Comment on Kai-Fu Lee’s new book says Artificial Intelligence will be Google vs China and will kill half the world’s jobs by FormerTXIBMer      

Such a sunny outlook from this group!!! The will to survive is a strong thing, as I found out watching my dad die of a Parkinson's-like disease (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) last fall. This year, my mother-in-law, a stage 6 Alzheimer's patient now has bone cancer, but she's "hanging in there" as long as she can, too. Same for the people on this planet. Those with the means will move to Canada or Northern Europe or Southern Australia, or South South America. Those who don't will find a way to survive. It won't be stylish or pretty, probably somewhat basic, but people will survive. We're just built to survive and adapt. Probably the only thing that would prevent it is a nuclear war. Yes, climate change is going to occur. Yes, people in coastal cities are going to have to move inland, and lose property in hurricanes and rising sea levels, but we'll adapt. As for software, Open Source has been the greatest gift to software, from the C language, to Unix, to Java (except Oracle trying to make it not open again), to Linux, Apache, Javascript, node.js, Jenkins, and so on. Those who "really" want to know how it works go to the Open Source, because companies are just building their own products on top of Open Source anyways. Well, except for Microsoft, but they will get there as well. Every industry has a whole slew of companies trying to make a quick buck by exploiting someone. The customers, the employees, the immigrants, etc. And regulation is NOT the answer, because it just entrenches the established companies and stifles innovation for new entrants. It gives fewer companies more power to exploit. Internet Service is certainly that way now, just a few players in an oligopoly. The ANSWER is breaking up big companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and yes, even Salesforce. The ANSWER is more competition and innovation, not less. When AT&T was broken up in the early 1980's, there was a huge amount of innovation in telecommunications. All of a sudden, instead of one modem company, there were 10. And nothing improves customer service more than alternatives to your current product or service. But as long as big business continues to BUY elections with huge lobbying money, and voters keep making the same D and R choices, nothing is going to change. It's the very definition of insanity. Don't worry, it will change in most of our lifetimes. We have run up 200 TRILLION in financial obligations (debt plus promises to cover future Social Security, Medicare, and pensions) that we won't be able to pay. One leading economist says America is already broke. I hope the bitcoin/ripple/Ethereum holds together. If not, you will have to rely on the GGL (guns, gold, land) "Google" plan. If you're an American, it's time to Wake Up!

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