Ted Cruz calls out the NBA for “shameless retreating” after Houston Rockets GM tweeted support for Hong Kong protesters   

On Friday, the general manager of the Houston Rockets put out this tweet in support of the Hong Kong protesters: Well that apparently didn’t go over well with the owner of the . . .

How do conservation efforts stack up?   

Not bad, if they go viral or have a lot of support – but they could do better. Natalie Parletta reports.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Strix Arion   

External SSD enclosure offers screwdriver-free installation and delivers ultrafast data transfers with support for M.2 NVM Express SSDs and USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 connectivity....

4 Breast Cancer Initiatives To Support This Pink October   


There’s no better time to indulge in a few activities for this good cause.

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Trump/Perdue not that into Farmers...   

UPDATE 10/7: I think farmers have had enough, maybe, I hope anyway...
1. “I went to Madison feeling financially scared and emotionally depressed but hopeful,” said Paul Adams, who runs a 500-cow organic dairy near Eleva, WI."I came home feeling financially scared, emotionally depressed, unwanted, and unneeded.”

2. Brittany Olson left her Barron County farm at 2am to make the trip to Expo and hear Perdue speak. “To go through the effort to see the USDA secretary, only for him to say that small farms like ours likely have no future made me feel like little more than a peasant in a system of modern-day feudalism,” Olson said.

3. “To me, it really drew a line in the sand on just where this administration stands,” said Chippewa County dairy farmer George Polzin.
Danielle Erdvick summed it up this way in the story:
But I sense a fire growing in the belly of the family farmers I meet in my work with Farmers Union. Farmers are weary. But there’s a growing flicker that’s starting to feed a change in the narrative. No more will they be spoon-fed a top-down vision for rural America. Instead, I see a drive for a farmscape where fair prices, local food systems, clean water, and land conservation are at the heart of farm policy. How can we achieve it? It’ll take actually enforcing America’s antitrust laws and holding corporations accountable when they try to monopolize an industry. It’ll mean addressing market manipulation. It’ll mean not raising our hackles, as farmers and ag groups, every time someone wants to talk about clean water or livestock siting. It’ll mean continuing to adopt regenerative practices and thinking outside the box so we’re protecting our natural resources for our children and grandchildren.

Farmers will never stop voting for Republicans. Sadly, GOP promises of "small government" simply mean they don't really have to do anything for their constituents, and deregulation is anything that basically leaves them alone.

Tariff War is not Their Fight: It seems farmers are okay sacrificing their livelihoods for big corporate interests seeking intellectual rights and protections. 

And then the last shoe dropped; Ag Sec. Sonny Perdue told us what big corporate Republican politicians were really thinking about family farmers:

Perdue told reporters that he doesn’t know if the family dairy farm can survive as the industry moves toward a factory farm model ... “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out. I don’t think in America we, for any small business, we have a guaranteed income or guaranteed profitability.”
A few farmers suddenly realized what was really going on...
Jerry Volenec, a fifth-generation Wisconsin dairy farmer with 330 cows, left the Perdue event feeling discouraged about his future. “What I heard today from the secretary of agriculture is there’s no place for me. Can I get some support from my state and federal government?"

Darin Von Ruden, president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union and a third-generation dairy farmer who runs a 50-cow organic farm (said) getting bigger at the expense of smaller operations like his is “not a good way to go.  Do we want one corporation owning all the food in our country?” 
Democrats, Governor Tony Evers backs Family Farms, despite never getting their vote, but after Sonny Perdue's comment, even our laid back Gov. had to say something:

"Are they struggling? Absolutely. But I think at the end of the day we need to get behind them rather than saying, ah maybe you should go larger. I, frankly, resent that the Department of Agriculture secretary from the federal government came in and kind of lambasted them."
But don't take Evers word for it, here's a comment made at the Minnesota Farmfest about CAFO's. Note: Why were visa's for dairy labor ever determined to be seasonal and not year around?:

Trump Piled on First: Remember this...
Wisconsin dairy farmers are still feeling the sting of Trump's visit to Milwaukee in July, where the president downplayed the suffocation felt by farmers here because of Trump's own tariffs.

Trump: "Some of the farmers are doing well. ... We're over the hump. We're doing really well."
Farmer Response...:
"If he's saying farmers are over the hump, he would be badly mistaken," said Darin Von Ruden, a third generation dairy farmer. "In order to get over the hump we need to stop losing dairy farms."
From PBS's Market to Market: Trump's says farmers are happy...

Farmers are slamming Trump's $28 billion farm bailout — more than double Obama's 2009 payment to automakers — as a 'Band-Aid'.
Perdue editorial doesn't repair Damage: Nope, his word salad backtrack to obscure how he really feels, is a little late. In fact, Perdue reminds farmers how this whole problem was really Trump creation:
Purdue: "President Donald Trump has made it his mission to support American agriculture and negotiate better trade deals so our productive farmers can sell their bounty around the globe."
And don't forget how Scott Walker pushed oversupply in the dairy industry.

Here's what one farmer, "a great patriot," really thinks about Trump:

In Gays Mills, WI, over production and large dairy farms are locking many out of getting into farming. From WPT's Portraits from Rural Wisconsin:


Dorset charity supporting national mental health campaign   

A CHARITY based in Dorset has thrown its support behind a national campaign to promote mental health awareness across the county.

School supports young shooting victim   

Nashville Elementary School students wore hats to school Thursday to show their support for a wounded schoolmate who was shot last month during a drive-by shooting.

Asobi Outfit   


Bring out Asobi's playful and sassy side with this stylish outfit! Made for ultimate mix and match possibilities, combine with other Genesis clothing items for a multitude of looks.

Include are 5 adorable and sassy textures for each item of clothing. Special trans options are included to turn the dress into a fun Tshirt style. Bonus shaders to match each set are included for mix and match, just apply to any surface!

Custom morphs for the most popular females and toons for Genesis are included as well as a dress cleavage morph and various movement and adjustment morphs.

As an added bonus included are 5 matching textures for Hitomi's Bikini.

**Updated to include support for Aiko5 and Young Teen Julie!

Price: $18.95 Special Price: $9.48


Assassin Angel Bundle for V4   


Angel Character and Assassin Angel Outfit for V4

Angel for V4 by maelwenn, the most unique character created with realism and versatility in mind for your favorite digital lady! A full package with custom head and body morphs, high quality textures, shaders and so much more. Completely transform Victoria with just a few clicks.

You will find options for tattoos, second skins in three colors, and hair! Also included is another beautiful face morph, Lina, Angel hair fits for the 4th generation girls, cameras, and the lights used for the promos for Poser, DAZ Studio 2 and DAZ Studio 3.

Even the ones striking from the shadows prefer to look their best- dealing the deadly blow while being stylish - what girl can resist that?

Support for Aiko 4, the Girl 4, Elite morphs, and numerous full and partial body morphs from the Morphs ++ pack.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Assassin Angel Victoria 4   


Even the ones striking from the shadows prefer to look their best; dealing the deadly blow while being stylish - what girl can resist that?

Support for Aiko 4, the Girl 4, Elite morphs, and numerous full and partial body morphs from the Morphs ++ pack.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Assassin Reloaded for V4   


The Assassin comes back with weapons deadlier than you can imagine.

Support of Posermatic's Natural Gravity Morphs for Victoria 4 and Natural Gravity Morphs for Victoria 4 Elite Utopian. As well as several new MAT poses to impress all the friends and foes.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Barbarian and Succubus for Bethany 7   


The Barbarian and the Succubus are ready to battle their way through your Library! Three new sculpted character add-ons for Bethany 7 gives you a slightly athletic, a curvy and a very curvy look.

Optimized for Iray with painted translucency maps and sculpted normals, these characters also support 3Delight with fast-rendering additional materials.

The set comes with ten makeup and lip options to mix and match, plus a special eyebrow conformer for enhanced realism. Four matching eyebrow and eyelash colors help get you started with matching the hairs in your library; adjusting for new tints is easy with these diffuse-based presets. The barbarian and the succubus come with ten eye colors, both realistic and fantasy. As a bonus, there are also cute conforming horns for the succubus!

Price: $15.95 Special Price: $7.98


Baroque Grandeur   


Baroque Grandeur - The state or quality of being grand; vastness; greatness; splendor; magnificence; stateliness; dignity - or in this case, all of the above.

Included in this pack is a detailed reception room in the Baroque style, fully customizable with separate modular wall sections, doors, columns, ceiling, floor and authentic furniture pieces. Great care has been taken to detail every inch in authentic period design, from the architecture and decoration, through to the styling of the furniture. Ornate details are in both the geometry and texture maps to create an intricate and accurate architectural pack which is as versatile as it is detailed.

We have included several preload presets to quickly get you started, as well as basic presets to allow each piece to be customized. Wall sections can be interchanged with doors, or even windows as well as the wall columns that can also be interchanged.

To get the maximum out of this product, we recommend a decent PC with lots of RAM. We have tried to cater for the lower end of the spectrum too by dismantling the set - so by stripping out things that aren't required in a scene it should work fine on low-end PC's too!

Please note: this is a re-release of the original Baroque Grandeur product from 2009. This new version includes a new texture pack and all new, full DAZ Studio 3+ support (scene files, materials and light sets). This and the original can be used at the same time and reside in a single Runtime folder without any problems.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Basicwear for V4 Unimesh   


Update: Victoria 4 Basicwear is now updated to support the Girl 4, as well as Aiko 4 and the Elite Bodyshapes for Victoria 4.

Give Victoria 4 the basics with this set of four conforming clothing items. Whether she's lying on the beach or working up a sweat at the gym, Victoria always looks great in her basic wear.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $0.00


Tiny LGA module and carrier board showcase i.MX8M Mini   


TechNexion has launched a rugged “XOREIMX8MM” module with a 30 x 30mm LGA form factor that runs Linux on an i.MX8M Mini with up to 4GB LPDDR4 and 16GB eMMC. There’s also an “XCORE-WIZARD” carrier in the works.

We’ve seen a lot of tiny compute modules based on the i.MX8M Mini, which is understandable considering the up to quad-core, 14nm fabricated Mini has a small footprint and is aimed at IoT devices such as smart speakers. Yet, TechNexion’s 30 x 30mm XOREIMX8MM (or XORE-IMX8M-MINI) beats them all on miniaturization, including the previous size leader, CompuLab’s 38 x 28mm UCM-iMX8M-Mini.

Other extremely small Mini modules include TechNexion’s own, 40 x 37mm PICO-IMX8M-Mini, which has just been updated with Qt BSP support (see farther below) and InnoComm’s recent, M.2 form-factor WB15, which has a 50 x 45mm footprint. TechNexion also offers a larger, customizable AXON-IMX8M-Mini and a SODIMM-style FLEX-IMX8M-Mini module that were announced with the PICO-IMX8M-Mini.

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GNU/Linux Communities at Telegram   


I listed here popular English-based GNU/Linux community's Telegram groups and also several FLOSS websites' Telegram channels like Kubuntu support group and OMG! Ubuntu site channel. To make it easier for you and me, I don't make distinction between official and unofficial ones. For some communities, like CentOS group below, I listed the non-English one while I didn't find the English one. I also listed more resources at the end so you can find more Telegram groups you would love. I wish everybody could join and make good friends there and I also want for more GNU/Linux communities to make their own Telegram groups. Enjoy!

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USB 4.0 support patches for the Linux kernel issued with 40 Gbps transfer rate   


An official release of the USB 4 specifications was made in June. USB 4.0 allows two-track operation on existing USB Type C cables and up to 40 Gbps on certified cables while maintaining compatibility with USB3/USB2 and Thunderbolt 3.

There were 22 first patches on the Linux kernel mailing list that provided basic support for USB 4.0. USB 4 support in its current form consists of less than four thousand lines of new code in the kernel. The boot process is not too dramatic as USB4 is based on Thunderbolt and therefore reuses the existing Thunderbolt driver code in the kernel.

As we approach the release of USB 4, which will have speeds similar to Thunderbolt 3 (40 Gbps), PCIe compatibility and DisplayPort within the USB-C form factor, there are already drivers that support the new standard and ensure that the release and transition to the latest USB version run smoothly.

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Ubuntu Desktop ZFS Install Support Lands In Ubiquity Installer   


Merged into Ubiquity on Friday was the last minute work on adding a ZFS file-system option to the guided partitioning setup of Ubiquity. This allows Ubuntu 19.10 users to deploy Ubuntu atop a root ZFS file-system install in an easy-to-use manner and making use of Ubuntu's growing ZFS On Linux support. This ZFS integration work on the Ubuntu desktop has been one of the features we've been looking forward to about this month's Ubuntu 19.10 release.

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Classics Bundle for Genesis   


Remember the first time Michael 3 slipped on his new pair of Sci-fi Boots? Or when Aiko 3 first ran a brush through her long, flowing Mitsu Hair? Now you can relive these moments with the Classic Bundle for Genesis. This bundle contains several of the most popular products from previous generations that have been entirely refitted to support all of your GenesisTM characters.

Price: $119.95 Special Price: $59.98


Curvaceous Olympia 6   


Make your Olympia 6 even more curvaceous with 11 new morphs that build on the Olympia 6 shape! This set allows you to fill out her luscious figure by smoothing the waist and knees and adding volume to legs, arms, bust and buns.

In addition, the set comes with a conforming bra, loincloth and panty that support both the original and the new morphs (and all other Genesis 2 Female FBMs currently out) to use in your fantasy scenes. The loincloth is fully rigged fore and aft so, in addition to the pose controllers included, you can create your own movement poses with ease.

Price: $11.95 Special Price: $5.98


Dragonsbane Barbarian Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 Male(s)   


Dragonsbane Barbarian Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 Male(s) is a complete, fully detailed hair, beard and moustache set for Genesis 3 Male(s).

It includes 3 very detailed figures: hair, beard and mustache, all of them fully textured, including 7 natural hair colors and 6 hair ties colors. This set include a balanced mix of transmapped planes and fibers, to get a realistic and natural disheveled effect from all angles of view.

The Dragonsbane collection produces stunning renders using any kind of light. The set include all the maps you need for your renders, from diffuse to hyper-detailed transparency maps.

Additionally, Dragonsbane Barbarian Hair and Beard are fully compatible with the Dragonsbane Barbarian Clothing and Character sets, but it also include support for 9 additional Daz characters and the Wise Sensei HD set, also from Luthbel Creations.

Price: $23.95 Special Price: $11.98


'Mr Delaney is not invited to committee meetings' - Uefa support runs dry for €160,000 role   

UEFA has failed to back former FAI chief executive John Delaney this weekend in the wake of his departure from the embattled football association.

Elf Age New Age   


Elves come in many shapes and sizes so an add-on to support Posermatic's NGM and NGM Utopian morphs for Victoria 4 is vital in an Elf adorer's 4untime.

Comes with INJ/REM poses and extra MAT poses for the fabric and top figures.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Fire Dancer for Victoria 4   


Dancer with fire - danger and beauty, fit for the goddess of nature herself comes the FireDancer for Victoria 4.

Two separate clothing items with support of Morphs++ FBMs, PBMs, Elite and Aiko4 morphs.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Hot Chili Unimesh Fits   


Add the versatility of Unimesh to your wardrobe with this expansion pack of refits and support for the Hot Chili outfit.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98

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