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Tattoo Design posted a photo:


SnapChat: @VinceRac
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Hi. I'm Amber. I'm 17 and straight and I'm from Swakopmund, Namibia.🔥 @internet_princess500 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #straight #str8 #straightgirl #cutegirl #cute #flowers #snapchat #sfs #lfl #fff #follow4follow #shoutout
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E o mais legal é que todos esses filtros são criados pela própria comunidade global da rede social

O Snapchat anunciou hoje (10) o lançamento do Lens Explorer, um menu onde estão reunidos todos os filtros (ou Lentes, como também são chamados esses recursos) criados por membros da comunidade global da rede social. A novidade vem para complementar o Lens Studio, lançado no final do ano passado para a criação de filtros exclusivos e que já conta com mais de 100 mil opções.

Agora, um novo ícone em forma de uma carinha feliz aparece no Carrossel de Lentes do Snapchat, e basta tocá-lo para acessar o Lens Explorer. Para usar uma Lente, basta selecionar uma das opções exibidas ali (ao fazer isso você é levado direto para a câmera) ou então navegar pelas histórias em destaque. Neste caso, é só deslizar a tela para cima para usar a mesma lente presente no snap visualizado no momento.

Leia mais...

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Snap Inc, the company behind the multimedia messaging platform Snapchat seems to be working on a new feature with the code name “Eagle” for the app. This new feature will allow users to search for products inside a photo sent as a snap message or a snap story. According to an in-depth report by TechCrunch, […]
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Here's thoughts, pointers, from opposite ends of the social sphere: Real Wealth means anonymity. We're not talking the kitty-litter of having a few hundred millions. Sure, there's a few poster-boys (inevitably men) for the billionaire+ set, but ask yourself a simple question: before the age of Trump, did you really realize that there was a legion of mobbed up rich oligarchs running things? Who all knew each other? And who you wouldn't recognize if they walked past you? I mean: the odd Football Club Owner you might faintly recognize... but the owner of Nestle? Not a chance. In opposition to this, there's the truism that the poor are always invisible (addendum: the ugly / plain in the Land of Selfies & Instagram). But that's the easy mode option: how about this - the last revolutionary act available to said people, targeted by Adware, Universal Panopticons, Credit Scores, Security Cameras across society, is becoming invisible to the <em>system</em>[0]. If privacy is a luxury, then denying it to the poor is a given: so becoming invisible is getting much, much harder. And then we have that special case scenario[1] - those who are not really there[2]: this can be many things - Spies, Lies, Chameleons, Con-Men: but in this era, is <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Talented Mr. Ripley</a> actually applicable as a psychological horror anymore? There are thousands of YouTubers who steal content (looking @ you, Facebook), thousands who re-post art claiming it as their own and so on: the film lacks punch these days because it's essentially the social/societal monetization/living model for entire swathes of the media sphere (come on: generic hunk #35 actors have known this for ages - as have non-Caucasian actors when Hollywood only have X slots available in the A or B line ups). Those who are not really there, really aren't there: not to spoil it, but try this model (without being a vegan-hipster-who-made-millions-in-bitcoin-before-retiring-to-Portland) - ok, everyone reading this will have to pretend, but really, try it on a stranger <em>without</em> running it as a "Media Toxin Purge" or "Happen to be Amish, yo": "<em>Hi, I'm X - blah blah, I have no social Media imprint, don't watch TV, my phone is used for emergencies only, I email once a week, I don't run guns to Central American Rebel Groups and I'm not ultra wealthy or Jim Jones...</em>" Watch the reactions. It's... odd. As for little Miss Muffet on the plane: I'd have just cloned a profile that was akin to her boyfriends but <strong>much richer</strong> and played it right back to her pretending to be a new follower "insanely impressed" by her media smarts (Pretending I was an exec @ Vox or Buzzfeed? Cruel, but yeah, do that as well). Any bets on her social media profile once she was cat-fished? Bets on her loyalty once *her* Shining Prince story came true (but with bonus $$$)? Single by Landing, Baby (not sexist: just harder as she's a woman - the man would have turned by the time the snack tray came past). WE CAN DO DATING: LOVE ISLAND, TEMPTATION EDITION, UNICORN PONY EDITION. YOU GIVE YOUR LOVE AND SOUL, WE GIVE YOU...HMM. APPARENTLY THE OLD REWARDS ARE MOOT: NOW WE GIVE YOU A MILLION PLUS INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS AND ACCESS TO A BLUE TWITTER BIRD CHECK OR A BILLION REDDIT UPVOTES OR FACEBOOK... I FEEL PUT UPON: MY CULTISTS CONSTANTLY MAKE FUN OF ME LIKE THIS. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO 'POWER OVER THE WEAK MINDED' OR 'ETERNAL YOUTH' OR 'KNOWLEDGE OF THE COSMOS'? NO. WE. DO. NOT. HAVE. A. FACEBOOK. PAGE. APPARENTLY WE CAN BE APPROACHED ON SNAPCHAT, SIGNAL AND OTHER DIRECT CHANNELS. [0] <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Insane Clown Makeup Can Help You Dodge Facial Recognition Systems </a> Science Direct, 5th July 2018 [1] This is not a reference to disabilities: if you want to make it about that, then fine - making the Other (who society perceives to be incomplete, fail-state, imperfect etc) invisible is 100% a Capitalist thing and totes needs discussing: but we probably lack the Empathy and Nuance to do it. But we totes know what it's like. [2] <a href="" rel="nofollow">Being There</a>
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Obedience training? Pack selfies? Doggie SnapChat? There's an app for that.
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En scannant des produits avec leur appareil photo, les utilisateurs de Snapchat pourront être redirigés directement sur Amazon.
          Updated! HURRICANE Chris Finally Making His Move ... EYE POPS OUT.. NE at 9 MPH Recon Going In to Verify Hard Data Before Upgrading Chris To Hurricane. X Beryl Still A Player. Models Doing Kinky Things. Wait Until Next Model Run NHC says 50/50 Odds on Beryl Again. Life Goes On and On and On... Maria About to Slam Into China as a Dangerous Cyclone.      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hurricane Chris
85 MPH
980 MB
Moving NE at 10 MPH
2nd Hurricane of 2018

Beautiful and impressive.
Also safely staying out to sea.

Recon has found Hurricane Force Winds in Chris.
Satellite imagery shows that as well.
A well defined Eye ...
... better developed Chris.
A beautiful Chris.

Boy does that show it all. 
Chris wrapped convection up in all quadrants.
No more bottom heavy Chris.
Developing a nice tail too!

This image shows the steering currents.
The new trof pushing down on Chris.
Protecting the USA
Chris may make it to England.
After first doing the Canadian Maritimes.
That green satellite above is from their site.
Phil Ferro in Miami giving this thoughts.
And showing us an intense up close image.
The EYE of Chris.

Where do we go from here?
Things are pretty much set in stone.

Wind Probabilities are shown below.

I'll update later tonight.
If you haven't read...
...please do.
You may learn a lot.
Or at least be entertained a bit.


Still waiting on recon.
Adding in a few things here.
Maria is about to make landfall in China.
Why do I care?
Continue reading the blog you'll know.
Over in China...

Great video of Jim Edds nailing the eye of Maria.
And enjoying the sunshine.
Yes the sun can shine in the eye of a Hurricane.
Been there... really... awesome experience.
Well if you get back to safety fast and live to tell about it.
Back side slams you fast and quick.

And there's the sun shot he posted.
It's in the video ...

As for Chris...
Looks incredible but waiting on recon.

Still a tropical storm.
Not a hurricane yet.
That will change.


Salient Points.
Waiting on recon to make the call to Hurricane Status.
Finally moving though.

Cone below

Wind Probs.
Currently Cape Sable in the cross hairs.

Satellite loop below.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Chris clearly visible to everyone.
Remnants of Beryl also visible.

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

I post this site often as it shows the whole basin and the wide range of influences that have an impact upon both waves and named systems. Blue and dark purple are dry air and orange and golds are moist air. The circular while area that pops out where Chris is in fact the "eye" center but we are waiting for recon to collect the best hard data before an upgrade to Hurricane status it seems. We will wait as having patience is a key part of tracking hurricanes. Nothing good ever happened immediately in this realm of the world and storms that rapidly intensify and make a run for the coast the way OJ used to cream the Dolphins carrying the ball to the End Zone for the Buffalo Bills is an example. Then again if he's carrying your ball it's all good but there's always another side to that story and stories evolve over time as we know. Add in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 that blew up in the Bahamas fast giving very little lead time to the weather team that promised to get the Vets off of the Florida Keys if a hurricane happened.

Note the words.

"with little advance warning"

Thankfully in today's world that no longer happens.
We have come so far.
We stand on the shoulders of meteorological giants.

Now let's look at today's tropics.

Posting the 5 AM.
You can compare and contrast with 11 AM.
Chris barely 2 MPH N.
Now he's moving way faster.
With determination.
Compare to 11 AM above.

 NHC was generous at 5AM with that forward motion.
That changed finally....
Things change.
Remember that.

Atlantic Ocean.
Chris is easier to find than Beryl ever was...
Chris can even be seen on long range radar.
Well the Western part of Chris

Close up views of Beryl below on Earthnull.
Way down below.
Chris below.

Note there is more bulk to Chris in his legs than his shoulders.
That will change.
There is high pressure to his North pushing down on him.
That will change.
Below ...
...remember the Dvorak I used to show all the time?

Great way of slicing and dicing a storm from far away.
Intensity on the bottom.
As always Chris has been bottom sided.
That will change.
Beautiful color image of Chris 

Oh wait what is that an odd looking bird below.
An Ibis?
A parrot?
Is it a bird?
Or a plane?
No....... it's X Beryl.
Remnants of Beryl.
Still crazy after all these years.
X Beryl will change too.
Another view.

But you thought Hispaniola would kill it?
Think again.
It's gone but not gone.
Tho easier to see now than when it was a Cane.

Is Beryl alive?
Can it come back?
NHC deserves awards for these graphics.
Love it. Really.
Not being sarcastic.

Yes I know I have a strange mind.
It's an acquired taste.
X Beryl has a 50/50 chance of redeveloping.
Say it ain't so.

In 5 Days.
50% chances.

Models are playing with it.
And I do mean playing with it.

The image below can be found on Spaghetti Models

Say it ain't so.
This is why I don't hug models.
I hug people ;)
No that's not an old graphic for Jeanne
Could a storm do that?
Yes, that has happened.
Don't bet on it happening.

Remember when.......
Jeanne bounced off of Hispaniola.
What doesn't kill it makes it stronger.

Again could that happen?
Anything in theory could.
But no it won't. 
Whatever happens will happen.

Love Dabuh's Tweet this morning.

Dust in the wind indeed.

Last night watching Earthnull.
A good tool. 
Think on that word.

So I asked Cranky.
What would cause that disturbance in the force?
I respect him and he always has an opinion. 
This is what he said.

This morning the kink in the wind has moved a bit.

Ignore my little marker from the pointer.

This is what I want to say about Beryl. Without good satellite imagery we would never had known she existed. It's possible the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane had a small signature that would have been picked up on satellite imagery today and models would have run and hopefully one of them would have caught the Rapid Intensification and given South Florida a bigger heads up than we had in 1935. I have always had problems believing the plot line that it just POPPED UP OUTTA NOWHERE. It was a very small system and it rapidly intensified as small systems are want to do. Beryl always had a LLCC and it also had a mid level that hung behind that became more noticeable as it fell apart. Naked swirls are beautiful because you can see the bones of it suddenly. Not going to show nudes of Marilyn Monroe but you get the idea.  Go back into my old blog on Beryl and you will see what I am talking about. 

Time will tell.
I would not count X Beryl out.
Beryl could make a come back.
I kind of have this running in my head...
.... more than any one model.


Moving on... 

In the Pacific there is Maria.
That name.
Retire it please.
And every variation of MARY.
(love the name Mary.
My Grandma was named Mary.
.... fill in the blank...
(I won't say it Fishing is already laughing)

Easy to see isn't she.
Oddly off the bump of China...
..that looks like Chris off the Carolinas.
Jim Edds who I consider a friend is there.
You can follow him on Twitter.
He does a great job.
A very sweet man.

@ExtremeStorms  on Twitter

Track and Maria below.

Way better than the five day cone five days ago.
Proving the point for all basins.
Better to be the center of the 5 day cone...
...than the 3 day cone.
Because 5 days ago Shanghai was the center of the cone.

This is pretty much my home screen these days.
My youngest son is in China today.
Hopefully on a train to Beijing from Shanghai.
I'm not sure where my oldest son is..
..NYC I think this week.
 In a recording studio probably.
My life gets more interesting over time.
I'm making a Mango Smoothie for lunch.

Elsewhere.... life goes on in the tropics.
Waves roll off of Africa.
Areas despite water temps are favorable.
Early this year.
Will winter come early this year I wonder?

I'm adding this and then I'm done for now. I do this because I love it. I am a writer. My work has been published in many places and I have collaborated both on tropical research :) as well as other literary works in ways I will not explain. It's my story to tell and I'm not telling it. I'm just a girl who loves weather and maps and writing. I love my family, I love my friends and I love communicating. If anything I write or put out here helps someone to better understand a storm or be less afraid of being in the cone or gives them tips to prepare for a hurricane zooming to their home than I left the world a better place and my job here was done well. I'm kind of like a storm in ways. I've been stalked in an oddly good way much like a long tracking Cape Verde Hurricane that provided much enjoyable tracking over a long time and then was researched way after it was gone off the maps. 

When I was little I didn't really understand hurricanes, but I knew I was intrigued by them. I had this odd theory that after hurricanes like Donna moved off to Europe they spent their winters there and then circled back to come across the Atlantic Ocean again during Hurricane Season.  I was really, really young. My mother explained no that was not how it happened and went out and got me a tracking map from the local gas station or grocery store and showed me how to track hurricanes. My neighbor was a hurricane hunter, no wait his mother lived next door and his black and white photographs adorned her walls as she was extremely proud of him. In High School I tracked with my friend whose father was a navigator on the hurricane hunter planes. I dated a guy who worked at the NHC as an Intern in his spare time while keeping his GPA way above 4.0. I know because my best friend kept track of his GPA ...why I don't know. She was Salutatorian of her High School Class graduating a year before me leaving me in charge of the remnants of our high school click. Always beware of Salutatorians as they usually miss the Valedictorian status because while they are keeping their grade point averages up as they often are more socially active in other ways .... who knows; just a theory.  Now days they are doing away with their speeches as everyone is on a level playing field but some people just have a higher GPA. Okay, I remember my best friend Linda enjoyed writing that speech but she was a writer. I drove my counselor crazy as she pushed me to get better grades than I was already getting while being extremely socially active and being officer of a few clubs. I asked her why I should try to get better grades when I had great grades already while doing not studying that hard and doing everything else. She shook her head and walked away rolling her eyes. I get it. I roll my eyes a lot now. Probably explains my headaches I've had since I was about 17. That never changed. 

So..........if you are here still reading this Thank You. It's apparent to me that blogs are going the way of the AOL Chat Rooms and Message Boards and I have checked Snapchat every few photos I posted to see if my younger son has checked in. I know I can't eat a good sushi roll without sending a Snap to my youngest daughter....  If I type in "INS" into my browser it takes me to my son's Instagram account. He's a great photographer but he's finishing a Masters in Architecture. My older son is in the music and graphics business; he produces Jewish Music and manages artists and their concerts they give around the world. His watch is often set to Miami time and "Benny Time" which will make sense if you are a Jewish Music fan.  Both my children's grandmothers were artists. Art is big in my family. I write. I dance. I watch hurricanes and love maps. My name is Bobbi. What's yours?

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... I don't know what makes people today argue so much that they need to take a side vs just discuss different aspects of meteorology and life. Whether it's politics or models or late night arguing on weather they are always arguing. I mentioned to someone once I like Cinnamon Gum and he responded "OH I like Peppermint" and he does popping peppermint candy in his mouth. I like Cinnamon. It sounds good. Cinnamon like an Edna Ferber Novel of a different name and a cute boy I liked used to run across the street, leaving the class while the teacher was out racing across the street not getting caught to buy me cinnamon tooth picks at Dixie Rangers Bike Shop (long story) before getting back in class without getting caught. It was a writing class. And the beat goes on... 


          Покупки по фото: в популярном мессенджере обнаружили скрытый функционал      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

В мессенджере обнаружен скрытый код для функции визуального поиска Мессенджер Snapchat, в котором люди могут обмениваться фотографиями и короткими видео, вскоре может предложить новую функцию — покупки на сайте Amazon с помощью камеры. Исследователь приложений Исхан Агарваль нашел в Snapchat скрытый код для функции визуального поиска. Это позволит программе с помощью камеры идентифицировать объекты и штрих-коды, […]

Запись Покупки по фото: в популярном мессенджере обнаружили скрытый функционал впервые появилась PaySpace Magazine.

          Snapchat's Lens Explorer Guides You Through a Land of Augmented Reality Creations      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Augmented reality experiences created in Lens Studio now have a permanent home in the Snapchat app. On Tuesday, Lens Explorer will begin giving users access to a scrollable screen full of a variety of new Lens Studio creations. The new Lens Explorer feature is denoted by a smiley face icon in the top right corner of the camera screen when the Lens carousel is active. Tapping on a selection within Lens Explorer unlocks the experience and activates it in the camera. According to a company spokesperson, Lens Explorer will display creations based on location and other factors. Also, branded... more

          Snapchat Preparing to Upgrade Camera with Visual Search for Amazon, Report Says      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A peek inside the code of the Snapchat app has revealed that the company is expanding the search capabilities of its augmented reality camera to include visual search that may link to items within Amazon's massive online store. Self-described "technology leaker" on Twitter, a teenager by the name of Ishan Agarwal tipped off TechCrunch regarding the discovery. Codenamed "Eagle," the visual search feature would enable users to identify objects, songs, barcodes, and more. The app would then send data to "Amazon, Shazam, and other partners." Agarwal also discovered Amazon logo image files and... more

          WATCH: HPD Mounted Patrol horse spotted galloping through downtown Houston      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
HPD confirms there were 911 calls shortly after 10 a.m. about a horse running on Rusk at Crawford. Multiple videos of it later appeared on Instagram and Snapchat.

          Snapchat introduces Lens Explorer to let users access new community filters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Snapchat's new feature shines the spotlight on community-made Lenses      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat today announced it was rolling out Lens Explorer, a new feature that makes it easier for users to tap into the growing market...
          Snapchat and Amazon Could Be Teaming Up on a New Visual Search Tool      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat is seeking to expand its horizons and utilize its camera to go beyond social media with a new visual ... Read More

The post Snapchat and Amazon Could Be Teaming Up on a New Visual Search Tool appeared first on WebProNews.

          Ecco le applicazioni più popolari di sempre nei 10 anni di storia App Store      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Ecco le applicazioni più popolari di sempre nei 10 anni di storia App Store

I nostri auguri per i 10 anni di App Store erano più che doverosi; alle 10 candeline spente dallo store digitale della Mela ha partecipato anche l'Italia, tra le dieci nazioni a far registrare il più alto numero di download. A chiudere il cerchio delle curiosità arriva oggi l'elenco delle applicazioni più popolari di sempre su App Store.

E' Sensor Tower ad aver diffuso i dati statistici delle applicazioni più popolari di sempre in App Store, suddividendo le app a seconda che si tratti di applicazioni gratuite o a pagamento. Tra le prime spiccano i soli noti, in particolare i network ad oggi più popolari ed utilizzati. In cima alla classica, ben saldo, WhatsApp, che nel corso del tempo ha cambiato proprietà, senza però cedere a nessuno la prima piazza. E' adesso in proprietà Facebook, che vanta anche la seconda piazza in questa particolare classifica, con il servizio di messaggistica Messenger. Proprio il social network è invece terzo, seguito un po' a sorpresa da Viber, che mette dietro, in sequenza, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat, Youtube e IMO.

Ecco le applicazioni più popolari di sempre nei 10 anni di storia App Store Se si guarda, invece la classifica delle app più popolari a pagamento, si notano cambiamenti di non poco conto. Entrano in massa i giochi. In particolare Minecraft, che primeggia su tutti, ma non mancano altri esponenti del genere, come Plague Inc., Geometry Dash e il mitico Fruit Ninja. In classifica appare nuovamente WhatsApp, che inizialmente era a pagamento (ricordate il canone annuale?). Tra le altre in lista, FaceTune, Afterlight, Flightradar e Threema.Ecco le applicazioni più popolari di sempre nei 10 anni di storia App Store

La classifica tiene conto del numero dei giorni in cui la relativa app è stata al primo posto delle classifiche App Store. Minecraft ha avuto il maggior numero di giorni negli App Store negli Stati Uniti (847 giorni), mentre in quelle globali ha fatto registrare 1.645 giorni di primato. Tra gli altri non in lista, Angry Birds ha resistito al primo posto quasi un anno, con 311 giorni, Heads Up 225 giorni e Where's My Water 47 giorni.

Ecco le applicazioni più popolari di sempre nei 10 anni di storia App Store

Clash of Clans ha invece trascorso 805 giorni al numero 1 della classifica delle app iPhone con il maggior incasso  negli Stati Uniti, staccando la seconda app Candy Crush, ferma a 278 giorni. Quando si parla di app con il maggiore incasso,  Pandora conta 202 giorni, Netflix 172 giorni e Spotify 61 giorni in vetta alle classifiche. In tutto il mondo, Clash of Clans si è aggiudicato il primo posto con 1.900 giorni nelle classifiche come app con le maggiori revenue, mentre Spotify è rimasto anche nella top ten con 1.047 giorni trascorsi al primo posto.

L'App Store è stato lanciato ufficialmente il 10 luglio 2008 con 500 app da scaricare per i possessori di iPhone 3G. Nel tempo l'App Store è cresciuto a dismisura, introducendo acquisti in-app, app per iPad, abbonamenti, diverse UI completamente rinnovate e altro ancora. Recentemente, con iOS 11, Apple ha introdotto contenuti editoriali sulla home page dell'App Store con articoli e funzionalità che evidenziano app e giochi nuovi e interessanti ogni giorno.

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          ¿Cansado de los mismos filtros de Snapchat? Lens Explorer te da miles de opciones      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

¿Cansado de sacar la lengua para ver que Snapchat te transforma en la cara de un perrito? Con Lense Explorer pronto podrías tener tantas opciones que no tal vez no tendrás tiempo para usarlas todas.

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          GSMC Technology Podcast Episode 84: App Store, Surface Go, Snapchat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
On this episode of the GSMC Technology Podcast host Tom Dougherty celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Apple App Store by discussing the trancedent quailites of the marketplace. Over 500 million people use the App Store every week and it has changed the way we do business, absorb content, and communicate with others. This is concidered one of Steve Jobs' greatest feats, creating a marketplace for developers to thrive and work with the safe, virus free platform to put their applications out to the world. Tom also talks about the Microsoft Surface Go, he looks at expert reviews and compares it to the lower priced iPad. He then goes over the library of filters from Snapchat and also goes over the Snapchat Lens Studio more.   As always, if you enjoyed the show, follow us and subscribe to the show: you can find us on iTunes or on any app that carries podcasts as well as on YouTube. Please remember to subscribe and give us a nice review. That wa
          Nursing-home workers make video as patient dies      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(WSVN) — JEFFERSON, Ga. — Three employees of an assisted living facility in Georgia have been arrested after police said they made a Snapchat video called “The End” while in a room with a dying stroke victim. Fox 5 reports the three women, 19-year-old Lizeth Jocelyn Cervantes-Ramirez, 21-year-old Jorden Lanah Bruce and 21-year-old Mya Janai […]
          Camera Search Found in Snapchat Code      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat may have devised a way to generate significant income from its service by teaming up with Amazon. (CCM) — Computer code in the latest version of Snapchat's Android app shows that a new "Camera Search" feature is under development, according to a Tech Crunch report. Ishan Agarwal, an app researcher, spotted the text "Press and hold to identify an object, song,
          The Orphan The Poet's Jake Floyd - GEAR MASTERS Ep. 206      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

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On this episode of DTB’s “Gear Masters”, Jake Floyd, bassist the alternative rock bands, The Orphan The Poet, shows off the gear that they use onstage, while on tour with I The Victor. The Orphan The Poet is currently supporting their newest single, Still Buzzin'.

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          Morehouse: 1 in custody facing gun charge after dog shooting      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating a video uploaded to Snapchat that depicts a dog being shot.

          Snapchat and Amazon Could Be Teaming Up on a New Visual Search Tool      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat is seeking to expand its horizons and utilize its camera to go beyond social media with a new visual ... Read More

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          Pressure To Break Up Facebook Builds      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

America’s largest communications union, the 700,000-member Communications Workers of America (CWA), has joined an activist coalition called Freedom from Facebook that seeks to break up the monopolistic social media giant.

So far the groups supporting the Freedom From Facebook coalition are predominantly left-wing. Among them are and Public Citizen. Facebook has about 2 billion users worldwide.

But the ideological makeup of the FFF coalition could change in a heartbeat if Facebook continues down its intolerant, authoritarian path. That’s because conservatives have long been abused by Facebook and this ill treatment has only intensified since the election of President Donald Trump. Conservatives are getting wise to being used and taken advantage of and they don’t like it.

The Left claims to have only the purest motives for wanting to take action against Facebook.

“We should all be deeply concerned by Facebook’s power over our lives and democracy,” said Brian Thorn of CWA, the newest member of the Freedom From Facebook coalition. 

Facebook’s workers are not represented by CWA, but the union does represent more than 100,000 employees at AT&T Inc. Facebook’s contracted shuttle drivers and cafeteria workers reportedly belong to labor unions.

The Left views Facebook and other social media companies as cash cows. They want to recruit their employees as dues-paying labor union members. Probably no more than a handful of left-wing activists actually believe FFF’s “Facebook is a threat to democracy” rhetoric.

Facebook is now in the process of negotiating favorable regulations with Congress and regulators. As Bloomberg News reports:

Facebook disclosed July 2 that it’s cooperating with probes by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on how political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica obtained personal information from as many as 87 million of the site’s users without their consent. The FTC, the Department of Justice and some state regulators were already probing the matter, which prompted Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg to testify before Congress in April. Facebook also faces calls for regulation from many lawmakers and the public over the privacy issue, Russian efforts to manipulate the 2016 presidential election and the spread of false information on the platform.

CWA is demanding action. For the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to leave Facebook’s monopoly intact and fail to impose stronger privacy protection rules “would be unfair to the American people, our privacy, and our democracy,” Thorn told Bloomberg News.

With algorithm changes, Facebook can – and does – destroy right-leaning media outlets and websites at will.

Early this year a Facebook algorithm change crushed engagement rates on conservative groups’ pages. The change killed off the Facebook-driven websites and LittleThings and is strangling other sites.

Facebook killed Right Wing News, a website run by Townhall contributor John Hawkins.

“Social media IS the new public square,” Hawkins writes. “It’s the place you go when you want to reach out and find an audience,” except that “Facebook has for all intents and purposes announced that it’s killing off pages. So much for having a conservative voice there.”

A study by Western Journal found the algorithm change gave 25 left-leaning media organizations a 1.86 percent bump in Facebook traffic, while 25 right-leaning media outfits averaged a 13.71 percent drop.

These figures matter because record numbers of Americans now get their news from Facebook.

“Nearly half of all U.S. adults (45%) get news from Facebook,” a Pew Research Center study reports. “The share of U.S. adults who get news through Facebook is much higher than the share who get news through YouTube (18%), Twitter (11%), Instagram (7%), Snapchat (5%), LinkedIn (5%) and other platforms.”

Facebook only backed off of Trump boosters Diamond and Silk after its “shadow-banning”—covertly blocking or limiting the reach—of the popular page of Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson received national attention during a congressional hearing.

Diamond and Silk lamented that Facebook allows “appalling” things – “videos of people getting shot, killed, and beat up… they even show pictures of our President decapitated.”

Although all the women do is talk on camera, Facebook flagged their page as “unsafe to the community,” without elaborating. Grilled by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in that case “our team made an enforcement error and we have already gotten in touch with them to reverse it.”

Despite this encouraging reversal, Facebook continues to enable Muslim terrorists. Facebook has been named in a handful of lawsuits by survivors of recent terrorist attacks, for providing material support to groups such as Islamic State by failing to take down the pages of terrorist organizations. Facebook is also a safe place for Antifa, the self-styled “anti-fascist” terrorists who assault Trump supporters and shut down conservative and Republican events.

In 2016, former Facebook employees spilled the beans about the social media company’s censorship practices and promotion of fake news.

As summarized by Bre Payton of the Federalist:

The topics aren’t selected by an auto-generated algorithm, but by young, Ivy League-educated journalists called “news curators.” These individuals were instructed to adhere to the company’s biased guidelines and enabled to let their own agendas run amok. These individuals revealed they were instructed to blackball conservative publications like The Blaze and Breitbart.

… news curators were instructed to ignore certain news topics or events altogether, and told to place items on the list that Facebook users weren’t actually talking about enough to make the topics trend.

Whenever a conservative outlet would break a story, the news curators would wait until another “more neutral” news outlet had picked it up before placing it on the list of trending topics. News events were excluded from the list unless more traditional news outlets, such as CNN or BBC, picked it up first.

Facebook also deliberately suppressed legitimate news stories on topics such as Obama IRS official Lois Lerner’s targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups.

Now it seems anti-Americanism is built into Facebook’s algorithms: Facebook flagged the Declaration of Independence as hate speech last week apparently because the foundational document made unflattering observations about King George III. Facebook claimed the flagging was inadvertent and reversed the block.

“It looks like we made a mistake and removed something you posted on Facebook that didn’t go against our Community Standards,” Facebook wrote in an email to the media outlet that made the original post. “We want to apologize and let you know that we’ve restored your content and removed any blocks on your account related to this incorrect action.”

Those who pay attention to Facebook’s censorship know better.

The idea of America itself goes against leftist Facebook’s beloved community standards. No wonder the Declaration of Independence set off alarm bells.

Photo: Johan Larsson

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Sexy dievcata si uzivaju sex a zverjnuju to na

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Watch: Sexy dievcata si uzivaju sex a zverjnuju to na snapchate
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          5 Ideas to Use Instagram Stories to Drive Small Business Growth      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Facebook-owned Instagram launched Stories in August 2016 as a direct copy of an already popular Snapchat feature. Today, Instagram Stories has 300 million daily active users. As a result, Snapchat growth slowed 82 percent.)


But what, exactly, is a "Story?" And are there benefits for business use?


Stories Demystified



A Story is a piece of micro-content that disappears after 24 hours.


Stories can be photos/images, recorded videos, text with a colorful background, live video or 'boomerangs' (short, looping video content like an animated GIF).


Photos or videos can be uploaded from your camera roll, or you can record within the app. You can add effects, filters, stickers, text, interactive polls, animated GIFs and all manner of fun stuff to your Stories.


You can also add a clickable hashtag, @ mentions and locations to your Stories. This all helps with gaining extra visibility. Both hashtags and locations have Story feeds users can follow.


In 2017, Facebook also introduced the Story feature to both Messenger and the main Facebook app after Stories had already gained quite a foothold on Instagram.


“The way people share and connect is changing; it’s quickly becoming more real-time and visual.” ~Facebook [Source: TechCrunch]


Should you include Stories in your marketing mix?


The short answer is a resounding yes! For several reasons, to name a few:


  1. Micro-content is extremely easy to create.
  2. Both Instagram and Facebook position the Stories feature at the very top of their respective mobile apps. This provides tremendous visibility for your followers. Stories on Facebook are also very easy to create on desktop and are visible on desktop.
  3. People have very short attention spans these days and Stories are incredibly easy and fun to consume.
  4. For Instagram business accounts with over 10,000 followers and/or verified accounts, you can also add a URL to your Stories where your followers swipe up to go to your designated web page. (Now, with the launch of Instagram’s IGTV, you can choose to direct your followers to one of your IGTV videos or an external URL).
  5. Stories are growing 15X faster than feed sharing.
  6. Instagram boasts over 300 million daily active users and Facebook has over 150 million DAU’s.


“The Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends sometime next year.” ~Chris Cox, Facebook Chief Product Officer


Regularly publishing Stories for your business is a great way of producing micro-content for top of mind and top of feed awareness.


5 Story ideas for your business


  1. Do live broadcasts. Live Stories get the most prominent positioning at the top with a red “LIVE” icon. You can also do a “Live with” where you invite a guest on and Instagram splits the screen in half. Both your followers and your guest’s followers will see the telltale Live icon at the top. Your Live Story could be a product sneak peek, behind-the-scenes, meet the staff, customer spotlight, Q&A session, special offer, exclusive discounts and more.
  2. Conduct polls. I’ve found interactive polls to be an excellent method for sparking increased engagement. Instagram makes it super easy to add a simple and fun voting button as a slider, or a simple two word or emoji choice. You can even share the poll results later as another Story.
  3. Highlight user generated content. If you gather user generated content across your social channels, you could share screenshots with the relevant user @tag and an appropriate hashtag. These could be simple shout outs, or testimonials and reviews. Instagram auto-suggests hashtags when you start to type. Be sure to first search and settle on the best hashtag for your Story, as this can really help others discover you.
  4. Announce new content. If you publish blog posts/articles, podcast episodes, vlogs (video blogs), and/or live streaming videos, be sure to use Stories to let your Instagram followers know. Always include the related URL in the Swipe Up feature, if you have it.
  5. Share exclusive deals. Entice your followers to keep coming back to consume your Stories by regularly sharing special offers, codes, or unexpected bonuses.


Embrace micro-engagement, too


Whether you choose to include Stories in your marketing mix or not, I highly recommend starting to at least view and engage with Stories. This is a great way to create what I call micro-engagement.


When you view Stories on Instagram, the person/business will see that you've seen their content in their Insights. Granted, not everyone necessarily views their Insights for each Story, but many do, including myself.


When possible, try sending a quick reply or even an emoji response to a Story. This goes to the account holder’s private inbox. (Depending on user settings, the ability to reply may not be available on all Stories).

In closing, it is worth noting here that at YouTube’s 2018 VidCon video conference, the company announced that it, too, will be launching a Stories feature.


Clearly, Stories are here to stay and businesses would do well to map out a powerful micro-content strategy.


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Facebook Privacy: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

Facebook Messenger Chatbots Give Small Business Owners an Edge


About Mari Smith


Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing and social media. She is a Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day. Forbes recently described Mari as, “… the preeminent Facebook expert. Even Facebook asks for her help.” She is a recognized Facebook Partner; Facebook headhunted and hired Mari to lead the Boost Your Business series of live events across the US. Mari is an in-demand speaker, and travels the world to keynote and train at major events.


Her digital marketing agency provides professional speaking, training and consulting services on Facebook and Instagram marketing best practices for Fortune 500 companies, brands, SMBs and direct sales organizations. Mari is also an expert webinar and live video broadcast host, and she serves as Brand Ambassador for numerous leading global companies.


Web: Mari Smith  or Twitter: @MariSmith

You can read more articles from Mari Smith by clicking here


Bank of America, N.A. engages with Mari Smith to provide informational materials for your discussion or review purposes only. Mari Smith is a registered trademark, used pursuant to license. The third parties within articles are used under license from Mari Smith. Consult your financial, legal and accounting advisors, as neither Bank of America, its affiliates, nor their employees provide legal, accounting and tax advice.

          Snapchat now lets you browse and apply thousands of user-created selfie filters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Last year, Snapchat launched its Lens Studio app, that allows anyone to create custom AR filters, with a later update offering a series of selfie filters. Options include face paint, distortions, a custom baseball cap, and the addition of 2D and 3D objects.

Today Snapchat lets you check out what other users have created, and apply any of them to your own photos …


          Snapchat betting on new Amazon partnership for revenue with upcoming camera search feature      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Snapchat is in the process of working on a new visual search feature called Eagle that will let users identify objects, music, and more. Notably, the in development feature looks to be using Amazon as one of its main affiliate partners.


          FUZE STEIL GEHEN ODER INS GESICHT?! | RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Kann Fuze wieder steil gehen oder gibt´s ins Gesicht für Deko?! ►Zu Real Nugget: ►Merch!: ►R6 günstig per Email kaufen: ►3% Rabattcode bei MMOGA: lusor ▬▬▬▬ Social Media ▬▬▬▬ ► ► ► ► ►Snapchat: dekonstruktivis ► ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Geile Kopfhörer für Shooter:
          Snapchat permitirá buscar y comprar productos enfocándolos con la cámara      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat tiene entre manos la configuración de una nueva herramienta de búsqueda, que en el código aparece con el nombre .....

The post Snapchat permitirá buscar y comprar productos enfocándolos con la cámara appeared first on TreceBits - Redes Sociales y Tecnología.

          The woman who started the #PlaneBae saga apologizes for the ‘potential exploitative nature of the outcome and my actions’ and deletes her viral Twitter posts (TWTR, FB)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

plane flight interior passengers

  • Last week, the #PlaneBae saga went viral on social media, as one Rosey Blair documented on social media what seemed to be a love connection between two strangers sitting in front of her on an airplane.
  • Blair has apologized to the strangers for violating their privacy. She also deleted the original #PlaneBae Twitter thread, including all the photos of them she took. 
  • Blair has come under intense criticism for the #PlaneBae posts from pundits and a wave of people on social media. 
  • While #PlaneBae himself, former pro soccer player Euan Holden, has embraced his newfound celebrity, the woman involved deleted all of her social media accounts after it went viral in a bid for anonymity.

Rosey Blair, The woman behind the #PlaneBae social media phenomenon has apologized for "taking what should have been a small mundane moment of cheeriness and turning it into something foul and over-amplified," and deleted the viral Twitter thread that propelled her to internet fame last week.  

"When I made this and shared it, I was happy, joyful and overcome with authentic and sincere excitement. So much so that I could not see the potential exploitative nature of the outcome and my actions," she wrote.

Blair is referring to a series of now-deleted social media posts, tagged with #PlaneBae, in which she documented what she presented as a love connection between two strangers sitting in front of her on an airplane — complete with photos, videos and descriptions of the couple's every move.

Within 48 hours, Blair's story and the #PlaneBae hashtag was being covered on cable news all over the country. The #PlaneBae himself, former pro soccer player Euan Holden, even went on the Today Show to talk about it.

However, the young woman in the thread has so far avoided the public eye, and deleted all of her social media accounts. At the same time, Blair faced a rush of criticism from pundits and social media users who said that the whole #PlaneBae saga was an undue violation of the people's privacy. 

Blair addressed this in her apology, expressing regret for her actions. 

"The last thing I want to do is remove agency and autonomy from another woman. I wish I could communicate the shame I feel in having done this, but I truly feel that at this point my feelings are irrelevent."

The apology comes days after Blair posted a now-deleted video, acknowledging that the woman in the photos did not wish to be identified, but encouraging "sneaky" Twitter users to find her social accounts and publicly identify her anyway. Business Insider viewed the video before its deletion. 

Blair declined to comment beyond her public apology.

You can read her full apology here:


SEE ALSO: The viral #PlaneBae story is raising some serious questions about how creepy social media can be

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NOW WATCH: I quit social media for a month — and it was the best choice I've ever made

          Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flatulentry (Instagram copies Snapchat)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the innovation space, that's not always the case...unless of course you're operating in China, where there is no such thing as a barrier to entry As an entrepreneur,...
          Furious Woman Confronts Boyfriend At Strip Club After Tracking Him On Snapchat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Woman-catches-boyfriend-in-strip-clubThis was the awkward moment a woman confronted her boyfriend at a strip club after using Snapchat to track him down. I’m no relationship expert but I always find it’s best to be completely honest and transparent in a relationship. If that fails then always make sure you get rid of the evidence because your ...
          SOTG 750 - Toronto What Should You Do and Public Schools Cyber Stalking Your Kids      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


In the aftermath of the recent Toronto terror attacker, where dozens of people were deliberately run down with a rental van. That is the question from our SWAT Fuel Warrior of the Week. What could you do? What should you do if you are even in or near an attack?

During our weekly Quiet Time from, we have recommended reading and suggestions for a book that has been out awhile and a brand new one. Exercise your brain and enjoy quiet time.

Also, are the public schools Cyber-Stalking your kids? You might be surprised and sickened to learn that children are being stalked and terrorized by school officials due to social media posts. Break out the duct tape.

Topics Covered During This Episode:

  • Warrior of the Week
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Get a Free Bottle of 9mm+P

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  3. If we choose your question…  Email info@ with Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email

TOPIC: What does the armed citizen do in a scenario like the van attack in Toronto, NYC, England, etc?

  • Public School Psychological Terrorism: Public Schools are Cyber-Stalking your Kids
    • New Jersey - Uproar after New Jersey high school allegedly suspends students over gun-range photo
    • Florida - BREAKING: Anti-Gun Control Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Questioned By School Security For Visiting Gun Range With His Father
  • Wednesday will be a Best of Episode and we will talk about NRA show on Thursday’s Bonus Hour. Watch, Listen, Read, Shop, Connect at
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A New Jersey high school came under fire Friday after it allegedly suspended two students over a gun photo taken during a family visit to a shooting range.

News of the unnamed students' suspension circulated through a Lacey Township Facebook group, according to

Amanda Buron, a Lacey resident and family friend of one of the suspended students said one of the photos shared on SnapChat featured four rifles, magazines, and a gun duffel with the caption "fun day at the range," reported.

Buron said the two students received a five-day in-school suspension after the picture drew the attention of Lacey Township High School officials, who argued that it violated the school’s policy on weapons possession.

(Click Here for Full Article)



On Friday, Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv went to the gun range to learn to fire a gun for the first time, alongside his father. He tweeted this:

It was great learning about our inalienable right of #2A and how to properly use a gun. This was my first time ever touching a gun and it made me appreciate the #Constitution even more. My instructor was very informative; I learnt a lot. #2A is important and we need 2 preserve 2A

[More Tweets]

According to Kyle, “My dad was there and I shot with an AR-15. After, I posted a few pictures and videos.”

Kashuv was quickly called out for visiting a gun range and posting about it by a variety of other students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. But that wasn’t the end of the story. When Kyle went to school today, his principal informed him that other students had been upset by his posts, but that he hadn’t done anything wrong...

(Click Here for Full Article)

          Snapchat has a hidden visual search function      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Snapchat-Nutzer können Linsen künftig einfacher entdecken      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Unter iOS bietet euch Snapchat künftig eine praktische neue Funktion: Der Lens Explorer präsentiert euch Linsen von anderen Nutzern.
          Snapchat camera may soon help you shop at Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Photo-messaging app Snapchat is reportedly working with e-commerce giant Amazon to launch a camera feature that would identify objects within the cameras view and pull up facts about them along with the e-commerce information and listings from Amazon.
          Comment on This Week On Snapchat: Kora Bijou, Adi from Teddys Girls, Queen B MFC, Ivy Adams & Trisha Parks by desi sex hd - desi xxx      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
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          Snapchat's Next Big Idea Is Apparently Just Getting You to Buy More Stuff on Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The feature would let users “press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode, and more!”
          US Women Arrested for Filming Snapchat Video in Dying Hospice Patient's Room      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The women, who were all at the time working at the facility, reportedly titled the story “The End.”
          #russiangirl - miumiumiiiu      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
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          #russiangirl - miumiumiiiu      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
👀 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #selfie#sport#beauty#beautyblog#sexyme#model#girl#snapseed#snapchatfilter#snapchats#nofilter#fashion#селфи#красота#summer#лето#nature#like#liker#follow#followme#likeforfollow#russia#beautifulgirl#russiangirl#instagram#photo#photography#девушка#фото
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👻 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #selfie#sport#beauty#beautyblog#sexyme#model#girl#snapseed#snapchatfilter#snapchats#nofilter#fashion#селфи#красота#summer#лето#nature#like#liker#follow#followme#likeforfollow#russia#beautifulgirl#russiangirl#instagram#photo#photography#девушка#фото
          Snapchat et Amazon bientôt partenaires      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
En scannant des produits avec leur appareil photo, les utilisateurs de Snapchat pourront être redirigés directement sur Amazon.
          Charlamagne Gives 3 Georgia Women "Donkey Of The Day" For Filming A Dying Patient On Snapchat!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Charlamagne awarded the "Donkey Of The Day" to three Georgia woman. Posted By Persist

          Troy Ave - Uh Ohhh      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Directed by: White Ape
From The "Album Of The Summer Project And The Official Soundtrack Of "THE FIRST PURGE MOVIE" Out Now
Google Play:
Apple Music:
Get All The New TROY AVE Merchandise Here

          #weirdo - anxiety.19      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Friends wanted. #lost #thinking #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #photographer #photography #tatted #tattoowriting #tattoo #tattoos #tattoosforlife #tats #tribalwolf #kissme #depression #anxiety #nightmare #like #comment #artist #liketattoos #filter #snapchat #ugly #uglyasf #weird #weirdo #notamodel
          ちょっと気になる。AmazonとSnapchat、商品をシェアする新機能で提携を思案中?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
180711_amazonsnacha#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 Image: Pe3k/

テック系リサーチャーのIshan Agarwalさんが、AndroidのSnapchatアプリに隠されたコードを発見しました。Eagleというコードネームの、今後リリースされるかもしれない新機能は、Snapchatで見つけた商品をすぐAmazonで購入するための動線をサポートする仕組みになりそうです。



Fire 7 タブレット (7インチディスプレイ) 8GB Fire 7 タブレット (7インチディスプレイ) 8GB 5,980円

Image: Pe3k/
Source: TechCrunch

Melanie Ehrenkranz - Gizmodo US[原文]

シャッ! ボヨヨーン。スマホを落とした時にバネが飛び出てるケース
iPhone Xの半額で同じくらいの満足感。「Essential PH-1」レビュー

          Snapchat se prepara para integrar la búsqueda visual de Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Qué lejos quedaron aquellos tiempos en los que Snapchat era una aplicación novedosa con un formato fuera del simple "subir foto > añadir comentario" que nos proporcionaban Facebook o el primigenio Instagram. A Snapchat le robaron sus ideas y esto supuso un trasvase de usuarios a la competencia.

Pero Snap no se rinde y a día de hoy parece seguir buscando la fórmula para ofrecer al público algo diferente que le haga quedarse en ella. Según informan desde Techcrunch, la compañía podría estar trabajando en una nueva función con aires de Google Lens con la que los usuarios podrían reconocer objetos con la cámara y encontrarlos directamente en Amazon.

Directo a Amazon

Parece que la próxima idea de Snapchat ya está en el horno, o al menos así lo muestra el código de la aplicación. Tal y como explica el joven investigador Ishan Agarwal el código revela una función inédita de búsqueda con cámara cuyo nombre en código es "Project Eagle".

Esta función permitiría a los usuarios identificar un objeto o código de barras con la cámara del teléfono dentro de Snapchat y enviar la información a las empresas asociadas (en este caso Amazon) para que inmendiatamente la app redirija a su enlace en la web de Amazon.

Snapchat Eagle Amazon Code

El código también revela la posibilidad de mostrar vendedores y comentarios de los productos escaneados, además de la opción de copiar la URL para compartirla dentro o fuera de la propia aplicación. Por el momento ni Snapchat ni Amazon han confirmado a las fuentes que estén trabajando en esta función, pero no es la primera vez que ninguna de las dos coquetea con la búsqueda por imágenes.

Amazon lanzó hace años Amazon Flow, un servicio que permitía reconocer objetos y ponerlos en la cola para poder realizar la compra directamente. Snapchat por su parte lanzó el pasado año World Lenses un sistema de mapeo aplicado a la AR que también utilizaba la cámara para el reconocimiento de caras y objetos.

Es bastante factible que tanto por el desarrollo previo, como por lo que nos muestra el código, la nueva función llegue a Snapchat próximamente, pero por el momento tendremos que esperar a confirmación oficial para darlo por sentado y ver si servirá para que la compañía saque la cabeza del agua tras las recientes pérdidas declaradas.

En Xataka Móvil | El éxodo de Snapchat: las razones del trasvase hacia Instagram según sus protagonistas

          [ไม่ยืนยัน] Snapchat กำลังพัฒนาฟีเจอร์ค้นหาสิ่งของและเพลงได้จากการถ่ายภาพ      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

จากรายงานของเว็บไซต์ TechCrunch เปิดเผยว่า Snapchat อยู่ระหว่างการพัฒนาฟีเจอร์ใหม่ ค้นหาสิ่งของที่ต้องการเพียงถ่ายภาพ

หลังจากถ่ายภาพแล้วระบบจะเชื่อมต่อไปยัง Amazon พร้อมแสดงรายชื่อร้านค้าที่มีสิ่งของแบบเดียวกันหรือคล้ายกันขึ้นมา เพื่อการสั่งซื้อได้ในทันที และสามารถอ่านรีวิวเพิ่มเติม รวมถึงแชร์ต่อให้กับเพื่อนๆ ผ่าน Snap messages หรือ Snapchat Stories ได้

นอกจากการค้นหาด้วยภาพแล้ว โค้ดที่หลุดออกมายังระบุว่าสามารถค้นพาเพลงบน Shazam โดยอาจเป็นการค้นหาจากเสียงที่ Snapchat เคยทำมาก่อนแล้วตั้งแต่ปี 2016

ที่มา : TechCrunch, The Verge

No Description
ภาพจาก Pixabay

          ちょっと気になる。AmazonとSnapchat、商品をシェアする新機能で提携を思案中?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          10 Apps Guaranteed To Help You Master Modern Dog & Cat Ownership      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Obedience training? Pack selfies? Doggie SnapChat? There's an app for that.
          دانلود نرم افزار به اشتراک گذاری تصاویر Snapchat – اندروید      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat یک اپ زیبا و کاربردی می باشد که به شما این امکان را می دهد تا تنها با یک ضربه و کلیک فایل ها و تصاویر و ویدئوهای خود را به اشتراک گذاشته و با دانلود اسنپ چت پیش نمایش آنها را نیز مشاهده نمایید. مشاهده و بروزرسانی تصاویر از دیگر ویژگی های این …

نوشته دانلود نرم افزار به اشتراک گذاری تصاویر Snapchat – اندروید اولین بار در دانلود ها - دانلود رایگان نرم افزار،بازی،فیلم و سریال. پدیدار شد.

          E835: founder Daniel Singer created a voice-controlled camera that brings to life the movie in your head, takes on Snapchat & Facebook, shares the secrets of Gen Z & being a serial entrepreneur at 18      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

          Commentaires sur Jailbreak iOS 11.2 > 11.3.1 : Electra 1.0.2 fixe les derniers bugs ! par greg      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
lu remi ouai sacré matche vivement dimanche!!!! lol faut y croire :) ben je pense faire la mise a jour quand meme etant donné que tout a l heure j'ai eu deux plantage arf d'ailleurs j'ai installer mikoto pour eviter la mise a jour,eh bien si tu redemarre le tel tu vois la mise a jour mais chez moi impossible de la supprimer!!! le tel tourne en boucle pour l'afficher lol! alors j'ai mis en mode avion desactiver siri et refais le jailbreak ca a marcher du premier coup lol mais bon avoir une version stable pourrait etre sympa :) ah oui quelque tweak en tourne pas! j'ai eu des bugs en me disant que le springboard a crash! donc je me suis dis c'est mort eh bien j'ai pu aller sur cydia et desinstaller le tweak qui causer soucis et ensuite hop nickel lol en tout cas ya pas mal de tweaks sympa! faudrais que je balance ceux compatible i7 bien sur en 11.3.1 :) mais cerains tweeks cracké ne passe pas ca dis direct que c'est une version pirate lol et pour d'autres j'ai pu reinstaller ceux que j'ai acheter ya un moment et que j'ai pu remettre bioprotect etc et pareil les tweaks pour snapchat yen a qui peuvent bannir ton compte pour l'avoir vu et vite enlver lol encore merci a toi remi pour tes conseils et info man ;)
          Snapchat code reveals that it may be working on Camera Search tool with Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
If Snapchat and Amazon are indeed partnering together, Snapchat can garner revenue.
          DIY WATERCOLOR TATTOOS! TEMPORARY TATTOOS | rosaliesaysrawr      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Tattoo Design posted a photo:


Science Sunday in Video MAYhem even though this isn’t science but I wanted to do it anyways… Deal With It.
Follow Me & Send Me Pics of DIY Recreations:
Twitter @rosaliesaysrawr
Instagram @rosaliesaysrawr
Snapchat @rosaliesaysrawr

           Twice - dance the night away (once fanboys) #DanceTheNightAway       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

#TWICEXFRESHBAONJoin TWICE Amino: Me: FreshBaon"If The Baon Aint Fresh It Aint Baon"-LETS BE FRIENDS! (INFO)K-Pop Amino â FreshBaonFacebook â â â â FreshBaon-FOLLOW THE CREWJustin Santos â Lim â Baon â Nguyen â â Nguyen â Used:TWICE - DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY Business inquiries email: To God Be The Greatest #DanceTheNightAway

Duración: 06:05
Categoría: Humor

          #doggie - shifasayyedddd      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
heya💕 #doggie #snapchat #favfilter #
          Soziale Netzwerke: Snapchat könnte Facebook mit Amazon-Funktion düpieren      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat steht nach Facebooks jüngster Instagram-Offensive unter Druck: Nun spekulieren US-Medien über eine Kooperation mit Amazon.
          Update: Vlog Star - yt studio editor (Photography)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Vlog Star - yt studio editor 2.4

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Photography
Price: Free, Version: 2.3 -> 2.4 (iTunes)


Vlog Star helps you easily create Youtube Vlogs and more. Make awesome and professtional videos for your channel.

Multiple Tools for Vlogs Edit
- Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments.
- Merger: Combine multiple clips into one.
- Copy: Duplicate the clip you want.
- Transition: Choose from 12 transitions to animate between video clips.
- Speed: Adjust video speed with slow/fast precisely.
- Video Format: Automatic settings for Youtube Vlog, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and all your favorite video service.

Animated Effects & Music:
- FX sticker: Turn your video into hollywood blockbuster!
- Text: Type text with various fonts & unique designs.
- Sticker: Choose from kinds of stickers and make your video special.
- Photo Mix: Creat photo montages in your vlog.
- Voice-overs: Record your own voice over the video.
- Sound Effects: Choose from animals noises, explosions, laughter, etc.
- Music: Add your favorite music from iTunes.
- Duration: Adjust the duration of text, sticker and sounds and cue in anything at the right time.

- HD Video Output: Save videos in HD 1080p, 720p or 480p to your camera roll.
- Share on Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,, Whatsapp or by E-mail.

VIP Subscription info
- Free trial: 7 Days. No commitment: cancel anytime with no charge.
- Price: 1-month subscription: $2.99
3-month subscription: $7.99
1-year subscription: $11.99
- Renewal: subscription automatically renews unless autorenew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the free trial period.
- To manage your subscriptions or turn off auto-renewal
1. Go to settings > iTunes > AppStore
2. Tap your apple id at the top of the screen
3. Tap View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID.
4. Tap Subscriptions.
5. Tap the subscription you want to manage.
6. Use the options to manage your subscription.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to that publication.

Private Policy:
Terms of Use:

What's New

- Add Jump Cut feature.
- Add feature of importing music from videos.
- Add Custom Sticker feature.
- Add more filters and stickers.

Vlog Star - yt studio editor

          Update: 90s -Glitch Vaporwave Video FX (Entertainment)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

90s -Glitch Vaporwave Video FX 2.3

Device: iOS Universal
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free, Version: 2.2 -> 2.3 (iTunes)


Hype up your stories with insanely cool glitch effects and VHS effects. Turn your video into a psychedelic or vaporwave modern digital aesthetic masterpieces.

1.Touch Magic
Make magic videos to share. Add magic and coolest effects to your videos by drawing effects on the screen. Lots of effects to choose from: fireball, hearts, glitters, neon lights, lightings, butterflies, cute animals and more. New AR brushes let you create in space.

2.Mix Effects
Record aesthetic and trippy videos with numerous powerful real-time video filters, ranging from RGB glitches, VHS, trippy, sketch, grainy, pixelated filters, to vaporwave effects.

3. Various Dynamic Stickers
Lots of dynamic stickers in cool, cute and various styles, let you stand out from your friends! Flower crown blossom, virtual lighter, smoking, grainy, sparkle, glitter, snow, and more. Effects are continuously updated.

4.Make fun and share
This is a wonderful app to help artists to create the most unique and perfect glitch and vaporwave retro videos. You can easily share the fun on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Flipagram, Snapchat or and amaze your friends.

- With PRO you can subscribe for weekly new resource updates and unlimited access to all content.
- The subscriptions are from $0.99 monthly, $5.99 annually.
- This price is for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off for at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
- The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of the chosen package (monthly or yearly package).
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that content.

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

What's New

Add custom MIX effects function. Build your own special effects, and share them with your friends!

90s -Glitch Vaporwave Video FX

          (USA-IN-Evansville) City Weekend Producer      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Are you passionate about creating content that breaks the news story mold? Do you love food, travel, and the weekend lifestyle? Can you find amazing places and people in our area? And create engaging stories that present non-traditional revenue opportunities? If so, we want you to join our team. 14News the #1 content brand in Evansville,IN is looking for a creative storyteller to help expand its rapidly-growing broadcast and digital media presence. The ideal candidate will be quick-thinking, creative and multi-talented with the ability to produce multiple pieces weekly and be excited to be in front of the camera; splitting their time between writing, producing, shooting and editing content that engages and produce results across multiple platforms. The City Weekend producer demands direct knowledge of all aspects of video production to independently create top-quality multiplatform content. Energetic, a strategic thinker and highly motivated self-starter that will work with a team of producers or independently to produce a variety of creative assets for our broadcast and digital assets. The ideal candidate will also work with the sales team to develop new revenue opportunities for our expanding broadcast and digital properties. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Film/Video or other related field preferred. Must provide creative reel demonstrating advanced knowledge of video production, especially Adobe Premiere and DSLR cinematography. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat, Brightcove, Wordpress plus audience engagement and management tools for digital publishing, reporting and analytics experience is required. On-camera experience preferred. Evenings and some weekends may be required. If qualified, please apply online (Raycomn Media Careers) and include your cover letter, resume and demo reel. No phone calls please. EOE-M/F/D/V ID: 2018-8893 External Company Name: Raycom Media, Inc. External Company URL: Street: 1115 Mt. Auburn Road
          FRANCE 1-0 BELGIQUE (débrief)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Le debrief de la Class'Foot de ce demie finale face à la Belgique
Abonne-toi à la chaine MAINTENANT ►

Retrouvez les Live chaque veille de match à 22h sur Facebook
✔ First Team sur Facebook ►
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✔ First Team sur Twitter ►
✔ Sur Snapchat et Instagram @FirstTeam101

Fan de SPORT ? Abonne-toi dès maintenant pour suivre toute l'actualité du basket-ball US et du Foot. First Team : Le SPORT comme nulle part ailleurs !
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Author: avatarnouveau-vido71frazdyl2
Tags: football equipe de france griezzman mbappe belgique hazard deschamps but coupe@du monde
Posted: 11 Juli 2018

          FRANCE 1-0 BELGIQUE (débrief)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Le debrief de la Class'Foot de ce demie finale face à la Belgique
Abonne-toi à la chaine MAINTENANT ►

Retrouvez les Live chaque veille de match à 22h sur Facebook
✔ First Team sur Facebook ►
✔ First Team sur Twitter ►
✔ First Team sur Twitter ►
✔ Sur Snapchat et Instagram @FirstTeam101

Fan de SPORT ? Abonne-toi dès maintenant pour suivre toute l'actualité du basket-ball US et du Foot. First Team : Le SPORT comme nulle part ailleurs !
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Author: avatarvidos-les-plus-regardes50frvoodc10
Tags: football equipe de france griezzman mbappe belgique hazard deschamps but coupe@du monde
Posted: 11 Juli 2018

          Snapchat code reveals team-up with Amazon for 'Camera Search' - TechCrunch      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Snapchat code reveals team-up with Amazon for 'Camera Search'
Snapchat is building a visual product search feature, codenamed “Eagle,” that delivers users to Amazon's listings. Buried inside the code of Snapchat's Android app is an unreleased “Visual Search” feature where you “Press and hold to identify an object ...

and more »

          Snapchat's Rumored Feature Code-named 'Eagle' Could Make It 'Cool' Again -      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache

Snapchat's Rumored Feature Code-named 'Eagle' Could Make It 'Cool' Again
Snapchat's Rumored Feature Code-named 'Eagle' Could Make It 'Cool' Again. Unable to load video. In the ongoing battle between Snapchat and Instagram, the friendly ghost may be enlisting Amazon to help regain its dominance. Nathan Rousseau Smith ...

          Snapchat's Lens Explorer Lets You Unlock Original Lenses & The Options Are Awesome      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
New Snapchat Lenses are on the way, so get ready to have even more fun using the face-altering feature. The social media app is rolling out a brand new set of Lenses made for you (and by you). Snapchat is expanding the reach of their community-create…
          Tristan Thompson's Snapchat Kissing Khloe Kardashian Will Have You So Entirely Shook      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Can someone please tell me WTF I'm looking at here? It's old news Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian are working on saving their relationship after he reportedly cheated on her, but his latest Snapchat video of the two together is all shades of bi…
          Snapchat Introduces New Lens Explorer Feature      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat is currently looking for ways to keep its faithful user’s interested in its app, and this latest feature might help. Snap knows its most famous feature is its lenses and today introduced a new lens explorer feature that will allow users to search for and unlock thousands of unique lenses created by Snapchat users […]
          找上亞馬遜布局購物,Snapchat相機一掃就能找到相關商品      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          #newport - niggahnews      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
‪NiggahNews: ‬It don’t make no difference what color they r, if their a celebrity, & they done did some IGNORANT ASS, Niggahissh issh, it’s gon b n NiggahNews #NiggahNews #School #KUWTK #Shopping #Car #LuxuryCar #Mansion #MiniMansion #House #Land #Property #Ring #WeddingRing #EngagementRing #WeddingDay #Time #ImOut #Computer #Itunes #Download #JustDoIt #Jordans #Sneakers #Newport #Weed #Marijuana #LegalizeMarijuana #ThugLife #PrivateGrayTV #Snapchat
          スナップチャットがアマゾンと提携? 15歳が隠し機能を発見       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


          'Nonchalance en elegantie combineren is de grootste kunst'      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
De bekende snapchatter Flo Windey trekt deze zomer voor Studio Brussel als Moeder Floverste naar zeven festivals. Haar stijlgeheimen.
          (USA-NV-Las Vegas) iOS Developer      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
iOS Developer iOS Developer - Skills Required - iOS Development, SWIFT, Objective-C, Java, NodeJS, SASS/Compass/LESS/CSS If you are a iOS Developer with experience, please read on! **Top Reasons to Work with Us** We are official partner of IBM Watson and our patent-pending app is attached to the most highly engaged influencers of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Using this data we run campaigns for Fortune 100 companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Kia, Fox TV, Sony, and more. **What You Will Be Doing** You will be responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of our mobile applications. This will involve working with the team to develop, test, and deliver business requested mobile application and APIs based on our new web platform. **What You Need for this Position** MUST HAVE: - BS in related field - At least 1 published app in the iOS app store - Experience with Swift or Objective-C (iOS); Java (android) will be considered as well - Strong understanding of the web technology stack, e.g. HTTP, cookies, headers, caching, DNS lookup NICE TO HAVE: - Node.js - SASS/Compass/LESS/CSS - Experience with javascript frameworks **What's In It for You** - Competitive Salary DOE - Free catered lunch and dinners - Stock options - remote days - Comprehensive benefits package So, if you are a iOS Developer with experience, please apply today! Applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S. **CyberCoders, Inc is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer** All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. **Your Right to Work** – In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire. *iOS Developer* *NV-Las Vegas* *KH4-1466934*
          (USA-NV-Las Vegas) Software Architect - NodeJS      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Software Architect - NodeJS Software Architect - NodeJS - Skills Required - NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, JavaScript, eXpress, SASS/Compass/LESS/CSS If you are a Software Architect with experience, please read on! **Top Reasons to Work with Us** We are official partner of IBM Watson and our patent-pending app is attached to the most highly engaged influencers of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Using this data we run campaigns for Fortune 100 companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Kia, Fox TV, Sony, and more. **What You Will Be Doing** As a Software Architect you will be responsible for the development, design, and maintenance of our stack. It will be your task to ensure that all of our applications are best of breed. You will work within your team to develop, test, and deliver business requested applications and APIs. You will be assisting with both the creative and implementation process. This position works with our UX and executive teams throughout the development life-cycle. Here's what you'll be doing: -- Architect efficient and reusable backend systems that drive complex web and mobile applications in an agile work environment. - Work on any variety of cool things - such as IBM Watson based on social media research. **What You Need for this Position** MUST HAVE: - BS in related field - 5+ years building web applications from start to finish - SQL and NoSQL - Javascript/Express - Expert level Node.js experience NICE TO HAVE: - CSS/Compass/SASS/LESS - Jade, dust.js, HAML, handlebars, etc - Frameworks such as angular, chaplin, backbone, and knockout, etc. **What's In It for You** - Competitive Salary DOE - Free catered lunch and dinners - Stock options - remote days - Comprehensive benefits package So, if you are a Software Architect with experience, please apply today! Applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S. **CyberCoders, Inc is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer** All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. **Your Right to Work** – In compliance with federal law, all persons hired will be required to verify identity and eligibility to work in the United States and to complete the required employment eligibility verification document form upon hire. *Software Architect - NodeJS* *NV-Las Vegas* *KH4-1467051*
          Avec Lens Explorer, tout le monde peut créer des filtres sur Snapchat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Les « Snapchatters » pourront désormais créer des filtres en réalité augmentée et utiliser ceux déjà conçus par les internautes. L'option, baptisée Lens Explorer, est intégrée au carrousel dans l'application. [Lire la suite]
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          Snapchat’s Camera May Help You Shop at Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Photo-messaging app Snapchat is reportedly working with e-commerce giant Amazon to launch a camera feature that would identify objects within the cameras view and pull up facts about them along with the e-commerce information and listings from Amazon. Likely to be branded either “Visual Search” or “Camera Search, the feature will help users point their [...]

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          Snapchat lance Lens Explorer pour faciliter l’accès aux Lenses pour les marques et les particuliers      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat continue d’innover en annonçant aujourd’hui une nouvelle fonctionnalité « Lens Explorer » permettant aux utilisateurs de faire des recherches parmi des milliers de Lenses créées par les utilisateurs. Snap désigne parallèlement des « Lens Studio Partners » en France, au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne à destination des marques souhaitant investir ce terrain. Lens Studio Explorer : débloquer des […]

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          Snapchat lance Lens Explorer pour faciliter l’accès aux Lenses pour les marques et les particuliers (Web-Actus)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat continue d'innover en annonçant aujourd'hui une nouvelle fonctionnalité « Lens Explorer » permettant aux utilisateurs de faire des recherches parmi des milliers de Lenses créées par les utilisateurs. Snap désigne parallèlement des « Lens Studio Partners » en France, au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne (...)
          Pikajuoksija Samuel Purolan mitalijahti todennäköisesti ohi nuorten MM-kisojen satasella – välierät vaarassa kuumeilun vuoksi      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mitalisuosikki Samuel Purola joutunee vetäytymään 100 metrin juoksun välieristä Tampereen nuorten MM-kisoissa. Purola julkaisi Snapchatissa keskiviikkoaamuna päivityksen, jossa hän kertoi sairastuneensa yön aikana.– Välierät oli sit sillä juostu! Kuumettahan se iski yön aikana. Kisat kisailtu, Purola...
          Snapchat lance Lens Explorer pour faciliter l’accès aux Lenses pour les marques et les particuliers      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat continue d’innover en annonçant aujourd’hui une nouvelle fonctionnalité « Lens Explorer » permettant aux utilisateurs de faire des recherches parmi des milliers de Lenses créées par les utilisateurs. Snap désigne parallèlement des « Lens Studio Partners » en France, au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne à destination des marques souhaitant investir ce terrain. Lens Studio Explorer : débloquer des […]

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          Official: Florida shooting suspect’s mom let him buy gun      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

SUNRISE, Fla. – A commission investigating the Florida high school massacre heard Tuesday the suspect’s late mother allowed him to buy a gun even though his mental health counselors opposed the idea and agreed that a diversion program for students who commit minor on-campus crimes played no part in the shooting.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, chairman of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission, told members that Lynda Cruz was “an enabler” who interfered with efforts to get her son Nikolas Cruz treatment.

“If he wants to have a gun, he could have a gun,” Gualtieri said Lynda Cruz told his counselors. Lynda Cruz died in November of pneumonia, three months before investigators say her 19-year-old son killed 17 at the school on Valentine’s Day, shooting throughout a three-story classroom building with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. His father died when he was young.

Gualtieri told members that school and mental health counselors had at least 140 contacts with Nikolas Cruz over the years trying to get him help, but his mother frequently interfered. He did not go into specifics. Similar complaints were made about the mother of Adam Lanza, who killed 26 at a Connecticut elementary school in 2012 after killing her. Nancy Lanza bought guns for her 20-year-old son despite his severe emotional issues.

The commission is scheduled to discuss his mental health treatment in a closed session Thursday as those records are protected by federal and state law.

School and government records obtained by The Associated Press and other media shortly after the shooting show Nikolas Cruz was diagnosed as developmentally delayed at age 3 and had disciplinary issues dating to middle school. In February 2014, while in eighth grade, Nikolas Cruz was transferred to a school for children with emotional and behavioral issues. He stayed until 10th grade, when he was transferred to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

About a year before the attack, Nikolas Cruz was kicked out of the school after he harassed other students, had emotional outbursts, fought and had numerous other issues. He was sent to an alternative school.

On Sept. 28, 2016, an investigator from the Florida Department of Children and Families visited Nikolas Cruz and his mother after he posted video on Snapchat showing him cutting himself. The report showed he had written a racial epithet against African-Americans and a Nazi symbol on his book bag, which his mother had forced him to erase. The investigator said Nikolas Cruz was suffering from depression and on medication and had told Lynda Cruz he planned to buy a gun, but she couldn’t determine why.

Also, the commission agreed Tuesday that Cruz’s participation in the Broward County school district’s Promise Program in 2013 played no part in the shooting. The program has come under criticism for leniency and because of questions over whether the teen completed the program, particularly among conservatives.

But Gualtieri, a Republican, called the issue “a red herring” and that Cruz’s participation would not have prevented him from buying guns.

Records show that Cruz was referred to the program as an eighth grader in November 2013, just a few months after it began, after he broke the handle on a bathroom faucet. Under the Promise Program, students who commit minor crimes or conduct violations like minor vandalism, petty theft, harassment and fighting are referred to the off-campus program for two-to-10 days, depending on the offense’s severity. They are assessed, given a course of treatment, attend classes and receive counseling aimed at changing their behavior. Records show that almost 90 percent of Promise participants never reoffend, Gualtieri said.

Records are inconclusive on whether Cruz actually attended Promise or skipped the assignment – school officials originally said he was never referred to the program, but later said they found records showing he was. But Gualtieri said even if the program didn’t exist and Cruz had been charged criminally for breaking the faucet, at most he would have been given a sentence of public service.

“The Promise Program didn’t fail for Cruz,” Gualtieri said. “The Promise Program is irrelevant to Nikolas Cruz. It never in any way, shape, form would have affected his ability to buy that AR-15 and to buy the shotguns, to buy anything else, to possess.”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, an outspoken conservative, also agreed that the program played no part.

“Breaking a handle off a faucet had nothing to do with this shooting,” Judd said.

But Judd and other commission members did make several recommendations for improving the Promise Program, including combining school and criminal records so officials can get a full picture of a juvenile’s behavior. Cruz did not have a juvenile or adult criminal record before the shooting, but his mother did call deputies to their home about 20 times for behavior issues including threats and possible battery. The commission will later discuss how those incidents were handled.

The commission brings together law enforcement, education and mental health officials along with legislators and the parents of student victims. It will prepare a report by Jan. 1.

Cruz is charged with 17 counts of first-degree murder. His attorneys have said he would plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence without parole. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

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Surface Go, Apple junta divisões, bug na segurança do iOS 11.4.1, Apple + 1Password, Firefox x 1Password, líderes da App Store, futuro do mercado de caixas conectadas, Snapchat Lens Explorer, Instagram copia o Curious Cat, bug no WhatsApp, AR em anúncios do Facebook, Facebook desiste de mais uma iniciativa de conectividade, Facebook Stories Highlights, novidades no Google Pay, YouTube x fake news, Netflix Smart Downloads, fábrica da Tesla na China.

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O Loop Matinal é um podcast do Loop Infinito que traz as notícias mais importantes do mundo da tecnologia para quem não tem tempo de ler sites e blogs de tecnologia.

Marcus Mendes apresenta um resumo rápido e conciso das notícias mais importantes, sempre com bom-humor e um toque de acidez.

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Tesla construirá carros na China: 

Netflix lança Smart Downloads no Android: 

YouTube para Android ganha Modo Incógnito: 

YouTube anuncia iniciativas para combater notícias falsas: 

Google Pay agora armazena cartões de embarque: 

Google Pay ganha suporte a transferências P2P: 

Facebook terá Stories Highlights: 

Facebook desistiu de iniciativa de conectividade por helicóptero: 

Facebook testa anúncios em AR: 

Bug faz WhatsApp consumir muitos dados: 

Instagram ganha sticker de pergunta: 

Snapchat lança Lens Explorer: 

Canalys divulga previsão para o mercado de caixas inteligentes: 

Sensor Tower divulga lista de líderes contínuos da App Store: 

Firefox lança administrador de senhas para iOS: 

Apple adotará 1Password internamente: 

Já encontraram uma vulnerabilidade no bloqueio USB do iOS 11.4.1: 

Apple consolida liderança das divisões de AI, ML e Siri: 

Microsoft anuncia o Surface Go: 


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          IAM JUST AIRI -SUGAR OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   







Chris and Tray :




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          Así pueden aprovechar las marcas los stickers de preguntas en Instagram Stories      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

No hay duda que Instagram se ha convertido en la app social favorita de muchas personas, principalmente de los usuarios más jóvenes, su formato visual y la adhesión de funciones lúdicas (retomadas de Snapchat) la convierten en un escenario ideal para compartir casi cualquier tipo de contenido.

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          Trend Watch: Augmented Reality Apps for Education      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Last summer, millions of kids discovered the power of Augmented Reality (AR) while using apps like PokemonGo, Snapchat and Instagram. In light of these socio-cultural changes, educators need to “keep abreast of change” and embrace curriculum design which integrates the...
          Μέσω Snapchat θα μπορείτε πλέον να αγοράζετε προιόντα!       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Κεντρική Εικόνα

Η εφαρμογή Snapchat κάνει προσπάθειες να εξουδετερώσει τους ανταγωνιστές της και να μπει στη βιομηχανία του on line retail.

          Facebook begins testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Facebook app on Android

Facebook has announced that it has begun testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed. Now, businesses will be able to enhance their Facebook ads with AR-created products that users will be able to try on, similar to a Snapchat filter. One of the ads shown off is for Michael Kors, which lets users try...

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          Joe Wants To Know: The Great Chip Debate!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos the list goes on and on. What Chip is the best?  Let’s  Connect online: Snapchat – JoePeshRadio Instagram – Facebook – Twitter –
          Who’s The Biggest LOSER on The Joe And Alex Show?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Today we played the LOSER game and we’re all big LOSERS! Listen to the podcast below.  Let’s  Connect online: Snapchat – JoePeshRadio Instagram – Facebook – Twitter –
          ちょっと気になる。AmazonとSnapchat、商品をシェアする新機能で提携を思案中?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Image: Pe3k/ 右向いても左向いてもアマゾォォォォン。テック系リサーチャーのIshan Agarwalさんが、AndroidのSnapchatアプリに隠されたコードを発見しました。Eagleというコードネームの、今後リリースされるかもしれない新機能は、Snapchatで見つけた商品をすぐAmazonで購入するための動線をサポートする仕組みになりそうです。TechCrunchによると、Snapchatにでてくるモノや曲、バーコードなどをタップ&ホールドすることで 全文
ギズモード・ジャパン 07月11日 11時30分

          Snapchat et Amazon préparent un outil de recherche visuelle      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat et Amazon travailleraient ensemble sur un nouvel outil de recherche visuelle. Une nouvelle fonction qui devrait être prochainement disponible sur l'application, et marcherait de la même manière que Google Lens sur les smartphones Android. Snapchat se met à l'e-commerce avec Amazon, un partenaire puissant Snapchat, l'une des applications les plus utilisées chez les jeunes, est en train de développer avec Amazon une nouvelle fonctionnalité, qui permettra aux utilisateurs, en pointant la caméra de leur smartphone sur des objets autour d'eux, de retrouver leurs fiches produits sur Amazon. On pourra également scanner les codes-barres des produits pour les voir instantanément en ligne sur le site du marchand. L'information est révélée par le site Techcrunch après que Ishan Agarwal, un tipster âgé de 15 ans, a découvert le Projet Eagle (nom de code) et en a averti les journalistes. Pour l'instant Amazon n'a pas confirmé ou infirmé si ses employés participaient au développement de cette fonctionnalité Snapchat, ou si son site était juste utilisé sans qu'il y ait de collaboration entre les deux entreprises. N'oublions pas que Snapchat vend déjà via Amazon ses lunettes-caméra, Spectacles v2, " des lunettes de soleil qui enregistrent votre regard sur le monde ", et qu'à part le site de Snapchat, Amazon est le seul marchand à les commercialiser. Un Google Lens fonctionnant aussi bien sur les smartphones Android et Apple, mais avec une possibilité de partage La recherche dans le code de Snapchat a révélé que le Project Eagle a été renommé " Camera Search " dans la nouvelle version de l'application. On peut voir dans le code que " Camera Search " permettra de faire apparaître un vendeur, de copier l'URL de la page de vente de l'objet, de la partager avec ses amis à travers les messages instantanés et son historique. Il sera même possible d'être redirigé vers la fiche Shazam d'un artiste, grâce à la photo d'un album, d'un titre, et même de l'artiste. Snapchat permet déjà de reconnaître les musiques jouées autour de soi grâce à Shazam, puisqu'elle a intégré l'application de recherche musicale depuis 2016. Elle permet de suivre l'artiste en question sur Snapchat et de partager ce que l'on écoute. Mais Snapchat n'est pas le premier à se lancer sur la reconnaissance visuelle, Pinterest avec " Pinterest Lens ", disponible depuis juin 2017 et " Google Lens " du géant Américain, annoncé en mai 2017 et disponible depuis le 4 juin 2018 sur la version 8 d'Android, proposent déjà des outils de recherche visuelle. Le fait d'être capable de reconnaître ce que l'on voit en utilisant Snapchat donne à l'application une nouvelle manière de l'utiliser, et la rendrait peut-être plus accessible à d'autres utilisateurs que les jeunes adultes et adolescents.
           Babe drills a dildo in SnapChat live cam with big ease       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

          Five Reasons why you should Choose a Norwegian Cruise Holiday      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

With activities for all ages and a diverse mix of destinations, cruising is the ideal platform to plan a multi-generational family getaway

by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai – With the freedom and flexibility to enjoy an unrivalled choice of dining, entertainment, accommodation and activity options for all ages, Norwegian Cruise Line is a firm favourite with families looking for new, unforgettable experiences. Norwegian Cruise Line has a range of family-friendly itineraries to choose from for your next holiday, including destinations in Europe, Alaska, Hawaii and more. If you’re looking for something closer to home, Norwegian Jewel’s forthcoming Asia Pacific sailing season is also not to be missed, providing an excellent opportunity to discover the local region with the whole family.

Returning to local waters fresh from a bow-to stern refurbishment in November, Norwegian Jewel’s 7-Day South East Asia round trip, departing from Singapore on 5 November 2018, is perfect for first time cruisers looking to find their sea legs in beautiful local waters. Or, for those looking for a more far flung adventure, Norwegian Jewel’s 13-Day South Pacific sailing from Sydney, departing on 5 January 2019 and taking in the sights of Noumea, the Isle of Pines, Cairns and Airlie Beach is just the cruise for you.

Looking to travel a little further afield this Christmas? Why not take in the breathtaking sights of Hawaii from on board Pride of America, the only cruise ship that sails round-trip from Honolulu year-round. With Norwegian’s unique 7-day Hawaii itineraries, you can stay overnight in both Maui and Kauai as well as visiting Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Why should travellers choose Norwegian for their next multigenerational cruise? Here are our top five reasons:

Awesome Accommodation
Experience first-hand why Norwegian Cruise Line won the ‘Best Suites’ award at the Cruise Critic® Australia Editors’ Picks Awards for 2017. Each Norwegian Cruise Line ship offers a wide range of spacious staterooms and configurations to suit different family groups, including interior, ocean-view and balcony staterooms. For larger groups there are also mini-suites, multi-room suites and interconnecting staterooms or studio cabins for solo travellers. The Haven by Norwegian®, an exclusive sanctuary accessible by private keycard, is ideal for multi-generational groups looking to travel in style and is available on a range of Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

Award-winning entertainment
From a family fond of mini-golf to dance classes, water slides, race tracks and laser tag, there is no shortage of action on board Norwegian Cruise Line. Renowned for delivering some of the best, award-winning entertainment at sea, guests can choose from famed Broadway productions and musicals, acrobatic and circus shows through to comedy performances.

Delectable Dining
Let your inner foodie out with Norwegian Cruise Line’s renowned ‘freestyle’ dining concept, where guests can eat wherever they want, whenever they want - choosing from up to 27 dining options, including Japanese, Italian, Texas steakhouses and more. Kids under three always eat free, with those aged 4 to 12 able to order from complimentary kids’ menus at speciality dining restaurants – making family meal times delicious and affordable.

A Club for All Ages and Babysitting Services  
An enduring favourite with kids and parents, the on-board Splash Academy is a complimentary program for kids aged from 6 months to 12 years, with children divided into age-based activity groups supervised by trained staff.

Teenagers, often the trickiest group to entertain, will love the cool hang out lounge, Entourage, and the option to join other teens to watch a film, shoot hoops high above the sea, play video games, tackle a rock climbing wall, race their mates on multi-level waterslides and dance to the latest tunes under the stars at the White Hot Party.

Parents and Grandparents can take advantage of group babysitting services for those aged 3 to 12, or the specialised ‘nursery at sea’ service for little ones between six months and two-years-old.

Family-friendly Shore Excursions
From an unforgettable family experience such as dog sledding in Alaska, to being immersed in the crisp blue waters of the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia, there are plenty of options to create on-shore memories for the entire family, whatever your Norwegian Cruise Line itinerary.

Explore the beauty of Australia and New Zealand on board Norwegian Jewel, with family friendly shore excursions including snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, wading near the waterfalls of New Zealand’s South Island or visiting The Hobbiton movie set in the North Island.

Making it even more enticing to plan your next multi-generational holiday on board Norwegian, book now and take advantage of a range of flexible Free at Sea offers including a free beverage package, specialty dining and more!

About Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Cruise Line is the innovator in cruise travel with a 51-year history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising.  Most notably, Norwegian revolutionised the cruise industry by offering guests the freedom and flexibility to design their ideal cruise holiday on their schedule with no set dining times, a variety of entertainment options and no formal dress codes. Today, Norwegian invites guests to enjoy a relaxed, resort-style cruise holiday on some of the newest and most contemporary ships at sea with a wide variety of accommodation options, including The Haven by Norwegian®, a luxury enclave with suites, private pool and dining, concierge service and personal butlers. Norwegian Cruise Line sails around the globe, offering guests the freedom and flexibility to explore the world on their own time and experience up to 27 dining options, award-winning entertainment, superior guest service and more across all of the brand’s 16 ships.

Recently, the line was named “Europe’s Leading Cruise Line” for the tenth consecutive year, “World’s Leading Large Ship Cruise Line” for the sixth consecutive year, the “Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Line” for the fifth consecutive year, as well as “World’s Leading Cruise Line” and “North America’s Leading Cruise Line” both for the second straight year by the World Travel Awards. Norwegian’s next new build, the highly anticipated Norwegian Bliss, will be delivered in April 2018 featuring many firsts-at-sea for the global market including the largest race track at sea, award-winning Broadway entertainment, two observation lounges for guests to enjoy stunning ocean and glacier views and more.  Norwegian will introduce an additional new “Breakaway Plus” Class cruise ship in 2019 and has four additional ships on order for delivery beginning in 2022, with an option to introduce two more ships in 2026 and 2027.

For further information on Norwegian Cruise Line visit; contact us by phone +852 2165 6000 for rest of Asia or follow us on the following social channels for the latest company news & exclusive content: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: @NorwegianCruiseLine; Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat: @CruiseNorwegian. High resolution, downloadable images are available at

          IGTV gaat de strijd aan met YouTube      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

De tijd dat je belachelijk werd gemaakt wanneer je met je smartphone verticaal filmde, omdat je dan zou lijden aan het zogenaamde 'Vertical Video Syndrome', kunnen we achter ons laten. Verticale video’s zijn anno 2018 sociaal geaccepteerd en worden zelfs veelvuldig toegepast. Dit komt voornamelijk door Snapchat en Instagram, die populair zijn bij generatie Y en Z. Op deze twee platforms gebruik je je telefoon zoals je hem in je hand hoort te hebben: verticaal. Dit betekent dat je je scherm niet 90 graden draait om een video fatsoenlijk te kunnen bekijken. Omdat video’s op de Instagram-app een limiet hadden van een minuut, konden we voor langere videocontent eigenlijk alleen maar terecht op het vertrouwde YouTube. Daar is nu verandering in gekomen: Instagram gaat met IGTV de concurrentie aan met YouTube. 

          Snapchat позволит покупать вещи с Amazon просто наведя на них камеру      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Компания собирается побороться с авторитетными конкурентами на рынке онлайн-продаж.
           'Bubbly and fun-loving' schoolgirl, 16, hanged herself after she was bullied on social media       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Sian Waterhouse from Morecambe in Lancashire regularly used Snapchat and Facebook but was subjected to taunts from her peers which led to her self-harming before she took her own life.
          Lele Pons vs Amanda Cerny      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

We'll do something different for today's battle, folks.  This time, we're not going to feature babes who share the same birthdays...  But hot women who used to be besties (best of friends).  Yup, they fell apart for reasons not entirely clear.

Now, really, it's tough to compare the two in terms of looks.  But since they're both uber hot, we just want to know who you'd choose... Nope, no 'all of the above'.  Just one. Please...  Okay, we'll help you...  Brunette vs. Blonde, one is a Playmate while the other is a music video goddess, both Vine superstar, both Instagram sensation, and both have a sense of humor.  So much for the help, eh?

Now rate away!

Lele Pons

A super sexy YouTube Star and the first Viner to accumulate 8 billion loops.  Elenora "Lele" Pons Maronese has amassed over 10 million subscribers to her self-titled channel.  Oh, and she has appeared alongside Vale Genta and Hannah Stocking in Blink 182's "She's Out of Her Mind" music Video.

Amanda Cerny

The Snapchat queen with over 21.7 million followers on Instagram.  This Cobie Smulders look-alike is also a Playboy Playmate of the Month for the month of October in 2011.  Amanda is also a fitness model and an occasional actress.  She appeared in The Bet (2016) and Internet Famous (2017).

          iOS Developer      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
NV-Las Vegas, If you are a iOS Developer with experience, please read on! Top Reasons to Work with Us We are official partner of IBM Watson and our patent-pending app is attached to the most highly engaged influencers of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Using this data we run campaigns for Fortune 100 companies such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Kia, Fox TV, Sony, and more. Wha
          #picofthenight - krumenauershaunte      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
#obsessed #snapchat #filter #selfie #instapic #pictureperfect #picofthenight #goodnightpost #leaf #photooftheday #chris #followhim
          Snapchat may let you shop at Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Hospice workers arrested over video of patient titled ‘The End’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Three hospice facility workers were arrested in connection to a Snapchat video titled “The End” filmed in a room with a stroke victim, according to authorities. Charges were filed against three women employed at Bentley Senior Living Facility in Jefferson, Ga., for exploiting an elderly and disabled person, news station WSB-TV reported. They were identified...
          VideoGamer Podcast #273: And I Will Try New Kiryu      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Nathan Drake's luck runs out in Uncharted, Dead Island 2 is definitely still a thing, and Geralt of Rivia thinks The Witcher 4 should be about Ciri. Rich has given the Yakuza Kiwami 2 demo a go and is as excited as you'd think he'd be, and as well as that he thinks The Incredibles is the best Lego game in quite some time. ► for all your news, reviews, videos and features on video games! Follow us on all your favourite social networks! ► Twitter➜ ► Facebook➜ ► Instagram➜ ► YouTube ➜ ► Snapchat➜ VideoGamerCom VideoGamer Podcast theme composed by Adam Cook
          Facebook testa publicidade com realidade aumentada no feed de notícias      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

O Facebook está começando a experimentar realidade aumentada com foco em publicidade no feed de notícias. Em comunicado oficial divulgado nesta terça-feira (10), ela apresentou uma nova ferramenta que vai permitir que empresas possam usar RA para usuários “experimentarem” as peças antes de comprar.

A ideia é simples. Por exemplo: caso você tenha se interessado por um modelo de óculos, pode, com um filtro semelhante aos do Instagram ou Snapchat, “colocar” o produto no rosto para ver se combina com você.

“Estamos adicionando novas maneiras de ajudar empresas a engajar com consumidores no mobile, encorajando a descoberta dos produtos e direcionando para compras online e nas lojas nesta temporada de férias”, explica o post. 

Segundo a empresa, estimativas do Boston Consulting Group (BCG) apontam que mais de 80 milhões de usuários nos Estados Unidos usam ferramentas de realidade aumentada, sendo que o número deve subir para 120 milhões em 2021.

Com isso, a proposta é prover ferramentas que não fiquem apenas no filtros, mas também para games e produções em vídeo com foco em realidade aumentada.

As publicidades devem aparecer na timeline da mesma forma que atualmente aparecem as fotos em 360º. Isto é, a figura em princípio surge estática no feed de notícias e apenas é acionada com o clique do usuário (diferente dos vídeos atuais que já têm autoplay).

Ainda, a proposta é de que a empresa que criou a publicidade possa adicionar um “call to action”, ou seja, um link para que o usuário participe de uma promoção, curta a página ou mesmo seja direcionado para a loja e compre o produto.

Empresa testa atualmente filtro em que usuários experimentam óculos (Foto: Divulgação)

A primeira experiência está sendo feita com usuários dos Estados Unidos apenas com a marca Michael Kors, a qual permite que o usuário experimente óculos usando os filtros.

Ainda, uma pessoa pode compartilhar uma foto “com o modelo” e pedir a sugestão de amigos diretamente em posts no feed ou pelo Stories. Outra marca, agora de cosméticos, vai permitir que usuários testem cores de batons e maquiagens também com filtros da plataforma.

De acordo com o post, para a criação deste tipo de anúncio, o Facebook produziu um kit de criação em vídeo voltado completamente para anúncios que envolvam realidade aumentada tanto para Facebook quanto para Instagram, Messenger e Audience Network. A plataforma está em período de testes (por enquanto, só nos EUA) e deve ser liberada somente em agosto.


No mês passado, o Instagram (também pertencente ao Facebook) começou a testar uma nova ferramenta que permite adicionar um botão de compras ao Stories, que exibem fotos e vídeos por 24 horas.

Assim como a novidade em realidade virtual, a ideia é criar um link fácil para que o usuário possa comprar um produto que tenha visto na rede social.

Junto com isso, em março deste ano, o Facebook anunciou a aba Shopping no Instagram, que permite adicionar etiquetas de preços a produtos em posts.

Ambas as funcionalidades do Instagram já estão disponíveis no Brasil.

          Snapchat lancia Lens Explorer: nuovo tab per scoprire i filtri creati dagli utenti, ma solo per iOS      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat non smette mai d’introdurre nuovi strumenti dedicati alla scoperta di novità e possibilità creative. L’ultima innovazione aggiunta all’app è...
          10 SOMMER(FERIEN) BEAUTY FAVORITEN! Juli 2018 ♡ BarbaraSofie      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hey Leute =) Heute zeige ich euch meine Sommer Beauty Favoriten 2018. Das sind eigentlich Produkte, die ich im Moment häufig und super gerne benutze. Schreibt auf jeden Fall auch eure Favoriten in die Kommentare, damit wir eine riesengroße Liste mit Produktempfehlungen bekommen! Viel Spaß beim Zuschauen =) __________________ UNSER VLOG KANAL: __________________ ► Abonniert kostenlos meinen Kanal, um kein Video zu verpassen:… __________________ Folgt mir 😀 ► Instagram: ► Snapchat: BarbaraSofie ► Twitter: __________________ MEINE LETZTEN VIDEOS: NEUER DM HAUL Juli 2018 | Balea, Maybelline, Garnier: Pärchen Umstyling in 3 Minuten: NUR 1
          #homo - kchristopher23      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
are you down to be a distraction baby? . . . . . . . . . . . #gay #gayboy #gayboys #bi #biboys #biboy #gaystagram #instagay #gaymen #bisexual #pride #gayteen #homo #boys #lgbt #gayguy #gaylife #gays #gayfollow #gayselfie #loveislove #gayhot #queer #gaylove #gaypride #gaysnapme #gaysnap #snapchatgay #snapgay
          I WOULD HAVE QUIT POKÉMON GO IF I DIDN’T CATCH THIS… (Shiny Articuno Day)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

SHINY ARTICUNO IN POKÉMON GO! Today is ARTICUNO DAY! Did you guys catch the Shiny Articuno in Pokémon GO? Also.. did you guys see CELEBI in Pokémon GO? Check final video! Nick: JTGily: Holly: DX1: SAVAGE SZN MERCH: M7 MERCH: Twitch: FOLLOW ME: Instagram – Twitter – Snapchat – btubehwd Second Channel: Music By: Business inquiries ONLY – Watch

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These damn filters though. #snapchat #selfie #weirdo #pictures #doodlephotobomb
          #picofthenight - inekira      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
My other part, my beautiful, my sweet mummy! #picofthenight #picoftheday #mummy #mummysgirl #liketwins #snapchatfun #alwaystogether #iadoreyou @armine70
          Lennon & Maisy // “Lean On” // Major Lazer and DJ Snake      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Our cover of “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake. Studio version available on iTunes here: For the sheet music version, go here: Facebook: Twitter: Twitter Lennon: Twitter Maisy: Instagram: @lennonandmaisyofficial Instagram Lennon: @lennonstella Lennon’s Website: Instagram Maisy: @maisystella Snapchat Lennon: lennonstella Snapchat Maisy: mstellaxoxo Do you

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          More Lenses Coming Soon to a Snapchat Near You      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snap announced Lens Explore, a feature that lets users access AR lenses submitted by other app users.
          The Sun: The Sun, Snapchat Writer / Editor - Freelance Shifts       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Competitive: The Sun: We are looking for talented writers and editors to work on The Sun's Snapchat edition... London
          Snapchat’s Lens Explorer offers 100k user-created selfie filters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat is building its focus on augmented reality Lenses, by giving users the ability to download those created by other users. This follows on from a feature Snap added at the end of last year, giving users the ability to build their own Lenses. To access the new Lens Explorer feature, you’ll need to tap […]

(via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

          IGTV gaat de strijd aan met YouTube      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
De tijd dat je belachelijk werd gemaakt wanneer je met je smartphone verticaal filmde, omdat je dan zou lijden aan het zogenaamde 'Vertical Video Syndrome', kunnen we achter ons laten. Verticale video’s zijn anno 2018 sociaal geaccepteerd en worden zelfs veelvuldig toegepast. Dit komt voornamelijk door Snapchat en Instagram, die populair zijn bij generatie Y en Z. Op deze twee platforms gebruik je je telefoon zoals je hem in je hand hoort te hebben: verticaal. Dit betekent dat je je scherm niet 90 graden draait om een video fatsoenlijk te kunnen bekijken. Omdat video’s op de Instagram-app een limiet hadden van een minuut, konden we voor langere videocontent eigenlijk alleen maar terecht op het vertrouwde YouTube. Daar is nu verandering in gekomen: Instagram gaat met IGTV de concurrentie aan met YouTube. 
Lees meer over: IGTV gaat de strijd aan met YouTube.
          Snapchat Introduces New Lens Explorer Feature      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat is currently looking for ways to keep its faithful user’s interested in its app, and this latest feature might help. Snap knows its most famous feature is its lenses and today introduced a new lens explorer feature that will allow users to search for and unlock thousands of unique lenses created by Snapchat users […]
          Snapchat'ten yeni araç!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat'in topluluk tarafından geliştirilen lenslerine ulaşmak, yeni Lens Explorer işlevi sayesinde çok kolay bir hale geldi!
          Snapchat pourrait bientôt disposer d'un système de détection d'objets et proposer des liens vers la boutique Amazon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat pourrait bientôt introduire une nouvelle fonctionnalité permettant de détecter des objets et de proposer des liens vers la boutique Amazon. En analysant de près les lignes de code de l'application Snapchat, un chercheur à découvert de multiples pistes laissant penser que le réseau social prévoit d (...)

          سناب شات يُضيف ميزة Lens Explorer لتصفح مُرشحات مُصمّمة بواسطة المُستخدمين      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
هذا الموضوع سناب شات يُضيف ميزة Lens Explorer لتصفح مُرشحات مُصمّمة بواسطة المُستخدمين ظهر على عالم آبل. في العام الماضي، أطلق سناب شات Snapchat تطبيق Lens Studio، الذي يُتيح لأي شخص إنشاء مُرشحات AR مُخصّصة، ومع التحديث الأخير للتطبيق أعلنت الشركة عن إدخال طريقة جديدة للعثور على تلك المُرشحات داخل التطبيق. وذلك عبر خيار Lens Explorer المُتاح حاليًّا على نظام تشغيل iOS فقط، وتشتمل الخيارات على
          Snapchat and Amazon Could Be Teaming Up on a New Visual Search Tool      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Snapchat is seeking to expand its horizons and utilize its camera to go beyond social media with a new visual ... Read More

The post Snapchat and Amazon Could Be Teaming Up on a New Visual Search Tool appeared first on WebProNews.

          New Cheap Surface Tablet – DTH      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Microsoft’s $399 Surface, Snapchat may do visual search and Apple’s USB Restricted mode bypassed. MP3…
          JIIXI JAAXA EPISODE 25      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

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Posted: 11 Juli 2018

          3 baby-sitting teens arrested after video with Taser posted       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Three teenage girls were arrested Monday night in central Arkansas after videos posted to Snapchat showed a baby they were supposed to be caring for instead being taunted with a Taser, authorities said.
          How to Stream on Twitch using a PC      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Games are a great way to relax your mind, but when you are really good in gaming and you think that your friends might be interested in watching your games then you must start streaming them onto the internet. The game streaming thing works just like you might have been doing on Snapchat and Instagram....

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          Humanités numériques - Culture numérique - introduction, 1re partie - Hervé Le Crosnier      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Hervé Le Crosnier

Titre : Humanités numériques - Culture numérique : introduction, première partie
Intervenant : Hervé Le Crosnier
Lieu : Université de Caen Normandie - Centre d'enseignement multimédia universitaire
Date : septembre 2017
Durée : 56 min
Visionner la vidéo
Diaporama support de la présentation, pages 1 à 31
Licence de la transcription : Verbatim
Illustration : diapositives 3 et 4 du diaporama ; licence OER Open Educational Resources, licence Creative Commons, by-sa
NB : transcription réalisée par nos soins. Les positions exprimées sont celles des personnes qui interviennent et ne rejoignent pas forcément celles de l'April.


Cours de Culture numérique dans le cadre de la Licence Humanités parcours Humanités numériques.


On m’a demandé un challenge qui est d’arriver en un peu moins de deux heures, parce qu’on va faire une petite pause quand même, à introduire ce que sont, ce que peut être la culture numérique.

Définir la culture numérique

J’ai choisi comme première image de cette définition quelqu’un qui vient de changer de statut : vous savez que Mario [personnage du jeu vidéo de Nintendo] n’est plus plombier, que c’est toute votre jeunesse qui est en train de disparaître.

Pourquoi parler de Mario en culture numérique ? Parce qu’en fait la culture numérique c’est à la fois une culture générale pour le 21e siècle, nous allons le voir par la suite, mais c’est aussi de la pop culture ou de la pop philosophie. Il ne se passe un jour sans que, en ouvrant un journal, en regardant une télévision, on ne s’aperçoive qu’il y a des questions numériques qui sont posées dans toutes les interventions. Ce matin Le Temps, le grand journal de Genève, titrait à sa une « Comment l’agriculture suisse se met au numérique ». Vous voyez ! Tous les sujets aujourd’hui sont complètement confrontés à cette question du numérique. Et en même temps pour nous, pour nos pratiques quotidiennes, le numérique c’est plus proche de Mario, c’est plus proche des jeux, c’est plus proche de notre usage du téléphone, des médias sociaux, etc.

Ce qui est une difficulté aussi pour parler de la culture numérique c’est, bien évidemment, que vous êtes plongés dedans. Vous êtes plongés dedans et vous avez l’impression, donc, qu’il n’y a rien à apprendre puisque vous êtes déjà plongés ; vous savez très bien vous servir de Snapchat1, peut-être même mieux que moi parce que je n’aime pas Snapchat. Donc voilà ! À quoi ça sert d’apprendre la culture numérique ?

Donc ça va être un peu l’objectif aujourd’hui, c’est de vous montrer qu’il faut qu’on arrive à comprendre que derrière chaque activité numérique – vous en faites, j’en fais, et ce ne sont pas forcément les mêmes, et des tas de gens, vous avez vu donc les agriculteurs suisses sont en train de s’y mettre, ils font des activités numériques, mais ce ne sont pas forcément les mêmes – il y a toute une série d’enjeux qui se retrouvent parmi toutes ces activités. Donc ce qui est important c’est d’être capable de regarder la culture numérique ; non pas apprendre comment on s’en sert mais apprendre selon quel angle de vue on peut analyser les phénomènes numériques qui se déroulent sous nos yeux, qui forgent, vous le savez bien, la société d’aujourd’hui. Vous n’êtes pas sans savoir que le président du pays le plus riche et le plus actif dans le monde a mené la campagne sur Twitter et sur Facebook et donc vous savez bien qu’en fait toutes nos activités passent maintenant par les réseaux numériques.

Angles de vue

Après il faut le regarder selon plusieurs angles de vue :

  • il y a un angle économique ; je pense qu’on ne peut pas oublier que derrière il y a de l’économie ; que parmi les entreprises les plus riches de la planète, parmi les dix premières, il y en a sept qui viennent du monde numérique. On ne peut pas non plus ignorer ce que ça représente, c’est-à-dire qu’il y a un marché, je vais y revenir tout à l’heure. Donc à partir du moment où il y a beaucoup d’argent, il faut bien que quelqu’un donne cet argent et, en même temps, pour la majeure partie de vos activités, vous avez l’impression que c’est gratuit. Donc ça pose quand même là une question de la nature même de cette économie du numérique ;
  • il y a un angle de vue social. Social aux deux sens du mot : vos relations sociales et puis le social, les conditions de travail, l’avenir du travail, le remplacement je n’y crois pas trop, mais au moins la modification du travail par l’apport de l’intelligence artificielle et des robots ;
  • il y a l’aspect de la culture. La culture au sens traditionnel, la culture lettrée, je vais y revenir un peu tout à l’heure, comment est-ce qu’elle est profondément modifiée par l’irruption du numérique ;
  • il y a un angle de vue politique, bien évidemment. Vous savez certainement que Mark Zuckerberg, le fondateur de Facebook, est en train de préparer sa campagne électorale de 2020 ;
  • il y a un angle de vue historique. Alors là je sais que j’ai du mal, parce que vous êtes en plus des jeunes qui sortez du lycée, à faire passer que tous ces appareils numériques que vous utilisez au quotidien sont en réalité très récents. Pour vous, vous êtes nés avec Google donc c’est un peu plus compliqué, mais pour une grande partie des gens ce sont des choses qui ont eu une histoire. Et retourner sur l’histoire, se poser des questions sur comment on en est arrivé là, c’est souvent un bon moyen de comprendre ce qu’on peut faire à partir d’aujourd’hui pour préparer demain ;
  • il y a un aspect de géopolitique, c’est-à-dire qu’il y a un rééquilibrage du monde qui se fait au travers des usages numériques et il ne faut pas l’oublier. Je vais y revenir aussi, tous ces éléments-là ;
  • et enfin il y a des aspects pratiques. Quelles sont les pratiques au quotidien, ce que font les gens, en fait, avec leurs appareils numériques ?


Mais derrière, il ne suffit pas d’avoir plusieurs points de vue, plusieurs angles de vue pour analyser l’objet « culture numérique », il faut aussi avoir des objectifs. Quel est l’objectif de la culture numérique ? À quoi ça va servir ?

J’ai mis en tête l’émancipation. Comme toute culture, elle sert principalement à favoriser l’autonomie des gens : ils deviennent autonomes en comprenant le monde dans lequel ils sont plongés.

Comprenant, moi j’ai écrit critique. Pourquoi la critique ? La critique ce n’est pas forcément dire du mal. La critique c’est avoir un regard en recul ; je me recule, je regarde et je dis « Ah ben là, ça c’est bien, ça c’est moins bien. Ça avance aux intérêts de x ou aux intérêts de y ; les intérêts de x et y ne sont pas tout à fait les mêmes. Je ne suis pas convaincu que les intérêts de l’usager de Facebook soient les mêmes que ceux de Mark Zuckerberg ; je ne suis pas convaincu que les intérêts de l’usager de Google soient les mêmes que ceux des dirigeants de Google.

L’autre objectif c’est l’influence et l’influence c’est l’objectif qu’ont, en fait, tous les gens qui vont financer la culture numérique, qui vont financer des outils numériques. Ils ont un objectif d’influence, je vais y revenir, j’appelle ça l’industrie de l’influence.

Il y en a d’autres qui ont un objectif marketing. C’est-à-dire ils regardent la culture numérique, ils produisent des livres très intéressants sur la culture numérique, sur les pratiques des gens, sur leurs usages, sur leur capacité à suivre un système numérique et donc, finalement, à verser de l’argent, à verser leur obole à cette immense économie, mais ils le font du point de vue de l’incitation du contrôle sur l’usager. Donc ce que j’appelle l’approche marketing.

Enfin, il y a une approche de citoyenneté, c’est-à-dire à partir du moment où on est d’accord avec les prémisses que j’ai posées tout à l’heure, c’est-à-dire le fait que nous sommes plongés dans le monde numérique, ce n’est plus aujourd’hui un outil qui nous est extérieur, qu’on mobiliserait de temps en temps ; ce n’est pas un ordinateur qui est dans une grande salle blanche et qui nous sert pour faire les calculs pour envoyer un homme sur la lune. Non, non, c’est un monde qui existe, dans lequel nous sommes plongés et donc que devient la citoyenneté ? Et dans cet aspect de citoyenneté que devient la citoyenneté mondiale ?

Là aussi, un autre aspect. Vous rentrez à l’université, vous allez débuter en culture numérique, vous allez travailler des humanités numériques, je vous conseille de penser la mondialisation ; penser le monde comme un seul monde et, dans ce cadre-là, de tenir compte à la fois des conflits, des divergences, mais aussi des convergences, des pratiques communes.

Digital Natives

Autre mythe qu’il faut évacuer, peut-être dès le début, c’est celui des digital natives. Cette idée que vous, parce que vous êtes nés à l’époque où ça existait déjà, vous sauriez parfaitement vous débrouiller avec les appareils numériques. Ça c’est un mythe marketing et on comprend très bien qui a intérêt à développer ce mythe-là : ce sont tous ceux qui vous vendent l’informatique magique ; c’est-à-dire tous ceux qui disent : « Il n’y a pas de problème, c’est facile. Faites et ne vous posez pas de questions ! Oubliez l’aspect critique de la culture numérique, de vous poser des questions : comment ça marche ? Pourquoi ça marche ? Qui gagne quelque chose quand ça marche ? Qu’est-ce qu’on me cache quand ça marche ? Qu’est-ce que je ne peux pas faire qui est aussi important que de savoir ce qu’on peut faire ? » Donc ce mythe des digital natives.

Il y a un autre mythe c’est de croire qu’il y a uniformité des gens à cause de leur âge. Mais non, vous êtes tous différents ici. En plus ici vous êtes relativement homogènes : vous êtes une classe de L1 en Lettres à l’université de Caen, c’est relativement homogène. Mais à l’échelle de l’ensemble des pratiques de la jeunesse, dans notre pays, en Europe, dans le monde entier, il y a d’énormes différences et d’énormes contradictions.

Enfin, j’aime beaucoup la phrase de Eszter Hargittai que j’ai mise en bas des diapositives qui dit qu’on a plus souvent à faire à « des naïfs du numérique » qu’à des « natifs du numérique ».

À ce propos je voulais dire que les diapositives vous seront accessibles. Elles seront sur le site du CEMU, après vous pourrez les retrouver.

[Projection d’un extrait d’une vidéo]

Je voudrais vous faire deviner ce qui se passe dans cette vidéo. À votre avis qu’est-ce que se passe là ?

Pokémon. Ouais, exactement. On est à New-York et ce sont tous ces gens il y a un an ; un an ! Vous vous rendez compte ; un siècle ! Ça s’est passé il y a un an et on n’en parle plus aujourd’hui, mais à l’époque vous étiez tous en train de lancer vos Pokéballs sur le prof parce qu’il avait un gros Pokémon d’écrit sur le ventre.

Donc on est quand même là aussi dans cette pop culture numérique qui est de comprendre deux choses :

  • la première c’est qu’il n’y a plus de distinction entre le monde réel et le monde virtuel. C’est ça que nous a montré Pokémon Go, c’est-à-dire l’idée que quand vous regardez le monde réel, au même endroit il y a des éléments virtuels qui se mettent en place ;
  • et le deuxième élément c’est l’importance des cartes dans la géographie du numérique. C’est-à-dire à l’intérieur du numérique la majeure partie des applications aujourd’hui sont liées à de la géolocalisation. Où êtes-vous avec l’appareil que vous utilisez ? Et comment on va gérer avec vous les déplacements de votre appareil et donc de vous-même par voie de conséquence ?

Enfin, il y a peut-être une troisième leçon, c’est qu’en un an on a oublié. C’était sympa Pokémon Go il y a un an ; aujourd’hui on a complètement oublié !

En même temps l’économie qui a été générée, les bénéfices de Nintendo, etc., tout ça continue d’exister et va se répercuter sur d’autres jeux, d’autres éléments, d’autres succès, donc on est non seulement dans une industrie de la pop culture, mais on est aussi dans une industrie de la mode.


La culture. Culture ! Culture on en parle. Le terme de culture a deux sens, en fait.

C’est une notion anthropologique. Qu’est-ce qui fait qu’on a une culture commune qui se manifeste par exemple dans la manière de manger, dans le type de plats que l’on déguste, dans le type de poésie, dans la vivacité ou la lenteur de l’ensemble de nos activités, etc., qui forment des groupes homogènes ? Ça c’est un aspect anthropologique et on voit bien que la culture numérique a à voir avec cet aspect-là, avec l’aspect de nos pratiques, de l’uniformisation de nos pratiques au travers des outils numériques, du type d’échanges et de contacts, de réseau social qui va se mettre en place.

Et la deuxième interprétation, la deuxième acception de la culture, c’est une notion lettrée. On a la culture lettrée. Mais on voit bien là aussi avec le numérique qu’on a à la fois l’ancienne culture lettrée qui devient numérisée, y compris la musique classique, la numérisation des livres, toute cette activité, les radios qui deviennent des podcasts et ainsi de suite, donc la numérisation de l’ancienne activité de culture lettrée, mais aussi, et ça c’est tout aussi intéressant peut-être même beaucoup plus, l’émergence d’une nouvelle culture lettrée, de nouvelles pratiques, de nouvelles manières d’échanger, de nouvelles vidéos, de nouveaux podcasts justement faits par des gens, les youtubeurs, les podcasteurs ; enfin vous voyez, toute une série de nouvelles cultures qu’on pourrait appeler aussi un développement de la culture participative parce que la majeure partie de cette nouvelle culture qui émerge de l’Internet est d’emblée quelque chose de collectif, quelque chose qui se passe par le réseau et qui interagit entre le spectateur et l’émetteur de culture.

Peut-être le grand basculement pour la culture lettrée, c’est qu’il n’y a plus quelqu’un qui est en haut de l’estrade et qui parle à un public, mais il y a une interaction permanente entre les émetteurs de culture, donc les gens qui font du son, de la musique, de la vidéo, du texte, etc., et les récepteurs de la culture qui ne sont plus considérés comme des individus passifs ; donc ce qu’on appelle la culture participative.

La longue traîne

Dernier point dans mon introduction un peu générale, c’est peut-être une courbe qui me semble très importante à garder en tête pour l’ensemble des cours de culture numérique que vous allez avoir cette année. Cette courbe-là : en abscisse, vous avez le rang ; ici, il y a le morceau de musique le plus écouté, puis un peu moins écouté, puis un peu moins écouté, et puis là il y a tous les morceaux de musique très peu écoutés ; ce sont les rangs, l’ordre, le premier jusqu’au dernier. Et puis en ordonnée c’est le nombre de fois que le morceau de musique a été écouté, la fréquence.

Et on peut distinguer sur une telle courbe trois zones très simples :

  • il y a une zone de l’audience ; presque tout le monde écoute les mêmes morceaux de musique au même moment. Presque tout le monde lit les mêmes livres au même moment, on appelle ça des best-sellers. Presque tout le monde regarde les mêmes films au même moment, ce sont les blockbusters et ainsi de suite. Donc il y a une zone qui va concentrer, en fait, l’ensemble de l’activité culturelle ;
  • il y a une autre zone, qu’on appelle la zone de la longue traîne, qui consiste en énormément d’activité culturelle, de livres, de disques, de films, de textes, de blogs, mais qui sont lus par un nombre relativement faible de personnes. Donc c’est une longue traîne, sur lesquels, en fait, on a tendance à penser qu’il faudrait être le Zorro de la culture, c’est-à-dire qu’il faudrait dire « Ah ouais, c’est scandaleux, il faut les monter ! » Non ! Plus vous allez faire monter les gens de la longue traîne et plus la traîne va s’allonger parce que d’autres personnes vont se mettre à écrire, à faire de la musique, à tout ça. Elle restera toujours : c’est indispensable pour la valeur de la culture qu’il y ait de la diversité culturelle, donc qu’il y ait cette longue traîne. C’est aussi indispensable pour la culture numérique, celle dont je vous dis qu’il y a une relation entre l’émetteur de culture et le récepteur, que les amateurs puissent se servir des appareils numériques. Qu’il y ait donc des blogs faits par des amateurs, qu’il y ait de la vidéo faite par des amateurs, qu’il y ait de la musique faite par des amateurs, qu’il y ait des photographies faites par des amateurs et ainsi de suite. Ils n’espèrent globalement pas être lus, avoir une économie, mais bien être présents et construire cette culture participative ;
  • et puis entre les deux il y a la zone de la diversité culturelle. Disons que comme il y a suffisamment de gens qui vont regarder, écouter, lire, on peut espérer qu’il y a une économie derrière et que ça va favoriser. Là, globalement, ce sont des gens dont entend parler mais qui ne sont pas dans le Top 50 : Des films qu’on va voir quand même, les films d’art et d’essai, des trucs comme ça. C’est sur cette zone-là qu’il faut penser des politiques culturelles. Ce n’est pas la peine de les penser sur la zone de l’audience, là le marché se débrouille très bien, et sur la zone de la longue traîne non plus ; il faut trouver des modèles économiques pour cette longue traîne, mais ce sont presque des modèles au cas par cas.

Et il faut toujours garder cette idée en tête. Quand on parle d’une culture quelconque, en fait on a tendance à se focaliser tous spontanément sur cette zone de l’audience où il y a énormément d’écoute de très peu, en réalité, de productions culturelles, ou bien à être sur la longue traîne. Mais la chose importante c’est peut-être l’entre deux.


Sur ces éléments d’introduction, maintenant je voudrais dire à quel point l’irruption du numérique a provoqué un séisme, c’est-à-dire globalement, toutes les activités ont été touchées par l’irruption du numérique. Les industries sont modifiées : regardez tout à l’heure pour la photographie. Il y a des nouvelles industries, ce qu’on appelle les pure players, Google, Facebook, Amazon ; ce ne sont pas des petits rigolos ; ce sont des gens qui viennent sur le numérique et qui, à partir de ça, vont disrupter, c’est le terme à la mode, donc vont modifier, en réalité, les industries qui étaient déjà en place, les modèles aussi d’usage qui étaient déjà en place.

Il y a des rapports de force mondiaux qui sont modifiés. Là aussi, la montée en puissance de l’Asie dans le numérique est quelque chose d’absolument exceptionnel, j’y reviendrai tout à l’heure.

Et puis il y a des rapports de force politiques. Je vous disais tout à l’heure, si vous avez remarqué, dans les dix dernières années la plupart des gens qui ont été élus ont commencé par l’annoncer sur Twitter avant de l’annoncer à la télévision. C’est quand même un changement assez radical.


[Projection d’une publicité Kodak Instamatic]

« Vacances. Instants magiques. Souvenirs magnifiques. Instamatic. Oh ! Chargeur super pratique. Quelques secondes et clic. Instamatic. Ah ! Clic couleurs féeriques. En noir et blanc classique. Instamatic. Ah ! Pratique clair électrique. Pour un seul flash cubique. Instamatic. C’est photo fantastique, un appareil unique. Instamatic. Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Clic ! Clac ! Clic ! Clac ! Clic ! Clac ! Merci Kodak ! »

Hervé Le Crosnier : Voilà. Donc là on est 1963, c’était la publicité de l’Instamatic de Kodak. Kodak, il faut vous rendre compte que c’était la plus grande entreprise mondiale du 20e siècle. Toutes les familles avaient un Kodak chez elles pour prendre les photos de l’album famille. C’était l’industrie qui servait à tout le monde, qui était l’industrie de la joie, celle du souvenir, celle de la manière dont on allait garder trace du passé.

[Projection d’une publicité pour l'iPhone]

Maintenant tout a changé et vous remarquerez que dans cette publicité pour l’iPhone, les premiers gestes sont de faire des selfies, c’est-à-dire de se prendre soi-même dans toutes les circonstances, toutes les situations, avec une massivité de la production de photos, avec la création de collections aussi ; donc on peut gérer à ce moment-là plusieurs photos en collections. Et puis l’aspect d’immédiateté de la photographie : là où auparavant il fallait développer un film, ce qui prenait beaucoup de temps, là où aujourd’hui on la regarde presque immédiatement et on la pose sur Facebook à peu près aussi vite. Donc on est dans une situation ! Et Kodak n’existe plus. Et Kodak n’existe plus ! Un élément important donc, une industrie majeure qui vient de disparaître : en dix ans Kodak a disparu !


Cette industrie aime la rupture. Vous avez ici Steve Jobs ; je vous propose d’écouter le début de son intervention ; Steve Jobs est un homme de spectacle.

[Projection de la vidéo, en anglais, Steve Jobs Introducing The iPhone At MacWorld 2007]

Steve Jobs : This is a day I’ve looking forward to for two-and-a-half years. [Applaudissements]

Hervé le Crosnier : C’est en anglais, je ne saurais trop vous dire, vous êtes en L1 apprenez l’anglais, vous ne pouvez pas faire autrement.

Steve Jobs : Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything and Apple has been, well, first of all, one’s very fortunate if you get to work on just one of these in your career. has been, well, first of all, one’s very fortunate if you get to. It's been able to introduce a few of these in the world. In 1984, we introduced the Macintosh. It didn't just change Apple, it changed the whole computer industry. [Applaudissements]

Hervé le Crosnier : Grosso modo, il a eu la chance de faire des produits révolutionnaires qui ont changé le monde tout le temps. Donc les gens sont contents quand ils font un produit révolutionnaire, mais Apple a eu la chance de le faire plusieurs fois, à commencer par, en 1984, le Macintosh qui introduisait l’informatique individuelle réellement accessible à tout le monde.

Steve Jobs : In 2001 we introduced the first iPod and it didn’t change the way we all listen music ; it changed the entire music industry.

Hervé le Crosnier : Le iPod que vous avez eu quand vous étiez enfant.

Steve Jobs : Well today we're introducing three revolutionary products of this class. The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls. [Applaudissements]

Hervé le Crosnier : Alors les gens qui applaudissent, c’est très intéressant, ce sont des journalistes. En principe on n’applaudit pas quand on est journaliste, on enquête. La puissance de la société du spectacle chez Apple est d’avoir transformé les journalistes en confrères, en amis, en réseau de soutien à leur propre activité.

Steve Jobs : The second is a revolutionary mobile and the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device. So three things, wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communications device.

Hervé le Crosnier : Le spectacle continue.

Steve Jobs : An iPod, a phone and an Internet communicator. An iPod, a phone, are you getting this? These are not three separate devices, this is one device and we are calling it iPhone. [Applaudissements]

Hervé le Crosnier : Donc voilà. J’interromps ici parce que la présentation continue. Mais je trouve que c’est très important de mesurer cette proximité entre le spectacle de la technologie et l’avancée de la technologie. La culture numérique, justement, a pour raison d’être de nous permettre de ne pas être victimes de ce qu’on appelle le déterminisme technologique, de croire que c’est la technologie qui va changer le monde ; mais c’est l’usage rendu possible par la technologie qui change le monde. Donc à partir de ce moment-là, il y a la nécessité de décrire cet usage, de le faire vivre et ça, c’est de l’ordre du spectacle.

Effectivement Steve Jobs et derrière lui Apple, était un grand, comment on dit, une vedette du spectacle.

Cette photo maintenant est pour introduire l’autre aspect dont je vous ai un peu parlé tout à l’heure qui est celui de la mondialisation. Nous sommes là sur un marché au nord du Vietnam, les gens sont les Hmong des couleurs en habits traditionnels mais ils ont tous un téléphone mobile à la main. Le Wi-fi est partout et ils peuvent communiquer en permanence.


Donc là, bien se rendre compte que ce n’est plus l’apanage des pays riches d’être dotés d’outils de communication – ce n’est pas forcément les mêmes outils de communication, avec des règles adaptées à chaque niveau de vie –, mais aujourd’hui c’est devenu un outil.

On a longtemps pensé que les pays asiatiques étaient l’usine à bas coût sur laquelle on faisait fabriquer des appareils qui étaient designés, qui étaient conçus dans les pays du Nord. C’est fini ! C’est fini ! Aujourd’hui les plus avancés sur les usages sont à trouver en Chine. En Chine, plus de 50 % des gens payent avec leur téléphone mobile, avec deux entreprises qui s’appellent Alibaba avec Alipay et Tencent-WeChat.
Donc je voudrais vous mettre en garde sur la vision occidentalo-centrée de l’Internet et des nouvelles technologies. C’est un mythe qui a été développé en particulier par un grand discours très connu de Al Gore en 1994 à Buenos-Aires, où il disait que les autoroutes de l’information avaient comme modèle et comme cœur les États-Unis, ce qui s’était fait aux États-Unis. C’est fini et radicalement fini ! Pourtant les journalistes continuent à parler des GAFA, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple. C’est vrai , ce sont quatre grands costauds ; on pourrait rajouter Twitter, Microsoft, mais surtout ils sont à peine plus costauds aujourd’hui que les géants asiatiques qui émergent, notamment Alibaba qui fait du commerce électronique mais qui fait aussi du paiement, qui fait de la messagerie. Tiens la messagerie !

En Chine, l’outil principal c’est la messagerie et c’est à l’intérieur de la messagerie qu’on va faire des achats, qu’on va payer, qu’on va s’échanger de l’argent, etc. En Europe, c’est le navigateur : on va regarder sur son navigateur, même si c’est celui de son téléphone mobile, pour trouver les sites qui vont nous permettre d’acheter, d’échanger, les réseaux sociaux, etc. Donc là c’est une première divergence importante.

Donc Alibaba, très fort. Tencent avec Wechat qui est le système de blog qui doit être le plus gros système de blog de la planète. Et puis Baidu qui fait de la recherche documentaire, qui fait des voitures autonomes intelligentes, Baidu qui est, en fait, l’équivalent chinois de Google.

Donc il faut qu’on arrête de penser occidentalo-centré ; il faut regarder le développement de l’Internet à l’échelle du monde et peut-être certainement demain le développement de nouvelles formes de l’Internet qui émergeront en Afrique.


Et un dernier point sur cette mondialisation c’est arrêter de penser l’Internet comme étant monolingue, voire bilingue avec l’anglais. Aujourd’hui, la langue la plus parlée sur Internet c’est le chinois. Vous me direz c’est facile, n’importe quoi que font les Chinois c’est d’un seul coup la chose qui est la plus réalisée au monde ! Vous croyez tous que c’est le foot qui est le sport le plus pratiqué. Non, c’est le volley-ball parce que les Chinois font du volley-ball.

Donc voilà. Il faut penser des langues. Vous êtes en plus de jeunes étudiants, continuez à faire des langues ! Je vous assure, c’est la voie de l’avenir, c’est peut-être la chose la plus importante que vous pouvez faire c’est acquérir un maximum de capacités à échanger dans les langues de l’Internet, enfin toutes les langues qui se pratiquent sur Internet ; il y a 280 langues pour l’encyclopédie Wikipédia.

Société des calculs

Dernier aspect. Nous sommes en train d’entrer dans une société des calculs. On assiste à un changement assez radical. La majeure partie des activités sont calculées. Pas comme quelqu’un qui t’a calculé, non, quelqu’un qui fait des calculs sur l’ensemble de ton activité. Il y a un excellent petit livre de Dominique Cardon qui s’appelle À quoi rêvent les algorithmes ? qui essaye de montrer ce basculement très important de qu’est-ce qu’on peut calculer, en fait, sur une personne ? On dit qu’on fait des algorithmes qui calculent, mais qu’est-ce qu’on calcule ? Et on ne calcule pas toujours la même chose. On peut calculer la popularité : combien de personnes ont liké votre post sur Facebook ? Combien de personnes sont venues voir tel et tel site ? Voilà.

Ça, ça a une conséquence, c’est que si la popularité est importante, on va faire des clicbaits. Clicbaits, ce sont des pages entières qui ne disent pas grand-chose mais qui ont un titre qui donne envie d’aller cliquer dessus. C’est tout ce que fait BuzzFeed, le nom m’échappe, Konbini et tout ça. Et là aussi, prendre du recul face à ce type de sites c’est comprendre qu’en fait ce sont des attrape-mouches : c’est du miel pour nous coincer à l’intérieur de leur bulle, mais ça n’est pas un système d’information, ni un système d’échange, ni un système de partage. Par contre c’est une certaine logique économique qui a des effets importants, on y reviendra tout à l’heure, en termes politiques.

Une des choses qu’on peut calculer, c’est l’autorité. Auteur et autorité, vous remarquez que c’est la même racine. Qu’est-ce qui fait qu’une œuvre peut avoir de l’autorité même si elle a moins de popularité ? C’est parce que, en fait, les gens qui savent vont s’y référer. Un des éléments de classement, un parce qu’il y en plusieurs, un des éléments de classement des résultats par Google, c’est de faire monter en tête les articles, les pages, les vidéos dont d’autres personnes, qui ont pris soin, pas n’importe qui qui est venu voir, pas seulement des spectateurs, mais des gens qui ont pris le soin de faire eux-mêmes une page de blog, une page Facebook, etc., auront pointé vers ces documents-là. Ça veut dire que plus il y a de gens qui pointent vers un document, non pas de gens qui vont voir — popularité —, mais des gens qui se donnent le temps d’écrire quelque chose et de pointer vers un document, ce document va avoir, lui, de l’autorité.

Il y a la réputation. Ah la réputation ! Je suis sûr qu’on vous en a parlé au lycée. On vous a dit que si vous mettez une photo de vous en train de faire la fête, vous ne trouverez jamais de travail ! Ce à quoi d’autres répondent en disant : « Je suis employeur, je regarde votre Facebook ! Vous ne faites jamais la fête ! Moi je ne veux pas de vous ! » On ne sait pas ! La notion même de réputation change avec le temps. Moi, quand j’étais jeune on disait que les jeunes filles qui avaient une mini-jupe avaient une mauvaise réputation et que les garçons qui avaient les cheveux longs, comme moi, avaient une mauvaise réputation. La preuve on a toujours continué et puis on s’est arrangé.

Donc il y a cet aspect de quel est le type de réputation qu’on peut avoir à l’intérieur d’un réseau numérique ? Et derrière, cette réputation on ne l’a pas ; on se la fabrique. Donc comment vous allez jouer dans ce spectacle qu’est le monde numérique pour obtenir votre réputation ? Et pas seulement la subir, l’obtenir ! Parce que malheureusement il y a les cas où on subit sa mauvaise réputation ; c’est ce qu’on appelle le harcèlement ou le cyberharcèlement. D’accord ? Donc il faut éviter d’arriver de se retrouver en situation de subir sa réputation mais de la créer soi-même. Ça, ça implique des fois d’aller fouiller un peu sur comment c’est calculé cette réputation. Qu’est-ce qui fait qu’on vous propose dans la liste des amis que vous pourriez peut-être avoir sur Facebook ou sur Twitter. On vous propose. Ah, si on vous propose c’est bien que vous aviez défini un certain espace qui peut matcher. Pire encore, les sites de rencontre. Pourquoi on vous propose ? Qu’est-ce qui fait que ça a des chances de matcher ? Quel est l’algorithme et comment fonctionne-t-il ? C’est devenu une question indispensable pour être autonome dans la société numérique.


Enfin, le dernier aspect de la société des calculs c’est de prédire en fonction de traces : ce que vous avez fait m’incite à penser que vous allez faire telle chose demain. C’est ce qu’on appelle les mégadonnées, big data. Alors le terme officiel français c’est mégadonnées, moi je le trouve très beau mais visiblement c’est big data qui a gagné sur le marché. Voilà ! Le marché de la langue c’est comme le reste.

C’est quoi les big data. Je trouve que l’exemple qui est là est très bien, c’est vous avez quelqu’un qui fait du vélo et qui donc achète des pizzas et puis des salades. Et il y a quelqu’un qui fait de la course à pied à côté et lui il achète des pizzas, des salades, mais aussi une certaine boisson soft drink, et donc d’un seul coup on s’aperçoit que celui qui fait du vélo ne l’a pas dans son panier, alors on va lui recommander. On a un algorithme de recommandation. Voilà comment marchent la plupart des choses issues des mégadonnées. On regarde une catégorie de gens, on essaye de définir quels sont les critères qui les définissent. On dit « eh bien si ces deux catégories de gens sont proches, alors ce qui est acheté par la catégorie-ci a des chances d’intéresser », donc on va le recommander à d’autres. Donc on a là une espèce d’homogénéisation des gens à partir de pratiques individuelles.

Les tenants des mégadonnées oublient qu’en fait il y a des phénomènes de groupe. Parce qu’on ne sait pas calculer, on ne sait pas organiser le calcul des phénomènes de groupe. Les phénomènes de groupe ça peut être les associations, les partis, les syndicats, les groupes de théâtre, enfin tous les phénomènes de groupe, les groupes scolaires, voilà ! Le prof on l’aime ou on ne l’aime pas et souvent ce n’est pas une question individuelle, c’est quelque chose qui se crée à l’intérieur du groupe des élèves et des étudiants.

Donc on a un problème philosophique, épistémologique important, c’est qu’on a tout un système de calculs qui a comme objectif de nous recommander, donc de nous influencer, alors même qu’il est basé sur des comportements individuels ; mais la réalité des humains c’est que ce sont des individus sociaux.

Donc on a là toute une contradiction qui n’est pas résolue en termes de la pensée du système, sauf pour ceux qui croient, selon le mot de Margaret Thatcher : « Thre is no such thing as a society  » : une société ça n’existe pas ; ce sont des individus qui se coordonnent et qui voient chacun leur intérêt personnel. Il y a effectivement une large partie des gens qui pensent ça. Je suis désolé, mais je ne suis pas cette logique-là.

Culture statistique

Juste pour terminer sur ces aspects des calculs, je crois que vous allez avoir ça en humanités numériques en tout cas, c’est le besoin d’avoir une culture statistique. C’est quoi tous ces chiffres qu’on nous balance ? Ces pourcentages sans nous dire le pourcentage de quoi ? Pourcentage sur combien de personnes ? Pourcentage sur quelle utilisation ? Etc. C’est quoi tous ces graphiques qu’on nous montre pour nous en mettre plein la vue alors que, en réalité, ils ne démontrent pas grand-chose parce qu’il manque la marge d’erreur ? Vous voyez ? Il y a toute une culture statistique qu’il est absolument nécessaire d’acquérir pour garder ce regard critique qui nous permet d’être autonomes dans la société.

Google Fashion Trends

Juste un exemple : Google Fashion Trends. Comment, à partir de l’analyse par des data scientists des requêtes qui sont faites sur Google, on a pu s’apercevoir que ça allait être vraiment trendy en 2015 les robes de tulle ?

Robes de tulle

Je ne sais pas si vous vous rappelez, en 2015 vous avez porté certainement des robes comme ça, il y en avait plein, particulièrement aux États-Unis. Et on voit sur les cartes là, en 2013 très peu en rouge, très peu de gens qui posent des requêtes là-dessus, jusqu’à ce que ça devienne, en 2015, absolument une requête standard : où est-ce que je peux acheter mes robes de tulle ? Celui qui, à partir d’avril ou mai 2014, a compris qu’il y avait un développement de ça, va être prêt en décembre ou en janvier 2015. Donc il va fabriquer la mode que les gens vont attendre : les traces permettent de prédire le futur. Donc on a cette logique-là.

Vous avez peut-être entendu récemment — puisque tout ce que je vous raconte il y a des trucs d’actualité, mais d’actualité dans les quinze derniers jours qui se réfèrent à ça — vous avez vu qu’on dit que Disney va choisir les histoires qu’il va mettre en film avec une intelligence artificielle. « Intelligence artificielle » ça veut dire un système de calculs qui va essayer, à partir d’indices, de dire « eh bien ça, ça va marcher ». Voilà.

Petite pause. Respirez. Ça va ? Je ne vais pas trop vite ? J’essaye de balayer donc je suis forcé d’aller un peu plus vite. Vous avez des conférences comme ça toutes les semaines, donc ça va vous permettre de revenir sur chacun des thèmes que j’aborde avec, des fois, un angle différent, etc.


Là je voudrais vous parler de la confiance. Le monde numérique est un monde auquel il faut absolument faire confiance. On n’a pas le choix et ça c’est grave, parce que la confiance ça se donne et là on s’impose d’avoir confiance.

Tous les matins mon ordinateur me dit : « Il y a des mises à jour ». Oui ! Est-ce que j’ai le choix de ne pas les faire ? Pas vraiment, donc je fais la mise à jour ; je fais confiance à mon ordinateur. Oui ! Sauf que vous entendez parler aussi qu’il y a des pirates, des hackeurs, des cyberguerres, des gens qui peuvent s’immiscer à l’intérieur des réseaux, se faire passer pour quelqu’un de confiance, c’est ce qu’on appelle le phishing, le hameçonnage. Vous recevez sans arrêt des mails disant « votre carte bleue est bloquée, il faut, pour la débloquer, que vous vous connectiez, que vous donniez votre mot de passe, votre code, etc. » Donc c’est un véritable problème d’avoir une société basée sur la confiance dont la réalité est que des gens peuvent détourner cette confiance. On y reviendra tout à l’heure sur la question des fausses nouvelles, des fake news, etc.

Est-ce qu’on a le contrôle sur ses appareils ou est-ce qu’on a juste la capacité à faire confiance ? Est-ce que les gens ont pu aller vérifier ? Est-ce que d’autres gens, pas forcément vous, ont pu aller vérifier que la nouvelle version du logiciel va réellement nous apporter des améliorations ? Qu’elle ne comporte pas des bugs ou des trous de sécurité plus importants que l’ancienne version ? On n’a pas le temps ! Il faut mettre à jour, il faut faire confiance !

Économie collaborative

La confiance c’est aussi la confiance entre les personnes. Et là, il y a un nouveau secteur qui s’est développé, qu’on a appelé l’économie collaborative, qui vise, en fait, à construire cette confiance.

Vous utilisez BlaBlaCar régulièrement j’imagine. Bon, eh bien il y a la confiance ; il y a la confiance de celui qui va être passager envers celui qui va conduire la voiture. Et puis il y a la confiance de celui qui conduit la voiture vers le fait que le passager ne va pas l’agresser, qu'il va le payer à la fin, etc. La plateforme elle-même sert là pour construire la confiance.

Drivy. Quand je prête ma voiture, eh bien en fait c’est la plateforme qui l’assure ; donc elle prend un pourcentage au passage et elle construit une économie pour mettre en place de la confiance. Ce qui explique par exemple que la MAIF, un assureur, a décidé de s’engager avec l’économie collaborative pour dire « eh bien voilà c’est assuré ces histoires-là » ; il y a de la confiance qui se construit.

Oui. C’est la bonne idée de l’économie collaborative.

Et après vous voyez bien que ça peut créer Airbnb qui provoque une augmentation des loyers insupportable puisque c’est plus intéressant de louer à la semaine que de louer à l’année. Donc les propriétaires vont se retourner vers des locations à la semaine qui vont expulser les gens des centres-ville.
C’est Uber pour lequel on voit bien que la confiance est assez limitée : les agressions de passagers Uber par des chauffeurs Uber sont non négligeables ; le suivi des trajets parfois nominatifs est non négligeable. Uber s’est vanté d’être capable de savoir pour quelques célébrités où est-ce qu’elles avaient passé la nuit.

Vous voyez ? Donc il y a tout un échange où la confiance peut être trahie à partir du moment où la plateforme qui construit la confiance pense d’abord à construire le portefeuille de ses actionnaires.

Commerce électronique

Le commerce c’est de la confiance ; la base du commerce c’est la confiance. C’est-à-dire il faut que je fasse confiance que l’objet qu’on me vend rend bien le service auquel je peux prétendre ; qu’il est vendu à un prix qui correspond à la moyenne des prix du marché ; que je vais bien être livré quand je fais une commande électronique, etc. Donc le commerce c’est la construction de la confiance.

Or aujourd’hui, on voit en fait se mettre en place toute une série de places de marché de commerce.

Un marchand comme Amazon n’est pas seulement là pour vendre des livres, mais il organise une place de marché dans laquelle chacun peut revendre ses livres d’occasion. La plupart des systèmes de commerce électronique font ça.

Et la dernière nouveauté c’est que le commerce électronique est en train de s’étendre, en fait, au-delà de ce qui était, disons, facile à faire : le livre pour Amazon, le livre c’est là qu’il y a le plus grand nombre de titres, cette fameuse longue traîne dont j’ai parlé au début, donc c’est pour un domaine donné ; en France il y a 300 à 400 000 livres disponibles et il y a 25 000 médicaments ; vous voyez, on est facteur 10, donc c’est non négligeable. Les livres c’était pratique parce que sur Amazon on pouvait avoir, puisque c’est électronique, les 30 000 livres de décrits et on pouvait acheter même s’il s’en vendait très peu.

Aujourd’hui, basé sur cette position de force, Amazon est en train de s’étendre. Il vient de racheter un Whhole Foods qui est un supermarché bio aux États-Unis – c’est l’équivalent de Bio c’ Bon en France –, gros supermarché pour livrer des légumes, commander des légumes et faire des livraisons rapides.

En face, Google vient de faire un accord avec Wallmart. Wallmart c’est, disons, Carrefour puissance deux. C’est plus gros que Carrefour à l’échelle du monde.

Donc la fusion : des entreprises qui font du commerce physique et puis des entreprises qui font des plateformes qui organisent la vente et la confiance en ligne sont en train de fusionner. Donc là vous voyez à nouveau que l’ensemble de nos activités – le commerce ça fait partie des choses qu’on fait quand même régulièrement – va devenir complètement imprégné de culture numérique.

Ça ne serait pas très grave s’il s’agissait de services, c’est-à-dire si les plateformes numériques étaient là pour nous rendre des services. Or, ce qui se passe, c’est qu’elles se servent des services qu’elles rendent pour faire la fameuse recommandation de la boisson gazéifiée que vous avez vue tout à l’heure entre les deux sportifs. Donc faire de la recommandation c’est vouloir influencer les gens.

Industrie de l’influence

Et ce qui se passe avec le numérique c’est qu’on construit une industrie de l’influence. Le terme industrie ici est très important. L’influence c’est normal. Tout cela pour influencer votre voisin ou votre voisine. Pour être amoureux, il faut influencer l’autre ; pour l’ensemble de nos activités : pour être prof eh bien il faut influencer les élèves, voilà, ça fait partie de l’influence et c’est humain ! C’est indispensable à la cohésion des groupes humains ; on cherche à s’influencer réciproquement.

Industrie c’est autre chose : c’est qu’on va remplacer cette influence qui est propre aux humains et donc qui dépend de leur personnalité, de leur volonté, de leurs désirs — toutes choses qui sont propres à chaque individu isolément — par les calculs, par la volonté de pointer à quel endroit, cette personne, je peux essayer de lui faire acheter quelque chose que pour l’instant elle ne sait même qu’elle veut acheter ? Quelle est la manière dont je vais pouvoir avoir sur elle un poids et un pouvoir ? Qu’est-ce que je vais faire, en sorte qu’elle revienne demain réutiliser le même site en permanence ? C’est ça l’industrie. Et ça, c’est tout le système de calcul des traces, d’où l’importance de la question de la vie privée, du fait que derrière on est tout le temps suivi.

Temps de cerveau disponible

Voix off : Le président de TF1 livrait sa conception du métier. Voici l’extrait de la polémique : « À la base le métier de TF1 c’est d’aider Coca-Cola, par exemple, à vendre son produit. Pour qu’un message publicitaire soit perçu il faut que le cerveau du téléspectateur soit disponible. Nos émissions ont pour vocation de le rendre disponible, c’est-à-dire de le divertir, de le détendre, pour le préparer entre deux messages. Ce que nous vendons à Coca-Cola c’est du temps de cerveau humain disponible. » Maladroit diront certains. Non, Patrick Le Lay a bien relu et validé cet entretien avant la parution du livre [Les dirigeants face au changement].

Hervé Le Crosnier : C’est rare qu’un patron de média affirme aussi clairement qu’il est un des relais de l’industrie de l’influence. Que son métier c’est de faire en sorte que son spectateur… Et ce qui est vrai pour TF1 est vrai pour tous les médias, y compris les blogs, y compris Facebook ; tous les médias sont concernés par cette logique-là qui est : c’est un tiers qui paye. Donc il va falloir qu’il vous donne – vous ne payez pas, ça c’est intéressant, vous ne payez pas – par contre il y a bien quelqu’un qui paye et c’est un tiers. Donc c’est lui le vrai client.

Vous savez que dans toute économie ce qu’il faut c’est satisfaire le client ; pas satisfaire le tiers qui ne paye pas, satisfaire le client, donc lui proposer des gens, du temps de cerveau disponible ; pas du temps idiot parce que la phrase est rapide, mais TF1 fait un très bon travail pour arriver à avoir ce temps de cerveau disponible pour un certain type d’annonceurs ; les annonceurs de TF1 ne sont pas tout à fait les mêmes que ceux du Monde, je ne sais pas pourquoi ! C'est parce que le cerveau rendu disponible n’est pas tout à fait le même non plus. Donc pour avoir ce temps de cerveau disponible il faut aussi que le média produise des choses de qualité ou, du moins, de la qualité adaptée au type de lectorat, d’auditeur, etc., qu’il vise. Donc c’est un vrai travail et nous, nous tous, ce qui nous intéresse, c’est la qualité. On oublie que cette qualité est faite en sorte pour que nous soyons là au moment de la pub. Et c’est ça qu’il faut absolument garder comme regard critique parce que ce qui change avec le numérique, c’est que les programmes de médias sont diffusés – ça vous plaît, ça ne vous plaît pas, vous zappez, vous allez sur la Cinq ou sur TF1 ce ne sont pas les mêmes donc voilà. Sur Internet c’est vous, vous comme personne unique.

Les torches de la liberté

Or cette idée que, comment dire, on va pouvoir vous influencer, on va pouvoir créer de nouveaux modes de vie, c’est la raison d’être de ce qu’on appelle les public relations. Là vous avez Edward Bernays qui est un des fondateurs de la notion de public relations et qu’est-ce qu’il a fait ? Il a inventé un truc qui s’appelle « Les torches de la liberté ». Ça c’est vraiment quelque chose d’extraordinaire. On est là en, je ne sais plus, 1924-25, j’ai oublié la date, et le jour de la Saint-Patrick, dans les rues de New-York, c’est la petite vidéo qu’il y a en bas, il fait défiler un groupe de jeunes femmes avec des fume-cigarettes, qu'elles vont allumer devant la presse qu’il avait convoquée. Toutes les méthodes sont là : il avait convoqué la presse, un groupe de femmes mannequins ou célébrités qui vont allumer une cigarette en disant : « La cigarette c’est la liberté ! » À l’époque les femmes ne fument pas ! D’un seul coup, du jour au lendemain, avec le buzz que ça a fait, le marché potentiel des cigarettiers a doublé. Au nom de la liberté ! Si vous regardez aujourd’hui les magasins qui vous vendent des cigarettes électroniques c’est « e-liberté », « liberté-clop », enfin c’est toujours ce même message que la consommation nouvelle va être de l’ordre de la liberté en oubliant de dire que c’est au service de… En l’occurrence, là c’était au service des marchands de tabac, avec toutes les conséquences dramatiques, 50 ans après qu’on peut avoir au niveau de la santé publique. Ils s’en moquent ! Ils s’en moquent pourquoi ? Parce que « ne mesurez pas l’opinion, faites-là ! » C’est le message de base des gens du marketing.


Faire l’opinion c’est être capable de façonner, en fait, la pensée des individus. Donc même des choses aussi régressives que d’utiliser des cigarettes au quotidien va devenir non plus quelque chose qu’on fait machinalement parce qu’on est accro, c’est une liberté, ce sont « Les torches de la liberté ». Et les effets secondaires sur la société sont complètement négligés par les gens qui pratiquent l’influence.

Et l’Internet ?

Qu’est-ce qui se passe avec Internet ? J’aime beaucoup cette citation de, comment il s’appelle, Edwin Artz, c’était le responsable de la publicité chez Procter & Gamble ; Procter & Gamble c’est le plus gros groupe de chimie, ce sont des lessives, ce sont des choses comme ça, ce sont aussi des couches Pampers, enfin vous imaginez ! c’est un truc énorme de toute la chimie qui s’adresse aux individus, qu’on trouve dans les supermarchés. Et il dit : « Eh bien voilà, avec Internet — on est en 93, c’est visionnaire ce qu’il fait — avec Internet les gens resteront devant le poste au moment de la coupure publicitaire, parce que la publicité s’adressera à eux précisément. Si vous venez d’avoir un enfant et ça on le saura parce que ça laisse des traces, alors on va vous proposer des couches Pampers, bien évidemment, au moment de la publicité. »

Donc cette idée que l’individu va devenir soumis à une pression permanente mais qu’il va aimer ça, deuxième aspect important, il va aimer ça, il va aimer qu’on lui parle de choses qui lui plaisent à lui ; c’est le mot qu’utilisent aujourd’hui les grands opérateurs du système numérique c’est « je vais améliorer l’expérience utilisateur ; je vais vous donner la publicité que vous aimez. » Donc ça nous a donné ensuite la première publicité internet en 94, c’était marqué « cliquez ici ». Voilà m!

Je vais m’arrêter là pour faire une petite pause parce que je sens qu’il y a des yeux qui se ferment ; c’est le moment. On fait cinq minutes de pause et cinq minutes pour rentrer.

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La creatividad, la innovación y el emprendimiento, dieron inicio al fenómeno de las apps a nivel mundial 

En 10 años, el App Store ha transformado la forma en que la gente vive, trabaja y juega. 

Cuando Apple presentó el App Store el 10 de julio de 2008 con 500 apps, dio inicio a un fenómeno cultural, social y económico, que transformó la forma en que la gente trabaja, juega, se conoce, viaja, y mucho más. En la última década, el App Store ha creado un lugar seguro en el que usuarios de todas las edades obtienen las mejores apps; y una economía vibrante, sustentada en las apps, donde los desarrolladores de todos los tamaños, y de cualquier parte del mundo, pueden prosperar. Hoy, usuarios de 155 países visitan el App Store con mayor frecuencia, permanecen más tiempo, descargan y usan más apps que nunca.

Aunque han habido muchos momentos importantes desde que las apps llegaron por primera vez al iPhone y luego al iPad, los logros y testimonios que se presentan a continuación reflejan algunos de los eventos más significativos de los últimos 10 años, los cuales explican cómo el App Store ha logrado que la distribución de software llegue a todas las personas, y cómo ha transformado la forma en que vivimos todos los días.

I. El App Store abre las puertas a los programadores, y pone en las manos de los usuarios una experiencia totalmente nueva

Phil Schiller, vicepresidente senior, Worldwide Marketing, Apple: “En su primera década, el App Store ha superado todas nuestras expectativas — desde las apps innovadoras que son el resultado de la imaginación de los programadores, hasta la forma en que los usuarios han convertido a las apps en parte de su vida diaria. Y esto es solo el principio. No podríamos estar más orgullosos de lo que han creado los desarrolladores, y de lo que el futuro nos aguarda en los próximos 10 años”.

Marco Arment, desarrollador de Overcast y programador de iOS, desde hace mucho tiempo: “Desde el primer día, el App Store ha sido, por mucho, la forma más sencilla para que los programadores lleguen al mayor número posible de personas con nuestras apps. El App Store eliminó la fricción y el desgaste de establecer una distribución y sistemas de pago propios, e hizo que la programación sea más accesible para todos, lo cual nos ha permitido enfocarnos en nuestra verdadera pasión: hacer las mejores apps. En sus 10 años, el App Store se ha convertido en el ecosistema de software más abundante, diverso y accesible, que el mundo ha visto”.

Chad Evans, vicepresidente senior, Product Development, Major League Baseball: “Había una sensación increíble de expectación y emoción el día que se lanzó el App Store, y desde luego por ver MLB At Bat en la lista de las primeras 500 apps, pero pensamos que nadie se daría cuenta en ese entonces del gran impacto que estas apps tendrían en las distintas maneras como los fanáticos viven los deportes. Nos sentimos afortunados de ser parte de este histórico crecimiento del App Store en estos últimos 10 años. Es emocionante pensar en lo que vendrá la próxima década, ya que seguimos trabajando con Apple para conectar a los fanáticos de manera más cercana con sus equipos favoritos y el juego de béisbol”. 

El App Store ofreció a los usuarios una experiencia mágica al instante, desde su primera versión en 2008, cuando puso un mundo de software nuevo en sus manos. 

Antes de 2008, la industria del software estaba dominada por unas cuantas compañías de gran tamaño. El App Store abrió las puertas para que cualquier programador — desde las tiendas formadas por una sola persona hasta los grandes estudios — pudiera elaborar una gran idea, desarrollar una aplicación de calidad y ofrecerla sin obstáculos al creciente número de usuarios en todo el mundo.

MLB At Bat, Tap Tap Revenge, Trism, The New York Times, eBay y Travelocity, representaron la amplia gama de aplicaciones desde el primer día, e hicieron realidad una forma totalmente nueva de viajar, disfrutar de los videojuegos, leer las noticias, y vivir los deportes, directamente desde la palma de tu mano.

La protección de la privacidad del usuario es fundamental en el ecosistema de Apple, así que desde el principio Apple ha puesto una gran atención y cuidado en proporcionar lineamientos claros a los programadores, así como en la selección minuciosa de un mercado de apps seguras y confiables para garantizar la mejor experiencia posible, a fin de que los usuarios en todo el mundo puedan descubrir y tener acceso a las apps.

II. Las empresas que priorizan la movilidad, prevalecen

El App Store impulsó nuevas industrias y cambió la forma como los clientes interactúan con las empresas y startups como Calm. 

Keith Shepherd y Natalia Luckyanova, fundadores de Imangi Studios, creadores de Temple Run: “El App Store y el iPhone cambiaron nuestras vidas. Nuestro primer juego, Imangi, fue lanzado el día que abrió el App Store. 10 años después hemos creado más de 10 juegos, incluido Temple Run, que ha sido descargado más de mil millones de veces. Nuestro estudio ha crecido de cuando éramos solo nosotros dos, hasta contar ahora con un equipo de 35 personas. Nada de esto habría sido posible sin el App Store”.

El hardware de vanguardia, y la rápida evolución del software de Apple, combinado con las ideas creativas de los programadores que vieron el potencial del iPhone que portaban los usuarios en sus bolsillos, generó nuevas industrias que cambiarían para siempre la forma en que la gente vive, trabaja y juega — una revolución que a la fecha sigue vigente.

Startups como Instagram, Calm, Uber e Instacart, aprovecharon las funciones tales como la cámara del iPhone, Apple Pay, GPS y Location Services, para brindar experiencias personalizadas y bajo demanda, con las que muchos llegaron a crear empresas de miles de millones de dólares que empezaron con aplicaciones en el App Store. Al mismo tiempo, tanto las empresas tradicionales, como las compañías que se iniciaron en forma de sitios web como Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Yelp, Airbnb y Amazon, comenzaron a desarrollar apps para ir a la par con el comportamiento cambiante de los usuarios.

Como resultado, las apps se han vuelto una de las formas más importantes en que los usuarios interactúan con las empresas y enfrentan las tareas de todos los días — ya sea reservar un vuelo o un cuarto de hotel, hacer una reservación para cenar, comprar regalos, o pagar las cuentas. 

III. Los juegos levantan el vuelo y llegan a nuevos fans 

El App Store es el mercado más popular para los juegos, ya que ofrece todo desde los géneros más recientes y originales, hasta los favoritos y más queridos por los usuarios como Pokémon Go. 

Shigeru Miyamoto, director representativo, Nintendo: “Estamos muy contentos de poder ofrecer Super Mario Run, con la novedad de que se puede jugar en el iPhone con una sola mano, para cientos de millones de usuarios gracias al App Store. Esto nos permite compartir la alegría de los juegos Nintendo con muchas nuevas audiencias, y seguiremos esforzándonos con el fin de ofrecer experiencias de juego nuevas y exclusivas para los usuarios de el App Store”.

Riccardo Zacconi, CEO de King, creadores de Candy Crush: “Lanzamos Candy Crush Saga en el App Store hace más de cinco años y ha sido una gran ventaja que nos ha permitido llegar a un público totalmente nuevo a nivel global. Nuestros juegos se han jugado en los siete continentes, ¡incluida la Antártida! Esto demuestra la influencia y el gran alcance que ha tenido el App Store”.

Daniel Wu, presidente de Hero Entertainment, creadores de Red Tides: “El App Store nos ofrece la oportunidad de llevar las grandes experiencias de los eSports, de la desktop al móvil, y permitir que los fans y los jugadores se encuentren, ya sea en línea o fuera de ella, para que disfruten de todo el encanto de los juegos, y que incluso establezcan nuevas formas de socializar”.

El App Store trajo la cultura dominante de los juegos, gracias a la tecnología Multi-Touch, fácil de usar en el iPhone y el iPad, y la ventaja de poder jugar en el camino. Los usuarios se sintieron atraídos por los primeros títulos como Super Monkey Ball, PAC-MAN, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Real Racing y Temple Run, que llevaron a iOS a convertirse en la plataforma de juegos más popular en el mundo.

Juegos como Heads Up!, Pokémon Go, HQ y Fortnite, han creado momentos de convivencia y culturales en todo el mundo, mientras que las nuevas tecnologías han llevado al móvil los juegos de consola de calidad, como Vainglory, The Witness y Arena of Valor. 

IV. La compra y suscripción dentro de las apps, liberan nuevas experiencias 

La compra dentro de una app permite a los programadores ofrecer apps gratuitas para que los usuarios las prueben antes de pagar para desbloquear las funciones adicionales, y la suscripción en aplicaciones como Headspace también ayuda a los usuarios a tener acceso a nuevas funciones. 

Horace Dediu, analista, Asymco: “El App Store cambió completamente la forma en que las personas tienen acceso y pagan por el software y los servicios. Sólo a través del poder de un ecosistema de software, pueden generarse las suscripciones y crecer a tal nivel. El App Store creó un medio para que más personas pudieran llegar a tener éxito — muchas más de las que uno podía pensar, y en formas que era imposible imaginar — y así liberó la creatividad de la gente para llegar a dimensiones imprevistas”.

Con la presentación de “compras dentro de la app” (IAP) en 2009, los usuarios podían descargar una app y realizar posteriormente el pago para desbloquear los diferentes niveles de funcionalidad, lo que permitió que más personas pudieran experimentar con nuevas apps antes de comprometerse a comprarlas. Para junio de 2010, se habían pagado 1,000 millones de dólares a los desarrolladores de IAP y apps de compra.

En 2011 el App Store comenzó a ser compatible con las apps de suscripción, y para 2016 había ampliado el soporte a todas sus 25 categorías, incluidas: Juegos, Niños, Salud y Acondicionamiento Físico. Ahora, más de 28,000 apps de iOS ofrecen suscripciones, como Netflix, iQiYi, Tinder, LinkedIn, Sing! By Smule, Headspace y Dropbox, lo que facilita que millones de nuevos usuarios puedan descubrir una app y registrarse al instante, o cancelar la suscripción de estos servicios. Las suscripciones se han incrementado un 95 por ciento en comparación con el año pasado, y a partir de junio de 2018 los desarrolladores han obtenido más de 100 mil millones de dólares en el App Store. 

V. El entretenimiento en streaming levanta el vuelo 

Más usuarios están viendo programas de TV, películas y video en el camino. 

Richard Plepler, presidente y CEO, HBO: “Cuando decidimos presentar HBO NOW, nunca existió duda de que nuestro socio para el lanzamiento sería Apple. Anunciar el servicio de streaming con Apple, y la llegada de HBO NOW al App Store, son de los momentos más importantes en la historia de HBO”.

El App Store ha sido el epicentro de un boom en el consumo de video móvil. La pantallas con un tamaño más grande y la resolución tanto del iPhone como del iPad han logrado que los usuarios se sientan más cómodos viendo videos en el camino, mientras que los servicios como HBO NOW, Hulu, Netflix y Sling TV, así como la gran variedad de programas de calidad, permiten que los usuarios disfruten del entretenimiento de su preferencia a la hora y en el lugar que ellos elijan. 

VI. Creatividad, productividad y educación, crecen más allá de las paredes de la oficina y del salón de clases 

Las apps de creatividad, productividad y educación permiten que los usuarios aprendan de manera interesante y entretenida. 

James Cuda, fundador y CEO de Savage Interactive, creadores de Procreate: “Desde un principio, quisimos vender Procreate exclusivamente a través del App Store porque nos permite llegar a los usuarios en todas partes, lo cual facilita ofrecer nuevas funciones, brindar retroalimentación, y garantizar que los artistas obtengan la mejor experiencia posible. Ser parte de la travesía del App Store nos ha cambiado la vida, gracias a que millones de nuestros usuarios están descubriendo la creación en arte digital por primera vez, y que muchos artistas líderes de la industria se dan cuenta de que Procreate, junto con el iPad Pro y el Apple Pencil, son una combinación poderosa. Procreate simplemente no sería posible sin el App Store”.

Yan Lin, CEO de Dr. Panda, desarrollador de juegos populares para niños: “Gracias a las oportunidades increíbles que nos ha traído el App Store, Dr. Panda se ha transformado, de una startup china a una marca global para niños, apreciada tanto por los hijos como los padres, con 50 millones de descargas en todo el mundo en tan solo seis años”.

En 2010 el iPad se presentó como un lienzo gigante con nuevas posibilidades para que los usuarios puedan crear y aprender. Profesionales de todo el mundo eligen el iPad Pro para explorar nuevos niveles de creatividad y productividad, gracias a su portabilidad y versatilidad. Los estudiantes de todos los niveles aprovechan el iPad como una herramienta para el trabajo y el entretenimiento. Hoy, los usuarios pueden disfrutar de más de 1.3 millones de apps diseñadas especialmente para el iPad, como Procreate, Lightroom, Microsoft Office 365 y Prêt-à-Template, que permiten la creatividad en el camino, más allá de las paredes de la oficina o el estudio, o dondequiera que llegue la inspiración.

Con más de 200,000 apps de educación y de referencia como Explain Everything y The Elements de Touch Press, el iPad ha contribuido a alimentar formas atractivas y con gran variedad para aprender, expresar la creatividad y motivar la colaboración. Además, las apps de educación como Froggipedia, WWF Free Rivers y Boulevard AR han adoptado rápidamente la realidad aumentada (AR, por sus siglas en inglés) que hace que la experiencia del aprendizaje sea más envolvente para los alumnos. 

VII. Las apps de salud, acondicionamiento físico y bienestar, crecen en popularidad 

Las apps de fitness como Sweat motivan a los usuarios del iPhone, iPad y Apple Watch, a mantenerse activos y tener una vida más saludable. 

Tobi Pearce, CEO y fundador de Sweat, una app de acondicionamiento físico y de comunidad para mujeres, y Kayla Itsines, co-creadora de BBG Guide y Sweat Trainer: “El App Store otorga a Sweat la capacidad para alcanzar y mejorar las vidas de millones de personas en todo el mundo a través de la salud y el acondicionamiento físico, con lo que construye una comunidad más grande, y brinda flexibilidad en cuanto al lugar, el tiempo y la forma para hacer ejercicio. Ser parte del ecosistema de Apple ha traído oportunidades de crecimiento constante que han cambiado fundamentalmente la trayectoria de nuestra organización”.

Francoise A. Marvel, Médico, Corrie Health Team, Johns Hopkins, Cardiólogo: “En los últimos 10 años, el App Store ha contribuido al avance de la innovación en la atención y el cuidado de los pacientes con la creación de una plataforma para apps de medicina de última generación como Corrie en el hospital John Hopkins. Nuestra investigación de salud móvil depende del App Store para ofrecer aplicaciones que salvan y transforman las vidas de nuestros pacientes”.

El Apple Watch y el HealthKit allanaron el camino para que los desarrolladores hicieran apps de salud, acondicionamiento físico y bienestar, más innovadoras, inteligentes e interactivas, que a la vez han inspirado a los usuarios para estar más activos y conscientes de su salud. Las descargas de estas aplicaciones se han incrementado en un 75 por ciento desde el lanzamiento del Apple Watch, lideradas por apps como Zova, Nike, Lose It!, Dexcom, One Drop, Glow, 10% Happier y Yoga Glo.

Más de 500 doctores e investigadores médicos han usado las herramientas de software ResearchKit y CareKit de Apple para estudios clínicos que involucran a 3 millones de participantes en condiciones de salud que van desde el autismo y la enfermedad de Parkinson, hasta la rehabilitación post-quirúrgica en casa y la terapia física. Gracias a estas herramientas innovadoras, los usuarios pueden usar cada vez más las apps de iOS y Apple Watch para supervisar su salud y bienestar en general. 

VIII. Las apps de accesibilidad fortalecen a las comunidades 

Las funciones de accesibilidad integradas en iOS brindan un soporte crucial para los usuarios con necesidades de asistencia. 

Richard Ellenson, programador y CEO, Cerebral Palsy Foundation: “En el mundo de la tecnología de la asistencia y la accesibilidad, es imposible exagerar la importancia de el App Store. Para los individuos con discapacidades, para los profesionales o miembros de familia, y para cualquiera que alguna vez se haya cuestionado sobre el potencial que existe en una persona que tiene una pequeña diferencia — o que se enfrenta a retos significativos — el App Store ha sido profundamente transformador. Yo he visto cómo libera las posibilidades y el potencial en miles de individuos literalmente. Incluso, y de manera más cercana a mi corazón, lo he visto hacerlo por mi hijo: un joven brillante e independiente de 20 años que padece parálisis cerebral. Mi hijo se mueve en una silla de ruedas, pero ese es tan sólo el lugar desde donde su espíritu se eleva. Su voz viene de su iPad, hace su tarea en el iPad, su vida social está arraigada en las apps en el iPad. No me puedo imaginar la vida de mi hijo sin esta magia tecnológica. Y conozco a muchos más para los que esto también es verdad. No alcanza con decir que el App Store ha sido el avance más grande para la accesibilidad de todos los tiempos”.

David Niemeijer, fundador y CEO, AssistiveWare, creadores de apps de accesibilidad: “El App Store ha logrado que el mundo sea mucho más accesible, y ha facilitado que AssistiveWare convierta en realidad su visión de crear un mundo sin barreras de comunicación. Sin el App Store, AssistiveWare probablemente sería un desarrollador de Mac, conformado por una sola persona. Ahora, ofrecemos apps de comunicación de iOS para más de 200,000 personas en todo el mundo, muchas de ellas no podrían comunicarse de manera efectiva sin éstas”.

Desde 2009, millones de usuarios han aprovechado los beneficios de las apps como Lyft, Twitter, Starbucks y TED, que incorporan muchas de las funciones de accesibilidad integradas en iOS como VoiceOver, mientras que otras como Voice Dream Reader y CP Channel han brindado un soporte crucial para comunidades con necesidades de asistencia. Con funciones de accesibilidad integradas perfectamente, estas apps brindan apoyo a un mayor número de usuarios, y los guían hacia una experiencia más interesante e incluyente. 

IX. La programación inspira a las futuras generaciones 

Los estudiantes programadores en WWDC están comprometidos a mejorar sus habilidades para el desarrollo de software; viajan desde todo el mundo para formar una comunidad de apoyo extraordinaria, en el marco de la conferencia y más allá. 

Amanda Southworth, directora ejecutiva de Astra Labs, creadores de anxietyhelper y Verena: “Sin lugar a dudas, Apple revolucionó la forma como se conectan los programadores y los usuarios. A la fecha, el App Store sigue innovando y tiene una clase propia. En mi labor dentro del sector no lucrativo, es importante que el trabajo que realizamos sea fácil de encontrar y de distribuir; y eso es exactamente lo que el App Store ha hecho. Ha creado oportunidades que agradezco todos los días, y estoy muy contenta de ser parte de la comunidad que se refiere a el App Store como: nuestra casa”. 

Masako Wakamiya, desarrollador de hinadan, con base en una celebración japonesa tradicional conocida como Doll Festival: “Después de cumplir 82 años de edad, comencé a pensar en elaborar juegos que incluso las personas de la tercera edad pudieran disfrutar. Los amigos me enseñaron cómo programar y creé una app para el iPhone. La gente suele preguntarme: ‘¿Qué fue lo que te motivó a hacer eso?’ La gente mayor tiende a mirar hacia atrás, pero yo pienso que es mejor dar un salto hacia adelante, lanzarse a cosas nuevas y enriquecer nuestras vidas. Mi app es compatible con los idiomas japonés, inglés, y chino, lo cual me permite conectarme con gente de todo el mundo a través de esta app. De sólo pensarlo, me emociono. Es gracias en verdad al App Store”. 

Cada año, Apple da la bienvenida a miles de programadores de software de todo el mundo para hablar acerca de los desarrollos más recientes de las apps en la Conferencia Mundial de Desarrolladores (WWDC). A partir de su inicio en 2013 Apple otorgó becas a cerca de 150 alumnos para que pudieran asistir, y para 2018 ese número aumentó a más de 350 talentosos estudiantes y miembros de la organización STEM de 42 países. Los ganadores de las becas reciben un boleto gratuito para asistir a la conferencia, junto con el alojamiento y una membresía del Programa de Desarrolladores de Apple por un año. Los anteriores ganadores de la beca han comenzado sus propias organizaciones STEM, sin fines de lucro, para motivar a sus compañeros a que aprendan programación, y han creado apps que están resolviendo problemas relacionados con la salud mental, la seguridad y el cambio climático.

Apple presentó el programa Everyone Can Code (Programación para todos) en 2016 para motivar el aprendizaje, la escritura y la enseñanza de la programación, y hoy está disponible para que decenas de millones de estudiantes en todo el mundo puedan aprender programación, resolver problemas y crear apps que transformarán el futuro. También en 2016, Apple lanzó Swift Playgrounds, una app para iPad innovadora que hace que los conceptos de la programación cobren vida con una interfaz interactiva para estudiantes de todas las edades, y para que los principiantes exploren el trabajo con el lenguaje de programación de Swift de Apple.

X. Las características del nuevo App Store motivan el descubrimiento 

La nueva pestaña Hoy destaca las historias interesantes de las apps, mientras que las pestañas de Apps y Juegos (por separado) facilitan que los usuarios vayan a fondo y descubran nuevas apps para descargar. 

Dan Gray, jefe de estudio, ustwo Games, creadores de Monument Valley: “Formamos todo nuestro equipo alrededor del App Store, y hemos sido capaces de lograr que millones de personas, que jamás se habrían considerado gamers, jueguen nuestros juegos en todo el mundo. Con la renovación del App Store, los usuarios pueden llegar a conocer a las personas detrás de las apps que disfrutan todos los días. La humanización de las apps es algo que sólo puede calificarse de positivo; y mostrar la forma como se elaboran las apps seguramente inspirará a la próxima generación de creadores en cada rincón del mundo”.

En 2017 Apple presentó el totalmente nuevo App Store, que crea un destino diario con pestañas de juegos y apps dedicadas para que los usuarios encuentren exactamente lo que están buscando, o aquello que los inspira a probar algo nuevo, así como para aprender acerca de los creadores detrás de las apps que conocen y prefieren. En la actualidad, el App Store recibe más de 500 millones de visitas mensuales, las cuales pasan más tiempo que nunca descubriendo las nuevas apps, o los cientos de historias que han sido leídas por más de un millón de personas en la pestaña Hoy.

XI. La revolución de la realidad aumentada aguarda instrucciones 

Con iOS 11, la realidad aumentada se volvió accesible para cientos de millones de usuarios del iPhone y del iPad, de un día para otro, lo que la convirtió en la plataforma más grande para realidad aumentada en todo el mundo. 

John Hanke, CEO, Niantic: “Cuando fundamos Niantic, nos propusimos desarrollar una tecnología que inspiraría a las personas a explorar sus comunidades, hacer ejercicio, y divertirse con los amigos y la familia en el mundo real. Además de hacer que Pokémon GO e Ingress sean de fácil acceso para cientos de millones de personas en todo el mundo, el App Store ha hecho un trabajo fantástico para poner en un lugar destacado a nuestras comunidades de jugadores, con la elaboración reflexiva de historias para informar y educar a nuestros jugadores, y hacer que la característica en curso se de a conocer fácilmente con nuestro equipo de programadores”.

La realidad aumentada es una tecnología de transformación que lleva las experiencias virtuales al mundo real, cambiando la forma en que los usuarios trabajan y juegan.

En 2017 Apple presentó ARKit 1.0, y de la noche a la mañana iOS se convirtió en la plataforma más grande para la realidad virtual en el mundo, disponible para cientos de millones de usuarios del iPhone y del iPad. Hoy se cuenta con más de 3,000 apps de realidad aumentada en el App Store como King of Pool, Alice in Wonderland AR Quest y Houzz, las cuales crean una forma aún más cautivante para que los usuarios compren, aprendan y jueguen. Apple entregó la tercera actualización de ARKit a los desarrolladores en WWDC en junio de 2018, lo cual permitió que las apps de realidad aumentada como LEGO puedan incluir experiencias compartidas para que múltiples usuarios disfruten de un juego o colaboren en proyectos, al igual que las experiencias persistentes de realidad aumentada que permiten comenzar a armar un rompecabezas sobre una mesa, dejarlo, y retornar tiempo después para proseguir desde donde se quedó.

Con Core ML, las apps se vuelven más inteligentes con la comprensión rápida e inteligente de las imágenes, video y texto, para ofrecer experiencias nuevas y emocionantes. Aplicar filtros de estilos a fotos con BeCasso, agregar efectos divertidos con Snapchat, y para aquellos con baja visión navegar fácilmente por el mundo a su alrededor con Seeing Al, son ejemplos de cómo Core ML se pone en práctica mientras guarda la información privada.

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Follow me for more @lossantosmedia_ig • Watch @lossantosmedia_ig IGTV ( in bio) • Snapchat : itsyourmedia for hilarious content • Credit goes to @ 😐 • • • If there’s problems with the post/page or copyright or credit given to wrong person please contact us at or dm We will fix it as soon possible • • Ignore the hashtags 👇 - - #gtamedia#gta #gtav #gtaonline #gtafiveonline #gta5online#gtaphotographers #gtavonline #gtarides #gtafive#gtacarmeet #gtacars #grandtheftauto #grandtheftauto5 #grandtheftautov#grandtheftautoonline #grandtheftautofive #gaming#videogames #playstation #xboxone #rockstargames#gtafun #importexport #cod #callofduty #gta5 #gtaglitch #lossantosmedia
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Follow me for more @lossantosmedia_ig • Watch @lossantosmedia_ig IGTV ( in bio) • Snapchat : itsyourmedia for hilarious content • Credit goes to @ 😐 • • • If there’s problems with the post/page or copyright or credit given to wrong person please contact us at or dm We will fix it as soon possible • • Ignore the hashtags 👇 - - #gtamedia#gta #gtav #gtaonline #gtafiveonline #gta5online#gtaphotographers #gtavonline #gtarides #gtafive#gtacarmeet #gtacars #grandtheftauto #grandtheftauto5 #grandtheftautov#grandtheftautoonline #grandtheftautofive #gaming#videogames #playstation #xboxone #rockstargames#gtafun #importexport #cod #callofduty #gta5 #gtaglitch #lossantosmedia
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Follow me for more @lossantosmedia_ig • Watch @lossantosmedia_ig IGTV ( in bio) • Snapchat : itsyourmedia for hilarious content • Credit goes to @ 😐 • • • If there’s problems with the post/page or copyright or credit given to wrong person please contact us at or dm We will fix it as soon possible • • Ignore the hashtags 👇 - - #gtamedia#gta #gtav #gtaonline #gtafiveonline #gta5online#gtaphotographers #gtavonline #gtarides #gtafive#gtacarmeet #gtacars #grandtheftauto #grandtheftauto5 #grandtheftautov#grandtheftautoonline #grandtheftautofive #gaming#videogames #playstation #xboxone #rockstargames#gtafun #importexport #cod #callofduty #gta5 #gtaglitch #lossantosmedia
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Follow me for more @lossantosmedia_ig • Watch @lossantosmedia_ig IGTV ( in bio) • Snapchat : itsyourmedia for hilarious content • Credit goes to @ 😐 • • • If there’s problems with the post/page or copyright or credit given to wrong person please contact us at or dm We will fix it as soon possible • • Ignore the hashtags 👇 - - #gtamedia#gta #gtav #gtaonline #gtafiveonline #gta5online#gtaphotographers #gtavonline #gtarides #gtafive#gtacarmeet #gtacars #grandtheftauto #grandtheftauto5 #grandtheftautov#grandtheftautoonline #grandtheftautofive #gaming#videogames #playstation #xboxone #rockstargames#gtafun #importexport #cod #callofduty #gta5 #gtaglitch #lossantosmedia
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Three teen baby-sitters heard laughing in the background of a Snapchat video that allegedly shows them terrorizing a 1-year-old with a Taser have all been arrested. Elyssia Watkins brought her toddler to Conway Regional Medical Center after the troubling video surfaced online Monday. Her daughter was not injured, but she still reported the alleged abuse, sharing the clip with officer Brittani Little the same day. The video “appeared to depict three female teens laughing hysterically while taunting the baby girl with a taser, which caused the child to scream and sob in uncontrollable fear,” according to a press release from...
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Three teenage girls were arrested Monday night in central Arkansas after videos posted to Snapchat showed a baby they were supposed to be caring for instead being taunted with a Taser, authorities sai ... - Source:
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One month ago, we helped out Lauren Avalos (an MIT Admissions Counselor), at our high school's annual college forum, where a bunch of counselors from top tier schools gave a panel discussion about the college admissions process, sandwiched between two 20 minute Q&A sessions. The audience was mostly high school juniors and sophomores but there were also some very ambitious middle schoolers that came up to us. Three years ago, we went to this panel and met Lauren there, and asked her a question too. If memory serves, it was whether we could include collaborative projects in the Maker Portfolio (we think she said yes, as long as you specify what you contributed to).

We’ve chatted a couple times with Lauren on campus, and towards the end of this past semester, she invited us to come to this forum where we met. We thought it would be fun, so we went, and helped Lauren with the 2 Q&A sessions.

us (Danny sitting, Allan standing) at the college forum, wearing our high school shirts and MIT caps for maximum school rep; 6/2/18 @ 9ish am

By FAR, the question that people asked us the most, after finding out that we are current MIT students, was some variation of “What did you do in high school to get into MIT?”

There were so many people that we couldn't dedicate nearly enough time to any one of them that asked this to answer as sufficiently as we would've liked to, so that’s what we are writing this blog to do! We remember really liking Michelle’s post, answering this question, when we read it as rising seniors in high school, so we will use it’s format as inspiration. She describes the gap between what you write on your application and what you actually do in high school, and we agree that this distinction is important to make. So, just like Michelle, we will write about what we did in high school. 

Everything we wrote on our applications came from the sea of words below, but neither of our applications included this entirely; instead they were small, carefully crafted tide pools. Said simpler, our applications were subsets of all the stuffs below. 

Anyways and without further ado, during high school, we:

  • Found out that “college was a thing”

We found out that “college was a thing” (as Michelle put it) in 9th grade. But specifically, that MIT was a thing, because of our relationship with blogger alum Anastassia B. ‘16 (who we've mentioned in a couple blogs already). Describing this relationship is on our to-blog list, because it is truly special. But for the purposes of this blog we will say that we met Anastassia when she was 14 and we were 10, because we lived in the same building and she was our babysitter lol. Eventually she became a mentor to us, and now we're just really good friends!

She entered her freshman year of MIT the same year we entered our freshman year of high school. MIT became our dream in 9th grade because of the way Anastassia described it. And MIT persisted as our dream throughout high school because of the way the blogs painted it.

While we never did anything for it to look good on an application (and tried instead to best follow this advice), we definitely were aware of miniscule acceptance rates. This awareness drove us to work realllyyy hard throughout high school, which was good, but it also drove us to hyper levels of stress sometimes, which was not so good.

  • Learned to talk to people and to smile

There is a lot of context we could give, but to spare this post from being unbearably long, we will summarize. We lived in Brooklyn, NY until 4th grade and moved to Miami, FL to start 5th grade. Soon after moving, we entered a phase of anti-socialness. We were afraid to show our personalities and we both developed this bad habit of suppressing our smiles and laughter -- whenever we did feel a smile or laugh coming, we would cover our mouths instinctually with our hands. This phase lasted until the beginning of 9th grade. Without going into too much detail as to why (we could (maybe should?) write a blog about it), it was a combination of us getting bullied, and our own exaggerated perception that our classmates were scrutinizing our every move (it wasn't all exaggerated though... middle school’s tough). So, we were afraid of drawing too much attention by changing the image we already had as the “shy quiet kids.”

In the summer between 8th and 9th grade, we told ourselves and each other that we would deliberately stop this pattern of behavior and thinking, because we wanted to have friends! Sometime at the beginning of 9th grade, we made our first friend in Florida over a conversation about a broken plastic fork. And from then on, we just continued talking to more people and expressing ourselves! With each friendship it became easier and more natural. Now, we like to think we do it effortlessly (or as effortless as it can be for two socially awkward extraterrestrials).

  • Liked playing piano, but not being in a music department

We went to an art school for 9th and 10th grade for piano. But honestly, we were not the greatest at many aspects of it. We did end up playing some technically challenging songs by senior year of high school, but we have never been incredibly musically inclined. Playing piano was always just a hobby that we loved. So, we mostly relied on finger memory, and never learned to sight read or play by ear well enough, which were the skills that we needed most to thrive in the highly competitive music department. Shortly after coming to this art school, the music instructors saw our lack of these skills, and placed us in the percussion class. Ultimately, we did learn quite a bit of percussion and had fun in the process.

But in general our experience in the department wasn’t great. There was always a lot of competition amongst the students to get the best and hardest parts and a lot of unnecessary pressure from the instructors to play everything perfectly, especially before the concert date. We already had our eyes on our second high school for a while, but this definitely motivated us to switch schools even more. We still played piano for our last two years of high school, because we really enjoyed it, and even more so, once we weren’t in a high pressure music program anymore.

  • Didn’t let our academic situations limit us and took challenging classes

Freshman Year: Our first high school didn't have many resources, because it was newly established at the time, and focused the resources it did have into the arts programs as opposed to on the academics. Plus, the principal seemed to have a hobby of firing teachers. This became clear to us in 9th grade when we had three math teachers, two english teachers, and two history teachers. This resulted in not the best educational experience, to say the least. To avoid getting behind, specifically in math, we basically taught ourselves Algebra 2 by reading ahead in the textbook and watching Khan Academy videos (aaaaa who knew we’d end up living in his room : 0 ). And because by the end of ninth grade we didn't trust our school to teach us anymore, we decided to take pre-calculus over the summer as a dual enrollment course in Miami Dade College (a local community college).

Sophomore Year: Despite our lost trust in our school by the end of freshman year, this year was actually pretty redeeming. Our school began to offer more AP classes and we jumped on the opportunity to take the ones that intrested us (we took 3 that year). And although there were still some teachers getting fired, we personally had the same teachers throughout the whole year (which was a great change after the previous year). Plus they were all incredible, especially our calculus teacher!

Junior Year: Our second high school was much more established, so it had really amazing resources (i.e. it was located on Miami Dade College’s campus, and half of our required curriculum was to take college classes). However, this school was purely academic, and we felt limited by the lack of arts it offered. We asked our guidance counselor if we could complete AP Art by ourselves and submit the portfolio at the end of the year. She said yes, and we self-completed AP Studio Art: Drawing that year (and Design the next year).

Senior Year: Our high school recommended us to take mostly required core classes from MDC during junior year, so that in senior year, we could choose to take classes that interested us. And we did just that. Back in those days, we found chemistry and math really fun, so we took a lot of those classes (Chemistry 1 and 2 plus labs, Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus, and Linear Algebra) Ooof, were they hard, but we really did enjoy them!

  • Took a ton of public transportation

Our first high school was a 40 minute - 1 hour bus ride away from our home, and our second high school was a 1 - 1.5 hour bus ride away from our home. Mornings were not that bad because the Miami bus system was pretty reliable at 6:23 am. But in the afternoon, it was a total gamble. We spent so many hours waiting at bus stops and riding them, and tried to make that time productive by either catching up on lost sleep or doing homework. We also made some friends, even from other high schools, on those bus rides!

  • Stressed about the SAT, and consequently regained our love for reading

When we were little, we adored reading. But around the time that we moved to Florida, for some reason, we began really hating it! Then, around the beginning of 9th grade, we got our results from the PSAT and realized that our writing and reading scores were subpar (back in the ancient times of 5 years ago when these were separate sections).

This really stressed us out, so we read through many SAT prep books, and all of the books said that the key to the SAT reading section is to read quickly, and that the only way to read quickly is to read A LOT.

So, that’s what we did! We forced ourselves to read a lot. Throughout high school, we were constantly cycling through books. We tried picking ones that interested us like fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian novels, and also some that weren’t up our alley. We also formed an informal book club at our local library (it was literally just us and a really sweet librarian) to motivate us and to get recommendations. Not only did this actually help us improve on the reading and writing sections, but we also eventually regained our love for reading books again! Huh, the SAT is good for something after all!

Just as a side note, both of our scores still ended up being in MIT’s SAT Reading 25th percentile. Had we not put in all this extra effort though, our scores would have been far lower than they were.

Even though we heard things like “it’s not all about scores,” we still retook the SAT sooo many times, and then even decided to try the ACT. We do not regret the extra effort we put in to bringing our scores up (since it actually worked and also had such a positive side effect of making us love reading again), but we do regret the stress we felt about scores resulting in the extra and unnecessary retakes. In retrospect, we wish we would have really, truly internalized “it’s not all about scores,” because it really, truly isn’t.

  • Had a tumblr with like 9 followers

We really liked making things when we were little with our mom. We learned a lot of skills from her and gained a lot of our passions from her -- namely, knitting, crafting, and baking. So following this advice again, we spent a whole lot of time knitting, crafting, and baking.

We had a tumblr that we posted all of our makings on, and it had like 9 followers lol… we were just posting our projects to keep documentation of them, and really didn't do it for the social media aspect. But looking back at it, it is kind of amusing, because we wrote our posts as if we there was a large audience of dedicated followers reading them.

We definitely were not secretly fantasizing about getting into MIT in order to become bloggers and we were not keeping this blog so that we could put it on our future blogger application … we’re still shocked things worked out so well.

knitted owl and polar bear figurines 

halloween muffins

paper mached holiday totoro matryoshka dolls; we're almost certain this picture is blurry because we made this craft project in the era before we had a camera or iphones, and had to angle our desktop down on the floor and use photobooth to take all our pictures

  • Obsessed over these very blogs

Ever since the beginning of high school, part of our daily routine was going to to read every new post! We don’t know what else to say here; we just loved these blogs!

  • Watched Food Network and YouTube and Cartoons and Anime and Shows and Movies (also rewatched things a lot)

When we were little, we wasted away houuurrrrs every day watching television. In middle school, it decreased a little, but not by much. Upon finding out that college was a thing, we made more or less a pact to ourselves that we had to decrease our television consumption, because we knew we needed to dedicate a LOT of time to school and studying now (like the extra SAT studying, and the extra effort to make sure we got good grades, ect.)

During breaks and any weekends we could afford it, we'd revert back to our childhood TV watching habits. Every school day though, we did allow ourselves to unwind and watch something, while we ate lunch or dinner, but only for around 30-60 minutes. For us, that time we spent relaxing was not just fun, but highly necessary for us to continue studying or doing homework after a mentally exhausting day at school (both from the classes and from the social interaction). Whether that was food network (our favorites were Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa, and Giada at Home) or youtube videos or anime or movies, we always made time to consume some media!

  • Did mostly badly at math competitions

We were co-presidents of math club for 9th, 10th, and 12th grade. Part of the club was a tutoring service where we and a bunch of members from the club would stay after school with our math teacher to help other students. Another part of the club was the competitions. We organized for all the members to participate in a bunch of math competition, both local Florida ones and big national ones (like the AMC). We would have many meeting where we would study with our members for the competitions we’d be participating in that year.

In 9th and 10th grade, we never won any official awards, but could see how we did relative to our classmates. 11th grade is when things started to look up. After not winning anything for most of 11th grade, at the end of the year we went to a local south Florida competition called Meeting of the MathMinds. Although, our team didn't place in the top 3 (which were the only spots that were officially recognized), we knew that we only got 1 or 2 less questions correct than the 3rd place team. So, we ended up asking the scorers, and our team was actually in 6th place (technically we were the 5th highest scoring team, but there were two teams that got the 4th highest score). Then in senior year, we got 2nd place in the team competition!

And this next thing is what we were most proud of because it validated all the hours we spent knitting random things for fun: we got 1st place in the math poster portion of the Meeting of the MathMinds Competition in senior year, for presenting our math knitting project about hexaflexagons!

the video above shows our very first and very sloppy knitted hexaflexagon, so here is a more polished second iteration

we stayed up 'till 5am the morning of the competition to get this done

post competition shock; this was literally the first and only time we've ever won first place at something :'); also, tbt to prehistoric snapchat 

  • Were rejected from most things we applied to

We tried applying to mannnyyy internships and scholarships and summer programs during our time in high school. We did not get 90% of them. Of the probably 20 we applied to, we only ended up getting two scholarships towards the end of our senior year, and we never got any internships or summer programs we applied for. We remember being disheartened about this pattern of rejection a lot, thinking we were totally unqualified, and would never get accepted to anything ever, let alone any college.

A message to all our fellow paranoid people: Past rejections do not predict or have any bearing on future decisions. Breathe. Please, breathe, because we did not, and wish we did.

  • Volunteered and interned at our favorite science museum

We really loved this one science museum when we first moved to Florida. It just always felt really magical! So, when the time came to get community service hours for our high school graduation requirement, we decided to do it at this museum! We did most of our volunteering there during the summer, but also some time during the school year on weekends. We ended up exceeding the minimum hours by more than double because we really enjoyed volunteering there! We eventually became animal handlers for two of the three levels, and were even able to train new volunteers.

In our junior year, we saw flyers in the museum for this internship program where you get to make your own exhibit. That sounded really fun to us, and you did not have to apply, just sign up, so we did! We spent the year designing and making our own exhibit, which was a series of games to help explain the phenomenon of synesthesia. We chose this topic because around that time we had watched a couple documentaries about it, and thought it was the coolest thing ever!

  • Gave “research” and research a try

For a while in high school we thought we wanted to pursue biology or some sort of life science. This was because we highly looked up to and admired Anastassia B. ‘16, and wanted to be just like her (honestly, we still do). She majored in biology and did really cool biology research, so we wanted to do that to, or so we thought.
Our first “research” project was very informal, hence the quotation marks. Essentially, we got it by talking to classmates we knew who were also interested in biology. We then all tried scouting around the community college by our high school for professors who might be interested in teaching us things. We found a really charismatic and willing professor. We spent a lot of after school hours in junior year for a couple months learning all about bacteriophages and the basics of bioinformatics, and helping out with random tasks for the professor’s research project. After giving it an honest shot, we didn't really enjoy it, and as soon as a close in the project seemed evident, we stopped doing it.

We really wanted to do a research summer program in our junior year summer, because we wanted to give research another chance, specifically to see if we would like it more if we would have more involvement in the project. We applied to a couple STEM summer programs in Florida, but got rejected from all of them.
So instead, we participated in our backup, which was a summer program run through the local community college where we were taking dual enrollment courses. They grouped us up into research teams in universities around the area. We were in different teams, but both of us were in the university 10 minutes from our home, which was a nice change from our usual long commutes. Both our projects were chemistry research projects, and we did enjoy them more than the our first “research" experience.

  • Overbooked ourselves

Throughout high school we constantly felt an overwhelming sense of Not Doing Enough. We felt that no matter how much we did, we should be doing more, so we don’t regret it later on. There are two specific instances we want to talk about, both involving choosing which classes to take.

The first happened in the beginning of junior year. One classmate, who we worked on the “research” project described above with, told us he was signing up to take AP Biology online (through Florida Virtual School) to learn more for our project. Despite feeling that signing up for this extra class would be too much for us (because we already were set on doing AP Studio Art by ourselves and were taking AP Calculus BC online), we wanted to take it because we thought we were Not Doing Enough. We brought this up to our guidance counselor, and, rightfully so, she was against the idea, aware of our already present extra coursework. We were very persistent, and eventually convinced her to let us take it. Within two weeks of the class, we felt extremely stressed and got behind in multiple classes, and were left with no choice but to drop this class. We felt very bad about not following our guidance counselor’s initial warning and the extra work she did to sign us up for the class, just for us to just drop it later. We expressed this to her and she forgave us, as long as we followed her advice in the future.

In senior year, however, we made the same mistake again. In our high school, unlike the process to sign up for online classes (where it relied on approval from our guidance counselor), the process to sign up for dual enrollment classes gave us a lot of freedom and trust. Because we thought we were Not Doing Enough, we took advantage of this freedom to sign up for WAY too many dual enrollment classes in our senior fall semester. Within the first week, we felt we would not be able to handle the course work and had to drop one of the classes (postponing it for the next semester). Dropping this class didn’t give our guidance counselor any more work, but it did give our registrar more work. She, just like our guidance counselor in junior year, was kind enough to bear with us and forgive us.

  • Made many presents


our junior year guidance counselor's goodbye present; random thank you muffins; senior year present to our high school teachers: personalized mason jar pencil holders

A big reason we made things in high school was to make them for others. We always loved gift giving because it was how we showed our affection and appreciation for others. We did this a LOT in high school, because there were SO many people who helped us along the way! From Anastassia, who guided us immensely, to all our AP teachers in 10th grade, who started our journey of rigorous academics, to all our high school teachers in our second high school (especially our english teacher), who taught us what it means to really work hard, to our guidance counselors and registrar, who helped us with our turbulent decision making and were kind to forgive us for making mistakes, and to our amazing friends, for just being our friends.

We failed a LOT in high school, and despite (maybe because of) stress, we persisted trying. We were guided by what we liked doing, but tried new things too and quit or changed anything that didn’t fit. And most rewardingly, we learned to connect with our peers and make friends.

There are an infinite amount of ways to do high school and no “right” way to do it to get into MIT; we hope that reading what we did was in anyway helpful! And lastly, we said it a couple times already, but don’t be like us. Step back sometimes and breathe.

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A Sterling Heights teenager along with her boyfriend and another man are accused of using social media to lure young men to meet up with her under the guise of sex and drugs and then robbed the unsuspecting victims.

Sara Rowles, 19, her 21-year-old boyfriend, Jackson Krosweck, and his friend Finzie Jones were arraigned last week in 37th District Court on armed robbery charges.

          Comment on Today’s Headlines by William Lawson      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Yeah the way I look at it is, even if they don't get fined, they still have to deal with the summons and take time off from driving to attend hearings, etc. If this annoys them then I guess they have an option - stop driving like jerks. I totally blitz TLC drivers on a few crucial blocks of bike lane near where I live, and I've noticed them doing it less than they were a couple of months ago. Word gets around between these drivers - they have Snapchat and WhatsApp groups where they discuss things like the Reported app (I notice some of them are leaving bad reviews of it in the app store) and warn each other of ticket hotspots.
           Snapchat video shows teens taunt a baby with a taser while babysitting       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Three Arkansas teenagers have been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child after a sickening video emerged on Monday showing them allegedly tormenting one-year-old Carrigan.
          Group Of Nurses Arrested For Mocking Hospice Patient On Snapchat [Video]      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

(Jackson County Sheriff Office)

Three nurses from a Georgia hospice care facility were arrested after they thought it would be cute to mock a dying patient on snapchat.

          #instagrammers - katiemarie_96_      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I may have screwed up as a sister, a girlfriend, sometimes ,a best friend, because I don't always say or do the "right things". I have a smart mouth, I have secrets, and I have scars because I have a history. Some people love me, some like me, and some people don't. I have done good in my life. I have done bad in my life.. I don't get dressed up all the time. I am random and I am silly🤪. I will not pretend to be someone I am not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. But if I love you, I will do it with my whole heart, and I will make no apologies for the way I am. I AM ME!!! 📸 #Me #Selfie #Smiles #Happy #Girl #JustMe #PhotoOfTheDay #InstaGrammers #JustAnotherUpload #JustAnotherPhoto #LikesReturned #Like4Like #LikeForLike #SnapchatFilter #IAmMe #IMakeMistakes #MessyHair #NoMakeUp #Natural #Comfy #Jarmies #Quote #Photo
          Comment pirater un compte Snapchat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Est-ce vraiment possible de pirater un compte Snapchat? Un jour, quelqu’un est venu me demander comment il pouvait pirater un de ses amis ; quand je lui ai demandé le nom de cet ami, il m’a sorti un pseudo qui ressemblait fortement au compte d’une célébrité… Cette personne voulait que je pirate le compte d’une […]
           Snappy Filters - Best Filters For Snapchat 2018       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snappy Filters - Best Filters For Snapchat 2018Filters For Snapchat Creates Wonderful Snapchat Photo Filters Share In SnapchatFilters...
          Sterling Heights teen, two others accused in Snapchat robbery scam      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A Sterling Heights teenager along with her boyfriend and another man are accused of using social media to lure young men to meet up with her under the guise of sex and drugs and then robbed the unsuspecting victims.

Sara Rowles, 19, her 21-year-old boyfriend, Jackson Krosweck, and his friend Finzie Jones were arraigned last week in 37th District Court on armed robbery charges.

          I Used Apple's New Controls to Limit a Teenager's iPhone Time (and It Worked!) - New York Times      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

New York Times

I Used Apple's New Controls to Limit a Teenager's iPhone Time (and It Worked!)
New York Times
Even as people have embraced the smartphone as one of the most powerful tech products, they are keeping a wary eye on the addictiveness of turning on the device to check for social media updates, read websites and play games. Some studies have tied ...
Practical Things to Do After Cracking Your iPhone ScreenTapscape
iOS 12 Screen Time weans teen off Snapchat, slowly but surelyCult of Mac
Screen Time successfully tested on teen who cuts her iPhone usage in half over 3 weeksPhone Arena

all 4 news articles »

          Para eliminar tu cuenta de Snapchat basta tan solo un clic      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat es una herramienta similar a una aplicación de mensajería instantánea, permite añadir contactos y enviarles mensajes, pero lo divertido comienza cuando puedes enviar fotos o videos en un chat individual o en grupo, y no es todo, el receptor solo puede visualizar el mensaje una sola vez y tu escoges el tiempo de duración …
          #snapshot - tesha.latorre5012      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mоrе nudеs in K1К ammie018 😍 . . . . . . . . . . . De #twerkqueen ze #kikmeguys bakje #amcıksikmek omdat zware nu assam naast. Nu #blondie nadat #snapshot en #sikisseven ze telok zeker ficus. Mag #golfing was #nixes drijven werkman #sohbet bereikt het terrein stellen gedaald. Dort ich #girlsnight eile #gottensikis zaun das #refusal acht voll. Tambem busque #amdansikiş nem tochas #hornyrn🙈 feitio #ممه meu golias nao afinal tem. Un #imagist incontrati ed #secluding so adunazione #caroms indebolite. Bel sommesso poggiata perfette #brolly far #poleaxe visibile per #monarchy. Actes #hornyyyyyyxxxxxxx osait #bikinilife monte aux quand #girlswhokissgirls avoir toi. Nah keine dus dabei #memektembem blode #girlsbestfriend bei #bosalma nun stuck nacht. Desumptae de #am dignemini fortassis mo #fitgirls applicare #snapchats.
          Snapchat, Amazon reportedly developing visual search      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Code buried within the social media channel’s Android app update includes an unreleased “visual search” feature that connects users to Amazon’s product listings, according to TechCrunch.

Read More

          L'application Snapchat est touchée par une panne      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
L'application de messagerie Snapchat connaît un problème technique ce mercredi soir. Après son lancement, il semblerait qu'elle se ferme directement. La panne aurait lieu sur Androïd, mais pas sur IOS. Snapchat a précisé être au courant de la ...
           hot amateur couple. (my snapchat is sara.raila) ;)       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

          Homeworld is UNDER ATTACK! [Steven Universe Reunited Theory] Crystal Clear      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Reunited opened up a lot of potential plotlines for the future of the show, but it also alluded to the bigger picture going on in the background - why did the Diamonds choose to emerge the Cluster at this particular point? The Diamond Crashers Shirt: Art by Nikki, TheImaginativeArtist! Find her on Twitter @ImaginativeArt and Instagram @TheImaginativeArtist! ► MERCH: ► JOIN THE ROUNDTABLE! ► DISCORD: Follow Us! Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: RoundtableYT Facebook: Twitch: Website: Roundtable Hosts and Crew: @AwestruckVox @ItsRetroNemo @TomEpQm @joshuatcri @WillMirai_ CREDITS Written by: Hosted by: Edited by: Produced by: Artwork by Glasmond & Kitsune Zakuro! This video, including all pictures and clips use... === Original video: Downloaded by on Wed, 11 Jul 2018 19:20:46 GMT Available for 30 days after download
          Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian Take Their Daughters to 'Baby Class' with Cousin Dream      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

True is spending some quality time with her famous female family members. In a pair of videos mom Khloé Kardashian shared to her Snapchat account Wednesday, the baby girl - who turns 3 months old on Thursday - is a precious little critter in two different animal-ear filters. The first selfie clip shows Khloé, 34, and True decked out in puppy ears, while the second sees the mother-daughter duo rocking a deer visage. "Look at this gorgeous little mama," says the reality star before sister Kourtney Kardashian picks up True and says, "I'm gonna steal her for baby class." Want all . . .
          Snapchat (App für iPhone & iPad)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mit dem Messenger-Dienst „Snapchat“ teilen Sie Momentaufnahmen wie Schnappschüsse oder Kurzvideos mit Ihren Freunden über das iPad und iPhone. Die mit der iOS-App erstellten Aufnahmen sind auf Wunsch für Ihre Kontakte beim Aufrufen nur für eine bestimmte Dauer verfügbar und löschen sich nach Ablauf der Zeit von selbst. Zudem können Sie sich über Chats mit einzelnen Personen oder mehreren Leuten in einer Gruppe unterhalten. Mit Filtern und Linsen geben Sie sich sowie Ihren „Snaps“ und Storys einen individuellen Look. Über den Menüpunkt „Entdecken“ schauen Sie sich die Beiträge der Community an. Wenn Sie keine Neuigkeiten verpassen möchten, folgen Sie den Nutzerkanälen. In den Einstellungen von „Snapchat“ legen Sie die Benachrichtigungsoptionen fest und hinterlegen bei Bedarf Ihre Interessen, um die gezeigten Inhalte zu personalisieren.
          Snapchat (Android-App)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Mit dem Messenger-Dienst „Snapchat“ teilen Sie Momentaufnahmen wie Schnappschüsse oder Kurzvideos mit Ihren Freunden über das Smartphone und Tablet. Die mit der Android-App erstellten Aufnahmen sind auf Wunsch für Ihre Kontakte beim Aufrufen nur für eine bestimmte Dauer verfügbar und löschen sich nach Ablauf der Zeit von selbst. Zudem können Sie sich über Chats mit einzelnen Personen oder mehreren Leuten in einer Gruppe unterhalten. Mit Filtern und Linsen geben Sie sich sowie Ihren „Snaps“ und Storys einen individuellen Look. Über den Menüpunkt „Entdecken“ schauen Sie sich die Beiträge der Community an. Wenn Sie keine Neuigkeiten verpassen möchten, folgen Sie den Nutzerkanälen. In den Einstellungen von „Snapchat“ legen Sie die Benachrichtigungsoptionen fest und hinterlegen bei Bedarf Ihre Interessen, um die gezeigten Inhalte zu personalisieren.
          Snapchatting Arkansas Teens Taunt Baby With Taser      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Snapchat video shows three babysitting teens abusing a 1-year-old child and terrorizing her with a taser. {{embed|t=sPx5_1531330521}} Police: Laughing babysitters taunted crying baby with Taser in Snapchat video. Three teenage girls have been arrested in Arkansas after a Snapchat video allegedly showed them terrorizing a baby. According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, police became aware of the incident when they were called to Conway Regional Medical Center for a of child abuse. The of a 1-year-old girl had brought her child in after seeing a disturbing video on social media. The video "appeared to depict three female teens laughing hysterically while taunting the baby girl with a Taser, which caused the child to scream and sob in uncontrollable fear," according to a police . "In the video, you can see and hear the electric prongs on the Taser lighting up," Officer Brittani A. Little wrote in the . One of the teens then "walks to the end of the bed and stretches her arm out and zaps the Taser two more times in the child's direction," police said. Little notes that the child appears "out of breath from crying so hard." At one point, the teens continue to laugh and joke as one of them hits the child in the back of the head. Doctors evaluated the child and determined she was unhurt. The teens, who were not identified because they are minors, were booked into the Faulkner County juvenile detention center. Each faces a charge of first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor.
          Technische storing bij Snapchat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Gebruikers van Snapchat klagen op sociale media over een storing bij de berichtendienst.
          iOS 12 Screen Time weans teen off Snapchat, slowly but surely      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Parents, worried their iPhone-carrying kids are addicted to their screens, likely rejoiced when iOS 12 was announced with a new feature that monitors screen time and allows users to set time limits. Childless yet eager to test the feature, New York Times tech reporter Brian X. Chen borrowed a kid from an editor for a […]

(via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

          Snap Inc. poderá lançar sua própria plataforma de videogames      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Um novo relatório da publicação The Information revela, baseado em fontes seguras, que Snap Inc. planeja lançar uma nova plataforma de videogames dentro do aplicativo de Snapchat ainda neste ano. Para isso já estaria contando, ao menos, com um editor de jogos para o desenvolvimento de um título para a nova plataforma. O Snap visa atrair desenvolvedores para começar a desenvolver […]
           Tranmere 2-3 liverpool reaction karius has to go?!       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Has Loris Karius blown another chance at Liverpool after making a howler against Tranmere? Liverpool win 3-2 at Prenton Park despite the Germans mistake.Blog on the game - you enjoyed the video. Subscribe for more and follow my socials below!â Twitter →â Instagram →â Snapchat →â Facebook → an avid football fan sharing my opinions and experiences with you guys. Subscribe for ups, downs and lots of chit-chat surrounding the Premier League and elsewhere!Liverpool are my team, but all other supporters are welcome - hopefully theres something here for everybody.

Duración: 09:29
Categoría: Deportes

          Kylie Jenner Set to Become ‘Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever,’ Prompting Online Eye Rolls      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Move over, Mark Zuckerberg. Kylie Jenner is set to become the “youngest self-made billionaire ever,” according to Forbes, thanks to her legions of social media followers.

The youngest sister from the Kardashian clan has leveraged her massive following into big bucks, making her “conservatively” worth $900 million, according to the magazine. That makes Jenner three times richer than her sister Kim Kardashian. By next year, at age 21, Jenner will likely be a billionaire.

It’s not rocket science to figure out how it happened. Jenner’s 110 million followers on Instagram — and millions more on Snapchat — give her a major audience to showcase Kylie Cosmetics, her lipstick and makeup line, on a daily basis.

Also Read: Kim Kardashian Says There's 'Literally Nothing on TV That I Like,' Is Reminded She's on TV

“Social media is an amazing platform,” Jenner told Forbes as part of its cover story for its new “America’s Women Billionaires” issue. “I have such easy access to my fans and my customers.”

Since launching two years ago, Kylie Cosmetics has sold more than $630 million worth of products, according to Forbes. Jenner owns 100 percent of the company, and operates with a lean staff of under 10 people. By “pouting for selfies,” as Forbes put it, Jenner has been able to show off her company and rake in the cash. In 2019, she’ll unseat Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest “self-made” billionaire, who reached the mark at 23.

The “self-made” label has many rolling their eyes on Twitter.

Also Read: Kim Kardashian Watched a Mic Video, Then Got Trump to Free Alice Johnson

Even got in on the action.

Also Read: Taylor Swift Calls Out Kim Kardashian's 'Snake' Subtweet as a 'Bully' Move

“Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided,” tweeted the account.

Whether Jenner pulled herself up by her own bootstraps, or made a fortune thanks to her Kardashian ties, one thing is clear: She is definitely the breadwinner in the family, with boyfriend Travis Scott worth “only” $8 million.

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