Jury meet up day!   

SO, the deadline has past, and we received nearly 370 different piece of jewellery for consideration from over 150 people from all over the world!
Thanks to Timothy Information Limited and Laura Potter for their hard work,

the chosen participants will be announced very very shortly!

thank you to everyone for your hard work and fantastic pieces.


BBNaija: Ebuka’s wife praises her man, says he did a good job hosting show, congratulates Mercy   

One of the things Nigerians have applauded about popular reality show, BBNaija, is the host, Ebuka, and even his wife has acknowledged his hard work in an Instagram post.



STUDENTS, EMAIL YOUR LETTERS TO Junior students from The Cathedral School have put on a display of hard work and innovation at their annual Wonder Walk. A massive 445 projects were on display created by 500 students, using more than 100 noticeboards...

Comment on How to Choose A Debt Payoff Strategy by Jenise Hampton    

AWESOME...I absolutely love your content! So inspiring. Going to be hard work achieving the goal, but I keep coming back and reading over the information you have provided and making those first steps. Thank you for everything Kumiko.

Simon and Jackie Go Crazy   


So, I visited Montreal Simon to read his latest post, which was a condemnation of the Scheer Conservatives and their fans who are bringing USA-Repugnican style hatred and violent rhetoric up here. It started off well with a picture of some sub-literate right-wing moron holding up this ridiculous (and frightening) hand-made sign:

I've said on numerous occasions that stupid people must have the same right to vote as non-stupid people. But there needs to be gatekeepers to prevent the rise of stupid ideas and rage-fueled political movements from having any prominence greater than the level of three city blocks. Alas, for reasons of selfish cynicism our media and corporate elites see fit to pander to these cretins and stir them up. As well (whose kidding who?) from their own behaviour and the words that flow from their mouths, pens, pencils, keyboards, many among our elites aren't all that intelligent either.

Montreal Simon goes from trashing right-wing assholes calling for Trudeau to be "hung" (or run over by a truck) for taxing them, for verbally acknowledging global warming, for admitting Syrian refugees, for marching in PRIDE parades, and etc., ... where was I? .... Oh yeah, ... Simon goes from condemning those assholes to conflating them with progressives who yell at him for buying the TMX pipeline (so as to bail-out the Bay Street parasites who invested in that bitumen project) and praises Trudeau for asking his supporters (booing the guy) for tolerance as he lets his security drag the man away.

Immediately afterwards Simon mentions a guy who threw an egg at Trudeau during a climate march in Montreal, but it's unclear from the Global News video what that guy's agenda was. Personally, I've never gotten too incensed about ordinary people throwing pies (or, now, eggs) in the faces of politicians.

"What if that pie/egg had been a gun or a bomb or a knife?!?"

Yeah. But you're missing the important point that it wasn't a gun or a bomb or a knife. It was a cream-pie/egg. You could just as well shriek that the hand of someone extended for a handshake could have been a gun. But it wasn't. The person sticking their hand out to a passing politician just wants a handshake. Just as the person with the pie wants to make a statement and not kill anybody.

Simon then starts his spiel about how Justin Trudeau is the most activist politician fighting climate change EVAH!!!! because of his carbon tax and his investments in renewable energy industries. But, if Simon were honest (or not honestly ignorant) he would know that this is mere tinkering and that it is all cancelled-out by his continuing to develop the Tar Sands. Which is par for the course for a liberal politician. They're the masters n' mistresses of using empty words to gull their deluded followers. They "feel your pain." They "want to see all people rise to their full potential." They "don't want to see anyone left behind." They say the things we want to hear in order to get elected and continue to say those things as they enact policies that contradict their flowery words.

The end result of political cowardice and deliberate deceit by politicians like Justin Trudeau is going to be the extinction of most of the earth's life-forms. It will AT LEAST mean the deaths of tens of millions of people. Given this, it was justified for that protester to yell at Trudeau for his sickening devotion to the TMX pipeline. And it is the height of stupidity to conflate environmentalists with legitimate grievances with Islamophobic, racist, right-wing homophobic shit-heads threatening all their adversaries with murder. (Notice how that protester at the Liberal rally stayed right where he was and didn't make a step towards Trudeau.)

And, of course, the first "commentor" was Simon's in-all-but-name co-blogger "Jackie Blue." I haven't (and won't) read her entire densely-packed, extended comment. But she basically says that leftist "shit-disturbers" are as big a threat (to "rational centrists") as right-wingers. Now, given the evidence from Simon's own post, anyone not an idiot can see that isn't true. She then goes on to whine about the progressives who didn't vote for mass-murderess, corrupt scumbag Hillary Clinton. Because "Jackie Blue" continues with the bullshit story that she's a US-American and she continues with the bullshit belief that Hillary Clinton wasn't a murdering scumbag.

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War you stupid fuck! She voted for a war based on obvious stupid lies. The war she voted for has KILLED ONE MILLION IRAQIS and maimed and traumatized millions more. And that's only one of her colossal "mistakes" that she made while servicing the oligarchy and becoming a multi-millionaire herself. And it was Hillary's own sense of entitlement that led her to rig the Democratic primary to defeat Bernie Sanders and thereby bring on the presidency of Donald Trump. Hillary gave us Trump you imbecile!

As a species, we have to do the hard work of overthrowing his rotten, inhuman, ecocidal system. And the longer that (mostly decent-minded) people like Montreal Simon pledge hysterical allegiance to hucksters like Liberals, the longer (and perhaps TOO LATE) will it take to start that job in earnest.

(I'll end by saying that I probably won't be voting. My riding is a contest between the Libs and the Cons. And, from reading this article, I'm pretty much deflated about my choices anyway.)


KMZU celebrates National 4-H week by putting area kids on air   


KMZU is proud to showcase area kids and help them celebrate their accomplishments in 4-H. Below are interviews KMZU conducted highlighting their projects. We would like to thank all the kids and their parents who participate in 4-H.  Congratulations on your hard work and success. Special thanks to those who participated in KMZU’s celebration of […]

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A Guide to Measuring Essential B2B Marketing Metrics   



80% of marketers are driven by data. However, a majority struggle to accurately measure their marketing success, and gain the vital understanding detailed metric analysis can offer.

As Fiorina tells us above, hard work can turn a list of measurements into valuable insight, driving consistent strategy improvements that benefit business success. 

Let’s discover essential metrics all marketers should measure, and how to effectively use results to improve everyday processes.

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Rebel Yell: Taxpayers Revolt Against Gimme-Mania   


Some wore pig noses. Others waved Old Glory and "Don't Tread on Me" flags. Their handmade signs read: "Say No to Generational Theft"; "Obama'$ Porkulu$ Wear$ Lip$tick"; and "I don't want to pay for the SwindleUs! I'm only 10 years old!" The event was peaceful, save for an unhinged city-dweller who showed his tolerance by barging onto the speakers' stage and giving a Nazi salute.

Carender, a newcomer to political activism, shared advice for other first-timers: "Basically, everyone, you just have to do it. Call up your police station or parks department and ask how you can obtain a permit, and then just start advertising. The word will spread. I am only one person, but with a little hard work this protest has become the efforts of a lot of people."

Why bother? It's for posterity's sake. For the historical record. And hopefully it will spur others to move from the phones and computers to the streets. For Carender, it's just the beginning. She gathered all the attendees' e-mail addresses and will keep up the pressure.

"We need to show that we exist. Second, we need to show support for the Republicans and Democrats that voted against the porkulus. If they think, for one second, that they made a bad choice, we have no chance to fight. Third, it sends a message to Obama and Pelosi that we are awake and we know what's happening and we are not going to take it lying down. It is a message saying, 'Expect more opposition because we're out here.'"

The anti-pork activists turned out in Denver, too. On Tuesday, while Obama cocooned himself at the city's Museum of Nature and Science for the stimulus signing, a crowd of nearly 300 gathered on the Capitol steps on their lunch hour to flame-broil the spending bill and feast on roasted pig (also donated by yours truly). Jim Pfaff of Colorado's fiscal conservative citizens group Americans for Prosperity condemned the "Ponzi scheme, Madoff style" stimulus and led the crowd in chants of "No more pork!" Free-market think-tank head Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute brought oversized checks representing the $30,000 stimulus debt load for American families.

On Wednesday in Mesa, local conservative talk station KFYI spearheaded a third large protest to welcome Obama as he unveiled a $100 billion to $200 billion program to bail out banks and beleaguered borrowers having trouble paying their mortgages. The entitlement theme played well last week in Florida, where Obama played Santa Claus to enraptured supporters shamelessly seeking government presents. But nearly 500 protesters in Mesa came to reject the savior-based economy with signs mocking gimme-mania.

Their posters jeered: "Give me Pelosi's Plane"; "Annual Passes to Disneyland"; "Fund Bikini Wax Now"; "Stimulate the Economy: Give Me a Tummy Tuck"; "Free Beer for My Horses."

And my favorite: "Give me liberty or at least a big-screen TV."

Plans are underway for anti-stimulus-palooza protests in Overland Park, Kan., Nashville and New York -- home of smug Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer. Schumer's derisive comment on the Senate floor about the "chattering classes" who oppose reckless spending has not been forgotten or forgiven. The insult spurred central Kentucky talk show host Leland Conway to organize a pork rind drive. Angry taxpayers bombarded the senator's office with 1,500 bags of cracklins.

Disgraced Democratic Sen. John Edwards was right about one thing: There are two Americas. One America is full of moochers, big and small, corporate and individual, trampling over themselves with their hands out demanding endless bailouts. The other America is full of disgusted, hardworking citizens getting sick of being played for chumps and punished for practicing personal responsibility.

Now is the time for all good taxpayers to turn the tables on free-lunching countrymen and their enablers in Washington. Community organizing helped propel Barack Obama to the White House. It can work for fiscal conservatism, too.


Sector Cabal Sigma Faction Turn 1    


Hello everyone,
I'm about 5 sessions behind on posting Session Logs..yikes.  The Cabal Sigma SWN Campaign is going well. I thought I would share some of the news casts the players got a few sessions ago based on the happenings from the faction turn.  I have set my blog to no comments. I have been getting bombarded with spam, and would rather not waste my time trying to moderate spam comments. So for now I have disabled comments. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

News Casts 

S.P.T.N. Sector Public Transmissions Network – Your Public news source for Sector Cabal Sigma- Blacktron Transgalactic will begin an urban renewal and redevelopment program designed to bring economic prosperity and improvements to Paradise City-Hyperion.  Blacktron Transgalactic Executive Spokesman Guiles de'Kaizer, "This is a great opportunity for Blacktron Transgalactic to give back to the community that has been so good to us. We are taking the innovations we have developed on Marathon and sharing them with our neighbors on Hyperion, together we are better."  Wistan Frost, son of Frost Technologies  founder Hadean Frost responded that Frost Technologies welcomes Blacktron's investments in the local community and "hopes to see the quality of life for all citizens improved, not just a few for the benefit of a public relations gimmick". 

F.B.N. -Free Broadcasting Network- In spite of attempts by The Thieves Guild to block her visit to Slough Feg, the beloved Einya the Iconic, a known sentient life-form advocate, singer and entertainer has arrived on The Thieves World of Slough Feg, after meeting with local authorities she has just announced her benefits concert for Uplifted Chimpanzees will proceed as scheduled.  Einya earlier today, "We need to do all we can to raise public awareness regarding the plight of uplifted simians on Slough Feg.... look around and you can quickly see all of the infrastructure, food, water and air is possible only due to the hard work and labors of the simians on this world, yet they do not have equal rights or fair treatment, today's benefit concert is hopefully the first of many to bring needed change to Slough Feg and all of the Thieves Worlds". 

T.W.N.N.-Thieves Worlds Network News- Due to the generosity of The Thieves Guild, in spite of the event organizers improper paperwork and lack of proper registration, the Thieves Guild recognizes, that Einya is a popular singer, and given this is the one year anniversary of the Ahab Station Disaster and the simian civil disturbances from that time, the Thieves Guild will allow the entertainment concert to continue, Thieves Worlders are reminded to recognize that Einya is an entertainer and has no formal training or experience in politics or the affairs of government and should recognize her for what she is, an outworlder with a history of contributing to public disturbances and general public misbehavior.  She should stick to entertainment and leave the affairs of government, public safety and well-being to the trained professionals.  Authorities wanted to have the event on Riot, due to its arenas and an environment more conducive to such activities, but Einya insisted the event take place on Slough Feg 

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (a T.W.N.N.-affiliate) – This just in...we are showing actual video footage from Battle Tower Arena earlier today- you can clearly see one of the arena fighters an offworlder, stealing the popular arena Mascot, instead of returning it to its holding container the individual can be seen stashing it in his tunic. Civil Police are looking for him and his accomplices now. They were believed to have taken a shuttle to Outlaw Station. One of his travelling companions has been confirmed to be an uplifted chimpanzee.  

T.W.N.N.- Silas Dryx, former "Weatherman" of Ahab Station, and one of the few survivors of the station's destruction has just recently been released from the hospital after a long recovery from the injuries he sustained by the Simian terrorist attack against Ahab Station one year ago. He is equipped with some of the latest Cyberware developed on Xin Kowloon.  

This is G.N.N. - Galactic News Network – Given that this is the one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station a known site of Simian abuse and control; we thought it appropriate to address the still orbiting wreck of Ahab Station.  A proposal has been made to rebuild the station as a memorial to all the simians killed during the uprising.  Unfortunately certain old guard members of the pro-human establishment are still around, and hope to restore the station to its former purpose, one of simian control and abuse. For now the future of the ruins of Ahab Station is locked up in the legal system.  With Slough Feg focusing so much of its resources on maintaining a livable environment, whatever, the outcome is decided it will be some time before Ahab Station is addressed in any meaningful fashion. 

Star Fox News – The Pro-Simian Concert Event has started, The Thieves Guild had requested high security, due to the nature and date of the event, but event organizers didn't want a militant presence to mar their message. Let's hope the event is a peaceful one, Einya is known for her anti-corporate demonstrations.  

---Massive Explosion in orbit above Slough Feg--- 

G.N.N. -This is GNN...Galactic News Network- We have just learned that Cleopatra Station is no more, the explosion just seen in the skies above Slough Feg was the apparent complete destruction of Cleopatra Station! No word on any survivors. Has the Thieves Guild's ongoing abhorrent treatment of our Simian Neighbors, led us to this day? Here on the exactly one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station and the launch of the Simian's quest for freedom...  

Star Fox News- Cleopatra Station possibly destroyed! Is this a terrorist attack? Start of a second Ape Revolt? Or just a disaster caused by malfunctioning equipment?  Stay tuned to this station for further updates!  

F.B.N. - Free Broadcasting Network –This has been confirmed! Independent Sensor Scans have shown Cleopatra Station has been completely destroyed, some form of explosion has obliterated the station, a debris field now marks the location where this mega-corporate controlled facility once existed, we cannot verify any survivors or cause at this time. Genesis Combine the owners of the station have not yet made a public statement.  Cleopatra Station was a research facility working to genetically engineer crops that could survive in Slough Feg's harsh climate.  

T.W.N.N. - Official word from The Thieves Guild – everyone is ordered to remain calm, Patrol craft have been dispatched to Cleopatra Station. Authorities have the situation under control. We have no reason to believe the explosion on Cleopatra Station was anything more than a tragic accident. Please stay indoors and keep communication lines open and await further instructions.  

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (T.W.N.N. affiliate)- Given the Cleopatra Station Disaster, for the safety of all Riotians all arena fights and gladiatorial events have been suspended until further notice, we will keep you informed as we know more.  

F.B.N. - Reports are coming in that security forces are being dispatched to all Simian Reservations under what authorities are calling a precautionary measure.  

T.W.N.N. - Thieves Worlds Network News-Due to the developing situation regarding Cleopatra Station, The Great Work on Gambit will be paused to assess for any risk against the advancement of The Great Work. Workers will have a 5 minute moment of silence to acknowledge the lives lost on Cleopatra Station.  

F.B.N.- THIS JUST IN! An apparent assassination attempt has just been made on the pro-simian rights performer Einya, in the chaos after the Cleopatra Station Explosion, at least two armed gunmen attempted to assassinate her! Fans of Einya, spotted the two would-be assassins and quickly subdued the individuals, reports indicate the alleged assassins possibly would have been killed by the mob were it not for the intervention of Civil Police that arrested the two would-be assassins and took them into custody.  One witness reported hearing one of the alleged attackers yell out human supremacist anti-simian slurs and spotted the notorious symbol of the K.G.P. - Knights of Genetic Purity tattooed to his shoulder.  

T.W.N.N. - Authorities continue to call for calm. The situation at the Einya Event has been contained, the performer is unharmed and the suspects involved have been arrested. There is still no proof of any connection between the Cleopatra Station Disaster and the disturbance at the Einya Event.  


Windows Vista: Kernel Changes - Kernel Transactions   


Originally posted on: http://brustblog.net/archive/2006/06/18/82249.aspx

Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM)

Before Vista, applications had to do a lot of hard work to recover from errors during the modification of files and registry keys. Windows Vista implements a generalized transaction manager called the Kernel Transaction Manager (KTM) which provides “all or nothing” transaction semantics. This means that changes are committed only when the associated transaction is completed and commits.

The KTM is extensible through third-party resource managers and coordinates between the transaction clients (the applications) and the resource managers.

The registry and NTFS have been enhanced to provide transaction semantics across all operations and is used by the Windows Update service and the System Protection services.

Vista also picks up the Common Log File System (Clfs.sys) introduced in Windows Server 2003 R2, which provides efficient transaction logging facilities.

Transaction APIs

Transactions can span modification across one or many registry keys, files, and volumes. By using the Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) transactions can coordinate changes across files, registry, databases, and MSMQ.

Transactions are relatively easy to use in Vista with the introduction of the new transaction command, which allows scripts to participate in the transaction process.

The Windows API also has a new set of API functions:

  • CreateTransaction
  • SetCurrentTransaction
  • CommitTransaction
  • RollbackTransaction

The kernel has IoCreateFile, which now has an ExtraCreateParameters which specified the transaction handle.


Revealed: The three things binned Cronk said to teammates before 10 minutes that changed the game   


It was the moment that threatened to derail 10 months of hard work for the Roosters.


Comment on The Proposed GEDCOM 5.5.5 Standard is a Better GEDCOM by Not PeterJ    

Stefan Mettenbrink / PeterJ is upset Dietrich is part of new standard and he is not, so he attack hard work of all involved by making up stuff. I am another German vendor. I know Stefan and know why he rant against Dietrich, Tamura and the new standard: Stefan wants his program to dictate the standard… He is so agitated to attack the people and their work, he even says FHISO more promising… FHISO! Those pompous bastards that promise everything but have not fulfilled promise in five years. I apologize for Stefan. He does not speak for all us. I and other developers understand that you cannot involve everyone, that you need a leader to set direction and a small team to make it work. I know Tamura and Dietrich. I know they listen if Stefan have real criticism. I congratulate team on their job well done. We are grateful for the hard work. This is really a much better version of GEDCOM. Dick, you can post my message but we dint think Stefan’s rantings are worthy of your blog.

Small family business? Here’s how you can stop throwing time down the drain!   


Small business owners channel an incredible amount of time and energy into their work. But no matter how much hard work you’re doing, if you don’t know how to cut down on those repetitive time-wasting tasks, it can often feel like you’re chasing your own tail. Many owners are selling themselves short by not thinking Read More...

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How Do You Stay Motivated to Work Out When You Aren't Seeing Progress?   


There’s a common expression among fitness subreddits and lifting forums: The day you start lifting is the day you become forever small. In other words, you might not ever feel satisfied after years of hard work or when you reach your goals.



Chains that have blooded my wrists.   

As far as I knew; this is my married golden cage. As a matter of fact; it used to be mine !
while I am trying to accept the idea that i lost my apartment after ISIS getting control of my belongs and properties. I woke up to the news from one neighbor of us in Mosul,that a family from ISIS are living in what was called  our house !!!!!!!!!!

while I am living this non settlement ; there is a women (ISIS's wife) cooking on my kitchen!
using my own spoons and folks ! sleeping on my bed and spreading her poison everywhere.

For this obtrusive ISIS;

Don't wear my clothes! my wedding dress cost me days to find, don't touch it.
Keep it virgin as it was, pure from violent, hatred and  malignity.

Don't threw out my photo albums !
Pictures are all what left from my past, Don't thrust on my broken heart.
Don't cancel my history, Don't smash my presence..

Don't sit on my sofa, don't sit where I used to think of my plans and dreams.
Don't sit where my plans were stand and where my dreams fear to proceed.

Don't treat on a ground that I used to pray on !
don't distort my Islam with your dirty deeds.

I never felt peace inside that apartment but I am not feeling home without.

The idea of hard work and money saved that my husband did are going now for the serve of one terrorist is killing me !

أن تسأل الدار إن كانت تذكرنا

أم أنها نسيت إذ أهلها رحلوا

أن تسأل السقف هل مازال منتصبًا

فوق الجدار شموخًا رغم ما فعلوا

أم أنها ركعت للأرض ساجدة

تشكو إلى الله في حزن وتبتهل

هيهات يا دار أن تصفو الحياة بنا

ويرجع الجمع بعد النأي مكتمل

لكن روحي ستبقى فيها ساكنة

ما لي بأطمة لا شاة ولا جمل

What justice I am expecting from the world! when the only way to get my revenge from ISIS is to bombard my apartment !

What justice I am expecting from united nation high commissioner for refugees when after more that two year of registration, I get nothing but a printed paper of asylum seeker certificate !
I am fighting my own battle alone and I am feeling hopeless from everyone including myself.

I feel fully tired. Pains are accumulating inside my soul. Past memories passing as a shadow in front of my eyes and giving me nothing except hurt !
There is no hope I can hold and no dream I can catch.

" I can't be seen,
can't be felt,
can't be heard, can't be smelt.
 it lies behind stars and under hills ,
and empty holes it fills."

could your bias allow you to put yourself in my place,
What will you feel if:
Your school and college were bombed,
the hotel where you held your wedding party was erased from the ground.
your house was taken by ISIS and is being lived by some of them !
you find no place to live in peace with your humanity inside your own country,
you fled your country to start living as a refugee in other country that barring your work permission.
you didn't see your sisters for years, didn't heard anything from some of your friend since you had left, some of your relatives are in Mosul and living under the injustice of ISIS and you can't help them !
you have to live away from your husband most of the days during the week.
and you have a toddler that you have to raise as everything is quit normal !

how was that?
stand by my side and share my appeal


Business Development Associate - Pareto Law - Deeside   

Are you an ambitious and driven graduate that is keen to make your mark in a company and through hard work become a key figure within a rapidly expanding… £20,000 - £26,000 a year
From Pareto Law - Tue, 01 Oct 2019 16:27:50 GMT - View all Deeside jobs

ABET reaccredits 10 Alfred State programs   

ABET reaccredits 10 Alfred State programs
Stephanie M LaFever Tue, 10/01/2019 - 14:30

Reaffirming that Alfred State is committed to providing a high-quality technical education, the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) has reaccredited 10 of the college’s technology-related majors.

Programs that were recently reaccredited include: computer engineering technology (AAS and BS), electrical engineering technology (AAS and BS), mechanical engineering technology (AAS and BS), surveying engineering technology (AAS), surveying and geomatics engineering technology (BS), construction engineering technology (AAS), and construction management (BS).

Dr. John Williams, dean of the School of Architecture, Management and Engineering Technology at Alfred State, said, “Having the majority of our technology programs recognized by ABET highlights the strength of our faculty and programs and the great experience provided to our students.”

Dr. Matthew Lawrence, chair of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology Department, said, his department is pleased that all six of its engineering technology programs have been fully accredited by ABET through 2024.

“Successful accreditation represents validation of the quality of students, faculty, and staff in the department,” he said. “ABET accreditation evaluations are very thorough; over a three-day period, industry and academic experts for each program inspect course materials, review assessment procedures, and interview students, faculty, and administrators. The goal of accreditation is to verify that academic programs are taught by qualified faculty, using industry-relevant techniques and equipment, and, perhaps most importantly, producing graduates that can immediately and positively contribute in their profession after completing the degree. All program constituents deserve recognition for this accomplishment!”

three surveying students using equipment outsideErin Vitale, chair of the Civil Engineering Technology Department, echoed Lawrence’s remarks, noting that she is very pleased about the reaccreditation of her department’s programs. She noted, “ABET accreditation puts a national stamp of approval on our programs. It also gives our students credit toward the experience required for professional licenses."

According to Williams, Alfred State programs have been recognized by ABET since the 1950s. To become accredited or reaccredited, educators must create a detailed performance program for each major that aligns the program and its courses to the standards of the national professional societies that oversee each discipline. They must also continually collect and assess data regarding student performance and the level of achievement of program objectives.

“Each program must create a self-study document and host an external review team,” Williams said. “This represents a lot of hard work and dedication.”

In addition to the excellent news about the 10 ABET reaccreditations, Williams noted that the college’s construction management BS program was recently recognized by the Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission (ANSAC), one of four ABET commissions that lead and conduct accreditation activities.

mechanical engineering technology student Allison DeGraff in front of some equipment“Historically, our engineering technology programs were accredited under the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC),” he said. “Some recent changes at ABET headquarters required the shift of our construction management BS program from ETAC to ANSAC. This program’s objectives and assessment activities needed to be modified to satisfy the new ANSAC expectations and process. This was our first ANSAC accreditation review and we were successful.”


Everton have exchanged hard work and a battling spirit for mental fragility    

IAN HERBERT: Marco Silva sent out a starting XI with a value of £231.4million at home to Sheffield United seven days ago. The Toffees came off the pitch with a desultory 2-0 defeat.

A Guide to Measuring Essential B2B Marketing Metrics   



80% of marketers are driven by data. However, a majority struggle to accurately measure their marketing success, and gain the vital understanding detailed metric analysis can offer.

As Fiorina tells us above, hard work can turn a list of measurements into valuable insight, driving consistent strategy improvements that benefit business success. 

Let’s discover essential metrics all marketers should measure, and how to effectively use results to improve everyday processes.

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Bindi Irwin Reveals She’s Walking ‘Down The Aisle With A Koala’   

It’s common knowledge that your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but all of the hard work that goes into it can also make it the most stressful. Which is why it’s important to make sure everything is planned way in advance – from what you’re going to wear, ...

Eliminar Lost_Files_Encrypt (Ransomware)   

Lost_Files_Encrypt (Ransomware)

Lost_Files_Encrypt es virus de tipo ransomware que nos va a cifrar algunos archivos importantes utilizando la clave RSA-2048 (algoritmo de cifrado AES CBC de 256 bits) y va a añadir la extensión .Lost_Files_Encrypt a estos archivos.  Lost_Files_Encrypt nos va a mostrar un mensaje ofreciéndonos descifrar los datos pagando previamente un importe en Bitcoins. Las instrucciones se colocan en el escritorio de las víctimas en la ventana emergente o en un archivo de texto.

¿Cómo podemos infectarnos con Lost_Files_Encrypt?

Podemos infectarnos con Lost_Files_Encrypt por navegar por sitios web maliciosos o sitios que hayan sido infectado con virus. Un método muy usado para la infección con este ransomware es el drive-by-download, webs vulneradas con scripts maliciosos que buscarán vulnerabilidades en nuestro ordenador para infectarnos. Otro método puede ser mediante emails spam con archivos adjuntos o enlaces a webs maliciosas. Debemos estar atentos a este tipo de emails ya que muchas veces nos intentan engañar haciéndonos creer que tienen un paquete o una carta para nosotros que no han conseguido entregarnos. No debemos ni descargar los archivos adjuntos que traigan ni clicar sobre los enlaces que haya en el email, esto puede infectarnos con Lost_Files_Encrypt.

El ransomware Lost_Files_Encryptsecuestra’ una amplia variedad de archivos, incluyendo imágenes, audios y documentos ofimáticos. Entre los formatos de archivos afectados hay que destacar los que llevan las siguientes extensiones:

.sql, .mp4, .7z, .rar, .m4a, .wma, .avi, .wmv, .csv, .d3dbsp, .zip, .sie, .sum, .ibank, .t13, .t12, .qdf, .gdb, .tax, .pkpass, .bc6, .bc7, .Lost_Files_Encrypt, .qic, .bkf, .sidn, .sidd, .mddata, .itl, .itdb, .icxs, .hvpl, .hplg, .hkdb, .mdbackup, .syncdb, .gho, .cas, .svg, .map, .wmo, .itm, .sb, .fos, .mov, .vdf, .ztmp, .sis, .sid, .ncf, .menu, .layout, .dmp, .blob, .esm, .vcf, .vtf, .dazip, .fpk, .mlx, .kf, .iwd, .vpk, .tor, .psk, .rim, .w3x, .fsh, .ntl, .arch00, .lvl, .snx, .cfr, .ff, .vpp_pc, .lrf, .m2, .mcmeta, .vfs0, .mpqge, .kdb, .db0, .dba, .rofl, .hkx, .bar, .upk, .das, .iwi, .litemod, .asset, .forge, .ltx, .bsa, .apk, .re4, .sav, .lbf, .slm, .bik, .epk, .rgss3a, .pak, .big, wallet, .wotreplay, .xxx, .desc, .py, .m3u, .flv, .js, .css, .rb, .png, .jpeg, .txt, .p7c, .p7b, .p12, .pfx, .pem, .crt, .cer, .der, .x3f, .srw, .pef, .ptx, .r3d, .rw2, .rwl, .raw, .raf, .orf, .nrw, .mrwref, .mef, .erf, .kdc, .dcr, .cr2, .crw, .bay, .sr2, .srf, .arw, .3fr, .dng, .jpe, .jpg, .Lost_Files_Encrypt, .indd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .pdd, .psd, .dbf, .mdf, .wb2, .rtf, .wpd, .dxg, .xf, .dwg, .pst, .accdb, .mdb, .pptm, .pptx, .ppt, .xlk, .xlsb, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xls, .wps, .docm, .docx, .doc, .odb, .odc, .odm, .odp, .ods, .odt

Al usuario infectado se le notificará mediante la modificación de su fondo de pantalla, donde podrá ver el siguiente texto:
Hi, This is Lost_Files Ransomware, Pay us 500 USD to get our decryption software.
So that you can get your files back. The payment is going to be paid in Bitcoin(BTC).
For more information about this please click the same EXE file you clicked when you
lost all your files. There will be detailed instruction there.

Attention!!! First of all we are terribly sorry to have encrypted your data. Because we are human too and we feel some guilt encrypting your data. We offer that we can help you decrypt it again for a small amount of Bitcoins(BTC).
The amount that we need from you is 500 USD that you will transfer to our BTC account. To Get your unique tool to decrypt your files, your need to push the button below and your BTC payment address will show, transfer 500 USD in BTC to that address.
After you have transfered the BTC you are going to send an email to our email address(Our email will also get displayed when pushed the button). Where you provide your BTC address of the wallet that you used to send our BTC(If you have other comments, you are welcome to say it)[Also remerber to check your spam inbox for when we send your decryption tool].
We will check it, if you have sent the BTC, you will get your decryption tool.
Another thing to keep in mind is that, at some point you won’t be able to get your data back again and it will be lost forever.
Everything from family memories to the hard work of yours, will be washed down the toilet and it will never return.
So it’s strongly advised that you start paying us for helping you to decrypt it. In the case that you are a little older and don’t know much about all the computer stuff then you can ask your children or grandchildren.
PLEASE Look below for additional information.

Needing help to get your BTC?
Some resources to get started with BTC:

Keep in mind!
When you buy BTC you should buy slightly more than 500 USD, just in case the price drops. Also you need it as sending fees which varies at times. So it’s recommended to buy 510 USD worth of BTC from one of the exchanges.
Then again we are sorry for what happened to you, hope you will have better luck next time! :)
Las víctimas del virus que pagan la multa y siguen las instrucciones del mensaje podrían recuperar sus archivos personales y eliminar el ransomware, pero no es aconsejable hacerlo. En lugar de esto, es aconsejable eliminar el malware siguiendo distintos procedimientos. Pagar el rescate puede llegar a causar más problemas a los usuarios.

¿Qué debemos hacer una vez infectados por Lost_Files_Encrypt?

En este artículo no voy a poder ayudaros a recuperar los archivos encriptados, sólo voy a daros algunas recomendaciones, como utilizar ShadowExplorer o software (libre) de recuperación de archivos, para recuperar los documentos. El artículo está escrito para ayudaros a eliminar la infección en sí, y si encuentro un método eficiente para recuperar los archivos cifrados, actualizaré el artículo.
  1. Apagar inmediatamente el equipo tras detectar la infección y aislarlo de la red.
  2. Seguir los pasos del siguiente apartado para limpiar la infección y proceder a recuperar las Volume Shadow Copies.
  3. Proceder a la restauración de las copias de seguridad.
  4. Intentar recuperar los archivos con herramientas forenses.
  5. Estar atentos a las actualizaciones de las páginas: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ - https://decrypter.emsisoft.com/ - https://noransom.kaspersky.com/ - https://www.avast.com/ransomware-decryption-tools
  6. Herramientas de Kaspersky: http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/utility.

    ¿Cómo podemos eliminar Lost_Files_Encrypt?

    Nota: Ten en cuenta que todo el software que aconsejo usar para eliminar este ransomware Lost_Files_Encrypt es gratuito. Estos pasos están probados y deberían eliminar esta amenaza en los principales navegadores de Windows. Debes seguir todos los pasos en el orden indicado para eliminar satisfactoriamente Lost_Files_Encrypt
    Importante: Si durante el proceso de eliminación de la amenaza tienes algún problema, por favor debes parar.

    FASE 1: Eliminar Lost_Files_Encrypt con HitmanPro Kickstart

      PASO 1: Eliminar Lost_Files_Encrypt con MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

      Esta es una de las mejores herramientas gratuitas para la detección de malware que nos permite estar protegidos de las posibles infecciones de virus, gusanos, troyanos, rootkits, dialers, spywares y malwares.
      1. Primero descargaremos Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (gratuito) desde mi sección de AntiMalware
      2. Ejecutaremos el instalador descargado y pulsaremos Ejecutar. Nos va a mostrar la pantalla de bienvenida donde pulsaremos Siguiente.
        Inicio instalación Malwarebytes
      3. Instalaremos el programa y seguiremos cada uno de los pasos indicados sin modificar ningún parámetro predeterminado. Cuando termine la instalación chequearemos la opción HabiNvetud prueba gratuita de Malwarebytes Anti-Malware y Ejecutar Malwarebytes Antimalware y luego pulsaremos Finalizar.
        Finalizar instalación Malwarebytes
      4. Una vez iniciado el programa va a realizar un chequeo de la base de datos y la actualizará en el caso que esté desactualizada.
        Inicializando el programa Malwarebytes
      5. Una vez terminada la actualización podremos realizar un análisis del sistema para encontrar posibles amenazas. Podemos pulsar el botón Arreglar ahora o el botón Analizar ahora para iniciar el análisis.
      6. Empezará el escaneo del ordenador y esperaremos a que termine. Durante el proceso puede detectar algunas amenazas en nuestro ordenador.
        Análisis del sistema por Malwarebytes
      7. Una vez terminado el análisis nos mostrará las amenazas detectadas. Para eliminarlas clicaremos el botón Eliminar seleccionados.
        Amenazas detectadas por Malwarebytes
      8. Después de esto Malwarebytes puede pedirnos reinicar nuestro ordenador para que tengan efecto las acciones realizadas.
        Amenazas eliminadas
      9. Luego podemos ir al Historial y podemos eliminar permanentemente las amenazas que tengamos en Cuarentena. (En mi caso todas).
        Eliminar cuarentena Malwarebytes
      10. En mi canal de Youtube pueden ver un vídeo explicativo de cómo usar el programa Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. (Ver vídeo Malwarebytes)
      11. Volver al principio de Eliminar virus Lost_Files_Encrypt.
      PASO 2: Analizar el sistema con HitmanPro en busca de otras amenazas

      HitmanPro nos va a permitir escanear el sistema en busca de una segunda opinión, diseñado para rescatar a nuestro equipo contra el malware (virus, troyanos, rootkits, etc.) que han infectado el equipo a pesar de todas las medidas de seguridad que ha tomado (como software antivirus, cortafuegos, etc.).
      1. Descargamos HitmanPro (lo podéis descargar desde mi sección de AntiMalware) y lo guardamos en el escritorio. Descargaremos la versión de 32 o 64 bits dependiendo del sistema operativo que tengamos.
      2. Haremos doble clic en el archivo y veremos la pantalla de inicio, como podemos ver en la imagen.
        Pantalla inicial HitmanPro
      3. Clicaremos en el botón Next Siguiente para instalar el programa. Dependiendo si queremos analizar el sistema una sola vez o si queremos mantener el programa, seleccionaremos la siguiente opción y pulsaremos Siguiente o Next.
        Opciones de instalación HitmanPro
      4. HitmanPro va a empezar a analizar el sistema un búsca de posibles infecciones.
        Análisis del sistema de HItmanPro
      5. Cuando haya terminado, nos mostrará un listado con todas las infecciones encontradas. Haremos clic en el botón Siguiente o Next, para eliminar lo que haya detectado.
        Resultados del análisis HitmanPro
      6. Si nos interesa mantener y seguir usando el programa, clicaremos en Activate free license y usemos la prueba gratuita de 30 días.
        Activar periodo de prueba HitmanPro
      7. En mi canal de Youtube pueden ver un vídeo explicativo de cómo usar el programa HitmanPro (Ver vídeo HitmanPro)
      8. Volver al principio de Eliminar virus Lost_Files_Encrypt.

      FASE 2: Restaurar los archivos cifrados por el ransomware Lost_Files_Encrypt

      OPCION 1: Restaurar los archivos cifrados por el ransomware Lost_Files_Encrypt con ShadowExplorer

      En algunos casos vamos a poder recuperar versiones anteriores de nuestros archivos cifrados. Esto lo podremos hacer con funciones como la de Restaurar el sistema o mediante programas epecíficos como ShadowExplorer.
        1. Descargaremos ShadowExplorer desde su web oficial http://www.shadowexplorer.com/downloads.html y lo instalaremos.
        2. Una vez instalado realizaremos un doble clic en el icono del escritorio.
          Acceso directo ShadowExplorer
        3. Una vez en el programa podremos ver en el desplegable las distintos puntos donde se han realizado las copias. Escogeremos uno donde estén los archivos correctamente.
          Puntos de copias de ShadowExplorer
        4. Buscaremos los archivos o las carpetas que deseemos recuperar, lo seleccionaremos, pulsaremos el botón derecho y le diremos Export.
          Seleccionar archivo o carpeta a recuperar en ShadowExplorer
        5. Escogeremos la carpeta donde queremos recuperar los archivos o carpetas. En el caso de que exista nos pedirá si la queremos sobreescribir.
          Carpeta de destino ShadowExplorer
        6. Repetiremos la operativa tantas veces como queramos hasta recuperar todos los archivos o carpetas que nos interese.
        7. Volver al principio de Eliminar virus Lost_Files_Encrypt.
        OPCION 2: Restaurar los archivos cifrados por el ransomware Lost_Files_Encrypt con un software de recuperación de archivos

        Cuando Lost_Files_Encrypt cifra un archivo le hace una copia, encripta esta copia y elimina el original. Es por esto que podemos usar programas de recuperación de archivos.
        1. Descargaremos la version gratuita de Recuva desde su web oficial https://www.piriform.com/recuva y lo instalaremos.
        2. Una vez instalado realizaremos un doble clic en el icono del escritorio.
          Acceso directo al programa Recuva
        3. Al ejecutarlo por primera vez, vamos a seguir su asistente y pulsaremos Siguiente.
          Asistente de Recuva
        4. Nos va a aparecer una pantalla donde seleccionaremos que tipo de archivos queremos recuperar. Luego pulsaremos Siguiente y continuamos hasta que empiece a buscar.
          Tipo de archivos a recuperar con Recuva
        5. Cuando termine nos mostrará una pantalla con los resultados de búsqueda y seleccionaremos los archivos que queramos recuperar y pulsaremos el botón Recuperar
        6. Nos va a pedir donde queremos guardar los archivos a recuperar, seleccionaremos la carpeta y aceptaremos. 
          Ruta destino de los archivos a recuperar por Recuva
        7. Al finalizar mostrará un mensaje con la información de los archivos recuperados.
          Mensaje de Operación Completada por Recuva
        8. Volver al principio de Eliminar virus Lost_Files_Encrypt.

        Si el artículo te ha ayudado, puedes compartirlo en las principales redes sociales para que también pueda ayudar a otros usuarios con el mismo problema.

        Solucionavirus.com nace en el año 2012 debido a la necesidad de un blog informativo para cualquier nivel de usuarios, en el que se informe sobre todo tipo de virus informáticos y de la manera de eliminarlos.

        Todos los artículos para la eliminación de malware y las utilidades recomendadas son completamente gratuitas. Si quieres apoyar el trabajo realizado con un donativo, cualquier cantidad será agradecida.


        Grand Hyatt at San Francisco Airport Opens Doors to Guests   

        Hyatt Hotels announced on Monday the opening of the Grand Hyatt at San Francisco International Airport. “We are thrilled to open the doors to Grand Hyatt at SFO and welcome our international guests,” said Henning Nopper, the hotel’s general manager. “The completion of this hotel, an iconic addition to our Grand Hyatt brand, is a culmination of many years of hard work and planning.” The 12-story hotel replaces the 1959 Hilton Inn ...

        Comment on Lampard: Hard work, not price tag, will change Pulisic’s lack of playing time by Currly Moe Larry    

        Lampard is playing English kids so let's be clear. There are a couple of reason for this, but please stop saying it has to do with age when you are playing younger guys who are English born and Chelsea products. First, CP is not a Chelsea product. Second, his development and hard work are not the problem. It may be a strength issue that he needs to adjust to, but he is an attacking … take you on player and that is not Lampard's style choice. So don't give me the bs. He doesn't know how to use him, and I don't think he wants to use him. I honestly don't care what you think of CP as an American Kid, but don't give me it is a training and work ethic issue. He is from the Midwest and England is free today because midwestern type kids like CP.

        The Hard Work of Making Java Easy   


        The Java backlash that began a few years ago was mostly a J2EE backlash, not against the Java language per se. Too many people took the blueprints too seriously, too literally or just too damned religiously. Too many applications that didn't need EJBs were using them, letting the container manage low level application plumbing invited slow and buggy behaviors that were painful to debug. The backlash has made a lot Perl/Python/PHP enthusiasts express self-righteous vindication and have helped morph the J2EE backlash into a broader Java backlash. Geez, even IBM is getting all spun up on PHP, whodathunk? But I think the dismissal of Java is premature. None of the P languages or Java are without hazards. These days a lot of developers are over the blueprint kool-aid and are standardizing on a simplified and productive stack:

        • Spring Framework
        • Apache (httpd and Tomcat)
        • SQL (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
        • Hibernate (optionally)
        However, there is still a rapid development gap. I've heard Java called a "high ceremony" language. Where you can often prototype a lot of functionality in a modest amount of code with the P languages, you end up writing a lot more code to do the same things in Java. On the other hand, the run time errors, sorcerers and hackers adherent to the P languages are at least as guilty of the same brand of excessive zealotry as the blueprint adherents. The practical heresy demands recognizing that you can get it really wrong in just about any programming language. As far as the high ceremony, Java and J2EE are guilty as charged. As if to punish Sun, the developer community has innovated just fine without advance posturing within Sun's prescribed processes (the good news there: many within Sun seem to realize that they can't carry on as a cathedral and, in fact, are embracing the bazaar, bravo!). Spring and Hibernate each offer a degree of code simplification but require a bit of XML-hell. Even though the XML is way simpler to maintain than say, struts-config.xml and EJB deployment descriptors, you've reduced your compile-time safety code maintenance but increased your runtime hazards with more XML. Xdoclet or JSR-175 annotations can simplify a lot of the XML configulation required for Struts and Hibernate but then you might end up in another kind of hell: annotation hell. Choose your hell well!

        To really bring rapid development and prototyping to a Java environment, there a lot options to look at such as dynamic JVM languages:

        By most accounts, a mature but quirky Python for the JVM
        An immature but progressing Ruby for the JVM
        A failed experiment or work in progress, depending on who you talk to
        Ruby on Rails doesn't run on JRuby (supposedly, it's coming). Grails (the artist formerly known as Groovy on Rails) is on v0.1, I'm not holding my breath. What about getting the simple life "convention-over-configuration" in Java? You get some of it simply by using Maven; organize your code to the Maven convention and compiling, testing and packaging your application just works. Eclipse provides so much developer support for Java already, using Maven and Eclipse together is great way to keep a lot of the high ceremony out of your way. But for application development, there are a few rails-alike frameworks for Java that I'm still interested in trying: rife and trails.

        I expect in the months ahead to be writing applications with plugin support and that the big win for the dynamic JVM languages for me will be in easing the rapid development of plugins. In other words, I probably wouldn't write an end to end application with them but given a set of interfaces for extension points that can be automatically tested, writing the extensions in JRuby or Groovy sounds compelling.

        I actually haven't had time and opportunity to substantially try half the things I've mentioned thus far. Surveying the number of tools, languages and frameworks it's clear that there are a lot of things to consider and that a lot people are concerned with (and working hard on) bringing the down the high ceremony of Java. I'll still be using P languages in the future, too. Down the road, I suspect virtual machines (JVM? parrot? mono/CLR?) will make a lot of these issues fade away and the questions at hand will be around when to use closures and when to use objects, when to annotate and when to externally declare, when to explicitly type or auto-type and so forth. The languages will be incidental as they support shared constructs and virtual machines.



        Roller Coaster   

        First, let it be said that I have always really enjoyed roller coasters. I was never one to shy away from the scariest, most upside -down, curvy, crazy roller coaster ride because I've always gotten a huge charge out of the speediest moving, fastest dropping, wildest swinging rides. I would wait til the end of the day when the lines were short so I could repeat the scariest ride 5 times in a row. Although, I'm realizing that I haven't been to a park where they have roller coasters in probably 5 years, and I wonder if, as I get older, I would still want to line up just for the thrill of being thrown around by a big moving piece of metal.

        I say this because yesterday, I was telling my boyfriend how excited I was by the rehearsal I had just finished, and how happy I was with how the week had gone, and he joked that I was practically bipolar - one day threatening to quit singing, the next day talking about how much I loved it. He was totally kidding, but I can see how someone who was talking to me on a regular basis would have the feeling that they were on a roller coaster ride, and they didn't know when the next dive-down or soar-up would be coming.

        This week in rehearsals ended up being really fulfilling for me. For the last several days, we've been staging what is probably the central part of my role in this opera - the climactic lead up to the finale of the second act, which ends with a big crazy aria for me. I go through scene after scene with people coming on and off the stage getting mad at me, while I remain on stage trying to figure out what is happening. Then by the end of the act, I have figured out that I have caused all kinds of hell to break loose, and I have a "freak-out aria" (technical term). So for the last several days this week, I've been called to every rehearsal, and have been really concentrated and working very hard. Yesterday, we concluded with the staging of my freak-out aria, which involves me walking the opposite direction on the turn table covering the whole stage while it makes one full revolution during the course of my aria, as I'm getting lost in the maze that the set becomes when it's moving past me in a kind of slow motion haze. It's really cool looking (or at least feeling, since I can't actually see it from the outside) and I was so happy to have put in so much good hard work this week. Plus I finally started to feel like I had a better understanding of how to play this character after staging these scenes, and that all the gallons of recitative were finally starting to solidify into my brain. I was on a high after that.

        Then I woke up this morning, the day off, and realized that by tomorrow, every single member of the cast will have a spouse/child/friend/lover/family member in town visiting them for the rest of the time here, whereas I am too far away from any of my people to coax them to come over here. Upon realizing this, I started to feel sorry for myself. I've been really spoiled for the last several gigs I've been on, in that I've been surrounded by a lot of very social people and I spent a lot of time having fun dinners and going out with all of them. I got the best of both worlds - to be enjoying my work, and to avoid the pitfalls of loneliness that often come with travel by spending time with a bunch of people I really liked. I guess I was due for one of these gigs that we all dread where you spend most of your free time by yourself. Cue roller coaster dip.

        Actually, you may have noticed that I've been blogging more than usual since I've been to Austria. It's because when I first arrived here I felt really unsteady, like I didn't quite have my footing. I realized that I needed to do some stuff that grounds me and makes me feel like "myself." That might sound like a weird thing to say, but when you're in a country you've never been to before, trying to communicate in a language at which your skills could be described as shoddy at best, doing a difficult opera you've never done before, with not a soul you've ever met before, you just don't feel like yourself. We tend to define ourselves most easily by our environment, the people around us, and our work. When all of that is new and different, things start to feel a little wonky. So I started blogging more, getting more regular exercise, and studying my music every morning over coffee or tea. And it really helped. Actually I feel better every time I write a blog entry. So thank you for reading this, because you're actually helping me center myself by caring enough to spend 5 minutes with my rambling thoughts.

        My response to my boyfriend teasing me about my bipolar behavior was to say that being an artist is like being on a roller coaster. Some people can't stand all the highs and lows, and prefer a life of mediums, so they get off the ride. Other people get addicted to the thrill of the unknown, and can't ride it enough. I think I fall somewhere in the middle - I like to enjoy the exciting parts of the ride, but could do without the parts that make you feel like you want to puke. So I do my best to keep the roller coaster from turning into a never-ending Tilt-a-Whirl by controlling the things I can control, and grounding myself when the ride gets too crazy for me to handle.

        And if things get too slow around here, I can always climb onto the turntable and ask them to turn it onto the fastest setting. I just hope the spinning during my aria doesn't make me puke in the middle of a trill. No - I'm sure it will be fine - all those years of riding roller coasters will finally serve a practical purpose.
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