays, Marconi invented radio telegraphy, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky formulated the principle of rocket reaction propulsion. In 1896, William Ramsay isolated helium, Ernest Rutherford accomplished the magnetic detection of electrical waves, and Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity. The Royal Automobile Club was founded in London in 1897, and cars were going faster every year.

However, with all of these scientific marvels about which to boast, there were as yet no heavier-than-air aerial vehicles to occupy the efforts and the interests of potential aviators; and a good number of brilliant scientists of great reputation had gone on record with their arguments that it was aerodynamically impossible to build such a flying machine. On the other hand, the future of balloon transport seemed promising, and gondolas could be attached to carry passengers. With all the other wonders of modern science, how could anyone bemoan the lack of heavier-than-air flying machines?

And yet, in March of 1897, a bizarre aircraft, often described as resembling a cone-shaped steamboat, was seen flying across the United States and later throughout the world.

The German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin did not build his famous airship, a rigid dirigible, until 1898. Could some mysterious unknown inventors have beaten Count von Zeppelin to the drawing board with a much more impressive vehicle, a forerunner of the modern passenger plane? Or was a secret terrestrial society of master magicians once again displaying their superiority over the outsiders?

The flights of the enigmatic airship continued until August of 1897 when the craft was sighted off the coast of Norway and over Vancouver, British Columbia on the same day.

After a twelve-year absence, the airship reappeared over England in 1909. Within a matter of days, it was sighted over New Zealand, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Its final appearance seems to have been over Memphis on January 20, 1910.

In 1871, occultist Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote The Coming Race, a novel about a small group of German mystics who had discovered a race of supermen living within the Earth’s interior. The super race had built a paradise based on The Vril Force, a form of energy so powerful that the older beings had outlawed its use as a potential weapon. The Vril, was derived from the Black Sun, a large ball of “Prima Materia” that provided light and radiation to the inhabitants of the inner Earth.

In 1919, Karl Haushofer founded the Brothers of the Light Society in Berlin, and soon changed its name to the Vril Society. As Haushofer’s Vril grew in prominence, it united three major occult societies, the Lords of the Black Stone, the Black Knights of the Thule Society, and the Black Sun and chose the swastika, the hooked cross, as its symbol of the worship of the Black Sun.     

As with many secret groups, there appears to have been more than one order--those who followed the Golden Sun and those who followed the Black Sun. The Black Sun, like the Swastika, is a very ancient symbol. While the Swastika represents the eternal fountain of creation, the Black Sun is even older, suggesting the very void of creation itself. The symbol on the Nazi flag is the Thule Sonnenrad (Sun Wheel), not a reversed good luck Swastika. The Black Sun can be seen in many ancient Babylonian and Assyrian places of worship.

While these societies borrowed some concepts and rites from various Hermetic groups, they placed special emphasis on the innate mystical powers of the Aryan race. The Vril and its fellow societies maintained that the Germanic/Nordic/ Teutonic people were of Aryan origin, and that Christianity had destroyed the power of the Teutonic civilization.     

The secret societies formed in Germany wanted desperately to prove themselves worthy of the super humans that lived beneath the surface of the planet and they wished to be able to control the incredibly powerful Vril force. This ancient force had been known among the alchemists and magicians as the Chi, the Odic force, the Orgone, the Astral Light, and they were well aware of its transformative powers to create supermen of ordinary mortals.

In 1921, Maria Orsic (Orsitch), a medium in the society, now renamed Vril Gesellschaft, began claiming spirit messages originating from Aryan aliens on Alpha Tauri in the Aldeberan star system. Orsic and another medium named Sigrun, learned that the aliens spoke of two classes of people on their world--the Aryan, or master race, and a subservient planetary race that had evolved through mutation and climate changes. A half billion years ago, the Aryans, also known as the Elohim or Elder Race, began to colonize our solar system. On Earth, the Aryans were identified as the Sumerians until they elected to carve out an empire for themselves in the hollow of the planet.

Students of the Vril Society also insist that extraterrestrials worked with Nazi scientists to create early models of flying saucers. According to some researchers, an alien tutor race secretly began cooperating with certain German scientists from the Thule, the Vril, and the Black Sun societies in the late 1920s. Working in underground bases with the alien intelligences, the Nazis mastered antigravity space flight, established space stations, accomplished time travel, an developed their spacecraft to warp speeds.

In 1922, members of Thule and Vril claim to have built the Jenseitsflugmaschine, the Other World Flight Machine, based on the psychic messages received from the Aldebaran aliens. W. O. Schulmann of the Technical University of Munich was in charge of the project until it was halted in 1924, and the craft was stored in Messerschmitt’s Augsburg. In 1937, after Hitler came into power, he authorized the construction of the Rund flugzeug, the round, or disk-shaped vehicle, for military use and for spaceflight.

In April, 1942, Nazi Germany sent out an expedition composed of a number of its most visionary scientists to seek a military vantage point in the hollow earth. Although the expedition of leading scientists left at a time when the Third Reich was putting maximum effort in their drive against the Allies, Goering, Himmler, and Hitler are said to have enthusiastically endorsed the project. Steeped in the more esoteric teachings of metaphysics, the Fuehrer had long been convinced that Earth was concave and that a master race lived on the inside of the planet.

The Nazi scientists who left for the island of Rugen had complete confidence in the validity of their quest. In their minds, such a coup as discovering the opening to the Inner World would not only provide them with a military advantage, but it would go a long way in convincing the Masters who lived there that the German people truly deserved to mix their blood with them in the creation of a hybrid master race to occupy the surface world, truly a New World Order.

In 1991when President George H.W. Bush began speaking about a New World Order to beef up his campaign for reelection, evangelist Pat Robertson, who was briefly a presidential candidate, passionately spoke out that "new world order" was actually a code for a secret group that sought to replace Christian society with a worldwide atheistic socialist dictatorship.

Bush, the conspiracy buffs charged, was a member of one of the world's most devilish and powerful secret societies: the Order of Skull and Bones. What was more, according to these same conspiracists, Bush was linked to the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission, dangerous elitist organizations.

At about the same time that President Bush's alleged secret affiliations were being exposed, a number of fundamentalist evangelists began to take their first real notice of the UFO phenomenon and saw the mysterious aerial objects as the "signs in the skies" referred to in apocalyptic literature and in the book of Revelation. It was a short leap or many evangelists to begin to blend accounts of UFOs with the secret societies of top U.S. government officials, politicians, corporate chairmen, international bankers, and many others who sought to bring into being the dreaded "New World Order."

According to the proponents of this cosmic conspiracy, when President Ronald Reagan gave his famous "alien invasion" speech to the entire United Nations General Assembly in September of 1987, he had already secretly advised representatives of the 176 member nations that the leaders of their respective governments must meet the demands of the technologically superior extraterrestrials or be destroyed.

As Reagan said in his speech: "I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet I ask you, is not an alien threat already among us?"

Some UFO researchers have warned that highly placed members of an ancient secret society that can trace its origins beyond the temples of ancient Egypt to Atlantis have established a plan to create a carefully staged "alien invasion" that will convince the masses of the world that a real-life War of the Worlds alien attack is about to begin. People of all nations will believe their leaders who say that it has been learned that the aliens are a benevolent species and that unconditional surrender to them is for everyone's own good.

Immediately following the "surrender" to the aliens, the leaders of the ancient secret society will form a One World Government, a New World Order, thus fulfilling biblical prophecies about a return to the days of Babylon.

Concern over interference by secret societies in the affairs of government was considered very real long before our present-day paranoia. For hundreds of years, certain scholars have worried about global conspiracies being conducted in secret by such groups as the Knights Templar, the Vril, the Thule, the Black Sun, and the Illuminati--who may all be waiting until the pro¬pitious time to complete world domination.

In 1876, Benjamin Disraeli, British prime minister, warned: "The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings, and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans."

For more information about conspiracies and the Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier by Brad and Sherry Steiger


          THE GREAT WORLD AND THE MYSTERIOUS EYE      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

When I was a young child, in Penryn, CA I can't remember the exact age that I was, I believed in the world... I believed that there was no evil when I was just blind to it. I had black hair as a young girl. I remember that I was wearing shorts because it was in the summertime. I was spinning around in front of the door to my daycare talking to my spirit guide. I stopped dead in my tracks because I felt something staring down at me very hard. It took me a minute to look up but when I did I saw something incredible. At the top of my viewpoint is a pine tree that often dropped many pinecones. The lawn it was in was strange. 

Click here to enlarge top photo.

You could find a four leaf clover anywhere in this grass. I was paralyzed with fear. It was a giant eyeball that was the size at least of a tall building. It looked like it opened an invisible curtain. It was blue on the lids and in the pupil. When the eyeball saw me I couldn't quit staring so it rolled its self back into its lid and it sounded like boulders rolling down a mountain. Than, it was if someone closed this invisible curtain and pulled the eye backwards. After this event I heard the gate to my daycare swing open and there was a white man with black hair staring at me. He had glasses and he seemed young like in his 20's maybe I am not sure. I was sexually abused right than by him. So, obviously I have tried to heal from this experience my whole life and I am still searching. The thing about the eye is that it could be many things and maybe the same thing all at once. In different cultures and ages throughout the world. So, here is the clues I have collected throughout the years;

Four Leaf Clovers: The four leaf clover has four green petals. Many are mistaken for a four leaf clover but it is the green ones without any discolorations. The leaves are full and round. This clover has a huge problem with mistaken identities. The Irish symbology (in where they seem most important) the petals of the four leaf clover equal the holy trinity ; 1 for the father, son, holy ghost and the fourth represents God's grace. In America we consider them tokens of good luck.

Eyeball: The eyeball that I saw was blue in color of course the whites of our eyes were also the whites of this eye. I could not tell you if it was right or left eye or just a single one on it's own. The eye is considered to be "all-knowing" and called the Eye of God in mystical practices. The theory is that the eye knows and sees all. The act that was committed on me was evil and the Egyptians regarded it as a protective symbol. I was not protected from the evil but maybe I could have been kidnapped and killed had it not shown up? I cannot know.

As a child, I was very psychic. I learned not to talk about what I was seeing because my sister had shared a ghost experience and my family had started considering her crazy. The only things that I could not hide was my psychic dreams because I often woke others up from my shouting and crying. One time I caught myself levitating in a white light above my bed in the middle of the night. Where than I started to wave my legs frantically and freaked out until I was slowly lowered down as if by moonlight which was also shining through the window...

Or is this a UFO? I found my husband because I was looking for some spiritual guidance and I called him and asked him about it and his first reaction is that it is a UFO. He had worked military intelligence before (Paul Dale Roberts) and saw photos of UFOs from the government. The sounds that it made and the weird rolling motion was almost mechanic when I thought back to this instance. Could there be a royal race of magic aliens? It seems incredible but than I think back to that night in the moonlight was that also a spaceship and than I have misplaced memories from childhood about a doctor and than its in the middle of a K-mart and the curtains are clear and I'm naked and than it doesn't make sense. My mom was there in the memory but she cannot remember what I speak of. Also in the room where I levitated was this electronic black horse I called Black Magic. He would turn on in the middle of the night frequently power off and on and it was loud so it would wake me up. Was this an electromagnetic field or a haunting? Than that invisible curtain that I saw must have been a field wrapped over Earth that it penetrated deeply.

The Ancient Days
The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, royal power and good health. 

The name for the eye derived from the eye of a cobra. Hence when a cobra rose in protection. Ancient sailors would paint this eye on their ship for protection.

When I first saw this my first thought at the time was that it was a giant's eye. Was this a Cyclops looking into our dimension and did it enjoy the misery I went through? Why was there only one eye staring at me? Was that all it had or was there more?

One thing that I know is that it has been seen and worshipped before. I do not know how the conclusion came upon ancient peoples that it needed to be worshipped but it is causing me great speculation and I am not satisfied with the answers because I am looking for the truth. The truth is out there!

Continues here:


          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Newest Solar Tenders In Egypt Come In Under 3 Cents Per kWh      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The latest round of bids for utility scale solar projects in Egypt have come in at less than 3 cents per kWh. Are we approaching the point where renewable energy will be too cheap to meter?
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Very colorful      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The 2300 year old mummy wearing a golden mask was discovered at Egypt’s Saqqara Pyramids complex south of Cairo in May 2005. The mummy is unidentified from the 30th dynasty, had been closed in a wooden sarcophagus and buried in sand at the bottom of a 20’ shaft before being discovered by Louvre’s Saqqara excavations team.

 The identity of the mummy is unknown but it is believed that it is from the 30th dynasty (380-343 BC). The ancient Egyptian was probably wealthy owing to the fine gold used to make the mummy’s mask and the location of the burial.

Photos: Sandro Vannini.
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Egypt brokers truce -- for now -- between Hamas and Israel       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt brokers truce -- for now -- between Hamas and Israel
          Foshan Tecon Package Machinery Co.,Ltd.      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Foshan Tecon Package Machinery CO., LTD is a high-tech equipment manufacturer. We designed the first production line for paper bag 20 years ago, that's is about 1996, and now we are listed in the world top three in this industry and the only one in China able to design & manufacture the whole production line of  bottom sealed paper bag. The leading product of our company is the "high-speed automatic bottom-pasted bag making machine".  It is composed of a tuber machine and a bottomer machine. We have sold to these countries such as: Yemen,America,Iran,Malaysia,Syria,Togo,Rwanda,Egypt,Kazakhstan,India,Indonesia,Sri Lanka and so on. Our products have won CE certificate, and have lots of patents.
          Recipe: Two classic pies from Sam Mannering      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I am an impatient sort of person who expects spring by about mid August, so here are two steadying pies to see out the rest of winter with a bang. Us humans love a good pie. There is a chicken pie recipe on a 4000-year-old Sumatran tablet. In Ancient Egypt, even Rameses the Great fancied a pie just like any other mere mortal, according to murals on his tomb (in my mind I'm imagining a one-dimensional Pharoah parking the chariot up at a Caltex to get a Mrs Mac's). In medieval England they were originally known as "coffyns", a word that was once devoid of all morbid association and merely meant box or basket. Make sure you use a good pastry if you don't make it yourself. Paneton is the brand to look out for. 
          Personal Fitness Trainer_Anytime Fitness Pemberton Twp - Anytime Fitness - New Egypt, NJ      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Anytime Fitness of Browns Mills, NJ Getting the World to a Healthier Place. At Anytime Fitness we feel that true success is not measured only in dollars and... $10 - $25 an hour
From Anytime Fitness - Thu, 26 Apr 2018 10:53:42 GMT - View all New Egypt, NJ jobs
          The anti Semites at the BBC still practicing fake media      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Israel slams BBC headline on Gaza flare-up as ‘misrepresentation of reality'

Israel issued a formal complaint over a BBC headline which referenced Gazans killed in an Israeli airstrike but omitted mention of a barrage of rocket fire on Israeli communities
BBC World Twitter (Screenshot)
Israel’s foreign ministry spokesman issued a scathing complaint against BBC news on Thursday over an article headline that referenced the deaths of a pregnant Gazan and her toddler daughter in an Israeli airstrike but which omitted mention the more than 180 rockets fired by Palestinian militants in the enclave preceding the retaliatory airstrikes.
The article posted to BBC World news service Twitter feed was titled “Israeli air strikes ‘kill pregnant woman and baby’”, referencing the deaths of Enas Khammash, 23, and her 18-month-old daughter Bayan in an Israeli airstrike in Jafarawi in central Gaza overnight Thursday.
The headline gave no indication that the airstrike came in response to a barrage of some 180 rockets fired at Israeli communities, which injured at least 11 Israeli civilians including one woman who suffered “grave injuries”.
“@BBCWorld this is a formal complaint by @IsraelMFA. This title is a deliberate misrepresentation of reality ( that’s the polite equivalent of “ this is a LIE” if you don’t get it).” Emmanuel Nahshon wrote on twitter, with a screen capture of the article posted to the BBC World twitter feed.
“Israelis were targeted by Hamas and IDF acts to protect them. Change it IMMEDIATELY!!!”, Nahshon demanded.
Nahshon said he asked Israel’s embassy in London to file a written complaint against the broadcaster in response to the headline.
The original headline remained visible on BBC World’s Twitter feed, but the expanded version of the article posted on the news service’s website was titled “Gaza air strikes ‘kill woman and child’ after rockets hit Israel”.
It was not clear whether the article had been re-titled in response to Nahshon’s complaint.
Following the retitling, spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in the UK delivered further criticism in a letter addressed to "Angus" at the BBC. "I appreciate that BBC News has changed its online headline," Yehuda Aviv wrote, "however the headline is back-to-front."
"Hamas rockets struck Israel before Israel responded with air strikes. Therefore, I would ask for the headline to be corrected according to the order in which the events occurred," he added.
Furthermore, referencing the BBC World's Twitter account @BBCWorld, Avivi continued that the tweet "Israeli air strikes kill pregnant woman and baby" did not include any details about Hamas' terrorism at all.
"Disappointingly, none of these facts are deemed relevant for BBC World on Twitter. I would appreciate if you amend this error," he concluded in his letter.
Rocket attacks aimed at Israeli communities along the Gaza border continued into Thursday morning after a relentless overnight bombardment that carried the threat of a full-scale war erupting.
Residents in the region were instructed by the military to remain within 15-seconds of bomb sheltersand to limit the size of public gatherings.
All trains between the border town of Sderot and the coastal city of Ashkelon were cancelled, as were all children's summer camps and educational activities. Farmers were also forbidden from tending to their fields.
A senior Israeli military official said Thursday that the army is “nearing war with Gaza” and would evacuate Israelis living in communities adjacent to the border if necessary.
"We don't see the end of the escalation. We are closing in on operation in Gaza," the senior IDF official told Israeli media outlets.
The IDF said 30 of the approximately 180 rockets fired into Israel were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system, which is activated only against those projected to hit populated areas. Several rockets fell in the southern Israeli city of Sderot and border-adjacent Eshkol Regional Council.
Israel responded to the rocket barrage by striking more than 150 Hamas "military sites" overnight Thursday, including military compounds and weapons manufacturing sites for the Islamist movement.
Those killed in the Gaza Strip included Enas Khammash, 23, and her 18-month-old daughter Bayan, according to the health ministry in the Hamas-controlled enclave.
MAHMUD HAMS (AFP)An explosion rocks Gaza following an Israeli air strike on August 8, 2018
They were killed in an airstrike in Jafarawi in central Gaza, the ministry said, while her husband was injured. The ministry said Khammash was also pregnant.
A Hamas militant was also killed in the strikes and at least 12 others injured, the health ministry said.
Hamas claimed responsibility for the rocket barrage, saying it came in response to the IDF’s killing of two of its fighters on Tuesday. The two militants were killed after an Israeli tank fired on a Hamas observation post, responding to what it initially identified as gunfire against Israeli troops but was apparently part of a Hamas commando exercise.
“In response to Israel aggression, the Palestinian resistance has launched a large number of rockets in recent hours at the enemy,” a statement by the group said. “There was a promise [to respond] and now it has been fulfilled.”
The IDF said it was "determined to secure the safety of the citizens of Israel and is on high alert and prepared for a wide variety of scenarios."
The conflagration came as Egypt and UN-led efforts had been underway to reach a long-term ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas to bring to an end months of violence along the border and ease tensions in the impoverished Palestinian enclave.
Israel and Hamas were brought to the brink of a full-scale war in two separate military flare-ups in July as Israel struck targets in response to a wave of devastating cross-border arson attacks, prompting several barrages of Hamas rocket fire and retaliatory Israeli airstrikes that marked some of the fiercest clashes since 2014.

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          Egypt's Foreign Minister Meets With Pompeo To Discuss Parallel Interests      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit AILSA CHANG, HOST: Egypt's foreign minister made the rounds in Washington today trying to turn a page with the Trump administration. The State Department said last month that it was releasing nearly $200 million of military aid for Egypt. The money had been put on hold over human rights concerns, as NPR's Michele Kelemen reports. MICHELE KELEMEN, BYLINE: It was all smiles and handshakes at the State Department as Secretary Mike Pompeo greeted his Egyptian counterpart. Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry came out later telling reporters that cooperation between the two countries is great and welcoming the administration's decision to release military aid that had been held up over human rights concerns. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) SAMEH SHOUKRY: Egypt is at the forefront in the fight against terrorism. The aid and the military assistance is appreciated and is fundamental and crucial to enable us to continue this battle and to eradicate terrorism
          Militants halt fire in Gaza flare-up      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
article author: 
Thu, 2018-08-09 21:55

GAZA CITY: Gaza militants halted fire Thursday after targeting Israel with some 180 rockets and mortars, provoking Israeli strikes across the enclave that killed three Palestinians, including a toddler, in another severe flare-up of violence.

It was the third major escalation since July and came despite attempts by UN officials and Egypt to secure a long-term truce between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs the Gaza Strip.

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          New Mexico compound girls briefly reunited with grandfather      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Two girls who were among 11 children taken from a New Mexico compound raided last week by police were briefly reunited on Thursday with their grandfather, who said that with their parents in jail he wanted to take them to his home in Egypt.

          Egypt’s path from autocracy to revolution—and back again      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Into the Hands of the Soldiers: Freedom and Chaos in Egypt and the Middle East. By David Kirkpatrick. Viking; 384 pages; $28. Bloomsbury Publishing; £21.

IN 2005 a middle-aged Egyptian army officer arrived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. While taking classes at the US Army War College, the officer, a devout Muslim, sometimes led Friday prayers at the local mosque. During campus debates he took exception to those who claimed that political Islam was incompatible with democracy. In his final paper he argued that Arab democracies must include Islamists, even “radical ones”.

So when the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s main Islamist movement, won the country’s first free and fair elections in 2011-12, the officer, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, seemed keen to work with the group. He was appointed defence minister and quickly gained the trust of the new president, Muhammad Morsi, a Brotherhood leader. Mr Sisi would show up at meetings with his sleeves rolled...

          I'm With Her- Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz and Aoife O'Donovan at Egyptian Theatre on 08/10/2018 08:00 PM MDT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Central Bank of EGYPT - sestava dvou bankovek UNC - 49      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Sestavu dvou bankovek EGYPT v perfektním sbírkovém stavu UNC nabízím za cenu 49Kč + poštovné. ...
          New Mexico compound girls briefly reunited with grandfather      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Two girls who were among 11 children taken from a New Mexico compound raided last week by police were briefly reunited on Thursday with their grandfather, who said that with their parents in jail he wanted to take them to his home in Egypt.
          8/10/2018: FREDERICK FORSYTH: EGYPT WANTS BACK...      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
THE 2,200-year-old Rosetta Stone tablet was carved in 196BC during the Ptolemaic Dynasty and is key to deciphering ancient Egyptian texts. The British took it in 1801 during the Napoleonic Wars.
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          Comment on Israeli air forces pummel Gaza, killing pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old daughter by eljay      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
|| @Bak: Some Zionist thoughts… A) if the EU is so worried about Gaza why doesn’t it propose to send a force to open a port where full security inspections take place? Egypt and possibly our new ‘bff’ KSA can be involved. Hamas would rather die first however ... || An even bigger problem than Hamas preferring death is the fact that Israel - and Zionists like you - would immediately assault the EU with accusations of anti-Semitism, "Jew hatred" and "singling out" the "world's only 'Jewish State'". || ... C) the insinuating belittling and often snickering that follows in regards to Israelis injured by shock. If any of those here have been 10 to 20m when a rocket hits and your lucky enough to not be hit with shrapnel your body is most definitely shocked. Physically shocked not just ‘It’s shocking’. I’m sure civilians in Gaza experience the same or worse but... || ...Jewish supremacists (Zionists) like you couldn't give a f*ck what happens to civilians in Gaza because what matters most to you is the survival of Jewish supremacism in/and a religion-supremacist "Jewish State" in as much as possible of Palestine.
          Hamas and Israel reportedly reach ceasefire after violent exchange near Gaza left 3 dead      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Gaza Firing Rockets at IsraelAriel Schalit

  • Israel and Hamas reportedly reached an uneasy ceasefire after a fiery night of rockets and bombings left three people dead and several others injured in Israel and near Gaza. 
  • A pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old child were killed in Israeli airstrikes, while seven Israelis were wounded by Gaza rocket fire.
  • The United Nations and Egypt are trying to broker a truce to prevent another all-out conflict.

GAZA/SDEROT, Israel (Reuters) - Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, agreed on a truce on Thursday, two Palestinian officials said, an understanding that would end an escalation in fighting that has drawn mutual threats of war.

There was no formal comment from Israel, but an Israeli official who spoke on condition of anonymity denied a cease-fire had been reached. Israel rarely acknowledges reaching any such agreement with Hamas, a group it designates as a terrorist organization and with which it has fought three wars in the past decade.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

NOW WATCH: I spent a day with Border Patrol agents at the US-Mexico border

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SEE ALSO: More than 150 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip overnight, and Israel retaliated with deadly airstrikes

          Art and History of Egypt - Carpiceci, Alberto Carl - Jelenlegi ára: 2 250 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Art and History of Egypt - Carpiceci, Alberto Carlo
Fordítók: Pauli, Erika
Illusztrátorok: Carpiceci, Alberto Carlo
Kiadó: Casa Editrice Bonechi
Kiadás éve: 1994
Kiadás helye: Florence
ISBN: 888029086X
Kötés típusa:: ragasztott papír
Terjedelem: 191
Nyelv: angol
Méret: __edition. size. text
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Art and History of Egypt - Carpiceci, Alberto Carl
Jelenlegi ára: 2 250 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-08-10 11:43
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Hamas militant group has said a ceasefire has been reached to end the latest round of fighting with Israel. Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV channel reported late on Thursday that a ceasefire has taken hold “on the basis of mutual calm”. It said the deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players. A senior Hamas official said the deal would formally go into effect at midnight. He said the agreement merely ends the latest two-day burst of violence between Israel and Hamas. He said Egypt would continue efforts to broker a long-term ceasefire. Hamas wants an end to a decade-long Israeli-Egyptian border blockade as a condition for any long-term deal. There was no immediate Israeli comment.

The post Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel appeared first on London Glossy Post.

          Has Egypt's second sphinx been found? Statue that has a 'lion's body with a human head' is found      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Reports suggest a sphinx-like statue has been discovered between the ancient temples of Karnak and Luxor which date to around 1400BC.
          Renewed Fire Between Israel and Gaza Interrupts Talk of Cease-Fire      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Israel and Hamas exchanged blows across the Gaza border as Egypt and the United Nations tried to broker a long-term cease-fire.
          Gaza: nouvelles frappes israéliennes après un tir de roquette loin en Israël      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

<p>Gaza (Territoires palestiniens) (AFP) - L'armée israélienne a anéanti un bâtiment en plein centre de la ville de Gaza jeudi, signalant sa force de frappe au mouvement islamiste Hamas si ce dernier rouvre les hostilités après un accès de tension ayant à nouveau rapproché les deux camps de la guerre.</p><p>La destruction de la bâtisse de cinq étages appartenant au Hamas selon Israël apparaît elle-même comme la riposte à une mise en garde des groupes armés palestiniens à l'adresse d'Israël.</p><p>Malgré un arrêt des tirs de roquettes annoncé en milieu de journée, et pour la première fois depuis la guerre de 2014 selon les médias israéliens, une roquette palestinienne a atteint à une quarantaine de kilomètres de Gaza, dans les environs de Beer-Sheva, et non pas seulement dans les environs immédiats de Gaza.</p><p>Difficile de dire si ces actes hostiles préludent à un nouvelle flambée dans un avenir proche ou soldent les comptes pour le moment après la poussée de fièvre de la nuit précédente.</p><p>Réuni par le Premier ministre israélien, Benjamin Netanyahu, le cabinet de sécurité, panel restreint examinant les questions les plus stratégiques, a "ordonné à l'armée de continuer à agir avec force" contre les groupes armés palestiniens.</p><p>Deux ou trois roquettes ou obus de mortier palestiniens sont tombés dans la soirée dans des zones non habitées, selon les médias israéliens, loin de l'intensité de la confrontation de la veille.</p><p>Le mouvement islamiste Hamas qui dirige la bande de Gaza et ses alliés avaient décidé de faire taire les armes jeudi midi après un barrage de roquettes contre Israël, dont la lourde riposte aérienne contre des dizaines de cibles a coûté la vie à une Palestinienne enceinte et son bébé.</p><p>L'accalmie a été remise en cause quand une roquette a atterri près de Beer-Sheva.</p><p>En apparentes représailles, des témoins palestiniens ont rapporté trois nouvelles frappes israéliennes en fin d'après-midi.Le centre de la ville de Gaza a ensuite été secoué par une forte explosion dégageant une épaisse fumée noire.</p><p>Au moins 18 Palestiniens ont été blessés, a dit le ministère gazaoui de la Santé.</p><p>Le centre culturel Saïd Meshal a indiqué sur sa page Facebook que ses bureaux avaient été détruits et précisé que la bâtisse abritait aussi les locaux de la communauté égyptienne de Gaza.</p><p>Le bâtiment servait aux forces de sécurité intérieures du Hamas à des fins militaires, a dit l'armée israélienne.</p><p>Avant l'annonce de l'arrêt des tirs, les environs israéliens de Gaza ont essuyé entre mercredi soir et jeudi midi plus de 180 tirs de roquettes et de mortier, selon l'armée israélienne.L'aviation israélienne a riposté en frappant plus de 150 sites militaires du Hamas dans le territoire reclus, appauvri et coincé entre Israël, l'Egypte et la Méditerranée.</p><p>Trois Palestiniens, dont une femme enceinte de 23 ans, Enas Khammash, et sa fille Bayan de 18 mois, ont été tués dans ces raids.Le troisième Palestinien tué a été identifié par le Hamas comme appartenant à sa branche armée.</p><p>Abdullah Khammash, 31 ans, un cousin de la femme et de l'enfant tuées, a interpellé à distance le ministre israélien de la Défense Avigdor Lieberman.</p><p>"Je dis à Lieberman: +Venez voir vous-mêmes les dégâts.Qu'est-ce que cette petite fille avait fait de mal?", s'est-il ému.La famille n'a aucun lien avec les groupes armés, a-t-il protesté.</p><p>La maison touchée se trouve à quelques centaines de mètres d'une importante base du Hamas.</p><p>"Par définition, nous avons seulement visé des cibles militaires utilisées par le Hamas", a assuré un porte-parole de l'armée israélienne, le lieutenant-colonel Jonathan Conricus.Douze autres Palestiniens ont été blessés dans les raids.</p><p>Côté israélien, la pluie de roquettes venue de Gaza a ranimé les scènes connues de civils se précipitant vers les abris.</p><p>A Sdérot, localité atteinte par plusieurs projectiles, Hagit Shitert, 45 ans, a elle aussi couru pour se protéger.Dans la panique, un de ses fils s'est blessé dans l'escalier quand une roquette est tombée près de leur immeuble, criblant la bâtisse d'éclats, pulvérisant l'arrière d'une voiture et laissant un trou béant dans le sol. Mais "jamais, jamais, je ne partirai", assure-t-elle.</p><p>Hormis Sdérot, la plupart des projectiles sont tombés dans des zones inhabitées et le système de défense anti-aérien israélien a intercepté plus de 30 engins, selon l'armée.</p><p>Quatre personnes, dont une Thaïlandaise d'une trentaine d'années, ont été blessées par des éclats, ont indiqué les secours.</p><p>Une quatrième guerre depuis 2008 menace à nouveau Gaza.L'issue de discussions indirectes engagées par Israël et le Hamas avec l'entremise de l'Egypte et de l'ONU pour tenter d'établir une trêve durable est plus incertaine que jamais.</p><p>Ces hostilités sont la troisième confrontation majeure depuis juillet, ébranlant une nouvelle fois le cessez-le-feu tendu observé depuis 2014 par Israël et le Hamas ainsi que ses alliés de part et d'autre de la barrière de sécurité israélienne qui ferme hermétiquement la frontière avec Gaza.</p><p>Les accès de fièvre se multiplient depuis le 30 mars et le début d'un mouvement de protestation palestinien le long de la barrière pour dénoncer, entre autres, le blocus imposé par l'Etat hébreu à l'enclave.Les tensions ont été exacerbées par le transfert, le 14 mai par les Etats-Unis, de leur ambassade de Tel-Aviv à Jérusalem.</p><p>Au moins 165 Gazaouis ont été tués par des tirs israéliens depuis le 30 mars.Un soldat israélien a été tué le 20 juillet près de Gaza, pour la première fois depuis 2014.</p><p></p>

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          Palestinian Officials Say Hamas, Israel Agree to Truce      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Israel and Hamas agreed on a truce on Thursday to end a flare-up in cross-border fighting. Hamas is the Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip. According to Reuters, the ceasefire talks were mediated by Egypt. A Palestinian official said the truce would begin at 20:45 GMT. There was ...
          Hamas Blackmail, Media Silence      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bassam Tawil 
             Hamas's strategy is to remain in power forever; to achieve that goal, it is prepared to do anything. Hamas has always acted out of its own narrow interests while holding the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hostage to its extremist ideology and repressive regime.

             "Those who claim to be confronting Israel are nothing but corrupt, extortionist bribe-takers. Today, every politician in the Gaza Strip is well aware of the fact that the corruption at the border crossings has become the norm of the official establishment, and not actions by individuals or a certain apparatus." — Hassan Asfour, former Palestinian Authority minister, human rights activist and political columnist.

             Here one always needs to ask: where is the role of the international media in exposing Hamas's corruption and exploitation of its own people? Why is it that the mainstream media in the West does not want to pay any attention to what Asfour and other Palestinians are saying? The answer is always simple: As far as foreign journalists are concerned, if Israel is not the one asking for bribes or blackmailing the Palestinians, there is no story there.

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, says it wants Israel and Egypt to keep the border crossings with its coastal territory open on a permanent basis. The message that Hamas has been relaying to Israel and Egypt has been along the lines of: If you seek a cease-fire, you must reopen, on a permanent basis, the Kerem Shalom commercial border crossing (with Israel) and the Rafah terminal along the border with Egypt.

The Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images
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          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
          Palestinians Say Hamas, Israel Reach Truce in Gaza      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Palestinian officials said Thursday that Hamas, the militant group that governs Gaza, had reached a truce with Israel as both sides appeared to be on the edge of another war. The Palestinians and Hamas TV said a deal was reached after mediation by Egypt and other regional players. "Palestinian factions will respect calm as long as Israel does," an official told Reuters. Israel has not confirmed that it reached a truce with Hamas, but one official who asked to remain anonymous denied it a deal had been struck. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with his security cabinet Thursday after the Israelis and Palestinians spent much of the night exchanging rocket fire. He ordered the army to keep taking "strong action" against the militants and also bolstered the military presence along the Israeli-Gaza border. Rockets, airstrikes Hamas militants fired nearly 200 rockets into Israel overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Israel answered with a similar number of airstrikes. Palestinian health officials said a pregnant woman and her 18-month-old daughter were killed. Seven Israelis were reported wounded. "Overall, we condemn the launching of missile strikes into Israel and call for an end to the destructive violence," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Thursday. "We fully support Israel's right to defend itself and to take actions to prevent provocation of that nature." Palestinians have held weekly protests along the Israeli-Gaza border since March, when Israel began preparations for marking its 70th anniversary as a state. Israeli soldiers have killed at least 158 demonstrators, many of whom were militants that Israel said were trying to sneak across the border. Israel has accused Hamas of organizing the protests as a cover for terrorism, a charge Hamas denies. The Palestinians want Israel and Egypt to lift their decade-old blockade of Gaza, which the U.N. and Palestinians say has created a humanitarian crisis. Israel says the blockade is necessary for its security. But some reports say Israel may be willing to ease the blockade. 
          Hamas, Israel agree on truce in Gaza      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hamas, Israel agree on truce in Gaza#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000Gaza: The Islamic Hamas movement said that a truce with Israel on halting escalation in the Gaza Strip began from Thursday midnight. The agreement, brokered by Egypt and UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov, will end another round of military confrontation between Israel and Hamas, a source from Hamas told …
           Security Executive, Egypt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Employer:  British American Tobacco Location:  Egypt British American Tobacco...

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          American-Egyptian Television Personality, Hoda Kotb Reveals How Motherhood Helped Her Find Purpose And It Is All Shades Of Beautiful      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Truth be told, motherhood can be intoxicating. That special grace to care for and nurture another is everything. It comes with joy and sometimes, bittersweet experiences but then, it is one position no woman wants to trade for anything else.

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          Arab Dictatorships Collapsing? Al-Sisi, Bin Salman lashing out…and losing legitimacy      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Get ready for "regime collapse" in Egypt and "Saudi" Arabia.
          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          Israeli leaders plan response as Gaza violence continues      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egypt is seeking to broker a long-term ceasefire between the two sides.
           First A330-200 freighter conversion delivered to Egyptair Cargo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Egyptair Cargo has taken delivery of an Airbus A330-200 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) converted aircraft from Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), reports London's Air Cargo News.For Egyptair, the order is part of plans to expand its fleet and launch new services.This comes after test flights in June and awarding of the Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) in July.The A330 conversion programme is the successor to the Boeing 767 programme, which will begin to see feedstock dry up over the coming years just as A330s reach the right age for conversion.The A330P2F conversion programme, launched in 2012, is a collaboration between Singapore's ST Engineering Aerospace, Airbus and their joint venture EFW."The timely re-delivery of MSN 600 is a result of the excellent spirit of cooperation between the partners EFW, ST Engineering Aerospace and Airbus and the remarkable support by EASA, Launch Customer Egyptair and the ECAA. To date Egyptair Cargo has firm orders for three A330-200P2F units," said the joint statement.ST Engineering Aerospace, as the programme and technical lead for the engineering development phase, is responsible for applying for the STCs from EASA and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).Airbus contributes to the programme with OEM data and certification support, while EFW leads the industrialisation phase as well as sales and marketing for the freighter conversion programme.The re-delivery of the A330-200P2F marks the successful inauguration of the all new A330P2F family with the larger -300P2F being certified and delivered to Launch Customer DHL by end of 2017."Both types are ideal aircraft for serving the international regional and medium range cargo and e-commerce express markets," EFW said.

Source: Transportweekly
          Offer - It enables to fight the excessive fats accumulation. - EGYPT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Keto Lux Diet Pills Then, one night time in 2011, she noticed a enterprise for Slimquick, a healthy eating plan complement that billed itself as tailored to the issues ladies have dropping weight, Jacobs-Poles stated. "That in reality drew me in."Slimquick claimed to be "the handiest weight reduction complement to assist ladies lose up to twenty-5 kilos." The berry-flavored drink combination contained green tea extract, and whilst you consider that she desired to keep away from probably risky chemical materials, that appealed to her."I'd heard lots approximately inexperienced tea and berries, and the way they help your metabolism," she said.I concept it sounded superb."Jacobs-Poles out of place 15 pounds in about a month, with, she idea, no aspect results.
          Paul McCartney adds 2018 world tour dates in Japan      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Paul McCartney continues to expand his Freshen Up Tour in support of his highly anticipated studio album Egypt Station, which drops Sept. 7 via Capitol Records. The iconic British rocker will make a triumphant return to Japan for 2018 shows in October and November. The 18-time Grammy winner...
          New Mexico compound girls briefly reunited with grandfather      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Two girls who were among 11 children taken from a New Mexico compound raided last week by police were briefly reunited on Thursday with their grandfather, who said that with their parents in jail he wanted to take them to his home in Egypt.

          'Once Upon A Revolution: An Egyptian Story' By Thanassis Cambanis      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
In January 2011, in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, a group of strangers sparked a revolution. Basem, an apolitical middle-class architect, jeopardized the lives of his family when he seized the chance to improve his country. Moaz, a contrarian Muslim Brother, defied his own organization to join the opposition. These revolutionaries had little more than their idealism with which to battle the secret police, the old oligarchs, and a power-hungry military determined to keep control. In Once Upon A Revolution: An Egyptian Story , Thanassis Cambanis tells the story of the dreamers who brought Egypt to the brink of freedom, and the dark powerful forces that—for the time being—stopped them short.
          Meaning of the French male name Rayce is protector or counselor      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the French male name Rayce is protector or counselor

Meaning of the French male name Rayce is protector or counselor Emotional Spectrum • Even tempered, most of the time! Personal Integrity • The decency of Rayce is never questioned. Personality • Life in the fast lane, tempered by common sense. Relationships • Some of Rayce's friends are just like him. Travel & Leisure • Relaxing is an art-form to him. Career & Money • Parents play a major role in his educational career. Life's Opportunities • A naturally intelligent person, academia is his playground. " And let us give thanks for Someone to thank. " Created By A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Italian male name Albano is white or from the Alba       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Italian male name Albano is white or from the Alba 

Meaning of the Italian male name Albano is white or from the Alba Albano is first and last name city of Alba in Italy Emotional Spectrum • Able to vent his anger constructively. Personal Integrity • Albano is the height of respectability. Personality • Educational pursuits are most important. Relationships • His best friends take him as he is. Travel & Leisure • Will find new ways to spice up old hobby. Career & Money • Lessons learned early in life will lead to financial success. Life's Opportunities • The entrepreneur spirit in him is strong. Lucky Numbers: 30 • 7 • 4 • 22 • 28 • 12 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the English male name Albern is noble warrior       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the English male name Albern is noble warrior

Meaning of the English male name Albern is noble warrior Emotional Spectrum • If you are looking for laughter, he is your person! Personal Integrity • He conforms to higher standards than most! Personality • A light heart lives long. Relationships • A people person, he does not like to be alone. Travel & Leisure • Eat, drink and be merry - play hard! Career & Money • A born leader, he will be drawn into the limelight! Life's Opportunities • Volunteer work with charities may be rewarding for him. Lucky Numbers: 14 • 27 • 24 • 32 • 33 • 44 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Scottish male name Alasdair is defender of men as Alexander       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Scottish male name Alasdair is defender of men as Alexander 

Meaning of the Scottish male name Alasdair is defender of men as Alexander Emotional Spectrum • A sensible person with sensible emotions. Personal Integrity • Nothing can buy his good name. Personality • Not happy unless he is helping someone in need. Relationships • While crowds are fun, he needs his alone time. Travel & Leisure • A fondness for the ocean will emerge. Career & Money • A career in law would suit Alasdair. Life's Opportunities • Volunteer work with charities may be rewarding for him. Lucky Numbers: 45 • 42 • 6 • 7 • 46 • 39 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the German male name Adalard is brave      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the German male name Adalard is brave

Meaning of the German male name Adalard is brave Meaning: Brave Emotional Spectrum • Not known to express his emotions openly. Personal Integrity • Friends know him as a trusted acquaintance. Personality • Quiet until you know him. Relationships • Many people will find him their best friend. Travel & Leisure • Loves to travel, and it shows! Career & Money • The right job for him is within his grasp. Life's Opportunities • Not one to pass up a chance for advancement, he will go far. Lucky Numbers: 44 • 21 • 42 • 26 • 9 • 12 Created by A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the German male namer Aimery is King of Work      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the German male namer Aimery is King of Work

Meaning of the German male namer Aimery is King of Work Aimery is first and family name. Emotional Spectrum • A smile gives you more face value. Personal Integrity • The makeup of him is moral greatness! Personality • He can keep his sense and nonsense separated. Relationships • Friends have often told him how much they like him. Travel & Leisure • Born to travel! Career & Money • Education is the key to Aimery's career path. Life's Opportunities • Open to suggestions, his innovative spirit will lead the way. Lucky Numbers: 26 • 35 • 8 • 15 • 13 • 51 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Arabic male name Faiz is successful or Victorious      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Arabic male name Faiz is successful or Victorious 

Meaning of the Arabic male name Faiz is successful or Victorious


Emotional Spectrum • A happy face can hide the heart. Personal Integrity • You would never make a mistake placing your faith in him. Personality • Born to serve, you will find Faiz active in the community. Relationships • His best friends may not really know him . Travel & Leisure • Loves to travel, and it shows! Career & Money • Parents play a major role in his educational career. Life's Opportunities • While not seeking fame, his future is in the limelight. Lucky Numbers: 19 • 15 • 46 • 10 • 22 • 6 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
          Meaning of the English family name Brooke is dweller by the brook      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the English family name Brooke is dweller by the brook

Meaning of the English family name Brooke is dweller by the brook Meaning: 'Dweller by the brook' 'Living in small stream' Emotional Spectrum. Peaceful on the outside, yet churning emotions on the inside. Personal Integrity. The decency of Brooke is never questioned. Personality. To the young at heart, everything's fun. Relationships. Not an 'open book', it takes time to become her friend. Travel & Leisure. While work is important to her, quiet time also has its place. Career & Money. Adept in financial matters. Life's Opportunities. The entrepreneur spirit in her is strong. " A good name is more desirable than great riches. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Arabic female name Pakiza is virtuous      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Arabic female name Pakiza is virtuous

Meaning of the Arabic female name Pakiza is virtuous Emotional Spectrum • A smile gives you more face value. Personal Integrity • Moral backbone is the hallmark of him. Personality • Life is a stage. Relationships • Friends have often told her how much they like her. Travel & Leisure • While work is important to her, quiet time also has its place. Career & Money • The right job for her is within her grasp. Life's Opportunities • Not one to rest on past accomplishments, she is always on the move. Pakiza's Lucky Numbers: 35 • 9 • 36 • 42 • 32 • 13 Created by A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
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          The meaning of India female name Usha is a princess or dawn      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The meaning of India female name Usha is a princess or dawn

The meaning of India female name Usha is a princess or dawn Meaning: A Princess, Daughter of Bana, Dawn. Emotional Spectrum • Sometimes silly but never foolish! Personal Integrity • Her family taught her that honesty is her best asset. Personality • Calm and poised, extremely polished. Relationships • A few close friends are all she needs. Travel & Leisure • The intrigue of foreign travel lures her. Career & Money • She has a natural business sense, and will go far. Life's Opportunities • Only she holds the key to her happiness. " A man know least the influence of his own life. " Created By A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Welsh female name Branwen is beautiful raven      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Welsh female name Branwen is beautiful raven

Meaning of the Welsh female name Branwen is beautiful raven From the Branwen/ Branwyn/Bronwen Meaning: Beautiful raven, white raven Emotional Spectrum • Doesn't hide emotions well. Personal Integrity • A trusted individual by everyone. Personality • Educational pursuits are most important. Relationships • Doesn't need much out of life but to be loved. Travel & Leisure • Branwen knows how to relax! Career & Money • Books hold the key to his career. Life's Opportunities • Only he holds the key to his happiness. " A person who is happy must actively enjoy his blessings. " Created By A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the African male name Jelani is Mighty      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the African male name Jelani is Mighty

Meaning of the African male name Jelani is Mighty Emotional Spectrum • He has extraordinary coping skills. Personal Integrity • Nothing can buy his good name. Personality • Takes life slow and easy, but enjoys every minute. Relationships • Slow to make new friends, Jelani values his old acquaintances. Travel & Leisure • Knows how to relax in style! Career & Money • The sky's the limit with the right education! Life's Opportunities • Although shy in the spotlight, fame is destined! Jelani's Lucky Numbers: 14 • 38 • 3 • 6 • 23 • 35 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Greek female name Carisia is grace      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Greek female name Carisia is grace

Meaning of the Greek female name Carisia is grace Emotional Spectrum • Can only be pushed so far... Personal Integrity • A trusted individual by everyone. Personality • Laugh and the world laughs with you. Relationships • Probably gives more in a relationship than she receives. Travel & Leisure • Born to shop! Career & Money • Her career will involve foreign travel. Life's Opportunities • A survivor, she will always bounce back and be ready again! Lucky Numbers: 33 • 10 • 1 • 15 • 37 • 21 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the English female name Letitia is gladness      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the English female name Letitia is gladness

Meaning of the English female name Letitia is gladness Emotional Spectrum • Somewhat a rebel, she must control her impulses. Personal Integrity • In a world of deceit, Letitia stands for truth and integrity. Personality • A closed mouth catches no flies. Relationships • Not many people are as giving as Letitia. Travel & Leisure • Always on the go, Letitia takes life in the fast lane. Career & Money • Her career will be the most rewarding part of her life. Life's Opportunities • Although shy in the spotlight, fame is destined! Lucky Numbers: 13 • 48 • 21 • 51 • 32 • 28 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the Gaelic family name Garrey is spear      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the Gaelic family name Garrey is spear

Meaning of the Gaelic family name Garrey is spear Emotional Spectrum • No frowns on this face! Personal Integrity • A trusted individual by everyone. Personality • Never one to stay in one place long, wanderlust is in his blood. Relationships • A people person, he does not like to be alone. Travel & Leisure • A lifetime of travel is his destiny. Career & Money • Should have been an actor! Life's Opportunities • Volunteer work with charities may be rewarding for him. Lucky Numbers: 13 • 23 • 4 • 35 • 44 • 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the German male name Geomar is famous in battle      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the German male name Geomar is famous in battle

Meaning of the German male name Geomar is famous in battle Emotional Spectrum • Must guard against infatuation that is not love. Personal Integrity • No one would doubt his word. Personality • To the young at heart, everything's fun. Relationships • When it comes to friends, only 'true blue' need apply. Travel & Leisure • Travel is best enjoyed with his friends. Career & Money • His career will be the most rewarding part of his life. Life's Opportunities • A good educational background is the key to his success. Lucky Numbers: 18 • 24 • 10 • 44 • 38 • 22 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Meaning of the German female name Berlinda is snake       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Meaning of the German female name Berlinda is snake 

Meaning of the German female name Berlinda is snake Emotional Spectrum • She is a fountain of joy for all. Personal Integrity • Her good name is her most precious asset. Personality • It's hard to soar with eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys! Relationships • Starts slowly, but a relationship with her builds over time. Travel & Leisure • A trip of a lifetime is in her future. Career & Money • A gifted child, Berlinda will need to be challenged constantly. Life's Opportunities • Joy and happiness await this blessed person. Lucky Numbers: 11 • 33 • 16 • 30 • 25 • 14 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O S T U V W X Y Z
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          Holger Speck & Vocalensemble Rastatt - Handel: Israel in Egypt (2016)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Holger Speck & Vocalensemble Rastatt - Handel: Israel in Egypt (2016)

          Chet Raymo, “Stretching The Imagination”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
“Stretching The Imagination”
by Chet Raymo

“Professor, that stuff you spoke of in class this morning- about the beginning of the universe..."
"Well, you know how you said that the universe began 14 billion years ago as an infinitely small point...?"
Yes, that appears to be the case. An explosion from a point of infinite energy. Space and time expanding from nothing. Matter coalescing from cooling radiation. Stars, galaxies...
"To tell the truth, I'm having a hard time believing it. I mean, the idea that everything that exists today, the billions and billions of galaxies, stars and planets, life, everything, was contained within something no bigger than a pinprick. I mean, come you really expect me to swallow that?"
You will recall that I listed some pretty convincing evidence: The galaxies are racing apart, as from a primordial explosion; the amount of hydrogen and helium in the universe is just what theory predicts for a Big Bang beginning; and, not least, we see the flash of the Big Bang in every direction of space, with precisely the predicted spectrum.
"Yeah, I know. I understand most of that stuff. But I keep coming back to the idea of the whole universe contained within a pinprick. I mean, it's impossible to imagine."
It is difficult to imagine, I'll grant you. But not impossible. Mathematically, it can be described exactly. Mathematics is a big help to the imagination.
"It sounds impossible."
Let me tell you a story. More than 2,000 years ago in Alexandria, Egypt, there were two fellows, named Eratosthenes and Aristarchus. They were excellent mathematicians. Eratosthenes was a geographer. He imagined that the Earth was a sphere. He figured out how to measure the size of the sphere by using shadows cast by the Sun at Alexandria and another place down the valley of the Nile. He used some mathematics that at the time was pretty advanced stuff- geometry, trig.

He calculated the size of the Earth and got it nearly dead-on, without ever leaving Alexandria. That's what I mean about mathematics being an aid to the imagination. Then Aristarchus used the size of the Earth to figure out the sizes and distances of the Sun and the Moon. He observed eclipses of the Moon, and measured the time it takes the moon to move through the shadow of the Earth. Then he did some high-powered mathematics with circles and triangles. According to his calculations, the Sun is many times bigger than the Earth.

Aristarchus told his fellow Alexandrians about his discovery. If the Earth is the size of a grape, he may have said, then the Sun is the size of a melon. They laughed. Any fool can see that the Sun is tiny compared to the vast, wide Earth. Why, for heaven's sake, one can cover up the Sun with the tip of one's little finger, but travel across the Earth for weeks without ever leaving Egypt. The Sun bigger than the Earth? No way, it was simply impossible to imagine.
"But. .."
And Aristarchus got one crucial observation wrong, through no fault of his own. In fact, the relative sizes of the Earth and Sun are more like a grape and a washing machine, something every school child accepts today. The moral of the story is- the "impossible" can turn out to be true.
"But the whole universe contained within a pinprick? It violates common sense."
Einstein once said that common sense is the collection of prejudices we acquire by age 18. I'm not telling you to believe the Big Bang if you don't want to, but keep your options open. One generation's impossibility often turns out to be the next generation's common sense.
"You're asking me to take it on faith?"
Yes, on faith. But not on blind faith. As we saw this morning in class, there is impressive observational evidence. The calculations are based on Einstein's general theory of relativity, which has many important successes to its credit. Then there's the record of success by the successors of Eratosthenes and Aristarchus. Just think of all the scientific discoveries that were thought to be nonsense in their time. The Earth going around the Sun. The evolution of life over bilions of years. Continents drifting and colliding. A chemical blueprint for a human being in the DNA of a single microscopic cell. And besides, it's a wonderful, wonderful story- a universe unfolding from a mathematical point!
"Yeah, it's a wonderful story, all right. But..."
"But I still don't believe it."
Click image for larger size.

          Hamas says Gaza ceasefire reached with Israel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The deal was mediated by Egypt and other regional players.
          1/32 Spitfire Mk.Vb/ Trop      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
1/32 Spitfire Mk.Vb/ TropThis is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.

  • Model Dimension:????Length: 284mm Wingspan: 350.3mm
  • Total Plastic Parts:????250+pcs
  • Total Sprues:????9 sprues and tyres
  • Camouflage Scheme:
    1. Spritfire MK Vb/Trop AB502 IR-G 244th Wing Commander Early1943 Ian R Greed
    2. Spritfire MK Vb/Trop BR195 AN-T NO.247 Sqn Early1943 Sicily

  • More Features:
    -Left and right fuselage moulded w/ authentic details
    -Finely detailed engine.
    -Finely detailed engine accessory compartment,
    -Finely detailed cockpit
    - Newly tooled wings accurately represent real ones
    - Optional position flaps
    -Photo-etched parts for safety belt, interior details

The Spitfire Mk VB/trop could be identified by the large Vokes air filter fitted under the nose; the reduced speed of the air to the supercharger had a detrimental effect on the performance of the aircraft, but the decreased performance was considered acceptable. This variant was also fitted with a larger oil tank and desert survival gear behind the pilot's seat. A new "desert" camouflage scheme was applied. Many VB(trop)s were modified by 103 MU (Maintenance Unit-RAF depots in which factory fresh aircraft were brought up to service standards before being delivered to squadrons) at Aboukir, Egypt by replacing the Vokes filter with locally manufactured "Aboukir" filters, which were lighter and more streamlined. Two designs of these filters can be identified in photos: one had a bulky, squared off filter housing while the other was more streamlined. These aircraft were usually fitted with the wide blade Rotol propeller and clipped wings.


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           apartment for sale new Cairo delivery now       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
New Avenue is a real estate consultancy based in Egypt, aiming at providing comprehensive services for your real estate needs. If you are willing to make an investment or are interested in buying a residential or a commercial property, we are there for you to ensure transforming your plans into reality. Given our individual experiences in the top real estate companies in Egypt & abroad, we have reached the conclusion that trust is primary factor we should be offering you when it comes to buying, renting or submitting your property for sale or rent. New Avenue is aiming to provide our customer with almost all the needs that you would need Residential or Commercial. New Avenue offers offices and Retails that are available in almost every district in Egypt like New Cairo, Heliopolis, Nasr City, 6th of October. 
          Report: Ceasefire between Hamas and Israel goes into effect      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect on Thursday night at 10:45pm, according to an Al-Jazeera report quoting a senior official in the Gaza-ruling terror movement.
          Homélie de saint Jean de Changhaï et San Francisco: La Vie après la Mort      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

De nombreuses questions ont été soulevées récemment au sujet de ce qui arrive à l’âme lorsqu’une personne meurt. Le sermon de saint Jean Maximovitch qui suit expose dans les grandes lignes l’enseignement orthodoxe. J’y ai joint, sous forme de notes, des commentaires additionnels étayés par de nombreuses sources patristiques.
Il est fondamental pour nous, alors que nous abordons ce sujet important entre tous, de laisser de côté toutes idées préconçues et d’être désireux d’accepter ce qu’enseignent les Pères de l’Eglise. Votre opinion et mon opinion ne sont que cela : des OPINIONS ; ce qui est présenté ici est la VERITE !
(Père John Mack).


Infini et sans consolation aurait été notre chagrin pour nos proches décédés, si le Seigneur ne nous avait donné la vie éternelle. Notre vie n’aurait aucun sens si elle se terminait avec la mort. Quelle utilité retirerait-on alors des mérites et des bonnes actions ? Ils auraient alors raison ceux qui disent : « Mangeons et buvons, car demain nous mourrons ! »
Mais l’homme a été créé pour l’immortalité, et par Sa Résurrection le Christ a ouvert les portes du Royaume des Cieux, d’éternelle béatitude pour ceux qui ont cru en Lui et ont vécu avec droiture.

Notre vie terrestre est une préparation à la vie future, et cette préparation prend fin avec la mort. « Il est fixé à l’homme de mourir une fois, et après cela vient le jugement » (Heb. 9 :27). L’homme laisse alors tous ses soucis terrestres ; le corps se décompose dans l’attente de se relever à la Résurrection Générale (1). Pour les mourants, cette perception spirituelle commence même avant la mort, et tandis qu’ils voient et parlent encore avec ceux qui les entourent, ils voient ce que les autres ne voient pas.

Mais lorsque l’âme quitte le corps, elle se retrouve parmi d’autres esprits, bons et mauvais. En général, elle incline vers ceux qui lui sont spirituellement le plus familiers, et si, alors que dans le corps, elle était sous l’influence de certains, elle demeurera sous leur dépendance lorsqu’elle quittera le corps, aussi désagréable que cela puisse s’avérer en les rencontrant (2).

Durant deux jours, l’âme dispose d’une relative liberté et peut visiter des lieux sur terre qui lui étaient chers, mais le troisième jour elle se déplace vers d’autres sphères (3). A ce moment-là (le troisième jour), elle passe au travers de légions d’esprits mauvais qui entravent son chemin et l’accusent de divers péchés, pour lesquels ils l’avaient eux-mêmes tentée. Selon différentes révélations, il y a vingt de ces obstacles, appelés les « péages », à chacun desquels une forme ou une autre de péché est mise à l’épreuve. Après avoir franchi l’un, l’âme arrive au suivant, et c’est seulement après avoir réussi à passer au travers de tous qu’elle peut continuer son chemin sans être jetée immédiatement dans la géhenne.
Combien sont terribles ces démons et leurs péages peut être relevé dans le fait que, à la demande de Mère de Dieu Elle-même, informée de l’approche de Sa mort par l’Archange Gabriel, le Seigneur Jésus vint en Personne des cieux pour accueillir l’âme de Sa Très Pure Mère et la conduire au ciel.

Terrible, en effet, est le troisième jour pour l’âme du défunt, et c’est pour cette raison qu’elle a alors particulièrement besoin des prières à son intention (4).

L’âme ayant alors passé avec succès les péages et s’étant prosternée devant Dieu visite, durant sept autres jours, les demeures célestes et les abîmes de l’enfer, sans savoir encore où elle demeurera ; et c’est seulement le quarantième jour que sa place lui est assignée jusqu’à la résurrection des morts (5).  Certaines âmes se retrouvent (après les quarante jours) dans une condition d’avant-goût de la joie et de la béatitude éternelles, et d’autres dans la terreur des tourments éternels qui s’accompliront intégralement après le Jugement Dernier. Jusque-là des changements peuvent intervenir dans la condition des âmes, en particulier par l’offrande du Sacrifice Non Sanglant (la commémoration à la liturgie), de même que par d’autres prières (6).

Combien importante s’avère la commémoration à la Sainte Liturgie peut se constater dans l’épisode suivant : avant la mise au jour des reliques de saint Théodose de Tchernigov (pour sa glorification en 1896), le hiéromoine qui dirigeait le revêtement de celles-ci (le célèbre starets Alexis, de l’hermitage de Goloseyevsky de la Laure des Grottes de Kiev, qui mourut en 1916), alors qu’il était assis près d’elles, subitement las, somnola et vit devant lui le Saint, qui lui dit : « Je te remercie de la peine que tu prends pour moi. Je t’implore également, lorsque tu célébreras la liturgie, de commémorer mes parents » - et il donna leurs noms (le prêtre Nikita et Maria). Le hiéromoine interrogea : « Comment peux-tu, ô Saint, demander mes prières, quand toi-même tu te tiens devant le Trône Céleste et accorde aux hommes la miséricorde divine ? » « Oui, cela est vrai, » répondit Saint Théodose, « mais la commémoration à la Liturgie est plus puissante que ma prière. »

Les panikhides et les prières privées pour les défunts leur sont donc bénéfiques, de même que les bonnes œuvres faites en leur mémoire, telles que les aumônes ou des dons pour l’église. Mais la commémoration à la Divine Liturgie est spécifiquement salutaire. Il y a beaucoup d’apparitions de défunts et d’autres manifestations qui confirment combien leur commémoration est favorable. Beaucoup de ceux qui moururent en attitude de repentance, mais qui ne furent pas capables de manifester cela alors qu’ils étaient en vie, ont ainsi été délivrés des tourments et obtenu le repos. Dans l’Eglise, des prières sont constamment offertes pour le repos des défunts et, aux Vêpres de la Descente du Saint Esprit, lors des prières de génuflexion, il est même fait une demande particulière « pour ceux qui sont en enfer ».

Chacun de nous désireux de manifester son amour pour les défunts et de leur apporter une aide véritable peut le faire au mieux par le biais de prières à leur intention, et tout particulièrement en les commémorant à la Sainte Liturgie, quand les parcelles prélevées pour les vivants et les morts sont versées dans le Sang du Seigneur avec les paroles : « Lave, ô Seigneur, par Ton Précieux Sang et les prières de Tes saints, les péchés de ceux qui sont ici commémorés. » Nous ne pouvons rien faire de mieux ou de plus grand pour les défunts que de prier pour eux en offrant cette commémoration à la Sainte Liturgie. De cela, ils en ont constamment besoin, et spécialement pendant ces quarante jours où l’âme du trépassé est en chemin vers les demeures éternelles. Le corps, alors, ne ressent rien : il ne voit pas ses proches qui sont rassemblés, ne sent pas le parfum des fleurs, n’entend pas les oraisons funèbres. Mais l’âme perçoit les prières offertes pour elle et est reconnaissante envers ceux qui les adressent et est spirituellement proche d’eux.

Ô parents et proches des défunts ! Faites ce qui est nécessaire et en votre pouvoir pour eux. Utilisez votre argent non pour les ornements extérieurs du cercueil et de la tombe, mais pour venir en aide aux nécessiteux en mémoire de vos proches trépassés, et pour les églises où des prières sont offertes pour eux.
Soyez miséricordieux pour les trépassés, prenez soin de leurs âmes (7). Devant nous tous se tient le même chemin, et combien désirerons-nous alors que l’on se souvienne de nous dans la prière ! Soyons donc nous-mêmes miséricordieux pour les défunts.

Dès que quelqu’un est mort, appelez ou informez immédiatement un prêtre afin qu’il lise les prières devant être dites sur tout chrétien orthodoxe nouvellement décédé. Dans la mesure du possible, essayez de faire les funérailles à l’église et que le psautier soit lu auprès du défunt jusqu’à celles-ci. De façon encore plus certaine, organisez tout de suite le service des quarante jours, c’est-à-dire la commémoration quotidienne à la Sainte Liturgie tout au long de cette période. (Note : Si les funérailles sont célébrées dans une église où il n’y a pas de services quotidiens, la parenté devrait s’efforcer de demander le mémorial de la quarantaine en un lieu où se font des célébrations quotidiennes.) Il est bon également d’envoyer des contributions en vue de la commémoration à des monastères, de même qu’à Jérusalem, où il y a une prière continuelle sur les Lieux Saints.

Prenons soin de ceux qui sont partis avant nous dans l’autre monde. Faisons pour eux tout ce que nous pouvons, en nous souvenant que « bienheureux les miséricordieux, car il leur sera fait miséricorde ».

Icône de saint  Jean avec des scènes de sa vie

1) Son âme, elle, continue à vivre. Elle ne cesse pas d’exister un seul instant. Notre vie extérieure, biologique et terrestre, se termine avec la mort, mais l’âme continue à vivre. L’âme est notre véritable existence, le centre de toutes nos énergies et de nos pensées. L’âme meut et donne la vie au corps. Après la séparation d’avec le corps, elle continue de vivre, d’exister, d’être consciente.
St Théophane le Reclus, dans son message à une femme mourante, écrit : « Vous n’allez pas mourir. Votre corps va mourir, mais vous allez passer à un monde différent, en restant vivante, restant consciente de vous-même et reconnaissant tout le monde qui vous entoure. »
St Dorothée (6e siècle) résume l’enseignement des premiers Pères ainsi : « Car comme les Pères nous l’enseignent, les âmes des défunts se souviennent de tout ce qui s’est passé ici – pensées, paroles, désirs – et rien ne peut être oublié. Mais, comme il est dit dans le psaume, « en ce jour périssent ses pensées » (Ps. 145:5), les pensées dont il est question sont celles du monde, concernant les maisons et possessions, les parents et enfants, et les affaires commerciales. Toutes ces choses sont détruites immédiatement quand l’âme sort du corps. Mais ce qu’il a fait contre la vertu ou contre ses passions mauvaises, il s’en souvient, et rien de tout cela ne se perd. De fait, l’âme ne perd rien de ce qu’elle a fait dans le monde, mais se souvient de tout lorsqu’elle quitte ce corps. »
St Jean Cassien (5e siècle) enseigne de même : « Les âmes, après la séparation d’avec le corps, ne sont pas inactives, ne demeurent pas sans conscience. Ceci est prouvé par la parabole de l’Evangile de l’homme riche et de Lazare (Luc 16:22-28). Les âmes des défunts ne perdent pas leur conscience, elles ne perdent même pas leurs dispositions – c’est-à-dire l’espoir et la crainte, la joie et la peine -, et ont déjà un avant-goût de ce qui les attend au Jugement Dernier. »

2) Celui qui quitte ce monde éprouve beaucoup de consolation quand il voit des gens amicaux entourant son corps mort. Une telle personne perçoit, dans les larmes de douleur de ses bien-aimés, leur amour et leur dévouement sincère. La plus grande joie terrestre est indubitablement de constater que nous mourons honorés et appréciés par tous ceux qui nous ont connus. Mais tout comme le corps, au moment de la mort, est entouré de parents et d’amis, de même l’âme, qui abandonne le corps et se dirige vers sa patrie céleste, est accompagnée par les êtres spirituels qui lui sont apparentés. L’âme vertueuse est entourée d’anges de lumière lumineux, alors que l’âme pécheresse est entourée d’êtres sombres et mauvais, c’est-à-dire de démons.
St Basile le Grand (4e siècle) l’explique ainsi : « Que personne ne vous trompe avec de vaines paroles ; car la destruction s’abattra sur vous de manière soudaine, elle surgira comme une tempête. Un ange sévère (c’est-à-dire un démon) viendra et entraînera avec force l’âme qui s’est liée aux péchés ; et ton âme se tournera ici-bas  et souffrira en silence, ayant déjà été expulsée de l’organe des plaintes (le corps). Ô comme tu seras tourmenté dans la douleur à l’heure de la mort ! Comme tu gémiras ! »
St Macaire d’Egypte écrit à ce sujet : « Quand tu entends qu’il y a des fleuves de dragons et des gueules de lions (cf. Heb. 11:33 ; Ps. 22:21)  et des puissances des ténèbres sous le ciel et un feu brûlant (Jer. 20:9) qui crépite dans les membres du corps, tu dois savoir ceci : à moins que tu n’aies reçu le gage du Saint Esprit (2 Cor. 1:22 ; 5:5), au moment où ton âme se sépare du corps, les démons mauvais la retiennent avec force et ne te laissent pas t’élever vers les cieux. » Le même Père nous enseigne également : « Lorsque l’âme abandonne le corps, un certain grand mystère prend place. Si le défunt s’en va non repenti, une horde de démons, d’anges déchus et de puissances ténébreuses accueillent cette âme et la gardent avec eux. Tout le contraire se passe avec ceux qui se sont repentis, car près des saints serviteurs de Dieu se tiennent maintenant des anges et de bons esprits, les entourant et les protégeant, et quand ils quittent le corps le chœur des anges accueille leur âme dans la pure éternité. »
Le champion de l’Orthodoxie contre l’hérésie nestorienne, St Cyrille d’Alexandrie enseigne pareillement : « Lorsque l’âme se sépare du corps, elle voit les épouvantables, farouches démons, impitoyables et féroces, se tenir là en attente. L’âme du juste est emmenée par les saints anges à travers les airs et transportée vers les hauteurs. »
St Grégoire le Dialoguiste écrit : « Il faut profondément considérer combien effrayante va être l’heure de notre mort, quelle terreur l’âme va alors éprouver, quelle remémoration de tous les maux, quel oubli complet du bonheur passé, quelle peur et quelle appréhension du Juge! Alors les esprits mauvais feront ressortir les actions de l’âme quittant ce monde ; puis ils présenteront à sa vue les péchés auxquels ils l’avaient disposée, pour entraîner leur complice vers les tourments. Mais pourquoi parler seulement de l’âme pécheresse, alors que, parmi les mourants, ils viennent même auprès des élus et recherchent ce qui leur appartient en eux, s’ils y ont réussi ? Parmi les hommes, il n’y en eut qu’Un seul Qui avant Sa passion déclara sans crainte : "Dorénavant, je ne parlerai plus guère avec vous : car le prince de ce monde vient, et il n’a rien en Moi. " (Jean 14:30). »
Cette vérité est confirmée dans de nombreux services liturgiques. Par exemple, aux Petites Complies, nous demandons à la Mère de Dieu : « Sois miséricordieuse envers moi, non seulement dans cette vie misérable, mais également à l’heure de ma mort ; prends soin de mon âme misérable et repousse loin d’elle les sombres et sinistres visages des démons mauvais. »
Dans une prière de l’office de minuit du samedi (adressée au Sauveur), nous prions : « Maître, sois-moi miséricordieux et ne laisse pas mon âme voir la sombre et sinistre vision des esprits mauvais ; mais fais que des anges lumineux et joyeux l’accueillent. »
Ailleurs, dans un autre hymne à la Theotokos (de l’office des matines du lundi), nous prions : « A l’heure effrayante de la mort, délivre-nous de la terrible sentence des démons qui cherchent à nous condamner. »
De semblables prières, adressées au Seigneur et aux saints anges, se retrouvent tout au long de l’office des défunts.

3) Ici, saint Jean Maximovitch répète simplement un enseignement courant de l’Eglise.
St Macaire d’Alexandrie (qui en a reçu la révélation non des hommes, mais d’un ange) explique : « Quand une offrande (c’est-à-dire l’Eucharistie) est faite dans l’Eglise le troisième jour, l’âme du défunt reçoit un soulagement de son ange gardien pour la peine éprouvée par la séparation d’avec son corps. Durant deux jours, l’âme peut parcourir la terre, où qu’elle veuille, en compagnie des anges qui sont avec elle. De ce fait, l’âme qui est attachée au corps erre quelquefois dans la maison où celui-ci est déposé, et passe ainsi deux jours comme un oiseau cherchant son nid. Mais l’âme vertueuse va vers les lieux où elle avait coutume de faire de bonnes actions. Le troisième jour, Celui Qui Lui-même S’est relevé des morts ce jour-là, ordonne à l’âme chrétienne, à l’imitation de sa Résurrection, de monter vers les cieux pour adorer le Dieu de toutes choses. »