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          Çin'den Suriye ve Yemen'e milyonluk yardım taahhüdü      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Çin, Ortadoğu'da ekonomik büyümenin canlanması için Arap ülkelerine 20 milyar dolardan fazla kredi ve 106 milyon dolar insani yardım yapma kararı aldı. İnsani yardımların büyük bir kısmı Suriye, Yemen ve Lübnan'a yapılacak.
          Health conditions for citizens of Yemen’s key port city ‘remain critical’ says UN agency      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Even before the escalation of conflict in Hudaydah, conditions in Yemen’s port city were some of “the most dire in the country,” according to the United Nations health agency on Tuesday.
          Italian Coastguard ship with 67 migrants to dock at Italian port      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Rome, July 11 (IANS/AKI) Italian Coastguard's Diciotto vessel carrying 67 rescued migrants will dock at an Italian port on Wednesday, Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said.

The Interior Ministry said no Italian port had yet been indicated for the Diciotti to dock at.

The migrants will be disembarked at an Italian port and questioned, Transport Ministry sources said earlier.

The migrants, who include 12 Sudanese, 23 Pakistanis, seven Palestinians, 10 Libyans, four Algerians, four Moroccans, two Egyptians, a Bangladeshi, a Ghanaian, a Chadian, a Nepalese and a Yemeni, were transferred to the Diociotto after they were rescued off Libya by an Italian commercial ship, the Vos Thalassa, on Monday.

The Vos Thalassa responded to a distress call from a boat adrift off the Libyan coast and picked up the migrants after arriving on the scene before the Libyan Coastguard. However, it was not allowed to dock in Italy.

Toninelli earlier tweeted that there would be investigations to punish "troublemakers" aboard the Vos Thalassa. Two of the migrants, a Ghanaian and a Sudanese national, allegedly made death threats to the ship's crew members.

It was not clear if the alleged death threats were made before or after Italy's hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini refused to allow the Vos Thalassa to dock at an Italian port.

It was the first time an Italian rescue ship was turned away from an Italian port due to the government's hardline policy and represented a new development in the fiery debate around migration.



          The Starving Children of Yemen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A Yemeni child dies from preventable causes every ten minutes.
          China wants to be "keeper of peace and stability" in the Middle East      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

While pledging $23 billion in loans and aid, President Xi Jinping told members of the Arab League today that China would like to form a strategic partnership to become "the keeper of peace and stability in the Middle East, the defender of equity and justice, promoter of joint development, and good friends that learn from each other," according to the South China Morning Post.

Why it matters: As Axios' Erica Pandey has reported, China is determined to win influence in the Middle East, largely through its massive Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. And while Beijing has not been shy about developing economic partnerships in the region, Xi's comments signal a new level of political engagement.

The $23 billion includes...

  • $20 billion in loans to stimulate economic development in countries with reconstruction needs
  • $3 billion in special loans for sovereign funds
  • $150 million to support "social stability efforts" in the region
  • $90.6 million in aid to warn-torn countries like Syria and Yemen

Go deeper: China's long game for Middle East influence

          Re: What She Said: Amanda Marcotte On the Fight      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Are you serious? Half the left is Assadists, unfortunately. You think they wanted Obama to intervene? I don't know what you are calling "the left" here but Syria could be a great example of how leftist foreign policy can be flawed, but certainly not in the way you think.

I did not write a tome about noninterventionism. If you can only pull that thread out of it and try to look at it in isolation, then I don't know what to tell you. About Rwanda in particular, there is a difference between US intervention and interference and a genuine global force- the UN could in theory be a body that could intervene in preventing genocides when needed. Worth noting that it is usually the US that prevents it from being that body (both in Rwanda where the US refused to acknowledge it was a genocide and in the slaughter in Yemen right now that the UN has been condemning, and in Libya where the US pushed for regime change despite their charter). But this is all nit picking- the larger economic view went straight over your head and you focused on trees and not forests- the point is an understanding of the military industrial complex as the backbone of dollar capitalism. This is not a conspiracy theory, it's literally how our system works and it's why we don't have an opposition party. You asked about this and I explained it best I could.

Posted by EmmaLiz
          Will Boris Johnson’s Departure Prompt New UK Diplomacy?       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Britain's Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Boris Johnson arrives at 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, July 3, 2018. 

© 2018 Reuters

Several months before his resignation this week, the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claimed that standing up for human rights creates a “more prosperous and progressive world,” and spoke of “championing” human rights. But despite this, the current UK government’s approach to human rights has been weak, inconsistent, and often incoherent.

For example, the UK remains one of the Saudi-led coalition’s strongest supporters. The UK refuses to call out the coalition’s massive violations of the laws of war in Yemen, even though the coalition continues to unlawfully kill Yemeni civilians, strike weddings, and bomb homes. The UK has sold at least £4.6 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the beginning of the conflict, and the UK government’s refusal to halt Saudi arms sales puts it at risk of being complicit in future unlawful attacks. Documents made public in a court case last year suggest that Johnson played a crucial role inside the government in pushing for a continuation of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

London’s diplomatic record on Myanmar, where a military campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya – which constitutes crimes against humanity – has forced more than 700,000 people from their homes, is equally problematic. The UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee said as much when it sharply criticized the government’s lack of leadership on the global stage, saying its efforts had “struggled to achieve a clear sense of direction.” 

Despite being a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the UK has failed to advance a resolution for a vote to refer the situation in Myanmar to the International Criminal Court, leaving hundreds of thousands of victims of atrocities without redress. Meanwhile, the UK’s efforts to combat sexual violence in conflict – a landmark initiative created by one of Johnson’s predecessors William Hague – has been left wanting in the face of widespread rape against the Rohingya.

The UK’s policy on Egypt has also been very weak. Under the leadership of President al-Sisi, more than 60,000 people have been imprisoned, protests have been effectively banned, and the Egyptian army is committing terrible abuses in Sinai. Human Rights Watch has exposed the widespread torture of political detainees by Egypt’s security forces. Yet the UK government has remained silent, with Foreign Office Middle East Minister Alistair Burt even praising Sisi’s abusive counterterror operations.

If the new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to advance Britain’s diplomatic reputation and voice in the world, he should make sure that human rights return to the centre of UK foreign policy.

          Forum: Are Sanctions On Countries Trading With Iran Wise Policy?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Every Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week's question: Are Sanctions On Countries Trading With Iran Wise Policy?

Don Surber:Yes. Given that the Iranian protests are in their second month, there is a chance for a regime change. Women are doffing their headgear, and drivers are parking their trucks. The Grand Bazaar in Teheran shut down. 40 years ago, merchants in the Grand Bazaar backed the Iranian Revolution. Now they seem to want a regime change.

The only influence the United States has is in commerce. President Trump wisely is avoiding too much public support, and I doubt we are doing clandestine operations, as well. Why risk being associated with the rebellion? Any conection betwen us and them will end the revolution. The one thing we can do is not trade with Iran, and tom punish those who do.

This is the latest sign that the New World Order failed. Brexit, Trump, Macron, AMLO in Mexico, and now this. There are many other examples of regime changes because the old order failed The People.

Patrick O'Hannigan:I wish I could be more original on this question than to say that I agree with Don, but -- I agree with Don!

Deterrence does not have to be exclusively in the military realm. The sanctions game (and it is a game, of sorts) amounts to "Leave the gun --Take the cannoli" writ large.

Rob Miller
: Oh, I think it's imperative. Iran's economy is in free fall. No one wants the rial, inflation is rampant and the prices of food and other necessities is skyrocketing. That's a big part of what's behind the protests. Iran will not be able to continue to financially afford adventures abroad in Yemen, Syria or Lebanon for too much longer, and even Iraq's kingmaker Muqtada al-Sadr is inching away from Iran somewhat. This will get even worse once Trump's sanctions on countries buying Iran's oil and natural gas take effect. Iran also my not have the funds needed to continue to be Hamas's pay master along with Erdogan. The EU, BTW are looking like they're reluctantly going along with the sanctions. They need our markets far more than Iran's, and their choice will boil down to paying Putin's atrocious prices or buying U.S. LPGD.

I also think our President and his team members are making a mistake by NOT informing the American people what a hideous regime this it brutalizes its own people, the corruption of the Ayatollahs, and that Iran is not in any sense a 'democracy. They need to explain that Iran has been in a state of war with America since 1979. They need to tell the American people that Iran never actually even signed th eso called 'Iran Deal.' They need to remind the American people about Iran's complicity in 9/11, and how the rhetoric of both Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamanei focus on the Twelver Sect's open embrace of apocalypse as a necessity for the Hidden Imam to return to rule the world for their brand of Islam.

The days of Iran's despotic regime aren't over yet. That won't happen until the Army turns. But this is a great way to get the ball rolling.

I'm going to be so original that I'll say I agree with both Don and Patrick! Honestly, I'd love to add some unique, wonderful insight, but I think they said it all.

What I will tack on, because I'm petty, is that one of Obama's most significant failings as president happened early in his administration when he refused to give the Green Revolution any moral support. As we know now, the self-centered Obama had his own grand dream of "solving" Iran and was content to let people die in the streets rather than risk losing the halo he envisioned for himself.

Laura Rambeau Lee:I must say I agree with everyone, also. Sanctions hit them where it hurts most and can often lead to cooperation where and when we need it.

Well, there it is!

Make sure to drop by every Monday for the WoW! Magazine Forum. And enjoy WoW! Magazine 24-7 with some of the best stuff written in the 'net. Take from me, you won't want to miss it.

          Global wars and insanity fast becoming entertainment      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
By Mahboob A Khawaja, PhD.Global politics is fraught with man-made catastrophic tragedies. The human beings are supposed to be the most intelligent social animal on the planet. Yet, our proactive plans and actions continue to dehumanize the fellow human beings and engineer conflicts and wars that destroy the existence of mankind. The driving impulse is war economies, individualistic interest and militarization. We come to realize that politics is a game of pretension and always remains problematic. Politicians need problems to get public attention and to argue being the deliverers. Often, they are not except being treacherous, cynical and deceitful to their ideas and ideals and to the public interests they claim to serve.Amongst all the creations on Planet Earth, humans are the only one to claim morality as an attribute of life and value. This reality emphasizes and differentiates us from the other creations of God. If we propel uncertainty in our thoughts and behavior, nothing can stop us from surpassing the limit of immorality and insanity. With knowledge-based 21st century human communications improving global collaboration, we are not moving in the right direction that human logic and truth spell out for our conduct in peaceful relationships. The impulse and actions for cruelty and sadistic behavior are increasingly sending alarming trends for the present and future generations to be informed of our implicit wickedness and resulting failure in global affairs. As humans, we are not thinking or moving for the unity of mankind to be at peace and harmony being the chief creation of God. Unless, we are overwhelmed philosophically to imagine that we are something else than humans populating the Earth by chance. Global Institutions are a Menace to Human Change and Progress The global warlords are waging wars in the name of peace and harmony. Humanity is being crushed and its compound interest undermined by the few for economic greed and militarization. The UNO originated from the belief and commitment to avert futuristic wars by men of new ideas pursuing peaceful means, diplomacy and accountability to the global mankind. How sad and cynical it looks to view the succeeding generations entrapped again into the same mindset of warmongering and power politics as were the sadistic leaders before the Two WW. Like the past, once again few egoistic nations and leaders have manipulated the time and opportunities to dictate and undermine the interests of the mankind.  The global humanity is the net object of their planned cruelty but without any meaningful role to challenge the few global warlords.  America, Russia and few Europeans find freehand to go anywhere and bomb the humanity at will. This is what exactly happening in the broader Arab Middle East war theatre managed by global warlords. The UNO and its Secretary General need to free themselves from captivity and enlarge their role and initiatives for conflict management and peace-making outside the New York established box. Words and Charter's core thoughts are repeated but actions are missing. The UN Security Council could finally visit the Rohinga refugee camps but failed to demand equal treatment from the Myanmar Government. Strange, why the same UN Security Council cannot travel to defuse tensions and bring much needed humanitarian peace between Palestine and Israel. Could it shrink its inherent responsibility for the mismanagement of the Middle East conflict?   Humanity in Search of Proactive Leaders The 21st century global politics have not produced any new leaders of vision and moral integrity to imagine the universal phenomenon of peaceful change and futuristic developments. There are no global organizations managed by people of moral and intellectual vision and courage to serve the interests of the global community. Man is a moral and intellectual being articulating happiness and progress horizontally in peace-time, but when fear of the unknown, hatred and animosity attempt to govern the human consciousness, degeneration replaces human progress. America and some Europeans used to be the leaders of change and new strategies to envisage global friendship, co-existence and harmony of the mankind.  If political greed and egoistic interest are the supreme force, how could they serve the interest and priorities of the global mankind for peace and harmony? At best, many world leaders could best be defined as "hangmen" of the 21st century. It is a frightening trend for the present and future generations to imagine our time and role in human history. The Middle East - the Ancient Hub of Humanity - the Land of Abrahim, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad is being ScorchedThe continuing wars in the Middle East are fabricated and gone out of proportion challenging the human conscience and civilized values that once highlighted the human behavior in conflicts. Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and Libya are destroyed by political design. Do you remember the paradoxes of history? Do you recall what Sultan Salahudeen Ayoubi did to free Jerusalem and drive out the Crusaders from the ancient lands?  Do you remember how Sultan Salahudeen treated his enemies - King Richard and others even in the battlefield? Do you know that for ages the European feared Salahudeen - the Conqueror of Jerusalem? The contemporary Arab world is devoid of moral and intellectual leadership of any kind. They operate on a dead-ended scale without any role in global affairs. Jerusalem was not US property to be transferred top Israel; it belongs equally to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Under the UNO Plan, Jerusalem is an international city to be shared by all the believers. Yet, the puppet Arab leaders showed no moral courage to question President Trump for moving the Embassy to Jerusalem. One wonders why the Saudi King signed 250 billion worth of military contracts and gave 100 million to Ivanka Kushner when Trump visited the region last August.  It could well be witnessed by the raging sectarian wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere. There is no coming of Salahudeen to rescue the entrenched Palestinians. After 70 years of Nakba, they still have No thinking plan, no leadership, no movement for change and freedom except reactionary emotional outbursts. When Jews lived with the Arabs in Spain (Al-Andulsia) for centuries, they were part of the Arab culture and advancements for the best of humanity. European mistreated Jews but Muslims gave them the best for their protection and participation in Islamic civilization. Look, what is happening now between Palestine and Israel. Gideon Levy ("60 Killed In Gaza And The End Of Israeli Conscience", Haaretz and Information Clearing house: 5/21/2018), spells out the present reality for Israelis to think critically:On the night of the Palestinians' slaughter, Zion exulted an embassy and a Eurovision. It's difficult to think of a more atrocious moral eclipse....The truth is that Israel is well prepared to massacre hundreds and thousands, and to expel tens of thousands. Nothing will stop it. This is the end of conscience, the show of morality is over. The last few days' events have proved it decisively. The tracks have been laid, the infrastructure for the horror has been cast. Dozens of years of brainwashing, demonization and dehumanization have borne fruit. The alliance between the politicians and the media to suppress reality and deny it has succeeded. Israel is set to commit horrors. Nobody will stand in its way any longer. Not from within or from without....If 60 stray dogs were shot to death in one day by IDF soldiers, the whole country would raise an outcry. The dog slaughterers would be put on trial, the nation of Israel would have devoted prayers to the victims, a Yizkor service would be said for the dogs slaughtered by Israel....The Israeli brain has been washed irrevocably, the heart sealed for good. The life of a Palestinian is no longer deemed to be worth anything.Towards Thinking of Future-MakingWe live in one Planet Earth. What happens across the globe or in the remote jungles of Botswana and or in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan or the bloody streets of Kabul, Damascus and Baghdad, it is vital to global interests and cannot be ignored because European or American television networks do not portray it. According to the Divine revelations, the Earth keeps record of all the human activities. The Earth is a living entity, not dead.  There were many powerful and unchallenging empires and nations in history. What happened to their self-perpetuated glory and triumphs except being part of the archeological record? To all concerned, their artifacts and deadly remains do tell the real story. Most were destroyed by natural causes but the Earth remains in-tact, not by the legislative power of any States of the UN membership but certainly by the Will of God. It operates and maintains balanced life for all regardless of ethnicity, color, creed, religions and nationalism. Should we not care how we live, utilize and draw lifelong gains from the Earth?  We the humans urgently need rethinking to reflect on our plans and behaviors how do we relate to Earth? It is an indivisible comprehensive relationship. The answer should help us to balance our life. When could this historic change come into being? If we realize to be One Humanity living on One Planet Earth, its imagination could affect and balance our thoughts and behavior. We must respect equal human rights and dignity of all on Earth. Do the Super Powers (powerful nations) have a sense of indifference and biased toward the colored and economically less advanced nations?  In its 2014 Global Thinkers statistics, Foreign Policy ("A World Disrupted: The global Thinkers of 2014") pinpoints that "something big requires a team rather than an individual...." To enhance global peace and to undo the continuing bogus war on terrorism, there is an urgent need for teamwork by all concerned across the globe. The teamwork if undertaken with unbiased mind and  without pre-conceived notions could usher sustainable change and a new beginning between those who claim to be at peace and somewhat superior than the ordinary folks and those who are fighting reactionary wars of freedom against insanity and catastrophic devastation of the human habitats. Under 'Advocates', the Foreign Policy notes:"The global thinkers herald causes often wrongly considered inconsequential or verboten. They support forgotten victims of sexual violence, protect civilian targeted in internecine violence, count casualties in the fog of war, and demand legal protection for world's most vulnerable migrants. Often these men and women, scholars, activists and religious leader among them- do this work on their own peril and pay the price landing in court or in prison in some of the world's most repressive countries. For all of them, however, the risk is worth the possible rewards."
          UK drops in worldwide broadband speed rankings      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The UK has fallen to 35th place in an annual worldwide broadband speed league table. Singapore took top spot, followed by Sweden and Denmark, while Yemen had the slowest average...
          As the World Rejoices Over the Rescue of a Boys Soccer Team in Thailand, Yemen’s Dying Children Remain Forgotten      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

If the world can unite so overwhelmingly for 12 boys in Thailand, why can’t it unite for millions of Yemen’s dying children?

The post As the World Rejoices Over the Rescue of a Boys Soccer Team in Thailand, Yemen’s Dying Children Remain Forgotten appeared first on MintPress News.

          An Israeli singer returns to her Yemeni roots and fans in Yemen approve      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Singer Shiran Avraham combines Yemeni tradition with an African groove. Admirers in Yemen are urging her to perform in Sana'a
          SPAR Óceánmánia 20 db különböző matrica - #09 - Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
SPAR Ócenánmánia #09
20 db különböző matrica 5 Ft/db
104 116 138 139 157 159 160 164 167 168 176 177 179 184 186 187 189 191 192 193
Személyes átvétel XVII. kerületi lakcímemen, vagy a XIII. kerületi munkahelyemen előre egyeztetett időpontban. Postázás, postakész boríték, Webox, Foxpost, Csomagautomata előre utálást követően lehetséges. Több tétel vásárlása esetén egyben küldöm.
SPAR Óceánmánia 20 db különböző matrica - #09
Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-07-29 18:13
          SPAR Óceánmánia 26 db matrica - #10 - Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
SPAR Ócenánmánia #10
26 db matrica 5 Ft/db
28 157 167 176 176 177 177 177 179 179 186 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 187 189 189 189 192 192 195 196
Személyes átvétel XVII. kerületi lakcímemen, vagy a XIII. kerületi munkahelyemen előre egyeztetett időpontban. Postázás, postakész boríték, Webox, Foxpost, Csomagautomata előre utálást követően lehetséges. Több tétel vásárlása esetén egyben küldöm.
SPAR Óceánmánia 26 db matrica - #10
Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-07-29 18:25
          SPAR Óceánmánia 20 db különböző matrica - #07 - Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
SPAR Ócenánmánia #07
20 db különböző matrica 5 Ft/db
69 104 109 112 113 114 115 226 229 131 133 137 138 139 140 141 145 148 156 157
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SPAR Óceánmánia 20 db különböző matrica - #07
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Az aukció vége: 2018-07-29 18:06
          SPAR Állati rekordok 20 db különböző matrica - #05 - Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
SPAR Állati rekordok #05
20 db kükönböző matrica 5 Ft/db
60 75 92 99 100 103 107 108 112 114 116 117 118 120c121 122 123 124 129 130
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SPAR Állati rekordok 20 db különböző matrica - #05
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Az aukció vége: 2018-07-29 20:32
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SPAR Állati rekordok #04
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1 4 11 31 34 35 36 44 52 54 60 62 67 69 75 79 80 82 83 85
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SPAR Állati rekordok 20 db különböző matrica - #04
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Az aukció vége: 2018-07-29 20:29
          SPAR Állati rekordok 20 db különböző matrica - #06 - Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
SPAR Állati rekordok #06
20 db kükönböző matrica 5 Ft/db
75 99 108 112 113 116 118 11 123 130 132 135 136 137 138 139 141 146 147 149
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SPAR Állati rekordok 20 db különböző matrica - #06
Jelenlegi ára: 100 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-07-29 20:34
          Comment on UN Warns 10 Million More Yemenis Expected to Starve to Death by End of Year by As the World Rejoices Over the Rescue of a Boys Soccer Team in Thailand, Yemen’s Dying Children Remain Forgotten      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
[…] such as farms, schools, and hospitals. Recent warnings from the UN have claimed that as many as 18.4 million Yemeni civilians – many of them children – will be at risk of starvation by the end of the year, a figure […]
          7/11/2018: NEWS: Yemeni negotiators ready to return to peace talks with Houthi rebels      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Yemeni negotiators are ready to meet Deputy United Nations Envoy to Yemen Maeen Sharim in Riyadh in the coming week, in a sign direct peace talks between Yemen’s government and Iranian-backed Houthi rebels may soon resume. An official told Reuters...
          Conflit au Yémen – Arabie: pardon royal pour les soldats saoudiens engagés au Yémen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
L’Arabie saoudite a accordé un pardon royal à ses soldats déployés au Yémen pour toutes les fautes disciplinaires commises dans le cadre de la coalition, selon un décret royal publié mardi soir. La résolution, publiée sur Twitter par la chaîne d’information Al-Akhbar, annonce le « pardon à tous les militaires participant à l’opération Restoring Hope (Restauration […]

L’article Conflit au Yémen – Arabie: pardon royal pour les soldats saoudiens engagés au Yémen est apparu en premier sur Metro.

          La paz es la “única forma de avanzar” en Yemen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Saudi Arabia issues decree on military sanctions      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Tue, 2018-07-10 22:58

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia announced the pardoning of military personnel who participated in the ongoing war in Yemen, in a royal decree on Tuesday.

The decree pardoned “all military men, who have taken part in the Operation Restoring Hope of their respective military and disciplinary penalties, in regard of some rules and disciplines,” the Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday.

In a separate decree, Rakan bin Mohammad Al-Tobaishi was appointed as deputy chief of royal protocol.

Main category: 
Saudi Arabia tops donor states to humanitarian response plan in YemenYemen PM: We are going to regain full control of the state
          Saudi envoy slams Houthis for violating international law      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Tue, 2018-07-10 22:31

JEDDAH: The recruitment of children as fighters by Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen, their use of civilians as human shields, and the firing of missiles from civilian areas, are blatant violations of international law and humanitarian norms, the Saudi ambassador to the UN told the Security Council.
Abdallah Yahya Al-Mouallimi urged the council to strongly condemn such actions and those who support the Houthis, accusing them of promoting a sectarian agenda.
The operation to liberate Hodeidah port from the Houthis shows that the Saudi-led coalition exercises utmost restraint and abides by all international norms, charters and laws, he said, adding that the coalition continues to cooperate with the UN.
The programs of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) have become models for the care and rehabilitation of children, he said.
Al-Mouallimi highlighted the actions of Houthi militias supported by Iran in Yemen, recruiting and involving children on battlefields, using them as human shields and firing missiles from platforms in civilian neighborhoods.
All constitute a blatant disregard of international laws and humanitarian norms, he said.
The envoy called on the council to condemn these actions and those who support the militias, which are still delaying the implementation of international resolutions.
These parties are working to export corrupt ideologies and promote their sectarian agenda, he said.
Al-Mouallimi also said that the Palestinian people still face the worst kinds of occupation, with the citizens of Gaza living under “an unjust siege.”

Main category: 
Saudi envoy meets with orphaned childrenRegional stability needed for KSA to achieve Vision 2030 goals: Saudi envoy
          Rêverie calendaire #308      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Naître en Finlande et mourir au Yémen, à 31 ans, au milieu du XVIIIe siècle, ce n’est pas donné à tout le monde. 

Pehr Forsskål était l’une des fiertés de la fac d’Uppsala ; docteur en théologie à 19 ans, il se tourna vers les langues orientales et les sciences naturelles, s’attira l’amitié du célèbre Linné, roi des naturalistes ; las, comme il complétait son bagage par de l’économie, sa dissertation sur cette matière, qui prônait, en latin, la liberté de la presse, lui valut les gros yeux du roi et le bannissement de la Suède, dont la Finlande, en 1759, n’était qu’une province. 

Il fallait rebondir. Linné le rencarda sur une expédition danoise, vantant auprès de son chef, le mathématicien Carsten Niebuhr, l’absolue précision des descriptions de son protégé pour tout ce qui touchait la faune et la flore, il ne ferait pas mieux lui-même. Adieu les forêts boréales, Forsskål fit voile vers l’Arabie. 

Jusqu’à sa mort de la malaria, le 11 juillet 1763, à Yarim, à l’ombre du mont Sumarah, il reconnut de nombreuses espèces et fit des collections superbes, pourvues de déterminations, en latin toujours, claires comme l’eau des fjords. Ce ne fut pas de la tarte pour Niebuhr, seul survivant de la mission, de les rapatrier dans son pays ; mais il tenait à ce que Pehr ne soit pas mort en vain. 

Il le serait pourtant. Les collections, remisées dans les caves infestées par les rats de l'université de Copenhague, y pourrirent tranquillement pendant un demi-siècle. Un curieux tenta alors d’ouvrir le grand herbier constitué par Pehr dans la Basse-Égypte ; il s’émietta entre ses mains. Il avait pu voir cependant qu’il n’apportait rien qu’on ne sût déjà, depuis le temps. 

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Saudi Arabia on Tuesday issued a sweeping royal pardon for its soldiers deployed in Yemen, lifting any "military and disciplinary" penalties for troops...
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Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him
On CNN Wednesday night, journalist Seymour Hersh said he understands that "disliking Trump" is great for the media and ratings but he wished we talk about what is going on in Yemen and around the world. Hersh said presidents have always complained ...

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Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on June 29, 2018 […] Regarding the situation in the Middle East, I also have some issues to address, in a quick and synthetical way as well. The first point is the Palestinian issue. It is clear that the developments, as we say in the Lebanese political language, […]
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Suudi Arabistan öncülüğündeki koalisyon güçlerinin, Husilere karşı operasyon yürütülen meşru yönetim yanlısı birliklere katılmak üzere Yemen'e bir tugay gönderdiği bildirildi.
          Suudi Arabistan'a füze saldırısı      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Yemen'deki Husi milisler tarafından Suudi Arabistan'a füze atıldığını duyurdu.Füze havada imha edildi.
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Organization: Save the Children
Country: Yemen
Closing date: 24 Jul 2018

The role: DEC Appeal Phase II Final Evaluation Consultant

Qualifications and experience

  • An advanced university degree in public health/ health systems management or related health field
  • At least 7 years' experience in the area of health
  • Technical expertise in evaluation, preferably health and nutrition programs in protracted emergencies;
  • Previous experience in M&E, including conducting end of project evaluations for large-scale projects
  • Thorough understanding of data collection methods
  • Strong skills in quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Fluency in English is a must, fluency in Arabic (preferred) and an added advantage;
  • Experience/knowledge on gender sensitive programming
  • Understanding of child safeguarding and child participation procedures
  • Experience of working in the middle east and/ or Yemen is a plus

Contract length: 30 days

The Organisation

We employ approximately 25,000 people across the globe and work on the ground in over 100 countries to help children affected by crises, or those that need better healthcare, education and child protection. We also campaign and advocate at the highest levels to realise the right of children and to ensure their voices are heard.

We are working towards three breakthroughs in how the world treats children by 2030:

  • No child dies from preventable causes before their 5th birthday
  • All children learn from a quality basic education and that,
  • Violence against children is no longer tolerated

We know that great people make a great organization, and that our employees play a crucial role in helping us achieve our ambitions for children. We value our people and offer a meaningful and rewarding career, along with a collaborative and inclusive workplace where ambition, creativity, and integrity are highly valued.

Application Information:

Please apply using a cover letter and up-to-date CV as a single document. Please also include details of your current remuneration and salary expectations. A copy of the full role profile can be found at

We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.

How to apply:

Application Email: Please apply with a covering letter and up-to-date CV to: ''

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JEJU (SOUTH KOREA) - A few hundred asylum-seekers from Yemen have sparked an unprecedented wave of xenophobia in ethnically homogenous South Korea, echoing the anti-immigrant sentiment that has swept Europe and helped propel Donald Trump to the White House. Reported by Bangkok Post 10 minutes ago.
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JEJU (SOUTH KOREA) - A few hundred asylum-seekers from Yemen have sparked an unprecedented wave of xenophobia in ethnically homogenous South Korea, echoing the anti-immigrant sentiment that has swept Europe and helped propel Donald Trump to the White House.
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Oral Statement by United Nations Watch Agenda Item 9 General Debate UN Human Rights Council, 38th Session Delivered by Mr. Hillel Neuer, 3 July 2018 Transcript: Mr. President, one year ago in this chamber I asked the Arab states a simple question: “Where are your Jews?” My question was met with dead silence. Millions of people worldwide watched the video, witnessing for themselves the hypocrisy and double standards that characterizes much of what is said and done here. Today I have come to provide the answer to my question. Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya—your Jews fled as refugees after suffering persecution and deadly pogroms like the Farhud of Baghdad in 1941. Fortunately, countries like Israel, the U.S., Canada, France and others opened their doors, offering citizenship and equal rights. These Jewish refugees from Arab lands—whose suffering and losses the UN has never addressed—put their hardship behind them and built great lives for their families. Now let us contrast this with the situation of those descended from Arab refugees who fled the area of British Mandatory Palestine during the invasion of nascent Israel by Arab armies. What is holding them back? The answer is simple. Palestinians are the only population in the world not eligible for services by the UN refugee agency. Instead these descendants are governed by UNRWA, which holds generation after generation trapped in refugee camps, denied integration in the Arab countries they were born in and denied resettlement elsewhere. Some of UNRWA’s donors are waking up to the problem. As the Swiss …

The post One year later — the answer to “Where Are Your Jews?” appeared first on UN Watch.

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Desde el pasado 30 de mayo ABC ha ofrecido tres entregas sobre un sorprendente personaje de la diplomacia española que ha logrado hacer carrera en la diplomacia de la UE a la sombra de la Alta Representante, Federica Mogherini. Los lectores de ABC ya conocen los textos de Javier Chicote, en los que ha ido desvelando los oscuros intereses que parece promover a las órdenes de Mogherini Ramón Blecua, embajador de la Unión Europea en Irak. Mogherini escogió a este diplomático después de que estuviera destinado en Yemen, como segundo de la Legación de la UE. Allí fue denunciado por el Gobierno de su vecino, Arabia Saudí, ante el Servicio Europeo de Acción Exterior por las reiteradas reuniones de Blecua con agentes iraníes identificados por los saudíes, que se disputan bajo qué área de influencia ha de caer Yemen. Esto tenía una especial gravedad, porque ya en su destino anterior en la Embajada de España en la India, Blecua solicitó un visado para España para el jefe de la inteligencia iraní en Nueva Delhi. Aquello hizo saltar las alarmas.

Con tan notables precedentes, en mayo del año pasado Federica Mogherini nombró a Blecua embajador de la UE en Irak. No hace falta recordar la creciente influencia iraní en Bagdad, donde el peso de la comunidad chií es enorme -a ella pertenece el primer ministro, Haider al-Abadi.

La cosa se ha agravado en las últimas semanas. El pasado 30 de junio se reunió en París el «Free Iran Gathering», un grupo de opositores al régimen de los ayatolás iraníes. Gentes que aspiran a ver ese país convertido en una democracia equiparable a las europeas. Allí tuvo bastante relevancia la información publicada en ABC, que llamaba la atención sobre el sorprendente disponible económico que ha alcanzado Blecua en los últimos años. Un capital con el que ha podido comprar en Bruselas, junto con su pareja de hecho, un palacete valorado en muchos millones de euros. Su mujer, que se ha presentado públicamente como la princesa Nupur Chowdhry, ni es princesa ni tiene medios de vida o patrimonio personal o familiar conocidos. Y hay testimonios de compañeros de la carrera diplomática que explican cómo hace dos o tres años Blecua tenía que pedir prestados unos cientos de euros a sus amigos para llegar a fin de mes. Las sospechas sobre el origen del patrimonio para comprar ese inmueble, registrado con el mismo estatus diplomático que las oficinas de Aeroflot u otros organismos dependientes de gobiernos extranjeros, son enormes y se han recogido en medios de comunicación norteamericanos, francófonos, árabes e italianos. Así que Blecua ha contestado en un foro de la Universidad de Columbia, «The Gulf/2000 Project» acusando a ABC de querer provocar en Irán una guerra como la de Irak. «Este tipo de mentiras y calumnias no merecerían mucho comentario si no fueran una repetición de los preparativos para la invasión de Irak, con los mismos personajes y una coalición aún más formidable engrasando la máquina de propaganda a cargo de batir la desinformación para impulsar el mundo a una nueva guerra».

Toda Europa necesita saber si la Alta Representante, señora Mogherini, respalda las declaraciones de su embajador en un foro como el de la Universidad de Columbia. Quienes son (¿somos?) los que están promoviendo la guerra. Y, sobre todo, Mogherini tiene que dejar claro de una vez si sitúa a Europa del lado del lado del plan nuclear de los ayatolás o del Occidente libre. A la vista de la forma de actuar -incontestada- de alguno de sus embajadores, parece que prefiere tenernos aliados con el régimen de Teherán. Y eso lo recordarán futuras administraciones norteamericanas.

          "La ONU ignora el bloqueo criminal de Yemen que ha causado un genocidio"      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
El supuesto uso de misiles balísticos procedentes de Irán es una excusa para seguir con el "bloqueo criminal" de Yemen, afirmó en una entrevista exclusiva para Sputnik el jefe del Comité Revolucionario Ansar Alá, Mohamed Alí Ajri.
          Defensa Antiaérea saudí intercepta un misil lanzado por los hutíes      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
MOSCÚ (Sputnik) — Las Fuerzas de Defensa Antiaérea de Arabia Saudí interceptaron un misil lanzado por los rebeldes yemeníes del movimiento chií Ansar Alá contra la provincia de Yizan, ubicada en el sur del país, comunicó el canal saudí Al Ekhbariya.
          Turkey VICTORY GOES TO THOSE WHO RESIST! Antimperialist Front      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Yürüyüş magazine No. 72, June 24, 2018)



Every passing day, imperialism in the world and in Turkey, the collaborationist oligarchy and AKP fascism ruling the country in its name step up their attacks on the people and on different sections of the people. At first glance the increase in the attacks is founded on imperialism and fascism being powerful, but on the contrary it is based on them being helpless and lacking a way out. Because the crisis of the system has been deep in a way it had not been for a long time. Moreover every day its dimensions grow with every passing day.

Imperialism is a system in which a handful of imperialist-capitalist countries, by means of monopolies in the more backward countries of the world, engage in secret or open occupation of these countries, using many different methods to exploit them and hold them under imperialist domination. Exploitation is the essence of this system. There is no murder that cannot be committed in order to keep the wheel of exploitation turning.

Recent history is full of examples of this. In the first and second imperialist wars, millions were slaughtered for the sake of the interests of imperialism. From Korea to Vietnam, from Algeria to Latin America, in many places the peoples were slaughtered so that imperialism’s wheel of exploitation could continue to turn and to make the peoples accept imperialism’s ideological and physical domination. Certainly US imperialism was the chief force carrying out these attacks.

From the second imperialist war to today, a number of events taking place all over the world were characteristic of US imperialism which heads the imperialist camp and done for the sake of its interests, and this is proved by a number of concrete examples. In particular in 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, imperialism announced its “certain” victory and there were developments in line with a process called “a unipolar world”, for example in the Gulf War waged against Iraq, meant to show how “determined” the USA was to dominate the world.

According to a report in the economic magazine Forbes, just the 400 wealthiest US monopolies, headed by Bill Gates who has a fortune of 86 billion dollars, possess more wealth than the GDP of 140 countries of the world, countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Bolivia and Uruguay. A US citizen consumes 600 times more than an average Ethiopian… This exploitation is one of the real reasons for the USA’s attacks left and right which do not cease, and for the extraordinary development of its armed forces.

Imperialist plunder – in a world with a population of seven billion, over 70%, that is, more than five billion people, 1.5 billion live on the threshold of hunger and every five seconds a child does of hunger or of hunger-related illnesses.

Every day, 25,000 people die of hunger, 17,000 of them children. Every year 18 million people die of hunger directly, 70 million from causes connected to it According to the UN, this hunger could be eliminated totally by spending 50 billion dollars! That is, an amount not even the profit of one of the world’s monopolies!

In brief, this is what the world we live in looks like. And the most striking aspects of this tableau are imperialist occupation, exploitation, hunger, poverty, injustice, blood and tears. Imperialism can give the world’s peoples nothing more than that.

Imperialism’s Ideological And Physical Attacks Started Accompanied by Its Shouts That “Socialism Is Dead” And The Only M-L Organisation that Did Not Surrender Is The Front!

Imperialism wants the surrender of all who are an obstacle to its policies and when it cannot practise its economic policies as it desires it tries every path to get countries, organisations and peoples to surrender.

Countries, organisations and individuals that are seen as enemies are pressured to surrender; its aim is to delete thoughts like independence, democracy and socialism from minds, liquidate socialist beliefs and impose the definite supremacy of its own ideology and politics.

This ideological, psychological attack takes a parallel form to the military attack, from literature to cinema, from music to TV series and advertisements, to the big media companies, every means, every method is used…

The imperialist bloc, principally the USA, started to use the “socialism is finished” propaganda since the Soviet Union was torn down. This process ran at the same time as the “New World Order” establishment.

In this process countries had no interiors any more, it was said – “the world is a global village”, “no more borders”. This ideological propaganda was so powerful that it was said “national borders will no longer prevent humanitarian intervention” and this created an ideological basis for the occupation of countries, massacres, and every kind of military and political intervention. The impression was created that “imperialism defends peace and freedom”. Deception achieved through this propaganda and with the help of “independent international civil society foundations” succeeded in making them into reserve forces of other states and international institutions.

At the start of the 1990s the imperialists like a chorus proclaimed the end of the class war, the definite victory of capitalism, that imperialism had changed and was no longer the old aggressive imperialism, and it had brought democracy and human rights to the world. However actual developments were not like that, and the words saying imperialism had changed were one by one composed of lies and deceit, it was clear and continues to be clear that imperialism is the same parasitical, exploitative, blood-sucking and aggressive that it ever was.

Statements that imperialism had changed and capitalism had won definite victory, that imperialism had won definite hegemony over the world and the world’s peoples contained a major attempt to intimidate Marxist-Leninist organisations and organisations waging the national liberation war.

Together with announcing the “new world order”, the USA started the process wrapping itself in phrases like “national security”, “the fight against international terrorism”, “protecting democracy and freedoms” and “defending peace”. A product of this period was that imperialist attacks came on the agenda. Occupations and neo-colonialism continued and even became more intense. At the same time from Latin America to the Middle East to our country, everywhere the peoples had “peace” foisted on them but in fact it was surrender they were continuing to encourage.

A lot of ostensibly left-wing petty bourgeois intellectuals joined in imperialism’s lying chorus, bringing left-wing grist to imperialism’s mill. The aim was clear: peoples and organisations waging the national liberation struggle against imperialism were to be made to believe the lie that imperialism had changed and so they would be brought to surrender ideologically as well as physically. Because imperialism knew very well that physical defat was inevitable after minds had first been made to surrender.

Imperialism scored important successes with such policies, it succeeded in getting many organisations to surrender and liquidate themselves. Imperialism launched ideological attacks in th past and continues them today but especially since the start of the 1990sit has got organisations with thousands of fighters like the FARC, ETA and PKK, some Marxist-Leninist, some petit bourgeois national liberation movements, to seek negotiation with imperialism and its collaborators and abandon weapons.

Previously ETA announced a cease-fire, afterwards it announced it had abandoned weapons and buried them in concrete. Finally last May it announced that it had liquidated itself in a letter distributed on the Internet. The Spanish government stated that this did not mean that ETA had liquidated itself, and declared that “a reckoning would be demanded of all ETA members for their crimes”.

FARC sat down at the negotiating table with the collaborationist oligarchy of Colombia and signed an agreement, shaking hands with the murderers of thousands of its comrades and hundreds of thousands of Colombians. It took a decision to have its weapons melted down and turned into monuments. In return for what? For nothing, other than saving their own lives… This is called surrender, for liberation it is not.

In our country the PKK has experienced a parallel process to that of ETA and FARC, and it is continuing to do so. The PKK gives ground every day in the face of imperialism’s ideological attacks, it gave up the aim of an independent Kurdistan a long time ago and it has got to the point of having the USA establish 11 bases and becoming the paid soldiers of collaboration.

As Imperialism’s Crisis Deepens, It Steps Up Its Attacks

Today, from Yemen to Nicaragua, from North Korea to Iran, this is the sole reason for its attacks and threats. As under the name of the “Arab spring”, starting in 2011 attempts have been made to bring countries of the Middle East and North Africa into line, Yemen did not surrender to policies aimed at creating collaborationist governments, and is one of several countries that rendered these politics ineffective.

It is possible to add to the list. And this shows how imperialism’s crisis deepens. It fears that the “21st century will be the century of uprisings”. This is the basic reason for the attacks and threats by imperialism, large and small, direct and indirect. Because of this fear it makes attacks and threats.

US imperialism’s economic and political crisis is based on being bogged down in the swamp of the Middle East, it gets weaker as it steps up its attacks, most importantly it tries to continue its ideological domination. On the one hand it tries to draw forces like the PKK/PYD-YPG that are becoming collaborationist into its swamp, on the other it attacks countries like Iran, North Korea and Palestine as well as peoples that the potential to resist US domination, or else it openly threatens them.


The only Marxist-Leninist organisation resisting conciliation with imperialism and the liquidationist attacks is the Front. Just one front resisting on the surface of the earth, in which USA imperialism wants to establish its empire.

FARC, ETA, PKK… giving up weapons, having them melted down to be turned into monuments, or having them buried in concrete and signing surrender documents to that effect; whereas we have commanders like Leyla who dug up buried weapons after a bombardment in which many of our friends were incinerated, and used those weapons to demand a reckoning. And this is the great ideological and moral strength we have.

With this strength we are building up our resistance, in the countryside, cities, prisons and both in our country and in Europe.

We Are The Only Ones Resisting Fascism, There Is The Front!

The political, economic and social picture of our country we have described is not different in general from the world as a whole. On the one hand an economy designed so collaborationist monopolies can grow, on the other hand greater hunger, poverty and misery for the poor…

This is the barest statement of the situation in our country. Hunger, poverty, exploitation and unemployment in our country, growing worse with every passing day, ours is a country in which the imperialists confiscate its natural wealth. The result of this is that every day a parasitical collaborationist bourgeoisie grows wealthier and builds up its profits, while on the other we confront the reality of Turkey in which millions are submerged by hunger and poverty.

In our country 16 MILLION people go to bed hungry. Naturally this image goes together with constant fascism. Because Turkey is a neo-colonial country. There is to be no possibility of transmitting the crisis to the imperialist-capitalist countries responsible, so for this reason Turkey is ruled by permanent fascism.

On July 15, 2016, the oligarchy’s internal dogfight came to a head with a failed coup attempt. The AKP continued in government and took the opportunity to declare OHAL (state of emergency) targeting our peoples and revolutionaries, above all the Front supporters. In this period they have even trampled on their own laws, adopted from the September 12 (1980) junta. The AKP has used all possibilities institutionalised by the September 12 pro-American junta, and has caused state terror to proliferate. This terror continues today without any let-up.

AKP fascism behind the mask of OHAL has carried out attacks on every section of the people, from public workers and peasants to intellectuals and artists, from the Kurdish people to revolutionaries and socialists, and it continues to carry out these attacks. The focal point of these attacks is the PEOPLE’S FRONT which does not give in to any repression or massacres.

Almost every month our democratic associations are raided. Our magazine offices, culture centres, associations and neighbourhoods are blockaded. Our associations are sealed but we break them open. We do not recognise bans, nor will we ever!

Without even stopping for breath our people are abducted and subjected to severe torture, even greeting someone is almost enough to be imprisoned. Our events and concerts are banned, our holiday events and iftars are held under police blockade.

They want our people’s artists, people’s lawyers, people’s engineers and architects to be rendered unable to function.

The justice schools for people’s lawyers are among the institutions that have been closed. In Ankara twice, in Istanbul three times they raided justice schools and put seals on the doors. The lawyers and students resisted and put up barricades.

This is what it is to be a revolutionary lawyer, revolutionary artist, revolutionary engineer or architect, which they want to erode and destroy.

We Will Erode OHAL Bans And AKP Fascism And Pass Over Them!

In its 16 years in power, the AKP has banned dozens of strikes. A high proportion of them have been under OHAL. OHAL has been the main excuse for the bans. That is, while the AKP is claiming to oppose “FETO”, it has used OHAL to favour the interests of bosses and as a weapon against the resistance of the workers.

And this is only natural because the AKP is the representative of the oligarchy, in particular the interests of the bosses. They have used OHAL as an excuse to ban strikes and have not drawn back from defending it and stating that they will do everything to defend the interests of bosses. Tayyip Erdogan has given voice to this reality on several occasions. It was Erdogan himself who told (employers’ federation) TUSIAD, “You say we did not give what you wanted. We declared OHAL for you, we banned strikes. Without OHAL could we have done this?”

Certainly they did not limit themselves to strike bans. A great many workers’ actions were not carried out, banned or attacked by police using the same excuse, that “there is OHAL”.

The AKP did not just use OHAL as a weapon against workers but also against public employees, and sought to use it to legitimise their attacks. In the period immediately after July 15, and continuing to today, 150,000 public workers have been suspended.

In the OHAL period from July 15 to today;

Thousands of people have been detained, tortured and imprisoned, prisons and police stations have been turned into torture centres;

Hundreds of associations, foundations, culture centres and democratic institutions have been closed and their doors sealed up;

Hundreds of newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, television and radio stations and agencies have had to cease functioning;

Nearly 150,000 civil servants have been suspended, thousands fired and they are attempting to use hunger as a means of discipline. Two public workers they have tried to disciple through hunger are Nuriye GULMEN and Semih OZAKCA. They resisted on hunger strike for 326 DAYS and turned this weapon on the AKP.

Journalists, lawyers, mayors, trade unionists, intellectuals and artists included, every section of the people has had some share in being attacked as they try to silence all opposition, be it revolutionary or reformist.

In Kurdistan, curfews continue to be turned into massacres.

In the four corners of Turkey, dozens of people have been deliberately murdered at home or on the street on the pretext that “they did not heed the call to stop” or there was a “clash”, and “people run over by armoured cars” are presented as road accidents.

In short, AKP fascism tramples on its own laws and since July 15 it has ruled the country through KHK (legal decrees under the state of emergency). In this process all masks of fascism have fallen, together with the open fascism institutionalised by September 12 this is what we confront in the most basic and deeply-embedded fashion.

Constant Resistance To Constant Fascism

Everywhere It Is Only The Front That Resists

Alev Sahin for 317 Days In Duzce,

Yuksel resistance For 593 Days,

We Continue To Resist For Two Years Without Interruption As The Free Prisoners, 400 People Have Been Sent To Prisons To Be Tortured, We Have Set Fire To 30 Prison Cells!

The ideological and physical attacks of imperialism have affected a good many sections in our country, quite a few organisations that defended armed struggle in the past have drifted into the swamp of legalism and have gradually taken their place inside the system, losing their claims to revolution and socialism. Leave aside claims to revolution and socialism, we confront a left that cannot defend the most ordinary democratic demands and its own institutions against fascist attacks.

In our country there is a conciliatory and obedient left reality that cannot even call imperialism imperialism, or fascism fascism. During the election it has been seen that they did not simply tail the Kurdish nationalists, since in the name of being against the AKP they even presented Muharrem Ince and Meral Aksener as legitimate. From trade unions to democratic mass organisations, from legal and illegal parties and organisations to petit bourgeois intellectuals, all sections distanced themselves from a line of struggle in favour of obedience and conciliation.

And certainly despite all the ideological and physical attacks by imperialism and the collaborationist oligarchy, there is a Front reality which at great cost continues to hold with pride the red flag of Marxism-Leninism and socialism. And we say with pride: the only Marxist-Leninist organisation that resists imperialism, continues armed warfare and lays claim to revolution is the Front.

There are supporters of the Front, we are also alone in resisting fascist attacks. At the start of July 2016 (immediately before July 15) Front prisoners in the jails began General Resistance to rights being taken away and attacks.

Prison uniforms, exile transports, restrictions on books, bans on visits, roll call while having to stand, bans on using telephones, cameras, visits to the doctor while handcuffed, obstruction of treatment for ill prisoners, denial of communication as a punishment, sponge rooms, wires pulling into exercise areas… Every kind of dishonour and attack has been resisted by Free Prisoners.

In two years of the General Resistance, no less than 30 cells have been set on fire! 

To try and make our prisoners surrender, there have been no less than 400 times people were sent on exile transports, involving the use of torture. They still did not get revolutionary willpower to surrender. Resistance continues with all its warmth and enthusiasm. These are FREE PRISONERS…

While the prisoners resist inside the jails, their families resist outside and are their breath and voice. Despite attacks and arrests involving the use of torture, the TAYAD Families continue to campaign against prison uniform attacks, denial of treatment to ill prisoners and isolation, and they continue to resist.

AKP fascism does not limit its attacks to the prisons. We have described attacks on all the people’s forces, on workers, labourers, revolutionaries. Look at all these attacks – has there been consistent resistance other than from us?

For example, what have KESK, with 250,000 members, done? A section of the 150,000 public workers suspended have been KESK members. What has been the behaviour of KESK? Did it organise a single act of resistance? Apart from a few written statements, what did it do?

Among hundreds of thousands of public workers, only the KEC (Public Workers’ Front) took a decision to resist. In the middle of Ankara Nuriye Gulmen wrote resistance into history, Semih Ozakca took part in the resistance and every day arrests under torture took place with ever greater attacks. The response by the resistance was to escalate into an Indefinite Hunger Strike.

Despite being in prison and subjected to isolation, the threat of force-feeding and even though their needs were not met, they continued their resistance for 324 days even after being released. During this period, the resistance in Ankara Yuksel also continued. The KEC’s Nazife Onay, Akman Simsek and Celal Akgun were imprisoned.
With the new resisters, the Yuksel resistance continuing in new forms is not only present in our country, but worldwide it has created solidarity and sympathy. Never mind KESK organising the resistance, it actually took a hostile attitude to the resistance of Nuriye and Semih that had set the world aflame. They ignored the resistance and they closed the gates of union buildings to it. KESK actually threatened to call the police when the KEC organised a sit-down action in their building.

What did DISK do in relation to OHAL, and in relation to the increasing attacks against workers by means of OHAL? The attitude of DISK was not different from KESK. They organised attacks on resisting workers, and the DISK gang even organised lynching attacks but the president Kani Beko did not organise any resistance against fascism.
"We will use our power from production" he said in a masterful way and and finally "I will carry the voice of the workers into parliament," he said, announcing his candidacy. Of course this not only the situation with Kani Beko. We are up against trade unionism without any content, a race to get into parliament, a corrupt trade unionism, a boss trade unionism.
Arzu Cerkezoglu, who is replacing Kani Beko as DISK chair  made a visit to the Flormar workers in struggle and she said, "No power can stand in the way of a woman who is resisting," she says.
Naturally, you would expect someone who said that to resist or be on the side of resistance but this is not the case.
Arzu Cerkezoglu was one of those DISK managers who organised an attack on Oya Baydak, a woman who actually resists. Yes, the truth is that there is no power that can stop a woman who resists. Resistance that they started on their own - Turkan Albayrak, Cansel Malatyali, Oya Baydak. And from Nuriye Gulmen we know this is the case.
Where are Arzu Cerkezoglu and DISK managers during these acts of resistance? The answer is clear... Arzu Cerkezoglu and the DISK leadership are against them. Nuriye Gulmen went to Izmir to support the worker Mahir Kilic and one of DISK’s central managers was shameless enough to say to Nuriye Gulmen, "What happened to your resistance?"
Has there been a single resistance that results in victory? The answer to  the question is also clear: No, there is none.
Of course this conciliationist attitude is not limited to DISK and KESK. The most "communist" in the OHAL process and the most reformist all adopted a “wait-and-see” policy against attacks by fascism. They calculated on how to survive with minimal damage. There were no programmes or goals for the future.
As if they were waiting for someone with a magic wand expecting everything to change, they put their hopes in the ballot box.
Hundreds of associations, cultural centres, publications and publishing houses were closed, seals
put on their doors.
We are the only one that resist the arbitrariness. We dismantled the seals, set up barricades when they came to re-install them. We resisted. Outside the institutions where the Front is present, there was no resistance anywhere. Fascist attacks grow every day. Who else has resisted them?
The situation of TMMOB is no different. 550,000 engineers and architects are registered, only the people’s architect Alev Sahin resists. Not only to get back work and bread but so people are not killed by new earthquakes or suspended.
 Just look at the weekly resistance calendar of Alev Sahin! Both in the square of resistance in Duzce
And in front of Duzce AKP’s Office and in a sit-down action at TMMOB.
Yes, she resists against the victimisation of members of your own professional organisation, and the TMMOB management is against her.
Nuriye, Semih, Alev, Mehmet, Acun, Nazife, Nazan, Engin ... they persist for months, they resist.
They resist despite systematic and heavy torture.
Mehmet's foot, Acun Hoca's heart, the hair of Gulnaz, the bruised face of Perihan who is in her 70s, Nazan's broken cheekbone, twice in a day the police drag them along the ground... in Duzce there are lynch attempts, AKP provocations, detention, torture ... None of them had their resistance broken…
The police often do not allow a statement to be read for even a minute before attacking. The resistance, as of 24 June 2018, has continued for 593 days, organising itself even in the midst of torture.

Europe Too Will Not Get Revolutionaries To Surrender!
Oue tradition of resistance in Europe is not new, it is rooted in tradition. Wherever in the world there is a Front prisoner, there is absolutely resistance. No imposition, for Free Prisoners do not submit to dishonour.
Free Prisoners in Greece, Erdal in Poland, Musa Asoglu in Germany, Erdogan Cakir in France – all won victories by hunger strikes.
Not many years ago, in German prisons the Free Prisoner Sadi OZPOLAT many times resisted the isolation by the German state,  the imposition of prison uniform, going on hunger strike for months, and every time German imperialism gave in.
Musa Asoglu, in the courtrooms of German imperialism, is turning it into an arena of ideological struggle. The legitimacy of revolution is shouted out in courtrooms, the two ideologies clash there.
Yusuf Tas, Ozgur Aslan, Ozkan Guzel, Erdal Gokoglu are continuing the Free Prisoner tradition in Europe's isolation cells, including hunger strikes. Finally last week, the prisoner of French imperialism, Erdogan CAKIR, won a victory with a hunger strike against the attempts to extradite him to Turkey.
Not only in prisons but in European city squares there have been many acts of resistance. From England to Greece, from Austria to the Netherlands, from Germany to Belgium; long marchs to support freedom for prisoners, sit-down actions, tent resistance, bicycle rides in supporting Grup Yorum against bans, and various forms of action and resistance are carried out by the People’s Front.

Erdem VARAN, father of Grup Yorum member Betul and also Bergun Varan's father. He lives in Holland and has two daughters unlawfully imprisoned by fascism in Turkey. For months he has resisted in a square in the Netherlands demanding “Freedom For Grup Yorum”.

Despite living in Belgium for 17 years, Cahit ZOREL has had his right to remain taken away because of his beliefs, and has been protesting in front of the court building since April 17.
On the 50th day of the resistance, he was subjected to a fascist knife attack but Cahit stressed that he would not give up.

Gulaferit had all her rights taken away after being released from prison, and she resists for her rights in Berlin.
Ozgur Aslan was released and did not accept the impositions of German imperialism, he said revolutionism is not a crime, it’s a mission.
In Turkey or in Europe, inside or outside jail... Imperialism and fascist raids, arrests, heavy
torture, exile transport, prison isolation, fascist attacks, nothing succeeds. Revolutionary will cannot be made to surrender.

No Attack Is Enough To Make Revolutionaries Surrender Because;
Only we are building up the claim to socialism, we resist and win in all conditions... What resistance is and what victory is are not a matter of chance, the issue is ideological independence, ideological determination and clarity.
Fascism in the face of Marxist-Leninist ideology is helpless.
Prison, prices on our heads, artists of the people resist death threats...
People's lawyers are inside and outside prison, resisting...
People's engineers-architects resist...
This is the key to victory.
Gulaferit Unsal has been in prison for years in Germany and now she continues to resist for her rights outside.
Ozkan Guzel resists so as not to accept any pressure put on him.
Resistance is a responsibility on the shoulders of every People's Front member. Resistance and victory to be a link in our chain of victory. Hundreds of kilometres separate them but we can find the road to resistance. We can put pressure on courts and prisons with our phones and faxes.
You can carry out actions, participate in them, make a phone call in support, spread the news. They have won political victory already by deciding to resist, it is our responsibility to turn it into material gains.
History is onot just about bearing witness, it is in our hands to be a part of it. We will win; because we resist.
          Saudi Arabia pardons soldiers over Yemen conflict      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Saudi Arabia on Tuesday issued a sweeping royal pardon for its soldiers deployed in Yemen, lifting any "military and disciplinary" penalties for troops taking part in its support of pro-government forces in the devastating conflict.
          Yemeni asylum-seekers spark backlash in South Korea      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A few hundred asylum-seekers from Yemen have sparked an unprecedented wave of xenophobia in ethnically homogenous South Korea, echoing the anti-immigrant sentiment that has swept Europe and helped propel Donald Trump to the White House.
          1 hafta boyunca salatalık yerseniz ne olur?      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Diyetlerin vazgeçilmez malzemelerinden biri olan salatalığın zararlarının da olabileceğini hiç düşündünüz mü? Sizler için 1 hafta boyunca sürekli salatalık yemenin vücudumuzda neden olacağı olumsuz etkileri araştırdık. İşte salatalığın vücudumuzdaki bilinmeyen yan etkileri...

          Suudi Arabistan Yemen'e asker gönderdi      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Suudi Arabistan öncülüğündeki koalisyon güçlerinin, Husilere karşı operasyon yürütülen meşru yönetim yanlısı birliklere katılmak üzere Yemen'e bir tugay gönderdiği bildirildi.

          07/10 Links Pt1: Fatah to US: “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid”; IDF stops boat seeking to break Gaza blockade; Israeli Border Police Soldiers Save Life of Palestinian Baby in Hebron      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
From Ian:

PMW: Fatah to US: “We don’t want your flour, your wheat, or your aid”
At a Fatah demonstration earlier this month, Abbas' deputy chairman of Fatah, Mahmoud Al-Aloul, announced that Palestinians don't want US aid, because US is "forming an alliance" with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, "the Israeli enemy":

Fatah Deputy Chairman and Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul: "Mahmoud Abbas has told him [Trump], and we are telling him, that America is not fit to be a sponsor of peace... This American Trump is forming an alliance with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, the Israeli enemy, who is sowing havoc and destruction over the land by expropriation and building settlements... We want freedom. We want independence. We want an end to the occupation. We don't want your flour, your wheat, or your aid." [Official PA TV, July 2, 2018]

Al-Aloul's statement rejecting US aid follows the passing of the Taylor Force Act in the US, in March 2018, which cuts almost all funding to the PA if it continues paying salaries to terrorist prisoners and allowances to families of so-called "Martyrs." The law was named after US citizen Taylor Force who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv on March 8, 2016.

Al-Aloul's comments also follow the passing of a new Israeli law to deduct the amount of money the PA pays imprisoned terrorists and families of "Martyrs" from the tax money Israel collects for the PA, which was passed by the Israeli Parliament on July 2, 2018.
PMW: PA leader Nabil Shaath: Australia is “worthy of being spat on”
PA Chairman Abbas’ advisor Nabil Shaath: "This filthy talk of ‘the criminals’ in connection with our Martyrs and prisoners – while they are our heroes, the heroes of self-sacrifice and the candles of freedom. They cannot be compared to the Israeli criminals in Israel’s prisons... Australia’s decision [to stop] transferring $10 million angered me greatly... It transferred [the aid to the UN]... so that it would not serve for payment of the salaries of the [prisoners and Martyrs’] families. In other words, the truth is they are worthy of being spat on. You [Australians] are the servants of the US… I don’t want your 10 million, I don’t want to chase after them." [Official PA TV, Topic of the Day, July 3, 2018] Nabil Shaath is PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Foreign Affairs and International Relations Australia cuts direct aid to the PA - Australia announced on July 2, 2018, that it is ceasing its direct aid to the PA, and will transfer aid through the UN. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop explained that Australia unsuccessfully sought confirmation from the PA that the aid was not going to pay terrorists. Bishop added: "Any assistance provided by the PLO to those convicted of politically motivated violence is an affront to Australian values and undermines the prospect of meaningful peace between Israel and the Palestinians." PMW has led the exposure of the salaries paid by the PA to terrorists and their families.

Father of American Victim of Palestinian Terror Calls New US, Israeli Laws Penalizing PA ‘a Good Beginning’
The recent passage of laws in both the US and Israel penalizing the Palestinian Authority (PA) over its payments to terrorists and their families marked “a good beginning, but there is much more to be done,” the father of an American military veteran who was killed in a stabbing attack in Tel Aviv two years ago told The Algemeiner on Monday.

Stuart Force, the father of the late Taylor Force, traveled to Israel to attend last week’s Knesset vote on a bill modeled on a US law — named after his West Point graduate son — that was approved by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump in March limiting American aid to the PA.

“Watching the legislation’s passage in the Knesset was a very emotional and special time for me,” Force said. “I feel that the resolve shown by both countries to address this part of the war on terror will provide a stimulus for nations worldwide to look at where their humanitarian aid actually goes.”

“If it cannot be shown that the intended recipients of our assistance are receiving it, then it should be withheld until it can,” he continued. “Something is terribly wrong when the leaders of terrorism are living like wealthy warlords, with their ‘subjects’ having no hope for a better future.”

JCPA: Economics Won’t Help. The Palestinians Will Continue with Terror Attacks
In any case, the chance that economic temptations will lead to a change in Palestinian national goals is very slight as long as the Palestinian system is not led by a political movement that gives priority to the welfare of its citizens. That movement must recognize that to provide for their economic needs, it must end its commitment to the struggle against Zionism, which is translated as yielding the “Right of Return” and deciding to forego the establishment of a Palestinian state in all of mandatory Palestine.

The approach of the U.S. administration criticizes the Palestinians and Hamas, in particular, for “not acting according to the needs of the Palestinian people.” This reaction indicates a lack of understanding for Palestinian priorities and superimposes upon them a Western order of priorities, which sees in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity as all people’s solitary goal.

The Palestinians explain to the world that they have a different order of priorities, including paying salaries to terrorists, “Return Marches,” the destruction of a critical truck crossing for goods, and the right to forgo both human life and prosperity. However, it appears that the Americans, Europeans, and many Israelis are not getting these messages. They continue to believe that economic considerations can lead the Palestinians to change their anti-peace policies.

We must not diminish the importance of investing in the advancement of the Palestinian economy and economic cooperation with them. These are based on ethical motives – from the desire to bring economic prosperity to our neighbors to advancing familiarity between both peoples. We must hope that in the end this will motivate the Palestinian to change their order of priorities.
IDF stops boat seeking to break Gaza blockade
The Israeli Navy on Tuesday apprehended a Gazan boat with approximately eight people on board that attempted to breach the legal naval blockade. The apprehension took place without incident.

After the boat and the Gazans on board are searched, the boat will be towed to the Israeli Navy base in Ashdod.

The IDF assigned medical personnel to treat those on board who requirws medical assistance.

This is the second time in the past two months that the Hamas terror organization has attempted to violate the legal naval blockade and has paid Gazan civilians to participate.

The IDF stated that the naval blockade is a "necessary and legal security measure that has been recognized repeatedly by the world and the UN as important to the security of the State of Israel and its maritime borders that protect Israeli civilians in the face of terror and smuggling of weapons."
Exclusive: Islamic cyber terrorists trying to target infrastructure
Though they have not yet succeeded, Islamic cyber terrorists are increasing their efforts to carry out cyberattacks against Western countries infrastructure.

This is one of the concerning conclusions of a report obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post.

The report was issued by the IDC Herzliya International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s (ICT) cyberdesk, with input from ICT deputy director Dr. Eitan Azani and cyberdesk coordinator Nadine Liv.

To date, most cyberterror attacks have consisted of defacing target websites and posting embarrassing messages.

But the report discussed “the possibility of terrorist organizations acquiring offensive capabilities on the Internet, hiring hackers for this purpose, or receiving assistance from terror- sponsoring countries” as a serious future danger.

Further, it said that, “the monitoring of the accounts of IS [Islamic State]-supporting hackers indicates that there is a desire to develop these offensive capabilities.”
Iran’s Two-Front Strategy
The Assad regime's current offensive in southern Syria has been mainly in the eastern part of Daraa province, down to the Jordanian border. The push toward the west - Quneitra and the Golan - carries the risk of Israeli action.

Once the Syrian military campaign finds its way to Israel's border, Iran will as well - whether immediately or down the road makes little difference.

All the chatter about a deal with Russia notwithstanding, there is a need for Israel to intensify its targeting of Iran's infrastructure, personnel, and logistical lines in Syria to deter the Iranians from moving against Israel on the Golan.

"We have just one option," Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Shimon Shapira, a senior researcher of Hizbullah and Iran at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, told me.

"And that is to act with force, overtly and covertly, against the Iranian presence in Syria. Consenting to or accepting the Iranian presence, be it direct or indirect, in the end will lead to a war with Iran in Syria and in Lebanon."

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put it recently, "if there needs to be" conflict with Iran, "it is better now than later."
Report: Obama 'shocked' by settlement expansion
A series of maps of Judea and Samaria, focusing on the placement of Jewish communities and Israeli military facilities in the area, provoked a dramatic change in the Obama administration’s policies vis-à-vis Israel, a report by The New Yorker claims.

According to the report Monday, a presentation by then-Secretary of State John Kerry to President Barack Obama in the waning days of the administration ‘shocked’ the president into taking a more aggressive stance towards Israel, withholding America’s veto on a United Nations Security Council resolution critical of Israeli policies in Judea and Samaria.

The Obama administration, like its predecessors, had in the past backed a final status settlement negotiated by Israel and the Palestinian Authority and opposed unilateral actions regarding core final status issues. In this vein, the US had traditionally used its veto power on the Security Council to block resolutions directed against Israel.

In December 2016, however, the Obama administration permitted UNSC Resolution 2334 to pass – a measure which demanded Israel unilaterally freeze all construction in not only Judea and Samaria, but eastern Jerusalem as well.

The decision to abandon Israel at the Security Council – a significant departure from traditional US policy – after the president was presented with a series of maps collected at the behest of a senior State Department official, Frank Lowenstein.

The collection of maps, assembled in 2015 by Lowenstein and updated by the State Department in 2016, was presented to Obama and key advisers by Secretary of State John Kerry during a 2016 Oval Office meeting.
New Zealand “got it wrong” over 2334
National Party leader, Simon Bridges, has acknowledged that New Zealand “got it wrong” by co-sponsoring United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 alongside Malaysia, Senegal, and Venezuela.

Though New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, challenged the process at the time – that the decision was not put to cabinet – Mr Bridges stated that he thought cabinet “would have made a different decision” than Foreign Minister Murray McCully did.

This is an important acknowledgement – especially after Bill English failed to answer questions about the controversial resolution and claimed that the decision actually didn’t need to go to cabinet.

The comments by Mr Bridges were made during question time at a Hastings public meeting on Friday 29 June, 2018, and are online. Pastor Nigel Woodley asked

“In a future National govt led by you, what do you propose to do to ensure that a much more even-handed, balanced, and fair foreign policy towards the State of Israel is enacted. Because at the moment the foreign policy is very much tipped in favour of the Palestinians at the expense of both truth and justice.” – Pastor Nigel Woodley

The response of Mr Bridges is transcribed below the video. He made three important comments that need to be highlighted.

1. “I get that question or similar at most meetings”
This observation shows how the actions of Minister McCully were out of step with the wishes of the people. The Israel Institute of New Zealand 2017 poll showed that more than half of all Kiwis support Israel and only about one quarter thought the government was right to co-sponsor the resolution. The thousands of New Zealanders who protested, signed letters, and expressed their disappointment at the time are clearly still sending the same message.

2. “We got it wrong on that UN resolution [2234]”
This acknowledgment is some relief to the majority of New Zealanders and is an important step from Mr Bridges. However, the resolution is not “history” now and nor is it “academic”, as Rt Hon Mr Peters has claimed. Unfortunately, UN resolutions build upon each other and 2334 was referenced in the disproportionate number of anti-Israel resolutions that New Zealand continued to support in 2017, and in the recent resolution condemning Israel for “disproportionate and indiscriminate force” with regard to the Gaza riots – a resolution that New Zealand also supported, despite it not mentioning Hamas. If New Zealand is to act on the rhetoric, then the voting pattern at the UN must change to become more in line with our traditional allies on the side of truth, justice, and fairness.
What does Boris Johnson's resignation mean for UK-Israel relations?
Former British foreign minister Boris Johnson's resignation on Monday plunged Prime Minister Theresa May's turbulent government into even more trouble less than a day after former Brexit Secretary David Davis quit the government.

Johnson’s resignation letter slammed May's Brexit negotiation strategy, stating that the Brexit "dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt."

May moved quickly to appoint Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt as the UK's new foreign secretary, ushering in a new and less flamboyant era at the British Foreign Office.

Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev was quick to welcome Johnson's foreign secretary replacement, expressing hope that relations between the two countries will continue to go from strength to strength.

"Mazal tov to Jeremy Hunt on his appointment as Foreign Secretary. Looking forward to further strengthening the Israel-UK partnership," wrote the Israeli envoy on Twitter on Monday evening.

Although public statements made by Hunt to date regarding Israel are scarce, he dedicates much of his website's foreign policy section to the Middle East where his opinions regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict mirror those of the Conservative Party in general.

There Hunt expresses his desire to promote business ties with Israel, and states his strong opposition to the BDS movement. But he also highlights his concerns regarding the demolition of Palestinian villages and the detention of Palestinian children by Israeli authorities.

Hunt reiterates his government's support for a two-state solution, and states that he was "very disappointed by the announcement of the US's intention to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem."
France Keeps Blackening Israel
Relations between France and Israel have been ambivalent and complex for decades. Among the most prominent are those where the French government sets out to blacken Israel. President Emmanuel Macron is seemingly a new type of Frenchman. He reached the presidency without having risen through the ranks of an existing political party. He is a suave, intelligent politician with an excellent education, an international outlook, many ideas, and good public relations.

However, analysis has to concentrate on facts and not packaging. A good point of departure are the French reactions to the recent Gaza border violence. When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Macron in Paris in April, the French president told him that the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem “led to people dying and did not advance peace.” With this transparently manipulative statement Macron showed his skills in distorting the truth in a few words. What provoked the violence was the terror organization Hamas’ initiative to send civilians to the border and mix terrorists among them. Among the more than 115 Gazans killed by Israel, more than half were confirmed terrorists. That many of those killed were terrorists was confirmed by Hamas itself.

France also supported an UN Security Council resolution which called for protective measures for Palestinians, but didn’t mention Hamas. Deputy Israeli Minister Michael Oren summarized it in a tweet: “Shame on France for supporting it. French government cannot say it’s against anti-Semitism and vote for this anti-Semitic resolution.”
The IDF’s response to ongoing Hamas terror attacks
Today, Monday July 9, the Kerem Shalom Crossing will now only be open to humanitarian aid, including food and medicine that will be approved on an individual basis by COGAT. Exports and marketing of goods will no longer take place at the Kerem Shalom Crossing.

This is in light of the ongoing arson and additional terror attacks at the hands of the terror organization, Hamas. This includes infiltration into Israel from the Gaza Strip, terror tunnels discovered leading into Israel from the Gaza Strip, including two near the Kerem Shalom Crossing, and violent riots along the security border. In addition to putting the lives of Israeli civilians at risk and breaching Israel’s sovereignty, Hamas also simultaneously exploits and endangers Gaza residents.

Additionally, the expansion of the designated fishing zone in the Gaza Strip ends today, Monday July 9. For the past three months during the fishing season, the extension increased from six to nine nautical miles. The fishing zone will be returned to six nautical miles today.

This is in response not only to the most recent terror attempts by Hamas, but also in addition to the discovery that took place on June 3 of a terror tunnel located within a Hamas military post that exited to the sea. As well, on May 29th, the Israeli Navy apprehended a Palestinian boat with approximately 17 Palestinians that attempted to breach the legal naval blockade.

The State of Israel aspires and acts to improve the living conditions of civilians in the Gaza Strip. However, the IDF has decided to take these measures due to the recent situation in which the Hamas terror organization is exploiting Gazan residents and launching arson and explosive balloons and kites towards the Israeli communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip. The current situation doesn’t allow the residents of southern Israel to safely maintain their daily routine. Should these severe conditions continue, IDF measures will persist and intensify.
Kite, balloon terrorism continues scorching Israel's land
More than 100 days have passed since the kite and balloon terrorism began. So far, it has resulted in 678 fires in farmlands and wooded areas in Israeli communities on the Gaza border community, with 9,160 dunams (2,260 acres) of mostly natural grove consumed.

In addition, 6,000 dunams (1,500 acres) of agricultural produce and thousands of dunams (acres) of open fields were burned to the ground.

The Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL) alone has lost 15,100 dunams (37,000 acres) of land, not including the Gaza border communities' lands that were scorched.

Firefighters, community security coordinators, and KKL teams worked tirelessly to put out 33 fires across the Eshkol, Sdot Negev and Hof Ashkelon regional councils on Monday. The firefighters managed to gain control of most of the blazes within minutes, except for the fire in Kibbutz Gvar'am, which took the crews a longer time to overcome.

Despite the IDF's announcement that a high-tech solution has been found to eliminate the incendiary balloons threat—in the form of detection and interception drones— fields are still being burned every day and the threat posed by the balloons is only increasing.

The IDF is operating a system able to detect and track the balloons. However, they are still not being intercepted while in the air.
Analysis: Why close the Kerem Shalom Gaza border crossing now?
So there are a few options. It is possible to threaten Hamas, which both Liberman and Netanyahu have done repeatedly since the wave of kite arson began. But that has not succeeded in getting the terrorist organization to stop setting fire to the Israeli fields.

It is also possible, as both the prime minister and defense minister have done, to stress upon occasion that the real strategic danger to the country – the problem that needs immediate and urgent attention – is Iran’s entrenchment in Syria.

But the public pressure has built nonetheless, and Netanyahu needs to show that not only is Israel not impotent against what seems like a primitive threat, but can also apply pressure on Hamas in return.

Why now? Perhaps because Israel thought, in vain, that its warnings and threats against Hamas would do the trick. Perhaps because they wanted to give Egyptian mediators a chance to persuade Hamas to give up this type of warfare. Perhaps because there was hope the IDF would come up with some kind of technological solution to the problem.

But when none of that came to pass, Netanyahu and Liberman – according to this face-value reading of the situation – decided to turn up the heat, even at the risk of bringing down international condemnation on Israel, and even if it means making the extremely difficult lives of Gaza’s residents under Hamas even more difficult.

Something, Netanyahu and Liberman surely believe, needs to be done.
Hamas: We infiltrated Israel and collected information
For years, Hamas has been complaining that the Israeli and Egyptian blockade on the Gaza Strip, as well as sanctions imposed by the Palestinian Authority against the two million residents living there, have created a “humanitarian and economic crisis” in the coastal enclave.

But now that some countries and international parties – including the US, Israel and the United Nations – have come up with a number of initiatives to improve living conditions in the Gaza Strip, Hamas does not seem to know what to do.

Here’s the dilemma Hamas is facing: On the one hand, if Hamas accepts these initiatives, its rivals – first and foremost the ruling Fatah faction – will accuse it of “selling out to Israel and the US,” and giving up Palestinian national rights in return for economic projects and humanitarian aid.

On the other hand, rejecting proposals to improve the living conditions its constituents could aggravate the situation and possibly prompt desperate Palestinians to revolt against the Hamas regime.

Some of the initiatives sound very tempting, to a point where it’s hard to see how Hamas can say no to a seaport in Cyprus or projects to create job opportunities to solve the serious problem of unemployment in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas has nothing to lose by allowing Western parties to establish an industrial zone in the Gaza Strip that would provide thousand of jobs to Palestinians. In fact, such projects benefit Hamas because they exempt it from its responsibilities – as the de facto government in the Gaza Strip – toward its people.

This is why Hamas leaders and officials appear to be divided over the various initiatives that are being proposed by Israel, the US and the UN.
U.N.: Israel’s ban on commercial goods for Gaza could escalate conflict
The United Nations said it was concerned Israel’s decision to halt the flow of commercial goods into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing could escalate its conflict with Hamas.

“Everyone must step back from the trajectory of confrontation and escalation,” UN Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov said on Tuesday.

He spoke in response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to issue the harshest restrictions on Gaza’s main commercial crossing since the 2014 war with Hamas.

As of Tuesday morning only humanitarian supplies, such as food, medicine and fuel could enter the strip.

Israel’s decision to impose severe economic sanctions on Gaza comes fours months after Hamas and Islamic militants in Gaza have launched flaming kites into southern Israel that has scorched large swaths of fields along the southern border.

It also comes in the midst of a major US push to put in place an economic package that would ease life for the two million Palestinians in Gaza, that are also suffering from Palestinian economic sanctions and living on four hours of fuel a day.

“I am concerned by the consequences of Israel’s decision to temporarily suspend imports and exports with the exception of basic humanitarian supplies through the Kerem Shalom crossing,” Mladenov said on Tuesday.
Liberman in Golan: IDF will act against Iranian presence in Syria
Israel will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria, which would give it the ability to launch attacks on Israeli territory, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned Tuesday during a tour of the Golan Heights with senior IDF officers.

"The Iranian presence in Syria is unreasonable, and we are not prepared to accept an Iranian presence in Syria anywhere, and as you have heard more than once, we will act against any Iranian consolidation in Syria,” the defense minister said.

“The moment we identify an Iranian presence, we will act,” Liberman added, warning that there is no difference between a withdrawal of Iranian troops to 40 or 80 kilometers from Israel’s border.

According to Liberman, Israel has “identified elements” belonging to Iran and its Shiite proxy militias who “under the auspices of the regime” are trying to establish themselves on the Golan Heights.

“This effort to establish a terrorist infrastructure under the auspices of the regime, as far as we are concerned, is unacceptable and we will act with force against any terrorist infrastructure that we will see and identify here in the region,” Liberman warned.
Female terrorist who mistakenly stabbed Arab sentenced
A Jerusalem court sentenced a female Arab terrorist to 10 years in prison on Monday, after she was found guilty of a stabbing attack near the Old City of Jerusalem last summer.

The terrorist, 31-year-old Fadwa Nazih Hamadeh, attacked a haredi man returning from morning prayers in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday, August 12th.

As the haredi man left the Old City via the Damascus Gate, Hamadeh lunged at him with a knife. In video footage taken from a security camera in the area, Hamadeh’s would-be victim can be seen dodging the attack and fleeing the scene.

After she failed to injure her first target, Hamadeh turned her sights on another man, stabbing him in the shoulder.

The victim was a 31-year-old Arab man Hamadeh had mistakenly thought was an Israeli Jew.

A resident of Jerusalem’s Sur Baher neighborhood, Hamadeh is married and has five children, ranging in age from 8 to one-and-a-half.
Overnight: Shooting attack in Beit El
A shooting attack took place in the town of Beit El in the Binyamin region overnight Monday. No injuries were reported.

Several bullet casings were found at the scene. Troops are searching the area.

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers operating in Palestinian Authority-assigned areas of Judea and Samaria detained overnight Tuesday four wanted persons suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, popular terror and violent disturbances against civilians and security forces.

The suspects were taken for questioning.

As well, during a search for weapons in the PA city of Qalqiliya, IDF troops seized an M16 assault rifle, which was transferred to security agencies.
Israeli Border Police Soldiers Save Life of Palestinian Baby in Hebron
Israeli Border Police soldiers stationed at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron saved the life of a nine-month-old Palestinian boy on Sunday, the Hebrew news site Walla reported.

The soldiers heard shouts coming from a nearby home and when they arrived they found an unconscious baby surrounded by distressed family members who were trying to resuscitate him.

The baby was not breathing and his face had turned blue. The soldiers took over the effort to revive him, and a Border Police medic who was called to the scene succeeded in getting him breathing again.

Watch an Israel Police video of the medic treating the baby below:

Khaled Abu Toameh: Hamas divided: The Gaza Strip rulers' humanitarian aid dilemma
The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of terror group Hamas, published what it called "new details" about the attack on Zikim Beach on July 8, 2014.

Hamas naval commandos landed at the Zikim beach at the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, where they were located and eliminated by an IDF combined force 40 minutes after infiltration into Israeli territory.

According Hamas’ version, the Zikim operation included two stages. The first stage was the observation and gathering of information about IDF forces in the area of ​​Zikim Beach and their command headquarters. That mission was carried out by Hamas naval force operatives who infiltrated Israeli territory.

The second stage was the implementation of the attack, that began with the departure of Hamas naval force operatives by diving and swimming towards the target. The force split in two. The first force landed outside and began to advance toward the command headquarters. After about 45 minutes, another force joined them and updated Hamas command about developments and asked for further directions.
Syrians Flee Towards the Hospitals of ‘Enemy’ Israel
The founder of the Good Neighbor project, Lt. Col. (res.) Marco Moreno, explains that “refugees are not expected to seek shelter from us. We have always managed aid as a military operation with caution and attention, knowing that our soldiers are saving and helping them while risking our lives. We enter at night in a country at war against us. We can expect anything, and we know that. But we want to save them as human beings. We passionately help children; when they come with their families here and there along the fence, the population collects toys, clothes, funds, special food, diapers … at the beginning, there was a lot of suspicion, but then they understood.”

“Yes, we certainly have an explicit interest,” he added. “When the operation started, we told them: ‘We will help you beyond the border and take care of you, but don’t allow your terrorists to come and hurt us.’ What simply started out as the right thing to do has transformed into something beautiful.”

Lt.-Col. Tomer Koller, a medical officer in the Bashan division of the Golan, points to the colored tents in the wind from the Hazaka outlook post. Inside, they are packed with people in need.

For Israel, it is impossible to think of hosting them. The country is small, and these refugees are particularly problematic; they vary from newborn babies to ISIS terrorists who hate Jews. “Our policy is to help them,” said Koller. “We feed them, we take care of them as much as possible … and then they have their reality at home.”

Their home is in flames. We know it; we see the frightful wounds on the bodies of Syrians cured by Israelis in the Galilee. Israel cares for Syrians with its incredible therapeutic power and good will, but it can’t bring them home. In that respect, the best of human intentions and common sense sometimes clash. The right choice, however, is that man remains a friend of his fellow man, at his best, even in war. That’s what Israel believes.
Iran Vows to Sell as Much Oil as It Can in Face of US Sanctions
Iran’s vice president acknowledged on Tuesday that US sanctions would hurt the economy, but promised to “sell as much oil as we can” and protect banking.

Eshaq Jahangiri said Washington was trying to stop Iran’s petrochemical, steel and copper exports. “America seeks to reduce Iran’s oil sales, our vital source of income, to zero,” he said, according to Fars news agency.

“It would be a mistake to think the US economic war against Iran will have no impact,” Jahangiri added.

President Donald Trump said in May he would pull the United States out of an international accord under which Tehran had agreed to limit its nuclear development in exchange for sanctions relief.

Trump said he would reintroduce sanctions and Washington later told countries they must stop buying Iran’s oil from Nov. 4 or face financial consequences.

On Tuesday, the US ambassador to Germany also called on Berlin to block an Iranian bid to withdraw large sums of cash from bank accounts in Germany.

Jahangiri said Iran’s foreign ministry and the central bank have taken measures to facilitate Iran’s banking operations despite the US sanctions. He did not elaborate.
U.S. Seeks to Thwart Iran Flying Millions in Cash Out of Germany
Top Trump administration officials are working to stop Germany from allowing Iran to fly more than $350 million in cash out of the country and back to Tehran as part of a bid by the Iranian regime to restock its coffers ahead of a major financial crackdown by America, according to conversations with senior U.S. diplomats and officials on Capital Hill.

The Trump administration is already working to stop the German government from allowing this transfer following weekend reports that Iran is poised to fly around 300 million Euros out of the country as part of an ongoing scheme to skirt tough new U.S. economic sanctions, which were put back into effect after President Donald Trump decided to abandon the landmark nuclear deal.

"The mullahs are worried that they will run out of cash," according to a report in Germany's Bild news site. "Iran's justification for their plan says that they need the money ‘to pass it on to Iranian individuals who, when traveling abroad, are dependent on euros in cash due to their lack of access to accepted credit cards.'"

The disclosure of the latest scheme to skirt U.S. sanctions has inflamed ongoing tensions between the United States and Germany over its efforts to continue providing Iran with sanctions relief in the face of a crackdown by the Trump administration, which has been locked in diplomatic efforts to convince European partners to pull out of Iran.
China’s Xi Pledges $20 Billion in Loans to Revive Middle East
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday pledged a package of $20 billion in loans, and about $106 million in financial aid, to Middle East nations, as part of what he called an “oil and gas plus” model to revive economic growth in the region.

Beijing has ramped up engagement in the Middle East in recent years as Arab nations play an important role in Xi’s signature Belt and Road foreign policy plan for strong trade routes linking China with central and southeast Asia.

Development was key to resolving many security problems in the Middle East, Xi told a gathering with representatives of 21 Arab nations in the Chinese capital.

“We should treat each other frankly, not fear differences, not avoid problems, and have ample discussion on each aspect of foreign policy and development strategy,” he said.

China would offer aid worth 100 million yuan ($15 million) to Palestine to support economic development, besides providing a further 600 million yuan ($91 million) to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, he added.

A consortium of banks from China and Arab nations, with a dedicated fund of $3 billion, will also be set up, he said.

It was unclear what the relationship between the bank consortium, financial aid and the overall loan package would be.

The loans will fund a plan of “economic reconstruction” and “industrial revival” that would include cooperation on oil and gas, nuclear and clean energy, Xi said.
China pledges $15 million to Palestinians amid major push for Mideast influence
China will provide Palestinians with more than $15 million in aid, President Xi Jinping told top Arab officials Tuesday, as Beijing seeks to build its influence in the Middle East and Africa.

The 100 million yuan pledge to Palestinians was made as part of a plan to give Arab states more than $23 billion in lines of credit, loans and humanitarian assistance for economic development.

The money will be earmarked for “projects that will produce good employment opportunities and positive social impact in Arab States that have reconstruction needs,” said Xi, without providing further details.

It is part of a special Chinese program for “economic reconstruction” and “industrial revitalization,” Xi told participants at a China-Arab States forum in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.

Beijing is also prepared to provide another one billion yuan ($151 million) to countries in the region to “build capacity for stability maintenance,” Xi said, using a term commonly associated with policing and surveillance.

Xi said that Syria, Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon would receive $91 million in humanitarian assistance.

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          Yemeni asylum-seekers spark backlash in South Korea      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
JEJU, South Korea: A few hundred asylum-seekers from Yemen have sparked an unprecedented wave of xenophobia in ethnically homogenous South Korea, echoing the anti-immigrant sentiment that has swept Europe and helped propel Donald Trump to the White House. More than a million migrants arrived in ...
          Nasrallah: Resistance in Gaza, Syria & Iraq wil be victorious, Hezbollah prepared to fight Saudi-US coalition in Yemen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
"In Gaza, Syria and Iraq, the Resistance will be victorious" - Speech of June 29th
          Vos Thalassa, i facinorosi erano solo due      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Sono due i migranti segnalati come facinorosi sulla Vos Thalassa e ora a bordo nella nave Diciotti della Guardia Costiera. Due su 66. Si tratta di un ghanese e di un sudanese. Lo ha riportato il Viminale. Il ministero ha precisato le nazionalità dei migranti a bordo: 4 dall'Algeria, 1 dal Bangladesh, 1 dal Ciad, 2 dall'Egitto, 1 dal Ghana, 10 dalla Libia, 4 dal Marocco, 1 dal Nepal, 23 dal Pakistan, 7 dalla Palestina, 12 dal Sudan, 1 dallo Yemen.

Il Viminale non ha dato l'autorizzazione all'accesso ai porti alla Vos Thalassa, una nave battente bandiera italiana, perché è "una nave privata", che ha "anticipato l'intervento della Guardia Costiera libica". I migranti sono stati trasferiti a bordo della nave Diciotti della Guardia Costiera italiana - che è dovuta intervenire, spiega, per sedare appunto una rivolta a bordo - che li porterà in Italia. Il Viminale non ha ancora dato però indicazioni sul porto d'arrivo dell'imbarcazione della Guardia Costiera.

La nave italiana Vos Thalassa "ha anticipato l'intervento della Guardia costiera libica che era già stata allertata", per cui la posizione del ministro dell'Interno Matteo Salvini, si apprende dal Viminale, è di non concedere l'autorizzazione ad avvicinarsi ai porti italiani. Il Viminale ha informato della situazione, oltre al premier Conte, anche Di Maio e Toninelli. La Vos Thalassa ha lasciato i migranti a una nave della Guardia costiera italiana, la Diciotti, "che pure era più lontana rispetto ai libici che stavano entrando in azione", fa sapere il Viminale, e sono quindi sbarcati in Italia. Il "problema politico" posto da Salvini ai colleghi di governo, fa sapere il Viminale, è il seguente: "la Guardia costiera italiana non può sostituirsi a quella libica, soprattutto se i colleghi africani sono già entrati in azione".

A confermare la rivolta sulla Vos Thalassa è stata anche la guardia costiera libica, sentita dall'agenzia di stampa Agi. "Il rimorchiatore era stato noleggiato dalla Libia per le operazioni logistiche a supporto di alcune piattaforme petrolifere a largo delle nostre coste e, con il coordinamento della Guardia costiera, è intervenuto per il salvataggio di 63 persone a bordo di un'imbarcazione di legno che stava affondando. Già in passato c'era stato questo tipo di collaborazione tra rimorchiatori e guardia costiera: i migranti sarebbero stati avvicinati alle coste libiche per essere consegnati a noi", ha spiegato l'ammiraglio Ayoub Qassem, il portavoce della Guardia costiera libica.

"I migranti hanno però minacciato l'equipaggio perché non volevano in alcun modo tornare verso la Libia", ha aggiunto. "La Guardia costiera ha inviato anche una propria motovedetta per accompagnare il rimorchiatore verso la costa ma non c'è stato nulla da fare: le persone a bordo hanno continuato a protestare e a minacciare l'equipaggio, costringendo il rimorchiatore a dirigersi verso nord", ha confermato l'ammiraglio. "Non abbiamo voluto fare nulla che potesse far degenerare ulteriormente la situazione. La nostra priorità era garantire l'incolumità dell'equipaggio e di tutte le altre persone", ha aggiunto ancora Qassem, che ora teme che questo possa essere solo il primo di una serie di episodi di "ribellione da parte dei migranti".

          Hoyer, Engel, Lowey, Schiff, and Deutch Write to the UAE and Saudis Expressing Concern for Humanitarian Impact of Hudaydah Assault      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) joined House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Eliot Engel, House Appropriations Committee Ranking Member Nita Lowey, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff, and House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa Ranking Member Ted Deutch in sending a letter to the ambassadors from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia yesterday expressing their concern about the humanitarian impact of their nations’ planned military assault on the Houthi rebel-controlled area of Hudaydah.  Yemen’s ongoing civil war has created a humanitarian crisis that has brought food insecurity to 18 million people, killed tens of thousands of civilians, and displaced more than 3 million Yemenis.  The authors of the letter are urging the UAE and Saudi governments to prevent further catastrophe by ensuring that Hudaydah’s critical port be allowed to continue operating and facilitating the transfer of much-needed humanitarian aid to reach those who need it.

“We understand, as of the date of this letter,” the Members write, “that the Hudaydah port is operational and has not been further disrupted in significant ways by the ongoing fighting.  However, according to humanitarian groups, restrictions to the flow of essential commercial goods remain in place through the coalition holding area, and the threat of an attack on the port is expected to affect the willingness of shipping companies to deliver commercial goods.  We have received assessments that current plans would be inadequate to ensure that humanitarian and commercial flows will not be severely disrupted if fighting progresses toward Hudaydah's urban center, port, and major commercial arteries.  Disruptions in these flows would result in increases in market price and, in some areas, shortages of critical items like food, fuel, and medicines”

“Yemen’s civil war continues to be one of the world’s most pressing humanitarian disasters and requires a broad, global response,” Whip Hoyer stated. “As the United States and its allies continue to work toward a lasting political solution, there must be a general consensus among the coalition parties that steps not be taken that will needlessly exacerbate the already-dire humanitarian situation on the ground.  I hope our United Arab Emirates and Saudi allies will take appropriate action to see that a very bad situation is not made worse.”
“The humanitarian crisis in Yemen has put thousands of innocent lives at risk, and there is no military solution to this problem,” said Ranking Member Engel. “There are real security concerns in Yemen, but all parties must now focus on a political path forward that will stop the violence, ease the suffering, and build a lasting peace in the region.”

“It is critical that the UAE and Saudi governments do not exacerbate the humanitarian emergency in Yemen, which continues to be one of the worst crises in the world,” said Ranking Member Lowey. “I urge our allies to find a political solution to this conflict and to ensure that humanitarian aid is able to reach millions of civilians in need.”

“If an offensive by Saudi Arabia and the UAE further escalates the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, President Trump must make it clear that it will jeopardize the U.S. support that has helped enable the military campaign in Yemen,” said Ranking Member Schiff.

“The conflict in Yemen has led to a devastating humanitarian crisis, with thousands of innocent civilians killed and tens of millions struggling to access food and basic supplies,” said Ranking Member Deutch. “I understand the need for Yemen’s neighbors to defend their territory from the Iranian-backed Houthi group, but all parties must take caution to protect civilians and their access to aid, and our allies must keep working to pursue a peaceful negotiated end to this conflict.”

To read the letter in full, click here or see below.

July 09, 2018

Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba                                  
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates                    
3522 International Court, NW Suite 400                  
Washington, DC 20008                                           

Ambassador Khalid bin Salman bin
Abdulaziz Al Saud
Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Dear Ambassadors Otaiba and bin Salman:

We write to express our alarm about the deteriorating crisis in Yemen and to urge the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to secure a necessary cease-fire and work toward a political solution to the conflict.   

We have supported Coalition efforts to create pressure on the Houthis and their Iranian backers to reach a political settlement.  Iran’s sustained support for destabilizing actors, including the Houthis, threatens our mutual interests across the region.  The Houthis continue to prevent humanitarian access to the most vulnerable populations and have reportedly severed water pipelines and sewers and laid mines.   We stand with you in condemning the Houthi ballistic missile attacks against your countries.  And we share your concern about freedom of navigation and support our joint efforts to prevent interference in the Bab al Mandeb. 

At the same, we recognize that your governments’ decision to pause the military offensive to capture the city and port of Hudaydah has created a diplomatic opening.  With Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, attempting to reinvigorate peace talks, we urge you to reconsider the assault and redouble your commitment to Mr. Griffiths’ efforts.  We fear that the humanitarian impact of this operation would be so severe as to outweigh any military or security gains derived from its success and that it will make a Coalition de-escalation strategy in Yemen more challenging.

We are also mindful of Mr. Griffiths’ statement on June 21 that “further military escalation in Hudaydah would have severe political and humanitarian consequences.”  The UN-led process is the only viable approach to resolving the conflict, and we urge you to actively support this political track by giving Mr. Griffiths the time he needs to build consensus toward an agreement.

Given Mr. Griffith’s comments, we urge you to be flexible with regard to your requirements to avert escalation at Hudaydah – specifically, your demands that the Houthis unconditionally leave the city and port, and more recently the entire Red Sea coast, immediately. We understand that the purposes of the assault are to change the battlefield equation, to deny Houthis a key source of revenue, and to eject the Houthis from strategic territory in an effort to propel them to the negotiating table, separating the Houthis from their Iranian backers.

However, experts contend that the Houthis will continue to generate revenue through overland smuggling.  Moreover, the level of financial commitment necessary for the Houthis to prosecute a campaign against the Yemeni government is relatively modest.  For these reasons, we are increasingly convinced that a sustained campaign against the Houthis in this fashion will not yield results that soften the Houthis’ negotiating position.  Further, to the extent the Houthis will continue prosecuting the war, and that previous major assaults have failed to provide de-escalation opportunities, we are concerned this assault will deepen, not reduce, Coalition engagement in Yemen.       

We also have strong concerns that the next stage of fighting would aggravate what is already the world’s most urgent humanitarian crisis.  Even before the current war, food insecurity and violence were unconscionable in Yemen.  Three years into the war, 22 million people need humanitarian assistance and almost 18 million people are food insecure.  Over 350,000 civilians in Hudaydah are estimated to be in jeopardy. Most health facilities are not able to operate and more than 8.4 million people are one step away from famine.  Additionally, those fleeing the fighting are arriving in districts highly prone to cholera, exacerbating concerns about access to safe water.  Humanitarian assistance providers also remain concerned that they do not receive timely confirmation of their deconfliction requests, thereby increasing the risks to their personnel and to the very assistance that the international community is providing.    

We understand, as of the date of this letter, that the Hudaydah port is operational and has not been further disrupted in significant ways by the ongoing fighting. However, according to humanitarian groups, restrictions to the flow of essential commercial goods remain in place through the coalition holding area, and the threat of an attack on the port is expected to affect the willingness of shipping companies to deliver commercial goods. We have received assessments that current plans would be inadequate to ensure that humanitarian and commercial flows will not be severely disrupted if fighting progresses toward Hudaydah’s urban center, port, and major commercial arteries.  Disruptions in these flows would result in increases in market price and, in some areas, shortages of critical items like food, fuel, and medicines.

In light of the serious humanitarian and political impacts that your operations could have on the crisis in Yemen, we hope you reconsider this assault.  We continue to share your outlook on the danger that Iran presents to the region, but only a political settlement reached through negotiations can end this conflict.   We look forward to continuing our longstanding collaboration with your countries on issues of mutual concern. 


STENY H. HOYER                          
House Democratic Whip                 

Ranking Member
Committee on Foreign Affairs

Ranking Member
Committee on Appropriations

Ranking Member
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence      

Ranking Member
Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa
Contact Info: 
Annaliese Davis 202-225-4131
For Immediate Release: 
July 10, 2018

          Saudi Arabia pardons soldiers over Yemen conflict      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The statement announcing the pardon did not mention any particular crimes
          Saudi Arabia says Yemen rebel missile intercepted      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Saudi-led coalition says ballistic missile targeted Al Shuqaiq on the kingdom's southwestern coastline
          Csini acélkék 40es - Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Különleges acélkék színű elöl nyitott cipő puha műbőrből, kényelmes sarokmagassággal.
A képen látható hibátlan állapotban, utcán nem voltam benne, csak 2x a munkahelyemen.
Csini acélkék 40es
Jelenlegi ára: 1 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-08-01 10:18
           Suudi Arabistan öncülüğündeki koalisyon Yemen'e asker gönderdi       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Suudi Arabistan öncülüğündeki koalisyon güçlerinin, Husilere karşı operasyon yürütülen Hudeyde kentindeki meşru yönetim yanlısı birliklere katılmak üzere Yemen'e bir tugay gönderdiği belirtildi. Yemen'deki askeri kaynaklardan alınan bilgiye göre, koalisyon güçleri Husilere karşı ...
          King Salman pardons Saudi military in Yemen for sanctions Wednesday, July 11      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
King Salman pardons Saudi military in Yemen for sanctions Wednesday, July 11 The Saudi monarch ordered the exemption of members of the Saudi armed forces deployed in Yemen as part of the coalition forces led by the Kingdom, from military and moral sanctions against them.  The government channel "News" published the text of the Royal Decree on its Twitter account : "Pardon all the military involved in the process of restoring hope of military and moral sanctions ...
          Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him - RealClearPolitics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him
On CNN Wednesday night, journalist Seymour Hersh said he understands that "disliking Trump" is great for the media and ratings but he wished we talk about what is going on in Yemen and around the world. Hersh said presidents have always complained ...

          UN envoy meets Yemen president in push for Hodeida truce      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him - RealClearPolitics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him
On CNN Wednesday night, journalist Seymour Hersh said he understands that "disliking Trump" is great for the media and ratings but he wished we talk about what is going on in Yemen and around the world. Hersh said presidents have always complained ...

          7/11/2018: Gulf: Yemen’s stability and security vital for region, UAE insists      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Yemen’s President, met yesterday with UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Ebrahim Al Hashemi, in the country’s provisional capital, Aden. During the meeting, also attended by the Yemeni Prime Minister,...
          7/11/2018: Gulf: Red Crescent’s Yemen aid efforts draw praise      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Reem Ebrahim Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, yesterday praised the humanitarian efforts of the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) to alleviate the hardships of vulnerable people the world over, especially the brotherly Yemenis,...
          7/11/2018: Gulf: Al Houthi missile intercepted      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Saudi Arabia’s air defence forces intercepted a missile launched towards the kingdom’s southwestern Jizan region by Yemen’s Iranbacked Al Houthi militia, state media said yesterday. Al Houthi-run Al Masirah TV said earlier that a missile had targeted...
          7/11/2018: Gulf: $465m      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
UAE’s contribution to UN humanitarian plan for Yemen this year
          Yemeni forces fire missile at Jazan Economic City in Saudi Arabia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Press TV – Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have fired a domestically-designed and -developed ballistic missile at a strategic economic target in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern...
          World: Energy for Crisis Recovery: Solar Solutions for Crisis-Affected Communities in the Arab Region      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Source: UN Development Programme
Country: Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, occupied Palestinian territory, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, World, Yemen

I. Introduction: The energy challenge in crisis contexts

Sustainable energy is a critical element for achieving goals of immediate recovery and longer-term resilience in fragile and crisis contexts. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Arab region, where countries have experienced an expansion of conflict, drought and an unprecedented level of displacement. The ability of communities to cope with and rapidly recover from crisis hinges in many ways on their ability to regain sustainable access to energy.

Energy fuels communities access to water, to social services like health and education, to transport and communication needs, and is critical for regenerating livelihoods and local economies. But too often countries affected by crisis are unable to bring back online the type of energy systems needed for an effective recovery. In such contexts, decentralized energy solutions are now receiving greater attention, as a way of meeting the needs of affected communities and setting the foundations for resilience.

As countries seek new bridges between humanitarian and development interventions, and new resilience-based approaches to crisis recovery, the role of sustainable energy solutions has come into greater focus. Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) on energy calls on countries to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” Among those most in need are the record numbers of individuals globally and in the Arab region affected by conflicts, droughts and disasters. Many countries suffering the impacts of crisis are also energy poor, relying heavily on energy imports for economic and social needs. In these contexts, expanding sustainable energy solutions is seen not as an end in itself, but as an enabler on the road from fragility to resilience. This is particularly important in the protracted situations of conflict and displacement faced in the Arab region.

Globally, the number of people forcibly displaced by conflicts and disasters has reached record levels. The world now has a record 65.3 million forcibly displaced persons, including over 21 million refugees crossing borders, and over 40 million internal displacements within countries. In 2016 alone, there were 31.1 million new internal displacements associated with conflict and disasters globally, of which 24.2 million were internally displaced by disasters and 6.9 million by conflicts. In the past eight years, the world has recorded more than 203 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) around the world, an unprecedented increase.

To make matters worse, the vast majority of refugees and IDPs are hosted in developing countries which already face strained levels of energy security. Constraints often exist to extending energy access to displaced communities, either owing to ongoing conflicts and destruction of power grid infrastructure, or from lack of fiscal space and limited ability to expand already-stretched energy supplies. In such communities, expanding use of decentralized energy solutions is important not only for short-term needs, but from a longer-term development perspective as it helps reduce pressures on host communities and fiscal pressures on the State.

Across the Arab region, a lack of access to energy is hindering the ability of crisisaffected communities to earn a living, access food and water, or access health and education services, and is an important obstacle to recovering from crisis. As further elaborated below, in many countries in the region, expanding access to solar solutions has emerged as one potential enabler of resilience building for affected communities. The ability to scale-up sustainable energy solutions in crisis contexts is in many ways a litmus test for the aspired goal of bridging the humanitarian-development divide and crafting ‘resilient recovery’ solutions – priorities that have come into strong focus in recent years in global and regional fora.

The SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development call for more integrated and resilience-based approaches to development. Energy is a key factor in helping individuals, households, communities, society and the State bounce back effectively from crisis and shocks, ensuring that crises do not lead to a downturn in human development indicators, while also helping communities transition to long-term resilient pathways.

          BAE’nin Yemen işgali genişliyor      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
BAE'ye bağlı güçler, geçici başkent Aden'de bulunan havalimanının kontrolünü ele geçirdi. Böylece Aden'de Cumhurbaşkanl...
          Un bambino su quattro è vittima di conflitti e disastri naturali       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In un rapporto presentato dalle Nazioni Unite emerge che 357 milioni di minori sono coinvolti in guerre sanguinose. La situazione peggiore in Yemen, Mali e Sud Sudan. Unicef: situazione “ben oltre l’immaginazione”. Risoluzione approvata all’unanimità considera i bambini soldato come prime vittime. Ed evidenzia le diverse esigenze di trattamento fra maschi e femmine. Nel 2017, oltre 21mila casi di violazioni. 

          Akçakoca'da mavi bayraklı plaj çalışması      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
DÜZCE (AA) - Düzce'nin Akçakoca ilçesinde üçüncü mavi bayraklı plajda çalışmalar devam ediyor.Belediye Başkanı Cüneyt Yemenici, AA muhabirine yaptığı açıklama da, Ceneviz Kalesi ve Çuhallı plajlarının ardından Akevler Plajı'nın...
          Yemenli göçmenler zorlu bir süreçten geçiyor      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hudeyde'den, koalisyon güçlerinin operasyonu nedeniyle göç etmek zorunda kalan 121 bini aşkın sivil zor şartlar altında hayat mücadelesi veriyor- Hudeyde'den 5 çocuğu ve eşiyle birlikte Sana'ya gelen Salim Turab:- 'Keşke evimize dönebilsek. Ne olacaksa olsun. Buradaki çilenin fazlasını yaşayacak değiliz, öleceksek evimizde ölelim bari'
          YEMEN: A Very Public Defeat Back In Iran      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him - RealClearPolitics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him
On CNN Wednesday night, journalist Seymour Hersh said he understands that "disliking Trump" is great for the media and ratings but he wished we talk about what is going on in Yemen and around the world. Hersh said presidents have always complained ...

          Une lame de fond xénophobe traverse la Corée du Sud avec l'arrivée de Yéménites      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Depuis l'arrivee de quelques centaines de demandeurs d'asile yemenites, la Coree du Sud, societe ethniquement homogene, vit une vague inedite de...
          Most people think world is more dangerous than two years ago - survey      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Most people think the world is more dangerous today than it was two years ago as concerns rise over politically motivated violence and weapons of mass destruction, according to a survey released on Tuesday. Six out of 10 respondents to the survey, commissioned by the Global Challenges Foundation, said the dangers had increased, with conflict and nuclear or chemical weapons seen as more pressing risks than population growth or climate change. The results come as NATO leaders prepare to meet in Brussels on Wednesday amid growing tensions between the United States and fellow members over defence spending, which some fear could damage morale and play into the hands of Russia. "It's clear that our current systems of global cooperation are no longer making people feel safe," said Mats Andersson, vice chairman of the Global Challenges Foundation, in a statement. Andersson said turbulence between NATO powers and Russia, ongoing conflict in Syria, Yemen and Ukraine and nuclear tensions with North Korea and Iran were making people feel unsafe. A separate survey commissioned by the Global Challenges Foundation after North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un met US President Donald Trump found...
          Uno de cada cuatro niños es víctima de conflictos y desastres naturales       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Un reporte presentado por las Naciones Unidas muestra que 357 millones de menores están involucrados en guerras sangrientas. La peor situación es la que se vive en Yemen, Mali y Sudán del Sur. UNICEF: “supera todo lo que pueda imaginarse”. Una resolución aprobada por unanimidad considera a los niños soldado como primeras víctimas. ...

          Çin'den Arap ülkelerine 23 Milyar Dolarlık Söz      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Çin'den Arap ülkelerine 23 Milyar Dolarlık SözÇin'den Arap ülkelerine 23 Milyar Dolarlık Söz
Çin Devlet Başkanı Arap ülkelerine 23 milyardan fazla dolar kredi ve insani yardım taahhüt ederek, bunun 91 milyon dolarının insani yardım olarak Suriye, Yemen, Ürdün ve Lübnan'a verileceğini söyledi.

          The Trump Administration’s Warped View of the War on Yemen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The administration isn't interested in identifying the real causes of Yemen's humanitarian crisis, because it was caused in large part by the coalition acting with U.S. support.
          Yolu yenilenen halk Başkan Yemenic’ye teşekkür etti      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hayalim Kent sitesi sakinleri adına Gülten Tekin Özdeş ve Nuran Badanoz sitenin yolunu yenileyen Akçakoca Belediye Başkanı Cüneyt Yemenici’ye teşekkür ederek çiçek takdim ettiler.Yol çalışmalarını kentin her noktasında hissettiren Akçakoca...
          Dorong 'reformasi', dubes AS puji Ikhwanul Muslimin Yaman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
RIYADH ( – Duta besar AS untuk Yaman, Matius Toler, memuji peran Al-Islah, ‘Ikhwanul Muslimin Yaman’, dalam mendorong proses politik demokratis di sebuah negara yang telah dilanda perang selama tiga tahun, MEMO melansir pada Rabu (11/7/2018). Hal ini terjadi selama pertemuan duta besar AS dengan para pemimpin partai Yaman Al-Islah, di ibukota Saudi pada Senin […]
          Hudaydah : Riyad humilie la France      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Publié sur Hudaydah : Riyad humilie la France

Selon des sources locales, l’ambassadeur français aurait cherché à entrer en contact avec Ansarallah dans l’objectif de négocier la libération de deux membres des forces spéciales françaises arrêtés juste au début de l’offensive USA/OTAN/monarchies arabes contre Hudaydah il y a près de deux mois. Par appât de gain, la France de Macron s’est engagée militairement […]

Cet article Hudaydah : Riyad humilie la France est apparu en premier sur Parti Anti Sioniste.

          Starving and Bombed Children of Yemen Seek Entrapment in Flooded Thai Cave      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
While the world watched and waited with bated breath for the outcome of the substantial global effort – involving over 100 cave divers from various countries, 1,000 members of the Thai Army and 10,000 others in various roles – to rescue a team of 12 young football players and their coach, who were trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand[Read More...]
          How do I accept that my kid’s father doesn’t care       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The background is huge, I could write the longest post on baby center’s history so I’ll try to highlight what’s importar before describing my issue but it’s still going to be long

-got pregnant at 16 by donor who was 20

-he ran for his life when I told him, I did pregnancy alone

-he’s not on the birth certificate and by state law I’m sole legal guardian

-he met her when she was 2 months, was in and out until she was 8 months and then disappeared again

-reappeared and contacted me on Facebook when she was 4 years old, said he was a changed man, married now, in the army, deployed and now wanted to be a part of her life

-they met when he came back to the us from deployement, DD was super excited to have a dad

-he said he was going to start depositing $300 a month without me asking for, I agreed because I’ve never stopped him from parenting

-he never mentioned wanting to establish paternity or anything and in my mind I’ve always feel like that’s his job and not mine (maybe I’m wrong)

-after meeting her he went back to where he was stationed but called her in Skype from time to time

-they moved back home only for 9 months when she was around 5 and saw her almost every weekend, DD learned to love his wife and his wife genuinely seems to care for DD but always had a problem with me because apparently she was the official girlfriend when I became pregnant but to my knowledge I was the girlfriend.

-he moved overseas but still called her every 2 weeks, DD seemed to miss him since she got used to seeing them every weekend but learned to deal with it.

-in the middle of all this I met my now husband, got married and moved 3 hours away from our original home (different state)

-when DD was 9 he went to visit her and during drop off told me he was getting out of the army and needed me to write and sign a letter saying he was the father of my daughter for some type of benefits that he didn’t even care to explain, I said I needed to consult a lawyer and he flipped out on me because according to him I shouldn’t even have a lawyer, that was the first time we had an argument (my husband literally came out and asked him to go before he could call the police because he was yelling at me).

I did contact a lawyer and they advised me to not write or sign such letter and to do everything thorough the court, that it didn’t have to be a custody battler, just an acknowledgement of paternity signed by both of us, I called donor and told him and he called me names and said I was just controlling and that all I wanted was to live off him money, I once again explained that it wasn’t about custody or child support and that I didn’t need his money, that he could stop sending the $300 he had been sending since he met her and left it at that, he then texted me saying he was gonna take me to court and take my DD away from me, that’s when I came across baby center because I freaked out and googled a lot but I’m still waiting for him to do so.

-he stopped calling her for 3 months after that fight, I let her call him whenever she felt like talking to him but he never answered except once when he told her he was just too busy

-he then contact me and said he was back in our home town, out of the army and willing to see DD more often. I said that was great and I was glad.

-even tho we were 3 hours away he didn’t made the effort to see her as much as he made it sound when he moved back

-saw her maybe 3 times a year and most of those was because I made the drive to go see my mom who’s still in our hometown and offered him to have DD. I even drove her to meet her twin sisters two days after they were born.

-about a year and a half ago (DD was about to turn 11), my husband got a promotion offer, the only thing was that it meant we needed to move to another state but it was the dream position and everybody was excited because of the location, I asked donor what he thought and his answer was that if it was what was best for me and my family to go ahead, we agreed on me paying flight tickets, summer for 2-3 weeks depending and to alternate Xmas break ...he was ok with that,

-the move happened in March of that year, they still talked on the phone every 2 weeks cause that’s the norm he created, the summer came and I asked him for which dates did he wanted me to buy the flight ticket, he said he had been thinking and it was best if she stayed here and experience how summer was in our new city, DD didn’t seem to care cause we were still exploring.

-we gave DD a phone for her birthday that spring and we thought this would make a change in the amount of times they talked since now he didn’t have to call me directly because to be honest things were never the same after he threaten court but it didn’t

-Xmas came and DD asked him if he wanted to see her so I could get her her ticket, he said he couldn’t because they were all going to his wife’s country for their first family vacation, not “a do you want to come?” Or anything...I could see how hurt DD was and that made me mad but I tried to make it seem like it was not a big deal and it was so good that she could spend our first Xmas in the new city with us.

So I think that resumes the craziness until the point when I noticed the change, after December the calls are minimal, maybe every 3 weeks or once a month, when he calls they FaceTime and he shows her her little sisters and how happy they seem, he seems like a great dad to them and you can hear by the giggles and the craziness how much the twins love him. For example on Father’s Day she called him and after maybe 3 minutes of FaceTime he said I need to go because I gotta get ready to spend my day with my babies, DD pretended to have sneezed but I know her, she was hurt. This is just an example of the asshole he can be sometimes.

Now to the issue, summer is here, I texted him when she finished with school and her grades were posted, told him she passed which means she had a green light and to tell me when did he wanted her there so I could buy the ticket, this was June 7th at 11am and I’m still waiting for a reply back, after this they had talked twice (including the Father’s Day call) and during the last call at the end of June he told her he’s back in the military and going through training again so that he’s super busy but that he was going to text me to talk about the dates and that he wanted her from July 17th-31st, I heard this and went in her room and said out loud “hey I just heard what you said, sounds good but please text me when you know for sure so I can buy the ticket, the sooner the better cause they are going up plus I need the info of whoever is picking her up at the airport since she cant fly alone yet” to which he said yeah sure.

It’s july 11th and he hasn’t talked to me, DD has called him twice and texted him and no answer but we know he is ok and having a good summer with his family because he posts pictures and statuses on WhatsApp. DD asks me every single day if he has texted me and it breaks my heart to see her face when I say no. I know she’s hurting, I’ve tried to talk to her and all she told me was “it makes me mad knowing that he’s always busy for me but seems so happy with the twins”, I told her it’s ok for him to have a better connection with the twins since they live together trying to make her feel better but she just rolled her eyes.

I know shit happens and sometimes people get busy with other stuff but at least have the decency to say so, Don’t give her dates to then disappear and leave her hanging, you know.

I always known he doesn’t care that much about her, maybe it’s because he knows she has me but he just doesn’t even put the effort, it always bothered me a little but since DD didn’t seem to care I was ok with it, but now she’s a teenager almost, going through hormonal, physical and mental changes and now she understands that her father is a peace of shit.

I know this was long, sorry about that but I need advice on what to do I talk to him and try to make him seem how cruel he is, do I ignore and just keep being there for DD? Do I jusy prohibit any contact with him since she would be better off without him?

I’m so stressed about this, it hurts me seeing my DD hurt, I feel like I failed her by giving her that asshole for a father ...DH has been a great father figure in her life for the past 6 years but I know that’s not enough, specially because she seems to want to have that connection with her bio dad and I fear that one day she’s going to hate me and blame it all on me
          Rescue Palestinian Children: They Are Trapped Too      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
By Sondoss Al Asaad | American Herald Tribune | July 9, 2018
The entire world is fearfully following the latest updates regarding the 12 boys and their coach who are trapped in a cave in Thailand. Definitely, we wish them urgent and safe rescue and to shortly return to their families. A case that has stimulated scores of international activist and volunteers to rush and evacuate the trapped football team. BBC, CNN, France 24, etc. have all been covering the case all over the past two weeks.
These mainstream media are much concerned about the case’s aftermath psychological impacts on those children. They are focusing on the impacts on both the children and their parents. Absolutely, it is quite important to care for others and to offer every possible means of help but without double standards or hypocrisy!!
During the prolonged imposed war on Syria and particularly back in April, the same series of Western Capitalist spoke-channels and Imperialist trumpets have shown the same concern over the Syrian children after the alleged “Chemical Attacks.” Ongoing tears were released and many condemned a fallacious incident, merely because it was a Western promoted propaganda.
For instance, Banna al-Abed; a Syrian “ISIS-wood” star has emerged since the onset of the Syrian war to play an outstanding role in such fake “Chemical Attacks” comedies. The whole world has shown an unusual sympathetic interest in Banna’s case. She and her mother have gotten unprecedented coverage as she has been predicted as the legitimate regiem’s “target” along with other children.
Unequivocally, children have the right to safety, protection, health, nutrition, education, etc., regardless their identity, gender, religion, race or ethnicity. How come the West turns blind eyes and deaf ears to the heinous violations of children’s rights in our ravaged, colonised and impoverished countries? The question too is whether these mainstream media regard the innocent Yemeni children as children or as in accordance to its double standards “Terrorists”?
The same question applies to the Palestinian children who are purposelessly murdered on daily basis. Have these channels and the #Metoo campaigners heard about the 17 years old Ahed al-Tamimi, who has been trapped in the Zionist prisons since November 2017, unfairly tried and sexually harassed?
In Bahrain as well many children are trapped in prisons, denied the right to education, to access parents, to religious rituals or to fair trials. They are severely beaten and detained along with criminals and thieves.
The Western media must deal with our children as equals to as its other “beloved” children. Many of our children are also trapped in the imposed imperialist caves and thus haunted by terrible memories, suffocating and enduring psychological problems. They constantly witness atrocities, bombardments, inhumane treatment. Consequently, they are psychologically torn, disparate and broken.
Let the devoted activists all over the world exert effective and efficient efforts to immediately and urgently rescue the Yemeni and Palestinian children who are trapped inside the aggressive wars’ caves. Let them urge their governments to stop selling weapons which are used to end our children’s lives. Let them awaken the arrogant West in order to save our hopeless children and to deal with them as equals

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog!

          Azurite Gemstones, Silver Earrings, Yemenite Filigree, Chandelier Earrings, Woman Jewelry, Ethnic Earrings, Gift for her, Earrings, ID1018a by adiaart      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

58.00 USD

Silver Filigree Earrings. Decorated With Azurite Gemstones, Women Jewelry.
★ Wrap with a gift box ★


- Made from high quality 925 Sterling silver.
- Decorated with Azurite gemstones.
- These earrings made in a small work shop that specialize with unique filigree design. Filigree is a type of design that uses twisted wire usually threads of gold or silver to create delicate, lacy, openwork jewelry, Judaica and other items.

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- Length: 2.8" (7cm) with ear hoop.
- Width: 0.8" (2cm).
- This item weight 10 gram.


Each design is made to order, shipment will be sent up to 5 working days after payment.
All orders ship via registered first class air Mail, which takes on average 10-12 days for delivery.
Please see shop policies for more information and shipping details.


If you are not satisfied with our items, you can send them back to us within 7 days.
The items should be sent in their original packaging, The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

Thank you for visiting my shop.
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          Yemen'de Husilere Karşı "Yeni Cepheler Açma" Çağrısı      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Yemen'de Husilere Karşı Yemen'de Husilere Karşı "Yeni Cepheler Açma" Çağrısı
Yemen Cumhurbaşkanı Abdurabbu Mansur Hadi, Rime ve Hacce kentlerinde Husilerle savaşmak için aktif cepheler açma çağrısı yaptı

          Time For The Big Change; Time For A New Bretton Woods Monetary System      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt seated on the south lawn at Hyde Park. Photograph by Oscar Jordan. August 1932. (FDR Presidential Library)

In Beijing, July 10, the China-Arab Belt and Road Cooperation Forum resulted in a $20 billion fund for rejuvenation and industrialization in the region, focused on Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Jordan. Similar infrastructure development projects, creating the basis of national, self-sufficient economies are underway in Africa, creating a new spirit of creativity and hope for the future. Helga Zepp-LaRouche just returned from a conference in Paris where she spoke to the Mandela Institute about the optimism now shaping that once devastated continent as a result of the new development perspective embodied in the Belt and Road Initiative. For years, Africa has been a looting ground for the City of London banking empire as outright colonialism was replaced by IMF conditionalities, similar physical looting regimes, and proxy wars to cull and police whole populations. It is these policies which have resulted in waves of desperate human migration similar to those which occurred during humanity's dark ages. In the Americas, NAFTA and the Wall Street/City of London dependence on the drug trade's finances, have provoked similar flights and havoc. Cheap labor policies in the United States ensure that such migration results in maximum friction between immigrants and the unemployed.

Within the City of London/Wall Street imperial regime, there appears to be chaos. Whether that appearance is reality depends of what we choose to do at this crossroad. Both the United States and the British populations revolted from the globalist regimes of free trade, post-industrial devastation of their countries in the 2016 elections, the United States by electing Donald Trump; the British through the Brexit determination to leave the bankrupt European Union. Both countries are now in the midst of transformational changes. President Trump has clearly set off to disrupt the entire post-war order, particularly the economic and cultural policies established in the wake of August 1971, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Bretton Woods monetary system was finally destroyed. As Lyndon LaRouche fully elaborated in his 2004 paper, "On the Subject of Tariffs and Trade," the destruction of the Bretton Woods system destroyed the ability for nation states to fully collaborate on full-scale physical development of the earth by destroying access to the low interest long term capital necessary for such development while simultaneously preventing an agreed perspective on terms of trade favoring the high technology and physical economic development of all nations. It rebirthed British speculative free trade as the economic regime of the world: buy cheap, sell dear, and drive the productive potential of whole nations and peoples below the level necessary for even rudimentary survival. British Prime Minister Teresa May's effort to hold on to the old system, and effectively overturn the will of British voters, has resulted in her government hanging by a thread. In the United States, a revolt of the elites, using uneducated and labile youth as cannon fodder, has manifested itself in a war war to destroy Donald Trump at whatever cost to the U.S. Constitution or the fabric of the republic. Both nations sit on a powerkeg of unpayable debt in the form of financial derivatives and corporate debt which could implode at any moment.

In the same paper by LaRouche, he posed the question, "How Do We Change It?" "Now," LaRouche said, "the world's present, floating exchange financial system is hopelessly bankrupt. Virtually none of the leading banking institutions of western Europe and the Americas (among other a cases) are not implicitly bankrupt presently. Therefore, the first, most immediate objective of intervention by sovereign governments must be stability of the normal functions of society; the second, short to medium term objective, must be an increase in productive employment to levels sufficient to bring current accounts into balance; the third objective must be the negotiation of a nested array of long term sets of protectionist treaty-agreements on credit, tariffs, and trade among a set of leading nations." The latter agreements should range from one to two generations: corresponding to capital cycles of from twenty-five to fifty years." The first two requirements, LaRouche specifies here, are encompassed in his Four Laws for Economic Recovery of the United States, the central platform of LaRouche PAC's 2018 Campaign to Secure the Future. The last requirement is encompassed in a New Bretton Woods agreement, creating the basis for world-wide economic development to a physical condition matching the divine potential of human beings. It is now time that leading forces in all four nations implicated in LaRouche's Four Powers agreement, set about, urgently, negotiating a New Bretton Woods agreement based upon increasing the potential relative population density of all nations. Their path has already been clearly elaborated by LaRouche's science of political economy. That is how you change it.

          Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him - RealClearPolitics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him
On CNN Wednesday night, journalist Seymour Hersh said he understands that "disliking Trump" is great for the media and ratings but he wished we talk about what is going on in Yemen and around the world. Hersh said presidents have always complained ...

          Yemen'de Husilere karşı 'yeni cepheler açma' çağrısı      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Yemen Cumhurbaşkanı Abdurabbu Mansur Hadi, Rime ve Hacce kentlerinde Husilerle savaşmak için aktif cepheler açma çağrısı yaptı
          Yolu yenilenen halk Başkan Yemenic’ye teşekkür etti      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hayalim Kent sitesi sakinleri adına Gülten Tekin Özdeş ve Nuran Badanoz sitenin yolunu yenileyen Akçakoca Belediye Başkanı Cüneyt Yemenici’ye teşekkür ederek çiçek takdim ettiler.Yol çalışmalarını kentin her noktasında hissettiren Akçakoca...
          Hajtatlan UNC 20 Rial Yemen 1990 - Jelenlegi ára: 220 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hajtatlan UNC bankjegy!
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Hajtatlan UNC 20 Rial  Yemen 1990
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Az aukció vége: 2018-07-11 19:47
          Hajtatlan UNC 10 Rial Yemen 1990 - Jelenlegi ára: 401 Ft      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hajtatlan UNC bankjegy!
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Licit összevárás lehetséges 21 nap!!!!!
Képek az eladni kívánt bankjegyről készültek!
Megkérem licitálás előtt győződjön meg, hogy megfelel e önnek a képen látott tárgy, és csak utána licitáljon!!!!!
Licitet nem törlök semmilyen indokkal!!!!
A sikeres licit után a nyertes kap egy automata levelet, amiben benne vannak a szükséges adatok!!!
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Hajtatlan UNC 10 Rial  Yemen 1990
Jelenlegi ára: 401 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2018-07-11 19:48
          BREAKING! All 12 Boys & Coach Rescued From Thai Cave!!!!      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A team of Navy SEALs and a doctor were the last people to emerge from Tham Luang cave following a rescue mission that saved 12 boys and a coach. Related Stories: The Pentagon Describes Military Protocol For Myeshia Johnson Viewing Her Husband’s Remains Military Launches Investigation Into Botched Yemen Raid Ordered By President Trump Text […]
          One child in four victim of conflicts and natural disasters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In a report presented by the UN it emerges that 357 million minors are involved in bloody conflict. The worst situation in Yemen, Mali and South Sudan. Unicef: situation " almost beyond comprehension". Unanimously approved resolution considers child soldiers as first victims. And highlights the different treatment needs between males and females. In 2017, over 21 thousand cases of violations.

          Somalia: EU steps up humanitarian aid in Somalia with €89.5 million      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Source: European Commission's Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
Country: Djibouti, Somalia

The European Union has released €89.5 million in humanitarian assistance to Somalia and Djibouti, as millions are grappling with the consequences of prolonged extreme weather conditions.

The funding comes ahead of the Somalia Partnership Forum co-hosted by the European Union taking place next week over 16-17 July.

"The devastating effects of two years of drought and the recent intense flooding are taking their toll on the livelihood of millions of people in Somalia," said Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides. "Our aid will target the most vulnerable and provide life-saving support to those affected by climatic shocks and internal conflict."

Out of the aid package, €89 million in emergency assistance will be channelled in Somalia to reach communities displaced by severe drought, focussing on the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, water supply and livestock protection, as well as health measures against epidemics.

A further €500,000 is going to Djibouti to support refugees in the country (mostly fleeing the conflict in Yemen, but also from Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea) by providing water, sanitation and protection to the communities living in the Ali Addeh, Hol Hol and Markazi refugee camps.

With €119 million allocated to Somalia in 2017 alone, the EU has drastically scaled up its humanitarian assistance to the country, helping to avert a catastrophe similar to the 2011 famine which resulted in 260,000 deaths.


About half of Somalia's 12 million inhabitants are food insecure and in need of humanitarian assistance, while an estimated 1.2 million children are expected to be acutely malnourished during the course of 2018. The country has 2.6 million internally displaced people, and the situation worsened following the April 2018 floods, which affected 427,000 people and left 175,000 displaced. In addition to climate shocks, conflict remains at the centre of the humanitarian crisis in Somalia with insecurity and violence taking a heavy toll on civilians for decades, affecting livelihoods and hampering economic progress and development.

In Djibouti, the European Union provides humanitarian aid to the refugee population as well as the host communities. Since 2012, over €10 million in emergency assistance has been allocated to the country. Humanitarian funding from the European Union provides refugees with access to clean water and sanitation as well as, protection.

Emergency assistance links up with longer-term development strategies to mitigate the impact of climate shocks and promote resilience among the affected communities.

          The impact of the US-backed war in Yemen on Michigan’s 12th district      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The SEP’s congressional candidate has spoken to immigrant families on the issue of war and the impact of US imperialism on their lives.
          Press Releases: Secretary Pompeo's Meeting With Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
July 10, 2018

The below is attributable to Spokesperson Heather Nauert:

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo met today in Abu Dhabi with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates. The Secretary thanked the Crown Prince and the Foreign Minister for the United Arab Emirates’ strong partnership and longtime friendship with the United States. The Secretary expressed his appreciation for the United Arab Emirates’ substantial commitments in Syria and Iraq, and the officials agreed to continue collaborating to enhance regional security. They also discussed how to further strengthen robust bilateral economic and trade ties.

On Yemen, the Secretary, Crown Prince, and Foreign Minister agreed on the importance of all sides supporting the UN-led political process, facilitating critical humanitarian and commercial access, and working toward a comprehensive agreement to end the conflict.

The Secretary emphasized the President’s desire to see the Gulf dispute eased and eventually resolved, and his hope that our Gulf partners will work jointly and in unity to promote regional security and stability, and stand against Iran’s destabilizing activities.

The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

          Yemen'den Lübnan'a protesto notası      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Yemen, Hizbullah'ın, iç işlerine karıştığı ve Husilere destek verdiği gerekçesiyle Lübnan'a protesto notası verdi
          Navy SEAL posthumously honored by hometown      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Navy Band Great Lakes (NBGL) traveled three hours south to the small town of Chillicothe, Illinois to assist in the dedication ceremony of their post office building to a fellow shipmate. Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens enlisted in the Navy in 1998 after graduating from Illinois Valley Central High School in Chillicothe, where he joined the Navy and was eventually assigned to the Navy SEALs. Senior Chief Owens gave the ultimate sacrifice during his final deployment in Yemen on January 29, 2017.

“He is from my hometown and went to my high school,” said Lt. Patrick Hill, director of NBGL. “These aren’t the kinds of jobs that we ‘enjoy’ doing, but there is nothing more sacred than honoring a fallen shipmate and his family.”

Owens was posthumously promoted to Senior Chief a week after his death and awarded the Silver Star for actions during a three-day battle in Somalia in July 2015, in which he led a 12-man team alongside African forces against 400 Al Qaeda militants. His citation states that he was ambushed with “small arms, machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, rocket propelled grenades, mortars, and improvised explosive devices” and that he “repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire,” helping eventually secure the town that had been under militant control for 10 years. Senior Chief was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. He is survived by his wife and three children.

“I would like to thank the extended family and friends in attendance today for coming from near and far to support the kids and I,” said Carryn Owens, wife of the honoree. “The constant phone calls and messages from everyone have helped me immensely in the last year and a half since his passing.”

According to Mrs. Owens, Senior Chief had last visited the town in the year of 2016 when he drove in from a training exercise in Chicago he was participating in to visit his parents’ graves, both of which he hadn’t seen since losing their respective battles to cancer and spent time with his grandmother who most recently passed in April of 2018. To Carryn, Senior Chief Owens showed immense love and pride for his hometown and passion for his dream of becoming a Navy SEAL.

“He was one of those humble warriors you will never read a book or see a movie about because he lived it,” she said. “His career and those of his teammates who were by his side, many of whom are still fighting for our freedoms, are the story you will never hear.”

After speaking about him for a bit, Carryn spoke to guests and family members about the last time she heard from her husband. He called her a couple days before departure and sent an email the night before he left. She tearfully recited the last email he sent and the atmosphere was solemn.

“It was nice to hear you happy yesterday. I know these times are tough with me gone and everything, but it will get better when I get home. I will be out of touch for a few days, but I want you to know that I love you and will call/email you when I get back to my old location. Tell the kids that I love them and I am unbelievably proud of all that they do. I am excited to be home with us a family and look forward to the future. I’m getting out. I love you, see you in a few weeks.”

Upon finishing the email, small cries and teary eyes from could be seen and heard from guests, family members and service members in attendance as they all took a moment to grieve. When she could speak again, Carryn finished her speech with personal insight.

No one will ever understand what the kids and I lost, and having felt it this past year and a half, it is a sacrifice I would never make again,” she said. “So please don’t forget the sacrifice of Memorial Day because it is not a happy day, it’s a solemn one, and there are families that gave up their entire world, for this country.”

After the speeches were complete, the family and post office officials unveiled the sign for the building. In addition to the building, the portion of Route 29 through Chillicothe will be renamed the “Senior Chief Petty Officer William ‘Ryan’ Owens Memorial Highway” and named the day in the town in his honor.

          Los inesperados 'supermisiles' de Yemen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Las fuerzas de la resistencia yemeníes anunciaron que ahora tienen la capacidad de reabastecer su arsenal de misiles balísticos sin ayuda externa. Un nuevo proyectil de corto alcance ya pasó su primera prueba y posee unas características únicas, que se anunciarán próximamente, informa el medio iraní Resalat.
          Kuwait Provides USD 10 Million to UN Migration Agency for Operations in Yemen       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

On Monday, 9 July, the State of Kuwait donated USD 10 million in support of the UN Migration Agency (IOM)’s humanitarian work in Yemen. “Given the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen, the State of Kuwait is determined to support the humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people through its collaboration with the international humanitarian organizations,” Ambassador […]

The post Kuwait Provides USD 10 Million to UN Migration Agency for Operations in Yemen  appeared first on Inter Press Service.

          GEORGE D. O’NEILL JR. - For Peace With Putin, End America’s Pointless Wars      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Ignore the establishment: Trump has a huge opportunity at his upcoming summit.

Another excellent article from the American Conservative, this is about half of it. KV.

The upcoming summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is an overdue opportunity for the American president’s next bold peace initiative. It is time for the U.S. to stop its wasteful wars, and Russia can be a constructive partner to this end.
The mainstream press on both sides of the Atlantic will howl against any agreement between Trump and Putin—no matter what’s in it. So why not take steps that the American public will instinctively understand and that will provide the support for Trump to end America’s failed interventions? Besides what are his opponents going to do? Vilify him for seeking peace and starting the process of healing the many wounds of the wars? The American people are not fooled by false claims that Trump is soft on terrorism; they are aware that U.S. military interventions oftentimes can—and do—fuel terrorism.
President Trump should propose a drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan in exchange for a drawdown of Russian troops in Syria (along with a pledge that America has no interest in reengaging in the Syrian Civil War). This would be consistent with Trump’s oft-stated observation that America’s wars (declared and undeclared) in the Middle East have been a waste.
Trump need not “recognize” the Russian annexation of Crimea but he should assert that a resolution to the situation on the ground in Ukraine is a European matter—to be settled by bilateral negotiations between Russia and Europe.
The American public is not interested in diplomatic and media theater. They know two things to be true: the failing “Trump-Russia collusion” hysteria is proving baseless (and distracting from concerns over economic growth and jobs); and whatever America’s international security interests are in the Middle East, we are all better protected with allies that face similar threats.
Russia has more reason to be concerned over Islamic terrorism than America. Their southern border touches on several Islamic countries: Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan. The instability created by America’s misguided military adventures has, for years, been unsettling to Russia. According to a friend who has long studied Russia, America’s post-Cold War military aggression, starting in the Balkans, began the ascension to power of Russian military hardliners who were skeptical of America’s intentions for peace.
Russia has a significantly better understanding of and influence over most of those countries, including Iran. America’s relationship with Iran has long been hostile due to years of interference and mistreatment. The relationship was seriously complicated in 1953 when our CIA and British intelligence overthrew their democratically elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh, and placed the brutal Shah in power. The Washington keyboard warriors never mention this sad chapter in our history. Imagine how we would feel towards a country that interfered with us to that extent.
How much smarter would it be for Russia to work with its neighbor Iran to limit the civil war in Yemen, than for America to continue to provide military support to Saudi Arabia to perpetuate a colossal human tragedy?
The naysayers ridiculed Trump’s peace initiative with North Korea, and yet his denuclearization and pacification of the Korean Peninsula advances (in contrast to the efforts of four previous American presidential administrations). Given that Trump and Kim could sit together, what stands in the way of progress with Putin?

GEORGE D. O’NEILL JR. - For Peace With Putin, End America’s Pointless

          Human Rights Violations by Saudi-Coalition Mercenaries Spark Mass Mobilization of Volunteer Fighters to Yemen’s Southwest      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The Saudi-led coalition, unable to secure control of the strategic port city of Hodeida, has recently flooded the cities and towns surrounding Hodeida with foreign and indigenous mercenaries, hoping to bring the port city to its knees by taking control of the surrounding region.

The post Human Rights Violations by Saudi-Coalition Mercenaries Spark Mass Mobilization of Volunteer Fighters to Yemen’s Southwest appeared first on MintPress News.

          The Real-Life Consequences of the (Now-Lawful) Travel Ban      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

This is how the third version of Trump’s travel ban, the one that the Supreme Court says is lawful, affects one person. One American. One family.

As an immigration lawyer, I met Arua after working with her two brothers, Ali and Mohamed. The three siblings were born in New York City, where they grew up with their parents, who are also U.S. citizens.

When the siblings reached marriage age, their father traveled to Yemen to arrange matches for them. They all married in Yemen, after which they returned to New York to wait for the immediate relative petitions they filed to be approved so their spouses could join them in the United States. Ali and Mohamed came to me after the Saudis bombed their family village, Taiz, in Yemen, where their wives were still living. Meanwhile, the United States closed its embassy in Yemen and the war escalated—Arua’s family neighborhood was destroyed.

I worked with New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to push U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, to adjudicate the men’s petitions, which were finally approved. Ali and Mohammad’s wives were able to escape from Yemen and get to Djibouti, where they were finally issued immigrant visas, and join their husbands in New York.

Arua wasn’t as lucky. Her husband got “stuck” in Yemen dodging bullets and bombs while his petition wound its way through the system. In the U.S., Arua was five months pregnant with their first child. Her I-130 immediate relative petition was still waiting approval, so we again contacted Gillibrand, who reached out to USCIS.

Astonishingly, a few weeks after this, USCIS informed us that a pregnant U.S. citizen with a spouse in a war zone did not fit into any of the seven categories for expediting the petition, which include “extreme emergent situation, humanitarian situation and compelling interest of USCIS.”

The months passed by, and Arua was finally called for an interview in Manhattan with a USCIS adjudications officer who approved the petition. The approved petition was then sent to the State Department and Arua paid all the required visa fees. That was October 2016. And November 2016. And February 2017. And March 2017.

In June 2017, we went back to Gillibrand, and Arua’s husband, Ateik, finally had his interview scheduled in Djibouti in July 2017.

But war had closed the border, and Ateik couldn’t get out of Yemen to attend his interview, which had to be rescheduled. Back in New York, Arua was living with their first child, whom Ateik had never met. By the time Ateik was interviewed in December, it had been almost 2 years—21 months—since Arua filed the initial USCIS petition. President Donald Trump’s infamous “travel ban” (as well as the second and third iterations of it) had gone into effect by this point, squashing all hope of an easy approval for any Yemeni native, even the husband and father of U.S. citizens.

Ateik received a letter, which quoted the travel ban and stated, categorically, that a waiver would not be granted in his case. All three versions of the travel ban had stopped the processing of immediate relative visas from Yemeni nationals even as the courts ordered them processed and even though Ateik qualified for a waiver.

In her dissent in the Supreme Court’s ruling on the travel ban, Justice Sonia Sotomayor rightfully pointed out the difference between the court’s majority view that Travel Ban 3.0 allows for waivers and the reality on the ground that virtually none are being granted. Because virtually none are being granted. A U.S. immigration lawyer in Djibouti, whom I reached out to in desperation, told me on background that the consulate wanted to grant waivers but “couldn’t.”

Arua’s and Ateik’s child just turned 2. He has never met his father. Lawyers like me across the country are continuing to fight to force the government to implement its own laws and grant qualifying immigrants like Ateik a waiver. Despite the Supreme Court ruling upholding Trump’s travel ban, I will not stop fighting to bring this husband and father home to live with his family.

But the longer he waits, the more the situation for Ateik continues to deteriorate. He is stuck in Djibouti, a country he cannot afford to live in and has no right to stay in. He cannot return to Yemen because war has destroyed his village. Because of where he happened to be born, he is separated from his family and without a home.

More Americans need to be introduced to the world of Arua, a real person with a real baby without her real husband, who is barred from entering this country because he happens to be from Yemen.

Since this article was first penned in June, Ateik received an email from the State Department in Djibouti informing him that the consular officer is reviewing his eligibility for a waiver under the ban. The letter warns that the review can be a “lengthy process” and that Ateik’s visa application will remain “refused” until a decision is rendered.

More From Just Security:

Trump’s Militia Pardon Is Another Blow to Federal Law Enforcement

Denmark Leading the Pack on European Anti-Immigration Policy

          Minister Al Hashemy visits UAE Armed Forces task force in Yemen      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Al Hashemy commended the high morale of the UAE's courageous soldiers.
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          Starving and Bombed Children of Yemen Seek Entrapment in Flooded Thai Cave      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
While the world watched and waited with bated breath for the outcome of the substantial global effort – involving over 100 cave divers from various countries, 1,000 members of the Thai Army and 10,000 others in various roles – to rescue a team of 12 young football players and their coach, who were trapped inside a flooded cave in Thailand[Read More...]
          Killing Yemen with Hunger      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The war on Yemen further impoverishes an already poor country and strangles the civilian population with starvation.
          Suudi Arabistan Kralı Selman'dan af kararı      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Suudi Arabistan Kralı Selman bin Abdulaziz, Yemen'de konuşlanmış ordu personeli hakkında verilmiş askeri ve mesleki cezalar için af kararı çıkardı.
          Suudi Arabistan Yemen'e asker gönderdi      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Suudi Arabistan Yemen'e asker gönderdiSuudi Arabistan Yemen'e asker gönderdi
Suudi Arabistan öncülüğündeki koalisyon güçlerinin, Husilere karşı operasyon yürütülen meşru yönetim yanlısı birliklere katılmak üzere Yemen'e bir tugay gönderdiği bildirildi.

          Starving and Bombed Children of Yemen Seek Entrapment      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
While the world watched and waited with bated breath for the outcome of the substantial global effort – involving over 100 cave divers from various countries, 1,000 members of the Thai Army and 10,000 others in various roles – to rescue a team of 12 young ...
          Nikki Haley Has Built Up a Reputation for Herself at the UN — But Probably Not the One She Wanted      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The UN ambassador pays a price for her support of Trump’s policies.

As the world shuddered at the separation of families on the southern U.S. border, Nikki Haley, the American ambassador to the United Nations, withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council. The timing could not have been worse.

The withdrawal coincided with a call by UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein for Washington to end its “unconscionable” policy. President Trump has halted the separation of children from parents, but some 2,000 families are still looking for their children.

Without commenting on the specifics, Haley said: “Neither the United Nations nor anyone else will dictate how the United States upholds its borders.”

Haley said the reason for withdrawal from the Council was its separate category for Palestinian and Israeli criticism. Many other delegates agree, but say that without an American presence and leadership, few changes are possible.

Former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson said the Human Rights Council was the “best tool the international community has to address impunity in an imperfect world and to advance many of our international goals.”

He said it was the only UN body to have voted the Russians off its roster. It has produced strong reports on war crimes in Syria, on jails in North Korea, on atrocities in Myanmar and has sent missions to a variety of countries to protect women and girls. Johnson said it was by no means perfect but a “strong tool.”

Ambassador Haley chastised leading human rights groups for not supporting her proposals for reform of the Council in the UN General Assembly. The rights groups said her proposed changes would have led to amendments from Russia, China and other nations to weaken the Council.

Haley Aims Big

Haley performed heavy lifting on sanctions against North Korea, and she has often been far harsher on Russia than Trump has been, notably on chemical weapons strikes in Syria. And she warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin could never be a “credible partner” of the United States.

But her advocacy of hard-line positions on the Middle East has not endeared her to colleagues, especially “taking names” of countries who oppose U.S. policy.

In December she vetoed a resolution that criticized President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a decision that was to be resolved in a final peace deal. Israel already controls most of East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians see as their capital. But the U.S. position robbed the Palestinians of hope.

The vote in the Security Council was 14-1. The vote in a follow-up General Assembly resolution was 128 in favor of the resolution, 9 against and 35 abstentions. Haley then threw a party, inviting 65 nations who voted against the resolution as well as the abstainers, such as Canada and Australia.

Asked about the vote, Canada’s foreign affairs minister, Chrystia Freeland, in answer to a query from this reporter, told the Council on Foreign Relations that “We felt there was a certain polarization and that the best—the right thing for us was to not pitch in to that polarization.”

Hamas on the Agenda

Then in June, Haley drafted a Security Council resolution condemning the militant group Hamas for its perceived role in inciting violence by Gazans against Israel. Only the United States voted for it. Three countries voted against and 11 others abstained.

On the same day, Haley cast the lone U.S. veto of a Kuwaiti-proposed Security Council resolution for a UN protection zone for Gazans.

Then, a resolution criticizing Israel’s use of force in the 193-member General Assembly was 120 to 8 with 45 abstentions. The rest were absent. Haley, however, did propose an amendment that would have criticized Hamas. It passed 62 to 58 but failed to win the two-thirds majority required.

Still, Haley warned she was “taking names” of those who voted against the United States, implying there would be aid or other repercussions.

When she first arrived at the UN, she made a similar threat: “for those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly.” This obviously included allies like Britain, France and Japan, among others.

Haley has consistently defended Israeli actions and backed Trump’s efforts to trim $300 million from aid to Palestinian refugees. She also championed the administration on its criticism of the Iran nuclear deal, separating herself from colleagues.

The Iran controversy is still a subject of discussion among UN members for its role throughout the Middle East and its suppression of dissent at home.

Iran Deal Was “Them” Not “Us”

But the U.S. decision to reject the nuclear deal, partly because it was negotiated by the administration of President Barack Obama, was considered a slap in the face to UN Security Council members, who had endorsed the agreement in a resolution.

Decisions by the 15-member Security Council are binding on all UN members, but most measures in the 193 General Assembly are not.

In September, key foreign ministers met in New York to hear Ambassador Haley say the U.S. was under no obligation to abide by the Iran nuclear agreement because we did not sign it, one minister told this reporter.

This prompted France’s ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud, to say in a tweet: “When a country signs an agreement, this commitment doesn’t depend on the variable nature of its government. Otherwise, foreign policies would become impossible.”

On Syria and the Ukraine, Haley led the way in criticizing Russia. She showed photos of the victims of a chemical weapons attack blamed on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, especially after the United States in April bombed an airport installation.

“Assad did this because he thought he could get away with it. He thought he could get away with it because he knew Russia would have his back. That changed last night,” she said. “The United States took a very measured step. We are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary.” Haley kept up the attack on Russia, but the United States military took no further steps.

Is Haley’s UN Position a Stepping Stone to Higher Office?

Some pundits have speculated that she could be a contender for a vice presidential candidate or Cabinet member. Could Haley use this UN position to build an eventual presidential campaign?

It’s possible. During her two terms as South Carolina governor, her brand of conservatism was pro-trade and pro-life. She made news by taking down Confederate statues without asking anyone for permission.

Haley also has not shied away from the women who said they were sexually abused. She said in a television interview that women who had been sexually assaulted should be heard, even if they are accusing the president. Trump did not criticize her publicly.

Since Haley came to the United Nations, her interactions with the media in New York have taken a back seat to media in Washington, where she announced the United States would leave the UN Human Rights Council. She also first spoke in Washington about Iran’s contribution of illicit ballistic missiles that Yemeni rebels fired at Saudi Arabia.

Yet, she was not invited to Jerusalem for the U.S. embassy opening. Nor was she part of the North Korean negotiations, even though she had done yeoman’s work on both issues. Diplomats speculated she was overlooked rather than slighted.

This article was produced by Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute.


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Majoritatea oamenilor cred că lumea este mai periculoasă acum decât în urmă cu doi ani, crescând îngrijorările provocate de violenţe şi de armele de distrugere în masă, potrivit unui sondaj realizat de Global Challenges Foundation, preluat de Reuters. Şase din zece respondenţi au fost de părere că pericolele au crescut, citând conflictele şi armele nucleare şi chimice drept riscuri mai ameninţătoare decât creşterea populaţiei sau schimbările climatice. Rezultatele studiului au fost publicate marţi, cu o zi înaintea summitului NATO de la Bruxelles, ce are pe fondul tensiunilor în creştere între Statele Unite ale Americii şi alţi membri ai Alianţei cu privire la cheltuielile pentru apărare. ''Este evident că sistemele noastre actuale de cooperare globală nu îi mai fac pe oameni să se simtă în siguranţă'', a comentat Mats Andersson, vicepreşedinte al Global Challenges Foundation, într-un comunicat. Turbulenţele între NATO şi Rusia, conflictele din Siria, Yemen şi Ucraina, dar şi tensiunile legate de programele nucleare ale Coreei de Nord şi Iranului îi fac pe oameni să nu se simtă în siguranţă, a explicat Andersson. Un sondaj distinct, realizat tot la comanda Global Challenges Foundation după summitul Trump-Kim din Singapore, releva că, în mare proporţie, oamenii nu se simt mai în siguranţă. ''Războiul este mai probabil. Avem multă instabilitate şi aceasta este adesea un precursor al războaielor'', a declarat Patricia Lewis, directorul Institutului pentru Studii Strategice (Chatham House) de la Londra. ''Două mari puteri perturbă regulile stabilite. Am asistat la invadarea Ucrainei de către Rusia şi vedem că SUA declanşează un război comercial, rupe acorduri pe care noi, ceilalţi, încercăm să le respectăm'', a adăugat ea. Din cele 1.000 de persoane intervievate în Rusia în cadrul analizei întreprinse de Global Challenges Foundation, 91% au răspuns că armele de distrugere în masă constituie cel mai mare risc de insecuritate globală. Rezultatele sondajului au la bază răspunsurile furnizate de peste 10.000 de persoane intervievate în zece ţări de către institutul de sondare ComRes în luna aprilie. AGERPRES/(AS - autor: Irina Cristea, editor: Ionuţ Mareş, editor online: Gabriela Badea)
          Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him - RealClearPolitics      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   


Seymour Hersh: There Is A Chance That Trump Just Might Know What He's Doing, We Underestimate Him
On CNN Wednesday night, journalist Seymour Hersh said he understands that "disliking Trump" is great for the media and ratings but he wished we talk about what is going on in Yemen and around the world. Hersh said presidents have always complained ...

          Growing Arms Purchases by Arab Countries Challenge Israel       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Institute for National Security Studies-Tel Aviv University) Yahel Arnon and Yoel Guzansky - Growing conventional arms purchases by Arab countries represent a challenge for Israel. Advanced platforms reaching the Gulf states, in some cases, are more advanced than those possessed by Israel. Security cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states as well as with Egypt and Jordan is growing, and Israel has no wish to damage this. However, there is ongoing concern linked to the chronic instability of Middle East regimes. It is impossible to completely rule out a situation where the stability in one of the countries is undermined and its weapon systems fall into the wrong hands, as happened in the case of Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. The possibility that the weapons they are now acquiring will be turned on Israel at some time in the future, even if not by them, cannot be ignored. Israel must insist that the IDF's qualitative military edge will be guaranteed, even vis-a-vis regimes that are, for the moment, friendly. Yahel Arnon is a senior figure within Israel's intelligence community. Dr. Yoel Guzansky is a senior researcher at INSS.
          Yemen ordusu Saada ve Lahic'de ilerleme kaydetti      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
- Yemen'de ordu güçleri, Saada ve Lahic kentlerinde Husilerin elindeki bazı bölgelerde kontrolü sağladı
          Yemen'den Lübnan'a protesto notası      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
- Yemen, Hizbullah'ın, iç işlerine karıştığı ve Husilere destek verdiği gerekçesiyle Lübnan'a protesto notası verdi

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