Yemen prisoner release boosts hopes of peace at last for war-weary civilians   

Hopes for a possible end to the war in Yemen grew slightly on Monday, following the news that nearly 300 detainees have been released as a gesture of goodwill by Houthi forces, pitted against the Government of Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Monday Mimisms ~ Bring Back The Glory Days of Blogging   

Once upon a time in a blog land faraway there lived a host of vivacious characters known as bloggers. We had parties right here in Bloggingham castle. Writers were born. Authors were published. Artists carved out names for themselves in the vast wall of space known as the Blogogsphere, displaying their talents for all to see and enjoy. We memed a lot. And cheered each other on. Linking was prolific and effective for blog building and expanding networks - until Blogger slapped our typing hands and said "slow down, little Bloggers, you're getting too smart."  

I loved that my reading list for the day was written by friends. You can't say that when you choose a dusty book from the shelf of normal life.  People shared their deepest darkest and brightest brave. We were a community of caring people behind thriving webpages full of ire and fire. There were learning curves, too. And mischief-makers sometimes...but even in the rarity of the occasional meanness, it was nothing compared to the vileness of what we see on social media pages today. If someone started something testy, another blogger would raise the bar higher, jostling with well chosen words and a sense of kindness that I miss in the world. 

There's much talk on Facebook about how we miss the old days, the old community. It was a safer place to be. One of the "oldies" (you know who you are) said to me earlier today that he missed the glory days of blogging. I've heard that sentiment many times of late. We are weary of wailing politics and memes that don't mean anything. 

Just so you know, Bloggingham is still my home. The yard is a little overgrown and the moat needs cleaning, but Homer and I still wander aimlessly through its ever-changing landscape and hold court in the dungeon when things go awry. 

I have a feeling that ten years from now, maybe sooner, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram will be the "old" communities, and will have morphed into something unusable and complicated. But we won't long for them the way we seem to be rambling on about the good old days in the Blogosphere. 

I don't know if you still have a blog, but if you do, I hope you'll drop in from time to time. 
I really need to clean out that dungeon. There may still be a few old bloggers in there.

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Review: In Hamish Linklater's 'The Vandal,' a bus-stop conversation builds poignant intrigue    


World-weary strangers get a chance at new promise in Hamish Linklater's play. The Chance Theater in Anaheim delivers a luminous staging.


Motherland review – weary parents rejoice! The savage school-gate sitcom is back   


Sharon Horgan’s hilarious social satire is oddly soothing, even as it ruthlessly skewers smug middle-class mums

It is with a relief akin to the kids’ first day back at school that weary parents welcome the return of Motherland. Finally, some adult company! True, there is no shortage of parenting sitcoms on TV, but there are relatively few that so ruthlessly dispense with sentiment in favour of stressed-out social satire. It’s oddly soothing.

There’s also no shortage of Sharon Horgan on TV, and though the prolific writer/producer/performer is only a quarter of the creative team here (Holly Walsh, Helen Linehan and Barunka O’Shaughnessy round out the writer’s room), Motherland is unmistakably Horgan-esque in its depiction of comic self-absorption. If you thought Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin) stooped low to “lean in” last series, wait till you see the lengths she goes to as a working-from-home freelancer.

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Comment on AltStore by Nathan   

I applaud the developer. On a personal level, I will not use iOS, nor even consider iOS as a viable consumer option, until Apple ceases to be "sole arbiter of all things" on the device I purportedly own. I have owned four iOS devices in the past and used to always cross shop Apple devices, even if I sometimes ultimately went with a non Apple device, but I quickly grew weary of the iOS walled garden. I have so many devices on their second, or third, or even fourth life, precisely because I could manage what could be installed on the device. My iOS devices were comparatively disposable, even though they sometimes had longer official support windows, once the hammer drops, app support can quickly dry up. I have the same experience with routers, computers, etc, my non Apple stuff could move to different roles much easier than my comparatively "well supported" Apple devices. It is what it is.

Why was the Five Star ‘apology’ so fucking crap?   

1980s pop outfit Five Star recently received an apology for being called “fucking crap” on children’s TV show ‘Going Live’ back in the day. But was that apology actually from the person who delivered the sweary critique on live TV? Because while it appeared that this infamous Five Star story had finally been drawn to […]

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My Turn: Froma Harrop: Pelosi and the power of restraint   

For a long time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a stop sign before vocal Democrats' revving demands to get President Donald Trump's impeachment on the road. Now her sign reads, "proceed with caution." Pelosi knows what she's doing.The speaker wouldn't launch an impeachment inquiry back then because she knows that impeachments are fraught with risks. Polls show a public tired of Trump's civic decrepitude but also weary of more political strife. Impeachment proceedings sometimes [...]

a tour   

its starts with the flight that interminable darkness with all the movies on the back of the seats the smell of the aircraft food and walking around in the darkness im already tired after we’ve flown the first inch but I cling on crying my eyes out at stupid films I wouldn’t normally give the time of day my back in shoulders ache wanting to stretch out my legs blah blah we arrive in Hong Kong and negotiating all that how do I know which frickin train to get on n off on then the flight from Hong Kong to london it lasts forever and another few minutes more than that but the month the year the years are flying by fast as fast can be one moment I was a kid waiting outside the school for my mother to get me next minute im on a fucking plane its god knows what time I guess im over Mongolia or something im so old im so tired im so weary im crammed into my seat in the middle row no aisle no nothing the food is ok but I gotta sit there looking at all the other food thats coming too finally I arrive in England and a guy picks me up at airport and drives me out to Amandas in the south west of England it takes a couple of hours im ecstatic to be off the plane and we talk about Boris and Brexit and ww2 as we zoom thru the soft grey drizzle of 2nd of September when I get to Amandas I seem to get jet lag for about a week and I just sleep on and on and on I wake up occasionally to stumble round the village and in the woods its early autumn […]

Do Not Weary In Well Doing - Part 2   

2 Thessalonians 3:13

Do Not Weary In Well Doing - Part 1   

2 Thessalonians 3:13

Ariel and the New Born Baby   

Cache With the latest addition to the family you will get to play this Ariel and the new born baby game because a new playtime partner just arrived. Sure enough you will find the baby mini games entertaining as they are great to challenge yourself. The other thing you should be aware of is that right now, it is not playtime, so you will need to be on the lookout for Ariel as she will be putting the baby back to sleep once she spots her playing. Try to finish all the Ariel puzzle games without getting caught and this way you will set a new high score. Have a fantastic time trying to beat the odds against the weary Ariel.

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