Keeping it Together on a Boat Trip to Kadavu, Fiji   


Imagine you and your friends, riding out into the open ocean aboard a trusted boat with the wind at your back and your hands at the helm. Living on a country made of over 300 islands, venturing to one of the outer islands by boat is often the best way—and sometimes the only way—to get there. Kadavu, Fiji is an island group that’s largely undeveloped with the main island of Kadavu covered in...

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Mother of Pearl Inlay Money Clip - White Shell Inlay Money Clip - MOP Money Clip - Shell Moneyclip - Pearlescent - Wholesale Accessories by LeanderDambrosia   


55.00 USD

Keep your cash and cards stylish and secure in this mother of pearl shell inlay money clip. This stunning money clip features a truly unisex design and will be loved by men and women who want to reduce the bulk of carrying around a wallet. Slide it in your back pocket or slip it inside a small clutch purse for those occasions when simplicity is essential.

This money clip is made with a nickel base and features an inlaid piece of beautiful, pearlescent mother of pearl shell. The oval shell feature sits slightly taller than the base and is set flush with the bezel. The nickel base has a silver colour, similar to sterling silver or stainless steel. Nickel is a strong metal that will retain it's memory and 'spring', keeping the tension tight so your cash will always be secured no matter how many notes are stored in the clip. The nickel will not tarnish either.

*please note that the stones used in this design are natural and there will be very slight differences in color, matrix and natural patterning of the stones used.

This money clip can be personalized with any text, anywhere on the money clip. You can choose any words, numbers font, size and layout you like. Simply choose the 'custom text' option from the dropdown menu and tell us:
-The exact text, including grammar that you need
-Where you want the text to be positioned on the money clip
-The font you want
Before commencing work in metal we will send you a jpeg mock up for approval so that you can see exactly how the etching will look.

Custom orders are encouraged and appreciated, so if you would prefer a different colour combination or stones, simply ask!

This money clip measures 1" (25mm) x 2" (50mm)

*Unfortunately, the cash used in the image is NOT included in the listing ;)


Horseshoe Flats Campground 6/10 - Scottsville, Virginia   

Note: This campground is located on the banks of the James River, just across from Scottsville, VA. If you love kayaking or tubing, this is an EXCELLENT riverside campground; you can rent theirs, or use your own, and they offer a shuttle up the river for a modest charge. The campground has lots of tent sites and caters to large tent-group camping during the summer months. RV sites are limited and often filled with contract workers (traveling nurses, power line workers, etc.). I felt the price was very high, for what you got, but....did I mention the beautiful James River is in your back yard?

Galaxy Fold is the hotdog in a new teardown play on how Samsung made it tougher   

This thing needs more iFixit mustard

Our favorite tinkerers over at iFixit have dismantled their most interesting patient to date - the re-released Galaxy Fold - and, unsurprisingly, came up with a 2/10 repairability score. What we were more interested to see, though, are the measures that Samsung said it has taken to revamp the assemblage of the Fold and make it more foolproof against tampering and debris.

These two elements were the main culprits behind the 5-month delay in the phone's release, as the first preview units that Samsung sent our back in the spring ...

Comment on A Low Maintenance Fall Garden by CoCo    

Love your beautiful porch Laura! We're in the middle of trying to decide how to handle changes in our back yard patio area too so I really appreciate your take on how much work the maintenance can be. I'll definitely be saving your idea of the weed blocking fabric once we're ready to get started on everything. I can imagine it's a big time saver. Happy Fall, CoCo

Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by NT   

"@NT – Stop wasting your time man, some are beyond logical saving." Tanmaya, I missed this line earlier. I think you are right. I do have better things to do. he probably wants to have a hissy fit as the last word and I can let him have that. Ashok, I only wasted this much time on you even though you appear to be a total lost cause because many excellent skeptics I listen to as they debunk pseudoscience etc were in fact believers in pseudoscience, godmen and gurus in the past. most of them never encountered a challenge to their beliefs until in their 20s or even 30s. then they did and started thinking. that may not be you, but I believe in splashing cold water on stupid ideas and people who hold them, not be gentle about it while laughing behind your back and giving fake respect. what you do with this cold bath in the next few years is up to you. you can hate logic all you want. but first read a few books on logic, then hate. you can hate science and skeptics all you like too, but first read some books written by scientists, not believe in silly caricatures and lies by jaggikanth about them, like they don't enjoy life, humor etc. which books? I don't know. ask VJ, he seems to know the good ones and he will be nicer unlike me.

5 Ways To Keep You Motivated While Curing Your Pain   

If you have back pain for some reason, there is going to come a time when you will have to work the muscles in your back in order to achieve a full recovery.

Pamphlet Dungeon : Thorfinn's Tomb   

Pamphlet Dungeon : Thorfinn's TombPublisher: Crooked Staff Publishing

The Ghoul King has arisen once more, and must be destroyed before regaining his full strength. As such, the players have been tasked with the retrieval of Thorfinn's Trident - it being one of the few weapons capable of destroying the undead menace, and preventing him from rising again.

* * * * *

This (system neutral) fantasy adventure is a simple (self-contained) one-shot, that should be suitable for keeping your players entertained for a single evening's play.

It's designed with starting/low-level characters in mind, and (if printed on both sides of a sheet of paper) can be folded into a handy tri-fold pamphlet/leaflet.

So, if you need something to keep in your back pocket for those times when the players go off-piste -OR- if you're simply looking to run a quick filler game between campaigns ...then hopefully this little pamphlet dungeon can provide you with some inspiration.

* * * * *

(note that a colorised version of the map has also been provided as a separate image - for use with VTTs or similar)


Solar Powered LED Patio Sting Lights just $17.99 (Reg. $59.99) + Free Shipping!   

A necessity for your back yard! Solar Powered LED Patio Sting Lights just $19.99 (Reg. $59.99) + Free Shipping! These solar powered LED lights are a set of 10 solar vintage incandescent bulbs designed by Touch Of ECO. Each package includes an interchangeable clip and stake; which enables the high-efficiency solar panel to be mounted […]
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