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          Subsurface Shader Basics

This 20 minute video covers all the necessary, but tricky, aspects of DAZ Studio's subsurface shader.

Learn not just what settings to use, but more importantly, why to use them.

The video walks you through setting up skin materials for Michael 5 and details what each function does along the way. Gain insight on what is happening under the hood and how the renderer interprets the settings. This helps you learn what values to use, and why to use them.

Sections covered:

  • Render settings
  • Basic lighting
  • Applying the shader
  • Subsurface Shading Rate
  • Subsurface Shading Scale
  • Pre-Subsurface Diffuse
  • Post-Subsurface Diffuse
  • Troubleshooting Shading Rate
  • Subsurface Group ID

Running time 21 minutes - in Full HD.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98

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