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          GLOBUS 2018: Exploring Vietnam & Cambodia with Bangkok & Chiang Mai (OVE6) from $3,469.00 (USD)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Expires 9/30/2018
On this fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand tour you'll explore several of the world's greatest treasures, behold spectacular scenery, learn about different cultures, and experience the warmth and hospitality bestowed by the locals.
          Marine: Mekong River Encompassed Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City (AOLZSE) from $2,199.00 (USD)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Expires 9/30/2018
Countries Visited: Cambodia, Viet NamTrip Style: Marine - Small-ship adventures on the world's great seas and rivers The poles of the Earth, the wonders of the Galapagos, the mysteries of the Amazon, out-of-the-way Greek Islands and other great plac...
          Reptile and bug cafes are cropping up in Asia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Cat cafes are all well and good. But if you want to get creepy-crawly rather than cuddly while sipping a latte, check out the hot spots popping up in Cambodia and Japan — the ones offering reptiles and spiders. As reported in the Phnom Penh Post, inside the city’s aptly named Reptile Café, coffee drinkers...
          Sin Chhoeum, 100, fled the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields for the United States      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The conditions in the Khmer Rouge labor camps were so harsh that many Cambodians died of disease, starvation, and exhaustion. Others were executed in the field, hence the term "Killing Fields."
          Never Fall Down      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Never Fall Down
author: Patricia McCormick
name: Meghan
average rating: 4.16
book published: 2012
rating: 4
read at:
date added: 2018/08/08
A book told from a young boy's perspective of the massacres in Cambodia after the Vietnam War. A heavy book with a lot of horrific happenings. The bad guys call themselves "comrade" and the killing of teachers or those with education and other hints point toward the ideology of communism being responsible for the many many murders, but not explicitly stated.

I wish that people speaking out about instances in our world history would talk also about what ideologies or people are responsible. It is sad to see that 13,206,428 people in America voted for Bernie Sanders, a candidate who openly supports communism. It is estimated that 100 million people worldwide have been killed or died due to communist regimes.

          Huge Flood From Failed Dam In Laos Has Now Spread To Cambodia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Some 25,000 Cambodians raced to find higher ground after floodwaters spread to their province from a failed hydroelectric dam in neighboring Laos, according to state media in Cambodia. In Laos, the government says flooding has killed at least 27 people and destroyed the homes of more than 3,000 residents. Cambodia's Sekong River hit a water level of nearly 12 meters (almost 40 feet) on Thursday — a height that left 17 villages flooded and forced the local government to rush to find shelter for roughly half the population of the Siem Pang district in Stung Treng province, state news agency AKP reports . According to AKP, Cambodian water and weather spokesperson H.E. Chan Yutha "said that there was no retreating sign and the water kept increasing about two centimeters per hour." The flooding could also threaten a nearly 900-foot bridge that was recently completed in Stung Treng, the news agency says. The disaster started Monday night in Laos' Attapeu Province. That's where a "saddle dam"
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          8/9/2018: BUSINESS: KUPPER OUT AS TABCORP RISES      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
THE former head of the Australian Securities Exchange will leave the Tabcorp board in October as an Australian Federal Police investigation continues into the gambling group’s past dealings in Cambodia. Tabcorp chair Paula Dwyer announced Elmer Funke...
          Chicken Wings and Butter Beef at Phnom Penh Restaurant      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I’m in Vancouver to try more great restaurants. Our food tour starts with a local favorite. Phnom Penh Restaurant is a Vietnamese-Cambodian institution that draws fans with specialties including marinated butter beef ad the best chicken wings in town. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model!
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Build in the mid-11th century; you'll discover a three-tiered temple mountain. The Baphuorn, a temple at Angkor Wat. - In the late 15th century, Baphourn was converted into a Buddhist temple. At the center of the main tower of the third level, you'll find the reclining Buddha. During his final days, this position represented Buddha lying down. An iconic pattern of Buddhism. - - Image © Jorge A. Lima - - Follow me if you like this For Updates Switch on my Notifications ↗️, Thank you! 🙏🏼 You're awesome 👊🏼 - - - - - #myspc18 #angkorwattemple #tastemadetravel #buddha #buddism #architecturedaily #artoninstagram #igart #cambodianculture #sleeping #sculpture #traveldestination #religion #ilovethiswork #nylensblog #sonyworldclub #passionpassport #LoveTheWorld #bestofcambodia #beautifulseasia #cambodia #siemreap #cambodiatravelguide #tastemadetravel #nylensblog #seekmoments #visitasia #discoverearth #worldplaces #jrglim
          At Cambodia Hotel, The Workers Are The Boss      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
This story is part of NPR's ongoing series about social entrepreneurs — people around the world who are dreaming up innovative ways to develop communities and solve social problems. If you walk into the lobby of the Soria Moria hotel near the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, it probably won't strike you as a bold experiment in development and democracy. The Soria Moria, in the booming town of Siem Reap, is a three-star hotel with 38 rooms that is more cozy than fancy. It looks like a lot of hotels that cater to tourists: There's wicker furniture in the lobby, a rooftop bar serves margaritas, and the tile floors are spotless. But now ask the people who staff the Soria Moria to describe their jobs, and you will begin to understand why this hotel is different: "I work here as a receptionist," says Real Marideth, sitting behind the wooden counter. "I am the owner also." "I am food and beverage manager," says Eam Chandy, arranging buffet platters in the hotel's restaurant. "And the
          New Mortgage Program Helps Cambodia's Poor Find Better Homes      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
If you've applied for a mortgage recently, you know how hard it can be. The bank demands all kinds of obscure documents and wants proof of almost every asset you own. But an innovative mortgage program halfway around the world will evaluate your application without any extra documentation — and if you're approved, it will give you a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. There's just one catch: The mortgages are only for low-income people in Cambodia. The program is a throwback to the days when bankers got to know their customers — and trusted them. Sriv Keng and her husband are prime examples of the people who are applying for these special mortgages. Until several weeks ago, they lived on the fringes of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Their home wasn't a house, but a long corrugated metal shack that they shared with another family. It sits at the side of a field choked with green algae and trash. The shack's uneven and lumpy floor is made of hard-packed dirt. There is no indoor plumbing,
          Millennials, Socialism, and Equality By Eileen F. Toplansky      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache Zach Carter of the Huffington Post is telling Baby-Boomers that they are getting their knickers all in a twist and really should tone down their worries since, after all, "socialism is good now." Carter, senior political economy reporter at the HuffPo, evinces dazzling ignorance and misdirection as he leads Millennials down a path that will prove disastrous to them. Carter asserts that we are re-entering the "Golden Age of American Paranoia" and any genuine concerns about the spread of communism are delusional. Has Carter ever perused The Black Book of Communism (1999), edited by Mark Kramer? He would learn "the actual, practical accomplishments of Communism around the world: terror, torture, famine, mass deportations, and massacres." Astonishing in the sheer detail it amasses, the book is the first comprehensive attempt to catalogue and analyze the crimes of communism over seventy years. 'Revolutions, like trees, must be judged by their fruit,' Ignazio Silone wrote, and this is the standard the authors apply to the Communist experience – in the China of 'the Great Helmsman,' Kim Il Sung's Korea, Vietnam under 'Uncle Ho' and Cuba under Castro, Ethiopia under Mengistu, Angola under Neto, and Afghanistan under Najibullah. The authors, all distinguished scholars based in Europe, document Communist crimes against humanity, but also crimes against national and universal culture, from Stalin's destruction of hundreds of churches in Moscow to Ceausescu's leveling of the historic heart of Bucharest to the wide scale devastation visited on Chinese culture by Mao's Red Guards. As the death toll mounts – as many as 25 million in the former Soviet Union, 65 million in China, 1.7 million in Cambodia ... the authors systematically show how and why, wherever the ... ideology of Communism was established, it quickly led to crime, terror, and repression. But, you retort, Carter never mentions the word "communism" in his article. It is exquisitely important to remember that according to Vladimir Lenin, "the goal of socialism is communism." In fact, Adrian Krieg writes that "the worst despotic governments of this century were: Nazis in Germany, Fascists in Italy, Communists in the USSR, [Romania, East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia, (and) Vietnam[.]" Each was supposed to be a "paragon of socialist endeavor." The end result was that the leaders of "these countries murdered more of their own civilian citizens than they lost in military conflict." It is why socialism always results in tyrannical rule.
          Sin Chhoeum, 100, fled the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields for the United States      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The conditions in the Khmer Rouge labor camps were so harsh that many Cambodians died of disease, starvation, and exhaustion. Others were executed in the field, hence the term "Killing Fields."
          Sin Chhoeum, 100, fled the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields for the United States      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The conditions in the Khmer Rouge labor camps were so harsh that many Cambodians died of disease, starvation, and exhaustion. Others were executed in the field, hence the term "Killing Fields."
          Angkor, Eastern Mebon Doorways 20180203_102039 DSCN2611      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

CanadaGood posted a photo:

Angkor, Eastern Mebon Doorways 20180203_102039 DSCN2611

Outer 'library' with woman in doorways at East Mebon temple.
Angkor Archaeological Park.
Siem Reap Province. Cambodia 2018.

          Angkor, Eastern Mebon Police 20180203_101748 DSCN2608      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

CanadaGood posted a photo:

Angkor, Eastern Mebon Police 20180203_101748 DSCN2608

Tourist policeman at East Mebon temple.
Angkor Archaeological Park.
Siem Reap Province. Cambodia 2018.

          Angkor, Eastern Mebon Terrace 20180203_100352 DSCN2599      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

CanadaGood posted a photo:

Angkor, Eastern Mebon Terrace 20180203_100352 DSCN2599

Terrace at East Mebon temple. There is an elephant statue at each corner.
Angkor Archaeological Park.
Siem Reap Province. Cambodia 2018.

          Keeping it in the family: Southeast Asia’s powerful political dynasties      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

AFTER Cambodia’s most predictable election last month saw the ruling Cambodia People’s Party (CPP) claim a landslide victory, Prime Minister Hun Sen is now left with the tricky question of who will succeed him when the time comes.

The post Keeping it in the family: Southeast Asia’s powerful political dynasties appeared first on Asian Correspondent.

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Our company is a large enterprise which specializing in producing middle and high-end MTB and children bicycles for nearly ten years,we have two brands under our company,Alton for MTB and fixed gear bike,Superidol for children bicycles and BMX,we have twenty monopoly store in home and we also set up a office in Cambodia. We have the top manufacture equipment,strict quality control standard,excellent R&D team,we have applied two patents which are very welcome in the world. Our company become stronger and stronger by its continuous effort and pursuit for quality.We hope to establish cooperation relationship with you on the basis of mutual beneficial in the future.
          Estos 11 columpios son todo lo que necesitas para conseguir la fotaza del verano en Instagram      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Columpios Instagram

Lo hemos visto un montón de veces en Instagram. Un atardecer, un mar infinito, una pose cuidada... y un columpio. Los likes llueven sobre la foto porque, para qué engañarnos, a todos nos encantaría subirnos a esa tabla de madera y sentir por un momento que volamos. Muchas veces nos hemos preguntado donde se encuentran esos columpios tan estilosos, así que nos hemos puesto manos a la obra a localizarlos... ¡y aquí los tenéis!

Algunos están muy lejos y solo podremos llegar a ellos si somos de los afortunados que harán un largo viaje este verano, pero otros los tenemos casi casi a tiro de piedra. Os invitamos a descubrirlos y, con un poco de suerte, a haceros la fotaza más impresionante de este verano en Instagram.

Los de la isla de Lombok, en Bali (Indonesia)

Quizá el columpio más famoso del momento (y sin duda el que mejores fotos del atardecer nos puede regalar). Lo mejor es que no es solo uno, sino varios columpios, ubicados en la pequeña isla de Lombok, en diferentes hoteles (como The Exile u Ombak Sunset). Y parecen competir entre ellos por regalarnos las fotos más espectaculares:

Gili, you stole my heart This place has the most amazing people, everyones a fan of Sharukh Khan (Bollywood actor), the only mode of transportation is horse carts or bicycles Since theres no other mode of transport, the only kind of pollution is lots of horse and cow poop on the streets which honestly stops bothering you after the first day One of the most amazing sunsets Ive ever seen Take 5 footsteps or 100 (literally) and the water still never crosses your knees The marine life here is exotic, saw a lot of fishies but unfortunately couldnt spot a turtle which only means I have a strong reason to come back to this gorgeous place See you soon Gili, thanks for all the memories . . . . #gili #giliislands #gilitrawangan #summer2018 #vacay #holiday #holidaymode #vacay2018 #beachfun #swing #beachswing #sunset #indonesia #beachswing #waterswing #ck #calvinklein #calvinkleinbikini #calvinkleinswimwear #escape #blogger #travelblogger #indianblogger #dancingdaiquiri #kingsoftravel_ #igsunsets #instasunset #love #heart #clearwater #clearwaterbeach

Y el del interior de la isla, naturaleza en estado puro

Si alguna vez hemos visto a una instagrammer volar entre una profusión de vegetación incomparable, probablemente ya conozcamos los Bali Swings, un complejo inaugurado en 2017 a 13 kilómetros de Ubud, creado con la intención de que quien los disfrute (por unos 22 euros de entrada) tenga la sensación de volar sobre las selvas tropicales del país.

El que sobrevuela las calles de San Francisco...

San Francisco es una de las ciudades más bonitas del mundo, y la oportunidad de ver sus calles, sus cuestas y sus tranvías desde las alturas montados en un columpio es algo que nadie debería perderse. El lugar favorito para hacerlo es el columpio de Billy Goat Hill Park, pero ¡cuidado! Los vecinos están en pie de guerra contra la avalancha de instagrammers y de vez en cuando cortan por lo sano las cuerdas del columpio (aunque pronto aparece alguien para reponerlo).

... y el que ofrece las mejores vistas de su bahía

Y si el de Billy Goat Hill Park es el columpio más popular para disfrutar de las vistas urbanas de San Francisco, el de la playa de Kirby Cove es perfecto para perdernos en la preciosa bahía de la ciudad, con las olas del Pacífico a nuestros pies y el Golden Gate de fondo para dejar impresionados a todos nuestros seguidores.

Los de la isla de Zaya Nurai, en Abu Dhabi

En los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, más en concreto en Abu Dhabi, podemos encontrar la isla privada de Zaya Nurai, a la que se puede acceder alojándose en el hotel que se asienta en ella o comprando un pase de un día, sin necesidad de pernoctar. Una vez en la isla, podremos disfrutar de dos columpios gemelos (con hamaca incluida), perfectos para fotos en pareja o con amigas.

El de la isla de Santa Lucía, en pleno Caribe

Olvidad esos columpios cuyo encanto consiste en estar formados solo por una tabla y un par de cuerdas. También existen los de lujo, como los que se encuentran en el Ladera Resort de la isla caribeña de Santa Lucía. Sobrevolando las piscinas privadas de las habitaciones, los hay individuales y dobles, pero todos ellos cuentan con unas vistas que quitan el aliento a las conocidas montañas gemelas de la isla, las Pitons.

El de Lazy Beach, en Camboya

El sudeste asiático parece tener algo especial que atrae a los amantes de las fotos en columpios. Quizá sean sus vistas espectaculares, su naturaleza en estado puro o esos atardeceres que allí parecen diferentes al resto del mundo. Es el caso de Lazy Beach, una playa situada en Koh Rong Saloem, una isla privada de la costa de Sihanoukville, en Camboya, que, increíblemente, aún no ha caído presa del turismo de masas y es un lugar de lo más relajante.

El de Hjørundfjord, en Noruega

Pero no todo tiene que ser sol y calor cuando nos subimos a un columpio. El de Hjørundfjord se encuentra en la costa noruega y solo se puede llegar a él de dos maneras: tras un trayecto en un ferry de horarios variables y difíciles de conocer o tras subir (con mucho esfuerzo) la montaña en la que se encuentra. Las vistas del fiordo y los glaciares que lo rodean harán que, sin duda, merezca la pena.

El del Fin del Mundo, en Ecuador

Su nombre lo dice todo y es el atractivo que lleva hasta allí año tras año a viajeros ávidos de aventuras. Y «allí» es la Casa del Árbol de la que cuelga este espectacular columpio, que no tiene más parafernalia que una tabla de madera y dos cuerdas (esperemos que bien ancladas). En lo alto de una montaña de difícil acceso (solo se puede llegar tras subir durante tres horas o en un autobús con tres trayectos diarios), todo esfuerzo queda recompensado con las espectaculares vistas de la montaña y, en días claros, del volcán Tungurahua.

El de Exuma, en las Bahamas

Y de Ecuador volamos a las Bahamas para descubrir no solo uno de los columpios más bonitos que hemos encontrado, sino también unas aguas turquesas que nos incitan a bañarnos en cualquier época del año. En el hotel Coco Plum Bahamas podremos disfrutar de este pequeño parque de columpios, en los que relajarnos al sol con la mirada perdida en el mar Caribe... y asegurándonos de que las fotos serán la envidia de todos nuestros seguidores.

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吳哥窟Bayon巴陽寺的頭像 有人說是闍耶跋摩七世的頭像 也被形容為"高棉的微笑" 是許多遊客喜歡取景拍攝的地方
中國元朝的周達觀在"真臘風土記"對於庶民百姓的生活紀錄 全部在巴陽寺的迴廊雕刻上呈現 只可惜許多旅客大多匆匆一譬 沒能仔細觀賞

Cambodia’s Curse: The Modern History of A Troubled Land

Cambodia's CurseThe Modern History of a Troubled Land (Google eBook)

Front Cover
PublicAffairs, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography - 417 pages
A generation after the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia shows every sign of having overcome its history--the streets of Phnom Penh are paved; skyscrapers dot the skyline. But under this façade lies a country still haunted by its years of terror.
Joel Brinkley won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting in Cambodia on the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime that killed one quarter of the nation's population during its years in power. In 1992, the world came together to help pull the small nation out of the mire. Cambodia became a United Nations protectorate--the first and only time the UN tried something so ambitious. What did the new, democratically-elected government do with this unprecedented gift?
In 2008 and 2009, Brinkley returned to Cambodia to find out. He discovered a population in the grip of a venal government. He learned that one-third to one-half of Cambodians who lived through the Khmer Rouge era have P.T.S.D.--and its afflictions are being passed to the next generation. His extensive close-up reporting in Cambodia's Curse illuminates the country, its people, and the deep historical roots of its modern-day behavior.

  1. Posttraumatic stress disorder - Wikipedia, the free ...
    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as sexual assault, warfare, serious injury,  ...

Cambodia’s Curse: The Modern History of A Troubled Land







血淚交織 真實存在的悲慘世界 
不可思議 令人震撼、憤怒又心碎……





※ 得獎紀錄
布林克里(Joel Brinkley),普立茲新聞獎(Pulitzer Prize)國際報導獎得主
入圍亞洲協會伯納德‧施瓦茨圖書獎(Bernard Schwartz Award)決選名單

推薦序  覺醒才能終止詛咒/陳柔縉

自 序  世上最不被善待的一群人
前 言  陷於「紀元零年」的國度
第一章  從吳哥王朝到今日柬埔寨
第二章  恐怖政權,三年虐殺兩百萬人民
第三章  史上首見由聯合國接管的國家
第四章  三十億美元換來一場民主夢
第五章  國際捐款淹腳目,引發權力惡鬥
第六章  民主已死,恐怖攻擊鞏固獨裁政權
第七章  野地仍有白骨哭聲
第八章  政府是全國最狠的惡霸
第九章  官商勾結的貪汙網絡
第十章  我們的傳統是貧窮
第十一章  賄賂教育從小扎根
第十二章  不存在的人權與社會正義
第十三章  醫療困境,不送紅包只能等死
第十四章  暴力都更,驅逐住民強占土地
第十五章  反貪汙終究只是口號
第十六章  柬埔寨式的赤柬大審
第十七章  受苦人民害怕改變帶來傷害

結  語 黑暗中的一點微光

謝  辭
附  錄 柬埔寨大事年表

推薦序 覺醒才能終止詛咒/陳柔縉
第一次外派去柬埔寨的時候,我二十七歲。那時才從大學畢業四年,在美國肯塔基州的《路易威爾信使報》(Louisville Courier-Journal)工作,主跑傑佛遜郡的教育線,寫些學測成績和高中畢業紀念冊銷售量的報導,最近的成果是編了一本小手冊,整理秋季班的校車行程表。我曾做過最接近國際新聞報導的事,只不過是飛到加拿大艾伯塔省的埃德蒙頓待一晚,採訪一家購物商場。
若是美國觀光客打算踏足柬埔寨,曾任駐柬大使的慕索梅利(Joseph Mussomeli)會用一種像在演戲的口吻建議:「千萬小心!柬埔寨絕對是你所能踏足的最危險之地。你會愛上柬埔寨,然而到頭來這地方也將令你心碎。」

第十二章 不存在的人權與社會正義
二十七歲的林沙潤(Leang Saroeun)不太喜歡他的工作。他替柬埔寨軍隊的陸軍中校歐本山(Ou Bunthan)工作,駐紮在菩薩省。中校僱用林沙潤和他二十二歲的妻子蕾婷(Let Ting)砍伐木材,也幫忙家務。然而他們接下工作、搬進中校土地上的小屋後不久,歐本山就告訴他們,這份工作涵蓋另一個危險層面。
接下來幾天,林沙潤從一家醫院轉到另一家,但最後還是死了。其中一間醫院的護士宋莎雅(Ek Sonsatthya)說,他全身有八○%遭到燒傷。「他像是一塊烤魚一樣被火燒」,林沙潤的哥哥馬納林(Map Narin)形容。
當地人權工作者傑塞里(Ngeth Theary)拍過林沙潤的照片。從照片裡看到,有些許衣服燒融在他焦黑的皮膚上。他臉上大部分地方是黑色的,膠著在一種痛苦加上驚恐的可怕表情中。

柬埔寨人是矛盾的民族,通常被動、安靜、不具威脅,但是也能做出極端的暴力和野蠻行為。他們的歷史和宗教教導他們「別去展現極端行為」,負責柬埔寨文獻中心(Documentation Center of Cambodia)的裕昌(Youk Chhang)觀察。中心專門蒐集赤柬時代的紀錄。「因為他們把情緒藏起來這麼久,當他們真的訴諸暴力時,就會變得非常情緒化,導致做出極端的暴力行為。」
專家發現,柬埔寨文化裡不可能接受有損名譽的事。一九九〇年代中期,一隊瑞典人類學家前來研究柬埔寨社會,得到這個結論。他們指出柬埔寨人與多數亞洲人一樣,鮮少有事物比維護面子、保有個人尊嚴更重要。然而,「卻不存在協調相反意見的文化傳統──或甚至是接受反對意見的存在。」瑞典人寫在他們的著作《每個家都是一座島》(Every Home an Island)裡。這代表了一旦發生爭論,有一方必定會喪失面子。「所以當高棉男子訴諸暴力行為──年輕人組成的幫派,或是丈夫痛打妻子,幾乎都會致人於死地。」他們是「無能為力的人們,出於受挫而行動,因為他們的『文化傳承』對於受辱的情況沒有提供其他出路。在多數案例中,暴力行為比喪失顏面更可取。」
比利時人詹納(Raoul-Marc Jennar)替聯合國在柬埔寨工作多年,他論斷「殺戮天天發生,是否認不同意見的必然結果,幾近直接反應。」實際上,以詹納的邏輯來說,殺人是消去不同意見的必然手法。前大使昆恩也發現這樣的人格特質十分顯著,他表示,「我們美國人提倡和解的藝術,但這裡不是。那從來就不是柬埔寨人性格的一部分。」

社會上大部分的爭議可以在法庭得到解決,但在柬埔寨可不然。林沙潤的死證明了這一點,他的事被寫進幾則新聞報導裡,不是長篇大論或主要版面,只是一長串持續增加的不公不義、悲慘遭遇和死亡事件的其中一段插曲。然而當記者問菩薩省檢察長詹沙瑞福(Top Chan Sereyvudth)打算怎麼做,檢察長回答他在等警察的報告,看過之後才能斟酌這件案子;他還補充:「但是說歐本山燒死林沙潤實屬誹謗。」他甚至還沒看過警察報告,怎麼會事先知情呢?答案是:詹沙瑞福是柬埔寨不公義的代表人物。

2014年2月11日 星期二

梅貽寶 (Y.P. Mei)《大學教育五十年--八十自傳》;梅祖麟贈書北京清華

2011年重讀梅貽寶先生的留學美、德的簡述, 才知道梅祖麟是梅貽寶的公子。他贈書北京清華;
2010年春,梅祖麟先生捐赠给我校图书馆的一批私人藏书漂洋过海,从美国纽约州Ithaca运抵清华。梅先生的这批赠书共计65箱、2626册,是梅先生从私人藏书中挑选出来的,其中外文图书约占七成,中文书以台版书刊居多,出版年代覆盖整个20世纪,还有一些年代久远的较珍贵图书,如1867年出版的《Notes on Chinese Literature》等。梅祖麟先生本人退休前是美国康奈尔大学中国文学和哲学教授、国际著名语言学家,在汉语语法史和汉藏语言比较研究等领域造诣颇深。2005年, 梅先生曾受聘担任“清华大学伟伦特聘访问教授”,在我校开设《近代汉语语法与方言研究》课程,除清华学子外,北大、社科院的学生也慕名前来听课。梅先生的 赠书以文、史、哲等人文社科领域为主,尤以语言学研究方面的文献为特色,其中也包含梅先生本人撰写或参编的著作,如《中国语言学的传统和创新》、《吴语和 闽语的比较研究》等。这批来自海外的私人赠书丰富了图书馆馆藏,对我校语言学和哲学等领域的研究具有重要的文献参考价值。
梅 祖麟先生与清华有着很深的渊源,清华
          Comment on Evaluating a president—any president by Gringo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
ariel <b>I brought up the bone spurs to watch the replies given that this group likely has a lot of people that have used chickenhawk too often.</b> Those who used the "chickenhawk" charge tend to be on the left. Readers of this blog tend to be on the right. Which would imply your conclusion is not very likely. There is an easy way to check that out. It's called Advanced Google Search. :) <a href="" rel="nofollow">Advanced Google Search: "chickenhawk" site:</a> gets a grand total of <b>four hits</b>. Three hits for "chicken hawk." Likely? Not at all. <b> And, no, I don’t like John Kerry because I think he lied. A lot.</b> We are in agreement. <b>Whether you’ve made the argument of chickenhawk, I don’t remember, but you did try a Tu Quoque.</b> No, it was an attempt to probe logical consistency. Did you apply the same standards to The Donald that you did to yourself? It is interesting that you bring up the "chickenhawk" charge, as it appears to me that many who call others "chickenhawks" did all they could to avoid military service during the Vietnam War. If one avoided military service during the Vietnam War, it is rather inconsistent to call Dick Cheney a chickenhawk. (Also note that Bill Clinton could have also been called a "chickenhawk" using the same criteria applied to Dick Cheney,but as far as I remember, very few called Bill Clinton one.) I was 1-O during the Vietnam War, a stance most likely the result of a childhood friend's death in a gun accident with his older brother. Without ever discussing it with the older brother, I could tell that he suffered greatly for having killed his younger brother. I concluded that any killing by anyone would have the same result. The genocide in Cambodia put paid to my C.O. beliefs. As long as thugs roam the earth, no one has clean hands.
          8/9/2018: AEC: Nearly 1 million consumers apply for credit in first half      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Some 905,000 Cambodians applied for consumer credit in the first half of this year compared with 670,000 over the same period last year, the latest report from the Credit Bureau of Cambodia (CBC) said. This marks a 35 per cent growth in loan...
          Being at crossroads won’t defer Edward Kelly from marching to martial arts dream      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Ever since his remarkable three-bout winning streak was halted by then-debutant Emilio Urrutia in August 2017, Filipino spitfire Edward Kelly has had a mixed run of results. Following his astonishing 21-second knockout of Cambodia’s Meas Meul last January, Kelly then suffered a second-round technical knockout loss at the hands of former ONE Featherweight World Champion...

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Patrick Foto ;) posted a photo:

Angkor Wat at dusk with reflecting in water, Siem Reap Cambodia

Shutterstock | Facebook | 500px
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          History of the CIA - Part two      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Operation CHAOS — The CIA has been illegally spying on American citizens since 1959, but with Operation CHAOS, President Johnson dramatically boosts the effort. CIA agents go undercover as student radicals to spy on and disrupt campus organizations protesting the Vietnam War. They are searching for Russian instigators, which they never find. CHAOS will eventually spy on 7,000 individuals and 1,000 organizations.

Bolivia — A CIA-organized military operation captures legendary guerilla Che Guevara. The CIA wants to keep him alive for interrogation, but the Bolivian government executes him to prevent worldwide calls for clemency.

Uruguay — The notorious CIA torturer Dan Mitrione arrives in Uruguay, a country torn with political strife. Whereas right-wing forces previously used torture only as a last resort, Mitrione convinces them to use it as a routine, widespread practice. "The precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect," is his motto. The torture techniques he teaches to the death squads rival the Nazis’. He eventually becomes so feared that revolutionaries will kidnap and murder him a year later.

Cambodia — The CIA overthrows Prince Sahounek, who is highly popular among Cambodians for keeping them out of the Vietnam War. He is replaced by CIA puppet Lon Nol, who immediately throws Cambodian troops into battle. This unpopular move strengthens once minor opposition parties like the Khmer Rouge, which achieves power in 1975 and massacres millions of its own people.

Bolivia — After half a decade of CIA-inspired political turmoil, a CIA-backed military coup overthrows the leftist President Juan Torres. In the next two years, dictator Hugo Banzer will have over 2,000 political opponents arrested without trial, then tortured, raped and executed.

Haiti — "Papa Doc" Duvalier dies, leaving his 19-year old son "Baby Doc" Duvalier the dictator of Haiti. His son continues his bloody reign with full knowledge of the CIA.

The Case-Zablocki Act — Congress passes an act requiring congressional review of executive agreements. In theory, this should make CIA operations more accountable. In fact, it is only marginally effective.

Cambodia — Congress votes to cut off CIA funds for its secret war in Cambodia.
Wagergate Break-in — President Nixon sends in a team of burglars to wiretap Democratic offices at Watergate. The team members have extensive CIA histories, including James McCord, E. Howard Hunt and five of the Cuban burglars. They work for the Committee to Reelect the President (CREEP), which does dirty work like disrupting Democratic campaigns and laundering Nixon’s illegal campaign contributions. CREEP’s activities are funded and organized by another CIA front, the Mullen Company.

Chile — The CIA overthrows and assassinates Salvador Allende, Latin America’s first democratically elected socialist leader. The problems begin when Allende nationalizes American-owned firms in Chile. ITT offers the CIA $1 million for a coup (reportedly refused). The CIA replaces Allende with General Augusto Pinochet, who will torture and murder thousands of his own countrymen in a crackdown on labor leaders and the political left.

CIA begins internal investigations — William Colby, the Deputy Director for Operations, orders all CIA personnel to report any and all illegal activities they know about. This information is later reported to Congress.

Watergate Scandal — The CIA’s main collaborating newspaper in America, The Washington Post, reports Nixon’s crimes long before any other newspaper takes up the subject. The two reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, make almost no mention of the CIA’s many fingerprints all over the scandal. It is later revealed that Woodward was a Naval intelligence briefer to the White House, and knows many important intelligence figures, including General Alexander Haig. His main source, "Deep Throat," is probably one of those.

CIA Director Helms Fired — President Nixon fires CIA Director Richard Helms for failing to help cover up the Watergate scandal. Helms and Nixon have always disliked each other. The new CIA director is William Colby, who is relatively more open to CIA reform.

CHAOS exposed — Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh publishes a story about Operation CHAOS, the domestic surveillance and infiltration of anti-war and civil rights groups in the U.S. The story sparks national outrage.

Angleton fired — Congress holds hearings on the illegal domestic spying efforts of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence. His efforts included mail-opening campaigns and secret surveillance of war protesters. The hearings result in his dismissal from the CIA.

House clears CIA in Watergate — The House of Representatives clears the CIA of any complicity in Nixon’s Watergate break-in.

The Hughes Ryan Act — Congress passes an amendment requiring the president to report nonintelligence CIA operations to the relevant congressional committees in a timely fashion.

Australia — The CIA helps topple the democratically elected, left-leaning government of Prime Minister Edward Whitlam. The CIA does this by giving an ultimatum to its Governor-General, John Kerr. Kerr, a longtime CIA collaborator, exercises his constitutional right to dissolve the Whitlam government. The Governor-General is a largely ceremonial position appointed by the Queen; the Prime Minister is democratically elected. The use of this archaic and never-used law stuns the nation.
Angola — Eager to demonstrate American military resolve after its defeat in Vietnam, Henry Kissinger launches a CIA-backed war in Angola. Contrary to Kissinger’s assertions, Angola is a country of little strategic importance and not seriously threatened by communism. The CIA backs the brutal leader of UNITAS, Jonas Savimbi. This polarizes Angolan politics and drives his opponents into the arms of Cuba and the Soviet Union for survival. Congress will cut off funds in 1976, but the CIA is able to run the war off the books until 1984, when funding is legalized again. This entirely pointless war kills over 300,000 Angolans.

"The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence" — Victor Marchetti and John Marks publish this whistle-blowing history of CIA crimes and abuses. Marchetti has spent 14 years in the CIA, eventually becoming an executive assistant to the Deputy Director of Intelligence. Marks has spent five years as an intelligence official in the State Department.

"Inside the Company" — Philip Agee publishes a diary of his life inside the CIA. Agee has worked in covert operations in Latin America during the 60s, and details the crimes in which he took part.
Congress investigates CIA wrong-doing — Public outrage compels Congress to hold hearings on CIA crimes. Senator Frank Church heads the Senate investigation ("The Church Committee"), and Representative Otis Pike heads the House investigation. (Despite a 98 percent incumbency reelection rate, both Church and Pike are defeated in the next elections.) The investigations lead to a number of reforms intended to increase the CIA’s accountability to Congress, including the creation of a standing Senate committee on intelligence. However, the reforms prove ineffective, as the Iran/Contra scandal will show. It turns out the CIA can control, deal with or sidestep Congress with ease.

The Rockefeller Commission — In an attempt to reduce the damage done by the Church Committee, President Ford creates the "Rockefeller Commission" to whitewash CIA history and propose toothless reforms. The commission’s namesake, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, is himself a major CIA figure. Five of the commission’s eight members are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a CIA-dominated organization.

Iran — The CIA fails to predict the fall of the Shah of Iran, a longtime CIA puppet, and the rise of Muslim fundamentalists who are furious at the CIA’s backing of SAVAK, the Shah’s bloodthirsty secret police. In revenge, the Muslims take 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran.
Afghanistan — The Soviets invade Afghanistan. The CIA immediately begins supplying arms to any faction willing to fight the occupying Soviets. Such indiscriminate arming means that when the Soviets leave Afghanistan, civil war will erupt. Also, fanatical Muslim extremists now possess state-of-the-art weaponry. One of these is Sheik Abdel Rahman, who will become involved in the World Trade Center bombing in New York.

El Salvador — An idealistic group of young military officers, repulsed by the massacre of the poor, overthrows the right-wing government. However, the U.S. compels the inexperienced officers to include many of the old guard in key positions in their new government. Soon, things are back to "normal" — the military government is repressing and killing poor civilian protesters. Many of the young military and civilian reformers, finding themselves powerless, resign in disgust.

Nicaragua — Anastasios Samoza II, the CIA-backed dictator, falls. The Marxist Sandinistas take over government, and they are initially popular because of their commitment to land and anti-poverty reform. Samoza had a murderous and hated personal army called the National Guard. Remnants of the Guard will become the Contras, who fight a CIA-backed guerilla war against the Sandinista government throughout the 1980s.

El Salvador — The Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, pleads with President Carter "Christian to Christian" to stop aiding the military government slaughtering his people. Carter refuses. Shortly afterwards, right-wing leader Roberto D’Aubuisson has Romero shot through the heart while saying Mass. The country soon dissolves into civil war, with the peasants in the hills fighting against the military government. The CIA and U.S. Armed Forces supply the government with overwhelming military and intelligence superiority. CIA-trained death squads roam the countryside, committing atrocities like that of El Mazote in 1982, where they massacre between 700 and 1000 men, women and children. By 1992, some 63,000 Salvadorans will be killed.

Iran/Contra Begins — The CIA begins selling arms to Iran at high prices, using the profits to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. President Reagan vows that the Sandinistas will be "pressured" until "they say ‘uncle.’" The CIA’s Freedom Fighter’s Manual disbursed to the Contras includes instruction on economic sabotage, propaganda, extortion, bribery, blackmail, interrogation, torture, murder and political assassination.

Honduras — The CIA gives Honduran military officers the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual – 1983, which teaches how to torture people. Honduras’ notorious "Battalion 316" then uses these techniques, with the CIA’s full knowledge, on thousands of leftist dissidents. At least 184 are murdered.

The Boland Amendment — The last of a series of Boland Amendments is passed. These amendments have reduced CIA aid to the Contras; the last one cuts it off completely. However, CIA Director William Casey is already prepared to "hand off" the operation to Colonel Oliver North, who illegally continues supplying the Contras through the CIA’s informal, secret, and self-financing network. This includes "humanitarian aid" donated by Adolph Coors and William Simon, and military aid funded by Iranian arms sales.

Eugene Hasenfus — Nicaragua shoots down a C-123 transport plane carrying military supplies to the Contras. The lone survivor, Eugene Hasenfus, turns out to be a CIA employee, as are the two dead pilots. The airplane belongs to Southern Air Transport, a CIA front. The incident makes a mockery of President Reagan’s claims that the CIA is not illegally arming the Contras.

Iran/Contra Scandal — Although the details have long been known, the Iran/Contra scandal finally captures the media’s attention in 1986. Congress holds hearings, and several key figures (like Oliver North) lie under oath to protect the intelligence community. CIA Director William Casey dies of brain cancer before Congress can question him. All reforms enacted by Congress after the scandal are purely cosmetic.

Haiti — Rising popular revolt in Haiti means that "Baby Doc" Duvalier will remain "President for Life" only if he has a short one. The U.S., which hates instability in a puppet country, flies the despotic Duvalier to the South of France for a comfortable retirement. The CIA then rigs the upcoming elections in favor of another right-wing military strongman. However, violence keeps the country in political turmoil for another four years. The CIA tries to strengthen the military by creating the National Intelligence Service (SIN), which suppresses popular revolt through torture and assassination.

Panama — The U.S. invades Panama to overthrow a dictator of its own making, General Manuel Noriega. Noriega has been on the CIA’s payroll since 1966, and has been transporting drugs with the CIA’s knowledge since 1972. By the late 80s, Noriega’s growing independence and intransigence have angered Washington… so out he goes.

Haiti — Competing against 10 comparatively wealthy candidates, leftist priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide captures 68 percent of the vote. After only eight months in power, however, the CIA-backed military deposes him. More military dictators brutalize the country, as thousands of Haitian refugees escape the turmoil in barely seaworthy boats. As popular opinion calls for Aristide’s return, the CIA begins a disinformation campaign painting the courageous priest as mentally unstable.

The Gulf War — The U.S. liberates Kuwait from Iraq. But Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, is another creature of the CIA. With U.S. encouragement, Hussein invaded Iran in 1980. During this costly eight-year war, the CIA built up Hussein’s forces with sophisticated arms, intelligence, training and financial backing. This cemented Hussein’s power at home, allowing him to crush the many internal rebellions that erupted from time to time, sometimes with poison gas. It also gave him all the military might he needed to conduct further adventurism — in Kuwait, for example.

The Fall of the Soviet Union — The CIA fails to predict this most important event of the Cold War. This suggests that it has been so busy undermining governments that it hasn’t been doing its primary job: gathering and analyzing information. The fall of the Soviet Union also robs the CIA of its reason for existence: fighting communism. This leads some to accuse the CIA of intentionally failing to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union. Curiously, the intelligence community’s budget is not significantly reduced after the demise of communism.

Economic Espionage — In the years following the end of the Cold War, the CIA is increasingly used for economic espionage. This involves stealing the technological secrets of competing foreign companies and giving them to American ones. Given the CIA’s clear preference for dirty tricks over mere information gathering, the possibility of serious criminal behavior is very great indeed.

Haiti — The chaos in Haiti grows so bad that President Clinton has no choice but to remove the Haitian military dictator, Raoul Cedras, on threat of U.S. invasion. The U.S. occupiers do not arrest Haiti’s military leaders for crimes against humanity, but instead ensure their safety and rich retirements. Aristide is returned to power only after being forced to accept an agenda favorable to the country’s ruling class.


In a speech before the CIA celebrating its 50th anniversary, President Clinton said: "By necessity, the American people will never know the full story of your courage."

Clinton’s is a common defense of the CIA: namely, the American people should stop criticizing the CIA because they don’t know what it really does. This, of course, is the heart of the problem in the first place. An agency that is above criticism is also above moral behavior and reform. Its secrecy and lack of accountability allows its corruption to grow unchecked.

Furthermore, Clinton’s statement is simply untrue. The history of the agency is growing painfully clear, especially with the declassification of historical CIA documents. We may not know the details of specific operations, but we do know, quite well, the general behavior of the CIA. These facts began emerging nearly two decades ago at an ever-quickening pace. Today we have a remarkably accurate and consistent picture, repeated in country after country, and verified from countless different directions.

The CIA’s response to this growing knowledge and criticism follows a typical historical pattern. (Indeed, there are remarkable parallels to the Medieval Church’s fight against the Scientific Revolution.) The first journalists and writers to reveal the CIA’s criminal behavior were harassed and censored if they were American writers, and tortured and murdered if they were foreigners. (See Philip Agee’s On the Run for an example of early harassment.) However, over the last two decades the tide of evidence has become overwhelming, and the CIA has found that it does not have enough fingers to plug every hole in the dike. This is especially true in the age of the Internet, where information flows freely among millions of people. Since censorship is impossible, the Agency must now defend itself with apologetics. Clinton’s "Americans will never know" defense is a prime example.

Another common apologetic is that "the world is filled with unsavory characters, and we must deal with them if we are to protect American interests at all." There are two things wrong with this. First, it ignores the fact that the CIA has regularly spurned alliances with defenders of democracy, free speech and human rights, preferring the company of military dictators and tyrants. The CIA had moral options available to them, but did not take them.

Second, this argument begs several questions. The first is: "Which American interests?" The CIA has courted right-wing dictators because they allow wealthy Americans to exploit the country’s cheap labor and resources. But poor and middle-class Americans pay the price whenever they fight the wars that stem from CIA actions, from Vietnam to the Gulf War to Panama. The second begged question is: "Why should American interests come at the expense of other peoples’ human rights?"

The CIA should be abolished, its leadership dismissed and its relevant members tried for crimes against humanity. Our intelligence community should be rebuilt from the ground up, with the goal of collecting and analyzing information. As for covert action, there are two moral options. The first one is to eliminate covert action completely. But this gives jitters to people worried about the Adolf Hitlers of the world. So a second option is that we can place covert action under extensive and true democratic oversight. For example, a bipartisan Congressional Committee of 40 members could review and veto all aspects of CIA operations upon a majority or super-majority vote. Which of these two options is best may be the subject of debate, but one thing is clear: like dictatorship, like monarchy, unaccountable covert operations should die like the dinosaurs they are.

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          Conservative Purge: Facebook Bans GOP Candidate’s Ad      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
GOP candidate blocked by Facebook from running ads
Facebook has banned a Republican candidate’s campaign video ad, claiming the platform doesn’t allow “shocking, disrespectful, or sensational” content. 

GOP congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng says she was told by Facebook her video ad about communist crimes that led her family to flee Cambodia for the U.S. went against their advertiser guidelines.
Elizabeth Heng, who is running for California’s 16th congressional district seat, made the video to tell the story of her parent’s escape from mass-murder by the Khmer Rouge communists in the 1970s. reports: However, according to the Christian Post, Facebook deemed the video to be “shocking, disrespectful or sensational,” and refused to allow her to run the video as an ad on the platform.
.@facebook rejected my video because it was “too shocking” for their platform, referring to the scenes of horrific events my parents survived in Cambodia. Facebook, do you think it’s right to censor history?
Full ad here: 
“It is unbelievable that Facebook could have such blatant disregard for the history that so many people, including my own parents, have lived through,” declared Heng in a statement. “I’m sure it is shocking for some people to hear about this kind of injustice, but this is reality. This is why I wake up every single day with the fight and determination to have a voice and make a difference in my community.”
“Neither Facebook nor any other company in the tech industry get to silence our stories,” she continued. “We’ve seen it over and over again with Republican candidates and organizations.”
As reported by the Christian Post, “The Cambodian Civil War, which ended in 1975, killed an estimated 275,000–310,000 people and displaced two million others from rural areas.”
Facebook has censored political ads before. The platform blocked an ad from Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), leading her to testify in front of Congress about censorship.

On the other hand, the platform has faced legal problems in Washington for discriminatory ads, such as excluding older job applicants from seeing help wanted ads.

          Heng claims victory as Facebook allows ad depicting Cambodian genocide      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Elizabeth Heng, the Fresno Republican challenging Rep. Jim Costa in the 16th District, scored a victory Tuesday after blasting Facebook for refusing to approve a campaign ad that featured footage … Click to Continue »
          A math problem for 14-year-olds is stumping the world      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
by Jeff Leeson

Just when you thought math couldn't get any harder.

A TV presenter in Singapore recently brought up a math problem that has been driving the Internet crazy. The problem seems impossible to solve. But once you use some logic, the solution is actually rather simple. Rattle your brain — or phone a friend —before you look at the solution below the picture.

The solution, courtesy of Singapore's Study Room:

First we need to figure out if Albert knows the month or the day. If he knows the day, then there is no chance that Bernard knows the birthday, so it must be that Albert knows the month.

From the first statement, we know that Albert is sure that Bernard doesn't know the birthday, so May and June should be ruled out (the day 19 only appears in May and the day 18 only appears in June). In other words, if Albert had May or June, then he cannot be sure that Bernard doesn't know, since Bernard could have had 18 or 19.

Following that statement, Bernard knows that May and June are ruled out.

Then, Bernard is able to know which month it is. So it must be either July 16, August 15 and August 17 (not 14th as then he can't know).

Since Albert subsequently can also be sure of the date, he must know it's July. If it's August, he can't be sure as there is August 15 and 17.

So the answer is July 16

The question was originally thought to posed to fifth graders but was later clarified to be for 14-year-olds competing in the Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiads (SASMO). It was the first ever recorded leak from the competition's booklets and will be replaced by the time Cambodia runs the competition.

          Innovation : Go Green, une application pour l’environnement      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Participer à rendre Phnom Penh plus propre ? C’est désormais possible tout simplement à l’aide d’un téléphone portable. Go Green Cambodia est né en 2016, inspiré par l’initiative “Keep Phnom Penh Clean”, regroupant des volontaires pour des opérations de nettoyage aux alentours des quais à Phnom Penh. L’intention de Go Green est de sensibiliser les...

The post Innovation : Go Green, une application pour l’environnement appeared first on Cambodge Mag.

          Comment on Seoul top city in East Asia with 4G availability of nearly 98% by Seoul top city in East Asia with 4G availability of nearly 98% – TelecomBiZZ      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
[…] At OpenSignal we are currently in the process of boosting our coverage of East Asia, having launched reports in the last six months on Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. We … ( read original story …) […]
          Vietnam/Cambodia Visa help needed      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I am planning to visit Cambodia on 17th November 2016 exit Cambodia on 19th November 2016.
And then visit Vietnam on 19th November 2016 exit Vietnam on 26th November 2016.
Although my passport is going to expire on 30 May 2017 .
As per the rules minimum of 6 months passport validity is required to enter Camboda/Vietnam so back tracking it will mean till 30 Nov 2016 .
My passport is from India.

Will I be still issued EVisa (cambodia) / Visa on arrival(Vietnam) since my passport expiry is close to 6 months period ?

Passport expiry Date : 30th May 2017
Travel/Entry Date Cambodia : 17th November 2016
Exit Date Cambodia: 19th November 2016

Travel/Entry Date Vietnam : 19 th November 2016
Exit Date Vietnam: 26th November 2016

Response is appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance !!
          Cruising the Web      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Facebook has finally decided that it shouldn't be blocking a political ad by congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng speaking about her parents' meeting during the Cambodian genocide. For some bizarre reason, Facebook thought that the reference to a historical event was "shocking, disrespectful or sensational content." Balderdash! And Heng isn't impressed with Facebook backing down after her story got publicity on conservative sites.
Heng released the following statement this evening about the reversal of Facebook’s decision: “I’m deeply disappointed that Facebook would not give me a public apology for targeting a conservative candidate for Congress. It took them 5 days and an immense amount of pressure before they ‘realized’ that they deliberately blocked my history and my story.”

Update 8/8/18 1:15 p.m.: Heng told National Review in a phone interview on Wednesday that “the only thing” Facebook officials told her about the reversal was that “after further review on my ad, it’s clear the images in the video are not being used to shock people but they are relevant to my story, and they apologized for the confusion.”
It took them five days to figure that out? Please. All you needed was a few seconds watching the ad to understand why it was in there. Why do these social media censors have a better sense of when they're treading political ground and exercise more discernment?

Now that Facebook is trying to police postings on its site and close down the accounts of those they regard as violating their vague rules on "hate speech," it is interesting to see which other accounts they find acceptable.
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s official Facebook page is rife with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and other hateful speech, which have not been censored by Facebook content monitors, a Daily Caller News Foundation review of the page reveals.

Videos posted to Farrakhan’s Facebook page show the Nation of Islam leader claiming that Jews are secretly controlling government agencies to suppress black Americans and blaming Jews for “weaponizing” marijuana with “chemicals” to “feminize” black men.

Neither of those videos violate Facebook’s rules prohibiting hate speech, a Facebook spokeswoman told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview Tuesday.

Another video that showed Farrakhan warning against interracial marriage — which he blames on “the enemy” in Hollywood — to keep the black race “from being any further mongrelized,” was originally ruled not to violate hate speech rules, according to the Facebook spokeswoman.

After this article was published, the spokeswoman called back and said that a closer review by the company’s content monitors determined Farrakhan’s use of the word “mongrelized” did violate Facebook’s rules, and that the video would be deleted.
Farrakhan repeatedly launches ugly attacks against Jews and how they are manipulating the government to attack blacks. His Facebook page is littered with ugly anti-Semitic attacks. But, somehow, such ugliness (quoted at length at the Daily Caller) doesn't violate their own stated policy on hate speech.
We define hate speech as a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics — race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability.
I suspect that their choices on what classifies as hate speech is more of the Left's defense of the years of anti-white tweets by the new NYT editor, Sarah Jeong. Many on the Left seemed to think that a member of a minority can't be racist against whites. Well, almost all Jews are whites, so by that argument, Farrakhan can't be using hate speech against them.

It's not that I'm calling for Facebook to shut down Farrakhan's account. But as long as they leave the account up, they are betraying their hypocrisy and their inability to really define hate speech.

Ah, more wisdom from the NYT. Amanda Hess, a critic at large for the paper, has written an essay in the New York Times Magazine entitled "Some Online 'Mobs' are Vicious. Others are Perfectly Rational." Five guesses which mobs are vicous and which are rational.

Time's up! You probably guessed, the ones whose goals she approves are rational. Those whose goals or arguments she doesn't like are vicious. Amazing how the mobs she likes are spouting leftist points and those she doesn't like come from the right. What a shocker!

Jonah Goldberg responds to Stephen Colbert's targeting him last night as a "Trump ally."
The funny thing is that it’s funnier if you know that Trump once claimed that I don’t know how to buy pants. It seems to me there’s a missed opportunity somewhere in there.

But speaking of missed opportunities, I think it’s fair to say, literally, that no one who knows much about me and my political stances these days would call me an ally of Trump’s.

And that’s okay. If all you knew about me was that I was a conservative columnist and a Fox News contributor, you might think it safe to call me a Trump ally. I don’t want to make some Ron Burgundy–like argument about how I’m a really big deal and that Colbert and the writers of The Late Show should know who I am.

Still, given how invested Colbert has become in being a very serious, very liberal politics guy, you’d think someone on his team might have seen me on, say, The Daily Show, Morning Joe, or heard me on NPR or CBS’s own Sunday show, Face the Nation. Maybe his showrunner might remember a long talk we once had in NYC. Maybe one of the writers who follow me on Twitter recalled my somewhat frayed relationship with the president?

Or maybe not. Who knows? It’s summer, so maybe the A-Team is out at the Hamptons. Maybe internecine fights that have consumed me for two years don’t register on their radar because I don’t rate much attention outside the conservative ghetto.

Still, the odd thing is: I was paired up against a Trump surrogate in the actual Fox segment Colbert referred to. And there was nothing in what I said in the discussion — including the quote he mocks, that suggested I’m a Trump ally (indeed, Rudy Giuliani referred to me as some random “moron” for what I said, which might be another clue). It’s almost like they just made something up for the sake of getting laughs.
You can watch the clip at the link.

Kevin Williamson adds in that Colbert's mistake in how he characterized Goldberg as a Trump ally as further proof that entertainers aren't the people that they play.
You’d think that in these of all times, we’d have a deeper appreciation for the fact that entertainers are not, in reality, the people they play on television. Alec Baldwin once played a gifted surgeon who was also a kind of Machiavellian genius, but no sane person would let Alec Baldwin anywhere near with a scalpel. Tom Hanks probably wouldn’t be a very good astronaut. Jason Statham, on the other hand, apparently does drive around scenic locales in nice European cars wearing good suits, which, other than shooting people in the face, is mainly what I’ve seen him do in movies.

It’s a fine line.

Stephen Colbert plays a witty and insightful political commentator on television. Let a few writers go on summer vacation, though, and he’s a mess.

I assume that’s the case, here. This calls once again for us to make the not-always-obvious judgment about whether such a figure is simply having a dumb moment or is in fact willfully dishonest. It isn’t always easy to tell, because some dumb moments last a lifetime.

Some dishonest habits last a lifetime, too.
I'm not so sure that the mistake is any indication that Colbert's normal writers are on vacation. I suspect that most liberals, as surely are all the people working on Colbert's show, just never read any conservative press. They don't know anything about conservative analysts and pundits so they have no idea which conservatives are "allies" of Trump. They don't remember that National Review published an entire edition in February 2016 entitled "Against Trump," full of columns saying why conservatives should not vote for Trump. They don't know that Goldberg makes fun of Trump, with more humor than Colbert can muster, on a regular basis. I guess the subtlety of people deciding to criticize Trump when they dislike what he does or says and praising actions of his administration that they support. It's just too easy to lump all conservatives into the same pool and label them as "Trump allies." They don't want to acknowledge that some people have an honest position and don't just decide to support or oppose everything that a politician does.

Vox reports
that more than 20 Democrats running for Congress have said that they don't support Nancy Pelosi as speaker.
Vox has counted 25 candidates who have publicly said they will not support Pelosi for speaker should Democrats retake the House in 2018. Of those, 18 candidates are on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Red to Blue list, the list of Republican-held districts Democrats consider competitive. Red to Blue is the closest the DCCC comes to endorsing a candidate; those candidates get extra resources to help in their races....

Publicly distancing oneself from Pelosi (while continuing to accept money she’s fundraised) is proving to be a politically prudent — and winning — strategy for candidates. It may have helped propel now-Rep. Conor Lamb to a surprise victory in a deeply red Pennsylvania district that Democrats had believed was out of reach.

Red to blue candidates are all trying to win in moderate or red-leaning districts, so it may not be surprising that more are leaning into this tactic. But it’s notable that the number has grown so much. It’s true that some are veiling their opposition in calls for “new leadership in both parties,” but with Pelosi as the best-known Democrat currently in leadership, it’s hard to miss who they’re talking about.
This is all very subtle maneuvering. At some point after the election the Democrats' caucus will meet to pick their candidate for Speaker. She may be opposed by a younger Democrat whom these Red-to-Blue candidates can support within the caucus. However, if Pelosi still wins within the caucus, the vote then goes to the floor of the House. There will be a Republican candidate and Pelosi. Then it will become much more difficult for such Democrats to vote against Pelosi. Are these people really planning to vote for a Republican or throw away their vote if that means that Pelosi would lose the vote for Speaker and the Republican would win? That would be political suicide for a Democrat. Unless the Democrats win an overwhelming number this Fall, they will need the votes of these 25 Democrats. Of course, with the continued bad showing of GOP candidates in red districts, there could be such a blue wave that the Democrats wouldn't need these 25 votes for Pelosi to win the speakership. They could then cast meaningless votes from some other Democrat and she could still win and then wreak her vengeance against all these freshmen congressmen. But no one knows yet if the Democrats will win such a victory. So their pledge not to vote for Pelosi is meaningless unless they also pledge to vote against her in the real vote and not just within the caucus.

Anyone who knows how these votes go understands this. But notice that the media don't ask these candidates how they would vote on the House floor if their not voting for Pelosi means that a Republican would become Speaker. They let these candidates mouth generalities about wanting new leadership, but when the vote takes place, they will vote for Pelosi. The Republicans understand this and they should explain it to voters.

          Michael Moore, Errol Morris docs and new Halloween all coming to TIFF      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

New films from from famed documentarians Michael Moore, Errol Morris and Werner Herzog and — with the former two both turning their eyes on Donald Trump — along with new revamps of the Predator and Halloween franchises are all coming to this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, the fest revealed Thursday.

Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 — named both in homage to his earlier Fahrenheit 9/11 and in reference to Nov. 9, 2016, the morning after Trump’s election victory — is described by the fest as “a radical and humorous look at the United States” under Trump. Morris’ American Dharma looks at controversial Trump strategist Steve Bannon. The film from Moore makes its world premiere here in Toronto, while American Dharma’s screening will be a North American first.

Other docs coming include Herzog and André Singer’s Meeting Gorbachev, on the former Soviet leader; Rashida Jones and Alan Hicks’ Quincy, which profiles Jones’ endlessly quotable musical icon father, Quincy Jones; Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble’s The Elephant Queen, narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, tracing the epic journey of an elephant herd; Billy Corben’s Screwball, a true-crime comedy on doping in Major League Baseball; and Maxim Pozdorovkin’s The Truth About Killer Robots, investigating the lethal consequences of automation.

The Midnight Madness slate, meanwhile, has the world premieres of both Shane Black’s Predator, starring Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn and Thomas Jane, and David Gordon Green’s Halloween, the 11th installment of the horror series that will once again star Jamie Lee Curtis but add Judy Greer and Will Patton. Midnight Madness programmer Peter Kuplowsky said both sequels “boldly and brilliantly builds upon its mythic iconography to thrilling and surprising effect.”

Additional world premieres at this year’s Midnight Madness will include Emma Tammi’s The Wind; The Standoff at Sparrow Creek, directed by Henry Dunham; and Vasan Bala’s The Man Who Feels No Pain, the first Indian film ever selected for the Midnight Madness program.

The fest runs Sept. 6-16. Films screening as part of the Midnight Madness program include:

Assassination Nation Sam Levinson; USA, Canadian Premiere

Climax Gaspar Noé; France, North American Premiere

Diamantino Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt; Portugal/France/Brazil, North American Premiere

Halloween David Gordon Green; USA, World Premiere

In Fabric Peter Strickland; UK, World Premiere

The Man Who Feels No Pain Vasan Bala; India, World Premiere

Nekrotronic Kiah Roache-Turner; Australia, World Premiere

The Predator Shane Black; USA, World Premiere

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek Henry Dunham; USA, World Premiere

The Wind Emma Tammi; USA, World Premiere


American Dharma, Errol Morris; USA/United Kingdom, North American Premiere

Angels Are Made Of Light, James Longley; USA/Denmark/Norway, Canadian Premiere

The Biggest Little Farm, John Chester; USA, International Premiere

Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes, Alexis Bloom; USA, World Premiere

The Elephant Queen, Victoria Stone, Mark Deeble; United Kingdom/Kenya, World Premiere

Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael Moore; USA, World Premiere

Free Solo, E. Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin; USA, International Premiere

Freedom Fields, Naziha Arebi; Libya/United Kingdom/Netherlands/USA/Qatar/Lebanon/Canada, World Premiere

Ghost Fleet, Shannon Service, Jeffrey Waldron; USA, International Premiere

Graves Without a Name (Les tombeaux sans noms), Rithy Panh; France/Cambodia, Canadian Premiere

Heartbound (Hjertelandet), Janus Metz, Sine Plambech; Denmark/Netherlands/Sweden, World Premiere

Maiden, Alex Holmes; United Kingdom, World Premiere

Maria by Callas, Tom Volf; France, North American Premiere

Meeting Gorbachev Werner Herzog, André Singer; United Kingdom/USA/Germany, Canadian Premiere

This Changes Everything, Tom Donahue; USA, World Premiere

Monrovia, Indiana, Frederick Wiseman; USA, North American Premiere

Putin's Witnesses (Svideteli Putina), Vitaly Mansky; Latvia/Switzerland/Czech Republic, International Premiere

Quincy Rashida Jones, Alan Hicks; USA, World Premiere

Screwball, Billy Corben; USA, World Premiere

Searching for Ingmar Bergman. Margarethe von Trotta; Germany/France, North American Premiere

The Truth About Killer Robots. Maxim Pozdorovkin; USA, World Premiere

Walking on Water. Andrey Paounov; Italy/USA, North American Premiere

When Arabs Danced (Au temps où les Arabes dansaient). Jawad Rhalib; Belgium, North American Premiere

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema. Mark Cousins; United Kingdom, North American Premiere

          Cambodia approves China investment in banana farm      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Cambodian government has given the green light to a Chinese-owned firm, Longmate Agriculture Co, to invest in a banana plantation in Kampot province.
          The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Model Loses in the Midwest      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.

"Abdul El-Sayed’s Campaign Is a Test for Leftism in the Midwest," New York Magazine declared.

That was on Sunday. 

On Monday, ThinkProgress called El-Sayed’s campaign one to prove “Democratic socialism can win in the Midwest.”

On Tuesday, socialism and leftism failed the Midwest test.

Bernie Sanders, socialism’s confused grandpa, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, socialism’s new model, had flown out to campaign for El-Sayed’s gubernatorial campaign in Michigan. A Guardian article sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation had dubbed the Muslim socialist candidate, “The New Obama”.  

El-Sayed had run on socialized medicine under its current misleading brand of “Medicare for All.” It had proven financially unviable everywhere from Vermont to California. And Michigan’s finances make it an especially terrible candidate for socialized medicine. But socialism is having a moment. Or is it?

Bernie Sanders, Linda Sarsour and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the entire left, couldn’t manage to drag El-Sayed over the finish line in a state with a large Muslim population. And El-Sayed didn’t just lose.

He lost badly.

The media had been trying to build up El-Sayed as another Ocasio-Cortez while repeatedly claiming that there was a tight race. The election showed that there had never actually been much of a competition.

El-Sayed isn’t socialism’s only Midwestern misfire.  A few days ago, the New York Times was touting Cori Bush as the woman to pull off Ocasio-Cortez’s playbook in the “heartland”. Like El-Sayed, Cori Bush was running on a $15 minimum wage, “Medicare for All” and free college. 

Bush was a Black Lives Matter organizer. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to campaign for her. Like Cortez, Bush was supposed to beat Rep. Lacy Clay, a CBC hack welded to his seat by identity politics, by applying the same insurgent tactics that had allowed Cortez to beat Rep. Joe Crowley in New York.

There was just one huge problem. Cortez had beaten a white guy who lived in Virginia in a Latino district. Clay is black. And so Cortez’s playbook of running against a white guy proved utterly useless.

Cori Bush lost by nearly as high a percentage as Abdul El-Sayed.

Bernie’s people supported Bush. And she had the endorsement of Democracy for America. The left had tried to turn El-Sayed and Bush into the poster candidates for socialism. Despite socialism’s supposed moment, its candidates have been consistent losers outside of a few super-lefty enclaves. That was why the media had built a cult of personality around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Had El-Sayed or Bush won, there would have been three examples, two in the heartland, instead of only one New York fluke.

Mainstream Democrats had argued that socialism wouldn’t appeal to the average American.

The Midwest had become the left’s obsession. If the socialists were ever going to be taken seriously, they had to win outside leftist bicoastal bubbles. El-Sayed and Bush tried to replicate Cortez’s campaign of cloaking socialism in identity politics and then claiming their win as a victory for socialism. The plan was to expand on Cortez’s victory among Latino voters with Muslim and African-American voters.

Once again the media had created a false narrative, inflated the chances of marginal candidates with no real support outside radical circles, acted as if they were likely to win, and then forgot about them just as quickly. The same media narrative which rewrote Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory as inevitable will just as quickly erase Abdul El-Sayed, the new Obama, and Cori Bush, the new Cortez, from history.

In a few days, El-Sayed went from socialism’s litmus test to a forgotten failure. But that’s always been true of socialism which has spent over a century burying one failure after another. Compared to the Soviet Union, Cambodia and Venezuela, one failed gubernatorial candidate is a small thing indeed.

And, unlike the last three examples, El-Sayed hadn’t even managed to starve thousands or millions of people to death, shoot them in the streets or torture them to death in secret prisons.

Socialism’s success is inevitable. Its defeats are always inconceivable. And so they never happened.

El-Sayed and Bush’s defeats mark the end of the Cortez strategy. The left did better with Brent Welder and James Thompson, both white, in Kansas. And despite Cortez’s showboating, their respective performance can’t be credited to her. The left has gone to the Midwest to show that it had broad appeal, it had put forward identity politics candidates, but it actually does best with white voters.

Just not very many of those white voters.

Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton because black women voted against him. Elizabeth Warren’s deepest appeal is to wealthy white voters. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was so appealing, not just because she was a millennial, but because the socialists had finally cracked the Democrat minority bloc wall. 

The new narrative about socialism in the Midwest will have to toss aside the rebranding. 

Socialism remains the hobbyhorse of a limited number of white leftists. They have the money and the activists to occasionally win races, usually when their opponents are badly hobbled. It’s not because their ideas are unpopular. Free stuff at taxpayer expense has always been a winning Dem message.

It’s the messengers.

As Bernie Sanders awkwardly limps around the country with Ocasio-Cortez, the oldest and youngest socialists, they will face difficult questions about where the trillions of dollars to pay for their plans will come from and even more difficult questions about why if socialism is so popular, the socialists aren’t winning.

And the answer has to do with their own incompetence.

Both Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had become notorious for their gaffes, their inability to explain what anything would cost, and how they plan to keep their promises. Abdul El-Sayed and Cori Bush were no better on the campaign trail. The flagbearers of a new populist socialism tripped over their own clueless rhetoric and landed face down in the mud. Their failure was indeed a litmus test.

Socialists have always been the worst messengers of socialism. Socialism’s best messengers weren’t socialists, but their Democrat opponents. That’s what Barack Obama understood and Bernie Sanders didn’t. It’s why he endorsed Hillary Clinton, not her even more inept and fumbling opponent. 

Americans can be tricked into accepting socialism when it isn’t being pitched by socialists.

          Feminism is a Depopulation Program      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The world birth rate has halved in the last 50 years from roughly 3.6 births per woman to only 1.8. This coincides with the rise of feminism as the official world gender ideology.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We have been conditioned to scoff at the idea of conspiracy. The idea that people might plan to harm others without first warning their intended victims is too preposterous to consider!

We are like the passengers on a bus that keeps having "accidents" which cause untold death and suffering. These are wars, depressions and epidemics etc. We have just completed the bloodiest century in human history: Auschwitz, Dresden, Ruanda, Hiroshima, Cambodia. Over a hundred million people were murdered, and that's not counting abortions.

Read Entire Article »
          'This Is Their Film': Angelina Jolie Tells A Story Of Khmer Rouge Survival      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The film First They Killed My Father begins in 1975 Cambodia, during the rise of the Khmer Rouge. The hard-line communist regime aimed to deport an entire nation into the countryside and form an agrarian utopia — but their experiment failed. People were forced to work, and they were also tortured, starved and executed. In the end, around a quarter of the country's population — roughly 2 million people — died. First They Killed My Father was directed by Angelina Jolie, and it's based on a memoir by human rights activist Loung Ung. Ung was 5 years old and living with her family in Phnom Penh when the Khmer Rouge arrived and essentially emptied the city. At first, her family managed to stay together, but then her older siblings were sent to a camp for teenagers. Not long after, they also came for her father. Ung's mother decided Ung and her siblings would be safer if they left and pretended to be orphans, so she sent them away. Ung survived the Khmer Rouge along with four of her siblings,
          On Indigenous Peoples’ Day: International groups demand pullout, accountability of Chinese company in Cambodia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
09 Aug 2018 | PCFS
Two global movements supporting Indigenous Kuoy communities in Cambodia submit a petition to embassies of China and Cambodia calling for the pullout and accountability of Chinese state-owned enterprise Guangdong Hengfu Group Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
          Chinese firm’s investment in banana farm approved      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
09 Aug 2018 | Khmer Times
Cambodian government yesterday gave green light to a Chinese-owned firm, Longmate Agriculture Co Ltd, to invest in a banana plantation in Kampot province. Three plantatios cover 5,000 hectares of land that can produce up to 14,000 tonnes of bananas according to Cambodia General Director of Agriculture.
          #queens - cleopatrascrownhair      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hey #Queens. You’ve seen her before but this #TBT I want to shout out my “A1 from Day 1,” Queen Keysha & she’s looking gorgeous, as always in our #CleopatrasCrownHairExtensions Mongolian 1B/4/27 Ombré 14-16-18 Bundles. And I’m rocking our Russian 613 Blonde Body Wave 22”-24”-26” #Bundles with a 20” closure custom colored by @laportiastouch!!! This was during our 1st photo shoot in January. 📸 @thaflicksta Get these looks or many others TODAY during our 🔥 35% OFF Summer #BundleDealSale, no code needed. ———————————————— Just go to link in bio & click Summer Sale & you too will be #CrownedLikeRoyalty™! ———————————————— #CleopatrasCrownHair Providing Luxury Virgin and Raw 100% #HumanHair. Web: Email: Phone: 850-879-8122 Instagram: @CleopatrasCrownHair Twitter: @CleopatrasCrown ———————————————— 100% Virgin & Raw hair, closures/frontals/wigs. ———————————————— Straight*BodyWave*LooseWave*DeepWave*ItalianWave*Kinky*Curly*613Blonde #RemyHair ———————————————— *All hair can be permed, bleached & is dyed. *Hair well-cared for can last at least 12 months & up to 18-20 months. *No shedding or tangling. *3-4 oz per bundle *Excellent and prompt customer service *2-3 Business Day Shipping. ———————————————— #HairExtensionsSale #RussianHairSale #CambodianHairSale #PeruvianHairSale #MalaysianHairSale #BrazilianHairSale #VirginHair #WomanBoss #GirlBoss #OrlandoHair #OrlandoHairStylist #OrlandoColorist #MiamiHairExtensions #JacksonvilleHairStylists #TampaHairExtensions #BallerAlert #BundleDealsSale
          8/9/2018: BUSINESS: KUPPER OUT AS TABCORP RISES      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
THE former head of the Australian Securities Exchange will leave the Tabcorp board in October as an Australian Federal Police investigation continues into the gambling group’s past dealings in Cambodia. Tabcorp chair Paula Dwyer announced Elmer Funke...
          WAMC's Alan Chartock In Conversation: Remembering The Killing Fields      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Airs 8/09/18 @ 1 p.m.) WAMC’s Alan Chartock in a 2010 encore conversation with the late Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Syndey Schanberg and Actor Sam Waterston about the Killing Fields , the movie inspired by Schanberg’s coverage of the civil war in Cambodia during the 1970s. Schanberg was portrayed by the actor Sam Waterston, who earned an Academy Award nomination for the performance. In 2010, the two came together for an interview with WAMC's Alan Chartock, discussing Schanberg's book Beyond The Killing Fields and their lives before, during and after the war (and the movie it inspired).
          hawker on bicycle in a market in cambodia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Sergio de Flore posted a photo:

hawker on bicycle in a market in cambodia

hawker on bicycle in a market in cambodia

          Best Chinese Restaurant      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Annie's Cambodian Cuisine 1917 Fifth St., Eureka Really? Cambodian is literally in the name of the restaurant, folks. "Our food is similar to Thai food but it's not as spicy as Thai," says Chin Chau. "We have a few items that are almost like Vietnamese food," he adds, noting that Cambodia is situated between those two Southeast Asian countries. But the closest thing to Chinese food on the menu at Annie's Cambodian Cuisine, the beloved Eureka restaurant Chau has owned with his wife Annie since 2011, is probably the cheese puffs, which, while dreamy, are not actually Chinese. Whatever. Try their family recipes for gingery fish amok, lemongrass stir fry or phlea beef salad and you'll agree the place deserves an award for something. Chin and Annie immigrated to the U.S. from Cambodia in 1980 and 1981, respectively, as war refugees. They did stints in Thai and Philippine refugee camps before meeting in San Francisco. Any day but Sunday, when it's closed, you'll see Chin or Annie cooking in a cloud of steam in the back. Anything you order will be delicious, with the alternately bright and earthy flavors of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Just don't go looking for kung pao.…
          Best of Food 2018      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bagel Los Bagels 403 Second St., Eureka; 442-8525 1061 I St., Arcata; 822-3150 Second Place: Frankie’s NY Bagels Third Place: Josh Fox Bread Bakery Cafe Brio 1309 11th St., Arcata; 822-0791 Second Place: Ramone’s Bakery & Cafe Third Place: Cherry Blossom Bakery Barbecue Porter Street BBQ 605 Broadway, Eureka; 443-1700 Second Place: Sammy’s BBQ & Catering Third Place: Shamus T Bones Breakfast Renata’s Creperie 1030 G St., Arcata; 825-8783 Second Place: T’s Cafe North Third Place: The Chalet House of Omelettes Breakfast Sandwich McIntosh Farm Country Store 1264 Giuntoli Lane, Arcata; 822-0487 Second Place: The Big Blue Cafe Third Place: Eureka Natural Foods Buffet Tandoori Bites Indian Cuisine 1735 Fourth St, Eureka; 443-2080 Second Place: Oriental Buffet Third Place: Alice’s Restaurant Burger Surfside Burger Shack 445 Fifth St., Eureka; 268-1295 Second Place: Stars Hamburgers Third Place: Sixth and E Neighborhood Eatery Burrito Speedy Taco Truck 1223 Broadway, Eureka; 442-1626 Second Place: Raliberto’s Taco Shop Third Place: La Chiquita Catering Company Brett Shuler Fine Catering 822-4221 Second Place: Citrine Catering Third Place: Moonlight Catering Chinese Restaurant Annie’s Cambodian Cuisine 1917 Fifth St., Eureka; 442-1556 Second Place: Szechuan Garden Third Place: Hunan Village Chips & Salsa Oaxaca Grill 508 Henderson St., Eureka; 445-9702 Second Place: Tuyas Third Place: La Patria Mariscos and Grill Deli Eureka Natural Foods 1450 Broadway, Eureka; 442-6325 2165 Central Ave., McKinleyville; 839-3636 Second Place: Wildberries Marketplace Third Place: Murphy’s Market Doughnut Don’s Donuts Pizza & Deli 933 H St., Arcata; 822-6465 Second Place: Happy Donuts Third Place: Donut Mill Eats in SoHum Cecil’s New Orleans Bistro 773 Redwood Drive, Garberville; 923-7007 Second Place: The Lost Frenchman Third Place: Gyppo Ale Mill Fish & Chips Gallagher’s Irish Pub 139 Second St, Eureka; 442-1177 Second Place: LoCo Fish Co. Third Place: Jack’s Seafood Food Truck Speedy Taco Truck 1223 Broadway, Eureka; 442-1626 Second Place: Simmer Down Caribbean Cafe Third Place: Roman’s Kitchen French Fries Surfside Burger Shack 445 Fifth St., Eureka; 268-1295 Second Place: Sixth and E Neighborhood Eatery Third Place: Arcata Pizza & Deli Grilled Cheese Queso Kings Grilled Cheese Bar 252 Loleta Dive, Loleta; 733-5470 Second Place: Surfside Burger Shack Third Place: Old Town Coffee & Chocolates Grocery Store North Coast Co-op 25 Fourth St., Eureka; 443-6027 811 I St, Arcata; 822-5947 Second Place: Eureka Natural Foods Third Place: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Hot Dog Surfside Burger…
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The latest issue of the Human Rights Quarterly (Vol. 40, no. 3, August 2018) is out. Contents include:Dustin N. Sharp, Pragmatism and Multidimensionality in Human Rights Advocacy Monika Heupel, How do States Perceive Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations? Insights from the Universal Periodic Review Jean H. Quataert, A New Look at International Law: Gendering the Practices of Humanitarian Medicine in Europe's "Small Wars," 1879–1907 Douglas Irvin-Erickson, Prosecuting Sexual Violence at the Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal: Challenges, Limitations, and Implications Kristine Eck & Christopher J. Fariss, Ill Treatment and Torture in Sweden: A Critique of Cross-Case Comparisons Sara E. Lahti, The Limits of Shock and Shame: An Ethnographic Case Analysis of the Naming and Shaming Technique to Promote Human Rights for the Taalibe Qur'anic School Students of Senegal Lauren Eyler, Saira Mohamed, Isabelle Feldhaus, Rochelle Dicker, & Catherine Juillard,…
          Asia Empire 2027 vAE_1.5.8      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
2D political & strategy turn based game designed in single player mode.Become the greatest leader of the Asian Empire!
Select your country you wish to lead (50 countries available!) and play against the smart AI enemies. With excellent leadership skills, strategy and tactics, you could lead your country to the win.

Do you have what it takes?

It is the year 2027 and a big uprising took the existing government. As the leader of the rebels you were chosen to be the head of your country! Based on real data, the game is designed to think of thousand of possible scenarios. Use diplomacy or declare a war. Its all up to you!

Weapon suppliers (USA, EU, Russia and China)
Spy Center
War Room
World News (Economy, Relations, Spy and War)
Artificial Intelligence

Available Weapons:
Mercenaries, Armored personnel carrier (APC's), Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Air Missiles, Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Ships, Submarines, Fighting Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) , Aircraft Carriers and Ballistic missiles.

Playable Countries:
Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen
Your country vs 49 other AI countries -

All of our Empire 2027 strategy games are regularly updated and we are working on new, exciting themes and modes.

Follow us on twitter:
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See our video at: Empire 2027 GamesStrategyStrategyAE_1.5.8August 7, 20184.1 and up45.0 M4.6Rated for 12+100,000 - 200,000* Improved game speed and visibility.
* Infiltrate Rebels option improved.
* Fixed bugs and continue to improved the Artificial intelligence.

We plan to improve a lot the game and for this we need our players support.
Our plan is to add improvements like new zones (Africa, America, ancient time, fantasy and space), United Nations, multiplayer...
Your support important to us to continue developing.
Thank you :21,19716,1612,6711,129337899 APK
          Women On Voyage – Vietnam Combodia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
VIETNAM & CAMBODIA 06 NIGHT / 07 DAYS  2N Hanoi – Harlong Bay – 2N Chi Minh – 2N Siem Reap – Angkor 11th Sep.                    Mumbai – Hanoi Xin chao! Welcome to Hanoi, Vietnam. Hanoi, one of Asia’s most enchanting cities, full of culture, history and the engaging contradictions of a
          FACEBOOK Caught RED HANDED Meddling in Mid-Term Election!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Breitbart reports, Facebook has banned Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng’s campaign video ad about communist crimes that led her family to flee Cambodia for the U.S., claiming the platform doesn’t ... Read more
          Cambodia approves China investment in banana farm      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Cambodian government has given the green light to a Chinese-owned firm, Longmate Agriculture Co, to invest in a banana plantation in Kampot province.
          Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – Cambodia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

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