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Where does the impeachment inquiry go now?

The U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry hearings picked up steam this week, as nine current and former U.S. officials testified on President Donald Trump's controversial dealings with the Ukrainian government. With three full days of testimony this week, and two the previous, International Edition’s Steve Miller speaks with Dr. Craig Albert, a political science professor at Augusta University, to unpack as to what the testimony meant to the Democrats and Republicans. Plus, a former CIA officer who pleaded guilty to an espionage conspiracy with China faces sentencing. The AP's Matt Small reports. In a major policy reversal, South Korea said Friday it has decided to continue a 2016 military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan that it previously said it would terminate amid ongoing tensions over wartime history and trade. The decision comes at a time when the United States has requested substantial increases to what it wants South Korea and Japan to pay for hosting US forces in their respective countries. International Edition’s Steve Miller speaks with John Grover Korean Studies Fellow at the Institute for the National Interest. Later in the program... after three years of investigation, Israel's Attorney General has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate cases. The most serious charge is bribery, and it is the first time in Israel's history that a sitting prime minister has been indicted. Linda Gradstein reports Netanyahu accused the attorney general of trying to stage a coup. Turning to world news... British police say they have arrested a 23-year-old man from Northern Ireland over the deaths of 39 people from Vietnam who were found in a refrigerated container truck last month. The top U.S. representative in Taiwan says Washington is working with it to combat efforts by Beijing to influence upcoming elections on the island. Police will be out in force at polling stations in Hong Kong this weekend as keenly contested local elections take place amid ongoing anti-government protests. A rare near-mint condition copy of the first Marvel Comics comic book has sold at auction in Dallas for $1.26 million. A jury in New Zealand found a man guilty on Friday of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane, almost a year after the incident took place. Reuters' Jayson Albano has the details. Finally, a new report finds most adolescents around the world do not get enough physical activity on a daily basis to be healthy and to stay healthy as adults. Lisa Schlein reports this World Health Organization study presents the first-ever global estimates of insufficient physical activity among adolescents aged 11 to 17.  

Microsoft potvrdio da je dobio dozvolu za isporuku svojih proizvoda Huaweiju

Nakon što je američko ministarstvo trgovine tamošnjim kompanijama produljilo izdavanje dozvola za poslovanje s Huaweijem za 90 dana, ostalo je nejasno na koje se točno kompanije ta odluka odnosi. Danas je Microsofta za Reuters potvrdio da je upravo dobio dozvolu za isporuku svojih softverskih proizvoda Huaweiju, što znači da će potonji bez problema moći nastaviti […]

Panasonic to sell off its smartphone chip unit for $250m

image for Panasonic to sell off its smartphone chip unit for $250m
Panasonic is to sell off its semiconductor and chipset manufacturing unit to Taiwan's Nuvoton Technology Corp, for an estimated $250 million. A report from Reuters highlighted the fact that Panasonic has already divested the majority of its chip businesses and the latest sale would form part of the company's ambition to cut its fixed costs by $920 million before March 2022…

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Essential Aspects In Sell On Amazon – What’s Required


Foto: Reuters If you’re looking to promote books on Amazon, comply with these steps to set up a vendor account, post books on the market, and ship or use Fulfillment by Amazon to ship...

نوشته Essential Aspects In Sell On Amazon – What’s Required اولین بار در فرانت کینگ | شبکه متخصصین طراحان و توسعه دهندگان سمت کاربر. پدیدار شد.


Professions: Contracts Analyst - Houston, Texas

Responsibilities: In the Confirmations Analyst role, the incumbent will perform duties related to the Confirmation processing of both Physical and Financial Commodity Transactions, specializing in Power and Natural Gas. These duties include: the drafting of Confirmations, working both with internal clients and external counterparties to resolve trade discrepancies, interfacing with Legal, Credit, Tax, and Trade Finance during the drafting of Confirmations or in the resolution of issues or discrepancies in pursuit of the dual execution of these Confirmations, monitoring and ensuring the timely executed of electronic Confirmation matching on the ICE eConfirm platform, contacting external counterparties to confirm trade economics and chasing for the dual execution of Confirmations, and providing relevant risk reporting metrics to senior managers. Technical qualifications: - Bachelor's Degree - Good working knowledge of Openlink ENDUR. - Good working knowledge of Bloomberg and Reuters. - Strong interpersonal skills. Able to liaise with Front, Middle and Back Office teams; Legal; Credit; and Compliance. - Ability to work to under pressure and manage strict deadlines. - High regard for attention to detail, accuracy & quality. - Approaches all situations with positive outlook, energy and enthusiasm. - Understanding of Operational Control Framework - Familiarization with common trade capture and downstream trade processing systems. - Familiarization with the various Master Agreements and Confirmations commonly used in the Commodities industry, including, but not limited to ISDA, NAESB, EEI, and others, is a plus. - Experience with the ICE eConfirm platform is a plus Non-technical qualifications (e.g. managerial): - Excellent verbal and written communication skills. - Computer skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel required. - Works well in a team environment. Attention to detail and the ability to work under pressure within set deadlines. - Able to understand basic Legal, Credit, Tax, Accounting, and Trade Finance concepts and provisions. ()

Al menos 14 muertos en el ataque contra una iglesia en Burkina Fasso

Al menos 14 personas fueron asesinadas hoy en un ataque contra una iglesia del este de Burkina Fasso durante la misa dominical, según informaron a Reuters representantes del gobierno que pidieron el anonimato. La identidad de los atacantes aún no está clara, pero este año la insurgencia islamista en ese país africano ha encendido las tensiones étnicas y religiosas. La violencia es especialmente grave en toda la región del norte, fronteriza con el convulso Mali, donde se libra una cruenta batalla contra los islamistas, en la que participa el ejército francés.

"Δοκιμές απέδειξαν πως οι καπνιστές που μεταβαίνουν στο άτμισμα ενισχύουν ταχύτατα την καρδιακή τους υγεία"


Οι μακροχρόνιοι καπνιστές που έκαναν τη μετάβαση από τα τσιγάρα καπνού σε ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα ατμού, λαμβάνοντας μέρος σε μια μεγάλη τυχαιοποιημένη δοκιμή ελέγχου, σημείωσαν σημαντική βελτίωση στους δείκτες της καρδιακής υγείας μετά από μόλις ένα μήνα, σύμφωνα με όσα είπαν οι ερευνητές την Παρασκευή. Στα αποτελέσματα των ερευνών που διατίθενται να ελεγχθούν  εξονυχιστικά από εμπειρογνώμονες στον τομέα της υγείας παγκοσμίως, οι Βρετανοί επιστήμονες διαπίστωσαν ότι οι καπνιστές τσιγάρων, οι οποίοι μεταπήδησαν σε ατμιστικά προϊόντα που περιέχουν νικοτίνη, παρουσίασαν σημαντική αύξηση στην αγγειακή τους λειτουργία μια αλλαγή που θα μπορούσε να οδηγήσει σε σημαντικά μικρότερο κίνδυνο καρδιαγγειακής νόσου.

“Με τη μετάβαση από τα τσιγάρα στα ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα βρήκαμε μια μέση βελτίωση κατά 1,5% σε διάστημα μόλις ενός μηνός”, δήλωσε ο Jacob George, καθηγητής καρδιαγγειακής ιατρικής και θεραπειών στο Πανεπιστήμιο Dundee της Βρετανίας, σε μια ενημέρωση σχετικά με τη μελέτη.

Άρθρο στο Yahoo News

ΛΟΝΔΙΝΟ  (Reuters) 
Οι μακροχρόνιοι καπνιστές που έκαναν τη μετάβαση από τα τσιγάρα καπνού σε ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα ατμού, λαμβάνοντας μέρος σε μια μεγάλη τυχαιοποιημένη δοκιμή ελέγχου, σημείωσαν σημαντική βελτίωση στους δείκτες της καρδιακής υγείας μετά από μόλις ένα μήνα, σύμφωνα με όσα είπαν οι ερευνητές την Παρασκευή. Στα αποτελέσματα των ερευνών που διατίθενται να ελεγχθούν  εξονυχιστικά από εμπειρογνώμονες στον τομέα της υγείας παγκοσμίως, οι Βρετανοί επιστήμονες διαπίστωσαν ότι οι καπνιστές τσιγάρων, οι οποίοι μεταπήδησαν σε ατμιστικά προϊόντα που περιέχουν νικοτίνη, παρουσίασαν σημαντική αύξηση στην αγγειακή τους λειτουργία - μια αλλαγή που θα μπορούσε να οδηγήσει σε σημαντικά μικρότερο κίνδυνο καρδιαγγειακής νόσου.
“Με τη μετάβαση από τα τσιγάρα στα ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα βρήκαμε μια μέση βελτίωση κατά 1,5% σε διάστημα μόλις ενός μηνός”, δήλωσε ο Jacob George, καθηγητής καρδιαγγειακής ιατρικής και θεραπειών στο Πανεπιστήμιο Dundee της Βρετανίας, σε μια ενημέρωση σχετικά με τη μελέτη.
“Και για να θέσουμε το παραπάνω σε ένα πλαίσιο, κάθε βελτίωση των ποσοστιαίων σημείων στην αγγειακή λειτουργία οδηγεί σε μείωση 13% στα ποσοστά καρδιαγγειακών επεισοδίων, όπως καρδιακή προσβολή”.
974818 1
Ο Jacob τόνισε ωστόσο ότι η μελέτη εξέτασε συγκεκριμένα το άτμισμα σε σύγκριση με το κάπνισμα τσιγάρων, το οποίο προκαλεί καρκίνο του πνεύμονα και άλλους καρκίνους και αυξάνει έντονα τον κίνδυνο θανάτων εγκεφαλικών επεισοδίων, καρδιακών προσβολών και πολλών άλλων καρδιαγγειακών παθήσεων.
“Είναι καίριας σημασίας να υπογραμμίσουμε ότι τα ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα είναι  λιγότερο επιβλαβή από τα τσιγάρα καπνού, όταν πρόκειται για αγγειακή υγεία”, δήλωσε ο George.
Τα ευρήματα, που δημοσιεύθηκαν στην Journal of the American College of Cardiology , θα οδηγήσουν σε περαιτέρω διεθνή συζήτηση σχετικά με τους πιθανούς κινδύνους και οφέλη των ηλεκτρονικών τσιγάρων εν μέσω και των 2.000 κρουσμάτων πνευμονικής νόσου που σχετίζονται με το άτμισμα και των περισσότερων από 40 θανάτους στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες τους τελευταίους μήνες.Οι ειδικοί των Κέντρων Ελέγχου και Πρόληψης Νοσημάτων των ΗΠΑ λένε ότι οι έρευνες τους δείχνουν ότι οι πνευμονοπάθειες συνδέονται με ατμιστικά προϊόντα που περιέχουν THC το ψυχοδραστικό  συστατικό της μαριχουάνας- και την οξική Βιταμίνη Ε, ή οποία πιστεύεται ότι χρησιμοποιείται ως παράγοντας νοθείας σε παράνομα ατμιστικά προϊόντα με THC.Βρετανοί εμπειρογνώμονες για την εξάρτηση και τοξικολογία δήλωσαν τον περασμένο μήνα ότι οι αμερικανικές ατμιστικές ασθένειες είναι πιθανότατα “ένα φαινόμενο ειδικό για τις Η.Π.Α.” και δεν υπήρχαν ενδείξεις παρόμοιας επιδημίας στη Βρετανία ή αλλού όπου τα ύποπτα προϊόντα δεν χρησιμοποιούνταν ευρέως.Για τη δοκιμή μετάβασης που διεξήχθη στο Dundee, η οποία κράτησε δύο χρόνια και χρηματοδοτήθηκε από το φιλανθρωπικό ίδρυμα της British Heart Foundation, οι ερευνητές στρατολόγησαν 114 μακροχρόνιους καπνιστές τσιγάρων που κάπνιζαν τουλάχιστον 15 τσιγάρα την ημέρα για τουλάχιστον δύο χρόνια.Τοποθετήθηκαν σε μία εκ των τριών παρακάτω ομάδων για ένα μήνα και έκαναν αγγειακές εξετάσεις πριν και μετά. Η μια ομάδα παρέμεινε στα τσιγάρα καπνού, η δεύτερη άλλαξε σε ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα με νικοτίνη και η τρίτη άλλαξε σε ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα χωρίς νικοτίνη.Τα αποτελέσματα έδειξαν ότι, ανεξάρτητα από το αν τα ηλεκτρονικά τσιγάρα περιείχαν νικοτίνη ή όχι, αυτοί που απομακρύνθηκαν από το κάπνισμα σημείωσαν στην ενδοθηλιακή τους λειτουργία μια μέτρηση για το πόσο εύκολα ρέει το αίμα γύρω από το σώμα σημαντική βελτίωση.


Intel says Qualcomm’s actions ‘forced’ it out of the market

Intel had a bit of a rough year, especially in the middle months. Now, according to court documents filed by the company recently, we know a bit more about how Intel’s executives feel about the whole thing. Reuters has the report on Friday, stating that Intel filed a brief with the 9th United States Circuit […]

No more delays: SoftBank launching WeWork stock tender offer this week


For WeWork’s investors, better late than never. SoftBank’s $3 billion tender offer to WeWork is set to launch this week, following weeks of delays, according to Reuters. Masayoshi Son’s firm was expected to launch its offer earlier in November but delayed the move while it tried to make technical revisions to the offer documents. The $3 billion offer for WeWork shares includes up to $970 million for those owned by co-founder Adam Neumann. Last week, ... [more]

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New York AG is investigating WeWork: report


 The New York State Attorney General’s office has launched an investigation into WeWork, Reuters reported. The embattled office-space company, which is soon set to lay off thousands of workers, confirmed to the news outlet that it had received a request from the state’s AG office, led by Letitia James. James’ office is reportedly looking into multiple transactions involving former CEO Adam Neumann that were scrutinized for potential self-dealing. One arrangement involved millions of dollars paid ... [more]

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Iraqis keep up anti-government protests despite PM's vow to quit

Protesters burned tyres and surrounded a police station in the southern Iraqi city of Nassiriya on Saturday, a Reuters witness said, pressing their demands for sweeping reform despite the country's prime minister promising to quit.

«Инволюция» правосеков: Под знаменем Бандеры на свалку истории


Боевики на майдане почуяли вкус крови. Их лидеры не боялись, что страна утонет в крови. И с той поры, в том числе при помощи «Правого сектора», она будет тонуть в крови постоянно, каждый день.

Nikkei down, investors still wary over US-China trade

The benchmark Nikkei average dropped 0.5 per cent to 23,293.91 but were up 1.6 per cent for the month. Reuters | Nov 29, 2019, 02.19 PM IST AP Slides ...

Japan stocks end higher on trade hopes, talk of fiscal spending

Nikkei index closed up 0.28 per cent at 23,437.77, with advancers in the IT sector. Reuters | Nov 27, 2019, 02.36 PM IST Japanese sto...

EU leaders mark a decade of Lisbon Treaty amid calls for reform

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Portugal's students march for climate as Greta visit delayed

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New course on Portugal's 'painful' history opens national debate

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Portugal's government under fire over controversial lithium contract

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The Takeaway From the Impeachment Hearings: Our Constitution Has Failed


When the House Intelligence Committee began holding hearings as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, some media coverage suggested the proceedings lacked enough “pizzazz … to capture public attention.” It turned out that hearings produced more than their share of bombshells—from EU ambassador and Trump megadonor Gordon Sondland’s admission that there was a “quid pro quo,” to State Department official David Holmes’s testimony about  overhearing a phone call in which Sondland assured Trump that Ukraine would move ahead with the investigations Trump had requested, to former National Security Council official Fiona Hill’s conclusion that Sondland was carrying out a “domestic political errand” for the president that diverged from the U.S. national interest. When the Committee concluded its hearings, the evidence was damning and largely uncontested: Trump appeared to have been part of a scheme to extort a foreign country into sabotaging the US presidential election to his benefit.

Yet, even with the evidence on public display, it remains next to impossible to imagine Republicans taking meaningful action. Even Republicans seen as most likely to break from their party are signaling support for Trump. Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas), a member of the Intelligence Committee who is retiring from Congress and has at times criticized the president, said that, while the president’s actions had been “inappropriate, misguided foreign policy,” he did not see evidence of an impeachable offense. Hurd’s statement can reasonably be seen as an indication that few (if any) Republicans in Congress will vote to impeach or remove the president from office.

Some observers describe what we are seeing as a crisis. In fact, what we are living through is constitutional failure. The system created by the framers is not doing the job it was designed to do, particularly in the current circumstances: We are faced with a corrupt president who rejects the very idea of legal limits on his power.

Our constitutional democracy is based on free and fair elections, individual rights, independent courts, and the rule of law—the idea that no one is above the law. Trump rejects all of these bedrock principles. He has tried to undermine free and fair elections (most recently demonstrated in the Ukraine scandal.) He threatens his critics with prosecution and lawsuits, disdaining the notion of First Amendment speech and press protections. He seeks to delegitimize judges who rule against his policies. He rejects the idea that ordinary rules and laws apply to him and his allies, declaring (erroneously) that under Article II of the Constitution, “I have the right to do whatever I want as president.”

Trump poses an existential threat to our system of government—and yet he remains in office. In a functioning system, Republicans would have already joined Democrats in taking action to remove Trump from office—just as Republicans stood against Nixon in 1974. In our failed system we are reduced to waiting to see how far Trump will go before congressional Republicans will act—if they ever do.

Every system needs a way to protect itself, and our constitutional system provides (in theory) all the tools needed to deal with the direct threat Trump poses. Congress is fully empowered to remove a corrupt president from office. But congressional Republicans, by refusing to act, render those tools useless. 

James Madison believed that the constitutional system would prevent the accumulation of too much power in any one branch of government. If one branch exceeded the limits of its power, it would be reined in by the others. In order for this to work, Madison famously wrote, “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” In other words, if the president engaged in a power grab, members of Congress would use constitutionally available tools to check him or her —not out of moral rectitude but because legislators would be worried about ceding their own power to an ambitious president.

The system is failing because Republicans are placing partisan concerns—their own loyalty to Trump or fear of the political costs of defying him—ahead of their constitutional responsibilities. The system Madison helped design cannot function properly under these circumstances.

It is important to forthrightly describe the reality of constitutional failure for two reasons. 

First, it emphasizes the emergency we face. If he does not face consequences, Trump will feel emboldened to do precisely as he chooses, without regard to ethical or legal limits. We’re seeing this, for instance, with Trump’s moves to undermine the rule of law within the U.S. military by pardoning the Navy SEAL convicted of taking a “selfie” with the corpse of a teenage boy who fought for ISIS.

We can’t count on his removal from office by election as a foolproof safeguard, especially when Trump’s misconduct in the Ukraine scandal was focused squarely on an illicit attempt to tilt the electoral scales in his favor.

Second, describing what has occurred as failure points out that we need a new constitution, one that will be designed to strengthen our democracy against future existential threats. No system is guaranteed to succeed, but a failed one demands replacement. 

Today’s Republican Party is an anti-democratic, authoritarian party that seeks to gain—and has gained—power without winning a majority of votes. To this end, it pushes voter suppression measures and takes advantage of structural defects in our system. Gerrymandered districts can allow the GOP to win a minority of the votes and still control the House. The Electoral College gave Trump the presidency 2016, even though he lost the popular vote—a feat he stands a realistic chance of repeating in 2020. And though deeply unpopular, he enjoys majority support in a Senate that does not reflect political preferences of the majority of Americans, but instead allows a  minority in sparsely populated states to wield power. 

Making the electoral system more majoritarian could force the Republican Party to abandon its anti-democratic approach if it wishes to win. There is no guaranteed way to prevent would-be authoritarians from gaining power. After all, a very popular authoritarian could easily win the popular vote. But clearly, the authoritarianism of our current president is not popular with Americans: Trump’s approval ratings are consistently in the low 40s. Constitutional change would strengthen liberal democracy against an authoritarian party. It is worth trying.

With this goal in mind, a new constitution could address some of the anti-democratic features of our current system, including:

  • ending the Electoral College.

  • reforming or replacing a Senate that gives the 435,000 voting-age people in Wyoming as many votes as the 17,524,000 in Texas.

  • eliminating partisan gerrymandering.

  • protecting the right to vote against voter suppression efforts.

  • dealing with the corrupting influence of our current campaign finance system.

A new constitution could also be aimed at shoring up the rule of law, including by protecting the independence of the Department of Justice and replacing the current impeachment process with something capable of actually holding a lawless president to account. One idea to explore would be expressly giving the DOJ independent prosecutorial authority over the president. Another would be providing a process for triggering new presidential elections—say, based on a three-fifths vote in the House and Senate. 

Obviously, these kinds of changes are not politically plausible at the moment, but they need to be on our agenda—unless we are willing to risk another attack on the system from a future president. We need to begin talking about how to create the conditions needed for a new constitution, one giving us better odds of warding off the next authoritarian threat—assuming we survive the one posed by Trump.


Tesla move will draw further companies into Germany: state premier

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Tesla’s (TSLA.O) announcement earlier this month that it will build its first European factory near Berlin will draw further companies from the electric mobility and energy storage sectors into Germany, a state premier told newspaper Die Welt. “They are already on their way. I’m hearing there are further inquiries with the communities [...]

Exclusive: EU antitrust regulators say they are investigating Google’s data collection

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU antitrust regulators are investigating Google’s collection of data, the European Commission told Reuters on Saturday, suggesting the world’s most popular internet search engine remains in its sights despite record fines in recent years. Competition enforcers on both sides of the Atlantic are now looking into how dominant tech companies use and [...]

Facebook issues corrective label on user’s post under new Singapore fake news law

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Facebook (FB.O) said on Saturday it had issued a correction notice on a user’s post at the request of the Singapore government, but called for a measured approach to the implementation of a new “fake news” law in the city-state. “Facebook is legally required to tell you that the Singapore government says [...]

Alibaba launches Taobao store in MyTOWN

Alibaba launches Taobao store in MyTOWN

Alibaba Group today launched its biggest physical Taobao store in Malaysia in partnership with MyTOWN Shopping Centre and Lumahgo New Retail Sdn Bhd.

Named as Taobao Store by Lumahgo, the 5,000 sq ft store is comprehensive, offering a mix of offline and online shopping experience using New Retail technologies.



NATO moves towards spending goal sought by Trump, Spain lags

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Incoming EU chief promises no compromise on rule of law

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Spoof video highlights EU parliament's costly caravan to Strasbourg

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Pdvsa define acuerdo para operar refinería de Curazao por un año más


diciembre 01 2019, 8:41 pm

Imagen de archivo de un hombre pasando junto a una escultura de una mano con una torre petrolera al exterior de un edificio de la compañía petrolera estatal venezolana PDVSA en Caracas, Venezuela. 17 mayo 2019. REUTERS/Iván Alvarado
La estatal petrolera venezolana PDVSA operará la refinería Isla, con capacidad de 335.000 barriles por día, de Curazao por hasta un año más, dijo el domingo un portavoz del estatal refinador Refineria di Koursou (RdK).…

La entrada Pdvsa define acuerdo para operar refinería de Curazao por un año más se publicó primero en Voz de América.


As sea engulfs coastline, Indonesians pay high price to shield homes


Indonesian fisherman Miskan says the once-abundant catches he used to enjoy have been dwindling in recent years on this stretch of the Java Sea.


Genealogy News Bytes - Tuesday, 26 November 2019


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*  Upcoming Family Tree Webinar - Tuesday, 26 November, 5 p.m.:  Buried Treasures: What's in the English Parish Chest, by Paul Milner

*  Archived Family Tree Webinar:  I Received DNA Matches, Now What? by Daniel Horowitz

4)  Genealogy Education - Podcasts:

*  Family Tree Magazine:  Picture-Perfect Photo Books: Episode 131

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独SPD党首選、連立懐疑派が勝利 メルケル政権の先行き不透明に




[サンフランシスコ 22日 ロイター BREAKINGVIEWS] - 大学時代に自分は米国初のユダヤ系の大統領になるのだと冗談を口にしていたマイケル・ブルームバーグ元ニューヨーク市長は24日、ついに2020年大統領選に正式に出馬、民主党候補指名を目指すと表明した。だがそれを実現するためには、自身の名前を冠した金融情報サービスのブルームバーグをどうにかしなければならない。このまま同氏が保有し続ければ、利益相反に問われる恐れがあるからだ。


焦点:トランプ関税、顧客に転嫁せず 米小売企業がコスト吸収













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中国製造業PMI、11月は予想外の50超え 輸出受注なお弱い



UberPool Fare Hikes Hit Low-Income Neighborhoods in Chicago Hardest, Analysis Shows

A Reuters analysis of ride-hail data in Chicago shows that rising fares for shared rides, which were most often booked in low-income neighborhoods, resulted in lower ridership.

La Fiscalía de Chile presentó cargos contra unos 20.000 detenidos durante las protestas

El organismo también informó que, entre los arrestados que fueron imputados, 1.957 quedaron en prisión preventiva y 20.525 quedaron con prohibición de desplazamiento a ciertos lugares. La ola de manifestaciones en Chile contra el gobierno de Sebastián Piñera comenzó el 18 de octubre (REUTERS/Pablo Sanhueza) La Fiscalía Nacional de Chile confirmó este sábado que contabiliza más […]

Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims murder at least 19 in jihad raid on village, villagers flee for their lives

BY ROBERT SPENCER JIHADWATCH.ORG DEC 1, 2019 The world yawns. After all, investigating “Islamophobia” is far more important than incidents such as this one. “Suspected Islamists kill at least 19 in latest east Congo attack,” by Fiston Mahamba, Reuters, November 27, 2019: GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) – Suspected Islamist rebels have killed at […]

Сырьевой магнат Санджив Гупта все еще готов купить British Steel.

Как сообщает агентство Reuters, британский сырьевой магнат Санджив Гупта готов принять участие в торгах за British Steel, если предложение китайской Как сообщает агентство Reuters, британский сырьевой магнат Санджив Гупта готов принять участие в торгах за British Steel, если предложение китайской...

Госкомпания Invitalia может принять участие в покупке акций Ilva.

Как сообщает агентство Reuters, министр промышленности Италии Стефано Патуанелли заявил во вторник, что государственное агентство Invitalia может приобрести долю в Как сообщает агентство Reuters, министр промышленности Италии Стефано Патуанелли заявил во вторник, что государственное агентство Invitalia может приобрести долю в...

Рабочие ThyssenКrupp требуют ясности в планах по реорганизации.

Как сообщает агентство Reuters, рабочие-металлурги Thyssenkrupp потребовали крупных инвестиций и раскритиковали руководство за то, что оно задержало презентацию своих планов Как сообщает агентство Reuters, рабочие-металлурги Thyssenkrupp потребовали крупных инвестиций и раскритиковали руководство за то, что оно задержало презентацию своих планов...

Risc-V flyttar till Schweiz


Av rädsla för att handelskriget mellan USA och Kina ska påverka verksamheten har stiftelsen bakom öppenkodskärnan Risc-V beslutat att flytta den legala hemvisten från USA till Schweiz, rapporterar nyhetsbyrån Reuters.

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The 'Banana On Steroids' That Could Be Life Saver for Warming World

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The "wonder crop" is a staple for 20 million people in the Ethiopian Highlands who turn it into bread and porridge, construction materials, packaging, cattle feed and medicine

Amazon sta sviluppando dei nuovi processori ARM

Processore ARM
Amazon ha deciso di migliorare le infrastrutture legate ai propri server, e sarebbe al lavoro per ottimizzare gli Amazon Web Services attraverso l’impiego di sofisticati componenti dedicati. Secondo il giornale britannico Reuters, la società statunitense avrebbe iniziato lo sviluppo di una nuova serie di processori appositamente progettati per migliorare i servizi offerti dal loro cloud, ... Leggi tutto Amazon sta sviluppando dei nuovi processori ARM

A Majority of Republicans Say Trump is Better President Than Lincoln - Slate

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  2. Boris Johnson is trying to avoid a one-on-one meeting with Trump. Here's why  CNN
  3. Trump off to London for NATO summit, under pressure to steer clear of British election  Reuters
  4. 'Men say bad things sometimes': Nigel Farage defends Donald Trump  Guardian News
  5. BET founder Bob Johnson says 2020 Democrats don't stand a chance against Trump  New York Post
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U.N. Chief Warns “Point of No Return” on Climate Change “Is in Sight” - Slate

  1. U.N. Chief Warns “Point of No Return” on Climate Change “Is in Sight”  Slate
  2. What is Climate Change? | Start Here  Al Jazeera English
  3. U.N. chief warns of 'point of no return' on climate change  Politico
  4. No one should want their children to live in this ‘bleak’ future  The Washington Post
  5. 'War against nature must stop,' U.N. chief says before climate talks  Reuters
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LeBaron family massacre: 3 detained in connection to massacre that left 9 family members dead in Mexico - CBS News

  1. LeBaron family massacre: 3 detained in connection to massacre that left 9 family members dead in Mexico  CBS News
  2. Mexican Officials Arrest Suspects in Massacre of 9 Women and Children  The New York Times
  3. Mexican president voices regret on growth, but says economy fairer  Reuters
  4. Dispelling myths about the battle for democracy in Bolivia | TheHill  The Hill
  5. AMLO's first year: Concern over security and economy looms  Al Jazeera English
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Malta's prime minister to resign amid investigation of a journalist's killing - CNN

  1. Malta's prime minister to resign amid investigation of a journalist's killing  CNN
  2. Malta businessman charged in connection with killing of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia  Fox News
  3. Malta's ruling party lawmakers back embattled prime minister  Reuters
  4. Malta: Ruling party MPs back PM to stay in power despite protests  Al Jazeera English
  5. Malta prime minister to resign amid probe into murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia  Fox News
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El plan del próximo gobierno para impulsar 4 millones de empleos en 5 años


Alberto Fernández, presidente electo, REUTERSAlberto Fernández, presidente electo

Una de las iniciativas que Alberto Fernández impulsará en sus primeras semanas de Gobierno será un plan para crear 4 millones de empleos a cinco años de plazo, con el fin de reducir la pobreza y dinamizar la economía y el consumo, con una inversión estimada en US$ 1.200 millones anuales.


El futuro presidente adoptará parte de una propuesta en ese sentido que le acercó la Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), y la sumará a iniciativas que barajaban los equipos técnicos del Grupo Callao y el futuro ministro de Desarrollo Social, Daniel Arroyo.


Fernández recibió en la semana a Agustín Salvia, director del Observatorio de la Deuda Social Argentina de la UCA, y abordaron este tema central, teniendo en cuenta que el año cerrará con un nivel de pobreza cercano al 40%.


Salvia presentará el plan este jueves -un día antes de que Alberto Fernández anuncie su equipo de Gobierno- en la UCA, con la presencia de Arroyo y referentes de distintas fuerzas políticas.


El proyecto, que se intentará aplicar en paralelo al Plan de Lucha contra el Hambre, buscará crear miles de emprendimientos productivos avalados por el Estado, y sumar a las ONG que quieran trabajar en estas iniciativas.


Serán empleos para los cuales no se requiera necesariamente alta capacitación, y se pondrá mucho el acento en los oficios, como los servicios de mantenimiento.


El objetivo será que el Estado garantice un salario mínimo a cambio de una contraprestación laboral, con el fin de ir transformando los planes sociales y empleo genuino.


"La idea es que desarrollen tareas y trabajos de alto impacto en materia de inversión en capital humano y capital social, en los barrios más pobres, e incluso que se desarrollen empresas sociales que brinden servicios a los sectores medios o a los sectores formales de las ciudades", dijo Salvia a La Nación.


Fernández adelantó en parte esta propuesta en la Conferencia Industrial de la UIA, cuando sostuvo que los planes sociales sirven para la emergencia, pero su idea es darle sentido a la vida de la gente sin recursos, en lo que calificó como "economía popular".


Entre los sectores clave donde se buscará crear empleos figuran los de mano de obra intensiva, como pequeñas construcciones, fabricación de alimentos, producción textil, reciclaje y tareas de cuidado asistencia a niños y ancianos.


Entre las tareas que incluidas en el plan quedarían incluidas actividades de forestación, recuperación ambiental de áreas contaminadas, asistencia al mejoramiento de espacios comunitarios, prevención de la salud, apoyo escolar, y campañas de prevención y educación ambiental.


Evo Morales: “Sería un orgullo y un honor estar en la asunción de Alberto Fernández”


Evo Morales, REUTERSEvo Morales, REUTERS

El presidente depuesto de Bolivia, Evo Morales, afirmó que para él "sería un orgullo y un honor" estar en la asunción como jefe de Estado de Alberto Fernández, de quien dijo que "salvó su vida", pero aclaró que todavía no lo decidió por "razones operativas".


"Agradecer a Alberto por la invitación. Todavía no he decidido, por razones operativas y logísticas", expresó Morales al ser consultado sobre la posibilidad de concurrir a la ceremonia de asunción del 10 de diciembre, durante una ronda de entrevistas con medios argentinos.


En diálogo con AM 750, el mandatario depuesto señaló: "Sería un orgullo y un honor acompañar la toma de posesión. No está cerrado veremos oportunamente, pero por ahora estoy en situación de asilo político".


Por otra parte, ratificó que "quisiera estar en la asunción" al tiempo que destacó el rol de Fernández en las horas posteriores a su renuncia forzada por una rebelión policial y militar.


"Mi respeto a mi hermano Fernández. El día lunes 11 de noviembre no sé cuántas llamadas hizo para salvarme la vida", aseguró Morales.



A días de anunciar gabinete, Alberto Fernández continuará con reuniones para definir ministros


Alberto Fernández, REUTERSAlberto Fernández, presidente electo, REUTERS

El presidente electo Alberto Fernández continuará la próxima semana con las reuniones en sus oficinas de Puerto Madero con distintos dirigentes para definir el equipo de ministros que lo acompañarán a partir del 10 de diciembre cuando asuma al frente del Poder Ejecutivo nacional.


El futuro jefe de Estado anunciará su gabinete el 6 de diciembre y por ese motivo esta semana terminará junto a sus asesores mas cercanos, a fin de de diseñar el nuevo equipo de ministros del futuro gobierno.


En ese marco, se espera que las oficinas del presidente electo en Puerto Madero se conviertan en paso obligado por varios de los futuros funcionarios nacionales y haya más de un llamado de último momento con la vicepresidenta electa Cristina Fernández de Kirchner y también con el líder del Frente Renovador Sergio Massa, a fin de superar diferencias que mantienen sobre la conformación del gabinete. Además se suman las solicitudes de los gobernadores del PJ, los sindicatos y los movimientos sociales.


Por eso, desde este lunes hasta el viernes 6 cuando se anuncien los futuros ministros en un acto -todavía no está definido la modalidad-, las negociaciones serán arduas, para conseguir un Gabinete "de la unidad", como es el objetivo de Alberto Fernández.


En esas conversaciones también participarán hombres claves del kirchnerismo como el camporista Eduardo 'Wado' de Pedro -futuro ministro de Interior- y Máximo Kirchner, quienes además tienen buen diálogo con Massa.

Otro de los puntos en el que mayor especulación existe es en la conformación del equipo económico pensando en dos planos diferentes, ya que por un lado Fernández quiere reactivar el consumo para que se recuperen las pymes, pero por otro necesita renegociar la deuda con el Fondo Monetario Internacional (FMI).

La danza de nombres concluirá el viernes cuando se anuncien los funcionarios que estarán al frente de los ministerios que tendrán solo cuatro días para preparar su desembarco e iniciar a gestionar.


Alberto Fernández: "¿Por qué el que supuestamente recibió coima está preso y el que la dio no?"


Alberto Fernández, presidente electo, REUTERSAlberto Fernández, presidente electo. REUTERS

El presidente electo, Alberto Fenández, pidió la liberación de los ex funcionarios kirchneristas que continúan detenidos porque "están mal detenidos en la mayoría de los casos", y los definió como "presos arbitrarios", y no como presos políticos.

“Un preso político es una persona que fue detenida sin un proceso; en la Argentina lo que hay son detenidos arbitrarios, que es otra cosa, es gente que podría soportar sus procesos en libertad pero los detienen porque son opositores", dijo Fernández en diálogo con radio Colonia.


“¿Por qué el que supuestamente recibió coimas está detenido y el que las pagó no? Ninguno de los dos tiene que estar preso”, lanzó Fernández la pregunta retórica, insinuando que hay intencionalidad en las detenciones.

En otro orden, afirmó que en su gobierno "los privilegiados serán los que están mal, por eso tendrán la primera atención", al tiempo que remarcó que las decisiones que tomará estarán consensuadas en el marco de un "Consejo económico y social".

Asimismo, volvió a desmentir que la vicepresidenta electa, Cristina Kirchner, tenga injerencia directa en la conformación del próximo gabinete, así como que Sergio Massa, quien será titular de la Cámara de Diputados, haya perdido espacio político en la conformación.

Fernández adelantó que "los que tendrán prioridad serán los que la están pasando mal por eso merecen la primera atención, porque son los que peor están", explicó.

De esta manera se refirió Fernandez a las "10 millones de personas que hoy están al margen" por la situación de pobreza en la que viven y aseguró que "tenemos los recursos para resolverle su situación".

Por otra parte, insistió en que los decretos firmados durante estos últimos días por el presidente Mauricio Macri serán revisados, en particular, las "picardías" referidas a las designaciones de último momento.

"Las picardías son sólo eso, picardías, y es de tonto pensar que pueden durar demasiado. Todo eso va a ser revisado", advirtió.


Jair Bolsonaro: "Nuestra relación con Argentina va a ser pragmática"


Jair Bolsonaro, REUTERSJair Bolsonaro, REUTERS

El presidente Jair Bolsonaro dijo que su gobierno aspira a tener una relación “pragmática” con Argentina a partir del 10 diciembre y a mantener los amplios vínculos comerciales bilaterales.


En Manaos, la mayor ciudad de la Amazonia brasileña, Bolsonaro reafirmó las palabras de su hijo Eduardo, legislador por San Pablo y presidente de la Comisión de Relaciones Exteriores de la Cámara de Diputados, quien la semana pasada dijo que Brasil y Argentina debían tener una relación pragmática y que los vínculos comerciales estaban por encima de las ideologías.


“Eduardo no es mi portavoz. Pero en este tema tiene razón: relación pragmática con Argentina”, respondió Bolsonaro, quien lo consultó también si estaba abierto a un diálogo con el presidente electo de Argentina.


“Entonces, nuestra relación con Argentina va a ser pragmática. Tenemos buenas relaciones comerciales con Argentina y en lo que depende de mí continuarán”, agregó.


El presidente de Brasil no asistirá a la ceremonia de asunción de Alberto y en cambio enviará al ministro de Ciudadanía, Osmar Terra, un médico neurólogo encargado de manejar los principales planes sociales del país.


Pero Bolsonaro, reiteró que no tiene “nada contra Argentina". "Quiero que Argentina tenga éxito”, dijo.


Al destacar la relación bilateral con Argentina, Bolsonaro, quien llegó a la capital del estado brasileño de Amazonas para participar de una feria de sustentabilidad impulsada por las mayores empresas instaladas en el gigante Polo Industrial de Manaos, reiteró que estará a inicios de diciembre en Río Grande do Sul “participando de la última reunión del Mercosur del corriente año, en la que debe estar el presidente Macri presente”.


Chine : Les deepfakes et fake news sont désormais illégales

Le gouvernement chinois vient d’assumer une nouvelle politique supposée prévenir la propagation de fake news, ou encore de deepfakes, ces vidéos créées grâce à l’intelligence artificielle. Ainsi, comme l’a remarqué Reuters, ces nouvelles réglementations rendent ce genre de publications illégales, s’il n’est précisé nulle part qu’elles sont fabriquées …

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Australia Luncurkan Kamera Lalu Lintas Pendeteksi Ponsel

Negara bagian paling padat di Australia hari Minggu (1/12) meluncurkan kamera yang bisa mendeteksi pengemudi yang menggunakan ponsel. Andrew Constance, Menteri Jalan Raya New South Wales, mengatakan teknologi yang "pertama di dunia" itu akan menarget penggunaan ponsel ilegal lewat "kamera-kamera yang dipasang secara permanen dan mobile."  Para pejabat mengatakan 45 kamera akan dipasang di seluruh negara itu dalam tiga tahun ke depan. Urusan transportasi NSW, yang mengelola dinas transportasi negara bagian itu, mengatakan kamera-kamera akan dioperasikan selama 24 jam sehari dan dalam segala cuaca. Untuk tiga bulan pertama, para pengemudi yang tertangkap menggunakan ponsel secara ilegal akan mendapat peringatan. Setelah itu, para pelanggar akan dikenai denda yang cukup mahal dan dikurangi poin pada SIM-nya. Sekitar 329 orang meninggal dunia tahun ini di jalan-jalan New South Wales, menurut laporan kantor berita Reuters. Para pejabat NSW berupaya mengurangi jumlah kematian di jalan sebanyak 30% pada 2021, kata laporan itu. [vm/pp]

Akibat Perubahan Iklim, Suhu Udara di Perkotaan Makin Panas

Dengan melonjaknya populasi perkotaan di seluruh dunia, kota-kota akan kesulitan menjaga penghuninya bebas dari risiko panas yang meningkat cepat seiring perubahan iklim, kata para ilmuwan dan pakar kesehatan masyarakat memperingatkan pekan ini. Mereka menambahkan suhu udara yang panas sudah menjadi penyebab utama kematian akibat cuaca ekstrem di negara-negara termasuk Amerika. Masalah itu sangat parah di kota-kota, di mana suhu ekstrem naik jauh lebih cepat daripada rata-rata global. Bahkan kini suhu udara di daerah-daerah yang padat penduduk, seperti kota-kota di Asia, empat kali lebih panas daripada suhu rata-rata global, demikian laporan jurnal Lancet tentang ancaman kesehatan akibat perubahan iklim pekan ini. "Ini masalah di seluruh dunia - di kota-kota di Amerika Utara, Eropa, Asia, Afrika," ujar Joy Shumake-Guillemot, ketua tim gabungan iklim dan kesehatan di Swiss untuk Organisasi Kesehatan Sedunia dan Organisasi Meteorologi Sedunia. Dalam beberapa dekade ke depan, pemanasan suhu udara di kota "akan menempatkan populasi pada posisi di mana mereka terpapar suhu yang tidak sesuai dengan kondisi mereka, kota tidak dibangun dan sistem sosial benar-benar tidak siap untuk menghadapi," katanya kepada Yayasan Thomson Reuters.[ka/pp]  

Military Families Becoming Gravely Ill from Contaminated Military Housing

Military families are becoming gravely ill from their contaminated military housing. They are being retaliated against and ridiculed when they complain. Military doctors are not being trained how to treat them, which causes them to become even sicker. Their requests for insurance-covered referrals to environmental and functional medicine physicians, who do know how to treat the sick-housing-caused-illnesses, are being denied. This is leaving the injured families to have to pay from their own pockets for needed medical care. Most cannot afford it. Reuters is calling the multi-billion-dollar fraud, designed for profiting from the squalid military housing conditions, an “Ambush at Home” for our service members and their children. On December 3rd the Senate Arms Services Committee (SASC) is holding a hearing. They are going to ask military leaders of the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) auditor questions of why and how the fraud in the contaminated military housing debacle grew to be so large that it is now crippling troop readiness; and what is being done to correct it. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS IN THEIR TIME OF NEED. They need YOUR VOICE to help to assure that the senators ask these questions.


U.S. stock funds see fourth straight week of outflows: Lipper

U.S. equity stock funds saw $390 million in outflows in the week ended on Wednesday, the fourth straight week of outflows for such funds, according to data released by Lipper on Friday.


Your Money: On #GivingTuesday, companies turbocharge holiday giving efforts

Four years ago, PayPal set out to break the Guinness World Record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours.


HSBC private banking sees double-digit asset, revenue growth on Asia boost

The private banking business of HSBC Holdings PLC is aggressively pursuing double-digit growth in client assets and revenue, riffing off a surge in Asian wealth, the unit's chief executive told...


Exclusive: Hedge fund Citadel's commodities business up about $1 billion for the year - sources

Citadel's commodities investments are up at least $1 billion for the year, according to three sources familiar with the matter, helping to drive strong overall performance at one of the world's...


Local hero: Florida hotelier Harris Rosen keeps his giving close to home

Harris Rosen has a chain of eight hotels bearing his name in the Orlando area, but he makes most of his headlines these days for giving away his fortune.


Oil output slips

LONDON. — OPEC oil output has fallen in November as Angolan production has slipped due to maintenance and Saudi Arabia has kept a lid on supply to support the market before the initial public offering (IPO) of state-owned Saudi Aramco, a Reuters survey found.

Sjeverna Koreja optužena za institucionalizirano seksualno zlostavljanje djece

Sjevernokorejskoj djeci "neprestano prijeti" seksualno zlostavljanje i društvena stigma koja je s njim povezana, bez mogućnosti da potraže pravnu zaštitu, izjavila je u srijedu organizacija za ljudska prava sa sjedištem u Seulu, a prenosi Reuters. Aktivisti/kinje PSCORE-a (People for Successful Corean Reunification) intervjuirali su više od 200 mladih Sjevernokorejaca/ki koji/e su pobjegi (...)

Amazon Wants More Power, Designs Faster ARM-Based Server Chip


A big share of Amazon’s success is contributed by its cloud services, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). But the e-commerce giant has to make constant efforts to stay in the game when there are robust competitors like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Moving along the similar lines, Amazon is working on a new server processor based on the ARM architecture we find on almost every smartphone chip out there.

However, this is not Amazon’s first ARM chip. The company launched its first ARM server chip last year, which goes by the name Gravition.

According to a Reuters report citing sources, the upcoming server chip will be around 20% faster than its first ARM chip. It’s likely to be based on ARM’s Neoverse N1 technology and offer up to 32 cores in comparison to 16 cores on Gravition.

Designing the server chip under its own roof will let Amazon reduce production costs as won’t have to depend on Intel and AMD anymore. However, we shouldn’t expect the chip to be more powerful than Intel’s Cascade Lake or AMD’s Rome, said the sources.

Unable to keep up with the market’s innovation, Intel has already lost the smartphone chip market, and Microsoft has also started exploring possibilities for ARM-based Windows 10 PCs.

Various tech companies are choosing ARM-based chips as it helps them cut down on power consumption while maintaining the desired performance levels.

When talking about data centers running thousands for servers, the overall goal is to reduce the “total cost of ownership.” It includes different things like chip size, speed, cooling costs, etc. That’s the area Arm might want to target.

One of the sources said that the improved speed is a sign from Amazon that its serious about ARM chip investment. But here we should note that Amazon’s last year’s chip couldn’t make a dent in Intel’s business which only grew over the year.

Anyway, the chip is yet to be officially announced. Let’s see what it brings to the plate.

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Lead Cook - Thomson Reuters

Position Summary: The Lead Cook is responsible for cooking and preparing food according to recipes and production guidelines while adhering to food safety, food handling, and sanitation procedures. The individual should safely handle knives and equipment such as grills, fryers, ovens, broilers, etc. The Lead Cook may be responsible for oversight or delegation of responsibilities within the culinary operation. Essential functions and responsibilities of the position may vary by Aramark location... $15.00-$18...

UPDATE 3-Iraq protesters burn shrine entrance in holy city, PM quitting 'not enough'


UPDATE 3-Iraq protesters burn shrine entrance in holy city, PM quitting 'not enough'Iraqi protesters set fire to the entrance of a shrine in the southern holy city of Najaf on Saturday and security forces fired tear gas to disperse them, police and a demonstrator at the scene said, risking more bloodshed after a rare day of calm. The demonstrator sent a video to Reuters of a doorway to the Hakim shrine blazing as protesters cheered and filmed it on their mobile phones. The incident took place during one of the bloodiest weeks of Iraq’s anti-government unrest, which erupted last month.


Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwest


Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwestSeparatist rebels fired on a Cameroon Airlines passenger jet as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country on Sunday morning, their leader told Reuters. The scheduled flight from Douala landed safely and there were no casualties, Cameroon Airlines said in a statement confirming the attack. The English-speaking west of Cameroon has been a battleground since 2017 between the army and rebels seeking to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia.


Westpac scandal underlines Coalition’s hypocrisy on banks, unions

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer
November 28, 2019

Financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC is pursuing Westpac over 23 million alleged breaches of money laundering laws in the biggest such case in Australian history. According to AUSTRAC, Westpac allowed transfers of about $11 billion without proper scrutiny, including funds destined for child exploitation rings in the Philippines.

Some believe that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Westpac’s crimes. Thomson Reuters Asia-Pacific Bureau chief in Financial Crime & Risk Nathan Lynch alleges the system was primarily used to implement corporate tax evasion. "That's what this case is all about,” he said.

“It's the facilitation of massive high-level, cross-border tax evasion." He added the AUSTRAC prosecution will "send shockwaves around the globe."

Caving to public pressure, Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer resigned as head of Australia's second-biggest bank on November 26. Westpac announced that Hartzer had been given 12 months' notice and would pocket a tidy $2.7 million salary during that period.

Responding to the news, Finance Sector Union (FSU) national secretary Julia Angrisano said on November 20: "Today we have an appalling case of Westpac being accused of breaking money laundering laws on 23 million occasions, illegally moving $11 billion dollars. The allegations include claims of potential child exploitation."

Angrisano noted that Westpac is not the only bank in the firing line: "Yesterday [November 19], the Commonwealth Bank pleaded guilty to illegally selling life insurance to consumers through unsolicited phone calls, after being criminally charged by [the Australian Securities and Investments Commission].

"And earlier this month, the National Australia Bank admitted to 255 breaches of credit laws and faces financial penalties as a result of the 'Introducer' loans scandal.”

But while the government goes after the banks with a feather, it is dramatically stepping up its attacks on trade unions.

Angrisano said: "Even though they are finally being targeted by the federal government, the banks can negotiate penalties for ripping off customers that barely dent their bottom line. And there is no impact on their ability to continue in business.

"[Treasurer] Josh Frydenberg thinks the current penalties for banks are OK, but at the same time he is supporting industrial relations minister Christian Porter in an attack on workers and their unions that could see a union shut down for failing to complete paperwork on time.

"There is no suggestion from the [Scott] Morrison [Coalition] government that banks should be closed down for ripping off the public and breaking money laundering laws.

“But if this anti-union [Ensuring Integrity Bill] law passes, it will mean the government can take a big stick to unions and give the banks a slap on the wrist."

Responding to the latest amended version of the Ensuring Integrity Bill, Australian Council of Trade Unions president Michele O'Neil said on November 22: "Effectively, the Morrison government is asking the Senate to support laws that would never apply to banks or business and which they would never apply to themselves or their political parties.

"For example, banks have been accused of money laundering, supporting terrorist organisations, charging fees to dead people and supporting child exploitation.

“Despite all this, there are no proposals to ban bank board members, appoint administrators or shut the doors."

"The government is hell bent on trying to shut us down … This is extreme. It's dangerous. There's no equivalent in the Western world, and there's no justification for it."

In the aftermath of the banking royal commission, which issued its final report earlier this year, calls have been made for the Big Four banks to be more tightly regulated and held to public account. Sackings of bank executives and prosecutions for financial crimes and fraud are an essential follow-up to the startling revelations from the commission.

However, this latest scandal involving Westpac underlines the fact that these banking giants are a law unto themselves, despite the limited role of various regulatory agencies.

There can be no solution to the banking crisis until major banking institutions are taken out the hands of private profiteers and placed under public ownership — just as the Commonwealth Bank was until the mid-1990s.

Considering the widespread public outrage over the scandals revealed by the banking royal commission, now intensified by the Westpac disaster, it is time to mount a major community-based campaign to nationalise the Big Four banks under workers' and community control.

We need to demand that the banks' huge assets be placed under public ownership and used for the good of the community and the environment. These funds could be used to build public works and fund much-needed public health, housing, education and renewable energy projects that are essential if we are to effectively tackle the climate crisis.

Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer



Entity : Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aircraft propulsion and equipment, space and defense markets. Safran has a global presence, with more than 91,000 employees. Working alone or in partnership, Safran holds world or European leadership positions in its core markets. Safran pursues a continuous strategy of differentiation through innovation and undertakes extensive ongoing research and development programs. Safran is ranked among the Top 100 Global Innovators by Thomson Reuters and is featured on the "Happy at work" rankings. The Group places fourth on the Universum ranking for the favorite companies of newly-qualified engineers in France. Safran Helicopter Engines is the world's leading manufacturer of helicopter engines, with more than 72,000 produced since being founded. It offers the widest range of helicopter turboshafts in the world and has more than 2,500 customers in 155 countries.
Main domain/Job field : Production/Manufacture engineering/ assembly/ repair
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• Cursando a partir do 5° período dos cursos de Engenharia de Produção ou Mecânica; • Inglês Intermediário; • Pacote Office; • Desejável conhecimento em Excel.
City (-ies) : Rio de Janeiro
Minimum education level achieved : GCSEs


Just before Turkey Day, Trump signs a sweeping federal ban on animal cruelty

Timing coincidence? GOPA wing going after Vegan vote after recent bleeding of conservatives support? *Trump signs a sweeping federal ban on animal cruelty* President Trump signs the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act in the Oval Office on Monday. (Loren Elliott/Reuters) November 25, 2019 President Trump on Monday signed into law a new federal ban on animal cruelty, called...

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В Беларуси появился чат-бот для жертв и свидетелей домашнего насилия

Фото: ReutersОбщенациональная горячая линия для пострадавших от домашнего насилия запустила чат-бот.


Белорусы помимо стран Шенгена больше всего хотят ездить без визы в Таиланд

Фото: ReutersМИД на официальной странице в Facebook провел опрос о том, куда помимо стран Шенгена подписчики хотели бы путешествовать без визы.


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Фото: ReutersЕще тремстам людям помогли амбулаторно.


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Фото: ReutersВозбуждено уголовное дело по статье «Вымогательство».


В Минской области задержали серийных воров: они «обносили» дачи и гаражи

Фото: ReutersВ Минской области, а также двух районах Могилевской области произошла серия краж имущества.


19 лет колонии получил водитель, который пытался ввезти в Беларусь 70 кг экстази

Фото: ReutersЗапрещенные вещества в автомобиле учуяла служебная собака.


Notícia » Saiba como é o Stadia, o videogame do Google que funciona direto no navegador


já disponíveis para os consoles e uma assinatura mensal de US$ 9,90 (cerca de R$ 42). Segundo a empresa, há 450 jogos em desenvolvimento, parte deles para lançamento em 2020.

Google lançou nesta terça-feira (19) o Stadia, um novo serviço de streaming de games que tem o objetivo de transformar o Chrome, o navegador de internet da empresa, em um console em que poderão ser reproduzidos jogos como NBA 2K20 e Assassin’s Creed, sucessos desse universo.

Em sua fase inicial, são 22 jogos

já disponíveis para os consoles e uma assinatura mensal de US$ 9,90 (cerca de R$ 42). Segundo a empresa, há 450 jogos em desenvolvimento, parte deles para lançamento em 2020.O Stadia estreou disponível, inicialmente, em 14 países. Ainda não há previsão de que o serviço chegue ao Brasil.

Logo do Stadia, o serviço de streaming de jogos do Google

Como está sendo recebido o novo produto? As primeiras críticas recebidas pelo Stadia reclamaram de latência, o tempo de atraso entre o apertar do botão do controle e a reação na tela. O mercado também aguarda os lançamentos exclusivos para o sistema, que podem marcar uma diferença em relação à concorrência e atrair jogadores dos videogames atuais.

“Nos meus testes jogando diversos jogos do Stadia na última semana, eu fiquei em geral impressionado com o quanto os jogos foram transmitidos de forma suave. Mesmo títulos com gráficos intensos funcionaram bem na minha TV, em um notebook e em um celular barato. No entanto, aconteceram falhas ocasionais e problemas de qualidade devido à inconsistência da velocidade da internet e erros iniciais”, escreveu Brian Chen, em resenha publicada no jornal The New York Times.

O que é necessário para conseguir jogar? É possível reproduzir na TV? Os jogos poderão ser utilizados em todos os dispositivos que possuam o navegador do Google Chrome, como smartphones e computadores. No entanto, o Stadia precisa de uma conexão com a internet de pelo menos 10 megabits por segundo na resolução básica de 720 pontos e de 35Mbps na versão em 4K.

Para a reprodução em televisores, é necessário o Google Chromecast, aparelho no formato de um pendrive que já é utilizado para transformar televisores comuns em smart TVs.

FONTE: 6 Minutos (Com Reuters)   FOTO: Stephen Lam/Reuters






Authored by: 


SHARE Foundation

Living under the watchful eye: Implications of facial recognition surveillance in Serbia


In early 2019, the minister of interior and the police director of Serbia announced[1] that 1,000 cutting-edge security cameras with facial recognition capabilities will be installed in 800 locations in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, in partnership with Chinese tech giant Huawei. However, despite the flaws of facial recognition and the intrusiveness for citizens’ privacy when it is used for surveillance,[2] there is no transparency about the cameras and the partnership between the Ministry of Interior and Huawei, which is part of a broader cooperation between the Serbian and Chinese governments.

In November 2018, Serbia adopted a new Law on Personal Data Protection[3] based on the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).[4] The application of the law starts on 21 August 2019, after a nine-month adaptation period provided for compliance with the new rules. SHARE Foundation,[5] a Serbian non-profit organisation established in 2012 to advance human rights and freedoms online, submitted freedom of information requests to the Ministry of Interior asking for information about the cameras and supporting documents (e.g. memorandums, contracts, letters of intent). The Ministry withheld this information, meaning that the public in Serbia was left in the dark about a very problematic technology which can greatly impact the privacy of all citizens.

Legislative context

Similar to other countries with a history of repressive regimes and a broad state surveillance apparatus, there is little of a culture of privacy in Serbia. For example, the first data protection law in Serbia was adopted in 2008. After nearly 10 years of application, it turned out that the law was not good enough to provide an adequate level of protection, especially in a world of expanding technologies such as targeted advertising and a whole new digital economy based on personal data. Also, the law did not regulate video surveillance, which opened space for numerous abuses when it comes to data processing through CCTV systems, both state and privately owned. Introducing a new law was an opportunity to regulate this area of personal data processing, but the provisions on video surveillance were not included in the final text of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

In its annual report for 2018, the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Serbia’s independent authority for both freedom of information and protection of citizens’ personal data, highlighted the fact that the Ministry of Justice argued to keep the regulation of video surveillance out of the new Law on Personal Data Protection. The Ministry’s view was that this area of personal data processing should be regulated by a special law and that the GDPR does not contain provisions on video surveillance.[6] However, more than six months after the new Law on Personal Data Protection had been adopted in the National Parliament of Serbia and just two months before it is scheduled to start being applied, no specific law regulating video surveillance has been drafted or even proposed.

Over the past six months, at the time of writing, Serbia has been in a state of political turmoil. There have been anti-government protests across the country after an opposition politician was assaulted by a group of men in December 2018.[7] It is in contexts such as these where facial recognition surveillance systems, which store large amounts of biometric data, could potentially be used for pressuring citizens who are protesting, as well as their families, because of their political views. Beyond political protest, the everyday use of the cameras comes with the risk of data breaches, which includes records of the daily routines and movements of citizens, and which could potentially result in harm to those unwittingly surveilled.

An opaque Panopticon: Citizens in the dark

As soon as Huawei’s facial recognition cameras were announced in the media by the highly ranked officials in Serbia’s internal affairs, SHARE Foundation decided to find out more about Huawei’s cameras in terms of their location, public procurement and other relevant procedures by submitting freedom of information requests to the Ministry of Interior.

In their responses to our requests, the Ministry stated that all information about the procurement of Huawei cameras is “confidential” and therefore not for public access. Also, in an interview for Radio Television of Serbia, Police Director Vladimir Rebić said that the locations of stationary cameras were already determined based on “a broad examination and analysis of events, referring primarily to the criminal offences in Belgrade.” We also requested a copy of this analysis, but the Ministry responded that the information, as well as the location of the cameras, were not contained in any document or other medium, meaning they cannot be provided upon a freedom of information request.[8]

According to Article 54 of the new Law on Personal Data Protection, if it is likely that certain data processing will present a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the data controller is obligated to conduct a data protection impact assessment before the beginning of data processing.[9] When SHARE Foundation requested a copy of this impact analysis, the Ministry simply stated that the provisions of the new law are not yet being applied. Having read the official responses of the Ministry of Interior, which suggest that this information does exist, it seemed strange that information provided by a freedom of information officer about such a sensitive topic for citizens’ privacy was contradictory to the statements made by the minister and the police director in the media.

While the Ministry was reluctant to provide any official information about the cutting-edge cameras and their procurement, Huawei on the other hand was more transparent about its cooperation with the Serbian authorities. A case study titled “Huawei Safe City Solution: Safeguards Serbia” was available on Huawei’s official website and it provided detailed information about the cameras and related video surveillance solutions, claiming the cameras were already installed in Belgrade. SHARE Foundation published an article about Huawei’s case study,[10] which strangely disappeared from the company’s website shortly after the publication of our article. Having in mind the sensitivity of this content, we saved an archived copy[11] of the page so the case study can still be accessed online.

Huawei stated that for the test phase, nine cameras in five locations were deployed, with the locations being the Ministry of Interior headquarters, a sports arena, a commercial centre and a police station. After this test deployment, it is stated in the case study that Huawei and the Ministry achieved a Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2017 and that in the first phase of the project 100 high-definition video cameras were installed in more than 60 key locations, with the command and data centre in Belgrade being remodelled.[12]

It is very worrying that such advanced technology, which has great implications for privacy, is being deployed without citizens knowing about this digital “watchful eye” collecting and storing large amounts of their biometric data, even if they have done nothing wrong. Saša Đorđević, a researcher at the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy,[13] a Serbian think tank dedicated to advancing the security of citizens and society, said that although video surveillance can improve security and safety, primarily in road traffic safety, the list of unknown things about Huawei’s video surveillance in Belgrade is long. “The situation can still be corrected if and when it is determined which video surveillance equipment is being purchased, how much it costs the citizens of Serbia, where it is placed and how the personal data will be processed and protected,” he added.[14]

Another problematic aspect of facial recognition technology when used for video surveillance is that it is prone to mistakes, which is especially important for law enforcement and legal proceedings. Research by Big Brother Watch has shown that in the United Kingdom the overwhelming majority of the police’s “matches” using automated facial recognition have been inaccurate and that on average, 95% of “matches” made by facial recognition technology wrongly identified innocent people as crime suspects.[15]

In addition, Big Brother Watch found that the police stored photos of all people incorrectly matched by automated facial recognition systems, meaning that biometric photos of thousands of innocent people have been stored.[16] Storing such sensitive biometric data of citizens is also a privacy and security risk, which is even greater taking into account information leaks during police investigations, which are common in Serbia. “The media in Serbia frequently publish information relating to investigations conducted by the police and the prosecution, quoting mostly unknown sources allegedly ‘close to the investigation’ and sometimes with photos,” explained Đorđević. He mentioned an example when information from the investigation of the murder of a Serbian singer was constantly published on the front pages of tabloid newspapers. Another case Đorđević highlighted occurred in February 2017, when one daily newspaper covered the arrest of a member of a football club supporters’ group on its front page the evening before the police informed the public about his arrest.[17]

In other parts of the world there are similar concerns. With all the recent controversy surrounding facial recognition, two cities in the United States have so far banned the use of facial recognition by the city administration – the first was San Francisco, California, followed by Sommerville, Massachusetts.[18] It is highly likely that more cities will join them, particularly since there is more and more awareness of the negative impacts of facial recognition surveillance.


SHARE Foundation will again approach the Ministry of Interior for information, especially relating to the data protection impact assessment of data processing using Huawei’s cameras, after the application of the new Law on Personal Data Protection starts. Of course, data processing through video surveillance systems should be regulated without delay, either though amendments to the Law on Personal Data Protection or through a separate law. It is also important to introduce citizens to the risks of such invasive technologies and call them to action, as it will provide momentum to further pressurise the authorities and demand more transparency. People feel more secure when they see a camera, as Đorđević noted,[19] but there is also a general lack of understanding of who may collect their personal data, the purposes for which it will be collected, and their rights as data subjects.

Moreover, it is also necessary that the new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection is appointed as soon as possible and in a transparent manner,[20] as the second and final term of Rodoljub Šabić, the previous Commissioner, expired in December 2018. As head of an independent institution, the Commissioner plays a key role in protecting citizens’ personal data and freedom of information and it is of utmost importance that the position is given to a person who has personal integrity, expertise and political independence. Otherwise, affairs such as the one with Huawei’s facial recognition cameras may never be resolved, which would leave citizens exposed to huge risks to their privacy and without appropriate safeguards in cases of data breaches and abuse of personal data. There will also be many doubts around how to apply the new Law on Personal Data Protection, which could prove to be quite a challenge if the Commissioner is not up to the task or is easily influenced by other state institutions and political actors.

Action steps

Having taken into account the lack of transparency surrounding Huawei’s surveillance cameras in Belgrade, we propose the following action steps:

  • Insisting on the proper application of the new Law on Personal Data Protection and conducting the necessary data protection impact assessment.
  • Advocating for the regulation of video surveillance by law in order to provide legal certainty.
  • Engaging the wider community (e.g. civil society organisations, human rights defenders, tech experts, journalists) to help raise awareness among citizens about the impact of video surveillance.
  • Pressuring the Ministry of Interior and other relevant state institutions to provide information about video surveillance and facial recognition in a transparent way.


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[4] European Union. (2016). Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).


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[20] Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia. (2019, 28 January). Fabrizi: Appointment of new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance should be kicked off as soon as possible.

This report was originally published as part of a larger compilation: “Global Information Society Watch 2019: Artificial intelligence: Human rights, social justice and development"
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) - Some rights reserved.
ISBN 978-92-95113-12-1
APC Serial: APC-201910-CIPP-R-EN-P-301





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公司名 : Safran是一家国际级高科技集团,业务涉及推进领域和航空、航天设备及国防领域。已扎根各大洲,集团雇员人数超过92,000名,2018年营业收入为210亿欧元。无论是单独或以合作方式,Safran集团在各大市场中均占据世界或欧洲领先地位。为了满足各大市场的发展需求,集团致力于在各项研发项目上投入,2018年研发费用约15亿欧元。 Safran集团已被汤森路透公司(Thomson Reuters)列入全球创新力公司100强(Top 100 Global Innovators)并荣登“快乐工作(Happy at work)”公司光荣榜。集团在优兴咨询公司(Universum)法国年轻工程师心目中最佳雇主排名中位列第4位。 Safran Helicopter Engines是直升机动力领域的世界领先者,从创立至今,公司已生产超过72,000台发动机。可提供各种规格的涡轮发动机,2,500名客户遍布155个国家。
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Adult Toys The Presidents of the General Assembly and of the Security Council will jointly circulate to all Member States, on an ongoing basis, and publish on this webpage, the names of individuals that have been submitted for consideration. The second round of dialogues with two additional candidates tookplace on 7 June. A Global Townhall with ten candidates took place on 12 July in UN General Assembly Hall, broadcast live on UN WebTV by Al Jazeera media. Adult Toys

animal dildo As a former Reuters reporter, he spent several years covering the early stages of Pennsylvania's natural gas fracking boom and was one of the first national reporters to write about the effects of gas development on rural communities. Jon trained as a general news reporter with a British newspaper chain and later worked for several business news organizations including Bloomberg News and Market News International, covering topics including economics, bonds, currencies and monetary policy. He has written two travel guidebooks to the European Alps; lived in Australia, Switzerland, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and visited many countries including Ethiopia, Peru, Taiwan, and New Zealand. animal dildo

vibrators That sounds like you're hesitating. There's nothing wrong with hesitation, as long as you know it's a sign to hold off until you are 120% ready. So please follow that link ookuotoe posted for you. They took time off school (knowing they will have to make up work next week) and took 10 hour trips to get here for the Inauguration. They got up before dawn for the Concert on Sunday, rented tuxedos and put on their first real Ball gowns with joy and enthusiasm. They endured a crowed of 2 million fellow celebrants, rising again at dawn, clutching their hard won Swearing In tickets, walking several miles to see the president they admired be sworn in. vibrators

g spot vibrator More experienced lovers or long term couples will most likely have advanced beyond many of the activities and no longer consider them kinky. For those couples, the 52 Weeks of Kinky Pleasures isn't necessarily a bad purchase, but it will have to be used in a more imaginative way. For example, these cards can also be used in conjunction with another game like Lust! or Pleasure Island where these are included in the winner's pot or as random game pieces. g spot vibrator

Adult Toys Safer sex is a few of those things, but definitely not all. Let's start with the appearance of that mysterious letter r. It didn't just glom itself onto the ass end of 'safe' out of gloom, doom dildos, or spite it's more of a straight up numbers game. For me dildos, that last part is key, particularly in professional situations. When a supervisor corrects something, my instinct is to defend myself, especially if I think the supervisor is misunderstanding the situation. However, I learned how to say dildos, "Yes, thank you." This protects me on the times when the supervisor is right, and makes me less of a dick overall.. Adult Toys

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dog dildo Thanks so much! I like drawing with B pencil, but any pencil will do, as long as it one that you like. You could use eraser to remove some of it, but I find that rubbing alcohol works even better. The tape is a type of painters tape from Tessa. Oe died in 1941, in the war; Nishida died in 1997. Oe's medal remains in private hands but Nishida's is kept by Waseda university. In each case, the peculiar half and half medals serve as permanent reminders that, even in the hate filled atmosphere of Hitler's Germany dildos, the Olympic Games allowed young people to display something more lasting, and ultimately more thrilling, than mere athletic excellence.. dog dildo

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I was a little bummed that the candle I got wasn't the one I ordered, but that's not a big deal, since this one still actually smells really nice. The lavender is subtle, and the tangerine is earthy, and the geranium ties it together very nicely. I don't burn this one too often, because it does tend to burn on the faster side (as all beeswax candles will do, since there's nothing to slow the wick down), but when I do I'm always happy that I picked it up.

People who have physical and mental disabilities in our society are very rarely viewed as sexual beings. After paralyzing accidents in which patients lose the use of their lower body, they have been told by doctors, "Why are you concerned about sex? You should be glad to just be alive!" Up until somewhat recently, eugenics movements in the United States sterilized handicapped patients to avoid having to deal with their sexuality. This was not only an unethical practice, but one that also did not contribute an actual solution to the problem at hand; all people, including those who are differently abled, are sexual beings.

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Why not give my encounter tracker a try (it on DMs Guild but don worry, it free). Input your player and monster stats and it tell you the difficulty of the encounter. With my players I tend to aim for "hard" because the gits have crazily OP builds (damn those YouTube guides).

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Just as we said before that many things shouldn't be seen by the public, they were all private. But now the society is developing more and more transparent and open, so there will be a problem that which is private which is not. For example, making the transactions public cannot be imagined in the past, especially for the banking system.

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Uni#Credit confirms talks with Koc over Turkey JV


ROME (Reuters) - UniCredit (CRDI.MI) confirmed on Monday it was in talks with Koc Holding (KCHOL.IS) over their joint venture Koc Financial Services in Turkey. On Friday Reuters reported that the ...

HSBC to shift $20 billion worth of assets to blockchain-based Digital Vault

(Reuters) — HSBC aims to shift $20 billion worth of assets to a new blockchain-based custody platform by March, in one of the biggest deployments yet of the widely-hyped but still unproven technology by a global bank. The platform, known as Digital Vault, will give investors real-time access to records of securities bought on private …

BRIEF-Fawer #Automotive Parts, Huizhou Desay Form Auto #Electronics JV


Dec 1 (Reuters) - Fawer Automotive Parts Ltd Co, Huizhou Desay SV Automotive Co Ltd: * SAYS THEY PLAN TO SET UP AUTO ELECTRONICS JV WORTH 260 MILLION YUAN ($36.94 million) Source text in Chinese: ...

Death toll from Lampedusa shipwreck rises to 18: Italian coast guard


Death toll from Lampedusa shipwreck rises to 18: Italian coast guardThe Lampedusa coast guard managed to bring safely onshore 147 migrants after the accident on Nov. 23. After the new bout of bad weather blocked search operations for several days, on Sunday six coast guard divers helped by a remotely-operated submarine found four bodies underwater and a fifth one floating. "We can only listen to the silence of the dead," Lampedusa mayor Totò Martello said.


Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pope condemns 'virus' of consumerism


Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pope condemns 'virus' of consumerismPope Francis on Sunday urged people to resist the excesses of consumerism in the period leading up to Christmas, calling it a virus that attacks faith and offends the needy. Francis spoke between the two biggest shopping days of the year in rich countries such as the United States - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The pope said "consumerism is a virus that corrodes faith" because it makes people forget "the brother who knocks at your door".


EU-mededingingsautoriteit doet onderzoek naar dataverzameling Google - update

Het Europese directoraat-generaal Concurrentie, de mededingsautoriteit van de EU, doet onderzoek naar de dataverzamelingspraktijken van Google. Daarvoor heeft het orgaan vragenlijsten naar verschillende andere bedrijven gestuurd. Dat schrijft Reuters.


<グローバル化の行き過ぎと米製造業の空洞化を見抜けず、結果的にトランプ政権誕生を助けたポール・クルーグマンがついに自己批判した> ノーベル賞の受賞者でコラムニストとしても知られる経済学者のポール・クルーグマンは、論敵をコテンパンにこき下ろす激辛の論調で名をはせてきた。 1990年代初めから精力的に著書や論説を発表。急速に進むグローバル化に疑義を唱える論客には片っ端から「経済音痴」のレッテルを貼ってきた。特に中国との競争を危惧する議論を聞くと、「バカらしい」のひとことで切って捨てる。心配ない、自由貿易が自国経済に及ぼす負の影響など取るに足らない。それがお決まりのセリフだった。 そのクルーグマンが突如、宗旨変えした。今年10月、「経済学者(私も含む)はグローバル化の何を見誤ったか」と題した論説を発表。自分をはじめ主流派の経済学者は「一連の流れの非常に重要な部分を見落としていた」と自己批判したのだ。 クルーグマンによれば、経済学者たちはグローバル化が「超グローバル化」にエスカレートし、アメリカの製造業を支えてきた中間層が経済・社会的な大変動に見舞われることに気付かなかった。中国との競争でアメリカの労働者が被る深刻な痛手を過小評価していた、というのだ。 ラストベルト(さびついた工業地帯)の衰退ぶりを見ると、ようやく認めてくれたか、と言いたくもなる。謙虚になったクルーグマンは、さらに重大な問いに答えねばならない。彼をはじめ主流派の経済学者が歴代の政権に自由貿易をせっせと推奨したために、保護主義のポピュリスト、すなわちドナルド・トランプが大統領になれたのではないか、という問いだ。 公平を期すなら、クルーグマンはここ数年、過去の見解の誤りを率直に認めるようになっていた。彼は経済学者でありながら経済学者に手厳しいことでも知られる。2008年の金融危機後には、過去30年のマクロ経済学の多くの予測を「良くても驚くほど役に立たず、最悪の場合、明らかに有害」だったと総括した。 クリントン政権で労働長官を務めた経済学者のロバート・ライシュは、国際競争の激化を懸念し、良質の保護主義的な政策と製造業の労働者の再訓練を推進しようとした。このライシュについて、クルーグマンは1990年代当時、私に「気の利いた言い回しが得意なだけで、物事を深く考えない嫌な奴」と評したものだ。 クルーグマンの宗旨変えについてライシュにコメントを求めると、「彼が貿易の何たるかをやっと理解してくれてよかった」とメールで答えてくれた。クルーグマンもメールで「ライシュについて言ったことは後悔している」と述べたが、「もっとも彼が超グローバル化を予測し、チャイナショックの影響を最小限にとどめようとしたと言うのなら、それは初耳だが」と嫌みも付け加えた。 経済学者たちはようやく自分たちの傲慢ぶりを認め、2009年にクルーグマン自身が書いたように「数学という素敵な衣装をまとった美しい理論を真実と思い込んでいた」ことに気付いたが、時すでに遅しの感もある。 ===== 中国の急速な台頭は米製造業にとって悪夢となった(深圳の家電工場) JASON LEE-REUTERS 経済学者たちは1960年代末から連邦政府の政策立案に大きな影響を与えるようになり、アメリカを間違った方向に導き、社会の分断を助長したと、ジャーナリストのビンヤミン・アッペルボームは指摘している。多くの経済学者が福祉を犠牲にし、効率性を最優先して「高賃金の雇用を切り捨て、低コストの技術産業に未来を託した」というのだ。 「修正を試みても手遅れだ」 マサチューセッツ工科大学(MIT)の経済学者、デービッド・オートーは、中国の急成長がアメリカの労働市場に及ぼした影響をデータで示してきた。オートーによればより大きな問題は、多くの経済学者が自由貿易は善だと無条件で信じていたことだ。「貿易は万人にとって有益だと政策立案者に助言するのが自分たちの務めだと思い込んでいた」 ハーバード大学の経済学者、ダニ・ロドリックは1997年に『グローバル化は行き過ぎか』という著書を発表した。当時は異端と見なされたこの本を書いたのは「経済学者がグローバル化に全く危機感を持っていなかったから」だと、彼は言う。今ではロドリックの見方が主流になっている。 さしもの経済学者たちも、自分たちが引き起こした事態に対処すべく重い腰を上げ始めた。ロドリックも元IMFチーフエコノミストのオリビエ・ブランシャールと共に格差をテーマにした会議を主宰したばかりだが、もう手遅れかもしれないと言う。トランプ政権下では、まともな議論すらできないからだ。 トランプは、アダム・スミスの時代の重商主義者もかくやの短絡的な保護主義を信奉している。貿易をゼロサムゲームと見なし、貿易黒字は利益で、貿易赤字は損失だと思い込んでいるようだ。経済学のイロハも知らない無知ぶりは「現代アメリカの大統領の中でも際立ってお粗末だ」と、アッペルボームは嘆く。 それでもトランプは、中国の台頭に対するアメリカ人の不安を背景に、史上最大の貿易戦争に打って出た。不安が広がったのは、経済学者の読み違いのせいでもある。中国の急成長でアメリカの製造業の雇用がこれほど迅速かつ大量に失われるとは、彼らは夢にも思っていなかった。 クルーグマンも指摘しているように、「2000年以降、製造業の雇用は恐ろしいほど急減」し、その急カーブはアメリカの貿易赤字、特に対中赤字拡大の急カーブと一致していた。こうしたデータが、ただのデタラメにすぎないトランプの主張に信憑性を与えたのだ。 貿易問題や所得格差、労働者のための適切な保護策に関する「まともな議論を完全に消し去ったことが、最も理不尽なトランプ効果の1つだ」と、ロドリックは言う。 クルーグマンに、彼自身も含めて経済学者がトランプ政権の誕生を助けたのではないか、と聞いてみた。「それについては、まだ議論している最中だ」と、彼は答えた。「これは私の考えだが、トランプの(保護主義的な)貿易政策はさほど支持されておらず、トランプ人気に貢献したとは思えない。その意味でトランプ現象を経済学者たちのせいにするのはいささか酷ではないか」 ===== レッテル貼りと締め出しと そうは思わない人もいるだろう。問題の一端は、グローバル化は善だというコンセンサスが姿を現しつつあった1990年代、経済学者たちは貿易問題を「自由貿易主義」か「保護主義」かの2つに1つという単純な図式で捉える傾向があったことだ。 クルーグマンもおおむね自由貿易論者の立場を取った。ノーベル経済学賞の受賞理由となった(グローバル化の悪影響も指摘した)論文が、(自由貿易を推進する)彼の著書やコラムに比べると微妙に矛盾するニュアンスを帯びていたことを思うと皮肉な話だ。 一方で政策論争に関わった人々の中には、急速なグローバル化にクルーグマンよりずっと強い懸念を抱いた人々もいた。その代表格が、ロドリックやライシュ、クリントン政権で国家経済会議議長を務めたローラ・タイソンといった人々だ。彼らは自由貿易こそ善という考え方に異議を唱えたり、タイソンのようにアメリカの競争力を高めるための産業政策を推進したりした。クルーグマンはこうした考え方も忌み嫌った。 クルーグマンは、自身の読み違えは貿易が労働者や経済格差に与えた影響に関するものであり、あくまでも「限定的なものだった」と言う。確かにその言い分は間違っていない。 だが冷戦終結後、貿易をめぐる議論は、自由市場vs政府による介入という、より幅広い議論の「代理戦争」となっていた。クルーグマンは「戦略的貿易論者の、経済学に対する無知の表れ」と彼の目に映ったものを大々的に攻撃した。戦略的貿易論者とは、人件費の安い途上国との競争で、アメリカの雇用と賃金は深刻な影響を受けると主張する人々だ。 ジャーナリストのウィリアム・グレイダーは著書の中で、途上国の攻勢により「アメリカが勝つ分野と負ける分野」が出てくるだろうと警告したが、クルーグマンからは「全くバカげた本」と評された。シンクタンク、ニューアメリカ財団のマイケル・リンド共同創立者が、アメリカの生産性が伸びても「世界の搾取工場である国々」にはかなわないかもしれないと指摘した際も、クルーグマンは経済の「事実」を知らない門外漢のくせに、と一蹴した。 クルーグマンに言わせれば、この手の議論はいわゆる「悪い経済学」だった。他の国の動向など気にし過ぎてはならない。あらゆる国が開かれた貿易から利益を得ることができるという新古典派経済学の概念が安定をもたらすはずだ──。自由貿易よりも市場への政府の介入に類するものや公正貿易(関税や失業保険、労働者保護の拡充と同義だ)を支持する人は、「保護主義者」の烙印を押され議論から締め出された。 確かにクルーグマンは、医療保険制度や教育の改革といった中間層に対する保護政策は大切だと常に考えてきた。また、貿易問題での見誤りを認めたからといって、いわゆるワシントン・コンセンサスを正しいと言っていたことにはならないとも述べている。ワシントン・コンセンサスとは、財政規律と急速な民営化、規制緩和を支持するネオリベラル(つまり自由貿易主義)的な考えだ。 「私たちを批判していた人全てが正しかったわけではない。肝心なのは彼らが何を言ったかだ。私の知る限り、これほど(中国などが)貿易で台頭することを予見した人も、それが一部地域に与える悪影響について注目していた人もほとんどいなかった」と、クルーグマンは言う。 ===== だがグローバル化を善とする考え方はさらに深い問題もはらんでいた。やはりノーベル賞を受賞した経済学者のジョセフ・スティグリッツは90年代、ロドリックと同様に貿易や投資の障壁を急激に取り払えば破壊的な影響をもたらすと警告していた。彼は「標準的な新古典派的分析」の問題点は「調整に全く無頓着だったところだ」と述べた。「労働市場の調整コストは驚異的なほど少ない」 大統領選では左派候補を支持 スティグリッツはクリントン政権で大統領経済諮問委員会委員長を務め、国際的な資本の流れにブレーキをかけることを訴えるなどした(が実現しなかった)。つまり彼はタイソンやライシュと同じ非主流派だったのだ。また彼は「通常、雇用の破壊は新たな雇用の創出よりもずっと速く進む」と主張していた。 スティグリッツはフォーリン・ポリシー誌でこう論じている。「(グローバル化の)コストを背負うのは明らかに、特定のコミュニティー、特定の場所になるだろう。製造業が立地していたのは賃金の安い地域だった。つまりこうした地域では調整コストが大きくなりがちだった」 また、グローバル化の負の影響は一過性のものでは終わらない可能性も明らかになってきている。アメリカ政府が途上国との貿易を急速に自由化し、投資に関する合意を交わしたために「(労働組合の弱体化や労働規制の変化の影響も相まって)労働者の交渉力は劇的に変わってしまった」とスティグリッツは指摘した。 最大の負け組はやはり、アメリカの労働者だ。経済学者はかつて、好況下では労働者は自分たちの賃金を引き上げる力を持つと考えていた。だが最近の見方はちょっと違う。多国籍企業が全世界を自らの縄張りに収めて四半世紀がたち、グローバル化した資本は国内に縛られたままの労働者よりも優位に立った。 主流派の経済学者たちがこれほど急に左寄りになったことに驚いているのは当の経済学者たちだ。多くは前述の格差問題に関する会議でこのことに気付かされた。来年の米大統領選挙では、経済学者たちの支持は中道のジョー・バイデン前副大統領よりもエリザベス・ウォーレン上院議員やバーニー・サンダース上院議員などの革新派候補に流れているとの声も参加者からは聞かれた。 「私はフランスでは社会主義者なのに、ここに来たら中道だった」と、ブランシャールは冗談を飛ばした。これぞ1990年代の読み違えが残した「置き土産」かもしれない。 タイソンは言う。「みんな、いかに状況が急激に変わり得るかに気付いていなかった」 From Foreign Policy Magazine <本誌2019年12月3日号掲載> 【参考記事】米中摩擦に翻弄される世界経済 【参考記事】ノーベル経済学賞受賞「実証的手法で貧困と戦う」3人への称賛と批判 ※画像をクリックするとアマゾンに飛びます12月3日号(11月26日発売)は「香港のこれから」特集。デモ隊、香港政府、中国はどう動くか――。抵抗が沈静化しても「終わらない」理由とは? また、日本メディアではあまり報じられないデモ参加者の「本音」を香港人写真家・ジャーナリストが描きます。

Gerucht: Amazons tweede generatie ARM-processor is 20 procent sneller

Amazon werkt aan de tweede generatie van een ARM-processor die het gebruikt voor datacenters, claimt Reuters. Die zou 20 procent sneller moeten zijn dan de vorige generatie, die sinds vorig jaar in gebruik is. Amazon gebruikt een nieuwe micro-architectuur en meer cores.

Chi finanzia la politica?

Montecitorio Palace is reflected in sunglasses of a 5-Star Movement supporter during a protest in Rome, Italy, October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Il tema in Italia, ma non solo, è vecchio e antico. Al punto che sul tema del finanziamento alla politica e ai politici sono scomparsi partiti, sono state travolte e sconvolte fasi storiche e sono finite nella polvere carriere mirabolanti di molti leader politici. Quindi non è una variabile indipendente, se così si può dire, nella intricata matassa che resta la politica nel nostro paese. Ma, per non ripetere le solite prediche moralistiche da un lato che vedono solo ladri e criminali in tutti i partiti salvo il proprio e per non cadere nella speculazione opposta che giustifica e tollera tutto, anche il plateale malcostume che emerge, non possiamo non ricordare tre aspetti basilari quando si affronta seriamente, e non con la solita propaganda, il capitolo del costo della politica e quindi del suo relativo finanziamento. Innanzitutto, e appunto, la politica ha un costo. Chi predica il contrario dice semplicemente una menzogna. Oltre a una palese falsità.

In secondo luogo, e dopo la nefasta - e per molti versi ancora misteriosa - esperienza di “tangentopoli” che ha distrutto alcuni partiti e ne ha salvati altri, non possiamo più permetterci il lusso di convivere con un contesto che tollera illegalità, sotterfugi, furbizie e disonesta’. In ultimo, si deve affrontare il tema del finanziamento alla politica senza le ormai straconosciute e stracollaudate lenti della demagogia, del moralismo, della propaganda e dell’attacco preventivo. Il tutto per evitare che la politica sia appaltata ai soli ricchi da un lato o agli spregiudicati e cinici comportamenti dall’altro. Se questo è vero, com’è vero piaccia o non piaccia, si tratta adesso di intervenire politicamente e legislativamente.

Senza le furbizie della regolamentazione che disciplina il funzionamento delle ormai note Fondazioni, senza continuare a nascondersi dietro al plebiscito del referendum del 1993 - e come poteva essere diversamente in piena tangentopoli ... - che proibiva di continuare ad elargire il finanziamento pubblico ai partiti e senza cadere nel grottesco e nella ridicolaggine che i partiti vivono e si organizzano con il 2 per mille o con le salamelle o con i piccoli contributi dei suoi associati. Perché possiamo anche continuare a credere che viviamo nel paese di Alice nelle meraviglie ma prima o poi c’è un limite anche per l’ipocrisia e la goffaggine. Ecco perché, a fronte delle concrete esperienze che abbiamo vissuto in questi lunghi 25 anni e con ricette che si sono dimostrate del tutto insufficienti e fallimentari e prive di qualsiasi capacita’ di saper coniugare la rigorosa trasparenza dei conti con la buona politica, forse è arrivato il momento di riparlare con chiarezza e coraggio del tanto biasimato ”finanziamento pubblico” alla politica. Cioè ai partiti.

Anche se i partiti oggi non esistono granché perché ormai campeggiano i cartelli elettorali e le liste del “capo”. Ma, comunque sia, sempre di partiti si tratta. Ed è perfettamente inutile continuare con il ritornello che la politica non costa e quando costa ci si deve pensare con metodi poco chiari e del tutto tartufeschi. Ed è venuto, forse, anche il momento per dire che i partiti sono importanti e decisivi per continuare a fare politica. Secondo il dettato costituzionale. Partiti intesi come strumenti democratici che garantiscono a tutti la possibilità di esercitare l’attività politica. Anche a quei cittadini che non sono ricchi e possidenti. Partiti, però, che possano vivere nella trasparenza e nella serietà di poter declinare la propria attività senza ricorrere alle solite e ormai collaudate furbizie che rasentano, come da copione e da esperienza, l’illegalità e che perpetuano le zone grigie e le zone d’ombra.

Partiti che devono pubblicizzare ciò che spendono e ricevono risorse - rigorosamente pubbliche - in base ai consensi che riscuotono tra i cittadini nelle varie consultazioni elettorali. Oltre, com’è ovvio, a donazioni private altrettanto pubbliche e registrate. Ma per centrare questi obiettivi va rimossa l’ipocrisia e la propaganda. E si deve avere il coraggio di riparlare, schiettamente e senza sotterfugi, di finanziamento pubblico alla politica. Cioè ai partiti. Vedremo se prevarrà ancora l’ipocrisia, la propaganda, la demagogia e l’antipolitica o se, al contrario, comincerà a farsi largo la concretezza, il senso di responsabilità, l’ancoraggio alla Costituzione e il giusto ruolo che debbono ritornare ad avere i partiti. La partita è del tutto aperta e nessuno sa, ad oggi, quale sbocco avrà. Ma vale la pena di provarci


Mes: spinge al default. Il Governo non ha mandato a firmare, riconosca la funzione del Parlamento

FILE PHOTO: European Flags flutter outside the European Commission's headquarters ahead of the European Union leaders summit, in Brussels

Il Meccanismo europeo di stabilità (Mes) non è nel programma sul quale il Governo Conte ha avuto la fiducia di Camera e Senato. Il Pd eviti forzature. Sul Mes, il Parlamento italiano non “si è svegliato tardi”. Al contrario, il 19 Giugno scorso, ha impegnato in modo molto chiaro il governo a “render note alle Camere le proposte di modifica al trattato ESM, elaborate in sede europea, al fine di consentire al Parlamento di esprimersi con un atto di indirizzo e, conseguentemente, a sospendere ogni determinazione definitiva finché il Parlamento non si sia pronunciato.” Come noto, il Parlamento non è stato chiamato a pronunciarsi nel merito. Non vi può essere stata, quindi, nessuna determinazione definitiva, né può esservi il 13 Dicembre. Senza ulteriori drammatizzazioni, il governo riconosca che non ha avuto e non ha il mandato per firmare il Trattato. Si impegni per riaprire il negoziato, in stretto rapporto con gli altri due capitoli del “pacchetto”: l’Unione bancaria e lo strumento di bilancio per l’euro-zona. Poi, si metta il Parlamento nelle condizioni di fare un’approfondita valutazione complessiva.

Nella discussione del Mes, è autolesionistica la rappresentazione alimentata da parte dell’intellighenzia progressista e dal Pd come scontro tra europeisti responsabili, da una parte, e irresponsabili sovranisti o inaffidabili populasti dall’altra; tra chi vuole salvaguardare la continuità dell’Italia nella Ue e nell’eurozona e chi vuole rompere. Va, invece, valutato il testo del Trattato e il contesto politico e macroeconomico nel quale opererà, nel tentativo di stare nel gorgo europeo con un minimo di autonomia culturale e politica e attenzione alle fasce sociali più deboli.

In estrema sintesi, il testo, per Paesi in condizioni di finanza pubblica come l’Italia, elimina le possibilità di sostegno finanziario senza dover ristrutturare il debito pubblico, quindi determina un enorme rischio di default che si auto-avvera. La ristrutturazione del debito pubblico non è più un evento possibile, ma improbabile, estremo, da scongiurare con ogni mezzo (dal “whatever it takes”, all’Omt e relativo programma di aggiustamenti strutturali): diventa, invece, uno strumento ordinario, previsto e disciplinato con tanto di clausole (le single limb Cacs) per evitare anche a larghe maggioranze di risparmiatori al dettaglio di bloccare l’offerta di tagli al capitale investito.

Gli articoli più pericolosi sono il 13 e il 14, integrati dall’Annex III, del testo ridefinito: rispetto alla versione in vigore, l’Italia è esclusa anche formalmente dalla linea di credito precauzionale (Precautionary Conditioned Credit Line), ma è di fatto esclusa anche dalla seconda linea di credito (Enhanced Conditions Credit Line), poiché per l’attivazione di quest’ultima è previsto un debito sostenibile e la capacità di ripagamento dei prestiti, la cui valutazione è affidata esclusivamente al board del Mes.

Gli articoli 13 e 14 sono diretta conseguenza di alcuni punti della premessa: il punto 12), dove è scritto che “il Mes può facilitare il dialogo tra un Paese membro e i suoi creditori privati, su basi volontarie, informali, non vincolanti, temporanee e riservate”; il punto 12A) dove, come ricordato sopra, è affermata la responsabilità esclusiva del Mes stesso a valutare la capacità di un Paese di ripagare il prestito ricevuto (in altri termini, la Commissione europea ha l’ultima parola sulla sostenibilità del debito pubblico di chi è in difficoltà, ma è il Mes, in realtà, a decidere se il malcapitato può ricevere aiuto senza ristrutturare il suo debito pubblico); il punto 12B), dove è prevista “in casi eccezionali, un’adeguata e proporzionata forma di coinvolgimento del settore privato quando è concesso il supporto finanziario per la stabilità”. Insomma, come è stato efficacemente sottolineato da Vladimiro Giacchè, Presidente del CER, in audizione in Commissione Bilancio alla Camera, viene definito un quadro da “Comma 22”: si predispone un efficace meccanismo di sostegno finanziario per i Paesi in difficoltà di finanza pubblica per evitar la ristrutturazione del debito; ma se sei un Paese in difficoltà di finanza pubblica, non puoi accedere al meccanismo finanziario a causa delle condizionalità ex ante. Allora, qual è il senso di policy del revisionato Trattato: innalzare la funzione disciplinante dei mercati finanziari in aiuto alle normative del Fiscal Compact aggirate nella loro efficacia dalla cosiddette clausole di flessibilità.

Ma c’è il backstop per le banche in difficoltà, insistono dal Mef. Vero. Ma per l’Italia, è una “protezione” virtuale, a parte il fatto che, più che una generosa concessione a noi, è una potenziale garanzia alle banche tedesche già salvate una volta dai contribuenti nazionali ed europei prima dell’avvio del bail-in. Come ha descritto qualche giorno fa il noto bocconiano anti-europeista prof Alessandro Penati, il backstop scatterebbe soltanto dopo aver azzerato azionisti, obbligazionisti subordinati e senior e i depositi bancari per la porzione superiore ai 100.000 euro: in sostanza, dopo un cataclisma che per noi implicherebbe, comunque, inesorabilmente, la ristrutturazione del debito pubblico.

Oltre al testo, rileva il contesto. Il testo è un fiammifero acceso vicino a un lago di benzina: ossia, la prospettiva di stagnazione economica, l’innalzamento dei tassi di interesse e inflazione zero. È pessimismo esagerato? Purtroppo, no. Perché? Primo elemento di contesto: siamo prigionieri di un’agenda di cronica anemia di domanda aggregata, determinata dalla resistenza a invertire la rotta di politica economica di fronte agli impedimenti strutturali alle esportazioni. Il mercantilismo praticato da un quarto di secolo in forma estrema dalla Ue e dall’eurozona determina, inevitabilmente, i dazi del Presidente Trump. Sarebbe necessaria e urgente una svolta keynesiana per alimentare la domanda interna attraverso investimenti pubblici per la riconversione ecologica dell’economia, ma la neo-Presidente della Commissione europea ha ribadito, subito dopo la “fiducia” data dal Parlamento di Strasburgo alla sua Commissione, il no senza se e senza ma all’esclusione dal calcolo del deficit della spesa green in conto capitale.

Secondo elemento di contesto: le pressioni tedesche e della cosiddetta “Lega anseatica” per invertire il segno della politica monetaria della Bce. La scorsa settimana, Moody’s ha rivisto da stabili a negative le valutazioni prospettiche per le banche tedesche in relazione alla loro scarsa redditività causata, in primo luogo, dai previsti tassi di interesse negativi. Insomma, il dopo Draghi, nonostante la resistenza di Ms Lagarde, va verso la fine del Quantitative easing e il ripristino della “normalità”.

Terzo elemento di contesto, la restrizione, più o meno accentuata, delle possibilità acquisto di titoli sovrani da parte delle banche, condizione posta da Berlino per il completamento dell’Unione bancaria. Qui, siamo di fronte al concreto esempio della definizione di stupidità di Carlo Maria Cipolla: una siffatta Unione bancaria sarebbe meglio perderla che trovarla, perché determinerebbe non soltanto un innalzamento dei tassi di interesse su titoli di debito pubblico, in particolare per noi, ma aumenti di capitale per l’intero mondo bancario, incluse le malmesse banche tedesche.

In conclusione, è vero quanto sostiene il Ministro Gualtieri: aspetti negativi erano inclusi anche nella versione del Mes ancora in vigore. È vero anche che, le proposte iniziali di Germania e Paesi nordici erano ancora più pericolose in quanto prevedevano ufficialmente un’automatismo per la ristrutturazione del debito. Ma sono argomenti deboli. “Poteva andare peggio, accontentiamoci”, è un principio-guida perdente e deleterio per l’interesse nazionale, come hanno dovuto riconoscere, ex-post, per il bail-in tanti sedicenti europeisti responsabili. Nella fase storica in corso e alla luce degli evidenti fallimenti dell’agenda mercantilista europea, sia sul versante dell’economia reale che di finanza pubblica, sarebbe necessaria un’inversione di rotta. O, almeno, non peggiorare il terreno di gioco. Invece, il Trattato revisionato conferma e aggrava un impianto insostenibile per l’Italia, ma anche per i paesi core, a partire dalle banche della virtuosa Germania.


Alitalia, una proroga silenziosa


Una proroga silenziosa ai commissari data nottempo durante le tre ore di discussione che il ministro dello Sviluppo economico Stefano Patuanelli ha avuto con Enrico Laghi, Daniele Discepolo e Stefano Paleari. Un escamotage per prendere tempo nella speranza di trovare un trucco per uscire dal cul de sac da cui il Governo non riesce a divincolarsi. Patuanelli è per una soluzione tanto radicale quanto complessa, ovvero la nazionalizzazione, ma non ha l’appoggio di tutto il Governo e ha voluto lasciare ai tre commissari un ultimo tentativo.

Perché al di là delle dichiarazioni di circostanza, e forse un po’ avventate - “se avessimo voluto solo salvarla lo avremmo già fatto” ha detto il ministro 5 stelle - le condizioni di Alitalia si stanno facendo veramente difficili. Come è noto la compagnia ha bisogno dei 400 milioni che il Governo ha promesso a i tre commissari a mo’ di zuccherino: disponibili, ma solo per arrivare a una vendita.

Uno dei soci potenziali della prima ora, Atlantia, come ha confermato lo stesso ministro, si è tirata fuori, e la partecipazione valeva circa 300 milioni del capitale della nuova compagnia. Un altro dei soci forti, Ferrovie dello Stato, per il governo “c’era prima e dovrà esserci anche dopo”, ma gli uomini della comunicazione di Gianfranco Battisti, l’ad del gruppo, non commentano le parole di Patuanelli. Al Ministero è passato ieri l’amministratore delegato di Lufthansa che però continua ad avere una voce sola: No a finanziare la ripartenza di Alitalia prima che la compagnia italiana venga alleggerita di handling e circa 3.000 persone.  Perchè i tedeschi, messi di fronte ai numeri reali avuti, solo in autunno si sono accorti, che Alitalia anche sul lungo raggio perde soldi. 

Secondo un sindacalista i commissari “hanno aumentato il traffico intercontinentale offrendo i voli a buon mercato”. I sindacati confederali molto forti nel settore di terra tifano per la soluzione pubblica: “Ci vuole la nazionalizzazione, ma poi il Governo deve sapere che ci vuole un miliardo per consentire ad Alitalia di investire in nuovi aerei e ottenere ricavi”, dice Claudio Tarlazzi segretario generale della Uiltrasporti. Bisogna considerare però che, se nella gestione commissariale non si potevano comprare aerei, tuttavia Alitalia 900 milioni li ha bruciati in poco più di un anno. Il nuovo miliardo farebbe inevitabilmente la stessa fine. 

Il Governo prende tempo per mettere a fuoco una decisione difficile come quella immaginata da Stefano Buffagni, viceministro M5S allo Sviluppo Economico che si dice contrario a una nazionalizzazione e parla di decisioni complicate che il Governo dovrà prendere. Che per un uomo politico con curriculum economico significa mettere mano alla ristrutturazione. Ma anche trovare una soluzione per sbloccare i 400 milioni dal vincolo di destinazione: “è stato chiesto ad Alitalia di trovare il modo” ha detto una fonte a conoscenza del dossier.   Quindi, come prevede la legge sull’amministrazione controllata, ora i tre commissari faranno una nuova procedura di gara, ma avranno le mani più legate rispetto all’azienda secondo l’indirizzo dato da Patuanelli. “Bisogna intervenire su lato costi per razionalizzare quello che c’è da razionalizzare ed è questo il mandato. Credo che ci sia veramente la possibilità che con qualche piccolo accorgimento di rilanciare Alitalia mantenendo l’impegno di non mettere nessun aereo a terra e i l’integrità aziendale”.  Secondo due sindacalisti era il lavoro che i commissari avrebbero “dovuto portare avanti durante l’amministrazione straordinaria, non cominciarlo a un mese dalla fine della liquidità”.


In Iraq si dimette Mahdi, il premier filo-iraniano. Resa dei conti in campo sciita


Iraq, la rivolta in uno Stato fallito. Senza più un governo credibile. Senza più un primo ministro. Il premier iracheno Adel Abdul-Mahdi ha annunciato oggi le dimissioni dopo le centinaia di uccisi nelle proteste, circa 50 solo nelle ultime 24 ore di repressione governativa (408 dall’inizio della rivolta il primo giorno di ottobre). 

lI premier non ha però specificato quando saranno formalizzate le dimissioni, sottolinea la Reuters. Mahdi aveva annunciato già un mese fa le sue intenzioni di lasciare la guida del Paese ma era stato fermato dall’intervento dell’Iran e in particolare dal generale dei Pasdaran Qassem Suleimani, che aveva convinto i principali blocchi sciiti in Parlamento sulla necessità di sostenere il governo e contrastare con la forza le manifestazioni. Dopo il bagno di sangue di ieri, 44 vittime fra Nassiriya e Najaf, la situazione del premier è diventata però insostenibile.

 Le dimissioni del premier iracheno non sono solo il portato della rivolta popolare che dal primo giorno di ottobre si è scatenata in tutto il Paese per denunciare la carenza di posti di lavoro, la mancanza di servizi e la corruzione del governo. Alla base c’è anche, e per certi versi soprattutto una resa dei conti nel variegato fronte sciita. All’indomani dell’uccisione di decine di manifestanti anti-governativi nel sud dell’Iraq, la massima autorità religiosa sciita irachena, il Grande Ayatollah Ali Sistani, ha  invitato il Parlamento iracheno a togliere la fiducia al governo del premier Mahdi, sostenuto da Iran e Stati Uniti, nell’ambito della crescente tensione politica e di sicurezza a Baghdad e nel sud sciita in rivolta. Nella predica settimanale, tenuta da un suo rappresentante, Ahmed al-Safi, durante la preghiera comunitaria islamica del venerdì nella città santa sciita di Karbala, a sud di Baghdad, Sistani ha chiesto al Parlamento di intervenire per cambiare l’equilibrio politico nel paese e ascoltare le pressanti richieste della popolazione del sud del Paese. “Il Parlamento, da cui il governo trae sostegno, deve rivedere la sua scelta riguardo all’esecutivo considerando gli interessi dell’Iraq”, ha detto Sistani, attraverso il suo portavoce.  Per un premier già sfiduciato dalla piazza, è stata la mazzata finale. “Ho ascoltato molto attentamente il discorso della suprema autorità religiosa”, scrive il premier citando un passaggio chiave dell’appello di Al Sistani al Parlamento. “In risposta alla sua richiesta e per velocizzare il più possibile il processo, presenterà alla Camera dei rappresentanti una lettera ufficiale con le mie dimissioni dalla guida dell’attuale governo così che il parlamento possa riconsiderare le proprie scelte nell’interesse supremo del popolo e del paese”, si legge nella dichiarazione di Abdul Mahdi.Lo scontro è totale. Il clerico sciita Moqtada al-Sadr, leader della coalizione al-Sairoon (primo partito in Parlamento), già noto in Iraq per la sua capacità di smuovere le masse e guidare proteste e in questo momento il principale rivale dell’Iran nel Paese, aveva da tempo  invocatole dimissioni del primo ministro, e nuove elezioni sotto l’egida delle Nazioni Unite, dopo avere boicottato i lavori del Parlamento che erano stati indetti per sabato 5 ottobre col fine di discutere, fra le altre cose, un taglio degli stipendi dei funzionari a favore delle fasce più deboli e della disoccupazione.

Le dimissioni di Adel Abdel Mahdi sono anche un ulteriore, pesante smacco per l’Iran, grande protettore dell’ormai ex  premier. Ora si attende la reazione di Teheran. Di certo, gli ayatollah e i pasdaran non staranno a guardare. 


Lebanon petrol stations suspend strike


  Lebanon’s petrol stations syndicate chief announced on Friday night that the union will suspend its strike starting tonight, state news agency (NNA) quoted Sami al-Brax as saying, Reuters reports. Lebanese daily Al-Nahar cited al-Brax saying the union was suspending its strike to hold talks with authorities and added the syndicate would have a meeting […]

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Israeli troops kill Palestinian near Gaza security fence


  Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian teenager near the border fence with the Gaza Strip on Friday, Palestinian officials said, Reuters reports. Local residents said a few dozen Palestinians had approached the border fence, an area in which Israel’s military, citing security concerns, enforces a “no go” zone. Some in the crowd hurled […]

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Russia and China complete border crossing bridge

The first road bridge linking Russia and China has been completed, Reuters news agency reported.


Google reportedly back in EU's antitrust crosshairs - CNET

European regulators want to know how and why the company collects data, according to Reuters.

На северо-западе Камеруна обстреляли пассажирский самолет - Reuters

В результате обстрела никто не пострадал.

Champions League: Lionel Messi scores in his 700th match to guide Bareclona into Round of 16


November 28 (Reuters) – Lionel Messi scored in his 700th match for Barcelona and also set up goals for Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann as the Catalans beat Borussia Dortmund 3-1 on Wednesday to seal a spot in the Champions League knockout stages as Group F winners. Messi set up Suarez to put Barca ahead […]

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North Korea fires unidentified projectiles: South Korea military


November 28 (Reuters) – North Korea fired unidentified projectiles on Thursday, South Korea’s military said, the first such launch in nearly a month, amid a stalemate in denuclearization talks between Pyongyang and Washington, as a year-end deadline looms to strike a deal. Japan’s Coast Guard said it had detected what appeared to be a missile launched […]

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Iraqi forces kill 14 protesters after Iranian consulate torched


November 28 (Reuters) – Iraqi security forces shot dead 14 protesters in the southern city of Nassiriya on Thursday, medical sources said, and authorities imposed a curfew in Najaf after demonstrators burned an Iranian consulate. Authorities set up joint military-civilian “crisis cells” to try to stem unrest. The torching of the consulate in Najaf, the […]

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Καμερούν: Eπιβατικό αεροπλάνο δέχθηκε πυρά λίγο πριν την προσγείωση


Eπιβατικό αεροπλάνο της Cameroon Airlines δέχτηκε σήμερα το πρωί πυρά καθώς πλησίαζε για να προσγειωθεί στο αεροδρόμιο Μπαμέντα στο βορειοδυτικό Καμερούν, σε περιοχή όπου αυτονομιστές αντάρτες πολεμούν τον στρατό, ανακοίνωσε η αεροπορική εταιρία. Οι αυτονομιστές αντάρτες πυροβόλησαν το επιβατικό αεροπλάνο, είπε ο αρχηγός τους στο Reuters. Η προγραμματισμένη πτήση από τη Ντουάλα προσγειώθηκε με ασφάλεια […]

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#342: Clean Coal Powered Station Wagons

russell (and everyone) Ford Mustang Mach-E debut mark VW May Toughen Up Production ID. Space Vizzion With Alltrack-Like Looks Tony: Did they really think they could take sides and not encounter fallout? russell you guys are killing me russell Lyft scaling back dubious scooter ops in six cities russell Just plain […]

Cheptegei sets new 10km road record for 2019 treble

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Uganda allows study of power project in Murchison Falls national park

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Drone firm in talks in Uganda on medical supply delivery deal

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Magyarország elfogadja a büntetést az Eu-tól

VG Gazdaság | Gazdaságpolitika 2019. 11. 13. 1 Magyarország elfogadja az Európai Unió által kiszabott büntetést az uniótól kapott pénzalapok szabálytalan felhasználása miatt – írja a Reuters. A szankció részleteit egy, az Európai Parlament költségvetési ellenőrző bizottságának hétfői ülésére készített dokumentum tartalmazza. A dokumentumot az ülés után a bizottság honlapján tették közzé, melyben arra utalnak, […]

UPDATE 2-Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwest


UPDATE 2-Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwestSeparatist rebels fired on a Cameroon Airlines passenger jet as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country on Sunday morning, their leader told Reuters. The scheduled flight from Douala landed safely and there were no casualties, Cameroon Airlines said in a statement confirming the attack. The English-speaking west of Cameroon has been a battleground since 2017 between the army and rebels seeking to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia.


I knew the patterns for it which was easy


gas tax would be among highest in nation

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Last night I had a dream that my man and I met some guy at a bar and brought it home with us. One thing led to another and we all ended up naked in bed together. In reality, this would never happen but I can get the idea out of my head. I hope. I need the cash. But if that doesn't work out, i'm going to work at the mall and also as a waitress.

dildo His victory against Hilary was considerably more nuanced, difficult, and ultimately hinged on her mistakes of not appealing to working class citizens. Most of all Trump ran on fan appeal, he was running on the appeal of a "liberal North Easterner Republican" which many assumed with his victory in the GOP he was. He effectively lied through his teeth and lied so convincingly not through well made speeches but appealing to dissatisfaction and bellicose attacks against "establishment". dildo

wholesale dildos We should always consider a dcor style of this kind which can bring back an authentic look and feel in our house. You need to notice the signs after giving a read to this article before things may go worse. It is also required for some point of modification. wholesale dildos

g spot vibrator Love Thunder seemed really pointy to me as well, but once I got it I was pleasantly surprised. However, I also a big texture fan, so I can say that Love Thunder is for everyone. I do love that one as well for its girth more than anythingHaha, Bookoos. g spot vibrator

wholesale dildos Like, I don know, the military? You talking about 2% of the budget. Even if you cut the program completely (and made it difficult if not impossible for millions of Americans to feed themselves or their family), it is literally 2%. That not getting us "out of debt" anytime soon.. wholesale dildos

Adult Toys I actually have a copy and permission to publish it through Scarleteen, but have not yet gotten to do that yet. I'm sorry I don't have it up for you online, but I will have it here for everyone soon. My suggestion would be that you look at some of the books a bit down the page I have suggested for you to read for yourself vibrators, and also to trust your own understanding of your sister which is clearly exceptional and just pick and choose what you want to use. Adult Toys

vibrators But the reverberations of the larger movement have spread much further. Women from political parties and youth groups like La Campora have started reporting sexual aggression to blogs, social media and press outlets. The main content producer of Argentine television, Pol Ka, has committed itself to incorporating a protocol for giving assistance in cases of sexual harassment and abuse. vibrators

vibrators Since Eden lover G is made of Loveclone RX (a synthetically produced hydrocarbon polymer) it is hard to keep clean. Although it does not appear dirty, the lifelike material is very porous. Make sure you clean it before and after each use. This bag would make a cute little gift, I felt like it was a cute carrying case and anyone would like these tiny die for a holiday/birthday/pre wedding party. The die are only about five bucks, I don't see there being much to lose. If you need to spend a few extra dollars to qualify for free shipping, and want to try out a fun new flirty/sexy game, I highly suggest just picking these die up. vibrators

wholesale vibrators Anybody with a credit card can buy a bottle of Petrus or a tin of Osetra caviar; that why those things mean less than they used to. Luxury goods are now mass marketed. But true artisanal goods are the one thing that can be mass produced: they are in short supply and they come with a story behind them. wholesale vibrators

sex toys There is a bullet that comes with the sleeve. It is placed in a hole just under the tongue area. The bullet is about 2 3/4" long and is 3/4" diameter. My point is, Factorio is the gaming equivalent to black tar heroin. I wanted to be better than bots and sometimes I was. I knew the patterns for it which was easy, but then I started to recognize map pieces and just knew where to go. sex toys

wholesale dildos Cleaners come and go. I don't know if there is a 'tried and true' cleaner. Cleaners that I've ordered in the past are discontinued now. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. wholesale dildos

wholesale dildos In 2000, Lords had lead roles in the films Epicenter and Chump Change. Comedy Arts Festival. In September, she became a regular cast member in the third season of the Sci fi Channel television series First Wave, becoming the first recurring female character to be featured on the series. wholesale dildos

Realistic Dildo You see, I made the realization today that the item my mother gave me when I was a teenager that I used as a make shift vibrator really WAS intended for that purpose. I can remember how I foundYou see, I made the realization today that the item my mother gave me when I was a teenager that I used as a make shift vibrator really WAS intended for that purpose. I can remember how I found it, but it was from a blogger here on Eden, they posted something that linked to antique vibrators. Realistic Dildo

wholesale dildos It hurt a bit so I just told him to mellow it down a bit. He tore me pretty badly and it hurts extremely for me anyways. I haven't really stopped bleeding since then. Follow his videos, podcasts, websites and science projects at the links below. There, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for achieving extremely high accuracy in the analysis of toxic elements in unknown water samples using ICP MS instrumentation. Adams is also highly proficient in running liquid chromatography, ion chromatography and mass spectrometry time of flight analytical instrumentation. wholesale dildos

animal dildo This attachment is pretty travel friendly, since it isn't all that big. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, latex free and phathalates free. There is no type of texture on the Lover's G Attachment, it is buttery smooth with very little drag. The bison calf was 'rescued' by two tourists May 9 at Yellowstone National Park, and witness Karen Richardson took a photo of it. The National Park Service says the bison calf was rejected by its herd and had to be euthanized. (Courtesy of Karen Richardson)Nevertheless, when two tourists saw a baby bison, they decided itlooked cold and needed to be rescued. animal dildo

dildos I love her so much. I got her as an emotional support pupper thinking she would be a good companion, seeing as therapy made me see that dogs were very helpful. We were planning to get pet insurance soon, so this was quite devastating as I burned through my savings and vet funds in one go. dildos

dog dildo Its actually not false, they produce that exact compound lol. This exact metabolite/compound is found across all of the steroids I listed above:you can look all of this up even if you don have a background/education in this stuff (I was a pharmacist/am a scientist, so this is my area of expertise drug metabolism). You can see, however, how unscientific and biased they are in this document, which is crazy because its supposed to be a neutral analysis of the test results but they are putting straight lies and spinning the situation, like about the sensitivity of mass spec and what a picogram is "one trillionth of a gram" lol like that matters in someone diluting their piss sample lmaoWolf 359 would probably resulted in numerous and early promotions dog dildo.


My roommate got a really really horrible infection inside her


anger after chicago school district removes 'persepolis'

wholesale sex toys Amy, like the actress playing her, has Down syndrome. So did the woman, also named Amy, on which this character is based. She was Ms. Tongueprinting isn't the new fingerprinting. Planet Fitness doesn't have a new line of treadmills that are. Honda isn't launching a "sixth sense". wholesale sex toys

wholesale vibrators Mr. Netanyahu announced the deal to great fanfare on Monday, only to suspend it a few hours later. On Tuesday, he canceled it completely and defended his abrupt reversal, saying he was responding to an outcry from members of his conservative Likud party as well as partners in his governing coalition who routinely refer to the migrants as "infiltrators" and want all of them expelled.. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys I got sick just so that I could have sex, because I assumed that I had to choose between the two. I didn't know that other options existed because sexual dysfunction was more embarrassing than admitting that I needed help with my mood disorder. It was easy to walk into a doctor's office and say, "Hey. Adult Toys

dog dildo The way I see it, I do understand the Ministry's stand on this issue. Being from a country known for its diverse culture and races, it is important to make sure no special treatment is given to anyone and as school is an essential part of Singaporeans' lives and where they first pick up essential life lessons, certain boundaries have to be set in school. There are Muslim schools in Singapore but for some reason, these parents aren't satisfied with them. dog dildo

dildo It has about 20, 1 second bursts. My only complaint is that this does not come with a holster. I am not crazy about putting it in my pocket. Set the required revolutions per minute, RPMs, for the tool using the speed control wheel. Slot in the collet and retighten the bar to keep the tool secure. Clear off debris from the table and attach a vise to ensure that it is flat for accurate cuts. dildo

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dildo One such woman is Contributor 329. She is 26. "I thought it was conceptually the most exciting erotica I had seen and was immediately drawn to the idea of being a part of it. Yes, as a strong free speech advocate in an industry that regularly leanson the First Amendment, Nick Orlandino wants the Redskins to enjoy continued trademark protection. And yes, as a longtime NFL fan, he also thinks they should keep their name. But he would prefer they leave his Anal Fantasy line out of it.. dildo

gay sex toys To guide you further on your selection, here are some of the features you can consider when choosing for the best online dating service:some of your personal details will not be divulged to other members of a particular online dating service for security purposes. You may check their privacy terms for additional information about this feature. Messaging and chat service: this feature enables you to send instant messages to individuals of the same interests as yours without divulging your email address and other important personal details.. gay sex toys

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wholesale sex toys It's very easy to clean. The bead feature is strange. I did not get any pleasure out of that, in fact it hurt. Another issue I'm having with him is that although I KNOW I want to end things between us officially before the end of term, and although I've been thinking about girls I like at uni whilst I've been with him, I've been getting (possibly irrationally) jealous over a close female friend he has and have been feeling very anxious and insecure over possibilities that she likes him/he likes her/they like each other (he mentions her quite a lot, is often protective over his phone, and the one time I've so far met her he did not introduce me to her, although it was a spontaneous bumping in at a supermarket). On the other hand, I can see that he is very attached to me, spends a looot of time with me, treats me really well and tells me how much he likes me a lot/sees me what seems to be whenever he can which is very very often. So logically I have nothing to be worried about. wholesale sex toys

wholesale vibrators What we know for sure is that the survey process was highly subject to self selecting bias and a number of people are not happy with the last form of 2e which we saw. Many might buy in just to see if the final product is more to their liking, but that doesn mean that PFS will be packed, it doesn mean people will buy follow up books and it doesn mean that there will be a large adoption of the system. For 2e to be successful Paizo needs adoption of the system long term and they need to keep cash flow going until that happens. wholesale vibrators

dog dildo You can't play contact sports and do such things for a year post op, but isn't that batter than all the pain you're in now. The point to this paragraph is that if you read online about scoliosis, it's really scary, mostly because all it talks about is herrington rods, an antique procedure no longer performed. That surgery required months of body casting and the rods sometimes broke. dog dildo

horse dildo Remember, this is not a contraceptive or a substitute for a condom. The Fat Boy Sport is safe with all lubes. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water. "I know these lines are perceived as pretty fuzzy when we're dealing with constitutional First Amendment rights," Hastings told The Washington Post. "Butthere's no long fuse anymore. Everybody's fuse seems to be quite short."In April, Portland's typically family friendlyrose parade was canceledafter antifa activists threatenedto shut down roads if a Republican group wasn't barred from the event. horse dildo

Gov. Tom Wolf also recently signed a law to enable aCommercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C PACE) program,which is among the recommendations in the new solar report. It aimed at helping commercial property owners finance the costs of clean energy upgrades, like adding rooftop solar.

gay sex toys This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. So it had been nearly a week and a half since I had an orgasm. My wife was standing at the kitchen sink I walked up behind her and hugged her whispering in her ear that we really needed some intimate time soon. It was natural to rub against her butt then. I was surprised that I got an erection so quickly (almost instantly) and then within just a few seconds had substantially spotted my pants with precum. I did pull away just before orgasm but I was very surprised that it would have happened so quickly. I never before been a "Minute Man". gay sex toys

As a Vermonter, I saw the whole same sex marriage controversy going on a couple of years ago. I basically saw our entire state divided into "Take Back Vermont," the gay marriage opponents, and the supporters who retorted with "Take Vermont Forward." I was called anti Christ by a Take Back Vermont protester. Reading letters to the editor every day, I saw every excuse in the book for why we shouldn't have gay marriages, or who homosexuals are evil.

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Companies from using telecommunications equipment made by China's Huawei and ZTE, three sources familiar with the situation told Reuters. An investigation reveals that almost half of NHS trusts have increased their prices, with some taking in almost 4.5 million a year from the fees. Russia can field a metric shit ton of tanks, artillery, and small arms, sure.

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vibrators They seemed to have a rollicking time Wednesday, the crew of 50 pals who feted Moore, visiting from Scottsdale, Ariz., at the whimsically opulent Mansion on O in Dupont Circle. The now solo, lone survivor of the scorching '60s duo Sam Dave ("Soul Man") groaned and sighed during his "roast" by friends like rock critic Dave Marsh and Doobie Brother turned defense consultant Skunk Baxter. (The time Moore insisted on singing "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby" . vibrators

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gay sex toys Join me on July 21st from 7 to 9 pm EST for a workshop demonstrating cake and cupcake baking and decorating. I will include a few recipes for cupcakes, icing, frosting, and fondant. I will demonstrate how to decorate cupcakes with assorted candies. William Shillady and Rabbi James Ponet gave a formal sermon. Marc, 32 (a hedge fund trader), and Chelsea, 30 (who is now pursuing a PhD at NYU's Wagner School of Public Service), laughed throughout, once when Chelsea seemingly dropped her groom's ring. He broke a glass underfoot, in keeping with Jewish tradition, and they stood beneath an immense chuppah made of woven willow branches, white roses and hydrangeas.The reception was held on the same property not inside the Beaux Arts mansion, but in a solid tentlike structure erected for the occasion. gay sex toys

dildo We then drove to Boston for some sight seeing and dinner. They were amazed that in one day they could be on a mountain, at the ocean and in a big city. I off on Friday and taking them out west towards the Berkshires and they going to try skiing. Gay people, asexual people, women into short guys, guys into flat women, etc exist because there is more to us than fucking and eating.There have been actual studies that support the belief that media plays a bigger role than anything else. And others that have discredited the beliefs of evo psych. I posted one of the latter two days ago.Your argument is not so much credible as much as it is a want to believe it. dildo

gay sex toys However, she didn't terminate Chris, and I am VERY glad of that. He grew up with an abusive stepfather, and eventually went to live with relatives other than his mom. Someone (was it Miz Scarlet) that she had a bad relationship with her sister, so Eagle may not be missing much gay sex toys.


UPDATE 2-Facebook issues corrective label on user's post under new Singapore fake news law

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Facebook issues corrective label on user's post under new Singapore fake news law

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UPDATE 1-Facebook corrects user's post under new Singapore fake news law

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Facebook corrects user's post under new Singapore fake news law

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Facebook issues first correction notice at Singapore's request

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You can care about climate change and still drive an SUV. I do.

Story 352048696

This story was originally published by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists other Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

When I pull into a parking lot in my Toyota 4Runner, I hope I won’t see any of my friends who are environmental activists. I hope I’ll fit into the eco-conscious (read: small) parking spaces at some of the places I shop. I feel like a skinny-car person in a fat-truck body.

It turns out that vehicles like mine — known as sport utility vehicles, or SUVs — are even worse for the climate than I had imagined. And I imagined they were pretty bad.

A massive carbon footprint

According to a summary analysis of a report by the International Energy Agency that was released on November 13, SUVs are the second-biggest cause of the rise in global carbon dioxide emissions during the past decade. Only the power sector is a bigger contributor.

The analysis, which surprised even its own authors, found a dramatic shift toward SUVs. In 2010, 1 in 5 vehicles sold was an SUV; today it’s 2 in 5. “As a result, there are now over 200 million SUVs around the world, up from about 35 million in 2010,” the agency reports.

The preference for heavier SUVs is offsetting fuel-efficiency improvements in smaller cars and carbon savings from the growing popularity of electric cars. “If SUV drivers were a nation, they would rank seventh in the world for carbon emissions,” reported the Guardian.

I’m part of that imaginary nation. I don’t have kids. I don’t fly often. But I have a big honkin’ SUV that is killing the planet. For those of us who are worried about our carbon footprints, driving an SUV is like wearing a pair of size-18 steel-toe boots.

Status symbols on wheels

What’s the attraction of SUVs? Consumers who buy them hand manufacturers a higher profit margin than for smaller vehicles. The weight and boxy shape of SUVs makes them less fuel-efficient, so they cost more to operate and are less nimble than passenger cars. Some people feel safer in a vehicle where they sit high above the road, but the raised center of gravity makes SUVs more prone to rollovers than cars, said Consumer Reports. Some people want an SUV because they believe that an all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive option will make them safer in bad weather. In reality, many drivers do not need this expensive and fuel-economy-lowering feature, and would be better off with front-wheel-drive and good tires.

Still, those disadvantages didn’t stop me and my husband from buying a full-size SUV that weighs 4,675 pounds and averages only about 19 miles per gallon. We claim we “need” an SUV to get around in the rural, mountainous area where we live, but somehow we managed to survive here for a decade without one.

People often buy vehicles for reasons that have very little to do with functionality. For many people, an SUV is a status symbol. And that is also true — perhaps even more so — for people who drive hybrid or all-electric passenger cars. A 2007 survey of Toyota Prius buyers found that more than half said they purchased a Prius because “it makes a statement about me.” Some of them are now incensed that Toyota is siding with the Trump administration against California’s efforts to improve fuel economy.

I have the opposite problem. I appreciate the utility of my sport utility vehicle, but I’m embarrassed to be seen in it. Call it “SUVskam,” Swedish for SUV shame. I’m not so ashamed (or wealthy) that I will drive to the nearest junkyard and have it crushed for its scrap metal. But I am doing everything I can to reduce the carbon footprint of my SUV.

What would Greta drive?

SUVskam isn’t a thing yet, but flight shame (or “flygskam” in Swedish) is, thanks in part to the efforts of Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg to raise public awareness of the carbon emissions associated with air travel. In Europe, many flight-shamed people are switching from planes to trains. Thunberg went a step further, avoiding flygskam by taking a sailboat instead of an airliner when she traveled to the United States — and again when she left for Spain last week. Flight shame has reduced air travel enough to catch the attention of the International Air Transport Association, which is launching a campaign to tout its environmental efforts.

Calculating the carbon emissions of air travel is not as simple as “planes bad, trains good,” though. It’s complicated. It depends, for example, on how far you’re traveling and how many people are traveling with you. The same is true for SUVs. A 16-mpg Chevrolet Suburban carrying six carpoolers is burning less fuel per person than a 52-mpg Toyota Prius with no passengers.

Even if you drive an SUV, there are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint. For starters, not all SUVs are created equal. My 4Runner is a gas guzzler, for sure, but it gets much better mileage than a Mercedes G550 or Jeep Grand Cherokee or Nissan Armada. Hybrid SUVs, which get even better mileage, are available for some models — but cost an average of nearly $4,000 more than their gasoline-only counterparts. Mainstream manufacturers are beginning to introduce all-electric luxury models to compete with the Tesla Model X, which costs more than twice as much as an SUV like mine. GM might even bring back the notorious Hummer as a zero-emissions SUV.

While a plug-in SUV is certainly better for the climate than a gasoline-powered model, automakers aren’t introducing these vehicles because they’re committed to climate action. They’re simply trying to capitalize on the popularity of SUVs, and to make people like me feel okay about choosing an SUV over a smaller electric vehicle that would be better for the climate.

Of course, shame isn’t a solution to anything. Those of us who already own SUVs must try to minimize our carbon footprints by reducing the miles we drive in these beasts — for example, by combining errands and walking or biking or taking public transportation when that’s an option. We can also do our best to maximize fuel efficiency — for example, by removing roof boxes and other items that add weight when not in use, taking it easy on the pedals, and optimizing fuel economy by keeping tires properly inflated.

Finally, SUV drivers can support policies such as higher gasoline taxes and higher fees for licensing heavier vehicles, even if doing so makes it more expensive to drive an SUV. After all, if you can afford to buy a vehicle that costs $30,000 or more, there’s no good reason why you can’t pay a little more than the owners of smaller vehicles toward public transportation and road maintenance. I voted against Initiative 976 in my home state of Washington, but the majority of voters just approved a flat $30 licensing fee for all vehicles — replacing a fee structure in which heavier, more damaging vehicles paid more.

Shame on the White House

Of course, individual actions are no substitute for corporate and government leadership. Whether I drive an SUV or a Prius will make very little difference for the climate. But if Akio Toyoda (the president of Toyota) and Donald Trump (who rides in an armored Cadillac that weighs more than 15,000 pounds) continue to support a rollback of auto-emissions standards, their choices will dramatically increase global warming and air pollution.

As leading climate scientist Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University recently observed, climate deniers are attempting to deflect attention away from necessary systemic changes by encouraging well-meaning people to point fingers at one another instead of at the fossil fuel industry. Still, peer pressure can help move people toward healthy habits, as the popularity of bicycling has done in places like Copenhagen — where people of all ages ride bikes to work and school in any weather.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to climate change. Only by examining our own choices, and demanding that businesses and governments adopt emissions-reducing policies and regulations, can we make the progress that will be required if we are to leave future generations with a stable climate. On November 5, 11,000 scientists published a warning that the planet is facing a “climate emergency” that is “closely linked to excessive consumption” and will result in “untold suffering” if society does not undergo major transformations.

“Excessive consumption” is an apt description for the glut of SUV sales worldwide. SUV purchasing has been called an “arms race,” in which people are buying bigger vehicles mostly for one reason: Everyone else is.

That’s a shame.

This story was originally published by Grist with the headline You can care about climate change and still drive an SUV. I do. on Nov 24, 2019.


Trump Faces Two Deadlines As U.S. Congress Ramps Up Impeachment Focus


WASHINGTON, Dec 1 (Reuters) – U.S. faced two deadlines in Congress this week as prepared to shift the focus of their impeachment inquiry from fact-finding to the consideration of possible charges of misconduct over his dealings with Ukraine. The Democratic-led House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, tasked with considering charges known as articles of impeachment, has […]

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UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, to stop thermal coal lending activity by 2023

Reuters: Italian bank UniCredit has pledged to halt all lending for thermal coal projects by 2023, joining a growing band of financial companies striving to improve their green credentials. Presenting its sustainability targets a week before the unveiling of a new four-year plan, UniCredit also said it would raise its exposure to the renewable energy […]

French insurer AXA speeds coal industry exit plans

Reuters: France’s AXA said it was strengthening its climate strategy by committing to exit coal more quickly across a greater number of countries, as policymakers seek a faster transition to a low-carbon economy. AXA said that as an investor it would exit completely from the coal industry across countries in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation […]

Cambridge college to return looted Benin cockerel statue to Nigeria

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Alle demonstranter har forladt belejret universitet i Hongkong


Der er ikke flere demonstranter tilbage på Hongkongs Polytekniske Universitet.

Det siger universitetets vicepræsident, Miranda Lou, onsdag.

Dermed ser belejringen af universitetet ud til at være slut.

- Vi har forsøgt at håndtere situationen på bedste vis. Vi har allerede gjort, hvad vi kunne, siger hun.

- Vi håber, at vi snart kan genåbne skolen, påbegynde renoveringsarbejdet og mindske konsekvenserne for vores elever og forskningsprojekter, tilføjer hun.

Det er uvist, hvor mange demonstranter der har barrikaderet sig på universitetet de seneste dage.

For en uge siden blev det meldt ud, at der var færre end 100 demonstranter tilbage på Hongkongs Polytekniske Universitet, hvor politiet ventede udenfor - klar til at pågribe dem.

I forrige weekend blev flere end 1000 demonstranter anholdt på universitetet, som har været centrum for voldsomme sammenstød mellem politi og demonstranter.

Nogle har overgivet sig, mens andre er blevet pågrebet i forsøg på at undslippe ordensmagten, blandt andet ved at klatre ned ad reb, hoppe op bag på motorcykler, som stod klar udenfor, eller snige sig ud gennem kloakrør.



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20191127065105396_org.jpg0Demonstranterne har forladt Hongkongs Polytekniske Universitet, siger talsmand. (Arkivfoto)2

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Kina gennemfører rekordstor obligationsudstedelse i dollar


Kina rejser 6 mia. dollar gennem en rekordstor udstedelse i amerikansk valuta.

Der var i forvejen lagt i kakkelovnen til en stor udstedelse, efter at en embedsmand hos Kinans finansministerium ifølge Reuters havde sagt, at landet ville søge at rejse for "over" 3 mia. dollar.

- Størrelsen af udstedelsen vil overstige tidligere år, sagde embedsmanden til Reuters og forklarede, at udstedelsen ville hjælpe Kina med at forbedre sin offshore rentekurve.

Bank of China skriver på sin hjemmeside ifølge Reuters tirsdag, at udstedelsen vil "være et prisbenchmark for kinesiske virksomheder, der udsteder obligationer i dollar".

Banken er en af 13 investeringsbanker, som havde mandat til at gennemføre transaktionen.

Kina udstedte i 2017 sin første obligation i dollar i 13 år. Dengang blev der rejst 2 mia. dollar, mens der i en anden transaktion i 2018 blev rejst 3 mia. dollar.


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Трамп поговорил с Нетаньяху об иранской угрозе

О том, какие опасности представляет Иран для США и Израиля, обсудили лидеры двух стран Дональд Трамп и Биньямин Нетаньяху, сообщает пресс-служба Белого дома, передает Reuters. «Лидеры обсудили угрозу со стороны Ирана, а также другие важные двусторонние и региональные вопросы», — заявили в...

Suriname President Convicted Of Murder


PARAMARIBO (Reuters) :- A court in Suriname on Friday convicted President Desi Bouterse of murder for the execution of 15 opponents in 1982 following a coup to seize power, sentencing the man who has dominated the former Dutch colony’s recent history to 20 years in prison. Opposition parties called for Bouterse, currently in China on […]

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Leonardo DiCaprio Denies Brazilian President’s Accusation That He Financed Amazon Fires


Leonardo DiCaprio has denied an unfounded accusation from Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, that he had funded the fires consuming the Amazon rainforest.

In a statement posted on his Instagram account on Saturday morning, DiCaprio wrote, “The future of these irreplaceable ecosystems is at stake and I am proud to stand with the groups protecting them. While worthy of support, we did not fund the organizations targeted.”

DiCaprio’s statement can be seen in full at the bottom.

On Friday, Bolsonaro appeared to be commenting on social media posts saying that the World Wildlife Fund had been paying volunteer firefighters for images that the organization would then use to solicit donations, Reuters reported. According to some of these postings, DiCaprio was one such donor who made a $500,000 contribution.

The Brazilian president had also criticized the actor and other non-profit organizations who were fighting to save the rainforest during a live webcast on Thursday, a few days after four members of a nongovernmental fire brigade were arrested and accused of purposefully setting fires in order to solicit donations. (The members were released on a judge’s order on Thursday, Reuters reported.)

“[WWF] makes a campaign against Brazil, it contacts Leonardo DiCaprio, he donates $500,000,” he said. “A part of that went to the people that were setting fires. Leonardo DiCaprio, you are contributing to the fire in the Amazon; that won’t do.”

Bolsonaro brought up DiCaprio’s name yet again briefly on Friday, saying, according to Reuters, “This Leonardo DiCaprio is a cool guy, right? Giving money to torch the Amazon.”

The WWF has denied paying for photos from the firefighters or receiving a donation from DiCaprio. “WWF Brazil rejects the attacks on its partners and the lies involving its name, including a series of lie-based social media attacks such as the purchase of photographs linked to a donation from the actor Leonardo DiCaprio,” WWF said in a statement, via English translation.

Other environmental conservation group leaders also issued statements on Saturday in support of DiCaprio and the NGOs working to conserve the rainforest.

“In the past few days, false accusations have been made to undermine environmental defenders and distract the general public from policies that directly lead to environmental like those across the Amazon earlier this year,” Wes Sechrest, the CEO and chief scientist for Global Wildlife Conservation, said in a statement. “We stand by those falsely accused of starting forest fires in the Amazon, and reaffirm our support to those who are dedicated to protecting one of our planet’s most vital and imperiled ecosystems.”

Jon Paul Rodriguez, the chair of IUCN Species Survival Commission, said the group was “concerned that there are increasing and targeted attacks on people and groups working to protect nature in the Amazon.”

“Environmental defenders, whether in local communities, NGOs, or government agencies, should be afforded with the highest protection of the law in Brazil,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

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Two K-Pop Stars Sentenced to Prison for Rape, Distributing Video


Two K-pop stars have been sentenced to prison Friday by the Seoul Central District Court for raping women too drunk to consent in 2016, according to multiple reports. One was also convicted of recording the assaults and sharing them online.

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young, who recorded the assaults, was sentenced fo six years while former FT Island boy band member Choi Jong-hoon got five years. The court also sentenced each man to 80 hours in “sexual violence treatment” education, according to Reuters.

“The accused perpetrated sexual crimes against multiple women, degrading women and treating them as mere tools of sexual pleasure,” said Judge Kang Seong-soo saying in his verdict, according to The New York Times.

The Times notes the 30-year-old men have claimed the acts were consensual.

Judge Seong-soo went on, per the Times, “It’s hard to fathom the pain the victims must have suffered.”

Also according to the Times, though the police have not said who came forward with reports that Jung and others in an online group were bragging about drugging and raping women while sharing videos of such assaults, local news outlets in South Korea have reported it was a worker at a shop where Jung sent his phone to retrieve lost data.

K-pop has been making international headlines more and more lately as groups like BTS find mainstream success overseas. Along with the positive news, there have been increasing reports of stars’ deaths, often investigated as suicides. In the past few weeks, two female K-pop idols, Sulli and Goo Hara, have been suspected of killing themselves. Goo Hara took her former boyfriend, Choi Jong-bum, to court in 2018, accusing him of threatening to release a sex video of her. He was sentenced to 1 and a half years in prison on charges of coercion and assaulting and blackmailing her, though his jail term was suspended.

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Jonghyun, Member of K-Pop Group SHINee, Dies at 27

Goo Hara, Korean Pop Singer in Group Kara, Dies at 28

Sulli, Korean Pop Star and Actress, Dies at 25


Стали відомі деталі американських санкцій проти "Північного потоку-2"

Фото Reuters

Обмеження на адресу проекту “Північний потік-2”, які в сенаті Конгресу США планують включити в військовий бюджет, торкнуться різних компаній, що беруть участь в будівництві трубопроводу, повідомляє німецьке видання Bild з посиланням на свої джерела і виступ на конференції з безпеки в Галіфаксі глави сенатського комітету з міжнародних справ Джима Ріша.


Україна та МВФ близькі до укладання угоди, - Гончарук

Фото Reuters

Переговори з Міжнародним валютним фондом щодо укладання нової кредитної програми співпраці тривають у робочому порядку, сторони наблизилися до укладання нової угоди про співпрацю.

Про це повідомив прем'єр-міністр України Олексій Гончарук під час прес-брифінгу за підсумками засідання уряду 20 листопада, передає Громадське.


Podróż Apostolska do Japonii: Konferencja Prasowa Ojca Świętego podczas lotu powrotnego (26 listopada 2019 r.)


(19 - 26 LISTOPADA 2019)


Wtorek, 26 listopada 2019



Matteo Bruni:

Witam wszystkich, dzień dobry Ojcze Święty. To była intensywna, a nawet wymagająca podróż - na pewno dla dziennikarzy i dla Ciebie. Piękna podróż, z wieloma bardzo ważnymi wydarzeniami i wieloma rzeczami do powiedzenia, wiele przemówień. A teraz jest chwila spotkania z prasą. Czy Wasza Świątobliwość zechce powiedzieć słowo, może na początek...

Papież Franciszek:

Dziękuję za waszą pracę, była to bowiem podróż naprawdę intensywna, a także ze zmianą kategorii, ponieważ czym innym była Tajlandia, a czym innym Japonia. Nie można oceniać rzeczy  tymi samymi kategoriami. Rzeczywistość należy oceniać zgodnie z kategoriami pochodzącymi z tej samej rzeczywistości. A były to dwie zupełnie różne rzeczywistości. To wymaga podwójnej pracy i dziękuję wam za to, a także za bardzo intensywne dni. Myślę, że była to intensywna praca. Dziękuję. Czułem się w tej pracy blisko was. Dziękuję.

Matteo Bruni:

Pierwsze pytanie zada ksiądz Yamamoto z „Catholic Shimbumu”.

Ks. Makoto Yamamoto, „Catholic Shimbum”:

Dobry wieczór, Ojcze Święty. Dziękujemy serdecznie Waszej Świątobliwości za przybycie do Japonii z tak daleka. Jestem kapłanem diecezjalnym z Fukuoki, niedaleko Nagasaki. Chciałbym Cię zapytać: Ojcze Święty odwiedziłeś Nagasaki i Hiroszimę, jak się czułeś? Chciałbym zapytać Waszą Świątobliwość o jeszcze jedną rzecz: czy społeczeństwo i Kościół zachodni mogą się czegoś nauczyć od społeczeństwa i Kościoła wschodniego?

Papież Franciszek:

Zacznę od ostatniego. Jest jedna rzecz, która bardzo mnie oświeciła, pewne powiedzenie: „Lux ex Oriente, ex Occidente luxus”. Światło pochodzi ze Wschodu, luksus, konsumpcjonizm z Zachodu. Istnieje ta wschodnia mądrość, która jest nie tylko mądrością wiedzy, ale mądrością czasów, mądrością kontemplacji. Społeczeństwu zachodniemu - zawsze żyjącemu w zbytnim pośpiechu - bardzo pomocna jest nauka odrobiny kontemplacji, zatrzymania się, spojrzenie na rzeczy także poetycko. Czy wiesz? Myśląc o tym - to osobista opinia - uważam, że Zachodowi brakuje trochę poezji. Jest kilka pięknych poetyckich rzeczy, ale Wschód idzie dalej. Wschód jest w stanie patrzeć na rzeczy oczami wykraczającymi poza. Nie użyłbym słowa „transcendentny”, ponieważ niektóre religie wschodnie nie wspominają o transcendencji, ale z pewnością chodzi o wizję przekraczającą granice immanencji, nie mówiąc o transcendencji. Dlatego mówię o „poezji”, o tym, co jest bezinteresowne, szukając swej doskonałości w poście, pokucie, a także w lekturze mądrości mędrców wschodnich. Sądzę, że dla nas ludzi Zachodu, dobrze zrobiłoby zatrzymanie się na chwilę i poświęcenie czasu mądrości. Kultura pośpiechu [potrzebuje] kultury „zatrzymaj się na chwilę”. Stań. Nie wiem, czy to pomoże, by wyjaśnić różnicę i czego potrzebujemy.

Pierwsze [pytanie]: Nagasaki i Hiroszima. Obydwa miasta ucierpiały z powodu bomby atomowej, co czyni je podobnymi. Ale istnieje różnica. Nagasaki nie tylko padło ofiarą bomby, ale ma także chrześcijan. Nagasaki ma korzenie chrześcijańskie, jest od dawna chrześcijańskie. Prześladowania chrześcijan miały miejsce w całej Japonii, ale w Nagasaki były bardzo silne.Sekretarz Nuncjatury podarował mi wykonaną w drewnie kopię listu gończego z tamtych czasów: „Chrześcijanie poszukiwani! Jeśli znajdziesz jednego – donieś na niego, a w zamian otrzymasz nagrodę, jeśli znajdziesz kapłana – donieś na niego, a otrzymasz taką to a taką zapłatę”. Dokument tego typu znajdzie się w muzeum. To budzi wrażenie, to były wieki prześladowań. Jest to zjawisko chrześcijańskie, które w jakiś sposób „relatywizuje”, w dobrym tego słowa znaczeniu, bombę atomową. Są to bowiem dwie odrębne rzeczy. Jeśli ktoś jedzie do Nagasaki, myśląc tylko, że było to miasto chrześcijańskie, że była bomba atomowa i na tym poprzestaje – pomija część historii tego miasta. Natomiast wyjazd do Hiroszimy miał jedynie na celu upamiętnienie bomby atomowej, ponieważ nie jest to miasto takie, jak Nagasaki. Dlatego chciałem pojechać do obydwu, w obydwu miała miejsce katastrofa atomowa, to prawda.

Hiroszima była prawdziwą katechezą humanistyczną dotyczącą okrucieństwa. Okrucieństwo. Nie mogłem zobaczyć muzeum w Hiroszimie, ponieważ miałem czas tylko na spotkanie, był to bardzo intensywny dzień, ale mówią, że to muzeum ukazuje rzeczy przerażające. Listy od szefów państw, od generałów, którzy wyjaśnili, jak można uczynić jeszcze większą katastrofę. Dla mnie było to o wiele bardziej poruszające doświadczenie niż Nagasaki. W Nagasaki było doświadczenie męczeństwa: widziałem trochę „w przelocie” muzeum męczeństwa; natomiast pobyt w Hiroszimie był bardzo wzruszający. I tam powtórzyłem, że użycie broni nuklearnej jest niemoralne - musi ono wejść do Katechizmu Kościoła Katolickiego, i to nie tylko wykorzystanie, ale także posiadanie, ponieważ awaria lub szaleństwo jakiegoś władcy, szaleństwo jednego może zniszczyć ludzkość. Pomyślcie o powiedzeniu Einsteina: „Czwarta wojna światowa będzie na kije i kamienie”.

Matteo Bruni:

Drugie pytanie zada dr Kawarada, który pracuje dla „Asahi Shimbum”.

Shinichi Kawarada, „The Asahi Shimbum”:

Dzień dobry, Ojcze Święty. Chciałbym zadać pytanie na temat energii atomowej. Jak słusznie wskazałeś, trwałego pokoju nie można osiągnąć bez rozbrojenia. Japonia jest krajem, który cieszy się amerykańską ochroną jądrową, a także jest producentem energii jądrowej, co pociąga za sobą ogromne ryzyko dla środowiska i ludzkości, jak to tragicznie wykazała awaria  w Fukushimie. W jaki sposób Japonia może przyczynić się do osiągnięcia światowego pokoju? Czy elektrownie jądrowe powinny być wyłączone? Dziękuję.

Papież Franciszek:

Wracam do posiadania przemysłu nuklearnego. Awaria zawsze może się zdarzyć. Doświadczyliście tego, nawet potrójnej katastrofy, która wyrządziła tak wiele zniszczeń. Energia jądrowa znajduje się na krawędzi. Wykluczmy broń, ponieważ jest to zniszczenie. Jednak wykorzystanie energii jądrowej jest bardzo ograniczone, ponieważ nie osiągnęliśmy jeszcze całkowitego bezpieczeństwa. Nie dotarliśmy do celu. Możesz mi powiedzieć: „Tak, nawet przy użyciu elektryczności można spowodować katastrofę z powodu braku bezpieczeństwa”. Ale to mała katastrofa. Katastrofa nuklearna, elektrowni jądrowej będzie poważną katastrofą. A jeszcze nie zostało wypracowane bezpieczeństwo. Ja - ale to osobista opinia - nie użyłbym energii jądrowej, dopóki nie będzie całkowitego bezpieczeństwa jej użytkowania. Ale nie znam się na tym i wypowiadam jedynie pewną ideę. Niektórzy twierdzą, że energia jądrowa jest sprzeczna z troską o stworzenie, że j​e zniszczy i że należy ją powstrzymać. To jest przedmiotem dyskusji. Ja pozostanę przy kwestii bezpieczeństwa. Nie ma zabezpieczeń, aby zapobiec katastrofie. Tak, jest jedna awaria na świecie na dekadę, ale potem [wpływa] na stworzenie: kataklizm energii nuklearnej wobec stworzenia, a także wpływający na osobę.

Katastrofa nuklearna na Ukrainie trwa od wielu lat. Odróżniam to od wojny, od broni. Ale tutaj jestem przekonany, że musimy przeprowadzić badania bezpieczeństwa, zarówno dotyczące katastrof, jak i środowiska. A jeśli chodzi o środowisko, uważam, że przekroczyliśmy granicę, przekroczyliśmy granicę: w rolnictwie, na przykład w stosowaniu pestycydów, w hodowli kurcząt - lekarze mówią matkom, aby nie karmiły dzieci kurczętami hodowlanymi, ponieważ są tuczone hormonami i zaszkodzą zdrowiu dzieci. Jest dziś wiele chorób rzadkich, które są dzisiaj z powodu złego wykorzystania dla środowiska. To choroby rzadkie. Kable elektryczne i wiele innych rzeczy... Troska o środowisko to coś, co należy zrobić dzisiaj albo nigdy więcej nie będzie szans. Ale wracając do energii jądrowej: konstrukcja, bezpieczeństwo i ochrona środowiska.

Matteo Bruni:

Trzecie pytanie zada Elisabetta Zunica, która pracuje dla japońskiej gazety „Kyodo News”.

Elisabetta Zunica, Kyoto News:

Iwao Hakamada jest Japończykiem skazanym na śmierć i czeka na rewizję procesu. Był obecny na Mszy św. w Tokyo Dome, ale nie mógł porozmawiać z Waszą Świątobliwością. Czy mógłbyś potwierdzić, czy krótkie spotkanie z tobą było zaplanowane, czy nie? Temat kary śmierci w Japonii jest bowiem bardzo dyskutowany. Nieco ponad miesiąc przed modyfikacją Katechizmu na ten temat wykonano karę śmierci na aż 13 więźniach. W wystąpieniach z tej wizyty nie ma odniesienia do tego tematu. Dlaczego Wasza Świątobliwość nie chciał się wypowiedzieć przy tej okazji, a może istniała szansa, aby o tym porozmawiać z premierem Abe?

Papież Franciszek:

W sprawie kary śmierci dowiedziałem się później, nie wiedziałem o tej osobie: nie wiedziałem. Z premierem mówiłem ogólnie o wielu problemach: o wyrokach, które nigdy się nie kończą, czy to śmiercią czy też nie. Ale mówiłem o tym jako o problemie ogólnym, który istnieje także w innych krajach, o przepełnionych więzieniach i ludziach oczekujących prewencyjnie w zakładach karnych bez domniemania ich niewinności... Poczekaj, czekaj, czekaj... Piętnaście dni temu wygłosiłem przemówienie do uczestników międzynarodowej konferencji na temat prawa karnego i poważnie mówiłem na ten temat: temat więzień, temat środków ostrożności [tymczasowego aresztowania], a następnie kary śmierci, o której wyraźnie stwierdzono, że nie jest to moralne, nie można jej stosować. Sądzę, że idzie to w parze ze świadomością, która rozwija się coraz bardziej. Na przykład niektóre kraje nie odważą się na zniesienie kary śmierci z powodów politycznych, ale ją zawieszają: jest to sposób deklarowania, bez oświadczania. Na przykład zamiany na dożywocie. Problem polega jednak na tym, że wyrok musi zawsze zakładać możliwość resocjalizacji, wyrok nie ukazujący żadnego horyzontu jest nieludzki. Nawet dla skazanych na dożywocie trzeba znaleźć sposób ich ponownego włączenia do społeczeństwa, w więzieniu lub poza nim. Powie mi pani, ale są skazańcy z problemami psychicznymi, chorzy, genetycznie nie do skorygowania… W takim wypadku potrzebne są działania, które pomogą poczuć się im ludźmi. W wielu zakątkach świata więzienia są magazynami ludzkiego mięsa, które zamiast wzrastać w zdrowiu, psuje się. Musimy walczyć z karą śmierci krok po kroku... Są przypadki, które dają mi radość, ponieważ istnieją państwa, kraje, które mówią: przestajemy. Rozmawiałem z gubernatorem pewnego stanu, w zeszłym roku, i przed opuszczeniem tego stanowiska dokonał tego niemal ostatecznego zawieszenia kary śmierci. Są to kroki, kroki ludzkiego sumienia. Natomiast innym krajom nadal nie udało się tego wpisać w linię człowieczeństwa.

Matteo Bruni:

Następne pytanie zada Jean-Marie Guénois  z „Le Figaro”.

Jean-Marie Guénois, „Le Figaro”:

Dzień dobry Ojcze Święty. Wasza Świątobliwość powiedział, że prawdziwy pokój może być jedynie rozbrojony, ale co stanie się z obroną konieczną, gdy jeden kraj zostanie zaatakowany przez inny? Czy w tym przypadku nadal istnieje możliwość „wojny sprawiedliwej”? I małe pytanie: mówiono o encyklice o nie stosowaniu przemocy: czy jest wciąż planowana ta encyklika o niestosowaniu przemocy?”. Dwa pytania. Dziękuję Ojcze Święty.

Papież Franciszek:

Tak, projekt już istnieje, ale zrealizuje go następny papież, bo prawie nie mam czasu... Są projekty, które leżą w szufladach...: na przykład dotyczący pokoju, jest, dojrzewa, a kiedy nadejdzie czas, to go zrealizuję. Ale mówię wystarczająco dużo na ten temat. Na przykład problem nękania dzieci w wieku szkolnym jest problemem przemocy, mówiłem o tym młodym Japończykom. Próbujemy go rozwiązać za pomocą licznych programów edukacyjnych. Jest to problem przemocy, a problemami przemocy trzeba się zająć. Jeśli idzie o encyklikę na temat niestosowania przemocy - wciąż nie czuję, by dojrzała, muszę się więcej modlić i szukać drogi.

Co do pokoju i broni: jest takie rzymskie powiedzenie „Si vis pacem, para bellum”. W tej dziedzinie nie byliśmy dojrzali. Organizacje międzynarodowe nie odnoszą sukcesu, ONZ nie odnosi sukcesu... Robią wiele rzeczy, tyle mediacji godnych szacunku. Kraje takie jak Norwegia, na przykład: zawsze chętna do mediacji, szukania wyjścia, aby uniknąć wojen... To się dzieje i to mi się podoba. Ale to niewiele, trzeba zrobić więcej. Niech pan pomyśli - bez urazy - w Radzie Bezpieczeństwa: jest problem z bronią, wszyscy zgadzają się rozwiązać ten problem, aby uniknąć incydentu wojennego, wszyscy głosują za, a jeden z prawem weta głosuje przeciw i wszystko się kończy. Słyszałem - nie jestem w stanie ocenić, czy to jest dobre, czy też nie, to opinia, którą zasłyszałem - że być może ONZ powinna uczynić krok naprzód, rezygnując z prawa weta niektórych państw w Radzie Bezpieczeństwa. Nie jestem ekspertem technicznym, ale odczułem to, że istnieje taka możliwość. Nie wiem, co powiedzieć, ale byłoby dobrze, gdyby wszyscy mieli jednakowe prawa.

W równowadze światowej istnieją argumenty, których w tej chwili nie jestem w stanie ocenić. Ale wszystko, co można uczynić dla powstrzymania produkcji broni, powstrzymania wojny, przejścia do negocjacji, nawet z pomocą pośredników, musi być zawsze czynione, zawsze. I daje wyniki: niektórzy mówią niewiele, ale zacznijmy od małego, a następnie idźmy dalej z wynikami negocjacji, aby spróbować rozwiązać problemy. Na przykład w przypadku konfliktu Ukrainy z Rosją: nie ma mowy o broni, to były negocjacje w sprawie wymiany więźniów, to jest pozytywne. To zawsze krok do pokoju. Doszło do dyskusji, by pomyśleć o zaplanowaniu reżimu zarządzającego w Donbasie, innym, i dyskutują: to krok naprzód ku pokojowi.

Ostatnio stało się coś pięknego a także okropnego. Złą rzeczą jest - muszę powiedzieć - hipokryzja „zbrojmistrza”. Kraje chrześcijańskie - przynajmniej kultury chrześcijańskiej - kraje europejskie – mówi się „Europa culta” – mówiące o pokoju i żyjące z broni: to się nazywa obłudą. Jest to słowo ewangeliczne: Jezus mówi to wiele razy w 23 rozdziale Mateusza. Musimy położyć kres temu zakłamaniu. Niech jakieś państwo ma odwagę powiedzieć: „Nie mogę mówić o pokoju, ponieważ moja gospodarka zarabia wiele na produkcji broni”. Bez obrażania i bez oczerniania tego kraju, ale trzeba rozmawiać jak bracia, ludzkie braterstwo: przestańmy, chłopcy, przestańmy, bo to jest złe! Do pewnego portu - teraz już go nie pamiętam – do pewnego portu przybył statek pełen broni z pewnego kraju, która miała być przeładowana na większy statek udający się do Jemenu. Wiemy, co dzieje się w Jemenie. A pracownicy portowi powiedzieli „nie”. Byli dzielni! I statek powrócił do domu. To przypadek, ale uczy nas, jak się  zachować w takiej sytuacji. Pokój jest dzisiaj bardzo słaby, bardzo słaby, ale nie możemy się zniechęcać. A z bronią sprzyjamy tej słabości.

Jean-Marie Guénois, Le Figaro:

A obrona konieczna z użyciem broni?

Papież Franciszek:

Hipoteza obrony koniecznej zawsze pozostaje ważna, także w teologii moralnej należy ją rozważyć, ale jako środek ostateczny. Środek ostateczny z użyciem broni. Obrona konieczna musi odbywać się na drodze dyplomacji i mediacji. Środek ostateczny: obrona konieczna z użyciem broni. Ale podkreślam: środek ostateczny! Idziemy naprzód w postępie etycznym, który mi się podoba, kwestionując wszystkie te rzeczy. Jest to piękne, ponieważ mówi, że ludzkość idzie naprzód także w dobrym, a nie tylko w złym. Dziękuję panu.

Matteo Bruni:

Kolejne pytanie zada Cristiana Caricato, TV2000.

Cristiana Caricato, TV 2000:

Ludzie czytają w gazetach, że Stolica Apostolska kupiła nieruchomości za setki milionów w sercu Londynu i są nieco zdezorientowani tym wykorzystaniem finansów watykańskich, szczególnie, gdy w grę wchodzi świętopietrze. Czy Wasza Świątobliwość wiedział o tych transakcjach finansowych? A przede wszystkim, czy Twoim zdaniem prawidłowe jest takie wykorzystanie świętopietrza? Często Wasza Świątobliwość mówił, że ​​nie należy zarabiać pieniędzy za pomocą pieniędzy, często potępiał to pozbawione skrupułów wykorzystanie finansów, ale potem widzimy, że operacje te dotyczą także Stolicy Apostolskiej, a to gorszy. Jak Ojcze Święty widzisz całą tę historię?

Papież Franciszek:

Dziękuję. Przede wszystkim normalne dobre zarządzanie: przychodzi określona suma świętopietrza i co mam zrobić? Czy wkładam to do szuflady? Nie. To zła administracja. Staram się inwestować, a kiedy muszę dawać, kiedy mam potrzeby, w ciągu roku bierzemy pieniądze, a ten kapitał się nie dewaluuje, utrzymuje swą wartość albo trochę wzrasta. To jest dobre zarządzanie. Natomiast chowanie do szuflady jest złym zarządzaniem. Ale trzeba starać się o dobrą administrację, dobre inwestycje: czy to jasne? Nawet inwestycja... u nas mówimy „wdowia inwestycja”, podobnie jak wdowy: dwa jajka tutaj, trzy tutaj, pięć tam. Jeśli jedno upadnie, jest drugie, nie niszczą się. Zawsze chodzi o coś bezpiecznego, zawsze o coś moralnego. Jeśli zainwestujesz świętopietrze w fabrykę uzbrojenia, świętopietrze nie będzie już tym czym być powinno! Jeśli dokonasz inwestycji i pozostaniesz przez lata nie ruszając kapitału, to nie zadziała. Świętopietrze [danego roku] musi być wydane w ciągu roku, półtora roku, dopóki nie dotrze inna zbiórka, ta którą dokonuje się na całym świecie. To o dobrym zarządzaniu i o bezpieczeństwie. Tak, można również kupić nieruchomość, wynająć ją, a następnie sprzedać, ale tu idzie o bezpieczeństwo, z całym zabezpieczeniem dla dobra ludzi i świętopietrza. To jest jeden aspekt.

Potem wydarzyło się to, co się stało: skandal, robili rzeczy, które nie wydawały się czyste. Ale oskarżenie nie pochodziło z zewnątrz. Poczyniła postępy ta reforma metodologii ekonomicznej, którą rozpoczął Benedykt XVI i to audytor wewnętrzny powiedział: tutaj jest coś złego, tutaj jest coś, co nie działa. Przyszedł do mnie, a ja mu powiedziałem: „Ale czy jesteś pewien?” - „Tak”, odpowiedział, pokazał mi liczby. „Co powinienem zrobić?” - „Watykańska sprawiedliwość: idź i złóż skargę do promotora sprawiedliwości”. I jestem z tego zadowolony, ponieważ widzimy, że administracja Watykanu ma teraz środki, aby wyjaśnić złe rzeczy, jakie dzieją się wewnątrz, tak jak w tym przypadku, który nie dotyczy budynku w Londynie - ponieważ to jeszcze nie jest jasne – to jednak zdarzały się tam przypadki korupcji. Promotor sprawiedliwości zbadał sprawę, przeprowadził konsultacje i stwierdził, że w budżecie występuje nierównowaga. Potem poprosił mnie o zgodę na dokonanie przeszukania. Powiedziałem: „Czy to [studium] jest jasne?” - „Tak, istnieje domniemanie korupcji i w tych przypadkach muszę przeprowadzać przeszukania w tym biurze, w tym biurze, i w tym biurze...”. I podpisałem zgodę. Przeszukiwania przeprowadzono w pięciu biurach i dziś - choć istnieje domniemanie niewinności - istnieją kapitały, które nie były dobrze zarządzane, miały także miejsce przypadki korupcji. Sądzę, że za niecały miesiąc rozpoczną się przesłuchania pięciu osób, które zostały zwieszone w obowiązkach, ponieważ pojawiły się oznaki korupcji. Pan może mi powiedzieć: czy te pięć osób jest skorumpowanych? Nie, domniemanie niewinności jest gwarancją, jest prawem człowieka. Ale widzimy, że istnieje korupcja. Dzięki przeszukaniom zobaczymy, czy są winni, czy też nie. To okropne, to niedobrze, że dzieje się to w Watykanie. Zostało to jednak wyjaśnione przez mechanizmy wewnętrzne, które zaczynają działać, co zaczął czynić papież Benedykt. Za to dziękuję Bogu, nie dziękuję Bogu za korupcję, ale Bogu dziękuję, że system kontroli Watykanu działa dobrze.

Matteo Bruni:

Następne pytanie zada Philip Pullella z Reuters.

Philip Pullella:

Jeśli mi wolno, chciałem pójść nieco dalej w tej kwestii, którą postawiła Cristiana, z nieco większą ilością szczegółów. W ostatnich tygodniach pojawiło się wiele obaw dotyczących tego, co dzieje się w finansach Watykanu, a zdaniem niektórych osób toczy się wojna wewnętrzna o to, kto powinien kontrolować pieniądze. Większość członków zarządu Urzędu Informacji Finansowej (AIF) złożyła rezygnację. Grupa Egmont, która grupuje te urzędy finansowe zawiesiła Watykan z bezpiecznej komunikacji po nalocie 1 października. Dyrektor AIF jest nadal zawieszony, jak powiedział Wasza Świątobliwość, i nadal nie ma audytora generalnego. Co możesz uczynić lub powiedzieć Ojcze Święty, aby zapewnić międzynarodową wspólnotę finansową i ogólnie wiernych, którzy są wezwani do wniesienia świętopietrza, że Watykan nie będzie ponownie uważany za pariasa, którego należy trzymać w izolacji, któremu nie można ufać i że reformy będą kontynuowane, że nie będzie powrotu do zwyczajów z czasów minionych?

Papież Franciszek:

Dziękuję za pytanie. Watykan poczynił postępy w swej administracji. Na przykład Instytut Dzieł Religijnych (IOR) jest dziś akceptowany przez wszystkie banki i może normalnie działać tak, jak banki włoskie, co nie miało miejsca przed rokiem. Nastąpił postęp. Następnie w odniesieniu do grupy Egmont. Grupa Egmont jest instytucją nieoficjalną, międzynarodową; to grupa, do której należy AIF. Kontrola międzynarodowa nie zależy od grupy Egmont, grupa Egmont jest grupą prywatną, która ma swoje znaczenie, ale jest grupą prywatną. Monyeval przeprowadzi inspekcję: zaplanował ją na pierwsze miesiące przyszłego roku i to uczyni. Dyrektor AIF został zawieszony, ponieważ istniały podejrzenia złej administracji. Prezes AIF uczynił wiele by wziąć dokumentację, a tego sprawiedliwość nie może uczynić. W obliczu tego skonsultowałem się z włoskim wymiarem sprawiedliwości na odpowiednim poziomie: co powinienem uczynić? Sprawiedliwość w obliczu oskarżenia o korupcję jest suwerenna, nikt nie może się do tego mieszać, nikt nie może przekazać kart grupie Egmont [i powiedzieć]: „Wasza dokumentacja jest tutaj”. Nie. Należy zbadać dokumenty, które ukazują, że coś wydaje się złym zarządzaniem, w sensie złej kontroli: wydaje się, że AIF nie kontrolował przestępstw innych. Jego obowiązkiem była kontrola. Mam nadzieję, że zostanie udowodnione, że tak nie było, ponieważ nadal istnieje domniemanie niewinności; ale w tej chwili wymiar sądowniczy jest suwerenny i musi przestudiować, jak to było. W przeciwnym bowiem razie państwo miałoby bowiem administrację wyższą, która podważyłaby suwerenność państwa. Kadencja prezesa AIF wygasła 19 listopada. Zadzwoniłem do niego kilka dni wcześniej, a on nie zauważył, że dzwonię do niego - tak mi powiedział. I 19 listopada ogłosiłem, że opuszcza swoją funkcję. Znalazłem już następcę: sędziego najwyższego szczebla prawnego i gospodarczego na szczeblu krajowym i międzynarodowym, a po powrocie z tej podróży obejmie urząd w AIF i będzie kontynuował tę działalność. Byłoby nonsensem, gdyby organ nadzorczy był suwerenny wobec państwa. Nie jest to łatwe do zrozumienia. Jednak nieco niepokojąca jest grupa Egmont, która jest grupą prywatną: bardzo pomaga, ale nie jest organem kontroli Moneyval. Moneyval zbada liczby, przeanalizuje procedury, zbada sposób działania promotora sprawiedliwości oraz sposób, w jaki sędzia i sędziowie określili sprawę. Wiem, że w tych dniach rozpocznie się, albo już się rozpoczęło przesłuchanie niektórych z pięciu zawieszonych w sprawowaniu funkcji. Nie jest to łatwe, ale nie możemy być naiwni, nie możemy być niewolnikami. Ktoś mi powiedział – choć w to nie wierzę: „Tak, ponieważ dotknęliśmy grupy Egmont, ludzie się boją...”. I robi się trochę [psychologicznego] terroru. Ale odłóżmy to na bok. Idziemy naprzód z ustawą, z Moneyval, z nowym prezydentem AIF. A dyrektor jest zawieszony, ale może był niewinny, chciałbym, bo to piękne, że człowiek jest niewinny a nie winny. Ale ci, którzy chcieli, aby dotknięto kart należących do grupy, uczynili z tą grupą nieco hałasu.

Philip Pulella:

Czy to ma zapewnić wiernym, że wszystko idzie dobrze?

Papież Franciszek:

Tak, chodzi o to, by im to zagwarantować! Niech pan spojrzy, to pierwszy raz, kiedy garnek odkryto od środka, a nie z zewnątrz. Z zewnątrz [to się zdarzyło] wiele razy. Powiedzieli nam: „Popatrz...”, a my z takim wstydem… Ale w tym papież Benedykt był mądry: rozpoczął proces, który dojrzał, dojrzał, a teraz istnieją instytucje. Audytor miał odwagę złożyć pisemną skargę przeciwko pięciu osobom...: Audytor działa. Naprawdę nie chcę obrażać grupy Egmont, ponieważ czyni wiele dobra, pomaga, ale w tym przypadku suwerenność państwa jest sprawiedliwością. Sprawiedliwość jest jeszcze bardziej suwerenna niż władza wykonawcza. Bardziej suwerenna. Nie jest to łatwe do zrozumienia, ale proszę o zrozumienie tej trudności. Dziękuję panu.

Matteo Bruni:

Kolejne pytanie zada Roland Juchem z prasy niemieckiej.

Roland Juchem, CIC:

Ojcze Święty podczas lotu z Bangkoku do Tokio wysłałeś telegram do pani Carrie Lam z Hongkongu. Co sądzisz o tamtejszej sytuacji z manifestacjami i po wyborach samorządowych? I kiedy będziemy mogli Ci towarzyszyć do Pekinu?”.

Papież Franciszek:

Telegramy są wysyłane do wszystkich głów państw, jest to coś automatycznego: są pozdrowieniem, a także uprzejmym sposobem proszenia o pozwolenie na przelot nad ich terytorium. Nie ma to jakiegoś znaczenia ani potępienia ani też wsparcia. To rzecz mechaniczna, którą robią wszystkie samoloty: kiedy technicznie wchodzą, powiadamiają, że wkraczają w przestrzeń powietrzną, a my to czynimy z uprzejmością. Pozdrawiamy. Nie ma to żadnej wartości w tym sensie, o jaki pan pyta, a jedynie wartość kurtuazyjną.

Czym innym jest pańskie pytanie na temat tego, co sądzę o sytuacji w Hongkongu. Ale to nie tylko Hongkong. Pomyślmy o Chile, o demokratycznej Francji - rok „żółtych kamizelek”. Pomyślmy o Nikaragui, pomyślmy o innych krajach Ameryki Łacińskiej, Brazylii, które mają tego rodzaju problemy, a nawet o niektórych krajach europejskich. To coś ogólnego. Co z tym robi Stolica Apostolska? Wzywa do dialogu, do pokoju. Ale to nie tylko Hongkong, istnieją różne sytuacje z problemami, których nie jestem w stanie obecnie ocenić. Szanuję pokój i proszę o pokój dla wszystkich tych krajów, przeżywających problemy. Problemy są także w Hiszpanii. Warto zrelatywizować rzeczy i wzywać do dialogu, pokoju, aby rozwiązano problemy... Sensowne jest relatywizowanie rzeczy i nawoływanie do dialogu, pokoju, aby rozwiązano problemy.

Roland Juchem, CIC:

A kiedy Wasza Świątobliwość poleci do Pekinu?

Papież Franciszek:

Ach, chciałbym pojechać do Pekinu! Kocham Chiny ...

Matteo Bruni:

Dziękuję, Roland. Valentina Alazraki stawia pytanie.

Valentina Alazraki, Televisa:

Papieżu Franciszku, Ameryka Łacińska płonie. Widzieliśmy, że po Wenezueli jest Chile, zdjęcia, których nie spodziewaliśmy się oglądać po upadku Pinocheta. Widzieliśmy sytuację w Boliwii, Nikaragui i innych krajach: zamieszki, przemoc na ulicach, śmierć, obrażenia, a nawet spalone, zbezczeszczone kościoły. Jaka jest analiza Waszej Świątobliwości tego, co dzieje się w tych krajach? Czy Kościół i ty osobiście, jako papież latynoamerykański, coś robicie?

Papież Franciszek:

Ktoś powiedział mi to: „Analiza musi zostać wykonana”. Sytuacja w Ameryce Łacińskiej przypomina dzisiaj sytuację z lat 1974–1980, gdzie w Chile, Argentynie, Urugwaju, Brazylii, Paragwaju ze Strössnerem, a także, jak sądzę, Boliwia z Lidią Gueiler miały wówczas operację Condor. Płonąca sytuacja, ale nie wiem, czy to podobny problem, czy coś innego. Naprawdę, teraz nie jestem w stanie przeprowadzić pełnej analizy tego. Prawdą jest, że oświadczenia, jakie się pojawiają nie mają nic z pokoju. To, co dzieje się w Chile mnie przeraża, ponieważ Chile wychodzi z problemu wykorzystywania, który sprawił wiele cierpienia, a teraz ma problem takiego rodzaju, że dobrze tego nie rozumiemy. Ale jest w płomieniach, jak pani mówi, i należy szukać dialogu, a także analiz. Nie znalazłem jeszcze dobrze przeprowadzonej analizy sytuacji w Ameryce Łacińskiej. A są też słabe, bardzo słabe rządy, którym nie udało się zaprowadzić porządku i pokoju wewnętrznego i dlatego dochodzimy do tej sytuacji.  

Valentina Alazraki, Televisa:

Na przykład Evo Morales poprosił Waszą Świątobliwość o mediację. Konkretne rzeczy...

Papież Franciszek:

Tak, są to konkretne rzeczy. Wenezuela poprosiła o mediację, a Stolica Apostolska była zawsze gotowa. Jest dobra relacja; jesteśmy gotowi pomóc w razie potrzeby. Boliwia zrobiła coś podobnego, ale wciąż nie wiem, w którą stronę, muszę zobaczyć, chociaż zwróciła się również do ONZ z prośbą o wysłanie delegatów, a nawet niektórych krajów Unii Europejskiej. Nie wiem, czy Chile poprosiło o mediację międzynarodową. Brazylia z pewnością nie, ale tam też są problemy. To trochę dziwne, nie chciałbym powiedzieć więcej słowa, ponieważ jestem niekompetentny, bo nie przebadałem dobrze, i uczciwie mówiąc nie rozumiem dobrze problemu.

Ale skorzystam z pani pytania: mało mówiliście o Tajlandii, a Tajlandia to coś innego, inna niż Japonia, inna kultura, zupełnie inna, kultura transcendencji, a także kultura piękna, różna od piękna Japonii: kultura z wielką biedą i wielkim bogactwem duchowym. Ale jest też problem, który rani serce i sprawia, że ​​myślimy o „Grecia e le altre” [książka Valentiny Alazraki]. Jest ona mistrzynią w tym problemie wyzysku. Dobrze go pani przestudiowała i pani książka uczyniła wiele dobrego. A Tajlandia, niektóre miejsca w Tajlandii są brutalne, są trudne w tym zakresie. Ale jest południowa Tajlandia, jest też piękna Tajlandia północna, do której nie mogłem się udać, plemienna Tajlandia, tak jak są plemienne północno-wschodnie Indie, które mają zupełnie inną kulturę. Przyjąłem około dwudziestu osób z tego rejonu, pierwszych chrześcijan, pierwszych ochrzczonych, którzy przybyli do Rzymu z inną kulturą, kulturami plemiennymi, dobrze znanymi w Indiach, ale w Tajlandii nadal nie zna się ich dobrze; to na północy. A Bangkok, jak widzieliśmy, jest bardzo nowoczesnym miastem, jest silnym, dużym miastem, ale ma inne problemy niż w Japonii i ma bogactwa inne niż w Japonii. To jest ważne. Chciałem jednak podkreślić problem wyzysku i dziękuję pani za tę książkę.

Chciałbym również podziękować „zielonej księdze” [L’alfabeto verde di Papa Francesco] Franchi Giansoldati... gdzie ona jest? Ach, jest tam. Dwie kobiety, które są na pokładzie i każda z nich napisała książkę, która porusza dzisiejsze problemy: problem ekologiczny, problem zniszczenia Matki Ziemi, środowiska; i problem wyzysku człowieka, którego pani dotknęła. Widać, że kobiety pracują więcej od mężczyzn i są zdolne: dziękuję. Dziękuję wam obu za ten wkład. Dziękuję. I wciąż mam w sercu koszulkę Rocío [nawiązanie do koszuli młodej meksykańskiej kobiety zamordowanej, którą Valentina Alazraki podarowała papieżowi podczas ostatniego wywiadu].

I wam wszystkim dziękuję za zadawanie bezpośrednich pytań, dziękuję. To dobrze, zawsze dobrze. Módlcie się za mnie. Smacznego obiadu. Dziękuję.


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Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Motors agree to form new venture for advanced R&D: KyodoThe Nissan Motor Co <7201.T>, Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corp <7211.T> alliance has agreed to form a new company focused on research and development of advanced automotive technologies, Kyodo News said. The three companies will announce a concrete plan in January, Kyodo reported on Sunday, citing people familiar with the matter. The new venture also aims to strengthen the alliance, in which relationships have frayed since the arrest and ouster of former supremo Carlos Ghosn, according to the report.


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Untempted by the Consequences


“The women are up to something in Convocation,” the dons of St. John’s College, Oxford, were warned. “We have to go and vote them down.”

The women at issue were led by a young philosopher named G.E.M. (Elizabeth) Anscombe, who was then a tutor at Somerville, one of the oldest women’s colleges at the University of Oxford. Anscombe had come to Somerville in 1946 on a research fellowship. At that time she was a student of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who entrusted her with the translation of his Philosophical Investigations, which appeared in 1953, two years after his death. Now, in 1956, Anscombe was opposing the university’s decision to grant an honorary degree to former U.S. President Harry Truman.

Speaking on the floor of Convocation to her colleagues on May 1, 1956, Anscombe said that her opposition to granting Truman’s degree was based on his responsibility for dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. “If you do give this honor,” she asked, “what Nero, what Genghis Khan, what Hitler, or what Stalin will not be honored in the future?” In response, a representative of the Hebdomadal Council, then the university’s chief executive body, argued that Anscombe had overstated Truman’s responsibility. “A great many people were involved in the responsibility of the manufacture and delivery of the bomb,” he told the faculty, “and we cannot select one man as being solely responsible, even if his was the signature at the bottom of the order for the bomb to be dropped.”

Anscombe’s cause was doomed to fail. Reports in the Manchester Guardian and the Times of London claimed that no other faculty echoed her dissenting vote, though subsequent reports indicate that three or four had joined her—and Anscombe later dedicated the pamphlet “Mr. Truman’s Degree,” in which she explained the rationale for her opposition, “with respect, but without permission, to the others who said ‘Non placet.’” In the speech she gave to her colleagues on the day of the vote, she acknowledged that these voices were not going to prevail, saying that she had “no ambition or hope to carry the House with me in this, but my hope is that this honorary degree will not be offered without opposition being expressed.”

Truman received his degree at the university’s Encaenia ceremony on June 20, 1956. In a speech awarding the degree, the Chancellor praised him as “most staunch of allies, direct in your speech and in your writings, and ever a pattern of simple courage.” Anscombe, who had concluded her pamphlet with the warning that she herself “should fear to go” to Encaenia “in case God’s patience suddenly ends,” had kept away from the ceremony, telling the Guardian that she “would spend the day working as usual.”


The influence of Wittgenstein on Anscombe’s philosophical writing is immense, in both substance and style.

The protest against Truman was hardly Elizabeth Anscombe’s first foray into public controversy. As an undergraduate in 1939, just a year after entering the Catholic Church under the tutelage of the Dominican friars at Oxford, Anscombe and her friend Norman Daniel published a pamphlet titled “The Justice of the Present War Examined: A criticism based on traditional Catholic principles and on natural reason.” It presented “the results achieved in a series of open discussions held at Oxford both before and after” Britain’s declaration of war against Nazi Germany in September of that year. Anscombe and Daniel concluded that the war against Germany was unjust, partly because it would involve the deliberate massacre of civilian populations.

“We have it,” they wrote, following Thomas Aquinas, “that no one may be deliberately attacked in war, unless his actions constitute an attack on the rights which are being defended or restored. To deny this will be to assert that we may attack any one anywhere, whose life in any way hinders the prosecution of the war, or in any way assists our enemies; and such a conclusion is as immoral as to be a reductio ad absurdum in itself.”

Anscombe and Daniel’s pamphlet did not receive anything like the attention of her protest against Truman seventeen years later, which was picked up by the Associated Press and covered in newspapers across the United States and other parts of the world. (A report from Reuters, under the headline “WOMAN DON FAILS TO HALT TRUMAN DEGREE TO OXFORD,” mistakenly gave her first name as “Gladys” rather than “Gertrude.”) The pamphlet did, however, make enough of an impact that in 1940 the Archbishop of Birmingham wrote to a priest at Oxford complaining that Anscombe and Daniel had it “printed and brought out without submitting it to ecclesiastical authority,” and inquiring as to whether they were “deliberately taking a line opposed to that of the hierarchy of this country.”

Despite the need for some sort of military action against Nazi Germany, Anscombe and Daniel were clearly right on two very important points. First, the war that Britain actually waged against the Axis Powers did involve attacks that were targeted directly at civilian populations and, second, a war carried out by such means does violate a central principle of the church’s just-war teaching. It is possible that the war could have been fought without deploying these tactics, and it might have been just if it had been. But Anscombe and Daniel were correct in predicting that it would not be waged in that way. Acknowledging that “to some their arguments may seem temerarious,” they aimed in their pamphlet “to make the Christian tradition clear, to examine the mind of the Church in a rational and scientific manner.”

While Anscombe and Daniel’s 1939 pamphlet was addressed exclusively to fellow Catholics and Christians, Anscombe’s protest of 1956 had a quite different audience. Indeed, in writing her pamphlet “Mr. Truman’s Degree,” Anscombe saw that many of her Oxford colleagues were prepared to accept a conclusion that she and Daniel had presented as a reductio ad absurdum. These philosophers endorsed a doctrine that Anscombe came to call consequentialism, according to which there are no kinds of action—such as murder, rape, torture, and adultery, for example—that any person is prohibited from doing regardless of the situation he or she is in. According to this doctrine it can be right to “attack any one anywhere,” as long as the balance of the consequences speaks strongly enough in favor of it. Faced with a group that found this conclusion acceptable, Anscombe needed to try a different tack.


It was as an Oxford undergraduate that Anscombe met her husband, a fellow Catholic convert named Peter Geach, at a Corpus Christi procession in 1938. They married three years later, and during the first few years of marriage they lived apart from one another. Geach worked in a pine forest as a conscientious objector to World War II while Anscombe studied at Oxford and Cambridge. During this time they had two children—the first of seven they would have together, despite often working at universities in separate cities.

Anscombe became a student of Ludwig Wittgenstein shortly after arriving at Cambridge on a research fellowship in 1942, during which time Geach was engaged in forestry work. Wittgenstein was by then a major figure in the world of philosophy, having published his influential Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus two decades earlier. Many students at Cambridge were extremely devoted to him. The Oxford philosopher Gilbert Ryle would later describe the reverential atmosphere at Wittgenstein’s lectures as “pedagogically disastrous for the students and unhealthy for Wittgenstein himself.” But Anscombe’s own view of this dynamic was quite different. In her remembrances of Wittgenstein, she described the attention he would pay to his students as he helped them work through philosophical questions. “Wittgenstein very often seemed to understand one’s philosophical thought and problems better than one did oneself,” she wrote. “One would say what one thought—then he would amplify it, make it seem more convincing, carry it deeper—and then undo it.”

As a teacher Wittgenstein was notoriously unaccommodating for female students, but he quickly took a liking to Anscombe and would refer to her, affectionately, as “old man.” In his biography of Wittgenstein, The Duty of Genius, Ray Monk writes that on one occasion, when Wittgenstein found that there were no other women students remaining at his lecture, he turned to Anscombe and said, “Thank God we’ve got rid of the women!” A letter that he wrote in 1945 in support of Anscombe’s application for a research fellowship characterized her as “undoubtedly, the most talented female student I have had since 1930, when I began to lecture; and among my male students only eight, or ten have surpassed her.” It was not long before Anscombe would surpass those eight or ten as well.

The influence of Wittgenstein on Anscombe’s philosophical writing is immense, in both substance and style. Both of them attend closely to ordinary speech and other forms of human expression and interaction, and reject the demand that philosophy deliver a theory to resolve the questions that we face. While Anscombe presented arguments for straightforward conclusions in many of her philosophical writings, this was always in a way that gave intense consideration to conceptual difficulties and counterarguments. Meanwhile, others of her writings are like Wittgenstein’s in that they deliver no thesis at all but rather take up a question and simply attack it from all sides. In her remembrances of Wittgenstein, Anscombe wrote that he once reproached her for the tendency they both shared to get stuck in philosophical problems. “You know,” he told her, “you strike me as like a person who is walking along a road and comes to a lamp post which is in his way. And [this person] says: ‘There’s a lamp post. I can’t go on.’ It doesn’t occur to you to walk around the lamp post—I have a prejudice, which is that problems are insoluble.”

Wittgenstein could be critical of Anscombe’s written work to a degree that most academics today could barely imagine. Her notebooks recall how, of some of her writing, “he said, ‘Bought for a farthing’ and ‘Shit on the floor’—though the way he put this latter to me was ‘Not house-trained.’” Her husband Peter Geach once told her that having Wittgenstein come to stay with them “was like having a young atom bomb in the house.” Yet Anscombe also wrote of how “kind and considerate” Wittgenstein was, always prepared to help and advise even when this meant interrupting his work, and of how he “hated meanness” and was not “carelessly amiable or carelessly generous.” (Upon discovering once that Anscombe had no wastepaper basket at her lodging in Oxford, Wittgenstein said “You are a writer, you have to have a wastepaper basket”—and he took her out to buy one.) And she also expressed a wish to capture better in her remembrances of her teacher “how funny he could be—but it is possible that the jokes which came often in his lectures and his talks were just for the moment.”

Anscombe’s attitude toward religious topics stood in stark contrast to Wittgenstein’s. While she was a convert to Catholicism whose earliest encounter with philosophy came in an attempt to formalize a proof of God’s existence, Wittgenstein was raised in a Catholic household but had decided around the age of nine that, as Anscombe put it, “the Christian religion (that Catholic one which they were taught) was all a rubble.” Though some of Wittgenstein’s unpublished remarks from the 1930s show him expressing an openness to Christianity, he is reported to have said, in reference to Anscombe and another Catholic student of his, Yorick Smythies, that “I could not possibly bring myself to believe all the things they believe.” In his posthumous work On Certainty, Wittgenstein described this kind of clash between irreconcilable attitudes as one in which two worldviews are so totally opposed that there is no way to give reasons that can be engaged by the other side. The discovery of having been wrong to such an extent would be such that “the foundation of all judging would be taken away from me.”

Despite all this, at one point in 1950 Wittgenstein asked Anscombe to put him in touch with a “non-philosophical” priest, wishing as Ray Monk puts it “to talk to [the] priest as a priest” rather than “to discuss philosophical problems.” While the priest took this as part of an attempt by Wittgenstein to return to his childhood Catholicism, Anscombe herself reportedly doubted this. There were, however, arrangements made by this priest for Wittgenstein to live the life of a brother in a Dominican priory—a plan that had to be abandoned due to his bad health. When Wittgenstein died in 1951 Anscombe was one of a small group at his side that included Yorick Smythies, who brought with him the priest Wittgenstein had met. It was agreed that, since Wittgenstein had expressed hope that his Catholic friends would pray for him, this priest should be allowed to administer last rites.

Wittgenstein was given a Catholic burial the next morning—a decision that was, as Monk argues, surely improper given his professed lack of faith, even as it reflected the religious intensity with which Wittgenstein had lived.


Anscombe’s Intention is an extraordinarily dense and difficult book, even by the standards of contemporary philosophy.

After her contribution to the pamphlet with Norman Daniel, the earliest of Anscombe’s published writings is from 1948, based on a debate she had with C. S. Lewis, who was then a fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford. The debate took place in Oxford’s Socratic Club, and concerned the third chapter of Lewis’s book Miracles, which argues that human thought cannot be relied on “if it can be fully explained as the result of irrational causes.” This argument was supposed to show that the only way to have a reasonable belief in the reliability of human reason is to believe in a supernatural God.

Anscombe criticized Lewis’s argument, claiming that it was based “on a confusion between the concepts of cause and reason.” In evaluating, for example, the quality of the argument in a piece of writing, our concern with whether it expresses good reasoning is not about “the circumstances of its production,” but rather about whether the evidence it offers is sufficient to prove its conclusion. She also argued that the term “explanation” can encompass many different things, and that a causal explanation of human thought and behavior in terms of regular patterns in the universe would not preclude there also being explanations in terms of the reasons why people act and believe as they do. Both of these arguments likely had their roots in Anscombe’s interactions with Wittgenstein, as they mirrored ideas that were central to his Philosophical Investigations, and that Anscombe would develop in her own work of the following decade.

There was for some time a lot of controversy over how Lewis was affected by this episode. Anscombe wrote to Wittgenstein the day after the debate that Lewis had been “much more decent in discussion than I expected, though he was glib and played all sorts of tricks to obscure the issue.” She did add, however, that during the discussion the secretary of the club “started going for Lewis, who had said something about having written the book ‘at a fairly popular level’—he [the secretary] reproached him almost in moral terms, that one should not, for the sake of popularizing, put up a bad argument.” While several of Lewis’s biographers claimed that the debate humiliated him and was the end of his career as a public intellectual, Anscombe later wrote that those who knew Lewis reported no such thing at the time, and noted that Lewis revised the argument of that chapter for the second edition of Miracles, presenting it in a way that she found more appropriate “to the actual depth and difficulty of the question being discussed.”


The closing paragraphs of Anscombe’s pamphlet “Mr. Truman’s Degree” raised the question of “why so many Oxford people are willing to flatter” a man who had approved the massacre of entire cities. “I get some small light on this subject,” Anscombe wrote, “when I consider the productions of Oxford moral philosophy since the First World War, which I have lately had occasion to read.” (While her early research interests had been in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind, it was when her Somerville colleague Philippa Foot spent a year visiting in America that Anscombe began reading modern ethicists in order to take over Foot’s course in moral philosophy.) One important strand that Anscombe identified in these philosophers was “a doctrine that it is impossible to have any quite general moral laws.” According to this doctrine:

[S]uch laws as “It is wrong to lie” or “Never commit sodomy” are rules of thumb which an experienced person knows when to break. Further, both his selection of these as the rules on which to proceed, and his tactful adjustments of them in particular cases, are based on their fitting together with the “way of life” which is his preference.… These philosophies, then, contain a repudiation of the idea that any class of actions, such as murder, may be absolutely excluded.

This, again, is what Anscombe would call the consequentialist doctrine that any type of action can in principle be justified by considering its likely consequences. According to this logic, it was because his action ended up saving lives, by bringing an earlier end to the war, that Truman was justified in massacring the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In “Modern Moral Philosophy,” the influential 1958 paper in which she introduced the term “consequentialism,” Anscombe went to greater length in identifying the error that her Oxford colleagues had committed. This followed a BBC radio address given about a year earlier, in which Anscombe had posed the question “Does Oxford moral philosophy corrupt youth?” and answered it in the negative: the youth were not corrupted, she said, since these philosophers only taught the bad moral views that young people held anyway. Anscombe’s 1958 paper began with a whirlwind history in which she dismissed a series of moral philosophers from David Hume (“sophistical”) to Immanuel Kant (“useless”) to John Stuart Mill (“stupid”) to Henry Sidgwick (“dull” and “vulgar”), and then took aim at the “shallow,” “provincial,” and “corrupt” work of her contemporaries. The latter criticism centered on a conception of intentional action that Anscombe located in the work of Sidgwick, according to which a person “must be said to intend any foreseen consequences of [their] voluntary action.” On Anscombe’s reading, Sidgwick used this definition “to put forward an ethical thesis which would now be accepted by many people: the thesis that it does not make any difference to a man’s responsibility for something that he foresaw, that he felt no desire for it, either as an end or as a means to an end.”

Anscombe illustrated the upshot of this thesis with a simple example. According to a view like Sidgwick’s, there is no difference between the responsibility a man has for withdrawing material support from his children if he does this in order to achieve some further end, and the responsibility the same man would have if he was imprisoned for refusing to commit a disgraceful act. In both cases the man foresees that his choice will have the consequence of withdrawing material support from his children. Therefore, according to Sidgwick’s view, in each case the man is responsible in the same way for this outcome.

It is straightforward to extend this analysis to Truman’s decision to bomb the Japanese cities. Truman could foresee that his decision would lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. Yet, his defenders claim, a similar or greater number of civilians would have been killed had he chosen not to drop the bombs. On this analysis, Truman would have been equally responsible for the civilian deaths in either case. So the only thing that matters is whether he made the choice that led to better consequences overall—that is, to fewer total deaths.

Anscombe noted in “Modern Moral Philosophy” how surprising it was that none of the philosophers who accepted this position displayed any awareness of how their conclusions were “quite incompatible with the Hebrew–Christian ethic.” According to this ethic, she wrote, “there are certain things forbidden whatever consequences threaten,” and faced with the possibility of doing these things “you are not to be tempted by fear or hope of consequences.” But she saw that in her context she could not respond to this situation simply by defending traditional moral absolutes. Instead, the way forward was to begin “by banishing ethics totally from our minds,” in order to consider “simply as part of the philosophy of psychology” the concepts that ethical thinking presupposes. Among these she listed “action,” “intention,” and “wanting”—all of which are explored at length in the short book she had published a year earlier under the simple title Intention.


Anscombe’s Intention is an extraordinarily dense and difficult book, even by the standards of contemporary philosophy. It is just ninety-four pages long, comprising fifty-two numbered sections that range in length from a single paragraph to four or five pages. In this space the book treats an exhausting range of topics—and yet it has no obvious structure, no theses introduced at the beginning or stated clearly at the end, and barely any reference to the authors whose work it engages. It baffled several reviewers when it first appeared, and for a while went out of print. Yet when Harvard University Press reissued Anscombe’s book in 2001, the following quotation from the philosopher Donald Davidson appeared on the cover: “Anscombe’s Intention is the most important treatment of action since Aristotle.”

Anscombe would likely have objected that such praise overlooked at least the importance of Thomas Aquinas, whose influence is everywhere in Intention, even though his name appears only in one stray footnote. Anscombe’s daughter, Mary Geach, wrote in 2011 that her mother “drew on [Aquinas’s] thought to an unknowable extent: she said to me that it aroused prejudice in people to tell them that a thought came from him: to my sister she said that to ascribe a thought to him made people boringly ignore the philosophical interest of it, whether they were for Aquinas or against him.” Because of this, rather than repeating Aquinas’s theses and rehearsing his arguments for them—an approach entirely out of keeping with the way Aquinas himself built on the work of philosophers like Aristotle and St. Augustine—Anscombe’s writing appropriates Aquinas’s ideas in a fresh and novel guise, free of scholastic terminology and ready to be engaged by the contemporary reader.

Because of its scope and style, Intention resists easy summary. Anscombe is opposed throughout the book to thinking of intention primarily as a matter of one’s internal psychology—as the objective one has in doing a certain thing, or the willingness to do a thing on a certain occasion. At one point she identifies Wittgenstein as having advanced such a view in his Tractatus: “The world is independent of my will,” Wittgenstein wrote, and so action depends on a “presumed physical connexion” between one’s will and one’s bodily movements. In a notebook that likely dates from the 1950s, Anscombe cited this passage and wrote of feeling “more certain that there is a mistake here than about anything else in the Tractatus.” She continued: “I wish to say that ‘I do what happens’ when I act. The extraordinary thing is that this assumes an air of paradox.” This quoted remark reappeared in the text of Intention, where Anscombe wrote that though “everyone who heard this formula found it extremely paradoxical,” in fact it can be shown to make good sense.

In order to save this remark from paradox, Anscombe argued in her book that we use the concept of intention to describe what happens in most of our ordinary ways of describing human life. Imagine, for example, that you come into Anscombe’s study and find her sitting at her desk, with a pen in her hand that she is moving across the page. What is she doing? Writing, you will answer—and in describing her movements in this way you have already gone beyond a description in terms of physical bodies and forces. Mere physical objects can shatter, rise, and roll down hills, but they cannot write, jump, or walk. To describe a movement with words like these is to describe it as the execution of an intention.

How does this account apply to the case of Truman? The analysis of intention that Anscombe rejected holds that since Truman did not want the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to die—since their deaths were not part of his ultimate objective—they therefore fall outside the scope of his intention. By contrast, Anscombe argues that any sensible description of what Truman did must include the fact that he used these civilian deaths as a means to his end. These deaths were not merely incidental, since it was by killing the civilians that Truman brought the war to a close. Truman had innocent people killed in order to achieve his aims—and to do such a thing is to commit an act of murder.


To do the truth is not merely to grasp or to speak it; it also entails the kind of activism and advocacy that were such a part of Anscombe’s life.

Apart from her scholarly work, Anscombe also wrote and lectured extensively for wider audiences, usually of Catholics, on matters of popular concern. A frequent topic of this popular work is the Catholic teaching on contraception—a topic Anscombe wrote about as early as 1963, in an exchange with the Dominican friar Herbert McCabe in the pages of New Blackfriars. Later on, in an essay from 1972 published in The Human World under the title “Contraception and Chastity,” Anscombe defended what she called the Christian “ideal of chastity” and argued that the use of contraceptives is in conflict with it.

For Anscombe, what made the Christian teaching on sexuality so important was precisely that this teaching was not “traditional”: the teaching put Christians “at odds with the heathen world,” not only in the life of monastics but “as part of the ordinary calling of a Christian.” And, she argued, it is this view of marriage and family life that provides the rationale for the Christian ideal of chastity:

[T]he ground of [Christian] objection to fornication and adultery was that sexual intercourse is only right in the sort of set-up that typically provides children with a father and mother to care for them. If it’s all right to exclude children, if you can turn intercourse into something other than the reproductive type of act (I don’t mean of course that every act is reproductive any more than every acorn leads to an oak-tree but it’s a reproductive type of act) then why, if you can change it, should it be restricted to the married? Restricted, that is, to partners bound in a formal, legal, union whose fundamental purpose is the bringing up of children?

Anscombe’s argument here is supposed to be a reductio ad absurdum of the claim that contraceptive intercourse is permissible: if this is allowed, she says, then all other restrictions on sexual behavior go with it. It seems possible to resist this conclusion by holding that using contraceptives only sometimes would not sever entirely the link between sex and reproduction. Just as a writer lands most of her words in the wastepaper basket, so most of a married couple’s sexual acts won’t result in any children. And what is the difference between using contraceptives and refraining from intercourse during fertile periods in order not to become pregnant?

Questions like these were the focus of two replies to Anscombe’s article that were published in a subsequent issue of The Human World, one by Peter Winch and the other by Bernard Williams and Michael Tanner—all three professional philosophers, the latter two colleagues of Anscombe’s at Cambridge, where in 1970 she had taken up the chair previously held by Wittgenstein. Winch’s reply was short and substantive, arguing that the method of avoiding procreative intercourse does seem to change the character of “an act of intercourse considered as intentional,” in just the same way as taking a contraceptive pill. Williams and Tanner made a similar argument at greater length, and also voiced displeasure with what they called Anscombe’s “offensive” conclusions and spoke of how hard it was “to suppress feelings of outrage at some of her attacks on the spirit of the age, and the relish with which she launches them.”

Anscombe’s reply to these substantive arguments appealed to some simple analogies. In replying to Winch she asked the reader to imagine a man who operates some machinery in the course of doing his job, compared with another who deliberately sabotages this machinery and then manipulates it, perhaps by turning a crank, in a way that is superficially the same as the first man. The “wider context” between the two men’s actions means that there is a difference in what each of them does—since the fact that the second man has sabotaged the machine means that he is not doing his job, or even “operating” the machine in a strict sense at all. So have the contracepting couple “sabotaged” the sex act by preventing it from achieving its natural end. In replying to Williams and Tanner (whom she addressed as “my friendly neighborhood philosophers”) she pointed to the difference between arranging a meeting at a time when one knows a certain person will not be able to come, in order thereby to exclude that person, and physically barring an unwanted person from a meeting. The former, she wrote, “may be correctly describable as doing my organiser’s duties, namely to arrange the meeting.” But in physically barring an unwanted person, “I would be transgressing [those duties] by arranging to refuse him admission.”

This argument raises the question of whether a married couple has any duty toward their would-be children corresponding to the one that Anscombe’s organizer has to his potential guests. That is a question about the end or aim of married life, and such a question cannot be reduced to the casuistic application of moral principles. Here is how Anscombe addressed that wider question in the 1972 essay:

What people are for is to home in on God, God who is the one truth that is infinitely worth knowing, the possession of which you could never get tired of, like the water which if you have you can never thirst again, because your thirst is slaked forever and always. It’s this potentiality, this incredible possibility, of the knowledge of God and of sharing in His nature which Christianity holds out to people and because of this potentiality every life, right up to the last, is infinitely precious. Its potentialities in all things the world cares about may be slight; but there is always the possibility of what it’s for.

In this context, Williams and Tanner’s complaints on behalf of “the spirit of the age,” and their charge that Anscombe was “preaching impoverishment of life,” come into a different light, as she noted in her reply to them: “That one must be prepared to lose one’s life to save it, that ‘being poor in spirit’ is blessed, that what looks like deprivation and mutilation may be the path of life, the alternative death: all this Christianity has indeed taught.” She then added how strange it is “that ordinary chaste and faithful marriage should seem to exemplify” this spiritual poverty: “But that’s what our age is like.”


It is hard to imagine a phrase less descriptive of the life of Elizabeth Anscombe than Williams and Tanner’s charge of “impoverishment.” She was, by all accounts, an astoundingly rich personality, not at all mediocre or ordinary. Her house was filled with children as well as all sorts of visitors. She joked and swore, was famous for smoking cigars and drinking champagne, and loved to eat good food and cook it with her children. One great Oxford philosopher, Sir Anthony Kenny, recalls how in his days as a graduate student it was possible to drop into Anscombe’s house “at any hour of day or night and start discussion of a philosophical problem.” Sir Michael Dummett—who also converted to Catholicism, and who disagreed with Anscombe about contraception—recalls that tutorial meetings with her would last up to three hours rather than the usual one hour.

While not a feminist in any usual sense, Anscombe did keep her maiden name (on aesthetic grounds, apparently—“G.E.M. Anscombe” sounded better, she thought, than “G.E.M. Geach”), and she wore pants exclusively, often under a tunic. This made for some good stories. In one, Anscombe entered a restaurant in Boston where she was told that ladies were not permitted to wear pants, and so she took her pants off. In another, someone at the university told her that ladies had to wear skirts when they were lecturing, and so she began carrying a plastic bag with a skirt in it and then putting it on, over her trousers, just outside the lecture room.

The characteristics that made Anscombe one of the most exhilarating and intellectually formidable philosophers of her time also make most of her scholarly work quite inaccessible to non-specialists. Her popular writings, many of which are collected in Faith in a Hard Ground (2008), are a different story, though these too are not the sort of thing one is used to finding in a popular magazine. Her writing is focused, incisive, uncompromising in its commitment to what she called “doing the truth.” To do the truth is not merely to grasp or to speak it; it also entails the kind of activism and advocacy that were such a part of Anscombe’s life. A remark in one of her notebooks glosses this phrase as equivalent to “acting truthfully”—acting, that is, in such a way that this truth that we long for fills us up entirely as its vessel, animating our life and shining forth through our deeds.

In the final hours before her death, Anscombe was attended by her husband and four of her children, and she died as they finished reciting the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. Anthony Kenny, who had been a student of Anscombe’s and then carried on with her an extensive correspondence via postcard after confessing to her that he was losing his Catholic faith, recently told the story of her burial. Following a funeral Mass in Blackfriars, Cambridge, the mourners processed to the grounds in Ascension Parish where Wittgenstein had been buried some fifty years earlier. Anscombe had secured special permission to be buried next to her teacher, and the grave was dug at double the usual depth, so her husband could be laid to rest above her. Peter Geach followed her there in 2013.



A relic of Jesus' manger, Christmas gift from pope to Bethlehem


A relic of Jesus' manger, Christmas gift from pope to BethlehemA fragment of wood reputed to be from the manger where Jesus was laid after his humble birth arrived in Bethlehem as a gift from the Vatican on Saturday, kicking off Christmas season at the town revered as the place of Jesus' birth. The wood piece, just a few centimetres (inches) long, was once kept in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. It was handed over earlier this week to the custodian of the Bethlehem church, who said it brought "great honour to believers and pilgrims in the area".


United States requests extradition of ex-Autonomy boss Lynch from UK - Reuters

United States requests extradition of ex-Autonomy boss Lynch from UK  ReutersView full coverage on Google News

Mira mamá, sin camionero


Patrocinador: esta semana de Black Friday, los mejores descuentos están en PCComponentes. Hoy miércoles tienes ofertas en portátiles y en informática en general.

Camiones autónomos / Censuras en TikTok / La polémica del mando de Stadia / Los trucos para mejorar Tinder / Realidad Virtual a tope

 Un camión autónomo recorre EE.UU. de punta a punta. 4.500 kilómetros y tres días después, los sistemas de nivel 4 de autonomía de Plus AI cruzaron Norteamérica. A bordo, un conductor de seguridad y un ingeniero monitorizaron el trayecto.

 Un hito importante aunque no han desvelado algunos detalles clave, de repostaje y peajes principalmente. El camión transportó carga real para un cliente real.

 Los sistemas de moderación de TikTok quedan en entredicho después de que una musulmana estadounidense viese su cuenta bloqueada por criticar los campos de concentración (vídeo) de Xinjiang. TikTok dice que fue por un vídeo con un meme de Bin Laden (vídeo) en otra cuenta una semana antes.

 Los usuarios de WeChat fuera de China también viven en este complejo sistema de dualidad legal.

 Las cámaras de videovigilancia con identificación facial incorporada se extienden por Madrid.

 Google afirma que los mandos de Stadia son de “género neutro” al tener sus botones agrupados de tal forma que manos más pequeñas los alcancen sin problema. Muchos internautas se mofan, pero en realidad esto es un tema importante de accesibilidad.

 No hay trucos en Tinder, según Tinder. Ni rechazar 5 perfiles por cada 1 que nos gusta, ni cambiar la distancia máxima, ni reiniciar la cuenta. La compañía afirma que el único método efectivo es la constancia y hablar con muchas personas.

 YouTube tendrá el banner más grande de Internet. Su app para televisores mostrará una pieza publicitaria gigante que ocupará aproximadamente el 60% de toda la pantalla. — También está en móvil y escritorio, pero más reducida.

 Facebook compra el estudio creador de Beat Saber. Beat Games es propiedad de Oculus ahora, y producirá más títulos de realidad virtual, intentando repetir la popularidad de Beat Saber.

 Valve publicará herramientas de modding con Half-Life Alyx para poder crear mods, mapas, modelos y demás específicos para realidad virtual. Estas herramientas fueron la base de Counter Strike y tantos otros juegos hace 20 años.

 Ejecutivo de Xbox dice que no hay demanda para realidad virtual y que por eso no están centrados en ese campo. Desde Sony le responden que ellos seguirán apostando por la tecnología.

 Granjeros rusos ponen gafas de realidad virtual a sus vacas con escenas de campos verdes para “estar más tranquilas y producir más leche”. Muy escéptico con esto, y dudo mucho que con su visión lateral vean nada.

 Facebook elimina las cuentas de los hackers de NSO. Los empleados y algunos de sus familiares se quedan sin WhatsApp ni Instagram. El grupo israelí de ciberseguridad ha demostrado ser capaz de asaltar iOS, Android, WhatsApp, etc. y vende este acceso a gobiernos, policías, cuerpos de espionaje, etc.

¿Qué termino es mejor que hacker? Muchas veces me decís que no es adecuado usar hacker para hablar de un ciberdelincuente. En este caso son expertos en ciberseguridad que atacan sistemas. ¿Está bien empleado? Dame tu opinión.

 Twitter comenzará a cancelar cuentas inactivas en masa a partir de diciembre. Tras 13 años de operaciones, muchos nombres de usuario inertes empezarán a quedar libres para que puedan volver a ser usados.

 Las cuentas de familiares fallecidos también podrían quedar afectadas, y The Internet Archive quiere ayudar a preservarlas.

 El Honor View 30 es el siguiente móvil de Huawei sin GooglePrácticamente idéntico al Mate 30 pero por unos 500 euros. Sería un superventas en Europa que, de momento, se quedará en China.

 El Kirin 990 de Huawei cuenta con raytracing en tiempo real para aplicarlo en los videojuegos que así lo programen. Los resultados están limitados a 30 fps, pero son muy vistosos (vídeo).

 Spotify tendrá sus propios premios musicales para competir con MTV, AMA, Grammys, etc. con una particularidad: los ganadores serán los artistas más populares en la plataforma. — Se celebrarán el 5 de marzo en Ciudad de México, la capital mundial con más usuarios de Spotify.


 Amazon España ofrece descuentos de hasta el 25% en los libros, posiblemente saltándose la restrictiva legislación.

 NordVPN presenta su propio gestor de contraseñas llamado NordPass para aquellos que busquen alternativa a 1Password.

 Crean una herramienta para encontrar la posición de un tiroteo a partir de los datos de audio en los vídeos grabados con múltiples móviles.

 La teleoperadora Orange lanza en España su propio banco totalmente digital con cuentas corriente tradicionales.

 Zorin OS 15 Lite es una versión especial de Linux con una interfaz del estilo Windows 7 diseñada para funcionar bien en ordenadores de incluso hace 15 años. Zorin OS 15 normal es mucho más versátil.

 Ford y Tesla no medirán la potencia de sus camionetas.

 Xerox inicia una OPA hostil a HP después de que la junta rechazase su oferta de adquisición de 33.000 millones de dólares.

 China se lanza a por el grupo Daimler. El fabricante chino BAIC quiere aumentar su participación del 5% presente, y quizá superar a su compatriota Geely (que tiene casi el 10%).

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Plane crash north of San Antonio International Airport kills three: NBC

Three people died when a small plane crashed on the north side of the San Antonio International Airport in Texas late on Sunday, NBC Chicago reported, citing fire officials. Reported by Reuters 2 hours ago.

A year in showbiz: court drama, box office records and a young billionaire

From the world's youngest self-made billionaire to celebrities in court, the world of entertainment produced a wide array of headlines this year. Below are some of the biggest showbiz stories of 2019.


Box Office: 'Frozen 2' Sets Thanksgiving Record, 'Knives Out' Scores

LOS ANGELES, ( - Disney's "Frozen 2" stuffed the box office competition during Thanksgiving, generating $85.2 million over the weekend and a record-setting $123.7 million over the five-day holiday frame.


Brazil's president accuses actor DiCaprio of financing Amazon fires, offers no evidence

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro claimed on Friday that Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio financed fires being set in the Amazon rainforest, without presenting any evidence, the right-wing leader's latest broadside in casting blame over forest fires that have generated international concern.


Disney's 'Frozen 2' thrills Sámi people in northern Europe

The sequel to Walt Disney Co's 2013 hit animated musical "Frozen" is generating excitement among indigenous Sámi people in northern Europe, whose culture the movie has taken inspiration from.


K-pop singer sentenced to six years in jail for rape, sharing secret sex videos

A South Korean court sentenced a K-pop musician to six years in prison on Friday for raping a woman and distributing a video capturing the act in a case that drew attention to the darker side of the country's lucrative entertainment industry.


Cyber bullying, star suicides: The dark side of South Korea's K-pop world

The apparent suicide of a second K-pop artist in a month has cast renewed focus in South Korea on vicious personal attacks and cyber bullying of vulnerable young stars, and how it mostly goes unpunished.


Pussycat Dolls announce reunion tour 10 years after split

The Pussycat Dolls are reforming for a reunion tour kicking off in Dublin next year, the American girl band said on Thursday.


'Rise of Skywalker' actor John Boyega: 'I left the script under my bed'

British actor John Boyega said on Wednesday that he left his copy of the closely-guarded script for the new "Star Wars" movie under his bed, and that it ended up for sale on eBay.


Love your clothes and pass them on, says Vogue supremo Wintour

Clothes should be cherished, re-worn and even passed on to the next generation, Anna Wintour, the influential editor of Vogue magazine said, calling for more sustainability in the fashion world and less of a throwaway culture.


Harvey Weinstein loses bid to dismiss sexual assault charges

A New York judge has denied Harvey Weinstein's request to dismiss two predatory sexual assault charges, ahead of the former Hollywood producer's trial in January.


British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes dies suddenly at 59

British chef and TV presenter Gary Rhodes has died at the age of 59, prompting tributes from Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Prue Leith to the "rock star of cooking".


British satirist and opera director Jonathan Miller dies aged 85

British satirist and director Jonathan Miller, whose career spanned over 50 years from the hit comedy review show "Beyond the Fringe" to directing for some of the world's grandest opera houses, has died aged 85.


Stormzy is better at rap than politics, UK's Gove says

British minister Michael Gove dismissed Stormzy's criticism of Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday, saying the grime star was a far better rapper than he was a political analyst.


K-pop star Koo Hara left 'pessimistic' note: police

K-pop singer Koo Hara left a "pessimistic" note, police said on Monday, a day after the former member of top South Korean girl group Kara was found dead.


Taylor Swift puts rancor aside, smashes all-time American Music Award record

Taylor Swift took the high road as she won six American Music Awards on Sunday to surpass Michael Jackson's all-time record, avoiding any direct mention of a bitter dispute with her old record company.


Moroccan court jails rapper for insulting police

A Moroccan court on Monday sentenced a rap star to a year in prison and a fine of 1,000 dirhams ($103) for insulting the police in a case that has prompted rights groups to voice alarm over freedom of expression in the North African kingdom.


From 'Godfather' to 'Irishman', Mafia is gift that keeps on giving

Stories about the mob have become offers that Hollywood cannot seem to refuse.


'Knives Out': a whodunit set in contemporary America

Agatha Christie never imagined anything quite like this.


Factbox: Key winners at the 2019 American Music Awards

The 2019 American Music Awards, voted for by fans, took place in Los Angeles on Sunday.


Box Office: 'Frozen 2' Dazzles With $127 Million Debut

LOS ANGELES, ( - Disney's "Frozen 2" iced out the box office competition in North America, where family audiences powered the animated adventure to a dazzling $130 million debut.


In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, November 29, 2019

Tropical forests Africa’s women need secure land rights to continue the battle against hunger, a commission says (New Business Ethiopia). Paper producers have been pressured to address deforestation in Asia (Reuters). The government of Brazil chalks rising deforestation in the country to a broader, multi-year trend (Science Magazine). Making palm sugar has become an alternative […]

Facebook грозит групповой иск за утечку данных, но без возмещения ущерба

Окружной суд Сан-Франциско постановил, что 29 млн пользователей Facebook, чьи данные были украдены в результате взлома в сентябре 2018 года, не могут подать групповой иск против компании для возмещения убытков, но могут требовать усиления безопасности. Об этом сообщает Reuters. По словам судьи, ни расходы на кредитный мониторинг, ни сниженная ценность похищенной личной информации не являются

Amazon Set to Unveil More Powerful Data Center Chip

 Cache Inc's cloud computing unit has designed a second, more powerful generation of data center processor chip, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters

Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwest

Separatist rebels fired on a Cameroon Airlines passenger jet as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country on Sunday morning, their leader told Reuters. Reported by Reuters India 20 minutes ago.

254: Udon Ecosystem (higepon)


Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、入院、AirPods Pro, MacBook Pro, 機械学習、Netflix, リングフィットアドベンチャーなどについて話しました。

Show Notes


Incident pe Podul Londrei, tratat ca fiind "terorist": Mai multe persoane ranite si un barbat impuscat /VIDEO

Politia britanica a anuntat ca fortele sale au impuscat vineri un barbat intr-un incident pe Podul Londrei, incident pe care il trateaza ca pe unul terorist, ca masura de precautie, transmite Reuters.

Un magazin din Japonia "regandeste" un plan prin care angajatele ar urma sa poarte ecusoane speciale in perioada menstruatiei

Un magazin universal din Japonia revine asupra unui plan ce prevede ca angajatele sale sa poarte ecusoane speciale in perioada menstruatiei, informeaza joi Reuters. Scopul initial al initiativei a fost acela de a declansa sentimente de compasiune fata de femei, insa a starnit un val de critici.


More than a dozen killed in Protestant church attack in Burkina Faso: president | TheHill - The Hill

  1. More than a dozen killed in Protestant church attack in Burkina Faso: president | TheHill  The Hill
  2. Burkina Faso: Attack on church kills at least 14  BBC News
  3. Australia's Perenti Global to end two Burkina Faso contracts after attack  Reuters
  4. Burkina Faso leader says 14 slain in attack on church
  5. At least 14 killed in attack on Burkina Faso church  Al Jazeera English
  6. View full coverage on Google News


Investors May Look to EM ETFs to Play US-China Deal


Emerging market ETFs like the iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (IEMG A) and Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO A) have been among the hardest hit in the wake of the U.S.-China trade war, and as things are appearing to turn around, some investors may be willing to step back in to this global market segment.

For example, fund manager J.P. Morgan Asset Management recently raised its outlook on global stocks, citing hopes for a breakthrough in the U.S.-China trade discussions, diminished risk of a U.S. recession and a moderately positive earnings outlook, Reuters reports.

“We have held a cautious view on the outlook for equity markets for much of this year … however, the environment has shifted in recent weeks” Patrik Schowitz, global multi-asset strategist at the fund manager, told Reuters. “That change likely reflects several factors, which we think has some more room to run.”

Among the global markets, emerging market equities were the favored pick, Schowitz added.

UBS was also showing a more favorable outlook on the developing economies, shifting away from its underweight in emerging-market stocks and moved its overall position on equities to neutral.

“There have been material signs a U.S.-China deal is more likely, while monetary policy and economic fundamentals are also now more supportive,” Mark Haefele, chief investment officer at UBS Global Wealth Management, told Reuters. “While equity prices have risen and downside risks remain, upside potential has also increased.”

Furthermore, Morgan Stanley upgraded emerging-market equities to equal weight from underweight on an improving global growth outlook outside the U.S.

Rabobank also saw indications of global shifts, notably the divergence between the MSCI emerging-markets stocks index and the S&P 500 Index against the MSCI Emerging Market Currency Index, which rose together over September and October and was unlikely to last.

“Either EM stocks will start to outperform U.S. equities and the ratio rises sharply or the MSCI EM FX Index falls,” Rabobank said.

This article originally appeared on


ANALYSIS-Foreigners sit out Brazilian share sales as growth lags, politics lurk – Nasdaq


By Tatiana Bautzer and Carolina Mandl SAO PAULO, Nov 26 (Reuters) – This year has already been the biggest in a decade for share offerings from Brazilian companies, but there has been little sign of the foreign investor appetite that fueled prior rallies, as weak growth and divisive politics keep many on the sidelines. Foreigners […]

The post ANALYSIS-Foreigners sit out Brazilian share sales as growth lags, politics lurk – Nasdaq appeared first on Cannabis Industry News, Events & Links UK.


U.S. drivers cover more miles in September than year ago


REUTERS.comNOVEMBER 22, 2019 / 11:15 AM Reporting By Jessica Resnick-AultNEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. drivers covered 1.7% more miles in September than a year earlier, traveling a total of 267.7 billion miles, the U.S. Department of Transportation said in a monthly report on Friday.In 2019, total travel is up 1% from a year earlier at 2,436.9 billion vehicle miles, the DOT said.


OutRight News: Third Edition

Third Edition: OutRight News View this email in your browser


LGBT Human Rights


Welcome to the third edition of OutRight’s program newsletter! Through it we want to share with you insight and highlights of some of the work that your support has helped our programs team to carry out in recent months, and the impact that work has on the lives of LGBTIQ people around the world. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a shortlist of highlights.

We hope you find this informative and interesting. As always, we welcome your feedback, your comments and questions!

OutRight’s study into Arabic Media published in 2017 showed that LGBTIQ people and surrounding issues are predominantly reported highly negatively in Arabic media. Although strong conservative influences in society have a strong role to play in this, as does the prevalence of legislation criminalizing same-sex relations across the region, we also learned that a lack of understanding and knowledge among journalists about the lived realities of LGBTIQ people was an important factor in how they reported on the topic.

While the road to legislative and policy change in the region may be a long, and risky one, raising awareness and understanding among journalists seemed like a relatively safe avenue to take with potentially high returns in terms of changing hearts and minds about LGBTIQ people and issues.

We took this learning and, in cooperation with the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, embarked on a project aimed at tackling this problem. Through a number of trainings 50 journalists from across the region have been trained so far in sessions aiming to raise awareness and knowledge, debunk myths and stereotypes about LGBTIQ people, and sexual orientation and gender identity more broadly, and report on gender, sexuality, and numerous topics related to issues faced by LGBTIQ people, in an inclusive way which promotes understanding, rather than perpetuates negative stereotypes.

We also launched an informal network between the journalists who took part, in order to facilitate information exchange and support among them and thus, hopefully, grow the impact they can have in their respective media outlets and countries.

The influence of media on the knowledge and opinions of their readers of viewers is immense. As such, through this project we not only improved the knowledge and understanding of 50 journalists, but the subsequent changes in their reporting have the potential to have a far-reaching ripple effect on their audiences, with time, slowly, changing the dominant negative perceptions and prejudices about LGBTIQ people.

top »

Domestic and family violence continues to be a reality for LGBTIQ people around the world, and much of it goes unreported for fear of outing, stigmatization or even imprisonment in countries where same-sex relations are still a crime – such as Myanmar.

With support from Open Society Foundations, and in partnership with Equality Myanmar and the Myanmar LGBT Rights Network (a coalition of 26 LGBT groups), OutRight launched a project to improve domestic violence and family violence protections and services for LGBTIQ people in the country.

Through capacity building of LGBTIQ groups on topics such as data collection, an awareness campaign, and sensitization of members of parliament we have been working to promote zero tolerance for domestic and family violence targeting LGBTIQ people. Moreover, as a draft Prevention of Violence Against Women Law is currently under consideration, the project has aimed to strengthen collaboration between LGBTIQ groups and a coalition of women's organizations to push for a non-binary definition of gender and inclusion of explicit reference to protections from domestic and family violence for LGBTIQ people in the law.

So far, a dialogue with lesbians, bi-women and transmasculine persons was held to increase diversity of people covered by the project. At least six participants signed up to participate in a subsequent training on documentation of domestic and family violence among LGBT communities, showing the interest in and need for such work. The latter took place over four days, with 12 participants, on how to conduct interviews and gather data on domestic and family violence among LGBT families.

The LGBT Rights Network is just about to launch a questionnaire for documenting violence in LGBT communities with an aim to receive responses from over 400 LGBT people, which will inform and shape the project going forward.

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Members of Equality Myanmar (from Facebook) and Myanmar LGBT Rights Network Logo

Gender-based violence is a reality affecting women, LGBTIQ people who do not fit within the narrow parameters of the assigned societal gender roles, and even men, across the world. In the Caribbean, where more than half the countries still criminalize same-sex relations, the prevalence of gender-based violence against LGBTIQ people is staggering, and due to the criminalization and stigma that LGBTIQ people face, victims of gender-based violence tend not to report it or to seek support.

We wanted to change that, so together with partners in the region OutRight launched the “Frontline Alliance: Caribbean Partnerships Against Gender Based Violence.” The network includes organizations from across the Caribbean and aims to raise awareness about the prevalence of gender based violence against women and LGBTIQ people, to train engage first responders and service providers on how to ensure inclusivity of LGBTIQ people, as well as to engage local government officials with a view to improving policies and protocols designed to tackle gender-based violence.

So far OutRight has already hosted training of trainers sessions in Haiti, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Antigua to address gender-based violence against women and LGBTIQ people in the Caribbean. By the end of the project over 200 people will be trained, who will be able to directly implement the learning into their day to day work, thus immediately being able to support LGBTIQ victims.

Furthermore, a number of trainers have also been trained, and several more will receive the training in the coming months, on the topic. They will continue to pass this knowledge on to ever more first responders or service providers, casting the net of impact on the lives of LGBTIQ people ever farther.

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Caribbean attendees at the 2019 Frontline Alliance: Caribbean Partnerships Against Gender Based Violence.

A key partner of the majority of our work at the UN is the LGBTI Core Group, a network of cross-regional states which have committed to collaborating within the New York-based UN system to raise awareness and promote progress for equality of LGBTIQ people.

In August the LGBTI Core Group adopted its latest workplan for the year 2019/2020, in it officially including OutRight as the group's secretariat. This status will enable us to work even closer with the group to ensure ever more progress is achieved in the promotion and protection of the human rights of LGBTIQ people through UN mechanisms and processes.

To read more news from our UN program have a look at our latest UN New Yorker.

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In August we released a groundbreaking report exposing the global reach of so-called conversion therapy practices seeking to change, suppress, or divert one’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. As discussions in some countries in Latin America, Australia, Europe and North America about banning so-called conversion therapy have intensified, awareness of the practices in these regions has grown. However, next to nothing was known about similar practices in other parts of the world.

Our report changes that. It is the first-ever global survey on the topic, with input from 500 survey responses from across the world, 19 in depth interviews with survivors from 11 countries, an extensive literature review, as well as in-depth conversations with experts.

Our report overwhelmingly shows that so-called conversion therapy happens across the world, predominantly promoted and perpetrated by people acting in the name of religion or pseudo-healthcare, often with pressure or even coersion by families. While the practices may vary due to religious, cultural, or traditional norms and contexts, they are harmful and never work; instead, they cause deep, lasting trauma that affects every realm of life.

Such practices are the epitome of what the LGBTIQ movement has been fighting, and symptomatic of just how much of an uphill battle we still have to fight to gain acceptance and equality. We hope that this report will shed much needed light on the global prevalence of these barbaric practices, and incite ever more countries to seek ways of not only banning “conversion therapy”, but finding genuine, sustainable ways to ensure LGBTIQ people have true and sustainable access to their full human rights, and ensuring that the misinformation, prejudice and perceptions of the norm which drive families and individuals to seek conversion therapy are eradicated for good.

Read the report here.

To learn more about the report, register for our webinar with author Amie Bishop.

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On Sunday, 30 June 2019, 50 years after the spontaneous riots in protest against police raids and shaming of LGBTIQ people at the Stonewall Inn gave rise to the contemporary LGBTIQ and Pride movement, New York City hosted the World Pride March.

Over 150 partners, supporters and friends registered to join OutRight in taking part in the march on Sunday June 30th. The march was rumored to include 6 million participants, and took over 12 hours. OutRight used the opportunity to draw attention to challenges that LGBTIQ people and movements still face around the world.

OutRight has continued to appear in media outlets. Here are a few recent examples:

Women's e-news: “Celebration and Protest at This Year's World Pride”

Executive Director Jessica Stern writes about World Pride in her op-ed.

CBC Radio: "Uncover – The Village"

Executive Director Jessica Stern appeared in the special Stonewall 50 edition.

NBC News: "3 Trans Women Shot and Killed in Honduras in July"

Senior Advisor for Global Advocacy Paul Jansen was interviewed about violence against trans people in Honduras.

Caribbean News Service: "On the Road to Decriminalization of Same-Sex Relations in the Caribbean"

Caribbean Program Officer Neish McLean wrote an op-ed about decriminalization prospects in the Caribbean.

Passblue: "An Ode to Joy: The UN Expert on LGBTIQ Rights Stands"

UN Program Officer Sahar Moazami wrote about the renewal of the mandate of the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Sunday Gleaner: "Watch Exclusive: 'I’m Finally a Man' Says LGBT Activist"

Caribbean Program Officer Neish McLean is featured on Jamaica’s Sunday Gleaner about his personal path of self-actualization as a trans man.

BBC World News Channel: "Conversion Therapy Report"

Deputy Director Maria Sjödin appeared live, talking about OutRight’s new report on the global reach of conversion therapy.

New York Daily News: "A Year after India’s Historic Decision to Legalize Same-Sex Love, LGBTQ Relationships Still a Crime in a Third of the World"

A feature on the anniversary of decriminalization of same-sex relations in India based on OutRight's press release about the occasion.

Thomson Reuters' Openly: "Opinion – Curing the Global Demand for 'Conversion Therapy'"

Deputy Director Maria Sjödin writes about so-called conversion therapy.

OutRight's Blog Series for Pride

From Shame to Pride” by Daina Ruduša, Senior Communications Manager

Pride the Caribbean Way” by Neish McLean, Caribbean Program Officer

On Pride, Stickers and Reclaiming Ballet” by Daniella Angulo, Communications Intern

Pride For My Community” by Bex Montz, Operations Intern

ממש גאווה - Very Proud” by Lilli Sher, Communications Intern

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Facebook obeys to Singapore command and marks message as ‘fake news’

Facebook has Saturday a message from a user marked as fake news after the Singapore government had requested this from the platform. The report can only be seen by Facebook users in Singapore, Reuters reports. This is a message from Facebook user Alex Tan who posted a message about the Singapore elections on the States …

Amazon’s cloud unit readies more powerful data center chip - sources

 Cache Inc’s cloud computing unit has designed a second, more powerful generation of data center processor chip, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, the latest sign that the

EU-Kommission prüft, wie und warum Google Daten sammelt.

Google steht erneut im Visier der EU-Kommission, berichtet Reuters. Die Brüsseler Wettbewerbshüter prüfen, wie und warum der Tech-Konzern Daten erhebt und verwendet. Dazu haben sie Fragebögen an Google geschickt. Es geht insbesondere um lokalen Suchdienste, Googles Anzeigen, Anmeldedienste und Browser., via

Google steht erneut im Visier der EU-Kommission, berichtet Reuters. Die Brüsseler Wettbewerbshüter prüfen, wie und warum der Tech-Konzern Daten erhebt und verwendet. Dazu haben sie Fragebögen an Google geschickt. Es geht insbesondere um lokalen Suchdienste, Googles Anzeigen, Anmeldedienste und Browser., via


New Business: Springer erwägt offenbar Reuters-Übernahme, Reuters lehnt ab.

Springer erwägt offenbar den Kauf von Reuters, schreibt "New Business". Auch der frühere Reuters-Chefredakteur und ITN-Chef Mark Wood habe ein Angebot abgegeben, doch die zum Unternehmen Thomson Reuters gehörende Nachrichtenagentur habe abgelehnt. Zuvor hatte bereits die "Financial Times" über die Gerüchte berichtet. Springer wolle "Marktspekulationen" nicht kommentieren.,

Springer erwägt offenbar den Kauf von Reuters, schreibt “New Business”. Auch der frühere Reuters-Chefredakteur und ITN-Chef Mark Wood habe ein Angebot abgegeben, doch die zum Unternehmen Thomson Reuters gehörende Nachrichtenagentur habe abgelehnt. Zuvor hatte bereits die “Financial Times” über die Gerüchte berichtet. Springer wolle “Marktspekulationen” nicht kommentieren.,


Người Hong Kong tuần hành cảm ơn TT Trump


"Bây giờ Mỹ đã có các công cụ mới đầy ý nghĩa để ngăn chặn ảnh hưởng và can thiệp sâu hơn của Bắc Kinh vào các vấn đề nội bộ ở Hong Kong" - thượng nghị sĩ Rubio, đại diện nhóm 4 nghị sĩ trên, nói ngày 28-11 "Sau cuộc bầu cử cuối tuần trước tại Hong Kong với kết quả bất ngờ, luật mới này vừa được thông qua kịp lúc để thể hiện sự ủng hộ mạnh mẽ của Mỹ đối với các quyền tự do được ấp ủ lâu nay của Hong Kong" - ông Rubio cho biết thêm. Trước đó, theo Reuters , Nhà Trắng thông báo tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump đã ký thông qua Đạo luật Nhân quyền và Dân chủ Hong Kong và đạo luật cấm xuất khẩu vũ khí  kiểm soát đám đông như lựu đạn hơi cay cho chính quyền Hong Kong nhằm hỗ trợ người biểu tình ủng hộ dân chủ ở Hong Kong.

Người Hong Kong tuần hành cảm ơn TT Trump


Hàng nghìn người Hong Kong tập trung ở trung tâm thành phố hôm nay, vẫy cờ Mỹ để cảm ơn việc TT Trump ký đạo luật Hong Kong.

“Lý do chính chúng tôi tổ chức tuần hành là để cho thấy chúng tôi đánh giá cao và biết ơn quốc hội Mỹ cũng như Tổng thống Donald Trump vì đã thông qua đạo luật”, Che Cheung, 23 tuổi, một thành viên của nhóm sinh viên vận động Đạo luật Dân chủ và Nhân quyền Hong Kong, hôm nay cho biết.

Ước tính hàng nghìn người đã tham gia cuộc tuần hành được đặt tên “Lễ Tạ ơn” ở Hong Kong hôm nay, trong đó nhiều người vẫy cờ Mỹ. Cựu nghị sĩ Nathan Law gọi việc Tổng thống Mỹ ký thông qua đạo luật là “món quà kịp thời trong dịp Lễ Tạ ơn”.

Người tranh đấu dân chủ Hồng Kông nay đã được Hoa Kỳ hậu thuẫn.

“Chúng tôi thực sự biết ơn về điều đó và chúng tôi đánh giá cao nỗ lực của những người Mỹ ủng hộ Hong Kong, sát cánh cùng Hong Kong”, Che nói, đồng thời kêu gọi các nước khác thông qua luật tương tự.

Người biểu tình Hong Kong mít tinh tại trung tâm thành phố hôm nay.

Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump hôm 27/11 ký thông qua đạo luật Dân chủ và Nhân quyền Hong Kong được quốc hội trình lên. Theo đạo luật này, Ngoại trưởng Mỹ hàng năm có trách nhiệm chứng nhận Hong Kong duy trì quyền tự quyết để đặc khu có thể hưởng ưu đãi thương mại từ Mỹ, duy trì vai trò trung tâm tài chính của thế giới.

Người Hong Kong tập trung ở trung tâm thành phố hôm nay, vẫy cờ Mỹ để cảm ơn việc Trump ký đạo luật Hong Kong.

Hong Kong vốn được hưởng trạng thái đặc biệt, giúp đặc khu mua các công nghệ nhạy cảm, đồng thời đảm bảo trao đổi tự do giữa đồng dollar Mỹ và dollar Hong Kong cũng như cho phép thành phố đàm phán các thỏa thuận thương mại và đầu tư độc lập với Bắc Kinh.

Trạng thái đặc biệt còn giúp cư dân Hong Kong tránh các hạn chế về thị thực áp dụng cho công dân Trung cộng đại lục.

Tổng thống Mỹ cũng ký thông qua luật cấm bán hơi cay, đạn cao su và các thiết bị khác được lực lượng cảnh sát Hong Kong sử dụng để đối phó người biểu tình.

Bộ Ngoại giao Trung cộng ra tuyên bố gọi việc Trump thông qua đạo luật là hành động “ghê tởm, chứa ý đồ nham hiểm”, đồng thời cảnh báo sẽ có biện pháp trả đũa quyết liệt và phía Mỹ phải chịu mọi hậu quả. 

Người biểu tình Hong Kong đeo mặt nạ hình Chủ tịch Trung cộng Tập Cận Bình

Tuy nhiên, người phát ngôn Bộ Ngoại giao Trung cộng Cảnh Sảng từ chối bình luận về biện pháp đáp trả của Bắc Kinh.

Bộ Thương mại Trung cộng cũng không nói đạo luật Hong Kong có ảnh hưởng đến đàm phán thương mại Mỹ – Trung hay không.

Thứ trưởng Ngoại giao Trung cộng Lạc Ngọc Thành đã triệu Đại sứ Mỹ Terry Branstad, yêu cầu Washington không áp dụng đạo luật và ngay lập tức ngừng can thiệp vào công việc nội bộ của Trung cộng.

Tổng biên tập tờ Global Times của Trung cộng Hồ Tích Tiến đăng Twitter rằng Bắc Kinh đang xem xét cấm thượng nghị sĩ Marco Rubio, người đề xuất đạo luật Hong Kong, nhập cảnh vào Trung cộng đại lục, Hong Kong và Macau.

Đạo luật Dân chủ và Nhân quyền Hong Kong được Mỹ thông qua sau khi đặc khu chứng kiến các cuộc biểu tình bùng phát từ đầu tháng 6 để phản đối dự luật dẫn độ cho phép đưa nghi phạm đến các khu vực tài phán mà đặc khu chưa ký hiệp ước dẫn độ, bao gồm cả Trung cộng đại lục. 

Sau khi chính quyền đặc khu rút dự luật, người biểu tình vẫn xuống đường đưa ra các yêu cầu khác, trong đó có điều tra hành động sử dụng vũ lực của cảnh sát, tổ chức bầu cử dân chủ và lãnh đạo Hong Kong Carrie Lam từ chức.

Chính quyền Hong Kong hôm nay nói rằng họ “cực kỳ lấy làm tiếc” việc Trump ký thông qua đạo luật Hong Kong, cáo buộc Washington can thiệp công việc nội bộ của thành phố và “gửi thông điệp sai cho người biểu tình”.

Huyền Lê


Xi Jinping gập đầu giữa muôn trùng rắc rối
Bước chân về phương Đông của Thúy Nga Paris
Ngủ thêm và đi làm trễ sẽ tốt cho sức khoẻ?
Xi Jinping bất lực _ Đành phủ phục trước quái kiệt Donald Trump
TT Trump ký luật ủng hộ người biểu tình Hong Kong
Trung cộng ‘tẩy não’ dân Tân Cương trong trại cải tạo
Cử tri Mỹ ngày càng không thiết tha với vụ phế truất TT Trump
Những gương mặt chính trị trẻ tuổi thắng cử tại Hong Kong
Tranh cãi dùng cần sa có làm con người nghiện ngập
Phe ủng hộ dân chủ thắng lớn trong bầu cử Hong Kong
Hãy xem cách không quân Mỹ tuyển phi công
Donald Trump _ người chơi cờ, thương thảo, CEO và chính trị gia kiểu mới
Chương trình y tế của bà Elizabeth Warren
Ký hay không ký đạo luật bảo vệ Hong Kong _ Xi Jinping sẽ sa lầy vào tử lộ
Nấu món ngon cổ xưa nhất thế giới
Khi nào bạn nên để linh cảm dẫn đường?
Liệu ông Trump sẽ ký luật bảo vệ nhân quyền Hong Kong?
Ký thỏa thuận thương mại với mỹ một quyết định đớn đau của Tàu cộng...
Những người chuyển giới ở Thái Lan "phụ nữ hơn cả phụ nữ"
Mỹ sẽ cứu Hong Kong theo cách của Donald Trump


TT Trump ký luật ủng hộ người biểu tình Hong Kong

Dự luật cũng nói rằng Hoa Kỳ nên cho phép cư dân Hong Kong được cấp visa vào Hoa Kỳ, ngay cả khi họ đã bị bắt vì là tham gia biểu tình bất bạo động.

Tổng thống Hoa Kỳ Donald Trump đã ký thành luật một dự luật ủng hộ những người biểu tình ủng hộ dân chủ ở Hong Kong.

Đạo luật Nhân quyền và Dân chủ sẽ bắt buộc phải rà soát lại mỗi năm nhằm đảm bảo Hong Kong có quyền tự chủ đáng kể so với phần còn lại của Trung cộng.


Ông Trump cho biết ông đã ký luật "vì tôn trọng Chủ tịch Tập [Cận Bình], Trung cộng và nhân dân Hong Kong".

Nhưng luật này sẽ chọc tức Bắc Kinh - giới chức Trung cộng trước đó đã kêu gọi Hoa Kỳ "ngừng nhúng mũi" và nói sẽ "trả đũa" nếu các dự luật này trở thành luật..

Ông Trump hiện đang tìm kiếm một thỏa thuận với Trung cộng, để chấm dứt cuộc chiến thương mại gây thiệt hại giữa hai nước.


Tổng thống cũng đã ký một dự luật thứ hai, trong đó cấm xuất khẩu "đạn dược" khống chế đám đông cho cảnh sát ở Hong Kong - bao gồm hơi cay, đạn cao su và súng sốc điện.

"[Các dự luật] được ban hành với hy vọng các nhà lãnh đạo và đại diện của Trung cộng và Hong Kong sẽ có thể giải quyết một cách hòa hoãn sự khác biệt của họ, cốt để dẫn đến hòa bình và thịnh vượng lâu dài cho tất cả," ông Trump nói.

Luật nói gì?

Ông Trump cho biết ông đã ký luật "vì tôn trọng Chủ tịch Tập [Cận Bình], Trung cộng và nhân dân Hong Kong".

Dự luật được đưa ra vào tháng Sáu trong giai đoạn đầu của các cuộc biểu tình ở Hong Kong, và đã được Quốc hội phê chuẩn với tỉ lệ áp đảo vào tháng trước.

Luật nói: "Hong Kong là một phần của Trung cộng nhưng có một hệ thống kinh tế và pháp lý đa phần riêng biệt.

"[Rà soát thường niên] sẽ đánh giá liệu Trung cộng có làm xói mòn các quyền tự do dân sự và luật pháp của Hong Kong được bảo vệ bởi Luật Cơ bản của Hong Kong hay không."

Hoa Kỳ sẽ giám sát Hong Kong để đảm bảo thành phố này nó đủ tự chủ để được hưởng qui chế giao thương đặc biệt.

Qui chế giao dịch thương mại đặc biệt của Hong Kong có nghĩa là Hong Kong không bị ảnh hưởng bởi các lệnh trừng phạt hoặc thuế quan của Hoa Kỳ áp vào Trung cộng đại lục.

Dự luật cũng nói rằng Hoa Kỳ nên cho phép cư dân Hong Kong được cấp visa vào Hoa Kỳ, ngay cả khi họ đã bị bắt vì là tham gia biểu tình bất bạo động.

Tình hình ở Hong Kong thế nào?

Biểu tình Hong Kong: Trường ĐH Bách Khoa bị cảnh sát bao vây sau một cuối tuần bạo lực.

Các cuộc biểu tình tại Hong Kong bắt đầu vào tháng Sáu chống lại một luật được đề xuất cho phép việc dẫn độ sang Trung cộng đại lục nhưng kể từ đó đã biến thành một phong trào dân chủ lớn hơn.

Biểu tình cũng đã xảy ra các cuộc đụng độ ngày càng dữ dội, với cảnh sát bị tấn công, và cảnh sát đã có lúc bắn đạn thật.

Người biểu tình đã ném bom xăng và tấn công các cơ sở kinh doanh được coi là thân Bắc Kinh.


Những người biểu tình, trong khi đó, đã cáo buộc cảnh sát có hành động tàn bạo.

Một cựu nhân viên của Lãnh sự quán Anh ở Hong Kong nói rằng ông bị trói, ''bịt mặt và bịt đầu'' ở Trung cộng với cáo buộc kích động bất ổn chính trị.

Simon Cheng, 29 tuổi, một công dân Hong Kong từng làm cho chính phủ Anh gần hai năm, bị tạm giữ 15 ngày hồi tháng Tám khi đi vào Trung cộng đại lục.

TC cảnh báo Mỹ sau khi Trump ký 2 luật ủng hộ người biểu tình Hong Kong

Người biểu tình Hong Kong đeo mặt nạ hình Chủ tịch Trung cộng Tập Cận Bình

Bắc Kinh nói sẽ có biện pháp cứng rắn để phản ứng lại việc ông Trump ký 2 luật ủng hộ người biểu tình Hong Kong, theo Reuters.

Trung cộng cũng nói các nỗ lực để can thiệp vào Hong Kong chắc chắn sẽ thất bại.

Tổng thống Hoa Kỳ Donald Trump hôm thứ Tư 27/11 đã ký thành luật hai dự luật của Quốc hội ủng hộ người biểu tình Hong Kong, bất chấp sự phản đối giận giữ của Bắc Kinh, nơi ông đang tìm cách đạt được một thỏa thuận để chấm dứt cuộc chiến thương mại.

Trong đó, luật Nhân quyền và Dân chủ quy định Bộ Ngoại giao phải xác nhận, ít nhất là hàng năm, rằng Hong Kong duy trì quyền tự chủ đủ để nhận được các điều khoản thương mại ưu tiên của Mỹ vốn giúp thành phố này trở thành trung tâm thương mại thế giới. Luật này cũng đe dọa trừng phạt đối với các hành vi vi phạm nhân quyền.

Luật thứ hai cấm xuất khẩu "đạn dược" khống chế đám đông cho cảnh sát ở Hong Kong - bao gồm hơi cay, đạn cao su và súng sốc điện.


Bắc Kinh cảnh báo Mỹ sẽ chịu hậu quả từ các biện pháp trả đũa của Trung cộng nếu tiếp tục "các hành động tùy tiện" liên quan đến Hong Kong, theo thông cáo của Bộ Ngoại giao Trung cộng.

Chính quyền Hong Kong thân Bắc Kinh nói luật này đã gửi đi tín hiệu sai tới những người biểu tình, và đã "rõ ràng can thiệp" vào vấn đề nội bộ của thành phố.

Người biểu tình chống chính phủ tại Hong Kong đã xuống đường trong suốt sáu tháng qua, và có nhiều thời điểm đã khiến các trung tâm thương mại, văn phòng chính phủ, trường học, và thậm chí sân bay quốc tế, phải đóng cửa.

Trung tâm tài chính này đã tận hưởng một thời gian tạm lắng hiếm hoi vào cuối tuần qua, khi phe ủng hộ dân chủ thắng lẫy lừng trong kỳ bầu cử hội đồng quận.

Cảnh sát Hong Kong đã đổ bộ vào một khuôn viên trường đại học Bách khoa vào thứ năm khi kết thúc cuộc bao vây kéo dài gần hai tuần, nơi xảy ra một số vụ đụng độ tồi tệ nhất giữa người biểu tình và lực lượng an ninh.

Một nhóm khoảng 100 người trong sắc phục cảnh sát đã vào Đại học Bách Khoa Hong Kong để thu thập bằng chứng, mang đi các vật dụng nguy hiểm bao gồm bom xăng vẫn đang nằm rải rác trong khuôn viên trường.

Không rõ còn người biểu tình nào ở trong trường không nhưng cảnh sát cho hay bất cứ ai được tìm thấy sẽ được chăm sóc y tế trước tiên.

Khoảng hơn 5.800 người đã bị bắt kể từ tháng Sáu, con số này tăng mạnh vào tháng 10 và tháng 11, khi bạo lực leo thang.


Trung cộng ‘tẩy não’ dân Tân Cương trong trại cải tạo
Cử tri Mỹ ngày càng không thiết tha với vụ phế truất TT Trump
Những gương mặt chính trị trẻ tuổi thắng cử tại Hong Kong
Tranh cãi dùng cần sa có làm con người nghiện ngập
Phe ủng hộ dân chủ thắng lớn trong bầu cử Hong Kong
Hãy xem cách không quân Mỹ tuyển phi công
Donald Trump _ người chơi cờ, thương thảo, CEO và chính trị gia kiểu mới
Chương trình y tế của bà Elizabeth Warren
Ký hay không ký đạo luật bảo vệ Hong Kong _ Xi Jinping sẽ sa lầy vào tử lộ
Nấu món ngon cổ xưa nhất thế giới
Khi nào bạn nên để linh cảm dẫn đường?
Liệu ông Trump sẽ ký luật bảo vệ nhân quyền Hong Kong?
Ký thỏa thuận thương mại với mỹ một quyết định đớn đau của Tàu cộng...
Những người chuyển giới ở Thái Lan "phụ nữ hơn cả phụ nữ"
Mỹ sẽ cứu Hong Kong theo cách của Donald Trump
Chúc mừng Hong Kong thành công _ Donald Trump đại thắng
Chính quyền Myanmar đối phó với các hồn ma
Tinh Tinh cao ba mét từng sống ở Lạng Sơn VN
Một cách kinh doanh cổ ở Nhật Bản
Không thể nào xóa một nền Văn Hóa, Văn Chương và Nghệ Thuật


Phe ủng hộ dân chủ thắng lớn trong bầu cử Hong Kong

Phong trào ủng hộ dân chủ Hong Kong đã giành được một chiến thắng chưa từng có trong cuộc bầu cử hội đồng cấp quận, tính đến thời điểm hiện tại họ đã chiếm được 17 trên 18 hội đồng quận.

Kỳ bầu cử này được coi là một cuộc trưng cầu dân ý không chính thức để so sánh sự ủng hộ của người dân dành cho phe biểu tình đòi dân chủ và chính quyền Hong Kong và Bắc Kinh sau nhiều tháng bất ổn, biểu tình và đụng độ.

Người ủng hộ dân chủ vui mừng sau khi ứng viên thân Bắc Kinh Junius Ho bị đánh bại

Chính phủ Hong Kong và Bắc Kinh trước giờ cho rằng đa số người dân không ủng hộ phong trào biểu tình và hi vọng nhóm "đa số im lặng" này sẽ thể hiện trên các lá phiếu trong các cuộc bầu cử, nhưng điều đó đã không thành hiện thực.

Thay vào đó, một số ứng cử viên thân Bắc Kinh nổi tiếng thậm chí còn mất ghế hội đồng.


Một trong những mất mát lớn nhất cho phe thân Bắc Kinh là nhà lập pháp gây tranh cãi Junius Ho, khi ông nhận một thất bại thảm hại khiến ông phải thốt lên rằng "trời và đất đã bị đảo lộn".

Ông bị đâm vào đầu tháng này bởi một người đàn ông giả vờ là một người ủng hộ. Ông cũng công khai lên tiếng ủng hộ lực lượng cảnh sát nhiều lần.

Những người ủng hộ Kevin Lam vui mừng với thắng lợi của ứng viên này

Vào tháng 7, ông được trông thấy bắt tay với một nhóm người mặc áo trắng, nghi ngờ là thành viên Hội Tam Hoàng, và nhóm này sau đó tấn công người biểu tình ở trạm tàu điện.

Karrine Fu, 23 tuổi, người sinh ở Hong Kong trong gia đình gốc Phúc Kiến, đã đánh bại Hung Lin Cham, 45 tuổi, ứng viên ủng hộ Bắc Kinh

Các ủy viên hội đồng quận của Hong Kong thực ra có ít quyền lực chính trị và chủ yếu giải quyết các vấn đề địa phương như các tuyến xe buýt và thu gom rác, vì vậy các cuộc bầu cử quận thường không tạo ra sự quan tâm như vậy.

Nhưng các cuộc bầu cử lần này lại khác.

Người ủng hộ dân chủ vui mừng bên ngoài quận Tuen Mun sau khi kết quả bầu cử được thông báo.

Đây là lần đầu tiên người dân Hong Kong xem các cuộc biểu tình này là cách để họ bày tỏ quan điểm về Đặc khu trưởng Carrie Lam và chính quyền qua các lá phiếu.

Với lượng người đăng ký bỏ phiếu đạt kỷ 4,1 triệu người, hơn 2,9 triệu người bỏ phiếu cho 452 ghế với tỷ lệ bỏ phiếu hơn 71%, so với chỉ 47% vào 2015.

Các cuộc bầu cử diễn ra vào Chủ nhật và cũng là cuối tuần đầu tiên trong nhiều tháng không xảy ra bất kỳ cuộc đụng độ hay bạo lực nào giữa người biểu tình và cảnh sát.

Các nhóm ủng hộ dân chủ đã kêu gọi không gây ra bất kỳ trở ngại nào trong ngày bỏ phiếu. Nhiều người dân cũng đã xếp hàng từ sáng sớm để tham gia bỏ phiếu sớm, lo ngại sẽ có chút biến động vào buổi chiều, nhưng cả kỳ bầu cử đã diễn ra ôn hoà.

Jimmy Sham, một nhà hoạt động chính trị gần đây đã nổi lên với tư cách là lãnh đạo Mặt trận Nhân quyền Dân sự, một nhóm chiến dịch tổ chức một số cuộc tuần hành phản đối đại chúng, cũng ra tranh cử.

Anh cũng đã bị tấn công hai lần, một lần bị tấn công bằng búa. Nhiều hình ảnh cho thấy anh nằm trên đường và chảy nhiều máu.

Vẫn phải dùng nạng, Sham nói Reuters rằng cuộc bầu cử này "đặc biệt vì đây là cuộc đối đầu chính thức giữa các đảng ủng hộ chính quyền và đảng ủng hộ dân chủ".

Nhà hoạt động dân chủ Joshua Wong đã bị cấm tham gia các cuộc bầu cử, một động thái mà anh gọi là "sự sàng lọc chính trị", nhưng ứng cử viên dân chủ thay thế anh được cho là đã chiến thắng.

Trong một dòng tweet, Wong nói rằng kết quả bầu cử "mang tính lịch sử" này cho thấy rằng dư luận đã không quay lưng lại với phong trào dân chủ.

Cuối Twitter tin bởi @joshuawongcf

Phản ánh về thất bại của mình, nhà lập pháp thân Bắc Kinh Alice Mak cho rằng chính quyền của bà Carrie Lam là có một phần đáng trách.

"Trong chiến dịch bầu cử, các ứng cử viên chính phủ đã bị đối xử bất công. Đây là một lý do rất quan trọng", bà nói.

Tuy nhiên, Starry Lee Wai-king, chủ tịch của đảng ủng hộ Bắc Kinh lớn nhất của thành phố, là một trong số ít các ứng cử viên vẫn giữ vững được vị trí của mình.

"Tôi nghĩ rằng [Starry Lee] là người duy nhất có thể sống sót trong cuộc trưng cầu dân ý không chính thức này", Leung Kwok-hung, đối thủ ủng hộ dân chủ của bà Lee nói.

Một sự xóa sổ ngoài sức tưởng tượng

Stephen McDonell, tại Hong Kong

Bên ngoài trạm bỏ phiếu ở Yau Ma Tei North, người dân địa phương đã xếp hàng dài chờ đợi xem xét kiểm phiếu. Khi các cánh cửa mở ra thì họ tràn vào khu vực giám sát công cộng.

Đã sáu tháng kể từ cuộc khủng hoảng chính trị xảy ra, người dân có vẻ đã mất niềm tin vào chính phủ. Họ muốn đảm bảo rằng quy trình kiểm phiếu hoàn toàn công bằng và minh bạch.

Trong khi chờ đợi tổng số trong hội đồng quận của họ được kiểm tra, họ cũng có thể theo dõi kết quả từ nơi khác trên điện thoại di động của họ.

Chỉ nhìn vào nét mặt thì có thể thấy họ không thể tin vào những gì đang xảy ra và mọi người reo hò khi hết kết quả ngạc nhiên này là một kết quả khác ngạc nhiên không kém.

Không ai tưởng tượng được một sự xoá sổ gần như toàn diện như vậy, và chính quyền của Carrie Lam chắc chắn một luồng áp lực mới, buộc bà phải lắng nghe theo yêu cầu của người dân sau thất bại nặng nề của những đồng minh.

Hơn 1.000 ứng cử viên ra tranh cử cho 452 ghế hội đồng quận, lần đầu tiên, tất cả các vị trí đương nhiệm đều bị thách thức. 27 ghế khác sẽ dành cho các đại diện ở các quận xa hơn.

Hiện nay, các đảng thân Bắc Kinh nắm giữ phần lớn các ghế này.

Theo hệ thống bầu cử của Hong Kong, 117 ủy viên hội đồng quận cũng sẽ ngồi trong ủy ban gồm 1200 thành viên bỏ phiếu cho vị trí đặc khu trưởng.

Vì vậy, một chiến thắng của phe ủng hộ dân chủ cũng có thể có tác động lớn quyết định ai sẽ trở thành nhà lãnh đạo tiếp theo của thành phố này.


Hãy xem cách không quân Mỹ tuyển phi công
Donald Trump _ người chơi cờ, thương thảo, CEO và chính trị gia kiểu mới
Chương trình y tế của bà Elizabeth Warren
Ký hay không ký đạo luật bảo vệ Hong Kong _ Xi Jinping sẽ sa lầy vào tử lộ
Nấu món ngon cổ xưa nhất thế giới
Khi nào bạn nên để linh cảm dẫn đường?
Liệu ông Trump sẽ ký luật bảo vệ nhân quyền Hong Kong?
Ký thỏa thuận thương mại với mỹ một quyết định đớn đau của Tàu cộng...
Những người chuyển giới ở Thái Lan "phụ nữ hơn cả phụ nữ"
Mỹ sẽ cứu Hong Kong theo cách của Donald Trump
Chúc mừng Hong Kong thành công _ Donald Trump đại thắng
Chính quyền Myanmar đối phó với các hồn ma
Tinh Tinh cao ba mét từng sống ở Lạng Sơn VN
Một cách kinh doanh cổ ở Nhật Bản
Không thể nào xóa một nền Văn Hóa, Văn Chương và Nghệ Thuật
Dân Chủ không phải là lời giải cho bài toán Việt Nam
Chuyến thám hiểm Bắc Cực phát hiện băng ngày càng mỏng
4 điều cần biết về cuộc biểu tình ở Hong Kong
TC phải giữ cam kết về các quyền tự do cho Hong Kong
Diễn biến mới nhất tại Đại học Bách khoa Hong Kong


EEOC to release employee wellness proposal in January

The regulatory agenda released this week by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission includes issuing a proposed rule on employee wellness programs in January. The EEOC indicated it would address whether incentives offered to employees participating in wellness programs are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reuters (11/20)

Reuters yazdı: Körfez krizinde sürpriz ziyaret


Reuters yazdı: Körfez krizinde sürpriz ziyaret


Reuters haber ajansı, Katar Dışişleri Bakanı Şeyh Muhammed bin Abdurrahman el Sani'nin Suudi Arabistan'ın başkenti Riyad'a geçen ay sürpriz bir ziyaret gerçekleştirdiğini yazdı.

Bu ziyaretin gerçekleşmiş olması, 2,5 yıldır Körfez ülkeleri tarafından Katar'a uygulanan ablukanın hafifletilmesi anlamına gelebilir.

Bu konuyu ilk defa dile getiren ABD merkezli Wall Street Journal gazetesi oldu.

BBC Türkçe'nin aktardığına göre gazete, Amerikalı ve Arap yetkililere dayandırdığı haberinde el Sani'nin Suudi Arabistan'da üst düzey yetkililerle görüşmeler gerçekleştirdiğini kaleme aldı.

Reuters haber ajansı, iki kaynağına dayandırdığı haberinde bu ziyaretin, mayıs ayında Katar başbakanının Mekke'de düzenlenen Arap zirvesine katılımının ardından gerçekleşen en üst düzey ziyaret olduğunu belirtiyor.

Ancak Katar Dışişleri Bakanı el Sani'nin, Suudi Arabistan'ın veliaht prensi Muhammed bin Salman ile görüşüp görüşmediği bilinmiyor.

ABD'li Senatör Chris Murphy, Reuters'a yaptığı açıklamada Katarlı bakanın ziyaretinin iki taraf arasında bir diyalog başladığına dair önemli bir gelişme olabileceği yorumunu yapıyor.

Cumhurbaşkanı Tayyip Erdoğan da bu hafta başında Katar'a gerçekleştirdiği ziyareti sırasında Katar ile Körfez ülkeleri arasındaki krizin bir an önce sona ermesini umut ettiğini söylemişti.

2017 yılının Haziran ayında Suudi Arabistan, Mısır, Bahreyn, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri ve Yemen, Katar ile diplomatik ilişkilerini kestiğini açıklamıştı. Karara gerekçe olarak "Katar'ın terörizme destek vermesi" gösteriliyordu.

Beş Arap ülkesi Katar'ı; Irak Şam İslam Devleti (IŞİD) ve El Kaide dahil çeşitli militan grupları destekleyerek "bölgeyi istikrarsızlaştırmakla" suçluyor.

Katar'ın ayrıca Müslüman Kardeşler'e verdiği desteğe de dikkat çekiliyor. Doha yönetimi ise suçlamaları reddediyor.

Bu ülkeler Katar'a 13 talep sıralayarak ancak bu isteklerinin gerçekleştirilmesi halinde ablukanın kaldırılacağını belirtiyorlar.

Bu talepler arasında Katar'daki Türk askeri üssünün kapatılması da yer alıyor...

Erdoğan, bu hafta gerçekleştirdiği ziyaretinde bu talep ile ilgili olarak, "Hiç kimse ülkemizin bu coğrafyadaki mevcudiyetinden rahatsız olmamalıdır. Sizler, Katar başta olmak üzere tüm bölgede gelecekte özellikle takdirle anılacak tarihi bir görev icra ediyorsunuz. Bu vesileyle Körfez bölgesinde iki buçuk yıldır devam eden krizin bir an evvel çözülmesini temenni ediyorum" karşılığını vermişti.

Suudi Arabistan hükümeti konu ile ilgili olarak Reuters'ın sorularına cevap vermezken geçen hafta sonu Suudi Arabistan Dışişleri Bakanlığı halen Katar'ın taleplerini yerine getirmesini beklediklerini söylemişti.

Reuters'a konuşan bir Arap diplomat ise gelecek ay Suudi Arabistan'da düzenlenecek bölge zirvesinin ilişkilerin geliştirilmesi için bir vesile olabileceğini aktardı.


South Africa's Karoo drills and prays as taps run dry

While South Africa's Karoo region has always been parched, nothing prepared residents of its oldest town, Graaff-Reinet, for their worst drought in more than a century.


Boris Johnson replaced by ice sculpture at debate

British TV network Channel 4 replaced UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a melting ice sculpture after he declined an invitation to participate in a televised debate on climate policy. Eve Johnson reports.


Scottish red deer 'evolving' due to climate change

Red deer on a remote Scottish island are giving birth earlier - and scientists say it's evidence that animals are evolving to cope with climate change. Francesca Lynagh reports.


How Scottish farmers are growing gourmet plants with sea water

A British startup is teaching farmers how to grow crops using water from a source which won't run out - the sea.


Blue whales can survive on 2 heartbeats a minute

Using a bright orange electrocardiogram machine attached with suction cups to the body of a blue whale, scientists for the first time have measured the heart rate of the world's largest creature and came away with insight about the renowned behemoth's physiology.


Republicans increasingly concerned over climate inaction

The majority of Americans, including a growing share of moderate Republicans, are dissatisfied with U.S. government efforts to curb global warming, researchers said on Monday. Jonah Green has more.


Producers race to make a tasty faux turkey

When American vegetarians, pescatarians and flexitarians sit down at the Thanksgiving table this week, there's one thing many agree they would be thankful for: a tasty, plant-based alternative to turkey.


Eco-power or greenwashing? The world of carbon offsets

As brands such as easyJet jump on the carbon offset bandwagon, green groups accuse the sector of using the scheme to try to buy out of the problem cheaply. Here's a breakdown of the issue.


Еврокомиссия занялась расследованием методов Google по сбору данных


Антимонопольные органы Евросоюза занялись расследованием в отношении Google. Расследование будет касаться методов компании по сбору данных пользователей. В частности, антимонопольная служба сосредоточится на сборе данных, связанных с местными поисковыми службами, использованием браузеров и таргетированной рекламой. Об этом сообщает Reuters со ссылкой на заявление Еврокомиссии.

Представитель Евросоюза сообщил агентству, что антимонопольные органы ищут информацию о том, как и почему подразделение Alphabet — Google — собирает информацию о пользователях. В рамках расследования ЕС направил коммерческим компаниям опросники о методах сбора данных Google. Ответ они обязаны предоставить в течение месяца. В частности, регуляторов интересует, какие данные запрашивает Google и как компания использует полученную информацию. Какие именно компании участвуют в опросе, в Еврокомиссии не уточнили.
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UN: States Denounce Egypt’s Rights Record


The 36th Session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

© 2017 Reuters

(Geneva) – United Nations member countries offered strong criticism and scores of recommendations addressing Egypt’s human rights crisis at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on November 13, 2019, Human Rights Watch said today.

During the review, countries across all regions called on Egypt to end torture and ill-treatment, investigate crimes committed by security forces, allow nongovernmental organizations and activists to work independently, and protect human rights while countering terrorism. Many countries also said that Egypt should halt executions and review its laws to minimize or end the use of the death penalty. Several countries said that Egypt should take more serious measures to halt violence against women, including by criminalizing domestic violence and by prosecuting those responsible for female genital mutilation, which is still widely practiced.

“The strong criticism of Egypt from countries across the world shows the international community is waking up to the human rights crisis in Egypt,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “It’s important for these countries to follow-up with Egypt directly to take concrete measures to adopt their recommendations.”

Established in 2006, the Universal Periodic Review involves a comprehensive review of the human rights records of all UN member states by other countries in a rotation every four and a half years. Local and international organizations, as well as the country under review, have the opportunity to contribute reports to inform the review process.

Following each review, a group of three member states collaborate with the state under review, and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights will produce an “outcome report” that includes the recommendations presented and the responses of the state under review.

Egypt has several months to accept or reject the recommendations. The Human Right Council will adopt the UPR report, including the recommendations, at its session in March 2020. More than 130 countries offered 372 recommendations. Unlike previous UPR cycles, Egypt did not immediately accept any recommendations, and said it will use the time available to consider them. Egypt should accept all substantive recommendations to improve its human rights record, and UN experts, member states, and agencies should continue pressing Egypt to halt its violations, Human Rights Watch said.

Although Egypt accepted recommendations to improve its human rights record during previous UPR cycles, and promised several times to amend its laws to strictly prohibit and punish torture, the government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has moved in the opposite direction. Since assuming office, the al-Sisi government has issued more laws that grant impunity for army and police officers and has generally failed to transparently investigate and prosecute serious human rights violations, including apparent crimes against humanity.

The head of the Egyptian government delegation, Omar Marwan, claimed during the November 13 review that “Egypt had exerted its utmost efforts for the past five years to implement the [earlier] recommendations.” In its previous review in 2014, Egypt accepted 224 out of 300 recommendations. However, the government carried out few of these recommendations and human rights violations have since dramatically escalated.

Countries at the Human Rights Council should continue to exert pressure on Egypt to reform its human rights record, including by expressing concerns through collective statements during upcoming sessions of the council in 2020.

Human Rights Watch made two submissions to the current review. A general submission examined the severe deterioration of human rights since Egypt’s last review in 2014 and a joint submission with the Egyptian Front for Human Rights, an independent Czech-based group, detailed war crimes and serious rights abuses by government forces and armed groups in North Sinai.

A few weeks before this review session, following nationwide anti-government protests that erupted on September 20, the Egyptian authorities rounded up over 4,300 people in one of the largest sweeps in the country since late 2013. The mass arrests included well-known figures and activists, and sometimes included their relatives.

Leading human rights activists in Egypt were not able to participate in the review session since the authorities have banned most of them from leaving the country for the past four years, and have relentlessly prosecuted them under criminal charges in violation of their basic rights and liberties.

In October, Gamal Eid, a leading rights activist and lawyer, was physically assaulted in Cairo by armed men under circumstances that indicate the involvement of state security agencies. That month, authorities also detained prominent human rights lawyer Mohamed al-Baqer. Egypt’s authorities have kept Ibrahim Ezz el-Din, a researcher with the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, in incommunicado detention since they arrested him in June.

“Egyptian authorities’ flagrant abuses only days before the UN review session shows the utter disregard this government has for human rights,” Stork said. “It will only act to uphold rights when other governments step up the pressure.”


Syria: Civilians Abused in ‘Safe Zones’


Fighters of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (also called the Syrian National Army) enter the town of Tal Abyad.

© 2019 AP Images
(Beirut, November 27, 2019) – Factions of the Syrian National Army (SNA), a Syrian non-state armed group backed by Turkey in northeast Syria, have summarily executed civilians and failed to account for aid workers who disappeared while working in the ‘safe zone,’ Human Rights Watch said today. The armed group has also apparently refused to allow the return of Kurdish families displaced by Turkish military operations and looted and unlawfully appropriated or occupied their property.

Turkey should investigate human rights abuses, in many cases potential war crimes, in territory over which they currently exercise effective control, press SNA forces to end these abuses, and ensure that those responsible are held to account. Local commanders of the group should also investigate and hold individuals responsible for the abuses accountable.

“Executing individuals, pillaging property, and blocking displaced people from returning to their homes is damning evidence of why Turkey’s proposed ‘safe zones’ will not be safe,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Contrary to Turkey’s narrative that their operation will establish a safe zone, the groups they are using to administer the territory are themselves committing abuses against civilians and discriminating on ethnic grounds.”

On October 9, 2019, Turkish Armed Forces and the armed group invaded territory in northeast Syria that since 2012 had been under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, made up primarily of the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG). Since the incursion began, Turkey and the factions it supports have indiscriminately shelled civilian areas, carried out at least seven summary killings, unlawfully occupied private civilian homes and shops and looted the owners’ property, and have not accounted for aid workers who may have been forcibly disappeared while working in their zones.

Human Rights Watch interviewed 10 individuals, including 2 doctors and 3 relatives of victims, to document these abuses. Human Rights Watch also reviewed footage and images provided by activists and relatives that corroborate these abuses. On October 11, videos and images, including some posted by the SNA itself, have emerged on social media showing its members shooting at a person who was lying down without moving and appeared to pose no threat and standing atop the dead body of another person in a degrading manner. Human Rights Watch also documented the execution of a Kurdish political activist, Hevrin Khalaf, and researched what happened to three Kurdish Red Crescent aid workers who disappeared in SNA-controlled territory, including the apparent unlawful killing of at least one of them. Human Rights Watch interviewed three relatives and colleagues who verified the victims’ identities and the circumstances of their deaths.

Human Rights Watch also interviewed five Kurdish civilians between November 6 and 11 who said that the armed group’s forces were occupying their homes and other property and had arbitrarily prevented them or their relatives from returning. A Reuters journalist of Kurdish origin posted pictures of his house on October 30, claiming that the group had occupied it. In another case the group’s forces killed three Kurdish men who had been trying to return to the city of Ras al-Ayn, witnesses and relatives said, and prevented another Kurdish man from returning while allowing Arab residents to return.

Both international humanitarian law and human rights law prohibit unlawful killings and any arbitrary deprivation of life, which includes targeting civilians. International humanitarian law also strictly prohibits, and deems a war crime, the deliberate killing of injured, surrendered, or captured combatants (people deemed hors de combat) and enforced disappearances.

Under the laws of war, pillaging or forcibly taking private property for personal use is prohibited and can also constitute a war crime. Combatants are not allowed to seize property for personal use, which is a war crime, and the laws of war also prohibit destruction of property not justified by military necessity. International norms require protecting the property of displaced people against destruction and arbitrary and illegal appropriation, occupation, or use.

International law further stipulates that civilians who were forcibly displaced during a conflict should be allowed to return home as soon as possible without conditions. If forces have security concerns, then they should conduct individual assessments of residents, impose temporary, limited restrictions if justified, and not seek to impose blanket or indefinite bans to prevent them from returning. Occupiers are prohibited from moving segments of the population out of their homes for non-security reasons and seeking to replace them with populations from other territory.

All parties to a conflict are obliged to investigate alleged war crimes by their members and ensure that those responsible are appropriately punished. Commanders who knew or should have known about crimes committed by their subordinates but took no action to prevent or prosecute them can be held criminally liable as a matter of command responsibility.

The de facto authorities in the areas where Human Rights Watch has documented these abuses should ensure that those responsible are held to account, that it is safe for people to return if they wish, and that no one is refused the right to return on the basis of their ethnicity or identity, Human Rights Watch said. The Turkish government should also end its military assistance to SNA factions responsible for these abuses.

“Turkey is turning a blind eye to the reprehensible behaviour displayed by the factions it arms,” Whitson said. “So long as Turkey is in control of these areas, it has a responsibility to investigate and end these violations.”

Since the incursion into northern Syria started, Turkish Armed Forces and the SNA have taken control of the area between Tal Abyad (Gire Spi) and Ras al-Ayn (Serekaniye) and part of the international highway (the M4) running between southeast Turkey and northeast Syria. Despite an October 22 ceasefire and safe zone agreement between Russia and Turkey, clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces – the Kurdish-led forces once backed by the United States-led coalition against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) – and the SNA continue.

According to the United Nations, the incursion initially displaced at least 200,000 people, and about 100,000 are now returning. Almost half have returned to areas controlled by the Turkish-backed factions and the Turkish Armed Forces in Tal Abyad, Ein Issa, and Suluk.

Summary Killings and Enforced Disappearances

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Syrian non-state armed groups executed nine civilians, including the Kurdish-Syrian politician Hevrin Khalaf, on October 12. Videos of Khalaf’s execution surfaced online on October 13. The videos Human Rights Watch reviewed show armed men standing over the body of a woman, which relatives and activists confirmed was Khalaf.

In another video, armed men who identify themselves as members of the SNA are seen shooting automatic weapons at a figure lying unmoving on the side of a road. Bellingcat, an open source investigative site, identified Ahrar al-Sharqiyeh forces, a faction of the SNA, as having been at both the Khalaf execution and the killing that appears in the second video. Ahrar al-Sharqiyeh denied its involvement in the killings.

In another case, a relative and two colleagues of the three Kurdish Red Crescent volunteers said an SNA faction that they could not identify advised them that they had detained the volunteers on October 11. A doctor who worked at the hospital with which they were associated told Human Rights Watch that he lost contact with the volunteer team – an ambulance driver and two nurses – who had gone to Suluk in response to an attack on October 11.

The driver’s uncle said that the driver’s brother had sent a text to the driver’s phone on October 14 and a person who identified himself as part of the SNA responded by text saying that the driver was dead and shared a photograph of the body. Both the relative and his colleague verified that the image was of the ambulance driver.

In photos on his Facebook account, the driver is dressed in a military uniform and a YPG flag is draped over his body in the pictures provided by his relatives. His relatives did not receive the body. Human Rights Watch could not determine whether the man was a volunteer with the Kurdish Red Crescent and simultaneously a member of the Kurdish armed group, or whether the Facebook photos were from an earlier period. Even if he was or had also been a member of the armed group, there is no indication that on October 11 he was engaged in anything other than humanitarian activities, Human Rights Watch said.

The circumstances of the two female nurses in the ambulance remain unknown, but their last known whereabouts was in SNA territory and people believed to be from an SNA faction informed the Kurdish Red Crescent aid group that SNA factions had detained them. The Kurdish Red Crescent has publicly called on all parties to the conflict to allow them access to injured people.

Property Confiscation, Looting, and Blocking Return of Kurdish Residents

Human Rights Watch interviewed two people who said that forces they identified as the SNA had occupied their property and looted their possessions. Three people said that they or their Kurdish relatives had attempted to return to their homes in areas under Turkish control but that the armed factions had blocked them. SNA forces also killed three men who were trying to return to their homes in Ras al-Ayn.

A doctor whose home is in Tanhuza, a village eight kilometers from Tal Abyad, said that his family had left their village on October 9 due to shelling and airstrikes and are now scattered across northeast Syria. He said that his Arab neighbor told him that members of the Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction were occupying his family’s five houses. A photo that SNA members posted on November 1 showing them praying in front of one of the houses served as confirmation. He shared with Human Rights Watch pictures of the house before and after to verify that it was his family’s.

In another case, a Kurdish-Syrian man said that his family fled to the city of Raqqa after a Turkish airstrike killed his parents and wounded his brother on October 9 in his village of Kayuta, nine kilometers from Tal Abyad. He said he also learned from neighbors that his home has been unlawfully occupied. He said that on about October 11, his Arab neighbors who had returned to Kayuta told him that a local Arab family had occupied his house, followed by members of Ahrar al-Shaqiyeh.

He said his uncles communicated with Ahrar al-Sharqiyeh about the house, and that the armed group shared pictures of them occupying the house. One of his uncles attempted to return to the village at least five times but the SNA faction turned him away at the entrance and told him it was a military area. However, he saw that his Arab neighbors who had told him his house was occupied were allowed in the village.

Three other Kurdish residents of Tal Abyad displaced by the hostilities on October 9 confirmed that their property also was illegally occupied. They said that their Arab neighbors had contacted them and told them that their houses had been looted, and that SNA fighters had installed themselves or displaced Arab families in their houses between October 14 and 18. One displaced Kurdish Syrian man who owns a shop in Tal Abyad said that on October 18, he saw photographs of his shop marked “seized for the benefit of Ahrar al-Shariqyeh” and that an Arab neighbor whom the fighters had offered some of the man’s wares told him that Ahrar al-Shariqyeh had looted everything and tried to sell it.

Activists and relatives in northeast Syria and Europe shared with Human Rights Watch images of the bodies of the three people they said SNA factions had killed when they tried to return to Ras al-Ayn. They identified them as Sheyar Mahmoud Othman, Rezan Khalil Julou, and Mustafa Hisso. The images were later circulated on social media.

Human Rights Watch spoke with Hisso’s uncle, who was with his nephew when the SNA killed him. The uncle said that he and three of his companions had been returning to Ras al-Ayn on October 17 to check on their property. His nephew owned a large cafeteria and was concerned that it would be looted. Hisso’s cousin, whom Human Rights Watch interviewed, said that about 200 meters from an arch near the Ras al-Ayn entrance an armed group that the family believed was a faction of the SNA began firing at Hisso’s van. The uncle threw himself out of the car and ran but his nephew and his two companions in the car were killed.











「安倍首相 美しい国」の画像検索結果

  ※衆議院議員 安倍晋三 公式サイト より 










2019/11/29 11:25



小泉環境相 首相の気候サミット演説拒否報道を否定

2019/11/29 11:19
















Antara Khazanah dan Norway

DALAM tempoh sebulan, Reuters telah melaporkan berita mengenai dua dana kekayaan negara yang berbeza. Pada 25 Oktober lalu, Reuters menerbitkan laporan khas bertajuk ‘Norway wealth fund grows to record

10 things I loved about November; Starbucks, Mac Cosmetics and more


Each month, WPP's chief client officer Lindsay Pattison will share her favourite client developments in the world of creativity and technology. Here she takes a look back at what caught her eye in October.

1. Another month, another excellent podcast. This time it’s Martin Renaud, CMO Mondelēz, talking all things mindful snacking, streamlining the agency model and that holy trinity of data, media and creative. Oh, and being absolutely obsessed with building brands on strong, strategic foundations.

2. Starbuck’s is piloting a ‘micro-café’ in NYC bereft of the usual coffee shop hallmarks: menu boards, comfy chairs and long queues at the cash register. Instead, the space is designed for customers to order via phone (I imagine the Starbucks app will get a whole lot of new users) and then pick up their order on arrival. The space is only 28 square metres (300 square feet) - a smart move to keep sales moving but cut down on rent and staff costs.

3. Unilever has successfully finished trialling ethical ad tech where people who watch video ads online can pick a charity to donate the 50% of the ad revenue to. First up was Knorr and Lynx on traditional advertising sites (powered by the technology Good Loop), now it’s Dove on Instagram stories. Watch out for the swipe up to donate to either UN Women or the local Dove Self-Esteem Project.

4. Mac Cosmetics has taken the intersection of beauty, tech and physical retail to the next level with the Shanghai Experience Centre. With customers invited to use WeChat instore to augment the experience, virtual makeup mirrors that allow you to try 18 different lipstick colours in 30 seconds, and social reviews available at each product station - this is a space that seamlessly blends product discovery, social engagement and purchase.

5. This is so neat and incredibly powerful. Using old black & white war footage juxtaposed with familiar icons and sounds from the gaming world, gamers are being asked to #PauseToRemember on 11 November, 11am (Remembrance Day). The message? War is not a game.

6. Livestream shopping generated $4.4bn in Chinese sales in 2018. One of H&M’s brands, Monki, has embraced it with a recent livestream, filming their editor-in-chief and chief buyer discussing trends and inspecting Monki products live to 19 markets. It was hosted on Monki’s website instead of a third-party app, which meant customers could interact with their host and shop the products.

7. It feels like the beverage arena is as hotly contested as the streaming one right now. That arena has a new player in the form of Coca-Cola’s new flavoured seltzer water brand - AHA. It's Coca-Cola’s first new drink in more than a decade, and it’s well worth the wait. I love the packaging, the crisp-sounding flavours (think lime & watermelon, citrus & green tea) and the splash of caffeine is right up my street.

8. Like many of you reading this column, I’ve long been a fan of Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder and CEO of Bumble. Well, former CEO of Bumble – because she’s now moved up to CEO of MagicLab, Bumble (and Badoo’s) parent company, recently valued at $3bn thanks to Blackstone taking a majority stake.

9. I’ve always thought C-suite titles are a good reflection of industry trends. Today we have chief people officers, chief ethics officers, and at Google, a chief decision scientist. What is a chief decision scientist? Cassie Kozyrkov uses applied data science, AI and behavioural science to create better tools and products - a discipline that she calls decision intelligence. In real life, it also means letting “well thought-out projects flourish, as well as identifying ill-advised projects so these can be shut down before they begin.”

10. And to finish, Prada and Adidas have confirmed a long-term collaboration, with the first products dropping this December. The projects aim? ‘Investigate the realms of heritage, technology and innovation - and to challenge conventional wisdom through unexpected strategies.’ One for all sneaker-heads to keep their eye on ahead of Christmas…


Hong Kong gears up for lunchtime rallies after weekend unrest

Hong Kong protesters geared up for a week of lunchtime rallies on Monday, a day after a mass demonstration showed the anti-government movement can still draw people to the streets even after sweeping recent gains by democrats in district elections.


Three rescue workers killed in helicopter crash in France

Three rescue workers died after their helicopter crashed near Marseille, southern France, while en route to help people caught up in heavy flooding, the French interior ministry said on Monday.


Samoa in Christmas lockdown as measles deaths top 50

The small Pacific island nation of Samoa has closed schools and is restricting travel ahead of the Christmas holiday season as the death toll from a measles outbreak tops 50, in the latest flare-up of a global epidemic of the virus.


Malta's premier says he will step down amid crisis over murdered journalist probe

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, engulfed in crisis over the probe into a murdered journalist, announced on Sunday he planned to step down, saying he would ask his ruling Labour Party to start choosing a new leader for the country next month.


Failure to unite blunts anti-Brexit threat in UK election

Caroline Hegey and Emma Kelland both want to stop Brexit but will back different parties in the medieval city of Canterbury when they vote in Britain's election next week.


President Trump speaks with Israel's Netanyahu about Iran, other issues

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about Iran and other issues, the White House said in a brief statement.


Shootings in northern Mexico town kill 20, pile pressure on president

Clashes sparked by suspected cartel gunmen in a northern Mexican town killed 20 people this weekend, authorities said, putting more pressure on Mexico's president to curb gang violence after the United States vowed to label the gangs terrorists.


Mexico will not accept intervention from abroad, president says

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Sunday his government will deliver justice to the victims of organized crime and repeated that the country would not accept any intervention from abroad.


UK Conservatives' lead over Labour narrows to 9 points: Survation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party saw its lead over Labour narrow to 9 percentage points in the last week, but remains the front runner ahead of a national election on Dec. 12, a Survation poll for ITV's Good Morning Britain said on Monday.


Venezuelan opposition to investigate report of wrongdoing by lawmakers

Venezuela's opposition on Sunday vowed to investigate alleged wrongdoing within its ranks after a media outlet reported that a group of opposition lawmakers had unduly advocated for a businessman linked to the government of President Nicolas Maduro. 


Mexican president voices regret on growth, but says economy fairer

Mexico's president conceded on Sunday that economic growth has fallen short of his expectations, but said that wealth is now more fairly distributed as he celebrated a year in office riding high in opinion polls, in defiance of mounting problems.


At least 14 killed in attack on Burkina Faso church

At least 14 people were shot dead in an attack on a church in eastern Burkina Faso on Sunday morning, the government said.


SPD leadership choice threatens Germany's ruling coalition

The future of Germany's ruling coalition looked shaky after the election of new leaders of the Social Democrats (SPD) who are demanding a shift in policies, and several senior conservatives on Sunday ruled out talks to renegotiate a governing agreement.


SPD leadership choice puts Germany at a political crossroads

The future of Germany's ruling coalition looks shaky after the weekend election of new leaders of the Social Democrats (SPD) who are demanding a shift in policies, which Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have rebuffed.


Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands take to the streets in fresh protests

Police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of anti-government protesters in Hong Kong on Sunday, ending a rare lull in violence, as residents took to the streets chanting "revolution of our time" and "liberate Hong Kong".


Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pope condemns 'virus' of consumerism

Pope Francis on Sunday urged people to resist the excesses of consumerism in the period leading up to Christmas, calling it a virus that attacks faith and offends the needy.


Ukrainian lawmaker's son killed in attack in Kiev: source

Unknown gunmen opened fire at the car of a local lawmaker in the center of Ukrainian capital of Kiev on Sunday, killing his three-year old son, a police source said.


Saudi Arabia releases 11 people questioned over foreign ties: official

Saudi Arabian authorities have released 11 citizens who were detained for several days last month for questioning over suspected links to foreign entities, a Saudi official told Reuters.


EU audit finds Czech Prime Minister Babis in conflict of interest: report

A European Commission audit has confirmed that Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is in a conflict of interest due to his former business empire that he has put into trust funds, weekly Respekt reported on its website on Sunday, quoting sources.


Parliament approves Iraqi prime minister's resignation

Iraq's parliament voted on Sunday to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi after weeks of violent anti-government protests that have rocked the country.


Hundreds of bags of latex and paint


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Targeting Environmental Activists With Counterterrorism Measures is an Abuse of the Law


A campaign poster showing environmental activists Taher Ghadirian, Niloufar Bayani, Amirhossein Khaleghi, Houman Jokar, Sam Rajabi, Sepideh Kashani, Morad Tahbaz and Abdolreza Kouhpayeh, who have been detained since early 2018 in Iran. An Iranian court in November 2019 sentenced Bayani, Tahbaz, Jokar, Ghadirian, Khaleghi and Kashani to prison terms of 6 to 10 years. 

© 2018 #anyhopefornature Campaign
Protecting the endangered Asiatic cheetah. Tweeting a satirical poem. Attending a climate conference. Campaigning against a power plant. These actions hardly conjure images of suicide bombers or coup plotters. Yet, they have been labelled “eco-terrorism,” “extremism,” or “threats to national security” by governments and businesses that seek to block the work of environmental activists.

As young people around the world gather for a global climate strike on Friday, and as the 25th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) begins in Madrid on Monday, conference delegates would do well to consider that one important way to protect the environment is to protect environmental defenders.

Activists from mining communities protesting at the Pietermaritzburg High Court on August 24, 2018, KwaZulu-Natal.

© 2018 Rob Symons
To be sure, environmentalists face dangers beyond being labelled security threats. From the Amazon rainforest to South African mining communities, activists defending ecosystems and ancestral lands are threatened, attacked and even killed with near-total impunity. But the unjust labelling of environmentalists as dangerous criminals or threats to national security is often more insidious, as it is generally carried out under the aegis of the law.

Authorities have an obligation to prosecute criminal acts. But typically, environmental defenders peacefully exercise their rights to freedom of speech, association, and assembly. Only in exceptional cases would their acts meet a generally-accepted definition of terrorism. And when environmentalists engage in civil disobedience, they do not usually aim to undermine the rule of law. Yet, we should consider the following:

  • In Poland, days before hosting the COP24 in December 2018, authorities issued a terrorism alert and denied entry to at least 13 foreign climate activists registered to attend, calling them security threats. Poland also empowered the police to collect data about conference participants without judicial oversight or participants’ knowledge.
  • In France, days before hosting the COP21 in November 2015, authorities placed at least 24 climate activists under house arrest using emergency counterterrorism measures enacted after the deadly Paris attacks that month. The activists were accused of flouting a ban on COP21 protests.
  • In Iran, eight members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, imprisoned since early 2018, were just handed prison terms of up to 10 years for allegedly spying for the US. During a flawed trial, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards accused them of using their work protecting the endangered Asiatic cheetah as a cover. The group’s founder, also arrested in 2018, died in custody under suspicious circumstances.
  • In Kenya, authorities have unjustly accused environmental activists opposing a mega-infrastructure project of ties to the extremist armed group al-Shabab and threatened, beat, and arbitrarily detained them. In July, a court suspended the project’s coal-fired power plant. Activists contend the development will still destroy forests, kill fish, and displace communities.
  • In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte in 2018 placed 600 civil society activists, including environmentalists, on a list of alleged members of the country’s communist party and its armed wing, which he declared to be a terrorist organisation. Until a court intervened, the list included Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, an indigenous Filipina who is the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples and has protested Philippines mining projects.
  • In Ecuador, eight years passed before environmental activist José “Pepe” Acacho was cleared of “terrorism” charges for opposing mining and oil exploration in the Amazon.
  • In the US in 2018, the then-interior secretary blamed wildfires on “environmental terrorist groups” that opposed logging. In 2017, a pipeline operator sued Greenpeace and other environmental groups for a “rogue eco-terrorist” campaign against an oil pipeline. A court dismissed the lawsuit in February. Largely peaceful protesters said the underground pipeline threatened Native American sacred sites and drinking water.
  • In Russia, since 2012, at least 14 environmental organisations have had their work curtailed and in June, the head of the group Ecodefence!, fled the country to avoid being targeted under an abusive “foreign agents” law. In April, a court fined an environmental activist for “mass distribution of extremist materials” for posting a satirical poem about mining oligarchs.

During the COP25, participating governments should encourage activists to air their concerns about the climate crisis and their own safety, and draw on their combined expertise to help identify solutions.

They should also commit to rigorously implementing treaties that protect environmental defenders. One is the Aarhus Convention, which the European Union and Poland have been criticised for flouting. Another is Latin America’s Escazu Agreement, which requires just five additional ratifications to enter into force. Chile, which will preside over the COP25, should lead by example and ratify it.

COP25 delegates should recognize that to genuinely protect the environment, they also need to protect its defenders—including those unjustly targeted in the name of security.

Also check out this web essay by Letta ,Cara, and Katharina Rall.


Targeted: Counterterrorism Measures Take Aim at Environmental Activists


On November 29, 2019, young people will gather at locations around the world for a Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike. On December 2, United Nations delegates, world leaders, business executives, and activists will meet at the 25th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid to discuss ways to protect the environment. Participants in these events should also discuss ways to protect the protectors: the individuals and groups targeted around the world for their efforts on behalf of the planet.

The dangers facing environmental defenders do not stop at accusations that they are national security risks. From the Amazon rainforest to South African mining communities, activists seeking to preserve ecosystems and ancestral lands are being threatened, attacked, and even killed with near total impunity, Human Rights Watch has found. But in contrast to many of these illegal acts, the unjust labeling of environmentalists as security threats is often more insidious, as it is generally carried out under the color of law.

And while not all environmental activism is peaceful, only in exceptional cases would the actions of environmental activists meet a generally recognized definition of terrorism – actions aimed at terrorizing populations by causing or threatening death or serious physical harm to others to advance an ideological or political agenda. Nor, in nearly all cases, do their actions aim to undermine the rule of law. Typically, these individuals and groups are peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of speech, association, and assembly. When they engage in civil disobedience, their aim is usually to strengthen – and improve the enforcement of – existing environmental protection measures. Here are a few examples where environmental activists have been smeared as terrorists or other national security threats:

  • In Poland, the authorities denied entry in December 2018 to at least 13 foreign climate activists who were registered to attend COP24 in the southern city of Katowice, contending they posed a threat to public order and national security. Along with other individuals and groups, the activists had planned to press COP24 participants for rapid action to address climate change.

    Protesters march during the United Nations COP24 climate change summit in Katowice, Poland, on December 8, 2018.

    © 2018 SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/Damian Klamka)

    The authorities had previously passed a special law empowering the police to collect data about conference participants without judicial oversight or the participants’ knowledge and consent and ban spontaneous protests during COP24. They also issued a terrorism alert that authorized increased vehicle checks and other security controls for Katowice and surrounding areas for the duration of the summit. Border officials detained and questioned several activists for hours, in some cases without allowing them to communicate their location or contact a lawyer.

  • In November 2015, French police used a sweeping counterterrorism emergency law enacted in response to the deadly Paris attacks earlier that month to place at least 24 climate activists under house arrest without judicial warrant, raid activists’ homes, and seize computers and personal belongings.

    Police raid a building suspected of housing climate activists in Paris on November 27, 2015, prior to the UN COP21 climate change summit. 

    © 2015 AFP/Laurent Emmanuel
    The activists were accused of flouting a ban on organizing protests related to COP21, which was being held in France the following week to sign the Paris Agreement on reducing emissions that contribute to global warming.

  • In Iran, six members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF), imprisoned since early 2018, were handed prison terms of up to 10 years in November for allegedly spying for the United States. During a deeply flawed trial, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards said the environmentalists used their work to protect the Asiatic cheetah – one of the world’s most endangered species – as a cover. A charge against four of the accused of “spreading corruption on Earth,” a crime that can carry the death penalty, was reportedly dropped in October. Two other PWHF members also detained in early 2018 were awaiting judgment. A ninth environmentalist, PWHF founder Kavous Seyed Emami, died a few weeks after his arrest under suspicious circumstances in what the Iranian authorities alleged to be a suicide.

    A campaign poster showing environmental activists Taher Ghadirian, Niloufar Bayani, Amirhossein Khaleghi, Houman Jokar, Sam Rajabi, Sepideh Kashani, Morad Tahbaz and Abdolreza Kouhpayeh, who have been detained since early 2018 in Iran. An Iranian court in November 2019 sentenced Bayani, Tahbaz, Jokar, Ghadirian, Khaleghi and Kashani to prison terms of 6 to 10 years. 

    © 2018 #anyhopefornature Campaign

    Issa Kalantari, the head of Iran’s Department of Environment, said there was no evidence that the detained environmentalists were spies. He said the arrests have had a chilling effect on environmental groups in the country.

    The arrests appear to be motivated both by Iran’s “paranoia” about foreign countries using environmentalists as cover and its recognition that anger over environmental degradation can unite populations against government policies, said Kaveh Madani, the country’s former deputy environmental director. Madani returned to his native Iran from London in 2017 to take up the post, but said he was immediately detained and questioned by Revolutionary Guards, who broke into his phone, computer, emails, and social media accounts, and called him a “bioterrorist,” a “water terrorist,” and a spy. He left Iran after seven months, alleging repeated harassment including for his criticism of dam projects, which are constructed by the Revolutionary Guards.

  • In Kenya, the police and military have frequently labeled environmental activists opposing a mega-infrastructure project in the Lamu coastal region, including a coal-fired power plant, as “terrorists” while subjecting them to threats, beatings, and arbitrary arrests and detentions. In 15 cases documented by Human Rights Watch between 2013 and 2016, the authorities accused environmental defenders of membership in, or links to, the extremist armed group al-Shabab but provided no compelling evidence.

    Residents and environmental activists on Lamu island, Kenya, protest the proposed Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia (LAPSSET) project on March 1, 2012.

    © 2012 Reuters/Joseph Okanga

    The activists are protesting construction of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor, the biggest infrastructure project in Central and East Africa, which is to include a 32-berth seaport, three international airports, a road and railway network, and three resort cities. They contend that LAPSSET will pollute the air and water, destroy mangrove forests and breeding grounds for fish, and take farmland without just compensation, displacing communities and destroying their livelihoods.

    In July, Kenya’s environmental tribunal blocked approval of the power plant absent a new environmental impact study, finding the China-backed developers’ original assessment and public consultation process inadequate. The rest of the LAPSSET project continues. So does the intimidation campaign, activists protesting LAPSSET told Human Rights Watch.

  • In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte in 2018 placed 600 civil society members, including environmentalists and indigenous rights defenders, on a list of alleged members of the country’s communist party and its armed wing, which he declared to be a terrorist organization. Duterte’s “terrorist list” included Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, an indigenous Filipina who is the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples and a climate change activist.

    Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, the United Nations special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, at UN headquarters in New York in April 2018. 

    © 2018 New York Times/Annie Ling
    In late 2017, Tauli-Corpuz had criticized the government for attacks and other abuses against indigenous communities that opposed coal and diamond mining on ancestral lands. Although a Manila court months later ordered the government to remove Tauli-Corpuz from the list, a Philippines military official in 2019 renewed the campaign against her, accusing her of “infiltrating” the UN for the communist insurgents. Several UN human rights experts condemned Tauli-Corpuz’s listing.

  • In Ecuador, eight years passed before the prominent environmental activist José “Pepe” Acacho, a Shuar indigenous leader, was able to clear himself of “terrorism” charges for his activities opposing mining and oil exploration in the Amazon. Acacho was charged with terrorism in 2010 for allegedly inciting violence during Shuar protests against a mining law.

    Pepe Acacho, second from left, leaves a courtroom in Quito, Ecuador, on February 8, 2011, after a judge granted his habeas corpus petition.

    © 2011 AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa
    He was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Human Rights Watch reviewed the trial documents and found no credible evidence of terrorism-related crimes. In 2018, Ecuador’s highest court threw out the terrorism conviction but instead sentenced him to eight months in prison for “public services obstruction” – a charge for which he was never tried and hence never had the opportunity to contest. Acacho spent 17 days in jail before receiving a presidential pardon in October 2018.

  • In the US in August 2018, then-US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke blamed “environmental terrorist groups” that opposed logging for wildfires on the West Coast – a proposition immediately attacked by leading environmental organizations including the Sierra Club. In 2017, 84 members of the US Congress, most of them Republicans, asked the Justice Department if activists mobilizing against the construction of oil pipelines could be prosecuted as terrorists. (The department’s response was that in some cases, yes.)

    Native Americans protest construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota on September 4, 2019. 

    © 2019 AFP via Getty Images/Robyn Peck

    That same year, a major pipeline operator, Energy Transfer Partners LP, filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of launching a “rogue eco-terrorist” campaign against the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline. Environmental activists and Native American tribes had tried to block construction of the 1,172-mile-long, underground pipeline through North Dakota during a protracted standoff with the authorities in 2016, saying it threatened sacred sites and drinking water. A federal court dismissed the lawsuit earlier this year.

    Although the protesters were largely peaceful, some resorted to violence and were convicted of protest-related crimes, but none for offenses that even remotely approximated terrorism. UN experts condemned security force responses to the protests as “excessive,” including their use of rubber bullets, teargas, compression grenades, mace, and “inhuman and degrading” detention conditions.

  • In Russia, at least 14 environmental groups have stopped work in recent years, and the head of the prominent group Ekozaschita! (Ecodefense!), Alexandra Koroleva, fled the country in June to avoid prosecution under the draconian Law on Foreign Agents. The 2012 law requires any Russian group accepting foreign funding and carrying out activities deemed to be “political” to register as a “foreign agent,” a term that in Russia implies “spy” or “traitor.” Authorities have used the law to silence groups that opposed state-sanctioned development projects and petitioned authorities for the release of imprisoned environmental activists, a Human Rights Watch investigation found.

    Alexandra Koroleva, the head of the Russian nongovernmental organization Ecodefense, fled to Germany in June 2019 to avoid being targeted under the abusive Russian “foreign agents” law. 

    © 2019 Ecodefense

    Russian officials including the special envoy for environmental protection, Sergey Ivanov, have applied the “extremist” label to Greenpeace Russia. An activist with Stop GOK, a Russian group seeking to block mining and enrichment plants, was fined in April 2019 for “mass distribution of extremist materials” because he published a poem on the organization’s social media page that the government had banned as extremist in 2012. The Russian nongovernmental organization SOVA Center, which analyzes counter-extremism trends, found that the poem, “Last Wish to the Ivans,” is a satirical address to destitute, alcohol and drug-addicted Russians from oligarchs and authorities profiting from extracting natural resources.

    Stop GOK and Greenpeace Russia were among groups named in a 2018 report by pro-government technologists as “environmental extremists” working for “influential forces in the West” bent on sabotaging strategic industries. The report was widely covered by state-controlled media.

Civil society participation will be crucial to ambitious outcomes at COP25. Parties to the summit, which include all UN member countries and the European Union, should allow activists ample opportunity to air their concerns about the climate crisis and use their combined expertise to help identify solutions. They should also provide activists with a safe space to speak out about the threats they face for carrying out their work.

In addition, parties should publicly commit to robustly carrying out international and regional treaties that protect environmental defenders. One of these treaties is the Escazu Agreement (the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean), the world’s first covenant to include specific provisions promoting and protecting environmental defenders. Twenty-one countries have signed the 2018 agreement. But only six countries have ratified it – five shy of the ratifications needed to enter it into force. Chile, which stepped down as COP25 host because of protests stemming from economic grievances, but will still preside over the negotiations in Madrid, should lead by example and ratify the agreement.

COP25 participants should also commit to upholding the Aarhus Convention (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters), to which Spain is a signatory. The convention – an environmental pact for Europe, the European Union, and Central Asia – grants the public, including environmental groups, an array of rights including public participation and access to information and justice in governmental decisions on the environment, without harassment or persecution. Parties to the treaty, including the EU, and Poland for its crackdown at COP24, have been criticized – including in some cases by the Aarhus Convention’s own oversight body – for flouting these provisions.

COP25 delegates should recognize that to genuinely protect the environment, they also need to protect its defenders – including those unjustly targeted in the name of security.


Scientists Get First-Ever Measure of Blue Whale Heart Rate

For the first time ever, scientists have recorded the heart rate of the world’s largest creature: the blue whale. To get this reading, they attached an electrocardiogram device to the body of a whale. They found that the mammal’s heart rate can slow to just two beats a minute as the animal searches for food below the surface of the ocean. The highest heart rate they recorded was 37 beats a minute after the whale returned to the surface for air. The team’s study appears online in the publication Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived. It can grow to 30 meters long and weigh as much as 181,000 kilograms. The animal’s heart alone weighs more than a fully grown cow.   Stanford University ocean biologist Jeremy Goldbogen led the blue whale heart rate study. He said such research helps scientists understand how massive animals operate. Generally, larger animals have slower heart rates. A normal human heart of a person at rest beats 60 to 100 times each minute. It increases to about 200 beats a minute during exercise. The smallest mammals, shrews, have heart rates of more than a thousand beats per minute. The researchers recorded nine hours of information on a 22-meter-long male from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. The data did not come easily. “First, we has to find a blue whale, which can be very difficult” Goldbogen said, because these animals live across massive areas of open ocean. But, with years of research experience and some luck, he explained, the team was able to position a small boat along the whale’s left side. Then, the researchers connected a special recording device to a very long pole. As the whale surfaced to breathe, they quickly deployed the device as near to the animal's heart as possible: just behind its left flipper. The small device had four suction cups on it, permitting it to remain on the whale for several hours. Blue whales belong to the baleen whale family. These whales are toothless. Instead of teeth, they have baleen, a softer material made from the same substance as fingernails. To feed, the whales flood their mouths with huge amounts of water and then release it through the baleen. It serves as a filter, trapping krill and other very small sea animals that make up the baleen whale diet. During feeding dives, the blue whale under observation showed extremely low heart rates, usually of four to eight beats a minute and as low as two beats a minute. After surfacing to breathe after food dives, the whale had heart rates of 25 to 37 beats per minute. Blue whales have fascinated biologists and people in general for years. They are not only the largest and biggest-brained animals. They are also the loudest. They can communicate with other whales hundreds of miles away. I’m Caty Weaver.   Reuters News Agency reported this story. Alice Bryant adapted it for VOA Learning English with added information from other sources.     ______________________________________________________________ Words in This Story   electrocardiogram – n. a machine that detects and records the electrical activity of the heart mammal – n. a type of animal that feeds milk to its young and that usually has hair or fur covering most of its skin diet – n. the food that a person or animal usually eats flipper – n. one of two flat body parts that stick out from the side of a seal, whale, etc., and are used by the animal for swimming fascinate – v. to cause (someone) to be very interested in something or someone

Is Music Similar Across Cultures?

Love songs, dance tunes, bed time songs for children – all of these kinds of music share patterns across cultures, a new study finds. Researchers who set up the study say this suggests a commonality in the way human minds create music.   The findings were reported in Science magazine.  Samuel Mehr was the lead author of a report on the study. He is a research associate in psychology at Harvard University in Massachusetts.   Mehr noted that the study supports “the idea that there is some sort of set of governing rules for how human minds produce music worldwide.”  He and other researchers studied musical recordings and ethnographic records from 60 societies around the world. They looked at a mix of very different cultures, such as the Highland Scots in Scotland, Nyangatom nomads in Ethiopia, and Aranda hunter-gatherers in Australia.   The researchers found that music had a link with behaviors such as dancing and loving, among others.  Manvir Singh is a graduate student in Harvard’s department of human evolutionary biology and a co-author of the study. Singh noted that childrens’ lullabies were likely to be slow and fluid while dance songs tended to be fast and lively.  Another co-author of the study was Luke Glowacki, an anthropology professor at the Pennsylvania State University. He noted that the social purpose of the music influences how it sounds.  He said: “Dance songs sound a certain way around the world because they have a specific function. Lullabies around the world sound a certain way because they have a specific function ... If music were entirely shaped by culture and not human psychology you wouldn’t expect these deep similarities to emerge in extremely diverse cultures."  Glowacki noted how amazing the musical patterns across cultures were.   He said: “The fact that a lullaby, healing song or dance song from the British Isles or anywhere else in the world has many musical features in common with the same kind of song from hunter-gatherers in Australia or horticulturalists in Africa is remarkable.” I'm Jonathan Evans.    Will Dunham reported on this story for Reuters. John Russell adapted it for Learning English. George Grow was the editor.   ________________________________________________________________ Words in This Story    pattern – n. the regular and repeated way in which something happens or is done  author – n. a writer of a book or report  ethnographic – adj. from the noun ethnography, the study of human races and cultures  graduate student – n. a person who has successfully completed a bachelor's degree and is continuing their studies   lullaby – n. a song used to help a child fall asleep  function - n. the special purpose or activity for which a thing exists or is used  amazing – adj. of or involving great surprise or wonder  feature – n. a quality or property of something  horticulturalist -- n. people or scientists who grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers  We want to hear from you. Write to us in the Comments Section.  

Solar Energy Offers Lifeline in Power-Starved Yemen

  Yemen’s civil war has resulted in widespread power outages across the country. The United Nations estimates that about 90 percent of the country’s population lost electricity after the war broke out in 2015. The severe power shortage has led some Yemenis to buy solar energy equipment to produce their own electricity. Ebrahim al-Faqih recognized this need four years ago and started selling solar panels. The demand for solar equipment has continued to rise, leading more people to get into the business. “Even people who used to work selling food moved to work in solar energy because of the high demand,” Faqih told the Reuters news agency. He runs a store in the capital Sanaa which sells solar water heaters and panels imported from India and China. Solar energy systems are providing answers to people struggling to meet their personal power needs. The availability of electricity was already extremely limited in Yemen’s rural areas even before the conflict began.     In many areas, electricity is needed to provide one of life’s main necessities, water. Pumps are used to bring water to the surface for drinking and farming. Muhammad Yahya bought solar panels to power his home in the capital. He told Reuters that solar energy has become an important lifeline for many. “Electricity these days isn’t just for lighting, electricity is life,” he said. Yahya said solar energy is clearly being used by many as a way to help them get through the conflict. But he hopes people will keep using it as a main source of electricity when the war ends. Sanaa is controlled by the Houthi movement, which ousted internationally-recognized President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi from power in 2014. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting a ground and air campaign in support of the government of Hadi, who fled to exile in Saudi Arabia. Iran supports the Houthi rebels. Some Yemenis use diesel fuel generators to produce electricity. But such equipment pollutes the air and is too costly for many people. “Alternative energy is better, it changed my life dramatically,” said Akram Noman, who lives in Sanaa. He says he now has very little use for traditional electrical power. Noman said the government should offer tax breaks for people to use solar energy and should help farmers buy solar equipment. Omar Homadi has a farm south of the capital in the Houthi-controlled rural area of Dhamar. He told Reuters he could not cover the cost of running a diesel generator to water his land, so he bought a solar-powered pump. “Our land had dried up but now it has come back to life thanks to the solar energy,” he said. Dhamar’s water production had fallen to 30 percent of pre-war levels, said local water official Muhammad Ali al-Habshi. But production has now returned to 70 to 80 percent of levels before the war because of solar projects supported by international donors. “People used to get water every 10-12 days,” Homadi said. “Now it is every three days...Solar energy was like a dream.” I’m Bryan Lynn.   Reuters news agency reported on this story. Bryan Lynn adapted the report for VOA Learning English. Mario Ritter Jr. was the editor. We want to hear from you. Write to us in the Comments section, and visit our Facebook page. _________________________________________________________________ Words in This Story   panel – n. piece of equipment that attaches to the surface of something generator – n. a machine that produces electricity alternative – adj. different from what is usual or traditional dramatically –adv. suddenly and to an extreme extent  

Panasonic to Sell Semiconductor Business to Nuvoton


Panasonic has announced plans to almost completely withdraw from semiconductor business and sell all of its related assets to Taiwan-based Nuvoton Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Winbond Electronics. Under the terms of the deal, Nuvoton will get Panasonic’s semiconductor manufacturing assets, chip & product development units, contracts, and sales assets for about $250 million. Following the transaction, the only semiconductor-related property that Panasonic will have will be its 20% stake in Socionext.

Panasonic started its semiconductor business back in 1957 and was once a leading designer and maker of chips. As competition in the industry intensified early this decade, the company adopted an asset light strategy and started to gradually withdraw from both the development and manufacturing of semiconductors. In 2014, it sold a 51% stake in its chip manufacturing assets (consisting of one 300-mm and two 200-mm fabs) to TowerJazz, then Panasonic sold off its assembly/test facilities to UTAC. Finally, the company outsourced production of advanced SoCs to Intel Custom Foundry, which symbolized their withdrawal from development of leading-edge process technologies.

It did not take long for the company to realize that the design of complex SoCs was getting too expensive, which is why in March of 2015 it transferred its SoC development assets to Socionext, a joint venture between the Development Bank of Japan, Fujitsu, and Panasonic. Recently, Panasonic sold its diode and transistor business to Rohm Semiconductor. All told, Panasonic's chip business has been on a downward spiral for quite a while now.

By contrast, Nuvoton, which was established in 2008 by Winbond to produce microcontrollers, power management ICs, and other similar devices, has been quite a success. It has numerous clients and it looks like its 200-mm fab is not enough for the company. Under the terms of the agreement with Panasonic and TowerJazz, through acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co. (PSCS) it will get all three Japanese fabs which originally belonged to Panasonic. Meanwhile, the sum that Nuvoton will pay to TowerJass is unknown.

Furthermore, Nuvoton will get Panasonic’s business and R&D operations related to power-management ICs, sensors (for smartphones, vehicles, and various types of cameras) and other types of products by taking over Panasonic Industrial Devices Systems & Technology (PIDST), Panasonic Industrial Devices Engineering (PIDE), and Panasonic Semiconductor Suzhou (PSCSZ) companies.

As a result of the business transaction, Nuvoton will own four semiconductor manufacturing facilities: one 300-mm fab and three 200-mm fabs. Moreover, it will get a rich portfolio of products, customers, and contracts. However it will also be inheriting the debts of the aforementioned companies. Ultimately this will allow Panasonic to exit the semiconductor business, improving its own financial position.

Related Reading:

Sources: Panasonic, Nuvoton. Taipei Times, Reuters


Dell: Intel CPU Shortages Worsened in Q4, Premium & Commercial PCs Impacted


Shortages of Intel’s CPUs have persisted for well over a year now, but according to Dell, they actually got worse in the ongoing quarter because of unexpectedly high demand for client computers and servers. As a result, the company had to cut its revenue forecast for the fourth quarter as sales of its PCs were impacted by the tight supply.

Last week Intel issued a letter apologizing for CPU shipment delays because despite of the fact that it increased its 14 nm capacity by 25% year-over-year in 2019, demand still outpaced supply. Furthermore, Intel experienced production variability in the fourth quarter and because it had limited inventory buffers, it could not absorb the impact. Intel did not explain what variability meant in this case, but based on comments from Dell, it looks like Intel could not produce enough processors for commercial and premium system.

Here is what Jeffrey Clarke, COO of Dell, had to say:

“Intel CPU shortages have worsened quarter-over-quarter the shortages are now impacting our commercial PC and premium consumer PC Q4 forecasted shipments.”

Even though Intel’s supply and demand balance is not favorable to makers of systems, Dell’s PC business revenue was on the rise in Q3 increasing to $11.4 billion by 5% year-over-year. Sales of commercial PCs were up 9% to $8.3 billion, whereas shipments of consumer computers were up 6% to $3.1 billion.

It is particularly noteworthy that Dell remains cautious about Intel CPU supplies going forward, though it naturally does not make any actual predictions, but rather promises to monitor situation and adjust forecasts. Dell is not the first PC company that is cautious about Intel’s ability to meet demand as ASUS also expressed similar concerns earlier this month.

Related Reading:

Sources: Dell, Reuters


Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwest

Separatist rebels fired on a Cameroon Airlines passenger jet as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country on Sunday morning, their leader told Reuters. The scheduled flight from Douala landed safely and there were no casualties, Cameroon Airlines said in a statement confirming the attack. The English-speaking west of Cameroon has been a battleground since 2017 between the army and rebels seeking to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia.

UPDATE 2-Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwest

Separatist rebels fired on a Cameroon Airlines passenger jet as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country on Sunday morning, their leader told Reuters. The scheduled flight from Douala landed safely and there were no casualties, Cameroon Airlines said in a statement confirming the attack. The English-speaking west of Cameroon has been a battleground since 2017 between the army and rebels seeking to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia.

Morning Roundup: Nov. 27, 2019

Two OC Lawyers Seek Federal Help With Sober Living [LA Times]Kamala Harris Unveils Mental Health Plan In South Carolina [Essence]Former "Shark Tank" Contestant Arrested For Drug Possession Totaling $80K [Fox News]US Prosecutors Open Criminal Probe Of Opioid Makers, Distributors [Reuters]Melania Trump Receives Mixed Response While Talking To Baltimore Students About Drugs [USA Today]FDA Grants Psilocybin Second Breakthrough Therapy Designation For Resistant Depression [Medscape]New York City Council Approves Ban On All Flavored E-Cigarettes [CNBC]US Life Expectancy Continues To Drop Due To "Deaths Of Despair" [Newsweek]    


Pro-government supporters rally in Algeria to back planned elections

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Algerian protesters keep up pressure on authorities as vote nears

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Weeks before vote, Algerian protesters pile on the pressure

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Algerians march again as protests step up before vote

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New EU Commission head to start with climate summit, Africa trip - Reuters

New EU Commission head to start with climate summit, Africa trip  Reuters

Λονδίνο : Τρομοκρατική ενέργεια «βλέπει» η αστυνομία στο London Bridge

Η επίσημη ενημέρωση της αστυνομίας για το περιστατικό στο Λονδίνο

“Ένας άνθρωπος μαχαιρώθηκε σήμερα στην περιοχή της Γέφυρας του Λονδίνου και αστυνομικοί πυροβόλησαν έναν ύποπτο”. Αυτό δήλωσε χαρακτηριστικά στο Reuters μια πηγή επικαλούμενη τις δυνάμεις ασφαλείας.

Η τοπική αστυνομία είχε ανακοινώσει νωρίτερα πως αντιμετωπίζει ένα επεισόδιο στη Γέφυρα του Λονδίνου, στο κέντρο της βρετανικής πρωτεύουσας.

Σύμφωνα με τις πληροφορίες που υπάρχουν μέχρι στιγμής, υπάρχουν και τραυματίες από το περιστατικό στο Λονδίνο. Δεν έχει ακόμη διευκρινιστεί πόσοι είναι, ούτε το κατά πόσο η κατάσταση της υγείας τους εμπνέει ανησυχία για την ζωή τους.
Ως τρομοκρατική ενέργεια αντιμετωπίζει και επισήμως την επίθεση στη Γέφυρα του Λονδίνου η μητροπολιτική αστυνομία της πόλης.

Όπως ανακοίνωσε ο υποδιοικητής της μητροπολιτικής αστυνομίας του Λονδίνου, Νιλ Μπασού, η αντιτρομοκρατική υπηρεσία έχει επισήμως αναλάβει τις έρευνες για το περιστατικό, τονίζοντας ότι «διατηρούμε ανοιχτά τα ενδεχόμενα ως προς οποιοδήποτε κίνητρο».

Διαβάστε επίσης: Πόσο «μαύρο» χρήμα θα αποκαλύψουν οι ηλεκτρονικές συναλλαγές
Όπως είπε, στην επίθεση έχουν τραυματιστεί αρκετά άτομα, αλλά δεν επιβεβαίωσε τον ακριβή αριθμό των θυμάτων, ούτε τη σοβαρότητα της κατάστασής τους.

Ο δράστης της επίθεσης έπεσε νεκρός από τα πυρά των αστυνομικών αφού προηγουμένως τραυμάτισε με μαχαίρι -σύμφωνα με τα βρετανικά μέσα- πέντε άτομα.

Ο δράστης είχε ψεύτικο εκρηκτικό μηχανισμό
Ο άνδρας που πυροβολήθηκε και σκοτώθηκε από αστυνομικούς στη Γέφυρα του Λονδίνου έφερε επάνω του έναν ψεύτικο εκρηκτικό μηχανισμό, όπως ανακοίνωσε ο επικεφαλής της αντιτρομοκρατικής αστυνομίας του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου, Νιλ Μπάσου.

«Ο ύποπτος, ένας άνδρας, πυροβολήθηκε από τους ενόπλους αστυνομικούς και μπορώ να επιβεβαιώσω ότι σκοτώθηκε επί τόπου», είπε ο Μπάσου. «Μπορώ επίσης να επιβεβαιώσω ότι (η επίθεση) θεωρείται τρομοκρατική ενέργεια, πρόσθεσε, στη συνέντευξη Τύπου που παραχώρησε.

«Λόγω των αναφορών ότι ο ύποπτος μπορεί να είχε στην κατοχή του έναν εκρηκτικό μηχανισμό, αναπτύχθηκαν στο σημείο πυροτεχνουργοί (της αντιτρομοκρατικής) και αποκλείστηκε μια μεγάλη περιοχή ώστε να διασφαλίσουμε ότι δεν υπάρχει κανένας περαιτέρω κίνδυνος για τους πολίτες», συνέχισε ο Μπάσου.

«Ωστόσο, μπορώ να επιβεβαιώσω σε αυτό το σημείο ότι πιστεύουμε πως η συσκευή που ήταν δεμένη στο σώμα του υπόπτου ήταν ψεύτικη», πρόσθεσε.

Πηγή:, cnn, ARD


A 70-year-old biking grandmother conquers Bolivia's 'Death Road'

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Bolivia reforges U.S. ties as political alliances redrawn

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Berita dunia - Pengunjuk rasa bakar ban di Irak Selatan sebagai bentuk protes baru


Para pengunjuk rasa membakar ban-ban dan mengepung sebuah kantor polisi di Kota Nassiriya, Irak Selatan, pada Sabtu, kata seorang saksi mata Reuters.Aksi tersebut bertujuan menggolkan tuntutan-tuntutan mereka bagi reformasi ...


Cincinnati Divorce Attorney Marcie Patton-Coffman Named Rising Star


Cordell & Cordell Cincinnati divorce attorney Marcie Patton-Coffman was recently named an Ohio Rising Star in the family law practice area by Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters rating service of outstanding lawyers. This is the fifth consecutive year Ms. Patton-Coffman has earned the award. Ms. Patton-Coffman earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Dayton […]

The post Cincinnati Divorce Attorney Marcie Patton-Coffman Named Rising Star appeared first on Cordell & Cordell.


UPDATE 2-#Germany's E.ON to break up UK's Npower in 500 mln stg overhaul


* Talks with unions over restructuring have started-E.ON CEO (Adds details, shares) FRANKFURT/DUESSELDORF, Germany, Nov 29 (Reuters) - German energy group E.ON plans a 500-million-pound ($642 million) ...

BRIEF-Brewin Dolphin FY funds up 5.1% to 45 bln stg


Nov 27 (Reuters) - Brewin Dolphin Holdings PLC: * SAYS TOTAL FUNDS WERE £45.0BN, AN INCREASE OF 5.1% (2018: £42.8BN) * SAYS DISCRETIONARY FUNDS OF £40.1BN, INCLUDING ACQUIRED FUNDS OF £0.3BN, (2018: ...

"Коли думатимете, як простягнути руку Путіну через наші голови, пам'ятайте про 13 тис. загиблих", - Сенцов на врученні премії Сахарова

Фото Reuters

Колишній в'язень Кремля український режисер Олег Сенцов під час вручення йому премії Сахарова у Європарламенті назвав Україну найбільшим єврооптимістом у світі і застеріг евроспільноту від довіри президенту РФ Володимиру Путіну, нагадавши про загиблих унаслідок російської агресії.

Espreso.TV наводить повний текст виступу Сенцова:


Premierul Cehiei se află într-un conflict de interese, din cauza afacerilor sale

Un raport de audit întocmit de Comisia Europeană a confirmat că premierul Cehiei, Andrej Babis, se află într-un conflict de interese din cauza afacerilor sale, care sunt acum administrate de fonduri fiduciare, a relatat publicaţia săptămânală Respekt, citând surse anonime, potrivit agenţiei Reuters.

VIDEO | Crimă în stil mafiot în centrul Kievului: Fiul unui politician ucrainean a fost ucis

Indivizi neidentificaţi au deschis focul în direcţia maşinii unui politician ucrainean, fiul acestuia, în vârstă de trei ani, decedând în urma incidentului petrecut duminică în centrul Kievului, informează agenţia Reuters, citând o sursă din cadrul poliţiei.

Amazon's second-gen ARM-based chips are coming to its cloud business


Amazon’s cloud computing unit designed the ARM-based processor, which, as noted by Reuters, will be 20 percent faster than Graviton, the company’s first-gen ARM chip that was created as a low-cost option.

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In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, November 29, 2019

Tropical forests Africa’s women need secure land rights to continue the battle against hunger, a commission says (New Business Ethiopia). Paper producers have been pressured to address deforestation in Asia (Reuters). The government of Brazil chalks rising deforestation in the country to a broader, multi-year trend (Science Magazine). Making palm sugar has become an alternative […]

U.S. snowstorms turn Thanksgiving holiday travel into a nightmare

Heavy snows in the United States closed roads and canceled nearly 900 flights on what was forecast to be the busiest day of the year for highways and airports, stranding hordes of travelers trying to head home on Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday.


Bank of England's Carney to become U.N. climate finance envoy

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney will lead a push by the United Nations to make the finance sector take proper account of the risks posed by climate change, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Sunday.


'War against nature must stop,' U.N. chief says before climate talks

The world must stop a "war against nature" and find more political will to combat climate change, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Sunday, the eve of a two-week global climate summit in Madrid.


New EU Commission head to start with climate summit, Africa trip

The new head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will attend a climate summit in Madrid and travel to Africa in her first week in the job, highlighting two of the key priorities for the EU executive over the next five years.


Two children dead, one missing in Arizona floods as winter storm blankets U.S.

Two children were found dead and another was missing in Arizona on Saturday after the vehicle they were in became stuck while crossing a storm-swollen forest creek outside Phoenix, part of a post-Thanksgiving winter storm that pummeled wide swathes of the country.


As sea engulfs coastline, Indonesians pay high price to shield homes

Indonesian fisherman Miskan says the once-abundant catches he used to enjoy have been dwindling in recent years on this stretch of the Java Sea.


Search ends for survivors of Albanian quake as death toll reaches 51

Albania ended its search on Saturday for survivors of a powerful earthquake that killed 51 people, and buried more victims of the disaster including toddler twins and their mother.


Winter storm strands 1,000 near Grand Canyon, delays Thanksgiving travelers

Some 1,000 people were stranded without heat or power in a small Arizona town near the Grand Canyon on Friday during a major winter storm that threatened to disrupt travel for millions as it moves east one day after the Thanksgiving holiday.


Rising seas threaten early end for sinking village in Philippines

Danica Martinez, 16, grew up in a house that grows taller every few years.


Students stage global strikes to pressure U.N. climate summit

Thousands of people in Asia and Europe joined rallies demanding more action on climate change on Friday, aiming to force political leaders to come up with urgent solutions at a United Nations conference next week.


France to stress test banks, insurers' climate risks next year

France's financial regulator will subject banks and insurers to climate change stress tests next year, central bank governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau said on Friday.


Mumbai slum-dwellers by the sea live at the mercy of climate change

Already at risk from rains, flooding and open sewers, slum-dwellers who live by the ocean in the Indian financial capital Mumbai are vulnerable to rising seas caused by global warming and say the government should help them move to safer locations.


Airbus considering production of hybrid airplane by 2035

Airbus is considering producing a hybrid plane by 2035 as it strives for a low emission aircraft, its chief executive said.


Europe to consider law on climate neutrality by March

The European Union executive will propose by March 2020 a new climate law to turn the bloc neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 and help lead the struggle against global warming, a draft showed on Friday.


Shrinking lake in Mali spells end of line for family of fishermen

Modeste Traore has lived his whole life by Lake Wegnia, in Mali's Sahel region, and its fish have provided him with a livelihood that supports his extended family of 14 children.


South Africa's Karoo drills and prays as taps run dry

South Africa's Karoo region has always been parched - it means land of thirst in the language of its earliest inhabitants, the Khoisan hunter gatherers.


Portugal's students march for climate as Greta visit delayed

Students took to the streets in eight cities across Portugal on Friday to call for action on climate change, but Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was unable to join them because she was held up by bad weather in mid-Atlantic.


El Nino, La Nina not expected in Pacific but extreme weather still possible: WMO

Neutral conditions are expected to prevail in the Pacific through February, but that will not prevent extreme weather, the U.N.'s World Meteorological Organisation said on Friday


California snow-bound highway reopens but storm snarls Thanksgiving travel

A powerful winter storm pounded parts of the United States on Thursday, bringing heavy snowfall that forced the closure of a major Southern California highway during the busy Thanksgiving holiday.


Exclusive: Big four auditors face investor calls for tougher climate scrutiny

European investors managing assets worth more than 1 trillion pounds ($1.28 trillion) are pressing top auditors to take urgent action on climate-related risks, warning that failure to do so could do more damage than the financial crisis.


Net support for impeachment grew steadily during U.S. congressional hearings, poll shows

---Quote--- NEW YORK (Reuters) - Public support for impeaching President Donald Trump has tracked steadily higher over the past few weeks while a U.S. House of Representatives committee held a series of televised impeachment hearings, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday....

Open Hardware: Arduino and RISC-V

  • OpenGradeSIM is an open source incline simulator for indoor bike trainers

    Although he would probably rather be outdoors, after an injury Matt Ockendon had a lot more time to ride his Tacx Neo indoor trainer and tinker. He decided he wanted his rig to be able to simulate the grade of hills, but as commercially available units with this capability are quite expensive, he instead devised his own solution dubbed “OpenGradeSIM.”


    With this data in hand, the Nano controls a linear actuator using an L298N-based driver board to raise or lower the bike’s front end. The derived bike angle is sensed via the Nano’s built-in IMU, providing an elegant closed-loop system. Additionally, the incline is shown on a 1.3″ I2C OLED display that serves as a mini dashboard while Ockendon cycles.

  • [Reposted] U.S.-Based Chip-Tech Group Moving to Switzerland Over Trade Curb Fears
  • RISC-V moves to neutral Switzerland over trade disruption

    The nonprofit RISC-V Foundation is relocating to Switzerland over concerns about the impact of U.S. trade policies.

    Foundation CEO Calista Redmond told Reuters that its members are “concerned about possible geopolitical disruption.” The foundation’s board approved the move unanimously after hearing members around the globe say that they would be “a lot more comfortable… if the incorporation were not in the U.S.,” she added.

    RISC-V is a young organization, founded in 2015 and located in Delaware, to set standards for chip architectures that are allowed to use the RISC-V trademark on its products. RISC-V is a reduced instruction set architecture that is open source technology that anyone can use to design, make or sell RISC-V chips and software for electronics.


中方要求取消所有已徵關稅 貿易協議談判停滯


EU has opened new Google antitrust investigation: report


Alphabet Inc.'s Google is the subject of a new EU antitrust investigation over its data-collection practices, Reuters reported Saturday. "The preliminary investigation is ongoing," an unnamed European Commission official told Reuters. EU regulators have slapped Google with fines totaling more than $8 billion in recent years over antitrust issues. Reuters reported the latest probe involves local search services, online ads and ad targeting, login services, web browsers and more. Google is also facing antitrust investigations by the U.S. Justice Department and reportedly 48 states.

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В Гонконге возобновились акции протеста

В Гонконге полиция разогнала несколько тысяч участников антиправительственных протестов, завершив редкий период затишья между столкновениями и актами насилия. В воскресенье, 1 декабря. жители Гонконга вновь вышли на улицы, скандируя революционные лозунги и призывы к «освобождению Гонконга». Полиция арестовала нескольких манифестантов, в то время как применение слезоточивого газа вынудило протестующих бежать в сторону гавани. В Гонконге за минувшую неделю не было заметных волнений или беспорядков. В прошлое воскресенье в городе состоялись выборы в районные органы власти, которые привели к значительному успеху кандидатов, выступающих за демократические изменения и уменьшение влияния континентального Китая на жизнь Гонконга. Как сообщает Reuters, активисты заявили о намерении продолжить антиправительственные выступления. Акции протеста, начавшиеся в июне, время от времени приводили к закрытию правительственных учреждений, коммерческих фирм, школ и даже международного аэропорта. В это воскресенье активисты несли плакаты с надписями «Не забывайте причину демонстраций», и чёрные флаги с логотипом «Революция сейчас». Были заняты несколько важных городских магистралей, жители Гонконга, некоторые с семьями, заполнили тем временем прилегающие улицы.

Apple пересмотрит политику обозначения «спорных границ» после критики в связи с Крымом

Компания Apple заявила, что пересмотрит способ обозначения «спорных границ» после критики в ее адрес из-за отображения украинского полуострова Крым в составе России на картах и в приложении «Погода» для российских пользователей. Пресс-секретарь Apple Труди Мюллер 29 ноября сказала Reuters, что американский технологический гигант проведет «углубленный анализ принципов, которыми руководствуется при обозначении спорных границ». Мюллер объяснила, что компания Apple внесла изменения для российских пользователей из-за нового закона, который вступил в силу в России, но для пользователей за пределами этой страны никаких изменений внесено не было. «Мы рассматриваем международное право, а также соответствующие законы США и других стран перед тем, как принять решение по обозначению территорий в Maps, и вносим изменения, если этого требует закон», — сказала она Reuters. Мюллер добавила, что Apple может пересмотреть в будущем свою политику. Она не привела деталей. Посольства России и Украины в США пока не ответила на просьбы Азаттыка о комментариях. Пользователи, заходящие в приложения с территории США, Украины и некоторых стран Европы, не видят межгосударственных границ вокруг полуострова. Для пользователей внутри России Крым в приложениях обозначен как российская территория. Посольство Украины в Вашингтоне сообщило ранее Азаттыку, что оно направило письмо в компанию Apple с разъяснением ситуации и требованием исправить обозначение полуострова. Посольство написало в Twitter'е: «Давайте все вместе напомним Apple, что Крым — это Украина, он находится под российской оккупацией, а не является ее суверенной территорией». «Apple, пожалуйста, сосредоточьтесь на высоких технологиях и развлечениях. Мировая политика — не ваша сильная сторона», — написал министр иностранных дел Украины Вадим Пристайко в Twitter'е.   Председатель комитета Госдумы России по безопасности и борьбе с коррупцией Василий Пискарев приветствовал шаг Apple, сказав, что компания привела свои сервисы «в соответствие с российским законодательством».

"Erpressung seitens Erdoğans" – Türkei blockiert NATO-Verteidigungsplan für das Baltikum

Preview Ankara soll die NATO erpresst haben: Man wolle den vorgeschlagenen "Verteidigungsplan" für das Baltikum und Polen erst unterzeichnen, wenn das Bündnis die kurdisch geführte Miliz YPG in Nordsyrien offiziell als "terroristische Gruppe" anerkennt, so ein Reuters-Bericht.

ウイグル人に何が起きているのか 民族迫害の起源と現在


私の身に起きたこと ~とあるウイグル人女性の証言~







ウイグル人に何が起きているのか 民族迫害の起源と現在 (PHP新書) 福島 香織 PHP研究所

Google est dans la ligne de mire des autorités de régulation de la concurrence de l’Union Européenne

Le logo de Google dans un oeilReuters nous rapporte le vendredi 29 novembre dernier être tombé sur un document qui indique que les autorités de réglementation antitrust de l’Union Européenne (UE) veulent en savoir plus sur les pratiques de Google en matière de collecte de données. Pour ce faire, les régulateurs européens ont envoyé des questionnaires à plusieurs entreprises qui sont […]

Thinner U.S. crowds but Black Friday goes global

The frenzy associated with in-store Black Friday shopping was missing in the U.S. this year as more consumers shopped online, but discounting to lure shoppers that began in America has now spread to Europe and Africa.


Wall Street slips on Black Friday

Wall Street's major indexes ended Friday's shorter session lower as U.S.-China discord over Hong Kong fueled investor anxiety about trade talks and retail stocks dipped as in-store Black Friday sales appeared to draw smaller crowds. Fred Katayama reports.


Bullish on Amazon on Black Friday: analyst

Exponential ETFs CEO Phil Bak explains why he's concerned about the strength of the American consumer but yet bullish on in an interview with Reuters' Fred Katayama on Black Friday.


Week ahead on Wall Street

The jobs report and earnings results from major retailers will take the spotlight on Wall Street next week. Fred Katayama reports.


Global funds hike stock allocations

Global funds recommended switching cash back into equities in November as stocks worldwide rose to near record highs. Fred Katayama reports.


Government should nationalize Kenya Airways quickly - CEO

The government must move quickly to nationalize Kenya Airways as regional competitors seeking to carve out market share pour cash into their national carriers, the airline's chief executive told Reuters in an interview. Serena Chaudhry reports.


Daimler latest German carmaker to slash jobs

Daimler is the latest automaker to announce big job cuts this week, saying at least 10,000 posts will go worldwide. Julian Satterthwaite reports.


Japan's Aeon signs up Ocado in online grocery bet

Japan's biggest supermarket group, Aeon, has hired British online grocery pioneer Ocado to develop its e-commerce business, hoping to fend off rivals such as Amazon as more customers buy groceries online. Ciara Lee reports


Breakingviews TV: Fever pitch

Nov 29 - Buyout shop Silver Lake is buying about 10% of the company that owns British Premier League soccer club Manchester City, valuing it at $4.8 bln. Clara Ferreira Marques and Peter Thal Larsen discuss how the unusual investment could manage to score financial returns.


Stocks shy of record highs as trade fears mount again

World shares slipped on Friday as a leading index strained for a record high, with nerves gnawing away from Asia to Europe over how, or when, the U.S. and China can agree a truce in their damaging trade war. Ciara Lee reports


Beer suds to soap suds: alcohol turns into detergent

As alcohol-free beer catches on, brewers have to find a use for all the alcohol left over. AB InBev thinks it's found the answer - turn it into washing-up liquid. Julian Satterthwaite reports.


Daphne Caruana Galizia: Why Malta’s prime minister had to go


Image copyright Reuters Image caption Joseph Muscat enjoyed a cult-like following The moment a multi-millionaire was arrested on board his luxury yacht, the clock began ticking for the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat. In scenes reminiscent of a Netflix crime drama, the Maltese armed forces intercepted Yorgen Fenech’s boat leaving Malta at dawn. He […]

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Malta prime minister Joseph Muscat to resign in new year


Image copyright Reuters Image caption Joseph Muscat has been in office six years Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has announced on national TV that he will step down in the new year, amid a crisis over a murdered journalist. He said he would ask the ruling Labour Party to begin the process to choose his […]

South Korea fires warning shots toward North Korean merchant vessel


SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's military fired warning shots toward a North Korean merchant boat with engine trouble that violated their sea border on Wednesday, South Korean officials said. Load ...

Amazon sprema vlastiti ARM čip za cloud poslužitelje

Prema pisanju Reutersa, Amazon navodno sprema nasljednika svojeg prošlogodišnjeg Graviton ARM čipa koji bi trebao ponuditi 20% bolje performanse

Healthcare: Registered Nurse (RN) Day Surgery - Miami, Florida

Description SHIFT: Evenings (rotating weekends)SCHEDULE: Full-time Registered Nurse Day Surgery Full Time Evenings Shift -0.9 FTE Kendall Regional Medical Center Miami, FL - Facility Description: Kendall Regional Medical Center is a 417-bed, full-service hospital providing 24-hour comprehensive medical, trauma, burn, surgical, behavioral health and diagnostic services, along with a wide range of patient and community services. Kendall Regional Medical Center has been nationally recognized with many prestigious awards and accolades, including: Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals, a Health Grades Distinguished Hospital (Top 5%) for Clinical Excellence, The Joint Commission Certification as a Primary Stroke Center, accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI, and most recently, by the Joint Commission as a "Top Performer" - on key quality measures. - Kendall Regional Medical Center is a member of the nation's leading provider of healthcare services, Hospital Corporation of America. Historically HCA has been named one of Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies. Join our tradition of excellence! - Benefits: We offer you an excellent total compensation package, including competitive salary, excellent benefit package and growth opportunities. We believe in our team and your ability to do excellent work with us. Your benefits include 401k, PTO, medical, dental, flex spending, life, disability, tuition reimbursement, employee discount program, and employee stock purchase program. - Qualifications Qualifications: Recognized Compact Licensure (Subject to Florida State Licensing Requirements.Including/not limited to ongoing eligibility and duration provisions)1-3 years Acute Care setting required1-3 years of Outpatient or Medical/surgical experience required.ACLSBCLS - - Description:Provides professional nursing care within the Day Surgery Department; coordinates care planning with other disciplines. Provides care that meets the psychosocial, physical and general aspects of care. -Notice Our Company's recruiters are here to help unlock the next possibility within your career and we take your candidate experience very seriously. During the recruitment process, no recruiter or employee will request financial or personal information (Social Security Number, credit card or bank information, etc.) from you via email. The recruiters will not email you from a public webmail client like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. If you feel suspicious of a job posting or job-related email, let us know by clicking -here. For questions about your job application or this site please contact HCAhrAnswers at 1-844-422-5627 option 1. ()

Healthcare: NICU Registered Nurse - Miami, Florida

Description SHIFT: PRNSCHEDULE: PRN/Per Diem Kendall Regional Medical CenterMiami, FL - Facility Description: Kendall Regional Medical Center is a 417-bed, full-service, provisional Level I Trauma hospital providing 24-hour comprehensive medical, trauma, burn, surgical, women and children's services, behavioral health and diagnostic services, along with a wide range of patient and community services. Kendall Regional Medical Center has been honored by being nationally recognized with many prestigious awards and accolades, including: Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals, a HealthGrades Distinguished Hospital (Top 5%) for Clinical Excellence, The Joint Commission Certification as a Primary Stroke Center, accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI, and most recently, by the Joint Commission as a "Top Performer" - on key quality measures. - Isn't it time you were offered a competitive salary and an exceptional benefits package that complements your lifestyle? Join the team at Kendall Regional Medical Center. Our award-winning hospital fosters an atmosphere that constantly rewards our nurses and clinical professionals for their commitment, while encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of work! - Kendall Regional Medical Center is a member of the nation's leading provider of healthcare services, Hospital Corporation of America. HCA has been named one of Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies for eight consecutive years. Join our tradition of excellence! - Benefits: We offer a generous compensation package for Full-time and Part-time including: vacation, ESPP, 401k, and Medical Insurance. - Per diem employees are eligible for ESPP and 401K benefits. - Job Description: The -NICU Registered Nurse provides direct nursing care in accordance with established policies, procedures and protocols of the healthcare organization. - The tasks and responsibilities include: Assesses, plans and evaluates patient care needs including obtaining patient history and assessing for labor risk factors. - Carries out physician orders. Cares for patients requiring fetal assessment/fetal monitoring. Manages the patient's pain including epidural and patient controlled analgesia administration management. Administers prescribed medications and monitors vital signs. Assists physician during delivery, treatment, examination and surgical procedures. Serves as the primary coordinator of all disciplines for well-coordinated patient care. Monitors, records and communicates patient condition as appropriate utilizing computerized documentation systems. - Instructs and educates patients and families. Provides age and culturally appropriate care. Orients and mentors new staff members. Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required. - - - Qualifications Required Job Qualifications include: Current licensure as an RN -or - -Recognized Compact Licensure (subject to Florida State Licensing Requirements, including/not limited to ongoing eligibility and duration provisions) .Current certification as a BLS Healthcare Provider and NRP.Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing.Customer service abilities including effective listening skills.Critical thinking skills, decisive judgment and the ability to work with minimal supervision in a fast paced environment.Notice Our Company's recruiters are here to help unlock the next possibility within your career and we take your candidate experience very seriously. During the recruitment process, no recruiter or employee will request financial or personal information (Social Security Number, credit card or bank information, etc.) from you via email. The recruiters will not email you from a public webmail client like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. If you feel suspicious of a job posting or job-related email, let us know by clicking -here. For questions about your job application or this site please contact HCAhrAnswers at 1-844-422-5627 option 1. ()

Healthcare: RN (Registered Nurse) Director Med/Surg - Miami, Florida

Description SHIFT: Days (rotating weekends)SCHEDULE: Full-time Director Med Surge Telemetry Kendall Regional Medical Center Miami, FL - Facility Description: Kendall Regional Medical Center is a 417-bed, full-service hospital providing 24-hour comprehensive medical, trauma, burn, surgical, behavioral health and diagnostic services, along with a wide range of patient and community services. Kendall Regional Medical Center has been nationally recognized with many prestigious awards and accolades, including: Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals, a HealthGrades Distinguished Hospital (Top 5%) for Clinical Excellence, The Joint Commission Certification as a Primary Stroke Center, accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI, and most recently, by the Joint Commission as a "Top Performer" - on key quality measures. - Kendall Regional Medical Center is a member of the nation's leading provider of healthcare services, Hospital Corporation of America. Historically HCA has been named one of Ethisphere's World's Most Ethical Companies. Join our tradition of excellence! - Benefits: We offer you an excellent total compensation package, including competitive salary, excellent benefit package and growth opportunities. We believe in our team and your ability to do excellent work with us. Your benefits include 401k, PTO, medical, dental, flex spending, life, disability, tuition reimbursement, employee discount program, employee stock purchase program, and student loan repayment. - - Description: Reporting to the Chief Nursing Officer, this individual will direct and manage the operations and activities of a busy 73-bed Med Surg Tele unit. - Responsibilities Include: Oversee successful daily department operations to achieve quality improvement, fiscal productivity and patient satisfaction goals/objectives Supervise staff including performance and departmental accomplishments to meet facility and regulatory requirementsPromote teamwork with physicians and all health care providersAct as a liaison with patients and their representatives, physicians and employees to ensure high-quality patient careManage unit supplies and equipment to maximize productivity and minimize costs - Qualifications Qualifications: BSN required with Master's degree preferredCurrent State of Florida RN LicensureBCLS, ACLS certifications5+ years Director level experience in a hospital setting -Strong communication, organizational, interpersonal and customer service skills requiredMust have Telemetry experience, Neuro experience a plusAble to work in a fast-paced environmentKnowledge of guidelines and requirements for applicable Regulatory agencies such as JCAHO, AHCA, OSHA Notice Our Company's recruiters are here to help unlock the next possibility within your career and we take your candidate experience very seriously. During the recruitment process, no recruiter or employee will request financial or personal information (Social Security Number, credit card or bank information, etc.) from you via email. The recruiters will not email you from a public webmail client like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. If you feel suspicious of a job posting or job-related email, let us know by clicking -here. For questions about your job application or this site please contact HCAhrAnswers at 1-844-422-5627 option 1. ()

Valuta: Afventer Kinas modsvar efter USA's Hongkong-lov


Selv om spændinger mellem USA og Kina løber med en stor del af opmærksomheden på de finansielle markeder torsdag, er der kun små bevægelser i de store valutakryds.

USA's præsident, Donald Trump, har støttet demonstranterne i Hongkong, hvilket skaber en smule nervøsitet for muligheden for en handelsaftale med Kina.

Donald Trump underskrev onsdag en lov, der støtter demonstranterne i Hongkong, skriver nyhedsbureauet Reuters.

I lovteksten står der blandt andet, at USA mindst én gang om året skal kontrollere, at Hongkong har nok autonomi til, at USA vil indgå særlige handelsaftaler med lokalregeringen.

Efterfølgende har Kina ifølge nyhedsbureauet advaret USA om, at landet vil ty til "faste modforanstaltninger", hvis USA fortsætter med at blande sig i situationen mellem Kina og Hongkong.

Det er endnu ikke kommet frem, hvilket modsvar Kina mere konkret har i tankerne, og det har fået investorerne på valutamarkedet til at afvente nyt.

- Bevægelserne har været ret beskedne, fordi vi stadig ønsker at se, hvad Kinas svar er. Det, de har sagt indtil videre, er ret vagt, siger Adam Cole, der er chefvalutastrateg hos RBC Capital Markets, til Reuters.

- De er ikke gået så vidt som at sige eksplicit, at dette truer fase et-handelsaftalen, hvilket tydeligvis er det, markederne er bekymrede for, og derfor har reaktionen indtil videre været ret mild, fortsætter han.

Torsdag eftermiddag koster euro 1,1008 dollar mod 1,0999 dollar onsdag eftermiddag, og dollar handles for 109,51 yen mod 109,38 yen onsdag eftermiddag


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Europa/middag: Britisk bank tordner frem i røde aktiemarkeder


Nye kurrer på tråden mellem USA og Kina er med til at tynge stemningen på de europæiske aktiemarkeder torsdag, hvor der er langt mellem de store selskabsspecifikke nyheder.

Torsdag eftermiddag falder det britiske FTSE 100-indeks 0,3 pct., det tyske DAX-indeks går tilbage med 0,4 pct., ligesom det franske CAC 40-indeks falder 0,2 pct.

Det fælleseuropæiske Stoxx 600-indeks ligger desuden med et fald på 0,2 pct. torsdag.

Investorerne har blandt andet blikket rettet mod forholdet mellem USA og Kina, efter at USA's præsident, Donald Trump, har underskrevet en lov, der støtter demonstranterne i Hongkong.

Kinas udenrigsministerium har efterfølgende svaret tilbage, at det anser loven som en alvorlig indblanding i kinesiske anliggender, skriver Reuters.

De amerikanske bestræbelser er "dømt til at mislykkes", udtaler udenrigsministeriet og advarer også om, at Kina vil svare igen, hvis USA fortsætter med at blande sig.

Med andre ord ser de skrøbelige fremskridt i handelsforhandlingerne ud til at have lidt et knæk.

På selskabsfronten er der kommet et par regnskaber fra blandt andet svenske Elekta og britiske Virgin Money UK, som investorerne taget vidt forskelligt imod.

Svenske Elekta, som blandt andet laver strålebehandlingssystemer, dumper ned i bunden af det fælleseuropæiske indeks efter et fald på 4,9 pct. torsdag.

Torsdag morgen har selskabet offentliggjort sit endelige regnskab for andet kvartal af det skæve regnskabsår.

Omsætningen voksede i perioden til 3,71 mia. svenske kr. fra 3,33 mia. svenske kr. i andet kvartal sidste år. Samtidig kunne Elekta fortælle, at driftsresultatet var negativt påvirket af forsinkelser og valutamodvind.

Finanshuset Jefferies vurderer ifølge Bloomberg News, at selskabet kan stå foran flere nedpræciseringer, efter at selskabet allerede to gang i år har ændret forventningerne til driftsmarginen i en negativ retning.

I toppen af indekset har Virgin Money UK placeret sig efter en stigning på 19,7 pct. til selskabets aktie.

Den britiske bank offentliggjorde torsdag morgen sit seneste årsregnskab, og ifølge Bloomberg News fokuserer analytikerne på forbedringer af særligt på fremgang i selskabets rentemarginal og kapitalposition.

Virgin Money UK sløjfede også sit udbytte for året, men det var ifølge flere analytikere allerede ventet.


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Aktivita čínských továren se po půl roce nečekaně vrátila k růstu. I tak zřejmě HDP poroste nejpomaleji za 30 let

Aktivita čínských továren se v listopadu překvapivě vrátila k růstu poté, co šest měsíců za sebou klesala. Vyplývá to podle agentury Reuters z výsledků průzkumu čínského statistického úřadu mezi nákupními manažery.

Jakým způsobem a za jakým účelem. Brusel vyšetřuje americkou firmu Google kvůli sběru dat

Evropská komise vyšetřuje, jakým způsobem a za jakým účelem americká internetová společnost Google shromažďuje údaje. Komise, která již americký podnik v minulosti několikrát pokutovala, to v sobotu sdělila agentuře Reuters.

Apple přehodnotí přístup k zobrazování sporných hranic. Reaguje tak na kritiku kvůli Krymu

Apple přehodnotí svůj přístup k zobrazování sporných hranic na mapách a aplikacích pro předpověď počasí. Agentuře Reuters to řekla mluvčí společnosti Trudy Mullerová. Americká firma reaguje na kritiku, kterou si vysloužila, když začala zobrazovat Krymský poloostrov, který Rusko před pěti lety zabralo Ukrajině, ruským uživatelům jako součást Ruska.

Venezuela Offers to Pay Companies in Yuan as Workaround to US Sanctions: Report

Venezuela’s authorities and the state-run oil and gas giant, PDVSA, are considering paying to suppliers and contracts using the Chinese currency, Reuters reports, citing government officials and sources from private companies. The Caracas government is said to have offered at least four companies working with the public sector the chance to make transactions in yuan ...

В ДНР рассказали об убившем солдата украинском офицере


Фото: Maksim Levin / Reuters Военнослужащего одной из рот 10-й отдельной горно-штурмовой бригады Вооруженных сил Украины, планировавшего дезертировать из зоны боевых действий в Донбассе, убил командир. Об этом сообщает «Донецкое агентство новостей» со ссылкой на Управление Народной милиции ДНР. Отмечается, что в ходе распития спиртных напитков солдат подошел к командиру и заявил, что планирует покинуть […]

The post В ДНР рассказали об убившем солдата украинском офицере appeared first on Dikobraz NEWS.


Греция ответила на «военную риторику» Эрдогана


Фото: Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters Турция ставит под угрозу региональную стабильность и презирает принципы добрососедства, продолжая нарушать международное право. Об этом заявили в МИД Греции в ответ на планы президента Турции Реджепа Тайипа Эрдогана продолжить разведку и бурение в экономической зоне Кипра. Кроме того, в дипломатическом ведомстве отметили, что президент Турции решил превратить проект мирного […]

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Warum Google Daten sammelt? Die EU will‘s wissen


EU will wissen, warum Google Daten sammelt. Es klingt banal, aber Wettbewerbshüter der EU-Kommission verschickten Fragebögen, um in Erfahrung zu bringen, was Google dazu bewegt, Daten zu horten. Dabei problematisiert man viele verschiedene Themenfelder. EU-Kommission will‘s wissen Ein Mitarbeiter der EU-Regulierungsbehörde bestätigte gegenüber der Agentur Reuters, dass man mehr über Googles Datenleidenschaft in Erfahrung bringen […]

Der Beitrag Warum Google Daten sammelt? Die EU will‘s wissen erschien zuerst auf


Amazon’s cloud unit has designed a more powerful datacenter chip

 Cache's cloud computing unit has designed a more powerful generation of datacenter processor chip, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.


El organismo también informó que, entre los arrestados que fueron imputados, 1.957 quedaron en prisión preventiva y 20.525 quedaron con prohibición de desplazamiento a ciertos lugares. La ola de manifestaciones en Chile contra el gobierno de Sebastián Piñera comenzó el 18 de octubre (REUTERS/Pablo Sanhueza) La Fiscalía Nacional de Chile confirmó este sábado que contabiliza […]

Britain's competition watchdog reviewing Google's Looker buyout deal

Britain's competition watchdog on Monday said it was probing Google's $2.6 billion buyout of privately held big-data analytics firm Looker Data Sciences.


Oil jumps amid hopes for further OPEC cuts, China factory growth

Oil prices rose more than 1% on Monday as signs of rising manufacturing activity in China pointed to increasing fuel demand, and hints that OPEC may deepen output cuts at its meeting this week indicated supply may tighten next year.


Burst of social unrest tests emerging market risk models

A wave of social unrest across developing countries this year has caught many investors off-guard and is challenging models designed to gauge political risk for investors, prompting some to pull money out.


Saudi exchange to limit Aramco index weighting with cap

Saudi Arabia's Tadawul has introduced an equity index cap of 15% which is set to address concerns over the weighting oil giant Saudi Aramco will have when it lists on the exchange.


China's factory activity surprises with fastest expansion in three years: Caixin PMI

China's factory activity showed surprising signs of improvement in November, with growth picking up to a near three-year high, a private sector survey showed on Monday, reinforcing upbeat government data released over the weekend.


U.S. Attorney says government can still seek to take auto workers union control: Detroit News

The U.S. government may still seek to take control of the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) once its investigators determine the depths of corruption in the union, U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider said in an interview with Detroit News on Sunday.


Stocks tick up on upbeat China factory reports, trade talk hopes

Global shares shuffled marginally higher on Monday to stand just short of the record peak struck in January 2018, with buyers encouraged by upbeat China manufacturing surveys and hopes that China and the United States will agree a preliminary trade deal.


Exclusive: U.S. digs deeper into Deutsche role in Danske money laundering scandal - sources

The U.S. Department of Justice has in recent weeks stepped up its investigation into Deutsche Bank's role in the 200 billion euro ($220 billion) Danske Bank money laundering scandal, four people familiar with the inquiry told Reuters.


Hong Kong Airlines must improve financial position or risk losing license: government

Hong Kong Airlines, controlled by cash-strapped Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, must shore up its financial position by Dec. 7 or risk the suspension or loss of its license, the Hong Kong government said on Monday.


Many firms have no contingency plans should U.S.-China trade war worsen: DHL survey

As the U.S.-China trade war drags into its 16th month and continues to disrupt supply chains, more than one-quarter of multinational firms have not made contingency plans, showed a survey from a subsidiary of courier giant DHL.


China's Nov factory activity unexpectedly expands at quickest pace in almost three years - Caixin PMI

China's factory activity unexpectedly expanded at the quickest pace in almost three years in November, with solid increases in output and new orders, a private business survey showed on Monday.


U.S.-China trade deal 'stalled because of Hong Kong legislation': Axios

A trade deal between United States and China was now "stalled because of Hong Kong legislation", news website Axios reported on Sunday, citing a source close to U.S. President Donald Trump's negotiating team.


United States requests extradition of ex-Autonomy boss Lynch from UK

The United States has formally requested the extradition of Michael Lynch, the British tech billionaire who sold his data company Autonomy to Hewlett Packard (HP) in an ill-fated $11.1 billion deal, to face charges including securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy.


China wants U.S. tariffs rolled back in phase one trade deal: Global Times

Beijing's top priority in any phase one trade deal with the United States is the removal of existing tariffs on Chinese goods, China's Global Times newspaper reported on Sunday, amid uncertainty on whether the two sides can end a 17-month trade war that has depressed global growth.


Airbus dismisses 16 employees in German compliance investigation

Airbus has dismissed 16 employees without notice in relation to an investigation into the potential misuse of client documents, a spokesman for the group said on Sunday, confirming a newspaper report.


Fiat Chrysler reaches tentative labor deal with United Auto Workers

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union on Saturday announced a tentative agreement for a four-year labor contract, a boost for the automaker as it works to merge with France's Groupe PSA.


Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Motors agree to form new venture for advanced R&D: Kyodo

The Nissan Motor Co , Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corp alliance has agreed to form a new company focused on research and development of advanced automotive technologies, Kyodo News said.


Tesla move will draw further companies into Germany: state premier

Tesla's announcement earlier this month that it will build its first European factory near Berlin will draw further companies from the electric mobility and energy storage sectors into Germany, a state premier told newspaper Die Welt.


Exclusive: EU antitrust regulators say they are investigating Google's data collection

EU antitrust regulators are investigating Google's collection of data, the European Commission told Reuters on Saturday, suggesting the world's most popular internet search engine remains in its sights despite record fines in recent years.


Black Friday shoppers stay away from stores, make $7 billion-plus splurge online

U.S. shoppers made more purchases online on Black Friday than in the mall - hurting traffic and sales at brick-and-mortar stores, according to data that offered a glimpse into what is still one of the busiest shopping days of the year.


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