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          Bills’ LeSean McCoy denies allegation of bloodying girlfriend      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
<br/>In this Dec. 17, 2017, file photo, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) speaks with the media following an NFL football game against the Miami Dolphins, in Orchard Park, N.Y. LeSean McCoy says an allegation posted on social media accusing him of bloodying his former girlfriend's face is baseless and false. An Instagram post Tuesday, July 10, 2018, from a person who says she is friends with the woman showed a graphic photo of the former girlfriend and accuses McCoy of physically abusing her, his son and his dog, as well as injecting steroids. (AP Photo/Rich Barnes, File)
Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy says an allegation posted on social media accusing him of bloodying his former girlfriend’s face is baseless and false. ...

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A few months back, I noticed that I was seeing some fun crochet throws in home dec catalogs. They were made in simple stitch patterns in one solid color. I know that so many of you like to make blankets for holiday gifting so I thought I would design some throws to meet that demand. […]
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I would like nothing better than to flee to a dreamland again, a hospitable country in which I can fully be a patriot again, a lover of the country.

Demo "Gleiche Rechte für alle" (Refugee-Solidaritätsdemo) am 16. Februar 2013 in Wien. Credit: Haeferl via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 3.0.

“We Refugees” is the title of an essay by Hannah Arendt that was published in 1943 in The Menorah Journal. There, in a refreshing manner, she abandons the conventional concept of the refugee. She writes:

“A refugee used to be a person driven to seek refuge because of some act committed or some political opinion held. Well, it is true we have had to seek refuge; but we committed no acts and most of us never dreamt of having any radical opinion. With us the meaning of the term ‘refugee’ has changed. Now ‘refugees’ are those of us who have been so unfortunate as to arrive in a new country without means and have to be helped by Refugee Committees.”

Arendt, then, will describe herself not as a ‘refugee’ but as a ‘newcomer’ or ‘immigrant.’ Here Arendt is imagining an entirely new figure of the refugee, perhaps one that is yet to come. This refugee is simply someone who goes to a new country in the expectation of a better life. Arendt describes the figure of the ‘optimistic refugee’ as follows:

“The more optimistic among us would even add that their whole former life had been passed in a kind of unconscious exile and only their new country now taught them what a home really looks like. [...] after a year optimists are convinced they speak English as well as their mother tongue; and after two years they swear solemnly that they speak English better than any other language—their German is a language they barely remember.”

In order to forget, this species of refugee avoids any reference to the concentration and internment camps, as this would make them ‘pessimists’. Arendt quotes the words of a fellow countryman who had barely arrived in France before founding what were known as ‘assimilation societies:’ “We were good Germans in Germany and therefore we shall be good Frenchmen in France.” The ideal immigrant, Arendt argues, is like “a woman of tidy size [who is] delighted with every new dress that promises to give her the desired waistline.”

First, the painful social isolation.

In Hannah Arendt’s terms, I was an optimistic refugee myself. I wanted to live a new life in a new country that was impossible for me in my home country. The expectations of my social environment and its conventional structures would not have allowed me to live and even think differently, radically differently. I was twenty-two at the time. After studying metallurgy in Korea I wanted to study philosophy, literature and theology in Germany.

On the campus of my university in Seoul I often gazed at the sky, thinking to myself that it was too beautiful for me to want to spend my entire life as a metallurgist beneath that sky. I dreamt of a better, more beautiful life. I wanted to reflect philosophically on life. I fled to Germany and arrived there, twenty-two years old, penniless and devoid of language; at the time I hardly spoke any German.

At the beginning, like every optimistic refugee, I was confronted with social isolation. It is painful. This makes me feel deeply the pain of today’s refugees. I suffer with them. With my poor German, it was hard to integrate into the social structures I encountered. Inadequate language skills were the main obstacle to settling in as I sought to do (I am reluctant to speak of so-called integration). Then love proved to be the best strategy for settling in.

A German woman who loved me, I thought simple-mindedly, would listen to me and quickly teach me the German language in order to understand what I thought of her, what feelings I had towards her and so forth. I was greedy for every new German word. I wanted German; my ambition was to speak like the Germans.

We know that Willy Brandt also followed this strategy: within a few months of exile he was writing articles and speeches in Norwegian. While living under the pseudonym of Gunnar Gaasland in the Berlin underground he spoke German with a Norwegian accent. Clearly it was not only his talent but also his greed for language, in fact his greed for love, that accelerated his acquisition of a foreign language to such an extent.

One year after arriving in Germany I believed, like the optimistic refugee described by Hannah Arendt, that I spoke German better than any other language. For Arendt, patriotism too is purely a ‘matter of practice’. The ‘ideal immigrant’ is one who “immediately discovers and loves the native mountains.” They are a patriot, a lover of the country. They love the country in which they have set up a new life. I too love this country. One day I adopted German citizenship and gave up my Korean pass in exchange; now I am a German.

Meanwhile I speak German better than my mother tongue, which has literally been reduced to a mere mother tongue: I only speak Korean to my mother. My mother tongue has become foreign to me. I love Germany. I would even call myself a patriot, a country-lover. I am certainly more patriotic than Frauke Petry, Alexander Gauland and Björn Höcke put together. With their irresponsible populism they degrade Germany, my country, which has always been a very hospitable country towards me.

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

Someone who was a good citizen in their native country will also be a good citizen in the new one. We should continue to welcome these ‘newcomers’. Someone who was already a criminal in their native country, like Tunisian-born  Anis Amri, the perpetrator of the 2016 Berlin attack, will remain a criminal in the new one. We will turn them away. But we should offer the newcomers an environment in which they can become good citizens.

But what does it mean to be a good citizen? I am the second Korean to hold a professorship at Berlin’s University of the Arts; the first Korean professor was Isang Yun. He was a significant composer. He was a political person. In the 1960s he protested vehemently against the military dictatorship that was ruling South Korea. He was arrested by the South Korean secret service in 1967, in the middle of Germany.

In Seoul he was sentenced to life imprisonment. After being released early he returned to Germany, now stripped of his citizenship by the South Korean regime. He became a refugee and was naturalized in Germany. But perhaps he too, like Hannah Arendt, would deny that he was a refugee. Like Arendt, he would have said, ‘I am a good, optimistic immigrant’. His German was excellent.

I would like nothing better than another dreamland.

A good citizen is good on the basis of their mentality. They share moral values like liberty, fraternity and justice. Their actions against the ruling political system may be criminalized by it; but because of their moral mentality (in the Kantian sense) they are still a good citizen and also a patriot, someone who loves the country and its people.

In the last years of his life, Isang Yun despaired at the open eruptions of xenophobia in the reunified Germany. He was distressed by images of the crowd applauding in front of the firebombed residence for former Vietnamese contract workers in Rostock-Lichenhagen. And he was disappointed, for he loved Germany. I too consider the events in Rostock a pogrom.

At the moment I am unsettled by the resurgence of xenophobia in response to large numbers of refugees, both in Germany and other European countries. I would like nothing better than to flee to a dreamland again, a hospitable country in which I can fully be a patriot again, a lover of the country.

This article was first published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. It has been translated by Wieland Hoban.

CC by NC 4.0

           Woman appeals for help after ruby ring flies away in balloon       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vikki Rutter popped the £120 present inside the giant balloon on Saturday afternoon as a surprise 21st birthday gift for her cousin, Ava Wesson, in Kent. But it flew out of the home and into the sky.
          A Step Toward Ending “Virginity Exams” in Afghanistan      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A demonstrator attends a rally outside the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan, Belgium, October 5, 2016.

© 2016 Reuters

A new policy in Afghanistan promises to bar government health workers from engaging in the abusive practice of forcing women and girls to undergo invasive, and medically meaningless, vaginal and anal exams to determine whether they are “virgins.” The policy was announced by the Ministry of Public Health in July.

“Virginity examinations” are a routine part of criminal proceedings in Afghanistan. When women or girls are accused of “moral crimes” such as sex outside of marriage, police, prosecutors, and judges regularly send them to government doctors. After examining them, the doctors submit reports reaching conclusions about whether they are “virgins,” also often drawing more detailed – and often damning – conclusions about their sexual histories. These reports are used in court as evidence and have led to long prison terms for many women.

These examinations are invasive, humiliating, conducted without meaningful – or sometimes any – consent, and can constitute sexual assault. There is also another problem: they are scientifically invalid.

Many people mistakenly believe that virginity can be determined because the hymen is broken when a woman or girl has sexual intercourse for the first time. This is simply not true. Some girls are born without a hymen. Hymens often break during daily non-sexual activities, and some hymens remain intact after sexual intercourse. The World Health Organization has said virginity exams have no scientific validity and that health workers should never conduct them.

Ending “virginity exams” in Afghanistan will take genuine political will by the Afghan government – something too often absent in the past. An earlier order by President Ashraf Ghani to cease the exams was widely ignored. For change to happen, health workers need to be obligated to comply, and police, prosecutors, and judges will have to accept that exams will not be conducted and the reports will not be available as evidence.

Ending “virginity exams” should be part of broader reform regarding the treatment of women in the justice system. The government should decriminalize consensual sex between adults and ensure that the justice system distinguishes between consensual sex and rape. Too often in Afghanistan, rape victims are treated as criminals. The 2009 Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women was designed to protect women, but has largely been a broken promise.

Wholesale reform is needed. But ending “virginity exams” would be a good start.

          Minjung's Pocket English-Korean / Korean-English Dictionary      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(Englisches Buch) This compact dictionary is the handy alternative to the comprehensive Minjung Essence edition. Minjungs Pocket Dictionary comes in a robust cardboard box. over 70,000 references Korean entries are not romanized Minjungseorim, 975 Seiten, alter Preis: 49,00 EUR - 39,90 EUR
          Teen's unconventional wake featured his body playing video games, surrounded by Doritos and soda      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The family of a murdered teenager honored his memory by displaying his body as he lived: playing video games and surrounded by snacks. 

Renard Matthews was tragically shot two weeks ago in New Orleans. His mother, Temeka Matthews, told WGNO that Matthews was a bit of a "homebody," and that he only recently started venturing out for walks after she got him a dog. 

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The 18-year-old was an avid gamer, so his mother decided to memorialize him in an unconventional way during his wake on Sunday. Instead of placing his body in a traditional casket surrounded by flowers, his family chose to reflect Matthews' quiet hobbies.  Read more...

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          Summer entertainment we (still) can't wait for      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

At times the summer months seem to drag on with their sweltering temperatures and seemingly limitless supply of eye- and skin-damaging sunshine.

But there's a less oppressive light at the end of this very bright tunnel, and it's made out of thousands of tiny pixels. Yes, I'm talking about screens, an important part of the most enjoyable summer experience: staying inside and watching shit.

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I lager sedan 09.07.2018:
277 € - Artikelnr. 129579

          Schumer: Judge Kavanaugh Has Argued The State Can Detain A Young Girl To Prevent Her From Having Abortion       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) calls for the Senate put a stop to the nomination of Donald Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who Schumer says will "strip women's reproductive rights," undermine the Affordable Care Act, and curb environmental regulations. "Judge Kavanaugh's own writings make clear that he would rule against reproductive rights and freedoms," Schumer said. "He wouldn't have been approved by the Federalist Society if Leonard Leo weren't certain that he'd repeal Roe v. Wade." "Judge Kavanaugh has argued that the Trump administration could keep a young girl in federal custody to prevent her from obtaining constitutionally protected health care. And he has argued that employers should be able to deny their employees access to affordable contraceptive coverage. If Judge Kavanaugh feels that way about contraceptive rights, imagine how he feels on a woman's right to choose." SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER: Now, Madam President, last night, President Trump selected Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the upcoming vacancy on the Supreme Court. In selecting Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump did exactly what he said he would do on the campaign trail -- nominate someone who will overturn women's reproductive rights and freedoms and strike down health care protections for millions of Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions. He's put at risk civil rights, labor rights, environmental rights, and LGBTQ rights. How do we know? Because President Trump repeatedly promised to nominate justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade, and who will undermine our health care laws. This didn't come out of the clear blue. President Trump promised it. Here's what he said: he would only pick "pro-life" judges who would "automatically" reverse Roe v. Wade. President Trump actually went so far as to say that women should be "punished" for their health care choices. President Trump also said quote his "judicial appointments would do the right thing, unlike Judge Roberts on health care." That is President Trump's litmus test, and it couldn't be clearer. And during the campaign, President Trump commissioned a list of 25 people who would meet that litmus test, that were vetted and approved by two organizations that represent the hard-right: the Federalist Society -- led by a man named Leonard Leo, whose goal in life has been to overturn Roe v. Wade -- and the Heritage Foundation, whose goal is to strike down health care law because they don't want the government to help people out when they have pre-existing conditions, or other health care needs. Here's what Edward Whelan, a prominent conservative activist, said about Leonard Leo, the man who put together the list that Trump promised to pick from: "no one has been more dedicated to the enterprise of building a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade than the Federalist Society's Leonard Leo." If anyone believes that Judge Kavanaugh or anyone else on the list would uphold Roe v. Wade, then I have a bridge to sell them. Leonard Leo's goal in life is to repeal Roe. He comes up with the list, do you think he put any slackers, in his opinion, on that list? No. Judge Kavanaugh got the nomination, not because he'll be an impartial judge on behalf of all Americans, but because he passed President Trump's litmus tests: repeal women's freedom for their reproductive rights, and repeal people's health care, including the protections for pre-existing conditions. If Judge Kavanaugh was to be confirmed, women's reproductive rights would be in the hands of five men on the Supreme Court. That's not what the women -- or the men -- of America want. Judge Kavanaugh's own writings make clear that he would rule against reproductive rights and freedoms, and that he would welcome challenges to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Judge Kavanaugh has argued that the Supreme Court should question the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. He openly criticized the Supreme Court when they upheld the law. He's no neutral arbiter, he's already made up his mind, and he wouldn't have been approved by the Heritage Foundation if they weren't certain that he'd repeal the ACA. He wouldn't have been approved by the Federalist Society if Leonard Leo weren't certain that he'd repeal Roe v. Wade. Judge Kavanaugh has argued that the Trump administration could keep a young girl in federal custody to prevent her from obtaining constitutionally protected health care. And he has argued that employers should be able to deny their employees access to affordable contraceptive coverage. If Judge Kavanaugh feels that way about contraceptive rights, imagine how he feels on a woman's right to choose. And I'd make one other point about Judge Kavanaugh: he's a deeply, deeply conservative justice, way out of the mainstream. He has written troubling decisions rejecting something ninety percent of Americans want: common-sense gun laws. He has undone environmental protections, he's challenged them, and our Clean Air and Clean Water Acts would be at risk. He would make it far more difficult for regulations to exist to enforce those laws. And here's the most amazing thing: he has gone so far as to say that a president doesn't need to follow the law if he "deems" it unconstitutional. Folks, here we have a president, President Trump, who cares less about rule of law, less about the restraints that every other president has felt put in place by the Constitution and the norms that have blessed this great country for 200 years, and we're going to put someone on the bench that says 'if this president, President Trump, deems some law unconstitutional he doesn't have to follow it? How many Americans think that the president would be judicious and limited in doing that? It's not the president I've seen over the past year and a half, oh no. An analysis by Professor Lee Epstein of Washington University of St. Louis found that Judge Kavanaugh would be the second-most conservative Justice on the Court -- to the right of Judge Gorsuch, second only to Justice Thomas, and this is the most conservative court we've had in eighty, ninety years, since the thirties at the very minimum. To those who say that President Trump has made a moderate selection from the judicial mainstream in the form of Judge Kavanaugh -- think again, and look at his record. He is a deeply conservative jurist. And his judicial philosophy appears to spring from his history. Judge Kavanaugh was embedded in the partisan fights of the past few decades: the notorious Starr report, the Florida recount, President Bush's secrecy and privilege claims once in office, and ideological judicial nomination fights throughout the Bush Era. The hard-right has had a goal. They can't achieve their philosophy through the elected two branches of government, try as they might: the Congress, the president. But if they get control of the one non-elected branch, the judiciary, they can turn the clock back in America decades, maybe centuries. That has been their goal, and Judge Kavanaugh when he worked in the White House helped them achieve that goal. Judge Kavanaugh's background as a partisan political operative seems exactly like the kind of man President Trump would want on the Supreme Court if legal issues from the Mueller probe arise: deferential to a fault to executive authority, and with a long track record of partisan politics. Judge Kavanaugh's long track record of partisan politics comes with a long paper trail. The Senate must now be able to have access and time to adequately review all documents, e-mails, and other paperwork associated with Judge Kavanaugh before the process moves forward. Judge Kavanaugh's papers may be critical to helping the American people understand the kind of jurist that Judge Kavanaugh would be on the Supreme Court. And if that makes us take a little more time, so be it. As the president himself has said, this is one of the most consequential nominations we have had in a generation. To get the full record before any of us vote is absolutely necessary, important, essential, and fair. Judge Kavanaugh's papers may give the Senate the best and only chance of understanding Judge Kavanaugh's personal views because there's no doubt he will be schooled, as his most recent predecessor was, to reveal as little about his philosophy and personal views in his confirmation hearing. No doubt he will employ practiced evasions that have become a farcical tradition of the nomination process: "I will respect precedent"; "I will follow settled law and strive to uphold stare decisis"; "Gee Senator, I cannot comment lest I bias myself on a future case." Well, we have seen what happened when now-Justice Roberts, now-Justice Gorsuch, and now-Justice Alito had said that. Once they got on the bench, they overturned precedent with alacrity to achieve their political goals. Probably the worst: Citizens United, where Chief Justice Roberts undid close to a century of tradition, and allowed wealthy people to send millions of dollars, undisclosed, into our politics, making the swamp so much worse. And most recently, Justice Gorsuch, Justice Roberts, and the rest dramatically overturning precedent in the Janus case, on a whim. As the dissent noted, they just pulled a theory out of the hat, a First Amendment ruling that the First Amendment prohibited unions from organizing. My oh my, how can anyone believe that Judge Kavanaugh will stick to precedent when Justice Roberts, Justice Gorsuch, and Justice Alito ignore precedent, and make their own political rulings regularly. So we need to review the record: Judge Kavanaugh's written history, where the best clues to his jurisprudence may lie. It is no less than the standard my Republican colleagues demanded of Justice Kagan during her confirmation process. They asked for her entire records, a hundred seventy thousand documents were sent here. We need those documents, now more than ever because this new justice will be so pivotal in determining the future of our nation for so long. Madam President, the Senate has come together on a bipartisan basis to protect women's reproductive rights and to protect health care for millions of Americans before -- including those with preexisting conditions. We need to do it again. I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh's nomination, and I hope a bipartisan majority will ultimately do the same. This nomination could alter the balance of the court in favor of powerful special interests and against working families for a generation. The pro-hard-right business Heritage Foundation wants only nominees that will side with the big boys against the average person, and in Judge Kavanaugh they've gotten someone who will do just that. We cannot let that happen. If the Senate blocks this nomination, it will lead to a more independent, moderate selection that both parties could support.
          Diamond and Silk: Maxine Waters a "Domestic Terrorist"       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Diamond and Silk told FOX News' Jesse Watters Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a "domestic terrorist" and the "gift that keeps on giving." Diamond agreed with President Trump's assessment that Waters'is a "low IQ individual." She called it "very low." "Maxine Waters and her rhetoric is like the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party, so we want her to keep talking," Diamond said on Watters' Saturday night show. JESSE WATTERS: Joining me now with their thoughts, Diamond and Silk, wow, that, ladies was one of the best performances I have seen the President deliver in a while. Do you think Pocahontas is going to take the test? DIAMOND, VIDEO BLOGGER: She should come clean. This President had us rolling about Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren should come clean about her heritage and she should also come clean about what's going on down there at the border. She should come clean and instead of blaming President Trump, she needs to also come clean and let everybody know how they were being hypocrites. How she was being hypocritical because she did not protest against Obama and his administration when he had children locked up in cages. WATTERS: That's true. I don't mean to disparage her when I call her Pocahontas. I'm just mimicking the President a little bit, having a little fun and she brought that controversy on herself and she could easily put it to rest, but something tells me I don't think she's going to take the test. I don't know why. I want to ask you, guys, another question about the President's performance at that Montana rally. Check out what he said about your friend, who I know you guys are tracking down somewhere, Maxine Waters. Roll it. (VIDEO CLIP STARTS) TRUMP: I said it the other day, yes, she is a low IQ individual, Maxine Waters. I said it the other day. I mean, honestly, she is somewhere in the mid-60s, I believe. "He will be impeached. I will impeach him." Even the Democrats are saying, "How are you saying that?" They don't want to use that word because it gets the Republicans out to vote. They say stay away from that word. Especially she has done nothing wrong, it helps us also, right? (VIDEO CLIP ENDS) WATTERS: Maxine is in a bit of a beef with some of the top Democrats. Chuck Schumer told her to pipe down with all the crazy talk about rushing people at restaurants, and now a bunch of black Democrats are saying, "Hey, leave Maxine alone, Crying Chuck," it's just a little civil war over there on the Democratic side. What do you guys think? DIAMOND: Oh, yes, it is and the President is right. Maxine Waters' IQ is very low. Anytime a Congresswoman go around and she - we look at her as a domestic terrorist. She is telling Americans to attack other Americans. It's a problem. But you know what? Maxine Waters and her rhetoric is like the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party, so we want her to keep talking. SILK, VIDEO BLOGGER: That's right. DIAMOND: Because she represents the party of divisiveness. WATTERS: That is true. She does help Republicans a lot. I wouldn't go so far as to call her a domestic terrorist. That might be a little over the line
          Ilhéus: Bandidos rendem funcionários e roubam dinheiro de cofre do G-Barbosa      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Criminosos assaltaram o Supermercado G. Barbosa, na manhã desta segunda-feira (9), na Avenida Lomanto Júnior, na região do Pontal, em Ilhéus. De acordo com relatos, os criminosos estavam vestidos com fardamento semelhante a de funcionários da rede de supermercados.

Após roubar o cofre do G. Barbosa e telefones celulares, os ladrões fugiram sentido Sapetinga (fundos do G. Barbosa), de acordo com testemunhas. Numa entrevista ao Blog do Gusmão, o major Pinheiro, da 69ª Companhia Independente de Polícia Militar, informou que o assalto foi praticado por três homens, com duas facas e um revólver de brinquedo. O trio chegou ao supermercado às 5h30min de hoje.

Os funcionários que chegavam para trabalhar ficavam presos em uma sala. O trio tentou abrir os dois cofres do supermercado, mas conseguiu abrir só um deles, levando R$ 8 mil. As facas, o simulacro de revólver e as fardas roubadas foram abandonadas nos fundos do supermercado. Até a publicação dessa matéria, nenhum dos assaltantes tinha sido preso.

          China lets Nobel Prize winner's widow go to Berlin after long house arrest      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In the fall of 2010, Liu Xia traveled to a prison in northeast China to tell her husband, the dissident intellectual Liu Xiaobo, that he had just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That was the last time she left home as a free woman.

Until this week.

China on Tuesday allowed Liu Xia to fly to...

          (2) Phim Quý Ngài Ánh Dương Tập 2 HD      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vietsub Phim Quý Ngài Ánh Dương | Mr. Sunshine Tập 2 2018 Bộ phim truyền hình nhiều tập | Phim Bộ Hàn Quốc mới vợi sự tham gia diễn xuất của các diễn viên nổi tiếng: Kim Min-Jung, Lee Byung Hun, Byun Yo Han, Yoo Yun Suk, Heo Jung Eun, Kim Tae Ri Thể Loại: Romance / melodram Kênh : tVN Số […]
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roberto martiness malacis, izlaida fellaini pret pogbu
vispār viena no galvenajām lietām - kā beļģija spēlēs pret viņu

upd1: kas bija labākais spēlētājs pirmajā puslaikā? pareizi, ngolo kante

upd2: bāc, ko dara kiliančegs

upd3: karoče, dešams nodrošināja un betonēja. uzvarēja labākā komanda laukumā
          França vence Bélgica por 1 x 0 e está na final da Copa do Mundo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Umtiti marcou de cabeça, aos seis minutos do segundo tempo, após cobrança de escanteio de Griezmann. Decisão será domingo (15/7), às 12h

Copa do Mundo da Rússia conhece nesta terça-feira (10/7) o primeiro finalista. Seja a França ou a Bélgica a vencedora do confronto semifinal na Arena Zenit, em São Petersburgo, uma equipe estará na decisão de domingo (15), em Moscou, com os mesmos atributos. Será a favorita ao título por ter passado por um caminho bem mais difícil no torneio e terá coroado um trabalho exemplar de formação de talentos e de construção de elenco.

Melhor para a França que abriu o placar, aos seis minutos do segundo tempo, com um gol de cabeça de Umtiti. Após cobrança de escanteio de Griezmann no primeiro pau, Umtiti ganhou a frente do gigante Fellaini e cabeceou forte para o fundo do gol de Courtois. A partir do gol, a Bélgica se lançou toda ao ataque, para tentar empatar o mais rapidamente possível.

Primeiro tempo

E foi um bom primeiro tempo, com bastante equilíbrio. Os franceses começaram melhor, mas os belgas, liderados por Hazard, equilibraram as ações e tiveram boas chances na primeira meia hora de jogo. Uma delas com o próprio Hazard, com o chute passando por cima do gol de Lloris. E outra, com Alderweireld, em ótima defesa de Lloris.

Aos poucos, porém, os franceses partiram para cima e equilibraram as ações. Griezmann tentou alguns chutes, mas o lance de maior perigo ocorreu no final da etapa, em um chute de Pavard, defendido pelo goleiro belga Courtois com a ponta do pé esquerdo.

Os dois países mostraram em campo, e nos outros jogos na Rússia, um futebol ofensivo, velocidade e juventude. A França tem um dos grupos mais jovens da Copa do Mundo, com média de idade de 26 anos, e como destaques os atacantes Mbappé, 19 anos, e Griezmann, 27. A Bélgica, um pouco mais experiente (média de idade de 27 anos), tem o melhor ataque da competição, com 14 gols, e o vice-artilheiro, Romelu Lukaku, 25 anos e quatro gols marcados.

Esses jovens jogadores terão a chance de nesta semifinal deixarem o rótulo de promessas para igualarem o que apenas gerações históricas fizeram por seus países. Os franceses podem igualar a equipe comandada por Zinedine Zidane, que colocou a seleção em final de Eurocopa e em duas decisões de Copa do Mundo. Os belgas sonham em obter o melhor resultado do país em um Mundial e ir além da semifinal, alcançada em 1986. “Nosso time é jovem, mas evoluiu nos últimos anos e cresceu neste torneio. Estamos prontos para ir além”, disse o técnico francês Didier Deschamps.

O meia belga Kevin de Bruyne, autor de um gol contra o Brasil, revelou estar emocionado com a vaga na semifinal e relembrou que o momento é resultado de um trabalho de anos da seleção. “Eu penso que a Bélgica tem potencial. Estamos há sete ou oito anos jogando juntos. Talvez alguns jogadores não acreditassem que iríamos tão longe, mas agora podemos ir até o fim”, comentou.


O caminho das duas equipes até a semifinal foi complicado e justifica o motivo de que o ganhador do jogo em São Petersburgo será o favorito no domingo. A França derrubou campeões como a Argentina, de Lionel Messi, e o Uruguai, de Luis Suárez, para chegar a esta etapa. A Bélgica superou a fama de amarelar ao conseguir a virada de 3 x 2 sobre o Japão, com gol nos acréscimos, e derrotar o Brasil nas quartas de final.

Esses resultados não foram construídos de uma hora para outra. A França tem o mesmo treinador há seis anos e uma base que esteve junta na Copa do Mundo de 2014 e no vice da Eurocopa, em 2016. Titulares como Umtiti e Pogba foram campeões mundiais sub-20 há apenas cinco anos e promovidos pouco a pouco.

A Bélgica desfruta do trabalho de mais uma década para reformular as categorias de base do país, com a unificação de sistema de jogo no 4-3-3 para os garotos e da metodologia para captação de talentos. O resultado veio agora.

O trabalho de organização nos países, a geração talentosa à disposição e os resultados obtidos nesta Copa do Mundo fazem, portanto, do encontro uma espécie de final antecipada. França ou Bélgica serão o remanescente da chave do mata-mata onde estavam no início das oitavas de final quatro campeões mundiais e mais o atual campeão europeu, Portugal, liderado pelo melhor jogador do mundo, Cristiano Ronaldo.


As duas equipes devem passar por ajustes, com uma mudança na formação para cada lado. Os franceses contam com o retorno do meia Matuidi, desfalque contra o Uruguai por estar suspenso. Tolisso deve sair do time.

Na Bélgica, a alteração deve ser maior. O lateral-direito Meunier está suspenso e vai obrigar o técnico a mudar o esquema. Em vez do 3-4-3 utilizado contra o Brasil, a equipe deve jogar no 4-3-3, com a entrada do zagueiro Vermaelen.


França x Bélgica

Lloris; Pavard, Varane, Umtiti e Hernández; Pogba e Kanté; Mbappé, Griezmann e Matuidi; Giroud.
Técnico: Didier Deschamps.

Courtois; Alderweireld, Vermaelen, Kompany e Vertonghen; Witsel, De Bruyne e Chadli; Fellaini e Hazard.
Técnico: Roberto Martínez.

Árbitro: Andrés Cunha (Fifa/Uruguai).

Horário: 15h.

Local: Arena Zenit, em São Petersburgo (Rússia).

Fonte: Metrópoles/Jornal Águas Lindas

          LeSean McCoy Investigated for Alleged Domestic Violence, Steroid, Animal Abuse      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A photo of a severely bruised and bloody woman was posted on Instagram Tuesday, and the accompanying caption accused Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy of assaulting the woman ...

Read the full article on Bleacher Report...

          illustrator ! seulrene      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
flytocean / 2 pages
Kang Seulgi, onu çizgi romanının ana karakteri yapmıştı. Bae Joohyun'u.
          Casal que matou mãe e filho na Rodoviária se entrega à polícia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Marido e mulher alegam legítima defesa para justificar o assassinato de mãe e filho na Rodoviária do Entorno, no centro de Brasília

casal acusado de assassinar mãe e filho na Rodoviária do Entorno, no centro de Brasília, na quarta-feira (4/7), se entregou à polícia na tarde desta segunda-feira (9). O pedido de prisão preventiva foi feito um dia após o crime, às 18h, e foi concedido nesta segunda.

Na sexta-feira (6/7), após diversas diligências, o casal contratou um advogado para se apresentar ao delegado da 5ª Delegacia de Polícia (Área Central), comandada pelo delegado-chefe Rogério Henrique Oliveira. Os dois alegam legítima defesa.

O casal disse ainda ter perdido a arma após o crime. "Pelo o que apuramos até o momento, não se trata de um crime de legítima defesa. Acreditamos que a arma esteja escondida em algum local. Apesar da prisão, continuaremos escutando testemunhas e, sobretudo, a vítima que sobreviveu", afirma.

O prazo para finalizar o inquérito é de 30 dias, mas ele deve ser concluído antes disso. O casal poderá responder por duplo homicídio e tentativa de homicídio. A pena é superior a 30 anos.

Mãe e filho mortos 

O crime aconteceu às 14h40 da última quarta-feira (4/7). Maria Célia Rodrigues dos Santos, 38 anos, e Wellington Rodrigues Santos da Silva, 22, morreram no local. Kerolyn Ketlen Moreira, 19, filha de Maria Célia e irmã de Wellington, também foi atingida e levada com vida para o Hospital de Base de Brasília. Segundo testemunhas, o motivo para o duplo assassinato seria a disputa pelo ponto de venda de produtos como balas, doces e roupas no local.

Briga antiga

No dia do crime, a polícia informou ter indícios de que o crime tenha relação com briga antiga entre os envolvidos. A suspeita é a de que um caso registrado como tentativa de roubo, que deixou três pessoas feridas na Rodoviária, pode, na verdade, ter relação com essa rixa. Em 25 de junho, a mulher do acusado teria ferido, com um golpe de faca, o filho da ambulante, Wellington. Desde então, o rapaz passou a andar armado com um facão, encontrado ao lado dele na cena do crime. A companheira dele está no nono mês de gestação e chegou à Rodoviária em desespero, gritando o nome de Wellington.

Fonte: CB/Jornal Águas Lindas

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Tarptautinė futbolo asociacija (FIFA) antradienį paskelbė, kad Tailando jaunųjų futbolininkų komandos žaidėjai, išgelbėti iš urvo šalies šiaurėje, negalės atvykti į pasaulio futbolo čempionato finalą.
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          Vive la France: auksinį šansą meistriškai išnaudojusi Prancūzija – finale      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Nuo 1990-ųjų Braziliją įveikusi komanda visuomet pasiekdavo pasaulio futbolo čempionato finalą. Bet ne šiemet. Auksinė Prancūzijos futbolininkų karta antradienio vakarą surengė dar vieną puikų pasirodymą ir Sankt Peterburge vykusių planetos pirmenybių pusfinalyje 1:0 nukovė pergalingu maršrutu Rusijos stadionuose žygiavusius belgus. Mačo didvyriu tapo „Barcelona“ vidurio gynėjas Samuelis Umtiti, antrojo kėlinio pradžioje pasiuntęs kamuolį į vartus galva.
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Prieš antradienio vakarą Sankt Peterburge vyksiantį pasaulio futbolo čempionato pusfinalį tarp Prancūzijos ir Belgijos rinktinių buvo prisiminta istorinė nuotrauka, kurioje dabartinės belgų komandos ryškiausia žvaigždė Edenas Hazard'as kartu su savo broliais pozuoja su Prancūzijos rinktinės marškinėliais.
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          Pasaulio čempionatas – ne mažoms šalims? Ne, jis tiesiog ne mums      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
„Pamatysi, mes nepateksime į čempionatą ir tada, kai jame žais 48 komandos“, – jau šioms pasaulio pirmenybėms prasidėjus kažkaip nuoširdžiai ir, jo supratimu, matyt, pranašingai ištarė vienas pašnekovas. Derėtų ginčytis? Kvailas klausimas: aišku, ne. Nepateksime – pranašystei lemta išsipildyti.
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          Pro rūką ir debesis, bet „Žalgiris“ spės į rungtynes Fareruose      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Vilniaus „Žalgirio“ futbolininkams pavyks suspėti į Europos lygos rungtynes. Nors mačas Fareruose buvo perkeltas iš antradienio į trečiadienį, iki šiol buvo nerimo dėl aplinkybių didžiajai Vilniaus komandos daliai nusileisti rūko apsuptame salyne.
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          Women arrested for bloody hairdresser slaying      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
SAMUT PRAKAN: A woman and a pregnant teenager were arrested Tuesday in connection with the killing of a 49-year-old hair salon owner in Phra Samut Chedi district.
          The Moth Radio Hour: Grandparents, Pole Dancing, and Lust       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A family of amateur detectives crack a case; a librarian takes a dance class to spice things up; a father and son come to terms in Newark Airport; a grandson brings joy to a nursing home; and a woman releases her grief and lets her passion take over. Hosted by The Moth's Senior Producer, Jenifer Hixson.

Storytellers: Steve Zimmer, Amy Rood, Jay Dixit, Robert Weinstein, and Satori Shakoor.

Sponsored by:

          Senator Tom Cotton On The Nomination of Judge Kavanaugh      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Senator Tom Cotton joined me this morning: Audio: 07-10hhs-cotton Transcript: HH: Gosh, Tom Cotton, Senator extraordinaire from Arkansas, what a great day in Washington. Brett Kavanaugh is nominated. Your reaction to his nomination? TC: Very, well, first, Hugh, let me say congratulations on 18 fantastic years of the Hugh Hewitt Show, and 36 years of marriage to the Fetching Mrs. Hewitt. HH: Thank you, thank you. TC: …indicating that she is probably the most patient and understanding woman on the face of the Earth after putting up with you for 36 years. HH: I have to agree with that. I have to agree with that. So tell me about your reaction last night when Brett Kavanaugh, the President probably called you beforehand, but what was your reaction? TC: The President did throughout this process what he promised to do on the campaign trail, what he did in his first opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court justice, is work from a list that he gave to the American people in…
          Bruno Boghossian: Não pergunte à presidente      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
- Folha de S. Paulo

Quem tem razão nas decisões sobre Lula? Não pergunte à presidente do Supremo

Enquanto magistrados guerreavam em praça pública, a chefe do Judiciário se limitou a agitar, de longe, uma tímida bandeira branca. Cármen Lúcia se esquivou do papel de comandante no momento em que o país exigia disciplina de seus juízes para contornar uma sucessão de decisões desajuizadas.

Afinal, quem tinha razão na história? O desembargador que aproveitou um plantão para mandar soltar o ex-presidente Lula, o juiz de primeira instância que se negou a cumprir esta ordem ou o relator que retomou a relatoria do caso, atropelando o primeiro personagem? Não pergunte à presidente do STF.

Cármen levou sete horas para emitir uma nota que nada dizia. Reafirmava obviedades sobre o papel da Justiça e deixava uma mensagem ambígua. “Os órgãos judiciários competentes de cada região devem atuar para garantir que a resposta judicial seja oferecida com rapidez e sem quebra da hierarquia”, declarou.

A crise aberta pela decisão do juiz Rogério Favreto e acentuada pela recusa de Sergio Moro em cumpri-la é o prenúncio de um desfecho amargo para o mandato de Cármen no Supremo, que termina em setembro.

A chefe do Judiciário viu o plenário do tribunal se deteriorar sob seus pés e contribuiu para seu colapso. Ao barrar o julgamento de ações sobre a legalidade de prisões após condenação em segunda instância, a presidente do STF alimentou a insegurança de casos criminais no auge da tensão da corte diante da Lava Jato.

Ao recusar a inclusão do tema na pauta, Cármen argumentou que não havia motivos para rever a posição do Supremo, mas deixou uma pendência. Abriu um vácuo que permitiu que seus próprios colegas desrespeitassem o entendimento vigente.

A presidente do STF não conseguiu liderar o tribunal e apontar o rumo certo quando o Judiciário caminhava para um abismo. Ao buscar um distanciamento do episódio do último domingo (8) e interditar um julgamento considerado crucial, Cármen não desempenhou o papel de juíza neutra, mas de árbitra ausente.

          Carlos Andreazza: No ritmo de Lula      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
- O Globo

Já passou o tempo de estar perplexo, o que justificaria a cegueira até aqui. É hora de compreender o que está em curso — aliás, há meses. Há três, especificamente, Lula — preso — lidera todas as pesquisas de intenção de voto a presidente. Trata-se de posição sólida, estável. Um lugar construído, com método, desde a condenação em primeira instância — a rigor, desde a própria existência do inquérito, com destaque para o espetáculo político em que se converteria o primeiro depoimento do réu Lula ao juiz Moro, rito jurídico transtornado em duelo eleitoral, como se ali afinal debatessem dois adversários. Tudo calculado. Quantos outros circos dessa natureza não vimos serem armados no último ano? Como não se lembrar da rave em que consistiu sua prisão? Tudo medido.

Não importa que Lula não possa — e não poderá — concorrer formalmente em outubro. Ele concorrerá. Já é um concorrente. O concorrente. Tampouco importa quem seja seu ungido a candidato: porque Lula será. Esse é conceito decisivo ao entendimento do componente plebiscitário que sequestrou uma das faces da eleição: não interessa se Haddad, Wagner ou qualquer outro cavalo petista, porção representativa do eleitorado votará sobre se Lula é ou não perseguido. Para esse buraco nos levou o ex-presidente. Ele é o senhor do jogo, mestre do tabuleiro eleitoral. Negar isso é subestimar os recursos de alguém que conseguiu — ou vem conseguindo — manter-se no centro do debate público, mesmo preso, e empurrá-lo para o terreno da insegurança, da incerteza, o único em que um presidiário pode vender esperança.

Nunca tive dúvida de que não sairia da prisão no domingo. Tenho certeza de que só deixará a cadeia sob decisão de corte superior. Isso não diminui a relevância dos eventos de anteontem no Tribunal Federal da Quarta Região. A estratégia lulista — de politização do processo judicial e de judicialização do processo político-eleitoral — precisa de marcos simbólicos como o propiciado pelo desembargador Favreto. Há vários exemplos. Falo de narrativa; de discurso. Não se pode analisar os movimentos da defesa de Lula à luz do Direito. Seria o mesmo que observar um carcará buscando nele um beija-flor. A tática é tão óbvia quanto eficaz: cultivar — a partir dos instrumentos jurídicos — a percepção de que o ex-presidente é vítima do sistema. Funciona.

Lula comunica hoje, exclusivamente, para algo como um terço do eleitorado. Não é volume capaz de tornar alguém presidente. Ele sabe disso. Sabe igualmente, porém, que existe vitória na derrota, e que muitos jogos são jogados à margem do principal. Ou não lhe seria triunfo extraordinário, consideradas suas circunstâncias, preso e virtualmente inelegível, ainda assim alçar o candidato que o encarnará a uma vaga no segundo turno? Há mais. Porque, paralelamente, em disputa também está a hegemonia sobre a esquerda brasileira — sobre a esquerda latino-americana, portanto. Essa, a da própria sobrevivência, talvez a peleja mais importante para o PT em 2018. Se Lula conseguir mesmo transferir, conforme indicam as pesquisas, algo como dois terços dos votos declinados para si, não apenas terá encaixado seu ungido na rodada final como assegurado a seu partido a liderança da esquerda no continente. É a conquista possível — e a que ele almeja.

A estratégia lulista é urdida e executada à perfeição porque, na origem, compreende as próprias limitações. Lula conhece o mapa eleitoral brasileiro. Ele o desenhou, sobretudo a partir de 2006. Sabe que, impulsionada pelo mais poderoso programa de transferência de votos já concebido, o Bolsa Família, a esquerda, graças ao voto do Nordeste, estará no segundo turno — e que são grandes as chances de que esteja com seu candidato. Não precisa de mais para se sustentar como o que é. Aqui cabe lembrar 1989, uma das poucas ocasiões em que aquela eleição servirá de baliza para 2018. Brizola era, então, a cara da esquerda no Brasil. Ao conseguir desbancá-lo, tomando para si o lugar de adversário de Collor no segundo turno, Lula capturou para si e para o PT a hegemonia esquerdista no país, espaço de que não pode abrir mão. Apoiar Ciro Gomes seria, pois, oferecer a própria cabeça à extinção.

A estratégia lulista investe na desordem porque tem base na percepção da natureza disfuncional do panorama eleitoral brasileiro. A leitura do cenário por Lula identificou a hipótese que tem dado sustentação a sua tática: se 30% dos eleitores indicam que votariam nele, um indivíduo condenado e preso, é porque 30% dos eleitores não acreditam no sistema judicial brasileiro. É com essa ferramenta que o ex-presidente opera.

Com 20% dos votos, talvez mesmo com 17%, 18%, é muito provável que um candidato avance ao segundo turno. Alguém duvida de que o representante lulista terá musculatura para tanto? Que não nos enganemos: os eventos de domingo no TRF-4 tiveram menos a ver com a liberdade de Lula do que com subsídios narrativos às pretensões eleitorais do ex-presidente. Outros virão.
Carlos Andreazza é editor de livros

          José Casado: Epílogo de uma fantasia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
- O Globo

Principal projeto de política externa nos anos Lula, a Unasul acabou com a sede interditada no fim de semana e burocratas absolutamente sem nada para fazer

Custou R$ 220 milhões. Parece um prédio parado no ar, com vidros refletindo montanhas ao fundo e cercado por espelhos d’água. Tem 19,5 mil metros quadrados distribuídos em cinco andares e dois subsolos. Desde a inauguração, em 2008, abrigou três dezenas de diplomatas, um para cada 650 metros quadrados de construção. Em dez anos, eles quase nada tiveram para fazer, além de receber salários de R$ 60 mil por mês e desfrutar mordomias.

Era símbolo do principal projeto petista para a política externa brasileira, traçado no 1º de janeiro de 15 anos atrás em jantar no Palácio da Alvorada, quando Lula celebrou a posse na Presidência da República. Nasceu da ambição de líderes regionais que desejavam impor um contraponto à influência dos Estados Unidos na Organização dos Estados Americanos (OEA).

No fim de semana, o governo do Equador mandou a polícia interditar o edifício-sede da União das Nações Sul-Americanas (Unasul), na Metade do Mundo, periferia de Quito. Quer o prédio de volta, para instalar uma universidade. Lenín Moreno, presidente equatoriano, alega razões objetivas: seu país gastou uma fortuna numa fantasia política, porque, na prática, a Unasul nunca funcionou, e há anos sobrevive em coma político.

Metade dos países associados abandonou a entidade — inclusive o Brasil, que pagou 39% das despesas na última década, o equivalente a R$ 168 milhões. “Me pergunto se algum dia a Unasul serviu para alguma coisa”, argumenta Moreno.

Dos quatro presidentes-fundadores, Lula está preso, condenado por corrupção e lavagem de dinheiro; a argentina Cristina Kirchner e o equatoriano Rafael Correa têm prisão decretada, acusados de corrupção, fraudes, sequestro e associação a grupos terroristas; e o venezuelano Hugo Chávez morreu. A Unasul foi comandada por ex-presidentes com biografias turvadas por episódios de corrupção. O primeiro, Néstor Kirchner, falecido marido de Cristina, enriqueceu na Presidência argentina. Assumiu em 2003 com patrimônio de US$ 1,9 milhão, saiu cinco anos depois com fortuna 7,5 vezes maior (US$ 14,2 milhões), segundo as próprias declarações juramentadas. Kirchner morreu em 2010. A viúva gastou US$ 116 mil dos contribuintes para homenageá-lo com uma estátua de 2,2 metros de altura, plantada na entrada da sede da Unasul. O último secretário-geral da entidade foi o ex-presidente colombiano Ernesto Samper, cuja biografia está marcada por vínculos com cartéis de drogas. Em 1995, na Presidência da Colômbia, ele assistiu a confissões públicas sobre o patrocínio do narcotráfico à sua eleição. Os principais doadores foram os irmãos Miguel e Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela, na época chefes do Cartel de Cáli. Até hoje, Samper não pode entrar nos Estados Unidos.

Se passou década e meia desde que o entusiasmado chanceler brasileiro Celso Amorim apresentou o projeto da Unasul ao venezuelano Hugo Chávez, e sorriu ao ouvi-lo dizer: “O que vocês estão propondo é uma ‘Alquita’”, referência à versão menor, regionalizada, do projeto dos EUA para uma Área de Livre Comércio das Américas (Alca). A iniciativa do governo Lula foi festejada e apropriada por Chávez e pelo casal Kirchner. Dela sobraram um prédio vazio na Metade do Mundo e dúzias de burocratas bem remunerados, absolutamente sem nada para fazer. É o epílogo melancólico de uma fantasia política chamada Unasul.

          Centrão começa a se dividir em relação a presidenciáveis      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Grupo que tinha 16 partidos está mais enxuto

Daniel Carvalho | Folha de S. Paulo

BRASÍLIA - O grupo de cinco legendas que surgiu como o todo-poderoso da eleição começa a dar sinais de rachadura a 15 dias do prazo para início das convenções partidárias.

Formado por DEM, PP, SD, PRB e PSC, o centrão está perdendo musculatura. O PSC já não participa das reuniões que se tornaram rotineiras e o PRB pode pular do barco nesta semana, após consulta a seus integrantes.

Além disso, a pressão do bloco para atrair o PR e seus 45 segundos no horário eleitoral no rádio e TV não surtiu efeito até o momento e o partido está cada vez mais próximo da candidatura de Jair Bolsonaro (PSL).

O centrão surgiu em 2016 como um grupo informal e fisiológico de 13 partidos (PP, PR, PSD, PRB, PSC, PTB, SD, PHS, Pros, PSL, PTN, PEN e PT do B) sob o comando do então presidente da Câmara, Eduardo Cunha (MDB-RJ), hoje preso.

Àquela época, foi um dos fiadores do impeachment da presidente Dilma Rousseff, fez oposição a Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) em sua primeira disputa pela presidência da Câmara e pressionou o governo em votações para conseguir cargos na estrutura federal.

Hoje, mais enxuto, o bloco está sob a batuta de Maia, um dos principais nomes do DEM, partido que, em busca de protagonismo fora da polarização entre direita e esquerda, migrou para o chamado centro político.

Uma aliança com o centrão —ou blocão, como seus integrantes preferem dizer— pode ser decisiva para qualquer candidato, já que oferecerá ao menos 98 segundos de tempo de TV em 35 dias de propaganda eleitoral gratuita, dez dias a menos que em 2014.

Mas a oferta já foi maior. Com os cerca de 28 segundos do PRB e 24 segundos do PSC, o grupo oferecia 150 segundos de TV. O PT, sozinho, tem aproximados 95 segundos.

Com a probabilidade cada vez maior de DEM, PP e SD apoiarem Ciro Gomes (PDT), o PRB pode deixar o grupo por ter mais dificuldades em integrar a chapa de um candidato de esquerda.

A conta do DEM é que Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB-SP) pode até chegar ao segundo turno, mas seria derrotado pelo candidato do PT. Em jantar com caciques do centrão na semana passada, Alckmin saiu sem conseguir convencê-los de sua viabilidade eleitoral.

Pesquisa interna do DEM aponta que a rejeição de Alckmin é de 60% ante 52% do ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), que está preso.

Pela lógica da cúpula do DEM, se apoiar Ciro Gomes, o grupo ajuda a isolar o PT. O candidato do PDT, porém, não é palatável a todos os integrantes do partido de Maia.

O PRB, composto em sua maioria por evangélicos, é defensor de uma pauta conservadora nos costumes, o que diverge da agenda da esquerda.

A sigla também teme perder o trânsito no empresariado que conquistou ao comandar o Ministério da Indústria e não confia no discurso de moderação apresentado por Ciro para atrair o bloco.

O partido se reúne na manhã de quarta-feira (11) para, em seguida, levar um posicionamento ao encontro com o comando dos demais partidos do centrão.

Representantes do PSC não têm mais aparecido nas reuniões, mas dizem que a sigla segue acompanhando as discussões. Um integrante da cúpula do partido diz não haver restrição a Ciro, mas que há uma simpatia maior por Alckmin.

          MDB decide no dia 4 se lançará Meirelles      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Governo calcula apoio de maioria em convenção para confirmar nome

Leticia Fernandes | O Globo

-BRASÍLIA- Líderes do MDB definiram, em reunião na tarde de ontem, que será no dia 4 de agosto a convenção nacional do partido, na qual será decidido se o ex-ministro Henrique Meirelles, que tem 1% nas pesquisas de intenções de voto, será ou não candidato da legenda à Presidência da República. A data foi estipulada em encontro do presidente do MDB, senador Romero Jucá (RR), com os ministros Eliseu Padilha (Casa Civil) e Moreira Franco (Minas e Energia). O coordenador político da campanha de Meirelles, João Henrique de Sousa, também participou do encontro.

São 443 convencionais votantes e, quanto mais cargos um deles ocupa, mais votos tem à disposição. Romero Jucá, por exemplo, vota quatro vezes. O presidente Temer tem ao menos três votos, assim como Moreira Franco.

Na reunião que aconteceu na sede do partido, em área nobre de Brasília, os emedebistas mapearam, estado por estado, quantos votos Meirelles teria na convenção e chegaram a um número de 443 votos, de um total de 629 disponíveis na convenção do MDB. As contas foram feitas por Padilha, conhecido no governo por mapear votos com precisão.

Apesar dos cenários positivos traçados pelos líderes, ainda há forte resistência na legenda a uma candidatura própria, e dissidentes pressionam para que o MDB libere seus integrantes. Assim eles poderiam fazer seus próprios acordos, o que não está descartado.

Além de marcar a data, a estratégia definida pelo comando da sigla em conjunto com Meirelles é que ele ligue para todos os 443 convencionais para pedir votos. Integrantes da equipe do pré-candidato lembram que esse gesto é importante na legenda. O método de procurar individualmente os membros do partido é o mesmo utilizado pelo presidente Michel Temer, que se dirige pessoalmente a parlamentares e dirigentes quando precisa de apoio em votações. Temer fez esse tipo de aproximação quando enfrentou denúncias de corrupção e obstrução da Justiça na Câmara dos Deputados.

Nesta semana, além de continuar a peregrinação pelo Nordeste, Meirelles vai a Curitiba, um dos focos de resistência a seu nome no partido. O senador Roberto Requião é um dos principais críticos do governo Temer e coloca o seu nome à disposição para disputar com Meirelles a indicação ao partido. Além da definição da data da convenção, que deve oficializar o nome do ex-ministro da Fazenda para candidato à Presidência pelo MDB, a ideia dos emedebistas é fazer um “esquenta” no dia anterior, uma sexta-feira, colocando Meirelles em contato com os grupos favoráveis à candidatura, como integrantes da juventude do partido e do movimento das mulheres da legenda.

          Entrevista: Fernando Henrique Cardoso       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Lydia Medeiros | O Globo

• O senhor prega a união dos partidos democráticos de centro já no primeiro turno para evitar o que chamou de “catástrofe”. A que atribui a dificuldade de diálogo?

– Atribuo à natural expectativa de que os candidatos melhor situados nas pesquisas, assim como os partidos melhor estruturados, acham que têm chances de vitória.

• O senhor já disse que, no Brasil, “no fundo, disputamos quem é que comanda o atraso. O risco é quando o atraso se comanda”. É o que está em jogo também nessas eleições?

– A situação é essa, e mais desafiadora ainda: estamos definindo as possibilidades do Brasil na próxima década, especialmente quanto ao crescimento econômico, sem o qual se torna dificílimo redistribuir a renda.

• Acha que o quadro de rejeição ao voto, verificado em Tocantins, por exemplo, vai se manter em outubro?

-Algo do que ocorreu em Tocantins pode se repetir, mas, no caso nacional, os partidos organizados e as mensagens dos líderes têm maior possibilidade de evitar o repúdio geral à política e aos políticos.

          Apartamento para aluguel - na Vila Romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Alugue rápido, sem fiador e com segurança! Agende agora uma visita, sem sair de casa. CÓDIGO DO IMÓVEL: 135356 Atualizado em 04/07/2018 CARACTERÍSTICAS DO APARTAMENTO - 3 quartos - 4 banheiros (3 Suítes) - 3 vagas - Quarto extra reversível -...
3 dormitórios 4 banheiros 168 m2 37 BRL/m² elevador terraço piscina banheira sala de ginástica sauna
Tue, 10 Jul 2018 16:10:49 -0400
          PayPal apologizes for telling woman her death violated account policies      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
PayPal apologizes for telling woman her death violated account policies#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000 PayPal recently sent a woman a letter explaining that her death violated its account holder policies. When her grieving husband shared a copy on his social media accounts, it was hard to believe it was actually real. And just as shocking has been PayPal’s response, the company seems to be ... Reported by The Next Web 11 minutes ago.
          Arraial de hotel chiquérrimo tem decoração cheia de balões, noivos famosos e mais      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Conhecido por seu tradicional baile anual de Carnaval, o famoso hotel Copacabana Palace, no Rio de Janeiro, está investindo em outro evento comemorativo muito querido dos brasileiros: as festas juninas.

Em 2018, o estabelecimento promoveu sua segunda edição do “Arraial do Copa” e reuniu diversas atrações em um dia inteiro de muita música, quadrilha e comidinhas típicas. Para completar a farra, teve até casamento caipira protagonizado por um dos casais mais badalados do momento. Saiba mais:

Atrações do "Arraial do Copa"

Aberta ao público, a festa em clima junino contou com um time de artistas de peso para animar a galera. Além de Preta Gil, a programação musical ainda teve a participação de Lucy Alves e dos DJs Felipe Mar e Papagaio.

Como não poderia faltar, uma quadrilha caipira também contagiou o ambiente do evento e teve seu ponto máximo durante o casamento (de mentirinha!) de duas figuras bem familiares.

Para os papeis de noiva e noivo da festa, os atores Camila Queiroz e Klebber Toledo surgiram à caráter no palco do evento e trocaram alianças mais uma vez – lembrando que os dois se casaram oficialmente no civil poucas semanas antes.

Arraia do copa @cseventos @rtfotografia.oficial @reginaldofoto

A post shared by Reginaldo Teixeira (@reginaldofoto) on

Arraia do Copa @reginaldofoto @cseventos @rtfotografia.oficial

A post shared by Reginaldo Teixeira (@reginaldofoto) on

Decoração luxuosa com muitos balões

O arraial do Copa ficou completo com uma decoração temática luxuosa, que teve direito a milhares de balões coloridos, pendurados no teto de todo o espaço. Barraquinhas de comida e diversos bancos espalhados pelo salão ainda foram cobertos com chita de várias cores para combinar com o clima caipira da festa.

Um cenário especial, que foi chamado de "Alambique do Copa", também compôs a ambientação do local e transportou os convidados diretamente para uma fazenda. Além de render boas fotos, o espaço tinha detalhes charmosos que combinavam com o tema junino, como um telhadinho de sapê e diversos garrafões de aguardente.

O balão vai subindo... Vem caindo a garoa... É hoje a festa junina do Copa! Olha quantos balões!!! Todos de chitão colorido pra decorar o teto dos salões do @belmondcopacabanapalace !!! #festa #festas #festajunina #saojoao #roça #belmondcopacabanapalace #arraiadocopa #copa95anos #danielcruz #danielcruzdecorador #danielcruzdecoracao #partydecor #partytime #party #decor #decoracao #decoração #decoration #yesbelmond #balao #colorido #colors #colorful #chita @danielcruzdecoracao @twolights_ @lonarteeventos @festahmoveis @scoimbrapaisagismo @belmondcopacabanapalace @insideproducoes @cseventos @sampaio_carol @marcosalomaoo @micheldiamant @rafameccia @r_saboia @andreanatal @rodlovatti @vrebelcinemaone @designerlindomar @airton_lumini @nuvemsublimacao @cecibecker

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#arraiadocopa 🎈🎈 🎈🎈 Clik @mpaulafer

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Quem conhece o Copacabana Palace??? E a transformação em um alambique especialmente montado para a festa junina de ontem??? #festa #festajunina #festajunina #saojoao #party #partytime #partydecor #decor #details #detalhes #decoracao #decoração #danielcruz #danielcruzdecorador #danielcruzdecoracao #belmondcopacabanapalace #copa95anos #copacabanapalace #arraiadocopa #yesbelmond #cenografia #alambique #rustico #rustic #cachaça #anarrie #arraia @danielcruzdecoracao @lonarteeventos @festahmoveis @twolights_ @scoimbrapaisagismo @nuvemsublimacao @designerlindomar @insideproducoes @belmondcopacabanapalace @sampaio_carol @marcosalomaoo @rafameccia @micheldiamant @r_saboia @andreanatal @rodlovatti @cecibecker

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Vai uma cachacinha aí??? Tomando forma o alambique do Copa para a festa junina de amanhã... #festa #festas #festajunina #saojoao #alambique #cachaça #party #partytime #partydecor #cenografia #decor #decoracao #decoração #decoration #danielcruz #danielcruzdecorador #danielcruzdecoracao #belmondcopacabanapalace #copacabanapalace #yesbelmond #cachaçaria #roça #anarrie #detalhes #details @danielcruzdecoracao @scoimbrapaisagismo @lonarteeventos @festahmoveis @twolights_ @insideproducoes @designerlindomar @nuvemsublimacao @airton_lumini @belmondcopacabanapalace @r_saboia @andreanatal @rodlovatti @cecibecker @maripimentasantos @sampaio_carol @micheldiamant @marcosalomaoo @rafameccia #arraiadocopa #rustico #copa95anos #rustic

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Ideias para decoração temática de festa junina

          #myfriend - shahad_albaghdadi89      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Tbt when I was mommy for only one little angel👧🏻 dress by @tommyhilfiger #mydaughter #mybabygirl #aquarium #tennessee #momlife #momwithcameras #momanddaughter #motherhood #babyhairs #babygirl #babyhair #babyhood #kidstyle #kidsfashion #fashionkids #littlefashionista #littlefamily #myfriend #barn #barnphotography #sverige #fisk #aqvarium #fish #tommyhilfiger
          Alicia M. Canto ha respondido a la discusión Una excavación descubre el suelo en el que empezó a construirse Mérida de Guillermo Caso de los Cobos en el grupo Hispania Romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Alicia M. Canto ha respondido a la discusión Una excavación descubre el suelo en el que empezó a construirse Mérida de Guillermo Caso de los Cobos en el grupo Hispania Romana

          Zona Mioritei, garsoniera decomandate, mobilata LUX !      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

R A V I R O M Imobiliare inchiriaza o garsoniera confort 1 situata in zona Mioritei, la parter, ...
          Inter, Biscan: “Perisic ha qualità per giocare nello United”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

INTER BISCAN SU PERISIC/MILANO-Il calciatore dell’Inter Ivan Perisic, è tuttora impegnato nel mondiale in Russia che lo vedrà in campo domani con la sua nazionale, nella sfida con l’Inghilterra valida per un posto in finale. In questo momento quindi il calciomercato resta lontano dai suoi pensieri, ma in compenso è Igor Biscan ex giocatore di […]

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          Inter, Antonello: “Noi vogliamo restare a San Siro”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

INTER ANTONELLO INTERVISTA/MILANO-L’amministratore delegato dell‘Inter Alessandro Antonello, ha partecipato a ‘MilanoCalciocity’. Durante l’evento, ha risposto alle domande dei giornalisti presenti e ne ha riportato le dichiarazioni. Queste le sue parole: “Abbiamo sempre dichiarato che per noi San Siro è centrale, un’icona storica della città. È uno stadio che ha bisogno di essere ammodernato. Noi […]

Il post Inter, Antonello: “Noi vogliamo restare a San Siro” è stato pubblicato prima sul sito .

          7/11/2018: NEWS: THREE ARRESTED OVER CAR CHASE      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A DRIVER backed “up and over the top” of a highway patrol car after a dramatic police pursuit yesterday. Police say they first spotted a teenage boy driving with another teenager and a woman in a stolen blue Nissan Navara along Derrimut Rd near Heaths...
          7/11/2018: NEWS: STANDOVER IS ALL OVER      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

BIKIES and other organised crime figures are to be banished from the lucrative debt collection industry. Feared bikies and crime figures who could be affected include former Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell and leading Comancheros Mick Murray and Hasan...
          7/11/2018: NEWS: WEINSTEIN ON THIRD SEX ASSAULT CASE      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

MOVIE producer Harvey Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting a woman in 2006, the third criminal sex assault case brought against him, and his lawyer says he expects further charges to follow. More than 70 women have...
          7/11/2018: NEWS: FIRE RESCUE      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

WYNDHAM Crime Investigation Unit detectives on patrol in Werribee helped save residents from a burning house. They saw flames coming from a front window of the Fisher Crt house just after midnight, and helped two men, a woman and their dog escape. A...
          7/11/2018: NEWS: Drink driver busted at 91      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A WOMAN of 91 has become one of Britain’s oldest drink drivers after she admitted crashing her high-performance car. Pauline Horrigan smashed the Audi A3 Sportback into bollards and a lamppost in Colchester, Essex, last month. The pensioner was...
          ‘Is there a doctor on board?’ This Loma Linda University grad, LA resident saves life midflight over Atlantic      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A woman collapses 30,000 feet in the air and two hours from the closest airport, so a local medical school grad leaps into action.
          3 yaşındaki kayıp Evrim için ekipler seferber oldu      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Tokat’ın Turhal ilçesinde Yenisu Köyü Yaylası’nda sabah saatlerinde kaybolan 3 yaşındaki Evrim Atış için AFAD ve komandolarında katıldığı arama çalışmaları başlatıldı.
          Man harasses woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt, saying it’s ‘un-American’      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
An Illinois park is investigating after a woman accused one of its police officers of standing by as a man harassed her for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag, saying it was un-American. Mia Irizarry says she was trying to celebrate her 24th birthday in the Forest Preserves of Cook County last month when the man approached her asking her why she was wearing the sleeveless Puerto Rico flag shirt, which also had “Puerto Rico” written below the […]
          Bills’ LeSean McCoy denies allegation of bloodying girlfriend      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
NEW YORK — Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy says an allegation posted on social media accusing him of bloodying his former girlfriend’s face is baseless and false. An Instagram post Tuesday from a person who says she is friends with the woman showed a graphic photo of the former girlfriend and accuses McCoy of physically abusing her, his son and his dog, as well as injecting steroids. McCoy says in his own post on Instagram that it has been months since […]
          Woman celebrating anniversary in Mexico killed by stray bullet      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Two gunmen on a motorcycle, apparently aiming for a bar bouncer in Mexico City, killed a 27-year-old California woman with a stray bullet as she reportedly was celebrating her first wedding anniversary, sources said. Tatiana Mirutenko and her husband, James Hoover, were at a taqueria on Saturday with two friends in the exclusive Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood of the capital when the gunmen opened fire on a bouncer inside the establishment, according to a statement from the Mexico City attorney […]
          Išgelbėta Tailando futbolininkų komanda į pasaulio čempionatą nevyks      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Išgelbėta Tailando futbolininkų komanda į pasaulio čempionatą nevyks      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Prison worker arrested on suspicion of intent to supply Class A drugs      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The woman was also arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office at HMP Hindley in Wigan, police said.
          Watch Iggy Azalea React to All Those Tyga Dating Rumors      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Business or pleasure? Iggy Azalea is setting the record straight on her relationship status once and for all. 

The Australian rapper stopped by E!'s Daily Pop on Tuesday with the tea regarding the romance rumors between her and Tyga. Speculation that Iggy and Tyga were an item first sparked months ago when the performs began spending more and more time together. 

It wasn't until after attending the Coachella Music Festival in April together that the "Fancy" emcee finally spoke out, describing herself as "extremely single." 

Azalea maintains she's still rolling solo in the romance department, commenting, "I really wasn't hugged up." 

Music's Cutest Couples

She explained, "There are no pictures of me and him hugged up, but when you're at a music festival and everyone's packed in like sardines, of course we're next to each other. When you hang out with your friends and you're the only two famous people out of 10, then you're getting married and having children." 

Iggy, who recently collaborated with the rapper on "Kream," called the rumors laughable at best, but added that she is single and ready to mingle. 

"I'm so alone!" she shared. "I'd like to find a person [whose] not in the music industry."

For more from Iggy, including why she credits her mom for bringing her and Jennifer Lopez together on "Booty," check out the video above! 

Her new single, "Kream," off her upcoming EP Surviving The Summer, is out Aug. 3.

Watch Iggy Azalea React to All Those Tyga Dating Rumors originally appeared on
          Drake Watches Ex Serena Williams Compete at Wimbledon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Just like that, it was 2015 again.  

The stars were aligned—quite literally—on Tuesday as famous faces like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel could be spotted in the stands on day eight of the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club for the women's quarterfinals. 

Among the competitors was tennis great Serena Williams, who was set to face off against Camila Giorgi. While the pro's eyes were undoubtedly on the court, there was another familiar face in the stands—her ex, Drake

The two were romantically linked as early as 2012 and were confirmed to be a budding couple in the summer of 2015 following some restaurant canoodling captured in photos. Of course, the two eventually called it quits and have since gone their separate ways as Williams married Alexis Ohanian and gave birth to their first child last year. Meanwhile, Drake has been linked to more famous women since then, including Jennifer LopezRihanna and Bella Hadid and recently confirmed he secretly fathered a child.  

Serena Williams' Best Quotes on Motherhood

No matter how their romance ended, it appears the rapper is still very much supportive of Williams as he was photographed applauding in the stands during her match. 

Nearly three years ago, the star caught some heat from the Internet for attending the athlete's September 2015 U.S. Open semifinal match after she lost. 

That was certainly not the case this time as the pro beat Giorgi and emerged the champion of their match, a welcome victory for the star who had to take time away from the court during her pregnancy and after welcoming her first child. 

"This is only my fourth tournament back, so I don't feel pressure. I don't feel I have to win this; I don't feel I have to lose this," Williams said, according to ESPN. "I'm just here just to be here and to prove that I'm back. And I feel like I'm back. I still have a long way to go to be where I was."

Drake Watches Ex Serena Williams Compete at Wimbledon originally appeared on
          Justin Bieber Got Stephen Baldwin's Permission Before Proposing to Hailey Baldwin      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Stephen Baldwin was more than happy to give Justin Bieber permission to propose to Hailey Baldwin.

A source confirms to E! News that the 24-year-old "Baby" singer asked Hailey's dad for his blessing to propose before getting down on one knee, adding that the conversation happened more than a few weeks ago.

"Stephen was thrilled to give his permission," the insider tells us.

It was actually Stephen who introduced Justin to his daughter for the first time while at the Today show when they were just teenagers. The father-daughter duo later attended Justin's 2011 Never Say Never premiere in New York City and posed with the singer on the red carpet.

Was It Destiny? See Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's First Red Carpet Together as Teens

Justin and Hailey were first romantically linked in 2015, but went on to have separate relationships. Then last month, the duo fueled relationship rumors when they packed on the PDA in Miami. Since that time, Justin and Hailey have been inseparable, leading Justin to propose to the 21-year-old model on Saturday night while on vacation in the Bahamas.

After news broke of the couple's engagement, Hailey's dad took to social media to react to the news, tweeting a Bible quote along with #blessed. He then tweeted and deleted, "Sweet smile on my face ! me&wife (Kennya) Always pray 4 Gods will !! He is moving in the hearts of JB&HB Let's all pray for His will to be done...Love you 2 so much !!! #Godstiming #bestisyettocome Congrats ❤️ @JeremyBieber @pattiemallette #PraiseJesus."

How Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber's Parents Reacted to Their Engagement

Justin's dad, Jeremy Bieber, posted a photo of the singer on Instagram Sunday along with the caption, "@justinbieber Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!"

On Monday, Justin broke his silence on the engagement, confirming the news in a lengthy post on Instagram. "Was gonna wait a while to say anything but word travels fast, listen plain and simple Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY. I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make," his message began.

"My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first!" Justin continued. "You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else."

Hailey then wrote on Twitter, "Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with! No words could ever express my gratitude. ❤️"

On Tuesday, the couple was spotted celebrating their engagement with a boat ride in the Bahamas.

Justin Bieber Got Stephen Baldwin's Permission Before Proposing to Hailey Baldwin originally appeared on
          Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Celebrate Their Engagement With Romantic Boat Ride      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Now this is the look of love!

Just days after Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged in the Bahamas, the famous couple continued their romantic getaway with a morning boat ride.

In several pictures obtained exclusively by E! News, the Grammy winner and his leading lady were all smiles as they exited their latest mode of transportation at a marina.

Justin kept things casual with a bandanna, green stripped T-shirt, VOUS shorts from his Miami church and yellow sandals.

As for Hailey, she opted for a black tank-top, denim shorts and a white jacket wrapped around her waist. And for those looking for that special engagement ring, we got a good look at it as she stood close to her man.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Romance Rewind

"When they arrived, Hailey got off first and looked back at Justin who smiled," an eyewitness shared with E! News. "He shook hands with the boat captain. They were greeted by a driver with a white SUV, shook hands and got inside. They looked very happy and blissful, all smiles, and the ring really stood out even from a distance."

A bodyguard and a friend were also part of the boat ride that concluded around 10:30 a.m. local time.

On Sunday afternoon, E! News confirmed that Justin popped the very important question to Hailey during their vacation near Baker's Bay. The couple would also confirm the news in separate social media posts one day later.

Ladies Linked to Justin Bieber Through the Years

"My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else," Justin shared on Instagram. "You make me so much better and we complement each other so well!! Can't wait for the best season of life yet!"

Hailey would add, "Not sure what I did in life to deserve such happiness but I am so utterly grateful to God for giving me such an incredible person to share my life with! No words could ever express my gratitude."

And as congratulations and well wishes continue to pour in from family and friends around the world, one thing is clear: Love is in the air for these two young Hollywood stars.

"Justin always knew Hailey and him had a special bond that was incomparable," a source previously shared with E! News. "The proposal was a very happy moment and Hailey was taken off guard. Her face was in shock but you could tell they are both so in love."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Celebrate Their Engagement With Romantic Boat Ride originally appeared on
          7/11/2018: HIT TV: This week everybody’s talking about... SINGLE WIVES      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

THEY’VE been down the aisle before, but ahappily-ever-after-ending eluded these four ladies. So Nikki, Sheridan, Sunnie and Emma have taken extreme measures to get their romantic lives back on track, signing up for Seven’s new reality/dating series...
          Korrekt, ápolt, kulturált, jó humorú, romantikus,      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Korrekt, ápolt, kulturált, jó humorú, romantikus, 185/90, dohányzó, szegedi férfi stabil egzisztenciával keresi barátnőjét, párját 62 évesig. "Függetlenség megtartásával 2881627" jeligére az Apró szegedi szerkesztőségébe.
          -Das Wunder von Thailand. Ich glaube an die Sonne.., Michael Holm-Wart auf mich.Siebenbrüdertag. WM Russland 2018. Angedacht, Das Geschenk der Taufe, Richard wird getauft. Die Segen. Gebet. Andachten. Mein Tag, Geburtstage, Ora Et Labora, Bete und arbeite Arbeite Ang. Evangelische Autobahnkirche, Dies, tag des, Welt-FAZ und mehr. Zu mir, Freddy Quinn Heimweh, Der Wind und die Sonne, Für euch Themen, von mir      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Guten Abend, ich grüße euch herzlich am Dienstag Abend, habt noch eine gute Zeit heute***
Rettung aus Höhle

Das ist Hoffnung, das ist wie ein Licht in der Dunkelheit, so soll es sein und so wollen wir leben, das bedeutet auch neu anfangen, immer wieder, in jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber ähnlich hat das einmal ein großer Dichter gesagt.DANKE UNSER VATER; DANKE ALLEN HELFERN; DEN RETTERN DER JUNGS*
Ja ich sage es noch einmal..Gott sei Dank, Danke Herr, lieben Dank den Rettern. Ihr seid Helden*
Man gedenkt auch des Retters der hier ums Leben gekommen ist.Er wird als Held gefeiert.Mögen Engel ihn begleiten auf dem Weg der vor ihm liegt.
Danach haben wir früher, zu jener Zeit ganz eng getanzt. Da waren wir jung und verliebt.
10. Juli 2018 in der Welt
Orte, Zeiten und Gruppen
Heute Frankreich gegen Belgien, im 1. Halbfinale. Morgen England gegen Kroatien.
Der Tag hat mir gefallen, du hast ihn schön gemacht.
Nun schenke mir und allen auch eine gute Nacht.
Acht Monate ist Richard Benjamin alt. Nun wird er getauft. Gott sagt: Nun wirst Du getauft, Du gehörst zu mir.Richard ist der Enkelsohn des stolzen Opas . Hans-Jürgen Kant.
Manche lassen sich später taufen. Manche Eltern sagen. Ich lasse mein Kind selber entscheiden.
Nun es gibt keine Garantie, dass alles im Leben klappt. Mit oder ohne Taufe,
Ich, Lara habe zwei Söhne. Bei uns in der DDR gab es die Sozialistische Namensgebung. Die wollte ich nicht. Darum sagte auch ich. Ich lasse meine Söhne einmal selber entscheiden. Einer von meinen Söhnen ließ sich später taufen. Einer nicht.So war es.
Noch einmal zur Taufe, Gott ist mit uns und oder besonders  mit denen die getauft sind.Das hofft ein stolzer Großvater für seinen Enkel Richard.
Hans-Jürgen Kant, Superintendent in Halle*
Ich erzähle An(ge)dacht nicht mehr vollständig nach. Mit dem Fehlen des Textes bei MDR Radio Sachsen-Anhalt. und nur hören  habe ich Schwierigkeiten mit dem Nacherzählen.Aber ich habe einen guten Link gefunden, für euch, zwar auch Podcast, aber gut gemacht*
In dieser Woche spricht ein Sprecher (in) der Evangelischen Kirche*
Da gibt es auch einen Text*
Den Text findet ihr rechts unter Kirchen in Deutschland - ANGEDACHT *
Hier  ist die wunderschöne Seite, außer den Abendsegen findet ihr auch den Morgensegen und viele andere Gebete, eine wirklich schöne Seite, deutlich geschrieben, so dass wir Brillenträger den Text gut lesen können, Danke dafür*..
Lieber Gott und Herr!
Setze dem Überfluss Grenzen, und lasse die Grenzen überflüssig werden.
Gib den Regierenden ein besseres Deutsch
und den Deutschen eine bessere Regierung.
Schenke uns und unseren Freunden mehr Wahrheit
und der Wahrheit mehr Freunde.

Bessere jene Beamte, die wohl tätig sind, aber nicht wohltätig sind,
und lasse, die rechtschaffen sind, auch Recht schaffen.
Sorge dafür, dass wir alle in den Himmel kommen, aber wenn du es willst, noch nicht gleich.
Gebet eines Pfarrers aus dem Jahr 1864, ich sage Amen und bitte unseren HERRN, dass er den 
Mittwoch und alle Tage gut werden lässt  und ich danke GOTT für diesen Tag***

Bitte schaut hier rein,GEISTLICHE WORTE FÜR DEN TAG  es lohnt sich, es ist eine sehr schöne Seite, Geistliche Worte für den Tag, da haben wir alle Sprecher vom MDR und alle Texte auf einen Blick,außer bei Angedacht, da gibt es nur einen Podcast
Ich bin so froh, dass wir die Andachten haben und so viele Sprecher(innen), die uns auf Themen hinweisen, sie uns nahe bringen,und alle Texte mit viel Liebe erzählen,lieben herzlichen Dank dafür ***
Das Blog soll ein Blog der Ruhe und Besinnung sein***Die Hauptnachrichten setze ich bei Welt rein.Da liegt es an jedem selber ob er anklicken möchte oder nicht. Einzelnachrichten brauche ich somit nicht mehr reinsetzen bei Welt*
DIE GUTEN NACHRICHTEN BLEIBEN; wichtig in dieser Welt in der wir leben ....Freude braucht die Seele, Positives*
Phil Bosmans

Das Land  braucht Kultur, Bildung dazu, MDR Kultur das Radio ist ein schöner Sender, schaut mal rein.
Ich habe mir gedacht, dass ich so es mir die Zeit erlaubt und meine Gesundheit schreibe.In Angedacht gibt es keinen Text mehr, ich
erzähle nicht mehr nach. Die Links für die Andachten habt ihr. Alles ist gut. Ich hoffe, dass ihr das versteht und ich danke euch dafür***

Ich sagte zu dem Engel der an der Pforte stand.
Gib mir ein Licht, damit ich sicheren Fußes der Ungewissheit entgegen gehen kann.
Aber er antwortete:

Geh nur hin in die Dunkelheit und lege deine Hand in die Hand Gottes.
Das ist besser als ein Licht und sicherer als ein bekannter Weg.
aus China
Alfred Biolek feiert heute seinen .Geburtstag, Mario Gomez hat Geburtstag, herzlichen Glückwunsch Beiden, Rosen für sie(((Rosen)))
          -Abendllied.WM Russland 2018. Kilianstag. Magnefikat.Wochenspruch. Angedacht, Kinder an die Macht, Mutmacher sind wichtig. Die Segen. Gebet. Andachten. Mein Tag, Gebeurtstage, Leben ohne Hass und Gewalt? Ang. Die Radiosender, Ital. Märchen, Dies, Tag des Rockn Rolls, Welt-FAZ und mehr, Zu mir, Elvis-Muss i denn zum Städtele hinaus, 1.1.2010 Frauenkirche Dresden-Käßmann, Für euch Themen, von mir      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Guten Abend ich grüße euch herzlich am Montag Abend.Ich wünsche allen Lesern noch eine schöne Zeit heute und eine gute, neue Woche*.
Orte, Zeiten und Gruppen
Gestern war
8. Juli 2018 in der Welt

Meine Seele erhebt den Herrn, und mein Geist freuet sich Gottes, meines Heilands.
Denn er hat die Niedrigkeit seiner Magd angesehen. Siehe, von nun an werden mich selig preisen alle Kindeskinder.

Denn er hat große Dinge an mir getan, der da mächtig ist und des Name heilig ist.
Und seine Barmherzigkeit währet immer für und für bei denen, die ihn fürchten.
Er übet Gewalt mit seinem Arm und zerstreut die hoffärtig sind in ihres Herzens Sinn.
Er stößt die Gewaltigen vom Stuhl und erhebt die Niedrigen.

Die Hungrigen füllt er mit Gütern und lässt die Reichen leer.
Er denkt der Barmherzigkeit und hilft seinem Diener Israel auf, wie er geredet hat, unseren Vätern.
Abraham und seinen Samen ewiglich.

Ehre sei dem Vater und dem Sohne und dem Heiligen Geiste, wie es war am Anfang, jetzt und immerdar und von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit. Amen
Der Tag hat mir gefallen, du hast ihn schön gemacht.
Nun schenke mir und allen auch eine gute Nacht.
So spricht der Herr. Fürchte dich nicht. Ich habe dich bei deinem Namen gerufen, du bist mein
Jesaja 43, 1 
In Angedacht begrüße ich herzlich unseren neuen Sprecher.Es ist  Hans-Jürgen Kant Superintendent in Halle. Er wird uns diese Woche durch Angedacht begleiten*eine Rose für ihn (((Rose)))
Sonntag Morgen in einer Berliner Kirche.Pastorin Hummel hält eine Predigt über Emil und die Dedektive.Über Gerechtigkeit.
In der Gemeinde stöhnen Einige. Einige verziehen das Gesicht.Aber die Pastorin redet gut. Mit viel Schwung dahinter.Scheidung, Kinder finden das ungerecht die Scheidung der Eltern.
Schließlich ist die Gemeinde zufrieden, hört zu.
Kinder an die Macht fordert Hans-Jürgen Kant Superintendent in Halle*Aber lest oder hört bitte en Text selber. Oft kann ich nicht so schnell Stichpunkte machen wie geredet wird.Danke
Marathonlauf rund um die Pauluskirche in Halle. 500 Meter rund um den Hasenberg, da steht die Kirche. Er hat es selbst ausprobiert. Es war sehr anstrengend. Zwischendurch wurden Getränke gereicht.Es ging X mal um die Kirche der Lauf.
Zurufe: Du schaffst es.Man braucht Fans, die zu uns halten. Nach 29 Runden war er fix und fertig.
Man braucht Menschen die Andere ermutigen meint Hans Jürgen Kant von der Evangelischen Kirche Halle*
Ich erzähle An(ge)dacht nicht mehr vollständig nach. Mit dem Fehlen des Textes bei MDR Radio Sachsen-Anhalt. und nur hören  habe ich Schwierigkeiten mit dem Nacherzählen.Aber ich habe einen guten Link gefunden, für euch, zwar auch Podcast, aber gut gemacht*
In dieser Woche spricht ein Sprecher (in) der Evangelischen Kirche*
Da gibt es auch einen Text*
Den Text findet ihr rechts unter Kirchen in Deutschland - ANGEDACHT *
Habt noch frohe Stunden, den Kranken wünsche ich gute Besserung***
Ich sage  Danke, Vater***Danke für diesen Tag.
Behalten wir diese Worte ganz tief innen in uns auf, leben wir danach.

Finsternis kann keine Finsternis vertreiben, das gelingt nur dem Licht.
Hass kann den Hass nicht austreiben, da gelingt nur der Liebe.
Dr. Martin Luther King

So lasst uns lieben und ein Licht sein in der Welt, hier und jetzt.

Der Segen des HERRN ruht auf uns und erquickt unseren Schlaf, damit wir Kraft haben für den nächsten Tag..seid gesegnet****
Hier  ist die wunderschöne Seite, außer den Abendsegen findet ihr auch den Morgensegen und viele andere Gebete, eine wirklich schöne Seite, deutlich geschrieben, so dass wir Brillenträger den Text gut lesen können, Danke dafür*..
Des Abends, wenn du zu Bett gehst, kannst du dich segnen, mit dem Zeichen des heiligen Kreuzes und sagen:
Das walte Gott, Vater, Sohn und Heiliger Geist ! Amen
Darauf kniend oder stehend das Glaubensbekenntnis und das Vater unser. Willst du, so kannst du dies Gebet dazu sprechen:

Ich danke dir mein himmlischer Vater, durch Jesus Christus deinen lieben Sohn
dass du mich diesen Tag behütete hast und bitte dich, du wollest mir vergeben alle meine Sünden,
wo ich Unrecht getan habe und mich diese Nacht auch gnädiglich behüten,
Denn ich befehle mich, meinen Leib und meine Seele und alles in deine Hände.
Dein heiliger Engel sei mit mir, dass der böse Feind keine Macht an mir finde.
Und nun flugs und fröhlich geschlafen****, das ist mein Abendgebet, alle Tage, sagt Lara
Heilige Maria,  Mutter Gottes
Quelle: heilige -maria
Ich bin so froh, dass wir die Andachten haben und so viele Sprecher(innen), die uns auf Themen hinweisen, sie uns nahe bringen,und alle Texte mit viel Liebe erzählen,lieben herzlichen Dank dafür ***
Bitte schaut hier rein,GEISTLICHE WORTE FÜR DEN TAG  es lohnt sich, es ist eine sehr schöne Seite, Geistliche Worte für den Tag, da haben wir alle Sprecher vom MDR und alle Texte auf einen Blick,außer bei Angedacht, da gibt es nur einen Podcast.Bitte hört da auch rein, es sind auch schöne Texte*
Das Blog soll ein Blog der Ruhe und Besinnung sein***Die Hauptnachrichten setze ich bei Welt rein.Da liegt es an jedem selber ob er anklicken möchte oder nicht. Einzelnachrichten brauche ich somit nicht mehr reinsetzen bei Welt*
DIE GUTEN NACHRICHTEN BLEIBEN; wichtig in dieser Welt in der wir leben ....Freude braucht die Seele, Positives*
Phil Bosmans
Das Land  braucht Kultur, Bildung dazu, MDR Kultur das Radio ist ein schöner Sender, schaut mal rein.
          Malaysia’s Shadow Cat Looks to Inspire More People Through Her Career      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Jihin “Shadow Cat” Radzuan might just be the next young superstar in ONE Championship as she had a ton of hype behind her coming into her promotional debut at ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY last March.
The 19-year-old native of Johor Bahru, Malaysia lived up to the billing with a submission victory over India’s Puja Tomar in front of a raucous crowd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
While Radzuan comes from a Muay Thai background, she was looking to show off her ground skills as she repeatedly looked to drag Tomar to the ground and test her submission defense.
Radzuan nearly locked up an armbar on the mat in the second frame, but the Indian competitor refused to give up, forcing Radzuan to transition into a triangle choke.
As much as Tomar tried to ride out the submission, there was no escape this time. The end came at 2:23 into the second round, giving Radzuan her first win on the global stage of ONE Championship.
“I couldn’t even describe my emotion and the feeling when my name was announced as the winner of the bout. As a young martial artist, I just showcased what I am capable of on the global stage. The whole world was watching, and it’s definitely a dream come true,” she recalled.
As a young, vibrant female mixed martial arts competitor, Radzuan is breaking the mold and giving women of all ages a legitimate sporting role model to look up to.
Living in a conservative Muslim country like Malaysia, many people in her homeland believe that what she is doing is un-Islamic, and she should be taking on more traditional activities such as cooking and domestic interests.
Inspired by Ann Osman’s advocacy to erase the negative perception of women’s participation in combat sports, Radzuan believes that religious consciousness from certain people should not stop female mixed martial artists from pursuing their dreams.
“Being a mixed martial artist and being a Muslim as well shouldn’t hinder what I want to do or with achieving my goals or my ambition. We don’t believe religion should stop us. Islam teaches us to work hard,” said Radzuan, who also works as veterinary nurse.
Over the past decade, women’s mixed martial arts rose from relative obscurity to noticeable heights that many could not fathom in such a short span of time.
The once male-dominated sport has been infiltrated by women equipped with equal prowess to engage in high-testosterone action, at times even with more gusto than their male counterparts.
After years of being told that they “just weren’t good enough” and that there “wasn’t enough girls to form a legitimate bracket”, women are finally gracing the biggest platform of the mixed martial arts world.
“Some people even say I should just stay at home or do another job, but I ignore this kind of people. This is my passion. I believe it’s great because we are making a difference, especially in Malaysia,” she expressed.
“Now I see women who are interested in martial arts for self-defense purposes. It’s a great start,” Radzuan added.
As she continues to open eyes and introduces legions of already passionate enthusiasts to the burgeoning realm of Asian mixed martial arts, Radzuan seeks to exemplify the utmost confidence of a woman in ONE Championship.
“I just hope to inspire other women or even boys and girls to do what they want to do. Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve as long as you put in the commitment and work hard,” she stated.
On a quest for greatness and to deliver a show-stealing performance, Radzuan returns to action on Friday, 13 July as she squares off with Indonesia’s Priscilla Hertati Lumban Gaol at ONE: PURSUIT OF POWER, which takes place at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Even though she is facing a more experienced competitor in her second ONE Championship outing, Radzuan is confident that she will walk away with her hand raised in triumph.
“I know she is a good fighter with a good background in martial arts. Plus, she is more experienced than me. But one important key to success is self-confidence. The trait has always been with me in this journey. I look at things optimistically,” she shared.
Radzuan stressed that she is proud to be among the youngest athletes representing Malaysia in ONE Championship.
“It’ll be just another day in the office for me. I’m super excited. I am definitely taking home the win in front of my hometown crowd,” she guaranteed.

For more updates on ONE Championship, please visit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ONEChampionship, and like us on Facebook at ​

          Benildean filmmakers make it to FACINE 25      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Wazzup Pilipinas!
Four capstone projects from the Digital Filmmaking program of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) School of Design and Arts (SDA) will vie for the Best Short Film at FACINE 25: The 25th Annual Filipino International Cine Festival from October 18 to 21 in San Francisco, California.

Among those which made it as finalist to FACINE's short film competition are "Caramel Child" by Kim Timan, "Rufyla" by Coleen Tanco, "Suerte" by Carlo Fajarda, and the documentary "Hope Spots" by Joseph Dominic Cruz.

"Caramel Child," co-written by Timan with Palanca awardee Lino Balmes, is a light drama about a Filipino-American girl Katherine Kaye Jones (Angelica Ulip), or Kakay, who tries her best to look for her absentee father. Kakay's curiosity is triggered by a regional science quiz bee poster and an American client (Savino Bellini) of her mother (Sue Prado). It won Best Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Performer and Best Musical Score (Marcus Santos and Joseph Salcedo) at Pelikultura: The CALABARZON Film Festival 2018. It also brought home the Best Screenplay award from De La Salle University’s Indie Un-film Festival 2017 and competed in the short film category of Cinema One Originals Festival last year.

In "Suerte," two student filmmakers are shooting a documentary about the drug trade within their city until it descends into a very dangerous obsession for them. As they go on along with their subjects, they slowly become characters in their own film, crossing the line between observer and creator. The film competed at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, 28th Singapore Int'l Filmfest and Taipei Film Festival in Taiwan.

In "Rufyla," a T'boli tribeswoman dances for a living and encounters a dramatic turn of events in pursuit of a better life for her family. The short film is a CineFilipino 2018 student category finalist.

"Hope Spots," a finalist in the documentary category of UP Cinema's Piling Obrang Vidyo, looks into the debut of women wrestlers in a fight sponsored by the Philippine Wresting Revolution. It zeroes in on the local professional wrestling scene, presenting the polarizing sport of pro wrestling through the lens of the homegrown promotions' first female talent.

The competition will open FACINE 25 on October 18 at the San Francisco Main Library and the SF Philippine Consulate. The winner will receive a $100 cash prize and certificate of recognition. Special citations will also be awarded in any category upon the jury's discretion.

Aside from the four Benildean student films, "Hulid" (Lie Together) by BenildeFilm program coordinator Jan Philippe Carpio also made it to the competition. The experimental narrative questions sexual pleasure, voyeurism, detachment and the paradox of public anonymity.

The selected films cover a wide range of format, genre, style and subject, with varying lengths of 45 minutes and less, both student and professional works, including notably films by non-Filipino filmmakers with the Filipino as subject.

"The finalists cover a wide range of genre, format, style and subject, all 45 minutes and less in length, both student and professional works, including notably films by non-Filipino filmmakers with the Filipino as subject," FACINE Director Mauro Feria Tumbocon Jr. said.

Meanwhile, nine full-length films will slug it out for the Best Film and other awards in the main competition from October 19 to 21 at the Roxie Theater, also in San Francisco. Vying for awards in the different categories are "2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten" written by Jason Paul Laxamana and directed by Petersen Vargas; "Bomba" by Ralston Jover, "Kita Kita" by Sigrid Andrea P. Bernardo; "Meet Me in St. Gallen" by Irene Emma Villamor; "Melodrama / Random / Melbourne" by Matthew Victor Pastor; "Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha" by Mes de Guzman; "Pauwi Na" by Paolo Villaluna; "Tale of the Lost Boys" by Joselito Altarejos; and "Tu Pug Imatuy" written by Arnel Mutia Mardoquio and directed by Arbi Barbarona.

FACINE is organized by the Filipino Arts and Cinema International, a nonprofit media arts organization that aims to promote and develop Filipino cinema from the Philippines and the Filipino diaspora. It has organized the festival for the past 25 years.

          Philippines Hosts Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Wazzup Pilipinas!
As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) concludes the commemoration of its 50thanniversary, the Philippines marks the historic occasion by hosting a contemporary art exhibition featuring ten artists who will represent each ASEAN member state.

The exhibit titled Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia is curated by noted art historian, scholar, and curator Patrick D. Flores.

It will be held simultaneously in three major art institutions in the Philippines: the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET Manila), the University of the Philippines Vargas Museum, and the Yuchengco Museum.

The exhibition’s artists from the region will gather in Manila to open the exhibition on August 8 (MET Manila), 9 (Yuchengco Museum), and 10 (Vargas Museum) with a series of programs for each venue. The opening reception of each venue starts at 5pm. The exhibition will be on view from August 10 to October 6, 2018.

The project is presented by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) through the Dalubhasaan Para sa Edukasyon sa Sining at Kultura (DESK) with the support of the Office of Senator Loren Legarda.

“Ties of history” is a phrase taken from a document signed by ASEAN’s founding members on August 8, 1967. The document describes “a region already bound together by ties of history and culture.” A region that is “conscious that in an increasingly interdependent world, the cherished ideals of peace, freedom, social justice, and economic well-being are best attained by fostering good understanding, good neighbourliness and meaningful cooperation among the countries of the region.” The document gave birth to the regional organization, which taken as a collective is the world’s 5th largest economy. 

Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia is a survey of contemporary art, on the one hand. On the other, it is a diligent study of a particular practice. The project selects three works of each artist from the ASEAN countries to be exhibited in three institutions. This enables the exhibition to present a more in-depth look into the interests of the artist and allows the audience from different parts of the city to view the exhibition.

As Flores, who was recently appointed as Artistic Director of Singapore Biennale 2019, explains, “this undertaking…draws attention to the thoughtful and sensitive process of artistic transformation and maturity and tries to avoid the tendency of survey exhibitions to merely select the most popular or the most accessible.”

“It also reminds us that artistic practice is not fully formed but rather gleaned in the condition of constant forming. It is this constant forming that the project endeavors to curate,” he adds.

NCCA Chairman Virgilio S. Almario agrees that “[t]here is much to gain in gathering the talents of the region in order to view not only their works but to also reflect on the realities each of them respond to.” He further emphasizes that “it is a proud moment that the Philippines initiates this celebration of ASEAN artists.”

Almario also remarks on the importance of the ASEAN in the current climate. For him, “[the] ASEAN is a unique regional organization because it aims to be known to the world as one community despite its diversity in religion, race and culture. In a world troubled by differences in belief, finding peace may be meditated through art that lets us see the threads that string us together.”

Senator Loren Legarda, one of the Philippines leading cultural advocates, expresses her pride with the recent developments in Philippine contemporary art: “Support for Philippine contemporary art is at its peak with our participation at the Venice Biennale for four consecutive years after a 51-year absence, with Dr. Flores as the first curator since our re-entry. This collaborative endeavor further puts the country at the center of contemporary art globally, not just in Asia. I invite our ASEAN neighbors to continue this art project annually or in the form of a biennial in the same manner by which we host political and economic affairs in ASEAN.”

Featured Artists

Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia aims to identify artists from across generations who have demonstrated both responsiveness and range in relation to the concerns of aesthetic material and socio-historical contexts.

A contemporary artist based in Singapore known for her collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to art, Amanda Heng (b. 1951) explores social issues in the context of Singapore’s inter-cultural social milieu.

Roberto Feleo (b. 1954) is a seminal Philippine artist whose works are sharp sociohistorical commentaries on Philippine myth and history and creative investigations into local materials and techniques.

Known for his practice that includes the use of natural materials and traditional tools used in Indonesian craft, Anusapati (b. 1957) has inspired a younger generation of artists disposed to respond to craft, modernism, and the environment.

Do Hoang Tuong (b. 1960) of Vietnam belongs to an influential generation of abstract painters in the South of Vietnam in the 1990s. From an academic perspective and within the narrative space of his paintings, he expresses the desire of a founding condition of a new subjectivity.

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn (b. 1971) was born in Laos and came to Australia in 1979. Her practice implicates Lao cultural references interwoven with Australian and other cultural mediations in a productive space of resettlement.

Working with photography and the moving image, Chris Chong Chan Fui (b. 1972) from Malaysia questions and redirects how humans work within such intersecting fields as economics and ecology.

Jedsada Tangtrakulwong (b. 1972) lives and works in Thailand. His practice is informed by Thai cultural sign systems and reflects on the delicacy of daily existence.

Min Thein Sung (b. 1978), born and based in Myanmar, works with and on motifs, media, and processes inspired by the everyday and his childhood.

Artist and curator Vuth Lyno (b. 1982) from Cambodia is the Co-founding Artistic Director of Sa Sa Art Projects, an artist-run space initiated by the Stiev Selapak collective in Phnom Penh. His artistic and curatorial practice is primarily participatory in nature, exploring collective learning and experimentation.

Working with organic materials, Yasmin Jaidin (b. 1987), a contemporary artist from Brunei, interrogates how these elements are often overlooked in the context of contemporary life.

Selection Process

A network of practitioners in contemporary art in the region was consulted in the selection of artists for the exhibition. These advisors include Ahmad Mashadi, Head of the National University of Singapore Museum; Khim Ong, Deputy Director, Curatorial Programmes at Nanyang Technological University Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (NTU CCA Singapore); Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani, independent curator, writer, and lecturer of Southeast Asian contemporary art; and independent curator and scholar Grace Samboh.

Public Program

The public is invited to join an artist talk and roundtable discussion with the advisors from the region as they discuss contemporary art in Southeast Asia on August 11 at the MET Museum of Manila. There will also be a public and education program to feature talks and lectures by scholars of and practitioners in the region in the duration of the exhibition’s run.

For details relating to the exhibition’s education programs, please check our social media pages @tiesofhistory or email us at to be added to our mailing list.

L-R, clockwise- Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia featured artists— Amanda Heng (Singapore), Roberto Feleo (Philippines), Anusapati (Indonesia), Do Hoang Tuong (Vietnam), Chris Chong Chan Fui (Malaysia), Yasmin Jaidin (Brunei), Min Thein Sung (Myanmar), Vuth Lyno (Cambodia), Jedsada Tangtrakulwong (Thailand), Savanhdary Vongpoothorn (Laos)

Philippines Hosts Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia

Exhibition:                            Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia

Venue:                                    Metropolitan Museum of Manila
University of the Philippines Vargas Museum
Yuchengco Museum

Dates:                                     August 8 to October 6, 2018

Social Media:                        @tiesofhistory

Opening Reception:             5pm – 9pm
August 8 at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila
                                                August 9 at the Yuchengco Museum
            August 10 at the Vargas Museum

          FDCP Reveals Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 Lineup during Grand Launch       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Eight incredible films have been selected by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and were formally announced during the Pista ng Pelikulag Pilipino (PPP) Grand Launch last July 9, 2018 at Sequioa Hotel, Quezon City.

The 2018 lineup which will be screened in all cinemas nationwide on August 15-21, 2018 were introduced by FDCP Chairperson Liza Diño. PPP offers a diverse set of films which pushes the envelope of the movie genres that Filipinos grew to love. These films are “Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wifi” directed by Jun Robles Lana under The IdeaFirst Company, “Bakwit Boys” directed by Jason Paul Laxamana under T. Rex Entertainment, “Madilim Ang Gabi” directed by Adolf Alix Jr., under Deus Lux Mea Films, “Pinay Beauty” directed by Jay Abello under Quantum Films and Epic Media, “Signal Rock” directed by Chito Roño under Cape Signal Rock (CSR) Films PH, “The Day After Valentine’s” directed by Jason Paul Laxamana under Viva Films, “Unli Life directed by Miko Livelo under Regal Entertianment Inc. and “We Will Not Die Tonight” directed by Richard Somes under Strawdogs Studio Production. The films' respective directors and artists were also present during the announcement.

“The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino proved to be such a success especially in getting our Fillipino audiences to support a full lineup of Filpino films in one week of playdate, and we are proud that this year, we get to showcase more films of different and elevated genres that will not just entertain but will encourage discussions among the Filipino audience. There's a film for everyone and we are looking forward to everyone's support again to all of our films," said Diño.

In addition to the main entries, PPP will also showcase the Special Feature Section which will be screened in selected cinemas. The Section includes, among others, films from local independent film festivals in 2017, with “High Tide” directed by Tara Illenberger from TOFARM, “Paki” directed by Giancarlo Abrahan from CinemaOne Originals, and “Tu Pug Imatuy” directed by Arnel Barbarona from Sinag Maynila.

Short films will also be featured in PPP through Sine Kabataan Short Film Competition which will be paired with the PPP full feature entries. Proudly presented by Official Ambassador Sine Kabataan, Mr. Ice Seguerra, the films include “Alas-Nuebe ng Tanghali” directed by Enalyn Legaspi,”Anonymous Student Vlog” directed by Christian Babista, “Bahay-bahayan” directed by Bryan Spencer Reyes, “Bato Bato Pik” directed by Ardinian Jaq Sanque and Lorys Plaza, “Isang Tula para sa Nawawala directed by Rodemille Singh,“Koleksyong Pamalo” directed by Len Frago, “Masaya Ako” directed by Daniel Edwin Delgado and Tiara Angelia Nicolas, and “Runner” directed by Levi Jun Miscala.

Launched in August 2017, PPP is a seven-day exclusive screening of quality genre Filipino films  in all cinemas nationwide in line with the Buwan ng Wika. Now on its second year, FDCP aims to further maximize this time to holistically conduct a series of events and forms of support for Filipino films, from  celebratory fiestas for the public to educational fora and conferences for film industry professionals. 
PPP is presented in partnership with Unicef, Globe #PlayItRight, SOLAR Entertainment Corporation, Outpost Visual Frontier, ThinkBit, and Sequioa Hotel, and its major media partners Society of Philippine Entertainment Editors (SPEED), CNN Philippines,, MOR 101.9 For Life. It is also supported by The Manila Bulletin, Malaya, the Philippine Star, Wish 107.5 and, as well as by the following government partners, Philippine Information Agency (PIA)

Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA), and the Local Government of Quezon City.

Pista will run from August 15-21, 2018 in all cinemas nationwide.

Official PPP Entries
Ang Babaeng Allergic sa WIFI
Genre:              Romantic Comedy
Writer:               Jun Robles Lana
Director:             Jun Robles Lana
Cast:                   Sue Ramirez, Markus Paterson and Jameson Blake
A girl develops an allergy to Wi-Fi and is forced to live in a remote province, pushing her to reevaluate her relationships and the boy she believes is her one true love.

Bakwit Boys
Genre:                Musical Romance
Writer:                Jason Paul Laxamana
Director:             Jason Paul Laxamana
Cast:                  Vance Larena, Nikko Natividad, Ryle Santiago and Mackie Empuerto
Four brothers known as the Bakwit Boys get a shot at their dreams when a rich city girl discovers their music talent.

Madilim ang Gabi
Genre:                Suspense Political Thriller
Writer:                Adolfo Alix Jr.
Director:             Adolfo Alix Jr.
Cast:                  Gina Alajar, Philip Salvador and Felix Roco
A couple is caught up in drug war when their son goes missing.

Pinay Beauty
Genre:                Comedy
Writer:                Allan Habon and Rod Marmol
Director:             Jay Abello
Cast:                  Chai Fonacier and Edgar Allan Guzman
Pinay Beauty is about the perennial quest of a typical Filipina to look Caucasian and the cost they entail.

Signal Rock
Genre:                Drama
Writer:                Rody Vera
Director:             Chito Rono
Cast:                  Christian Bables, Francis Magundayao, Elora Espano and Mon Confiado
Intoy, a carefree no-hoper in  a small town decides to help his sister in Finland win a child custody battle.

The Day After Valentines
Genre:                Romance Drama
Writer:                Jason Paul Laxamana
Director:             Jason Paul Laxamana
Cast:                  Bella Padilla and JC Santos
A distraught man named Kai meets Lani, a woman who helps him mend his brokenness and soon tags her as his “Ms. Repairman.”

Unli Life
Genre:                Comedy
Writer:                Ferdinand Aguas and Jan Freud Gallon
Director:             Miko Livelo
Cast:                  Vhong Navarro, Joey Marquez, Winwyn Marquez and Ejay Falcon
Benedict, a famous podcast DJ is given several chances to travel back in time to change events that affects his lovelife whenever he drinks ‘wishky’ in a bar called “Turning Point.”

We Will Not Die Tonight
Genre:                High Octane Action-Thriller
Writer:                Richard V. Somes and Eloisa Francia
Director:             Richard V. Somes
Cast:                  Erich Gonzales and Alex Medina
Kray is a stuntwoman, an aspiring actress and an all around racketeer who can’t seem to get a break. A botched deal gone into a total haywire will challenge her principles and skillset.

Sine Kabataan Entries

Alas-Nuebe ng Tanghali
Directed by: Enalyn Legaspi
Three children were about to change their lives after a police officer caught them inhaling a rugby.

Anonymous Student Vlog
Directed by Christian A. Babista
A young girl accidentally witnessed a crime while filming her vlog.

Directed by Bryan Spencer Reyes
A young girl who dreams of becoming a mother suddenly becomes one when a baby is left at her doorstep.

Bato Bato Pick
Directed by Ardinian Jaq Sanque and Lorys Plaza
Unwanted pregnancy has caught a young couple in the midst of turmoil.

Isang Tula para sa Nawawala
Directed by Rodemille Singh
A young man finds himself searching for his mother in Hong Kong bringing with him the hope of seeing her again after ten years.

Koleksyong Pamalo
Directed by Len Frago
A boy collects all stuff used by his mother to beat him for disciplinary sanctions.

Masaya ako
Directed by Daniel Edwin Delgado and Tiara Angelica Nicolas
A boy faces many challenges in his life - separation of parents, unfaithful love and bullying. Until when will he keep on smiling?

Directed by: Levi Jun Miscala
A boy wants to continue his secondary education by becoming an athlete but his inauspicious boss obstructed this aspiration.

          Adding sass to Pakistan’s high street      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
article author: 
Tue, 2018-07-10 15:18

ISLAMABAD: “Sassy is more than just a clothing label, from the way we market ourselves to our curation of our collection to how we work and collaborate with photographers and models, we aim to bring something different to the fashion industry in Pakistan,” says Sophiya Khan, the woman behind Sassy — one of the most buzzed-about labels to hit the high street market in Pakistan.
Born and raised in Karachi, Khan moved to Lahore, joining Lahore Grammar School, where her relationship with the world of fashion and visual communications was boosted.

Main category: 
          Pakistan Christians welcome new Catholic cardinal      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
article author: 
Tue, 2018-07-10 12:58

KARACHI: Christians, a tiny minority in Islamic Pakistan, have given a warm welcome to newly appointed Roman Catholic Cardinal Joseph Coutts in the southern port city of Karachi.
Coutts was heralded Tuesday at the Karachi airport. The 73-year-old former archbishop was among 14 new cardinals appointed by Pope Francis at a ceremony in Vatican City this month.
Coutts, born in India, is only the second cardinal from Pakistan after Cardinal Joseph Cordero who died in 1994.

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          The Race to Save the Romanovs - Helen Rappaport epub      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 10 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 10 - Campionatele Naționale online dublat in romana

La Campionatele Naționale, Pin face lucrurile cum vrea el, Becky o scapă pe Jade de trac, Rosie descoperă un secret de familie, iar James încearcă să-l saboteze pe Raven.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 09 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 09 - Excursia online dublat in romana

Zoe și Pin pierd feribotul pentru Campionatele Naționale și merg cu dubița bunicului Frank. Dar o pană de benzină duce la o oprire neplanificată la un carnaval.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 08 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 08 - Gaby online dublat in romana

Gaby se antrenează în secret cu Raven, dar bunătatea lui Zoe o face să se simtă vinovată. Rosie și Ben caută comori în tuneluri. Pin face planuri cu mama sa.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 07 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 07 - Sărmanul Bob online dublat in romana

Un erou neașteptat intervine la un incendiu. Gaby își dezvăluie trecutul dureros în fața lui Zoe și Pin. Jade o ajută pe Becky într-un moment de cumpănă.

          Episode # 144: Woman Miraculously Healed of Paralysis and RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), Ema McKinley      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Hi friends, On this episode of Divine Intervention, we are joined by Ema McKinley. Ema grew up in a Christian home in Iowa, then moved to Minnesota. She had a heart to work with disabled people, and did so for many years until a tragic workplace accident in 1993 left her partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Ema suffered severe pain from a neurological disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which left her neck and spine twisted. She suffered from this condition for over 18 years, all the while many doctors at the Mayo Clinic trying all types of...
          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 06 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 06 - Fugari online dublat in romana

Zoe îl duce pe Raven într-un loc retras ca să-i ceară iertare. Becky, Ben și Rosie fac o descoperire misterioasă. Mia aude o conversație supărătoare.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 05 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 05 - Când ai 16 ani online dublat in romana

La petrecerea de 16 ani a lui Zoe, Gaby provoacă scandal între Pin și Marcus, Rosie face pe pețitoarea, iar Mia strânge dovezi despre comportamentul lui Callum.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 04 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 04 - Adevăr sau provocare online dublat in romana

Un joc „adevăr sau provocare” o forțează pe Zoe să-și analizeze sentimentele față de Pin, iar un galop pe nisip o face să trădeze încrederea lui Raven.

          Episode # 141: From Abortion Clinic Salvation to International Missionary and Author, Marta Greenman      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
On this episode of Divine Intervention we welcome author, theologian and missionary to Romania, Marta Greenman. After being sexually abused at a very young age, Marta led a destructive lifestyle as a young adult, leading her to find herself in an abortion clinic not once, but twice. After going through the horror of abortion a second time, alone in a dark clinic room, Marta called out to God asking Him to cleanse and forgive her - and He did. Marta shares how God took her broken life and restored it. In 1998 Marta left her career in corporate America to...
          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 03 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 03 - Fecioara Insulei online dublat in romana

Lucrurile scapă de sub control în timpul unui turnir la turneul anual Fecioara Insulei, când Zoe și Mia se duelează cu Gaby de la Holloway.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 02 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 02 - Un băiat de succes online dublat in romana

Gașca îl vede pe Pin într-o lumină nouă. În ultima sa zi, Marcus îi mărturisește lui Rosie un secret murdar. Becky își ia rămas bun de la vechiul său iubit.

          Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 01 dublat in romana      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Free Rein / Frâu Liber Sezonul 2 Episodul 01 - Rivali online dublat in romana

După ce școala de călărie rivală Holloway fură Cupa Regională câștigată recent de Bright Fields, Zoe și Pin trebuie să o ia înapoi înainte de interviurile Miei.

          Comment on Robert Duncan McNeill Explains Why He Won’t Be Directing ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 by Disinvited      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Nachum, "Apart from the woman atop National Amusements herself" - Nachum There's something about those words that you chose to string together that paints a picture in my mind that makes me feel guilty about enjoying it as much as I do.
          Comment on Robert Duncan McNeill Explains Why He Won’t Be Directing ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 by Nachum      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Bingo! Took the words out of my mouth. Apart from the woman atop National Amusements herself (and she's the daughter of the owner, not that she doesn't do a good job), pretty much every executive at Viacom and CBS and every producer of the show itself is a white man. In fact, they just *fired* two show runners, one a woman, one a gay man. (The second gay male show runner fired, in fact.) So let's have a little virtue signalling, so long as it doesn't affect us...
          Comment on Robert Duncan McNeill Explains Why He Won’t Be Directing ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 by Olaf      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
That's exactly how I feel about it! If some woman with darker skin color is best for the job, give it to her! If it's a gay hispanic man, give it to him. If it's a straight white man, give it to him! But please make it based on talent and not other factors, just to be political correct (God how I hate that term)...
          VideoHive - Clean Memories Inks Slideshow 20830706      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

VideoHive - Clean Memories Inks Slideshow 20830706#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

VideoHive - Clean Memories Inks Slideshow 20830706 | 284 MB
Make your elegance and clean watercolor opener or drop ink slideshow with original parallax effect, romantic slideshow, weding or lovely introduction, family opener, Scandi memories album, special event opener, quick slideshow, photo album, fast and minimal promo, simple slides, lovely slideshow, travel opener, gallery.

          Comment on Robert Duncan McNeill Explains Why He Won’t Be Directing ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 by JAGT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
It's a bit sad that diversity needs to be regulated <i>by decree</i>, so to speak. But at this point, I suppose it's a "necessary evil" needed in order to get people on board who maybe wouldn't have had a chance in the past. One step on the road towards a true "colourblind" (and "gender-blind") policy.</br> Still, why do I get the feeling that we (and by "we" I basically mean the whole Western World) had already been closer to that point. It's a gut feeling and I'm probably wrong – McNeill has been in the business for quite a while and he points out a present-day "shift". I guess it has something to do with those issues running rampant these days with a lot of <i>noise</i> sorrounding them – a whole lot of loud discord – and it all <i>seems</i> so unnecessary because anyone of a halfway progressive mindset would say: "Yeah, of course this woman/man of this colour or that colur can direct that show – I don't care as long as he/she does a good job".</br> And yet the truth is that you can hardly get rid of issues in the "background" if you don't kick them to the fore at some point...
          Vegasaur Light Leaks Bundle [MOV]      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Vegasaur Light Leaks Bundle [MOV]#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Vegasaur Light Leaks Bundle [MOV] | 15.52 GB
Light Leaks is a collection of 100% real light-ups that will improve your videos with beautiful light effects. It's a quick way to add a dream or a romantic look to your creations, give your projects a vintage feel, create cool transitions between frames, make dynamic slide shows.

          UFFICIALE – Foggia, arriva il rinnovo per Zambelli. E’ biennale      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Come anticipato dalla nostra redazione giorni fa, è arrivata la firma sul rinnovo di Marco Zambelli con il Foggia Calcio. A comunicarlo la società rossonera. Per l’ex Brescia un nuovo

L'articolo UFFICIALE – Foggia, arriva il rinnovo per Zambelli. E’ biennale sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Assemblea Lega Serie B – Calendario il 31 Luglio, ripescaggi “bloccati”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

L’Assemblea di Lega Serie B, tenutasi nel pomeriggio presso Milano, ha ufficializzato diverse notizie. La presentazione del calendario si terrà il prossimo 31 Luglio presso Cosenza. L’Assemblea, inoltre, ha deciso di

L'articolo Assemblea Lega Serie B – Calendario il 31 Luglio, ripescaggi “bloccati” sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Cristiano Ronaldo alla Juve per 105 milioni: è l’affare del secolo      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Cristiano Ronaldo è di fatto passato dal Real Madrid alla Juventus per 150 milioni di euro che includono, oltre ai 105 milioni del cartellino, anche le commissioni per il suo

L'articolo Cristiano Ronaldo alla Juve per 105 milioni: è l’affare del secolo sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Foggia, Dainelli è il nome nuovo per la difesa: arriverebbe a costo zero      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Potrebbe essere Dario Dainelli il rinforzo per la difesa del Foggia. Secondo quanto si legge sull’edizione odierna de La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, il ds Nember potrebbe ritrovare il centrale dopo

L'articolo Foggia, Dainelli è il nome nuovo per la difesa: arriverebbe a costo zero sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Foggia calcio, depositato il ricorso. Ecco tutti i dettagli sul processo di appello      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

È stato ufficialmente depositato il ricorso del Foggia calcio contro il provvedimento del Tribunale Federale Nazionale che in primo grado, nell’ambito del processo per il pagamento di compensi in nero,

L'articolo Foggia calcio, depositato il ricorso. Ecco tutti i dettagli sul processo di appello sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Bari, Paparesta si tira fuori: “Non interessato alle quote di Giancaspro”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In merito alle vicende societarie della FC Bari 1908 spa, nella mia qualità di socio, dopo ben quattro giorni dal termine improcrastinabile previsto dall’assemblea straordinaria per l’aumento di capitale necessario

L'articolo Bari, Paparesta si tira fuori: “Non interessato alle quote di Giancaspro” sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Comment on Japanese Nostalgic Train: The iconic Odakyu 7000 Series “Romancecar” makes its last voyage by MikeRL411      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The cockpit design is reminiscent of the early USA Hiawatha series.
          Foggia, domani si parte. Nember a lavoro: ecco l’agenda del DS rossonero      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

La stagione 2018-2019 del Foggia è finalmente pronta a cominciare. Dopo l’incubo retrocessione e la paura di finire di nuovo nelle torbide acque della Serie C, i satanelli si apprestano

L'articolo Foggia, domani si parte. Nember a lavoro: ecco l’agenda del DS rossonero sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Foggia, i primi colpi portano esperienza: vicini Bizzarri e Dainelli      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Inizierà domani 11 luglio il ritiro del Foggia Calcio per la stagione 2018/19 che vedrà i rossoneri impegnati nel campionato di Serie B, anche se con un handicap (per il

L'articolo Foggia, i primi colpi portano esperienza: vicini Bizzarri e Dainelli sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Comment on Japanese Nostalgic Train: The iconic Odakyu 7000 Series “Romancecar” makes its last voyage by dbdr      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
They're so cool - especially the 60s one! Thank you for letting me know about them.
          La Serie B presenta il pallone per la stagione 2018/19      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Presentato questa mattina dalla Lega B il pallone per la stagione 2018/19. Si tratta del Kombat Ball 2019 della Kappa. Maurizio Morante –

L'articolo La Serie B presenta il pallone per la stagione 2018/19 sembra essere il primo su Foggiacalciomania.

          Book Club 2018 HD Cam x264 AAC-rDX      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Book Club 2018 HD Cam x264 AAC-rDX#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000
Book Club 2018 HD Cam x264 AAC-rDX
Language : English
698 MB | 1 h 36 min | mkv | | 680x280 | AAC, 48.0 kHz, 2 channels,
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
iMDB info

Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading 50 Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.

          Charley’s War      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun (2018). Charley’s War Vol. 3: Remembrance - The Definitive Collection. Londres: Rebellion.

Se queremos ler a obra definitiva em banda desenhada sobre a I Guerra Mundial, Era a Guerra nas Trincheiras de Tardi é o livro incontornável. E, logo de seguida, diria Charley's War de Pat Mills e Joe Colquhoun. Tardi seguiu um caminho de rigor histórico com sentido crítico, retratando na perfeição o absurdo e horror da guerra. Um trabalho de rigor e crítica que lhe valeu a admiração dos leitores e, com uma certa ironia, honras militares do estado francês.

Pat Mills seguiu um caminho similar, mas mais discreto. A série Charley's War segue as aventuras de um soldado comum do exército britânico durante a I Guerra, acompanhando a dureza das trincheiras. Embora se mantenha dentro dos padrões dos comics britânicos, Mills aproveita a estrutura narrativa dos comics de guerra para passar uma forte mensagem crítica. Não há heroísmos, apenas a necessidade de sobrevivência face ao inimigo e à inépcia assassina dos comandantes, corrupção e estratificação social, e o horror do confronto diário com a morte violenta. Charley, retrato do comum bloke britânico, arregimentado para combater numa guerra que não é a sua, tudo suporta e sobrevive, apenas para receber em troca o ser um dos muitos desempregados de longa duração na depressão que se seguiu à guerra.

O trabalho de Mills é especialmente corrosivo se o enquadrarmos no contexto dos comics britânicos. São um meio comercial, e o género de guerra sempre seguiu narrativas elementares, meras histórias de aventura em combate, cheias do heroísmo dos bravos soldados britânicos e de fiabilidade histórica entre o duvidoso e o absurdo. Um estilo que ainda hoje sobrevive na interminável edição da revista Commando. Mills pegou neste estilo e conseguiu utilizá-lo para passar uma inesperada visão crítica da guerra e da sociedade britânica, mantendo o tom de aventura. Deve ter sido uma enorme surpresa para os leitores das revistas para rapazes britânicas quando, em 1979, as histórias das desventuras do soldado Charley Bourne começaram a quebrar o modelo narrativo dos comics de guerra.
          Storie, storielle, storiacce di casa Medici      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Lorenzo duca di Urbino, Caterina, Leone X e Clemente VII.

Chi era Lorenzo dei Medici, duca di Urbino? Era figlio di Piero, il figlio maschio primogenito di Lorenzo dei Medici, e di Alfonsina Orsini. Vantava quindi una discendenza diretta da Cosimo il Vecchio.

Il suo nome è passato alla storia più per l’ illustre parentela che per il suo operato: ricevette il nome del nonno che era da poco scomparso essendo nato nel 1492, quel Magnifico Lorenzo che aveva fatto la storia non solo di Firenze ma del suo tempo, e fu quindi nipote di papa Leone X, uno dei Medici asceso al soglio pontificio, e fu anche padre di quella Caterina che sarebbe diventata regina di Francia. Conobbe Francesco I re di Francia e sposò una discendente della casata. Con una tale parentela non si trema: il titolo stesso di Duca d’Urbino fu il risultato di un’usurpazione perpetrata dal potente zio Leone X ai danni dell’effettivo tenutario Francesco Maria Della Rovere, pare per diretta, continua ed estenuante richiesta da parte dell’ambiziosa madre Alfonsina Orsini al papa perché desse uno stato al figlio. Quando il Della Rovere intervenne militarmente per recuperare il ducato nel 1517, Lorenzo non si distinse per le sue virtù militari e la sconfitta del Della Rovere fu solo dovuta alle scarse finanze. In realtà Lorenzo, detto Lorenzino, preferiva i cavalli, le battute di caccia il bel vestire e le feste e aveva una particolare propensione verso le donne:

Cristofano dell’Altissimo, Alessandro dei Medici duca di Firenze detto il Moro

Alessandro detto il Moro, futuro duca di Firenze, era suo figlio naturale anche se da altri la paternità viene attribuita al cugino cardinale Giulio, l’altro papa Medici con il nome di Clemente VII. Sempre lo zio Leone X lo designò suo portavoce presso il re di Francia Francesco I con il quale simpatizzò subito essendo anche lui un giovane e gaudente coetaneo.

Raffaello: Papa leone X con i cardinali Giulio dei Medici e Luigi dei Rossi

Come è beffardo il destino: chi avrebbe potuto immaginare che quel Francesco I sarebbe diventato il suocero della figlia che ancora non era nata? Le sue nozze con la francese Madeleine de la Tour d’Auvergne, altro regalo dello zio papa Leone X e della sua volontà di legare i destini dello stato pontificio e di Firenze alla Francia, avvennero nel 1518 ma solo un anno dopo Lorenzo, da anni afflitto dalla sifilide, moriva preceduto di pochi giorni dalla moglie, deceduta presumibilmente di febbri puerperali nel dare alla luce il 13 aprile del 1519 la figlia Caterina.

Oggi le spoglie di Lorenzo riposano nella Sagrestia Nuova di San Lorenzo a Firenze, ma il suo non è un monumento funebre qualsiasi, un altro grande lega il suo nome a quello di colui la cui morte non dispiacque né ai fiorentini né allo zio papa: Michelangelo Buonarroti. Spesso per l’omonimia, il sepolcro viene scambiato per quello del nonno, anche se la statua sulla nicchia sovrastante, opera del grande maestro, ne raffigura l’effige in atteggiamento pensoso o malinconico e per nulla somigliante ma ne idealizza, insieme alle sculture del Crepuscolo e dell’Aurora che lo corredano, il concetto del Tempo che trascorre e che “tutto consuma”.

Michelangelo, Cappelle medicee Lorenzo dei Medici duca di Urbino

Com’è difficile seguire la genealogia di casa Medici: i loro nomi infatti si ripetono sempre uguali, a danno di qualcuno ma in questo caso a favore di un Lorenzo che i fiorentini battezzarono Lorenzino, per distinguerlo, come per Lorenzaccio altro rampollo della casata, da quell’ unico Magnifico.

La piccola Caterina, appena nata fu subito orfana di padre e madre contemporaneamente nell’arco di soli 22 giorni. Caterina Maria Romola dei Medici non aveva ereditato solo i vari nomi a corredo ma molti averi da parte e del padre e della madre: era una rampolla preziosa, non solo perchè era ultima discendente legittima di Cosimo il Vecchio, ma anche perchè nei tempi politicamente tristi in cui trascorse la sua infanzia rappresentava un’ottima merce di scambio. I suoi primi anni di vita non possono dirsi felici: prima con la nonna paterna che muore illacrimata nel 1520, poi tra conventi fiorentini, di Santa Lucia e della SS. Annunziata delle Murate, quindi alla corte papale a Roma.

Caterina dei Medici in un dipinto attribuito a Francois Clouet

Mai fanciulla fu più contesa. Vantava vari pretendenti, anche se non poteva dirsi bella, ma in tempi turbolenti come quelli, quando contavano i matrimoni politici, a soli 10 anni era stata proposta sposa a principi e nobili italiani e stranieri. Fu Clemente VII, l’altro papa Medici, succeduto al breve papato di Adriano VI alla morte di Leone X, che concluse gli accordi internazionali promettendo Caterina ad Enrico di Valois duca d’Orleans, figlio di Francesco I re di Francia. Nel 1533, a 14 anni, Caterina è sposa, a 28 regina e a 40 vedova.

La regina nera, per il lutto stretto che la contraddistinse alla morte del suo amato Enrico, la negromante per aver affidato come molti altri re e principi le decisioni appoggiandosi a grandi figure di visionari come Nostradamus, la sanguinaria per la strage di San Bartolomeo, la magnifica innovatrice: questi i vari epiteti che l’hanno consegnata alla storia. L’ultimo, legato ad una pubblicazione che la riguarda, la immortala come il bisnonno ed è quello che più condivido.

Storie storielle storiacce di casa Medici

Salvina Pizzuoli

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La recuperación de la paz reanima la agricultura y el comercio
          Uomini e donne tedeschi      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Invidia dell`italiano e involuzione sessuale ed estetica: 

una poco seria esposizione sui generi sessuali tedeschi e la storia


Attenzione: contiene 2 parolacce e un paio di battute e allusioni politicamente scorrette

Quando un ometto tedesco si immagina un italiano, nei suoi occhi si accende subito un`impercettibile scintilla d`invidia. Perche` l`italiano e`, per definizione teutonica, un macho, un vero duro. E` bello anche se non alto, gira spavaldo e abbronzato, con i capelli pieni di gelatina e il pelo nero sul petto. L’ uomo italico mangia anche tanti spaghetti che gli servono da carburante per gli innumervoli amplessi con le femmine, numerose e tutte ai suoi piedi.

Ah, povero, povero ometto tedesco, come vorrebbe essere un uomo italiano, invece no, niente e` piu` lontano dal suo essere. In Germania infatti gli uomini si aggirano con sguardi da teneri o isterici coniglietti spaventati, e i veri uomini, quelli coi pantaloni, il pelo sul petto, gli spaghetti e gli innumerevoli amplessi, quelli sono le donne tedesche, si, le donnone crucche. Le donne tedesche sanno fare tutto, da montare una ruota di scorta a costruire una baita in legno lappone, da cucire una sciarpa per giraffe a cucinare giapponese. Le vedi al mattino in biciletta sotto la pioggia scrosciante con due bambini impermeabilizzati, uno dietro e uno davanti del peso complessivo di 70 chili, piu` una cassa di birra in equilibrio sul manubrio e il polpaccio nudo e gonfio che trionfa come un trofeo sul pedalino.Che spettacolo.

Le donne vincono. Non c` e` piu` il cancelliere, ma la cancelliera Angela, e il sindaco di Berlino, la capitale del Reich, e ` dichiaratamente Omosessuale. Evviva, Berlino e` la capitale dei Gay, ci sono piu` Gay che etero maschi oramai ma e` meglio cosi`, visto il processo di degenerazione dell`eterosessuale maschio tedesco.

Eppure io mi ricordo di tempi migliori, forse neanche troppo lontani (anche se molti fingono che siano passati secoli,chissa` perche`), i tempi d`oro dell`uomo tedesco: ah, come era bello!! Ariano, virile ginnico biondo stallone, pronto a conquistare il mondo diffondendo la sua razza a suon di mani tese verso l`alto e strillacci.

Che vi e` successo, bei barbaroni biondi, ohime`? Tutta colpa di quel bassettino austriaco invidioso della vostra bellezza chiamato Adolfo. Si sa che i belloni sono stupidi.

Cosi` Adolfo, isterico ma furbo,se ne e` arrivato e ha imbambolato i bamboloni e spediti al macello, come tenenti, soldati, Artiglieri, bombardieri. E cosi` mentre i belloni facevano la guerra, le donne tedesche imparavano a fare tutto da sole e dovevano, ecco la prima parolaccia, tirare fuori i coglioni.E cosi` ora capite la storia. I bamboloni son tornati dalla guerra sciancati, mutilati e depressi e traumatizzati. Non solo. Con il grande senso di colpa di avere combattuto dalla parte sbagliata, quella perdente, e quella degli stronzi (un`altra parolaccia, per dindirindina, ma in questo caso ci sta proprio).

E mentre le donne a Berlino frugavano tra le macerie e ricostruivano la citta`, gli uomini tedeschi si son beccati i complessi di inferiorita` statosferici, e sono diventati quello che sono oggi, fondamentalmente bevitori di birra.

E ora c` e` solo da sperare che la cancelliera spedisca le donne in qualche guerra falsa ( esistono guerre giuste?mm) cosi` gli uomini impareranno di nuovo a fare tutto da soli e tireranno di nuovo fuori i muscolazzi davanti alle amazzoni debilitate da nuovi sensi di colpa. Ma a che pro?

E poi, come sappiamo, la storia non si ripete mai uguale.

In Italia non tornerebbe mai per esempio una dittatura simile a quella mussoliniana, con un omettino megalomane che si prende tutto il potere.


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Educated by Tara Westover

I couldn't put this book down-I love memoirs in the first place but this one reminds me a whole bunch of Glass Castle -it's that good.  (It also reminds me of North of Normal and The Distance Between Us.)  

On another note, I hope you all were able to take advantage of strawberry season because we sure did.  We ate about 12 quarts of those babies.  We are now consuming sweet cherries at the same rate.

"All in all, it was a never to be forgotten summer — one of those summers which come seldom into any life, but leave a rich heritage of beautiful memories in their going — one of those summers which, in a fortunate combination of delightful weather, delightful friends and delightful doing, come as near to perfection as anything can come in this world."
L.M. Montgomery

          Deal close: Chelsea set to complete double £57.5 million swoop on Wednesday      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Deal close: Chelsea set to complete double £57.5 million swoop on Wednesday - originally posted on

Chelsea’s long-winded pursuit of Maurizio Sarri and Jorginho could reach a conclusion on Wednesday. Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has claimed that the transfers are edging closer to being completed following discussions earlier this week. Napoli midfielder Jorginho is understood to part of a £57.5 million deal that will see Sarri appointed as manager at Chelsea. The Blues were linked with Sarri back in February and although other managers were tipped to take over at Stamford Bridge it appears he is owner Roman Abramovich’s number one choice. Speculation surrounding Antonio Conte’s future at Chelsea has rumbled on for months and

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Keanu Reeves and Molly Ringwald, together again for the first time since, well, never. Unlikely costars despite being actors of the same generation, they play husband and wife in "Siberia" — though their collaboration, like many things about this puzzling film, is not what it seems.

Despite acting...

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The search for a Virginia woman who went missing near Amboy Crater in the Mojave Desert is being hampered by the rugged terrain and triple-digit ground temperatures that are too hot for search dogs.

Susan Schmierer, 65, and William Schmierer, 64, tourists from Virginia on a cross-country road trip...

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A man harasses a woman for wearing a Puerto Rico shirt, saying it's 'un-American' ...
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I lager sedan 09.07.2018:
83 € - Artikelnr. 295582

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posso sbagliarmi tra pressione e depressione, ma se il motore funziona come aspirato vuol dire che la turbina sta funzionando senza comando

Statistiche : Inviato di sergioT - il lunedì 15 luglio 2013, 11:02 - Risposte 28 - Visite 900

          Lancia Ypsilon 1.3 Mjet non Rende      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
sergioT ha scritto:posso sbagliarmi tra pressione e depressione, ma se il motore funziona come aspirato vuol dire che la turbina sta funzionando senza comando

Quella turbina non ha la geometria variabile e senza comando dovrebbe generare la massima pressione, se non ci fosse un problema, naturalmente. E poi la wastegate funziona con la pressione della turbina stessa.
Immagine Immagine

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Can you name even one American religious leader who is a woman? The people who garner attention from the general public tend to be men. But there are plenty of examples of women working in spiritual matters who have had great influence. Adrian Shirk, who teaches women's studies and creative writing, writes of these remarkable women in And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Stories from the Byways of American Women and Religion .
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Brett Kavanaugh May Have A Jim Jordan Problem

It seems that newly-minted SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh likely has a Jim Jordan problem.

Reach back into your memory to December, 2017, when 9th Circuit Court Judge Alex Kozinski abruptly "retired" amid a cascade of accusations about how he harassed his clerks and others.

Kavanaugh clerked for Kozinski, and then served alongside him to screen clerks for Anthony Kennedy.

Heidi Bond, a former clerk of Kozinski's and now a romance novelist writing as Courtney Milan, wrote a wrenching first-person account of what it was like to work with him. In her account, she describes Kozinski pulling up pornographic photos and asking her opinion of them. But worse -- far worse -- than that was his constant abuse of power and bullying.

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          Humor: 20 Imágenes que serán un antidepresivo instantáneo para tu vida      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Se sabe que el emperador romano Marco Aurelio dijo: “La felicidad de tu vida depende de la calidad de tus pensamientos”. Ya es un hecho conocido que podemos controlar nuestro estado de ánimo si pensamos de manera positiva. Si te sientes cansado o triste, reírte de algunas imágenes divertidas te animará y hará que tus ideas tomen una dirección más positiva. Hemos recopilado una serie de imágenes divertidas que seguramente te subirán el ánimo. 1. Parece que no son tan avanzados como dicen Soluciones avanzadas de estacionamiento. 2. ¡La vista más aterradora del mundo! ¡Yo era tu piloto! 3. Incluso el más valiente de todos puede alterarse con un ratón de peluche 4. Siempre hay alguien que consistentemente arruina las fotos 5. ¿Normas de seguridad? ¿Qué es eso? 6. “¡No pasarás!” Thou shall not pass! #closed #roadsign #перерыто🚧 A post shared by Életem kis naplója mindenről🇭🇺 (@galeta_anton_live) on Jun 23, 2018 at 12:07am PDT 7. La forma incorrecta de instalar señales de tráfico #theyhadonejob ! A post shared by Ethan Wray (@___ethanwray__) on May 27, 2017 at 4:11pm PDT Camino equivocado. 8. ¡Bienvenido! ¡Ingresa a la zona de trabajo! Hmm, I think not. #WhoMadeThisSign #TheyHadOneJob #DamnAutoCorrect A post shared by Arturo (@art_thefourth) on Mar 15, 2015 at 11:25am PDT Entre a la zona de trabajo a partir de este punto. Solo personal autorizado. 9. “Gracias por la advertencia” They had ONE JOB! Lol guess I cant use this escalator… #theyhadonejob #youhadonejob A post shared by Shervonne Sang Hee 상희 (@shervonnesanghee) on Nov 3, 2015 at 9:10am PST Perdón por los inconvenientes causados, esta escalera mecánica está fuera de servicio. 10. “¡No te preocupes! Yo sostendré la escalera” 11. Ellos tenían un trabajo… Summer is almost over… So make sure you stay in school kids… Or should We say SCOHOL!? 😂😂😂 #theyhadonejob #Repost @news6wkmg with @repostapp ・・・ Looks like someone didn't pass their spelling test! The street in front of Pine Ridge High School in Deltona might need a new paint job soon #scohol A post shared by 997NOW (@997now) on Jul 26, 2016 at 10:18am PDT Escribieron mal la palabra “Escuela”, en inglés “School”. 12. Es hora de abrir el refresco por los lados, como solíamos hacerlo cuando éramos niños Carton opening fail. #theyhadonejob #nostraweither #firstworldproblems A post shared by iammeandimakenoapology (@organicwench) on Aug 26, 2017 at 5:13am PDT 13. “¿No hay wifi gratis? ¿Hablar entre nosotros? ¡Oh Dios!” #sydney#blackstarpastry#sundaybrunch#brunch#eatingout#sydneylife#wifi#nowifi#inthenow#irony#ironyoflife#backtobasics#conversation#conversations#chat#chatting#1995#coffee#instairony#instapic#instainspiration @blackstarpastry A post shared by Charles McComb (@lesmccy) on Jun 23, 2018 at 6:51pm PDT No, no tenemos wifi gratis… Hablamos entre nosotros, como en 1995. 14. Esos ratones son muy baratos En la publicidad, se forma la palabra “Mice” (ratones) con la “M” de McDonald’s. La frase dice: “Bolsa de ratones de 10 Lb a 1 dólar”. 15. Bueno, prometo hacerlo la próxima vez que encuentre dónde depositarla Yeah well… #classiclondon #nobinsanywhere #atleastyoutried A post shared by @ karolinedianak on May 27, 2018 at 4:29pm PDT Por favor, use los contenedores indicados para no causar retrasos al carro de la basura. 16. ¡Tiempo de fiesta! Ojalá hubiera captado el error ortográfico en la pastelería, aun así, dijeron que estaba delicioso Party time! Wish I had caught the spelling error at the store but oh well 🤷‍♀️ I was told it still tasted delicious. #noapostropheneeded #youhadonejob A post shared by Dani Klahr (@daniklahr) on Jun 23, 2018 at 4:15pm PDT ¡Felicidades por tu grado! ¡Felitaciones Pablo! 17. ¡Prohibido fumar mientras estás nadando! #fails #lifehacks #youhadonejob #nosmoking #noswimming #signs #notices #warning #umm A post shared by cov247 (@cov247) on Jun 21, 2018 at 3:49pm PDT 18. “Es bueno andar en bicicleta”, decían. “No tendrás problemas con el estacionamiento”, decían 19. Algo definitivamente está fuera de lugar aquí 20. Cuando tienes un apartamento pequeño, pero aun así quieres un piano: tags #fyepod #meme #irony #cute #logang #f4f #dank #cancer #cursed #cursedimage #lol #epic #epicfail #giveaway #giveawaycontest #black #feminism #womenempowerment #comedy #aesthetic #textpost #dog #dogs #cat #cats #puppies #gay #lgbt #rickandmorty #emo A post shared by Willy (@fyepod) on May 12, 2018 at 2:48pm PDT ¿Estas fotos mejoraron tu estado de ánimo? ¿Cuál te pareció más divertida?

La entrada Humor: 20 Imágenes que serán un antidepresivo instantáneo para tu vida se publicó primero en Difundir.ORG.

          Chrissy Teigen comparte una foto amamantando; La polémica es tanta que lo asemejan hasta con la “menstruación”      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A ver, creo que estamos perdiendo bastante el foco aquí, pero Chrissy Teigen ahora tiene la palabra. Durante los últimos años, el acto de amamantar en público se ha convertido en todo un debate social. Por un lado su defensores creen que es un acto normal y , los más pudorosos por otro lado, argumentan que se debe realizar, pero no ha vista del resto. Ahora, la siguiente imagen de la modelo Chrissy Teigen podría generar esto, controversia: “Luna me hace amamantar a su muñeca, así que supongo que ahora tengo gemelos“, escribió en la descripción de la fotografía. El mundo lo vio y se polarizó. Sin embargo, entre el mar de comentarios, uno de ellos fue los que Teigen eligió para responderle al resto. “Por dios. Menstruar, dar a luz y tener sexo es natural también, pero eso no quiere decir que quiero ver fotos de eso y/o celebridades como Chrissy Teigen tomando un baño o amamantando. Lo entendemos”. Como pueden observar, Algunos se sienten incómodos al ver esta práctica natural. Pero Chrissy, como se los dije antes, le respondió a este usuario de Twitter. “No me importa ver fuegos artificiales granosos, selfies de Coachella o una infinidad de fotos de piscinas pero dejo a la gente vivir. Calma tus senos y pasa a la siguiente publicación“. En pocas palabras ¿Qué dijo? Así que si te molesta ver a una mujer amamantar, mira para otro lado.

La entrada Chrissy Teigen comparte una foto amamantando; La polémica es tanta que lo asemejan hasta con la “menstruación” se publicó primero en Difundir.ORG.

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(PRICES CORNER, Del.) — Five people, including three children younger than 8, were found shot dead in a Delaware home, authorities said. Troopers responded to the home in Prices Corner a few minutes before 8 p.m. Monday and found the five victims upstairs, Delaware State Police said. Police did not release the victims’ names but identified them as a 42-year-old man, a 41-year-old woman and three children under the age of 8. The Delaware State Police Homicide Unit is investigating. “There is no concern for safety in the surrounding area,” police said. This story is developing. Please check back for […]
          Cops release video of suspect in 71-year-old’s murder      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
(SANDY SPRINGS, Ga.) — Police in Georgia have released surveillance video of the suspect in the murder of a 71-year-old woman as the victim’s family pleads with the public to help catch the killer. Kay Thomasson was stabbed in the neck at her Sandy Springs home early on June 27, according to the Sandy Springs police. After the murder, the suspect stole the victim’s car, which was later found in an apartment complex in Chamblee, Georgia, police said. On Monday, police released surveillance video taken from outside Thomasson’s home that they say shows the suspect walking by. Thomasson’s children accompanied […]
           Definizione agevolata 2000/17: al via il servizio "ContiTu"       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
E' attivo il nuovo servizio a cura dell'Agenzia delle entrate-Riscossione, denominato "ContiTu", che permette di ottenere nuovi bollettini Rav per pagare in via agevolata alcuni degli avvisi/cartelle contenuti nella Comunicazione delle somme dovute che i contribuenti hanno ricevuto.
Se la domanda di adesione alla Definizione agevolata del contribuente è stata accolta, e lo stesso non intende saldare tutto l'importo, è possibile effettuare, entro la scadenza della prima rata (31 luglio 2018 per i carichi affidati nel 2017 e 31 ottobre 2018 per i carichi affidati dal 2000 al 2016), il pagamento soltanto di alcuni debiti (cartelle/avvisi) compresi nella Comunicazione ricevuta utilizzando il nuovo servizio.
L'Agenzia Entrate specifica che, mentre con il servizio "ContiTu" è possibile richiedere e stampare i bollettini Rav relativi alle cartelle/avvisi che si decide di pagare, per i restanti debiti riportati nella "Comunicazione" ricevuta, la Definizione agevolata non produrrà effetti e l'Agente della riscossione dovrà riprendere le azioni di recupero.
A questo indirizzo è possibile consultare la Guida messa a disposizione dalle Entrate, e qui è possibile accedere al servizio.
          Montana woman wins two lottery jackpots in one day      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A Montana woman who won $2,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket decided to play again the same day and won an additional $75,000.
          TSA agents find snake inside external hard drive      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Security workers at a Florida airport said they opened an external hard drive inside a woman's checked bag and discovered it contained a live python.
          Best-of de nos émissions - Pipomantis a sabré le tempo sur Beat Saber      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Plus de 100 000 exemplaires vendus en moins d'un mois, une place logique parmi les plus gros succès de Steam en 2018 dans la catégorie des jeux VR : Beat Saber s'inscrit sans contestation possible parmi les récents temps forts du petit monde de la réalité virtuelle.
          Υπαίθρια αγορά με ντόπιους παραγωγούς στην Γέρα στα πλαίσια του 2oυ Lesvos Food Fest       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Χορηγός επικοινωνίας του 2oυ Lesvos Food Fest είναι το LesvosPost

Τη Δευτέρα 9/7 τη σκυτάλη του 2oυ Lesvos Food Fest  πήρε ΚΟΙΝΣΕΠ ΜΟΔΟΥΣΑ η οποία φιλοξένησε στις εγκαταστάσεις της, στο Ντουραχάνι του Παππάδου Γέρας, όπου 20 παραγωγοί της Λέσβου παρουσίασαν τα προϊόντα τους σε κοινό και επισκέπτες.

Στα πλαίσια της εκδήλωσης έγινε γευσιγνωσία προϊόντων αρτοποιίας, ούζου, κρασιών, ελαιόλαδου, προϊόντων ελιάς, γλυκών και μαρμελάδων ενώ παρουσιάστηκαν και καλλυντικά που παράγονται στη Λέσβο από αγνά υλικά. 

Στην εκδήλωση παραβρέθηκε ο σεφ Αλέξανδρος Παπανδρέου και η δημοσιογράφος γεύσης Ιωάννα Σταμούλου οι οποίοι δοκίμασαν τα προϊόντα και συζήτησαν με τους παραγωγούς για τις προοπτικές προβολής και διαφήμισης των μικρών παραγωγών.

Ραντεβού σήμερα το βράδυ για βιβλιομαγειρέματα στο Book & Art στην Μυτιλήνη.

Καλή Συνέχεια και Καλή Επιτυχία!

 Ανοίγει σήμερα η πλατφόρμα του Μεταφορικού Ισοδύναμου- Πως θα έχετε δωρεάν ακτοπλοϊκά εισιτήρια       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Από σήμερα Τρίτη, 10 Ιουλίου 2018, ξεκινά η λειτουργία της πλατφόρμας του Μεταφορικού Ισοδύναμου.

 Οι νησιώτες των 49 νησιών, που εντάσσονται στην πιλοτική εφαρμογή του μέτρου, θα μπορούν να μεταβαίνουν στον ιστότοπο και να εγγράφονται, σύμφωνα με τις οδηγίες, ώστε να αποκτήσουν τον Μοναδικό Αριθμό Νησιώτη που θα χρησιμοποιούν στα πρακτορεία έκδοσης ακτοπλοϊκών εισιτηρίων. 

Η πλατφόρμα του ΜΙ είναι απλή, εύκολη στη χρήση και περιέχει κατανοητές πληροφορίες, ενώ η διαδικασία εγγραφής είναι σύντομη και δεν επιβαρύνει τον δικαιούχο με περιττές λεπτομέρειες.
Ο χρήστης της πλατφόρμας, για μια και μόνο φορά, θα χρειαστεί να ακολουθήσει 3 βήματα: 

1. κάνει εγγραφή με τους κωδικούς TAXIS
2. συμπληρώνει τα προσωπικά του στοιχεία και δίνει έναν τραπεζικό λογαριασμό (iban) στον οποίο θα του πιστώνονται τα χρήματα που δικαιούται από την εφαρμογή του μέτρου

Στη συνέχεια:

3. Άμεσα εκδίδεται ο Μοναδικός Αριθμός Νησιώτη, ο οποίος είναι προσωπικός και ισχύει άπαξ.

Ο νησιώτης, πέραν της επίδειξης του ΜΑΝ στα πρακτορεία των ακτοπλοϊκών εταιρειών, δεν χρειάζεται να κάνει καμία επιπλέον ενέργεια, ώστε να λάβει στο τέλος κάθε μήνα, στο λογαριασμό του, τα χρήματα που λειτουργούν ως αντιστάθμισμα νησιωτικού κόστους και τα οποία, όπως έχει ήδη τονιστεί, είναι ακατάσχετα και αφορολόγητα. 

Για τις επιχειρήσεις: 

Υπενθυμίζεται δε, ότι από την 1 Ιουλίου 2018 είναι επιλέξιμες, επίσης, και οι δαπάνες μεταφοράς προϊόντων για τις νησιωτικές επιχειρήσεις των νησιών της πιλοτικής εφαρμογής. Για αυτό το λόγο παρακαλούνται οι επιχειρήσεις, από την προαναφερόμενη ημερομηνία, να τηρούν αρχείο των σχετικών παραστατικών (φορτωτική, τιμολόγια και ναύλους επαγγελματικού οχήματος - στην περίπτωση ιδιομεταφοράς).

Τέλος, το Υπουργείο Ναυτιλίας και Νησιωτικής Πολιτικής, προβλέποντας τυχόν τεχνικά προβλήματα που μπορεί να αντιμετωπίσει ο δικαιούχος, καλεί τους νησιώτες, για όποια τυχόν απορία, να καλούν στην σταθερή γραμμή υποστήριξης του μέτρου, 215-215-7830, από Δευτέρα έως Παρασκευή 09:00 πμ - 17:00 μμ. ή να αποστέλλουν τα ερωτήματά τους, μέσω της ειδικής φόρμας που υπάρχει, στον ιστότοπο.

          Long Duration Restoration      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The long-awaited restoration of 260 Warren Street, at one of the principal gateways to the city, seems finally to be approaching its finale. The building, the owner of which is now listed in the tax rolls as Galvan Civic Housing LLC, has been transferred from Eric Galloway LLC to another for fifteen years or more, and during that time, proposals for its restoration have come before the Historic Preservation Commission three times, and three times, the HPC has granted a certificate of appropriateness only to have it expire before any of the proposed work was undertaken. The last certificate of appropriateness was granted in January 2018, and it appears the third time was the charm, for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, right around the time of the HPC's most recent review of the project, the picture of the building shown below, from the Evelyn & Robert Monthie Slide Collection, was discovered. It provided the detailed guidance needed for the HPC to insist that the original doors, which disappeared without a trace sometime in 2006, be re-created exactly as they were.

The third time was also the charm in that the proposed restoration was actually undertaken.

I have told the story at least once on Gossips of how, while driving by the building one morning, I witnessed the original doors, which had been removed and replaced with plywood sometime before, being loaded onto a pickup truck and how I followed the truck to a garage on Seventh Street. To bring the story full circle, I happened to be driving by the same corner this afternoon and witnessed the new reproduction doors being unloaded from a truck. Back in 2006, I didn't have a camera with me to snap pictures; today, I did.

          CCTV appeal after pensioner robbed at knifepoint       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Police have released images after a 76-year-old woman was targeted in Fife.
          Great sex with hot woman (5:17)      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Great sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot womanGreat sex with hot woman
           Bologna rende omaggio a Leonard Bernstein con il musical ?West Side Story?       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Il Teatro Comunale di Bologna rende omaggio da domani, 11 luglio, al compositore, direttore d'orchestra e pianista americano Leonard Bernstein nel centenario della nascita, con il suo capolavoro...
          Carolina Nymphomane Fontaine      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
079 923 78 74

Bonjour !

Je suis Carolina, une superbe Bomba Latina pornstar.

Très élégante, sexy, douce et chaude, je suis très vicieuse et je suis une vraie chienne de sexe.

Gourmande et sexy, mes formes charnelles ne demandent qu’à être embrassées, léchées, mordillées…

J’aime les longs préliminaires et quand tu lèches ma chatte rasée et mon petit trou.

J’adore jouer et j’ai à ma disposition toute une panoplie de gadgets érotiques (godes, vibros, menottes etc.). Je propose également aux amateurs de travestissement toute une garde-robe féminine. Et nous pourrons sortir ensemble lorsque tu seras travesti.

Tu aimes être dominé ? Avec moi tu te soumettras et m’obéiras car c’est moi qui commande !!! Tu embrasseras mes bottes, ensuite je les enlèverai et tu lècheras mes pieds, mes cuisses et pour finir ma chatte. Et si tu es obéissant comme récompense mon champagne doré coulera dans ta bouche.

J’aime la sodomie : au début doucement et ensuite bien à fond et bien profond. Si tu veux on baisera tour à tour. Toi en premier  puis c’est moi qui te prendrai avec le gode-ceinture.

Mais ce que j’aime avant tout c’est que tu me gicles ton sperme brûlant sur mes gros seins. Car une fois que je t’aurai bien branlé entre mes gros nichons tu ne pourras plus te retenir. Hummm j’ai envie de te regarder quand tu jouiras dessus !!! J’aime aussi te branler pour te faire venir sur mon visage, viens me donner une douche de lait chaud !!!

J’adore qu’on lèche ma chatte pour me faire jouir. Je m’assoirai sur ta bouche et je coulerai dedans quand tu me feras venir.

Si tu veux venir me voir avec un pote pas de problème. Pendant qu’il me prendra dans la chatte je te sucerai bien profond. J’aime ça et rien que d’y penser je mouille déjà. Et si vous savez y faire vous pourrez me prendre tous les deux en même temps…

J’aime faire des gorges profondes, sentir ta bite tout au fond de ma gorge, j’adore ça.

Tu aimes les massages ?  Je fais des massages professionnels relaxants et de la prostate.

Mes spécialités :

69, sodomie, branlette espagnole, caviar et douche dorée, domination hard et soft, double pénétration, éjaculation corporelle et faciale, fétichisme des pieds, GFE, gode-ceinture, fellation gorge profonde, jeux érotiques, lingerie fine, massages relaxant et érotique, massage de la prostate, masturbation, pétale de rose, rapport, service VIP, soumission, spanking, striptease, vibro… et plein d’autres bonnes choses sur demande.

Je suis une vraie femme fontaine et nymphomane, je n’ai aucune limite.

Je vous accueille avec le sourire et en lingerie très sexy.

Personnes de tous âges, femmes et couples bienvenus.

A très bientôt pour un plaisir 100% garanti.



          Woman shot in arm at car wash in Katy area      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Authorities are investigating a shooting that left a woman wounded at a car wash in Katy area.
          membuat puisi romantis       Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
membuat puisi romantis

          Carpe Diem Renga Challenge #3 Chrysanthemum Dew      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Dear Haijin, visitors and travelers,

I am under the impression that you all love this Renga Challenge feature and I think it's awesome to write a renga together with one of the classic masters. For this third episode I have again six beauties written by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694) in a translation by Jane Reichhold. I still miss her, but I know that her spirit is still dwelling here at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. As I think of her I only can smile and be gratefull that I have known her and have worked with her.

The goal is to create a renga with a minimum of six stanza and a maximum of 12 stanza. You can use the haiku I give in any order, the only thing you have to do is create the two-lined stanza between the haiku through association on the images/scenes in the haiku.

A Girl Collecting Chrysanthemum Dew by the stream (woodblock print)
Here are the six haiku by Basho to work with:

the image shows
an old woman weeping alone
my friend the moon

passing through autumn
a butterfly seems to lick
chrysanthemum dew

five or six
sitting with tea and cakes

a fireplace


a skylark sings
the pheasant's voice is
the instrumental music

how glorious
young green leaves
flash in the sun

early summer rains
falling so heavily they cover up
the waterfall

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold, taken from "Basho, The Complete Haiku")

 All great haiku ... enjoy your renga-party together with Basho.

This Renga Challenge is NOW OPEN for your submissions and will remain open until July 24th at noon (CEST). Have fun!

          Pt 2 Discipleship, Manhood & Womanhood      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
A new MP3 sermon from Gold Country Baptist Church is now available on with the following details:

Title: Pt 2 Discipleship, Manhood & Womanhood
Speaker: Phil Layton
Broadcaster: Gold Country Baptist Church
Event: Sunday - PM
Date: 7/8/2018
Length: 42 min.
          AMBOY SEARCH DELAYED BECAUSE OF EXTREME HEAT      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The search for a missing Virginia woman who disappeared near the Amboy Crater in June has been delayed indefinitely because of the extreme heat. The search for Susan Schmeirer was called off June 25 because of 117-degree air temperatures and 165-degree ground temperatures near the Amboy Crater National Natural Landmark.

...View Full Story...

          TWENTYNINE PALMS WOMAN ACCUSED OF THREATENING HER MOTHER      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A Twentynine Palms woman was arrested Saturday, accused of threatening her mother. According to a Sheriff’s report, the mother activated a medical alert alarm just before 5 a.m. Saturday and reported that her daughter, Nieya Butler, 35, was breaking items in the house in the 73800 block of Sunnyslope in

...View Full Story...

          Comment on Coffee break: Letting Go…and Taking Back…and Letting Go… by Suzanne      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Wow, many interesting things in your comment! Will definitely pray for Molly. What a wonderful gift she has! And to think you are directly related to Mary Coffin Starbuck...I am in awe! She is a fascinating woman to have made such a mark on her very male-dominated world. She's a 17th century rock star! Thanks for taking a moment to comment. Please keep me updated on Molly, and thank you for adding Tad to your prayers. Love that Phil. 4:6-7 verse. Warmly, Suzanne
          Comment on Coffee break: Letting Go…and Taking Back…and Letting Go… by Mark Magnuson      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I will pray for Tad's safety and his entire experience in Honduras. If Tad is in God's will and no doubt you have all devoted a lot of prayer to that end then he's in the safest place he can ever be. Which isn't to say it's easy to see our kids go away! I keep at the front of my mind for myself and all those whom I love Philippians 4:6-7 "Have no anxiety about any thing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." I find I usually need to say this to myself several times until I believe it again. But then I realize it is true as I'm sure you know as well. I would ask you to pray for our daughter Molly who is in the midst of a great adventure basically creating an industry as she goes in the area of personal styling. She's an Abraham going out in the wilderness trying to follow God's voice and do it His way but it is scary as it seems like you are a high wire walker without a net. She hates that people would think what she's doing is about "fashion" when in her hands it's about helping people discover how and whom God has created them to be. She has developed a unique approach helping her clients discover which "corner" they live in and then how best that would be reflected in their choices of clothing, hair and make-up. She could use your prayers as she tries to run a business with employees and all that that entails. She's a wonderful, young, godly woman who wants to do it the Lord's way. Her website is I have also ordered your book Phoebe's Light and look forward to reading it as Mary Coffin Starbuck is my 10th great grandmother.
          TLC Book Tour: Perla by Carolina De Robertis      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Perla by Carolina De Robertis, 256 pages. Available now in hardcover, Kindle, Nook, and ebook from Knopf Doubleday. A coming-of-age story, based on a recent shocking chapter of Argentine history, about a young woman who makes a devastating discovery about...
          Mother of Three Treats Rare Auto-Immune Disease with Cannabis      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
CANNABIS CULTURE -  Meet MJ Martin; a young, vibrant woman. A married mother of three with no known previous health concerns.  Seemingly unexpectedly, she began having excruciating chest pain, and trouble swallowing. MJ was in pain daily, unable to eat or drink. Doctor after doctor, test after test and MJ was finally diagnosed with Achalasia. Achalasia is a rare esophageal motility disorder affecting about one person in 100,000 per year. There is no known cause or…

          The Pot Industry is Overwhelmingly White, and One Congresswoman Wants to Change That      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Rep. Barbara Lee of California has crafted a resolution to help open up the marijuana industry to people of color. Sometimes, all it takes is a poorly named weed strain to illuminate a real problem. Just this week, Shanita Penny, the president of the board of directors for the Minority Cannabis Business Association, was contacted by a black woman who was shocked that a marijuana dispensary in Maryland is selling a strain called "Strange Fruit"…

          Export- Principali destinazioni - 2000-2017      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Il rapporto contiene le slide di sintesi con i principali dati per i primi 10 paesi di destinazione dell'export della provincia di Padova (Germania, Francia, USA, Regno Unito, Spagna, Svizzera, Austria, Paesi Bassi, Romania e Polonia) oltre alle 4 maggiori economie emergenti (Russia, Cina, India e Brasile), nell’ ordine in cui si collocando nella graduatoria provinciale. Le slide contengono alcune indicazioni sulle dimensioni dell’export anche per le principali voci merceologiche, oltre alle tendenze di evoluzione dal 2000 (con confronti rispetto al periodo pre-crisi).
          In 1726, Mary Toft gave birth to 17 rabbits      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

In 1726 London was rocked by a bizarre sensation: A local peasant woman began giving birth to rabbits, astounding the city and baffling the medical community. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll review the strange case of Mary Toft, which has been called "history's most fascinating medical mystery." We'll also ponder some pachyderms and puzzle over some medical misinformation. Show notes Please support us on Patreon!
          How the EPA and the Pentagon Downplayed a Growing Toxic Threat      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

The chemicals once seemed near magical, able to repel water, oil and stains.

By the 1970s, DuPont and 3M had used them to develop Teflon and Scotchgard, and they slipped into an array of everyday products, from gum wrappers to sofas to frying pans to carpets. Known as perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, they were a boon to the military, too, which used them in foam that snuffed out explosive oil and fuel fires.

It’s long been known that, in certain concentrations, the compounds could be dangerous if they got into water or if people breathed dust or ate food that contained them. Tests showed they accumulated in the blood of chemical factory workers and residents living nearby, and studies linked some of the chemicals to cancers and birth defects.

Now two new analyses of drinking water data and the science used to analyze it make clear the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Defense have downplayed the public threat posed by these chemicals. Far more people have likely been exposed to dangerous levels of them than has previously been reported because contamination from them is more widespread than has ever been officially acknowledged.

Moreover, ProPublica has found, the government’s understatement of the threat appears to be no accident.

The EPA and the Department of Defense calibrated water tests to exclude some harmful levels of contamination and only register especially high concentrations of chemicals, according to the vice president of one testing company. Several prominent scientists told ProPublica the DOD chose to use tests that would identify only a handful of chemicals rather than more advanced tests that the agencies’ own scientists had helped develop which could potentially identify the presence of hundreds of additional compounds.

The first analysis, contained in an EPA contractor’s PowerPoint presentation, shows that one chemical — the PFAS most understood to cause harm — is 24 times more prevalent in public drinking water than the EPA has reported. Based on this, the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy organization whose scientists have studied PFAS pollution, has estimated that as many as 110 million Americans are now at risk of being exposed to PFAS chemicals.

In the second analysis, ProPublica compared how the military checks for and measures PFAS-related contamination to what’s identified by more advanced tests. We found that the military relied on tests which are not capable of detecting all the PFAS chemicals it believed to be present. Even then, it underreported its results, sharing only a small part if its data. We also found that the military’s own research programs had retested several of those defense sites using more advanced testing technology and identified significantly more pollution than what the military reported to Congress.

Even before the troubling new information about PFAS chemicals emerged, the government had acknowledged problems relating to them were spreading. Past EPA water testing, however incomplete, identified drinking water contamination across 33 states that Harvard researchers estimated affected some 6 million people. The military suspected drinking water at more than 660 U.S. defense sites where firefighting foam was used could be contaminated; earlier this year, it announced it had confirmed contamination in 36 drinking water systems and in 90 groundwater sites on or near its facilities.

The new analyses suggest these findings likely represent just a fraction of the true number of people and drinking water systems affected.

In written responses to questions, the EPA did not directly address whether it had understated contamination from PFAS chemicals. The agency said it had confidence in its current testing procedures and had set detection limits at appropriate levels. It also stated that it is taking steps towards regulating some PFAS compounds and registering them as “hazardous substances,” a classification that triggers additional oversight under waste and pollution laws.

The agency will “take concrete actions to ensure PFAS is thoroughly addressed and all Americans have access to clean and safe drinking water,” then-EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who recently resigned, said in the written statement to ProPublica in May.

The Department of Defense also responded to questions in writing, defending its testing methods as the best available and calling it difficult to fully assess risks from PFAS because the EPA has not regulated these chemicals. A DOD spokeswoman said the Pentagon’s research group has a program underway aimed at enhancing the test methods and detecting more PFAS compounds, but suggested that no alternatives were ready for use. She did not answer questions about why the agency reported contamination levels for only two chemicals to Congress when it would have had data on many more, stating only that the Pentagon “is committed to protecting human health and the environment.”

Environmental experts aren’t convinced.

“Widespread contamination may be harming the health of millions or even tens of millions of Americans and the government is intentionally covering up some of the evidence,” said Erik Olson, a senior director for health, food and agriculture initiatives at the Natural Resources Defense Council, in an interview. The EPA and Defense Department “have done all they can to sort of drag their feet and avoid meaningful regulatory action in making significant investment in cleanups.”

In May, a Politico report revealed that the EPA and the White House, along with the Defense Department, had pressured a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to withhold a health study expected to warn that people exposed to PFAS chemicals face greater health risks than were previously understood. That report was quietly released in mid-June and, indeed, estimated safe levels of exposure are seven to 10 times smaller than what the EPA has said.

Such a determination could spur stricter limits on exposure than the EPA appears to have considered. Paired with an emerging realization that testing by the EPA and DOD hasn’t captured the true extent of contamination, the government could be forced to reconceive its approach to these compounds, said David Sedlak, the director of the Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, who helped develop one of the most advanced commercial tests for PFAS substances.

“Not talking about it isn’t going to make the problem go away,” Sedlak said. “And because these compounds are forever — they aren’t going to degrade on their own — eventually there is going to be a day of reckoning.”

The PFAS compounds might not exist if weren’t for a lab accident in 1938, when a frozen block of refrigerant turned into an extraordinarily slippery white, waxy mass. A decade later DuPont was manufacturing it as Teflon. 3M developed its own version, the molecularly similar PFOA in 1954, when a chemist inadvertently spilled a mixture of chemicals on her shoe and found the stain was impervious to soap or water. They called it Scotchgard.

These products work, in part, because the chemicals they contain are made up of some of the strongest and most resilient molecular bonds in existence, thanks to a unique structure that keeps them from breaking down. There are thousands of variations, all characterized by extremely strong daisy chains of carbon and fluorine molecules and differentiated mostly by the length of their “tails” — the string of carbon molecules that can be anywhere from two to 14 units long.

In the mid-1970s, with the use of the chemicals proliferating, Dupont and 3M began privately testing the blood of their plant workers and others. The companies had grown increasingly concerned about the toxicity of PFAS compounds, learning that they “bio-accumulate” in food and people and that they could cause harm. But it wasn’t until 2000, when 3M pulled Scotchgard from the market, that the EPA began to investigate PFAS’s potential damage to human health and the environment, and soon after, that the blood tests became public.

At first, the EPA took steps that suggested it would quickly get to the bottom of the problem. Citing the spread of contaminants in water supplies in Minnesota and Ohio, in 2002 the agency launched a “priority review” of some PFAS compounds. It wrote then that exposure can “result in a variety of effects including developmental/reproductive toxicity, liver toxicity and cancer.”

By 2003, the EPA launched its first draft risk assessment for PFOA, typically a substantial step towards establishing strict regulatory standards that limit a chemical’s use and mandate its cleanup. When the draft was released in early 2005, it said that while the epidemiological evidence remained inconclusive, rats tested with PFOA were more likely to develop liver and pancreatic cancers, and there were worrisome signs that workers in plants that manufactured PFOA had a higher risk of dying of prostate cancer.

The EPA also asked industries to voluntarily phase out PFOA-related products, including the firefighting foam, by 2015.

The question was then — and remains today — how much exposure to PFAS chemicals would make people seriously ill?

In 2009, the agency attempted an answer, issuing “provisional” voluntary guidelines for safe levels of the chemicals in drinking water. This meant that for the first time, the government offered a precise, scientific measure for how much of the compounds was too much. But it didn’t mandate those limits, or create a regulation enforceable by law. And even those limits — it would later become clear — proved too loose.

Meanwhile, other instances of water contamination — in Minnesota and Alabama — heightened concerns. One study of 60,000 residents in West Virginia and Ohio exposed to high levels of PFOS and PFOA from a DuPont manufacturing plant and an Army airfield showed they had high rates of thyroid malfunction, testicular and kidney cancers and preeclampsia. The study was completed as part of a roughly $107 million settlement of a lawsuit against DuPont. Studies on animals also linked the chemicals to structural birth defects and dramatic changes in hormone levels.

In 2013, with concern rising over the ubiquity of PFAS compounds, the EPA decided it would test for some of the chemicals in public drinking water systems. The agency regulates chemicals under the Safe Drinking Water Act and adds new substances to the list based on tests showing they’re widespread enough to pose a national threat. Listing a chemical for such testing is often a step toward creating enforceable regulations for it.

At the same time, the agency began to reconsider the health advisory limit it had established in 2009. In 2016, the agency announced a dramatically lower limit for how much PFAS exposure was safe for people, suggesting a threshold less than one-eighth the amount it had once assured would cause no harm. Under the new guidelines, no more than 70 parts per trillion of the chemicals, less than the size of a single drop in an Olympic pool, were deemed safe.

Yet even this standard remains voluntary and unenforceable. Until there’s a true limit on the concentration of PFAS compounds allowable in drinking water, soil and groundwater — and the classification of PFAS as a hazardous substance — the EPA can’t hold water utilities, companies or other polluters to account. It also can’t compel the Department of Defense to adhere to the standard or clean up contamination.

There is increasing evidence that PFAS contamination is more widespread on and around military bases than previously thought.

The Department of Defense launched a full-scale review of contamination in drinking water systems at its facilities in 2016, despite the lack of clear regulatory limits from the EPA.

This spring the Pentagon reported to Congress that 564 of the 2,445 off-base public and private drinking water systems that it had tested contained PFOS or PFOA above the EPA’s advisory limits. It also announced that groundwater at 90 out of 410 military bases where it tested contained dangerous levels of these two chemicals. A staggering 61 percent of groundwater wells tested exceeded the EPA’s threshold for safety, according to the presentation Maureen Sullivan, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for environment, safety and occupational health, gave to Congress in March. Attending to the problem, several news outlets have reported, would cost the Pentagon at least $2 billion.

In presenting its liabilities to Congress, the Defense Department took an important step in wrestling with a troublesome issue, much as the EPA had in undertaking national data collection.

But both agencies have quite deliberately chosen not to use the most advanced tools or to collect the most comprehensive data on contamination, researchers say.

To identify PFAS compounds in drinking water, the EPA uses a lab test called “Method 537,” which separates microscopic molecules so they can be more easily seen. It’s not the most sophisticated test available, but scientists have used it enough to give them — and regulators — extraordinary confidence in its results. This is the test the EPA chose in 2013, when it directed its labs across the country to test water samples to evaluate emerging PFAS chemical contaminants to help determine whether they should be regulated.

But even though the Method 537 test can detect 14 PFAS compounds, the EPA only asked for data on six of them. The EPA said this was to allow for testing of non-PFAS pollutants, since the agency is only allowed to target a certain number of emerging contaminants in each round of tests.

The agency also set detection thresholds for the six PFAS compounds included as much as 16 times higher than what the test was sensitive enough to detect — so high that only the most extreme cases of contamination were reflected in the federal drinking water dataset.

Indeed, according to a recent presentation by Andrew Eaton, vice president of Eurofins Eaton Analytical, the largest drinking water test lab in the country, which handled testing of more than 10,000 samples from 1,100 public water systems — about 30 percent of the EPA’s water samples overall — vast amounts of detected contamination was ignored by design.

Through its federal water quality reporting, the EPA has said publicly that PFOA was detected in just 1 percent of water samples across the nation. But when Eaton recently went back and reanalyzed the data the EPA didn’t want, he found PFOA was in nearly 24 percent of the samples his company tested.

Another chemical, PFBS, is considered a sentinel because in situations where it is a component of contamination also containing PFAS and PFOA, it travels further and faster in water and shows up months or years ahead in places where PFOA or PFOS are ultimately detected. The EPA has reported that PFBS was found in less than one-tenth of 1 percent of all its water samples — not even one in 100. Eaton’s re-analysis detected the sentinel chemical in nearly one out of eight of samples.

“It basically says the plume is on its way, that’s the leading indicator… PFOS and PFOA is likely on the way to your house,” said Jennifer Field, a professor of environmental and molecular toxicology at Oregon State University. Field is a leading expert on test methods for PFAS compounds. The Department of Defense helps fund her research. “If you are on the hydrological flow path it’s a matter of time and distance.”

The EPA defended its detection limits, saying its testing protocol is designed to yield consistent, reliable results even if labs conducting the tests are less sophisticated.

But the government is far from certain that lower levels of PFAS compounds than those that count as contamination by the EPA’s definition aren’t health threats. The EPA has repeatedly lowered how much exposure to PFAS compounds it considers acceptable. And when the CDC finally released its health analysis for PFAS compounds in June, it called for limits of one compound to be 10 times lower than the EPA’s current threshold, and another to be seven times lower. Such a standard would be more in line with some states, which already have tougher limits in place. New Jersey, for example, has set its exposure limit for PFOA at roughly one-fifth of what the EPA prescribes.

The EPA’s testing protocol — which only certifies the 537 test, with its limitations — also hasn’t kept up with fast-evolving science around PFAS chemicals. Researchers have identified new forms of the chemicals and, potentially, new dangers from these variants.

In 2016, Field and several other researchers — as part of a Defense Department research program examining water samples from 15 defense sites where firefighting foam was used (researchers declined to name them) — identified 40 new families of PFAS chemicals, consisting of some 240 compounds they’d never seen before.

“You’re starting to get this idea that more complex chemistry was used at these sites than was picked up in the tests, and that’s kind of the punchline,” said Field, of the firefighting foam sites in particular. “There is more mass down there, there are more species and in higher concentrations than what you see.”

Method 537, as a rule, is not capable of detecting these additional compounds. Yet when the Pentagon launched its own water testing program at U.S. bases in 2016, it chose to use the EPA’s outdated testing process, even though a test capable of detecting the presence of dozens of additional PFAS compounds was available. That test, called the Top Assay, was even developed with Defense Department support.

Instead, the Defense Department relied exclusively on the 537 test and then, when it reported its findings to Congress this past March, it offered only the results for PFOS and PFOA and not the other 12 compounds the test process identifies, because that’s what Congress had asked for. Indeed, according to one memorandum from the Department of the Navy, the armed services were explicitly instructed to withhold their extra data — at least for the time being — because it was “not being used to make decisions.”

“If you were going to spend $200 million testing DoD sites across the country, wouldn’t you want to test for all of the chemicals you know you used?” asked Jane Williams, executive director of California Communities Against Toxics, who has been active on chemical cleanup issues at Defense sites.

“It’s almost like a deliberate thing, where you’re going to tell people their water is safe to drink, and you know that you have a gap in your testing and you know that you haven’t found all of the chemicals in the water.”

Scientists are only now beginning to understand the importance of the information the government is choosing to leave out. Field has found, for example, not only that there are more variations of PFAS compounds, but that some degrade over time into PFOS or PFOA, or, like PFBS, travel faster in the environment, making them predictors for other contaminants soon to come.

Many of the variants with shorter “tails” — or shorter chains of molecules than the test methods can detect — “are likely to break through systems designed to capture” them, Field and others wrote in a 2017 paper published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. They are also more likely to elude the water treatment methods the EPA and the Department of Defense are using to clean water identified as contaminated.

The consequence of these systemic blind spots is that “by the time you see PFOS and PFOA you may have been drinking other things for a longer period of time,” Field said.

When Field retested water samples at several U.S. defense sites using the most advanced testing available, she found that many of these obscure additional chemicals were nearly uniformly present — and in huge numbers. At one site, for example, where PFOS was detected at 78,000 parts per trillion, another obscure PFAS compound was present at nearly three times that concentration.

Based on Eaton’s higher-resolution detection rates, scientists at the Environmental Working Group, an advocacy organization that researches the dangers of PFAS compounds, have generated new estimates of contamination linked to the chemicals.

They now think more than 110 million people have been exposed to the compounds through their drinking water, more than five times as many as the group had previously estimated.

The EPA “has really underplayed the extent of contamination,” said David Andrews, a senior scientist at EWG. “The scope of the problem seems to be expanding.”

          Comment on Twinsie Pics: How I Duplicated My Daughter’s Instagram Feed, Part Deux by Kristen Sandoz      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Oh Beth! You are a brave & beautiful woman. Your daughter has nothing on you. I will keep comeing back to this post when I need a laugh.
          Comment on We’re Getting Baby Skunks Because We’re Good Americans. by Kristin      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Of course the fox just needs to come home with you and then it will not be sad any longer and will be the cuddliest thing ever. That's what I tell my husband all of the big cats at zoos are thinking when they are looking at me. It's not, "Darn, I'd like to eat that!", it's "Oh, that woman loves and understands me like no one else, and I want to go live at her house!"
          Millionen-Abhebung durch Iran löst Debatte um US-Botschafter aus      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

US-Botschafter in Deutschland Richard Grenell.

Die geplante Abhebung mehrerer hundert Millionen Euro von iranischen Konten in Deutschland sorgt für einen neuen Streit um US-Botschafter Richard Grenell.

Unions-Fraktionsvize Johann Wadephul kritisierte Grenell für dessen Aufforderung an die Bundesregierung, die Transaktion zu stoppen. „Wenn die Transaktion rechtlich einwandfrei ist, darf sie politisch nicht behindert werden“, sagte der CDU-Politiker der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters am Dienstag. Die Verlässlichkeit des Devisenverkehrs könne nicht politischen Opportunitäten untergeordnet werden. „Die Stellungnahme des US-Botschafters ist erneut verstörend und mit seiner diplomatischen Rolle schwer vereinbar.“ Grenell war seit seinem Amtsantritt in Berlin bereits mehrfach in die Kritik geraten — zuletzt wegen Treffen mit deutschen Automanagern.

Iran möchte Guthaben bei der Europäisch-Iranischen Handelsbank (eihbank) in bar abheben und in den Iran bringen. Laut "Bild" will der Iran mit diesen 300 Millionen Euro Staatsbürger ausstatten, die etwa wegen der US-Sanktionen bei Auslandsreisen nicht auf Kreditkarten zurückgreifen können. Der Fall ist heikel, weil sich die USA nicht mehr an das Atom-Abkommen mit der Islamischen Republik gebunden sehen und die Iran-Sanktionen - anders als die EU, China oder Russland - wieder verschärfen. Die US-Regierung droht zudem ausländischen Firmen mit Sanktionen, wenn sie weiter mit Iran Handel treiben. Chinas Ministerpräsident Li Keqiang hatte ungeachtet dessen am Montag in Berlin betont, chinesische Firmen hätten Anweisung, sich an das vom UN-Sicherheitsrat beschlossene Atomabkommen mit Iran zu halten. Die EU prüfe, wie sie europäische Firmen gegen US-Sanktionen schützen könne, sagte auch Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. Die französische Reederei CMA CGM hatte am Wochenende angekündigt, sich aus dem Iran-Geschäft komplett zurückzuziehen.

US-Botschafter Grenell forderte die Bundesregierung auf, einzugreifen und den Bargeld-Transfer in den Iran zu stoppen. „Wir sind sehr besorgt über die Berichte, dass das iranische Regime versucht, hunderte Millionen Euro in bar von einer deutschen Bank in den Iran zu bewegen“, sagte Grenell zu „Bild“. „Wir ermutigen die deutsche Regierung auf höchster Ebene, zu intervenieren und dieses Vorhaben zu stoppen.“

Das Bundesfinanzministerium prüft derzeit die Transaktion. „Diese Prüfungen laufen entsprechend der ganz klaren Vorgaben ab“, sagte eine Sprecherin des Bundesfinanzministeriums. Sie griffen, wenn es um Transaktionen gehe, die mit Blick auf Geldwäsche und Terrorfinanzierungen mit besonderen Risiken behaftet seien. Damit seien die Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (Bafin) und die Zentralstelle für Transaktionsuntersuchung (Fiu) beauftragt. Ein Sprecher des Außenministeriums ergänzte: „Natürlich ist klar, dass Teil der Prüfung der Bundesregierung auch ist, ob möglicherweise Verletzungen gegen ein Sanktionsregime vorliegen.“

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          Серенада ценою в жизнь. Лидия Антонова      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Курортный роман от Лидии Антоновой "Серенада ценою в жизнь"

Марианна Воронцова, переводчик в крупной сети ресторанного бизнеса, отправляется в сердце Испании – Севилью, чтобы у берегов знаменитого Гвадалквивира найти свое счастье. Встреченный во время экскурсии в Алькасар таинственный испанец очарователен и опасен, как этот удивительный город апельсинов и зажигательного фламенко. Севилья – пылкая и знойная, как Кармен, чей памятник установлен на набережной, она опасная, феерическая и непредсказуемая, как коррида. Город жгучей страсти. Город любви.И именно здесь Марианна встретит того, кто похитит ее сердце. Но кто этот таинственный мужчина, и как он связан с портретом незнакомки в одном из музеев? Ведь на этом портрете старый художник изобразил девушку, чертами лица похожую на Марианну.Опасная страсть, танец на лезвии кинжала, огненный коктейль из чувств – вот что такое отпуск в Севилье.

Внимание! Онлайн-подписка доступна на ПродаМан.

Цена 80 рублей.



Другие произведения автора:

Лидия Антонова на Призрачных Мирах

          Redox-mediated formation of plutonium oxide nanoparticles      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Dalton Trans., 2018, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C8DT02396D, Paper
Anna Yu. Romanchuk, Tatiana Plakhova, Alexander Egorov, Tolganay Egorova, Pavel Dorovatovskii, Yan V. Zubavichus, Andrey Albertovich Shiryaev, Stepan N. Kalmykov
Precipitates formed by the neutralisation of Pu(III), Pu(IV), Pu(V), and Pu(VI) solutions were characterised by HRTEM, SAXS, and XRD in the suspensions. PuO2 nanoparticles uniform in size (typical diameter around...
The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry

          Two Female GOP Senators Who Seemed Hostile To Barrett Hint They´re Okay With Kavanaugh      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Daily Wire, by Hank Berrien Posted By: JoniTx- Tue, 10 55 2018 09:55:04 GMT The two woman GOP senators who had seemed recalcitrant about supporting President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court are hinting they will be fine supporting Trump’s actual nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. According to Politico, Lisa Murkowski (R'AL) and Susan Collins (R'ME) were far less confrontational after Trump’s announcement Monday night than they had been with the possibility of Judge Amy Coney Barrett joining the Court. Murkowski allowed, “Let’s put it this way: There were some who have been on the list that I would have had a very, very difficult time supporting, just based on what was already publicly known
          Police Officer Stands By As Man Harasses Woman For Wearing Puerto Rico Shirt In Forest Preserve      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
The Cook Country Forest preserve has placed a police officer on desk duty after a video showed the officer standing by as a man harassed a woman for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag.
          Comment on Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend by Gin      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Waiting for this drama.
          Comment on Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend by Female      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
@Uie It's funny that you are comparing Jang Hyuk and Ji Sung to likes of SHK and other super popular actors. JH and JS are prolific actors who worked non-stop since debut. Their working style is different from the huge 'stars'. They are not being offered high budget and high profile dramas. They are mainly working in low budget productions. And who told you they are accepting every offer on their way? Jang Hyuk has rejected Secret Garden, Bridal Mask, Producers and many more. Even recently he rejected Voice2 despite it's predecessor was a hit. He just has bad luck with choosing dramas. Even when he had huge hits he didn't enjoy the fame and he didn't worked on strengthing his stardom. He also needs to work more because he is only earning member of a big family. Same way with JS. He was not noticed properly before KMHM. JH and JS whether you love them or hate them are passionate and hard woking actors. They will continue to work even at age of 70 and 80 though their counterparts may disappear. They are just not into 'stardom'.
          Comment on Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend by Sganarel      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I'm happy that Song Hye Kyo decided to act again. :) She said once that if she liked a project she would choose it. Mystery solved. It means she likes it and she doesn't care about the writer's past projects.
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somehow i noticed that SHK is very lucky when it comes to her male leads and scriptwriter if you compared to the actresses of her generations. She’s very wise or her agency. Yet no one can deny the fact that her looks is one of the selling point.
          Comment on Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend by Uie      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Yeah yeah whatever. Stop changing your username and just stick to one. He's a legend to fans only, and that's it. I won't be fooled just because you use aggressive language and vulgarity to respond.
          Comment on Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend by You must be joking      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Whos is this fool that disrespected JH. The king of acting you dare say he just accepts whatever is thrown at him. Only a loser can make such a comment. He doesn't need to live of media hype to be a legend he does it with his acting. Mediocre actors need media hype and everyone these people have mentioned for being too choosy are all mediocre actors. JH is a genius actor who can nail every role.
          Redesign image      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
I need this image to be done again with the hands in the same position, but with more real looking hands. It is supposed to be a woman and child hand. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop)
          Theatre Of Note Presents MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Theatre of NOTE continues its 2018 season with the West Coast premiere of MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD, written by Adam Szymkowicz and directed by Christopher Johnson.

MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOODis a gender-bending, patriarchy-smashing, hilarious new take on the classic Robin Hood myth. In Szymkowicz's retelling of the tale, Robin Hood is (and has always been) Maid Marian in disguise, and leads a motley group of Merry Men (a few of whom are actually men) against the greedy Prince John. As the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, who will stand for the vulnerable if not Robin? What is the cost of revealing your true self in a time of trouble? Modern concerns and romantic entanglements clash on the battlefield and on the ramparts of Nottingham Castle. A play about selfishness and selflessness and love deferred and the fight. Always the fight. The fight must go on.

MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD will preview Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18 at 8pm, and will open on Thursday, August 23 at 8pm and run through Saturday, September 22 at Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N Cahuenga Blvd (just north of Sunset) in Hollywood.


Adam Szymkowicz (Playwright) His plays have been produced throughout the U.S., and in Canada, England, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, Slovenia and Lithuania. His work has been presented or developed at such places as Portland Center Stage, MCC Theater, Ars Nova, South Coast Rep, Playwrights Horizons, LCT3, LAByrinth Theater Company, The Lark, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Primary Stages and The New Group, among other. Published plays include Deflowering Waldo, Pretty Theft, Food For Fish, Hearts Like Fists, Incendiary, Clown Bar, The Why Overhead, Adventures of Super Margaret, 7 Ways To Say I Love You, Rare Birds, Marian, Or the True Tale of Robin Hood, and Nerve. His plays are published by Dramatists Play Service, Samuel French, Playscripts, Broadway Play Publishing, Original Works Publishing, and featured in New York Theatre Review, the Dionysian, NYTE's Cino Nights, Geek Theater, and numerous Smith and Kraus books. He was the premier Resident Playwright at The Chance Theater in Anaheim, CA and the first playwright to participate in Bloomington Playwrights Projects' Square One Series. He has been to The Orchard Project and to JAW at Portland Center Stage, served twice as Playwright in Residence at the William Inge Center, and took part in The Dramatists Guild Fund's Traveling Masters program. Szymkowicz received a grant from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism, and has been commissioned by South Coast Rep, Rising Phoenix Rep, Texas State University, The NOLA Project, Single Carrot Theater, and Flux Theater Ensemble. Adam received a Playwright's Diploma from The Juilliard School's Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program and an MFA from Columbia University where he was the Dean's Fellow. Szymkowicz is a two-time Lecomte du Nouy Prize winner, a member of the Dramatists Guild, Writers Guild of America, and was a member of Primary Stages' Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group, the MCC Playwrights' Coalition and of the first Ars Nova Play Group. He has interviewed 1000 playwrights on his blog. Szymkowicz is the Literary Manager at The Juilliard School, supporting the playwriting program there.

Christopher Johnson (Director) is a co-founder of The School of Night for whom he has directed Hercules Insane, Punch and Judy, The Final Girl and The Faggot King or The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward II. Other Los Angeles directing credits include Entropy (Theatre of NOTE), The Pity of Things - Desert Aria (also Theatre of NOTE) and Henry VI, Part I (The Production Company). Before LA, Christopher was the founding artistic director of Chicago's historic Defiant Theatre, for whom he served as producer on dozens of projects including the U.S. premieres of Sarah Kane's Cleansed and Phaedra's Love and multiple iterations of the cult classic Action Movie: The Play. Defiant directing credits include Macbeth, Titus Andronicus, Hamlet, A Clockwork Orange and Dope. Chris also penned and directed Defiant's world-premiere adaptations of Stephen King's Apt Pupil and Thomas Harris's Red Dragon (Joseph Jefferson Citation for Best New Adaptation). Other Chicago directing credits include Balacarita: The Adventures of Young Krishna (Silk Road Theatre Project), Cave Dwellers (North Avenue Productions) and Dulcitius (The School of Night, pre-LA). Christopher has appeared as an actor at The Goodman Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Lyric Opera, Chicago Opera Theatre, Redmoon Theater, The Building Stage, A Crew of Patches and Defiant Theatre.


The cast of MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD features:Kirsten Vangsness, Dan Wingard, Sierra Marcks, Joel Scher, Stephen Simon, Cat Chengery, Alysha Brady, Liesel Hanson, Kelby McClellan, Brad C. Light, Kristian Bikic, Alexis DeLaRosa, Michelle McGregor and Sarah Lilly.

MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD features Fight Choreographer Jen Albert, Set Designer Bill Voorhees, Lighting Designer Matt Richter and Costume Designer Linda Muggeridge. The production is Stage Managed by Kelly Egan.


MARIAN, OR THE TRUE TALE OF ROBIN will preview on Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18 at 8pm and will open onThursday, August 23 at 8pm andruns through Saturday, September 22 at Theatre of NOTE, 1517 N Cahuenga Blvd (just north of Sunset) in Hollywood.

Performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm.

Ticket prices are $25; students and seniors $20. For tickets and details, please call 323-856-8611, or visit to purchase tickets online and to view the complete schedule.

Special Q&A event with Kirsten Vangsness, Christopher Johnson, Kelby McClellan and vocal director Jake Anthony will be held on Sunday August 26th to discuss gender fluidity in the theater. For tickets and details for this special event please call 323-856-8611 or visit

          Random People Kissing World Cup Reporters      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Did this woman and man cross the line? Grace Baldridge, Kim Horcher, Jason Carter, and Aida Rodriguez break it down.

The post Random People Kissing World Cup Reporters appeared first on The Ring of Fire Network.

          Maya Moore is SLAM’s First Female Cover Star in 20 Years      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Female covers Slam Magazine

217-IG-MayaIn 2008, 18-year-old University of Connecticut small forward Maya Moore became the first-ever freshman (male or female) to be named Big East conference player of the year in basketball.

Ten years and four WNBA championships later, Moore is making history again.

SLAM magazine, the self-styled "Basketball Bible," revealed today the cover of its forthcoming September/October issue, featuring the Minnesota Lynx player as just the second female cover star in the magazine's 24-year history—and the first since 1998, when Moore was nine years old.

"A SLAM cover is huge because it’s a very obvious and intentional symbol of where we’re going as a game," said Moore in a video accompanying the cover story, a profile by contributor Steve Marsh. "I see it as a really big move that feels good, feels right, going in the right direction."

The sole issue of SLAM's 216 previous editions with a female cover star arrived in October 1998, with Tennessee Lady Vols standout Chamique Holdsclaw (who would go on to be selected first overall in the 1999 WNBA draft) featured wearing a New York Knicks jersey.

As for why it took two decades and 24 different LeBron James covers to feature another woman, SLAM's overwhelmingly (89 percent) male audience probably has something to do with it. But if the 2018 way of measuring a successful cover reveal serves as any indication, it took Maya Moore's a mere two hours to outpace SLAM's previous cover, featuring Phoenix Suns first-round pick DeAndre Ayton, in terms of Instagram likes.

The post Maya Moore is SLAM’s First Female Cover Star in 20 Years appeared first on Folio:.

          michael fiore digital romance home      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
michael fiore digital romance home

          Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Celebrate Their Engagement With Romantic Boat Ride      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, EXCLUSIVENow this is the look of love! Just days after Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged in the Bahamas, the famous couple continued their romantic getaway with a morning boat...

          Ford Falcon      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Ford Falcon#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000Este Ford Falcon 79 está en perfecto estado de conservación original. Está todo absolutamente perfecto, funcionando y original de fábrica sin modificar a excepción del cinturón de seguridad y dos apollacabezas. Estéreo original, parlantes originales, tapizado original, #motor sin modificar, etc. A modo de ejemplo, conserva las calcomanías originales, el manual de fábrica propio con todos los service hechos, las luces del tablero funcionan todos. Es una joya de conservación.

          New Report Accuses Amazon of Not Doing Enough to Curb Hate Groups      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

A new report, released last week by two progressive nonprofits, faults Amazon for not doing enough to stop hate groups from using its platform to sell offensive goods, including a swastika pendant and a onesie with an image of a burning cross. “Amazon,” reads the report, “enables the celebration of ideologies that promote hate and violence by allowing the sale of hate symbols and imagery on its site, including Confederate and anti-black imagery, Nazi and fascist imagery, and the newly adopted imagery of the modern white-nationalist movement.”

I’m a Jew whose family, for the most part, didn’t quite make it out of Europe. So you know what I really hate? Nazis. And like everyone who really hates Nazis, I have but one urgent question, which is what’s the best way to stop them. It’s a tough question with a simple answer, tried and true in America for decades: Let them do their thing. They want to march through Skokie? Geh gesund. They want to start book clubs devoted to the work of George Lincoln Rockwell? By all means. They want to go on Howard Stern and explain their twisted, pathetic ideology to a Jewish man and a black woman? By all means. The principle behind this approach is an an oldy but goody: It’s the idea of free speech, which, in turn, is predicated on the belief—also tried, also true—that the best defense against lunatics is to let them ramble on and to let folks judge for themselves. This idea has worked wonders for decades, and you don’t have to be a constitutional scholar to understand why some of its most ardent defenders had always been Jews.

Continue reading "New Report Accuses Amazon of Not Doing Enough to Curb Hate Groups" at...

          5 Kejadian Tragis hingga Keajaiban Terkait Serangan King Cobra      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

Palangka Raya - Bagi Anda yang suka bermain dengan binatang buas perlu lebih waspada. Pasalnya, binatang buas tetaplah berbahaya walau memberikan kesan lucu. Sebagaimana yang dialami Rizki Ahmad yang baru saja dipatuk ular king cobra peliharaannya sendiri.

Sebelumnya, foto Rizki Ahmad sempat viral karena bermain dengan ular king cobra. Pemuda yang mengaku sejak usia 6 tahun sudah suka dengan ular itu kerap menunjukkan keberaniannya bermain ular di Bundaran Besar dan Taman Pasuk Kameloh, Kota Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah.

Tapi, Minggu pagi, 8 Juli 2018, di Bundaran Besar justru menjadi bencana baginya. Dia dipatuk king cobra atau ular raja kobra.

Rizky Ahmad alias Dewa dinyatakan meninggal oleh pihak RSUD dr Doris Sylvanus, Senin, 9 Juli 2018, pukul 08.30 WIB setelah dirawat sekitar 25 jam. Kematian pawang ular berusia 19 tahun setelah dipatuk king cobra pada Minggu pagi, 8 Juli 2018, di Bundaran Besar itu menjadi buah bibir masyarakat Palangka Raya, Kalimantan Tengah (Kalteng).

Berikut 5 kejadian tragis hingga keajaiban terkait serangan ular king cobra:

1. Tidur Bersama Ular, Ritual Kematian Rizky yang Tewas Dipatuk King Cobra Peliharaan

Rizki Ahmat saat bersama ular king cobra di Taman Tugu Soekarno, sebelum dipatuk ular peliharaannya di Bundaran Besar, Kota Palangkaraya, Kalimantan Tengah, Minggu pagi, 7 Juli 2018. (Dok. Kalteng Post/Jawa Pos Group)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Kematian Rizki Ahmad masih belum sepenuhnya dipercaya, termasuk oleh keluarga. Mereka percaya Dewa masih bernyawa. Keyakinan itu mereka rasakan lantaran kondisi suhu tubuh Dewa masih hangat. Wajahnya tidak begitu pucat. Sekitar leher sesekali mengeluarkan butiran keringat.

"Pihak keluarga terus berharap adanya mukjizat. Memang korban sebelumnya sudah sempat mau dimandikan, tapi saat dipegang badannya kok hangat. Karena itu, kami keluarga tidak mau memandikannya dulu. Meski lubang kuburan sudah selesai digali," kata Suwardi, ayah korban, Senin sore, dikutip

Sampai malam sekitar pukul 21.30 WIB, puluhan warga masih berdatangan. Mereka mengerumuni tubuh Dewa yang ditutup kelambu. Mereka menyebutnya ritual tidur bersama ular. Sontak, hal yang masih awam dilihat warga Palangka Raya itu menyedot perhatian warga yang berbondong-bondong datang ingin melihat secara dekat.

Suwardi mengungkapkan, Dewa sempat berpesan, jika suatu saat kobra atau ular peliharaannya menggigit, tak boleh membalasnya dengan menyiksa atau membunuh king cobra itu.

"Anak saya berpesan, jika sewaktu-waktu tergigit oleh ularnya sendiri, tolong jangan dibunuh, tapi dilepasliarkan saja," bebernya kepada Kalteng Pos (Jawa Pos Group) di rumah Jalan Danau Rangas.

Baca berita menarik lainnya di sini.

Saksikan video pilihan berikut ini:


Tragedi Sahur dan Kobra Nyelonong ke Puskesmas

Muamar Syahida, mahasiswa kehutanan di Pekanbaru, Riau, penakluk king cobra hidup dengan belasan ular beracun atau berbisa. (M Syukur/

2. Tak Kunjung Sahur, Ibu Muda Ternyata Tewas Digigit King Cobra Saat Tidur

Seorang ibu rumah tangga, Siti Fatimah binti Sawadi (38), di Desa Cihonje RT 02/12 Kecamatan Gumelar Kabupaten Banyumas, Jawa Tengah, diduga meninggal akibat gigitan ular king cobra ketika ia sedang tertidur.

Tragisnya, ia diketahui telah meninggal dunia saat dibangunkan untuk bersahur di hari keempat Ramadan 2018, Minggu dini hari, sekitar pukul 03.00 WIB.

Informasi yang diperoleh, suami korban, Tohirin (35), ketika itu baru pulang menjelang waktu sahur tiba, sekitar pukul 02.00 WIB. Ia melihat istri dan dua anaknya tidur di depan televisi dengan beralaskan kasur lantai.

Tak ingin menganggu, warga Banyumas ini pun menuju kamarnya dan langsung tertidur lantaran kelelahan. Menjelang waktu sahur, ia kembali terbangun. Sebabnya, istrinya tak kunjung bangun untuk mempersiapkan santap sahur.

Sekitar pukul 03.00 WIB, ia pun membangunkan istrinya. Namun, Fatimah tetap diam. Ketika dipegang sekujur tubuh Fatimah juga sudah dingin.

Ada bercak darah akibat luka kecil di telapak kaki kiri istrinya. Namun, Tohirin tak tahu bahwa penyebabnya.

Penasarannya terjawab ketika Tohirin melihat ada ular king cobra sepanjang 2,5 meter sebesar lengan orang dewasa berlindung di balik pintu. Di telapak kaki kiri istrinya juga ada bercak darah.

3. Masuk Puskesmas Saat Warga Lagi Ramai, King Cobra Dibunuh

Pagi itu, Jumat, 31 Maret 2017, Puskesmas Pembantu (Pustu) di Desa Pundu, Kecamatan Cempaga Hulu, Kabupaten Kotawaringin Timur, Kalimantan Tengah, mulai ramai dikunjungi warga yang mau berobat.

Sebagian warga berbaris antre mendaftar, dan sebagian lagi tengah menunggu jadwal berobat, tiba-tiba dikagetkan masuknya ular kobra. Pengunjung gempar, warga berhamburan keluar puskesmas ketakutan terkena gigitan.

Ular berbisa yang dapat membunuh manusia dewasa itu, diakui Kepala Desa Pundu Sugiarto merupakan penampakan pertama. Hal yang membuat kaget, ukurannya yang sebesar pergelangan kaki pria dewasa dengan panjang hampir lima meter.

"Warga memutuskan membunuhnya. Daripada ada korban jiwa karena digigit ular itu," ujar Sugiarto, dilansir Radar Sampit (Jawa Pos Group), Sabtu, 1 April 2017.

Warga bersama petugas puskesmas dibantu anggota TNI AD akhirnya berhasil menangkap ular berbisa itu bersama-sama. Butuh waktu untuk menangkapnya. Maklum, hewan melata itu cukup gesit saat diburu. Setelah berhasil dilumpuhkan, kepala hewan melata dan bersisik itu dipenggal.

Dikonfirmasi secara terpisah, Komandan Pos Jaga Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (BKSDA) Sampit Muriansyah mengatakan, ular kobra merupakan hewan yang tidak dilindungi. Oleh sebab itu, dia masih membenarkan tindakan warga yang langsung membunuh sebelum ada korban jiwa.

"Ular ini bisa menelan korban jiwa. Racun yang dikeluarkan saat mengigit itu sangat berbahaya. Memang saat pancaroba saat ini, sarang ular banyak terencam air, karena itu ular mencari lokasi yang kering," ujarnya.

Dia mengimbau warga, jika menemukan dan menghadapi kejadian yang sama, agar tidak melawan ular berbisa tersebut sendirian, apalagi tanpa pengalaman.

"Tindakan yang mereka lakukan sudah benar. Ular kobra sebesar itu sebaiknya dihindari. Jika memang tidak bisa, dibunuh saja, bukan hewan yang dilindungi," tandasnya.


Keajaiban Sang Bocah dan Film India

Mahasiswa penakluk king cobra hidup dengan belasan ular beracun. Foto: (M Syukur/

4. Keajaiban Bocah 2 Tahun yang Digigit Kobra

Fania Salsabila luput dari maut. Anak 2 tahun 9 bulan itu digigit kobra saat tidur di rumah neneknya di RT 09, Desa Muaro Jambi, Kecamatan Maro Sebo, Kabupaten Muaro Jambi. Dia sempat tidak sadarkan diri dua malam.

Fania kemudian dirawat di rumah sakit swasta di Kota Jambi. Mata kanannya membengkak. Selang infus terpasang di tangannya.

Depriansyah, 24, ayah Fania, menyatakan bahwa insiden tersebut terjadi pada Senin malam, 21 November 2016.

"Biasanya kan tidur sama saya, kadang tidur sama neneknya. Pas kejadian, dia tidur sama neneknya," kata pria yang berprofesi petugas satpam di Pelabuhan Talang Duku itu, Kamis, 24 November 2016, dilansir

Menurut dia, ular masuk karena dipicu meluapnya Sungai Batanghari. :Di depan rumah, banjir sudah setinggi mata kaki," katanya.

Setelah kejadian, Fania langsung diobati bidan. Dia juga sempat dibawa ke pawang ular. Namun, tidak ada perubahan. Akhirnya, dia dibawa ke salah satu rumah sakit swasta di Kota Jambi. "Dua hari enggak sadar, tapi hari ini membaik. Sudah bisa ngomong sedikit-sedikit," ungkapnya.

Kendati anaknya selamat, Depriansyah masih bimbang. Berdasarkan informasi, keluarga Fania tergolong kurang mampu. Padahal, pengobatan membutuhkan biaya yang sangat besar. Fania juga belum memiliki BPJS.

"Itulah, salah sayo jugo tidak mendaftar program pengobatan. Belum tahu biayanya dari mana," ujarnya.

Beruntung, kerisauan tersebut sedikit terobati. Zumi Zola yang saat itu masih menjabat aktif sebagai Gubernur Jambi yang mengetahui peristiwa itu meminta staf pribadinya menyerahkan bantuan pribadi kepada orang tua Fania.

"Saya dapat info dari medsos (media sosial). Karena lagi ada kegiatan di Jakarta, saya suruh staf mengecek ke sana. Saya juga memberikan bantuan," tuturnya ketika itu.

5. King Cobra Batal Dibunuh Gara-gara Film India

Warga Desa Mootidelo, Kecamatan Bone Raya, Kabupaten Bone Bolango (Bonbol), Gorontalo, dibuat gempar. Ini menyusul kemunculan seekor ular kobra.

Jenis ular yang kerap disebut sebagai king cobra itu tiba-tiba saja menyelinap ke rumah Remi Hulopi (25) warga setempat. Kejadian itu terjadi pada Rabu, 8 Juni 2016.

Dilansir Gorontalo Post (Jawa Pos Group), ular tersebut ditemukan Remi berada di dalam rumahnya. Saat itu, pria yang sehari-harinya bertani itu baru saja balik dari kebunnya di desa setempat.

Setibanya di rumah, Remi sempat dibuat terperanjat tatkala melihat sang ular tengan mendongakkan kepalanya, seolah siap menyerang. Remi pun segera berlari untuk mengambil parang untuk membunuh hewan paling berbisa tersebut.

Namun, hal itu diurungkannya setelah mengetahui dari bentuknya bahwa ular tersebut jenis king cobra yang cukup jarang ditemui. Apalagi, Remi mengaku bahwa ular tersebut selama ini hanya dilihatnya di film India yang ditontonnya.

"Jadi saya langsung berpikir untuk menangkapnya saja. Ini dia," kata Remi sambil menunjukkan ular yang kemudian ditempatkannya di sebuah kandang kecil yang sengaja dibuatnya, Minggu, 12 Juni 2016.

Setiap harinya ular tersebut diberi makan oleh Remi dengan tikus dan anak ayam. Ular kobra yang ditemukan Remi ini cukup menarik perhatian warga sekitar. Seiring informasi itu beredar, mereka secara bergantian mengunjungi rumah Remi untuk melihat ular tersebut.

          4 Posisi Seks Panas yang Ampuh Bakar Lemak Perut      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache, Jakarta Aktivitas seks memang momen memadu kasih, tapi bisa juga dimanfaatkan sebagai ajang olahraga. Ada beberapa posisi seks yang membuat lemak perut terbakar.

"Ketika memanfaatkan seks sebagai ajang olahraga, berarti di dalamnya termasuk kardio dan memperkuat otot. Kardio bisa membantu Anda melatih jantung dan membakar kalori, yang bisa membakar lemak tubuh, termasuk di bagian perut," kata pakar hubungan Laurel House.

Laurel mengingatkan saat bercinta sekaligus olahraga pastikan Anda tahu bagian tubuh mana yang ingin dilatih. Nah, berikut empat posisi seks panas yang sekaligus membakar lemak perut wanita seperti melansir Your Tango, Selasa (10/7/2018).

1. Kegel sambil bercinta

Melatih bagian panggul berarti turut mendukung otot-otot di perut. Salah satu latihan untuk melatih panggul yakni kegel.

"Latihan panggul, membuat otot-otot di sekitar bagian intim jadi lebih kuat dan bisa membuat orgasme jadi lebih intens," kata terapis seks, dokter Kat Van Kirk.Anda bisa bercinta sambil melakukan gerakan plank yang menggerakan panggul.

2. Plank

Jika fokus membakar lemak perut ketika berhubungan seks, plank adalah salah satu posisi terbaik seperti disampaikan Laurel.

"Wanita berada di atas pria dengan posisi plank saat penetrasi dilakukan," kata Laurel.



Saksikan juga video menarik berikut:



Woman on top

Ilustrasi Hubungan Seks (iStockphoto)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

3. Lunge

Berdiri tegak, lalu lebarkan kaki kanan ke depan dan kaki kiri ke belakang. Itu adalah gerakan lunge. Posisi ini amat baik untuk membakar lemak di perut.

Bila menjadikan lunge sebagai salah satu posisi bercinta cara mudah saja. Dengan posisi lunge, biarkan pasangan melakukan penetrasi dari bawah. Tak cuma memberi kenikmatan, gerakan ini juga membuat otot-otot tubuh dilatih.

4. Cowgirl

Cowgirl alias woman on top juga bisa dimodifikasi agar membakar lemak lebih banyak lho.

"Ketika berada di atas, membuat wanita punya kebebasan bergerak. Semakin banyak bergerak dan mengubah posisi, semakin banyak kalori yang terbakar," seperti disampaikan Tristan Weedmark dari We-Vibe.



          Asian Games: KOI Diminta Masukkan Semua Atlet Pelatnas ke Kontingen Indonesia      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache, Kuningan - Menteri Pemuda dan Olahraga Imam Nahrawi meminta Komite Olimpiade Indonesia (KOI) untuk memasukkan semua atlet yang telah menerima surat keputusan pelatihan nasional dalam kontingen Asian Games 2018.

"Saya masih meminta laporan dari KOI, termasuk hasil undian pertandingan seperti apa dan daftar para peserta yang telah mendaftar Asian Games. Saya mendapatkan laporan tidak semua atlet yang telah menerima SK pelatnas masuk dalam kontingen," kata Imam di Kuningan, Jawa Barat, Selasa (10/7/2018), seperti dikutip dair Antara.

Menpora meminta KOI untuk mengakomodasi seluruh atlet yang telah menerima surat keputusan pelatnas dalam kontingen menyusul Indonesia sebagai tuan rumah Asian Games ke-18.

Sebelumnya, Deputi IV Bidang Peningkatan Prestasi Olahraga Kemenpora Mulyana mengatakan jumlah kontingen Indonesia dalam Asian Games 2018 sebanyak 1.250 orang.

"Kami mengistilahkan prakontingen yang telah masuk daftar SK adalah 837 atlet, 175 pelatih, 57 manajer, dan pendukung, sehingga total kontingen sekitar 1.250. Sedangkan untuk SK kontingen nantinya KOI yang akan mengeluarkan SK nya," papar Mulyana.


Pekerja menyelesaikan pemasangan logo Asian Games 2018 di kawasan Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta, Rabu (16/8). Jelang peluncuran hitung mundur Asian Games 2018 pemasangan karakter cabang olahraga dipercepat. ( Fithriansyah)#source%3Dgooglier%2Ecom#https%3A%2F%2Fgooglier%2Ecom%2Fpage%2F%2F10000

Mulyana mengatakan pertimbangan atlet pra-kontingen masuk dalam kontingen Indonesia berdasarkan sejumlah pertimbangan, seperti pengidentifikasian apakah atlet akan membidik prestasi atau sekedar mencari pengalaman.

"Karena dari 634 atlet nasional yang berpotensi merebut medali emas hanya sekitar 198 atlet dari pihak penilai," kata Mulyana.

Akomodasi Kuota

Komandan Kontingen (Chef de Mission/CdM) Indonesia Komjen Pol. Syafruddin mengklaim telah mengakomodasi penambahan kuota atlet Merah-Putih dalam kontingen Asian Games. "Semua sudah beres dan diselesaikan dalam dua hari. Jumlah kontingen sudah sesuai rencana dan tidak lebih," ucapnya.

Wakil Kepala Kepolisian RI itu mengatakan jumlah total kontingen Indonesia dalam Asian Games ke-18 sekitar 1.200 orang dengan jumlah atlet sebanyak 8.000 orang. 

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nokia x2-01 romantic themes free download

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EXCELENTE CHALET PAREADO EN ESTEPONA EN LA URBANIZACION VALLE ROMANO.Exclusivas y elegantes viviendas unifamiliares con una original arquitectura que la convierte en un conjunto armónico de viviendas claramente diferenciado en el paisaje. Con...
4 habitaciones 4 baños 300 m² 1.488 EUR/m² golf piscina
Mon, 09 Jul 2018 17:02:32 +0200
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I need this image to be done again with the hands in the same position, but with more real looking hands. It is supposed to be a woman and child hand. (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop)
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Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon and Nicholas Toman have analyzed over 700 unique business-to-business purchases and identified seven distinct customer profiles: - Go-Getters. Motivated by organizational improvement and constantly looking for good...
By: Wicker Park Group
          Converse Police Searching for Suspects Accused of Shooting at Teens in Viral Facebook Video      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   
Converse police are searching for three suspects accused of shooting at a group of teenagers returning home in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The incident took place at a Converse residence in the 6800 block of Jaybrook Drive around 4 a.m. after a woman found two men hiding near the home’s privacy fence. The woman began recording from her car on a camera phone shortly after she spotted the alleged would-be intruders, with a third man appearing moments into the video.…
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Arsenal could hijack Chelsea move for Russia’s world-cup star Aleksandr Golovin according to the reports from Britain. The Blues are keen on landing Russia international midfielder after his impressive showing for his country’s quareter-final run. Juventus and Barcelona have also been rumoured with securing the services of the CSKA Moscow midfielder. Roman Abramovich’s team looked… Read More »

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Contemporary Erotic Romance Fiction Historical Inspirational GLBT Mystery New Adult Science Fiction Fantasy Romance Romantic Suspense Science Fiction Fantasy Young Adult
          6 أخطاء شائعة يرتكبها المبتدئون في رياضة الجري.. كيف يمكن تجنبها؟      Cache   Translate Page   Web Page Cache   

ألترا صوت - فريق التحرير

تعد رياضة الجري أحد أسهل وأمتع الطرق لاستعادة النشاط والحفاظ على الصحة. وهي الرياضة التي بوسع الجميع تقريبًا ممارستها، فهي لا تحتاج إلى أي مهارات خاصة أو أدوات محددة أو تدريبات مسبقة، فكل ما عليك هو أن تجد مكانًا مناسبًا وترتدي الملابس الرياضية الأساسية وتبدأ الجري، فليست هنالك حاجة للذهاب إلى نادٍ رياضي ولن ترهق نفسك بأية تكاليف، ولن تشعر بالملل حتى لو كنت تركض وحدك.

الجري من أسهل وأمتع الطرق لاستعادة النشاط والحفاظ على الصحة، وهو الرياضة التي بوسع الجميع تقريبًا ممارستها

لكن ربما بسبب هذه السهولة، قد يندفع البعض إلى هذه الرياضة دون أن يعرفوا الكيفية السليمة لبناء روتين تدريجي يساعدهم على الاستمرار في هذا النشاط، وعدم التعرض للإصابات أو الإحباط من البداية.

اقرأ/ي أيضًا: ابدأ اليوم! 7 نصائح أساسية لحياة أجمل مع رياضة الجري

وثمة أخطاء شائعة يقدم عليها المبتدئون في رياضة الجري، قد تؤثر على جودة التدريب أو تؤدي إلى الإصابة. فإن كنت مبتدئًا هنا، وتود أن تحافظ على صحتك وشكلك عبر ممارسة الجري، فتنبه إلى الأخطاء الستة التي نستعرضها لك فيما يلي، نقلًا عن "سي إن إن":

1. الحماسة الزائدة في البدايات

أحد أكثر الأخطاء شيوعًا بين المبتدئين في رياضة الجري، هو محاولة الركض لمسافات طويلة أو بسرعة عالية منذ البداية. إن تعلم هواية جديدة مثل الجري تحمل معها الكثير من المتعة وتلهب الحماسة بلا شك، لكن على المبتدئ في الجري أن يتمهل قليلًا ويحاول أن يحرز تقدمًا في أدائه بالتدريج، قبل زيادة المسافة أو السرعة.

في البداية لا ترهق نفسك بقطع مسافات طويلة بسرعة متزايدة
في البداية لا ترهق نفسك بقطع مسافات طويلة بسرعة متزايدة 

ويمكن اتباع برنامج تدريبي خاص بالجري يساعد على بناء العزم والقوة والتحمل، ويجنبك الوقوع في الإصابة والإحباط، كي تتمكن من متابعة هذه الهواية والتعلق بها بشكل أكبر. والعديد من الخبراء في هذا المجال ينصحون بزيادة المسافة التي تجريها بما لا يزيد عن 10% فقط أسبوعيًا.

هنالك أيضًا العديد من برامج التدريب على الجري للمبتدئين، والتي يمكن البحث عليها على شبكة الإنترنت أو على تطبيقات الهاتف الذكي، ولعل أفضلها على الإطلاق هو برنامج Nike+Run Club. وهو برنامج مجاني من شركة نايكي الشهيرة. 

2. التدريب لأيام متتالية دون راحة

قد يعتقد المبتدئ أن الجري كل يوم سيكون أفضل للوصول إلى هدفه من زيادة اللياقة وتخفيف الوزن والحفاظ على الصحة. إلا أن ذلك ليس صحيحًا أبدًا. فالجري هو أحد الرياضات التي تؤثر على الجسد بشكل كبير، وقد يكون من الصعب على الجسد تقبلها بسهولة، خاصة لدى المبتدئ الذي تحتاج عضلاته وعظامه بعض الوقت كي تتكيف مع هذا النشاط الجديد والصعب. لذلك فإنه من الضروري أن تمنح جسدك راحة كافية بين التمارين، وذلك عبر برنامج يكون فيه يوم راحة على الأقل بين التمرين والآخر.

3. عدم ارتداء الحذاء المناسب

صحيح أنك لن تحتاج إلى أدوات باهظة الثمن لتبدأ رياضة الجري، إلا أنّ ذلك لا يعني التساهل في ارتداء الحذاء المناسب عند التمارين. فعليك على الأقل أن تختار حذاءً رياضيًا مناسبًا للجري، ويمكن بسهولة أن تبحث على الإنترنت أو تسأل شخصًا مختصًا قبل أن تشتري زوج أحذية جديدًا.

وعادة ما يكون في متاجر الألبسة والمعدات الرياضية أشخاص بوسعهم تقديم المساعدة في اختيار الحذاء، فما عليك سوى أن توضح لهم طبيعة التمرين الذي تود القيام به كي ينصحك أحدهم بالحذاء المناسب.

لا ترهق نفسك بالجري يوميًا دون راحة
لا ترهق نفسك بالجري يوميًا دون راحة

تذكر أن هنالك الكثير من الخيارات، التي تناسب الجميع، كل حسب احتياجاته وميزانيته. أما بالنسبة للسيدات، فقد يكون من المهم أيضًا إلى جانب الحذاء المناسب، ارتداء حمّالة رياضية، فذلك سيساعد كثيرًا أثناء الجري.

4. عدم التنويع في التمارين

الجري بحد ذاته مفيد للجسد والصحة عمومًا، ولكن من الضروري أن يمارس المبتدئ عدة تمارين متنوعة خلال الأسبوع، لضمان عدم استخدام نفس العضلات دائمًا، ما قد يزيد فرصة التعرض للإصابة ويذهب بجهودك سدى.

ثمة تمرينات بسيطة يمكن القيام بها في أي مكان، لتمرين عضلات المعدة وتقوية القدمين والساقين وزيادة الليونة في الظهر والكتفين، وهي تمارين عامة لا تحتاج إلى تدريب متخصص.

5. الجري مع الألم

قد يكون الجري مرهقًا وصعبًا في بعض الأحيان، ولاسيما للمبتدئين، لكن هذه الصعوبة التي تصيب الجسد أثناء التدريب جزء لا غنى عنه، وهي دليلٌ على أنك تحرز تقدمًا.

اختر الحذاء الأنسب لممارسة الجري
اختر الحذاء الأنسب لممارسة الجري

أما إن كنت تشعر بألم محدد في جسدك أثناء الركض، في القدم أو الساق أو جزء آخر، فإن عليك أن تتوقف وتعالج الألم. تذكر أن مراعاة احتياجات جسدك والألم الذي تشعر به لن يجعلك تتأخر في تدريبك، بالعكس تمامًا، فهذا شرط أساسي لاستدامة التدريب وعدم التعرض للإصابة أو زيادة خطورتها.

5. مقارنة نفسك بالآخرين

من الصعب حين تبدأ أول التمارين في رياضة الجري، ألا تقارن نفسك بالآخرين من حولك. قد تظنّ أن أولئك الذين يركضون في الحديقة أو الملعب الذي تذهب إليه أفضل منك بكثير، بسرعتهم وقدرتهم على التحمل. 

من الخطأ مقارنة النفس بالآخرين في رياضة الجري، خصوصًا المتمرسين منهم الذين قطعوا أشواطًا كبيرًا للوصول لما هم عليه

كما يمكن أن تقرأ في بعض المدونات الإلكترونية عن إنجازات البعض والمسافات التي يقطعها كلّ منهم، لكن تذكّر دائمًا أن كل واحد من هؤلاء بدأ من نقطة الصفر، وتطور تدريجيًا حتى حقق أهدافه التي يطمح إليها. استخدام ما تراه من حولك كحافز إضافي لمتابعة التدريب والإصرار عليه.


اقرأ/ي ايضًا:

هل يمكن أن أبدأ الجري وأنا في سن الثلاثين؟

أكبر 3 خرافات عن الجري صباحًا على معدة فارغة

ما هي أفضل الأوقات لممارسة الرياضة؟

4 طرق يسيرة لتتمتع بصحة أفضل في عمر الشباب

رياضة الجري
ثمة أخطاء شائعة يُقدم عليها المبتدئون في رياضة الجري، وقد تؤثر على جودة التدريب أو تؤدي حتى إلى الإصابة. فإن كنت مبتدئًا هنا، وتود أن تحافظ على صحتك وشكلك عبر ممارسة الجري، فتنبه إلى الأخطاء الستة التي نستعرضها لك هنا
الترا صوت
الرياضة, رياضة الجري, الصحة, اللياقة, التمارين
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Something interesting I just came across today: Video games are now officially the most popular form of entertainment in the world: Breitbart was quoted as saying: "politics is downstream of culture." If it's true that video games are the most popular form of entertainment nowadays than gaming and gaming culture is perhaps something we should all be paying more attention to.
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Los bomberos de Alicante han tenido que intervenir en el interior de una urbanizacion situada en la Albufereta por la caída de una palmera sobre un vehículo. Bomberos del Ayuntamiento de Alicante retiraron ayer lunes una palmera que se había caído sobre un vehículo en el interior de una urbanización situada en la Albufereta (calle Colonia Romana). Ninguna persona resultó herida, según explican fuentes de la […]

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