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Five Former LSU Tigers a Part of Super Bowl LIV   

While we won't be rooting on our beloved New Orleans Saints, there will be plenty of Louisiana flavor in the big game. Continue reading…

Ransomware attack cost New Orleans $7 million and counting   


A ransomware attack on New Orleans has racked up at least $7 million in financial damage to The City That Care Forgot, its mayor said. New Orleans was able to get back $3 million through a cyber insurance policy, the mayor told WVUE, which also cited Chief Administrative Officer Gilbert Montano as saying the city…

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King Pelican release Matador Surfer LP   

King Pelican - Matador Surfer

Years after their well liked EP "The Good, The Bad, and the Reverb", Austin's King Pelican are back with their first LP "Matador Surfer" on Deep Eddy records.

At the moment I don't know of anywhere to stream previews, but this Youtube of a live show should help

You can get it from

On a side note, SSOR has tried to get King Pelican down over here on two separate occasions but for various reasons (for which they aren't to blame) it hasn't happened yet. We'll see them in New Orleans someday



New Orleans Stories   


Inspired by the movie "The Big Easy," Larry recalls some fond memories of working in that great American city, New Orleans. Larry also gives a tip of the hat to the late Buck Henry and recites the poem "Change" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Quote of the week: "Three fingers of whiskey in a number four washtub."


Moonlit Obsession   


A beautiful Spy and an American Patriot -- thrown together in a Battle of Destiny and Love.

Electrifyingly beautiful, Anemone had come to New Orleans as a British spy, placing her country before all else -- until she met Stephen Burke.  He was a powerful, devastatingly handsome agent of the new American nation, a man who captured her heart and swayed her resolve.  She knew she was being used in a game of international intrigue, but her passion was stronger than patriotism.  She longed for Stephen's embrace -- craving his lips against her own, eager to feel his hands caressing her flesh.  Together they faced a tangled web of intrigue and danger, braving the rumblings of war and battling to preserve a love they could no longer deny.



01/23/2020 - Developed | The App Economy Tour: New Orleans, LA   

So, you’ve launched an app - now what? How do you find customers? How do you make sure your app doesn’t get rejected? What’s the best way to plan and fund your product launch? Add marketing and funding for version 2.0, and it is easy to find yourself lost in the ecosystem. Enter Developed | The App Economy Tour, a night of brews, views, and a panel discussion featuring industry experts for an eye-opening discussion on next-generation apps, game-changing mobile solutions, and innovations driving the app ecosystem. During Developed, attendees will: • Engage with industry influencers to explore paths to success in the app ecosystem; • Explore the tools and connections available to developers through platforms, including built-in customer base, reduced overhead, and developer toolkits (including analytics); • Identify new market opportunities in the $1.3 trillion app economy; • Learn best practices for branding, marketing, and attracting talent in the tech industry; and • Network with local entrepreneurs and leaders in your community. Bonus: Sample brews and snacks from Port Orleans Brewing Co.! Speakers to be announced soon! RSVP for Developed NOLA to supercharge your app adventure and share your experience with other app makers.

Tyrs McKnight is set to explore the landscape of New Orleans From a Historical Perspective   

(MENAFN - GetNews) January 20, 2020 - The month of February has been dedicated for the unveiling of an Epic AMC theatrical release. The documentary ...

Family, friends and fans remember 5th Ward Weebie   


New Orleans residents celebrated the life of Jerome “5th Ward Weebie” Cosey, in a packed Mahalia Jackson Theater on Jan. 19.  The auditorium featured local leaders, fellow artists and colleagues, and a community that the bounce pioneer impacted.  Mayor LaToya Cantrell said, “In full Weebie fashion, he would bring us together for no other reason...

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2020 MLK Day of Service cancelled   


Stormy conditions expected to roll through New Orleans this weekend cast a shadow over a day dedicated to community service in the city. The MLK Day of Service Committee cancelled its 2020 MLK Day of Service, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday, Jan. 18, due to concerns over the weather forecast. Student Life...

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Wolf Pack hires new track and cross country Coach   


Loyola hired Geoff Masanet to take over as track and field and cross country coach, the athletic department said on their website Monday. Masanet has over 25 years of college coaching experience and has won six conference coach of the year awards over the course of his career. Masanet comes to New Orleans from...

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Arrest Warrant for Odell Beckham Jr. Rescinded in Locker Room Butt Slap Incident   


A New Orleans police officer has backtracked and decided not to press charges against NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. after a video of the Browns receiver slapping the butt of a police officer in the Mercedes-Benz superdome locker room went viral. The slap took place following LSU’s national championship victory last week. ICYMI: Odell Beckham […]

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13 New Orleans museums with intimate, hyper-focused and sometimes off-the-wall approaches    


The city has lots of well-known museums — the National World War II Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, the Cabildo and Presbytere, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Contemporary Arts Center and New ...

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Trailer zum VR-Überlebenskampf erläutern Story und Überlebenstechniken   

In zwei aktuellen Trailern zum Action-Adventure The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners erläutert Skydance Interactive u.a. die neue Story, Figuren und Entscheidungen im New Orleans, in dem man sich rund ein Jahr nach dem Ausbruch wiederfindet. Auch die politischen Ideologien der Fraktionen spielen eine Rolle:

Handfester geht es im Survival-Trailer zur Sache: Dort wird erläutert, wie offensiv oder auf leisen Sohlen Walker erlegt werden oder wie geopferte Überlebende als Ablenkung dienen können. Auch die Auswirkung von Krankheiten sowie moralischen Bedenken werden thematisiert:

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners wird am kommenden Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2020 für HTC Vive, Oculus Rift und Valve Index (laut Steam) sowie Oculus Quest erscheinen.

Jrue Holiday, Dillon Brooks Top Points from Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Pelicans    

#lt;iframe allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="411" width="730" src="/embed/video/1082522541/" #gt;#lt;/iframe#gt;

Jonas Valanciunas (14 points) Highlights vs. New Orleans Pelicans    

#lt;iframe allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="411" width="730" src="/embed/video/1082522515/" #gt;#lt;/iframe#gt;

Jrue Holiday 3-pointers in Memphis Grizzlies vs. New Orleans Pelicans    

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Education Opportunities Expand, More Museum Displays at 2020 WWII Heritage Days   


The National WWII History Museum from New Orleans, La., and the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force from Savannah, Ga., will join the 17th annual World War II Heritage Days at the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Dixie Wing Warbird Museum in Peachtree City, Ga., May 2-3. Together with […]

Read More

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I Don’t Enjoy Mardi Gras … There I Said It   


I have been living in New Orleans for 10 years now, so I have been to a few (both French Quarter one and Family one). If you are a tourist is a must (at least once), and you will enjoy it, I promise. Now, as a local, I understand that watching a parade and getting […]

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Super Bowl Playing Surfaces and Venues: Super Bowls I to LIV   

[Editor’s note: this is a repost from last year, with a few updates.] The first four Super Bowls were all played on grass stadiums: the first Super Bowl was at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, the Orange Bowl in Miami hosted Super Bowls II and III, and Tulane Stadium in New Orleans was the venue […]

National Parents Union: Do You Smell Astroturf   

This week Lauren Camera treated us to a warm, fuzzy piece of launch PR for the National Parents Union; the US News editor announces right in the headline that this group is here to challenge the teachers unions, but in a totally organic grass roots kind of way.

Two Latina mothers from opposite sides of the country have joined forces to form their own union to disrupt an education agenda they say is pushing out parents like them and, more importantly, leaving behind poor students and students of color.

Well, maybe not exactly like them, because these two moms have a pretty hefty record in the ed reform world.

It's always a good idea to look underneath
Weirdly enough, the National Parents Union already exists-- well, a group with that same name. They were/are a coalition of state groups in New York City, Connecticut, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, plus Moms for School Choice, which gives you an idea of what they were up to. They even had a gathering in 2013 featuring such notables as Howard Fuller, Steve Perry, and the California state director of DFER, the hedge funder-founded group intended to nudge the Democrats in the direction of school choice. However, the New York chapter was part of the push to close down InBloom and stop then-commissioner John King from cashing in on student data.

In fact, when invited to join as a founder of the new group, Gwen Samuel, a founding member of the old group, declined and reminded one of the new founders that NPU already existed, and that she would pass on the new group. We are going to come back to these folks.

So there's a Columbus-like "Look we discovered this thing that people already knew about because they're there" quality to the new NPU. But maybe that's just an unfortunate hiccup. Perhaps this new group is different. Is there any reason to suspect this isn't good old-fashioned grass roots activism? Let's take a look at the folks involved.

The West Coast is represented by Alma V. Marquez. The Camera profile notes that Marquez founded the Los Angeles Parents Union and worked with Green Dot Schools, a chain with a somewhat checkered past, including that time they tricked some parents into activating the parent trigger law. She was Green Dot's VP of External and Government Affairs. She headed up California's Obama Latino campaign. And she's the founder and CEO of Del SOL Group, "A full service communications and public affairs firm, providing expertise in Communications, Public Affairs and Coalition Building." Their stated specialties are communications, public affairs, and coalition building. Their clients include ACLU CA, the LAUSD board, KIPP:LA, and EducationPost.

In this context, it's worth looking at part of the descriptions of their services:

Our strategic message development establishes clients as authentic and innovative thought leaders, and desirable partners within their industry and community.

Our team of policy experts anticipate public concerns, and assists clients with advocacy efforts, promote and defend our clients’ interests, and coordinate grassroots coalitions and public relations initiatives.

Our team offers decades of successful experience initiating, organizing and managing national coalitions of individuals, companies and interest groups.

Marquez's company has been in business for over two decades, so clearly she knows her business. And her business is exactly what NPU is setting itself up to do. There's nothing wrong with being in that business, and there's nothing wrong with hiring professionals if you want to get in the advocacy business. But the picture of this group as just a bunch of folks trying to get their message out seems a bit disingenuous given Marquez's professional chops.

And then there's her partner.

When the story, Massachusetts residents on Twitter rolled their eyes so hard that the internet almost had to sit down for a second.

Keri Rodrigues has a hell of a story. Runaway tween, foster child, recently widowed, radio talk show host dubbed the "pint-sized Portuguese pundit" (she is Irish, Venezuelan and Portuguese). Union organizer, campaign consultant. I don't imagine for a minute that she's any kind of lightweight. But folks in Massachusetts may best remember her as the face of Question 2.

Specifically, she was fronting for Families for Excellent Schools-- the group that was caught and fined for hiding its dark money donor list, which turned out to be a short list of deep-pocketed Wall Street types who wanted the Massachusetts charter cap lifted and donated many dollars to do it. . The group never really recovered (what good is a dark money group that can't keep its donors hidden?) and one final scandal shut down the parent organization.

Rodrigues later tried to distance herself from the doomed effort: "Honestly, I felt I was being used as a prop. It was a lot of white men at the table." She added that she saw Question 2's huge loss coming and critiqued the backers. "I think fundamentally this reform sector does not respect or understand organizing." She says that FES wasn't wrong, but their methods sucked (I'm paraphrasing). She has connections and skills. She's on the board of DFER. And she knows her way around Walton money.

Who else is involved in this organization?

Well, one document from the group includes a list of founding council members. It's called "in formation" so it may be aspirational rather than real, but it still gives an idea where their aim is. The list includes Sarah Carpenter of Memphis Lift (the Walton-funded group of charter parents that tried to disrupt a Elizabeth Warren speech), Chris Stewart of Education Post and vocal charter advocate, Charles Cole III, Vesia Hawkins of Volume and Light in Nashville, Sharif El-Mekki, principal of Mastery Charter School in Philly, and Seth Saavedra. Most of these folks are connected to Education Post, and many of them are Teach for America grads.

The actual board listed on the website includes Rodrigues and Marquez. There's also Peter Cunningham, edu-flack for Arne Duncan and founding father of Education Post; Gerard Robinson, executive director of the Center for Advancing Opportunity, a Koch-funded thinky tank; Dan Weisberg, CEO of TNTP; and Bibb Hubbard of Learning Heroes.

Advisors for the group include John King, currently of The Edeucation Trust, and Shavar Jeffries of DFER. Their email address is aimed at MercuryLLC, a PR "high stakes public strategy" firm that helps with strategic media relations and has "a proven ability to counsel leaders of Fortune 500 companies.".

So what are these folks setting out to do? Well, the launch document offers this:

National Parents Union is a network of highly-effective parent organizations and grassroots  activists across the country that come together to unite behind a set of common goals and  principles to channel the power of parents. Our family advocates improve the quality of life for  children across the United States and define the education conversation in the 2020 election  cycle. 

And when they break that down into three specific goals:

1) Affect politics. 2) Coordinate the various parent groups across the nation for the election and 3) Grab some headlines the same way all them striking teachers are doing. As the document observes, "The teacher unions currently have no countervailing force." You see the central theme here-- the election, and opposing teachers. In the article, Marquez goes to great pains to say that the NPU is not anti-union, but everything else about the group screams anti-teacher union, including the repeated emphasis that the conversation must be child-centered and not teacher union centered. There are many echoes here of the old notion that the public school system is just a union-run scam to create income and political power for the union bosses.

Someday I would like to see a journalist really examine the question of how much political clout the teacher unions really have, but it won't be Camera, who writes lines like "the state of K-12 politics, which, as it stands, is largely controlled by the two national teachers unions" and "the two national teachers unions have a veritable stranglehold over the majority of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls." So today isn't going to be that day.

Camera in the article cites the two unions for spending $64 million on the 2016 cycle, including money through various organizations it contributes to. But the NPU has Walton money on their side, and as Camera admits, the Waltons have spent at least $595 million in grants in 2018 (that would not include, say, the various political contributions they make as well). I have heard the argument over and over and over again that philanthropist money and Walton and Gates and Broad and Jobs money is necessary to counterbalance the vast financial resources of the unions, but the union is a bb gun in a field of howitzers. And the Waltons are apparently dipping into their deep pockets for this group as well.

The new NPU's plans are ambitious-- they want to "roll out" an agenda that will "define the Education K-12 debate in the 2020 Presidential cycle" as well as field "rapid response" ground-level teams for local elections. In  this respect, they sound a great deal like Education Post and the 74. And then there's this:

Launch aggressive communications strategy (earned and owned national, local, ethnic and  social media) to position NPU as ​the organization representing parent interests in Election  2020.

They want to own the parent voice in 2020 (which seems, honestly, a little like the opposite of wanting to give parents a voice). But wait-- what about groups like the first NPU, who already were a parent voice in education?

Well, it turns out that at least one founding member of New York Parents Union has some thoughts about this new group. You can read the whole letter from Mona Davids, a Black parent and one of the original founders of the first NPU, right here. But here are some highlights:

If you don't know who Davids is, she'll tell you

I have lost count of the defunct local and national AstroTurf organizations during my decade of being an independent, grassroots, unbought and unbossed, parent advocate. The inauthenticity, arrogance, chicanery and lies, of the many AstroTurf organizations seeded by tens of millions of dollars is what inevitably leads to their failure and downfall. 

For those that do not know me, I am a New York City parent. I am the founder of the New York City Parents Union. My two children have both attended district schools and charter schools. I fight for the rights of students and parents in the district schools and charters. I fight for a parent’s right to choose the school that best fits the educational needs of their child. I hold district schools and charters accountable to the parents and for educating our children. I fight for school funding and I fight for parents to have a seat at the education policy table. The only side I belong to is the side of students and their parents. I am not paid by anyone and I do not have contracts with anyone. Nobody controls me. Nobody can bully me. Nobody can silence me. You can find my receipts here.

To be clear, Davids and I are not on the same side of most ed policy issues. She's is absolutely pro-choice, and she was the one who went head to head with Campbell Brown over who, exactly, would get to be running the New York version of the Vergara lawsuit. But Davids surely does not suffer high-paid fools on her side of the issues:

The president is supposed to be Keri Rodrigues Lorenzo, a White woman from Boston [Rodrigues allegedly actually lives in a suburb]. She is not Latina although she purposely misleads everyone to think she is. Rodrigues Lorenzo is founder of Mass Parents United, that was created in 2017. She is the former Massachusetts state director for the defunct, AstroTurf, Families for Excellent Schools. The ones responsible for the biggest, most expensive, education reform defeat in history. It was epic. Not only did the parents and people of Massachusetts see through and reject their hypocrisy, but the chicanery, corrupt, unethical and illegal actions of the education reformers resulted in historic huge fines and banishment from Massachusetts.

She says Marquez must be a failure because California keeps beating back ed reform. She blames John King for making ed reform toxic in New York. And she calls DFER a "huge failure." Lots of folks have theories about why charters and ed reform have been having a rough time. Here is her theory:

There is not an AstroTurf organization, defunct or still active, that Walton does not fund. From StudentsFirst, to Families for Excellent Schools, to Great Schools Massachusetts, to Partnership for Educational Justice – all doomed to fail from day one because they are not organic, authentic and grassroots. 

The fruits of the many, multi-million-dollar funded AstroTurf organizations and DFER is parents, students, entire communities, politicians and democratic presidential candidates all want nothing to do with charters because their AstroTurf organizations have successfully made charters toxic.

After laying out how many folks had informed Rodrigues that NPU already existed, she winds up her blistering letter like this:

I know of no one in the education world — teachers, advocates, or the teachers’ union, that would steal something that belongs to parents. We teach our children not to steal. We teach our children not to take something that belongs to someone else. 

But, clearly, ethical, honorable behavior does not apply to Walton, DFER, John King, Rodrigues Lorenzo, Marquez, and everyone else listed as their advisors. They are thieves. Plain and simple. 

Go ahead, steal the name and continue to expose who you are and what your real interests are – because it is not the education and best interests of our kids.

Nobody will be fooled, and this will be the final nail in the education reform, AstroTurf coffin.

This, I will remind you, is from the pro-school choice side of the aisle. It would appear that some parents are not quite ready to let the new NPU serve as their voices, and that some folks can smell astro-turf a mile away. That matches this quote that Camera includes from Lee Adler, a labor, criminal law and civil rights practitioner who teaches at Cornell University's' School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

"The real battle is who is going to shape the education policies within the Democratic Party," he says. "Essentially they wish to unionize parents as a counterforce to educational unions to influence policy in the Democratic Party. They're not functioning as parents, per se. They're making it look like a grassroots, community organization, but they're really fronting for dark money billionaires who wish to shape education policy in America."

Rodrigues points out that she's not for sale, but Camera also talks to Jeffrey Henig, professor of political science and education and the director of the Politics & Education Program at Columbia University's Teachers College who points out that's not how the big money folks do this sort of thing.

"By hooking up with parent and progressive groups that are already operating in key cities and states and building alliances with them where they are, they're operating like a front organization," Henig says. "It's almost like, and this should be in quotes, 'hiring' or 'bringing on to contract' existing parent and progressive groups, so that they can have something more resembling a genuine link to a genuine community-based, grassroots set of organizations."

Don't buy people to make them say something; rent people who already say what you want them to. Is it wring for rich folks to support causes they believe in, or for people to get financial support for their own crusades? I suppose not. But when the super-wealthy start amplifying groups to serve their own purposes, it distorts the national conversation. And it's dishonest, to boot. The new NPU may be many things, but an organic grass roots outpouring of ordinary folks it is not. And when you set your agenda before you sign up your members, that distorts the truth of the conversation as well. Nor is democracy served by having the wealthy buy their way around it.

The New NPU meets today in New Orleans, with delegates from all over the country. We'll see what they have to say, because I'm sure somebody in the press (Fox News picked up the story) will cover it. We'll see if the Trump administration gets any useful talking points out of them (though Martquez has been pretty critical of Betsy DeVos) or if they can get any of the Democratic candidates to take a meeting or if they can convince the nation that they are the one and only voice of parent concerns about education.


Clippers clamp down on defense in fourth quarter to beat Pelicans   


Kawhi Leonard has another 30-point game and the Clippers pick up their defense in the fourth quarter in a 133-130 win over New Orleans on Saturday.


Best Game Ever: Lonzo Ball's crazy step-back jumper wins game for UCLA   


Lonzo Ball, the former Lakers and current New Orleans Pelicans point guard, chooses his game-winning effort in UCLA's win over Oregon as his best game ever.



I'm the 'teacher of the year' who took a knee at the football game attended by Trump. This is why I did it

As a gender-nonconforming lesbian, I know what it feels like to be discriminated against. But I know I have more to learn — and I know that teachers need to be more than just allies

Kelly D Holstine Minnesota

Getty Images

As the first notes of the National Anthem were ascending into the stands of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in New Orleans at the College Football Championship game last Monday night, I followed in the footsteps of so many incredible advocates and activists before me and dropped to one knee. And even though my leg was shaking, it felt like taking this opportunity to stand up (or kneel, in this case) for marginalized and oppressed humans was the right thing to do. As a country, we are not serving the needs of all of our inhabitants, and I believe that complacency and inaction will not bring about the change that we so desperately need

The 2019 State Teachers of the Year were hosted by the College Football Playoff Foundation (an incredible program that “is dedicated to elevating the teaching profession by inspiring and empowering teachers”) and were honored on the field.

At the rehearsal, we were given the choice to either put our hand over our heart or to stand quietly. But these choices didn’t feel like enough to me. Not everyone is given the same opportunity to have a voice and platform in the way that State Teachers of the Year are, and I take that responsibility seriously.

By taking a knee, I stood up for people who are harmed due to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and/or their status as a citizen; I stood against political leaders who are xenophobic, homophobic, racist, trying to take away the rights of women, and failing to protect our animals and environment; and I stood with all of the educators who are diligently trying to decrease the educational equity gap in our country.

Many have reached out with messages of support and hope. However, I also have received violent threats and angry messages that are similar in tone to the ones I received after I protested a visit with the President last May. My belief remains that those who are trying to isolate me, shame me, and coerce me into being quiet must be terrified of losing all the ways they benefit from existing systems of oppression. They are furious with me for advocating for the very people that they need to stay oppressed.

Standing up against the words and actions of the current administration does not make me anti-American. People seem to be confusing patriotism with (white) nationalism when they say this. I care deeply about where we have been in this country and where we are going. And I am grateful that I can legally exercise my First Amendment rights in order to communicate that we still have a lot of work to do.

US cheerleader takes a knee during national anthem

As a gender-nonconforming lesbian, I know what it feels like to be discriminated against. But I do not know what it feels like to be a black person, an indigenous person, or a person of color. And I will admit that my confidence in anti-racist work is not as strong as it is with my LGBTQ+ advocacy work. But I believe passionately that it's not enough for educators to just be allies; they need to be advocates, too.

I need to be willing to step into my fear of making mistakes and remain open to learning. And as Minnesota’s Commissioner of Education, Mary Cathryn Ricker, says, “We can’t expect [humans] to conform to our comfort.” As LGBTQ+ humans, we need heterosexual and cisgender advocates to stand with us while we fight for our rights. People of the Global Majority also need white people to stand with them. And we all need to be advocating for intersectional equity. Additionally, I deeply respect that the symbolism of taking a knee is deeply rooted in the civil rights movement and I want to honor that history.

I would not have had the courage to participate in this protest without the support of 2020 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year, Jess Davis. She helped me to process, research, and make the decision to kneel. She even kneeled with me in solidarity from her home in Minneapolis. Jess was willing to pay the cultural tax (that so many people of color have to pay) to help me, a white person, to understand the nuances of anti-racist work. And for her support and brilliance, I am grateful.

There are a myriad of ways that people are “taking a knee” in their own lives. Whether it is subtle and private or overt and visible, it all matters. When we are willing to step into our personal discomfort and “take a knee” as a way to stand up against prejudice and discrimination, then, and only then, can we build a country that truly supports every single heart.



Grades and outlook: Dalvin Cook's breakout sets up payday; will Vikings buy in?   

Before running back Dalvin Cook's Vikings traveled to Dallas in November, he talked about approaching his contract status like Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott — "He's been putting in the work and not looking for a payday, just looking to get wins and looking to do good things." The part not mentioned was Elliott's 40-day summer holdout, which he parlayed into a six-year, $90 million contract on Sept. 4. Finally healthy, Cook went on a three-month tear through NFL defenses last season that might just be enough to cash in on a similar deal. Cook's breakout 2019 campaign confirmed what Vikings coaches already knew about their star runner's potential after he missed 17 of his first 24 NFL starts due to injuries. Now how much is the front office willing to pay while up against the salary cap? Next season is the last of Cook's rookie contract, and the Vikings' M.O. is to extend core players before the start of their final season. Below, we'll assess the 2020 outlook and 2019 grades of the Vikings' backfield, the wheels on the NFL's sixth-ranked rushing attack. — Pending free agentsFB C.J. Ham (restricted) RB Ameer Abdullah Under contract through (+ 2020 cap hit)2020: RB Dalvin Cook ($2.02M), RB Mike Boone ($662K), RB Tony Brooks-James ($585K) 2022: RB Alexander Mattison ($830K) — Grades are based on a 1-to-5 scale, with '5' marking excellence, '4' for above-average, '3' for average, '2' for below-average and '1' for failure to perform. Players that did not accrue a season (weren't on the active roster for at least six weeks) or played in five games or fewer are not graded. Below are individual grades, based on game and practice observations, weekly film reviews and interviews with coaches for six backs who finished the season on the Vikings' active roster, injured reserve or practice squad. Unofficial NFL stats, such as QB pressures, missed tackles and targeted passes, are compiled by RB Dalvin Cook (4.5) —The opening 10-game stretch defined Cook's breakout season, during which he led the NFL in touches (243) and yards from scrimmage (1,415) before his injuries. Cook thrived in an offense funneling the ball through heavy personnel packages and perimeter runs that set up play-action passes. Premiere vision and acceleration make Cook a perfect fit for this Gary Kubiak system, which also deployed a creative screen game featuring Cook. Set a tone for the offense's direction during an 111-yard, two-touchdown game in Week 1 against the Falcons, a win during which Kirk Cousins attempted 10 passes. Nobody matched Cook's 10-game pace to open the season, and only Seattle's Chris Carson had more broken tackles than Cook (54) in that span. A right clavicle injury in Week 11 against the Broncos started to slow Cook, who left early in two of the next three games while suffering an additional left shoulder injury. Lost fumble on hit that forced him from Week 13 loss in Seattle, leading to a Seahawks field goal in the 37-30 loss. Durability remains the primary question. While he's one of the NFL's premiere dual threats in the backfield, Cook's drop problem persisted with his increased workload. Led the Vikings with seven drops on 63 targets; caught 53 passes for 519 yards. Coaches chose to rest Cook in the Week 16 loss vs. Green Bay. He sat the meaningless season finale against the Bears, then turned 31 touches into 130 yards and two touchdowns during the NFC wild-card playoff win in New Orleans. Ineffective when the Vikings' offensive line faced superior fronts in the 49ers, Bears, Eagles and Broncos. First-time Pro Bowler. Played a career-high 615 snaps [59.4%]. Incurred his first (and only) NFL penalty on a rare flag thrown for offensive pass interference after a scoring replay of Stefon Diggs' touchdown catch during the Week 2 loss at Green Bay. His 1,135 rushing yards ranked 10th in the NFL; 13 rushing touchdowns tied for fourth. Scored game-winning touchdown on fourth down during Week 10 win in Dallas. The play, like many of Cook's scores, was a pitch to the edge behind fullback C.J. Ham. FB C.J. Ham (3.5) — The former Denfeld Duluth star texted family and friends last spring about the possibility of having a breakout season in a new system under Gary Kubiak and Kevin Stefanski. Ham realized that vision this season, progressing from core special teams player to a pivotal role on offense where both the run and passing attacks thrived from the '21 personnel' — or two-back — formations featuring Ham. Only the 49ers deployed more two-back formations than the Vikings. First-time Pro Bowler as an alternate, replacing 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk (Super Bowl). Played a career-high 359 snaps [34.7%]. Not penalized. Two first downs on five short-yardage carries. Not an old-school thumping fullback, but grew steadily as a lead blocker. The former Augustana (S.D.) running back caught defenses by surprise as an outlet receiver, running for catches of 25, 32 and 36 yards. A reliable pass protector seldom used in the screen game. Caught 17 of 26 passes for 149 yards, including a 5-yard touchdown against the Lions in a Week 7 win. Dropped one. A restricted free agent who is likely to be tendered and re-signed. RB Alexander Mattison (3.0) —The Vikings' third-round rookie (102nd overall) was on a short list of the most effective closers in the fourth quarter. That's when Mattison took 42 of 100 carries and averaged 5.2 yards, trailing only Phillip Lindsay, Kenyan Drake and Raheem Mostert. An aggressive, one-cut runner, Mattison proved to be a strong replacement for Latavius Murray. Wasted no time showing off the athleticism of a former track star, as one of Mattison's few hurdles came on a 24-yard run during the season opener against the Falcons. Tough to bring down, breaking 19 tackles on 110 touches. Played 200 snaps [19.3%]. Not penalized. Second on the team with 462 rushing yards. Season-high 16 touches came against the Lions during the Week 14 win, when he spelled an injured Cook before spraining his ankle with two minutes left. Missed the final three regular season games to recover, but played just 15 snaps in two playoff games. Showed, like at Boise State, he's an all-around threat catching 10 of 12 targets for 82 yards. RB Ameer Abdullah (2.0) —A reliable veteran who played a variety of roles, however limited. Third on the team with254 special teams snaps [59.6%]. Second on the team with nine tackles on coverage groups, trailing only rookie corner Kris Boyd. The Vikings' primary kick returner fielding only 13 attempts for a 25-yard average. Season long came during the Week 7 win in Detroit, when Abdullah's 38-yard return began a touchdown drive. Lost one fumble in the Week 11 win vs. Denver. Biggest play was a 16-yard catch and run for a touchdown during the Week 9 loss in Kansas City. A limited passing-down back who played a season-high 32 snaps during the Week 16 loss vs. Green Bay. Caught 6 of 7 targets for 31 receiving yards against the Packers, but did not break a tackle. Finished with 137 offensive snaps [13.2%]. Penalized once for a false start. A pending free agent. RB Mike Boone (2.0) —Once again a preseason star, Mike Boone turned another impressive camp and exhibition schedule into a roster spot in a deep backfield. A special teams mainstay who played 222 snaps [52.1%] on all four phases. An elusive runner when given opportunities, but his inexperienced was exposed over time. Forced nine missed tackles on 52 touches. Played just 15 snaps on offense before Mattison's ankle injury. Scored two of his three touchdowns the following week against the Chargers, when Boone was elevated to the No. 1 role after Cook's shoulder injury. Played 82 offensive snaps [7.9%]. Not penalized. Third on the team with 273 rushing yards, including a career-high 148 yards during his second NFL start in the Week 17 loss to the Bears. Contributed to two turnovers at the start of that big day with a fumble and a tipped pass into an interception. Shut down the previous week in his first NFL start against the Packers. RB Tony Brooks-James (N/A) —Signed to the practice squad on Dec. 11 after Mattison's ankle injury. The undrafted rookie from Oregon had stops with the Falcons, Bucs and Steelers this season. Re-signed to a 2020 futures deal with the Vikings on Jan. 12.




On yesterday, 18 January 2020, the Diocese of Alabama elected a bishop coadjutor. The election was wide open for the four candidates, the Rev. Dr. Glenda Curry, the Rev. Evan Garner, the Rev. Allison Liles, and the Rev. Aaron Raulerson. All four were parish clergy with deep roots in Alabama. None had served in any capacity as a bishop. Likewise, there was no assistant or suffragan bishop of the diocese to advance. All four were attractive and popular candidates with much to offer the diocese and all had performed well in the beauty pageant of the Walk About two weeks earlier. There was no "front runner" going into the election and there was no poll or survey to show how the candidates were faring in popular opinion. The clergy and lay delegates went to the convention with no idea of how the election would go. The bishop confessed in his homily he honestly did not know who would win. Therefore, there was much uncertainty and anticipation at how the balloting would go.

For the first time, there were female candidates on the slate. The two women were quite different in experience and age. One offered a stellar record of experience but at 66 could serve only six years as bishop. The other offered youth (apparently around age 40) but much less parish and administrative experience. The two men candidates were well-regarded and experienced parish rectors.

In order to win election, a candidate had to carry a majority of the vote in both orders on the same ballot.

On the first ballot, the votes were:

                    Clergy          Laity
Curry          60 (43%)     109 (43%)
Garner        23 (16%)     28 (11%)
Liles            39 (28%)     67 (27%)
Raulerson   19 (13%)     47 (18%)

Thus, on the first ballot, no one won a majority in either order although Curry came close and was the clear front-runner. The most startling outcome was the vast male/female split. The two women candidates together carried 71% among the clergy and 70% among the laity, the two men dividing the rest. This made it perfectly clear the assembly wanted a woman to be elected. The dilemma was, which woman to choose? I do not know as a fact, but I surmise the choice between the two women was whether to go with youth or experience. When it was clear that the assembly preferred a woman candidate and one of the women was actually within sight of majority in both orders, voters began to prepare for shifts on the second ballot. Interestingly enough, no candidate dropped out after the first ballot.

On the second ballot, the votes were:

                    Clergy          Laity
Curry          77 (55%)     127 (51%)
Garner        14 (10%)     17 (7%)
Liles            42 (30%)     63 (25%)
Raulerson    8 (6%)        43 (17%)

On the second ballot, Curry won a majority in both orders and the election. The two women candidates combined carried the overwhelming majority of the assembly, 85% of the clergy and 76% of the laity. Half of the clergy who had supported the men candidates in the first round moved to vote for the women. Among the laity, the shift was significant but not quite as dramatic. My best guess is Curry won because 1) everyone could see the will of the people was to have a female bishop, 2) everyone could see that Curry was close to a majority and could easily get there, and 3) voters felt that, in this case, experience should take precedent over youth even if it meant the diocese would have to conduct a new bishop's search in a few years. Obviously, a lot of people thought another search in a few years was worth it for Curry. With this, Curry picked up 17 new clergy votes and 18 new lay votes. This meant the majority in both orders and the victory. This was a clear-cut decision. There was no question or controversy about it. Close to being resolved on the first ballot, it was easily finished on the second go-around. Curry was clearly the choice of the electoral body.

Bishop coadjutor-elect, the Rev. Dr. Glenda Curry

Curry is the first female elected bishop in Alabama and only the third elected in Province IV of the Episcopal Church (Prov. IV=New Orleans, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY). In 2013, Anne Hodges-Copple became suffragan bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina where she remains. In 2019, Phoebe Alison Roaf was elected bishop of the Diocese of West Tennessee. After Roaf, Curry will be only the second female diocesan bishop in Province IV.

Province IV is well below average in numbers of women bishops in the Episcopal Church. Nationally, 19% of all bishops in TEC are female. Between 1989 and 2019, 249 men were elected bishops in TEC while 37 women were chosen. This is well below the averages for all clergy in TEC. In 2019, among all the full-time priests in the Episcopal Church, 38% were women and 62% were men. Thus, the percentage of women as bishops runs half of that of priests. Women have been elected bishops in TEC since 1989. For more on women bishops see "Women are Joining the House of Bishops at Unprecedented Rate" here .

In conclusion, the election yesterday tells me several things. Alabama was ready to elect its first woman as bishop. Alabama is one of the deepest red, most conservative states in America. If this state is ready to move to equality for and inclusion of women into every aspect of life in the church including offices of authority, every state is ready. After all this time, at long last, dioceses everywhere, even in the deep south, are waking up to the need to put into action the ideals on the books. In the life of the Episcopal Church, this is the moment of the woman into the episcopacy. It is overdue. 

Going into the election, I noted two strains in the recent history of the diocese of Alabama, go-slow moderation and social activism. I was eager to see which strain would prevail in the convention yesterday. Now we know. Yesterday's election proves the diocese is committed to social activism. This means it is firmly in the mainstream of the Episcopal Church and unquestionably committed to the social reform trajectory the national church has promoted for the last sixty years. Any fear that this diocese would go careening from the mainstream off toward one edge of the church racing toward possible schism is off the table. I am happy to report I see no significant danger of schism in the diocese of Alabama. This is not to say there are no critics of the national church and even the diocesan policies. There certainly are critics, and it is their right to be critical. Indeed, criticism is often constructive and beneficial. However, as I see it, their criticism is in the context of the diocese and the national church, not in seeking to break them up. I think that was probably the greatest take-away from yesterday's electoral convention. 

The Episcopal Church is alive and well in Alabama and yesterday's great event brought that home loudly and clearly.   


Lawlor Published in Commercial Observer   

Brian E. Lawlor, special counsel in the firm’s Affordable Housing Practice Group in the New York and New Orleans offices, recently authored the article, “All Affordable Housing Development Is Local,” in the Commercial Observer. In the article, Mr. Lawlor discusses how grass roots support is the key component of success for any affordable housing development.… Continue Reading

Insurer Responds To Insured's Appeal Of No Coverage Ruling Of Alleged Data Breach   

NEW ORLEANS - A commercial general liability insurer on Nov. 25 filed its response in the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeal to an insured's appeal of a lower court's finding that the insurer has no duty to defend against an underlying lawsuit seeking to recover damages purportedly caused by a data breach of the insured's credit card processing system (Landry's Inc. v. The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, No. 19-20430, 5th Cir.).

Uptown residents upset with frequent porch pirates   


Porch pirates have been the public enemy making their presence known, especially during the holiday season, when busy shoppers are working their hardest to ensure they get every present they need. However, in New Orleans porch piracy is considered to be a common occurrence and some residents are fed up. “Enough is enough,” said Uptown...

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Australians in New Orleans feel support away from home   


Like most students living away from home, Josh Leaney has learned to cope with homesickness. However, with Leaney’s home of Brisbane, Australia facing deadly wildfires, his homesickness has been taken to a whole other level. “Being 24 hours away by plane is a big thing,” the physics junior said. “If it was closer, it wouldn’t...

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Wyniki i statystyki dzień #87 – Lebron lepszy od Hardena i Westbrooka, Utah wracają do zwycięstw, potknięcie Celtics   

New Orleans Pelicans (16-27) – Los Angeles Clippers (30-13) 130:133 Clippers pokonali Pelicans, ale zwycięstwo wyszarpali dopiero w 4 kwarcie, którą wygrali 31:20 Drużyna z LA miała tego wieczoru 2 liderów – Kawhi rzucił...

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Brandon Ingram beats 4th quarter buzzer, drops 49 on Jazz to lead Pelicans to OT win   


This report is prepared by Sujoy Dhar for Indilens

It appeared that Brandon Ingram had won the game for the New Orleans Pelicans on Thursday night against the Utah Jazz, when he nailed this go-ahead jumper with 0.2 seconds remaining in regulation. BRANDON. INGRAM. CLUTCH. Career-high 44 PTS and the game-winner. Wow. — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) January 17, 2020 But Utah’s Rudy Gobert …

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Announcing SSOR Surf Nite! March 23rd   

Storm Surge of Reverb Surf Nite

Saturday March 23rd we're having a night of wild guitar action at the tiki bar Portside Lounge here in New Orleans. All $12 of your money goes to WTUL and therefore to support Storm Surge of Reverb.

Three bands!

The Unnaturals

New Orleans' longest-running instrumental rocknroll outfit, a fearsome trio with every song flashing a different shade from the last.

Shark Attack!!

A loud and high-energy surf combo that covers not only the surf classics but some unexpected usually-vocal covers. They coordinate their guitar moves, you coordinate your dance moves.

The Del-Vipers

Hailing from Austin, TX, The Del-Vipers are the distillation of that proto-punk rage pioneered by the wildest early surf musicians and honed by Man or Astro-man. Hard-hitting riffs match unrelenting rhythms with a shade of exotic mystery. I've been dreaming of getting this band to cross state lines for years!

And of course I'll be DJing before and between sets. Brand new Storm Surge of Reverb T-Shirts will be on sale.



100 things to do in Parker in 2019   

Splash, skate, celebrate; groove, roll and stroll — the Town of Parker is Your Kind of Place to live it up all year long. This list has plenty of suggestions — 100 to be exact — to keep you, your family and your friends active, involved and entertained here in Parker from the beginning of January through the end of December. But these ideas are just a start. We encourage you to explore our Town with this list as your guide or on your own and share the experience with us on social media using #TownofParkerCO, #ParkerRec and #ParkerArts. Now get out and enjoy the year ahead! 100. See the Stonegate Mammoth fossils: Find the display in the Town Hall lobby underneath the stairs.  99. Laugh it up at Comedy & Cocktails: Enjoy a drink and have a laugh in this series held at The Schoolhouse.   98. Celebrate at a Parker festival: Festivals and special events are scheduled throughout the year by community organizations. Find them on the Town calendar. 97. Let your pup splash in the pool at Barker Days: This exciting Parker Parks and Recreation event welcomes hundreds of dogs with their owners and features a temporary dog park in the O’Brien Park ball field and H2O’Brien Pool, along with dog-related vendors.  96. Enroll in a citizen academy: Learn more about the Town through the Civic Academy or Citizen’s Police Academy Program courses.  95. Take skating lessons at the Parker Ice Trail at Discovery Park: These 30-minute lessons are offered Sundays from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 to 10 a.m. in small groups of 8 skaters or less. Learn more on the Ice Trail website.  94: Become a star at a theater class: Adult and youth theater classes are organized by Parker Arts.  93: Pick up a copy of the Town Calendar & Annual Report: The Town Calendar & Annual Report includes an eight-page summary of 2018 achievements as well as a complete 2019 calendar listing meetings and Town-sponsored and community events. Additional copies are available at the Town Hall front desk while supplies last. A digital version can also be found on the Town website.  92: Experience a Parker Chorale performance at the PACE Center: Love Songs: Madrigal to Motown is scheduled for May 4 and 5 at the PACE Center.  91: Ride to Parker’s Bike to Work Day breakfast station: Ditch your car and grab your bike for Bike to Work Day on June 26! The Town’s station along the Cherry Creek Trail near the E470 overpass features a complimentary breakfast, fun giveaways, free custom Town of Parker Bike to Work Day t-shirts, and bike checks and repairs. 90: Learn about Parker’s past at the Heritage Center: Maintained by the Parker Area Historical Society, find the center on the lower level of The Schoolhouse. 89: Swim a lap at the Parker Recreation Center indoor pool: The pool features a 25 yard, six lane lap pool, with a diving well, warm water therapy pool, activity pool with a zero depth entrance, play feature, lazy river and lap lanes, rock climbing wall over a catch pool and enclosed waterslide.  88. Participate in a Parker Arts or Parker Parks and Recreation camp: There's plenty of fun to be had and things to learn at any of the Parker Arts camps or Parker Parks and Recreation camps.  87. Stroll through the Parker Arboretum: The Arboretum project began at McCabe Meadows in April of 2002 with an Arbor Day planting of 34 trees and over 200 trees have been added since then. The project is envisioned as an educational area, where residents can come to enjoy a wide range of trees, including flowering varieties, evergreens, shade trees and dwarf species.  86. Meet royalty at the Princess Ball: Your little princess will feel like the belle of this sparkling ball scheduled for Jan. 25 with tiaras, dancing, refreshments and fun activities that will keep everyone entertained.  85. Book a personal training session: The Town of Parker has a team of nationally-certified personal trainers on staff. Each is qualified to maximize your fitness potential while minimizing potential for injury, over-training and burn out.  84: Sign up for CodeRed emergency alerts: CodeRed is a high-speed telephone emergency notification system that allows public safety personnel to send messages directly to residents — whether they are home or away — during an emergency.  83: Take a swing at playing Pickleball: Looking for something new? Try pickleball! Pickleball is a racquet sport which combines badminton, tennis and table tennis. The sport is played on a smaller court with a net that's just a bit lower than a tennis net and is played with a hard paddle and a wiffle ball.  82: Hike a Flat 14er: Flat 14ers is a State of Colorado initiative to encourage children, families and community members to increase their level of physical activity by hiking the equivalent of a 14er on flatter trails. Parker is home to three such Flat 14er paths.  81: Meet the Mounted Patrol or K9 Unit: These Parker Police Department teams appear at community events over the course of the year.  80: Run through the Discovery Park Play Fountain: During the summer months, the Discovery Park Play Fountain is a destination for all ages! The approximately 900 square foot water feature includes programmable water jets embedded below the paving surface and color changing LED lights, allowing use during the day or on a warm summer evening.  79: See the Watercolor Society National Exhibition at the Pace Center: Coming May 3 to June 26 to the PACE Center Gallery. 78: Host a National Night Out event: As part of efforts to strengthen police-community partnerships, Parker Police Department staff members make appearances at registered National Night Out events each year.  77. Get your steps in at the Senior Stroll: To celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day, Parker Parks and Recreation hosts the annual Senior Stroll. This free event consists of a one-mile fun walk on a paved trail, delicious refreshments, socializing with friends, along with great giveaways! This year’s stroll is May 29.  76. Watch a Parker Arts stage production: Parker Arts and Inspire Theatre Company bring plays and musicals to the PACE Center and Schoolhouse stages throughout the year.  75. Visit the historic 20-Mile House: The first permanent structure built in what would become the Town of Parker has been preserved and is displayed just west of the Mainstreet and Parker Road intersection.  74. Try a new recreation activity: Break out of your typical routine and try out a new sport or activity with Parker Parks and Recreation.  73. Feel the rhythm at a dance class: Adult and youth classes are offered by Parker Arts.  72. Attend a Family Discovery Series event: Introduce your children to the arts with this special series organized by Parker Arts. 71. Apply to serve on a Town board or commission: Each year there are positions available on citizen commissions run by the Town of Parker including the Board of Appeals, Cultural and Scientific Commission, Investment Advisory Committee, Planning Commission and Special Licensing Authority.  70. Let the kids play at Parents’ Night Out: Parents, grab some friends and enjoy a night with adults while Parker Parks and Recreation staff watch your kids. Our talented staff will keep your kids active and entertained so you don't have to.  69. Welcome spring during the Arbor Day Celebration: Join the Town of Parker and the Parks and Recreation Department in celebration of Arbor Day on April 27. Parker Parks and Recreation celebrates by giving away seedling trees! There are also family-friendly activities, Arbor Day goodies and delicious pancakes, while supplies last.  68. Enter a photo in the annual calendar contest: See your photograph featured in the 2020 Town Calendar and Annual Report by entering the annual calendar photo contest.  67. Take a public art tour with the Otocast app: Download the Otocast app and select the Parker Public Art tour to hear about the works displayed around Town from the artists themselves. 66. Join the Police Explorers Program: The Parker Police Explorer Post helps youth gain insight into law enforcement programs through experiential learning with lots of fun-filled, hands-on activities.  65. Learn something new at a lecture series talk: Free and open to the public, the monthly lectures cover a variety of topics.  64. Visit every public park: The Town currently maintains approximately 250 acres of developed parkland. Find a list of every public park here.  63. Volunteer at a Town event: There are several ways for individuals or groups to volunteer with the Town of Parker through year-round and special event activities. 62. Become a recreation league champion: Kickball, basketball, inline hockey and more, form a team and compete for a championship with a Parker Parks and Recreation league.  61. Choose Parker when you shop, dine and play: Did you know that the money you spend shopping, dining and playing in Parker has a direct impact on your local government’s ability to provide the great services on which you, your friends and family rely? Sales tax is the Town of Parker's main source of revenue and it is used to pay for the many services and amenities enjoyed by residents and visitors, including police protection and public safety; road and traffic enhancements and improvements; parks, trails and recreation facilities; cultural programs; community events and more. 60. Schedule a Police Department ride-along: The primary purpose of a police ride-along is to provide an opportunity for the community to see firsthand the day-to-day workings of law enforcement in Parker. To participate, complete an application and return it to the Police Department.  59. Be amazed by the Wonderbound dance company: Wonderbound and Parker Arts have been partners for several years, bringing avant-garde performances to the Town.  58. Become a weather spotter: Be trained as a weather spotter by the National Weather Service at one of these educational sessions.  57. Roll into Saturday Skate Night: Grab some friends and bring your roller skates or blades to the Parker Fieldhouse on select Saturday nights for Skate Night! Participants can skate around the inline rink, listen to great, family-friendly music and play games. 56. Trick or Treat on Mainstreet: Bring all your little gouls, ghosts, goblins, princesses, super heroes and anyone else celebrating Halloween to downtown Parker for an evening of fun sponsored by the Cherry Creek Valley Rotary Club of Parker.  55. Hold your event at a Town facility: Rent a Parker Arts space for your event or wedding, or reserve a Parker Parks and Recreation space for an event or gathering.  54. Scale the 25’ climbing wall: The Parker Fieldhouse 25' indoor rock climbing tower with an adjacent bouldering structure incorporates natural features for a realistic rock feel and, along with many hand and foot holds, presents a variety of challenges for novice and experienced climbers.  53. Attend a meeting: Meetings of the Parker Town Council, Parker Planning Commission, Partnering for Parker’s Progress, and Special Licensing Authority are held at Town Hall each month. Find a calendar and meeting agendas here.  52. Read one of the Town blogs: Learn more about Town operations, meet our employees and find local business spotlights by reading one of our Town blogs at 51. Have milk and cookies with Santa: Don't miss this opportunity to spend some time with the jolly man in the bright red suit on Dec. 8. It is a great start to the Ho Ho Holiday season with crafts, light refreshments and more!  50. Visit a Made in Parker business: The Made in Parker series spotlights local shops and entrepreneurs who make their products or operate right here in the Town of Parker. Meet these businesses on the Made in Parker blog.  49. Traverse 30 miles of trails: Parker Parks and Recreation maintains more than 30 miles of concrete paved, multi-use trails throughout the Town, as well as 6 miles of natural surface equestrian trail along Cherry Creek and a 1.8-mile natural surface, multi-use loop trail in the Idyllwild area.  48. Attend an Uncharted Music Series performance: This Parker Arts series dares you to break out of your routine and discover the music of emerging talent, obscure genres, and sounds that are fresh and new to you.  47. Get in the spirit at the Christmas Carriage Parade: The Parker Christmas Carriage Parade is a valued tradition held annually in downtown Parker in celebration of the holiday season. Come and experience that holiday feeling in the air and enjoy this all-equestrian parade made up of dozens of horse-drawn carriages, wagons, surreys and stagecoaches from across Colorado, all dressed up for the occasion on Dec. 14.  46. Celebrate Park and Recreation Month in July: Parker Parks and Recreation joins the national recognition of Park and Recreation Month in July with a month of special events and activities. Look for more details this summer. 45. Walk through Art in the Park booths: Art in the Park is a Parker annual tradition each August presented by the Parker Artists Guild.  44. Follow the Town of Parker on social media: Keep up with the latest Town news by following the Town, Parks and Recreation Department, Parker Police Department, and Parker Arts on social media.  43. Attend a Parker Symphony Orchestra performance: The Parker Symphony Orchestra is Parker's community orchestra performing orchestral music at the PACE Center.  42. Swim, bike and run at the Kids’ TRY-athlon: This event is about fun over competition. Boys and girls show their skills in three events: swimming, biking and running. Come on, kids, TRY it out July 20.  41. Check out the Parker Diorama: Find the detailed glimpse of Parker’s past belonging to the Parker Area Historical Society at the Historical Center in The Schoolhouse.  40. Gift a flag flown at Town Hall: Anyone can purchase a United States flag that has flown over Parker Town Hall. Flags will be flown on a day of your choosing, if possible, to acknowledge an event such as a birthday, anniversary or recognition of an honor.  39. Practice your skills at Railbender Skate Park: Railbender Skate and Tennis Park amenities include a 36,000 square foot lighted skate park, which features street, plaza and bowl, transition features, plus two beginner bowls. In addition, the park features six lighted tennis courts.  38. Meander through art galleries: Find rotating exhibits at the PACE Center and The Schoolhouse galleries.  37. Usher in the season at Mayor’s Holiday Lighting: Join the Town of Parker Nov. 29 for an enchanted evening in O’Brien Park when the park and downtown holiday lights are switched on for the first time.  36. Have a birthday or team party with Parker Parks and Recreation: Parker Parks and Recreation offers a variety of exciting party options at either the Parker Recreation Center or the Parker Fieldhouse.  35. Ask a Town question on the Fact or Fiction page: Have you heard a rumor in the community and want to fact check it? If so, look no further than the Fact or Fiction page! Post your questions and Town staff will provide accurate and up-to-date information and answers.  34. Walk and learn along the Auburn Hills Community Park educational trail: Auburn Hills Community Park has a unique interpretive and educational area, which incorporates six educational stations — a butterfly garden, weather station, plant life cycle, Colorado wildlife and geology, astronomy and outdoor amphitheater seating area for class lectures. 33. Explore Parker’s Open Budget: The Town of Parker provides this Open Budget experience to help our constituents understand how their tax dollars are collected and spent.  32. Find every overpass mural: Located throughout the Town, these works showcase art on a larger-than-life scale.  31. Hit the trail at a Run Series event: Parker Recreation hosts four family-friendly races each year as part of the annual Run Series. Races include Love ‘em or Leave ‘em Valentine’s Day 5K/10K, Cattle Crossing 5K & Family Fun Trek, So Long to Summer 5K/10K and Turkey Day 5K FUN Run/Walk.  30. Test your knowledge during Parker Quest: Look for more details about this history scavenger hunt presented by the Parker Area Historical Society later in the year. 29. Cast a line at Cops and Bobbers: Cops and Bobbers is an event where Parker Police Officers teach children how to fish and assist them as they cast their first line. (This event has be canceled)  28. Enjoy a Friday Night Jazz session: Featuring some of Colorado’s finest jazz musicians, the Friday Night Jazz Series delivers the jazz club vibe right into the heart of Parker’s downtown.  27. Try out the Westcreek Disc Golf Course: The Westcreek Disc Golf Course includes 18 holes designed with assistance from local enthusiasts and experts. 26. Sign up for Town news email notifications: Through the Notify Me system, residents may sign up to receive text or email news and alerts from the Town. Notification lists include citizen involvement, community events, roads and transportation, Town calendar, Parker Authority for Reinvestment, Parker Planning Commission and Town Council meetings and several more. Residents may sign up or unsubscribe from notifications anytime at 25. Recycle material at a Household Chemical Roundup: Tri-County Health Department organizes Household Chemical Roundups for Adams and Douglas Counties in the spring and summer. These community events help dispose of chemical waste properly, prevent pollution and protect the people handling your garbage. The Parker collection event is scheduled for May 18.  24. Mix up your workout routine at the outdoor fitness station: Located between Parker Town Hall and the PACE Center, the fitness station offers a mix of equipment for an outdoor workout any time of the year. 23. Take an art class: Courses are offered in a variety of media for adults and children.  22. Volunteer for Teen Court: Teen Court is a community-based intervention/prevention program designed to provide an alternative response to the juvenile justice system for first-time, nonviolent, misdemeanor juvenile offenders, in which community youth determine appropriate sanctions for the offender. The program holds youth offenders accountable and provides educational services to offenders and youth volunteers in an effort to promote long-term behavioral change that leads to enhanced public safety.  21. Skate the Parker Ice Trail at Discovery Park: During the winter, the Parker Ice Trail at Discovery Park is available seven days a week. One of the only ice trails in the country, the skating path meanders through the park reminiscent of a frozen river or canal.  20. Scale the Recreation Center's indoor pool climbing wall: Try your hand at this indoor climbing feature the stretches above a catch pool.  19. Attend a sales tax or building information class: The Town of Parker Sales Tax Division hosts a free Sales Tax Taxpayer Seminar several times throughout the year to provide business owners with a chance to learn more about the Town’s sales tax regulations. Hosted by the Community Development Department's Building Division, free Homeowner Building Classes give residents a chance to ask all kinds of building-related questions. Building Division staff will take you through the permit process, explain fees and discuss required inspections.  18. Shop at the Parker Farmer’s Market: Among the metro’s largest and most recognized, the Parker Farmer’s Market lines Mainstreet on Sundays from May through October.  17. Pick up a Parker Proud sticker at Town Hall: Display your Parker pride by picking up a Parker Proud sticker from the Town Hall front desk during regular hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. 16. Mark your calendar for Public Works Week in May: Show your appreciation for the work of the Engineering and Public Works Department and stay tuned for special event announcements during Public Works Week in May. 15. Make music in Harmony Park: Harmony Park Musical Classroom is an interactive public art exhibit featuring outdoor wind and percussion instruments installed on the PACE Center’s East Patio.  14. Take part in a Let’s Talk Parker project: Provide your feedback on Town projects and initiatives by registering for Let’s Talk Parker. The community engagement website is an innovative platform allowing residents to get involved at a time most convenient for them.  13. Get spooky at Fieldhouse Fright Night: Fieldhouse Fright Night welcomes ghastly ghouls, spooky spirits and wicked witches of all shapes and sizes to the Parker Fieldhouse for an evening of family-friendly fun!  12. Buzz over to the Honey Festival: Held Aug. 4 by Parker Arts, the festival highlights the benefits of the honey bee in our community ecosystem.  11. Enjoy breakfast at Coffee with a Cop: Coffee with a Cop is an opportunity for Parker residents to meet the men and women of the Parker Police Department who serve them on a daily basis.  10. Enroll in a group fitness class: Parker Recreation offers more than 100 group exercise classes per week to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  9. Walk through the downtown holiday lights: See downtown Parker in its holiday best when illuminated by 90,000-plus twinkling lights. The lights, which are switched on at the Mayor’s Holiday Lighting, shine in O’Brien Park and along Mainstreet through early January. 8. Adopt a street, flowerbed, trail or open space: Through the Adopt-an-Open Space/Street/Trail Program, participants help keep the Town of Parker clean by adopting a street, open space, or trail and periodically picking up the trash in that area.  7. Take a walk in the USMC CPL David M. Sonka Dog Park: The Town of Parker's first dog park is named for Corporal David M. Sonka who graduated from Chaparral High School. In 2013, Corporal Sonka and his military working dog, Flex, were killed in action in Afghanistan. The dog park features nearly five acres of off-leash space with shade structures, drinking fountains, small dog area and an agility course.  6. Check out the downtown Art Encounters sculptures: Art Encounters is a year-long outdoor sculpture exhibit that showcases a number of sculptures, in various media and styles, displayed in highly visible areas in downtown Parker. Find the 2018-2019 works through May and look for the 2019-2020 set beginning in June.  5. Become a top chef with a cooking class: Classes for adults and children are offered by Parker Arts in multiple cuisines. 4. Find remains of Parker’s railroad past along the Sulphur Gulch: See remains of Denver & New Orleans Railroad tracks behind the PACE Center along the Sulphur Gulch Trail. The railway came to Parker in 1882 and remained in operation until 1931. 3. Splash and slide at H2O’Brien Pool: H2O'Brien Outdoor Pool features two 182' water slides, a waterworks play structure, a spray garden, sprays and geysers, a circulation and lap pool, a concession area and a shade pavilion.  2. Groove at a Discovery Park Summer Concert Series show: Held every Thursday evening in Discovery Park May 30 through Aug. 1. 1. Celebrate America at the Parker Stars and Stripes Celebration: Celebrate Independence Day at the Town of Parker's Stars and Stripes Celebration. Bring your blankets and lawn chairs and set up for an evening jam packed with family fun and a spectacular fireworks display on July 4 in Salisbury Park. 

WDSF világversenyek 2020   


Ebben az évben egy világversenyt már biztosan rendez Magyarország: a 21 éven aluliak Standard világbajnokságának Kistelek ad otthont szeptember elején. A csongrádi kisvárosban már rutinosak a világversenyek rendezésében, az elmúlt években a junior, az ifjúsági és a senior korosztályok legjobbjai fordultak meg a parketten, idén pedig egy újabb korcsoportot láthat majd a közönség. A világbajnokságok közül egyébként már csak a Senior II. Latin időpontja és helyszíne hiányzik a versenynaptárból, míg az Európa-bajnokságoknál (sajnos) elég foghíjas a lista, világ- és Európa-kupa helyszínek és időpontok pedig egyáltalán nincsenek még az idei nemzetközi versenynaptárban.

Talán elég jó hír, hogy mindhárom felnőtt világbajnokságot Európában rendezik az idén, Bécs (standard) és Pozsony (tíztánc) nemcsak a versenyzők, de a a szurkolók számára is abszolút elérhető közelségben van, és a latin világbajnokságért is csak Spanyolországig kell majd utazni. 2020-ban Európán kívül csak az Ifjúsági Latin, a Senior II. Tíztánc valamint a Standard és Latin Kűr világbajnokságot rendezik meg.

2020-ban latin táncokban a Samba és a Rumba, standard táncokban az Angol keringő és a Tangó lesz a szóló tánc.

WDSF Világbajnokságok:
- Latin világbajnokság - 2020. december 5. Guadalajara (Spanyolország)
- Standard világbajnokság - 2020. november 21. Bécs (Ausztria)
- Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020. szeptember 19. Pozsony (Szlovákia)
- U21 Latin világbajnokság - 2020. május 30. Jereván (Örményország)
- U21 Standard világbajnokság - 2020. szeptember 6. Kistelek (Magyarország)
- U21 Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020. május 2. Chisinau (Moldávia)
- Ifjúsági Latin világbajnokság - 2020. június 20. Da Lian (Kína)
- Ifjúsági Standard világbajnokság - 2020. október 24. Moszkva (Oroszország)
- Ifjúsági Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020. december 19. Moszkva (Oroszország)
- Junior II. Latin világbajnokság - 2020. május 30. Jereván (Örményország)
- Junior II. Standard világbajnokság - 2020. november 14. Rishon Le Zion (Izrael)
- Junior II. Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020. december 19. Moszkva (Oroszország)
- Senior I. Latin világbajnokság - 2020. október 16. Almere (Hollandia)
- Senior I. Standard világbajnokság - 2020. február 7. Antwerpen (Belgium)
- Senior I. Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020. február 15. Lyon (Franciaország)
- Senior II. Latin világbajnokság - 2020.
- Senior II. Standard világbajnokság - 2020. szeptember 26. Bertrange (Luxemburg)
- Senior II. Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020. július 11. New Orleans (Egyesült Államok)
- Senior III. Latin világbajnokság - 2020. június 21. Benidorm (Spanyolország)
- Senior III. Standard világbajnokság - 2020. október 16. Almere (Hollandia)
- Senior IV. Standard világbajnokság - 2020. június 20. Benidorm (Spanyolország)

- Latin Kűr világbajnokság - 2020. május 9. Shijiazhuang City (Kína)
- Standard Kűr világbajnokság - 2020. május 10. Shijiazhuang City (Kína)

- Profi Latin világbajnokság - 2020. november 7. Drezda (Németország)
- Profi Standard világbajnokság - 2020. december 6. Moszkva (Oroszország)
- Profi Tíztánc világbajnokság - 2020.
- Profi Latin Kűr világbajnokság - 2020. október 24. Lipcse (Németország)
- Profi Standard Kűr világbajnokság - 2020. október 24. Lipcse (Németország)

- Latin táncok formációs világbajnoksága - 2020. december 12. Bréma (Németország)
- Standard táncok formációs világbajnoksága - 2020. december 5. Braunschweig (Németország)

WDSF Európa-bajnokságok:
- Latin Európa-bajnokság - 2020.
- Standard Európa-bajnokság - 2020.
- Tíztánc Európa-bajnokság - 2020.
- Ifjúsági Latin Európa-bajnokság - 2020. április 4. Marseille (Franciaország)
- Ifjúsági Standard Európa-bajnokság - 2020. június 6. Kassa (Szlovákia)
- Ifjúsági Tíztánc Európa-bajnokság - 2020. március 7. Brno (Csehország)

- Latin Kűr Európa-bajnokság - 2020. június 8. Prága (Csehország)
- Standard Kűr Európa-bajnokság - 2020. június 8. Prága (Csehország)

- Standard táncok Formációs Európa-bajnoksága - 2020.
- Latin táncok Formációs Európa-bajnokság - 2020. május 23. Bécs (Ausztria)

- Profi Latin Európa-bajnokság - 2020. május 3. Chisinau (Moldávia)
- Profi Standard Európa-bajnokság - 2020.
- Profi Tíztánc Európa-bajnokság - 2020.
- Profi Latin Kűr Európa-bajnokság - 2020.
- Profi Standard Kűr Európa-bajnokság - 2020.

(Forrás: WDSF)


Coast Guard Cutter Decisive assists disabled boat   

NEW ORLEANS – Coast Guard Cutter Decisive assisted a disabled vessel offshore Mobile, Alabama, Saturday. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Mobile received a report at 7:23 a.m. Friday that the 52-foot vessel, Sava, was disabled and adrift with four people aboard approximately 82 nautical miles south of Cape San Blas, Panama City, Florida. Sector watchstanders […]

Coast Guard medevacs man with gunshot wound near Lake Borgne   

NEW ORLEANS – The Coast Guard medevaced a man with a gunshot wound near Lake Borgne, Louisiana, Friday. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector New Orleans received a report at 9:55 a.m. of a man who sustained an accidental gunshot wound to his lower back while duck hunting approximately 10 miles northeast of Hopedale. Sector watchstanders […]

Coast Guard urges preparedness as high water season approaches   

NEW ORLEANS – As the high water season begins on the Mississippi and the Western Rivers, the Coast Guard urges mariners to prepare for the risks associated with high water levels and strong currents. High water and strong river currents can quickly create a dangerous situation for a vessel and its crew. It is important […]

Opal Group’s Investment Education Symposium Will Take on February 19 – 21, 2020   

January 20, 2020 (New Orleans, LA)—Opal Group, a global conference organizer that caters to top executives and influencers, will host a three-day exclusive event that aims to provide broad education and information on investing, fiduciary responsibility, pension funds, and more. The Investment Educa...

NFL Player Ben Watson Slams Hollywood’s Pro-Abortion Culture: “Children are Not a Burden”   

Benjamin Watson is not only a former NFL player — he’s also the father of seven children, a man of faith, a commentator, and an advocate for life. The 39-year-old football player, who formerly played for the Baltimore Ravens, the New Orleans Saints, and the Cleveland Browns, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an […]

"It's Everywhere!"   


Tiring of our culinary options, Dr. M and I shuttled to a nearby hotel, where we enjoyed a fine lunch. 

Until the check came.

That place was more expensive that our place.

And our place was ridiculous.

Awaiting the return shuttle to our hotel – “complimentary” to make up for twelve-fifty “Smoothies” – we were approached by a hyper-chatty “Car Jockey” from the place where we’d consumed our hideously overpriced lunch, eager to fill the time for a tip.  

“What’s ‘Original Six’?” he asked, reading the crown of the cap on my head.

“The original six teams in the National Hockey League,” I explained.

“Oh, the Maple Leafs!” he crowed with Polynesian excitement, mixed with tropical incongruity.

“They’re one if them”, I coolly acknowledged.

I then removed my cap, showing him the included six original team “logos.”  Which he began confidently to reel off.”

“The Red Wings, the Black Hawks, the Bruins…”

He then started to falter.

“The Oilers.”


“The Islanders.”


I then correctly filled in the blanks.

“The Canadiens and the Rangers.”

Quickly recovering his composure, the man deftly got my haole (non-Hawaiian) goat.

“What team won the most championships?”

“Montreal”, I droopily replied.

Adding redundantly, “We hate those guys.”

Earning a vindicating chuckle for himself while sending “Toronto Earl” into a failure-filled funk.

From which I quickly recovered.

“Just like Maui hates Oahu.” (Rivaling islands I knew were not pals.)

The Maui resident instantly caved.

“Oh yeah.  We hate that place.  We get what we need there, and we’re gone!”

Then I realized this phenomenon was less than unusual. 

Everywhere you look, you find vying geographical entities:

Toronto – Montreal.

Maui – Oahu.

San Francisco – L.A.

New Orleans – Baton Rouge.

Bismarck – Fargo

Sao Paolo and Rio.

Moscow and St.Petersburg

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Melbourne and Sydney.

Venus and Jupiter.

To name just eleven.

And I am sure there are more.  (You may be pondering an adversarial pairing right as we speak.)

Throughout the world – and arguably beyond – it’s

“We’re great, and you suck!”

A benign intense animosity.

The only difference was,

Ours was on skates.


Top Minnesota teacher takes knee at LSU-Clemson game   


A former Minnesota Teacher of the Year staged a protest at the College Football Playoff championship attended by President Donald Trump by taking a knee during the national anthem. Kelly Holstine was among top teachers from around the country attending Monday night’s game at the Superdome in New Orleans in which LSU beat Clemson 42-25. […]

Game Poker dan variannya   


Poker telah dikenal ada sejak 1829. Permainan kartu ini pertama kali direkam untuk dimainkan di New Orleans dengan setumpuk yang terdiri dari 20 kartu. Empat petaruh terlibat dalam permainan pada saat itu. Permainan mulai menggunakan setumpuk 52 kartu sejak 1850. Sejak diperkenalkannya permainan, poker telah berkembang pesat dan menjadi salah satu permainan judi paling populer. […]

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Source: Slapped cop not seeking charges for OBJ   

The officer whose butt was slapped by Odell Beckham Jr. no longer wants to pursue charges against the Browns receiver, and the New Orleans Police Department may withdraw the warrant for OBJ, a source told ESPN's Mike Triplett. More......

Clippers clamp down on defense in fourth quarter to beat Pelicans   


Kawhi Leonard has another 30-point game and the Clippers pick up their defense in the fourth quarter in a 133-130 win over New Orleans on Saturday.


Best Game Ever: Lonzo Ball's crazy step-back jumper wins game for UCLA   


Lonzo Ball, the former Lakers and current New Orleans Pelicans point guard, chooses his game-winning effort in UCLA's win over Oregon as his best game ever.

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