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‘He may see a REAL ballistic missile soon’: Pyongyang riducules Shinzo Abe’s poor knowledge of rockets NK fired into Sea of Japan

Preview North Korea had some bold words for the Japanese PM, who mistook a long-range multiple rocket launch system, just tested by Pyongyang, for one of its ballistic missiles. Even civvies can spot the difference, an official quipped.
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Trenchcoats and rockets: Kim supervises North Korea weapons test


North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un supervised Thursday's test of what it called a "super-large multiple launch rocket system", Pyongyang's state media said Friday, hinting that it could be the last in that series.

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Triumph Rocket III touring 2300ccm r.v.2008 - 205 000

Rocket ma 103 kw je to evropská verze je ve velmi krasne barevne kombinaci se spousty doplnku palubní počítač ukazatel zarazeneho stupně fanfáry s volitelným zvukem alarm na Dálkové ovládání atd velmi krásný stroj vse pripravene k zaregistrovani v cr ...

Triumph Rocket III classic 2300ccm r.v.2009 - 159 000

Rocket je evropská verze je plně funkční nebourany originalni stav Servisovana a servisní kniha až do konce moto je vcetne doplnku operka pridavne svetla original triumph atd vše připraveno k zaregistrování v ČR luxusní zimní cena.cena zaregistrován ...

Watch: Rockets' James Harden scores 60 in three quarters vs. Hawks

James Harden made history as the third NBA player to score at least 60 points in three quarters during a Houston Rockets blowout of the Atlanta Hawks.

Other: 15Y AH-64D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer - Houston, Texas

The AH-64 Apache helicopter is the most advanced multi-role combat helicopter in the Army National Guard, and it's up to you to keep the fleet mission-ready. As an AH-64D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer, your primary responsibility will be to maintain the electrical systems, and perform maintenance on the chopper's weaponry, including the advanced targeting system, 70mm rockets, and laser-guided Hellfire missiles. Through training and practice, you will learn how to repair and maintain the armament, electrical, and avionics systems and components of the Apache helicopter. Specific duties may include: diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing armament, electrical and avionics systems and components; performing maintenance, modifications, and alignment on weapons components, fire control units, and sighting elements; performing operational and preventive checks on aircraft flight controls, stabilization systems, avionics, and controlled cryptographic equipment; troubleshooting equipment wiring harnesses; testing, troubleshooting, and repairing diagnostic equipment; and maintaining documentation and maintenance records. Job Duties • Maintain records on weapons and subsystems Some of the Skills You'll Learn • Electrical theory • Troubleshooting procedures • Soldering techniques • Electrical system maintenance Helpful Skills • Preference in mathematics and shop mechanics • Interest in working with electricity • Problem solving • Ability to use hand and power tools Through your training, you will develop the skills and experience to enjoy a civilian career with aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines, and government agencies. Earn While You Learn Instead of paying to learn these skills, get paid to train. In the Army National Guard, you will learn these valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance. Job training for an AH-64D Armament/Electrical/Avionics Systems Repairer consists of 10 weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic Soldiering skills, and 24 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, including practice in repairing electrical systems. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Benefits/Requirements Benefits Paid training A monthly paycheck Montgomery GI Bill Federal and State tuition assistance Retirement benefits for part-time service Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage) 401(k)-type savings plan Student Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000, for existing loans) Health care benefits available VA home loans Bonuses, if applicable Most non-prior service candidates will earn between $200 and $250 per drill weekend, subject to change Requirements Military enlistment in the Army National Guard Must be at least a junior in high school, or have a high school diploma or a GED certificate Must be between the ages of 17 and 35 Must be able to pass a physical exam and meet legal and moral standards Must meet citizenship requirements (see for details) Requires military enlistment. Programs and benefits are subject to change. Ask your Army National Guard recruiter for the most up-to-date information. Actual MOS assignment may depend on MOS availability. This position may qualify for a bonus, ask your National Guard recruiter for the most up-to-date information. ()



Getting a probe safely to the surface of Mars is not easy: Numerous landing attempts have crashed. Sufficiently slowing a lander in the thin air requires plenty of sophisticated kit, including designer heat shields, powerful retrorockets, and, sometimes, giant airbags. But the European-Russian ExoMars mission is struggling with a bit of technology that hails from the 18th century: parachutes. High-altitude tests earlier this year revealed that ExoMars's chutes were tearing as they were pulled from their bags. The European Space Agency has turned to NASA colleagues for help, and this week, a joint team begins tests to see whether redesigned bags and chutes now work, and if not, why. It could be their last chance to fix the problem and preserve a launch scheduled for July 2020—or face another 2 years of delay.




In just over 1 decade, a small capsule shaped like a flying saucer could blaze in from space and smash into an empty Utah desert. Its payload would be momentous: less than 1 kilogram of rocks gathered on Mars. After years as a dream, Mars sample return is now a $7 billion plan, devised jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA). It is a complicated plan, involving three heavy rocket launches from Earth, two rovers, the first ever rocket launch from another planet, and a daring space rendezvous between a sample container and a spacecraft that would ferry it back to Earth. The first element, NASA's Mars 2020 rover, is nearly built and ready for launch next summer. And now, NASA and the Europeans are close to finalizing the plans to bring the samples collected by Mars 2020 home, with ESA likely to commit funding to the work at a meeting later this month.


Democrats are preparing for the big 2020 steal. NYC is paying to move homeless to NC for 1 year (housing included)

by RocketSurgeon22 This enables all kinds of schemes. They can claim 3000 NY homeless to register in NC and never actually live there. They can then mail in votes Companies ... Read more

Is fitness the new religion?

Is fitness the new religion? American religious affiliation has been on the decline while gym memberships have sky-rocketed. Daily Show writer and...

новость: Обзорная башня [26.11.2019]


В этом выпуске: обзоры игр Arena: The Contest, Council of Four, Marvel Champions: The Card Game и «Одержимость», впечатления от «Игрокона-2019» и от сыгранных на фестивале игр, а также стандартный набор (новости, включая настольно-игровые проекты народного финансирования, а также материалы блогосферы за прошлую неделю).


[Прим. автора — для статистики: 125 внешних ссылок, 28 внутренних ссылок.


Есть вопросы, предложения или интересные новости? Пишите на Новости без ссылок на источники буду вынужден оставить без внимания. Не забудьте написать, кого поблагодарить (имя или ник) за предоставленные сведения.]







«Совсем недавно произошёл релиз кооперативной «живой» карточной игры Marvel Champions: The Card Game.


Я её купил, опробовал и хочу поделиться как описанием игры и впечатлениями, так и некоторыми соображениями на тему».





«Обзорная башня [19.11.2019]. Обзор за период с 12.11.2019 по 19.11.2019»:

  • Обзор игры «Ужас Аркхэма. Третья редакция», перевод статьи про проблему продолжительности партий, текстовое «включение» с «Игрокона-2019» и стандартный набор (новости «картонных» и цифровых настольных игр, новости настольно-игровых проектов народного финансирования, а также материалы блогосферы за позапрошлую неделю).

Soundheart: «По горячим следам: видео с «Игрокона-2019». Два дня стримов с «Игрокона-2019» от канала «Твой игровой».


«С миру по нитке [20.11.2019]. Новости из мира настольных игр»:

  • «Звезда» выпустила игры «Сумерки Венеции» и «EXIT-Квест. Затонувшие сокровища».
  • Hobby World издала игры «Свинтус: Злоключения» и «Золотой БУМ».
  • Games Workshop возродит Старый Свет.
  • Эти и другие новости.

«Голосуем кошельком [21.11.2019]. Обзор настольно-игровых проектов народного финансирования»:

  • «Вальхалла», «Остров кошек» и «Побег из психушки».
  • Stronghold: Undead — осада замка, дополнение превратилось в игру.
  • Hour of Need — кооперативные приключения супергероев.
  • Blood Feud — командная «кабинетная» игра по «Миру тьмы».
  • Namiji — сиквел Tokaido.
  • 1941: Race to Moscow — военно-историческая игра.
  • Venice — евроигра про торговцев Венеции 16 века.
  • Dawn of Madness — сюжетная мрачная кооперативная игра.
  • Настолка по Divinity: Original Sin.
  • А также многое другое.

imurseev: «Граниконовское к-к-к-комбо!». Цитирую: «Лавка игр» открыла предзаказ на первую порцию отечественных игр, которуя взяла на «Граниконе-2019» — «#ПроРисунки» Артёма Лиса и «Карманный детектив» Юрия Ямщикова».


«С миру по нитке [23.11.2019]. Новости из мира настольных игр»:

  • «Звезда» выпустила игру «Поселенцы. Наброски империи».
  • Hobby World издала игру «Одержимость» и дополнение «Древний ужас: Маски Ньярлатхотепа».
  • В продаже появился дебютный проект компании Rabbit Hole Games — игра «Махинаторы».
  • «Лавка игр» подхватила детективную игру «Мортум».
  • Эти и другие новости.

UnicornX: «Предварительные результаты 8-го мат. обмена».


AngryFerret: «Инициатива Beyond the Monolith. Анонс новой стратегической инициативы издателя».


«С миру по нитке [25.11.2019]. Новости из мира настольных игр»:

  • «Эврикус» опубликовал тизер двух игр.
  • Hobby World выпустит «Рик и Морти: Анатомический парк» в конце 2019.
  • В России выйдет Maracaibo.
  • Эти и другие новости, включая новости в вопросах и ответах.




Новости, события, вопросы, объявления и обсуждения:

Своими руками:

Обзоры, отчёты, отзывы и мнения:




  • Djalina: правила дополнения Caverna: The Forgotten Folk.
  • farvater182: правила дополнения Village Port.
  • MiltoLab:
  • OmegaGames: правила дополнения Eclipse: Rockets of Celebration.
  • sakedas: правила неофициального дополнения «Спартак. Грязные игры» (вер. от 04.12.2017).
  • scorp666ion: роли из Nanty Narking, адаптированные под игру «Плоский мир: Анк-Морпорк».
  • zendor: правила игры De Bellis Antiquitatis 3.0.


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Новости и объявления


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«Ох, до сих пор не могу оправиться от прошлого отчёта и заставить себя написать какую-нибудь статейку. А ведь в кое-что мы уже успел поиграть. Поэтому, пока я собираюсь с мыслями, предлагаю посмотреть на внутренности первой волны свежедоставленной Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon. Для меня это одна из ожидаемых игр года, если не самая ожидаемая».


«Настольные игры в Латвии»:



Статьи, рассуждения и интервью


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Клуб «Прямые руки» (самиздат, переводы, покраска миниатюр и т. д.)

  • jahvanny: колоды наций, технологий и победных условий для игры Axis & Allies Europe 1940.
  • MiltoLab:


Видео и подкасты


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Pasyans Show:



Магия ККИ

Автор: oranged (Александр Булгаков)


Wyniki NBA: 60 punktów Hardena! Simmons bohaterem Sixers

Zaledwie 31 minut potrzebował James Harden, aby rzucić Hawks 60 punktów! Rockets zmiażdżyli rywali 158:111. Ben Simmons został bohaterem Sixers zaliczając trzy przechwyty w końcówce w kilkanaście sekund! Giannis i Bucks rozbili Hornets, a nieoczekiwanie Kings wygrali z Nuggets po dogrywce. Czy wiesz, że w niedzielę wieczorem będą aż cztery mecze NBA NA ŻYWO bez […]

Alig fél óra alatt 60 pontot dobott Harden

Nagyarányú győzelmet aratott a Houston Rockets a vendég Atlanta Hawks ellen.

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Christmas promotion 2016 Summer adidas Performance CH ROCKET BOOST W Black / Blue / Pink - Shoes Low top trainers Women Jxyd7xThese low top trainers designed by Adidas are THE style of the season. In a stylish grey colour, style and comfort are all yours. Fans of the style will love this design.

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Robert R. Levesque, 81

HUDSON, Fla — Robert R. Levesque “Rocket Guy Bob”, 81, of Hudson, FL passed away peacefully on Thursday November 21st, 2019.Robert was born in Fall River, Massachusetts to Romeo and Eva Levesque on May 17th, 1938. He was self-employed and owner-operator of a local Marina for many years. He was a Catholic by Faith and was a member with the Hudson Beach and Yacht Club.Robert was predeceased by a son, Daniel Levesque.Survivors include his loving wife of [...]

J. Rockett Audio Designs Analog Preamp Experiment (APE)


Analog Preamp Experiment (APE) od J. Rockett Audio Designs to niezwykle poręczne narzędzie oraz elastyczne rozwinięcie funkcji Twoich efektów delay oraz całego brzmienia. W zależności od konfiguracji, efekt ten pełni różne funkcje w łańcuchu efektów. W ustawieniu szeregowym, Analog Preamp Experiment (APE) ustawiamy przed efektem delay. W takiej konfiguracji, APE zabrzmi jak legendarny Echoplex EP, […]

Post J. Rockett Audio Designs Analog Preamp Experiment (APE) pojawił się poraz pierwszy w


Lego's NASA Apollo Saturn V Is 20% Off for Black Friday Weekend

NASA's Apollo 11 moon landing celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and Lego set the stage with this epic Saturn V moon rocket set, which is on sale now for 20% off via the Lego online store.

Russian Military Launches Secret Surveillance Satellite Into Orbit

A Russian Soyuz rocket launched a top-secret military satellite designed to scope out other satellites in space on Monday (Nov. 25), according to government reports.

"Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3": Das ist bekannt

Voraussichtlich 2022 bringt James Gunn seine verrückte Weltraum-Trilogie mit „Guardians 3“ zu Ende. Freut euch darauf, dort mehr über Rockets Geschichte zu erfahren.

>> Artikel lesen | auf Filmstarts - Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019







  • 关于设计


喷漆透着工业风, 整块的不锈钢板面和车身轮廓,都给人很硬朗的感觉。


比如这辆Elon Musk私藏的路特斯Esprit(曾在1977年的邦德电影中出现过)


其实,Cybertruck这个名字,来自电影“银翼杀手”(Blade Runner)。







1 Rocket Road (火箭路1号)




  • 硬核数据

@张抗抗 博士所言:电动汽车的缺点是续航,优点是动力性。优缺点都相当明显,所以技术参数成了衡量一辆电动车的关键。

顶配版的Cybertruck, 百公里加速2.9秒(比911都快),最高时速达到209公里/小时,续航超过800公里。

各项参数都很强, 那定价呢?







买一辆Model 3的钱,就能种草一辆Cybertruck,简直了。。。





  • 暴力翻车




先拿大锤砸,再拿子弹击 ,表现都很好。




这个bug, 让马斯克脸酸,也成了全场气氛的转折点。



不止是Musk, 观众的情绪也变了。









  • 场外亮点








看他采访比尔盖茨、Elon Musk时,这么自带swag;没想到他真人竟然低调可爱,憨诚中还有几分羞涩....






其中一个更说,刚开始cybertruck开进场时,他以为是个joke, 以为真正的那辆皮卡等下才会入场.....


如果大众一时难以接受它的激进外观,特斯拉可能会先把皮卡卖给一些重要的网红、rappers以及KOL, 让他们去影响审美。


也就是说,特斯拉整个产品线已搭建完成:包括家用车Model S 3 X Y, 赛博皮卡Cybertruck, 和皮卡搭配的ATV, 超跑Roadster, 还有商用货车Semi。


皮卡发布才两天,在全球的预订量,已经破 20 万辆了。当然,喷它造型的人也不少。




站在这款cybertruck面前, 我觉得它真是太 "特斯拉”了!


站在第一排C位看特斯拉Cybertruck发布,是种什么样的体验?_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


如何评价特斯拉(Tesla Motors)电动卡车 Semi?将有何突破?Emma:是什么,让特斯拉登上Pornhub热搜第一名?身为特斯拉车主是怎样的体验?


【知乎日报】千万用户的选择,做朋友圈里的新鲜事分享大牛。 点击下载

此问题还有 205 个回答,查看全部。
如何评价特斯拉在 Navigant 发布的 2019 自动驾驶排行排名垫底?
如何评价 2016 年发布的特斯拉 Model 3 ?


2007 Mako 264 $72,300 USD

$72,300 USD - - Stock #196021 - 200 hrs twin 4 stroke 225's, upgraded sound system and hits top speed of 50mphIf you are in the market for a center console, look no further than this 2007 Mako 264, priced right at $72,300 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Lexington, South Carolina and is in great condition. She is also equipped with twin Suzuki engines that have only 200 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This listing is new to market. Any reasonable offer may be accepted. Submit an offer today!Reason for selling is downsizing.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***85 PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!ConditionThis boat has been regularly serviced by a local dealer. All upholstery appears to be intact. All electronics are operational. This boat is solid! Make an offer and have it surveyed with a water trial today!Navigational Equipment - GPS/ Fishfinder/ Plotter (Lowrance Lms-332c) - Navigation Lights - VHF (Icom IC-M100) - VHF Antenna - Compass (Ritchie)Mechanical - Bilge Pump - Engine Alarms - Fuel Injected - Holding Tanks - Power Tilt & Trim - Trim Tab Controls - Trim Tab Indicator - Trim Tabs - Underwater LED LightingElectrical Systems - 12 V DC Outlets - Alternator - Battery Switch - Electronic Ignition - Engine Kill Switch - Fuel Gauge - Fuse Panel - Horn - Hour Meter - Loudspeaker - Speedometer - Stereo - Tach - USB PortAccommodations - Port Holes - Porta-potty - Sink - CabinConstruction - Foam-filled Stringers - Gel Coat - GunwalesDeck Gear - Anchor - Anchor Locker - Anchor Rode - Bench Seat - Beverage Holders - Center Console W/storage - Cleats - Fixed - Compartment Storage - Cooler Seat W/backrest - Fish Boxes - Forward Seating - Freshwater Hookup - Glove Box - Gunnel Compartments - Hard Top - Live Well - Live Well Light - Passenger Seat - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Rod Storage - Steering Wheel - Storage - Suicide Knob - Swim Ladder - Tackle Center - Tackle Storage - Transom - Walk Through

2016 Striper 200 Wa $58,400 USD

$58,400 USD - - Stock #197578 - 2016 STRIPER 200 WA WITH LOW HOURS ON 150hp Evinrude HO E-Tec!If you are in the market for a walkaround, look no further than this 2016 Striper 200 WA, priced right at $58,400 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Coram, New York and is in good condition. She is also equipped with a Evinrude engine that has only 100 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This is a brand new listing, just on the market this week. Please submit all reasonable offers.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***ORIGINAL PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!Condition2016 Striper 200 WA 150 HO Etec. Low hours. Cabin, with sink, butane stove and built In porta potty. 9 inch Garmin fish finder gps combo. Live well, hard top , vhf radio, am/fm radio, full canvas enclosure and more.Navigational Equipment - Compass - GPS/ Fishfinder/ Plotter - VHF - VHF Antenna - Navigation Lights - Running Lights - SIRIUS/XM ReadyMechanical - Bilge Pump - Fuel Injected - Number Of Eng Cylinders (Three) - Power Tilt & TrimElectrical Systems - Battery Switch - Horn - Hour Meter - Number Of Batteries (2) - Speedometer - Stereo - Tach - Volt MeterAccommodations - Cabin Lighting - Cuddy Cabin - Dinette - Ice Box - Porta-potty - Pressurized Water System - Sink - CabinConstruction - Bottom Paint Antifouling - Gel CoatDeck Gear - Anchor - Bow Rail - Captain's Chair - Full Enclosure - Hard Top - Isinglass - Passenger Seat - Pedestal Seats - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Rod Storage - Windshield - One Piece - Raw Water Washdown - Steering Wheel - Swim Ladder - Swim Platform

1999 Grady-white 247 $44,900 USD

$44,900 USD - - Stock #196785 - Turn-key Center Console Battle Wagon with 2015 Yamaha 300!!If you are in the market for a center console, look no further than this 1999 Grady-White 247, priced right at $44,900 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Washington, North Carolina and is in good condition. She is also equipped with a Yamaha engine that has 330 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This listing is new to market. Any reasonable offer may be accepted. Submit an offer today!Reason for selling is purchased new boat.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***122 PICTURES*** of this vessel, AND A VIDEO, on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!ConditionHull is in good condition and has demonstrated the Grady White durability that comes with the storied reputation; Yamaha motor looks like new and was new in 2015; T-top is in good shape and canvas looks good; Electronics are serviceable; Trailer is sturdyNavigational Equipment - GPS/ Fishfinder/ Plotter (Garmin) - Navigation Lights - Running Lights - VHF - VHF AntennaMechanical - Bilge Pump - Number Of Fuel Tanks (1) - Trim TabsElectrical Systems - 12 V DC Outlets (1 At Helm) - Battery Switch - Deck Lighting (Work Light) - Number Of Batteries (2)Accommodations - Transom Shower (Wash Down Wand) - Mirror (Center Console Compartment)Deck Gear - Bait Well - Bench Seat (Helm Seat) - Beverage Holders (At Helm) - Center Console W/storage - Cleats - Fixed - Cockpit Drainage System - Compartment Storage - Freshwater Washdown - Helm Light - T-top (With Canvas) - Under Gunwale Rod Storage - Downrigger (2) - Rocket Launchers (Helm Seat Back And T-top) - Rod Storage (Gunwhale)

2008 Clearwater 2300 Wa $33,000 USD

$33,000 USD - - Stock #193764 - THIS CLEARWATER IS CLEAN AND READY TO FISH! TWIN YAMAHA 4 STROKES! COMES WITH 2017 TRAILER IN LIKE NEW CONDITION!If you are in the market for a walkaround, look no further than this 2008 Clearwater 2300 WA, just reduced to $33,000 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Jacksonville, Florida and is in great condition. She is also equipped with twin Yamaha engines that have only 237 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This listing has now been on the market 30 days. If you are thinking of making an offer, go ahead and submit it today! Let's make a deal!Reason for selling is no longer has time to enjoy.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results.Take a look at ALL ***138 PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!ConditionThe vessel is in great working condition and is free of damage and deficiencies according to her current owner. The only reason for the sale is seller no longer has the time to enjoy the boat. If you are looking for a no-frills fishing rig with decent electronics and a new trailer, take a closer look at this package. Bring all reasonable offers.Navigational Equipment - Compass - Depth Gauge In Dash - Fish Finder - GPS ((2) Garmin And Lowrance) - Radar - Running Lights - VHFMechanical - Bilge Pump - Throttle/shift - Trim Tab Controls - Trim Tab Indicator - Trim Tabs - Power Tilt & TrimElectrical Systems - ABYC Color Coded Wiring - AC Electric Panel - Alternator - Battery Switch - Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker Panel - Cockpit Lighting - Deck Lighting - Electronic Ignition - Engine Kill Switch - Fuel Gauge - Fuse Panel - Horn - Hour Meter - Navigation Lights - Number Of Batteries ((4)) - SpeedometerAccommodations - HeadConstruction - Foam-filled Stringers - Gel CoatDeck Gear - Anchor - Bait Well - Beverage Holders - Bow Rail - Cleats - Pull-up - Coaming Pads - Electronics Box - Hard Top - Live Well - Non-skid Deck - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Steering Wheel - Storage - Swim Ladder - Windlass - Windlass LockerSafety Equipment - Fire Extinguisher - Grab Rails

1988 Sea Ray 430 Convertible $57,800 USD

$57,800 USD - - Stock #196693 - Powerful and Spacious Convertible with new electronics has two staterooms, full galley, and five bridge seats great for extended travels and guests!If you are in the market for a sportfish/convertible boat, look no further than this 1988 Sea Ray 430 Convertible, priced right at $57,800 (offers encouraged).This vessel is located in Beverly, Massachusetts and is in great condition. She is also equipped with twin Caterpillar engines that have 2,300 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This listing is new to market. Any reasonable offer may be accepted. Submit an offer today!Reason for selling is seller is retiring from boating.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***223 PICTURES*** of this vessel, AND A VIDEO, on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!ConditionAccording to the seller, this boat is in good overall condition and ready to go. This broker has personally viewed this unit and can attest to the accuracy of the description, pictures and video. We encourage all inquiries and questions relating to its present condition, the accuracy of details including but not limited to its location, engine hours, service history, listing status and features.Navigational Equipment - Autopilot - Compass - GPS/ Fishfinder/ Plotter - Hailer - Navigation Lights - Navionics - Radar - Running Lights - VHF - VHF AntennaMechanical - Bilge Pump - Bulk Heads - Closed Water Cooling Sys. - Engine Alarms - Holding Tanks - Trim Tab Indicator - Trim Tabs - Upper Helm Station - Wash Down Pump - Water Pump - Water TanksElectrical Systems - 110v AC Outlets - 12 V DC Outlets - AC Electric Panel - Battery Switch - Circuit Breaker Panel - Cockpit Lighting - Courtesy Lights - Fuel Gauge - GFI Outlets - Horn - Hour Meter - Inverter - Oil Pressure Gauge - Shore Power - Shore Power Cord - Stereo - Tach - Volt Meter - Water HeaterAccommodations - A/C Heat - Blinds - Cabin Lighting - Carpet - Coffee Maker - Countertops - Curtains - Dinette - Forward Stateroom - Freezer - Head - Ice Maker - L-shaped Lounge - Microwave - Oven - Port Holes - Pressurized Water System - Refrigerator - Shower - Sink - Cabin - Sink - Cockpit - Stove / Oven - TV - V BerthDeck Gear - Anchor - Anchor Locker - Anchor Rode - Bench Seat - Bow Rail - Captain's Chair (X2) - Coaming Pads - Fiberglass Hard Top - Freshwater Hookup - Full Enclosure - Hand Rails - Raw Water Washdown - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Rod Storage - Storage - Swim Ladder - Swim Platform - Transom - Walk Through - WindlassSafety Equipment - Carbon Monoxide Detector - Grab Rails - High Bilge Water Alarm - Throw Ring

2018 Weld-craft Ocean King 220 $72,300 USD

$72,300 USD - - Stock #195750 - 9.9 Yamaha kicker 22 hours! TR1 autopilot! Lowrance fishfinder! Alaskan bulkhead! VHF radio! Suspension seats on both sides! Bench seats in rear!!!If you are in the market for a pilothouse, look no further than this 2018 Weldcraft Ocean King 220, priced right at $72,300 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Nampa, Idaho and is in great condition. She is also equipped with a Yamaha engine that has only 80 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This listing is new to market. Any reasonable offer may be accepted. Submit an offer today!Reason for selling is too much boat for idaho.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***17 PICTURES*** of this vessel, AND A VIDEO, on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!ConditionThis 2018 Ocean King has only been used one season and as you would expect, it is in excellent condition and ready for the next owner. The interior and exterior pictures have been provided by the seller and represent the condition you can expect. It has some big fish-landing scratches as detailed in the picture.Navigational Equipment - Autopilot - Fish Finder - VHFMechanical - Bilge Pump - Bulk Heads - Kicker MotorElectrical Systems - Battery Switch - Hour MeterAccommodations - Cabin Lighting - Porta-pottyDeck Gear - Bow Rail - Fish Boxes - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Captain's Chair - Swim Ladder - Transom - Walk Through

2000 Cape Horn 24 $41,500 USD

$41,500 USD - - Stock #196433 - New fuel tank 2 years old 2 year old Lowrance hds9 gen 3 New leaning post 2 years ago 1 year old vhf standard horizon explorer GPS gx1700 If you are in the market for a center console, look no further than this 2000 Cape Horn 24, priced right at $41,500 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Navarre, Florida and is in great condition. She is also equipped with a Suzuki engine that has 1,200 hours.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This listing is new to market. Any reasonable offer may be accepted. Submit an offer today!Reason for selling is seller is stepping out of boating for a while..60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***96 PICTURES*** of this vessel, AND A VIDEO, on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!ConditionThis 2000 Cape Horn 24 shows well, especially considering its age. The gel coat looks good and no deep gouges were noticed in the finish. The seller reports that the 150 gallon fuel tank was replaced 2 years ago before he purchased the boat, which may mean that the deck was probably cut open to access the tank and the repair was made with high standards. There is zero evidence of a poor repair and the only evidence of any change is a slight color difference in brightness of the new deck gelcoat from the old. Seller reports that the leaning post is 2 years old and that the Fusion stereo, the Standard VHF and the VHF antenna are 1 year old. The Lowrance HDS9 is two years old. He also states that all pumps, lights and accessories work correctly. One hour meter has been replaced and does not show current engine hours, which are 1200.Navigational Equipment - Compass - GPS/ Fishfinder/ Plotter (Lowrance HDS9) - Navigation Lights - VHF (Standard Explorer) - VHF Antenna - TransducerMechanical - Bilge Pump - Fuel Injected - Number Of Fuel Tanks (1-150 Gallon) - Power Tilt & Trim - Trim Tab Controls - Trim Tabs - Wash Down Pump - Fuel Filters (2)Electrical Systems - Battery Switch - Cockpit Lighting - Engine Kill Switch - Hour Meter (1200 Hours) - Number Of Batteries (3) - Stereo (Fusion MS-RA70) - Tach - Battery Charger (3 Bank)Construction - Bottom Paint Antifouling - Closed Transom - Gel CoatDeck Gear - Anchor - Anchor Rode (500') - Bait Well - Beverage Holders - Casting Deck W/storage - Center Console W/storage - Cleats - Fixed - Cockpit Drainage System - Compartment Storage - Fish Boxes - Forward Seating - Front Casting Platform - Glove Box - Leaning Post - Live Well - Raw Water Washdown - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Saltwater Washdown - Steering Wheel - Storage - T-top - Windscreen - Electronics Box - Anchor Locker - Swim Ladder (Removable)

1996 Pursuit 3000 Offshore $38,900 USD

$38,900 USD - - Stock #191423 - This one is a Beauty Boys and Girls! Come see Quick!If you are in the market for a sportfish/convertible boat, look no further than this 1996 Pursuit 3000 Offshore, priced right at $38,900 (offers encouraged).This boat is located in Southold, New York and is in good condition. She is also equipped with twin Volvo Penta engines.We are looking for people all over the country who share our love for boats. If you have a passion for our product and like the idea of working from home, please visit SellBoatsAndRVs [dot] com to learn more.This is a brand new listing, just on the market this week. Please submit all reasonable offers.60-day Sea Tow Membership comes standard with any boat purchase from POP Yachts! Sea Tow Membership includes FREE boat towing, fuel drops, jump starts, prop disentanglements, covered un-groundings, and more. 60-day membership is only valid for boats in good working order at the time of purchase and only for the boat purchased. Already a member? We'll extend your membership by 60 days. Other restrictions apply - ask a POP Yachts associate for details.At POP Yachts, we will always provide you with a TRUE representation of every vessel we market. We encourage all buyers to schedule a survey for an independent analysis. Any offer to purchase is ALWAYS subject to satisfactory survey results. Contact us for a free BoatHistoryReport report on this vessel. We pay upfront for a report on every vessel possible, and we provide this peace of mind to our buyers at no charge and with no commitment. All you have to do is ask!Take a look at ALL ***ORIGINAL PICTURES*** of this vessel on our main website at POPYACHTS DOT COM. We appreciate that you took your time to look at our advertisement and we look forward to speaking with you!Condition1996 pursuit 3000 offshore twin 230 hp Volvo diesels, turbo rebuilt transmission, low hours, new canvas 2016, new windlass 2017, 12 ft. Beam tower, new washdown, pump head shower, sleeps 4, microwave, stove, full electronics, dual station, 110 dockside electric, spare 4 blade props, fighting chairNavigational Equipment - Compass - GPS / Fishfinder - Navigation Lights - Running Lights - VHF - Radar - Radar ArrayMechanical - Bilge Pump - Closed Water Cooling Sys. - Fuel Injected - Number Of Eng Cylinders (6) - Trim Tabs - TurbochargerElectrical Systems - AC Electric Panel - Battery Switch - Cockpit Lighting - Fuel Gauge - Hour Meter - Shore Power - Shore Power Cord - Tach - Volt Meter - Courtesy LightsAccommodations - Cabin Lighting - Dinette - Microwave - Pressurized Water System - Shower - Sink - Cabin - Stove - V BerthConstruction - Bottom Paint Antifouling - Gel CoatDeck Gear - Bow Pulpit - Bow Rail - Full Enclosure - Isinglass - Live Well - Rocket Launchers - Rod Holders - Steering Wheel - Transom Door - Washdown - WindlassSafety Equipment - Horn

North Korea Fired Intercontinental Ballistic Missile US Confirms

South Korea — The Trump organization on Tuesday affirmed North Korea's claim that it had propelled an intercontinental ballistic rocket, and it revealed to Pyongyang that the United States would utili

Envirofit G 3300 Rocketstove

Op een Envirofit G3300 kooktoestel kan veilig en gecontroleerd worden gekookt met sprokkelhout als brandstof. Deze rocket stove is het nieuwste model en door het unieke ontwerp bereik je binnen één minuut hoge temperaturen waarop je direct kunt koken. Dez


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12 главных музыкальных святынь мира


Студия Sun Records

Здание студии Sun, Мемфис

Где: Memphis, TN 38103, США
GPS-координаты: 35° 8′ 21.29″ N, 90° 2′ 15.64″ W

Диджей радиостанции “WLAY” в Алабаме Сэм Филлипс мечтал о собственной студии с ранних лет, однако своего смог добиться только в 27 лет, переехав в Мемфис: 3 января 1950 года он открыл “Memphis Recording Service”, где не только записывал музыку, но и делал коммерческие записи свадебных церемоний, похорон, торжественных речей и так далее.

Сам Филлипс заявлял, что намерен записывать черных артистов с Юга, которым больше просто некуда было пойти: затея провалилась после первого же релиза - сингла Джо Хилла Льюиса "Boogie in the Park", после чего Филлипс начал активно работать с такими лейблами, как цитадель черного блюза Chess Records и фирма Modern Records, звездами которой были Айк и Тина Тернер, Джон Ли Хукер и Литтл Ричард. Филлипс создавал демо-записи и мастер-ленты для этих лейблов, и именно тогда записал песню Джеки Бренстона "Rocket 88", которую многие считают первой песней в стиле рок-н-ролл. А в начале 1952 года вновь открыл студию, назвав ее “Sun Records”, и записывал опять же все, от Би Би Кинга и Хаулин Вульфа до The Prisonaires - черного вокального квартета, члены которого отбывали срок в местной тюрьме и были временно выпущены на свободу, чтобы записать сингл "Just Walkin' in the Rain" в июне 1953 года. Песня стала хитом и на нее обратила внимание местная газета: не исключено, что именно это обстоятельство привело на студию молодого шофера грузовика по имени Элвис Пресли.

Студия звукозаписи Sun: Здесь родился рок-н-ролл

Остальное, как говорится, уже история: именно под руководством Филлипса Элвис сделал первые и едва ли не лучшие свои записи, но денежные проблемы и невозможность полноценной раскрутки привели к тому, что Пресли был «передан» в более надежные руки компании “RCA”. «У нас на контракте уже были две новые восходящие звезды - Карл Перкинc и Джонни Кэш, когда мы расстались с Пресли. Я не жалею, что продал его контракт. Я считаю, что все вычислить наперед невозможно, даже на полгода», - говорил впоследствии Сэм. Еще одной звездой лейбла стал Джерри Ли Льюис, однако уже к середине 60-х Филлипс записывал песни крайне редко, продал студию в 1969 году другому продюсеру и ушел в гостиничный бизнес и дела нескольких открытых им радиостанций. В 1987 году, через десять лет после смерти Пресли, здание студии вновь открылось для музыкантов: в разное время там записывались U2, Def Leppard и любитель рокабилли и баллад в духе того же Элвиса Крис Айзек (помните его хит “Wicked Game”?). А в 2003 году здание было включено в число исторических памятников: не забывают его и многочисленные поклонники короля рок-н-ролла.

Памятник Фредди Меркьюри

Где: Площадь Place Du Marche, Монтрё, Швейцария

Тело вокалиста группы Queen, умершего 25 ноября 1991 года от СПИДа, согласно его завещанию было кремировано. Первоначально памятник планировали воздвигнуть в Лондоне, однако единственным местом, предложенным для него, стал задний двор художественного колледжа, где учился Фредди, и друзья посчитали это оскорблением памяти великого музыканта. В итоге в пятую годовщину его смерти возле Женевского озера в швейцарском городе Монтре была открыта статуя работы скульптора Ирены Седлецки: на открытии присутствовали отец Фредди Боми Бульсара, Монсеррат Кабалье и коллеги по Queen Брайан Мэй и Роджер Тэйлор. Статуя попала на обложку посмертного альбома группы “Made In Heaven” и быстро стала объектом почитания фанатов со всего мира, а также местом сбора поклонников Queen в День памяти Фредди Меркьюри, который проводится в первые выходные сентября начиная с 2003 года.

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Зал Славы рок-н-ролла

Зал славы рок-н-ролла, Кливленд. Фото:

Где: 1100 E 9th St, Cleveland, OH 44114, США
GPS-координаты: 41°30'30.15" N -81°41'43.80" W

Инициатором создания «Зала славы рок-н-ролла» стал глава знаменитой фирмы “Atlantic Records” Ахмет Эртегюн: по его задумке, членами Зала должны были стать наиболее известные и влиятельные исполнители, продюсеры и другие личности, оказавшим значительное влияние на музыкальную индустрию.

Первая церемония введения в Зал славы состоялась в 1986 года, но какое-то время у Зала не было собственного здания. Его предлагалось поставить то в Нью-Йорке, то в Мемфисе, где гремели студии “Sun” и “Stax Records”, то в Детройте, породившем “Motown Records”, то в Филадельфии, откуда были родом первый исполнитель рок-н-роллов Билл Хейли и передача “American Bandstand”, также пропагандировавшая рок-н-ролл. В итоге победил Кливленд - родной город диск-жокея Алана Фрида, который первым употребил термин «рок-н-ролл» по отношению к записям, крутившимся на его радиостанции.

Экспозиция Зала славы рок-н-ролла. Фото:

Музей был открыт 1 сентября 1995 года, на открытии присутствовали, помимо прочих, Йоко Оно и рок-н-ролльщик Литтл Ричард. Здание насчитывает семь этажей, на первом из которых располагается так называемый зал Ахмета Эртегюна с выставками, посвященными корням рок-н-ролла - музыке госпел, блюзу, ритм-энд-блюзу, фолку, кантри и блюграссу, а также ключевым городам истории рок-н-ролла - Мемфису, Детройту, Лондону, Ливерпулю, Сан-Франциско, Лос-Анджелесу, Нью-Йорку и Сиэтлу. При этом тематика выставок не ограничивается рок-н-роллом, затрагивая и родственные стили типа соул-музыки и хип-хопа. На других этажах располагаются выставочные пространства, посвященные отдельным музыкантам и группам, кафе и сцена для выступлений, несколько кинотеатров, транслирующих фильмы по истории рока - одним словом, настоящему любителю музыки скучать здесь не придется!

Парк Виретта или «парк Курта Кобейна»

Скамейка в парке Курта Кобейна. Фото: Pinterest

Где: Парк возле дома 171 на бульваре Лейк-Вашингтон, Сиэтл, США
GPS-координаты: 47° 37' 9.2640'' N 122° 16' 55.7688'' W.

«Парк Курта Кобейна» (таково неофициальное название этого места) - еще один стихийный мемориал, созданный фанатами в парке рядом с домом, где Кобейн покончил с собой. Как и у других кремированных знаменитостей, у Кобейна нет могилы, хотя Кортни Лав, как говорят, захоронила часть его праха под деревом перед домом. Поэтому фанаты приезжают в парк, чтобы оставить подарки для Курта, а заодно и автографы на одной из двух скамеек, где иногда сидел Курт. Увы, все это совсем не по вкусу соседям.

Скамейка с граффити в парке Курта Кобейна. Фото:

«Это злобный райончик»

«Они крайне ненавидят все это дело, - говорит автор биографии Кобейна «Тяжелее небес» Чарльз Кросс. – Это злобный райончик. Если вы оглядитесь вокруг, вы увидите знаки, на некоторых из них написано «Не нарушать границ владения» по-французски. Так что представляете себе. Говард Шульц, генеральный директор “Starbucks”, жил в одном из домов вон там. Питер Бак из R.E.M жил вон в том доме. Речь идет о наследниках промышленных корпораций, миллиардерах от «Майкрософта» – все они живут в этом районе. Так что одна мысль о том, что кучка нечёсаных парней из Аргентины может прийти сюда на скамейку попить пивка в любой час дня и ночи, вызывает у них бурю негативных эмоций». Власти города также не торопятся увековечивать память Кобейна, вероятно, полагая, что наркоман, выстреливший себе в голову из ружья, вряд ли заслуживает памяти.

Могила Майкла Джексона

Памятный камень Майкла Джексона. Фото:

Где: Мемориальный парк Форест-Лаун, Глендейл, Калифорния, США
34°07'24.5"N 118°14'53.8"W

Король поп-музыки скончался 25 июня 2009 года на 51-м году жизни, однако похоронен был только в начале сентября, поскольку у родственников певца возникли разногласия относительно места похорон. Один из братьев Джексона Джермейн настаивал на том, что певца нужно похоронить в парке его знаменитого поместья Neverland, однако мать певца Кэтрин Джексон заявила, что Майкл не хотел бы быть похороненным в месте, напоминавшем ему о многомесячном суде по делу о совращении несовершеннолетних. В итоге Джексон был похоронен на кладбище “Forest Lawn”, неподалеку от Лос-Анджелеса, на котором покоятся такие знаменитости, как Хамфри Богарт, Уолт Дисней, Элизабет Тейлор, Кларк Гейбл и Нат «Кинг» Коул. Склеп с изображением трех ангелов, которые символизируют детей певца, скорбящих над могилой отца, принадлежит основателю “Motown Records” Берри Горди - именно на фирме “Motown” были сделаны первые записи семейного ансамбля Jacksons Five.

Закрытый для посещений мавзолей с гробницей Майкла Джексона.

Разумеется, место погребения не могло не стать местом паломничества: уже через год после смерти певца администрация кладбища заявила, что фанаты певца являются для них нежелательными гостями, а возле входа в усыпальницу Джексона будет разрешено находиться только членам семьи, которые обязаны заранее сообщить о своем визите. Смягчились ли столь жесткие требования со временем, пока неизвестно.

Приют “Strawberry Field”

Где: Beaconsfield Rd, Liverpool L25 6DA, Великобритания
GPS-координаты: 53° 22′ 49″ N, 2° 53′ 2″ W

«С утра и до позднего вечера Джон был счастлив, как птичка», - утверждали родственницы Джона Леннона в Ливерпуле во главе с незабвенной тетушкой Мими. Так это или нет, но его детство не было таким уж безоблачным: летний поход в кино, рождественская пантомима в театре «Эмпайр» и пикник в саду детского дома Армии спасения «Земляничные поля». «Как только начинал играть оркестр Армии спасения, Джон начинал подпрыгивать на месте и приговаривать: “Мими, пошли, не то опоздаем“», - вспоминала тетушка Джона. В 1967 году The Beatles выпустили сингл, одна из песен которого называлась “Strawberry Fields Forever”, и вызвали новую волну внимания к этому месту, ставшему еще одним обязательным пунктом посещения истинного битломана. Сам приют был закрыт в 2005 году: сообщалось, что здание и парк вокруг него планируется открыть для публики, а в самом здании открыть учебный центр и постоянную выставку, посвященную истории приюта и песне "Strawberry Fields Forever", однако этого пока так и не произошло.

Стена Цоя

Стена Цоя на Арбате

Где: стена дома 37 по улице Арбат, Москва.
GPS-координаты: 55.751199,37.589872

«Народный мемориал» Виктора Цоя появился в 1990 году, когда кто-то неизвестный вывел на стене дома № 37 по Арбату надпись «Сегодня погиб Виктор Цой». В ответ кто-то приписал: «Цой жив», а со временем на стене появились и другие надписи. «Для хипующей молодёжи стена была ещё и способом коммуникации, своеобразной «цыганской почтой». Здесь оставляли послания для друзей, с которыми не удалось увидеться, и назначали новые встречи», - пояснил художник Вадим Сидоров. Хотя местные жители весьма недовольны регулярными нашествиями фанатов группы «Кино», стена стала одной из самых известных культурных достопримечательностей столицы, а главный архитектор Москвы Сергей Кузнецов назвал ее одним из феноменов уличной жизни и культуры.

«Минуло четверть века, а слава его живёт»

«Наличие в Москве такой стены памяти, настоящего народного мемориала, имеет для меня значение, мне это важно. Когда Вити не стало, казалось, пройдет лет пять и о нём забудут. Но минуло четверть века, а слава его живёт», - говорил отец Цоя Роберт Максимович. Увы, за время существования стены она пришла в неудовлетворительное состояние: инициативная группа поклонников музыканта неоднократно предлагала провести реставрацию стены, но активистам не удалось договориться с собственником здания. Идею реставрации предлагалось вынести на общественное обсуждение с помощью системы электронных референдумов «Активный гражданин», однако сейчас о ней ничего не известно. Тем не менее остается надеяться, что этот вопрос рано или поздно будет решен.

Мемориал Джона Леннона “Strawberry Fields”

Где: W 72nd St, New York, NY 10019, США
GPS-координаты: 40°46'18.59" N -73°58'17.39" W

Трагическая гибель Джона Леннона 8 декабря 1980 года вызвала скорбь во всем мире и стала знамением окончания целой эпохи, поэтому не увековечить его память в городе, где он прожил последние десять лет своей жизни, было бы по меньшей мере странно. В 45-й день рождения Джона, 9 октября 1985 года, мэр Нью-Йорка Эд Кох и вдова экс-битла Йоко Оно открыли в Центральном парке мемориал “Strawberry Fields”: через дорогу от входа в него располагается печально известная «Дакота», на пороге которой был убит Джон. Йоко написала главам государств во всем мире с просьбой прислать растение, камень или минерал, которые могли бы представлять эту страну в мемориале, и на ее просьбу откликнулось сто двадцать шесть государств. В центре треугольного мемориала, спроектированного как зеленая зона, расположена круглая мозаика, в центре которой выложено слово “Imagine” - отсылка к самой известной из сольных песен Леннона. Мозаика — копия сохранившихся полов в разрушенных Помпеях: ее изготовили и подарили парку неапольские мастера. А поклонники Джона регулярно выкладывают на мозаике значок «пацифика», используя для этого лепестки цветов.

Клуб “Cavern” («Пещера»)

Клуб "Cavern" на Мэттью Стрит. Фото:

Где: Mathew Street, 10, Ливерпуль, Великобритания
GPS-координаты: 53° 24′ 22″ N, 2° 59′ 14″ W

Любитель джазовой музыки Алан Ситнер основал клуб “Cavern” после того, как побывал в парижском джаз-клубе “Le Caveau” («Погреб»). Изначально ливерпульская «Пещера» также была джаз-клубом, однако вскоре стала приютом для скиффл-групп, одной из которых были основанные Джоном Ленноном The Quarrymen. В 1959 году Ситнер продал клуб Рэю Макфоллу, который быстро сориентировался в новой моде и стал предоставлять сцену блюзовым и бит-группам: помимо The Beatles там выступала группа Rory Storm And The Hurricanes с Ринго Старром на ударных, а в раздевалке работала будущая певица Силла Блэк. “Cavern Club” быстро стал новой штаб-квартирой The Beatles, а после их взлета там выступали такие звезды, как Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, Стиви Уандер и Элтон Джон. Однако в марте 1973 года клуб был закрыт для строительства ветки метро и засыпан грунтом.

В тесном подвальчике клуба. Фото:

Метро в Ливерпуле так и не появилось, а в апреле 1984 года открыл свои двери новый клуб, собранных из 15 тысяч камней и кирпичей первоначального здания. С тех пор он стал одной из основных площадок легендарного летнего фестиваля музыки The Beatles. А 4 декабря 1999 Пол Маккартни представил в клубе альбом ”Run Devil Run”: концерт, вышедший на DVD, оказался одним из лучших в наследии экс-битла.

Поместье Элвиса Пресли «Грейсленд»

«Грейсленд» - поместье Элвиса Пресли. Фото:

Где: Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, США
GPS-координаты: 35° 2′ 45.4″ N, 90° 1′ 22.6″ W

«Я чувствую себя дома только когда я в Грейсленде».

«Я чувствую себя дома только когда я в Грейсленде. Это мой дом. Я нигде больше не хотел бы жить», - заявлял король рок-н-ролла Элвис Пресли о поместье, которое он купил за 100 000 долларов в 1957 году. Поместье стало резиденцией Пресли, где он мог жить, совершенно не соприкасаясь с внешним миром, плавать в бассейне, записывать пластинки… Именно там Элвис скончался и был похоронен вместе с родителями - Верноном Пресли и Глэдис Лав Смит.

Роскошный интерьер «Грейсленда». Фото:

7 июня 1982 года поместье было открыто для публики вдовой музыканта Присциллой Пресли и стало настоящей Меккой для его поклонников, как можно увидеть, к примеру, в фильме Джима Джармуша «Таинственный поезд». В начале 1980х поместье посетил знаменитый певец Пол Саймон: песня, написанная им под впечатлением от поездки, стала заглавной в альбоме 1986 года “Graceland”, который, в свою очередь, определил направление его деятельности на десятилетия вперед. А в 2003 году сэр Пол Маккартни оставил на могиле своего кумира медиатор, «чтобы Элвис смог сыграть и на небесах».

Могила Джима Моррисона

Где: Кладбище Пер-Лашез, 16, Rue du Repos, Париж, Франция
GPS-координаты: 48.861944, 2.394167

Могила лидера The Doors на кладбище Пер-Лашез занимает пятое место в списке самых посещаемых парижских достопримечательностей: с самого начала поклонники Моррисона «отмечались» не только на месте его погребения, но и на соседних могилах. В 1981 году хорватский скульптор Младен Микулин установил на могиле бюст своей работы и новое надгробие: фанаты и кладбищенские вандалы со временем изуродовали бюст, а в 1988 году и вовсе украли его. В 1989 году Микулин сделал новый бюст Моррисона, а в 2001 году - его изображение из бронзы, однако ни того, ни другого на могиле сейчас нет. Впрочем, видимо, со временем успокоились и рок-фанаты: знаменитый сфинкс на могиле Оскара Уайльда носит на себе куда больше «знаков любви». Возможно, сказался и тот факт, что сегодня могила Джима защищена от рок-вандалов оградой.

Студия звукозаписи Abbey Road Studios и пешеходный переход возле нее

Где: 3 Abbey Rd, Лондон, Великобритания
GPS-координаты: 51°31'32.95" N 0°10'25.24" E

В легендарной студии звукозаписи недалеко от станции метро “St.John’s Wood” записывались “Dark Side Of The Moon” Pink Floyd, “OK Computer” группы Radiohead, первые пластинки Alan Parsons Project, саундтрек к шестому эпизоду саги «Звездные войны», и, конечно же, альбомы The Beatles. Сфотографироваться на переходе, увековеченном на обложке битловского “Abbey Road” - святая обязанность каждого битломана, посещающего Лондон. А вот как к этому относятся водители, которым приходится проезжать знаменитую «зебру», увы, неизвестно.


Intel : des processeurs Rocket Lake-S avec seulement 8 cœurs au maximum ?

Un iGPU Gen12 et un nouveau contrôleur mémoire, mais un nombre de cœurs limité.

Processori Intel Rocket Lake S: fino a 8 core fisici e GPU integrata Gen12

I processori Intel Rocket Lake S, successori dei Comet Lake S, dovrebbero debuttare ad inizio 2021 e segnare l'ultima pietra miliare prima del passaggio al processo costruttivo a 10 nm anche in ambito desktop.
Stando a quanto trapelato in queste ore, i Rocket Lake S dovrebbero essere proposti sul mercato in configurazioni a 6 e 8 core fisici: di meno rispetto alla configurazione di punta dei Comet Lake S (che prevedono fino a 10 core fisici e 20 core logici) ma con una GPU integrata Gen12 molto più potente.

Si tratta di una differenza non da poco. L'architettura Gen9.5 usata per le GPU integrate nei Comet Lake S è la stessa che si può trovare anche nei processori Coffee Lake mentre l'architettura Gen12 è quella che la società di Santa Clara utilizzerà nelle sue schede grafiche Xe.

US calls on North Korea to avoid provocations

South Korea said the projectiles were fired from what's believed to be a multiple rocket launcher that had a "super large caliber."

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  • Let your spirit fingers come out from hiding when you jazz things up a bit with these Rocket Dog® sneakers.
  • Textile upper.
  • Lace-up front.
  • Detailed stitching.
  • Lightly padded insole.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Product measurements were taken using size 6.5, width M. Please note that measurements may vary by size.
  • Weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair.
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Packers playoff tickets on sale Dec. 5; Vikings tickets skyrocket

Packers playoff tickets available for possible wild card or divisional round games.


Update: Intel Reportedly Taps Samsung To Produce Supply Constrained Desktop CPUs

Update: Intel Reportedly Taps Samsung To Produce Supply Constrained Desktop CPUs Earlier this year, we heard rumors that Intel was reaching out to Samsung to help alleviate some of its supply issues with respect to 14nm chip production. At the time, it was alleged that Samsung would be producing 14nm Rocket Lake parts for Intel. However, our own sources at the time asserted that the reports were false, but would not confirm


Luka Doncic: ‘It’s a Long Season. It’s Only Been One Month’


Luka Doncic is currently playing otherworldly basketball, but realizes that the NBA season is a marathon, not a sprint. The 20-year-old superstar remains laser-focused on dragging Dallas (11-5) back to the playoffs. Doncic heard “MVP!” chants from the Houston crowd Sunday after leading the Mavs past the Rockets 137-123 Sunday. Per ESPN: “For me, it’s […]

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Russell Westbrook ‘Not Worried One Bit’ About Rockets’ Struggles


Russell Westbrook claims to be “encouraged,” this despite Houston having dropped three in a row. Westbrook and co-star James Harden pointed to the Rockets’ poor defensive effort in a 137-123 loss Sunday night to the visiting Dallas Mavericks. Luka Doncic torched H-Town for 41 points, six rebounds and 10 assists. Per The AP: James Harden […]

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Post Up: Luka Doncic Drops 41 Points to Give Dallas Fifth-Straight Win 🥶


Mavericks 137 (11-5), Rockets 123 (11-6) Luka Doncic continues to fill up stat sheets, putting up 41 points against the Rockets in a Sunday matinee. Doncic also dished out 10 dimes, notching his fourth game with 30+ points and 10+ assists to give Dallas their fifth-straight win. Kings 113 (7-8), Wizards 106 (5-9) Harrison Barnes […]

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Post Up: Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams Come Up Clutch in Clippers’ Win Over Rockets


Hawks 103 (4-11), Pistons 128 (5-10) Detroit shot a whopping 60 percent from the field and 50 percent from three en route to snapping a five-game losing streak. Andre Drummond dropped 23 points with 15 boards. Blake Griffin added a game-high 24 points and had a +18 plus/minus. Atlanta has now lost 5 straight. Hornets […]

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Russell Westbrook: James Harden’s Greatness ‘Not Normal’


Russell Westbrook doesn’t want anyone to make the mistake of normalizing Rockets teammate James Harden‘s singular greatness. Westbrook, who finished with a 28-point, 13-rebound, 10-assist triple-double Monday, says Harden is “one of the best offensive scorers of all time.” Harden scored just 36 points in Houston’s 132-108 win, a “subpar night” for the NBA’s leading […]

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Tips for Selling your Old Jewellery Online


During 2019, the price of gold has skyrocketed, and while this might make buying jewellery a little more expensive, it does open a perfect window of opportunity to sell any unwanted jewellery you have lying around.

Old broken chains, earring…

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стероиды для девушек для похудения

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Оксандролон – анаболический стероид, обладающим умеренным. При проявлении признаков вирилизации у женщин, прием стероидов следует.
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25 фев 2016. вода, пробиотики и коллаген — базовые элементы крепкого здоровья и. антибиотиков, оральных контрацептивов и стероидов;.
Храп на курсе стероидов; Поэтому, если вы решили навсегда побороть храп. Для этого нужно измельчить в необходимо начать при обнаружении.
Анаболические стероиды – это группа фармакологических препаратов, имитирующих. Самое главное во время тренировки - это не забывать пить!
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The effects of glucocorticosteroids (GCS) and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. завод медицинских препаратов), диклофенак (Agio-Pharmaceuticals Ltd,.
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19 июн 2017. Статья Виталия Поцелуева о работе в Америке. Украинский фитнес-инструктор получил 2,5 года тюрьмы за сбыт стероидов в Москве
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15 май 2015. [MEDIA] НАШИ РОССИЯ = Стероиды Запрещены (уголовная отвественность) ст. ТАЙЛАНД (в любой аптеке, свободно) ЮАР (с и без.
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29 дек 2010. Заголовок сообщения: Re: Анаболические стероиды. производства Тайланда. Все остальные &"производители&", лишь смешивают их.

Все про стеройды в Google

Russian military quietly launches new spy probe ‘designed to snoop on other satellites’ in space

RUSSIA has quietly hurled a top-secret military satellite into orbit. The mysterious probe is designed to scope out other satellites in space, according to government reports. It launched atop a Soyuz rocket on Monday from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, around 500 miles north of Moscow. Officials provided few details beyond the satellite’s purpose: To aid the […]

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Focusing on the Wet Area When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Wet rooms have been around for ages—but have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. At Pacific Bath Company, we’ve found ourselves completing more wet room renovations every year—and are particularly fond of the idea of a stylish, one-room shower area that’s safe and accessible, and that...

3 Key Metrics Suggest Bitcoin Price Has Completed Its Macro Bear Cycle

Key trading indicators suggest that Bitcoin has completed its macro bear cycle and is ready to rocket to $9,000 this week. Whilst the Bitcoin price (BTC) action may seem be

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Rivers in crisis: Amid drought, corporations are buying up Australia’s water

Darling River, Wilcannia, New South Wales
November 28, 2019

“We have people out there who are trying to deal with the worst drought in living memory,” National Farmers Federation (NFF) president Fiona Simson said on October 2. “It is imperative that practical and immediate measures be taken to give them access to water.”

The NFF’s National Drought Policy, released in October, states: “Droughts are part of Australia’s landscape and managing drought is a feature of Australian agriculture.

“Drought is forecast to become more prevalent in the future with climate change likely to exacerbate drought conditions and contribute to increased climate volatility and variability that particularly impacts the farming community.

“Prolonged or severe drought can be beyond the ability of otherwise successful farming businesses to manage. In these instances, considered and well targeted government support is vital.”

However, the climate crisis, which governments are largely ignoring or, at best, pay lip service to, is not the only factor impacting on Australia’s traditional flood/drought cycle. The other is the serious problem of farmland and water being bought up by corporate mining and agriculture interests — with the active collusion of state and federal governments. 


Despite the increasing impacts of climate change, Australia’s farming sector has experienced sustained growth for many years. The gross value of crop production is $29.3 billion and the NFF plan projects agriculture to become a $100 billion industry by 2030. But succeeding in this potentially highly lucrative industry depends on access to reliable water sources.

Strict and inflexible water rules previously tied water use to land. Water licenses were immoveable. It did not matter how much money you had, as water was not a commodity and therefore had no price. You could only buy the land a water license applied to.

Today, corporations can buy water rights. Due to this, 70% of water allocations in the Murray-Darling Basin are owned by two corporations: Webster, and Ron and Peter Harris of Ravensworth Agriculture Company.

Both companies are donors to the National Party. Peter Harris is currently in court for water theft, while Webster continues to sell water rights to the highest bidders. Lately, mines have been winning the bidding war over water licences.

Temporary water prices skyrocketed to $1000/megalitre (ML) at the end of October, far out of the reach of food producers. Australia's largest olive grower Rob McGavin has called for a temporary ban on water trading by businesses that do not use water to produce, saying urgent government intervention was required.

"Dairy farmers can probably pay $200/ML before they're losing money and the best horticulture crops are around $650/ML … there's a huge amount of despair and anxiety," McGavin told the ABC.

"We can't make it rain. But what we can do is ensure that only people with a consumptive need or a use can buy water, because if we don't keep those people alive the communities will also slowly die.”

Currently, water rights can be bought at one end of the Darling River and extracted at the other. Governments promote this in the name of “reducing evaporation” and “encouraging efficiency”.

If licence holders cannot take all their water allocation one year, they can add it to their water allocations over the next three years. Government dams also release large water allocations to flow down to purchasers to be pumped out, eroding and flooding narrow river sections and washing out trees on banks in the process.

Under the existing arrangements, water can be extracted no matter how low the river flow gets. Meanwhile, during droughts, water never makes it to the bottom reaches of the Darling River and wetlands. As a result, river ecologies are poisoned by blue green algae, dry up and die.

As the rivers die, rural communities become dependent on artesian water, but that too is being bought up by corporations.

The Weekly Times reported that in the dairy district of Numurkah, near Shepparton, Victoria, “farmers are going broke and the town is dying because poor water management and government policy has allowed water to be sucked up by corporate nut farms and traded like stocks.”

Australian-owned agricultural investment corporation goFarm, with multi-million-dollar investments in highly-profitable but water-intensive almond plantations, irrigated crops and vineyards, is buying up properties across the district. Documents show goFarm wants to control at least half of the Katunga Deep Lead Aquifer, an important groundwater resource for farmers. As of February, it owned more than 17% of the aquifer.

Records indicate that the Katunga groundwater levels have been dropping since the 1990s and scientists are warning that existing regulations and management plans are insufficient to protect groundwater.

RMIT hydrogeologist Matthew Currell told the ABC that the long-term impacts of rising water usage might not be known for decades and could take tens of thousands of years to replenish. “The rules haven't been created, they're not designed for situations where very, very large licence holders can use a dominant position essentially to squeeze other water users in the area,” Currell said

Government plan

The federal government’s Drought Response, Resilience and Preparedness Plan, released in November, acknowledges water is crucial to drought resilience and concedes that Australia’s finite water resources are under increasing pressure.

Its solution is to offer $50 million for an On-farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme to improve on-farm water management and $36.9 million over five years “to improve water security and drought resilience in the Great Artesian Basin through increasing artesian pressure and reducing wastage”.

It also proposes a national water infrastructure plan, connecting water sources through pipes, pumps and natural systems “to increase water supply and build resilience”. About $3.5 billion will be made available for infrastructure that will take still more water out of river systems.

But the plan places no limits on corporate accumulation of water supply and makes no attempt to halt the overallocation of river waters or buying up of artesian waters. The plan contains no funds for research into how artesian basins work and how much can be taken out of them before they depressurise and drop below sustainable levels.

Instead, the plan treats water as an infinite resource for corporate profiteering.

The same applies to soil and forests. The plan concedes that natural resources remain under pressure from climate change and considers the increased frequency and severity of drought in some regions as the most serious threat to land management.

It also admits that natural resources degrade during drought, when they are particularly vulnerable, and will likely have less time to recover before the next significant dry period, which will reduce future productivity.

But it persists in allowing the overallocation of limited river waters to produce irrigated crops and orchards, along with the industrial logging of rain-making forests in the Great Dividing Range and New England tablelands.

While it commits to implementing the federal, state and territory governments’ agreed national strategy and action plan for a stocktake of “land, soil, water, ecosystems and other natural resource assets that contribute to agricultural productivity and drought resilience”, there is no funding when it comes to any kind of coordinated national action.

There are no moves to restore funding to National Park rangers or the CSIRO. Similarly, there are no moves to reverse government cut-backs and privatisations in natural resources and primary industries departments, which used to provide free expert advice to farmers and land managers to help manage land sustainably and increase drought resilience through regenerative practices.

Helping farmers

What is needed now is an entirely different plan to deal with the drought.

Such a plan would ensure water speculation, particularly by companies that do not own land and have no connection to farming, is prohibited, as this practice is pricing food producers out of business.

Available water must be shared out to keep rivers, river communities and sustainable farmers alive, until the drought breaks. Farmers who cannot get their normal water allocations because there just is not enough water must be compensated.

Farmers need to be helped to ensure they can survive and operate sustainably.

Farmers are not eligible for the Newstart Allowance because the assets they use to grow food put them above the assets tests limits. The Farm Household Allowance, which is an equivalent amount to the dole, is available for eligible farmers and their partners experiencing financial hardship. But in practice few farmers can access it, and of those who do, payments are available only four years in every 10, despite the present drought having gone for 8 years and longer in some areas.

Throwing money at grant and charity schemes that time-poor rural people cannot access, one-off lump sum payments or loans for farmers already crippled by debt are all stop-gap fixes that do nothing to stop the corporate takeover of land and water.

Instead, farmers should be ensured a minimum fair price for their produce, and a state-owned Rural Bank should be set up to provide farmers with long-term, low-interest loans. Crucial government services for farmers that have been closed down or privatised must be restored.

Instead of investing $5 billion in taking still more water out of already overstretched river, floodplain and artesian water systems, this money should be invested in a universal wage payment to help land managers transition to regenerative methods and build drought resilience.

None of this is rocket science — it is simply recognising that farmers are land managers, just as National Parks rangers and traditional Indigenous communities are, and that they need support to protect water catchments, biodiversity and soils while producing food and fibre when climate conditions permit.

As climate disasters push us to the edge of environmental and social apocalypse, governments must be forced to switch their priorities from boosting corporate profits to protecting farmers, communities and natural resources.

[Elena Garcia is a regenerative marginal country grazier in the Condamine catchment, Queensland.]

Darling River, Wilcannia, New South Wales. Photo: Zebedee Parkes


C’s and Nets produce ASG worthy post-holiday shoot-out

Here’s what needs to happen at practice tomorrow – whether occurring in the Big Apple or back home in Brighton:

Marcus Smart will politely but firmly request that the coaches depart – Players Only (but not NBATV-style).

Those players only need to sit down and watch film, specifically the first 6:07 of Q1 and the final 6:27 of Q2 from today’s game … Brooklyn offensive possessions only.

In actuality, the second portion of game tape may be sufficient. It will reveal the Nets converting nine of 15 possessions – one of the “stops” a buzzer-beating heave in the waning tenths of a second – good for 22 points on 8 – 12 FG shooting (5 – 8 on treys).

Coach Kenny Atkinson’s Nets had begun the afternoon’s festivities on a comparable run, with eight converts in 14 tries worth another 22 points.

During that 12:34, Brooklyn was scoring at a rate of 151.7 points per 100 possessions. That the sort of scoring that tends to occur only during the for-entertainment-only All-Star Games of this current era.

(Perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole thing is that during the Nets’ Q2 close, they were able to increase their lead by a measly two points. Nonetheless, such tit-for-tat performance does not befit a contending team.)

Peer Pressure

It’s said that during the Celtic dynasty days, Frank Ramsey would address the team at the opening of training camp, writing the dollar amount of a player’s championship “share” from the preceding season on Professor Auerbach's chalkboard..

His message to the newcomers was, If you mess up or get lazy, you’re screwing with my money and there will be consequences.

I’m relatively certain that the current Celtics' de-facto captain is capable of producing similar productive anxiety with this group of teammates.

Game 18 at Brooklyn

Boston 107

FG: C’s – 41-93, .441
3FG: C’s – 9-28, .321
FT: C’s – 16-21, .762 [8 conversions]
TS%: C’s – .523
OR: C’s – 16 + 2 (team) [minus 1 FT rebound]
DR: C’s – 32 + 2 (team) [minus 1 FT rebound]
TO: C’s – 19 + 0 (team)
Poss: C’s – 102 {53 “Empty”}
PPP: C’s – 1.049
CV%: C’s – 49 / 102, .480
Stripes: C’s – 4 [2 conversions]
Adjusted CV%: C’s – 51 / 102, .500 {expected production, 102 points}

Brooklyn 112

FG: Bro – 43-93, .462
3FG: Bro – 17-41, .415
FT: Bro – 9-13, .692 [5 conversions]
TS%: Bro – .567
OR: Bro – 13 + 2 (team) [minus 0 FT rebounds]
DR: Bro – 36 + 2 (team) [minus 3 FT rebounds]
TO: Bro – 18 + 2 (team)
Poss: Bro – 103 {55 “Empty”}
PPP: Bro – 1.087
CV%: Bro – 48 / 103, .466
Stripes: Bro – 13 [6.5 conversions]
Adjusted CV%: Bro – 54.5 / 103, .529 {expected production, 109 points}

Note re Calculation & Notation:

The number of “possessions” is an accurate count, not a formula-based estimated value. For purposes of clarity, the bracketed digit following the FT% is the exact count of “conversions” represented by those FTA’s.

“Possessions” calculation: FGA’s + FT conversions + TO’s – OR’s (including Team OR’s) – FT OR’s

“Conversions” calculation: FG’s + FT conversions

“Stripes” calculation: 3FG’s – missed FTA’s

TS% = True Shooting Percentage

PPP = Points per Possession

CV% = Conversion Percentage

Abacus Revelation for the Road 

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving Recess is a relatively-new innovation to the NBA’s annual calendar, less than a decade old. The Hawks and Clippers won comfortably at home (over the Wizards and Kings, respectively) nine seasons ago in the Association’s most recent Turkey Day tilts.

A codicil to the vitriolic “stare-down” between the league and its employees that delayed the start of the 2011-12 season until Christmas Day was the creation of an open date Thanksgiving … on the surface, a family-friendly gesture on management’s part, similar to the more traditional “dark day” on Christmas Eve.

But as the league was making this concession with one hand, with the other they were beefing up the slate of games on the surrounding Wednesday and Friday – 28 teams suited up to play two days ago, 26 are scheduled for Friday play … 24 squads play both Wed. and Fri., 22 teams have a road game on at least one of those days, five (Bulls, Clippers, Hawks, Jazz, Wizards) travel to both contests.

On the bright side, the Blazers, Cavs, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Pacers, Rockets, Spurs and Suns faced no travel at all – Houston is off today, and Denver enjoyed a full three-day holiday break (unless they practiced).

images: Getty Images


Tremont Waters makes a splash in NBA debut


Used to hate puns like "Hornets sting Celtics," or "Houston we have a problem, Celtics defeat Rockets," but I've conceded that puns are what the masses want, so thus the "splash" title. Anyway, Celtics 2nd round draft pick Tremont Waters was impressive in his NBA debut. Some people hate +/-, but when you're a whopping +20 in a one point game, you must have been doing something right.

Waters finished with 7 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 2 blocks and 1 steal in just under 20 minutes of action. And his pesky summer league defense translated well to NBA action on the other end versus the Kings.


Doncic averages 30-point triple-double in brilliant November


PHOENIX (AP) — Adding one more spectacular game to a November full of them, Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic provided more evidence that he’s quickly emerging as one of the best players in the NBA. Doncic tied a career-high with 42 points in a 120-113 win over the Phoenix Suns on Friday night and narrowly […]

[CAMBIO CLUB] Cambio club e cambio nickname

Ciao Ho cambiato club e nikname Nickname: Rocket_Sinon Club: Urban Cowboys ASD Grazie mille e buona giornata


n = 59

Dr Space Junk

In this episode, Tom interviews Alice Gorman about the usual things like how you got involved in STEM and Space Archeology. We talked about her beginnings, some actuall space archeology and most importantly, we left plenty unsaid for the next time we get Alice back on the podcast!

You can Find Alice most places as @drspacejunk

Alice Answered the question that Matthew asked about going to Mars, (which was a great answer!) and asked her own here.
What work of art made a difference to how you thought about your science?

Call to action:
Firstly, read the book that Alice wrote, really! Read it! It is called Dr Space Junk Vs The Universe

Alice recommends that you read the trilogy from C.S. Lewis called The Space trilogy.

STEMpunk Merch
To support the podcast we've decided to sell some podcast merchandise...With a difference.

It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt, so instead of making more things, we've re-used them. Our items are bought in an op-shop, then we write "STEMpunk" on it with a permanent marker.

Due to the fact that these items are second hand, they will not be "perfect" but they certainly are unique!

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STEMpunk Podcast

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Rocket Iii Classic Touring Shop Manuals

Rocket Iii Classic Touring Shop Manuals

BSA Rocket 3 – 1971


Just one restoration from Bikes Restored ......

BSA Rocket 3 - 1971BSA Rocket 3 – 1971 Year: 1971 Manufacturer: BSA Model: Rocket 3 Engine Size: 748 Colour: Brown Gears: Five-speed manual Drive Type: Chain Start Type: Kick start Restored 1971 BSA Rocket 3 Motorcycle. This motorcycle has been completely restored from … Continue reading

BSA Rocket 3 – 1971 can be found at Bikes Restored.


BCC Alumni Edwin Perkins


A black and white image of Bethune-Cookman University alum Edward Perkins, right, conversing over equipment with Bendix technician James Pritle. They are holding a round object in both hands, while three other containers rest on a table in front of them. On the back of the photograph is the following description, provided by NASA: ""Chemist, Mr. Perkins received a BA degree in chemistry from Bethune-Cookman College in 1964, and is currently enrolled in graduate school at Rollins College. He joined Kennedy Space Center on May 22, 1964. Mr. Perkins performs chemical analyses and provides contractor surveillance in the area of rocket propellants. Mr. Perkins is pictured with Bendix technician James Pritle.


BCC Alumni Edwin Perkins


A black and white image of Bethune-Cookman University alum Edward Perkins, right, conversing over equipment with Bendix technician James Pritle. They are holding a round object in both hands, while three other containers rest on a table in front of them. On the back of the photograph is the following description, provided by NASA: ""Chemist, Mr. Perkins received a BA degree in chemistry from Bethune-Cookman College in 1964, and is currently enrolled in graduate school at Rollins College. He joined Kennedy Space Center on May 22, 1964. Mr. Perkins performs chemical analyses and provides contractor surveillance in the area of rocket propellants. Mr. Perkins is pictured with Bendix technician James Pritle.


Looking For a Happy Ending

On this episode, the guys break down the success of the Alliance of American Football League, Robert Kraft's legal trouble, the Pittsburgh Steelers fire sale, the NHL Trade Deadline, the Predators/Capitals update, LeBron's feelings toward his current team, the Rockets' chances of defeating the Warriors in the playoffs and much more! Segments include JT's Futbol Recap of the Week, Winners & Losers and Final Thoughts.

From Legion Of Boom to Legion Of Gloom?

On this week's episode, Dillon and JT discuss the NFL Combine, Kirk Cousin's impending payday, the spring cleaning in Seattle, Le'Veon Bell's potential holdout, the NCAA March Madness tournament, the Rockets hot streak, the Orlando Magic woes, the NHL Playoff push, our Predators/Capitals update and so much more! Segments include JT's Futbol Recap of the Week, Winners & Losers and Final Thoughts.

Stay In Yo' Lane, Ref!

On this episode, the guys discuss Ryan Tannehill's recent injury, Titans' injuries, Odell Beckham's looming payday, Jamal Adams' poor choice in words, the Patriots' marketing tactic, the odds of a Jon Gruden return to coaching, Colin Kaepernick's status, Beyonce's interest in buying the Houston Rockets, Carmelo's discontent, Mike Fisher's retirement announcement, NHL signings and so much more! Segments include JT's Futbol Recap of the Week, Uncle Bobby's Scam of the Week, Winners & Losers and Final Thoughts.

Comment on First Hand Account from Ashkelon: Living Under Rocket Fire by brm7


Comment on First Hand Account from Ashkelon: Living Under Rocket Fire by spettijohn

Lord please protect Israel

SFA Win Over Duke – It's More Than A Game

There was a GoFundMe page set up for Nathan and his family just over a week after Hurricane Dorian hit. After last nights win, that GoFundMe page skyrocketed. Continue reading…

Executive: Sr. VP, Commercial Real Estate Lender - Dallas, Texas

As Commercial Real Estate Lender, your duties will include: --- Build and maintain a CRE loan portfolio --- Review customer financial statements to determine loan eligibility --- Represent the bank in the community This position is open due to growth - our client--is looking for a Senior Lender to grow their portfolio in Oklahoma. Theirs is a culture of growth, teamwork, and "let's get it done!" If you are a self-starter, this is rare opportunity to skyrocket your career.Requirements:As Commercial Real Estate Lender, you will have: --- Fifteen years' CRE loan experience. --- Knowledge and experience in underwriting / credit skills --- CRA experience --- Successful experience building a CRE portfolio --- Must know Dallas area market --- Bachelor's degree required ()

Comment on Foxconn as Case Study of Targeted Development Subsidy by Moses Herzog

This was a pet peeve of my father's for years. He used to say "discount from what??" which was abbreviated of "discount from what price??". This has gone on for decades clear to this very day with no signs of abating. It used to be Macy's, Sears, JC Penney, local furniture stores, local home appliances stores, and every clothing store under the sun that used this stunt. Now you tend to see it more with electronics and streaming services. Here is the thing radio and TV marketers are counting on the American consumer <b>NEVER</b> figuring out, and largely haven't up to this point <b>If they don't give you the flat out price of the item in the advertisement---whatever that price is (this INCLUDES foods in TV ads BTW), then it's not that damn good---period---OR THEY WOULD TELL YOU THAT PRICE IN THE ADVERT. </b> "30% off from <b>WHAT??"</b> is a question requiring way too much brainpower for the average American consumer. It's not rocket science people, anymore than a presidential candidate telling you he can shoot someone with a shotgun out on Boulevard and still get Southern Evangelical's vote is rocket science.

Kim Jong Un Has 'Great Satisfaction' After North Korea's Thanksgiving Rocket Test

The projectile launch was largely seen as a Thanksgiving message reminding the United States of the year-end deadline to restart diplomatic talks.

Koala That Rocketed To International Fame After Wildfire Rescue Dies

Ellenborough Lewis was severely burned in an Australian brushfire. His story is anything but unique.

What players would you pay to see play

I was watching a Rockets Twolves game and Jim Petersen who is the play by play guy for the TWolves and a former player mentioned he wouldn’t pay to...

What’s Your Design Style?


Do you like to hunker down with a good book? Cozy up with your honey? Party with your pals? Keep it on the down low? Go with the flow? Tune in and turn off?

Whether you’re looking for a little “Apartment Therapy” or your home needs a touch of this or a touch of that to perk things up, whether your starting from scratch or in the market for a whole new look, lifestyle questions such as those in Walker’s Design Style Quiz can start you thinking—in general terms—about how and what to choose to make you living space a true reflection of what you love.

There are ABSOLUTELY no wrong answers!

Deciding on your next couch or dining set, the right rug or patio furniture for your home is no easy task. What “works” is more than a matter of color and size, budget and latest trend. What “works” is as unique as you are!

Whatever your preferences, habits or taste, Walker Furniture believes your home should reflect you. Not the latest design trends; not even the “best deal!” Your style creates a living space (pun intended!) that makes you feel “at home” the moment you walk through the door.

So really, as long as you’re telling it like you see it, there are no wrong answers!

Take our Life Style Quiz and get the ball rolling!

We’ve made it simple. We ask a few easy questions: How you spend your free time. Who you spend your time with. What colors you like. That sort of thing. It’s not rocket science. Then we automatically calculate your Design Style.

Modern is all about clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Less is more. Texture, shape, and function create harmony and tie your room together. Simplicity makes the statement. 

Contemporaris also about crisp, clean design, but bold choices create a sleek and sophisticated look. Straight lines and defined geometric shapes, neutral colors with a bold splash of accent pillows provide balance. 

Casual is laid back and warm. Furnishings and colors reflect a comfortable environment that invites relaxation; that’s also inviting for family and friends. 

Rustic has a natural outdoorsy feel. Deep natural earth tones like chocolate and tan convey your earthy style. Woven, textured materials, natural leathers and plants add accent. 

Traditional conveys a sense of history and simple sophistication. Rich details like button tufting, rolled arms, or nail head trim communicate an elegant vibe. 

Transitional is a marriage of traditional and contemporary. Lines are simple yet sophisticated, a meshing of both elements. 

Once you have a sense of what really appeals to you, make an appointment with our design staff and come into the store. Listen to what our designers have to say. Try things on for size. It’s a journey.

Walker Furniture has the largest selection of home furnishings in the Las Vegas Valley. Maybe even invite our designers to come by your home and get a feel for the place. Then, by all means! Let the good times roll!


Chrissy Teigen in Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans


Looking quite a bit pensive and rather serious, Chrissy Teigen was spotted out in New York City. She was dressed in a very chick and edgy outfit consisting of a pair of skinny jeans tucked into

The post Chrissy Teigen in Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans appeared first on Denimology.


New York Man Finally Finds Therapist Smart Enough to Understand Him

For all his exceptional looks, intelligence, and abilities, 28-year-old Bryce Rodman had had a checkered history with the therapists he'd worked with, until he finally found one smart enough to understand him. "I wouldn't say it's rocket science,...

#103【ノルウェイの森 – Norweigian Wood】を考える。Play Music:Step Rockets – 白と水色のカーネーション

今週はミネソタ州のミネアポリスの4人組ロックバンド「Step Rockets」の楽曲紹介をしました! 今回はボーカルのジョシュにメッセージも頂いたので曲の終わりと曲フリをお願いしました! ミュージックビデオも必見ですよ!...

This Historic Day In Music: Merle Travis

I first learned about Merle Travis in the September 1976 issue of Guitar Player magazine. GP editor Jim Crockett began his introduction to Bob Baxter’s cover-story article/interview with Mr. Travis with this statement: “Countless guitarists, particularly in the country music … Continue reading

Discovering Yourself In A Coal Town: 'Billy Elliot' Premieres Regionally At Kalamazoo Civic

Portage West Middle School seventh grader Andrew Klepser and Billy Elliot , the fictional title character of a film (2000) and musical (2005), have at least one thing in common: both were kind of surprised to discover they could dance. In a live interview, director Jay Berkow, actress Allison Crockett (Grandma), Max Butkiewicz (Michael) and Andrew Klepser (Billy Elliot) discuss the characters and themes of the musical, which will be a regional premiere in west Michigan. Set during the doomed 1984-5 National Union of Mineworkers strike in the U.K. (one of the largest industrial actions in history), it tells the story of a motherless Billy Elliot, who lives with his somewhat senile grandmother and his father and brother, both coal miners, the latter involved in violence. Billy and his friend Michael are both accustomed to sometimes harsh and neglectful parenting, and so they set out to discover their own worth through trial and error -- Billy with the help of an unlikely mentor, the

TIPHC Newsletter, Nov. 17-23, 2019


Enslaved Couples Faced Wrenching Separations, or Even Choosing Family Over Freedom

Loved ones could be sold away at any time. Here’s how married couples coped.

Photo: Soldier and Companion, c.1861-65 (tintype with brass mat & leather case), American Photographer, (19th century)/Detroit Institute of Arts, USA/Founders Society Purchase, DeRoy Photographic Acquisition Endowment Fund and Coville Photographic Fund/Bridgeman Images

( For enslaved African-Americans, the ideal of marriage as an enduring lifelong bond was rarely an option. When couples stood before clergy or other officiants, they couldn?t share the traditional, age-old promises of permanent fidelity because their vows had a built-in asterisk: ?Do you take this woman or this man to be your spouse?until death or distance do you part??

Understanding those altered words, couples married with trepidation, fully aware of the turmoil that might result from trying to maintain and nurture their ties while enslaved. Still, they continually took leaps of faith, driven by burning passions to form families of their choosing?and create fundamental human bonds that could help soften the harsh conditions of human bondage.

These leaps were necessary because, for nearly 250 years, the vast majority of African-Americans were considered chattel property. Within this system, white slaveholders made all the decisions: They determined whether and when enslaved people could wed. They split them apart when finances dictated. They sometimes chose who would marry who. Or brazenly violated enslaved couples? marriages by forcing the women to serve as their own concubines. And those in political power set laws that made it exceedingly difficult for freed black people to reside for long near their still-enslaved families without being sucked back into the harrowing state of bondage themselves.

Since marriage was both a civil right and a religious rite afforded only to those with legal standing, enslaved people, who had no recognizable standing in society, could not make contracts of any kind. Their marriages were neither legally binding, nor sanctified by the Christian church, which routinely allowed one of its holiest rites to be tarnished by power, money and whim. Property owners were its leading constituents, and their rights prevailed over human rights. So enslaved people were forced to settle for conditional unions that could be torn asunder at any time. (more)

Decades After Racial Strife, Returning to A&M

Forty-five years ago, Bill Mahomes endured suspicion and scorn as the first black student to graduate from Texas A&M University’s Corps of Cadets. Now, he helps run the school.

Bill Mahomes

Bill Mahomes in his office at Mahomes & Bolden PC in Dallas. Mahomes was the first black cadet to make it through the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and is now a member of the Texas A&M System Board of Regents. (Mark Graham)

(Texas Tribune) Two decades after becoming the first black student at Texas A&M to spend four years in the school’s Corps of Cadets, Bill Mahomes received a call from an old classmate. They hadn?t spoken since graduation, but the man wanted to apologize.

He had screamed at Mahomes once ? not uncommon in A&M?s massive, ROTC-like military program. But this instance had crossed the line. Words were too harsh. Racial slurs may have been used. The incident had weighed on the classmate ever since.

Mahomes listened to the apology but didn?t know what to say. At first, he couldn?t even remember the incident. That kind of thing happened so often at A&M in the 1960s that he usually endured it and moved on.

The apology, however, left a more lasting impression. Looking back, the 68-year-old lawyer says, it was one of many healing moments that helped him reconnect with his university ? a school he kept his distance from after graduating during the painful civil rights era. (more)

Azellia White, trailblazer for African-American women in aviation, dies at 106

Native of Gonzalez, Texas

Azellia White(The Washington Post) Azellia White, who said she found freedom in the skies, becoming one of the first African American women to earn a pilot?s license in the United States, died Sept. 14 at a nursing home in Sugar Land, Tex. She was 106.

Her death was reported Nov. 18 in the London Daily Telegraph but had previously gone largely unnoted in the U.S. and international news media. A great-niece, Emeldia Bailey, confirmed her death and said she did not know the cause.

Mrs. White, the daughter of a sharecropper and a midwife, was drawn to aviation by her husband, Hulon ?Pappy? White, a mechanic who served during World War II in Tuskegee, Ala., as a mechanic for the storied unit of black military pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen. (more)

TIPHC Bookshelf

Queen Bess bookPublished scholarship on black history in Texas is growing and we?d like to share with you some suggested readings, both current and past, from some of the preeminent history scholars in Texas and beyond. We invite you to take a look at our bookshelf page ? including a featured selection ? and check back as the list grows. A different selection will be featured each week. We welcome suggestions and reviews. This week, we offer, ?Queen Bess, Daredevil Aviator,? by Doris L. Rich.

Here is the brief but intense life of Bessie Coleman, America?s first African American woman aviator. Born in 1892 in Atlanta, Texas, she became known as ?Queen Bess,? a barnstormer and flying-circus performer who defied the strictures of race, sex, and society in pursuit of a dream.


This Week in Texas Black History

Nov. 17

Elvin HayesBasketball player Elvin Hayes, one of the first black athletes at the University of Houston, was born on this day in 1945 in Rayville, La. Hayes was a three-time All-America and was selected as the College Player of the Year in 1968. As a pro, he was the first pick in the 1968 NBA draft by the San Diego (later Houston) Rockets, and would also star for the Baltimore/Washington Bullets. Hayes retired in 1984 as the second-leading scorer in league history with 27,313 points, was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1990, and was named one of the NBA?s 50 greatest players in 1996.

Nov. 23

Baylor University logoOn this day in 1963, Baylor University?s athletic council announced it would integrate all of the school?s athletic teams, effective with the opening of the spring semester, Jan. 30, 1964. At the time, the school had no black students, but had announced its intention to open enrollment. John Bridgers, head football coach and athletic director said, ?We don?t know of any Negro athletes right now that we?re interested in, but there may be some we will want to look at and investigate?there are some tremendous Negro athletes all over the country.? Bridgers said he personally agrees with the action of the trustees and the athletic council. ?I feel it?s something that should be, from a standpoint of being right.? Ironically, Baylor was the first program in the Southwest Conference to have a black player take the field when running back John Westbrook, a walk-on, carried the ball twice in the Bears victory over Syracuse University on Sept. 10, 1966. A week later, Southern Methodist University?s Jerry Levias became the SWC?s first black scholarship player.

Blog: Ron Goodwin, Ph.D., author, PVAMU history professor

Ron Goodwin is an assistant professor of history at Prairie View A&M University. Even though he was a military ?brat,? he still considers San Antonio home. Like his father and brother, Ron joined the U.S. Air Force and while enlisted received his undergraduate degree from Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas. After his honorable discharge, he completed graduate degrees from Texas Southern University. Goodwin?s book, Blacks in Houston, is a pictorial history of Houston?s black community. His most recent book, Remembering the Days of Sorrow, examines the institution of slavery in Texas from the perspective of the New Deal?s Slave Narratives.

Recent Posts

Football is still football

October 14th, 2019

Since we?re into the football season I thought it was time to interject my two cents. I?ve noticed several teams starting black quarterbacks these days. Some because of injury, but others have been under center since training camp. By my count, the first weekend of the National Football League season in September saw nine African?(more)

1960s Revisited

October 1st, 2019

Over the last few years our society has spent a great amount of energy reliving and analyzing the 1960s. Every event ? from the deaths of the Kennedy brothers, MLK and Malcolm X, landing on the moon, war protests, and the hippie revolution ? has been scrutinized through the microscope of history. The interesting thing about history?s microscope, though, is that it often blots out the nasty and the ugly. The concept of revisionism centers?(more)

Submissions wanted

Historians, scholars, students, lend us your?writings. Help us produce the most comprehensive documentation ever undertaken for the African American experience in Texas. We encourage you to contribute items about people, places, events, issues, politics/legislation, sports, entertainment, religion, etc., as general entries or essays. Our documentation is wide-ranging and diverse, and you may research and write about the subject of your interest or, to start, please consult our list of suggested biographical entries and see submission guidelines. However, all topics must be approved by TIPHC editors before beginning your research/writing.

We welcome your questions or comments. Please contact Michael Hurd, Director of TIPHC, at


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สตรีมเมอร์ทำลายสถิติโลก เล่นเกม 572 ชั่วโมงภายในระยะเวลา 30 วัน


Andrew GiantWaffle Bodine สตรีมเมอร์บน Twitch ได้สร้างสถิติโลกจำนวนการเล่นเกมมากที่สุดในระยะเวลา 30 วัน โดย GiantWaffle สตรีมตัวเองขณะเล่นเกมใน 30 วันนี้เป็นจำนวน 572 ขั่วโมง หรือ ราว 19 ชั่วโมงต่อวัน ทำลายสถิติเดิมที่มีคนทำไว้ที่ 569 ขั่วโมง

สำหรับเกมที่ GiantWaffle เลือกมาเล่นนั้นมีความหลากหลายมาก เช่น Red Dead Redemption 2, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Escape From Tarkov, Rocket League, Factorio และ Rainbow Six Siege รวมถึงการเล่น Death Stranding ตั้งแต่ต้นจนจบโดยใช้เวลากว่า 30 ชั่วโมงอีกด้วย

สำหรับการเตรียมตัวทำลายสถิติโลกในครั้งนี้ เขาได้ปรับเวลานอนและเตรียมตัวล่วงหน้าเป็นเวลากว่าสามเดือน และในมุมมองของเขา การลงมือทำลายสถิติในครั้งนี้ถือว่าคุ้มค่า เพราะเขาได้ยอดผู้ชม ยอดจำนวนชั่วโมงการชม และ ยอด subscriber บน Twitch ที่มากกว่าปกติ 4-10 เท่าเล่ยทีเดียว

alt="a"ที่มาภาพ: Twitter: GiantWaffle

ที่มา: Kotaku


49ers Smack Packers, Luka Lights Up Rockets and Drama In Big D

Jalen Rose joins David Jacoby and they discuss the 49ers dominance over Packers, Patriots shut down Cowboys, Luka lights up Rockets, Deontay Wilder's vicious KO, plus Royce

Lust at first sight, if you want


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horse dildo First of all a warm summer rain is not going to kill a kid. Nor is it being warm (as long as they have a chance to drink a lot). My mom had us outdoors during the summer, we were outside more then inside, and my kids have that as well. First vibrators, know that you not alone, that you not wrong to feel as you do, and that you be a wonderful woman some day (soon, hopefully!). I hope you can meet some other trans folks to chat with, even if just online. Having people who know how you feel, who have gone through it and can sympathise helps immensely.. horse dildo

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"Everybody" may know it is wrong but educating our society, kids (boys and girls), parents, law enforcement, and teachers on the Facts about rape won't hurt in fact I believe it will make a difference. I know at least in my generation the girls were watched more closely than the boys and the girls had tighter curfews than the boys did, and rape wasn't something that was talked about. The only implication of it in my peer group was a clear consensus that girls should be more careful and avoid certain things, and boys will be boys.

dog dildo Catholics can bash Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses can bash Catholics, Baptists can make their list of who is going to heaven and who is going to hell. But outside those walls, when you are in society, you have to deal with those who do not hold to your faith. The test of your faith is how you deal with them. dog dildo

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NBA, Harden “magjik” udhëheq Houstonin, Bucks bëjnë 11 fitore rresht | SuperSport

SuperSport - 11:19 01/12
Ishin vetëm tre sfidat në mbrëmjen e NBA por emocionet dhe spektakli nuk munguan. Spikat padiskutim fitorja fantastike me shifrat shumë të thella 158-111 e Houston Rockets ndaj Atlanta Hawks.
Telegrafi: Harden shkëlqen me 60 pikë, Houstoni vazhdon me fitore Harden ‘i çmendur’ – shënon 60 pikë në fitoren e Rockets ndaj Atlanta, futet në histori
Insajderi: Harden ‘i çmendur’ – shënon 60 pikë në fitoren e Rockets (VIDEO)
5 artikuj të ndërlidhur »


Father-son relationships play out in many movies this season, but rarely pleasantly


'Rocketman,' 'Ad Astra,' 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,' 'Waves': Tangled father-son relationships will be the subject of films for years to come.


Why 'Rocketman' barely pulled off Elton John's Dodger Stadium costume in time


From devil horns and feathers to 250,000 Swarovski crystals on a baseball uniform, Julian Day delighted in designing costumes for "Rocketman."


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Metro Publisher 4 Sprocket Refinements

In this video, we look at refinements made to Metro Publisher's sprockets in release 4. You can now choose from a variety of configuration options that give you more choice about how they function and what they display.

This company wants to make steel and cement with solar power. Here’s how.

Story 352306285

Many of the industrial processes underpinning modern civilization rely on dirty energy for the simple reason that it’s a great source of heat. To make steel, you need to smelt iron ore at 1,100 degrees C; to cook cement, your kiln needs to reach 1,450 degrees C. To form molten glass from silica, the heat must be cranked even higher. Whatever the application, the most efficient way to reach these temperatures is to burn fossil fuels.

But what if we could use heat from the sun instead?

That is the bold proposition put forth by Heliogen, a small clean energy company based in Pasadena, California that rocketed into the national spotlight last week when it announced it had developed an array of solar mirrors capable of concentrating sunlight in order to build enough heat to reach temperatures exceeding 1,000 C. Heliogen wants to integrate its tech into industrial processes like cement production, and if it can do so at a reasonable cost, so-called solar thermal technology might help mop up the billions of tons of carbon emissions associated with industrial heat production each year. But right now, that’s a big “if.”

The concept behind solar thermal technology is deceptively simple. Sunlight is captured and focused into either a long, pipe-like tube or a tower-mounted receiver to generate heat, like the supersized version of a kid frying a bug under a magnifying glass. Typically, that heat is stored in a “working fluid,” like molten salt, which is used to produce steam that drives an electrical generator. Concentrated solar thermal plants, or CSPs, that bottle the sun’s heat to make electricity in this manner have been around for decades, but they’re typically designed to operate at temperatures below 600 degrees C, explained Mark Mehos, CSP program manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which runs under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Heliogen has a different goal in mind. It wants to skip the electricity-producing step and use solar heat to power industrial furnaces directly. To do so it needs to crank the temperature much hotter, and while this is already achievable with conventional technology, the company says it’s found a way to build extreme levels of solar heat more efficiently and reliably than before. Its secret sauce? Using a sophisticated computer system to focus its mirrors with unwavering accuracy.

“We’re using massive-scale image processing,” said Heliogen CEO Bill Gross. He explained that his team took advantage of recent advances in graphics hardware for video games to build a system capable of training a two-acre field of sun-tracking mirrors on a tower-mounted receiver that looks not much larger than a basketball hoop.

Gross says Heliogen can reliably achieve temperatures upwards of 1,000 degrees C in a 250 kilowatt array — which he described as the company’s “full-scale commercial-size” product — with the idea that multiple arrays could be installed in tandem to increase their power output. While Gross wouldn’t disclose how much a single array would cost to build, he said that Heliogen will either sell industrial manufacturing companies solar arrays outright, or raise capital to build arrays on industrial manufacturing companies’ land and then sell them the heat. Engineering firm Parsons Corporation has partnered with Heliogen to do the actual building.

The first industry Heliogen has set its sights on is cement, which alone is responsible for a staggering 8 percent of humanity’s carbon emissions. The process of making cement involves heating a mixture of limestone and other ingredients to 1,450 degrees C, a temperature that Heliogen’s mirrors can’t reliably achieve yet. But the first step in the cement-making process — the so-called pre-calciner stage — only requires temperatures of around 900 degrees C. And it’s at that stage that most of the carbon emissions occur, both from the fossil fuels burned to generate heat and the conversion of limestone into lime, which releases CO2.

Gross says his technology can reduce or eliminate the fossil fuel part of the equation by baking limestone in an oven that’s heated directly by the sun. (The team has already melted some limestone with its test array to prove it can be done.) His next bold proposition: Doing so will make it easier to capture and sequester the carbon emissions associated with converting limestone to lime.

“Normally when you’re burning fossil fuels to heat limestone, all of the fossil fuel exhaust is mixed with the limestone exhaust,” Gross said. “And it’s hard to capture [the carbon] because you have to separate it from everything else.” If the other gases associated with coal burning could be eliminated, and all that was coming out of cement kilns were CO2, capturing that carbon would in theory become trivial.

Heliogen’s general idea makes sense, said Rebecca Dell, an industry strategist with the nonprofit ClimateWorks. But there are some important constraints to keep in mind. The technology is only going to work in sunny places, meaning cement factories in the Pacific Northwest probably aren’t going to convert to solar anytime soon. What’s more, most cement kilns require power on the scale of megawatts, not kilowatts. In order to substantially cut industrial heat emissions, a commercial cement plant likely will need to network several Heliogen arrays together. And doing that will require land, perhaps a lot.

“Often there’s a big plot of land around a cement kiln,” Dell said. “But whether or not that land is flat, whether or not it’s sunny? It might not be big enough, it might be forested. There’s a lot of reasons why the land availability might become a concern.”

Caveats aside, Dell praised the company for its focus on finding cleaner ways to produce industrial heat, something she said was “very much welcome.” Mehos, from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, added that applying solar thermal tech to industrial heat is a “novelty” and said he’ll be interested to see how it works in practice.

For a company that still has a lot to prove, Heliogen has lofty ambitions. Gross said his team is aiming to work its way up to reliably achieving temperatures of 1,500 C with its solar mirrors, at which point the entire cement production process could in theory be sun-powered. At those temperatures, he said, the team could also unlock another industrial process: splitting apart water molecules to make hydrogen, a liquid fuel that emits no carbon when it’s burned. Today, hydrogen fuel is typically made at lower temperatures from natural gas in a process that generates CO2. But by breaking the bonds in water, a truly carbon-free liquid fuel could be made — assuming there’s a clean, affordable way to generate the heat needed to do so.

“That would be the holy grail,” Gross said.

While Heliogen’s engineers (and others around the world) continue to chase that holy grail, cement producers seem to be eyeing the new solar thermal tech with interest. Gross said Heliogen has been contacted by dozens of companies in the past week, and that it’s is hoping to announce its first commercial partner soon.

Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, construction workers will be pouring fresh pavement that was literally cooked up by the sun. Dare to dream.

This story was originally published by Grist with the headline This company wants to make steel and cement with solar power. Here’s how. on Nov 26, 2019.


White House Won’t Participate In Judiciary Committee’s First Impeachment Hearing


The White House said Sunday it would not take part in the first hearings held by the House Judiciary Committee in the coming days, claiming the effort “does not begin to provide the president with any semblance of a fair process.” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone wrote to Democratic leaders to lambaste an upcoming hearing […]

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General election 2019: How to make sense of election polls


Read More At Article Source | Article Attribution

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General election 2019: Tory plan to improve border security after Brexit


The Conservatives are publishing plans to improve the UK’s border security after Brexit. If the party wins the general election, it says it will introduce automated exit and entrance checks. It would also make it harder for people with serious criminal convictions to enter the UK from EU countries. Labour says the UK would no […]

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Trump Jr. Rips Brits For Freeing Terrorist; Critics Say His Dad Enabled 100s More To Escape


Twitter users piled on  on Sunday after he blasted Britain for letting a convicted terrorist out of prison who went on to fatally stab two people on . Critics noted that his father, President , enabled the escape of so-called Islamic State (or ISIS) fighters when he pulled American troops out of Syria in October, abandoning the U.S.’s […]

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Trump Faces Two Deadlines As U.S. Congress Ramps Up Impeachment Focus


WASHINGTON, Dec 1 (Reuters) – U.S. faced two deadlines in Congress this week as prepared to shift the focus of their impeachment inquiry from fact-finding to the consideration of possible charges of misconduct over his dealings with Ukraine. The Democratic-led House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, tasked with considering charges known as articles of impeachment, has […]

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General Election 2019: Boris Johnson's interview with Andrew Marr fact-checked


Boris Johnson gave a wide-ranging interview to the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, focusing on security but also covering Brexit, and the NHS, as well as the plans of the Labour Party. Here are his most eye-catching claims fact-checked. Claim 1:The government is putting extra money into counter-terrorist policing. Discussing measures to tackle terrorism in the […]

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General election 2019: Lib Dems won't support Labour nationalisation plans


The Lib Dems would not support Labour’s plans to renationalise key industries in the event of a hung Parliament, the party’s leader Jo Swinson has said. She told the BBC Radio 5’s Pienaar’s Politics the policy was a “distraction” and not “the way forward”. The Lib Dems and Labour have both ruled out a coalition […]

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ITV Debate: Parties tackle question of no-deal Brexit


Read More At Article Source | Article Attribution

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ITV Debate: Nigel Farage addresses Trump comments


Read More At Article Source | Article Attribution

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Labour pledges to cut rail fares by a third


Labour has announced plans to slash rail fares by 33% and simplify ticket prices for part-time workers if it wins the election on 12 December. The party also wants to make train travel free for young people under the age of 16 and build a central online booking portal with no booking fees. The proposal […]

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Father-son relationships play out in many movies this season, but rarely pleasantly


'Rocketman,' 'Ad Astra,' 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,' 'Waves': Tangled father-son relationships will be the subject of films for years to come.


Why 'Rocketman' barely pulled off Elton John's Dodger Stadium costume in time


From devil horns and feathers to 250,000 Swarovski crystals on a baseball uniform, Julian Day delighted in designing costumes for "Rocketman."


Victorian Country Hour

There's been a development on the proposed sale of organic infant formula manufacturer Bellamy's Australia. The Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has conditionally approved the purchase by a Chinese company. And another sheep price record has been broken, with ewe prices skyrocketing to more than $400 at Naracoorte in South Australia.



Harden Scores 60 as Rockets Rout Hawks 158-111


Outpatient Psychiatry in New York | 325k Compensation Plus 4 Day Work Week | Jackson Physician Search

New York, Are you tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and skyrocketing cost of living, then this outpatient Psychiatry opening is for you! Practice: Outpatient practice model 75% Child and Adolescen

InterMed Breach: How Threat Intelligence Sources Help Maintain Domain Integrity


Major healthcare providers suffer a lot from breaches, both from a legal and financial standpoint. Aside from patient lawsuits, they also face severe penalties imposed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

So not surprisingly, the average cost per breached record in the healthcare sector in the U.S. this year has reached US$429 — which could easily translate to millions of dollars, depending on how many customers a compromised entity has.

For InterMed, the said estimate shows that potential fines could reach US$12.87 million for the breach the company has suffered in September. Here are further details about the compromise:

  • An email account owned by an InterMed staff was hacked on September 4, 2019.
  • Internal investigations uncovered that threat actors accessed three more email accounts on September 7 and 10. These accounts revealed the personal information of around 30,000 patients.
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) such as names, dates of birth, insurance details, and clinical data were stolen.
  • The Social Security numbers of some patients were also compromised.
  • InterMed maintained that the attack did not affect its entire patient database. Recently added electronic health records (EHRs) were also not put at risk.

As a result of the breach, InterMed warned patients that they should watch out for unauthorized payment card transactions and forged letters from insurance or healthcare companies in the coming days. It also offered free credit monitoring and identity theft protection to the clients whose records were impacted.

The healthcare firm is right to indicate that their clients are vulnerable to fraudulent activities following the attack. It's also common to see a spike in spearphishing campaigns as a result of data breaches.

How the Threat Intelligence Platform Can Help Keep Domains Secure

Data loss due to email-related incidents is prevalent in the healthcare industry. In a recent industry survey, 95% of healthcare organizations claimed that they received emails from imposters in the past year.

Note that it's relatively easy to conduct reconnaissance on a target host today, thanks to the ubiquity of online directories. For instance, a quick Google search for "InterMed email address" would lead users to a RocketReach listing for the healthcare firm. While the directory did not reveal the email addresses of many company employees, it did provide clues on the organization's most used email formats (e.g., jdoe@intermed[.]com and janedoe@intermed[.]com).

The page also lists the names of the company's employees and president. Pretty much all hackers need to do is send a message with a malicious attachment to a person on the list using the likely used email address formats. They can also attempt to brute-force their way into employee email accounts with weak passwords and use these for attacks or gain entry into confidential databases.

Email security software and strong password credentials are usually the first lines of defense against such threats. In addition, the use of threat intelligence insights can help ensure the integrity of an organization's domain infrastructure, as leaving gaping vulnerabilities is like an open invitation for attackers to steal confidential information.

We analyzed InterMed's domain, which revealed some interesting findings. Results from our Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) showed multiple Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) vulnerabilities concerning data encryption and authentication.

One way of ensuring the security of an organization's network is by disabling suboptimal cipher suites that include NULL, EXP(ort), and DES and RC4. In InterMed's case, it may be a good idea to disable DES-CBC3-SHA, as this may be vulnerable to a CVE-2016-2183 exploit known as "SWEET32." Setting its HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) header is also recommended, as this could decrease risks of man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks that use forged certificates.

* * *

All in all, organizations should continuously revisit their data management policies and train employees to improve their domain hygiene. They can rely on Threat Intelligence Platform to find weaknesses that attackers can take advantage of and strengthen their defenses.


23: Jim Attfield & Nahid Almanea

Colchester is a town in the county of Essex. It is known for being a market town and holds one of the most popular markets in North Essex. In 2014, the small town was rocked by two extremely brutal murders and the investigation to catch the killer was one of the biggest carried out by Essex Police. The town was held on edge as the spectre of a serial killer loomed over. Sales of stab proof vests rocketed while people refused to go anywhere alone out of fear they would become the next target.

The community and media alike had conjured up the killer as a Yorkshire Ripper or Ted Bundy type, but nobody could have possibly predicted who the killer would turn out to be.

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Density & Time - Water Lillies

Genialny mecz Jamesa Hardena. 61 punktów w trzech kwartach!


Houston Rockets wygrali u siebie z Atlanta Hawks 158:111 w sobotnim meczu NBA. Niesamowity występ zanotował James Harden, który zdobył 61 punktów w 31 minut.

Genialny mecz Jamesa Hardena. 61 punktów w trzech kwartach!

Here are your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales Offers to skyrocket 🚀 your business and propel you into 2020 like a Rockstar.🎉 #blackfridaysales #blackfrinday2019 #YPE

Here are your Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sales Offers to skyrocket 🚀 your business and propel you into 2020 like a Rockstar.🎉 #blackfridaysales #blackfrinday2019 #YPE

Promotion dété à petit prix Chaussure femme Rocket Dog Femmes Jazzin Toile Chaussure Lacet Chaussures plates et ballerines pour femme

Promotion dété à petit prix Chaussure femme Rocket Dog Femmes Jazzin Toile Chaussure Lacet Chaussures plates et ballerines pour femme

Caractéristiques de l'objet

État :
Neuf avec emballage : Objet neuf, jamais porté, vendu dans l'emballage d'origine (comme la boîte ou la pochette ... En savoir plussur l'état
EAN: Non applicable
Pointure: 35 Couleur: Argenté
Marque: Rocket Dog Matière: Jersey De Coton
Numéro de pièce fabricant: 28056-47160


Home Based Business Success Power Pack Meditations MP3 by HypnoTransformations


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If you are sick and tired of working your butt off week after week on your home-based business and having very little to show for it... realise that YOUR MIND may be sabotaging your chance of having a Successful Home-Based Business.

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Meditation Audio #1 Be More Successful

* Always be persistent on your journey to success
* Be courageous, confident and motivated in your pursuit to success
* Totally believe in yourself and in your ability to be successful
* Always take massive, focused action when you need to
* Appreciate your challenges, for they allow you to step up and make you even more successful

Meditation Audio #2 Be Decisive to Get What You Want

* Decide specifically what it is that you want
* Make decisions quickly
* Think through every action
* Know how to get what you want
* Gracefully obtain all that you desire
* Feel good getting what you want

Meditation Audio #3 Develop an Amazing Memory

* Recall everything you need in a heartbeat
* Have an amazing, precise and sharp memory
* Store and process information quickly and accurately
* Always remember important dates, times, numbers, and appointments perfectly

Meditation Audio #4 Become Outgoing, Confident and Friendly – Building Rapport

* Become an outgoing and friendly person – people will like you for who you are
* People will notice that you are a friendly person
* Have a magnetic and engaging personality, and you will make friends easily
* Always meet the right people at the right time
* Create wonderful rapport with people quickly and easily
* Allow people to instantly like you

Meditation Audio #5 Get Motivated

* Naturally have a high level of self motivation
* Easily keep yourself motivated at all times
* Allow being highly motivated to be a natural part of you
* Allow your successes, big and small, to motivate you further
* Remain motivated for as long as it takes to complete your objective

Meditation Audio #6 Easily Handle Criticism

* Handle criticism calmly and positively
* Use criticism to improve yourself
* Become a positive, proactive and motivated person
* Move beyond any self pity, and you will allow criticism to help you succeed
* Always keep a clear, focused and calm head even when under pressure

Meditation Audio #7 Overcome Problems and Challenges

* Easily and effortlessly overcome problems, challenges and obstacles in your life
* Develop more confidence and courage when you face challenges and obstacles
* Remain calm and focused no matter what problems lay ahead of you

Meditation Audio #8 Improve Creativity

* Be a naturally creative person in all that you do
* Allow yourself to overflow with creativity and imagination
* Always think in creative and imaginative ways
* Easily think outside of the box
* Be highly intuitive, imaginative and creative in all areas of your life

Meditation Audio #9 Build Confidence

* Feel confident that you can do anything you set your mind to
* Replace doubt in yourself with supreme self-confidence
* Confidently learn anything quickly and easily
* Feel comfortable speaking your mind

Meditation Audio #10 Fear of Public Speaking

* Be an excellent public speaker, where you will always remain calm when
* Have a clear and focused mind when you speak
* Capture the undivided attention of the audience
* Speak as if public speaking were second nature to you
* Courageously make eye contact with each person in the audience

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Watch James Harden’s Reaction To Being Benched Two Points Shy Of His Career High; Twitter Hilariously Reacts (Tweets-Vids)

Watch James Harden’s Reaction To Being Benched Two Points Shy Of His Career High; Twitter Hilariously Reacts (Tweets-Vids)

James Harden went off against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night in the Rockets 158-111 win.

Harden scored 60 points in three quarters, shooting 16-24 from the field and 8-14 from the three-point line in the 47-point blowout.

He fell two points shy of his career-high, his career high is 61 points which he has done twice in his career.

Check out Harden’s reaction to being pulled just shy of scoring his career high, his reaction is hilarious.

Twitter’s reaction to Harden’s reaction was hilarious also.

Flip the pages to see Harden’s incredible performance and his reaction to being pulled out.


Comment on Gaza: Great March of Return still faces repression by CounterVortex

<h3>Gaza March of Return suspended</h3> The weekly March of Return demonstration on the border with Gaza was suspended for a third consecutive week due to escalating violence along the border and amid ongoing sporadic Israeli air-strikes on the Strip. (<a href="" rel="nofollow">ToI</a>, Nov. 30; <a href="" rel="nofollow">JTA</a>, Nov. 28)

Tablet interactive: Elton John takes to Billy Elliot stage in tutu


Rocketman Elton John took to the stage, but not in one of his 32 scheduled performances.

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Rocketbook Wave Executive Smart Notebook with Pen Station is currently available for $27.99 — use coupon code CMSAVE20 to bring the price down to $22.39. Read the rest


#Unearthed: A Christmas House-Party


When you dig through skating history, you never know what you will unearth. In the spirit of cataloguing fascinating tales from skating history, #Unearthed is a once a month 'special occasion' on Skate Guard where fascinating writings by others that are of interest to skating history buffs are excavated, dusted off and shared for your reading pleasure. From forgotten fiction to long lost interviews to tales that have never been shared publicly, each #Unearthed is a fascinating journey through time. This month's 'buried treasure' is an excerpt from an account of a holiday skating party at the turn of the twentieth century. It originally appeared in the December 1904 issue of "Country Life In America" magazine and was penned by New Jersey journalist Arthur Huntington Gleason.


Party-goer gathering greens for a Christmas 'maypole'

In the shadow of the trees, where the snow was firm and level, we set up ten pine cones, at a distance of fifty feet, and then with frozen snowballs, of a size that suited the maker, we bowled for score. The adjutant's companion, who had helped him to victory on the day before, took all honours with a pine-cone score of sixteen on five rounds. We ended the affair by a combination of cake-walk and promenade dance around the full circle of the clearing, and returned home our several ways, both parties arriving on the veranda within a few minutes of each other, at about four of the afternoon. "Ice carnival at eight to-night," said our host; "no one must miss it."

Promptly at eight we headed for the lake, where we were greeted by a scene that my room-mate described as "considerably thrilling." At the four corners of the lake, which approached the rectangular in shape, four headlights had been placed, which were blazing out across the ice. These headlights had the refracting power of engine lights, and were beyond the reach of wind. The bonfire was again blazing, but this time it served for warmth, and not for light. The east end of the lake was
plainly destined to see the center of the festivities, and here, at opposite corners, were stationed our faithful brass-band of the May-pole party, and a far-carrying hurdy-gurdy - one that clapped its hands on the high notes of Trovatore, and pounded brass with an automatic stick for the Intermezzo.
It had been brought for a price from the county seat, with its Italian operator, who was letting his instrument hibernate, while he sold Spanish chestnuts till tune-time came again. He and the band took turns on the music, and the antiphonal effect was excellent. Or, again, both played together.

Our young ladies, immediately on arrival, were supplied with hockey sticks, which they carried over the right shoulder, and at the crook of the hickory was swung a Japanese lantern with lit candle. It took quiet and clean-cut skating to keep the lanterns alight, and more than one went up in a blaze of glory before the steady, swinging skate-stroke was acquired. For the men who were trick skaters, and
wished to indulge in figure eights and reverse complications, Roman candles were provided. And the nine violet balls, climbing to the tree-tops, made a rich accompaniment for a skater, skating backward, in the famous triple curve. Along the lakeside, at 100-yard intervals, burned coloured
fire - red and green. White sweaters were the popular costume, but the adjutant appeared in full-dress uniform. Altogether, the colour scheme was unusual. From the center of the lake, Santa Claus sent up an endless chain of sky-rockets. The band began to freeze up, and were sent to the bonfire to take their turn on the hot coffee that was being served in birch-bark buckets. The Italian grinder also began to feel a-cold. He was supplanted by Rex F., who supplied the music for the remainder of the evening. Rex accompanied himself with a series of clog dances and jigs, which drew all the children from the fire and the fire-works.

He varied the tempo of his rendering each minute, so that "Mr. Dooley" came with an unexpected pathos, and "The Holy City" was disguised into rag-time. Then, as the lights burned low and the fireworks became charred ends and sticks, a Virginia reel on skates was selected to round off the evening. End to end bowed gravely, then circled back to back, and so through their evolutions, which
were more graceful than any hardwood floor ever saw, because performed in curves instead of steps. And the grand finale came when the adjutant and his lady shot down the line at an automobile clip, under twenty arches of Christmas greens, extending from partner to partner, while Rex ended his Strauss waltz in a burst of hurdy-gurdy speed and melody. Then, being not a little chilly, we all trooped in from the ice to a vigorous and ample open fire in the dining-room. We sat before it for an hour or so, then all other lights were put out and, as the fire died down, we crowned the evening
with a Ghost Party, wherein each member of the circle told a tale of true happening that contained a shudder.

Skate Guard is a blog dedicated to preserving the rich, colourful and fascinating history of figure skating and archives hundreds of compelling features and interviews in a searchable format for readers worldwide. Though there never has been nor will there be a charge for access to these resources, you taking the time to 'like' on the blog's Facebook page at would be so very much appreciated. Already 'liking'? Consider sharing this feature for others via social media. It would make all the difference in the blog reaching a wider audience. Have a question or comment regarding anything you have read here or have a suggestion for a topic related to figure skating history you would like to see covered? I'd love to hear from you! Learn the many ways you can reach out at

Cybertruck от Илона Маска пробрался в Grand Theft Auto V и не только

Представленный недавно электрический пикап Cybertruck от компании Tesla быстро стал популярным в сети благодаря своеобразному внешнему виду.
Энтузиасты также принялись добавлять в Cybertruck в различные проекты.
Cybertruck уже можно увидеть в Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, Rocket League и даже GoldenEye 007.


Adult Loft Bed Creations For Apartment Living And Other Small Spaces


The loft bed is no longer reserved for college dorms and children’s rooms. With skyrocketing housing prices, many adults are finding ways to turn the beds of their younger years into elegant, fun, and clever fixtures within the small confines of a studio apartment. From a loft bed that can be tucked away when not […]

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Outpatient Child Psychiatry in Metro New York | 325k compensation | Jackson Physician Search

New York, Are you a Child Psychiatrist who is tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and with a skyrocketing cost of living? If so, then this opening is for you! Practice: Outpatient practice model 75% C

Rocketraid 2720c2 Repair Service Manual User

Rocketraid 2720c2 Repair Service Manual User

NuWho Reviews: The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Doctor

The Crimson Horror


Madame Vastra and her crew are investigating strange deaths in which the victims' skin turns red. To their surprise, they discover that their eyes do indeed show the last thing they saw-and the last thing one of them saw was the Doctor.


Mrs. Gillyflower has a weird little cult thing going on, showing off her scarred daughter as proof that society is terrible (because Mr. Gillyflower abused the girl). Also, she's predicting the end of the world. Big deal, lady! The Earth has an apocalypse every week or so in this universe! Ada, the scarred, blind girl, has a pet, a monster chained up within the Sweetville mill. Jenny discovers that it is the Doctor, suffering from the Crimson Horror. Once he's restored via a super magic wizard chamber, he gives us some backstory. But not before kissing Jenny in gratitude, who doesn't swing that way and slaps him.

He and Clara joined the mill; the Crimson Horror was a way of preserving people for a post-apocalyptic YA novel. It didn't work on the Doctor, but Ada became attached to him. Now that he's free, they rescue Clara (confusing everyone, since last time they saw her she was dead), and Madame Vastra discovers what is causing the "Crimson Horror". Mrs. Gillyflower is harvesting venom from a red leech. She plans on spreading the poison over the world (via a steampunk rocket, because everyone loves steampunk rockets). Only her "perfect" people, preserved in houses, will survive.

Mr. Sweet of Sweetville is a red leech that has attached himself to Mrs. Gillyflower, because Doctor Who loves having bugs attached to people. The Doctor also reveals that Ada wasn't blinded by her abusive father; she was blinded by her mother's experiments on her. The crazy woman tries to take her daughter hostage, but Madame Vastra and Jenny already nicked the vat of poison, and Strax is an angry potato with a gun. He misses, but Mrs. Gillyflower falls to her death. Ada smashes the leech with her cane, as everyone except the Doctor would do.

Behold our villain. Tiny, and infinitely smooshable.

Clara returns home, only to find the kids she babysits have discovered pictures of her past selves. When Clara gets confused, and says she was in Yorkshire, not London...the game is up. They use this to blackmail her into letting them take a time travel trip. She didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition!

I loved the focus on the Paternoster gang in this episode. From what I understand, this was supposed to be testing the waters for a spin-off, but nothing came of it. Alas. Strax apparently gets sugar rushes from eating sherbet. He also obtains a GPS named Thomas Thomas. Those waifish street urchins were all the rage back then.

It was also straight up creepy: it's basically a Victorian temperance/morality campaign dropped into the middle of a penny dreadful, and it works so well. Mrs. Gillyflower is appropriately horrible, and Ada was a very engaging character.

Also, the Doctor remembers spending too much time trying to get a "gobby Australian" to Heath Row.

Look, the joke payoff finally made it!

Nightmare in Silver

Last time on Doctor Who, Clara's delightful charges were blackmailing her for eventually will have scattered herself throughout space and time. Children are jerks. So the Doctor takes them all to a famous theme park.


But it doesn't matter, because the theme park is under...military occupation. That's gotta be a fun assignment, right? Anyways, the Doctor uses his psychic paper to convince the captain that he is an ambassador from the emperor. They get a tour from the theme park operator, meet a dwarf named Porridge who sometimes teaches Charms, discover that the Cybermen were TOTALLY AND COMPLETE DEFEATED A THOUSAND YEARS AGO AND THESE CYBERMEN CANNOT BE ACTIVATED AT ALL, FOR REALZ YOU GUYZ

Oh, let's just cut to the chase. The Doctor finds Cybermites, which are kind of like tiny Cybermats, which are adorable. The Cybermen reactivate, because we all saw that coming a mile away, and the theme park operator Webley, along with the kids, are partially upgraded. Cybermen do only partial upgrades now? What a bunch of slackers. At least they've gotten an Iron Man aesthetic going on. They're Marvel fans! Good on them. The military is no help; they're actually on punishment duty, because they're basically the worst of the worst. Why are they even allowed in the military then...?

Apparently the Cybermen were defeated by blowing up an entire galaxy. Blowing things up is the go-to solution.

There's a reason he's nicknamed "John Nukem Sheridan".

The Doctor puts Clara in charge of the army and asks her to make sure they don't blow anything up.

I...have something to say about a later episode in which Clara is in a similar situation, but let's just wait till we get there, shall we?

The Doctor gets himself partially upgraded too. He is now Locutus of Borg the Cyberplanner, Mr. Clever. Yes, an upgraded Doctor still has his ego and sense of humor fully intact.


So the Doctor and Mr. Clever play a chess game, and yes everyone made Pixar chess game jokes. Luckily the Cybermen are still bizarrely vulnerable to gold. You'd think they would have fixed that by now?

Meanwhile, Clara takes away the bomb detonator, and the Cybermen kill the captain before she can use voice command. The army struggles, but unfortunately the Cybermen's foray into the Star Trek universe allowed them to have tea with the Borg, and now they're actually effective. Their collective consciousness allows them to upgrade and adapt very quickly. So the Doctor saves the straggling army by using his own ego against him. I bet you I can win in three moves! Mr. Clever promptly diverts his entire army to figuring out a chess game. This gives the Doctor enough time to activate a pulse which gets rid of Mr. Clever.

I love the power glove. It's so bad.

They fetch the TARDIS, and Porridge, who is actually the emperor, voice activates the bomb and teleports everyone away to his ship. He then proposes to Clara, who finds the idea of ruling a galaxy to be a bit overwhelming.

So this was awesome. We always wondered what would happen if the Doctor were ever upgraded, and here it is. With all the logic of the Cybermen he is...even more ridiculous than before. And I loved every minute of it.

The Name of the Doctor

We open on a very confusing montage of Claras. Clara on Gallifrey, redirecting the First Doctor to the TARDIS. Clara trying to chase down Bessie. (As we all would.) Seeing the Second Doctor on an adventure with the Eighth Doctor (a reference to the first Eight Doctor novel, in which he met his previous incarnations?) Clara watching the Seventh Doctor climb over a railing for literally no reason at all.

Meanwhile, Strax is hanging out in Glasgow, because he loves the Scottish. This makes complete sense. Madame Vastra arranges for a psychic meeting-everyone has to be unconscious for this, so Clara gets a letter covered in a soporific substance, which isn't creepy at all, Madame Vastra.


"Don't mind me, I'm just being better than all of you right now."

The point of this meeting? Something is trying to alter the Doctor's reality, and to stop it, he has to go to Trenzalore. Before they can get much further, Jenny remembers that she forgot to shut the front door...and is nearly killed by the Great Intelligence, and his HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THINGS HE CALLS WHISPERMEN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOG-SOTHOTH, GET BACK TO YER NEW ENGLAND PLOTS


Clara pulls herself out of the meeting, and finds that the Doctor is playing Blindman's Bluff with the kids. Except they left to see a movie, and he's been wandering the house blindfolded for a while. When Clara tells him what's going on, our poor 11 actually starts crying. See, Trenzalore is where his grave will be-he will die there in battle. It's also the grave for the TARDIS, and when they go there, the Doctor has to shut her off so they can land.

There, they find the future TARDIS, whose dimensional field is breaking down, and she has become enormous. She has actually merged with the ground, and her memories show up as gravestones. River, still in psychic connection with Clara, follows her and the Doctor into the tunnels under the fields.

There, at the entrance to the tomb, is the Great Intelligence, with the Paternoster gang held hostage by his Whispermen, WHO ARE STILL HORRIBLE MIGHT I REMIND YOU. He demands that the Doctor open the grave, which can only be done by saying his name. He refuses, but River does.

The Doctor's corpse is essentially his impact on the time-space continuum, which is really cool.

Everyone gets to become shiny in science fiction.

The Great Intelligence enters it and begins changing everything about the Doctor's life. Jenny disappears, since it was the Doctor who saved her; Strax reverts to being a typical Sontaran, and has to be killed by Vastra. The stars start going out. Is this like the stars being right? I'm not sure if Yog-Sothoth is even focusing on that right now.

That's when Clara realizes what her various incarnations mean. She has to enter the Doctor's timeline too, and fight the Great Intelligence every step of the way. She does so, and we get a call-back to the montage at the beginning.

Everything is restored. The Doctor reveals he was aware of River the whole time, and finally gets a chance to say goodbye properly. Then he jumps into his timeline after Clara to bring her back out.

And there they find another Doctor in amongst the ones we already know. He is in shadow, and the Doctor is terrified of him. But Clara already knows-this one isn't called the Doctor. He did something so horrible that he dropped that title...


I loved this for the explanation about Clara and the Great Intelligence, and for the introduction to the War Doctor. The Whispermen were incredibly creepy. No eyes! Too many sharp teeth! What is wrong with Steven Moffat? Everything, that is what. Also, the Great Intelligence name drops the Valeyard, just to tease the fans some more with the plot line that will never be.

"Sure is a nice series you have there Moffat. Be a shame if something...happened to it."

Also, Strax doesn't understand hair, so he assumes that River's hair just means that she has a very large head.

Strax is best Sontaran.

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook, Pack of 2 + 5 Pilot FriXion Pens for $42.99 Shipped (Reg $77.99)! *Today Only*

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Rocketbook Wave Executive Smart Notebook with Pen Station is currently available for $27.99 — use coupon code CMSAVE20 to bring the price down to $22.39. Read the rest


'Monster' black hole found. Scientists didn't think stellar black holes could be so big


An international team of scientists say they have discovered a stellar-mass black hole with a mass 70 times greater than the sun — so large it defies current theories on how black holes of its kind form. The discovery of the “monster” black hole was announced this week and reported in the latest issue of Nature. The […]

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The Suburbs Are Kicking the Animals Out. Enter the Animal Rescue Squad.


An injured fox that was rescued in 2017. (via Wildlife Resources and Education Network via The New York Times) ATLANTA — In a small suburban park on a muggy morning a few months ago, a woman in elbow-length gloves was armed with a net, a loaf of bread and a tall cardboard box, all in […]

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Life expectancy in the US keeps going down, and a new study says America's worsening inequality could be to blame


couple walking oregon beach Robert Alexander/Getty The average life expectancy in the US has declined for a third straight year. New research linked that decline to the fact that “working-age” Americans, between ages 25 and 64, have been dying at higher rates. These deaths have been linked to drug overdoses, suicides, and alcohol-related diseases, among […]

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Damaged coral reefs could be restored using underwater loudspeakers


Coral reefs around the world have long suffered from the effects of climate change and overfishing. But scientists haven’t given up on saving the natural wonders — and now, a new study shows loudspeakers could help.  Researchers set up underwater loudspeakers in Australia’s northern Great Barrier Reef in late 2017, blasting recorded sounds of healthy reefs […]

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The Sinister Scientist Behind the CIA’s Mind-Control Mayhem


Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/AP Stephen Kinzer has written books about civil wars, terror attacks, and bloody coups, but his latest might be his most alarming. “I’m still in shock,” Kinzer says of what he learned about the appalling experiments conducted by a government scientist most Americans have never heard of. “I can’t […]

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Blue Origin’s expansion plans rush ahead at its Seattle-area HQ — and in Los Angeles


A monolith adorned with Blue Origin’s feather logo stands at the construction site for a 400,000-square-foot office and warehouse-style facility in Kent, Wash. (GeekWire Photo / Alan Boyle) KENT, Wash. — Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture is rapidly expanding on several fronts, ranging from its headquarters facility south of Seattle to a […]

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18-year-old with pilot's license is 'certified' for space. She wants to go to Mars


For Alyssa Carson, colonizing Mars is just the first step in saving the human race. The 18-year-old astrobiology student at Florida Tech remembers when she was nine years old, she had the opportunity to meet and speak to former NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus at the Sally Ride Science Festival in Louisiana.  “I asked her, ‘When did you […]

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Massive black hole that 'should not even exist' has been discovered


Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discoveredMore Massive black hole that ‘should not even exist’ has been discovered originally appeared on A black hole with a mass 70 times greater than the Sun was discovered, leaving scientists stunned. “Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our Galaxy, […]

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Science warnings, US retreat add urgency to UN climate talks


1 / 10 Spain Climate SummitParticipants walk ahead of the Climate Summit COP25 in Madrid, Spain, Friday, Nov. 29, 2019. The Climate Summit COP25 runs between 2 Dec. until 13 Dec in Madrid. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez) MADRID (AP) — Mass protests, a last-minute venue change and talk of climate tipping points are adding some unplanned […]

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A network of cables at the bottom of the ocean is helping scientists detect earthquakes


Monterey underwater earthquake A network of deep-sea cables near Monterey Bay, California, is helping researchers detect seismic activity at the bottom of the ocean. Researchers used the cables to record a 3.5-magnitude earthquake in Gilroy, California. They also used them to discover a new fault system near the San Andreas Fault, which runs along the […]

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From space to sandals: Popular surfer Bob Freeman takes final ride with wave forecasting

Champion surfer Bob Freeman turned wave forecasting into rocket science, something he was keenly aware of


President's Update November 26th, 2019


Rockets take two at home and are first place...The Raymore Rockets defeated the Bethune Bulldogs 7-0 on Friday evening and defeated the Lumsden Monarchs 3-1 on Saturday evening to go to 4-0-0 for the season and take over sole possession of first place. On Friday evening in Raymore the Rockets built up a 3-0 lead going into the last period and scored four in the third. Damien Bentz and Michael Jordan each had a hat trick in this game. Tyrell Shulko also scored. Kevin Orthner stopped 12 shots in the shutout and Ryan Holfield stopped 39 shots in the Bethune net. Each team was assessed five minor penalties.On Saturday evening the Rockets hosted the Monarchs in their first meeting since last year's final. The Rockets got goals from Braden Bentz and Michael Jordan in the first period to take a 2-0 lead. In the second period Liam Brennan scored for the Monarchs to cut the lead in half. In the third period Damien Bentz picked up the only goal and the final was 3-1. Kevin Orthner picked up his fourth win of the year in the Raymore net and David Perkin started his first game in the Lumsden net. This was the first regular season regulation time loss for the Monarchs since the 2017-18 season. Raymore was assessed four minor penalties and a misconduct and Lumsden had three minor penalties.

On Saturday evening there was one other game on the slate. The Southey Marlins picked up their first win of the year with a 7-2 road win against the Bethune Bulldogs. Colby Brandt led the way for the Marlins with a hat trick that included a power play goal. Cody Hall, Rhett Sandercock, David Brown and Pat Thompson-Gale also scored for the Marlins. The Bulldogs picked up two goals on the power play with Russ Nielson and Mark Lustig scoring. Shaun Fleming stopped 31 shots in the Southey net to pick uo the win and Riley Focht-Gabriel stopped 26 shots in the Bethune net. Southey had four minor penalties and Bethune had one.

On Wednesday evening the Lumsden Monarchs (1-1-1) will be in Bethune to play the Bulldogs (2-2-0) at 8 p.m.. In their last game the Bulldogs defeated the Monarchs in a shoot out. On Friday evening the Raymore Rockets (4-0-0) head south to play the Marlins (1-2-0). The Monarchs will be in Strasbourg to play the Maroons (0-2-0). On Saturday evening Bethune will be in Raymore to play the Rockets at 7 p.m. and Southey will be in Strasbourg for an 8 p.m. game.

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Rocket 3, Sound Tigers 0

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers (4-10-3-1), American Hockey League affiliate of the New York Islanders, suffered a 3-0 loss to the Laval Rocket (10-6-2-0) at Place Bell on Saturday night.


A lesson to be taken from farmhand making the Red Sox 40-man roster


Kyle Hart missed the call. Though he’d been waiting all day last Wednesday to hear from Ben Crockett, Hart was at dinner with a college teammate when the Red Sox farm director reached out. When he saw ...

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دانلود نسخه ۳٫۴٫۲٫۲ / ۲٫۳ مگابایت دانلود نسخه ۳٫۴٫۱٫۲ / ۲٫۳ مگابایت دانلود نسخه ۳٫۴٫۰٫۵ / ۲ مگابایت دانلود نسخه ۳٫۳٫۶ / ۲٫۳ مگابایت پیشنمایش کاربری بحث و تبادل نظر / رفع مشکلات درباره این مطلب منبع:

Are Women Without Children Drinking More These Days?


In addition to the skyrocketing use of antidepressants among older women, there is also a surge in substance-related suicides.  Studies show that since 1997, there has been more than a 40 percent increase in the percentage of women who binge drink.  On average, women drink less than men, however, women are binge drinking more than …

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Mulsanne 11 points submitted 1 day agoIt not, really


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Most Filipino women tend to be well educated but if they are not, these women have the drive to go get educated. People in Philippines place a lot importance towards a college education. Pride in accomplishment at school is instilled in Filipina women from a very young age and female college enrollment is much higher than that that of the men.

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Aerojet Rocketdyne To Hold Industrial Auction of California-Based...


Asset disposition of Aerojet Rocketdyne's 800,000+ sqft Rancho Cordova California facility being managed by MMI and Hilco Industrial.

(PRWeb November 29, 2019)

Read the full story at


Targeted: Counterterrorism Measures Take Aim at Environmental Activists


On November 29, 2019, young people will gather at locations around the world for a Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike. On December 2, United Nations delegates, world leaders, business executives, and activists will meet at the 25th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid to discuss ways to protect the environment. Participants in these events should also discuss ways to protect the protectors: the individuals and groups targeted around the world for their efforts on behalf of the planet.

The dangers facing environmental defenders do not stop at accusations that they are national security risks. From the Amazon rainforest to South African mining communities, activists seeking to preserve ecosystems and ancestral lands are being threatened, attacked, and even killed with near total impunity, Human Rights Watch has found. But in contrast to many of these illegal acts, the unjust labeling of environmentalists as security threats is often more insidious, as it is generally carried out under the color of law.

And while not all environmental activism is peaceful, only in exceptional cases would the actions of environmental activists meet a generally recognized definition of terrorism – actions aimed at terrorizing populations by causing or threatening death or serious physical harm to others to advance an ideological or political agenda. Nor, in nearly all cases, do their actions aim to undermine the rule of law. Typically, these individuals and groups are peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of speech, association, and assembly. When they engage in civil disobedience, their aim is usually to strengthen – and improve the enforcement of – existing environmental protection measures. Here are a few examples where environmental activists have been smeared as terrorists or other national security threats:

  • In Poland, the authorities denied entry in December 2018 to at least 13 foreign climate activists who were registered to attend COP24 in the southern city of Katowice, contending they posed a threat to public order and national security. Along with other individuals and groups, the activists had planned to press COP24 participants for rapid action to address climate change.

    Protesters march during the United Nations COP24 climate change summit in Katowice, Poland, on December 8, 2018.

    © 2018 SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/Damian Klamka)

    The authorities had previously passed a special law empowering the police to collect data about conference participants without judicial oversight or the participants’ knowledge and consent and ban spontaneous protests during COP24. They also issued a terrorism alert that authorized increased vehicle checks and other security controls for Katowice and surrounding areas for the duration of the summit. Border officials detained and questioned several activists for hours, in some cases without allowing them to communicate their location or contact a lawyer.

  • In November 2015, French police used a sweeping counterterrorism emergency law enacted in response to the deadly Paris attacks earlier that month to place at least 24 climate activists under house arrest without judicial warrant, raid activists’ homes, and seize computers and personal belongings.

    Police raid a building suspected of housing climate activists in Paris on November 27, 2015, prior to the UN COP21 climate change summit. 

    © 2015 AFP/Laurent Emmanuel
    The activists were accused of flouting a ban on organizing protests related to COP21, which was being held in France the following week to sign the Paris Agreement on reducing emissions that contribute to global warming.

  • In Iran, six members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF), imprisoned since early 2018, were handed prison terms of up to 10 years in November for allegedly spying for the United States. During a deeply flawed trial, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards said the environmentalists used their work to protect the Asiatic cheetah – one of the world’s most endangered species – as a cover. A charge against four of the accused of “spreading corruption on Earth,” a crime that can carry the death penalty, was reportedly dropped in October. Two other PWHF members also detained in early 2018 were awaiting judgment. A ninth environmentalist, PWHF founder Kavous Seyed Emami, died a few weeks after his arrest under suspicious circumstances in what the Iranian authorities alleged to be a suicide.

    A campaign poster showing environmental activists Taher Ghadirian, Niloufar Bayani, Amirhossein Khaleghi, Houman Jokar, Sam Rajabi, Sepideh Kashani, Morad Tahbaz and Abdolreza Kouhpayeh, who have been detained since early 2018 in Iran. An Iranian court in November 2019 sentenced Bayani, Tahbaz, Jokar, Ghadirian, Khaleghi and Kashani to prison terms of 6 to 10 years. 

    © 2018 #anyhopefornature Campaign

    Issa Kalantari, the head of Iran’s Department of Environment, said there was no evidence that the detained environmentalists were spies. He said the arrests have had a chilling effect on environmental groups in the country.

    The arrests appear to be motivated both by Iran’s “paranoia” about foreign countries using environmentalists as cover and its recognition that anger over environmental degradation can unite populations against government policies, said Kaveh Madani, the country’s former deputy environmental director. Madani returned to his native Iran from London in 2017 to take up the post, but said he was immediately detained and questioned by Revolutionary Guards, who broke into his phone, computer, emails, and social media accounts, and called him a “bioterrorist,” a “water terrorist,” and a spy. He left Iran after seven months, alleging repeated harassment including for his criticism of dam projects, which are constructed by the Revolutionary Guards.

  • In Kenya, the police and military have frequently labeled environmental activists opposing a mega-infrastructure project in the Lamu coastal region, including a coal-fired power plant, as “terrorists” while subjecting them to threats, beatings, and arbitrary arrests and detentions. In 15 cases documented by Human Rights Watch between 2013 and 2016, the authorities accused environmental defenders of membership in, or links to, the extremist armed group al-Shabab but provided no compelling evidence.

    Residents and environmental activists on Lamu island, Kenya, protest the proposed Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia (LAPSSET) project on March 1, 2012.

    © 2012 Reuters/Joseph Okanga

    The activists are protesting construction of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor, the biggest infrastructure project in Central and East Africa, which is to include a 32-berth seaport, three international airports, a road and railway network, and three resort cities. They contend that LAPSSET will pollute the air and water, destroy mangrove forests and breeding grounds for fish, and take farmland without just compensation, displacing communities and destroying their livelihoods.

    In July, Kenya’s environmental tribunal blocked approval of the power plant absent a new environmental impact study, finding the China-backed developers’ original assessment and public consultation process inadequate. The rest of the LAPSSET project continues. So does the intimidation campaign, activists protesting LAPSSET told Human Rights Watch.

  • In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte in 2018 placed 600 civil society members, including environmentalists and indigenous rights defenders, on a list of alleged members of the country’s communist party and its armed wing, which he declared to be a terrorist organization. Duterte’s “terrorist list” included Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, an indigenous Filipina who is the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples and a climate change activist.

    Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, the United Nations special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, at UN headquarters in New York in April 2018. 

    © 2018 New York Times/Annie Ling
    In late 2017, Tauli-Corpuz had criticized the government for attacks and other abuses against indigenous communities that opposed coal and diamond mining on ancestral lands. Although a Manila court months later ordered the government to remove Tauli-Corpuz from the list, a Philippines military official in 2019 renewed the campaign against her, accusing her of “infiltrating” the UN for the communist insurgents. Several UN human rights experts condemned Tauli-Corpuz’s listing.

  • In Ecuador, eight years passed before the prominent environmental activist José “Pepe” Acacho, a Shuar indigenous leader, was able to clear himself of “terrorism” charges for his activities opposing mining and oil exploration in the Amazon. Acacho was charged with terrorism in 2010 for allegedly inciting violence during Shuar protests against a mining law.

    Pepe Acacho, second from left, leaves a courtroom in Quito, Ecuador, on February 8, 2011, after a judge granted his habeas corpus petition.

    © 2011 AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa
    He was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Human Rights Watch reviewed the trial documents and found no credible evidence of terrorism-related crimes. In 2018, Ecuador’s highest court threw out the terrorism conviction but instead sentenced him to eight months in prison for “public services obstruction” – a charge for which he was never tried and hence never had the opportunity to contest. Acacho spent 17 days in jail before receiving a presidential pardon in October 2018.

  • In the US in August 2018, then-US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke blamed “environmental terrorist groups” that opposed logging for wildfires on the West Coast – a proposition immediately attacked by leading environmental organizations including the Sierra Club. In 2017, 84 members of the US Congress, most of them Republicans, asked the Justice Department if activists mobilizing against the construction of oil pipelines could be prosecuted as terrorists. (The department’s response was that in some cases, yes.)

    Native Americans protest construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota on September 4, 2019. 

    © 2019 AFP via Getty Images/Robyn Peck

    That same year, a major pipeline operator, Energy Transfer Partners LP, filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of launching a “rogue eco-terrorist” campaign against the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline. Environmental activists and Native American tribes had tried to block construction of the 1,172-mile-long, underground pipeline through North Dakota during a protracted standoff with the authorities in 2016, saying it threatened sacred sites and drinking water. A federal court dismissed the lawsuit earlier this year.

    Although the protesters were largely peaceful, some resorted to violence and were convicted of protest-related crimes, but none for offenses that even remotely approximated terrorism. UN experts condemned security force responses to the protests as “excessive,” including their use of rubber bullets, teargas, compression grenades, mace, and “inhuman and degrading” detention conditions.

  • In Russia, at least 14 environmental groups have stopped work in recent years, and the head of the prominent group Ekozaschita! (Ecodefense!), Alexandra Koroleva, fled the country in June to avoid prosecution under the draconian Law on Foreign Agents. The 2012 law requires any Russian group accepting foreign funding and carrying out activities deemed to be “political” to register as a “foreign agent,” a term that in Russia implies “spy” or “traitor.” Authorities have used the law to silence groups that opposed state-sanctioned development projects and petitioned authorities for the release of imprisoned environmental activists, a Human Rights Watch investigation found.

    Alexandra Koroleva, the head of the Russian nongovernmental organization Ecodefense, fled to Germany in June 2019 to avoid being targeted under the abusive Russian “foreign agents” law. 

    © 2019 Ecodefense

    Russian officials including the special envoy for environmental protection, Sergey Ivanov, have applied the “extremist” label to Greenpeace Russia. An activist with Stop GOK, a Russian group seeking to block mining and enrichment plants, was fined in April 2019 for “mass distribution of extremist materials” because he published a poem on the organization’s social media page that the government had banned as extremist in 2012. The Russian nongovernmental organization SOVA Center, which analyzes counter-extremism trends, found that the poem, “Last Wish to the Ivans,” is a satirical address to destitute, alcohol and drug-addicted Russians from oligarchs and authorities profiting from extracting natural resources.

    Stop GOK and Greenpeace Russia were among groups named in a 2018 report by pro-government technologists as “environmental extremists” working for “influential forces in the West” bent on sabotaging strategic industries. The report was widely covered by state-controlled media.

Civil society participation will be crucial to ambitious outcomes at COP25. Parties to the summit, which include all UN member countries and the European Union, should allow activists ample opportunity to air their concerns about the climate crisis and use their combined expertise to help identify solutions. They should also provide activists with a safe space to speak out about the threats they face for carrying out their work.

In addition, parties should publicly commit to robustly carrying out international and regional treaties that protect environmental defenders. One of these treaties is the Escazu Agreement (the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean), the world’s first covenant to include specific provisions promoting and protecting environmental defenders. Twenty-one countries have signed the 2018 agreement. But only six countries have ratified it – five shy of the ratifications needed to enter it into force. Chile, which stepped down as COP25 host because of protests stemming from economic grievances, but will still preside over the negotiations in Madrid, should lead by example and ratify the agreement.

COP25 participants should also commit to upholding the Aarhus Convention (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters), to which Spain is a signatory. The convention – an environmental pact for Europe, the European Union, and Central Asia – grants the public, including environmental groups, an array of rights including public participation and access to information and justice in governmental decisions on the environment, without harassment or persecution. Parties to the treaty, including the EU, and Poland for its crackdown at COP24, have been criticized – including in some cases by the Aarhus Convention’s own oversight body – for flouting these provisions.

COP25 delegates should recognize that to genuinely protect the environment, they also need to protect its defenders – including those unjustly targeted in the name of security.


ISRO launches PSLV-C47 carrying Cartosat-3 and 13 nanosatellites from Sriharikota

ISRO on Wednesday launched India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-XL (PSLV-XL) rocket carrying advanced earth observation satellite Cartosat-3 and 13 US nanosatellites from Sriharikota.

$50M REW Prop Tech Acquisition Plan

I’ve been in the prop tech space for 16 years. In this time, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting some of the most creative, intelligent, inspiring entrepreneurs in the world. We have hustled shows together, we have learned together and we have grown together. In these 16 years I have been truly blessed to also have made some great friends. As we head into 2020 I find myself thinking: Wow it’s a new decade Can you believe it? For me it’s a special time. Personally, I have turned 40, my youngest is now a teenager, my oldest is 24. I have decided to focus on my health & personal wellness, my relationships & family (especially my marriage to my amazing wife) and I’ve found myself focused far more on what I can do to feel like I’ve done right by this world. What this means for me is trying to help more people (especially women and children at risk) and really giving thought to the legacy of our generation. Are we leaving this world in a better place than we received it? Are we leaving any kind of world for our children at all? Needless to say this makes me very motivated I realize that I need to do more, and I recognize the opportunity I have as a successful business person and influencer to have a real impact. It also means that I must act with intent & focus. It will take all my energy & resources and quite frankly I feel that we can and should be doing even more. On the professional side: 16 years And for whatever reason, be it luck, talent, timing (and of course we KNOW it is because of amazing team members and amazing customers) we have done incredibly well in our space. Better than most in fact. For a software & marketing company in prop tech we achieved what has rarely if ever been seen. - We have taken no outside funding (we still own 100 of REW) - 16 years straight (every year of our existence) we have been profitable. (That is unheard of for anyone in any software space) - We have made acquisitions, all of which have had positive ROI - Our subscription retention is nearly 90 - Our SAAS Revenue has growth every year - This year we will hit $150M In Aggregate Revenue In short, we have an exceptionally well run business with incredibly talented leaders and truly know what it takes to be successful in the real estate / prop tech space. The purpose of this article: So why am I sharing this so publicly? The answer is simple: we’re looking for companies to join us and so I’m sharing my plan. If you know me, you know I don’t do things in a traditional manner. My style is to put it out there, to not hold back and to go after what I want in a direct and purposeful manner. This post is meant to reach the prop tech companies that are potentially the right fit for us and give you enough information to start a conversation about potentially joining REW in our journey or selling me your company so that I can take it to the next level and provide a great home for your customers. So here’s what I’m looking for: The Plan. I am looking to acquire companies that are complementary to Real Estate Webmasters that can benefit from our scale and expertise. Over the next 3 years we are targeting companies with combined revenues of $20M Annually. Through business optimization, increased sales & marketing, access to our exceptional R & D talent and to our network of over 50,000 agents domestically and globally (which is growing rapidly) we intend to help these acquired companies grow by 2.5x What this means is we intend to convert this acquired revenue stream from $20M annually to $50M annually. Of course each company’s path will be different. Some companies have amazing products and are very new. Their revenue is low and thus their growth might be thousands of increase. In this case we’re the rocket fuel and guaranteeing the product succeeds. Some companies are more established but are stuck (they can’t grow but have loyal customer bases) access to our additional products, sales channels, marketing and customers will help here. And other companies, while they may have an established customer base, they are going the wrong way. For whatever reason (usually they cannot afford to innovate / stay competitive) it doesn’t look they are going to make it. Their churn is too high, they are shrinking (not growing) they have not been able to become profitable and their path to success is not clear. in this case our goal is to be a great home for their customers and move them into a better product. For the founders, it’s an opportunity to get “something” instead of riding it out to the bottom and closing up shop. Does this sound like you? Are you between $250k-$5M in annual revenue in the real estate technology space? Do you have an established base of realtors (agents, teams, brokers, franchises) as customers? Are you wanting to see your ideas, products, services or customers flourish and reach new heights? Do you you want to be a part of an amazing team and story? Or are you interested in existing and having your customers taken great care of? If so let’s talk I am extremely serious about this program and my goal is to close all deals in the next 24 months. We have the resources, talent, & access to funding needed to make this happen and if you’re in it for the long haul and willing to be creative, we can often accelerate your valuation significantly higher than it would be if you were to just sell today. Speaking of which, before you reach out, PLEASE read this article on multiples (especially if you have not done any of these deals in the past) you need to be realistic on the valuations of your company. The article will break it down for you. This post is for prop tech entrepreneurs. If you know someone who owns a prop tech company that might be a good candidate please encourage them to reach out and share this article.

SpaceX’s Starship Craft For Space Exploration Blows Its Top During Test

The top of SpaceX’s Mk 1 Starship appears to have blown off during a pressure test of the prototype rocket.

The Politics of Vaping in San Francisco – November 26, 2019

E-cigarette use has skyrocketed among teens, with one in four high school students nationwide saying they vaped in the last month.  Last spring, San Francisco’s board of supervisors considered a measure to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in the city. KRCB’s Adia White spoke with KQED health reporter Laura Klivans to learn what happened next. […]


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29th November, 2019 – If you’re looking to get your site ranked in Google then look no further as SEO specialist Wahb Alami is now offering a proven course or

Chamber Celebrates 100th Business


For additional information contact:

Mara Kuhn

Communications Manager


Chamber Celebrates 100th Business to Open in Downtown Hot Springs since the 2014 Majestic Hotel Fire

(Hot Springs, AR)  May 3, 2018 – On Thursday, the Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce celebrated the 100th new business to open in downtown Hot Springs since the 2014 Majestic Hotel fire with a special ribbon cutting at Vault, the highly anticipated new downtown restaurant.

“One hundred new businesses opening in four years is an incredible milestone. It’s real proof of a very strong economy in downtown Hot Springs,” said Cole McCaskill, Vice President of Economic Development with the Hot Springs Metro Partnership.

“Even more impressive is that of the 100 new businesses, 90 of them are still open and 66 of them were net-new additions to downtown, meaning they occupied and opened in a retail space that was previously vacant as opposed to replacing a recently closed business.”

Cole McCaskill, Vice President of Economic Development with the Hot Springs Metro Partnership, second left, speaks as U.S. Senator John Boozman, left, Congressman Bruce Westerman, and Gary Troutman, President and CEO of the Hot Springs Metro Partnership and Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce look on.

In addition to 100 new businesses since the fire, Downtown Hot Springs has seen 82 commercial property sales and more than $80 million in investment. The Majestic Hotel was one of Hot Springs’ oldest structures. It unfortunately that became dormant and fell into disrepair before catching fire in February 2014.

The loss of one of Hot Springs’ historic and iconic buildings mobilized city and business leaders into action to revitalize and preserve the downtown area. Downtown Hot Springs, “America’s First Resort,” is famous nationwide for its history and culture. It is important to the people of Hot Springs to see this area flourish.

In the weeks following the fire, civic groups formed the “Downtown Game Plan Task Force” comprised of community leaders and downtown stakeholders that sought to prevent future tragedies like the fire and to improve the course of downtown which had suffered from a lack of investment for several decades.

That group met publicly and privately for four months and ultimately released a set of recommendations for the progress of downtown. The HSMP adopted those recommendations as a strategy and hired McCaskill as downtown development director in June 2014.

Each year since the fire, downtown has experienced subsequent rising investment levels.

In 2015, downtown saw the nearly year-long master planning process from ideation to completion with the facilitation by Thomas P. Miller and Associates from Indianapolis.

That strategic planning process sought input from downtown business owners, Garland County residents and visitors for what they’d like to see in downtown. The Downtown Redevelopment Guide was published and its goals and strategies were adopted to provide a framework for growth and development for downtown by the City of Hot Springs and the HSMP.

The Chamber and HSMP look forward to future growth and expansion in the downtown area.

The 100 New Businesses Opened Downtown Since Majestic Fire:

1.         Kilwins Chocolates

2.         Kollective Coffee+Tea

3.         Wolfheart Gallery

4.         All Things Natural

5.         Render Creative Group

6.         Henderson State University- Hot Springs

7.         Copper Penny Pub

8.         Oxy-Zen

9.         Mountain’s Edge (significant remodel and reopening)

10.       Bathhouse Row Winery

11.       Tropical Winery

12.       Deluca’s Pizza

13.       Air FX Heat & Air

14.       Evil-O Olive Oils

15.       Café 135

16.       4D Adventure

17.       State & Pride Provisions Co.

18.       Red Light Roastery

19.       KUHS Community Radio

20.       Mountain Valley Armory

21.       Red Sunflower Boutique

22.       Hotel Hot Springs

23.       Rock Paper Scissors Salon

24.       Dakotas Hair Designs

25.       Vina Morita (move and expansion)

26.       Gr8 Escapes Arkansas

27.       Zoe’s In The District

28.       Gehrki Commercial Real Estate

29.       Dapper & Debonair

30.       Rocket Fizz

31.       The Civil War Museum West

32.       Tosha Kitchen

33.       Escape Hot Springs

34.       A Narrow Escape

35.       Magic Springs Retail Store

36.       J.J.’s Peddie Cabs

37.       Quarters Café

38.       Brick City Pizza

39.       Prohibition Press

40.       Park Avenue Coin Shop

41.       Hot Springs Village Discovery Center

42.       Gypsy Girl

43.       Craft Beer Cellar

44.       Kringles in the Park

45.       Maharaja Boutique

46.       Galaxy Connection

47.       Spa City Cycling

48.       ESQ. Realty Group

49.       Crow Law Firm

50.       Metaphysical Connection

51.       The Waters Hotel

52.       The Avenue

53.       Blush Boutique

54.       Spa Souvenirs

55.       Pour Some Sugar on Me Sweet Shoppe

56.       Downtowner Marketplace

57.       Direct Insurance

58.       Revelation Teens

59.       Whittington Gallery

60.       Mountain Valley Armory (new construction & expansion)

61.       Ambrosia Bakery

62.       State & Pride Provisions Co. (Doubled in Size)

63.       A Bite of Hot Springs

64.       Riley Art Glass Studio

65.       Beef Jerky Outlet

66.       Odie & Tilly’s Boutique

67.       Park Avenue Food Court/ Its Gud Fud

68.       Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court

69.       Thai-Me and Argentinian Coffee

70.       Legoria’s Rhythm and Rocks Jazz Bistro

71.       Plum & Pretty Boutique

72.       Dogs on the Run- Hot Dog Vendor- Arlington Park

73.       The Loft Salon & Spa

74.       NU2U

75.       Wills Cinnamon Shop

76.       Roanoke Church Whittington

77.       Lox Salon

78.       Home Instead

79.       Jack Knife Barbershop

80.       Next Gen Tie-dyes & Apparel

81.       TLI Print- (Property Acquisition, Renovation and Expansion)

82.       Mirror, Mirror Salon

83.       Belle of Hot Springs Retail Store

84.       Bubba Brews Spa City Taproom

85.       Maxwell Blade’s Malco

86.       Oddities Museum

87.       Culinary District Cafe

88.       Handmade Holiday Shop

89.       SQZBX

90.       Park Avenue Parking Lot

91.       TRex Fun Spot (new construction and expansion)

92.       Grateful Head Pizza

93.       Urban Living & Development

94.       Core Public House

95.       Hot Springs Advertising

96.       Healthy Connections Administration Office

97.       Majestic Bakery & Café

98.       ParadICE Cream

99.       Taylor’s Lunchbox

100.    Vault



The Greater Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce is Hot Springs’ leading advocate and champion for business.

For further information, contact Mara Kuhn at 501.321.1700 or


- 30 -


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What is actually from the fortnite patch notes? Yet another week suggests a fresh Fortnite update, and we’re below to provide you with a breakdown on anything we all know that’s coming towards the sport, coupled with many bug fixes and improvements. A type of will be the very expected bandage bazooka, a helpful rocket…

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We have received this from Clive of Clive Scarfe Systems: Here is a great Christmas present idea that you can ask your loved ones for, available in the UK from Clive Scarfe Systems. This DVD made by those friends of ours at Classic Triumph Australia is a comprehensive guide to the rebuilding of a Trident/R3 […]

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254: The 5 BIG Regrets of 21 Billionaires You Must Know Now


254: The 5 BIG Regrets of 21 Billionaires You Must Know Now

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Intel : des processeurs Rocket Lake-S avec seulement 8 cœurs au maximum ?



Les futurs processeurs Rocket Lake d'Intel pourraient proposer 8 Cores avec un TDP de 125 W, profiter d'un iGPU Xe Gen12 et gérer la DDR4 3733 Mhz nativement



Packers playoff tickets on sale Dec. 5; Vikings tickets skyrocket

Packers playoff tickets available for possible wild card or divisional round games.


Rocket man: How I became a jet suit pilot

Jet suit pilot Sam Rogers on what it’s like to be a real-life Iron Man, and the story behind his 3d-printed jet pack.

Ronnie O’Sullivan may drench himself again if he wins the UK Champs

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN might end up feeling DRENCHED if he wins a hat-trick of Betway UK Championships. That’s because snooker’s greatest showman may copy last year’s celebrations and pour a glass of water over his head. The Rocket defended his crown nearly 12 months ago by battering Mark Allen 10-6 in the final in York for a record […]

DOJ Seeking to End Movie Studio and Theater Antitrust Decrees amidst Streaming Competition – A New Opportunity in Theatrical Distribution?


For the film and media distribution industries, this year has been action-packed.  Production budgets are skyrocketing and new digital services have been announced or are launching with each passing month. The streaming wars are upon us. Moreover, the FCC recently voted to treat streaming services as “effective competition” to traditional cable providers (or MVPDs), thereby triggering basic … Continue reading DOJ Seeking to End Movie Studio and Theater Antitrust Decrees amidst Streaming Competition – A New Opportunity in Theatrical Distribution?

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North Korea calls Japanese PM Shinzo Abe 'most stupid man' in dispute over launch

North Korea fired verbal shots at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday for mistaking Pyongyang's recent test-fire of its super-large multiple launch rocket system for a ballistic missile launch.

Dějiny divadla [Oscar G. Brocket / Rybka Publishers]

Aktualizované vydání Brockettových Dějin divadla představuje přehled dějin divadla od doby jeho vzniku až do současnosti.


4 Da People - Live 4 Dance (Deeper Mix)
Aaron Lowe - Keep Messin (Original Mix)
Aaron Lowe - Pack Yo Bags (Original Mix)
Aimo - Agape (Original Mix)
Alan Da Funk - Get On Up And Move (Original Mix)
Alberto Tagliaferri - Black Spice
Aldo Bergamasco, Tommie Cotton - The Feelings
Alex Politi, Regina Roger - Dreaming (Original Mix)
Andy Bach - Something New (Original Mix)
Andy Compton, Celestine, Anders Olinder - Gift Me Tomorrow (Bazils Gifted Mix)
Andy Compton, Celestine, Anders Olinder - Gift Me Tomorrow (Instrumental)
Andy Compton, Celestine, Anders Olinder - Gift Me Tomorrow
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Andy Edit, Soulful French Touch, Michelle Rivera - Diggin On You (Soulful French Touch Remix)
Andy Edit, Soulful French Touch, Michelle Rivera - Diggin On You (Stephen Richards Remix)
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John Crockett - Irma\'s Moisture (Brooklyn Instrumental)
John Crockett - Irma\'s Moisture (Brooklyn Pass)
John Crockett - Irma\'s Moisture (Main Instrumental)
John Crockett - Irma\'s Moisture (Main Mix)
Jonathan Joni - Mtambo Wechivanhu (Original Mix)
Jonathan Joni - Ndayenda (Original Mix)
Jonathan Joni - Nyamazana (Original Mix)
Jonathan Joni - Shoki\'s Brother Khumalo (Original Mix)
Jose V - Illusionize (Original Mix)
Joseph Junior & MAQman - The Waiting Is Over (MAQman Classic Main Instrumental Mix)
Joseph Junior & MAQman - The Waiting Is Over (MAQman Classic Main Mix)
Joseph Junior & MAQman - The Waiting Is Over (MAQman Deeper Vocal Mix)
Joss Moog - Yellowstone
Joy Marquez - Malawian
JR from Dallas - Body & Soul
Jungle Brothers - What \'U\' Waitin\' 4_ (Dave Durrell, CJ Mackintosh Jungle Fever Mix)
Jus Joe, Romy Black - Your Life (Original Mix)
Jus Joe, Romy Black - Your Life (Romy Black Remix)
K.E.E.N.E. - Red Frog Lick
K.E.E.N.E. - Sambapalo
Kaantos - Talkin\' About You (Original Mix)
Kek\'Star - Amazon Drum
Kerri Chandler, Treasa \'Diva\' Fennie - Heal My Heart (Kyle Kim Back to the 80\'s Mix)
Kevin Yost - The Bull (Moon Rocket Remix)
Keys Snow, Alexander James - Don\'t Run Away (Original Mix)
Keys Snow, Kabomo - Not Afraid To Try Again (Original Mix)
Keys Snow, Kom Xala - We\'re gods (Original Mix)
Keys Snow, Presss - Chasing A Rainbow (Original Mix)
Keys Snow, Soul Star - Umculo (Original Mix)
Keys Snow, Zano - Fall In Love Again (Original Mix)
Khepis - African Vibes
Kingbizza Keys, Dav Risen, Tshidiso T.Song - Amazing God (Dav Risen Dub Mix - Instrumental)
Kingbizza Keys, Dav Risen, Tshidiso T.Song - Amazing God (Main Mix)
Kon, Christian Taylor - All Night (Everybody) (Original Mix)
Lazarusman, Jonas Rathsman - Take Me There (Original Mix)
Leandro Di - I Just Feel Jazzy (Original Mix)
Leandro Di - Touch My Soul (Soulfuric Mix)
Lee Wilson - Honey (Extended Mix)
Loga R. - Vernon
Lolita - 041
Lolita - 042
Lolita - 043
Lolita - 044
Lolita - 045
Lolita - 046
Lolita - 047
Lolita - 048
Lolita - 049
Lolita - 050
Luciano Stazzone, Cesar Carneiro - Orixa (Kiko Navarro Slow Floor Re-Edit)
Luciano Stazzone, Cesar Carneiro - Orixa (Luau Dancefloor Mix)
Luciano Stazzone, Cesar Carneiro - Orixa (Original Mix)
Luciano Stazzone, Maria Consuelo Hernandez - One In A Million (Original Mix)
Luu97deep - Playing with Fire (feat Afro Swanky)
Mack Bango, Wallas - Get Some Drummer
Malena - Amame (Fizzikx Remix)
Mandy Smith - I Just Can\'t Wait (Instrumental)
Marta Acuna - Dance, Dance, Dance (Disco Version)
Martijn Ten Velden - Breaking Bells
Mary J. Blige - You Bring Me Joy
Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J - Mary Jane (All Night Long)
Mary J. Blige, Smif-n-wessun - I Love You (Remix)
Mashaya, Shabba CPT, Ntandazo P - Nabangani Bam
Masta Luminary - Sacred Jungle
Mauro Rocka - I\'m Coming
MF Robots - Finders Keepers (Instrumental)
MF Robots - Finders Keepers (Radio Edit Instrumental)
MF Robots - Finders Keepers (Radio Edit)
MF Robots - Finders Keepers (Short Radio Edit Instrumental)
MF Robots - Finders Keepers (Short Radio Edit)
MF Robots - Finders Keepers
MI.LA - Moon (Troja Remix)
Michele Divito - Deixa Beijar (Silvano Del Gado Remix)
Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson - Can I (Show You Real Love) (Steven Stone Remix)
Mike Rosales, Sokur - Latam Power (Original Mix)
Mike Rosales, Sokur - The Power Of 2-3 (Original Mix)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love (DJ Fen 4x4 remix)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love (DJ Fen Underground vocal dub remix)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love (Fradinho remix)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love (Seraphiks remix)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love (TF Disco Re Flip)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love (TF Soul Jazz Rub)
Momenta, Niara Scarlett - Your Love
Monoman - High Life
Mr Marvin - Entity (Jazzy Mix)
Mr. ThruouT - The Devil\'s Saddle
NAAMANE - I Am An African (Instrumental Mix)
NAAMANE - I Am An African (Vocal Mix)
Natema - A Negra (Xica da Silva) (Original Mix)
Needlees - Unnamed Feelings (Groove Assassin Classic Mix)
Nohan - Atmos (Original Mix)
Nologo - Sbrodolina
Oja - Shyia
Opolopo - You Can Make It (Instrumental)
Opolopo, Pete Simpson - You Can Make It (Original Mix)
Orchestra Baobab - Sibou Odia (Ben Gomori Edit)
Os Metidos, MCM, E-Jay, Over12 - Fly Away (Main Vocal)
Oscar G - Afro Shuffle (OG Beats)
Oscar G - Afro Shuffle
Osunlade - Ser al Santisimo (Original Mix)
Pascal Morias - Sicario (Original Mix)
Paul Woolford - Gherkin Flavour
Pauline Taylor - Doom
Pauline Taylor - Fire
Pauline Taylor - Rain
Pauline Taylor - Siren
Pharoah Sanders - You Got To Have Freedom (Opolopo Tweak)
Phil Weeks - A Woman Alone
Phil Weeks - Make Up Your Mind
PolBack Btz - Adventure
Punkin\' Machine - I Need You Tonight (Original Mix)
Quantic - Orquídea (feat Sly5thAve - Sampology remix)
Ragged Groove - Fly Away (Nu Ground Foundation Intrigo Dub)
Ragged Groove - Fly Away (Nu Ground Foundation Organic Dub)
Red Afrika - Afro Steam
Red Afrika, Katz The Singer - Let It Go
Renée - Dreams Come True (Original Mix)
Renée - Galaktic Odyssey (Original Mix)
Renée - Merci (Original Mix)
Renée - Sometimes I\'m Blue (Original Mix)
Renée - Space War (Original Mix)
Renée - That You Know (Original Mix)
Renée - This Feeling (Original Mix)
Rexx Racer - The Oochie Bang!
Rheinzand - Mr Mercury (Original Mix)
Rich Matinez - Jackin House (Original Mix)
Rich Matinez - Play It Loud (Original Mix)
Robert Vaughan - Kuku Drums (Original Mix)
La mascota perfecta. Estamos viendo varios carteles para Dolittle, la próxima película de Robert Downey Jr. Ojo a esta "versión alternativa".

Basket Nba: super Harden trascina i Rockets. 11 vittorie di fila per i Bucks


Il 'Barba' segna 60 punti e firma il successo di Houston contro Atlanta. Milwaukee domina Charlotte e allunga la striscia positiva. Philadelphia si impone in volata su Indiana


Front-end Engineer for Data Warehouse SaaS Solution в Newxel, Киев


Необходимые навыки

BS/Master degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
+3 years of experience as a Front-End Engineer
Ability to work closely with UX/UI designers and design systems
Knowledgeable about modern web technologies: Node.js, React, Redux, ES6/7, Webpack, etc.
Experience developing responsive web applications
Thorough understanding of web standards and browser/platform compatibility
Deep knowledge of CSS and CSS extensions (SASS/SCSS).
Experience working with modern software lifecycle tools: Git, CI/CD

Будет плюсом

Experience building Front-End applications for the large-scale production-ready products
Experience with web site heatmap and sessions analytic tools integration (e.g. Hotjar, LogRocket)
Knowledge of TypeScript


Competitive stable salary
Tax compensation
Long-term employment with 20 working-days paid vacation
Paid sick leaves (10 per year)
Comfortable workplace, office kitchen, and rest area
Modern and comfortable office near the Vystavkovyi center


Take part in building our R&D team
Work with the design team in building a user-friendly, robust, and highly responsive product
Design, build and maintain a global high-scale SaaS product

О проекте

Our new customer has ambitious plans to create a brand-new solution, similar to Amazon Redshift.
The client is not building just one more data warehouse solution, they have a new approach and features in mind to disrupt the market.
Technical stack — Go, React, Redux, TypeScript, Terraform (and other cloud tools).


ESG funds to break through $1tr by 2021, says SG

Assets held by mutual and exchange-traded funds focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are set to rocket over the next few years, according to research by Société Générale.

Games of the Decade: Destiny was at its best when we cheesed it


To mark the end of the 2010s, we're celebrating 30 games that defined the last 10 years. You can find all the articles as they're published in the Games of the Decade archive, and read about the thinking behind it in an editor's blog.

When I think back to my time playing Destiny, I remember the ways I exploited it, cheesed it, or sometimes even broke it before I remember the times I played it as Bungie intended. I remember the loot cave, a simple hole in a rock that spat out endless waves of Hive - and, as a result, endless waves of shiny engrams - before I remember one of the Strikes. I remember turning off the internet to try to get big bad Dark Below boss Crota stuck in the kneeling position so someone could slice up the sitting duck with a sword before I recall one of the public events. And I remember spending hours and hours and even more hours running into a boss room, blasting the boss to bits with a rocket launcher, nabbing the exotic engram he dropped, then blasting myself to death in order to reset the encounter, before I remember what I had to do to hit the light level cap. The cheeses were many, the rewards delicious, the memories eternal. Were we cowards? Or just bad at the game? A bit of both. And we didn't care.

Playing Destiny in the two years after it came out back in September 2014 was a punishing experience, but it was always a memorable one. And Destiny was at its most memorable when people came together to play in unintended ways. Things like the loot cave told the story Destiny so sorely missed. Bungie's plot was torn to shreds in the run up to the Destiny's release, but memes meant we cared about the empty vase characters like Commander "the Fallen are crafty" Zavala. The Mysterious Stranger had no time to explain why she didn't have time to explain, so players explained how to cheese Destiny in her place, posting guides on YouTube and on reddit for the entire community to gobble up with a ferocious hunger I hadn't seen since the early days of World of Warcraft. Destiny ended up being the water-cooler video game Bungie and then-publisher Activision so sorely craved, but we weren't talking about the Traveller's fate or the Speaker's motivation. We were talking about Dinklebot telling us that wizard came from the moon, and excitedly recounting how we were up all night cheesing the Summoning Pits from the safety of the room outside of the boss room, using the Ice Breaker sniper rifle and its self-replenishing ammo to slowly but surely wear that big ugly ogre down.

Read more



タブレット端末をいじっていたら、広島みやげ「生もみじ」、という文字が目につきました。→ ROCKET NEWS24広島土産 やまだ屋のもみじ饅頭 もみじファミリー20個入価格:2120円(税込、送料別) (2019/11/24時点)楽天で購入【最強説】広島みやげ「生もみじ」だけはガチというタイトルで記事が書かれていました。広島土産の生もみじは、お土産として最高だ、ということが書かれています。私も良く買って食べます、生もみじ。美味しいですよね~。広島には、やまだ屋という会社の、..

Rocketstor 6674t Repair Service Manual User

Rocketstor 6674t Repair Service Manual User

The rockets are planning 29 subject areas cheap nfl jerseys

I still ask the FBI: Where is Basketball Jerseys the server? We don’t have to keep increasing cheap nfl jerseys weight, Paul Andrade said, while Demetrius looked down at the […]

Get The Best ATV Motocross Chain Sprocket Kits

ATV Chain & Sprocket Kits offers the best chain and sprocket for many quadfactors brands of ATVs from our selected manufacturer to add a performance transmission to every off-road ATV. Every chain and sprocket here are matched and balanced for maximum performance and durability that are unmatched by separate components and specifically designed to withstand the high demands of ATV’s.

Early BTC Investor Roger Ver Says Bitcoin Cash Set to Skyrocket ‘A Thousand Times From Where It Is Now’

In a recent interview on CNBC&amp;#8217;s &amp;#8220;Power Lunch,&amp;#8221; Roger Ver, supporter of Bitcoin Cash, the world&amp;#8217;s fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the most successful offshoot of Bitcoin, says he expects its price to s

Mayfield slings rocket over middle to Demetrius Harris for 23 yards

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield completes a 23-yard pass to tight end Demetrius Harris.

Joom и Rocket10 протестировали новые площадки для привлечения трафика

Для интернет-магазинов очень важно поддерживать постоянный контакт с лояльной аудиторией и привлекать все больше новых пользователей. Основные источники трафика всем давно известны и понятны.

Rocket Storm Balaclava

Rocket Storm Balaclava
  • The perfect one-piece designed helmet-compatible balaclava.
  • Microtherm 2-way stretch to fit perfectly under your helmet without additional bulk

Price: $11.85


Rocket Storm Neck Fleece Neckwarmer

Rocket Storm Neck Fleece Neckwarmer
  • Soft non-pilling polyfleece neck warmer
  • Great alternative to a full balaclava

Price: $11.85


Evacuation order lifted as huge Texas plant fire ‘contained’

AUSTIN, Texas – Officials lifted evacuation orders Friday for about 50,000 people on the Texas Gulf Coast, determining a massive fire was under control at a chemical plant rocked by two major explosions two days earlier.

“We are in a position to say it’s contained. We feel comfortable with the efforts that have been made by our firefighters,” Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick said at a news conference in Port Neches, about 80 miles east of Houston.

But the area around the TPC Group plant remained dangerous. Several isolated fires were still blazing and visible at the facility, which makes chemical and petroleum-based products. Officials said they could not predict when those would be fully extinguished.

The explosions began early Wednesday morning and were so big that nearby homes captured the bright balls of fire on front-porch security cameras. The blasts shattered windows and ripped doors off hinges. Three workers were injured, and when a second blast erupted 13 hours after the initial overnight explosion, evacuation orders covering a 4-mile radius around the plant took effect.

Debris thrown across Port Neches – and potentially neighboring towns – by the sheer magnitude of Wednesday’s explosions also posed risks to families returning home. Branick, the top county official, cautioned that construction on the plant began in the 1940s and that asbestos could have been hurled into people’s yards. He urged homeowners to steer clear of any “white, chalky substance” and call health officials if any are found.

Branick said it might be several months before the cause of the explosions is known. He said the air quality posed no threat to residents.

“There’s still going to be smoke in the air. There’s still going to be flames visible at night,” said Troy Monk, the director of health safety and security for the TPC Group. “I would love to tell you we’re going to be done by the end of the day. I would not be telling you the truth if I made that statement. It’s very difficult for us to quantify in days how long this is going to take.”

The explosion was the latest in a series of high-profile accidents this year up and down the Texas Gulf Coast, which is home to the highest concentration of oil refineries in the nation. In July, an explosion at an ExxonMobil refinery in Baytown left more than a dozen people with minor injuries and put nearby residents under a shelter-in-place for three hours.

Toby Baker, the head of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, called it an “unacceptable trend of significant incidents” this week and said the petroleum industry must be held accountable.

But environmental groups for years have accused Baker’s agency of being a toothless watchdog that provides inadequate oversight and slaps highly profitable corporations with only meager penalties.

The TPC Group plant had been labeled a “high priority” violator by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after its last inspection in 2017 and had been cited multiple times in recent years for clean air violations.

Environmentalists were also quick to point out that the TPC Group explosion occurred just a week after the Trump administration scaled back chemical safety plant measures that had been prompted by a 2013 explosion at a Texas fertilizer storage facility that killed 15 people. The rollback included eliminating a required public access to information about dangerous chemicals companies keep on site.

Officials have said the first blast occurred around 1 a.m. Wednesday in an area of the plant that makes butadiene, a chemical used to make synthetic rubber and other products. It sent a large plume of smoke stretching for miles and started a fire. The second blast ripped through the plant about 2 p.m., sending a steel reactor tower rocketing high into the air.

The plant has 175 full-time employees and 50 contract workers.


The safe-deposit box makes a comeback


Here are three of the week's top pieces of financial insight, gathered from around the web:

Beware of the cash-out refi
"Cash-out refinances are gaining popularity again — and are still dangerous," said Keith Jurow at MarketWatch. These modified mortgages are when "the borrower pulls out some of the equity in the house by taking out a new mortgage larger than the previous one," and keeps the cash — essentially using the home as a piggy bank. Between 2005 and 2007, "$3.1 trillion in cash-out refis was handed to homeowners." When the bubble burst, "droves of borrowers defaulted," and cash-out refis largely disappeared. Now they've suddenly skyrocketed, and 82 percent of homeowners who refinanced in the last quarter of 2018 took cash out. "Lenders and borrowers alike have apparently learned little from the bubble-era excesses and subsequent crash."

Government impersonation scams
A con artist posing as an FBI agent for 50 hours of phone calls over three days got a woman to part with her life savings of $340,000, said Sarah Krause at The Wall Street Journal. The scammer gave Nina Belis, a nurse in her 60s, "his badge number and a story about how her identity had been compromised." Having gotten her to listen, he spun his story in three days of almost nonstop phone calls and texts, convincing Belis that she would need to get a new Social Security number, cooperate with the "investigation," and move her savings into "government-protected accounts." While Belis lost an unusual amount of money, experts say that "government impersonation scams" routinely snare thousands of people. In just the first nine months of this year, regulators received "more than 139,000 reports of fraud in which people claimed to be from the Social Security Administration."

Safe-deposit boxes back in vogue
Anxious wealthy investors are turning to old-fashioned safe-deposit boxes, said Benjamin Stupples at Bloomberg. "For some, it's the threat of a global recession." Others "are concerned about natural disasters." The rich are scrambling to secure "metals, cash, and cryptocurrency," even as banks in the U.S. are closing branches and opting not to install safe-deposit boxes in many new ones. Some have turned to nonbanks offering vaults, such as Sincona Trading AG, "with more than 1,000 safe-deposit boxes for rent in central Zurich." Another stronghold in central London "resembles a private club, with wood-paneled walls and an ornate fireplace." An "apartment-size" storage space there costs $3.2 million a year.


What the Moomins can tell us about fighting climate despair


Climate change is real, no matter what some would have us believe. In this past summer's heat wave over Europe, the Arctic region of Scandinavia experienced temperatures up to 101 degrees, while the ice cap of Greenland is melting at the rate projected for the year 2070. Meanwhile, Australia is experiencing yet another year of unprecedented drought, at the same time as the American Midwest has been fighting against the overflowing Mississippi River after too much rain. It is becoming increasingly clear that climate change is not a problem we will need to deal with sometime in the future. It is happening now.

Grappling with the magnitude of climate change causes what is known as climate despair, which is the overwhelming sense that climate change will inevitably cause the extinction of humanity, and that, while we wait for the apocalypse to happen, life loses its meaning. Climate despair is an expression of what psychologists call "ultimate concerns," that is a concern for existential issues, such as death, finitude, and meaninglessness. When confronted with the enormity of climate change, our ultimate concerns causes despair, and instead of taking action, we give up before we have even started.

In times of crisis, we turn to the arts for guidance and solace. Over the past few years, sales of poetry and dystopian speculative fiction have skyrocketed as people search for meaning in a changing world. Books such as George Orwell's 1984, Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, and Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower have become literary beacons for those concerned about the state of politics. But for those suffering from climate despair, a beacon can be found in the books about the Moomins by Finnish-Swedish artist and author, Tove Jansson.

Jansson wrote the first two books about the Moomins, The Moomins and the Great Flood and Comet in Moominland, during the years of World War II when her home country of Finland fought off an invasion attempt by the Soviet Union. The Moomins are a family that consists of Moomintroll and his parents, Moominmamma and Moominpappa. They live in a round, tower-like blue house in the Moominvalley, surrounded by friends and other eccentric characters.

Because of the cute appearance of the Moomins (rotund with short legs, big eyes, and wide snouts), the books about them are generally considered harmless stories set in an idyllic fantasy world. But in the Moominvalley, darkness always lurks around the corner. The Moomin books are children's books for adults where light confronts darkness and vulnerability is juxtaposed to the feelings of safety and home.

The Moomins and the Great Flood and Comet in Moominland were written as parables of war, but the natural disasters that threaten the Moominvalley in these two stories can also be read as parables of climate change. Climate change causes meteorological extremes. Certain places on Earth heat up while others grow colder. Snow and rain become unevenly distributed, causing droughts in some places, extreme floods in others.

The winter and spring of 2019 saw large amounts of rain and snow in the Mississippi River basin, causing disastrous floods throughout the entire area. With flood days counting in the hundreds, these floods have broken local records set by the Great Flood of 1927, the largest natural disaster in U.S. history. Living alongside the Mississippi has always meant living with the threat of floods, but because of climate change, the old rules are no longer in play. Families can't return to their homes and Main Streets are closed when buildings continue to be submerged because the water doesn't recede.

In The Moomins and the Great Flood, Moomintroll and Moominmamma go to sleep to the soothing sound of rain, only to discover that it is still raining when they wake up the next morning. The rain continues for days, and the water starts rising around them. When the skies finally clear, the world is covered by water as far as the eye can see. Using a floating armchair for a boat, Moomintroll and Moominmamma meet creatures perched in trees, waiting for rescue after having lost everything they own.

While the Midwest stood under water, earlier this year California saw the end to a drought that began in December 2011 and lasted a total of 376 weeks. In Australia, there is no end in sight of the drought caused by years of almost no rain. Drought is a major concern when it comes to climate change, not only because the absence of rain depletes the fresh water aquifers, but because rising temperatures dry out the soil.

Scorched earth and lack of water are threats in Comet in Moominland where a comet hurtles towards Earth and the Moominvalley, threatening to destroy them on impact. As the comet approaches, it radiates heat that causes temperatures to rise. The closer the world comes to disaster, the hotter it gets. The oceans dry up, and the change in climate forces creatures to flee their homes.

Some inhabitants of the Moominvalley choose to stay where they are, instead of joining the Moomin family in their cave to take shelter. One character, Hemulen, claims that he sees no signs of a disaster on the horizon. Another character, Muskrat, decides to ignore a situation.

In her article on how to psychologically handle mental health issues caused by climate despair, psychologist Emily Green concludes that the effect of climate change on our well-being is connected to whether or not we take action. Doing something small — even as seemingly inconsequential as bringing a reusable bag to the supermarket — leads to a better frame of mind from which to handle the threat of climate change.

The difference between the Moomin family and the characters they meet during the disasters of the flood and the comet is that they take action, and they set small goals. A Moomin doesn't have the ability to steer a comet away from Earth or to make floodwater recede, but a Moomin can fight to keep the family together during a disaster. Even in a time of impending doom, a Moomin takes pleasure in the beauty of a sea pearl, enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning, and always accepts an invitation to dance. By doing all of these things, a Moomin keeps despair at bay.

Because, as journalist and historian David M. Perry says, we can't afford to fall into despair when it comes to climate change. But not for our own sake: for the generations that are growing up today and whose lives will be even more affected by climate change, because one day this world will be theirs.

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CRX Fritz Tiny Quad Pocket Rocket


I was sent this light, a Fritz Pocket Rocket stainless steel prototype for repair or to see what I could do with it.
It was originally a twisty switch QTC variable light which is a nice idea and had an interesting implementation but problematic for operation on such a small slippery fellow like this, plus there was a lot of damage to the system.
After some initial measurements I decided that I could make this into an electronic tail switch light, no easy feat with 57mm total length to play with.

I wanted to make the light a triple but the owner insisted on a quad setup Smile

The original pill looked like it had been damaged & repaired a few times with burnt LEDs, slightly melted optic and plastic lens.

So I got to work...

A bit of a mess here so first I cleaned up the pill, soldered in a new copper shelf topside and 17mm driver retaining ring.

The original triple QTC pill setup.

Next, a 10mm hole drilled & filed in the tail to fit a 10mm x 6mm x 2mm ring magnet then a hand made copper electronic switch unit assembley to carry the switch signal to the head. Magnetic & titanium switch button.

The 6mm diameter flush button gives some balance between operation & accidental activation.

Onto the head, with a copper switch contact disc fixed onto the driver to meet with the copper switch bar when the light is screwed together, quad Samsung LH351D LEDs & Noctigon MCPCB setup, sanded down Carclo 10621 optic and aqua blue glow gasket with a MTN 17mm+1 D4 ramping E-Switch driver.Roughly fitted together.

I still have some work to do such as fix the body internals in place and some tidying up etc but just about there Thumbs Up 

CRX Fritz Quad LH351D Pocket Rocket - FET+1 - 18350 - Electronic Tail Sw - 2270lm.CRX Fritz Quad LH351D - FET+1 - 18350 - E - Tail Sw - 2270lm.Samsung LH351D 5000K 90CRI emitters (SPHWHTL3DA0GF4RTS6)
Noctigon 20mm copper quad DTP MCPCB
Carclo 10621 quad optic
20.4mm x 1mm Sternkreuz glass
Cyan glow disc
Copper pill
MTN 17DDM FET+7135 driver
D4v2 ramping firmware
Electronic magnetic tail switch
Stainless steel body
Titanium switch button cover

Length - 57mm
Width - 23mm
Weight - 80g (with 18350 cell)
Max - 2270lm OTFCRX Fritz Quad LH351D - FET+1 - 18350 - E - Tail Sw - 2270lm..


Comparison to the CRX Xanes XT01 SS Electronic side switch light.



Letters to the editor: Readers weigh in on prescription drug costs

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Friday Photos: Wheel & Sprocket’s New Bay View HQ

Opening early next year: One of the "most dramatic bicycle-related spaces in the country."

Авто Илона Маска появилось в нескольких самых популярных играх

Tesla Cybertruck посетил GTA V, Minecraft и Rocket League

Harden dorovnal legendárního Jordana! Povedl se mu úctyhodný výkon

Počtvrté v kariéře se americkému basketbalistovi Jamesi Hardenovi povedlo v jednom zápase NBA nasázet neuvěřitelných 60 bodů. Navíc to třicetiletý hráč v utkání proti Atlantě stihl za tři čtvrtiny. V této statistice tak dorovnal legendárního Michaela Jordana. Rockets rozdrtili Hawks 158:111. Právem patří mezi největší hvězdy zámořské soutěže. Harden znovu prokázal, co je jeho největší přednost. Ačkoliv se o něm říká, že je sobec a není moc týmový hráč, dokáže prakticky sám svému týmu vyhrát

Trump's Climate Recklessness Is Grounds for Impeachment

Ralph Nader
Members of the activist group Remove Trump unfurled a 600 sq ft banner with the impeachment clause from the U.S. Constitution as they marched on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower reciting Article II Section IV of the U.S. Constitution: "High Crimes and Misdemeanors". (Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Members of the activist group Remove Trump unfurled a 600 sq ft banner with the impeachment clause from the U.S. Constitution as they marched on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower reciting Article II Section IV of the U.S. Constitution: "High Crimes and Misdemeanors". (Photo: Erik McGregor/LightRocket via Getty Images)


Bernie Sanders Is the Movement Candidate We Need

James Haslam
We must lay to rest the notion that Bernie Sanders can’t win, as the truth is he very well may be the best hope. (Photo: Ron Adar/SOPA Images/LightRocket?Getty Images)
We must lay to rest the notion that Bernie Sanders can’t win, as the truth is he very well may be the best hope. (Photo: Ron Adar/SOPA Images/LightRocket?Getty Images)


The U.S. Army’s Worst Tradition: Never Ready for the Next War


The U.S. Army’s Worst Tradition: Never Ready for the Next WarGettySince the end of the Cold War, the U.S. Army has been consistently ranked as the most capable land force on the globe by defense analysts of all stripes. So why are so many people in the American military community today worried about the Army’s ability to deter conflicts with likely adversaries or prevail against those adversaries in future wars?The short answer is that warfare, always a mysterious amalgam of art, science, and guts, has become an increasingly complicated and unpredictable enterprise. America’s leading potential adversaries, China and Russia, have shown no small measure of imagination and dexterity in identifying the U.S. armed forces’ vulnerabilities, and exploiting them through the development of subtle yet aggressive geopolitical strategies, and increasingly lethal armed forces.Both “near peer competitors” may well be ahead of the U.S. military in applying newly emerging technologies—artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous systems, hypersonic weapons, and nanotechnology—to the ancient military problems of constricting an adversary’s maneuver, neutralizing its offensive weapons, and disrupting its command and control.These cutting-edge technologies, writes Christian Brose, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “will enable new battle networks of sensors and shooters to rapidly accelerate the process of detecting, targeting, and striking threats, what the military calls the ‘kill chain.’”Mattis: ‘No Enemy’ Has Done More Harm to Military Readiness Than CongressHow is it that “the most lethal land force in world history” finds itself in this unenviable position? While the Army exhausted itself fighting two frustrating and inconclusive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the last 19 years, both Russia and China embarked on grand strategies of regional hegemony designed to undermine the rules-based international order that emerged after World War II under American leadership. Both of these rising powers have developed myriad ways to sew discord and dissent in America’s network of alliances and to expand their spheres of influence.Beijing presents its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as the best path for underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa to gain access to modern infrastructure, capital, and prosperity. In practice, it’s plain that under the guise of building ports, roads, and communications infrastructure around the globe, China is engaged in predatory lending practices meant to gain political leverage and privileged access to foreign assets.In the South China Sea, Beijing has militarized seven hotly disputed islets, and is attempting to pinch the U.S. forces out of this strategically sensitive area entirely, even though international courts have declared China’s claims to these waters to be without foundation.Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has run rings around the Obama and Trump administrations in the chess game of international politics. He successfully annexed the Crimea in 2014 from Ukraine, and interfered in the presidential election of 2016 via “active measures,” i.e., information warfare aimed at creating confusion and conflict in the American body politic. Moscow also successfully intervened on behalf of the brutal Assad regime in Syria, and Russia is now a major player in the Middle East.As demonstrated in the Ukraine, the Russians are the master practitioners of “hybrid warfare,” in which conventional military operations—and the threat of such operations—are closely integrated with propaganda, proxy campaigns, cyber warfare, coercive diplomacy, and economic threats.Both Russia and China have revitalized creaky and obsolete military establishments into first-class warfighting organizations. The consensus among Western military analysts is that in their respective spheres of influence, both countries have sufficiently sophisticated “anti-access area denial” (A2AD) capabilities to inflict severe punishment on American forces attempting to penetrate those spheres in order to challenge aggression or come to the aid of an ally. According to Army General Mark Milley, chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, both Russia and China are “deploying capabilities to fight the United States through multiple levels of standoff in all domains—space, cyber, air, sea, and land. The military problem we face is defeating multiple levels of standoff… in order to maintain the coherence of our operations.”Gen. Milley and the rest of the Army’s top brass are well aware that their service is currently a rusty instrument for carrying out high intensity operations warfare against either potential adversary. The Army Strategy, an 11-page, single-spaced document published in October 2018, provides a rough blueprint for the service’s plan to transform itself from a counterinsurgency-oriented organization into the leading practitioner of high intensity war by 2028.It won’t be easy. The Army Strategy calls for truly sweeping, even revolutionary, changes in doctrine, training, and organization of forces.For the first time since the Cold War, the Army has to reconfigure itself to be able to fight and win in a contested environment, where it will not have undisputed control over the air and sea. At the same time, it must prepare to engage potential adversaries more or less continuously in “gray zone conflict.” General Joseph Votel, the recently retired head of Special Operations Command, succinctly defines this concept as “conflicts characterized by intense political, economic, informational, and military competition more fervent in nature than normal diplomacy, yet short of conventional war.”The Army Strategy describes four lines of effort to reach the service’s chief objective by 2028, in this order of priority: Readiness, modernization, department reform, and building alliances and partnerships. The last two lines are more or less pro forma in every American military strategy document I’ve read over the last 30 years: reduce waste and inefficiency, and work with allies to insure military interoperability. The first two lines are worth a close look, for they illuminate the broad contours of the service’s quest to regain its pre-eminence in great power conflict. The quest to enhance readiness begins with plans to increase the size of the regular army to over half a million men from its current level of 476,000. In a departure from recent practice, all units earmarked for contingency operations and overseas deployments will be fully manned and given state of the art equipment before deploying. In order to increase the size of the service, the quality and quantity of recruiters and instructors will be increased.The focus of Army unit training will shift from counterinsurgency operations to high intensity fighting, where the adversary is assumed to have cutting edge A2AD, offensive weapons, and cyber systems.Deployments of Army units around the world will be less predictable and more rapid that they’ve been to date, as the Army and the other armed services begin to put the “Dynamic Force Deployment” concept to work. This concept is closely associated with former Secretary of Defense James Mattis. It’s also classified, and few details have been released for public consumption. But the core idea, as Mattis explained in 2018, is for the U.S. military to “stop telegraphing its punches.” Combat forces and their support units will be moving in and out of potential flashpoint areas more frequently and at unpredictable intervals in order to proactively shape the strategic environment.Improving readiness also involves important upgrades in the Army’s defensive missile systems to counter China and Russia’s formidable A2AD systems. A new lower-tier air and missile defense sensor project will enhance the ability of Patriot missiles to identify and track targets at long range by 2022. Beginning in 2021, Stryker light armored vehicles will be equipped with a new air defense system to protect mechanized battalions and brigades as they maneuver in harm’s way.Missile system upgrades, coupled with an entirely new generation of combat vehicles, both manned and unmanned, will allow the Army of the future to penetrate adversary defenses with an acceptable degree of loss.Ensuring readiness to fight is the top priority of the Army until 2022. After that date, the service plans to turn close attention to implementing entirely new operational concepts and “technologically mature” systems that are currently in the research and development phase.The overarching goal is to be able to conduct sustained “multi-domain operations” against either potential adversary, and win, by 2028. In the modernization phase, the Army plans to introduce a host of new long-range precision weapons, including hypersonic missiles that travel at more than five times the speed of sound. An entirely new generation of combat vehicles and vertical lift aircraft, i.e., new helicopters and aircraft with capabilities similar to those of the V-22 Osprey, both manned and unmanned, are currently in the works.The new Army Network will be an integrated system of hardware, software, and infrastructure capable of withstanding formidable cyber assaults.The leading war-fighting concept at the foundation of the Army’s modernization effort, though, is clearly “multi-domain operations (MDO).” The first thing to be said about the concept is that it’s very much inchoate. Discussions with several active-duty Army officers suggest even those “in the know” about this classified concept have only a hazy idea of how such operations will work in the field, for the simple reason that many of the systems such operations hope to integrate are still in the early stages of development.The Army has only one experimental MDO unit on active duty. It is deployed in the Indo-Pacific Command and built around a conventional rocket and missile brigade. The brigade contains a unique battalion devoted to intelligence, information, cyber, electronic warfare and space operations (I2CEWS). According to Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., an editor at Breaking Defense, the I2CEWS battalion “appears to not only pull together data from outside sources—satellites, drones, spy planes—to inform friendly forces of threats and targets, it also wages war in cyberspace and across the electronic spectrum, hacking and jamming the sensors and networks that tell the enemy where to shoot.”The commander of Army forces in the Indo-Pacific, Gen. Robert Brown, recently told reporters that his experimental brigade has performed brilliantly “in at least ten war games” against what are presumably Chinese and Russian forces. Before the advent of the new unit, American forces repeatedly failed to penetrate either rivals’ anti-access area denial systems with acceptable casualties in war games. Another experimental brigade is expected to enter service in Europe soon.The U.S. Army has a long and unenviable history of being ill-prepared to fight the next war. The French and British had to train U.S. Army units before they were deployed in World War I. The Army entered World War II as the 17th largest army in the world, with underpowered tanks, airplanes, and ancient rifles. The Army that went to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan had trained long and hard to engage in conventional operations against nation states, but was ill-prepared, psychologically or organizationally, for counter-insurgency war. The Army’s ability to adapt to new developments has long been hampered by infighting and excessive conservatism in the upper reaches of the service’s hierarchy.To remedy this problem, in July 2018 the Army created the Futures Command (AFC). Its purpose is to unify the service-wide modernization effort under a single command, and oversee the development of new doctrine, equipment, organization, and training. According to Gen. John Murray, its head, the AFC “will conduct war-fighting and technology experimentation together, producing innovative, field-informed war-fighting concepts and working prototypes of systems that have a low risk of… being rejected by future war fighters. There are no game-changing technologies. There are only game-changing combinations of war-fighting concepts, technologies and organizations.”To say that General Murray has his work cut out for him is a massive understatement. He surely has one of the most difficult and important assignments in modern military history. Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.


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Jimmy Wales New Social Network Skyrockets To 345,000 Members, Will Hire Journalists

Jimmy Wales' new social network WT.Social started November with just 1,500 members. Four weeks later, it's skyrocketed up to 345,680 members -- and that's just the beginning. Next year Wales plans to hire journalists, with the site's users acting as their "editors-in-chief," fulfilling the dreams Wales had for the site's earlier incarnation as a crowd-sourced news platform Wikitribune, reports the journalism magazine Press Gazette: Wikitribune originally employed about ten to 12 journalists who created content and hit publish on stories for the site. But the whole editorial team was laid off in October last year after Wales told them costs were unsustainable with not enough money coming in from crowdfunding and no major investors. [On WT.Social] he instead enabled thousands of users to publish articles, a right that had previously been limited to Wikitribune's staff journalists.... "[T]here was a real feeling that this site was a journalists' website and you as a member are allowed to help them as a junior mini-journalist on the side. And that just didn't really work. Whereas to really foster that sense of community engagement and moral ownership of what they're doing, you kind of want to reverse that and say actually the journalists are here to serve whatever you're interested in so send them out, get them busy, you be the editor-in-chief and direct their work.... "We'll say: 'Here are some of the most active communities, you work for them -- what do they need you to do? What are the things that they want you to look into? Who do they want you to go and hunt down and interview?' So it's really putting journalists at the disposal of people who are in a certain area." Wales tell the Press Gazette that his original WikiTribune site had had a design that was "too intimidating" for non-journalists. "People felt like 'okay I have to go and write a whole big piece, edit it, publish it, all of that' rather than just sharing, interacting in a much more casual way..." "So far [on WT Social] that's proven to be overwhelmingly true," Wales added. On his new site users are signed up for four "subwikis" by default -- Internet News, Long Reads, Fighting Misinformation, and Upcoming Newsworthy Events -- and this has started some good conversations. "People come on the platform and they're discussing things, sharing things, writing things in a much more fluid way." WT.Social is currently looking for volunteer laravel or vue developers, as well as admins, and there's even a paid position as a community assistant.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


Updated Oscar Predictions For Late November

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving yesterday! Now, filled with turkey and stuffing, we turn our attention back to the Academy Awards. As mentioned in our last post, voters are almost assuredly pouring over screeners during this break, so it’s a pivotal time in the race. Assuming members of the Academy have access to everything that matters (unless you’re convinced Cats or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is going to upend the season at the last moment), it’s just a matter of trying to read the tea leaves and figure out what they like best. Today, that’s what I’ve attempted to do in the newest update to my Oscar picks. As you’ll see below, predictions have been updated to reflect the first screenings for 1917 and Richard Jewell, both of which I’ve seen. For the former, not only are all of the predicted categories basically safe bets now, there’s a chance that it’s in line for more wins than simply Roger Deakins in Best Cinematography. As for the latter, it really just depends on how much voters are in a Clint Eastwood mood. Time will tell, but right now, it does seem like a race between The Irishman and Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood. For my money, it’s a pick em here in late November. Here now are some new Academy Award predictions to sift through: BEST PICTURE 1. Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood 2. The Irishman 3. 1917 4. Marriage Story 5. Parasite 6. Jojo Rabbit 7. Joker 8. Bombshell 9. The Two Popes 10. Ford v Ferrari Next in line: 11. Little Women 12. Richard Jewell 13. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 14. The Farewell 15. Knives Out 16. Judy 17. Just Mercy 18. Rocketman 19. Waves 20. Honey Boy 21. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 22. Dolemite Is My Name 23. Hustlers 24. A Hidden Life 25. Cats 26. Dark Waters 27. Harriet 28. The Peanut Butter Falcon 29. Booksmart 30. Avengers: Endgame BEST DIRECTOR 1. Quentin Tarantino – Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood 2. Martin Scorsese – The Irishman 3. Sam Mendes – 1917 4. Bong Joon-Ho – Parasite 5. Noah Baumbach – Marriage Story Next in line: 6. James Mangold – Ford v Ferrari 7. Fernando Meirelles – The Two Popes 8. Todd Phillips – Joker 9. Greta Gerwig – Little Women 10. Clint Eastwood – Richard Jewell BEST ACTOR 1. Adam Driver – Marriage Story 2. Joaquin Phoenix – Joker 3. Leonardo DiCaprio – Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood 4. Jonathan Pryce – The Two Popes 5. Taron [...]

Taking A Fourth Crack At Golden Globe Predictions

Believe it or not, we’re only about two weeks away from the Golden Globe nominations being announced. Somehow, we’ve spent months checking in on this precursor from time to time, so there actually isn’t that much more to say. Early next month, right before the announcement, we’ll have a full piece with some final analysis on what could be (right now, I have Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood having an extraordinarily good day, which may be an overestimation). Today, however, it’s just going to be new predictions to share. Take a look at these and sit tight for one final update the weekend before the announcement, which is Monday, December 9th. Check back then, but today…new predictions! Here now, without any further delay, is a penultimate look at the Golden Globes: Best Picture (Drama) 1. The Irishman 2. Marriage Story 3. 1917 4. The Two Popes 5. Joker If there’s a sixth: Ford v. Ferrari If there’s a seventh: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood One more to consider: Bombshell Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) 1. Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood 2. Jojo Rabbit 3. Rocketman 4. Dolemite Is My Name 5. Uncut Gems If there’s a sixth: Hustlers If there’s a seventh: Booksmart One more to consider: Cats Best Actor (Drama) 1. Joaquin Phoenix – Joker 2. Adam Driver – Marriage Story 3. Jonathan Pryce – The Two Popes 4. Antonio Bandaras – Pain and Glory 5. Christian Bale – Ford v. Ferrari If there’s a sixth: Robert De Niro – The Irishman If there’s a seventh: Kelvin Harrison Jr. – Waves One more to consider: Matt Damon – Ford v. Ferrari Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) 1. Eddie Murphy – Dolemite is My Name 2. Taron Egerton – Rocketman 3. Leonardo DiCaprio – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 4. Adam Sandler – Uncut Gems 5. Daniel Craig – Knives Out If there’s a sixth: Shia LaBeouf – The Peanut Butter Falcon If there’s a seventh: Will Smith – Aladdin One more to consider: Seth Rogen – Long Shot Best Actress (Drama) 1. Renée Zellweger – Judy 2. Charlize Theron – Bombshell 3. Scarlett Johansson – Marriage Story 4. Saoirse Ronan – Little Women 5. Lupita Nyong’o – Us If there’s a sixth: Alfre Woodard – Clemency If there’s a seventh: Cynthia Erivo – Harriet One more to consider: Felicity Jones – The Aeronauts Best Actress (Comedy or Musical) 1. Beanie Feldstein – Booksmart 2. Charlize Theron – Long Shot 3. Awkwafina – The Farewell 4. Kaitlyn Dever – Booksmart 5. Emma Thompson – Late Night If there’s a sixth: Jillian Bell – Brittany Runs a Marathon If there’s a seventh: Constance Wu – Hustlers One more to consider: Ana de Armas [...]

Govt to import onion from Turkey, Egypt to control skyrocketing prices

Govt to import onion from Turkey, Egypt to control skyrocketing prices

Ultraviolette F77: 5 things to know


Ultraviolette Automotive is a Bengaluru-based start-up that has recently launched the F77 – India’s first indigenous all-electric sports bike. Designed and developed in Bengaluru, with the backing of industry heavyweights like the TVS Motor Company, the F77 features some interesting technological features that include a set of high-density lithium-ion battery packs, which are much lighter than conventional ones. Here are five things you need to know about the new Ultraviolette F77.


The F77 was always conceived as a performance-biased electric motorcycle and not a humdrum commuter. There are, in fact, quite a few manufacturers that have launched all-electric scooters with a greater emphasis on everyday utility and range but not on outright performance. This is where Ultraviolette distinguishes itself by launching a 200cc-250cc motorcycle-rivalling, all-electric model. The focus is clearly on offering a similar experience to that of a petrol-powered motorcycle, not only in terms of performance but also on factors such as ride and handling. We were, in fact, the only automobile publication to ride the final prototype version a few months back, and going by the specifications, the F77 looks quite promising


The F77 is powered by a 25kW motor that’s nestled within a bespoke frame and develops 33.5hp at 2,250rpm, along with 90Nm of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheel via an X-ring chain drive with a 14T sprocket at the front and a 46T sprocket on the rear wheel.

Those are pretty impressive figures and, as is the case with most electric vehicles, torque is available literally on tap. Claimed performance figures for an e-vehicle are hence ...electrifying – 0-60kph comes up in 2.5sec, while the 100kmph mark will fly by in 7.5sec. The bike will go on to hit its top speed of 147kph and that’s quick enough for our roads. There are three ride modes – Eco, Pro and Insane – with the last one offering maximum performance, albeit at the cost of the lowest possible range. Although, Ultraviolette says their battery technology has ensured that the F77 manages a realistic range in spite of the performance on offer.

The F77 will feature a raft of connected technologies that can be accessed via an iOS and Android based smartphone app. A 5.0-inch TFT instrument panel acts as the interface, with buttons on the switchgear to operate various functions. A touchscreen panel, like on the Ather 450, would’ve added to the cost, says Ultraviolette. Other features on the F77 include geofencing, automatic battery compartment ejection, remote start-stop, error reporting, and a nine-axis IMU for ride analysis.


At the touch of a button, a stack of three removable lithium-ion batteries, sitting inside a tray, pop out of the fairing in a rather captivating sci-fi fashion. Each battery pack is IP67-rated and weighs only 8.5kg; Ultraviolette says it is one of the most power-dense batteries in the world and patents for the same have been filed. The batteries alone contribute to major weight savings and that explains why the e-motorcycle has an impressive 158kg kerb weight. Ultraviolette says that they’ve tested the battery packs for durability while riding over rough terrain. The batteries come with their own processor, memory, wireless communication an GPS module. 

The batteries offer a combined range of 130-150km on a single charge and it takes 5 hours to brim it with juice, while a fast charger, sold separately, drops charging time to just 1.5 hours. In addition, Ultraviolette will also sell you a 3kW portable ‘powerbank’ that can be carried in a backpack. It can charge the batteries up to 80 percent in 50 minutes, which should help alleviate range anxiety concerns. For those lookin to charge the batteries at home, a special charging pod, sold seprately, 

Chassis and suspension

Besides the large electric motor and battery housing within the chassis, the rest of the F77’s components are similar to what you’d see on a conventional, petrol-powered motorcycle. There's a USD fork at the front and a preload adjustable monoshock at the rear. The wheels are cast alloy, designed by the Ultraviolette team. Even the brakes are the same Bybre units as on the KTM RC 390.


The Ultraviolette F77 is available in three variants – Lightning, Shadow and Laser – and customers can choose to fit a variety of accessories, which includes panniers. The F77 will set you back by Rs 3-3.25 lakh on-road. Although bookings are open, deliveries will only commence in October 2020, because there's still some fine tuning left to do. Components such as the switchgear, for instance, have not been finalised and the company wants to ensure that customers receives a glitch-free motorcycle.

For those who want to know more about what the e-motorcycle is like to ride on a racetrack, we'll be live with our review tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Ducati Diavel 1260S chega ao Brasil por R$ 94.900


Com motor maior, de 1.262 cc, modelo alcança 159 cavalos de potência. Unindo misto dos segmentos custom com naked, moto também teve visual renovado. Ducati Diavel 1260S Divulgação A nova Ducati Diavel 1260S foi lançada no Brasil por R$ 94.900 em sua versão única. Em sua 2ª geração, o modelo tem uma pegada que mistura diferentes segmentos, que vão do estilo custom a uma pilotagem mais parecida como de uma naked. Triumph confirma Rocket 3 R, rival da Diavel, para o Brasil Ausente na edição 2019 do Salão Duas Rodas, a montadora italiana aproveitou a semana seguinte ao evento para revelar seu novo produto. Além de ganhar um novo visual, a motocicleta recebeu a evolução do motor V2, que passou de 1198,4 cc de cilindrada para 1.262 cc - o mesmo visto da Multistrada 1260. De acordo com a montadora, a renovação do motor deixou ele com melhor funcionamento em baixa e média rotações, com um entrega mais linear de torque entre 3.500 e 6.500 rpm. O motor conta com novos mapas de potência e comando de válvulas varáveis. Apesar das evoluções, em números gerais ele perdeu um pouco de potência e torque em relação à antiga Diavel. Agora, o modelo chega a 159 cavalos a 9.500 rpm e 13,1 kgfm de torque a 7.500 rpm - antes, rendia 162 cavalos a 9.250 rpm e 13,3 kgfm de toque a 8.000 rpm. Ducati Diavel 1260S Divulgação Avanços na ciclística Apesar de o "motorzão" ainda maior, o que deve chamar atenção na nova Diavel são as novidades em sua ciclística, que tem novo chassi. A versão topo de linha "S" escolhida para o Brasil conta com um pacote de equipamentos refinados: Suspesnões Öhlins ajustáveis; Pinças radiais Brembo M50; Rodas de alumínio forjado; Quick-shifter (trocas de marchas para cima e para baixo sem embreagem); DRL (luz diurna); Estofamento especial. Entre as novas configurações da moto, estão o ângulo de cáster, que é ângulo formado entre a inclinação das suspensões dianteiras e o solo. No novo modelo, ele passou de 28º para 27º. Outra mudança foi no entre-eixos, que está 40 mm maior, chegando a 1.600 mm. De acordo com a Ducati, as alterações trouxeram mais agilidade e rapidez ao modelo, que apesar do tamanho, é conhecida por se dar bem em curvas. Ducati Diavel 1260S Divulgação Pacote eletrônico também avança Para "segurar" os 159 cavalos de potência, a nova Diavel 1260S também conta com um amplo pacote de dispositivos eletrônicos que foram atualizados pela montadora italiana: ABS EVO com atuação em curvas com 6 eixos inerciais; Controle de tração EVO; Controle de empinadas; Assistente de arrancadas; Controle automático de velocidade; Modos de pilotagem. Ducati Diavel 1260S Divulgação

Triumph Tiger 900 terá lançamento mundial em dezembro


Nova geração teve primeiras imagens divulgadas e vai substituir a atual Tiger 800; Brasil é campeão de vendas do modelo. Rival da BMW F 850 GS, aventureira terá versões Rally e GT. Triumph Tiger 900 terá lançamento mundial em dezembro Divulgação A Triumph Tiger 900, moto que vai substituir a atual Tiger 800, teve seu lançamento mundial confirmado para o próximo dia 3 de dezembro. Em um vídeo divulgado pela empresa, as primeiras imagens de como será a futura aventureira foram divulgadas, apesar de ainda não mostrarem com nitidez como será o desenho do modelo. Triumph confirma Rocket 3 R e Street Triple RS para o Brasil Vídeo mostra primeiros detalhes da nova Triumph Tiger 900 Reprodução Era esperado que a nova geração da Tiger fosse revelada no Salão de Milão 2019, mas a montadora britânica acabou deixando a sua principal novidade do ano reservada para dezembro. Ainda não há informações técnicas de como será a nova linha Tiger 900, mas é aguardada uma evolução de motor para aquecer a briga com a atual BMW F 850 GS. Uma novidade garantida são as novas versões que a moto terá. Para 2020, a linha Tiger 900 terá as opções Rally e GT. Detalhe da futura Triumph Tiger 900 Divulgação Brasil é campeão de vendas da Tiger 800 Apesar de ainda não haver uma data de chegada da Tiger 900 ao país, o futuro modelo será de extrema importância para o mercado brasileiro. Isso porque o Brasil é o campeão de vendas da Tiger 800. "É o que mais vende a Tiger 800 no mundo", afirmou Renato Fabrini, gerente-geral da Triumph no Brasil, durante o Salão Duas Rodas 2019, na semana passada. Atualmente, o país é o 5º maior mercado para a fabricante de motos britânica.

Maintenance Technician - GEORGIA-PACIFIC - Lovell, WY

Installing and repairing mechanical drives, chains, sprockets, gears, belts, and couplings. Experience troubleshooting issues and making repairs on motors …
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Electrical Technician - GEORGIA-PACIFIC - Lovell, WY

Experience troubleshooting bearings, chains, sprockets, gearboxes, and conveyors. Who is Georgia-Pacific?Watch to find out! High school diploma or GED.
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James Harden Exploded For 60 Points In Three Quarters As The Rockets Blew Out The Hawks

Harden had one of the most impressive nights of his career in Houston's 158-111 win.

Raptors empfangen Rockets zum Spitzenduell


Die NBA startet wieder voll durch.

Trotz des Rücktritts von Dirk Nowitzki, der nach 21 Jahren bei den Dallas Mavericks im vergangenen Sommer aufhörte, ist die beste Basketball-Liga der Welt attraktiver und spannender denn je.

Nach dem irren Trade-Sommer, in dem zahlreiche Superstars wie Anthony Davis (zu den Lakers), Kawhi Leonard (zu den Clippers), Russell Westbrook (zu den Rockets) und Kevin Durant (zu den Nets) die Franchise wechselten, ist eine Aussage zu den Kräfteverhältnissen extrem schwer.

Toronto ohne Leonard nur Außenseiter

Eines gilt als sicher: Die Toronto Raptors werden nach dem Abgang von Finals-MVP Leonard ihren Überraschungstitel aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach nicht verteidigen können. Aber welches Team wird der Nachfolger?

Die Houston Rockets, ein Team aus Los Angeles oder vielleicht doch ein Team aus dem Osten? Die im Neuaufbau befindlichen Golden State Warriors sind spätestens nach der schweren Handverletzung von Superstar Stephen Curry auch kein Titelkandidat mehr.

Jetzt aktuelle NBA-Fanartikel kaufen - hier geht's zum Shop | ANZEIGE

Diese Frage beschäftigt Fans und Experten genauso wie die Frage, wie der zu Saisonbeginn noch verletzte Super-Rookie Zion Williamson bei den New Orleans Pelicans einschlagen wird. 

DAZN gratis testen und die NBA live & auf Abruf erleben | ANZEIGE

Deutsche in der NBA und Top-Spiel LIVE

Mit Dennis Schröder (Oklahoma City Thunder), Maximilian Kleber (Dallas Mavericks), Daniel Theis (Boston Celtics), Moritz Wagner und Isaac Bonga (beide Washington Wizards) sowie Isaiah Hartenstein (Houston Rockets) stehen derzeit sechs deutsche Profis in der NBA unter Vertrag.

SPORT1+ und DAZN übertragen regelmäßig Top-Spiele und Partien mit Beteiligung deutscher Spieler LIVE. Alle Partien können mit dem League Pass der NBA verfolgt werden.

So überträgt DAZN am Sonntag den Primetime-Kracher zwischen den Los Angeles Lakers und den Dallas Mavericks LIVE um 22 Uhr.

Es ist auch das Duell der MVP-Kandidaten LeBron James und Luka Doncic.

Die Topspiele und Partien der Deutschen in der 7. Woche der NBA: 


Dienstag, 03. Dezember

Atlanta Hawks - Golden State Warriors (01.30 Uhr)

Mittwoch, 04. Dezember
Washington Wizards - Orlando Magic (01.00 Uhr)
Toronto Raptors - Miami Heat (01.30 Uhr)
New Orleans Pelicans - Dallas Mavericks (01.30 Uhr)
San Antonio Spurs - Houston Rockets (02.30 Uhr)
Denver Nuggets - Los Angeles Lakers (03.00 Uhr)
Los Angeles Clippers - Portland Trail Blazers (04.00 Uhr)

Donnerstag, 05. Dezember

Charlotte Hornets - Golden State Warriors (01.00 Uhr)
Atlanta Hawks - Brooklyn Nets (01.30 Uhr)
Boston Celtics - Miami Heat (01.30 Uhr)
Oklahoma City Thunder - Indiana Pacers (02.00 Uhr) 
Dallas Mavericks - Minnesota Timberwolves (02.30 Uhr)
Utah Jazz - Los Angeles Lakers (03.00 Uhr)

Freitag, 06. Dezember

Washington Wizards - Philadelphia 76ers (01.00 Uhr)
Toronto Raptors - Houston Rockets (01.30 Uhr)
New Orleans Pelicans - Phoenix Suns (02.00 Uhr)

Samstag, 07. Dezember

Charlotte Hornets - Brooklyn Nets (01.00 Uhr)
Chiacago Bull - Golden State Warriors (02.00 Uhr)
Boston Celtics - Denver Nuggets (02.00 Uhr)
Miami Heat - Washngton Wizards (02.00 Uhr)
Oklahoma City Thunder - Minnesota Timberwolves (02.00 Uhr)
Milwaukee Bucks - Los Angeles Clippers (02.30 Uhr)
Portland Trail Blazers - Los Angeles Lakers (04.30 Uhr)
Dallas Mavericks - New Orleans Pelicans (20.00 Uhr)

Sonntag, 08. Dezember

Houston Rockets - Phoenix Suns (02.00 Uhr)
Brooklyn Nets - Denver Nuggets (21.00 Uhr)

Montag, 09. Dezember

Washington Wizards - Los Angeles Clippers (0.00 Uhr)
Philadelphia 76er - Toronto Raptors (0.00 Uhr)
Dallas Mavericks - Sacramento Kings (01.00 Uhr)
Portland Trail Blazers - Oklahoma City Thunder (03.00 Uhr)
Los Angeles Lakers - Minnesota Timberwolves (03.30 Uhr)



The Event That Will Help Marijuana Stocks Skyrocket


Marijuana Stock Growth: 100%+ Gains in 2020
Now that Canada has legalized recreational marijuana, many expected that shares would continue to grow indefinitely. But that was always delusional thinking; there were bound to be ups and downs. What isn't delusional, however, is the belief that marijuana stocks are on a steady path towards growth in the future. And their current bargain prices are going to see gains as high as 100% in the coming year.

There's one simple reason for that: the Canadian market is.

The post The Event That Will Help Marijuana Stocks Skyrocket appeared first on Profit Confidential.


N. Korea blasts Japan's Abe, warns of 'real ballistic missile'

Seoul (AFP) Nov 30, 2019
North Korea on Saturday warned Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he could soon see a "real ballistic missile" while excoriating him as the "most stupid man ever known in history". The colourful condemnation comes two days after the isolated state tested what it called a "super-large multiple launch rocket system", with South Korea reporting that two projectiles came down in the Sea of

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New York, Are you a Child Psychiatrist who is tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and with a skyrocketing cost of living? If so, then this opening is for you! Practice: Outpatient practice model 75% C

VA - Beatport Trance Pack #02 / 2019 / МР3


Категория: Музыка
Размер: 1.82 GB
Траффик: Раздают (отдают): 2, Скачивают (качают): 0
Добавлен: 2019-12-01 15:12:14
Описание: Исполнитель: VA
Название альбома: Beatport Trance Pack #02
Год выпуска: 2019
Жанр: Electronic, Trance

001. Laura May - Devil With Yellow Eyes
002. Life Extension - Overthrow (Original Mix)
003. Oneworld - Isla Blanca (Original Mix)
004. Mr. Greidor - Rescued In A Storm
005. Kimito Lopez - Arabian Queen (Original Mix)
006. Rexuss - Chase In The Forest
007. Guy Alexander - Retrograde Motion (Radio Edit)
008. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Barbed Cotton (Original Mix)
009. Tokyo Trend Factory - Alone
010. Scott Mac Vs Uxb - Swell
011. Special - Endema (Original Mix)
012. Tranceye - Viper (Radio Edit)
013. Russell Hais - Renisansse (Original Mix)
014. Max Shandula - Summer Drough (Original Mix)
015. Yahel & Dj Miss T - Open Your Mind
016. Khievo - Hypnosive
017. Paul Van Dyk - Time Traveler
018. Last Warning - Blood s (Radio Edit)
019. Soliquid - Maybe You (Original Mix)
020. Dj T.H. - Checkmate (The Enlightment Edit)
021. Sergey Nevone - Unhappy Marionette
022. Diaz Brothers - Lothario (Original Mix)
023. Ferry Corsten And Johnny B - Hear It Now
024. Genuine - One Breath Away
025. Abide - We Are In The Touch
026. Phaxe & Zora - Aventura
027. Korenevskiy - Endless Fall (Original Mix)
028. Matt Holliday - The Exception (Original Mix)
029. Zoo Brazil - Nickers (Original Mix)
030. Quantum Mechanica - T.R.A (Original Mix)
031. Max Millian - Nusa Penida
032. D-Devils - Bass Explosion
033. Ramin Arab - Love In The Day
034. Alex M.O.R.P.H. - It Is Full Of Stars
035. Velies - Coveted Or Rejected (Original Mix)
036. Philip Mayer - Inspiration (Radio Cut)
037. Glacial Storm And Zaa - Violet
038. Kid Massive - Let Yourself (Original Mix)
039. Fertarium - Interpol 2020 (Original Mix)
040. Dj Spamatic - Spa The Rhythm (Original Mix)
041. Simon Lee And Alvin - Epocalypse
042. Dj Darroo - Secrets Of The Universe
043. Chris Bekker - We Can Be (Radio Edit)
044. Sound-X-Monster - Come Back To Me
045. Adam Ellis Ft. Aylin - Mhysa
046. Altruism - Dreamers Of Dreams
047. Phunk Investigation - Shuri Shuri (Original Club Mix)
048. Khomha - Dreams Of Aegon
049. Dave Silence - With You (Nemphirex Remix)
050. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Lost For Words (Radio Edit)
051. Moon Tripper - Groovy Doobie
052. Ben Nicky Feat. Chloe Stamp - Brave Heart
053. Kuffdam & Plant - Dream Makers
054. Southwild - The Flying Toad
055. Moonbeam - Lacula (Original Mix)
056. Dave Winnel - Hyperloop (Extended Mix)
057. Ben Gold - Sapphire (Recut)
058. Maor Levi - Take Your Love (Extended Mix)
059. Fahjah Feat. Emma Chatt - Far From Home
060. Dmpv - Reincarnation
061. Mark Sixma - Requiem (Exis Remix)
062. Adam Wylie - Hinode (Original Mix)
063. Tecnomind - Breaking Limits (Sunstar Remix)
064. Beat And Voice - Promises (Extended Mix)
065. Alextrackone - Inside The Hole
066. Reverse - Absolute Reality
067. Dj Montana - Southcentral Linez
068. Filo & Peri - Soul And The Sun
069. Twin View - Let U Go (Thoba Extended Remix)
070. Kevin Andrews - Studio Workz (Original Mix)
071. Pavel Tkachev - Point Of No Return (Original Mix)
072. Saandro Delarock - Hypnotize (Original Mix)
073. Emerge - Feeling Free
074. D.V.Project - Dance Space
075. Dave Leyrock - What It Takes (Original Mix)
076. O B M Notion - Even Without You
077. Patrick Roos - Evp (Original Mix)
078. Lokimusic - Matter Of Time (Extended Mix)
079. Arman Bas - Merlin
080. Matt Fax - To The Ground (Mixed)
081. Cj Alexis - Beats (Extended Mix)
082. Saltwater - The Legacy
083. Henrik Nilsson - Butterfly (Original Mix)
084. Mad Morningstar - Ahau
085. Dean Newton - Amnesia (Original Mix)
086. Outside Range - Experiences (Original Mix)
087. Defective Audio - Intoxicating (Original Mix)
088. Somna And Melina Borglowe - Collide
089. Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye
090. Swen Weber - Xonque (Original Mix)
091. Trance Atlantic - Liquid Soul (Original Mix)
092. Dear Guillaume - Equator (Central Mix)
093. Project 247 - Countdown
094. Amfion - They Are Coming (Original Mix)
095. Ultimateblast - Dinajy (Original Mix)
096. Nemphirex - Desert Sun (Original Mix)
097. Nicholson - The Devils Gambit
098. Nanaon - Before Dawn
099. Nikki Shunt - Starlight
100. Ruben De Ronde X Rodg - Whoop (Sodality Extended Remix)
101. Paipy - Therapy (Extended Mix)
102. Astrofegs - Merekara (Extended Mix)
103. Jordy Lishious - Boiler (Original Mix)
104. Dave Winnel - Ksamil (Extended Mix)
105. Genix - Something New
106. Si Whelan - Sapphire (Original Mix)
107. Fawzy - Merely An Illusion (Original Mix)
108. Salez - Factory
109. Occasional & Sophie Pais - Playtime (Vox Mix)
110. Ruben De Ronde X Rodg - Midnight Blue
111. Andy Elliass And Arcz - Octagon
112. Max Trumpetz - Organic Waveforms (Radio Edit)
113. Space Raven - Oxentus
114. Max Maxwell - Memory (Radio Edit Version)
115. Tunecraft Project - Rocket (Radio Edit)
116. Lange - Frozen Beach
117. Trance Forever - The Truth Is Always Hurt
118. Steve Dekay - The Blooming Era
119. Chris Hampshire - Waves Apart (Archive Mix)
120. Ghost Culture - Meltwater
121. Fallen Skies - At Dawn (Radio Edit)
122. Ellez Ria - Mark 1 (Original Mix)
123. Nik Aka Nkm - Melody Of The Moon
124. Material Music - Sugar Computers
125. Random Dj's - Homicide (Original Mix)
126. Sunny Lax - Moonlight
127. Drawn Saga - In The Closet
128. Dj Maxsize - Eternal Life (Original Mix)
129. Terra V. - Loop Driver
130. Alextrackone - Here We Go Again
131. Nikolauss - Time
132. Beltek - Kenta (Original Mix)
133. Dan Kelly - Ready To Procced
134. Daniel Skyver - Don't Let Go
135. Powerdose - Baba Juobua
136. Nash And Pepper - Changed

Аудио: MP3, 320 Кбит/с
Продолжительность: 13:45:26

Guns N' Roses - Rock in Rio Live / 2017 / HDTVRip от Лумина


Категория: Музыка
Размер: 2.00 GB
Траффик: Раздают (отдают): 8, Скачивают (качают): 1
Добавлен: 2019-11-29 19:04:50
Описание: Оригинальное название: Guns N' Roses - Rock in Rio
Год выпуска: 2017
Жанр: Classic rock
Выпущено: Бразилия, Ao vivo
Исполнитель: Guns N`Roses

Описание: Американская хард-рок-группа из Лос-Анджелеса, сформированная в 1985 году. Первоначальный состав, заключивший контракт с Geffen Records в 1986 году, состоял из вокалиста Эксла Роуза, соло-гитариста Слэша, ритм-гитариста Иззи Стрэдлина, басиста Даффа Маккагана и барабанщика Стивена Адлера. Текущий состав включает в себя Роуза, Слэша, Маккагана, а также клавишников Диззи Рида и Мелиссу Риз, гитариста Ричарда Фортуса и барабанщика Франка Феррера. Группа выпустила шесть студийных альбомов, продажи которых превышают более чем 100 миллионов копий во всём мире, включая поставки 45 миллионов в США, делая Guns N' Roses одной из востребованных групп в мире за всё время.

01. It's So Easy
02. Mr. Brownstone
03. Chinese Democracy
04. Welcome to the Jungle
05. Double Talkin' Jive
06. Better
07. Estranged
08. Live and Let Die
09. Rocket Queen
10. You Could Be Mine
11. Attitude
12. This I Love
13. Civil War
14. Yesterdays
15. Coma
16. Slash Guitar Solo
17. Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather)
18. Sweet Child O' Mine
19. Wichita Lineman
20. Used to Love Her
21. My Michelle
22. Wish You Were Here
23. November Rain
24. Black Hole Sun
24. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
26. Nightrain
27. Sorry
28. Patience
29. Whole Lotta Rosie
30. Don't Cry
31. The Seeker

Качество: HDTVRip
Видео: XviD, 1003 Кбит/с, 704x400, 23.976 кадр/с
Аудио: Английский (AC3, 6 ch, 384 Кбит/с)
Продолжительность: 03:24:52
Перевод: Не требуется

Релиз от:

7 reasons to include arugula in your diet


(NaturalHealth365) Arugula, also called “rocket” (or roquette) lettuce, is currently the darling ...

The post 7 reasons to include arugula in your diet appeared first on NaturalHealth365.


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College Football Picks: Expert Predictions for Every Game in Week 14


College football's Week 14 slate for the 2019 season features 64 games from Tuesday to Saturday, and our NCAA experts are ready with their predictions and picks. The Week 14 action begins on Tuesday night with two MAC contests, including Western Michigan at Northern Illinois. The Egg Bowl between Ole Miss and Mississippi State is slated for primetime on Thanksgiving Day. The schedule is filled with 15 matchups on Black Friday, including Texas Tech-Texas, Virginia Tech-Virginia, Iowa-Nebraska, Missouri-Arkansas, and Cincinnati-Memphis. The final full Saturday of FBS action for the 2019 season begins with Ohio State-Michigan, Clemson-South Carolina and Louisville-Kentucky at Noon. The afternoon slate is headlined by the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn, Wisconsin-Minnesota, Notre Dame-Stanford, and Oregon State-Oregon. Texas A&M-LSU, Iowa State-Kansas State, Colorado-Utah, North Carolina-NC State, Florida State-Florida and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State headline the must-see matchups at night. The final window of games for Week 14 features Arizona-Arizona State, California-UCLA and Army-Hawaii.


Each week, Athlon Sports’ editors will pick every game in the FBS ranks. Follow us on Twitter: (@AthlonSports)


College Football Picks: Expert Predictions for Every Game in Week 14








Ohio at



Western Michigan at

Northern Illinois


Ole Miss at

Mississippi State


Virginia Tech at



Texas Tech at



USF at



Miami (Ohio) at

Ball State


Bowling Green at



Toledo at

Central Michigan


Kent State at

Eastern Michigan


Cincinnati at



Arkansas State at

South Alabama


Iowa at



Missouri at


(at Little Rock


West Virginia at



Boise State at

Colorado State


Washington State at



Appalachian State at



FIU at


Maryland at

Michigan State

Tulsa at

East Carolina

UConn at


Boston College at


Texas State at

Coastal Carolina

Rutgers at

Penn State

Georgia State at

Georgia Southern

Northwestern at


Baylor at


Georgia at

Georgia Tech

Navy at


Tulane at


ULM at


Miami at




Charlotte at

Old Dominion



Wake Forest at


Wyoming at

Air Force

Rice at




Fresno State at

San Jose State

Indiana at



Louisiana Tech

UAB at

North Texas

Utah State at

New Mexico

BYU at

San Diego State

Arizona at

Arizona State

Vanderbilt at


Southern Miss at


California at


Florida State at


North Carolina at

NC State

Clemson at

South Carolina

Louisville at


Notre Dame at


Oregon State at


Iowa State at

Kansas State

Army at


Colorado at


Wisconsin at


Texas A&M at


Ohio State at


Oklahoma at

Oklahoma State

Alabama at



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Include in Acu-data Feed


Maj. Matt Christensen '03 shares chaplain experiences with students

Maj. Matt Christensen (middle), his wife Jessica and son Caleb visited with pre-deaconess and pre-seminary students Nov. 13. Maj. Matt Christensen (middle), his wife Jessica and son Caleb visited with pre-deaconess and pre-seminary students Nov. 13.

Maj. Matt Christensen, an Army chaplain, met with pre-deaconess and pre-seminary students Nov. 13 and shared his experiences from serving in the military, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Christensen, a 2003 Concordia graduate and a 2007 graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, is one of nearly 200 chaplains endorsed by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod serving in the United States military. In the Army, Christensen said there are 24 active duty LCMS chaplains, out of about 1,500 chaplains serving all denominations.

As a chaplain, Christensen provides religious services for LCMS soldiers, in addition to conducting weddings, baptisms and helping to notify families of their loved ones who have died in combat. His No. 1 job, he said, is to ensure religious freedom for all soldiers.

“If I have a Muslim soldier and the unit tells him he can’t celebrate Ramadan, they bring it to the chaplain and the chaplain is the one who says ‘no, religious freedom says this solider can celebrate Ramadan, just like this other soldier can celebrate Easter and another can go to mass,’” Christensen said.

In addition to ensuring religious freedom, Christensen and chaplains assist their units by advising their commanders of internal religious issues and external religious issues.

“When I went to Iraq, the first Sunday we were there was Easter Sunday,” he said. “We advised the commander that even though we’re super busy, we need to take time to make sure our soldiers can go to Easter services. Because if they can go to those services, they’ll be reminded of home, they’re fed and they will function much better in the deployed environment.

“During a mission, we might have a big number of Muslim soldiers who are fasting during Ramadan, that can have a big impact if you’re trying to do a strenuous mission so you can advise the commander on those types of situations.”

On deployments, Christensen also advises commanders about external issues, including religious holidays that could affect missions or the safety of soldiers. In Iraq, he said, there were many local celebrations where residents shot their AK-47s into the air, making flying difficult.

“That’s where chaplains can have an impact on the missions,” he said, “because no one else is looking at the faith of the people in this specific area to know what they’re doing and what makes them tick.”

In Afghanistan, since he was stationed with an aviation unit, Christensen said most of his flying was done during the daytime, going from base to base. The type of unit dictates the type of work a chaplain is required to do, he said.

“If you’re an infantry chaplain, they might have you go out on a mission outside of the protection of the base,” he said.

The bases are built with concrete walls that look like an upside-down T with wire across the top. Inside a secure compound, Christensen said, you’re walking through mazes because the enemy tries to launch rockets in as a way to disrupt military operations. During his first deployment to Iraq, Christensen said the enemy shot targets toward his base maybe five times throughout the year, but in Afghanistan, he said rockets were shot toward the base a couple times a day. Thankfully, he said, bases have a system that neutralizes rockets shot at the base.

“There was one day in Afghanistan where the system blew up the rocket right above me as I was going into the chapel,” he said. “I hit the ground and it just rained metal.”

Christensen first enlisted in the Army in 1993 and served seven years in active duty before he and his wife Jessica moved their three young children to Seward so he could attend Concordia. Christensen told the students the relationships that are built are extremely important when it comes to being a pastor and a chaplain.

“We have friends and people we can count on that we went to school with here and in St. Louis and those friendships and those bonds really can keep you going when things get tough,” Christensen said. “I would say the relationships built here and at the seminary are more important than you realize.”


Outpatient Child Psychiatry in Metro New York | 325k compensation | Jackson Physician Search

New York, Are you a Child Psychiatrist who is tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and with a skyrocketing cost of living? If so, then this opening is for you! Practice: Outpatient practice model 75% C

Women in Film Pt. 3: What Role do Women Play in Their Own Prosperity


This week we continue our Women in Film series with part 3: "What role do women play in their own hindrance or advancement in the business?"

I honestly believe this is one of the most important episodes I ever have, or will, publish. I strongly feel this episode should be heard by everyone woman in the industry. Heck, I think it would be great for women in any profession to hear from the various guests on the show today. We have a full slate of women at the top of their game in their respective fields.

First, we bring back my 4-person panel in Seattle: Scilla Andreen (CEO of IndieFlix), Stefanie Malone (executive director of NFFTY), Ryan Davis (co-founder of Smarthouse Creative) and Nancy Chang (executive director of ReelGrrls). I also speak to Nichelle Protho, VP of the television and online video production company Sander/Moses; Lauren Haroutunian, dean of Freddie Wong's Rocket Jump Film School; and the director of the interactive documentary "Hollow," and co-host of the She Does Podcast, Elaine McMillion Sheldon. We also hear from Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley and 20th Century Fox co-chairman Stacey Snider, in excerpts from Hollywood Reporter's studio executive roundtable; and Sheryl Sandberg in a clip from the TED Radio Hour has some poignant commentary as well.

Oh, and I contribute a few halfway-decent comments now and then too. :)

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Black Hops Troposphere Strata & Galaxy Hopped IPA

Black Hops Troposphere Strata & Galaxy Hopped IPA

Country: Australia

Brewery: Black Hops Brewing

Style: IPA - India Pale Ale

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 6.9%

Our November limited release IPA is destined for the stars, rocketi..

Price: $8.50


Update on thePOOSH Team!


The time has come for an update on the lives of Team!

Jim and Maarja are currently in Estonia busy with a new non-profit they've founded called Eco-Nomics which focuses on decreasing costs as opposed to chasing after more money. They've recently put on some free workshops on building solar panels from reclaimed materials!


I guess that’s why they call it the blues


Last Friday, I went and saw Elton John’s Farewell Tour stop in Boston. The concert was predictably wonderful. Elton John is a brilliant performer with a brilliant catalog that has stood the test of time. His backup band is terrific, and the graphics/video that accompanied the show were varied and interesting. With the exception of a band-only piece, when he did a quick costumer change, Elton John was on stage without stop for over 2 hours, hard physical work for anyone, let alone someone in his 70’s.

But Elton thrives on the crowd energy, and he was born to perform live.

Anyway, I don’t know what prompted me to get tickets for this concert. It’s not as if I’m some sort of die-hard Elton groupie.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always enjoyed his music. I may even have a greatest collection CD around here somewhere. (Would I have filed it under “E” or “J”?) But I’ve never been a fan fan.

Maybe it was turning 70 that got me to thinking that seeing Elton John in concert would be nice. It was.

We do go back a ways, Elton and I.

“Your Song” – still a fave – was released in late October of 1970, a few weeks before my father was hospitalized for the final time.

Back then, in those pre-hospice days, if you had a long terminal illness – my father died after suffering through years of progressive kidney disease – they let you stay in the hospital for extended periods of time.

Anyway, between late November 1970 and late January 1971, I spent a fair amount of time in the family car, with the radio on.

I was in college in Boston, which is where my father was hospitalized. During this period, my mother stayed with my aunt and uncle in West Newton, and, weekdays, my cousin Barbara – then a young mother with 2 pre-schoolers – lived in Worcester to take care of my younger brother (15) and sister (11). On Fridays, I went out to Worcester for the weekend shift.

And so it went, with me running errands and chauffering “the kids” in our balky, bottle green Ford Galaxy (a.k.a., The Green Hornet, which had replaced Black Beauty. For a while there, we named our cars.) With the radio on.

So I heard a lot of “Your Song.” The other two songs that always seemed to be playing were Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” and James Taylors “Fire and Rain.” Or was it “Sweet Baby James”?

I remember so much, but not everything.

In any case, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, and James Taylor are indelibly associated with the dying and death of my father.

Most of my Elton John recollections aren’t so gloomy.

I took an aerobics class that used “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” as the cooldown. It was all I could do at the concert to not fling my arms out the way we did 30+ years ago in my Jackie Sorensen class.

And if there’s a better tune for rolling down the windows and hollering along with than “Crocodile Rock,” I don’t know what that tune might be.

So many classics. “Rocket Man.” “Tiny Dancer,” “Daniel”

On our way over to the concert, my sister Trish and I were chatting about Elton John songs we really liked. When we got to “Daniel”, Trish told me that it held special meaning for her. “Daniel” came out in 1973, just about the time I took off on a 5 month trek around Europe. Trish, who is 10 years my junior, told me that, whenever she heard “Daniel” played – it’s a song sung about an older brother – she thought about me, somewhere in Europe, having an adventure.

Then there’s “Candle in the Wind.”

My husband and I were in Ireland shortly after Princess Diana died, and the Diana-version of “Candle” was on the radio everywhere. In one pub, the barman had had enough of the sappy British monarchy worship, and snapped off the radio when the song started. Still, it’s a beautiful song. (And, yes, the original Norma Jean version is still the greatest.)

All of my favorites, which also happen to be everyone else’s favorites, were all performed, interspersed with songs that were lesser known to me but which true Elton John fans would know.

Anyway, the concert brought me back, and in a good way.

Last Friday would have been the 70th birthday of my old and dear friend Marie, who died a couple of months after my husband did, in 2014.

I have no idea whatsoever whether she liked Elton John or not.

For some reason, although we talked about everything under the sun, I don’t remember ever talking about music with her. We must have at some point. We were high school friends when the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan. So we must have.

The only concert I remember her ever mentioning was Arrowsmith, but I’m guessing that Arrowsmith was more her husband’s thing that it was Marie’s.

Another music discussion: when Marie’s son Chris was a toddler, he was fixated for a while on a song about Big Bird on a Sesame Street Album. I was visiting, and Chris was sitting there on the floor with his little record player, bringing the needle again and again to the Big Bird Song.

At asked Marie whether it was driving her nuts (as it was me), and she just shrugged. “Don’t you have a favorite song on an album that you play over and over again.”

She was right, of course.

I am hurtling down the Mass Pike in The Green Hornet, heading back to Worcester. It’s another caretaking weekend. Are Trish and Rick in the car with me, or am I flying solo?

All I know is that they’re playing “Your Song.” And I’m singing along:

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

“Your Song” is not, actually, my song. That would be “Sweet Baby James.” After all, how many songs mention my birthday? (“The first of December was covered with snow.”) Bonus points for singing about a James – my husband’s name – and for being on the turnpike driving into Boston.

The concert was great. It brought me back in a good way. Just a little bittersweet.

Thinking about my father.

Thinking about Marie.

Thinking about turning 70.

I guess that’s why they call it the blues…


15 of the best cyclocross bikes — drop-bar dirt bikes for racing and playing in the mud


What cyclocross bike should I buy? That's a very good question - one we hear a lot - and there's plenty of choice, from race-ready options to bikes that come with rack and mudguard mounts for a bit more versatility.

The cyclocross bikes on this page offer just a selection of the available choice. We've tried to pick bikes that will cater for all tastes, from those specifically looking to buy a bike with a view to getting into racing, to those that are interested in the versatility and ruggedness for a winter training and commuting bike.

For a while it looked like cyclocross bikes would be the last redoubt of cantilever brakes, with their sticky-out arms and straddle cables, but there are now almost no cyclocross bikes with rim brakes. Discs have taken over, a development many die-hard cross enthusiasts said would never happen when the UCI changed its rules to allow them in elite races in 2010.

>>Read more: Beginner's Guide to cyclocross essentials

Ribble CGR AL Shimano 105 — £1,399

Ribble CGR AL Shimano 105 review

Ribble's CGR AL Shimano 105 is a hugely versatile and superb value bike for everything from gravel bashing to cyclocross and road commuting. The aluminium frame isn't overly compliant and the kit needs a few tweaks if you intend to mostly stick to dirt, but that's easy enough to custom spec it to your heart's content when you order.

The CGR bit of the name stands for Cyclocross, gravel and road, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about where this bike is pitched, namely as a do-it-all drop bar bike. The impressive thing is that it actually delivers on this promise, having taken in everything from gravel rides, road Audaxes and tow-path bashing commutes.

Read our review of the Ribble CGR AL Shimano 105

Boardman CXR 8.9 — £1,000

Boardman CXR 8.9

With race-orientated handling, a single chainring for simplicity and hydraulic brakes for control, the Boardman CXR 8.9 is a bargain entry to the world of drop-bar dirt bikes. 

Find a Boardman dealer

Vitus Energie CRX 2020 — £1,954.99

2020 Vitus Energie CRX Force

The Vitus Energie CRX cyclocross bike is an absolute blast to ride thanks to sharp, fun handling along the trails or around tight, technical muddy circuits. It's great for a day out on the gravel, and you can chuck mudguards on it too if you fancy a high-speed, year-round commuter.

If you want to ride fast off-road without the benefits of suspension then this Vitus is one of the best bikes to have a play on. The racy geometry and low-slung position mean you can really get down and drop that centre of gravity to benefit the handling when the terrain is tough, and the way it responds to the slightest shift in body weight is very impressive.

Read our review of the Vitus Energie CRX

Genesis Vapour 30 — £2,599.99

2020 Genesis Vapour 30

The Genesis Vapour 30 offers a fun ride that feels at home in a race and on a trail. The build isn't that flashy, but the package works well and continues to do so in the worst conditions. You'll be wanting a wheel upgrade for more serious racing, though.

Get the Vapour 30 into technical conditions and it's a joy to ride. The planted feel of the bike combined with a front end that is direct means that muddy corners are easy to navigate. On corners where I'd usually lose the front end, I was able to get around easily on the Genesis. That means less running which is great because firstly, I hate running, and secondly, riding is nearly always faster.

The handling really helps you to keep speed through corners, and getting back up to speed again much easier. This doesn't just help in races. Take this out onto the trails or the road and the bike transfers that same cornering confidence across surfaces. Compared with my road race bike, it doesn't feel sluggish on the tarmac; it feels light underneath you but floats better over rough surfaces thanks, mostly, to the fatter tyres.

Read our review of the Genesis Vapour 30
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Canyon Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Team 2020 — £4,099

2020 Inflite CF SLX 9.0 Team

Canyon's DNA is pure racing, and the Inflite CF SLX frame is a clear statement of intent: a frame that builds into bikes fit for the toughest and most demanding cyclocross racers and budding amateurs alike. It's light – 940g for a frame – disc brake-only and 1x and 2x compatible, and features the most distinctive top tube we've ever seen.

The Inflite CF SLX might not be the prettiest cyclocross bike ever produced, but there's nowt ugly about its performance, which is nothing short of stellar. Over a couple of months, tester David Arthur rode it in loads of local races to really get its measure. The Canyon immediately impressed. It brings sheer speed and easy handling to the Sunday morning mud party, with a delightful nimbleness that makes it easy to steer the bike around often awkward and fiddly cyclocross courses.

Read our review of the Canyon Inflite CF SLX 8.0 Pro Race, which shares the same frame

Boardman Elite CXR 9.4 Ultegra Di2 2019 — £1,999 (limited sizes)

2019 Boardman Elite CXR 9.4 Ultegra Di2

The whole gravel/adventure thing may have softened some bikes a touch to make them more versatile but Boardman's CXR 9.4 is having none of it.

'Ready to race straight out of the box,' it says on Boardman's website and while it could do with a couple of minor tweaks the CXR 9.4 is one flickable, lightweight off-road rocket which is an absolute blast on the technical stuff.

This latest version has Shimano's Di2 electronic shifting for effortless gear changes and a single chainring to keep things as mechanically simple as possible.

Read our review of the Boardman CXR 9.4

The Light Blue Robinson Rival 1x — £1,700

The Light Blue Robinson 1x - riding 1.jpg

The Robinson, from British company The Light Blue, offers a really smooth ride, with steady handling and tyres that provide a good balance of fast road riding pace and off-road grip. In this SRAM Rival 1x build with cyclocross tyres it's an ideal all-terrain bike, at home on the road or tackling more challenging countryside terrain, or for just tackling rough roads in comfort.

Read our review of the Light Blue Robinson
Find a Light Blue dealer

Giant TCX SLR 2 2020 — £1,399

2020 Giant TCX SLR 2

We liked 2016's Giant TCX SLR 1, and this is the 2020 equivalent. It gets a brake upgrade to Giant's hydraulics, but retains the fast and nimble aluminium frame as the 2016 bike. Wheel and tyres and both tubeless-compatible and with Giant's D-Fuse composite seatpost helps take the sting out of bumps.

Read our review of the 2016 Giant TCX SLR 1
Find a Giant dealer

Merida Cyclo Cross 100 — £900

2019 Merida Cyclo Cross 100

The 2019 version of the Merida Cyclo Cross 100 has a lot in common with the 2015 Merida Cyclo Cross 500, which we really liked when we reviewed it. It's a very good all-rounder. It's light and responsive enough to chuck round a race, and versatile enough for more general purpose riding. It's fun to ride and easy to recommend

The Merida Cyclo Cross platform serves up good off-road handling. The bike has a generous wheelbase and the steering is predictable, if a bit slower than a fully-fledged race bike. The fork is excellent: the 15mm thru-axle stiffens up the front end noticeably, and tracking over rough ground is really good, with very little noticeable dive under heavy braking.

Read our review of the Merida Cyclo Cross 500

Canyon Inflite AL SLX 5.0 Race — £1,499

Canyon Inflite AL SLX 5.0 Race copy

The first cyclocross bike from German company Canyon impressed hugely when we reviewed it, with great handling and a very good parts package for the money. It boasts the sort of versatility that will ensure it appeals to those wanting a bike for more than just racing, but has all the credentials for taking to the start line.

Read our review of the Canyon Inflite AL SLX 6.0 Race

Specialized Crux — from £1,040

2019 Specialized Crux Expert

Specialized's Crux is a popular choice among amateur cyclocross racers. The four bikes in the 2018 UK range all have 1X transmissions, and the £4,000 Crux Expert above has SRAM's hydraulics and 1 x 11 transmission.

The impressive spec includes Roval C38 carbon wheels with 33mm Tracer Pro tyres. The range starts at £1,800 for the Crux E5 Sport, though there are still older models around for £1,400 and you can pick up a base-model Crux E5 for £1,040.

Read our review of the Specialized Crux Elite
Read our review of the Specialized Crux Elite X1
Find a Specialized dealer

Kinesis Crosslight Pro6 V2 — £399.99 (frame & fork; limited sizes)

Kinesis Racelight Pro6.jpg

This is your typical racing cyclocross bike. The Pro 6 is a perennial favourite with cyclocross racers and for many a Kinesis was probably their first cyclocross bike, bought as a frame and cobbled together from spare parts. You can buy the frame or this complete bike with a Shimano 105 groupset and TRP Spyre disc brakes, a combination that will usually run about £1,400.

Read our first ride impressions on the Pro Crosslight Pro6
Read our review of the Kinesis Crosslight Pro6
Find a Kinesis dealer

On-One Pickenflick — from £1,499.99

On One Pickenflick

The On-One Pickenflick is a complete cyclocross bike with a titanium frame for a price only bit more than you'd usually pay for a titanium frame. Its handling and adaptability makes it at home on road, cyclocross circuit or trail.

Read our review of the On-One Pickenflick

Storck T.I.X. — from ~£2,100

Storck TIX

One of the newest carbon fibre cyclocross bikes on the market, this is actually the first 'cross bike from German company Storck. The company are advocates of disc brakes and the T.I.X. has been designed around disc brakes. The model we tested came with Shimano's hydraulic disc brakes providing excellent stopping power.

Read our first ride of the Storck T.I.X.

Ridley X-Bow Tiagra — £879.99 (limited sizes)

Ridley X-Bow Tiagra Disc

Hailing from Belgium, Ridley has one of the biggest ranges of cyclocross bikes,which is hardly surprising given that it's Belgian cycling's winter religion. The X-Bow Disc Tiagra's aluminium frame is hung with Shimano Tiagra components with a proper cyclocross-style 46/36 double chainset. The rubber that hits the (dirt) road is from Donnelly and it sits on Ridley's own 4ZA wheels with Shimano hubs.

Find a Ridley dealer

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Video: State TV announces Kim's inspection of 'super-large' launcher test

North Korea has said that the latest test-firing of its "super-large" multiple rocket launcher was a final review of the weapon's combat application, a suggestion that the country is preparing to deploy the new weapons system soon.

India's PSLV rocket lifts-off with Cartosat-3 and 13 US satellites


Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh): India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-XL (PSLV-XL) rocket carrying advanced earth observation satellite Cartosat-3 and 13 US nano satellites lifted off from the second launch pad of the rocket port here on Wednesday.

At about 9.28 a.m. the 44.4 metre tall, weighing 320 ton rocket blasted off from the second launch pad at the country's rocket port here. The launch was normal despite a clouded sky.

According to ISRO, the 1,625 kg Cartosat-3 is an advanced agile satellite to obtain panchromatic and multispectral imagery with an operational life of five years.

The payload has the capability of take sharp pictures with a ground resolution of 0.25 metre in Panchromatic and 1 metre ground resolution or ground sample distance (GSD) in 4 Band Multispectral modes with a swath of 16 km, said ISRO.

The Indian space agency also said, Cartosat-3 has many new technologies/elements like highly agile structural platform, payload platform, higher rate data handling and transmission systems, advanced onboard computer and new power electronics, dual gimbal antenna and others.

To be placed in an orbit of 509 km at an inclination of 97.5 degrees, the Cartosat-3 will furnish images that cater to the demand of urban planning, rural resource and infrastructure development, coastal land use and land cover and also for strategic/defence purposes.

The Indian space agency officials used to say that they would supply the required images for various agencies.

The sharp satellite images can also be used for surveillance purposes while ISRO is silent on this aspect.

Sharing the ride with Cartosat-3 were 13 nano satellites from the USA for an undisclosed fee to be paid to NewSpace India Ltd -- the new commercial arm of ISRO.

About 17 minutes into its flight, the PSLV rocket will first sling into orbit Cartosat-3.

At about a minute later, the first of the 13 US nano satellites will be put into orbit. The final nano satellite will be ejected into its intended orbit at 26 minutes and 50 seconds from the lift-off of the PSLV rocket.

Once the mission turns successful, India would have launched 310 foreign satellites.

According to ISRO, 12 of the US nano satellites are named as FLOCK-4P are earth observation satellites and the 13th is called MESHBED, a communication test bed satellite.

The PSLV-XL is a four stage/engine expendable rocket powered by solid and liquid fuels alternatively. The rocket has six strap-on booster motors to give additional thrust during the initial flight stages.


Twitter Confessionals

Love isn’t rational. It doesn’t always make sense. But when love is in the air, nothing can come between you and a public tweet. Today we talk to people who’ve professed their love, publicly, for products they love. We discuss why they love the products they love, and what about these companies and brands gets them so excited. We dove into tech brands like Slack and Intercom as well as roll-on deodorant brand Phresh and personal fashion brand Stitch Fix. Huge thanks to our guests today: Lindsey Smith:, Jordi Romero:, Natalie Gerke:, & Alys Gagnon: This episode is brought to you by Logi Analytics, which is offering 5 free reports – from analysts like Gartner and Dresner – to help you navigate the BI landscape. Visit to claim your free reports today. This episode is brought to you by Cloudways. Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that simplifies the hosting experience, Visit and use the promo code RSCW to get 30% off for 3 months on Cloudways managed cloud hosting platform. This episode is also brought to you by DigitalOcean, the cloud platform that makes it easy for startups to launch high-performance modern apps and websites. Learn more about DigitalOcean and apply for Hatch at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

sudaderas camiseta chicago bulls jordan original

Camisetas de nba ropa de baloncesto, camisetas de la nba nba camisetas, chicago bulls los angeles lakers , miami heat , boston celtics new york knicks , detroit pistons , houston rockets oklahoma city thunder , orlando magic , brooklyn nets equipacion u. Al igual que el caso de los Boston Celtics, los uniformes de … Continue reading "sudaderas camiseta chicago bulls jordan original"

The Skeptics Guide #751 - Nov 30 2019

Special Guest - Richard Saunders; News Items: Sex Robots, Acupuncture Points Don't Exist, Nuclear Rockets, Fake News and False Memory; Psychic Detectives in Australia; Science or Fiction

Financial ratios you need for stock analysis

Stock picking is not an easy science or art, though it is not rocket science either. It requires methodical calculations and analysis.

Star Wars show The Mandalorian set to break TV piracy records as Disney+ isn't widely available


Star Wars show The Mandalorian set to break TV piracy records as Disney+ isn't widely available

It was kinda inevitable, really. TV series piracy is booming again, thanks to a one TV series that is availabke only in handful of countries.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Star Wars universe has always been extrenely popular - and in recent years, even more so. In fact, the final movie in the original movie series is set to hit the movie theaters in December, 2019. Then, you create a first live action, made-for-adults TV series to the Star Wars universe, with massive budget. Series gets extremely good ratings in IMDB (pilot has the average of 9.3/10 and two other episodes have also average around 8.5/10).

Only legal way to watch the series is recently launched Disney+ service.

And Disney+ service is only available in five countries in the world.

What happens? You have a massive amount of people who are eager to watch the show, no matter what.

So, even those people who kinda dropped the whole torrenting business half a decade ago or so - when Netflix et al finally arrived to most countries, providing a legal way to binge-watch movies and TV shows - are back into the piracy game again. Disney+ is currently available only in United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

It seems that The Mandalorian is set to break at least this year's piracy records, by far. Other major TV events of the year, such as Game of Thrones' final season were widely available through legal services, too. But with Mandalorian, if you live in, say Europe (excl. Netherlands) or in most of Asia, your only option to see the show it to get it illegally.

Quite many news sources have reported how widely The Mandalorian has been downloaded from various online services and torrent sites.

Oh. In case you have no idea what the Mandalorian is, here's the trailer:

Several European countries are set to get the Disney+ service in spring of 2020, including the UK, Germany and France.

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Uncapped raises 10M to offer 'revenue-based' finance to growing businesses

Uncapped, a London headquartered and Warsaw-based startup that wants to provide revenue-based finance to growing European businesses, is officially launching today and disclosing that it has raised 10 million in funding. The capital is a mixture of equity funding and debt (money it can use for lending), and sees the fintech company backed by Rocket []

ACS (Part 2): Chris Fenton

Chris Fenton is in studio to discuss the relationship between culture and commerce as it relates to China. He also talks about his work as Adam’s first agent, and joins in on a leftovers-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Castrol Edge enter ADAM enter ADAM

ACS (Part 1): Chris Fenton

Chris Fenton is in studio to discuss the relationship between culture and commerce as it relates to China. He also talks about his work as Adam’s first agent, and joins in on a leftovers-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. PLEASE SUPPORT TODAY’S SPONSORS! Castrol Edge enter ADAM enter ADAM

OpenCV Compilation/Linking Errors in async.hpp, version.hpp, dict.hpp, etc. when #include and

I installed OpenCV[dnn] 64-bit and jsoncpp using vcpkg. I can successfully use jsoncpp in my project and ./vcpkg list successfully lists 9 OpenCV packages including dnn. I also have both of the include statements listed in the title, in my Visual Studio project. Yet I still get errors in files on compilation such as: `Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Suppression State Error C3646 'CV_NOEXCEPT': unknown override specifier (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\core\async.hpp 34 Error C2143 syntax error: missing ';' before '{' (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\dnn\version.hpp 15 Error C2447 '{': missing function header (old-style formal list?) (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\dnn\version.hpp 15 Error C2059 syntax error: '(' (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\dnn\dnn.inl.hpp 49 Error C2143 syntax error: missing ';' before '{' (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\dnn\dnn.hpp 55 Error C2059 syntax error: '(' (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\dnn\layer.hpp 48 Error C2059 syntax error: '(' (compiling source file src\main.cpp) Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\include\opencv2\dnn\utils\inference_engine.hpp 14 Error C2039 'Net': is not a member of 'cv::dnn' Rocket League Inventory Extractor C:\Users\Unknown_User\Documents\openFrameworks\apps\fantastic-finale-astudent82828211\Rocket League Inventory Extractor\src\main.cpp 44 ` How do I go about properly linking the dnn module and the other modules that cause errors that are within OpenCV?

MIT Technology Review Article


The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 30.520  Friday, 29 November 2019


[1] From:        Al Magary <>

     Date:         November 27, 2019 at 3:23:07 PM EST

     Subj:         Re: SHAKSPER: MIT Tech Review 


[2] From:        Gabriel Egan <>

     Date:         November 29, 2019 at 3:20:34 AM EST

     Subj:         Re: SHAKSPER: MIT Tech Review




From:        Al Magary <>

Date:         November 27, 2019 at 3:23:07 PM EST

Subject:    Re: SHAKSPER: MIT Tech Review


On 11/26/2019 12:35 PM, Ros Barber wrote:


I am troubled that a respected news outlet like MIT Technology Review should be trumpeting pre-prints from arXiv. These articles are essentially self-published and have not yet passed peer review. Journalists picking up articles from this source are effectively bypassing the peer-review process by giving oxygen to work that may not deserve it. A friend of mine who is not even in the field sent me a copy of this article yesterday in great excitement not knowing I had already read it in great detail and found it seriously wanting. She was shocked when I told her this, saying “MIT Tech Review is a source I trust”. 


I think Ros Barber’s alarm about the article on Fletcher/Henry VIII attribution ( is misplaced. First, MIT Technology Review is not a scholarly publication but a tech news magazine. Its mission: “MIT Technology Review adheres to the traditional best practices of journalism. The guiding principles are based on our responsibility to the reader to produce accurate, fair, and independent editorial...” ( One need only go to the home page to prove it is a journalistic medium, with headlines like “This girl’s TikTok ‘makeup’ video went viral for discussing the Uighur crisis”; “Why we should be far more afraid of climate tipping points”; “A falling rocket booster just completely flattened a building in China”; and so forth.


Second, the offending article included a gently worded proviso: “Enter Petr Plecháč at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, who says he has solved the problem using machine learning to identify the authorship of more or less every line of the play...” That is scarcely “trumpeting pre-prints from arXiv.” Actually, doesn’t the article put into circulation a theory Shakespeare specialists can knock down before it gets near peer review? 


In defense of journalism,

Al Magary

Former practitioner of WWWWW&H 




From:        Gabriel Egan <>

Date:         November 29, 2019 at 3:20:34 AM EST

Subject:    Re: SHAKSPER: MIT Tech Review




I share Ros Barber’s general preference for peer review as a gate-keeping process to ensure high quality in published research. But it is by no means a guarantee of excellence. The ‘Journal of Early Modern Studies’ describes itself as a “peer-reviewed international journal”. In its volume for 2016 (on “The Many Lives of William Shakespeare Biography, Authorship and Collaboration”), one of its articles reads:



The following exchange occurs in the Q2 (1603) edition of

'Hamlet' when the player is reciting a speech on

Priam's slaughter (2.2.505-7):


1st PLAYER: 'But who O who had seen the mobled queen-'

CORAMBIS: Mobled Queene is good, faith very good.

>> (p. 112)


The journal peer-review process failed to detect the following errors in the above:

  1. There was no “Q2 (1603)” edition of the play: Q1 was published in 1603 and Q2 in 1604-5. The use of the name “CORAMBIS” in the above quotation must mean that the Q1 edition is intended. This is not a one-off slip as the edition containing Corambis is again called “Q2” on page 113.
  2. The quoted speech prefixes are from neither the Q1 nor the Q2 edition, but the characters’ words are clearly from the Q1 edition, mislabeled as Q2/
  3. In the quotation from Q1, the author has (aside from altering both speech prefixes), added quotation marks around the first line, omitted the comma before “O”, changed “seene” to “seen”, changed “Queene” to queen” and added a dash at the end of the first line.

The author goes on to quote the Folio even more inaccurately:



In the First Folio (1623), which inserts a questioning

line from Hamlet, the word is 'inobled':


1st PLAYER: 'But who, O who had seen the inobled queen-'

HAMLET: 'The inobled queen?'

POLONIUS: That's good; 'inobled queen' is good.

>> (p. 112)


Here the author has again altered the speech prefixes, added quotation marks to each of the three lines, omitted the comma after “O who”, changed “Queene” to “queen” twice and “Queen” to “queen” once, added a dash to the end of the first line, changed a colon to a semicolon after “good”, and changed “Inobled” to “inobled” in the last line. That is an awful lot of mistakes to make in a quotation of just 22 words.


In case SHAKSPERians think I have exaggerated the errors in this author’s quotations of the early editions, I have put the page in question at


And the author of the peer-reviewed article quoted above?


It’s Ros Barber.



Gabriel Egan






Research Findings: The Ill Effects of Data Pollution Are Skyrocketing in Marketing Organizations


"Big" data is not always "better." Infogroup's Rohit Chowdhury takes a look at the state of data and analytics today, as well as how marketers can get back on the path to unlocking the benefits that effective marketing data can offer.

Top 10 Porn Loving Hotties Of Yanks


It’s OK! It’s OK! Girls love watching porn, too! Especially these Yanks girls! That’s right! These hot and sexy models get turned on and get off like rockets when watching porn! Care to join...

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Actor Billy Campbell parts with longtime home in Pacific Palisades


Actor Billy Campbell of "Dynasty" and "The Rocketeer" fame has sold his longtime home in Pacific Palisades for $3.5 million.


Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket

LEGO - The Movie 2 - Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket - 70831Age:8+Parts:706Minifigures:3


Re: Военная фотоИстория


The Rocket Launcher T34 (Calliope) was a tank-mounted multiple rocket launcher used by the United States Army during World War II.

вот таких трубчатых направляющих у "катюш" же вроде не было ? голыми ракетами стреляли вроде по направляющим рельсам



Možda nije toliko dominantan nad Istokom kako smo vjerovali da će biti zbog razvodnjene kvalitete, ali Zapad je i dalje neusporedivo zanimljivija konferencija. 01. CLIPPERS 4-0, skinuli Thunder, Celticse, Rocketse i Pelicanse Uzvrat protiv Houstona bio je još jedan pokazatelj … Continue reading

EZ 1 SUPER CRUZER 2wheeled recumbent bicycle by Sun Bicycles

EZ one SUPER CRUZER 2-wheeled recumbent bicycle by Sun Bicycles Designed by Easy Racers Inc. This recumbent is the ultimate comfort ride for anyone with back or neck problems doctor prescribed. Very easy to ride for beginners or experienced recumbent riders. Original owner... garage kept. Bike is in very super condition and has had very little use. Basic Specs Compact long wheel base CLWB frame design 21 speed 3 sprockets up front and seven in the rear SRAM 3.0 Comp gripshift Shimano front derailleur Tektro brakes Weinmann Aluminum Alloy wheels Front wheel 16 Rear wheel 20 Royal Blue Fully adjustable extra thick padded seat High seat back also fully adjustable to multiple angles Adjustable handlebars LOCAL PICKUP ONLY... shipping not available


This Year, I Am Thankful for… the Women of Supermarionation

This Year, I Am Thankful for… the Women of Supermarionation

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we often find ourselves becoming more introspective, reflecting on the people and things for which we are thankful. As we at Fanbase Press celebrate fandoms, this year, the Fanbase Press staff and contributors have chosen to honor their favorite fandoms, characters, or other elements of geekdom for which they are thankful, and how those areas of geekiness have shaped their lives and values.

In the UK throughout the 1960s, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson produced a series of science fiction TV shows aimed at younger viewers using puppets, specifically marionettes—Stingray, Thunderbirds, and Captain Scarlet to name a few—and although the marionettes’ strings were evident and facial expression was limited in the beginning, after further development the strings grew thinner and stronger, and lip movements became electronically synchronized with pre-recorded dialogue, hence Gerry Anderson’s trademarked Supermarionation.
This was hard "sci-fi" for kids. Flying cars, spaceships, space travel, aliens, piranha fish submersibles, rockets, tunnel borers, futuristic (at the time) espionage and global terrorism, future-tech gone disastrously awry, and villains that the James Bond franchise would be proud of. Some of the later shows grew very dark and morally ambiguous, too: Captain Scarlet, for example, crossing swords with the Mysterons, against whom we’d fired the first shot.
And while the 1960s were evolving into a place where women couldn’t do this or that—too weak, too distracting—these shows offered a different view, where men and women were working together (Imagine that!) on a variety of tasks, on land, in the air, and in space.
First and foremost, Sylvia Anderson deserves a major hat-tip. Co-creator, co-writer, co-producer, and responsible for character development and costumes within the shows, she also provided the voices for Thunderbirds’ Lady Penelope and Fireball XL5’s Doctor Venus. And although critics argue that most of the initial female characters are stereotypically white, blond, and big-eyed, by the time we arrive at Captain Scarlet, its all-women team of fighter pilots is multi-national and could easily pass the Bechdel Test.

Photocredit: ITV/Rex
In Fireball XL5, Doctor Venus has five years of space adventure under her belt and is a doctor of space medicine. A full member of the ship’s crew, she is frequently in the midst of the action on behalf of the World Space Patrol, occasionally with stethoscope in hand, helping to save the day.
In Stingray, and despite their romantic inclinations being focused on the same guy (Troy Tempest, naturally), Lieutenant Atlanta Shore and Pacifican mermaid Marina still maintain a firm friendship, and as members of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP), keep the oceans safe from Titan and his fleet of Terror Fish. At the beginning of every show, we’re told, “Anything can happen in the next half hour!” It can, and does, and the women are always in the thick of it.

Thunderbirds is perhaps the most famous of the Supermarionation shows and possesses its very own Scarlet Pimpernel in the form of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, International Rescue’s London agent. Poised and unflappable, she (and her safe-cracking butler, Parker) thwarts many a villain throughout the series, invariably getting her hands dirty while hiding behind an aristocratic and socialite façade.

Finally, in Captain Scarlet's “war of nerves” against the Mysterons, Spectrum’s Cloudbase is defended by a multi-national squadron of women fighter pilots—code names Melody, Destiny, Harmony, Symphony, and Rhapsody Angel. This is a much darker show, but instead of remaining in the background while their male counterparts are shot, blown up, and buried, over and over, the women are on the front lines, similarly under threat.

Like a lot of older shows, they’re probably dated by now and will certainly have their flaws, but they undoubtedly inspired this little girl back in the day, by offering me a world of can-do, rather than can’t. During this Thanksgiving, I shall raise a glass: To the women of Supermarionation!


Awesome Party Games For The Long Winter Ahead


Not every get-together is best served by a sprawling strategic board game that will take all night to complete. Know your crowd, and recognize that sometimes the right choice is a fun and accessible party game that everyone can enjoy with a minimum of explanation or setup.

The following are some of my favorite recent party games, and any one of them could make for a great way to enjoy an evening with family and friends, no matter their experience level with tabletop gaming. As such, they’re an ideal pick for the holidays; wouldn’t you rather laugh through one of these games than hear your uncle tell his favorite fishing story for the 50th time?  

Player counts are listed so you can cater to your group size, and I’ve even included several fully cooperative options – just in case you’ve got that one friend who can get a little too competitive.  

Publisher: Monikers
4-16+ players

Recently reissued with new packaging and even some new cards, this stellar party staple demands that you guess the (sometimes inappropriate) word on your buddy’s card across a series of rounds that mixes clue-giving and straight-up charades. Fast-moving timed rounds and failed cards that get reshuffled into the deck lead to a growing vocabulary of in-jokes that you’ll laugh about for days.

Tattoo Stories
Publisher: Games By Bicycle
4-6 players

One player is the customer who selects an absurd mix of concepts from available cards to integrate into a single tattoo. Everyone else draws their idea on a whiteboard (in less than three minutes), and then pitches the customer on their vision for this indelibly printed piece of body art. The best idea wins! Don’t worry – almost everyone is just as bad at drawing as you are.

Publisher: IELLO
3-8 players

Split into two teams, and get ready for some code-breaking. Give clues that relate to four numbered keywords your team can see, but keep your hint vague enough that the other team can’t figure out the code you’re hinting at. Intercept and guess the other team’s secret communiques to win. Great for lovers of subterfuge and the meanings behind words.

Letter Jam
Publisher: Czech Games Edition
2-6 players

Heady and thoughtful, this cooperative game challenges players to concoct words from the letter cards on display around the table. The trick is, you don’t know your own letter, and must infer its identity from the words given. Figure out multiple letters, and a final puzzle awaits, as you must guess the scrambled word created by all of them combined. Mixing elements of Scrabble, word jumbles, and good old-fashioned deductive reasoning, Letter Jam makes for an intriguing challenge for a quieter get-together.

Publisher: Cryptozoic
2-20 players

Inspired by the authoritative guide to color, Pantone is all about the way our brains identify objects and individuals by their shade. Taking turns as the color artist, you lay out several cards of distinct solid hues, but combined into shapes that represent familiar characters from popular culture, then try to get everyone else to guess who is on display. It’s a surprising twist on the classic Pictionary format that will especially appeal to enthusiasts for visual design.

Detective Club
Publisher: Blue Orange Games
4-8 players

One player comes up with a word and writes it down on multiple pads that are then given to all the other players (except one, the conspirator, who receives a blank pad). Players then take turns laying out surreal art cards that somehow match with the word, including the conspirator, who has no idea what the word is. The word then gets revealed to everyone, and each player must justify their card selection. If you’re the conspirator, enjoy lying to your friends!

Just One
Publisher: Repos Production
3-7 players

Everyone works together in this excellent cooperative word game. One player is the guesser who doesn’t know the mystery word, while everyone else writes down a clue that helps them figure out what that mystery word might be. The shared goal is get all the words correctly guessed. Absurdly simple to learn, and with a round playable in only 15-20 minutes, this is an easy pick for even groups with no game experience.

Publisher: Gamewright
2+ players

This clever twist on the character guessing concept is a ton of fun. You have a designated character card (randomly assigned among six that are viewable by the whole team) that points to either a familiar cultural figure (like Papa Smurf, Serena Williams, or Mr. Spock) or a more generalized designation (like janitor, sumo wrestler, or the youngest player in the room). You then have a set of clues (like “would wear a tutu to a fancy party” or “has shoplifted”) that you can assign values between “Definitely” and “Definitely Not.” The other players then debate which of the character cards to eliminate, one by one, with points for each correct guess.

It’s Blunderful
Publisher: Games by Bicycle
4-8 players

You’re presented with an awkward situation on a card, and one of three equally awkward ways that you could choose to react to the situation. After you secretly select the way you would go, everyone else then votes on how they think you would handle the encounter. It’s Blunderful is likely one of those games better suited for adult friends who don’t mind the sometimes embarrassing dynamics being discussed, and it’s almost certainly a better choice for exclusively grown-up groups.

Patchwork Doodle
Publisher: Lookout Games
1 to 6+ players

Loosely based on an earlier and beautiful two-person game called Patchwork, the recent “Doodle” variant is faster and built for larger groups to play together. Players compete to build/draw their own patchwork quilt on a paper pad. You draw in your grid using assigned shapes, and then score based on completed rectangular shapes within your drawing. Incidentally, while you can play with just the included pencils, the game is a ton more fun if you bring some crayons along and let people color in their quilt as it comes together.

Ridiculous Expositions
Publisher: Gray Matter Games
2+ players

This decidedly adult party game (say the title of the game out loud several times until you hear it) challenges players to read nonsense phrases out loud until they can successfully guess the implied (frequently dirty) phrase. So, in one of the more mild cards, you might get “Draw Pit Lie Kits Ought,” and try to guess the phrase: “Drop it like it’s hot.” Rounds go quick, the silly phrases should get your friends laughing, and it takes next to no time to wrap your head around the concept; just keep in mind that the NSFW content makes this a game you probably won’t break out with just anyone.  

We’re Doomed: The Game of Global Panic
Publisher: Breaking Games
4-10 players

Looking for a little bit of thematic fun mixed in with your party game? Check out the backstabbing geopolitical insanity that is We’re Doomed, a game about contributing resources to build a rocket that is the only escape off of a doomed world, and then having enough influence to earn a seat on that rocket. Form alliances, nuke your opponents, and even draw secret events that only you know about. Just be cautious; rounds tend to be short and replayable, but grudges can last a long time.


I'm confident one of the games above can be a great fit for a holiday or other winter get-together with your family or friends, but if you'd still like some advice to find the perfect selection, feel free to drop me a line. 

And if you're looking for some more awesome tabletop games to enjoy over the long winter ahead, dig into the backlog of articles in the Top of the Table hub, which you can reach through the link in the banner below. Happy gaming!



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Los 100 mejores videojuegos de la década (2010-2019) según el equipo de VidaExtra (II)


Los 100 mejores videojuegos de la década (2010-2019) según el equipo de VidaExtra (II)

Tal y como os prometimos ayer en la primera parte de este ranking con los 100 mejores videojuegos de la década del 2010 según el equipo de VidaExtra, donde os mostramos los clasificados del 100 al 51, aquí tenéis la segunda y última entrega con los títulos que van del 50 al 1.

En el artículo anterior ya os explicamos de forma rápida cómo ha sido el proceso a la hora de seleccionar los candidatos y confeccionar el listado final, no nos vamos a repetir, así que ya podéis ir viendo cómo ha quedado el resto de la lista y el ganador.

Vamos allá:

50. Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale

Pocos podíamos imaginar que lo que al principio se criticó como un plagio barato de PUBG acabaría destronándolo y convirtiéndose en uno de los fenómenos mediáticos más importantes de la década. Pero la fama es bien merecida, porque Fortnite es enorme y divertido como pocos, y sus actualizaciones auténticas cajas de sorpresas. Dos años después, ha quedado demostrado que esto no era una simple moda pasajera.

49. Spelunky


Originalmente fue un título gratuito lanzado en 2008, pero la total reimaginación que Derek Yu hizo de Spelunky cuatro años después se ha consagrado como una obra maestra del diseño de videojuegos. No solo dio el pistoletazo de salida a la fiebre del roguelike, sino que todo su conjunto está concienzudamente pensado para ser desafiante y apelar a la creatividad del jugador. Una maquinaria perfecta en la que todo tiene su propósito.

48. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7

La franquicia de terror más emblemática de Capcom llevaba unos cuantos años dando de todo menos miedo, así que la solución fue drástica: cortar por lo sano y volver a lo que la hizo grande en su día. Así nació Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, que recupera sus raíces intimistas y opresivas, los puzles, la exploración, y sobre todo la supervivencia. Además, la primera persona le dio un nuevo toque a la inmersión que le sentó como un guante.

47. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

El tercer juego de Fumito Ueda era prácticamente una bestia mitológica antes de 2015. Las esperanzas estaban ya apagándose, hasta que un día resurgió para convertirse en una de las historias más enternecedoras de la generación. The Last Guardian es la mejor y más bonita representación de la relación entre humanos y animales, y no se hable más. Un título único que brilla por todas las convenciones que desecha valientemente.

46. Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne no es solo otro roguelike más, es la obra magna de Vlambeer. Frenetismo no apto para cardíacos en una experiencia de las que te hacen recordar por qué te gustan los videojuegos. Es difícil expresar con palabras lo increíble que es disparar, esquivar y avanzar en este título, porque su espíritu es tan lúdico que solo al jugarlo es cuando entiendes por qué es tan bueno.

45. Journey


De todo lo que ha supuesto Journey para el medio se podría escribir un libro. Jenova Chen y el equipo de Thatgamecompany convirtieron la poesía en videojuego con sus preciosistas caminatas por el desierto. Un título que no solo redefinía el concepto de narrativa, sino también el de multijugador. La catarsis de algunos de sus momentos más cautivadores quedará para siempre grabada en el inconsciente colectivo.

44. P.T.


Muchos ya os estaréis llevando las manos a la cabeza al ver una demo en el top de juegos de la década. Estáis en vuestro derecho, pero para nosotros P.T. es mucho más que una demo. Es la concatenación de algunos de los mejores elementos del terror expresados de una forma brillante. Un juego con derecho propio que no necesita llegar a convertirse en aquel Silent Hills para destacar como uno de los pilares del género.

43. Undertale


El mito del desarrollador indie que solamente con una buena idea es capaz de alcanzar el éxito no puede estar más alejado de la realidad, pero Undertale es la excepción que confirma la regla. Todas las alabanzas hacia este humilde RPG pacifista son totalmente merecidas. Su mensaje es uno de los más sinceros, potentes y emotivos que hemos presenciado jamás en un videojuego, y eso nos llena de determinación.

42. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2

La primera entrega, siendo un juego de excelente calidad, causó cierta controversia entre algunos usuarios por atreverse a prescindir de campaña. En Respawn oyeron las quejas y se marcaron un "hold my beer" de manual, porque el modo para un jugador de Titanfall 2 es increíble. Todo un ejemplo de creatividad que el resto de estudios debería aplicarse. Y eso sin descuidar tampoco su magnífico multijugador.

41. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Aunque los monstruos de Capcom llevaban unos cuantos años siendo medianamente populares fuera de Japón gracias a las entregas de 3DS, necesitaban dar un paso adelante para codearse con los más grandes, y ese ha sido Monster Hunter World. Una evolución de portátil a sobremesa como dios manda, que sabe refinar todo lo que hace grande a esta franquicia y ser el mejor punto de entrada para los recién llegados.

40. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice es la prueba viva de que From Software ya no necesita a los Souls para deslumbrar. Ni siquiera mantenerse fiel a su mecánica, sino variar lo justo para que parezca otro juego distinto. Fue un juego que nos abofeteó muy fuerte, pero es un dolor placentero. Esa clase de dolor que se vuelve adictiva.

39. Hearthstone


Como diría el gran y tristemente fallecido Camilo Sesto, Hearthstone mola mazo. Blizzard tenía claro que se quería subir al carro de los juegos de cartas, que nunca se habían ido pero que necesitaban un revulsivo, y logró captar una audiencia superior. Y sigue a tope con un montón de expansiones lanzadas desde entonces.

38. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Que los metroidvania están viviendo una segunda juventud es gracias a juegos de la talla de Hollow Knight, una delicia tremendamente exigente por parte de Team Cherry que nos irá conquistando poco a poco, a medida que nos adentramos en su peculiar universo, desbloqueando todo de lo que es capaz de hacer el héroe.

37. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite fue el colofón perfecto para una de las sagas más inolvidables de la pasada generación de videojuegos. Si ya nos había maravillado aquella incursión en Rapture en el año 2007, viajar hasta Columbia no se quedó atrás en cuanto a impacto se refiere. Y con una historia con más miga de lo que parece.

36. Dark Souls

Dark Souls

From Software había dado un paso adelante con Demon's Souls en 2009, pero no fue hasta el primer Dark Souls un par de años después cuando obtendría el reconocimiento absoluto, llegando por fin a las masas. Se puede decir sin miedo que creó un género propio que sigue siendo una fuerte influencia para muchos.



Se ha dicho en innumerables ocasiones que estamos saturados de shooters, pero de vez en cuando surge la chispa y nos sorprende un FPS totalmente original, como sucedió con SUPERHOT. Porque aquí la acción se para por completo cuando estamos quietos y se mueve cuando andamos. Brillante. Inteligente.

34. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V

Hideo Kojima es un genio, de eso no hay duda, incluso para sus detractores. Perfeccionista como pocos, sabe crear experiencias únicas que explotan al límite todo lo que se podría/debería hacer dentro de un videojuego. Y en este sentido, se despidió a lo grande de Konami con Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

33. Overwatch


Blizzard estuvo muy ligada a la estrategia y los juegos de rol durante dos décadas, siendo bastante curioso que no sacase una nueva licencia en casi todo ese tiempo hasta el desembarco de Overwatch. El hero-shooter por excelencia que sigue dando guerra desde 2016 y anulando casi por completo a sus competidores.

32. Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man

Insomniac Games se enfundó el traje de Spidey con una sorpresa en su interior: cogió lo mejor de los Batman: Arkham de Rocksteady a nivel jugable para crear la mejor aventura de nuestro amigo y vecino Spider-man con Marvel's Spider-Man. Para enmarcar, el ritmo que acaba pillando su historia hasta la traca final.

31. Rocket League

Rocket League

Dos de las grandes pasiones deportivas de este país (velocidad y fútbol) se juntaron en Rocket League, la madurez de aquel concepto primigenio de Psyonix estrenado en PS3 en el año 2008 del que pocos se acuerdan. Toda una revolución que no para de brindarnos muchas alegrías. Y lo mejor: con juego cruzado.

30. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong Country

Seguir avanzando también implica mirar atrás de vez en cuando. Porque no todo tienen que ser revoluciones y, a veces, retomando viejos caminos y fórmulas también hay hueco para sorprender. Como Nintendo, que recupera Donkey Kong Country y te planta en tu cara el mejor plataformas 2D que ha pisado la faz de la Tierra.

29. Return of the Obra Dinn

Return of the Obra Dinn

Por ingenioso, inesperado e incluso hasta por retorcido. Return of the Obra Dinn es uno de esos juegos que sólo ocurren una vez cada diez años. Como las estrellas fugaces del cinturón de Orión que me acabo de inventar. Un juego de investigación (de puzles, diría yo) soberbio e imprescindible.

28. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

El cenit de una franquicia que podría seguir empujando hacia adelante y conseguir volvernos a dejar con la boca abierta, pero que en realidad no permite intentar visualizar cuál será su futuro a partir de aquí. Los combates entre Mario y compañía de Super Smash Bros. Ultimate son tan divertidos como espectaculares.

27. Vanquish


Es el retorno del hijo prometido, que llega con un pitillo en la boca y arrastrándose por el suelo porque es un cafre, pero a Vanquish hay que quererlo igual. Probablemente el mejor shooter que ha parido la industria del videojuego y uno de esos juegos que debes probar sí o sí. Palabrita.

26. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

Se gana el hueco por lo desquiciante que puede llegar a ser pese a su capa de ricura. Una aventura con alma de metroidvania en la que cada milímetro de su escenario podría ser un cuadro perfecto para el salón. Ori and the Blind Forest es precioso, sí, pero también inmensamente divertido.

25. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami

Un juego de pintar paredes con la sangre de nuestros enemigos. Un puzle sobre asesinatos que implica mantener al mismo nivel la planificación y la habilidad si no quieres que sean tus sesos los que adornen el techo. Hotline Miami es una genialidad cargada de simpleza y, sin embargo, increíblemente atractiva.

24. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

No hay muchos juegos de conducción en la lista, pero claro, es que no hay muchos juegos como Mario Kart 8. En realidad, ninguno. Como ninguno ha demostrado ser igual de adictivo que los juegos del bigotudo fontanero, que pueden aguantarte años como si fuesen un whisky de barrica (y hacerte explotar la cabeza cuando vuelves a probarlos una década después).

23. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

La aventura fantástica por excelencia. Bien por Juego de Tronos, bien por El Señor de los Anillos y bien por todas esas aventuras del medievo mitológico que nos ayudaron a ver la época de la lepra y la tuberculosis con otros ojos, pero si cada medio tiene su obra específica, la del videojuego es The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

22. What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch

De aborrecer los walking simulator a quedar totalmente prendado. What Remains of Edith Finch es uno de los mejores juegos que han pasado por mis manos. Una historia preciosa cargada de sorpresas y experimentos que funden mecánica y narrativa como ningún otro juego ha hecho. Pura magia.

21. Bloodborne


Puede que tú tengas otro, pero este es mi Souls. Bloodborne supo ganarme allí donde el resto de juegos de From Software habían errado el tiro. Me enganchó pese a no ser yo nada fan de su dificultad y, de una forma enfermiza, caí en la madriguera del conejo hasta volverme un loco más de su país de las maravillas victorianas.

20. Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3

Este 2019 está muy difícil decidir cuál es el mejor videojuego que se ha publicado en Nintendo Switch. Si ese premio fuera a parar a manos de Luigi's Mansion 3, sería muy merecido. El hermano de Mario vuelve con la que es la mejor aventura que ha llegado a protagonizar, con escenarios de lo más variopintos, nuevas mecánicas para atrapar a los fantasmas, mucho sentido del humor y un cooperativo que le otorga una diversión asombrosa.

19. DOOM


A la hora de hablar del género de los FPS es imposible no acordarnos de DOOM, una de las sagas más icónicas de la historia que regresó hace unos años por la puerta grande con uno de los títulos de acción más salvajes y frenéticos que hemos llegado a jugar. Nunca ha sentado tan bien machacar demonios de las formas más bestias que nos podamos imaginar.

18. The Witness

The Witness

Jonathan Blow se marcó un juego de lo más memorable cuando desarrolló Braid, aunque se superó cuando creó The Witness. Una maravillosa aventura de puzles ambientada en una misteriosa y colorida isla. Más de 500 rompecabezas pensados para que nos exprimamos el coco con tal de resolverlos, aunque no nos cansaremos de ellos por sus ideas tan originales.

17. Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Ayer algunos pensábais que la última obra de Hideo Kojima se iba a posicionar en lo más alto de la tabla. Como veis no ha sido el caso, pero eso no quita que Death Stranding se merezca un puesto tan alto al presentarnos el creativo japonés un videojuego en el que simplemente andar se convierte en una experiencia extraordinaria. Un viaje en el que el ir de un punto a otro es algo que desearemos hacer durante horas y horas, ya que cada una de estas travesías siempre supondrá algo nuevo.

16. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games, los creadores de Killzone, han desarrollado la que es sin duda una de las mejores exclusividades que forman parte del catálogo de PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn es la impresionante aventura de Aloy en una época en la que los seres humanos están a punto de extinguirse a causa de la aparición de unas máquinas en forma de dinosaurios que se han hecho con el control. Un título que deseamos que acabe recibiendo una secuela algún día con la esperanza de que mantenga, como mínimo, la misma calidad.

15. Dead Cells

Dead Cells

La mezcla de géneros de Dead Cells lo convierten en un juego realmente imprescindible. Un roguelike de acción, plataformas y al mismo tiempo un metroidvania en el que nuestro objetivo es el de tratar de abrirnos paso por unos escenarios de lo más desafiantes, plagados de enemigos y que iremos atravesando a base de apoderarnos de nuevas armas y habilidades. Lo mejor es que después de cada partida siempre tendremos ganas de jugar otra más.

14. Portal 2

Portal 2

Si el primer Portal se convirtió en un juego que no podía faltar en la biblioteca de Steam de nadie, con su secuela es más de lo mismo. Portal 2 continúa con la fórmula tan alucinante que hizo grande a su predecesor, con la diferencia de que esta vez veremos a nuevos personajes y sobre todo se caracteriza por su modo cooperativo para dos jugadores, porque al final no hay nada mejor que resolver los enrevesados puzles con la ayuda de otra persona.

13. Inside


Cuando Inside se lanzó no nos tembló el pulso a la hora de considerarlo como uno de los mayores bombazos de 2016, así que esta aventura de plataformas, puzles y con una dirección artística tan excepcional solo se merece cualquier tipo de alabanzas por nuestra parte. Una historia muy emotiva que nadie debería de perderse.

12. Grand Theft Auto V


Es indiscutible que varios de los trabajos de Rockstar están entre los mejores juegos que hemos disfrutado durante esta década y uno de ellos ha sido GTA V. Se podría decir incluso que los números también hablan por sí solos, dado  que ya se han vendido más de 100 millones de copias en todo el mundo, lo que le convierte en uno de los títulos más exitosos de todos los tiempos. Eso sí, bien merecido lo tiene por su campaña y por el hecho de que GTA Online continúa actualizándose después de cinco años.

11. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

El año pasado, por muy poco, God of War le arrebató a Red Dead Redemption 2 el premio de mejor juego del año, pero sería una locura no considerar que la obra maestra de Rockstar también se merecía un galardón así. Volver al Salvaje Oeste de esta forma tan magistral es algo que nos dio ganas de levantarnos de la silla y ponernos a aplaudir por el trabajo tan excelente que ha realizado la compañía. Y, por si no fuera suficiente, no hay que olvidar su modo multijugador Red Dead Online.

10. Celeste


Si hablamos de juegos independientes que han marcado una década, y en muchos casos incluso la historia misma de un género, Celeste es de los que se han ganado un lugar por méritos propios. Pocos juegos de plataformas han sabido recompensar mejor al jugador por sus fracasos.

09. Bayonetta


En VidaExtra, como habréis podido comprobar en este ranking, somos fans de Platinum Games. Y si hay un juego que hizo grande al estudio y lo puso en el punto de mira de toda la industria, si hay un juego de acción que recordamos y seguiremos recordando durante años, ese es Bayonetta.

08. Uncharted 4: El Desenlace del Ladrón

Uncharted 4

Los dos Uncharted que han visto la luz durante esta década han sido el tres y el cuatro. Y nos quedamos con Uncharted 4, el título con el que Naughty Dog acabó redefiniendo lo que significan los juegos de aventuras. Vamos, lo hizo lanzando el que a día de hoy, probablemente, sigue siendo el rey del género.

07. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

En su momento tildamos a Super Mario Galaxy 2 de obra maestra, dijimos sin miedo que se trataba del mejor juego de Wii y también que era uno de los mejores títulos de plataformas. Diez años después de su lanzamiento podríamos decir exactamente lo mismo.

06. God of War

God Of War

Todavía habrá gente diciendo que eso de hacer un plano secuencia en un videojuego no tiene mérito porque no sé qué y en el cine y las series sí porque no sé cuántos. Paparruchas. No hay ningún otro juego que haya sido capaz de plantear ni siquiera algo similar a lo visto en God of War. Lo sé, no debería estar hablando de esto. Pues nada, juegazo el que se marcaron Cory Barlog y su equipo. El ejemplo perfecto de cómo renovar por completo una saga manteniendo su esencia intacta. Una obra maestra difícil de olvidar.

05. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Y hablando de obras maestras, aquí tenemos ese Red Dead Redemption original que nos trajo a todos de cabeza. En general hay pocos juegos ambientados en el oeste, no hablemos ya de títulos de vaqueros con verdadero peso y relevancia tanto a nivel narrativo como jugable, pero es que lo de Rockstar es para quitarse el sombrero. Y dar una coz.

04. NieR: Automata

Nier Automata

¿Otro de Platinum Games? Otro de Platinum Games. A ver, un juego dirigido por un japonés (Yoko Taro) que va por ahí dando entrevistas con una máscara horrible para no dar la cara no puede ser malo. Y si lo es, no se llama NieR: Automata. A ver dónde encontráis un juego de acción con una historia, unos personajes, una rejugabilidad y una variedad loca de mecánicas como la que tiene éste sin que se caiga por todos lados. Una salvajada.

03. The Last of Us

The Last Of Us

Antes de maravillarnos con Uncharted 4, a Naughty Dog le dio por sacarse de la manga un nuevo juego llamado The Last of Us. Una historia ambientada en un mundo totalmente hecho trizas cuyos personajes protagonistas, Ellie y Joel, acabarían convirtiéndose en dos iconos de la historia de los videojuegos. De lo mejorcito que hemos jugado.

02. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey es la pura celebración del videojuego. Es de ese tipo de títulos que le hacen a uno preguntarse cómo es posible que exista algo así. En su momento lo comparamos con un pedacito de magia y lo seguimos pensando. Pura diversión en un ejercicio de imaginación sin límites.

01. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Pues aquí lo tenéis. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild es el juego que, según toda la parafernalia que hemos montado para seleccionar y ordenar nuestro particular top 100 de la década del 2010, ha acabado amasando la mayor cantidad de puntos. Nintendo ha sabido reinventar su propia fórmula en cada nuevo Zelda, pero lo que hizo en BOTW está al alcance de muy pocos. Al universo de personajes y localizaciones reconocibles se le suma un grado de libertad pocas veces visto en un videojuego tanto a la hora de enfrentarnos a los distintos puzzles planteados como al propio descubrimiento de su mundo. Una delicia que ningún fan de los videojuegos debería dejar pasar.

Y hasta aquí nuestros 100 mejores videojuegos de la década del 2010. Ha sido duro elaborarlo, no os vamos a mentir, pero también nos lo hemos pasado muy bien durante horas y horas. Ahora os toca a vosotros. Los comentarios están a vuestra disposición una vez más para que podáis compartir vuestros puntos de vista e incluso vuestros propios listados, si así lo deseáis, tanto con los que formamos el equipo editorial como con el resto de lectores.

Nota: una vez más quiero recalcar que la elaboración de este ranking ha sido un trabajo de equipo de principio a fin, por lo que creo que merece la pena que todo el mundo pueda saber quién ha escrito qué. Los textos del 50 al 41 son obra de Jonathan León; los del 40 al 31 de Jarkendia; del 30 al 21 se ha ocupado R. Márquez; del 20 al 11 el encargado ha sido Sergio Cejas y, por último, los textos del 10 al 1 han sido cosa mía. Gracias por leernos.

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Boutique Details about ROCKET DOG brown Patchwork Floral Boho Clogs Mules Womens Size 9 VGC a4DUkGrn

Boutique Details about ROCKET DOG brown Patchwork Floral Boho Clogs Mules Womens Size 9 VGC a4DUkGrn

Item specifics

Pre-owned: An item that has been used or worn previously. See the seller’s listing for full details and ... Read moreabout the condition

Rocket Dog

Pattern: Floral US Shoe Size (Women's): 9
Width: Medium (B, M) Style: Clogs

Pink Purple

Comprar ahora

Comment on Vote for the 2019 Boysies Videogame Awards! by Anonymous

Uhh... Rocket League? Where is it? Super Smash Bros. is great too!

Model rocketry | Steve Jurvetson

Moneyman Steve Jurvetson takes TEDsters inside his awesome hobby -- launching model rockets –- by sharing some gorgeous photos, his infectious glee and just a whiff of danger.

College costs skyrocket 112% above rate of inflation over last four years: study

As the issue of college affordability continues to be a prominent talking point on the campaign trail ahead of the 2020 presidential election, a new study shows that the cost of a college education is still increasing at a rate that far outpaces inflation.

Ventes en ligne LOYALTY & FAITH Vêtements homme B&T ROCKET - Veste en jean - black Vestes Homme

Ventes en ligne LOYALTY & FAITH Vêtements homme B&T ROCKET - Veste en jean - black Vestes Homme

Matière et entretien

Composition: 77% coton, 21% polyester, 2% viscose

Épaisseur de la doublure: Non doublé

Matière: Denim

Conseils d'entretien: Lavage en machine à 40°C, ne pas mettre au sèche-linge

Détails du produit

Col: Col à revers

Fermeture: Boutons

Poches: Poches à rabat

Motif / Couleur: Couleur unie

Informations additionnelles: Poches

Référence: LOL22T001-Q11

Taille du mannequin: Notre mannequin mesure 189 cm et porte une taille 3XL

Coupe: Ample

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Longueur des manches: Manche extra longue

Longueur des manches: 70 cm en taille 3XL

Largeur de dos: 60 cm en taille 3XL

Longueur totale: 85 cm en taille 3XL


Comment on Album Review: Shonen Knife’s “Sweet Candy Power” by ROCKET Goes Big on ‘Giants’ - Guitar Girl Magazine

[…] Angeles-based pop-punk outfit ROCKET recently released their debut single, entitled “Giants.” According to the band, […]

Śląsk Wrocław Win 5 In A Row To Top The Ekstraklasa

Śląsk Wrocław have completely recovered from their early-autumn collapse by winning 5 games in a row, topping the Ekstraklasa in the process. Śląsk’s impressive early season form surprised many and saw attendances at Stadion Wrocław rocket from around 6,000 to over 20,000. However the team then went 8 weeks without a win, including an embarrassing …

J. Rockett Audio Designs: Analog Preamp Experiment

Pedál Analog Preamp Experiment (APE) od společnosti J. Rockett Audio Designs je mimořádně praktickou pomůckou, která flexibilním…

Keeping the Radio City Rockettes on their toes, with help from trainers

The Radio City Rockettes perform up to 16 times a week and can kick up to 650 times a day so working with trained doctors is essential.


Fetal Personhood Is Maternal Punishment


We often talk about abortion as if it’s a thing unto itself. If we connect it to anything, it’s usually to sex education, contraception, and other contested ways of preventing unwanted births.

What gets much less attention is the removal of everyday rights from willingly pregnant women. For opponents of abortion, who grant personhood to fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses, it’s not a stretch to go from saying “You have to have that baby” to “You have to produce a healthy baby, therefore your wishes, needs, and constitutional rights are of no account.” Moreover, if anything goes wrong, they’re going to assume it’s your fault alone.

Consider forced surgery. You might have thought the issue was settled in women’s favor in 1987, when a court ordered Angela Carder, a terminally ill cancer patient at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC, to undergo a C-section intended to give her 26-and-a-half-week-old fetus a better chance at survival. The doctors performed the surgery despite the likelihood that it would shorten Carder’s life; both she and her baby died. In the wake of that horrific event, an appeals court vacated the original order, with more than 100 organizations weighing in for Carder, including the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. (On the other side were attorneys for Americans United for Life and the United States Catholic Conference.)

Flash-forward to 2011, when Rinat Dray, who previously had two cesareans that left her debilitated and in pain for months, decided to try for a vaginal birth at Staten Island University Hospital in New York. Her doctor made the decision, without even a court order, to cut the baby out against her will, slicing into her bladder in the process.

Dray has been suing the hospital for years, so far without success. Despite New York State’s new pro-choice Reproductive Health Act, the Kings County Supreme Court held in October that the state has “an interest in the protection of viable fetal life after the first 24 weeks of pregnancy” that overrides a mother’s objection to medical treatment, “at least where the intervention itself presented no serious risk to the mother’s well being.”

This is New York, not Alabama.

As Lynn Paltrow, the director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, told me by phone, “The Dray case makes clear that all you need is a doctor who asserts that the fetus is at risk, and suddenly you don’t have any rights.” Around the country, other pregnant women have been threatened with C-sections or had to undergo them against their will.

This is in spite of the fact that the cesarean rate in the United States is 32 percent—far higher than the World Health Organization’s recommended rate of 10 to 15 percent. It’s also in spite of court rulings that under no circumstances can one person be forced to have a medical procedure, such as a bone marrow transplant, to benefit another. What this amounts to is that pregnant women have fewer rights than other people and the fetuses they carry have more.

The criminalization of women’s behavior during pregnancy is another gift from the anti-abortion movement. According to Al Jazeera, more than 1,200 women have been arrested or detained for their conduct during pregnancy since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. Personhood, a new documentary by Jo Ardinger, delves into the case of Wisconsin’s Tamara Loertscher, who told a doctor in 2014 that before she knew she was pregnant, she used meth several times a week to self-medicate for depression since she had no health insurance. Loertscher swiftly found herself in a hospital against her will and then in jail. The state even provided her fetus, at that point 14 weeks old, with a lawyer but refused Loertscher’s own requests for legal representation.

Released after 18 days, she now had a record as a child abuser, which made her virtually unemployable in her profession as a nursing aide—even though her son was born in perfect health. And Loertscher was one of the lucky ones; other women have been jailed, charged with murder for having stillbirths, or had their babies taken away.

Cases like this attract only sporadic attention, partly because the pro-choice movement has been (understandably) focused on abortion rights. But it’s also because they tend to involve women who are poor or working class, black or brown, users of drugs or alcohol, smokers, members of minority religions, or other women who can’t or won’t follow the intensive prenatal health regimen of educated professional-class women, who won’t allow a drop of wine to pass their lips once the pregnancy test comes up positive.

In 1991 the Supreme Court ruled that employers could not bar women from jobs deemed dangerous to fetuses, such as factory work involving certain chemicals. How long will that ruling stand if other legal behaviors while pregnant—drinking, smoking, housecleaning, lifting your other children—wind up being criminalized as well? There’s a clear path that leads from the arrest in Alabama of Marshae Jones, whose fetus died after Jones was shot in a fight, to arresting pregnant women for their own abuse at the hands of their partners, and the United States is on it.

Meanwhile, we live comfortably with skyrocketing miscarriage rates among detained immigrants and with the occasional birth by a detained woman alone in her cell—Diana Sanchez in Denver, for example.

Perhaps it’s unnecessary to add that our society does little to help pregnant women have healthy babies, all while purporting to value them. If you’re homeless and giving birth, tough luck. If you have an addiction, chances are there won’t be room in a rehab program. If you live in a rural area, there may not even be a maternity ward nearby. Increasingly, fetal personhood is maternal punishment—and the pro-choice movement shouldn’t forget it.


Pokémon GO: Spezialforschung mit Giovanni im Dezember mit neuem Bonus

Giovanni stellt euch in Pokémon GO vor "Eine wachsende Herausforderung". Diese neue Spezialforschung mit dem Team GO Rocket-Boss könnt ihr im Dezember starten. Offenbar bietet sie einen anderen Bonus und so könnt ihr eine neue Crypto-Legende fangen. Dieser Artikel wurde einsortiert unter Gaming, Rollenspiel, Android, Apple iOS, Pokémon, Videospiel, Mobile Games, Pokémon GO, Niantic.


Do Preventative Blackouts Put California’s Renewable Generators at Risk?


Pacific Gas & Electric’s bankruptcy has already threatened the credit ratings of some of the solar and wind farms, cogeneration plants and other independent power generators that rely on the utility to buy their electricity through power-purchase agreements. 

Now these generators may face a new threat from PG&E’s massive public safety power shutoff (PSPS) events, meant to prevent its power grid from starting another fire like the 2017 and 2018 blazes that drove it into bankruptcy

This year’s fire-prevention outages have introduced a “new form of curtailment risk for the state’s independent power producers," according to a recent report from credit ratings firm S&P Global. The concern stems from the possibility that PG&E will effectively shut down projects during PSPS events, and then not pay the developer for the lost production. 

The report focused on PG&E, which was far more aggressive than the state’s two other investor-owned utilities with its fire-prevention blackouts in October and November, leaving millions of people without power for hours or days at a time. What’s more, PG&E's first PSPS in early October was marred by widespread communications and planning breakdowns, drawing demands of a public takeover of the utility by California politicians and an investigation from state regulators.

In terms of their impact on power-purchase agreements, S&P forecasts only a “modest” financial and credit risk, at least in the near term.

Out of the eight California PPA projects rated by S&P, most will face “minimal” risk of losing revenue to PSPS curtailments. That’s either because they’re located in deserts or other low-fire-risk areas, such as some of its solar farm PPA projects, or because their revenue structures rely more on capacity payments than on energy market revenues, such as the two natural-gas-fired power plants it rates. 

Still, other projects covered by S&P are well within the state’s high-fire-risk regions and have already been forced to curtail during this autumn’s fire season, the report notes. For example, a geothermal power plant in Geyserville, Calif. was forced to shut down by last month’s Kincade fire. And the Crockett Cogeneration plant was offline during an October PSPS that blacked out the town of Crockett, Calif. shortly before a growing fire forced its temporary evacuation. 

Litigation on the horizon?

The big question facing developers with PPAs and utilities is this: Who pays for the lost revenue resulting from PSPS events? Unfortunately, this risk is too new to have been written into existing PPA contracts, which means that “there is likely to be litigation” to answer it, S&P writes.

That’s because utilities are likely to declare that PSPS events fall under the concept known as “force majeure,” or events beyond human control. The old-fashioned term of art is “acts of God,” but California PPA contracts have also used language such as "unforeseeable causes" and "sudden actions of the elements" to refer to the same concept, S&P said.

Whatever the language, if PSPS events can gain legal standing as force majeure, "the utilities are generally not liable."

S&P highlighted that many PPA contracts use definitions like "unusual" fires or droughts, "other natural catastrophes,” or "unusual or extreme adverse weather-related events.” California’s wildfires have been driven by dry and windy conditions exacerbated by climate change, lending support to the idea that blackouts to prevent them are a reasonable response to an “extreme adverse weather-related event,” S&P notes. 

On the other hand, PG&E bears responsibility for delaying maintenance on timeworn grid infrastructure that may have increased its fire risks, compared to the state’s other utilities. Developers could argue that these human failures on PG&E’s part, rather than acts of God, are to blame for the losses their PPAs may face from fire-prevention outages. 

“Although this too will be up to the courts, in the case of PG&E, that utility's troubled safety record and questions about whether it has sufficiently hardened its grid or managed surrounding vegetation may not help its case,” S&P notes in the report.

Adjusting future PPAs 

S&P’s report makes clear that it sees only minimal risks for existing PPAs from fire-prevention outages, at least in the short run, even if court decisions lead to verdicts that support a utility-friendly interpretation of force majeure. For example, a typical 300-megawatt solar farm that lost 30 hours of output at $100 per megawatt-hour to a PSPS event deemed to be force majeure would see only a 1 to 2 percent reduction in annual expected revenue. 

That means that developers needn’t fear another across-the-board credit downgrade from S&P because of PSPS curtailment risk.

But in the future, preventative power shutdowns will raise "important questions" for developers considering building projects in California, particularly if they aspire to be investment-grade. As a credit ratings agency, S&P suggested it would expect any future project to either specifically mitigate its PSPS risks in its PPA contract, or “be able to withstand a shutoff with minimal impact to debt service coverage ratios,” to earn an investment-grade rating. 

The problem for S&P and other ratings agencies is that it’s not yet clear how big or disruptive future PSPS events might be, or how quickly PG&E will be able to reduce their scale and impact.

That differentiates them from other curtailment risks in California, such as "duck curve" supply-demand imbalances, driven by the state's growing share of midday solar power, which “has mostly been quantified and thus can be sized in take-or-pay PPAs.”  


Así fue la última salvajada de James Harden

El escolta de los Rockets sólo necesitó media hora para batir el récord de anotación de la temporada

Meeting Ariana Marie

Ariana Marie is living proof that age ain’t nothing but a number.  At the young age of 24, she has packed in more than her fair share of experience in this industry, and she’s only just begun. In less than four years she has managed to skyrocket to porn fame and is now branching out ...

Norway's sugar tax flop

Imagine the government raising the cost of living so much that it's cheaper to go shopping in Sweden. That's the situation Norwegians find themselves in...

Norwegian sugar tax sends sweet-lovers over border to Sweden

It seems unfair to call it a sweet shop. In the shopping centre north of Charlottenberg in south-western Sweden, barely four miles from Norway and less than 90 minutes’ drive from Oslo, is a candy superstore.

Arrayed across 3,500 sq metres of floor space – half a football pitch – are aisle upon aisle of sugary treats, more than 4,000 products in all, from sour strawberries, liquorice laces and fruity gumballs to red rockets, Lion bars, M&Ms, Milky Ways and Oreos.

One of maybe 30 similar confectionery and soft drink stores lining the Swedish side of the border from south to far north, it is, said Matts Idbratt, operations manager for Gottebiten – which runs half of them – “the biggest sweet shop in the world. We think”.

Between them, those stores turn over about SEK2bn (£160m) a year – and they exist solely because the price tags on the pick’n’mix bags, snack bars, chocolate boxes and soft drinks they sell are, on average, less than half those in neighbouring Norway.

“It’s crazy,” said Eirik Bergland, a 39-year-old laboratory technician from the Oslo suburb of Bjerke. With three children under 12, he has made three cross-border shopping trips this year – although not just for sweets, he stressed.

“A lot of products are cheaper in Sweden than in Norway,” Bergland said. “Alcohol, tobacco, plenty of stuff. Cross-border shopping has happened for decades. But candy and soft drinks are a lot cheaper. A whole, whole lot cheaper.”

Norway has had a tax on sugary products since 1922. The Guardian says it was introduced 'to raise revenue for the state, rather than improve the health of the nation' as if this makes it any different from modern sugar taxes.

In January last year, the tax on chocolate and confectionery went up by 83% to the equivalent of £3.12 per kilo. The tax on fizzy drinks - including zero-sugar drinks - works out at about 43p a litre.

The result was predictable...

The tax increase had “quite an impact on our sales”, said Idbratt, whose giant sweet emporium is part of a booming cross-border trade that earned Swedish businesses – some owned by Norwegian investors – SEK16.6bn (£1.3bn) last year, 10% more than in 2017.

Idbratt said Gottebiten, founded by three entrepreneurial brothers in 1997, had “seen more customers, and existing customers are buying more”. Norwegian shoppers made 9.2m trips across the border last year, according to Statistics Norway.

It's all very reminiscent of Denmark's fat tax fiasco.

Still, there is no doubt that Norwegians have cut down on sugar, as another Guardian article reported last week:

Norwegians are eating less sugar than at any time in the last 44 years, the health directorate in Oslo has said, announcing that annual consumption per person had fallen by more than 1kg a year since 2000.

.. The directorate’s annual report on the Norwegian diet said that average annual consumption of sugar had plummeted from 43kg to 24kg per person between 2000 and 2018 – including a 27% reduction in the past decade – to a level lower than that recorded in 1975.

It's not clear if these figures take account of cross-border shopping, but it is a remarkable drop either way. And so, naturally, rates of obesity have fallen commensurately, right?

Wrong. According to the WHO, Norway has an obesity rate of 23.1 per cent, higher than Sweden's 20.6 per cent and - for that matter - higher than Finland's 22.2 per cent and Denmark's 19.7 per cent.

Moreover, the record shows that Norway's obesity rate has increased at a remarkably steady rate for many years, unaffected by changes in taxes or sugar consumption.

The picture is similar in Britain where sugar consumption has fallen by around a fifth since the 1960s - although campaigners are reluctant to admit this - while obesity has risen.

Maybe - just maybe - sugar isn't the culprit and crude 'public health' policies based on dogma rather than facts don't work?

Still, good news for Sweden's border town confectionery industry.

Cross-posted at the IEA blog

Beware of Social Security Scams

Social Security phone scams are the #1 type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission and Social Security. Over the past year, these scams—misleading victims into making cash or gift card payments to avoid arrest for Social Security number problems—have skyrocketed. Social Security encourages you to use the new online form to report Social Security phone scams […]

Judson blows past Laredo United in Region IV-6A Division I semifinal


Quarterback Mike Chandler II guided the Rockets on ground in air to advance to their state-record 24th state quarterfinal.


Encourage Your Friends to Join Online Games Site and Play


Helicopter games, Distance games, Destroy games, and so on are a few classifications of web based games. You will locate a few game destinations on the web. You can play any game according to your decision and you will appreciate playing. In a Management game like Youda Safari, you can appreciate an excursion involvement with the recreation center. Stick War, Bloons Tower Defense 4, and so on are examples of strategic online diversion. Probably the most well known card and table games are Jewel Quest Solitaire, Hearts, and Gin Rummy, etc. Recall that an agreeable state of mind makes you play for longer hours.

Nail Art Salon, Jewel Quest, and so on are remarkable web based games. You have to join first, to be a part and get a username and secret phrase. You should peruse guidelines before playing, Dadu Online which encourages you score more focuses. The upside of online amusement is that you don’t require anything like cricket bat or a gathering of companions. In an expertise game to be specific, Learn to fly, a penguin can figure out how to fly with the assistance of a lightweight flyer or rocket. Penguins truly can’t fly. In an administration game, to be specific Goodgame Café, as a player you can adorn your bistro, cook suppers and keep your clients cheerful.

In the event that you are exhausted with one internet games, you can choose any game from various choices. There are free and paid internet games. In free destinations, you can download it for nothing. Through email, the enlisted individuals are educated about the new game appearances by the site. All individuals, from school age youngsters to working grown-ups appreciate this sort of diversion. You can loose from occupied long periods of work by playing such games. In an aptitude game, to be specific Toss the Turtle, you can dispatch the turtle with gun and attempt to get him to utilize weapons.…




No Drones in US Gov, Google Buys FitBit, Edge in Linux, James Dean is Back - The Category5.TV Newsroom - Episode 632


The Category5.TV Newsroom

Here are the stories we're covering this week: - The US Interior Department is grounding its entire drone fleet for fear it could be used against them. - Microsoft Edge is coming to Linux. - The late James Dean is getting digitally restored for an upcoming movie — and many on the internet, including Chris Evans, aren’t happy. - NASA scientists opened an untouched rock and soil sample from the Moon returned to Earth on Apollo 17, marking the first time in more than 40 years a pristine sample from the Apollo era has been opened. Honorable Mentions: - Google is buying Fitbit – and promises that they will not exploit all that health data to serve ads. - SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket deployed 60 Starlink satellites into earth’s orbit Monday. - Google is attempting to combat the growing Play Store malware issue and has formed the “App Defense Alliance” which brings technology from ESET, Lookout and Zimperium to the Play Store - you’ll notice now if you install an app, it gets scanned first.

Read the complete show notes, comment or rate this episode, view pictures and obtain links from this episode at

Running time: 44 Minutes 46 Seconds


The head and the heart: Why science and art should work together

Story 353265334

It’s no secret that scientists often struggle to explain their research in the most approachable way. Beakers, lab coats, and thermal cyclers broadcast “competent,” but not exactly warm and relatable. Plenty of scientists have upended this stereotype — thanks, Bill Nye — but for some, communicating is like, um, rocket science.

A recent report makes the case that collaborating with people who consider themselves artists — musicians, actors, wordsmiths — could help them out. For issues as broad as climate change, the thinking goes, these creative folks could take academic findings and translate them for people who don’t speak the language of facts and numbers fluently. Take the brainy ideas and make them visual and visceral in the way that art can.

It’s already happening in the world of education, where there’s a push to expand the well-funded focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, to include art. Add the A and you get STEAM. The idea is that people would have a better shot at solving complex problems by combining the head and the heart. It’s no coincidence that successful Nobel laureates are more likely than other scientists to partake in art and other creative activities.

“Art should not be an afterthought,” said Christine O’Connell, who received a doctorate in marine and atmospheric sciences and recently worked at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. “By incorporating the ‘A’ in STEAM you’re giving truth to that. It should be part of it, not just something to make it look pretty at the end.”

When O’Connell met Karen Ingram, a creative director and designer in New York City, over club sandwiches in Brooklyn one day, they quickly gelled. The scientist and artist were surprised to realize how similar their thought processes were. From experience, they knew that powerful things can happen when art and science come together, like the works of Leonardo da Vinci. So they decided to investigate these kinds of overlaps by asking people who work in STEM and creative fields how they come up with unique ideas, collaborate with partners, and share their work with others. Their study, published in SciArt Magazine, concludes that their respective fields are ripe for collaborations that could catalyze “exciting and meaningful ways of communicating solutions and urgency.”

I caught up with Ingram and O’Connell over the phone to hear about some of the creative mashups already happening, like a DIY-genetic engineering kit and “Fallacy Bingo.” Our conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Q. So how would working with artists help climate scientists communicate?

A. O’Connell: I think it would help incredibly. Scientists need to get better at communicating complex issues like climate change because there’s been so much misinformation. It’s not only just educating people, but it’s actively combating all the misinformation that’s out there.

Ingram: If you’re using data and facts and figures as a mode of communication, to a certain set of people it’s never going to gel, ever. Part of it is emotion; part of it is how to make it actionable.

Q. Do you know some scientists and artists working together on climate change?

A. O’Connell: I worked on a project with the Brooklyn Historical Society designing an exhibit called Waterfront in New York City. It was looking at the history of the waterfront and how climate change is affecting it, because sea-level rise has been a huge problem, especially with increased storms. We came up with a really multifaceted exhibit, and climate change was a big piece of it.

I know many scientists who’ve combined dance and science. One of my good friends, Carolyn Hall, is a scientist and a dancer who works on interactive exhibits around New York City looking at science issues and climate change.

Ingram: I see a lot of people in bioengineering, at least in New York, being inspired by fashion. Natsai Audrey Chieza is doing work around a certain type of bacteria that could be like a fabric dye. It would challenge how we scale and produce textiles in one of the biggest polluting industries in the world.

Q. What about you two? Have you worked on any similar projects?

A. Ingram: I met a bioethicist in the Netherlands. We worked on a game called “Fallacy Bingo.”

Q. Tell me more!

A. Ingram: It’s an event, like regular bingo. I’ll read off a fallacy from a collection of fallacies we’ve put together — cognitive errors, psychological persuasion, deception and emotion, distraction, and counterfeit. You get a bingo card and you need to figure out what fallacy is being called out. You find the fallacy on the card, and if you get five in a row, you win.

O’Connell: It’s a great game, and it’s a great way to get people thinking critically think about things. It’s done in a really visual, fun way. It wouldn’t have come out like that if you didn’t have an artist involved.

Q. What are some other art-science collaborations you’ve seen?

A. O’Connell: Guerilla Science is doing some great work. They’re thinking about how to communicate science concepts using theater, using exhibits, in a really interactive space.

Ingram: Two University of Pennsylvania professors, Orkan Telhan and Karen Hogan, are the cofounders of the company called Biorealize, a platform that was created to basically be a standalone genetic engineering kit. It looks like a big record player. It has all you need to conduct a simple bioengineering experiment.

Q. So what’s stopping artists and scientists from collaborating more often?

A. O’Connell: As scientists, we live on grants. If grants aren’t incentivizing unique collaborations with people outside of your field like artists, like people in marketing, you’re not going to get scientists stepping out of the box to incorporate that. The other roadblock is the tenure and promotion process for scientists — there’s not really incentives to think creatively in terms of partnerships and outreach.

From the artist perspective, too, we forget that artists need to get paid for their work. Writing artists into grants from the beginning, making sure there’s funding for collaborations, is important for them being able to even work on it.

Ingram: Lots of times, art can be an afterthought in the configuration of a project. The amount of time it takes to do something is not necessarily considered. I’ve been lucky to have some grants support some of my collaborative work.

Q. Do you think stereotypes keep scientists and artists from working together, too?

A. O’Connell: There’s definitely stereotypes of artists being flighty or not serious. It’s funny because I’m married to a painter, and I know that’s not true. The way he looks at a painting — he has a point he wants to get out there and it’s all about coming up with the best process, the best means to do that, and putting these questions out there. It reminds me very much of the scientific process.

Ingram: A lot of the stereotypes that creative people have about science is that it’s just not really within their reach. It’s too jargony, too much to sink your head into. We had this one person who was involved with the study, a creative professional, who said she gathered inspiration from scientific fields, but it never occurred to her to collaborate with people in those fields.

This story was originally published by Grist with the headline The head and the heart: Why science and art should work together on Dec 2, 2019.


In Rocket Science Educator Guide English Edition

In Rocket Science Educator Guide English Edition

Annual Board Elections and Cindy Lane Holiday Lights Ride (Friday, December 06, 2019)


You are  invited to the FCBC Annual Board Election member meeting at Rocket Dog, 1365 N Willow Ave (at Nees) in Clovis, at 6:00 PM on Friday December 6, 2019.

Members who do not vote electronically may vote in person at the meeting. 
After the meeting, we will ride our bikes on the trail to view the Christmas lights in the neighborhood near Peach and Alluvial in Clovis.


Walker's partisan fiscal rant overlooks Trump/GOP's willful mismanagement

Scott Walker expressing concern about the national debt is like Trump pretending to be an environmentalist.

You'd think that savvy Republicans would disassociate themselves from the skyrocketing federal deficits in the Trump era - -
The U.S. deficit hit $984 billion in 2019, soaring during Trump era
The deficit grew $205 billion, or 26 percent, in the past year.
The country’s worsening fiscal picture runs in sharp contrast to President Trump’s campaign promise to eliminate the federal debt within eight years. The deficit is up nearly 50 percent in the Trump era 
- - especially since once-upon-a-time Republicans routinely pretended to be fiscal conservatives.

None of this bothers Trump's Wisconsin re-election chair Scott Walker, as he took to Twitter on Nov. 25th to faux-fret about what Sen. Warren's Medicare-for-All program might do to debt which Trump and allies like Paul Ryan have ballooned.

“This is the same government that currently has a $23 trillion debt..."
And speaking about FUBAR economic financial planning, how are those damaging Foxconn subsidies looking, now?

Study: Foxconn subsidies could smother billions in future WI development

Officials seen burying economic growth alongside Mt. Pleasant budgets.


UnitedHealth Group Is Poised for an Upside Breakout

Prices have rocketed higher since early October.

Read the entire article at


How To Create A Social Marketplace Website


Skyrocket your business by creating an amazing social marketplace website! More and more people prefer to buy online as it eases them to get what […]

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Outpatient Child Psychiatry in Metro New York | 325k compensation | Jackson Physician Search

New York, Are you a Child Psychiatrist who is tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and with a skyrocketing cost of living? If so, then this opening is for you! Practice: Outpatient practice model 75% C

#162 - Recent Highlights & Pride


This week we talk about highlights from our recent travels with The Bed Hoppers and Naughty & Rocket. We discuss all of our memories from the trip and once again Bradford tries out his British accent. (It isn't good!) .

Last we talk a bit about Pride Month and some of our recent activities around it.

So get the cuffs and prepare to be held down!

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#101 - Conversations with Naughty and Rocket


In this episode, we talk with our good friends Naughty and Rocket of Naughty3some fame on Twitter.  We were lucky enough to spend a few days traveling the west coast of Australia with them and convinced them we should record a podcast in between adventures.  

Along with their history and background, we'll discuss swinging in more remote, less populated areas.  We also talk about last years Passion in Paradise trip where we all met face to face for the first time and this year's impending trip to Desire in Mexico. (Needless to say, we are all pretty excited!)

So go grab a drink!  Then, sit back, enjoy, and as always, thank you for listening!  

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Race 4 Day 11: Happy Thanksgiving

Dare To Lead

The Clipper Race teams have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, on the racing front; a slight break in the tough squally conditions that they have been facing over the last 48hrs.

Qingdao maintains its lead in Race 4: The Marlow Southern Ocean Sleigh Ride, for another day, with Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam in second as the two leaders continue to ride out the weather and extend their lead over the chasing pack.

Sam Cooper, AQP on board Imagine your Korea, currently third, reported: “We started the day by putting in a pair of reefs which, with our Yankee and Staysail, was a fast but manageable sail plan for the building wind. We had been warned of winds in the 50s, but then the first front hit. Frank Hoogland was on the helm and held the boat beautifully as the wind speed rocketed up to 72kts, driving hail horizontally down the deck and whipping the tops off the waves.

“The afternoon brought bigger seas, and the conditions remained serious, but some order and control was re-established, allowing us all to take a deep breath.”

Squalls bringing wind speeds topping 80 knots were seen across the fleet. Following a particularly nasty one, Nick Leggatt, Skipper of Zhuhai said: “Our navigation software, TIMEZERO by Maxsea, allows us to download all of our track data to a CSV file so that we can analyse our performance second by second. I had a look at the numbers. Starting from 05:09:04 UTC the wind speeds recorded were 70, 70.6, 71.1, 71.2, 72.2, 72.3, 73.4, 80.8, 81.8, with a sustained period before and after that in excess of 64 knots!

Adding: “Since then, things have been decidedly pedestrian. Mostly severe gale 9 and sometimes as mundane as gale 8.”

Whilst tough, these conditions have also brought ample opportunity to both set and break new boat speed records. After a tough night WTC Logistics Skipper, Mark Burkes, who had his Race 4 top speed broken by Will Michelmore’s 29.7 knots, is looking ahead to what the next few days could bring and reports: “The next few days should see some lighter conditions of 25 - 30 kts but then a potentially complicated routing conundrum seems to be presenting itself.”

On board Seattle the team is hoping for a quieter sea state so they can enjoy their Thanksgiving feast, Skipper Dave Hartshorn, said: “Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today, hope you have a great day. We are having a bit of a turkey lunch, with cranberry sauce and there’s promise of real mashed potatoes, instead of smash!”

Unicef is back racing following the medevac of crew member Andrew Toms in Durban. Despite making initially slow progress spirits are high on board with Skipper Ian Wiggin saying: “On Unicef we are eternally optimistic, our spirits will never be broken, and we WILL get to Australia as quickly as possible.”

And, in further good news, all repairs have now been completed on Punta del Este and Visit Sanya, China and both yachts will be departing from Cape Town today. There is a clear sense of excitement amongst the the crew, ahead of their departure, with both teams eager to get back to racing, full update here.

Keep an eye on the Race Viewer to see how the weather develops over the next 24 hours and check out all the skipper blogs and crew diaries for an insight into what racing has been like so far.


Comment on First SLS Solid Rocket Booster Segment Is Cast by Hybrid Cars 2016 - Car Guru Review

[…] Download Image More @ […]

Re: What Are You Up To?

Finally posted a new video. This one about out Apollo 11 commemorative model rocket launch.

Black Sabbath Friday Sales All Week!


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Uncapped raises £10M to offer ‘revenue-based’ finance to growing businesses

Uncapped, a London headquartered and Warsaw-based startup that wants to provide “revenue-based” finance to growing European businesses, is officially launching today and disclosing that it has raised £10 million in funding. The capital is a mixture of equity funding and debt (money it can use for lending), and sees the fintech company backed by Rocket […]

And cheap women Rocket Dog Trumble Brown Galaxy Best quality REWBIV6NE

And cheap women Rocket Dog Trumble Brown Galaxy Best quality REWBIV6NE

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New College and Career Advisor introduces herself to Akins community

A native Austinite, Annette Gutierrez, graduated from Crockett High School before attending Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi, earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Excited to return home, she earned her teacher’s certificate and began teaching science at McCallum High School. In her second year of teaching, Gutierrez was asked to teach AVID and shortly...

Solo Lisa Reads: October 2019

Round-up of recommended books

I finally got around to reactivating my defunct library card recently and ever since then my reading rate has skyrocketed. In fact, I'm expanding this post to include 6 books instead of the usual 4—and I'm not even including everything I've read lately! Here are the books I couldn't stop talking about to Lawrence and anyone willing to listen. What are you reading these days?

1. Providence by Caroline Kepnes

You might know Caroline Kepnes's name from her other novel, You, which was turned into a hit TV show starring Penn Badgley. This novel, however, reminds me more of Jessica Jones: It's dark and atmospheric, there are detective noir elements, and the protagonist has an uneasy relationship with his powers. Jon is the sort of lonely, tender-hearted young boy who volunteers to take the class hamster home and sleeps with it in his bed. He's also from the wrong side of the tracks and bullied by classmates, completely friendless except for pretty and popular Chloe. One day while walking to school, Jon is abducted. His unsolved kidnapping sends Chloe spiraling into intense grief, but she eventually moves on, adjusting to the reality of post-Jon life.

4 years later, Jon's sudden reappearance throws Chloe for a loop. He's older, bigger, and stronger, but he has no memory of what happened to him, only a growing awareness that he now has strange powers that cause people around him to get sick and even die. Afraid of hurting people, Jon goes on the run and disappears again, breaking Chloe's heart a second time. Fast forward several more years, and a detective named Eggs is now investigating a spate of mysterious deaths in Providence, Rhode Island. Could these deaths be related to Jon? What has he been doing in the intervening years? And what about Chloe, who has become a successful artist in New York but still can't shake her connection to her childhood friend? Kepnes beautifully captures these characters in all their brokenness, loneliness, and vulnerability as they try to reconnect and fail time and time again. Their longing for human connection, and the climactic face-to-face meeting between Jon and Chloe, literally had me in tears.

2. Paris For One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

I don't usually read short story collections and this is my first Jojo Moyes, but I couldn't resist the romantic appeal of the title story. Nell is an anxious, sheltered 26-year-old woman who has never been to Paris—never left the country, for that matter. She sets her fears aside and books two tickets for herself and her boyfriend, only to have him fail to show up at the last minute. Nell goes on the trip solo despite her anxieties, and as overwhelmed as she is by her new surroundings and the language barrier, being in Paris by herself also begins to change her and bring her out of her shell. Moyes's prose is clean and moves along breezily; you'll devour the entire book in a single sitting.

3. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

Pride and Prejudice adaptations seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but Sittenfeld's incisive and hilarious version stands out. In Sittenfeld's modern take, the Bennets are a Republican-voting, country-club-going family in Cincinnati, living on Mr. Bennet's dwindling inheritance and in massive debt. Liz, who's been working as a writer in New York, returns home to care for their ailing father after he has a heart attack. Jane is a yoga instructor with a tranquil temperament; Bingley is a former reality TV star from a Bachelor-like dating show; Darcy is a handsome doctor from an old money California family; Kitty and Lydia are obnoxiously into paleo and CrossFit; and Mrs. Bennet is as exasperating and comical as ever in her efforts to find husbands for her 5 unmarried daughters. Fans who have reread Jane Austen's original so often that they have the text memorized will appreciate how skillfully Sittenfeld's retelling hits every narrative beat, echoing the ironic rhythms and comic pacing of Austen herself.

4. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Liane Moriarty's bestseller is probably old news for a lot of you, as is the widely acclaimed HBO show. However, I had little familiarity with either when I checked out this ebook from the library on my Kobo reader. Big Little Lies focuses on a group of mothers in a small coastal Australian town whose kids are all starting kindergarten together, and a mysterious murder that occurs during a school fundraising trivia night. I had trouble keeping everything straight initially—the first few chapters were a confusing swirl of character names and perspectives inter-cut with police interview dialogue. But eventually the story focused in on 3 mothers. Hyper-feminine Madeline is happily remarried, yet resents the fact that her teenage daughter from her first marriage prefers her father and stepmother over her. Beautiful Celeste seems to have everything, but behind closed doors her marriage is anything but picture perfect. Young single mother Jane moves into town with her son Ziggy and harbours a dark secret about a traumatic past. Above all, this is a novel about how seemingly superficial schoolyard slights can cut deep, and how the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault have a ripple effect from one generation to the next.

5. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date hits all the tropes one would expect of a charming romantic comedy, but still seems fresh because it: 1) depicts an interracial relationship and features a black leading woman; and 2) realistically depicts the joys and tribulations of a long-distance relationship, complete with rushed romantic weekends and drunken text message misunderstandings. Alexa is the chief of staff for the mayor of Berkley, super focused on her career. She's also a woman who's sometimes prone to body image insecurities, especially in a world that seems to favour tall, thin, white California blondes. Drew is a handsome pediatrician from LA who has messed up relationships in the past because of his commitment issues. The two meet cute when they're both stuck in the elevator of San Francisco's Fairmont Empress hotel and hit it off. Drew desperately needs a date for a wedding he dreads attending (the bride is his ex, the groom is his best friend, and he's a groomsman...awkward), and on a whim he decides to ask Alexa, who agrees only because she sees it as a lark. What started as a one-time wedding date arrangement quickly escalates into something more. You'll be rooting for Alexa and Drew to find a way past their respective hang-ups and finally admit their true feelings to each other.

6. The Wife by Alafair Burke

Harlan Coben called The Wife "This year's Gone Girl" when it was published, and like its predecessor this is a domestic thriller with a twist and a potentially unreliable narrator. Angela meets Jason Powell while catering a party in the East Hamptons, and despite the differences in their background they fall in love and get married. The marriage allows Angela and her son to start fresh in New York City, and escape a traumatic past that she wants to keep quiet. Fast forward to the present, and Jason (now a successful academic whose research has become a cultural phenomenon) is being accused of sexual assault by two different women. The case and the media circus it generates put a new spotlight on Angela's past. What lengths is she willing to go to in defending her husband, and what exactly is the truth? Burke's novel toys with the reader's notions of what a stereotypical victim should be before skillfully subverting them.

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