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World leaders agree new push for Libya peace   

World leaders committed to ending all foreign meddling in Libya's war and to uphold a weapons embargo at a Berlin summit on Sunday. This was part of a broader plan to end the spiralling conflict.

Pro-Khalifa Haftar forces 'block oil exports' from key Libya ports   

In Libya, forces loyal to military strongman Khalifa Haftar has blocked oil exports from country's main ports on the eve of peace talks in Berlin.

Referent für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit (w/m/d)   

10178 Berlin, 10115 Berlin

Planung, Konzeption, Entwicklung, Steuerung und Umsetzung von PR-Projekten inkl. Pressekonferenzen; Planung, Konzeption, Entwicklung, Steuerung und Umsetzung von Publikationen in Print und Online; Interne Kommunikation; Redakt

Best of the Decade #20: Margaret   

Best of the Decade: The Return

The twenty best films of the decade were determined by polling all the major and continuing contributors to Reverse Shot in the publication's history.

The Naked City
Lawrence Garcia on Margaret

It’s something of a miracle that Margaret exists at all. Saying this is not just a matter of reckoning with the outsized ambition and accomplishment of writer-director Kenneth Lonergan’s sophomore feature, which starts with a fatal bus accident inadvertently caused by 17-year-old Lisa Cohen (Anna Paquin), before spinning out into an entropic expanse of overlapping dramas. To reckon with the film, one must acknowledge its unusually arduous post-production travails. Though shot in 2005, Margaret was subsequently mired in a litany of lawsuits, sparked by Lonergan’s inability to satisfactorily winnow his film down to the 150-minute runtime stipulated by Fox Searchlight Pictures. The years following resulted in at least three different cuts: a version edited by Dylan Tichenor at the behest of producer Gary Gilbert, whose protracted litigation against Fox Searchlight and Lonergan ended only in 2014; a 165-minute cut edited by Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker, put together as both a personal favor (Lonergan previously co-wrote 2002’s Gangs of New York) and act of artistic advocacy; and the contractual 150-minute cut, finally assembled by Lonergan himself. It is this last version that was quietly released in the fall of 2011, at which point it was drowned in the deluge of awards-season favorites—that is, until it became a critical cause célèbre, culminating in a formal petition to Fox Searchlight to make the film more readily available. In July 2012, a three-hour “extended cut”—Lonergan has been careful not to call it a “director’s cut”—was released on home video, and if its place on this poll is any indication, Margaret’s reputation has risen steadily since.

At the time, this outcome might have seemed inspirational—proof that personal art can triumph within an inhospitable cinematic landscape. But apart from exemplifying the dangers of survivorship bias, the case gestures to a number of marketplace shifts that have occurred in the intervening time—foremost the fact that Fox Searchlight Pictures is now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, which Scorsese took aim at when he called Marvel movies “not cinema.” Without relitigating the endless arguments incited by that pronouncement, it’s enough to observe that Margaret emerged, however belatedly, into a far less risk-averse landscape than now exists at the end of the decade. Lonergan received widespread acclaim for his 2016 follow-up Manchester by the Sea, a sorrow-stricken portrait of incalculable loss and Catholic guilt—but it’s no knock to say that, in at least its formal approach, it offers a less precarious proposition than its predecessor.

Indeed, it seems somehow wrong to even describe Margaret as finished. Appropriately enough given the wending paths of its volatile teenage heroine, the film occupies a state of arrested transformation, as if on the cusp of an epiphany that never quite arrives. Fragmentation and uncertainty dominate its narrative lines, and its world gives the impression of being constantly broken down and remade before our very eyes. Consider the early diner scene between Lisa and her admirer Darren (John Gallagher Jr.) that is regrettably missing from the film’s theatrical cut. From a high-angle shot of the restaurant space, the camera slowly zooms into the booth in which Lisa haltingly yet unambiguously rejects Darren’s tender advances—though what’s crucial is that, by means of a precisely layered soundscape, we hear the banal conversations unfolding all around. The shot’s steady spatial movement might bring to mind the graceful glide across a Berlin subway car in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire (1987), which is accompanied by hushed voiceover that transmits the thoughts of a set of weary commuters. But unlike Wenders, Lonergan here commits to the exterior viewpoint that cinema is naturally geared towards, offering not a set of mellifluous murmurings, but a discordant din. Later, in the midst of a talk between Lisa and her mother, Joan (J. Smith-Cameron), we cut to a shot that drifts across the facade of their apartment complex, the lateral movement set to conversational snippets of various New York stories.

The function of such passages is clear—they decenter Lisa from the narrative, and prevent Margaret from becoming her personal “moral gymnasium,” a phrase Lisa unwittingly borrows from George Bernard Shaw when talking to her absent father (Kenneth Lonergan) over the phone. Paquin’s ostensible heroine is self-absorbed, inconsiderate, changeable, obnoxious, prone to bouts of self-dramatization—a solipsistic teenager in other words—and Lonergan sets up what might seem like a clear dramatic trajectory for her. But he then proceeds to destabilize it with all manner of jagged movements and discursive developments, an approach that’s naturally more pronounced in the extended cut, where for lengthy stretches the inciting incident ceases to feel like an inciting incident at all. As Lisa becomes consumed by guilt for lying about whether or not the bus driver (Mark Ruffalo) ran a red light, and attempts to become accountable for her role in the accident, the city itself—depicted in a series of symphonic interludes—seems to bear down on her, threatening to burst her privileged bubble. Most vividly, Lisa’s climactic outburst at a lawyer’s office, the on-screen endpoint of the arduous affair, leads into a Pakula-esque overhead shot of Lisa fleeing into the streets of Manhattan, her anguished burst of emotion amplified by a cue from Don Giovanni, then dispersed into a sea of anonymity.

On paper, Margaret has all the trappings of high melodrama: Joan’s relationship with businessman Ramon (Jean Reno), which ends with his fatal heart attack and funeral; Lisa’s halting relationship with Darren, her infatuation with snobbish senior Paul (Kieran Culkin), and her affair with her high school math teacher (Matt Damon); her unwanted pregnancy and subsequent abortion; and her tenuous relationship with Emily (Jeannie Berlin), the best friend of the bus accident victim (Allison Janney). But counterposing the story’s expected emotional sweep, indicated by the film’s use of opera, classical music, and Nico Muhly’s symphonic score (more judiciously deployed in the extended cut), is its fine-grained attention to conflict. As Manchester by the Sea would further prove, Lonergan possesses an uncanny ability to modulate huge swaths of emotion with acute behavioral observations and his exacting ear for the cadences and syntax of dialogue. Nigh-unparalleled in American pictures this decade is Margaret’s commitment to delineating the countless convolutions of language and communication: Joan and Ramon’s abortive discussion on the distinctions between brava, bravi, and bravo; Emily and Lisa clashing over the latter’s use of the word “strident”; a heated restaurant discussion on Palestine that ends when one participant uses the phrase “the Jewish response.”

The last example points to a peculiar fact of Margaret’s inclusion in end-of-this-decade discussions, as its post-9/11 sociopolitical context places it in the last decade (a number of Lisa’s classroom debates revolve around the Iraq War and U.S. involvement in the Middle East). Its intended release, after all, was closer to Spike Lee’s 25th Hour (2002), another anguished post-9/11 reckoning in which Paquin also plays a significant role. No political allegory, Margaret nonetheless shows Lisa colliding with forces that have thus far remained abstract to her: the workings of the police force; the intricacies of the courts, the law, and litigation; as well as the unspoken boundaries of adult life. In her attempts to right a moral wrong, she finds herself unable to assert herself in a world where everything seems to conspire to stop her from doing so. But of course it’s worse than that, for as one of Lisa’s classmates suggests during a discussion of King Lear’s “flies to wanton boys” passage, if there is a higher consciousness, how can we, limited as we are, claim to ascribe intentionality to it? (Malevolence and cruelty are, after all, a kind of comfort, for they justify paranoia; more terrifying is a fatal indifference that we cannot even begin to comprehend.) And whether one accepts the interpretation or not, the salient aspect here is the impossibility of fully conveying one’s point of view to another.

What’s at stake in Margaret, then, is no less than the fact of Lisa’s existence in the world: not just the limitations of her youth but also the essential separateness of her being. (To put it another way, Lonergan’s film is concerned with the philosophical problem of other minds.) Amidst its nearly continuous accretion of conflicts, the film articulates the ways by which we attempt to bridge this gap, if such a thing is even possible. Through language, of course, in all its ineluctable imperfection—but also through emotion, which in turn comes with the knowledge that it dulls with age, directly addressed in the film’s title, which is taken from the poem “Spring and Fall” by Gerard Manley Hopkins. (“... It is the blight man was born for, / It is Margaret you mourn for.”) We may wince at the intensity of Lisa’s impassioned outbursts, while also knowing that we may never again feel as fervently as she does—for despite what Emily says while chastising Lisa for “being very young,” the line between “caring more” and “caring more easily” is not so easily defined.

Essential to Margaret’s achievement is its uncanny transmission of experience—its acute ability to immerse the viewer into a veritable “pattern of life,” as Lonergan put it in a New Yorker interview on the film. But even more than that, it manages to convey the mysterious process of that very transmission: the underlying reason that we, as critics and viewers, return to such works, and why we engage in such fleeting, occasionally pointless-seeming grasps at consensus. After all, agreement in such things, despite the multiplicity of essentially separate, irreconcilable viewpoints involved, speaks to, at the very least, a sense of shared experience. It’s fitting, then, that Margaret ends where it does: in the grand halls of the Metropolitan Opera House, with Lisa and Joan, the film’s fractious mother-daughter pair, holding each other and weeping through a rendition of “Barcarolle” from Jacques Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann. The notion that art might be able to vault barriers of language and emotion to become an act of communal catharsis is perhaps naïve. But the supreme delicacy and power of this sequence comes from the fact that, for as long as the film lasts, we fully believe that it can.


Ein Einsatz, der Fragen aufwirft   

Berliner Sicherheitsbehörden gingen bei einem Einsatz gegen mutmaßliche tschetschenische Islamisten auf Nummer sicher. Nach den Durchsuchungen stellt sich aber die Frage: War dieser Einsatz wirklich notwendig – oder ein Anzeichen für übergroße Nervosität?

Renate Künast erringt Teilerfolg gegen Hasspostings   

Der Beschluss des Berliner Landgerichts hatte für Schlagzeilen gesorgt: Die üblen Worte, die Grünen-Politikerin Künast online an den Kopf geworfen wurden, seien keine Beleidigung, so das Gericht. Jetzt erreichte Künast einen Änderungsbeschluss.

Umweltsenatorin fordert Fahrverbot für Verbrennermotoren in Berlin   

Ab dem Jahr 2030 soll im Zentrum Berlins das Autofahren mit Benzin- und Dieselmotoren nicht mehr erlaubt sein. Das sieht eine Senatsvorlage der grünen Umweltsenatorin Regine Günther vor, aus der die „Berliner Morgenpost“ berichtet.

Keine Abfindungen: Flugbegleiter von Pleite-Airline Air Berlin gehen leer aus   

Viele Flugbegleiter verloren bei der Pleite von Air Berlin ihren Job. Gerichte beschäftigen sich seit Jahren mit ihren Klagen auf Abfindungen. Nun ist eine Grundsatzentscheidung gefallen - die Stewardessen und Stewards sicher nicht gefällt.

Das grüne Herz auf dem größten Jahrmarkt der Welt   

Mehr als 50 Thüringer Aussteller sind zur Grünen Woche nach Berlin gefahren, um für sich und den Freistaat zu werben.

Miete: Mietpreise in Deutschland: So veränderten sich die Mieten   

Die Mietpreise steigen in Berlin schneller als die Löhne. Aber in einem anderen Teil Deutschlands ist die Spanne noch viel größer.

Miete: Mietpreise in Deutschland: Wo Wohnen immer teurer wird   

Die Mietpreise steigen in Berlin schneller als die Löhne. Aber in einem anderen Teil Deutschlands ist die Spanne noch viel größer.

Studie: Mietendeckel hat Folgen über Berlin hinaus   

Skepsis bei Experten: Der Berliner Mietendeckel mag zwar einen weiteren Anstieg der Mieten bremsen. Doch er bremst auch den Wohnungsbau. Investoren könnten angesichts der schärferen Regulierung mehr Geld in Büros stecken. Denn die fehlen auch.

Christiane F. : noi, i ragazzi dello zoo di Berlino. La serie TV   

“Christiane F. – Noi, i ragazzi dello zoo di Berlino” diventerà una serie TV. Ispirata all’omonimo romanzo e prodotta da Constantin Television ed Amazon Studios, arriverà entro la fine del 2020. Luca Maffei ci racconta quello che si sa al momento. Il 2020 promette di riservarci altre sorprese in ambito cinematografico e televisivo: è infatti …

Göteborg - AW och ölfestival i ett!   


Dag: Fredag den 31 Januari 2020
Tid: 16:00
Upplagt av: Orv

En ölfestival i den härliga streetfood lokalen på Lindholmen.
Det kommer att finnas 33 (trettiotre!!!!) lokala bryggerier representerade.​
Lokalerna är speciella härlig atmosfär, lite Berlinstuk.​

- DU köper ÖL-biljett för 35 kr st och får för det en galopp öl (ÖL i vinglas).​
- De har flera restauranger och matbiljett kostar 65 kr st, det räknas som en halvportion.​
- Inträdet är gratis.​

Det var massor med folk där för ett år sedan så det är nog bra att komma i tid då det inte går att boka bort. Väl på plats så brukar vi ju lyckas att tränga ihop oss ändå🤗

Jag tänkte åka från Brunnsparken vid 16-tiden, väntar en stund på hållplatsen med B-läget, Brunnsparken. Då bör vi vara på festivalen senast 16:30.​

16 bussen går var 5:e minut och det är bara en kort busstur + 5 min
gångväg från hållplatsen enligt Reseplaneraren.​
Älvsnabben fungerar utmärkt den med!​se/​​facebook.​com/​lindholmenstreetfoodmarket/​​facebook.​com/​events/​613723345856660/​?event_time_id=​613723352523326" target=​"_blank">

Gå direkt till Aktiviteten -

Inter Mailand holt Ashley Young, Ex-Austrianer Hadzikic nach Kroatien   

Die Wintertransferperiode 2020 ist im Gange und wir informieren euch im Zuge unserer Transferupdates wieder regelmäßig über die interessantesten Übertritte auf der nationalen und internationalen Fußballbühne. Yunus Malli OM, 27, TUR | VfL Wolfsburg – > Union Berlin Der 25-fache türkische Teamspieler Yunus Malli wechselt leihweise von Wolfsburg zu Union...

Sanierung Haus der Berliner Festspiele (HdBF), Metallbauarbeiten   


Erfüllungsort: 10719 Haus der Berliner Festspiele (HdBF), Schaperstrasse 24 in 10719 Berlin
Vergabestelle: Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben Verdingungsstelle
Angebotsfrist: 05.03.2020 10:00
Veröffentlichungsende: 05.03.2020 10:00


La Pallamano Crotone under 15 batte il Lamezia nella doppia sfida   

GARA 1 Pallamano Lamezia – Pallamano Crotone: 10 – 25 (risultato pt: 4 – 11) PALLAMANO LAMEZIA: Fragale S., Gallo, Bova, Cappellano, Fermino B., Fermino K., Fragale S., Isabella, Paola, Strangis, Zaffina, Mazzocca. All.: Schettino. PALLAMANO CROTONE: Berlingeri, Adamo, Capozzo, D’Ambrosio, Le Rose A., Le Rose S., Menzano, Malena, Riganello, Scida. All.: Cusato. GARA 2 ...

Die Wahrheit: Gscheid gscheid   

Lebenslänglich Bayer: Die Kinder sind strunzdumm. Kein Wunder, sie haben ihr Abi ja auch in Berlin gemacht und nicht da, wo es sich gehört. mehr...

Libia, dopo Berlino cresce la speranza di pace    

La conferenza internazionale di domenica 19 gennaio segna un primo passo verso la pace in Libia, nonostante manchino al documento finale le firme del premier libico al-Sarraj e del generale Haftar. I leader mondiali hanno firmato a favore dell’embargo sulle armi, all’Onu il compito di monitorare il cessate il fuoco. Ieri l’appello del Papa dopo la preghiera mariana dell’Angelus

Papa Francesco auspica la cessazione delle violenze in LIbia    

Al termine della preghiera mariana dell'Angelus, Francesco ha augurato la buona riuscita del summit di Berlino sulla crisi in Libia. Il Santo Padre esorta ad un cammino che conduca ad una soluzione negoziata. La bozza della dichiarazione finale del vertice chiede, tra le altre cose, l’embargo sulle armi e l’avvio di un processo per un governo unificato

Il Papa: la "sconvolgente" scelta di Dio di stare dalla nostra parte    

Come Giovanni Battista, lasciamoci prendere dallo stupore di fronte alla "novità inaudita" di un Dio, che in Gesù, si fa solidale con noi e salva il mondo facendosi carico dei nostri peccati. Lo ha affermato Papa Francesco oggi all'Angelus. Il Papa ha rivolto poi il suo auspicio per il buon esito della Conferenza di Berlino sulla Libia

Berliner Zeitung: «Ξεπούλημα στην Ελλάδα»   

Η Berliner Zeitung παρουσιάζει ρεπορτάζ για την πορεία των ιδιωτικοποιήσεων στην Ελλάδα και τίτλο «Ξεπούλημα στην Ελλάδα» σύμφωνα με την ανασκόπηση του γερμανικού Τύπου από την Deutsche Welle.

Java / Backend Developer for next gen. semantic data management   


Become an essential part of our backend team anywhere

eccenca is developing next generation data management tools. As Java / backend developer (f/m/d) at eccenca you are responsible for the development and extension of backend components of our semantic enterprise data management solution. You feel comfortable managing database connectivity as well as designing, creating and extending REST-APIs and occasionally developing Spring Boot-based services. You are passionate about about creating the rock stable foundation upon which the rest of the team can build their business cases.

You work in a small and highly collaborative team that provides a friendly work environment with flat hierarchies, either in our offices in Leipzig & Berlin (Germany) or via home office.

What you can expect from eccenca

  • software development with state-of-the-art work tools include incl. Jira, confluence, bamboo, docker, gitlab and artifactory using the IT equipment of your choice

  • professional challenges and personal development

  • agile work methods with free choice of location: Leipzig, Berlin and remote

  • flexible work time models and 30 days vacation

  • flat hierarchies and friendly team-oriented work environment

What we expect from you

  • A degree in IT or a related field.

  • 3+ years Java software development experience in a team oriented environment

  • Experience in agile development. We use Kanban.

  • 3+ years experience working with version control repositories und feature branch workflow (preferably git)

  • High level of initiative and ability to work in a team environment.

  • Fluent language skills in English. German language skills are desirable.

  • Experience with the following technologies is desirable:

    • Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring Security

    • Linked Data, Semantic Web (RDF, SPARQL)

  • experience with OAuth, OpenID and/or SAML is a plus

Think data management semantically and become Java / Backend Developer at eccenca.


Senior Data Scientist / Backend Engineer   


Millions of people experience real-life adventures with our apps. We help people all over the world discover the best hiking and biking routes, empowering our users to explore more of the great outdoors. And we’re good at it: Google and Apple have listed us as one of their Apps of the Year numerous times—and, with more than 8.5 million users and 50,000 five-star reviews - komoot is on its way to become one of the most popular cycling and hiking apps. Join our fully remote team of 60+ people and change the way people explore!

To help us continue to grow, we are looking for an experienced data scientist dedicated to coding and building production-ready services. With over 8 million active users, komoot possesses a unique dataset of user-generated content, ranging from GPS data from tours, uploaded photos, and tips, to implicit and explicit user feedback. Using this data as well as various open data sources, you will drive product enhancements forward that will directly impact the user experience.

We believe that innovations based on data science will reinforce and extend our leadership in the outdoor market and your role will be decisive for komoot’s success.

What you will do

  • Work closely with our web and mobile developers, designers, copywriters and product managers

  • Discuss product improvements, technical possibilities and road maps

  • Investigate and evaluate data science approaches for product enhancements

  • Write code that is well structured, well tested and documented

  • Enhance existing components and APIs as well as write new services from scratch

  • Deploy and monitor your code in our AWS Cloud (you can count on the support of experienced backend engineers)

Why you will love it

  • You will be challenged in a wide range of data science tasks

  • You deal with a diverse set of data (user-generated content, analytics data and external data sources)

  • You go beyond prototyping and ship your code to production

  • You contribute to a product with a vision to inspire more people to go outdoors

  • You’ll work in a fast-paced startup with strongly motivated and talented co-workers

  • You’ll enjoy the freedom to organize yourself the way you want

  • We let you work from wherever you want, be it a beach, the mountains, your house, co - working of your choice, our HQ in Berlin/ Potsdam or anywhere else that lies in any time zone situated between UTC-1 and UTC+3

  • You’ll travel together with our team to amazing outdoor places several times a year to exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes and rides

You will be successful in this position if you

  • Have a passion for finding pragmatic and smart solutions to complex problems

  • Have 3+ years of industry experience in data science

  • Have 2+ years of experience in professional programming, preferable in Python or Java

  • Experience in technologies like Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter Notebooks, Seaborn, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch and TensorFlow

  • Know your toolkit: git, ssh, bash and docker.

  • Experience in AWS, infrastructure as code and monitoring is a plus

  • Have strong communication and team skills

  • Have a hands-on attitude and are highly self-driven

Sounds like you?

Then send us the following:

  • Your CV in English highlighting your most relevant experience

  • A write-up explaining who you are and why you are interested in working at komoot

  • Examples of your work (e.g. GitHub Repositories, PDFs, Slideshare, etc.)

  • Feel free to send us something that shows us a little more about what you’re interested in, be it your Twitter/Instagram account, a blog or something else


Senior Data Analyst   


Millions of people experience real-life adventures with our apps. We help people all over the world discover the best hiking and biking routes, empowering our users to explore more of the great outdoors. And we’re good at it: Google and Apple have listed us as one of their Apps of the Year numerous times—and, with more than 9.5 million users and 50,000 five-star reviews - komoot is on its way to become one of the most popular cycling and hiking apps. 

Join our fully remote team of 60+ people and change the way people explore!

We are now looking for an experienced and curious data analyst to help drive product decisions and help us develop the company strategy.  We believe that data-informed decision making is key to our success and your skills, curiosity, and experience will play a crucial role in building the future of outdoor experiences. You can work from anywhere within the UTC-1 to UTC+3 timezone.

What you will do

  • Turn data into actionable insights

  • Develop analysis to drive product and business decisions and company strategy

  • Design and implement metrics, dashboards, and continuous reports

  • Communicate and discuss  findings to different audiences (Co-founders, marketing, product, sales, etc.)

  • Design and lead bigger analytics project to answer komoot’s key questions

  • Organize and prioritize tasks of our data analytics roadmap

  • Be an evangelist of data-informed decision-making

Why you will love it

  • You’ll be a key player in making product development, marketing, and business decisions

  • You’ll work closely with komoot’s co-founder and influence the future direction of komoot

  • You’ll influence and be responsible for the future development of analytics at komoot, technically an organizationally

  • You’ll work in a fast-paced startup with strongly motivated and talented co-workers

  • You’ll enjoy the freedom to organize yourself the way you want 

  • We let you work from wherever you want, be it a beach, the mountains, your house, co - working of your choice, our HQ in Berlin/Potsdam or anywhere else that lies in any time zone situated between UTC-1 and UTC+3

  • You’ll travel together with our team to amazing outdoor places several times a year to exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes and rides

You will be successful in this position if you

  • Have a burning desire to transform data into actionable insights

  • Have 3+ years of experience in evaluating marketing campaigns, cohort analysis, A/B testing and retention

  • Fluent in SQL and Python’s data analytics libraries (pandas, numpy, matplotlib)

  • Have strong communication and team skills

  • Familiarity with statistical concepts

  • Have a good overview of technical solutions in the data analytics field

  • Have a hands-on attitude and are highly self-driven

Sounds like you?

Then send us the following:

  • Your CV in English highlighting your relevant experience

  • A write-up explaining who you are and why you are interested in working at komoot

  • Examples of your work (e.g. Dashboards, PDFs, Slideshare, etc.)

  • Feel free to send us something that shows us a little more about what you’re interested in, be it your Twitter/Instagram account


[柏林] 柏林市中心私立学生宿舍双人间即日起租    

出租房屋 姓名: Yuzhen Li 地址: sparrstrasse 9 电话: +4917689090027 租金: 850 面积: 45 所在城市: berlin 柏林温馨 私立学生宿舍双人间好房 长租or短租 (不可an) ⭕时间:即日开始 时间可灵活商量 最好尽快!一月剩余时间可按天算& ...

[柏林] Bayerischer Platz 3人WG 长租可an    

出租房屋 姓名: 李女士 地址: Bayerischer Platz 电话: 015258515280 租金: 0 面积: 0 所在城市: Berlin 可An ,长租优先,第一次出租的好房。 Bayerischer Platz 【3人WG】不限男女。 ⭕️即日起开始出租,目前3间可选。 ⭕&#6 ...

[柏林] 2月1日起长租,3WG的一间    

出租房屋 姓名: 蔡先生 地址: Luebecker Str. 10559 电话: 015906400709 租金: 450 面积: 13 所在城市: Berlin 3WG中的一间,均为学生,U9 Birkenstr.步行5分钟,生活便利,热租450 ...

[柏林] s-bahn 旁边吉房短租    

出租房屋 姓名: 赵地 地址: hochstaße 23 电话: 17637696982 租金: 300 面积: 19平 所在城市: Berlin ca. 19平  有全新的床,写字台和衣柜。即日起- 2月19号  地址在lichtefelder (hochstaße 23)  三分 ...

[柏林] 柏林市区好房即日出租,30平    

出租房屋 姓名: Yao 地址: Potsdamerstraße 164 电话: - 租金: 644 面积: 30 所在城市: Berlin 柏林市区好房寻nach 时间:即日起租,2月1号正式签合同。无期限租房合同,适合单人或者情侣居住。 一卧室30平米公寓,独立卫生间,配备基本家 ...

[柏林] 1月20日起租柏林单人公寓,拎包入住    

出租房屋 姓名: alex 地址: oberlfed 电话: - 租金: - 面积: 23 所在城市: berlin 即日起出租柏林的约23平的单人公寓,长短租均可,不能an。 水电暖网齐全,独立厨卫,配有基本家具,干净整洁,拎包入住。 交通生活便利,楼下即是超市邮局药局 ...

[柏林] 即日起Tegel 地铁站步行2分钟好房间短租2-3个月,拎包入住,男女不限    

出租房屋 姓名: TT 地址: Berliner Str 电话: 000000 租金: 400 面积: 18 所在城市: 柏林 **出房**柏林 位置: 2人WG中的一间, 顶楼,采光好,Neubau.  UBAHN 6 Alt Tegel  步行两分钟, 附近什么超市都有,有邮局。有购 ...

Chevrolet Factory Repair Shop Service Manual Includes Impala Caprice Classic Wagons Camaro Corvette Lt Z28 Berlinetta Malibu Malibu Classic   

Chevrolet Factory Repair Shop Service Manual Includes Impala Caprice Classic Wagons Camaro Corvette Lt Z28 Berlinetta Malibu Malibu Classic

Babylon Berlin und andere Mythen   

Es ist jetzt oft die Rede von den Goldenen Zwanzigern, jener kurzen Epoche nach dem Ende des Ersten Weltkriegs und vor der Hitler-Diktatur, als die Menschen die Freiheit genossen, angeblich. Das Leben ein Fest, angeblich. Verrückte Jahre, angeblich. Ein Mythos. Wahr ist: Die Zwanziger waren für die wenigsten golden, sie waren für viele zwischen der […]

Luxuriöse Wohnung neben der Mall of Berlin   

Komplett möbliert. Es erwartet Sie ein luxuriöses Apartment in Berlin-Mitte.Das Apartment wurde vollständig auf hohem Standard möbliert. Sehr großes Wohnzimmer, drei Schlafzimmer, voll ausgestattete Küche. Master Badezimmer mit Badewanne und...
5 Zimmer 2 Badezimmer 113 m² 23 EUR/m² Badewanne Energiepass
Sun, 19 Jan 2020 16:50:10 +0100

Südtiroler Apfel auf der Grünen Woche in Berlin -   



Comment on [KR1489] Keiser Report: What Came First, the Chicken or the Fed? by Youri Carma    

OIL Haftar Blocks All Libyan Oil Exports Day Before Berlin Peace Conference FED 944 Trillion Reasons Why The Fed Is Quietly Bailing Out Hedge Funds The Fed's Evil Juggernaut DOLLAR How The US Wages War To Prop Up The Dollar CHINA Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China's Economic Miracle

Judge denies cities' request to block statewide preemption enhancements   


Anti-gun rights forces weren't happy with ANY of the changes to Ohio law passed via HB 228 in late 2018, but they decided that one in particular was worth spending tax-payer dollars to sue over - an improvement to the statewide preemption law which gave individuals and groups the ability to seek remedy through the courts when the law was violated.

The change in the law was necessary because many cities had been ignoring the preemption law, originally passed as a part of HB 347 back in 2006.

While the rest of HB 228 took effect last March, this one section of law was scheduled to take effect on December 28, in order to give entities ample time to repeal codes that are in conflict with state law.

Recognizing that their preempted laws might now cost them money in court, a number of cities finally obeyed state law and changed their ordinances before the deadline (including Port Clinton, Lima, and Oberlin, among others).

Meanwhile, the cities of Akron, Barberton, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Falls, Norton and Tallmadge joined together to challenge the law in court. While the lawsuit is still to be heard, an attempt to block the law from taking effect has failed.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Summit County Common Pleas Judge Alison McCarty has denied a request from Akron, Cleveland and four other Northeast Ohio cities to block a controversial provision of the state’s gun laws from going into effect.

In an order issued Dec. 27, McCarty wrote that the cities did not present convincing evidence that they would prevail in their legal challenge of the provision, which restricts communities from regulating the possession, sale and manufacture of firearms and ammunition.

She also wrote that the cities did not demonstrate that they would suffer irreparable harm by having the law go into effect and that making exceptions only for the six cities involved in the lawsuit could lead to confusion across the state.


In her order, McCarty noted the Ohio Supreme Court previously ruled that just because the legislature seeks to preempt local law does not automatically conflict with home-rule authority.

As noted earlier, the judge did NOT rule on the merits of the case itself. Buckeye Firearms Association will continue to monitor the case, and two others like it, brought by Cincinnati and Columbus, and provide updates as events unfold.

Chad D. Baus served as Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary from 2013-2019. He is co-founder of BFA-PAC, and served as its Vice Chairman for 15 years. He is the editor of, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website, and is also an NRA-certified firearms instructor.



Die Rock-Band aus Seatle läuft sich schon einmal warm für ihr traditionelles Konzert zum Jahresbeginn im ehrwürdigen Huxleys. Pothead und Berlin, da passt kein Blatt dazwischen. Am Samstag steigt die Party und heute sind Pothead gleich zwei Mal zu Gast auf radioeins. Zunächst für ein kurzes Interview im Babylon und dann ab 23 Uhr bei Helmut Heimann in "Experience".

Die Kerzen   

Sie kommen aus Ludwigslust und lieben die Grooves der 80er Jahre. Die Kerzen spielen intelligente, deutsche Popmusik und sind gerade mit ihrem aktuellen Album "True Love" auf Tour. Am 31. Januar treten Die Kerzen in Berlin auf und heute sind sie zu Gast bei radioeins.

Evelinn Trouble   

Die Schweizer Musikerin spielte früher in Sophie Hungers Band, lebte eine Weile hier in Berlin und ist nun wieder in ihre Heimat zurückgekehrt. Evelinn Trouble geht künstlerisch ihren ganz eigenen Weg und wird morgen mit ihren neuen Songs im Prachtwerk auftreten.

Filmvorstellung in Berlin: Robert Downey Jr. will sein Wissen weitergeben   

Robert Downey Jr. wird zu Dr. Dolittle. Die Dreharbeiten mit zwei jungen Kollegen hat der «Avengers»-Star ganz besonders genossen.



Feb 5, 2020: Jean Everitt Lecture in Journalism: Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist Michael Dirda at Peebles Theatre   


Lecture: Lecture Title: Reading, Writing and Reviewing: Forty Years at The Washington Post Book World

Bio: Michael Dirda, a Pulitzer Prize-winning book columnist for The Washington Post, is the author of five collections of essays—Readings, Bound to Please, Book by Book, Classics for Pleasure and Browsings—and of the memoir An Open Book. His biographical/critical study, On Conan Doyle, received a 2012 Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. Dirda graduated with Highest Honors in English from Oberlin College and earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature (focusing on medieval studies and European romanticism) from Cornell University. He is a contributor to The New York Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement and several other literary periodicals, as well as an occasional lecturer and college teacher. His current project is an appreciation of British popular fiction of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Citroen Berlingo Espaol   

Citroen Berlingo Espaol

Anlagenmechaniker als Servicetechniker HKLS (w/m/d)   


Deutsche Bahn AG Anlagenmechaniker als Servicetechniker HKLS (w/m/d) BerlinBerlin, Deutschland

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Elektroniker als Servicetechniker Elektrotechnik (w/m/d)   


Deutsche Bahn AG Elektroniker als Servicetechniker Elektrotechnik (w/m/d) BerlinBerlin, Deutschland

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Elektrotechnik-Ingenieur (m/w/d) Altium, VHDL   


Andres Industries AG Elektrotechnik-Ingenieur (m/w/d) Altium, VHDL BerlinBerlin, Deutschland

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Junior Trade Analyst (m/w/i)   


ICE-Italienische Agentur für Außenhandel Junior Trade Analyst (m/w/i) BerlinBerlin, Deutschland

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Two UK fresh produce companies earn spots in Top 10 of Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards   

Sinclair, with its new EcoLabel, and CN Seeds, which features its Mildew Resistant Sweet Basil, will vie for first prize at this year's show in Berlin, scheduled for 5-7 February.
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