Trump droht mit Zerstörung der türkischen Wirtschaft   

Auch aus der eigenen Partei hagelt es Kritik an Trumps Entscheidung, Truppen aus Nordsyrien abzuziehen. Der US-Präsident reagiert mit Warnungen an die Türkei - und droht, deren Wirtschaft zu zerstören. Von Martin Ganslmeier.

Comment on Impeachment summary 2: of honeymoons and resumés by alibe50    

How likely is it that a country that has been a participant in one of Trumps extortion attempts will turn tables on Trump and extort him and in return, U. S. Interests or they will reveal more impeachable offenses so as to increase likelihood of his impeachment and conviction? Trump will do anything to stay in power. I imagine this may be the genesis of Trump all of a sudden allowing Erdogan to invade Syria and get rid of his long time nemesis, The Kurds! Or maybe the Russians have again blackmailed Trump. It is all very likely. The sooner he is impeached the better. I am sure the schemes of Trump go way way beyond trying to smear Biden. And now he has left himself and this country vulnerable to being coerced to abandoning allies and long held positions of trust.

Republikanere raser over Trumps Syria-beslutning: – Et svik   

Flere av presidentens republikanske partifeller mener Trumps avgjørelse om å trekke tropper ut av Syria gir uttrykk for at USA er en upålitelig alliert. Trump svarer med å true med å knuse Tyrkias økonomi.

Jane Mayer is a hack   

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "First Family Material?"

first family material

Once upon a time, Jane Mayer was a respected journalist.  With Jill Abramson, she'd reported the truth about Clarence Thomas.  Then, during the Bully Boy Bush era, she reported on torture. 


That's when she becomes a hack.

Her most significant 'contribution' during Barack Obama's two terms as president?  A NEW YORKER piece trashing Christians. 

Wow, Jane, what a wonder you are.

More recently?  She ripped apart women who accused Al Franken of inappropriate behaivor.

That's right, she's become the female David Brock.

Her latest garbage?

An article insisting Joe Biden is innocent and anyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist.

She's such f**king liar.  Jill's already destroyed her reputation (stealing other people's paragraphs and calling it your own writing will harm your reputation).  Now we've got Jane.

What most of us are accusing Joe Biden of is allowing his brother James and his son Hunter to grift on his name.

Guess what?  No matter how Jane dismisses it, that's serious and it happened.

That's corruption.  While he was Vice President, his family sold access to him to make a profit.

That's corruption.

Jane Mayer is a hack.  No one should confuse her with a reporter.  Somewhere around 2006, she stopped reporting.  She's an embarrassment.

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):

Monday, October 7, 2019.  It's a snapshot that mentions Carly Simon, Aretha Franklin, Gore Vidal, Iraqi protesters, Hunter Biden and the supreme idiot Alyssa Milano.

Let's start with the race in the US for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  And let's start with one of the country's biggest losers, Alyssa Milano.

She was a child actress, she was not a child star.  No studio came rushing to her saying, "Let's build a film around you!!!"  Not even a movie about a child who ends up in an adult body.  Drew Barrymore was a child star.  Movies were built around her.  As a young adult, both Drew and Alyssa starred in films about Amy Fisher.  Drew did a wonderful job portraying Amy and Alyssa played Alyssa before the cameras but they called her "Amy Fisher."

As an adult, Alyssa got by on her boobs.  That's all she had to offer.  She never took to the time to study acting and she still gives the sort of 'performance' you'd expect from a child actress.  She can recite lines very well, she just can't create a character.

She's latched on to #MeToo -- though she didn't create it.  Rose McGowen has rightly called her out as fake ass.  We have called her that too.  Yes, Ileana Douglas is a friend of mine and, yes, Martin Scorsese had told me years ago about what Leslie Moonves did to Ileana.  So, yes, I had a reason to defend her (and I noted all of that when I noted it here).  What's Alyssa's reason for not standing with Ileana?  Oh, that's right, she wanted Leslie to greenlight a TV show for her.

The whore stayed silent -- while preening and posing as brave and pretending to lead on MeToo -- because she wanted a TV show.

So the whore needs to shut up.  She won't though.

She has no career and that's all the more pathetic when you grasp that she's married to a William Morris agent who uses the agency to get her jobs.  So these pathetic jobs she's had in the last few years?  From using the agency.  Clients who aren't working and aren't married to a William Morris agent should register that she's getting jobs while they aren't.

She can't act.  She thinks doing what she did as a child qualifies as acting.  She's a stupid hick who's gotten by on her breasts back when she was young and now depends on hubby to get her jobs.

She can't act.

She's tried to play 'activist.'

One of those attempts include her pushing "PatriotNotPartisan" and she hectors Republicans whom she finds lacking.

But if she truly believed in patriotism over party, she wouldn't reTweet crap like this.

Dear sane people : Any time the name Hunter Biden crosses a person’s lips, please inform them of this.
This Tweet is unavailable.

Here's the Tweet part that's unavailable now.

Dear sane people :

Any time the name Hunter Biden crosses a person’s lips, please inform them of this.

Wally and Cedric called it out last night:

  • They note how you don't reTweet Neera if you're a feminist.  They note Neera is a two-bit bitch who outed a woman who was being sexually harassed at work (Neera was the one who should have stopped the harassment, not covered it up, not outed the female who came forward), they noted that Neera, as revealed in her own e-mails, knew that Hillary shouldn't have used a private e-mail and what a scandal that was, they noted Neera herself has assaulted an employee and so much more.

    A polite society doesn't reTweet Neera.  And no feminist should ever do it.

    But here's the point I'm making, Alyssa, don't say you put country above party when you reTweet that crap.

    Hunter Biden is the portrait of corruption.  That doesn't mean Trumps can't be as well.  But on the left, we police our own or we are nothing but partisans.

    I know this is hard for you because you're not just a hack, you're also an uneducated hick.  You never went to a real school, you never went to college, you're just a really dumb person who spits out what people tell you.  You lack the energy to educate yourself, you lack the skill to analyze.  It's why you're so tired and pointless as an actress.  It's why your idea of being 'political' is a bigger joke than you are.

    Take your botched plastic surgery and your Democratic Party talking points that you try to pass off as insight and just sit down.  Don't stand up again until your lazy ass has gone to college.  And forget anyone voting you into public office.  You're an uneducated idiot.  No one in California will want you to represent them and I will back your opponent in the primary and get everyone I know to back them as well.

    You are a menace to the public square.  You try to use your fleeting fame to promote the ideas of party hacks, you offer nothing original, you only repeat and steal.

    I don't have time for you and, frankly, the country doesn't either.

    Let me note thanks to ____ for typing this dictation.

    I am literally spitting blood.  I had a tooth crack last night and had to have surgery and, apparently due to the diabetes, the bleeding hasn't stopped yet.

    But I am taking the time to call out Alyssa because she is a danger to the public square.  She has an audience of desperate shut-ins. 

    Alyssa's nonsense gives the appearance of celebrity but she's a faded actress who couldn't make it in the real world of adult acting.  She was miserable on MELROSE PLACE because the stars of that show didn't like her (nor did the fans).  She went to CHARMED and promptly began causing problems.  She was a producer for the last half of the show's run -- a producer of a show set in San Francisco.  So why didn't 'woke' Alyssa ever insist upon a gay or lesbian character?  There were none -- apparently Phoebe lived in a special part of San Francisco inhabited by straights only.  In addition, all the African-American characters (really just two) were created before Alyssa was a producer.  "Woke," my ass.  When people note her cultural appropriation these days or her racist portrayals of Native Americans, they should grasp her history.   CHARMED ended 13 years ago.  Her 'acting' since?  Everyone hated her on the set of MY NAME IS EARL.  Her sitcom ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED resulted in the suit that championed the show getting fired and was so bad that ABC only aired four of the six filmed episodes and issued an edict that Alyssa wasn't to be cast in any ABC sitcoms.  On MISTRESSES, she tried to pull the crap she pulled on CHARMED and get people fired but ABC backed KJ Steinberg and Tina Mimoun and told Alyssa she could leave.  (Which Alyssa then pretended was her decision and was a result of the series moving to Canada.  Did no one notice that "I can't leave my children" Alyssa now films in Georgia?)  She was a witch on that set and all the actresses were thrilled when Alyssa was let go.  Her current show?  The actual stars of INSATIABLE are pretty damn tired of Alyssa billing herself as a star of the show.  Not only is it a show about a teenage girl, but adult Alyssa isn't even in every episode.  She is not a star of the show.

    Alyssa and her shut-ins need to grasp that Alyssa's career ended some time ago and that's there's something deeply disturbing about a 46-year-old woman who delivers the same performance -- over and over -- that she did as a child.

    Joe Biden?

    From yesterday, that's Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "First Family Material?" about Hunter Biden.

    As Kate Aronoff has noted, "We need to talk about Hunter Biden."  From her column at THE GUARDIAN:

    The standard lines from Democrats about Hunter Biden and his business dealings in China and Ukraine have been consistent: Donald Trump has abused the office of the president by asking foreign leaders to investigate Biden’s son, and there is absolutely no proof that either Joe or Hunter Biden have done anything to break the law. Any questionable dealings by Biden’s son also pale in comparison to ethical breaches on the part of Ivanka, Eric or Donald Trump Jr, who have routinely blurred the lines between the extended Trump Organization – the family’s business empire –and their presence in the White House.
    This is all true, and arguably these are the right lines vis-a-vis the long overdue impeachment proceedings. What’s harder to shake is the fact that Hunter Biden’s career is undeniably shady in the way that only the son of a longtime Washington insider could muster, failing upwards into positions of influence and power on the merits of his last name. And that should be considered a huge liability to Joe Biden, for months now considered heir apparent for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination.

    It's interesting when educated women speak and write -- Sarah Chayes, Kate Aronoff.  They're not screaming, "Say Trump! Say Trump!" No, educated women -- pay attention, Alyssa -- realize this is a real issue and that is needs to be discussed.

    If you believe that Donald Trump and his family have done corrupt things since he became president, great, call him out on it.  But grasp, it's going to be hard to call him out in a general debate -- to call him out on corruption -- if Joe Biden is the nominee.  That's why you need a strong nominee -- and, yes, strength does include (and always has) integrity.

    Sing it, Aretha.

    Behold the $50k/month international business genius: “Hunter...asked a homeless man in Pershing Square where he could buy crack. Hunter said that the man took him to a nearby homeless encampment...He returned to buy more crack a few times that week.”

    Integrity.  Not to be found in Hunter Biden.

    Replying to 
    Hunter Biden at least served in the military the great kids of Don have no experience, don’t know how the government operates and no degree related to government or defense. Throwing stones at glass houses can be quite dangerous.

    Poor, dumb Debbie.

    Beau Biden served in the military.  Hunter?  He was in the Reserves, yes, but they kicked him out for cocaine use.

    Joe Biden's Son Hunter Kicked Out of Navy for Cocaine via

    So that's really not a plus or something to brag about on the resume.

    Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders had a heart attack.  He continues to seek the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.   Bernie's speechwriter Tweeted:

    A class act.


    Führende Republikaner kritisieren Trumps Syrien-Entscheidung   

    Der US-Präsident zieht Truppen aus Nordsyrien ab und ermöglicht damit eine türkische Offensive. Damit lasse er die Kurden im Stich, kritisieren Republikaner.

    "Zerstören und auslöschen"-Tweet: Türkei lässt sich von Trumps Tiraden nicht einschüchtern   

    Via Twitter hatte US-Präsident Trump der türkischen Regierung mit der Zerstörung ihrer Wirtschaft gedroht. Ankara zeigt sich unbeeindruckt - und plant trotzdem eine Militäroffensive in Syrien.

    Republikaner kritisieren Trumps Syrien-Plan: "Ein kurzsichtiger und verantwortungsloser Schritt"   

    Für seinen Plan, US-Truppen aus Nordsyrien abzuziehen, erntet Donald Trump massive Kritik auch aus den eigenen Reihen. Washington versucht zu beschwichtigen. Derweil erklärt die Türkei, zu einer Militäroffensive bereit zu sein.

    Trumps Syrien-Vorstoß: Garantie für endlosen Unfrieden   

    Donald Trump will die US-Truppen aus Syrien abziehen - und damit die Türkei in den Nordosten des Bürgerkriegslands einmarschieren lassen. Dieser Schritt ist ein Verrat an den Kurden und stärkt Iran.

    Kina trotsar Trumps önskan om utredning   


    Kina har ingen önskan att lägga sig i amerikansk inrikespolitik, svarar en talesperson för utrikesdepartementet på en fråga gällande USA:s president Donald Trumps uppmaning att utreda hans politiske rival Joe Biden och hans son Hunter Biden.


    Intern kritik mot Trump: ”Lämnar kurderna att dö”    


    Republikanen Nikki Haley, tidigare USA:s FN-ambassadör, är kritisk till Donald Trumps beslut att dra undan trupper från nordöstra Syrien.

    – Det lämnar kurderna att dö, säger hon.


    Ny jätteförlust för Trumps golfbana   


    Heftige US-Reaktionen auf Trumps Abzug von Soldaten aus Syrien   

    Autor: Teichmann, Torsten
    Sendung: Informationen am Morgen
    Hören bis: 19.01.2038 04:14


    Trumps tidligere højrehånd: Han træder tilbage inden rigsret   

    En tidligere nær medarbejder i Trump Organization tror på baggrund af sin egen erfaring ikke, at Donald Trump vil blive siddende som præsident, hvis det trækker op til en rigsretssag mod ham. < ...

    Trumps peinliche Telefonate   

    Während US-Medienberichten zufolge ein zweiter "Whistleblower" aus der Geheimdienst-Branche mittlerweile die Vorwürfe gegen Donald Trump in ...

    Türkischer Präsident soll Trump übertölpelt haben: Wann greift Erdogan in Syrien an?   

    Der US-Präsident zieht ab, sein türkischer Amtskollege fährt auf. Nach Donald Trumps umstrittenem Syrien-Entscheid am Sonntag hat Recep Tayyip Erdogan seine Truppen bereits in Stellung gebracht – und Waffen auf kurdische Ziele gerichtet.

    News-Ticker zum Syrien-Krieg - Republikaner reagieren entsetzt auf Trumps Syrien-Entscheidung - Syrien warnt Türkei   

    Nach acht Jahren Bürgerkrieg steht der syrische Diktator Baschar al-Assad kurz vor dem Sieg. Mehrere hunderttausend Menschen befinden sich auf der Flucht. Die US-Regierung lässt die türkische Armee währenddessen in einem umkämpften Gebiet gewähren. Alle Informationen zum Syrien-Krieg im News-Ticker von FOCUS Online.

    ‘Trump is bijna voorbij, hij treedt af’, zegt een insider   

    Volgens Barbara Res, die lang een hoge functie had in Trumps bedrijf, is de kans groot dat hij binnenkort aftreedt. Want hij is niet bestand tegen verliezen. Dan loopt hij weg. Volgens haar doet hij dat in zaken zijn hele leven al: winnen of weglopen, zodat hij niet kan verliezen “Hij dacht dat hij almachtig […]
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