Top-grossing Casino-based Movies   

Top-grossing Casino-based Movies  KEVIN SPACEY!  LAS VEGAS!  Casinos and casino games have always been a favourite part of big-budget movies. People of the current generation who have access to online gaming and websites like fortunemobilecasino might not understand the fascination of protagonists getting the better of casinos (or maybe they do as they experience it on a daily basis). But, previously, since ordinary people didn’t have the opportunity to experience the excitement of casinos except through movies adding a casino scene or two was a sure-shot way to box-office success. Incidentally, there were also top-grossing movies that were purely based in and around casinos and gaming. So here we are: discussing the top-grossing casino-based films of all times. Casino Royale No discussion on casino-based movies can start without the mention of a Bond movie. All through the ages, we have seen a number of 007s beats the God of chance. But the 2006 Daniel Craig starrer was totally dedicated to the casino setting. The movie, an adaptation of Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel is set at the beginning of the agent 007’s career when he first gets his license to kill. The movie revolves around an assignment which involves a terrorist financier, Bond’s journey to try and bankrupt him, the antagonist and the protagonist involved in a high stakes poker, James Bond winning with a straight flush and the subsequent twist and turns of a betrayal and who gets the money in the end. A considerable part of the movie happens in the ‘Casino Royale’ (the reason for naming the film as such) and glamorises the idea of casinos and the entertainment that gambling can provide. When released in 2006, with a new face as James Bond, the film became a top-grosser earning around $600 million and becoming the highest-grossing James Bond film at that time. 21 No casino-based movie list is complete without the mention of the epic movie 21! Based on the true story of an MIT mathematical-genius, this movie glorified the concept of card-counting and was the inspiration for many other films based on the same idea. Basically, this story describes the journey of an MIT student, who under the wing of his genius mathematics professor learns the art of card counting and uses the talent to win money to pay off his education debt. What follows is the ill-effects of the high-flying lifestyle that comes with money, taking unnecessary risks to maintain the lifestyle, getting caught and the lies and deceit to get the upper hand once more. The exciting story-line involving casinos and gaming and a common man getting better of the system managed to attract and entertain audiences, making it the highest-gross film of its time. AND IT STARS KEVIN SPACEY!  Molly’s Game The more recent 2017 movie Molly’s Game once again proved audiences’ love for casino-based movies. Based on the real-life memoirs of Molly Bloom, the film revolves around the story of an ex-athlete who managed to become successful and earn millions through clandestine Poker tournaments and her subsequent fight in a federal court. Also, a box-office success, the film, its story-line and the performances all managed to enthral audiences. PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT ENDORSE KEVIN SPACEY. BUT THEN, KEVIN SPACEY DOES NOT ENDORSE US..SO WHY SHOULD WE DO HIM ANY FAVOURS?
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