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          EJ Fantasy Ears for Genesis 8 Female(s)

EJ Fantasy Ears For Genesis 8 Female is a collection of 20 ear morphs of different shapes for all kinds of creatures: from the dark side ones to the spirits of light, monsters, orcs, fairies, elves, pixies, fauns, aliens, gnomes, and races from fantasy worlds of your imagination that need to show their non-human nature. An essential pack for the new generation of Daz 3D figures that you will need for sure. A must have for any fantasy Genesis 8 render!

EASE OF USE: You get 20 carefully sculpted in Zbrush ears, that can be applied using the 20 included clickable icons in your library, that apply each morph to 100% and reset the others, or use the 20 dials and mix and match the different ears to get other shapes, making the possible combinations huge. The dials also allow you to apply more or less the morph so it adjust the size of the ears, and you can apply different percentage of several ears to get much more customization.

USABILITY FEATURES: These morphs work on Genesis 8 Female(s), and all figures based on her. Modeled with care moving only the ear polygons, so you can use them with most hairs, because they don't distort the hair and don't change the head shape.

Price: $15.95 Special Price: $7.98

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