Your chance to own a piece of contemporary jewellery! Suspended in Pink Raffle   

Musings about the Suspended in Pink Raffle.

Thanks to Marthe Le Van's recent article, I have been thinking about the 'Suspended in Pink' raffle.

Here is an extract:

"As a retail storeowner and salesperson, the raffle felt amateurish, gimmicky, and a bit desperate—like when I heard about Facebook for the first time. Ultimately, after reconciling all my perspectives, I believe there is much to applaud in the Suspended in Pink raffle. It feels fresh and innovative, optimistic and courageous, liberating and democratic—all worthy consequences pointing toward progress"

Now, I have no problem at all about an idea of mine being compared to the early Facebook- and I am the first to admit the visuals, practicalities and how the raffle is presented still needs some work!
Most raffles are devised as a means of fundraising, to enable an exhibition, event etc... Seen by the  Borax Collective , Handshake Jewellery and an American Art Jewellery group  ( i am sure there are many many more).

And as Le Van notices, through her many astute questions, fundraising is not the aim of the 'Suspended in Pink' Raffle...

So what is it? and WHY should you take part?

I go to many many exhibitions every year. But As a wanna-be collector, I have only three small pins.
I dont want a specially designed brooch with a groups logo on it, a sample piece or a bunch of postcards as a consolation prize- I want THE piece. 

          I want to own Silke Fleischer's amazing necklace and Sam Hamilton's 'Bread' Like brooch.

As a practitioner is who interested in engagement and audience interaction, I am always looking for ways to get my audience to wear the jewellery, understand it, and imagine owning it- and that, in my view, is the real strength of the 'Suspended in Pink' raffle.

So the idea of raffling off one of the jewellery pieces from the Suspended in Pink Exhibition seemed an obvious idea.

 But its more then that.... Once a viewer decides   they wish to take part in the raffle, they then can spend up to an hour, going through the exhibition, trying on the jewellery, comparing, assessing, deciding which item THEY would take home.

Deciding which piece of jewellery spoke out the most to them.

And this was then the piece that they would then bet on.
Maybe they would win it, maybe not- but for £5/€6/$8 it seems like a worth while experience to have- the experience of wearing and imagining that favourite piece of jewellery which YOUR ticket could win you....

And here is the good news- the odds of winning in this raffle are actually really high!

Only a small number of people have guessed the same names, and there are a number of exhibitors who's name has not been guessed yet-

So you have a real chance of winning....

All you have to do is email:
with: your name, the name of the artist who you want to win-

And to send payment of £5/€6/$8 by paypal to:

The winner is announced this Autumn!


Dragonworld: Wildenlander   


L�thien Vardamir, favored with the grace of her elven mother and the strength of her human father, was known as one of the deadliest warriors and stealthiest rangers in the Dragon World.
Wearing finely crafted elven clothes and armor, she was well known as the honored owner of RoseScorn, her legendary sword, DragonClaw, a bow crafted by the Eldest Dragon, and the Forest Edge, the elven Royal knife.
Wildenlander is the ultimate fantasy clothing set for Victoria V3.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


Japanese Style Fashion Onepiece V4A4G4 Elite   


Japanese Style Fashion - inspired by the street fashion pictures from the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku, this whimsical and cute style is made to fit Victoria 4, Aiko4, Elite and Girl 4 from every day situations to wherever their amazing adventures take them in the future!

JSF Onepiece is a hundred clothes in one! Perfect as a teenager top or maternity wear, fits most occasions effortlessly. Adjust the length of the dress to the desired amount and get a regal gown, a flirty mini-dress or even a pretty top to go with favorite pair of jeans. For those times that require extra effort try wearing the denim or leather top alone!

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98




Whether headed out to a Halloween party or for some late night larceny, all the Millennium 4 figures look sharp wearing this rolled brim top hat and skeleton bodysuit costume.

Michael4, Victoria4 and Kids4 each have a full set of Body textures and 3 face paint styles including grease paint, airbrush and makeup styles.

Eye and inner mouth textures not included.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Surgical Gowns for Genesis   


Keep the operating room, laboratory and patients safe from contamination by wearing these quality cleanroom garments at all times.
All clothing is made from special, non-woven, antistatic material making them perfect for electrical component assembly environments too.

This set includes two cap styles, latex gloves, sterile mask, coveralls, and an isolation gown. Material presets included for pastel colors commonly seen in hospitals and clean rooms.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


The Executioner for Genesis   


The last person the condemned will see is The Executioner standing over him or her wearing a hood to hide the lack of expression on his face, leather boots, pants, and bracers. The tool of his trade, the axe, is included with this set.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


Warrior Wet Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s)   


This warrior is tough man used to tough ways. He has no time to care about shampoo, conditioner or hairbrush... He only fights his battles.

Warrior Wet Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s) hairstyle contains 3 different hairstyles – Base Style, Achilles Style and Taylor Style. There are Helmet Presets, Dead Warrior Presets and King wearing his Crown Presets.

Besides base Presets, there  are a lots of Wind and Motion Presets which can be mixed together in different ways. As a display, hairstyles have 26 one-click Motion Presets. In general, the product has 235 Movement and Style Morphs and it‘s also suitable for surfers on the beach, rock stars, or greasy villains.

All Shapes are perfectly supported by Autofollow.

Warrior Wet Hair for Genesis 3 Male(s) hairstyles are divided into Group A and Group B. Group A has 5 Material Zones and is for more general adjustments, Group B has 10 Material and Morph Zones for more specific and fine tuning.

With all these possibilities everyone can be an artist and create his own unique Warrior hairstyle in motion, every image can be an original.

Price: $24.95 Special Price: $12.48


Copper Bangles - Wave Bangles - Bangle Set - Unique Bangles - Copper Wire Bangles - Copper Arm Bands - Wavy Bangles - Ebb Flow Bangles by LeanderDambrosia   


8.00 USD

Define unique style in these wavy copper bangles! These bangles are great everyday accessories and look fabulous if you're stacking them or just wearing one. These copper stacking bangles are made with solid copper wire that has been manipulated, soldered and polished. The irregular, unique curves of each bangle gives these bracelets a nice, organic feel. When stacked in multiples, these copper bangles flow up and down the arm with movement and make a wonderful sound. When layered they overlap one another beautifully and create a dynamic look.

This listing is for ONE bangle. If you want to wear multiples to really shine, please indicate the quantity you would like upon purchasing.

Available in:
-polished copper
-polished brass
-polished nickel
-aged dark copper
-polished sterling silver


This bracelet comes in 2 sizes that have been tried and tested with wrists of all shapes and sizes. If you feel as though either of these available sizes will not fit, please don't hesitate to contact me as I can easily make a custom sizing for you.

These bangles fit small to medium wrists. Each bangle measures 2.5" (65mm) across (inside diameter). The circumference measures 8.5" (216mm). The bangle wire is .12" (3mm) thick.

To measure your hand to see if these will fit, simply grab a tape measure and measure the distance from the pinky knuckle on the palm of your hand to the index finger knuckle (i.e the widest part of your hand). Subtract half an inch (15mm) from your measurement. For example, if your hand measures 3" (76mm) across, your measurement would be 2.5" (64mm) to account for the movement of squeezing your knuckles through the bangle.

These bangles will fit a 3.5" (89mm) hand or smaller.


The large size measures 3" (7.5cm) across (inside diameter)

These bangles will fit a 4" (10cm) hand or smaller.

Loved by many for its earthy tones and warmth, copper and brass is known to oxidise (not unlike sterling silver). To keep your copper and brass jewelry looking bright and fabulous, simply polish with a cotton cloth regularly and store your pieces in an air-tight environment when possible. Like most loveable things, your copper and brass jewelry will need a moment of attention here and there.


Michigan Man Does Splits Instead of Sobriety Test During DUI Stop [Video]   

He was even wearing jean shorts when he did it...

Graphene-Lined Clothing Could Prevent Mosquito Bites   


Scientists have found the carbon-based material graphene extremely useful in applications ranging from 3D printing to electronic devices to the creation of new materials. Now a team at Brown University has explored a rather novel use of the two-dimensional material—to help prevent someone from getting bitten by mosquitoes.

A team led by Robert Hurt, a professor in Brown’s School of Engineering, has developed fabrics that use graphene to repel mosquitoes in two distinct ways, researchers said.

graphine, mosquitoes, developed fabrics, Brown University
MIT engineers have developed robotic thread (in black) that can be steered magnetically and is small enough to work through narrow spaces such as the vasculature of the human brain. The researchers envision the technology may be used in the future to clear blockages in patients with stroke and aneurysms. (Source: MIT)

One is by acting as a barrier the pesky insects are unable to bite through, they said. The textile’s use of graphene also has proven in experiments to block chemical signals the pesky insects use to sense blood, which dims their urge to bite someone in the first place, researchers said.

Mosquitoes carry serious and sometimes-fatal diseases such as malaria and dengue fever in many parts of the world where medical care is limited, and can infect humans with their bite. This is why there is “a lot of interest in non-chemical mosquito bite protection,” Hurt said in a press statement.

His team already had been working on fabrics that integrate graphene as a barrier against toxic chemicals, which inspired them to explore new uses for the material in textiles, he said. “We thought maybe graphene could provide mosquito bite protection as well,” Hurt said in the statement.

Permission to Bite

To test if graphene could indeed repel mosquitoes, researchers recruited some brave test subjects who were willing to put their arms in a mosquito-filled enclosure with a small patch of skin exposed to disease-free mosquitoes for biting.

The team compared the number of bites participants received on their bare skin, on skin covered in cheesecloth, and on skin covered by a graphene oxide (GO) films sheathed in cheesecloth. GO is a derivative of graphene that can be made into films.

The mosquitoes all but ignored the graphene patch, leading researchers to believe that the material might not just have a physical, but also a chemical component to blocking the insects, they said.

Indeed, the skin covered by dry GO films didn’t get a single bite; participants wearing the cheesecloth and those without protection were not so lucky, sustaining multiple bites.

The Chemical Connection

After this initial test, researchers set out to see if their idea that there is a chemical barrier to mosquitoes in graphene was correct. They dabbed some human sweat onto the outside of a graphene barrier that had previously blocked the mosquitoes. This time, the insects showed as much interest in the area as they did to bare skin, researchers said.

Further tests confirmed that the graphene oxide could provide puncture resistance to the proboscis of mosquitoes that do the biting. However, it worked only when the material was dry; graphene saturated with water would offer little resistance, researchers found.

A workaround for this would be to use GO with a reduced oxygen content called rGO, which proved to be a barrier in both wet and dry conditions, they said.

The team published a paper on their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers next want to try to find a way to make GO water resistant as well by stabilizing it, as it has a key advantage over rGO when designing and developing mosquito-resistant clothing, which is the team’s ultimate aim, Hurt said.

“GO is breathable, meaning you can sweat through it, while rGO isn’t,” he said in the statement. “So our preferred embodiment of this technology would be to find a way to stabilize GO mechanically so that is remains strong when wet. This next step would give us the full benefits of breathability and bite protection.”

Elizabeth Montalbano is a freelance writer who has written about technology and culture for more than 20 years. She has lived and worked as a professional journalist in Phoenix, San Francisco and New York City. In her free time she enjoys surfing, traveling, music, yoga and cooking. She currently resides in a village on the southwest coast of Portugal.

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Vladimir Putin climbs mountain and picks mushrooms on Siberian birthday trip   


Vladimir Putin climbs mountain and picks mushrooms on Siberian birthday tripVladimir Putin has climbed a mountain and picked mushrooms and berries in the Siberian wilderness to celebrate his 67th birthday, even as his ratings continue to flag.  In a video and photographs published by the Kremlin, Mr Putin drove an off-road vehicle through a forest with defence minister Sergei Shoigu and flew in a helicopter over jagged peaks, sweeping forests and a dramatic river canyon. Wearing sunglasses and carrying a large wooden staff, the president hiked up a mountain overlooking the Yenisei river at an altitude of “almost 2,000 metres”. “We've climbed above the clouds,” he remarked, gazing into the distance.  Mr Putin has become known for outdoor exploits to show of his health and daring Credit: Alexei Druzhinin /Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP He and Mr Shoigu gathered lingonberries and mushrooms, chuckling at one with a pine cone caught on top, and picnicked around a campfire.  The head of Tuva later said the video was taken in his remote region on the Mongolian border, where the Russian leader went hiking and boating last year.  Mr Putin took the trip a few days ago, his spokesman said, and plans to spend his actual birthday on Monday “in nature with relatives and friends”. Last year Mr Putin celebrated his birthday at his seaside residence in Sochi with Italy's former PM Silvio Berlusconi, and he has previously marked the occasion with vodka and sausages with Xi Jinping of China. Defence minister Sergei Shoigu is from Tyva and has taken Mr Putin there several times Credit: Alexei Druzhinin /TASS via Getty Images A host of post-Soviet leaders as well as Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Serbia president Aleksandar Vucic congratulated Mr Putin by phone, the Kremlin said.  In two decades in power, Mr Putin has often shown off his vigour and adventurousness through outdoor stunts like flying a glider with cranes, firing a crossbow at a gray whale, releasing tigers into the wild and putting a tracking collar on a polar bear.  On his holidays he's typically shown hunting, fishing, hiking or riding, often bare-chested.   By these high standards, the latest photo op was somewhat subdued, with Mr Putin apparently limping at one point during the hike. Mr Putin and Mr Shoigu also picked lingonberries, mushrooms and pine cones Credit: KREMLIN PRESS SERVICE/HANDOUT/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images This summer was one of strife as massive protests shook Moscow, further eroding the president's ratings after an unpopular pension age hike last year.  A poll published this month showed that only 43 per cent of Russians would vote for their current leader if elections were held on Sunday. This repeated his rating from August, which was his lowest since 2001.  However, 60 per cent of those surveyed said they approved of his performance.


Are You The Real Deal? A Few Thoughts About Impostor Syndrome   

I honestly thought I had a pretty solid pace going. But I was soon passed by a group on younger men, probably from the local HighSchool. They were wearing new shoes and no shirts. I picked up the pace a bit when they passed, almost by instinct… but found myself gasping for air and once […]

Oakland hipster slams restaurant in RECORD TIME, so John Birdsall is now obsolete   

Flora, a cute little restaurant in downtown Oakland, has been open for approximately four hours, so of course it has already been declared DEAD AND PASSE AND LAME by a snide local hipster who has better taste in restaurants than you, because you live on the wrong side of the Caldecott Tunnel and work in an office and are probably wearing Dockers.

Kevin Cook, food writer at, hasn't actually been to Flora, but he has read another writer's blog about when she went to Flora earlier this afternoon, and he has already had it up to here with the restaurant, which he vows to never visit again, or ever, since he's never actually been in the first place.

Based on seven pictures and a 193-word review, Cook declared, in the comments of course, the following:
I will never understand why a place like flora attracts anyone. I don’t care how new the kitchen staff is–making a decent vinaigrette shouldn’t take any practice or time for a professional. Tuna melt? Come on, this place sounds like an upscale togos for the walnut creet office worker lunch crowd.
To recap: Kevin Cook does not understand why Flora does not throw in the towel and shut down and admit it's over, already, since it has managed to ruin its reputation in the four hours it has been open by making a bad vinaigrette and, uh, serving sandwiches, to people who work in offices. And possibly live in Walnut Creek. Ew.

This is the glorious future of food criticism, which shows why reviews printed on dead trees by so-called professionals who secretly love sandwiches and Contra Costa County and cubicles are now obsolete forever, oh holy god I want John Birdsall back they laid him off I didn't want to tell you but there it is The End.

(Seriously, the East Bay Express laid off Birdsall and six other staffers, including Kara Platoni.)

A Better Oakland: Flora opens tonight! (Updated with pictures)

Macaulay and Bunyan on the evils of swearing and playing hockey on Sunday (1830)   


Macaulay and Bunyan on the evils of swearing and playing hockey on Sunday (1830)


First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Anti-Vaping Remarks Wearing Prada   

The first lady wore the same Prada dress that she wore two weeks ago to visit the New York Stock Exchange.

Reduction in the head injury level due to junior high school cyclists wearing helmets - Matsui Y, Oikawa S.    

We assessed the effect of wearing a junior-high-school helmet when the frontal or lateral part of a helmet impacted the upper part and lower part of the A-pillar of a vehicle at 35 km/h (212 J). The head injury criterions (HICs) of the headform impactor wi...

Coconut Perfume   

We all love a good price and if it is on discounted perfume it is always a welcome find. But how can we be sure that the perfume we buy is the real product? There are so many people running scams in the age of the internet?
Designer jeans, CDs,watches and even drugs are also faked, and it is difficult to understand the difference. Designer perfumes are products of great value, and they are on on the list of product counterfeiters copy.

The Internet has a huge retail market in the perfume industry and counterfeiting is knowen to happen. Just because they smell like the real thing doesn't always mean you are getting what you paid for.

A search on the Internet shows a long list of websites selling discounted perfumes. Some of these fragrances are packaged to look like the real thing but they are fake and a waste of money. They might even contain pollutants and be bad for your health.

The sad part of counterfieted perfume is won't know it is until you buy it. It may look good and even smell good at first. The problem is the fragrance may disapate so quickly you won't even know you are wearing after a short time.

As with all online purchases the reputation of the website is your best defense against scam artists. Reputable sites want repeat business from you and are in the discounted perfume business for the long haul. If you do a search for the name of the website and put the word forum or blog behind it you will be able to find out if their customers are happy or not.

Always purchase products online with a credit card. If you get duped you always have some protection and can maybe stop the transaction.

The law protects you against fraud on the Internet. If you feel you have been lied to about the quality of the product you purchased you have a right to a refund. Getting the refund is not always easy but if enough complaints are filed the site will be removed. Lrgitimate sites want to keep a good reputation and will always refund your money.

It is also a good idea to alert a fragrance manufacturer If their product is being counterfeited, they want to protect their reputation and will be agrisive in the pursuit of counterfiters.

With a little due dilegence on your part you will find websites on the internet selling discounted perfume and you will be happy that you got a good deal. You don't have to pay top dollar to enjoy top of the line perfume.
You always get the best prices on perfume at Discounted Perfume Direct

Injured Protesters File Joint Lawsuit Against Portland Police for August 2018 Tactics   

by Alex Zielinski
The helmet plaintiff Aaron Cantu was wearing when he was hit by an officer's flash-bang grenade.
The helmet plaintiff Aaron Cantu was wearing when he was hit by an officer's flash-bang grenade. Aaron Cantu

Three Portlanders who sustained injuries during a 2018 protest have joined together to sue the City of Portland and Portland Police Bureau (PPB) officers, accusing the city of allowing its officers to use violent, unnecessary tactics to muzzle the demonstrators' free speech.

"The City of Portland has a custom and practice of using militarized force against protestors," reads the complaint, filed Monday. "When force is used, PPB makes no effort to limit its force to individuals who actually pose a threat of violence, instead using force indiscriminately at anyone who happens to be in the crowd."

The joint lawsuit names James Mattox, Aaron Cantu, and Tracy Molina as plaintiffs. All three were participating in a counter-protest to the August 4, 2018 "Gibson for Senate Freedom March," a Portland demonstration organized by the far-right agitator Joey Gibson. Gibson, who was making an unsuccessful run for US Senate at the time, is the founder of Patriot Prayer, the small group of alt-right enthusiasts based in Vancouver, WA.

On the day of the August protest, hundreds gathered at the Portland waterfront to oppose Patriot Prayer's far-right rhetoric and threats of violence. However, according to the suit's plaintiffs, the main violence that took place on August 4 came from Portland's own police force.

The complaint focuses on a specific moment during the chaotic demonstration: When officers decided to fire so-called "less lethal" munitions into a crowd of 50 or so counter-protesters near SW Columbia and SW Naito.

"PPB initiated their attack on the counter-fascist protestors following no provocation," the suit reads.

In reports penned after the protest, officers say they were responding to protesters who were throwing rocks and "smashing the windows of police cars." PPB has yet to produce evidence supporting this claim.

Mattox was walking with protesters on SW Columbia when officers began shooting rubber bullets and flash-bang grenades into the crowd. The complaint describes the scene best: "At the time plaintiff was shot he was... waving his arms and his anarchist shield, flipping off the officers, and shouting profanities."

After being shot in the leg by a rubber bullet, Mattox picked up the bullet and shouted at the officers, "Look, you missed!" The same officer fired again, hitting Mattox in the right arm.

James Mattox, shortly after being hit by an officers rubber bullet.
James Mattox, shortly after being hit by an officer's rubber bullet. James Mattox

He left the crowd with a bleeding gash, seeking medical care. The complaint claims the PPB officer shot Mattox in retaliation for "engaging in speech that [the officer] did not condone."

"By shooting Mr. Mattox [the officer] in fact chilled the Mr. Mattox's political speech," the document reads.

Cantu was in the same crowd of counter-protesters when PPB began firing its munitions. He was running away from the police when an officer's flash-bang grenade lodged itself into his skull. Cantu was wearing a bike helmet at the time, but the munition was powerful enough to blaze through his helmet and cut into his head. If he hadn't been wearing the helmet, the complaint reads, Cantu could easily have died from the impact.

Cantu suffered a traumatic brain injury and still suffers from dizziness and tinnitus.

Mr. Cantu has sustained emotional distress," the suit adds, "including, but not limited to, pain and suffering, discomfort, fear, frustration, a fear of trusting those in positions of power, and anxiety."

Molina is the only plaintiff who was arrested on August 4. Molina came to the protest with a sign reading, "Hey Racists Stop Making Your Ignorance Our Problem Grow Up or Go Home.” During PPB's confrontation with counter-protesters, Molina allegedly followed officers orders to stay on the sidewalk. But, the complaint reads, this didn't stop an officer from grabbing her protest sign from behind.

Molina did not let go of her sign, which allegedly prompted an officer to knock her to the ground "with such force that she fell and rolled into the middle of the street," where she was then crushed by several dog-piling officers.

Molina was charged with disorderly conduct, attempt to commit a felony, and interfering with a police officer. The criminal case was eventually dismissed in her favor.

The plaintiffs have accused the City of Portland and its officers of violating the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments by using excessive force with little provocation and violating the First Amendment by using violence to silence protected speech. They also accuse the city of negligence, battery, false arrest, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

"Without adequate training, supervision, or review of PPB’s officers, defendant City of Portland has created an environment of militarized responses to mild forms of dissent," the suit reads. "Additionally, by firing their lethal weapons directly into a passive crowd... agents of City of Portland created an unnecessary and unreasonable risk of harm against all present."

The complaint specifically notes how PPB officers do not appear to use the same amout of force against right-wing protestors, "despite their disobedience of officers’ orders."

"[Officers] chose to attack plaintiffs’ group in part because they disagreed with the political message of the anti-fascist demonstrators and sympathized with the fascists," the document reads.

The plaintiffs, represented by three separate attorneys, have requested a jury trial.

They're not the only ones who've turned to the court system to address officer-inflicted injuries stemming from the 2018 protest. In August, Michelle Fawcett sued the City Portland for physical and psychological damages sustained after being hit by a flash-bang grenade, shot by a PPB officer on August 4, 2018. She's asked the city pay $250,000 for her injuries.

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Heavy Equipment Operator - Halliburton Energy Service/BPM - Colony, WY   

Observes and follows all safety rules and procedures, including wearing PPE. Under direct supervision, the Heavy Equipment Operator performs earthmoving duties… $25 an hour
From Indeed - Wed, 17 Jul 2019 20:54:54 GMT - View all Colony, WY jobs

Heavy Truck Driver - Halliburton Energy Service/BPM - Colony, WY   

Observes and follows all safety rules and procedures, including wearing required personal safety equipment. Reports to and receives assignments, instructions,… $25 an hour
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10/8/2019: NEWS | WORLD: Mask ban sparks fresh violence   


FURIOUSLY yelling “wearing a mask is not a crime,” tens of thousands of masked protesters hit Hong Kong’s raindrenched streets in defiance of a new ban on facial coverings. Riot police later swept in with tear gas and made arrests as peaceful rallies...

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme on Halloween   

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme on Halloween

Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme on Halloween

Krispy Kreme are giving away a free doughnut to anyone who stops by wearing your costume on Oct. 31st. Check out the linked page for more info.

Get more Freebies HERE

Continue reading Free Doughnut at Krispy Kreme on Halloween at FTM.


Gout Arthritis - Learn How A Little Red Fruit Can Fight Joint Pain Naturally   

removing kidney stones: For years, the story of the healing benefits of the tart cherry has been the source of legend and folklore for its natural healing benefits. In addition, to the tart cherry itself, more people are swearing by the juice produced from the tart cherry... Gout Arthritis

Gigi Hadid confronts Chanel catwalk invader – video   


A comedian who crashed the Chanel catwalk, scrambling on to the stage and joining the models, was confronted by supermodel Gigi Hadid who ushered her away from the Paris show on Tuesday.

Marie Benoliel, the catwalk invader, was wearing a monochrome tweed suit and strutted seemingly undetected by security

Continue reading...

Tired of being fatigued all the time   

I've been feeling fatigued for the past two months. Not sleepy or lethargic, just physically heavy or "droopy"--like I'm wearing a lead suit and I just really really want to go lie down. It seems to get worse after moderate physical activity (or significantly worse after strenuous activity), until I've had a nap or been back to bed. I'm less tired after I've rested. I've been to the doctor but they haven't figured anything out yet. I'm hoping the internet might have some good suggestions for things to talk about with them or try before my next appointment. Other than the asthma and headaches mentioned below, I'm a healthy 36-year old male, and I get a good amount of exercise. I can generally function okay during the day (work is mostly at a desk), everything is just way more draining than it should be. I've read many of the previous questions about fatigue here but nothing is an obvious fit.

Other info:

- I felt like this for basically all of March of this year, after which it went away (e.g. from April until August) and I chalked it up to winter doldrums.

- Test results for blood (iron, vitamin D, magnesium, lipids, metabolic, infection, etc...) and urine were in-bounds. I've been taking a daily multivitamin.

- I don't generally feel depressed--I will often be alert and in a good mood but really wanting to go lie down and rest.

- Sleep doesn't seem to be a factor--I wake up in the morning feeling rested and, since I've been making a real effor to sleep enough and regularly, I'm less sleepy at work than I have been for most of my life. I haven't recently started snoring.

- I started getting tired immediately after going for a teeth cleaning at the dentist (like, I walked to the dentist at lunch and then I got tired that afternoon). Doesn't seem likely to be the cause but the timing made it noticeable.

- I was on vacation for one week in a different part of the country during this period, which makes environmental factors seem less likely.

- My head also feels a bit strange. Like my eyes are a bit sore (usually my eyes get sore when I'm getting sick; but this is not as sore as that, just a little bit sore).

- I tried doing a super restricted diet this week (literally only chicken, rice, sweet potatoes--I realize it's not super healthy and I won't be continuing) and have felt as or more tired than usual.

- I have seasonal asthma (spring and summer due to allergies) and get regular (roughly weekly) headaches, which I thought were sinus headaches until recently but apparently those aren't really a thing.

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