Shades of Atlantis Ankida Shaman   


A nightmare disturbed Nafsu´s millenarian sleep...

Ancient prophecies told about the return of Mother Turtle, the Mother Earth, the ancient creature that millenia before he fall was called Gea by the Greeks, and adored by all the ancient tribes. Nafsu knew well about that prophecies, he was the one who wrote them, he was the the Traitor who opened the Door of Entropy that devoured the Goddess and her favored land: Atlantis.

Atlantis... the place that inspired so much tales and legends in the collective mind of that lesser beings called 'humans', the descendants of one of the proud races of Mother Turtle, the ones weak enough to fall at the feet of Nafsu´s Master...

Ankida Nafsu knew that the prophecies was right, he never was a blind sycophant, his treat against the Goddess that gave him into Her Creation wasn´t perfect, and now, 7000 years had passed, and the Cosmos decided to open the Door of Entropy again. The Goddess will return, the Goddess will devour Her traitor son, and all the lesser beings who served him and his Master.

A time of hope will come for that weak and lesser creatures and doom for the traitors. Atlantis will raise in this Night World, and nothing will be the same...

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As children, we were all afraid of the Boogeyman: a formless threat who lived under our collective beds, lying in wait until the house was quiet so that he might creep out and kill us in our sleep.  If there is one indisputable strength in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, it’s the writer/director’s ability to synthesize the invisible iconography of childhood fear and give the Boogeyman both a definitive and universally recognizable identity.  With his loose slouch, burnt face, crumpled Pervert Fedora, and optically-challenging red and green sweater, Freddy Krueger is Stranger Danger personified and the loping threat of innocence betrayed.  Hell, he also lived under your bed, in a manner of speaking; the owner of a silhouette every kid dreads to see standing in the doorway long after Mommy and Daddy have fallen asleep.  Even his calling card – the hair-raising sound of terrifyingly-long fingernails on a chalkboard – awakens a primal fear embedded deep in the subconscious of children and adults alike. 
What amplifies this terror is Craven’s reversal of childhood expectation; Mommy and Daddy can’t ward off the Boogeyman because Mommy and Daddy created the Boogeyman.  A Nightmare on Elm Street is a story that can only exist in the faraway days before the advent of the internet, as its heartbeat pumps blood through a narrative system built upon the secrets and lies our parents and community leaders hide in the closet while

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How To Avoid A Baby On Your Flight—One Airline Is Now Telling You Where young Children Are Seated   

Nothing seems to grate on passengers more than having a screaming child sat near us on a flight. Would you like to avoid sitting next to an infant on a flight? Screaming children on flights can be a nightmare and Japan Airlines now show passengers how to avoid being near a baby on a flight.

You need to read this thread about a terrible gig – so you can rejoice at not being there   


If you cast your mind back, you may recall a gripping thread about a nightmare of a job in the entertainment industry, involving a cast of characters involving an array of tribute acts and some dodgy dealings by the management company. The woman who tweeted that thread, stand-up comedian, singer and writer, Sooz Kempner, has […]

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Comment on Lib Dems would scrap Section 21 by keith green    

I had to evict a tenant, and it was a nightmare for me. It was a lovely flat with double glazing and a brand new boiler. She wanted to be rehoused in a council property. She would leave rooms unheated and pile boxes against the wall until the walls went black with mould. She would send the photos to the council claiming the flat was unfit to live in. I had to go to court and the judge made me look like a rogue landlord. I'm now leaving the rental market and the S21 proposals will make landlords life a misery.

‘A Nightmare For Israel’: The Swamp Goes Crazy Over Trump Pulling Out Of Northern Syria   

Information Liberation | See if you can notice a pattern.

Romelu Lukaku felt he was blamed for Jose Mourinho's Manchester United failure    

Mourinho spent £75 million to bring Lukaku to United from Everton in the summer of 2017, with the striker scoring 38 goals for club and country in 2017-18 before a nightmare second season.

Bob Clark’s Political News Magazine   


News That Matters

Seattle/Tacoma’s Very High Home Foreclosures now rank in the top 5 metro foreclosure areas in the nation, states this report out this week. A lot of these Foreclosures are condos and guess what? There are a lot of Strategic Foreclosures in this mix. Here is what RealtyTrac has on this problem as of December. Seattle’s economy is in the dumper! The US Department of Labor is reporting the new unemployment rate nationally at 9% but that is a statistical Abnormality! Read this!

Major increases in Syphilis, Gonorrhea in King, Pierce and Snohomish County have public health officials scratching their heads and in a panic. This is the largest increase in VD in the Tri-County area in many years. Here is the situation in King County.

President Obama (without teleprompter) and talking to reporters got his wars all confused. Some of the reporters with FOX News were stunned by this gaffe! Is he losing it?

Insiders tell the FOX Business Network this week that more than a thousand businesses and labor unions are scrambling to join more than 300 organizations to get themselves EXEMPT from the Obama Health Care Plan by the President himself.

Bogus unemployment stories keep coming out of the local newspapers, the local leftwing TV outlets and Olympia. The issue is the SEASONAL ADJUSTED NUMBERS being used that are worthless and a statistical lie!
For example this FRONT PAGE PIECE in the Seattle Times is a bogus story. Seasonally adjusted data on employment are numbers made up by statisticians to try and look for trends, they are not the REAL NUMBERS. Here is the definition of Seasonal Adjusted Stats.
Here is what Gallup found
when it did its study of unemployment and their take on these bogus seasonal adjusted numbers!

Been in the grocery store lately? You may have noticed that your favorite box of cereal has gone up in price or your steak is now more than it was a few weeks ago. Think that’s bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Here is what is coming down the road with commodity prices. Beef along with corn, rice, soy beans, wheat and sugar prices are going to go through the roof. It is called INFLATION! That also includes the price per gallon of gas. We may be looking at $100 per barrel oil and $5 per gallon gas in the weeks to come.

The Snohomish County Executive November 2011 election race is underway! Aaron Reardon this time faces Mike Hope the very popular GOP 44th District Legislator. Mike is already raising money and with a sizable number of supporters has a good chance to beat Reardon; whose administration has been rocked by scandal after scandal. Let’s look at a few:

Reardon is a member of the Department of Ecology’s Nincompoopial
Climate Action Team. Every member of this group is either ignorant, a socialist or brain dead or any combination of the three. Take your pick.

Reardon formed his own Climate Change Task Force which has come under fire at several town hall meetings including a heated one in Monroe. There is no such thing as global warming/climate change and EVERYONE knows it!

There was Reardon’s $160,000 Garbage truck that didn’t work (how many public works employees does it take to design a garbage truck?)

Reardon’s solid-waste director Sam Chandler claimed he was fired because he caught employees at the garbage transfer stations stealing cash and reported it. County Union officials put an end to Sam’s tenure.

Reardon’s Snohomish County Planning Director fired for getting drunk and exposing himself to a female on a golf course (he already had a history of this sort of behavior!).

One of Reardon’s Medical examiners arrived inebriated at the scene of a drunken driving accident that took 4 victims to their graves and he was promptly arrested and fired because of public outcries.

Reardon’s energy drink commercial was the laughing stock on YouTube. It was promptly taken down from the internet during howls of laughter.

Looks like Mike Hope is going to have a field day with Reardon!

Washington State’s Democrats in Legislature go insane! Here are a few examples:

Dem’s want to cut education funding to provide money to drunks and crack heads.

Dem’s want to legalize dope!

Dem’s want to establish a State Socialized Worker’s Bank!

Dem’s want to drive more business’s out of the state by raising the employer supplied unemployment insurance costs.

Dem’s want to give the Transportation Commission the authority to violate the people’s will (2/3 vote to raise taxes, majority to raise fees) by raising fees through the roof through a legislative trick, that may be illegal!

Dem’s want to scale back and cut to shreds the Guaranteed Education Tuition program, which by the way is 255 Million Dollars in the hole already! Tuition costs are going up so rapidly that in the end unless you come from a rich family, you ain’t going to school at U Dub or WaZoo!

EDITORIAL: I woke up this morning and thought that I was having a nightmare and that I had been transported back in time to 1979 while watching the morning news showing rioting in Egypt. I think what we have here is a Jimmy Carter clone: OBAMA with his Secretary of State that has been fowling things up since she has been in office. If they have miscalculated and Egypt is taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorists) this will be a 500 pound rock around Obama’s neck when he runs for re-election, in addition to being a strategic DISASTER for peace in the Middle East AND US foreign policy.



De la novela, El bosque animado, de Wenceslao Fernández Flórez (A Coruña 1885, Madrid 1964), publicada en el año 1943.

Estancia IV, El Peregrino Enamorado.

Por añadidura, Furacroyos* tenía otro motivo más triste y más poderoso para hacer tan desacostumbrada caminata afrontando la antipática claridad del día; aunque hay que decir que la luz de aquel día no se diferenciaba de esa luz vaga y turbia en que suelen moverse las imágenes de una pesadilla, luz sin sombras, que ablanda los contornos, poso de luz que ha dejado su nata en la otra cara de un filtro de nubes y permite caer al fondo todo lo que hay de indeciso y de gris en el Universo.

*Furacroyos es un topo… 

- ¿Y si fuera verdad todo aquello que intuimos o presentimos?

“Si es bueno vivir, todavía es mejor soñar, y lo mejor de todo, despertar”.

(Antonio Machado)

Una hoja de papel en blanco tiene más posibilidades que una que ya está escrita. Eres cautivo de las palabras. De la misma manera, un camino vacío, sin huellas ni pisadas, sin rastro alguno, no obliga: solo sugiere hacia donde podemos ir. El camino hollado y sin Silencio, es otra cosa…

Of the novel, El bosque animado, by Wenceslao Fernández Flórez (A Coruña 1885, Madrid 1964), published in 1943.

Estancia IV, The Loving Pilgrim.

Furthermore, Furacroyos* had another sadder and more powerful motive for making such an unusual walk facing the unpleasant clarity of the day; although it must be said that the light of that day was no different from that vague and turbid light in which the images of a nightmare usually move, light without shadows, that softens the contours, posus of light that has left its cream on the other side of a filter of clouds and allows everything that is indecisive and grey in the Universe to fall to the bottom.

*Furacroyos is a mole... 

- What if everything we sense or sense is true?

"If it is good to live, it is still better to dream, and best of all, to wake up”.

(Antonio Machado)

A blank sheet of paper has more possibilities than one that is already written. You are captive to words. In the same way, an empty road, without footprints or, without footsteps trace, does not oblige: it only suggests where we can go. The trodden path, without Silence, is something else...


Playing Dress Up Trilogy by Portia Hab (bodyswap genderswap)   

Portia Hab's Playing Dress Up Trilogy collects three previously published stories of body swaps, gender swaps, and age regression, all based upon a theme of playing dress up.

"Just One More Thing" is a comic tale of one body swap that begets another, trapping a man in a nightmare that may actually be something of a dream-come-true. When his girlfriend's daughter gets trapped in her boyfriend's body, he reluctantly agrees to take her place . . . to become a prom date . . . and relive that rite of passage from the other side.

"Hooters Girl" is a darker story that gets downright creepy before it finds its way back to the light. When a wife suspects her husband of cheating on her, she arranges a magical body swap that puts him in the body of a Hooters girl. With his niece's help, he takes to his temporary new life rather well, but the woman occupying his body . . . well, she lets becomes infected with toxic masculinity and creates all sorts of problems.

"The Maltese Bridesmaid" is a shorter story that gets back to the comic tone. It all begins with a teenage girl accidentally turn herself into a dog, leaving her mother's boyfriend to accept a transformation into a pretty young bridesmaid for a friend;s wedding. Of course, nothing goes quite as planned, and the evening gets rather interesting.

As imaginative as Playing Dress Up Trilogy is, and as much fun as the concept is, the story does get a little convoluted and confusing at times, which is really the only knock against it. So long as you do not mind rereading the occasional scene, it is worth a read.

I enjoy writing stories about magical transformation from one sex to another, especially male to female and older to younger. Some are body swaps. Others are not. I prefer erotic stories that are more sexually suggestive than graphic. And I like to detail the male's shock, discovery, discomfort, and sometimes adjustment to his new reality. Some of my stories have happy endings. Others have bittersweet or dark endings.


Comment on Extreme USA Visa Vetting Makes This Indian American Family’s Trip to India a Nightmare by GodBlessAmerica    

Very unfortunate. I am sorry that your family has to go through this. On the positive, side you have come out stronger. God bless your family and your son.
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