Election Topics: Money, Media, Prognostication, Post-Mortem      

As candidates head into the final 60 days before the election, Northern Illinois University will spotlight the issues which have helped to shape the political forum for this year’s presidential election. The NIU Presidential Speaker Series will address campaign funding, news coverage and prognostication leading up to the Nov. 6 election, with a bipartisan post-election discussion following the balloting. Dr. Matthew Streb , Chair of the NIU Department of Political Science ,will moderate the series. The first presentation will be a discussion of “The Impact of Citizens United: The Role Of Money in the 2012 Elections,” featuring Dr. Richard Hasen from the University of California -- Irvine and Bradley Smith from the Capital University of Law in Columbus, Ohio. The landmark Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission case in 2010 effectively ruled that the government could not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections. The highly contentious 5-4 decision
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