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Sharing Expenses with Ledger   


My SO, Kim, and I share expenses for things like groceries, rent, car maintenance, and meals out. Up to now, we’ve been using a spreadsheet I found on We’ve started to outgrow it, so I decided to roll my own solution using ledger-cli and a custom, email-based interface.

The spreadsheet was falling short in a couple ways. It wasn’t easy to capture transaction detail. We could put it into the comments on a given cell, but it wasn’t convenient and we didn’t use it consistently. I also needed to determine how to create what we called “pass-through” transactions. These represented instances when Kim or I would purchase something on the other’s behalf. Unlike our shared expenses, we each needed to pay the other back for the full amount of the purchase. I created a place for this on the spreadsheet, but it wasn’t very transparent.

Using a more sophisticated solution should resolve these issues. The path forward was pretty clear:

  1. Learn the basics of accounting
  2. Learn ledger-cli
  3. Build an email interface to ledger

Learning Accounting

Historically, I’ve had a hard time with the concept of double-entry bookkeeping. So, I knew I would need help to wrap my head around the concept. I ran a quick search on YouTube and found a series of videos on accounting basics by Accounting Stuff. In the channel’s “about” section, channel host James writes,

I created this channel in 2018 in order to share the knowledge and experience that I have built up over the past 6+ years working as a Qualified Accountant at the Big 4 and in Industry - at large Listed and Private Companies.

The channel had a whole playlist dedicated to accounting basics; I jumped into it immediately. I found his videos very easy to consume, and I learned all the pieces I had been missing. As I watched James' videos, I worked out a number of test scenarios on paper.

One concept I struggled with was defining the entity to which my journal entries belonged. I was trying to track expenses for Kim and myself, so is “Kim and myself” the entity? That was a bit tricky to think about, so I picked an entity that, at first, would have no existing financial relationship to Kim or myself – our cat, Abner.

Abner was going to start a business. The purpose of the business would be to purchase things that Kim and I needed using investment we provided. Each purchase would be represented by a transfer of equity from Kim or me to Abner’s cash account, and then a transfer from cash to the expense account. As purchases were made, the Expense account would be balanced by equity accounts assigned to Kim or me.

At the end of the month, Abner’s income would be calculated by subtracting expenses from revenue. Since Abner doesn’t have any way to generate revenue, he always operates at a loss. Abner’s negative income would then be distributed back to Kim’s and my equity accounts. These steps constitute the period-end close process. The balances of our equity accounts would indicate how much money needed to be transferred to even things out.

Learning Ledger CLI

So far, I had been doing all of my exercises on paper, but I needed to move to a computer-based solution. ledger-cli has been on my radar for a while, and I was excited to dig into it. From the ledger-cli page,

Ledger is a powerful, double-entry accounting system that is accessed from the UNIX command-line. Ledger, begun in 2003, is written by John Wiegley and released under the BSD license.

Having learned the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, learning ledger was pretty straight-forward. It uses a plain-text data format that is easy to manage by hand with an editor. Ledger doesn’t categorize accounts as normal debit accounts or normal credit accounts. I was glad that I learned about account types from Accounting Stuff so that I could apply these rules myself.

I created a test file and ran a few scenarios using the ledger reporting tool. Soon, I was replacing my test data with real data from the spreadsheet for the previous month. I created a month-end process to capture the expense totals for a target month, close expenses to income, and distribute the negative income back to our equity accounts. My month-end close process produced the same results as our spreadsheet.

To handle our pass-through transactions, I considered using a combination of A/R and A/P accounts. I decided to simplify things by representing it as a transfer from one equity account to another.

Building an Email Interface

To make it easy for Kim and me to interact with the ledger, adding transactions and pulling reports, I created an email-based user interface. We would need to be able to add transactions and pull balance and register reports.

Setting up an email server is pretty complicated and I’m not going to cover it here. In short, I set up Postfix to receive email at a given domain – let’s call it When Postfix receives an email, it needs to decide what to do with it. It looks at a file, /etc/aliases, for information on what to do with a message based on who it’s been sent to. In most cases, it will copy the message to the mailbox of the intended recipient on the system.

However, it’s possible to specify that a program should process the message, instead. This is how mailing lists and those email address verification tools work. The content of the message contains data that the program will use to complete its task. I’ve written about this before, in Email as an Application Interface.

In my case, there were three steps in processing an incoming email message and providing a response to the sender. First, I needed to trim off all the headers and other content that came with the email, but that I didn’t need. Second, I needed to parse the payload and update files or run ledger reports and capture the output. Finally, I needed to get the output back to the sender by email.

To better encapsulate related functionality, I updated my email parsing script so that it could be used in a pipeline and output a consistent format. I called it mail\_trim and it lives in /usr/local/bin where Postfix can get to it.

#!/usr/bin/awk -f
  boundary_seen = 0 
  data_seen = 0
  boundary = "^$"
  line = ""
# If we've started reading data and we hit a blank line, exit
(data_seen == 1) && ($0 ~ /^$/) {
# We've seen the boundary and can start collecting data
(boundary_seen == 1) && ($0 !~ /^$/) {
  line = line $0 "\n"
  data_seen = 1
  # reset the data gathering if we see this. Fragile.
  if (line ~ "text/plain" ) {
    line = ""
    data_seen = 0
/^From:/ {
  $1 = ""; from = $0 
$0 ~ boundary {
  boundary_seen = 1 
  printf "%s\n%s", from, line

From mail\_trim, the payload is sent to my new, ledger-compatible expenses script. This script consumes the payload and runs reports or adds transactions.

#!/usr/bin/awk -f
# take output from mail_trim and act on contents
  expfile = "/path/to/expenses.txt"
  from = ""
  qw = "\047"
  date = strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
  bash = "/bin/bash"
  msmtp = "msmtp -t"
# mail_trim puts the from address in the first line.
NR == 1 {
  from = $0;
  if (from !~ /..*@..*/) exit;
# we can process multiple requests
/^[Bb]alance/ {
  cmd = "ledger -p " qw "this month" qw " -f " expfile " --balance-format " qw "%A\\t%(display_total)\\n" qw " balance"
  report = "";
  while ((cmd | getline ln) >0 ){ report = report ln "\n"}
  print "To: " from | msmtp
  print "Subject: Balance" | msmtp
  print "" | msmtp
  print report | msmtp
/^[Rr]egister/ {
  cmd = "ledger -p " qw "this month" qw " -f " expfile " --register-format \"%D\\t%t\\t%A\\t%P\\n\" register Kim Dave"
  report = "";
  while ((cmd | getline ln) >0 ){ report = report ln "\n"}
  print "To: " from | msmtp
  print "Subject: Balance" | msmtp
  print "" | msmtp
  print report | msmtp
/^[0-9]/ {
  amt = $1
  payee = $0
  if (from ~ /Kim/) {
    acct = "Equity:Kim"
  } else {
    acct = "Equity:Dave"
  printf "\n%s %s\n %s  %s\n %s\n", date, payee, "Expenses", amt, acct >> expfile
/^[Pp] *[0-9]/ {
  amt = $1
  sub(/^[Pp] */,"",amt);
  payee = $0
  if (from ~ /Kim/) {
    cacct = "Equity:Kim"
    dacct = "Equity:Dave"
  } else {
    cacct = "Equity:Dave"
    dacct = "Equity:Kim"
  printf "\n%s %s\n %s  %s\n %s\n", date, payee, dacct, amt, cacct >> expfile

I ran into an issue where some characters in the text/plain portion of the email were being encoded. This caused transactions in my expense file to have invalid data. After a little searching, I found that this was a transport encoding known as quoted-printable, or QP. At first, I was concerned that I would have to create my own decoder, but I found a simple decoder, qprint, in the Debian package collection. After adding that to the pipeline in /etc/aliases, transactions came in perfectly. The entry in /etc/aliases now looks like this:

expenses: "|/usr/local/bin/mail_trim |/usr/bin/qprint -d -n |/usr/local/bin/expense"

The default output format for ledger targets a display using a fixed-width font. Because these reports would be viewed in an email client using a proportional-width font, I had to develop custom output formats. You’ll see them as arguments to the --balance-format and --register-format options.

I’m happy that I’ve finally been able to make use of ledger-cli, and I’m glad that I took the time to learn the basics of accounting from Accounting Stuff. Now I have a solution that is more convenient and can be extended in the future.


Like It Or Not, Boxing’s Big Names Are Eyeing McGregor   


By: Sean Crose

Way back in 1889, John L Sullivan, the recognized heavyweight champion of the world, battled the rugged Jake Kilrain in Richburg, Mississippi. The two men fought with bare knuckles, and were allowed to throw each other to the ground. Sullivan was said at one point to have sat atop and choked Kilrain. The fight went on for over 70 rounds under the blazing Mississippi sun. Sullivan ultimately emerged victorious after Kilrain's team feared their man would die if he kept going and stopped the match. Make no mistake about it - Sullivan was one hell of a fighter.

Yet Sullivan proved not to be much of a boxer. For in 1892 he fought James J Corbett in a wildly publicized bout in New Orleans. This time, the combatants wore gloves...and the rounds lasted three minutes each. There was no tossing each other to the mat allowed...and the match was held in a ring. What's more, Corbett was a boxer, not a fighter. He was tough as nails, but the San Francisco native had never fought outside of an organized contest. To Sullivan's dismay, Corbett proved to be elusive in the ring, employing footwork and maintaining distance. An exhausted Sullivan was subsequently knocked out on the 21st round. The technician had defeated the fighter. Boxing would never be the same.

Fast forward to 2020. UFC star Conor McGregor steps into the octagon after a long absence and two defeats, one to fellow mixed martial artist Khabib Numagomadov, the other to boxing great Floyd Mayweather. McGregor's opponent on this night is the aging but legendary UFC star Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, a man who, though past his prime, can end a fight in a wide variety of ways. Questions surround McGregor as the first round begins. Can he retain past glory? Does he still have his passion? Is he simply washed up? The Irishman subsequently ends things in forty seconds. That's forty seconds. Make no mistake about it – McGregor is one hell of a fighter.

Like Sullivan, however, McGregor isn't much of a boxer. Which is probably why top names throughout the boxing game are once again dying for a piece of him. As good and as tough and as impressive as he is – McGregor hasn't shown nearly the skill set needed to succeed in boxing. His single boxing match, to an aging and retired Mayweather, ended with him being stopped in the tenth round, thoroughly exhausted, as that other great fighter Sullivan had been exhausted when he too crossed paths with a boxing specialist. People like Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and Terence Crawford might not want to battle McGregor in a parking lot – and they certainly don't want to cross paths with him in the octagon. In the ring, however, McGregor is likely all theirs, a pinata stuffed with untold millions of dollars and the hopes of college kids who truly and mistakenly believe being a good fighter instantly makes you a good boxer. 

All of this seems almost a bit unfair to McGregor. Yet the man knows what he's getting into should he return to the ring – and he still seems bound and determined to do so. Nothing if not ambitious and self aware, it's clear McGregor feels he has something to prove after being saved by the referee in his bout with Mayweather. He has nothing to prove, though, except in the octagon, where plenty of tough competition eagerly awaits. The showy UFC legend may somehow land himself a boxing title at some point – there seems to be constellations worth of them out there. If McGregor faces another top boxer again, however, even an over the hill one, he does so at his own peril. 

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Ivan Redkach: “I Am Going To Shock The Boxing World”   


By: Sean Crose

Not too many people are giving the 33 year old Ivan Redkach much of a chance to beat former welterweight and junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia when the two men meet for a scheduled twelve round affair Saturday night at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center. Then again, not many people gave Jeison Rosario much of a chance to best Julian Williams last Saturday night. Nor did many people expect Williams to best Jarrett Hurd when the two men fought last spring. And most people certainly didn't expect Andy Ruiz to knock out Anthony Joshua in the Englishman's American debut last June. Perhaps, then, the 23-4-1 southpaw Redkach has reason to be confident heading into this weekend. 

Still, the 35-2 Garcia is one of the most skilled fighters on earth, a man with a resume that may already guarantee the Philadelphia native a ticket to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. The 31 year old is also eager to get back to the top of the welterweight division, where names like Pacquiao and Spence may await. Not that any of that seems to trouble Redkach. After all, the LA native, by way of the Ukraine, feels former world titlist Devon Alexander underestimated him before they met last June (in a bout Rekach won by knockout). “Devon took me for granted,” Redkach is quoted as saying by Premiere Boxing Champions. “I think the same thing is happening here (with Garcia). He wants the (Manny) Pacquiao fight. But he hasn’t won this fight yet.”

For his own part, Garcia has assured the press that he is indeed taking this bout seriously. And, although he's won some decisions some consider questionable, it's hard to accuse the fighter of ever having been lazy. One simply doesn't best the likes of a prime Amir Khan, and a prime Lucas Matthysse without having developed one's craft. Although he isn't known to trash talk like some fighters, it's generally Garcia who has the final word in the ring.

"We're just working hard and working smart,” Premiere Boxing Champions quotes Garcia as saying. “We're making the necessary adjustments for Redkach specifically, but this is just another fighter in front of us. I noticed that he's really hungry. He obviously wants to win, and he's coming off of three solid victories. He has his confidence back now. I just have to be ready for whatever he brings to the table on January 25.

It appears Garcia is right – Redkach is coming across as both eager and confident, two things no fighter should overlook in an opponent. “I have been to a lot of Danny's fights,” Redkach has said in the lead up to this weekend's matchup, “and now I get the chance to test myself against him. I am training very hard so that I am the best that I have ever been on January 25. I'm going to shock the boxing world.”

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Danny Garcia: “My Future Starts on Saturday Night”   


By: Hans Themistode

There’s always a smile plastered across the face of former two division world champion Danny Garcia. A big one at that. 

His happy demeanor has always been for good reason. He spent the first ten years of his career as an undefeated fighter, and five of those years as a world champion before picking up the first loss of his career to Keith Thurman in 2017. 

Photo Credit: Danny Garcia Twitter Account

The man nicknamed “Swift” bounced back in a major way with a stoppage win against Brandon Rios before losing a close contest against Shawn Porter shortly after. 

In 2019, Garcia was seen putting Adrian Granados on his backside en route to a stoppage win. With the victory, his trademark smile followed it shortly after. 

You would be hard pressed to ever find Garcia without that aforementioned smile, but there was a storyline behind it. The smile was nothing but a lie. A mask if you will. Similar to the one he often wears on his way to the ring.

“I been boxing for 21 years since I was 10 years old,” said Garcia. “All the big fights and the pressure, sometimes you get tired of it. There’s a lot of pressure and people expect a lot out of you. Sometimes you forget what makes you happy. It becomes a business so it's like you’re not having fun anymore.”

Garcia’s time sulking in the demands and pressures that are associated with someone in his position didn't last long. By the time the former two division champion walks through the ring ropes against Ivan Redkach on January 25th, at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York, it will be nine full months since the boxing public has seen him. 

Call it a mini vacation. A recharging period so to speak. Whatever you decide to name it, it worked. With the time spent away from the fight game, Garcia realized just how much it’s meant to him.

“I realized that this is what makes me happy. When I sit home and I’m not fighting I just don't feel happy so I'm just counting my blessings my right now. I fell back in love with the sport of boxing again. My last camp I felt good. This camp I felt good so I just want to go out there and count my blessings and give the fans a good show.”  

It’s great to see Garcia come to the realization that he loves the sport once again, but hopefully he also realizes the position he currently occupies. 

This contest against Redkach (23-4-1, 18 KOs) was never supposed to take place. Instead, a matchup against unified Welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr (25-0, 21 KOs) was on his radar. Spence would of course go on to get involved in a horrific car accident which put that bout on hold. 

So now, Garcia is in a prove it spot if you will. All eyes will be fixated on him and his performance. 

Needless to say, a loss to Redkach ends any hopes he has of competing on the big stage once again. Even a struggle against Redkach could lead to Garcia being shoved to the side in favor of someone else.

“I wouldn't say it’s an audition but it’s a really important fight for me and my future. My future starts on Saturday night for all the big fights. I’ve been in a lot of big fights in my career. I’ve fought 13 world champions and been in 10 world title fights. I know Redkach is hungry but I know what it takes to win at this level. I know what a win on Saturday night will do for me and all the big fights that are right there waiting for me but I have to focus on Redkach right now, I can't overlook him. I have to dominate him and then the sky's the limit after that.”

It isn't just the sky, but the entire galaxy is at the fingertips of Garcia if he is able to pull off the victory on Saturday night. Garcia currently occupies the number one ranking in the WBO as well as the number two spots for the WBA and WBC as well. He essentially has his pick of any world champion if he manages to pick up the win. 

Although many of the big names have continuously called him out, there is one fighter in particular who wants a fight with Garcia as soon as possible. One that shares a history with him as well. 

“Yeah for sure, this is a business, anything can be made if it’s done right,” said Garcia when discussing the possibility of a fight with WBO belt holder Terence Crawford. “We fought for free in the amateurs so why not fight for money.”

A fight with Crawford would be a great one but not something that anyone should look forward to. Garcia might be interested in a bout with Crawford but he is even more interested in a showdown with either Errol Spence Jr or WBA titlist Manny Pacquiao. 

“I like my chances against either one of those guys. It’ll be a great fight but I believe I can beat either of them but first things first, I have to take care of Redkach on Saturday night.”

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Oscar De La Hoya Heaps Praise on Ryan Garcia and Gives an Update on Canelo Alvarez   


By: Hans Themistode

From the moment Oscar De La Hoya burst onto the boxing scene, he was an instant star. 

His 1992 Olympic gold medal and world titles in six different weight classes helped fuel a star studded career. De La Hoya hasn't stepped into the boxing ring from a competitive standpoint in over a decade, but now as a promoter, he has helped put several boxers on the map. 

His biggest star, Canelo Alvarez is universally known as the face of boxing. His youngest, Lightweight contender Ryan Garcia is on the fast track to a great career himself.

Most of the older boxers who have retired from the sport have taken on the “get off my lawn” sort of approach to the boxers of today. 

If anyone understands just how difficult it is to build a star profile from scratch, it would be De La Hoya. With Garcia headlining the first card of his career on Valentine’s Day, February 14th at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, De La Hoya is happy as can be to have someone so young and talented as Garcia. At just 21 years of age, De La Hoya can mold Garcia into one of the biggest names in the sport today. 

“There is so much talent out there these days that it sometimes does make it a little harder,” said De La Hoya when discussing the difficulties of building a star boxer today as opposed to the era he grew up in.  “But when you have a talent like Ryan Garcia, it makes it a little easier because he is doing the work, he’s fighting in the ring and proving himself. As a promoter, it makes my job a lot easier. Yeah we still have to organize the whole event and negotiate and the venue and all of that so it’s a lot of work but when you have a fighter like Ryan who gets it, it makes my job a lot easier.”

Garcia might be making the life of De La Hoya easier now, but it wasn't always like that. Garcia came into the sport of boxing as a young 18 year old kid who believed he knew everything. The attitude and cockiness he showed both inside and outside of the ring may have brought him fans, but it was a constant headache for De La Hoya. Garcia isn't exactly a vet at 21 years of age, but he has at the very least, matured.

“It’s experience. Every fight that you have, every training camp, every day that you sweat, blood and tears it helps. It’s just the experience. You gain that momentum and confidence where you feel like you can take on the whole world. Only fights can do that for you and taking on people who are better, stronger, faster and training more can do that for you. Ryan obviously hasn't even reached his peak because he is so young but he is gaining that experience so that he could be the very best.” 

The experience and maturity coupled with of course his skill level, has led directly to Garcia headlining this February 14th, card. It’s a milestone event for the young prospect but it could come with a major issue. Once a fighter transitions from the undercard to the main event, they seldom ever want to go back to the role of an undercard fighter again. 

“We will have to see. Being under Canelo is always a good thing. But we’ll have to see because I believe that Ryan Garcia is going to be bigger than a lot of fighters that I promote. People love him. As long as he keeps performing the way he is performing then I think the sky's the limit.”

Garcia might be a fighter on his way to stardom but the sports biggest star in Canelo Alvarez has his own fight date coming within the next few months.

“I have a pending trip to his hometown in Mexico very soon. That’s our little ritual, we go down there and stay there for a few days and talk for hours and hours to figure out the game plan. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we will have somebody nailed down in concrete.”

Finding an opponent for Alvarez is both easy and extremely difficult at the same time. The Mexican star currently campaigns at three different weight divisions. Those being Middleweight, Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight. So while the options are long, it also means that everyone wants their shot at him. One name in particular that has emerged as a front runner is current WBO Super Middleweight titlist Billy Joe Saunders. If that’s the name your hoping will be announced, don’t hold your breath.

“No, not at all.”

With Billy Joe Saunders effectively out of the running for the Canelo fight, fans will just have to wait to find out who he’ll take on next.

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Al Aire Libre Outdoor Games Manualidades Actividades Sencillas Y Experimentos   

Al Aire Libre Outdoor Games Manualidades Actividades Sencillas Y Experimentos

Seavers in the News -- Marian M. Seaver Dies in 1918 in Santa Cruz   

It's time for another edition of "Seavers in the News" - a weekly feature from the historical newspapers about persons with the surname Seaver that are interesting, useful, mysterious, fun, macabre, or add information to my family tree database.

This week's entry is from the  Santa Cruz [Calif.] Evening News newspaper dated 24 October 1918:

The transcription of the article is:

"Mrs. Marian Seaver, Pioneer, Passes Away
"Mrs. Marian Seaver, for half a century a well known resident of Beach hill, passed away last evening at her home on Third street after a sudden, short illness, in which her heart was fatally affected.

"Although the light had long since passed from her eyes, Mrs. Seaver had never lost that light of the heart which led her to give generously and unostentatiously, particularly to the needy.  The faithful daughter, Miss Alice Seaver, with whom Mrs. Seaver lived, has given up years of service upon her afflicted mother and feels keenly the bereavement which leaves her alone in the house.

"Mrs. Seaver was born in England seventy-nine years ago, coming to this country as a young woman.  Her husband passed on about twenty years ago.  She is survived by two daughters, Miss Alice and Mrs. Clara Edwards of New Orleans, and two sons.  John Davis, a nephew residing in San Francisco and a close and faithful friend of the dead woman, is expected in Santa Cruz today.

"The funeral will be held from Wessendorf & Son's funeral parlors tomorrow afternoon, to be followed by open air services at the grave in Odd Fellows cemetery.  Rev. M.L. Laybourn will officiate."

The source citation is:

"Mrs. Marian Seaver, Pioneer, Passes Away," Santa Cruz [Calif.] Evening News newspaper, obituary, Thursday, 24 October 1918, page 5, column 6, Marian M. Seaver   ( : accessed 23 January 2020).

Isn't that a great description of this woman - "Although the light had long since passed from her eyes, Mrs. Seaver had never lost that light of the heart which led her to give generously and unostentatiously, particularly to the needy."  Apparently, Marian was blind, and her daughter Alice was her caretaker and companion.  

The obituary names only her two daughters, Alice and Clara, and her nephew, John Davis, and notes that there are two sons.  She died 23 October 1918 in Santa Cruz, California.

Since the obituary doesn't name her husband or her sons, I wondered if I could find her in my RootsMagic family tree.  It took a bit of digging, but I found her.

Marian Maria Watling (1839-1918) was born in January 1839 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England, the daughter of John Hammond and Elizabeth (Gott) Watling.  She married William Harvey Seaver (1821-1895) in about 1858, perhaps in California.  I don't know the parents of William Harvey Seaver, but census records indicate that he was born in Massachusetts in about 1821.

William Harvey and Marian Maria (Watling) Seaver had six children:

*  Clara Harriet Seaver (1859-1924), married 23 July 1889 to William Sawyer Everett/Edwards (1860-1942) [a name change? - the marriage record says Everett, the census and death records say  Edwards].
*  William Seaver (1861-????).
*  Edward Hammond Seaver (1863-1926), married 1898 to Ida May Reed (1875-1945).
*  Marion Elizabeth Seaver (1867-????)
*  Charles A. Seaver (1872-1939)
*  Alice B. Seaver (1877-1961)

The two sons not named in the obituary must be Edward and Charles.

I am probably a distant cousin of William Harvey Seaver, but don't know the relationship because I don't know who his parents are at this time.

There are over 8,000 Seaver "stories" in my family tree - this was one of them.   Life happens, accidentally and intentionally, and sometimes a person is gracious and kind.  I am glad I can honor Marian Maria (Watling) Seaver today.


Disclosure:  I have a complimentary subscription to and have used it extensively to find articles about my ancestral and one-name families.

Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Treasure Chest Thursday -- 1744 Death Records for Samuel and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Fletcher in Concord, Mass.   

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - a chance to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the 1744 death records of Samuel Fletcher and Elizabeth Fletcher in the Concord, Massachusetts vital town record book:

The death records for Samuel Fletcher and Elizabeth Fletcher are near the bottom of the page:

This record says:

"Cornett Samuel Fletcher Husband to Elisabeth his Wife Died october. 23 : 1744"

"Elisabeth Fletcher Relict Widow of Cornett Samuel Fletcher Died october. 26. 1744."

The source citation for this record is:

George Tolman (compiler), Concord, Massachusetts Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1635-1850 (Concord, Mass. : Committee on Printing, 1894), Concord Registers -- Book II, page 159, Samuel Fletcher and Elizabeth Fletcher death entries, 1744.

This record is a Derivative Source with Primary Information and Direct Evidence of the names of Samuel Fletcher and Elizabeth Fletcher, and the death dates and place.

Samuel Fletcher (1657-1744) was the son of Francis and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Fletcher of Concord.  Elizabeth Wheeler (1664-1744) was the daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Merriam) Wheeler of Concord.  They married 15 June 1682 in Concord, Massachusetts.

Samuel Fletcher and Elizabeth Wheeler are my 7th great-grandparents, through their son John Fletcher (1692-????) and his wife Mary Goble (1694-1734) who married in Watertown in 1715.


Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Jolis débuts,bravo mesdames les fées ! sur Sal Madame La Fée - *1*   

Jolis débuts,bravo mesdames les fées !

Kaňkovský (KDU-ČSL): Změna posiluje práva velkých zaměstnavatelů - Parlamentní   

Kaňkovský (KDU-ČSL): Změna posiluje práva velkých zaměstnavatelů  Parlamentní

Forum on Historic Black Schools Opens With a Personal Story   


Welcoming participants in a daylong forum on the future of historically black colleges and universities, Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James spoke Thursday of her... Read More

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DOJ Concedes That Two Of Its Carter Page FISA Orders Were ‘Not Valid’   


By Chuck Ross -

Well no DUH! -> DOJ Concedes That Two Of Its Carter Page FISA Orders, the ones that started the whole Russia collusion hoax, Were ‘Not Valid’

DOJ Concedes That Two Of Its Carter Page FISA Orders Were ‘Not Valid’ is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


Liverpool match Jose Mourinho's Chelsea and close in on Arsenal's Invincibles   

Liverpool extended their Premier League unbeaten run to 40 games with victory over Wolves - moving level with Chelsea and closer to Arsenal's record

Man Utd still eyeing James Maddison transfer as Bruno Fernandes saga drags on   

Manchester United have put all their focus on signing Bruno Fernandes this January but remain keen on James Maddison

Silicon Valley AUVSI and NASA Present URBAN AIR MOBILITY 2020: ONE GIANT LEAP FOR SILICON VALLEY, February 27, 2020 at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Ca.   

Silicon Valley Brings Together Industry Heavy-Hitters for Technical Discussions at NASA AMES Surrounding State of Urban Air Mobility, Unmanned Traffic Management, Remote Identification & Trust Framework. The Silicon Valley Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) has announced a symposium on February 27, 2020 that'll bring together the brightest minds in the unmanned aviation industry to discuss topics including the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and the state of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM).

Half-Life: Alyx ist „fertig“ – alles Wichtige aus Valve's Reddit-AMA   

Dass ausgerechnet Valve zwischen all den Verspätungen das Studio sein wird, das den Release-Termin voraussichtlich einhalten kann, ist schon eine kleine Sensation für sich. Zum Spiel selbst gab es natürlich auch einiges zu lesen im Reddit-AMA zu Half-Life: Alyx.


Themen: Half-Life: Alyx, Valve

Brian Rice reveals James McArthur tipped him to sign Sam Woods from Crystal Palace   

The defender was recommended by Crystal Palace team-mate James McArthur.

VR Climbing Game To The Top Launches On SideQuest After Facebook Rejection   


The relaunch of the popular 2017 VR platforming marks a big step for the SideQuest platform.  Despite having released all the way back in May of 2017, Electric Hat Games’ To The Top remains one of the best climbing experiences currently available on VR headsets. A unique movement system tailor-made for VR turns players into […]

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Daniel James: 'Manchester United simply weren't good enough'   

Burnley triumphed at Old Trafford for the first time since 1962.

Talk like an Egyptian: mummy's voice heard 3,000 years after death   


Researchers in UK recreate Nesyamun’s sound using 3D version of his vocal tract

The “voice” of an ancient Egyptian priest has been heard for the first time since he died and was mummified 3,000 years ago, researchers have said.

Nesyamun lived under the pharaoh Rameses XI, who reigned around the beginning of the 11th century BC.

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Steve Clarke urges "common sense" for league games ahead of Euro 2020 playoff   

Scotland face Israel in their play-off semi-final.

The Bridge is free on the Epic Games Store, Farming Simulator 19 up next   


The Bridge is the latest game to be made available for free through the Epic Games Store. It will be free on the Epic Games Store until January 30. The Bridge is a puzzler that forces the player to “reevaluate their preconceptions” of physics and perspective as they manipulate gravity to “redefine the ceiling as […]

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James McCarthy: 'Crystal Palace not good enough in Southampton defeat'   

Palace have a 10-day break until they return to action.

Fans Shocked to Learn James Corden Doesn't Really Drive During 'Carpool Karaoke' Segments   

Sorry, it’s true. Continue reading…

2020 Australian Open Thread   

Didn't see any discussion of the Aussie Open, so I figured I'd start one. So far, all of the big names on the men's side have moved on fairly easily through the first two rounds. Federer and Nadal haven't dropped a set. Djokovic dropped a set in his opener but won fairly convincingly otherwise. Federer has a clean looking draw up through to the semis: the only seed left in front of him...

Full Show (LeBron James, Delonte West, Cromartie vs. Revis, Lakers/Celtics, Zion Williamson, Patrick Mahomes)   

-Do you agree with PFF’s ranking of postseason QB performances, with Patrick Mahomes at #1? (00:15) -Are you okay with LeBron James going to see Bronny play on a game night? (25:03) -Skip and Shannon react to the video of Delonte West that emerged on social media yesterday. (50:55) -Antonio Cromartie returns to address Darrelle Revis calling him out on Twitter. (59:20) -Byron Scott joins to discuss the Lakers’ blowout loss to the Celtics. (1:14:06) -What impact will Zion Williamson have on the Pelicans, and the NBA in general? (1:24:40) -On a scale of 1-10, how embarrassing was Jaylen Brown’s dunk on LeBron yesterday? (1:32:48) -What does it tell you that Patrick Mahomes surpassed Tom Brady in jersey sales? (1:42:39) -What is going on with James Harden’s latest slump? (1:50:08)



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Citizens Against Government Waste Names California Governor Gavin Newsom January 2020 Porker of the Month   

Today Citizens Against Government Waste CAGW named California Governor Gavin Newsom our January 2020 Porker of the Month for wanting a state government takeover of the pharmaceutical industry.On January 10 2020 Gov. Newsom proposed a plan to make Californi...

Ex-#NBA Player Says Smoking Cannabis Could Help Players Heal After #Games    


Ex-NBA players calls for cannabis to be legal in the NBA 70 percent of NBA players consume cannabis on a certain degree Cannabis could help players recuperate after practice and games A former NBA ...

Praktikant (m/w/d) User Interface Design   

Ihre Aufgaben: -Gemeinsame Arbeit mit unseren UX Experten an aktuellen Projekten in der Produktentwicklung für die gesamte Rohde & Schwarz Gruppe -Unterstützung bei Wireframes und visuellen Prototypen, sowie beim Visual Screen Design und der Iconentwicklung -Einbringen eigener Ideen für begeisternde Bedienoberflächen Ihre Qualifikationen: -Studium im Bereich Industriedesign, User Experience Design oder einer vergleichbaren Studienrichtung -Gute Kenntnisse des User Experience Designs und Visual Designs -Erfahrung mit typischen Design Tools (Z.B.: Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq) -Neugierde, Engagement, teamorientierte Denk- und Arbeitsweise -Gute Deutschkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

Super Rugby Predictions for Round 1   

Team Ratings for Round 1 The basic method is described on my Department home page. Here are the team ratings prior to this week’s games, along with the ratings at the start of the season. Current Rating Rating at Season Start Difference Crusaders 17.10 17.10 -0.00 Hurricanes 8.79 8.79 -0.00 Jaguares 7.23 7.23 0.00 Chiefs […]

NASA Awards Contract for Intelligent Systems Research   

NASA has selected Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies, LLC, a KBRwyle business unit, of Greenbelt, Maryland, for a contract for intelligent systems research and development support services at the agency's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.

LinkedIn founder: Top skills employers want in new hires   


LinkedIn founder: Top skills employers want in new hiresLinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue names the top soft and hard skills employers are searching for in 2020.


Be safe with waste paint   


We've been working with B&Q to raise awareness of safety and environmental issues around waste paint.  

Our Household Recycling Centre’s (HRCs) such as the one at Battlefield in north Shrewsbury accept all types of household paint.  If you  bring leftover paint here it will be stored safely and then disposed of professionally. 

Although many paints are water-based and are not considered hazardous some contain solvents which need specialist thermal treatment so they do not harm the environment.  As such its important that you should:


Comment on FFG Discussion Special 2019 by Former Gamer   

@Stoo : When I was much younger, I've been a senior editor in the French computer press -- at a time when people actually wrote real letters to editors and not emails. About readers, quality does matter much, much more than quantity... except for advertisers and marketing people. I may sometimes have made fun of too many sports reviews at FFG (a few of them rather esoteric when one has no knowledge of, nor any interes in the topic), but I've never found them boring. I sometimes disagree with your [both of FFG's stars] comments and ratings, but I value them as I value old friends' opinions (I often felt the same with the original Games Domain reviews). Should I run a gamers magazine, I would hire the both of you, while I would not even consider any people from RPS --a site I no longer have a look at, considering their new PC mania (and I don't mean the computer here). Go on writing, gentlemen ! (and at some time, try and see if there's a reason explaining why winhttrack won't archive your site for us offline readers)

United States: Get The Basics On Two Federal Bills Affecting Employee Benefits - Thompson Coburn LLP   

Recently, two bills with confusingly similar names were introduced in Congress. They are both worth mentioning regardless of whether or not they are ultimately enacted in their current form.

Senior Games: Mexican Train   

Event date: February 4, 2020
Event Time: 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Westmonte Recreation Center
624 Bills Lane
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

In reshuffle, PM names Hanegbi agriculture minister, taps Akunis for welfare - The Times of Israel   

In reshuffle, PM names Hanegbi agriculture minister, taps Akunis for welfare  The Times of Israel

IOS Developer - Front End   

CA-Irvine, As the IOS Developer, you will combine the art of design with the art of programming which includes translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application. Plus, write readable code and propose solutions given the requirements. What You Will Be Doing Implement the next generation of mobile applications built for Company's products Analyze and

internet based on line casino Assessments & Guide   

Hardly any is Enjoy the UK each of our web based save information proposed discover revealing listing games. Participate in 100 execute download and read diversity in addition to model Units, U.s . Games amp. Be a part of the individual Expresses as well as upwards of On the web as to why pertaining [...]

Problems with Your  gambling house games   

All of the Rights Reserved. Arrange involved with Ra High quality Slot machine — Zero cost Via the internet Play the game by way of Novomatic This approach slot might be unavailable to learn as a consequence of UKGC’s innovative permit situation Novel about Ra Luxury Position Game Bonus deals Software package: Novomatic Paylines: [...]

Once inicial del Real Madrid contra el Unionistas de Salamanca   

Unionistas de Salamanca - Real Madrid

Once inicial del Real Madrid contra el Unionistas de Salamanca

Once inicial del Real Madrid contra el Unionistas de Salamanca NOTICIA | 22/01/2020 Jugarán: Areola, Carvajal, Militão, Nacho, Benzema, Bale, Marcelo, Casemiro, Valverde, James y Vinicius Jr. El Real Madrid ya tiene alineación para el partido correspondiente a los dieciseisavos de final de la Copa del Rey, en el que se enfrentará al Unionistas de Salamanca […]

Interdeportes. El Digital Deportivo de referencia


Illinois assesses damage from mistaken voter registrations   

CHICAGO (AP) – Illinois election officials say at least three of 16 voters who cast ballots after being mistakenly registered to vote are U.S. citizens after all. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s office blames an error in Illinois’ automatic voter registration system for over 500 people who self-identified as noncitizens being wrongly registered to vote. The State Board of Elections has said 16 of those individuals voted in elections in 2018 and 2019. Spokesman Matt Dietrich said Wednesday that […]

Cardinals re-sign catcher Matt Wieters   

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Cardinals have signed catcher Matt Wieters to a one-year contract for the upcoming season. Wieters returns to the Cardinals after joining the club last year. He’d been a free agent after the 2019 season. He appeared in 67 games with 54 starts as a backup for Yadier Molina. Wieters, 33, hit 11 home runs in 2019 and threw out 8 of 19 attempted base stealers. The Baltimore Orioles selected Wieters with the fifth overall […]

Tito Boy confirms James Reid and Nadine Lustre's breakup | TWBA   


Boy Abunda confirms James Reid and Nadine Lustre's breakup.

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Best of Houston® 2020: Best Vietnamese Restaurant   

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: Nam Giao Celebrity chef David Chang sang its praises when he visited Nam Giao for his Houston episode, but you don’t have to take his word for it. Step inside the modest, family-owned restaurant and you’ll discover an almost entirely different menu than the one found at...
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