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          Before Women Proposing Became A 'Thing,' Mara Brock Akil Asked Salim Akil To Marry Her + Lisa Bonet's 'Cosby Show' Ex Joseph C. Phillips' Wife Files For Divorce      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mara Brock Akil been on the woman asking a man for his hand in marriage wave. Get the deets on her proposal to husband Salim Akil, plus deets on former "Cosby" star Joseph C. Phillips' wife ending their 20+ year marriage inside... . . .

Read more from Before Women Proposing Became A 'Thing,' Mara Brock Akil Asked Salim Akil To Marry Her + Lisa Bonet's 'Cosby Show' Ex Joseph C. Phillips' Wife Files For Divorce at Young, Black & Fabulous

          Labour-Style Anti-Semitism Takes over the Democratic Party      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In 2010, Britain’s current Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, hosted an event which facilitated a tour for a shadowy group called the “International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.” The entire event was predicated on Holocaust revisionism, and revolting comparisons between Israel and the Nazis. During the course of the event, one of the speakers likened Israel’s defensive measures in the Gaza Strip to the Nazi treatment of Jews in the Holocaust. Such outrageous comparisons amount to nothing short of Holocaust denial, yet Corbyn, who was a relatively obscure member of parliament at the time, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the rancid speaker.

Eight years later, Corbyn, who is facing increasing criticism for failing to address mounting anti-Semitism within his party, apologized. “I apologize for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused,” he said. Corbyn’s faux expression of contrition, eight years after the fact, is a case of too little, too late. 

Corbyn, who likes to pal around with terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, is an anti-Semite to his core and his Labour Party has taken its cues from him. In the last week alone, there were at least three reported incidents of overt anti-Semitism from Labour officials with close ties to Corbyn. 

Damien Enticott, a lawmaker in Bognor Regis, a town on England’s southern coast and a member of the Labour Party shared a Facebook post accusing Jews of drinking blood and engaging in pedophilia. He initially denied sharing the post but then acknowledged doing so due to “frustration at seeing unarmed civilians being shot by Israeli soldiers.”

At a Labour Party meeting, Peter Willsman, a senior party member was recorded telling committee members that allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party were orchestrated by “Jewish Trump fanatics,” who manipulated and “falsif[ied] social media very easily.”

Mary Bain Lockhart, a councilwoman for the Scottish Labour Party intimated in a Facebook post that Jewish UK media publications were working with Israel’s Mossad intelligence arm to undermine Labour. She went on to accuse Israel of being a “racist state.”

No doubt the conspiracy-prone, terrorist sympathizing Corbyn agreed with these sentiments, and judging by past Labour Party member transgressions, there will likely be little repercussion. Conversely, Jewish Labour Party officials who have spoken out against anti-Semitism within their Party, now face disciplinary action. Such is the Kafkaesque state of affairs in the UK’s Labour Party.

Across the Atlantic there are ominous signs that Labour style anti-Semitism is seeping into and infecting the Democratic Party. There was a time when an appearance with the rabidly anti-Semitic Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan would be the death knell for anyone seeking political office beyond the local level. But today, the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, Keith Ellison, is a man who has openly associated with Farrakhan. Ellison now claims to reject Farrakhan but strangely, keeps having fortuitous encounters with him and his supporters. Ellison also entertained numerous anti-Semitic calumnies including a claim, regurgitated with banal regularity by right and left-wing anti-Semites, that Israel controls U.S. foreign policies. Even the left-wing Anti-Defamation League noted that Ellison’s comments evoke “the specter of age-old stereotypes about Jewish control of our government.” But these and other comments and actions by Ellison did not prevent him from nearing the top of the Democratic Party and that speaks volumes about the toxic trajectory of the Party.

The rise of so called “Democratic Socialism” of the type championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT.) should be cause for concern for centrist democrats. The Democratic Socialist platform calls for the abolishment of ICE, borders, prisons and profits. They advocate single payer healthcare, tuition-free college and slashing the defense budget while raising taxes to levels associated with dysfunctional socialist countries. With respect to foreign policy matters, Democratic Socialists favor cutting military ties to Israel and advocate for the so-called Palestinian “Right of Return,” a euphemism for flooding Israel with millions of hostile Palestinians thereby diluting Israel of its Jewish majority, which would effectively spell the destruction of Israel. In fact, Sanders recently hinted his support for such a diabolical scheme.

Sanders himself is pandering to Linda Sarsour, a self-described “social media expert” and “Women’s March” organizer. Sarsour is a toxic individual whose unhinged anti-Semitic views rival those of her British Labour cohorts across the Atlantic. She has also spoken fondly of Farrakhan.  Yet this has not deterred prominent Democrats, including possible presidential candidates, from pandering to her. Last year, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) showered her with praise and refused to backtrack even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence of Sarsour’s vile Judeophobia. To further ingratiate herself with Sarsour and her anti-Israel allies, Gillibrand withdrew her support for an anti-BDS bill that enjoyed wide bipartisan support.

The unexpected meteoric rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat 10-term Queens Rep. Joe Crowley, should also raise alarm bells. The self-described Democratic Socialist, who in an interview acknowledged knowing little about Israel, nevertheless criticized the Jewish State for undertaking defensive measures to protect itself from terror attacks emanating from Gaza. Soon after, Ocasio-Cortez gravitated toward the rancid Sarsour. The two were featured speakers at the 16th Annual Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) held on July 29, 2018 and were seen pictured together.

Democrats, who have been quick to accuse President Donald Trump of doing little to address anti-Semitism, have themselves deliberately stymied efforts, spearheaded by Trump, to combat Judeophobia. For months, Democrats held up the Trump’s nomination of Kenneth Marcus as assistant secretary of education for civil rights; this despite the fact that Marcus’ appointment garnered the endorsement of some 60 prominent civil and human rights groups, including the left-leaning ADL. 

Marcus, who headed the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and served under past administrations was also a tireless fighter against anti-Semitism and spoke out against the malign influence and tactics employed by pernicious student groups, like Students for Justice in Palestine, whose sole aim is to attack and delegitimize Israel and its supporters. Often, these groups employ tactics that create hostile environments for Jewish students and deny their basic right to assemble and engage in free speech.

Ultimately, Marcus was confirmed by the Senate but without a single Democratic vote. That speaks volumes about the Democratic Party and the toxic path it has chosen for itself. We are witnessing the final death pangs of the Democratic Party as we once remembered it and the extinction of the socially progressive, pro-free enterprise, pro-Israel, centrist Democrat.

          Kayakers to Paddle From Kent to Cleveland for 5th Annual Crooked River Commute      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Two days and 50 miles. That is how long it will take kayakers to paddle the Cuyahoga River from Kent State University to Kent State’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative for the 5th annual Crooked River Commute. The event is intended to promote the river as a shared asset for education, recreation, and sustainability.


A Kent State University student pulls a kayak up on the bank of the Cuyahoga River.

The kayakers will leave from Heritage Park in Kent on Friday, Aug. 10, and celebrate their return to Cleveland by paddling into the Cleveland Flats neighborhood on Saturday, Aug. 11. The flotilla of 18 kayakers is expected to arrive at the Cleveland Metroparks Merwin’s Wharf on Saturday evening. An arrival party is planned at Merwins Wharf on Saturday from 6-8 p.m. to cheer on the paddlers and enjoy the riverfront surroundings.


Kent State University students, faculty, alumni, and friends will complete the trek, which includes overnight camping at Heritage Farms in Peninsula. Kayaks will be provided by Kent State’s Crooked River Adventures, a livery offering recreational and instructional opportunities on the Cuyahoga River and Mogadore Reservoir. The Crooked River Commute team hopes to raise awareness about riverfront communities, promote freshwater design issues, and produce a documentary film about the journey.

Kent State’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design are committed to promoting the ecological health of the river and its recreational opportunities through outreach as well as educational and academic programs designed to promote the river as a critical asset to the region’s future.


The kayakers will be sharing their journey live though social media. You can follow them through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #CrookedRiverCommute.


For more information on Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design, visit


For more information on Kent State’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, visit


# # #

Photo Caption:
Kent State University students paddle down the Cuyahoga River during a Crooked River Adventures kayaking trip.


Media Contacts:
David Jurca,, 216-337-4303
Kristin Anderson,, 330-672-7907


Kayakers to Paddle From Kent to Cleveland for 5th Annual Crooked River Commute
          Couple Robbed At Gunpoint In Chicago; Video Apparently Shows Suspects      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The video sent to CBS 2 by a tipster shows two men walking in an alley, a couple crossing in front of them, and then one of the men pulling out a gun before following the couple around the corner. Chicago police confirmed there was an armed robbery around 3:15 a.m. Wednesday near Damen and Charleston. Images from Google Maps confirm the surveillance video came from the same location. While the video does not show the robbery itself, a police department spokesperson said investigators are reviewing the video to definitively link it to the robbery. Police said a 25-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man were walking on the sidewalk when two men came up from behind and knocked them to the ground. One of the suspects hit the man in the back of the head with a pistol. The suspects robbed the couple at gunpoint and ran south on Damen. The male victim was treated at St. Mary's Hospital for minor injuries. No one was in custody Wednesday morning. Area North detectives were investigating. {{embed|t=u4vd_1533764094}}
          Fundamento Bíblico para Pena de Morte: a Alma      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Acima, uma frase do teólogo calvinista Rushdoony sobre pena de morte na Bíblia. Ele ressalta que os crimes contra a família merecem a pena de morte na Bíblia. Não estou pregando a pena de morte para adúlteros, gays, ou abortistas. Seria um genocídio gigantesco no mundo moderno. Os males contra a família avançaram muito, terrivelmente. Só desejo lembrar aqui a solidez do fundamento da pena de morte na Bíblia. Apenas isso.

Mas, por outro lado, a pena de morte é fundamentada em sua profundidade na honra a Deus, na honra ao que Ele pregou, para o bem da alma humana e da alma da comunidade. Neste sentido, talvez porque não se exerceu a pena de morte contra os primeiros propagadores do aborto, do adultério ou do casamento gay é que temos essas práticas tão disseminadas e aceitas.

E não adianta argumentar que a pena de morte é coisa do Velho Testamento ou judaica. Cristo aprofundou a lei judaica. Foi Ele que disse que para o adultério não precisa do ato, basta o olhar desejoso, foi Ele que disse que se o seu olho faz você pecar, você deve arrancá-lo, foi Ele que disse que o divórcio não é permitido, apesar de Moisés ter permitido no Velho Testamento.

Recentemente, dois renomados católicos, Solange Hertz  e Sandro Magister, mostraram a solidez da pena de morte na Bíblia, motivados pelo argumento de que a pena de morte é "inadmissível" do Papa Francisco no Catecismo.

O texto de Solange Hertz na verdade é de 2011, ela faleceu com 95 anos em 2015. Já em 2011, ela lutava contra as tentativas de condenar a pena de morte em si pelo Vaticano. O site The Remnant republicou o artigo dela na segunda-feira passada por conta do Papa Francisco.

E ontem, eu li o texto do renomado jornalista italiano Sandro Magister incentivado pela heresia do Papa Francisco, no qual ele lembra o pensamento de um ilustre jesuíta.

Vou colocar os principais argumentos dos dois textos:


1) Ela argumenta que a partir de Noé, Deus delegou ao homem também o poder da pena de morte. Genêsis 9:5-6

"Todo aquele que derramar o sangue humano terá seu próprio sangue derramado pelo homem, porque Deus fez o homem à sua imagem." 
Gênesis, 9 - Bíblia Católica Online

2) Depois do Monte Sinai, Moisés codificou a pena de morte na lei judaica (Deut 19: 18-21). A pena de morte foi declarada não apenas para assassinato mas para adultério, estupro, atos sexuais homossexuais (sodomia), sequestro, ofensas aos pais, sacrifício de crianças, idolatria, fazer adivinhações ou buscar espíritos, apostasia, blasfêmia ou qualquer tentativa de seduzir contra a fé, em diversas passagens bíblicas.

3) Depois de algumas considerações sobre como a pena de morte é vista hoje em dia. Hertz lembra qual é o fundamento da pena de morte, não é manter os malfeitores longe da sociedade,o fundamento é a alma humana. Nas palavras dela:

"Dada a queda, as injustiças estão fadadas a ocorrer em qualquer sistema judicial, e todos concordam que devem ser impiedosamente remediadas. O que não é irrelevante é que se precipite no erro que Pio XII adverte. Considerando a segurança física da sociedade como a única razão real para executar um criminoso, argumenta-se que a pena de morte pode agora ser descartada com segurança, supostamente com o argumento de que agora temos à nossa disposição muitas maneiras melhores de proteger as pessoas do malfeitor. Que a pena é devida principalmente como expiação a Deus na justiça, e somente secundariamente ao homem foi completamente perdida de vista. A dimensão sobrenatural da punição como um agente para o bem espiritual da sociedade e do criminoso é, além disso, não apenas não tratada, mas tratada como inexistente."

4) Sobre pena de morte versus a prisão perpétua, Hertz lembra que os padres que convivem com presidiários dizem que a pena de morte tem maior chance de que o malfeitor se arrependa. A prisão perpétua não tem essa característica, o malfeitor continua defendendo sua inocência e morre sem arrependimento. Isto é, não entrega sua alma a Deus. Assim, para a vida eterna do malfeitor a prisão perpétua é pior.

5) Das passagens do Novo Testamento, Hertz lembra por exemplo de Hebreus 9:22-24, que nos mostra a importância do sacrifício para a purificação.

"Moisés, ao concluir a proclamação de todos os mandamentos da lei, em presença de todo o povo reunido, tomou o sangue dos touros e dos cabritos imolados, bem como água, lã escarlate e hissopo, aspergiu com sangue não só o próprio livro, como também todo o povo, 20.dizendo: Este é o sangue da aliança que Deus contraiu convosco (Ex 24,8). 21.E da mesma maneira aspergiu o tabernáculo e todos os objetos do culto. 22.Aliás, conforme a lei, o sangue é utilizado, para quase todas as purificações, e sem efusão de sangue não há perdão. 23.Se os meros símbolos das realidades celestes exigiam uma tal purificação, necessário se tornava que as realidades mesmo fossem purificadas por sacrifícios ainda superiores. "Eis por que Cristo entrou, não em santuário feito por mãos de homens, que fosse apenas figura do santuário verdadeiro, mas no próprio céu, para agora se apresentar intercessor nosso ante a face de Deus." 


O argumento de Magister é que o Papa tomou posição em favor do secularismo humanista, contra os evangelhos.

Ele aponta um texto de um ilustre cardeal jesuíta americano Avery Dulles que faleceu em 2008.

Dulles lembrou que no Velho Testamento existem 36 ofensas que são resolvidas com pena de morte por apedrejamento, na fogueira, decapitação ou estrangulamento.

Dulles também menciona Gênesis 9:6,  e diz que muitas vezes o próprio Deus mata outras vezes usa os seus profetas para tal como Daniel.

Dulles diz que apesar de Cristo não ter usado de violência (acho que ele não lembrou do episódio do Templo, mas tudo bem), Cristo nunca negou a autoridade do Estado em realizar a pena de morte e Cristo, em debate com os fariseus  Ele disse que aquele que ofende seu pai e sua mãe merece morrer (Mateus 15:4, Marcos 7:10, refletindo Êxodo 21:17 e Levítico 20:9)

Na cruz, Cristo elogia o bom ladrão quando este disse que merecia morrer pois tinha cometido malfeito.

Dulles lembra os patriarcas e doutores da Igreja são unânimes em aceitar a pena de morte.

Em seguida, Dulles parece estar escrevendo para o Papa Francisco, pois ele critica justamente a posição do Papa Francisco de que o mundo moderno respeita mais a vida humana.

Diz Dulles:

"Alguns tomam a posição absolutista de que, como o direito à vida é sagrado e inviolável, a pena de morte está sempre errada. Padre Concetti e outros explicam que a Igreja desde os tempos bíblicos até os nossos dias não conseguiu perceber o verdadeiro significado da imagem de Deus no homem, o que implica que até mesmo a vida terrestre de cada pessoa é sagrada e inviolável. Nos séculos passados, é alegado que judeus e cristãos não conseguiram pensar nas conseqüências dessa doutrina revelada. Eles foram apanhados em uma cultura bárbara de violência e em uma teoria absolutista do poder político, ambos transmitidos do mundo antigo. Mas em nossos dias, um novo reconhecimento da dignidade e dos direitos inalienáveis ​​da pessoa humana amanheceu. Aqueles que reconhecem os sinais dos tempos vão além das doutrinas antiquadas de que o Estado tem um poder divino de matar e que os criminosos perdem seus direitos humanos fundamentais. O ensino sobre a pena de morte deve passar hoje por um desenvolvimento dramático correspondente a esses novos insights.

Essa posição absolutista contra a pena de morte tem uma simplicidade tentadora. Mas não é realmente nova. Foi mantida pelos cristãos sectários pelo menos desde a Idade Média. Muitos grupos pacifistas, como os valdenses, os quakers, os huteritas e os menonitas, compartilhavam desse ponto de vista, mas, como o próprio pacifismo, essa interpretação absolutista do direito à vida não encontrou eco na época entre os teólogos católicos, que aceitavam a pena de morte como consoante com a Escritura, a tradição e a lei natural.

"A crescente oposição à pena de morte na Europa desde o Iluminismo tem andado de mãos dadas com o declínio da fé na vida eterna. No século XIX, os defensores mais consistentes da pena de morte eram as igrejas cristãs e seus oponentes mais consistentes eram grupos hostis a Igreja. Quando a morte passou a ser entendida como o mal maior em vez de um estágio no caminho da vida eterna, filósofos utilitaristas como Jeremy Bentham acharam fácil descartar a pena de morte como "aniquilação inútil".

"Muitos governos na Europa e em outros lugares eliminaram a pena de morte no século XX, muitas vezes contra os protestos de crentes religiosos. Embora essa mudança possa ser vista como um progresso moral, provavelmente se deve, em parte, à evaporação do sentido de pecado, culpa e justiça retributiva, todos essenciais para a religião bíblica e para a fé católica.A abolição da pena de morte em países anteriormente cristãos pode dever-se mais ao humanismo secular do que à penetração mais profunda no evangelho.

"Argumentos do progresso da consciência ética têm sido usados ​​para promover uma série de alegados direitos humanos que a Igreja Católica constantemente rejeita em nome da Escritura e tradição. O magistério recorre a essas autoridades como base para repudiar o divórcio, o aborto, as relações homossexuais, e a ordenação de mulheres ao sacerdócio.Se a Igreja se sente vinculada pelas Escrituras e tradição nessas outras áreas, parece inconsistente para os católicos proclamarem uma “revolução moral” sobre a questão da pena de morte.

"O magistério católico não defende e nunca defendeu a abolição incondicional da pena de morte. [...] O papa João Paulo II falou por toda a tradição católica quando proclamou em" Evangelium Vitae "(1995) que" o assassinato direto e voluntário de um ser humano inocente é sempre gravemente imoral. Mas ele sabiamente incluiu nessa declaração a palavra "inocente". Ele nunca disse que todo criminoso tem o direito de viver nem negou que o Estado tem o direito, em alguns casos, de executar o culpado. […]

"O magistério católico nos últimos anos tem se tornado cada vez mais vocal na oposição à prática da pena capital. O Papa João Paulo II em 'Evangelium Vitae' declarou que 'como resultado de melhorias constantes na organização do sistema penal' casos em que o a execução do agressor seria absolutamente necessária "são muito raras, se não praticamente inexistentes".

"Chegando a esta conclusão prudencial, o magistério não está mudando a doutrina da Igreja. A doutrina continua sendo a mesma: que o Estado, em princípio, tem o direito de impor a pena de morte a pessoas condenadas por crimes muito graves. Mas a tradição clássica sustentava que o Estado não deveria exercer esse direito quando os efeitos maléficos superam os bons efeitos, de modo que o princípio ainda deixa em aberto a questão de se e quando a pena de morte deve ser aplicada: o papa e os bispos. Usando um julgamento prudencial, na sociedade contemporânea, pelo menos em países como o nosso, a pena de morte não deveria ser invocada, porque, no geral, faz mais mal do que bem. Eu pessoalmente apoio essa posição. "


          Mittwoch: Ritter, Blogger und Vampire – gute eBooks, kostenlos und reduziert      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Heute gut und gratis: Thriller, Zeitreiseromantik, Beziehungsthriller, Gruselnovelle und Liebesroman; ein Sushi-Rezeptbuch und eine kleine, böse Prinzessin! Und heute gut und günstig: „Das Meer singt für dich“, ein Teneriffa-Liebesroman von Natascha Schwarz. Auch an diesem Mittwoch habe ich reduzierte und kostenlos angebotene Kindle- und Tolino-eBooks geladen, angeblättert und kurz bewertet. Die hier vorgestellten Gratis-eBooks sind ...

Der Beitrag Mittwoch: Ritter, Blogger und Vampire – gute eBooks, kostenlos und reduziert erschien zuerst auf xtme: gute eBooks.

          Before We Met, a short story by Heidi Perks      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

She imagined the other woman as younger, prettier and slimmer – until a chance meeting...
          Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018, un giorno al Note9: segui domani in diretta streaming la presentazione      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Il primo teaser per l'evento Galaxy Unpacked 2018 del 9 agosto di Samsung conferma la presentazione del Galaxy Note9 ma potrebbe esserci dell'altro da scoprire.
          3 Posisi Seks Kama Sutra yang Bikin Gairah Membara      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache, Jakarta Banyak posisi seks yang membuat sesi bercinta terasa panas. Namun, ketika bosan dengan yang itu-itu saja Anda bisa menjajal posisi Kama Sutra.

Berikut beberapa posisi seks Kama Sutra yang boleh kamu coba malam ini karena diyakini dapat membuat gairah seks makin membara. 

1. Baithe Baithe

Posisi ini cukup mudah dilakukan. Pertama-tama, suami duduk di kursi yang nyaman dan kuat dengan kaki agak dibuka. Selanjutnya, istri duduk di atas pangkuan suami secara berhadap-hadapan.

Posisi ini diyakini mampu membuat wanita merasakan kenikmatan dalam hubungan seks. Pada posisi Kama Sutra ini membuat wanita mengatur posisi agar lebih intim dan mengontrol permainan.



Saksikan juga video menarik berikut:


2. Ek Karwat

Ilustrasi posisi seks (iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Di posisi ini kamu dan pasangan harus berbaring dengan posisi yang berhadapan. Posisi ini mengharuskan pasangan saling berdekapan.

Kakimu harus bisa mengalungi pinggang suami. Posisi ini akan membuatmu merasakan hubungan intim yang dekat dan hangat. Posisi bercinta yang mengalungkan kaki seperti ini juga bisa dilakukan dalam posisi duduk.

3. Jangha Vibhor

Posisi yang satu ini juga masih termasuk dalam woman on top. Minta pasangan untuk berbaring sambil merenggangkan kedua kakinya. Posisi bercinta yang berhadap-hadapan seperti ini menjanjikan hubungan seks yang dahsyat.


Penulis: Ivana Okta Riyani


          Florida Woman Catches Four-Legged Package Thief on Camera      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
That’s not how Amazon works, pup.
          Apartament 3 camere      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Apartament 3 camere, semidecomandat, 47 mp suprafata totala, zona Primaverii, caramida, etaj ...
          Apartament 4 camere      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Apartament 4 camere, decomandat, bloc tip vila, Bulevardul Mihai Eminescu, 86 mp, etaj ...
          Apartament 4 camere      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Apartament 4 camere, decomandat, 97 mp suprafata totala, BCA pe cadre, la strada, zona centrala, ...
          Trik Mengaplikasikan Petroleum Jelly dalam Rutinitas Kecantikan      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache, Jakarta Petroleum jelly sekarang sudah banyak digunakan sebagai salep, pelumas, krim, dan obat. Namun, ternyata Anda juga bisa menggunakan sebagai rutinitas kecantikan.

Dilansir dari, Rabu (8/8/2018), berikut ini adalah beberapa trik mengaplikasikan petroleum jelly dalam rutinitas kecantikan. Penasaran?

1. Bulu mata palsu

Petroleum jelly dapat bekerja untuk melembutkan lem pada bulu mata palsu. Oleskan sedikit petroleum jelly pada kapas dan aplikasikan sepanjang garis bulu mata Anda.

Atau jika Anda tidak suka menggunakan bulu mata palsu, mengaplikasikan petroleum jelly di sepanjang garis bulu mata juga dapat menambahkan volume dan membuat bulu mata semakin berkilau. Sudah pernah coba?

2. Krim kaki

Anda yang memiliki kulit kaki kering dan bersisik, mengaplikasikan petroleum jelly ke telapak kaki sebelum tidur setiap malam dapat membantu mengatasi masalah tersebut. Setelah mengaplikasikan petroleum jelly, jangan lupa, sebelum tidur, jangan lupa menggunakan kaus kaki untuk membuat kulit kaki lebih lembut dan halus.


3. Membantu aroma parfum bertahan lebih lama

Ilustrasi kecantikan pakai pelembap (iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Mengaplikasikan sedikit petroleum jelly di pergelangan tangan dan daerah belakang telinga sebelum menggunakan parfum dapat membantu aromanya bertahan lebih lama di kulit.

4. Membuat kaki lebih bersinar

Campuran antara sedikit petroleum jelly dengan bronzer akan membuat kulit kaki Anda bersinar. Namun, jangan khawatir, kulit akan tetap terlihat alami.

5. Membantu proses pewarnaan rambut

Salah satu bahaya terbesar ketika mewarnai rambut adalah cairan kimia yang menempel di bagian atas telinga, di dahi, atau sekitar garis rambut. Mengaplikasikan petroleum jelly di sepanjang garis rambut akan menghalangi pewarna menyentuh kulit Anda.

6. Menata rambut alis yang berantakan

Ilustrasi perawatan kecantikan (iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Jangan pernah menggunakan air liur, gunakan petroleum jelly. Caranya adalah menggunakan Vaseline di pagi hari dengan jumlah yang secukupnya.

7. Melembapkan kutikula

Krim kutikula memang terbilang mahal. Namun, petroleum jelly memiliki kemampuan yang sama untuk melembapkan kutikula kering.

8. Membantu krim wajah dan serum mata

Setelah menggunakan serum mata dan krim wajah, dengan lembut aplikasikan sedikit petroleum jelly di atasnya. Petroleum jelly dapat mengunci kelembapan dan mencegah penguapan, meningkatkan kekuatan krim yang Anda gunakan.

Namun, pastikan Anda tidak menggunakan petroleum jelly setelah mengaplikasikan serum berbasis retinol, karena dapat menyebabkan iritasi kulit. 

          Apartament 2 camere zona Liceul Electro      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Agentia Lider Home ofera spre vanzare apartament 2 camere, semidecomandat, renovat, gresie, ...
          Apartament 4 camere decomandat, spatios, zona Bazar      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Agentia LIder Home va ofera spre vanzare apartament 4 camere, decomandat, spatios 92 mp, 2 bai, ...
          Video of mother demanding PIA crew to open plane door for 'unconscious' baby goes viral       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A video of a baby who had allegedly fallen unconscious due to faulty air conditioning in a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight was shared on social media and TV channels on Wednesday, prompting the national carrier's spokesperson to take notice.

The video shows a woman — presumed to be the mother of the infant — yelling at PIA crew members to open the plane's door while pointing at the baby who was being held by a male passenger. The PIA staff can be seen telling the woman to wait, with one male official saying: "[sic] would have opened the door ... [we are] talking to the pilot".

The other passengers can also be heard demanding for the door to be opened, with some of them fanning the baby and others chanting "shame" at the officials.

PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar, when contacted by, said he was unaware of the incident prior to the video being shared on social media today. He was also unclear on which flight the incident had taken place.

"PIA has taken notice of the video and has launched an investigation to find out which flight and crew members are shown in the video," said Tajwar. "Some people on the media are reporting that the incident took place on August 1, some are saying on August 3 — we have yet to confirm exactly which flight and date it was."

He also added that there has been no official complaint registered with PIA regarding this incident.

          Personal Assistant - MP/MG/GCC - The Rowan Organisation - Pwllheli LL53      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
MP/MG/GWYNEDD JOB DESCRIPTION Closing date: 15/8/18 PERSONAL ASSISTANT Aims and purpose of role To provide personal care for a woman in her 80s who... £9.50 an hour
From The Rowan Organisation - Fri, 03 Aug 2018 17:27:30 GMT - View all Pwllheli LL53 jobs
          5 suspects arrested in Jinnah Park rape case: police       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The capital police on Wednesday arrested five men for their alleged involvement in the rape of a woman in Jinnah Park in Islamabad's F-9 area, DawnNewsTV reported.

Last week, a woman was walking in the park with a male friend when some men, who introduced themselves as security personnel and CDA employees, robbed the duo and told them to leave the park.

The woman complained to the police that after sending her male friend out of the park, one of the men raped her. She said she was in a state of shock and could not bring herself to lodge a complaint for four days.

An FIR of the case was registered, with a CDA spokesperson telling Dawn that an internal investigation was also underway.

A police spokesperson informed the media today that three of the arrested men are CDA employees, whereas two others are employees of a private security firm.

The police official further said that security at all parks in the city has been beefed up and that strong measures are being taken to make public spaces safe for citizens.

          F-9 Park ‘guards’ who raped woman in Islamabad still not identified       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

ISLAMABAD: The capital police have been unable to track down the men who allegedly raped a woman in Fatima Jinnah Park last week.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to wait for a police report but has claimed that a departmental enquiry will be held.

“We have collected the data of all the guards in the park and put them under observation. The victim will be requested to identify the guards from their pictures or a line-up at the police station,” Margalla Station House Officer Ulfat Arif told Dawn.

He said it is possible the men may have been posing as guards or police officials.

“We have been collecting CCTV footage but the park is very large and cameras are not installed everywhere. We will hopefully reach a conclusion soon,” he said.

SHO Arif said the complainant belongs to a middle class family and is well educated.

Last week, a woman was walking in the park with a male friend when some men had come and introduced themselves as guards of the park and said they worked for the CDA.

The men robbed the duo and told them to leave the park via different gates.

The woman complained to the police that after sending her male friend out of the park, one of the men raped her. She said she was in shock and could not bring herself to lodge a complaint for four days.

CDA Spokesperson Malik Saleem told Dawn that an FIR was registered and that the department will therefore wait for the identification of the suspect.

“However, we will definitely conduct a departmental inquiry whether the suspect is identified or not,” he said.

Published in Dawn, August 8th, 2018

          Woman made ‘moharar’ at Dir police station       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Head constable, Rehmat Jehan. — Dawn
Head constable, Rehmat Jehan. — Dawn

TIMERGARA: A woman head constable, Rehmat Jehan assumed duty as the first lady ‘moharar’ at the Balambat police station here on Tuesday.

Women rights’ activists lauded the step taken by district police officer Arif Shehbaz Wazir terming it beneficial for women folk in the area.

Talking to Dawn, Ms Jehan, 28, hailing from Madak Lasht Darosh village of Chitral, said she had joined police department in 2012 as a constable. With a graduation degree, Ms Jehan after successfully completing her B-1 and lower school course at police training centre, Hangu, wished to be appointed as ‘moharar’.

“It is my ambition to reach to the posts of SHO and DSP and serve the people, especially helpless women,” she said, adding she never felt any hesitation or fear to work in the male-dominated society like Dir and Chitral. She said one of her sisters too wanted to join the police department after completing her studies.

Expressing her pleasure on posting as moharar at the police station, Ms Jehan said she would like to help out women complainants at the station. “I want to prove that women from conservative societies can also serve the nation,” she added.

Meanwhile, DPO Arif Shehbaz Wazir told Dawn another lady head constable, Shagufta Bibi had also been posted in the women reporting centre of Talash police station.

He said a total of 46 women constables were serving in Lower Dir police, of which, the educated ones would be encouraged to be promoted to next ranks. He said there was an intense need for a women police station in Lower Dir.

The DPO said in near future lady ‘moharars’ would also be appointed in all the 13 police stations of the district.

Published in Dawn, August 8th, 2018

          Dallas police searching for Henderson Ave sexual assault suspect      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
DALLAS – Police are searching for a suspect that sexually assaulted a woman inside a nightclub. The victim was inside the Beauty Bar nightclub’s restroom last Friday night when the suspect, described as a 20-25 year-old Hispanic male with a light complexion, sexually assaulted her. The incident occurred around 12:45 am. The male stands 5′, 8″ tall, 150-170 pounds, has dark brown or black hair that’s curly on top with a fade cut on the sides. Anyone with information regarding […]
          Couple charged with locking children inside small, windowless boxes      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
FARMINGTON, Mo. — A man and woman have been charged after children were found in their Farmington home confined inside small windowless boxes, officials told KTVI. Deputies say three girls and a boy ranging from 6 to 12 years old were found inside the 5-by-7-foot boxes. The homeowner, Daryl Head, 38, initially hesitated to allow deputies inside the home. When officials entered, they saw Laura Cheatem, 38, unscrewing the plywood on the boxes as a 6-year-old boy was seen inside […]
          Woman held captive in Indonesian cave for 15 years rescued      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An Indonesian woman was held captive in a cave for 15 years by a local spiritual healer who regularly raped her, police say. The 28-year-old woman, identified only as “H”, was found Sunday in a crevice behind large rocks near Bajugan village in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province, local police said in a statement Monday. Officers had received a tip-off that H was being held there by an 83-year-old village shaman named Jago, the Jakarta Post reported. After detaining and interrogating Jago, they found […]
          Dolan praises St. Dominic at KofC convention      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Baltimore, Md., Aug 8, 2018 / 03:54 pm (CNA).- The Archbishop of New York encouraged Catholics to imitate the patient and persistent prayer of St. Dominic, during a homily Aug. 8 at the 2018 Knights of Columbus convention in Baltimore.

“Jesus prefers patient, persistent, persevering, pestering prayer! St. Dominic claims this creates within us a readiness, a space, to receive God’s answer.  We would say such constant prayer exercises our ‘faith muscle,’ which tends to get flabby,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

The cardinal pointed to St. Dominic’s dedication to the rosary and contemplation of the Gospels as daily practices worthy of imitation, comparing St. Dominic’s perseverance with that of the Canaanite woman in the Gospel.

Dolan also commended the amount of prayer that takes place at the Knights of Columbus’ annual convention, which includes daily Masses, a Eucharistic adoration chapel, and invocations before every event.

Aug. 8 is celebrated in the Church as the memorial of St. Dominic, the 13th century founder of the Order of Preachers, known as the Dominicans, who spread devotion to the rosary.

“This towering saint gives us an abundance of attributes to celebrate: his preaching, so renowned that his spiritual sons are called ‘the order of preachers’; his intellect, the spring that gave us scholarly giants such as St. Albert and St. Thomas Aquinas; his zeal, as St. Dominic was non-stop in his teaching, preaching, travel, and work, all for Jesus and His Church,” said Dolan.

However, he reminded the Knights that prayer was “what generated the renowned preaching, scholarship, and evangelical energy of St. Dominic.”

After the Mass, the Greek Melkite Archbishop of Aleppo, Syria, Jean-Clement Jeanbart spoke briefly about a pilgrim icon of Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians, which was then blessed by Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore.

Lori’s blessing was the kickoff to the Knights’ Marian icon prayer program. The archbishop invoked St. Paul’s words, “though we are afflicted in every way, we are not crushed; though perplexed, not driven to despair; though persecuted, not forsaken; though struck down, not destroyed.”

          Romano: “Al Real non è piaciuto l’atteggiamento di Modric”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Il giornalista: "La società si aspettava un segnale dal croato

L'articolo Romano: “Al Real non è piaciuto l’atteggiamento di Modric” sembra essere il primo su

          Laudisa: “Modric-Real, è strappo: domani chiederà la cessione”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Carlo Laudisa, con Giulia Stronati, fa il punto sulla vicenda Modric-Inter. Il croato è a Madrid dove ha incontrato il numero due dei Blancos José Angel Sanchez. Le trattative restano aperte, in attesa dell'incontro risolutivo domani tra Modric e il presidente Florentino Perez

L'articolo Laudisa: “Modric-Real, è strappo: domani chiederà la cessione” sembra essere il primo su

          Ruby Rose on being cast as Batwoman: “I am beyond thrilled and honored … this is a childhood dream”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Bat is out of the bag and I am beyond thrilled and honored. I’m also an emotional wreck.. because this is a childhood dream. This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on tv and felt [...]
          CAT DAY      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Happy International Cat Day, Spy Vibers! Spy Vibe recommends leather for your active week ahead. Let's face it, it's frustrating when your outfit rips every time you have to dodge bullets on the back of your scooter or when you give a few Judo throws in a dark alley. And don't even mention those midnight strolls over the rooftops! Leather catsuits, especially made for our heroines, are a time-proven solution for your well-dressed adventures. Before this style became hyper-sexualized with exaggerated physicality and shiny latex, it was the original design for cool athletic lady detectives, jewel thieves, and spies. From a time when women in pop culture could be powerful by being independent and skilled, characters didn't have to always play the card of availability- as Gloria Steinem has pointed out: often the only game in town for women to claim power. Figures like Irma Vepp (Les Vampires/1915), Miss Fury (1940s), Cathy Gale (The Avengers/1964), Mrs Peel (The Avengers/1965), Honey West (1965), Marianne Faithful (Girl On a Motorcycle/1968)), and Catwoman (1966) below show us a far more nuanced possibility. Lady Spy Vibers never settle for less! Related posts: Kinky BootsPeeling Off the TrenchcoatsMods to Moongirls. Check out my spring sale on eBay here. Love the fashion? I've included a promo collage below. Enjoy!

And let's give a little room for some other cool cats! Below: T.H.E. Cat, Bettie Page, Diana Rigg, Sean Connery, and John Lennon. Enjoy! Have you heard my new episode of Cocktail Nation Radio? Spy Vibe is featured in a podcast segment every month, where I introduce cool films/series and share recordings from the Cold War. This month I introduce Get Smart. For more radio action, go to Episode #1 (Danger Man) and Episode #2 (The 10th Victim), Epsiode #3 (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), Episode #4 (Roger Moore/The Saint), and Episode #5 (The Avengers), Episode #6 (The Prisoner), and Episode #7 (The Ipcress File), Episode #8 (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.), Spy Vibe Radio: UFO, Spy Vibe Radio: Danger DiabolikSpy Vibe Radio: Peter GunnSpy Vibe Radio: Jerry Cotton, and Spy Vibe Radio: Flint.

I also want to let Spy Vibers know that my new book is available for pre-order on Amazon.Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics chronicles the 83-year career of the creator of Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois with rare interviews, articles, unseen photos and cartoons, and tributes from the comic community. More info at Amazonand Amazon UK. Check other Amazon sites for your region. From the press release: Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics is a major accomplishment." -Brian Walker (from the Foreword). Besides syndicating nine comic strips, including Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois, Mort Walker devoted his life to creating, collecting, curating, and chatting about his one true love- the funnies! Talking Mort Walker: A Life in Comics takes readers on a journey for the first time through Walker's career between 1935-2018, where rare interviews, articles, letters, unpublished photographs, and drawings reveal insights about the child prodigy who grew up to become the Dean of American cartooning.

Selected Spy Vibe Posts: Spy Vibe Radio: Get SmartCaine: My GenerationInterview: Ian OgilvyITC Elstree EventHorror of Party BeachSylvie Vartan RenownRingo At 78Dark Shadows StripsSpy Vibe Radio: FlintArchie Batman 66Paul at 76Beatles Pac-ManSpy Vibe Radio: Jerry CottonThe Invaders007 Horowitz Book TourMcGoohan/Prisoner Event at ElstreeThe Prisoner Interviews Vol 1British Underground PressInterview: Fab4 ManiaBond Cocktail BookBond at BletchleySpy SmasherSpy Vibe Radio: Peter GunnAgent Zero MNew Prisoner ComicDr. No Villains Edition,  Spy Vibe Radio: Danger DiabolikDr. No 60thOy-Oy-SevenSpy Vibe Radio (UFO)Cold War Comic StripsThunderball EventMission to IndiaMort Walker Celebration,  Peter Wyngarde CelebrationBatman 66 ExhibitPrisoner Fifty EventIan Fleming Publications 2017-2018Interview: Ed Hulse PulpAvengers Audio DramaInterview: Callan At 50Interview: Playboys, Spies, Private EyesTWA ReturnsSpy Vibe Radio 8Interview: Ryan HeshkaMid-Century Modern SchulzAgent WerewolfMata Hair ExhibitJohnny Sokko 50thInterview: Trina RobbinsEddie IzzardThe Prisoner Capt Scarlet 50thHugh Hefner R.I.P.Jack Good R.I.P.Interview: Shaken Not StirredCallan 50thSpy Vibe Radio 7The Prisoner 50th EventSpy-Fi EventKaho Aso 007Two MillionBo DiddleyCarnaby PopLe Carre EventsBilly Bragg SkiffleElvis 68Jack Kirby The PrisonerCasino Royale ConcertReview: The Prisoner Vol 2Interview: The Prisoner Essential GuideMaud Russell MottisfontSpy Vibe Radio 4Batman GallantsAdam West R.I.P.Village TriangleRoger Moore R.I.P.Spy Vibe Radio 3Sgt Pepper 50thSatanik Kriminal OST60s OverdriveMake Love in LondonSpy Vibe Radio 2Spy Vibe Radio 1James Bond StripsPropaganda MabuseInterview: Police SurgeonXTC Avengers1966 Pep SpiesBatman Book InterviewExclusive Fleming InterviewAvengers Comic StripsRobert Vaughn RIPUNCLE FashionsThunderbirds Are Pop!, Interview: Spy Film GuideLost Avengers FoundThe Callan FileMission Impossible 50thGreen Hornet 50thStar Trek 50thPortmeirion Photography 1Filming the PrisonerGaiman McGinnins ProjectIan Fleming GraveRevolver at 50Karen Romanko InterviewMod Tales 2Umbrella Man: Patrick MacneeNew Beatles FilmThe Curious CameraEsterel Fashion 1966Exclusive Ian Ogilvy Interview007 Tribute CoversThe Phantom Avon novels returnIan Fleming FestivalArgoman DesignSylvia Anderson R.I.P.Ken Adam R.I.P.George Martin R.I.P.The New Avengers ComicsThe Phantom at 80007 MangaAvengerworld BookDiana Rigg Auto ShowThe Prisoner Audio Drama Review.
          Black Kitty Kat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Release Year: 2009 Studio: TrannySurprise Cast: Andre, Rafaella Genres: Black Hair, Big Ass, Muscular, Puffy Nipples, Shaved, BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, Pool, Deepthroat, Asslick, Gay, Bikini, Latin, 1 on 1, Mature (30+) Video language: English If u like brown sugar like I do, then u [...]
          Venus Lux Transsexual Romance      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Studio: Venus Lux Entertainment Watch tranny studs and babes getting it on in James Darlings latest FTMFucker feature! TS angels and FTM lads top, bottom, switch, fuck, engulf and cum over and over! This is ladyman porn like you have not ever seen previous to! Brought to u [...]
          Creampies From TS Barbie Jessy Dubai      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Studio: Kink: TS Seduction Cast: Will Havoc,Jessy Dubai Video language: English When Will Havoc fantasies of the flawless woman there is no woman greater amount exotic and glamorous than Jessy Dubai and her violent hard dick! In his dream this babe arrives in his room [...]
          Rocket Pig Games Necromancer      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Rocket Pig Games NecromancerPublisher: Rocket Pig Games Inc.

Rocket Pig Games is a leader in the 3D industry. We specialize in creating 3D printable files that work on your home or public 3D printer. If you are looking for unique and flawless 3D printable files to create miniatures, modular terrain, and props then look no further! We have yearly Kickstarters! Follow our progress on our website or on Facebook.

This model does not come with supports. You will need to generate them with the software of your choice or use Autodesk Meshmixer which is free.

The Necromancer

These are the settings we have used to get perfect prints on our printers. Printers vary as do different types of filaments and how prints behave in different types of weather! You will need to get comfortable with your printer and how it prints in the hot, cold, and humidity. Regardless of the printer you choose, I recommend keeping your room cool and dry. I also, highly recommend using Hatchbox PLA. It may cost a bit more but it’s 100% worth it. Seriously.

Here's what is working really well with Hatchbox PLA: 
TEMP: 195 (40-55 for bed depending on season) 
SPEED: 60 mms 
INFILL: 15% (for tiles) 

Price: $3.99
          Hero Builder Character Sheet      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hero Builder Character SheetPublisher: The Table Candle

 The Hero Builder Character Sheet is for use with The Hero Builder System: /product/247925/Hero-Builder-Core-Rulebook

This Fully Digital Character Sheet is used to keep track of a Heros Health, Power Points, Powers and more.

You can even put in a picture of your Hero.

.Glory-A the Nano Swarm

Chevron the Samoyed

Price: $0.00
          Cover full page - Desert Rider - RPG Stock Art      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Cover full page - Desert Rider - RPG Stock ArtPublisher: Dean Spencer Art

This stock art image by Dean Spencer depicts a robed man riding through the evening desert on a strange creature. In the background there are ruins and a woman with a sword is standing in the doorway.

In RGB colour, 12 inches x 8.5 inches (with 3mm bleed around each edge)@ 300dpi.

This purchase includes one JPG. If you need this in any other format please feel free to contact me.

All art files are bundled in a ZIP file.

Price: $9.38
          Cows chase suspect being pursued by cops      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A woman accused of stealing an SUV in Florida fled on foot, only to find herself in a pasture being chased by the cops and a herd of cows
          #positivevibes - world_is_beauti_ful      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Maybe there is a link between god's plan and the power of man through architecture. 🇮🇹 #morning #time #out #woman #photo #photography #picture #picoftheday #old #church #architecture #design #discovery #art #contraste #travel #holidays #summertime #positivevibes #peaceful #instagood #instagram #love
          愛と性の悦び@東京(PART 2)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


愛と性の悦び@東京(PART 2)













「卑弥子 ヴィーナスのえくぼ」と入れてGOOGLEで検索する殿方が多いのでござ~ますわァ。









ええっ。。。 あたくしのお尻だとは思えないのでござ~ますかァ~?


ええっ。。。 スタイルがよすぎると、おっしゃるのござ~ますかァ~?





かつて、レンゲさんの親友の めれんげさんは 一生懸命にブログを更新していたのでした。





再開して間もないのに 検索結果 3,960,000件中の 9位に躍り出るなんてすごいですよねぇ~。。。



現在、めれんげさんは お休みしています。


かつて めれんげさんの「即興の詩をはじめました!」の『極私的詩集』サイトは 次の検索結果で見るようにトップを占めていたのです。


また、ブログを更新して トップに返り咲いて欲しいものです。

ところで あなたは「どうしたら、上位に掲載されるのォ~?」と考えているかもしれません。







ええっ。。。 ワンワンちゃんを飼っているのですか?














■ 『ちょっと変わった 新しい古代日本史』

■ 『面白くて楽しいレンゲ物語』

■ 『軽井沢タリアセン夫人 - 小百合物語』

■ 『今すぐに役立つホットな情報』

■ 『 ○ 笑う者には福が来る ○ 』

■ 『あなたもワクワクする新世代のブログ』






















『家畜人ヤプー 性と愛』





























































今年の7月30日に 33.8度を記録したのです。



Hottest Day Ever Recorded

in Vancouver

Source: The Canadian Press
Posted: 07/30/09 8:09AM


The city of Vancouver has registered its hottest day on record.

Environment Canada says a temperature of 33.8 C was recorded at Vancouver airport on Wednesday, shattering the previous high of 33.3 C that was set in 1960.

"A very strong ridge of high pressure is currently dominating all of B.C.," said Gary Dickinson, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

"The ridge of high pressure also brought up from the south very warm air, which was responsible for the record-breaking temperatures."














■ 『最近のレンゲ物語 特集』







          #silver - sadhanastone.ect      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Moon Stone 💙💙💙💙 Ethereal transparent beads with blue and pearly tint. No commonness, just a flight to dreams and fantasies, new ideas and inspiration.#yoga #yogawoman #yogabracelet #malabracelet #necklace #meditation #placeofworld #sadhana #sadhanastoneetc #sadhana #sadhanastoneect #sadhanastone #yogajewelry #boho #bohostyle #cristalhealing #jewelry #gems #stones #moon #moonstone #silver #ring #moonstonebracelet
          #weirdo - peligro_ink      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I was told the other day that all humans have the ability to move their ears and I spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure out which muscles would be involved in that before realising I’d been staring at an elderly woman intensely for the entire time. I promptly apologised, explained I was trying to move my ears and left. #penart #peligro_ink #ink #graphicart #undergroundart #selfie #mirrorselfie #selfieart #lowart #lowbrow #weirdo #weirdart #crosshatching #highdetail #inkillustration #lines #lineart #portrait #nudestudy #lifestudy #achorusofgorgeousses #alternativeart
          #silver - keenan_demontigny      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Today doesn't have to be tomorrow. #cross#silver#diomand
          ref and roll      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
reformation dress street style

All summer long, I have relied heavily on (and enjoyed so much!) my Reformation dresses. (See proof here.) Hence, I am super psyched to take advantage of its VIP sale, starting today. There's lots to choose from, including the sexy ruffled mini, above, this super flattering lace-up midi, this cute cropped top, this perfectly-fitting white t-shirt, this off-the-shoulder dress, and this pretty lace-trimmed wrap. Shop it all here.

Photo: Bambi Northwood

          Young girl who died on holiday was ‘our own tiny Wonder Woman’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Four-year-old Georgia Anne Callan died in Marbella while on holiday with her family.
          Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Preissenkung um 9% am 08.08.2018: Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior, Netzteil für Effektgeräte, 5 x 9V DC (mit je 120 mA), galvanisch getrennt, inkl. Kabelset (5x 60 cm/5x 30 cm/1x Y/1x Daisy Chain 100 cm), Maße: BTH: 116 mm × 77 mm ×...
29,90 € statt vorher 32,90 € - Artikelnr. 264101

           WHOA! Dostana sequel finalized and here are the details       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

If you remember Priyanka Chopra in a golden bikini or the song ‘Desi Girl’, it is safe to say that the memories of Dostana remain! The Karan Johar production also starring Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham released way back in 2008. And now a decade later, we hear another announcement about a sequel in the making.

WHOA! Dostana sequel finalized and here are the details

Well, not surprisingly, the speculations about the second instalment being around the corner have been doing the rounds for the past couple of years. However, it is only now that the producer Karan Johar has approved of the Dostana sequel. Reason? Well, he wasn’t satisfied with the kind of scripts coming his way for Dostana 2 until recently when an interesting idea grabbed his attention.

But nothing more than this detail has been divulged about the project! As mentioned before, the film was directed by Tarun Mansukhani but it is yet to be seen who will be making the sequel to this romantic comedy. On the other hand, even the casting will be undergoing change. Sources have been quoted in reports stating that the producer is keen on roping new actors for the roles essayed by Abhishek and John in the prequel.

On the other hand, it is being said that Priyanka Chopra too will not be retained in this new version of Dostana. The actress is expected to be definitely an A-lister from Bollywood but it is yet to be seen who will be finalized.

For the uninitiated, the story of Dostana revolves around Abhishek aka Sameer or Sam, John as Kunal and Priyanka as Neha. While Sam and Kunal, the Casanovas pretend to be gay to stay as tenants in a massive flat owned by Neha, the duo are totally smitten by the young, confident girl that she is. They are forced to pretend as homosexuals because Neha doesn’t let straight guys stay with her and how this roller coaster turns even more fun when Neha confesses that she is in love with her boss Abhimanyu [Bobby Deol].

Let us see what will be the new twist the upcoming tale of Dostana! The sequel is said to be going on floors early next year.

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           Sanjay Leela Bhansali clarifies on Priyanka Chopra opting out of his film based on gangster Gangubai Kothewali       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Priyanka Chopra, lately, has been making headlines for forthcoming projects and her relationship with American singer Nick Jonas. The actress recently opted out of Salman Khan starrer Bharat just 10 days before the film went on floor. The reason reportedly has been her engagement to Nick and a Hollywood project. Meanwhile, rumours are rife that she walked out of yet another project based on the life of female gangster Gangubai Kothewali. It is being helmed by filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali clarifies on Priyanka Chopra opting out of his film based on gangster Gangubai Kothewali

Clarifying on Priyanka Chopra's exit, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's spokesperson on Tuesday revealed that no such movie has been discussed with Priyanka. "Sanjay Bhansali has a lot of love and regard for Priyanka Chopra, however, no such film has been discussed," the director's spokesperson said in a statement.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Priyanka Chopra have worked together in Bajirao Mastani. He even co-produced the biopic, Mary Kom. She did a title track number for Ram-Leela.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Priyanka Chopra recently wrapped up Hollywood flick Isn’t It Romantic alongside Adam Devine, Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. The film is scheduled for Valentine’s Day release next year. She is also starring in Shonali Bose’s tentatively titled The Sky Is Pink with Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim. Besides these two films, she has booked a leading role in Hollywood film Cowboy Ninja Viking opposite Chris Pratt.

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           Here’s why Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani recreated the iconic Prabhu Deva song ‘Urvashi’       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

During his struggling days, we have seen Shahid Kapoor as not just a backup dancer but also an actor who featured in music videos. Well, the Aryans’ song ‘Aankhon Mein Tera’ featuring him and Hrishita Bhatt was quite a trend during the 90s when Indi-pop gained prominence. Now that the trend of music videos is slowly returning, we have many popular B-town actors featuring in it! And now we will have Shahid too resuming his role in a music video.

Here’s why Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani recreated the iconic Prabhu Deva song ‘Urvashi’

Only this time it won’t be a romantic track but a peppy one!  We are talking about the cult chartbuster ‘Urvashi’ which was one of those tracks that featured the dancing talent of Prabhu Deva. Considering that Shahid Kapoor too is a brilliant dancer, we weren’t surprised that the makers were keen on having him on board. Alongside the actor, Kiara Advani, who is currently riding high on her Lust Stories, too will feature in the same music video.

Speaking further about the Urvashi remake, the song is produced by T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar and is directed by Gifty. It is being recreated by rapper-musician Yo Yo Honey Singh. Choreographed by Sanjay Shetty, we hear that the song has already been shot in Mumbai.

"We’ve changed the lyrics, but the hook line remains the same. The song however doesn’t showcase a love story but a new-age relationship between Shahid and Kiara. Even the choreography is contemporary. We are shooting on a club set in Film City. We also filmed in a parking lot on Sunday to give the video an underground kind of a feel,” informed choreographer Sanjay Shetty, adding that Shahid is super excited and looks like a rockstar.” He added,  “Even Kiara is a fab dancer.”

The actress admits that although she was excited about featuring in the  super hit number, she was nervous too. “I know the pressure one goes through when a classic song is recreated. There will be comparisons. This could be my ode to Prabhu sir, I am his huge fan,” says the actress, adding that she has grown up listening to the original “Urvashi”. She is all praise for her co-star. “We all know Shahid is a great dancer, I was nervous about matching up to his skills, but he was super fun to work with. We were in sync from the word go,” Kiara says.

Says Bhushan Kumar, “The original with Prabhu Deva was an iconic chartbuster composed by AR Rahman. Yo Yo Honey Singh has recreated this version and we are rekindling the onscreen magic with Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani as per the tastes of today’s young generation who will have a  have blast dancing to this song when it releases.”

For the uninitiated, ‘Urvashi’ is originally a part of the film titled Kadhalan [1994] that featured Prabhu Deva and Nagma in lead roles. Here's a video of the rehearsals posted by Shahid Kapoor. While he later on went on delete it from his Instagram page, fans of Sasha made it viral on social media platforms.

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           Amid engagement news with Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra says her personal life is not for public consumption       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Priyanka Chopra is in headlines every single day either for her current or upcoming projects or due to her relationship with American singer Nick Jonas. As their whirlwind romance continues to be in news, the actress says that her personal life is not for public consumption. The actress returned to India this morning to speak at a session titled 'Challenging the Status Quo & Forging New Paths' organised Jointly by FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) and Yes Bank.

Amid engagement news with Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra says her personal life is not for public consumption

The interactive session was hosted by Vir Sanghvi where Priyanka Chopra talked about various aspects of her life. Talking about her personal life and why she wants it to be protected, she said, "My personal life is not for public consumption. 90 per cent of my life is for public consumption but 10 per cent is for me. I am a girl and I have the right to keep that to myself. My family, friendship, my relationships are things I don't think I need to defend or explain it to anyone. I am not running for the Office, so I don't think I need to give explanations."

"Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I get annoyed... But mostly, I tell my publicists 'Let it be, today's news is tomorrow's trash'," Priyanka said here on Monday.

It was only in July end that the foreign media reported that after dating for over two months, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were reportedly engaged. The 25-year-old singer proposed to Priyanka on her birthday in London. While the couple is yet to officially confirm their engagement, fans are very excited about them. Just this past weekend, Priyanka flew off to Singapore where Nick performed at Hyperplay concert organised by MTV Asia.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Priyanka Chopra recently wrapped up Hollywood flick Isn’t It Romantic alongside Adam Devine, Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. The film is scheduled for Valentine’s Day release next year. She is also starring in Shonali Bose’s tentatively titled The Sky Is Pink with Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim. Besides these two films, she has booked a leading role in Hollywood film Cowboy Ninja Viking opposite Chris Pratt.

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          NY: Man shoots woman to death in hospital bed, then kills self      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

VALHALLA, N.Y. (AP) — A man shot a patient to death in her bed at a suburban New York hospital Wednesday and then killed himself, police said. Police were trying to determine the connection between the two, who were found in a fourth-floor room after gunfire rang out around 9:40 a.m. at Westchester Medical Center […]

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          'These Are Not Kids Kept In Cages': Inside A Texas Shelter For Immigrant Youth      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Updated June 15 at 12:50 p.m. ET This is the largest government-contracted migrant youth shelter in the country: Casa Padre, a former Walmart supercenter converted into living, recreational and dining quarters for nearly 1,500 immigrant boys. Shelter managers took reporters on a tour of the facility in Brownsville, Texas, on Wednesday, amid criticism over the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy that has led to separating migrant families who crossed the border illegally. "We want to show you that these are not kids kept in cages," said Alexia Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the Texas nonprofit Southwest Key that operates the shelter. "We provide them excellent care." A network of about 100 migrant youth shelters are now 95 percent full. Casa Padre, which houses boys ages 10 to 17, has room for just 28 more children. The federal government is looking for additional places to put the surge of migrants, mostly from Central America, coming across the border seeking asylum. And
          Immigrant Advocates Claim ICE Is Targeting And Deporting Them For Speaking Out      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit SARAH MCCAMMON, HOST: The Trump administration has warned that anyone in the country illegally could be arrested, but immigrant activists across the country say federal immigration agents are targeting them and deporting them for speaking out against the agency's heavy-handed tactics. As NPR's John Burnett reports, federal lawsuits have identified 16 undocumented immigrant leaders who've been arrested nationwide, including six organizers in a pro-immigrant group in Vermont. JOHN BURNETT, BYLINE: A cold and lonely protest in the far reaches of New England, a dozen demonstrators stand amid piles of dirty snow outside of a health clinic in Richford, Vt., not far from the Canada border. They're upset that the Border Patrol arrested an undocumented dairy worker here right after he got his teeth cleaned. An unsmiling young woman in a pink knit cap steps forward. ZULLY PALACIOS: (Speaking Spanish). BURNETT: Her name is Zully Palacios. She's 24, from Peru
          Intercatia, el heroico pueblo que resistió las embestidas romanas podría estar en Palencia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Los estudios y excavaciones que se desarrollan desde hace más de una década en el yacimiento arqueológico de La Ciudad, en Paredes de Nava (Palencia), avanzan en demostrar que la mítica ciudad vaccea de Intercatia, mencionada por Plinio, estuvo en este paraje palentino de Tierra de Campos. «Nosotros creemos desde hace mucho tiempo que puede estar en Paredes casi con seguridad», ha afirmado José Herrero Vallejo-Nájera, director de las excavaciones y miembro de la Asociación En Busca de Intercatia, creada en 2007 con el objetivo de encontrar la ciudad que conquistaron los romanos en el año 150 A.C y que llamaron Intercatia. Los vacceos eran un pueblo prerromano que se asentaron en la cuenca del río Duero, junto a otras culturas celtas de la península ibérica, dedicados a la agricultura cerealista y a la ganadería trashumante. Y que pasaron a las Historia por su heroica resistencia ante el ataque de las legiones de Roma. Plinio destaca esta labor ante la ambición de Lúculo, en donde llegaron incluso a establecer temporalmente un pacto con los romanos para mantener la independencia. El hallazgo de cuatro teseras de hospitalidad (documentos de bronce de carácter jurídico por el que se establecían pactos y relaciones entre distintos pueblos) y de otros restos arqueológicos afianzó aun más la teoría de que la famosa ciudad, citada por Plinio como una de las principales ciudades vacceas, junto con Palantia, Cauca y Lacobriga, estuvo en Paredes de Nava, en el pago de La Ciudad. Al hilo, Javier Pérez, director de las excavaciones, ha recordado que el asentamiento más antiguo en el yacimiento arqueológico de La Ciudad se remonta al siglo VIII a.d.C. con una pequeña aldea de la Primera Edad del Hierro. Posteriormente todas las aldeas que rodeaban la laguna de La Nava, se concentran, en torno al s.V a.d.C en el enclave y fundan la ciudad vaccea que después fue colonizada por los romanos y que puede ser Intercatia. «En el siglo I d.C. da la sensación de que el sistema defensivo se arrasa y se crea un núcleo romano mucho más pequeño que la ciudad vaccea que ocupaba 50 hectáreas, y entorno al siglo VI desaparecería coincidiendo con la fundación del actual núcleo de Paredes de Nava», ha resumido. «Espero que en unos años podamos demostrar que aquí estuvo la ciudad de Intercatia», ha agregado José Herrero, ya que situar esa ciudad serviría para desvelar otras muchas incógnitas relacionadas con el pueblo vacceo.
          Juan Ramón Jiménez: el poeta que cantaba desde el otro costado      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
La palabra que abre y cierra el siglo XX es la de Juan Ramón Jiménez. Llega a Madrid en 1900 y publica sus primeros libros de versos ese mismo año. Traba amistades literarias y deslumbra y se deja deslumbrar y atormentar a partes iguales por la gran ciudad. Hasta 1912 sus versos flamean desde la pura emoción y es entonces cuando se produce el gran cambio en su vida, que inaugura biográfica y literariamente su boda con Zenobia Camprubí y la publicación del «Diario de un poeta recién casado». Entonces su obra profundiza en la reflexión y su voz ahonda el espacio de una obra en marcha que, como tantas, sufre una interrupción traumática con el estallido de la Guerra Civil. La portada por el Premio Nobel de Juan Ramón Jiménez, en 1956 - ABC El exilio comienza en Cuba, donde recibe la noticia de la muerte de un sobrino suyo en el frente de Teruel. Continúa en Estados Unidos, primero en Florida –donde nacerán los «Romances de Coral Gables»– y luego en Washington –«Una colina meridiana»– y Maryland –«Estío», «Eternidades», «Antolojía poética»–. En Estados Unidos es hospitalizado repetidamente porque padece fuertes depresiones nerviosas que le acompañarán intermitentemente hasta el final. En una de sus etapas de mejor salud viaja a Argentina y Uruguay, donde le reciben multitudes. Para mitigar la depresión, la pareja viaja a Puerto Rico, donde un clima benigno y el reencuentro con el idioma español pueden ser una influencia positiva. Juan Ramón comienza a escribir libros fundamentales de su obra de madurez, publica «Animal de fondo» como avance de «Dios deseado y deseante». Su obra evoluciona rápidamente. De hecho la mayor parte de su tiempo en Puerto Rico, el poeta planifica y ordena sus obras completas mientras escribe los que tal vez son sus mejores poemas, aunque esta parte fundamental de su obra no se conocerá durante décadas. En 1956 Zenobia recae gravemente por el cáncer que sufría y ya no es posible una intervención quirúrgica. Juan Ramón recibe la noticia de que ha ganado el premio Nobel tres días antes de la muerte de su esposa. Sin Zenobia se encierra durante meses y solo sale para acudir a la Sala Zenobia donde se guarda todo su archivo, a ordenar los libros de modo que pueda editarse su obra completa. Muere a finales de mayo de 1958, lejos de finalizar sus planes. Deja un océano de papeles, poemas inéditos y proyectos escritos para su obra. Galería de imágenes Vea la galería completa (10 imágenes) Hasta 1999 no comenzará la publicación ordenada de su obra final. «Lírica de una Atlántida» fue el hito que permitió, al concluir el siglo XX, valorar en su justa medida la inmensidad de la obra de Juan Ramón, el poeta que, desde la orilla americana de nuestra lengua sentía que latía su tristeza «en el otro costado». Tal vez es el mejor poeta del siglo de la Edad de Plata.
          Rafael Amargo: «Hay que dar los ballets públicos a gente que sepa rentabilizarlos»      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
«Estoy viviendo los placeres de Dionisio. Estoy muy metido en mi personaje. Rozando la locura», explica el coreógrafo granadino Rafael Amargo (Valderrubio, 1975). Vuelve a los escenarios tras una «crisis» que no quiere nombrar. Lo hace con un espectáculo que nació en Nueva York junto al codirector Ramón Oller. Amargo busca el «éxtasis» interpretando al «rey de los placeres» por los teatros romanos de Andalucía y luego por Barcelona, Bruselas, Nueva York o La Habana. Empieza gira en Málaga, donde ha hecho recientemente una «residencia creativa» para preparar el montaje, tras recibir la Medalla de las Bellas Artes y la de Andalucía. ¿Cómo es este Dionisio? Es un espectáculo de formato grande con 14 bailarines, tres actores de texto, dos niños actores y 10 músicos en directo. Cabe destacar a José del Tomate, que es un guitarrista magistral, como su padre Tomatito, a quien esperamos que nos acompañe en algunos momentos de la gira. Se estrena en la red de teatros romanos de Andalucía. Son 12 conciertos en Málaga, Itálica y Baelo Claudia. Es una versión libre de lo que considero que era Dioniso. El placer, la lujuria, la diversión y el éxtasis. Es teatro-danza. Hay ocho bailarines de flamenco y ocho de clásico, como Hernán Piquín, que fue el gran bailarín del Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires, uno de los grandes templos clásicos de Sudamérica. Hará de Apolo, frente a mí. El elenco está lleno de actores y bailarines argentinos… Viví en Buenos Aires mucho tiempo y creo que es la capital del teatro. Ellos son unos actores de método maravillosos. Salen de la escuela de Norman Briski, que tiene un método propio parecido al de Stanislavski. ¿Y qué espera de este Dionisio? Es la producción que más fatiga me está costando hacer. Estoy muy agradecido por la Medalla de Andalucía y la de Bellas Artes, pero eso me ha puesto el listón muy alto. Ahora no puedo hacer cualquier cosa. Tengo que responder a las instituciones y al público con un espectáculo de acuerdo a esos reconocimientos. Tiene que ser una obra de primerísima calidad. Había que tirar la casa por la ventana, aunque sea el penúltimo espectáculo que haga. ¿Se siente presionado por el éxito? Sí. Tengo que justificarme. Luego me han dado fechas, pero no subvenciones. Lo tenía que hacer y lo estamos haciendo metidos hasta el cuello. Con una casa empeñada para poder dar vida a esta obra en los teatros romanos. ¿Qué vendrá después de esta obra? Espero que sea la dirección de un ballet público. Me encantaría que fuese la compañía andaluza de danza. Me gustaría venirme a Sevilla a dirigirla. Haría dos proyectos. Sobre Lorca haría la Casa de Bernarda Alba porque soy de Valderrubio. Sería muy de la tierra. Una Bernarda de verdad. En el espectáculo libre sería algo muy flamenco de palos sueltos para hacer bandera de mi patria. ¿Y es posible? Hay gente a la que se lo dan que no ha dirigido nunca antes. Sé lo que es ser productor antes que bailarín. Aprovecharía el dinero para rendir beneficios. Se suele dar este tipo cargos como de despedida, pero no se explica que un ballet andaluz no se haya programado seis meses en Madrid. Debe sostenerse, pero le faltan nombres. Pero no se puede cumplir con todo. Hay que ser como Antonio Gades y llevar líderes contigo para llenar el teatro. Hay que darle la dirección de los ballets públicos a gente que sepa rentabilizarlos, que busque marcas que apoyen. Si los privados damos beneficios, ¿cómo no los dan los públicos?. Se lo merecen personas como Sara Baras, que aporten los contactos que tenemos, los clientes o los proveedores. ¿La cultura puede ser rentable? Las subvenciones deben ser para dar beneficios. Dirigí Lorca en el Generalife en Granada. Fueron 43.000 personas e hicimos 700.000 euros de taquilla con un contrato de 350.000 euros. La Junta pagó con mis botas las subvenciones de danza y teatro al año siguiente, porque se quedó con los beneficios. Pero para que te den una dirección así hay que ser políticamente correcto y yo no me callo. La cultura es rentable, pero si te dan un millón tienes que sacar siete. No gastarlo sin más. Las naves están llenas de escenografía y vestuarios. Me encantaría que me lo dieran, que se recicle. Se hace y se guarda. Eso es tirar el dinero.
          NIKALATA: Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко: Почему 30-летний брак юмористов закончился крахом       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


главная (487x47, 11Kb)

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко.

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко.

Их считали одной из самых крепких и гармоничных пар отечественного шоу-бизнеса. Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко прожили вместе 33 года, не давая никому повода усомниться в своих чувствах. Они неизменно были рядом: дома, на работе, во время выходов в свет. Однако недавно выяснилось, что юмористы разводятся. Что могло стать причиной распада семейного и творческого союза?



Как всё начиналось

Евгений Петросян в молодости. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян в молодости. / Фото:

В 1979 году на прослушивание в Театр эстрады пришла хрупкая девушка. Евгений Петросян как раз находился в поиске актрисы для своего нового спектакля «Доброе слово и кошке приятно». Худенькая и очень артистичная Елена Степаненко подходила на роль идеально: она умела петь и танцевать, к тому же отличалась отменным чувством юмора.

Елена Степаненко в спектакле «Доброе слово и кошке приятно». / Фото:

Елена Степаненко в спектакле «Доброе слово и кошке приятно». / Фото:

Актриса была утверждена на роль и началась её работа в Театре эстрады. Однако о чувствах речь вовсе не шла. У каждого из них в то время уже была семья.

Евгений Петросян с дочерью Викториной. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян с дочерью Викториной. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян был женат уже в третий раз. Первый брак Петросяна с младшей сестрой прославленной балерины Викторины Кригер подарил артисту дочь Викторину. Но он был в то время ещё очень молод, а потому вскоре влюбился вновь и ушел к своей новой жене – Анне Козловской. Однако через полгода Анна оставила супруга, влюбившись в Костаса Варналиса. Третий брак артиста с питерским искусствоведом Людмилой закончился из-за недовольства жены бесконечной занятостью актёра.

Елена Степаненко в молодости. / Фото:

Елена Степаненко в молодости. / Фото:

Елена Степаненко тоже была замужем. Супругом актрисы был довольно известный пианист Александр Васильев, в эстрадном ансамбле которого работала Елена в «Москонцерте». Однако вскоре после её перехода в Театр эстрады брак распался.


Ядерная бомба любви

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко в молодости. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко в молодости. / Фото:

После знакомства Елена Степаненко и Евгений Петросян вовсе не думали о чувствах. Совместное творчество их, несомненно, сближало, но их отношения можно было назвать больше дружескими. До тех пор, пока судьба не забросила их на гастроли в Семипалатинск.

Евгений Петросян с Еленой Степаненко и Вячеславом Войнаровским, 1980. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян с Еленой Степаненко и Вячеславом Войнаровским, 1980. / Фото:

В то время на полигоне проходили подземные испытания нового оружия, и впоследствии актёры сравнивали появление своих чувств с разрывом ядерной бомбы. Конечно, взаимная симпатия и уважения появились значительно раньше, ведь с момента их первой встречи до судьбоносных гастролей прошло шесть лет.

Евгений Петросян, Елена Степаненко и Галина Сазонова в спектакле «Как поживаете?», 1986 год. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян, Елена Степаненко и Галина Сазонова в спектакле «Как поживаете?», 1986 год. / Фото:

Чуть позже они, счастливые и влюблённые, ехали на машине в Крым, где должны были выступать. Остановившись, он вышел из машины и вернулся с огромным букетом сирени, который купил у стоящей на обочине женщины. С тех пор Елена Степаненко из всех цветов предпочитала сирень, ассоциировавшуюся у неё с весной, Крымом и, конечно, любовью.


Семья и творчество

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко, 1997 год. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко, 1997 год. / Фото:

После свадьбы они всюду были вместе, стараясь никогда не расставаться. Поначалу актриса решила всю себя посвятить семье. Она неустанно создавала уют, где бы ни была: дома, на гастролях, во время совместного отпуска. Елена прекрасно готовила, потчуя любимого своими кулинарными шедеврами. На даче она собственноручно выращивала овощи, делала заготовки на зиму.

Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Однако со временем к ней пришло осознание возрастающей потребности в творчестве. За время занятий домашним хозяйством Елена слегка располнела, но быстро привела себя в форму, намереваясь вновь выйти на сцену. Она вернулась на эстраду, стала выступать поначалу только вместе с мужем, а потом уже и с сольными номерами.

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко, 1990-е годы. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко, 1990-е годы. / Фото:

Они не уставали друг от друга, им никогда не было скучно вместе. Совместное творчество было одной из составляющих их счастливого брака. Увлечение мужа работой никогда не раздражало Елену Степаненко, ведь она и сама сумела достичь высокого уровня профессионального мастерства.

Евгений Петросян с женой, дочерью и внуками Андреем и Марком, 2010. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян с женой, дочерью и внуками Андреем и Марком, 2010. / Фото:

Сближало Евгения Петросяна с женой и общее увлечение стариной. Супруги часто бывали вместе на аукционах, где частенько пополняли их коллекцию антиквариата.
Елена Степаненко не так давно буквально преобразилась, очень сильно похудев. / Фото:

Елена Степаненко не так давно буквально преобразилась, очень сильно похудев. / Фото:

Периодически появлялись сведения о возможном расставании супругов, однако юмористы называли их нелепыми слухами и продолжали работать и жить вместе.


Развод или развод?

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Однако в этот раз сообщение о разводе трудно назвать слухами. В Хамовническом суде города Москвы зарегистрирован иск Елены Степаненко о разделе совместно нажитого имущества.

Евгений Петросян. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян. / Фото:

Для коллег и друзей супружеской четы это известие стало неожиданностью. Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко никогда не посвящали посторонних людей в подробности своей личной жизни. Отказываются давать комментарии они и сегодня, справедливо считая: всё, что не касается их профессиональной деятельности, находится за рамками интересов общественности.

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Евгений Ваганович отказывается от комментариев по поводу развода, предлагая журналистам задавать вопросы только о творческих планах и предстоящих выступлениях. Елена Григорьевна предпочитает хранить молчание. Однако в СМИ активно распространяется информация о романе Петросяна со своим директором, 29-летней Татьяной Брухуновой, которая повсюду сопровождает юмориста. Многие поклонники отмечают удивительную схожесть девушки с Еленой Степаненко в молодости.

Татьяна Брухунова.

Татьяна Брухунова.
Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Евгений Петросян и Елена Степаненко. / Фото:

Но коллеги и друзья супругов надеются, что их развод – всего лишь очередной пиар-ход, призванный привлечь внимание к семейному дуэту и повысить его угасающую популярность.

Коллега Евгения Петросяна, юморист Семён Альтов и его жена Лариса никогда не провоцировали слухов о своем разводе. Залогом их семейного счастья стала плохая память мужа. 

Генерируется кнопка




           Ruby Rose será Batwoman       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
La actriz australiana comenzó a destacar al interpretar a Stella Carlin en 'Orange is the New Black
          1962 Dunelt womans English 3 spd inver grove hts      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
 Mostly complete. (missing chain guard). Shifter and hub work perfectly. Brakes both functional. Wheels are relatively straight. Left side crank arm is bent. Easy fix. Some surface rust on the chrome, most of which will clean up nicely. Some dents on

          Daily 2 Cents: The Night Aunt Milly Died -- Fisherman Recalls 'Sea Monster' Encounter -- Saudi Arabia 'Crucified' Condemned Man      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Night Aunt Milly Died

Stacy wrote to tell of her bizarre experience:

“I'm in my 50s and do not have many encounters. I'm not a ghost chaser and I'm not good at spinning yarns but I have had two experiences in my life that have convinced me that there are ghosts, hence, something after death. One has actually taken me 40 years to find out the truth about - my Aunt Milly.

When I was very young, my Aunt Milly and I had one of those special bonds. She doted on me and I loved her to death. She would always bring me Pop Tarts when she visited. When I was about seven she came to spend the night at our house as she often did. I went to bed and then in the early AM hours, I woke up to hear my aunt crying and I figured out she was feeling sick. Then I heard the ambulance arrive and the paramedics coming in the house to help her. I heard them climb the stairs to go to her room. When they arrived, her crying became worse and I could hear the terror in her voice. It was tearing at my heart to hear her fear. She kept talking to my father saying, 'Please, Bobby! I don't want to go! Don't let them take me!' It was just heart-wrenching. I can still hear that fearful crying to this day. I guess you could say it was haunting me my entire life. Well when I got up in the morning, my parents told me she had died.

Over the years I never talked about that night with my parents as it was so upsetting to me. Finally, 40 years later my mother and I were talking about Aunt Milly. I finally told her I was awake when she got sick and heard her cries and fear. My mother then told me that it wasn't possible, that she had actually died in her sleep and was dead long before the ambulance arrived to take her away. How had I heard her cries and fear if she was already dead? Why did no one else hear it? It took me 40 years to realize that I'd heard her from wherever comes next.”

Source: Darkness Radio – October 17, 2016

Beyond Creepy


Saudi Arabia 'Crucified' Condemned Man

Saudi Arabia executed and crucified a Myanmar man in the holy city of Mecca on Wednesday in a rare form of punishment reserved for the most egregious crimes.

Elias Abulkalaam Jamaleddeen was accused of breaking into the home of a woman from Myanmar, firing a weapon in it then repeatedly stabbing her, which led to her death, the official Saudi Press Agency reported, citing an Interior Ministry statement. He was also accused of stealing weapons and trying to kill another man whose home he broke into, as well as attempting to rape a woman.

The ruling was supported by the country’s supreme court and endorsed by the king.

Crucifixions in Saudi Arabia entail hanging a body in public after an execution, and are unusual. A Yemeni man was crucified in 2010 for raping and killing a girl and shooting dead her father. - Saudi Arabia Carries Out Rare Crucifixion for Murder, Theft


Fisherman Recalls 'Sea Monster' Encounter

CAPE SABLE ISLAND, N.S. – The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO crash is not the only strange, unexplained occurrence that has happened in Shelburne County over the years.

Shag Harbour UFO Festival goers were treated to an eye witness account of a sea creature encounter, experienced by Cape Sable Island fisherman Rodney Ross in July 1976, while fishing with his father on the fishing grounds known as Pollock Shoal.

The opening night of the UFO Festival (Aug. 3) was only the third time that Ross has told the story to an audience. He is the last of the five fishermen aboard three different boats that saw the creature during a one-week period 42-years ago.

“Some like to call it the South Side sea monster and I think I probably agree it looked like a monster,” said Ross.

The story begins on a Monday when a fellow fisherman, the late Eisner Penney, was out fishing on the Pollock Shoal. He had finished fishing for the day and started for home when he turned around and saw this strange looking creature following behind him, said Ross. Read more at Cape Sable Island fisherman recalls 'sea monster' encounter 42 years later


ARCANE RADIO IS BACK! on the Paranormal King Radio Network

Facebook event announcement: Amy Major - Psychic, Rescue Medium and Author - Arcane Radio

Join me as I welcome psychic, rescue medium and author Amy Major to Arcane Radio. Amy has been a successful medium and healer in the New England area for 17 years, conducting many spirit investigations and rescues. Always interested in her development, Amy has studied under some of the best mediums in the area as well as specialized schools focusing on psychic and mediumship abilities. Amy is a spiritualist and active member of the Church of Spiritual Life in Derry, NH for over 12 years, where she provides mediumship and gallery readings. Her first book, "Toward the Light: Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls, and Earthbound Ghosts" has gained popularity throughout the spiritual and paranormal communities. Her newest book is "Light the Way: A Guide to Becoming a Rescue Medium." Amy's website can be found at This should be a very informative show! Join us this Friday, August 10th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT on - Meet us in the chat room...just click the banner or go to


A big 'thanks' to Paul Lucas - my newest Arcane Radio patron!

Become a 'Arcane Radio' Patron for only $1 per month!

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- a 'thank you' mention on Arcane Radio, and a 'thank you' post on the 'Phantoms & Monsters' blog and on all of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Google+)

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Thanks! Lon



This Unusual Meteorite Flew Around in Space Before Earth Was Born

A Strange Case of a Real Vampire in England

Fewer people are reporting UFO sightings – and experts suspect it's because reports are being 'intercepted by the government'

DeLonge’s UFO Team Studying Alien Metal

Woman Says She’s Trying to Have a Baby with a Ghost


John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochian Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World

Stories from the Messengers: Owls, UFOs and a Deeper Reality

Time Slips: Real Stories of Time Travel

Inspected By Extraterrestrials: Gray Barker's Extreme Book of UFO Abduction

Visitors From the Void: William Cooper's Extreme Book of Flying Saucer Skullduggery

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          Pope Francis: Trust God – not idols (does this make sense today?)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Attachment to idols is a failure to trust totally in God – and to reject them, Catholics must accept their weaknesses, inviting Christ to heal their hearts, Pope Francis said Wednesday. Source: Pope Francis: Trust God – not idols Comment – Did he say this after strolling past the ancient Greek and Roman statues and […]
          On anniversary of rally, how Charlottesville changed us      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

On anniversary of rally, how Charlottesville changed usIt’s been nearly a year since white nationalists and neo-Nazis clashed with counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Va., leaving a young woman and two state police officers dead and a nation that has long struggled with the dark side of its complicated racial history shaken to its core.

          Comentario en Los Oscars crean la categoría del Premio del Público por Dasoman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Lo de John Cobra fue dos años después de Chikilicuatre.
          Comentario en Los Oscars crean la categoría del Premio del Público por rafaelgg      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Respecto al oscar del público os puedo comentar una cosa que sucedió en la BBC en 1999 cuando yo vivía en Londres. Barry Norman, un prestigioso crítico de cine se le ocurrió hacer una encuesta entre la audiencia para que votaran las 100 mejores películas de la historia por aquello del cambio de milenio y todo eso. Los resultados dejaron al tal Norman con una cara de pasmo absoluto. De las 100 películas tan solo una de lengua no inglesa: Cinema Paradiso. Eso quiere decir que olvidaros de encontrar en dicha lista a gentes como Kurosawa, Buñuel o Fellini. Ni una sola película de alguien tan aclamado en las últimas décadas como Woody Allen. Pero mejor os paso directamente la lisa porque es para mear y no echar gota, tanto por los títulos que aparecen como por el puesto que ocupan algunos: 1. Star Wars - A New Hope (1977) 2. Titanic (1998) 3. Gone with the Wind (1939) 4. Casablanca (1942) 5. It's a Wonderful Life (1946) 6. The Godfather (1972) 7. The Sound of Music (1965) 8. Blade Runner (1982) 9. Schindler's List (1993) 10. The Full Monty (1997) 11. ET - The Extraterrestrial (1982) 12. Pulp Fiction (1994) 13. Grease (1978) 14. Braveheart (1995) 15. The Shawshank Redemption (1994) 16. Some Like It Hot (1959) 17. Jurassic Park (1993) 18. Zulu (1964) 19. Ben Hur (1959) 20. Ghost (1990) 21. Pretty Woman (1990) 22. The Great Escape (1963) 23. Dirty Dancing (1987) 24. Independence Day (1996) 25. Trainspotting (1996) 26. The Wizard of Oz (1939) 27. Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) 28. Back to the Future (1985) 29. Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (1983) 30. Forrest Gump (1994) 31. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) 32. Saving Private Ryan (1998) 33. Lawrence of Arabia (1962) 34. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 35. Singin' in the Rain (1952) 36. Apocalypse Now (1979) 37. Jaws (1975) 38. Aliens (1986) 39. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) 40. Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (1991) 41. Citizen Kane (1941) 42. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) 43. Psycho (1960) 44. The Third Man (1949) 45. The Silence of the Lambs (1991) 46. Goodfellas (1990) 47. Toy Story (1995) 48. Twelve Monkeys (1995) 49. Scream (1996) 50. L.A. Confidential (1997) 51. Doctor Zhivago (1965) 52. Men in Black (1997) 53. Dances with Wolves (1990) 54. The Italian Job (1969) 55. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) 56. The Blues Brothers (1980) 57. The Usual Suspects (1995) 58. The English Patient (1996) 59. Alien (1979) 60. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) 61. West Side Story (1961) 62. Armageddon (1998) 63. The Lion King (1994) 64. Brief Encounter (1946) 65. The African Queen (1951) 66. The Quiet Man (1952) 67. When Harry Met Sally (1989) 68. Top Gun (1986) 69. Terminator (1984) 70. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) 71. The Deerhunter (1978) 72. The Searchers (1956) 73. Highlander (1986) 74. The Magnificent Seven (1954) 75. Die Hard (1988) 76. Se7en (1995) 77. Face/Off (1997) 78. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) 79. Con Air (1997) 80. The Fifth Element (1997) 81. Leon (1994) 82. The Godfather Part 2 (1974) 83. My Fair Lady (1964) 84. Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) 85. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) 86. Gandhi (1982) 87. Babe (1995) 88. The Rock (1996) 89. The Exorcist (1973) 90. The King and I (1956) 91. Shakespeare in Love (1998) 92. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) 93. The Graduate (1967) 94. Spartacus (1960) 95. Cinema Paradiso (1988) 96. A Bug's Life (1998) 97. Reservoir Dogs (1992) 98. High Noon (1952) 99. Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) 100. Taxi Driver (1976)
          "Schermanns Augen" von Steffen Mensching: Der Zeichenleser      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Landestheater Rudolstadt

Steffen Mensching erzählt vom Grafologen Rafael Schermann. Sein Roman ist ein erstaunliches erzählerisches Bergwerk.

          Manga "Chiisakobee": Menschlichkeit und Willenskraft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Minetaro Mochizuki kann in seiner Graphic Novel nach dem Roman "Chiisakobee" fast ganz auf erklärende Worte verzichten. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Menschen wie wir: "Die kleine Nachbarschaft".

          Sentencing date set for Georgia woman who leaked secrets      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) - A Georgia woman who pleaded guilty to leaking a secret U.S. report is scheduled to be sentenced later this month.

A federal judge in Augusta has scheduled a sentencing hearing Aug. 23 for Reality Winner. The 26-year-old former National Security Agency contractor was charged last year ...

          Commenti su I 75 anni di Paola del Belgio, la "bella italiana" di Luka      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
In questo post @Marina ci ricorda che luglio 1959 re Baldovino definì la giovane Paola come “il regalo più bello che l’Italia fece al Belgio” e qualche anno dopo un cantante italiano naturalizzato belga incise la canzone “dolce Paola”. Domani, otto agosto, ricorre il 62esimo anniversario del disastro di Marcinelle dove un crollo in una miniera di carbone seppellì centinaia di minatori, molti dei quali italiani che vi trovarono morte dopo una lunga agonia. Domani è per questo motivo anche la “giornata del migrante” , per non dimenticare che l’uomo da sempre e in ogni parte del mondo migra con sofferenza e difficoltà. Con il “patto scellerato” tra governo italiano e belga nell’immediato dopoguerra veniva incentivata la migrazione di italiani verso le miniere del Belgio e per chi partiva si prospettava lavoro, denaro e potenziale benessere per i familiari rimasti in Italia: molti partivano senza nemmeno immaginare cosa volesse dire lavorare in miniera, ovvero a decine di metri sotto terra, al buio, sdraiati per ore intere in cunicoli strettissimi e asfissianti. Ecco il patto scellerato riguardava il contratto di lavoro poiché una volta firmato e iniziato a lavorare il minatore se decideva di smettere di lavorare veniva per legge arrestato e doveva scontare una detenzione in carcere, come un delinquente. Anni di miseria e sofferenza che hanno avuto l’apice della tragedia di Marcinelle che ha portato anche una consapevolezza della realtà da parte di entrambi i governi: re a Baldovino, il Re triste con gli occhiali, il giorno dopo si reco’ a Marcinelle dove erano ancora in atto i soccorsi Il matrimonio di Paola fu per gli italiani migrati in Belgio un riscatto e una speranza di miglioramenti della loro storia forse non è andata come storia ha forse fatto incontrare Adamo, figlio di un minatore italiano, con Paola.....
          いしのまき 海ぼたる 宮城県女川町 冬のごほうび9      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   




酒菜春八 (さかなはるはち) (国分町/割烹・小料理屋) - Retty

あがいんステーション | 女川水産業体験館 あがいんステーション

「命を守る口腔ケア」 日本歯科医師会「朝昼晩」 SHOPPING PLAZA HAYAMA STATION(葉山ステーション) 防災食育センター福生市 炭火焼 山塞料理 地雷也(仙台 国分町)

栄養サポートネットワーク合同会社 糖尿病 CKD 管理栄養士 栄養指導 クリニック 介護予防 栄養改善 研修会 特定保健指導 訪問栄養指導 在宅訪問 

食専門のマーケテイングコンサルタント 中野ヤスコ 管理栄養士 公認スポーツ栄養士

奥出雲 天然醸造味噌:オーガニック食品「福猫屋」 島根ワインの通販_島根ワイナリーオンラインショップ

日本橋 伊勢定 京急百貨店・上大岡駅(上大岡/うなぎ) - Retty 焼肉 けいざん 杉田(磯子・新杉田/焼肉) - ぐるなび

寺田有希 | 日本コロムビアオフィシャルサイト 銀座ホルモン王十里 出雲うまいもの市場 出雲のお土産 島根鳥取の通販

千年屋 SARAH[サラ] 料理メニューから探せるグルメサイト うな和(小田原/うなぎ) - Retty

伊豆テディベアミュージアム | 伊豆テディベアミュージアム ボスコBOSCO

伊豆高原駅 やまもプラザ – Just another WordPress site 赤沢日帰り温泉館 | 赤沢温泉郷【公式】 銘菓 | 中浦食品株式会社

映画『いただきます〜みそをつくる子どもたち』公式サイト 映画『焼肉ドラゴン』公式サイト 6/22(金)より全国ロードショー

2018年学術大会 福生市防災食育センター 視察会

【公式】三井ガーデンホテル仙台-仙台駅・広瀬通駅周辺の宿泊をご紹介 特定健康診査等実施計画作成の手引き 標準的な健診・保健指導 プログラム

キヤノン:キヤノンフォトコンテスト 茶屋本店 防災情報、地震災害情報のトップニュース|防災情報新聞 29-8-15-1.pdf

なぜ、「学校給食センター」じゃないの? | 岩永ひさか 防災食育センターでの施設見学について|東京都福生市公式ホームページ

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          Nuevo Complejo de la Sedena en Colima lleva un 65% de construcción: Ávila Astudillo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Edgardo Zamora|CN COLIMANOTICIAS Colima, Col.-  El comandante de la Vigésima Zona Militar, General Celestino Ávila Astudillo, expresó que el Complejo de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena) en Colima que se ubicará en la localidad de Loma de Fátima, lleva un 65 por ciento de avance de construcción. Indicó que de esta manera se tiene […]
          Amplían hasta septiembre el plazo para pagar holograma sin recargos      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Redacción|CN COLIMANOTICIAS Colima, Col.-  En votación unánime el Congreso del Estado aprobó ampliar hasta el último día  del mes  de septiembre el plazo para pagar sin multas ni recargos la calcomanía fiscal vehicular, tanto a quienes adeuden esa contribución del año 2018 como la de años anteriores. Con la prórroga aprobada también se beneficiarán los contribuyentes […]
          35 varones tecomenses se realizan examen del antígeno prostático      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Luis Rosales Chávez|CN COLIMANOTICIAS Tecomán, Col.- El DIF Municipal en coordinación con el DIF Estatal llevaron a cabo la campaña “Cuidando la salud de papá” con el objetivo de prevenir y detectar a tiempo el cáncer de próstata en varones del municipio, informó el director general del DIF Tecomán, Alfredo Arias López. Al respecto, señaló […]
          the good mother      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
fooling around on amazon with my daughter - she found 3 movies to put in amazon library - and i saw 1 i wanted.

'the good mother.'

this was a wonderful movie based on amazing book by sue miller.

diane keaton should have won another oscar for this 1.  she is amazing as anna.  the basics are she and her husband divorce.  they have a daughter.  anna's raising her daughter and working.  she ends up having a boyfriend (liam neeson) and that ticks the ex-husband off. 

the daughter ends up in a custody battle - i'm providing as few spoilers as possible.

it's a really good movie.  leonard nimoy directed it.

i think 'shoot the moon' is probably diane's most amazing performance ever.  but 'the good mother' is probably close.   diane's a great comedy actor but she can deliver in a drama and has repeatedly.  she's just an all around strong actress. 

she's made some films that will stand the test of time.  those include the 1s with woody allen, the godfather movies, 'something's got to give,' 'reds,' 'shoot the moon,' 'looking for mr. goodbar,' '1st wives club' and many more.  and let's name the woody classics - 'sleeper,' 'love & death,' 'annie hall,' 'manhattan' and 'manhattan murder mystery.'

she really is something amazing.

oh, and she just co-starred in the summer's biggest comedy: 'book club.'

let's close with c.i.'s 'Iraq snapshot:'

Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

We're going to start with something non-Iraq at all (we'll also be ending with something non-Iraq).  I know Illeana Douglas and have known her for years.  As Rebecca noted last month, I first heard of Leslie Moonves' assault of Illeana years ago.  At THIRD this week, we did "Unlike Alyssa Milano, we'll stand with Illeana Douglas."  (Ann offered "Alyssa Milano reveals she doesn't give a damn about women" last night.)

Alyssa Milano is not who she claims or self-presents as.  Rose McGowan rightly called her a lie.  Though Corey Feldman was sympathetic to her, he publicly mocked her -- rightly so -- when she claimed she never had any idea that he or Corey Haim had been molested as children.  She knew.  She claims she never knew that Brad Kern was abusive to women on the set of CHARMED -- where she was a producer.  Everyone else knew.  There were complaints.  Repeated complaints.  She took a producer's credit (and pay) and it was her job to provide a safe work environment.  She failed.  To TIME magazine and others, she has presented herself as the head of #MeToo (after stealing the phrase from African-American  woman Tarana Burke -- one of her many cultural appropriations).  Yet though she Tweets over and over daily, she's still not Tweeted about Illeana or any of the other women who spoke out in Ronan Farrow's NEW YORKER piece.

Not one Tweet.  CAA is the reason I'm not part of #MeToo.  CAA pimped out women constantly.  There's a foreign actress who appeared in several hit films and was used by CAA before and after.  They pimped her out.  She remains destroyed today.  (If she chooses to tell her story publicly, I will support her.  Currently, she's still in therapy attempting to deal with what they put her through.)  Alyssa's married to CAA's David Bugliari and Alyssa's a "CAA speaker" that you can 'book.'

Alyssa's silence backs up everything many of us have long said.  She's is not a friend to women, she is stilted actress determined to self-promote, desperate for a career.  She is not about empowering women.  She's is about co-opting anything she can.

As for CBS, Leslie is part of a long pattern there that began with William Paley and the hell he put his wife (Babe Paley through) -- one affair after another, while he stopped having sex with her early in their marriage, his refusal to allow her to raise their children or even hug them in front of him.  He was pure filth and set the tone all those years ago.  CBS has always been hostile to women.  Most networks would be thrilled to have a hit show but CBS has always only been thrilled to have a hit show if it starred men.  Whether we're talking DESIGNING WOMEN, CAGNEY & LACEY, CYBILL, THE NANNY or the now returning MURPHY BROWN, CBS repeatedly undercuts and undermines their programs with female leads, undercutting them, pushing them through one time change after another, etc., etc.  At THIRD, Ava and I have long documented the institutional sexism at CBS and we've done it for a reason.

Leslie is guilty and if I were Julie Chen, sleeping with my married boss and then lucky enough to get him to leave his wife for me, I guess I'd rush forward to defend him too.  I mean, what career would Julie have if she hadn't slept with Leslie?  None at all.  I could go on and on here.

The point is Illeana told the truth and has been telling it to a number of us over the years.  And CBS has made clear that they do not take harassment seriously by allowing Moonves to remain on the job while he is under investigation.  He should be put on administrative leave.  Anything less goes to CBS not taking the issue seriously.  He is accused of harassment and attempted rape.  These are serious charges.  If you take them seriously, you put him on administrative leave until the investigation is over.  Otherwise?  You're saying work safety and the right of women to be safe at work does not matter.

Grasp that fake ass Alyssa is not just refusing to stand up for Illeana, she's refusing to stand up for women who may encounter Leslie.  He needs to be removed during the investigation.

Meanwhile, protests continue in Iraq.

Why?  Each year, Iraq rakes in billion from oil sales.  And the World Bank estimates the current population of Iraq to be 37.2 million.

With that kind of money coming in and that small of a population, meeting the needs of the people should be easy.

But it hasn't been.  The World Bank notes, for example, "The poverty rate increased from 19.8 percent in 2012 to an estimated 22.5 percent in 2014."  How does that happen?  Government corruption.  Politicians and officials stealing the public's money.

And it leaves nothing for the people.  Hence the video below.

Another video of Iraqi children eating from the garbage.


Live Right: The Protests Pockets of are ongoing throughout cities in the south of the country, perhaps not as large as in recent weeks, but will the same demands of electricity, potable water and employment. looks at the situation. 🇮🇶💪🏼

0:08 / 1:29


The corruption has enriched many.  Nouri al-Maliki's son, for example, has some really swank living spaces in England and some really sporty cars.  That's nice for a man who's never really worked in his life.  But that's awful for the Iraqi people.

The Iraqi people are protesting to save their lives.  They are risking their lives with these ongoing protests and 14 have already died.

The excessive violence and cruelty used by the Iraqi security forces ended the lives of 14 demonstrators in 10 days of ongoing protests calling for economic and service improvements," the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said."

They are demanding basic rights including access to electricity and potable water, including jobs.

These protests are now a month old and it's amazing how many of the Twitter 'social justice warriors' have ignored these protests.

Why do they have to protest?

Among other things because the US government destroyed Iraq with the (ongoing) war.  The US still bombs Iraq.  Monday, the US Defense Dept announced:

Strikes in Iraq
There were no reported strikes conducted in Iraq yesterday.
On Aug. 4 near Dulab, coalition military forces conducted a strike consisting of an engagement against ISIS targets, destroying two ISIS tunnels.
On Aug. 3 near Wadi Ashai, coalition military forces conducted a strike consisting of an engagement against an ISIS tactical unit.
There were no reported strikes conducted in Iraq on Aug. 2.
On Aug. 1 near Wadi Ashai, coalition military forces conducted a strike consisting of five engagements against ISIS targets, destroying two ISIS-held buildings and three ISIS supply caches.
On July 31 near Wadi Ashai and Wadi Zagatoon, coalition military forces conducted two strikes consisting of two engagements against ISIS targets, destroying an ISIS-held building.

On 30 July 30 near Wadi Ashai, coalition military forces conducted a strike consisting of an engagement against ISIS targets. The strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit.

The US government turned Iraq into a land of widows and orphans.  And it compounded the problems by 'selecting' Iraq's prime ministers.  Yesterday, we went over Nouri al-Maliki and Barack Obama, then-US president, selected Hayder al-Abadi to replace him in 2014.  (After Nouri's actions led to the rise of ISIS in Iraq.)

Supporting Abadi "was the easy way for the US to try to protect the gains it has made in Iraq over the last four years without having to do the substantial groundwork that would have been required to build up a range of political alternatives"

Out Sept. 25. Pre-order from Amazon now.


From Batgirl to Wonder Woman, all of the greatest female characters of the DC Comics universe are paid homage in this epic tome, DC Comics Heroines: 100 Greatest Moments. Broken down, moment by moment, readers are able to follow pivotal points in the development of their favorite heroines. 

The second installment of Chartwell Books' 100 Greatest Moments of DC Comics series highlights the feats of emotional strength and bravery displayed by the powerful women of DC Comics.

Fans will love this overview of 100 notable scenes where women showed just how tough they are. High quality panels are pulled from the silver and bronze age up to the present. Favorites like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Black Canary, Zatanna, and many more make an appearance in this volume.

Bask in the grit and glory of your favorite heroines with DC Comics Heroines: 100 Greatest Moments.

          Brian Michaels & Steve Roman: Scena Gay      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Attenzione Nudo Integrale)

          Head back to College with Melissa McCarthy when "Life of the Party" arrives on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital, August 7th! #sponsored      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
“The featured product was provided free of charge from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% the opinion of the Coupon Savvy Sarah family. Please note that your experiences with products featured here may vary from ours. This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

Watch as a newly divorced mother, played by Melissa McCarthy, resets her life and navigates the world of college when “Life of the Party” arrives on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital, August 7, 2018.

Life of the Party” is directed by Ben Falcone (“Tammy,” “The Boss”). Alongside McCarthy, the film also stars Gillian Jacobs, Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen, Matt Walsh, Molly Gordon, Stephen Root, Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver, Jessie Ennis, Adria Arjona, Debby Ryan and Jimmy O. Yang.

McCarthy and Falcone co-wrote the screenplay and produced through their production company, On the Day Production. Chris Henchy is also producing the film, with David Siegel serving as executive producer.

“Life of the Party” will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack for $35.99 SRP and DVD for $28.98 SRP. The Blu-ray Combo Pack features a Blu-ray disc with the film and special features in high definition, a DVD with the film in standard definition and a Digital version of the movie. You will be able to purchase Life of the Party at major retailers nationwide in addition to online at Amazon.


When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime dedicated housewife Deanna (McCarthy) turns regret into reset by going back to college…landing in the same class and school as her daughter, who’s not entirely sold on the idea. Plunging headlong into the campus experience, the increasingly outspoken Deanna—now Dee Rock—embraces freedom, fun and frat boys on her own terms, finding her true self in a senior year no one ever expected.

Movie Trailer:


“Life of the Party” Blu-ray Combo Pack contain the following special features:
  • '80s Party
  • Mom Sandwich
  • Line-O-Rama
  • Bill Hate-O-Rama
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
“Life of the Party” Standard Definition DVD contain the following special features:
  • '80s Party

Our Thoughts:

We watched this movie with our daughter and we all shared in a lot of laughs. My daughter still keeps quoting certain parts from the film that were pretty funny. I love the relationship between the mother and daughter and even the bonding between McCarthy's character and her daughter's college friends. It's definitely not a movie for the entire family since there are drug, alcohol and sexual references, but those of us that were age appropriate found this movie very funny!

Disclosure: Coupon Savvy Sarah receives products in order to conduct reviews. No monetary compensation was provided unless noted otherwise. All opinions are 100% my own. Some posts may contain affiliate links that I receive commission or payment from in exchange for referrals. In the event of a giveaway, the sponsor is responsible for delivery of the prize, unless otherwise noted in the posting. I only recommend products or services I personally use and believe will be a good fit for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 225: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising"
          Shock anti-Roma announcement on train      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Passengers reported woman said 'gypsies have broken our balls'
          Woman beaten to death, husband arrested      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Homicide in province of Venice, man was under house arrest
          Best Bahamas honeymoon destination?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
We are hoping to go to the Bahamas on honeymoon and are wondering about the best and most romantic places. We would like a beach chalet/loft, nice restaurants and caf
          Getting married in Barbados - venues, tips, ideas?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
We are getting married in Barbados – so exciting! - and are interested in any ideas, tips, suggestions... Obviously we would like to get married on the beach. Which are the most romantic venues, and is organizing a wedding in Barbados easy enough? Are there local wedding planners? Our wedding is in March, is the weather in Barbados OK at this time? Are there are any issues with the wedding license – I’ve heard it’s hard to be “officially” married in Barbados and that you have to come back home to do the proper paperwork.
          Michigan nominates Muslim woman to run unopposed for Congress, who once got thrown out of luncheon for booing Trump. There's a lesson to be learned here [Spiffy]      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Spiffy [link] [57 comments]

          Empoisonnement au Novitchok: Washington annonce des sanctions contre la Russie (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Les Etats-Unis ont annoncé mercredi leur intention d'imposer de nouvelles sanctions économiques à la Russie, après avoir déterminé que Moscou était derrière l'attaque à l'agent Novitchok au Royaume-Uni. Après l'empoisonnement début mars...
          Amag: deux modèles Audi interdits de circuler en Suisse (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(développement) Berne (awp/ats) - Nouveau chapitre dans l'affaire des manipulations de logiciels chez VW. C'est au tour de deux modèles d'Audi de se voir refuser l'autorisation de circuler en Suisse. L'Office fédéral des routes a émis mercredi...
          Mali: le match Keïta-Cissé aura bien lieu, les recours de l'opposition rejetés (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bamako - Le président sortant du Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, et le chef de file de l'opposition, Soumaïla Cissé, seront bien opposés au second tour de l'élection présidentielle le 12 août, a confirmé mercredi la Cour constitutionnelle...
          L'ex-présidente chilienne Bachelet prend la tête des droits de l'homme de l'ONU (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Le secrétaire général des Nations unies Antonio Guterres a nommé mercredi l'ancienne présidente du Chili Michelle Bachelet à la tête du Haut-Commissariat aux droits de l'homme, en remplacement du Jordanien Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, critique...
          Tesla se penche sur son retrait de la Bourse, Musk s'attire les critiques (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Tesla s'est lancé mercredi dans l'examen du projet de son retrait de la Bourse évoqué la veille par son PDG Elon Musk, une annonce inattendue qui a éveillé les soupçons de manipulation de cours des autorités boursières. Le conseil...
          Empoisonnement au Novitchok: Washington annonce des sanctions contre la Russie (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Washington - Les Etats-Unis ont annoncé mercredi leur intention d'imposer de nouvelles sanctions économiques à la Russie, après avoir déterminé que Moscou était derrière l'attaque à l'agent Novitchok au Royaume-Uni.Après l'empoisonnement...
          ALERTE - Foot/Angleterre: le gardien de but Kepa Arrizabalaga singe à Chelsea (club) (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 08 août 2018 21h06)
          ALERTE - ONU: l'ex présidente chilienne Bachelet officiellement nommée aux droits de l'homme (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(©AFP / 08 août 2018 20h54)
          Le pouvoir vénézuélien s'attaque à deux députés d'opposition (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Caracas - La Cour suprême vénézuélienne a ordonné mercredi l'arrestation de Julio Borges, ex-président du Parlement et membre prééminent de l'opposition en exil, l'accusant d'être impliqué dans l'"attentat" aux drones dont le président...
          Wall Street, lestée par le pétrole et le commerce, finit en ordre dispersé (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Wall Street a terminé en ordre dispersé mercredi, affaiblie par les tensions commerciales et une baisse des cours du pétrole après plusieurs séances de progression d'affilée des trois principaux indices boursiers. Selon les résultats...
          Ryanair: escalade de la grève européenne avec les pilotes allemands et néerlandais (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
La compagnie à bas coûts Ryanair est confrontée à conflit social d'une ampleur inédite après l'annonce mercredi du ralliement de ses pilotes allemands et néerlandais à la grève européenne du 10 août lors de laquelle plusieurs centaines de...
          RDC: Kabila désigne un dauphin, ses adversaires crient victoire (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Le président congolais Joseph Kabila a désigné mercredi un candidat à sa succession à l'élection présidentielle prévue en décembre en République démocratique du Congo, une première dans ce pays qui n'a jamais connu de transition...
          Amag: deux modèles Audi interdits de circuler en Suisse (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(développement) Berne (awp/ats) - Nouveau chapitre dans l'affaire des manipulations de logiciels chez VW. C'est au tour de deux modèles d'Audi de se voir refuser l'autorisation de circuler en Suisse. L'Office fédéral des routes a émis mercredi...
          Journaliste à "Gala", Mme de Rugy se plaint d'atteinte à la vie privée (Lejsl)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Séverine Servat de Rugy, femme du président de l’Assemblée François de Rugy, voulait faire interdire un roman écrit par la compagne du père de son fils.
          Modern Love: Listen: Ellie Kemper Reads ‘When Mothers Bully Back’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
This week on Modern Love: The Podcast, the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star tells the story of a woman who tests the limits of parental protectiveness.
          Udder scenes as Florida cows thwart alleged carjacker’s escape      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An alleged carjacker who crashed a car before hoofing it into a Florida field has had her escape cut short by a herd of cows. Sanford Police were giving chase to two people when one suspect attempted to flee onto private property in Seminole County. The woman's efforts proved unsuccessful when a group of cows initiated its own pursuit. Officers caught up with the suspect a short time later, cutting the bull and charging her with trespass, petty theft, drug possession and resisting arrest.
          Watch: Herd Of Cows Chases Suspect Into Police Custody      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A group of cows decided to chase down and herd the woman into custody after she invaded their field.
          German female bodybuilder anal teen with big tits deepthroat and muscle dirty ass to mouth      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The girl couldn’t refuse this sexual passion within. Her man forced her up against the wall surface and commenced to suck the woman’s clitoris savagely. She actually is hot and exquisite along with her long blonde locks and massive breasts The young woman really loves having her vagina banged very hard. Rubberized toys tend to […]

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          #dancelife - nicomanumiche5      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
@bailaconjane @nicomanumiche5 #reggaeton #reggaetondance #dancingmachine #flexible #dancefloor #danceparty #dancemoms #dancerecital #ballet #practice #music #danceshoes #workout #song #songs #stretch #studio #dancehall #dancing #choreography #flexibility #dancingqueen #instaballet #dancer #dancelife #fun #instadance #dancers #dance #cheer
          CHAPLAINCY LEADER - Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario - Hammond, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
➢ Current Pastoral Letter of Reference from a Roman Catholic priest. Please refer to the attached job description for further information....
From Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario - Wed, 08 Aug 2018 18:49:23 GMT - View all Hammond, ON jobs
          Site Manager - R.W. Tomlinson Limited - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
"Times New Roman"; AR-SA;">Tomlinson is Eastern Canada's leader in environmental, construction and transportation infrastructure services....
From R.W. Tomlinson Limited - Wed, 11 Apr 2018 23:43:34 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries - Diocese of Phoenix - Blessed Sacrament, QC      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Active Roman Catholic who is in full communion with the Church; Blessed Sacrament Parish is seeking an enthusiastic individual to minister to the youth and...
From Diocese of Phoenix - Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:37:41 GMT - View all Blessed Sacrament, QC jobs
          Help Wanted - Sciué Roman Street Eatery - Vancouver, BC      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Now hiring at 101 Robson Street,...
From Job Spotter - Thu, 19 Jul 2018 00:46:29 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs
          Commis Libraire - Librairie Clio - Pointe-Claire, QC      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Nous avons en inventaire une grande sélection de romans, de non-fiction, d’œuvres classiques, de livres pour enfants, ainsi qu’une liste de titres précédemment...
From Indeed - Wed, 11 Jul 2018 11:23:47 GMT - View all Pointe-Claire, QC jobs
          Director of Communications - St. Mary’s University (Calgary, AB) - Day, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
From St. Mary’s University (Calgary, AB) - Fri, 04 May 2018 02:52:13 GMT - View all Day, ON jobs
          Principal - Financial Audit - Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
All documents must be written in font Times New Roman in size 12 with one inch margins. This opportunity is open to employees of the Office of the Auditor... $130,825 - $168,720 a year
From Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Tue, 07 Aug 2018 17:33:21 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Software Support Specialist - Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
All documents must be written in font Times New Roman in size 12 with one inch margins and submitted online. When you apply to this selection process, you are... $70,354 - $86,125 a year
From Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Mon, 30 Jul 2018 23:33:43 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Network Infrastructure Specialist - Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
All documents must be written in font Times New Roman in size 12 with one inch margins and submitted online. When you apply to this selection process, you are... $70,354 - $86,125 a year
From Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Mon, 30 Jul 2018 23:33:42 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Student Programs Coordinator - Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
All documents must be written in font Times New Roman in size 12 with one inch margins and submitted online. The immediate need is to staff 1 term position in... $90,210 - $107,699 a year
From Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Fri, 27 Jul 2018 23:33:36 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Audit Professional Project Leader (IT Audit) - Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
All documents must be written in font Times New Roman in size 12 with one inch margins and submitted online.... $92,313 - $107,699 a year
From Office of the Auditor General of Canada - Fri, 13 Jul 2018 17:33:11 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Salesforce Developers with CPQ - COREL CORPORATION USA - Ottawa, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; We are looking to add a SalesForce & CPQ Platform Developer (Technical Analyst) focused on day to day oversight of...
From Corel Corporation USA - Tue, 10 Jul 2018 17:27:24 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Logistics Manager, Calgary, AB - Tenaris - Canada      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
"Times New Roman"; Tenaris is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipe products and related services for the world’s energy industry and other...
From Tenaris - Sat, 28 Apr 2018 03:08:09 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Experienced Line & Pastry Cooks - Pie Eyed Monk Brewery - Lindsay, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Learn to make fresh pastas, Roman Style Pizza Oven making, using fresh local ingredients. Brand new and exciting Brewery with 300+ seat restaurant in beautiful...
From Indeed - Thu, 07 Jun 2018 18:11:47 GMT - View all Lindsay, ON jobs
          Secondary Occasional Teacher (must hold Intermediate and Senior qualifications) - York Catholic District School Board - York, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Pastoral reference (current) - a Pastoral Reference confirming that you are a practicing Roman Catholic (completed Priest Reference Form or written letter from...
From York Catholic District School Board - Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:55:17 GMT - View all York, ON jobs
          Elementary Occasional Teacher - York Catholic District School Board - York, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Pastoral reference (current) - a Pastoral Reference confirming that you are a practicing Roman Catholic (completed Priest Reference Form or written letter from...
From York Catholic District School Board - Wed, 11 Jul 2018 14:55:17 GMT - View all York, ON jobs
          Server and Hostess - Levetto - Aurora, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Looking for an experienced, friendly and hard working part-time and full-time servers to work in a typical Roman-style pizzeria. Approximately 3-5 shifts per...
From Indeed - Sat, 14 Jul 2018 14:35:21 GMT - View all Aurora, ON jobs
          AZ/DZ Driver - Roman Building Materials - Markham, ON      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
We are looking for a driver with a valid DZ OR AZ license with a minimum of 1 year experience to join our team! * Operate a DZ OR AZ truck * Work in a safe...
From Indeed - Tue, 31 Jul 2018 12:11:30 GMT - View all Markham, ON jobs
          Alicia Silverstone Thought Kyle Richards Was a Man      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The 'Clueless' alum, who stars on 'American Woman' inspired by the reality TV star's childhood, expected Kyle to be a man at their first meeting.
          Gal Gadot Praises Wonder Woman Boy Fan for Breaking Gender Stereotype      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The 'Wonder Woman' star voices her support for a 5-year-old kindergarten boy who chose girly accessories, including a Wonder Woman backpack and crown, to wear to school.
          Honeymoon guide: Five romantic resorts in Barbados      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

On the island of Barbados, British reserve blends with Barbadian spice to create a destination with lots of appeal, especially for honeymooners.          

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          Challenges for Ledbury Harriers runners      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
LEDBURY Harriers' Holly Gourley was the first woman home at the Forest of Dean Trail Marathon.
          Police: Woman Who Stole Ambulance Was Tired Of Waiting For Her Ride      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Police in Kentucky say a woman who got tired of waiting for her relatives to pick her up from the hospital stole an ambulance.
          Poppy Seed Bagel Causes Woman Giving Birth To Fail Drug Test      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Elizabeth Eden was headed to St. Joseph Medical Center on April 4 and had a poppy seed bagel for breakfast before going into labor.
          Watch: Herd Of Cows Chases Suspect Into Police Custody      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A group of cows decided to chase down and herd the woman into custody after she invaded their field.
          Sting presenta el espectáculo ‘Juicio universal’ al Papa Francisco      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

(ZENIT – 8 agosto 2018).- El artista británico Sting presentó al Papa el espectáculo Juicio Universal. Miguel Ángel y los secretos de la Capilla Sixtina, el programa del auditorio de la calle de la Conciliazione, revela L’Osservatore Romano, en su edición del 9 de agosto de 2018.

El ex cantante de The Police, saludó junto su mujer, al Pontífice en la audiencia general, celebrada esta mañana, miércoles, 8 de agosto, en el Vaticano, en la que ambos participaron.

El espectáculo que Sting ha compuesto está producido gracias a la experiencia científica de los Museos del Vaticano, y su principal protagonista es la Capilla Sixtina. Sting es el autor del tema musical principal y Marco Balich, el creador de las ceremonias olímpicas, dirigió el espectáculo.

“Cuando vi la Capilla Sixtina –relata el músico en L’Osservatore Romano– me llamó la atención el genio de Miguel Ángel. Hacer una ‘banda sonora’ de tal visión es una experiencia mística “.

Particularmente atento a la dimensión espiritual y las cuestiones de solidaridad, Sting ya escribió en 1989 a Juan Pablo II para apoyar la causa de los pueblos amazónicos.

Al final de la audiencia, Sting visitó nuevamente la Capilla Sixtina, la Capilla Paulina y la Sala Regia, según la misma fuente.

Con Anita Bourdin

La entrada Sting presenta el espectáculo ‘Juicio universal’ al Papa Francisco se publicó primero en ZENIT - Espanol.

          Piso en Alquiler en Zaragoza Capital. Pisos Zaragoza Capital      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vivienda de 104 m2 en alquiler en el corazon de Zaragoza distribuida en 4 dormitorios, uno de ellos con baño, salón y otro baño. Amplias estancias. Totalmente exterior con espectaculares vistas al antiguo Teatro Romano. Cuenta con carpinteria de...
4 habitaciones 2 baños 104 m² 8 EUR/m² calefacción ascensor trastero Descuento precio negociable
Wed, 08 Aug 2018 11:27:54 -0400
          Empoisonnement au Novitchok: Washington annonce des sanctions contre la Russie (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Les Etats-Unis ont annoncé mercredi leur intention d'imposer de nouvelles sanctions économiques à la Russie, après avoir déterminé que Moscou était derrière l'attaque à l'agent Novitchok au Royaume-Uni. Après l'empoisonnement début mars...
          Amag: deux modèles Audi interdits de circuler en Suisse (Romandie)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(développement) Berne (awp/ats) - Nouveau chapitre dans l'affaire des manipulations de logiciels chez VW. C'est au tour de deux modèles d'Audi de se voir refuser l'autorisation de circuler en Suisse. L'Office fédéral des routes a émis mercredi...
          El derecho a delirar      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

La ANC sigue calentando motores para la Diada de este año. Hay que superar el impacto global del Corro de la Patata del curso anterior (¡el mundo nos mira!, ya saben), y esta vez se ha optado por una V humana que ocupe la Gran Vía y la Diagonal y confluya en la plaza de las Glorias (catalanas, por supuesto: las de los demás, que las celebre su tía).
Como en el unionismo también abundan los optimistas, no faltan quienes aseguran que el caso Pujol pasará factura a los nacionalistas y su V pinchará. Yo lo dudo, la verdad. Es más, estoy casi seguro de que será un éxito absoluto: el borrego catalán es inasequible al desaliento. Los planes de Pujol se han cumplido a la perfección. Tras treinta años de agitación y propaganda en aulas y medios de comunicación, el desprecio original hacia todo lo español ha evolucionado claramente hacia el odio. Con la bendición de los gobiernos españoles, sin distinción ideológica, que lo han tolerado a cambio de unos votos y que ahora, después de haber contribuido al desastre, se escandalizan y se rasgan las vestiduras.
La V triunfará porque las mentes de miles de catalanes han sido reformateadas por el nacionalismo durante años y años. Y porque el odio es una estupenda fuente de vida, sobre todo para toda esa gente elemental, estrepitosa y mezquina que tanto abunda en todas partes. Disfrazar el odio de patriotismo ha sido el gran hallazgo del nacionalismo catalán. Tú te haces nacionalista y, como por arte de magia, dejas de ser un sujeto insolidario, egoísta y miserable para convertirte en un patriota. Y en algo todavía mejor: una víctima de la maldad de tus vecinos.
Una vez instalado en esa estructura mental, ya puedes pasearte con una pancarta que ponga «Queremos ser libres» o «Freedom for Catalonia». En tu condición de víctima (imaginaria, ¿pero a ti qué más te da?), ya puedes ocupar el centro del mundo.
La V será un éxito y a mí solo me quedará el derecho al pataleo. Todo se encamina a que solo haya una manera canónica de sentirse catalán, que es la que marcan los políticos nacionalistas con sus monjitas, sus viragos, sus medios de comunicación y sus diarios comprados. Franco también indicó la manera canónica de ser español: recordemos cuando uno de sus ministros le dijo que Berlanga era comunista y él repuso que no, que no era comunista, sino tan solo un mal español.
Hoy día, España te permite ser español a tu manera, pero Cataluña no te deja ser catalán a tu manera. Esa actitud tiene un nombre muy feo. Se llama fascismo y lleva tiempo asomando la patita por mi querida comunidad autónoma. Algo me dice que el próximo día 11 se va a manifestar en todo su esplendor.

Ramón de España. 
El derecho a delirar. 
Un año en el manicomio catalán. 
La Esfera de los libros. Madrid, 2014

          Oklahoman Allie Ayers launches swimwear      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

By Linda Miller

Allie Ayers, 24, who grew up in Snyder and graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, launched her swimwear line at Packard’s in Oklahoma City earlier this summer.

She took the scenic way, if you will, to get to that moment but each stop – as a nanny, computer coder, struggling model, casting assistant and finally Sports Illustrated model -- got her to where she is today.


          Nonesuch gains national notice      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

By Dave Cathey Food Editor

Nonesuch, 803 N Hudson Ave., has drawn national attention in its first year thanks to the inspired work of chef Colin Stringer and his cooking brigade.

The avant-garde dining boutique offering a distinctive seasonal menu was recently listed on Bon Appétit magazine's list of top 50 new restaurants in America.


          Burger patrons have a saint in Nic      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

By Dave Cathey Food Editor

About 20 years ago, a kid from Grady County kid used monies he'd cobbled together running a lawn service and flipping small houses to purchase a unique property in the Ten-Penn corridor, putting into motion a dream come true.

Justin Nicholas spent years building relationships with craftsman and contractors, working shoulder to shoulder with them over the years in the world of homebuilding and maintenance — all the while harboring a dream.

"Ever since I was a little kid, I thought it would be cool to have my own restaurant," Nicholas recalled.

He never shared the dream with anyone, but when he saw a property come available that had both a house he could refashion into a multiunit and a small lunch counter he pounced.

"I told everybody I was just gonna tear the little building down," Nicholas said.

But that was a lie.

Instead, Nicholas took the tiny cafe once called Marsha's Sister's Restaurant because, as the name implied, Marsha handed the place over to her sibling, and turned it into Nic's Grill.


          Richard Gere (ri)diventa padre all'età di 69 anni      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Auguri a Richard Gere, che alla soglia dei 69 anni si appresta a diventare padre per la seconda volta. Secondo quanto riportato da ABC, la 35enne Alejandra Silva, moglie della star hollywoodiana, è infatti in dolce attesa. L'attore ha già avuto un figlio 18 anni fa dalla sua seconda moglie, l'attrice Carey Lowell, con cui è rimasto insieme dal 2002 al 2015.

In seguito, nel mese di aprile, dopo una convivenza di tre anni, ha sposato la giovane Alejandra con rito civile a Madrid. In quell'occasione il divo aveva rivelato alla testata spagnola ¡Hola!: "Ho sposato una donna intelligente, sensibile, impegnata nel sociale, divertente, paziente, capace di perdonare, oltre a essere una gran cuoca che prepara le insalate migliori del mondo!". E aveva così concluso:"Sono l'uomo più felice dell'universo, come potrei non esserlo?".

Del resto, anche lei non ha mancato occasione di manifestare il suo amore per Gere: "Mi sembra di vivere in una favola. Lui è l'uomo più umile, sensibile, affettuoso, attento, divertente e generoso che abbia mai conosciuto. Che posso dire? Sono così innamorata! Non c'è giorno in cui non mi dica quanto sia importante per lui".

La giovane moglie di Gere è un'imprenditrice molto famosa e, come il marito, è impegnata da tempo nella difesa dei diritti umani. Elemento che ha sicuramente contribuito a solidificare il loro legame. Da diversi anni, infatti, Richard Gere è un attivo sostenitore di Survival International, organizzazione che difende i diritti umani di tutti i i popoli indigeni.

Altre battaglie che hanno visto il protagonista di Pretty Woman impegnato in prima linea sono la lotta all'Aids, la lotta per la pace e l'uguaglianza sociale in India.

          8/9/2018: Companies: Pursuit Of Profit: ‘Proposed Ecommerce Policy Tilted in Favour of Local Cos’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
New Delhi: India’s proposed ecommerce policy is discriminatory and loaded in favour of local companies, a non-profit organisation working on India-US trade-related policies said. “The current draft micromanages businesses. When you say how much...
          Medicina e innovazione: uno scenario futuribile      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

La medicina ha cambiato nell'ultimo secolo il volto del mondo: secondo le stime aggiornate dell'Onu, nel 2050 la popolazione mondiale raggiungerà i 9,8 miliardi di individui, un valore quasi quadruplo rispetto ai 2,5 miliardi registrati nel 1950. Questa rivoluzione silenziosa, grazie alla quale viviamo meglio e più a lungo, è frutto dell'evoluzione dei farmaci, delle terapie, della maggiore specializzazione dei medici e del perfezionamento della chirurgia a livelli impensabili fino ad appena 70 anni fa.

La tecnologia legata al settore medico, ha raggiunto livelli di complessità elevatissimi, innalzando di conseguenza i costi e riducendo, già oggi, l'accesso alle terapie più avanzate a una quota importante della popolazione mondiale. In questo contesto tutte le attività volte a ottimizzare le risorse finanziarie, semplificare e creare efficienza, assumono un valore etico prima ancora che economico ed è compito dei governi, come delle grandi aziende, supportare l'innovazione nel settore.

Le nuove frontiere della digitalizzazione, in particolare l'Intelligenza Artificiale, rappresentano la strada più promettente per rendere la medicina più efficiente e accessibile. Pensiamo a una diagnostica intelligente: con la tecnologia oggi disponibile un computer può leggere un esame, come una Tac, e dargli la possibilità di riconoscere una patologia e formulare una prima diagnosi. In questo campo l'evoluzione a cui il Mit sta lavorando è quella di rendere le IA particolarmente efficienti nell'usare un determinato tipo di immagini, riducendo la quantità di dati necessari per "insegnare" al computer a riconoscere le patologie.

Un'altra applicazione dell'IA in ambito medico è nella gestione dei flussi nelle strutture sanitarie e nell'ottimizzazione delle risorse. La pianificazione delle sale chirurgiche, ad esempio, deve tener conto delle esigenze dell'ultimo minuto come degli interventi pianificati e può essere gestita da un computer in grado di adattarsi alle necessità, mantenendo un monitoraggio 24 ore su 24 sull'intera struttura.

Il 5G è un'altra tecnologia che porterà nei prossimi anni a una rivoluzione tecnologica nelle scienze della vita. Le reti di quinta generazione sono da una parte la componente abilitante per l'IoT medicale; pensiamo ai dispositivi indossabili di cui ci sono già numerosi esempi soprattutto per il controllo del diabete o dell'attività cardiaca, con la prospettiva futura di dispositivi in grado di salvare la vita somministrando farmaci sia a pazienti cronici che in momenti di necessità. D'altra parte aprono la strada ad applicazioni rivoluzionarie, come la chirurgia da remoto: immaginiamo uno specialista in grado di operare da una struttura ospedaliera centrale in grado di servire numerose altre strutture periferiche, grazie al 5G sarà possibile e il King's College di Londra, insieme con Ericsson, ne ha esposto una dimostrazione già nel 2016.

Per gli investitori, l'integrazione tra tecnologia e competenze mediche rappresenta un'opportunità fenomenale. Lo hanno capito i giganti del settore farmaceutico e i fondi di investimento che sempre più spesso finanziano o promuovono lo sviluppo di startup innovative legate al medicale. Secondo il rapporto relativo al 2017 e pubblicato da StartUp Health Insights le startup legate al settore hanno raccolto nel mondo oltre 11,7 miliardi di dollari.

Osservando le startup italiane, ma anche i fondi e le associazioni di angel investor, il trend che si respira a livello globale ha investito e sempre più investirà anche il mercato italiano. In Italia possiamo vantare un settore farmaceutico che nel 2017 si è laureato primo d'Europa, con un valore della produzione che ha superato i 31 miliardi di euro e un export pari a 25 miliardi (il 55% di tutte le esportazioni hi-tech del paese). I giovani imprenditori che sviluppano un'idea in Italia possono quindi appoggiarsi su un settore che sta crescendo ed è disposto a investire nelle startup.

Sono numerosissimi gli esempi di tecnologie innovative che gli startupper italiani stanno portando sul mercato: dall'utilizzo delle blockchain per la condivisione dei dati dei pazienti, permettendone anche l'uso a fini statistici o di ricerca per le aziende del settore sanitario; fino a Brain control che ha sviluppato un sistema per comandare dispositivi tecnologici, come un comunicatore, una sedia a rotelle o anche la domotica di casa, attraverso l'attività cerebrale, un prodotto destinato a pazienti con gravi disabilità motorie e della comunicazione.

Nel medio periodo, quindi, la transizione tecnologica a cui stiamo assistendo porterà a soluzioni mature e capaci di entrare nella vita delle persone. L'obiettivo sarà completare la rivoluzione globale della medicina ampliando non solo la capacità di curare malattie e offrire condizioni di vita migliori per i pazienti, ma anche di estendere al più ampio numero di persone possibile l'accesso alle cure, riducendo sempre di più le barriere economiche e geografiche che oggi dividono il mondo, creando squilibri insostenibili tra i paesi più sviluppati e quelli in via di sviluppo.

          Le confessioni del premier di mezzo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Il personale è politico. Ma qui non si tratta del vecchio slogan di origine sessantottina ma di quelle che potrebbero intitolarsi "Le confessioni del Conte privato". Nel giorno del suo compleanno il presidente del Consiglio ha voluto mescolare vita personale e vita pubblica raccontando qualche aneddoto e come è cambiata la esistenza ora che è a Palazzo Chigi: "Non riesco ad entrare nell'ottica della vita di un premier. Insomma, nell'ottica di una vita normale. Sono ancora in fase di assestamento. Sempre a lavoro, vivo qui dentro".

La location è la sala adiacente a quella maestosa degli Arazzi. L'occasione è la conferenza stampa prima della pausa estiva, Conte non si sottrae ad alcuna domanda politica o tecnica che sia e va avanti senza limiti di tempo. Al termine il portavoce del presidente prende il microfono per invitare tutti al buffet: "Il premier ha il piacere di fare un brindisi con voi". E poi aggiunge: "Pagato di tasca sua".

Così, ci si sposta in un'altra sala. Tavolo grande, coperto da una tovaglia bianca. Un buffet sobrio e qualche bicchiere di vino. I cronisti cercano ancora risposte sulla legge di bilancio, che Conte fornisce ma poi conclude scherzando: "Rilassatevi, parliamo di altro". E quindi si inizia con le vacanze. "Mare o montagna?". Conte, che ne approfitta per vantare la sua arte di mediatore nel governo gialloverde, dice: "Collina". "Anche sulle vacanze riesce a mediare...", si lamentano i cronisti alla ricerca del luogo delle vacanze. E lui replica: "Vengo seguito ovunque. Non ho più privacy. Ora devo fare i conti con questa nuova vita, è difficile, alle volte mi spaventa". E poi aggiunge: "Diciamo che io sono nato in collina, non sono come quelli nati al mare che poi ne sentono l'attrazione irresistibile e stanno male se non ci tornano. Io non sono né carne né pesce. Ferragosto, in ogni caso, sarò a Volturara Appula, a casa".

Ma tornando alla privacy, ciò che più di ogni altra cosa gli ha cambiato la vita, Conte racconta che abita ormai nell'appartamento di palazzo Chigi: "Almeno per un po'. Mi hanno spiegato che è consigliabile per una questione di sicurezza. Dove abito io, tanto ormai lo sanno tutti, stavo al primo piano, in un palazzo con tanti bed and breakfast. Sarebbero stati affittati per anni... E poi stavo al primo piano. Per ragioni di sicurezza non è possibile. Da questo punto di vista meglio l'appartamento di Palazzo Chigi. Anche se, certo, farebbe piacere ogni tanto staccare del tutto".

"La mia giornata? Dormendo a palazzo Chigi risparmio anche molto tempo, mi sveglio e sono già in ufficio. Lavoro fino a tardi. Certe volte mi dimentico e provo a comportarmi come prima, penso di uscire e andare al bar, o in libreria. Ma vengo subito fermato, giustamente. Mi piaceva girare per le librerie. Ora compro dal catalogo online e mando qualcuno a ritirarli. Per ora va così".

Conte non ha ancora scelto quale libro leggerà quest'estate ma ai cronisti ricorda la sua passione per gli studi giuridici: "A dire il vero, da ragazzo amavo la matematica. Mi ha scritto anche la maestra di matematica, dicendomi che sono stato il suo miglior allievo... Al liceo, fino a marzo dell'ultimo anno mi vedevo a studiare ingegneria al Politecnico di Torino. A fine anno ero iscritto a giurisprudenza. E fino ai 35-36 anni ho sempre letto molto fuori dal diritto. Poi hanno prevalso gli studi giuridici. Lo spartiacque è quando ti chiedi rispetto a una cosa: ma come si fa? Ecco, il diritto ti aiuta ad essere autonomo, a non dipendere da altri".

Quindi ancora la sfera politica e quella privata e come si intrecciano questi due aspetti con il carattere: "Con Salvini e Di Maio mi sono mai arrabbiato? "Mai. La mia è un'attitudine personale, qualche volta mi irrito ma mi passa. Mi comporto con i politici nello stesso modo con cui mi rivolgo ai funzionari pubblici, agli impiegati, ad esempio alla posta... Non alzo mai la voce. Sono molto pratico, pragmatico anche nell'inquietudine, piuttosto che mettermi a urlare chiedo perché lo fanno gli altri". Ma ai giornalisti, ha qualcosa da consigliare? "Non smettete di fare opposizione, se non fate opposizione voi va in malora tutto. Io sono per la libertà di stampa". Sul finire del brindisi ecco che il portavoce "richiama" il premier: "Adesso andiamo, c'è il ministro Tria che ti aspetta". E si torna alla vita pubblica.

          Get This: Maryland mom tested positive for opiates after eating bagel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

TOWSON, Md. (AP) — A Maryland woman has discovered that eating a poppy seed bagel before giving birth carries serious consequences. Elizabeth Eden told WBAL-TV in Baltimore she was in labor in April when a doctor told her she had tested positive for opiates and she had been reported to the state. The test result […]

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          Reds’ Romano wins in New York homecoming      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

NEW YORK — About 200 of Sal Romano’s friends and family members drove two-plus hours to see him Tuesday night. A 1-hour, 40-minute rain delay wasn’t going to deter that group from enjoying the right-hander’s homecoming start. Romano won in New York for the first time as a big leaguer Tuesday night, pitching into the […]

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          Oklahoma Incumbents Look To Avoid A 'Cantor Redux'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Three incumbent Oklahoma congressmen are working to avoid upsets in the June 24 primary as their challengers take hope following an upset in Virginia. Republican Reps. Tom Cole , Frank Lucas and Markwayne Mullin each face challengers in the primary that comes two weeks after former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost in the Virginia primary to economics professor Dave Brat. The Oklahoma incumbents say they believe Cantor had become more focused on his House leadership position than on constituents in his district - something the Oklahomans say they've avoided. Cole faces Anna Flatt in the GOP primary; Lucas faces Robert Hubbard and Timothy Ray Murray; while Mullin is opposed by Darrel Robertson. Rep. Jim Bridenstine is unopposed in both the primary and the general election while the Fifth District seat is open. ------------------------------------------ KGOU produces journalism in the public interest, essential to an informed electorate. Help support informative, in-depth journalism
          8/9/2018: Around The World: Germany Inks Deal with Spain to Return Registered Migrants      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Berlin: Berlin has concluded a deal with Madrid for Spain to take back migrants who had been registered by Spanish authorities, a German interior ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday, as Germany seeks to curb new arrivals. Under the accord, which will...
          What Problem Are You Solving?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Successful business builders are problem solvers. They are giving their target market solutions. This applies to the Romance Novel Business also. The big problem Romance Writers solve is a reader’s need to escape. That is why the push for more realism by Romance Novel haters is rejected. More realism in our products lessens our customers’ ability to escape. It solves that problem for them more ineffectively. Jen Rubio, co-founder of Away, shares “…be really specific about why [...]
          Police: Woman seen speeding tells officers they shouldn't arrest her because she's 'clean, thoroughbred, white girl'       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
ATLANTA — A woman seen speeding through a stop sign at 60 mph told officers they shouldn't arrest her because she's a "very clean, thoroughbred, white girl," police said.
          8/8/2018: CANADA: BLOOD SAMPLE APPEAL ALLOWED      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Supreme Court of Canada is to hear the appeal of an Ontario woman convicted in a drunken motorboat crash on Lake Muskoka in the middle of the night on the August long weekend in 2013. At issue is both the seizure of blood samples by medical staff...
          Healthy Birth Outcomes Through Cross-Sector Collaboration      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A black baby in the U.S. is more than twice as likely to die before its first birthday as a white baby. In addition to the medical care and access a woman and baby receive, these poor outcomes are also driven by social determinants of health—non-clinical factors such as social, educational, environmental, and economic opportunities that affect a woman’s overall health and wellbeing. This multi-faceted challenge requires a multi-faceted approach.

          8/8/2018: WORLD: COUPLE SOLD BOY FOR SEX ON ‘DARK’ WEB      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
BERLIN A couple in Germany were jailed for more than 12 years each Tuesday for the repeated rape and abuse of the woman’s young son and for selling him to pedophiles. In one of the most disturbing child sex cases ever heard by the German courts, the...
          Η ΕΡΓΗΛ πήρε 1,4 εκ. Ευρώ από την ΔΕΥΑΜΒ...Παχιά λόγια από τόν ΔΗΜΟ ΒΟΛΟΥ      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Παραδόθηκε χθές στην ΕΡΓΗΛ με τραπεζική επιταγή το δεσμευμένο ποσό ύψους 1.420.000€, από τους λογαριασμούς της ΔΕΥΑΜΒ. Με ανακοίνωσή της η διοίκηση της Επιχείρησης χαρακτηρίζει απαράδεκτη αυτή την κίνηση της τράπεζας Πειραιώς και δηλώνει ότι θα στραφεί εναντίον της ενώπιον των Αστικών και Ποινικών δικαστηρίων, διεκδικώντας τη δέουσα αποζημίωση και αναζητώντας την ενοχή των υπευθύνων.

Ο Δήμος Βόλου 
Όπως τονίζεται σε ανακοίνωση του δήμου Βόλου, «έντονη οσμή σκανδάλου αποπνέει η ενέργεια των υπευθύνων της Τράπεζας Πειραιώς, που με την παράνομη, ανήθικη και έξω από κάθε λογική ενέργειά τους στη ληστρική επίθεση της ΕΡΓΗΛ κατά της περιουσίας του λαού του Βόλου, απέδειξε για μια ακόμη φορά γιατί στη συνείδηση όλων έχει καταστεί από τις πρωτεργάτιδες δυνάμεις της διαπλοκής που ευθύνονται άμεσα για την χρεοκοπία της πατρίδας μας και την φτωχοποίηση και εξαθλίωση του λαού μας.
Ο Δήμος Βόλου δεν πρόκειται να ανεχτεί την προκλητική και εξόχως σκανδαλώδη αυτή ενέργεια, κατά παράβαση κάθε νόμιμης διαδικασίας και δεοντολογίας και θα προσφύγει στη Δικαιοσύνη απαιτώντας την παραδειγματική τιμωρία όσων μετείχαν, καθ’ οιονδήποτε τρόπο, στην λεηλασία των χρημάτων του Βολιώτικου λαού, με την ελπίδα ότι δεν θα προσκρούσει σε επίορκους δικαστές, όπως δυστυχώς κατά καιρούς υπάρχει η βάσιμη αίσθηση ότι έχει συμβεί.
Με βαθιά θλίψη διαπιστώνουμε, ότι οι θυσίες στις οποίες δικτατορικά και ετσιθελικά καταδικάστηκε ο ελληνικός λαός για να ανακεφαλαιωθούν και να διασωθούν τράπεζες, όπως η Πειραιώς, που διασπάθισαν και ξεκοκάλισαν τα χρήματα των πολιτών, πήγαν τελείως χαμένες και οι ίδιες άθλιες πρακτικές και νοοτροπίες εξακολουθούν να κυριαρχούν.
Καλούμε τους πολίτες και όλους τους φορείς του Βόλου, συνειδητοποιώντας την πρόκληση και την σε βάρος τους αθλιότητα, να επανεξετάσουν τη συνεργασία τους με την συγκεκριμένη Τράπεζα, που εν τοις πράγμασιν αποδεικνύεται ότι δεν τους σέβεται και δεν τους τιμά.
Για την πλήρη και συνολική αντίδραση του Δήμου Βόλου και της ΔΕΥΑΜΒ, ο Δήμαρχος Βόλου, κ. Αχιλλέας Μπέος θα δώσει συνέντευξη Τύπου, την Πέμπτη, στις 12.00 το μεσημέρι στα γραφεία της ΔΕΥΑΜΒ.

          8/8/2018: OBITUARIES: Influential chef made mashed potatoes Michelin worthy      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Joël Robuchon, a master chef who shook up the stuffy world of French haute cuisine by emphasizing the delights of the simple mashed potato and giving diners a peek at the kitchen, died Aug. 6 in Geneva. He was 73. A spokeswoman confirmed his death....
          Once Upon a Summer in Black Eden…      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Once Upon a Summer in Black Eden…
Today, the glory days of Idlewild feel a bit like a fever dream. Just ask any of the African American vacationers who made the pilgrimage to the Michigan resort from the 1910s-60s. “It was something that you’d never believe…stranger than fiction,” reflects one woman in Coy Davis Jr.’s documentary, Whatever Happened to Idlewild?
          8/8/2018: FOOD: In Manhattan, Atomix is a 10-course gift of Korean fine dining      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The woman sitting next to me takes a bite of what’s been introduced as “twigim” and says what I’m thinking after I spoon into the same dish at one of the most bewitching restaurants to open in Manhattan in seasons. “Oh, my God!” Twigim, the third...
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Ja'Naea Modest, 33, is a driver for a nonprofit in Champaign, Illinois. Modest went to a job fair at a school during her lunch break. The...
          Woman gets caught by local news applying for other jobs. while on break      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
She wrote, "So I didn't want My current job to know I was looking for another job. why the d-- news filmed me at the job fair. Smh."
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de sad angel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de sad angel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Acum sa vedem ce o sa fie peste 3 săptămâni. Inca o data iți urez călătorie plăcută și distreaza-te cu nepoțeii și sa-ți trăiască.
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de anitanna      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Buna seara,sad,ma bucura tare mult ce spui...așa bănuiam si eu,se mai inseala doctorii si uite așa ne baga in sperieți si ne panicam,s- a mai intamplat . Ma rog sa fie bine si la tine si la toată lumea...Doamne ajuta ! Seara buna !
          0Q464 Aranyozott áttört mintás porcelán kosár - Jelenlegi ára: 3 200 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hibátlan állapotú áttört, fonatos oldalú vastagon aranyozott virágdíszes jelzett porcelán kosár.
Alján zöld jelzés:
Szélesség: 11 cmMagasság: 5. 5 cmSúly: 0. 1 kg
Termékeim között több porcelán kosár található, kérem tekintse meg őket ide kattintva!
A termékről további nagy felbontású képek!
Termékeinket az MPL futárszolgálattal küldjük! Terjedelmes tárgyaink szállításában külön díjazás mellett tudunk segíteni! Szállítási módok az alábbiak szerint alakulnak
Személyes átvétel Budapest IX.
Személyes átvétel Szeged
MPL csomag előre utalással
MPL csomag utánvét
A vételár és szállítási költség kiegyenlítésére az alábbi lehetőségeket biztosítjuk
Személyes átvételkor készpénzben
Banki átutalás
Paypal (MasterCard, Visa)
Szállítási, átvételi idő
A termék vásárlását követően a szállítási, kézhez vételi idő az alábbiak szerint alakul belföldön
Személyes átvétel
1-5 munkanap
MPL csomag előre utalással
2-3 munkanap
MPL csomag utánvét
1-3 munkanap
( virág pipacs virágos pipacsos kosárka fonott fonatos porcelán kosár fonat )
0Q464 Aranyozott áttört mintás porcelán kosár
Jelenlegi ára: 3 200 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-08-09 00:00
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de sad angel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bucura-te de nepoții tai și distrati-va la Slănic Moldova. Mama e ok, am presimțirea ca doctorița a făcut din țânțar armăsar, mama nu are nicicum sa aibă fibroza. Așa ca fi linistită, distreaza-te cu nepoțeii și nu îți face griji pt mine. Sa avem parte toți de sănătate, ca e cea mai importantă. Sa aveți grija de voi. O sa-mi fie dor de tine, dar o sa mai trimit comentarii, ca intra și prietenele noastre. Bucura-te de tot ce e frumos în viața.
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de sad angel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bună seara. Mama se simte ok, ea spune ca are mucuozitati pe trahee, oricum sunt mulțumită ca nu are cancer și nu are nici simptomele fibrozei, ceea ce mă liniștește. E posibil sa fi fost de vina și doctorița și sa greșească. Peste 3 săptămâni se duce iar , sa -i spună dacă se simte mai bine de la medicamentele prescrise și vede atunci dacă o mai trimite și în București.
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de anitanna      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Astazi nu ai intrat deloc,ai probleme...? ,sa stii ca mâine nu sunt acasă plecam cu nepoții la Slănic Moldova. Nu stiu când ne întoarcem! Sa auzim de bine! Doamne ajuta!
          Comentariu la „EXATLON ROMANIA !” de anitanna      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Sad,ce faci cum este situația,este bine?
          Veress Sándor László : "Stratocumulus Lacoumous" - Jelenlegi ára: 220 000 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Cégünk Magyarország egyik legnagyobb kínálatú internetes festménykereskedését üzemelteti.
Ezernél is több festményt illetve képet kínál a galériánk folyamatosan.
Minden darabot gondosan megtisztítunk, az összes keretet felújíttatjuk, képeinket újra kereteztetjük.
Képeink azonnal ajándékba adható illetve falra akasztható állapotban vannak.
Minden kép eredetiségére a kínálatunkban élettartam- és pénz-visszafizetési garanciát vállalunk.
Nyugodtan rendeljen postai úton is, csomagolásunkat rendkívül körültekintő és precíz csapat végzi.
Minden galériánkban vásárolt kép után számlát, igény esetén garancialevelet állítunk ki.
Kérem nézze meg a további hatalmas festménykínálatunkat.
A kép mérete: 95 x 70 cm keret nélkül. Készült: Olaj, Farostlemez
A kép Veress Sándor László (Heves, 1934) alkotása. Jelezve Balra lent "Veress S L 79"
A festmény jó állapotban van. Keret: ÉpA festmény hátoldalán a Képcsarnokvállalat raglapja látható.
További alkotásokat tekinthet meg a művésztől ide kattintva!
Termékeim között több képcsarnokos festmény található, kérem tekintse meg őket ide kattintva!
Termékeinket az MPL futárszolgálattal küldjük! Terjedelmes tárgyaink szállításában külön díjazás mellett tudunk segíteni! Szállítási módok az alábbiak szerint alakulnak
Személyes átvétel Budapest IX.
Személyes átvétel Szeged
MPL csomag előre utalással
MPL csomag utánvét
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Magyar festők és grafikusok életrajzi lexikona I-II.
Festő. 1962-ben végzett a Magyar Képzőművészeti Főiskolán. Kmetty János és Domanovszky Endre tanítványa volt. Csoportos (Ernst Múzeum, Budapest Galéria, Kempinski Galéria, Brüsszel, Párizs) és egyéni (Műcsarnok, Barcsay Terem, Vigadó Galéria, Szolnok, Heves) kiállításokon szerepelt. 1986-96 között rendszeresen részt vett a Szegedi Festészeti Triennálékon. Tagja a Magyar Szépmíves Társaságnak. 1969-97 között a Képzőművészeti Főiskolán tanított alakrajzot és festészetet. Főleg alakos kompozíciókat fest. Néhány alkotásán a XVII. századi holland mesterek - elsősorban Adriaen Brouwer - kompozícióit gondolja tovább. A képfelületen néha valós tárgyakat is rögzít. Festészetének sajátossága: erős színvilág, expresszivitás. Szívesen fest olyan témájú kompozíciókat, amelyeken megragadja a mozgás dinamizmusát. Ilyen jellegű képein is mesterien állítja a színeket a jelent szolgálatába. Díjak: Derkovits-ösztöndíj; az FKS kiállítás I. díja; Stúdió-díj; az Ezüstgerely-pályázat fődíja; a szolnoki IV. Képzőművészeti Triennále díja; a szegedi Nyári Tárlat fődíja; a IX. Képzőművészeti Triennále Jász-Kun-Szolnok Megyei Önkormányzatának díja; az V. ker. önkormányzati díja. Műveit őrzi a Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, a szolnoki Damjanich J. Múzeum, a szombathelyi Savaria Múzeum és a kaposvári Rippl-Rónai J. Múzeum. (Sz. P.: Új Műv. 1998/10, Gyulai Gergely adatközlése nyomán)Magyar festők és grafikusok adattára
1956-1962-ben végzett a Képzőművészeti Főiskolán Kmetty János, Fónyi Géza és Domanovszky Endre növendékeként. Jelenleg ugyanitt tanársegéd. A hatvanas évek óta szerepel a művészeti életben, önálló kiállítása 1976-ban volt a Műcsarnokban. 1967-ben kiállított a Párizsi Ifjúsági Biennálén. 1964-1967-ben a Derkovits-ösztöndíjban részesült. 1966-ban és 1969-ben díjakat nyert a Stúdió rendezvényein. - Expresszív, a festői eszközök kifejezőerejére épített képein főként a hazai táj, valamint csöndéleti, enteriőrt és figurális témák foglalkoztatják. Nagy gondot fordít a fölületek megmunkálására, a képszerkezet színharmóniájának kialakítására. - Irod.: P. Sz. T.: Művész életrajzok. Bp. 1985. Magyar festők és grafikusok életrajzi lexikona I-II. Műgyűjtők és kereskedők kézikönyve
Festő. A fővárosi Képzőművészeti Főiskolán Kmetty János, Fónyi Géza és Domanovszky Endre tanítványa volt, később ugyanitt hét évig működött, mint tanársegéd. 1962 óta szerepel hazai és külhoni rendezvényeken. 1967-ben kiállított a párizsi Ifjúsági Biennálén. 1964-1967 k. Derkovits-ösztöndíjban részesült. 1966-ban és 1969-ben díjakat nyert a Stúdió rendezvényein. Dinamikus, erőteljes színek, változatos témaválasztás, oldott képszerkesztés jellemzi műveit. Expresszív, a festői eszközök kifejezőerejére épített alkotásain többnyire a hazai táj, valamint csendéleti, enteriőr és figurális témák foglalkoztatják. Sok műve szerepel különböző közgyűjteményekben. (Műv.: 1976/5, MÉ)Művész életrajzok kortárs magyar képzőművészek
1962-ben fejezte be főiskolai tanulmányait, mesterei Kmetty János, Domanovszky Endre és Fónyi Géza voltak. Jelenleg a főiskola adjunktusa. A hatvanas évek óta szerepel a művészi életben, gyűjteményes tárlata 1976-ban a Műcsarnokban volt. 1967-ben kiállított a Párizsi Ifjúsági Biennálén. 1964-1967-ben Derkovits-ösztöndíjban részesült. 1966-ban és 1969-ben díjakat nyert a Stúdió tárlatain. - Expresszív, a festői eszközök kifejezőerejére épített képein főként a hazai táj, valamint csendéleti, enteriőr és figurális témák foglalkoztatják. Nagy gondot fordít a felületek megmunkálására, a képszerkezet színharmóniájának kialakítására.
A termékről további nagy felbontású képek!
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          She Paid Off $18,410 Of Debt In 7 Months      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

We LOVE success stories, and today we’re talking to one woman with a great one. She set out to pay off over $18,000 of debt in a single year. But what happened? She actually did it in just over half that time: seven months. Sounds good? We thought so too, so we called up Jenni […]

The post She Paid Off $18,410 Of Debt In 7 Months appeared first on The Stacking Benjamins Network.

          Openly gay ex-MMA fighter may become the first Native American congresswoman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The national spotlight turned to Kansas' 3rd Congressional District on Tuesday night as people from all over the country were watching to see if an insurgent progressive could win the Democratic nomination.

          Opositor do Zimbábue foge e tem asilo negado na Zâmbia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

78277020_FILES In this file photo taken on June 01 2018 MDC Alliance Spokesperson Tendai Biti speaks (1).jpg

HARARE — O ex-ministro das Finanças do Zimbábue e político de oposição do atual governo Tendai Biti fugiu para a vizinha Zâmbia, onde teve seu pedido de asilo negado e, agora, deverá ser levado de volta ao seu país de origem. Relatos anteriores diziam que ele havia sido detido na fronteira, mas a informação foi corrigida por autoridades da Zâmbia à imprensa. Nas eleições da semana passada, Biti foi um dos líderes da oposição que acusaram o partido do governo, no poder desde a década de 1980, de fraudar os resultados para garantir a vitória de Emmerson Mnangagwa, sucessor do ditador Robert Mugabe, que foi derrubado no ano passado.

A fuga aconteceu um dia depois de a polícia ter anunciado que estava à procura de Biti e de outros oito opositores. Segundo autoridades, eles estariam conectados à violência que tomou o país após a disputada eleição da semana passada, que elevou Mnangagwa ao cargo de presidente.

LEIA MAIS: Sob protestos, sucessor de Mugabe é eleito presidente do Zimbábue

Zimbábue: Opositor repete que venceu: 'Governo não respeita a vida'

Uma vitória com travo amargo para o Zimbábue e a região

À rede BBC, o ministro de Relações Exteriores da Zâmbia, Joe Malanji, disse que os argumentos de Biti para pedir asilo político eram fracos. Ele está sendo mantido em segurança, segundo o chanceler, até que volte ao Zimbábue.

— Ele está na fronteira e estamos nos organizando com autoridades do Zimbábue para enviá-lo de volta a Harare — disse Malanji à agência Reuters.

O advogado Nqobizitha Mlilo, que estava viajando com Biti, dissera antes que o político havia sido preso pela polícia do Zimbábue depois de se apresentar aos funcionários de imigração da Zâmbia no posto fronteiriço de Chirundu, a 350 quilômetros da capital Harare. No entanto, um relatório policial de veracidade não confirmada, citado pela BBC, diz que cerca de 300 pessoas que viajavam na estrada evitaram a sua prisão ao bloquear agentes de segurança e impedi-los de prender o político opositor.

No sábado, 27 membros do oposicionista Movimento para a Mudança Democrática (MDC) foram apresentados à Justiça sob acusação de envolvimento com a onda de violência desatada após as eleições que deram a vitória a Mnangagwa e que deixaram seis mortos.

Mnangagwa, que fez um chamado à calma, ganhou por uma margem estreita (50,8%) as eleições presidenciais, as primeiras após a queda de Mugabe em novembro depois de quase quatro décadas no poder. O partido governista designou Mnangagwa, ex-vice-presidente de Mugabe, para sucedê-lo, frustrando as esperanças de renovação política de parte da população e da classe política.

O reconhecimento internacional do resultado eleitoral é fundamental para que o Zimbábue consiga atrair os investimentos necessários a uma economia em severa dificuldade, na qual a pobreza afeta 70% da população. Em 2008, Mnangagwa foi o responsável pelas eleições fraudulentas e violentas que permitiram a Mugabe manter o poder, apesar da derrota no primeiro turno — o que lhe rendeu o cargo estratégico de chefe do Comando de Operações de todo o aparato de segurança.

Ele também seria um dos homens mais ricos num regime criticado pela corrupção, com interesses em minas de ouro — foi um ferrenho defensor da política econômica mais polêmica de Mugabe: a expropriação e redistribuição de terras até então controladas por fazendeiros brancos desde o período colonial. Um relatório do Departamento de Estado dos EUA já o descreveu como alguém “amplamente temido e odiado no Zimbábue, que poderia se mostrar um líder ainda mais opressor que Mugabe”. As quatro décadas da era Mugabe no Zimbábue

          A Herd Of Cows Captured A Woman Trying To Run From The Cops In Greatest Police Chase Of 2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
When it comes to mainstream media coverage, Florida Man tends…
          Sacrés chantiers ! Églises romanes en Mayenne      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Pédagogique et ludique, cette exposition valorise un pan essentiel du patrimoine local trop souvent considéré comme difficile d’accès : l’architecture religieuse romane.

          Food - Poppy Seed Bagel Causes Woman Giving Birth To Fail Drug Test      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
TOWSON, Md. - A pregnant woman's poppy seed bagel caused Maryland health officials to incorrectly believe her baby was at risk when the mother's drug test came back positive...
          Food - Couple robbed at gunpoint in Bucktown, video shows alleged suspects      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
CHICAGO - Police released surveillance video after two people were robbed at gunpoint in the city's Bucktown neighborhood. A man, 31, and a woman, 25, were walking on the 2000...
          Appassionata: Пастрами-"kissed by smoke"...      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Слышали о пастрами? О, это настоящий мясной хит. Засоленное подкопченное мясо с текстурой и вкусом, которые нельзя спутать ни с чем. Третье блюдо из первого сета Set-o-Mania в ресторане "Фаренгейт" это и есть "Пастрами из копченой цесарки, соуса и кукурузных полосок"
фаренгейт2 (14 of 31)
Мясо цесарки прекрасно приготовлено, сочное; специи, копченость — все как надо, очень элегантно))). И оно очень напоминает нью-йоркский вариант из Kat'z Delicatessen (правда там говядина)) и считается что «У Каца» готовят самую лучшую пастрами. А теперь вот и Москва. Мягкое и нежное, достаточно подкопченное - объеденье)))) Настоящее пастрами - это искусство. Еще в блюде очень интересен соус, в котором сыр и..... впрочем стоп - зачем раскрывать все секреты, нужно идти и пробовать, срочно)))
фаренгейт2 (13 of 31)
          Lupita Nyong’o on Black Hair Being Tagged as “Uncivilized”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

By: Victor Ochieng It is well known and understood that hair is one of the most beautiful aspects of any woman. And the controversy therein is the belief that straight, silky hair is the acceptable standard of beauty. This is a factor that for a long time has affected our black children- who needed someone […]

The post Lupita Nyong’o on Black Hair Being Tagged as “Uncivilized” appeared first on Your Black World.

          Alabama Woman Arrested for Standing Her Ground by Shooting Her Husband Dead      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

By: Victor Ochieng A 38-year-old Alabama woman, Jacqueline Dixon, is behind bars for shooting and killing her husband, in a city where the law enforcement do not follow the controversial Stand Your Ground law. Reports have it that Dixon’s husband allegedly charged at her in an aggressive manner that caused her to shoot him in […]

The post Alabama Woman Arrested for Standing Her Ground by Shooting Her Husband Dead appeared first on Your Black World.

          UK PM May scolds Johnson for burqa remark      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
British Prime Minister Theresa May says "nobody should be trying to tell a woman how to dress" after her former foreign minister, Boris Johnson, said the Islamic veil made women look like letter boxes and bank robbers. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

          We spoke with the woman shaking up GM’s health plans, and what she said should terrify health insurers (GM)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

mary barra general motors

  • Employers like GM are starting to question the role health insurers play in the healthcare they provide for their employees. 
  • GM is a self-insured employer, which means that it foots the bill for the healthcare its employees use. Starting in 2019, the company will offer its salaried employees in Southeast Michigan a plan that works directly with Henry Ford Health System, cutting out much of the role insurers typically play in setting up health plans. 
  • The move is part of GM's US healthcare leader Sheila Savageau's strategy to get healthcare plans for the carmaker's employees that are more tailored to their specific needs. 

Large employers are starting to put healthcare middlemen on notice. 

That includes one of the largest carmakers in the world. In 2019, General Motors will offer its salaried employees in Southeast Michigan a plan that works directly with Henry Ford Health System, covering about 24,000 employees and their families.

It's a different arrangement for the carmaker. Instead of using a health insurer, GM negotiated the terms of its plan with the hospital system directly, an agreement dubbed a "direct-to-employer" contract. 

For many Americans, their employers are the ones picking up the tab. More than half of the non-elderly population is covered by an employer-sponsored plan, and almost 80% of large companies are self-insured. As healthcare costs go up, employers are the ones feeling the pressure. And some are starting to get fed up.

GM's US healthcare leader Sheila Savageau's approach: strike up more direct relationships with the products and services GM's employees are using, rather than relying on other companies like health insurers or pharmacy benefit managers — which are responsible for negotiating lower drug prices —  to do it for her. Savageau was behind the direct-to-employer contract with Henry Ford. 

Cutting out middlemen that are part of the employer health benefits picture has been on her mind for a while now, especially when it comes to keeping down prescription drug costs. 

"I've asked myself for quite a while now, 'Well, why am I going to the pharmacy benefit manager? Why wouldn't I go directly to a manufacturer? What services do I need from the pharmacy benefit manager? Can I get those and use them as more of a third-party administrator? Could I set those services up myself?'" she told BI in an interview. 

For Savageau, the best way to start was by working directly with a health system so that she could ensure doctors would be motivated to keep GM's employees healthy. 

"For years I've been going, 'How do we get to the physician to start controlling some of those expenses coming down the pike?'" she said. 

Downgrading the role of insurers by working more directly with health systems or drugmakers could be the approach taken by employers like JPMorgan, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway, which formed an independent venture aimed at lowering healthcare costs for their employees.

One of the strategies the venture could take is to create its own alternative health plan built around their priorities, much like GM's doing. 

"We're already the insurance company, we're already making these decisions, and we simply want do a better job," JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon told Business Insider in February.

The changing role of health insurers for self-insured employers

Under GM's Henry Ford Health System plan, GM's insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan will still be involved to process claims and some customer service inquiries, though it didn't have a hand in setting up the plan and its benefits.

Instead, GM did that directly with the health system. It's a departure from the model in which a health insurer does most of the plan structuring for the employer, referred to as a carrier model. 

"I get concerned with the carrier based model, and the reason I do is because it serves to benefit GM members and/or families," Savageau said. "With the direct contract, the difference is, I know my data, and that contract is directly around the improvements I want to see around my GM population." But when it comes to a health insurance company setting up the plan, it might have goals that aren't going to ultimately benefit GM's employees.

Ultimately, Savageau answers to GM's chief financial officer, who asks what GM's doing to manage their healthcare spending. It keeps her looking a few years out to see what else the company can do. It doesn't help that companies in the healthcare industry are also thinking of new ways to make money off the system. 

"They're being as creative as I'm being," she said. 

SEE ALSO: A hot startup could be the perfect model for the JPMorgan-Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway healthcare initiative

DON'T MISS: CARL ICAHN: The $67 billion Cigna-Express Scripts merger may 'rival the worst acquisitions in corporate history'

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          Brass pipe tampers, Vintage pipe tamper, Roman silhouette, Brass boot, Tobacciana, Gifts for guys, Stocking stuffers, Gifts under 25 by tippleandsnack      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

20.00 USD

Good things come in small packages.

A pair of solid brass vintage pipe tampers in intersting shapes.

One is a tall riding boot and the other a classical Roman silhouette. Make your choice at checkout, or choose them both.

The silhouette measures 2 1/2 inches tall and has a 1/2 inch base. The boot is 1 1/2 inches tall and has a 7/16 wide tamper top.

Both have a mellow aged patina and come tucked in a gift box.

Other unique vintage goods found here:

(hand not included)

          A goat herd is helping Trump pay tens of thousands of dollars less in property taxes on his New Jersey properties      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Trump Goats bedminister

  • A goat herd is helping President Donald Trump pay thousands of dollars less in property taxes on his New Jersey properties, thanks to a state law designed to benefit farmers.
  • The Wall Street Journal estimated in 2016 that Trump paid less than $1,000 a year in property taxes on land that would typically require roughly $80,000. 

President Donald Trump is able to pay tens of thousands of dollars less in property taxes on his New Jersey golf courses because of a goat herd, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Citing public records, The Journal reported in 2016 that Trump had been able to save thousands of dollars in property taxes on his two properties in Bedminster — where he is this week for a "working vacation" — and Colts Neck. Because the properties have a goat herd, as well as hay farming and woodcutting, New Jersey law permits them to receive a farmland tax break.

Therefore, Trump pays reduced property taxes on the parts of his golf courses dedicated to farming, the report says.

Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster maintains 113 acres of hay farming and eight goats, and the property in Colts Neck has 40 acres of hay production and trees, The Journal reported, citing tax-break applications reviewed in 2016 during the presidential campaign.

The Journal estimated that Trump paid less than $1,000 a year in property taxes on land that would typically require roughly $80,000.

The farmland-assessment program Trump is benefitting from was added to the New Jersey Constitution in 1963 to prevent overdevelopment in the already crowded Garden State, the report says.

The tax break is both popular and controversial in New Jersey, a state that has some of the highest property taxes in the country and is trying to maintain a semblance of its agricultural history as its population density continues to rise.

At the time of the Journal report, Trump's New Jersey properties, both of which are in wealthy areas of the state known for their horse farms, had last been approved for farmland assessments in 2015.

It's not the first time Trump has received a tax break for one of his properties. Trump famously received massive tax breaks from New York City on some of his most notable real-estate projects, including Trump Tower and The Grand Hyatt.

SEE ALSO: US government reportedly spent at least $60,000 at Trump's Scottish golf resort

DON'T MISS: Trump is on a 'working vacation' at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Here's how his vacation time compares to past presidents.

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          Astrónomos solicitan que se renombre el Planeta Nueve      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
La Unión Astronómica Internacional (UAI) reclasificó a Plutón como un "planeta enano" en 2006. La denominación ya causó controversia, y ahora un grupo de científicios del espacio plantean que el uso del término "Planeta 9" para objetos más allá de Plutón es insensible al legado del astrónomo planetario Clyde W. Tombaugh, su descubridor.

Según explican estas decenas de astrónomos:

Creemos además que el uso de este término debe suspenderse a favor de términos culturalmente y taxonómicamente neutrales para tales planetas, como el Planeta X, el Planeta Próximo o el Planeta Gigante Cinco.

Entre los firmantes figuran Alan Stern, investigador principal de la misión New Horizons de la NASA. También están Paul Abell, Michael Allison, Nadine Barlow, James Bauer, Gordon Bjoraker, Paul Byrne, Eric Christiansen, Rajani Dhingra, Timothy Dowling, David Dunham, Tony L. Farnham, Harold Geller, Alvero Gonzalez, David Grinspoon, Will Grundy, George Hindman, Kampalayya M. Hiremath, Brian Holler, Stephanie Jarmak, Martin Knapmeyer, Rosaly Lopes, Amy Lovell, Ralph McNutt, Phil Metzger, Sripada Murty, Michael Paul, Kirby Runyon, Ray Russell, John Stansberry, Mike Summers, Henry Throop, Hal Weaver, Larry Wasserman y Sloane Wiktorowicz.

Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, deseamos recordar a nuestros colegas que la definición de planeta de la IAU adoptada en 2006 ha sido controvertida y está lejos de ser universalmente aceptada. Ante esto, y dado el increíble logro del descubrimiento de Plutón, el heraldo de la tercera zona del sistema solar (el Cinturón de Kuiper) por el astrónomo planetario Clyde W. Tombaugh en 1930, los abajo firmantes creemos que el uso del término "Planeta 9" para objetos más allá de Plutón es insensible al legado del Profesor Tombaugh.

Tombaugh trabajaba en el Observatorio Lowell en Flagstaff (Arizona), donde llevaba una búsqueda sistemática de cuerpos más allá de la órbita de Neptuno, indica Informe21.

Buscaba el planeta X, un hipotético planeta capaz de explicar por sus interacciones gravitatorias con Neptuno algunos detalles de la órbita de este último. La existencia del Planeta X había sido predicha por Percival Lowell y William Pickering.

Plutón recibió su nombre del dios romano del mundo de los muertos, capaz de volverse invisible. El nombre fue favorecido entre una lista de varios otros en parte por iniciarse con las letras PL, iniciales de Percival Lowell.
          The founder of a top Silicon Valley startup got interrupted during a board meeting when he showed a slide of 5 new women hires, and it offers a lesson to other companies      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

memphis meats

  • Heidi Roizen, a partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm DFJ, had to stop a board meeting with cultured meat startup Memphis Meats when the founder showed a slide of five recent hires, all of whom were women.
  • That kind of commitment to inclusion is rare in Silicon Valley
  • At Memphis Meats, more than half of the company's team identify as women; 40% of them are in leadership roles.
  • This article is part of Business Insider's ongoing series on Better Capitalism .

The moment Heidi Roizen knew she'd backed the right startup happened in the middle of a board room meeting. After 20 years working as a venture capitalist, she had never seen a slide like the one presented to her by Uma Valeti, the founder of cultured meat startup Memphis Meats.

Before her were photos of five of the company's most recent hires — all of whom were scientists or managers by training, and all of whom also happened to be women.

"I stopped him right at that moment to tell him I'd never seen a slide like that in my career," Roizen told Business Insider. "And he looked at me like something was wrong, which partially explains why Memphis Meats is such a leader when it comes to diversity."

Based in Silicon Valley, Memphis Meats kicked off with funding from leading biotech hub IndieBio in 2015. Today, it's backed by investors like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Twitch cofounder Kyle Vogt, and Kimbal Musk (Elon Musk's brother). Two food giants — Tyson Foods and Cargill — are other notable investors.

Like a handful of other enterprising startups in the meat alternative space, Memphis Meats' mission is to grow real meat from animal cells to minimize the environmental waste and ethical problems linked with factory farming.

But unlike the majority of the startup world, more than half of the company's team identify as women; 40% of them are in leadership roles.

The reason that is significant isn't merely because it's novel. It's also a key indicator of the company's core values, Roizen said.

'Great resumes are the price of admission, not the focus of our hiring process'

Memphis Meats is committed to hiring a diverse team of people who hail from a variety of backgrounds, Megan Pittman, Memphis Meats' director of people operations, told Roizen in an interview for a blog post she wrote about the experience.

To do that, they look beyond traditional hiring practices that focus exclusively on things like resumes, which can be biased toward white men because of institutional racism and sexism. For decades, policies like redlining (the process by which banks refuse loans or insurance to people of color because an area is determined to be too financially risky) and immigration practices favoring European countries have limited the resources available to women and people of color.

memphis meats team

Those policies and behaviors also contribute to limiting the amount of money that goes to women and people of color. Last year, all-female startup teams got just 2% of all venture capital investment dollars. Fewer than 1% of American venture capital-backed founders are black.

Instead of sitting down to a traditional interview, hiring managers at Memphis Meats ask all job candidates to begin by giving a 30-minute talk focused on an accomplishment or a topic they're familiar with.

Hiring managers at Memphis do other things that help to make diversity an entrenched part of the process. They all ask one question, for example, when looking for a new hire: "What do we need our next person to bring that our team doesn’t already have?,” Pittman said.

Roizen said it's critical that more startups prioritize inclusion like Memphis Meats did — from the beginning — because not doing so can trap a company in a vicious cycle. 

“If you suddenly wake up one day and you look around the room and it’s all guys, it’s much harder to back things in than to build that gender diversity from the beginning," Roizen said.

Memphis Meats' question about bringing in someone who can speak to a skill or attribute that the company doesn't already have hits this nail on the head. It emphasizes that what the company needs is not more of the same, but instead a variety of perspectives from a variety of backgrounds. The practice has paid off, Pittman said.

"We’ve seen plenty of data showing that companies that hire based on resumes and checkboxes end up with homogenous workforces," said Pittman. "Don’t get me wrong — great resumes and hard skills are requirements at Memphis Meats, but they’re the price of admission and not the focus of our hiring process."

SEE ALSO: A Silicon Valley biotech hub that offers startups $250,000 in funding explains the 'secret sauce' to success

DON'T MISS: The founder of a woman-led biotech startup explains how she raised $60 million when 98% of venture capital dollars go to men

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          Scientist Marie Curie voted most impactful woman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
MARIE Curie has been voted the woman who has made the most significant impact on world history.
          Woman who said she was raped by cop impersonator in Grand Prairie charged with filing false report      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Drunken England fan Gemma Payne gets criminal behaviour order after foul-mouthed Worcester pub rant      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A DRUNKEN woman who swore at police after an England World Cup match has been served with a criminal behaviour order (CBO).
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          Super Bondage, Torment And Mummification For Sexy Young Angel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Release Year: 2018 Video language: English Hot golden-haired, with very gorgeous pointer sisters, in white pants, with hot body. Her bound up with ropes - hands, legs and mambos on the ottoman. Gag in her throat. Professional restraint bondage, domination and soreness for charming model with hot [...]
          Les romans de la Renaissance (Alexandre Dumas), critiqué par Killeur.extreme      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Présentation de l'éditeur : Ce volume réunit trois romans signés Alexandre Dumas : Ascanio, Les Deux Diane, L'Horoscope, dont l'action se déroule respectivement sous François Ier, Henri II et François II. Ils forment le pendant mal connu mais nécessaire de...
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Kristan Higgins a réussi à rendre cette romance unique en son genre. Bien évidemment, on ne réinvente pas le genre totalement, mais il n'en reste pas moins que cette auteure a une petite touche bien créative qui nous fait adhérer...
          Mom begs plane crew to open door after baby ‘passes out’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Distressing footage shows a desperate mother screaming at cabin crew to open the plane’s door after her baby allegedly passed out from the heat. The woman was heard pleading for help when her child got into breathing difficulties on board the Pakistan International Airlines flight from Paris to Islamabad. According to Geo News, the aircraft,...
          Mom allegedly drove her 2 kids into river to kill them      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A 26-year-old Missouri woman faces charges of first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder after loading her children into a car she allegedly stole and driving the vehicle into the Kansas River, according to reports. The woman, identified as Scharron Renea Dingledine, of Columbia, and her 1-year-old son were rescued Friday, but the body of her...
          Playmobil History Roman Arena £10.99 (was £24.99) @ Argos      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Here's a cracking Playmobil bargain from Argos, as this Playmobil History Roman Arena is now it's lowest price at only £10.99! It was originally selling for £24.99, then went to half price at £12.46 and today the price has dropped again! Click here for the Playmobil History Roman Arena @ Argos* It's a really big…
          Turn Your Radios On      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
This morning, Alan Chartock spoke with Democratic candidate for Congress in NY19, Antonio Delgado, on the Congressional Corner. Listen by clicking here.

          Did Mom Just Come Out to Her Queer Kids?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Savage Love Letter of the Day by Dan Savage


My brother (gay) and I (pan) have long suspected our mom might fall somewhere on the queer spectrum. Yesterday she said "we" and "us" in reference to queer humans. I didn't say anything because my brain couldn't process quickly enough. But, did my mom just come out? Do we follow up? Was this an invitation to ask questions? Or just a show of solidarity for her queer kids?

Did Mom Out Herself?

The one acronym that rules includes us all—LGBTQIA and its many metastasizing variations—features at least one A, DMOH, and often two. One of those As stands for "asexual" and the other stands for "ally." So it's possible that your mother used "we" and "us" not because she identifies with the L, B, or T, but because she identifies with the A-for-ally, since she's an ally to to her G and P kids. But the only person who knows for sure what's up with your mom is your mom, obviously, so you're gonna have to ask her what she meant by that "we" and that "us."

That was too easy—so, hey, bonus question after the jump...

Hey Dan! I'm a long time listener of the podcast and I have a sex question that I'm sure you've answered a million times but here we go. I just ended an LTR that was way past it's expiry date. I got on Tinder wanting to just have some fun for a while—basically, my recently terminated relationship was sexless and I was dying to get fucked. Somehow I ended up meeting a great guy and everything's going great... except for one thing, of course: sex. We can fool around and he'll get really hard and we can get each other off just fine. But when it's time to actually have sex he goes soft. He's said a ton of times it's nerves and that it's just been a really long time for him and that's why he's so nervous. And I'm obviously understanding but I thought it would just be a something that was a one-off or like a couple times but this has happened like 10+ times. It's only been a few weeks so am I just being impatient? Do you have any tips? I've tried touching him and getting really close to just kind of switch my hands to my vagina but that doesn't even work. I'm trying not to rush all of this, and the sexual things we do ARE great but my relationship that I needed out of was completely sexless for so long and your girl needs to get FUCKED. Help!

Frequently Underwhelming Couplings Keeping Me Enervated

First, FUCKME, all those other ways you and the new guy are getting each other off? That's sex too. All those presumably non-PIV things you're doing to each other? Totally sex, totally counts. Which means you are having sex—actual sex, actually—with this guy, FUCKME, even if you aren't having the particular kind of sex you enjoy most and got on Tinder to find: sex of the PIV variety.

The go-to advice in a situation like this is to take the pressure off—tell him there's no rush, FUCKME, and when you head to bed, tell him you have no expectations. If he can fuck you, that would be great; if he can't fuck you, there are plenty of other equally great things you can do together. Enjoy what's working for the time being and, with any luck, soon he'll relax enough to get past the psychological block that's chasing his erections away at the crucial moment.

That said, you're newly single, you met this guy on Tinder, you've only been seeing him for three weeks. Presumably you two aren't committed and/or exclusive at this stage, FUCKME, which means you're free to keep seeing this guy while seeking out other opportunities, i.e. PIV sex with guys whose cocks don't get soft at that crucial moment.

But if you're a one-man-at-a-time kinda gal or if he's made it clear he's a one-woman-at-at-time kind guy—if you're a star-crossed pair serial monogamists—give him three more weeks and 10+ more times to pull himself (and his erections) together. But don't tell him that, of course, as it ensure the problem won't go away before his time runs out.

Listen to my podcast, the Savage Lovecast, at

Impeach the motherfucker already! Get your ITMFA buttons, t-shirts, hats and lapel pins and coffee mugs at!

Tickets to HUMP 2018 are on sale now! Get them here!

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          Vintage, brooch, AJC, Coro, Jewelarama, Monet, pin, flower, couple, multicolor starburst, goldtone, rhinestone, hologram, art deco by YourHeart      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

46.50 USD

DESCRIPTION AND AGE: This is a set of 4 marked brooches. CORO is the starburst like brooch with all stones and multicolor. JEWELARAMA is the hologram goldtone flower with leaves. MONET is the goldtone cascading flower AJC is the man and woman with an irresescent stone; art deco look. Types of metals unknown.

DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: CORO 1 1/2 L X 1 1/2 H x 1/2 W; JEWELARAMA 2 1/4 H X 1 7/16 L X 1/4 W MONET 1 7/8 H X 1 3/4 l X 1/2 W AJC 2 5/8 H X 3/4 L X 1/4 W. All measurements at widest points, give or take 1/16", and including clasp.






Shipping will be USPS Flat Rate with insurance included.

          Literatur: Großes Misstrauen bei den Billers      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Keine Schlappschwanz-Literatur: Maxim Biller erzählt in dem famosen Werk „Sechs Koffer” (s)eine mit den Diktatur-Dramen des 20. Jahrhunderts verquickte Familien-Geschichte. Es sind Schlüsselroman-Debatten zu erwarten.
          第二次公示      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
  建设单位:惠州宇新化工有限责任公司   联系人:叶先生    电话:0752-5962652
  环评单位:常德市双赢环境咨询服务有限公司  环评资质证书编号:国环评证乙字第2721
  联系人:郭工        联系电话:0736-7794991      电子邮箱





          Kathleen Turner Doesn't Pull Punches in Interview      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Kathleen Turner is making waves with a wide-ranging interview in Vulture , where she discusses subjects including acting, Hollywood sexism, the co-star she once slapped—and President Trump's "gross" handshake. Turner, who found fame with '80s hits like Body Heat and Romancing the Stone , has focused on stage acting for decades...
          Woman attacked stranger for 'weird look'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

          Exklusives Reihenhaus + Dachterrasse + Toller Blick + perfekte Wohngegend +...      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Lage: Die Lage Ihrer neuen Heimat wird Sie begeistern! Die Bezirkshauptstadt Baden liegt nur 26 km südlich von Wien, am Rande des Wienerwalds und am Eingang zum romantischen Erholungsgebiet Helenental. Die Lage des Immobilienprojektes stellt eine...
5 Zimmer 114 m² 3.728 EUR/m² Parkettboden hell Garage Terrasse möbliert Verkehrsanbindung Balkon Neubau
Wed, 08 Aug 2018 00:23:22 +0200
          Nashville woman shot while walking dogs       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

          Kelly Macdonald, Irrfan Khan piece together low-key romance in 'Puzzle'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
'Puzzle' stars Kelly Macdonald as a homemaker who sense of self changes when she discovers her amazing ability to solve jigsaw puzzles.
          Allplan 2018. Копирование арматуры [7]      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Автор: roman111

Добавлено: 08 Aug 2018 21:00 (GMT + 4)

Копировать через функцию копирование между файлами модели.
Выделять для копирования только арматуру.
Не использовать для арматуры копировать-вставить так как после этого могут быть глюки с нумерацией арматуры.

          La femme du président de l'Assemblée accuse un roman d'atteinte à la vie privée      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Séverine Servat de Rugy a obtenu l'insertion d'un encart dans un roman de la rentrée littéraire, Vivre Ensemble d'Émilie Frèche, qu'elle accuse de porter atteinte à sa vie privée et à celle de son fils, selon un...
          Par Edgara Rinkēviča komandējumu /Nr.228/      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Grozījums Ministru prezidenta 2018. gada 18. jūlija rīkojumā Nr. 212 "Par Daces Melbārdes komandējumu" /Nr.223/      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Ford Celebrates 10 Millionth Mustang, Banks on Its Appeal      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Ford Mustang — an iconic American symbol of cool — reached a major milestone Wednesday as the 10 millionth vehicle rolled off an assembly line at a Detroit-area plant. Ford marked the occasion for the car, celebrated in American song and film and recognized the world over as a quintessentially American cultural export, with a big party and parade at the Michigan headquarters — complete with a flyover from World War II-era P-51 Mustang fighter jets that are the car's namesake. It is a key moment for Ford, which is banking on the Mustang's wide appeal to help it grow global market share. US sales of the model are declining, but they are accelerating overseas. "The Mustang is the best-selling sports coupe in Germany, as well as in the United States," Ford CEO Jim Hackett boasted in remarks to revelers assembled at Ford headquarters. As it celebrates the milestone, Ford is appealing to the sense of nostalgia for the vehicle that exemplified the love of the open road and shares its a name with the horse that still roams free in the American West. The 10 millionth Mustang was painted the same "Wimbledon White" as the first one to roll off the assembly line in 1964. "I can think of no other American car that captures the love affair with the automobile that Americans have had," automotive historian John Heitmann of the University of Dayton told AFP. 'Freedom vehicle' The Mustang germinated an entire subgenre of cars. From a technical standpoint, the original 1965 model was not meant as a muscle car intended to attract those who gravitate to fast wheels. It was in fact one of the original so-called "pony cars" — a smaller, affordable, practical sibling of flashy sports cars intended to appeal to young professionals, including women. But the Mustang became an icon almost from the start, in no small part thanks to marketing that would rival a modern-day iPhone launch. It debuted in the spring, at the 1964 New York World's Fair, far before other companies that announced their latest offerings in the fall. It was hyped up in advance and automotive industry journalists were on hand. Automotive historian Bob Merlis, at the time a teenager, witnessed the World's Fair launch. "It was almost like pandemonium. People were so excited about this car," Merlis said. "It was sort of a counterpoint to the very square, staid station wagon ethos that Americans grew up with in suburbia," he recalled. "It represented some kind of a freedom vehicle. It embodied that." The car captured the public imagination, reflected in its popularity on the big screen. The Mustang made its first appearance in 1964 in a chase scene with Sean Connery's James Bond in "Goldfinger," and American film star Steve McQueen drove a Mustang in the 1968 thriller "Bullitt" — cementing the car's cool factor. It even appealed overseas, appearing in the 1966 Oscar-winning French film "A Man and a Woman" by Claude Lelouch. And Wilson Pickett immortalized the car in "Mustang Sally," a rhythm and blues classic from 1966. Global draw Ford has been playing up that nostalgic past. At this year's Detroit auto show, the company unveiled a new limited-edition Bullitt Mustang, along with McQueen's original. For its celebration, Ford highlighted the loyalty of Mustang owners who are known to form clubs and restore older models. Owners were called upon to bring one Mustang for every model year to Ford headquarters, and they responded enthusiastically. The company held a 20-mile (32 km) parade Wednesday morning from its headquarters in one Detroit suburb to its Mustang assembly plant in another. "It's been part of my life for a long time," Mike Magri, owner of five different Mustangs since 1988, told AFP. But Mustangs soon will be one of only two passenger cars from Ford -- along with a crossover Focus — sold in North America. All other Ford offerings will be trucks and SUVs. Ford sold only about 81,000 of the sporty model in North America last year, a mere 0.5 percent of the market, according to Autodata. But Mustang sales are growing overseas. Since Ford began exporting Mustangs in 2015, it has become the world's best-selling sports coupe, according to the company's figures — including in China, which by 2025 is projected to have twice the share of the global car market compared to the US. Ford's head of global markets, Jim Farley, said the vehicle's largest dealer in the world is in Stockholm, Sweden. "Now, you see Mustangs on the streets in London and you see Mustangs in Beijing," Farley told employees at the plant.
          Par Jāņa Dūklava komandējumu /Nr.220/      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Study: Online Daters Aim 'Out of Their League'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Most people who use online dating websites seek partners who are out of their league, said a study Wednesday based on heterosexuals in four big US cities. "Both men and women pursued partners about 25 percent more 'desirable' than themselves," said the report in the journal Science Advances. Hardly anyone reached out to people who ranked significantly lower than themselves. People's desirability was determined using a ranking algorithm based on how many messages they received from other popular users on a dating site in New York, Seattle, Boston and Chicago. "If you are contacted by people who are themselves desirable, then you are presumably more desirable yourself," said the study. Using this PageRank algorithm, which is employed by web search engines, researchers could establish a person's "league," which they scientifically coined "hierarchies of desirability." For some at the pinnacle of the dating game, the flurry of messages from would-be suitors was dizzying. "The most popular individual in our four cities, a 30-year-old woman living in New York, received 1,504 messages during the period of observation, equivalent to one message every 30 min, day and night, for the entire month," said the study. While researchers did not reveal the end to this lady's love story, they did find that the majority of daters on the site tended to reach out to people who were ranked higher than themselves. They also tended to send lengthier messages to people deemed higher on the desirability ladder. In most cases, these long-shots fell short. When there is a big gap in desirability between online daters, "there is a pronounced drop in the probability of reply," said the report. And only in Seattle were there signs that long letters were more successful than short messages at getting a potential mate to respond. People have probably been pining for unattainable love interests since the dawn of time. But taking a scientific look at the phenomenon gives cause for hope, according to lead author Elizabeth Bruch, a sociologist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. "I think a common complaint when people use online dating websites is they feel like they never get any replies," she said. "This can be dispiriting. But even though the response rate is low, our analysis shows that 21 percent of people who engage in this aspirational behavior do get replies from a mate who is out of their league, so perseverance pays off."
          Par Daces Melbārdes komandējumu /Nr.212/      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Par Jāņa Dūklava komandējumu /Nr.209/      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          луида: Она о Mоре думала с любовью...      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Это цитата сообщения Panter_Woman Оригинальное сообщениеОна о Mоре думала с любовью...

Когда я смотрю на море, мне кажется, что его волны уносят мою печаль.
Эльчин Сафарли "Рецепты счастья"

xxgy-1.jpgJamie Llewellyn - Calming Seas with Relaxing Music

Она о море думала с любовью,
Спускаясь по тропинке каждый раз.
Овеянная брызгами и солью,
Смотрела вдаль то плача, то смеясь.


Приветливо крылом махали чайки,
И забирали хлеб из добрых рук.
Неторопливо собираясь в стайки,
Кричали, хрипло, завершая круг.

Она ложилась на воду спокойно,
Ныряла и плескалась, как дельфин.
В стихии моря было ей привольно,
Как будто сердцем породнилась с ним.

Ей море отвечало нежной лаской,
Шутливо целовало пальцы ног.
И солнце добавляло свои краски,
Согрев лучами золотой песок.
Её манили синие просторы,
Безбрежный, необъятный горизонт.
А ночью очень часто снилось море,
И корабли заполнившие порт.

Закончен отпуск, время расставанья,
Покинул поезд с пальмами перрон.
За окнами мелькнуло море гранью,
В места родные тронулся вагон.

На сердце стало грустно, одиноко,
Как будто близкий друг остался там.
Где небеса, прибоя мерный рокот,
Где белый парус реет по волнам.

© Copyright: Николай Столяров 2

3491860.jpg cd7e95c96755t.jpgtumblr_nishzwm4bL1rqrk5fo1_1280.png747562fc1edfaecef9a898354c0e0c2e.jpg7fd6e1ccd8d31831ae391a33b47028dc12697.jpg

Когда долго смотришь на море, начинаешь скучать по людям, а когда долго смотришь на людей – по морю.
Харуки Мураками "Слушай песню ветра"


Море… твоя первая и, наверное, последняя любовь.
Утро пахнет кипарисами и какао. Тебе десять, и мир надежен и звонок. И море тебя учит – чему-то важному и настоящему. Когда плывешь до сладкой усталости или выныриваешь из тугой зеленоватой волны на яркий свет, и еще если пробуешь удержаться на гладком выступе скалы, поросшем скользкими водорослями – то так явно слышишь стук собственного сердца, свое громкое дыхание...
В этом мире есть горячий песок меж пальцев, мозаичный хруст мелких ракушек под ногами, и в бисере капель на твоих плечах отражается солнце. Ты легкая, быстрая, теперь очень красивая, с выгоревшими добела волосами, и глазами, в которых плещется твое море – ты думаешь, что навсегда. И оно тебя манит, и под бликам его вод блестят чешуей русалочьи хвосты, и за дальними далями прячутся заколдованные замки. И из-за каких-то берегов летит уже, опаляет счастьем обещание :" Я тебя обязательно найду!» И веришь, веришь… Ах, море!… Аmore more…
Юлия Прозорова (выборочно)


Прослушать запись Скачать файл

          Victim tortured with boiling kettle      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A woman suffered excruciating burns after a kettle of boiling water was poured over her head in a row over drugs.
          Michigan Democrats hoping for pink and blue wave in November      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Call it Michigan’s pink and blue wave. Gretchen Whitmer’s victory in the gubernatorial primary on Tuesday means the Democrats will field an all-female statewide ticket this fall if she picks a woman to be her running mate. It would be a first for either party in Michigan and is part of […]
          Corona Constitution Class, Lesson 1, Historical Influences, Preamble      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Corona Constitution Class: Lesson 1

CARSTAR/AllStar Collision, 522 Railroad Street, Corona, CA
Tuesdays, 6-7 pm
Constitution Class Handout
Instructor: Douglas V. Gibbs
Lesson 01
Historical Influences and the Preamble
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
The formal version of the Magna Carta in England was issued on June 19, 1215. There was a minor change in the new document, when the final provision was drafted, replacing the term "any baron" with "any freeman" in stipulating to whom the provisions applied. The term would eventually include all Englishmen. The final version's applicability to all members of the English Society served as a starting point for the Constitution's Preamble, where "any freeman" was changed once again, but this time to the first three words of the American document: "We the People."
The English Colonists developed legal codes largely incorporating liberties guaranteed by the Magna Carta and the 1689 English Bill of Rights. Though the education levels of the colonists varied, and few could afford legal training in England, they were familiar with English common law. During one parliamentary debate in the late 18th century, Edmund Burke observed, "In no country, perhaps in the world, is law so general a study."
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson drew inspiration from the doctrines of the British constitution, or in what were called English liberties.
Unlike the Spanish Colonies, which were conquered land ruled over by the Spanish Conquistadors, and authoritarian governors, the English Colonies were granted by charter. Rather than bear the burden of empire, which, as Spain discovered, could be expensive, and taxing on a nation's armed forces, the English Crown offered the lands along the Atlantic Coast to investors, entrepreneurs, and families seeking a new start. In the northern colonies, the colonists sought religious freedom. The Pilgrims did not want to keep their membership in the Church of England. As separatists, the Pilgrims organized their worship independently, colonizing north of the Puritans at Plymouth Rock.
The English Colonies enjoyed autonomy that the Spanish Colonies did not. To survive in the Spanish Colonies, the colonist exhibited a warrior spirit, conquering the lands and the people who stood in the way, forcing the captured natives into slave labor and marriage for the purpose of accomplishing the tasks necessary for survival, while also being heavily dependent upon supplies from the homeland. The English Colonies were expected to survive by living off the land. They were families, indentured servants, and seekers of fortune. They were forced to be self-reliant, personally responsible, and hard working, in order to survive. The English Colonists did not attempt to conquer the natives as the Spanish did, but worked with them, making treaties with the Native Americans, because they needed the native population's help in order to survive. In the English Colonies, freedom was a necessary component of survival, and after failing under communitarianism, the colonists found that a free market system, where colonists kept more of what they worked for, and had the option to trade goods in an open market, worked best for the burgeoning society.
In English America, freemen adopted the best of the English system, while adapting it as necessary to the new circumstances in the colonies. The English Colonies was a place where a person could rise by merit, not by birth. The thirteen colonies was a place where men could voice their opinions and actively share in self-government. When the British Crown challenged these beliefs, turning to the colonies as a source of revenue to help alleviate the Crown's substantial debts, and the growing expense of keeping troops on American soil, the colonists questioned the government in Britain, challenging the actions of Parliament, arguing that without consent or direct representation in Parliament, the acts by the motherland were "taxation without representation," and an act of tyranny against the free Englishmen of the colonies.
The influence of the Magna Carta, and the demand for liberty, existed along the Atlantic Coast long before the War of Independence. As John Adams later wrote to Thomas Jefferson, "The Revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected, from 1760 to 1775, in the course of 15 years before a drop of blood was shed at Lexington."
The Americans knew their rights, and they were willing to fight for them. The seal adopted by Massachusetts on the eve of the Revolution summed up the mood. The image was of a militiaman with sword in one hand, and the Magna Carta in the other.
When it was time to form a new government, embodied in a written social contract we now know as the Constitution of the United States, the founders determined that like England under the Magna Carta, the government must be limited by subjecting it to the rule of law. The Constitution, once ratified by the States, became the law of the land. The document serves as a written standard where the authority emanates from the people, not from any governmental body. Pursuant to the Constitution, no man, not even the country's leader, was considered to be above the law. The rule of law based on the philosophy of the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God was the basis of constitutional thought in the United States in 1787.
"A government of laws, and not of men." - John Adams
Elder statesman Benjamin Franklin strolled across a grassy lawn from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, after the conclusion of the Federal Convention of 1787, when a woman in a bonnet approached him, asking, "Sir, what have you given us?"
"A republic," Dr. Franklin replied. "If you can keep it."
The new government in the fledgling United States was considered to be one that was doomed to fail. Europeans scoffed at the American experiment in self-government. The Old World argued that without the hand of a divinely appointed, wise, ruling monarch in place to guide society, a culture could not succeed. The Grand Experiment was a waste of time, and it would not be long before the rebellious, starving, treasonous, and petulant, English colonists came crawling back to the British Crown, begging to be readmitted to the empire.
In a society with no government, people have no freedom. In a society with too much government, people have no freedom.
Without government there is no law, and without law there are no enforcers of the law. This kind of system is called an anarchy, which is a transitional form of government. In an anarchy, there is no freedom because the citizens must constantly protect their property, and their lives.
With government in place, there are laws in place. When there are laws in place, it is necessary to hire enforcers of the law, such as a police force. A society with a government in place can create an environment of freedom that allows citizens the ability to leave their property and engage in activities away from their homes.
Tyranny through a unitary state dominates the pages of history. Tyrannical governments obtain their power through violence, and bloodshed in a complete disregard for authorities granted, justice, or the rule of law. To maintain their power, tyrants use violence and bloodshed. When tyrannies are finally toppled, the path to dislodging tyrannies normally includes violence and bloodshed.
Violence and death are the common results of powerful central governments with dominant rulers.
Dictators do not normally reveal their plans of tyranny during their rise to power, for the people would never have allowed them to become their leaders if they knew this kind of violence was in their future. Tyrannical leaders render legislative bodies irrelevant, demoting them to nothing more than a consultative assembly.
In history, tyranny is the rule, and liberty is the exception. Governments that protect the freedoms of the people, and respect the rights of their citizens, are a rare occurrence. Freedom requires the citizens to be informed and involved. With freedom comes responsibility.
An educated society begins by teaching the younger generations the principles of liberty, and to encourage them to be involved in civic activities, and local government. The founders understood we need government, but a limited government was required to secure the rights and property of the citizens. However, because of human nature, the founders realized that without making sure the people remained educated about the system they had established, a downward spiral into despotism and tyranny was inevitable.
The Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, and outlined the reasons why the colonies were seeking independence from Great Britain. The founding document declares that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish their government should it become destructive. It also states these truths are self-evident, and that "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
The document penned by Thomas Jefferson includes a list of grievances, most of which are also iterated in the U.S. Constitution. The Declaration calls for fair representation, encourages immigration, calls for a judiciary that is separated from the will of the central leadership, calls for a stop to the presence of a standing army, demands that Great Britain stop the quartering of troops in the houses of the citizens, demands fair trials, and calls for due process, free trade, fair taxation, a protection of rights, and for the Crown to hear the redress of grievances by the colonists.
A key aspect of the Declaration of Independence reveals itself in the final sentence of the document. The call for independence ends with the incredible statement, "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."
Political Spectrum
In the battle of Left versus Right, it is important to understand what it all means in the first place. Like-minded individuals naturally tend to gather together when a theater of opinion erupts. Congregating in such a manner, creating political parties, is a part of our human nature. Houses, or chambers, of government are no different. Members of the political assembly who support similar agendas sit together, much in the way social allies tend to hang out together at a dinner party. The classification of "left" and "right" grew out of the tendency of people to group together on one side, or the other.
The early definition of "left" and "right" was different than in today's American Society. Among the most commonly known split between the left and the right in a political assembly occurred in France before the French Revolution. Members of the National Assembly sat on the right or the left of the hall depending on their level of political support in regards to the ruling monarchy. Those in support of the monarchy, and the religious elements that came with the reigning government, would sit on the right. The people on the right were defined as being those holding traditional interests in line with the Church and the monarchy, believing the king ruled by divine right, and that Catholicism must continue to be the state religion, and therefore continue to be a strong influence on governance. The people who sat on the right side of the assembly believed that the Church had a vested interest in the political system, and sought to preserve that system.
Those who sat on the left side of the hall in France during the period preceding the French Revolution did so in support of "enlightenment," which was considered to be in the interests of rationalism and secularism. The left used secular elements to challenge the Church's long-held influence over government, fostering nationalism among its allies, and promoting hope in constructing and shaping the political community. The left desired to change government by overthrowing the Church and the aristocracy by promoting secularism and nationalism. The planners of this glorious new "Enlightened" government became the leaders of France after the French Revolution, orchestrating a Reign of Terror, which was a period of chaos during which thousands were guillotined for being politically incorrect.
The radicals within this new government saw the Catholic Church as the enemy while promoting its Cult of Reason. Like with the monarchy before them, however, it became clear that to control the political and social upheaval, the government in place must also become tyrannical in their own right. Under the rule of statism, France remained a nation unable to cultivate liberty, and one that remained under the iron fist of a dictatorial government. For many, this was no surprise. Some of the planners of the change of the form of government in France knew that in order to keep order they would need to "treat the people as cattle."
The French National Assembly established a constitutional monarchy and adopted a new constitution in 1791 that created a Legislative Assembly. The political assembly, as with any other political body, rapidly divided into factions opposing each other. The three factions that formed in the new French Legislative Assembly were the radicals (liberals), moderates (centrists) and conservatives. The radicals (liberals) sat in the left section of the assembly hall, the conservatives sat on the right, and the moderates sat in the center section. Their political identities have some similarities to political movements today in the United States, and had little in common with the pre-revolution arrangement that emphasized itself more on monarchy and religion.
America is much younger than the European nations, and never had a landlord class of titled nobles. In fact, the Constitution specifically prohibits such a system. The Founding Fathers desired to break away from European traditions as much as possible, even abandoning much of British Common Law when defining citizenship. To be a British Subject the rules were weak, and divided loyalties ran rampant throughout the British Empire. The United States as a nation could not tolerate divided loyalties, and placed a stronger standard of natural born citizenship upon the President in order to eliminate the opportunity for the executor of the American Form of Government to harbor divided loyalties between the United States of America, and any other nation. That way, the new American government could break completely free of any European influence, and forge itself into a Republic independent from British influence, and in fact, the authoritarian nature of Europe as a whole.
The political landscape of the United States of America, since there never was a class of nobles, was simple in the young nation. Either you were a Federalist, an anti-Federalist, or somewhere in between. In other words, you believed in a stronger centralized federal government, you believed that the federal role in government should be limited greatly, or you found yourself somewhere between the two political beliefs.
Unlike the Europeans, royalty and religion played no role in determining the nature of American political philosophies. Nearly all of the early American Politicians were deeply religious men, but the political spectrum did not separate factions along religious lines. God played a major role in the principle foundation of the nation, but the founding fathers also determined that no religion could ever take an official role in government. In other words, the establishment of any religion as the official religion of the United States was forbidden. However, the freedom to practice one's religion was not to be infringed upon. Almost all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were either clergy, or highly involved in their church. 27 of the 56 signers had Christian seminary degrees. The founding fathers fervently prayed in Congress.
Benjamin Franklin is widely regarded to be among the least religious of the founding fathers. However, his speech given to Congress on June 28, 1787 asking that Congress have a prayer every morning before conducting business was overtly religious in nature. Despite modern assumptions, there was not a political battle between The Church and the secularists during the founding of the United States of America.
From the newer models of government in France, and America, the definition of the Political Spectrum changed, becoming more about the level of control of government over a society, rather than the presence of a monarchy, or established church. Zero percent of government intrusion on the lives of the people inhabits the far right of the current political spectrum, which is a condition known as anarchy. 100% governmental control inhabits the far left extremity of the Political Spectrum, or a totalitarian government. The American form of government, or a Constitutional Republic that operates under the rule of law, is at the center of the political spectrum.
Most of the current forms of government present in today's international political arena reside on the left side of the Political Spectrum, drawing their foundations from socialist principles. Socialism is authoritarian. Socialism claims to seek to overthrow the Church and aristocracy by promoting atheism and nationalism, much like the enlightened planners of the French Revolution, only replacing the government they thought to be a tyranny with a tyranny of their own. In Russia, the rise of socialism held the basic tenet of replacing the individual's commitment to God with a commitment to love and serve a collective society ruled by an elite few.
When one examines the communist society, which resides on the left side of the Political Spectrum, one finds that if society was ruled over by an equally powerful religious theocracy, the basic governmental elements of the ruling doctrine are the same, and just as tyrannical. Therefore, a controlling government based on religion is no different than an atheistic system of communism. Either way, the form of governance is based on a centralized control over the people, and limits on personal individualism, and freedoms.
Economically, leftism encourages increased government involvement with the instruments that regulate the economy. Under a leftist economic system, such as in the communist model, the government seizes control of the industries, eliminating private ownership. In the fascist model, however, the authoritarian political entity engages in corporatism, allowing the private enterprises to remain private, yet bundled together in a uniting strength under authoritarian government rule. Because fascism (from Italian fascismo, Benito Mussolini's authoritarian political movement in Italy 1922 to 1943) was created to be an adverse reaction to the apparent economic failure of Marxism, and labeled itself as the opposite of communism, fascism is often referred to as being right-wing, and ultra-conservative. If you break down the political structure of fascism, however, it becomes apparent that defining fascism as being on the right side of the political spectrum is problematic. Like socialism, fascism exalts the group above the individual (in fascist states often the nation or race is exalted above the identity of the individual). Like other leftist systems, fascism also calls for a separation of church and state, a national civilian army, and progressive taxation. One element of fascism some may argue as being right-wing is the fact that fascism seeks to eliminate labor unions for co-ops. But the co-operatives, in a fascist state, are controlled by the government, and therefore become more leftist than the system before. Though fascism, during the early twentieth century, claimed to be anti-communist, the National Socialism aspect of the ideology places fascism on the left side of the Political Spectrum.
Ultimately, the true definition of the Political Spectrum is dependent upon how government interacts with society. Increased government intrusion moves needle on the spectrum to the left. Increasing limitations on government intrusion moves the needle to the right. In both cases, the extreme of totalitarianism, or anarchy, are equally dangerous. Ultimately, most forms of government, despite the promise of fairness, are often only precursors to another form of government. The Founding Fathers realized this, recognizing that the only form of government that both limits the powers of the federal government, while still giving it adequate authority to protect and preserve State Sovereignty, is a Constitutional Republic. They knew that if you pursue leftism too far, an authoritarian government would rise from the movement. If government was limited too much, and the government did not have enough power to enforce law, an authoritarian government would also rise to fill the void.
            The Preamble
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
The Preamble is the introduction of the U.S. Constitution. The opening paragraph of the founding document holds no legal authority. The Preamble serves to establish who is granting the authority to create a new federal government, and the reasons for the decision. We The People of the United States are the grantors. In other words, the States, which were the embodiment of the people, were creating the federal government, and granting authorities to it so that it may function in a manner necessary to protect, promote, and preserve the union of States. The concept became known as federalism.
The Preamble is designed much like a permission form the doctor's office may present to you to sign, giving the doctor the authority to perform necessary procedures on your body in order to make you well. The form begins with your name (I, patient's name), and then limits the doctor to only the procedures necessary to make you well. The doctor, if he or she believes additional procedures may be necessary, must ask for your permission before performing the additional procedures that are not granted by your original agreement with them.
Like the form in the doctor's office, the Preamble begins with who is granting the authorities. "We the People of the United States" are the grantors of the authorities given to the new federal government. The people, through their States, allow the federal government to exist, and to perform the procedures expressly granted in the United States Constitution.
If a homeowner hires a contractor to add a room to their house, a contract is created between the homeowner, and the company hired to do the work. The contract establishes the granted authorities to the construction company regarding the room addition, listing the materials and labor necessary and proper to carry out that task. If, later, after the work begins, the homeowner observes the workers tending to the garden, and mowing the lawn, the homeowner would be angry because lawn maintenance was not among the authorities granted to the contractor hired to provide the service of adding a room to the house. In the same way, through the Constitution, the federal government has been granted a list of authorities that are necessary and proper for it to carry out the tasks vested in it. The tasks directly relate to protecting and preserving the union, while also respecting and promoting State Sovereignty. The federal government's authorities encompass only the external issues necessary to protect the union, and the sovereignty of the States. Internal issues are not granted to the federal government. Local issues are reserved to the local governments, such as the States, counties, and cities.
The first three words of the Preamble, "We the People," often lead people to believe that we are a democracy. Taken in context, the first part of the Preamble is not only "We the People," but "We the People of the United States." In the context of original intent, "the people of these States that are united have come together to establish this contract for the following reasons."
The words "United States" appear often in the U.S. Constitution. When those words appear in the text of the Constitution, they mean one of two things. Either, "United States" is a reference to the new federal government, or United States means "these states that are united." In the case of the Preamble, both definitions are used. As we notice the first time united States appears in the Declaration of Independence, "united" is not capitalized. Failing to capitalize "united" in the Declaration of Independence was a reflection of the common opinion of the people of that era. America was not a nationalistic country dominated by a powerful government, but a union of States that are sovereign, autonomous, and individual - like the people. We the People are the individual parts of their States, and the States are individual parts of the union.
Early Americans saw the United States in the plural, rather than as a singular nationalistic entity. The people were citizens of their States first, but realized that the States must be united to survive. The individual States would only be safe if they all worked together as a united country. To ensure the union was protected they proposed forming a central government through a social contract called the United States Constitution. This contract to grant limited authorities to a federal government was designed to ensure that the federal government remained limited so as to not infringe on the individual rights of the sovereign States, and the people who resided in those States.
A limited government is the essence of liberty.
The reasons listed in the Preamble for forming a new government were "In Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." In line with classical writing standards, these reasons were listed in order of importance.
The most important reason for the formation of the federal government, the main purpose for the creation of the U.S. Constitution, was "in Order to form a more perfect Union." A union already existed under the Articles of Confederation. A confederation, however, is a weak form of government where nearly all of the power remains with the individual members. A confederation is an association of sovereign member states that, by treaty, or other agreement, have delegated some of their powers to a common institution in order to coordinate policies, without constituting a new state on top of the member states. The government under the Articles of Confederation was formed hastily during the Revolutionary War, and as revealed by Shays' Rebellion, proved to be too weak to protect the union not only from threats beyond our shores, but insurrection from within the country. The founders realized that they needed to form a more perfect union, one with more authorities, while still remaining fairly limited in its power and scope. The realization that the Articles of Confederation were too weak, and either needed to be fixed, or replaced, was first discussed in delegation during the Annapolis Convention in 1786. During that meeting, the attending State delegates decided to meet again in May of 1787 in a convention of all States, which became the Federal Convention of 1787.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the central government was as weak as a lamb. What America needed was a central government with the strength of a lion. The problem with lions, however, is that they can kill you if not restrained. So, the Founding Fathers had to figure out a way to create a lion strong enough to deal with the external issues, and conflict between the States, while restraining that lion in such a way that the people living under it were safe from its potential tyranny. The lion is the federal government, and the chains and restraints of a set standard that protects We the People from that lion is the United States Constitution.
In the Constitution, the authorities granted to the federal government are limited to protecting, preserving, or promoting the union. The federal government, through the express powers granted in the Constitution, was granted authorities including, but not limited to, maintaining an army and navy in order to protect the union, to collect taxes in order to pay for that military and the other necessary functions created for the purpose of preserving the union, to regulate commerce by acting as a mediator between the States so that the flow of commerce flows regularly and in good order so as to encourage a growing economy for the union, establish a uniform rule of naturalization for the purpose of ensuring the union grows through legal immigration, and to establish post offices so that the many parts of the union may remain in contact with each other. The federal government was created for the sake of the issues related to the union. The federal government was not created to manage local issues that have nothing to do with the union, and everything to do with the unique cultures and societal needs of the local communities.
The second reason listed in The Preamble for the creation of the federal government through the ratification of the U.S. Constitution were to "establish Justice." Note that the word "establish" is normally used in situations where whatever is being established never previously existed. The word "establish" being used in the Preamble, then, leads us to believe that there was no justice prior to the writing of the founding document. However, justice systems already existed in each of the States, through State court systems. Therefore, the U.S. Constitution was not written to establish justice in the States, but to establish justice at the federal level where a judicial system had not previously existed. The language used in the Constitution, in this case, provides us with a clue that the original intent of the Founding Fathers was for the Constitution to apply only to the federal government, unless it specifically states otherwise.
Though "establish Justice" is listed second in the list of reasons for creating the federal government, we must not confuse "importance" with "power." To establish justice was a very important reason for creating a federal government, but the federal court system, for fear of it becoming a powerful judicial oligarchy, was also greatly limited. During the debates of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, there was actually a consideration to not establish a federal court system. The delegates realized that tyranny easily flows through an activist judiciary. The rule of law could be easily compromised by a judicial branch not willing to abide by the original intent of the U.S. Constitution, or poisoned by political ideology. For this reason, the powers of the judicial branch are greatly limited by the Constitution. We will go into more detail regarding those limitations when we get to Article III, and the 11th Amendment.
The first two reasons for the writing of the U.S. Constitution, according to the Preamble, were to form a more perfect union through the formation of a federal government, and to establish justice by creating a federal judicial system. Those primary goals reveal to us that the Constitution was not written to grant powers to the States, but for the purpose of creating, yet limiting, a newly formed federal government, which was designed to serve the States by protecting them, and preserving the union they enjoyed. Before the States delegated some of their own powers to the federal government through the Constitution, all of those powers belonged to the States - a political condition known as Original Authority. The States, however, only granted "some" of their powers to the federal government, retaining most of the powers for themselves.
The U.S. Constitution, and all language within the document, is directed to the federal government, not to the States, unless specifically indicated otherwise. This is because the States essentially "hired" the federal government to protect and preserve the union. The contract that authorizes the federal government to exist and receive the authorities from the States is the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, it would not be reasonable to assume that the provisions of the Constitution are to be applied to the States as much as it would not be logical to believe that an agreement between you and your doctor tells you what you can and can't do regarding the procedures that are about to be performed on you. The agreement with the doctor is specifically designed to tell the doctor what procedures are allowed, just as the Constitution is specifically designed to tell the federal government what authorities it is allowed to have in order to protect, preserve, and promote the union. In that contract with the doctor there may be instructions that tell you what not to do so as to not undermine healing, such as submersing oneself in water before a wound is fully healed. The same is true in the Constitution. There is a section, Article I, Section 10, that tells the States what they are prohibited from doing. These prohibitions were necessary to ensure the States did not interfere with federal functions.
Since it is We The People of the United States who granted the federal government its powers, that means it is the people's responsibility, through the States, responsibility to ensure the federal government acts in a constitutional manner. The Constitution is nothing more than ink and paper if we don't fight for it.
The union, at the time of the writing of the Constitution, was fragile. The States, as colonies, or as individual states shortly after the American Revolution, did not always coexist in a mutually beneficial manner. The States enjoyed their own unique cultures, religions, and laws. The States clashed over territory, commerce, and a variety of other issues that often included disputed legal issues and definitions. The States were much like siblings, fighting over everything under the sun; but when it came down to brass tacks, they were united when it came to defending each other.
The bickering between the States created an atmosphere that placed the cohesion of the union at risk. Therefore, when it came to creating a more perfect union, it was understood by the framers that the federal government would have to "insure domestic Tranquility" and to "promote the general Welfare."
The federal government was expected to ensure there was tranquility between the States by acting as a mediator in disputes. Part of that task by the federal government was to also promote the general welfare of the republic. In other words, the federal government was tasked with making sure the squabbles were properly resolved, while also protecting the union, so that the welfare of the union would not be in jeopardy.
The term general Welfare, as it is presented in the Preamble, is capitalized in a curious manner. Welfare is capitalized, but the word "general" is not. Capitalization in the Constitution was often used for the purpose of emphasis. With that tendency as our guide, we recognize that "Welfare" was the key component when these two words were presented in the Preamble. The Founding Fathers were seeking "Welfare" with a capital "W." The founders tasked the federal government with the duty of ensuring there was Welfare in the nation in a general manner. Or, you could say that they wanted the atmosphere in general to be one of "Welfare," or "all's well," hence, the reason general is not capitalized, and Welfare is, in the Preamble.
Tucked between "insure domestic Tranquility" and "promote the general Welfare" is the phrase: "provide for the common defence." The placement of this phrase in The Preamble reveals that providing for the common defense was almost as important as ensuring peaceful cooperation between the States, and slightly more important than promoting the general Welfare of the republic (and a necessary part of ensuring the general Welfare).
The need to provide for the common defense, one may note, was not listed first in The Preamble as one of the reasons for the creation of the federal government. The Founding Fathers, though they recognized the importance of the federal government to field a military force, as realized from the failure of the government to put down insurrection during Shays' Rebellion under the Articles of Confederation, did not list the need to provide for the common defense at the beginning of the Preamble because a country that places too much importance on a military is doomed to become a police state. Defending this nation was not placed at the bottom of the list of reasons for the writing of the Constitution, either, because a nation that refuses to defend itself ultimately becomes a conquered entity that is subject to the authority of a foreign government. Despite the fear of a powerful military that could be used against the people and the States, providing for the common defense was still indeed one of the primary reasons for creating the federal government in the first place. That is why "provide for the common defence" is listed in the Preamble within the central depths of the body of the paragraph.
The final reason for the writing of the Constitution was to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity." The presence of the word "Blessings" reminds us that the Founding Father's grateful spirit recognized that the result of the American Revolution, and the inspiration for the new federal government, could have only come from the favors of Divine Providence. Liberty, remember, is one of the unalienable rights listed in the Declaration of Independence that has been given to us by The Creator. In fact, that is one of the foundational beliefs of the original intent behind the creation of the federal government. Our rights are granted to us by God, not by government, for if our rights are granted to us by government, government would then be able to take those rights away. This idea of God-granted rights is based on a concept called Natural Law penned by John Locke during the 1600s. In the Declaration of Independence, it is referred to as, "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God." Natural Law is the unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct, which is observable law we participate in as related to our natural existence.
The U.S. Constitution was not solely written only to protect our natural rights, liberty, and property. Protecting our rights, liberty, and property are among the chief reasons the Constitution was written in the manner that it was, and protecting those natural rights are predictable byproducts when the Constitution is being followed by the government, but those are not the only reasons for the perceived need to compose the founding document, or for the creation of the federal government.
As indicated in the Preamble, the primary reason for the Constitution was "in Order to form a more perfect Union." However, the very formation of that union, and devising a governmental system to protect, preserve and promote that union, was not exclusively for the sake of the union, either. The ultimately desire was to protect the sovereignty of each component of that union - The States. The framers understood that by creating a federal government, the potential for the governmental system to become a tyranny was unleashed. Therefore, in order to protect the rights, liberty and property of the people (more specifically to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"), the federal government needed to be limited in its authorities by the rule of law. The law of the land in which the governmental system is limited to, in the case of the United States, is the U.S. Constitution, for the sake of protecting the individuality of the States, and We the People.
Confederation: A confederation is an association of sovereign member states that, by treaty or other agreement, have delegated some of their powers to a common institution in order to coordinate policies, without constituting a new state on top of the member states.
English Bill of Rights: The Declaration of Rights in 1689, following the relatively bloodless "Glorious Revolution" of 1688, reasserting Protestant influence in England, and establishing a written declaration based on the belief that rights are granted by God, limiting the power of the king, and guaranteeing individual rights in writing. At its core, the system of government based on the English Bill of Rights, and the Magna Carta, holds as its philosophy that government is to serve the people, not the other way around.
Federalism: Government in which the central government's power and authority is limited by local government units, and where each unit is delegated a sphere of power and authority only it can exercise, while other powers must be shared. The term federalism comes from the Latin root foedus, which means "formal agreement or covenant." It includes the interrelationships between the states as well as between the states and the federal government.
Magna Carta: The "Great Charter" of English Liberties, forced from King John by the English barons at Runnymede, June 15, 1215. A fundamental constitution, or law guaranteeing rights.
Unalienable Rights: Incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred. You can not surrender, sell or transfer unalienable rights, they are a gift from the Creator to the individual and can not under any circumstances be surrendered or taken. All individual's have unalienable rights.
Questions for Discussion:
1. How might the United States be different if the Magna Carta, or the Glorious Revolution, had never taken place?
2. Many of us were taught to memorize the Preamble in school, others remember it because of the School House Rock cartoon on Saturday mornings, but growing up how many times were we taught what it means?
3. Federalism, or the belief in a central government limited by the authorities granted to it in the Constitution, began as a wonderful idea. The members of the "Federalist Party," however, were not satisfied, and desired the federal government to have more authorities than it was granted. Why do you think this is true?
4. Why did the Founding Fathers only desire the federal government to be granted powers that regarded the union, and not authorities in regards to other issues?
4. The judicial branch was supposed to be the weakest of the three branches. Why do you think the Founding Fathers wanted to limit the judiciary to such an extent?
5. One of the founding principles is that our unalienable rights are given to us by the Creator. Is it a coincidence that historically most authoritarian governments that sought to take away the rights of the individual did it either by taking control of the church, or by rejecting religion/the existence of God?
6. At what point does a government take "provide for the common defense" too far?
James L. Roark, Michael P. Johnson, Patricia Cline Cohen, Sarah Stage, Alan Lawson, and Susan M. Hartmann, The American Promise: A History of the United States; Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's (2009).
James Madison, Federalist No. 41: General View of the Powers Conferred by The Constitution,
John L. Hancock, Liberty Inherited: The Untold Story of America's Exceptionalism; Charleston: Liberty Lane Media (2011)
Joseph Andrews, A Guide for Learning and Teaching The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution - Learning from the Original Texts Using Classical Learning Methods of the Founders; San Marcos: The Center for Teaching the Constitution (2010).
Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, A Patriot's History of the United States; New York: Sentinel (2004).
Madison's Notes on the Constitutional Convention, Avalon Project, Yale University:
Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner, The Founder's Constitution - Volume Two - Preamble through Article I, Section 8, Clause 4; Indianapolis: Liberty Fund (1987).
Copyright 2014 Douglas V. Gibbs

          Cameriere - Adecco Italia SpA - Cornuda, Veneto      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Adecco, filiale di Montebelluna, cerca per ristorante della zona un/a addetto/a cassa e raccolta comande, aiuto cucina e bar....
Da Indeed - Wed, 11 Jul 2018 07:19:44 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Cornuda, Veneto
          Michigan Attorney to Become 1st Muslim Woman in Congress      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
DETROIT (AP) —An attorney and former Michigan lawmaker is looking ahead to becoming the first Muslim woman elected to Congress. Former state Rep...
          LEGO Catwoman - Classic TV Series minifigura (sh241) - ÚJ - Jelenlegi ára: 4 700 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Készletbontásból származó, vadonatúj figura.
Posta aktuális díjszabás szerint, csak előre utalással.
LEGO Catwoman - Classic TV Series minifigura (sh241) - ÚJ
Jelenlegi ára: 4 700 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-08-29 12:50
          Young girl who died on holiday was ‘our own tiny Wonder Woman’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Four-year-old Georgia Anne Callan died in Marbella while on holiday with her family.
          Icelandic Caveman, Joel Saemundsson, Headlines DEFENDING THE CAVEMAN      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

For a limited engagement, Icelandic Caveman, Joel Saemundsson, will be headlining the role of Rob Becker's smash hit comedy Defending the Caveman, The longest running one man show in Vegas history.

After a succesful sellout season in his native Iceland, the inimitable and hysterical Joel Saemundsson will be performing for four nights ( 22nd- 25th August ) at The D's Showroom at The D Casino Hotel.

Theater trained in the U.K., Joel is one of Iceland's up and coming new actors, having recieved critical acclaim for his unique and original take on Rob Becker's classic and timeless comedy. Rising to fame in Iceland after a supporting role in Iceland's most popular tv-series ever, Trapped, Joel can soon be seen leading his first full-length motion picture, Pity The Lovers.

Along with South African director, Emma Peirson, the team have brought new energy into the ever successful, Defending the Caveman, taking in all of the new challenges of technology and changes in society. As our perception of feminity and masculinity have changed, so has the Caveman

Theater Mogul, the most expansive Production Company in Europe and owner of Defending the Caveman, proudly presents this production, with offices in New York, Berlin, Reykjavik and Zurich, and many Cavemen performing all over the world.

Defending the Caveman is Theater Mogul's key production that have been produced in over 50 countries worldwide. Producing credits include Defending the Caveman, Defending the Cavewoman, Menopause the Musical, Silence! The Musical, Sexy Laundry, Groundhog Day on Broadway and Friends! The Musical in New York City, among many others.

Joel is thrilled to be performing to the Vegas audience:"It's always been a dream of mine to perform in Vegas! Having performed in Europe and around Iceland I cant wait to share this production with a new audience. I am extremely pleased and grateful to get this great opportunity to perform our version of this hysterical classic comedy for U.S. audiences."

          Landlord arraigned for allegedly flogging married woman with belt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Ikeja – A 51-year-old landlord, Bassey Wilson, was on Wednesday arraigned in an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court in Lagos for allegedly flogging a married woman with
          Românii sunt deosebit de inventivi când vine vorba de mesaje anti-PSD. Dedicații speciale înainte de mitingul diasporei      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Românii sunt deosebit de inventivi când vine vorba de mesaje anti-PSD, iar scandalul cu șoferul care a avut, pentru câteva zile, dosar penal pentru că a avut neobrăzarea să-și pună numere personalizate cu M**E PSD le-a dat apă la moară. Străzile sunt pline acum de mesaje similare, iar acesta au acaparat și mediul virtual. Sloganul […]

Post-ul Românii sunt deosebit de inventivi când vine vorba de mesaje anti-PSD. Dedicații speciale înainte de mitingul diasporei apare prima dată în

          România susține suveranitatea Georgiei și cere Rusiei să anuleze recunoaşterea independenţei regiunilor separatiste Abhazia şi Osetia de Sud      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

România, alături de mai multe state, aproape toate membre ale NATO și UE, reafirmă, la 10 ani de la conflictul militar ruso-georgian, susținerea pentru suveranitatea Georgiei, cerând Rusiei să anuleze recunoașterea independenței regiunilor separatiste Abhazia și Osetia de Sud. ”România susţine cu fermitate suveranitatea şi integritatea teritorială a Georgiei în cadrul frontierelor recunoscute internaţional”, afirmă […]

Post-ul România susține suveranitatea Georgiei și cere Rusiei să anuleze recunoaşterea independenţei regiunilor separatiste Abhazia şi Osetia de Sud apare prima dată în

          LOL: Watch These Viral Remixes Of Woman Dancing To Her Sexy Playlist In Public      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A hilarious clip sparks a whole Twitter page.
          ラブ ストーリーズ Vol.6      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

"Love Stories Vol. 6" directed by James Avalon & Robby D., is a stunning celebration of passionate couples and romantic love stories. Featuring a collection of creative and sensual beauties in gorgeous locations. Starring; Sofi Ryan, Moka Mora, Elsa Jean, and Alina Lopez. Do not miss this epic portrayal of real couples immersed in pure sensuality.

          マイケル ローマンズ ギャングバング      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Sexy muscle stud Michael Roman begs for it deeper and harder as he takes 8 big cocks down his throat and up his sweet fuck hole in an epic gang bang that ends with the cock-crazed stud taking load after load up his sloppy fucked-out hole. But all that fucking and breeding isn't enough for the piggy bottom and by the next day he's craving more dick. Jack Dixon is happy to provide his huge, fat, daddy dick to stretch out the bottom's hole to the max and fill him with a huge, hot load.

          “She is my type” – Mayorkun reveals Simi as someone he can date      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Singer Mayorkun in a recent interview with Koko TV, opened up about his career, family and relationship. Speaking of his relationship status, the singer revealed that he is currently single. Mayorkun admitted having a specific type o woman and shared that if he could he would date Simi or Eva Alordia as they are his […]

The post “She is my type” – Mayorkun reveals Simi as someone he can date appeared first on - Download Free Music, Mp3, Albums, Video,Foreign Music, Instrumentals, Tv Series, Movies,despacito remix,cardi b bodak yellow mp3,despacito justin bieber mp3,.

          Amber alert issued for woman and granddaughter      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An Amber Alert for Angie Caroline Rodriguez Rubio, 12, of Harrisonburg, Va., and a Critically Missing Adult Alert for her grandmother Elizabeth Rodriguez Rubio, 48, of Harrisonburg, Va., have been activated at the request of the Harrisonburg Police Department. They were last seen at approximately 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 5, in the 2800 block of South Main […]
          Aviões Fantasy mistura o tema das fantasias com o universo dos parques de diversões na edição 2018 tornando-se ‘Aviões Fantasy Park’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Aviões Fantasy Park’ Xand Avião comanda mais um ano da maior festa à fantasia do Brasil. Alok e Kevinho completam o line-up do evento que terá mais de 10 horas de duração. Preparem-se! A viagem pelo universo Fantasy já vai começar. A festa cresceu, tornou-se gigante. E neste mundo, o comandante Xand Avião só tem... Ver artigo

O post Aviões Fantasy mistura o tema das fantasias com o universo dos parques de diversões na edição 2018 tornando-se ‘Aviões Fantasy Park’ apareceu primeiro em Éshow!.

          Question: Será que ele gosta?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Gente meu ex terminou cmg e fica me olhando mais que tudo,agora ele anda me fazendo ciúmes,fica me olhando sorrindo,mais quando eu olho dele disfarça,ele não consegue me olhar nos olhos!Bom ontem no 1°horário de aula da minha sala,não teve aula aí a gente desceu pro pátio,daí o menino que eu gosto foi pra biblioteca jogar dama cm os meninos,aí eu estava com as minhas amigas,aí elas inventaram a desculpa de ir na biblioteca pegar um livro pra ler,aí neh fomos,dai minha amiga falou assim pra mim em tom meio alto:Pega um livro de romance,vc está precisando,aí ela disse que ele ficou me olhando pegar o livro e riu!Aí na hora do recreio eu e minha amiga estávamos perto do banheiro aí ele pegou e foi pro banheiro,aí eu fiquei na porta e minha amiga lá denltro aí ele saiu do outro banheiro e ela me disse que ele passou me olhando!Aí depois do recreio eu cheguei dai ele estava dentro da sala,aí só foi eu chegar ele foi ficar perto das meninas e ficou me olhando!Ontem estávamos todos no refeitório,aí eu e as meninas estávamos cantando Mc Buninho-Você me Conquistou,dai ele estava de costas e falou algo para o meu melhor amiga e ele olhou pra trás e disse algo pra ele!
          Comment on Printing Guns, Again by WTP      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Interesting. Thanks. Yes, mostly old Germans/Dutch on my father's side going way back to the early 1770s, at least in the longest direct branch that I was able to trace. One Irishman who married an English woman way back, but aside from those Ryals, western PA folks were Sterners, Stokes, Baums, Weddels, Weavers, etc. Mostly sodbusters and coal miners. No Mennonites that I recall but I do have memories as a small child of going out into the farm country around Pittsburgh and my parents buying produce from them in some huge barn. Oddly I don't recall ever seeing any Amish. My mother's family all got off the boat about 100 years ago or more, all from Germany doing roofing or working in the steel mills. A couple worked at a brewery.
          Red Hot Monogamy      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bestselling author Pam Farrel gives clean pracitcal advice about romance after baby
          New Magic: The Gathering Comic Book Series Launches This Fall      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Wizards of the Coast and IDW Publishing revealed details today for an all-new Magic: The Gathering comic to be published beginning this November. Magic: The Gathering: Chandra is written by Vita Ayala (Supergirl, The Wilds) with interior art by Harvey Tolibao (X-Men, Green Arrow) and features all-new adventures of fan-favorite pyromancer Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar. This […]
          Ruby Rose To Join The CW’s Arrowverse As Batwoman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Ruby Rose will be suiting up as the DC hero Batwoman for The CW. As previously announced, the character will make her CW debut in the annual crossover event between four of the network’s DC shows: The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. The CW is also currently developing a series based around the […]
          Plain White T’s 2006 Pop Song To Become A TV Show      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Plain White T’s No. 1 hit Hey There Delilah is being adapted into a scripted TV series. The Grammy- and Tony-nominated band is teaming with Lively McCabe Entertainment and Primary Wave to develop a scripted romantic dramedy based on its chart-topping single about a long-distance relationship. Producers, including the band’s frontman and songwriter Tom […]
          Elizabeth Warren snubbed in 'first Native American congresswoman' media coverage      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Two Democratic candidates are each poised to become the first Native American woman elected to Congress, according to the media consensus, which has prompted the question: What about Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

Democrat Sharice Davids, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, won her House primary race Tuesday in Kansas, prompting the ...

          Arizona drug maker working on settlement with government      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

PHOENIX (AP) - An Arizona drug manufacturer whose billionaire founder faces racketeering charges in an alleged scheme paying doctors kickbacks to prescribe opioids says it is negotiating an agreement with the government.

INSYS Therapeutics said Wednesday that a final settlement is pending.

Massachusetts-based Justice Department spokeswoman Christina DiIorio-Sterling said she ...

          Bustos Schedules ‘Cheri on Shift’ at Gold Star FS in Aledo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Western Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos will participate in a “Cheri on Shift” Thursday morning at Gold Star, a full line agronomy location which studies fertilizer, crop protection, and seed. Gold Star’s Aledo location also is home to a Grain Systems…
          Nurgül Yeşilçay ile Necati Kocabay çiftinden aşk pozu      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Nişantaşı’nda bir kafede kavga ettikleri iddia edilen Nurgül Yeşilçay ile Necati Kocabay çiftinden aşk pozu! Yaşadıkları tartışmayı tatlıya bağlayan sevgililer, sosyal medya hesaplarından romantik paylaşımda bulundu. Yeşilçay, Gaziantep ziyareti esnasında oğlunu erkek arkadaşıyla tanıştırmıştı.
          Minority-Owned Small Business Partner Spotlight powered by First Republic Bank: YCAT-C      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Yolanda’s Construction Administration and Traffic Control (YCAT-C) is an African-American woman-owned business that offers a range of administrative and traffic control services to support public and private sector clients on engineering and construction projects. Based in Bayview-Hunters Point,

The post Minority-Owned Small Business Partner Spotlight powered by First Republic Bank: YCAT-C appeared first on San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

          VIDEO PAPARAZZI / I-am prins în fapt pe Coman „Mbappe” şi pe Dragoş Nedelcu! Vedetele lui Gigi Becali s-au „antrenat” cu femei, înaintea meciului cu Hajduk Split!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vedetele lui Gigi Becali s-au „antrenat” special pentru meciul din prima manșă a turului III preliminar din Europa League. Pentru duelul cu Hajduk Split, Florinel Coman şi Dragoş Nedelcu s-au pregătit alături de iubite.
          Joana Bliss - Buxom Pioneer of Romania (2018/HD)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache