Fredi hozzászólása (Megélni day trade-ből)    

Valaki irta a biorobot kifejezest. Talalo. De tenyleg ahoz hogy jo legyel le kell csupaszitanod magad. Es el kell fogadnod hogy nem ertesz a tozsdehez. Igazabol senki nem ert a tozsdehez. Ki kell talalnod egy jo szisztamat amibe a kockazatod limitalod es azt vegigviszed. Telen nyaron barmikor. Fontos tudnod es esszel felfognod hogy ne te mozgatod az arfolyamot ezert nem is fogod tudni hogy merre megy. Az arak alakulasara nincs lehetoseged. De a sajat pszihodon mar tudsz uralkodni. Kb. 2-3 honap utan rajosz hogy merre megy az arfolyam. De azt meg csinalni. Hogy ha nem arra ment amerre gondoltad es elfogadni hogy tevedtel az a nehez. En mar abbol indulok ki hogy tevedek vagyis rosszul nyitok. Persze nem nyitok rossz iranyba de ha nem arra megy amerre gondoltam mar zarok is. Nincs olyan kerdes a fejemben hogy dehat miert. Elfogadom hogy tevedek. Minden nap tevedek. EZ velejar.

29-09-2019-Sam Evans - Authentic Faith: Emotional Health   


Are we allowed to admit it when we are struggling? Sam draws truth from Paul's trials and encourages us not to pretend but to come to God and find the only hope which can overcome hardship.


22-09-2019-Tim Green-What am I here for?   


Tim used the story of Pentecost to help us see how God has a bigger plan and reason for our lives. 


And God Said to Pat Robertson…   

Pat Roberston has been talking to his sky-friend, and he learned something interesting. He thinks he knows who the next American president will be. But he’s “not supposed to talk about that,” so the rest of us are none the wiser. But the Lord did have some non-confidential information for Robertson: Your country will be […]

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition : la mort vous va si bien   


Alors même si nous vous avons déjà proposé un test sur le jeu, je vais vous décrire ici ses principales caractéristiques. C’est l’histoire de Death qui veut sauver War qui a décimé l’Humanité ou tout du moins on l’accuse de cela, il va être condamné et Death ne peut laisser faire cela. Il souhaite donc effacer les crimes de son frère. La licence avait étonné lors de la sortie du premier opus. Le jeu proposait des mécaniques d’exploration de donjons qui rappelaient celles de Zelda et d’autres de combats qui pouvaient faire penser à ceux de God Of War. Et bien cet épisode 2 nous emmène un peu plus loin du côté du RPG et même du Hack’n Slash. Certains ont balancé le mot Diablo en guise de comparaison. Mais entrons justement plus en détails dans le gameplay. Un gameplay savoureux Vous voilà donc projeté dans un monde d’Heroic Fantasy et il va falloir l’explorer. Pour cela, votre personnage possède un destrier pour ses grands déplacements mais la plupart des actions se font à pied. Côté combats, il peut esquiver et attaquer avec son épée ou son arme secondaire. Comme dans Zelda, on peut poser une mire sur l’ennemi pour...

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Atonement - Reconciliation between God and humans.

Atonement is an aged, weathered and worn 3D building. This resting place features distressed and damp surfaces under a veil of decaying ivy. It comes complete with interior walls, articulating doors, gravestones (with adjustable headstones) and modular elements to load complete or in sections as required.

The visual styling means it can be used in many different settings: historical, fantasy or present-day, with high resolution texture maps ideal for close-up and high resolution renders.

The set comes with a full set of CR2s and Poser/DAZ Studio MAT files for ease of loading and customization. Also included are bonus presets for owners of The Guildhall to load and place wall lights from that product in this scene. A DAZ Studio light preset for these wall lights is also included to further enhance the scene.

For full details and additional artwork please refer to the products wiki page.

Price: $24.95 Special Price: $12.48


StarQuest Headlines for the week ending September 27, 2019   


Headlines for the week ending September 27, 2019:

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Before he was a God, he was a Man...

Kronos is a wrathful warrior for Gianni 6. Included is a custom sculpted Greek inspired face morph and highly detailed skin in human and god tones. Each skin tone comes with six eyes, three face options and two body tattoos.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Chalk it Up   

Bob Parrent from First Assembly of God in Fort Wayne, Indiana brings us this chalkboard-themed design. For their “Do Hard Things” sermon series, they built multiple chalkboards and connected them together to make a 16’ x 20’ wide backdrop. In the center they put the series logo with the theme verse and all the surrounding chalkboards were […]

Comment on Ghana’s Deportation of Nigerians is a new Chapter in a Very Ugly History that Must End by pete   

You are simply an illiterate. where on earth does a ghanaian see a nigerian and feel inferior?. these are all part of your arrogance insensitivities kidnappings in ghana evil ritual killings of innocent ghanaians in our own peaceful country where your unmanaged big for nothing but international evil crime population is intended to overwhelm ghanaians. By the way if you talk of inferiority as a black man telling fellow black man about inferiority then are you aware of your population and the size of your country at all?. Are you clever enough to remmember the date you people had your independence as compared to ghana despite all your empty arrogant claims and your umnanaged population?. And do you quite remmember about the only black African country that produced a UN secretary general for the whole world?. No country in this world welcomes or has any good to say about nigerians but crimes crimes crimes and evil crimes. However i do have many advise to offer you but i can only sense that you are no human being as you absolutely do not have a brain to think properly therefore whenever it comes to your fucking mind to mention inferiority about ghanaians just think about all the facts i have given to you above and all the evils that you and your people are doing globally and what the brave no nonsense south Africans and their govt are doing to you consequently!!. Ghana is in due course going to control its population and by so doing shall need to get about eighty percent of you people out in order to maintain our own space to reserve those for our gene4ations followings. God says people without brain such as you should always pray for brain. Thank you.

Comment on The Guilt of an Unfinished Scrapbook by Charisse Tierney    

Oh, thank you Debra! I always appreciate ideas on how to simplify this kind of thing. I will have to explore your idea some more! God bless!

Comment on Fostering Your Children's Vocations by Ellen Mongan    

WOW! Well said. Great advice. I can not argue with two vocation. God has blessed you greatly. Well done . P.S. I am a wordy women. Ask my editor .


Women are like tricks by sleight of hand,
Which, to admire, we should not understand.
I have seen too much not to know that the impression of a woman may be more valuable than the conclusion of an analytical reasoner.
SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Man's love is of man's life a thing apart,
'Tis woman's whole existence.
It is the plain women who know about love; the beautiful women are too busy being fascinating.
KATHARINE HEPBURN, Evan Esar's 20,000 Quips & Quotes
The plainest man who pays attention to women, will sometimes succeed as well as the handsomest man who does not.

The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want?”
SIGMUND FREUD, Ernest Jones' Sigmund Freud: Life and Work

A woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society, with laws framed by men and with a judicial system that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view.
HENRIK IBSEN, From Ibsen's Workshop

"Woman" is my slave name; feminism will give me freedom to seek some other identity altogether.
ANN SNITOW, "A Gender Diary," Conflicts in Feminism

There is in every true woman's heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.
Men are allowed to have passion and commitment for their work ... a woman is allowed that feeling for a man, but not her work.
BARBRA STREISAND, People Magazine, May 31, 1993

Every woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and a jackass who pays for everything.

If young women were not deceived into a belief that affectation pleases, they would scarcely trouble themselves to practise it so much.
MARIA EDGEWORTH, Mademoiselle Panache

Everything about woman is a riddle, and everything about woman has a single solution: that is, pregnancy.
FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Thus Spake Zarathustra

For I cannot think that GOD Almighty ever made them [women] so delicate, so glorious creatures; and furnished them with such charms, so agreeable and so delightful to mankind; with souls capable of the same accomplishments with men: and all, to be only Stewards of our Houses, Cooks, and Slaves.
DANIEL DEFOE, The Education of Women

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy.
OSCAR WILDE, The Importance of Being Earnest
A woman's whole life is a history of the affections.

Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart.

When women are the advisers, the lords of creation don't take the advice till they have persuaded themselves that it is just what they intended to do. Then they act upon it, and, if it succeeds, they give the weaker vessel half the credit of it. If it fails, they generously give her the whole.

What happens is that, as with drugs, he needs a stronger shot each time, and women are just women. The consumption of one woman is the consumption of all. You can’t double the dose.
IAN FLEMING, John Pearson's The Life of Ian Fleming
Every world has faults
This one has too many
Unattainable Female Objects.
DAVID JONATHAN NEWMAN, "U.F.O.," The Light Looks Another Way
Don't wait for the good woman. She doesn't exist.
CHARLES BUKOWSKI, letter to Steve Richmond, Nov. 1971
Woman was God's second mistake.

I think women dwell quite a bit on the duress under which they work, on how hard it is just to do it at all. We are traditionally rather proud of ourselves for having slipped creative work in there between the domestic chores and obligations. I'm not sure we deserve such big A-pluses for all that.
TONI MORRISON, Newsweek, Mar. 30, 1981

You won't regret the men you never killed, but you will regret the women you passed up.

Lone women, like to empty houses, perish.

Birth control is the first important step woman must take toward the goal of her freedom. It is the first step she must take to be man’s equal. It is the first step they must both take toward human emancipation.
MARGARET SANGER, "Morality and Birth Control," Birth Control Review, Feb-Mar., 1918

Women are supposed to be very calm generally: but women feel just as men feel; they need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts as much as their brothers do; they suffer from too rigid a restraint, too absolute a stagnation, precisely as men would suffer; and it is narrow-minded in their more privileged fellow-creatures to say that they ought to confine themselves to making puddings and knitting stockings, to playing on the piano and embroidering bags.

The happiest women, like the happiest nations, have no history.
GEORGE ELIOT, The Mill on the Floss

In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is.
No matter what a woman looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy.
I, Woman, am that wonder-breathing rose
That blossoms in the garden of the King.
ELSA BARKER, The Mystic Rose
I'm not denyin' the women are foolish: God Almighty made 'em to match the men.
I know little of women. But I've heard dread tales.
O woman, perfect woman! what distraction
Was meant to mankind when thou wast made a devil!
JOHN FLETCHER, Monsieur Thomas
In Hollywood, the women are all peaches. It makes one long for an apple occasionally.
W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM, Gene Shalit's Great Hollywood Wit

It is possible, reading standard histories, to forget half the population of the country. The explorers were men, the landholders and merchants men, the political leaders men, the military figures men. The very invisibility of women, the overlooking of women, is a sign of their submerged status.
HOWARD ZINN, A People's History of the United States
Of all things upon earth that bleed and grow,
A herb most bruised is woman.
The sexual life of adult women is a “dark continent” for psychology.
SIGMUND FREUD, The Question of Lay Analysis
Woman's mind
Oft' shifts her passions, like th'inconstant wind;
Sudden she rages, like the troubled main,
Now sinks the storm, and all is calm again.


Sejarah Freemasonry   

Freemasonry adalah organisasi Yahudi Internasional, sekaligus merupakan gerakan rahasia paling besar dan palling berpengaruh di seluruh dunia. Freemasonry terdiri dari dua kata yang di satukan. Free artinya bebas atau merdeka, sedangkan Mason adalah juru bangun atau pembangun.
Tujuan akhir dari gerakan Freemason ini adalah membangun kembali cita-cita khayalan mereka, yakni mendirikan Haikal Sulaiman atau Solomon Temple.

Tentang Haikal Sulaiman atau Solomon Temple ini sendiri banyak sumber yang mendefinisikan berlainan. Salah satu tafsir yang paling populer adalah, bahwa Haikal Sulaiman berada di tanah yang kini di atasnya berdiri Masjidil Aqsha.
Mereka meyakini, tahun 1012 Sebelum Masehi (SM), Nabi Sulaiman membangun Haikal di atas Gunung Soraya di wilayah Palestina. Tapi pada tahun 586 SM, Raja Nebukhadnezar dari Babilonia menghancurkan Haikal Sulaiman ini. Tahun 533 SM, bangunan ini didirikan kembali oleh seorang bernama Zulbabil yang telah bebas dari tawanan Babilonia. Atas kebebasannya itulah, ia membangun kembali Haikal Sulaiman.
Pada tahun ke 70 M, seorang penguasa Romawi menaklukkan Palestina dan membakar serta menghancurkan Haikal Sulaiman ini. Kerusakan terus-menerus dialami setelah penyerbuan Bangsa Hadriyan. Begitu pula saat kekuasaan Muslim, konon Haikal Sulaiman di hancurkan dan sebagai gantinya didirikan Masjidil Aqsha pada abad ke-7.
Tapi tafsir lain tentang hal ini juga mengartikan Haikal Sulaiman juga sebagai wilayah kekuasan yang luas membentang. Bahkan ada yang menariknya hingga sampai wilayah Khaibar, saat kaum Yahudi diusir di zaman Rasulullah Muhammad. Karena itu, mereka meyakini harus menguasai seluruh dunia, bahkan hingga tanah Khaibar, tempat mereka terusir dahulu karena penghianatanya pada Rasulullah dan piagam Madinah.
Dan untuk itulah mereka bekerja dan membangun, yaitu untuk merebut Haikal Sulaiman dan mendirikan kekuasannya secara nyata, serta mempengaruhi pemerintahan dan kekuasan yang mampu mereka pengaruhi. Dan untuk menebar kekuasaan itu, salah satu rintangan besar yang dihadapi oleh gerakan ini adalah agama-agama, terutama agama Samawi atau agama-agama wahyu, Kristen dan Islam.
Sebelum kaum muslimin sadar tentang bahaya gerakan Freemason, perlawanan terhadap organisasi ini terlebih dulu dilakukan oleh kalangan pemimpin gereja. Perlawanan gereja Katholik ini terjadi karena Freemason telah menjadi organisasi tempat berkumpulnya kaum anti-agama. Dalam sebuah artikel berjudul The Earlier Period Of Freemasonry yang di Mimar Sinan, turki, Freemason disebut sebagai tempat berkumpul para anggota Mason yang mencari kebenaran di luar gereja. Dan ini menjadikan awal abad-18 sebagai tahun-tahun yang penuh pertarungan antara gereja Katholik dengan Freemason di Eropa. Sejak awal berdirinya, Fremason telah menyokong kebebasan beragama, sama persis dengan yang terjadi belakangan ini di berbagai negara, liberalisasi keagamaan.
Freemason berdiri di Inggris secara resmi pada tahun 1717. Tapi tampaknya, sebelum tahun itu pun, Freemasonry telah eksis. Bahkan sejak abad sebelumnya. Tahun 1641, seorang keluarga kerajaan Inggris, Robert Moray tercatat sebagai anggota cabang Freemason di Edinburg, tepatnya 20 Mei 1641. nama lain yang juga tercatat sebagai anggota Freemason sebelum tahun 1717 adalah Elias Ashmole tercatat sebagai anggota Freemasonry di Lanchasire pada 16 Oktober 1646. Dan ia juga salah seorang dari royal family atau keluarga kerajaan.
Dari catatan di atas, sebetulnya bisa ditarik kesimpulan bahwa tahun 1717 hanya tahun pemantapan saja dari tahap-tahap yang telah dilakukan oleh gerakan Freemson. Tahun ini dijadikan sebagai tahun ekspansi untuk melakukan dan menancapkan pengaruh mereka di seluruh dunia.
Tahun 1717 ini dijadikan sebagai tonggak bagi Freemason unuk memulai perangnya yang akan sangat panjang kepada umat beragama dan kepada agama itu sendiri. Seorang kepala gereja protestan di London yang bernama Anderson dan berdarah Yahudi menjadi motor penggeraknya pada 24 Juni 1717. Pada momentum inilah Freemason mendirikan Grand Lodge of England dengan menggabungkan empat lodge menjadi satu.
Banyak sumber Freemason menjelaskan bahwa sejarah berdirinya gerakan ini berakar jauh dan bisa dilacak hingga ke masa Ordo Knight of Templar saat perang Salib di Yerusalem, Palestina. Saat Paus Urbanus II, tahun 1095, usai Konsili Clermont menyerukan Perang Suci atau Crusade dan memobilisasi kaum Kristiani di seluruh Eropa untuk turut berperang merebut Yerusalem kembali dari kekuasaan Muslim. Paus Urbanus II membakar emosi massa dengan cara mengabarkan kabar bohong. Ia mengatakan umat Kristen di Palestina telah dibunuh, dibantai dan dibakar di dalam gereja-gereja oleh pasukan Turki Seljuk yang Muslim. Ia juga membakar kemarahan kaum Kristiani dengan mengatakan bahwa kaum kafir (Muslim Turki, pen.) telah dan sedang menguasai makam Yesus Kristus.
Paus UrbanusII menyerukan agar seluruh pertikaian yang terjadi selama ini antar pemeluk dan kesatrian Kristen harus diakhiri, karena ada musuh yang lebih berbahaya dan harus segera dihancurakan: Islam dan kaum Muslimin. Ia juga mengiming-iming dengan bujukan surgawi, bahwa siapa yang berangkat ke medan perang kan dibebaskan dari seluruh dosa dan di jamin akan mendapat surga. Hasilnya, ribuan kaum Kristiani berangkat menuju Palestina dengan kemarahan. Dan setibanya di sana, terjadi pembantaian besar-besaran atas penduduk Yerussalem dan Palestina.
Selama dua hari penyerbuan terjadi pembantaian yang tak bisa diterima akal sehat dan rasa kemanusiaan. Sebanyak 40.000 penduduk Palestina terbantai. Beberapa sejarawan menggambarkan, saat itu darah menggenangi tanah Yerusalem. Ada yang menyebut darah menggenang setinggi mata kaki, bahkan ada yang menggambarkan darah menggenang hingga lutut manusia dewasa. Tentara berperang dengan motivasi mendapatkan emas dan permata, dan juga banyak para kesatria Prancis tercatat membelah perut korban-korban mereka. Merka mencari emas atau permata yang kemungkinan di telan penduduk Palestina sebagai upaya penyelamatan harta.
Setelah mereka menguasai tanah Palestina, pasukan Salib yang terdiri dari banyak unsur mulai mendirikan kelompoknya masing-masing. Mereka tergabung dalam ordo-ordo tertentu. Para anggota ordo ini datang dari seluruh tanah Eropa, yang ditampung di biara-biara tertentu dan berlatih cara-cara militer di dalam biara tersebut. Dan satu dari sekian ordo yang sangat mencuat namanya adalah Ordo Knight of Templar.
Knight of Templar juga disebut sebagai tentara miskin Pengikut Yesus Kristus dan Kuil Sulaiman. Disebut miskin karena tergambar dari logo yang mereka gunakan, seperti dua tentara yang menunggang seekor keledai. Untuk menunjukkan bahwa mereka miskin, sampai-sampai satu keledai harus dinaiki dua orang tentara Knight of Templar. Bahkan tercatat, mereka dipaksa untuk makan tiga kali saja dalam semingu. Sedangkan nama Kuil Sulaiman mereka pakai karena mereka menjadikan markas mereka yang dipercayai sebagai situs runtuhnya Kuil Sulaiman atau Solomon Temple. Tapi sesungguhnya, pemilihan markas di bukit ini bukan sebuah kebetulan yang bersifat geografis semata, karena para pendiri ordo Knight of Templar sesunguhnya punya cirta-cita sendiri untuk mengembalikan kejayaan dan berdirinya Kuil Sulaiman sebagai tempat suci kaum Yahudi atau tempatnya kaum Mason. Sepanjang bisa terlacak, pendiri ordo ini adalah dua kesatria Prancis, yaitu Hugh de Pavens dan God frey de St Omer. Spekulasi dari kalangan sejarawan mengatakan, bahwa ada darah-darah Yahudi yang mengalir dalam tubuh dan cita-cita para pendiri Ordo Knigh of Templar. Para perwira tinggi Kristen tersebut, sesungguhnya proses convertion yang mereka lakukan hanyalah cara untuk menyelamatkan diri, dan sesungguhnya mereka masih berpegang teguh pada doktrin-doktrin Yahudi, terutama Kabbalah.
Meski mereka menamakan diri sebagai tentara miskin, sesunguhnya mereka tidak miskin sama sekali. Atau setidaknya, masa miskin itu hanya mereka rasakan di awal-awal berdirinya Knight of Templars. Dalam waktu yang singkat mereka mampu menjadi sangat kaya raya dengan jalan melakukan kontrol penuh terhadap peziarah Eropa yang datang ke Palestiana. Salah satunya adalah dengan cara merekrut anak-anak muda putra para bangsawan Eropa yang tentu saja akan melengkapi anak mereka dengan perbekalan dana yang seolah tak pernah kering jumlahnya. Mereka juga disebut sebagai perintis sistem perbankan pertama pada abad pertengahan.
Saat itu banyak orang-orang Eropa yang ingin pindah atau setidaknya berziarah ke Palestina. Dan tentu saja perjalanan yang jauh dari Eropa memerlukan bekal yang tidak sedikit. Ada yang membawa seluruh harta mereka dalam perjalanan, tapi karena tentara Salib disepanjang perjalanan hidup dalam kondisi ayng sangat mengenaskan dan mereka sangat tergiur oleh harta kekayaan, tidak jarang terjadi perampokan bahkan saling bunuh antar orang Kristen disepanjang perjalanan menuju Palestian. Lalu ditemukan cara, para peziarah tidak perlu membawa harta mereka dalam perjalanan. Mereka hanya perlu menitipkannya pada sebuah perwakilan Templar di Eropa, mencatat dan menghitung nilainya dan mereka berangkat ke Palestina berbekal catatan nilai harta yang nantinya akan ditukarkan dengan nilai uang yang sama di Palestina. Gerakan ini banyak didominasi oleh Ordo Knight of Templar yang membuat mereka sangat kaya raya karena mendapat keuntungan dari sistem bunga yang mereka kembangkan. Dan inilah embrio atau cikal bakal perbankan yang kita keanl sekarang.
Markas Knight of Templar di Prancis menjadi rumah penghimpunan harta terbesar di Eropa. Lambat laun mereka menjadi bankir bagi para Paus dan Raja. Bagaimana tidak cepat kaya, setiap tahunyya King Henry II of England mendonasikan uang untuk menanggung biaya hidup 15.000 tentara Knight of Templar dan juga Knight Hospitaler selama mereka berperang dalam Perang Salib di tahun 1170. Untuk menggambarkan betapa besarnya institusi perbankan yang dijalankan Templar, pada saat itu organisasi ini memiliki 7.000 pegawai lebih hanya untuk mengurusi masalah keuangan. Mereka juga memiliki tak kurang dari 870 istana, kastil, dan rumah-rumah para bangsawan yang terbentang dari London hingga Yerusalem.
Karena ordo ini sangat berkuasa, lambat laun mereka mulai menampakkan ciri aslinya, yakni sebagai penganut Mason. Mereka mengembangkan doktrin dan ajaran mistik, juga kekuatan sihir di biara-biara mereka. Mereka memuja setan dan mendatangkan roh-roh untuk berkomunikasi. Apa yang mereka praktikkan ini disebut sebagai Kabbalah, sebuah tradisi mistik Yahudi kuno yang telah berkembang bahkan sejak zaman sebelum Fir’aun.
Mengetahui hal ini, Raja Prancis Philip le Bel, pada tahun 1307 mengeluarkan seruan untuk menangkap dan membubarkan ordo Knight of Templar karena dituduh telah melakukan bid’ah. Dalam perkembangannya, Paus Clement V turut bergabung untuk memerangi kaum Mason ini dengan mengeluarkan kembali vonis inquisisi. Terjadi banyak penangkapan dan interogasi, dan beberapa pimpinan Ordo Knight of Templar yang bergelar Grand Master (penyebutan ini masih dipakai sebagai tingkat tertinggi dalam gerakan Freemasonry sampai sekarang, pen) ikut menjadi korban. Dari beberapa penangkapan dan interograsi didapatkan keterangan bahwa anggota-anggota Templar telah melakukan kejahatan seksual terhadap beberapa perempuan bangsawan, melakukan sodomi, menyembah kucing, memakan daging teman-teman mereka sendiri yang sudah mati. Bahkan salah seorang saksi mata mengatakan, para Templar memperkosa perawan-perawan hingga hamil dan bayinya dibunuh dengan cara yang sadis untuk kemudian di bakar dan diambil minyaknya, dijadikan minyak suci untuk persembahan para pemimpin mereka.
Pada tahun 1307, Raja Philip IV memerintahkan penangkapan Jacques de Molay. Dan setelah melalui penyiksaan demi penyiksaan, de Molay mengakui segala ritual bid’ah yang dilakukan oleh Ordo Templar. Pada tahun 1312, Ordo Knight of Templar dilarang dan dibubarkan. Dan atas perintah Gereja dan Raja , dua tahun kemudian, yaitu pada tahun 1314, para pimpinan Templar dihukum mati, termasuk Jacques de Molay, salah satu Grand Master terpenting Ordo Templar. Jacques de Molay sendiri divonis sebagai heretic (bid’ah) atau kafir dan dihukum dengan cara dibakar hidup-hidup di depan raja Philip IV. Dan sebelum menghembuskan napasnya, de Molay mengeluarkan kata-kata bahwa Raja Philip dan Paus Clement harus mengikutinya, mati, dalam waktu satu tahun. Dan sejarah mencatat, Raja Philip IV meninggal tujuh bulan kemudian, disusul Paus Clement sebulan setelah Raja Philip mangkat.
Setelah itu terjadi pemusnahan besar-besaran, sekali lagi atas kaum Yahudi, dan kali ini bermula dengan kasus Knight of Templar atau kaum Mason. Pemusnahan ini tak hanya terjadi di Palestina, tapi juga terjadi di Eropa. Mereka diburu untuk ditangkap dan dibunuh. Sampai akhirnya mereka berhasil melarikan diri dan mendapat perlindungan dari Raja Skotlandia, Robert The Bruce yang dilantik dan menduduki singgasana Raja pada tahun 1306. Dan di tanah baru ini pula mereka menyusun kekuatan kembali. Dan Skotlandia menjadi salah satu yang menentukan dalam perkembangan gerakan Freemason.
Versi yang lebih tua dari sejarah Freemason adalah kisah yang menyebutkan pembentukan Freemasonry pada zaman Raja Israel, Herodes Agripa I yang meninggal pada tahun 44 Masehi. Freemason pada zaman ini dibentuk untuk membendung ajaran agama yang disampaikan oleh Nabi Isa as. Konon waktu itu namanya The Secret Power atau kekutan yang Tersembunyi.
Tujuan utamanya adalah memusuhi pengikut Nabi Isa, menculik mereka, membunuh, melarang penyebaran agama baru tersebut, termasuk membunuhi baya-bayi Kristen. Tapi, berkenaan dengan segala kesadisan yang dilakukan Herodes ini, para sejarawan dunia, meyakini bahwa hal tersebut hanyalah mitos belaka dalam tradisi agama Kristen. Herodes Agripa I menjalankan segala misi The Secret Power ini dibantu dua pengikut setianya, Heram Abioud sebagai Wakil Presiden gerakan dan Moab Leumi sebagai pemegang rahasia utama gerakan ini. Tapi beberapa anggota Freemason juaga mempercayai dan menarik sejauh mungkin sejarah mereka ke masa lalu, bahkan hingga ke zaman Fir’aun. Itu pula yang menjadi salah satu penjelasan mengapa mereka kerap kali menggunakan simbol-simbol Mesir Kuno dalam tradisi dan aktivitas ritual mereka, seperti penggunaan Dewa Horus, Piramida, Matahari dan berbagai simbol Mesir lainnya. Penggunaan ini bermula dari penggalian Kuil Sulaiman oleh para Templa dan penemuan doktrin dan ajaran Kabbalah yang terus-menerus mereka eksplorasi dan diajarkan dari mulut ke mulut. Penggalian ini begitu serius mereka lakukan sehingga kelak akan mempengaruhi cara pandang kaum Templar dan juga rencana mereka pada kehidupan dunia.
Bahkan yang cukup mengejutkan adalah, dalam manuskrip-manuskrip kuno Mason dikatakan, orang pertama Mason adalah Adam! Kejadian itu berawal ketika Adam dan Hawa memakan daun dari pohon terlarang di taman surga. Daun yang disebut sebagia daun pengetahuan, dan karena itu pula Tuhan mereka melarang mereka memakannya. Dr.Albert Mackei, seorang anggota Mason dengan tingkatan 33 derajat dalam Encyclopedia of Freemasonry manuliskan, daun pengetahuan itu kelak diturunkan pada dua anak Adam dan Hawa, Seth dan Nimrod dengan kisah The Tower of Babel. Kedua anak ini pula menyusun bahasa untuk ilmu pengetahuan yang akan diturunkan kepada manusia-manusia berikutnya. Tapi, dalam perkamen-perkamen tua itu disebutkan bahwa, Tuhan dengan sengaja mengacaukan bahasa manusia yang mengakibatkan rahasia ilmu pengetahuan, yang diturunkan Adam dengan memakan daun dari pohon terlarang, hilang dan tak diketahui manusia-manusia setelah Seth dan Nimrod. Dan itu pula yang menjadi alasan kedua kaum ini memerangi Tuhan.
Bahkan menurut Talmud, setan-setan adalah keturunan dari Adam dan Hawa. Setelah Adam diusir dari surga, ia enggan mencampuri istrinya, Hawa. Dan pada saat itulah, dua setan perempuan mendatanggi Adam yang langsung digauli keduanya oleh Adam. Dalam Talmud disebutkan, Adam menggauli setan perempuan bernama Lelet selama lebih dari 130 tahun lamanya dan melahirkan banyak anak-anak setan begitu pula dengan Hawa selama ditinggal oleh Adam, Hawa juga digauli oleh setan laki-laki dan melahirkan banyak anak setan.


New Single “God Grant” from The Dead Heads is Out of This World   

The just-released single “God Grant” from Worcester, Massachusetts duo The Dead Heads is not the ordinary track we receive, or

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In prison or in freedom, the good news is that God has not abandoned us. Christ is with us…   

Over two years ago on November 3, 2012, we heard about Kenneth Bae’s arrest in North Korea. Over a year ago on August 10, 2013, we held… Read more "In prison or in freedom, the good news is that God has not abandoned us. Christ is with us…"

Oakland hipster slams restaurant in RECORD TIME, so John Birdsall is now obsolete   

Flora, a cute little restaurant in downtown Oakland, has been open for approximately four hours, so of course it has already been declared DEAD AND PASSE AND LAME by a snide local hipster who has better taste in restaurants than you, because you live on the wrong side of the Caldecott Tunnel and work in an office and are probably wearing Dockers.

Kevin Cook, food writer at, hasn't actually been to Flora, but he has read another writer's blog about when she went to Flora earlier this afternoon, and he has already had it up to here with the restaurant, which he vows to never visit again, or ever, since he's never actually been in the first place.

Based on seven pictures and a 193-word review, Cook declared, in the comments of course, the following:
I will never understand why a place like flora attracts anyone. I don’t care how new the kitchen staff is–making a decent vinaigrette shouldn’t take any practice or time for a professional. Tuna melt? Come on, this place sounds like an upscale togos for the walnut creet office worker lunch crowd.
To recap: Kevin Cook does not understand why Flora does not throw in the towel and shut down and admit it's over, already, since it has managed to ruin its reputation in the four hours it has been open by making a bad vinaigrette and, uh, serving sandwiches, to people who work in offices. And possibly live in Walnut Creek. Ew.

This is the glorious future of food criticism, which shows why reviews printed on dead trees by so-called professionals who secretly love sandwiches and Contra Costa County and cubicles are now obsolete forever, oh holy god I want John Birdsall back they laid him off I didn't want to tell you but there it is The End.

(Seriously, the East Bay Express laid off Birdsall and six other staffers, including Kara Platoni.)

A Better Oakland: Flora opens tonight! (Updated with pictures)

Bach asks God "when will I die"? (1700)   


Bach asks God “when will I die”? (1700)


J.S. Bach and Martin Luther on how God (the "feste Burg") helps us gain our freedom (1730)   


J.S. Bach and Martin Luther on how God (the “feste Burg”) helps us gain our freedom (1730)


004 Mai & Rådhuset. Ninna Hedeager viser god kampform   


Ugentlige nyheder fra Nørrebro/Nordvest Bladet


itunes pic
Episode 82 Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. II Corn. 7:1 God cleanses us but we must also purify ourselves.

The Excellencies of our God - His Incomprehensibility part 2   


Greta! The Power of Image! And the SUPER-Power..of Autism on Film..   

Greta Thunberg is Changing the World. But not the One you Were Expecting..     Greta: a good kid, who works hard and is driven by a refreshingly un-precocious, innocent yet determined worldview. Yes, there has been some stage management, verging on the hysterical. Yes, a LOT of Friday strikers are lacking any purpose or objective outcome in their abandonment of the classroom. And yes, that viral video/ meme about ‘HOW DARE YOU‘ is funny. What is NOT funny? Personal attacks on Greta, especially by a creepy breed of older man that seem somewhat fixated on her appearance. Dudes: she is SIXTEEN. Go get help. And I also suspect some jealousy at work: WHY IS THIS GIRL GETTING NOBEL PRIZE chatter? Well, it’s NOT because of her enviro-vision, which may well just burn out. It is because the girl has reinvented the perception of Asperger syndrome and autism. What was an affliction in some quarters is now universally a ‘super-power’. Great! Hollywood has much to answer for here. They tended to define a fictional character as autistic and then jump to the ‘therefore a genius’ syllogism. Rain Man was the start of that trend (everyone raves about Hoffman in that film: TOM CRUISE is just as good, if not better, and deserved an Oscar nod, too?). Mercury Rising followed: ‘how does a nine year old boy crack a top secret government code? He’s AUTISTIC!’. IE: You had to be both super-powered in mathematical skill AND somehow completely off the charts in your social behaviours relative to age. One could not simply be very clever/charming/competent AND be ‘on the spectrum’. It has taken almost 30 years to undo that muddled perception; which placed both unrealistic expectation and unhelpful, stereotyped generalist behaviour templates onto the incredibly wide scale of ‘autism’. Greta is leading that charge. Thank God for her. And shame on you, anybody, sitting online and calling her nasty names. I was very surprised to see Jeremy Clarkson joining her critics rather than supporters. Actually, scrap that: I am more surprised that he has a column at all. Even in The Sun. Amazing driver: yep. Tireless supporter of the Armed services: yes, he is. But columnist on anything beyond cars and his lazily inserted picture of whichever hottie he fancies that said column..nah..I’d rather re-watch the HOW DARE YOU speech, because it is more entertaining. So, we do still have some way to go in this area. People need to understand that a ‘spectrum’ by its nature is both sword and shield. Someone suffering acute dyspraxia is, by extension, impaired in motor skill fulfilment, which, in turn, depletes social speed of progress. But that need not prevent the person steadily, surely and yes, painfully, yet successfully, managing a transition to independence and happiness from the chrysalis of disability. Do not assume you have either autism or an ‘aspie’, simply because someone says you are ‘on the spectrum’. It’s sword as well as shield and if you are allowed to be defined by that, the burden can outweigh the benefits. Equally, if a diagnosis is genuinely helpful and unavoidable, the help IS out there; but clarifying, securing, developing it and holding onto every moment of whatever kind of progress and joy can be found? It’s still tough. Did Hollywood aid the prejudice? Sure. It always does, because a simple and visual medium has to simplify even complex conditions. Ergo: clever = autistic = does not function by rules = stereotype = unhelpful. Same way no biopic or prequel or reboot etc ever truly captures time or ageing accurately because that process simply cannot, relatively, be honoured on film. And so it is with ‘the spectrum’. Only the most extreme / fascinating / tangible cases can be contained in a screen story and so, in turn, that becomes a kind of well meaning and initially helpful awareness tool yet ultimately erroneous and counter-productive education for the casual viewer. Yet Greta’s joy in her mission, and then, in the world becoming aware, not so much of her vision of an environmental Armageddon, as her informed and determined passion, is in itself a MASSIVE step forward. Educating and preparing observers in the awareness of..well, the awareness of how wide  ‘the spectrum’ can be. And to be absolutely fair to movie magic, I believe there are indeed a few top flight characters that are indeed on the autistic spectrum. Matter of opinion /debate. But now that we view the condition as key to ‘super-power’ without it’s being solely viewed AS a power..then I think it’s perfectly cool to review some old favourites and diagnose them, afresh! Here we go.. BATMAN: Lives in a strict routine that still finds its definition in one event from his childhood. He is in effect trapped in that world, still and is lashing out at criminals because he cannot communicate his loss, rage and pain. Genius Detective. Top rate athlete. Loner. Defo high functioning Aspie. INDIANA JONES: Talks in lectures, even when not lecturing. Has no concept of time, responsibility or property unless it serves his particular mission to acquire and defend rare artefacts. Occasionally emotional, inappropriate behaviour because he has no boundaries. Will even kill baddies without any thought of his own basic safety. Refer for review. MELVIN UDALL: They SAY he has OCD. Nah, this guy is full on autistic. Jack even wanted Dustin’s part in Rain Man. He over-compensated here..and won an Oscar! A MUST SEE: As Good As It Gets, for all its feelgood fun, is also a touching and bittersweet visit to the mind of a man who is so trapped in his own world that it requires the shock of true love and brushes with real crime and mortality to inspire his getting help. JAMES BOND: Cannot sustain a relationship, except with an outdated notion of patriotic pride. Dalton’s 007 keeps laughing, nervously, to himself. Craig’s take has a trance like ability to shut himself off to pain, as though he has forgotten it’s ok to do so […]

Top-grossing Casino-based Movies   

Top-grossing Casino-based Movies  KEVIN SPACEY!  LAS VEGAS!  Casinos and casino games have always been a favourite part of big-budget movies. People of the current generation who have access to online gaming and websites like fortunemobilecasino might not understand the fascination of protagonists getting the better of casinos (or maybe they do as they experience it on a daily basis). But, previously, since ordinary people didn’t have the opportunity to experience the excitement of casinos except through movies adding a casino scene or two was a sure-shot way to box-office success. Incidentally, there were also top-grossing movies that were purely based in and around casinos and gaming. So here we are: discussing the top-grossing casino-based films of all times. Casino Royale No discussion on casino-based movies can start without the mention of a Bond movie. All through the ages, we have seen a number of 007s beats the God of chance. But the 2006 Daniel Craig starrer was totally dedicated to the casino setting. The movie, an adaptation of Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel is set at the beginning of the agent 007’s career when he first gets his license to kill. The movie revolves around an assignment which involves a terrorist financier, Bond’s journey to try and bankrupt him, the antagonist and the protagonist involved in a high stakes poker, James Bond winning with a straight flush and the subsequent twist and turns of a betrayal and who gets the money in the end. A considerable part of the movie happens in the ‘Casino Royale’ (the reason for naming the film as such) and glamorises the idea of casinos and the entertainment that gambling can provide. When released in 2006, with a new face as James Bond, the film became a top-grosser earning around $600 million and becoming the highest-grossing James Bond film at that time. 21 No casino-based movie list is complete without the mention of the epic movie 21! Based on the true story of an MIT mathematical-genius, this movie glorified the concept of card-counting and was the inspiration for many other films based on the same idea. Basically, this story describes the journey of an MIT student, who under the wing of his genius mathematics professor learns the art of card counting and uses the talent to win money to pay off his education debt. What follows is the ill-effects of the high-flying lifestyle that comes with money, taking unnecessary risks to maintain the lifestyle, getting caught and the lies and deceit to get the upper hand once more. The exciting story-line involving casinos and gaming and a common man getting better of the system managed to attract and entertain audiences, making it the highest-gross film of its time. AND IT STARS KEVIN SPACEY!  Molly’s Game The more recent 2017 movie Molly’s Game once again proved audiences’ love for casino-based movies. Based on the real-life memoirs of Molly Bloom, the film revolves around the story of an ex-athlete who managed to become successful and earn millions through clandestine Poker tournaments and her subsequent fight in a federal court. Also, a box-office success, the film, its story-line and the performances all managed to enthral audiences. PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT ENDORSE KEVIN SPACEY. BUT THEN, KEVIN SPACEY DOES NOT ENDORSE US..SO WHY SHOULD WE DO HIM ANY FAVOURS?

Comment on IFRS 16 Leases vs. IAS 17 Leases: How the lease accounting changed by vrund amin    

can you please send me all advantages and disadvantages with IFRS 16 compared to IAS 17. God bless
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