The Heavenly Hot Rod      


My mom and I went to Publix yesterday to do a little grocery shopping, and when we came out of the store, this was parked next to her car. Not your ordinary Toyota or Nissan!

(That's my mom in the background, waiting patiently for me to stop taking pictures.)

The car was a curious mix of religious ministry, political advocacy and fun. It had the words "Heavenly Hot Rods" painted on it in several places, along with Bible verses and the Christian fish, and was adorned with several plastic rats and lizards, a license plate declaring it a "Welfare Cadilac" and an orange "Remove Before Flight" tag, among other things. The interior was carpeted and upholstered in faux leopard.

And up top...

...a bobblehead of Donald Trump. Although doesn't it look more like Dan Quayle?

It was a peculiar and entertaining find, but needless to say, if I had a conversation with this person I'm pretty sure we'd be arguing fairly quickly.

Aside from the Heavenly Hot Rod, our day was uneventful. I tidied up a few things around my mom's condo, but the place is in pretty good shape after my top-down cleaning in February, so there's not a lot of work required on this trip. We watched our newly digitized home movies, and about four episodes of a Tom Selleck show called "Blue Bloods" which isn't bad. American television is taxing -- a lot of VERY LOUD commercials.

I've also been trying to clean up my mom's Facebook account. I've discovered a serious flaw with Facebook. Somehow, my mom -- who only has about a dozen friends -- got on the radar of some people with frankly pornographic Arabic-language profiles. I don't know whether they're real people or just bots. But anyway, now all of her suggested friends are these same sorts of accounts, complete with pictures of various anatomical parts and sex acts. My mother is 81 years old and doesn't need this aggravation, but you CANNOT TURN OFF Facebook's friend-suggestion function, nor can I figure out how to reset it so she no longer gets this content. Based on what I've read online from people with identical problems, my only option seems to be to report each individual suggested friend for inappropriate content, and that's ridiculous given that fifty new ones appear every day. So apparently my poor mother just has to live with Algerian pornography, or we have to delete her account and set up a new one. What a ridiculous situation! (Fortunately, I don't think her real friends see the list of people being suggested to her by Facebook -- I think this is a private annoyance rather than a public embarrassment.)
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