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Hampshire v Somerset T20 Blast #cricket #ageasbowl #t20cricket
          Saudi Arabia executes, ‘crucifies’ Burma man convicted of murder      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Elias Abulkalaam Jamaleddeen is said to have entered a Burma woman’s home firing a gun, then stabbed her to death. He was convicted of robbing her home and another home, attempted rape, and stealing firearms and ammunition. The report said his conviction was upheld by the courts and his execution was endorsed by King Salman.
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Zu Fuß durch Myanmar, mit dem Rad durch Thailand und dem Kajak durch Laos – auf dieser Multiaktivtour entdecken Sie die schönsten Ecken im sagenumwobenen Goldenen Dreieck. Erkunden Sie die Schönheit dieses Naturraums entlang des Mekong auf ganz besondere Art und Weise. Erleben Sie in dieser wenig von Touristen besuchten Region das Leben der Menschen hautnah. Die Reise ist eine liebevolle Mischung aus sportlichen Aktivitäten in der Natur, sehr persönlichen Begegnungen und kulturellen Höhepunkten. Goldenes Dreieck – Wandern, Radfahren und Kajaktouren Auf ausgesucht schönen Wanderungen spazieren Sie zu idyllisch gelegenen Dörfern im Osten Burmas. Sie wandern auf schmalen Wegen und...

Der Beitrag Myanmar • Thailand • Laos 16 Tage Aktivreise – Drei Länder – drei Abenteuer im Goldenen Dreieck erschien zuerst auf Erlebnisreisen & Rundreisen weltweit 2018/19 in kleinen Gruppen -Tinta Tours.

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On Wings Mega bundle [BUNDLE]Publisher: Think Fox social
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

All released products in the OnWings line for a special price. this bundle will be available only until I get to release the next phase of aircraft expansions for OnWings. enjoy!

On Wings Core rules and Scenario pack
Regular price: $5.99
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
 OnWings! Experience aerial combat in this fast paced game of air superiority.   Utilizing a unique system that takes into account altitude, pilot skill, and detailed damage, OnWings still plays quickly.  Well polished component designs and an emphasis on minimal counters on the table is sure to make this game a favorite! This is the first release of the OnWings game system and includes the venerable P-51 Mustang and the powerful Fw-190 a-6, 4 scenarios, squadron building rules, and all necessary components laid out in a Print and play format. Watch for more exciting aircraft to fill out your rosters and add variety to your games! Check out the free instructions for OnWings Aircraft counters booklet as well! ...

On Wings expansion 4 F4F Wildcat
Regular price: $2.50
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
The F4F Wildcat was a critical part of the American Aviation forces at the outbreak of World war 2 this tough and nimble fighter and the brave men flying them fought against a skilled and dedicated enemy. This expansion pack includes files for the F4F-3 and F4F-4 fighters giveing added variety to your games of OnWings! This expansion pack is not a game in its own right! and requires the OnWings core rules to play...

On Wings expansion 5 A6M Zero
Regular price: $2.50
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
The Zero Fighter was a legend in its own right fast, agile, and well armed, the only weakness the Zero carried was a lack of armor and self sealing fuel tanks. Now you can use this wonderful aircraft in your OnWings games! This expansion pack includes the statcard files for the A6M2 and A6M 2 21 offering more variety for your OnWings games! This expansion pack is not a game in its own right! and requires the OnWings core rules to play...

On Wings expansion 6 P-40c and P-40E
Regular price: $3.00
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
The Warhawk was one of the best fighters in the American arsenel in 1941, many where also sold to the RAF and after the US entered the war many of this type where sent to Russia. (The P40 in British and Russian markings will be available at a later time at a reduced cost.) To add variety to your games This pack also includes the American Volunteer group P40C in chinese markings. This is not a game in itself and requires the OnWings core rules to use!...

On Wings expansion 7 KI-43 Oscar
Regular price: $2.00
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
The Oscar fighter was the Japanese army's choosen fighter at the outbreak of world war 2 thou the Nate was still inservice they where being phased out. Oscars fought in china as well as the pacific and where offten misidentified as Zeros. This was a dangerous error as the Oscar was more maneuverable than the Zero! thou at a cost of lighter armament. included in this pack are the statistic cards for the Oscar I and Oscar II adding to the variety that this expansion offers! This is not a game in itself and requires the OnWings core rules to use...

On Wings expansion VALUE PACK #1!
Regular price: $4.50
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
A Value Pack with three Aircraft included! the P-38j the P-51c and the ME-109g purchased seperately these 3 would cost 11.00. Definatly a great way to expand your squadrons effeciently....

instructions for OnWings counter sheets
Regular price: $0.00
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
The instruction sheet for building the OnWings counters! Thou they are pretty simple we wanted to offer a more step by step guide to building these....

Pacific theater and China Burma India theater squadron cards
Regular price: $0.00
Bundle price:
 Watermarked PDF
This is the theater cards for the OnWings rule set covering the US naval Aviation, US Army Air Corps, Republic of China Airforce, Imperial Japanese Airforce and Imperial Japanese Naval Air Forces. these cards allow squadron building for these forces. this is not a complete game in itself! It requires the OnWings Core Rules and at least one aircraft Pack from each of the desired forces....

Total value: $20.49 Special bundle price: $15.98 Savings of: $4.51 (22%)
Price: $20.49
          Military-Backed Forces in Burma Beat Two Youth Pastors, Sources Say      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Burmese army-backed militia beat two youth pastors in northern Burma (Myanmar) last week, detaining one of them overnight at the force’s base, sources said.

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          Old Burma Coins 100 Coins Hexagonal Shape, Genuine Coins, 25 Pyas Coins From 1966 by KulshiMumkin      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

15.99 USD

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I use these old beautiful coins for making my key chains Etc. I have been asked by many of my lovely Etsy customers if i can make as a supply item in my shop. I do not find so often.. i hope you like and you can use as a beautiful decoration! There are 100 coins with this listing

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The 25 Pyas coin is made from Aluminium and is from 1966 . The back of the coin depicts Aung San

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John Carpenter, uno de los cineastas más importantes de todos los tiempos, catapultó su trayectoria cuando en 1982 estrenó “The Thing” o “La Cosa” para nuestro territorio hispanoamericano. Protagonizada por un joven Kurt Russell, la historia de esta película nos ubicaba en una base del Polo Norte que es acechada por una misteriosa criatura que puede adoptar la forma de cualquier persona. Scream Factory, una tienda enfocada en el terror retro y películas de ciencia ficción, sabe de la importancia de esta cinta, por lo que se han decidido en lanzar una edición especial. En el arte de la caja metálica, podemos observar al personaje de Russell ser atacado por el grotesco ser que acabó con gran parte de sus compañeros. RELACIONADO: JOHN CARPENTER SALVO DE UN JUICIO A HIDEO KOJIMA Para este blu-ray, se ha planeado lanzarse en tres discos. Así pues, esta edicion limitada contendrá las siguientes opciones: DISCO UNO: La remasterización 4K de la película que se lanzó en 2017. DISCO DOS: Audio Comentario con el Director de Photography Dean Cundey Audio Commentario con el Co-productor Stuart Cohen Audio Commentario con el Director John Carpenter y el actor Kurt Russell Teaser Trailer Avances del cine (Vistos en Estados Unidos y Alemania) Spots de TV Spots de Radio Galería de fotos (Fotos del Detrás de Cámara, Posters y Tarjetas) DISCO TRES: Requiem For A Shape Shifter – Entrevista con el director John Carpenter en conversación con el cineastaMick Garris. El hombre del Outpost 31 – Entrevista con Keith David, Wilford Brimley, David Clennon, Thomas Waites, Peter Maloney, Richard Masur And Joel Polis. Reunión y Asimilación – Entrevista con el editor Todd Ramsay. Detrás del Camaleón: Los Efectos Visuales de The Thing –Entrevista con los artisas de efectos visuales Peter Kuran And Susan Turner, el artista de efectos de maquillaje Rob Burman, Brian Wade y los animadores de Stop-Motion Randall William Cook y Jim Aupperle Sonidos del Frío – Entrevista con el supervisor de sonido David Lewis Yewdall y el especialista en Efectos de Sonido, Alan Howarth Detrás de las líneas – Entrevista con el autor de la novela Alan Dean Foster De regreso al frío: Un regreso al lugar de grabación de The Thing – Una galería animada de fotos narrado por Todd Cameron del portal El arte de Mike Ploog Gallery John Carpenter’s The Thing: El Terror Toma Forma – Un documental de como se hizzo The Thing con entrevistas a  John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, el diseñador de efectos especiales Rob Bottin, el legendario artista Albert Whitlock y más. La versión para televisión de señal abierta (SD) Tomas (SD) Presentaciones Vintages del Press Kit Electrónico con entrevistas a John Carpenter, Kurt Russell And Rob Bottin (SD) Presentaciones Vintages – La realización de un Cuento Espantoso y La Realización de The Thing. (SD) Vintage Product Reel – Contiene una versión condensada del film con matarial adicional nunca antes visto (SD) Tomas Vintage del Detrás de Cámara (SD) Archivos de Producción – Arte de Producción e Storyboards, Efectos especiales del Maquillaje, Post Producción (SD)

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LG G6 - Questions / Réponses
Statistiques : 5 Réponses || 134 Vues Dernier message par nestorburma
          Burma 1 Kyat 1965 Nagy címlet biztonsági éllel / Ritka R! - Jelenlegi ára: 950 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Képen látható nagy címlet BIZTONSÁGI éllel, NAGYON SZÉP állapotban.  Postázás ajánlott postakész-, vagy buborékos borítékban. Személyes átvétel Budapest belvárosában lehetséges.
Burma 1 Kyat 1965 Nagy címlet biztonsági éllel / Ritka R!
Jelenlegi ára: 950 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-08-23 19:00
          8/9/2018: TRAVEL & LIFE: WINGIN’ IT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Is it the influx of immigrants from countries such as Burma and Bhutan or the uptick in cultural investments? The transformation of the waterfront or the revitalization of local institutions? Or is it simply the food? Like many small U.S. cities,...
          Christian Persecution Around the World      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Pope Francis, the Holy See of the church to which I’ve belonged my entire life and that I continue to regularly attend, has spent relatively little time during his tenure devoting much energy to underscoring the Church’s traditional, however Politically Incorrect, positions on such hotbed issues as abortion, same-sex marriage, and, say, Jesus’s unique standing in God’s economy of salvation. 

And even though it is the baptismal promise of every Roman Catholic to renounce Satan and all of his works, to unequivocally repudiate evil wherever it rears its hideous head, Francis scarcely speaks to the abominations of the world.  

He can, however, be counted upon to renounce capitalism, climate change, and the members of Western lands who lack enthusiasm for welcoming into their home countries untold numbers of Third World aliens who are not only demanding citizenship and material support, but who have created a number of other social problems (like criminality).  The Pope repeatedly informs us that this skepticism reflects a deficiency of Christian charity.

Francis has shed many tears and engaged in much handwringing over the legions of Muslims that have flooded Europe in recent years demanding support while claiming to be refugees.  However, for the millions of his fellow Christians who have been made to endure unimaginable suffering (not infrequently administered to them by Muslims) Francis has said relatively little. 

He has said nothing, for example, about the fact that Iran is ramping up its persecution of its Christian citizens. 

Nor has Pope Francis commented on the fact that in Burma as many as 1.6 million Christians are being targeted by what Open Doors refers to as “a genocidal war.”  The Kachin State, in Burma’s northern region, consists of Christians who once traded their natural resources in amber and jade for cash, food, and textiles. 

Today, they trade for guns.  

According to Open Doors:

“Representatives of the Kachin Independence Army told Sky News earlier this year that the Tamadaw, the Myanmar [Burmese] military, has been targeting the Kachin for years. And while the conflict is as complicated as it is violent, some believe that the government is trying to wipe them out because roughly 95 percent are Christian.

The Burmese soldiers “[have] burned more than 400 villages and 300 churches in Kachin, displacing an estimated 130,000 people over the past seven years.”  Moreover, since April, just a few months ago, “more than 7,000 people have fled their homes [.]”

To its eternal credit, The Guardian, of all outlets, has done its bit to call attention to what it characterizes as “Myanmar’s invisible war on the Kachin Christian minority.”  “Many” of the over 130,000 Christians to have been displaced over the years “are stranded in the jungle or trapped in conflict zones.” To compound this tragedy, “aid agencies say they are being blocked from providing food and other vitals supplies to civilians trapped in the forest”—which amounts to a violation of international law. 

The Guardian quotes both Stella Naw, a political analyst and writer, and San Htoi, joint secretary of Kachin Women’s Association Thailand. Naw states that although this is “a war where civilians are being systematically targeted by members of Burma army,” “the international community chooses to overlook it.” 

Htoi concurs. “It’s an invisible war,” she insists. To prove her point, Htoi alludes to the United Nations’ Security Council’s recent visit to Burma, a visit during which they didn’t come close to Kachin. “They left the country without knowing” a thing about the latter. 

In Mali, a predominantly Islamic country that, owing to its secularism, had been relatively tolerant of the Christian minority in its midst, a militant Islamic group has gained control of some regions. Consequently, life has not been kind to Christians.

The story of “Naomi” is not atypical.  Naomi hails from an Islamic family. Upon the death of her father which occurred when Naomi was eight, she and her siblings went to live with her uncle. He sent the girls to an international Christian school, the institution to which Muslim parents would send their children if they wanted for them to be able to land lucrative occupations. Naomi explains that, given her hatred of all things Christian at the time, there was never any concern on the part of anyone that she would ever convert to Christianity. 

But, when she was twelve, the unthinkable occurred and Naomi became a Christian. 

Her family disowned her, evicting her from her home. 

A missionary family, temporarily living in Mali, took in Naomi and, according to her, treated her like one of their own. “They loved me like their own daughter,” Naomi recalls. “From them, I learned more about Christ and grew in my faith.”

Yet when her adopted family returned to their home country, Naomi returned to her family, whose members would regularly and “cruelly” harass her for her faith.  They would spit at her and curse the blood that they shared with her. 

At 16, Naomi met a man from Belgium and married him. Together they had two children, Ibrahim and Youssouf. They remained, however, in Mali, where their Muslim neighbors would call Naomi a “kafir” (infidel) whenever she would walk through town or shop in the market place. 

Matters, though, would get worse.

Naomi’s family, “more than once,” sent jihadists to her home to intimidate and harm her and her own family.  When her husband was away on a business trip, he was murdered, gunned down in cold blood.  “He was killed for his faith, and for marrying an ex-Muslim,” Naomi says. To this day, she remains oblivious to the location of her remains. 

When the jihadists subsequently invaded her home, they abducted her one son, a young teenager, Youssouf, as she and the boy’s brother watched in horror. “Ibrahim, my second son, was terrified,” Naomi remembers. “He held on to me and kept whispering, ‘Jesus help us, Jesus help us.’”

As soon as the men left with her son, Naomi began praying. “I was on my knees all the time, pleading for the Lord to protect my son.” 

Thankfully, within two days, Youssouf returned home.  He was “whipped severely,” but because he pretended to be deaf and mute, his captors released him.  

Youssouf and his brother Ibrahim are both traumatized from this event. Open Doors managed to secure for Naomi and her sons a place to live, something for which she is thankful. Nevertheless, though life is better than what it had been, she remains the target of relentless pressure from her Islamic neighbors who “laugh at me when I sing and pray.” 

Pope Francis, who can’t resist issuing public denunciations of free enterprise, “climate change,” and “xenophobia” (when the latter is allegedly being committed by Western peoples toward Islamic and other immigrants), will say nothing about the Naomis of the world. 

In both of these respects, he proves himself to be a member in good standing of the international community of elites.   

          Asian Festival (5th Knox Asian Festival)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
5th Knoxville Asian Festival
Aug 26th 2018, 11AM – 6PM, Market Square
Register your email to get a reminder in August & Win Door Prizes
Register at
Join us for a day of fun!

More Authentic Foods Vendors
(Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, India, Burma, Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan)

Kids Asian World
(Athletic Day, YMCA) (Kids Dance, Bon Odori) (Kids Bounce House)

Country Street to learn about Asian Countries
(Passport program open to kids and adults to visit each Country)
Japanese Drum Group from Disney World (Epcot, Orlando), Costume Parade, Korean Dance, Chinese Musician, Vietnam Dance, Thailand Traditional Dance, Indian Dance, Philippines Dance, Taiwan Dance, Martial Arts, Hawaii Hula dance, Lion/Dragon Dance (professional team from Orlando, FL), Tea Ceremony, Bonsai exhibition, Cosplay contest, Asian Arts Street

Knoxville’s Sister City Muroran City (Japan) Mayor and delegation are here this year!

Email :
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Instagram and Twitter @KnoxAsianFestival
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Three young football players and their coach, who were rescued with other teammates after almost three weeks in a flooded cave, have been granted Thai citizenship. All four had been stateless, and their lack of citizenship deprived them of some basic benefits and rights, including the ability to travel outside of Chiang Rai, the northern province where they live. The area is home to ethnic minorities with roots in neighbouring Burma. In all, 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach were trapped by the flooding until their dramatic rescue by Thai navy SEALs and other experienced divers that concluded July 10. Nopparat Kanthawong, the head coach of the Wild Boars team, said the four received official Thai ID cards along with another teammate who had not been in the cave but also applied for citizenship. “I’m happy,” he said. “I want to say that football can elevate the lives of kids whose families may not be in the best position.” “If they have Thai citizenship, in the future, if they don’t want to play football they can take exams to become public officials or find good work that is related to their field of studies,” he said. Mr Nopparat said he submitted documentation on Wednesday to help apply for citizenship for seven other Wild Boar players who are stateless. The boys given citizenship on Wednesday in their home district of Mae Sai had all applied for it before the cave incident, and all were fully qualified for the change in status, said district chief Somsak Kanakam. “There are many people who are born in Thailand but haven’t received citizenship yet,” he said, adding that residents seeking Thai nationality should apply quickly, while he still holds his job, because he has “no corrupt intentions”. He said that most people present at Wednesday’s ceremony were aware of under-the-table payments that some officials had asked for in the past. There are 488,105 stateless people registered in Thailand, according to government statistics. The actual number could be as high as 3.5 million, according to the International Observatory on Statelessness. The group says stateless people in Thailand are unable to vote, buy land, seek legal employment, work in certain occupations or travel freely.

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          ‘Heritage’, un proyecto de Adam Koizol para documentar las últimas tribus indígenas del planeta      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Mursi From Ethiopia 5

Encontrar a los últimos miembros de las tribus de Asia, África y América del Sur, cuya cultura está desapareciendo, y documentar los distintos fenotipos, tatuajes, escarificaciones, ropa, joyas, armas, adornos y demás que identifican a cada una de ellas es el propósito principal del proyecto ‘Heritage’ impulsado por el fotógrafo polaco Adam Koizol.

Hamer From Ethiopia 6 Tribu Hamer de Etiopía

La historia de cómo este joven artista (27 años) comenzó con este trabajo es curiosa: A los doce años empezó a hacer fotos para retratar insectos tropicales y a los 16, cuando ya tenía una gran colección de insectos, se marchó a Borneo con un amigo. Ese fue el comienzo de una serie de expediciones entomológicas a Asia, África y América en busca de nuevas especies de insectos desde 2008 a 2014.

Atayal From Tawian Tribu Atayal de Taiwan

Un año antes, en 2013, conoció la historia de la prácticamente extinta tribu Iban de Borneo, peculiar por sus tatuajes tribales en los hombros y por traerse como trofeo la cabeza de los enemigos tras luchar contra las tribus contrarias (por lo cual se les apodaba los headhunters, “cazadores de cabezas”). Al comprar unas máscaras tribales, oyó hablar de que aún existían algunos miembros muy mayores de la tribu con sus tatuajes originales y se decidió a buscarlos.

Iban From Malaysia 2 Tatuajes de la tribu Iban de Malasia

Cuando al fin encontró a tres de ellos (entre los 70 y los 90 años) y pudo fotografiarles y ver sus tatuajes, quedó fascinado. Y ya de vuelta a casa le dio por pensar que la mayoría de las tribus del mundo viviría una situación similar, con personas ya muy mayores que son los últimos que aún conservan los tatuajes y escarificaciones que identifican una tribu determinada cultura, cuya cultura se convertirá en historia después de su muerte.

Chin From Burma Tribu Chin de Myanmar

De este modo, Adam decidió dejar los insectos y comenzó a documentar los miembros de las últimas tribus y su cultura, centrándose especialmente en reflejar todos los rasgos diferenciadores que identifican a cada una de las tribus. Actualmente, el fotógrafo ha visitado 18 tribus de Asia y África aunque tiene una larga lista de 50 a las que espera poder conocer en los próximos años y con cuyo material espera realizar una película. Sin duda un gran trabajo que sólo podemos aplaudir y agradecer desde aquí.

Hamer From Ethiopia Tribu Hamer de Etiopía
Chin From Burma 4 Tribu Chin de Myanmar
Mursi From Ethiopia 7 Tribu Mursi de Etiopía
Apatani From India Tribu Apatani de India
San From Namibia Tribu San de Namibia
Himba From Namibia 5 Tribu Himba de Etiopía
Kalinga Fro Philippines 2 Tribu Kalinga de Filipinas
Karo From Ethiopia Tribu Karo de Etiopía
Konyak From India 7 Tribu Konyak de India
Menatwai From Indonesia 5 Tribu Menatwai de Indonesia
Mucawana From Angola Tribu Mucawana de Angola
Iban From Malaysia Tribu Iban de Malasia

Adam Koziol | Página web | Instagram

En Xataka Foto | 'Mujeres en el laberinto', el drama de las mujeres en el Congo por Concha Casajus y Paco Negre

Fotografías de Adam Koziol reproducidas con permiso del autor para este artículo

También te recomendamos

'Albino', de Ana Palacios: Libro y exposición que denuncia la situación de los albinos en África

‘Niños esclavos. La puerta de atrás’, un libro de la fotoperiodista Ana Palacios sobre el drama del tráfico de menores en África

Las matemáticas seguirán siendo la base del futuro, ¿estamos preparados?

La noticia ‘Heritage’, un proyecto de Adam Koizol para documentar las últimas tribus indígenas del planeta fue publicada originalmente en Xataka Foto por Óscar Condés .

          Dritte Welt: So denkt die neue Generation      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
War früher alles besser? Fünf Grossmütter erzählen mit ihren Enkeln von einst und heute, vom Leben in Nepal, Äthiopien, Bolivien, Burma und Bangladesh.
          Myanmar Fast Facts      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
View CNN's Fast Facts on Myanmar, and learn more about the country in southeast Asia formerly known as Burma.
          Myanmar Fast Facts      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
View CNN's Fast Facts on Myanmar, and learn more about the country in southeast Asia formerly known as Burma.

          Asia Empire 2027 vAE_1.5.8      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
2D political & strategy turn based game designed in single player mode.Become the greatest leader of the Asian Empire!
Select your country you wish to lead (50 countries available!) and play against the smart AI enemies. With excellent leadership skills, strategy and tactics, you could lead your country to the win.

Do you have what it takes?

It is the year 2027 and a big uprising took the existing government. As the leader of the rebels you were chosen to be the head of your country! Based on real data, the game is designed to think of thousand of possible scenarios. Use diplomacy or declare a war. Its all up to you!

Weapon suppliers (USA, EU, Russia and China)
Spy Center
War Room
World News (Economy, Relations, Spy and War)
Artificial Intelligence

Available Weapons:
Mercenaries, Armored personnel carrier (APC's), Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Air Missiles, Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Ships, Submarines, Fighting Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) , Aircraft Carriers and Ballistic missiles.

Playable Countries:
Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen
Your country vs 49 other AI countries -

All of our Empire 2027 strategy games are regularly updated and we are working on new, exciting themes and modes.

Follow us on twitter:
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See our video at: Empire 2027 GamesStrategyStrategyAE_1.5.8August 7, 20184.1 and up45.0 M4.6Rated for 12+100,000 - 200,000* Improved game speed and visibility.
* Infiltrate Rebels option improved.
* Fixed bugs and continue to improved the Artificial intelligence.

We plan to improve a lot the game and for this we need our players support.
Our plan is to add improvements like new zones (Africa, America, ancient time, fantasy and space), United Nations, multiplayer...
Your support important to us to continue developing.
Thank you :21,19716,1612,6711,129337899 APK
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          John Rambo | Mo 20.08. 02:45 ProSieben      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mo 20.08 02:45 Uhr - John Rambo
Ende 04:05 Uhr | Laufzeit: 80 Minuten 18
John Rambo (Silvester Stallone), der noch immer in Thailand lebt, wird von dem Missionar Burnett (Paul Schulze) um Hilfe gebeten. Rambo soll eine Gruppe humanitärer Helfer nach Burma begleiten, wo aufgrund des Bürgerkrieges dringend Medikamente und Lebensmittel gebraucht werden. Rambo ist zunächst dagegen, lässt sich dann aber von der attraktiven Sarah (Julie Benz) umstimmen. Nachdem er die Helfer an ihrem Ziel angesetzt hat, kehrt er zurück nach Thailand. Dort muss er erfahren, dass der Kontakt zu den Missionaren abgebrochen ist. Rambo entschließt sich zu einer lebensgefährlichen Rettungsaktion ... IMDb 7,1/10
Regie: Sylvester Stallone
Mit: Sylvester Stallone (John Rambo), Tim Kang (En-Joo), Matthew Marsden (School Boy), Julie Benz (Sarah), Graham McTavish (Lewis), Rey Gallegos (Diaz), Paul Schulze (Michael Burnett), Jake La Botz (Reese), Ken Howard (Arthur Marsh)

          Челябинский депутат заступился за тольяттинских кошек и собак      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Как известно, на этой неделе отмечался Всемирный день кошек. Именно в этот день в городе Тольятти разгорелся грандиозный скандал. Жители города жалуются на власти из-за дурацкого закона, который не разрешает заводить более двух собак или кошек на одну семью. Депутат Государственной Думы решил вступиться за обиженных россиян, живущих в городе советских «Жигулей».
Оказалось, что такой закон существует в Тольятти с 2013 года. Председатель Комитета Госдумы по экологии и охране окружающей среды Владимир Бурматов считает такой закон не состоятельным и решил обратиться с депутатским запросом в прокуратуру города.


Власти Тольятти теперь мои кумиры. После того как мы покритиковали их вчера за безумные правила содержания животных, по которым людям запрещено иметь более двух кошек или собак, и про это написали все ведущие СМИ, они, вместо того, чтобы по-тихому отменить эту идиотскую и противозаконную норму, не нашли ничего лучше как заявить, что эта глупость действует у них уже пять лет. То есть мы у них спрашиваем: «Зачем вы издеваетесь над людьми и животными?», на что они отвечают: «Мы над ними уже так пять лет издеваемся». Отлично. Пять лет в Тольятти все, кто держит больше двух котов являются нарушителями - рецидивистами, которые могут в любой момент быть оштрафованы на 10 тысяч (!) рублей. Пять лет те, кто мог бы взять себе ещё одно животное, не делают этого, чтобы не попасть под дурацкий и ничем не мотивированный запрет. При этом власти города признают, что норма фактически не работает, потому что люди просто не пускают проверяющих к себе в квартиры. Но отменять ее не хотят. Как же, пять лет издевались над людьми и животными и вдруг - перестать? Ну хорошо. Значит - будут отменять по требованию прокуратуры: любое ограничение на владение домашними животными является незаконным и иначе как произволом властей названо быть не может.
Публикация от Владимир Бурматов (@burmatoff) 7 Авг 2018 в 7:48 PDT

«Звучит дико, но таковы новые правила содержания домашних животных, принятые городом. Нарушителям грозит предупреждение или административный штраф до двух тысяч рублей, должностным лицам и организациям от шести до 10 тысяч рублей. При этом непонятно сразу всё: а если у меня уже четыре кота, куда девать двух? Топить? Дарить знакомым? Выкидывать на улицу? Вряд ли мэрия Тольятти заинтересована в том, чтобы заполнить улицы бездомными животными. Ну и главный вопрос: а остальные проблемы в Тольятти уже решены?», - размышляет на своей странице в Instagram народный избранник.
Депутат ГД планирует обратиться в прокуратуру, так как считает, что  ограничение на владение домашними животными является незаконным и иначе как произволом властей названо быть не может.
«Пять лет те, кто мог бы взять себе ещё одно животное, не делают этого, чтобы не попасть под дурацкий и ничем не мотивированный запрет. При этом власти города признают, что норма фактически не работает, потому что люди просто не пускают проверяющих к себе в квартиры. Но отменять ее не хотят», – возмущается Владимир Бурматов.
После изучения тольяттинского закона, сразу вспоминается суровый закон в Китайской народной республике, по которому в семье запрещалось рожать второго ребенка из-за многочисленной численности китайцев. Правда, несколько лет назад этот закон отменили, но рождаемость в Китае стремительно падает.
          Air Commandos Against Japan Allied Special Operations in World War II Burma      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Air Commandos Against Japan: Allied Special Operations in World War II Burma by William T. Y'Blood
English | October 15, 2008 | ISBN: 1591149932 | E...

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