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          Gambia:Hepatitis - A Cause for Concern for Millions of People Globally      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
[Foroyaa] Viral hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, due to a viral infection. It has five different types ranging from A-E. (Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine)
          "A volte lavoriamo anche 12 ore per 3,50 euro a cassone. Il giorno dell'incidente eravamo tanto stanchi"      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Si chiama Alagie Saho, ha 33 anni, è originario del Gambia ma da 4 anni è in Italia, dove lavora anche fino a 12 ore al giorno come bracciante: è lui il sopravvissuto alla strage di Foggia la cui testimonianza è stata riportata dal Corriere della Sera.

Il 33enne è confuso, non ricorda i dettagli del terribile incidente stradale che ha coinvolto lui e il gruppo di colleghi braccianti con cui si ritrovava a viaggiare.

Non mi ricordo nulla dell'incidente dell'altro giorno. In quel furgone eravamo in quattordici, tutti amici.

Era stanco Alagie, come erano stanchi le altre tredici persone che erano con lui, reduci da una giornata lavorativa estenuante.

Arrivavamo da una giornata di lavoro di 7-8 ore di lavoro, ma a volte si lavora anche fino a 12 ore. Avevo riempito 17 cassoni di pomodori, mi danno 3,50 euro a cassone.

Con un filo di voce, Alagie ha anche spiegato che il viaggio con il minibus costa 3,50 euro e i soldi vanno dati direttamente all'autista, che è anche il caporale D'altronde, quello avvenuto sulla strada provinciale 105, tra Ascoli Satriano e Castelluccio dei Sauri, è un incidente verificatosi in un contesto di degrado, di sfruttamento e di marginalità sociale.

Il sistema di trasporto dei lavoratori, consegnato forse nelle mani dei caporali o di chi si arrangia con mezzi di fortuna, mette ogni giorno a repentaglio la vita e la sicurezza delle migliaia di lavoratori, per lo più stranieri, che affollano le campagne del foggiano e non solo.

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PPF concerned over the attack on Gambian JournalistsPakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in a letter to Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of Gambia expressed concern over the attack on two journalists. PPF Secretary General Owais Aslam Ali urges the government of Gambia to investigate the incident and ensure the rights and safety of journalists. He also stated that other political parties need to […]
          Undoing Jammeh’s Misdeeds and Putting Gambia Back In The Hands of Gambians!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Gambia needs a concrete and productive direction to guide us from the abyss of Yaya Jammeh’s 22 years of misrule as president. First and foremost, we need to look back at what Jammeh has done to us as a nation, and what we can do to avoid another occurrence in the history of our [...]

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          The Gambia Experience Shows Power Indeed Belongs to the People  – President Barrow’s Nigeria Lecture      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

State House, Banjul, 25th July, 2018 – The President of the Republic Mr. Adama Barrow has warned that the political crisis that happened in The Gambia serves as a lesson for all leaders that power resides in the masses of the people, illustrating that if they represent the interest of the people, they would stand [...]

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          GPU condemns attack on GRTS News Crew by ‘ARPC Security and Supporters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Sunday August 05: Fajara: The Gambia Press Union (GPU) hereby condemns, in the strongest terms, the attack on Saturday on GRTS News Crew during funeral proceedings of late Asombi Bojang, the mother of exiled ex-president, Yaya Jammeh. Asombi Bojang passed on last week in Equatorial Guinea where she followed her son into exile in January 2017. Her body [...]

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          8/8/2018: SPORT: Leicester may go with the Mo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

LEICESTER are lining up a shock £8million move for Reading winger Mo Barrow. Barrow, 25, scored 10 goals for Reading last season following a summer move from Swansea. Leicester manager Claude Puel is eyeing the Gambia international, right, to replace...
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7 Aug 2018

Justice for women is essential to fulfilling a key aspiration of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: ensuring no one is left behind.

Without equal and effective justice for women and girls – more than 50 per cent of the world’s population – sustainable and inclusive development will remain elusive. Many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those related to education, health and decent work, cannot be achieved without justice for women.

High-level Group on Justice for Women

The 2030 Agenda has rallied unprecedented political commitment, serving as an opportunity to enhance justice for women and girls. In May 2018, a High-level Group was convened by IDLO, UN Women and the Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies to advocate for the centrality of women’s justice needs in the implementation, monitoring and reporting of SDG 16.

The High-level Group on Justice for Women constitutes a critical channel to inform and enrich the global Task Force on Justice, a Pathfinders initiative established to accelerate progress on the 2030 Agenda’s target 16.3 on access to justice. Tasked with developing concrete recommendations on access to justice for women and girls, the High-level Group acts as a gender-responsive contribution to the work of the Task Force.

The Group met for the first time on May 28-29, 2018 in The Hague to discuss strategies to tackle the unmet need for justice of women in all countries and identify common obstacles and effective solutions to closing the gender justice gap. [read the Inaugural Meeting Report]

The meeting was opened by Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands and Co-Chair of the Task Force on Justice, and IDLO Director-General Irene Khan. 

During the meeting, members of the High-level Group – top government officials, academics, civil society actors, and international organization leaders – stressed the Group’s role in generating action and political commitment by expanding partnerships with regional networks, associations and donor organizations.

The Group will now develop a report providing recommendations for action and investment to enhance justice for women, which will be launched during the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women and will contribute to the launch of the report of the Task Force on Justice during the High-level Political Forum in July 2019, as well as the 2019 UN General Assembly. 

A Background Paper was circulated during the inaugural meeting to provide a starting point for the discussion of the Group and to support the drafting of its report.

Members of the High-level Group include (in alphabetical order):

  1. Irene Khan, Director-General, IDLO (Convenor)
  2. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director, UN Women (Convenor)
  3. Abubacarr Marie Tambadou, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, The Gambia
  4. Arkel Benitez, Secretary General, Conferencia de Ministros de Justicia de los Países Ibero Americanos
  5. Catherine Harrington, Campaign Manager, Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights
  6. Deqa Hagi Yasin, Minister of Women and Human Rights Development, Somalia
  7. Dubravka Šimonovic, United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences
  8. Frida Gómez, Director-General, Noticias Tiemposmodernos, and National Councillor for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Public Policies on Youth, Mexican Youth Institute
  9. Hilary Gbedemah, Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
  10. María Fernanda Rodríguez, Under-Secretary for Access to Justice, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Argentina
  11. Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, Director of Information, Communications and Media, Association for Women's Rights in Development
  12. Nathalie G. Drouin, Deputy Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Canada
  13. Nursyahbani Katjasungkana, Head, Association of Indonesian Women for Justice
  14. Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General, the Commonwealth
  15. Rangita da Silva de Alwis, Associate Dean of International Affairs, University of Pennsylvania Law School
  16. Sandie Okoro, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, World Bank Group

The justice gap for women and girls

There is a clear link between gender and justice; between SDG 5 on gender equality and SDG 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions. While gender equality is indispensable for peaceful, just and inclusive societies based on the rule of law, women and girls play a critical role in the emergence of equitable and inclusive institutions. At the same time, effective justice systems are central to enabling women to become equal partners in decision-making and development. The ability to access justice is an essential means to claiming and realizing women’s rights.

Yet there is a huge disparity between the promise of justice under SDG 16 and the lived realities of women and girls; between what women and girls need and want when they seek justice, and the justice they receive.

Gender discriminatory legislation around the world

Worldwide, 104 economies still have laws preventing women from working in specific jobs – such as mining, manufacturing and construction. Only 40 per cent of economies mandate equal remuneration for work of equal value. 45 economies do not have specific laws on domestic violence, and 59 economies have no laws on sexual harassment in the workplace. Male dominance in family relations is also evident in data showing that in many economies, a woman cannot apply for a passport, be head of household or travel outside her home in the same way as a man.

Read the High-level Group Background Paper for more data on the justice gap for women and girls

A growing body of evidence points to serious gaps in ensuring equal legal protections for women and girls, especially those affected by conflict or humanitarian crises. Gender discriminatory legal frameworks and social norms can constitute serious hurdles to the delivery of justice for women. Even in the presence of gender-responsive laws, implementation is often poor due to a variety of technical, financial and political factors. Challenges result from failure to consider the interaction among laws, regulations and implementing institutions, and their collective impact on women’s rights.

For example, regulations often require that a national identity card, birth certificate or deeds from a land registry office be provided to obtain land rights, titling and registration. These certificates and deeds are often inaccessible to rural or poor women who have limited time, money, access to facilities and networks.

Ineffective and unresponsive judicial systems, compounded by gender bias, socio-economic barriers and limited access to information and support, can further result in women being prevented from claiming their rights and accessing redress.

Furthermore, a large proportion of women worldwide access justice through customary or informal justice mechanisms that are frequently biased against them yet adjudicate matters that impact women more than men, such as inheritance, property or domestic violence.



          8/9/2018: ZOMERREEKS: “Door mijn job wonen mijn vrienden overal ter wereld”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Medisch antropoloog Koen Peeters neemt zijn vrouw en vier jonge kinderen ‘gewoon’ mee op missies naar Vietnam, Gambia of Japan. “Dat wil natuurlijk ook zeggen dat ik bepaalde dingen in het leven niet kan doen, maar dat zijn keuzes”, zegt hij....
          Agrigento, si auto-ferisce con un coltello e accusa i gestori di un centro di accoglienza      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Un giovane di 17 anni, originario del Gambia, ospite di una struttura di accoglienza di Agrigento, è stato denunciato, in ...

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          8/9/2018: ZOMERREEKS: “Door mijn job wonen mijn vrienden overal ter wereld”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Medisch antropoloog Koen Peeters neemt zijn vrouw en vier jonge kinderen ‘gewoon’ mee op missies naar Vietnam, Gambia of Japan. “Dat wil natuurlijk ook zeggen dat ik bepaalde dingen in het leven niet kan doen, maar dat zijn keuzes”, zegt hij....
          El Open Arms llega al puerto de Algeciras con 87 migrantes a bordo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
El buque «Open Arms», embarcación de la ONG Proactiva Open Arms, en el que viajan 87 migrantes rescatados en aguas del Mediterráneo frente a las costas de Libia, ha llegado este jueves en torno a las 8.45 horas al puerto de Algeciras (Cádiz). Según han informado fuentes de Open Arms, entre los 87 migrantes se encuentran un total de 12 menores, de los que seis, además, no están acompañados. De estos últimos, cinco son de Sudán y uno de Gambia. En torno a las 8,45 horas el barco ha llegado a una zona del puerto algecireño muy cercana al muelle de Crinavis, el previsto para su atraque, por lo que ha sido más de media hora después, ya sobre las 9,25 horas, cuando el «Open Arms» ha amarrado definitivamente para el desembarque. Alguno de los inmigrantes que han llegado en esta embarcación portaba una pequeña pancarta en la que reza «Gracias España» con un corazón. En el citado muelle Cruz Roja tiene un Equipo de Respuesta Inmediata en Emergencias (ERIE) compuesto por unas 30 personas que les ofrecerán las primeras atenciones médicas. Asimismo, en el muelle se encuentra un dispositivo formado por miembros de Guardia Civil, Policía Nacional y entidades como Acnur o CEAR. Está previsto que, tras un primer triaje sanitario por parte de Cruz Roja, pasen a disposición policial para su identificación en el CATE de Crinavis y, finalmente, pasarán a la Fase de Estabilización y Derivación en el nuevo Centro de Acogida, Emergencia y Derivación de Chiclana. A estos 87 inmigrantes, según ha señalado el Gobierno central, no se les tratará «de manera excepcional o especial», por lo que su condición será la misma a la de los rescatados a diario en pateras en el Estrecho »y se seguirán los protocolos establecidos para su atención y acogimiento». Cabe recordar que este buque de rescate ha desembarcado en puertos españoles en dos ocasiones durante este verano con personas rescatadas en aguas del Mediterráneo, tras recibir «luz verde» del Ejecutivo de Pedro Sánchez. El pasado 4 de julio llegó a Barcelona con 60 migrantes a bordo y el 21 desembarcó en el puerto de Palma a una mujer de Camerún y a los cadáveres de una mujer y un niño. Así, ésta ha sido la tercera vez en este verano que el buque «Open Arms» atraca en un puerto español.
          Sempre tutta e solo propaganda      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Strepitano gli altoparlanti delle Elite Apolidi, giornali, TV, radio, gli Italiani sono razzisti e vengono istigati dal "Governo delle Destre" a dare la caccia agli immigrati africani. In collaborazione coi "troll russi" che attentano alla "libertà del Capo dello Stato" tramite Twitter.

Questa è la favola. La realtà dei fatti è un po' differente, per esempio oggi leggo:
Pistoia, due minori di 14 anni hanno sparato al migrante gambiano.
Individuati dalla polizia gli autori dell’aggressione del 2 agosto con una pistola scacciacani. I due si sono giustificati: solo goliardia, nessun motivo razziale
Hanno sparato al migrante gambiano.

Cosi come nel caso ingigantito e distribuito a tutto il mondo, quello della signora Osakue ferita da un uovo tirato da un'auto, scopriamo che l'Italia non è percorsa da squadracce di Camicie Nere agli ordini di Salvini ma che nella sonnacchiosa provincia abitano migliaia o milioni di ragazzini e ragazzotti annoiati, educati dalla "pedagogia degli anni Settanta" e cresciuti nella bambagia. Insomma dei poveri pirla. Due volte pirla, alla pirlaggine inevitabile della età aggiungono la pirlaggine indotta ad arte dalle Elite Apolidi. Prego notare che quando gli stessi poveri pirla devastano una città incappucciati e con qualche vessillo "antifa", allora diventano "partigiani di quartiere", mossi da grandi ideali e motivazioni sacrosante, sono un pochettino esuberanti. Ai poveri pirla manca un po' di sano indottrinamento e qualche campo paramilitare organizzati dalla "sinistra". E pensare che ci sono ancora in giro "vecchi maestri" a cui si potrebbe affidare la consulenza. Oppure, si potrebbe chiedere a Michele Serra come sedare i bollenti spiriti dei ragazzini e ragazzotti, il Serra che nella sua rubrica di Repubblica ci segnala l'orribile "sovranismo di genere che umilia le donne", ovvero l'arcidiavolo Trump e il suo epigono Salvini, guarda un po' il crimine efferato, sono uomini. Il "sovranismo di genere". Dove andremo a finire?

Ah, nota a margine. Perché si premurano di specificare "nessun motivo razziale"? In questa italia di pagliacci se voi tirate un uovo in faccia ad un italiano o ad un inglese o ad un polacco, sarete accusati di lesioni eccetera, se invece lo tirate ad un immigrato africano per lo stesso reato vi beccherete in aggiunta la aggravante dell'odio razziale. Perché, invertendo l'equazione, essere italiani, inglesi o polacchi è una colpa che la vittima deve scontare in partenza. E' ovviamente "meno grave" tirare un uovo ad un italiano, un inglese o un polacco, perché sotto sotto, se lo meritano. Mentre ferire o offendere un africano è una bestemmia in chiesa, che richiede la "punizione esemplare". Come nel famoso racconto della Fattoria degli Animali, tutti sono uguali ma qualcuno è più uguale. Che poi è la logica per cui gli "intellettuali illuminati" che scrivono su Corriere e Repubblica sostengono la necessità di abolire lo Stato - Nazione, il concetto di Popolo, abrogare la Costituzione perché sono concetti contrari alla universalità dei "diritti umani". Ma questo vale solo per l'Italia e l'Europa, a nessuno viene in mente di abolire lo Stato del Gambia o cancellare le "etnie" locali. Perché il gambiano incarna i "diritti umani", li personifica. A priori. Gambiano è il Bene, Italiano è il Male.

Non finisce mica qui. Seguendo come sopra la logica del signor Serra, l'omicidio di genere umilia le donne. Ecco che al concetto di omicidio si deve aggiungere l'aggravante del "femminicidio", ovvero l'equivalente dello "odio razziale" ma applicata alle donne. Ammazzare un italiano, un inglese o un polacco è omicidio semplice, ammazzare una donna italiana, inglese o polacca comporta l'aggravante dello "odio misogino" se poi la donna è africana, anche l'aggravante dello "odio razziale". Doppia aggravante. Posso anche immaginare che la donna sia omosessuale, allora aggiungiamo l'aggravante di "odio trans generico", tripla aggravante e cosi via. Voi penserete che i magistrati sono persone serie e non si presteranno a questo gioco. Purtroppo sono ben felici di farlo. Anzi, ho sentito con le mie orecchie dei magistrati affermare che quando il Parlamento non legifera nella direzione che secondo loro sarebbe necessaria, faranno "legge" con inchieste e sentenze.
          Pistoia, sono stati due tredicenni a sparare al migrante      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
L'aggressione a un ragazzo del Gambia di 24 anni ospite della parrocchia di Vicofaro lo scorso 2 agosto. I ragazzi: "E' stato un momento di goliardia"
          Spari contro migrante a Pistoia, i responsabili hanno meno di 14 anni      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Spari contro migrante a Pistoia, i responsabili hanno meno di 14 anni

La Polizia ha individuato due adolescenti che, interrogati alla presenza dei genitori, hanno consegnato agli agenti la scacciacani utilizzata il 2 agosto e 200 proiettili a salve. Escluso il movente razziale, si pensa a un gesto goliardico

Parole chiave: reati fps pistoia razzismo

           Spari a salve a migrante, gli autori sono due 13enni: «Era un momento goliardico»       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Sono due ragazzini di 13 anni gli autori delle offese e delle esplosioni di alcuni colpi a salve nei confronti di un cittadino gambiano avvenute la sera del 2 agosto a Vicofaro, nel comune di...
          Vicofaro (Pistoia): spari contro un gambiano. I responsabili sono due tredicenni      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

PISTOIA – Sono due tredicenni gli autori delle offese e delle esplosioni di alcuni colpi a salve nei confronti di un [...]

L'articolo Vicofaro (Pistoia): spari contro un gambiano. I responsabili sono due tredicenni sembra essere il primo su Blitz quotidiano.

          Ingoia ovuli di coca: 4 pusher in manette nel blitz di oggi a Roma      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

I Carabinieri della Compagnia Roma Piazza Dante hanno eseguito blitz antidroga tra l’ Esquilino e San Lorenzo, mirati a contrastare lo spaccio di stupefacenti “mordi e fuggi”. In poche ore, in manette sono finiti 4 pusher. Un 40enne del Gambia, alla vista dei Carabinieri in via di Porta Labicana, ha tentato di eludere i controlli […]

L'articolo Ingoia ovuli di coca: 4 pusher in manette nel blitz di oggi a Roma sembra essere il primo su Cinque Quotidiano.

          Geweldig Gambia: 9 dagen voor slechts €451, incl. vluchten, transfers en verblijf met ontbijt      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Ahoy Piraten, Ben je een echte globetrotter? En houd je wel van het bezoeken van iets minder bekende landen? Ga dan eens naar Gambia. Dit Afrikaanse land is echt prachtig. Neem een kijkje bij de Gambiaanse kust, of de rivier die het leven van Gambia bepaalt. Als alternatief heb je een van de 6 nationale…
          Spari a salve con scacciacani, i responsabili sono due 13enni. Non è razzismo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Sono due ragazzini di 13 anni gli autori degli spari a salve esplosi contro un cittadino gambiano ospite di don Biancalani, la sera del 2 agosto a Vicofaro, nel Comune di Pistoia. Lo rende noto la polizia. I due  hanno ammesso le loro responsabilità agli inquirenti, motivando quanto accaduto come un “momento goliardico, escludendo qualsiasi […]
          El buque "Open Arms" llega al puerto de Algeciras con 87 migrantes, 12 de ellos menores       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

El buque `Open Arms`, embarcación de la ONG Proactiva Open Arms, en el que viajan 87 migrantes rescatados en aguas del Mediterráneo frente a las costas de Libia, ha llegado este jueves en torno a las 8,45 horas al puerto de Algeciras (Cádiz).

Según han informado a Europa Press fuentes de Open Arms, entre los 87nmigrantes se encuentran un total de 12 menores, de los que seis, además, no están acompañados. De estos últimos, cinco son de Sudán y uno de Gambia.

          Vicofaro (Pistoia): spari contro un gambiano. I responsabili sono due tredicenni      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

PISTOIA – Sono due tredicenni gli autori delle offese e delle esplosioni di alcuni colpi a salve nei confronti di un [...]

L'articolo Vicofaro (Pistoia): spari contro un gambiano. I responsabili sono due tredicenni sembra essere il primo su Blitz quotidiano.

          Best Practices for the Protection of Information Assets, Part 2      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In Part 1 of this article series , we discussed Information Security Management, or ISM. This second installment will cover the implementation and monitoring of security controls, including logical access controls, remote access controls, network security, controls/detection tools against information system attacks, security testing techniques and controls that prevent data leakage.

Implementation and Monitoring of Security Controls

Security controls should focus on the integrity of data, the data classification system, and the policies in places that ensure that data is handled properly.

Logical Access Controls

Ensure there are policies in place on access and access controls logical access controls at both operating system level and the application level are designed to protect information assets by sustaining policies and procedures. The management override is akin to a fail-safe mechanism. Overall, these controls manage the identification, authentication and restriction of users to authorized functions and data.

Types and Principles of Access

Types and principles of access include subject access (identification of individual having an ID), service access (data passing through an access point), least privilege, segregation of duties and split custody.

Example:Target may have avoided their notorious 2013 breach if they had not failed to follow the principle of least privilege. An HVAC contractor with a permission to upload executables broadens the attack surface for cybercriminals.

Example:As an example of Edward Snowden’s revelations, the NSA decided to apply the principle of least privilege and revoked higher-level powers from 90% of its employees.


Ensure there are occasional or event-driven change and recovery policies reactivation with a new password so long as the user identity can be verified. People often use weak passwords, tend to share them or transmit/store them in cleartext; a succession of failed attempts to login with a password should result in locking out the account.

Biometrics can replace passwords in future by creating a system that can restrict access based on unique physical attributes or behavior. Issues with this approach include false reject rate (FRR), false accept rate (FAR) and crossover error rate (CER), and privacy.

Example:To unlock mobile devices, the scientist in Yahoo’s Research Labs are experimenting with utilizing ears, knuckles, and fingertips as biometric passwords.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

This technique consolidates access operations among various systems into one centralized administrative function. SSO interfaces with client servers (local and remote users) and distributed systems, mainframe systems and network security, including remote access mechanisms.

Access Control Lists

Access control lists (ACLs) are the equivalent of a register in which the system enlists users who have permission to access and use a given system resource. ACLs can store information on users’ type of access.

Example: To illustrate the usefulness of access control lists, consider a medical research experiment where the files that contain experimental results have an ACL that permits read-and-write access to all members of a research group except for one member, who is working on another experiment whose results should not be influenced by the results of the first one.

System Access Audit Logging

Almost all access control software automatically logs and report access attempts, which forms an audit trail to observe any suspicious activities and potential hacking attempts (e.g., brute-force attack on a specifically-targeted high-profile logon ID). Recording all activities may be useful in the context of digital investigations

Access to the logs should be restricted.

Tools for Log Analysis include, but are not limited to: audit reduction tools, trend/variance detection tools, attack-signature detection tools and SIEM systems.

Actions an Auditor Should Undertake When Evaluating Logical Access Controls

An auditor should identify sensitive data/systems, document, evaluate and test controls over potential access and access paths, and evaluate the adequacy of the security environment.

Controls and Risks Associated With Virtualization of Systems

Moving away from a physical medium towards a virtual one, there are many important aspects one should consider: physical and logical access validation (because many virtual machines may be running in one physical system), proper configuration and network segregation (no interference among various VMs).

A 2015 Kaspersky Labs survey proved that recovery costs in the wake of a cyberattack on a virtualized infrastructure are twice as high as an attack on a physical environment. Moreover, only 27% deployed defensive mechanisms specifically designed to protect virtual environments.

Configuration, Implementation, Operation and Maintenance of Network Security Controls

Perimeter security controls such as firewalls and IDS/IPS ward off most cyberattacks against the enterprise’s network. The auditor needs to know the effectiveness of these security controls and the policies and procedures that regulate network incidents.

Other important matters are network management, legal complications with respect to online activities, network administrator procedures and service legal agreements with third parties.

Internet use, remote access and networks will all require auditing. Network infrastructure security and general network controls will require additional attention.

LAN Security Issues

An auditor should identify and document LAN topology and network design, signs of segmentation, LAN administrator and LAN owner, groups of LAN users, applications used on the LAN, and procedures for network design, support, and data security.

Wireless Security Threats

Security requirements include: authenticity, non-repudiation, accountability and network availability.

There are many forms of malicious access to WLANs. These include but are not limited to: war driving/walking/chalking, passive attacks and sniffing.

Detection Tools and Control Techniques Malware

Countermeasures against various types of malware include but are not limited to: policies, education, patch management, anti-virus software, and procedural/technical controls.

Detection Tools

Antivirus software, regular updates, layered systems (e.g., inner, perimeter, and BOYD), and honeypots and are useful detection tools and deterrents against malware.

Employee education is equally important and should not be ignored. Simple common sense on the part of employees can close multiple attack vectors, such as email phishing attempts.

Ethical Hacking Training Resources (InfoSec)

Security Testing Techniques

Begin by knowing your tools. You’ll need tools to evaluate network security and possible risks, as well as suitable mitigation techniques. Be sure to check lists of known network vulnerabilities.

Third parties may be able to provide testing services such as penetration testing. Penetrating testing, also called intrusion testing or ethical hacking, is where outside pentesters use every technique or source a potential attacker could use (open-source gathering, searching for backdoors, guessing passwords, using known exploits) to test your security. This is especially good for testing firewalls.

You should also be aware of social engineering testing. This gives you a chance to see how your staff holds up in case of a social engineering attack, such as a phone scammer trying to get people’s passwords.

Controls and Risks Associated with Data Leakage

Data leakages occur when there is a risk of sensitive information becoming public, typically by accident. The IS auditor needs to ensure that there are effective data classification policies, security awareness training and periodic audits with respect to data leakage prevention.

Note that data leakage has a totally different meaning when it comes to machine learning. Information from outside the training set could corrupt the learning capabilities of the model because it may introduce something that the model otherwise would not know.

Encryption-Related Techniques

Anyone handling or testing encryption should be familiar with encryption algorithm techniques and key length: note that complex algorithms and large keys are somewhat impractical for everyday use. Be aware of cryptographic systems, such as AES 128/256-bit and old 64-bit DES.

Other areas of interest include encryption in communications; secure socket layer (SSL)/transport layer security (TLS); secure HTTP (HTTPS); IPSec Internet protocol security; Secure Shell (SSH);and secure multipurpose Internet mail extensions (S/MIME).

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Components and Digital Signature Techniques

PKI establishes a trusted communication channel where parties can exchange digital keys in a safe manner. It’s widely used in e-commerce and online banking.

PKI is based on digital certificates (public key and identifying information) that are issued and cryptographically signed by a certificate authority. Validation is through the certificate authority, while a registration authority ensures third-party validation. When dealing with PKI, watch for digital certificates’ expiration dates, and be certain to check the certificate revocation list (CRL).

Controls Associated with Peer-to-Peer Computing, Instant Messaging and Web-Based Technologies

P2P computing may result in fast dissemination of viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and so on directly among computers, as there is no central server. Meanwhile, social media risks include inappropriate sharing of information about sensitive data, staffing issues and organizational data; URL spoofing; cyberstalking; using vulnerable applications; phishing; downloading malicious attachments and clicking on malicious links.

Example:In 2016, the Facebook “fake friend” phishing scam rose to prominence. Users received a Facebook message claiming that they had been mentioned by a friend in a comment, but upon clicking on this message, it would automatically download malware onto their computers in the form of a malicious Chrome browser extension. After the installation, this malware snatched users’ Facebook account so that it could steal their data and propagate further.

To control this, implement a P2P computing policy which includes social network use and instant messaging. Corporate messaging boards are more secure than Facebook. Promote monitoring, education and awareness, and ban some types of peer-to-peer communications to narrow the net.

Controls and Risks Associated with the Use of Mobile and Wireless Devices

When dealing with mobile and wireless devices, secure Wi-Fi is required, because most of these devices communicate via a Wi-Fi network.

Implement mobile device controls, including stringent data storage, remote wipes, and theft response procedures. Clarify your workplace’s policy regarding employees bringing their own devices to work.

Voice Communications Security (PBX, VoIP)

In these cases, voice communications have been translated to binary code. This means they are still digitally-based

Increasingly common these days is VoIP or Voice over IP. VoIP boasts lower costs compared to traditional phone services; however, they tend to have worse security than ordinary phones, and one needs to protect both the data and the voice. Wiretapping is a possibility. Security measures include encrypting communications and ensuring that all software is up-to-date and patched.

Alternately, private branch exchange or PBX is a phone system that can operate for both voice and data. It provides simultaneous calls through multiple telephone lines

Example:In 2014, cybercriminals broke into the phone network of Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture and managed to steal $166,000 worth of calls from the firm via premium-rate telephone numbers in Gambia, Somalia and the Maldives. Typically, hackers pull off such a scheme over a weekend when nobody is at work, forwarding sometimes as many as 220 minutes’ worth of calls per minute to a premium line. The criminals withdraw their cuts usually through Western Union, moneygram or wire transfer.


This concludes our look at best practices for the implementation of monitoring and security controls. Some of our sources are listed below, for your perusal. Join us soon for Part 3, when we’ll be examining physical and environmental protection of information assets.


What is Least Privilege & Why Do you Need It ?, Beyond Trust

Data-drained Target hurries to adopt chip-and-PIN cards , Naked Security

Yahoo ‘Bodyprint’ Turns Smartphone Touchscreens Into Biometric Sensors , Gadgets 360

NSA to cut system administrators by 90 percent to limit data access , Reuters

Security of Virtual Infrastructure , Kaspersky Lab

Facebook ‘fake friend’ phishing scam uncovered watch for these red flags , Komando

IBM Security Services 2014, Cyber Security Intelligence Index , IBM Global Technology Services

          Pusher ingoia cinque ovuli di eroina per sfuggire all'arresto      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I carabinieri hanno arrestato un 40enne del Gambia che ha tentato di occultare così la droga. Tra l'Esquilino e San Lorenzo...
          Watch: NGO rescue boat arrives in Spanish port with 87 migrants aboard      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Spanish rescue boat Open Arms arrived in the southern port of Algeciras on Thursday with 87 migrants the crew said they had rescued off the coast of Libya. The charity Proactiva Open Arms operates in the sea between Libya and southern Europe in a mission aimed at aiding migrants who have found themselves in trouble during an attempt to cross the sea from northern Africa. The 87 people were rescued from an inflatable raft which was floating directionless with a broken motor in the open sea on August 2, Open Arms said. Those saved included 84 from the Sudan, a Syrian, an Egyptian and a Gambian. There were 12 children included in those saved, the group said. "We came across the raft where the people were in a very bad state and very afraid that we were a Libyan boat and we planned to return them to Libya," Open Arms mission head Ricardo Gatti said during a news conference in Thursday. The charity says that migrants they have helped have said they fear if they were returned to Libya they could face imprisonment and torture and many have said they would rather die than be returned. In Spain, they will be processed before being granted refuge in Europe or they will be deported back to...
          Quinta, usada, para venda, Setúbal Gambia Pontes Alto da Guerra      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Ref.: 1021#####-)Quinta com 5000m2, furo artesiano, árvores de fruto e habitação.Moradia térrea com 2 quartos e aproveitamento de sótão. Situada a 10 minutos da cidade de Setúbal.Venha conhecer e marque visita com Salete Alves através do 917...
2 dormitórios 1 banheiros 56 m2 2.321 EUR/m²
Wed, 08 Aug 2018 16:37:22 +0200
          Pistoia, sono stati due tredicenni a sparare a un migrante del Gambia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Pistoia, sono stati due tredicenni a sparare a un migrante del Gambia

Individuati dalla polizia gli autori dell’aggressione del 2 agosto con una pistola scacciacani. I due si sono giustificati: solo goliardia, nessun motivo razziale

          Pistoia, la polizia mostra la pistola scacciacani utilizzata nella aggressione al gambiano: individuati due minori di 14 anni      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

La Polizia di Stato di Pistoia ha individuato gli autori delle offese e delle esplosioni di alcuni colpi a salve nei confronti di un cittadino gambiano avvenute nella serata del 2 agosto, a Vicofaro. Si tratta di due minori di 14 anni. Nell’abitazione di uno dei due, è stata trovata la pistola scacciacani utilizzata nell’aggressione […]

L'articolo Pistoia, la polizia mostra la pistola scacciacani utilizzata nella aggressione al gambiano: individuati due minori di 14 anni proviene da Il Fatto Quotidiano.

          87 Rescued Migrants Arrive In Spanish Port      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


The 87 people were rescued from an inflatable raft which was floating directionless with a broken motor in the open sea on August 2, Open Arms said. Those saved included 84 from the Sudan, a Syrian, an Egyptian and a Gambian. There were 12 children included in those saved, the group said. “We came across […]

The post 87 Rescued Migrants Arrive In Spanish Port appeared first on Leadership Newspaper.

          Efficacy of Interceptor® G2, a new long-lasting insecticidal net against wild pyrethroid-resistant Anopheles gambiae s.s. from Côte d'Ivoire: a semi-field trial.      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Related Articles

Efficacy of Interceptor® G2, a new long-lasting insecticidal net against wild pyrethroid-resistant Anopheles gambiae s.s. from Côte d'Ivoire: a semi-field trial.

Parasite. 2018;25:42

Authors: Camara S, Ahoua Alou LP, Koffi AA, Clegban YCM, Kabran JP, Koffi FM, Koffi K, Pennetier C

BACKGROUND: The widespread insecticide resistance in malaria vector populations is a serious threat to the efficacy of vector control tools. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) supports the development of alternative tools that combine several insecticides with the aim of improving vector control and the management of insecticide resistance. In the present study, a long-lasting insecticidal net treated with a mixture of chlorfenapyr and alphacypermethrin was evaluated against wild pyrethroid-resistant Anopheles gambiae s.s in M'bé, Côte d'Ivoire. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bottle tests were carried out with resistant An. gambiae s.s. of M'bé and the susceptible strain, to assess the resistance level to chlorfenapyr and alphacypermethrin.
RESULTS: CDC bottle bioassays revealed a high level of resistance of An. gambiae s.s. population from M'bé to alphacypermethrin, whereas they revealed low resistance to chlorfenapyr. In experimental huts, Interceptor® G2 that was unwashed or washed 20 times killed 87% and 82% of An. gambiae s.s., respectively, whereas Interceptor® LN that was either unwashed or washed 20 times killed only about 10% of the mosquitoes. The blood-feeding inhibition induced by Interceptor® was not significantly different compared to untreated nets, whereas Interceptor® G2 that was unwashed or washed 20 times induced 42% and 34% inhibition of blood-feeding, respectively.
CONCLUSION: Interceptor® G2 met the WHOPES criteria to undergo a phase III study. Investigation of its efficacy at a community level and the conduct of randomized controlled trials dealing with epidemiological outputs are warranted in order to study the potential of Interceptor® G2 to better protect communities.

PMID: 30088473 [PubMed - in process]

          Complement Factor H Levels Associate With Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Susceptibility and Severity.      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Related Articles

Complement Factor H Levels Associate With Plasmodium falciparum Malaria Susceptibility and Severity.

Open Forum Infect Dis. 2018 Jul;5(7):ofy166

Authors: van Beek AE, Sarr I, Correa S, Nwakanma D, Brouwer MC, Wouters D, Secka F, Anderson STB, Conway DJ, Walther M, Levin M, Kuijpers TW, Cunnington AJ

Background: Plasmodium falciparum may evade complement-mediated host defense by hijacking complement Factor H (FH), a negative regulator of the alternative complement pathway. Plasma levels of FH vary between individuals and may therefore influence malaria susceptibility and severity.
Methods: We measured convalescent FH plasma levels in 149 Gambian children who had recovered from uncomplicated or severe P. falciparum malaria and in 173 healthy control children. We compared FH plasma levels between children with malaria and healthy controls, and between children with severe (n = 82) and uncomplicated malaria (n = 67). We determined associations between FH plasma levels and laboratory features of severity and used multivariate analyses to examine associations with FH when accounting for other determinants of severity.
Results: FH plasma levels differed significantly between controls, uncomplicated malaria cases, and severe malaria cases (mean [95% confidence interval], 257 [250 to 264], 288 [268 to 309], and 328 [313 to 344] µg/mL, respectively; analysis of variance P < .0001). FH plasma levels correlated with severity biomarkers, including lactate, parasitemia, and parasite density, but did not correlate with levels of PfHRP2, which represent the total body parasite load. Associations with severity and lactate remained significant when adjusting for age and parasite load.
Conclusions: Natural variation in FH plasma levels is associated with malaria susceptibility and severity. A prospective study will be needed to strengthen evidence for causation, but our findings suggest that interfering with FH binding by P. falciparum might be useful for malaria prevention or treatment.

PMID: 30087905 [PubMed]

          How Alex Haley Popularized Ancestral Searching - JSTOR Daily      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


How Alex Haley Popularized Ancestral Searching
Roots derived from the tales told by his grandmother and aunts, and documented that oral tradition with slave and birth records as well as the stories of a Gambian griot, or storyteller, who told Haley details about his ancestor Kunta Kinte, a proud ...

          Gambia:Minister Urges GFF, NSC to End Grievances      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
[The Point] The minister of Youth and Sports, Hadrammeh Sidibeh, has called on the The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) and the National Sports Council (NSC) to end their grievances for the interest of football development in the country.
          Jovens de 13 anos agridem imigrante      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Meninos atiraram com arma de brinquedo contra gambiano
          Gambia:Barrow Gets 72 Percent Leadership Approval      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
[The Point] World leading America-based research company, Gallup, has found that 72 percent Gambians, nearly three in four residents, approve of President Adama Barrow's leadership. An even higher 75 percent is also confident in the honesty of the election process under the leadership of President Adama Barrow.
          La mañana - El 'Open Arms' llega a San Roque      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

El barco Open Arms ha llegado a San Roque con un retraso de una hora. Ochenta y siete personas han llegado, doce menores y seis sin acompañar. La mayoría son migrantes de Sudán a excepción de una de Egipto, otra de Gambia y otra de Siria. 

Ver vídeo

          Nessuno attacco al profugo di don Biancalani: 2 bambini hanno sparato a salve      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
E’ confermato quanto abbiamo scritto ieri, l’attacco ‘razzista’ contro il fancazzista di don Biancalani era una bufala. Sono infatti due bambini di 13 anni gli autori di quelli che non erano spari ma semplici colpi a salve in presenza di un immigrati di 24 anni del Gambia, ospite della parrocchia di Don Massimo Biancalani a … Continua la lettura di Nessuno attacco al profugo di don Biancalani: 2 bambini hanno sparato a salve
          Spain takes in 87 more migrants      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Eighty-seven migrants arrived by boat in the southern Spanish city of Algeciras on Thursday. The rescue vessel Open Arms found them floating an inflatable raft with a broken motor off the coast of Libya on August 02. Those saved included 84 from Sudan, a Syrian, an Egyptian and a Gambian. There were 12 children in the group. "The people were in a very bad state and very frightened," the head of the Open Arms mission told reporters. "Rescue operations were also quite complicated for our rescue teams because these guys inside the boat were really afraid about us being Libyan citizens. The first reaction they had was to jump into the sea because they said that they prefer to die than to be returned to Libya." Having arrived in Spain the migrants will now be processed before being granted refuge in Europe or deported back to where they came from. Spain's new centre-left government made fair treatment for migrants one of its headline policies after coming to power two months ago.
          Migranti, dodici minori stranieri sono diventati pizzaioli      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Caltagirone, sono originari di Gambia, Guinea, Egitto e Senegal: hanno frequentato un corso organizzato da un’associazione
          Gambia:Open Letter to Dr. Henry Carrol By Sam Sarr      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
[Foroyaa] As Managing Editor of Foroyaa Newspaper, I am required by Law and best practice, to facilitate the publication of the truth in good faith, and in the public interest.
          Spania a primit încă o navă umanitară cu migranţi, la Algesiras      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Spania a primit joi, în portul Algesiras, încă o navă umanitară cu migranţi salvaţi din largul coastelor libiene, transmite AFP, remarcând că primirea a avut loc mult mai discret decât în cazul vasului Aquarius, în urmă cu aproape două luni. Nava Open Arms, închiriată de organizaţia umanitară spaniolă Proactiva, a acostat joi la ora locală 09.20 (07.20 GMT) la cheiul San Roque, din golful Algesiras, în sudul extrem al Spaniei. La ţărm au debarcat 87 de migranţi salvaţi în Mediterana centrală pe 2 august. Cei 75 de bărbaţi adulţi şi 12 minori sunt toţi originari din Sudan şi din Sudanul de Sud, excepţie făcând un gambian, un egiptean şi un sirian, a indicat Proactiva. Open Arms i-a salvat după două zile în care au plutit în derivă în largul Libiei, însetaţi, pe o căldură intensă, şi &#39;probabil nu ar mai fi supravieţuit încă o zi&#39;, a declarat pentru presă coordonatorul operaţiunilor organizaţiei, Gérard Canals. &#39;Sperăm că Europa nu va continua să abandoneze ţările de sosire (a migranţilor), pentru că acest abandon face să avanseze extrema dreaptă, aşa cum s-a întâmplat în Italia&#39;, a comentat Canals. Guvernul socialist condus de Pedro Sanchez a decis ca, de această dată, migranţii salvaţi să fie trataţi de autorităţi la fel ca şi ceilalţi clandestini care ajung în Spania. &#39;Întrucât au fost salvaţi în apele internaţionale şi nu intenţionau să ajungă în Spania, li s-a dat o autorizaţie de rezidenţă excepţională pentru 72 de ore&#39;, a declarat o sursă din cadrul poliţiei. Franţa a anunţat că, &#39;din spirit de solidaritate europeană&#39;, va primi 20 din cei 87 de migranţi. Spania a devenit în acest an, înaintea Italiei şi a Greciei, principala poartă de intrare în Europa a migranţilor care îşi riscă viaţa pe mare. Potrivit Organizaţiei Internaţionale pentru Migraţii (OIM), din ianuarie au ajuns în Spania aproape 24.000 de migranţi, mai mulţi decât în întreg anul 2017. Pe cheiul din San Roque a fost deschis recent, în mare grabă, un centru de primire, pentru că săptămânal ajung pe coastele andaluze sute de migranţi, la bordul unor bărci fragile. Structurile locale de primire nu mai au locuri libere, aşa încât unii migranţi sunt nevoiţi să doarmă la bordul unei nave a pazei de coastă sau în săli de sport. Polemica pe acest subiect începe deja să inflameze scena politică, la mai puţin de an înaintea alegerilor locale. Joi, primarul conservator din Algesiras, José Ignacio Landaluce, din Partidul Popular, s-a declarat &#39;preocupat&#39; de ideea că oraşul său de 125.000 de locuitori ar putea deveni &#39;unicul port de primire a navelor de salvare pe mare şi al ambarcaţiunilor ONG-urilor&#39;. &#39;Toţi avem inima deschisă în această privinţă, dar trebuie să fim rezonabili, nu avem suficiente mijloace&#39;, a declarat el la postul de radio Onda Cero, dând asigurări că prioritară este situaţia &#39;şomerilor în nevoie&#39;.AGERPRES/(AS - autor: Irina Cristea, editor: Sorin Popescu, editor online: Anda Badea)
          L’Atalanta ipoteca la qualificazione Con l’Hapoel brillano Pasalic e Zapata      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
L’Atalanta mette una seria ipoteca sulla qualificazione battendo in trasferta per 1-4 l’Hapoel Haifa. Dopo il vantaggio dei padroni di casa pareggia Hateboer, poi ci pensano Zapata e Pasalic, entrambi al primo gol in nerazzurro, e infine Barrow ad arrotondare il risultato.

La prima perla di Zapata, il ballo del debuttante Pasalic, Barrow sempre più a suo agio là in mezzo all’attacco e solita macchina da gol. L’Atalanta torna da Haifa con una seria ipoteca sulla qualificazione al prossimo turno di Europa league. Merito dei quattro gol fuori casa messi a segno dai nerazzurri contro l’Hapoel. L’obiettivo era vincere e la squadra di Gasperini non ha deluso le aspettative. Quei due gol in più firmati nel secondo tempo da Pasalic e Barrow permettono di mettere il risultato in cassaforte e affrontare il ritorno con più tranquillità.

Inizio da dimenticare per i nerazzurri che si fanno sorprendere da Buzaglo , bravo a liberarsi al centro dell’area e portare in vantaggio i padroni di casa con un bel colpo di testa. L’Atalanta ritrova se stessa intorno al 20’. Hateboer pareggia con un bel sinistro da fuori area, due minuti più tardi arriva il primo gol di Zapata che, pescato sul filo del fuorigioco, guarda negli occhi il portiere e piazza la palla nell’angolino. Nella ripresa l’Atalanta prende il largo con un’altra prima perla. Barrow serve Pasalic che di testa non perdona. Qualche minuto più tardi il croato restituisce il favore e Barrow, sempre lui, mette a segno il gol dell’1-4. Per l’attaccante gambiano è il quarto gol in una settimana. Ora testa a Reggio Emilia per il ritorno, comunque da non sottovalutare.

          Spari contro un migrante, sono stati due minorenni: "L'abbiamo fatto per goliardia"      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I due hanno ammesso di aver sparato a un migrante gambiano ospite della parrocchia di don Massimo Biancalani, che aveva...

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