Electronic Designer - ABB - Quebec City, QC   

Our contract engineering service is the largest Canadian supplier of space optical sensors used, among other things, for monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and…
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Robot Democratization: A Machine for Every Manufacturer   


With collaborative robots proliferating, we wanted to know who’s using these robots and what tasks they’re doing. Design News caught up with Walter Vahey, executive vice-president at Teradyne, a company that helps manufacturers gear up their automation. Vahey sees a real change in the companies that are deploying robotics. For years robots were tools only for the largest manufacturers. They required expensive care and feeding in the form of integrators and programming. Now, collaborative robots require configuration rather than programming, and they can be quickly switched from task to task.

Vahey talked about robot companies such as Universal Robots (UR) which produces robot arms, and MiR, a company that produces collaborative mobile robots. He explained how they’re putting robotics in the hands of smaller manufacturers that previously could not afford advanced automation. The difference is that these robots are less expensive, they can be set up for production without programming, and they can be quickly reconfigured to change tasks.

Universal Robots, MiR, Taradyne, robotics, robots, automation, small manufacturers
Robots are now within the investment reach of small manufacturers. That's fueling a surge in the use of collaborative robots. (Image source: Universal Robots)

We asked Vahey what’s different about collaborative robots and what he’s seeing in robot adoption among smaller manufacturers.

Design News: Tell us about the new robots and how they’re getting deployed.

Walter Vahey: Companies such as Universal Robots and MiR are pioneering the robot space. They’re bringing automation to a broad class of users and democratizing automation. For small companies, the task at hand is to figure out how to fulfill their orders. It’s particularly challenging to manufacturers. In a tight labor market, manufacturers are facing more competition, growing demand, and higher expectations in quality.

Manufacturer can plug UR or MiR robots in very quickly. Everything is easy, from the specs up front to ordering to quickly arranging and training the robot. There’s no programming, and the robots have the flexibility to do a variety of applications. Every customer is dealing with labor challenges, so now they’re deploying collaborative robots to fulfill demand with high quality.

The whole paradigm has shifted now that you have a broader range of robot applications. You can easily and quickly bring in automation, plug it in ,and get product moving in hours or days rather than months. That’s what’s driving the growth at UR and MiR.

The Issue of Change Management

Design News: Is change management a hurdle?. Does the robot cause workforce disruption?

Walter Vahey: We really haven’t seen that as an issue. The overwhelming need to improve and fulfill demand at a higher quality level helps the manufacturers deploy. It outweighs other challenges. We help with the deployment, and the manufacturers are making the change easily.

We grew up as a supplier of electronic test equipment. Since 2015, we’ve entered the industrial automation market with a focus on the emerging collaborative robot space. We see that as a way to change the equation for manufacturers, making it faster and easier to deploy automation.

Design News: What about return on investment? Robotics can be a considerable investment for a small company/

Walter Vahey: The customers today are looking for relatively short ROI, and we’re seeing it from 6 months to a year. That’s a no brainer for manufacturers. They’re ready to jump in.

We work hard to make deployment less of an issue. We have an application builder, and we use it to prepare for deployment. The new user may have a pick-and-place operation. They choose the gripper, and we guide them to partners who make it easy to deploy.

The application builder helps the customer pick the gripper. The whole object is to get the customer deployed rapidly so the automation doesn’t sit. With MiR, the robot comes in, and we find an easy application for the mobile device. We take the robot around the plant and map it. We’ve work to guide customers through an application quickly and make the robot productive as soon as possible.

There are hundreds of partners that work with UR and MiR, providing grippers and end effectors. We have a system that customers can plug into. Customer can look at grippers from a wide range of companies. We’re not working just on the robot deployment. We work to get the whole system deployed so they can quickly get the ROI.

What Tasks Are the Robots Taking On?

Design News: Who in the plant is using the robots, and what tasks are involved?

Walter Vahey: There is a range of users. To be effective at training a robot and configuring it, the people best suited for it are the ones most aware of the task. To get the robot to be effective you have to know the task. By and large, the person who has been doing that task is best suited to train the robot. That person can then train other robots. Nobody’s better suited to do it than the people who know what needs to be done.

The tasks are broad set of applications. We automate virtually any task and any material movement. It’s not quite that simple, but it’s close. With UR, we’re doing machine learning, grinding, packing, pick-and-place, repetitive tasks, welding. It’s a very broad set of applications. In materials it’s also very broad. Parts going from a warehouse to a work cell, and then from the work cell to another work cell, up to a 1000-kilo payload. We’re moving robots into warehousing and logistics space, even large pieces of metal. The robots are well suited for long runs of pallets of materials.

Rob Spiegel has covered automation and control for 19 years, 17 of them for Design News. Other topics he has covered include supply chain technology, alternative energy, and cyber security. For 10 years, he was owner and publisher of the food magazine Chile Pepper.

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Digital Solutions Sales Manager - Agfa-Gevaert NV - Seattle, WA   

Assist the inside sales team to drive low revenue products like HP and Epson. Agfa Graphics is a leading supplier to the printing industry.
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Digital Systems Scrum Master (Maplewood, MN) - 3M - Maplewood, MN   

Translate functional and non-functional requirements into internal supplier and external partner requirements to meet overall business objectives.
From 3M - Thu, 30 May 2019 17:13:18 GMT - View all Maplewood, MN jobs

The production of heat energy in Brasov. Guest: Simina Costan, General Director at Bepco   


What is Bepco? Why centralized heating system? Bepco sells the heating agent  with 150 RON, but the citizens buy  it with 170 RON / Gcal. Where the price difference comes from? How does the manufacturer – carrier – distributor and supplier system  work? How effective is the system with all the recorded losses? How does […]

Articolul The production of heat energy in Brasov. Guest: Simina Costan, General Director at Bepco publicat pe bepco.


General Machinist - Precision Resource - Cambridge, ON   

Ability to safely operate a tow motor and crane with required training and license. Precision Resource is a leading global supplier of precision metal…
From Precision Resource - Mon, 19 Aug 2019 17:32:04 GMT - View all Cambridge, ON jobs

UAW says negotiations with GM have ‘taken a turn for the worse’   


DETROIT – The UAW’s lead negotiator said Sunday that talks with General Motors have “taken a turn for the worse.”

The surprise negative development followed reports of progress in recent days and adds more uncertainty to when the UAW’s 3-week-old strike against GM might come to an end.

In fact, a person close to the talks told the Free Press that the bargaining had turned somewhat sour as GM walked back what had been a proposed solution for temporary workers.

Health care, as of Saturday, was resolved, meaning it would not change or cost members more. But the person said the union considers GM’s last two proposals to be like ultimatums.

In a letter to union members around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, Terry Dittes, vice president for the UAW GM Department, said that the UAW on Saturday afternoon had prepared an extensive proposal and presented it to GM.

“Our proposal addressed issues of wages, signing bonus, job security, pensions, skilled trades, profit sharing, transfer rights; to name just a few,” Dittes said.

GM responded at 9:05 a.m. Sunday, Dittes said.

“The company’s response did not address our extensive package provided last evening,” Dittes wrote. “They reverted back to their last rejected proposal and made little change. The company’s response did nothing to advance a whole host of issues that are important to you and your families! It did nothing to provide job security during the term of this agreement.”

He wrote that the union, “could not be more disappointed with General Motors who refuse to recognize the experience and talent of our membership who make their world class products and billions of dollars in profits.”

Dittes said that after making progress on key issues “a couple days ago, the company has shown an unwillingness to fairly compensate the great workforce of the UAW. These negotiations have taken a turn for the worse. Your issues are our issues, and our strength is with you, our great membership. We will continue to negotiate on behalf of you, your families and all workers in our country.”

GM provided a statement in response to Dittes’ letter that defended the company’s proposals:

“We continue to negotiate in good faith with very good proposals that benefit employees today and builds a stronger future for all of us. We are committed to continuing discussions around the clock to reach a resolution.”

Roughly 46,000 UAW workers went on strike against GM sites nationwide on Sept. 16 after the 2015 contract expired two days before. The union continued contracts with Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, following the customary plan to negotiate a deal with one company to use as a template for the other two.

A news release from the UAW Sunday afternoon included an email exchange between Dittes and Scott Sandefur, who is heading up negotiations for GM. The exchange highlighted the separation between the two sides as well as providing more details about the UAW proposal and response from GM.

“This package addressed a minimum of (35) hourly proposals and three (3) salaried proposals. Our extensive proposal package was an effort to move this set of negotiations to the next step to reach a tentative agreement,” according to the Dittes email to Sandefur. “During your response to our proposal delivered at 9:05 a.m. today, Sunday, October 6, 2019, you didn’t even have a professional courtesy to explain why you could not accept or why you rejected our package proposal for each item we addressed.”

Dittes continued by saying, “we expect the company to respond and discuss the package proposal we presented yesterday. The law and basic decency require no less.”

The change in tone about the state of talks followed word on Saturday from a person familiar with negotiations that the remaining outstanding issues centered on pensions and 401(k)s and the narrowing of the pay gap for in-progression workers.

The negotiations have continued as more than 46,000 GM UAW workers have remained on strike. The spillover impact from the strike has led to plant shutdowns outside of the United States, supplier layoffs and substantially reduced pay for striking workers, who now get $250 per week from the union’s strike fund.

Also this weekend, the Free Press reported that Vance Pearson, the director of the UAW region covering 17 states from Missouri to California, has been placed on leave. Pearson, who succeeded Gary Jones in the post when Jones became UAW president, is among those charged in an ongoing corruption probe. Jones has also faced scrutiny as his house was among those raided in August, and a source identified him as an unnamed union official who had $30,000 seized from his home.


InstallShield Suite Updates – Get Your Customers on the Latest Version   

InstallShield Suite Updates – Get Your Customers on the Latest Version

Every software supplier knows that it’s not always easy to move customers to the latest and greatest version of a software product. Some take months, some even years to upgrade – which means that they cannot leverage the latest features and you, as a supplier, have higher cost for supporting…


Continue reading InstallShield Suite Updates – Get Your Customers on the Latest Version at Flexera Software Blog.


Fishbowl Solutions helps a key Customer gain efficiencies and cuts costs through the implementation and data migration of PTC Windchill PartsLink & Supplier Management   


A global commerce and technology company needed a better way to keep track of standard parts and supplier information for their electrical components and boards. Their solution was to develop a homegrown database application that grew over time into a more complex app. It worked...

The post Fishbowl Solutions helps a key Customer gain efficiencies and cuts costs through the implementation and data migration of PTC Windchill PartsLink & Supplier Management appeared first on Fishbowl Solutions.


Bosch to make silicon carbide chips in electric vehicle range-anxiety play   

German automotive supplier Robert Bosch [ROBG.UL] is launching production of silicon carbide automotive chips, in a move to address the range anxiety that deters many drivers from switching to electric vehicles.


Apple supplier Japan Display says aiming for a bailout deal this month   

Japan Display Inc said it aims to clinch a deal this month for least 50 billion yen ($470 million) in vital funding, having had to scramble after an investment group suddenly pulled out of a bailout plan for the Apple Inc supplier.


RFID Tags Suppliers, RFID Tags Exports   

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Optical Engineering Technician III - Dallas, TX 75219   

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Manufacturing Technician III-Semiconductor - Dallas, TX 75219   

*LEONARDO DRS* LEONARDO DRS is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors worldwide....

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Parts Clerk - Graham Packaging Company, L.P. - Bradford, PA   

Develop and maintain supplier relationships. Resumes submitted to any Graham Packaging employee by a third party agency and/or search firm without a valid…
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Bosch to produce range-boosting microchips for EVs   


Silicon carbide semiconductors could help boost sales of EVs by helping to allay customers’ fears over limited battery range, the German supplier says.


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Concerning Us: When you require to relocate as well as you’re looking for a handy moving supplier, we know you have lots of regional movers to pick from. Relocation Supplier Tinley Park has been relocating households, government companies as well as industrial properties for the past fifteen years. Whether you’re seeking for a regional move […]

10/8/2019: Economy & Sports: Volvo Selects Infy as Main Supplier of Digital Services   

NEW DELHI IT company Infosys on Monday said Swedish luxury car maker Volvo has selected the company as the main supplier to deliver Volvo Cars' digital transformation services for its enterprise applications and products. As part of this engagement,...

Account Manager - Shippers Supply ULC - Regina, SK   

Shippers Supply ULC is Western Canada's leading supplier of industrial packaging supplies and warehouse equipment. This is a full-time permanent position.
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"making the management of actor engagement a strategic priority"   

Os arquitectos de paisagens competitivas, os engenheiros de ecossistemas serão uma função cada vez mais importante.


"Recently the discourse has developed along four trajectories. First, building on the idea of generic actors, research is increasingly focusing on actor engagement rather than customer engagement. Second, ideas related to collective or multi-actor engagement in networks illustrates how actors are connected and how these connections drive engagement behaviours. Third, informed by the realization that value creation happens in a systemic context, literature is making attempts to be liberated from a dyadic view, thus recognizing how institutional contexts influence actor engagement.
Building on this we also argue that, to be free from the restriction of dyadic thinking, engagement needs to be de-coupled from the exchange of property rights. The paper then proceeds by explicating the role of actor engagement as a driver of value creation, which suggests an elevation of actor engagement as a managerial priority.
the previously strict roles of producer vs. consumer, or seller vs. buyer are fleeting, as actors can have different roles. An actor-to-actor perspective effectively renders clearly specified and static actor roles  useless. All actors have comparable processes of engagement and what is needed is a generic view of actor engagement.
“actors need to be viewed not only as humans, but also as machines/technologies, or collections of humans and machines/technologies, including organizations”
need to also understand collective engagement of multiple (individual) actors. The argument is that focusing only on engagement by individual actors may lead to ignorance about aspects that arise from the inherent social embeddedness of actors, i.e., actor engagement by one actor affects resource integration processes between the focal actor and other actors in the service ecosystem.
However, all actor engagement happens in an institutional context, in which all actions are governed by various competing institutional arrangements. These arrangements are “interrelated sets of institutions that together constitute a relatively coherent assemblage that facilitates coordination of activity”
we posit that the dramatic shifts that we see in the operating environment are elevating the role of actor engagement, making the management of actor engagement a strategic priority.
it is not the attributes of resources that make them valuable, but the linkages between them.
means that firm size is less important and firms' ability to collaborate more important, and that firms require a systemic view to be able to grasp opportunities for actor engagement with the aim to orchestrate resources in the market system for multiactor value creation.
Value creation is related to resource integration, which resonates with Normann (2001), who argues that greater density of resources corresponds to more value. Density expresses the degree to which resources are accessible for integration in a specific actor, time, situation and space combination.
Density relates not only to physical resources but also to the density of various forms of socio- cultural resources such as meanings, designs and/or symbols. Consequently, resource density can be improved both by exchange-based and non-exchange-based resource contributions.
the ‘economics of connections’, i.e., increased returns through amplified density of interactions between business, people and things. As the density of connections grows, it increases the density of available resources and, thus, make increased returns possible.
we suggest that without actor engagement (i.e., resource contributions), no resource integration happens, and no value can be created. From a managerial point of view, this indicates that it is not the connections that increase the returns for a focal actor - it is the ability to mobilize actors in the market system to engage in resource contributions that, combined with other resources, improve resource density and value creation. This creates a clear link between actor engagement and increased returns – firm that have such abilities may enjoy ‘economies of actor engagement’. As we describe later in this paper, this suggests that firms should focus on a new set of capabilities: actor engagement management. To build these capabilities firms can likely build on existing processes and practices developed in connections to the management of customer relationships, supplier relationships and stakeholder relationships.
Recent research in strategic management and entrepreneurship suggests that markets should not be viewed as a given and deterministic context, exogenous to the firm. Firms are increasingly conceptualized as active creators of market opportunities, suggesting that markets are not precursors, but rather outcomes of strategy. Firms that have engagement management capabilities can engage in market-shaping activities to generate market innovations that improve the value creation of the market.
Managerially this means that to identify opportunities for marketshaping, focal market-shaping actors need abilities to comprehend a larger system of actors, to understand how new resource linkages can be created within this system, to recognize the institutional arrangements that govern all actors, and to mobilize actors for exchange-based and non-exchange-based resource contributions – thus making actor engagement central to market-shaping.
research is progressively seeing markets as networks, systems, or ecosystems...
Market systems do not obey simple laws of cause and effect, and they have no center and no central control mechanism. They do, however, evolve from a combination of deliberately designed influence, and random emergence resulting from combinations of various actors' engagement patterns. This indicates a need to understand how market change happens in a balance between deliberate design efforts (and related engagement) by various market actors, and spontaneous emergent developments occurring because of the amalgamation of all actors' engagement.
Understanding markets as systems that do not obey simple laws of cause and effect and that have no center and no central control mechanism, and which consist of generic actors that, governed by institutional arrangements, both contribute resources and create value by integrating their resources with the resources of other market actors, questions many of the traditionally dyadic and linear models of management. Instead of assumptions of control of resources and processes, management increasingly need to ‘let go’ and find new ways to manage the engagement of various intra- and inter-organizational actors."
Trechos retirados de "Actor engagement, value creation and market innovation" de Kaj Storbacka, publicado por Industrial Marketing Management 80 (2019) 4–10.

Mechanical Design Engineer   

KY-Georgetown, Permanent position: Automotive OEM supplier near Georgetown, KY is seeking a Mechanical Designer that will focus on the design and development of specialized capital equipment. Conveyor system design experience would be a PLUS. Relocation/mobilization funds available for qualified candidates. Responsibilities for the Mechanical Design Engineer •Design and develop specialized/custom production equi

Charity Shop Lottery Video   


I think Hayley is going to play mind games with me - I asked her whether the shirt I liberated from a charity shop (for the 2nd time) would find its way back there. She said possibly, but that the next time she wouldn't tell me which charity shop.

Seems I've become a bit of a minor celebrity. A member of staff at a supplier showed my work colleague a Facebook video his mate had taken in Tesco car park of some old bugger practising riding a unicycle. He took it from his car at 5am last weekend. My work colleague recognised it as me. Got some nice comments on the Facebook post though.

I'm still doing my daily 20 minutes and the confidence is increasing with every session, but I still need the rail at the side to correct me every few pedals or so. I think I may crack it within another 2 or 3 weeks.

Daily Brexit Update:

I keep asking Brexiteers to give me a single, tangible benefit of Brexit, but I still haven't received one cogent answer in over 3 years. They keep banging on about totally inconsequential, touchy-feely stuff, demonstrating their dogmatic devotion to a process they can't articulate a single benefit for, but they nevertheless want it now. It's purely driven by emotion.

The latest one was; "We don't have to join an EU Army," backed up by a video of a Lt. General going on about how bad an idea it is. It may well be a bad idea, but that merely demonstrates they (and the Lt. General) don't understand the meaning of the word veto. In the EU we'd; a) have a choice of joining or not, and b) have a veto over the whole damned thing. Outside of the EU we don't get a choice - we can't participate, even it turns out to be a brilliant idea that works perfectly and the Lt. General is mistaken - they're not infallible. Where's the benefit in that?

If Trump manages to beat the odds on impeachment, which seems slim at present (his latest action calling for China to investigate the Bidens appears to be a concerted effort to use an insanity plea), I don't think NATO can rely on America for much longer. That leaves only Canada and Turkey as non-EU aligned, the rest being either EU, EEA or EFTA, with the majority being full-fat EU. It would certainly be dominated by the EU.

There must surely be some benefit of leaving the EU, else why do it? Help me, someone, or give your head a wobble and come to your senses.


Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) Another Buying Opportunity   

Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) is an American technology company that is primarily a supplier of programmable logic devices. It designs, develops and markets complete programmable logic solutions, including advanced integrated circuits, software design tools, predefined system functions, customer training, field engineering and technical support. Since the dot com crash, XLNX struggled to recover and it only managed to make … Continue reading "Xilinx (NASDAQ: XLNX) Another Buying Opportunity"

Red Seal Heavy Equipment Technician - Sandvik - Saskatoon, SK   

Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology (SMRT) is a leading global supplier of equipment and tools, service and technical solutions for the mining and construction…
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