FreedomWorks Statement in Response to $984 Billion CBO Budget Deficit Estimate   


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In response to the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) recently released final estimated budget deficit for FY 2019, which shows the deficit reaching $984 billion, Jason Pye, FreedomWorks Vice President of Legislative Affairs, commented:

“Democrats and Republicans must be held responsible for the outrageous deficit reported today by the CBO. Fiscal sanity has all but escaped Washington, as evidenced by this year’s cap-busting budget deal. This unsustainable situation is only going to get worse.

“In spite of record revenues, the deficit has grown to a nearly insurmountable figure under Congress’ watch — or more accurately, its lack thereof. If the federal government is to one day get its fiscal house in order, Congress needs to take a hard look at cutting spending, which means considering real reforms to mandatory spending programs, the primary drivers of the deficit.”


EJ Rosalia for Genesis 3 Female(s)   


Rosalia is a character for Genesis 3 Female, that includes Iray materials (in addition to the traditional Daz Studio 3Delight ones). She also includes several custom sculpted morphs: head morph, pointed teeth, stiletto nails, long nails, and Anatomical Elements morph, all usable with Genesis 3 Female Base. The body uses Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs. Rosalia has a specially detailed skin, including skin features like pores, moles and variations found in human skin that will give you the quality you need for the new generation of NVIDIA Iray renders.

Rosalia is a pinup girl who loves roses, so much that she tattoed her arms, shoulders and torso with them. But every rose has its thorn. One day she pricked her finger with a rose in a strange and hidden garden, and she turned into a supernatural being, and now Rosalia hides a dark secret. Discover the many stories that Rosalia can inspire. A must have!

With casual makeups and lips that match perfectly, and also special options like: special fantasy makeups (Burlesque, Burning Gaze, Dia de los Muertos, and Lady of Roses) and Pointed Teeth, and two special eyes (white irises and black sclera with red iris), tattoos that can be applied where you wish (each one of the arms, each shoulder, abdomen, or them all) and extra detail icon to add extra pore detail for her skin, that can be added or removed independently.

Price: $18.95 Special Price: $9.48


I have a dream-MARTIN LUTHER KING   

I have a dream MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. ...... I say to you, my friends, so even though we must face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nat

Comment on My Queen, My Mother Book Club: An Interview with Author Marge Steinhage Fenelon by Carolyn Astfalk    

I've made some local(ish) pilgrimages, but never one that extended more than an afternoon. This book sparks so many ideas though. With the number of shrines, it might be possible to even designate one day of a vacation as a pilgrimage.

Titans cut Santos day after missing 4 field goals   

The Titans cut Cairo Santos one day after the kicker missed four field goals in a home loss.

Comment on Lost in Translation 286: One Day at a Time by Lost in Translation 310: Remake Mania – September 2019 - Psycho Drive-In    

[…] Bride, is still active and has a vast library of works that he’s considering for remakes. The new One Day At a Time is just the beginning. However, Variety’s story says that there are people who want to remake the […]

Comment on Lost in Translation 286: One Day at a Time by Lost in Translation 310 – Remake Mania – September 2019 | Seventh Sanctum Codex    

[…] is still active and has a vast library of works that he’s considering for remakes. The new One Day At a Time is just the beginning. However, Variety’s story says that there are people who want to remake […]

Real Madrid Confirm Toni Kroos Injury as Club Await News of Recovery Time   

?Real Madrid have confirmed midfielder Toni Kroos damaged adductors in his foot during the club’s 4-2 victory over Granada on Saturday. The German underwent scans one day later, though it remains unknown how long his recovery will take.  Coach Zinedine Zidane was forced to play Dani Carvajal at left-back following injuries to defensive trio Marcelo, Nacho … Continue reading Real Madrid Confirm Toni Kroos Injury as Club Await News of Recovery Time

Lusy Chal - One Day 2019)   

Исполнитель:VA Название: Lusy Chal - One Day 2019) Жанр: Experimental, Electronic Год выпуска: 2019 Количество треков: 15 Время звучания: 43:47 Формат: MP3 Качество: 320kbps Размер: 100 MB

Federal Government Takes Nearly Three Years to Turn Over Public Records   

The "wheels of justice turn slowly," as the old maxim goes. Less well known is how long the federal government can take to fulfill a public records request. Almost three years ago, in December 2016, Seven Days asked the federal Air National Guard for emails from Vermont Air National Guard officials about Lt. Col. John Rahill, a fighter jet pilot who crashed a small plane on a Lake Champlain island that September. Neither he nor his lone passenger was seriously hurt, and Rahill later said in an email to the Federal Aviation Administration that he'd been practicing emergency landings at the time of the wreck. He was later ordered to retake his civilian pilot's exam to keep his license. By November of that year, the National Transportation Safety Board had released its preliminary report on the crash. And by January 2017, the FAA gave Seven Days various emails and other documents as part of a different public records request. But it wasn't until July 23 — of this year — that the National Guard Bureau's Office of Information and Privacy turned over 12 emails printed on six pages. "This concludes our office's processing of your request," Jennifer Nikolaisen, chief of the office, wrote in a letter accompanying the emails. She did not explain why it took so long to comply with the request. In one email dated September 20, 2016 — one day after the crash — a lieutenant colonel in the 158th Fighter Wing of the state Air National Guard wrote a summary of what had happened. The government redacted the sender's name. "They are lucky to be alive," the person wrote of Rahill and his passenger. "...Another great wake-up call about how close we all are to being 6' under!" Among the emails is one from this reporter and another from someone who warned an unidentified recipient on the day of the incident that the crash "has picked up some media interest." Three years later, we're still interested.

The original print version of this article was headlined "Not Exactly Air Mail"


Yom Kippur   


By Phillip Schultz
You are asked to stand and bow your head,
consider the harm you've caused,
the respect you've withheld,
the anger misspent, the fear spread,
the earnestness displayed
in the service of prestige and sensibility,
all the callous, cruel, stubborn, joyless sins
in your alphabet of woe
so that you might be forgiven.
You are asked to believe in the spark
of your divinity, in the purity
of the words of your mouth
and the memories of your heart.
You are asked for this one day and one night
to starve your body so your soul can feast
on faith and adoration.
You are asked to forgive the past
and remember the dead, to gaze
across the desert in your heart
toward Jerusalem. To separate
the sacred from the profane
and be as numerous as the sands
and the stars of heaven.
To believe that no matter what
you have done to yourself and others
morning will come and the mountain
of night will fade. To believe,
for these few precious moments,
in the utter sweetness of your life.
You are asked to bow your head
and remain standing,
and say Amen.


Up to 60% off Nike, Under Armour, New Balance & More at Macy’s | Shoes, Apparel & Accessories   

Hop on over to Macy' where you can score up to 60% off Nike, Adidas, Champion and MORE during this one day only sale!

BEARD KING Official Beard Bib   


If you currently have a beard or one day you decide to grow a beard, then you’ll want to get rid of that facial fuzz that proves without a doubt that you are indeed a man. To keep your sinks clean and free of nasty hair clumps, consider getting the Official Beard Bib from BEARD […]

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Strike-averting deal with Ontario education workers includes $20M to bring back laid off support staff   


The provincial government will spend $20 million a year to ensure hundreds of support staff who were laid off last month return to Ontario schools — and another $58 million annually to help create more support for special education students.

The tentative deal reached Sunday night between the province, school boards and 55,000 school support staff represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees — who include educational assistants, early childhood educators, custodians and office staff — means the Toronto District School Board will be able to rehire dozens of workers who lost their jobs because of budget cuts.

For some, the new contract — and the more than $230 million in additional funding — bodes well for ongoing negotiations with teacher unions.

“I think (the CUPE deal) builds some momentum to drive positive deals for kids in this province,” Education Minister Stephen Lecce said in a telephone interview Monday afternoon.

“I am going to remain cautiously optimistic there is a pathway,” he added, if all sides are willing to negotiate in good faith.

Teachers, however — especially at the secondary level — are fighting a tougher battle with the province over larger class sizes and the resulting loss of thousands of jobs over the next four years, plus an unprecedented move to mandate four online courses in high school with even bigger student-teacher ratios.

Harvey Bischof, president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, said CUPE’s deal could impact negotiations for his 60,000 members, who include teachers and some support staff.

“There is cause for some cautious optimism inasmuch as the government seems to have recognized the value for the services that staff provide in our schools,” said Bischof. “It really depends on how they (the province) approach that teacher table … The government has launched very different kinds of attacks on different parts of the education system.”

The Doug Ford government, he added, is “bent on slashing 10,000 teaching positions out of the system — one out of every four high school teachers — and there is no path forward without restoration.”

Liz Stuart, president of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association, which represents 45,000 elementary, secondary and occasional teachers, said she is “hopeful we’ll be able to achieve a deal for our members as well.

“At this point in time we feel we’re engaged in productive dialogue,” she said. “As long as the government and the trustees association come to the table and we’re able to all bargain together in good faith, we have every hope that we, too, will be able to find a deal.”

The three-year CUPE deal, which retains all sick day benefits but caps workers’ wage increases at one per cent each year, was reached Sunday night after a weekend of last-ditch talks to stave off a strike Monday that would have shuttered hundreds of schools across the province.

For parents, the deal means “services return to their schools,” said Laura Walton, who heads the union’s school board unit. “Lots of those jobs went missing over the summer.”

She said cleanliness standards should improve, more educational assistants will be in schools and libraries will be open longer.

Despite the deal, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath blasted Premier Ford for giving parents a weekend of “uncertainty.”

“He needs to go back and reverse the cuts and invest in our education system,” she told reporters. “We ended up on the brink of chaos (Sunday) night and that’s no way to treat families or education workers for that matter.”

During talks, the government had focused on sick days and short-term leave. CUPE workers take an average of more than 15 days off a year, which is costly and leads to a “revolving door” of staff for students to deal with, Lecce has said.

In the end, the sides agreed to a standardized medical form for any workers seeking to take time off beyond the 11 sick days that are paid at 100 per cent and dip into the 120-day short-term disability plan at 90 per cent pay.

The deal is said to provide consistency provincewide, given some boards had policies on doctor notes and others did not.

The $20-million fund will revive 300 full-time-equivalent positions with job protections for the life of the three-year contract — although there is an out for boards if enrolment declines or funding is cut.

The government also reinstated a yearly $58.3-million local priorities fund, which is mainly for educational assistants to aid students with special needs.

CUPE negotiated a separate $600,000 annual fund that will pay for custodians to work after-hours when community groups take out permits to use school facilities.

The government did not renew a professional development fund of roughly $4.5 million.

John Weatherup, president of Toronto Education Workers CUPE Local 4400, said the deal will see 60 to 70 special education staff back in the city’s public schools.

“It still won’t be enough, but at least it’s putting people back into the classrooms,” he said.

University of Toronto professor Charles Pascal, a former deputy minister of education, said “the pressure from parents and the public at large was clearly on the side of CUPE workers. And true to form, the minister ran to the front of the parade to take credit for avoiding a mess of his own creation.”

Lecce, however, said no one at the negotiating table wanted to inconvenience families with a strike. He said the government focused on keeping kids in class and investing “in the front lines of education.”

Markham mother Kimberly Clark was not expecting a resolution, so she lined up a week’s worth of activities for her children — and because she’s a real estate agent with flexible hours, she even offered to look after other kids.

When news of the deal broke late Sunday, her children begged her to keep a play date with friends on Monday, so Clark let them stay home.

“It’s one day — it’s not going to hurt, we’ll keep our plans and go back to regular school (on Tuesday),” she said.

Kristin Rushowy is a Toronto-based reporter covering Ontario politics. Follow her on Twitter: @krushowy

Robert Benzie is the Star’s Queen’s Park bureau chief and a reporter covering Ontario politics. Follow him on Twitter: @robertbenzie

Isabel Teotonio is a Toronto-based reporter covering education. Follow her on Twitter: @Izzy74


Gaming Reflections with some New & Old (but new to me) Sci Fi RPG Goodies!   


     Due to some truly sad stuff my gaming group is no more.  It just didn't feel right to continue after what happened.  I spent the holidays and surrounding weeks taking a break from gaming, and just reflecting on life and things.  My friend and I had been working up a joint 5E game, with his passing, I just don't even want to look at my notes about it. Maybe one day I will return to what we were working on.  I do however, find myself in the mood to game again, I decided I wanted to do something new and different.  With the gaming group dissolved, I have started a new quest to rebuild/create a new gaming group and to play something different from what I have done in the past. I've played and DM'd a ton of fantasy over the years and a lot of P.A. gaming, but my experiences with GMing Sci Fi has been limited ( a bit of Traveller in High School, does Rifts count as Sci Fi??) So I am looking at the Revised Edition of Stars Without Number. I posted a good bit about Stars Without Number (original version) several years ago. But other than one game at a con I never got a chance to GM a session. With some Christmas money I purchased the hardcover rules for SWN and the new Codex of the Black Sun, which gives you the option of tossing some magic into your Sci Fi.   I had wanted to give Starfinder a try, but goodness that is way to much crunch for my schedule these days.  The new books are sweet!  I'm digging into the core rules and then will delve into Codex of the Black Sun.
      I also recently picked up Hard Nova II and Core Command Armory book for an unbelievably great price.  I will likely see if I can adapt some things from both HN II and CC Armory to use in my hopefully upcoming SWN Campaign.  Hard Nova II seems to be a rules lite system and Core Command has conversion rules to 3.0 OGL, so I should be able to work it out. SWN is fairly rules lite so it shouldn't be too hard to extrapolate some conversions.
     I intend to start posting here again semi-regularly, I had migrated to G+ but that is soon to be no more, so back to the blog it is. I am on MeWe, but I like having stuff available on my blog for others to view, so blogging it is. 


If you want to experience horrendous traffic   

Come on down to the Altanta, Georgia metro area. My commute takes me on I-20 then I-75, and returning if I-75 is a total shit storm I get to experience the utter joy that is I-285 to get back to I-20. One day it took … Continue reading If you want to experience horrendous traffic

Golden Eagles Rising   

itunes pic
Isaiah 40:31 says: they that wait up on the Lord shall renew thier strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. The church is also waiting for Messiah Both peoples long for the Jewish Messiah to come. I watch the eastern sky and they watch the national scene.No matter which way we look, our hearts look for the same thing. The Savior! One day according to scripture, the messiah will call out for us to arise. The enemies of Israel will be scattered and Messiah will be king of all the earth. He will reign in righousness, mercy and forgiveness. Today He calls us to arise in mercy and love for the people of Israel and the peoples of all the world! He calls on us to be His hands and feet... to be His heart to the world. The Lord Yeshua has called us to be the church, not just go to church. It's easy to go to church and be content. But to be the church, you have to take the Holy Spirit to those who do not darken the doors of your church. To be the church, we must walk as Yeshua walked, in love and mercy, forgiving, loving and sharing the kingdom! So be the eagles! Arise on wings of love and mercy to the world around you. Speak comfort to Israel the beloved for Abrahams sake! Speak softly to those who are afraid. Spread your wings to gather her from afar.... Speak mercy to Israel, speak softly to calm her soul. Draw her beneath your feathers so warm, and give comfort to the prey of islam. Speak strength to her young men, the chosen of Israel. Speak health to all of her bones. Spread your wings to shade her for the battle to come, Speak softly to Israel

Comment on The Five Love Languages for Families of Kids with Special Needs by Jennifer    

I have a daughter who is 8 and recently diagnosed with Autism, severe anxiety and depression, and I have a 2 year old who has down syndrome. I am so excited for this book! I just requested a copy at my local library. This is one I would love to own one day once I have some extra money!!

New Music Monday – September 30th   


We are one day away from October, which means another new month of new music is coming to KHYI Before we turn the calendar, we’ll hit you with some more new tunes to listen to on KHYI 95.3 the range: Georgette Jones – I Know What You Did Last Night (Feat. Vince Gill) Here is […]

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6 Ways To Use Your Evernote More Efficiently   


Your mind was so messed up, you’ve had so much to do and everytime you kept forgetting something important which made things worse. But then, one day voila you found Evernote and that was the beginning of your organized life.Well, so here we have some tips and tricks that will help you use your Evernote in a […]

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Christian Dawkins sentenced to a year and a day in prison   

In total, he has now been sentenced to 18 months and one day in prison, to be served consecutively.

How To Check Who Is On My WiFi Network And Using It: Best Method   


I have written so many articles about hacking WiFi and the apps which can hack WiFi. But I also mentioned in those articles that if you are hacking someone’s WiFi, there may be chances one day someone will hack yours. What would you do then? Always take precautions first. Because you never know what’s gonna […]

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Joe Biden’s Terrible, No-Good Plan to Punish Gun Industry   


Bazooka Joe Biden, who just days ago said AR-15 owners would be better off buying rocket launchers and fighter jets instead of owning modern sporting rifles, released his new gun control plan. It’s worth noting he released his plan just one day before Democratic candidates were scheduled to promote their various gun control notions in […]

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Jimmy Carter builds Habitat for Humanity home in Tennessee despite black eye, stitches from fall   

Former President Jimmy Carter donned a bandage over his left eye Monday as he helped build a home with Habitat for Humanity in Tennessee just one day after suffering a fall.

10/7/2019: NEWS: The things you can do with half a car   


One day Andrew Huggard spotted an ad for a Mini Cooper in the “free” section of Craigslist. But it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill Mini Cooper, this one had been sliced in half. Huggard grabbed it, brought it home and planted it in his front yard near...
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