Christopher Paul "Chris" Massoglia[1] (born March 29, 1992) is an American television and motion picture actor.
Chris Massoglia was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Christopher and Karen Massoglia.[2] His father is a chiropractor and his mother a homemaker.[2] His parents are devout Christians and Republicans, and Massoglia grew up a fan of Christian pop music (as well as unable to listen to rap music).[2] Gifted with an above-average intelligence, Massoglia was homeschooled by his mother.[2] While his peers were taking third grade-level subjects, Massoglia was taking eighth grade-level courses.[2] By the age of 13, he had enrolled in an online university where his coursework included developmental psychology, Biblical studies, algebra, and American history.[2] He also had studied jujitsu, played piano, trained as a hip-hop dancer, knew American sign language, and rode horses.[2] He was also a stand-out Little League Baseball player.[2] The Massoglia family has, as of 2009, refused to move to Hollywood, preferring to maintain a home in Minneapolis despite the extensive travel for Chris that this requires.[3]

He began attending acting workshops at a dancing academy in his home town of Minneapolis while in middle school, and auditioning for television commercials by creating home-made audition tapes.[3] His first jobs included commercials for Target, Marshall Field's, PepsiCo, and Best Buy.[2]
He began acting in 2003 under the name "Chris Kelly" (sometimes appearing as "Chris J. Kelly") in an episode of the television program Law & Order: Criminal Intent.[3] The same year, he was considered for the part of 10-year-old Sean in the Nicole Kidman film Birth, but the family refused to allow him to appear naked on screen with a nude, grown woman.[2] He auditioned for Spider-Man 2 (getting far enough in the casting process to spend an afternoon with Tobey Maguire) and Bad News Bears (he returned six times for call-backs but was not cast).[2] He spent the summer of 2004 away from auditions to play Little League Baseball; his team (the Robbinsdale All-Stars) won the Minnesota state title that year but did not go to the Little League World Series after losing in the Indianapolis regionals.[2] He appeared in two episodes of Medical Investigation in 2004,[4] and four episodes of the TNT cable television police drama Wanted in 2005.[3][4] He began using his family name of Massoglia in 2008.[3]
He made his feature film acting debut in 2007 in the motion picture A Plumm Summer,[5] but his most prominent role as of 2009 was as "Darren Shan" in the 2009 film Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant.[6] Originally scheduled to debut in theaters in 2010, the film was moved to October 2009 to "capitalize on the Halloween season",[7] and opened a month prior to another highly-anticipated vampire picture, New Moon.[8]
His follow-up project was the 3-D horror film The Hole, directed by Joe Dante,[9][10][11] He also went on to playing an older Sam, Zac Efron's brother in Charlie St. Cloud, but his role was cut from the film.[11][12]



The Key to Winter Survival   


Forest nuts were a key to winter survival for the native forest people of the eastern United States. The high-fat and long-storage attributes of nuts are what made them so valuable as a forest survival food for native people.

Of course, the forest was different then from what it is now; about 25 percent of forest cover in colonial times was composed of chestnut trees, whose large edible nuts were a mainstay.

The American chestnut was wiped out, beginning in 1907, by a quickly-spreading chestnut blight accidently imported from Asia.

The native forest has since filled in with oaks, maples, black cherry, hickory, walnut, tulip, yellow-wood, basswood, buckeye, and many other species, none of which has the enormous mast-nut output of the chestnut, but which provide a great deal of food none the less.

Oaks produce acorns, which can be eaten after first being boiled to remove the tanins which are both toxic, but were also vital to native people who used acorn water to tan deer hides. The boiled nuts leeched free of tanins can be roasted and ground into coffee, ground unroasted into flour, pickled in brine like olives, and made into a spread like humus.

Hickory nuts are abundant, can be eaten straight out of the shell, and are closely related to pecans which they taste like. Hickory nuts are loaded with fats and calories. One ounce of shelled hickory nut meats packs a whopping 193 calories -- the most of any wild plant food.

Black Walnuts are also abundant These large nuts are surrounded by a tough husk which surrounds an extremely hard shell. Walnuts are harvested as soon as the outer husk softens, but is still green. Wear gloves when handling walnuts, as the outside husks stain. Walnut husks can be removed by piling the nuts on a gravel driveway and rolling a car over them, or by drilling a 1-5/8 inch diameter hole in thick plywood, or through the edge of a stump, and hammering the nut through the hole to shear off the husk. Once the husk is off, wash the unshelled nuts, and throw away any nuts that float. After washing, the unshelled nuts should be spread out to dry.  Once dry, unshelled nuts can be stored for up to a year  in a burlap bag hung in a cool, dry place like a root cellar or basement.

Bob Clark’s Political News Magazine   


News That Matters

Seattle/Tacoma’s Very High Home Foreclosures now rank in the top 5 metro foreclosure areas in the nation, states this report out this week. A lot of these Foreclosures are condos and guess what? There are a lot of Strategic Foreclosures in this mix. Here is what RealtyTrac has on this problem as of December. Seattle’s economy is in the dumper! The US Department of Labor is reporting the new unemployment rate nationally at 9% but that is a statistical Abnormality! Read this!

Major increases in Syphilis, Gonorrhea in King, Pierce and Snohomish County have public health officials scratching their heads and in a panic. This is the largest increase in VD in the Tri-County area in many years. Here is the situation in King County.

President Obama (without teleprompter) and talking to reporters got his wars all confused. Some of the reporters with FOX News were stunned by this gaffe! Is he losing it?

Insiders tell the FOX Business Network this week that more than a thousand businesses and labor unions are scrambling to join more than 300 organizations to get themselves EXEMPT from the Obama Health Care Plan by the President himself.

Bogus unemployment stories keep coming out of the local newspapers, the local leftwing TV outlets and Olympia. The issue is the SEASONAL ADJUSTED NUMBERS being used that are worthless and a statistical lie!
For example this FRONT PAGE PIECE in the Seattle Times is a bogus story. Seasonally adjusted data on employment are numbers made up by statisticians to try and look for trends, they are not the REAL NUMBERS. Here is the definition of Seasonal Adjusted Stats.
Here is what Gallup found
when it did its study of unemployment and their take on these bogus seasonal adjusted numbers!

Been in the grocery store lately? You may have noticed that your favorite box of cereal has gone up in price or your steak is now more than it was a few weeks ago. Think that’s bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Here is what is coming down the road with commodity prices. Beef along with corn, rice, soy beans, wheat and sugar prices are going to go through the roof. It is called INFLATION! That also includes the price per gallon of gas. We may be looking at $100 per barrel oil and $5 per gallon gas in the weeks to come.

The Snohomish County Executive November 2011 election race is underway! Aaron Reardon this time faces Mike Hope the very popular GOP 44th District Legislator. Mike is already raising money and with a sizable number of supporters has a good chance to beat Reardon; whose administration has been rocked by scandal after scandal. Let’s look at a few:

Reardon is a member of the Department of Ecology’s Nincompoopial
Climate Action Team. Every member of this group is either ignorant, a socialist or brain dead or any combination of the three. Take your pick.

Reardon formed his own Climate Change Task Force which has come under fire at several town hall meetings including a heated one in Monroe. There is no such thing as global warming/climate change and EVERYONE knows it!

There was Reardon’s $160,000 Garbage truck that didn’t work (how many public works employees does it take to design a garbage truck?)

Reardon’s solid-waste director Sam Chandler claimed he was fired because he caught employees at the garbage transfer stations stealing cash and reported it. County Union officials put an end to Sam’s tenure.

Reardon’s Snohomish County Planning Director fired for getting drunk and exposing himself to a female on a golf course (he already had a history of this sort of behavior!).

One of Reardon’s Medical examiners arrived inebriated at the scene of a drunken driving accident that took 4 victims to their graves and he was promptly arrested and fired because of public outcries.

Reardon’s energy drink commercial was the laughing stock on YouTube. It was promptly taken down from the internet during howls of laughter.

Looks like Mike Hope is going to have a field day with Reardon!

Washington State’s Democrats in Legislature go insane! Here are a few examples:

Dem’s want to cut education funding to provide money to drunks and crack heads.

Dem’s want to legalize dope!

Dem’s want to establish a State Socialized Worker’s Bank!

Dem’s want to drive more business’s out of the state by raising the employer supplied unemployment insurance costs.

Dem’s want to give the Transportation Commission the authority to violate the people’s will (2/3 vote to raise taxes, majority to raise fees) by raising fees through the roof through a legislative trick, that may be illegal!

Dem’s want to scale back and cut to shreds the Guaranteed Education Tuition program, which by the way is 255 Million Dollars in the hole already! Tuition costs are going up so rapidly that in the end unless you come from a rich family, you ain’t going to school at U Dub or WaZoo!

EDITORIAL: I woke up this morning and thought that I was having a nightmare and that I had been transported back in time to 1979 while watching the morning news showing rioting in Egypt. I think what we have here is a Jimmy Carter clone: OBAMA with his Secretary of State that has been fowling things up since she has been in office. If they have miscalculated and Egypt is taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorists) this will be a 500 pound rock around Obama’s neck when he runs for re-election, in addition to being a strategic DISASTER for peace in the Middle East AND US foreign policy.


Outta the park   


'Bat boy, Sharok, is cleaning up the locker room when players Ricky Larkin and Wade Wolfgar enter from the showers after losing a game. They pick on Sharok for being their bat boy but Sharok knows that they really need to blow off some steam after their loss. Sharok gets on his knees and opens his mouth wide for Ricky and Wade to take turns fucking his eager face. Sharok gets the guys rock hard and bends over to let them get a taste of his hairy hole. Wade is the first to suck on Sharok's hairy crack and gets him nice and opened up for his buddy, Ricky, to fill up with his big raw bat. Ricky slides inside and pounds away as Wade fills Sharok's face with his thick cock. Wade wants his bareback turn now inside Sharok's dugout and takes up the rear with his fat bat. It's almost too big to fit in Sharok's hole but Sharok is determined to take it balls deep and rolls onto his back with his legs in the air. Wade stretches the hole in front of him as Ricky fucks Sharok's face. The guys take turns railing both of Sharok's holes from each end until Wade wants his turn as the catcher. As a last-minute pinch-hitter, Wade goes from pitcher to catcher and lies back to let Ricky pound his ass. Ricky plunges Wade's open hole until he pulls out and sprays Wade's hairy balls with thick jizz. Next up, Sharok steps off deck and up to the plate to fuck Wade until both spent studs blast all over Wade's furry body.

Watch HERE

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Date: 2019-09-23


Newman's four-TD game leads Terriers over Bucs   

JOHNSON CITY — The East Tennessee State football team spent the second half digging, but the hole was just too deep.

Hole Wizard Keeps Defaulting To M12   


My question is in regards to the Hole Wizard feature. I made an M4 hole using the Hole Wizard. When I try to edit the hole, the size defaults to M12. So if I edit any Hole Wizard feature and simply hit the green check mark, my hole changes from M4 to M12...without me actually changing it! No matter what hole, no matter what size, it always defaults to M12. However, the ID of my hole stays the same. It is the callout itself that changes. Any help on how I can change my Hole Wizard from defaulting to M12?


Before Edit

tap 1.JPG

After Edit

tap 3.JPG


Find Display Dimension's Hole Standard?   


Is there a method to get which "Standard" the selected display dimension is derived from when it was created with the Hole Wizard? For example, if I click on a M6x1 callout, can I tell from the Display Dimension object I'd select on the drawing if it was made using ISO or ANSI Metric or the like?


What do your co-workers do with SOLIDWORKS that makes your blood boil?   


So, we have this discussion about impressive SW tricks:


What are your most impressive tricks of solidworks, Please spread.


Let's make another thread to capture the little things your co-workers/clients/customers do with SOLIDWORKS that bring thoughts of violence.  Extra points if there's nothing technically wrong (see item 2 below) with what they've done but if you were in charge of the universe it would earn them a one-way trip into another dimension.  Here's a few to get the ball rolling:


  1. Create a sketch of sketch points for hole locations and then make a hole wizard hole where the positions sketch is a bunch of points coincident with the sketch you just drew.  See here for details.
  2. View...Hide/Show...Hide All Types.  I have a hot-key for displaying temporary axes.  Hide All Types makes it useless.
  3. Dimensions to hole centers on drawings.  Call me old-school, but the dimensions go to the center marks not the hole center:


I have many,many more.  Let's see if we have any in common.


Facebook: Fortunately, they were able to patch up the hole using just one receipt from CVS.   

Fortunately, they were able to patch up the hole using just one receipt from CVS. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s Facebook Wall

Push Against Cancer Block Party   

Cache Image
More than 150 people, according to organizers, attended the inaugural P.A.C. (Push Against Cancer) block party today in the Green at National Hall. The fundraiser for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp was hosted by three surrounding eateries, Bartaco, OKO, and The Meatball Shop. The full entrance fee of $40 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under was donated to the Hole in the Wall Gang camp, according to organizer Andy Berman, Westport resident. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for


Barrett, In Loving Memory Cynthia Stoner   

In Loving Memory Cynthia Stoner Barrett It has been over two years...the hole in my heart has not healed...miss you "Look down we have a...

NAO by Lladro Figurine,Vintage Praying Madonna, Blessed Virgin Mary, Praying Young Girl, Retired, 1980. Painted Porcelain,Pastel Blue,Spain by MelsMix   


49.00 USD

A beautiful and graceful piece, with the customary softness and pastel tones so often seen in Lladro figurines.

A contemplative gaze with hands gently folded, she stands 10 3/4" tall.

The bottom is marked NAO, Made in Spain, by Lladro and is dated 1980. There are some other numbers and markings but I don't know what they mean. Please see picture #5

Without chips, cracks, or crazing..... there is one area in the fold of her gown that feels a little rough to the touch / it appears the porcelain had a rough patch and it was painted over. Not overtly visible. ( If you're facing the back of the figure, it is in a fold on your right )
There is also a tiny piece of something rattling around inside the figurine..... most likely the tiny piece of porcelain from the hole made in the bottom ! It happens.

Thanks for your interest !

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