Michael Goodwin: ‘Groundhog Day’ Dems and media keep spinning same anti-Trump narrative   

The media has failed to come up with a new thought in four years.

Sen. Tom Cotton: Contraband cell phones in prisons are a threat Congress should act on   

Contraband cell phones have become the most serious security risk prisons face today.

Paul Batura: Why an Irish-Polish guy like me celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month every day of the year   

Strong multi-race families demonstrate that you don’t fall in love with a “race” – you fall in love with a person and the millions of little things that make them who they are.

Kelly Shackelford: New Supreme Court term will signal if religious liberty is making a comeback   

If this term picks up where the last term left off, we may be well on our way to more religious freedom than many of us have known in our lifetime.




Your chance to own a piece of contemporary jewellery! Suspended in Pink Raffle   

Musings about the Suspended in Pink Raffle.

Thanks to Marthe Le Van's recent article, I have been thinking about the 'Suspended in Pink' raffle.

Here is an extract:

"As a retail storeowner and salesperson, the raffle felt amateurish, gimmicky, and a bit desperate—like when I heard about Facebook for the first time. Ultimately, after reconciling all my perspectives, I believe there is much to applaud in the Suspended in Pink raffle. It feels fresh and innovative, optimistic and courageous, liberating and democratic—all worthy consequences pointing toward progress"

Now, I have no problem at all about an idea of mine being compared to the early Facebook- and I am the first to admit the visuals, practicalities and how the raffle is presented still needs some work!
Most raffles are devised as a means of fundraising, to enable an exhibition, event etc... Seen by the  Borax Collective , Handshake Jewellery and an American Art Jewellery group  ( i am sure there are many many more).

And as Le Van notices, through her many astute questions, fundraising is not the aim of the 'Suspended in Pink' Raffle...

So what is it? and WHY should you take part?

I go to many many exhibitions every year. But As a wanna-be collector, I have only three small pins.
I dont want a specially designed brooch with a groups logo on it, a sample piece or a bunch of postcards as a consolation prize- I want THE piece. 

          I want to own Silke Fleischer's amazing necklace and Sam Hamilton's 'Bread' Like brooch.

As a practitioner is who interested in engagement and audience interaction, I am always looking for ways to get my audience to wear the jewellery, understand it, and imagine owning it- and that, in my view, is the real strength of the 'Suspended in Pink' raffle.

So the idea of raffling off one of the jewellery pieces from the Suspended in Pink Exhibition seemed an obvious idea.

 But its more then that.... Once a viewer decides   they wish to take part in the raffle, they then can spend up to an hour, going through the exhibition, trying on the jewellery, comparing, assessing, deciding which item THEY would take home.

Deciding which piece of jewellery spoke out the most to them.

And this was then the piece that they would then bet on.
Maybe they would win it, maybe not- but for £5/€6/$8 it seems like a worth while experience to have- the experience of wearing and imagining that favourite piece of jewellery which YOUR ticket could win you....

And here is the good news- the odds of winning in this raffle are actually really high!

Only a small number of people have guessed the same names, and there are a number of exhibitors who's name has not been guessed yet-

So you have a real chance of winning....

All you have to do is email:
with: your name, the name of the artist who you want to win-

And to send payment of £5/€6/$8 by paypal to:

The winner is announced this Autumn!


Two Vernissages? spoilt for choice!   

Well the title says it all here!

'Suspended in Pink' are gearing up and preparing for a fantastically busy week at Schmuck in exactly two weeks time!

The Super official Vernissage:

Silke Fleischer

Donnerstag, 7. März 2013/
Thursday 7th March
 17-20 Uhr/ 5-8pm

Corrado de Meo


The Super SECRET Viewing on
Sonntag 10. März 2013/ Sunday 10th March
11-14 Uhr /11am-2pm

Come and find us at: 
Studio Gabi Green, 
Gollierstraße 17, 
80339 München, 7.-11.3., Do, Fr 12-20 Uhr, Sa, So 10-18 Uhr,  Mo 10-15 Uhr


Schmuck-Show 6th March   


Come by the  SCHMUCK-Show 2013

As part of Schmuck,  24 exhibitors from 'Suspended in Pink' will be taking part in this fantastic event!
Come and have a sneak preview of some of the fantastic jewellery pieces on show

Everyone is welcome to this opening event for SCHMUCK at Goldbergstudios, Müllerstr. 46A

March 6th 2013
Admission 8:30 pm
Beginning 9 pm

Lina Peterson


Its Raffle Time!!!!!   

Do you want to own a piece of contemporary jewellery? Do you want to win a piece of Jewellery by one of the artists taking part in 'Suspended in Pink'?
If so, this is how!

On the 10th of January, during our fantastic private view- One of THESE artists names was chosen from a hat:
Alexandra Hopp, Andrea Coderch, Annette Dam, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Claire Lavendhomme, Claire McArdle, Corrado de Meo, Demitra Thomloudis, Drew Markou, Erica Voss, Farrah Al-Dujaili, Galatée Pestre, Helena Johansson, Heng Lee, Isabel Dammermann, Iris Eichenberg, Jane Richie, Jo Pond, Jorge Manilla, Josephine Siwei Wang, Karen Bartlett, Karen Vanmol, Karin Roy Andersson, Kate Rohde, Katharina Moch, Kevin Hughes, Lauren Markley, Laurence Verdier, Lital Mendel, Lynn Batchelder, Mallory Weston, Masako Hamaguchi, Michelle Kraemer, Minna Karhu, Patricia A Gallucci, Rachel McKnight, Réka Fekete, Rhona McCallum, Ria Lins, Sam Hamilton, Silke Fleischer, Sofia Björkman, Thea Clark, Vinit Koosolmanomai, Yeseul Seo, Zoe Robertson.

the names- all ready to be picked!!!!

Jo Pond selected a name from the hat-
The name is sealed in the pink envelope, ready to be revealed in August! 

So, Now, All you have to do is:
1. Guess who's name is in the envelope
2. Purchase a raffle ticket (£5/€6/$8) by contacting Laura at suspendedinpink@gmail.com, or at one of the exhibitions
3. Love and look after your ticket until the end of our exhibition at the Heidi Lowe Gallery, to see if you have won an item of jewellery from one of our exhibitors!!!!

So, Where does your money go?
Firstly, I truely believe that all artists should be paid for their hard work! SO, rather then asking the participanting artists in 'Suspended in Pink' to donate a piece of jewellery, we shall be purchasing that item, using the money raised in the raffle. Any extra earned income will be invested in the the exhibition, allowing use to travel to new additional and exciting venues throughout the year!

Thanks to Marthe Le Van for aking these questions- hope I have answered them :)

 What if no one guessed the right jeweler? 
Ans: We will chose another name from a hat, and will keep doing it until we have a winner!

What if several people did? 

Ans: We will put there names in a hat and chose from one of these names. Those who guessed right, but did not win the actual piece will win a very small consolation prize.

Who pays shipping and customs? 
Ans: I do!

Will the package be insured? 
Ans: Yes!

Any further questions on this are welcome, just contact Laura at suspendedinpink@gmail.com


PINKY ! jewelry   

Thanks to Marianne Gassier for this wonderful page-
I hope to see some of these designers applying to Suspend.ed in pink!


(too many wonderful pieces to show)

zoe robertson.



A Bit of Wisdom on Offending the Intelligence Community   


“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you. So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.” Senator Schumer in 2017

The post A Bit of Wisdom on Offending the Intelligence Community appeared first on Lake Tahoe News...The Lakeside News - Breaking News for Lake Tahoe, Truckee and more.


Joint Statement of the United States and Japan on New Trade Agreement   


New York, NY…We, President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, confirm and welcome final agreement on the United States-Japan Trade Agreement and the United States-Japan Digital Trade Agreement. We share the desire that these agreements will be signed at the earliest possible date and enter into force in the very near future, following […]

The post Joint Statement of the United States and Japan on New Trade Agreement appeared first on Lake Tahoe News...The Lakeside News - Breaking News for Lake Tahoe, Truckee and more.


Allkeyshop TV News 4 October (Recap)   


Persona 5 Royal Could Possibly Release in March 2020 Persona 5 will launch on October 31st in Japan, but its Western counterpart, Persona 5 Royal, is yet to receive a release date. However, the latest issue of Game Informer shows that the game’s release month as “March 2020.” Developer Atlus is yet to confirm if […]

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GIG LIFE: Guida ai migliori concerti in arrivo (30/09 – 13/10)   

a cura di Luca Doldi Nebula 2/10 Evol, roma – 3/10 Cage, Livorno – 4/10 Bloom, Mezzago (MI) Se si parla di stoner, una delle prime band, se non la prima, che vengono in mente sono i Nebula, e se non sono loro andatevi a ripassare un po’ di storia della musica. Morne 3/10 Ligera, […]



前端周报专注大前端领域内容,以对外文资料的搜集为主,帮助开发者了解一周前端热点,分为新闻热点、深度阅读、开源项目 & 工具等栏目。欢迎关注【前端之巅】微信公众号(ID: frontshow),及时获取前端周报内容。



Chrome:不再支持混用 http/https

10月3日,Chromium 团队宣布 Chrome 将逐步开始确保 https:// 页面只能加载安全的 https:// 子资源。

Cloudflare、Google Chrome 和 Firefox 添加了 HTTP / 3 支持

下一代 HTTP 协议开始进入生产。

2020年12月开始,不再维护 Node.js 8

Node.js 8.x 维护 LTS 周期将于2019年12月31日到期,这意味着 Node 8 将不再获得任何更新,包括错误修复或安全补丁。


Full time pharmacy assistant - Shoppers Drug Mart - Vernon, BC   

And other inquiries as required by law or company policy. Associate Owners in the Shoppers Drug Mart network recognize Canada's diversity as an opportunity to…
From Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix - Wed, 20 Mar 2019 21:30:57 GMT - View all Vernon, BC jobs

Full time Merchandiser - Shoppers Drug Mart - Vernon, BC   

Associate Owners in the Shoppers Drug Mart network recognize Canada's diversity as an opportunity to better serve their communities, and strive to reflect the…
From Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix - Fri, 01 Mar 2019 03:31:54 GMT - View all Vernon, BC jobs

Genoa, Criscito ko: lesione di secondo grado alla coscia. Il comunicato   

Il Genoa dovrà fare a meno di Mimmo Criscito nelle prossime gare: il difensore ha rimediato una lesione alla coscia sinistra nel match contro il Milan

Lupo: “Pomini e Fiordilino a Venezia? Ecco come è andata. C’è ancora chi mi prende in giro per Zamparini…”   

Le parole pronunciate dall'ex ds rosanero, Fabio Lupo, durante la settima edizione della "Palermo Football Conference 403"

Milan, anche Maldini verso l’esonero di Giampaolo: Garcia il nome caldo per i rossoneri   

Il coach ex Samp sempre più in bilico in casa rossonera: Rudi Garcia il più gettonato per il Milan, ma è in trattativa col Monaco

Italia-Grecia, Mancini: “Gruppo per l’Europeo già formato, messa insieme una buona squadra. Balotelli? Ha bisogno di giocare”   

Le dichiarazioni del ct dell'Italia, Roberto Mancini, in vista della sfida contro la Grecia

VIDEO Inter-Juventus, Conte: “Bianconeri di un’altra categoria, ecco come possiamo ridurre il gap”   

La Juventus ha superato l’Inter con il punteggio di 1-2 nel derby d’Italia: le dichiarazioni di Antonio Conte nel post partita

FBI warns of major ransomware attacks as criminals go “big-game hunting”   

Threat data firms see spike in sophisticated criminal ransomware operations.

Our bodies’ built-in oxygen sensing gets three a Nobel in Medicine   

A long process of piecing together some complex biochemistry.

macOS 10.15 Catalina: The Ars Technica review   

iPad apps come to the Mac and old 32-bit apps go away in a wide-ranging update.
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