Hit and Run Crash Kills Pedestrian on Lake Tahoe Blvd.   


South Lake Tahoe, CA- A pedestrian was killed after being hit by a car on Lake Tahoe Blvd. It happened just before 8:00 PM. SLTPD officers along with South Lake Tahoe Fire Rescue and Cal-Tahoe JPA paramedics got to the scene and found a man on the south sidewalk of Lake Tahoe Blvd., just down […]

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Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet costs $149 and charges via USB-C   

Plus a new Kindle for kids that helps them find their next favorite book.

6 injured in bridge collapse at Maryland wedding   


Authorities say six people were injured at a Maryland wedding over the weekend when a possibly overloaded foot bridge collapsed, dropping pedestrians into a stream about eight feet below.

Frederick County Fire Battalion Chief Dan Healy tells The Washington Post that one person was hospitalized...


Trump/Perdue not that into Farmers...   

UPDATE 10/7: I think farmers have had enough, maybe, I hope anyway...
1. “I went to Madison feeling financially scared and emotionally depressed but hopeful,” said Paul Adams, who runs a 500-cow organic dairy near Eleva, WI."I came home feeling financially scared, emotionally depressed, unwanted, and unneeded.”

2. Brittany Olson left her Barron County farm at 2am to make the trip to Expo and hear Perdue speak. “To go through the effort to see the USDA secretary, only for him to say that small farms like ours likely have no future made me feel like little more than a peasant in a system of modern-day feudalism,” Olson said.

3. “To me, it really drew a line in the sand on just where this administration stands,” said Chippewa County dairy farmer George Polzin.
Danielle Erdvick summed it up this way in the story:
But I sense a fire growing in the belly of the family farmers I meet in my work with Farmers Union. Farmers are weary. But there’s a growing flicker that’s starting to feed a change in the narrative. No more will they be spoon-fed a top-down vision for rural America. Instead, I see a drive for a farmscape where fair prices, local food systems, clean water, and land conservation are at the heart of farm policy. How can we achieve it? It’ll take actually enforcing America’s antitrust laws and holding corporations accountable when they try to monopolize an industry. It’ll mean addressing market manipulation. It’ll mean not raising our hackles, as farmers and ag groups, every time someone wants to talk about clean water or livestock siting. It’ll mean continuing to adopt regenerative practices and thinking outside the box so we’re protecting our natural resources for our children and grandchildren.

Farmers will never stop voting for Republicans. Sadly, GOP promises of "small government" simply mean they don't really have to do anything for their constituents, and deregulation is anything that basically leaves them alone.

Tariff War is not Their Fight: It seems farmers are okay sacrificing their livelihoods for big corporate interests seeking intellectual rights and protections. 

And then the last shoe dropped; Ag Sec. Sonny Perdue told us what big corporate Republican politicians were really thinking about family farmers:

Perdue told reporters that he doesn’t know if the family dairy farm can survive as the industry moves toward a factory farm model ... “In America, the big get bigger and the small go out. I don’t think in America we, for any small business, we have a guaranteed income or guaranteed profitability.”
A few farmers suddenly realized what was really going on...
Jerry Volenec, a fifth-generation Wisconsin dairy farmer with 330 cows, left the Perdue event feeling discouraged about his future. “What I heard today from the secretary of agriculture is there’s no place for me. Can I get some support from my state and federal government?"

Darin Von Ruden, president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union and a third-generation dairy farmer who runs a 50-cow organic farm (said) getting bigger at the expense of smaller operations like his is “not a good way to go.  Do we want one corporation owning all the food in our country?” 
Democrats, Governor Tony Evers backs Family Farms, despite never getting their vote, but after Sonny Perdue's comment, even our laid back Gov. had to say something:

"Are they struggling? Absolutely. But I think at the end of the day we need to get behind them rather than saying, ah maybe you should go larger. I, frankly, resent that the Department of Agriculture secretary from the federal government came in and kind of lambasted them."
But don't take Evers word for it, here's a comment made at the Minnesota Farmfest about CAFO's. Note: Why were visa's for dairy labor ever determined to be seasonal and not year around?:

Trump Piled on First: Remember this...
Wisconsin dairy farmers are still feeling the sting of Trump's visit to Milwaukee in July, where the president downplayed the suffocation felt by farmers here because of Trump's own tariffs.

Trump: "Some of the farmers are doing well. ... We're over the hump. We're doing really well."
Farmer Response...:
"If he's saying farmers are over the hump, he would be badly mistaken," said Darin Von Ruden, a third generation dairy farmer. "In order to get over the hump we need to stop losing dairy farms."
From PBS's Market to Market: Trump's says farmers are happy...

Farmers are slamming Trump's $28 billion farm bailout — more than double Obama's 2009 payment to automakers — as a 'Band-Aid'.
Perdue editorial doesn't repair Damage: Nope, his word salad backtrack to obscure how he really feels, is a little late. In fact, Perdue reminds farmers how this whole problem was really Trump creation:
Purdue: "President Donald Trump has made it his mission to support American agriculture and negotiate better trade deals so our productive farmers can sell their bounty around the globe."
And don't forget how Scott Walker pushed oversupply in the dairy industry.

Here's what one farmer, "a great patriot," really thinks about Trump:

In Gays Mills, WI, over production and large dairy farms are locking many out of getting into farming. From WPT's Portraits from Rural Wisconsin:


Regulatory Action Center Review - October 7, 2019   


Welcome to FreedomWorks Foundation’s nineteenth regulatory review of 2019! Our Regulatory Action Center proudly updates you with our favorite tidbits from the swamp. We want to smash barriers between bureaucracy and the American people by delivering regulatory news straight to FreedomWorks activists. Check back in two weeks for the next edition.

1) Video of the Week: Unsurprisingly, the United States is not the first country to experience ballooning budgets and astronomical deficits. In the mid-1990’s, Canada’s debt grew to as high as 70% of GDP, similar to our current debt situation. In this weeks video, John Stossell sits down with Canadian economist David Henderson to discuss how Canada managed to tackle their debt problem by cutting government spending and reducing waste.

2) Why Is the CDC Still Fostering Potentially Deadly Confusion About Vaping and Lung Disease?: “Media outlets, following the lead of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), continue to blame recent cases of severe respiratory illnesses among vapers on "vaping" and "e-cigarettes" in general, falsely implying a link to legal nicotine products. This misinformation is fostering public confusion that may lead to more disease and death, both from smoking and from the black-market products that have been implicated in the lung disease cases.” https://reason.com/2019/09/24/why-is-the-cdc-still-fostering-potentially-deadly-confusion-about-vaping-and-lung-disease/

3) FBI using Facebook ads to gather Russian intelligence: report: “The FBI is reportedly using Facebook ads to gather intelligence on Russia, specifically targeting those who may be or know Russian spies. The FBI is running ads in the Washington, D.C., area, CNN reported on Wednesday, that direct to the FBI field office's website that describes its counterintelligence team and encourages visitors to meet "in person." https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/fbi/464069-fbi-using-facebook-ads-to-gather-russian-intelligence-report

4) Federal Court Upholds FCC Decision to Roll Back Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules: “Today, by a 2-1 vote, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit sided largely with the FCC, upholding the primary regulatory rollback as a valid exercise of its authority. In the nearly 200 page opinion, which is heavy on technical detail, the court wrote that while the challengers raised "numerous objections" aiming to show that the FCC's reclassification is "unreasonable," the judges found them "unconvincing." https://reason.com/2019/10/01/federal-court-upholds-fcc-decision-to-roll-back-obama-era-net-neutrality-rules/

5) Trump to issue executive order ‘protecting’ Americans from ‘Medicare for All’ campaign proposals pushed by Democrats: “The executive order, which he is scheduled to discuss at a speech in Florida later Thursday, is intended to bolster Medicare Advantage, private Medicare insurance for seniors that currently covers 22 million people, senior administration officials said on a call with reporters. The plan would also offer more affordable plan options, increase use of telehealth services and bring payments in Medicare fee-for-service program in line with payments for Medicare Advantage, officials said.” https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/03/trump-to-issue-executive-order-protecting-americans-from-medicare-for-all.html

6) Treasury to create tool to help people redeem billions in unclaimed savings bonds: “Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) on Wednesday said that the Treasury Department will create an online tool to help people redeem billions of dollars in savings bonds. About $26 billion in matured savings bonds are in the U.S. Treasury and have yet to be redeemed. Using the department's forthcoming tool, people will be able to verify against Treasury Department records if they have any savings bonds dated after 1974 that can be redeemed, Kennedy's office said in a news release.” https://thehill.com/policy/finance/464057-senator-treasury-will-create-tool-to-help-people-redeem-billions-of-dollars-in

7) Trump takes heat from right over vaping crackdown: “The Trump administration is under fire from conservative groups and some GOP lawmakers, who are pushing back over its planned crackdown on e-cigarette flavors. They say the administration is overreaching, and the flavor ban will harm small businesses, a violation of core Republican free market principles.” https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/464470-trump-takes-heat-from-right-over-vaping-crackdown


La tablet Amazon Fire HD 10 se pasa al USB Type-C y mejora la potencia   


Amazon ha actualizado uno de sus productos más populares, la tablet Fire HD 10, de la que se puede destacar en primer lugar la utilización de un puerto USB Type-C para la transmisión de datos y la carga de la batería. La nueva tablet Amazon Fire HD 10 incluye un procesador octa-core de 2GHz y […]

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Linux Candy: cacafire – Color ASCII Fire   


Who loves eye candy? Don’t be shy — you can raise both hands!! Both feet too if you’re sufficiently pliant.

Linux Candy is a new series of articles covering interesting eye candy software. We’re only going to feature open-source software in this series.

I’m not going to harp on about the tired proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. But there’s a certain element of truth here. If you spend all day coding neural networks, mastering a new programming language, sit in meetings feeling bored witless, you’ll need some relief at the end of the day. And what better way by making your desktop environment a bit more memorable.

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EJ Drago HD for Gianni 6   


Drago is a warrior, a hard one, able to ride a dragon, and he has no fear of the scars of the beast on his skin, because he has lava in his veins, fire in his eyes in the battle. When he wants something he takes it. The Dragon is tattooed in his body. The mythic creature gave him the strength, courage and heart to win in any challenge.

Drago is a character for Gianni 6, that includes HD details morphs for head and body. You can use them or not as you wish, to add extra detail to your renders.

You can fit him perfectly in any action scene, as you have options for black eye, cheekbone scar, or both, and also different options for body wounds. Although he may look great in a fantasy scene, he can also embody many hard guys on your renders.

The body tattoos can be in the chest and right arm, or in the back only, or in both parts. You also have an option for all tattoos and wounds applied.

You also have eye eye iris options to choose, and custom realistic anatomical elements morphs and material.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Matty finish a bonus for Bruce against struggling former club   

Steve Bruce saluted Matty Longstaff’s impressive debut after seeing him fire Newcastle to their first home victory of the season against struggling Manchester United.

Defoe hat-trick sends Rangers top after Celtic stumble against Livingston    

Jermain Defoe's hat-trick helped fire Rangers to the top of the Ladbrokes Premiership after a one-sided 5-0 victory over Hamilton at Ibrox.

EJ Rubi and Fire Goddess for Genesis 3 Female   


Rubi and Fire Goddess for Genesis 3 Female is a super sexy redhead character of a for Genesis 3 Female that can also become a supernatural creature- the Fire Goddess.

The Dragon Lord in its human form fell in love with the priestess of his cult, and Rubi was born with the power to become a Fire Goddess. With her supernatural powers, she was prepared to fight against demons and orcs. Seductive for the humans, deadly against the fantasy evil creatures.

She has a freckled skin, not only in her face but also in her whole body, distributed in a natural way. Her delicate but intense facial features are also modeled to reflect her internal double nature of passionate woman and Fire Goddess. As a Fire Goddess, she has a special skin with the shades of fire and golden reflections, special makeups and eyes, and ears morph. For the human part, you have casual makeups that enhance her beauty, and also special makeups for warrior characters. As a stunning beautiful woman, a warrior of divine nature, the daughter of the supreme Norse warrior god, or the Fire Goddess... for all of your stories, Rubi is a must have!

Rubi is a very versatile character for Genesis 3 Female, with lots of features that you can use to get many different looks:

FIRE GODDESS OPTIONS: Rubi can also become a Fire Goddess, with all her body changed to the shades of flames, golden reflections carefully placed, two special eyes (all white eyes, and Fire Goddess eyes that have black sclera and red bright irises), two special lips (dark and fire), two special makeups (fire and smoke, and flames). An icon is provided to remove the special options and restore the default base skin.

CUSTOM SCULPTED MORPHS: The custom head morph of Rubi has been made thinking in versatility and beauty. She also has a nails morphs for fantasy ears, long nails, stilleto nails, and a custom morph that simulates the external Anatomical Elements. All these morphs only need Genesis 3 Female Base. The body uses Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs for maximum compatibility with all your clothing.

SKIN DETAIL: Rubi's skin has freckles in her face and all over her body, distributed in a natural way, and her makeups have been designed to not cover but emphasize the beauty of her skin. Her skin also includes features like pores, moles, and variations found in human skin that will give you the quality you need for the new generation of NVIDIA Iray renders. She includes materials both for Iray and for 3Delight. You can use Rubi with or without makeup, if you want to show her natural detailed skin, giving you the possibility to render her in all the moments of her virtual life and situations.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


Elemental Jewelry: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water   


Elemental Jewelry is a pack of necklaces and earrings featuring the 4 elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. High fantasy jewelry that is carefully sculpted and will give your creations a outstanding look! A must have!

All the necklaces can be posed and adjusted to any Genesis 2 character using the morphs included. You can also swing them to left and right, and change the size of the main ornament to make it look big and heavy or small and delicate. You can also hide some parts like the seahorse in the Water Necklace (and turn it into a casual pearls necklace) or the birds in the Wind necklace.

All the earrings are articulated and include morphs to move in all possible angles and turn the ornaments without deformation, and

also size morphs to make it bigger or smaller. Each earring is independent for each ear, you can use only one or both.

In all the pieces you have full material presets of great beauty, plus partial material presets and some hide options. Using these and the morphs, you can achieve the look you wish with ease.

All the set works both in DAZ Studio and Poser (with DSON).

Descriptions and materials:

- Earth Jewels: The Green Man, a symbol or rebirth and growth and everything that is natural, will guide you to the underground lands of the unknown. Perfect for druids, elves, earth creatures, or to give an arcane or mysterious touch in every occasion. Several options of metal or green or brown leaves, and partials to mix the different Celtic necklaces and cords with the different face materials.

- Fire Jewels: A dragon that guards a burning sun, symbol of wisdom and power. Customize it choosing between the included jewels and metals.

- Water Jewels: The seahorse and pearls is a symbol of the subaquatic world. You can also hide the seahorse on the necklace and you get an awesome pearls necklace for your casual renders. Mix and Match seahorse and pearls partial materials and do your own combination

- Wind Jewels: The amazing song of the fantastic bird flies through wind swirls in a distant land. You can hide the bird and get an all-purpose necklace for many themes too. Partials for different metals and precious stones can be mixed as you wish.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Exotic Blades by Merlin   


A collection of six highly detailed exotic blades for the right and left hands of V4 and M4:

The Katar or punch dagger is a type of short punching sword from India.

The Kris from South East Asia is a type of asymmetrical dagger, famous for it's distinctive wavy blade. Comes with a scabbard.

The Kukri from Nepal is a curved knife used by the fearsome Gurkha regiments. Comes with a matching scabbard.

The Tulwar from India is a long curved sword, comes with a matching scabbard.

The Pata is an Indian sword with a gauntlet as a hand guard, also called a gauntlet sword.

The Wind and fire wheels from China are circular blades usually wielded as a pair and used in Chinese martial arts.

Price: $10.95 Special Price: $5.48


Fast Flames Iray   


Add fast-rendering flames to your scene with this easy-to-use prop pack for Iray! These trans-mapped fire props are also mesh lights, and because each one has exactly one polygon they render very quickly – faster than photometrics with geometry options on! Just point, click and go as you drag the visible flames around your scene!

The set not only has natural red-orange flames but also blue and green presets for magical situations, and there are flames for a wide variety of situations, from huge bonfires to tiny candle flames. It's never been easier to update your old candle and brazier props for Iray use than with this set!

Price: $15.95 Special Price: $7.98


Fire Dancer Accessories   


A set of beautiful jewelery - earrings and diadem - and smart parented fire decoration props for Victoria 4 (for each leg and arm, loading all together or separately). This set is a stand alone prop set and therefore owning Fire Dancer V4 clothes is not necessary, but the two will compliment each other beautifully.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Fire Dancer for Victoria 4   


Dancer with fire - danger and beauty, fit for the goddess of nature herself comes the FireDancer for Victoria 4.

Two separate clothing items with support of Morphs++ FBMs, PBMs, Elite and Aiko4 morphs.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Fire Dancer Stephanie 4 Add-On   


Now your Stephanie4 character can dance the night away too! Don't forget to invite Elite Reby Sky for a fire dance! Also included are new and improved clothing figures (both the skirt and the top), completely backward compatible with previously released INJ/REM morphs and textures.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Huo Long Mix And Match Expressions For Lee 6   


Huo Long is the soul of a timeless warrior, the fire dragon that rests in the heart of your heroes and can be seen breathing flames through their eyes. Give your characters all the expressiveness of a fighting master! A must have!

Huo Long is a pack of expressions organized in three folders (FullFace, UpperFace, and LowerFace) for Lee 6.

With them, you can apply an expression that moves all the face, or partial expressions that move only the upper or lower parts of the face.

You can apply a full face expression, or make your own by mixing the upper and lower face partials. This gives you more possibilities: change your idea on the go, leave the lips that you like and choose different eyes for the expression, use the parts of the expressions that you like more, or even choose similar partials to subtly change the mouth or eyes in an animation, just like what happens in real life.

Natural expressions for real faces, with subtle asymmetries to enhance realism. Good taste expressions, no grimaces.

Although they were made especially for Lee 6, they also work on Genesis 2 Male(s), and figures based on him.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Merlin's Oak, Plants and Props Set   


Merlin's Oak has sheltered many a wandering soul on a cold, wet night; it's low hanging boughs protecting all who huddle beneath it's mighty shadow. It's ancient branches reach out, as if to warm themselves on the camp fire below, but ever wary of the dancing flames.

Merlin's Oak is a 180 degree environment for Poser and DAZ Studio. It comes with panoramic views and three skydomes and lights: Day, night and Sunset. It also comes with seven camera presets. The oak tree leaves are fully modeled and no transparency maps were used for faster render times.

Price: $14.95 Special Price: $7.48


Ron's Dry Ice   


Special effects of Dry Ice are so cool, they can produce vigorous and voluminous types of fog, not anything like fire or early morning coldness can look like.

Its cold temperatures of -109.3 Degrees Fahrenheit or -78.5 Degrees Celsius when immersed in hot water, create a cloud of true water vapors. It actually flows down and in the direction of any air movement. Never have I seen brushes like these. I love producing something no one has; and this is one of them.

I'm very proud for you to be the owner of such a unique product. I'm sure you will be pleased and it's my pleasure to make these for the finest artists on this planet at Daz 3D. Thank you and enjoy.

Price: $28.95 Special Price: $14.48


Ron's Steam   


These Hot Steam Photoshop Brushes are just a click away, create wonderful moods from these mystic vapors that will escape you.

There is 90 Photoshop Brushes some have custom setting inside and specialty paint features. Plus a Photoshop Layer Style that mimics fire very easy.

Hope you enjoy, thanks for supporting me and my family...Ron

Price: $18.95 Special Price: $9.48


SF Auras Genesis 8 Female   


This set contains auras of sparks and flame for your fire elemental, alien, superhero with fire-based superpowers, galactic starchild, fiery fae, powered-up kung fu attacks and supernatural martial arts transformations, and other fire-based creatures and flame spirits. Need a demon, genie or djinn? We've got it. With conformers, textures for the geoshell, a flame smartprop and 20 all-new and exciting action poses, this set contains a tremendous amount of contact to transform your Genesis 8 Female into a creature of flames.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


SF Auras Genesis 8 Male   


This set contains auras of sparks and flame for your fire elemental, alien, superhero with fire-based superpowers, galactic Starchild, fiery fae, powered-up kung fu attacks and supernatural martial arts transformations, and other fire-based creatures and flame spirits. Need a demon, genie or djinn? We've got it. With conformers, textures for the geoshell, a flame smart prop and 20 all-new and exciting action poses, this set contains a tremendous amount of contact to transform your Genesis 8 Male into a creature of flames.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


Shades of Atlantis Cobalt Hierophant   


Bearers of the Eternal Light, Keepers of the secrets of the Land.

We are the Sun, we are the Land. Watchers of the sacred continent of Atlantis, and holders of forbidden secrets. For 10,000 years we´ve ruled the destiny of millions of human beings keeping the Fire of the Mother´s Heart alive.

Shades of Atlantis: Cobalt Hierophant is a clothing and character combo set for DAZ 3D´s Michael 4. This set includes a complete African character skin, and a fantasy outfit and weapon.

Price: $29.95 Special Price: $14.98


Wound Makeup Artist for Genesis 8   


Creativity without limits through a ready made Library of wound Iray Decals and Layered Image Editor Presets that you can reposition sliding them across your character skin using parameter sliders!

Wound Makeup Artist for Genesis 8 is a collection of layered wounds in the native Iray Decal format for the Iray render engine in Daz Studio. Unlike previous versions of the product that used the Layered Image editor and Daz Studio Geometry Shells, using Iray Decals makes loading times and the processing of the effects by the Iray engine faster.

Like Geometry Shells, Iray Decals let you slide the position of your wound effect directly in the character skin by using the HORIZONTAL OFFSET and VERTICAL OFFSET sliders of the decal in the Surface Tab. Unlike Geometry Shells you need to have the Iray Preview Mode active in viewport in order to see your wounds when editing their positioning in your character's skin.

Iray Decals are stacked as children of your figure in the Scene Tab so you can toggle on and off visibility of effects and single wounds directly on the scene tab. It also means you don't risk flattening of complex wound compositions as it happens in the Layered Image Editor.

As an extra this version also includes all effects in Layered Image Editor format for compatibility with 3Delight (Which in the previous version was a separate product.) and all the extra control that Daz Studio Layered Image editor offers. The Layered Image Editor effects are compatible with Iray when using the default textures included with Genesis 8. When using other characters like Michael, Victoria and the myriad of characters available for Genesis 8 it is advisable to use the Iray Decal Format instead as their advanced setup usually makes Layered Image Editor Effects harder to see.

Give your character a scar in the face for a tough look, a bullet wound in his forehead, an open wound in his leg where an enemy arrow has hit, a slash in his chest where a sword has grazed or burned skin where dragon fire hit. You control your wounded scene by having the ability to place your wounds in the exact spot where you need it. Bruised lips, whip marks, bloodied teeth, black eyes, scars, scratches, abrasions, several skin bruises, blood options and even full body wound cuts in several stages.

Price: $39.95 Special Price: $19.98

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