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My excuse is that I am power viewing Unsolved Mysteries, all 12 seasons on Prime. I usually catch a couple of episodes an evening and that is it for available time, such as for writing blogs. Though I must admit the comments on some of the Zero Hedge stories are quite entertaining and suit my political perspective to some extent. Plenty of shills and trolls though, and other acts promoting something irrelevant. Algorithms only go so far in being able to moderate human opinion.

Though I am coming to think that applying algorithms to apply the law and sentencing is a good idea; there are far too many shits getting away with murder from soft-on-crime judges (or just plain soft), and if they don't, they seem to end up with an inordinately short sentence. Doesn't life imprisonment mean imprisoned for life anymore? Its about time we automated the so-called justice system and quit making excuses for criminality. The only use for the judge would be to review the algorithmic determinations and/or review variances (=-10% only) and any egregious wrong outcomes, maximum of 2 per year. Otherwise, put the mofo in the clink and quit using the excuse that protracted justice is unjust, a ridiculous outcome of the Supremes here in Canada, aka, the "Jordan" decision. And quit using the Jordan decision, (or, if you prefer, the Supreme collusion for justice system sandbagging), as an excuse for the law enforcement to "focus" on violent crimes and ignore the rest. The law is written for a purpose, and as such it is expected to be enforced. More on this and related Unsolved Mystery episodes below.

Though to be fair, Canada isn't alone in its pursuit of degrading the application of the law and keeping the justice system hog-tied with slow processes and ignoring any sensible methods to radically improve throughput. That, along with the wimpy application of the law serves as another avenue to take down Western civilization IMHO. That, along with the immigration problem, another take-down avenue of significant dimension. Call it wilful self-excused incremental cultural and social degradation. FFS, weren't two world wars enough, along with the prior colonial exercises, purges, and other war campaigns of all manner of cultures and countries? ("Only" 203 million dead dead from wars , famines an purges in the 20th Century.) Apparently not enough if you are of TPTB, and have an experimental need to keep churning the human race for whatever nefarious objectives they keep.

Onto the prosaic; I am back in my residence in Penticton, having hustled here (driven) between the snow storms on the mountain passes to aid my landlord in driving them to the Kelowna airport so they don't have to park their vehicle for $15/day for 8 weeks. Well as it "happened", they "forgot" to tell me that I wasn't needed and came up with some lame-assed excuse as to the notion that since they aren't going for 12 weeks the "savings" can be applied to the parking charges. Like shit; when they changed their plans in mid-August from 12 weeks to 8 weeks away they re-affirmed my availability to do the airport driving and pick up, and I replied in the affirmative. So I scurried back from Victoria and took on winter driving earlier than I wanted, and lo, when on my return and asked about the arrangements beforehand, they claimed that they didn't need me. Sure, they saved paying me $200 as promised, but 8 weeks x 7 days/week x $15/day parking and we have a $840 parking bill. Or maybe they found some off-site airport parking, something I could not find when I flew from Kelowna a few years ago. Whatever; they could of told me about the change in plans, but didn't. Normal folk behaving strangely is nothing new since all this abuse and harassment came down 04-2002.

Christmas holidays are done now, thankfully. I did get to see my daughter in my once/year in-person contact, a new-found behavior enforced since this insane abuse-athon came down, as mentioned above. It just pisses me off that the one person who is fairly neutral in this has been largely kept from me, and that includes any kind of meaningful phone or other electronic communication. As an example, I heard from my mother that my daughter went to Mexico in 10-2019 about then, but my daughter never mentioned anything to me before or after. So in other words, the Psychopaths have ensured the degree of closeness is governed down, and with her, like most everyone else, I am largely kept clueless. As for the rest of the family quislings, aka, The First Feral Family, they can go fuck themselves. They were in on the scam/abuse from the get-go and knew of the intense abuse onset (perps gone berserk/overt in 04-2002) at least six years before it came down, and they said nothing. Furthermore, apart from the odd catch and curious statement, (see....) they played dumb and continue to do so. Fuck them all, everyone (daughter excepted, as she likely learned about the coming shit-storm and related fuckery only a year ahead).

 A TI recently commented on the perps' enforced estrangement between my daughter and I, and as one can tell, I am roundly pissed that my daughter has been largely kept from me and that the elephant-in-the-room, this abuse-athon in all it infamy and vileness, is never, ever, mentioned. As for the remainder of the comments, the use of psychiatric measures to contain and experiment on TI's is my experience as well. At least you have come to the personal realization that shrinks are corrupt, if not crazy. As for the remainder of the comments I could not read them as the Pending Comment page truncates the comment and I am deferring to your request to not publish them. (Only then would I be able to see them in full).

One of my Christmas visitation intentions was to find a particular photograph that was in my mother's collection of shoe-boxes. This photograph showed my younger brother at 16 months old in a stroller, myself aged 3-4 y.o, my mother and the unique backdrop of the wintertime street ice statues in Montreal. That would of unequivocally placed the photograph to early 1958 in Montreal. Which is roundly perturbing to me as this would of been my second Montreal stay, and the wintertime ice statues would of been even more vivid in my memory then. My first stay in Montreal was in 1956, and I was beginning to form my first permanent memories, and for the most part, poof they are all gone until back in Victoria in fall of 1959.

So who fucked my out of my recall from 1956 to 1959 while in Montreal for two visits, and other places as well? I know I don't ever forget where I lived anywhere, and here is a four year hole when making formative and vivid memories. As it "happens", I wasn't the only one getting recall deletion in Montreal as child then. Ann Diamond, a Canadian author, (blog also) also details some of these horrors of the McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute, the hospital where Dr. Ewen Cameron conducted his CIA sponsored brain trashing "research" from 1948-1962. She chronicles events in her book, My Cold War (another link). Another book, A Certain Girl seems to be a fictionalized version of her experiences. Also, her podcasts on this topic, and her interactions with another Montreal denizen of considerable note, Leonard Cohen, also in book form, The Man Next Door.

Back to the photograph that I was questing; I took my new flat bed scanner to Victoria on this visit and scanned a number of my mother's photographs, some being her mother's family, going back to the turn of the last century. This particular photograph "somehow" was sitting on a bureau in the spare bedroom where the shoe-boxes of photos where stored, presumably left for me to "find". It was so significant that I took it, and with a few others from my Seattle days of post 04-2002 when the Psychopaths first trashed my apartment and put on other highly invasive and unconventional displays of immobilizing technology, and got them scanned at a office services outfit. I returned my mother's photograph, (which, in hindsight, I should not of bothered with for all her disorganization), and kept the digital version. And what do I discover in my mother's photograph collection? Why, my own Seattle photographs, but not hers that I had put back. Anyhow, I did discover a few other photographs of that era, but none so uniquely definitive as the one that was placed for me to "find". And as it "so happens", the digital versions that I took "somehow" disappeared off this PC, multiple versions of them. Well done assholes; you bait me with the proof and then fuck me out of retaining a copy of it.

And somehow I thought that I had posted this aforementioned definitive photo on this here blog, and yet I cannot find it after manually searching for it.

Another anomaly in my mother's photo collection was the discovery of an envelope that contained a snippet of my daughter's first hair, before the second growth came in. This small memento was kept in my camera bag at the time, and lo, if "somehow" it didn't show up in my mother's photo album. [Re-take; perhaps this envelope was given to my mother by my ex (unbeknownst to me) and is not the envelope that went missing from my camera bag].

I have been on snow removal duty in the service of my absent landlord, per agreement. But as I have been on a propagation cane collection job in various vineyards, I have had to get up early to attend to snow clearing and then get ready for work. These 0500-0600h snow clearings are in the dark of course, but invariably there is someone with their headlights on and pointed at me from across the street or down the street each snow clearing episode. And often more than one vehicle. Just what is it that so compels the Psychopaths that they need to keep lights on me so often? This habit of theirs was evident since they went berserk/overt in 04-2002 and it has increased all the more in the last six months.

As part of the vine collection job I meet up with others at a nearby car pooling parking lot (about 0700h), and lo, if these trades dudes don't arrive with their vehicles around me, headlights on, and sit there transferring equipment and personnel around for 5 to 10 minutes. Said trades dudes also have ladders on their vehicles, another long running harassment operation prop for unknown reasons. I suppose, with all their attention on me and what vehicle I am in, they need extra coverage/energetic interaction (or whatever) while I am entering another vehicle, or else others climb into mine. They even put some babes dithering around their vehicle in some kind of ride sharing activity, all in keeping with having attractive women as a kind of foil or alternative to dude swarming me.

And the large amount of highway traffic at 0700h in snowy and inclement driving conditions has also been noticed. Again, I suppose if I am traveling with co-workers, riding in their vehicle and later working with them in the vineyard, it is just too good to give up the opportunity to grind me all the more with headlights and other selected energetic disruptions.

I was ice wine picking last week for two days as an Arctic front came in and caused temperatures to get below -8C, the "magic moment" specification for the grapes to be later pressed to extract 35Brix juice. (More like syrup). I worked two vineyards one day, and a full second day, and was roundly tired afterward. I haven't been able to partake in ice wine picking since 2013 due to timing and other issues, so it was nice to pick up some easy cash for my efforts. My crew mates from the cane propagation job were also on these crews, so I suppose it might be considered coverage continuity. And in doing ice wine picking, it is as a "flock", picking together so again, closer than normal proximity to all my picking colleagues.

I also met up with two associates from prior vineyard jobs in the past 5 years; as before, they were friendly and conversant. None of the "don't know you" act that I get so often. And too, it was nice to be a known quantity in a herd of 40 or so.

I was a big fan of Unsolved Mysteries in the 1990's, but I never got to see even half of them due to other evening commitments and events. I have long sought to see the entire series and catch up on the updates, and was glad that Amazon Prime put them on their video offerings. Hence the binge watching of Unsolved Mysteries these past three months, usually no more that two episodes per day. Since I the onset of this abuse-athon and exposure to all manner of unconventional technologies and inflictions, along with seeing a bigger picture out there in terms of human history, I don't view nonfiction shows with the same perspective as I formerly did. Perhaps one could call it a jaundiced perspective after being put through the mill (and continuing) of unconventional abuse. And I have begun to notice some common themes in the more unsavory events, excluding the "Lost Loves" and similar feel-good episodes.

One theme I notice is that the police, charged with investigating the crime, seem in many cases to be reluctant to do a thorough job, particularly with many apparent suicide events, usually disputed by the victim's family. In these, the police just don't want to know, and even the prosecutor jumps in and refuses to re-cast the assigned death as "suspicious" or "homicide", even in light of later information that clearly points to another explanation, often after the grieving family has exhumed the body and had it professionally re-examined.

Often in these cases, the victim seems to signal themselves in advance by doing something peculiar to attract attention, though unrelated to their later demise. In one instance, a young man traveling  by vehicle from Alaska to Washington State through British Columbia, Canada, is stopped at the Alaska-Yukon border because he is carrying a handgun which is not permitted in Canada. (The border officials always ask Americans if they are carrying firearms into Canada, and as he was the son of two medical doctors, surely he would of been better prepared). Said man later ends of dead from a hitchhiker he took on, but even the nature of picking up this person just seems odd in detail, and not filling up at this outpost when it was his intention to do so. With long distances between settlements in northern BC it is imperative that one fill up one's tank. I found there was some discontinuity in the details, and of course, the perpetrator was never found.

In another Unsolved Mysteries episode, a military soldier hangs himself, which "happens" to be three weeks before his good friend at another base also does the same. The story focuses mostly on one of these two apparent suicides, but what I found curious was that it was on a Sunday, and the soldier happened to forget that he was to be on duty that morning and someone from the unit went to his on-base accommodation to inform him that he was required for duty. The soldier was dressed in civilian clothes when he was informed, and said that he would change into uniform and join his unit. He never did, and was later found dead from a self inflicted hanging. It just seems so curious that this soldier with an impeccable record somehow "forgot" to show up for duty that morning, was clearly unprepared when informed, and then suicided. Like as if he wanted to be noticed before he did himself in, a highly unlikely scenario IMHO. For the record, there were many other anomalies that put this apparent suicide in the suspicious column, not just my own perspectives.

Another example of signalling was a victim, who in advance, visits a number of colleagues in the small Colorado town where he lives, and then heads out hiking, and not particularly dressed for the conditions, at about 1600h into the mountains in winter. That is absurd; any winter time hiker would set of early, be well prepared and supply a route to another party. A few years later his body is discovered in the woods.

In at least two other instances of Unsolved Mystery episodes the police seem genuinely reluctant to consider other evidence and testimony related to deaths from satanic abuses. Perhaps nothing new there for those who know more about this particular angle, though it is not one I have known in any way. Perhaps this link (warning:a horrific read) to the goings on in Asheville NC would explain more. You know, just the "usual; members of the judiciary, police, hospital, school system etc. are in on it.

I could do a lengthy TI's analysis of many Unsolved Mysteries episodes from the perspective that "nothing is what it seems", which is where TI's come from, almost by definition. But I shall refrain, as this would be surely an arcane and speculative thread that only TI's would benefit from.

And another online discovery of all things unconventional is this corker of a treatise by Donald Marshall. The gist of story seems credible, though quite unconventional, gruesome and ultimately perturbing; e.g. cloning of humans, alien invasion of humans (body snatching), gladiator fights to the death, etc. Some of the historical speculations are a little off IMHO. And the particular underground military base cannot be far from where I live, or where my brother lives. It is quoted as "five hours from Vancouver" (BC), which places it either near Kamloops or Kelowna (assuming it is driven). The former is at the confluence of the Thompson and Fraser rivers, and becomes the Fraser River from there to tidewater at Vancouver, BC and may explain the incidences of the severed feet showing up on coastal shores.

The theme of cloning humans and the clone's particular inability to have consciousness while the subject (a "real") is awake does seem to play into the Psychpaths nonconsensual human experimentation objectives as I have come to know them as an experimental subject/victim. Specifically the perps' need to noisestalk me (or applying other coincidental intrusive external stimuli, eg. maser balls flying at me) at the very moment of awareness (consciousness) has long been noted. It is also curious that they had me watch Spartacus series recently, having a blood and gore component that I didn't care for, but which is part of these profoundly disturbing regular viewing events of the selected audience at this military base. It brings me back to the film, "They Live", and this select group who live among us who are in the know and are called for at certain times. Though who would of dreamed up this macabre activity theme? Obviously, (to me at least), it is the continuation of the perps' well established need for having life snuffed out while viewed by others, be it entertainment, war or other means, simulated or real. And now, with another parameter, is the life a clone or the original?

So which is it, Kamloops or Kelowna? (you will need to zoom in somehow on the above map; since MS Snip is such a wretched piece of ergonomic obstruction, I could not put geographic markers on. And MS Paint won't save anything any more). The "missing feet" discoveries identified in the above link point to Kamloops by way of these body parts floating down the Fraser River and mixing with the tidewaters surrounding Vancouver Island, both north and south. Though Kelowna has the second most frequent UFO sightings in Canada, a party that doubtless has a huge interest in all this covert and depraved activity. I don't know for sure, but for other experiences I won't get into, I pick the former. And too, one must keep a perspective that this too may all be disinformation.

But, should human clones be a reality, it would serve the purposes of conventionally bound law enforcement organizations to find a heavily decomposed  body a few years later for which the DNA matched the victim/subject's. Hmmm.... a little too out-there to put that on Unsolved Mysteries.

Anyhow, a tour through recent goings on as well as some of my more recent macabre findings and speculations on possible connections. What this blog is about, if it is not recording the slings and arrows of being a TI and all its unconventional experiences, and thereby, perspectives.


Fellowships and Residencies Winter 2020 by    


All Is Leaf's Geodesic Dome, Mt. Hood Oregon.

Fellowships and Residencies Winter 2020


Our quarterly roundup of fellowships, residencies, and prizes accepting applications.

​​All Disciplines

Buinho Residency Program

A communal space where creatives of any discipline can work on their projects. The creative residencies program is an opportunity to live and work in the town of Messejana for a period of up to three months.
Location: Messejana, Portugal
Application Due: January 24
Residency Period: Minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of 3 months. 

The Strange’s “Decelerator”

A retreat/residency hybrid offering the chance to slow down and refocus in New York's Catskill mountains.
Location: Catskills, NY
Application Due: February 8
Residency Period: Through April and May 2020

Iteration Lab 2.0 with The School of Making Thinking

The iteration lab is a short, intensive session aimed at exploring what happens when a performative structure repeats and evolves with repetition.
Location: Krumville, NY  
Application Due: February 8  
Residency Period: April 22–27, 2020

Vermont Studio Center Fellowship

The Vermont Studio Center was founded by artists in 1984 with the intention of fostering creativity through community, collaboration, and quiet reflection supported by the unspoiled beauty of the northern Green Mountains. Various fellowships for multiple disciplines are available.
Location: Johnson, VT
Application Due: February 15 

Residency at the Anderson Center

The Anderson Center’s residency aims to uphold the unique arts community in the Minnesota region; to develop, foster, and promote the creation of works by artists of all kinds; and to provide leadership and services that help to insure a stronger arts community and a greater recognition of the value of the arts in society.
Location: Red Wing, MN
Application Due: February 15
Residency Period: May through October 2020


Kamiyama Artist in Residence

The Kamiyama Artist in Residence (KAIR) Program is an independent project organized by volunteers who share the desire to develop art and culture in the town of Kamiyama, Japan. The program was established in 1999 to provide artists with the opportunity to experience Japanese small-town life while working together with local people on artistic projects.
Location: Japan
Application Due: February 28
Residency Period: August 27–November 5, 2020

Wormfarm Institute

Dedicated to integrating culture and agriculture, the Wormfarm Institute is an evolving laboratory of the arts and ecology and fertile ground for creative work. The institute explores links between urban and rural communities within and beyond the food chain, creating opportunities for cross-sector collaboration. 
Location: Reedsburg, WI
Application Due: February 28
Residency Period: May through October, with stays between 2 and 5 months

Millay Colony for the Arts

Every year, the Millay Colony for the Arts host 6–7 creators each month from April–November to come to Steepletop—the historic home of poet/activist Edna St. Vincent Millay. Residencies during April–November are offered free of charge and include private bedrooms and studios, groceries and chef-prepared dinners.
Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Application Due: March 1
Residency Period: 1 month during August–November 2020

Ucross Foundation Residency

The Ucross Foundation invites national and international artists, writers, and composers in all stages of their professional careers to work on individual or collaborative projects.
Location: Ucross, WY
Application Due: March 1
Residency Period: August–December 2020


All Is Leaf Traveling Residencies

All Is Leaf offers retreats that focus on creating a socio-ecological understanding within its artists’ creative process.
Location: Taos, NM
Application due: March 1

Akademie Schloss Solitude

The name Akademie Schloss Solitude unites the belief in artistic, scientific exchange with the notion of a refuge, a credo which underlays the construction of the Schloss Solitude from the very beginning. Residencies at Akademie Schloss Solitude enable fellows to devote themselves to their research projects under favorable material and intellectual conditions.
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Application Due: March 1
Residency Period: October 2020–June, 2021


Djerassi Resident Artists Program

Residencies are awarded at no cost to national and international artists and scientists in the disciplines of choreography, literature, music composition, visual arts, media arts, and science. Those selected are offered living and studio space for one of the six sessions from mid-March through mid-November.
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Application Due: March 16
Residency Period: Throughout 2021


NES Artist Residency

NES Artist Residency was founded in March 2008 in Skagaströnd, a small town in Northwest Iceland. As one of the largest residencies in Iceland, NES currently hosts between 90 and 120 artists per year and provides artists with a workspace and living quarters and the freedom to create as they wish.
Location: Skagaströnd, Iceland
Application Due: Rolling basis

Wormfarminstitute Jpg

Installation at the Wormfarm Institute. Courtesy of Shepard Express.

​Visual Arts

The Alfred and Trafford Klots International Program for Artists

The Alfred and Trafford Klots International Program for Artists provides time for uninterrupted work in an inspiring and historic setting made unique by Brittany's extraordinary light, distinctive landscape, and rich cultural traditions. 
Location: France
Application Due: February 1 

Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency

The Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency (EMAR) program by Collar Works is designed to provide a diverse group of emerging and established artists an immersive, supportive, productive and communal atmosphere for art making and dialogue on a 77-acre farm in Washington County. 
Location: Granville, NY
Application Due: February 1
Residency Period: 5 weeks in summer 2020, with 2 and 4 week residencies for individual artists and 1 week residencies for families.

Vector Festival 2020

Vector Festival is an annual media arts event dedicated to showcasing experimental art works that engage critically with digital technologies. The festival is participatory and community-oriented.
Location: Toronto, Canada
Application Due: February 1
Festival Period: July 16–19, 2020

Neon Museum National Artist Residency (AIR)

The Neon Museum National Artist Residency (AIR) is designed to expand the interpretive potential of the museum collection while providing artists the opportunity to create new work in an unconventional setting and to create a coinciding public program. The selected artist, working in the fields of digital, performance or visual arts, will be sponsored and supported by the Neon Museum and will reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, for eight weeks over the summer.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Application Due: February 2
Residency Period: 8 weeks, June 15–August 2, 2020

Clay Break at UARK Ceramics

A ceramics residency tailored to artists whose primary training and focus lie outside of ceramics. UARK Ceramics is a thriving community of ceramic artists, educators, and students with an interest in fostering a rich dialogue about clay’s role in contemporary art. Clay Break is an opportunity for us to open our doors and share our facilities and expertise with artists who are clay-curious.
Location: Fayetteville, AR 
Application Due: February 15
Residency Period: Eight weeks. Mid-May through mid-July 2020

Squeaky Wheel Workplace Residency

Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center focuses on innovation in media arts through access, education, and exhibition. Their residency is a project-based program for artists and researchers working in media arts.
Location: Buffalo, NY
Application Due: February 20
Residency Period: August 15–September 5, 2020

Center for Book Arts Featured Artist

The Center for Book Arts is seeking solo project exhibition proposals from artists working within the book arts. Artists are to submit a project concept experimenting within the book format. The selected Featured Artist Projects will be given access to the center's resources to support the production and curation process of the exhibition. The artist will be awarded a $1,000 stipend, an honoraria budget for a public programming, and a budget for production, including a brochure.
Location: New York, NY
Application Due: February 28


Session Residency at Recess

Session supports the creation of new work by giving artists a project stipend, artist’s fee, technical support, mentorship, and approximately 2 months to transform Recess into a hybrid of a productive studio space/dynamic exhibition platform. 
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Application Due: March 17
Residency period: Artists designate their own work hours, which must overlap with at least 15 of Recess’s 30 public hours each week. Artists have access to the space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency is designed to bring together artists from around the world to experience a unique cultural environment dedicated to contemporary art in Shanghai. 
Location: Shanghai, China
Application Due: Rolling 

NARS Foundation International Artist Residency

The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) residency supports emerging and mid-career artists and curators working across all disciplines through three and six-month residencies. The program is open to both international and US-based artists, creating a shared space for artistic dialogue and international cultural exchange for an extended period of time.
Location: New York, NY
Application Due: Rolling
Residency Period: 4 sessions, either 3 or 6 months, spanning from January to December, 2021

W016 About

The Mastheads Residency in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.


Center For Fiction Emerging Writer Fellowship

The Center for Fiction NYC Emerging Writer Fellowship offers grants, editorial mentorship, and other opportunities to early-career New York City-based practitioners who are at a critical moment in their development as fiction writers.
Location: New York, NY
Application Due: January 31
Residency Period: 1 year

Philip Roth Residence in Creative Writing

The Philip Roth Residence in Creative Writing offers up to four months of unfettered writing time for a writer working on a first or second book of fiction or creative nonfiction. The residency provides lodging in Bucknell’s Poets’ Cottage and a $5,000 stipend. 
Location: Lewisburg, PA
Application Due: February 1

CUE Art Critic Mentoring Program

Co-presented with AICA USA (the US section of International Association of Art Critics), the Art Critic Mentoring program provides seven writers annually the opportunity to work with an established art critic appointed by AICA to compose a long-form critical essay on one of CUE’s exhibiting artists. The program is open to writers of any age in the early stages of their careers. The writer selection process consists of a nomination and open call hybrid.Writers are awarded a $510 honorarium.
Location: New York, NY
Application Due: February 14
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Application Due: April 4
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Application Due: May 12
Residency Period: 1 year

The American Library in Paris Visiting Fellowship

Offers writers and researchers an opportunity to pursue a creative project in Paris for a month or longer while participating actively in the life of the American Library. Applicants should be working on a book project, fiction or non-fiction, or a feature-length documentary film, that contributes to cross-cultural discourse. Poetry projects are not being accepted at this time.
Location: Paris, France
Application Due: February 20
Residency Period: 1 month

Residencies with The Mastheads Organization

The Mastheads is a public humanities project that seeks to connect residents to the literary history of the region, create a forum for thinking about place, and support the production of new creative work. The physical spaces that comprise The Mastheads are five sculptural studios, each the architectural interpretation of the original structure from which one of five American Renaissance authors wrote while in Pittsfield: Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., and Henry David Thoreau.
Location: Pittsfield, MA
Application Due: February 29
Residency Period: July 2020

Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry

This annual competition sponsors the publication of a poetry collection by a woman who has yet to publish a full-length poetry book. The winner receives an advance of $1,000 and publication of her collection by Persea.
Application Due: March 7

Rockvale Writers' Colony

Rockvale Writers’ Colony exists to support, promote, and educate writers of all backgrounds who write in any genre.
Location: College Grove, TN
Application Due: Rolling
Residency Period: Weekly

Baltic Writing Residency

Baltic is the host of five residencies that take place around the world: Stockholm, Sweden; London, England; the village of Brora on the eastern coast of the Scottish Highlands; Blackacre State Nature Preserve & Historic Homestead in Kentucky; and a residency devoted to underrepresented writers takes places in either the Old Louisville neighborhood of Louisville, KY or in the woods of Asheville, NC. Both emerging and established writers are encouraged to apply. 
Location: Various
Application Due: Rolling
Residency Period: Not specified


Brookstone Lodge Asheville Biltmore Village Area Asheville UnitedStates   

Brookstone Lodge Asheville Biltmore Village Area Asheville UnitedStates

Hampton Inn Suites Asheville Biltmore Area NC Asheville UnitedStates   

Hampton Inn Suites Asheville Biltmore Area NC Asheville UnitedStates
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