Simon and Jackie Go Crazy   


So, I visited Montreal Simon to read his latest post, which was a condemnation of the Scheer Conservatives and their fans who are bringing USA-Repugnican style hatred and violent rhetoric up here. It started off well with a picture of some sub-literate right-wing moron holding up this ridiculous (and frightening) hand-made sign:

I've said on numerous occasions that stupid people must have the same right to vote as non-stupid people. But there needs to be gatekeepers to prevent the rise of stupid ideas and rage-fueled political movements from having any prominence greater than the level of three city blocks. Alas, for reasons of selfish cynicism our media and corporate elites see fit to pander to these cretins and stir them up. As well (whose kidding who?) from their own behaviour and the words that flow from their mouths, pens, pencils, keyboards, many among our elites aren't all that intelligent either.

Montreal Simon goes from trashing right-wing assholes calling for Trudeau to be "hung" (or run over by a truck) for taxing them, for verbally acknowledging global warming, for admitting Syrian refugees, for marching in PRIDE parades, and etc., ... where was I? .... Oh yeah, ... Simon goes from condemning those assholes to conflating them with progressives who yell at him for buying the TMX pipeline (so as to bail-out the Bay Street parasites who invested in that bitumen project) and praises Trudeau for asking his supporters (booing the guy) for tolerance as he lets his security drag the man away.

Immediately afterwards Simon mentions a guy who threw an egg at Trudeau during a climate march in Montreal, but it's unclear from the Global News video what that guy's agenda was. Personally, I've never gotten too incensed about ordinary people throwing pies (or, now, eggs) in the faces of politicians.

"What if that pie/egg had been a gun or a bomb or a knife?!?"

Yeah. But you're missing the important point that it wasn't a gun or a bomb or a knife. It was a cream-pie/egg. You could just as well shriek that the hand of someone extended for a handshake could have been a gun. But it wasn't. The person sticking their hand out to a passing politician just wants a handshake. Just as the person with the pie wants to make a statement and not kill anybody.

Simon then starts his spiel about how Justin Trudeau is the most activist politician fighting climate change EVAH!!!! because of his carbon tax and his investments in renewable energy industries. But, if Simon were honest (or not honestly ignorant) he would know that this is mere tinkering and that it is all cancelled-out by his continuing to develop the Tar Sands. Which is par for the course for a liberal politician. They're the masters n' mistresses of using empty words to gull their deluded followers. They "feel your pain." They "want to see all people rise to their full potential." They "don't want to see anyone left behind." They say the things we want to hear in order to get elected and continue to say those things as they enact policies that contradict their flowery words.

The end result of political cowardice and deliberate deceit by politicians like Justin Trudeau is going to be the extinction of most of the earth's life-forms. It will AT LEAST mean the deaths of tens of millions of people. Given this, it was justified for that protester to yell at Trudeau for his sickening devotion to the TMX pipeline. And it is the height of stupidity to conflate environmentalists with legitimate grievances with Islamophobic, racist, right-wing homophobic shit-heads threatening all their adversaries with murder. (Notice how that protester at the Liberal rally stayed right where he was and didn't make a step towards Trudeau.)

And, of course, the first "commentor" was Simon's in-all-but-name co-blogger "Jackie Blue." I haven't (and won't) read her entire densely-packed, extended comment. But she basically says that leftist "shit-disturbers" are as big a threat (to "rational centrists") as right-wingers. Now, given the evidence from Simon's own post, anyone not an idiot can see that isn't true. She then goes on to whine about the progressives who didn't vote for mass-murderess, corrupt scumbag Hillary Clinton. Because "Jackie Blue" continues with the bullshit story that she's a US-American and she continues with the bullshit belief that Hillary Clinton wasn't a murdering scumbag.

Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War you stupid fuck! She voted for a war based on obvious stupid lies. The war she voted for has KILLED ONE MILLION IRAQIS and maimed and traumatized millions more. And that's only one of her colossal "mistakes" that she made while servicing the oligarchy and becoming a multi-millionaire herself. And it was Hillary's own sense of entitlement that led her to rig the Democratic primary to defeat Bernie Sanders and thereby bring on the presidency of Donald Trump. Hillary gave us Trump you imbecile!

As a species, we have to do the hard work of overthrowing his rotten, inhuman, ecocidal system. And the longer that (mostly decent-minded) people like Montreal Simon pledge hysterical allegiance to hucksters like Liberals, the longer (and perhaps TOO LATE) will it take to start that job in earnest.

(I'll end by saying that I probably won't be voting. My riding is a contest between the Libs and the Cons. And, from reading this article, I'm pretty much deflated about my choices anyway.)


Stable and Non-Stable APIDOX Urls   


KDE Project:


I just added some symbolic links on the machine to make accessing the 'stable' and 'unstable' dox a little easier.

So now stable points to 4.7 and unstable points to 4.8.

For example: is the url for the stable kdepimlibs 4.7 is url for the upcoming kdepimlibs 4.8

Might want to keep this in mind when putting links into your documentation. for example.

Now I need to remember to move those symlinks when a new release comes along


In EBN News...   


KDE Project:

A couple of newsworthy items regarding The English Breakfast Network

  • Thanks to our awesome admins, we now have 2 aliai ( and that redirect to our classic web address... certainly much easier to type.

  • The Krazy checks are operational again.

  • Our API Documentation site is now providing tarballs containing kdelibs and kdepimlibs man pages generated using doxygen. This is a nice companion to the Qt Assistant version of the same content. Look for the "[man]" links on the top-level page.

  • As an extra bonus, we also have man pages being generated for kde-qt (our KDE tweaks for Qt).

  • Searching on should be improved a bit now. We added search capabilities for namespaces and projects recently. And now search is case-insensitive.

Thanks all I can remember at the moment.

PS. If you are a distro packager, maybe consider making packages for the man pages and Qt Assistant docs??


KDEPIM 4.6 Beta3   


KDE Project:

Today KDEPIM 4.6 Beta3 is tagged and released.

This is the first release in our departure from the normal KDE SC 4.6 cycle, but you should be able to build against kdelibs and kdepimlibs from either the beta2 or the upcoming first release candidate UPDATE: building against the KDE SC 4.6RC1 kdepimlibs is required -- which should be available soon.

Note that it does require the 1.4.90 Akonadi server which was just released yesterday.

Once the mirrors catch-up you should find the source code in

We'll re-evaluate our progress (based on your constructive feedback) in a week or so and decide on our next release -- on our way to KDEPIM 4.6.


Meet the high-profile Libs backing Jim Molan's Senate challenger   


Despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison making it clear he wants the former senator back in Parliament, Liberal operator Richard Shields has snared some well-known referees.

Quickly find publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website's JS libs   


Liran Tal:

I wrote this tiny module thing that allows you to quickly check if a website is running vulnerable JS libs straight from the terminal. You’d be surprised how many websites are still running old and vulnerable versions of jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular and others.

Use it responsibly ;-)

Quickly find publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website's JS libs

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Thread: Secret Hitler:: Strategy:: If a liberal player is killed, should fascist just out themselves?   


by VirtualAlex

I have a troubling question. In, say a 7 player game. If the fascist president has the opportunity to kill a liberal player, and does so...

Now the game is 3 Libs and 3 Fascists (Hitler doesn't know who they are though). If both of the fascists simply out themselves "We did it boys, now let's just stall it out!"

Now liberals can never get a majority vote, and seemingly either can the fascist, which will result in a stalled-government flip-fest which will simply favor the fascists for a relatively easy win?

I am sure revealing your role is frowned upon... But is there anything in the rules which explicitly prevents this situation from taking place?
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