Simon and Jackie Go Crazy   


So, I visited Montreal Simon to read his latest post, which was a condemnation of the Scheer Conservatives and their fans who are bringing USA-Repugnican style hatred and violent rhetoric up here. It started off well with a picture of some sub-literate right-wing moron holding up this ridiculous (and frightening) hand-made sign:

I've said on numerous occasions that stupid people must have the same right to vote as non-stupid people. But there needs to be gatekeepers to prevent the rise of stupid ideas and rage-fueled political movements from having any prominence greater than the level of three city blocks. Alas, for reasons of selfish cynicism our media and corporate elites see fit to pander to these cretins and stir them up. As well (whose kidding who?) from their own behaviour and the words that flow from their mouths, pens, pencils, keyboards, many among our elites aren't all that intelligent either.

Montreal Simon goes from trashing right-wing assholes calling for Trudeau to be "hung" (or run over by a truck) for taxing them, for verbally acknowledging global warming, for admitting Syrian refugees, for marching in PRIDE parades, and etc., ... where was I? .... Oh yeah, ... Simon goes from condemning those assholes to conflating them with progressives who yell at him for buying the TMX pipeline (so as to bail-out the Bay Street parasites who invested in that bitumen project) and praises Trudeau for asking his supporters (booing the guy) for tolerance as he lets his security drag the man away.

Immediately afterwards Simon mentions a guy who threw an egg at Trudeau during a climate march in Montreal, but it's unclear from the Global News video what that guy's agenda was. Personally, I've never gotten too incensed about ordinary people throwing pies (or, now, eggs) in the faces of politicians.

"What if that pie/egg had been a gun or a bomb or a knife?!?"

Yeah. But you're missing the important point that it wasn't a gun or a bomb or a knife. It was a cream-pie/egg. You could just as well shriek that the hand of someone extended for a handshake could have been a gun. But it wasn't. The person sticking their hand out to a passing politician just wants a handshake. Just as the person with the pie wants to make a statement and not kill anybody.

Simon then starts his spiel about how Justin Trudeau is the most activist politician fighting climate change EVAH!!!! because of his carbon tax and his investments in renewable energy industries. But, if Simon were honest (or not honestly ignorant) he would know that this is mere tinkering and that it is all cancelled-out by his continuing to develop the Tar Sands. Which is par for the course for a liberal politician. They're the masters n' mistresses of using empty words to gull their deluded followers. They "feel your pain." They "want to see all people rise to their full potential." They "don't want to see anyone left behind." They say the things we want to hear in order to get elected and continue to say those things as they enact policies that contradict their flowery words.

The end result of political cowardice and deliberate deceit by politicians like Justin Trudeau is going to be the extinction of most of the earth's life-forms. It will AT LEAST mean the deaths of tens of millions of people. Given this, it was justified for that protester to yell at Trudeau for his sickening devotion to the TMX pipeline. And it is the height of stupidity to conflate environmentalists with legitimate grievances with Islamophobic, racist, right-wing homophobic shit-heads threatening all their adversaries with murder. (Notice how that protester at the Liberal rally stayed right where he was and didn't make a step towards Trudeau.)

And, of course, the first "commentor" was Simon's in-all-but-name co-blogger "Jackie Blue." I haven't (and won't) read her entire densely-packed, extended comment. But she basically says that leftist "shit-disturbers" are as big a threat (to "rational centrists") as right-wingers. Now, given the evidence from Simon's own post, anyone not an idiot can see that isn't true. She then goes on to whine about the progressives who didn't vote for mass-murderess, corrupt scumbag Hillary Clinton. Because "Jackie Blue" continues with the bullshit story that she's a US-American and she continues with the bullshit belief that Hillary Clinton wasn't a murdering scumbag.

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War you stupid fuck! She voted for a war based on obvious stupid lies. The war she voted for has KILLED ONE MILLION IRAQIS and maimed and traumatized millions more. And that's only one of her colossal "mistakes" that she made while servicing the oligarchy and becoming a multi-millionaire herself. And it was Hillary's own sense of entitlement that led her to rig the Democratic primary to defeat Bernie Sanders and thereby bring on the presidency of Donald Trump. Hillary gave us Trump you imbecile!

As a species, we have to do the hard work of overthrowing his rotten, inhuman, ecocidal system. And the longer that (mostly decent-minded) people like Montreal Simon pledge hysterical allegiance to hucksters like Liberals, the longer (and perhaps TOO LATE) will it take to start that job in earnest.

(I'll end by saying that I probably won't be voting. My riding is a contest between the Libs and the Cons. And, from reading this article, I'm pretty much deflated about my choices anyway.)


Begalka: Circle may have faded, but it remains unbroken   

Since 1878, the Ladies Home Circle of Marengo served as a doorway for newcomers to town and a treasure trove of local history, passed down through the generations.

On Sept. 11 that ended, when a small group of holdovers gathered for one last lunch. Membership had dwindled from a high of 79 to eight, despite the fact that dues had weathered inflation admirably – climbing from a quarter to just $1 after all of these years.

Older members had died or moved away and younger women are too busy nowadays between working and raising children.

But the club’s legacy continues in the memories, stories and archive of pictures and minutes donated to the McHenry County Historical Society.

The Kishwaukee Farmers Club gave rise to the group, by inadvertently serving as a gathering point for the women who prepared the meals for their husbands in the club. The ladies decided they needed their own group.

Organized with the help of Mrs. Maria Louise Rogers Seward – sister-in-law to Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State W.H. Seward – there were 13 charter members. The initial meeting was in Seward’s home, located at 19809 E. Grant Highway in Marengo, and meetings continued on the third Wednesday of each month. The meeting hostess, who typically entertained and fed 12 to 15 people in her house, also was responsible for readying the club-owned table settings and linens.

And they had better be washed and ironed just so!

“When you first came to Marengo back then, you weren’t accepted at face value,” said Marcia Lockwood, wife of a prominent doctor in town and a Circle member since 1963. “I remember that in its heyday there was [local historian] Eleanor Corson. How would you have reckoned with her?”

Beach those Bermuda shorts. Young women were reminded that ladies wore dresses.

When vacancies occurred, first consideration was given to daughters and daughters-in-law of members. There also were legacy members. Regardless, you had to be invited. Women nominated for membership also required two sponsors and the unanimous vote of club members present during a closed-door meeting.

The club’s aims included home improvement and intellectual advancement. Topics ranged from making butter to Temperance to female American authors. But the social graces figured prominently. It was a matter of tradition to greet other Ladies Circle members with a handshake and an amusing quip or saying. Women made a point of arriving early, Lockwood said. There were fewer people to address.

Members included Lu Nichols, wife of high school principal E.C. Nichols; Ruth Tanner, wife of news agency owner and alderman Howard Tanner; and Susie Dawes, daughter-in-law to Charles Dawes, vice president during the Calvin Coolidge administration. The roster was populated with movers and shakers, the cream of Marengo’s crop.

A nomination was followed a meet-and-greet of sorts, in which a candidate’s manners, sociability and personality were scrutinized to ensure she would fit in, and then a closed-door vote.

Joining the Circle amounted to a Good Housekeeping stamp of approval.

“You were a big shot,” 50-year member Betty Struckmeier said with a smile. “You were accepted into the upper crust of the community.”

An early history of the Ladies Home Circle, written by Dorothy Jevne on the occasion of the club’s 90th anniversary, recorded a seminal moment at a Farmers Club meeting in which guest speaker, suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton, put her hosts in their place … much to the ladies’ delight.

“Mrs. Stanton took notes on everything the men said and in rebuttal reminded the men that the chief part of raising boys was done by women, that half of the products of the farm belong to farmers’ wives, and that it was the duty of men to see that the women’s cooking utensils were as good and up to date as the farm machinery.”

Lockwood said she will miss all of the camaraderie, the visiting with friends.  Member Nancy Clinnin especially is grateful for all of the friendships she made. Meetings were a touchstone, a chance to catch up on the latest scuttlebutt and hear news about the “kids” who had grown up and moved elsewhere.

But for Barbara Carder, it was also about keeping local history alive and learning about the community’s past. Had a question? Someone at a Circle was bound to have the answer – or knew someone who did.


The city of Waukegan is expected to transfer ownership of the historic Carnegie Library to the Waukegan Park District and Waukegan Historical Society later this year or early 2020.

The 1903 building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is one of 105 libraries built in Illinois by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

It remained in use until 1965 when the library relocated. Since then it has fallen into disrepair. In 2018, the Waukegan Historical Society commissioned a structure report and conceptual design study on the building as a potential site for its growing collection and archives, as well as exhibit space. It has been mentioned as a site for future museum dedicated to author Ray Bradbury.

• Kurt Begalka is administrator of the McHenry County Historical Society & Museum. He may be reached at


Robert Kraft’s non-existent granddaughter in middle of wild NHL rumor   

Robert Kraft found his name attached to a different sports franchise Saturday, amid rumors the Patriots owner was interested in acquiring the Ottawa Senators. Over the weekend, a Snapchat user called “Kathryn Kraft” posted a photo of the Canadian Tire Centre with a curious trio of emojis, including a money bag, a handshake and a...

RIP Wayne Fitzgerald   


Wayne Fitzgerald, Prolific Main Title Designer, Dies at 89
The Hollywood Reporter
By Mike Barnes

He worked on films including 'Pillow Talk,' 'My Fair Lady,' 'Apocalypse Now,' 'Dick Tracy' and 'Basic Instinct.'

Wayne Fitzgerald, the main title designer who set the tone and atmosphere for hundreds of films, from Auntie Mame and Pillow Talk to The Godfather: Part II and Total Recall, has died. He was 89.

Fitzgerald died Monday on South Whidbey Island in Washington after a brief illness, his wife, MaryEllen Courtney, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Fitzgerald spent some 55 years in the business, including his first 17 at Pacific Title & Art Studio, where he rose to lead its art and design department.

Fitzgerald's lengthy résumé — he has 460 listed credits on IMDb — also included collaborations with Francis Ford Coppola on The Conversation (1974), The Godfather: Part II (1974), Apocalypse Now (1979), The Outsiders (1983), The Rainmaker (1997) and The Godfather Part III (1990); with Warren Beatty on Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Heaven Can Wait (1978), Reds (1981), Dick Tracy (1990) and Love Affair (1994); and with Roman Polanski on Rosemary's Baby (1968) and Chinatown (1974).

A three-time Emmy winner, Fitzgerald also helped introduce scores of TV shows, among them MaverickThe Beverly HillbilliesMr. EdIt Takes a ThiefNight GalleryColumboMcMillan & WifeKnots LandingThe Days and Nights of Molly DoddDallas, Matlock  and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Wrote Mitch Tuchman in a 1982 profile for Film Comment: "Master of montage, wizard of the three-minute movie, Fitzgerald doesn't create title sequences so much as trailers; briskly edited filmettes that provide a dense, but uncluttered, précis of things to come. This is power-pop art."

The website Art of the Title describes Fitzgerald's work on the Rosalind Russell-starring Auntie Mame (1958) as "a vivid and joyful piece of title design."

"First, the Warner Bros. logo on pink glass like strawberry skin. The red velvet hands, the cigarette holder, and that little cylinder, all decked in jewels, coming together to introduce a vortex of color. The kaleidoscope envelops us in a swirl of vibrant, shifting shards of painted glass as a piece from Bronislau Kaper's elegant score plays and glittering sequins and gems gather to form several of the credits."

Said Fitzgerald in an interview on the site: "I was shown the movie, and it was decided that it really needed something colorful up in the beginning — a very colorful design but sort of abstract — because Mame was a colorful character. That’s the best we could do in this sort of abstract form — just make it very colorful."

The titles on Pillow Talk (1959) open with three panels, with Doris Day on one side, Rock Hudson on the other and the credits in the middle. The actors toss pillows back and forth that wipe the text on and off the screen.

Born in Los Angeles on March 19, 1930, Fitzgerald served in submarines during the Korean War. He graduated in 1951 from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and his first show business job was at Pacific Title & Art, which did all the main titles for Warner Bros., MGM and Fox films and for some Paramount and Columbia movies as well. He eventually set up films including Silk Stockings (1957), Touch of Evil (1958), Imitation of Life (1959), The Music Man (1962) and My Fair Lady (1964).

Studio chief Jack Warner liked his titles large on the screen, which made Fitzgerald's subtle stills sequence for Bonnie and Clyde a hard sell. Beatty convinced him that he'd never be able to do his best work until he went out on his own, so he launched Wayne Fitzgerald FilmDesign Inc. in 1968.
That led to work on 9 to 5 (1980), National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), Footloose (1984), John Hughes' Sixteen Candles (1984) and The Breakfast Club (1985), Total Recall (1990), Basic Instinct (1992), Wyatt Earp (1994) and Kingpin (1996).

Fitzgerald won a Primetime Emmy in 1987 for the NBC drama The Bronx Zoo and Daytime Emmys in '88 and '92 for the soap operas The Bold and the Beautiful and The Guiding Light, respectively.
Every Fitzgerald deal was done with a handshake and he never had a written contract. He got "stiffed" for $5,000 just once, his wife said.

Survivors also include his children Mark, Eric and Courtney and grandsons Rae, Porter and Bodhi.
A member of the DGA, Fitzgerald never directed a word of dialogue but, as his wife put it, he "directed lions and tigers, no bears. Coyotes and horses, pillows, poodles and Bob's goldfish. Plus stars, magicians, dancers, wannabe dancers and stoned folk singers. From planes, trains and automobiles, helicopters and submarines. From the roof of Atlanta stadium to locked down inside Sing Sing prison."

Born: 3/19/1930, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Died: 9/?/2019, South Whidbey Island, Washington, U.S.A.

Wayne Fitzgerald’s westerns –
The First Traveling Saleslady – 1956 [title designer]
Raintree County 1957 [title designer]
4 for Texas – 1963 [title designer]
Cat Ballou – 1965 [title designer]
A Big Hand for a Little Lady – 1966 [title designer]
Blue – 1968 [title designer]
Little Big Man – 1970 [titles]
There Was a Crooked Man.. – 1970 [title designer]
Big Jake – 1971 [main title designer]
When the Legends Die – 1972 [title designer]
Hec Ramsey (TV) – 1972-1973 [title designer]
Cahill U.S. Marshal – 1973 [main title]
Oklahoma Crude – 1973 [main title designer]
The Train Robbers - 1973
Posse – 1975 [title designer]
Missouri Breaks – 1976 [title designer]
Comes a Horseman – 1978 [titles]
The Electric Horseman – 1979 [titles]
Heaven’s Gate – 1980 [title designer]
The Mountain Men – 1980 [titles]
Silverado – 1985 [title designer]
Young Guns – 1988 [title designer]
City Slickers – 1991 [title designer]
Wyatt Earp – 1994 [title designer]
Tall Tale – 1995 [title designer]
Bullfighter – 2000 [title designer]

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