Should the Australian banks list their NZ subsidiaries on NZX?   

The Australian expert the Reserve Bank engaged to critique its bank capital proposals has suggested that the big four banks could list on NZX as a means of dealing with the regulator's desire to force them to hold more capital.James...

Australian Training Company   

Contributed by Darden Studio

Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.


The Omnes family is the typographic voice of the Australian Training Company. The approachable sans serif with the selective roundedness is used throughout the visual identity, in multiple styles: Omnes Regular was chosen for rendering the full name in the logo. Caps from the Black weight add authority to the company’s slogan, “Real people, real future”. On the website, Omnes additionally appears in SemiBold and Medium, for headlines and leads. It is paired with Roboto for text.

Established as not-for-profit company in 1994, ATC is “a leading provider of business solutions through the creation of education, employment and training opportunities.”

Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.


Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.


Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.



The Australian radical liberal Bruce Smith lays down some very strict rules which should govern the actions of any legislator (1887)   


The Australian radical liberal Bruce Smith lays down some very strict rules which should govern the actions of any legislator (1887)


10/8/2019: LET’S GET TO WORK: Tradies move to mining positions   

AN INFLUX of tradies wanting to snap up mining jobs is keeping Townsville recruitment agencies busy, as the most in-demand jobs are revealed. With latest figures released by the Australian Labour Market data showing unemployment in the Townsville...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Stratton jump a long way short   


AUSTRALIA’S Brooke Stratton finished a disappointing 10th in the women’s longjump final at the world championships yesterday. Stratton, who holds the Australian record of 7.05m, had been concerned about her form leading into Doha and those problems...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Williams on Court mission   

SERENA Williams’ quest to equal Margaret Court’s Grand Slam record will continue at the Australian Open in January, when the American will chase an eighth Melbourne Park crown. The former world No.1 is among the key entries for the January 20-February...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Rep spot for Jonty   


CRICKETING young gun Jonty Furnell has proven his all-round potential with bat, ball and gloves to be named in the Australian All-stars indoor cricket line-up. He was joined in the representative ranks by teammates Riley Fryer and Elijah Smith, as the...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Boyle gets dual chance   


MILLIE Boyle ( pictured) is set to become a dual international after her selection in the Australian rugby league eague squad to face New ew Zealand in Wol- longong on October 26. The daughter of former Canberra Raider David Boyle, the 21-year-old has...

Late Night On Trump’s Spiraling Scandals   

Late Night comics roasted President Donald Trump after a report released details of Trump asking the Australian prime minister to help discredit the Russia investigation.

Open Discussion: Week of October 7th   

I have brought the Key Dates section up to date after finding almost all upcoming important dates.  It includes the openers for the Australian Baseball League,and the major Latin American Winter Leagues – Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.  Venezuela hasn’t announced, yet.  Probably doesn’t matter.  I heard that players on rosters of Major … Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of October 7th


I have two photos of your Alfred Ernest which have been from my Nan. I also have a copy of his death notice....I have wedding cert, death & birth certs for his mother and father and also their great gran Elizabeth Jory nee Whitford. I am not sure how to contact you personally. If you go to the Australian war photograhic archives, you will see i am a sponsor for Freds war memorial page. As soon as i hear back from the man who is finishing it off, i will let you know. Is there a way i can contact you via e mail ?

Generations collide as Australia chases cricketing history   

Stars past and present have a vested interest as the Australian women's cricket side takes aim at a record-breaking victory against Sri Lanka in Brisbane on Wednesday.

WATCH: Rising Antisemitism in Australia   

With a number of very worrying antisemitic incidents in Australia gaining widespread exposure in the international press, Sky News Outsiders sat down with Dr. David Adler of the Australian Jewish Association to discuss rising antisemitism in Australia

ANZ Australia to take a financial hit due to customer refunds   

The Australian parent of ANZ bank will take a big financial hit after increasing the amount it has to refund to customers.

Session: Eldritch Horror:: The Eldritch Adventures – Chapter 2: Something Stirs in the Deep Places   


by HereticPriest

Hello again everybody! Welcome back to our Eldritch Legacy!

If you don't know what I'm on about, the Prologue and Chapter 1 are here:

Last time, Shub-Niggurath broke through and destroyed Earth-6, including its prisoner Great Old One, Manam'qua. All investigators but Father Mateo and Carolyn Fern were killed, with Carolyn becoming the arbiter of the last bastion of humanity and Mateo being imprisoned in a strange court in the Dreamlands belonging to the King of Dusk. But the repercussions of this disaster are not isolated to Earth-6...

Note: Once again, I am a bit protective of this story and will likely reuse many elements in my professional work, so if you want to borrow or base something off this material, please ask first! I'll most likely say yes.

And as always, I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 2: Something Stirs in the Deep Places

In Earth-1, the original version of the planet, a young musician named Jim Culver senses the massive death toll in Earth-6 and is troubled. He is not aware of the Dreamlands or of the other Earths, and as such cannot find factual support for the suffering he feels. Uniquely able to communicate with the dead, a practice facilitated by his beautiful music, he searches for understanding. Meanwhile, massive storms begin to rage across the planet, wrecking ships and disrupting trade routes. Aquatic humanoids calling themselves Deep Ones begin to assault shore-dwelling humans. Jim has a number of disturbing encounters with monstrous corpses, giving him recurring nightmares.

Jim’s search brings him in touch with a number of similarly-concerned individuals, people with some understanding of occult matters and the nature of the dangers threatening their world. They are: Ursula, an explorer and archeologist who suffered a traumatic experience in the Pyramids of Egypt and has been a tortured amnesiac ever since; Gloria, a failed author who discovered a massive cult conspiracy while searching for inspiration; and Bob, a well-to-do salesman who has lost an incredible amount of business due to the storms and attacks and who funds the groups’ research.

The team determines that the disturbances are being caused by an array of current events, each designed to cause damage to the stability of reality. Ursula departs for the Arctic Circle, which she scours via airplane until she locates an emplacement of alien machines that have mysteriously been reactivated and are punching holes throughout reality. Though she deactivates and destroys it, the damage is done, and many portals have been opened across all six Earths and the Dreamlands. Gloria traces another source of disturbance to the ocean near Australia, where she finds entire swaths of the ocean overlaid with the Dreamlands. She meets the crew of the White Ship, learning about the Dreamlands and the existence of other Earths. She convinces the crew them not to tear open any Gates and to remain on Earth-1 until reality has been stabilized.

Jim and Bob rally military and police forces across the globe, pushing back the Deep Ones and protecting coastal cities. Bob comes to retrieve Ursula from the Arctic Circle and is bonded to by an ancient Hyperborean spirit, who grants him extensive magical powers. Unfortunately, none of this is enough. Gloria and Ursula map the disturbances and locate a focal point, a seemingly empty spot in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The team travels there and discover an island not recorded on any map and entirely covered with a half-submerged city.

After exploring the island, which appears to operate on different laws of physics and principles of perspective and geometry than the rest of the world, the team realizes it has been converted into a massive prison for twisted monstrosities. Gloria identifies the city as R’lyeh, former capital city of the Great Old One Cthulhu on earth. Now it is a prison for him and his children, the Star Spawn…but he appears to be sensitive to the disturbances in reality, and waking up. Ursula discovers a weapon capable of slaying Star Spawn, the Sword of Y’ha-Talla, and bonds to the weapon. The team attempts to reinforce the wards around R’lyeh, but the excess magical energy opens a Gate above the city, and several Star Spawn tear free of their cells and magical sleep and fly through it.

Ursula, having developed something of a savior complex after repeatedly protecting her teammates from monsters, follows the Star Spawn through the portal and into Sydney, Australia. There she fights in the Battle of Sydney, singlehandedly slaying many cultists and monsters but nearly going insane in the process. Severely injured, she leaves the ruins of Sydney behind and flees through the only avenue available to her: back through the portal to R’lyeh.

In her absence, Jim, Gloria, Bob, and Jim and Bob’s dead friends have assembled a map of the world’s leylines. They believe that reinforcing them with magical rituals will counteract the crumbling structures of reality and re-seal the locks of R’lyeh. Bob has agreed to teleport to one major confluence and perform the rites there, while Jim and Gloria head to the former location of Atlantis to do the same. As they are prepared to board a boat and flee R’lyeh, Ursula returns through the portal.

Jim immediately takes the broken Ursula under his wing and nurses her body and mind back to health as Gloria handles the necessary magic. As they are preparing to complete the seal, a Star Spawn attacks the boat. The sick Ursula severs its arm and drives it off with the Sword. She finally recovers from her amnesia and remembers a harrowing chase through an ancient underground tomb, pursued by a dark figure whispering terrible prophecies. Her injuries and trauma combined are too much for her, and she dies in Jim’s arms.

As Gloria and Bob are concurrently finishing their rituals, the Star Spawn returns. Jim attempts to dissuade it from killing them, and it offers him a deal, essentially for his soul. Furious over Ursula’s death, he refuses and wields her sword against it, and the creature is so surprised that it buys his allies enough time to finish the rites. The creature and its brethren are sent back to R’lyeh and Cthulhu’s stirrings cease, bringing and end to the storms and twisted nightmares plaguing the populace.

The team begins to investigate the fragments of other worlds they witnessed and the information they received from the crew of the White Ship, trying to understand what caused the stirrings of Cthulhu and the near-miss apocalypse.


Well! That went quite a bit better than last time. What do you think of our new heroes? Why are multiple Great Old Ones stirring simultaneously? What exactly happened to Ursula under the Pyramids? Only time will tell...

Current Survivors
Jim (Earth-I), assisting Gloria and Bob
Gloria (Earth-I), leading an investigation into other worlds
Bob (Earth-I), bonded with the ghost of a Hyperborean sorcerer
Mateo (Earth-VI), lost in the Dreamlands
Carolyn (Earth-VI), Grand Arbiter of the Australian Bastion

Changes to Planetary Status
Earth-I: City of R'lyeh re-sealed. Great Old One prisoner, Cthulhu, returned to sleep with his children. Human society largely unaware or dismissive of the supernatural.
Earth-VI: Overrun by the Thousand Young. Great Old One prisoner, Manam'qua, destroyed. Human survivors located in the Australian Bastion, the only safe continent remaining.

Deceased Investigators
Ursula (Earth-I), slain protecting her allies from a Star Spawn
Preston (Earth-VI), betrayed by a pact and slain by the Thousand Young
Hank (Earth-VI), slain fighting Nug
Kate (Earth-VI), murdered by Nug
Jacqueline (Earth-VI), crushed by a Flying Polyp


Vika and Linda Bull live at Peninsula Hot Springs   


For 30 years, the glorious voices of Vika and Linda Bull have comprised one of the most distinctive, versatile and emotionally charged sounds on the Australian music landscape. Since their multiplatinum conquest of pop radio with the Black Sorrows in the late 1980s, the sisters have forged diverse pathways into soul, gospel, blues, country and the island music of their Tongan ancestry.

The post Vika and Linda Bull live at Peninsula Hot Springs appeared first on Love the Peninsula.


MPR: Oenpelli Pythons, Rough Scaled Pythons and More with Jake Meney   

Jake Meney from the Australian Reptile Park is on this episode of Morelia Python Radio. He will talk about the work that he is doing with the Oenpelli...

Boris Johnson and the Australian drought: democracy is not idiot proof | Martin McKenzie Murray   


It’s almost like governance is a game played by callow tacticians

The McDonald’s kitchen is designed by geniuses to be mastered by children. It’s meant to be idiot proof.

Comprised of bright and imperishable parts, you assemble burgers like simple Lego sets. But two months into the job, I disproved its invulnerability to fools. The day’s lunch rush complete, two of the four grills were turned off just before I clocked on. Unsupervised, I threw two frozen meat-cakes on a decommissioned press, shut the lid, and prepared the buns. Only recently hibernated, the press had sufficient latent heat to give the patties the impression of being cooked.

Related: Jennifer Arcuri came late to the party. But the Johnson franchise is unthinkable without her now | Marina Hyde

Related: The Coalition says it is spending $7bn on drought – but does the figure stack up?

Martin McKenzie-Murray is a Melbourne writer and the author of A Murder Without Motive.

Continue reading...

FOREX-Dollar steady, yuan firms as U.S.-China trade talks spur caution   

SINGAPORE/ TOKYO, Oct 8- The dollar found support on Tuesday while investors awaited the outcome from crucial Sino-U.S. trade talks in Washington, with many staying cautious as neither side has shown signs of giving ground at the negotiations. The Australian and New Zealand dollars, whose fortunes are often linked with global trade, edged higher as some...

FOREX-Dollar breaks 4-day losing streak on trade tensions   

LONDON, Oct 7- The dollar firmed on Monday, breaking a four-day losing streak, as fresh concerns over the trade war between the United States and China kept risk appetite subdued and trade-oriented currencies such as the Australian dollar under pressure. A Bloomberg report that Chinese officials were reluctant to agree to U.S. "The trade news has boosted...

Hottie young stud Andy Samuel does some naughty poses outdoors in the Australian winter   

Sexy young dude Andy Samuel gets his kit off outside! Bentley Race says: Over the Aussie winter I had a little time off from shooting. But when I bought a new camera, my cute mate Andy Samuel volunteered to model for me so I could test it out. We went out to take some cheeky … Continue reading "Hottie young stud Andy Samuel does some naughty poses outdoors in the Australian winter"

The Trends In Australian Gaming And Entertainment To Keep An Eye On   

Every year, professional consultants PwC compile an outlook of the Australian media and entertainment landscape, looking at the past 12 months and the likely changes over the next five years. It began as a survey into general trends of advertising and media, but with the rise of video games and experiences around gaming, the report has increasingly focused on the world of video games. Late Thursday afternoon, the report's authors took Australian game publishers, government bodies and other industry members through the latest projections, offering some context and thoughts throughout. Here's some of the most interesting bits from that report. More »


BBC World News: Murray to make Grand Slam singles return at Australian Open   

Britain's Andy Murray will make his Grand Slam singles return at the Australian Open in January following his career-saving hip surgery.

Almost Family (FOX)   

Only child Julia Bechley (Brittany Snow) life is changed forever after it is revealed her fertility doctor father (Timothy Hutton) had used his own sperm on his patients, resulting in potential numbers of half-siblings, including Edie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Roxy (Emily Osment) in this drama originally titled Not Just Me and based on the Australian series called Sisters.

Premieres Oct 02, 2019


1978: World Water Speed Record Set   


The world speed record for watercraft was set on this day in 1978. It was achieved by the Australian speed boat Spirit of Australia, which was piloted by Ken Warby. The boat achieved a speed of 511.11 km/h. It is interesting that the Spirit of Australia was made mostly of wood, and propelled by a ...
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