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Upartyjnienie Kancelarii Senatu jest bezprecedensowe. Nigdy w przeszłości nie miało miejsca zatrudnianie na stanowiskach urzędniczych przegranych polityków - podkreśla były już marszałek tej izby Stanisław Karczewski.

Fox News Rundown Extra: Joe Lieberman on Impeachment, Burisma and the Democrat’s Direction

Our full interview with former Senator Joe Lieberman.

Social Anxiety Yoga

This week Dana and Chris agree that Election Day should be a national holiday, they discuss the downward spiral of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and more.

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA): Adam Schiff Is Running The House Judiciary Committee More Than Chairman Jerry Nadler

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the letter Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler sent President Trump telling the President that he and his legal team are welcome to participate in the public impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, December 4. Collins said he is so disappointed in Chairman Nadler for convening next week's public hearing he can hardly put it into words. Collins does not yet know who the Republicans or Democrats plan on calling as witnesses at the hearing and believes nobody would fault President Trump if he does not send anyone on his behalf to participate in the hearing. When asked if his opinion has changed after recent reports that President Trump only released the aid to Ukraine after he was informed about the whistleblower, Collins said no because the President did not do anything wrong. Plus, Congressman Collins on being humbled by President Trump's support for him to be appointed to fill the seat being vacated by retiring Senator Johnny Isakson and reports that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) prefers Atlanta businesswoman and co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, Kelly Loeffler. Watch here: Full transcript below: Brian Kilmeade: Last week, I asked the ranking member, "Do you know what's going on with impeachment?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "Did you ask Jerry Nadler?" He said, "Yeah, he doesn't know." Now he knows. Joining us now, Congressman Doug Collins off the treadmill. Hi, Congressman. Doug Collins: Hi, Brian. How are you, bud? Brian Kilmeade: You were running this morning doing our show, right? Doug Collins: I did. I was out there running, get me through it. Got me through about three miles or so. Got to work off this Thanksgiving potbelly, here. Brian Kilmeade: Yeah. You have like zero percent body fat, but -- Doug Collins: Brian Kilmeade: -- now you're the ranking member. Can you tell our audience, Congressman, what we're going to be looking at next week? Doug Collins: Next week? I am so disappointed in Chairman Nadler; I can't even properly put words to it. But what we're going to see next week is the judiciary, where the Democrats promise would be a fair process for the president, for everybody involved, and to sort of handle the Schiff-show fiasco, is we're going to have next week, a made for television event in which you're going to have academics who are media commentators on other more liberal networks, typically, who are going to come on, and they're going to tell us, "Oh, well, this is possibly an impeachable offense.". Really, this is an affront to the American people. We've been waiting for what their determination as to what the president did wrong. We found nothing. And now we're going to use our valuable time to have academics tell us what they think an impeachable offense is. Why don't we actually have Adam Schiff? How do we have -- you have a fact witness who dealt with a whistleblower, his staff or others, coming under -- and testify under oath to what they actually knew and what they actually didn't know. This is a disgrace. But this is the way -- I mean, the whole thing is it is a smoke and mirrors because they have nothing on the president. Brian Kilmeade: So, Congressman, who you guys calling? Doug Collins: It looks like right now -- we're filming the final debate, but we've got one, I'll be able to -- we haven't announced yet, but I'll announce it later. But we have one more that's coming. Brian Kilmeade: Do you know who they are calling? Doug Collins: No. We haven't found out yet. But will if -- this is an interesting thing, Brian, do you realize that this is a rerun of the same basically hearing we had in June. Brian Kilmeade: No. Doug Collins: We've had this hearing before. We've had this hearing before, and, you know, but there's a difference here. And I think it's interesting to note and I sort of made this -- I made this, you know, discussion before. But what we saw with Mr. Goldman last week, what we see with, you know, Norm Eisen and Barry and the embassy in our committee, that paid consultants, what I call "Bring a Donor to Workday" and get to ask questions. If you're a large enough donor to the Democratic Party, you get to ask questions in a committee hearing. What we thought last week, and then we're going to see this week, it didn't allow their counsels to ask these questions, you know, and make it look like this formal proceeding to get to the president. But actually, I have a question. How is having academics talk about impeachment actually giving the president any way to question those who have accused him? It doesn't. And so, I think this is the problem we're having in this whole show is they don't know what to do. And it's almost as bad as last week when Jerry Nadler didn't know what he was doing. Now we know what he's doing, and he might as well just not have had anything. Brian Kilmeade: So, a letter from Nadler, here's an excerpt. "I'm hopeful that you and your counsel" -- meaning the president -- "will opt to participate in the committee hearing consistent with the rules of decorum and with the solemn nature of the work before us." So, they're asking the president to go. Should he? Doug Collins: I think that if the president wants to, he's more than welcome to come to this sideshow that we're going to have next week. If he doesn't send an attorney or someone from his legal counsel, I don't think anybody would fault him, because this is a farce. This is something that anybody could put -- even if you believe everything Adam Schiff has told you, even if you believe everything from the Democrats to come into this, to say this -- and believe me, Brian, behind the scenes, Democratic members of Congress have come to me, and they have said that they would hope that the Judiciary Committee would actually be a place where, you know, they could actually make a case and have due process and everything that follows, because they know the substance -- of the substance that he's done nothing wrong is out there. But they came to me and said, "If this is the way it's going to be," then they're struggling with it, and they're going to be put in a bad position by the speaker and by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler on something. So, we'll see where it goes from here. We've sent several letters giving Chairman Nadler the opportunity to fix it. We give him every opportunity to make it right, to have a true hearing, if this is what you want to do. And so far, we've gotten back absolutely zero. I don't know the is not working or what. But they -- have shows, not the answer. Brian Kilmeade: And then, what you would have is this and then that's it. Or then -- so Schiff walks over, delivers his articles of impeachment, then you just vote on it? Or you guys go debate his articles of impeachment? Doug Collins: No, well see, he's not going to bring us articles. He's going to bring us the findings of his committee. They leave it up to the Judiciary Committee. I'm assuming a with Schiff, because Schiff, frankly, seems to be running our committee more than Chairman Nadler is. They'll come over, and they'll work on the articles over the next couple of weeks, if that's what they're looking to do. And then, my hope is that we actually have some facts or witnesses. We're going to send over, you know, this discussion. We'll have this discussion about what witnesses we get. I think Adam Schiff, who's made himself out on several occasions to be the, quote, "Special counsel with the investigator." If that be true, and he writes a report, then there's no reason in the world that he should not be put under oath in front of our committee, answer questions from both Republicans and Democrats and the president's council -- just like, if he compared himself to Ken Starr, Ken Starr did during the Clinton impeachment. He needs to make it -- but I don't think he'll have the -- I don't think without the gavel in his hand and ability to make up his testimony, he'll be willing to do that. But I'm challenging him right now. If you believe this president has does something wrong, you should have the temerity to come and tell us what and answer questions from everyone, including your own contact, or your staff's contact, with the whistleblower. Brian Kilmeade: If they stop short and just go for censure, would you be okay with that? Doug Collins: No, because the president has done nothing wrong. I think this is the bottom line. I mean, they're now trying to find a way out of what the American people now see, for real, is a farce and a sideshow. The president did nothing wrong in that call. I mean, when you look at it from over time, that is the factual basis of what they're discussing. In fact, think they knew that this discussion was working when they had to go out and poll test what words can make the American people upset about what the president did? And then they couldn't prove it. So, no, I think they just need to -- if they want to do this, drop it. They'll pass you at 68. They'll actually pass the -- American -- legislation. Go actually pass something. If they can go out the American people, say, "Sorry, we wasted eleven months of taxpayer dollars, but we now are trying to get something done for you. Would you vote for us again?" Brian Kilmeade: Congressman Collins is with us now from Georgia. Congressman, there's two revelations that popped up in The New York Times today that Donald Trump knew of the whistleblower complaint when did he release the aid to the Ukraine. And number two is when the aid was withheld, two OMB directors resigned, workers resigned because they were upset about it. Does that change your point of view? Doug Collins: No, not really. I mean, this is what we've seen so far in this investigation. You've seen government workers who believe that they are above -- that are the policy writers, and that they're the ones who ought to be listened to. I mean, whether it be OMB or what we saw with Kent and Taylor, which -- the first day of public hearings when you had the two of them talk about how they're 30 plus years of government service, they should be the ones making and helping the president decide? You know, forgets that the president is the one who makes actual the policy. And if you if you're resigning over policy differences, then that's what you should be doing because you shouldn't be working, where -- somewhere where you can't agree with policy. I think the other issue is the president never felt he did anything wrong on the call of whether a whistleblower said he did or didn't. And when you look at the facts of the case, they didn't -- he didn't do anything wrong. So, I don't think it makes any difference. This is a last gasp attempt by the -- and it's been going around. If you looked in the Democratic media for the last little bit, this has been out there, and now they're just trying to bring it forward, to life now because they failed in the public hearings, and now they're trying to bring it up before it gets the judiciary. Brian Kilmeade: I was surprised. Yesterday, the president talked to Bill O'Reilly, and he said this about Rudy Giuliani. Cut one. Brian Kilmeade: What was Rudy Giuliani doing in Ukraine on your behalf? President Trump: Well, you have to ask that to Rudy. But Rudy, I don't even know. I know he was going to go to Ukraine, and I think he canceled a trip. But, you know, Rudy has other clients other than me. Brian Kilmeade: So, you didn't direct him to go there on your behalf, you didn't -- President Trump: No, but you have to understand, Rudy is a great corruption fighter. Brian Kilmeade: Giuliani is your personal lawyer. So, you didn't direct -- President Trump: Yeah. Brian Kilmeade: him to go to Ukraine or do anything -- President Trump: No, I didn't direct him. Brian Kilmeade:-- or put any heat on him? President Trump: But he is a warrior. Brian Kilmeade: So, does that surprise you? Because I thought the president had directed him, this was with Gordon Sondland said. Gordon Sondland: Secretary Perry, Ambassador Volker, and I worked with Mr. Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine matters at the express direction of the president of the United States. Brian Kilmeade: So, what's going on here? Do you know? Doug Collins: No, not really. I mean, I think what you look at, though, is you go back Mr. Sondland's comment. This is also the same guy who started the line and train of the quid pro quo. And then when directly questioned, he said, "Well, that was my presumption." And now he makes this flat-out statement? I mean, I'll have to let the president -- you know -- I would trust the president's recollection better than I would Ambassador Sondland. But I mean, that's something for the president -- you know, again, it goes back to why you're having hearings and why you're not. And, you know, at this point in time, you know, the issue is, is the president can choose to dictate on how he wants to do foreign policy. Any way he wants to do it, that's given to him in the Constitution. So, yeah, his foreign policy being in the power of the executive. So, I would defer to him, and, you know, let him stand with that statement, and Sondland's already had enough issues. Brian Kilmeade: All right. I want to bring something to you personally. The president's a big fan of yours, and you've been so impressive, I think, that both sides look at Jim Jordan, you, and John Radcliffe as people pretty formidable, who actually understand the issues, are able to react in real time. And you've impressed the president enough that he evidently sat down with your governor and said, "If someone's going to replace Congress -- Senator Isakson, it should really be" you. And Kemp comes back and says, "I want it to be Kelly Loeffler, who I don't know. But evidently, he's a fan of Romney, not Trump." What could you tell us about this? Doug Collins: Well, I just -- I'll tell you this. We have put in -- the governor who's been over the last almost hundred days trying to figure out what he want from -- this pick it -- the governors and the governors alone. We feel like we have a very strong rhythm. We ask for a portal to be open. We actually submitted our as resume in the portal. I've not heard from the governor. But I know he has heard from the president and others. And we would be honored to have that pick. We could work. We believe that not only working for nominee and -- this -- with the administration on what we've been doing, but for the state of Georgia. We hope he would make that pick, but we're just sitting back waiting, and then we can make a determination of what we need to do, you know, after he makes his pick. But right now, it's sort of in a holding pattern, if you would. Brian Kilmeade: Did you know how the president felt? Doug Collins: The president told me. And he's been very supportive when he first heard about it. And again, we've just been quiet because we have a job to do in D.C. and we're going to continue to do that job. We feel like our resume could speak for itself, and then we've been very humbled by the president, his board, and others who have come to say that they would like to see if we feel humbled by that. Well, hopefully the governor will be a part of that. But we'll see how it works out. Brian Kilmeade: Do you have an opinion on Kelly Loeffler? Doug Collins: Don't know her that well. I mean, I know there's been a lot of issues, you know, coming up. She's never been in public office, so we'll just -- you know, that that's for the governor to decide. Brian Kilmeade: Do you worry about Georgia? They say Georgia is no longer a layup for Republicans. Is it changing? Doug Collins: Georgia is a state that is changing, but it is silly. It is still a conservative state. And I think that's what most people miss when they come into our state and they talk about it. Look, Stacey Abrams did everything she possibly could last year, including lie about the current governor trying to suppress votes, and she's still not governor. And what we've got to do is we've got to be able to continue to reach into the suburbs where the demographic is changing. But, Brian, for me, not only, you know, supporting the president, working for conservative values, but I've also, over the last couple of months have been awarded a bipartisanship award from the Javits Foundation in New York and from Allegheny College, because we worked on criminal justice reform, a bipartisan thing. Brian Kilmeade: Yeah. Doug Collins: It helps people in suburbs and inner cities. That was our bill. That was something the president took on and he's championed it. It's been amazing. We did music. We've done data privacy. So, I know how to work across the aisle. I know how to work with folks who don't agree with me all the time. We all play roles, but we've also played that role of actually helping people in the state of Georgia and the country. And I think that's the way you win voters, you go convince them from the hearts and minds. And I think that's what you do when you actually, you know, communicate with people. So, Georgia's -- I don't think it's in play as liberals would like you to believe it's in play. And -- but we need a strong force from our base and from a reaching out perspective to keep it. Brian Kilmeade: And just to bring it all home, and I know you got to get going, and I hope it breaks your way. But I have a book signing December 15th at the Books-A-Million in Lawrenceville, Georgia, right outside Atlanta. Start time's 1:00 o'clock. I'm not saying it's mandatory to come but would certainly help your grade. Doug Collins: All right. One of those -- I'm sure I'll talk with you before that. But Lawrenceville, I've got aunts who live in Lawrenceville. Well, I look forward, if I can. I'll look forward to seeing you. Brian Kilmeade: All right. Same to you from the Alamo Avengers. Congressman, thanks so much. Appreciate it. Back in a moment.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) Congress Will Override President Trump If He Vetoes Legislation Supporting Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the latest on impeachment and why it is not good for democrats running for reelection. Senator Scott also weighed in on China violating the human rights of citizens in Hong Kong as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling on China to end their draconian policies that have terrorized their own citizens. Scott is adamant that President Trump sign the Hong Kong Rights and Human Democracy Act that was passed in Congress, warning if he does not, Congress will override the President. Watch here:

Senator Lindsey Graham Doesn’t Recall People in 2008 Criticizing Biden When He Attacked McCain

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the impact on his friendship with former Vice President Joe Biden by requesting documents related to contacts between Vice President Biden, his son Hunter Biden & Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Senator Graham believes Biden is a decent fellow but believes we cannot have a country where only republicans are investigated. Graham explained, "My friendship with Joe Biden, if it can't withstand me doing my job, it's not the friendship I thought we had." Graham added, "I don't remember Joe Biden being asked, 'Well, you such good friends with John McCain. Why are you saying all these things about McCain's candidacy for president?' Nobody in their right mind would suggest that Joe Biden, because of his friendship with John McCain, could not make a case against John McCain being president and for Barack Obama. He did. He did it effectively. They tore the bark off John McCain." Graham also responded to Senator Chris Coons saying he is abandoning his friendship with Biden by doing 'Trump's dirty work'. Graham said, "Chris Coons is a friend. I'm disappointed in him. He wants to play the game where I work with him to make sure Trump gets investigated, but all of a sudden, when I ask questions ...I mean, every American wants to know the answer to, all of a sudden I'm the bad guy? That's not going to work with me." Watch here for the full interview: Watch here: Full transcript Joe Biden: We're asking, Lindsey Graham. They have him under they're thumb right now. They know he knows if he comes out against Trump, he's got a real tough road for reelection. Number one, I am disappointed. And quite frankly, I'm angered by the fact he knows me. He knows my son. He knows there's nothing to this. Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he's going to regret his whole life. Male Speaker: What do you say to him? Joe Biden: I say -- Lindsey, I just -- I'm just embarrassed by what you're doing. Are you? I mean, my Lord? Brian Kilmeade: My Lord. That's how he ended it. And from the minute I saw that on another network, I wanted to find out what Senator Graham thought about that, who said in the past, "I like Joe Biden," and more. But he's going to investigate Hunter Biden, and he wants to investigate what was going on in the Ukraine in 2014 and 2016. Senator Graham, well, welcome back. What's your response to that? Lindsey Graham: Well, number one, I do like Joe Biden. He's -- I've traveled the world with him. I like him, I think he's a very decent fellow. He's had a lot of tragedy in his life. But I'm not going to create a country where only Republicans get investigated. There's a lot of corruption in the Ukraine. They're an important ally. I thought Mueller would end this, but Adam Schiff is created a process in the house that's un-American, dangerous to the Presidency. And we're going to ask questions of Hunter Biden's role and getting the prosecutor fired. He served on a company, Burisma, as a board member. He received $50,000 a month. For what? I don't know. After the investigation of the company was opened by the prosecutor general's office in the Ukraine. Hunter Biden called his friends in the State Department, Joe Biden called the president, the Ukraine, Persico , three times in10 days. Went to the Ukraine in March. The investigation began February the 4th. The prosecutor was fired. I want to know the transcripts of the phone call between the Vice President and the President of the Ukraine. I want to know what Hunter Biden was doing talking to the State Department. His business partners and blue strategies also contacted at the State Department. The question is, did Hunter Biden use his political influence to stop the investigation of a gas company he was sitting on a as a board member? The president of Burisma was Zlochevsky, the former environmental minister in the Yanukovich administration, who was identified by the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine in 2015 as being one of the most corrupt people in the Ukraine. The question is, did one of the most corrupt people in the Ukraine hired Joe -- Hunter Biden to be a board member on a gas company and Hunter Biden knows nothing about the gas business, as an insurance policy to protect his company in situations like this. I don't know what happened. I do know this. We're not going to allow the House to investigate Trump endlessly and not ask questions about all corruption in the Ukraine. Was there a corrupt motive behind Hunter Biden's interference contacting of the State Department after the gas company was being investigated? Nothing to do with friendship. When Joe Biden was the vice presidential nominee in 2008, he tore the bark off John McCain and Sarah Palin, nobody asked him, hey, will that hurt your friendship. It hurt my relationship because that's the job he was assigned. My job is to make sure that people I represent in South Carolina, that their voice is heard. Nobody in the media really gives a damn that Hunter Biden was sitting on this board receiving $50,000 a month. Nobody in the media really gives a damn that Hunter Biden weighed in with the State Department after the company came under investigation. They tell me political fat looked at this. What a joke. There has been no investigation regarding the role of the Vice President, Hunter Biden and getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired after the investigation of Permisa -- Burisma, whatever the name of the company is. I'm going to make sure that those questions are asked. And finally, why am I doing this? When House Republicans tried to ask these questions about the role of Hunter Biden in the investigation of the gas company, they were shut down. So, I'm going to ask. If it were up me, we would have ended this a long time ago on both sides. Brian Kilmeade: Senator, well said. You have some legitimate questions and you put your job over your friendship. So, he says that you're being held hostage basically by Donald Trump, that if you go against Trump, you're not going to get reelected. What's your response to that? Lindsey Graham: It's not going to work. It's not going to work with me. I supported legislation which Chris Coons to make sure that Mueller could not be fired without cause. I didn't think the President was going to fire Mueller, but he said some things that bothered me. I didn't know what the Trump campaign did regarding Russia. I supported the idea that Mueller would be a fair guy to look. I trusted Mueller. He spent two years and $25 million. He found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. And he made no recommendations for prosecution based on obstruction of justice allegations. I thought that would end it. What Schiff is doing is dangerous to the Presidency. He's not allowing Republicans to call witnesses. The President's counsel can't participate in the Intel Committee hearings. You can't ask any questions about whether or not Hunter Biden interfered in an investigation at the gas company where he received $50,000 a month as a board member. I want to know what Joe Biden asked of the Ukrainian government after the raid on Burisma. I hope there's nothing there. Reveal the transcripts. Trump released the transcripts. All I'm asking is that somebody look at this line of inquiry. It does look very suspicious to me. The conflict of interest is obvious with Hunter Biden being on that board. So Checci was named the most corrupt person in the Ukraine by the U.S. ambassador in 2015. They hired Hunter Biden by 2014. Burmese -- Burisma did. Was that an insurance policy to protect them against investigations? I don't know. Blue Strategies weighed in with the State Department after the raid on the gas company. Who did they talk to and what did they ask? Hunter Biden's business partner met directly with John Kerry. What was that all about? I don't believe political factors is the end of the inquiry. Somebody needs to look at this. The House is not allowing these questions to be asked. I will make sure they're asking the Senate. Brian Kilmeade: Well, we know this. He knows nothing about what he was doing over there, but he was golfing with Archer, his partner over there in the Hamptons. Lindsey Graham: When did he know it? What did he do? And he's a friend. I mean, you know, it's up to him if he wants the friendship to continue. I hope it will continue. But don't expect me -- you know, Chris Coons, I work with a lot. You know, I work with you to protect Mueller. You're going to rally around Joe Biden's campaign. I understand that politically. But I can promise you that when Joe Biden was doing his job as the Democratic nominee for vice president, going after McCain and Palin. Nobody ask him about is the friendship in question. So it is obvious to me that Hunter Biden did some things that need to be looked at to stop the investigation of a company. He was receiving $50,000 a month from in the Ukraine. And the president that company was one of the most corrupt people in the entire country, according to the U.S. government. Brian Kilmeade: So Joe Biden called out Lindsey Graham said basically he feels bad for many, is angered by his action. Lindsey Graham said -- Lindsey Graham: Don't feel bad about me. Don't worry about me. I am fine, Joe. You're a good man. You lived a very consequential life. You're running for president. You're sitting on the sidelines as the Democratic Party takes a sledgehammer to Trump and his family and his life in 2014. George can't contact the Biden team to raise the conflict of interest his son had being on the board with a Burisma and they said nothing. They basically -- Joe was grieving and I understand that. But the conflict -- Brian Kilmeade: Senator, we actually pulled -- I got his chair -- two things, Chris Coons said this about you, I guess this is what you're referring to. Delaware senator took Joe Biden's spot when he went to become vice president. Senator Coons, Lindsey Graham is abandoning his friendship with Biden by doing Trump's dirty work. Do you want to respond to that specifically? Lindsey Graham: Yeah. Chris, you're a good man. I like working with you, but we're not going to have it. We're not going to play the game like you want to play. You asked me to join with you to protect Mueller from an investigation that I thought needed to be had. Now you're shutting down legitimate questions about the role of Hunter Biden regarding a prosecution of a company he served on. You're asking us to ignore an obvious conflict of interest. It's not going to work that way. My friendship with these people are not going to keep me from asking questions that somebody needs to ask. I represent the people of South Carolina. Every time I go out in the community, people wanting to know when we're going to look at what happened with the. Here's what the allegation basically is against the Bidens. Hunter Biden served on a board owned by the most corrupt person in the Ukraine receiving $50,000 a month. And he knows nothing about the gas business. And when the company was being investigated in the president's house was being graded, Hunter Biden started calling the State Department. Joe Biden made three phone calls in 10 days to the president of the Ukraine, went over in March to meet with the president of Ukraine and they fired the guy investigating Hunter Biden's company. We're not going to give them a pass on this. They opened up this can of worms about corruption in the Ukraine. They're alleging the president denied aid to the Ukraine cause he wanted the Bidens investigated a political opponent. There was a quid pro quo for it. I don't see that. I don't see that being proven. Brian Kilmeade: I want you to hear Lindsey Graham talk in July 2015 with The Huffington Post about Joe Biden. Lindsey Graham: I think in it, Meyer Joe Biden as a person. There's probably you've got a problem that you need to do some self-evaluation. Because what's not to like? I called them after Beau died and he basically said, well, Beau was my soul for a long time. He came to my ceremony. He said some of the most incredibly heartfelt things that anybody could ever say to me, and he is the nicest person that I've ever met in politics. Male Speaker: Is that right: Lindsey Graham: He is as good a man as God ever created. And we don't agree on much. Brian Kilmeade: So that that's what he was contrasting risk. Lindsey Graham: Yeah. So everything I said was about Joe Biden the first -- I've traveled the world with him. He lost his son, Beau, who I knew. I don't think I've ever talked to Hunger Biden. If I have I don't remember it. The bottom line here is I'm the senator from South Carolina. I don't remember Joe Biden being asked, why if you're such good friends with John McCain, why are you saying all these things about McCain candidacy for president? Nobody in their right mind would suggest that Joe Biden, because of his friendship with John McCain, could not make a case against John McCain being president and for Barack Obama. He did. He did it effectively. They tore the bark off John McCain. Now, here's where I find myself. Your son is serving on a gas company in the Ukraine, making $50,000 a month. An obvious conflict of interest. That gas company gets investigated for corruption. Did your son weigh in and use his political influence to stop that investigation? President Trump wants to find out about corruption in the Ukraine. And if there's nothing there. Fine. I hope there's not. I want the transcripts of the phone calls between Biden and the president of the Ukraine. I want somebody other than political fact, look at whether or not Hunter Biden used his influence to stop the investigation of a company he receiving $50,000 a month compensation in the Ukraine based on the gas business, which you knew nothing about. Brian Kilmeade: Senator, are you acting as the chairman of Judiciary or are you doing President Trump's dirty work or does the president intimidate you into doing what he wants you to do? Lindsey Graham: I'm doing this because somebody needs to do it. When I supported legislation to make sure Mueller could be fired, the Trump world didn't like that much. I was okay with what I did because I thought somebody outside of politics needs to look at the Trump campaign's interaction with Russia, if any. There was one person that could clear Trump or find him guilty of wrongdoing. To me, that was Mueller. I supported that investigation and I was the hero of the town. Standing up for the rule of law. Good old, Lindsey. Now they're playing on a friendship. They're trying to intimidate me from asking questions that somebody should ask. Ukraine is a corrupt country. I get that. Why Hunger Biden was on his board. I don't know. If Joe Biden didn't know, I find it hard to believe. What did he know and when did you know it? Did his son, Hunter Biden use his influence with the State Department in the Obama administration to call off the dogs investigating a company that he was serving on in the Ukraine? The president this company was known to be one of the most corrupt people in the country. Why were you on his board to begin if Joe Biden's job was to clean up corrupt. Brian Kilmeade: There's legitimate questions that nobody's asking. They always press. They preface every question with there's no corruption there. And then they go on and move on. So you're asking those questions because you're doing your job. Lindsey Graham: My friendship with Joe Biden, if they can't withstand me doing my job is not the friendship I thought we had. Everything I said about him in 2015 is true. I admire him as a person. I think he's always trying to do right by the country. I think that -- I think he's made a lot of bad policy choices. But as a person, I like him. He spoke at Senator Thurmond's funeral. I have. I have stood up for him against allegations he was a racist. That's absurd. But we're not going to allow a system in America where only one side gets looked at. These are legitimate questions. What did Hunter Biden do in February the 4th? Brian, this is important. The prosecutor general announces an investigation of Burisma, the gas company. And that's when Hunter Biden started contacting the State Department. And after that contact, Joe Biden made three phone calls in 10 days about the prosecutor. Now, I want to know what they were talking about. Brian Kilmeade: That's it. Senator, you had to sit there for two days and take personal attacks from Joe Biden and all his supporters and you just sounded off. And I think you -- Lindsey Graham: I'm disappointed in him. He wants to play the game where I work with him to make sure Trump gets investigated, but all of a sudden, when I ask questions that are just -- a lot of Republicans want to know the answer to, I think every American will know the answer to, all that and the bad guy. That's not going to work with me. Brian Kilmeade: Senator Graham, I get it. I agree. Thanks so much for using this vehicle to get your side of the story out. Back in a moment.

Sen. Tarr’s office hours with Dick Curran

Event date: December 11, 2019
Event Time: 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
10 Central Street
Manchester, MA 01944
Dick Curran, the legislative aide to state Sen. Bruce Tarr, is available in Room 7 of Town Hall to hear your concerns and relay back to the Senator.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Still Believes Marijuana Is a ‘Gateway Drug’


Presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden has firmly said that he doesn’t support federal marijuana legalization. Biden still believes that marijuana is a “gateway drug,” even though this stereotypical myth has been disproven. His outdated views have been slammed by many, including Senator Cory Booker, Yahoo reported. Biden said, “It’s a debate. Before I ...

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South Country Central School District Board Notes – June 12, 2019

There was a change of location to Bellport High School for the school year’s final scheduled board of education meeting. Prior to the meeting, a reception was held in the high school cafeteria to honor 15 retiring faculty and 17 teachers receiving tenure. The reception was catered by the culinary students who served an array of delicious appetizers and desserts thoroughly enjoyed by those in attendance. Music students Jack Armann, Mariah Chavez and Victoria Monte also set the tone with string performances. During the business meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani and Board of Education President Cheryl A. Felice presented each retiree with a plaque to commemorate their unwavering support and service to the students of South Country. In addition, each of the principals read a biography on the retiree’s stellar career with their respective schools. The district congratulates the following faculty on their retirement: Lorraine Beals, Catherine Mulligan, William Kobel, Jorge Jimenez, Jayne Johnsen-Seeberger, Jean Gray, Susan Smith-Alpert, Eric Roeske, Emanuel Kostakos, Jacqueline Berger, Sheila Smith, Sandra Winslow, Susan Diviney-Giustino, Nancy Nolan and Linda Freiband. In addition, the board also said farewell to three trustees, President Cheryl A. Felice, Dr. Anthony Griffin and Carol Malin, who chose not to run for reelection on May 21. In addition to receiving proclamations from Senator Monica Martinez’s office, the three board retirees were honored with words of appreciation from each of their fellow trustees and applause from those in attendance. The board of education also unanimously approved an item which granted tenure to the following individuals: Kaitlyn Cutrone, Dusty Deery, Melissa Gascon, Gaetano Greco, Matthew Herrschaft, Victoria Hogan, Amy Karp, Judy Kaiser-Krywolap, Amy Krawczyk, Kimberly Narciso, Jennine O’Shea, Genevieve Piazza, Cristina Piraino, Ashley Sagistano, Stephen Schwicke, Kyle Sherlock and Alyce Smith. In other news, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Marlon Small, Director of Humanities Jacyln O’Hagan, Director of Guidance and Counseling Programs Justin Arini, Director of STEM Jack Burke and Bellport High School Principal Timothy Hogan gave a presentation on their recommendations for implementation of the Advanced Placement Capstone Program. A college and career-readiness program, AP Capstone provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in research, analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration, in addition to writing and presentation skills. The first phase of implementation will occur during the 2020-2021 school year with the offering of AP Seminar to students in grades 10-12 and will follow with full implementation of the program and the offering of AP Research in either the 2021-22 or 2022-23 school years. The board also changed the date of the annual reorganization meeting from July 10 to July 2 at 7 p.m. During their closing remarks, President Felice, Dr. Griffin and Ms. Malin thanked the community for the opportunity to serve the South Country community. President Felice noted that during her tenure, the board has participated in healthy dialogue without discord, the way a board should run. She also thanked Dr. Giani for his leadership and for “holding onto the belief that students are first.” Dr. Griffin said he was told prior to serving that being a board trustee is a thankless job. “The thanks are there, and I appreciate all of the thanks I received,” he said.

South Country Receives Visit from NYS Senator Martinez

The district welcomed New York State Sen. Monica Martinez, who visited the Frank P. Long Intermediate School on May 9. During her visit, Sen. Martinez met with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani, Board of Education President Cheryl A. Felice and Principal Stefanie Rucinski to learn about the school’s programs and initiatives. She also toured the newly constructed courtyard learning lab where students were participating in outdoor learning activities. Completed with the use of capital reserve funds this past fall, the courtyard learning lab provides an outdoor instructional space flexible enough to allow for large group concerts, plays and presentations, as well as an extension of classroom learning. Through its construction, the courtyard learning lab improved the overall health of the building. Overgrown vegetation was removed and rain gardens now purposely draw water and moisture away from the building. The turf flooring also reduces maintenance and eliminates the need to bring gas operated lawn mowers through the school to cut the courtyard’s grass. There are garden plots where students can plant and observe the growth of flowers and vegetables, a labyrinth and trees under which students can relax. The district thanks Sen. Martinez for her interest in visiting the school and the courtyard learning lab.

Senator Croci Secures Funding for South Country School District

New York State Senator, Thomas Croci, joined with South Country School District Board of Education President Chris Picini and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani, in announcing an additional $35,000 in unrestricted state aid funding for the district. The additional funding secured by Senator Croci will be used for the addition of Teacher Leaders to the district's instructional program. Student resources, supplies and the STEM and Humanities programs will also benefit from the funding. "The District is grateful for this much needed funding and extends their sincere thanks to Senator Croci for his tireless efforts in support of education" said Dr. Giani. Pictured left to right: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Giani, State Senator Thomas Croci and Board of Education President, Chris Picini

Kamala’s Collapse; The Failures of a Candidate Built on Corrupt California Identity Politics

Her ambitious rise and ignominious fall mirror California’s trajectory. The junior senator from California, Kamala Harris, is laying off dozens of campaign staffers and redirecting most of her dwindling resources ... Read more

Bianca Manalo pinaplano na ang wedding kay Sen. Win

Alam mo, Dondon, habang nasa hotel kami nina Mother Lily at Annabelle Rama, nakita na­ming dumating ang “love birds” na sina Senator Win Gachalian at Bianca Manalo.

Donald Trump Impeachment Trial Could Affect Democratic Presidential Contest,With So Many Senators Unable To Campaign During Trial

The upcoming Donald Trump impeachment trial is likely to have an effect on the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Since it is likely to be held in January, a month before the Iowa Caucuses, New Hampshire Primary, South Carolina Primary, and Nevada Caucuses, the six Senators (Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, […]

Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker: All These Candidates On Free Fall

California Senator Kamala Harris, former San Antonio Mayor and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker are all in free fall as Presidential candidates. Raising money, doing well in polls, and stirring media interest has been very difficult, and unless the situation changes […]

Gov. Laura Kelly: State of Kansas will fix flawed foster-care system

When children are suffering or in danger, we must act with conviction.Children placed in foster care need to be in a safe place of comfort and caring, not one of neglect and abuse. The state of Kansas has a moral obligation to protect all children.Over the past several years, the state failed. The deliberate dismantling of foster-care services by the past administration put many at-risk children in harm’s way. As a state senator, I was first to bring attention to the [...]

Wednesday Reads

Even Kenneth Starr says Trump may wind up and  quit under Senate pressure thanks to today's events.

Lots of places are live blogging the impeachment hearings or whatever you want to call them.

Today is Joseph Biden's 77th birthday, and he will be celebrating it by debating the other candidates tonight.


It is going to be very, very difficult to change attitudes about sex roles.  Men still don't do shit around the house, and women still tolerate it.

Those crayon-looking notes were for real.

The livestream of the Democratic Debate on NBC/MSNBC is here.


The end of Prince Andrew is pretty much official thanks to this interview:



President Buhari seeks $29.6b Loan, Says Oil Earnings Not Enough

Story 352936444

This feed is from Kapital92.9FM Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has lamented what he considers as meagre earnings Nigeria is deriving from oil. President Buhari who spoke while receiving in farewell audience the […]

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Senate Condemns Electoral Violence

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This feed is from Kapital92.9FM Abuja

The Senate has unanimously condemned electoral violence, particularly killings in the Kogi and Bayelsa states elections. The condemnation was sequel to the consideration of a motion […]

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What Are You Thankful For?


uwec-teacherworkshopSen. Smith reflects on the amazing conversations he had and the lessons he learned during his first year representing the 31st Senate District.

BRUNSWICK, WI - We’re nearing the end of another year and already getting ready for Thanksgiving. Everything seems to speed up during these last weeks as we prepare for the holiday season and the New Year. As we try to slow things down, we have time to reflect on and remember what we accomplished this year and ask ourselves what we’re thankful for.

Personally, I have many reasons to be grateful. Barely a year ago, I was elected as your state senator, something I’m eternally grateful for. In the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn from community members and connect with legislators from across the state and country. While reflecting on the year and anticipating the time ahead, we must remember to listen, respect and learn. Let’s all do our best to build relationships and develop trust to make our state the place we want to leave for our children and future generations.

Learning really is a lifelong experience. Serving as your senator, I’m given more opportunities to learn than most people get. My personal style of listening evolved, allowing me to be outdoors and visible to constituents. During the week, I’d take out my truck and park, hoist up my flags and the Stop ‘n Talk sign and invite anyone to have a conversation. My mobile office hours offered the opportunity for folks to talk as they headed home from work or on the way to an event.

jeff-smithI’m thankful for all of the amazing advocates who visited me in my office or on the streets and shared personal stories, experiences and lessons. You can visit my Facebook page and find pictures and descriptions from many of my Stop ‘n Talks.

When I’m not in the district, I also have the fortunate opportunity to learn from Capitol colleagues, staff, statewide advocates and people serving in other parts of our great Nation. This past year, I met with community leaders at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) annual Legislative Summit and the NCSL Broadband and Cable Policy Summit. In fact, these were the best opportunities I had to mingle with legislators from the other side of the aisle. These learning opportunities make me a more knowledgeable and well-rounded representative for you. I’m thankful for any opportunity to listen and learn other perspectives and ideologies.

Although I had incredible experiences, this year also presented some challenges. After all, before I was even sworn in, Republicans passed new laws in a lame duck session that limited the powers of the governor and attorney general. It wasn’t a good start to the 2019 legislative session and the Republican’s failure to work with us hasn’t improved.

There’s more to be grateful for than the challenges that set us back. We must remember to rise above and remember everything we are grateful for. I’m truly thankful for shared governance. After all, democracy was always meant to be a shared style representing the people. This was Wisconsin’s first attempt at shared governance since 2008. In 2009-10 Democrats had the governor’s office and majorities in both houses and Republicans had the same from 2011 until this year.

Let’s be thankful for the prospect of shared governance and a new opportunity to work together. Hopefully by next Thanksgiving, I can share there’s been more opportunity to build relationships and trust with colleagues from the other side of the aisle.

Thanksgiving means different things to different people. It’s a time when we get together with family and friends. Maybe it’s a time for others to get away from those family and friends or the obnoxious uncle pushing political views at the Thanksgiving table. We need to come together and appreciate our commonalities and celebrate this unifying tradition. It’s called Thanksgiving for a reason – giving is how we pay forward, while we give thanks for what has been passed on to us.


Stop the Spread of CWD


hunting-deerThree days away from gun hunting season, Sen. Smith writes about the threat CWD poses to the future of hunting in Wisconsin and legislation introduced to help stop the spread of this disease.

BRUNSWICK, WI - We’re only three days away from gun hunting season in Wisconsin. Hunters are prepared and eagerly anticipating the time to look out from their deer stand. It would seem Wisconsin is prepared for the upcoming hunting season.

Think again. Wisconsin hasn’t done nearly enough to curb the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The disease sounds scary enough without even knowing all the details... and it’s continuing to spread. As conservationists and hunters, we must test our deer and stay educated to understand the threat it poses to the future of hunting in Wisconsin and the ramifications on our rural economies and public health.

deerCWD is caused by abnormal proteins called prions, which lead to brain damage and attack the central nervous system. According to the Centers for Disease Control, CWD affects many different species of hoofed animals including whitetail deer. CWD belongs to a family of diseases called prion diseases, which also includes Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, understood as “mad cow disease” in people.

CWD is always fatal. Scientists believe CWD spreads between animals through direct contact with contaminated body fluids and tissue or indirectly through exposure in the environment while drinking water or sharing food. Due to the easy nature of CWD spreading, there are serious concerns raised about commercial deer and elk farms that force animals around one feeding area.

With over 380 registered commercial deer and elk operations in our state, it’s critical there are measures in place to prevent the spread of CWD. Officials have ordered warnings and bans on baiting and feeding stations and there’s been recent discussion about fence height and other needed regulations.

There’s more we must do to stop the spread of CWD – hunters must test their deer and properly dispose of their deer carcasses. Prions make CWD such a scary disease because they can survive in extreme temperatures and never leave the soil. When an infected carcass is left in the woods or fields for other animals to feed on, predators can scatter the prions across the landscape. Even when a carcass isn’t fed on, but just left to decay into the soil, prions can live in the roots and plants for the next deer to feed on and potentially become infected.

Scared yet? We all should be.

I’ve taken action with my legislative colleagues to get a grip on the spread of this deadly disease. Recently, we introduced legislation to address the spread of CWD in a few different ways. A bipartisan group of legislators introduced Senate Bill (SB) 325, which would require the Department of Natural Resources to create a carcass disposal grant program for county deer management advisory councils.

jeff-smithAdditionally, I authored legislation with my Democratic colleagues to promote CWD education and testing. SB 473 provides funding for CWD research; SB 474 requires the DNR to provide self-service CWD testing kiosks; SB 477 requires the DNR to provide carcass disposal dumpsters and CWD education. These measures and more are needed to address this critical issue facing our whitetail deer population and the great hunting heritage in Wisconsin.

Republican leadership hasn’t shown any inclination to move on CWD preventative measures this session. SB 325 is the only bill that’s had a public hearing; none of these bills have passed committee and been voted on. With that in mind, I stood before my senate colleagues during floor session on November 5th and requested SB 474 be moved to the calendar for a vote. Disappointingly, my motion was struck down on a partisan vote. So here we are, going into another hunting season without the additional resources to halt this dreaded disease from spreading further.

I’ll continue advocating for these preventative measures, but we still need hunters to test their deer and properly dispose of their deer carcasses. Learn about the steps you can take to stop the spread through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

This Saturday, I’ll be joining Senator Patty Schachtner and DNR officials to visit CWD Kiosks and carcass disposal sites in Eau Claire. If you see me, please do not hesitate to stop and talk. I want to hear from you.


Senators Back Bill Revoking Medals Awarded to Soldiers Involved in Wounded Knee Massacre

250 Native Americans were killed, many of whom were women and children

Foreign-Born Researchers At US Agencies Were Secretly Working For China And Recruiting Others,

Foreign-born researchers working for U.S. agencies were secretly on China’s payroll, signing side agreements to send sensitive research to that country as part of a recruitment operation called the Thousand Talents Plan, a Senate report found. 10,000 Chinese nationals in 2018 conducted research in the Department of Energy’s National Labs, and one even had colleagues write him letters of recommendation to the Communist Party-run recruitment program, the bipartisan report stated. Agencies like NIH do not even track attempted foreign influence, the Department of State denies only 5% of suspicious visas, and the FBI shut down a key program, according to...

The Takeaway From the Impeachment Hearings: Our Constitution Has Failed


When the House Intelligence Committee began holding hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, some media coverage suggested the proceedings lacked enough “pizzazz … to capture public attention.” It turned out that hearings produced more than their share of bombshells—from EU ambassador and Trump megadonor Gordon Sondland’s admission that there was a “quid pro quo,” to State Department official David Holmes’s testimony about  overhearing a phone call in which Sondland assured Trump that Ukraine would move ahead with the investigations Trump had requested, to former National Security Council official Fiona Hill’s conclusion that Sondland was carrying out a “domestic political errand” for the president that diverged from the U.S. national interest. When the Committee concluded its hearings, the evidence was damning and largely uncontested: Trump appeared to have been part of a scheme to extort a foreign country into sabotaging the US presidential election to his benefit.

Yet, even with the evidence on public display, it remains next to impossible to imagine Republicans taking meaningful action. Even Republicans seen as most likely to break from their party are signaling support for Trump. Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas), a member of the Intelligence Committee who is retiring from Congress and has at times criticized the president, said that, while the president’s actions had been “inappropriate, misguided foreign policy,” he did not see evidence of an impeachable offense. Hurd’s statement can reasonably be seen as an indication that few (if any) Republicans in Congress will vote to impeach or remove the president from office.

Some observers describe what we are seeing as a crisis. In fact, what we are living through is constitutional failure. The system created by the framers is not doing the job it was designed to do, particularly in the current circumstances: We are faced with a corrupt president who rejects the very idea of legal limits on his power.

Our constitutional democracy is based on free and fair elections, individual rights, independent courts, and the rule of law—the idea that no one is above the law. Trump rejects all of these bedrock principles. He has tried to undermine free and fair elections (most recently demonstrated in the Ukraine scandal.) He threatens his critics with prosecution and lawsuits, disdaining the notion of First Amendment speech and press protections. He seeks to delegitimize judges who rule against his policies. He rejects the idea that ordinary rules and laws apply to him and his allies, declaring (erroneously) that under Article II of the Constitution, “I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

Trump poses an existential threat to our system of government—and yet he remains in office. In a functioning system, Republicans would have already joined Democrats in taking action to remove Trump from office—just as Republicans stood against Nixon in 1974. In our failed system we are reduced to waiting to see how far Trump will go before congressional Republicans will act—if they ever do.

Every system needs a way to protect itself, and our constitutional system provides (in theory) all the tools needed to deal with the direct threat Trump poses. Congress is fully empowered to remove a corrupt president from office. But congressional Republicans, by refusing to act, render those tools useless. 

James Madison believed that the constitutional system would prevent the accumulation of too much power in any one branch of government. If one branch exceeded the limits of its power, it would be reined in by the others. In order for this to work, Madison famously wrote, “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” In other words, if the president engaged in a power grab, members of Congress would use constitutionally available tools to check him or her —not out of moral rectitude but because legislators would be worried about ceding their own power to an ambitious president.

The system is failing because Republicans are placing partisan concerns—their own loyalty to Trump or fear of the political costs of defying him—ahead of their constitutional responsibilities. The system Madison helped design cannot function properly under these circumstances.

It is important to forthrightly describe the reality of constitutional failure for two reasons. 

First, it emphasizes the emergency we face. If he does not face consequences, Trump will feel emboldened to do precisely as he chooses, without regard to ethical or legal limits. We’re seeing this, for instance, with Trump’s moves to undermine the rule of law within the U.S. military by pardoning the Navy SEAL convicted of taking a “selfie” with the corpse of a teenage boy who fought for ISIS.

We can’t count on his removal from office by election as a foolproof safeguard, especially when Trump’s misconduct in the Ukraine scandal was focused squarely on an illicit attempt to tilt the electoral scales in his favor.

Second, describing what has occurred as failure points out that we need a new constitution, one that will be designed to strengthen our democracy against future existential threats. No system is guaranteed to succeed, but a failed one demands replacement. 

Today’s Republican Party is an anti-democratic, authoritarian party that seeks to gain—and has gained—power without winning a majority of votes. To this end, it pushes voter suppression measures and takes advantage of structural defects in our system. Gerrymandered districts can allow the GOP to win a minority of the votes and still control the House. The Electoral College gave Trump the presidency 2016, even though he lost the popular vote—a feat he stands a realistic chance of repeating in 2020. And though deeply unpopular, he enjoys majority support in a Senate that does not reflect political preferences of the majority of Americans, but instead allows a  minority in sparsely populated states to wield power. 

Making the electoral system more majoritarian could force the Republican Party to abandon its anti-democratic approach if it wishes to win. There is no guaranteed way to prevent would-be authoritarians from gaining power. After all, a very popular authoritarian could easily win the popular vote. But clearly, the authoritarianism of our current president is not popular with Americans: Trump’s approval ratings are consistently in the low 40s. Constitutional change would strengthen liberal democracy against an authoritarian party. It is worth trying.

With this goal in mind, a new constitution could address some of the anti-democratic features of our current system, including:

  • ending the Electoral College.

  • reforming or replacing a Senate that gives the 435,000 voting-age people in Wyoming as many votes as the 17,524,000 in Texas.

  • eliminating partisan gerrymandering.

  • protecting the right to vote against voter suppression efforts.

  • dealing with the corrupting influence of our current campaign finance system.

A new constitution could also be aimed at shoring up the rule of law, including by protecting the independence of the Department of Justice and replacing the current impeachment process with something capable of actually holding a lawless president to account. One idea to explore would be expressly giving the DOJ independent prosecutorial authority over the president. Another would be providing a process for triggering new presidential elections—say, based on a three-fifths vote in the House and Senate. 

Obviously, these kinds of changes are not politically plausible at the moment, but they need to be on our agenda—unless we are willing to risk another attack on the system from a future president. We need to begin talking about how to create the conditions needed for a new constitution, one giving us better odds of warding off the next authoritarian threat—assuming we survive the one posed by Trump.

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FSU Faculty Senate presents 2019 Torch Awards at annual reception

2019 FSU Torch Awards recipients. From left: Steven High, executive director of The Ringling, and Provost Sally McRorie, accepting for Howard Tibbals; Valliere Richard Auzenne; President John Thrasher; FSU Faculty Senate President Kris Harper; Sean PIttman; and Persis and Charles Rockwood.

Florida State University’s Faculty Senate presented five members of the FSU community with Torch Awards for their contributions to further the academic excellence of the university. The awards were presented Thursday, Nov. 21, during the annual reception and dinner. Named for the trio of torches depicted in the university’s seal, the three categories of Torch […]

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Issues/Addresses for Postcarding, 12/1/2019

You can find this week’s postcarding write-ups here, along with links to the House and Senate directories when appropriate:

What constitutes 'impeachable' conduct?

Ultimately, a majority of the House and two-thirds of the Senate will get to define what’s impeachable – and that may hinge on a number of factors.

John Kerry launches 'World War Zero' climate activism coalition

Former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry (D-Mass.) is launching a new bipartisan coalition of world leaders and celebrities to push for an active strategy against climate change on Sunday.Dubbed "World War Zero," the activist group's...

Democratic senators push EPA to abandon methane rollback

Four Democratic senators are pushing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to abandon a regulatory rollback they say benefits the oil and gas industry.The agency has twice issued proposals to roll back a 2016 Obama administration rule on methane...

Alan Dershowitz Rants About 'Quasi-Criminal' Impeachment: 'Congress Is Not Above The Law'


Law professor Alan Dershowitz asserted on Sunday that House Democrats are exercising their constitutional right to impeach President Donald Trump in a "quasi-criminal" way.

"Congress is not above the law," Dershowitz complained to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. "They just can't make it up as they go along. The constitution provides specific criteria for impeachment. And I think these hearing demonstrate beyond any doubt that these criteria haven't been met."

Dershowitz, who defended Trump throughout special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, complained that "all" of the Democrats' objections to Trump are "about policy."

"Nothing that I've seen during the these weeks of impeachment testimony has moved the ball at all toward impeachment," Dershowitz opined. "If he's impeached, it will be partisan."

Bartiromo noted that Republicans have focused on "process" arguments like complaining about which witnesses can be called.

"It's very, very unfair," Dershowitz agreed. "I mean, the impeachment process is quasi-criminal in nature. And the person being accused is supposed to have rights comparable to the rights of somebody being accused of a crime."

"The Constitution talks about high crimes and misdemeanors," he continued. "And yet, the process has been skewed and one-sided and partisan."

Dershowitz predicted that impeachment "can't go forward to the Senate without a full opportunity to cross-examine all of the relevant witnesses" including the person who initially blew the whistle on Trump.

read more


Chuck Todd Whacks GOP Sen. Kennedy For Peddling Russian Propaganda


After backtracking and admitting he was wrong for pushing the Russian propaganda that it was Ukraine who hacked the DNC server and interfered in the 2016 election, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy was back at it again on this Sunday's Meet the Press.

As The Daily Beast explained this morning, Kennedy left Meet the Press host Chuck Todd gobsmacked when he claimed that the ex-Ukrainian president "actively worked for Hillary Clinton" and that he was not concerned that he was being duped by the Russians and "selling the same argument as Putin."

At the top of their interview on Sunday, Todd brought up Kennedy’s eventual walk-back of his DNC remarks, asking the Louisiana lawmaker why he backtracked.

read more


No al ritorno del monopolio postale


CNA esprime forte preoccupazione per l’emendamento alla Legge di Bilancio, attualmente all’esame della V Commissione del Senato, che riporta indietro le […]

Questo articolo No al ritorno del monopolio postale è stato pubblicato su CNA.


T.I. inspires New York State to push for ban of virginity checks


The fallout from music mogul T.I.’s ill-fated “hymen” comments continues unabated. New York state legislators plan to pass legislation that would effectively ban physicians from checking a girl’s “hymen” to confirm their virginity. If passed, the proposed New York Senate bill “S6879” would actually criminalize doctors who would practice “purity checks” and subject them to…

The post T.I. inspires New York State to push for ban of virginity checks appeared first on Rolling Out.


Liliana Segre sarà cittadina onoraria di Piraino

Liliana SegreLa senatrice a vita Liliana Segre sarà insignita con il conferimento della cittadinanza onoraria e quindi, ufficialmente diverrà una cittadina di Piraino. A deciderlo il consiglio comunale nell'ultima...

Firea: Mama mea a lucrat zece ani în Italia. Nu pot fi de acord cu declarațiile despre Diaspora

Președintele PSD București, Gabriela Firea, s-a delimitat vineri de declarațiile senatorului Niculae Bădălău, adăugând că românii din diaspora trebuie respectați, pentru că sunt "frații" noștri.

Marcel Ciolacu își cere scuze după ce Niculae Bădălău a jignit din nou Diaspora

Președintele interimar al PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, își cere scuze pe Facebook pentru derapajul senatorului Niculae Bădălău cu privire la românii din Diaspora.

Bădălău, despre Diaspora: 700.000 sunt legali, restul sunt fetele alea de le duc ăștia

Senatorul Niculae Bădălău, a avut un mesaj disprețuitor la adresa românilor din străinătate, susținând că doar o parte are forme legale, restul fiind ”fetele alea de le duc ăștia”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says environmental protection is about more than convincing Trump


Discussing their organization World War Zero, Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Senator John Kerry expressed the importance of showing that environmental policy is a bipartisan issue.

Sorry, the MORE Act Has No Chance of Becoming Law


This game-changing and historic cannabis reform bill will be dead on arrival if it reaches the Senate.

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Langerholc Supports New Protections for Sexual Abuse Survivors Including Statute of Limitations Reforms


The Senate approved a comprehensive package of bills today to support survivors of sexual abuse, including legislation to reform the statute of limitations to give survivors a retroactive two- year civil window to file claims, according to Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr, (R-35) who strongly supported the bills.

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Meeting on HB 355


Senate Education Committee | November 19, 2019 | 12:15 p.m. | Off the Floor

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Langerholc, Rigby Announce $2.1 Million for Transportation Projects


Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) and Representative Jim Rigby (R-71) today announced the approval of $2.1 million in state grants to help pay for transportation projects in Cambria and Clearfield counties.

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ELECTION RESULTS 3: Race for Council Position #5 tightens up

The third round of results were released for Tuesday night’s General Election, and the race for SeaTac City Council Positions #1 and #5 continue to tighten up: Tony Anderson extended his lead over Senate Negusse by 9 votes to 82 (up from 73 on Wednesday). Stan Tombs lead over Takele Gobena is now at 54 […]

Conservatives slam Chick-fil-A’s pivot to stop funding controversial anti-LGBTQ groups

Chick-fil-A announced a new donation strategy, focusing on education, homelessness, and hunger and to stop funding controversial anti-LGTBTQ groups. The decision was met with criticism from conservatives such as Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee and

GOP senator repeats debunked Ukraine election meddling hoax

Sen. John Neely Kennedy made the debunked argument Sunday morning on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that Ukraine was involved in interfering with the 2016 elections, a hoax promoted by Russia, the actual, sole culprit. Joy Reid and her panel discuss this and more

Republicans Can't Find Senator to Chair Ethics Committee

A prime chairmanship is poised to come open in the Senate next year. The problem? No GOP senators seem to want it. ... GOP senators who spoke with The Hill, including current members of the committee, had a nearly universal response when asked if they wanted to take over the Ethics Committee: Thanks, but no thanks.

Senate impeachment trial is the wildest wild card

A potential impeachment Senate trial for President Trump is the wildest wild card of all.

Matt Gaetz backs Trump pick for Georgia Senate seat, warns governor to do same: ‘Maybe you need a primary in 2022’

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz suggested to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Friday that there could be political consequences if Kemp decides not to choose President Trump’s reported favorite for the state’s expected U.S. Senate vacancy.

Harris aide, in resignation letter, says ‘I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly’

A top aide to Kamala Harris gave a damning assessment of the California senator’s struggling campaign in her resignation letter, declaring that she has never seen an organization “treat its staff so poorly” and accused the campaign of encouraging people to move across states -- only to lay them off without notice.

McConnell says he's 'honored' to be WholeFoods Magazine's 2019 'Person of the Year'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Wednesday that he was “honored” to be named this year’s “Person of the Year” by WholeFoods Magazine.“I was recognized as the most influential person in the natural products industry,...

House Panel to Vote on Ukraine Report as Trump Mulls Defense

The House impeachment inquiry enters a pivotal stage with investigators planning a vote Tuesday to approve their report making the case for President Trump's removal from office as he decides whether to mount a defense before a likely Senate trial.

The New 'Three Amigos' Riding into Trump Impeachment Inquiry

The "three amigos" used to stand for one thing in Washington — the pack of globe-trotting senators led by John McCain who brought American idealism to the world's trouble spots.

Smart Adeyemi Defeats Melaye, Wins Kogi West Senatorial Election

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Senator Smart Adeyemi, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been declared winner of the Kogi West senatorial district election. The Returning Officer of the election, Professor Olajide Lawal, announced on Saturday in Kogi State that Senator Adeyemi polled a total of 88,373 votes to defeat Senator Dino Melaye of […]

NDDC Caretaker Committee Not Recognised By Senate, Says Spokesman

(AFRICAN EXAMINER) – Sen. Godiya Akwashiki, Chairman Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs has said that the Senate would not have anything to do with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Caretaker Committee because it was not a legal entity. Akwashiki said this while briefing newsmen in Abuja on Thursday. She said that the […]

Loi de finances – Des appréhensions au Sénat


Après les députés, c’est au tour des sénateurs d’examiner le projet de loi de finances 2020. Le texte pourrait être accueilli avec scepticisme par la Chambre haute. Méfiance. Tel serait le sentiment des membres de la Chambre haute, vis-à-vis du projet de loi de finances 2020. À en croire les indiscrétions, l’Exécutif devrait présenter des […]

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Rise & Shine: A look at charter school growth and distribution in Denver


CHARTER GROWTH A look at the number and location of charter schools in Denver in the form of three charts provided recently to the school board. Chalkbeat MOVES Former state senator known for school reform efforts will head Gary Community Investments. Chalkbeat ELECTION 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren defended her education plan — while also […]

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Check Mate, Investigations [Schift] To The Senate, It’s Going To Be Biblical – Episode 2029

The patriots are moving forward with their economic plan. UK PM BJ reports that there will be a tidal wave of investments once the deal is made. This is what the [CB] fear the most, an economic awakening, once this happens it is game over. Trump is moving the economy

Confirmed, Senate Was The Target, Hello, Here We Go!, Patriots Turn – Episode 2028

Trump and Xi let everyone know they both want to phase one of the trade deal completed. The banks will eventually pass along negative rate to its customers. Why would pay to keep their money in the bank? JS makes the case for a structure change in the [CB] system.

Castle S05E01 Nach dem Sturm | Mo 02.12. 20:15 sixx

Mo 02.12 20:15 Uhr - Castle
Ende 21:10 Uhr | Laufzeit: 55 Minuten 12
Endlich ist es soweit: Castle und Beckett verbringen die Nacht zusammen. Vorerst wollen sie niemandem davon erzählen. Ablenkung finden sie schnell in einem neuen Fall, an dem Beckett beteiligt ist, obwohl sie ihre Stelle aufgegeben hat: Es geht um Maddox, der Becketts Mutter ermordet und nun offenbar Beckett selbst im Visier hat ...
Regie: Rob Bowman
Mit: Molly C. Quinn (Alexis Castle), Stana Katic (Kate Beckett), Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan), Tahmoh Penikett (Cole Maddox), Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle), Penny Johnson (Cpt. Victoria Gates), Jon Huertas (Javier Esposito), Jack Coleman (Senator William H. Bracken), Susan Sullivan (Martha Rodgers)


DDL di bilancio 2020. Avvio dell’esame al Senato. Norme fiscali di interesse per il settore.


E’ all’esame, in prima lettura, in sede referente, della Commissione Bilancio del Senato, il Disegno di Legge recante “Bilancio di previsione dello Stato per l'anno finanziario 2020 e bilancio pluriennale per il triennio 2020-2022” (DDL 1586/S - Relatori Sen. Rossella Accoto (M5S) e Sen. Dario Stefano (PD).

Il provvedimento contiene le misure necessarie a conseguire gli obiettivi programmatici di finanza pubblica indicati, per il 2020 e per i due anni successivi, nella Nota di aggiornamento al Documento di economia e finanza 2019.

La “sessione di bilancio” si è aperta al Senato con l’assegnazione del provvedimento e lo svolgimento di un ciclo di audizioni preliminari all’esame a cui ha partecipato anche ANCE. In seguito all’acquisizione dei pareri delle altre Commissioni parlamentari la Commissione Bilancio ha, quindi, avviato l’esame, in sede referente, martedì 12 u.s.

Tra le norme fiscali del testo di maggior interesse, in particolare, si evidenziano le seguenti:

  • viene stabilita la sterilizzazione dell’aumento previsto per il 2020 dell’aliquota IVA ordinaria dal 22% al 24,2% e di quella ridotta dal 10% all’11,5% e sono rimodulati gli aumenti dell’IVA previsti dalla Legge di bilancio 2019 per il 2021 e 2022 (IVA ridotta all’11,5 % per 2020 e 2021; IVA ordinaria al 24,1% per il 2020 e al 24,5% per il 2021) (art.2);
  • viene disposta, per il periodo d’imposta successivo a quello in corso al 31 dicembre 2018, la deducibilità dell’IMU relativa agli immobili strumentali nella misura del 50% ai fini della determinazione del reddito di impresa e del reddito derivante dall’esercizio di arte e professioni (art.3);
  • viene messa a regime la riduzione al 10% dell’aliquota della cedolare secca da applicare ai contratti di locazione a canone concordato di immobili ad uso abitativo, ai sensi dell’art. 3 del DLgs 23/2011 (art. 4);
  • vengono prorogate per l’anno 2020 le detrazioni spettanti per le spese sostenute per interventi di efficienza energetica, di ristrutturazione edilizia (65% e 50%) e per l’acquisto di mobili e di grandi elettrodomestici (art.19);
  • vengono prorogati al 2020 il cd. superammortamento, che consente di maggiorare a fini fiscali (del trenta per cento) il costo degli investimenti beni materiali strumentali nuovi e il cd. iperammortamento, che consente di maggiorare ai fini fiscali (dal 50 al 170 per cento a seconda dell’investimento) il costo di acquisizione di beni materiali strumentali nuovi funzionali alla trasformazione tecnologica e/o digitale. Viene, altresì, riconosciuto un credito d’imposta, per gli anni dal 2020 al 2022, alle imprese che realizzano progetti ambientali che includono beni strumentali nuovi, pari al 10 per cento delle spese (art.22);
  • viene prorogato al 2020 l’applicazione della disciplina del credito d’imposta per le spese di formazione del personale dipendente nel settore delle tecnologie previste dal Piano nazionale Industria 4.0 (art.23);
  • viene prorogato al 31 dicembre 2020 il credito d'imposta per l'acquisto di beni strumentali nuovi per i comuni delle regioni Lazio, Umbria, Marche e Abruzzo colpiti dagli eventi sismici succedutisi dal 24 agosto 2016 (art.24);
  • viene introdotto un “bonus facciate” , ovvero viene prevista la detraibilità ai fini IRPEF del 90 per cento delle spese documentate, sostenute nell’anno 2020, relative agli interventi edilizi, ivi inclusi quelli di manutenzione ordinaria, finalizzati al recupero o restauro della facciata degli edifici (art.25);
  • viene previsto un rifinanziamento di 105 milioni di euro per l’anno 2020, di 97 milioni di euro per ciascuno degli anni dal 2021 al 2024 e di 47 milioni di euro per l’anno 2025 della cd. Nuova Sabatini, misura volta alla concessione – alle micro, piccole e medie imprese - di finanziamenti agevolati per investimenti in nuovi macchinari, impianti e attrezzature, compresi i cd. investimenti in beni strumentali “Industria 4.0” e di un contributo statale (30%) in conto impianti rapportato agli interessi calcolati sui finanziamenti stessi.

La maggiorazione del contributo statale per investimenti “Industria 4.0” è del 100% per gli investimenti realizzati dalle micro e piccole imprese nelle regioni Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardegna e Sicilia, nel limite complessivo di 60 milioni di euro a valere sulle risorse autorizzate. Una ulteriore riserva pari al 25% delle risorse autorizzate è destinata alle micro, piccole e medie imprese a fronte dell’acquisto, anche mediante leasing finanziario, di macchinari, impianti e attrezzature nuovi di fabbrica ad uso produttivo, a basso impatto ambientale (art.26);

  • viene ripristinata l'applicazione del trattamento fiscale agevolato istituito dall’articolo 1 del DL n. 201/2011, denominato aiuto alla crescita economica (ACE), che spetta alle imprese il cui capitale proprio viene incrementato mediante conferimenti in denaro e accantonamenti di utili a riserva (art.30);
  • vengono stanziati 3 miliardi di euro per gli anni 2021 e 2022 per l'attribuzione di rimborsi in denaro a favore di soggetti che fanno uso di strumenti di pagamento elettronici. Le modalità attuative saranno stabilite con apposito decreto del Ministero dell'Economia, sentito il Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, entro il 30 aprile 2020 (art.31);
  • viene disposto che la funzione di Presidente del Comitato di indirizzo delle Zone Economiche Speciali (ZES), sia regionali che interregionali, sia attribuita ad un Commissario straordinario del Governo. Viene, inoltre, esteso ai beni acquisiti entro il 31 dicembre 2022, il credito d’imposta concesso per gli investimenti nelle ZES (art.36);
  • viene modificato l’art.15 del DPR 917/1986-TUIR con l’introduzione, a decorrere dal periodo di imposta 2020, di una soglia di reddito oltre la quale le detrazioni Irpef relative a oneri di spesa, riconosciute nella misura del 19% si azzera con gradualità.

Nello specifico, la suddetta detrazione spetta:

  1. a) al 100%, qualora il reddito complessivo non ecceda 120.000 euro;
  1. b) per la parte corrispondente al rapporto tra l’importo di 240.000 euro, diminuito del reddito complessivo, e 120.000 euro, qualora il reddito complessivo sia superiore a 120.000 euro.

Il reddito complessivo è assunto al netto del reddito dell’unità immobiliare adibita ad abitazione principale e di quello delle relative pertinenze.

Per gli oneri relativi a interessi passivi e oneri accessori relativi a mutui contratti per l’acquisto e per la costruzione dell’abitazione principale, la detrazione compete nell’intero importo a prescindere dall’ammontare del reddito complessivo.

Viene previsto, inoltre, che, per fruire delle detrazioni IRPEF pari al 19% gli oneri devono essere pagati con versamento bancario o postale, oltre al bonifico bancario o postale, oppure attraverso carte di debito, di credito e prepagate, assegni bancari e circolari (artt. 75 e 85);

  • viene prorogata la facoltà di rideterminare i valori delle partecipazioni in società non quotate e dei terreni sia agricoli sia edificabili, posseduti da privati non esercenti attività commerciale alla data del 1° gennaio 2020, sulla base di una perizia giurata di stima e a condizione che il valore così rideterminato sia assoggettato a un'imposta sostitutiva pari all’11% dell’intero valore rivalutato delle aree. Tale imposta sostitutiva deve essere versata (o la prima rata nel caso di pagamento rateale) entro il 30 giugno 2020 (art. 89);
  • viene prevista, a decorrere dal 2020, l’abolizione dell'imposta unica comunale (IUC), ad eccezione della tassa sui rifiuti (TARI), e viene ridisciplinata l’imposta municipale propria (IMU). Il presupposto dell’imposta è il possesso di immobili, ad eccezione del possesso dell’abitazione principale o assimilata.

Fino al 2021, l’aliquota di base per i fabbricati costruiti e destinati dall'impresa costruttrice alla vendita (c.d. beni merce) è pari allo 0,1%. I comuni possono aumentarla fino allo 0,25% o diminuirla fino all’azzeramento. A decorrere dal 1° gennaio 2022, i predetti fabbricati costruiti e destinati dall’impresa costruttrice alla vendita sono esenti dall’IMU.

L’aliquota di base è fissata allo 0,86% e i comuni, a decorrere dall’anno 2021, possono diversificare le aliquote esclusivamente nell’ambito di una griglia individuata con decreto del MEF(art. 95);

  • viene introdotta una riforma della riscossione degli enti locali. In particolare, viene disposto che tutte le somme a qualsiasi titolo riscosse appartenenti agli enti locali affluiscano direttamente alla tesoreria dell’ente; viene introdotto, anche per gli enti locali l’istituto dell’accertamento esecutivo che consente di emettere un unico atto di accertamento avente i requisiti del titolo esecutivo; viene prevista la gratuità delle trascrizioni, iscrizioni e cancellazioni di pignoramenti e ipoteche richiesti dal soggetto che ha emesso l'ingiunzione o l’atto esecutivo (art. 96).

Nel fare riserva di mantenerVi informati sull’iter di approvazione del DDL in questione, cogliamo l’occasione per porgere i migliori saluti.


Why we can’t initiate death penalty bill for looters — Senate

The Senate has said it is not possible for it to initiate a bill that prescribes the death penalty for looters. The red chamber, however, pledged to support any executive or private member bill that would criminalise acts of corruption. The spokesperson for the Senate, Godiya Akwashiki, stated this in[...]

Vertice a Palazzo Chigi sul Mes. Conte incontra i partiti di maggioranza. Lunedì l’informativa alle Camere sul fondo Salva Stati


Non c’è conferma sull’orario, ma il premier Giuseppe Conte vedrà in serata, forse a cena, i partiti di maggioranza per sciogliere i nodi sulla riforma del fondo Salva Stati (Mes) in vista delle sue comunicazioni di domani alle Camere (alle 13 a Montecitorio e alle 15,30 al Senato). “No. Ogni volta, a ogni passaggio un po’…


L'articolo Vertice a Palazzo Chigi sul Mes. Conte incontra i partiti di maggioranza. Lunedì l’informativa alle Camere sul fondo Salva Stati sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


I grillini accelerano. Subito la legge sul salario minimo. La priorità è assicurare diritti, tutele e condizioni di lavoro più eque e dignitose


“Per il Movimento cinque stelle assicurare diritti, tutele e condizioni di lavoro più eque e dignitose è una priorità”, dice il senatore pentastellato Iunio Valerio Romano (leggi l’intervista). Lo dimostrano, d’altronde, i tanti provvedimenti approvati in questi mesi, dal Decreto Dignità al Reddito di Cittadinanza a quelli in cantiere come il Salario minimo o le…


L'articolo I grillini accelerano. Subito la legge sul salario minimo. La priorità è assicurare diritti, tutele e condizioni di lavoro più eque e dignitose sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


Vera emergenza sociale. Sulle morti bianche il Senato non perda tempo. Parla il senatore Romano (M5S): “Non più rinviabile l’azione dello Stato”

Iunio Valerio Romano

I dati dell’Istat fanno esultare il governo e i Cinque stelle: il tasso di disoccupazione è sceso al 9,7%, il tasso di occupazione si attesta al 59,2% e su base annua ci sono circa 217mila posti di lavoro in più. “Si tratta di dati che indicano una ripresa – commenta non a caso il senatore…


L'articolo Vera emergenza sociale. Sulle morti bianche il Senato non perda tempo. Parla il senatore Romano (M5S): “Non più rinviabile l’azione dello Stato” sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


Per il Pd è populismo penale. Ecco chi difende la prescrizione. Parla la senatrice Valente: “Dai 5S aberrazione giuridica. Noi come Berlusconi? No, siamo soltanto garantisti”

Valeria Valente

“Occorre ritrovare un equilibrio, la proposta di bloccare la prescrizione dopo il primo grado di giudizio è maturata in un’altra maggioranza, al governo con i 5 stelle adesso ci siamo noi del Pd non la Lega” . è molto chiara su questo punto la senatrice dem Valeria Valente, “Peraltro quella norma era maturata con modalità…


L'articolo Per il Pd è populismo penale. Ecco chi difende la prescrizione. Parla la senatrice Valente: “Dai 5S aberrazione giuridica. Noi come Berlusconi? No, siamo soltanto garantisti” sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


NY Public Finance Commission Plan Condemned By State’s Minor Political Parties

The commission’s work is being challenged in court by the Working Families Party, the Conservative Party, and republicans in the senate and assembly.

Senate quicksand engulfs a bipartisan plan that Trump backs - POLITICO

  1. Senate quicksand engulfs a bipartisan plan that Trump backs  POLITICO
  2. Trump preferred over Lincoln by Republicans: poll  Fox News
  3. Trump's border wall hangs over spending talks | TheHill  The Hill
  4. Bloomberg can't win, but he could help reelect Trump | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Impeachment Was on the Family Table This Thanksgiving  The Wall Street Journal
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Scott Fitzgerald is running for Congress. Some colleagues want his job as state Senate leader.

A quiet campaign is unfolding in the Wisconsin Capitol — one to determine who will be in charge of the state Senate's Republican caucus.


Populismo, punti di partenza

Populismo, punti di partenza
Il populismo è una degli anelli della catena degenerativa che confondendo la rivolta romantica anticapitalistica con la critica del modo di produzione capitalistico produce il fascismo.

1. Populismo ha significato - e significa - varie cose, anche di segno se non opposto, almeno contrastante. Solo guardando al passato se ne riscontrano accezioni potenzialmente progressiste - come nel caso del Populismo russo -, conservatrici - per es. l’americano People’s Party -,ambigue, ambivalenti e problematiche come ad es. il peronismo che in Sudamerica si ritiene di poter coniugare sia da destra che da sinistra. Con il tempo, nel lessico novecentesco, ha sicuramente prevalso un’accezione negativa. Ciò è dovuto assai probabilmente anche al consolidarsi, dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, di organizzazioni politico-istituzionali che valutavano negativamente alcune delle sue caratteristiche salienti: le democrazie parlamentari per un verso, il socialismo reale per un altro consideravano la mancanza di mediazione tra istanze del “popolo” e l’esercizio della funzione politica come un aspetto da evitare, e il ruolo dei partiti come organizzatori, educatori, anello nella catena della pratica e partecipazione politica era qui centrale.

Nel caso del cosiddetto socialismo reale, anche il soggetto cui ci si riferiva presentava probabilmente aspetti problematici, in quanto meglio del popolo, la classe, o i blocchi storici di classi, esprimevano le soggettualità in gioco in maniera più adeguata. Anche i “fronti popolari” erano tali in quanto organizzati, fronti appunto. Aspetti populistici - non popolari - venivano d’altra parte chiaramente individuati nei vari fascismi che, pur non dichiarandosi populisti, sicuramente si sentivano e si autoproclamavano emanazione diretta di un fantomatico “popolo”. Tornano qui alla mente i vari miti millenari, improbabili revival imperiali, il concetto nazionalsocialista di “völkisch” e via dicendo.

Si potrebbe, del resto, parlare a lungo del significato stesso della categoria “popolo” e delle sue potenziali ambiguità, o quanto meno dell’uso strumentale che ne è stato fatto nei diversi fronti politici contrapposti nella storia novecentesca e non solo. Da una parte, infatti, il “popolo d’Italia” era un generico accumulo dei - non meglio definiti - italiani, a prescindere dalla classe sociale di provenienza. In questo senso, il popolo diviene una categoria fondamentalmente reazionaria perché privilegia la comune “etnia”, “tradizione”, “religione” (trasfigurato dunque attraverso mitologie le più curiose e variegate, tutt’ora riemergenti) sopra quella di classe (fino ai “pueblos” latino-americani, o al popolo della parrocchia, vale a dire una composizione sociale trasversale). Questo popolo include anche le classi dominanti che però guardano alla sua componente bassa come un animale più o meno docile da domare attraverso gruppi aristocratici o, in casi estremi, una figura leaderistica che ne sappia comprendere ed incarnare le pulsioni; la comune appartenenza non cancella insomma una legittima gerarchia sociale.

ll fronte popolare si richiama a un’eccezione più antica per la quale il popolo non è tutta la società, ma una parte, vale a dire quella componente che si distanzia, distingue e contrappone ai, detto genericamente, ceti dominanti, dove però questi ultimi si caratterizzano per una più spiccata connotazione di classe. Dissipare questa genericità è la chiave della risposta, perché proprio qui si annida il rischio di quel passaggio che ha permesso una confusa indistinzione tra le due accezioni. Il modo in cui viene rappresentato il populus, contro o di fronte al senatus se si vuole richiamare alla memoria il motto – S.P.Q.R., Senatus popolusQue Romanorum -  inciso sulle effigi romane, cambia la prospettiva tra populista e popolare. La parola è quindi la stessa, ma il contenuto è assai diverso, sia culturalmente che politicamente; si tratta in buona sostanza di includere o mascherare il conflitto di classe. Un punto chiave pare quindi comprendere quali elementi fanno di una comunità un popolo e quindi stabilire quali siano le modalità in cui il popolo si organizza.

L’essenza del popolo incentrata sulla sua etnia, religione, “tradizione” e via dicendo è un Leitmotiv del pensiero reazionario moderno, a partire dal romanticismo in poi, da Burke a Heidegger. Su questo si può leggere con profitto la ricostruzione che ne ha fatto Nicolao Merker [1]. I vari nemici sono la riforma protestante, l’illuminismo, la rivoluzione francese, il liberalismo democratico, il laicismo e via dicendo. Si tratta del classico armamentario reazionario emerso negli ultimi due secoli di cultura europea conservatrice. In questo contesto, saltare le mediazioni tra basso ed alto, cioè eliminare gli organi rappresentativi e i processi sociali e le strutture che mirano a formare i cittadini di modo che essi possano effettivamente farne parte, è uno degli elementi chiave; tale dinamica procede di pari passo con il fastidio, se non l’odio, verso le istituzioni nelle sue varie forme, tutte incapaci di rappresentare i bisogni della massa, o in grado di farlo in maniera inadeguata e strumentale. Questa disillusione e conflittualità verso le strutture ed organizzazioni rappresentative nasce sicuramente dalle dinamiche perverse che nascono in seno ad esse ed alla loro strumentalizzazione di classe. Il leaderismo che ne può conseguire è un’uscita reazionaria da questa difficoltà obiettiva e si caratterizza come un secondo elemento fondamentale del populismo.

2. Siccome tutti gli aspetti positivi della modernità si sono sviluppati insieme agli aspetti negativi, allo stesso tempo e contraddittoriamente in seno e grazie al modo di produzione capitalistico stesso, l’anticapitalismo può, essenzialmente, svilupparsi in due direzioni completamente differenti: la rivolta anti-moderna che vuole tornare indietro, quindi respingere in blocco tutto ciò che si è sviluppato grazie al capitalismo perdendo tutte le acquisizioni storiche ottenute grazie a esso, inclusi i diritti sociali e civili, con la nostalgia di un mondo passato o il sogno astratto di un mondo completamente altro; oppure andare in avanti, vale a dire criticare la forma sociale del capitalismo ormai autodistruttiva e salvarne le acquisizioni epocali che sarebbe solo regressivo e conservatore voler perdere.

Se non si comprende la natura contraddittoria del modo di produzione capitalistico che allo stesso tempo produce libertà e sfruttamento, ricchezza e povertà, l’uomo universale e la sua alienazione e via dicendo e si cerca di superarne in maniera progressiva la forma oramai inadeguata di riproduzione sociale, si ricade in un “prima” o “altro” che, per gli standard civili e sociali su cui si basa la nostra vita comune, significa semplicemente barbarie. Confondere la rivolta romantica anticapitalistica con la critica del modo di produzione capitalistico produce, alla fine della catena delle mediazioni, il fascismo. Il populismo è una degli anelli di questa catena degenerativa.

Il populismo corrente si può avvantaggiare di una nuova strumentazione tecnologica. Il canale diretto tra il leader e la massa è, come si fa notare da vari fronti, agevolato dall’emergere di nuovi mezzi di comunicazione che consentono di agire direttamente sul singolo a un livello di personalizzazione inimmaginabile fino a pochi giorni fa, captando, cavalcando ed incanalando le pulsioni più disparate. Ciò, tuttavia, non produce ideologia, vale a dire una visione del mondo in qualche modo coerente, ma meri ideologemi, singoli contenuti ai quali si dice sì o no, per poi lasciarsi convincere da chi un’ideologia vera e propria invece ce l’ha, o meglio da chi ha un preciso programma di classe ma del quale non fa cultura, bensì solo propaganda.

Questa dimensione puramente propagandistica è però probabile segnale di una fase di crisi dell’egemonia, dove pare si rinunci in linea di principio alla dimensione del consenso convinto, della cultura, ma si proceda piuttosto in una dimensione di adesione strumentale immediata di una massa informe, nel tentativo di produrla come neutra (stupida) ed infinitamente plasmabile, come molecole che si combinano a piacere tra le mani dell’ingegnere sociale. L’incapacità di produrre cultura può essere la spia di una crisi di egemonia reale e di un passaggio a una fase dispotica tout court, dove il dominio passa attraverso l’instupidimento di massa e la circonvenzione di incapaci.

A conclusione di una sua interessante voce sull’argomento di qualche tempo fa [2], Bongiovanni notava, seppur al condizionale, che il disfacimento della nozione tradizionale di popolo nel senso migliore del termine, fosse contadino o operaio, finiva per produrre una polverizzazione amorfa di individui, una “folla solitaria”, una moltitudine di uni, un “populismo senza popolo”. A ben vedere è proprio la “people” inglese, la somma generica di singoli legati di volta in volta da elementi sociologici estrinseci e non da un nesso funzionale di sistema, la “gente” insomma; il trionfo dell’ideologia borghese più trita, la società come sommatoria di individui indistinti.

Discorsi di questo tenore, in certi casi anche acuti e precisi, che si sentono ripetere da più parti possono descrivere più o meno genericamente una situazione, ma non permettono di comprenderla, quindi tanto meno di cambiarla. Il primo punto nodale in senso critico che è emerso e continua a emergere nei vari dibattiti che si susseguono sul tema del populismo è spesso la mancanza di un elemento chiave, vale a dire niente meno che spiegare - o almeno tentare di spiegare - come questi processi si tengano insieme con la dinamica odierna del capitalismo. Non semplicemente del modo di produzione capitalistico di cui parlava Marx a un livello di astrazione altissimo, ma del capitalismo nella sua fase tarda, nel contesto più concreto della sua dinamica sistemica che include stati, livelli diversi di sviluppo, temporalità determinate e diversità subsistemiche. Se questo è a dir poco incredibile in pensatori cosiddetti di sinistra, è francamente sorprendente in generale: come si possono affrontare questioni complesse senza considerare la dinamica storico-epocale del modo di produzione capitalistico?

Questo è un limite soprattutto di molti politologi e filosofi che, almeno così pare, danno per scontato il capitalismo, così scontato che neppure lo menzionano. Questo è ovviamente un risultato dei tempi e della crisi del marxismo pratico e teorico, ma è una tendenza che non nasce adesso; essa si è annidata in seno al marxismo stesso: la paura di essere tacciati di determinismo economicistico sempre più ha portato a orientarsi verso un approccio culturalista, “sovrastrutturale” e via dicendo, in cui intenzionalmente si lasciava in secondo piano la questione cruciale del nesso sociale complessivo di produzione di cose e di idee, fino al paradosso che il tema è scomparso. Considerazioni analoghe si potrebbero fare riguardo alla critica del Neoliberismo, talvolta condotta senza neanche nominare monsieur le capital.

Per andare oltre la descrizione o la pur comprensibile condanna morale, si tratta di comprendere come l’ideologia populista sia concettualmente e realmente possibile nella dinamica tarda del modo di produzione capitalistico; quali elementi strutturali la rendano socialmente praticabile. Anche qui la confusione è tanta e forse vale la pena ripartire dalle basi, ricordando che con ideologia non si intende semplicemente il prevalere di questo o quel discorso, ma l’affermarsi di una concezione del mondo già esistente in una prassi sociale effettiva, che riannoda a sua volta a posizioni di classe precise. Quindi, finisce per avere carattere estremamente limitato e scarsamente efficace la critica “morale” dell’inumanità o dell’ingiustizia del plebiscitarismo, del razzismo, della crisi delle istituzioni democratiche che in genere si associano al populismo; esistono processi sociali obiettivi che rendono queste deprecabili idee socialmente appetibili, perché rispondono o danno voce a prassi sociali già obiettivamente in atto.

La comprensione di come il capitalismo “crepuscolare” riconfiguri forme di soggettualità - e quindi di percezione sociale - la cui forma fondamentale è l’atomo individuale irriducibile che si somma come “popolo”, “moltitudine” e via dicendo, è la sfida teorica e pratica che ci sta di fronte. Perché è estremamente facile cadere vittima di questa parvenza e sostenere addirittura che questa moltitudine di atomi sia, come tale, un soggetto potenziale capace di combinarsi trans-individualmente in varie forme; fino a convincersi che tale massa informe sia “popolo”. Ciò significa prendere la parvenza fenomenica del modo di produzione capitalistico non come la necessaria manifestazione di esso, ma come la sostanza stessa del processo. Già capire questo passaggio è un importante passo in avanti, ciò tuttavia non basta, perché si tratta di mostrare le ragioni per cui questa parvenza viene presa per essenza, vale a dire è parvenza oggettiva. Si tratta parallelamente di individuare obiettivamente gli effettivi soggetti storici nella loro configurazione complessa e mediata rispetto al vecchio schematismo binario operai-capitale. Questo però è possibile farlo solo attraverso Marx e una corretta ricostruzione della sua teoria delle classi a un livello di astrazione più basso di quella della teoria astratta del modo di produzione capitalistico [3].

Insomma, se posizioni potenzialmente populiste sono esistite a partire dal romanticismo, la cosa da spiegare non è che il populismo esista, ma come esso possa diventare egemone [4]. Questa è la sfida teorica e pratica.


[1]  Nicolao Merker, Filosofie del populismo, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2009.

[2] Bruno Bongiovanni, voce “Populismo” sulla  Enciclopedia delle scienze sociali Treccani (1996).

[3] Tentativi in questo senso sono quelli di Alessandro Mazzone su “Proteo” di alcuni anni fa: 1. Le classi nel mondo moderno, 2) Le classi nel mondo moderno. La complessità del conflitto (Seconda parte), 3) Le classi nel mondo moderno (parte terza) Nuove frontiere della produzione e dello sfruttamento. Mi permetto di rimandare anche alla mia distinzione tra “forme” e “figure” sviluppata nella terza parte di Un nuovo Marx, Roma, Carocci, 2008 (una introduzione sintetica al tema la si può trovare in: Epoca, fasi storiche, Capitalismi).

[4] Ho cercato di iniziare a rispondere a questa domanda in Violenza e strutture sociali nel capitalismo crepuscolare, in Violenza e politica. Dopo il Novecento, a cura di F. Tomasello, Bologna, Il mulino (in uscita).

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    Tuukka Rask came to play for 60 minutes on Wednesday night in Ottawa. His teammates, however, either left their spark in Montreal the night before or developed an early case of tryptophan. And it appeared the Bruins would come back to Boston for Thanksgiving without any points after defenseman Thomas Chabot walked in all alone […]

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    U.C. SoundByte - Trumpcare


    Today, the repeal and replace proposal for Obamacare was relegated to a no-vote. The Republicans in Congress were not able to get enough support to push the the proposal to a vote, marking a pretty significant defeat for President Trump, Speak Paul Ryan and the other Senate and House Republicans.a


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    ETAC Urges Senators to Drop Campaign Against I Fund Change

    Federal employee interest groups are urging Congress to back off of its fight against changing the I Fund.

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    Military families are becoming gravely ill from their contaminated military housing. They are being retaliated against and ridiculed when they complain. Military doctors are not being trained how to treat them, which causes them to become even sicker. Their requests for insurance-covered referrals to environmental and functional medicine physicians, who do know how to treat the sick-housing-caused-illnesses, are being denied. This is leaving the injured families to have to pay from their own pockets for needed medical care. Most cannot afford it. Reuters is calling the multi-billion-dollar fraud, designed for profiting from the squalid military housing conditions, an “Ambush at Home” for our service members and their children. On December 3rd the Senate Arms Services Committee (SASC) is holding a hearing. They are going to ask military leaders of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor questions of why and how the fraud in the contaminated military housing debacle grew to be so large that it is now crippling troop readiness; and what is being done to correct it. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. They need YOUR VOICE to help to assure that the senators ask these questions.


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    Comment on A big tent need not include the outhouse by RickA

    Well it has been another week and impeachment fever is receding. Several democrats have come out against it, perhaps sensing that support has dropped for impeachment and the facts are not as strong as originally hoped for. It will be interesting to read the intelligence committee report and see how they massage the facts to try to make an impeachable offense out of them. This is where it will all start to fall apart (I believe). Bribery isn't going to sell, so it sounds like they will default to obstruction and maybe throw in some of the Mueller stuff - I guess we will see. Then the action will shift to the justice committee - that will be interesting. I cannot wait to see what they actually draft up for the articles of impeachment. That should be interesting and entertaining. Lots of popcorn consumed this week. I predict that Trump will choose not to participate and hold all his cards for the Senate trial.

    The mask comes off

    The imperial state not only wants you fat, sickly, and disarmed, but tactically ignorant as well. At this rate, it won't be long before they ban wargames, of both board and computer varieties:
    Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:
    1. That § 18.2-433.2 of the Code of Virginia is amended and reenacted as follows:

    § 18.2-433.2. Paramilitary activity prohibited; penalty.

    A person shall be is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity, punishable as a Class 5 felony if he:

    1. Teaches or demonstrates to any other person the use, application, or making of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, knowing or having reason to know or intending that such training will be employed for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

    2. Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or technique capable of causing injury or death to persons, intending to employ such training for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder; or

    3. Assembles with one or more persons with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading, or marching with any firearm, any explosive or incendiary device, or any components or combination thereof.

    2. That the provisions of this act may result in a net increase in periods of imprisonment or commitment. Pursuant to § 30-19.1:4 of the Code of Virginia, the estimated amount of the necessary appropriation cannot be determined for periods of imprisonment in state adult correctional facilities; therefore, Chapter 854 of the Acts of Assembly of 2019 requires the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission to assign a minimum fiscal impact of $50,000.
    Still think they're not afraid of you? Notice that sections 2 and 3 are based on "intent", as if they can possibly know why one individual is training, drilling, or parading with another individual. Wolves always prefer sheep to sheepdogs.

    Mailvox: the success dealers

    A former candidate for Congress explains how it works:
    Back in [REDACTED], I had been moved to righteous anger to run for political office, Congress, in my [REDACTED] district which was being weakly held by a non-progressive Democrat.  There were a number of Republican contenders, but the local party had picked one of their donors, an unfortunate blockhead with inherited money.  I took exception to this and pulled a Trump-to-Jeb! on the dude at every public engagement, which only earned the ire of the local party for my uppitiness and Ron Pauline views on government.

    At a fundraiser dinner, I had a small coterie and the other candidates had theirs, larger and smaller, and I was surprised when a delegation of state Republicans - well known and connected - came over and asked me to join them at their table.  I obliged.  They showered me with compliments - how they liked my style, how I was clearly the one with the brains and ability to win etc - and then asked what path I was taking, where did I want to go: executive branch, senate, state politics, or if Congress was my goal.  I told them Congress was where I felt I could be most useful, and they pulled out a diagram that had my name on [a state organization] for a number of years, then county supervisor, then Congress.  They told me that this was not only the path they envisioned, but the path they could guarantee. Their words. All I had to do was drop out and endorse the blockhead. But he'll lose, I argued, and explained exactly why.  They nodded in agreement and said, we know. That's how we know you'll win here in [REDACTED].

    They were offering me a seat in Congress if I played their game, changed my views, endorsed their loser, and then they would rig the system to ensure victory. Not MY victory, but THEIR victory with me as their puppet. I told them no, thank you, I was my own man and I'd rise and fall on that merit. They said the doors were always open and then went to the next table where a woman was also running for the same seat. They showed her a different diagram.  Two years later she was the Republican nominee for US Senate.

    God was looking out for me.  But the point is that you are absolutely right - there are people who will buy your soul and they roam about like wolves preying on the ambitious, vain, or naive.
    I've personally seen this sort of thing play out in music, media, politics, and publishing. I've heard about it from those who were offered the ticket in Hollywood, both in television and in movies. David Chapelle has spoken openly about the latter... hence Africa. And the modus operandi is always more or less the same. One little knee, one little submission, is all they initially ask of you to give you whatever you want and more.

    They are success dealers, and the first hit is almost free....

    Keep this in mind if you're tempted to accuse people of being jealous of those who are wealthier, more famous, or more successful. I can only speak for myself, of course, but I'm not jealous of anyone who has taken the ticket. I know the price they are paying and it isn't one that I was willing to pay.

    What he is waiting for

    As I mentioned on the Darkstream last night, it is very obvious what the God-Emperor is waiting for before he unleashes The Storm. There is absolutely no point rushing in and arresting all of the Swamp's denizens if the swampy judges are just going to let them all go like they did with the Antifa members who were charged with various felonies. First, it's necessary to transform the federal judiciary.
    HISTORIC RESTORATION OF THE JUDICIARY: President Trump is transforming our judiciary – appointing a historic number of Federal judges who will interpret the Constitution as written.
    • Working with the Senate, President Trump has now had 158 judicial nominees confirmed to the Federal bench – a historic transformation of the judiciary.
    • President Trump has nominated and had confirmed, two Supreme Court justices, 44 Circuit Court judges, and 112 District Court judges.
    • President Trump has appointed more circuit judges by this point in his presidency than any president in recent history.
    • Approximately 1 out of every 4 active judges on United States Courts of Appeals has been appointed by President Trump.
    • This historic transformation is only accelerating, with President Trump on pace to have more judges confirmed this year than in 2017 and 2018 combined.
    This also puts the lie to those who claim President Trump hasn't done anything. What he's been doing is laying the foundation for substantive and meaningful action that will last beyond his two terms.

    Now where have I heard that term before?

    Adam Schiff has publicly floated the idea of the House holding onto the articles of impeachment instead of passing them on to the Senate as "a sealed indictment":
    We now have the spectacle of Bug-eyes Schiff and former Michigan Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm laying out a scenario on the Sunday morning talk shows in which the seditious Democrats would go ahead and vote on articles of impeachment before congress recesses for the Christmas holidays, but then hold them up indefinitely while the House Intelligence Committee under Schiff’s control continues its clown show witch hunt.

    The Democrat theory of the day being that Republicans can’t begin a Senate trial until the articles have been formally transmitted to them by the House. Here is what Schiff had to say to CNN’s fake host Jake Tapper:

    “We have continued to learn more information every day. And I think that is going to continue,” he said on CNN. “So, we may have to file addendums to that report. We may have other depositions and hearings to do.”

    Later on the same program, after Schiff laid out his strategy for ongoing investigations as far as the eye can see, Granholm detailed the other side of this latest un-American tactic:

     “It is important to consider as Democrats to slow our roll a little bit. I was glad to hear that Adam Schiff said there is other information and this is not the end of things. And people are saying before you toss it over to the Senate, why don’t you take your vote on what you’ve heard and just hold it. Seal it, like a sealed indictment until you’ve gathered what you think is necessary to convince the jury that has already made up its mind. I don’t think we’re there yet.”

    Yeah, sure, just seal it like an indictment, and keep the nation in limbo for as long as ol’ Bug-eyes sees fit.

    This of course is what is known in the DC Swamp as a “trial balloon.” Schiff and Granholm obviously coordinated their remarks in advance to roll this concept out and see what kind of reaction it creates in the public and among their corrupt media toadies like Fake Jake Tapper.
    It's not a trial balloon, it's a hapless bluff meant to stop the forces of the God-Emperor from unsealing all the thousands of indictments that will launch the long-awaited Swarm. And, of course, it is a virtual admission that the case for impeachment the Democrats have constructed is bound to fail. Which is precisely why the President should not accept their tacit offer of leaving things with the status quo; he has them on the ropes, he knows it, and now he knows they know it too.

    CSL visits with U.S. Senator Cory Gardner Staff

    On November 12, 2019, Ed Shackelford Colorado Senior Lobby Board member and Carol Saade, with Summit Information Services of Frisco met with Annie Larson, Denver Regional Director, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner. The topic was the importance of maintaining Medicare Advantage (MA) as an option available for anyone eligible for Medicare. There is also, at the […]


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    Working visit by State Secretary Simona Leskovar in Paris

    On the margins of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, where she met with UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information Moez Chakchouk, State Secretary Leskovar held talks at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Office of the President of France and in the Senate.

    The Need For Statewide Ban On Flavored Tobacco And E-Cigarette Products


    The #1 source in the world for all things Harlem.

    Statement From Senator Brad Hoylman: Earlier today, the New York City Council passed legislation banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes from Harlem To Hollis. Senator Brad Hoylman, who sponsors statewide Continue Reading →

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    Georgia Panel Wants Adults In The Back Seat To Buckle Up

    A state Senate panel has recommended changing Georgia law to require adults riding in the back seat of a vehicle to wear seat belts.

    Kemp Grapples With Senate Appointment Decision As Trump, Everyone Else Weighs In

    Gov. Brian Kemp has a big decision to make: who will be Georgia’s next U.S. Senator? The first-term Republican has leaned towards Kelly Loeffler, an Atlanta businesswoman who co-owns the local WNBA team and runs a bitcoin trading and storage company. But President Trump, whose Twitter endorsement helped push Kemp to a gubernatorial primary victory, has called for Rep. Doug Collins (R-Gainesville) to be selected. The stakes are high: that person will have to run in a special election next fall, a potential runoff election in January 2020 and a regular election in 2022, when Kemp is up for re-election. And Democrats fresh off the heels of a Democratic presidential primary debate in Atlanta are looking to capitalize on demographic changes and dissatisfaction with Trump to flip both Senate seats and the presidential contest into their column come November. RELATED: Kemp Opens Georgia US Senate Appointment Search With An Application In late August, Republican Johnny Isakson announced he

    Joe Biden mocked for 'no malarkey' campaign pledge


    Joe Biden mocked for 'no malarkey' campaign pledgeJoe Biden was mocked this weekend after launching a campaign slogan - "no malarkey" - that did little to dispel fears the front-runner in the Democrat presidential nomination is behind the times.  The phrase, emblazoned on the bus he is using to travel around the key state of Iowa, dates back to the 1920s. Mr Biden, who would be the oldest first-term president to be sworn in at 78, said the term was intended to highlight his truthfulness when compared to Donald Trump. "What we're referring here [is] my Irish ancestry, when my grandfather would really think something is full of you know what, he'd say, 'that's a lot of malarkey,'" he explained to supporters on Sunday. "So we're on a No Malarkey tour, meaning we're telling the truth." Mr Biden often harks back to his role as vice-president to Barack Obama and he notably used the phrase to dismiss Paul Ryan in a 2012 Vice Presidential debate, emphasising his reputation as straight-talking 'Uncle Joe'.  Political analyst Nate Silver suggested that the slogan was Mr Biden being self-deprecating - which would appeal to his loyal supporters. However, the campaign slogan has left some people baffled while others suggested it showed that Mr Biden was out of touch with younger voters. One Twitter user wrote: "I’m voting for Biden so he can finally fix the four big problems facing society: jibber-jabber, hogwash, tommyrot, and flapdoodle." A second suggested that the arcane language showed Mr Biden was "tired and old." "It's sort of poking fun at himself," he said.  Mr Biden's age has emerged as an issue on the campaign trail especially after some faltering performances in a series of televised debates. If you're going to sound out of date anyway, why not go for the elegance of NoRodomontade?— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) November 30, 2019 He has also had to fend off questions about his son, Hunter, who took a seat on the board of the Ukrainian oil company Burisma, despite having no experience in the energy sector. Despite leading in the national polls for the Democrat nomination, Mr Biden has fallen behind in the first two states to vote, Iowa and New Hampshire. South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg has built up a seven-point lead in Iowa, where Mr Biden now languishes in fourth place. In New Hampshire, Mr Biden is also in fourth place where the race is being led by Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders, who is four points ahead of Mr Buttigieg. That was the in slang back in 1960 Leave it to Beaver time. He’s lost it. In Iowa his was wife was talking and he sticks his face to her right hand bites her finger. Who does that? Creepy Uncle Joe. I heard Dr Neurology say they way Biden acts and says weird stuff is medical— Eric Moorman (@blueknight193) December 1, 2019 A poor performance in both states could suck out any momentum that Mr Biden was hoping to generate in the early stages of the race, leaving him facing an uphill battle to win the nomination. Mr Biden enlarged on his "no malarkey" theme when asked to explain how his experience made him more qualified for the Oval Office than younger rivals like Mr Buttigieg and New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker, a former mayor of Newark, New Jersey. "I've dealt with every one of the major world leaders that are out there right now and they know me, I know them. And as time goes a pun here, no malarkey, I know them and they  know I know them." Mr Biden gave a further demonstration of his occasionally eccentric campaigning style when he playfully bit his wife Jill's finger as she waved her arm in front of him during her introductory remarks.


    Kamala Harris' campaign manager is under fire, receives blame for decline


    Kamala Harris' campaign manager is under fire, receives blame for declineSen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) isn't bouncing back after a precipitous decline in the Democratic presidential race -- and fingers are starting to point at her campaign manager.Juan Rodriguez has drawn the ire of both camapaign staffers and outside observers, The New York Times reports. "This is my third presidential campaign and I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly," state operations director Kelly Mehlenbacher wrote in a resignation letter obtained by the Times.Mehlenbacher clarified she still supported Harris as a candidate, but did not have confidence in the campaign's leadership. She specifically cited the campaign's decision to move people from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, Maryland, and then "lay them off with no notice" and "without thoughtful consideration of the personal consequences to them."Harris and other senior staff members were reportedly blindsided and angered by the extent of the layoffs, and some aides reportedly found out about them from junior aides and the press rather than Rodriguez himself.One of Harris' congressional supporters, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), said she told the senator she needs to make a change. "The weakness is at the top, and it's clearly Juan," she said. "He needs to take responsibility -- that's where the buck stops."More stories from NBC's Chuck Todd was flabbergasted by a Republican senator's claim that the former Ukrainian president worked for Hillary Clinton What the Moomins can tell us about fighting climate despair The Democratic primary’s generational divide


    Puro patayan! Kit Belmonte slams Bong Go for criticizing Robredo over lack of drug lords killed


    Does Senator Bong Go have no other idea of fighting the drug war other than killing?

    The post Puro patayan! Kit Belmonte slams Bong Go for criticizing Robredo over lack of drug lords killed appeared first on Politiko Metro Manila.


    A Conversation With Michael Bennet

    Senator Bennet discusses his proposed changes to U.S foreign policy and how the United States can best meet the challenges of this century.


    Fiano Romano | Approvata, all’unanimità, la cittadinanza onoraria a Liliana Segre. In aula, il Sindaco legge il messaggio della Senatrice

    Poc’anzi, il Consiglio Comunale di Fiano Romano, all’unanimità, ha deliberato il conferimento della cittadinanza onoraria alla Senatrice Segre.   Origine: Comune Fiano Romano

    Argentina: abortion rights in sight

    November 28, 2019

    Pro-choice campaigners are hopeful that Argentinian president-elect Alberto Fernández will act on his promise to put a pro-choice bill to Congress. An attempt to legalise abortion was narrowly lost last year, when the Senate decided against removing a law penalising women who have an abortion with up to four year’s in jail. Green Left Weekly’s Pip Hinman asked Rosana Fanjul, a long-term activist in the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion Campaign in Buenos Aires, about the prospects for a pro-choice law, now a new government has been elected.

    Can you please first tell us something about yourself?

    I’m the granddaughter of Dr Dora Coledesky, a pioneer of this struggle since 1988, who died in 2009. Since 2015, my 20 year-old daughter has also become an activist. Having young people become active in the campaign since the Ni Una Menos (Not One Less, a movement to highlight and stop violence against women) march of 2015, has provided it with an important focus — which is about the right to have desires and to enjoy our bodies, something that is still socially questioned.

    How would you assess the impact of the huge pro-abortion campaign on the election of president-elect Alberto Fernandez?

    The national movement for the right to legal, safe and free abortion, questioned each candidate. Everyone was asked to talk about their stand on abortion. Even in televised debates, the presidential candidates were asked about their position. Many candidates wore our green handkerchiefs — the symbol of our struggle.

    President-elect Alberto Fernandez stated he was in favour and showed he was across the arguments. Other candidates played with the legal confusion between decriminalisation and legalisation.

    But while Fernandez’ position was clear, his electoral list included candidates who did not support abortion rights.

    Likewise the Cambiemos list, headed by former president Mauricio Macri, included both opinions. 

    I’m not sure that the election result was tipped by this debate, but I do believe the massive campaign would have guaranteed millions of votes for the new government.

    Until today, no political party or movement has been capable of mobilising such a large number of people as this campaign has done.

    So the legal right to abortion is closer to becoming law?

    Absolutely.  We believe it will be no later than 2020. But having an elected president who is in favour of abortion  does not guarantee it, because the churches still have a lot of political and economic power and they do not support abortion rights.

    But, even though the movement lacks money and infrastructure, we have reached the point where the word “abortion” is in everyone’s vocabulary.

    Our campaign, which has been built up step-by-step over many years, has meant we have a solid foundation for this reform.

    We are saying that this right has to be based on the sexual autonomy of the woman, or the pregnant person, and their human rights and social equality.

    As young people have made this right their personal fight, it also means that, sooner or later, our bill will be passed.

    Can you spell out what you want in the new law?

    We are campaigning for government compliance with the Pregnancy Legal Interruption Protocol (PLI) which, since 1921, has ruled that abortion is legal in cases of rape, or if the pregnancy poses a risk to the mother’s health. Sex with a child under 13 is considered rape.

    The PLI is not being complied with and this means working with health professionals to ensure people have the right to choose all over Argentina. Currently, there are a high number of maternal deaths from complications from abortions.

    We are also working for the Comprehensive Sexual Education Law, in force since 2006, to be complied with. We’re doing this through a network of “right to choose” teachers.

    We want to have our Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption bill approved. Our campaign is based on three demands: sexual education to decide; contraceptives so as to not have to abort; and legal abortion so as to not die.

    We need all three for our rights to be guaranteed.

    We made it clear in the debate in Congress that we are prepared to fight any battle with solid arguments and without imposing our personal beliefs onto others, not making judgments about other people’s bodies.

    What are the next steps in this campaign?

    Once we know when the 2019 bill will be debated, we will probably organise out the front of the National Congress, to show how much interest there is to have it passed.

    We also have many different ongoing activities: we never stop campaigning in all possible spaces. For example, we campaign for schools to guarantee they will apply the Sexual Education Law through our network of teachers for the right to choose, who also work building law subjects.

    We are also demanding free and adequate contraception, which is not included in the Sexual Education and Responsible Procreation Law.

    We will continue to demand that abortions are performed legally and have formed a network of professionals for the right to choose that guarantees that.

    We give classes at universities on what constitutes a professional approach to abortion rights.

    Every year, we participate in a national meeting of women in La Plata. At the 34th meeting, a week ago, we organised 13 strategy workshops, all attracting capacity crowds. Afterwards, we all marched to show the movement’s strength.

    Deaths from clandestine abortions amount to state femicide; it is a major public health and social justice issue.

    We will represent those women who have died, so they are not forgotten.

    We will fight to have the bill passed promptly, so there are no more deaths. 

    We will also take part in international meetings and congresses on the topic, since this is an issue that goes beyond South America.

    We are also building towards a massive march for legal abortion on February 19, the anniversary of the handkerchief march for legal abortion and International Women Day on March 8.

    Argentinian protest for the right to abortion in 2006. Photo: Wikimedia.


    Westpac scandal underlines Coalition’s hypocrisy on banks, unions

    Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer
    November 28, 2019

    Financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC is pursuing Westpac over 23 million alleged breaches of money laundering laws in the biggest such case in Australian history. According to AUSTRAC, Westpac allowed transfers of about $11 billion without proper scrutiny, including funds destined for child exploitation rings in the Philippines.

    Some believe that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Westpac’s crimes. Thomson Reuters Asia-Pacific Bureau chief in Financial Crime & Risk Nathan Lynch alleges the system was primarily used to implement corporate tax evasion. "That's what this case is all about,” he said.

    “It's the facilitation of massive high-level, cross-border tax evasion." He added the AUSTRAC prosecution will "send shockwaves around the globe."

    Caving to public pressure, Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer resigned as head of Australia's second-biggest bank on November 26. Westpac announced that Hartzer had been given 12 months' notice and would pocket a tidy $2.7 million salary during that period.

    Responding to the news, Finance Sector Union (FSU) national secretary Julia Angrisano said on November 20: "Today we have an appalling case of Westpac being accused of breaking money laundering laws on 23 million occasions, illegally moving $11 billion dollars. The allegations include claims of potential child exploitation."

    Angrisano noted that Westpac is not the only bank in the firing line: "Yesterday [November 19], the Commonwealth Bank pleaded guilty to illegally selling life insurance to consumers through unsolicited phone calls, after being criminally charged by [the Australian Securities and Investments Commission].

    "And earlier this month, the National Australia Bank admitted to 255 breaches of credit laws and faces financial penalties as a result of the 'Introducer' loans scandal.”

    But while the government goes after the banks with a feather, it is dramatically stepping up its attacks on trade unions.

    Angrisano said: "Even though they are finally being targeted by the federal government, the banks can negotiate penalties for ripping off customers that barely dent their bottom line. And there is no impact on their ability to continue in business.

    "[Treasurer] Josh Frydenberg thinks the current penalties for banks are OK, but at the same time he is supporting industrial relations minister Christian Porter in an attack on workers and their unions that could see a union shut down for failing to complete paperwork on time.

    "There is no suggestion from the [Scott] Morrison [Coalition] government that banks should be closed down for ripping off the public and breaking money laundering laws.

    “But if this anti-union [Ensuring Integrity Bill] law passes, it will mean the government can take a big stick to unions and give the banks a slap on the wrist."

    Responding to the latest amended version of the Ensuring Integrity Bill, Australian Council of Trade Unions president Michele O'Neil said on November 22: "Effectively, the Morrison government is asking the Senate to support laws that would never apply to banks or business and which they would never apply to themselves or their political parties.

    "For example, banks have been accused of money laundering, supporting terrorist organisations, charging fees to dead people and supporting child exploitation.

    “Despite all this, there are no proposals to ban bank board members, appoint administrators or shut the doors."

    "The government is hell bent on trying to shut us down … This is extreme. It's dangerous. There's no equivalent in the Western world, and there's no justification for it."

    In the aftermath of the banking royal commission, which issued its final report earlier this year, calls have been made for the Big Four banks to be more tightly regulated and held to public account. Sackings of bank executives and prosecutions for financial crimes and fraud are an essential follow-up to the startling revelations from the commission.

    However, this latest scandal involving Westpac underlines the fact that these banking giants are a law unto themselves, despite the limited role of various regulatory agencies.

    There can be no solution to the banking crisis until major banking institutions are taken out the hands of private profiteers and placed under public ownership — just as the Commonwealth Bank was until the mid-1990s.

    Considering the widespread public outrage over the scandals revealed by the banking royal commission, now intensified by the Westpac disaster, it is time to mount a major community-based campaign to nationalise the Big Four banks under workers' and community control.

    We need to demand that the banks' huge assets be placed under public ownership and used for the good of the community and the environment. These funds could be used to build public works and fund much-needed public health, housing, education and renewable energy projects that are essential if we are to effectively tackle the climate crisis.

    Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer


    The Ensuring Integrity Bill is not just an attack on unions. It's an attack on our prospects for a better future

    A Change the Rules rally in Sydney on October 23, 2018.
    November 28, 2019

    The federal Coalition government's latest union-busting bill is not only an attack on the rights of workers to organise for better wages and conditions — it is an attack on democracy and prospects for a better future.

    The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2019 was first introduced in parliament in 2017 but failed to get majority support in the Senate. This time there is a real risk that right-wing minor party and independent senators will pass the bill. 

    The bill will give governments and the courts greater powers to interfere in and deregister trade unions.

    Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation senior federal industrial officer Kristen Wischer writes that the new law would mean:

    “The Federal Court must make orders on application to disqualify a union official convicted of an offence that is punishable by imprisonment for five years or more.

    “The Federal Court can disqualify a person from holding office on a wide range of grounds, including the person is not a ‘fit and proper’ person or has breached certain industrial laws.

    “Allows the Registered Organisation Commission (ROC), the minister or a ‘person with sufficient interest’ to apply for orders deregistering unions, altering union rules or controlling the use of union funds and property, including appointing an administrator.

    “Allows third parties to intervene in the process of unions applying to amalgamate and imposes significant hurdles for amalgamation, even where members are in favour of the amalgamation."

    It is not hard to see how governments that are already doing their best to further weaken the power of workers and boost the bloated profits of the corporate rich would have a field day with such powers.

    The bill pretends to be about "ensuring integrity" in unions, but the best way to do that is by ensuring unions are strong, militant and democratically accountable to their members.

    Instead, this legislation seeks to smash strong and militant unions. If successful, workers' rights and conditions are not the only things that will suffer.

    Without strong unions we would not have many of the social gains and democratic rights that unions fought for and which governments today are attempting to wind back.

    Unions also have a major role to play in helping society rise to the challenge of the global climate crisis. While there is a way to go in enlisting the full support of unions, important initial steps have been made through union involvement in School Strike 4 Climate mobilisations. 

    The government's hypocrisy on "integrity" is exposed by its refusal to act firmly against banks that have cheated and bullied customers and laundered money. It has also refused to bring to account politicians who have rorted the system, continues to ignore its human rights obligations to asylum seekers and First Nations people, and has made Australia a climate rogue state.

    This tsunami of bad behaviour — none of which is tackled by the bill — can be traced back to its shameless stance in support of a tax-dodging and socially and ecologically destructive corporate super rich getting even richer.

    This bill is about giving even more power to a billionaire class that has shown itself to have absolutely no integrity.

    [Tim Gooden is a Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union delegate, a Geelong Trades Hall Council executive member and a Socialist Alliance activist.]

    A Change the Rules rally in Sydney on October 23, 2018. Photo: Peter Boyle


    Inconvenient truths about the Greens

    November 27, 2019

    While there are serious flaws in Inside the Greens, author Paddy Manning is too good a journalist to suppress vital information. Some of it is explosive.

    For instance, during the recent conflicts in the Australian Greens between The Greens NSW and Bob Brown devotees, some in the later camp pushed for the wholesale expulsion of the former.

    That was not the only example of such blow-up-the-ship thinking.

    According to Manning’s sources, in the wake of David Shoebridge’s victory in the member’s ballot for top position on the 2018 NSW ticket, Brown met with the Greens NSW MPs from the right of the party and pledged support if they split The Greens NSW. This pact was sealed with a weird handclasp, captured in a photo that Manning has seen.

    So rabid were these forces that, on top of the chaos in Victoria over the sabotage of Alex Bhathal, they drove an exasperated Richard Di Natale, the Australian Greens parliamentary leader, to the brink of resignation, Manning says.

    These events form the climax of the historical narrative which constitutes the major part of Inside the Greens. If Manning indicates no sympathy for these manoeuvres, he certainly is not expressly critical of them.

    With three of the four plotting NSW MPs either defeated at the polls or resigning from the Greens, a surface calm now reigns.

    The danger is obvious.

    The Australian Greens has always been a collaboration of diverse forces, all of whom realise the central issue is the protection of our endangered living environment. Internal intolerance will not bode well for the even wider collaboration that is required to resolve the ecological crisis.

    The Greens NSW has brought real benefits to this collaboration: an insistence on grassroots democracy; a critical attitude towards capitalism; and a more relevant left-wing politics.

    The fact that then NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, backed by The Greens NSW, prevented her colleagues from doing a deal over Gonski 2.0 (which privileges federal aid to private and religious schools) demonstrates this.

    In the wake of this crisis, the right-wing took aim at the left-wing briefly expelling Rhiannon from the party room and demanding that NSW abandon its requirement that MPs follow policy determined by members.

    These conflicts reflect the different origins of the Greens. An early chapter of Inside the Greens quotes the Sydney Greens in 1984 describing themselves thus:

    “The Greens in Sydney come from many backgrounds. Environmental and resident activists. Nuclear disarmers. Dissidents from the Labor party who have witnessed betrayals by both wings of that party. Feminists. Anarchists. Those inspired by the German Greens. Socialists of various kinds.”

    Manning then comments: “It was as good a summary of the origins of the party as has ever been written.”

    Inside the Greens certainly fleshes this description out, and significantly modifies it.

    Manning argues strongly that the major roots of the Australian Greens lie in the earlier iterations of a “third party” in Australian politics, namely the Australia Party (1966–75), the United Tasmanian Group (1972–1990) and the Australian Democrats (1977–?).

    The argument that they are the main progenitors of the Australian Greens gets strong support from the fact that Brown and the other Tasmanians emerged from this milieu. Brown’s preference in 1990–91 was for a merger of his Tasmanian independents with the Australian Democrats to form the Green Democrats. A coup inside the Democrats scuppered this and Brown returned to collaborating to form the Australian Greens.

    This connection to earlier “third party” efforts helps explain the preference pussyfooting with the Liberals and other conservatives that Greens in eastern states — other than NSW — have indulged in, notoriously the deal with Clive Palmer in 2013 and talks with the Liberals in Victoria in 2016. 

    These earlier “third” parties were also parliamentarist outfits that eschewed civil disobedience and direct action.

    This was not true of the left Greens, who were proud of their connection to the Builders Labourers Federation-led Green Bans movement, the original forest blockade at Terania Creek in NSW in 1979, the women’s anti-nuclear pickets at Pine Gap in 1983 and the Franklin campaign in the early 1980s.

    When Inside the Greens gets down to the history of the Australian Greens, it is very much the Bob Brown-Christine Milne version. The bias starts with its account of its formation. On one side are the reasonable initiators and, on the other, the obstructionists — the Tasmanian Greens and Greens NSW respectively.

    Except it wasn’t quite like this.

    The fact that the talks, the formation and the launch for the Australian Greens took place in Sydney should have alerted Manning to the fact that NSW was playing a central role.

    The Greens in NSW held the all-important electoral registration of the party’s name, which it shared widely with the idea of building-up a loosely federated party with local roots.

    By 1991, the Greens in NSW had already succeeded in getting a councillor elected to both the Newcastle and Marrickville Councils. Moreover, the lower house election results for NSW Greens candidates in the 1990 federal elections were, if anything, better than the Tasmanians. The first electoral successes on the mainland were in WA and NSW.

    The Greens in NSW were a key partner in the formation of the Australian Greens, not a recalcitrant foreign body, as presented. When, for instance, Brown repeats his claim that the “old guard” of the Greens NSW derailed the attempt to form a national greens party at the Getting Together conference in 1986, Manning lets it stand — despite any evidence.

    It is possible to acknowledge the valuable contribution that Brown and Milne have made to the Greens without adopting a reverential attitude. It is equally possible to acknowledge the essential contributions of the Greens NSW.

    While the bulk of Inside the Greens is a history, its final 90 pages are a discussion of the party’s policy dilemmas.

    Manning peppers these chapters with a few radical voices: Jonathon Sri on Brisbane Council is given two pages for his libertarian socialist views and Tim Hollo’s ideas on the commons and ecological democracy gets an airing.

    But, in general, Manning’s centrist politics prevail — especially when he dismisses Shoebridge’s policy ideas, which are the closest to the ecological social democracy of Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as you are likely to get in the Greens. 

    None of this is meant to deter a reading of Inside the Greens.

    In addition to the excellent early chapters, Manning is too conscientious a journalist not to equip observant readers with some of the facts that run against his own predilections.

    [This is an edited version of one of the articles on the website Inside Inside the Greens compiled by Lee Rhiannon, Geoff Ash and Hall Greenland which is devoted to remedying errors in Inside the Greens.]

    Paddy Manning's Inside the Greens looks at the history of the Greens from the viewpoint of Bob Brown and Christine Milne,


    Bolivien | „Ich will bald zurück sein“

    Evo Morales kandidiert nicht bei den Neuwahlen. Aber später vielleicht. Ein Besuch im Exil
    „Ich will bald zurück sein“

    Evo Morales, 2006 zum ersten indigenen Präsidenten Boliviens gewählt, flieht am 11. November nach Mexiko, dessen Regierung ihm ausdrücklich Asyl angeboten hat. Dies geschieht drei Wochen nach einem Präsidentenvotum, bei dem Morales für sich beansprucht, gesiegt zu haben. Betrugsvorwürfe und empörte Proteste sind die Folge. Sie gipfeln darin, dass ihn der Armeechef zum Rücktritt auffordert. Einen Tag nachdem Morales den Weg ins Exil angetreten hat, lässt sich die rechtsgerichtete Senatorin Jeanine Áñez als Interimspräsidentin vereidigen. Danach kommen mindestens 32 Menschen ums Leben, die meisten davon Berichten zufolge bei Übergriffen der Streitkräfte auf Protestmärsche, die sich zur Unterstützung von Morales auf den Straßen formieren. Es gibt Anzeichen genug für soziale und ethnische Spannungen, auch für Übergriffe zwischen den überwiegend armen indigenen Demonstranten und wohlhabenderen Schaulustigen.

    Boliviens neuer Innenminister Arturo Murillo hat mittlerweile versprochen, er wolle den Ex-Präsidenten für den Rest seines Lebens ins Gefängnis bringen. Nur so ließe sich ahnden, dass Morales Menschen zum Aufruhr gegen die Regierung aufgestachelt habe, was seiner Meinung nach einem terroristischen Verhalten gleichkomme.

    In seinem neuen, vorübergehenden Zuhause in Mexiko-Stadt macht Morales im Interview die alte Elite – sie sei „rassistisch und rachsüchtig“ – für eine derart absurde Anklage verantwortlich. Sie habe die Krise Boliviens provoziert und mithilfe der USA, die er als „Imperium im Norden“ bezeichnet, einen Putsch gegen ihn inszeniert. Und er gibt im Gespräch zu verstehen, dass er seine Priorität nunmehr darin sehe, mitzuhelfen, dass „die De-facto-Regierung abgelöst wird“, indem man sie zu Neuwahlen drängt. „Sie sagen Nein zu Evo, und ich sage in Ordnung, kein Problem.“

    Das bolivianische Parlament – es wird von Morales’ Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) dominiert – habe ein Gesetz verabschiedet, das innerhalb einiger Wochen den Weg zu Neuwahlen ebnen werde und ihm verbiete, an dieser Abstimmung teilzunehmen. Áñez hat das Gesetz am 24. November unterschrieben und damit in Kraft gesetzt.

    Morales räumt ein, dass er zum Teil deswegen auf eine erneute Kandidatur für das für den 22. Januar angesetzte Votum verzichtet habe, weil die Forderungen nach seiner Rückkehr schwächer würden. Außerdem wolle er verhindern, dass aus der inneren Zerreißprobe ein größerer ethnischer Konflikt oder sogar ein Bürgerkrieg werde. „Davor habe ich Angst. Das ist es, was wir vermeiden müssen, deshalb verzichte ich auf eine Kandidatur. Im Namen des Friedens müssen Opfer gebracht werden, und ich opfere meine Kandidatur, obwohl ich jedes Recht dazu habe, wieder anzutreten.“

    Gespräche zwischen Anführern der Pro-Morales-Proteste und der Interimsregierung haben dazu geführt, dass Jeanine Áñez ausdrücklich versprochen hat, die Armee zurückzuziehen, sollten im Gegenzug Straßensperren aufgelöst werden, die in mehreren Großstädten zu Engpässen in der Benzin- und Lebensmittelversorgung geführt haben.„Sie verzichten nicht auf ihren Widerstand gegen den Staatsstreich“, so Morales, der in einem mexikanischen Armeestützpunkt lebt und – egal, wohin er geht – stets von Militärs in Zivil begleitet wird. „Aber natürlich werden die Menschen nach zwei Wochen des steten Kampfes und so vieler Toter müde. Manche resignieren.“

    Was hält die langjährige Ikone der lateinamerikanischen Linken davon, dass man sie wegen „Aufwiegelung und Terrorismus“ strafrechtlich verfolgen will? Morales verweist darauf, dass seine außergewöhnliche Karriere immer wieder mit derart „erfundenen Vorwürfen“ gepflastert war. Dies habe ihn früher nicht abgeschreckt und tue es im Augenblick erst recht nicht.

    „Ich bin der Feminist“

    Evo Morales stammt aus einer verarmten Familie von Lama-Hirten aus dem bolivianischen Hochland. Diese zogen vor Jahrzehnten in die fruchtbare Provinz Chapare, wo die Vorfahren zum Anbau von Koka-Pflanzen übergingen, einer traditionellen bolivianischen Feldfrucht, die von Einheimischen als mildes Stimulans und von Drogenproduzenten zur Herstellung von Kokain verwendet wird. In den 1980er und 1990er Jahren wurde Morales zu einer führenden Figur des Widerstands gegen verschiedene, auch militärische Aktionen zur Vernichtung von Koka-Plantagen, die unter dem Druck der USA durchgeführt wurden. Er gewann landesweit an Profil, als er 1997 in den Kongress gewählt und 2002 widerrechtlich aus diesem verbannt wurde. In der Folge avancierte er zum Anführer eines sozialen Aufstands, der im Jahr darauf den Rücktritt von Präsident Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada erzwang. „Kämpfen, kämpfen, kämpfen, da komme ich her“, sagt Morales mit offensichtlichem Stolz. Und einem Hauch von Nostalgie.

    Bei den Wahlen am 18. Dezember 2005 wurde er dann mit einem erdrutschartigen Sieg (54 Prozent schon im ersten Wahlgang) förmlich an die Regierung gespült und gewann 2009 mit Leichtigkeit eine zweite und 2014 eine dritte Amtszeit. Morales’ Regierungen brachten Stabilität in eines der politisch labilsten Länder des Subkontinents, das durch radikale Arbeiter, selbstbewusste Bauernbewegungen und eine überwältigende Zahl an Militärputschen geprägt war. Ab 2006 wurden die Dinge auch deshalb grundlegend verändert, weil die indigene Mehrheit ins Zentrum von Politik und Regierungshandeln gestellt und die Wirtschaft mit staatlichen Investitionen angekurbelt wurde.

    Doch je länger er sein Präsidentenmandat behauptete, desto mehr ging die Unterstützung für Morales zurück. Selbst der frühere brasilianische Präsident Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva nannte es in der vergangenen Woche einen „Fehler“, dass Morales unbedingt für eine vierte Amtszeit kandidieren wollte. Dazu befragt, möchte Morales dem nicht zustimmen. „Ich habe mich nicht darum gedrängt, mich erneut zu bewerben.“ Darauf müsse er beharren. „Es waren unsere Organisationen des Volkskampfes, die mich um die Kandidatur gebeten haben.“ Hat er bereut, ihnen keine Absage erteilt zu haben? „Ich habe nichts zu bereuen, denn wir haben die erste Runde gewonnen“, lautet die Antwort. Abermals weist Morales die Betrugsvorwürfe zurück, die von der Organisation Amerikanischer Staaten (OAS) unterstützt wurden. „Ich habe das Mandat des Volkes erfüllt, doch diese Reaktionäre können es nicht ertragen, dass ein Indigener mit dem Rückhalt der Arbeiter kandidiert. Das ist Klassenkampf, ein Kampf, der schon seit sehr langer Zeit geführt wird.“

    Umweltschützer, die ihm vorwerfen, er habe es versäumt, die Wälder des Landes zu schützen, nennt Morales „die besten Werkzeuge des Imperialismus“. Warum? Weil sie Bolivien daran hindern wollten, die eigenen Ressourcen auszubeuten. Ähnlich rigoros reagiert er auf Aktivisten, die behaupten, er schüre gezielt eine machohafte Polarisierung in der Politik. „Ich bin der Feminist“, sagt er und verweist darauf, dass die Beteiligung von Frauen unter seiner Verantwortung im Staat sprunghaft gestiegen sei. Und überhaupt, wenn er mit dem Abstand, zu dem das Exil ihn zwinge, über seine Politik nachdenke, „besteht der einzige Fehler“, der ihm einfalle, in der Abschaffung der Benzin-Subventionen im Jahr 2010.

    Auch dies sei Teil einer lebenslangen politischen Erfahrung, die er in den Dienst seines Landes stellen wolle, weshalb er auch danach strebe, so schnell wie möglich nach Bolivien zurückzukehren. Aus ebendiesem Grund dränge seine Partei darauf, ein Gesetz zu verabschieden, das ihm Schutz vor politischer Verfolgung biete. „Die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug, und ich hoffe aufrichtig, dass ich Ende des Jahres zurück sein werde.“ Freilich ohne jede Ambition auf eine Kandidatur. Morales ist überzeugt, dass es für ihn noch immer genügend zu tun geben werde, angefangen bei der Hilfe für seine Partei, wenn sie nach einem Kandidaten suche, der ihn ersetzen könne. „Das ist nicht einfach. Außerdem möchte ich sagen, dass ich eigentlich geplant hatte, nach weiteren fünf Jahren im Amt meinen Hut zu nehmen. Aber jetzt, nach allem, was sie mir angetan haben, kann es sein, dass ich später doch noch einmal kandidiere.“

    Jo Tuckman arbeitet als freiberufliche Korrespondentin in Mexiko. Zuvor war sie Reporterin im Iberia-Büro großer internationaler Nachrichtenagenturen

    Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.


    Spanien | Nicht mehr vor Weihnachten

    Eine Regierungsbildung stößt weiterhin auf Hindernisse – und scheitert vor allem an der Katalonien-Frage. Einer Koalition aus PSOE und Podemos fehlen die nötigen Stimmen
    Nicht mehr vor Weihnachten

    Wer die derzeitige Gemengelage analysiert, sollte stets sauber zwischen Inszenierung und Realität unterschieden werden. Zwar haben Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) und Pablo Iglesias (Unidas Podemos) kurz nach der Wahl vom 10. November mit einer Umarmung den Pakt für eine Koalition besiegelt. Diese geschah zwei Tage nach einem Wahlkampf, in dem Pedro Sánchez diesbezügliche Angebote von Iglesias konsequent ignorierte und hartnäckig eine gemeinsame Regierung ablehnte.

    Zusammen verfügen beide Parteien über 155 Stimmen in einem Kongress mit 350 Abgeordneten. Woher also sollen die fehlenden 21 Stimmen kommen? Selbst wenn man die drei Mandate der von Unidas Podemos abgespaltenen Partei Más País hinzuzählt und die der vielen regionalen Miniparteien, die eine Unterstützung jedenfalls nicht ausschließen (insgesamt sind im neuen Kongress 16 Parteien vertreten), würde es nicht reichen. Die einzige Chance für eine Mehrheit, und das erst im zweiten Wahlgang, besteht in einer Stimmenthaltung der katalanischen Republikanischen Linken (Esquerra Republicana/ERC), deren Präsident Oriol Junqueras – zu 13 Jahren Haft verurteilt – im Gefängnis sitzt.

    Sehr wendig

    Es ist schwindelerregend, mit welcher Geschwindigkeit Pedro Sánchez sich dieser Lage angepasst hat. Erste wurde der katalanischen Regierung eine erneute Entmachtung nach Artikel 155 der Verfassung angedroht und auf einer vollen Verbüßung der Strafen für die im Gefängnis sitzenden Katalanen bestanden – dann plötzlich wurde ERC umworben. Unversehens erkennt Sánchez die katalanische Frage als „politisches Problem“ an, das durch Dialog gelöst werden müsse. ERC – nicht dumm – hat darauf umgehend mit einer Abstimmung unter ihren Mitgliedern zu folgender Frage reagiert: „Sind Sie damit einverstanden, gegen die Investitur von Pedro Sánchez zu stimmen, wenn es nicht zuvor eine Vereinbarung gibt, den politischen Konflikt mit dem (spanischen) Staat am Verhandlungstisch anzugehen?“.

    Über 90 Prozent haben bei dieser Abstimmung auf diese Frage mit „Ja“ geantwortet. Diese Bedingung bedeutet aber einen Frontalangriff auf gleich mehrere Tabus der Sozialistischen Partei: Verhandlungstisch und nicht Gesprächsrunde; Verhandlungen zwischen den Regierungen in Madrid und in Barcelona auf Augenhöhe; Zulassung des Rechts auf Selbstbestimmung als Verhandlungsthema.

    Parteibarone brüskiert

    Schon im Vorfeld ließen die Reaktionen aus dem Establishment des PSOE nicht auf sich warten: Ex-Premier Felipe González – immer noch unangefochtener „Übervater“ des PSOE und selbst unübertroffen wandlungsfähig – ließ verlauten, dass er sich angesichts der Politik von Pedro Sánchez als „Waisenkind“ fühle: von keiner Partei mehr vertreten. Ihm folgten umgehend weitere „Barone“ der Partei, etwa die Präsidenten von Aragón und Castilla la Mancha, die vor jedweder Annäherung an die katalanischen „Separatisten“ warnten. Juan Carlos Ibarra, Expräsident von Extremadura, setzte dem noch eins drauf und kündigte für diesen Fall seinen Parteiaustritt an. Es bleibt abzuwarten, wie lange es sich für den „Zocker“ Sánchez lohnt, diesem Druck der „Nomenklatura“ seiner Partei standzuhalten.

    Die Haltung der ERC zur Ermöglichung einer Wahl von Pedro Sánchez in Form einer Stimmenthaltung ist im übrigen alles andere als klar: In Katalonien wird mit vorgezogenen Neuwahlen gerechnet und hier konkurriert ERC mit JxCat und CUP, zwei Unabhängigkeitsparteien, die in den Wahlen zugelegt haben und die eine Stimmenthaltung zugunsten von Pedro Sánchez kategorisch ausschließen. Das Manövrieren von ERC im Hinblick auf die Wahl des Regierungspräsidenten hat insofern viel mit der innenpolitischen Situation in Katalonien zu tun.

    Und schon zeichnet sich ein neues Szenario am Horizont ab, das die Vorstellungskraft der spanischen Politik wohl endgültig überfordern dürfte: Es ist gut möglich, dass der Europäische Gerichtshof in Luxemburg demnächst für die Immunität von Puigdemont und weiteren im Exil befindlichen Katalanen in ihrer Eigenschaft als Abgeordnete des Europäischen Parlaments entscheidet. Das würde die spanische Justiz dann vermutlich auch zur Freilassung von Oriol Junqueras zwingen. Man stelle sich vor: alle diese „Staatsfeinde“ dürften dann wieder in Spanien frei herumlaufen und in der katalanischen Politik mitspielen. Jedenfalls hat Maciel Szpunar, Generalanwalt des EuGH, bereits eine Empfehlung in diesem Sinn abgegeben.

    Unüberwindbare Schwelle

    Währenddessen versucht der katalanische Ableger des PSOE, die Sozialistische Partei Kataloniens (PSC), so gut es geht den Weg für eine Vereinbarung mit der ERC zu ebnen: Sie spricht von der „Plurinationalität“ Spaniens und schlägt eine neue Verfassung auf der Basis eines föderalen Modells vor. Hier gibt es erneut und besonders krass einen Abgrund zwischen Inszenierung und politischer Realität: Für jede Verfassungsänderung wären mehr als 60 Prozent Zustimmung sowohl im Kongress als auch im Senat notwendig, bei der gegenwärtigen Zusammensetzung des Parlaments eine ohne die Zustimmung der Rechten sowie der extremen Rechten einerseits und der katalanischen Autonomen (CUP) andererseits unüberwindbare Schwelle…

    Unter diesen Umständen ist von einer neuen Regierung noch vor Weihnachten schon nicht mehr die Rede.

    Eine andere Option für einen Ausweg aus der Krise dürfte daher – Umarmung zwischen Sánchez und Iglesias hin oder her – nicht vom Tisch sein: ein Regierungschef Sánchez, der sich auf die Duldung oder Mitwirkung der Rechten stützt. Die hat bereits ihre Zustimmung zu eventuell notwendigen Repressionsmaßnahmen zur „Befriedung“ Kataloniens angeboten.

    Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.


    Digitalisierung | Die größte Propaganda-Maschine der Geschichte

    „Borat“-Darsteller Sacha Baron Cohen kritisiert in einer Rede Tech-Firmen wie Facebook, YouTube, Google oder Twitter scharf. Hier können Sie sie im Wortlaut lesen
    Die größte Propaganda-Maschine der Geschichte

    Der britische Schauspieler und Komiker Sacha Baron Cohen hat in einer Rede Facebook und andere soziale Medienplattformen scharf kritisiert, die Verbreitung von Hassreden und Falschinformationen zu unterstützen. Seine Dankesrede für die Verleihung des International Leadership Awards der amerikanischen Anti-Defamation League (ADL), war bemerkenswert ernsthaft. Der unter anderem als „Borat“-Darsteller bekannte Komiker hielt erstmals eine Rede als er selbst und nicht als eine der satirischen Figuren, in deren Rolle er schlüpft.

    Baron Cohen bezeichnete die Tech-Unternehmen als „größte Propaganda-Maschine der Geschichte“. Insbesondere kritisierte er Facebook und folgerte: Da politische Werbung nicht auf ihren Wahrheitsgehalt überprüft werde, hätte das Unternehmen auch Hitler erlaubt, die Plattform für Propaganda zu nutzen.

    Die Rede nach seinem Skript im Wortlaut (hier im englischen Original):

    Zunächst möchte ich der ADL für ihre Anerkennung und für ihren Einsatz im Kampf gegen Rassismus, Hass und Fanatismus danken. Und wenn ich „Rassismus, Hass und Fanatismus“ sage, meine ich nicht die Namen von Trump-Berater Stephen Millers Labradoodles.

    Mancher von Ihnen wird jetzt denken: Was zum Teufel macht ein Komiker als Redner auf einer solchen Konferenz!? Und ein Komiker bin ich. Den Großteil der vergangenen zwanzig Jahre habe ich damit verbracht, verschiedene Rollen zu verkörpern. Heute ist das erste Mal in meinem Leben, dass ich als der am wenigsten beliebte meiner vielen Charaktere auf der Bühne eine Rede halte – als Sacha Baron Cohen. Und ich muss zugeben, es macht mir Angst.

    Auch ist mir klar, dass mein Hiersein aus einem anderen Grund unerwartet sein könnte. Gelegentlich halten Kritiker mir vor, meine Art der Comedy berge das Risiko, alte Stereotype zu verstärken.

    Aber die Wahrheit ist, dass mein Leben lang mein Anliegen war, Fanatismus und Intoleranz zu bekämpfen. Als Teenager in Großbritannien demonstrierte ich gegen die faschistische National Front und für die Abschaffung der Apartheid in Südafrika. Als Student bereiste ich Amerika und schrieb meine Abschlussarbeit über die Bürgerrechtsbewegung, wobei ich in den Archiven der Anti-Defamation League recherchierte. Und als Komiker setzte ich meine verschiedenen Rollen ein, um die Menschen dazu zu bringen, ihre Deckung aufzugeben und zu zeigen, was sie wirklich denken und ihre eigenen Vorurteile zu erkennen.

    Nicht alles, was ich gemacht habe, diente einem höheren Zweck

    Dabei möchte ich nicht so tun, als hätte alles, was ich gemacht habe, einem höheren Zweck gedient. Ja, ein Teil meiner Comedy – ok, wahrscheinlich die Hälfte meiner Comedy – hatte etwas Jugendliches und die andere Hälfte war komplett infantil. Ich gebe zu, dass ich nichts besonders Erleuchtendes an mir hatte, als ich – als Borat aus Kasachstan, dem allerersten Fake-News-Journalisten – komplett nackt durch eine Versammlung von Hypothekenmakler rannte.

    Aber als es „Borat“ gelang, eine gesamte Bar im amerikanischen Bundesstaat Arizona dazu zu bringen, ‚Werft den Juden in den Brunnen’ zu singen, demonstrierte das die Gleichgültigkeit gegenüber Antisemitismus. Und als ich – als Bruno, der homosexuelle Mode-Reporter aus Österreich – während eines Cage Fight-Kampfes in Arkansas einen Mann küsste und damit fast einen gewaltsamen Aufruhr anzettelte, zeigte das das Gewaltpotential der Homophobie. Ein anderes Mal war ich als ultra-politisch-korrekter Stadtentwickler verkleidet und schlug vor, in einer ländlichen Gemeinde eine Moschee zu bauen. Als ein Einwohner daraufhin stolz zugab: „Ich bin rassistisch – gegen Muslime“ – sagte das viel über die Akzeptanz von Islamfeindlichkeit.

    Daher freue ich mich sehr über die Gelegenheit, heute hier zu sein. Auf der ganzen Welt sprechen derzeit Demagogen unsere schlimmsten Instinkte an. Verschwörungstheorien, die früher ein Randphänomen waren, sind im Mainstream angekommen. Es ist, als gehe das Zeitalter der Vernunft – die Ära von beweisbarer Argumentation – zu Ende. Wissen wird abgewertet und wissenschaftlicher Konsens abgelehnt. Demokratie, die auf gemeinsamen Wahrheiten beruht, ist auf dem Rückzug. Dagegen sind autokratische Regierungssysteme, die auf geteilten Lügen basieren, auf dem Vormarsch. Hassverbrechen nehmen ebenso zu wie mörderische Angriffe auf religiöse und ethnische Minderheiten.

    Was haben all diese gefährlichen Trends gemeinsam? Ich bin nur ein Komiker und Schauspieler, kein Wissenschaftler. Aber eins scheint mir ziemlich offensichtlich. All dieser Hass und die Gewalt werden durch ein paar wenige Internet-Unternehmen ermöglicht, die zusammen die größte Propaganda-Maschine in der Geschichte darstellen.

    Die größte Propaganda-Maschine in der Geschichte

    Machen Sie sich das klar. Facebook, YouTube und Google, Twitter und andere erreichen Milliarden von Menschen. Die Algorithmen, von denen diese Plattformen abhängen, unterstützen bewusst Inhalte, die die Nutzer bei der Stange halten – Geschichten, die unsere niederen Instinkte ansprechen, die Wut oder Angst auslösen. Aus diesem Grund empfahl YouTube Videos des Verschwörungstheoretikers Alex Johnson milliardenfach weiter. Fake News stechen echte Nachrichten aus: Studien zeigen, dass sich Lügen schneller verbreiten als die Wahrheit. Dabei überrascht es nicht, dass die größte Propaganda-Maschine in der Geschichte die älteste Verschwörungstheorie in der Geschichte verbreitet – die Lüge, Juden seien irgendwie gefährlich. Wie es eine Schlagzeile formulierte: „Malen Sie sich aus, wozu Goebbels Facebook benutzt hätte“.

    Im Internet kann alles gleich legitim erscheinen. Breitbart wirkt nicht anders als die BBC. Die fiktiven Protokolle der Elders of Zion sehen genauso gültig aus wie ein ADL-Bericht. Und das Gegeifer eines Verrückten wirkt genauso glaubhaft wie die Erkenntnisse eines Nobelpreisgewinners. Insgesamt scheint es, als sei der Konsens über die notwendigen Grundlagen für Demokratie verlorengegangen.

    In der Rolle des Möchte-Gern-Gangsters Ali G fragte ich einmal den Astronauten Buzz Aldrin: „Wie war’s denn auf der Sonne herumzuspazieren“? Der Witz funktionierte, weil das Publikum das Wissen um die Fakten teilte. Für jemanden, der die Mondlandung für Fake hält, ist der Witz nicht lustig.

    Als Borat die Menschen in der Bar in Arizona dazu brachte, zuzustimmen, dass „Juden das Geld aller Menschen kontrollieren und nie zurückgeben“, funktionierte der Witz nur, weil das Publikum weiß, dass die Beschreibung von Juden als geizig eine Verschwörungstheorie ist, die aufs Mittelalter zurückgeht.

    Aber wenn sich dank der sozialen Medien Verschwörungstheorien etablieren, erleichtert das nicht nur Hassgruppen, Anhänger zu rekrutieren. Es hilft auch, ausländischen Geheimdiensten, unsere Wahlen zu manipulieren und einem Land wie Myanmar Genozid an der ethnischen Gruppe der Rohingya zu verüben.

    Aus einer Verschwörungstheorie kann Gewalt entstehen

    „Es ist schockierend einfach, Verschwörungsdenke in Gewalt umzumünzen“

    Foto: Marty Melville/AFP via Getty Images

    Dabei ist es schockierend einfach, Verschwörungsdenke in Gewalt umzumünzen. Bei der Vorbereitung meiner jüngsten Show von „Who is Amerika?“ kam mir als Interviewpartner ein gebildeter, normaler Mann unter, der seinen guten Job nicht verloren hatte. Dennoch verbreitete er über die sozialen Medien viele der Verschwörungstheorien, die Präsident Donald Trump mehr als 1.700 Mal über Twitter an seine 67 Millionen Follower geschickt hat. Einmal hatte der US-Präsident sogar getwittert, er überlege die Antifa – Anti-Faschisten, die gegen die Rechtsextremen demonstrieren – als Terrororganisation einzustufen.

    Als israelischer Anti-Terror-Experte Colonel Erran Morad getarnt, erzählte ich meinem Interviewpartner, dass die Antifa vorhabe, bei einer Demonstration für Frauenrechte in San Francisco Hormone in die Windeln von Babys einzuschmuggeln, um sie „transgender“ zu machen. Und er hat es geglaubt.

    Ich wies ihn an, an drei in Wahrheit unbescholtenen Leuten auf der Demonstration kleine Sprengkörper unterzujubeln. Ich erklärte ihm, wenn er einen Knopf drücke, würde er eine Explosion auslösen, die sie alle tötet. Es war natürlich kein echter Sprengstoff, aber er ging davon aus. Mein Ziel war herauszufinden, ob er es wirklich tun würde.

    Die Antwort ist: Ja. Er drückte den Knopf und dachte, er hätte wirklich drei Menschen getötet. Voltaire hatte Recht, als er sagte: „Wer dich veranlassen kann, Absurditäten zu glauben, kann dich auch dazu bringen, Gräueltaten zu verüben.“ Und die sozialen Medien erlauben es Autoritären, Absurditäten an Milliarden Menschen weiterzuleiten.

    Zur Verteidigung der Tech-Unternehmen sei gesagt, dass sie durchaus Maßnahmen ergriffen, um Hass und Verschwörung auf ihren Plattformen einzudämmen, aber die Schritte waren zumeist nur oberflächlich.

    Die Demokratie steht auf dem Spiel

    Ich ergreife heute hier das Wort, weil ich glaube, dass unsere pluralistischen Demokratien vor einem Abgrund stehen und dass die nächsten zwölf Monate und die Rolle der sozialen Medien entscheidend sein könnten. Die Briten gehen zur Wahlurne, während im Internet Verschwörungstheoretiker die verabscheuungswürdige Theorie verbreiten, dass weiße Christen gezielt durch muslimische Immigranten ersetzt werden. Unterdessen wählen die US-Amerikaner nächstes Jahr einen neuen Präsidenten, während Trolle und Bots die widerliche Lüge von einer „hispanischen Invasion“ am Leben erhalten. Und nach der jahrelangen Verbreitung von YouTube-Videos, die den Klimawandel eine Lüge nennen, sind die USA dabei, sich in einem Jahr offiziell aus dem Pariser Klimaabkommen zurückzuziehen.

    Das Internet als Kanal für Fanatismus und niederträchtige Verschwörungstheorien, die Demokratie und unseren Planeten bedroht, ist wohl kaum, was die Erfinder des Internets im Sinn hatten.

    Es ist an der Zeit, die sozialen Medien und die Art und Weise, wie sie Hass, Komplotte und Lügen verbreiten, zu überdenken. Aber erst vergangenen Monat warnte Facebook-Chef Mark Zuckerberg wenig überraschend in einer Rede davor, Gesetzen und Regulierungen für Tech-Unternehmen einzuführen. Einige seiner Argumente sind einfach absurd. Lassen Sie mich sie Punkt für Punkt durchgehen.

    Zunächst versuchte Zuckerberg, das Ganze als ein Problem darzustellen, das „die Redefreiheit betrifft“. Das ist lächerlich. Es geht nicht darum, irgendjemandes Redefreiheit einzuschränken. Hier geht es darum, Leuten – darunter einigen der verwerflichsten Zeitgenossen weltweit – die größte Plattform in der Geschichte zu geben, über die sie ein Drittel des Planeten erreichen. Meinungsfreiheit ist nicht gleich dem Recht auf Reichweite. Leider wird es immer Rassisten, Frauenhasser, Antisemiten und Missbrauch an Kindern geben. Aber ich denke, wir können uns alle darauf einigen, dass wir Fanatikern und Pädophilen keine unbeschränkte Plattform geben sollten, um ihre Ansichten zu verbreiten und ihre Opfer ins Visier zu nehmen.

    Zweitens behauptete Zuckerberg, dass neue Beschränkungen für das, was auf den sozialen Medien veröffentlicht werden darf, „die freie Meinungsäußerung einschränken“. Das ist völliger Unsinn. Der erste Zusatzartikel der Verfassung der USA schreibt vor, dass „der Kongress kein Gesetz beschließen darf“, das die Redefreiheit beschneidet. Allerdings gilt das nicht für private Unternehmen wie Facebook. Wir fordern von diesen Unternehmen ja nicht, die Grenzen der Redefreiheit in der ganzen Gesellschaft zu bestimmen. Wir wollen nur, dass sie dafür verantwortlich sind, was auf ihren Plattformen veröffentlicht wird.

    Angenommen, ein Neonazi betritt im Stechschritt ein Restaurant, bedroht andere Gäste und verkündet, Juden töten zu wollen. Würden wir dann von dem Restaurantbesitzer erwarten, dass er ihm ein elegantes Acht-Gänge-Menü serviert? Natürlich nicht! Der Restaurantchef hat das gesetzliche Recht und die moralische Verpflichtung, den Nazi rauszuschmeißen. Dasselbe gilt für diese Internetfirmen.

    Das ist ideologischer Imperalismus

    „Zuckerberg redet Unsinn“

    Foto: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

    Punkt drei: Zuckerberg schien, die Regulierung von Tech-Unternehmen mit dem Vorgehen „der repressivsten Gesellschaften“ gleichsetzen zu wollen. Und das von einem der sechs Menschen, die entscheiden, welche Informationen so viele Menschen auf der Welt zu sehen bekommen. Neben Facebook-Chef Zuckerberg sind das Google-CEO Sundar Pichai, Alphabet Larry Page und Sergey Brin beim Google-Mutterkonzern sowie Brins frühere Schwägerin Susan Wojcicki bei YouTube und Twitter-Erfinder Jack Dorsey.

    Die Silicon Six sind ausschließlich Milliardäre und alle sind US-Amerikaner oder Amerikanerinnen. Es ist ihnen wichtiger, ihre Aktienpreise in die Höhe zu treiben als die Demokratie zu schützen. Das ist ideologischer Imperalismus – sechs nicht gewählte Individuen in Silicon Valley drücken dem Rest der Welt ihre Vision auf, ohne einer Regierung rechenschaftspflichtig zu sein. Es ist, als stünden sie über dem Gesetz, als lebten wir im Römischen Reich und Mark Zuckerberg wäre Cäsar. Das würde zumindest seinen Haarschnitt erklären.

    Da kommt mir eine Idee: Statt die Silicon Six über das Schicksal der Welt entscheiden zu lassen, wie wäre es, wenn die vom Volk gewählten politischen Vertreter aller Demokratien auf der Erde zumindest ein bisschen was zu sagen hätten?

    Punkt vier: Zuckerberg sprach davon, eine „Vielfalt der Ansichten“ zu begrüßen, und im vergangenen Jahr hat er uns dafür ein Beispiel gegeben. Er sagte, er fände Beiträge, die den Holocaust leugnen, „zutiefst anstößig“, meine aber nicht, dass Facebook sie aus dem Netz nehmen sollte. Seine Begründung: „Ich glaube, dass es Dinge gibt, die die verschiedene Menschen falsch verstehen“. Auch heute sind noch Holocaust-Leugner auf Facebook. Unterdessen leitet einen Google durch einen einfachen Klick auf die widerwärtigsten Holocaust-Verleugnungsseiten. Unfassbarer Weise sagte mir einer der Google-Chefs einmal, diese Webauftritte zeigten nur „beide Seiten“ des Themas. Das ist doch Wahnsinn.

    Um den verstorbenen amerikanischen Journalisten Edward R Murrow zu zitieren: „Nicht bei jedem Thema gibt es zwei gleichwertige und logische Seiten der Argumentation“. Es liegen Millionen Beweisstücke für den Holocaust vor – er ist eine historische Tatsache. Ihn zu verleugnen, ist keine zufällige Meinung. Wer den Holocaust verleugnet, zielt darauf hin, einen neuen zu ermutigen.

    Wie soll man wissen, dass eine Lüge eine Lüge ist?

    Und dennoch sagt Zuckerberg, dass „die Menschen entscheiden sollten, was glaubhaft ist, nicht Tech-Unternehmen.“ Aber wir leben in einer Zeit, in der zwei Drittel der Millennials angeben, dass sie noch nie von Ausschwitz gehört haben. Wie sollen sie wissen, was „glaubhaft“ ist? Wie sollen sie wissen, dass die Lüge eine Lüge ist?

    Es gibt so etwas wie eine objektive Wahrheit. Fakten existieren. Und wenn diese Internet-Firmen wirklich etwas verändern wollen, dann sollten sie genügend Mitarbeiter anstellen, die die Inhalte tatsächlich überprüfen, eng mit Gruppen wie der ADL zusammenarbeiten, auf Fakten bestehen sowie Lügen und Verschwörungsthesen von der Plattform entfernen.

    Punkt fünf: Zuckerberg wies auf die Schwierigkeiten hin, die die Sperrung von Content mit sich bringt. „Wo zieht man die Grenze?“, fragte er. Ja, diese Grenze zu ziehen, kann schwer sein. Aber eigentlich sagt er: ,Mehr dieser Lügen und Verschwörungen aus dem Netz zu verbannen, ist einfach zu teuer‘.

    Dabei sprechen wir von den reichsten Unternehmen der Welt, mit den besten Ingenieuren der Welt. Sie könnten diese Probleme lösen, wenn sie wollten. Twitter könnte einen Algorithmus anwenden, der mehr „White Supremacy“-Hassreden entfernt. Aber laut Berichten hat das Unternehmen davon Abstand genommen, weil es dadurch einige sehr prominente Politiker von seiner Plattform verbannen müsste. Vielleicht wäre das gar keine so schlechte Sache! Die Wahrheit ist, dass die Tech-Unternehmen sich nicht grundsätzlich ändern werden, weil ihr gesamtes Geschäftsmodell darauf aufbaut, Nutzer zu engagen. Und nichts generiert eben mehr Engagement als Lügen, Angst und Empörung.

    Es ist Zeit für Standards

    Es ist an der Zeit, diese Unternehmen endlich als das zu bezeichnen, was sie wirklich sind – die größten Verbreiter von Inhalten aller Zeiten. Daher mein Vorschlag an Facebook und Co: Wenden Sie die gleichen grundlegenden Standards und Praktiken an, an die sich Zeitungen, Zeitschriften und TV-Nachrichtensendungen jeden Tag halten. Auch bei Film und Fernsehen gelten solche Standards und Praktiken: Es gibt Dinge, die wir nicht sagen dürfen. In England beispielsweise durfte Ali G nicht fluchen, wenn die Sendung vor 21 Uhr ausgestrahlt werden sollte.

    Hier in den USA reguliert und bewertet die Motion Picture Association of America, was wir sehen. Es gab Fälle, in denen ich Szenen aus meinen Filmen schneiden oder kürzen musste, um Standards einzuhalten. Wenn es solche Regeln dafür gibt, was Kinos und Fernsehkanäle zeigen dürfen, dann sollten Unternehmen, die Inhalte an Milliarden Menschen veröffentlichen, sich ebenfalls an grundlegende Standards und Vorgaben halten müssen.

    Nehmen wir die Frage der politischen Werbung. Glücklicherweise hat Twitter sie am Ende verboten und Google arbeitet ebenfalls an Veränderungen. Aber wenn man dafür bezahlt, veröffentlicht Facebook jede „politische“ Werbung, die man will, selbst wenn eine Lüge darin steht. Zudem wird das Unternehmen den Inserenten auch noch dabei unterstützen, diese Lügen per Mikro-Targeting gezielt an Nutzer zu schicken, um die Wirkung zu optimieren. Wenn es Facebook in den 1930ern schon gegeben hätte, hätte es nach dieser verdrehten Logik Hitler erlaubt, 30-Sekunden-Werbespots für seine „Lösung“ des „jüdischen Problems“ zu schalten.

    Drosselt das Tempo

    Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

    Hier ein Vorschlag zur Verbesserung von Standards und Praktiken an Facebook: Fangt an, politische Werbung auf ihren Wahrheitsgehalt hin zu überprüfen, bevor sie veröffentlicht wird, und die Verbreitung von Lügen per Mikro-Targeting sofort zu stoppen. Wenn Werbung Lügen enthält: einfach Geld zurück und nicht veröffentlichen!

    Eine weitere „gute Praxis“ möchte ich empfehlen: Drosselt das Tempo. Nicht jeder Beitrag muss sofort veröffentlicht werden. Oscar Wilde sagte einmal, „wir leben in einem Zeitalter, in dem unnötige Dinge das einzige sind, was wir für lebensnotwendig halten“. Aber ist es wirklich notwendig, jeden Gedanken oder jedes Video sofort online zu stellen, selbst wenn sie rassistisch oder kriminell oder mörderisch sind? Natürlich nicht!

    Der Schütze, der in Neuseeland zahlreiche Muslime niedermetzelte, übertrug seine Gräueltaten per Live-Stream auf Facebook, wo es dann über das ganze Internet verbreitet und vermutlich millionenfach angeschaut wurde. Es war ein Snuff-Film, also einer, der echte Morde zeigt – der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert von den sozialen Medien. Wieso kann es nicht mehr Aufschub geben, so dass derartiger traumatisierender Schmutz abgefangen und gestoppt werden kann, noch bevor er veröffentlicht wird?

    Wo bleiben die Konsequenzen?

    Zum Abschluss sprach sich Zuckerberg dafür aus, dass die Social Media-Unternehmen „ihrer Verantwortung gerecht werden“ sollten. Aber er sagte nichts zu den Konsequenzen, wenn sie es nicht tun. Mittlerweil ist ziemlich klar, dass man nicht darauf bauen sollte, dass sie sich selbst regulieren. Wie damals angesichts der Industriellen Revolution ist es heute Zeit für Regulierung und Gesetzgebung, die die Gier dieser skrupellosen Hi-Tech-Kapitalisten Einhalt gebietet.

    In jeder anderen Branche kann ein Unternehmen zur Verantwortung gezogen werden, wenn sein Produkt Mängel aufweist. Wenn Motoren explodieren oder Sicherheitsgurte nicht funktionieren, müssen Autofirmen zehntausende Autos zurückrufen. Das kostet unter Umständen Milliarden von Dollar. Es erscheint daher nur fair, Facebook, YouTube und Twitter aufzufordern: Euer Produkt ist mangelhaft, ihr seid verpflichtet, es in Ordnung zu bringen, egal, was es kostet, und egal, wie viele Mitarbeiter ihr für die Überprüfung der Inhalte einstellen müsst.

    In jeder anderen Branche kann man für den Schaden, den man anrichtet, verklagt werden. Verleger können wegen Verleumdung, Individuen wegen übler Nachrede verklagt werden. Mir ist das schon oft passiert! Gerade werde ich von jemandem verklagt, dessen Namen ich lieber nicht nenne, weil er mich erneut verklagen könnte! Dagegen sind die Social Media-Unternehmen weitgehend von der Verantwortung für Inhalte, die ihre Nutzer veröffentlichen, befreit – egal wie unanständig die Inhalte sind. Diesen Schutz gewährt Absatz 230 des – ziehen Sie sich warm an – Communications Decency Act, dessen Hauptziel die Bekämpfung von Pornographie im Internet war. Absurd!

    Freiheiten sind kein Selbstzweck

    Zum Glück können Internet-Firmen mittlerweile für Pädophile verantwortlich gemacht werden, die ihre Seiten nutzen, um Kinder anzusprechen. Ich sage, wir sollten Tech-Firmen auch dafür verantwortlich machen, wenn Leute ihre Seiten nutzen, um den Massenmord von Kindern wegen ihrer Rasse oder Religion zu befürworten. Und vielleicht reichen Geldstrafen nicht. Vielleicht ist es Zeit, Mark Zuckerberg und den CEO der anderen Unternehmen zu sagen: Ihr habt bereits zugelassen, dass eine Supermacht sich in unsere Wahlen eingemischt hat, ihr habt bereits einen Genozid in Myanmar unterstützt. Macht das nochmal und ihr geht ins Gefängnis!

    Letztlich läuft alles auf die Frage hinaus, was für eine Welt wir haben wollen. In seiner Rede bezeichnete es Zuckerberg als eines seiner Hauptziele, „eine möglichst weite Definition der freien Meinungsäußerung zu erhalten“. Doch unsere Freiheiten sind kein Selbstzweck, sondern auch Mittel für größere Ziele: In den USA bezeichnet man sie als Recht auf Leben, Freiheit und das Streben nach Glück. Doch heute sind diese Rechte durch Hass, Verschwörung und Lügen bedroht.

    Erlauben Sie mir, dass ich mit einem Vorschlag schließe, die Zielsetzung unserer Gesellschaft neu zu definieren. Es darf nicht sein, dass Menschen wegen dem, was sie sind, woher sie kommen, wen sie lieben oder wie sie beten, verfolgt, belästigt oder ermordet werden. Das zu verhindern, muss das ultimative Ziel der Gesellschaft sein.

    Wenn wir die Wahrheit der Lüge vorziehen, die Toleranz dem Vorurteil, Empathie der Gleichgültigkeit und Experten den Ignoranten – dann können wir vielleicht – nur vielleicht – die größte Propaganda-Maschine der Geschichte stoppen, die Demokratie retten und einen Raum für Redefreiheit und freie Meinungsäußerung erhalten. Und vor allem: Dann werden meine Witze weiter funktionieren.

    Ich danke Ihnen allen sehr.

    Sacha Baron Cohen ist ein britischer Komiker und Schauspieler, der besonders für die durch ihn verkörperten Figuren Ali G, Borat, Brüno und Admiral General Aladeen bekannt ist

    Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.


    Republicans Pack Senate Climate Caucus With Climate Change Deniers


    Last month, the Senate created a Climate Solutions Caucus, and true to form, they’ve packed it with Republicans who question the science that tells us that human beings are responsible for climate change. Even though the stated goal of the group is to meet with scientists to get a better understanding of the science, the […]

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    Georgia Senate seat for Bakkt CEO Kelly Loefller |

    Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 12:13 pm
    Crypto New Media Press A Senate seat for Bakkt CEO? Well, some years this would have been surprising news but not these days. Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler could become a senate in the state of Georgia… News     •     December 1, 2019, 1:33 pm
    Will Libra be able to operate in the U.S. if Congress classifies stablecoins as securities?
    CoinDesk     •     December 1, 2019, 1:05 pm
    The hosts are talking network effects, ad-hoc audits and more with early Bitcoin developer and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.
    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 9:06 am
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    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 6:33 am
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    Trump Makes Presidential History With No Recess Appointments

    According to Article II of the Constitution, the president has the “power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.” “It’s a very important presidential power,” Hans von Spakovsky, a legal...

    How Dramatically Did Women's Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?

    This paper examines the growth of government during this century as a result of giving women the right to vote. Using cross-sectional time-series data for 1870 to 1940, we examine state government expenditures and revenue as well as voting by U.S. House and Senate state delegations and the passage of a wide range of different state laws. Suffrage coincided with immediate increases in state...

    Why Republicans in the Senate will say Trump & all presidents are above the law?

    It is quite disturbing that our country’s moral compass has been manipulated so drastically that many in our own family and others we interact with […]


    The Brown County Board of Commissioners will discuss legislative issues with State Senator Gary Dahms and State Representative Paul Torkelson at Tuesday’s meeting. Representative Torkelson and Senator Dahms have been asked to share their perspectives on the up-coming legislative session, which officially starts on February 11, 2020. Some of the legislative issues that the County […]

    STATE HOUSE ROUNDUP: Not in Massachusetts

    Maybe not the Watch and Ward Society, but Beacon Hill lawmakers were determined to put a modern twist on what's "banned in Boston" last week as their session spiraled toward half-time and their self-professed collegiality was being put to the test.Thanksgiving is late this year, which means so is the winter recess, arriving by rule on the third Wednesday in November.But even with a few extra days, House and Senate lawmakers used every second and then some to deliver a raft of [...]

    WATCH: McElhinney makes great stop in debut for Maple Leafs

    Watch as Curtis McElhinney makes a great pad save on the Senators as he steps between the pipes for the Maple Leafs for the first time.

    This impeachment drive is a huge political bust for Democrats

    Impeachment is a political process. And judging the process strictly on political grounds, the impeachment of President Trump hasn’t been a success for Democrats. After all, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff haven’t gotten any closer to convincing a single Senate Republican to remove the president. It’s highly probable that a Senate trial...
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    Corrections: Elizabeth Warren misquote, Luke Skywalker vs Obi-Wan Kenobi, Name Errors


    iMediaEthics’ latest collection of amusing or noteworthy corrections include a Sen. Elizabeth Warren misquote, a mix-up of Luke Skywalker and Obi- Wan Kenobi, and more. 1. The New York Times misquoted Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently. about hope, courage and elections. A Nov. 4 correction reads: “An article on Saturday about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in Iowa misquoted […]

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    Association Departures and Arrivals (November 22, 2019)


    Nov. 22, 2019


    CEO Departures

    Moore to exit INFORMS

    Melissa Moore will retire as executive director of the $13M-revenue INFORMS: The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences on Sept. 1, 2020. Moore has led the Catonsville, Md.-based group since 2011. She previously was a partner at the consulting firm The Delta Group and EVP of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. She also was executive director of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering.

    INFORMS credits Moore’s leadership with reversing deficit finances, doubling the group’s net assets and increasing both revenue and conference attendance.

    CEO Arrivals

    Staton appointed CEO of AAHOA

    The Atlanta-based, $12M-revenue Asian American Hotel Owners Association has hired Cecil Staton as CEO, effective Nov. 18. He succeeds Chip Rogers, who became CEO of  the American Hotel & Lodging Association earlier this year.

    Staton most recently was chancellor emeritus at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. His previous positions include interim president of Valdosta State University and vice chancellor for extended education with the University System of Georgia. He also is a five-term Republican state senator, having served as majority whip in the Georgia State Senate.

    Korn Ferry assisted in the search.

    Hoak to lead home care group

    Vicki Hoak has joined the $1.5M-revenue Home Care Association of America as executive director, effective Nov. 12. She succeeds Phil Bongiorno, who stepped down in September to become VP, policy and government relations, at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. Hoak most recently was CEO of the Pennsylvania Homecare Association.

    Valve manufactures tap Rhoderick as president

    Heather Rhoderick has been named president of the $1.6M-revenue Valve Manufacturers Association of America, effective Nov. 6.

    Rhoderick most recently was senior VP, events and information, at the American Composites Manufacturers Association. She previously was director, NEXPO and federation services, for the Newspaper Association of America. She has an MBA from Virginia Tech.

    Sterling Martin Associates assisted in the search.

    Newly formed council names leader

    Jessica Bowman has been appointed executive director of the Plant Based Products Council, a new group that advocates for the use of consumer products made from plant-based materials. She is also simultaneously VP of advanced bioproducts at the Corn Refiners Association.

    Bowman joins PBPC and CRA from the American Chemistry Council, where she was executive director of the FluoroCouncil. She previously was senior director of environmental affairs for Airports Council International-North America.

    Karlin to head agriculture coalition

    Marni Karlin has been named executive director of the CEA Food Safety Coalition, a new group representing the controlled environment agriculture industry. Karlin previously was VP of government affairs and general counsel for the Organic Trade Association.

    She has a law degree from the University of Chicago.

    Government & public affairs

    The $20M-revenue Grocery Manufacturers Association has announced the hiring of two senior-level staff members.

    Roberta Wagner will join GMA as VP of regulatory and technical affairs, effective Dec. 2. Wagner most recently was deputy assistant administrator of the Office of Policy and Program Development at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

    Spencer Pederson, new VP of federal affairs, joins GMA from the American Chemistry Council, where he was director of federal affairs. Previously, Pederson spent 12 years working on the Hill, most recently as legislative assistant to Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.).


    The $65M-revenue Mortgage Bankers Association has hired Ethan Saxon as associate VP of legislative affairs, where he will focus on lobbying Senate Democrats. Saxon previously worked on Capitol Hill, most recently as chief of staff for Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.), and as deputy chief of staff for Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.).


    Richard Sedlak, EVP of technical and international affairs at the American Cleaning Institute, will retire Dec. 31 after 42 years with the organization. The $12M-revenue ACI announced that James Kim, associate vice president of science and regulatory affairs, will lead ACI’s technical and regulatory department, effective Jan. 1.

    Kim joined ACI in 2018. He previously was a senior toxicologist at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, where he led interagency reviews of regulations, regulatory actions and human health risk assessments.


    Hun Quach has left the $22M-revenue Retail Industry Leaders Association, to join the sporting goods company Under Armor as senior director, government relations. She was VP, international trade for four years at RILA.

    Michael Kennedy joins the $2.5M-revenue Institute of Makers of Explosives as VP of government affairs. Prior to joining IME, Kennedy provided consulting and legal services to companies and trade associations at Kennedy Law and Policy. Previously, he was associate general counsel at the National Mining Association and public policy attorney at the Agricultural Retailers Association.


    Oliver Spurgeon has left the $37M-revenue National Association of Community Health Centers to join law firm and lobbying group Arent Fox as senior government relations director. Spurgeon was deputy director of federal affairs at the NACHC. Previously, Spurgeon was government affairs manager at the National Recreation and Park Association.


    The $43M-revenue Business Roundtable has hired two people for the position of director, policy.

    Katie Sarro previously worked at the Council on Competitiveness, where she was senior policy director for three years. Donald McIntosh joins BRT from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, where he was chief counsel to commissioner and acting chair Victoria Lipnic.

    BRT also announced two promotions. Rayna Farrell is now VP, communications. Scott Farnham was promoted to director, policy.

    PR & communications

    Patrick Newton has been hired as director of advocacy communications at the $258M-revenue National Association of Realtors, effective Nov. 19. Newton was press secretary for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan budget think tank.

    Previously, he was on the staff of former Rep. John Duncan Jr. (R-Tenn.) for nine years. He has also worked as a news anchor for WTAP-TV, an NBC affiliate, and KEVN Black Hills FOX.


    Cara Duckworth has joined the $8.3M-revenue

    Association of American Publishers as VP of communications. She was most recently at the Recording Industry Association of America, ending her 12 year-tenure as SVP of communications. Previously, she was communications director at the Motion Picture Association.


    Rick Berger has been appointed VP, member engagement at the $30M-revenue Interactive Advertising Bureau. He will lead IAB’s member engagement and satisfaction and develop strategic partnership programs. Berger joins IAB from Conversant, a digital platform arm of Epsilon, where he was senior director of business development. Previous experience includes VP of sales for inPowered, an IA platform for content marketing, and senior director of enterprise sales at advertising technology company Viant.


    Kelly Wohlgemuth has been named VP, brand at the $89M-revenue Urban Land Institute. She joins ULI from the National Retail Federation, where she was director of marketing. Previously, she was senior manager of loyalty brand marketing and communications at Marriott International and the director of corporate partnerships at Trust for the National Mall, a fundraising nonprofit.

    Sterling Martin Associates assisted in the search.

    Administration & programs

    The $197M-revenue American Hospital Association announced that EVP and COO Maryjane Wurth will retire next year. AHA has hired Michelle Hood to succeed Wurth, starting 2020.

    Wurth joined AHA in 2016 from the Illinois Hospital Association, where she had been CEO. Hood will join AHA from the Maine-based healthcare nonprofit Northern Light Health, where she has been CEO for 14 years. She is currently on the AHA Board of Trustees, serving on the board’s executive committee, and also chairing the operations committee.


    The $97M-revenue American Nurses Association has appointed Oriana Beaudet as VP of nursing innovation, effective Dec. 2.  She will direct nurse-led initiatives across the ANA Enterprise, the umbrella organization for ANA, the American Nurses Foundation and the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

    Beaudet was most recently VP of transformation at Array Advisors, an organization focused on strategy development, organizational transformation, and facility informatics in the hospital and health care industry. 


    The $16M-revenue Airports Council International-North America has hired Pablo Nüesch as general counsel, effective July 1, 2020. Nüesch succeeds Tom Devine, who recently announced his plan to retire June 30. Devine rejoined ACI-NA as general counsel in 2014. 

    Nüesch has worked at Spiegel & McDiarmid for 21 years, where he counseled airports and represented them before federal agencies, in court and on Capitol Hill.


    Watch Chuck Todd Challenge Sen. Kennedy as He Doubles Down on Ukraine Interference Claim

    The Republican senator says he believes both Russia and Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election.

    Kick Rocks: Kid Rock Gets Kicked Off Stage After Drunken Rant Telling Oprah Winfrey & Joy Behar To “Suck D*** Sideways”


    Kid Rock Gets Removed From Stage For Oprah-Related Rant

    Kid Rock got hammered and decided to deliver some of his thoughts about particular women in media this week. The expletive-filled rant ended with the Country singer getting escorted off stage.


    Bill to relax rules on nurse practitioners nears Senate deadline


    Pennsylvania’s nurse practitioners could operate practices without collaborating with a physician if the state Senate approves a bill during its last session this year.

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    Bitcoin in US-Kongress? – Bakkt CEO Loeffler mit Senatsposten in Georgia


    Bitcoin in US-Kongress? – Bakkt CEO Loeffler mit Senatsposten in Georgia Ist Bitcoin bald indirekt in einem US-Kongress vertreten? Die republikanische Partei der USA befand sich die letzten Wochen in einer starken innerparteilichen Kontroverse. Konkret geht es um die Besetzung eines frei gewordenen Sitzes im Senat des amerikanischen Bundesstaates Georgia. Der heiß begehrte Senatssitz wurde […]

    The post Bitcoin in US-Kongress? – Bakkt CEO Loeffler mit Senatsposten in Georgia appeared first on Bitcoin-Blockchain-Kryptowährungen Infos News Dienstleistung.


    NBC's Chuck Todd Scolds GOP Senator For Pushing Russian Talking Points

    The "Meet The Press" host told Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy that Vladimir Putin is "selling" the same claims.

    Mixed signals for Sanders in national polls


    One poll showed Sanders surging to tie Biden, while another put the Vermont senator fourth in the Democratic Party field.

    Read the story on VTDigger here: Mixed signals for Sanders in national polls.


    Early Arrival: NJ Driver’s License Bill Advances

    A bill that would allow undocumented New Jersey residents to apply for state driver’s licenses is scheduled for a vote by state lawmakers next month. The Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Dec. 9, the Senate Transportation Committee will hold a hearing on Dec. 12 and a Senate vote is scheduled on Dec. 16. […]

    Bipartisanship (and friendship) happen! An evening with Bob Beauprez and Mark Udall


    Join us for a public conversation between former Republican Congressman Bob Beauprez and former Democratic Congressman and Senator Mark Udall. The evening will begin with a discussion of their sturdy and long-lasting friendship, and then move to a wide-ranging conversation about issues on which they agree, disagree, and half-agree! The Center of the American West’s Faculty Direct or and Chair of the Board, Patty Limerick, and the Moses Lasky Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Colorado, Charles Wilkinson will moderate the conversation.

    Bob Beauprez served as Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party from 1999-2002. In 2002, Bob was elected as the first representative from Colorado’s seventh congressional district and re-elected in 2004. He was the Republican nominee for Governor in 2006 and 2014. In addition to his writing, political, and other activities, Bob says his greatest enjoyment comes from Eagle’s Wing Ranch, the buffalo breeding ranch in the northern Colorado Mountains that he operates with Claudia, his wife of 49 years, and Jim and Julie Beauprez, their second eldest son and daughter-in-law.

    Colorado resident and native westerner Mark Udall represented the people of Colorado in the U.S. Senate from 2009 to 2015 and the 2nd Congressional District from 1999 to 2009. Prior to serving in Congress, Mark served as course director and later as executive director at Colorado Outward Bound School. Mark is an avid mountaineer and has climbed or attempted some of the world’s most challenging peaks, including Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Denali, and Aconcagua.

    This is the first event in the upcoming 3 year “Bipartisanship (and friendship) happen!” speaker series. Look for updates on who will be coming next!

    FREE! And open to the public.

    More information:



    Kogi West Rerun: Melaye threatens to go court if…


    Senator Dino Melaye on Saturday said he will go to court to challenge the outcome of the Kogi West Senatorial Election over what he termed as fraud. Melaye, after casting his vote, said if The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, did not review the initial poll, he would head to court. According to him,, “What […]

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    Alleged Forgery: Court issues bench warrant against Sen. Ewhrudjakpo


    A Lugbe Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Wednesday issued a bench warrant for the arrest of  Sen. Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo over alleged failure to appear before it. Ewhrudjakpo, who represents Bayelsa West Senatorial Zone failed to appear in court after the court  summoned him over a pre-election suit filed against him by Mr Benjamin Youdiowei, Chieftain of All Progressives Congress […]

    The post Alleged Forgery: Court issues bench warrant against Sen. Ewhrudjakpo appeared first on TheNewsGuru.


    Court affirms SERAP’s right to sue Buhari, NASS, others over security votes spending

    A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja yesterday granted leave to the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) in a suit against President Muhammadu Buhari, Senate president Ahmed

    A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja yesterday granted leave to the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) in a suit against President Muhammadu Buhari, Senate president Ahmed Lawan, and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila “over the failure to disclose details of allocations, disbursement and spending of an estimated N241.2 billion yearly as […]

    The post Court affirms SERAP’s right to sue Buhari, NASS, others over security votes spending appeared first on TheNewsGuru.


    BREAKING: Court grants Maina N1bn bail condition

    JUST IN: Maina appears in court in wheel chair for bail application

    The Federal High Court, Abuja, on Monday, admitted Abdulrasheed Maina, former Chairman, defunct Pension Reform Task Team (PRTM), to a bail in the sum of N1 billion. Justice Okon Abang, who gave the ruling, also ordered that Maina must produce two sureties who must be serving senators. The two lawmakers, according to the judge, must […]

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    “Turizm ve Sağlık Turizmi” paneli yapıldı


    Bu yıl 10’uncusu düzenlenen Boğaziçi Zirvesi’nin son gününde “Turizm ve Sağlık Turizmi” panelinde turizmin önemine ve geleceğine değinildi. Türkiye’nin turizm sektöründe çok etkili olduğunu vurgulayan Endonezya Parlementosu Bali Senatörü Dr. Arya Wedakarna, “Türkiye’ye her yıl 40 milyondan fazla turist geliyor. 100 bin Endonezyalı Türkiye’yi ziyaret etti.” dedi. Öte yandan sağlık turizminin önemine dikkat çeken Medicopin ...

    The post “Turizm ve Sağlık Turizmi” paneli yapıldı appeared first on Turizmcinin Gazetesi.


    Italiani all'estero: serve una bicamerale

    Si è tenuta questo pomeriggio, 27 novembre, presso la Sala Stampa della Camera dei Deputati, a Roma, la presentazione della proposta di legge per l’istituzione di un Commissione Bicamerale e bipartisan incentrata su temi cari agli italiani all’estero, emigrazione e mobilità, dal titolo “Verso una nuova rappresentanza degli italiani nel mondo. Le ragioni di una Commissione sull’emigrazione e la mobilità degli italiani nel mondo”, che ha visto alternarsi al tavolo dei relatori 12 - dei 14 annunciati - fra deputati e senatori eletti all’estero, sostenitori dell’iniziativa. L’incontro, moderato da...


    PEOPLE: Senate Republican aide lands at conservation group

    Andrew Earl, a former aide to Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), is now director of private lands conservation at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

    Alabama senator says slavery was good for black people


    The bible says slavery is ok and the Southern slave plantations were fabulous for the slaves says State Senator Charles Davidson.… Read the rest


    AAHOA Names CEO


    Cecil Staton takes the helm

    Boutique Design
    Cecil Staton | AAHOA

    Following a vote by the AAHOA Board of Directors, Cecil Staton will be the new president and ceo of AAHOA. He will succeed Rachel Humphrey who served in the role in an interim capacity for most of 2019. Humphrey will resume her duties as the association’s chief operating officer. Staton, most recently the Chancellor Emeritus at East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, North Carolina, brings decades of experience in the fields of government, academia, and business to AAHOA.

    Staton served as the eleventh Chancellor at ECU from 2016 to 2019 where he launched several initiatives to elevate the university’s national and international profile, increase enrollment in the Brody School of Medicine, and create a $500 million capital campaign. Previously, he served as interim president of Valdosta State University, and as vice chancellor for extended education with the University System of Georgia.

    In addition to his work in academia, Staton served five terms in the Georgia State Senate where he rose to the position of Majority Whip. His entrepreneurial ventures include founding two publishing companies and Georgia Eagle Media, Inc., a holding company with interests in multiple broadcast and print mediums. Staton sits on the boards for NAFSA: Association of International Educators and the University of Georgia Board of Visitors.

    Staton’s hiring concludes a comprehensive nationwide search that began earlier this year. An AAHOA Executive Search Committee, comprised of AAHOA executives, officers, and executives from key industry partners, worked with a consulting firm to identify candidates and conduct extensive in-depth interviews with each. The committee unanimously recommended Staton to the AAHOA Board of Directors.

    Photo: Courtesy of AAHOA


    Stand and deliver, senators

    Americans on both sides want proof that our leaders respect our commitment to free and fair elections.

    01/09/2020 - Good Morning Dalton: State Legislative Update

    Join us for an update from our State Senator and Representatives

    Mes: spinge al default. Il Governo non ha mandato a firmare, riconosca la funzione del Parlamento

    FILE PHOTO: European Flags flutter outside the European Commission's headquarters ahead of the European Union leaders summit, in Brussels

    Il Meccanismo europeo di stabilità (Mes) non è nel programma sul quale il Governo Conte ha avuto la fiducia di Camera e Senato. Il Pd eviti forzature. Sul Mes, il Parlamento italiano non “si è svegliato tardi”. Al contrario, il 19 Giugno scorso, ha impegnato in modo molto chiaro il governo a “render note alle Camere le proposte di modifica al trattato ESM, elaborate in sede europea, al fine di consentire al Parlamento di esprimersi con un atto di indirizzo e, conseguentemente, a sospendere ogni determinazione definitiva finché il Parlamento non si sia pronunciato.” Come noto, il Parlamento non è stato chiamato a pronunciarsi nel merito. Non vi può essere stata, quindi, nessuna determinazione definitiva, né può esservi il 13 Dicembre. Senza ulteriori drammatizzazioni, il governo riconosca che non ha avuto e non ha il mandato per firmare il Trattato. Si impegni per riaprire il negoziato, in stretto rapporto con gli altri due capitoli del “pacchetto”: l’Unione bancaria e lo strumento di bilancio per l’euro-zona. Poi, si metta il Parlamento nelle condizioni di fare un’approfondita valutazione complessiva.

    Nella discussione del Mes, è autolesionistica la rappresentazione alimentata da parte dell’intellighenzia progressista e dal Pd come scontro tra europeisti responsabili, da una parte, e irresponsabili sovranisti o inaffidabili populasti dall’altra; tra chi vuole salvaguardare la continuità dell’Italia nella Ue e nell’eurozona e chi vuole rompere. Va, invece, valutato il testo del Trattato e il contesto politico e macroeconomico nel quale opererà, nel tentativo di stare nel gorgo europeo con un minimo di autonomia culturale e politica e attenzione alle fasce sociali più deboli.

    In estrema sintesi, il testo, per Paesi in condizioni di finanza pubblica come l’Italia, elimina le possibilità di sostegno finanziario senza dover ristrutturare il debito pubblico, quindi determina un enorme rischio di default che si auto-avvera. La ristrutturazione del debito pubblico non è più un evento possibile, ma improbabile, estremo, da scongiurare con ogni mezzo (dal “whatever it takes”, all’Omt e relativo programma di aggiustamenti strutturali): diventa, invece, uno strumento ordinario, previsto e disciplinato con tanto di clausole (le single limb Cacs) per evitare anche a larghe maggioranze di risparmiatori al dettaglio di bloccare l’offerta di tagli al capitale investito.

    Gli articoli più pericolosi sono il 13 e il 14, integrati dall’Annex III, del testo ridefinito: rispetto alla versione in vigore, l’Italia è esclusa anche formalmente dalla linea di credito precauzionale (Precautionary Conditioned Credit Line), ma è di fatto esclusa anche dalla seconda linea di credito (Enhanced Conditions Credit Line), poiché per l’attivazione di quest’ultima è previsto un debito sostenibile e la capacità di ripagamento dei prestiti, la cui valutazione è affidata esclusivamente al board del Mes.

    Gli articoli 13 e 14 sono diretta conseguenza di alcuni punti della premessa: il punto 12), dove è scritto che “il Mes può facilitare il dialogo tra un Paese membro e i suoi creditori privati, su basi volontarie, informali, non vincolanti, temporanee e riservate”; il punto 12A) dove, come ricordato sopra, è affermata la responsabilità esclusiva del Mes stesso a valutare la capacità di un Paese di ripagare il prestito ricevuto (in altri termini, la Commissione europea ha l’ultima parola sulla sostenibilità del debito pubblico di chi è in difficoltà, ma è il Mes, in realtà, a decidere se il malcapitato può ricevere aiuto senza ristrutturare il suo debito pubblico); il punto 12B), dove è prevista “in casi eccezionali, un’adeguata e proporzionata forma di coinvolgimento del settore privato quando è concesso il supporto finanziario per la stabilità”. Insomma, come è stato efficacemente sottolineato da Vladimiro Giacchè, Presidente del CER, in audizione in Commissione Bilancio alla Camera, viene definito un quadro da “Comma 22”: si predispone un efficace meccanismo di sostegno finanziario per i Paesi in difficoltà di finanza pubblica per evitar la ristrutturazione del debito; ma se sei un Paese in difficoltà di finanza pubblica, non puoi accedere al meccanismo finanziario a causa delle condizionalità ex ante. Allora, qual è il senso di policy del revisionato Trattato: innalzare la funzione disciplinante dei mercati finanziari in aiuto alle normative del Fiscal Compact aggirate nella loro efficacia dalla cosiddette clausole di flessibilità.

    Ma c’è il backstop per le banche in difficoltà, insistono dal Mef. Vero. Ma per l’Italia, è una “protezione” virtuale, a parte il fatto che, più che una generosa concessione a noi, è una potenziale garanzia alle banche tedesche già salvate una volta dai contribuenti nazionali ed europei prima dell’avvio del bail-in. Come ha descritto qualche giorno fa il noto bocconiano anti-europeista prof Alessandro Penati, il backstop scatterebbe soltanto dopo aver azzerato azionisti, obbligazionisti subordinati e senior e i depositi bancari per la porzione superiore ai 100.000 euro: in sostanza, dopo un cataclisma che per noi implicherebbe, comunque, inesorabilmente, la ristrutturazione del debito pubblico.

    Oltre al testo, rileva il contesto. Il testo è un fiammifero acceso vicino a un lago di benzina: ossia, la prospettiva di stagnazione economica, l’innalzamento dei tassi di interesse e inflazione zero. È pessimismo esagerato? Purtroppo, no. Perché? Primo elemento di contesto: siamo prigionieri di un’agenda di cronica anemia di domanda aggregata, determinata dalla resistenza a invertire la rotta di politica economica di fronte agli impedimenti strutturali alle esportazioni. Il mercantilismo praticato da un quarto di secolo in forma estrema dalla Ue e dall’eurozona determina, inevitabilmente, i dazi del Presidente Trump. Sarebbe necessaria e urgente una svolta keynesiana per alimentare la domanda interna attraverso investimenti pubblici per la riconversione ecologica dell’economia, ma la neo-Presidente della Commissione europea ha ribadito, subito dopo la “fiducia” data dal Parlamento di Strasburgo alla sua Commissione, il no senza se e senza ma all’esclusione dal calcolo del deficit della spesa green in conto capitale.

    Secondo elemento di contesto: le pressioni tedesche e della cosiddetta “Lega anseatica” per invertire il segno della politica monetaria della Bce. La scorsa settimana, Moody’s ha rivisto da stabili a negative le valutazioni prospettiche per le banche tedesche in relazione alla loro scarsa redditività causata, in primo luogo, dai previsti tassi di interesse negativi. Insomma, il dopo Draghi, nonostante la resistenza di Ms Lagarde, va verso la fine del Quantitative easing e il ripristino della “normalità”.

    Terzo elemento di contesto, la restrizione, più o meno accentuata, delle possibilità acquisto di titoli sovrani da parte delle banche, condizione posta da Berlino per il completamento dell’Unione bancaria. Qui, siamo di fronte al concreto esempio della definizione di stupidità di Carlo Maria Cipolla: una siffatta Unione bancaria sarebbe meglio perderla che trovarla, perché determinerebbe non soltanto un innalzamento dei tassi di interesse su titoli di debito pubblico, in particolare per noi, ma aumenti di capitale per l’intero mondo bancario, incluse le malmesse banche tedesche.

    In conclusione, è vero quanto sostiene il Ministro Gualtieri: aspetti negativi erano inclusi anche nella versione del Mes ancora in vigore. È vero anche che, le proposte iniziali di Germania e Paesi nordici erano ancora più pericolose in quanto prevedevano ufficialmente un’automatismo per la ristrutturazione del debito. Ma sono argomenti deboli. “Poteva andare peggio, accontentiamoci”, è un principio-guida perdente e deleterio per l’interesse nazionale, come hanno dovuto riconoscere, ex-post, per il bail-in tanti sedicenti europeisti responsabili. Nella fase storica in corso e alla luce degli evidenti fallimenti dell’agenda mercantilista europea, sia sul versante dell’economia reale che di finanza pubblica, sarebbe necessaria un’inversione di rotta. O, almeno, non peggiorare il terreno di gioco. Invece, il Trattato revisionato conferma e aggrava un impianto insostenibile per l’Italia, ma anche per i paesi core, a partire dalle banche della virtuosa Germania.


    In Italia due parlamentari venezuelani anti-Maduro. Arrivati a Roma con Casini

    I deputati venezuelani anti-Maduro con Pier Ferdinando Casini

    Sono arrivati in Italia i deputati venezuelani Mariela Magallanes e Amèrico De Grazia, oppositori di Nicolas Maduro e da sei mesi rifugiati nell’ambasciata italiana a Caracas. I due hanno viaggiato con Pier Ferdinando Casini e l’opposizione ha denunciato l’“esilio” dei legislatori. Il partito dei parlamentari, La Causa R, ha indicato che “oggi il regime” di Nicolàs Maduro ha commesso “un nuovo crimine contro l’umanità bandendo” i deputati, che si sono rifugiati nell’ambasciata italiana nella capitale venezuelana, dopo che l’Assemblea costituente chavista ha fatto irruzione nella loro immunità.

    In precedenza, il senatore italiano, che ha incontrato il presidente venezuelano, aveva scritto su Twitter che stava volando con Magallanes e De Grazia, “costretti lo scorso maggio a vivere nell’ambasciata italiana”. “Sono grato di aver contribuito ad una giusta causa umanitaria”, ha aggiunto. Né De Grazia né Magallanes si sono pronunciati sull’argomento, ma molti dei loro colleghi hanno denunciato il loro “esilio” attraverso lo stesso social network.

    Il 9 maggio sia De Grazia che Magallanes sono entrati nell’ambasciata italiana dopo la revoca dell’immunità e il governo Maduro li ha accusati di essere coinvolti nella fallita rivolta militare di fine aprile, di cui sono stati accusati anche una decina di deputati, la maggior parte dei quali fuggiti dal paese.

    “Il senso della mia missione è il dialogo. Avevo di fronte a me due strade: sventolare la bandiera delle mie opinioni personali, o sventolare il Tricolore. Ho scelto la seconda, e sono grato a chi mi ha consentito di tornare da Caracas in compagnia di questi due colleghi”, ha detto Pier Ferdinando Casini in una intervista al Messaggero. “Sono parlamentari - dice di Magallanes e De Grazia - che conosco da lunga data e che mi stanno a cuore come mi sta a cuore il Venezuela”.

    “Abbiamo condiviso queste ore nell’Ambasciata - aggiunge - e li ho visti in uno stato d’animo altalenante: gli piange il cuore a lasciare il Venezuela, ma sono felici di riabbracciare i propri cari che nel frattempo sono andati in Italia”.


    "La grande pernacchia collettiva di Napoli". Le Sardine non si lasciano inscatolare dagli Arancioni


    La pernacchia di Eduardo e poi “ ’O scarrafone” di Pino Daniele per ripetere, forte e chiaro, che “questa Lega è una vergogna”. E il riferimento, una, due, tre volte, negli interventi degli organizzatori, alle quattro giornate, alla liberazione dal nazifascismo. A Napoli il filo rosso della manifestazione delle sardine sono i grandi classici della tradizione storica e culturale della città. “Storia prima di tutto antifascista e la storia va studiata per evitare che certe storture possano ripetersi”, spiega Vittorio De Asmundis, sventolando la sua “sardina partigiana”.

    Settantotto anni, esponente nell’Anpi, è uno dei diecimila che stasera hanno raggiunto Piazza Dante per manifestare contro Salvini. “Una risposta straordinaria, siamo oltre diecimila“ hanno sottolineato gli organizzatori, che, come resocontato da HuffPost, avevano lanciato l’evento da tre gruppi diversi. Di loro, due simpatizzano o lo hanno fatto in passato per il sindaco Luigi de Magistris, ma l’eventualità che la piazza potesse essere colorata politicamente dall’arancione del movimento che fa capo al primo cittadino stasera non è stata preso troppo in considerazione.

    Almeno da coloro che sono intervenuti dal palco. L’arancione c’era, c’erano i suoi sostenitori, esponenti del movimento DeMa e altri del centro sociale Insurgencia - dal quale provengono l’assessora Eleonora De Majo e l’assessore della terza municipalità, Egidio Giordano - molto legato a de Magistris, e lui, in un tweet ha scritto: “Io ci sto, invisibile, con la forza di chi cerca di fare, da sindaco, la rivoluzione, governando”. Dal palco, però, Antonella Cerciello, emozionantissima per la buona riuscita dell’evento che ha lanciato per prima, e Bruno Martirano, due dei tre organizzatori, hanno urlato l’intenzione di non consegnare la piazza ad alcun partito o movimento politico. “Queste sardine non verranno inscatolate da nessuno”, ha gridato Martirani.

    E su un applauso dalla piazza in cui si sono ritrovati, spalla a spalla a cantare “Bella ciao”, giovani e anziani, single, coppie, famiglie e nonne accompagnate dai nipoti. Come Carmela, 60 anni, che ha portato i due nipotini “perché è importante che comincino a partecipare sin da piccoli”. Daniela e Moussa, invece, sono venuti da Benevento. Lei, avvocato 44enne, lui 25 anni, arrivato dal Senegal su un barcone: sono fidanzati e partecipano al movimento delle sardine per dire “no al razzismo e all’intolleranza. Perché come ha detto la senatrice Segre - precisa Daniela - è giusto che nell’articolo 3 della Costituzione ci sia la parola “razza” affinché non si facciano più distinzioni in base alla razza. Nel nostro Paese assistiamo invece a una nuova ondata di intolleranza, veicolata anche dalle dichiarazioni di alcuni politici”. Il riferimento è a Salvini, contro i quali punta l’indice pure il gruppo “L’insorgente”, bandiera con stemma dei Borbone, e toni da tribuni del popolo contro il leader della  lega e il suo partito “che ha contribuito a condannare il Sud alla povertà”.

    Sardine di tutte le età, abbigliati in fogge diverse - Massimiliano Nesi e la fidanzata, Ilaria Di Fonzo hanno scelto il costume della serie tv “La casa di carta” e la maschera di Salvador Dalì - in una piazza che la sociologa della Luiss “Guido Carli”, Emiliana De Blasio, ha definito “molto rappresentativa”. Al punto da essere venuta apposta da Roma, insieme al figlioletto, per avviare, proprio dall’evento a Piazza Dante, la sua ricerca sul movimento delle sardine. “Vogliamo indagare per capire meglio il fenomeno, per vedere se rimarrà, se si sedimenterà - puntualizza - e abbiamo deciso di partire proprio da Napoli, una piazza sempre calda e molto attiva”.

    Una piazza dalla quale, in tanti cartelli che svettavano sulla folla, si è levato anche un duro j’accuse ai partiti della sinistra. Pietr Giorgio, arrivato a Napoli dalla provincia di Caserta, lo ha scritto in grossi caratteri, bianchi e neri su fondo rosso e con due punti esclamativi: “Drizza la schiena, sinistra!!”, altre sardine auspicano “una presa di coscienza della sinistra”. Antonello Sannino, storico esponente di Arcigay Napoli, ha consegnato anche a nome della comunità Lgbti - stasera sardine Rainbow, arcobaleno come il loro simbolo - l’auspicio che “questo resti un movimento dal basso perché al populismo di Salvini si risponde con una reazione forte, dei cittadini e delle cittadine”, ma tanti dei presenti a Piazza Dante sperano “in un moto d’orgoglio della sinistra, a partire dal Pd”, dice Alessia, trentaseienne napoletana. Del Pd c’erano diversi esponenti nella piazza delle sardine napoletane: il già sindaco e presidente della Regione, oltre che ministro, Antonio Bassolino. E Paolo Siani, “deputato indipendente del Pd”, tiene a precisare, mentre si guarda intorno entusiasta. “Napoli è un mare di sardine ed è un gran bel segnale. Bisogna che la politica sia in grado di intercettarlo, ma non so se sarà capace di farlo”.


    Tremonti: "Falso che nel 1994 votai per Berlusconi al Senato". La replica di Miguel Gotor: ha ragione, votò la fiducia, ma da deputato


    Riceviamo e pubblichiamo un intervento del professor Giulio Tremonti in relazione al post 1994: vince Berlusconi. Stava sorgendo la «Repubblica dell’antipolitica», dove è riportato un estratto dal libro Italia nel Novecento. Dalla sconfitta di Adua alla vittoria di Amazon, di Miguel Gotor.

     Gentili Signori:

    l’articolo pubblicato ieri sul vostro giornale sotto il titolo «1994: vince Berlusconi. Stava sorgendo la “Repubblica dell’antipolitica”» è, per quanto riguarda la maggioranza avuta in Senato nel 1994 dal Governo Berlusconi, ed in specie per quanto mi riguarda totalmente falso. Per una ragione molto semplice: non ero in Senato! Dopo le elezioni il Patto Segni con il quale ero stato eletto alla Camera dei Deputati si divise in due parti: una andò a sinistra, l’altra a destra. Considerando che il Patto si definiva “giscardiano” questa era la scelta più coerente. Un indirizzo coerente in questi termini fu poi seguito con l’esperienza dell’“Elefantino”. Per inciso avrei avuto qualche difficoltà nel passare a sinistra in un’area fiscale che era allora (e pare ancora) ispirata dall’On. Vincenzo Visco. Non è il caso che io parli dei titoli necessari per fare il Ministro delle Finanze.

    Tanto cordialmente,

    Giulio Tremonti 

    La replica di Miguel Gotor: ha ragione, votò la fiducia, ma da deputato.

    Nel marzo 1994 il prof. Giulio Tremonti fu eletto in Parlamento con il Patto Segni. Invece di rimanere all’opposizione, divenne subito dopo ministro delle Finanze del primo governo Berlusconi e votò la fiducia. Ma ha ragione lui e lo ringrazio per la segnalazione: lo fece da deputato e non da senatore, un’imprecisione di cui mi scuso e che spero di poter correggere.

    Anche se non penso che ciò muti il carattere trasformistico delle sue scelte politiche di allora come da me sostenuto nel libro, Giscard d’Estaing permettendo.


    Mes, Meloni: “Da Fondo Salva-Stati a Salva-Banche, a partire dalle tedesche”

     Cache - la tua informazione

    EuropAuditorium di Bologna pieno per la manifestazione di Fratelli d’Italia organizzata dal gruppo al Senato del partito. “Sono molto contenta di questa sfida vinta, di una sala insomma non facilissima da riempire, oltre 2mila persone sono qui oggi per Fratelli d’Italia in Emilia Romagna”, festeggia Giorgia Meloni, arrivando alla convention. La leader di Fratelli d’Italia […]

    L'articolo Mes, Meloni: “Da Fondo Salva-Stati a Salva-Banche, a partire dalle tedesche” è presente


    Open chi? Viaggio tra gli ex renziani rimasti nel Pd

    base riformista

    MILANO - Al solo sentire la parola “Open”, vale a dire la cassaforte renziana finita sotto i riflettori della Procura di Firenze, Assunta Tartaglione, 49 anni, già parlamentare Pd, già segreteria dei democratici in Campania nella stagione di massimo splendore del renzismo, di nero vestita, si allontana dal cronista con queste parole: “Mi perdoni, ma ho un cliente che mi chiede una cosa”. Insomma, gira i tacchi e se ne va. E così farà anche Piero De Luca, enfant prodige del deluchismo, suo padre è  “O Sceriffo” Vincenzo: “E basta, mica faccio il magistrato”.

    Open è la parola che nessuna osa pronunciare. E che in tanti, molti, preferiscono far finta di non conoscere. “Ma cosa c’entra con questa iniziativa”, osserva sorridendo sotto i baffi il signor Gianni, incravattato e ben vestito. E poi c’è chi, come un giovanissimo, forse amante del tennis, si serve di una vecchia battuta dell’allenatore José Mourinho. “Io di Open conosco solo il libro di André Agassi, un grande, un grandissimo”.

    Il fatto però è che qui a Milano, alla Società Umanitaria, a pochi passi del Tribunale, si tiene la seconda assemblea di Base Riformista, la corrente che risponde al verbo di Lorenzo Guerini e Luca Lotti. Insomma, la corrente dei renziani che sono rimasti dentro al Nazareno. Già, questa sarebbe una notizia. Qui però la notizia che piomba su questa assemblea dove si discorre dei massimi sistemi, dalla Brexit al sovranismo, al rapporto del Pd con i 5 stelle, è un’altra: l’inchiesta dei magistrati di Firenze su quella fondazione che ha alimentato la stagione renziana. Ci sarebbero, almeno stando alle carte, bancomat o carte credito utilizzate da esponenti di punta del renzismo, e poi ancora consulenze saldate all’avvocato Alberto Bianchi che poi sarebbero diventate dei finanziamenti alla fondazione. E poi ancora la famosa casa di Renzi, gli 800 mila euro versati a Open dall’ex parlamentare di Scelta Civica, Gianfranco Librandi, il ruolo dell’imprenditore Marco Carrai, il petalo più grande del Giglio magico, anche lui indagato. Giù giù fino a Luca Lotti, il quale non è indagato, ma aveva un ruolo di peso all’interno della Fondazione.

    E questa è la patria del “lottismo”, che è stata una sfumatura del renzismo, e che ora si ritrova ad essere una sfumatura del Pd. E allora ecco Luca Lotti, detto “Lampadina”, in camicia, maglioncino e sneakers. Il sorriso non è quello dei vecchi tempi quando sbucava da Palazzo Chigi e sfuggiva attraversando le vie della Capitale, con passo lesto, senza rilasciare una parola ai cronisti. Si diceva fosse il braccio destro del fiorentino, insomma il “Gianni Letta” di Matteo Renzi. Questa volta, però, il “Luha” è costretto a fermarsi, a rispondere alle domande dei cronisti. Il tutto senza prima aver scolpito una premessa sull’importanza dell’iniziativa: “Crediamo in un Pd a vocazione maggioritaria, che può fare un’azione fondamentale per questo Paese. Vogliamo far capire che nel Pd si può e si deve fare politica. Base riformista ha voglia di dialogare con tutte le anime che nel Pd portano avanti questa idea”.

    Va da sé, che un attimo dopo arriva la domanda sull’innominabile “Open”. A questo punto Lotti cambia espressione e sciorina il solito ritornello: “Non ho mai avuto la percezione che Open fosse un partito nel partito. La fondazione, come tantissime altre fondazioni politiche, nello Statuto spiegava cosa faceva: chi donava soldi alla fondazione lo sapeva, tutto trasparente, tutto scritto, con bonifici online, tracciabile, come le spese. Per me faceva l’attività di una fondazione”. Ed è un ritornello che ripetono il portavoce delle “Br” Andrea Romano, il capogruppo al Senato, Andrea Marcucci. In prima fila Lorenzo Guerini, oggi ministro della Difesa, è fermo, immobile, ascolta e qualche volta annuisce. Poi a un certo punto spunta Beppe Fioroni, un tempo il leader della corrente dei “popolari”. Qui non saranno “popolari” ma democristiani sì. A proposito, Fioroni, cosa ne pensa dell’inchiesta su “Open”? Replica da dissimulatore: “Complicato, ma non ho seguito bene”.

    La platea è attenta, forse un po’ troppo over 60, forse c’è un po’ troppo ceto politico, fra parlamentari ed ex parlamentari. Si scorge tra gli altri l’ex Sel, Titti Di Salvo, ormai da tempo approdata al Pd. Eppure, l’unica certezza resta l’assioma da rispettare: mai osare parlare di Matteo Renzi, né tanto meno di “Open”. Non esiste l’ex sindaco di Firenze, non esiste l’inchiesta. Appunto: Open chi?


    Un po' bodyguard, un po' navigator. Di Battista suona la carica al fianco di Di Maio


    Partiamo dalla fine. Partiamo da Andrea Marcucci, senatore, capogruppo del Partito democratico. Che a un certo punto della giornata dice una cosa così: “Se il Movimento 5 stelle seguisse le indicazioni di Alessandro Di Battista, provocherebbe sicuramente un problema insormontabile per il governo”. Non semplicemente un problema, non l’ennesima diatriba da risolvere. Un “problema insormontabile”.

    Riavvolgiamo ora il nastro. È la giornata del pasdaran 5 stelle. Una doppia uscita con Luigi Di Maio che guarda benevolo e silente. “Non ti dico che sono concordate – spiega un uomo vicino al capo M5S – ma ti dico che quel che fa Ale non sia meditato”. I due si sono sentiti nei giorni scorsi. E per quanto non concordate al millimetro le uscite di Di Battista fanno parte del grande gioco dei 5 stelle. Prima un’intervista al Fatto quotidiano. Oltre a un’intemerata contro Matteo Renzi e il caso Open. Poi il passaggio chiave: “Io penso che il Movimento debba alzare il tiro su determinati temi, come la giustizia, il Mes e le fondazioni dei partiti. Luigi lo sta facendo e io sono dalla sua parte, lo sostengo in questa linea”.

    L’intervista fa il giro nelle chat dei parlamentari. Riscuote consensi. Di Maio appena ieri ha frenato con i suoi parlamentari sul Mes. La linea è passata da “non si firma senza modifiche” a “cerchiamo di migliorarlo”. Perché è il punto più complesso e incomprensibile ai cittadini su cui alzare il tiro. Ne va di rapporti internazionali, della credibilità del paese, degli equilibri europei. E Giuseppe Conte ha assicurato i 5 stelle che tutto quel che è in suo potere per limare i punti di contrasto verrà fatto. Il Mes è solo un tassello.

    Il caso di giornata riguarda le Autonomie. Francesco Boccia parla dell’intenzione di velocizzare finalmente l’iter, di inserire la legge quadro come collegato alla manovra. “Nessun blitz verrà accettato basta con il fare le cose subito e male solo per dare contentini”, tuona Luigi Gallo, presidente pentastellato della commissione Cultura della Camera. Poco male, perché Gallo è vicinissimo a Roberto Fico, e dalla sinistra del partito non lesina bordate alla leadership. E invece no, perché è lo stesso entourage di Di Maio a spiegare come sia quella la posizione del Movimento tutto, leader compreso, aprendo di fatto un nuovo fronte.

    Di Maio martella su Autostrade, vuole la revoca delle concessioni, tira dritto nonostante le perplessità del Pd, arriva a chiedere la riabilitazione di Danilo Toninelli, silurato appena qualche mese fa. Alfonso Bonafede sulla prescrizione, mettendo in guardia da patti fra Dem e Forza Italia, quasi un’excusatio non petita. A metà pomeriggio Di Battista rincara la dose. Dopo il solito, un po’ posticcio, attacco al gruppo Espresso e a Repubblica, diventata a insaputa sua e del paese tutto un baluardo del liberismo, “Dibba” suona la carica ai suoi: “Accelerate! Soprattutto adesso. Luigi lo sta facendo e lo sostengo per questo. Accelerate sul conflitto di interessi, sulla nazionalizzazione di autostrade, sulla commissione di inchiesta sul finanziamento ai partiti, sul recupero dell’Imu non versato dagli istituti religiosi”.

    Il pasdaran alza, Di Maio schiaccia: “Sulla commissione d’inchiesta sui finanziamenti ai partiti noi siamo pronti. Gli altri? Va avviata entro l’anno”. La prossima settimana Conte andrà in aula, attaccherà Salvini sul Mes. Non è previsto un voto, ma da chi interverrà fra i 5 stelle e da che tipo di parole pronuncerà nel dibattito a seguire si capirà a che livello è l’intensità dello scontro. Si naviga a vista. E la nebbia si fa sempre più fitta.


    Italy's populist Five Star Movement (M5S) party leader Luigi Di Maio (R) and M5S members Roberto Fico (L) and Alessandro Di Battista after the last election campaign meeting in Piazza del Popolo in Rome on March 2, 2018.
Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement broke with tradition on March 1, 2018, by announcing its list of ministerial candidates, almost all of them political newcomers, before March 4 general election. / AFP PHOTO / Andreas SOLARO        (Photo credit should read ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP via Getty Images)


    Cina contro Italia dopo l'evento con l'attivista di Hong Kong


    Esplode un caso diplomatico in piena regola tra Italia e Cina dopo la conferenza che giovedì al Senato ha visto collegarsi in video con un gruppo di parlamentari Joshua Wong, l’attivista e leader della protesta di Hong Kong. Un’iniziativa che ha mandato su tutte le furie l’ambasciata di Pechino a Roma, che l’ha bollata come un “comportamento irresponsabile”. Suscitando a sua volta a stretto giro di posta la reazione di governo e parlamento, con la Farnesina che parla di dichiarazioni “del tutto inaccettabili e totalmente irrispettose”.

    Parole sottoscritte dal presidente della Camera Roberto Fico, che ha sottolineato il “diritto dei parlamentari di esprimere opinioni politiche”, e da quella del Senato Elisabetta Casellati (“libertà di opinione e di pensiero sono capisaldi della nostra democrazia”). Lo stesso ministro degli Esteri Luigi Di Maio ha poi sottolineato che “i legami commerciali non possono assolutamente mettere in discussione il rispetto delle nostre istituzioni”. Mentre dall’opposizione il leader della Lega Matteo Salvini ha attaccato: “Non siamo una provincia cinese (anche se magari Grillo la pensa così)”. Lunghissima, a seguire, la sequela di dichiarazioni sdegnate di parlamentari lungo quasi tutto lo spettro della politica, dal Pd a Fratelli d’Italia e a Forza Italia.

    Per ora sembra difficile prevedere se a queste parole seguirà un’ulteriore escalation polemica tra due Paesi che - con questo e con il precedente governo - avevano raggiunto un picco particolarmente positivo nelle relazioni bilaterali, coronato dalla firma degli accordi sulla nuova Via della Seta e che appena qualche settimana fa hanno visto Di Maio accolto in Cina da Xi Jinping con gli onori di un capo di Stato. Lo stesso leader M5s, peraltro, è sempre stato finora estremamente cauto nelle sue dichiarazioni sulla situazione ad Hong Kong. Riguardo le manifestazioni in corso da mesi aveva detto che l’Italia “non vuole intromettersi nelle vicende interne di altri Paesi”. Tanto che lo stesso Wong, parlando giovedì con i parlamentari italiani, si è detto “deluso” da quelle che ha definito “dichiarazioni indifferenti” da parte del capo della diplomazia italiana.
    Che la scorribanda di Joshua Wong in Italia avrebbe fatto molto rumore, e creato possibili frizioni diplomatiche, era già apparso chiaro quando si era diffusa a inizio novembre la notizia di una sua imminente visita nel nostro Paese. Il ministero degli Esteri cinese, a riprova di quanto il tema per Pechino sia ad alta tensione, aveva ammonito a “non fornire sponde alle attività indipendentiste”. La richiesta di Joshua Wong di espatrio per un viaggio in Europa era poi stata rigettata dalla Corte di Hong Kong e l’attivista ha dovuto ripiegare su dei collegamenti in videoconferenza.

    A organizzare l’incontro della discordia nella sala Caduti di Nassirya del Senato sono stati Fratelli d’Italia e il Partito Radicale. In particolare, per ospitare la voce di Wong in parlamento si sono spesi il senatore di FdI e vicepresidente del Copasir, Adolfo Urso, Laura Harth, rappresentante del Partito Radicale presso l’Onu, e Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, ambasciatore ed ex ministro degli Esteri. Ma a partecipare all’evento è stata una platea bipartisan. Tra gli altri, sono intervenuti i parlamentari di Forza Italia Enrico Aimi e del Partito democratico Valeria Fedeli.

    Wong ha utilizzato l’occasione per denunciare la “crisi umanitaria” in corso a Hong Kong e per lanciare bordate contro il governo dell’ex protettorato britannico, contro Pechino ma anche contro l’Italia, accusata di “fornire mezzi per la repressione” e invitata dall’attivista a chiedere in modo chiaro “di fermare le violazioni dei diritti umani”.


    L'Uruguay passa a destra


    Come da previsioni, il lungo riconteggio del voto ha sancito l’elezione a presidente dell’Uruguay di Luis Lacalle Pou del Partido Nacional, che ha vinto di stretta misura sul candidato del Frente Amplio Daniel Martínez. Finisce un quindicennio di governo della sinistra, al quale si sono alternati Tabaré Vázquez e l’ex guerrigliero José Mujica. E il Paese vira a destra senza drammi apparenti, e nella logica dell’alternanza. 

    Al loro attivo, i quindici anni di governo del Frente Amplio consegnano al composito schieramento di destra che ha eletto Lacalle un Paese che ha fatto passi da gigante nel campo dei diritti, grazie all’approvazione della legge sull’aborto, del matrimonio tra persone dello stesso sesso e alla regolamentazione dell’uso delle droghe leggere, che lo rendono esempio unico in tutta l’America Latina. Ma i risultati positivi non mancano anche in campo sociale, grazie alle politiche di miglioramento di salari e pensioni e alla lotta alla povertà.

    Tuttavia, a pesare nella decisione dell’elettorato è stata in primo luogo la situazione di stanchezza economica registratasi negli ultimi tempi, dopo anni di forte sviluppo reso possibile dall’aumento dei prezzi dei prodotti agricoli, che hanno portato il Paese a tassi di crescita del 7,8% nel 2010. Di fronte al conseguente aumento della disoccupazione, con una crescita nel 2019 di solo lo 0,5%, con un dollaro forte e un’impennata del costo della vita anche a causa dell’alto prezzo del combustibile, il governo del Frente Amplio ha dato l’impressione di non essere capace di mettere in atto decisioni utili a fronteggiare il peggioramento del quadro economico generale. 

    Va aggiunta poi la sempre più marcata preoccupazione da parte della popolazione per il deterioramento della sicurezza pubblica, a causa della comparsa di regolamenti di conti tra bande e della violenza del narcotraffico prima sconosciuta.

    Si capisce, quindi, come il messaggio di allarme di Lacalle, a capo di una formazione che dal centro va all’estrema destra, abbia potuto fare breccia in primo luogo tra i piccoli commercianti, spaventati dall’impennata dei furti e dalla mancanza di tutela da parte del governo, le cui misure di modernizzazione della polizia sono state giudicate insufficienti. 

    Il risultato lascia comunque un Paese diviso politicamente a metà, considerando che al primo turno la differenza tra i due candidati era meno di trentamila voti, situazione che ha spinto le autorità elettorali a procedere al controllo del voto.

    Quanto al nuovo presidente, ex senatore e avvocato di 46 anni, ha già fatto sapere che formerà un governo al quale parteciperanno esponenti del centrista Partido Colorado, del  Partido Independiente, formazione di centrosinistra, del Partido de la Gente di centrodestra, e della novità politica rappresentata da Cabildo Abierto, nettamente di destra. 

    A quanto pare, non è riuscito a incidere sul risultato del voto l’esempio fallimentare dell’economia del vicino argentino, dove le politiche neoliberiste di Mauricio Macri sono state sonoramente punite nelle recenti elezioni, e dove la sinistra si accinge a tornare nuovamente al potere. L’Uruguay passa a destra e archivia il Frente Amplio al cui interno si assisterà nei prossimi mesi a un ricambio della leadership fino a ora espressa da uomini politici che, per età, hanno vissuto la prigione o l‘esilio durante la dittatura. 

    Il panorama politico dell’America Latina, che solo fino a dieci anni fa era dominato dalle personalità di Lula, Kirchner, Correa e, fino a poco fa, Evo Morales, risulta ancora una volta cambiato.


    FDA and FTC Issue Joint Warning Letter For CBD Products and Senator Schumer Applies Pressure on FDA to Regulate CBD

    By Tonya M. Esposito and Renee B. Appel Seyfarth Synopsis: Businesses should take note of recent developments in the CBD space. Consumer protection regulatory agencies issued another joint warning to a company selling CBD products making allegedly unsubstantiated claims. And, the FDA continues to stick to its public position that it is working toward both...

    Education Efforts Underway On Carryout Changes


    OCEAN CITY – Officials in Ocean City are looking to prepare resort businesses for a polystyrene ban that goes into effect next July.Last week, the Ocean City Coastal Resources Legislative Committee, or Green Team, revisited efforts to prepare resort businesses for a statewide ban on certain polystyrene products.In March, both the state Senate and House... Read more »

    The post Education Efforts Underway On Carryout Changes appeared first on News Ocean City Maryland Coast Dispatch Newspaper.


    Will the Passing of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Threaten Stock Market Rally?

    Some market participants worry that the passing of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act can reverse the gain in stock market. Both the US Senate and House of Representative overwhelmingly voted 417 to 1 in favor of passing the bill. It is now waiting for President Donald Trump to sign. According to Bloomberg, Trump … Continue reading "Will the Passing of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Threaten Stock Market Rally?"

    Centrum Informacyjne Senatu: było poseł KO Grzegorz Furgo szefem, Anna Godzwon i Jakub Stefaniak zastępcami

    Były poseł Koalicji Obywatelskiej Grzegorz Furgo przejął obowiązki dyrektora Centrum Informacyjnego Senatu. Wicedyrektorami zostali natomiast Anna Godzwon (w przeszłości dziennikarka Polskiego Radia i wiceszefowa Kancelarii Prezydenta RP) oraz Jakub Stefaniak (poprzednio rzecznik prasowy PSL, wcześniej dziennikarz TVP Info).

    Abortion by Video: Planned Parenthood Adding This In York

    Planned Parenthood just told the state they’re adding telemed abortions in York, right after they failed their safety inspection. Will our State Senate step in to protect women?

    A new threat has presented itself in Pennsylvania that may increase abortions … Read more


    How did your State Senator vote on the Down Syndrome Protection Act?


    On Wednesday, November 20th, the State Senate voted 27-22 to pass the Down Syndrome Protection Act, House Bill 321, which would help end the targeting of children with Down syndrome for abortion. This bill already passed the PA House in … Read more


    Committee Votes to Stop the Prenatal Targeting of Babies with Down syndrome

    PA Family Institute applauds vote on House Bill 321 and the effort to end the targeting of babies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

    Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds today’s vote by the PA Senate Health Committee on the Down … Read more


    The Missing Witness Negative Inference and the Impeachment Proceedings (12/1/19)

    A couple of days ago, I wrote on the D.C. Circuit Court’s rejection of another Bullshit Tax Shelter.  D.C. Circuit Swats Down Bullshit Tax Shelter (Federal Tax Crimes Blog 11/29/19), here.  One of the issues discussed in the case (but only lightly discussed in the blog) is the negative inference that a trier of fact may draw from a missing witness.  I noted: “In its most common iteration, the missing witness negative inference is deployed when the witness is controlled by one of the party’s to the litigation.”  I use this separate blog entry to discuss the missing witness negative inference in this context because of its potential for its application where, in the impeachment proceedings or the resulting trial, President Trump has control or suasion over witnesses whom he directs or encourages not to testify.

    A good statement of the missing witness rule--usually invoked in a jury instruction context to explain to the jury how to use the rule--is (United States v. St. Michael's Credit Union, 880 F.3d 579, 597 (1st Cir. 1989), here (cleaned up):
    The rationale behind the missing witness instruction has been stated as follows: "the failure of a party to produce available evidence that would help decide an issue may justify an inference that the evidence would be unfavorable to the party to whom it is available or whom it would ordinarily be expected to favor." 2 C. Wright, Federal Practice and Procedure § 489 (1982). First Circuit precedent has established three circumstances that may warrant a missing witness instruction.  
    The jury may draw an inference adverse to a party toward whom the missing witness is favorably disposed, because the party would normally be expected to produce such a witness. In addition, the jury may draw an adverse inference when a party fails to produce a material witness who is peculiarly available to that party. Finally, when a party having exclusive control over a witness who could provide relevant, noncumulative testimony fails to produce the witness, it is permissible to draw an adverse inference from that party's failure to do so, even in the absence of any showing of the witness's predisposition toward the party.
    Readers will note that the negative inference from a missing witness is an evidentiary context for inferences that we use everyday in all sorts of contexts beyond a trial setting.  If it is important to establish the truth of a proposition then any party who withholds potentially important evidence as to the truth or falsity of the proposition, then an inference can be and often is drawn that the evidence would be negative to that party.  The inference is deployed in a trial setting where it is critically important to establish the truth of facts which the trier of fact (judge or jury) is requested to find.  The party who suffers if the fact is or is not true and declines to produce evidence within that party's control can be subject to a negative inference as to the content of the withheld evidence.  Just that simple.

    In the current context, President Trump has directed and clearly signaled to all persons within his control or suasion that they should not testify.  That is the classic case in which the missing witness negative inference can be made.  As I indicated, that rule is important in fact finding in every day life and in trials.

    The claim of at least some privileges can in some types of cases defeat the negative inference.  Certainly, in a criminal proceeding, a defendant's assertion of the of Fifth Amendment by not testifying (and not being compelled to testify) does not permit the trier of fact to infer that his testimony would be negative and use that inference to convict the defendant.  (Well, at least the trier of fact is not supposed to do that, but to the extent the jurors have comfortably used that type of negative inference in their every day lives, then they might well factor in the inference at the margins even in the face of an instruction from the court that they should not consider the defendant's failure to testify in assessing whether the evidence actually presented at trial establishes guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.)  But, the assertion of the Fifth Amendment privilege in a civil case can permit the negative inference.  See e.g., Baxter v. Palmigiano, 425 U.S. 308, 318 (1976) (the "prevailing rule [is] that the Fifth Amendment does not forbid adverse inferences against parties to civil actions where they refuse to testify.")

    As I understand it, Trump claims in directing or discouraging witnesses from testifying that he is not doing it to protect himself from impeachment or conviction but rather to preserve the prerogatives of the presidency, particularly the executive communications privilege (however worded).  Setting aside the credibility of that claim of constitutional high ground, perhaps the better analogy for the current context is the attorney-client privilege.  Without getting into the weeds on that issue, the cases are not consistent.  See e.g., E.g., Deborah Stavile Bartel, Drawing Negative Inferences Upon a Claim of the Attorney-Client Privilege, 60 Brooklyn L. Rev. 1355 (1995), here (although she argues that the negative inference should not be permitted in criminal and civil cases because the underlying basis for the privilege is the same in both types of proceedings).  The trend seems to be that no negative inference should apply from the invocation of the attorney client privilege.   E.g., Knorr-Bremse Sys. Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge GMBH v. Dana Corp., 383 F.3d 1337, 1344 (Fed. Cir. 2004) ("no adverse inference shall arise from invocation of the attorney-client and/or work product privilege"); Parker v. Prudential Ins. Co., 900 F.2d 772, 775 (4th Cir.1990) (no negative inference permitted from assertion of attorney-client privilege); In re Tudor Assocs Ltd. III., 20 F.3d 115, 120 (4th Cir. 1994) ("A negative inference should not be drawn from the proper invocation of the attorney-client privilege.").

    So the question that I can’t answer is whether a court called upon to consider or advise a jury on potential adverse inferences from the exercise of the executive communications privilege would apply the Fifth Amendment privilege rule or the trending attorney-client privilege rule.  And the practical question is whether the missing witness negative inference would be outcome determinative for any trier of fact (either the House members in framing and approving the charges) or the Senate members (in voting on conviction).

    Finally, and a diversion, in considering the missing witness negative inference rule, I was reminded of the famous country ballad (famous, but not very old as folk ballads go) Long Black Veil.  Basically, in this case, there was a missing witness that could have saved the defendant with an alibi, but alas the defendant did not call that witness for reasons having nothing to do with privilege.  In this case, the missing witness would have testified favorably to the defendant (at least favorably in terms of his guilt or innocence of the crime charged), but the trier of fact did not know about the missing witness and thus made no inference one way or the other.

    The Long Black Veil
    Johnny Cash Version (YouTube here)

    Ten years ago, on a cold dark night
    Someone was killed, 'neath the town hall light
    There were few at the scene, but they all agreed
    That the slayer who ran, looked a lot like me

    The judge said son, what is your alibi
    If you were somewhere else, then you won't have to die
    I spoke not a word, thou it meant my life
    For I'd been in the arms of my best friend's wife

    She walks these hills in a long black veil
    She visits my grave when the night winds wail
    Nobody knows, nobody sees
    Nobody knows but me

    Oh, the scaffold is high and eternity's near
    She stood in the crowd and shed not a tear
    But late at night, when the north wind blows
    In a long black veil, she cries ov're my bones

    She walks these hills in a long black veil
    She visits my grave when the night winds wail
    Nobody knows, nobody sees
    Nobody knows but me

    Apple dublează producţia de AirPods Pro din China pentru a ţine pasul cu cererea (Accesorii)


    Căştile din seria AirPods s-au dovedit a fi un succes răsunător pentru Apple, atât clienţii săi, cât şi cei care folosesc alte telefoane alegând aceste căşti true wireless faţă de alte modele, de multe ori chiar mai ieftine. Se pare însă că pentru sezonul de sărbători, Apple a subestimat cererea, iar acum compania cere partenerilor din Asia să crească semnificativ producţia atât pentru modelele standard, care sunt mai ieftine, cât şi pentru noile căşti premium AirPods Pro.

    Conform Nikkei Asian Review, Apple a transmis partenerilor care furnizează componente şi celor care se ocupă de asamblare să crească imediat producţia. Pentru modelul AirPods Pro, care este produs de Luxshare-ICT în China, Apple a cerut ca producţia de 1 milion de unităţi pe lună să fie dublată la 2 milioane pentru perioada următoare. Modelul AirPods 2 cu carcasă wireless este în schimb asamblat în Vietnam în cadrul fabricilor GoerTek. În acest caz, creşterea comenzilor nu este atât de mare, însă este totuşi ridicată faţă de cât erau produse în mod obilnuit.

    Cei care doresc să cumpere acum AirPods Pro în multe dintre ţările în care sunt disponibile, trebuie să aştepte chiar şi o lună pentru livrare, întrucât stocurile se epuizează imediat ce acestea devin disponibile. Nu te-ai aştepta ca o pereche de căşti de 270 de euro să fie atât de căutate, însă se pare că funcţionalitatea în plus precum anulare a zgomotului ambiental şi noul design au fost de ajuns pentru a atrage noi clienţi, cât şi clienţi mai vechi care sunt dispuşi să facă un upgrade.

    Bloomberg spune că se aşteaptă ca până la finalul acestui an, Apple să vândă peste 60 de milioane de unităţi AirPods. Această categorie de produse este cea care creşte cel mai repede dintre produsele din portofoliul companiei, fiind aşteptate 80 de milioane de unităţi vândute anul viitor, cu un potenţial de a creşte în timp la 200 de milioane de unităţi anual.



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    Articol original - Apple dublează producţia de AirPods Pro din China pentru a ţine pasul cu cererea, de pe site-ul


    Bill Hagerty guess speaker at First Tuesday, Dec. 3rd.

    From Tim Skow:

    When we meet on Tuesday, December 3rd, Tennessee will be just 8 mere months from selecting our NEXT US Senator.
    [yes, the winner of the August Republican primary will be Tennessee's next Senator ! ]

    On Tuesday, DEC 3 we will hear from US Senate candidate BILL HAGERTY. 
    Ambassador Hagerty is the former TN Commissioner of ECD and until this summer was the Ambassador to Japan. 
    Bill Hagerty
    Amb. Hagerty is a man with an incredible record in both the private sector and while in public service. And as many of you know, President Trump announced his support before Ambassador Hagerty had even left his role in the Orient. 
    More about Amb. Hagerty is available at his website: www.Meet Bill - Bill Hagerty for U.S. Senate

    Many Tennesseans have yet to spend much time getting to know Amb. Hagerty. December 3 at 1ST TUESDAY will be your up close opportunity to get to know him and ask him directly about what you care about the most !  Make your plans and pass the word !
    We expect a BIG crowd for this lunch event at Waller Law. 

    As usual, its still $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. 
    Secure seating for you and your Guests ASAP via our website shopping cart !

    Tim Skow
    Host of 1ST TUESDAY


    Digital Talkback: Reader insights on Georgia's U.S. Senate appointment

    On Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's hesitation to appoint President Donald Trump's choice to the U.S. Senate"Big mistake Gov. Kemp. When you turn on your base, you always lose." -- Gerald Murray on Facebook"Good for Governor Kemp!! Support him 100%!!!" -- Linda Morgan Johnson on Facebook"Standing up to Trump's idiocy has consequences. You know that." -- Marcus Baumgartner on FacebookTrump "just tried to help out and look what happened - so go ahead and [...]

    Vox Populi: 'The more I listen to the world news, the more I love my dog'

    Vox Populi is the voice of the people. Contact or 912-525-0869. “I wish the newspaper would publish all the addresses of local representatives in the Senate, House of Representatives and governor's office.” “Let's do away with four-year colleges and send everybody out to California for a while. They know everything out there, don’t they?” “The more I listen to the world [...]

    Dino Melaye: Rise and fall of social media king

    Senator Dino Melaye, finally on 30 November lost his bid to return to the Senate, beaten by his arch rival, Smart Adeyemi of the All Progressives Congress. Here is the story of the ousted senator, as a social media warrior

    United States: U.S. Senators Urge Changes To Testing Requirements Under USDA Interim Final Rule For Hemp Program - Duane Morris LLP

    When the United States Department of Agriculture released the interim final rule for the hemp program in October 2019, many stakeholders—including businesses and state agencies

    Governors oppose death penalty for hate speech offenders

    Nigeria Governors’ Forum has opposed the death penalty proposed for hate speech offenders by the Senate.Speaking at the end of the meeting of the governors in Abuja on Wednesday night, NGF vice-chairman and Sokoto State governor, Aminu

    Georgia on My Mind


    by Linda Goudsmit December 1, 2019

    Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is poised to select Kelly Loeffler to replace Georgia’s retiring Republican Senator Johnny Isakson. Kemp’s choice has provoked vehement opposition from conservative Georgians and the White House. Why is Kemp’s choice so controversial?

    For starters, President Trump helped Kemp get elected, and POTUS has made [...]


    I knew the patterns for it which was easy


    gas tax would be among highest in nation

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    dog dildo This study follows previous research presented at the American College of Cardiology annual session last week. Dr. Michael Miedema and his colleagues found that women who ate eight to nine servings of fruit and vegetables in their 20s were 40% less likely to have dangerous plaque in their arteries in their 40s.. dog dildo

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    dildo It smells just like chocolate syrup. I got my Chocolate Fantasy in Chocolate Strawberry, but I cannot smell anything strawberry in it. I expected to be able to smell and taste the strawberry portion of it, but did not in the least. Another definition of normal is "conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type or social norm; not abnormal," which I think is more often what a lot of people are concerned about with sexuality. But that's also problematic. What's a social norm? More specifically, how big is the social group making that a norm? For anyone making a norm, what's their criteria in doing so? How broad has their study been on what everyone does/is/feels, if they've done any real study at all? Why are they saying something is normal: is it because they really think it is, or just because they badly want it, or themselves, to be? Are they saying something is normal in order to educate and inform people to earnestly help better their lives, or to try and control people for their own benefit? What about the fact that so often, people who are loudest about what is or should be "normal" are people for whom that given standard isn't even what's normal for them? (I'm talking to you Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Mark Foley and all the myriad folks out there like you.). dildo

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    g spot vibrator I don remember the guy name, but we were chatting with one of their employees who told us a funny road rage story. Some guy got pissed at him in traffic, decided to start following him. All the way to the parking lot at the range. You are abusing me?Your language and attitude is far more severe than anything you could pretend I wrote. It was my opinion (I am entitled to it right?) That you, take your "jobs" too seriously. That must have really offended you. g spot vibrator

    horse dildo For the past 4 days my girlfriend has had flu like symptoms and a yeast infection. She has been tired, has been able to eat just fine but gets nauseous if jostled. She's also had a dry vagina. How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home."I've tried using them before but I always have to repeatedly explain to everyone who just will not listen why I'm using them, what they mean and all while wondering why they're so difficult to learn when there are actually less than half the amount of words that are used if you insist on gendered pronouns. This friend of mine repeatedly said "they sound like German and a publisher won't accept them if you submit a piece with them in." At this point I wanted to curl up in bed and not talk to them until they left.Isla, 'they' doesn't always work for some expressions for instance, 'Emily thinks that they want to ski' isn't grammatically correct, because the third person singular part of the verb (wants) should be used for Emily. However, if 'wants' was used, that would disagree with the third person plural pronoun 'they'.In fact, a solution for this specific problem doesn't exist in English (if it does, I've framed the problem wrongly; there's definitely at least one instance for which there's no solution). horse dildo

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    Adult Toys I actually have a copy and permission to publish it through Scarleteen, but have not yet gotten to do that yet. I'm sorry I don't have it up for you online, but I will have it here for everyone soon. My suggestion would be that you look at some of the books a bit down the page I have suggested for you to read for yourself vibrators, and also to trust your own understanding of your sister which is clearly exceptional and just pick and choose what you want to use. Adult Toys

    vibrators But the reverberations of the larger movement have spread much further. Women from political parties and youth groups like La Campora have started reporting sexual aggression to blogs, social media and press outlets. The main content producer of Argentine television, Pol Ka, has committed itself to incorporating a protocol for giving assistance in cases of sexual harassment and abuse. vibrators

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    sex toys There is a bullet that comes with the sleeve. It is placed in a hole just under the tongue area. The bullet is about 2 3/4" long and is 3/4" diameter. My point is, Factorio is the gaming equivalent to black tar heroin. I wanted to be better than bots and sometimes I was. I knew the patterns for it which was easy, but then I started to recognize map pieces and just knew where to go. sex toys

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    dog dildo Its actually not false, they produce that exact compound lol. This exact metabolite/compound is found across all of the steroids I listed above:you can look all of this up even if you don have a background/education in this stuff (I was a pharmacist/am a scientist, so this is my area of expertise drug metabolism). You can see, however, how unscientific and biased they are in this document, which is crazy because its supposed to be a neutral analysis of the test results but they are putting straight lies and spinning the situation, like about the sensitivity of mass spec and what a picogram is "one trillionth of a gram" lol like that matters in someone diluting their piss sample lmaoWolf 359 would probably resulted in numerous and early promotions dog dildo.


    When returning to the rest of the game


    old baby awaits sentencing for criminal negligence causing death

    Realistic Dildo It the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church especially that have come down hard on Masonry. I think an active Mason is not suppose to participate in Mass. There have been several bulls or edicts condemning us. As a sexual person, you have every right to be able to safely express yourself and be able to masturbate.Also, please keep in mind that everyone masturbates differently. Because our bodies are so different, something that might feel good to one person might not feel so awesome for someone else. It's all about what feels good to you and what you enjoy. Realistic Dildo

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    vibrators So 1980. Looks like folks will soon have to find something else to use as a doorstop. Phone books were once an essential and handy source of information. Overall I really enjoyed this. Thought it was a lot more hard hitting and interesting than the first one. It not perfect but I hope it doesn drop too hard at the BO because of the reviews. vibrators

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    wholesale vibrators After a stint with software program Cubase, Collier got his hands on a copy of Apple's Logic for his eleventh birthday, and soon the young prodigy morphed into an ever curious sound connoisseur, tapping on surfaces and rolling marbles across the floor to incorporate domestic found sounds into early demo recordings. "That's what makes the homemade bedroom [recording] thing so 'characterful,' that you're feeding off your environment," he explained to me. "That this is your world vibrators, you're in the world in which you're creating things and you essentially end up describing the things around you. wholesale vibrators

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    Adult Toys Which may as well be pointless because that just divides the nation harder.Politically speaking Trump is dead in the water. The midterms really highlighted that. He won recover from it. It's much more open, and has always been so since the beginning. We talk much more, and have more open, frank discussions about everything, including sexual health, what we like, what might not feel so good, that we should get tested again.I am thinking condoms, used with a more mature outlook (I can't keep hating myself for one mistake for the rest of my life, even if I do regret it!) and buying EC to keep at home incase the condom splits, might be the best option vibrators, due to my concerns about infections and hormonal interferance? I also worry about the build up of hormones in my body can it really be good to take the pill for years on end? etc.He gets tested regularly due to the nature of his work (laboratory based), and I was tested in my last relationship (clear) and am going to be tested again soon. He's also going to be tested again to be sure.I'm sorry this is such a mammoth post, but I think it's important I consider the options. Adult Toys

    sex toys Virginity isn't physical or medical: it's a cultural or personal idea. Different people who subscribe to the idea of virginity will tend to define it in different ways, and with any of those definitions, there may or may not be anything physically different between a person who does or does not consider themselves to be a virgin. A good doctor whose job is to be the advocate for their patient, not their patient's parent should make that clear, and also make clear that what your mother has going on is a family issue, not a doctor's.. sex toys

    dildo The president replaced Ms. Yates with Dana J. Boente, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, saying that he would serve as attorney general until Congress acts to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Love is to win a contest and share the pleasure with your partner or have a well deserved amazing solo play!St. Valentine is a meaningful day for those who love and those who are loved, even if you love affair is currently with yourself. Whether you are happily single or happy in a relationship, join us to have some fun. dildo

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    wholesale dildos Former Gov. Tom Corbett signed the new law back in February, 2012, and it was soon challenged by local towns wanting to maintain control over where fracking for natural gas could take place. In December, 2013, the Supreme Court ruled in a plurality decision that portions of the law, including one that restricted local zoning rights, was unconstitutional. wholesale dildos

    vibrators Starting with a rural Iowa location, Wal Mart plans a pilot operation for this new sales effort over the summer. The new store within the store, referred to as the "Home Pleasure" department, will feature vibrators and dildoes at reduced prices. The store reportedly will offer the wildly popular Martha Stewart "Prison" line of vibrators in addition to its regular offerings.. vibrators

    Realistic Dildo Just like the name suggests, this dildo is for those who are looking for extreme stretching. If you haven't tried anything near this large in the past, I recommend starting off with a slightly smaller girth and work up. This one really is for males or females who desire the fullness of a large realistically feeling dildo. Realistic Dildo

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    wholesale vibrators In this list, we'll hear from some of the great stride players. Of course, in a five song list, we can't include all the greats, though we do manage to squeeze six pianists into five songs. So if you're a stride fan, be sure to leave a comment about some of your favorites so that we can all dig a little deeper into this delightful music.. wholesale vibrators

    horse dildo It hard as hell to meet people these days, especially if you not into bars. And anyone who tells you to join a class or a group in order to meet people fails to realize that if your ulterior motive is romance or fucking, you bring with you the creep line into what supposed to be a casual setting. Nobody likes that.. horse dildo

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    vibrators This is the United States, and people have the freedom of speech, press and expression to justly slam a stupid show when it appears on the air and is an embarrassment to an entire region. Bravo should cancel this stupid show, and all of its stupid "housewife" shows today, effective immediately, for the good and betterment of intelligence and society. It's one thing to be a legitimate critic and quite another to attack someone personally and with malice and damage their business by mischaracterizing it. vibrators

    Realistic Dildo All things considered, while I don't feel like this sounds like a healthy relationship to be in, if you are going to choose to stay in it vibrators, I feel his getting therapy of his own and both of you having it together, as well, needs to be an absolute requirement. I also think his acknowledging these behaviors ARE abusive and need to be changes ASAP is, too. If both those things don't happen, at best I see things continuing like this, and at worst vibrators, escalating to more or other kinds of abuse.. Realistic Dildo

    dildo My problem is, my mom seems to think I her angelic, virginal teenager. (I one of five kids) She doesn know I dating or that I not a virgin. Before I go away to college, I like to come clean to her. These threats now come after we will not respond to your threats of suicide and needing me to stop your seizures, which I never saw physical documented proof you even had or took medication for. So these new claims that I'm harboring your stuff is bull. They are sex toys. dildo

    dildos If you are not well, it does not mean you have to rush to the doctor immediately. A lot of information regarding minor illnesses and ailments can be found on the web. But one should not wait for things to get out of hands before consulting a doctor, as he is the one with the best advice and a proper prescription for your infirmity.. dildos

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    dildo Niagara on the Lake is perhaps best known for the Shaw Festival, a live theater festival that runs from April through December; and if you go during that time, you have a selection of 13 plays to choose from. But even if you not into theater (or wine), there still plenty more to do. McLaren recommended visiting the Fort George Historic Site to be right back to the War of 1812, tasting some world famous fudge at Maple Leaf Fudge and the senses at the Neob Niagara lavender festival. dildo

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    wholesale sex toys Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead(And I really am so very excited for you. There is also plenty going on during the holidays on Long Island. kicks off the fall season with haunted hay rides, spook walks, and jack o lantern carving then reminds us to show our thanks and gratitude. Christmas brings about twinkling holiday light displays and big Christmas tree lightings while New Year brings lots of lively parties and end of year celebrations. wholesale sex toys

    animal dildo Realistically speaking it not like it something that can be stopped. Subs like r/bonehurtingjuice are still mostly true to their original intent, despite a huge number of users. I imagine it a combination of moderation tactics and just how specific a sub is. animal dildo

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    wholesale dildos Why is this happening now?The states in question, whose legislatures are dominated by the Republican Party, have pursued years of tax cuts and cuts to public services. Teachers, parents and students have noticed the impact of budget cuts on the classroom, whether it is a four day school week in rural Oklahoma or canceled drama classes in Tulsa. When educators saw West Virginia teachers win a raise last month after a daring strike, they realized more radical tactics might work in their states vibrators, too.. wholesale dildos

    dildo Just renewed for another 6. Being specialist, and working to e publication timelines, they can crack bigger stories faster (eg they were first to report Triple 8 moving to Holden, A1GP for Gold Coast Indy etc) and have content noone else has. And it costs less than any of my old school magazine subs. dildo

    animal dildo This set is really adorable. I own the pink/yellow set and the colors are cute as hell together. They're not quite as vibrant as shown in the promo picture vibrators, but they're still pretty bright and work well together. In /r/clashroyale the person(s) responsible for the /u/clashroyale account make like a couple of comments each month, half of them being "we are working on it" while the other half consists of compliments for users artworks.Like, wtf? Supercell creates a "Dear Community, We Do Care" post, in which hundreds of people ask questions regarding the update and they simply abandoned their own post the second they published it? Like vibrators, hundreds of these questions remain unanswered while the next day "Drew" congratulates another user for his artwork.As I said, this is not supposed to be a rant in any way, but I really curious on why the "Community Manager" actually isn managing the community and why content creators such as CWA deliver more answers to open questions than Supercell does.This is especially weird considering that they closed their official Supercell forum for Clash Royale, so they can "focus" on Reddit. Can really spot the focus here thoughThe Clash Royale team has a bad habit of shutting the community out. The official Clash Royale forums were shut down about a year ago (none of the other Supercell game forums were) because one of the previous community managers preferred Reddit and never looked at the forums animal dildo.


    I was going to toss out everything else


    pigslam comments on russia begins testing underwater nuclear weapon and

    wholesale vibrators But I still find him attractive, obviously or we wouldn't be in a relationship. The problem is, I can't figure out why I am not sexually excited by a perfect guy who I find physically appealing. He is a bit submissive in bed which may also contribute to my lack of excitement becasue I feel like I'm the dominating one. wholesale vibrators

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    When Kevin Willmottstepped into a University of Kansas classroom wearing a bulletproof vest, his students immediately fellsilent.Willmott said that when students and staff members returnedto University of Kansas campus in Lawrence last month, he wanted to let them know exactly where he stands on the gun issue.As he walked into the room on the first day of class, he said that there was"an audible hush.""One of the things I told them was, 'Youtry to ignore that I'm wearing a bulletproof vest, and I'll try to ignore that you could be packing a.44 Magnum,' " he said.Willmott,59, a professorof film and media studies, said in an interview that hedoes not fear his students but is convinced that concealed carry on campuses is "a crazy idea.""We've seen what happened in these horrible incidents at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech and a bunch of places around the country," Willmott told The Washington Post. "And I don't think it's the students' job to turn into Rambo to try to take on somebody that might be out to do us harm.""The whole idea is just insane, and it can only lead to bad things," he added.[ Guns go to college: Everything you need to know about campus carry ]Campus carry has been a contentious issue at colleges and universities in multiple states, where students and faculty have protested similar gun policies. Students at the University of Texas at Austin, for example, attended a demonstration last year armed with sex toys instead of firearms, to fight "absurdity." At that same school, an economics professor emeritus quit, telling university officials: "Out of self protection, I have chosen to spend part of next Fall at the University of Sydney, where, among other things, this risk seems lower."People were also debating the issue in Kansas last year ahead of the law's implementation at state colleges and universities."When a gun is in a school and harm is meant, there is only one thing that is going to stop that and that is another gun," state Sen.

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    dildo Republicans are losing the public relations battle on their tax cut bills. While a tax bill cleared the House last week, several Senate Republicans appear skeptical of their chamber's version. And polls show that Americans are much more opposed to the GOP's tax effortthan supportive a fact that has to be weighing on those same wavering Senate Republicans.. dildo

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    wholesale dildos My Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping came to me in a clear plastic bag with the bottle clearly visible. The front of the bottle is pretty straight forward dildos, it states the product name dildos, that it is the Chocolate Strawberry version and that the bottle contains 8 fl. Oz. wholesale dildos

    Adult Toys Only once have I been able to do that with something other than that which we colonials usually hear this side of the pond. Years ago, at work, I had been discussing details of product availability with a customer. My back to the shop's open door when a magnificent growl passed. Adult Toys

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    sex toys OK, we all love John Hughes (don't try to deny it), but even die hard Ducky fans like me have to admit that Hughes movies are populated with cardboard cutouts, traced in nuance free black and white. Rainbow Rowell's latest novel takes some familiar elements and pops them into glorious 3 D. Eleanor and Park meet on the school bus she's a defiantly weird poor girl (a redhead, no less!) from a broken family, he's a solidly middle class son of a veteran and his Korean wife (no Long Duk Dong here). sex toys

    vibrators "I get to have casual sex with a variety of people, and I get to do things that I never would have been able to do in my personal life. You can't print some of the things I do. Well, maybe you can say gangbangs. Good morning. Region dildos, commuters are bracing for a messy commute and there are signs that last week's epic bad commute is on the minds of many officials. On Monday, the federal government announced that employees could take unscheduled leave or telecommute. vibrators

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    g spot vibrator So I really liked the footage. However for the content. It seems a little dense. If you are a first timer dildos, and plump for Tuscany, be sure to look beyond Chianti, between Florence and Siena, which is often densely wooded. There are few towns, and long journeys on twisting roads to key historic centres. Rather, it is the Val d'Orcia, south ofSiena, that has the best of the region's classic landscapes.. g spot vibrator

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    gay sex toys I also think as a follower of dharmic religions we are only hurting us when we don't speak about our identity. How many Sikhs and Hindus have been killed because people think they are Muslims? How many Muslims have been killed because of islamaphobic incidents in the west? It's 2 different numbers. When people think of Muslims they think of dark skinned brown people which most Indians are. gay sex toys

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    Put our best efforts and resources where it really counts. Expulsion? Not enough. Once we start dealing with these children and their parents in a no nonsense way (criminal charges) maybe we'll get better results. When she had woken up again, it was a lot darker. She had checked the watch her father had given her for her birthday, pressing the little button on the side that made the face of the watch light up. The watch had made her feel like a grownup, and she had worn it everywhere..

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    vibrators People did the work on their house and upkeep themselves. People did not buy a fancy new car as often. Most people would just be straight up honest and say they couldn afford it and live without it. Director Atom Egoyan, who wrote the screenplay, first conceived of the story in the fall of 1992, intrigued by the ritualistic nature of table dances and the rule that clients can not touch the dancers, envisioning a story of a dancer having a main customer. He believed a strip club could be an important setting for a film because of society's sexual obsessions, and the roles of such clubs as "a collective sexual outlet". While wanting to portray the clubs accurately dildos, he also believed he could bring a skeptical perspective. vibrators

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    This impeachment drive is a huge political bust for Democrats

    Impeachment is a political process. And judging the process strictly on political grounds, the impeachment of President Trump hasn’t been a success for Democrats. After all, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff haven’t gotten any closer to convincing a single Senate Republican to remove the president. It’s highly probable that a Senate trial...

    Contro-manovra di FDI. Marea umana a Bologna con la Meloni


    Una legge di Bilancio senza progettualità a cui Fratelli d’Italia non propone una contromanovra ma una alternativa capace di rispondere ai problemi e ai bisogni degli italiani incentrata sugli aiuti alle famiglie, meno tasse, tutela a imprese e Made in Italy. È questa la sintesi che emeryr dall’EuropAditorium di Bologna dove il Gruppo al Senato […]

    L'articolo Contro-manovra di FDI. Marea umana a Bologna con la Meloni proviene da La Voce del Patriota.


    Hong Kong, Meloni: da ambasciata cinese dichiarazioni intollerabili, Di Maio convochi immediatamente ambasciatore


    «Intollerabili le dichiarazioni del portavoce dell’Ambasciata cinese in Italia sull’iniziativa organizzata ieri in Senato, anche da Fratelli d’Italia, con Joshua Wong, uno dei leader della protesta di Hong Kong. Siamo allibiti dall’arroganza e dalla sfrontatezza con le quali la rappresentanza diplomatica di Pechino si è permessa di censurare l’iniziativa di alcuni parlamentari italiani definendola “irresponsabile”. […]

    L'articolo Hong Kong, Meloni: da ambasciata cinese dichiarazioni intollerabili, Di Maio convochi immediatamente ambasciatore proviene da La Voce del Patriota.


    Hong Kong. Urso (FdI): attendiamo nota MAE a tutela prerogative Parlamento


    “Ci aspettiamo una nota ufficiale del Ministero degli Esteri a tutela delle prerogative del Parlamento italiano. Se hanno osato tanto è perché pensano che l’Italia sia ormai sottomessa”. È quanto ha scritto su Twitter il senatore di Fratelli d’Italia Adolfo Urso, promotore della iniziativa violentemente censurata dall’Ambasciata cinese.

    L'articolo Hong Kong. Urso (FdI): attendiamo nota MAE a tutela prerogative Parlamento proviene da La Voce del Patriota.


    quod “Agnus Bellunii” Est Episcopi, itemque parocho a munere pastorali maxime typicam odor capta est ovium: odor stercore. Hic pessimus stercore, quod etiam satanica inverters: peto ab eis qui peccant in Christo et in ecclesia beat excremento, qui diligunt illum, serves ad captiones aufugiamus, et defendit a malo

    - Ecclesia nuntium - "Meretrix Bellunii 'qui charactere episcopali polleat sicut visitat pastor est ovium odor prodire typicam Cate MORE: Odor EXCREMENTUM. Ob quae pessimum id EXCREMENTUM, Quod retro SATANIC: Senatum populi Ecclesiae, qui per offendiculum […]

    Vom Ende der Gesellschaftsrechts-Geschichte


    Sind die Gesellschaftsrechtsgeschichten auserzählt? Ist es das Ende der Gesellschaftsrechts-Geschichte? Das kann man schon mal fragen. Die Beobachtung ist, dass es keine großen Fälle in der Judikatur gibt, die so heftig umstritten sind, dass die ganze Zunft in Aufregung gerät (Stichwort: Holzmüller). Die veröffentlichten Entscheidungen des II. Zivilsenats sind neuerdings sehr üppig begründet, aber es sind auch nur wenige. Und man wird kaum sagen, dass sie zentrale Fragen der Korporationen betreffen. Klar, der Gerichtshof entscheidet über das, was ihm vorgelegt wird. Offenbar mangelt es an geeigneten Fällen. Ein Teil wird, wie immer, bei Schiedsgerichten aufgehoben sein, doch wo ist das übrige Streitmaterial geblieben?

    Blickt man auf die Gesetzgebung, so herrscht völliger Stillstand im Personengesellschaftsrecht (eine Reformkommission tagt …); im …


    Senate Democrats Reveal Comprehensive Privacy Bill

    On November 26, 2019, Senate Commerce Committee Member Maria Cantwell (WA), alongside Senators Brian Schatz (HI), Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Ed Markey (MA), unveiled a new comprehensive federal privacy bill entitled the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act. Continue Reading

    Talent Acquisition Coordinator | Geisinger

    CAMP HILL, Pennsylvania, JOB TITLE:   Talent Acquisition Coordinator LOCATION: Senate House, Camp Hill, PA DEPARTMENT:   Human Resources WORK SCHEDULE: Days  No Weekends or Holidays W ORK TYPE: Full Time &#

    San Diego's controversial 9th Circuit pick heads for Senate vote


    Patrick Bumatay is confirmed by Senate Judiciary Committee as part of admittedly 'odd case'


    1953 HR Draft

    Pick Team Player 1 Saint Louis Browns 2B Carol Lindsay 2 Milwaukee Braves 2B Arnold Nicholson 3 Boston Red Sox RF Thomas Hinojosa 4 New York Giants P Thomas Job 5 Philadelphia Athletics P Quyleen Coon 6 Chicago Cubs SS Scott Edwards 7 Detroit Tigers C Gregory Howard 8 Cincinnati Reds P Robert Frechette 9 New York Yankees 10 Pittsburgh Pirates 11 Cleveland Indians 12 Saint Louis Cardinals 13 Washington Senators 14 Philadelphia Phillies 15 Brooklyn Dodgers 16 Chicago White Stockings

    Politicians have come a long way on climate since 2016. Are voters ready?

    Story 353181695

    This story was originally published by Slate and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

    As much as I try to forget it, one of the enduring moments of the 2016 election was Hillary Clinton, in her speech accepting the Democratic nomination for president, deploying “I believe in science” as a laugh line. It was supposed to be humorous because the thought of a president who had said climate change was a Chinese hoax still felt ludicrous. Three years and so many terrible environmental decisions later, it feels a lot less funny. This election cycle, though, Democratic candidates have advanced from where Clinton was in 2016. They’re finally speaking cogently, compellingly, and gravely about the threat we face and the urgency with which we ought to act.

    One of the more surprising themes of the past few years has been the mainstreaming of worry over climate change, thanks to the work of scientists, activists, journalists, and, due to our new normal of floods and fires, lived experience. It’s increasingly considered an urgent issue among the Democratic base: Data for Progress ranks climate change as the second most important priority, topped only by beating President Donald Trump, while Pew Research puts it third in terms of issues for Dems. Former candidate Jay Inslee centered his entire short-lived primary campaign on the idea that addressing climate change was the most important action any president could hope to take in 2020. Voters’ interest and candidates’ prioritization seem to have worked together to make climate a focus in many of the Democratic debates so far. According to Vox, climate change ranks fourth in terms of time spent on topics (after health care, immigration, and racial equality), with about 45 minutes devoted to it total before the November debate.

    All of this adds up to a remarkable departure from years past, when climate has been so overlooked that environmental journalists essentially made a minibeat out of tracking how little time presidential debates spent on the topic. (In the previous five cycles, 37 minutes and 6 seconds of prime time, general-election debate time was spent on climate change, out of some 1,500 aired minutes.) It’s hard for the counters to break the habit. Even following Wednesday night’s debates, in which climate came up naturally multiple times (better, I think, given the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the topic), there were still confused takes lamenting the lack of time devoted to the subject.

    There’s something frustrating about how the candidates are talking about climate change, but you can’t measure it in debate minutes. It’s certainly a relief that we’ve moved on from the years when debating climate change was the time for certain candidates to demonstrate their scientific bona fides and explain the greenhouse gas effect. We’ve finally turned the corner: During Wednesday’s debate, climate change was a business, health, and infrastructure problem, highlighting how much it now weaves through so many aspects of American politics, from housing to natural disasters to the refugee crisis. It is no longer an abstraction but something connected to human needs. Our understanding of this makes obvious why addressing it is a political priority.

    But the rapid nature of the turn has left us a bit lost, too. Years of debating health care have left even casual observers with strong feelings on “Medicare for All” and individual mandates. Climate is trickier: Candidates are attempting to detail their plans to curb emissions, but our current lack of existing legislation on this means only those extremely steeped in climate policy are positioned to effectively judge their strategies. (Grist has a very thorough look at every 2020 candidate’s climate policy. It is, by no fault of theirs, an incredible amount of information to parse.) We can slice through the debate chatter in which everyone promises climate action matters to them to understand how the plans compare on a relative spectrum (Senator Bernie Sanders’ and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s are, unsurprisingly, the most ambitious), but two scary questions still hang over everything: Will any of these plans become law? And: Will it be enough?

    I think this second question is what the debate-timers really want to know. Before he dropped out in August, Inslee had pushed for an entire debate focused solely on climate, a reasonable enough strategy to up expectations and set standards. The Democratic National Committee refused to grant this request, but others were happy to. Since the DNC rules bar the candidates from participating in traditional debate-style forums they don’t approve, we ended up with events like September’s “Climate Crisis Town Hall,” where 10 candidates took turns individually fielding questions from a moderator on CNN. The whole thing took seven hours. The candidates were able to get very specific about climate policies thanks to the format, but the ratings were terrible.

    In early November, another attempt was made at a climate-focused forum. The Weather Channel, along with the journalistic collaboration Climate Desk, released an hourlong climate-focused special featuring several presidential candidates called “Race to Save the Planet.” (Slate contributes to Climate Desk but did not participate in this project.) Perhaps learning from CNN, the hosts did not even attempt to allow all the candidates their own time to describe their plans. Instead, the special makes somewhat ruthless use of the interviews toward presenting the case that climate change is happening and costing Americans dearly, and therefore requires action. It was not dissimilar from what’s been happening on the Democratic primary debate stage — this mainstreaming of climate action as a political necessity — and it’s also of a piece with a larger ongoing project of the Weather Channel’s. For years now, it has been quietly and methodically including climate change in its coverage of the weather, while also investing in big-picture projects that attempt to explain the breadth of the problem to its often very-center-of-the-road audience. (Its “United States of Climate Change” feature, for example, takes pains to have one story for every state.)

    One interesting thing about the special, relevant to the question of how climate legislation could ever pass: It featured eight presidential candidates, three of them Republicans. On the Democratic side, there was Sanders, Warren, Senator Cory Booker, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Senator Kamala Harris. (Beto O’Rourke participated before he dropped out of the race, so his portion was cut. Former Vice President Joe Biden, like Trump, was invited but declined to participate.) And then it had Republican primary challengers Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford. (Sanford dropped out of the race in mid-November, after the special had already aired.)

    Why would Republican candidates, even long-shot Republican candidates, show up for such a thing? I think it’s because they realize they ought to. Their voters are starting to care. Since 2016, most Americans, almost always more than 65 percent, have told Gallup that they know climate change is happening and that most scientists agree on this fact. By some counts the percentage is even higher — a survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication suggests 73 percent of registered voters think it’s happening, and 63 percent are worried about it. The situation is still split along partisan lines, as you might expect. Gallup divides respondents into three groups: “concerned believers,” “mixed middle,” and “cool skeptics”; 77 percent of Democrats are “concerned believers” while 52 percent of Republicans are “cool skeptics.” But as the Yale study points out, “Worry about global warming has increased among liberal/moderate Republicans by 15 percentage points since May 2017 and by seven points among conservative Republicans since October 2017.” Part of this shift may be thanks to younger voters. One survey found that 77 percent of Republicans younger than 38 think climate change is a serious threat — compared with 76 percent of Democrats in the same category.

    That’s not to say this is anywhere close to simple. Even as acceptance of global warming has grown among Republican voters, Republican lawmakers, seemingly enabled by Trump’s outlandish positions, have only grown more opposed to taking action on climate change. According to the League of Conservation Voters, elected Republican officials now vote against environmental legislation 95 percent of the time (this divergence has only sprung up in the past couple of decades). As the Guardian further points out, there might be a simple explanation for this: “Data collected by the transparency group OpenSecrets shows donations from oil and gas interests were split relatively evenly between the parties until the 2000s,” Guardian reporter Oliver Milman writes. “By the 2018 election cycle, 87 percent of industry contributions went to Republicans, with the proportion in the 2020 cycle, which is yet to be completed, reaching a record 89 percent.”

    This underscores the real divide between the parties. It’s not so much that one believes in science and the other doesn’t. Not accepting the science on climate change has become so untenable that even Charles Koch has ostensibly reversed course. (Even Trump isn’t really a denialist. Instead, as the Atlantic’s Robinson Meyer smartly explained in a recent piece, it’s more useful to understand Trump as a carbonist, a person who thinks, for no good reason, that burning fossil fuels is basically macho and therefore good.) But it’s becoming ever clearer that the divide is basically that one party is willing to act to help the people who will suffer through the crisis and the other is aligned with companies hoping to keep on making money off it. The question is whether the latter will remain an option for the Republican Party.

    To answer that question, it’s instructive to look back to what sparked the environmental movement of the 1960s and ’70s, prompting the bipartisan creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. The story starts with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, serialized in the New Yorker in 1962, which explained how pollution, and particularly the insecticide DDT, was leeching into the natural world, weakening birds’ egg shells to the point that they couldn’t reproduce. America’s national bird, the bald eagle, was existentially threatened. And then — the story goes — the Cuyahoga River caught on fire, the photos went the 1969 version of viral (they were published in Time magazine and National Geographic), and the environmental movement was born. There were Earth Day protests in every city. Even Richard Nixon had to get on board.

    The story is only partially right. By 1969, the Cuyahoga River, and other rivers around America, had been catching fire because of pollution for years. In fact, the infamous Time magazine photo was actually taken during another fire — in 1952. What happened in 1969 was that people were ready to act on what they were seeing, instead of dismissing or ignoring it. They had been primed by the years of activists ringing alarm bells. It wasn’t so much that the image of the fire woke people up — it was that the image of the fire finally tipped people over into action.

    It feels like we could be on the cusp of an analogous situation now. Yes, it’s all made harder by the years of disinformation from fossil fuel companies that has been reinforced by the right, and yes, America is also facing a perplexing set of existential problems with regard to representative democracy in Washington. But we’ve also had years of alarm bell ringing and patient explanation. And we’ve had years of climate-linked catastrophe, years of stories about the climate-exacerbated natural disasters that are destroying people’s homes and lives with increasing frequency and furor. Democrats sound different when they talk about climate change now. They realize how many of us are finally ready to hear it.

    This story was originally published by Grist with the headline Politicians have come a long way on climate since 2016. Are voters ready? on Dec 1, 2019.


    How indigenous Bolivians lost faith in Evo Morales after the Amazon blaze

    Story 352511548

    Evo Morales, who resigned as president of Bolivia and sought asylum in Mexico amid political turmoil earlier this month, repeatedly proclaimed himself a guardian of “Pachamama,” also known as Mother Earth. But to some indigenous Bolivians, his relationship with the planet is a complicated one.

    Indigenous people form a majority in Bolivia. The two biggest groups, Aymara and Quechua, have roots in the Andean highlands, while the remaining 34 are from the lowlands, an area that includes the Amazon rainforest. As Bolivia’s first indigenous leader — his family is Aymara — Morales vowed to fight for Bolivia’s indigenous communities by amplifying their voices and advocating for their cultural values, including the value of protecting land and nature.

    María José Bejarano De Oliveira, an 18-year-old member of the Chiquitano nation in the eastern lowlands, was one of many indigenous Bolivians who bought Morales’ promises. “Since we were tired of the traditional politicians who governed our country with false promises of substantial changes in social, economic, and cultural aspects that were not kept, the choice was made to believe in the supposed Aymara indigenous leader,” De Oliveira told Grist in Spanish in an email.

    But when it came to the environment —and especially the Amazon — Morales’ actions were at odds with his rhetoric. When raging fires blanketed vast swaths of the Amazon a couple of months ago, much of the world focused on Brazil and its far-right leader, Jair Bolsonaro. But in Bolivia, more than 4.2 million acres of land were up in flames. To many frustrated environmentalists and Bolivians, there was only one person to blame: Evo Morales.

    Morales, a former coca farmer and llama herder, did have many environmental wins during his presidency. In 2010, he hosted a climate change conference in the city of Cochabamba and passed Bolivia’s Law of Mother Earth, the first law in the world to recognize nature’s rights as equal to human rights. He also sponsored a successful U.N. resolution to recognize access to clean water and sanitation as human rights. He even brought forth an ambitious climate pledge for the Paris Agreement.

    “In the first stage of his administration, we thought that he would fulfill his campaign promises to defend the indigenous people of Bolivia and Mother Earth,” said De Oliveira. “But it’s clear that in terms of real-life actions, he didn’t fulfill them.”

    Morales’ image as a defender of Pachamama took a turn in the months before his ouster. In July, a month before the fires began, Morales signed legislation that weakened restrictions on land-clearing fires in the Bolivian Amazon. The law encouraged slashing and burning to create arable land for cattle ranching and soy farming. He even sent “migrant farmers” from his own tribe to occupy the eastern lowlands.

    The move might seem surprising, given his rhetoric on protecting the environment. But Morales had his eye on agribusiness as a means to boost the country’s economy. His government aimed to make Bolivia a global food supplier so that agricultural commodities could join petroleum gas as a key Bolivian export.

    In just a few weeks, farmers and ranchers — through the practice of “controlled burning” — burned nearly 2 million acres of forest in protected reserves. When Bolivia’s dry season arrived in August, the flames got less controlled. Burning and drought are something of a vicious cycle in Bolivia: increased burning restricts the climate’s ability to recycle precipitation, which in turn leads to severe droughts and a heightened risk of disastrous wildfires.

    In early September, protestors took to the streets of Bolivia demanding that Morales declare a national disaster. Some chants even went as far as calling him a “murderer of nature” for not taking immediate action on the fires. Most of the protestors came from indigenous groups living in and near the Amazon. According to one source, who didn’t want to be named for fear of retaliation for himself and his organization, many of the protestors “felt betrayed” by their country’s first indigenous leader.

    Then, in September, when the Amazon was still ablaze, Morales gave a speech at the United Nations General Assembly in front of world leaders, delegates, and the press, expressing his love for Pachamama. “Our house, Mother Earth is our only home, and it is irreplaceable,” he said. “Increasingly, it is suffering from more fires, more floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, and other disasters.”

    Many Bolivians saw hypocrisy. “In practice, his speeches were false and his actions spoke the opposite of his speeches,” said De Oliveira, who was also at the U.N. as a delegate representing the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia.

    Soon after the blazes in the Amazon came Bolivia’s contested presidential election, in which Morales declared victory after an unexplained pause in vote-counting. Protests broke out, and Brazil, the United States, and the European Union urged Bolivia to hold a run-off election, which Morales agreed to. But then the Bolivian military pushed Morales to resign due to political unrest.

    Now that he’s been ousted, indigenous Bolivians find themselves in a different kind of trouble. Jeanine Añez, the right-wing politician who has named herself interim president, has a history of discriminatory statements about indigenous Bolivians. In a 2013 tweet, which has since been deleted, the then-senator said in Spanish, “I dream of a Bolivia free of satanic indigenous rites. The city is not for the Indians who should stay in the highlands or the Chaco!!!”

    Since installing herself as president, Añez has accused Morales of “terrorism” and allowed the nation’s military to open fire at pro-Morales protesters for any cause, leading to dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

    It’s unknown whether the interim administration will fulfill Morales’ climate commitments and environmental policies. Morales always made sure Bolivia was represented at international climate conferences. Bolivia is currently planning to send a delegation to Madrid for the 2019 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, also known as COP25, in early December. But much is in flux in Bolivia at the moment after Añez signed a bill annulling the earlier vote and allowing for new elections.

    All De Oliveira and other indigenous activists know is that they will continue fighting for their rights and for the environment, which they see as intertwined. “We demand that this new transitional government sign commitments” to domestic and international environmental agreements, said De Oliveira. “A solution to the … violations and assaults of our lands should be based on the values and customs of the indigenous people.”

    Eve Andrews assisted with translation for this story.

    This story was originally published by Grist with the headline How indigenous Bolivians lost faith in Evo Morales after the Amazon blaze on Nov 27, 2019.


    Auch bei schweren Straftaten - Bundesverfassungsgericht stärkt Recht auf Vergessen im Internet

    Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hat die Rechte eines Mörders im Zusammenhang mit namentlicher Medienberichterstattung gestärkt. Der Erste Senat gab einer Verfassungsbeschwerde des 1982 wegen Mordes verurteilten Mannes gegen ein Urteil des Bundesgerichtshofs mit einem am Mittwoch veröffentlichten Beschluss statt.

    Post-Thanksgiving Round-Up and Open Thread

    [guest post by JVW] * Fox News reports via the New York Times that Intersectionality Bingo’s team blames My Little Aloha Sweetie for wrecking the California Senator’s campaign, confirming what I have been saying for months. * President Trump, he of the mixed messages, signed the pro-Hong Kong bill which passed through Congress. In response, […]

    Politics Now: Scott Morrison vows to pursue Senate support for reintroduced union bill - The Australian

    1. Politics Now: Scott Morrison vows to pursue Senate support for reintroduced union bill  The Australian
    2. Under fire Hanson defends blocking union laws  Courier Mail
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    Morning mail: Lambie open on medevac, Giuliani's legal jeopardy, apostrophe catastrophe - The Guardian

    1. Morning mail: Lambie open on medevac, Giuliani's legal jeopardy, apostrophe catastrophe  The Guardian
    2. Coalition braces for medevac fight after surprise loss on 'union-busting' bill  SBS News
    3. Final sitting week of the year for Federal Parliament  ABC Local
    4. Jacqui Lambie to meet with the government on medevac repeal  The Guardian
    5. Senate will vote on medevac laws this week  Daily Telegraph
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    Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Baltimore


    Does that scene look familiar? Baltimore is no stranger to the big screen—or to the television set. The city has been the backdrop for many on-screen stories, and also served as a stand-in for New York City and Washington, D.C., among other cities. Below is a selection of recognizable movies and television shows set in Charm City.

    Blockbusters Set In Baltimore

    ”Diner” (1982), “Tin Men” (1987), “Avalon” (1990), and “Liberty Heights” (1999)

    Director Barry Levinson set several films in his hometown of Baltimore. The first was “Diner,” which was filmed in the chrome diner that now sits vacant at 400 East Saratoga Street. The building was a central cast member in the film, and also made appearances in Levinson’s “Tin Men” (1987) and "Avalon" (1990), as well as in Nora Ephron’s “Sleepless in Seattle.”

    Blockbusters Set In Baltimore

    “Pink Flamingos” (1972), “Female Trouble” (1974), “Hairspray” (1988), “Cry-Baby” (1990), Cecil B. Demented (2000), and more

    John Waters grew up and still resides in Baltimore, and it’s where he has set many of his films. An itinerary that traces Waters’ filming locations would be incomplete without the Senator Theatre, which is shown in “Cecil B. Demented” and was where many of Waters’ films premiered, as well as The Avenue (36th Street) in Hampden, where scenes from both “Hairspray” and “Pecker” were filmed. While in Hampden you can take a detour to Atomic Books; Waters receives fan mail through this independent shop—you might catch him picking it up!

    Blockbusters Set In Baltimore

    “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993)

    In this romantic comedy, Meg Ryan plays Annie Reed, a Baltimore Sun reporter. The recognizable rowhouse that she lives is located adjacent to Broadway Pier in Fell’s Point. If you stop by in the summertime on a Wednesday evening, you can catch a free outdoor movie as part of Films on the Pier. The Mount Vernon neighborhood is also featured in the film—you’ll easily spot the Washington Monument and the George Peabody Library.

    Blockbusters Set In Baltimore

    “He’s Just Not That Into You” (2009)

    Several Baltimore neighborhoods—including Mount Vernon, Brewer’s Hill, and Federal Hill—star in this romantic comedy. Watch carefully and you’ll spot the Domino Sugar sign, a neon sign that was first illuminated in 1951, as well as Baltimore water taxis, National Bohemian beer labels, and other familiar sights.

    Other Scenes Shot In Baltimore

    “Runaway Bride” (1999)

    Baltimore was a stand-in for New York City in this romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The iconic white church from the movie is about a half hour northeast of Baltimore in Glen Arm, and many of the main-street scenes were filmed in Berlin, a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

    Other Scenes Shot In Baltimore

    “The Replacements” (2000)

    Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman star in this sports comedy about the fictional Washington Sentinels. Many of the team’s on-field performances were filmed on the Ravens’ home turf, which was called Nextel Stadium but is now M&T Bank Stadium. Oriole Park at Camden Yards also makes an appearance—and it’s where stadium scenes from “Major League 2” were shot.

    Other Scenes Shot In Baltimore

    “Live Free or Die Hard” (2007)

    Die-hard Baltimoreans will recognize that scenes set in the traffic-congested streets of Washington, D.C. were actually filmed in Charm City. At one point, Baltimore’s Battle Monument is clearly in view. The monument commemorates the Battle of North Point and the Bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, which inspired Francis Scott Key to compose “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The helicopter chase scene also gives a bird’s-eye view of Baltimore’s central business district.

    As Seen on TV

    “Ace of Cakes” (2006–2011)

    “Ace of Cakes,” one of the highest-rated shows in Food Network’s history, was shot on location in a converted church in Baltimore’s Remington neighborhood. Charm City Cakes, celebrity chef Duff Goldman’s custom cake shop, has since expanded—but the headquarters remains in Baltimore. If you want to learn from the pros, cake-decorating classes are offered to the general public throughout the year.

    As Seen on TV

    “Veep” (2012–2015)

    For four years, this political satire TV series starring Julia Louise-Dreyfus was filmed mostly in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland. Although an entire episode was filmed at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, for the most part Baltimore was made to look like historic buildings—such as the U.S. Capitol—in Washington, D.C.

    As Seen on TV

    “House of Cards” (2013–present)

    Fans of this political drama set in Washington, D.C. will immediately recognize many exteriors that were filmed in Baltimore. Among them are the residence of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), the apartment of reporter Zoey Barnes (Kate Mara), The Washington Herald offices (the Baltimore Sun’s offices), Hotel Cotesworth (The Peabody Conservatory), and more. The Baltimore Museum of Art, Wit & Wisdom Tavern at the Four Seasons, and Tio Pepe restaurant also make appearances on this hit program.

    As Seen on TV

    “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”

    TV host Guy Fieri has visited Baltimore on numerous occasions—around 20 restaurants in the city have been featured on his show. Among them are Joe Squared, Miss Shirley’s Cafe, Slainte, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, and more.


    Introducing Biology's newest faculty

    Newsletter issue:
    Neda Bagheri
    Alejandro Rico-Guevara
    Kristiina Hurme
    Jeff Rasmussen
    Adam Steinbrenner
    Julie Theriot

    Welcome to UW Biology's newest faculty members! These renowned scholars and researchers come from all across the country and have added tremendous expertise to the UW Biology community. A special thank you to the Washington Research Foundation, Jodi Green, Mike Halperin, Walt Halperin, Margaret Hall, and the late Ben Hall for making these hires possible!

    Here is a brief look at the newest members of the UW Biology community:

    Neda Bagheri
    Assistant Professor
    WRF Distinguished Investigator


    PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara
    Postdoc in Biological Engineering from MIT


    My lab—aptly named the MOdeling DYnamics of Living Systems (MODYLS) Lab—employs tools across engineering and applied math to help explain unintuitive biological observations and to gain fundamental insight. My primary areas of expertise include systems biology, dynamical systems, and control theory. An exciting application of our research that integrates skills across these domains involves predicting emergent dynamics within and among cell populations using multi-scale, multi-class computational models.  

    Most fascinating research discovery:

    Understanding how the context of the microenvironment shapes cell decisions.


    NSF CAREER Award, National Science Foundation Directorate for Engineering

    Distinguished Speaker for the Accelerated Discovery Forum at IBM Research-Almaden and Keynote Speaker at multiple international conferences

    Mindlin Foundation Public Lecture at University of Washington

    Cornew Innovation Award, Northwestern University Chemistry of Life Processes


    1. If not a Biology professor, I would be: Hiking above tree line.​
    2. Favorite hobbies:​ I love being outside—hiking, cycling, climbing—and playing ultimate frisbee.​
    3. What is one thing you will never do again? Learn how to drive a motorcycle through trial and error. (Take a class!)
    4. What motivates you to work hard? I love to enable, promote, and empower the next generation of citizens and thought leaders.
    5. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? Paraglide across the alps (with proper instruction and safety, of course)

    Kristiina Hurme
    Lecturer, full-time


    B.A. Princeton University
    Ph.D. University of Connecticut


    I’m a Behavioral Ecologist that has studied parental care, territoriality, male-male combat, vocal communication, mating and courtship in frogs, birds, and fish throughout the Neotropics. In zoos I designed enrichment for monkeys and frogs, and used positive reinforcement to train monkeys and sea lions, skills that I am now using to study wild hummingbirds!

    Most fascinating research discovery:

    For my dissertation, I studied maternal care in a neotropical frog, Leptodactylus insularum, in Panama. These large frog mommas often care for schools of 1000s of tadpoles in temporary ponds. I found that they reached metamorphosis surprisingly quickly, growing from egg to juvenile froglet in about two weeks! In order to grow and develop so fast, these tadpoles were constantly active and foraging. This activity attracted a lot of attention from predators, such as fishing spiders and herons, and I found that the only schools that survived to metamorphosis had a mother guarding them. These courageous moms not only fought off predators (even my hand!), but also communicated with the schools, guiding them to safe foraging areas. Some males have large and muscular arms with thumb spines (intrasexually selected weapons), and the only males I observed breeding were huge and covered in battle scars.


    I received Honorable Mention for the Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, University of Connecticut.

    Our recent paper on Intrasexually Selected Weapons was selected as the cover of the latest volume (five issues) of Biological Reviews:


    1. If not a Biology professor, I would bean artist, a zookeeper, a scientific illustrator, a wildlife film maker – something that allows me to observe and appreciate the natural world and share it with others.
    2. What is your favorite book? “My Family and Other Animals”, by Gerald Durrell. Growing up as a young naturalist on a Greek Island – what a dream!
    3. What is your proudest accomplishment? Working as a team with my husband Alejandro. In life, raising our daughters, Sierra and Aurora. In research, training wild hummingbirds to voluntarily drink from intimidating experimental setups, resulting in a stress-free way to measure behavior and physiology. Check out the PBS nature documentary “Super Hummingbirds” for examples!
    4. What are your hobbies? Fencing, anything related to horses, nature photography, exploring nature with two little kids.
    5. What makes you happy? Seeing the “aha” moment in students, sharing a love and enthusiasm for biology and observation of the natural world, showing students cool and surprising animal behaviors, often with the help of David Attenborough!
    6. Why did you choose to work at UW Biology? I fell in love with the department because of how everyone prioritizes excellence in teaching biology and collaborates on assessing how students learn! I am so excited to be in a place where I will be supported and encouraged!

    Jeff Rasmussen
    Assistant Professor
    WRF Distinguished Investigator


    2011, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
    2002, Sc.B., Computational Biology, Brown University, Providence, RI


    I am broadly interested in cell and developmental biology, in particular how cells adopt and maintain specific shapes. My lab uses zebrafish to gain molecular and cellular insights into the development and repair of somatosensory neurons, which are some of the largest and most complex cells in the body. Somatosensory neurons build enormous and elaborate peripheral axons that innervate the skin to detect pain and touch. Our current focus is on understanding interactions between these somatosensory axon endings and the various specialized cell types they encounter in the skin.

    Most fascinating research discovery:

    As a graduate student, I discovered that cells within the worm embryo could fuse with themselves to form tiny, single-cell tubes in the shape of a donut.


    2018, Hilde Mangold Postdoctoral Presentation Award, Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) 77th Annual Meeting, Portland, OR

    2013—2016, Postdoctoral Fellow, Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund

    2007—2010, Predoctoral Trainee, NIH Training Grant in Developmental Biology, University of Washington


    1. If not a Biology professor, I would be: pursuing something artistic.
    2. What are your hobbies? Playing soccer, running, and eating vegetarian food.
    3. What makes you happy? A sunny day in Seattle.
    4. Why did you choose to work at UW Biology? For the opportunity to work with fantastic colleagues and great students.
    5. What is your morning routine? I make breakfast for my kids, give my daughter a big hug when I drop her off at preschool, run to campus and enjoy a big mug of green tea while thinking about science.
    6. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? You mean I get to choose my superpower? Teleportation! That way I could visit the Wonders of the World without any lines.

    Alejandro Rico-Guevara
    Assistant Professor
    Walt Halperin Endowed Professor
    WRF Distinguished Investigator


    Biologist - Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    PhD- University of Connecticut, Miller Fellow- UC Berkeley.


    I perform theoretical and empirical research on Behavioral Ecophysics, which I define as the study of organismal mechanisms (e.g. physiology, biomechanics) and their explicit links to biotic and abiotic interactions. My recent discoveries on nectar collection and intrasexually selected weapons revive questions on how animals balance caloric gain and expenditure, and on foraging theory in light of both exploitative and interference competition. I have focused on the most specialized vertebrate pollinators, hummingbirds, and working on such a data-rich mutualistic system opens the door to quantitative (e.g. energetics) and comparative (e.g. other nectarivores) assessments of trade-offs between energy optimality and fighting proficiency in nature.

    Most fascinating research discovery:

    How hummingbirds actually drink, associated adaptations in their feeding apparatus, and deviations under opposing selective pressures (e.g. bills as weapons).

    Accolades (2-4 maximum):

    Frank A. Pitelka Award for Excellence in Research, International Society for Behavioral Ecology.

    Kimberly G. Smith Outstanding Student Paper Award, Organization for Tropical Studies, 7th Annual Competition.

    Best Doctoral Dissertation, Greg and Mona Anderson Award, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut.

    Best Oral Presentation Award, IV Colombian Zoology Congress (selected among 2000 presentations).


    1. If not a Biology professor, I would be: Most likely I would have looked for an occupation that would have kept me in touch with nature and being outdoors: a farmer, a birdwatching guide, a park ranger, a mountain rescue responder, a scuba instructor, something like that. To some degree, I’ve tried all of the above at different stages of my life!
    2. What makes you happy? Being with my loved ones, but it doesn’t really matter what I’m doing (from hanging out in my grandma’s house for lunch, to family fencing being beaten by my in-laws!). Especially treasuring day-to-day unrepeatable moments with my wife, Kristiina, and watching our little fledglings, Sierra Annaleema and Aurora Delta, grow.
    3. Why did you choose to work at UW Biology? Because of the supportive and collaborative spirit, world-class academic excellence, its integrative approaches, the strong emphasis both in research and teaching, its interdisciplinarity, and the tight links with the Burke Museum, highlighting the importance of science communication, among many other reasons!
    4. What is your favorite childhood memory? Going on weekend trips and vacations with my parents and sisters, regardless if it was to stop on the side of the road, or going to the closest river to cook on a campfire, and all the way to when we were able to “meet the sea”. My dad is a naturalist at heart, and we have had tons of fun exploring nature together. I’m a biologist because of him!​
    5. What motivates you to work hard? A deep desire to understand the mysteries of life. Whether that means doing careful lab experiments and developing home-made devices, or spending a lot of time in the field chasing elusive behaviors; the motivation is always to go beyond the limits of our knowledge. And now supporting others to pursue similar dreams!

    Adam Steinbrenner
    Assistant Professor
    WRF Distinguished Investigator


    BS Tufts University
    PhD UC Berkeley


    My lab studies the plant immune system.  Plants defend themselves from pests and pathogens (bacteria, fungi, herbivores, etc) by detecting molecular signatures of attackers.  We are interested in receptor proteins that recognize different types of pests and how these receptors evolve in both nature and agriculture.  We hope that better understanding plant defenses will inform and inspire strategies to reduce pesticide use and develop sustainable pest control.

    Most fascinating research discovery:

    In my most recent position at UC San Diego, we identified a plant immune receptor that detects peptides in larval oral secretions (i.e. caterpillar spit).  Interestingly, this receptor gene is unique to the genomes of certain legume crop species such as bean and black-eyed pea, suggesting they have a unique defense strategy against attacking insects.


    HHMI Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-2019

    NSF Graduate Research Fellow 2010-2015.


    1. What is your favorite book? Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, Master of the Senate by Robert Caro, Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
    2. What are your hobbies? Running, Hiking, Fermentation + gardening projects at home
    3. Why did you choose to work at UW Biology? UW Biology has an incredibly integrative atmosphere that fits my research style.  I try not to stay too focused on a single topic or technique, but look for links across molecular biology, genomics, and evolution/ecology.  I’m looking forward to growing my lab’s connections in the department and across campus.
    4. What is your favorite childhood memory? My mother was a landscape designer and I grew up visiting gardens and arboretums around Philadelphia.  I especially loved identifying trees and observing them across the seasons.  It is fun to see paperbark maples around Seattle – one of my old favorites from the east coast!
    5. What was your favorite subject in school? History and Political Science.  It is fascinating to learn about other societies, institutions, norms.
    6. What’s the most interesting thing you can see out of your office or kitchen window? The Space Needle view from 5th floor LSB is fantastic​
    7. What motivates you to work hard? Beyond the day to day joy of experiments, it is motivating to know that basic findings in biology can eventually translate into amazing applied breakthroughs.  In a recent example, the set of tools for CRISPR-mediated genome editing originated from observations and experiments in basic microbiology / RNA biochemistry.  The previous generation of genome editing molecules, TALENs, were originally identified from bacterial pathogens of plants that used similar proteins to manipulate their hosts.

    Julie Theriot
    Benjamin D. Hall Endowed Chair in Basic Life Sciences


    BS Biology and Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    PhD Cell Biology, University of California, San Francisco


    The research of our group explores the mechanics and dynamics of cell self-organization and movement in a variety of cells ranging from bacteria to fish skin cells.  Our current work focuses on three areas:  1) the actin-based motility of intracellular bacterial pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, 2) the whole-cell crawling of epithelial cells and leukocytes, and related processes such as phagocytosis in macrophages, and 3) the dynamics of cellular organization in bacteria and diatoms.  A strength of our work is its highly interdisciplinary nature, bridging cell biology, microbiology, and biophysics.  By studying diverse questions in diverse biological systems, using both bottom-up approaches (biochemical reconstitution, single-molecule force measurements, mathematical modeling) and top-down approaches (genetic and pharmacological perturbations, quantitative video-based analysis of cell movement, shape, and mechanical coupling), we aim to develop a broad conceptual understanding of the organizational rules that give rise to large-scale cell structure and coordinated movement. 


    The new 'three amigos' riding into Trump impeachment inquiry

    WASHINGTON -- The "three amigos" used to stand for one thing in Washington -- the pack of globe-trotting senators led by John McCain who brought American idealism to the world's trouble ... - Source:

    Grillo e le visite top secret all’ambasciatore cinese, è polemica

    Il guru del Movimento 5 Stelle è stato all’ambasciata due volte in 24 ore. «Ho portato del pesto». Ma Salvini e il senatore di FdI Urso vanno all’attacco

    WATCHMEN - Recensione 1x05 "Little Fear of Lightning"


    Ancora una volta la miniserie targata HBO continua a rimescolare le carte, a ribaltare gli equilbri e a mettere alla prova la nostra sanità mentale pur camminando su un terreno estremamente familiare per i fan del fumetto originale. "Little Fear of Lightning", frase tratta da una famosa citazione di Jules Verne, compie un processo di transazione vera e propria all'interno dello sviluppo della storia, proponendo il tutto da un punto di vista estremamente interessante. Diretto da Steph Green (The Americans) e scritto da Damon Lindelof e Carly Wray (Westworld) l'episodio esplora il passato di Wade Tillman, noto come Looking Glass, dal suo trauma principale fino al presente, dove egli scopre la verità e rivede tutta la sua visione del mondo messa in dubbio.

    -2 Novembre 1985: L'episodio si apre nel passato, in un periodo che i lettori del fumetto conoscono molto bene. Il 2 Novembre 1985 a Hoboken, nel New Jersey, un gruppo di giovani discepoli, fra cui figura un giovanissimo Looking Glass, scende da un pullman, dove il loro predicatore li invita a pregare prima di entrare in un luogo di perdizione prima di diffondere la verità a un minuto dalla fine del mondo. Così, sulle note di "Things Can Only Get Better" di Howard Jones, Wade inizia a camminare per strada, chiedendo alle persone che incontra se sono pronte a sentire la verità, ma viene assalito da due di loro, che gli sottraggono i volantini. Una ragazza di nome Roxi porta via Wade dal caos e gli chiede di poter sapere di più e i due finiscono in una stanza degli specchi, dove lei chiede a Wade perchè si trova nel New Jersey, domandandogli se crede che la fine del mondo stia arrivando. Wade spiega che è lì per portare la verità ai peccatori e mostra una certa sicurezza, dicendo di non aver paura di nulla. Sulle note sfumate dell'indimenticata "Careless Whisper" di George Michael, la ragazza inizia a svestirlo, apparentemente per fare sesso con lui, ma alla fine lei fugge via con i suoi vestiti. Realizzando di essere stato giocato, Wade si dice patetico e che ha ottenuto ciò che meritava, ma a un tratto vi è una forte esplosione, che fa esplodere gli specchi intorno a lui. In seguito Wade si risveglia col sangue alle orecchie e uscito fuori vede migliaia di corpi a terra per la strada, fra cui Roxi. Così Wade si riprende i vestiti e vede altre persone sconvolte dai molti corpi a terra. Wade inizia a urlare dal terrore, mentre l'inquadratura ci mostra l'origine di questo caso, vale a dire un gigantesco calamaro teletrasportato a New York.

    -Dire la verità: Nel presente Wade lavora come opinionista per delle campagne pubblicitarie e gli viene affidato il commento di uno spot volto a far tornare la gente a New York (con tanto di easter egg in casa HBO, cioè il cameo di Michael Imperioli nel ruolo di se stesso), che lui giudica solo un modo per ricordare alla gente della morte di tre milioni di persone. In seguito mette i panni di Looking Glass e si dirige alla centrale, dove Laurie sta facendo un briefing con tutti gli agenti in merito al Settimo, in particolare sull'importanza di trovare la chiesa dove vengono girati i loro video. Intanto Red Scare e Panda discutono delle varie frange del cristianesimo, quando decidono di chiedere l'opinione di Glass sull'argomento e lui nota che Scare mangia un panino con la lattuga requisita all'uomo che ha sparato a Charlie, non prendendola bene. Poi Angela va alla sua scrivania, chiedendo novità riguardo alle strane pillole del suo nonno, ma lui non ha ancora trovato nulla. Angela gli chiede se ha detto alla sua ex che era una cosa importante e Glass risponde di averlo fatto. Angela lo invita a dirglielo di nuovo, ma lui le spiega che gli sta facendo un favore e che perciò non dovrebbe farci affidamento, ma lei non sembra d'accordo in merito. A un tratto Laurie chiama Glass nel suo ufficio per parlare in privato, invitandolo a togliersi la maschera, visto che conosce il suo viso, ma lui le ricorda che il regolamento prevede l'uso della stessa all'interno del dipartimento, per questioni di sicurezza. Laurie gli garantisce che può fidarsi di lei e così se la toglie. Laurie gli chiede da dove viene e scopre che lui era presente quel famoso 2 Novembre. Lui le conferma che era nel New Jersey e lei gli chiede se è ancora spaventato a seguito di quegli eventi. Glass le dice che dorme bene la notte e Laurie sa bene che il materiale della sua maschera, la reflectatina, viene usata come protezione per le scariche psichiche. Lei sa anche che lavora nella ricerca di mercato, in poche parole dire a un gruppo di idioti quello che dovrebbero dire di un prodotto come copertura per il suo lavoro come vigilante e lui lo conferma. Alla fine lei lo congeda, ma non prima di aver chiesto di certe pillole, dicendo di aver messo una cimice nel cactus della sua scrivania e Glass dice che è una questione privata fra lui e Angela e Laurie decide di lasciarlo andare.


    -In costante allerta: Tornato a casa Wade vede che ha ricevuto una lettera destinata alla sua ex, Cynthia, con in sottofondo "Some Enchanted Evening" di Frank Sinatra. Così si mette la maschera, prepara la cena, e guarda una scena a luci rosse fra Hooded Justice e Captain Metropolis tratta dalla serie tv sui Minutemen. A un tratto un allarme inizia a suonare e Wade corre nel suo rifugio, cercando di spegnerlo. Ma il rumore non smette e così Wade stacca il pannello e lo distrugge con violenza, per poi chiamare l'ente di sicurezza extra-dimensionale in merito al guasto, ordinando anche della reflectatina. Alla fine si siede sul divano e dopo aver indossato la maschera si addormenta.

    -Nostalgia: Il giorno dopo Wade torna al suo impiego di copertura, esprimendo un parere su una linea di profumi, quando riceve una chiamata dalla sua ex Cynthia, la quale lavora in una clinica per la clonazione di animali domestici. Lui la raggiunge e dopo che lei ha scartato uno dei cloni, dice a Wade che le pillole sono Nostalgia, in poche parole dei ricordi in formato pillola, considerati illegali perchè fonte di psicosi, invitando a convincere la sua amica a non prenderle. Wade dice di non aver mai detto di averle avute da una donna e lei gli chiede come mai sceglie sempre quelle che lo mettono a terra. Lui le ricorda che l'ha scelta, ma Cynthia sa che non lo ha mai fatto, perchè ancora traumatizzato dal suo primo incontro con una donna e lui le dice che è per questo che è sfortunato.


    -Terapia di gruppo: Wade partecipa a un gruppo di sostegno per le vittime del 2 Novembre e uno dei partecipanti racconta che sua madre era a Brooklyn quel giorno, restandone molto traumatizzata e sentendo di aver ereditato il trauma. Una donna di nome Renee entra e si siede insieme agli altri e quando un altro chiede se questa situazione finirà, Wade cerca di dare loro una risposta per motivarli:

    "I was where you are. I thought about that one-eyed fucker all the time and it terrified me, but I am no longer afraid. On 11/2, the Soviet Union was on the verge of annihilating us, and we were more than prepared to return the favor. Then that enormous, tentacled abomination teleported into New York. If it hadn't arrived when it did, we would all be ash. It united us against a common threat. Does it ever end? Of course it does, because we are all in a tunnel, and every tunnel ends. It ends with light. And if you trust me, I will do my best to show you to it."

    Alla fine invita tutto il gruppo a ripetere che esistono molte dimensioni, ma che non devono avere paura perchè vivono nella propria. Finito l'incontro Renee dice a Wade che non crede alle sue parole, che in realtà non è mai uscito dal suo tunnel. Lui la invita a presentarsi al prossimo incontro per discutere della sua esperienza, ma lei gli dice di no, per poi invitarlo a seguirla. I due finiscono in un bar, dove parlano di cereali, la guerra del Vietnam e dei loro rispettivi lavori. Dopo essersi conosciuti, Wade invita Renee a raccontare la sua esperienza del 2 Novembre e lei risponde che il suo trauma viene risvegliato da un film di nome Pale Horse, incentrato sul tragico evento (in realtà la pellicola non esiste, ma è un riferimento celato a Schindler's List di Steven Spielberg, incentrato sul tema della memoria). Lei ammette che la scena della bambina col cappotto rosso è quello che la spaventa di più e che guardarlo più e più volte l'ha aiutata a superare le sue paure e che un'altra cosa che la aiuta in tal senso è il sesso. Questo elemento suscita un certo interesse in Wade e dopo che si sono baciati un auto arriva per prelevarla. Lei lo saluta ma quando l'auto sta per allontanarsi, Wade nota della lattuga e realizza che Renee è un membro del Settimo, chiedendo alla centrale se hanno mai recuperato il veicolo dell'uomo che ha sparato a Charlie. Quando sente che la risposta è negativa, Wade decide di seguirli da solo.

    -Il complotto: Wade entra in un magazzino abbandonato e dopo aver trovato una pistola nel furgone di Renee, entra all'interno dell'edificio, per poi ritrovarsi nella chiesa del video. A un tratto una palla da baseballe cade da un portale extradimensionale aperto sopra di lui e così scopre che il Settimo sta creando dei portali. Wade esce allo scoperto e Renee lo nota, mentre un uomo gli spara con proiettili a salve. Lei gli confessa di aver fatto cadere di proposito la lattuga dal furgone per attirarlo all'interno e che in realtà lui non ha contattato la centrale, ma loro. Poi due uomini lo portano in una stanza piena di schermi TV e Renee gli rende indietro il cappello, anch'esso ricoperto di reflectatina. Poi un uomo si siede di fronte a lui e Wade lo riconosce come il senatore Joe Keene. Così si toglie la maschera e gli promette che non lo ucciderà e che il suo compito è impedire omicidi di massa a Tulsa, come Judd avrebbe dovuto fare come capo della polizia. Wade gli chiede se vogliono portare un altro calamaro a Tulsa, ma lui dice che hanno ben altro in mente, proponendo di mostrargli la verità, ma il prezzo per essa è decisamente alto:

    "I'm gonna show you something, and after you see it, you're gonna walk out of here and you're never gonna be afraid of big teleporting aliens ever again. Because I'm gonna set you free. In return, I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor. Call it a squid pro quo. This Angela Abar? She either killed Judd Crawford or she knows who did. Either way, she threatens to disrupt the aforementioned peace. I know Agent Blake already suspects her, so how about you just help that along? Angela trusts you. Serve her up, and that way, I don't have to ask these racist Okies to go to her house and kill her and her entire fucking family. I just need to get her off the board for a couple days while I wrap things up. Your call, Wade. Either way works for me. All right. Couple weeks after I was elected senator of the great state of Oklahoma, I was appointed to the Appropriations Committee, which sucked because I wanted something sexy, like Intelligence or Judiciary, but you get what you get. You don't get upset, so I accepted. In my very first day, they brought me into a little room, and they showed me what I'm about to show you. Took me a couple years to pirate a copy for myself. So, Wade, you can tell your cop buddies I'm running the Kavalry and then I'll convince them all you're crazy, which will not be difficult given your secret shiny hats. Or you can press play, and finally be free. I leave it entirely in your hands."

    Così mette una videocassetta e Wade decide di avviare la riproduzione, dove appare un Adrian Veidt molto più giovane di quanto abbiamo visto, il quale ha un messaggio rivolto a una persona in particolare:

    "Hello, Robert. Adrian Veidt here. Assuming my instructions have been followed to the letter, today is January 21st, 1993, and you were just inaugurated. Allow me to be amongst the very first to say congratulations, President Redford. Sir, I am recording this message on November 1st, 1985, seven years in your past. How I could predict that you would be elected president with such incredible accuracy? Because I didn't predict it. I planned it. Here, in '85, the end is nigh. Nuclear holocaust between the United States and Russia is imminent. Fortunately, I planned for this, too. And the only way to stave off mankind's extinction is with a weapon more powerful than any atomic device. That weapon is fear, and I, Mr. President, am its architect. In 24 hours time, that's seven years ago for you, an extra-dimensional monster will materialize in Manhattan, unleashing a psychic blast that kills half the city's population, and traumatizes millions more. Yet the monster will not have come from another dimension at all. It will have come from me. A hoax, Mr. President. An elaborate, meticulously engineered hoax to save the world. Now, the hard part. What's next. The transition won't start immediately. The world will need time to heal, and, of course, I'll have to maintain the peace with additional small-scale extra-dimensional events. But now, I am sure as you watch this, mankind is ready for change. I envision a stronger, loving world committed to caring for the weak, reversing environmental ruin, and cultivating true equality. I know you share these values. That's why I'll do all I can, and why I did all I could, to get you elected. But this will only work if you willingly become my partner, Mr. President. My partner in building a utopia. But first, I'll need to earn your trust, and you, undoubtedly, have questions. If you'll indulge me for the next few hours, I think I have some answers. So, let's dive in, shall we?"


    -Lontano anni luce: Nel frattempo Ozymandias prepara la sua tuta, dicendo ai suoi servi che il tempo è l'essenza per la sua impresa. Così i due lo caricano sul trabucco e lo sparano in cielo, mandando in una delle lune di Giove. Dopo essersi goduto la vista, Ozymandias prende i corpi ormai congelati dei suoi ex servi e li dispone per scrivere "Save me" e poi guardando un satellite posto sopra la luna, dice di avercela fatta. Ma i suoi cloni tirano la corda e lui ritorna a terra, dove all'arrivo viene accolto da quest'ultimi e dal Game Warden, il quale lo arresta per aver violato le leggi della sua terra e lui dice che ormai Dio lo ha abbandonato, cosa su cui lui concorda.

    -Tradimento: Wade assiste al test di un nuovo profumo e la sua mente torna alla notte del 2 Novembre, con "Careless Whisper" di nuovo in sottofondo, stavolta cantata da Nataly Dawn. Poi torna in centrale, dove Angela gli chiede se ha scoperto altro sulle pillole e lui le pone una domanda davvero criptica:

    "Is anything true?" 

    Angela non capisce cosa voglia dire e gli dice di smettere di giocare e Wade le dice che le pillole sono di Nostalgia, cioè sono ricordi e vuole sapere a chi appartengono. Angela gli racconta di Will Reeves, del suo legame di parentela con lei e del suo ruolo nell'omicidio di Judd e del fatto che lo ha coperto. Wade le dice che gli dispiace e Angela non capisce cosa voglia dire. Laurie esce velocemente dall'ufficio e dice ad Angela di alzare le mani. Lei chiede a Wade cosa ha fatto e Laurie chiede che venga ammanettata, quando Angela ingerisce le pillole, per poi farsi arrestare. Wade guarda Laurie e indossa la sua maschera. Quella sera Wade torna a casa e vede un pacco, con il nuovo sistema di allarme extra-dimensionale, e lo getta via, per poi riprenderlo. Dopo essere entrato in casa, due uomini del Settimo armati entrano dietro di lui, chiudendo l'episodio.



    Una delle caratteristiche più rilevanti di Watchmen, almeno in questi cinque episodi, è l'intensa ed articolata caratterizzazione dei personaggi, utilizzando molto spesso un intero episodio per raccontare la storia che li riguarda, analizzandone il loro punto di vista con incredibile dettaglio, forse il tratto più distintivo dello stile di Damon Lindelof. Già con "She Was Killed By Space Junk" abbiamo visto la buona riuscita di questo stile, con la prospettiva di Laurie Blake narrata sotto forma di barzelletta, ma in questo quinto episodio assistiamo non solo a un focus su un altro personaggio di notevole interesse, ma a una serie di rivelazioni e di spunti fondamentali per quello che avverrà nei restanti episodi. Il protagonista di questo quinto capitolo è Wade Tillman, noto come Looking Glass, un uomo il cui trauma risiede nella tragica notte del 2 Novembre 1985, i cui ricordi continuano a tormentarlo in ogni istante della sua vita, un uomo che vede la verità come suo scopo ultimo (basti pensare al suo lavoro come opinionista pubblicitario e il suo ruolo come vigilante che ricerca le risposte dai sospettati attraverso la capsula con le immagini subliminali), con incredibili difficoltà di relazione (fatta eccezione per il suo legame con Angela, forse andato in frantumi dopo il suo ultimo gesto) e cerca di farsene una ragione su quanto ha vissuto, aiutando quelli che come lui hanno sperimentato la sua medesima esperienza, alla fine ritrovandosi di fronte alla verità con la V maiuscola, scoprendo che Adrian "Ozymandias" Veidt (il quale sembra essere molto più lontano di quanto avevamo previsto) è la mente dietro il calamaro gigante di New York, cosa già nota ai lettori del fumetto, ma anche dietro all'elezione dell'attuale presidente Robert Redford. Il fatto stesso che il tutto venga propinato dal senatore Joe Keery, membro attivo del Settimo Reggimento (non l'ha mai raccontata giusta), il quale sostiene di essere diventato membro della setta per garantire la pace a Tulsa, così come avrebbe dovuto fare Judd ai vertici della polizia, fa' pensare al fatto che sì, è vero del complotto ordito da Veidt, ma è anche vero che il Settimo rappresenti un immagine di spregiudicata violenza, specie nella misteriosa scena conclusiva che vede due di loro che entrano armati a casa di Wade, riportandoci all'unica vera domanda: c'è qualcosa di vero? In ogni caso, è Angela a pagare il prezzo di questa verità, dato che anche lei la sta cercando in merito al suo nonno e decide di farlo nel più radicale dei modi, ingerendo le pillole di Nostalgia prima di farsi arrestare, lasciando aperto uno scenario estremamente affascinante per i prossimi episodi, ed essendone rimasti solo quattro, siamo certi che le emozioni e lo shock perdureranno ancora durante la visione.

    Nel sesto episodio, dal titolo "This Extraordinary Being", Angela sperimenta gli effetti della Nostalgia, rivivendo il passato del suo nonno Will Reeves mentre si trova in detenzione, in un viaggio che le permetterà di capire quali siano le sue vere intenzioni.

    Ci vediamo con la recensione del prossimo episodio! Continuate a seguirci!

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    WATCHMEN - Recensione 1x04 "If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own"


    "The world is like a Mask dancing. If you want to see it well you do not stand in one place."
    (Chinua Achebe)

    Nel mondo rappresentato in Watchmen, niente come sembra, e questo quarto episodio ce lo insegna attraverso una storia che noi tutti pensavamo di conoscere. "If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own", (titolo tratto dalla famosa citazione dello scrittore nigeriano Chinua Achebe, a cui appartiene la frase in apertura) termina la prima metà di serie in maniera dirompente, rimettendo tutto quello che abbiamo visto finora in discussione, rispondendo a delle domande e ponendone altrettante. Diretto da Andrij Parekh (Succession) e scritto da Damon Lindelof e Christal Henry (Unforgettable), l'episodio mostra l'entrata in scena di un giocatore oscuro e pericoloso, l'indagine di Angela che diventa sempre più strana e l'anima macabra di Ozymandias.

    -Un' offerta particolare: L'episodio si apre con una giovane donna che cerca di vendere uova fresche per la strada, ma senza trovare clienti. Lei è felicemente sposata e i due conducono una vita semplice e normale, fino a quando una sera, qualcuno bussa alla loro porta nel cuore della notte. I due vanno ad aprire e una strana donna entra nella loro casa. Lei chiede loro cosa sanno di lei e il marito la identifica come la persona che sta costruendo l'enorme torre dell'orologio in fondo alla strada, che nessuno ha mai visto a Tulsa da quando di trova lì. La donna dice di essere venuta per loro per una questione estremamente importante: lei vuole la loro casa e il terreno circostante. La coppia dice che non è in vendita, ma la donna la mette sul fatto che la loro discendenza conta di più di una casa e che la loro famiglia morirà, dato che i due non hanno figli. La donna dice di sapere che hanno tentato più volte di averne senza successo e alla fine dice loro che cosa offrirà in cambio della casa: un figlio tutto loro. La coppia rimane sbalordita, ma la donna sembra avere delle risorse infinite, visto che ha un neonato con se', il cui DNA è della coppia, dicendo loro di aver versato cinque milioni di dollari su un conto fatto apposta per loro, al fine di provvedere alla crescita del bambino. All'ultimo secondo la coppia accetta l'offerta e dal cielo vedono cadere qualcosa, come una meteora, e quando chiedono alla misteriosa donna che cosa sia, lei risponde che è qualcosa di suo.

    -Restituzione: Angela va nella sua pasticceria nel cuore della notte per eliminare ogni traccia della presenza del vecchio Will, quando riceve un messaggio automatico dal centro di eredità culturale sulla presenza di un nuovo ramo nella sua famiglia. Così va sul posto e dopo aver notificato la centrale di un irruzione nel centro, lei stessa irrompe nella struttura e chiede al computer di vedere il suo albero genealogico. Angela riceve una ghianda, che dovrà piantare in una sala per gli alberi genealogici e una volta fatto, appare un immenso olo-albero, dove emerge un nuovo ramo sopra Marcus Abar, suo padre. Toccando il ramo, Angela vede il suo nonno Will e i genitori di lui, uccisi nel massacro di Tulsa nel 1921, e stando al computer, anche Will sarebbe morto. Angela è consapevole che non è morto, ma che è solo sparito, e gli chiede indirettamente di lasciarla in pace. Mentre Angela esce dall'edificio, vede la sua auto cadere dal cielo, mentre dall'altra parte Laurie assiste alla stessa scena, come abbiamo visto nel precedente episodio. Laurie le punta l'arma ma Angela identifica il veicolo, chiedendo in centrale di fare un controllo. Laurie le spiega che è caduta dal cielo e assicuratasi che Angela abbia tutto sotto controllo, torna nella sua auto, complimentandosi per il costume. Alla fine Angela trova nel cruscotto una strana boccetta, contenente delle pillole.

    -Fidarsi di pochi: Angela torna a casa e vedendo Cal dormire nel letto matrimoniale con le piccole Rosie e Emma, va in camera di Topher per rassicurarlo sulla sua assenza. La mattina dopo, durante la colazione, Angela discute con Cal di Laurie e della sua irruzione al centro culturale. In seguito Angela va a trovare Looking Glass, il quale sta studiando la pioggia di calamari avvenuta qualche giorno prima, interrogandosi sul suo vero scopo. Lei gli chiede di far analizzare le pillole per capire che cosa siano, e alla fine gli svela che Judd non era chi diceva di essere, mostrandogli il completo del Klan preso dal suo armadio, chiedendogli di tenerlo, affinchè Laurie non lo venga a sapere.


    -Il nuovo capo: Angela getta un borsone in un camion di rifiuti, quando nota un uomo con una strana tuta che la osserva. Lei lo rincorre, ma lui è incredibilmente veloce e agile, al punto da cospargersi uno strano liquido addosso e scivolare in un tombino. In seguito Angela va in centrale dove incontra il senatore Keene, il quale è grato per il suo intervento durante il funerale. Poi mostra la cintura dell'uomo in tuta a Pirate Jenny e Red Scare, i quali le dicono che almeno che non si tratti di uno del Settimo, il nuovo capo non tratterà la questione in alcun modo. Angela chiede chi sia il nuovo capo e con sua grande sorpresa scopre che si tratta di Laurie Blake. Lei le dice di aver rinvenuto delle strane impronte nella sua auto, che ha già fatto analizzare dalla scientifica, che ha trovato la corrispondenza in un uomo di nome Will Reeves, un poliziotto di New York City fra gli anni '40 e '50, ritiratosi piuttosto giovane, e che dovrebbe avere almeno cento anni, accenando al fatto che si muove su una sedia a rotelle. A un tratto Petey entra in ufficio e dopo aver sussurrato qualcosa a Laurie, lei dice ad Angela che hanno trovato qualcos'altro sulla sua auto.

    -Miracolo termondinamico: Sulle note di "You're My Thrill" di Billie Holiday (scelta musicale non casuale, visto che il brano è presente anche nel fumetto in una scena romantica fra Laurie e il suo amante Nite Owl) Angela domanda a Laurie perchè mai è tanto interessata alla sua auto e lei risponde con una semplificazione di un termine che usava il Dottor Manhattan, vale a dire "miracolo termodinamico", un modo per dire che è tutto collegato. Poi Laurie svela di aver parlato con Cal e Angela non apprezza affatto averlo saputo in questo modo, a maggior ragione perchè è andata a casa sua. Laurie le chiede se si sono conosciuti in Vietnam e se avesse una famiglia lì, ma Angela le dice di essere un orfana. Laurie non sembra sorpresa da tale risposta e da' una spiegazione filosofica del loro ruolo di vigilanti:

    "L: Well, people who wear masks are driven by trauma. They're obsessed with justice because of some injustice they suffered, usually when they were kids. Ergo, the mask. It hides the pain. 


    A: I wear the mask to protect myself. 


    L: Right. From the pain." 

    Dopo che Laurie le chiede come è stata cresciuta, svelando che anche lei era una vigilante, Angela le domanda quale fosse il suo trauma e lei chiede a Petey di raccontare una storia che i lettori del fumetto conoscono molto bene:

    "Agent Blake's parents were the Comedian and Silk Spectre. They were both in the Minutemen. [...] The Comedian sexually assaulted Silk Spectre, back in the '40s. Agent Blake didn't find out till much, much later. He... her dad tried to rape her mom." 

    I tre arrivano all'edificio appartenente a Lady Trieu, la misteriosa donna del prologo, e Laurie suggerisce ad Angela di mettersi la maschera per la sua sicurezza. Una volta entrati notano una sorta di velivolo che potrebbe essere stato usato per sollevare un auto e decidono di indagare ulteriormente, chiedendo a Bian (la ragazza dell'edicola del secondo episodio), figlia di Trieu, la lista dei piloti. La ragazza invita Laurie e Angela a prendere un te' con sua madre per discutere della situazione, mentre spiega che l'edificio che stanno costruendo è la meraviglia del nuovo mondo, il cui scopo è dire il tempo. Arrivate al solarium Trieu si presenta e dice che ha deciso di ricreare l'atmosfera della sua terra, il Vietnam, nel suo palazzo e a un tratto chiede ad Angela se ha le pillole, in lingua vietnamita, dicendo che lo chiede Will. Angela risponde in vietnamita che il vecchio può chiederlo di persona. Laurie nota con interesse che entrambe sono del Vietnam e Angela ripropone il concetto di miracolo termodinamico. Trieu chiede loro se pensano che il suo equipaggiamento sia stato usato per rubare un auto e farla cadere e Angela sottolinea che era la sua, chiedendo una lista dei piloti. Trieu incarica di Bian di provvedere a consegnarla e porge le sue condoglianze ad Angela per la morte di Judd. A un tratto Laurie nota una statua di Adrian Veidt e sottolinea che Trieu ha comprato la sua compagnia dopo che lui è sparito (da notare che anche Veidt aveva una passione per le piante nel fumetto), chiedendo perchè lo scultore lo ha fatto così vecchio. Trieu le spiega che effettivamente è vecchio e che nella sua cultura gli anziani sono trattati con rispetto e naturalmente Laurie non risparmia le sue critiche verso di lui.


    -Mente macabra: Ozymandias è in barca su un lago nel cuore della notte, da cui ripesca dei neonati con delle trappole per granchi, scartandone alcuni, e scegliendone due. Tornato nella sua tenuta, mette i due piccoli in una strana camera e quando la accende loro iniziano a piangere, mentre lui si gode la cena. A processo compiuto i due neonati sono diventati Phillips e Crookshanks e Ozymandias spiega loro che presto potranno parlare e che il loro compito è servirlo. Poi li porta nella sala pranzo, dove tutti gli altri cloni sono stati uccisi nei modi più impensabili. Alla fine Ozymandias, sulle note dell'Allegretto della settima di Beethoven, usa una catapulta per scaraventare i suoi servi morti dall'altra parte della radura e afferma che un giorno riuscirà a scappare dalla sua prigionia, durata ben quattro anni.

    -Complicità: Angela torna a casa e trova Cal intento a leggere un libro. Angela gli chiede quando le avrebbe detto della visita di Laurie a casa loro e lui le spiega che voleva sapere chi aveva chiamato quando Judd è stato ucciso. Angela gli chiede cosa le ha detto e lui da' la sua risposta:

    "C: I told her you and I were having sex in the closet when the phone rang. You answered, but I didn't know who you were talking to. Then you handed me a gun and left. I didn't see you all night long, and the next morning, you came back and told me your grandfather murdered our friend, which was confusing because you never told me you had a grandfather. 


    A: You didn't say any of that. 


    C: No, Angela. I lied. 


    A: And you hate lying. 


    C: I do. She knew that we met in Vietnam. 


    A: Did you tell her about your accident? 


    C: It didn't come up. 


    A: Good. 


    C: I think she wants to help you. 


    A: Why? 


    C: It's just a feeling I have. Maybe she knows how to find him. The old man. 


    A: I can find him all by myself."

    Alla fine Angela, consapevole di potersi fidare di Cal, lo invita ad aspettarla nell'armadio per fare sesso.

    -Chi è Will?: Bian si sveglia di soprassalto e l'inquadratura mostra la scritta IV sul suo polso. Spavenata corre da sua madre, raccontandole il suo incubo, dove lei era in un villaggio che è stato bruciato da degli uomini, che poi hanno fatto camminare tutti, compresa lei, molto a lungo, al punto da farle male i piedi. Trieu si rifiuta di accompagnarla a letto e Bian da' la buonanotte a Will, il quale sembra intento a prendere del te' con Trieu, con cui sta avendo una discussione criptica circa le preoccupazioni riguardo alle pillole e al fatto che lui non abbia detto la verità ad Angela:

    "T: If you want her to know who you are, just tell her. 


    W: She's not gonna listen. She has to experience things by herself. 


    T: It's still too cute by half. 


    W: Oh yeah? Is that why you're doing the same thing to your daughter? 


    T: It's entirely different. And this is the source of my concern. When family's involved, judgment gets cloudy, feet get cold, deals get broken."

    Trieu capisce che Will non sta al suo piano e il vecchio si alza dalla sua sedia a rotelle, mostrando che è guarito. L'episodio si conclude con Will che confessa, in modo piuttosto vago, le sue intenzioni verso Angela:

    "I betrayed her. And in three days, she'll know what I have done, and she'll hate me for it. And you're concerned about whether I am in. Well, I am in. All the way. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock."



    Questo episodio si dimostra il migliore presentato finora, perchè capace di sovvertire gli equilibri posti dalla storia nei precedenti capitoli, mostrando che niente è come sembra e che tutto il mondo, come direbbe Chinua Achebe, è una maschera danzante, che nasconde il vero volto di ogni cosa e persona. L'introduzione di Lady Trieu, la quale ha ereditato la compagnia di Adrian Veidt e con cui condivide il suo senso enigmatico, gioca un ruolo fondamentale nella trama, collegando, seppure in modo indiretto, le due vicende centrali proposte, e portando ad altri misteri sulle sue intenzioni, sullo scopo dell'edificio monumentale che sta costruendo, ma sul suo legame con Will Reeves, nonno di Angela, a cui non sembra aver detto la verità, rendendo l'anziano sulla sedia a rotelle più insidioso del previsto. Tornando alle due vicende di fondo portate avanti nell'episodio, abbiamo da una parte la diatriba fra Angela e Laurie (resa alla grande dal carisma magnetico di Regina King e Jean Smart), le quali hanno davvero molto in comune, ma non si fidano l'una dell'altra, con la prima che sembra avere due validissimi alleati, vale a dire suo marito Cal e Looking Glass, personaggio che assume una connotazione sempre più interessante, mentre dall'altra la storia di Ozymandias comincia ad avere sempre più senso, con il suo ardito piano di fuga, mostrato nelle sue connotazioni più teatrali e macabre, difficili da dimenticare (con Jeremy Irons che sfoggia il suo lato più folle). Watchmen chiude la sua prima metà di serie in modo enigmatico ed intrigante, lasciando sempre quel senso di volere di più, tipico di una serie targata Damon Lindelof.

    Nel quinto episodio, dal titolo "Little Fear of Lightning", scopriremo di più del passato di Looking Glass, che si ricollega al famoso complotto del calamaro gigante avvenuto trent'anni prima a New York, visto nel fumetto, mentre Ozymandias si prepara a mettere in atto la sua fuga.

    Ci vediamo con la recensione del prossimo episodio! Continuate a seguirci!

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    Alabama secretary of state exits Senate race, cites Sessions

    Alabama’s secretary of state has suspended his campaign for the U.S. Senate, citing a crowded Republican race that recently grew to include former Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    Long-shot candidate Sestak exits 2020 US presidential race


    Long-shot candidate Sestak exits 2020 US presidential raceAnd then there was one fewer: Joe Sestak, a long-shot candidate for the Democratic Party presidential mantle in 2020, withdrew from the race Sunday. A former US congressman representing Pennsylvania, Sestak's campaign had not won great support. Pete Buttigieg, the moderate millennial mayor of South Bend, Indiana, has leapfrogged the race's main liberal candidates, senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, to claim second behind the resilient national leader Joe Biden, according to Quinnipiac University's latest poll released last week.


    The latest from the dragon

    In the Gatestone Institute, Gordan Chang reports,
    On January 1, China's Cryptography Law becomes effective. The legislation follows the December 1 implementation of the Multi-Level Protection Scheme 2.0, issued under the authority of the 2016 Cybersecurity Law.

    Together, these measures show Beijing's absolute determination to seize from foreign companies all their communications, data, and other information stored in electronic form in China.

    "Once data crosses the Chinese border on a network," writes Steve Dickinson in the China Law Blog, "100 percent of that data will be 100 percent available to the Chinese government and the CCP."

    Beijing's complete visibility into the networks of foreign companies will have extremely disadvantageous consequences, Dickinson notes. First, Chinese officials will be permitted, under Chinese law, to share seized information with state enterprises. This means the enterprises will be able to use that information against their foreign competitors.

    Second, China's new rules will almost certainly result in foreign companies losing trade secret protection around the world. A trade secret loses its status as such when it is widely disclosed. Once a company allows such a secret to be carried on its Chinese network, the company has to assume Beijing will know it. "Since no company can reasonably assume its trade secrets will remain secret once transmitted into China over a Chinese controlled network, they are at great risk of having their trade secret protections outside China evaporating as well," writes Dickinson.

    Third, China's cybersecurity program exposes companies to penalties for violating U.S. tech-export legislation. Businesses have assumed that technology covered by U.S. export prohibitions is not "exported" if it is kept on a Chinese network protected by end-to-end encryption, in other words, not available to Chinese authorities. Because companies will no longer be permitted to encrypt data end-to-end, they will almost certainly be considered as violating U.S. rules for tech stored on a network in China.

    Not every analyst is alarmed by China's December 1 measures. James Andrew Lewis, for instance, maintains that Beijing's new rules are a "legitimate effort" to secure networks in China. Moreover, he argues the Chinese do not need the new MLPS 2.0 rules to grab information because they can just steal all they want with their advanced "APT" hacker groups. "Their intent is not to use it for malicious purposes," Lewis argues, referring to Chinese officials.

    It is not clear how Lewis, a tech expert at the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, can know the intent of China's officials. Furthermore, portraying that intent as benign seems naive—laughable even—while their country is stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of American intellectual property each year and while Chinese ruler Xi Jinping continues his determined attacks on foreign business. In these circumstances, we have to assume Chinese officials are acting with malign intent.

    Lewis also downplays the basic point that China's cyber spies, once they have the encryption keys and access to the China network of a foreign firm, will be in a better position to penetrate the networks of that firm outside China. Therefore, it will only be a matter of time before Beijing steals data and puts companies out of business or ruins them to the point where Chinese entities can swoop in and buy them up cheap. Many allege that China stole data from Canada's Nortel Networks and thereby bankrupted it almost a decade ago. The company was, according to the Financial Post, "hacked to pieces."

    Finally, CSIS's Lewis fails to recognize that Beijing's December 1 rules generally legitimize China's regulation and information-custody role--in other words, China's theft.

    Senator Josh Hawley is rightly more suspicious of Beijing's intentions. In November, the Missouri Republican introduced a bill, the National Security and Data Protection Act of 2019, prohibiting American companies from storing user data or encryption keys in China. Of course, this bill faces opposition from tech companies doing business in that country.

    Yet, there is someone who can, with the stroke of a pen, effectively implement Hawley's bill. President Donald John Trump can use his broad powers under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 to prohibit companies from complying with the pernicious new rules or from storing data in China.

    The rationale for such a sweeping presidential order is that the American people have an interest in China not taking control of American companies with operations in China--a probable consequence of the application of the December 1 and January 1 measures.

    Such an emergency order would effectively force American companies out of China, so this step would be drastic. Yet it is China, with its incredibly ambitious grab of data, that is forcing the issue.

    The American people have a vital interest in the protection of American data. Trump should issue such an order immediately.
    Read more here.

    Ten things climate alarmists don't want us to be thankful for

    In PJ Media, Tyler O'Neill writes,
    This Thanksgiving, Americans have a great deal to be thankful for, but climate alarmists would ruin much of it. Thanks to free markets, relative global stability, and the explosion of technology involving fossil fuels, Americans enjoy an unprecedented degree of prosperity — and the blessings have spread to billions across the world. Climate alarmists warn that this progress is unsustainable if not somehow evil, but there are many reasons to celebrate it.

    10. Global greening
    Vegetation growth has increased across the earth thanks to carbon dioxide.

    9. Higher life expectancy
    In the past 60 years, global life expectancy has increased by 48 percent. In 1950, people could expect to live 48 years, on average. In 2015, the number had increased to 71.4 years.

    8. Failure of the Green New Deal
    The Heartland Institute celebrated that "Americans unequivocally rejected the Green New Deal," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's plan to change the entire economy — I mean, "save the earth." Her resolution called for rebuilding every single building in America, among many other things. It has been estimated to cost between $49.109 trillion and $93 trillion — and there's good reason to believe both are underestimates. The first five years of the Green New Deal would cost $250,000 per household, on average. Even taxing the rich at 100 percent would fall trillions short of the bill.

    The U.S. Senate rejected the Green New Deal, and the House has not yet voted on it. Sadly, I think this video celebrating its defeat is premature. Many of the Democrats running for president in 2020 have endorsed the Green New Deal or some version of it. All the same, Americans should celebrate the temporary defeat of this dangerous bill.

    7. Exiting the Paris Climate Accord

    6. Transportation
    We should all be thankful for modern transportation. Not only can we cheaply travel across continents and oceans, but trucking transported $721 billion worth of goods across America in 2017. Modern city life would not be possible without it.

    5. Where's the beef?
    Climate alarmists have encouraged Americans to consume less meat, and emphasized the detrimental environmental impact of cow farts. An unofficial document connected to the Green New Deal — and later withdrawn by AOC's staff — mentioned cow farts, and Bill Nye wants to tax them. Other alarmists have suggested we go vegan to save the earth.

    Beef is the second-most consumed meat in the U.S., and cows represent only about 2 percent of the U.S.'s contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. Americans should be thankful for their beef.

    4. Fracking
    Hydraulic Fracturing has revolutionized American oil production, leading the U.S. to become a net exporter of oil for the first time in decades in 2018. According to some estimates, fracking saved Americans $1.1 trillion over the last decade.

    3. Warmer weather saves lives
    If the globe really is warming, that may be something to be thankful for. Cold weather kills 20 times more people than hot weather.

    2. Petroleum
    Alarmists may demonize oil, but without petroleum, we wouldn't have: Aspirin, bicycle tires, cell phones, chewing gum, computers, toothpaste, water bottles — oh, and solar panels!

    1. The American patriot
    Heartland's last video praises the Americans who fought and died for our freedom. While I heartily agree that we should be extremely thankful for our veterans, the Founders, and the founding generation, I don't think climate alarmists necessarily demonize American patriots. Let's be thankful for our veterans, and on this point at least, climate alarmists should agree with us.
    Watch a video on each subject here.

    Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association applaud Gov. Tony Evers for signing Senate Bill 219


    MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association (WCMA) today applauded Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers for signing Senate Bill 219 into law, expanding access to capital for rural business owners, including dairy manufacturers and processors. Authored by Senator Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green), Senator Janet Bewley (D-Mason), Representative Gary Tauchen (RBonduel), and Representative Don Vruwink (D-Milton), S.B. 219 was unanimously approved by
    both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

    “At a challenging time in the dairy industry’s history, we are grateful to have lawmakers’ attention and action,” said John Umhoefer, WCMA Executive Director. “In extending access to capital, they are enabling rural business owners, including cheesemakers and other dairy processors, to invest in their companies, employees, and communities.”

    Conceived by Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 members, SB 219 launches a pilot program at the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). Using existing funds available through the Agribusiness Guarantee Program, $3 million in loan guarantee authority will now be directed each year to rural development projects, including brick-and-mortar investments, equipment and machinery, marketing, and working capital.

    The pilot will guarantee up to 25 percent of a loan, or $750,000, whichever is less. The
    borrower is required to pay back the entirety of the loan, with a state commitment only coming into play in the event of a default. All borrowers will be subject to rigorous vetting to participate in the program.


    For more information, please contact: Rebekah Sweeney, 608-286-1001 or


    Amandola: la Costituzione tra i banchi dell’Istituto Omnicomprensivo


    Il Sindaco Marinangeli, l’Assessore all’Istruzione Scirè e la Dirigente Scolastica Di Persio consegnano agli alunni il libro della Costituzione italiana donato dal Senato della Repubblica. Far conoscere l’importanza ed il significato della nostra Costituzione, trasmettere alle nuove generazione il pro...

    Porto San Giorgio, Aurelio Damiani un grande chef per l'aperitivo


    Evento pensato per avvicinare i giovani alla buona cucina con un prezzo contenuto. Un grande ritorno per il consueto appuntamento con il GUSTO organizzato da Caffè Moretto: lo storico bar di Porto San Giorgio avrà nuovamente ospite per l'aperitivo di Domenica il Senatore della Cucina Marchigiana, lo c...

    26 Zur Zeit Oder Zurzeit Bewerbung

    bewerbungsschreiben für ausbildung bewerbung um einen briefkopf bewerbung 47 einzigartig beispiel bewerbung 16 bewerbung maschinenbe ner quereinsteiger briliant bewerbung anschreiben muster praktikum ktforsenate bewerbung sperrvermerk bewerbung 2016 23 best stock von muster für bewerbungsschreiben 51 schön lager von bewerbung muster praktikum bewerbung für arbeitsplatz schön 20 agentur für arbeit bewerbung als teamleiter muster bewerbungsschreiben ende […]

    53 Ausbildung Hotelfachfrau Bewerbung

    frisch 25 herunterladbare bewerbung ausbildung hotelfachfrau bewerbung hotelfachfrau muster bewerbung ausbildung kauffrau beautiful bewerbung buchhaltung ohne erfahrung 2019 muster bewerbung akzeptabel bewerbungsanschreiben ausbildung bewerbung hotelfachfrau muster ausbildung schule und bewerbungsanschreiben ausbildung vorlage genial bewerbung bewerbungsschreiben hotelfachfrau ausbildung ktforsenate professionelle bewerbung muster kostenlos 54 ideen bilder 11 hotelfachfrau bewerbung bewerbung ausbildung kauffrau im einzelhandel muster schön […]

    Fired staffer should take the money and move on

    A federal judge is trying to force reinstatement of a fired Senate Democratic staffer, whom a jury found was discriminated against. Given the nature of the job, that’s the wrong remedy. Read the column …  

    Senator Collins Attends Holden Police Department’s Donation Presentation to Sarah’s House of Maine



    Senators Collins, King Announce Over $2.1 Million to Support Rural Telemedicine and Education


    WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Angus King (I-Maine) announced that the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program has awarded a total of $2,181,629 to several rural healthcare organizations and educational institutions throughout Maine. The funds will help six Maine organizations expand their online services, allowing them to reach more Maine people.  



    Collins, King Announce Over $2.9 Million to Community Health Centers Throughout Rural Maine


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – On National Rural Health Day, U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Angus King (I-Maine) announced that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded a total of $2,974,548 in funding to two community health center networks, which will be used to bolster multiple locations in central, western, and northern Maine.


    Collins, Brown, Gillibrand Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Expand Mental Health Services for Older Americans


    Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced bipartisan legislation to help expand mental health services for older Americans.  Senator Collins is the Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee.



    Senators Collins, Hassan Introduce Legislation to Train More Doctors in Substance Misuse Recovery & Prevention


    Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH) introduced the bipartisan Opioid Workforce Act to support hospitals in hiring and training doctors in addiction medicine, addiction psychiatry, and pain management. The bipartisan legislation would create 1,000 new medical residency positions at teaching hospitals in Maine and across the country.



    Senator Collins Secures Commitment from FDA Nominee to Prevent Drug Shortages, Lower Drug Prices


    Click HERE to watch Senator Collins’ exchange with Dr. Hahn on drug shortages.  Click HERE to download high-resolution video.

    Click HERE to watch Senator Collins’ exchange with Dr. Hahn on drug pricing.  Click HERE to download high-resolution video.


    Environment Massachusetts applauds State Senate for passing plastic bag ban


    “It’s time to shift away from single-use plastic, and this vote is an important step forward. Nothing we use for a few minutes should be allowed to pollute our waterways and threaten our wildlife for hundreds of years."


    Why Community Colleges Should Offer Bachelor’s Degrees | Editors' Picks - EDUCAUSE Review

    California community colleges have launched baccalaureate degree pilot programs that may allay some of the concerns regarding an increase in bachelor's degree availability at two-year institutions.

    In April 2019, Inside Higher Ed published an article entitled "Presidents Divided on Community College Bachelor's Degrees."1, writes Judy C. Miner, Chancellor of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District, headquartered in Los Altos Hills, California.  

    On behalf of my California colleagues, in both two-year and four-year institutions, who believe that is it is essential for our community colleges to offer bachelor's degrees, I would like to address several concerns stated in the article. I believe there are reasonable responses that might allay some of the fears expressed not only in California but in other states as well.

    Mission Creep and Increasing Competition with Four-Year Colleges California Senate Bills 850 and 769 authorized the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, in consultation with the California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC), to establish baccalaureate degree pilot programs. CSU and UC are protected from competition by virtue of the legislative requirements:
    1. Programs can be offered at no more than fifteen community college districts, with only one baccalaureate per district.
    2. Programs cannot duplicate a program offered by CSU or UC.
    3. Programs must meet local workforce needs.
    4. An independent evaluation will be completed by the Legislative Analyst's Office.
    5. The pilot sunsets on July 1, 2028.
    Thanks to the pilot, students can now earn baccalaureate degrees in airframe manufacturing technology, industrial automation, mortuary science, the equine industry, dental hygiene, health information management, biomanufacturing, respiratory care, occupational studies, automotive technology, interaction design, and biotechnology...

    Contributing to Credential Inflation 
    Credential inflation is often confused with degree inflation. A 2017 report from Accenture, Grads of Life, and Harvard Business School offers definitions to better inform discussions. Degree inflation is "the practice of seeking a candidate with a four-year college degree for a position currently held by someone with a high school diploma or an associate's degree." Credential inflation is "the decline in the value of academic credentials over time as more people obtain them." According to researchers, "As the concentration of educated labor increases, the minimum credential requirements for jobs [will rise] concurrently and irreversibly."2
    Read more... 

    Source: EDUCAUSE Review


    Roblan to Retire from Senate

    Senator Arnie Roblan, a Democrat from Coos Bay, announced today that he will not seek reelection to his Senate seat. Senator Roblan stated that after 50 years of public service, including more than 30 years as an educator, he has made the decision to retire. Roblan was first elected to the House of Representatives in [...]

    Roy Moore: US Was Better Off In 1960s When Sodomy Was Illegal, Transgender Rights Didn't Exist

    In a recent speech, Senate candidate Roy Moore said that he wants to take the United States back to the 'moral basis' of the 1960s and 1970s when sodomy and abortion were illegal


    US Senator John Thune’s Weekly Column: “Shop Small” in South Dakota

    “Shop Small” in South Dakota By Sen. John Thune While I’m sure most people know about the Black Friday shopping event that follows Thanksgiving each year, a relatively new shopping “holiday,” of sorts, popped up in the last decade that is celebrated annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Small Business Saturday was created almost ten years ago to encourage people to “shop small” and check out their local brick and mortar stores that dot Main Continue Reading →

    US Senator Mike Rounds’ Weekly Column: Upholding the Renewable Fuel Standard

    Upholding the Renewable Fuel Standard By U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) Nov. 26, 2019 While working as governor and now as your United States Senator, I’ve fought for South Dakota’s corn and corn ethanol producers to make certain they’re getting a fair deal under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). For over a decade, the RFS has provided the statutory certainty necessary for the corn industry to grow and prosper in the United States. As a Continue Reading →

    Kermit Staggers passed away early this AM

    From the Argus Leader comes notice that former Republican Legislator Kermit Staggers passed away early this AM. Kermit Staggers, a soft-spoken, gentlemanly college professor whose antipathy for government spending earned him the nickname “Dr. No,” died early Thursday morning. He was 72. Staggers’ political career stretched two decades and included eight years in the South Dakota Senate and another 12 years on the Sioux Falls City Council. Besides championing fiscal conservatism – to the extent Continue Reading →

    Bolivian Senate approves election bill

    BBC — The bill allows a fresh presidential election. Marches in France against domestic violence, and dozens of pirates surrender to police in Bangladesh.

    Donald Trump wants full trial in impeachment investigation.

    BBC — The president says he’ll welcome the chance to defend himself in the Senate against the allegations that he tried to coerce Ukraine into investigating his political rival Joe Biden. Also: India says more than 30,000 of its citizens have died while working in the Persian Gulf in recent years. And a woman makes a surreptitious call to the police, while pretending to order a pizza.

    NRA Victory: PA Welcomes Sunday Hunting

    Posted: 11.27.19 01:18 PM Governor Signs NRA-Backed Hunting Bill*Fairfax, Va. -**The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauds Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf for signing Sunday hunting expansion into law.Senate Bill 147, which had overwhelming bipartisan support in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, expands opportunities for Pennsylvania hunters by providing for three additional days of hunting on Sundays during the season.** Source:

    ‘They Are Endangering the Communities’: New DHS Chief Rips Sanctuary Cities

    On 11.26.19 10:32 AM posted by Jason Hopkins Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf lambasted sanctuary cities, touted progress on the wall, and confirmed on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday the U.S. will implement asylum agreements to remove illegal aliens. Wolf, who officially became ( the acting DHS secretary earlier in November, discussed a range of issues affecting his department. Image: “I think sanctuary city policies endanger communities. They make the men and women of [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] ICE, their job more difficult, so they are not protecting communities,” Wolf said in his first television interview since becoming acting chief. “They are endangering the communities, so I thought it was important in my first week to call that out and to stand with the men and women of ICE to do so.” He...

    New Jersey May Become 14th U.S. State to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants


    After New York passed a bill on June 19, 2019, to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, New Jersey is up next to vote.

    The New Jersey Senate is scheduled to vote on December 16, 2019. If New Jersey passes this bill, it will become the 14th U.S. » Read More

    The post New Jersey May Become 14th U.S. State to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants appeared first on Immigration Law Blog.


    The #4 Reason Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All Single-Payer Plan Is A Singularly Bad Idea

    TLDR: By reducing incentives for medical innovation, Senator Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan would impose hidden costs of $9.4 trillion on Americans in its first 10 and an additional $14.5 trillion on those living in European Union countries.

    The #3 Reason Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All Single-Payer Plan Is A Singularly Bad Idea

    TLDR: Senator Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan would impose hidden rationing costs of $8.9 trillion in its first 10 years (equivalent in magnitude to 15.9% of the plan’s total cost over that period).

    S-400 krizini en yakından onlar izliyor


    Savunma sanayi üzerine yayın yapan dünyanın sayılı dergilerinden Defense News, ABD ile Türkiye arasında yaşanan S-400 gerilimine geniş yer ayırdı. Dergi, iki ülke arasında yaşanan gerilimi en yakından takip eden ülkenin Hindistan olduğunu öne sürdü. Dergiye konuşan Cumhuriyetçi Senatör Risch ise Türkiye'ye yaptırım uygulanacağını öne sürdü.
    Devamı için Tıklayınız...

    Görüşmenin perde arkası ortaya çıktı


    Amerikan Axios haber sitesi, Cumhuriyetçi Senatör Lindsey Graham'ın 1915 olaylarını 'Ermeni soykırımı' olarak nitelendiren tasarının Senato'da görüşülmesini Başkan Donald Trump'ın isteği üzerine engellediğini yazdı. Tasarının geçen hafta bir kez daha Senato'ya getirilmek istendiği, Beyaz Saray'ın bu kez de Senatör David Perdue'dan ricacı olduğu ortaya çıktı.
    Devamı için Tıklayınız...

    Ermeni tasarısının Senatoda engellenmesini Beyaz Saray istemiş


    ABD Senatosunda sözde "Ermeni soykırımının resmen tanınmasını" öngören karar tasarılarının oylamalarının engellemesini Beyaz Saray'ın istediği belirtildi.
    Devamı için Tıklayınız...

    Instandsetzung Roßstraßenbrücke OT Mitte (10179 Berlin)

    ObjektInstandsetzung Roßstraßenbrücke OT Mitte
    Bauort10179 Berlin
    AuftraggeberSenatsverwaltung Umwelt, Berlin

    zur Detailansicht

    Letter: Democrats face 3 obstacles in defeating Trump

    Assuming that the self-serving Republicans in the Senate refuse to vote for the justified impeachment conviction of Donald Trump, the Democrats have three major obstacles to overcome in removing him from office in the 2020 election.Trump’s wealthy donors have contributed millions of dollars to his campaign.  So we can expect the airways and social media to be flooded with false, distorted, and misleading ads supporting him.The Democrats will have to overcome the [...]

    Letter: Russian interference has been made clear

    Investigations by the FBI, CIA, NSA and other national intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in our 2016 elections. Investigations by Robert Mueller concluded that Russia interfered in our elections and in fact indicted several members of Russian military for that interference. Investigations by the Republican-led Senate concluded that it was Russia that interfered with our elections. Finally, investigations by the Republican-led House of Representatives concluded, in [...]

    Guest View: Scientists must run scientific agencies

    The following editorial appeared in The Washington Post. Guest editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of Messenger Post Media. After more than two years of waiting for Senate confirmation, Barry Myers last week withdrew his name from consideration to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Maybe now, President Donald Trump will consider tapping a scientist to run a scientific agency, as his predecessors typically did.Only in the [...]

    Down syndrome abortion ban passes Pa. Senate; Gov. Wolf has promised a veto

    he Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would ban abortions based solely on a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, setting up a certain veto showdown with Gov. Tom Wolf. The Senate voted 27-22 to pass the bill, with Democratic Sen. Jim Brewster, D-Allegheny County, and Independent John Yudichak of Luzerne County, voting with 25 Republicans to pass the bill. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Kate Klunk, a Republican from Hanover, would make no changes to other portions of Pennsylvania’s abortion law, which allows abortions until week 24 of pregnancy for any reason other than the child’s sex. The Republican-controlled...

    Congress Faces New Deadline Amid Calls for Major Highway Legislation


    Transport TopicsEugene Mulero | Staff ReporterNovember 26, 2019 4:00 PM, ESTCongressional leaders in Washington again have packed the final weeks of the year with major legislative items as the top transportation policymakers in the U.S. Senate urge passage of comprehensive highway legislation.Avoiding a shutdown of federal agencies is atop the priorities for the leadership in the House and Senate, who are working against a Dec. 20 deadline to determine how to proceed with fiscal 2020 funding.La...


    HCC Expresses Gratitude For Students Through Thanksgiving Meal

    Kim McGinnis, HCC Dean of Student Services (contributed photo)
    Over 400 Housatonic Community College (HCC) students stood on line Friday afternoon to enjoy a free Thanksgiving meal offered by the school’s Student Senate. The traditional meal, consisting of sliced turkey in gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas and carrots, drinks and dessert, expressed gratitude for their presence as part of the HCC family.


    Mozione per il conferimento della cittadinanza onoraria alla senatrice Liliana Segre.

    Mozione per il conferimento della cittadinanza onoraria alla senatrice Liliana Segre.

    Administrative Assistant - Human Resources | Geisinger

    CAMP HILL, Pennsylvania, JOB TITLE:   Administrative Assistant - Human Resources LOCATION: Senate House DEPARTMENT: Human Resources WORK SCHEDULE: Days (Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM - No weekends or holidays) WORK T

    HCC Expresses Gratitude For Students Though Thanksgiving Meal

    HCC Expresses Gratitude For Students Though Thanksgiving Meal

    HCC Expresses Gratitude For Students Though Thanksgiving Meal

    Over 400 Houstaonic Community College (HCC) students stood on line Friday afternoon to enjoy a free Thanksgiving meal offered by the school’s Student Senate. The traditional meal, consisting of sliced turkey in gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas and carrots, drinks and dessert, expressed gratitude for their presence as part of the HCC family.

    “The main goal is to feed the community,” said Jaylen Daniels, President of Student Senate, the government arm of the HCC student body. “This can be their Thanksgiving meal if they aren’t getting one elsewhere.”

    With a population of over 6,800 students, HCC serves an eleven-town region spanning Fairfield and New Haven counties. Many students are low-to-moderate income, and others struggle with poverty and food insecurity.

    “This meal is a highlight for me,” said Alexxa Lynn, a first semester student. “I don’t have many plans for Thanksgiving, this is a nice treat.”

    HCC faculty and staff also attended the event, communing with students and contributing a donation to the Mary Eady Book Fund Award, a program that provides books to students unable to afford them.

    “We’re thankful for our students and want to ensure their success,” said Kim McGinnis, Dean of Student Services. “This is one way we can show our appreciation.”

    Caption for images above: Over 400 Houstaonic Community College students stood on line Friday afternoon to enjoy a free Thanksgiving meal offered by the school’s Student Senate.


    Extinction-Rebellion hat ein Leugner-Problem


    Deutschland ist ein beliebtes Einwanderungsland. Überall werden die Wohnungen knapp. Der BUND fordert jedoch, dass aus Klimaschutzgründen weniger und kleinere Wohnungen zu bauen. Die Welt am 21. November 2019: Für den Klimaschutz: Umweltverband fordert weniger Wohnungsbau […] Der Plan des BUND zielt darauf ab, Hamburg bis zum Jahr 2035 klimaneutral zu gestalten. Dazu sei ein „radikales und schnelles Umdenken“ erforderlich, sagte Braasch. Aus Sicht der Umweltschützer gehört dazu unter anderem, dass sich der Senat von dem Ziel, jährlich 10.000 neue Wohnungen zu bauen, verabschieden solle. Stattdessen solle weniger, dafür aber energieeffizienter gebaut werden. […] Zudem fordert der BUND ohnehin eine ... weiter lesen

    Der Beitrag Extinction-Rebellion hat ein Leugner-Problem erschien zuerst auf Kalte Sonne.


    Senate Democrats’ Bill Would Establish Consumer Rights Over Internet Data, Privacy

    Democratic senators proposed legislation on Tuesday that would set penalties for online companies like Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook Inc. if they mishandle users’ personal data. The measure comes at a time when the luster of the Big Tech platforms, …

    S. 1507, PFAS Release Disclosure and Protection Act of 2019

    As reported by the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on June 19, 2019

    Reuters yazdı: Körfez krizinde sürpriz ziyaret


    Reuters yazdı: Körfez krizinde sürpriz ziyaret


    Reuters haber ajansı, Katar Dışişleri Bakanı Şeyh Muhammed bin Abdurrahman el Sani'nin Suudi Arabistan'ın başkenti Riyad'a geçen ay sürpriz bir ziyaret gerçekleştirdiğini yazdı.

    Bu ziyaretin gerçekleşmiş olması, 2,5 yıldır Körfez ülkeleri tarafından Katar'a uygulanan ablukanın hafifletilmesi anlamına gelebilir.

    Bu konuyu ilk defa dile getiren ABD merkezli Wall Street Journal gazetesi oldu.

    BBC Türkçe'nin aktardığına göre gazete, Amerikalı ve Arap yetkililere dayandırdığı haberinde el Sani'nin Suudi Arabistan'da üst düzey yetkililerle görüşmeler gerçekleştirdiğini kaleme aldı.

    Reuters haber ajansı, iki kaynağına dayandırdığı haberinde bu ziyaretin, mayıs ayında Katar başbakanının Mekke'de düzenlenen Arap zirvesine katılımının ardından gerçekleşen en üst düzey ziyaret olduğunu belirtiyor.

    Ancak Katar Dışişleri Bakanı el Sani'nin, Suudi Arabistan'ın veliaht prensi Muhammed bin Salman ile görüşüp görüşmediği bilinmiyor.

    ABD'li Senatör Chris Murphy, Reuters'a yaptığı açıklamada Katarlı bakanın ziyaretinin iki taraf arasında bir diyalog başladığına dair önemli bir gelişme olabileceği yorumunu yapıyor.

    Cumhurbaşkanı Tayyip Erdoğan da bu hafta başında Katar'a gerçekleştirdiği ziyareti sırasında Katar ile Körfez ülkeleri arasındaki krizin bir an önce sona ermesini umut ettiğini söylemişti.

    2017 yılının Haziran ayında Suudi Arabistan, Mısır, Bahreyn, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri ve Yemen, Katar ile diplomatik ilişkilerini kestiğini açıklamıştı. Karara gerekçe olarak "Katar'ın terörizme destek vermesi" gösteriliyordu.

    Beş Arap ülkesi Katar'ı; Irak Şam İslam Devleti (IŞİD) ve El Kaide dahil çeşitli militan grupları destekleyerek "bölgeyi istikrarsızlaştırmakla" suçluyor.

    Katar'ın ayrıca Müslüman Kardeşler'e verdiği desteğe de dikkat çekiliyor. Doha yönetimi ise suçlamaları reddediyor.

    Bu ülkeler Katar'a 13 talep sıralayarak ancak bu isteklerinin gerçekleştirilmesi halinde ablukanın kaldırılacağını belirtiyorlar.

    Bu talepler arasında Katar'daki Türk askeri üssünün kapatılması da yer alıyor...

    Erdoğan, bu hafta gerçekleştirdiği ziyaretinde bu talep ile ilgili olarak, "Hiç kimse ülkemizin bu coğrafyadaki mevcudiyetinden rahatsız olmamalıdır. Sizler, Katar başta olmak üzere tüm bölgede gelecekte özellikle takdirle anılacak tarihi bir görev icra ediyorsunuz. Bu vesileyle Körfez bölgesinde iki buçuk yıldır devam eden krizin bir an evvel çözülmesini temenni ediyorum" karşılığını vermişti.

    Suudi Arabistan hükümeti konu ile ilgili olarak Reuters'ın sorularına cevap vermezken geçen hafta sonu Suudi Arabistan Dışişleri Bakanlığı halen Katar'ın taleplerini yerine getirmesini beklediklerini söylemişti.

    Reuters'a konuşan bir Arap diplomat ise gelecek ay Suudi Arabistan'da düzenlenecek bölge zirvesinin ilişkilerin geliştirilmesi için bir vesile olabileceğini aktardı.


    Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas Review

    As at least one person’s favorite New York senator once said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” This feels even more relevant in our current fractured [read: fucking stupid] political climate. Here are the facts, as we currently know them: the planet is warming at a rate increasingly ...

    Attorney General Moody’s Statement on the U.S. Senate Confirmation of Judge Barbara Lagoa

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody today released the following statement on the U.S. Senate confirmation of former Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Lagoa to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 11th...

    Attorney General Moody’s Statement on the U.S. Senate Confirmation of Judge Robert Luck

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody today issued the following statement on the U.S. Senate confirmation of former Florida Supreme Court Justice Robert Luck to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit:...

    Thanks and Mourning: Can You Do Both?

    Legislatively Speaking By Senator Lena C. Taylor It’s amazing what we didn’t learn in school, how history can be revised, and how omissions can change the way we remember a story. I recall looking forward to Thanksgiving for all the obvious reasons, when I was in grade school. I was always amazed at the cool […]

    Trump Confirms He Would Want The Senate To Hold An Impeachment Trial

    Trump Gives His 3 Picks For Testimony During An Impeachment Trial

    Senatul României: Folosirea canabisului în scop medical, legală

    Senatul României: Folosirea canabisului în scop medical, legală

    Senatul României a adoptat, tacit, proiectul de lege care prevede reglementarea folosirii canabisului și produselor din canabis în scopuri medicale. Pentru ca legea să intre în vigoare, trebuie însă să treacă și de Camera Deputaților.
    Conform proiectului de lege, se va înființa o Agenție care autorizează creșterea și vânzarea canabisului și a medicamentelor derivate în farmacii. Acestea le vor distribui numai pe baza unor formulare speciale, securizate, completate de medicii specialiști sau veterinari.

    Cultivarea plantelor de canabis este permisă numai cu autorizarea Ministerului Agriculturii. Acesta cumpără toată producția internă de plante de canabis, substanțe și preparate ce conțin canabis și asigură distribuirea lor către farmacii.

    Senatul este primul for sesizat, iar legea urmează să fie dezbatută in Camera Deputaților, for decizional.Senatul României a adoptat, tacit, proiectul de lege care prevede reglementarea folosirii canabisului și produselor din canabis în scopuri medicale. Pentru ca legea să intre în vigoare, trebuie însă să treacă și de Camera Deputaților.
    Astfel, se va înființa o Agenție care autorizează creșterea și vânzarea canabisului și a medicamentelor derivate în farmacii. Acestea le vor distribui numai pe baza unor formulare speciale, securizate, completate de medicii specialiști sau veterinari.

    Cultivarea plantelor de canabis este permisă numai cu autorizarea Ministerului Agriculturii. Acesta cumpără toată producția internă de plante de canabis, substanțe și preparate ce conțin canabis și asigură distribuirea lor către farmacii.

    Senatul este primul for sesizat, iar legea urmează să fie dezbatută in Camera Deputaților, for decizional.




    16 listopada,br. uczniowie starszych klas mieli okazję uczestniczyć w projekcji kilku bardzo ciekawych filmów historycznych przybliżających historię Polski oraz losy Polaków. Gośćmi spotkania, na zaproszenie kierownika szkoły, byli dyrektor Festiwalu „Losy Polaków” pan Ryszard Łączyński wraz z małżonką oraz pan Andrzej Kawka z Polonia Canadaian Institute for Historical Studies. Państwo Łączyńscy przekazali uczniom w prezencie pamiątkową biografię Ignacego Paderewskiego ze specjalną dedykacją Marszałka Sejmu. Przesłaniem Festiwalu jest wzmocnienie patriotyzmu, zwłaszcza wśród dzieci i młodzieży, promocja polskiej historii, kultury i języka w kraju i za granicą. Festiwal Polonijny „Losy Polaków”, organizowany we współpracy ze Stowarzyszeniem Dziennikarzy Polskich, odbywa się pod patronatem Marszałka Senatu RP i Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego oraz Komitetu Honorowego z udzialem przedstawicieli Sejmu i Senatu oraz prezesa Instytut Pamięci Narodowej, prezesa Stowarzyszenia Wspólnota Polska oraz przedstawicieli organizacji polonijnych, a także Towarzystwo Chrystusowe, prezentujące wiele filmów z misji wśród Polonii na całym świecie.


    Proposed Firearms Laws (Virginia) - Age

    Day two of looking at the bills which several members of the Virginia General Assembly have proposed become laws restricting firearm ownership and use. From the Senate there are Bills 12, 14, 16, 18, and 22 from Senator Saslaw; 13 and 15 (Senator Ebbin); 35 (Senator Surovell); 51 (Senator Spruill); 67 (Senator McClellan); 69 (Senator Locke); & 70 and 71 (Senator Lucas).  From the House there are Bills 2 (Delegate Plum) and 9 (Delegate Bourne). As stated previously, I know that's a ton of bills; I expect many to fail, get changed, get merged, etc. Generally, I would wait until the actual laws have been passed. However, because of the great amount of interest I'm going to look at these as they are in their larval bill state.

    Age Restrictions: This comes from SB18, proposed by Sen. Saslaw. It changes several statutes relating to age and I shan't be following the order in the statute because that would bury the lead. I've glanced through all the bills that are proposed and this is the one which strikes me as being the one likely to run afoul of the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment and Virginia Constitution Art. I, Sec. 13 (which is facially broader than the 2nd Amendment).

    Cannot Buy:

    A new subsection of § 18.2-308.2:2, (R) will state that no person under the age of 21 will be allowed to buy a firearm in Virginia (people over 18 yoa at time of passage will be allowed to under a grandfather clause).

    COMMENT: They'll have to pop over the state line and buy them in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, or West Virginia. I'm not a big fan of infantalizing those between 18 and 21. If 18 is the age of majority then 18 is the age of majority. Furthermore, when we pass laws forbidding law abiding adults from doing something entirely legal - whether they are about drinking, using nicotine, or buying firearms - we encourage wink and a nod lawlessness. Beyond even that, denying an adult a constitutionally guaranteed right, by attempting to make that right non-exercisable, without a particular and individualized reason, but only because she belongs to a non-harmful class, inclusion in which she has no control over, begs for a constitutional challenge.

    Access by Minors: § 18.2-56.2

    (A) An adult cannot "recklessly leave a loaded, unsecured firearm in such a manner as to endanger the life or limb" of someone under the age of 18. There are two real changes here. First, the age used to be under the age of 14. Second, the punishment went up from a fine to a class 6 felony (up to 5 years in prison).

    (B) It's a class 1 misdemeanor (up to 12 months in jail) to authorize person under 18 to use a firearm without supervision by an approved 21 yoa person. The statute used to forbid authorization for a kid under 12 yoa.

    COMMENT: I'm not sure what the burning need is for these changes.

    (A) is a nothingburger. "Reckless" behavior is entirely subjective, but unless it's tied to a springloaded door trap (we all remember that case from law school), it's going to be hard to make the case that a 14-17 yoa minor doesn't understand the danger inherent in a loaded firearm. Once you get under 14 the scale begins to tip and things like having a loaded firearm in the desk drawer, or on the wall, or behind the door starts looking a lot more like reckless behavior as the child in question gets younger.

    (B) is an anti-hunting statute. Prior to this, it appears that a minor of 12 yoa or older could go out with her .22 rimfire and shoot squirrels, rabbits, or the bleeping beaver that keeps flooding the corn field. Now she can't and her older 17 yoa brother can't go out with his .45-70 and cull the out of control deer or bear populations either. Now they can't unless they drag some adult along with them.

    None of this protects the citizenry any more than the law as it currently exists. If (B) is meant to prevent adults from arming children in gangs or in riots or similar situations it's far too broad and needs to be narrowed. Perhaps (B) is meant to stop sales to minors, but if so the statute should ban authorization to possess not use.


    Possessing Pistols or Assault Weapons: § 18.2-308.7

    An adult under the age of 21 cannot "intentionally possess or transport a handgun or assault firearm anywhere in the Commonwealth."

    Exceptions of Note:

    Can possess if

    (1) Have written permission from landowner. If under 18 the minor must also have her guardian's permission. (but not on property the 18-20 yoa owns herself)

    (2) If accompanied by someone 21 yoa, at a firing range.

    (3) Hunting (no further limitation; this appears to make the government clerk who issues a minor a hunting license a misdemeanant per § 18.2-56.2(B))

    (5) A law enforcement officer. (new exception)

    COMMENT:  Hmmm . . . This one clearly denies an adult a constitutionally guaranteed right, without a particular and individualized reason, but only because she belongs to a non-harmful class, inclusion in which she has no control over.

    This one may actually rise to strict scrutiny analysis when challenged. The US Supreme Court hasn't set a standard for reviewing firearm cases and the appellate courts have generally adopted the intermediate standard with a rather strong lean toward the rational basis standard. However, the ones I've read seem to be more about the firearm and this is about an absolute ban on a class of citizens' constitutionally guaranteed right. It'll be interesting watching the constitutional challenges if this bill passes into law.


    Proposed Firearms Laws (Virginia): Criminal Background Checks

    Okay, so I've been asked by several people to look at this. I don't usually look at bills because so few of them are passed into law and even those that do are often changed in the passing. Still, there's a lot of curiosity about this one, so I'm going to bend my rules a bit and look at the proposed bills (so far). From the Senate there are Bills 12, 14, 16, 18, and 22 from Senator Saslaw; 13 and 15 (Senator Ebbin); 35 (Senator Surovell); 51 (Senator Spruill); 67 (Senator McClellan); 69 (Senator Locke); & 70 and 71 (Senator Lucas).  From the House there are Bills 2 (Delegate Plum) and 9 (Delegate Bourne). Yeah, I know that's a ton of bills; I expect many to fail, get changed, get merged, etc. That's why I generally don't do this. Still, once I got to looking there was a lot to discuss and I got intrigued.

    Criminal Background checks: Four bills, SB12, SB18, SB70, and HB2, create a new statute that requires all persons transferring a firearm to another to get a background check on person receiving it: 18.2-308.2:5.  They were clearly all developed from a template with edits added by their patrons. Strangely, Senator Saslow felt it necessary to introduce this in two separate bills. Dealers can charge $15 to do the check. Under Sen. Saslow's version in the person transferring the firearm doesn't do the check he is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor. In the other version the person transferring is guilty of a class 6 felony and the person receiving is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.

    COMMENT: This last bit strikes me as contrary to logic. The receiving person knows he's a convicted felon; the transferring person does not. Thus the receiving person has a more guilty mens rea and an equal actus rea. I do, however think that a felony conviction could be appropriate for a person caught transferring without a check a second (or more appropriately a third) time. Selling your old pistol in an improper manner to some dude in your bowling league shouldn't be a felony. There should be some check on this so that the only people getting felonies are those purposefully avoiding the checks to sell multiple firearms.

    Exceptions of Note:

    (1)  The check isn't required if the firearm is gifted to an immediate family member and in Sen. Saslow's version "a personal friend."

    (2)  The check isn't required if the transfer happens "by operation of law."

    (4)  The check isn't required if the transfer is by an executor in accord with a will.

    COMMENT: Probably the most common "by operation of law" situation is death without a will wherein things pass according to statutes and bad-apple Bobby, the convicted bank robber, is the only legal heir and gets Grampa's Garand. In that case there probably isn't anyone around to transfer the rifle. However, why in the world anybody would think an executor shouldn't have to check to see if Bobby can possess the weapon is beyond me. She should because if we are serious about keeping Bobby from having a firearm the fact that Grampa willed it to him shouldn't matter.

    (9)  "The transfer occurs at a shooting range, shooting gallery, or any other area designed for the purpose of target shooting or for use during target practice, a firearms safety or training course or class, a shooting competition, or any similar lawful activity"

    COMMENT: That is terrible draftsmanship. There are two ways to read that and both provide a loophole with the only difference being the second is bigger than the first. "or for use during" should be replaced with "and the transfer is only for the duration of." As it stands this exception, at the very least, authorizes without background check any transfer "at a shooting range, shooting gallery, or any other area designed for the purpose of target shooting." If the second "or" is interpreted as being linked to "area designed" rather than "The transfer occurs" it widens the locations available for unchecked transfer significantly. If the second "or" is interpreted as linking to "The transfer occurs" then unchecked transfers are only authorized at "a shooting range, shooting gallery, or any other area designed for the purpose of target shooting."

    I'm not sure where they got the canned language, but somebody with basic reading skills should have caught that.

    (10)  The transfer happens at a firearm show and the State Police performed the background check.
    NOTEThe bill also proposing eliminating the language in § 54.1-4201.2 that allowed the background check to be foregone at gun shows.

     And that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll write about the new age restrictions.


    Melaye Saying Buhari Will Lose 2019 Election, Coming Back To Haunt Him | Watch Video


    Melaye Saying Buhari Will Lose 2019 Election, Coming Back To Haunt Him Watch Video Melaye Saying Buhari Will Lose 2019 Election, Coming Back To Haunt Him Watch Video Melaye Saying Buhari Will Lose 2019 Election, Coming Back To Haunt Him Watch Video -A video of Dino Melaye, a former senator saying that President Muhammadu Buhari […]

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    Comment on Lower drug prices needed by andrew

    Jackie and Dondondon :There is a constitutionally significant difference between a political ‘sin,’ on the one hand, and a crime or impeachable offenses, on the other. Even if there had been a quid pro quo exchange, the president’s actions do not constitute a crime or an impeachable offense. You both really need to understand the law rather than repeating the CNN and MSNBC talking points. There likely will not be a House vote because they now know that the Schiff hearings were a nothing burger. Finally if there is a vote and it goes to the Senate, I would love to see Schiff take the stand and Hunter and Nadler and Sleepy Joe and the other Senator candidates running for Presidency who wont be allowed to leave DC and campaign due to being stuck in a trial. Bring it on.

    New York Governor Cuomo Should Ban Chlorpyrifos


    A 12-year-old girl picks cucumbers on a Michigan farm. Children often work performing the same motions—kneeling, stooping, or raising their arms for hours a day. Children whose bodies are still developing are especially vulnerable to repetitive-motion injury. © 2009 Romano


    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo should sign a bill to ban the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos, crucial for protecting public health and the environment in the state. In April, the New York State legislature passed a bill that would ban chlorpyrifos, and the governor has until the end of the year to sign it into law.

    Research has shown that prenatal exposure to even very low levels of chlorpyrifos, which is used on many US food crops, can harm brain development in children, leading to microcephaly (when the head and brain do not reach full development), autism, and other attention, learning, and memory disabilities. Chlorpyrifos is also associated with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and other serious health problems.

    Its use on farms leaves farmers, farmworkers, and residents of rural communities more likely to be exposed. Through my work at Human Rights Watch, I’ve interviewed dozens of farmworkers in US tobacco fields – many of them children – who said they became sick after being sprayed with unknown pesticides. Chlorpyrifos is in the same class of pesticides commonly used in tobacco farming.

    Earlier this year, the Trump administration decided not to ban chlorpyrifos. In the absence of federal regulation, states are taking action themselves. Hawaii passed a law to ban the chemical by 2022, and California has announced a ban to take effect next year.

    New Yorkers are also leading efforts to protect the public from chlorpyrifos. The bill to ban chlorpyrifos passed through New York’s state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support. In August, more than 80 nongovernmental organizations wrote to Governor Cuomo, urging him to sign the bill into law. The signers include organizations working to protect the environment, public health, workers, and children.

    New York Attorney General Letitia James is leading a group of state attorneys in suing the US Environmental Protection Agency over the decision not to ban chlorpyrifos.

    At the federal level, Nydia Velazquez, a congresswoman from New York, sponsored a bill to ban chlorpyrifos nationwide, and 14 members of the New York delegation have signed on as co-sponsors.

    Governor Cuomo stood up for farmworkers’ rights earlier this year when he signed a law guaranteeing farmworkers overtime pay, family leave, and the rights to collectively bargain and form unions.

    He only has a few weeks left to sign the ban on chlorpyrifos. It would show his commitment not only to protecting farmworkers, but every New Yorker’s right to health and a safe environment.


    Incendiu PUTERNIC în Năvodari - 18 pompieri au fost mobilizați: Care sunt pagubele produse

    Un puternic incendiu a izbucnit luni dimineaţă la o pescărie din Năvodari, focul distrugând barăci din lemn pe o suprafaţă de 500 de metri pătraţi şi trei maşini. Nu au existat victime.Revine NEBUNIA în Senat: Legile justiției intră în dezbatere.
    Citește mai departe...

    Revine NEBUNIA în Senat: Legile justiției intră în dezbatere. Liberalii își prezintă viziunea

    Membrii Comisiei juridice din Senat se întrunesc, luni, pentru o discuţie asupra ordonanţelor privind legile Justiţiei, la care a fost invitat şi ministrul Justiţiei, Cătălin Predoiu, potrivit senatorului Şerban Nicolae, preşedintele acestei comisii.
    Citește mai departe...

    Trio of Haunted Tucson, Arizona Ghosts


    The city of Tucson is a reminder of old Arizona with building architecture influenced by Spain and Mexico standing among more modern structures. It’s said that ghosts reside in three sites in Tuscon, Arizona. Carl Velasco’s ghost haunts his former home, wraith of a dark-haired lady is seen at the university and a spectral custodian is experienced at the high school… Tucson’s Haunted Velasco House The residence was built in the 1850s. Carl Ygnacio Velasco’s ghost haunts his former home. He was a Sonoran State Senator and Judge before he and his wife, Beatriz, moved into the house in 1878.…

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    A Wealth Tax? Two Framers Weigh In



    Wealth taxes are on the current political table and hotly debated. All taxation was on the framers’ table as they considered a new constitution. What would they make of the measures we are considering now? And more to the point: does the Constitution they drafted allow Congress to tax a person’s overall wealth? 


    The short answer: yes and no. The longer answer requires historical context.


    In the six months preceding the Federal Convention of 1787, Congress received from the separate states, which alone possessed powers of taxation, a grand total of $663—hardly enough to run the nation. Little wonder that the framers’ proposal, what is now our Constitution, granted Congress sweeping authority to levy taxes: “The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises …”


    Although taxing authority was broad, the framers delineated only five specific types, each with a qualification:


    “Duties, Imposts, and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.” 

    “No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or enumeration.”

    “No Tax or Duty shall be laid on any Articles exported from any State.” 


    Presumably any taxes not mentioned would have to meet qualifications as well. The underlying principle was fairness, but mechanisms to achieve that goal differed. Exports were ruled out so Congress wouldn’t handicap Virginia, for instance, by taxing tobacco. Most other taxes would be uniform. Direct taxes, on the other hand, had to be apportioned according to state populations. 


    But what, exactly, was a direct tax? And how might that differ from its opposite, an indirect tax, a term that does not appear in the Constitution? 


    That’s what Rufus King, delegate from Massachusetts, asked his colleagues at the end of the day on August 20, 1787, after some twelve weeks of deliberations. From James Madison’s Notes of Debates: “Mr. KING asked what was the precise meaning of direct taxation. No one answered.” We have no indication that the framers ever defined direct and indirect taxation, either then or at any other time during their proceedings. 


    Fast forward to the mid-1790s, when two former delegates weighed in. Alexander Hamilton, while Secretary of the Treasury, recommended a federal tax on carriages, an item that only rich people could afford. Congress levied that tax, but Daniel Hylton, a carriage owner, challenged the measure on constitutional grounds. It was a direct tax, he argued, and Congress had failed to apportion it amongst the states. The case found its way to the Supreme Court. There, Associate Justice William Paterson, who had introduced the New Jersey plan at the Federal Convention, offered a coherent explanation of the framers’ treatment of taxation:


    “It was … obviously the intention of the framers of the Constitution, that Congress should possess full power over every species of taxable property, except exports. The term taxes, is generical, and was made use of to vest in Congress plenary authority in all cases of taxation… All taxes on expences or consumption are indirect taxes. … Indirect taxes are circuitous modes of reaching the revenue of individuals, who generally live according to their income. In many cases of this nature the individual may be said to tax himself.”


    An individual taxes himself because he chooses to participate in an activity that is taxed; he can circumvent the tax by not purchasing or consuming the item in question. That’s what makes it “indirect.” A “Capitation, or other direct, Tax” is not optional in this sense; both capitation taxes and property taxes were widespread in America, and a person does not choose to be a person (a capitation tax), nor willingly decide to own no property. But why didn’t the framers apply the simple rule of uniformity to such taxes? Paterson recalled that peculiar politics, not abstract reasoning, led to the Federal Convention’s approach:


    “I never entertained a doubt, that the principal, I will not say, the only, objects, that the framers of the Constitution contemplated as falling within the rule of apportionment, were a capitation tax and a tax on land. … The provision was made in favor of the southern States. They possessed a large number of slaves; they had extensive tracts of territory, thinly settled, and not very productive. A majority of the states had but few slaves, and several of them a limited territory, well settled and in a high state of cultivation. The Southern states, if no provision had been introduced in the Constitution, would have been wholly at the mercy of the other states. Congress in such case, might tax slaves, at discretion or arbitrarily, and land in every part of the Union after the same rate or measure: so much a head in the first instance, and so much an acre in the second. To guard against imposition in these particulars, was the reason of introducing the clause in the Constitution, which directs that representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the states, according to their respective numbers.”  


    In the end, Paterson and his fellow justices concluded that the tax on chariots must be considered indirect. To apportion the tax among the states would be absurd, they argued; if there was only one chariot owner in a state, he would have to assume his state’s entire liability. And if there were no chariots, how could that state ever meet its apportioned share? But to strike down a tax on chariots because it was unworkable would seriously undermine Congress’s critical authority “to lay and collect Taxes,” which buttressed the entire governmental apparatus. The only alternative was to declare Hamilton’s chariot tax indirect—and thereby constitutional.


    What might Paterson and his colleagues have concluded if Congress had levied a tax on all wealth, not just one particular luxury item? That depends. They might have applied the same reasoning: treating a wealth tax as “direct” would be hopelessly impractical, but if seen as an excise, it would fall within Congress’s plenary powers of taxation. Indeed, any tax (except one on exports) that the framers had notcategorized as “direct” would be constitutional, if applied uniformly. So it all boils down to one question: what taxes, exactly, are to be considered direct?


    While Paterson enumerated “a capitation tax and a tax on land” as the “principal” taxes “falling within the rule of apportionment,” he hinted they might not be the “only” ones. Perhaps he could envision others, taxes that were not addressed at the Federal Convention. New England governments in those times relied heavily on property taxes that included not only raw land but also improvements and livestock, which made the land more valuable. Such taxes were not based on “expences or consumption,” activities that might be avoided—Paterson’s criteria for indirect taxes. They taxed who a person was, economically—the apparent (although unstated) standard for a direct tax. 


    Alexander Hamilton made this explicit. Within a brief filed for Hylton v. United States, he added a third category to the list of direct taxes:


    “What is the distinction between direct and indirect taxes? It is a matter of regret that terms so uncertain and vague in so important a point are to be found in the Constitution. We shall seek in vain for any antecedent settled legal meaning to the respective terms—there is none.


    “But how is the meaning of the Constitution to be determined? It has been affirmed, and so it will be found, that there is no general principle which can indicate the boundary between the two. That boundary, then, must be fixed by a species of arbitration, and ought to be such as will involve neither absurdity nor inconvenience.


    “The following are presumed to be the only direct taxes.

    Capitation or poll taxes.

    Taxes on lands and buildings.

    General assessments, whether on the whole property of individuals, or on their whole real or personal estate; all else must of necessity be considered as indirect taxes.”


    In Hamilton’s estimation, any “general assessment” of a person’s “whole” property or estate—what we call today a wealth tax—was one of those “other” direct taxes that must be apportioned amongst the states. But to apportion a wealth tax would be absurd; today, a handful of wealthy individuals in West Virginia or Mississippi, to account for their state’s quota, would have to pay several times as much as those residing in states with numerous rich taxpayers. In Hylton v. United States, the Supreme Court used the unfairness of apportionment to declare the chariot tax indirect, and therefore constitutional, but according to Hamilton, that line of reasoning is off the table. A wealth tax is a direct tax, pure and simple, he reckoned; unless apportioned, it will be unconstitutional. 


    Of course Hamilton was not on the Supreme Court, so his statement has no official bearing. Legal scholars might disagree with his assessment of “general assessments,” but politically, that is beside the point. No wealth tax based on apportionment among the states will make its way out of committee, and any wealth tax claiming to be “indirect” will inevitably wind up before the Supreme Court. There, originalists who idolize the framers will look no farther than Hamilton’s testimony to justify striking down the measure. 


    And all conservatives, likely the majority for years to come, will weaponize Hamilton to support their preconceived aversion to wealth taxes. They will not be swayed, as some scholars contend, by Knowlton v. Moore, which in 1900 upheld an inheritance tax by treating it as indirect. There’s plenty of wiggle room between taxing a person’s “whole real or personal estate”—a wealth tax—and taxing how a person chooses to dispense with that estate. When conservative justices weigh an obliquely relevant case from 1900 versus Hamilton’s forceful pronouncement that yields the result they prefer, there is little doubt as to which they will favor. 


    Might Chief Justice Roberts be a swing vote? When upholding the Affordable Care Act as within the taxing authority of Congress, he declared: “A tax on going without health insurance does not fall within any recognized category of direct tax.” Because it was “plainly not a tax of the ownership or land or personal property,” it did not have to be “apportioned among the several States.” A wealth tax, on the other hand, would target “ownership of land or personal property.” It must be apportioned, Roberts will conclude, or else it’s unconstitutional.  


    We have been through this before. In Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust Company (1895), the Supreme Court declared that taxing income derived from wealth (rents, interest, and dividends) was a direct tax and therefore had to be apportioned, while taxing income derived from labor (wages and salaries) was indirect and therefore did not have to be apportioned. This meant that Congress could tax working people readily, while taxing wealthy people would be unworkable. Workers cried foul. They pushed for, and got, the Sixteenth Amendment, which repudiated Pollock by lifting the apportionment requirement from all income taxes.


    Today, facing rampant inequality, we can cry foul again—but we remain saddled with a provision of the Constitution geared to protect the slave-owning interests of Southern states in 1787. Even so, taxing income rather than wealth is always possible. There is no constitutional limit on the tax rate, so long as it is “uniform throughout the United States.”




    William Barr’s Upside-Down Constitution



    Attorney General William Barr’s November 15 speech before the Federalist Society, delivered at its annualNational Lawyers Convention,received considerable attention.Barr attackedwhat he views as progressives’ unscrupulous and relentless attacks on President Trump and Senate Democrats’ “abuse of the advice-and-consent process.” Ironies notwithstanding, the core analysis of his speech is a full-throated defense of the Unitary theory of executive power, which purports to be an Originalist view of the Founders’ intent. 


    This defense, however, reveals the two fundamental flaws of the Unitary view: first, that it is built on a fictional reading of constitutional design; and second, that its precepts attack the fundamental tenets of the checks and balances system that the Founders did create. 


    Barr’s speech begins with his complaint that presidential power has been weakened in recent decades by the “steady encroachment” of executive powers by the other branches. Even allowing for congressional resurgence in the post-Watergate era of the 1970s, no sane analysis of the Reagan era forward could buttress Barr’s ahistorical claim. Ironically, the presidents in this time period who suffered political reversals—Bill Clinton’s impeachment and the thwarting of Barack Obama’s agenda by congressional Republicans in his final six years of office—nevertheless emerged from their terms with the office intact in powers and prestige. 


    Attorney General Barr’s reading of colonial history claims that the Founders’ chief antagonist during the Revolutionary period was not the British monarchy (which, he claims, had been “neutered” by this time) but an overbearing Parliament. Had Barr bothered to consult the penultimate statement of American grievances, the Declaration of Independence, Barr would have found the document to direct virtually all of its ire against “the present King of Great Britain.” The lengthy list of grievances detailed in the document charge “He,” George III, with despotism and tyranny, not Parliament (where some of whose members expressed sympathy for the American cause). Barr’s message? Legislatures bad, executives not so much. 


    Barr insists that by the time of the Constitutional Convention there was “general agreement” on the nature of executive power and that those powers conformed to the Unitary vision—complete and exclusive control over the Executive branch, foreign policy preeminence, and no sharing of powers among the branches. Barr dismisses the idea of inter-branch power-sharing as “mushy thinking.” Yet the essence of checks and balances is power-sharing. As the political scientist Richard Neustadt once noted, the Founders did not create separate institutions with separate powers, but “separate institutions sharing powers.” 


    And as if to reassure himself and other adherents, Barr insists that the Unitary view is neither “new”—even though it was cooked up in the 1980s by the Meese Justice Department and the Federalist Society—nor a “theory.” Barr says, “It is a description of what the Framers unquestionably did in Article II of the Constitution.” Yet aside from the veto power, he fails to discuss any actual Article II powers. And in the case of the veto, he fails to note that this power is found in Article I, and is generally understood as a legislative power exercised by the executive. Shouldn’t an Originalist take a passing interest in original text? Nor does he explain why Article II is brief and vague, compared to Congress’s lengthy and detailed Article I powers. What we know about that brevity and vagueness is that it reflected two facts: the Founders’ difficulty and disagreement in defining presidential powers, and the wish of a few Founders who favored a strong executive to leave that door open, hoping that future presidents might help solidify the office. That wish, of course, came true. 


    Most of the latter part of Barr’s speech is devoted to a condemnation of the judiciary, where it has not only set itself up at the “ultimate arbiter” of interbranch disputes, but worse has “usurped Presidential authority” by the very act of hearing cases and ruling against asserted presidential powers. Underlying these complaints are the Unitary tenet that the courts have no rightto rule in any area of claimed executive power. Barr vents his frustration at the extent to which Trump administration decisions and actions have found themselves tied up in court. Experts continue to debate what issues and controversies are or are not justiciable. But to assert by Unitary theory fiat that the courts cannot rule is to make an assertion found nowhere in the Constitution. And Barr also misses the fact that court rulings historically have most often favored executive powers. 


    The Trump administration’s many questionable actions have raised both new and old concerns about the extent and reach of executive power. There is plenty of blame for abuses of power to spread around, most certainly including to Congress. But the Unitary theory offers no remedy to the power problems of the present era. And the idea that it somehow is an Originalist reading of constitutional powers would be laughable if it didn’t have so many adherents in the seats of power.  


    Impeachment Has Always Been a Purely Political Process



    What exactly is impeachment? A common view is that the House of Representatives judges that the president has committed a crime, then the Senate tries him. But the Constitution’s criterion of “high crimes and misdemeanors” does not correspond to anything specific in the U.S. criminal code. Even if it did, legal precedent has already established that a sitting President cannot be indicted. Hence, when special prosecutor Leon Jaworski presented indictments over the Watergate break-in, he listed President Nixon as an “unindicted” co- conspirator. Even if a prosecutor did manage to indict a sitting president, he would not face a trial. Only after being impeached, convicted in the Senate and expelled from office would he be liable to legal prosecution like other citizens.


    Impeachability is therefore very much in the eye of the beholder. The Mueller probe was sometimes likened to a prosecutor returning his findings to a grand jury made up of Congress. But that was a false analogy. The Constitution is silent about what process is to be followed before articles of impeachment are voted on. No investigation is explicitly mandated. Strictly speaking, a newly elected House of Representatives could vote articles of impeachment on its first day, without any investigation. The reason this does not happen is because those favoring impeachment naturally prefer to be supported in the court of public opinion. But they needn’t rely on the outcome of an investigation if they are willing to gamble on the public’s support regardless. The Mueller probe disappointed House Democrats because it found no evidence of collusion with Russia and no evidence of obstruction of justice that could stand up in court. But it made no difference to Trump’s opponents. Adam Schiff and Erick Swalwell maintained that Trump was guilty of both before the Mueller probe was completed, and they maintain it now that it has come and gone. At the end of the day, they are banking on public opinion sharing their conviction that the president has committed a crime. Even if impeachment articles are voted in, however, the prospect of the Republican majority in the Senate convicting Trump are virtually zero.


    Why doesn’t the Constitution make a president’s impeachment synonymous with a prosecution for breaking the law? In Germany, for example, the President can be impeached by either of the two legislative chambers. At that point, the case goes to a federal court, which decides if he is guilty and whether to remove him from office. To clarify why the American process is so complicated and indirect, we have to ask ourselves what the Founders meant impeachment for in the first place.


    As I wrote in TYRANTS: POWER, INJUSTICE AND TERROR, one of the Constitution’s fundamental aims, according to Alexander Hamilton, was to forestall the emergence an American tyrant — a “Catiline or Caesar.” Tyranny in the 18th century context need not connote full-blown monsters like Hitler. If a ruler violated Americans’ rights, like King George III taxing them without granting them representation in Parliament, that was tyranny. Ancient democracies like Athens, according to Hamilton, veered between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy. They could only rely on a virtuous statesman like Pericles to break this cycle. Such statesmen are very rare, and could prove to be tyrants in disguise — it’s too chancy. The “new” political science of the Enlightenment, Hamilton says, relies instead on the institutional division of powers, preventing one branch of government from tyrannizing over the others. Just as the president having the power of the purse would violate Congress’s jurisdiction, Congress’s ability to try a president like a law court would violate that of both the Executive and the Judicial branches. Rooted in Machiavelli’s analysis of the Roman Republic, the American constitution was designed to promote a peaceable political warfare among the three branches of government that would forestall the actual violence of civil strife resulting from one branch reigning supreme. As James Madison put it, the causes of vice are sewn into the human soul. We can’t remove those causes, but through the correct institutional mechanisms, we can impede their harmful effects.


    In sum, the removal of a President from office through impeachment was designed as a purely political process. It is value neutral with respect to legal guilt or innocence. The Founders stacked the deck against it happening so that it would not be trivially invoked, which is why it’s happened only three times. In the case of Donald Trump, at the end of the day, all that matters is how the House and Senate vote. This may not be as morally satisfying to either side as outright condemnation or exoneration. But the Founders were wary of the power of moral outrage to spark the extremes of tyranny and anarchy characteristic of democracy in the past. Whatever the verdict regarding President Trump’s impeachment, the reaction will be confined to screaming pundits, not armed mobs. Or so we hope.


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    wholesale dildos The bottom located right above the on/off button will rotate through the 7 different functions that are listed above. While the vibe is waterproof, the remote is not! The two push buttons illuminate blue when turned on. The ring fits very well and can be stretched for that perfect fit. wholesale dildos

    g spot vibrator "Here's what these visiting 'educators' were telling those kids: Condoms fail. They fail so often, they are pointless. There is no birth control except condoms. Why do I have negative feelings about this stuff in the first place? We often been brought up to feel embarrassed about women bodies and some of their functions, from menstruation to vaginal or general body smell to our genital "cleanliness." We taught that basically all of our sexual functions should be hidden or removed to the best of our ability. We been conditioned to believe that when we actually have sex, we should be as clean, neat, pretty, and perfect as possible. There also been a lot of money to be made in making women feel they must buy products to mask menses or vaginal smells. g spot vibrator

    horse dildo But yeah. Kids are where I can drop any decorum and play dildos, chasing them, coming up with foolishness. I guess it where I out of the younger awkward INTJ state and more comfortable. After getting past the smell of the product and decided to try it anyways I massaged the suggested pea sized amount onto my clit and found that I had enough to massage down the labia and external vaginal opening as well, I was pleased by this since it comes in such a small tube. I felt it beginning to warm up within the first minute or so and it tepidly went from warm to OMG that's starting to get hot! This was not the tingling sensation that the product claimed, I was actually starting to become alarmed at how hot it was until i laid a cool cloth against my burning skin for just a second and suddenly everywhere that had been burning turned fiercely cool and slightly tingly. Maybe this was what they originally planned? I don't know if this was how it is meant to work. horse dildo

    horse dildo I was with my boyfriend for a year and a half. This was my first true relationship and the boy i lost my virginity to. I fell in love with him i would do anything at all for him. I planning on seeing a gyno soon for similar reasons, I just need to find a good one before I settle. My periods are very heavy, somewhat similar to yours. I don use tampons, but I have to wear these just for casual use and I changing that every hour. horse dildo

    vibrators Ms. Narvez Varela went on to explore Mexican and American identities using Spanglish, the mixing of languages in the same sentences. In her poem "Real Mexican," she describes, in raw and troubling language, a Mexican American ex convict so confused about his Hispanic identity he doesn't know what name to call himself. vibrators

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    wholesale vibrators When cooled, the candle feels like a mixture of body butter and soy wax. It feels rich, but not greasy. When lighted, the oil is pretty liquid, and pours easily. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. wholesale vibrators

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    dildos AdvancedHi ( to bid or buy) Daily Deals Gift Cards Help Contact Sell My eBayExpand My eBay Summary Recently Viewed Bids/Offers Watch List Purchase History Selling Saved Searches Saved Sellers Messages1988 International case combine 1680 partsParting out a 19881680 case International combine. Instead of spending hours working the fields and hiring farmhands to gather all the crops at the right moment, farmers can use combines. Harvesters are used on small and large farms to gather crops quickly at a much faster pace.What is a heavy equipment combine? A heavy duty combine is used by farmers to collect their bounty. dildos

    horse dildo Sometimes we also need to accept what our body does totally out of our control, whether we like it or not. That might be ejaculating before we'd like, farting during sex, making certain noises or things like muscle spasms, urinating during some kinds of sex or having certain body parts just stop working when we're not done using them yet. Some people with some kinds of disabilities need to accept that it might take them longer to connect with their own bodies sexually or with someone else's in some ways, or take longer to learn to be sexual with others: this is a flexibility a lot of people, especially young people, could benefit from nurturing with sex and sexuality.. horse dildo

    g spot vibrator The tubing could really have been made with a more flexible material. It's very thin and stiff, and really fragile. It gets bent very easily (in fact it already comes bent in strange ways straight from the package) and every time it does it blocks the air flow and so you lose suction power.. g spot vibrator

    g spot vibrator "god babygirl, EVERYTHING about you is beautiful." thats how i started loving MY body. I just kept repeating that to myself until i loved myself. U should do the same thing. View our online Press Pack. For other inquiries, Contact Us. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. g spot vibrator

    wholesale sex toys It has only one piece to keep track of in our tiny apartment. We see how well the flip ramp works for us. Thanks for all the input everyone!. The Arizona Cardinals will trade the first overall pick in the draft Teams with established quarterbacks have traded away early selections to QB needy teams in recent seasons. Tennessee sent the No. 1 pick to the Rams in 2016. wholesale sex toys

    wholesale dildos I would tell him take it to the LR where he can watch porn and NOT wake me up. Lol. But not upset cause he wanted a quickie. "I respect the mayor and his plan, but I would say that we have a lot of work to do statewide first," State Assemblyman Kenneth P. Zebrowski, a Democrat from Rockland County, said in an interview. He noted that Rockland County had enough prekindergarten seats to serve only about half of its 4 year olds.. wholesale dildos

    dildos Take a page from the book and read it. Share it with your partner and discuss it. Sure, it may feel a little weird at first but not for long. The best position for this is squatting or lying on your stomach. Be sure to massage with lots of pressure in a continuous motion at first we're sure you'll have your own favorite method before long. You may experience discomfort or a desire to urinate during the first couple of minutes; this feeling is absolutely normal and should quickly change into a highly pleasurable one. dildos

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    g spot vibrator I was wondering if anyone had seen it too, many years ago,when I was still a kid, I saw a very obscure short on TV, it was somekind of PSA about two beavers, one was moaning the lawn, the other was relaxing in a hamak and threw a glass bottle on the ground, a few seconds later the bottle came in contact with the lawn mower and blew up, the beaver was horribly disfigured and mangeled, The art style was very simplistic, looking something like peppa pig, but i could swear that you could see the beaver exposed brain, wich looked pretty gory to me at the time. Of course this disturbed me and as it was more than 10 years ago, i not sure how much of this description is accurate or if i could have even made it up entirely as a kid. I am sure it real, maybe not as gruesome as i remember but i sure it out there dildos, somewhere, I wish I had more info but I doubt anyone knows about it or could even remember it. g spot vibrator

    wholesale vibrators Once we had finalized the Known v. Unknown agreement, we devised a simple formula that is very easy for us to follow and have actually placed it in writing on our personal website. We've found that when forming relationships, it's a valid tool for sharing our agreements. wholesale vibrators

    gay sex toys "Coconut oil is an organic, plant based lubricant that is anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti fungal. Use this lubricant liberally because organic, unrefined coconut oil is a healing and energizing food for the colon. Unrefined organic coconut oil contains lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids. gay sex toys

    Adult Toys To have the knowledge is good. I might be a distiller moving forward, he says. I created a whole bitters line for Central City that we are launching soon. It's easy to overlook such things when you're born and raised to them over the course of 20+ years, but lately, I've been noticing the natural rhythms of the island's "seasons" more and relishing in the changes that come with it. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. Adult Toys

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    dog dildo Ferrentino and Mr. Ellis decided that Mr. Barbanell should occasionally be given his own performance dates and when he played the lead, the play would be "Andy and the Orphans," with some scenes rewritten for a male lead.. By Michael Signer by Michael Signer May 24, 2017 Michael Signer is mayor of Charlottesville, Va. Robert E. Lee statue in the background, demonstratorsgather at Lee Park on May 13 in Charlottesville, Va. dildos, to protest plans to remove the monument. dog dildo

    dildos Getting there wasn easy: A small plane took him to a landing strip that was so short and sharply inclined that he started praying and telling himself that if he survived he would buy Guzman a helicopter so he fly in a more civilized way. Another meeting in 2009, Cifuentes said he shared a joint with Guzman dildos, who asked how strong it was before he took a smoke. He wasn impressed. dildos

    dildos Why have the Saints been so good on defense? The entire unit has improved, but the coverage over that time has been especially exceptional. Per Pro Football Focus,, New Orleans cornerbacks allowed 12 touchdowns and picked off just two passes.? Just two touchdowns allowed, and four picks, and no touchdowns allowed at all in the last three games.. dildos

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    So far, the Republicans have talked about Hunter Biden, VP Joe Biden, Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, servers, Burisma, the whistleblower etc. There has been nothing presented to provide a defense of President Donald Trump’s quid pro quo, bribery, extortion and obstruction of justice. Could it be the Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on?  Will … Continue reading A PREVIEW OF SENATE TRIAL?

    As Primaries Near, Booker Campaign Fights To Stay In The Conversation

    The New Jersey senator is doing his best to keep his place on the debate stage. He needs to get 4% in four polls in the next two weeks to pass the Democratic National Committee's bar for inclusion.

    Still NO! To booze on the waterways

    December 2, 2019

    Prague Daily Monitor

    The parliament proposed the bill but the government said no. Drinking alcohol during water activities is not only a danger to ones-self, but also to others, including rescue staff, in the area. Although the House passed a similar bill in March, the Senate edited version did not find enough votes to make it law.

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    Susan Sarandon mostró su rostro desfigurado a causa de un accidente


    Susan SarandonSusan Sarandon, actriz, activista y madre.

    Susan Sarandon es una fiel defensora de causas humanitarias. En ese contexto es que la reconocida actriz, protagonista de la fantástica Thelma y Louise, y otros filmes, tenía programado reunirse este martes 26 de noviembre con el senador y pre candidato a presidente de los Estados Unidos Bernie Sanders. Sin embargo, el encuentro, durante el cual estaba previsto que abordarían temas como el cambio climático, la inmigración, la falta de expectativas laborales y educativas para los jóvenes, la homofobia y el racismo debió der cancelado repentinamente.


    El motivo de la cancelación lo dio la propia actriz, de 73 años, quien compartió con sus seguidores en las redes sociales dos imágenes, por demás elocuentes, de su rostro visiblemente dañado, acompañadas de una explicación de cómo llegó a ese estado.

    “Un pequeño resbalón = conmoción cerebral, nariz fracturada, rodilla golpeada. Parece que mañana no podré encontrarme con el senador Sanders en Nueva Hampshire”, escribió la estrella, que aprovechó el posteo para quitarle dramatismo a la cuestión y asegurar que la cosa no pasó de lo que expuso a la vista.


    Ver esta publicación en Instagram

    A little slip = concussion, fractured nose, banged up knee. So, looks like I won’t be able to meet the folks in New Hampshire with Senator Sanders tomorrow. I’m really sorry I’ll miss that opportunity but here’s what I’d hoped to say: This is an emergency. Ask the scientists, the farmers, the creatures in the sea. Ask all those who have lost their homes from hurricanes, flood and fire, ask the endless stream of climate refugees, and the people of Flint, San Juan, and Standing Rock. This is a emergency. Ask the mothers who have lost their children to the opioid epidemic or because of the price of insulin. Ask the mothers who have lost their kids to gun violence in schools, in churches, in their bedrooms. This is an emergency. Ask those separated from their families at the border, or those separated from their loved ones by an unjust, racist, for-profit prison system. This is an emergency when our young people have no hope for education, for dream-making, because of insurmountable student debt. When teachers are forced to have additional jobs and when 40 hours of honest labor can still leave you in poverty. When homophobia, Islamaphobia, transphobia and racism take lives, that is an emergency. This is not the time for a “pathway” to or “framework” for incremental change. Emergencies require bold, visionary leadership. Senator Sanders believes in us and that together a better world is possible. He has been fighting for social, racial and economic justice his entire life, long before running for President, often before it was acceptable. Now it’s time for us to fight for him.

    Una publicación compartida de Susan Sarandon (@susansarandon) el


    Sarandon contó que deberá guardar reposo, y que por ese motivo su reunión con Sanders deberá esperar a otro momento más propicio. Aún así, no se privó de poner el tema en foco y de elogiar al político.


    Sarandon posteó otra foto suya con un ojo morado, acompañada por un texto en el que resalta la importancia de contar con el Medicare, el servicio federal de seguro médico para personas de más de 65 años.


    Still NO! To booze on the waterways

    December 1, 2019

    Prague Daily Monitor

    The parliament proposed the bill but the government said no. Drinking alcohol during water activities is not only a danger to ones-self, but also to others, including rescue staff, in the area. Although the House passed a similar bill in March, the Senate edited version did not find enough votes to make it law.

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    What Are You Thankful For?


    uwec-teacherworkshopSen. Smith reflects on the amazing conversations he had and the lessons he learned during his first year representing the 31st Senate District.


    Donald Trump se ne bo udeležil "nepoštenega" zaslišanja ustavne obtožbe | RTV Slovenija

    Donald Trump se ne bo udeležil "nepoštenega" zaslišanja ustavne obtožbeBela hiša je sporočila, da se ameriški predsednik Donald Trump in njegovi odvetniki v sredo ne bodo udeležili zaslišanj pred ustavno obtožbo v predstavniškem domu ameriškega kongresa. Demokratski predsednik pravosodnega odbora iz New Yorka Jerrold Nadler je Beli hiši pred dnevi poslal vprašanje, ali bo kdo na zaslišanjih zagovarjal predsednika. Ameriški predsednik Donald Trump je bil pred odločitvijo, ali naj koga pošlje v odbor in s tem prizna legitimnost procesu, ki pa ga zavrača kot lažnega. Pravnik Bele hiše Pat Cipollone je odboru v nedeljo sporočil, da ne bodo sodelovali, saj je vse skupaj "nepošteno", saj Trump ne ve, kdo sploh bodo priče proti njemu in ali bodo demokrati omogočili pošten proces. Če bo predstavniški dom ustavno obtožbo proti predsedniku sprožil, bodo o njej odločali v senatu. Zavrnil je tudi udeležbo na akademski razpravi profesorjev prava o institutu ustavne obtožbe (impeachment), saj tudi to menda ni pošteno do njega. Sicer pa se lahko v Beli hiši še do petka odločijo, ali bodo morda sodelovali kasneje. Še konec novembra je Trump izjavil, da si pravzaprav želi zaslišanja v senatu, kjer imajo večino republikanci, kjer bo z veseljem sodeloval, in sicer predvsem zato, da bi se tam moral zagovarjati tudi Adam Schiff, demokratični predsednik odbora za obveščevalne zadeve. Demokrati imajo sicer ustne izjave samega predsednika, dokumente in izjave uslužbencev vlade, da je Donald Trump pritiskal na Ukrajino, da v zameno za vojaško pomoč in srečanje predsednikov obeh držav v Beli hiši uvede preiskavo Trumpovih političnih nasprotnikov v ZDA. Dokazi gor ali dol, senatni republikanci se bodo o predsednikovi krivdi odločali politično.
    Ta teden naslednja stopnja Trumpovega razreševanja - Delo
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    Amedore announces he will not seek re-election

    ALBANY — State Sen. George Amedore, R-46, announced Friday he will not seek election to another term in office in 2020. “After careful consideration and reflection, I have decided not to seek re-election to the New York State Senate in 2020,” Amedore said in a statement Friday afternoon. “I truly believe in public service and […]

    Hulu Is New Live TV Streaming King (& Raises Prices); Senate Dems Introduce Privacy Bill of Rights; + more news of note -


    Hulu Is the New King of Live TV Streaming - and Now It's Raising Prices
    Senate Dems Introduce Privacy Bill of Rights
    Mobile access alone won t solve the digital divide - we re going to need fixed-line after all
    IPv4 addresses in Europe are now all used up, IPv6 adoption still low
    Verizon s 5G Experience Using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing May Not Differ Much from 4G LTE
    Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) schedules hearing on the implementation of his MOBILE NOW Act
    AT&T and Microsoft announce early result of their 5G-cloud partnership
    The best VoIP services for 2019
    The Sketchy, Sketchy Case Of ICANN Execs And Self-Dealing Regarding The .Org Domain

    ** Happy Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving to whomever is celebrating! The Links will be back on Monday - provided I've recovered from my Thanksgiving food coma by then...
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    STATE HOUSE ROUNDUP: Not in Massachusetts

    Maybe not the Watch and Ward Society, but Beacon Hill lawmakers were determined to put a modern twist on what's "banned in Boston" last week as their session spiraled toward half-time and their self-professed collegiality was being put to the test.Thanksgiving is late this year, which means so is the winter recess, arriving by rule on the third Wednesday in November.But even with a few extra days, House and Senate lawmakers used every second and then some to deliver a raft of [...]

    Ganduje hails conferment of doctorate degree on Shekarau

    K ano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has said that the conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degree in Science by Ritman University Uyo, Akwa Ibom State on Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, has clearly demonstrated the oneness of Nigeria. A statement signed by the state's Commissioner for Information, Malam Muhammad Garba expressed appreciation on behalf []

    Housing Event Highlights Hopes for 2020 – November 29, 2019

    Lawmakers in Sacramento considered a landmark housing bill this year – then punted the proposal to the 2020 session. The new year is just around the corner. That means another chance for Senate Bill 50. This is Senator Scott Wiener’s proposal that would change zoning rules with the goal of stimulating new housing construction. Last […]


    Chamber Celebrates 100th Business


    For additional information contact:

    Mara Kuhn

    Communications Manager


    Chamber Celebrates 100th Business to Open in Downtown Hot Springs since the 2014 Majestic Hotel Fire

    (Hot Springs, AR)  May 3, 2018 – On Thursday, the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce celebrated the 100th new business to open in downtown Hot Springs since the 2014 Majestic Hotel fire with a special ribbon cutting at Vault, the highly anticipated new downtown restaurant.

    “One hundred new businesses opening in four years is an incredible milestone. It’s real proof of a very strong economy in downtown Hot Springs,” said Cole McCaskill, Vice President of Economic Development with the Hot Springs Metro Partnership.

    “Even more impressive is that of the 100 new businesses, 90 of them are still open and 66 of them were net-new additions to downtown, meaning they occupied and opened in a retail space that was previously vacant as opposed to replacing a recently closed business.”

    Cole McCaskill, Vice President of Economic Development with the Hot Springs Metro Partnership, second left, speaks as U.S. Senator John Boozman, left, Congressman Bruce Westerman, and Gary Troutman, President and CEO of the Hot Springs Metro Partnership and Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce look on.

    In addition to 100 new businesses since the fire, Downtown Hot Springs has seen 82 commercial property sales and more than $80 million in investment. The Majestic Hotel was one of Hot Springs’ oldest structures. It unfortunately that became dormant and fell into disrepair before catching fire in February 2014.

    The loss of one of Hot Springs’ historic and iconic buildings mobilized city and business leaders into action to revitalize and preserve the downtown area. Downtown Hot Springs, “America’s First Resort,” is famous nationwide for its history and culture. It is important to the people of Hot Springs to see this area flourish.

    In the weeks following the fire, civic groups formed the “Downtown Game Plan Task Force” comprised of community leaders and downtown stakeholders that sought to prevent future tragedies like the fire and to improve the course of downtown which had suffered from a lack of investment for several decades.

    That group met publicly and privately for four months and ultimately released a set of recommendations for the progress of downtown. The HSMP adopted those recommendations as a strategy and hired McCaskill as downtown development director in June 2014.

    Each year since the fire, downtown has experienced subsequent rising investment levels.

    In 2015, downtown saw the nearly year-long master planning process from ideation to completion with the facilitation by Thomas P. Miller and Associates from Indianapolis.

    That strategic planning process sought input from downtown business owners, Garland County residents and visitors for what they’d like to see in downtown. The Downtown Redevelopment Guide was published and its goals and strategies were adopted to provide a framework for growth and development for downtown by the City of Hot Springs and the HSMP.

    The Chamber and HSMP look forward to future growth and expansion in the downtown area.

    The 100 New Businesses Opened Downtown Since Majestic Fire:

    1.         Kilwins Chocolates

    2.         Kollective Coffee+Tea

    3.         Wolfheart Gallery

    4.         All Things Natural

    5.         Render Creative Group

    6.         Henderson State University- Hot Springs

    7.         Copper Penny Pub

    8.         Oxy-Zen

    9.         Mountain’s Edge (significant remodel and reopening)

    10.       Bathhouse Row Winery

    11.       Tropical Winery

    12.       Deluca’s Pizza

    13.       Air FX Heat & Air

    14.       Evil-O Olive Oils

    15.       Café 135

    16.       4D Adventure

    17.       State & Pride Provisions Co.

    18.       Red Light Roastery

    19.       KUHS Community Radio

    20.       Mountain Valley Armory

    21.       Red Sunflower Boutique

    22.       Hotel Hot Springs

    23.       Rock Paper Scissors Salon

    24.       Dakotas Hair Designs

    25.       Vina Morita (move and expansion)

    26.       Gr8 Escapes Arkansas

    27.       Zoe’s In The District

    28.       Gehrki Commercial Real Estate

    29.       Dapper & Debonair

    30.       Rocket Fizz

    31.       The Civil War Museum West

    32.       Tosha Kitchen

    33.       Escape Hot Springs

    34.       A Narrow Escape

    35.       Magic Springs Retail Store

    36.       J.J.’s Peddie Cabs

    37.       Quarters Café

    38.       Brick City Pizza

    39.       Prohibition Press

    40.       Park Avenue Coin Shop

    41.       Hot Springs Village Discovery Center

    42.       Gypsy Girl

    43.       Craft Beer Cellar

    44.       Kringles in the Park

    45.       Maharaja Boutique

    46.       Galaxy Connection

    47.       Spa City Cycling

    48.       ESQ. Realty Group

    49.       Crow Law Firm

    50.       Metaphysical Connection

    51.       The Waters Hotel

    52.       The Avenue

    53.       Blush Boutique

    54.       Spa Souvenirs

    55.       Pour Some Sugar on Me Sweet Shoppe

    56.       Downtowner Marketplace

    57.       Direct Insurance

    58.       Revelation Teens

    59.       Whittington Gallery

    60.       Mountain Valley Armory (new construction & expansion)

    61.       Ambrosia Bakery

    62.       State & Pride Provisions Co. (Doubled in Size)

    63.       A Bite of Hot Springs

    64.       Riley Art Glass Studio

    65.       Beef Jerky Outlet

    66.       Odie & Tilly’s Boutique

    67.       Park Avenue Food Court/ Its Gud Fud

    68.       Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court

    69.       Thai-Me and Argentinian Coffee

    70.       Legoria’s Rhythm and Rocks Jazz Bistro

    71.       Plum & Pretty Boutique

    72.       Dogs on the Run- Hot Dog Vendor- Arlington Park

    73.       The Loft Salon & Spa

    74.       NU2U

    75.       Wills Cinnamon Shop

    76.       Roanoke Church Whittington

    77.       Lox Salon

    78.       Home Instead

    79.       Jack Knife Barbershop

    80.       Next Gen Tie-dyes & Apparel

    81.       TLI Print- (Property Acquisition, Renovation and Expansion)

    82.       Mirror, Mirror Salon

    83.       Belle of Hot Springs Retail Store

    84.       Bubba Brews Spa City Taproom

    85.       Maxwell Blade’s Malco

    86.       Oddities Museum

    87.       Culinary District Cafe

    88.       Handmade Holiday Shop

    89.       SQZBX

    90.       Park Avenue Parking Lot

    91.       TRex Fun Spot (new construction and expansion)

    92.       Grateful Head Pizza

    93.       Urban Living & Development

    94.       Core Public House

    95.       Hot Springs Advertising

    96.       Healthy Connections Administration Office

    97.       Majestic Bakery & Café

    98.       ParadICE Cream

    99.       Taylor’s Lunchbox

    100.    Vault



    The Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce is Hot Springs’ leading advocate and champion for business.

    For further information, contact Mara Kuhn at 501.321.1700 or


    - 30 -


    Kamala Harris Unveils Mental Health Plan With Charlamagne Tha God

    Senator Kamala Harris unveiled her new mental health plan in South Carolina this week during an event featuring radio personality/author Charlamagne tha God. Harris sat down with The Breakfast Club host to discuss the state of mental health in America.  A Public Policy Failure"Probably one of the biggest public policy failures of America is the failure to address mental health and put the resources into it as a priority. The result of that is that people are silently suffering who should never suffer. We have so many children who are experiencing undiagnosed, untreated trauma, whether it is because they’re growing up in a home where there’s violence, which crosses socioeconomic lines, or a community where there’s violence, or growing up in poverty because — let’s be clear — poverty is trauma-inducing," Harris explained, according to Post and Courier. "All of the behaviors that result from that undiagnosed, untreated trauma are predictable. We’re failing to address it and then where we do address it is in the criminal justice system. We have basically turned jails and prisons into these gigantic mental health facilities without any mental health treatment."Charlamagne then touched on the issue of trauma and how he had to unlearn stigmatizing beliefs regarding who is affected by mental illness."They call it a correctional facility, but what are you really correcting? You’re taking these kids who are already dealing with so much trauma and throwing them in a situation that’s just putting trauma on top of trauma, and then you’re letting them out in the world — if they are blessed enough to come home — and they haven’t dealt with anything," he said. "I think one of the reasons they don’t get the help they need is because we don’t look at mental health services as something that should be part of a larger healthcare initiative. I didn’t even realize anxiety and depression was considered a mental health issue until I started going to therapy. When you think mental health, you think schizophrenia, you think somebody in a straitjacket, but no, it’s people dealing with these issues every single day and they just don’t have the proper tools and resources to go deal with it."Harris added, "And then we deal with it when it reaches a crisis level. You would never say that we should have a health care system that only deals with stage four cancer."In her new plan, Harris calls for an amendment to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that would protect healthcare providers who give out patients' private information if they are acting out of "good faith."Disabled healthcare advocate Kendally Brown tweeted Harris in response to her proposed HIPAA amendments. "I adore you, but eliminating the IMD exclusion would remove the ONE protection mentally ill people have from the state locking them up in institutions long-term. I love that you're focussing on mental health, but any solution MUST be community based, not institutional."Brown's stance is a common one among recovery and mental health advocates who fight for patients with addiction and/or mental health issues to make their own healthcare decisions.Kamala's Mental Health PlanHere is Harris's multi-pronged plan to address mental health, according to her campaign website:Focus Federal Funding on Needed Mental Health ResearchKamala will direct federal funds to seek better treatment for mental illness and research on mental health issues more broadly, including research on adults with serious mental illness (SMI) and the use of interventions that reduce homelessness, arrest, incarceration, and unnecessary hospitalization.Expand Coverage of and Access to Mental Health ServicesThrough her Medicare for All plan, Kamala will deliver mental health on demand via telemedicine, providing care by phone or video to all Americans whenever and wherever they need it—all without deductibles or copays.A shortage of mental health professionals harms American families and communities. It also drives provider stress and burnout. Kamala will authorize an educational loan forgiveness program for mental health professionals that agree to practice in areas with a shortage of providers.Increase Access to Hospitals, Housing, and Other Care FacilitiesKamala will double the number of treatment beds nationwide, prioritizing states with shortages, including Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and Michigan, so persons with mental illness can receive the high levels of care they need.She’ll repeal the Institutions of Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion, which precludes Medicaid funding for adults receiving care in psychiatric facilities with more than 16 beds and has exacerbated a severe shortage of acute psychiatric care beds nationwide.Focus on Vulnerable PopulationsDouble US Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs (VA) research dollars to address and treat PTSD, military sexual trauma, and traumatic brain injury.Invest in evidence-based screenings for childhood trauma—including the fact that poverty is trauma-inducing—to diagnose and treat mental illness as early as possible.End the Mental-Illness-to-Jail PipelineKamala will expand Crisis Intervention Team training, which integrates specialized police, mental health professionals, EMS, 911 systems, and hospital emergency rooms in response to mental health crisis calls.You can read more about Harris's plan here.


    Featured Review: Fire Falling (Elise Kova)

    Featured Review: Fire Falling (Elise Kova)About This Book: Soldier... Sorcerer... Savior... Who is Vhalla Yarl? Vhalla Yarl marches to war as property of the Solaris Empire. The Emperor counts on her to bring victory, the Senate counts on her death, and the only thing Vhalla can count on is the fight of her life. As she...

    Amedore announces he will not seek re-election

    ALBANY — State Sen. George Amedore, R-46, announced Friday he will not seek election to another term in office in 2020. “After careful consideration and reflection, I have decided not to seek re-election to the New York State Senate in 2020,” Amedore said in a statement Friday afternoon. “I truly believe in public service and […]

    Georgia governor set to buck Trump on Senate appointment


    Georgia governor set to buck Trump on Senate appointmentIn defiance of Trump, Brian Kemp has begun informing fellow Republicans that he will appoint business exec Kelly Loeffler to the soon-to-be-vacant seat.


    Nursing students visit state capitol

    Three Bloomsburg University nursing students, including two from Pike County, visited the Pennsylvania State Capitol and met with state Sen. Lisa Baker, (R-20), to discuss nursing and health-care issues. They visited as part of the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association’s annual Political Advocacy Day visit.The students, all seniors, discussed an array of matters with the senator and visited the senate floor for a photo.Students are: Victoria McCrory, from Delaware [...]

    Not much for Trump to be thankful for in latest impeachment news


    Not much for Trump to be thankful for in latest impeachment newsWhile House Democrats concluded their public hearings last Thursday in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, a flurry of new developments and disclosures this week appeared to increase the odds that he will become the third U.S. president to face a trial in the Senate that could (although most likely won’t) end with his removal from office.


    ''Congratulating Smart Adeyemi is like congratulating an armed robber'' Dino Melaye tweets as he releases another song (video)

    Dino Melaye has released another song after his defeat in last Saturday, November 30th rerun election in the Kogi West Senatorial district election. Dino who is well known for his hit song, Ajeku Iya,  shared a video of himself singing the new song just

    Berlin: Senat beschließt landesrechtliche Regelungen zur Mietenbegrenzung (Mietendeckel) ins Abgeordnetenhaus einzubringen

    Der Senat hat am 26.11.2019 auf Vorlage der Senatorin für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen, Katrin Lompscher, beschlossen, den Entwurf des Gesetzes zur Neuregelung gesetzlicher Vorschriften zur Mietenbegrenzung ins Abgeordnetenhaus einzubringen. Das Mietengesetz gilt für rund 1,5 Millionen Berliner Mietwohnungen. Ausgenommen sind Wohnungen des öffentlich geförderten Wohnungsbaus, mit Mitteln aus öffentlichen Haushalten zur Modernisierung und Instandsetzung geförderte Wohnungen mit ...

    Latest Kogi State News Today After Dino Melaye Vs Smart Adeyemi Battle

    Kogi West Senatorial Election Concluded on Saturday/File PhotoGood day, and welcome to the Concise News compilation of the latest Kogi State news online headlines for today, December 2nd 2019. Here are the latest Kogi news headlines Kogi West: Oshiomho

    Opponents of ‘hate speech bill’ are pretenders - Senator Abdullahi

    Deputy chief whip of the senate, Senator Aliyu Abdullahi has lashed out at those opposing the controversial hate speech bill he is sponsoring.  The lawmaker who described opponents of the bill as pretenders who claim they are protecting freedom of speech

    Kto takoj deputat Sobolev y kto moh eho "zakazat'"


    Pod večer 1 dekabrya v Kyeve obstrelyaly эlytnыj vnedorožnyk Range Rover deputata Kyevskoho oblastnoho soveta Vyačeslava Soboleva. Vmeste s nym v avto bыl sыn 3-letnyj Aleksandr. Rebenok pohyb.

    Kto takoj Sobolev

    Vyačeslav Sobolev rodom yz Enakyevo Doneckoj oblasty. Emu - 47 let. Эkonomyst, kandydat эkonomyčeskyx nauk, predprynymatel', deputat Kyevskoho oblastnoho soveta. Bыl yzbran v 2015 hodu. On vxodyt vo frakcyju "Solydarnost'" (polytsyla pyatoho prezydenta Petra Porošeko), javlyaetsya členom komyssyy po voprosam byudžeta y fynansov.

    Polytykoj načal zanymat'sya v 2002 hodu, kohda eho yzbraly deputatom horodskoho soveta v yzbyratel'nom okruhe № 64 (Petrovskyj rajon Donecka). Takže v 2000-x bыl zamestytelem mэra Donecka. S 2006 po 2007 hod rabotal v Sovete nacyonal'noj bezopasnosty y oboronы Ukraynы.

    ČYTAJTE TAKŽE: Fyhuryruet v dele fynansyrovanyja terroryzma na Donbasse: novыe podrobnosty o rasstrelyanom v Kyeve avto

    Po ynformacyy SMY, Sobolev v svoe vremya bыl dyrektorom dočernej kompanyy "Naftohaza" - "Neftehazsety". V 2010 - 2011 hodax zanymal dolžnost' zamestytelya predsedatelya pravlenyja, a pozže y predsedatelya pravlenyja NAK "Naftohaz Ukraynы". No ušel yz "Naftohaza" posle pryxoda k vlasty prezydenta-behleca Vyktora Janukovyča. Posle zanyalsya prepodavatel'skoj dejatel'nost'ju.

    Sobolev javlyaetsya vladel'cem kyevskoho restorana "Maryo". Strel'ba proyzošla ymenno posle toho, kak mužčyna s semyej exal yz эtoho zavedenyja.

    V 1997 hodu osnoval odnu yz pervыx torhovыx setej v Donecke "Obžora". V 2016 hodu Služba bezopasnosty Ukraynы zaderžala hlavnoho buxhaltera sety po podozrenyju v fynansyrovanyy boevykov DNR. V SMY tohda pysaly, čto Sobolev ostaetsya vladel'cem sety supermarketov, kotoraja prodolžyla rabotu v okkupyrovannom Donecke. Sam Sobolev y na tot moment hlava partyy Blok Petra Porošenko Juryj Lucenko oproverhly эtu ynformacyju y soobščyly, čto Sobolev prodal "Obžoru" ešče v 2007 hodu.


    Sobolev bыl ženat tryždы, pyšut SMY. Pervoj ženoj bыla vdova doneckoho krymynal'noho avtoryteta. Vtoraja eho yzbrannyca - bыvšaja žena rossyjskoho pevca Nykolaja Baskova y po sovmestytel'stvu doč' odyoznoho bыvšeho rossyjskoho senatora y farmacevtyčeskoho mahnata Borysa Špyhelya - Svetlana.

    ČYTAJTE TAKŽE: Pulya popala v šeju: podrobnosty hybely 3-letneho sыna deputata

    Nыnešnyaja žena - Ynna Soboleva, vmeste vospytыvajut troyx detej. Sыnovej Davyda y Aleksandra y doč' ženы ot predыduščyx otnošenyj - Maryju Vyl'čynskuju.

    U Vyačeslava takže est' dety ot predыduščyx brakov - Svetlana y Nyna. Poslednyaja ymela hraždanstvo Rossyy.

    Kto moh zakazat' ubyjstvo Soboleva

    Odnoznačnoho otveta na эtot vopros u pravooxranytelej poka net. Otrabatыvajut neskol'ko versyj. Odna yz nyx - davnyj konflykt Soboleva s Arturom Emel'janovыm. Tam ydut mnoholetnye sudы vokruh nedvyžymosty, pyšet so ssыlkoj na vыsokopostavlennыj ystočnyk v Mynysterstve vnutrennyx del.

    Emel'janov rodom yz Donecka, v 2010-2014 hodax bыl zamestytelem predsedatelya Vыsšeho xozyajstvennoho suda Ukraynы. V 2018 SBU razoblačyla eho v fynansyrovanyy terrorystyčeskyx orhanyzacyj DNR y LNR. A HPU soobščyla Emel'janovu o podozrenyy v nezakonnom vmešatel'stve v rabotu avtomatyzyrovannoj systemы dokumentooborota suda.

    ČYTAJTE TAKŽE: Ubytыj v centre Kyeva mal'čyk okazalsya krestnykom Yrynы Bylыk

    V 2016 hodu Sobolev v Facebook zajavyl, čto emu podbrosyly zapysku s uhrozamy raspravы. Orhanyzatoramy "travly" tohda Sobolev nazval "hruppu rejderov" vo hlave s Emel'janovыm.

    "Ešče do načala vojnы ym udalos' otobrat' u menya nedvyžymost' v Donecke, a sejčas ony namerenы rejderskym sposobom zaxvatyt' torhovыj kompleks v Maryupole", - pysal tohda Sobolev.

    Emel'janov otreahyroval na post sudebnыm yskom, kotorыj on vыyhral. Sud obyazal Soboleva oproverhnut' obvynenyja v adres эks-sudyy.

    Vtoraja versyja - byznes na nepodkontrol'noj terrytoryy. U Soboleva ostalys' mahazynы na okkupyrovannoj terrytoryy.

    V Kyeve na perekrestke ulyc L'va Tolstoho y Tarasovskoj neyzvestnыe obstrelyaly černыj Range Rover. Za rulem avto bыl byznesmen y deputat Kyevskoho oblsoveta Vyačeslav Sobolev. Predvarytel'no, on polučyl ranenyja. Eho sыn 3-letnyj Aleksandr - pohyb.


    Hontiveros wants Senate probe on possible #China intrusion in PH power grid system


    MANILA, Philippines—Opposition Senator Risa Hontiveros has filed a resolution urging the Senate to look into the alleged access and control given to China over the country’s power grid system. In her ...

    They’re A Bit Stuck Here…

    The leftist base voters demand impeachment from their majority in the House. Actual impeachment will proceed to the Senate, for a trial they will not win (we know they don’t want a proper trial of any kind). And the public is losing interest in (or seeing through) their bogus “inquiry” by the day.  Kind of […]

    Finally! Senate Demands Records Of DNC’s “Sabotage” Of Trump’s Campaign In 2016


    The Obama administration, according to previous reports, actually gave the Ukraine a list of people not to investigate during the 2016 presidential race. The American people also know that Obama’s Ukrainian ambassador monitored all journalists in the country… and there’s all that stuff with the Biden’s and Burisma. But, one aspect of the democrat election... View Article

    The post Finally! Senate Demands Records Of DNC’s “Sabotage” Of Trump’s Campaign In 2016 appeared first on Conservative Daily Post.


    Celebrating Victory With Our Clients

    Congratulations to 4 of our clients who celebrated victories on Tuesday - Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Pat Roberts, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and Congressman-elect John Moolenaar!

    How campaigns are losing the mobile war

    A POLITICO analysis of mobile sites for about 40 competitive House and Senate races found that a majority were plagued with missed opportunities for campaigns trying to find volunteers, donors and voters. The no-nos range from clunky pages that frequently crashed or weren’t formatted properly to content that was just too tiny to read.

    Top Democrats unite behind Lamont on truck tolls

    Senate Democrats unequivocally backed the governor for the first time on transportation funding.

    Dino Melaye is my political house boy –  Smart Adeyemi

    …Tanks electorate for victory The newly-elected Senator Smart Adeyemi has said his defeated opponent, Dino Melaye, is his political house boy who could not manage well his earlier election into the Senate but decided to burgle it with  unnecessary exuberances. Adeyemi while addressing  newsmen on Sunday after his victory at the poll said’ when a …

    Zes, Bartolozzi (FI): “Ennesimo affronto, il governo ripristini gli stanziamenti”


    “Al Senato, come alla Camera, ci batteremo per ripristinare lo stanziamento”. Giusi Bartolozzi, deputata di Forza Italia e coordinatrice del comitato mafia, appalti e corruzione- bicamerale nazionale antimafia- impegnata sul progetto legalità per le Zes (le zone economiche speciali). La deputata si dice “pronta a dare battaglia sul DDL Bilancio a sostegno della richiesta lanciata stamane da Confindustria Sicilia. L’ennesimo affronto del Governo giallorosso, ai siciliani ed al Sud, che sottrae 300 milioni di euro alle Zone economiche speciali (Zes) per destinarli ad altre misure”. “Il premier Conte ed il Ministro Provenzano siano consequenziali agli annunci e si presentino immediatamente con un piano straordinario per il Sud. Altro che riduzione di risorse. Non vi daremo tregua”, conclude.

    The post Zes, Bartolozzi (FI): “Ennesimo affronto, il governo ripristini gli stanziamenti” appeared first on L'Opinione della Sicilia.


    Proiect de lege pentru plata indemnizațiilor salariaților și pe timpul suspendării activității firmelor


    Senatul va dezbate un proiect de lege care prevede ca angajatorii să achite salariaților o parte din indemnizații chiar și în perioadele de suspendare a activității ...

    Post-ul Proiect de lege pentru plata indemnizațiilor salariaților și pe timpul suspendării activității firmelor apare prima dată în .


    Spitalizare gratuită pentru victimele accidentelor și cele ale agresiunilor


    Camera Deputaților a adoptat definitiv un proiect de lege care fusese votat și în Senat anul trecut și care prevede ca victimele accidentelor rutiere sau ale agresiunilor cu autor necunoscut să beneficieze de ...

    Post-ul Spitalizare gratuită pentru victimele accidentelor și cele ale agresiunilor apare prima dată în .


    Police can keep Amazon Ring camera video forever, and share with whomever they’d like, company tells senator

    More than 600 police forces across the country have entered into partnerships with the camera giant allowing them to quickly request and download video captured by Ring’s motion-detecting, internet-connected cameras inside and around Americans’ homes. The company says the videos can be a critical tool in helping law enforcement investigate crimes such as trespassing, burglary Read more about Police can keep Amazon Ring camera video forever, and share with whomever they’d like, company tells senator[…]

    The Report, 2019 - ★★★


    "Democracy is messy."

    In 2009, a Senate committee began investigating the CIA's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques," which were used to torture suspected terrorists and seem to be derived from Nazi Gestapo tactics. Three years and 6,700 pages later, the committee concluded that these methods were devastatingly brutal, that they never once produced unique, actionable intelligence, that the program was incurably mismanaged, that the CIA consistently misrepresented and provided inaccurate information about the effectiveness of it, that they actively impeded oversight from any and every independent agency, that they intentionally ignored criticisms of and objections to the program, and that they failed to hold anyone accountable for the injustices they committed. Less than 10% of the full report has been made public, in part to protect members of the program who are currently employed by the U.S. government and most likely committing new and worse atrocities in the name of national security.

    Is this important information? Yes. Am I glad that some amount of this information can now be made public? Of course. Does any of that make The Report a good movie? Not directly. It's certainly no All the President's Men, despite its very overt homage to the classic film. It's well acted and well shot and well paced and all that, but it's also very dry and obvious and ham-fisted, and except for one thing I'd call it a thoroughly unexceptional piece of cinema. The one exception, the one brilliant move the film makes, is in its transition between the Bush and Obama years: Obama condemns torture, but then starts drone-striking civilians (and now ICE puts migrant children in concentration camps). The torture of suspected terrorists after 9/11 wasn't an isolated incident, this is a pattern, this is official U.S. methodology, this is how the United States exercises its state power in a desperate attempt to maintain its hegemony.

    And how does it keep getting away with it? Because optics always take precedence over ethics. In The Report, the senator who commissioned the investigation into the CIA's torture program expresses uncertainty about whether they should even publish the report because she's up for re-election soon and doesn't want to alienate her voters. The government publicly condemns the use of torture, but they only do so in order to save face, and they continue to willfully commit other atrocities. By saying "democracy is messy," what the film means is that, while it does have the capacity for good, it also has tendencies that prioritize appearances over politics. Trump is the ultimate culmination of this tendency: he says the right things, he knows how to maintain appearances and play for aesthetics, but he has no idea how to conduct actual politics (e.g. tweeting things that are literally illegal). And it is here, when appearances and aesthetics become more important than actual politics, that democracy begins to transform into fascism.

    "The logical result of fascism is the introduction of aesthetics into political life." – Walter Benjamin

    2019 ranked


    Re: Wind Skeptics

    The wind industry is always in a rush because once you know what you're getting you'll vote no:Industrial Wind Turbines…………………………………………………!topic/ma………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………!topic/ma…………………………………………………………………………………………………… ://…… ://……………………………………
    Posted by Dan B

    Scott Goldstein Promoted to Air Force Major General


    The Senate on Thursday confirmed Jay “Scott” Goldstein, mobilization assistant to the U.S. Air Force undersecretary, for promotion to the rank of major general, GovCon Wire has learned.


    Com’è andato il vertice di governo sul Mes


    Sul fondo salva-Stati tutto rinviato all'11 dicembre. Dopo le comunicazioni di Conte al Senato, la maggioranza sarà chiamata a varare una risoluzione comune. Per il M5s potrebbe essere una replica del no alla Tav. Strappo di Renzi. A Gualtieri il mandato di trattare con i partner europei.

    Leggi tutte le notizie di Lettera43 su Google News oppure sul nostro sito


    Putschisten ernennen Botschafter für USA


    Erstmals seit elf Jahren will Bolivien wieder einen Botschafter in die USA entsenden. Am Dienstag (Ortszeit) nominierte die De-facto-Regierung der selbsternannten »Übergangspräsidentin« Jeanine Áñez den Diplomaten Walter Oscar Serrate für den Posten in Washington. Die Entscheidung wurde über den Twitter-Account des bolivianischen Außenministeriums verkündet. Die Nominierung von Serrate, der Bolivien zuvor bei der UNO in New York vertreten hatte, muß noch vom Senat bestätigt werden.
    Die Entscheidung (...)

    - Internationale Politik

    Protestbriefe an den Finanzminister, den Finanzsenator und das Berliner Finanzamt!

    Liebe Freund*innen und Unterstützer*innen, das Berliner Finanzamt für Körperschaften I hat der Bundesvereinigung der VVN-BdA die Gemeinnützigkeit entzogen. Wir sind über die sofortige Solidarität von vielen, vielen Vereinen, Einzelpersonen, Politiker*innen sehr beglückt und berührt, wir freuen uns über die zahlreichen neuen Mitgliedsanträge und Spenden die uns in den letzten Tagen ereicht haben. Viele von euch haben gefragt, wie ...

    "Meine Botschaft: Kümmert euch drum!"

    Bremerhaven. „Es verlässt uns geballte frauenpolitische Kompetenz“, so verabschiedete Claudia Bernhard, Senatorin für Gesundheit, Frauen und Verbraucherschutz kürzlich Dr. Anne Röhm, seit 24 Jahren Leiterin des ZGF-Büros Bremerhaven, in den Ruhestand. Im Rahmen eines Festakts in der Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremerhaven würdigten Verantwortliche in Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft sowie zahlreiche Weggefährtinnen Anne Röhms Engagement für Frauen und für den Standort der ZGF in der Seestadt.

    Illinois Supercar Shoppers are Encouraged to Do a Trade-In at McLaren...


    The new Illinois Senate Bill 690 tax law that goes into effect in 2020 significantly lowers the allowable trade-in tax credit for Illinois residents.*

    (PRWeb December 01, 2019)

    Read the full story at


    Bitcoin Influencer and Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler Poised to Become US Senator: Report

    Bitcoin exchange operator Kelly Loeffler, the CEO of Atlanta-based Bakkt and a high-profile Republican from Georgia, has applied to join the US Senate. She joins an estimated 500 contenders who are seeking to replace the seat currently held by Georgia Sen

    ‘The Cake Is Baked’: David Urban Says Impeachment In The House Is A ‘Foregone Conclusion’

    'I think if you’re going to send your lawyers up, you wait until it gets to the Senate'

    Doug Collins Won’t Rule Out Primary Bid Against Governor’s Choice For Senate

    Doug Collins Won’t Rule Out Primary Bid Against Governor’s Choice For Senate

    I won the election Adeyemi remains my political wife – Dino Melaye


    I won the election Adeyemi remains my political wife – Dino Melaye The former senator...

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    Adeyemi Wins Kogi West Senatorial District Election, Unseats Melaye


    Adeyemi Wins Kogi West Senatorial District Election, Unseats Melaye Candidate of the All Progressives Congress...

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    Decisiones Sacri Mantuani Senatus

    Título: Decisiones Sacri Mantuani Senatus / a Ioanne Petro Surdo ... collectae ; in quibus variarum materiarum ultimas voluntates, contractus, iudicia ciuilia, criminalia ... ; libri duo, duplici apposito indice.‎
    Autor: Mantua. Senado‎
    Edición: Innumeris etiam hac altera impressione sublatis erroribus, recognitis allegationibus lacunilisq[ue] oppletis‎
    Publicación: Augustae Taurinorum : apud Io. Tarinum, 1611‎
    Descripción física: [8], 638, [74] p. ; Fol‎
    Notas: Marca tip. en port.‎
    Sign.: [cruz latina]\p4\s, A-Z\p8\s, 2A-2Q\p8\s, 2R\p7\s, a-d\p8\s, e\p5\s.‎
    Texto a dos col.‎
    Nombre jerárquico lugar: Italia-Turín‎
    Autores secundarios: Surdo, Johannes Petrus‎
    Tarini, Giovanni Domenico‎
    Tipo de publicaci�n: Libros


    Aeroporto della Stretto, Siclari (FI): "La crisi si può superare se diventa strategico approvando il mio emendamento"


    "L'emendamento che ho presentato è stato ammesso e sarà in discussione proprio questa settimana. La richiesta è semplice: ricomprendere l'Aeroporto dello Stretto Tito Minniti tra gli aeroporti di carattere "Strategico". L'aeroporto serve il territorio di due Città Metropolitane, quella di Reggio Calabria e quella di Messina, sfornite di altre vie di comunicazione e trasporto e non servite dall'alta velocità ferroviaria. Il bacino potenziale di utenti supera il milione di abitanti e lo scalo è quello che deve ricevere tutto il potenziale flusso turistico per le Isole Eolie e per le altre rinomate località della zona (Scilla, Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte, Costa dei Gelsomini, Costa Viola, Gerace, Stilo, Pentidattilo, il promontorio di Milazzo, i laghetti di Ganzirri, i borghi dei Peloritani, Savoca, Forza d'Agrò, il Parco dell'Alcantara, Montalbano Elicona - il Borgo più bello d'Italia 2015, Capo d'Orlando e Santo Stefano di Camastra). Inoltre l'aeroporto serve tutta la fascia jonica reggina completamente isolata in termini di trasporti, potendo usufruire della sola statale 106 e di una linea ferroviaria a binario unico e non ancora elettrificata".


    Uno strumento, quello proposto dal senatore forzista Marco Siclari che, se approvato, potrebbe svoltare le sorti del Tito Minniti.

    "I voli sono vuoti perché gli orari verso Reggio sono improponibili. Basterebbe analizzare i passeggeri che volano da Roma/Milano verso Lamezia per confutare una percentuale altissima di reggini che, non avendo voli disponibili da Reggio sono costretti a volare da Lamezia. Insomma, lo scalo si Reggio, ormai, lo utilizza soltanto chi può permettersi di pagare biglietti dai costi esorbitanti o chi ha delle emergenze. Spostando gli orari dei voli ed alzando i prezzi dei biglietti hanno provocato la fuga dei reggini verso Lamezia e dei messinesi verso Catania. La politica locale e regionale non ha fatto nulla per supportare l'aeroporto dello stretto, divenendo di complice di una politica aziendale che non ha investito sulle rotte dello scalo reggino. Non essendoci l'alta velocità l'aeroporto dello Stretto avrebbe potuto servire un'utenza locale di 1.2 milioni di cittadino reggino e messinesi, senza considerare chi viene a Reggio per lavoro e per viaggi di piacere. Con queste scelte fallimentari il nostro Aeroporto, non soltanto è stato declassato portando all'emarginazione, ma uccide lo sviluppo turistico del territorio", ha concluso il senatore azzurro.


    UA Little Rock announces $750,000 grant for groundbreaking bone regeneration technology

    Newswise imageThe University of Arkansas at Little Rock announced a $750,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Defense to support the development of potentially life-saving bone regeneration technology during a Nov. 15 visit from Sen. John Boozman. The visit celebrated on-campus research initiatives that the senator championed for federal support.

    Fond začne proplácet dotace schválené Agrofertu do srpna 2018. Nevidí důvod pro zadržení

    Státní zemědělský intervenční fond (SZIF) začne proplácet dotace schválené Agrofertu za období mezi únorem 2017, kdy premiér Andrej Babiš (ANO) vložil koncern do svěřenských fondů, a loňským srpnem. Tehdy začalo platit evropské nařízení o střetu zájmů. Jde o dva projekty dohromady za 51,2 milionu korun. Zástupci fondu to ve čtvrtek oznámili ČTK.

    Turkey Crossed Red Line When it Started Testing S-400 Radars: US Senator

    US Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen stated that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had crossed “another red line on the S-400s” by starting to test the missile systems’ radars. “Two weeks after his WH visit, Erdogan is thumbing his nose at [US President Donald] Trump, the U.S. + NATO”, Van Hollen tweeted on Monday, urging ...

    Final Bazaar Show, Shop Local Holiday Market, Senator Salazar Office Opening— What’s Happening, Greenpoint? (11/27-12/4)


    WEDNESDAY 11/27 ♫ Thanksgiving Eve Dance Party! @ Union Pool (484 Union Ave), 8pm, FREE, The world’s greatest Thanksgiving Eve party returns to Union Pool on Wednesday night!, More Info * Game Night – Thanksgiving Edition @ Getaway Brooklyn (158 Green St), 5pm, FREE, BYO Board game or play one! Scrabble, CODENAME, Exploding Kittens, Spaceteam, Time’s Up, Splendor, UNO, and MANY MORE, More Info ♫ Thanksgiving Eve Karaoke/Drive @ Our Wicked Lady (153 Morgan Ave) 8pm, FREE, bring a can/ cans of food, item or coat to donate to charity. Your hosts will be giving away prizes all night to those … read more

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    Financial disclosure a target of Illinois lawmakers’ ethics quest

    SPRINGFIELD – A bribery charge against a state legislator and federal investigations into lobbying have Illinois lawmakers promising to tighten the rules of soliciting and exercising influence in the Statehouse, with a renewed focus on the ridiculed process of financial disclosure.

    The General Assembly wrapped up its fall session this month by adopting legislation to streamline information about lobbying, government contracts and campaign contributions, but delayed examining fiscal reporting required of legislators and other state policymakers.

    More than 26,000 state employees must annually file a statement of economic interest consisting of eight questions designed to identify financial involvement that could intersect with state business.

    Often mocked as “None Sheets” for the answers they habitually produce, critics say the process falls short. For example, it requires disclosing monetary gains without identifying the transactions that yielded them. It compels identifying lobbyists with whom the filer has a “close economic relationship,” but provides no definition.

    “The narrowly-tailored questions seem to provide plenty of opportunity to shield relationships, say by routing funds through an intermediary,” said Jay Young, executive director of Common Cause Illinois.

    The statement re-emerged as an issue with the federal bribery charge against former Chicago Democratic Rep. Luis Arroyo, who allegedly tried to buy a senator’s support for legislation on an issue about which he was simultaneously lobbying Chicago city officials. Other federal inquiries have spotlighted lobbyists, such as in subpoenas for information from Exelon, parent company of power giant ComEd.

    House Majority Leader Greg Harris’ measure was accompanied by a resolution creating a commission to examine ethics challenges facing the ethics-challenged politics of Illinois, including an improved disclosure statement, and to recommend changes by next spring.

    Disclosure centers on ownership or investments valued at more than $5,000 or which yielded more than $1,200 in the preceding year, whether it be owning a company doing business with the state, a filer’s profession outside of the job for which disclosure is required, any organization which pays the filer as an officer or partner, and investments or real estate yielding capital gains. There is the question about relationships to lobbyists and one about gifts totaling more than $500.

    Harris’ legislation included a revamped statement, but House members of both parties objected to adopting a replacement without more discussion. It attempted to garner better detail by requiring reporting of any asset worth more than $5,000 which the filer held at the end of the previous filing period.

    Cathie Jackson, director of legal services for McLean, Virginia-based Financial Disclosure Resources, which specializes in assisting federal judges in their financial reporting, noted that, like in the current form, the question recognizes assets from a snapshot in time, but doesn’t reveal the source of those assets or resulting dividends.

    “If someone makes a purchase at a favored rate, that could be invisible to the public because neither purchase values nor the subsequent values of individual holdings would be reportable,” Jackson said. “And while a favored rate might ultimately be defined as a reportable gift, that language is not included in the current iteration.”

    And while the proposed changes also would require reporting assets held jointly with a spouse or with minor children, Jackson pointed out that it’s not unusual for assets to be put solely in a child’s name. The change also would simplify the lobbyist question to requiring identifying any “economic relationship” along with family members who lobby.

    By the same token, Rep. Keith Wheeler stressed the questions and their answers should be understandable and provide information pertinent to the job. The Oswego Republican said GOP members balked at adopting a new form this month because of concerns about interpreting some questions and to ensure protection of clients’ names and other matters of professional confidentiality.

    For some critics, the missing key to ensuring ethics among decision-making is not related to the disclosure process. It’s an absent conflict-of-interest law. Illinois’ Governmental Ethics Act provides “principles” for legislators, but they’re guidelines as opposed to rules enforced by discipline, said Alisa Kaplan, policy director for Reform for Illinois. It’s routine for a lawmaker to announce before a floor vote that while she or he has a conflict of interest on the issue, “I will be voting my conscience.”

    California’s disclosure form, while resembling an income tax return, tracks closely to the Illinois edition, said Gary Schons, a lawyer with Best Best & Krieger in San Diego who assists public officials filing disclosures. But any form “is only as good as the person filling it out,” Schons said, and requiring recusal from votes on potential conflicts is another check on public officials.

    “It (disclosure) is a hand-in-glove thing with our conflict law,” Schons said. “Part of the reason it exists is to remind the filer, when he’s confronted with a governmental decision, oh, I own this stock, or I have a rental house.”

    The other part, of course, Schons said, is to allow taxpayers to see a public official’s financial standing “and also to contrast that with information they get that he didn’t report.”


    Trump’s ‘3 amigos’ ride into impeachment inquiry

    WASHINGTON – The “three amigos” used to stand for one thing in Washington – the pack of globe-trotting senators led by John McCain who brought American idealism to the world’s trouble spots.

    Now it refers to another trio, the Trump envoys who pushed Ukraine to pursue investigations of Democrats and former Vice President Joe Biden.

    The shift represents more than the appropriation of a name. It also marks a departure from efforts by the late Arizona senator to build bipartisan alliances and further broad foreign policy ideals pursued by Republican presidents from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush. That approach is unrecognizable today as the GOP has become the party of Donald Trump and his “America First” approach.

    “I knew the ‘three amigos’ and believe me, these are not three amigos like we were,” said Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic, then independent senator from Connecticut who was part of the original group with Republicans McCain and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

    Lieberman said he believes McCain, his longtime friend, would be “really upset about what’s happening in Ukraine now.”

    The House impeachment inquiry has detailed how the self-described “three amigos” – European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland, outgoing Energy Secretary Rick Perry and former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker – operated an “irregular” foreign policy channel that was pushing Ukraine to announce the investigations Trump wanted. In return, the White House would release $400 million in military aid the Eastern European ally needed to counter Russian aggression and would arrange a coveted Oval Office visit with Ukraine’s newly elected president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

    Led by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, the trio assembled as a loose contingent of envoys whose activities were initially unseen by others in the administration specializing in Ukraine issues. But as their actions became known, the “amigos’’ set off alarms among diplomats and officials who described them as pursuing the president’s political agenda over U.S. national security interests.

    Fiona Hill, a former Russia adviser to the White House, testified before the impeachment inquiry that at one point she confronted Sondland to ask on whose authority he was operating in Ukraine.

    The president, Sondland responded, according to Hill.

    State Department official David Holmes testified that Sondland, Perry and Volker “styled themselves as the three amigos and made clear they would take the lead on coordinating our policy and engagement with the Zelenskiy administration.”

    Holmes said that “over the following months, it became apparent that Mr. Giuliani was having a direct influence on the foreign policy agenda that the three amigos were executing on the ground in Ukraine.”

    Presidents have often used back channels to facilitate foreign policy and leverage U.S. resources to achieve their policy goals, experts say. The difference is that Trump’s approach, as outlined in the impeachment inquiry, appears to be mobilizing U.S. policy and resource for personal political gain.

    The Ukrainian matter is but one way the foreign policy landscape has shifted dramatically in the Trump era. As the White House pursues an “America First” agenda, the U.S. is seen as retreating from its traditional role of international engagement and democracy building and Trump is aligning himself with some of the world’s more autocratic leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Volker, who recently stepped down from his position at the McCain Institute at Arizona State University, distanced himself from his new title as one of Trump’s amigos.

    “Much has been made of the term ‘three amigos’ in reference to Secretary Perry, Ambassador Sondland and myself,” Volker said in opening remarks before the impeachment inquiry.

    “I never used that term – and frankly cringe when I hear it because for me, the ‘three amigos’ will always refer to Sen. John McCain, Sen. Joseph Lieberman and Sen. Lindsey Graham, in reference to their work to support the surge in Iraq.”

    Brian Katulis, a national security expert at the Center for American Progress, said McCain’s “amigos” are all but gone in the Trump era.

    “They stood for a certain vision of America’s role in the world – one that was more predictable and reliable – and one we don’t have today,” he said.

    “That was certainly McCain’s legacy,” he said. “Like a lot of things in the GOP, it’s so far gone because Trump has obliterated a lot of the ideals.”


    Biden launches Iowa trip with focus on Trump, rural America

    COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa – Joe Biden launched an eight-day bus tour of Iowa on Saturday projecting confidence, ignoring his many Democratic presidential competitors and pledging that he will unseat President Donald Trump in 2020.

    The former vice president pledged first to win the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses, despite recent polls suggesting his standing there has slipped in recent months.

    “I promise you, I promise you,” Biden told a few hundred supporters outside his Council Bluff campaign office, “we’re going to win this race, and we’re going to beat Donald Trump, and we’re going to change America.”

    Behind the optimism, Biden aides acknowledge that he must sharpen his message and bolster his voter outreach operation ahead of the caucuses that start Democrats’ 2020 voting. But his advisers also insist he has wide support and remains well-positioned to recover any lost ground.

    His chief argument – his perceived strength against Trump – was on clear display Saturday. Sidestepping his philosophical tussle with progressive Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders over the party’s direction, Biden struck a general-election posture. He added an emphasis on small town and rural America, an electoral swath where Democrats have struggled in recent elections but that could prove critical in both the nominating fight and November battlegrounds.

    “We’re going to touch on what we think is a forgotten part of this campaign,” Biden said, bemoaning the effects of Trump’s tariffs on Iowa farmers and highlighting his own rural policy plans shaped with the help of former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. The former Obama agriculture secretary recently gave Biden his most high-profile Iowa endorsement.

    Jill Biden, the candidate’s wife, followed suit in Council Bluffs, introducing her husband as the “only candidate who can take on Trump in places like Florida and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan.”

    Iowa polls suggest that Biden, while a front-runner nationally, is in a jumble near the top. Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 37, of South Bend, Indiana, appears to hold a narrow edge over Biden, 77; Warren, 70; and Sanders, 78. The senators have animated the party’s left flank, while Buttigieg joins Biden in Democrats’ center-left wing but is calling for generational change.

    Biden aides reject any framing of the bus tour as a reset; they see it as a way to drive home his potential strengths with Democratic voters who collectively cite Trump’s defeat as their top priority, even beyond the particulars of intraparty debates on issues like universal health care.

    In rural Denison, Iowa, Vilsack touted Biden as the best option for any Democrat, regardless of ideology. “You can’t do any of that unless you win,” he said of candidates’ various policy pitches. “You’ve gotta win.”

    Before Biden’s visit, Vilsack predicted in an interview that Biden would see his Iowa support rise because voters “become more and more practical about this” as caucus night approaches.

    Thus far, Buttigieg, Warren and Sanders have drawn consistently larger Iowa crowds than Biden, while some party activists criticize his campaign as insufficiently aggressive.

    “In terms of people out there knocking on doors, who attend other campaign events, district events, I can’t name a member of the southeast Iowa Democrats who’s supporting Joe Biden,” said Glenn Hurst, a leader of Iowa Democrats’ Rural Caucus.

    Bobbie Moore, a party volunteer and Biden supporters who came to see him Saturday, stopped short of criticizing the campaign. But she noted the crowd “isn’t one-10th of what was here for Pete” Buttigieg just days ago.

    Fairly or not, Biden’s national staff has fueled skeptical assessments with pronouncements that he doesn’t have to win Iowa to win the nomination. Iowa is overwhelmingly white; Biden’s national advantage leans heavily on nonwhite voters who will help determine outcomes in Nevada, South Carolina and many March 3 Super Tuesday states.

    Yet all the handwringing misses key variables in Iowa, Vilsack and other Biden backers contend. They argue his support is wider demographically and geographically than other leading candidates. They point to rural areas and Iowa’s growing minority population that, while small, could prove important with many candidates dividing the overall caucus vote.

    Moore, 70, said Biden is a “known quantity” whose support isn’t as obvious as Buttigieg and others.

    Another Biden volunteer, Phyllis Hughes Ewing, said outside media underappreciated Biden’s appeal. “I’m on the phones with voters two nights a week for several hours at a pop,” she said. “I’m a boot on the ground ... and everyone has good things to say about Joe.”

    The bullishness leans heavily on the way caucus votes are counted.

    The Biden team is laser-focused on the viability threshold requiring candidates to get 15% support in a given precinct to have votes counted toward delegates. Biden’s team believes he’ll be viable in every one of the 1,679 precincts on caucus night, a reach other leading candidates may not match. Then, they believe Biden will be a top beneficiary of “realignment” – subsequent ballots that allow voters who supported a nonviable candidate to choose another who’s still standing.

    That process could be a double boost for Biden, their theory goes. First, top contenders like Warren or Buttigieg whose support might be anchored in more liberal cities and suburbs would get no practical benefit from first-ballot votes in more rural precincts where they fall short of 15%. Second, several of the lower-tier candidates running as moderates – Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, for example – could fall short of viability across much of the state. Biden advisers confirmed they already are mapping out realignment ballot strategy.

    They’re also looking to organized labor for help. Biden won the endorsement of the International Association of Fire Fighters at the outset of his campaign, and the organization already has tapped its locals across the state to canvass. Biden’s second stop Saturday was a local fire station.

    For minority outreach, the campaign recently hired state Rep. Ras Smith, a member of the Iowa Legislature’s Black Caucus, and it has more than a dozen bilingual organizers, including deputy political director Claudia Chavez, focusing on Latino voters.

    But beyond all the particulars, Biden’s fundamental argument returns to political pragmatism.

    Harold Schaitberger, the firefighters’ national union president, compared the dynamics to 2004, another primary fight when Democrats were desperate to oust a Republican president. Howard Dean led in Iowa for much of 2003, wowing progressives and drawing large crowds. Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry ultimately came back to win the caucus and nomination, though he lost to President George W. Bush in the fall.

    Schaitberger, whose union backed Kerry, smiled as he recalled a newspaper headline from late 2003: “Kerry dead in the water.”


    Impeachment’s influence hazy as issue in congressional races

    WASHINGTON – Republicans aim to use the House drive toward impeaching President Donald Trump to whittle down Democrats’ majority by dislodging vulnerable incumbents from swing districts loaded with moderate voters.

    It could work, especially in Democratic-held districts Trump carried in 2016 with throngs of independent voters who polls shows are closely divided over his removal. Or it could flop, in an era when news zooms by so swiftly that today’s concerns may be eclipsed in 11 months and many people are more focused on pocketbook issues such as health care costs.

    “It will be part of the mosaic, but hardly the overriding issue,” GOP pollster Whit Ayres predicted about impeachment’s impact next November. “It will have faded by then and it will also have simply reinforced the preexisting attitudes and made them more intense.”

    What’s clear is that for now, Republicans are wielding impeachment mostly as an offensive weapon and Democrats are generally playing defense or changing the subject as 2020 congressional races rev up. House Democrats will be defending their 233-197 majority, with four vacancies. Republicans will try preserving their 53-47 Senate control.

    Since late September, Republicans and their allies have spent $8 million on impeachment-related TV ads aimed at House members, according to Advertising Analytics, a nonpartisan firm that examines political spending. That’s triple the sum spent by Democrats and their supporters.

    The American Action Network, closely aligned with House GOP leaders, has produced TV and digital ads attacking 30 Democrats, mostly freshmen. Spots also “thank” seven Republicans for opposing impeachment, a tactic often used to pressure lawmakers to stand firm.

    In one, the announcer accuses Rep. Joe Cunningham, D-S.C., of abandoning health care and other issues to back impeachment and says, “Tell Congressman Cunningham, ‘Let the voters decide elections.’” The announcer speaks amid images of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., liberal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who’s led the impeachment inquiry.

    GOP groups regularly blast impeachment-themed fundraising emails. Relatively obscure Republicans such as Rep. Elise Stefanik of upstate New York have reaped campaign contribution bonanzas by taking high-profile roles defending Trump.

    “This process they’re embarking on is going to cost them their majority next fall,” said Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., who heads his party’s House campaign committee. He said Democrats have “an obsession” with impeachment, adding, “It’s just getting worse for them.”

    While Democrats are favored to retain House control, the early blitz of GOP attacks has prompted them to protect their targeted members.

    House Majority Forward, an outside group tied to top House Democrats, has spent about $2 million defending 14 Democratic incumbents. All but three are freshmen from Trump-won districts.

    “Forget the noise. Haley Stevens is focused on Michigan,” said an ad citing the first-term Michigan Democrat.

    Pro-impeachment groups have run ads attacking GOP lawmakers for supporting Trump. That included liberal groups MoveOn and Need to Impeach, which put billboard trucks in eight House Republicans’ districts from Nevada to New York that carried signs saying, “Defend democracy. Impeach Trump.”

    Stefanik’s step into the spotlight has had decidedly mixed results. Her little-known Democratic opponent, Tedra Cobb, announced she had raised more than $1 million soon after Stefanik stepped into the impeachment spotlight. Cobb has been bolstered by celebrities such as “Star Wars’’ actor Mark Hamill, who urged his 3.4 million Twitter followers to back Cobb and help Stefanik “spend more time being a #TrumpToady on Fox ‘News.’”

    Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., who leads House Democrats’ campaign committee, said Emmer is “precisely wrong” about her party.

    “When we are not out in Washington, we are home, in our districts and we are listening to people every day, and we are hyper-focused on local issues,” she said.

    After an initial uptick in support for ousting Trump over his efforts to pressure Ukraine to seek dirt on his Democratic political rivals, voters’ views have jelled.

    About 9 in 10 Democrats support removing Trump and similar shares of Republicans back him, while independents are roughly evenly divided. Trump seems certain to be impeached, or found worthy of removal, by the Democratic-led House but likely acquitted by the GOP-majority Senate and kept in office.

    Last fall’s elections left Democrats in control of 31 seats in districts Trump carried in 2016. GOP lawmakers hold just three seats in districts Democrat Hillary Clinton won. Democrats also outnumber Republicans 62-30 among freshmen, who are often more vulnerable targets.

    Many competitive Democratic seats are in suburbs, where centrist voters have abandoned the GOP in recent elections over Trump’s coarse behavior and conservative policies. Republicans will have to guard against impeachment accelerating those defections, while Democrats must watch for signs suburban voters think they’re overreacting.

    For moderate Democrats, “the smart response is to keep doing their job, be in the district, meet with constituents, listen to what they’re saying,” said centrist Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Wash., a leader of Democrats’ efforts to defend endangered incumbents.

    Democratic pollster John Anzalone said his party’s candidates should focus on issues that helped clinch their 2018 House takeover.

    “I will take any day being able talk about health care and education and the environment and wages if they’re talking about impeachment,” Anzalone said.

    The reverse dynamic is true in the Senate, where perhaps two Democrats and five Republicans face competitive reelections. Those in the trickiest spots on impeachment include Democratic Sen. Doug Jones of staunchly pro-Trump Alabama and GOP Sen. Cory Gardner in Democratic-leaning Colorado.

    GOP pollster Glen Bolger said while it was unpredictable how powerful a factor impeachment will be in 2020, swing state Republican senators have little choice from a purely political standpoint.

    “You can’t vote for removal,” Bolger said. “You’ll have just totally collapsed your base, your ability to raise money, to get volunteers.”


    Illinois, Michigan set to usher in recreational pot sales

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. – James Daly is eager to make marijuana history Sunday, when he plans to open the doors to Arbors Wellness, beckon the lengthy line outside and legally start selling recreational pot for the first time in the Midwest.

    “We’ve worked very hard to be prepared,” said Daly, who owns the medical dispensary that, for now, is among only six shops in Michigan – mostly in Ann Arbor – also approved to start selling for adult use in December. The business is doubling staff and has fielded calls from potential customers across the state along with neighboring Ohio and Indiana.

    “The end of prohibition is historic,” he said. “We wanted to rip the Band-Aid off.”

    Both Michigan and Illinois, which allows sales starting Jan. 1, are officially joining nine other states that broadly allow marijuana sales. Companies are rushing to complete renovations at dispensaries, expand their growing facilities, and get staff hired and trained.

    The Midwestern states’ launch into the potentially lucrative recreational market comes at a turbulent time for the industry, which has been rocked by layoffs, the vaping health scare and investor disappointment with Canada’s marijuana program.

    In both states, a limited number of businesses have received state licenses letting them sell recreational products initially. But those same retailers must keep enough product on hand to supply people certified as patients under medical marijuana laws.

    The conditions are “almost a guarantee” that Illinois and Michigan customers will experience long lines, product shortages and potentially high prices in the early stages, said Adam Orens, co-founder of the Marijuana Policy Group.

    “They’ve got to get through the growing pains to get a system implemented,” he said.

    Taking marijuana from a small cutting to dried flower ready to be sold or transformed into edible gummies or oils takes months.

    In Illinois, seven months will have separated Gov. JB Pritzker’s signing of legislation permitting people 21 and older to buy and possess marijuana and the start of sales in January.

    The first round of applications is limited to existing medical marijuana retailers, and about 30 are newly licensed to sell recreational products. More could be approved before January.

    Most of the state’s licensed cultivation companies are expanding their space to meet higher demand for marijuana products. But that work takes time, too.

    Mark de Souza, CEO of the state’s largest marijuana producer, Revolution Enterprises, said he has heard from dispensary operators “panicked” that they could have empty shelves within months of adult sales beginning.

    But he believes the overall structure Illinois’ law created will become the industry’s “gold standard.”

    “You’re going to ensure everything from compliance to truth in labeling to taxes to consumer safety,” he said. “We don’t think any short-term supply issues are going to be harmful.”

    Still, retailers are considering appointment-based systems rather than lining up customers in winter weather. Others have retrofitted their dispensaries to let medical patients in one door and recreational customers in another, hoping to limit confusion if their product supplies run low.

    Amy Manganelli, chief operating officer at Mapleglen Care Center in Rockford, said she is anticipating long lines and taking steps to prepare employees.

    “We can’t open Jan. 1 and have somebody futzing with the scanner,” she said. “That won’t make the people in line, standing outside in winter, very happy.”

    State law lets local governments bar recreational dispensaries, and at least two of Illinois’ existing medical dispensaries are in communities that decided to prevent expanded sales. Chicago set up seven districts with a limited number of dispensaries allowed in each, and business owners only learned at a lottery event in mid-November where they could operate within the city.

    Illinois lawmakers said they expected a slow start. Their long-term goals, though, hinge on parts of the law intended to ensure people of color can open and work for marijuana businesses despite historic inequities in enforcement of state and federal drug laws.

    The law includes a scoring bonus during the license-award process for social equity applicants – people living in communities most affected by enforcement of marijuana laws, or individuals arrested for or convicted of marijuana offenses that would be legal under the new law. A low-interest loan program for these applicants also was created as part of the law.

    Michigan has cut marijuana licensing fees for prospective business owners living in 41 cities whose residents were disproportionately impacted by drug enforcement.

    Toi Hutchinson, a former Illinois state senator who oversees the work of all seven state agencies that interact with cannabis businesses, said she is confident that regulators are hitting their deadlines. And she said they will be prepared for other significant milestones in 2020, including the first round of applicants seeking 75 additional licenses to sell recreational products.

    January will bring “hiccups,” Hutchison acknowledged. But she said Illinois must stay focused on broader goals including making sure people of color get opportunities in the marijuana industry.

    “If we’re really serious about equity, this is a long game,” said Hutchinson, who co-sponsored the marijuana legalization proposal. “This isn’t just about Jan. 1.”


    Sen. Tim Scott: “No Way in the World” the Senate Will Vote to Convict Trump


    Here is GOP Sen. Tim Scott telling Neil Cavuto there is no way in the world the Senate will vote to convict Donald Trump if he is impeached. Scott said the evidence of an impeachable offense is just not there. In fact, the evidence shows that Trump is innocent



    Governor Ikpeazu commissions Ultra Modern Poultry Clusters

    Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has formally commissioned the 55,500 capacity Ultra Modern Poultry Cluster for Abia Central Senatorial Zone under the Accelerated Agricultural Development Scheme of the CBN. Lying on a land area of 3.5 hectares of land, the cluster has a modern administration building with offices, classrooms and living quarters for the Trainees with all

    2019-11-11 Rajd Niepodległości

    2019-11-11 Rajd Niepodległości
    Wszystkich jednak przebił Jacuś swoim kapeluszem i biało czerwoną peleryną z wielkim orłem. Rano, przed zbiórką, Sławek jako rzecznik prasowy naszego klubu, udzielił wywiadu na temat rajdu do Radia Doxa , a już na placu do portalu internetowego "Opole 24". Potem ustawiliśmy się do wspólnego pamiątkowego zdjęcia i ruszyliśmy w trasę pod przewodnictwem prezesa Kazimierza. Pojechaliśmy ulicą Ozimską, do Kościoła na Górce, by zapalić znicz na nagrobku senatora Osmańczyka. Następnym punktem naszego niepodległościowego rajdu był Pomnik Bojowników o Wolność Śląska Opolskiego na placu Wolności i kawałek dalej koło fontanny pomnik Żołnierzy Niepodległościowego Podziemia, o których kilka słów prawdy powiedział nam Kazimierz. Po zapaleniu zniczy pojechaliśmy dalej przez Rynek, ul. Piastowską, na stary cmentarz przy ul. Wrocławskiej. Tu zatrzymaliśmy się w dwóch miejscach by zapalić znicze pod pomnikami ludzi walczących o polskość na naszych terenach. Po opuszczeniu cmentarza pojechaliśmy znów ul. Piastowską w stronę wyspy Bolko, gdzie Kazimierz pokazał nam wmurowaną w ścianę szkoły tablicę poświęconą Bohaterom Powstań Śląskich (szkoła o tym imieniu). Po tej oficjalnej części imprezy udaliśmy się w stronę kamionki "Bolko" i tu niemiłe zaskoczenie. W ustronnym miejscu, gdzie zawsze robiliśmy ognisko, ktoś wybrukował palenisko i chociaż nie było tablic zabraniających rozpalania ognia w tym miejscu, to nie chcieliśmy się narażać na nieprzyjemności i Grażyna zaprowadziła nas na inne miejsce, równie piękne i bezpieczne, z widokiem na wodę. Tu wszyscy ochoczo zabrali się do zbierania chrustu, a Kazimierz, stary harcerz, szybko i sprawnie rozpalił ogień, a pozostali panowie bardzo mu pomagali. Trochę brakowało nam stołu, ale nie w takich warunkach dawaliśmy radę - rozłożyliśmy gazety, a potem do jedzenia gadżety, każdy częstował czym mógł /grzybki, ogóreczki, babeczki itp./ co głodniejsi piekli kiełbaski i chleb. Weganie wsuwali sałatę, Jacuś odpalił samograja z patriotycznymi piosenkami i w przerwach między grzybkiem, a ogórkiem trochę pośpiewaliśmy. Z daleka podziwialiśmy jak morsy świętują niepodległość po drugiej stronie jeziora – mocząc się ze śpiewem na ustach w zimnej wodzie z flagami i racami. W międzyczasie dojeżdżali rajdersi, którzy nie zdążyli na oficjalną część rajdu, a inni, którzy już poświętowali, rozjeżdżali się do domów. Piękny, słoneczny dzień i kolejny bardzo udany rajd. TEwa, zdjęcia TEla, TEwa, Grzesiek i Jacek

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    Georgia on my mind

    (Linda Goudsmit) - Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is poised to select Kelly Loeffler to replace Georgia's retiring Republican Senator Johnny Isakson. Kemp's choice has provoked vehement opposition from conservative Georgians and the White House. Why is Kemp's choice so controversial? ...

    Perils of the left: The unrecognized, profound danger of Elizabeth Warren

    (Selwyn Duke) - Senator Elizabeth Warren, one-time Indian and beer drinker, would make a very dangerous president. This isn't just because of her policies, which include ending the Electoral College, banning fracking everywhere, regulating a naturally occurring gas (CO2), being radically pro-abortion, decriminalizing illegal border crossing, and free health care for illegal aliens. ...

    Shiver Me Timbers



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    DSTV evaluates ZBC 24-hour news channel

    DSTV is currently evaluating the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) 24-hour news channel, which will see the national broadcaster launch a free news channel for broadcast throughout the SADC region. Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, Minister of Advertising, Information and Broadcasting Services, told the post-ministerial meeting in Harare on Tuesday that the launch of the 24-hour news channel [...]

    Irving Stone, Love is Eternal


    Opening Passage:

    She leaned across her dressing table and gazed into the gilt-framed mirror on the wall. Strange, she thought, how much time you can spend studying your own face, and then scarcely know it. Her nose, at least, never altered: it was short and straight: but everything else seemed to change with her mood. Her upper lip was thing, almost prim, her lower lip full and sensual; the lock she combed across the massive brow was blond but the rest of her hair, which fell in waves below her shoulders, was chestnut. Her eyes were large, wide-set, deep blue, clear and penetrating in their outward gaze though not always lucid within; tonight she was happy, and the intruder who sometimes lurked behind them was nowhere to be seen. (p. 1)

    Summary: Mary Todd is a young beauty from a Kentucky family who lives in Springfield, Illinois, where she is beginning to catch the interest of a number of men, most notably the up-and-coming Stephen Douglas. She is ambitious, has a vast number of important connections through family and friends, and wants a political husband. Into her life at this point comes the most unlikely suitor of all, young ungainly Abraham Lincoln, a largely self-taught small-time lawyer with folksy, backwoods ways. He is also interested in politics, and also ambitious, although he is sometimes faced with crippling self-doubt and extended bouts of depression due to the apparent mismatch between his ambitions and his background. He is a good speaker, however, with a name for 'lucible' speeches; folksiness is in fashion in Illinois due to the Log Cabin and Hard Cider campaign; and Abraham has a reputation for good-humored integrity, which tends to make up for his lack of a fancy background. Mary could have a more promising man, and certainly a much prettier and wealthier man, but something about Abraham's mix of seriousness and humor holds her attention like nothing else.

    Marriage mixed with politics makes for choppy seas, however strong the marriage may be. Theirs would be a marriage with its share of fights, although Abraham usually could defuse such arguments to mutual satisfaction. It would even more often be filled with long tedium; both law and politics in that day were on-the-road jobs. When Abraham is not gone for the circuit courts, which in those days literally traveled through a territory, he is often gone for political speaking engagements to help out some Whig, and later Republican, candidate or other. And Lincoln did not actually have any kind of great success; it would be exaggeration to say it was mostly failures, since there were definite successes, but he mostly muddled along. He managed in 1846 to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, which he served one two-year term, mostly just toeing the party line; he had pledged to serve only one term, so he then went back to law. He supported Taylor in the 1848 election, and for that was offered governorship of Oregon Territory; both he and Mary agreed that this would effectively end their political ambitions, so he passed that up and continued working at law. So it went until 1854, when, having been elected to state legislature, he made a play for the U.S. Senate (at that time elected by state legislatures), and failed. He became a Republican for the 1856 elections and backed Dayton and Frémont, campaigning for them throughout Illinois. Buchanan, the Democrat, won instead, but the campaigning made Abraham a well-known figure in Illinois politics. He then made a play for the Senate again, this time against Stephen Douglas; while the Republicans won the popular vote, the Democrats won more seats in the state legislature, so were able to elect Douglas. Throughout it all, Mary used her connections to try to keep him afloat, and it eventually paid off by making Lincoln the Republican candidate for the 1860 elections. And, of course, South Carolina seceded on December 20, 1860, shortly after it was clear Lincoln had won.

    It was a hard time to become President all around, but it's sometimes overlooked amidst other things that Washington, D.C., was a very Southern city, sharing more with Virginia than anything, and Republicans were not welcome there at all. Mary did her best to undo this. The White House at the time was famously shabby, having had very little more than minimal maintenance on it for decades, and Mary set out to try to navigate the byzantine customs governing how it was funded -- not always successfully, and in such a way that she developed a reputation for someone who liked to spend money (which in fairness was perhaps partly true), but she did manage to restore a great deal of social respectability to the Executive Mansion.

    But through it all, there were tragedies of a nonpolitical kind to deal with, as well. Their son Eddie died in 1850 at the age of six. Their fourth son, Tad, born in 1853, had a cleft palate. Their son Willie died in 1862 at the age of twelve. The death of Willie in particular would hit both parents hard; Mary started attending seances in the hope of seeing him again.

    And, of course, one day shortly after the end of the Civil War, and shortly into Lincoln's second term, the couple took time out to go to Ford's Theatre to re-watch a play, Our American Cousin, that Abraham had previously liked. Washington, D.C., was a very Southern city.

    Stone's novel is essentially a novelization of Mary's life, since it is largely from her perspective that everything is seen. But Mary Todd Lincoln had a significant role to play in her husband's career, through her connections, through her support, through her formidable administrative ability. She did a great deal to make him presentable to the world, and to keep him presentable to the world, as he often did a great deal to give her ambitions a bit of realism. The title, Love Is Eternal, is written on the wedding band that Abraham gives to Mary. It is a motto of hope more than anything else, appropriate for the beginning of a marriage and for its end.

    Favorite Passage: Mary Todd's first introduction to Abraham Lincoln:

    In the midst of the bedlam she thought she suddenly had taken leave of her senses, for out of a trap door above the speaker's stand a pair of feet emerged, and then a naked pair of calves, then long legs that kept dropping downward into the room, legs that seemed to cover the full twelve feet from the trap door to the stand. As she sat there in a state of shock the rest of the man finally appeared, a long scrawny torso and neck, arms that seemed to her even longer than the incredible legs, a dark, gaunt, bone-ridged homely face and a disheveled stand of thick coarse black hair.

    Turning her head slowly she saw that the men in the aisles and on the platform had frozen in their tracks. After a moment of silence which hung in the air even as had the descended apparition, the man began speaking in a high nasal voice.

    "Hold on, gentlemen. This is a land of free speech. Baker has a right to speak, and if you take him of the stand you'll have to take me, too." (p. 38)

    Recommendation: Recommended. It builds slowly, but gets quite interesting as it goes.


    Irving Stone, Love is Eternal, Doubleday & Company (Garden City, NY: 1954).

    Senator Andrzej Pająk miał wypadek samochodowy

    Senator Andrzej Pająk miał wypadek samochodowy

    Do poważnie wyglądającego zdarzenia drogowego doszło na drodze pomiędzy Stryszawą a Zawoją w piątek (29.11) rano. Autem kierował senator PiS z okręgu chrzanowskiego Andrzej Pająk.

    STRYSZAWA - W piątek (29.11) rano służby ratunkowe zostały wezwane do wypadku, który miał miejsce na trasie między Stryszawą a Zawoją.

    Na miejscu okazało się, że auto osobowe dachowało.

    Kierujący samochodem marki Skoda, 64-letni mieszkaniec powiatu suskiego, stracił panowanie nad samochodem na łuku drogi i dachował. Mężczyzna podróżował sam - poinformowała suska policja.

    Jak dodają policjanci kierowca nie doznał obrażeń, nie stworzył też zagrożenia dla innych kierujących. Był trzeźwy. Kierowcą auta był Andrzej Pająk, senator PiS z chrzanowskiego okręgu wyborczego.

    Policjanci ostrzegają kierowców przed warunkami jakie panują na drogach. Zwłaszcza w godzinach nocnych i nad ranem. Z piątku na sobotę (29/30.11) wydano alert przed możliwym oblodzeniem nawierzchni dróg.


    Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano sees 'overwhelming' evidence for Trump's impeachment


    The House Judiciary Committee will take over the impeachment of President Trump from the Intelligence Committee on Wednesday. And as the White House declined an invitation Sunday to participate in Wednesday's inaugural hearing for a host of process reasons, Axios unearthed a recent interview in which Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano dissected Trump's likely impeachment with Reason's Nick Gillespie. Napolitano, a libertarian, argued that House Democrats have a solid, politically risky case against Trump that will go nowhere in the GOP-controlled Senate.

    "The Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have unearthed enough evidence, in my opinion, to justify about three or four articles of impeachment against the president," Napolitano said, listing bribery and several "high crimes and misdemeanors," including "election law violations," obstruction of Congress, "interference with a witness," and "lying under oath." He dismissed the GOP complaints about the process and Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), noting that "Schiff, whether you like him or not, whether you agree with him or not, is following rules that the Republicans authored four, four and a half years ago."

    When Gillespie asked Napolitano if Trump deserves to be removed from office, he hedged. "He hasn't presented a defense and I don't know if he plans to," Napolitano said. "The evidence of his impeachable behavior at this point, in my view, is overwhelming. But being an ex-judge and being a lawyer, I have to withhold judgment until a defense is presented. Now the defense would have to come out of the mouth, I would think, of people who've refused to testify," like Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and Trump himself.

    Napolitano also argued that all modern presidents step outside the bounds of the Constitution because Congress lets them, despaired about America's future, and criticized Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Watch the whole interview below.


    NBC's Chuck Todd was flabbergasted by a Republican senator's claim that the former Ukrainian president worked for Hillary Clinton


    Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) came under fire last week for touting a baseless theory that Ukraine was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee's server in 2016. He eventually walked it back, he said, because he was "wrong." But despite Kennedy's apparent change of heart, the senator still doesn't seem quite ready to let go of every Ukraine-based theory.

    He told host Chuck Todd during a Sunday appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, without evidence, that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko "actively worked" for Hillary Clinton, President Trump's opponent in the 2016 general election.

    Todd was incredulous and went on to ask if Kennedy had been duped. "You have done exactly what the Russian operation is trying to get American politicians to do," Todd said.

    Kennedy, unsurprisingly, does not think he's been duped, telling Todd to "read the articles."


    10 things you need to know today: December 1, 2019



    The House Intelligence Committee is moving forward with the impeachment inquiry. Members will reportedly begin reviewing a report on the panel's investigation into President Trump's alleged efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his Democratic rivals Monday. They will reportedly have a 24-hour window to sift through the report before it goes to a vote Tuesday. The vote is mainly a formality and is expected to be split along party lines, which means it will likely be approved and then passed along to the House Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committee will then begin its own proceedings Wednesday. President Trump's counsel have been invited to attend and participate in the initial hearing, but there is no indication that will happen. [NBC News, Politico]


    Nine passengers were killed after a single engine plane crashed near Chamberlain, South Dakota, on Saturday. Among those killed were the pilot and two children. Three passengers survived and were taken to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The plane was headed to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Chamberlain was reportedly in the midst of a winter storm at the time of the crash, though the National Transportation Safety Board is considering weather as just one possible factor in its investigation of the incident; no cause has been determined yet, and a preliminary investigation report is expected to be released within two weeks. The model of plane reportedly can carry no more than one pilot and 10 passengers. [The Associated Press, NPR]


    New Orleans Police said 11 people were shot early Sunday in the city's French Quarter, and two people are reportedly in critical condition. Initially, 10 people were taken to two different hospitals for treatment before another person walked into a hospital on their own. Police confirmed they were in the immediate area, just feet away from the shooting, since large crowds were gathered for the Bayou Classic football game between Southern and Grambling State. But the amount of people in the vicinity made it difficult to determine who fired the shots. One person was reportedly detained, but it isn't clear if the individual was involved in the shooting. The investigation is ongoing. [ABC News, NBC News]


    Former Vice President Joe Biden launched an eight-day, 18-county bus tour in Iowa on Saturday, as he looks to make progress in the state before the Democratic presidential primary caucus in February. The tour, which has been named "No Malarkey," will reportedly allow Biden to meet face-to-face with Iowans, with a particular emphasis on the state's rural communities. Biden is aiming to appeal to people he meets by showing how his healthcare, agriculture, education, and climate change plans will benefit those communities, but he also reportedly wants to focus on their values, which he said were under attack from President Trump. [The Des Moines Register]


    Tens of thousands of pro-democracy, anti-government protesters returned to the streets Sunday in Hong Kong. The latest march was approved by authorities and began peacefully, but eventually ended with police clearing the demonstrators, dispersing crowds with tear gas. Some protesters reportedly veered off the sanctioned paths and and hurled insults at police, whom they have accused of brutality, while carrying vulgar signs. After the march, some masked protesters in the city's Whampoa district damaged traffic lights, blocked roads, and vandalized shops and restaurants believed to have links to mainland China, prompting riot police to arrive at the scene. At least three people were were arrested in the area. [The South China Morning Post, The Washington Post]


    A shootout Saturday in the town of Villa Union, a small town near the U.S. border, resulted in the deaths of 10 suspected cartel gunmen and four police officers. Six other police officers were reportedly injured. The governor of the northern state of Coahuila, Miguel Angel Riquelme, said the state acted "decisively" in response to the presence of the cartel members. The heavy fighting reportedly began around noon and lasted for more than an hour. Riquelme said authorities identified 14 vehicles involved in the attack and seized more than a dozen guns. The fighting took place following President Trump's announcement that he was preparing to designate the cartels as terrorist groups, which didn't sit well with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who hopes to avoid direct foreign intervention in Mexico. [The New York Times, Al Jazeera]


    Black Friday shoppers reportedly spent $7.4 billion online, making Friday the second-largest online shopping day ever, trailing only last year's Cyber Monday event. Online sales rose by 19.6 percent from last year. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retail fell by 6.2 percent compared to last year, signaling a growing preference for online purchasing. The decline, though, may also be related to growing store traffic on Thursday evening, which increased by 2.3 percent. "There is no longer one way to shop on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday," said Brian Field, senior director of global retail consulting for ShopperTrak. Estimates for Cyber Monday are as high as $9.4 billion. [CNBC, Reuters]


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is leading a Democrat-only congressional delegation consisting of 13 House members and one senator to Madrid's COP25 summit. "One of the goals we have is to make sure that all of those who are in the Paris Accord know that the Democratic majority in the Congress of the American people are very concerned about the climate issue, understand that we have to set goals and have a plan on how to achieve them, and to talk about some of the things that we have done," Pelosi told Bloomberg Environment before departing for Spain. The Democrats attending reportedly range from members of Congress who support the Green New Deal to those who want to approach Washington's environmental policy more cautiously in the hopes of hammering out legislation alongside Republicans. [Bloomberg, CBS News]


    Actor Leonardo DiCaprio denied accusations made by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that he was funding arson in the Amazon. Earlier this week, Bolsonaro alleged DiCaprio was donating money to non-governmental organizations that he alleges contributed to the forest fires that ravaged the rainforest earlier this year. In an Instagram post Saturday, DiCaprio denied Bolsonaro's claims and stated his support for Brazilian groups working to protect the Amazon, but he said he did not fund the groups targeted by the president. Additionally, two major environmental groups protecting the Amazon criticized Bolsonaro's accusations, calling them an attempt to "undermine environmental defenders and distract the general public from policies that directly lead to environmental disasters." [CNN, The Daily Beast]


    Free-agent wide receiver Terrelle Pryor reportedly was in critical condition following surgery after he was stabbed in the chest and shoulder at his apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Friday evening, but he is expected to make a full recovery. An unidentified woman faces an attempted homicide charge, and Pryor also reportedly faces an unknown charge. Pittsburgh Police said they are investigating the incident. A male stabbing victim reportedly walked into the hospital at 4:30 a.m. E.T. on Saturday. Police didn't identify the man, but a source confirmed to ESPN that it was Pryor. The 30-year-old Ohio State alum began his NFL career in 2011 and suited up for the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets through 2018. He hasn't played this season after being released by the Jacksonville Jaguars in September. [ESPN]


    The Democratic primary’s generational divide


    Pete Buttigieg is the youngest candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries, and if elected, he