Purdey’s ‘Hummingbird’ – making of by Framestore   


Purdey’s ‘Hummingbird’ – making of by Framestore Framestore Pictures and Director Murray Butler produced and directed a whole charm of hummingbirds for this commercial for Britvic-owned drinks brand Purdey’s. We produced the entirely CG photoreal film for advertising agency VCCP, which is an homage to nature and wildlife documentaries, reflecting the natural ingredients found in […]

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U.S., Japan Sign Limited Deal on Farming, Digital Trade Deals   


U.S., Japan Sign Limited Deal on Farming, Digital Trade Deals(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. and Japan signed a limited trade deal intended to boost markets for American farmers and give Tokyo assurances, for now, that President Donald Trump won’t impose tariffs on auto imports.The accords on agriculture and digital trade cover about $55 billion worth of commerce between the world’s largest- and third-biggest economies, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said at a ceremony in the Oval Office alongside Trump.The accord is a “game changer for our farmers” and ranchers, Trump said at the event.The goal is for the accord to take effect Jan. 1.Trump, who faces re-election next year, was eager to make a deal with Japan to appease U.S. farmers who have been largely shut out of the Chinese market as a result of his trade war with Beijing. American agricultural producers, also reeling from bad weather and low commodity prices, are a core component of Trump’s political base.Under the deal, Japan will lower or reduce tariffs on some $7.2 billion of American-grown farming products, including beef and pork.Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s priority was to win a pledge that the U.S. won’t slap tariffs on Japanese automobile exports, a sector valued at about $50 billion a year and a cornerstone of the country’s economy.Read more: Click here for the most recent research from Bloomberg EconomicsThe written text of the deal doesn’t explicitly cover auto tariffs, but Abe has said he received assurances that Japan would be spared from them.The proposed pact won’t lower the barriers protecting Japan’s rice farmers -- a powerful group supporting Abe’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This could help the prime minster smooth the deal’s course through parliament, where it must be ratified before coming into effect.The U.S. has said this agreement -- which was signed in principle on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly last month -- is just the first phase of a broader agreement.To contact the reporters on this story: Justin Sink in Washington at jsink1@bloomberg.net;Jennifer A. Dlouhy in Washington at jdlouhy1@bloomberg.net;Brendan Murray in London at brmurray@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Margaret Collins at mcollins45@bloomberg.net, Sarah McGregor, Robert JamesonFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.


Murray & Jackie The K’s Golden Gassers For A Dance Party – Various Artists   

Photo(s) by “Bart Solenthaler” on Flickr.

Source: https://www.flickr.com Uploaded to Flickr by Bart Solenthaler and tagged with “ultrabodoni”. License: All Rights Reserved.

Ultra Bodoni Extra Condensed and two styles from the Akzidenz-Grotesk series (halbfett AKA Standard Medium for the purple line, extra for the red lines) in use for a compilation released on Roulette Records in 1962. From the back cover:

Ever since New York based disc-jockey Murray Kaufman hit the airwaves (over radio station WINS) he has been known as the pied piper to countless teen-agers who happen to be within earshot. “Murray The K,” as he likes to be known to his many fans, has an uncanny knack of knowing what the record buying youngsters want to hear and he makes certain that he gives it to them. Both on his radio show and his in-person appearances he showcases the talent and the music that the younger set favors. In this album, Murray (aided by his pretty wife Jackie) has gathered together a choice collection of golden gassers for a rockin’ dance party. Every song heard in this set Is the original hit record performed by the artist who made it famous. Every song included here is an all time favorite that has been on top of all the best seller lists.


Review: Controversy aside, ‘Joker’ is all setup, no punchline   


With the amount of controversy surrounding it, “Joker” feels more like an idea and less like an actual movie. Could it possibly stand up to the mythology that has sprung up around it, stoked by breathless film-festival hype, pre-emptive misanthropic adoration, gun-control activists demanding action and some foot-in-mouth interviews by writer/director Todd Phillips?

It absolutely does not live up to its undeserved hype, for better or worse. And while that might be surprising, it also has to be expected. So what exactly is “Joker”? It’s a great trailer. It’s two consecutive hours of Joaquin Phoenix dancing, gracefully and gruesomely writhing his emaciated frame.

It’s a riff (or a complete ripoff) of “The King of Comedy” down to Robert De Niro cast as late-night talk-show host Murray Franklin. It’s a ’70s look book sprinkled with the broadest, most obvious comic book mythology and a series of wildly hit-or-miss music cues (Gary Glitter, really?).

It’s a virtuosic actor destroying his body to make the undercooked script seem like something more than it is. “Joker” is cloaked in the kind of prestige that tricks you into thinking there’s something more meaningful there: moody cinematography, bursts of extreme violence, an actor who doesn’t so much as perform but psychically channel a character.

But this is all window dressing, smoke and mirrors to distract from the story being painfully thin and told with all the nuance of a sledgehammer. This thing wouldn’t pass muster in paneled newsprint, and, aside from a few soap opera-style reveals, you’ve heard it all before.

There is one thing Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver do accomplish effectively, and it’s the crux on which the perceived controversy hangs. They manage to build empathy for Batman’s most popular villain, the Joker, aka Arthur Fleck (Phoenix).

Arthur is a clown who lives with his mother (Frances Conroy) in the outer boroughs of Gotham struggling with mental illness and a strange condition that causes him to laugh in times of distress. He dreams of a career in standup comedy, but he doesn’t get jokes. Rather, Arthur is the butt of jokes, which escalate violently in troubled Gotham.

When he finally steps into his power as a murderous chaos clown, empathy is what he demands through his violent actions, pushed to his limit by a broken mental health system, a civil society roiled by unrest and a lack of the attention and love he wants.

There is an aspect of the execution Phillips badly flubs, and it just might be the film’s death knell. “Joker” is resoundingly one note throughout the majority of its running time, Phillips mistaking “unrelentingly grim” for “profound,” which just renders the film punishingly dull.

It could be by design: The brutal boredom makes you crave the sweet release of chaos; in the last few minutes, where Joker acolytes riot in the streets, things finally perk up. That’s because “Joker” puts us on that queasy roller-coaster ride with Arthur himself.

The empathy Phillips, Silver and Phoenix create for Arthur and his actions will be a sticking point for many who don’t want to look that grease-painted visage in the face, a representation of mental illness and poverty and structural failure pushed to the brink.

That empathy might be the most radical part of “Joker,” but it’s not that radical at all. This “Joker” is all setup with no punchline.


Charles Murray on the pursuit of happiness (1988)   


Charles Murray on the pursuit of happiness (1988)


Andy Murray had to adapt to pace of court in Shanghai Masters win over Juan Ignacio Londero   

Murray recovered from a poor first set to beat Argentinian qualifier Londero 2-6 6-2 6-3.

Murray comes from set down to claim opening round win in Shanghai   

The Scot will face Fabio Fognini in round two.

10/8/2019: SPORT: Coach names Test squad   

AUSTRALIAN coach Mal Meninga will usher in a new generation of Kangaroos stars with the likes of Jack Wighton, Josh Addo-carr, Cameron Murray and Payne Haas named to play their first Tests. Meninga has included six debutants in his squad to play Tests...

Andy Murray had to adapt to pace of court in Shanghai Masters win over Juan Ignacio Londero   

Murray recovered from a poor first set to beat Argentinian qualifier Londero 2-6 6-2 6-3.

Murray comes from set down to claim opening round win in Shanghai   

The Scot will face Fabio Fognini in round two.

A Beacon for the Impossible Girl   


Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique ::

"Clara's Theme" by Murray Gold


The Rings of Akhaten :: Long Song   


Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique ::

"Rings of Akhaten :: Long Song" by Murray Gold


The Girl Who Waited...   


Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique ::

Theme by Murray Gold


Dr. Who   


Musique Mécanique par le Théâtre Électrique ::

"Dr. Who" by Murray Gold


Jaque Mate / ¿Huachicol blanco?   

"Los impuestos son un robo, simple y llanamente, aunque es robo en una gran y colosal escala que ningún criminal reconocido podría alcanzar". Murray Rothbard     El presidente López Obrador declaró el 20 de mayo, al firmar el decreto para eliminar las condonaciones...

Bengals – Cardinals (23-26) : Première victoire pour les oiseaux du désert   

Les Cardinals ont su garder le contrôle d'une partie où les Bengals ont cru au comeback. Le réveil tardif des tigres a été éteint par Kyler Murray dans les dernières secondes.

Two Livingston County men arrested for property damage and believed to be a danger to victim   


LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mo—Property damage in Livingston County leads to the arrest of two men. Troy L. Murray and Devin M. Keithley were arrested on Oct. 4 at approximately 4 p.m. by the Chillicothe Police Department. The arrests stem from an incident of property damage which involved both men. They are currently being held on $7,500 […]

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Black Widow Wraps Production, Florence Pugh and Crew Celebrate   

Florence Pugh and stunt performer Lucy-Jayne Murray have revealed that Black Widow has wrapped.


Bill Murray Returns in Crazy New Zombieland: Double Tap Red Band Trailer   

After months of waiting, Sony has finally dropped the Red Band trailer for Zombieland: Double Tap.


Final Red Band Trailer for ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Reveals the Return of…Bill Murray?!   

Ahead of next week’s release, the final trailer for Ruben Fleischer‘s Zombieland: Double Tap is here, and it’s a “red band” affair so maybe don’t hit “play” if you’re at work right now. Oddly enough, the trailer suggests that Bill Murray is in some way returning in a meta moment that references the first film, […]

Boris Johnson and the Australian drought: democracy is not idiot proof | Martin McKenzie Murray   


It’s almost like governance is a game played by callow tacticians

The McDonald’s kitchen is designed by geniuses to be mastered by children. It’s meant to be idiot proof.

Comprised of bright and imperishable parts, you assemble burgers like simple Lego sets. But two months into the job, I disproved its invulnerability to fools. The day’s lunch rush complete, two of the four grills were turned off just before I clocked on. Unsupervised, I threw two frozen meat-cakes on a decommissioned press, shut the lid, and prepared the buns. Only recently hibernated, the press had sufficient latent heat to give the patties the impression of being cooked.

Related: Jennifer Arcuri came late to the party. But the Johnson franchise is unthinkable without her now | Marina Hyde

Related: The Coalition says it is spending $7bn on drought – but does the figure stack up?

Martin McKenzie-Murray is a Melbourne writer and the author of A Murder Without Motive.

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Os escolásticos medievais fundaram a economia científica   

Luis Dufaur
Escritor, jornalista,
conferencista de
política internacional,
sócio do IPCO,
webmaster de
diversos blogs

Um dado muito pouco conhecido é que a Igreja inspirou o pensamento econômico na Idade Média.

Até então os homens não tinham racionalizado os sistemas econômicos.

Alguns grandes pensadores como Aristóteles trataram de alguns problemas muito básicos da atividade econômica.

Porém, a imensa maioria dos homens e as civilizações antigas tocavam a vida econômica em função da agricultura, o artesanato, o comércio e o intercâmbio básico, e não raciocinavam sobre isso.

Para eles, a economia era o que a palavra significa ao pé da letra : as "regras da casa" ou "administração doméstica" ( de 'eco' = casa e 'nomos' = regras ou costumes).

Joseph Schumpeter, um dos mais importantes economistas da primeira metade do século XX, em sua History of Economic Analysis (1954), disse dos escolásticos (a escola teológica que unificiou a linguagem e a formulação dos conceitos na Idade Média):
“Foram eles os que chegaram, mais perto do que qualquer outro grupo, a serem os ‘fundadores’ da economia científica”.
Jean Buridan (1300-1358), reitor da Universidade de Paris, deu importantes contribuições à moderna teoria da moeda.

Nicolas Oresme (1325-1382), aluno de Buridan e padre fundador da economia monetária, estudou com prioridade os efeitos destrutivos da inflação.

Martín de Azpilcueta (1493-1586), escolástico tardio, escreveu sobre a carestia provocada pelo aumento de meio circulante (moeda).

Em bispados e abadias se começou a raciocinar
sobre a boa ordenação das atividades humanas.
Foto: abadia de Fontenay, França
O Cardeal Caietano (1468-1534) justificou moralmente o comércio internacional.

Ele também demonstrou como a expectativa sobre o valor futuro da moeda afeta o presente do mercado. Algo relacionado com os modernos mercados futuros.

Para Murray Rothbard, economista americano da Escola Austríaca do século XX, “o Cardeal Caietano, um príncipe da Igreja do século XVI, pode ser considerado o fundador da teoria da expectativa em economia".

O franciscano Jean Olivi (1248-1298) foi o primeiro a propor uma teoria do valor subjetivo, e mostrou que o "justo preço" emerge da interação entre compradores e vendedores no mercado.

Um século e meio depois, São Bernardino de Siena, o maior pensador econômico da Idade Média, consagrou esta teoria.


BBC World News: Murray to make Grand Slam singles return at Australian Open   

Britain's Andy Murray will make his Grand Slam singles return at the Australian Open in January following his career-saving hip surgery.

Cleveland Browns Fans in NYC   


Cleveland Browns Fans in NYC have several bars to choose from for game watching with fellow fans, including: Brother Jimmy’s, Legends, Dewey’s Pub, Johnny Mack’s The Big Apple Browns Backers meet at Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill. Every game will be shown on in a private room, with Cleveland-only specials. Brother Jimmy’s: 181 Lexington Ave. (31st […]

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Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open   


MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct 8 – Andy Murray will make his Grand Slam return at the Australian Open in January, a year after career-saving hip surgery, tournament organisers announced Tuesday. The British three-time major winner has been slowly working his way back to fitness and is now ranked 289th, up from 503rd just a week ago. […]

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