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Well, like pot growers and civil disobedience of all political stripes, Trump supporters argue that even if what he did is a crime, it shouldn't be. It's morally justified in order to drain the swamp and expunge the deep State. The moral duty of True Patriots. Fundamentally, everyone who violates the law wraps themselves in a moral justification for doing so. Since Trump's actions will never be adjudicated by a court, their legality is irrelevant in practice.

TET College Pick’em Results: WEEK 5   


War Eagle Everyone!  What a week for the Auburn Tigers as they dominated the bulldogs of Mississippi State. Now onto the Gators in the swamp in what is setting up to be quite a show! The top 25 teams took care of business, but holes are starting to be identified on teams, and we will […]

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!earshot20 // 2019-10-01   


Hour One:  1.) Purple Mountains – Storyline Fever 2.) Shotgun Jimmie – Fountain 3.) Les Soeurs Boulay – La mort des étoiles 4.) (Sandy) Alex G – Walk Away 5.) Whitney – Friend Of Mine 6.) Jenny Hval – High Alice 7.) Wicked Vices – Appetite (Bonus Track) 8.) Jom Cromyn – The Swamp 9.) Lightning


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‘A Nightmare For Israel’: The Swamp Goes Crazy Over Trump Pulling Out Of Northern Syria   

Information Liberation | See if you can notice a pattern.

Ukraine Gave More Money To Clinton Foundation That Any Nation On Earth   

Bill and Hillary Clinton left government broke and actually in debt from all the various legal bills they needed to fend over impeachment and other corruption-related investigations. Within a few years, they were very wealthy people and the money never stopped flowing in until Hillary lost a winnable election. The slush fund Clinton Foundation is not new in the swamp nor illegal – Paul Ryan just moved millions from his campaign account into a private foundation – but that is why the American people are so furious. We hate legal bribery and we know that this form of cashing in...

Sneak Peek at House Democrat’s Un-American Agenda Including Killing Gun Rights and the First Amendment   

With the Democrats taking control of Congress we will see a long list of destructive actions emerge from Washington that will turn the city into the swamp it was built upon.

A Way for Trump to Drain the Swamp   

The swamp creatures would really hate this course of action.



Washington State Continues to Falter!

There was more national bad news from the US Department of Labor Friday Morning with the Obama U3 number going to 9% (that’s the percentage of the workforce collecting unemployment benefits) and the U6 number climbing to 17.8% (that’s the percentage of the workforce that is unemployed!). Even though hiring perked up some, the economy lost a net 190,000 jobs in April: NOT GOOD NEWS.

The latest numbers in Washington State has the U3 number at 9.7% or 340,330 and the U6 number at 599,963 which is the actual number of people unemployed in Washington State. Again a number of people left the workforce and gave up trying to find a job: 2,430. Snohomish County is still having a major problem with employment coming in at 10.1% for U3 and 18.4% for the U6 number. That means 70,157 people remain unemployed in SNO County.

Realtytrac’s March numbers were stunning with regard to State and County wide foreclosures. March foreclosures added 3,613 new defaults/foreclosures bringing the statewide total year to year to 35,049 foreclosures. King County led the foreclosure parade with 1,392 and Seattle was hit hard with another 490 foreclosures. For those of you who read the bogus, male bovine excrement story in Friday’s Seattle Times, I had a roll in the floor laugh at their expense: Link

Over the commercial real estate side of the fence the CBA or the Commercial Brokers Association in Washington State now has over 19,000 listings for rent, lease or sale: AN ALL TIME RECORD.

With regard to the billions in deficits that the State Legislature if fiddling around with in Olympia the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council has issued a report that is gloomy to say the least. Meaning: the state cannot count on sales tax revenue to fill up almost 6 Billion in deficits; instead they will have to cut more spending. With the idiot Democrats in control down in the SWAMP (Olympia) that does not sound like a very likely scenario.

Editor’s note: The State of Idaho business licensing department over at Coeur d'Alene has had to add more personnel to handle the increasing numbers of business in the Spokane area who are leaving the Evergreen State.
Seasonal Adjusted Numbers for those of you who read my blogs you know that these numbers that the Washington State Department of Employment Security and the US Department of Labor issue to the leftist press are nothing short of a manipulated LIE! The Seasonal adjusted numbers have no basis in reality!

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